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No. 57461

How does one give themself a makeover, an upgrade? How do you work out exactly what will suit you best?

I'm working out in order to get a fitter body because I let myself go in uni but while I'm at it I want to get my hair, makeup, nails, everything else sorted!

How do you decide what to work on and where do you take it from there? Does anyone have any tips to becoming healthier and more beautiful with hair care/skincare and the rest?

The same goes for giving wardrobe a makeover and the rest. Are there any resources?

I don't know where to begin or what threads here to start on and end up aimlessly lurking but without a solid plan.

No. 57465

It's hard to give specific advice without knowing details about what you are currently unsatisfied with.

Diet/exercise is a no brainer really. Set a goal (whether it's pounds on the scale or something more fit oriented) and just don't give up till you reach that goal.

As for more aesthetic things, that's when more details would help. What is your hair currently like ? What don't you like about it? Is it something a new color/cut would change or does it need to be healthier? I'd say my hair is my best feature, and it's because I spend good money to get it dyed and cut by people who know what they are doing. And I also look lots of time to learn to style it. I don't know many styles, I just perfected one or two. So I make it sure it always looks "done".

Skin care is different for everyone. I'm one of those people with chronically bad skin no matter what I do so I've focused on just making it LESS bad and covering it up with makeup when possible. I will never be the girl with the good skin, but at least now people don't look at me and cringe.

For clothes, it can help to start by swiping a style you like until you own style comes more naturally. Looking at sites such as Lookbook.nu has helped me in the last. I will follow people that have a look I like, and create similar outfits. Then eventually add you own touches to them when you feel more confident.

No. 57471


I'll work on exercise and weight loss, and for aesthetic, my hair looks okay but it's frazzled. I've bleached it a lot over the years and used box dyes but I want to try and get it to a softer state. I hate that it's naturally dark though so I was thinking of getting it professionally done, I don't know if I'd have to grow my hair out first or just let them figure something out.

It's down my back but frizzy, dyed red but fading to its bleached colour. Ideally if I got it professionally done I'd want a chestnut, auburn or just pretty shade of maybe lighter or more brown hair. I don't know what suits at all.

I'll try your advice with clothing, it's been years since I used lookbook! I can't afford to buy many clothes right now but my wardrobe needs a serious revamp, too much black and similar styled clothing.

No. 57498

if your hair really is that unhealthy, think twice about dye jobs. i imagine a good solution for that would be going to a salon, they will deep condition the shit out of it, and just to make it easier to grow it out to get to healthier hair, dye it closer to your natural color.

i had really jacked up hair a few years ago and in order to fix it, i ended up cutting off many inches spend a long while and money on some decent product to condition it and just let it grow out and kept cutting off the frazzled ends. i had a salon dye it close to the brown that i naturally have so when my roots came in, it wouldnt be so noticeable.
sometimes its just better to start from the beginning. i thought that i looked better with more red in my hair, but i got way more compliments when i was a brunette.

No. 57499

Seconded, if your hair is that long and that damaged you will need to sacrifice a whole lot to get it even remotely healthy looking. Maybe shorter hair could be part of your makeover?

No. 57539

Well what do you like, and what do you look like? The first thing is to make sure you're healthy or at least comfortable with your weight/body, other than that you can look however you want though. There's so many ways to be attractive?

No. 57542

I'll tell you what, the biggest improvement you can give yourself is an excellent, nutrient rich diet.

Your skin will look better so you will need less makeup. Your hair will be better, shinier, and healthier. Your body will look healthier. Diet, and getting a decent amount of good quality sleep. Exercise too, of course, with a well rounded routine of strength training and cardio.

I'm 25 now but I look better than I did when I was 20.

It's not an instant fix, it takes a few months to see it in your skin and body and even longer to see it in your hair but it's well worth it.

No. 57548

File: 1491208107504.jpg (283.17 KB, 1440x1107, makeover.jpg)

Im actually in the process of this myself OP.

I am moving for graduate school soon, and have been figuring out how to fix myself up (let myself go after uni as well haha).

Here is a list of what I'm doing/have done/am working on (maybe it will give you some ideas!):

-Stopped visiting hair salons (They always over-process my hair and cut too much off during trims)
-Started DIY keratin treatments to smooth my waves/frizz (Use every 1.5-2 months)
-Started DIY hair highlights (will do a balayage soon – just bought Olaplex yay!)
-Bought professional supplies for trimming my own hair and bangs at home
-Started using more expensive hair products made for smoothing hair
-Started styling hair more regularly including straightening and using a hair curling wand set
-Threw out my old makeup and bought stuff that better suited my skin tone (used to buy too-pale bb creams or too dark foundations/too dark eyeshadows and lipsticks)
-Practiced makeup routines until I found one that works
-Bought new clothes (Found two designers that suit my body and style best – they are a little pricey, like $300-$500 for a shirt, but can be cheaper on sale or used). No more fast fashion.
-Bought designer heels (For some reason, I convinced myself to start buying cheap cute stuff instead of designer anddd my feet kept hurting and I even had a heel break once while walking lol). I used to wear heels all the time, but just stopped bothering.
-Started taking hair, skin, nail vitamins and other weird health supplements (collagen, algae etc) everyday.
-Started taking care of my skin again (Became depressed and started just washing my face with bar soap every day…) including: makeup remover, face wash, toner, serum, lotion + eye lotion + tea tree oil for spots/redness and sunscreen + primer in the mornings and face masks and exfoliating scrubs (including lip scrubs) around 2x per week
-Started steaming/ironing my clothes and dry cleaning when necessary even though its expensive…

Working On/Planning to Do:
-Losing weight (I gained weight because I wanted a fuller face and to be thicc, but now I want to lose weight and be thin again – changing my hairstyle means a thinner face looks fine)
-Working out (I'm not doing tooooo well with this yet, but will do better when the weather gets better. I love going outside during the summer).
-Lengthening my lashes (bought one of those serums you put on your eyelashes every night to grow them thicker + longer)
-Wearing push up bras (got lazy/depressed and threw them all out and bought sports bras…)
-Wearing perfume (got lazy/depressed and stopped wearing any even though I have a lot just sitting there)
-I still haven't gotten to this although I have all the necessary supplies, but doing my own gel nail extensions. I used to paint my nails using gel polish, but kept them short. I've watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube on how to create the extensions so hopefully can teach myself to do these with some practice.
-Waxing (I waxed my legs as a teenager, but stopped for some reason. I'd like to learn how to wax my secret garden though haha)

Okay, so it's a long list but I'm still looking for ways to expand it further…so open to any suggestions as well!

No. 57567


OP here, I'm not sure about posting myself here but I'm short, curvy but chubby on top of that from uni (which is what I'm working on losing) with fairly frizzy, shoulder to back length hair that's faded from dye, I'm happy with my face but want more makeup to suit it- I've got bold eyebrows and a square jawline and now I've got a bit of a double chin that I'm desperately trying to get rid of! My hair never seems to control itself no matter what I use on it.

I like a mixture of clothing but don't really have a style, and my confidence makes me never sure what I /want/ to wear anymore.


thank you, I'm working on diet, are there any resources for really nutrient rich meals and foods I could look into? I'm nearly 23 and really want to be at my prime by the time I am 25!


This is amazing progress, you were already pretty in the left image but you look so much more confident and your hair and makeup is lovely!

I've literally been taking notes, I've got everything in a little notebook for diet/makeup/skin now so I have something to follow, I've jotted down your points too- are there any hair products for smoothing hair you reccommend? Same for the hair/skin/nail vitamins and primers!

Right now my job just about covers my rent since leaving uni so I can't really go all out yet and spend hundreds but that's the plan….for now I'm having to work around a low budget

No. 57569

Yes, I am working on the diet/weight loss thing. Only lost 5 pounds in 21 days. Meh
I'm going to start doing strict heavy workouts because of this.

No. 57572

The person in the picture isn't her, anon

No. 57575

How do you know when a bb cream is too pale? I match mine to my neck and it usually looks fine, everyone else tells me it looks fine too but I still look weird with it on, at least to me. Maybe it's because I'm used to my tea-stained eyes and dark shadows around my nose and lips, idk.

No. 57622


Not that anon but if it matches your neck, you're fine. I'm also really pale and I have the same problem, my BB cream or foundation looks kinda flat; to fix this I use more blush to give my face some warmth and depth. If you contour you could try a heavier contour as well. If you wear jet black eyeliner and mascara you can try a lighter one (like a light black or a medium-dark brown) and see if it looks better.

No. 57625

I have warmer ivory skin tone, and it was too ashy + pale or yellow. I don't have dark circles under my eyes and honestly don't remember if it matched my neck, but if it matches your neck you should be fine anon!

No. 57626

As >>57572
said that isn't me. I wouldn't post my pics to an anonymous image board, but the results are pretty drastically similar (more so with change in hair color + clothes too).

I use a LOOOT of products to smooth my hair lol but it's pretty cheap (like $20 monthly on average) and even though it sounds like a lot, most of the work is just putting the stuff in hair: I use DIY keratin treatments that last 1-3 months, decent shampoo+conditioner (Sexyhair brand is my favorite), leave in keratin serum from Tresemme + the Tresemme keratin smoothing serum + Tresemme keratin heat protectant spray + a more expensive keratin oil on my ends. Then I use an ion hair dryer (buying a nicer one when I move), heated hair brush, and hair straightener + tourmaline hair wands if I want curls like in the pic. Also hair mask once per week. Hope this helps!

No. 57632

This is going to sound hella bossy but I'm just being straightforward. I've had a lot of trial and error so I've learned a lot, that's all.

For me, it's about being realistic and actual maintenance coupled with focusing on what makes YOU look good. Not trends or what you admire. What we view as ideal in general is rarely what we can achieve, and the more we spend trying to steer towards it the less attractive we look for our own actual features/bone/structure/etc.

So, realism is important as well as self awareness. Self awareness is the key to looking good.

Confront your own less-ideal features and accept them, and then go from there. Ie if you have thin lips and they throw off your facial balance, either get natural looking fillers or get over it. Don't overline your lips and smear them with crusty liquid lipstick–it may look acceptable solely because SO many instathots do it, but in real life you are being made fun of and you don't look cute.

Natural is always going to look better than artificial. Without fail. If you trick them into thinking you look effortless, you automatically look more attractive and down to earth than someone who looks glaringly made up.

The holy trinity of basics are hair, skin, nails.
Take care of them and you will automatically look more put together. Prioritize that above frivolous things like acrylics, trendy dyes, fried bleach jobs.

Drop gimmicks and trends. Don't be tacky or gaudy. Don't try to look ~*desu kawaii ree*~ because I promise, the weeb online subculture may have brainwashed you into thinking you look cute, but more often than not if it isn't muted or wearable, you look special needs or like an adult baby a la Jill.
>inb4 vicious weeb h8
Yeah yeah yeah, fuck you I'll do what I want!!1 I'm kawaii!!!11! Whatever.
Sure thing. You'll grow out of it eventually. In the real world, your Internet aesthetic doesn't mean shit and you look retarded lol.

I used to be fairly alternative I guess, but as I've gotten older and have developed a sharp keen eye for what actually looks attractive, I've grown out of it. I dyed my hair every color under the sun as a teenager, but now I view it as what it is: juvenile, damaging, and pointless.

Looking glowing, youthful, and healthy will always be universally attractive. Managing your diet, staying hydrated, and keeping your skin protected will drastically alter your appearance on its own. It's biologically engraved in us to view healthy as attractive.

A couple easy, quick, basic skincare products that can be used by all skin types:

If you're a low-maintenance type of girl, just make sure to cleanse twice a day, get a retinol day cream to tap all over your eyelids/undereyes and sweep it up your temples as well as on your smile lines, and then put on sunscreen. Get a serum for night time. Simple. You don't have to do a thousand-step routine although you'll probably eventually want to anyways.

If your hair is damaged, invest in Olaplex.
If your hair is thin, use Keranique.
Give Pantogar a try if you're willing after a lot of research.

Moisturize every day–don't skip your body. You'll begin to notice the difference.

Keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated 24/7.

Avoid powders. Pick tinted moisturizers, cushions, or bb creams over foundations and heavy concealers. I promise, that zit looks better than the huge discolored glob of slop covering it lol. It'll clear up eventually, but not if it's constantly caked in slap.

A couple makeup products that are really good for a natural and flattering look imo:

in the shade "blondie"

Long eyelashes are always soft and pretty. You can try serums to max them out. I've heard positive and negative things about castor oil, but I have noticed a difference when I condition my lashes with it at night, so there's that I guess.

Idk sorry I'm bored with this now but I tried. Sorry if
but I'm just being honest.

No. 57640

This is good advice, thanks.
How do you learn to accept multiple facial flaws though? I've got a big nose and thin lips and I look like a tard. Sometimes I think I should save up for a nose job but it doesn't look like it'll happen before my mid-thirties.
I gave up trying to line my upper lip because as you said, it looks stupid but the thought of getting lip fillers squicks me out, plus I'm not even sure plump lips would even look good with my big round nose.
How do you learn to look at your face objectively?

No. 57647

If you have good credit and a steady job, you can get rhinoplasty using financing. You could make a down payment and then make monthly payments for the rest. Simple.

No. 57665

Love your advice anon!

>>The holy trinity of basics are hair, skin, nails.

On the topic of plastic surgery, I went for a consult to get a nose job and the plastic surgeon told me to just fix my hair, skin, nails, and do my makeup instead. I was pretty pissed that he dismissed the nose job, but since actually taking his advice I'm pretty grateful that he didn't take advantage of my vulnerability.

>>Don't try to look ~*desu kawaii ree*~ because I promise, the weeb online subculture may have brainwashed you into thinking you look cute, but more often than not if it isn't muted or wearable, you look special needs or like an adult baby a la Jill.

I went through this phase and yeah, I cringe now haha. In the real world most of us will be fucked in our careers if we dress like this anyway. I dropped my alternative style like it was hot (it wasn't).

No. 57670

I'm glad I got positive response. I get worried that assblasted weebs can't swallow the reality lol.

Yeah, I actually find that I like being more neutral/relaxed style-wise now. I focus on having nice hair/a nice body/an aesthetically pleasing face and keep my clothes simple. I find I don't need decoration like I used to, because I'm not antsy to flit from this to that to sate my need to morph my appearance. I look my best, I don't need excessive piercings or hair dye or accessories to distract me lol. It's really nice to FINALLY be one of those girls that look perfectly effortless and good in sweatpants and a bun lmao.

You just have to step back, let go of the things you obsess over on the Internet, and get a grip on reality. If you aren't objective and blunt with yourself, you won't progress to your full potential.

No. 57673

I was talking to someone who lives in L.A and is engaged to a famous singer. She said some very interesting things about taking care of yourself. Want to hear it?

No. 57691

recs for retinol day cream and night cream?

No. 57692

What kind of clothes should I wear? I'm 19, super pale (can't tan), blonde blue eyes, not really thin (currently bulking gaining muscle). Flat chested, but big shoulders so loose hanging tops look strange on me. My waist is probably my best feature (my belly my worst).

No. 57700

I've never used this site, but I buy these at a beauty supply store because they're simple, affordable, and do just fine.

They smell pleasant and are gentle on your skin.

If you want to splurge, I'd just opt for Drunk Elephant products. Personally, I can't justify constantly spending $60-80 on individual skincare items, so I have a delux set of theirs that I alternate with this.

No. 57705

you're awesome for the drunk elephant rec. i'm going to try one of these small sets. i'm 26 and haven't really tried much in the realm of skincare besides fixing my acne.

No. 57710

In terms of hair I would just chop all the damaged hair off and buy a human hair lace front wig or make one (you can get them on Aliexpress for like £70+ it's cheaper to make one btw ) while your hair grows. Plus you can dye the wig without feeling guilty about destroying your hair.

For skin care I'd see a dermatologist if you have major concerns. I don't do much to my skin because my skin was blessed genetically but Korean face masks are wonderful and make your skin look extra healthy and feel super smooth.

Fashion is a hard one. Its all about figuring out what flatters you and what is aesthetically appealing to you as well! I don't know what you look like and what shape your in but I personally like to wear coral pinks pastel pinks denim and black and always pair my outfits white heels or platforms.

For nails id get extensions if you don't already. Diy or Salon done it doesn't matter. I do my own gel nails and want to try doing acrylics and I watch Naoi Nails and Nail career education on YouTube to learn how to do anything nail related.Naoi nails has an online store that sells pretty cheap (and good) nail supplies.

For Makeup Id watch taty on YouTube of you want more everyday looks and Any other "beauty guru" if youre iNo clown IG makeup.

If you want any fashion tips I don't mind make long a throwaway email and you can contact me there because fashion is my thing and this post would become too long if I spoke about every fashion tip I have and all the shops I know etc

Sorry for the bad wording ;_;

No. 57748

would love to email about fashion!

No. 57808

For anything fashion related email me at

No. 57814

File: 1491611282270.gif (40.16 KB, 225x300, bl.gif)

How do I find the most flattering style/makeup for my face?

I look very typical for my part of Europe (hint: vampires n shit), which is essentially high cheekbones, a diamond/square face and a yuge nose that looks like a bird's beak. Similar to pic rel, but with dark hair and obviously younger.

Whatever I try, I know I'll never look pretty. I know dark colours suit me but that's about it.

No. 57817

I think the woman in the photo is pretty. What's your idea of pretty anon? Any photos of what you consider pretty? Maybe that would help us give suggestions on what you are looking to achieve.

No. 57819

File: 1491618636607.jpg (1.53 MB, 2880x1800, 46904533-pretty-girl-pictures.…)

Well, conventionally attractive, feminine I suppose. What you would typically want a girl in her mid-20s to look like, not a spoopy, bony dementor in a dress.

No. 57821

go full elegant goth queen. like rich, dark matte makeup. i like the modern renaissance palette a lot. i wish i had visible cheekbones lol. and from a fellow bird nose girl, i honestly think it can be striking on some people.

No. 57858

Well, the girl in the photo isn't what I'd personally wish a girl in her mid 20's to look like. I'm guessing you want a rounder, softer face, shallower cheekbones, and a small nose…beside surgery, I'd recommend contouring with lighter colors at the bottom of your cheeks and maybe a blush at the top to "flatten" the area (the opposite of most tutorials since most people want prominent, high cheekbones). You can also try to gain some weight or get fillers if you can afford them. These will help to soften your facial features. I'm not sure what you can do to make your nose appear smaller besides surgery, but the picture you attached really isn't as unattractive as you seem to think. Lightning your hair a couple shades and wearing lighter shades of makeup will make you look softer, and more feminine too. Good luck anon! Hope this helps a little

No. 58200

I'm glad someone made this thread because I've been contemplating making one for months but was a bit intimidated.

Does anyone else here become obsessed with the idea of self-transformation though? Every time I try to fix something about myself I become consumed with changing everything about myself. I think makeovers are nice because it's striving towards self-improvement, but at the same time I feel like my whole life becomes centered around trying to make myself perfect.

I'm not trying to be deep, I just want to know if other people have similar experiences when giving themselves makeovers

No. 58201

I'm not trying to make myself perfect nor am I obsessed, but I always strive to be the best version of myself I can be. Mostly because I was bullied as a kid and it feels vindictive.

No. 58219

my beauty routine is basically just showering, shaving and using moisturizer at night. What else should I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Full body.

No. 58229


Completely, now I'm trying to give everything down to my personality a makeover

No. 58238

Am I the only one who found this post very sad? It's on "do this and OTHER PEOPLE will find you attractive, wear that and OTHER PEOPLE will think you look good, put on make up in a way that doesn't make OTHER PEOPLE think you're retarded"

Maybe I'm just a special snowflake, but aside from possible employers I really don't think you should focus on other people's opinions so much. It won't have any impact on your life whether or not random strangers you'll never talk to think you look good. You'll be putting all that effort into something that doesn't pay off in any way.

No. 58239


You read this completely wrong. The OP was just trying to help anyone reading to not look a hot mess.

They literally said to find things that flatter the individual, not stuff they think looks cute online and in Photoshoped pictures.

If you wanna dress like the most special snowflake to ever snowflake, go ahead.

No. 58243

Not really nonny, pretty much all of what they're saying is just grooming tips. Like they said
>Looking glowing, youthful, and healthy will always be universally attractive.
they're not really talking about conforming, more about putting in more effort than the bare minimum.
If it was about what other people thought, they would have mentioned trends and fashion.
>It won't have any impact on your life whether or not random strangers you'll never talk to think you look good.
You are completely wrong there. People always treat attractive people better and believe that they're better in general. We can't help it as humans. You literally have a better life the more attractive you are, and you can become dramatically more attractive by just looking after yourself.

No. 58249

>but in real life you are being made fun of and you don't look cute.
>If you trick them into thinking…
>Don't be tacky or gaudy.
>In the real world, your Internet aesthetic doesn't mean shit and you look retarded
>but now I view it as what it is: juvenile, damaging, and pointless.

I'm not denying that I'm what you'd probably call a snowflake, but it does sound like "be a normie and don't have style or people will judge you for it".

>they're not really talking about conforming, more about putting in more effort than the bare minimum.

See quoted stuff above

>People always treat attractive people better

Yeah, but looking healthy and youthful has nothing to do with not styling yourself "artificially"/not being gaudy or dressing like a weeb. People tend to treat me well because I'm prettier than the average girl where I live (inb4 32" waist chan, I'm nothing special outside my own city) and dressing normie or alternative doesn't make a difference as far as I can tell.

Sage for nitpicking random anon's tone

No. 58256

Yeah, you're the only one who read it like that and ignored all the disclaimers on the post.

No. 58263

This is a thread about a makeover. I simply gave advice that can be applied universally regardless of various personal factors.

You chose to steer my post in that direction and decide it was "sad" because you felt personally offended and you feel the need to defend your "style."

That is your cross to bear. Not mine.
I don't care.

No. 58471

File: 1492576132020.jpg (52.13 KB, 564x752, swimsuit.jpg)

I'm a little under 5'2 and I'm in the middle of losing weight. My goal weight is to be at least between 110-125 by July and I have already lost 10-11 pounds since March.

When I lost weight before and got to a regular BMI my body type was smaller and less noticeably curvy. At a overweight BMI I have very large breasts and a low WHR so unfortunately I get less attention when I slim up.

How do I keep my sensual body type and womanly curves at my goal weight? My body just turns small & petite the more I lose weight and I hate it. I wish I was tall b/c tall girls seem to still keep their womanly bodies even when their weight is low :(

I'm trying to get this sort of aesthetic right here. Petite but very curvy and voluptuous looking. Idk how to do this. Waist training?

No. 58472

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Susu won the genetic lottery lol. I know this is generic but try to find the beauty in your body as it is. I guarantee it's still beautiful and will still be sought after. I think the key here is to have confidence. I have a hella below average body and get plenty of attention because I'm confident in whatever I wear or do. You can also play up your sensuality with strategically revealing skin. Short skirt with tall boots and a long sleeve. Shit like that. Or slut it up as they say if that's what you like best.

As an aside, waist training is ultimately very harmful for you, but it's your body. Just make sure to research before you dive in.

Check out missguided.com for sexy style tips, I'd say I don't a good place to start.

No. 58473

How much did you spend on all that? Are you rich?

No. 58476

There is nothing you can do, fat distribution is purely genetic. The only thing that will change that is surgery sadly

No. 58479


My body fat distribution is hourglass/pear shaped but I don't have those wide set violin hips that makes me look thick unless I'm far overweight or something. I'd say mine is more slimmer and athletic I guess, like think of those Hollywood hourglasses vs the porn star hourglasses. I look more like the former.

Welp. I was born too late I guess.

No. 58527

I honestly kind of wish I could post my picture here so you guys could give me some solid, hard advice. I've read the thread already and I guess the key is making do with what you have, but it's difficult for me to do that objectively I think.

I appreciate the tips about hair, skin, nails and figure though. I'm always measuring myself up against a girl that I know I can never surpass beauty-wise, and it really gets me down in the dumps. I hope that if I have nice hair, glowing skin, pretty nails and a thin figure, more of my personality will shine through and I won't be so terribly self-conscious and find it hard to be around people.

One thing that I think helps everyone is having a good smile. Don't forget the importance of good teeth and a pleasant demeanor.

No. 58532

I don't spend that much actually.

As I said, I DIY pretty much everything. I can do my highlights for $10, while a salon would cost $200. For nails, it cost around $50 per year for all supplies, and I can give myself professional nails that would cost more than $50 per month to maintain. The savings add up, and there are so many resources, if you can trust yourself to follow instructions, it's easy to learn. I also use referral programs, eBay and check deals for the items I like and stock up on things I know I use (i.e. My favorite brand of hair supplies sometimes is 50% off). For clothing, I buy most of it used, and it's easy to get designer shoes for $100 or less on good sales, but you need to be patient. I do most of my shopping online, including for shoes and clothes. As I said, I found two designers I love, so I generally can expect their clothing to fit and flatter my body. Just go to a high end shopping area, try on clothes and see which designers suit you (then shop online lol). Since I buy my shoes online, one thing I've found helps is if you are between sizes (I'm a US 6.5 - 7), to go with the larger size for open toe/back and it generally doesn't matter for closed toe/back.

