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No. 58242

Post the (Somewhat reasonable) Dreams you always had but are literally Impossible.

I always wanted to be a model, since i was a kid but i never grew past 5'1 and ended up being allergic to cosmetics.

Still makes me lowkey suicidal when i think of it.

No. 58252

I wanted to model too. My mom did it when she was around my age, but my skin isn't clear enough yet. I'll probably attempt it when my face gets better but by then I might be too old.

Luckily I was never interested in runway modeling because I'm only 5'4

No. 58254

I want to move to Los Angeles and became an iconic singer

Just a pipe dream

No. 58264

I've always wanted to be an author and it was pretty realistic back when I was a kid and I had wild story ideas and much better language skills than my peers. But then I stopped writing for years in order to get through school/college and my writing skills are so poor due to being out of practise….can't see myself ever writing an entire novel now.

I wished I had written a novella as a kid when I had lots of time to spare and I was still really creative. I remember seeing a girl the same age as me on tv when I was around 11 who published a book and I was insanely jealous lol.

No. 58270

ooh I wanted to act. I still do tbh. I'm pretty young (not underage, but close) but I'm weird looking and I don't even know what kind of roles I'd get as I want to act for a camera and not on stage. I spend a lot of time reenacting scenes from things or writing my own and acting them out so it's always been a fantasy of mine. Maybe I could look into screenwriting, idk.

No. 58292

When I was a little kid I wanted to join a secret society like the free masons or to become a politician and make the world a better place, alas i was a woman and my family moved countries halfway through my life making the politician thing impossible

No. 58293

I miss uni. I wish I could afford to study for life. There is something about uni culture that is so invigorating and safe-feeling.

No. 58307

I wanted to be an actress. Too bad I was fat and never did anything theatre related. Ow well

No. 58311

I wanted to live by myself.
First I lived with my overbearing divorcee parents, then they wouldn't let me move out until I got a boyfriend because they were scared I wouldn't be able to take care of myself, I've lived with that boyfriend for 4 years now because I don't have enough money to move out. Next year I'll be studying abroad for a year but I'm staying with a family with little kids.
I'm in my mid twenties, I'll never get to live alone.

No. 58313

I wanted to be a rich, but reclusive author. I loved the idea of having a lot of money for my writing but didn't want to be bothered with fame. I still have a lot of ideas and stories in my head but the path life has taken me has made it hard to be able to sit and write since my attention is constantly needed elsewhere.

No. 58314

I've also wanted to be a novelist forever. I suppose I still could become a published author someday, but I wanted to start off very young for the novelty effect (e.g. Eragon author) and now I'm 25 so it's not really impressive at all to have a book or two under your belt. Ah well.

No. 58315

File: 1492447379785.jpg (72.12 KB, 427x640, Ely8ql.jpg)

Ever since I discovered rainbow in middle school I wanted to be a kpop idol. But that will never happen because I'm black.

No. 58316

Rania has a black member, but well, she's just there because they wanted to be in the news once more time.

No. 58317

>>58315 same i always wanted to be a japanese idol lol but i am fat and ugly and my singing and stamina is very horrible and lives very far from japan …

No. 58321

I essentially want to be Grace Neutral/ Monami Frost level of tattoo coverage and blackwork but I'm so broke. I am also overweight and have BED and have never once consistently healthily lost weight.

No. 58325


Wanted to be a Japanese school teacher at an all girl's school where I fall in love with the nurse and the students ship us (incredibly specific, I know)

To write an award winning screen play that leads to me being the screenwriter of a marvel film

Start a popular podcast a la Nightvale

Be the assistant to a female CEO and end up on her payroll and basically become a trophy wife

No. 58326

Les or male? This is /g/ for girls

No. 58328

I wanted to be an actress, well, I still do. Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to begin (22, while most actors get into big drama schools in their teens), but first of all I have to get out of my shithole of a hometown. Can't get acting classes if there aren't any in your city.

No. 58329

One day I won't want to kill myself and my brain will work normally. Lol.

That anyone will ever look at me and consider me "smol". I'm 5'9", broadish shoulders, and hourglass with hips to match shoulders.

I really just want to leave my family behind and find a quiet house in the woods for me and my dogs. I want to be alone.

No. 58330

I'm 5'3" and always wanted to be tall, wanna switch?

No. 58333

File: 1492457289632.jpg (197.9 KB, 700x904, c84db408aea2358b7e43ca6f6ac5bd…)

This is going to sound ridiculous but I want to be a beautiful fairy princess living in a cute mushroom castle in the middle of an ancient forest. I want a giant garden where I can gather ingredients to cast spells and use herbs to bake things in the kitchen. And I want little mini cats with glittering fairy wings to live with me too lol

No. 58336

>I really just want to leave my family behind and find a quiet house in the woods for me and my dogs. I want to be alone.

Me too, though I'd have to get a lot of disposable income somehow so I wouldn't have to go to work either.

Anon that is fucking adorable, too bad it's not an attainable impossible dream. I guess you could always build a mushroom shaped house in the woods and study herbology. Adopt some small cats and wear a pair of Renaissance Faire wings.

No. 58342

That is too fucking cute. Have you ever thought about writing children's books? Something about what you said made me so nostalgic for all the fairytales I read as a child.

No. 58343

Over the Garden Wall made me so sad tbh because it made me desperately wish I lived in a fairytale.

No. 58348

Yes please.

Me too, anon. It would be such a sweet, simple life. Maybe one day

No. 58350

TFW you will never be a folk singer who travels across the united states singing ballads about love and loss.

TFW you will never have a cute southern accent.

Why live.

I suppose it isn't so bad, I still work in a creative field, but there's something about music that seems very special about music.

No. 58352

I always wanted to be an opera singer. Can't sing for shit though

No. 58354

>little mini cats with glittering fairy wings
I'm imagining them and it's fucking cute, I wish someone would write an illustrated children's book with fairy kittens

No. 58359

I'm lesbian, no worries. It's why I would prefer an all girl's school. Higher chance of a cute nurse or principle who is also incredibly gay. And the idea of students who support us and draw fan art of us and stuff would be really cute.

You can have my southern accent, anon. People tend to either think they're cute or the trait of an inbred redneck, but they are kind of necessary as a folk singer, I guess.

No. 58366

I've always wanted to be deeply and totally in love with someone, and they love me back. I feel like every guy cheats, no matter what. I just cant imagine being able to trust someone ever. Maybe dying alone isnt so bad.

No. 58367

If it's any comfort, 'talent' can only get you so far. I live in a block of flats under a professional opera singer, and trust me when I say she sounds horrible 99% of the time when she's rehearsing. But that's because she's, y'know, rehearsing - not performing on stage. I used to sing in a church choir (both as an adult and as a child) and by the time we were ready to perform we'd get so sick of all the songs we never wanted anything to do with them ever again.

Even if you have a beautiful voice you're going to sound like shit without vocal training, so all might not be lost. Go to a music school and ask to try out for solo singing.

No. 58373

File: 1492482566258.gif (625.41 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o882v0YIll1sv5krro1_500…)

I wish I could live in a Ghibli movie. Maybe the town in Kiki's Delivery Service. People just seem kinder. There's no pettiness or cattiness or stupid drama like you see with people daily.
I just want a nice, simple life, surrounded by kind people who have nothing but kindness in their hearts.

No. 58374

Do you not understand what the word reasonable means

No. 58375

you sound mad about something. it's still the impossible dreams thread. who gives a fuck

No. 58376

Not really lmao. You're the one who sounds mad.

No. 58377

File: 1492487065905.jpeg (28.14 KB, 584x558, 983B02EA-422C-4E93-8F64-04E09D…)

I wish I lived in the kingdom hearts universe and could just bounce around Disney worlds all day and believe in the power of friendship and all that shit

Pic unrelated

No. 58379

i wish that i was talented.

my SO is a talented artist. my sister is a talented artist. both my parents were smart as fuck and had STEM careers. i don't fit with none of them. i'm not smart or good at anything.

i constantly daydream about being a good artist, maybe playing an instrument, sometimes just being a girl who is smart as fuck. but i'm none of that, and i'll never be.

No. 58384

Think of talent like sprinkles (I feel like onision lol) and hard work is the cake. Every cake is better with sprinkles, a little rubbish cake will always look better with sprinkles than a nice plain cake can look without, but you can still make a damn good cake without.
Pick something for you and stick with it, it doesn't matter if it's art or learning code, just something for you. Work at it.

No. 58415

My biggest dream has always been to go back to secondary school. I fantasise about going back in time and dating lots of people, going to parties and maybe even going abroad as an exchange student (essentially making the most of my teen years).

There have been a couple of cases of adults enrolling in schools before and it makes me kind of jealous lol.

No. 58631

File: 1492731341350.jpg (83.42 KB, 1000x562, 635735440206018523-314796901_s…)

As a kid I always wanted to be the pretty rich girl who's kinda lonely because she doesn't have any siblings and befriends the shy new girl at school, taking her under my wing and going on like a huge shopping spree complete with a montage and junk and we're total besties

Basically I wanted to be the best friend character in a shitty 90's movie lmao

No. 58645

My dream is an alteration of this happening where I'm the shy girl, I get pulled under the popular girl's wing as a sort of "pet project"/sympathy case, but then we end up becoming closer and she has to act all tsundere in public because she's embarrassed of her growing affections.

Eventually, one of us confesses and we get married and get 2 dogs and 3 rats and a nice loft apartment with a backyard and my own herb garden and she goes off and does her passions while I spend my time on copy writing jobs and writing my screenplay on the side.

No. 58759

grace neutral fangirl anon here fucking hell thank you for this motivation

No. 58770

pls marry me

No. 58788

I wish I was a dictator

No. 58791

gurl same

No. 58796

I think the closest you'd get to that is just playing shitloads of Tropico 4 lol

I remember when I was like 7 I wanted to be a cool girl fighter pilot with a ~*kawaii*~ codename like Destiny Angel from the 2005 Captain Scarlet reboot but my eyesight and hand-eye coordination are utter shit lmao

Also at one point I wanted to be an author but then secondary school was a thing and now I have no ideas for anything anymore, I'm pretty sure someone earlier in the thread experienced something similar.

I suppose I need a new life goal but I honestly don't even know.

No. 58799

talent is a scam excuse for lazy people. sure, some people may be more drawn to art or have higher iq but all memes aside, everything (most things) is possible.

No. 58802

I wanted to be a model too and I almost have the height for it (I'm around 5'7"-5'8") but I was too autistic back when I was young and now I'm turning 23.

I also always wanted to be asian, which is…. well, obviously impossible.

No. 58822

instead of wasting time daydreaming, start practicing something you want to do? No one is born talented, they work for it.

No. 58823

I want to be pretty & feminine. I try to be the best 'me' I can but I have so many masculine traits. I'd need a butt load of PS and I can't afford that/don't want it.

I'm also thirsty for athletes so I wish I went to school for something that would let me be around them. Reporter, social media, sports medicine, translator etc. Or just a WAG. It's too late for me now.

No. 58825

I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. I begged my parents to enroll me in the professional school at my city when i was like 7 but they'd ignored me and by the time they wanted me too switch schools i was fat and depressed and "didn't want to do it anymore"

No. 58826

I wanted to be a model but I used to self harm and the scars ruined any chances at that.

No. 58848

Literally impossible: I always wished like I was born mixed. All the previous generations of my family were mixed to some extent and ended up with gorgeous features but basically by the time my mom was born she was mostly black with some small amounts of native american and white but she at least LOOKED mixed race and had ""good hair"". Then she got knocked up by a guy who literally looks like a silverback gorilla and I inherited most of his family's appearance. I hate it so much.

Could have happened but I squandered my chance and now it's impossible: I've always wanted to live in Germany. Europe in general has interested me but I got super into the German language and fell in love with what I learned about the culture and saw of the country. But I got a fairly worthless degree at the urging of my family, not a lot of job experience, and barely any money saved up. I'm pretty sure I'll kill myself before I ever even get a chance to visit.

No. 58865


>Then she got knocked up by a guy who literally looks like a silverback gorilla and I inherited most of his family's appearance.

My sides.

Anyway, I'm sure you're not that ugly anon, and being mixed doesn't automatically make a person attractive.

No. 59003

when i was a kid i wrote in my diary "i wish i was so pretty that all the boys would fall in love with me"

i actually got my wish because i started hanging out with geeks (thanks to going to an all girl school and having no friends that play vidya) and most of those dudes (even the NEETS who were much older than me) had crushes on me because i was the only person there who didnt have a y chromosome. they were all pretty gross and socially awkward so i wasn't too interested! theres at least three dudes from that group who are still pining after me like i was the ~one that got away~

but too bad i meant that i wanted cute boys to like me, that never really happened, only crazy dudes. my boyfriend's the only cute, not crazy, not socially awkward guy to have ever liked me.

i wanted to be a singer when i was younger. unfortunately i'm fucking awful at singing. i have a soft apparently attractive voice and several people have told me that they bet i'd be great at singing if i tried. i've tried. you don't want to hear me try.

No. 59009

To generalize, I've always wanted to be famous. I would really like to be in movies or make music. I'm too shy and self conscious to act though and not committed enough to get better at music.

Same! I'm "too old" now, but a girl can dream…

No. 59013

Can confirm I'm mixed and I'm fuckin busted lmao.

