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File: 1714570025716.webp (628.4 KB, 1258x1258, Stormé_DeLarverie_resized.jpg.…)

No. 394891

A thread for butch lovers, by butch lovers.

>Post images of butches you find cute please

>Opinion on the terms butch? Masc?
>Vent for troonism within the community?
>History with butches or current crushes?
>Butch Lesbian Scene?
>Media with butches?
>Are you butch4butch, butch4femme, or butch4both?
>Are you stone, switch, or a bottom?

No. 394893


No. 394894

My dream is to date a cute butch woman ahh. I think I'm not their type though. I'm too weird and off putting and bisexual

No. 394895

This is my first thread so I hope I don't fuck anything up. I wanted to create this because an anon in /snow/ said that there was plenty of butch threads on /g/ but as a long time lurker in this board there wasn't.
The image I used is Storme DeLaverie, the butch drag king who actually started stonewall and not those TIMs.

>Opinion on the terms butch? Masc?

Butch is clearly the superior word and every time I hear someone use masc it makes my ears want to bleed. Masc just seems so regressive.
>Are you stone, switch, or a bottom?
I'm a heavy bottom lean because all of the butches I've dated previously were sadly stone and I had to adapt kek.
>Are you butch4butch, butch4femme, or butch4both?
I'm butch4butch ideally but so many butches in my area are butch4femme so I'm incredibly lonely.

No. 394903

>an anon in /snow/ said that there was plenty of butch threads on /g/ but as a long time lurker in this board there wasn't.
There is >>273185
Learn to ctrl+f.

No. 395011

How did you know that being butch is right for you?

No. 395021

I love southern butches. Saw one at the store today.

No. 395029

Will you elaborate? I assumed it came naturally to most people.

No. 395043

I pretend to grow out of my tomboy phase but I still have gnc interests/hobbies, how do I know if I want to try out dressing as a butch?

Btw I’m a lesbian.

No. 395045

You don't have to commit to completely overhauling your wardrobe and mannerisms, anon. You can just try out a few outfits and see how they make you feel. It's not that serious.

No. 395052

Thanks mommy

No. 395058

I only see masc used to specify bi masculine women vs lesbian masculine women. If someone self describes as masc as a lesbian I assume they're trying too hard and going for the stud/"fuckboy" type look.

Being butch doesn't come with a set dating preference. If you're insecure about dating butches because of bisexuality you can look for other masc bi women as well, but they are fairly rare.

No. 395067

File: 1714651177975.png (614.76 KB, 500x523, not making a pinterest for thi…)

>masc bi women are rare
Pain. I wish I had a masc bi gf I could share my hobby of dressing up in vintage men's wear with.

No. 395460

File: 1714842285541.png (245.06 KB, 395x725, businessprofesh.png)

I wish I could be butch but I'm short and have feminine features. the only time i could almost pull it off was when i was 18 bmi but even then people just mistook me for a young kid. Ever since I gained some weight my body looks really bad in masculine clothes.
I love butch women like this and like my picrel. They look so cool.

No. 395560

File: 1714882590501.png (98.66 KB, 1805x448, Things-You-Hate 36.png)

lmao this post made someone upset

No. 395561

Same… I’ve been losing weight trying to lose my big thighs but I’m closing in on underweight and they haven’t shrunk at all. I wish I could dress in nice men’s clothes so bad, I stare longingly at men’s dress shoes wishing they’d fit me, but I’m short too so my feet are too small. I’m so bitter. I look at men’s clothes I want but can’t wear and seethe and seethe. I have so many ideas for what I’d wear if I could fit in/ pull off men’s clothing but I’ll never get to fulfill my fashion dreams. I would dress so epically. If only.

No. 395567

How short are you? You could try looking into vintage fashion from 1920s-1930s. Back then, it was in vogue to design men's clothes to create the illusion of an hourglass shape, so for example pants tend to be very wide at the thighs and also very high-waisted, which leaves room for the hips. I find them actually more comfortable than women's dress pants that are usually made of shitty thin fabric and also weirdly low-cut and form-fitting. People were shorter on the average that then, too, so finding small men's clothes is not impossible. Hell, you could try to find something fitted for a teenage moid, because back then even kids were dressed in nice clothes.
Weak getting mad like this. Also if you know anything about clothes you'll know that the differences in the way men's and women's clothes are cut are not limited to anatomical necessities, but that clothes designed for women tend to be tighter, smaller, and more overtly feminine. Compare a tuxedo and a "women's" tuxedo, they are not the same design-wise at all.

No. 395569

File: 1714887835553.jpg (53.42 KB, 446x500, aa5f232aee2566b0aa42ae8b8833a5…)

If you like 40s casual style you can pull the look even with a pear or hourglass figure. The silhouettes of that era allow you to look good with any body type because heavier bottoms fit nicely in those pants and leaner or more rectangular women also look as good. If you have small shoulders you may want to look for shirts with shoulderpads, they're usually easy to thrift (sewing the pads doesn't look too complicated either) and those will compensate your figure. As for the shoe complaints, if your feet are really small you can buy schoolboy shoes, designs are commonly very outdated and can easily pass for vintage shoes. They're mostly made in leather and neutral tones so they're good for casual or even formal occasions.

No. 395590

File: 1714901650885.jpg (28.52 KB, 370x555, motter.jpg)

i truly can't think of a hotter strain of human being than a butch woman

No. 395591

File: 1714901743822.jpg (62.54 KB, 564x844, 9ae05ab48b26448d1830dd6fc26e32…)

No. 395592

File: 1714901849203.jpg (42.48 KB, 620x572, 72a14b91d26452f67d788edc07b789…)

mickey and jessica, hot ocs by hamletmachine

No. 395593

What's the difference between masc and butch to you. >>395058 isn't really right about it being used by bi women. I see people using it as a more "tomboy" or softer look I guess instead of wanting to look like >>395569

No. 395602

File: 1714909531038.jpg (115.42 KB, 707x640, tumblr_pa66u3OH9A1qg6x08o2_128…)

One of the key aspects of being butch is not giving a fuck, Just cut your hair short and get clothes that you want to get. Worrying too much about how people see you to the point where it stops you from being who you want to be is gendiethink. Godspeed anon.

Hamletmachine is living the life by just drawing better than average porn comics and making that her full time job. Mickey and Jessica are so cute and I hope she makes more butch characters in the future. Picrel is her designs of poison ivy and harley quinn and it awoke something in me kek.

I've seen masc be used in so many contexts its meaningless to me. Hyperfeminine tifs consider themselves masc because they're nlogs. Zoomer lesbians call themselves masc and they typically have longer hair but have a fuckboy style.

No. 395610

File: 1714912084950.jpg (2.82 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-05-05_09-18-17-076.…)

>Opinion on the terms butch? Masc?

Do any other younger lesbians feel more comfortable using the term Masc rather than Butch when describing yourself?
I'm very masculine, both in the way that I choose to present myself and my personality/Interests, so much so that I identified as FtM when I was a teenager (and have since then peaked), but the label "butch" has always feels very restrictive to me.
Since it's an old label with a lot of history I feel like there are a lot of requisits and fashion specifics that must be met before allowing yourself to call yourself a Butch, meanwhile with 'masc' you just need to be masculine(in whatever meaning there is to that word) and call it a day.
There's also an aesthetic difference that's hard to put into words, picrel.
Idk, I feel like most people will find this retarded, that's why I wanna see if there's anyone else experiencing the same thing.