In my experience, I spend less than most people (who care how they look), even though I have a higher-maintenance routine/more expensive wardrobe.

No. 58905

File: 1493095009081.jpg (72.21 KB, 640x640, ebd9cdb6fe473a1101691e8f48e44c…)

does anyone have experience with Colored contacts? are they worth it? did they cause you any trouble?

i feel like nowadays contact lenses aren't uncommon on beauty influencers, celebrities, instagram people, what have you.

it makes me feel super insecure about my brown eyes. i want to get prescription contact lenses but a) expensive b) i already have good glasses c) and i'm scared i'll damage my eyes.

any tips or opinions on contacts? are they worth it? did you feel prettier wearing them??

No. 58910

what I did

>stop eating (1000 kcal/day limit)

>when I do eat, make sure it's veggies/lean meat (try to avoid meat though)
>drink lots of water (get through 64 oz/day usually)
>floss, brush teeth regularly (obviously)
>let hair air-dry as much as possible, or put heat protectant on it
>detailed skincare routine followed religiously
>stop buying so many clothes from H&M/F21 type stores
>donate most of my wardrobe except the bare essentials
>maintain eyebrows
>maintain nails/cuticles

I would work out more but I'm always running to class uphill anyway, and I'm exhausted all the time.

No. 58911

Waist training works wonders. Squats.

No. 58915

I don't think you'd look that different unless you get the super fake looking ones.
Besides, she has piles of makeup on the right, of course her eyes are going to look better.

No. 58937


your being exhausted all the time may be due to eating well below your basal metabolism (the amount of calories you burn for just being alive) calorie limit and you don't take enough protein. please see a dietitician and have them make you an eating plan that suits your age, calorie expenditure and weight. rest of your thing seems very nice, wish i could adhere to things like this too.

No. 58947

I get lots of protein, just not from meat. I'm pretty comfortable with where I am weight-wise and I can deal with the exhaustion! I just don't want to be fat again, lol

No. 58949


kind of a shitty life to live exhausted and tired all the time and not being able to enjoy lots of yummy but healthy food. plus if youre starving yourself youll get ugly ana and the moment you eat a bit more youll gain it all back since your body will hold onto the fat for dear life.

No. 58950

>ugly ana

lol, no. I have enough self-control not to let it get the best of me. I do eat too much on some days but I don't want to kill myself over it, the weight will just come right off.

No. 58953

why is everyone so obsessed with the ana aesthetic on imageboards/forums but on social media its the thicc shit. what the fuck

No. 58955


How have you been losing pounds? What's your diet?

No. 58958


not to egg you on, but if you're comfortable with your weight why are you eating so dangerously little and how do you know you're having enough nutrients without consulting a medical professional about it? get a full blood check if you haven't. "dealing with the exhaustion" just so "you don't want to be fat again" doesn't scream a healthy attitude about it.

then again, what do i know? i'm an average-weight person in a world you either have to be a self-hating ana-chan or an obese bodyposi snowflake.

No. 58961

I don't have much of an appetite. I take vitamin supplements and cod liver oil every day to keep my hair nails and skin looking nice

thicc (see: fat) is a hypersexualized caricature of what women look like. thin is more refined, subtle, and aesthetic.

No. 58962

I only eat 1000 calories or less like the anon you are responding to (I'm on a diet), and feel fine. I usually eat around 400-800. It really depends on where you are getting your calories from if you'll feel tired. I eat a ton of 0 calorie or near 0 calorie food items and never feel hungry.

No. 58964


the people who browse this type of forums are likely to be weebs. usually obsessed with japanese women or korean men. thus everyone is obsessed with super skinny women, having super pale skin skincare, doing makeup a certain way and and what not.

the type of people you'll see on insta are cool kids trying to fit the kardashian (kylie particularly, everyone wants to look like her there) aesthetic of natural but glam, skinny but fat ass, and other crazy standards that are just as dumb.

basically, we have different demographics entirely. so its not too weird. i see perfectly healthy people here get called fat all the time, meanwhile on social media i see striaght up obese people calling themselves thicc and everyone raving about them. grass is greener etc

eg. >>58961
>thicc (see: fat) is a hypersexualized caricature of what women look like. thin is more refined, subtle, and aesthetic.
see what i mean. autistic shit. you'll only find this type of shit in places like here. ana chans or obese chans, no inbetween. mega sage cause this is stupid.

No. 58965


i accidently got one of those fake looking ones today and yeah it was no bueno. oh that's just a random pic i found and not what i'm looking for lol.

No. 58967

I agree entirely. Lolcow is the guiltiest pleasure I have and I avoid reading /g/ and the likes because you can just tell which girls are autistic weebs living in a land of delusion.

No. 58970

how tall are you and do you work out? for some reason anything after 1200 makes me tired and lazy, its stupid.

No. 58972

first 1000-kcal anon here and I actually hate anime/weeb culture. you don't need to be a weeb to appreciate aesthetics. clothing always looks best on tall and skinny people. it's fine if you're okay with being of an average weight, nothing wrong with that, but don't paint thin people as weebs lol

No. 58977

File: 1493164497676.png (177.92 KB, 540x631, tumblr_o6vuwz9QXv1uxigdwo1_540…)

I'm actually in the process of an image makeover to go with the number of life changing decisions I've decided to make. I'm starting off simple for now. I went to a salon and got my hair dyed a shade or so lighter. It's the first time I've ever dyed my hair and the first time in a while that I've had my hair straightened (doing a no heat thing because I'm growing my hair out). I'm slowly growing a wardrobe as well. Planning on getting a new pair of glasses to fit with it (because I need a new pair anyway).

Due to my birth control effecting my bone density, I've taken to lifting weights and taking vitamins as well as some other basic exercises. I'd like to lose maybe 10lbs and tone up my stomach. I'm 5'7" and my goal weight is 135lbs. (according to my obgyn the 130s is the lowest range I can be in).

No. 58987

Does anyone have advice on combating PMS hunger? It ruins my diet every month. I'll go for 3 weeks doing everything perfectly, hitting all my targets or better, and then a week before my period the hunger and cravings become completely unbearable and I'll undo all the work I did. I don't usually have problems with self control/cravings, under normal circumstances I can fast for 3 days or more and do occasionally for religious purposes. I eat healthy, and walk a lot, but this is really fucking up everything for me.

No. 59035

Eat enough healthy food that you won't be too hungry. If you can, get a blood test to identify any nutrients you may be low on. Try to eat foods that will give you the nutrients you crave in a healthy way. I eat a lot of pumpkin seeds for magnesium and it curbed chocolate cravings.

No. 59215

It depends on the type of clothing, actually. There are certain types of styles that look great on slim curvy petite women. However in my experience these styles are more common in vintage fashion (50s-90s). Modern clothes are built for a waistless lanky woman, which I'm not sure is tall and thin automatically, but whatever.

No. 59336


I feel like my wardrobe is starting to change nowadays as I'm getting older. Though maybe it's because I'm taking life more seriously now(?)

I still see as dying my hair blonde (and not frying the shit out of it) as a huge stepping stone for a new phase in life.

Or maybe I'm just exaggerating, idk

No. 59354

yes, but is it nice having to spend ~30dollarz on each of the 200 products you need to look perfectly effortless

No. 59685

Same here anon.

I've lost 30 pounds so far and have combatted period craving successfully until this month (But a lot of stress has come down on me this month too so i'm trying to be forgiving of myself. I'm still making it it to my training sessions at least).

What i usually do though is when I feel it, i try to hold off as long as I can. If I can, i'll plan for a snacky thing at the end of the day so I don't go over my cals and sugar goals, but if i can't do it, i'll allow myself one binge day. Just reduce your calories 100-200 more than usual the next couple days after that binge.

I haven't undone all of my work measurements-wise luckily but my weight went up on the scale. I keep telling myself "Maybe it's muscle…" but that's only an excuse i can use for a couple of days before i have to admit i'm going overboard.

All in all if it happens, just breathe and start over the next day. Also try actually exercising not just walking. Lifting will burn more calories than cardio will (but do both its good for you) and the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest, so the more you lift, the more your body burns naturally, the faster you lose.

It's how i lost 11 pounds in a month so i dunno man. Try it.

No. 59720

I'm 110 pounds but I'm just barely 5 ft so I'm not slender like I wanna be, i haven't been slender since elm..
I'm also half asian so theres another standard for me

Puberty gave me an apple shape, all bust and no butt
I used to be 120 but lost 10 this year but my older sis told me my back is still fat like my chest

No. 59724

Successful posts either reply to previous posts, ask something for the community to reply to or offer something of value to readers e.g. a fact or tip that might be useful
Unsuccessful posts are posts like yours

No. 59726

harsh man
i guess i didn't phrase it right? was looking for advice from ppl in the same boat (back fat boat) but i guess this isnt the place

No. 59750

:D im also in the boat

No. 59785

its so weird, right? when i lose weight it only seems to come from my legs + butt while my back and arms remain the same
dunno if its just because of the way i exercise, and how to somehow target those specific muscles

No. 59797

If you're just losing fat it doesn't matter where you exercise. I stopped cardio and started more weight training to tone bad areas and that really melted the fat all over. Don't worry about gaining muscle because you lose the fat way before that's even a possibility.

No. 59818

when i lose weight it only seems to come from my legs + butt while my back and arms remain the same

My weight comes off rather evenly on my body, but sticks around under my chin and upper arms. Literally, the only reason I'm even losing weight…

No. 59887

Do this.

Let me give you a rundown on weight lifting for ladies

>You will NOT become too muscular unless you use steroids.

This is a fact. Any woman you see with a six pack is using some sort of hormone or steroid to get it. Our bodies CAN'T build muscle that way. It's just not possible without an outside influencer. You will always be able to increase strength just not mass. So don't be afraid of lifting because you're afraid of looking beefy.

Unlike guys who have to fully balance their muscle building or they end up looking weird (Ever see a guy with round muscles on his forearms that look fucked up? This is often the reason, he's only working those muscles instead of rounding it out).

You should still work every muscle in your body but it's okay to focus on specific areas.

>You can't target areas for fat loss

You lose fat all over the body. You can't target just your arms or just your ass to lose fat. You can however build muscle in those areas which will in term give definition and help melt the fat off. But you need to be lifting consistently (I do twice a week for muscles but doing more is acceptable too).

>Squats will give you the best fucking ass in the world i swear to god

I started at 241 pounds. I had a big ass already both due to being a fatass and because i have wide-set hips. Doing squats my ass, even though i'm still at 200 pounds, has given my ass so much definition. I went from having cottage cheese looking ass (i.e. cellulite) to having a smooth, perkier and firmer ass. My fiance is an ass-man and he took notice pretty quickly and has an even harder time not touching my ass all the time.

>The more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest

Thus, building muscle = increasing the rate at which you burn calories which = faster weight loss
>Lifting will decrease the chance for loose skin

So first off, some people will have loose skin no matter what. Some people start at 300 pounds and don't have any loose skin even if they only do cardio. But if you're in your mid-20s and over 200 it's a good idea to lift to lessen the chance you'll be left with some loose skin later on.

I think it's working for me based on the changes i'm seeing in my stomach.

Seriously go lift. Find a trainer if you don't know WTF you're doing (i used a site called thumbtack, and just waited until a trainer within my price range came around) Some will even do short-term sessions if you just want to learn what you should do rather than working with one for the next six months, but having one will give you someone who keeps you accountable. Having an appointment twice a week is more incentive for me to get out to the gym than me telling myself I should go, so even if i'm lazy and skip my cardio sessions i still get results because i'm working out twice a week and do cardio for warm up/cool down on those days too.

It was a huge game changer for me. In my first month by myself I lost 20 pounds of water weight, but lifting my second month I lost 11 pounds and 3 inches off my waist.

Just cardio alone is shit. Plus it feels amazing to get stronger.

I can almost beat my fiance in arm wrestling and that's fucking awesome to me (And has encouraged him to start working out too which i want for him so he can be healthier. He's not fat just sedentary)

No. 59953


Weighted squats or without?

No. 59983

Weighted squats if you want ass gainz.

No. 60012

I agree with most of what you wrote, I just felt like it's important to say you absolutely can get visible abs, you're just not going to get ripped the same way a guy can.

Women can still build muscle mass and lower bodyfat to the point that there's ab definition without having to use roids, it's just way harder to do.

Same for making sure you work your whole body, like, you might not look as weird and imbalanced as quickly as a guy would (though you absolutely can still if you've got some skinnyfat parts and some that are more muscular), but it's also important to work out to avoid imbalances that lead to injury. More important actually, in my opinion.

No. 60017

so by weight lifting do u guys mean
> squats for legs
> dumbbells/pushups for arms?
is that it or? and I've heard things about small weights and higher reps for women, but since you guys say its near impossible to bulk is that bull?

Im a cardio bunny and I've never tried resistance training so any insight would b appreciated

also the carbs & protein debacle. low carbs? high prot? or can i just count my calories as always, it works for me but i definitely haven't been doing it for awhile

No. 60020

Legs: squats, deadlifts, lunges step ups etc
Arms: biceps curls, triceps dips, overhead press, w curls etc

There are a lot of exercises you can do, just try out a few and see how it feels

If you go to the gym, ask a pt if they can show you some exercises

You can try calculating your macros, but for muscle building you need to eat more, eat lots of protein and carbs are good for energy

No. 60024

Generally by weight lifting people mean compound lifts with a barbell unless they specify otherwise.

I wouldn't ask a PT to show you exercises like the other anon said though, that's insanely hit or miss (a lot of PT's are barely qualified at all). I'd generally just recommend someone starts out with a more common routine, so the most common are things like Stronglifts or Starting Strength. Something you run for 3-6 months to get some level of strength and to be develop some confidence in the gym, then move onto more specialised stuff.

The fitnes subreddit has really good information on this stuff, I'd recommend giving the sidebar a read if you want to look into what sort of routines are available and the basics of diet.

No. 60059

So are there any websites that are resources for becoming prettier, healthier, sexier, more stylish?

Does anyone know any good ones?

Same goes for makeover type things and inspiration

No. 60079

did you lose weight from this anon? what weight were you when you started? (and height if you dont mind me asking)

No. 60099

yeah, I lost a ton of weight.

In 8th-9th grade I was around 125 pounds. while still in high school I dropped down to around 115 through exercise but still eating a "normal" amount. stayed that size until third year of uni, at which point I decided I wanted to lose lots of weight. I sit pretty comfortably around 90-95 now, I think the lowest it got was 87 around finals when I forget to eat

I'm 5'2", for reference.

No. 60102


No. 60106

File: 1494301074380.jpeg (6.44 KB, 288x175, Unknown.jpeg)

i feel rlly bad about being 112 then
im 5'

No. 60107

what do you eat regularly rn?
diets bout 70% and excerise 30 wen it comes to weight management

not knocking exercise but you can't unrun bad diet

No. 60109

that might be in the normal weight range. different weights suit different bone structure

if you want to lose weight it's really not that hard

No. 60113

i sorta already lost weight, i was 120-125 mid 2016
so i agree its not rlly hard to lose weight its just hard to constantly keep track

i definitely wanna step it up tho

No. 60129

Make sure you have lots of snacks that you know you like and are low calorie around, try not to keep high calorie content easily accessible foods in the house, or if you do, only buy one packet a week.

That way if you binge a whole packet of biscuits or something it's not that big a deal, because it's just one day a week, and you can't do the same until next week.

If you stick to making sure you only buy shit once a week it'll help you be more moderate with when you eat them I find, because you miss being able to have one every now and then. Same goes for everything, and change week to every two weeks if it's a big packet of whatever.

I say keep low calorie things around because it doesn't matter too much if you overeat with those.

No. 60150


Anon I use pinterest to group exercises, challenges, hair care, skin care, fashion, ect all in one place. Looking over all my boards helps me to not be a lazy ass and take care of myself.

No. 60154


Please do you have any links for some good ones?

No. 60558


what are the best pinteres boards fo this?

No. 60591

Pic on the left looks so much better. I don't understand why people like the tacky over the top makeup and trashy curls.

No. 60607

Whom is this anime girl? Want to watch thhis.

No. 60608

Forget it, im a retard and the name was in the filename

No. 60609

Not to be a cliche but that girl looks way better natural. The makeup ages her at least 5 years imo. On the left she looks cute.

No. 60636


OP here, if you watch it, it's really cute, something about it is cosy too despite some fanservice and it's honestly really warming to see these three stereotyped girls bond as friends and just go about their daily lives

I think Galko is goals because she has a good beauty regime and is a fun character!

No. 60760

I've decided that I want to look more like a basic girl/ Instagram baddie for my day to day look. I dress fairly normally as is, but it doesn't have that cohesive, simplified beauty that other girls have. Does anybody have any Instagrams they recommend? Preferably kinder girls that post about positivity and health as well (typically in the form of fruit bowls and boss water).

No. 60777

File: 1495038725959.jpg (172.42 KB, 555x292, aikatsu-group.jpg)

Not super specific, but Aikatsu does have a episode about maintaining a healthy weight and all the girls are shown to regularly exercise. It's about a girl who becomes a J-pop star and has to learn about the ropes of it. Maybe not the best example but it was the first show to come to mind when I read your comment.

No. 60942

File: 1495153618132.jpg (70.92 KB, 960x720, 1450138_10151704559582547_1486…)

my eyebrows are very harsh, blocky and masculine on my face, it drives me crazy.

How do I get softer, more thin, feminine eyebrows like this girl on the right? It's been my dream for years.

No. 60945

Girl are you trolling :^|

No. 61032

It's VOSS.

No. 61097


I'm serious

No. 61099

File: 1495283750939.jpg (41.35 KB, 570x300, 0006IC39768OSV3P-C411.jpg)

why would you want ugly droopy eyebrows? you can pluck them and trim but you will likely get some degree of sperm syndrome.

No. 61104

shhh! dont tell the american that!

No. 61114

who are these people? the only decent looking one is in the middle

nothing wrong with thick brows as long as you keeped the groomed, pluck or shave away strays, trim them with cuticle scissors, brush them, gel them down etc, it should look fine, I don't recommend making your brows thin because it looks unnatural and women with thin eyebrows tend to look like a lunatic

No. 61115

I just don't get why anyone would think that drawing your eyebrows on like that improves your appearance in any way.

No. 61116

that instagram makeup looks so bad man. i saw a girl with that makeup irl once and it was so jarring. without all the filtering the cake makeup and shitty application is super obvious. eyebrow makeup just look like you've missed your lids with the shadow. coupled with gross lips and harsh contouring, yuck.

No. 61130

You look just as dumb I assure you

No. 61133

instathot makeup was a mistake, accept that.

No. 61134

LMAO look at how mad you are at that anon for pointing out how stupid you look in caked in slop. So transparent.

No. 61185

What do you think of kira kira crate ? is it worth it , i am planning to buy it to change a little bit at least and learn the types of cosmetics and skin products

No. 61231

i've had it from the beginning so i'll give my take

>full sized items
i hate boxes that only give 1 or 2 full sized things and a bunch of samples.
they give you stuff for skin, makeup and body/bath usually all in 1 box.
the instructions they include are useful and explain how to use all the specific products.

the items overall quality kind of fluctuates so it's difficult to gauge if I'm actually getting my money's worth sometimes. i also feel like they need to open an online shop since it's hard to find stuff after you've used it. and for things like face masks it'd be great to be able to buy and use more.
this is sort of getting fixed but there's no tracking on boxes so it's impossible to tell if they're lost or how long they'll take. it's really frustrating and usually takes 1 month to arrive.
they sent bb cream out last month. fucking bb cream, which i can't use and i'm sure most people can't. i wish they focused more on skincare/beauty instead of makeup. i have a cheap pallette, eyeshadow and bb cream now i can't even use.

overall, i use it cause i like surprises and it gives me a chance to try out stuff i wouldn't normally buy. i am however thinking of unsubscribing since i live near 2 makeup stores that carry mostly japanese products, but could see it being good for someone who doesn't.

No. 61238


I see , thanks you :)

No. 61264

File: 1495403488407.jpg (57.99 KB, 480x862, a30439f03ffa9f5b425c97107ebeb0…)

Does anyone have any tips on remaking their wardrobe? I don't have any clothes I generally like because I was in a depression and I only wore baggy/ugly clothes because I didn't like my body. Now I want to wear cute clothes and just look nice and take care of myself but clothes are so expensive and I'm not sure wear to get nice clothes even. The only place I can think of is maybe Forever 21 but even most of their clothes are ugly. Some examples of how I want to dress are Jess Woods and some of Anzujaamu's outfits. IS there some sort of style website where I can create outfits or find my sense of style?

No. 61266

Polyvore is a site you can make outfits on and it might help you out (I actually used it heavily years ago when I was looking to build an entirely new wardrobe as well). Don't be in a hurry to buy a ton of items at once but remember slowly hunting for good quality, cute items that will last you a long time as a part of a cohesive nice wardrobe is really worth it.

No. 61279


Ironically where I'm from, everyone fancies the type of girl left and right are so that's the trending look with brows

No. 61461

So, um, has anyone else gotten into subliminals on youtube?
>music that tells your body to make certain changes
I'm trying it out for…science.

No. 61467

I exercise with a personal trainer twice a week, then running or swimming or yoga at least two other days. Still cant lose fucking weight because I cant control my fucking hunger.

I do know that under all my fat Im ripped af tho so I got that going on.

No. 61482


Jesus Christ? Wasting money on a personal trainer and you still can't put down the fork?

No. 61484

Im addicted to food. I need food rehab. Or at least a pill that will reduce my hunger.

The way I see it is that if i didnt have the PT and wasnt exercising , I would be a whale.

No. 61485

>I need a food rehab. Or at least a pill that will reduce my hunger.
No you don't. What you need is a decent amount of willpower. Eat less and your stomach will shrink soon enough. If you still crave more, eat a lot of low-calorie stuff like vegetables to fill up.
Come on, anon. Are you really so devoid of willpower you will drug yourself up before just putting down that fork?

No. 61486

>Are you really so devoid of willpower you will drug yourself up before just putting down that fork?
Yes. Absolutely. I am in my thirties , I know what I can and cannot do.

I do think that my eating habits are related to my level of stress/anxiety (im always stressed, for the dumbest things). That is why I started doing yoga, so it can help me relax. If it works, and I stop eating less and losing weight, I will stop having private training classes. I mean there's nothing else I can do regarding my muscles, they are in good shape and as good as they can look (without going into Madonna-territory).

So yes as you can see I have a plan. Would be much easier/faster if I could get some adderall tho.

No. 61492

I am so excited to read this thread! I'm currently in a "glow up" process (lol) myself. I just turned 26 - I got clean from heroin 2 years ago and unfortunately gained 30 lbs because I started eating a lot of junk food while trying to stay off drugs :/ I'm slowly losing weight now but I need to improve my looks in other ways as well. I just want to look better in general.

I'm going to read this thread and make a head to toe list of specific things to improve on and things to try

No. 61545


Just get a bypass surgery since you have enough money to blow on a personal trainer and still eat like a pig.

No. 61548

Just do what competetive eaters do and stuff yourself with lettuce to feel full.

No. 61566

Do they really do that? link pls

Unfortunately (for me) you have to be considered obese to get the rubber.

No. 61597

Short term beauty goals that I'm going to stick to all through June:
Get down to 105 lbs (currently 111 lbs)
Whiten my teeth w/ toothpaste booster
Do my skin regime evry morning and night
Take Natures Bounty Hair & Nails Biotin
Take fish oil pils
Do coconut oil masks once a week and also condition my lashes w/ it everyday
Start Wearing sleeveless shirts at home
^^ that ones to motivate me to do my arm workouts and also to clear up the little shoulder/back acne I have
Clean my bedsheets every Sunday
^^ clean bedsheets rlly make a difference to my skin I've just been rlly lazy about it
Drink 2 cups of Oolong tea every day (one in the morning/ one at night)
Alsolutely no soda or energy drinks (Ive already been doing this for about 3 weeks)
Paint nails to be more girly

hopefully ill be able to make most of these things a habit come July

No. 61600

> Natures Bounty Hair & Nails Biotin
Heard these give you pimples. Just FYI.

> no soda or energy drinks

If you are craving soda, try drinking just soda water.

Why oolong tea?

No. 61603

The only thing I can say about your routine is that you need to drink lots of water! Think 2 liters a day at the minimum.