No. 59025

I'm mixed but I turned out white with mixed features, which is a horrible combination. While my features would be beautiful if my skin tone were deeper, they look fucking weird with my white piggy pink skin oh my fucking God. My family teases me relentlessly. I remind myself of a piece of bacon when I'm active/excited/laughing a lot because of the redness. It makes me feel like one of those animals that are raised by another kind of animal and adopts their mannerisms and traits and doesn't have the crisis until they're old enough to realize Something Isn't Right.

No. 59028

I would watch this movie

No. 59032

I'm a tattoo artist but I want to be hot enough to do something stupid like tattoo my fucking sclera. stunning hot mess is my impossible dream.
>tfw would rivalfuck grace neutral into oblivion, tattoo out initals on each other while we're still in bed, then never see each other again

No. 59033

I wanted to study physics, turns out I'm a consistently awful student, exams make me ill and I'm dyscalculic (can't math). I think all the time things like 'I could be choosing my masters right now'. I know it's not technically impossible but currently it definitely is.

No. 59047

I've always wanted to excel at STEM, either as a biologist or maybe something combining 3D animation, programming, and physics. I'm too fucking garbage at math to do that, though. I'm good at analysis and memorization, but math turns everything into a jumble.

Also, I still wish I was hot and had a petite body frame.
>tfw broad shouldered

I'm mostly Asian looking with white-ish features, but man, that fucking red-ass flush from the most minor things is the worst. My first derm even diagnosed me with Rosacea (turns out I just have really pink undertones).

No. 59067

biology doesn't require any math at all though? all my bio major friends are shit at math and think it's hard. you can still do bio, it's all just memorization anyway

No. 59068

also how are you asian but don't have a petite figure? that's kind of interesting

No. 59078

wanned to be really pretty
ended up kind of ugly :'''D

No. 59084

Not all Asian's are petite, silly goose.

No. 59090

File: 1493252481750.jpg (70.56 KB, 359x450, d677461.jpg)


No. 59095

Really? I'm under the impression Calculus or a laterally difficult class is required for a Bachelors in Science, and more advanced classes are required for grad school. I guess I'll take a closer look at accumulating STEM credits as a fall back in case art doesn't work out for me (lel). But I'm really terrible at math, and not in a cute way. It's like reading a book in a foreign script like Urdu or something and trying to write an literary analysis about it.

I'm half-white, but yeah, there's a lot of diversity of body types even among (and between) homogenous populations (which aren't actually that homogenous) in East/South East Asia.

>those proportions
I'm sweating. Also the only thing that makes me feel better about my broad shoulders is that it makes my head look smaller and gives me a taller looking body ratio.

No. 59115

Holy shit, she's like a real life elf proportions.

No. 59118

Holy shit 10/10 would be the little spoon.

No. 59122

File: 1493273806228.jpeg (13.01 KB, 201x232, blush.jpeg)

No. 59123

Reading most of these dreams makes me feel hopeful, kind of like I'm not alone.

No. 59132

She's from Kazakstan. Lotsa tall girls there.

No. 59134

She's so cute she makes me hate myself


No. 59159

same anon, I wish I could live in the Spirited Away bath house.

No. 59166

File: 1493318899083.gif (1.82 MB, 500x270, tumblr_onwcbmkjNH1tknp1oo1_500…)

I always wanted to open a small and personal coffee shop in a rustic town, vintage style (think persona 5 leblanc) and have it decorated with all-cat style, so pastries would be cute kitten forms, the cups would be cute cat forms, etc. With a nice fireplace, delicious home-made pastries and an incredible coffee smell. Basically a comfy second-home style.
Realistically i'm too poor to own a buisness and it wouldn't last that much because small business get crushed pretty fast, so i'm salty that it most likely won't happen. But i'm still saving up for it so in the future, i'll hopefully be the kind old lady who owns a cute cat coffee shop in a small mountain village, lmao.
This dream would be made even 1000x better if it was owned by me and my cute supportive boyfriend/husband, who helps me at everything and is kind and helpful and we basically live in a ghibli movie irl, but alas, real life.

Also, I always wished i could become a movie/tv actress, but realistically i'm fucking awkward in front of cameras and i cannot afford to train for it.

No. 59167

I want to be a video game streamer. I feel so embarrassed to even post this anonymously. It's the dumbest thing. I don't have the charisma or looks for it. I don't even know why I have such a random desire. It just seems like fun I guess. Plenty strangers to talk to. It's a career you can have a lot of individualism in and control over. My current jobs are the total opposite and I'm miserable.

I also want to build my own home by myself out in the country with pigs, hens, a greenhouse, and a strong internet connection. Very unattainable. Why do I have such a compulsion to do things myself?

No. 59171

when i was a little kid, i used to fantasize about dating a girl as a boy. i hoped some cute feminine girl would notice me when i hit high school and had this whole self-deprecating-but-earnest artsy loner shtick, but all that happened was some straight girls teased me in front boys that they wanted to impress.

i have a boyfriend now, and i really do love him. but at the same time, it'd be really neat to have a relationship with a girl. ideally to just bone a ton of messy art chicks, but it'd be cute to be some girl's doofy butch gf. bf is monogamous as hell, and he's not interested in threesomes. i'd never go behind his back or anything, but man. i can't read cute yuri stories or classicl lez fiction without feeling this awkward longing.

(to be fair, even if i didn't have a bf, i probably wouldn't be getting laid anyway. i've never had a close female friendship past elementary school on account of being awkward/not having anything to talk about w girls. i dress like an average boring male nerd, have bad skin, and lift on the reg but don't build muscle. not at all "daddy" material U~U )

No. 59172

I'm also guilty of this. I wish I worked in a comfy library in the countryside. It would have low influx of people, so I'd spend a long time reading, until it was time to go home and I would walk to my home, watching the sunset.

No. 59173

I'd totally date someone like you, anon.

I only dated men but it's just because I'm way too awkward to talk to girls. I'm very feminine in style as well, and I found that back when I was a tomboy girls didn't make me nearly as nervous. Now they can judge my make-up and style while they couldn't before.

>not having anything to talk about w girls
just talk about the same shit you talk to boys? The few interactions I have with girls are always on the exact same subject as with boys (college stuff, games, anime, etc).

No. 59189

File: 1493332364942.jpg (76.19 KB, 288x402, 1493203134041.jpg)

I've literally never understood girls who say it's easier to make friends with guys. How?

No. 59190


Idk. I have mostly guy friends and I made them because I was into anime and videogames before it was cool (inb4 hipster, no… I was literally that weird nerdy chick no one really liked till 11th grade)

My female friends from elementary school grew apart from me during that period, but I had stuff in common with the nerdy guys and they could tell I wasn't just faking it for attention.

Someone said it's easier to impress guys and make them like you by being awkward, while girls need a different set of social skills and I think that's true.

No. 59193

But it's so much easier to talk about the deep stuff with girls. Guys only care about making stupid jokes.

No. 59196

I agree, women are always stereotyped as being super emotional but if I get too deep with my guy friends they can't handle it lol, I mentioned in passing that I used to self-harm because it was relevant to a conversation I was having with my friends and one of them just started fucking crying and I had to lighten the mood by making jokes about it. I think that's why I get along with guys better actually, I don't really like getting deep too often.

No. 59199

>Guys only care about making stupid jokes.
Holy fuck this.

I did my best to make conversation with some german guy and one day, he out of the blue mentioned that he enjoyed talking to me because it's different than when he's hanging out with this group of guy friends. Said it was more "serious" when we talked and that his friends just laugh and crack jokes all the time. I thought he didn't like his friends or something but later realized what it meant.

Not to mention whenever I'm talking to guys online they're really bad at opening up. They're always spouting overdone memes and making lame jokes and it's totally boring.

No. 59202

haha, thanks. it would make sense to talk to girls the same way i talk to boys, but as >>59190 said, guys tend to find awkwardness charming, whereas girls find it off-putting. it might help to qualify that i don't have that many friends to begin with. i tend to befriend a very specific kind of nerdy/artsy guy with mother issues, and then spend most of the time cracking jokes as per >>59196, and then part of the time talking through his emotional issues (matilda bernstein sycamore's relationship model: "First you reveal everything, and then when you can't think of anything else to reveal you go deeper.") this sort of guy is attracted to awkwardness because it makes a girl seem more obtainable (see https://theblog.okcupid.com/the-mathematics-of-beauty-51bd25ae9a75 ). i've had all but one friend admit to me that they mainly talk to me because they're tryna fuqq and hope that i'll eventually break down and throw them a bone. it sort of sucks to have your friends want something from you that you're not able to fulfill, but it is probably better than having no friends?

No. 59210

File: 1493350606352.jpg (35.08 KB, 404x600, fb.jpg)

pfft me too. i used to visit websites like supermodels.nl all the time back when i was around 10/11 and wanted to be like Gemma Ward and Jessica Stam. I wanted to be a high end supermodel for Christian Dior who lived in LA in a mansion. Also Paris Hilton was my everything.

No. 59212

so many things, but most of them to do with appearance.

I grew up non-white in a mostly white city and so I was ugly by default (I was still actually ugly, though). guys used to ask me out or call me hot as a joke. didn't really have a lot of friends either in childhood or adolescence so I am now basically incapable of enjoying interaction with other people. probably doesn't help that I've been depressed since I was a kid either.

I was also slightly chubby through middle/high school and then a year ago I stopped eating on purpose to lose weight. I wouldn't call it an eating disorder though. I'm very underweight right now and I still think I look hideous.

idk I just feel like it would be nice to know what it's like to be a Pretty Girl (TM) for even one stage of my life. Now I'm going to grow old and ugly so I'll never know what that's like. other than that I'd like to just know what it's like to want and have a human connection because I'll never really experience that specific kind of fulfilment.

No. 59245

Being thin

No. 59264

I've always wanted to be a semi-famous musician. Kind of underground but well-known in small circles with devoted fans. I would go on tour and people would tell me how my music affected them. People would take pictures with me and some would have dedicated websites or fan accounts to me. It's kind of embarrassing. but I really just want to be admired by people for contributing something to the world.

No. 59266

I honestly don't know and that makes me kind of sad. I'm just not an ambitious person I guess. I don't think that's a bad thing but it worries me a bit. I guess I'm just cool with floating by doing nothing important. Sometimes I feel bad that I don't want "more" but why would I really?

No. 59267

Samefagging but I'd just like to clarify, I'm not a NEET or anything. I have a job and a place and all, I'm just content with that.

No. 59285

>Pretty Girl (TM)
Go back to tumblr you spergy loser and get some real humour whilst you're at it

No. 59287

I wish I was a genius.
I don't need to be the next Stephen Hawking or anything, but I wish I was good at math, better than average, enough for a career. I love science and math and I'm always so fascinated by it, but I'm helpless with math myself. I watch and read about science and sometimes I even cry wen I hear the scientists talk about their area of knowledge. I want to be them. I can never have my dream career simply because I'm not smart enough. I don't care about being pretty or having a nice house, I just want to be really smart, mathematically and logically.

No. 59301

hey anon! hearing this kinda stuff makes my heart sympathetically twinge because i also felt the same way for a long while– that i loved science, but was too poor at math to succeed in it. but this blog post did a lot to encourage me to switch from a philosophy to chemistry major; https://fledglingphysicist.com/2013/12/12/if-susan-can-learn-physics-so-can-you/

if you're struggling with general mathematical skills, khanacademy is a great way to build those up; https://www.khanacademy.org/exercisedashboard

in addition, if you're interested in the general principles behind mathematics but feel hideous dread as soon as numbers appear (i speak from personal experience) take a look at http://www.people.vcu.edu/~rhammack/BookOfProof/

No. 59302


Are you me, anon? This how I feel about myself too and I have no idea how to change that. I wish I would have enough discipline and stick to my goal.

I would love to see myself doing some artsy stuff and live in a big city and having a nice and aesthetically pleasant group of people who make art as well. Also finding somebody to love.

No. 59308

The idea behind Susan Fowler's post is good but she's known for embellishing her achievements and making herself look better/smarter than she really is. That's her whole thing, "oppressed girl in tech/STEM", and I'm not just talking about the Uber blogpost (which I believe was perfectly valid on her part, fwiw). She claims she's studied at unis where she only took a couple of online summer courses a few times and said she's worked at a million different 'startups' even though she's a freelancer doing gig work (or was, don't really know what she's up to now). I'd take any claims she makes with a grain of salt.

As for the concept of 'talent' for any particular skill (science, maths, whatever), Mindset by Carol Dweck is a great book even though it does get preachy and repetitive at times. Thanks for the other links btw!

No. 59319

i did not know that about fowler, but it makes sense. i've seen some people dismiss her physics blogpost on the basis that, having studied at so many prestigious universities and worked with so many startups, she must be a genius outlier and thus no one should hope to emulate her. so it makes more sense that she embellishes her record. and thank you for the book recommendation!

No. 59327

I also used to want to own a cute cafe of my own. However I've settled for the idea of just opening a stall at the farmer's market with my homemade pastries

No. 59337

Aww anon, but this is actually an achievable dream! You can do it!

No. 59345

I want to be cute and stylish, but I'm ugly, too poor to go shopping as often I would like to, and I'm shit at doing makeup or even picking what would suit me because of my skin color (I look like I'm permanently sick). I just look like an ugly normie right now but that's a vast improvement compared to what I was like as a teenager.

I also wish I had some sort of internet presence somehow. Like for example, having a lot of followers on twitter and be able to talk to them about fun stuff whenever I want to. But I really don't want people I know irl to find me and to judge me so I'm avoiding getting in that situation.