No. 395611

This is usually the sillhouette I end up going for and it works pretty well! Thank you for the tip.
omg lol i did not think people would get triggered about that. maybe theyre seething just like me
I'm gen z and I agree with you. Butch seems to me like a certain style of masc.

No. 395619

File: 1714917424480.jpeg (354.92 KB, 1920x1920, S4usGgx.jpeg)

I definitely don't think there's a unified real difference like 'one is softer' and people just choose the word that they think sounds cool in their age group/region/culture. I feel like masc leans younger and cooler in 2024. Butch also attracts the people who mythologize butch/femme culture and lesbian history a little more. When I say there's no defined difference, it's like…
>I've seen masc be used in so many contexts its meaningless to me
This is right but it's also completely true about butch for some reason
I agree the girl on the left looks more likely to call herself masc by a huge margin but I think the right could go either way

No. 395622

Literally get a job and save up money to get some clothes tailored. Or, he'll, learn to do it yourself.
>Oh noooo I'm simply too hourglass and big hipped to dress masc!
Is a weak, retarded mindset. If having big breasts and thighs prevents a woman from dressing masc she was never really masc to begin with.
And this post >>395460 makes me think she feels like she looks too much like the "unattractive" fat butch when she dresses masculinely kek. "It only looked right when I was at an 18 bmi" like what does that mean? Looks right to who? Men? Topkek. I feel like there's a lot of fear of being perceived as an overweight, doughy butch woman itt for some reason. A lot of nonnies itt think that only women born with small hips and long legs have the privilege of dressing masc/butch. Like, if you're short and kind of doughy you'll never look like the model-thin, model-height masc model of your dreams. Ever. Nowadays masculine cuts are popular for women's clothes. Like it doesn't have to be this complicated and hard kekkkk.

No. 395624

I'm a zoomer and started calling myself butch some years ago, when I could finally get a haircut and buy clothes without parents hounding me lol. But before that I spent years wishing I could be butch(I was dangerously close to id'ing as ftm too kek, but tifs and their friends harassing me scared me out of it).
Honestly I don't pay close attention to this stuff and only started realizing months ago masc was a lesbian identity and not just a general descriptor. I still call myself butch because it feels right to me. I guess I worry occasionally if I don't count as butch to other people(not for any real reason, I just sometimes hear what people love about butches and realize I'm such a wimp kek), but I prefer it over masc. Masc feels a bit general for me I guess? I guess it's like if someone called me sapphic/wlw/queer instead of lesbian.
But that's just what I think. I've noticed a stark difference between the people getting called masc and the people getting called butch, which may also be why I feel more comfortable with "butch".

No. 395625

What do you y’all think makes a butch actually look good? I’ve seen some who look so handsome and dapper, but there are those who look like they raided their little brother’s wardrobe. The difference has always stood out to me for some reason.

No. 395639

>weak, retarded mindset
or just have a different visual and style preference than you. Ntayrt but I get the feeling you’re so aggressive and butthurt because you’re taking it personally. “Hourglass, doughy, chubby” women in masc clothes as you describe isn’t an attractive look to me (sorry) so of course anons who feel that way aren’t gonna want to dress masc if they look like that.

No. 395647

Masc and butch are both valid imo. I'm an old lesbian who definitely identifies as masc, despite being a 90s kid and living through real lesbian culture. I think masc is an umbrella term for any lesbian woman. That's just my opinion

No. 395648

It's a presentation to me. When I see butch women who wear baggy clothes and smell weird, it's a turn off. I like butch women with short hair that is done with pomade or gel, wearing a crisp shirt and nice fitted pants.

No. 395656

Butch/masc here and I think it's whatever works for her, done well. Whether she's the suit wearing type, the youthful alt type, sporty, whatever. Just like anyone else's style you can do you in the best way you can. Intentionally fitting clothes (well fit, yes but if your style is baggy and street you can do that badly or you can do that well regardless of anyone liking your personal style), being clean, smelling good and having confidence in what you're wearing is not yourself. I find people expemplifying themselves to be one of the most attractive traits so even if I'm not into a woman's style (I'm married and not butch 4 butch but I wouldn't rule it out at all) her being confident and putting effort into herself is what's going to attract me and make me find that appealing on her. I feel the same about myself. I wear what I feel good in, accentuates the features I like about myself and that I like.

Individually it depends on taste. Some women like the dapper suit wearing butches, some like the greaser types some like the preppy almost fratboy types. It's finding who likes what you're doing.

No. 395664

confidence, embracing your body and your flaws, not being a tryhard, etc.

No. 395666

It's kind of a retarded mindset to think only thin and angular women can wear masculine clothes. I will forever think a woman is weak for being so scared of not look "attractive" in masculine clothes even though they say they want to wear masculine clothes kek. First, not trying hard enough. Second, it's such a feminine sort of personality trait to hem amd haw over looking too masculine, or masculine in an unattractive way while wearing masculine clothes. Something tells me these anons don't want to come off looking like a bulldyke. They want to be masculine in an almost fantastical way, in a way that says "I'm a cool masculine woman with a natural boyish femininity, I actively chose to be masculine", which just feels like a feminine sort of fashion trend thing and not, IDK, because they truly want to dress masculinely. Like basically just saying only "pretty" girls can be masculine in the right way. Like truly if you care that much about coming across as the right sort of masculine woman to the people around you, you're kind of weak.

No. 395667

Frankly worded but I can't help but basically agree. That line of thought needs some serious self reflection. Unfortunately women are socialized very unfairly but as a lesbian and especially as a butch/bull/masc lesbian it's a gift to yourself to try to dissolve as much of that male appealing mindset as possible. Honestly imo being a lesbian is an absolute blessing and we should work as hard as we can to get rid of as much of the garbage instilled upon us and absorbed as we possibly can.

No. 395668

>basically just saying only "pretty" girls can be masculine in the right way.
Literally not saying any of that (I tend to like women with pretty unconventional looking faces, for example, I love a gummy smile) only saying I personally prefer a slim figure as my personal preference, and personally, as my personal preference, don’t like the opposite. Sorry to say. I didn’t even realize I liked masc women for many years because they were all bulldyke types, as you say, and that’s not attractive to me in the slightest. Once I saw some actually elegant looking women dressing in nice men’s formal clothes it finally clicked for me. Again, me personally. So because I don’t have the body type I think (personally, in a personal way) looks good in those clothes, I don’t dress in them because I’m unsatisfied with how the clothes look on me. It’s that simple.

No. 395669

maybe it's because i'm not butch butyeah, I've always had the exact opposite anxiety where I love how put together and classy men's clothing like a sweater over a collared shirt looks, but I would only lean into more masculine fashion if I had bigger boobs and more curves so I still looked distinctly feminine, so girls having this opposite worry make me so confused and honestly jealous

No. 395683

Kek, meanwhile I don't call myself butch because, despite wearing men's clothes, I look baby faced and have long hair. The pic on the left >>395610 that anon posted is an ok example. Still trying to find a hair style that fits my face and thin af hair

No. 395690

i think the issue was taken with anons saying they want to, or "wish they could" dress that way while, as you said, not actually wanting to do that.

No. 395793

Where do you carry your stuff (phone, keys, wallet, etc) when you go outside?