No. 61604

Coconut oil can clog ur pores fyi

No. 61609

i used to put use oil on my lashes before in hs but stopped b/c too busy for self care
so i know I'm not the type to get eye pimples and I'm pretty good about not letting the oil drip onto my cheeks

No. 61610

its a risk I'm willing to take, since I've been dieting my hair keeps shedding everywhere and i want it to be thick again
if it gets too bad i can always stop, but I've never gotten hormonal acne b4\

Im actually pretty okay at drinking just regular cold water but the crystal light flavoring packets in wild strawberry are my favorite atm theyr only 5 calories a packet and livestrong says theyr not bad for you

oolong tea is just slightly stronger than green tea, both teas are known to boost metabolism

No. 61792

Does anyone have any books they like on self-makeovers, fashion/styling etc?

No. 61794

She looks ugly in both but better in the first image.

No. 61797

Dita Von Teese has some good books. One is called "Your Beauty Mark" I've flipped through them in the bookstore but didn't buy them because I didn't have money at the time. It's a really dense book and has advice on makeup, hair, fashion, dieting, and confidence.

No. 61804

she looks completely normal

No. 61845

File: 1495995562734.jpg (259.42 KB, 600x600, TB2qIEgq84lpuFjy1zjXXcAKpXa_!!…)

Before jumping into that style I'd recommend you to get basics:
>A LBD you can wear to parties/formal events.
>A blazer
>A trench coat
>2 pairs of jeans, dark blue and one lighter (white or light denim)
>Leather jacket
>Tailored pants
>White blouse
All of them in black, navy, camel. White for the blouse. Make sure you also have some t-shirts you can combine with these things.
Once you have what in my country we call 'mattress wardrobe' (when you have nothing to wear you mix the things listed above, put on some accesories and go out). You can buy 'special' pieces. For that style, keep an eye on Zara, they sometimes release cute blouses and beautiful skirts. Stradivarius,too. Asos also have some cute things. If you buy on Taobao, Bobon21 is one of my favorites. There are lists on tumblr of good taobao stores for that kind of style, just type 'cute taobao stores tumblr' or 'good quality cute stores taobao' 'jfashion taobao stores'.
some examples:
This store is cute and they have several golden crowns (meaning it has good quality and is reliable) : https://shop64185146.world.taobao.com/?spm=a312a.7728556.2015080705.4.nwmVmU

For shoes I don't recommend Taobao unless you find a reliable store with good reviews.

No. 61852

NTA, but won't that kind of prescription dressing make you look super generic? As in, won't literally everyone know you have nothing to wear? Another thing to consider is the fact that not everyone suits black, white, navy, or likes leather jackets.

I was taught to always look for my colours and pick basics based on that, then a muted colour I like (like brown or dark green) and then something colourful like burnt orange or red so it doesn't look boring. I don't look good in blue, so I pick dark grey jeans instead for example. If anon looks bad in black and white (it's common, especially if she has olive skin) she'll look tired in a LBD, and if she likes pastel kawaii uguu clothing it'll clash with her basics (especially the blacks) so she won't be able to wear some of those pieces ever. Money wasted. Also if you buy things off of the 'top 10 items every girl NEEDS in her closet' listicles you'll look like you were dressed by the 'minimalist French capsule wardrobe chic' part of the internet.
Polyvore for outfits, Pinterest for wardrobe curation.
Some stores off the top of my head:
-Mercari, fril.jp, mbok and Yahoo jp auctions for 2nd hand clothes
-Modcloth, Cath Kidston, Des Petits Hauts, Miss Patina for cute Western clothes (also buying used on eBay)
-sometimes also Ivko, Miss Selfridge, Molly Bracken, Laura Ashley, Orsay, Oilily but it really depends on the season. LA and Oilily are mad expensive so you'll want to see if you can find them second hand, but Oilily is better known for their children's wear so it's hard.

I don't know much about American brands but you can order from pretty much anywhere without being bogged down by customs so go wild.

No. 61860

>NTA, but won't that kind of prescription dressing make you look super generic? As in, won't literally everyone know you have nothing to wear? Another thing to consider is the fact that not everyone suits black, white, navy, or likes leather jackets.
It depends on how you style the pieces. They're also great for working or to go to places where a 'kawaii' style is not accepted. Everyone should have the basics. And you can also style your kawaii things with the basics.

No. 61864

File: 1496024591025.png (206.13 KB, 303x573, 6043bee02f3279241dc2e12ca2c934…)

Some of them I don't see as basics tbh. Nor do I think the navy and camel are necessary. This reads a lot more as "babby's first office job" wardrobe than anything else.

I agree with the LBD, 2 jeans and plain t-shirts, but the rest reads office or preppy fashion. It works for some but it depends on their lifestyle. Blog-tier but I've literally only worn a white blouse for a Uni event, have never needed a blazer, leather jacket and a trench can be interchangeable with any sort of coat.

They can do feminine dresses without it looking OTT/weeby. I think if they want to start a girly wardrobe getting a couple of dresses or skirts that can easily be worn formal or not, usually mid-length button ups work really well and work with patterns. Also skirts are always flattering, and playing with lengths is fun.

No. 61886

easily 70% of the population looks like tits in leather jackets

No. 62027

So anons who mentioned Pinterest for inspiration and getting their shit together, what tags and boards to follow??

No. 62088

rly depends on your personal style

No. 62092

What I did was search for something specific that I liked and pinned it. After that you get all sorts of suggestions and the more you keep pinning the more start to pop up. Eventually you'll have all sorts of style boards to follow. Pinterest also has that Chrome extension where you can basically pin anything from any website. So if you're on a random site where you see a cute outfit combo you can pin it to your style board for later inspiration.

No. 62134

>This is a fact. Any woman you see with a six pack is using some sort of hormone or steroid to get it. Our bodies CAN'T build muscle that way. It's just not possible without an outside influencer. You will always be able to increase strength just not mass.
This isn't true at all, you should try meeting girls who do some actual sport instead of just posting gym selfies on instagram

No. 62147

I just came from the moomoo thread and realized i've become way to similar with her:

I'm 21 yo 5'10 and weigh nearly 180, i barely sleep and my hygiene is shit. When i was younger i really struggled with starving myself and become very thin, but over the past 6 years, i've been gaining more and more. Now my clothes don't even fit anymore and my confidence has hit rock bottom…

I was very shy to begin with, but now it's getting worse and worse, sometimes i even feel paranoid and not being able to go to my classes. This whole year i only went out once and in uni i don't have any friends at all. I just lie in bed all the time and can't even study anymore.

Every single day i tell myself that tomorrow i start over, eat healthy and less, take care off my appearence etc but in end i don't do it. I allways buy lots of sweets and snacks as sort of 'last meal' before diet, but then i don't diet… It's i terribly circle that i somehow can't escape, anybody has some tips? My mom tells me i'm wasting my youth and i totally agree, but i somehow simply can't change, it's making me so depressed…

No. 62162


you're only 21 and while you're definitely overweight, you're not heavy enough to compare yourself to moomoo. you're definitely not fat enough to despair over your weight and ruin your life being paranoid about it. if you're wasting your youth, you're not wasting it by being "fat", you're wasting it by making up problems and preventing yourself from enjoying your life. i hope this is what your mother meant.

do not try to binge and then go cold turkey, that never works. junk food causes more hunger for junk food. just slowly replace shit in your diet with healthier items within the space of a week. see a doctor and a nutrionist if possible. stop lying in bed constantly, it practically rots your brain. try to be outside, moving at least 1 hour a day. it doesn't have to be a workout; go to a mall, browse books, feed pigeons or something. your current habits are feeding into your depression and depression will cause you to isolate yourself more and eat more and waste even more of your life in a vicious cycle.

everyone doesn't have to look and be and eat perfect, anon. just try to do right by yourself. try to think of yourself as someone who's your best friend; would you treat her like this? if the answer is no, why are you treating yourself this way? love yourself.

No. 62201

have you seen a therapist or dietitian in the past? It's very common for people with a restrictive history to be in a binge-restrict cycle that makes them gain weight in the end. The all or nothing mentality is almost never helpful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The healthiest people do eat "unhealthy foods", but they try to make the majority of their intake nutritionally dense.

No. 62203

its also likely that her history of starving did damage to her metabolic rate, so her body might b burning way fewer calories than what is normal for her age/ height/ bodyweight

the best way for her to find out what her actual bmr (basic metabolic rate) is to weigh herself in the beginning of the week, then eat what a bmr calc says is her bmr and then weigh herself at the end of said week

if she didn't lose or gain any weight than her bmr is normal! If she gained weight than at least she knows what her actual bmr is by calculating how much weight she gained and divide by 7 to find how much she over ate

good luck, I'm rooting for ya
u don't want to wait until ur 30 to fix ur health up, it only gets harder w/ age

No. 62210

Weight loss and working on your appearance.

It scares me to think about what I looked like before. I had a middle part (looks good on some girls but not me yo lmao), was seriously overweight, and had a ridiculous ego for someone who looked like /that/ at the time.

Basically what I found is that it takes time but I "evolved" pretty quick. Invested in skincare and so nice my skin is really nice and even; I got side bangs finally and recently dyed my hair pitch black (I'm pale and have really light green eyes so it doesn't look terrible lol); and I lost 50 pounds. My stretchmarks aren't even that bad.

Also I learned more about make up and let myself become girlier so now I put on perfume and dress kawaii and shit sometimes. I still have a ways to go but a total make over is like a self discovery journey I think, like something has to click inside you and you become extremely hyper aware of yourself and also retrospective.

tl;dr - clear ya skin, get healthy, dress cute, be hygienic, change up your hair style, learn how2makeup, and become more self reflective.

No. 62215

I'm pretty sure that my bmr is probably even higher than average. Before i started dieting for the first time, i actually always ate a lot and was already underweight to begin with.

Now i just eat so ridiculously much that even my good metabolism is making me gain weight. Sometimes i track my calories and even on average days i eat up to 4000 sometimes even 5000 kcal; everybody would get fat eating this way, it's actually a wonder, that i didn't gain it even faster… Right now i'm just so used too eating this much, that i also quickly get hungry again, like an hour after eating

No. 62218

im kinda jealous your metabolism has carried you this far but I concur this has been a double edged sword in ur case

my random diet tips:
Try MyFitnessPal, its a great tool to log your daily intake. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I've lost 2 lbs.
>eat off smaller plates (I eat out of a small jar most of the time)
>don't drink ur calories// just water or green tea (i like crystal light flavoring tho)
>if you can, cut what you'd normally eat in half to get the ball rolling
>eat more protein, can't go wrong w/ fish (mhm salmon) // find veggies u like, broccoli asparagus ftw
>avoid fast food
I've also been swapping out things I normally have in the kitchen for lower cal substitutes: like instead of a squeeze bottle or suckers jam, i get a natural fruit spread thats 50 calories less a tbsp
>little things like that can make a huge difference

No. 62404

If you're used to eating a high volume of high calorie foods, add in some low calorie high volume foods like popcorn, celery, cucumbers etc. just slowly replace one or two snacks with that and keep doing it over time and the weight should come off.

Also pick up an exercise you actually like. Finding one can be a pain in the ass, it took me like a year to figure out that I actually enjoy doing Pilates after trying a bunch of other things. But that one is good because it's calming for the mind on top of toning and strengthening the muscles, so it's good for depressed people (which I used to be/still am but majorly less so)

No. 62407

I second Pilates, it changed my body in so many good ways. Blogilates YouTube channel is the fucking bomb too.

No. 62473

I like to call this the self sabotage rubber band effect. Those incidents where any effort or thoughts to self-improve seems to snap back and backfire until you're actually worse off than before. It happens to a lot of people so you're not alone.

1. Write down your goals and detail what you want (that's good for you) as thoroughly as you can. The simple act of writing can help organize your thoughts.

2. Start with just one little improvement instead of hyping yourself to change everything in one day. Cleaning your room a little bit is a good start. Clean it up a little more the next day. Cleaning and tidying your living space can be pretty meditative and help you to see more clearly what you want and how to get it.

3. You have to realistically negotiate with yourself on what will get you to move your ass, not be a tyrant to yourself through sheer force of willpower. It's why starting small with one thing is a better idea than trying to juggle everything at once.

No. 62481

File: 1496907143765.jpg (758.23 KB, 1500x1000, hottracks_fansign_rv_joy_12.jp…)

5 years? more like 15. why ruin such a cute face :(

watch this korean tv show, Get it Beauty, they constantly talk how to make your face less sharp, more full, soft and feminine. It's usually the opposite of current western trends (like kardashians) - lots of highlighting, lack of sharp lines, using brown instead of black when it comes to eyeliner etc
they have plenty of good tips on how to look feminine and fresh. worth watching.

and that pic you posted >>57814 this is the exact makeup that will give you "bony dementor look"

No. 62507

File: 1496960292867.png (371.13 KB, 592x448, vlcsnap-2017-05-06-11h44m04s78…)

/g/irls who have lost weight,
>when did you start buying new clothes?
>did you got rid of all your old clothes too?

this year i've lost 30 pounds. i don't know if its all in my head or not, but i feel like all my clothes are too big for me now. even my bras feel weird.

i don't know if i should buy new clothes or not. because i'm not sure if i'm going to keep losing weight (or what if… i gain some of it back…). so i'm scared. its been six months since i started losing weight, is it time? should i wait more before buying new clothes? should i get rid of my old beloved clothes?

No. 62509

Fat farmer here, I've started to be more serious with diet and exercise. The summer before I worked out fairly often but didn't see results and even gained more during school because of stress and depression.

I've been using the myfitnesspal app which has been really useful. I already have the tendency to set a limit and do my best to avoid getting close to that, so tracking my daily calories really works. Even if I get to the limit of my daily intake, I don't feel too bad because it's set so I lose a pound a week anyway, so I'm still on track. I've only had one binge day that I can make up by not eating as much on other days.
In this short time I've been able to forgo a ton of sweets and binging, including my impulse snacks at work. I've tried to eating enough before work and either getting through a short shift with just water or a longer shift with small meals.

I can't work out at my uni gym anymore because I graduated so I've been comparing prices for gyms, which is hard because I now realize the deal I had as a student at my uni gym and I don't make much. If I can get a new job I could probably go to a gym for $30-60/mo that includes monthly meetings with a PT. My cheapest option is the city rec centers that have a $60 annual membership.

I'm still hoping to hear back again from this one company soon. Even though I won't walk as much as I do now at my retail job at least I won't be exhausted and have enough to go to a gym I really like. Wish me luck!

No. 62512

I started putting clear nail polish on my nails because I have a serious biting/picking problem. I think it helps a bit because I whenever I go to touch them I notice how shiny the polish is and remember why I put it on them. Does anyone else have a similar problem or solution?

No. 62531

I have the same problem. I usually keep my fat clothes just in case, but I'm planning on losing more weight so I don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

My advice is to keep your fat clothes and just buy a few things that fit. Get a cheap bra, find 2 pairs of pants that fit and get a few tops that fit properly. That way if you lose more weight you haven't wasted your money buying an entirely new wardrobe, but you will still be able to celebrate your new body by wearing clothes that flatter and fit your new shape.

Congratulations on your 30 pound loss btw. I know it's not easy.

No. 62588

Like the other anon said, I'd keep your old clothes for now.

How much more weight do you think you're going to lose? Is it something small like 10, or more drastic like another 30+? If it's a small amount, I'd say you can start to replace your wardrobe.

For now, just get a few staples, like bras, so you're not miserable in clothes that don't fit. Also look into buying stuff that will fit/look nice at both higher and lower weights; loose and flowy clothing, or stuff with elastic bands, instead of tight, fitted clothes.

No. 62742

What do people (who are losing weight) do when buying jeans?

Do you buy jeans that fit just right, or are just a tiny bit tight? Im 110 lbs rn but my goal is 105 so Im thinking about returning the jeans I got yesterday and buying a size down // i rlly don't wanna waste 25 bucks on ill fitting pants and i never wear belts
Note: theyr high waisted, dunno if thats even relevant

No. 62792

File: 1497233301133.png (2.28 MB, 1920x1090, vlcsnap-2017-05-03-07h45m59s99…)


thank you anon. i got a bra and some jeans and life feels soooo much better now. i'll throw away some of the old clothes though, it makes me feel better about buying more.


i wanna go from my current 108 to like 104-103. so like you said, i think its time. thanks /g/irls!

i've been wanting to buy skirts/a loose dress for weeks now so i can't wait for my next paycheck. thankk god.


i'd suggest jeans that are just a tiny bit tight imo. a friend was helping me pick new jeans and she agreed that the ones that fit a liiittle tight looked the best + that i should get them because i'm still losing weight.

>i rlly don't wanna waste 25 bucks on ill fitting pants and i never wear belts

yeah i'd get a size down. maybe take a pic and send it to a close friend? to ask if they look good on you or not?

No. 62828

I'm the anon you replied to and hell yes, I love blogilates. When I first started trying her videos I thought I'd hate it since she's so peppy and cheerful, but I actually ended up really liking her attitude and the way she's so encouraging during videos.

I'd at least buy myself some new bras, anon. Those will make you feel really good. You could also try going to some thrift/charity shops for new smaller clothing so you can have some cute stuff in your new size for cheap?

I stopped biting my nails using nailpolish too, anon. I find glitter polish to be the best to stop me from biting because it feels and tastes awful when you go to bite it. Also pick up some biotin to help grow healthy nails!

No. 62837

So does anyone else avoid eye makeup b/c they rlly abused it as a pre-teen and cringe whenever they see the photos? I know it takes time to get better at application but for some reason I just don't like the way mascara looks on me anymore

Myb its because I already have black eyelashes, same reason I dont wear eyeliner is b/c I already look like I have it on and anymore is overkill,
can anyone else relate?

No. 62926

File: 1497463276634.jpg (965.08 KB, 2560x1536, 20170614_182501.jpg)

I'm desperate

> bit nails for years and grow back see through whites and no clue how to file or shape same with toes

> split ends from bleaching hair and hair salon dyed brown over it and it's patchy and sad

> big bushy eyebrows

> stretch marks from weight gain and loss and only lost a stone so far and I'm now 11 stone and want to be 9 and don't know what diet and plan to go on to get the rest off

> huge tummy and flab and cellulite

> hide in summer because no idea what summer clothes flatter me or look sexy on me

> always feel scruffy next to other girls

> skin gets random spots and oil despite cleansing and moisturising and toning

> 23

No. 62930

> bit nails for years and grow back see through whites and no clue how to file or shape same with toes
There are multiple nail products that target specifically this in pharmacys or even drugstore. Otherwise, there are a lot of supplements you can take for them to be stronger and whiter.
Used to bite my nails, the white went too far down. 10 years without biting and doing absolutely nothing other than shaping them and applying some 3€ growing serum from kiko, they are back to normal.

> split ends from bleaching hair and hair salon dyed brown over it and it's patchy and sad

Cut all the damaged hair off, let your natural hair grow back. Use good products for it.
If you are willing to do big bucks, look into Kerastase products, they are absolutely amazing and have saved my fine hair. Also they have amazing oils called elixir something that is killer for dry looking hair.
Otherwise, pantene conditioners are amazing to repair hair, and le petit marsellais masks are really nourishing.
Also find a good hair dresser that knows how to treaat your hair and how to save it when it's at it's worst.

> big bushy eyebrows

They are on trend. Take out/cut any stray hairs that bother you. But i'd say don't overpluck, you'll regret it in the future. Maybe try microblading if they bother you so much. I have bushy eyebrows and i don't really do anything to them other than shape them a little and cut the unruly hairs and i look bomb.

> stretch marks from weight gain and loss and only lost a stone so far and I'm now 11 stone and want to be 9 and don't know what diet and plan to go on to get the rest off

If they are very new, bio oil/aloe vera might work, otherwise, if you are pale, when they fade to a white color they'll barely be noticeable. Most women have them, even models. I have them and have yet to see anyone comment on them.
Consult a dietician if you are very unsure about your diet, otherwise save your money (which is your best bet), look for healthy foods, research online multiple HEALTHY diets (no, eating 700 kcal of bananas or smoothies a day if you are not dward tier is not healthy), even if you do not like them, add them to your diet if they are good, at the end you won't mind them. When i started to lose weight i barely eat vegetables and now they are my favorite food.
Just download google fit+Myfitnesspal and check how many calories you consume versus how many you eat and adjust accordingly. Do not try a crash diet, it will not last and it will make you miserable. Build a strong foundation of nutrients and calories.

> huge tummy and flab and cellulite

Simple. Work out. Get Down Dog to do some yoga if your have 0 flexibility. And youtubers like blogilates are free and amazing. I got a killer body from her videos and i used to be very flabby and chubby.
If you are willing to spend money, maybe a gym and some running shoes to do some power walking. (i wouldn't reccomend running if your weight is very high, it could fuck up your knees.) Maybe try dancing for cardio if everything else bores you. (i find thefitnessmarshall on youtube to be a great source for that.

> hide in summer because no idea what summer clothes flatter me or look sexy on me

Go into a store. Grab all the pieces that catch your eye. Try them on, try different combinations, try even the ones you don't like until you find something that you like. Don't find anything? Well, sorry sis it's your brain playing tricks on you.
Maybe you think that dress looks horrible on you, but maybe it looks killer and flattering but you can't see it. Get out of your comfort zone, try things, otherwise you'll always be stuck.
Contrary to popular belief, chubby girls can look amazing in clothes even when they are transitioning into a thinner version of themselves. (see ASOS plus models, or fuck, everyday girls walking around, you surely must not think every one of them looks gross.)

> always feel scruffy next to other girls

Girl, treat yourself. Get a skincare routine for your face AND body. Search around, try products until you find the ones you like the most and work for you. Get a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and a serum at least. Maybe try some vitamins if your sking is dull from within, also DRINK A LOT OF WATER, it's the most important thing for skin and hair and everything.
Learn to appreciate what you have, and play it up, either with makeup or just skincare. Once you are glowing from within you will not feel that way anymore.
Walk into a room/street like you own it and you are the most beuatiful girl that place has ever seen. Fake it till you make it.

> skin gets random spots and oil despite cleansing and moisturising and toning

Absolutely normal. Even the girls with the most extra skincare get spots and oil. It's just the way skin is.


You have at least 80+ more years to live and enjoy yourself the same way you are now, and maybe it'll take 1 or 2 to fix your insecurities, so 78 years of being a confident beautiful girl from the inside out, sounds pretty good to me.

No. 62948

Hey, thank you so much
I've saved this all, you made me feel all warm inside too thank you anon

I'll start this as a list and gradually work through it and make these into goals

At the moment I' scraping by moneywise and can just about afford rent and food but want to save to afford better clothes and gym more often, so there's an aim already

Sometimes I worry this extra weight and huge tummy will never burn off but I hope with hard work I can and I'll try to deal with nails and hair too

No. 63957

oh lovely anon, i feel like you are me.

what i do is clip the sides of my nails, like the corners, then file them so they're smooth and almost pointed. i hadn't bit my nails in like ten years and the other day i started again and my hands look disgusting god damn

>>split ends

would you consider chopping your hair? I was in your exact position last year but i took the plunge and got a fuckin pixie and everyone was so nice about it even though i fucking hated it but now my hair is shoulder length and perfectly healthy, i would absolutely recommend doing it as a gift for future you.

I'm actually 12 stone and i'm so curious how you lost a stone?? don't say you "only" lost a stone, thats a fucking massive achievement im so jealous!!!

No. 63958

I hate summer too, anon.

For clothes - try on various lengths of skirts to see which ones you like. I really hate shorts, so tend to stick with skirts for summer. My favorites hit around or above the knee, but sometimes long maxi skirts look good too. I like to wear longer shirts to conceal my stomach, but it is important that they hit at the right place. Try everything on.

Avoid ankle straps.

Have you done a bra fitting at a good store? That can immensely help your confidence and make your clothes fit better, especially if you have a large cup size. Invest in 2-3 good bras in your new size. This IS worth it. If you have trouble with the cost, buy one bra at the fitting, then look online or go to TK Maxx to get a few more.

No. 63963


I have so many hang-ups about my weight, possibly because of an ED history but also because I really can't seem to shift any. I walk to and from uni 5 days a week, go to the gym 2/3 times a week, am a vegan and eat 1000 - 1200 calories a day (I'm 5'3) and yet the scale has barely changed in a good 4/5 months. No body changes either, I'm not losing fat or gaining muscle. It just goes down a bit and then up and down. This isn't possible. Like, it's not even scientifically possible. I thought it was my underactive thyroid but I take meds for it. I log every single one of my cals and weigh out food.

So I'm just kinda trying to accept that weight loss is slow and I should be happy with my body while changes happen but it's hard. Summer makes it harder. I'm just under 9 stone, not overweight by any means but I'm pretty 'skinny'fat and it makes me feel huge (esp. when I see pics of cows here that my body is similar to and they're called chubby or lardy or fat). I want to be around 7 and a half stone to 8 stone which isn't underweight for my height, just slimmer.

How are you guys dealing with wearing skimpier stuff in summer and trying to lose weight and generally trying to accept yourself regardless of the changes you're trying to make. I feel like it's a real 'one step forward, two steps back' whenever I try to be all 'body positivity! love yourself!' and I just spiral and get worse. Sorry for the rant.