The thing I'd say seem the most unrealistic to me is getting a small comfy flat just for myself, and stable job that doesn't require me to keep working even after my work day is over, and be able to play video games at home whenever I want, cook whatever I want, and just have more freedom in general. Right now I'm living with my family and we're so many that I can't even do simple things such as sleeping early if I'm tired because everyone else is doing their things and being noisy for example. And once I'll get out, I'll probably have to have roommates because the only places where their are jobs are expensive cities.

Same tbh, it seems really fun because you can have a lot of people to talk to about the video games you like. I'd never try to do it though, I like staying anonymous online.

No. 59682

Also wanted to model. I hit my height of 5'0 at age 11. Also when I got big tits. First boyfriend dated me just for having tits so my self image was warped for all of my adolescence. I'm trying to lose weight so I can at least be a fake instagram model if nothing else.

Aside from that, I also really wanted to be a lawyer. While this isn't an impossibility I got discouraged really early on because i'm shy and everytime i've ever tried to pursue it i got shot down by people for having such a soft voice so I gave up. My grades weren't good enough for a good enough college anyway. I legitimately have no fall back if art doesn't work out though and that petrifies me.

I want to be a cute dancing/singing idol (a la japanese idols) but i'm obviously one, not japanese, and two, 25. I'm debating going for it anyway when i reach my weight goal in a year and just seeing if i can gain any traction, even if it's just a tiny online following. I can sing and dance, and exercise daily so endurance isn't an issue, i just don't know how to compose music or sew so it's still a long shot..

and the finally just in general i'm one of the weebs that always felt kind of sad i wasn't born a kawaii japanese girl in japan. I like the culture (outside of anime even).

I'm less fetishizey about it now than i was in my teens but i still sometimes look in the mirror and kind of sigh about it.
Ah well. I believe in reincarnation so maybe if i wish on it enough i can be a kawaii idol in the next life.

No. 59683

Anonchan, making a popular podcast isn't that far off of a dream. If you or any of your friends are any good at voice acting/are willing to put in the work to GET good at it, and if you can write a good interesting story you could totally do it. If Nightvale can gain most of their success on one voice actor for the first videos, you can easily do it even if you have to do it alone.

I believe in you. Invest in a good mic, a pop filter, and learn to edit audio and you can do it!

No. 59792

I would love to be rich enough to be able to afford all the clothes I wanted when I younger, and do crazy all-out themed photo shoots with props and everything in them now. I really want to live out my 13 year old scene queen fantasy with huge hair and gloomy bear shit, but I can't justify spending money on clothes/accessories that will only be worn once plus I'm too shy to actually organize a photoshoot, feels bad man

No. 59856

I'm pretty similar to you anon: i was always very tall, so from kindergarten on, everybody told me i should model. Now i'd really like to but i completely ruined myself by gaining weight and not being able to lose it for years…

My dream is not being an idol, but since i love japanese (visual kei) bands i'd really love to be a guitarist. After i finished school i saved money to buy myself a guitar.
That was 3 years ago and i still haven't done anything, it's so frustrating.

Has anybody else the problem of wanting to be a little bit 'special', like not super famous, but still not just living a boring life with a normal job…?

No. 59881

You should go pick up your guitar right now and practice. Guitar is hard to learn but if it's something you want to do you should just sit down and do it. There's lots of decent beginner shit on youtube to get you started and sometimes live teachers aren't too expensive (Shop around and see).

I believe in you though, you can totally be a guitarist if you practice, and people LOVE female guitarists (Since usually girls pick up bass which people incorrectly think is "easier." )


but i have that same problem with wanting to be special. I mean on one hand, I have more natural talents than most people (I can sing and dance, which a lot of people can't do even with training) but i don't think there's room enough int he world for two Adeles (i.e. a whale with a good voice).

I also can't write music for shit. I was considering just singing covers of songs I like on youtube and see if anyone likes it but i don't know the legal issues regarding that.

No. 59896

All my hopes and wishes are going to an end. At this rate the last thing I will try is to become Instagram famous, but even there is so saturated and I'm not willing to take hoe like photos. So pretty much done with anything modeling related. When I was younger I had the chance to do glamour bikini lingerie modeling but was in an abusive relationship and the partner made me decide between him or modeling, but with a catch. He took me from my home country and if I chose modeling I would never be able to go live in the US to start my modeling gigs. He would send me back home.

So yeah. Sorry this thread and for venting

No. 59906

I always dreamed of becoming a singer/pop star, but I wasn't even sure where to start or was given a sense of direction.

I still want to make music but the only instruments I have are my voice and GarageBand on my iPad (which I don't even use).

I kinda wanna start making videos and uploading on YouTube but with the whole situation going on, I just don't know.

Should I pursue it or stay focused on my current goals of getting my law degrees? Singing was always my passion, it'd be a shame to lose that artistic sense of me.

No. 59914

Thanks a lot, anon! I guess i really need to pull my shit together and start doing something.

No. 59931

A friend of mine is in med school and just made an audition to X Factor. So yes, you can always try

No. 59936

I wanted to be an idol but that never worked out. Thank god too because even looking at my past videos and pictures makes me cringe

Recently I've wanted to make games. But that's never going to happen career-wise. No matter what I've tried I could never get my feet off the ground and spending months upon years making a game only to get like 200 downloads really kills my motivation. I'm still doing it as a hobby though but making the choice to stop dreaming about being a developer was hard. I knew it would never be a high paying job and it's extremely stressful. But making games is the only thing in my life that I've actually liked doing and could see through until the end.

Now I'm pouring my time and efforts into just trying to have a sustainable life. Doing a normal job while saving up to open my own shop in my 30s.
I just want to do something creative but lately it feels like even that is an impossible dream.

No. 59943

I always wanted to be pretty. My mothers side of the family is really thin while my fathers side has a lot of overweight people. I was born with the worst combination of the two. I have a really thin boy like body, weighing around 90lbs, but a fat ass face. If you just saw my face you would think I was overweight, I hate it. All my cousins are so pretty:(

Another thing I wanted was to be internet famous, back in the Myspace days I had a small presence but it died along with it. It just felt nice having people to talk to who had similar interests as you.

I always dreamed of being an artist, singer, or dancer. I lack creativity and talent so rip

No. 59961

Hi Sabrina

No. 59982

i'm a dancer, but i have a crippling fear of expressing myself in front of people. im also one of those fat pro-ana bloggers who gains and looses weight every month and am frequently sick from chronic illnesses that make me more anxious. i didn't have support while growing up so i dance two-four hours everyday in my room and in my garage, i do tons of conditioning, lift weights, go running, and even though im fat im really ripped underneath it and can do flips and handstands and shit. ive been doing this routine for years and i know i look good but anxiety made me never want to do it in public. the few times ive danced around people years ago fueled me to become a lot better at it in private but my ocd makes me obsessed with the criticism things people said to me when i was 10 and doing jpop covers very poorly in psuedo fairy-kei and cosplays. i know those things arent true anymore, i made them not true, but i cant bring myself to dance again and im too old to be cute doing it anymore, plus fat and filled with so much damn self hate. idk, idol dreams and dancer dreams dead.

No. 59999

File: 1494209612215.jpg (148.48 KB, 1080x1080, 17662296_1441688045895754_4668…)

I wanted to be a cute asian girl. The type that's shy, small and has long straight black hair. Basically a shoujo protagonist. I feel like asian girls are neutral when it comes to the preference of guys. Like, they probably won't get rejected because they're so cute. However, I'm the complete opposite and a bit to outspoken. Like the kind of girl guys like to hit(?). I'm lowkey an asiaboo.

Also, how does one overcome this. I have slight body dysmorphia so the only way I know I'm obese and ugly is through photos. It makes me really anxious and has greatly affected my posture. I'm like quasimodo.

No. 60004

that's a Korean isn't it? I can tell because of the unnatural jaw surgery.

No. 60006

Yeah she's Korean. You've got a good eye but I still think she's beautiful.

No. 60010

What race are you anon?

If you are white, asian, latin (sometimes) and black guys like white girls

If you are black then latin, white, and some asian guys like black girls

If you are something else, then same thing. Just work on making yourself the cute protagonist of your own story. You don't have to be a petite asian girl.

No. 60013

one way to get over it is by finding ppl of your ethnicity you think look good and try to emulate them\ remember theres a bunch of asian girls who wish they were born white

instead of daydreaming about being born asian just work towards being the best version of you

but what do you specifically find attractive about asian girls other than shortness?
> their skin? improve ur skin regimen and diet (asian diets r pretty good w/ all the vegetables they incorporate)
> slenderness?
> their silky straight dark hair?
> fuller lips?

obvi don't yellow face but i think its alright to look at different beauty standards and adopt them somewhat

No. 60014

oh wait i just assumed that anon was white

just replace white w. whatever ethnic u are

No. 60015

File: 1494223510479.jpg (32.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I've always wanted to be a femme fatale type but it really doesn't translate well in real life…I'm also way too much of a cry baby and have absolutely zero confidence

No. 60016

imo the "femme fatale look" is really just that, a look. and it's not about the aesthetic that's glamorous, but who it's on. for example, kaya sco can work effy as a character but she can also work "proper 18th century handmaiden". "femme fatale" is like clothing she wears.
on the other hand in real life, more often than not, it looks like the clothes is wearing the person. guys will see the girl dressed like effy and think "she looks like a hoe/druggie" without regard to her personality. girls will look at the girl with corsets, red lipstick etc and think "mis matching/trying too hard". post pics on Instagram of yourself with mascara running? edgy 13 year old.

also i've met some innocent looking "good girls" who turned out to be huge man eaters/femme fatales so i guess character doesn't often reflect physical appearances

No. 60018

File: 1494225497279.jpg (122.82 KB, 690x920, 006z6nxLgy1ff9szpfhm2j30j60pka…)


I'd rather not share my race to avoid any generalization by lurkers. However, thank you for the advice. I find Asian beauty/health philosophies superior.

No. 60019

Being outgoing, confident, bubbly and being tomboy-ish but still feminine.

I tried a few times but eh… I have depression, anxiety and shitty social skills. I end up being so so so tired after hanging out with people and I never know what to say. I'm just not the type to somehow join in a conversation.
And acting confident often ends up with me -looking- like a bitch.
I can pull off a tomboyish style but I have the body of a boy - no boobs at all, no waist and broad shoulders. I was never "socialized to be female" and my gestures etc are kind of…male-ish. I just really hate it and am not sure how to change that. I'd be really embarrassed if I went full femme overnight, it's not what people are used to and I'd be getting really weird looks. Kind of accepted that I'll always be the weird shy girl, but idk.

No. 60022

I want to work in the film industry which is just a dumb dream to have at least for me. I don't really care about making it big or being famous I just love movies and I love writing and editing things and I'd like to try acting but I know you have to start as a PA and work your ass off and network if you want to break into the industry and I just KNOW I don't have that kind of drive.

No. 60030

I wish I was a pretty polyglot European girl in the 1970s, maybe from Sweden, Denmark or France. Riding bikes, reading newspapers, no technology, no cares.

No. 60049

Be the person I used to be again. I was naturally charismatic, confident, chatty, bubbly, the type of person who's friends with everyone and a natural born leader basically. The exact opposite of shy. But then I've been under a trauma that left me broken. I'm not confident, people perceive me as shy, sometimes even as quiet, I've been bullied for this and I hate it. Everytime someone says I'm "shy" I get defensive. That's not me. It's as if I forgot how to be "me", I feel that my true personality is still underneath but I just want to go back to the person I used to be and it feels so bad that I don't believe I'm going to ever make it

No. 60075

i'm the anon you're replying to and you're turning me on lmfaoooo

No. 60088

to have a couple hundred thousand instagram followers. i hashtag reasonably, have a nice feed, and i still only have a couple hundred. i know its a retarded 'dream' but I have NO idea how to achieve it. I've even looked into buying followers at a dark time. :(

No. 60090

Me too like.

I'm already a European polyglot but kind of average looking and from the part of Europe nobody knows or cares about. Whenever I tell people I'm from Europe they get really excited but when they find out I'm not from a "Good" country I can just see the disappointment in their eyes as they shrink away and gradually stop talking to me.

I wish I was from literally any other European country people knew about. At this point I can't even feel proud about mine because whenever I say something nice about it people look at me in disbelief because they've been conditioned to believe we're all savages living in mud huts and beating each other with wooden clubs or something. Every time I open my mouth people act surprised that my English is as good as it is, even though they'd never do that to, say, a Swede. When they ask for my passport at airports I get treated so much better when I show them my Swiss one instead of the one I used to have.

At this point even Israel sounds better, at least people treat them like humans of normal intelligence, even if they do get hate.

No. 60093

Being Asian isn't that great, friend. I have the Asian flush thing down to a T and because of that, I don't drink anymore. My skin scars really easily and persistently after an acne breakout – it takes 3-4 months for it to completely fade away. My body is also kind of pretty meh. I also can't tell if guys like me because of my race or my personality/looks/etc and that's not a fun thing to have.

sage for blogpost

No. 60097

>>I can just see the disappointment in their eyes as they shrink away and gradually stop talking to me.

>>I can't even feel proud about mine because whenever I say something nice about it people look at me in disbelief because they've been conditioned to believe we're all savages living in mud huts and beating each other with wooden clubs or something

A- are you me anon? I'm American, but lived abroad in a few countries. People often excitedly assume I'm from Russia or Germany. When I correct them that I'm from America, every-single-time they are like "Oh…". Literally, I've had people just walk away from me in disgust.