No. 395801

Two words, anon: CARGO PANTS!
They are the answer to all the world's problems.

No. 395804

In a backpack, duh?

No. 395831

My phone and wallet fit my pockets. Keys just hang off a loop. Cargo pants are good too, though with those you get even more item storage

No. 395840

File: 1715019842007.jpg (166.52 KB, 1500x1500, MATTEOLIVETHUMB_2000x.jpg)

Phone and money clip in jacket pocket if wearing one. If not, my phone is usually in my bag. Wallet in trouser pocket, keys kept in picrel either in my other trouser pocket if dressed smart or hung off a loop if casual.

No. 395846

Does anyone else ever get confused as a man? I mog the ftm at my job all the time, because people walk up to me and assume I’m a pretty boy, but when I talk, they are shocked to see that I’m a woman. I’m not even hyper masculine, I just wear baggy shirts, sweatpants, and have my head shaved. Troon-Chan keeps trying to convince me that my detransition was a mistake, but I like being a butch way more than I ever liked being a fakeboi

No. 395865

File: 1715025335150.png (1.12 MB, 1124x716, slkgnlfk.png)

jacket when it's cold, messenger bag when I'm going to uni and a fanny pack when it's hot outside and I'm not taking many things w/ me.
I don't like putting all my things in my pants since it severely bulks up my hips and makes me look weird/disproportional.

No. 395866

have any good fanny packs?

No. 395867

It's the same as men. You either put effort to look good or don't

No. 395869

I know people would say that the left is masc while the right is butch but that's just because of their bodytypes and features they can't control like their face/race and it feels a bit bizarre and weird. I feel the same about "twink" like you don't really choose to look like that.

No. 395870

Cargo pants are magical. I'm so happy about baggy pants becoming fashionable again because most of them come with big pockets. I find myself not needing to carry a bag anymore

No. 395873

File: 1715026659217.jpg (20.51 KB, 564x564, fanny pack.jpg)

I like fanny packs that are small and thin so they fit tight to my body, some out there are very bulky or straight up backpacks and purses which defeat the purpose imo.
I don't have it with me atm so I looked online and picrel is the closest match I could find. I always wear mine diagonally across the shoulders so this specific shape is more practical helps things stay upright.
I honestly recommend it, it's also a lot safer if you're moving a lot through sketchy zones.

No. 395874

File: 1715027426473.png (415.07 KB, 403x519, chadbutch.png)

How is it weak be attracted to women and to want women to be attracted to you? Yes I want to look good lmao I don't want to look like a TIF or like such a "masculine bulldyke" that it makes other women not attracted to me.
>it's such a feminine sort of personality trait to hem amd haw over looking too masculine, or masculine in an unattractive way while wearing masculine clothes
Sorry I actually like women and enjoy feminine personality traits instead of thinking im superior for not caring about how i look lol
>try to dissolve as much of that male appealing mindset as possible
nobody in this thread has posted a "bulldyke". All of these women are tall, fit, and attractive. It's not a male appealing mindset, its just a common observation that SSA women are attracted to tall, slim butches like picrel. Women who are tall and slim have an easier time fitting into butch looks and are more attractive to other women. idk why this was so controversial. Ganging up over such a mundane comment is stupid and makes me think you're projecting.

No. 395885

Okay, you're right. You have the wrong body for masculine clothes and you'll never look the way you want. You'll always look like a doughy bulldyke in men's clothes and no bihet woman will ever find you hashtag woman crush wednesday material.

No. 395917

>You'll always look like a doughy bulldyke in men's clothes and no bihet woman will ever find you hashtag woman crush wednesday material.
why are the only two options in your head "REAL woman-lover who likes bulldykes" and "FAKE bihet who only pretends to enjoy stylish and thin masculine women" kek. the cope is so real

No. 395926

I think doughy bulldykes are hot. Skinny androgynous mascs are also hot but something about very female fat distribution + very masculine presentation makes me feral.

I also like butches who get accused of dressing like teenage boys though so maybe my taste is questionable. But you know what the constant teenage boy comparisons piss me off. Normie men wear jeans and a band or graphic tee and it's fine but a butch wears jeans and a graphic tee and it's hurr durr Aiden the autoandropedophile wants to be an emo boy.

No. 395929

Jeans and a graphic tee can be one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. I'm big into a relaxed and laid back kind of style on women I think that element of comfort and feeling of carefree-ness is so sexy tbh. It communicates that she's got a life she lives and things she does and that she's confident enough in herself to not have to overdo anything. Very sexy.

No. 395930

File: 1715046892366.jpeg (68.99 KB, 906x818, GF3XGIZbMAAkujD.jpeg)

Anyone here butch4butch? It seems to be very rare nowadays but was more popular with gen x lesbians. I'm butch4butch and recently got out of a breakup, I'm coping horribly but I still prefer being single.

No. 395931

File: 1715046928361.jpeg (192.55 KB, 736x981, IMG_3259.jpeg)

I would date her, if I’m honest.

No. 395933

>I'm big into a relaxed and laid back kind of style on women I think that element of comfort and feeling of carefree-ness is so sexy tbh.
You get me, this is it exactly. I like the fancy dapper look occasionally but I can't handle women who are super high maintenance and need A Look every day. I like comfy clothes and imperfections. Business casual turns me off a lot just because it reminds me very specifically of like highly educated, corporate diversity trained, about to very smugly lecture me about JKR butch women.

No. 395934

this is what I see in the mirror whenever I try to dress nice kekkkkk

No. 395935

Manager at fast food restaurant core

No. 395936

File: 1715047951344.jpg (100.36 KB, 773x1024, annemarie_schwarzenbach.jpg)

Adulthood equals femininity to these people. Youthfulness that isn't mediated by artificial tricks or a petite lolita girlie aesthetic makes them uncomfortable, even if it isn't about LARPing emo boys from the 2000s
I agree, i'd look way better if i wasn't short with a hourglass figure, but like the other nona pointed out, tailoring helps a lot. I'm a bulldyke and 'british schoolboy' swag defender and all but there's a reason why skinny/edgy mascs are so popular.
The most attractive butches i've seen were very well put (regardless of their build), had well maintained hairstyles, a good understanding of menswear. This concern is not just 'girly' (?? Who cares kek), in fact these women were masculine in speech and behavior, and so obviously lesbian that it has exactly the intended effect (attracting female eyes). I'm more of a 'slovenly, wears cargo shorts and t-shirt' woman myself kek but i appreciate elegant butches.
Fanny packs are so good, women should be freed from Big Handbag and shoulder bags. I can't stand the feeling of a bag swinging around my body

No. 395937

I want her to yell at me the way she yells at her McDonalds wagies…

No. 395939

She looks like she might have had to stay in a county jail for a month or so in her younger, wilder years. Kind of sexy tbh.

No. 395940

I'd love to be with some qt masc but in my generation they are so extremely rare it's depressing. The only ones around are either normies I have nothing in common w/ or TIFs with bad hygiene and obnoxious personalities.

No. 395942

same, they don't exist. The only one I saw around happened to work in the same building as me, I went out to lunch with her as a group and found out that not only did she have the lamest personality, but after that she added me on linkedin, and her account had a totally different, MALE, first name. I want to tie a weight to my ankle and walk into a lake, I'm done, it's over. The woman I'm looking for doesn't exist.

No. 395945

Be the change you want to see, nona. We’re here.