No. 63964

Well, I don't wear skimpier stuff. I try to hide. But I don't think that's a healthy attitude.

Definitely don't compare yourself to others, and don't focus on your weight as a number. I've seen "overweight" girls who look slimmer than "normal weight" girls. It's all relative. If you are doing the right things, you will lose. But a lot of things can affect the rate at which you lose weight - including hormones, exercise, water retention. You're not overweight and I'm willing to bet that you can't see your body accurately if you have ED history.

What helps me is improving my overall look while losing weight. That way, even if I am not losing weight fast enough, I feel more confident. I've learned what colors look good on me. I got a good haircut and maintain that. Wear the clothes that make you feel pretty/handsome. Go to parties or events if you like doing that - watch all the people who don't give a crap about their bodies just dancing and having fun. I'm very introverted but I somehow like watching people interacting at events/festivals.

I'll be honest - I had a serious eating disorder in the past, so I know that I can't evaluate my own body. I avoid mirrors on bad days (because every single one makes me look different) and count down the days until fall. But I've committed myself to a few goals - go to a couple events this summer, take my dog for long walks, study, go out more… these things will make me feel better about me - and that allows me to make better food and mental health choices (to the extent that mental health is a choice - it's not entirely, but I can affect it).

No. 63965

also get a bra fitting! I hate my breasts and have no interest in lingerie but recently got fitted again at Bravissimo and got an amazing Freya bra. The first bra that made me understand why some girls drool over lingerie. It's so cute. I feel like a 13yo crushing on it.

No. 63974

A while back I learned I have flat nipples. I thought everyone's nips were just kinda smooth and blended in under it was cold/they were messed with, but nope. I always thought my areola looked massive and now I see that it's because I have no nipple definition at all, and even when they're stimulated somehow they barely poke up.

Idk if this is the right place but I've been considering piercing them both just to get them to stick out (even though I don't care much for the piercings themselves). Or somehow getting surgery to fix it because it's probably deemed an unattractive feature and doesn't look normal. But the piercings are cheaper.

No. 63975

*unless it was cold

No. 63984

You might not be eating enough anon. Are you eating every 4 hours?

I was exactly like that, working out, walking everywhere, trying to eat at least 1000 calories a day (I'm 5'0) but I saw no change. I went to see a dietician and she told me that I actually wasn't eating enough, and my meals were too far apart so my body was retaining calories and I was staying at the same weight when I should've been losing weight.

I have a history of ED as well and she told me my best move was to stop counting calories for every meal and instead focus on having regular portions of nutrient loaded foods every 4 hours, while not depriving myself of any foods because they're "bad" and making sure I have snacks between meals if I feel the need to. After a few weeks on the plan I found my portions getting smaller without me having to painstakingly weigh them myself anyway and repressing the need to count calories has slowly gotten easier. I feel better, it's easier to be active, and I've dropped 7 lbs in a month and a half even without exercising as intensely as I did before.

So the best advice I can give you is make sure you're eating enough and frequently enough, and honestly focus on healing your relationship with food and your body image and the weight loss will come naturally. Weighing your food is eating disorder behavior, and I'd even hold off on counting calories since it can quickly go from helping you portion to obsessive. If you can see a dietician so you two can formulate a specific meal plan, if you can't just make sure you're having all of the nutrients you need. Avoid comparing your body to anyone else's because your judgment is warped, you're at an appropriate weight whether or not you lose any and the most important thing to focus on is your self love and nourishing your body.

I've found what helps me most when I'm feeling self conscious is to focus on a body part I like and see if I can emphasize it in that day's outfit, and also reminding myself if anyone thinks negatively about me solely because of my weight that they're not a person I would want to be around anyway. Good luck!

No. 63985

Anybody else has a problem with sticking to eating less? For the last 100 times i started my diet, i couldn't even hold out till the evening of the first day and started stuffing myself with junk food again…

No. 63987

For me the key is making a plan. I often plan out 2-3 days worth of meal in advance. Having everything meticulously logged (preferably with the exact time I'm going to eat) helps a lot. After the first few days it's a lot easier to stick to a calorie deficit in my experience.

No. 63989

Like >>63987 says, meal planning is the way to go so you can track what you're eating and make sure you stick to the diet. I also hope you're not trying to fast until the evening. Ensuring that you eat regularly will help you from becoming too hungry.

Another thing that I do I make sure there's not any extra food available to eat. I'll go wander into the cupboard for a snack if I'm bored or stressed and there will be nothing. I might do this a couple of times before I finally just give up and do something else to occupy myself.

No. 63996

It's actually the opposite: I try to eat fairly normal portions, because for the past year I've basically been binging non stop, but still feel hungry after a short while. Like for example past for lunch and a few hours later, I feel like I'm going crazy, if I don't snack again immediately

No. 63997

I have terrible self control, so I have to slowly work my way down to smaller and smaller portions. like, instead of getting myself another serving, why not get a bowl of rice or veggies instead? Or finishing half a bag of chips instead of the entire thing. Salads are great fillers too.

Don't expect to have total self control on the first day of your diet.

No. 64007

God, me too. The binging is bad enough and I need to stop it, but I'm still fucking starving half the time no matter what/how often I eat. And it's not like bored-hungry or dehydrated-hungry, it's like hungry where I feel sick from it and can't concentrate.

I wish I could just stop thinking about food all the time. I don't even care about losing weight or being thin at this stage, I just want to get through the day without obsessing over what I eat.

No. 64024

Ne too, can't study/concentrate because i'm constantly thinking about eating…

No. 64110

If a scale is losing battery life, does it register less weight?
I keep thinking the scale is lying to me and i actually didn't lose any weight

No. 64121

Can confirm, my scale was acting fucked up for awhile registering different weights. Saying I weighed less after a full day of eating.
Also depending on how old your scale is that plays into it.

No. 64296

Rather than a makeover I've been trying to make my looks as low maintenance as possible while also looking good. I don't want to have to put in too much effort to be presentable.

First step was to grow out my natural hair so I never have to waste time or money in a salon dying it again, now I just want it to look good after blowdrying without straightening it - any tips for a good, smooth blowdry?

Not wearing makeup is the ultimate dream but my skin isn't that good. For now I've just tinted my eyelashes so I can skip mascara. I'm also trying to wean myself off nail polish, it's a vicious cycle because polish makes them discoloured but I paint them because they're discoloured. Any ideas for making them whiter?

No. 64304


Answering your nail question, try using some baking soda and water.

No. 64343

Did you try calibrating it? My scale did this. Calibrated it, and the weight went up.

No. 64413

Do you have any tips on how to make big/round eyes look more almond shaped and upturned? All I see is "How to make eyes look bigger" but all I want is to have cat-like and feminine eyes

No. 64455

You can alter the appearance of your eyes and draw them upward with winged liner but if your eyes are on the bulbous/round side it can look really weird because you're fighting you natural eye shape. Makeup shouldn't be about fighting your features but rather working with and beautifying them.

Cut crease and 60s style makeup looks amazing on round eyes and heavy eyelids. In fact having bigger eyelids means more room to play with eyeshadow and you can pull off heavy liner/shadow, so you actually have an advantage over people with hooded or narrow eyes.

No. 64486

Any advice for a more natural look? I like the subtle Jfash look but I've got a bad case of Steve Buscemi eyes and I don't know if anything can be done about that without busting out the clown paint

No. 64609

Ever since I started browsing lolcow I've become very conscious of nasalobial folds. I laugh alot, and have but cheeks, but I moisturize and exfoliate. What are some ways to reduce them? Foods? Water? Any lifestyle changes? I feel like it's just a genetic thing but God I feel old.

No. 64619

It's hard to reverse aging in face without cosmetic injections. Maybe moisture and gaining weight in the face to look younger?

No. 64705

File: 1499723579407.jpg (24.4 KB, 600x455, tumblr_oorzrcdALW1r2terro1_128…)

>Suddenly get stretch marks out of fucking nowhere all over my ass and legs, haven't gained any weight
>Terrible acne
>Big/oddly shaped nose
>Tried to dye hair a dark blonde, hairstylist kind of brushed me off and just lightened my brown hair to an ugly gold color
>Don't know how the fuck to do my eye makeup, my eyelashes always look like mosquito legs unless I wear fake lashes

I don't know what to change. I've been struggling with my style because I feel like my flaws kind of invalidate any efforts I might try to put into dressing or looking cute. Frustrating

No. 64710

I've never found a tutorial for eye makeup for really round owly eyes. They're huge but not in a cute dolly animu way, it's creepy looking. Has anyone got tutorials etc on making your owl eyes less spoopy and more normal?

No. 64725

Owly as in what's referred to as 'Bette Davis eyes'?

No. 67968


This is so late but thank you for the encouragement about my hair and weight, I wish I could see the difference losing a stone has made as really I'd like to lose one or two more and the scales are hard to budge
You do sound a lot like me

I got stressed recently and bit my nails again so I'm back to step one now!

No. 67969


Also sorry to miss this out!

I just stopped eating as much and I'm a fussy eater but I've tried to eat more balanced meals

No. 68163

At 23 is it too late to have a glo up?

No. 68182

Uh, probably tbh, I guess maybe give it another year but you're likely already slotted into how you're gonna look from now on.

No. 68191

Does anybody have any experience with drastically reducing cellulite?

I've never been officially overweight but I've never been in shape either. I spent my teens just enjoying my fast metabolism and never working out, which was a huge mistake. I have a lot of cellulite on my upper thighs/butt. I've started working out while focusing on that area, and I think I see a slight improvement, but I'm wondering if anybody knows how to make a more drastic improvement? Am I just screwed and have to deal with it?

No. 68216


Is it still possible to lose weight and become more fashionable?

No. 68218

It's never too late for that

No. 68388

Does anyone have any Pinterest boards or resources for weight loss and makeover and general improvement?

No. 69476

bump anyone?

No. 69478

Try /r/keto for weight loss? I've never tried it, but it seems like it's been really helpful for others.

No. 69479

What I found makes my pores seem small and my complexion smooth and even is to drink 1 gallon of water per day.

My nutritionist said to drink 1oz per pound. So let's say I weigt 137lb/62kg. That means I drink a little over 137oz. or 1gal/4 liters of water to keep myself sufficiently hydrated.

It does wonders for appetite, water retention, skin, and hair health. Mix it with a little green tea or lemon and you're golden!

No. 69482

File: 1508744912418.jpg (7.49 KB, 215x125, rami-bottom2.jpg)

What about teeth?
I'm pretty much okay in every other department so I guess it's time to fix my teeth.

My bottom teeth are crooked in b/c of overcrowding and pretty much look like the picture provided, I just don't know if it's worth the money to fix it cause
1.) broke college student
2.) I don't notice it unless I'm flossing, and nobodies ever commented on my teeth, even my worse critics

No. 69486

Do you know if it's covered under your insurance/your parent's insurance? I got Invisalign and my parent's insurance covered $5000 CAD, so I only had to pay $2000 out of pocket. If not, I would wait until after college when you can afford it. I was only covered under their plan until 21 so I'm glad I did it before I aged out.

No. 69487

*I should add that I was working at the time, not in school so I had no debts. Your situation is a little more tricky, but it's ultimately up to you.

No. 69493

Honestly I think sorting out crooked lower teeth is a waste of money unless they're causing an occlusal problem. Nobody EVER notices them.

No. 69508

thx for the input, i'll just have to see what they say at the dentist's about it

No. 69580


What Blogilates work outs do you rec? video link wise. Flabby fatty here

No. 69618

Are there any petite girls here who could share their strength training routines? I want to be more fit and healthy but I've never even been to the gym before. I've been doing research on how/what to do when doing an exercise but can't find a set routine that I could get into. I don't want to go in unprepared.

No. 69699

This has probably been asked somewhere before but I have hip dips/violin dips and I HATE it. They’re so high and square, even at 5’3” and 100lbs I look like a breezeblock because my widest point is immediately under my (small) waist and therefore is flattered by nothing. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of them, or at least managed to round them out a little?

>inb4 it’s skeletal structure, I know it is I’m just seeing if anyone has found anything that helped

Also I have thick but fine hair, so it’s really flat but holds no style (curls drop straight out etc). Any hairdresser anons got some tips on how to get hair with proper volume and nice movement?

No. 69700

My teeth are worse than this and I honestly don’t think it’s worth fixing because you are genuinely the only person who will ever notice/care. If it’s not causing you pain/problems don’t worry about it.

No. 69701

Dry body massage stimulates lymphatic drainage, which is really good for reducing appearance of cellulite. Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated, eat a good diet, and exercise regularly. It tends to be genetic so if you’re doing all of that then you’ll probably have to learn to love it.

No. 69702

It probably depends on how big your hipdip is but I got rid of mine by getting a bigger butt. Pilates, yoga, hill walking, running and strentgh exercises sort of round out your butt and even out the dip if that makes sense?

And for the hair - how often do you wash it? Hair holds style better when you only wash with shampoo on alternate days.

For volume, a really easy trick is to dry your hair in the opposite way you'll style it. If you part your hair on the left, dry it parted on the right and then style it to the left when dry. If you're wearing it down, dry it upside down. It takes a little more effort to style it how you like but the volume will be there.

Letting your hair dry in styles might work better for your hair type, so things like rag curls and pin curls might work better than tongs.

No. 69704

It’s not huge, but as I’m so small it’s really obvious, especially in jeans. Thank you for that tip, I will start a butt-rounding routine. :)

I wear a full fringe so my hair is centre-parted. I already dry it upside-down but after one night of sleeping on it it’s flat again. I wash my hair every couple of days as it doesn’t get greasy fast. I was actually considering getting a perm but scared of looking like a 40 YO woman.

No. 69711

I have basically the exact same problem as your pic and I've never had anyone notice. I mentioned something about it to my friends of 3+ years and they had no idea what I was talking about.

No. 69721

yeah, I'm just used to looking at my dad's perfect smile
but he has dentures so i don't even know why I'm self conscious about it

sage for dumb

No. 69723

Teeth are a funny thing because, at least with me, when I had crooked teeth I honestly didn't care. No one cared. But then after I got braces they look so much nicer that I kind of wonder what the hell took me so long. And everybody else seems to think so too.
So teeth are kind of thing that if they're not good no one cares but if they're good they're great, it adds a lot

No. 70079

How good is Blogilates then? I've seen a few of you talk about it being good, will my flab get firmer?

No. 74449

Revisiting this thread- a year on I've lost a stone and a half but still feel very dull when every girl I see around me has uniform hair, eyebrows, knows how to be cute….what do I do now? I was always the weird quiet one in school and I want to be cuter

No. 74484

Ephedrine. Look up ECA stack. Do it while fasting for max results.

No. 74492

What do you wear? How do you groom and style yourself? What’s your posture and non-verbal communication like? How do you approach people and interact? What makes you feel cute?

No. 74522

I'm 22, 5'4 and like 170 pounds. I had really long dark hair until I fucked it up with dye and am now growing out a bob. My face seriously does't work with short hair so I've just been majorly hating my appearance lately. I hate exercise and have a weird almost phobia of sweating so I mostly try to calorie count but I sleep all day and sit in bed at night depressed when i'm not asleep so I usually end up overeating anyway. blah

No. 74531

Hey y'all I'm 22, recently back up to 124lbs at 5'8.5", and here are my problems I need to glow up:

>chin hair galore

>soft body but stocky/wide build
>hair I cut into a bob with bangs that does NOT look good and will NOT grow out
>dull skin and beginning to see nasolabial folds

Help I wanna be in my prime!

No. 74532

Even walking or yoga help! Or, depending on your location, casually biking, hiking or swimming. It's good to just move around more in general and to stay active. You could start with 10k steps a day for example.

And maybe you could get extensions?

No. 74539

>chin hair galore
laser it away. its the only permanent way to get it away.
>soft body but stocky/wide build
hmm, you're tall and thin, which is good but it might make it obvious that you're build stocky. I'd suggest working out and putting on some weight (both fat and muscle).
>hair I cut into a bob with bangs that does NOT look good and will NOT grow out
try using coconut oil and massaging your head. I think its called the inversion method.
>dull skin and beginning to see nasolabial folds
go to a dermatologist and get professional tips :)

sorry if I had any typos, english isnt my first language

No. 74541

File: 1517645851139.jpg (81.82 KB, 950x605, Kylo-Ren-Shirtless-Meme-10.jpg)

Kylo Ren?

No. 74584

Congrats on your weight loss, anon!

I was there at the beginning of this thread as well, but for me everything turned to the worse…
>i gained even more weight (i now weigh 180lbs at 5'10)
>i cut my hair, so now it's at a really short and awkward lenght
>my hygenie is pretty non existent
>i can see fine lines starting to form on my face
>my body is full of stretch marks
>and i feel like my lips are getting thinner and my eyes even more hooded each single day…
When i imagined myself as a 22 year old as a child this is definitely not what i had i mind…
Sometimes i have randomn bursts of energy there i tell myself that from now on i will take care of myself, but those never last long and i end up struggling to just shower and brush my teeth again. Depsite my age, i've never dated before and honestly even if somebody was to ask me out, i'd decline because i simply don't feel pretty enough
My goal would be to just become enough comfortable in my body to be able to get confident enough to make some friends

No. 74676

File: 1517932232759.gif (108.5 KB, 540x304, 284635.gif)

>294 pounds
>Eat like pic related
Is it too late for me?

I bought a sample pack of a meal replacement shake just to try it out. My grandmother thinks that it's going to kill me. What should I do?

No. 74677

You need to adress the reason you are eating yourself to death… Seriously no one needs to eat that much it's insane.

Don't try shitty fad diets, learn to view food as fuel most of the time and pleasure/indulgences sometimes only.

No. 74678

i dropped out of college to pursue my very profitable career, so this big change in my life prompted me to start a sort of a makeover. i just turned 21 and i'm planning on doing the following in the next 2-3 months-
>even out the layers in my hair now after slowly recovering from a form of trichotillomania (not pulling from the roots but from the ends)
>getting frequent trims
>getting nail extensions done more often
>putting castor oil on my scalp 2 times a week for hair growth (to even out layers faster)
>getting keratin hair treatments done every thrid month
>getting fillers in my lips and under my eyes (i've always had extra fatty tissue in my lower eyelids and i'm so done with it)
>getting a non-surgical nose job
>eating ~900 cal per day and maintaining a 49kg weight (i'm at 53kg right now)
>trying out cool-sculpting on my tummy
>getting my teeth whitened
>trying out eyelash extensions (sounds like such a pain in the ass)

anyone else had any of these experiences? any tips? is it too much for a 3 month period? i'm really excited to do all this, and luckily i recently moved back to my home country where everything is so cheap.

No. 74679

Anon also try biotin it fixed my hair after being fried

Good luck!

No. 74680

Keratin will break the bongs in your hair I really wouldn’t recommend at all specially if you are trying to use castor oil

Cool sculpting if done wrong will have no results.

No. 74681

900 kcal is not enough, better eat a decent amount and do sports, if you eat too little you might lose fat in your face and you'll look like Jodi Arias post trial.

No. 75931

You probably have a lot of emotions or lame memories tied into your eating habits. Sadness, loneliness, guilt, etc. Binge eating and eating that unhealthily is a lot like drug or alcohol abuse, you're usually covering up something with a good feeling, you might have to treat it like a 12 step thing.

No. 81275

Revisiting this thread as I let myself go a little after losing nearly 2st and having a mini glow up- lost a close one to illness and came out of a bad breakup and put some weight back on and the rest.

My question is where do I start? I desperately try to remember what I did the previous year to start slimming down and the rest and I can't remember.

No. 81278

Try cutting out sugar from your diet, like soda, white bread, sweetened dairy etc. Stick to water, include good fats in your meals, do more daily exercise like walking to places.

No. 81292

does anyone have a checklist or something of simple daily things to do for better general health and self care? (exercise for 30 minutes, drink X amount of water, etc)

No. 81293

Possibly strange thread to ask but if anybody has suggestions on how you get over the fat kid mentality that would be gr8. Ex fattie who got ridiculed for all of middle school etc, ive lost weight and actually love working out i came to find but no matter what i can't wear tshirts without a jacket/shirt over or non baggy sweaters. Im slowly trying to spend this summer wearing the clothes i have that fit well without covering up but its hard, i still avoid mirrors when changing and generally wheneve i try to recall memories even when its a time in my teenhood where i had lost weight i always am a fat kid in the memories.
Apologies to anons if this doesnt fit well with the thread but good luck to other anons working on becoming a better version of themselves!
(I suggest learning how skin care products work ie what is a toner, how do serums work, do u personally need it etc and trying out a simple routine from that with products you think can fit for your skin and progress from there so you can slowly better your skin without throwing x products on your skin possibly making it worse in the process)

No. 81302

File: 1525108559419.jpg (64.97 KB, 810x780, 5759263293.jpg)

Update on >>74676
Just started on OMAD. I lost 15 pounds so far. Eating healthy is so expensive! I shouldn't have wasted my money on junk food.

I don't know. I think I just wasn't taught how to control my cravings and I ate when I was bored. Now that I'm cutting back, I'm not as hungry anymore. Go figure.

No. 81495

Congrats on losing the weight and learning to love working out anon, I am so jealous! I have always hated the feeling of exercise, feeling tired, and even sweating, so if you have any tips please do share. I did lose weight from being a very fat kid though, and I am the same with clothes. I just permanently don't like how they feel on my body, even if I know they look nice. I find it helps to trade the comfy baggy layers for maybe a peplum top or wrap dress you know, it keeps the secure feeling of not being in something skin tight and form-fitting while being flattering and stylish.

No. 81497

Anooooon 15 pounds is great. I am essentially your previous post lol. What did you change, what do you typically eat daily now? Do you work out? I am terrible at controlling my cravings, how did you get better at that? I am so happy for you

No. 81569

I have a bit yellowish teeth, probably thanks to drinking liters of green tea everyday (I love love love green tea). Is there any method I could use to make them less yellow without having them bleached at the dentist? I don't really have like 200 euro sitting around to get them properly bleached right now. Or are any at home 'treatments' a complete myth? I tried oilpulling but didn't really see a difference..

No. 81665

I was lucky enough to find a gym that was a 5minute walk away from me open 24/7 with a smaller section off women only gym you get into with your pass! Going at night (as an insomniac that is but even at 11-1am the fem section gets pretty desolate) it was a way to built confidence in what i was doing and deadlifting mixed with fun (seriously i mean fun, loud fun music on the fattest headset you got etc) stretch routines and core exercises i came to adore it. I've broken warm up records on uphill stationary bikes because I got way too into a JJBA soundtrack playlist. Being alone in a roomy gym to be goofy while working up a sweat (i did mind form and got a very concise routine out of it too!) made it easier to integrate not only to being around other women in the gym but also using the unisex spaces because i knew what i was doing and i was focused on those things with my jams daydreaming while doing vertical sit ups.
To rewind even more, before i even considered a gym i was doing beginners stretches to learn to do the splits since i was a bonafied neet and wanted to prove people wrong lmao. That derailed into getting a yoga matt, learning core excersies, watching victorias secret fashion shows or anime on my ipad while my legs are all up around in the air and my stomach is heating up. A gym membership isnt needed, i love wandering miles just getting lost in thought, planning projects or reflecting over issues while taking the roads less traveled for the sake of the extra steps.
I hope these tips help somewhat or just reassure you that gym or nah you can still get some activities in that give ie learning to do the splits as a teenager on a whim. Small things done consistently over time can come with rad results! Good luck and thanks for the feedback its nice to hear others who can relate and its not like i hate others with curves or chub they look amazing i just cant get over the whole anxiety fueled past

No. 81949

I have problems with malnourishment because of a decade long struggle with food. Starving myself intentionally coupled with my anxiety slowly became forgetting to eat at all, and now I’m an adult with a shit diet. I’m having a really hard time changing it. I’ll forget to eat all day, or for DAYS. It’s like I don’t recognize feeling hungry anymore. When I do eat I try to be healthy, but sometimes I’ll binge on junk or whatever is most convenient because I work so much.

It’s probably the #1 factor contributing to my insecurity about my appearance and I want to get my proper nutrients. I don’t know where to start because I hardly have the time… I’m so malnourished and underweight and it’s jusf obvious that I’m unhealthy when you look at my face. It’s all sunken like an anorexic and I hope I can fix it. I’m afraid for my appearance and my health down the line

No. 81962

Try pouring hydrogen peroxide on your toothpaste/brush before brushing once a week, and rinse well of course. I drink a shit ton of coffee and it keeps them pretty white.

Honestly, I got over this by just staring at myself in the mirror all the time. May be egocentric, but it helps replace all the bad memories. It's also a big case of basically forcing yourself out of the house in 'revealing'/fitted clothes. Perhaps train yourself by wearing them around your room first to feel more secure, too.