Also, I've had people tell me they think we are savages here who run around with guns killing people, are uneducated, and morbidly obese, driving hummer and SUVs everywhere…I've had my people described as "uncivilized". Luckily, when I mention I'm from California, people will sometimes react better (but usually not, I'm often asked "Is…that a…state orrr…a country?").

No. 60100

Yeah… But at least you can stay home and live somewhat comfortably. For me it's actually cheaper and more lucrative to study and get a job abroad, then retire back home.

The place is so nice and warm, full of history and pretty nature but it's also corrupt to fuck and decent jobs are only reserved for people in the upper echelons of society who studied PolSci with the boss's daughter at a private uni. It's not fair. The Catch 22 here is that the average salary is like €450 so most people can't afford to study abroad (or even rent their own flat back home) and are effectively doomed to being cleaners and maids working under the table and being bullied by their boss for the rest of their lives, so many young people just say 'fuck it' and stop working. We're also not in the EU (yet, possibly never) so getting a job or studying abroad is made all the harder.

Despite all that, it's a beautiful place and I hate to see it ruined by a band of uneducated highlander yobs (our equivalent of Appalachians, basically) running the show over there. And I really don't think we deserve the hate and disgust we get, most youngsters there are actually really smart and ambitious but negative attention sells better I guess so we'll always be dirty terrorist Orcs to most Europeans. At least you have Silicon Valley and other things to show for, we have… ??? Nikola Tesla I suppose???

No. 60149

File: 1494356734702.gif (447.52 KB, 500x274, 1493910114878.gif)

My family came to Canada after the war in ex-Yugo broke out in the 90s. That sounds miserable, anon. I hope things get better for you. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't experienced any sort of discrimination in Canada, although I have been considering changing my name to something that sounds more… Anglo.

No. 60151

i wish i could live in an animal crossing-esque town (preferably with real people instead of animals). idk just walking around in the forest, shaking apples from a tree whenever i'm hungry, living a stones throw away from a beach….just enjoying life slowly

No. 60152

i too have this dream…

No. 60173

i'm just recently realizing that i'd make a decent actress (like, not hollywood famous but easily TV or stage famous), but i'm too old to start out on that now unfortunately.

No. 60176

how old are you anon? I wanna be an actress, too and I fear I'm too old.

No. 60184


i'm 32. i also tend to take up and drop a lot of things, and i don't want acting to be one of them. i had enough of bailing out on shit.

if you're no older than your mid-20s i'd say you still have a decent chance anon.

No. 60190

Honestly, that sounds like an amazing dream. I want that too.

No. 60210

Man, fuck Japan's cute idealist shit…I want it too!

No. 60214

File: 1494389038919.jpg (24.93 KB, 579x329, orangutan.jpg)

>this will never be my life
why even live

No. 60216

I always wanted to be a (medicine) doctor. For reasons I wont post here I wasnt able to. Im in my thirties and still want to be a doc but I dont have time to study for it and even if I did i would be old as shit by the time I can start actually practicing :(

Maybe in my next life :-/

No. 60336

>I dont have time to study for it and even if I did i would be old as shit by the time I can start actually practicing

I'm not studying medicine, but I'm on the same boat. I don't have time and I'm doing the career really slowly but it's fine, I'm doing it. And fuck that 'I will be x age when I end'. So? You'll age anyways. Better be old with that degree you want that not doing it.
D o I t.

No. 60457

my only impossible dream is immortality. it's all i want really

No. 64215

i wish i was a guy but i don't want to be a tranny

> tfw i will probably transition out of desperation instead of killing myself

feels bad man

my other pipe dream is that i want to be a famous broadway producer … it sounds so glamorous

No. 64222

when I was younger, I wanted to be a concept artist for video games. I hoard art books (some of my favorites are the assassin's creed art books, dark souls, and castlevania ones) and flip through them almost every day. I wanted to go to school for art, and I guess I should've. I enjoyed it and was fairly good, and I'm getting better now with practice. but the art industry, especially for concept artists, is very hard. I ended up majoring and minoring in something completely unrelated, but part of me really wished I hadn't.

another thing is that I really want one of those boy bodies from the 1920s lol. I'm short and stocky, and I really hate it, but that's how all the women in my family are. I'm losing weight, but I'll probably never look thin enough to like myself in clothes. I have a lot of muscle in my thighs, calves, and ass, and it just makes me look so gross in pants. oh well.

No. 64223

I want to have my own kids animated show but i don't know if it'll ever come true. I'm having trouble pushing my art and grasping animation concepts alone and can't afford school. I'm about to get a house so getting a student loan isn't super possible right now.

I'd also like to be a model even just a instagram 'model'

or a youtuber that gets to review makeup products for free but i'm too fat i don't think people will like me and weight loss progress is slow.

I also have dreams of being a mom with a little house and a white picket fence and playdates and a soccermom van but i hate kids lmfao so that ones impossible for me (But my sister just had a baby so i'll at least get to do auntie stuff when she gets older).

all of these things are doable aside from the last one for me..i just have zero drive and it sucks. It fucking sucks to wake up every day and go "Fuck it" and not bother with anything and it's really hard to push myself out of that mentality. Even when I started going to art school that mentality came in and i had to quit to avoid blowing money.

No. 64225

this seems really dorky but i always daydream about being on broadway, specifically playing roxie in chicago. my boyfriend has connections and is a music teacher so he could train my voice, but i'd also need dancing/acting classes. plus, i have a brain tumor which pretty much consumes every bit of my life and making that impossible.

i'd also love to model but i'm 5'4.

No. 64263

I always wanted to have friends I could hang out with regularly who like me and I felt like I belong with. I also wanted to find someone who would like me romantically and want to make a family with me. Sadly both are far beyond my reach.

No. 64267

File: 1499039546877.jpeg (55.6 KB, 500x250, tumblr_n9zw15s8cr1s4cbi8o3_500…)

I daydream about playing glinda in wicked and belting out popular on the stage, its such a fun song and she is such a wonderfull character

Another really random dream of mine is to learn to play piano and sing the scales and arpeggios song from the aristocats, and perform it on the painos at st pancreas station lol

Too bad I can't sing or act for shit and have 0 confidence lmao

No. 64275

A healthy, functioning body and successful career in art.

Oh how even the simplest of things are such a fucking obstacle.

No. 64277

Same OP, I need money but have no work experience. Wanted to try runway for my genetically boney, long figure and pretty above average face. I've been scouted a few times when I was forced to go out as a teen. Now, I have severe agoraphobia, social anxiety, bad social skills from lifelong homeschool, and generally low body awareness/coordination. I imagine walking into an agency, getting signed, doing jobs, and being crammed into a small model house with 8 girls while they take a big chunk outta my cheque for "rent". That really makes the dream fade. It ties into my real dream, doing a fellowship in tuscany for a Phd program.

No. 64278

I'd like to have my own fashion line. Watching Jenny in gossip girl was a huge inspiration for me. But now I'm just a slave to the wage. Kek

No. 64315

I want to create the next final fantasy pokemon persona franchise

No. 64517

I want to live in a large cozy home somewhere with forest and rivers. The thought of being secluded is nice!
Sitting in front of my large bay window during the winter with a fire going.
It would be nice to have a good amount of money to move somewhere like that though

No. 64522

File: 1499364695110.png (438.29 KB, 500x700, IMG_4424.PNG)

i wish i lived a comfy life in the 1800s as a rich british-canadian woman who had both a white husband and a first nations husband. incredibly unrealistic.

No. 64524

Where's image from?
I have vague memories of it

No. 64525

Looks like fan art of Prince Hans from Frozen

No. 64660


OT but this fanart is so hot. I wish there were more of it

No. 64937

I know the "I want to be a model" dream is boring and cliche at this point, but I think it just irritates me so much because I could've been close to accomplishing it. Closer than girls who were born short, at least.

I'm 6', which is kind of too tall, but I weigh too much and I've never had the self discipline to lose those 40 pounds. I also have self harm scars on my arms, really bad acne that I've had my entire life, and am now 22. Pathetic in every possible way. :c

I guess at this point all you need is a rich daddy and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to get signed to an agency, but that's not exactly realistic either.

No. 64945

i always dreamed of being a country/folk singer. i don't even have to be a famous one, i just want to travel with other musicians and sing. i practice singing when no one is around and i don't think im that bad at it, but i have terrible anxiety and can't even sing in front of people im closest to. my aunt gives voice lessons but im too afraid that the rest of my family will ask me to sing for them once they find out. ive become kind of content doing it just for myself for this long but i hope one day i can share it with others.

No. 64947

My old pipe dream was being an exchange student, actually going to Japanese high school, then living in Japan and learning the language. Live that anime slice-of-life.

I've had model, pop star (lol, I can't even sing for the life of me), and general "fame" wishes too, but I absolutely do not have the personality for any of them. I've realized I'm a really private person and fame means nothing really other than people know you. lolcow in general has helped me realize people get invasive with fame and there's plenty of bad reasons to be famous.

No. 64994

All I want is to be 5'10 but I'm 5'1. I know that's too tall for a girl, whatever, but that's all I want. Not even to be a model, just because I want to be.

No. 65388

File: 1500844737045.png (627.99 KB, 1280x620, 1498769987867.png)

I wanted to be an animator. Too bad there's no industry in my country and I did not have enough money to study abroad. My dream was attending calarts.
Now I'm studying law in my country's top university, but still.

No. 65411

File: 1500878373696.png (65.59 KB, 382x395, 1500605151335.png)

I always wanted to be a witch, a really cute one too. Kinda like a world where I was a really pretty witch's subordinate learning to be as great as her. I would have a really fluffy black cat with purple eyes. Our outfits would be something like a traditional witch, but detailed with gold. Maybe I'd have a huge crush on the queen witch too. We would live inside a cave with a very 1930s look. Have huge meetings with other soon to be witch graduates and cause immature trouble. Of course this would absolutely never happen and is kinda cringy, but I can dream right?

No. 65413

File: 1500882852123.gif (1.99 MB, 500x281, 1497138252983.gif)

Are you me? Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a witch. After watching Kiki's delivery service, I would get my mom's broom and run up and down the street trying to fly.
When it obviously didn't work, I figured I just had to wait until I was 13 for my witch powers to manifest or whatever.
I still secretly wish I had a Kiki-like lifestyle, where I could be a friendly magic user and fly on a broom. I feel so silly, but it's a good dream.

No. 65483

Same, ever since I watched Halloween town I was obsessed w the idea of being a witch. I was a witch for Halloween and would pretend to be a witch in my backyard with a broom and a light up pen which was my wand. I also had a black cat so I felt like I was on the right track.

No. 65501

File: 1500999911252.jpg (486.36 KB, 3000x2176, surgery tall.jpg)


jesus, i feel the same. i'm 5'0. its the worst. why even live? girls who are 5'5 and say they are short have no idea how lucky they are tbh.

i fucking hate my tiny legs. having to wear heels/creepers/platforms every time you go out is god awful. going out in flats isn't even a choice for us. when i do wear them i'm always the smallest (adult) person everywhere i go and its uncomfortable.

also, i'm not from the US, but i've been there and everyone is fucking tall. i can't imagine living there, i'd get eaten alive. are you american, anon? if so, god bless you… everyone is so tall there, it fucks with your self esteem imo.

No. 65506

me too. when I was a kid I would munch together berries and grasses Ive found in the wild and pretend I would mix together potions.

No. 65508


Come to Arizona lol
I'm a fuckin giant and I'm 5'5"

No. 65519


I'm shorter than you and about the same height as everyone here

No. 65520

also why does he have some random chicks selfie on his wall?

No. 65528

Literally no one cares about short girls cept for yourself, tall girls have it harder.

No. 65545

stop, i'm a tall girl and i love it, i would never say i have it harder just because of my height

No. 65577


i think when it comes to straight M/F dating, tall women have it harder. many men have apprehension about dating a taller woman, and a lot of guys just flat out won't. you'd be hard pressed to find a guy who wouldn't want to date a woman just because she's shorter than him, or just short in general. lots of dudes actively seek out short women to have a larger height difference. really, just look around the general population and see how much more uncommon taller F/shorter M relationships are.

as such, taller women (especially when they aren't waif-thin) as perceived as unfeminine. i've had male acquaintances blatantly state that they find tall women to be masculine and unattractive. unless you're already conventionally attractive and thin, being a tall woman means working harder to fit that ~dainty, feminine~ archetype. maybe it's a bit easier for a tall woman to be perceived as sexy as opposed to a particularly short woman, but again, you have to already be conventionally attractive.

No. 65578


It's a (shitty) painting.

No. 65580


Yes, this. I am also too tall and I've had men tell to my face they were ashamed to be seen with me because I was like a tower. this is probably why i'll never date/see anyone shorter than me ever again
I see everyfuckingwhere that short woman (or avarage) are cuter, more desirable, more fuckable ("you can't lift someone as big as a tree!"), more feminine.

Good luck finding clothing, especially if you are not model thin. Most of my pants end on my calves. Sometimes I can't find a cute dress/skirt that doesn't show my vagina.

I've had women making fun of me as well, like stupid jokes and stuff like "I wanna be tall, but not anon tall".

Also, if hills are on the dress code, be prepared for everyone else looking at you like you are a circus freak. People will either find it funny or scary.

I fear for the day I go to Japan.