No. 395968

I'm the one that posted about the bi women thing. It's not exclusive to them, but I find they're more likely to claim it. I think many young women are like >>395610 and find butchness too prescriptive or restrictive and prefer the all-encompassing vagueness/freedom of masc. I think many women that have been surrounded by trans acceptance also expect butches to just be classic FTM-lite in a sense which just puts even more women off identifying with it.

No. 395987

>Oh, what a practical keycase anon has! I want one for myself too!
Okay, nevermind

No. 395989

File: 1715080012854.jpg (84.49 KB, 736x552, 84e42475770eedca63e1a1ea7df27f…)

I know this is a performative trend among Tumblr and Twitter gendies but nonnie

No. 395993

I build muscle and wear men's clothing yet I have long hair, I've always hated the idea that you can't be called butch unless you have short hair (and it's always a buzzcut or a fuckboy undercut) because it's just all sorts of retarded. My hair is an unkempt long mess similar to how male metalheads wear it, there's really nothing that feminine about it. At least it keeps the worst of the "will you be my moid lite femnigel" kinsey 2s away.

No. 395998

Ngl it looks cool and practical, I can imagine the sound of my keys tingling as I walk on the street in full T position, my arms no longer constrained by my slipping shoulderbag, I take all the sidewalk space, I am ready to attack my opponents

No. 396002

Based take, nonny. I'm a straight out goblin who wears technical sportswear because I prioritize practicality and comfort and I've never had a shortage of women crushing on me or complimenting my style because I'm confident about who I am, and I know how to put outfits together with what I have. It's dumb as fuck to be so worried over looking "too much like a bulldyke" and obsessing over looking "too masculine" or "not masculine enough", the people who will give you shit for it wouldn't like you no matter what you looked like.
>I will forever think a woman is weak for being so scared of not look "attractive" in masculine clothes even though they say they want to wear masculine clothes kek.
>They want to be masculine in an almost fantastical way, in a way that says "I'm a cool masculine woman with a natural boyish femininity, I actively chose to be masculine", which just feels like a feminine sort of fashion trend thing and not, IDK, because they truly want to dress masculinely.
This, I agree completely. Some people want to be butch in looks, but lack the confidence to pull it off. They either need to let go of that paranoia over how people perceive them as a woman or accept that they should be looking into another label they feel more comfortable with.

No. 396007

“I personally don’t like they way masculine clothes fit on my body type” is such a normal, nothingburger statement and yet a couple of anons continuously lose their absolute minds over it and start insulting people for what is a very common sentiment among all types of people— “I’d like to dress in XYZ style, but I don’t feel that it fits my frame. Bummer!”
The only other types of people I’ve seen try to moralize and chastise people for that sentiment are thrift store bargain bin chaotic mashup style gendies who take issue with people thinking anyone looks bad in anything, ever. You know the type.

No. 396008

File: 1715088650076.jpg (60.65 KB, 736x790, 39857fcae1b5f24ffa8406cd73d07d…)

Carabineers ares great, I do find it cringe when people wear them empty as a fashion accessory

No. 396061

honestly it really rubbed me the wrong way how people took my comment of "i dont like the way these clothes fit me since im short, but i really admire women who pull off the butch look" and started trying to hound me and call me "weak and feminine" for being insecure about my height. Imagine having to bully somebody for being shorter, "weaker", and more "feminine" than you so you can continue your confident and strong bulldyke larp. Have fun gatekeeping suits and button ups lol

No. 396074

is being lesbian a requirement for being butch?

No. 396111

File: 1715115186555.jpg (204.5 KB, 1277x661, Untitled.jpg)

AYRT and yeah they're stupidly expensive tbh. Mine was gifted to me along with the matching wallet from there and as good as they are, I would not pay for them myself kek. You can get decently priced alternatives like picrel or rely on ol' faithful >>395989 though. Personally I still love the jingly carabiner when I'm dressed casual. I'm butch4butch and there's something very sexy about a blue collar butch with a carabiner.

Do bears shit in the woods?

No. 396118

>anything I don't like hearing is what a gendie would say!!

No. 396124

non gay tourist here, just wanted to say the discussions itt are already more fun and informative than in the fashion threads. unfortunately most normie women don't get where it's at, i wish there was more discussion about menswear-ish fashion, comfortable clothing, quality and utility instead of flavour of the month stuff from zara. love you guys (no homo)

No. 396127

Yes. Both butch and femme are identity signifiers that are inextricably linked to lesbianism and carry a lot of historical significance (at least, in the USA). It was how lesbians made themselves legible to one another in the 40s, most notably emerging in working class bars. Through fashion, they could succinctly communicate their respective "roles" in the relationship. Radical feminists (more specifically, "lesbian" feminists) in the 70s were intensely critical of butches and butch-femme relationships, and actively attempted to undermine butch identity, which was largely successful. Somewhat unrelated, but I think this is why "masc" became popular as a broader term for bisexual women who dress masculinely and also for lesbians who don't relate to the identity roles associated with being butch (ie, traditional chivalry and courtship rituals).

No. 396131

No, not anything. Just specifically that, because it is genuinely similar.

No. 396138

Yeah based on your experiences. Might be hard to believe but some women can say that kind of shit is weak-minded and pathetic and not be retarded enough to fall for the current cultural zeitgeist.

No. 396162

Yes, I've known of GNC bi women being called "butch" when they're dating a woman but I don't know if that's commonly accepted. you can still dress how you want of course

No. 396165

thanks for the honest answers and info. i've been called "butch" alot because i lift weights and dress masc but i am not a lesbian. great thread, great discussion. thanks nonas

No. 396206

You're misunderstanding, I wasn't calling you a gendie, I was bringing up an individual argument they use because it's similar and easily recognized.

No. 396211

>something about very female fat distribution + very masculine presentation makes me feral.
Same on everything about your post (about having seemingly indiscriminate butch lust) but I'm going through this right now for someone I can't have and it's agony.

No. 396218

A lot of people just use butch as a catch-all for any type of female masculinity, so that makes sense. You will probably be read as butch in your day to day life, especially if you date a woman, but less so if you date a man. Which is also why the butch and femme labels have a unique legacy–they are all about existing for women as women, and both make the other more socially visible. But I get why bisexual women (especially woman-leaning ones) sometimes use the term, there isn't really a good non-lesbian equivalent except for masc.

No. 396223

File: 1715138505900.jpeg (105.55 KB, 940x788, hhhhj.jpeg)

Okay nonas how do I butchmaxx? I've been butch/gnc my whole life but I feel like I've been very laissez-faire about it. I don't have an actual style, I just wear loose jeans or joggers, graphic tees, hoodies, sneakers (like vans or adidas), etc. Picrel is pretty accurate. When I want to dress up I wear nice jeans and a button up or a sweater and the effect is always 'little boy at church' for some reason. I want to look like a proper adult, not my boy cousins in 2014. I don't want to be wearing office wear every day but even something like what >>396002 mentioned with her tech sportswear would be cool. Does anyone have any tips? I don't know where to look for style inspo.