Source: Actually wore a mini skirt with bare legs the other week, wow.

No. 81970

I can relate. For me, viewing nourishment as a routine helps. Can you have a stash of good nutrition bars in your bag and next to your bed? I hate cutting up fruit and veg so I buy smoothies sometimes or dried fruit to eat on the way to work.

Do you live/eat alone all the time? If not, can you arrange to eat a couple days a week with a friend or coworker? I found my shit diet to be embarrassing next to my coworkers' lunches, so I started eating better at lunch.

No. 81971

File: 1525701006807.jpg (115.52 KB, 1000x553, oh-my-girl.jpg)

Reporting back after nearly 1 year and my life has been continuously getting worse.
>going to be 23 this summer
>gained a good 10 pounds, so now I weigh minimum 190lbs
>just yesterday I stayed up until 3 in the morning, eating potato chips in my bed and then didn't even wash up or brush my teeth. Ended up sleeping less than 4 hours meaning i felt awful and sick in the morning and have a headache now
>barely any of my clothes still fit. My jeans keep getting ruined because of the friction of my thighs rubbing together
Going to Uni is such a pain, since all I see is cute, well dressed girls with perfect bodies who hang out with their friends and have fun.
Meanwhile I sometimes even skip class due to anxiety and nearly suffer a heart attack before exams etc. Just walking through town makes me break out in cold sweat, because I feel "stared at".
The total number I went out this year so far: 1
On my last birthday (which was already in August) my own mother even told me that I should try and eat less so that I feel confident again, but I can't…

Things I'd like or actually need to change:
>get rid of calluses on feet (for some reason I also get blisters really easily)
>I have cankled, super muscular calves and varices - but no idea if there's something that can be done against
>fat thighs (but also bulky muscles?) tons of stretch marks (even at the back of my knee) and cellulite
>not that I'm ever going to have sex, but I wish I could shave my inner thighs and pubes without getting 100s of ingrowns…
>getting rid of love handles, since the stretch marks are getting higher and higher up my waist
>prevent boobs from sagging further
>get rid of hangnails, how?
>just a few months ago I suddenly started getting bacne
>on my face on the one hand I still have pimples, but on the other already fine lines + major dark circles
>get motivated enough to at least get some school work done
>magically cure social anxiety…
My hair is somewhat okayish or at least I don't think I could change it to anything better. I absolutely don't have any fashion sense, but right now I don't have the confidence to wear anything else other than long jeans and a loose shirt/blouse anyways.

I don't even want to look or be anything special, i just want to live life as a normal and happy girl.

No. 81982

hi I have experience with teeth whitening, ( had lazer white, dentist trays and home trays) I don't want to make a blog post, so will concentrate on the home kit Yes home kits can work, in the UK, dentist cannot use over 30% bleach, so you will not get the B1 super bright teeth, but you can get A1 Teeth, I have A1 teeth which are white but natural looking. When they go do say A2 level due to my love of coffee/tea , I use 30% bleach because I know my teeth can take it. I have special teeth /gum moldings that my dentist took, he then gave me 16% bleach after examining my mouth, the 16% got it to A1 level, when they began to darken, he said they were suitable for 30% which is the Max you are allowed, There are places that sell the same products dentist use for a fraction of the price. The main cost for dental trays is getting the trays fitted and not the tubes of bleach itself, The Bleach can damage your gums, and your teeth for whatever reason may not be sutible for 30%, So assuming your teeth are fine, go for the 16% bleach before you try the 30% it should take about a 3/4 weeks, my teeth were A3 at their yellowish and tbh that is still whiter than the average person teeth, if your teeth are just stained then use tooth past that remove the stains, if you are young and have good dental health just using these teeth products can get your teeth to A3 A2, to get A1, you will need bleach, some places offer trays that you can boil and mold yourself ( I have heard bad things about these) causing the bleach to get on the gum and damage the mouth. some people lost teeth by getting too much bleach on the gums. my advice is to go to your dentist, say that you would like to have dental trays and ask the dentist if your teeth are suitible ( Teeth must be ib good condition to get bleached by trays) if he says yes, then consider saving up to get the dentist to do your trays. I have had my trays for 5 years and everytime I want my teeth to go A1 bright I just use the bleaching for a few days. you can buy the bleach of websites, but do NOT go over 30% of use 30% multiple times in one day, it wont bleach your teeth any faster just damage your gums, if your gums start hurting remove the bleach. your issues sounds like suface stains if that is the case then there are teeth products without bleach that can remove the surface stain but your teeth are probs at an A3 level which is normal. Celeb teeth cannot be attained by bleaching due to the strict laws that dentist must abide by. if you cannot afford teeth bleaching then I doubt veeners teeth implants etc will be in your reach. just buy products to remove suface stains, save up to get dental trays as once you have them, you have them for life and just have buy a tube of bleach. I just noticed a pic where I stood next to a co worker my teeth look celeb white despite being A1, as her teeth is normal shade, teeth are not meant to be Tippex white. I see some ppl on here complain about dirty yellow teeth, when they are on about a cow that has A3/A4 teeth, or have a dead tooth that needs internal bleech ( bunny/graveyard girl, her brown tooth is likely to be dead and need internal bleach) and do not try teeth whitening strips from ebay. A close friend of mine did and it damaged her enamal and she cannot afford to have her teeth fixed by the NHS. any questions please ask. Will answer when not sleep deprived lol

No. 81983


I used to have eyelash extensions it damamged my own natural lashes, and it took about 3 months for me to have normal eyelashes again, regular eyelashes extenstions is not a good idea. I tried both coconut and castor oil on my hair, it had little or no effect, I did however start cutting my own hair and just used took a tiny snip at the ends ( I always made sure my hair was in good condition and used products from the salon. Keratin treatments are bad for your hair health, please do not go down that road. also 900 cals a day? it would be doubtful you could maintain that? 49-53kg sounds a healthy weight, how tall are you? unless you are midget tier, your figure must be smallish? focus on core strength, weights and just extra exercises rather than cut to 900 cal as you will lose muscle. I don't understand how fillers under your eyes when you have fatty tissue will help?. also be research lip fillers carefully, esp if at age 21, you don't want to have wrinkles by constant lip filling, have you tried those plastic things of ebay? it will prob bruise your mouth but it give me a good idea of what my lips would look like if I had fillers. Cool scuplting? not something I tried but due to the expense, try natural methods first. Also this is my personal feeling, but nail extentions seem tacky in 2018, just keep nails neat and clean. I already posted a long blog style post about teeth whitening, but go to a DENTIST not have them done a beauty place. where is it you are moving to that everything is so "cheap"?

No. 81986

reporting back.

I've lost two sizes and eat mostly good healthy food.

I'm nowhere near close to my goal but I'm trying my hardest.

I turn 23 in a year

wish me luch

No. 81999

ntayrt but doesn't the bleach destroy the enamel too? Some people told me that they used strips and had no problems except sensitivity for some time (it goes away) but when they tried whitening by a professional, their teeth ended up permanently sensitive…

No. 82001

Anon, I know it's hard to convince yourself that it's not as bad as you think, but do consider that fatter girls than you manage to go out and have fun.
They may not have perfect bodies, but it doesn't stop them from living life and creating experiences.

If you shut yourself in until you reach your ideal, you're probably going to be missing a lot. It's so sad to read about how you see other girls being happy but you feel like you can't. Chances are if you have poor self-esteem now, that won't change once you lose weight either (I speak from experience).

Trust me when I say that nobody cares.

No. 83626

is gym membership better or buying your own equipment? I'm only looking to build my butt and thighs to propotion myself out, I have a small place and would have no place to put anything outside of kettleballs,resistant bands,free weights, etc, I can buy weight bars and weights but I have no rack to put them, I bike to build my butt as well

also what is the best protein powder? I really wanna build muscles but I don't know where to start

other questions
1: Are whitening/glutathoine pills a scam or does it work? my skin is so ugly, looks similar to aly_recoverys skin, plus my freckles matches with brown eyes look bad
2:what do I use for acne scars? what's the best method? I'm willing to spend up to 120 for it
3:are face exercises for a double chin worth it?

No. 83631

Here are the basic things you need.


>fitness regime

>do your best to eat as little as you need to get by day-to-day; look up your TDEE and eat at that or just under it.
>eat protein, especially if you're going to restrict a bit or lose weight; it will fill you up for longer and ensure that your hair and nails stay relatively strong.
>fruits are great, but fruit juice is just sugar water. eat fruit for the fiber and nutrients, but avoid fruit juice.
>make your own food as much as possible. try to buy as much fresh produce as possible. frozen is fine if you're on a budget or if you can't get to the grocery store very often or if you live alone. but if it comes in a package and/or is found in an aisle of a grocery store (as opposed to a produce area/meat area/etc.), then do not buy it unless you think it's absolutely necessary.
>avoid dairy as much as possible. there are other sources of calcium, and dairy is bad for your skin. the only exception I personally make to this is eggs and greek yogurt (again, for the protein).
>drink at least 2L of water daily.
>take a multivitamin, again especially if you're going to be restricting.
>avoid heavy meals that will make you feel sluggish. eat light foods.
>train yourself to appreciate the sweetness of dried fruits instead of candy, and to enjoy the taste of almonds over chips, etc., etc.

>get in at least 5 hours of some cardio-type activity and at least 3 hours of strength training per week. this sounds like a lot, but it's really nothing. if you spend an hour walking to/from work every weekday then that's your 5 hours there. you can divide up the 3 hours into 30-minute segments across the rest of the week and take a day off for your muscles to recuperate. good strength exercises you can do at home include planks, side planks, pushups, wall sits, squats, lunges, dips, and anything involving balance. you probably spend some time watching tv anyway, so just work out while doing that. make sure you work on flexibility at the same time.

>avoid social media. if someone important to you wants to contact you, they have your phone number/email/whatever. don't make yourself so available to everybody, it cheapens the interactions you have with people. if nothing else, then at least avoid interacting with people online if you see them regularly.
>avoid TV and the internet as much as possible in your free time.
>take up a creative hobby. some people think that reading is a productive hobby to have. it's a fun pastime, but it's consumptive. you won't grow unless you are productive. do embroidery, write, draw, program, etc., etc.
>open your windows and blinds. it's good to get some sunshine into your life and breathe fresh air, if you're not going outside that day.
>drink a ton of water and stretch/do light yoga first thing in the morning. it will help wake you up.
>make an effort to dress up, even if you're just sitting at home.
>make your bed first thing in the morning. clean any mess you've made that day at night. it will make it manageable, and (for me at least) it's a lot more mentally soothing to be in a clean space.
>get one of those gel masks you can put in the fridge, and put it on in the morning while you do your stretches. cold spoons also work in a pinch. your main goal is to actually wake up instead of feeling groggy in the morning.
>no electronics for an hour before bed.
>have a regular sleep schedule.
>wake up before 10 AM.
>clean your entire living area thoroughly at least once a week (vacuuming/sweeping, wiping down surfaces, using air freshener, taking out garbage, etc.)

>shower every day. I hope this should go without saying. if you're doing no-poo, then put your hair in a shower cap. but you really should shower every day.
>brush your teeth at least once in the morning and once at night. floss at least once a day.
>clean your face every single morning and every single night, even if you're not wearing makeup.
>keep gum or mints on you at all times.
>keep your feet clean; wash them in the bathtub once you get home.
>clean under your nails, behind your ears, any place that you might miss.
>keep your groin area clean and dry. all the internal cleaning is taken care of by your body.
>wear a liner every day if you tend to have discharge.
>keep the hair in your armpits and pubic area trimmed; hair holds on to odour.

>exfoliate your entire body at least once a week. I have this brush-type body scrubber that I use with my regular soap all over my body.
>moisturize your entire body every day.
>take proper care of your feet. eliminate dead skin, moisturize if dry, etc.
>have a good skincare routine. it must include at least a cleanser, sunscreen, and a moisturizer. (ask me for my skincare routine if you're interested, I've found it very successful so far and it's pretty cheap.)
>take care of your hands - moisturize them, keep the nails trimmed or nicely shaped, paint them if you want but do not leave the house with chipped polish.
>find some perfume that you like and apply it every day if you're going out. don't use it too heavily.
>if you're wearing makeup, keep it minimal and looking fresh.
>take care of your facial hair. for me this means threading/plucking my eyebrows and threading upper lip hair. I do this once a week, or things start to get unruly.
>take care of your actual hair. do your best to avoid using heat on it, and when towel drying, don't wrap it up in a towel like you see in the movies and don't rub your hair with the towel. instead, gently squeeze it with the towel, move down, squeeze, and so on. be gentle with it in the shower, too.
>replace your sheets once a week, replace your pillowcase every 2-3 days. silk pillowcases are really good for hair and skin.

that's all I can think of for now!

No. 83662

wow thanks for this Anon. Can you expand upon skincare routine? Like -really- expand on it, I'm a huge beginner, so if/when you recommend items can you explain what they are used for etc? If that's not too much to ask.

No. 83669

I second this! I have terrible crusty ass skin and I exfoliate every day and moisturize with this hyper sensitive moisturizer… Send help. What am I doing wrong? Is it my diet?

No. 83672


First of all, your skin is probably different from mine so don't follow the routine to a T and expect it to have as-good results for you.

You guys should also look into cosdna.com if you're finding that products irritate you, it'll help you figure out what ingredients are setting you off.

also look into liah yoo and gothamista on youtube, they do really good videos on skincare.

morning skincare:
>use soft cotton pad (similar to shiseido facial cotton, but cheaper) and micellar water to wipe my face clean. the micellar water costs me $20 and I have to repurchase every four months
>put on toner. I personally use Thayers witch hazel (the unscented one, though the rose one is my favourite). for the mornings I like to spray it on - you can buy a small spray bottle for less than a dollar and load it up. the toner costs maybe $15 and easily lasts me 4 months.
>put on moisturizer. I use Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer because it's light and has some salicylic acid. Costs about $8 and lasts me about two or three months.
>put vaseline on my lips and under my eyes.
>put on sunscreen. I use the Biore UV aqua rich watery essence (or whatever it's called, lol). Costs me $15 and lasts me maybe two months.
>before I put on makeup I also like to moisturize with one or two drops of cold-pressed rosehip seed oil (it will be enough for my entire face). I get the bottle for $7 and it lasts me 6-ish months since I use so little.
>for makeup I usually just dot concealer on some really old acne scars and a bit under my eyes. I don't wear any other face makeup, but I use liner/cream blush/mascara/clear brow gel/brow pencil/lip tint.

evening routine:
>remove all makeup, sunscreen, sweat, dirt from outside, etc. with micellar water again on a cotton pad
>tone and moisturize just like in the morning
>vaseline on lips and under eyes again

night routine:
>cleanse with cerave hydrating cleanser (about $15 and lasts me for 3-4 months)
>tone with witch hazel, but this time on a cotton pad
>apply bha (chemical exfoliant). i use cosRX and it's $20 and lasts me 4-ish months.
>wait 15-20 minutes for it to absorb, then apply aha (another chemical exfoliant, same cost as bha)
>wait 15-20 minutes for that, then apply The Ordinary zinc and niacinamide serum (zinc helps with dermatitis and niacinamide helps brighten your skin and reduces the severity of acne scars before they form (as in it won't help your old acne scars)). make sure to press it in, not smear it over your skin. it costs maybe $7 and lasts me three-ish months. as I wait for this to absorb I might do a lip scrub (which apparently you have to leave on your lips for a while after you finish scrubbing)
>if I do have any spots, I'll apply one drop of tea tree oil to the affected area.
>if I have a pimple that's popped, I'll put on a hydrocolloid bandage that will pull out all the fluid.
>apply nighttime moisturizer. I use the rice ceramide emulsion from the face shop. it's like $8 and lasts me for two months.
>vaseline on lips, around eyes, on eyelashes

No. 83675

Has anyone else ever tried pure beeswax for the lips? It's the bomb! The best exfoliating and softening effect I've ever encountered, much better than lip products that just contain some beeswax.

No. 83681

Thank you Anon.
What's the use of vaseline under the eyes, does it moisturize and reduce their appearance? And what's the use of it on eyelashes?

No. 83692

yeah, I do it to moisturize and condition my lashes.

No. 83704

nta but it kind of works on eyelashes like conditioner for your hair. it helps lock moisture in and prevents damage. for that reason, it's good to use an eye makeup remover with high oil content since that both removes all the makeup and helps keep lashes healthy.

No. 83727

>helps keep lashes healthy.
Gonna give some general advice here, but for nice lashes I highly recommend ditching the mascara and getting your lashes tinted (and permed if you want to splurge). Not only is it convenient as fuck, not wearing eye makeup has made my lashes thicker and longer Presumably because I don't damage them when trying to remove it anymore? But I get shocked every time I wear mascara now because they're suddenly way longer than they ever used to be.

No. 83731

I can only really answer #2 but a Vitamin C serum and an AHA should help if you have hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C helps to lighten the dark spots themselves and the AHA will chemically exfoliate your skin.

No. 83773

I got 100x better looking within the past year, and while I've lost weight, developed a more cohesive sense of style, and improved my makeup (still minimal but apply it better and use lash primer, sugar lip scrub, etc now), I attribute most of it to revamping my hair.

>used to look terribly flat (I have fine, very straight hair) from just growing it out and not getting proper haircuts

>now splurge on reliable haircuts every 2-3 months for subtle layers that give way more volume
>brush "outwards" instead of downwards to not flatten it, and set with hairspray to make it stay in place so it appears more thick and voluminous
>ditched the awful middle part I had after growing out my bangs - now I part it to the side with longer side bangs to frame my face but still hide my bigass forehead
>dyed from darkish brown to black which made a huge difference, since I dress in all black and have pale skin + light eyes

I think hair and style play the biggest role, because I looked like shit when I was 18-19 but get a lot of attention now and I really don't have a very pretty face.

No. 83776

Same. I used to have hair down to my lower back, but it was incredibly thin and fine hair, and the length weighed it down even more. It didn't flatter my round face at all. People would compliment the length of it, but I never heard anything beyond that.

It's now cut to just above shoulder length, creating a gap that makes my neck appear longer than it is. I also bleached it a bit more from my natural dark blonde, which added some texture. It has a lot more life to it now. When I had long hair I just wore it in a ponytail most of the time anyway.

No. 83784

Yep, same! I had "longer=better" drilled into my head so my hair was hip length at its longest, but in retrospect, it looked horrid. Bust length is the sweet spot for me, plus it finally doesn't take so long to wash and dry it.

No. 83786

Whats a good cheap 24/hr gym to buy membership to in the us?

No. 83853

I've liked Anytime Fitness for a while, but those contracts are always hard to get out of (I was with 24 hour fitness at one point before and ending with them was a nightmare) so you might be better off with a local gym that doesn't sell out contracts to another company

No. 83898

Any tips (besides just willpower) to stop wanting to eat? Over the past month I've made a lot of changes to my diet, basically cutting out junk food, counting calories, paying attention to when I'm physically hungry, drinking more water and I feel like it's made a big difference.

But holy SHIT do I miss eating. I know I'm not hungry, I just miss the sensation of eating, sometimes I even miss binging until I'm so full I'm sick. This is probably the first time in my life that I've treated food as a fuel source instead of a pleasure source and I guess I kind of feel emotionally empty without it. I just don't really know how to replace this desire with something else? I try to do a few different hobbies or take a run or something when I feel this way but I still end up thinking about how much I want to eat something. Is it just a matter of keeping at it until I rewire my brain?

No. 83903

Do you like preparing and making food? If so, if there's time for it, maybe you could try slow-cooking meals and stews and such that has to be a few hours in the oven, or preferably meals that takes a bit of time to prepare.

As a food-lover myself, I really enjoy the whole process of making a meal. If it is hard to get food off your brain, I found this to be a nice way for me to enjoy food in a different way than just the process of eating it.

It can be kind of hard when you have an otherwise busy schedule, but when I'm busy I don't have time to think about food anyway, so I often do this on free days or shorter days when I know there will be more time for me to sit around and think about what I'm gonna eat next.

No. 83907


How do I lose a lot of weight when I have a stubborn tummy and flab?

No. 83909

Do you drink alot of water? Sometimes it can help regulate snacking. Also, keeping your meals fairly high protein and nutrient dense, eating empty carbs makes me so hungry for the day

No. 83910


thank you anon! I probably don't drink enough water so I'll do that too! what are good foods for weight loss?

No. 84001

I'd say watermelon, berries, citrus fruits, lean protein (chicken, fish…), any kind of vegetables. Especially foods that are high in water, like cucumber.

No. 84005

File: 1527806996040.jpg (32.92 KB, 343x587, 1527388711046.jpg)

I'm sorry for not replying earlier.

I still eat junk food, but I cut back heavily, ate more fruits and vegetables, drunk more water (about 6 cups a day) and excercised everyday. That's it.

I had a bad week and relapsed, gaining weight (up to 305 pounds) but I got back on the diet about a month ago and now I'm at 286.1.

I'm upgrading from OMAD to OMAW. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.

No. 84011

Same way everyone else has to, diet and exercise. You lose weight evenly all over.

That said, anyone has some recs for a decent at home routine? Maybe with simple hand weights? I just need to come up with something that's more total body and I'm not knowledgeable enough to come up with it myself.

No. 84027

Does anyone have advice to stop binge eating?

No. 84060

I'd recommend exercising before you eat if possible, too. Apparently it's a myth that it helps burn fat, but it works for me

No. 84195

any farmers here that wear glasses? How do you wear your hair, make up etc.? I could use some advice

No. 84200

I want to become more beautiful before I start working. It's my goal to look good for going to interviews and so I can start a wardrobe of cute working clothes. Stress and depression cause me to stop caring and I just want to get out of that cycle.

My goals are:
>Lose 55-75lbs.
I've been struggling with this for years. To start off with, no alcohol, eating out, oil or processed fake meats. Lower my carbs, milk and treats. More fruit and veg. Once I've done that for a few weeks and the weight loss slows down, I'll have to figure out something else.

>Improve my skin.

Giving up dairy improved my acne but I still get hormonal acne. Was on the pill for a while but it made me depressed. Still figuring out what to do.

>Get more manageable hair.

My hair is really long because I use it to cover my gross face. It's heavy, takes a long time to wash and impossible to style. When I lose weight and improve my looks, I'll just get a bob with a full fringe. Something that's light when it gets hot and easy to wash if I go to the gym.

>Start taking care of my nails.

My nails are always chipping and I cut them short when I'm stressed. So my plan is to keep them polished so they're protected and I'll be less likely to cut them.

>Start a capsule wardrobe.

I've been wanting to do this for so long but I keep putting it off until I lose weight. I want to throw out all my old clothes that are ugly because for so long I believed that I don't deserve better. I think my wardrobe reflects my life and it's really chaotic. I want a clear space so I can have a clear mind.

>Start wearing contacts.

I love my glasses but I think they make my eyes look small.

>Start taking care of myself in general.

Long bubbly baths. Face masks. Hair treatments. Doing my nails once a week. Taking time to do my makeup with a coffee in the morning instead of rushing it on the train. Treating my skincare routine like a spa day instead of a chore. Drinking lots of water throughout the day. Only putting the good things on or in my body. Going to bed early and waking up when it's bright.

No. 84210

I've had glasses since I was ~10 and have only worn glasses since.
Hair has never been much of an issue for me, I think you can pull off most hairstyles for your face shape whether you have glasses or not.
Makeup is a different story, as glasses tend to hide eye makeup. I would always look up glasses specific tutorials on youtube to get an idea of what would and wouldn't work. It also depends on your frames as some tend to hide more and vice versa. Heavy eye makeup never worked for me. I would usually just put on a little mascara (not too much or it would scrape against my glasses and annoy the fuck out of me) and a small eyeliner wing.
I avoided eyeshadow completely because you could barely see it, but again, it might be different for you depending on your frames.

No. 84249

I've gained about 11 pounds over two years after stopping Adderall. My BMI is 20 now, which isn't bad, but I miss my old size and all my clothes are just a little too small. I cook and eat mostly vegetables, but I'm just so much hungrier than I used to be. What can I do to reduce my appetite in a healthy way? I try to eat healthy proteins, but they don't keep me full like they used to.

No. 84251

not doing things until you're thin/attractive is retarded, anon. go to supercuts and get a cheap haircut to start with, then look for a low stress retail job. you need to actually start doing something otherwise you'll be fat, unemployed and depressed forever.

No. 84253


what >>84251 anon said is harsh but it's kinda legit. if you want to change, start today no matter what. i lost like 40-50 lbs so its not as much as your goal, but i do think its important that you stop using your weight/situation as an excuse to be have a defeatist attitude. or else you're just gonna keep making excuses and giving up and making more excuses and you're gonna remain miserable anon. seriously. its best to start today than tomorrow.