I am 175cm for reference, 10cm taller than the avarage in my country, and most girls I know are actually even shorter. I know some girls even taller than me (180cm and 188cm) and they probably have it even worse.

Sage for rant.

No. 65583

>wearing hills
Damn girl how tall are you

No. 65587

She says 175(5'9), I also am 175 and have similar experiences.

No. 65589

I wished I was born female.

No. 65590

File: 1501108150197.jpg (49.64 KB, 520x779, Denise-Bedot.jpg)

5 foot here, I'd kill to be that height, even if I'm not model thin, all the women I look up to such as ashley graham are that height and I feel ridiculous everytime I try to go for the IG, model, dominatrix aesthetic

No. 65592

What the fuck? 175 is above average but barely even stands out in a western country. Where do you live? It's exactly the height where you're considered modelesque but not an amazon.

Your concern about Japan is weird too. Maybe the manlets there don't want a tall girl because they're short too, but height is not contrary to Asian beauty standards. They don't like stumpy proportions either.

No. 65593

i'm the exact same height as you and you're acting like you're a giantess when we're not even THAT tall lmao. 175 cm is just a few cm taller than most women, it's not that big of a deal. do you live in a country where all the men are 150 cm?

No. 65611


No. 65619


lmao I misspelled, sorry.


I live in South America and in my experience, yeah, people won't give you a second glance on the subway, of course, you're not considered an anomally, however when you start talking to people it's always like

>omg you're too tall

>if you were like 2cm taller i probably would not go out with you
>how do you buy shoes??
>how's the weather up there? huehueheu
>do you play basketball? you should play basketball
>must be hard for you to date
>how you look like a horse (in my country this means you're big in general, not necessarily that you have a horse face)
>are you a lesbian? (not that this offends me, but people asking me about my sexuality solely base on my height of all things is baffling)
>i wish i was tall but not as tall as you
>i thought you were way shorter when we talked online

etc etc.

The avarage height for women here is 165m and 175cm for men. Of course, there is taller men thank god, but I think most of my male friends are my height or just a tad bit taller, like 176 or 177. My current boyfriend is 181 and people often comment on our "height as a couple" (??)

I am not saying that that I am opressed and ChEcK UR ShORT PRIviLEgE!!, it's just that it's pretty annoying because since I was eleven and 165cm people comment on my height unwarranted. Like I said, I people don't look twice at me on the street (they do with this 188cm friend of mine), but once they start talking, it gets annoying as fuck.

(btw no one likes stumpy proportions, but you can be short/avarage and have good proportions, most k-idols are like 165cm)

sage again.

No. 65620


Also, samefag to add: probably if I had a 17 BMI, people would say something different. I guess when you are thinner people usually consider my height to be more attractive and ~elfish~, but since I'm not rail thin, people just think I am big and unfeminine.

No. 65629

>South America
that explains everything to those anons, hopefully. I'm South American too and 1.73 and let me tell you, only two of the guys from my circle of friends is as tall/taller than me. Men average at 1.70 here and I only dated one guy taller than me. Every other bf was 1.65-1.70

I am usually thin though so I have an easier time, but I fully believe it was one of the reasons why I developed an ED. People judge you hard if you're normal sized and tall

No. 65632

like other anons my dream was to be model. i wanted tyra banks to take me under her wings and help me become the next super model. I'm 5'9" with a bmi of 15.5 (naturally).i wanted people to envy my body since i was always made fun of for being rail skinny. but it's too late because im 23, and im pretty sure overly skinny models are not a trend anymore since every hoe and their moms on ig claim to be models.

No. 65634

File: 1501185138337.png (86.31 KB, 337x441, 1501101818399.png)

>bmi of 15.5 (naturally)
literally how?

No. 65643

marfan syndrome maybe

No. 65644

K-idols were exactly what I was thinking of when I said Asians don't like stumpy proportions, be a use Koreans are absolutely vicious to short girls unless they have miraculously long legs for their height.

Anyway I'm about 172. 161 is average in the western country where I live and nobody ever mentions my height, let alone insults me for it. My sister is even taller, and she's fit and hot and gets nothing but positive attention. But other people's reactions shouldnt matter anyway - guys hating height in girls says more about them and their insecurities than you, it's just another way they want to be (literally) above us. And girls who insult other girls looks to their faces must be some petty, insecure birches too.

No. 65649

i'd say fast metabolism but apparently that's not a real thing? i don't know. i've always been severely underweight even though i eat like shit. crazy thing is, i tend to lose weight if i sit around and eat, rather than gain it.

i'm trying to build muscle to gain some weight because i've been stuck at 105lbs for awhile.

i have never heard of this until today but that would explain my long ass fingers and legs. how do doctors diagnose this?? mine never cared and told me it was good i was skinny because americans are fat af. she was a little old asian lady so i never took her compliments seriously.

No. 65651

>i have never heard of this until today but that would explain my long ass fingers and legs.
ayy i was just being snarky. it's a pretty debilitating condition so somebody would probably notice it already if you had it.

No. 65655

i'd say just gorge yourself on peanut butter and medjool dates (separately)

No. 65662

damn nevermind then ):

oh i'll try dates! peanut butter makes me constipated lol. thanks for the suggestion!

No. 65672

File: 1501247943571.jpg (1.46 MB, 1242x952, IMG_8392.JPG)

My impossible dream is to help humanity in a very significant way. Maybe through developing superpowers to become a hero, becoming a political/economical influence, developing a breakthrough technology, etc.
I don't really care about recognition. Just want my existence to contribute in some meaningful, positive way.
However, my GPA tanked these past two semesters which will drop my acceptance to certain companies for co-op/internship positions to -35%. Organic Chem 2 and Physics 2 fucked me up real good. I'm also not charismatic enough to sell myself in interviews, and I'm basically a social sperg who stutters when someone's attention is on me. The smoldering ashes of my already impossible dreams are being stomped to nothing with every passing semester lmfao.

Another much more reasonable dream of mine is to have a nice income and own a lot of scenic land so I can take good care of all my adopted animals. I'd also secretly practice alchemy and master martial arts, archery, rifle skills, piano, etc..

No. 65724

I want to turn into a terrifying monster to hunt terrorists, rapists and other despicable people. Or a sidekick to a handsome assassin/serial killer vigilante.

No. 65763

File: 1501303791554.jpg (466.46 KB, 1000x1400, Megumin.(KonoSuba).full.200187…)

I've been watching too much isekai anime, I wanna be a cute archmage or a swordswoman and help get rid of a super evil demon or smth.

No. 65782

File: 1501334372938.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1040, Princess.Mononoke.1080p.DualAu…)

i love the concept of isekai

there were so many good shoujo isekai anime but all the modern isekai targeted towards men is… eh

but i want to be a strong swordswoman too!

No. 65863

File: 1501365851989.jpg (340.17 KB, 1031x800, Alice_Margatroid_at_House.jpg)

All you need is Marisa and Yuuka and you'd be set.

No. 65881

my dream is to one day be famous (online or irl)
but i don't have the personality to camwhore or self-obsess
kek i barely have any confidence omfg

even though irl, my friends try to push it on me that i can do it
but i like being anon

No. 65887

me too anon. My only dream up to now was to moved out from my mom. Now that dream been accomplish. I want to be a cool video game streamer, except I am playing with a bunch of cool friends in a MMRPG. Our guild is super famous and we go on fun adventures and are super close friends!

No. 65985

I always wanted to live and sustain myself in a forest environment in some nice little wooden cottage while living off of the Earth.
Except that such buildings degrade quickly, maintenance would be a nuisance and there's no way of having proper electricity or really any quick way of reaching family/stores/gas/medical care if required.

I also wish I could drink alcohol but my body refuses it

Other times I just wish I could be capable of writing a good book akin to the likes of Harry Potter or being famous for something else that would make people happy

When I was younger I wanted to be a model though but I'm midget tier

No. 66374

I want to make tons of money just by making art. I want to live in a beach house that has my own art studio with an actual nice guy and our pets. Or even a cabin or lake house.
I just want a life with no worries and someone that loves me.

No. 66380

Research earthships. Not the cozy lil cottage exactly but better.

No. 66381

i just want to be loved and protected without feeling guilty about it

No. 66423

tbh i really want to be a hand model. I have gorgeous hands, but a friend's poorly trained dog attacked me over my lunch when I was six and scarred me.
I always hated that little white demon.

No. 66579

My entire life I've wanted to go to space. Maybe space tourism will take off one day but as a nanny, I won't be able to afford it anyways.

No. 66629

I want to just be successful at my job and also run a business with my boyfriend that makes us millions of dollars. I want to help out my poor side of the family and buy a nice retirement house for my parents to take care of them. I also want to travel a lot and live in a few places and that somehow my job would just follow me where I went.
Idk if I articulated this correctly but I just want to be rich and successful and keep me and my family happy. I also want to donate a lot to charity and help others.

Also I wish I had bigger boobs

No. 66650

File: 1502941420530.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x1407, living the dream.jpg)

I want to be an upper middle class stay at home mom (homeschooling, maybe) with mom friends that are nice (not snobby or appearance obsessed) and I want to be good at it. I want a husband who is loving and involved in parenting. I have low energy, kids are hard work, I don't know how to be a mom, and my life is a mess.

No. 66669

File: 1502973418694.jpg (38.65 KB, 663x579, 1492049441326.jpg)


i get you anon :( i want a girl like the one you pictured. the older i get the more i long for that lifestyle tbh. i'm a lesbian though, and i know that its never going to happen. my gf would be such a perfect mother too… it makes me so sad at times. i've never told her either, cause i know its just going to make her cry.

did your mother work when you were a kid? my mother did, so i remember that when i was little i was jealous of kids with stay-at-home moms. maybe it has something to do with it?

No. 66672

I want to Marry a rich guy and live with him in a tiny cute little house with lots of nature
And a dog
I would be traditional housewife

But seems like i'm too old fashioned

No. 66709

I want to be able to be reborn again and again with all of my memories. I'm so afraid to die I have panic attacks almost daily about it even though I'm (relatively) young and healthy

No. 66716

This happens to me, July was full of nothing but panic attacks for me. I'm not completely better, feel more numb and like everything is pointless. Panic attacks have lessened but thoughts are still there.

Try seeing a therapist. I think most go through this at one point on their lives. Do you have any mental disorders? I have anxiety, depression and depersonalization disorder. Those things make these thoughts and feelings worse.

No. 66729

So much this. Kiki's Delivery Service is so perfect. The city by the sea, with cute architecture, cars, people. Everybody seems so nice. Or Howl's castle. The amount of detail ghibli puts in their films makes them so cozy.

No. 66731

I wish I could be a professional ballerina. I'm too old and also fat, but I still watch ballet videos on youtube all the time. I'm sure it's actually very hard, but the dedication and beauty of it is so amazing.

No. 66733

same here

No. 66744

My mom stayed at home/helped with my dad's business until I was about 9.

No. 66746

I wish I was from a upper middle class family with model looks, so I can skate by in life and not have to work hard for anything.

No. 66757

You should try an adult ballet class, even if you can't be a pro you can have fun learning. They're pretty low pressure and most people are there for fitness, so being fat is alright.

I sometimes get jealous of pro dancers and figure skaters because I got into both as an adult after quitting as a kid, but then I remember how much pressure there would've been on them and how much more I enjoy doing it for fun rather than to be the best.

No. 66773

What I want is attainable, but at the same time it seems totally unattainable. I want to finally lose the extra weight I've been carrying all my life, 120+ extra pounds. I want to be the hot girl, the small girl, to not be self-conscious, to wear a bikini and fit into normal sized clothing. But I know I've already fucked my body for life with my loose skin. My parents did everything l for me growing up and I love them for it, but the shitty eating habits they instilled in me has made me an obese landwhale just like them.

Along with this, I also want to cosplay my favorite characters, the ones I've put off for years and years because I don't want to ruin my waifus as a fat pig. I want to be stopped in the halls of the convention and have people take my picture. Cosfame is whatever, but being recognized IRL for being cute and attractive would be amazing.

Finally, I want to fit into Liz Lisa and all the cheap clothes from Taobao, eBay, and Aliexpress.

If I can do these three things, my life will improve vastly. I lost fifteen pounds already (with 120+ more to go), but on my 5'3" frame that's not even really a dress size. Totally useless.

No. 66776

>I want to be pretty & feminine. I try to be the best 'me' I can but I have so many masculine traits. I'd need a butt load of PS and I can't afford that/don't want it.
fuck anon I was just about to post this when I saw this thread. I was born a goddamn tomboy and I seriously can't help it despite trying to. I want to be a cute girl but it makes me extremely insecure to try to be one. I wish it came naturally to me.

I also want a serious boyfriend in a stable relationship. Men don't find me attractive because of my masculine traits and I'm growing old. Worst thing is that everyone including the men just assume that I'm a lesbian.

No. 66779

I feel you guys. I have fairly masculine mannerisms, plus my speech pattern/voice is kind of guy-ish. I admire femininity but I can't even comfortably wear a dress, especially not in public, without feeling super self-conscious. I just wanna be qt dammit.

No. 66848

I want to live as a shapeless entity and just watch people, basically i wish i was a ghost.

No. 66854

get a nice slightly taller than me gf and catch all the spiders for her and maybe like make a friend an a half
get back into drawing and embroidery (i feel too sluggish and demotivated and empty to do most things that i enjoyed), try out woodworking ( i really liked hanging out in grandpas shop and doing random crap when i was little)
honestly go to a fucking therapist and a derm! having nice skin and being able to go to uni without the overwhelming feeling of "this is it, i'm dying"

that's ideal

No. 72053

I wish that I could create a beauty brand.