No. 396275

File: 1715165413406.jpg (50.93 KB, 482x1045, c66cce258a046c9684002c62a80ec0…)

I looksmaxxed/butchmaxxed primarily by using the "old money" look. My old style was basically what you posted and although I had a few suits for work/fancy events, I still felt "meh" day-to-day; I had very little confidence. What I love about old money is that despite the name you can quite easily do it on a budget as it's based around classic, easily available pieces of clothing. It can also suit different body types; you can go with the baggy shirts and jumpers/cardigans if you're on the bigger or skinnier side and if you've been working out then polo shirts are fantastic for showing off in. I wear stuff like picrel a lot and I feel great in it. There's a bunch of YouTube videos on the style, I recommend starting there and then looking at pictures of old movie stars, the "classic Hollywood" types: Paul Newman, Sean Connery, those kinda guys. You gotta get a good haircut though, that's a non-negotiable part. Work out your face shape and then google recommended haircuts for it. I shot myself in the foot for so many years by having a trash haircut. Anyway, this might not be your cup of tea, but it worked wonders for me. Godspeed, nona.

No. 396300

File: 1715180672964.jpg (3.74 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_24-05-08_11-09-28-818.…)

If you want clothes inspo then Pinterest is the best option you have.
Dressing better and finding a style is just a matter of seeing what you like and would enjoy wearing, if you don't know what you want then it's going to be hard getting it.

No. 396302

Pinterest is great for inspo. I like taking screenshots from TV or movies that I like and putting things together. The first step is building up a style that you like, then you can really launch. For basic items like T-shirts, innerwear and basic trousers I really recommend Uniqlo if you have it in your country.

No. 396428

would combat pants and tank top combo be good

No. 396429

God I want me a hot gf like this

No. 396431

File: 1715224323373.jpg (72.45 KB, 563x672, e2d86d2762dafd3bc25f3ec45812e9…)

I'm villianmaxxing atm, look out in the streets and you might find me smoking a cigarette while filling a crossword puzzle

No. 396447

i want to dress like this but i am curvy whyyy

No. 396450

You sound cool as hell

No. 396460

You still can, you just need to adjust for how the clothes will look on you. Get friendly with a tailor or learn to do it yourself. Try different pieces on and look at the silhouette you make. Avoid anything slim fit and low rise to not accentuate the curves.

No. 396462

File: 1715246843021.jpg (27.94 KB, 400x520, d20138d6fd76db702f16050fe45396…)

I was "blessed" with a fridge shaped body so I mostly wear male street wear like baggy pants, oversized t-shirts, hoodies, layers etc. Picrel is very similar to the look I usually go for, but you always have to thread the thin line of coming across like an adult instead of a 14-year old fuckboy. I get compliments on my style all the time and get told that it's refreshing to see a woman be the way I am so I must be doing something right. Just took a lot of awkwardly put together outfits before I got there. Like the other anon said, a good haircut is also vital in pulling off any style.

Seconding pinterest, it's a great tool to figure out what pieces work together and get inspiration for outfits. I've also found some interesting vendors via pins, so it really does its job as a resource.

No. 396470

Cigars are best for villainmaxxing, cigarettes are more for hiredgoonmaxxing. You can be my hired goon though, I'll show you how to REALLY fuck your lungs up and look sexy as hell doing it.

No. 396475

NTA but god I wish I had a fellow butch to smoke a cigar with. I'm a cigarettefag myself but love a good cigar every now and then. Actually, I wish I had a fellow butch BFF to begin with, I only know femmes, my girlfriend is a femme and the only semi-butch I know is femme in looks but has a very butchy personality.

No. 396476

AYRT and same. I'm actually quite health obsessed, but I genuinely just love smoking. I've learned to reconcile with the fact that I'll forever keep crawling back to it, so I now just have one or two cigars a week and try to steer clear of cigarettes. Would love to have a butch friend circle to smoke and play cards or chess with. I have moid friends into those things but, well, they're moids kek.

No. 396478

AYRT, I feel this a lot. I drink with my moid friends sometimes but as you said, a scrote is still a scrote. They're people I've known for a decade so they're all very well aware that they don't have a chance with me so I don't have to deal with them catching feelings and I'm very obviously a lesbian to the point even their girlfriends don't get jealous if anything they find me attractive kek but it's not the same as having women to share moments like that with. I'm one step away from just creating my own imaginary friends or something.

>I'm actually quite health obsessed, but I genuinely just love smoking.

Same. I take care of myself otherwise, but I just can't quit smoking. I've cut down on it, but completely ridding my life of it seems like an impossible task. It's too relaxing and satisfying, I don't know what could ever replace it. I've considered just getting a vape but I don't know if it would be any better of a choice.

No. 396530

kek nothing to say here except you two seem like you’d be great friends to have, i hope i come across women like you irl. having butch friends would be great, there’s something my male friends and my femme straight female friends don’t give me.

No. 396568

I don't mean to overstep any boundaries here, but nona, do NOT vape. Maybe it's just me but that shit turned me into a crackhead, I ended up vaping more than I smoked. It's too easy to blaze through cartridges without really taking in how much nicotine it is. I fared much better rationing myself three cigarettes a day, then two, then only smoking them when stressed and having my one or two weekly cigars as a treat. Bonus effect: my wife thinks it's sexy when I smoke a cigar. Her phone background is me looking like a genderbent Andrew Tate kek. I get it though, seeing a confident butch smoke makes my brain short circuit too.

Praying we all find like-minded friends. Moids and feminine women just don't get it sometimes. A butch needs her pack.

No. 396689

I use masc because I am bi. I dont really identify with the word, I only use to describe myself on the internet since Im esl. My language only has derogatory words for masculine women. (Except the word for "tomboy" but that sounds like a young girl not grown woman.)

Also, dont be discouraged to dress the way you want because of your body type. I have seem some hot shorter/curvier masculine women. I admire how shorter limbs often looks stronger compared to the long noodles I got kek.

No. 396694

File: 1715343054289.jpg (257.72 KB, 1200x1799, 04d148aa7b154d3b58d1033a976fac…)

If you want look more mature instead of little boy, here are some tips on how I dress boring for my soulless office job:

>button ups in colors like gray, light blue, beige, no pattern or a very small one

>dress pants or straight cut black jeans
>sweaters and cardigans in colors like black, navy, dark green, again not much patterns or details
>leather shoes
>i like everything slightly oversized but not too baggy

Pic rel is sort of what I mean. I dont wear ties except to formal events. On my casual looks I like to also include more colorful button ups with big patterns, sleeveless graphic t shirts, baggyer jeans, cargo shorts, leather jacket etc.

No. 396737

My feet are too small to fit in men’s shoes, but I’m OBSESSED with men’s dress shoes. The only solution I’ve found is always checking in the little boy’s shoe section for dress shoes, but there’s only ever one or two options and since they’re for kids, a lot of time will not be made to last or will have Velcro or stretchy sections, obviously juvenile elements, etc.

No. 396759

I'm the opposite and my feet have been too big for women's shoes since I hit puberty. There is more variance with sizing now as I've noticed some companies do women's shoes my size, it's mostly due to trannies which made me think: have you tried checking online for FTM oriented footwear in your size range? I know it's cringe but I also know I wouldn't want to be stuck in your situation as a fashionfag that loves men's footwear. If you have a big budget another option would be custom-made shoes.

No. 396813

File: 1715374077994.jpg (38.17 KB, 364x500, diesel.jpg)

Thank you anons, your advice is very appreciated. I think I want to aim for what >>396462 mentioned. It looks similar to what I already wear and I'm afraid if I go for too big of a change I'll feel like I'm larping (I also just really hate formal wear). I think if I put more effort into finding and cultivating good pieces I could pull off a thrift bin moid sort of look. I already have some nice vintage shirts and shoes and my favorite current outfits look like picrel. I'm also gonna go through my wardrobe and get rid of anything that looks too much like a teenage boy would wear it.