>lose 55-75 lbs

it's nice that you consider cutting out the bad shit, but do focus on calorie tracking more than anything. sometimes you set yourself for too much and then you end up eating a whole pizza by yourself and hate yourself. it's okay to do those "bad habits" every once in a while so you don't go insane. just track calories. most skinny girls you know do all those "bad" things, they just don't do them like once a week instead of everyday, and they eat smaller portions on a regular. its okay if you can't keep that a 100%, don't give up. see a nutriologist if you need to.

>get more manageable hair

it is true that having longer hair helps bigger girls. BUT if you don't have a cute haircut/take care of your hair, you're still gonna look ugly, messy and unclean. go to a hairstylist and treat yourself. you don't have to go for a bob right now, but at least get rid of some volume, split ends and shit like that so its not as messy. it's stressful to do the whole stylist thing when you're depressed, but if you go to a nice one and get a cute new haircut it can boost you up.

>start a capsule wardrobe

i cannot stress this enough, don't focus on new clothes till you're close or in your goal weight. seriously. once you start losing weight and your clothes fit loosely you're gonna want to throw everything away or buy a whole new wardrobe. don't. give it some time. keep things in case you gain some weight. only buy what you need during the weight lost process. seriously. i bought so much clothes when i got close to my goal weight and now they just collect dust because they look like shit now that i'm in the GW. if you're gonna lose weight, don't waste your money on clothes till you have settled. youwillregretit

>start wearing contacts

do look into it, anon! i would too if i could afford it, i want my eyeshadow to be noticeable :(

>start taking care of myself in general

Do all of those things! i'd say focus on those things for now. clothes later, skincare and new haircut and contacts for now, since your weight loss will take months. focus on doing those fun things to like yourself more now. and tbh add going for a walk or some light excersise you enjoy, it helps your headspace a bit and its a good habit to start.

No. 84256

finally found a stable job
but my issues are
>my skin is getting worse due to pcos and I went off birth control because I want to take metaformin or myo insitol instead, which I still need to order
>hair is getting lighter and reddish and weird texture due to the sun
>freckles coming back due to sun even when I wear spf 50
>breakouts on my chin and forehead, scarring worse than ever and even tattoo concealer won't hide the redness
>no gym membership (yet) body is getting worse due to a busy week with family stuff
>still need to buy a corset, dye and perm my hair, but I want to wait to make sure this job will last
>need to get progesterone cream and skin whitening

the most progress I made is eating sorta healthier but sadly I had to eat fast food for the past few days due to it being the only food around, I got new clothes but only because I thrift a lot and I found two pieces I loved and I needed work clothes

No. 84293

I plan on doing a few things to improve my looks and quality of life.
>Getting fit
I've got some skinny fat on my belly and I want tonned abs as well as some muscle all around. Also strengthening my core would be good for my back so two birds with one stone there. I'm going to do planks, pushups, and situps/crunches
>Making my curls look nice
I'm going to wash my hair in much cooler water and buying better shampoo/conditioner as well as putting oil in my hair at least once a month (I use a Pakistani hair oil brand and when I use it it really does help). My hair right now is pretty frizy due to neglect
>fixing my face
I'm going to wash my face twice a day (once a day in the winter) and really moisturize it. It's not terrible but I want it to look better and have good habits to age better long term. I'm doing a less intense version of the Korean skincare routine using a lot of Korean products because they're much cheaper and better as a whole than the typical products I find in Canada.
>Gain weight (be around 115lbs)
I'm going to eat more and healthier because I'm way too thin and malnutritioned. I'm also hoping with a bit more fat on my body my tits will grow a bit haha

The thing I'm having the most trouble with is gaining weight cause I find it hard to make high calorie healthy meals and I don't have the time as a student to make more than three meals. It's also hard cause I've not only got to eat more from normal, but eat a lot more due to exercising. Anyone have any advice?

No. 84294

Maybe you could try to eat more nuts? They're healthy but also really high in calories.

No. 84324

That sounds like a good idea, thanks anon!

No. 84337

any advice on decorating your room/place to match your cute makeover? doesn't have to be outlandish just enough to keep things nice and tidy?

my makeover is kinda done but i'm lacking organization. my room is a mess and i hate being there. it looks ugly and gross, i can't put things together for shit. even when i tidy up i just don't know how to set furniture and stuff to look cute. seeing my room look messy/ugly just stresses me out. any resources, links or tips?

my room is tiny, ugly af ceramic tile i can't change, one small window and we don't have ikeas in my country so i kinda improvise and feel helpless…

No. 84370

why would you ever want to gain weight? how much do you weigh now and how tall are you

No. 84374

>Dealing with mental illness
>Doing online schooling
>Skinny fat with a giant bloated stomach,try to work out but I'm unmotivated
>Pale as fuck with alot of body hair because I'm an Italian :(
>Hair is constantly frizzy and has a fuck ton of split ends with a boring ass brown color
>Bangs are extremely annoying and are almost always in my face
>Brown eyes, combination skin with big ass pores, sucks at makeup
>Cannot find my ideal style, I love pastels but I also really like basics and yellows. Almost always wearing a dress
>Self harm scars that won't go away

Any tips on how to better myself? I honestly think I'm fucking disgusting and I want to change.

No. 84376

Forgot to mention
>nail biter for all my life
>Wears glasses that make my eyes look tiny and dead, also looks weird as fuck with my bangs

No. 84377

File: 1528263603737.jpg (28.95 KB, 480x480, 42285564-1-f.jpg)

It's hard to say without seeing your room but storage is everything, it creates space and make things look neat and tidy and matching. The less stuff you have the better, especially in a smaller room.

No. 84378

You're super young Anon, you have plenty of years in front of you to become beautiful and put together.

I have the weirdest tip for frizzy hair, I had them for the longest time and one day I slathered my hair in Nivea cream (blue pot) it took me 4 shampoo to rince it off I was convinced I just ruined my hair, but once I rinced it all out it made my hair look so shiny soft and beautiful, now I'll do it every so often when my hair start misbehaving. Get your split ends cut it looks dirty and like you dgaf.

Your bloated stomach is probably due to what your eating, carb, dairies, etc. And when you're eating it, I stopped eating after 6 pm and I wake up with a flat stomach every day.

You can wax your body hair. And let grow your bangs if it doesn't fit you / annoys you. It's a super awkawrd process and you will have some serious ugly phases but it'll be all good in the end. Just get an easy to maintain haircut that makes you look put together.

Are you sure you have enlarged pores? People tend to obsess over them but most of the times they're just regular sized, if you're looking at your skin 2cm away from the mirror, you're only going to see greasiness and pores, look at yourself from arm distance. If they still look big it's time to invest in skin care.

The only way to get better at makeup is practice, my favorite mua right now is Mariah Leonard, I love the way she does skin and how low key but put together her makeup is. Same for fashion, practice, try different stuff, try to look up capsule wardrobe if you need a blueprint to build a wardrobe.

Obviously get the help you need for your mental illness.

No. 84382

Like I said, I want to become 115 lbs which is still on the light side of my ideal weight range for my size but it's a more realistic goal. This is about getting healthy, my weight fluctuates a lot and currently I'm at 90 but recently I'm more often at 100. I've been 114 before and that was the healthiest weight I've ever been and I was still really skinny, but more filled out in my face and ass which looked really nice with the curve of my waist, my face not looking like a skeleton was nice too. Muscle also weighs more than fat so working out will help me get my goal along with eating more (I struggle to eat enough to not be at a deficit due to a slow digestive system that keeps me feeling full too long and caused my body to rarely register hunger my whole life). Losing weight isn't the be-all end-all, some people are higher than their ideal weight, some people aren't, that's all there is to it.
Being underweight sucks and not just for looks. You're always tired cause your anemic or deficient in some vitamin cause nothing is stored on your body, you'll try drinking energy drinks but since there's no proper carbs there the energy gets burned too quick and You're tired again in about 10 minutes. You're always too cold, catch everything under the sun, your body hurts cause it has trouble supporting itself, in part due to my lack of muscle which I can't gain without eating more food or I'm just loosing more precious calories and muscle needs certain nutrients to grow. There's more but that's all I can think of right now, and I'm usually not even close to dangerously underweight! I can only imagine what ana chans go through!

No. 84383

Anon are you me?

No. 84386

>Just graduated
>Going to university abroad because I can't stand my country
>Just got my first bf
>Things are seemingly better than they ever have been but I'm still super sad constantly

I don't know why but I've been insanely down for a good two weeks now and I think it has to do with me just being unhappy with myself.

I just wanna throw out all my clothing because I have so much of it I don't ever wear (I'm moving out from home soon anyway and I'm not taking all that clothing with me lmfao) and lose a good 7 to 12kg so I look cute in clothing I actually like.
I'm 172cm tall and 62kg heavy so I'm still in the upper range of healthy, but I'm super blobby and all my fat just concentrates in my upper legs and lower stomach
I'm selling my car soon and will try to only use my bicycle when I move, but I haven't figured out what to eat yet. I'm not gonna have that much money and I have no idea to eat healthy on a dime, does someone have any resources for that?

I'm also constantly debating with myself If I should cut my about lower boob length hair at least 10cm because I got them ~balayaged~ two months ago and the hairdresser basically wrecked them to shit. It takes like twenty minutes to detangle them every morning and they're uneven because of breakage.
But it took me so long to grow my hair long-ish and I don't wanna throw that all away again…

Sorry for the kinda confuse text, I just woke up and don't really have time to proof read it because I have to go to work

No. 84392

There’s a pretty good cooking thread in ot I think, try asking there about a cheap, nutritious diet plan for students, and download Pinterest. Seriously, student budget food that is fast, easy and nutritious (and good)!

No. 84414

Fix up the unevenness with a trim but don't cut all the damaged parts off. Braid your hair when sleeping, use deep conditioners, dry shampoo in between washes and wash less often. I watch a lot of hair videos and some hairdressers don't care about damage as long as it looks nice on the day. Nobody knows it's damaged except you so I think it's worth a longer detangling time to keep the hair.

No. 84539


Can I just say thank you? This is the type of information that helps me overcome my disordered eating. It's so easy to slip up again, but this reminds me of why I need to continue to gain and maintain a healthy weight.

No. 84682

As a girl who grew up without proper feminine friends until uni and no siblings I never inherited the skills with hair and makeup girls my age seem to possess- what are good resources for becoming really good with hairdos and makeup? I feel so newbie for 24.

No. 84689

I've been in a similar boat. Honestly, YouTube has been my best friend, you can find countless tutorials for almost anything you want to learn how to do. I started out slow, no need to do any super elaborate makeup looks or hairstyles right away, and just figured out the basics. Take some time to look around and see what you like (Pinterest can also help a lot for inspiration pictures). I recommend trying to find YouTubers/bloggers with a similar hair color/texture and skin tone to yours to make it easier to translate a look onto yourself.

No. 84948

ty anon, what are some good Youtubes to subscribe to?

No. 84955

I can't give any good recommendations as far as hair stuff goes since I'm still growing mine out and I can't do anything fun with it yet, but for makeup, I absolutely adore Lisa Eldridge. She's an actual professional makeup artist, not a random teenager from Instagram, and she has tons of very classic looks that are super easy to follow. You can just go to her channel and sort by most popular, there's a lot of good tutorials for the absolute basics of makeup. Many of her videos are done on different models, so you can also see how the makeup looks on a variety of women, which is cool.

Wayne Goss is another makeup artist who has informative and helpful videos. The titles and thumbnails are clickbait-y but I promise the content is worth it!

No. 84957


thank you so much!

No. 85069

File: 1528840512454.jpg (549.71 KB, 954x1600, 1430399477173.jpg)

any tips for fixing your posture? since it can make us look chubbier and shorter.

No. 85087

Deadlifts yoga and skipping

No. 85212

File: 1528912275163.jpg (39.39 KB, 500x750, la-joans-on-third-2012-05-24[1…)

she has the worst posture though

No. 85214

So many taller people have crap posture, do they just get into a habit of crouching?

No. 85215

No. 85230

i think tall girls also start slouching in order to seem shorter, too

No. 85231

it's also because shelves and work tables are too tall for short girls but also too short for tall girls. a lot of jobs require constant slouching.
Fuck I hope people don't think my bad posture is because ~i'm shrinking to seem smol uwu~ when it's really because i can't reach the cutting board at work otherwise

No. 85233

+ in order to not be left out in conversations

No. 85280

I'm curious in waxing my legs for the first time ever. I've got a little vacation coming up in about two weeks and I don't want to be shaving my legs every day. Since I'm a waxing virgin, would it be a better decision to pay more and go to a professional and have it done, or should I do it myself and hope it comes out good?

No. 85622

File: 1529313149828.jpg (326.88 KB, 1280x1953, Camila Cabello making my spine…)


i know that's why i posted her lol. her posture is so bad it amazes me. and i was overweight for most of my life so my lordosis is pretty effing bad. i really do wonder how none of her PR team told her to wear a posture brace or something.

No. 85738

If you're waxing your legs you are more than fine doing it yourself unless your pain tolerance is next to nothing in which case a person having full control over ripping the wax off would be best. If you're worried, start with wax strips instead of hot wax. It's a bit less cost-effective but it's a good thing for beginners

No. 85739

I had the exact same thought for an upcoming vacation, I got my legs waxed professionally for a practice run a few weeks ago. I'm sure you can manage it yourself but a few things to consider - first day or two your pores will look a bit spotty and red, and the first time you wax probably won't get all the hair.

No. 88068

File: 1531269391094.jpg (79.15 KB, 759x1200, DhMNvDsU0AAWoQ7.jpg)

So I was doing really well with dieting and then I lost track….I feel so ashamed, I lost so much weight before. Anyone got tips about getting BACK into a diet?

No. 88071

lordosis isn't caused by being overweight you idiot shit, and you can't fix it with a brace.

No. 88152

You're going to lose a shit ton of weight during the first two weeks anyway. Last time I dropped my diet for two months I managed to "catch up" in two weeks.

No. 88236

File: 1531434219691.png (10.22 KB, 513x205, afdafadf.PNG)


holy fuuuuuck that's agressive for no reason what the hell.

it's usually linked with being overweight, if you look for lordosis causes overweight/obesity is always there. it doesn't mean its always caused by it, but theres a connection that's common. don't want to fight over this cause i'm aware that it has many causes and treatment, but being overweight is absolutely a real way to get lordosis. theres a point where braces won't do shit too. no idea why someone would be so mad over this this, i never said i thought that it was the only way to get it, its just how i for example got it https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/guide/types-of-spine-curvature-disorders#1

No. 88586

Any recs about healthy foods? I world full time in the weekends and I barely have time to cook.

No. 88590

no one cares how you got it.

No. 89201

File: 1532170294135.jpeg (114.46 KB, 568x1199, Dh5sOKLVMAAiDOM.jpeg)

I'm addicted to buying food and it's ruining what was a good diet last year

I lost a relative to cancer and came out of a horrible relationship a few months ago and ever since my diet has gone out the window. I'm not only poor so it's bad to do this but I need to do healthy once a week shops that I stick to and can budget with. Where are some good shopping list references for weekly? I also eat meat, not veggie or anything.

How do I stop doing "comfort runs"? My job is an abusive retail one but on night finishes it's so bad getting chocolate or something…

No. 89430

>look at all my clothes
>realize how much of it doesn't fit me, is damaged, or just plain ugly and I took it because it was cheap or free

Feels bad. I'm going to Uniqlo this week to get some basics but I'm afraid I'll just get some tacky shit again because it catches my eye.

No. 89454

File: 1532403272558.jpg (330.16 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_p1wmykQOto1svnriho1_128…)

>afraid I'll just get some tacky shit again because it catches my eye.

this is how i shop if i haven't thought about what i want until i'm in the store. so to combat it i plan out what outfit i'm trying to create ahead of time, imagine what it would look like on me specifically, and just go out looking for the pieces. i rarely impulse buy unless it feels really really right. most of my outfits are black/neutral but if i were to just shop with no plan i would only gravitate to loud tacky prints kek. . that's how i was in high school.
they're a lot more enticing in the store than some obscure thing like a neutral layering piece.

No. 89562

hi girls, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I just found out I have a very important event in 2 weeks and want to look as good as possible for it. what can I do eating/fitness wise to lose as much weight as possible? if it IS possible?

No. 89565

I might be wrong but I dont think there's a way to have a noticeable change in just two weeks, perhaps you should try to de-bloat? Cut sodium and water retention food

No. 89569

It’s not possible to lose a noticeable amount of weight in that time without hurting yourself. Shapewear sounds like your best option. Loads of water to avoid puffiness or bloat.

No. 89571

Go sugar free
Get a blood test and get vitamins accordingly
Water instead of juice or soda
Brown rice instead of rice
Veg and protein for two meals a day
Fruit and protein for breakfast.

It’s easy to compile the list you just need to stick with it

No. 89572

>brown rice

lmao brown rice vs regular rice makes no fucking difference.

No. 89574

File: 1532489288656.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 1ABA7FD8-BF42-4DF1-A755-8551AF…)

>they are bothe the same lol

Brown rice is a whole grain. That means it contains all parts of the grain — including the fibrous bran, the nutritious germ and the carb-rich endosperm. White rice, on the other hand, has had the bran and germ removed, which are the most nutritious parts of the grain.

Sit the fuck down

No. 89575

Oh hun take your picture down.
I know it’s mean to be only women here but I’ve seen so many robots trying to draw people into their trashy discords.

>start by taking a blood test with your doctor if that’s accessible for you, move into a diet and cut any drinks that are not fresh fruit and water only.

You look like my ex sister in law that is 16..

No. 89576

Thanks for the advice! I’m actually 24 so it’s nice to hear I look that young. (Unless you mean immature looking in which case That’s why I’m working on it.

(Text from deleted post)
Alright anons, I’m ready to do some hard ass makeover work after losing 40lbs. (Still halfway there)

I took this a few minutes ago after coloring my hair. I’ll have $600 to use for everything, as already have a good shampoo conditioner and hair “primer” I like but clothes, makeup, accessories and hairstyle (not color. I’m keeping the green.) advice are all welcome. I’d like to have a relaxed and natural pretty look and am completely willing to put in all the extra work required. I have a skincare routine I like and need to start doing but I’d love more advice on it.

I’m a Fenty 100 in foundation according to Sephora.

No. 89707

didn't see ur pic but green hair is not my definition of a relaxed and natural pretty look. That's quite alternative imo

No. 89713


It's still possible to have fashion coloured hair and look natural and relaxed imo.

You need to have a light hand with make-up, not too much foundation, no contour (unless you really feel like you need too. And be light handed with that as well), use gloss instead of matte lips, a nice, natural highlight, and we'll groomed but not overly filled brows

No. 89729

lol nta but no…

No. 89772

File: 1532647811555.jpeg (155.68 KB, 1438x986, 2F51718A-C51E-47A6-B900-2C901A…)


>>natural look

>>green hair

No. 89789

Anyone here have experience removing henna from hair? I've already bleached twice and used a lightening hair dye (that has bleach in it). I don't want to do any more damage to my hair. I've about hit my limit with what oil will do. I just want to tone down the red that's left. My hair is still strawberry blonde, almost ginger red now.

Recommendations for yellow based foundations? I need a very light one. They all seem to be suited for medium to darker skin tones. Pink base makes me look sunburnt, and blue/neutral based makeup looks too pale/powdery/flaky on me.

Tips for smaller waist? I'm thin as hell, but everything around my abdomen is stubborn.

No. 89795

anon, you can't bleach henna out of your hair. it works the same as using dyes that have an activator, which is why it fucks your hair up. you have to wait until it grows out.

No. 89813

Only if you're used to seeing people with weird colors.

No. 89874

My favourite yellow-based foundation is NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia. It might not be the best for oily skin though. NARS also has some other foundations in which the shade Gobi is more yellow than Siberia. If you're looking for a less expensive product, Google the product name plus the word "dupe"

As for a smaller waist, you can't spot reduce just by working out, so it can definitely be tough to trim down stubborn areas especially if you're thin. I've resorted to other methods to supplement my workout regime.

I lost an inch off my waist in one day with just one session of laser lipo. I wrote extensively about this in the plastic surgery thread if you're interested in learning more about this experience.

Another option that requires a bit more dedication is waist training with a steel-boned corset. Mine just came in the mail yesterday and I've only worn it once so far but I already love it so much. It helps my posture immensely, and I anticipate that it will also help with my menstrual cramps and the lower back pain that I get from standing for long periods of time. Obviously you would need to wear the corset for long periods of time before you can achieve a permanent waist reduction, but even just wearing it loosely provides a lovely hourglass silhouette.

No. 89929

I've found it's worked rather well. I was able to lighten my hair from an incredibly dark, almost brown red to strawberry blonde with some darker batches and patches of yellow blonde. I just want to even out the patches as much as possible so I can cover it.

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out.

I've been considering a fat graft, so maybe I can just take it away from my waist.

As for corsets, I don't want to damage my organs and wearing a looser size really wouldn't do anything for me, as I've already tried.

No. 89941

yes, but the strawberry blonde is the henna, the light blonde patches are just areas where you didn't get the henna in good enough.

i'm not trying to argue, i'm just saying the reason henna is so popular is because you don't need an activator because it attaches to your hair shaft.

No. 89943

I'm aware of that, I do know some people have had luck getting it out of their hair though, which is why I asked.

I'm dumb for hennaing, but I hated my natural hair color enough I was willing to use a basically permanent hair dye method. I decided I'm going back to my natural hair color because I don't want to keep dyeing, which is going to be a pain since it's blonde.

No. 90020

File: 1532762264247.jpeg (44.87 KB, 467x700, 5BF1CB46-2086-45E5-BFFE-4F8F00…)

>what is theme

I entirely forgot “natural” typically means no makeup, no hair color, no real adornment instead of “taking style inspiration from nature” hope some anons are less scandalized now.

No. 90024

Her hair looks terrible.

No. 90025

they very may well live in a place where this is common, in my city it's extremely common and nobody would really look twice

No. 90026

File: 1532763915253.jpeg (42.9 KB, 460x320, 1BE30692-B828-4B61-BB9F-24D0CE…)

I saw your hair, it looks damaged and thin.

Natural means boy beat look to everyone else but you

No. 90027

File: 1532764323997.jpeg (65.42 KB, 304x483, D1D65FE8-FED5-48AE-81E2-D21840…)

You are never going to look good until you actually lose weight.

You look 16 due to the permanent baby face fat gives you not because you look “good”, honestly even the girl you used as an example of “natural” is about 10 sizes smaller than you if not more.

Accept that you need to take care of your health before giving yourself a difficult to upkeep hairdo as a band aid for a bullet wound.

No. 90031

You will never look good if you are a relentless cunt, anon.

No. 90032

M8 I’ve lost 20% of my total body weight since April due to health problems. My hair is thin and I look like shit right now, I know. It’s kind of why I’m trying to I’m better myself but feel free to be a cunt if it helps you feel better about yourself.

No. 90035

Everything about this look screams ‘I love the used but my mom won’t buy me all-black clothes’

The colour choices are jarring with green hair, like a Christmas theme.
The belt is so outdated and is doing nothing but bunching up the top/dress whatever.

No. 90036

This is tumblr made human.

No. 90040

File: 1532773842205.jpg (53.56 KB, 540x675, gir.jpg)

Something like this is a 'natural pretty and relaxed' look. Green hair with flowers in it and a bohemian dress? That's what I call 'Fantasy Elf'

No. 90041

Throwing in 600 bucks to fix your looks is easy when it means not having to or half-assing permanent lifestyle changes, dedication and willpower.

No. 90048

i personally don't think this person looks 16 the pic us low quality so it's hard to tell but they don't look young. also anyone wanting to change themselves should start by not getting haircuts at walmart.

No. 90049

Not OP

No. 90083

i know. OP is here tho.

No. 90091

Yeah, I’m probably giving up though. I’m severely disabled, fat, use a walker, and mostly bed bound. If the weight loss keeps up at the rate it’s been consistently at I’ll be underweight by the end of the year and have too much loose skin.

I was hoping to be at least a little bit happy with myself and feel human again but it’s probably impossible.

No. 90101

Don't give up, but don't spend 600 dollar on a makeover when you're going to lose even more weight.
And don't post pic of you on lolcow ever again.

No. 90202


You're proving >>90041 right already.

Dunno but reaching your weight goal (which I hope is a healthy weight and not underweight) within 5 months is pretty good actually. 5 months will fly by, I don't see any reason to give up on that, unless you're literally starving yourself right now to keep up said weightloss rate.

No. 90239

Farmers, what are your go to weight loss meals and foods that have less carbs? I'm consuming way too many carbs via foods I don't suspect have as many and then Lose It! shows me otherwise

No. 90245

Literally anything that doesn’t go over TDEE. People have been fit and healthy for hundreds of years eating carbs. Just look at Japan. They eat white rice daily and obesity is still uncommon.