No. 72170


All these posts are me af and I’m sad I didn’t find this thread until now. Wish there was a tomboy thread tbh.

No. 73232

My dream has always been to become a programmer/hacker or like a…internet whiz kid of some sort (as cringey as it sounds). The way I see it there are two obvious problems though. First of all I am 25 years old (not a "kid") and second of all I am very, very bad at maths.

I know some ppl say that being good at maths isn't all that important when learning to program but I attempted a CS degree 6 years ago and even though there was literally no math prerequisite I still couldn't keep up and eventually had to drop out.

I've also attempted to re-learn coding in my spare time but it always ends with me feeling overwhelmed because I don't even know where to start at this point.

No. 73237


Have you tried coding websites and starting from there? Or small games? Having a specific project to complete always helps in attaining broader goals like this
Aside, I also want to code but dismiss it as a potentially automated skill quite soon down the line. Learn things that will help you rather than career/job-seeking goals, so whatever happens the skill will serve you and not serve specific employment roles. Hence things like website/games as that will always be useful to you.

No. 73239

File: 1515889947362.jpg (48.87 KB, 564x564, 5317a563ee5ce344c4f47879ccacab…)

I dress boring and tomboyish, 90% of my wardrobe is Uniqlo with some Mango basics and flat comfort shoes and I want to look cute and feminine without being too girly and uncomfortable like pic related but idk if I'm retarded about combining pieces or colours or what cause I always end up looking boring. I'm also poor and my hair is hard to manage so it makes everything even worse. At least my makeup is nice tho.

No. 73249

I want to be an internet celebrity. I lurk this forum enough that a smart person would realize it's a bad idea to pursue it, but here I am, still wistfully wishing that my instagram would get discovered.

No. 73262

The outfit you posted is super cute, anon. Have you tried using Pinterest for outfit ideas? I have a big board full of outfits I don't necessarily have but I try to copy as best as I can. Sometimes when I'm not sure what to wear with a certain piece of clothing, I'll google "Outfit with orange blazer" or w.e and pick an image to follow that looks close to my wardrobe.

Also maybe you're just not making use of accessories. How do you look in hats? What about chunky necklaces? Scarves are my favourite, light ones are really classy and feminine but also practical. I'd also highly recommend checking out capsule wardrobes because they make it really easy to plan outfits!

No. 73271

look up Preppy style on pinterest anon! Pinterest really saved me with fashion and I realised I'm into this style too after watching pretty little liars.

No. 73310

My dream is to be a guitarist (in japan)… I just really like jrock, but the thing is, i can't even play! I've got one but i'm too lazy and depressed to learn it.
Is there anything even more impossible than that…
Also as a child i dreamed of being a model, but i guess now i'm too old fat and ugly, but this would be probably still more realistic, but again, no motivation to take care of my looks

No. 73432

I want to model but I’m too old and short for the catwalk

22 5”4’

No. 73433

File: 1516116823858.jpeg (50.88 KB, 400x396, B9710276-D072-4AFC-A5C6-70AEA2…)

Dressing like this every day and living that aesthetic would also a massive dream I have

Tfw when I’m not at an acceptable age range for it

No. 73466

I love that aesthetic. But I'm 25 now, I know I can pass for younger but still :(

No. 73472

>mfw 28 and himegyaru

No. 73489

I think himegyaru can work well at 28, I'm jut concerned that items like plaid skirts and pleated skirts are odd at 25. They are very specific items that have very specific connotations.

No. 73510

File: 1516208132857.jpg (340.93 KB, 640x553, rachelskirt.jpg)


Anon that's just fucking weird. As long as it's not being paired up with silly schoolgirl socks or trashy fishnets, no one will bat an eyelash at a plaid skirt on a woman in her twenties.

No. 73522

Do it anon. You only have one life. I dress like that and I'm 27. You just need to keep it classy and not costumy.

No. 73527

File: 1516230739106.jpeg (40.39 KB, 400x334, 0FB6134E-D01B-48E9-8856-BA6051…)

What do you pair it with anon?

I would love to see how you coordinate a plaid skirt for it to look classy

No. 73530

File: 1516235963773.png (1.02 MB, 1000x1778, plaid-skirts-retro.png)

Maybe they have those types of "connotations" if you're mentally confined to anime and pornos, but these skirts have been worn for ages without issue.

No. 73543

Hmm I guess the issue is that I haven't seen more sophisticated ways of styling them.

No. 73549

I avoid overkill combos. I never do plaid AND pleated, it's one or the other. If I have a short plaid skirt I balance it with a more serious/masculine/less revealing top (wooly sweater, turtleneck, etc.), thicker stockings in winter, and avoid shirts and blazers at all cost so I don't look like I'm wearing a school uniform, especially if I'm already wearing ankle socks or a beret for instance.

The pic >>73530 posted are good examples. If you are small and/or look younger you'll get away with more. If you're scared of what people may say, as long as you don't have only cute pieces or overdo it you'll be fine. But if I may say, you could also not not give a shit and go all out. I sometimes do, because rules are meant to be broken (except plaid and pleated) and fuck people. The worse I've gotten was "I like your skirt" and "are you British?".

(Edited for grammar.)

No. 73550

Oops, came in too late. Well hopefully my post still helps.

No. 73553

i wish i could gain weight and still look cute and have one of those nice proportioned 'soft' bodies while maintaining a small/skinny face, but unfortunately my body carries weight in my face and arms exclusively, which looks even more ridiculous on someone 5'1. fuck these dumb genetics

No. 73561

Same! All weight gain goes to my thighs, arms and face. I also have a man jaw and apple-shaped body so I always look like I weight more than I actually do. I just want to be a petite qt3.14.

No. 73764

wanted to be an author, but this likely will never ever happen.

No. 73766

File: 1516680395723.jpg (176.38 KB, 820x1051, f7d725be6d5231cad3845a63cb946c…)

That I'll be rich ad be able to afford designer clothing and top of the line electronics and all the expensive things that very wealthy people have.

I'm 26 years old and I've never made it passed holding down a retail job. I'm bombarded by medical expenses, and I have a boatload of student loans. I don't think I'll ever be able to own a house, let alone live a life of luxury. But I still find myself thinking these ridiculous things, like when I pick out a new shirt from target, or I find a new hole in the lining of my thrifted purse. I think to myself "well, this is ok, it's only temporary- this will just be a funny memory when I can buy my designer bag, or high end clothes". When I get my food at the dollar store I imagine what it will be like when I'm so wealthy I can pay a nutritionist to plan meals for me and shop at whatever grocery store I want.

It's painfully obvious it's never going to happen, I don't know why I do it anymore. Maybe it's just a coping mechanism that will never go away.

No. 73767

imagine wanting to be rich but imagining a nutritionist plan your meals rather than a home chef or dining out all the time.

No. 74039

I wish I could be a JK Rowling level of an author, to the point of being so rich I'd buy a Victorian-style house by the sea and adopt young girls and give them a magical home with a kooky aunt and the encouragement to be be brilliant / wonderful artists, like I always wanted as a little girl.

Also wanted to design clothes, video games, make movies, animate cartoons… too many dreams, that I don't think I can manage to taste one.

Now I'd just be grateful to have enough money to get by and to not succumb to chronic depression. It's gotten to the point where even dreaming about these sorts of things hurts.

No. 74186

Tbh i just wish i could scape from my abusive household and just live in a small appartment by myself, not having to worry about my income and being able to be as creative and free as possible

it's imposible because at the moment im studing from 8 to 21:00 everyday if not more, and my country has a low salary rate so i couldn't live by myself just by working on weekends

No. 74444

Wasn't JK Rowling in a similar type of position of yours whilst she was writing Harry Potter and trying to get a book deal though?? You can still at least try, anon

No. 79031

File: 1523590548491.gif (571.15 KB, 475x267, anigif_enhanced-buzz-19829-138…)

I always wanted to work at Disney as one of the face characters, especially one ofthe princesses. I really have no idea where this stemmed from because I'm not too much of a Disney fan, I think I just like how excited people get to see them. I also really like improv so maybe that's it? It'll never happen though because I have an ugly man face and scars all over my arms ╮(╯_╰)╭

No. 79037

You have to get out of there, anon. And you will. Keep pushing.

No. 79042

I too, wanted to be a model. I even had a interview with NEXT models in NYC when I was 19 but it happened on literally the worst week of my adult life, I was suicidal and was up all night trying to dye my hair ( which was dark brown with blue steaks) to blonde. I came in with fucked up half light green/blonde hair and half brown because I ran out of dye. Obviously I got the boot but maybe it was a blessing in disguise because this was at the height of the concentration camp chic and I am sure they would have ordered me to lose at least 20 pounds.

I later got signed to much worst, rachet tier agency but never got anywhere, I was too short to be signed with serious agency ( 5'7) no matter how much I worked on my portfolio and my face wasnt crazy cat like to make up for the height. I had exactly two paid jobs, one which I got because I contacted the photographer myself to be in one of his art series and he later cast me in a campaign.

I got over the model thing at this point it but I still feel blinding rage when I see girls as short, medicore and thick as me getting signed and getting jobs and making money because of their family connections or befriending models and getting social media clout.

No. 79046

File: 1523598892292.gif (4.35 MB, 300x356, tenor.gif)

>wanted to be a pilot as a kid but have very poor eyesight
>wanted to be a vet but am allergic to a lot of animals

No. 79070

I want to be a model. I am tall and skinny. But my face is not photogenic at all. when i get taken pictures of I straight up look suicidal or passive aggressive, with stone cold eyes. My nose is also ugly, so ye.. it breaks my heart

No. 79071

I always wanted to be the queen of the universe. I still think it's what i truly deserve and have earned. But it will never happen.

No. 79078

I wanted to be a librarian.
Got told it was a stupid dreams and that I could do so much better.
Still working on a degree for something else at 28 and won't ever be a librarian.
It's still my comfy dream.

No. 79083

What degree are youw orking on?

No. 79087


Anon as someone who just left the library field (was an academic and public paraprofessional) and gave up that dream:

There are like ten times as many applicants as paraprofessional jobs posted. And lots are getting cut, too. The comfiest and best library jobs are in colleges / schools which are ridiculously competitive unless you want to live in a really podunk town ( and even then in my not so large city, people moved to take the jobs )

You’ll probably end up in public libraries. It’s a glorified customer service job. I got screamed at by ghetto ass parents, verbally abused by swaths of smelly homeless men with nowhere else to go, had to clean syringes out of the bathrooms , and the other 99 percent of my time was just spent cashiering people out or shelving books and showing old people how to print 159 times a day.

I mean it is comfy in the very very very boring sense. You’re just not going to be helping people find interesting knowledge and stuff. But I wasn’t going to sink money on an unnecessary masters to do this job a high school kid could do.

No. 79105

A bullshit marketing degree.

I know anon, but still. I know it's nowhere close to reality but I can't help but picturing myself organizing books back in my tiny village library. I guess it's more of a nostalgia thing.
My first 'paper' as a middle schooler was about that library and how it felt so serene and mysterious to me.

Maybe it's sad that I never had a dream besides that. I'm almost 30 and I can't think about anything I would want.

No. 80127

File: 1524540465976.gif (3.7 MB, 347x244, lol_vladimir_putin.gif)

I'm sorry but picturing a tired girl coming home from a long day of being a Disney princess to relax and shitpost on lolcow.farm is the funniest mental image I've had in awhile

No. 80216

File: 1524573601697.jpg (18.17 KB, 340x340, UbvGazS.jpg)

It makes me think about this book, I couldn't find an english very of it, but it roughly translate into "the mansion of winged cats"

Yeah I know, I'm a year late.

No. 81838

File: 1525611615425.jpg (286.9 KB, 600x800, snowwhite.jpg)

My biggest dream is to be a Hollywood star. My "ideal" role would have been playing Snow White in a Disney live action.
Just now i read that a new Snow White movie was announced for 2019, meaning they probably already have an actress, so my dream will never come true…

No. 81918

The actress could always back out or die.

No. 81922

judging by how awful those disney live action remakes are, i think you're lucky to not be in it

No. 81928

I dreamt of being a doctor and helping people…but I'm too fucking stupid

No. 81987

You could always get a job in a call centre that handles the emergency calls. You still get to help people even if it isn't directly.

No. 81996

anon your slytherin is showing.

No. 83893

File: 1527718243441.jpg (178.48 KB, 375x500, 2.thumb.jpg.f05f7b2ba724f2b0ae…)

i wish i looked like a gangnam unnie

No. 84008

It's possible, is all. No need to give up hope.

No. 84010

This is an 'impossible dreams' thread anon, anyone can look like a gangnam unnie if they are willing to pay for it. That's how they came into existence, everyone getting the same plastic surgery.

No. 84037

tbh not even that anon but I can't.
I was willing to $$$ fot it but some people will look straight up retarded with the v libe

No. 84047

I want to be a tall (>6'), rich, strongwoman with a small, 100lbs husband that doesn't care what other people think and loves my muscles and being spoiled.

Somewhat attainable, minus the height. I'm 5'6" but am large and powerful (and am entering a career with the potential t make good dough), I just need to find a skinny manlet who isn't insecure about his size.

That part may be impossible.

No. 84050

Yeah they do look retarded, that includes gangnam unnies themselves.