I'll admit though I really don't know what the hell to do with my hair. I've got a pretty strong bone structure so I look best when you can see my forehead. My go-to has been a basic buzzcut or a short taper but it's boring as hell and I feel like it makes me look like I'm not trying. When I was younger I usually had an undercut or the dicaprio center part thing and I looked good but I wouldn't wear either style now lol.
Nta but anon you're a genius

No. 396823

Red Wing Iron Rangers go down to a women's size 5, as do Thursday Captains, as do Doc Martens which will be cheaper than either of those though admittedly way more casual.

No. 396919

If you can afford it, consider looking into designer children's footwear. They tend to have more on the formal side of things. Look secondhand too. Doc Martens have unisex styles in smaller sizes and are also abundant secondhand.

No. 397036

This is a shot in the dark, but any other mums in here? Motherhood has been the most rewarding chapter of my life so far, no doubt about it. But doing this as a butch? Hoo boy, straight people really do be testing my patience with this shit.

No. 397041

I hope this is the right place to ask, but as a femme, how can I let butches know I’m into them, also.. where to meet butches? I’ve tried dating apps and it’s so rare to meet butches on there/ or they’re butch4butch.

No. 398928

Has anyone had the experience of being turned down for a job because of the way you dress? I'm looking for a new job right now and over the phone all is well and fine but the second I get to the interview irl/cam it's like a switch flipped.
It's not like I dress inappropriate or look like a bum, I know how to look like a corpo, but I feel like ever since I ditched heavier "feminine" makeup people have a more negative reaction.

No. 398939

Yep. I had all the skills needed to head up a whole new department for this company. I turned up to the interview in a Saville Row suit and with a detailed five-year plan but got told it would never work with an "untraditional female" at the helm as most of the clients in this type of business are male. I was fortunate enough to set up my own company in the end, but I sympathise. It's brutal out there, even the blue collar jobs I've had in the past have been shitty about how I dress. The only time my looks benefitted me was when I worked as a bouncer, my manager told it was great how "unapproachable" I looked.

No. 407443

File: 1718824879110.jpg (428.7 KB, 1536x2048, gracefurby.jpg)

She's so handsome.

No. 408389

Does anyone else feel like a lot of f4f femmes are weirdly aggressive against butches? Like I very often see them on places like Twitter calling butches nasty "male wannabes" and bragging how they would never date them while posting some obese rainbow haired tumblr queerios as examples. I'm attracted to both butches and femmes so I can't help but raise an eyebrow at them acting out like that, is it some form of lesbian pickmeism or something? It's fine to have preferences and not be attracted to masc women but it's the aggression that makes it so strange, I've had a lot of them simply blurt it out at me that they're not into butches when it wasn't even the topic of the discussion, like they really just wanted that one thing out there in the open as soon as possible. Girl I wasn't even flirting with you, it was a normal conversation.

No. 408412

>>408389 I’m not even butch but I see it happen all the time, I actually think it’s why there’s more butch4butch/masc4masc lesbians now because the femmes are just annoying and don’t really understand butch women

No. 408413

Yes, i think you pretty much summed it up. They're the female version of masc gays who try to apologize for their sexuality by bashing others. I always smile when i see them complaining about not having a gf

No. 408417

Yeah, it sometimes makes me wish I was dating a butch to be honest. My girlfriend is ultrafemme and she's extremely judgmental towards butches and always complains about how she thinks they're cringe, and when I get my feelings hurt (because duh, I'm butch myself) she immediately backpedals with "N-no, you're totally not like them! You're different and hot!".

Sounds about right. Like the masc gay men who are obsessed with looking super manly and not like "a sissy faggot" and shit on effeminate gay men, we also have the normie femmes desperate to gain heterosexual approval and not "look like freaks" in front of them. I often hear some people complain that butch/femme couples are "heteronormative" but idk, I feel like the couples who want to keep up appearances to look like two normal feminine women in a normal relationship (that homophobes can digest as being just two best friends) are way more compliant with heteronormativiness. Of course I'm not at all implying that's the essence of f4f couples, heavens no, but the ones that are extremely defensive do come across as wanting to pander to the straights.

No. 408427

At least from personal experience, a lot of them see us as "men lite" and are sometimes insecure in their own sexuality, as in, is they can be into a butch woman, they might also be into men. Shit's weird

No. 408521

AYRT, i've thought about this and at least gay men are marginally more honest about actually wanting and enjoying masculine partners. The same cannot be said of many 'LGBT'/qweerios, they very much are attracted to butch/mascs but like to play hard to get so they go 'ewww but you're a toxic manly butch teehee'. This is how you end up with bihets complaining about the lack of extremely fem4fem couples (often implying anything else is repulsive) while dating, having sex with and loving manly men. They do enjoy masculinity (including in women), they find it hot, validating for their fetish, comfortable and familiar, but they won't admit it because fem=good and masc=bad. With lesbians and serious bisexuals it's more about them dating butches repeatedly but then crying about their supposed hypermale alpha toxicity. I totally get not being attracted to butches (i myself skew towards feminine women) but that's not really the issue, it's the constant pushing and pulling that irks me.

No. 408608

Wtf is her problem, is she always like that? I'd find it hard to be with someone who acts like that.
To your second paragraph they do definitely seem defensive, always bringing it up in unrelated discussions so they can let everyone know they'd neeeever fuck an icky butch, as if anyone asked or cares.
I've never understood this. Maybe I've been lucky but I just haven't met a butch who acts like a man or wants to be seen as one or even a "man lite". If anything they'd be offended by it.

No. 408609

>validating for their fetish
The fetish of being attracted to masc women…?

No. 408640

>Maybe I've been lucky but I just haven't met a butch who acts like a man or wants to be seen as one or even a "man lite".
Honestly, I keep hearing about this stereotype but I've never met a butch who was like this, literally never. The only masc women I've met who are basically just misogynistic "one of the guys" pickmes are always straight and take huge offense to being presumed to be a lesbian. Like you shake their hand during introductions and the first thing to come out of their mouths is "BTW I'M NOT A DYKE" kek. Most of the butches I've met have always been super respectful and keep their distance even to a fault because they know how disgusting it is to be creeped on.

No. 408650

You can do better than someone like this

Maybe it's because I'm black and black lesbian culture seems to generally be a lot more "heteronormative" in terms of what people expect out of butch-femme or stud-femme relationships, but this type of stud is a dime a dozen. Not the majority by any means, but common enough that I can understand why women would find it an issue.

No. 408706

I was talking about TiMs (sweeping statement about 'LGBT' people), it wasn't clear, my bad.

>pickmes are always straight and take huge offense to being presumed to be a lesbian

No. 408764

Anyone else GNC without really trying? It’s definitely more effort to be “feminine” than to be masc/neutral, so it’s kind of funny that the less “conforming” option is the least difficult. Women in their natural state are seen as less “feminine”, so by not wearing makeup and wearing more comfortable/practical clothes most of the time I’m unintentionally considered masculine. Of course I have a less curvy body type maybe it’d take more effort to be seen as butch if I had large breasts/hips.