No. 90258

Has there ever been a room/apartment decor thread on /g/? I feel like that would be a fun thread

I was here last year so I’ll give a run down on my glo up

>dumped my deadweight boyfriend

>lost the ten pounds I needed to lose
>hair grown out to about waist length, and it looks good on me. I have it dyed about 1-2 shades deeper/richer than my natural brown color, it adds depth and dimension
>cleared a melasma shadow on my upper lip, now I don’t look like I have a fcking mustache anymore
>skin in better condition
>in great shape thanks to pilates and ballet

I’m not done, I need to work on being more social/outgoing, and being more consistent in doing positive things for myself, but it’s huge progress. A year ago I was just coming out of an 8+ year long major depression and I’m stoked to be where I am now

No. 90259


Found it, it’s the domestic thread

No. 93135

File: 1535149562982.jpg (22.57 KB, 425x572, __yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_yuri…)

Posting my goals towards glowing up:

- go to bed earlier each night
- get in a productive routine BEFORE work not just after
- stick to drinking over 1l of water a day
- cut down snacks and sweets
- stop biting nails/take nail vitamins and supplements
- stop picking the scab on my head (my worst habit, I hate it)
- lose 20lbs healthily
- clear out wardrobe with honesty towards what I don't wear anymore
- work on self confidence

No. 93157

When i was in high school I was at my highest weight of 210. I've been fluctuating with my weight for the past two years. In June, I was at 185 and since then I've been counting calories and doing more physical activity. This morning I weighed myself at 174.2 pounds. At 5'10, that puts my just barely under the limit of a 'Normal' BMI. My glo up isn't done yet, but I'm looking forward to being able to remake my wardrobe with actual cute clothes. My skin still needs work as well but adding a basic but consistent skincare routine has helped so much.

Something I really don't like about my body is my violin hips :( Crop tops are so cute but they just accentuate my hips. I know there is not really a natural way to make them disappear since it's your bone structure but I'm hoping losing weight would make them less noticeable? I see a previous anon talked about evening hers out with butt excessive tho, has anyone else successfully gotten rid of them like this?

No. 93158

well good news, i'm your height, have been your weight, and also have violin hips.
i could never get rid of them completely but when i was 145-155 they were definitely less noticeable. With the weight I gain weight, the top part of the violin hip gets fat so it's more exaggerated and love handle-like. Having less fat there makes them look more even. I'm never going to have round ig baddie style hips but at a lower bodyfat % i don't think they stand out as a "flaw"

No. 93188

File: 1535187721723.jpg (68.2 KB, 1280x720, zDIs7oe.jpg)

Sharing my plan, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it:
> wake up at 8
> get up and dressed immediately, no looking at phone
> brush teeth, wash face and put on moisturizer quickly (+ sunscreen if necessary)
> eat yogurt + oats for breakfast, take pills
> start studying immediately, don’t go on the internet
> no internet during breaks as well
> sit somewhat straight, don’t cross legs
> eat as little as possible during lunch, no seconds, no dessert and no sugary drinks
> continue studying (or work, it depends)
> one small coke light allowed, if I feel like it
> on workdays: choose something healthy for dinner and again, only 1 portion
> on off days: eat as early and little as possible (if at all), workout afterwards
> don’t forget pills
> no lying in bed (alone, on the internet), spend evening with family
> go to sleep before midnight
> evening skin care routine: wash, put in braces, moisturize, eye cream, lip balm, hand moisturizer

Individual routines for each day:
> Monday: use moisturizer (for body and feet)
> Tuesday: exercise, wash hair (always use conditioner, blow dry if cold, brush afterwards)
> Wednesday: exercise, moisturize
> Thursday: exercise, moisturize
> Friday: moisturize
> Saturday: moisturize
> Sunday: exercise, wash hair
Cut nails (put on nail polish on toes), shave (use after shave lotion), pluck brows and exfoliate face, body or feet if necessary, same with flossing.

Additional rules:
> no nose picking (or picking at/touching any body part in general)
> no masturbating
> text at least one friend every week
> don’t cry
> don’t clench teeth together if nervous
> change clothes more often
> wear perfume and makeup when going out
> read more + start to play the piano again

> 1. stretching, 2. squats, side leg raises, leg raises, push ups, reverse push ups, 3. jog

If anybody actually read though all of that and sees anything wrong with it, please tell me.

No. 93208

are all/most of these things new to you? if so, itll be incredibly hard to stick to it, so dont be too hard on yourself if you mess up and try again, starting with a couple of thing and slowly introducing more and more

No. 93218

> no masturbating
y tho?

> don’t cry

this also seems really unhealthy for your mental health. no therapist ever will tell you to stop crying. you can't be happy all the time and sometimes it's good to let the bad feelings come out.

i also agree with the other anon, you should introduce things slowly instead of everything at once. that's really a lot of stuff you listed, and if you don't already do these things it will be super hard to stick to all things at once.

No. 93231

yeah cutie make sure to pace yourself. building a routine takes work and is better done with baby steps. if you find yourself struggling, make sure you have your goals written down or idealized in realistic and doable form. dont force too much upon yourself at much.
try and break it up a bit (maybe bullet journaling will help? i have an atrocious memory and am terrible at prioritising so it helps)
especially with taking meds etc. are high priority tasks but like, "no lying in bed" should be considered "10-15 minute lay in bed/meditation session" as a reward. you need to balance the routine and hard work with some chill and the reward system. i know it sounds bullshit but Jordan Peterson actually has some real good shit on staying motivated and task-based when you're trying to build a new routine.
anyway regardless, really proud of you for trying anon <3 making a plan like this is a huge step to begin with so you should be proud of yourself. you can do it!
remember if you need any advice or are struggling there are always amazing resources online and if not there's always people to talk to and you can find other people to help you keep yourself accountable. anyway, good luck! keep us updated cutie <3

No. 93232

also samefag but defs try setting alarms for goals/tasks if you have deadlines (on a watch or clock would help more than your phone) because it makes the time feel idk more tangible and manageable. hit up youtube as well for bullet journal/schedule tips and it'll get you maybe a lil excited to try your hand at some of it because people try to make it fun.

No. 93233

No. 93273

Finally I have the money for a make over, but I don't know what to do or where to start.
I have clear skin, so I'm not looking for an acne treatment, for example, but I would like to know what other treatments I can do for my skin. I was also looking for a 'face make over', not plastic surgery, changes like eyelash perm.
Have one of you girls done something like this?

No. 93283

File: 1535260162275.webm (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 853x480, peterson.webm)


dont drag this messiah of virgin menchildren here

No. 93285

Uh maybe spoiler that…

No. 93294

Оh shit, I'm sorry.

No. 93315

Is there some kind of back story to this?

No. 93317

It's a deepfake. Well…I hope it is.

No. 93343

File: 1535316453277.jpg (1.61 MB, 2000x2000, 1531645505506.jpg)

No. 93374


No. 97936



No. 97996

I have to go back to school on Monday and would really like to look a bit more put together. Since I'm not used to wearing makeup, I always feel weird if I do.
Should I wear makeup or not? Straighten my hair?
Whenever I style myself a bit more I feel uncomfortable, but if I don't I feel "inferior" to the other girls.

No. 98003

Just do it and keep doing it. I used to be similar to you, I even dressed exclusively in men's clothes and had super short hair lmao. Somehow now I'm always more dressed up than my peers.
Anyway, if you keep doing it then you'll get used to it and accept it as yourself. The first week or so will feel awkward, but chances are people will just wonder if you're dressed up for something rather than judge you harshly.

No. 98004

Oh, samefag, but I should add that you're also best off dressing for yourself. Pick a style you actually enjoy (for makeup hair and clothes) and it will be more worth it.
I originally started taking care of myself in order to get a bf. And I've failed, but in the process I learned that I actually have a lot of fun with clothes. You'll feel more secure in yourself if you follow your own tastes than you will competing with everyone else.

No. 98398

This is an old comment but if anyone is still interested in great advice : MAGNESIUM supplements. Take that shit with a meal that contains at least a bit of fat (never on an empty stomach) and you'll feel a huge difference.

On another note… I have huge tits and I hate them. They sag like Luna's except mine are size G. I've finally found good fitting bras that make them look good but they're still so big. My dream breasts are like B or C cup max.
I know I can get surgery but it still wont make them actually small and there's a risk that they'll grow back (happenned to my mom). I also really don't have the money. I'm trying to pay back some debts but it will get me years at this rate and there's very little prospect I'll ever get a good paying job. Guess I'm just stuck with having huge Big Mamma boobs.

No. 100310

I've been a severely depressed shut-in for about 10 years now and of course I never took any care of myself.
I had a birthday recently and I promised myself to turn my life around, so I'm gonna write here what I think I need to do.

1. Go to class daily without any excuses
2. Wash and tone my face every day.
3. Brush my teeth at least every other day.
4. Eat less junk esp. ramen noodles and lose weight to 110lbs.
5. Do moderate excercise daily once my back stops hurting from falling on it.
6. Learn how to use all the make-up I bought and wear clothes I before was afraid to wear in public.

I know these sound super-simple, but I don't think I ever could do such things consistently really. I've tried several times and always failed. I still have hope for myself though. I've been literally living in my own filth for years and those are simple tasks any human being can achieve with ease so I could do it too.
I think my depression will improve once I'm cleaner, thinner and look better in general.

No. 100311

Oh and also stop smoking of course, how could I forget that. At least smoke one cig a week and not more.

No. 100314

Anon i think putting yourself down before you even started (by saying things like every other human being can do this with ease, etc) is only gonna make you more depressed and stop any progress you make. Try to focus on any small victories you make until you reach the big ones "this was more than what i did yesterday". Depression is horrible and extremely debilitating you can't expect to go from 0 to a 100 just like that it takes time and consistency. But you are doing great and your plan sounds pretty solid i hope everything works out for you. Also i was wondering on point number 5 maybe you could start doing some easy stretches and number 4 maybe start by adding more healthy things until you get more used to it and then gradually start removing unhealthy things?

No. 100316

Thank you for your encouragement!
I tend to be very harsh on myself and think there's no point in even trying since I'm ugly anyway.
But I'm willing to try again, starting with the small things and hoping they stick and become normal to me.

No. 100346

I'd focus on 1-3 first, tbh. The rest will be easier once you're doing those things.

No. 100351

File: 1541644584902.jpg (1.71 MB, 2976x2976, IMG_20181107_1814453.jpg)

Anon I'm in a very similar boat. I've been isolating myself for over 10 years (28 y.o.). It's hard not to feel discouraged bc it feels so pathetic to focus on normal shit people do everyday, but >>100314 & >>100346 are totally on the right track. Just submit yourself to being proud of baby steps.

Pic is my whiteboard with my baby steps toward making routine for my life. I only made it yesterday so pls don't think I'm on the ball just yet!

Shit is hard and if you've been in arrested development like I have it's very difficult to make the changes.

I actually completed everything on my list for today for the first time, despite feeling like I didn't want to and like I was a pathetic loser for "babying" myself. Think of it as something unpleasant you have to get through in order to feel good, like a transaction or a dose of nasty medicine.

I feel really really good rn because I put intention behind those actions. I hope this helps you realize you're feelings are normal and valid!! Keep on keeping on!

(the bra thing I wrote on there is so I don't feel so sloppy and like a slob every day. It's a baby step towards getting dressed in actual clothes every day. I'm a neet so I don't "have" to get dressed etc. etc.) also sorry for the shitty pic and also I don't mean I wash my hair daily as per #2 I just mean groom it accordingly

No. 100375

We should have a discord to help each other out. We can keep each other on track and keep each other motivated!

No. 100378

oh my god, this is like IRL pretty princess points.
im not hating tho, im struggling kinda like you and you're one step ahead of me by marking down you tasks.

No. 100379

it's not though. most people write stuff they need to do down.

No. 100383

It's great, anon.
I do this in form of a google keep to do list.
That little check when you get something done and seeing all the things checked at the end of the day make me feel good. It really helped to get my shit together.

No. 100390

I'm >>100351 and Lmaoooo >>>/ot/77993
This is so bizarre and hilarious ty anon

I guess it is kinda like that (fu lol) but instead of my mommy rewarding me with tendies I'm rewarding myself with a fulfilling life.
Try not to be so hard on yourself. If you're like me you legit think in the back of your mind you're as pathetic as the PPP depictions. Who cares, just let go of the judgements in order to get better. That's what will free us!

You may or may not have been projecting with that comment, I can't say, but good luck on your journey anon

also I deleted and edited this post a million times sorry

No. 100443

Any adviceon RESUMING diet and makeover? I was doing well last year and fell completely off track due to some serious family events that caused stress. Where do I start again?

No. 100468

Slow and steady anon. start off by drinking more water. if you drink shit like soda or juice, try to drink water instead. if you have coffee, drink it black or with very minimal cream/sugar.

A lot of diet is replacing one bad item for a good one, so you form a good eating habit. You can do it!! I gained weight due to job stress and i'm trying to get back on track myself.

No. 100515

Start with meal prep and planning. This Sunday (or another day, if that's when you can do it) make some lunches for each day at work. Pick something that fits into a calorie deficit. It's just one meal, and you'll be away from home so you're less likely to end up eating other tings instead or in addition. If you usually have a snack at work, go ahead and prep that as well and make sure it fits into your calorie needs. It'll make life easier to have one healthy meal already taken care of.

No. 100521

No. 100526


where can I find meal prep resources and how do I avoid food poisoning from things that get reheated?

No. 100527

Look up basic food safety. It will all be there. Same shit you need to know to get food handling certificates. You’ll be a pro in like, 20 minutes.

No. 100550

File: 1541919618753.jpg (10.71 KB, 369x262, 46047415_2253724068205163_3740…)

Sorry it's such a gross picture but I need some advice on dark circles. I have what I think are rather severe dark circles and they seem to be genetic. They look worse if I'm sleep deprived, but eating healthy, sleeping well and drinking tons of water doesn't do much for them at all. I've tried collagen under eye masks with minimal results. Is there anything that can actually be done for this?

I do try covering them up with makeup but I feel like concealer doesn't really give proper coverage, it makes them look better and more even with the rest of my skin but I still look 'tired' or like I haven't slept well. I've had this problem since I was a young teen and it's frustrating. I feel like it makes me look so much uglier.

No. 100554

Anon I feel you, the only thing that I found to be working mildly is not eating after 3-4PM. When I eat well and not too late, the'll fade (albeit mildly).

No. 100560

Your eyes and skin look great anon but if you really want something that’ll show the effects try plexaderm

No. 100650

I have the same issue. The Ordinary's caffeine serum has helped some, but not entirely.

No. 100669

>I'm teaching myself how to do makeup (in my mid-twenties because trailer trash)
>I'm on an aggressive diet and have cut out 20+ pounds already, now I'm focusing on cutting sodium and getting more fruits and veggies
>I'm trying to keep on top of an exercise routine
>I got good at nail care, people are asking me to give them manicures now lol
>I did my research and found a good multivitamin, I'm also dabbling with a couple other herbal supplements and I'm seeing results
>I quit smoking (going on 2 months clean)
>I get a full night's sleep most days, this time last year I was running on about 2 hours a night so yeah

I have no idea how I'm going to unfuck my skin, though because cocoa butter is just not working on these stretch marks and my skin's a little loose as well :(

No. 100683

Congrats on all that you've achieved so far, that's really impressive. I don't have any personal experience with stretch marks, but I've heard some people use retinoids like tretinoin to help fade them. Maybe that could help you?

No. 100692

Anyone interested in, like, a -working on a glow-up-discord server or kik convo? I could use the motivation lol

No. 100693

Congrats anon, that already sounds great.
Can I ask how you managed to lose so much weight?
I heard that sometimes skin can take some time tightening up again.

No. 100694

Samefag, but yes

No. 100716

I'm >>100351 and although I don't really understand discord I would be happy with something along these lines! Make it happen anon!

No. 100717

What multivitamin did you settle on? I need a good one too. I'm late-20's under 5'1" at a normal weight if it matters

No. 100794

Random tip/experience: I've given up dairy recently, completely and the difference in my skin is CRAZY.

I heard the phrase "Dairy is bad for your skin" a lot before, but I thought it wouldn't make a difference for me because I didn't think I ate a lot of it… but I ate it consistently… Cheese every now and then, maybe yoghurt for breakfast, Egg, butter… I always had consistent acne. Not a lot of it, but al-ways there. Then, I started having oats with a lot of milk for breakfast for like, 3 weeks straight. During that time my skin BROKE, I felt like scratching off my skin with my nails, it was that bad. When it lasted, I realized: the only thing I changed in my life was eating so much more dairy. So I cold turkey quit all forms of dairy (including butter, man that was hard to give up tbh lol) and my skin immediately cleared up AND is better than it was before I started having milk and oats for breakfast. I was even planning on seeing a doctor for my adult acne soon, but I don't think I have to now.

No. 100803

This is great, anon. But

No. 100827

Thanks anons, I'll take these tips into consideration and look into the products recommended.

No. 101005

File: 1542521276006.jpg (257.28 KB, 778x1306, 1542443011961.jpg)

I have this body, but my ribcage is a bit bigger and my "boobs" are smaller and even at bmi 16 I have a chubby stomach. It's probably the most unfortunate body type I can think of. How do I work with this or fix it? Implants to balance it out seem my only option, but they seem very dangerous.

No. 101026

>>100390 hey i'm >>100378.
i'm definitely projecting at least a little bit, but really like i said i'm not hating and making lists is a good thing, actually i've been making them since seeing you post so thank you and good luck to you too !!

No. 101057

hyaluronic acid breast injections

they're like if fat transfer worked, no scars, no implants, just a small needle where more flesh is needed.

No. 101159

File: 1542726114706.gif (1.17 MB, 324x182, unnamed (7).gif)


>bmi 16

>i swear i still have a HUGE stomach!

I know theres a chance this isnt exaggerating but i think its more likely that your body perception isn't the most accurate. At this bmi i felt the same about my legs because i'm short but literally everyone IRL told me i didn't have fat legs like i thought i did. My therapist says theyre anorexic thoughts and nothing else. I know some anons will arguee bmi 16 is fine but…

Lets be real here /g/irls…

No. 101399

I've never even heard of that stuff, I'll have to look into that family of drugs. Thank you anon!
I figured out how many calories I could have in a day to lose a pound a week (you have to take in 500 less than your TDEE, but I calculated from my BMR instead because I treat myself to a little junk food once a week)
I use bmi-calculator.net to do the math, they have a lot of neat tools outside of BMI autism.
I didn't really go through too many different review sites but GNC Women's Ultra Mega One Daily checked out pretty well and I was able to buy in bulk. I'm set for doses until like mid-2020 and I only spent maybe 50 dollars.

No. 101438

does anyone have tips on curbing heavy drinking? I know it's the worst for my skin/diet, but it's a big part of my culture and I already do things to sort of help it (ie, don't snack when drinking, avoid hard liquor & cocktails, drink lots of water) plus, I just really enjoy it and I'm very healthy otherwise and at my lowest weight so I don't wanna cut it out entirely.

to contribute to the theme of the thread, these are my personal makeover goals for 2019:

>lose 10-18lb to be juust at the threshold of ""medically underweight""

>get back into skincare routines (I'm absolutely lost on what to do about my clogged pores?) plus moisturize/exfoliate my body
>streamline my fashion sense and stop wearing cheap clothes/children's clothes (I'm tacky and addicted to fitting into small sizes I think)
>stop cutting my own hair and get professional haircuts
>get a decent goddamn job and stop being neet
>learn to love myself
>stop deluding myself into falling in love all the time

No. 101456

File: 1543210515815.png (65.35 KB, 197x150, fat stomach.png)

At BMI 16 I am bony everywhere and look like a spoopy skeleton, but I store practically all my fat in my stomach. It's not jut bloated, it's actual jiggly fat to the point that my belly button is a horizontal stripe. It's the most unfortunate bodyfat distribution you can imagine. It looks like I had a hysterectomy or c section. I got the pic from google but my stomach is pretty close to that, but then imagine a very harsh line at the bottom and it looks like it sags.

No. 101457

i'd tell you to kys but you're clearly already ana so you're way ahead of me!

No. 101459

That's a regular skinnyfat stomach, if you want it gone, you need to work out and eat more protein to replace fat with muscle. You look literally like every thin person who doesn't work out.

No. 101460

I'm not BMI 16 anymore and have been doing heavy lifting for 2 years now and everything has changed except for my stomach. Now I just have a 2 pack at the top with the rest of my stomach being the exact same. I was trying to make a point that going full anorexic didn't work, working out doesn't help, it just won't fucking go away. While every normal woman has a flat stomach and doesn't look like she had a c section without ever being pregnant. I actually have a line underneath my stomach, it does not naturally transition into the rest of my body, it permanently sags.

No. 101461

I had to mention that I've gone the anorexic route before, so I don't get told to just lose weight because only fat women have a saggy flabby stomach. I've tried both just being a skeletor and lifting 4 days a week, but it does not make the situation any better.

No. 101469

I'm in a similar-ish situation, most of my social life is strongly tied with binge drinking but I'm trying to lose a little weight. The thing that works best for me is to eat less over the week to "prepare" for the extra calories from alcohol on Fridays and Saturdays. I use MyFitnessPal to log all my food and always aim for a healthy week instead of stressing over every single day.

I also make sure to have some healthy snacks at home so I don't feel tempted to go get fast food after the pub.

No. 101481

Could it just be bloating? I'm at a fairly low weight and my stomach stays flat because I cut out meat and dairy, make sure I'm pooping regularly (I eat very little so this involves coffee, nicotine, and lots of fiber and water), and try not to eat late in the day.

If it's really that stubborn, it might just be the way your body stores the little fat you have left, and you might just have to learn to live with it. I have a little pocket of fat under my chin that doesn't go away no matter how low my BMI is. A touch of fat is youthful and soft, don't stress.

No. 101485

I wish it was, but it's actual flabby fat that I can pinch. I also don't eat meat or dairy, last time was 6 years ago.

No. 101535

I gain weight similar to you. It's the first and last place I gain weight and when I'm out of shape but not overweight I look like a skinny person with a protruding chubby stomach. Strength training makes the biggest difference because your metabolism increases and burns fat all day without sending you into dangerous underweight territory as long as you eat enough to offset the exercise. Also, I wouldn't write off what other anon said about bloating so quick. Even if you do have a fat deposit there, not being bloated can do wonders for how it looks. I stopped working out for a while so I'm back on my skinnyfat bullshit with stomach chub, but on the days that my diet and water intake are right my stomach looks uncharacteristically flat. It shocks me every time. I poke it and the fat is all still there, it's just not pushed out by my bloated stomach. I don't eat meat or dairy either, actually also for 6 years, but if I don't get enough water and eat/drink a lot of simple carbs I stay bloated for so long that I think I'm fatter than I am.

No. 101543

File: 1543320936019.jpg (204.21 KB, 1210x856, test.jpg)

Keep going, you're all gonna make it

No. 101544

What was your diet 😭

No. 101545

Mostly replace all of the sugary foods with better foods, and add more vegetables to your diet

Replace all drinks with water

Keep an eye on the portions of what you eat

You can have what you want every once in a while

No. 101560

Anon, is that really you? You look amazing! Absolute goals.

No. 101574

Any specific tips for getting under 125? Did you have plateau issues? I'm about the same height and frame as you and went from 170 down to 125-130, where I've been stuck for months. Do you work out?

No. 101578

Make sure to lift weights consistently and do strenuous cardio at least 3 times a week

Plateaus in weight loss are generally due to mistakes in nutrition and calorie counts (eating too much without realizing it)

The skinnier you are, the harder it becomes to lose more weight, and as a result you need to check your nutrition to make sure it's 100% correct and in line with your muscle gain and fat loss goals

No. 101617

I drank for the caffeine as well as the sugar. I weaned myself off of soda by getting into flavored teas like Arizona, Brisk, Turkey Hill, that sort of thing. That's all unhealthy, calorie-dense, sugar junkie shit so it wasn't such a scary step and I was still getting energy that way.
After a couple months I got the taste for the tea in those drinks, not the sugar and artificial flavors. After I hit that point I was able to get into and feel satisfied with unsweetened tea in a bottle. Brands like Pure Leaf and Tradewinds are usually in those same impulse buy spots in stores so it makes it easy.

Also, you're not fat. 29 pounds in a year is something to be proud of. Love yourself anon.

No. 101621

That's the thing, I already do strength training, I have been doing so for almost 2 years now. My wilks are 307 to give you an idea of my strength level. I have flat abs above my belly button and a chubby stomach underneath my belly button. If I bloated it would all be pushed out, not just the lower portion.

No. 101623

That's some good progress anon!
I've successfully stopped drinking anything but water and it did take some time. I would try to limit myself to once every couple days, then after a month or so take it back to once every week, then once every other week. It takes at least 21 days to develop a habit, so definitely take your time.
Like the other anon, tea is a good alternative. Adding your own sugar is a thousand times better than what most store bought sugary drinks contain. I used to add sugar alternatives to my drinks as well such as honey and stevia.