No. 84058

I feel like an idiot to say something like this but I really want to be a successful youtuber. I want that sweet money and do what I love.

I hate my job because I have to work overtime for my boss's dream to be the richest man in a one-horse town. I get no extra money nor a chance for promotion. I know that's a first world problem and I hate myself for complaining. Btw I work in the creative field.

I would love doing arts and crafts on youtube like Tina Yu. Not like this mainstream DIY shit Wengie is doing. But I feel like it is too late being successful on youtube. So I will never start and bum around at my job…

No. 84100

Maybe you could find someone and build up his confidence?
It's a lot of work to invest that effort, but it's an option.

No. 84120

Well, not sure how small you mean, but I'm 5'8 and my last bf was thinner than me and an inch or two shorter (submissive too) with no insecurities on either side. Fucking loved our height difference when I wore heels, so cute and small.

No. 84128

Anon, have you considered streaming instead? It sounds like it might be your cup of tea and it's so much easier to get noticed on Twitch (especially in their creative section). It's not a walk in the park either, and the grind is there, but it's bearable.
YouTube is a shitshow at this point, I witnessed only one channel going from zero to 100k's and the girl was already known a bit for her modeling. Seems like nowadays you need to either go viral or be semi-famous already

No. 84173


Thx for your tipp. But I am an introvert and the only way to speak in front of the camera would be to prepare a script and only show my hands lol
I could never show my face or interact live with people since English is not my native language.
And you are totally right about youtube. Too bad I am not an extrovert and an insta hoe

No. 89501

Ever since I was in primary school all the way up til highschool I was really good at drawing. I drew a lot of catholic stuff as a kid that got framed in halls and the headteachers office (went to catholic schools) and when I got to highschool I was put in its 'gifted and talented' program, basically if you were exceptionally good at art, theatre, dance etc you got certain perks like school trips and stuff.

But the thing is, certain horrible life events happened from when I was a kid and had repercussions on me through highschool whether it be from bullying, court cases, therapy etc and I got depressed, insomnia and would having very horrible nightmares about it.

I dont talk about it anymore with anyone except my boyfriend but I think one of the biggest signs I had/still exhibit when it comes to depression is I simply cannot finish any type of art/drawing anymore and haven't been able to since I was 15. Even now at 20, I remember atleast being to draw whatever as a way of relaxing but now I just get angry, frustrated and upset when I sit down to do it now. All I ever wanted to do as a kid was be an illustrator or a comic book artist.

I've made the best of my situation since then, I'm a psychology student now but there was a period from 15 - 18 years old where I had such a strong self hate towards myself because I had always thought the only thing I have ever been really good at was drawing/art. I dont know if I'll ever shake off those horrible feelings I get when it comes to drawing.

No. 89522

My most pathetic dream is to be an extrovert, outgoing and the soul of the party. I'd love to be that annoying bitch who'd sign up for every event at school, get leading roles in plays, have a big squad of girlfriends and be relaxed and forward with them. Have my first boyfriend early, have courage to travel and to speak up, argue with stupid fucks and not worry about what others think of me, be totally unable to relate to shy/anxious/socially inept people…
Unfortunately there's no personality transplants yet

No. 89564

i wish i wasn't so ugly and deformed

No. 89578

File: 1532491704974.jpeg (32.29 KB, 326x451, 188AB049-8E1C-4B56-B074-DECC51…)

I stupidly wish I could still be fully functional whilst staying 40 kilos. I’ll never go back to being a dumb anachan but fuck I wish I could without also going mental and physically shutting down.

No. 89900

My most impossible dream is wanting to be a doctor. I have since I was a kid. This is a totally achievable dream for anyone dedicated BUT I am an ADD dumbass who can't focus on anything for more than three seconds, cheated my way through high school, have lack of self-control, gives up on EVERYTHING I do, and I'm socially retarded. I start pre-med in the fall. Wish my dumbass luck, I guess. Can't wait to drop out in the first semester, move back in with my parents and get a job at McDonalds so I can cry myself to sleep every night until I die. So many people genuinely believe in me, which is the worst part.

No. 89932

I wanted to make going to mars a possibility as a child, still do, study it's atmosphere, etc. Would love to be the first woman to land on Mars, if it was ever made possible. I'd love to be a cosmologist and work for NASA, only problem is, it's a very hard job to land, you're stuck in one place until you retire (not many companies that need a cosmologist), and it's a 200k, 6+ year degree. Just not happening.

No. 89936

my most impossible dream is doing something worthwhile and notable with my life. I wish I could be an astronomer or a detective but I'm too braindead.

No. 90060

i wish i had even hips and i wish i knew why my life was worth living for

No. 90088

its really not that hard if you eat well. my weight has been around 40-42 kilos lately because its summer so fruits and vegetables are tastier. im full of energy, more than at a slightly higher weight. dont let the normalization of fatties hold you back

No. 90124

File: 1532816585770.gif (1.96 MB, 400x287, tumblr_nqo8cmz8bv1r51ppzo1_400…)

My dream is to live freely.

Might seem not so impossible but for somebody with my personality it is. I was always a weirdo, obsessed with keeping everything in order. I was always very strict with myself, even got an ED. As a teen I only allowed myself to listen to classical music, read foreign literaure, dressed in blouses, pullovers and trenchcoats etc. I had some (bad) friends, but ended up losing them. Now I've lost control over my live and hate myself for it. I wish I never started starving myself, because I was pretty skinny to begin with. I wish I wasn't such a nerd and instead focused more on making friends and superficial stuff like being stylish. I wish I just wouldn't give a shit whether my room is messy or whether something that was "dirty" touched something that's clean and therefore makes me start from anew. Even when I do go out (like once a year) I end up not being able to enjoy it because some detail is out of place, like e.g. I hate my akeup (read: my face) or something happens that I didn't expect.

I'm still somewhat young but wish I could be a teen again. I never flirted with anybody, I was never "desired" by anybody. I wouldn't want to be a slut, but just a pretty, somewhat popular girl, with girlfriends, do some crazy stuff, risk somehing. I want to stay up all night, and even if it's just getting some pizza and beer. I want to be interested in normal things and therefore being able to conect better with others. I wish I was somehow granted a restart. (or at least some miracle that makes me stop being shy, anxious, miserable and rids me of IBS).

Pic related, going on a road trip, maybe to a rock concert or festival with a best friend would be heaven.

No. 90125

Tfw I have the personality you want for yourself but could never get anyone to go to a festival or gig with me. Guys will go with me and put the moves on, girls don't want to go to festivals and gigs.

It's hard to make good friends and I don't think it's your fault. Your character is perfect for you. Even if you were the easy-going person you want to be, you may still be dissatisfied with your experiences, as I am. Honestly am much happier being hermit queen than trying to please dozens of people who only think about themselves.

No. 90167

File: 1532849449032.jpg (150.41 KB, 1000x1100, f03e40e58974b75aad68175c94c0e9…)

I wish I lived in a pretty house with two boyfriends who love me and each other. Sometimes we'd play-fight over each other or pretend to get jealous, but none of it would ever be serious. We'd spend entire days just cuddling in one large bed (and maybe having threesomes), have picnics, movie marathons, cook together, etc. At least one would be a photographer, and we'd take lots of cute aesthetic photos at forests, beaches, etc. We'd also all go to abandoned places together to explore, take more photos, have our own little private parties and hang out. They'd dress me up like a doll and take care of me, and I'd comfort them, stroke their hair, share all sorts of music with them, write novels or short stories for them (or with, if they like writing), and listen to all their worries without judgment.
It'd be such a comfy life. Too bad the polyamory meme just doesn't work in reality, or so I've heard/seen.

No. 90168

Thx but I’m not gonna live with a bmi of 15 just because. Anorexia didn’t feel good.

No. 90183

How tall are you, ana-chans?

No. 90248

Why would a recovered persons height or weight matter to you? Are you one of those people who obsesses over anorexics?

No. 90332

Certainly not. I was just wondering since one of you said it's okay to weigh 40-something kgs. It's a different thing to weigh 40 when you're 5'7 than if you're 5'1.

No. 91533

I wish I was a famous vlogger. It seems like all they do is film themselves shopping, hanging out with friends, and eating and people love them for it. I know it's not that simple but I wish I was famous for being pretty and rich lol

No. 91534

Same anon, same.

No. 91542

Same. ive seriously considered it but the market is too saturated now.. Wish I got in on it like 3 years ago

No. 91568

I get such severe secondhand embarrassment seeing people film themselves in public, I'd rather be rich and pretty in private.

No. 91572

Tbh I don't think vlogging is all that great.. it's a lifestyle and you (have to) document everything.

No. 91573

I wish to one day enjoy life and stop being suicidal.
Not likely happening since I've been severely mentally disordered since early childhood and I'm only getting worse as years pass.

No. 91574

Vlogging looks annoying, you have to film yourself for a long time to get enough footage to work with. But I can see the appeal. I think blogging or posting photos seems more convenient and less time consuming.

No. 91581

File: 1533816010698.jpg (80.4 KB, 433x650, lara-stone-and-baptiste-giabic…)

I want to be a model so badly… I've been told to model since I was a toddler (not because I'm that pretty, but because of my body). Somebody told me that models can only eat very little, so I started my first "diet" when I was just in kindergarten.
Throughout my school years I told myself that I'm too intelligent, that I need to go to Uni, that it's unrealistic, etc. and now I've gained weight and am nearly 23 already, but it's still my biggest dream…

No. 91583

At this point you probably can't make a career out of it but you may as way make a vanity project of it, everyone needs a hobby. Apply your energy to uni and finding a realistic career, but in your spare time pay to get head shots or whatever and work on maintaining your looks. You can join a casual agency and apply for everything you find online.
If you're not trying to make a career out of it then that's better because you won't feel so forced to apply for sleazy Craigslist boudoir shots but can do some fun unpaid work for fashion students etc

No. 94104

File: 1536010826503.jpg (99.29 KB, 1080x1080, 368c48c42c6688cdbad0a2191164dc…)

Perhaps not a life long aspiration and rather dumb and immature than impossible, but I lowkey really want to be one of those Japanese influencers you see on instagram and in teen magazines (people like Ginsyamu and Dakota Rose).
Although I speak Japanese, I'm not cute enough to ever get 10k+ followers based on my looks, despite how much Nile Perch and Candy Stripper I wear. I am also white, and I don't think that I'm going to become the next Dakota any time soon (which I guess is a good thing considering her cow status). My only successful instagram page was my meme/spam one, not very worthy of anything

No. 94107

I want to be reborn with no memory of the life I have lived until now.
I want to be reborn with a normal mind.
I want to be reborn, look in the mirror and feel love towards myself.
I want to be reborn and not make a fool of myself.
I want to help you
But I cannot be reborn
No one can
This is just a stupid dream
I have to accept the consequences of my actions
Maybe I could change things now
But I have no energy left to live a proper life

No. 94110

Me the fuck too anmn, I have so many ideas for cute things to post and ahare, but my Japanese is shit because I suck at sentence structure. I'm also white, but I'm a natural blinde with hazel eyes and sporty (so I'm thin & fit) so even with toddler Moonspeak I don't have too much trouble getting Jaoanese followers. My main provlen is that I end up getting overwhelmed and deleting everything once my language skills give out and I go into hiding.

No. 94111

Hobby Modeling thread in /g/ when??

No. 94123

This is an impossible dream cuz im old now

But i wish i had a high school sweetheart. Maybe i watched too many romance movies, it probably wouldnt be as cute irl but not knowing for sure just makes me romanticize it more.

Also related to school, i wish we had cute uniforms, but knowing my country theyd just make them cheap sweaters.
I wish i wasnt so scared of going abroad.

I wated my time being a lonely loser.

No. 94125

Same here! I want to experience a bunch of different types of romances with all sorts of different types of guys in different locations around the world. I watch too many romance movies and dramas both western and japanese which feeds my brain so many (stupid) imaginations. I often pretend I'm the main character in the movies and fantasize about different scenarios and men in my head before I fall asleep at night.
You and I can be losers together lol. I'm obsessed with daydreaming about someone who could love me.

No. 94127

Oh my gosh really?

Whenever i get into something i have to reinvent the story so im the heroine and also snag a cute guy lol

No. 94128

I wish I had a lesbian fling in high school. There was a girl I had a big crush on but she wanted me to kiss her first (there were three times when she was blatantly waiting) but I'm not sexually aggressive so whatever. I don't want to be lesbian now but I kinda want a cute guy who dresses like a girl

No other impossible/not that impossible dreams though, I am.a reformed romantic though. I think only women can be truly romantic with each other, men just don't understand

No. 94152

i have always wanted to be a weird writer, like the kind that only leaves their cottage in the middle of the woods to go on a bender in the city and shows up hungover and with no bra on to live interviews about the violent female characters in my novels. extremely specific i know. and i would always smell of dirt and lavender from being in the garden all the time no matter what weather, and have dog fur on my long coat because i can't leave without kissing all 5 of my dogs goodbye while my wife stands in the doorway and shakes her head. yeah ….

also when i was younger i wanted to be an actress but only make either period dramas or movies like kill bill.

No. 94153

i like you

No. 94155

i want to be the wife tbh

No. 94156

not if i get her first! fite me.

No. 94161

I used to work at a coffee shop by the beach. I saw stay at home moms married to doctors and engineers and shit. Big ass rings, brand name workout clothes, perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin, perfect everything, obviously spending time with personal trainers. Pushing these strollers, working out with their other mom friends by the beach in the early morning. Not a care in the world.