No. 408874

I’m the opposite. I really want to be seen as GNC but due to my feminine build and stature, I always get read as feminine despite not wearing makeup. I even cut all my hair off, even shorter than a pixy cut, very very short, but people just say it just looks “retro” feminine like the very short cuts from the 60s (probably because I need some hair on my forehead due to 6head situation and that makes any haircut look feminine). I also can’t find men or boy’s attire that fits so I just make due with the most androgynous neutral women’s clothing I can find, which probably doesn’t help. It’s really really hard and I’m sort of giving up on ever being seen as masculine. I just wasn’t born right.

No. 408906

Yes, definitely. I think it's both my personality that's geared towards a "masculine" communicative style and body language, as well as my appearance and body type. This sounds like a retarded gendie thing to say, but dressing in a very feminine way makes me feel like I'm in drag or wearing some kind of ridiculous costume, whereas more androgynous or masculine clothes seem to suit me really well. I felt insecure about it growing up when people kept forcing me into a feminine role, but nowadays I'm happy about being a GNC woman.

No. 408921

I'm the same, I've always been very masculine-coded naturally without ever trying. I'm probably the kind who would get posted to the MTF thread and called a troon by anons measuring hands and facial features kek, I guess it's something I've been pigeonholed into since birth but I've come to terms with how I am. I had a short femme period to feel more accepted but like you said, I felt like I was wearing a costume comparable to drag and it made me miserable, especially because I kept attracting unwanted attention from men. And it's not only looks-wise but also how I carry myself, I was raised as "one of the boys" and continued this long into my life before making actual female friends yet ended up sinking back into it choosing a career in a male-dominated field I had dreamed of since childhood, so my personality is very bold and brash to the point I can sense I'm not being considered a woman most of the time. I get he/him'd a lot for that and while when I was younger it was flattering, nowadays it's degrading and annoying, a constant reminder that I'm not acceptable as a woman. I've had women call me their "boyfriend" as a compliment and it honestly makes me want to vomit.

No. 408930

Ayrt, personality definitely plays a role too. Female socialisation kind of failed on me so I spent a lot of my childhood/adolescence trying to come across in a way that fit in more. I just couldn’t. Doesn’t help that my traits just didn’t fit with what society deems feminine anyway. I ended up giving up because why should I bother? To a degree I believe even regular feminine mannerisms are a result of female socialisation. I remember seeing an analysis of female body language and how women really shrink themselves in compared to men. I think the photo they analysed was of Taylor Swift and another female celebrity sitting next to a man. Their legs were neatly crossed, hands on their lap, arms close to their body with their elbows facing inward and taking up hardly any space. There’s a demureness to it. The man had his legs completely splayed, arms resting on his knees with elbows facing outward and had body language that was much more casual and less “shy”. In acting in a way that’s relaxed or unconcerned to others’ perceptions I’m considered to have a masculine energy. In being assertive in personality and not being a sugarcoater/saccharine I’m seen as less feminine. I think being attracted to women over men is also a factor - heterosexual women, regardless of how feminist they are, will subconsciously try to present in a way that is accommodating or appealing to men.

No. 409408

That's the case for me as well. I have short hair because long hair takes so long to dry, I need to wash it more frequently and I'm too lazy to style it. It's also more practical in hot weather and when I'm exercising, which I do often because I find it enjoyable. I also feel lazy to shave my legs and arms most of the time, I only shave my face because I have the genes where I get a mustache when I don't. Same goes with makeup, nails etc, it's too much effort. And as for clothes most trendy things are so revealing and unpractical. The dresses, the crop tops, the very short shorts, the form fitting suffocating clothes, the baggy clothes you can't move around in, the shoes that look… It all sucks and it's all so much expensive. I don't have money for basic things, how can I waste it on outfits? I'd like to be more feminine to fit in more and I don't experience the whole feeling in drag thing that some anons do, but it's just so difficult to look feminine if you're poor as hell. In the end it's just too much effort. I'd like to look more feminine in appearance but with my personality I'm fine as of now. Most feminine personality attributes like being submissive, indecisive, emotional and affectionate seem like things that don't benefit you at all in life but instead benefit those around you. Why would anyone want to be these? Why would someone want to feel 'protected' when you can just be independent and do whatever the hell you want? What if the person who protects you is gone, how do you defend yourself after?

No. 409445

Does anyone else hate the word "masc"? If you're a lesbian, you mean BUTCH. "Masc" is for terminally online gendies. It's the same as "sapphic/wlw/queer" for me.

No. 409450

I thought "masc" was used for GNC women who aren't lesbian, didn't realize it was a gendie thing tbh.

No. 409451

I'm assuming it's because the term "butch" is kind of stigmatized but also gatekept. Like you could be masculine-looking with male clothing and behavior yet wear makeup and long hair and people will often side-eye you if you call yourself a "butch" since their mental image of a butch is a gymrat bulldyke. I find "masc" easier to use as a blanket term than "chapstick" or "futch" or any other "butch but not quite" one.

No. 409466

>since their mental image of a butch is a gymrat bulldyke.
Is it not? I'm not trying to be disrespectful, that's just the stereotype I got from radblr because there was this one magick and butch obsessed blog that kept insisting butches were magical beings that no one understands or could possibly comprehend and I think she always meant that type of butch

No. 409469

File: 1719431121437.png (1.13 MB, 1407x2537, 1719314800297.png)

Is this real

No. 409470

File: 1719431155228.png (561.31 KB, 942x2141, 1719315102300.png)

No. 409473

We've already talked about this and many mascs explained their reasons for the label, read the thread before posting ffs

No. 409484

I don't understant the mental process behind any of this
>when random unwashed dude calls himself a 'woman' it's super hot
>a key component about butchness is being protector to others

No. 409575

there are countries outside of the US nona..

I suspect women who say shit like this are tranny/androgynous men chasers or have psychosexual shit going on, their 'butch' identity is constructed around spicy heterosexuality and mentally jerking off to their 'gender non-conformity'. Sometimes they are solely attracted to women (including TiFs) but have to find a way to say it without being branded as a 'transphobe'. I think the artist is type 2 because she doesn't do the weird 'ohh i'm so masculine, i'm rough and dominant arrrr' LARP common in type 1 (looking tough and being a gentle nurse is such a normie butch lesbian thing kek). Sadly just a gender-poisoned lesbian

No. 409617

The character says zooo weee mama and blushes to a picture of a regular dude lmao it reads as a terminally online and immature girl above anything else, trying to accommodate the word butch to men that larp as women and also herself

No. 409659

I saw the entire post this was cut from the other day and it was a "nonbinary transmasc" coming out as a butch lesbian and honestly, good for her. As for top surgery and HRT, some hardcore butches did do that before the age of troonism while still identifying as women (Phalloplasty is absolutely ridiculous butchery though). I actually did think that she was pretty spot on saying that she's attracted to masculinity but not men, which is entirely a valid thing in my opinion and not discussed nearly enough since it's still a taboo topic, a lesbian is immediately slapped with the "bihet" stick if she's into really masculine butches which just feels entirely degrading to me and plays right into the gender ideology's idea of gender being only about expression and not gametes. If butches were allowed to be unapologetically masculine we wouldn't have a bunch of young girls calling themselves men.

I'm pretty sure what's being pictured here is her seeing a man and being disinterested but when it's an actual woman she's immediately interested, not a man trying to pull the she/her trick.