No. 101624

Try doing a cut or change your diet?

No. 101640

Any advice on getting a better posture?
I was really tall all my life but tried to make myself seem smaller, basically invisible. My spine is crooked to shit and it hurts when I try to straighten it for prolonged periods of time. I know I need some muscle there to hold myself up, but no idea where to start.
For now I just subconsciously berate myself for not sitting straight and adjusting my posture.
I also saw some well, not sure how you call them, posture trainers? They look like a cross beyween a corset and a binder and apparently just force you into good posture, but will I keep it when I'm not wearing that thing?
Like, I noticed my posture has a huge affect on my overall presense and self-esteem. Nobody wants to hang around a hunchback girl.

No. 101653

What type did you use? I mostly see ones that straighten your shoulders, but I also have skoliosis in the small of my back.

No. 101655

The only doctor I've been to about that is my massage therapist. He even noticed that I tend to have one shoulder brought up higher than the other so it's uneven there too. I'm a mess of back problems. I actually broke my spine when I was a teen and I never really god into a habit of keeping a good posture.

No. 101715

This is going to sound uwu old tumblr stupid, but try yoga in front of a mirror and notice your posture. Correct it.
If you can see an orthopedist or physical therapist they can help too!

No. 101718


posting my 2019 goals to get some accountability.

I'm 22 (23 in Jan), between 5'8 and 5'10 (every time I get measured it's different but always between there), roughly 175 lbs. Measurements are 40-31-42. Pretty face, hazel-green eyes, dyed black hair, very pale skin. Acne has been a huge problem since I had a miscarriage in April.

My face: I've been told I look like a cross between Scarlett Johansson and Kat Dennings. I have a big-ish, slightly protruding, mildly dimpled chin but I'm learning to love it. Trying to grow my brows back after shaving the tails off for months to be able to draw them in. I have persistent dark circles under my eyes and they've been there since puberty.

I put on muscle really quickly but lose it just as fast. I carry most of my weight in my stomach and thighs. My mom's tried to tell me I've literally had a little belly since I was a baby and it's ALWAYS been there but I want to minimize it as much as I can. I have a big ass but it could use some definition and muscle. Lanky limbs, big feet, weird bumps on my toes that I don't think are callouses.

ANYWAY. That's the rundown on my looks.

>get from 175 to 140 lbs

>reduce appearance of violin hips
>wax unwanted dark body hair
>do something about hyperpigmentation in bikini area and underarms
>body brush once a week
>start exercising 3x a week
>DO NOT CUT HAIR - only trims
>reduce sugar in diet
>cut out dairy in diet
>only have junk food once a week
>start OMAD diet
>eat more vegetables than fruit, more fruit than meat, and more meat than grains
>look into botox injections to reduce hyperhydrosis
>quit nail biting

>begin consistent skincare routine
>stop picking/popping
>look into birth control
>find a makeup look that suits me

>cycle supplements
>replace shampoo with apple cider vinegar rinses
>use hair healing serums
>reduce dyes
>reduce heat styling

>clean room every other day
>spend 5 minutes a day tidying room
>spend less time in bedroom
>only use bed for sleeping
>get a job
>handle debt
>reduce frivolous spending
>take meds every day
>do one nice thing for self each day
>say one kind thing to someone else each day
>do more serious research of Judaism
>publish novel

wish me luck, fam, i deserve more than what I've been giving myself

No. 101719

samefagging but i also want to be able to move out of my mom's house and go back to school.

2018 was really really unkind to me tbh

No. 101734

File: 1543482280981.gif (103.62 KB, 500x376, 1263835836612.gif)

I'm the >>100310 anon.
I lost that weight and now I'm 110 lbs. Took less time than I expected (I was 120 when I started), but I was probably just bloated from all the salty snacks I ate.
Bought myself a pack of ramen noodles to celebrate, realized that in 20 days of not eating shitty junk I lost the appetite for it completely, barely was able to finish it.
Going to class turned out easier than it's been before, I only skip 1 day a week for now (instead of my usual going TO class 1 day a week) and I hope to stop skipping completely before the new years since it's my final year and I need to get good grades on exams and write a graduation thesis.
Did not smoke a single cigarette in a month, didn't drink at all on week days, started drinking more water (with which I still struggle, I can barely fit 1,5 liters in a day)
Washed my face with a cleansing foam, used apple cider vinegar toner, actually moisturized for two week straight and my skin feels somewhat better. It wasn't bad before, but I hope it would improve even more once I include more steps in my routine. Didn't go through with learning make-up, but it's a huge leap for me right now and not a priority at all.
My back healed, but I still struggle with exercise. That is going to be the thing I'll work on now.
Also I forgot to mention that I try to take all my meds on fixed schedule now (Medisafe is a godsend!)
Generally I'm doing better. I'm smiling more, I have more energy, I made a new friend immidiately after starting school in November so I have all the more reason to go to class. I eat much less, but I think exercising would burn extra calories when I would actually start eating healthy.
Turn out beating depression really starts with self-care and not meds. And I used to laugh every time someone suggested yoga or keeping a sleep schedule before. Small things like these really help a lot with your outlook on life.

No. 101755

Deadlifts my g.

That's literally the easiest way to do it, your spine will hold itself
upright without you noticing.

No. 101766

Thanksgiving leftovers are ruining me. I think I gained about 5lbs. I'm currently 180, trying to get down to 165. I'm 5'8". My weight is more focused at my sholders. What can I do for that?
Winter is a bitch over here and I'm a poorfag so I can't go to the gym.

No. 101851


I have been cutting my own hair since I was 14. I got my first supercuts haircut in almost four years a couple months ago to even out my mullet and choppy bangs and that slight a-line looked cute for two weeks and I’m just trying to suffer through the growing out period. I’m just cheap and don’t like paying for regular haircuts lol, so I think growing it out would be better than taking scissors to it myself again. I’m still horribly insecure about how my hair looks rn tho, I look like a mushroom and my hair is too fine to support layers

I honestly am starting to love my body but Im not able to regularly cook, and my work doesn’t have a microwave. More often than not I skip breakfast or eat something small, skip lunch, and end up too tired once I get home to make/get dinner. and I work in logistics so it’s a very physically demanding job so I know I’m doubly fucking myself but idk how to break the cycle?

I’m also working on a capsule wardrobe because I managed to amass a lot of weeb clothes and idk why it took me so long to realize that I should be presenting myself better than pastel alt fashion 24/7 did. I still don’t really know how to do my makeup though and nothing seems to make my (genetic) undereye bags go away oops

No. 101901

Try to get rid of any leftovers you have left that are causing this problem. If what you were doing before was working, go back to that.

No. 101902

Try to get rid of any leftovers you have left that are causing this problem. If what you were doing before was working, go back to that.

No. 101937

File: 1543727254557.jpeg (23.59 KB, 540x293, 1542254972603.jpeg)

Feeling better now, anon? We're all so impressed!

No. 101939

So, without the unhelpful bitchy attitude (seriously, what the fuck?) here's some advice. It's really just about calorie restriction. Especially if you can't do any exercise. I've posted in a couple other threads but this past summer/fall, I went from ~170 to ~125 simply by eating less. I have a ft desk job and don't really like working out much after a long day.

Check out:
Calculate your BMR/TDEE and find out your optimal daily calorie intake.

Track it with MFP, and keep yourself accountable with weekly weigh ins. I find weekly to be better because you will see greater drops than daily, and you will begin to become motivated just by seeing your losses! I do it every Sunday.

Also, there are some supportive subreddits out there like r/loseit and r/cico. Say what you like about reddit but many of these people are super friendly and helpful, and there are inspirational stories.

You can do it! Anyone can, you just have to really stay dedicated and count everything you put in your body. If you are tracking properly, you will soon become aware of which kinds of foods "cost" the most and just naturally start to avoid those. Good luck anon!

No. 101974

File: 1543750807723.jpg (40.43 KB, 500x455, b6c41e342f44f3e908f1c560272dee…)

So three years ago I did this big makeover, but now three months in my first-year of uni, I kind of feel that I'm starting to lose myself (not really in appearance way, but more in what I'm really am and what I like). The biggest part then was going from 90 to 65 kg maybe even less idk (I'm 174 cm so now am kind of average), sadly by losing weight I stupidly developed ed behavior .This time I would like to resume my makeover in healthier way and just better-myself even further. I already eat quite healthy by default and do well in my education, but would like to take few steps even further. So here is my plan:

Physical care:
> Stop biting my nails, so I wouldn't need fake ones.
> Eat with deficit, to lose a few more kilos.
> Sort out my style and wardrobe.
> Fix my teeth.
> Grow longer hair.
> Stick to my skin and hair routine.
> Go to gym and take up running again.
> Get my eyebrows and hair professionally done.

Mental and other care:
> Draw more.
> Study even more.
> Meet more people.
> Become more positive and be kind to people around.
> Build confidence.
> Start to regulary update my social media.
> Reduce my spendings and waste less.
> Start sorting my trash.

To all the anons good luck with your goals!!!

No. 101976

I’m about 130-132 and 5’6/5’7
I have this tummy fat I want to get rid of but no matter how much I diet it won’t go away. It’s pinchable but I have big hips and gain weight there faster/first so I’ve been told it’s inevitable. I see other women my shape and they have flat stomachs…. i just want to know their secret!
My cal intake is probably a like under 1400 /1300but surprise I don’t each healthily much. I eat once or twice a day depending on how I’m feeling.

At this point I’ll try out cool sculpting and see if it makes any difference. I don’t hqve enough fat for a tummy tuck.

No. 105784

Any tips for growing and maintaining nice nails? I've bit mine down for year and now that my hair and makeup are better I want to work on that

No. 105807


zinc, biotin and magnesium changed the life of my nails.

No. 105808

it's just about willpower, i think. you could buy nail polish that tastes bad (i know they sell them at pharmacies). if you want to chew on something because you are stressed, try gum. use hand cream! when your nails have grown out and look/are even, apply a protective polish. that's what worked for me, at least.

No. 105813

I have a pretty bad case of bulimic cheeks and I know giving it time is the biggest thing but any immediate remedies? They trigger me daily.

No. 105823

Using nail polish regularly helped me. When they're colorful I pay more attention them, instead of gnawing on them absent-mindedly. I also file the sides often so they're smooth and round, and it's harder to get a hold of them with my teeth. You could use fake nails as well to give the real ones some time to grow underneath.
In general just taking care of my nails more (using cuticle oil every day, buffing occasionally if they're not too thin and brittle) made me "remember" to keep them out of my mouth.

No. 105829

maybe hot or cold compresses? drinking plenty of water and getting your vitamins and electrolytes in, perhaps.
please take care and keep getting better, anon!

No. 105850


i agree with what anon suggested. getting more than reccomended amount of water was the only thing that really "flushed" them out. gl anon.

No. 105884


Who ever you are Anon or if you ever read here again, you should know I read this this morning and it deeply resonated with me and I want to make some changes towards this.

Thank you for this! Truly

No. 105896

I struggled with this for years, my nails would always flake really bad. Biotin supplements was the only thing that helped me.

No. 106454

What makes Japanese and Korean girls look so fashionable and put together and how do I achieve it?

No. 106466

Uh what? Did you hop in from pull? Stop having the taste of a twee 11 year old maybe.

No. 106489

Has a lot to do with silhouettes imo. High waisted skirts elongate your figure and make you look more feminine. They also tend to stick to neutral colors and mininmal patterns. Investing in a good handbag and matching shoes will make almost any outfit look well put together.

No. 106490

File: 1548423501758.jpg (378.54 KB, 1080x766, uniqlo.jpg)

not that anon but what's up your ass? Not everyone wants to dress like a Forever 21 catalogue or a walmart shopper.

I'm guessing you mean like a everyday style? I think the key is simple cut pieces, classy colours and a well balanced look. From what I've seen, its important to have a little tasteful splash of colour.

No. 106506

You thinking korean and japanese girls are so fashionable when they dont look any better than girls from other countries is pretty cringy. Especially that skirt thats supposed to be knee length but almost drags on the floor on most of them and those disco-tier pants. Neither doesnt fit them properly but they walk around like that anyway. I can get praising scandinavians or parisians on their style but you just sound weeby with bad taste.

No. 106513

You're thinking of street fashion anon. I currently live in Korea and the reason women look so put together here is because of simple pieces that mesh well, as well as doing hair and makeup.

Even when there's high school or university students walking around in sweats and Adidas, they have their hair and makeup done well and they look much more put together.

Simplicity is key in fashion, a well made coat and pair of shoes can help bring an outfit together faster than 20 minutes trying on skirts. Spend the money on a nice item you can wear with other things (hence coat and shoes) and match your wardrobe with basic staples and see how you feel with it.
Try out new hairstyles, new makeup styles. It'll help.

Always remember: putting on earrings makes it look like you've put in a lot more effort than you have.

No. 106514

they aren't

No. 106520

I've started a low/no carb diet and my god I'm so grumpy for no reason.

Is this normal? I just want to grumble and yell and scream but i have no real reason too.

No. 106525

I'm trying to update my skincare routine and have tired lots of new products but I can't find any that really help. My skin is clear but I have really large pores. Any tips or advice?

No. 106526

Yeah I’d say it’s normal to feel grumpy when starting a diet, it’s also common to feel tired. Don’t worry though, it’s just your body adjusting to less carbs and getting energy from different sources that are more complex to break down. Within a few days you’ll feel normal again.

No. 106533

I have the same issue. My skin is quite clear - except for once a month - but my pores are quite large. I've tried a few things like pore refining masks and all but in the end they stay the same and don't change much.

Since years I use pore strips on my nose because of my blackheads but no real change either. I use them twice a week but barely any change. I come to accept them because nothing really helped. Suggestions?

No. 106536

File: 1548491006723.jpg (208.95 KB, 640x591, image_.jpg)

No. 106542

Stop using pore strips on your nose, anon. Determine if your blackheads are actually blackheads and not sebaceous filaments. There are some great routines to help minimize them! R/SCA can be annoying to sift through, but that’s one thing I’ve found that sub to be particularly helpful for.

No. 106554

just did some research and holy shit, Anon, you're right! Those aren't blackheads at all. I didn't know there was any difference in it.
Thank you so much! This helps a lot! Maybe I can still fix my skin a little bit more.

No. 106574

Idk where else to post this so I hope this is accepted.

I hate my teeth. They're straight but yellow. I've tried whitening strips and gel, but my teeth are super sensitive so I end up being in pain from it.

Honestly I'd rather get veneers and be done with it. Any other anons share my pain?

No. 106577

have you tried using a charcoal toothpaste? i tried using this Japanese brand called Sumigaki. i use it to brush with every other day. i didn't notice a difference at first but my parents did and it sort of caught me off guard. it's a subtle difference i guess, maybe i just got used to my teeth being whiter.

No. 106601

also useful tip when you're drinking or eating anything that can stain your teeth, make sure to rinse it with water right after, to not stain your teeth further

No. 106617

NTA but I had heard of these and thought of trying them. Was also gonna suggest coconut oil based whitening products. They’re very gentle!

No. 106622

yep, really gentle.
not sure how the others taste, but the sumigaki toothpaste i use has kind of a grape flavor, and it's barely minty.
it cost me like $8 for a decent sized tube. i haven't finished it yet. i stopped using it after about 3 or 4 weeks because the results show pretty quickly. just save the rest of the tube for later in the year.

No. 106623

File: 1548603015238.jpeg (Spoiler Image,22.68 KB, 609x789, 79B41049-1421-4247-8389-AC5F12…)

Not sure if thats a right thread for this but can i still look ok with a weak jawline like this?

No. 106624

No. 106636


Honestly? Of course you can.

No. 106637

Yes, as long as your nose isn't big and you're not fat

No. 106651

Phew thanks!! My nose size somehow varies in different pics even though i took them from really similar angles and traced a more or less accurate photo, so im not sure if its big or not. But i will try to go pretty anyway

No. 106671

How do I become girlier? I don't know where girls learn to glow up or become so girly but I'd like to learn.

No. 106672

Girlier how?
YouTube will teach you how to use cosmetics, style hair, and shape your eyebrows.

You can mimic outfits from pictures until you learn to put together an outfit.

No. 106681

What is there to get? Wear some natural makeup, make sure your hair is neat (or is up), and put together a nice outfit. Try a sundress, that's hard to screw up.

No. 126755

So where did all of you learn to do hair, makeup, fashion? sheltered only child here whose family never let her really do those things, 25 now and feel like a teen that's still learning, HELP

No. 126759

youtube is a goldmine for makeup and hair tutorials. I recommend lisa eldrige for makeup specifically. but try typing makeup for beginners, maybe other anons can recommend some channels?

I'm more or less in the same boat as you though since what I know about makeup and hair is super limited. fashion too, though pinterest is my go-to. I usually type 'minimalist fashion' or something, whatever kind of look you're going for, for inspiration if nothing else.

No. 132689

How do I get a better and rounder ass? saw myself in the mirror earlier and she's looking a bit more square with straight down dimple wiggles.

No. 132695

squatting while lifting weights is probably the only thing other than surgery

No. 132708

NTA and potentially stupid question, but how do I enhance/maintain my figure while working out? I've got a good waist to hip ratio and round/squishy butt and don't want to lose that, but I'd like to be stronger and more toned. I used to do a bit of weight lifting, cycling, and yoga with a focus on my core. Somehow fucking up my figure or not having some softness to it or getting too big (and needing new clothes) have scared me off a little from getting back into seriously working out and sticking to it.

No. 132712

You can't pick and choose where to lose or gain.
If you want to get stronger and build a butt eat more and lift.

No. 132774

You won't get too big, anon. You'd have to dedicate hours and hours of your time every day to working out before you started getting "big", in terms of muscular.

I'd say the odds are good that you won't lose your basic shape. Your body composition is very difficult to change, if at all, so if you are happy with your current HWR you won't lose it. Butt MAY get less jiggly…that's the only thing. Just don't do weighted squats, maybe. For me personally I'd rather have a 'lifted' butt that was slightly less soft, so I'm in for squats.

No. 132859

Any advice for gaining weight?

I'm 5'2 and 85lbs. I've always been like this and it has nothing to do with anything mental whatsoever. My diet literally consists of fast food, ice cream, chips and 100% soda for liquid. I eat whatever i want with no regard to how healthy it is. But I do have a very small appetite so I only eat very small portions or i'll feel nauseous. One large mcdonalds breakfast can keep me relatively full the whole day without needing to eat much else.

anyway, the only reason i'm interested in changing this is because my body is extremely flat and bony. I actually wear hoodies most of the time to hide my thin arms because i'm embarrassed that they look like sticks, and lately i've also felt embarrassed to even wear jeans because you can see i have no ass at all and I've grown really self-concious about it. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos about growing a butt with exercise that look amazing, but i'm sure that even if i tried it, my body obviously won't pop out a butt from my low body weight.

No. 132864

Hey anon, my starting weight and height are almost identical as yours when I started working out.

You can start with body weight exercises and full body workouts like twice per week until you get the form right. I also have almost no apetite but working out helps a lot and you'll eventually get used to eating more.

If you have a target weight you want to be, use a tdee calculator how much you should be eating to get there and use myfitnesspal to log it all in. It will be a bit overwhelming at first but you'll get used to it.

No. 132869

Are you underage? When you hit your 20s your metabolism will change.

No. 133181

File: 1582321282322.jpg (45.28 KB, 372x372, 3vKeR54.jpg)

Any of you gals waist train? I dont have a great hip to waist ratio and id like to change that a bit, mostly for cosplay but a slight change for the every-day would be nice too.
I currently weightlift and do ab/core exercises three times a week and i have a light ab outline (mostly the v, still working on the I I Lines). I can def see decent progress but id like a little extra help.


No. 133191

File: 1582338345626.jpeg (73.75 KB, 623x499, 115D1E31-7A2A-4478-B864-AA2C61…)

I have really heavy genetic hollows under my eyes, and a correlating lack of support in my upper cheeks. I have the money to get under eye filler but I’ve been digging my heels in actually scheduling an appointment with the doctor, part because I’m terrified of the procedure and am afraid he will punctuate my vein and leave my blind (I know this is extremely rare but it’s still on my mind because I’m a neurotic)but also because of the cost (860$), I feel like its a huge waste of money but then again I waste hours of my life already staring into the mirror agonizing over how ugly they are. I don’t have body/image issues otherwise, besides my teeth which as also busted I like how I look and I feel like if I wasn’t such a coward this could change my life. Farmers, please bully me into not being such a baby. Pic related.

No. 133406

What the other anon said about working out is true, doing that will raise your appetite. Aside from that remember that your stomach is able to stretch and if you try to consistently eat until you're very full, you'll be able to eat more gradually. I also have problems with nausea eating certain greasy foods like croquettes, so if your nausea is similar go for carb-heavy food instead. It seems counterintuitive because it's the opposite of what most diet plans would suggest, but avoiding foods that are super high in protein and fats works best if you're trying to gain weight while getting full easily.

No. 133449

I used to waist train pretty regularly when I was around 18, I was into the goth look and also wanted to alter my songebob body lol.
In combination with diet and workout, I say it did help make a difference. I had a 30+ inch waist and now it’s probably like 25, in addition to losing weight.
I used the steel boned corsets from orchard corset or corset story, been thinking about ordering again. Just remember to order no less than 4” off your natural waist or you’ll risk damaging the corset or hurting yourself.

No. 133450

anon you are me except you aren't cursed with super dark circles (also genetic) to complete the look.
the only thing that's worked for me – and that works rather well, actually – is this product called SubQ Eyes by Hylamide (another range by Deciem). over time it plumps the skin so the eyesocket line isn't as prominent, and i don't wanna jinx it but i feel it's also acting on the darkness of the skin. maybe try it for a couple months before you spend all that cash?

No. 141682

File: 1591889179600.jpg (27.92 KB, 504x500, Body recomp.jpg)

Has anyone made significant improvements in how good they look naked?

I've spent this summer losing a few vanity pounds and it's going well. I seemingly have a cute slim hourglass silhouette, and when I wear well-fitting clothes I'm really happy with my body… but when I take my clothes off, it's like there's no difference no matter how much weight I lose. I look skinnyfat and doughy despite my ribs sticking out, also in an unappealing way. My breasts are so saggy and kind of far apart. A few years ago I was <110lbs at 5'6'' after going through a similar glowup project and I'm soon at that weight again, but even then I never seemed to look nice without clothes despite being a bit underweight already.

I know the solution is improving body composition with strength training, but I guess what I worry about is that I might never be able to get a good-looking body because of how I carry fat and muscle. Looking at real, less edited pictures of women who train a lot (e.g. on Reddit rather than Insta lol), so many end up with a slightly muscular but still kinda skelly anachan look maybe with a small pouch, not really feminine and attractive. And so many of the nice progress photos are obviously shopped or posed in a highly specific way, it's getting hard for me to believe people with normal genetics can look actually attractive even with effort lmfao.

I know it's silly but it makes me so sad. When I started dating my last boyfriend, I wore sheer tights a few times and he was in awe of my legs and always complimented how long they were and how crazy he was about them… but once we got to the stage where I was fully naked, he never said anything about them again kek. I feel like this applies to my whole body too.

Also I feel like getting the toned, healthy, and defined look would still require losing a lot of body fat. Getting toned this way means my breasts will deflate further, and while I'm considering a lift, I don't want implants. I also can't lift heavy because I have bad joints and my sister really damaged hers that way… will higher rep, moderate weight training even make your muscles significantly more defined?

Random googled pic related, it gives me hope, but is it just tricks with flattering lighting?? I just want to look healthy, slim but curvy like I do with clothes pls help

No. 141708

This is gonna sound odd but how about getting a spray tan? Tans seem to show off musculature better than paler skin.

No. 141747

File: 1591966776598.jpg (15.49 KB, 275x273, 1554875326918.jpg)

I wanna make an accountability post.
My daily life atm is really sad. I used to be such an optimistic person and had so many hobbies but I feel almost dead because of shift work/being in a new place/weight gain. I'm having so much trouble feeling confident. I feel like such an outcast and it sucks not being able to even console in myself by feeling confident.

> 23F, 190 lbs (gained 40 in a year)

> Spend ALL my time in front of the computer, unless I work
> Not in school (my biggest goal) and can't work much right now because my lower back hurts like fuck
> Wear my husband's hoodies/long sleeves and slouchy shorts everyday
> Hair looks like trash because I have 2B hair but have no motivation to take care of it because I typically don't leave the house lmao
> Scared to leave the house because new country (despite being here a year) and unfit now.

Hopefully I can check back in a year and have a better life.

No. 141757

Thanks anon, this is actually great advice! I'm really pale and it probably makes things look way worse and vaguely less healthy. My style is kinda low key goth so being pasty works with that but maybe a subtler tan would already improve things.

No. 141873

So do those skin/hair/nail pills actually work? And if so, what is the timer frame where you start to see results? A month or longer? And are fish oil pills a meme?

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