No. 409668

File: 1719488396740.png (343.22 KB, 1404x778, adfaf.png)

I you haven't noticed both drawings of the bumble profile show the same man, he's a ''cis'' man in the first one and becomes a woman on the second one, and since it's the same profile picture under the same name (Cris) I'm assuming woman here means ''transwoman'' this time. She's immediately interested because now Cris is not a regular dude, he's a woman now so the girl finding him hot is totes valid
>not a man trying to pull the she/her trick.
That's literally what the Cris profile in the comic is doing lol

No. 409670

People like this would never say it, but they're not the type to date TIM "trans butches". They all want T4T yaoi relationships. The entire comic is about how that person and other women can go on testosterone and look like that and still identify as butch women in a "trans-positive" way. They're not talking about males.

No. 409672

I think you're reading in too much of the comic, in this specific panel she is thristing over a man, Cris. There are lots of nb young butches that do what you're saying, but in this case, unless she hasn't been able to convey it properly in the comic, it looks like a young girl willing to date a lazy tim because she can keep calling herself and that dude butches. I think the entire comic is about taking away the true meaning of butch to fit in a person of any sex and s orientation, that's why she says something as absurd as this
>a key component about butchness is being protector to others

No. 409676

File: 1719490792071.jpg (556.61 KB, 1080x1297, ftm butch.jpg)

I feel like this comic was made after this tweet blew up with someone quoting it saying "That's just a man"

No. 409677

Do you have a link to the artist? Couldn't find it, if I don't know any better it does read like gay for the special label but ultimately attracted to males, so female butches aren't up to her standards but a mtf is just perfect

No. 409678

it's @/kfov_851, the type to have really girly branding and always talk about "old man yaoi"

No. 409679

Are you genuinely retarded? That's supposed to portray two different people, it's using the same name and looks as a narrative tool to juxtapose how her masculine expression works - only if the person in question is a woman, not a man.

Honestly gotta love it when tumblr radfems sperg about sex change not being possible and gender is determined by biological factors but then do a 180 on their entire ideology and call people like this a straight out man and refuse to acknowledge them as a woman, and everyone attracted to them is straight.

No. 409680

File: 1719492023220.jpg (259.14 KB, 601x605, jona.jpg)

I'm not retarded, you seem to be too benevolent with her for some reason. These are twits from her xitter, she seems like your average fujo tif yaoi brainrotted straigh girl, adopting a twans identity to be able to play in the oppression olympics while making it her entire personality. The comic can be interpreted both ways I guess, but I'm inclined to believe mine is the right one and Cris is just a man trying to pull the she/her trick, and the author falling for the trap of dating a chaser only because he will validate her use of butch.

No. 409681

>The comic can be interpreted both ways I guess, but I'm inclined to believe mine is the right one and Cris is just a man trying to pull the she/her trick
So you're retarded and illiterate. Check.

No. 409682

That doesn't refute any point or evidence I came up with, sorry I made you feel stupid for defending a straight tif thirsting over a man, send jona my regards

No. 409684

Aren't they a cis man tho? I can't see the scars and everyone commented on "transphobic on nonbinary"

No. 409685

Well I guess it could mean the opposite like women on T being nonbinary, gender speeches is driving me crazy

Even the author clarified and I still don't understand, if they don't mean to be terfy

>there seems to be some confusion with this panel, sorry for misrepresenting my intent! im NOT attracted to MEN - cis and trans. i am attracted to enbys and women.

>this was supposed to be a little joke how two people could look the same, but im attracted to the profile thats not a man (enby or woman). i didnt mean to exclude trans men, and im sorry for my mistake! i also just had a lot of bad experiences with cis men on bumble and wanted to kinda complain about that haha

No. 409686

File: 1719494213882.jpg (322.97 KB, 1080x1086, 1000043332.jpg)

As context I live laugh love butches, 99.9% prefer butches and masc girls over femmes and am butches' strongest soldier so this is not butch hate. But i actually was sexually harrassed by a chinese butch girl in school who could only speak chinese and almost no english. she would follow me around, grope me, laugh about it with her male friends, try and flip my skirt up and was constantly asking me out. My straight female friends ended up body blocking her when she would start to run towards me lol. it was a really strange experience and a very rare one that's never happened again

No. 409688

That is how I understood it, she is attracted to masculine women but not men. She was just being a retard drawing them exatly the same, as butches or even tifs wont look indentical to men.

No. 409719

File: 1719500391333.png (Spoiler Image,499.08 KB, 667x1109, dhg89rfuhd9h.PNG)

Coincidentally found this looking for other photos. That's why I find the way some anons talk about masculine women so off-putting, there really isn't that big of a difference sometimes.

No. 409751

Cool story, I've been sexually assaulted by femmes only (one was groping me when I was asleep, woke up to witness it) so I don't know what to tell you, anon. Weird post to make here, you know.

>That's why I find the way some anons talk about masculine women so off-putting, there really isn't that big of a difference sometimes.
Same. The amateur anthropologists on lolcow tend to show how their complete cluelessness on the regular.

No. 409767

What does TS stand for

No. 409772

Taylor Swift

No. 409781

Top surgery

No. 410167

first TiF I’ve seen that’s too masculine for me to be attracted to. Obviously any woman attracted to her is lesbian but… my mind can’t register this as a woman, she gives me the ick males do

No. 410269

I'm un-feminine but not really 'butch'. I've been told i walk exactly like male relatives, that i'm not really girlish nor boyish, that i move a certain way (makes them wonder if i like women) but in retropsect it just points to SSA and/or autism, not masculinity. I had a fake butch phase where i wanted so bad to be butch, it was fun but as genderspecial shit became ubiquitous i felt compelled to really cling to butch as a coherent label, maybe because being something was better than failing at typical femininity and masculinity. Most of it was standard teenage cringe and i grew out of it pretty quickly, so no big deal, but i don't think i'm the only person who had such a phase. I come across mascs who very much give me the impression they're trying too hard. In truth, it's an energy. Some women just act in a way that screams 'masculine lesbian' and it's not reliant on a look, it's about the way they move their hands, limbs, the way they speak, it just activates my gaydar to an extreme degree. I think a lot of it has to do with needing to fully fit in a neat little label because you're uncomfortable with who you are for whatever reason, and maybe trying to woo bisexuals/curious straights. During my butch phase i was fascinated by really butch women, wanted to be the most masculine, when in reality i was naturally neutral/uncaring, and i was drawn to women who are a mix of both fem and masc (in style). Deep down i knew all this, which created a kind of malaise. I wonder if women who lean hard into butch when they're not realize it (and just do it to attract women) or also feel weird

No. 410313

>Some women just act in a way that screams 'masculine lesbian' and it's not reliant on a look, it's about the way they move their hands, limbs, the way they speak, it just activates my gaydar to an extreme degree
nta i wonder if this is why so many people irl thought i was gay even though i'm straight and don't dress butch at all

No. 410534

I stay up too late got nothing in my brain that's what people say oh oh

No. 410535

She's still a woman of course, but she just looks too much like a man so many anons not knowing her TIF status would assume she's a man at first glance and not be attracted to her

No. 410547

It's the way she painted her nails short like a gay male that disgusts me

No. 410918

Of course anons don't have to find her attractive, but it speaks about their integrity regarding the gendercrit ideology when they're willing to fully accept her as a man just because she looks like one in her social media selfies.

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