I want that life. It’s impossible for me with my looks, my personality type, and my education level. I’m pretty average in all categories.

No. 94179

I wish I could sing. I mean, I can physically sing, but I sound like a klaxon instead of France Gall.

No. 94184

As glamorous as that life is, I honestly think it’s kinda pathetic. I would never want to depend on a man.

No. 94190


Their husbands dump them as soon as they find a younger, hotter woman. Don't get too jealous

No. 94191

nta but both of these posts reek of jealousy.

No. 94192

>tfw ywn be the rich wife in a reverse version of this scenario

No. 94194

Surely you mean envious?

No. 94197

Are you the anon who vented in /ot/ a couple weeks ago about hating people who misuse jealousy and envy?

No. 94199

I don't think anyone would deny that being a rich SAHM is the life. But it's also absolute delusion to ignore the reality - that you're dependent on a man and his whims, and if he ever decides he wants to upgrade his trophy wife, you're fucked. Rather than being jealous it's just something you have to seriously acknowledge before you put that lifestyle on a pedestal.

No. 94209

Lmao! It definitely is.

No. 94214

I’m the anon who originally wrote >>94184

Ngl, I do envy certain aspects of that life, like being rich and having the perfect body. But I still think it’s not the life to aspire to. As an adult, you shouldn’t complete depend on someone unless you’re mentally or physically disabled. I think >>94199 said it best.

No. 94216

anon, same! I keep reading that you can make your singing voice sound decent with voice lessons and I'm really interested in that because I believe it cannot be possible in my case since my singing voice is so bad. Maybe some other anons have experience with that, I know this is not the right thread but I felt like saying thins

No. 94219

>you're fucked

do you honestly think these women are fucked? they trade up often as well through affairs, and divorce money is a thing.

No. 94220

Why would you want a life where you're married to someone you hate for money, try to trade up, have affairs, and depend on divorce money tho. Not to mention a wife's standard of living is more likely to go down after divorce while the husband's is more likely to go up. Money runs out eventually; if you got married young and don't have career experience (plus taking care of kids) you could very well get fucked over

No. 94222

who's talking about marrying young? god anon it's someone's fantasy, they know it's not gonna happen, and even if they're fantasizing over it they don't need you grounding them in reality.

the kinds of women anon is talking about don't live in the same world that people like you or i do.

No. 94223

Statistically, women are very likely to be impoverished by divorce. Stuck with the kids, but with a huge gaping hole in their work history and education. Men lose money to alimony but their earning potential just grows over time.

Very rich men have very good lawyers. I would not assume women escape with good financial standing, many probably choose to tolerate cheating rather than go through a divorce and have to downgrade their lifestyle. And I dont know what middle aged women you know that trade up, but this discussion is not about hot young trophy wives who theoretically could.

No. 94224

I know plenty of women who live that life, and yes they're marrying young because otherwise their old gross ass husbands wouldn't want them.

but yeah you've made it abundantly clear you don't live in the same world as them

No. 94500

I want to become a wwe female wrestler. Of course this would never work out as I have no curves or tits and I am not marketable.

No. 94512

I just want to start over. It's all I dream about.

No. 94527

I'll root for you, anon

No. 94577

There’s lots of girls in prowrestling like this, anon! If Charlotte wasn’t Ric Flair’s daughter, do you think she really had a chance with the logic you’re using? She’s awful! All you need to have, really, are the stage personality and athletic skills, nobody is going to care so much what you look like. By all means Asuka is plain, cute, but overall meh—but she has a lot of spirit and is super fun to watch on stage.

I saw her IRL when she was still with NXT and she blew me away!!

I’m rooting for you, anon. You can do it! Keep your head up high and don’t tell yourself you can’t do it.

No. 94580

File: 1536348170441.gif (948.8 KB, 460x259, tumblr_mwkgunFMXM1rnq3cto1_r1_…)

>too shit at maths despite numerous teachers encouraging me and helping me, providing helpful sources and lessons, I'm so fucking dumb that doing anything remotely related to science with my life is impossible

astronaut in the ISS
>same deal
>affordable space tourism won't be available in my lifetime
>I won't become a billionaire so I can't go like this dude for a week in the ISS

ugh, damned to stay a theoretical astrophysics nerd for my whole life

No. 94581

Took vocal lessons at a great academy for 8 years of my life. Fell in love with everything about it. Can’t pursue a career in singing though. Forced to major in biomed. Am now 19 and feel like time is running out. I just want to sing man.

No. 94582

>too shit at maths despite…

Was this in school or college? I wasn't great in maths either in school. Now I'm doing computer science, and I got through the math subjects by sitting down EVERYDAY studying my ass off. Some of them actually ended up being my favourite subjects (linear algebra, numerical analysis).

I felt math in school was very different from math in college. Imo with enough dedication and effort, college-level math is doable for anyone (as long as they don't have a learning disability I guess?).

I'm writing this because I too, wanted to go into a field that just wasn't were my strengths lay, but I made it work, and I want to encourage you to try it too. Are you from a country where higher education is relatively cheap? If so I'd definitely say give it a shot. If it doesn't work out you still gained some experience that you can apply in the path that you do end up choosing for yourself.

I believe in you anon!

No. 94600

Get a good gimmick and stage persona and you're good. I think you should totally go for it, anon

No. 94650

Damn anon, congrats, I admire you so much!

The thing is that I have this really weird block when it comes to maths, I love the theory, I understand how it's supposed to work but everytime I have to apply it I fail, it's ridiculous how dumb I appeared to teachers bc of it. I remember sweating like crazy during exams cause I knew how to do the thing but overthinking made me fail.

I'm French, and it's too late to work officially in this field. The French university system is extra cheap but it's determined by which "baccalaureat" you passed. Scientific oriented formations won't allow you in if you passed a litterature baccalauréat, doors close automatically. You might try and do what we call a "prepa" (preparatory class) but it's incredibly expensive, and leads to many burnouts.
Even if you take the maths option while being in litt (which wasn't even an option at my highschool), all scientific courses will exclude you or put you at the bottom of lists.
I'm almost 19 btw so I'm pretty young, but the French education system is very weird and it's not getting any better. So I'm just going to continue what I'm doing rn (languages) bc I excel in it.
Anyways thank you , it's really heartwarming to know that you got in it !
(sorry for the french sperg)

No. 94834

I’ve always wanted to live in another time like be a rich princess in 15th century.
Tfw when this will never be obtainable

No. 94839

I was in a very similar situation, had a passion for acting and it is the only thing I can see myself doing but I was forced to major in physics. Did that for 2 years and was constantly depressed. I was thinking at least it is a safe choice and it would give me a stable job but knew I would never be happy this way and would always have this "what if" at the back of my mind. I am now 20 and said fuck it and changed schools. I'm about to start my first year in drama school and although I'm happy I still feel like I completely wasted 2 years of my life and time is running out.
It was very hard to make my parents understand and support this decision though.

I understand if you can't drop everything and just sing, but maybe you could do open mics, or youtube videos, or start a band, or maybe join a singing group in your university if you have one.
You never know where life could take you and it's really important to do even a little bit of what you truly love and makes you happy.

No. 96984

File: 1538082234667.jpg (61.18 KB, 600x1028, 6ee289b78532839a9b73171995a0d5…)

How do you guys deal with the fact that you will probably never reach those goals?

I always wanted to move away from my little hometown, even migrate to another country, and be part of a rock band.

When I graduated I realized that I couldn't, but at least wanted to go to uni and study something "artsy". Turns out I can't draw well enough.
In the end I settled with studying teaching. I told myself that I at least will go abroad for a semester and when finished will move to a bigger city, to "flee" from all that boring monotonous country life here. There's literally nothing for young people. All you can do is go to traditional festivals get anniliated every day and then marry some boring guy. That's it.

Now I can't go abroad because I'm simply not a good enough student. And working here would be so comfy. The other teachers are nice, nearly no foreign kids; meanwhile in the bigger cities there sometimes are no native speakers at all in classes, meaning it would be a lot more difficult. Plus, I might would not manage to make any new friends and I'd miss my parents. I guess I'm a too much of a chicken to ever do something outside of the norm.
As a child I always told myself I NEVER want to be a teacher, I never want to stay living here and I never want to get married/kids. But it seems that I'm turning out to be exactly what I always hated.

Anyways, recently I feel so sad from time too time. When I was in my last year of hs I was so happy and hopeful and excited for the future - only to realize how childish and unrealistic my dreams were all the time.

No. 96986

I've dealt with it by embodying that average life goals twitter account tbh

But seriously, I agree life isn't as hopeful as when you're a kid. I wanted to become a comic artist since I was 8 but there's little opportunity in that field and the money isn't amazing. I also had to work around my other desires and needs that appeared as I grew older (wanting money and a househusband), weighing what was really most important to me and deciding my future based on that (it's the househusband btw).

Anyway anon, have you considered getting into your local music scene and making music pals? Maybe you could create a hobby band together. It doesn't have to be one or the other, you can balance your passions with what you "need" to do. I still draw things for fun and it feels almost more enjoyable.

And you can always move to a new place after you graduate. You may even have to for job opportunities.

No. 97044

I wanted to own a animation/gaming company, or anything involving a collaboration of artists making content and money, and stressing out over deadlines together. I'd like for the company to be as huge as Disney or Nintendo, but you always have to start somewhere.

Idk it seems impossible bc I'm too pussy to even upload the art I make, plus starting a business with others sounds out of reach for me. For now, I gonna keep working in fast food and hopefully get over my anxiety when it comes to sharing my art.

No. 97051

me too anon! I wish you the best, one day we will have our own company and make beautiful things for people to enjoy. dont be afraid to post your art, dont be scared to share your ideas. people follow when they see passionate people. good luck with everything! big hugs

No. 97059

R u me?
I joined an art group on /ic/ a few years ago and there were a lot of posts from anons with the same studio dreams. I thought that group was my chance but in the end I was too socially retarded to bond with any of the members. I spent two years believing my dream was about to come true before becoming disenchanted and dropping out.

Even without them, it seems like there are thousands of animators across the internet with the same damn goal but no one ever reaches out to each other. Whenever someone mentions wanting to form a studio, I'm the first to volunteer and I just end up getting ignored. It's frustrating.

No. 97089


I always wanted to study fashion design but ended up with teaching. I even cried on the first day of college saying I don't want to be a teacher. but I graduated somehow. now I feel like I wasted those years and wishing I would drop out. I used to work at a private academy and dealing with problem kids every day was tough for me.

now I enrolled in college again (not for fashion design though) I want a fresh start, but I'm worried that if I regret this decision later. working seems like better option maybe but I don't enjoy teaching that much.

also, my hometown is pretty basic too. I always wanted to live in a big city and escape my hometown. my new college is in the capital, so I'm moving to a bigger city. but that's another reason I'm worried, because I've never lived by myself before. I guess I'll miss my parents so much.

I just hope to feel better and happier in the future and improve myself at my new school. wish you the best for you too, anon!

No. 99950

I've always wanted to be a Bowie level rockstar. Unfortunately I can't sing because I have a fucked up throat.

No. 99953

Damn, I want this too, but i don't even have any related education.
Please share your art anon, even if you think it's not good, even if it objectively is not good, I've been too embarassed and scared to post whatever I draw for years and that was a shit experience, makes you burn out faster and devalues your effort. If someone shits on you ignore them and keep going, it's not that most of criticism and praise one gets is objective anyways

No. 99955

i want to be extremely tall… im currently 5'6 but i've always dreamed of being 6'5. i wear platform shoes to make me less insecure : T

No. 99957

I want to be 85lbs
>inb4 anachan
I have an ED but I just want to vent and scree about it.

No. 99959

I really just want a painfully average life. Get married, move into an average house in an average town, work in a coffee shop or a book store, read and play piano for fun, etc. I wish I had never gotten any tattoos or piercings, or stretched my ears. My days would be very “boring,” going to the dentist, hitting the bank on my way home… no big worries or anything, no acne or health concerns or anything that would make me stand out in a crowd. My life has always been very traumatizing and ugly and I’m 24 already, I don’t even know how it happened. It’s pathetic but I know I’ll live a messy, ugly, retarded hard life forever and I often dream about living a “normal” life.

No. 99960

That's not ana depending on your height.

No. 99965

I wish I looked completely androgynous like Tilda Swinton or someone like her.
I just have a lot of gender dysphoria towards my tits/hips and other female characteristics, but I don't want to be a man instead, I would have hated myself as a man even more.
I just wish I looked like something inbetween, a mystery, a cryptid if you will.I also very much would have liked to at least have my tubes tied and at most a hysterectomy because thinking about the fact I can have kids gives me panic attacks. I don't even have sex with men, but I'm still deathly afraid of being pregnant and surgery would have fixed it. But I can't get one since I'm young, fairly healthy and never had kids before. So it stays a pipe dream.

No. 99967

Strangely enough, there are people who were 90lbs and are now 200lbs, on a tiny 4'9" frame

No. 99972

Clean up as best you can and find a man who wants the same thing as you. Having tattoos and piercings might make this a bit harder, but you're young and probably attractive enough that you should be able to find a decent man as long as your expectations are reasonable. An average life is a reasonable expectation. You're not looking to get rich or marry a model.

No. 99976

This thread makes me feel like a aunt. Please accept your body changing, girls. This ana shit makes me honestly so sad.

No. 99988

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a pop star. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a supermodel. But I was super angsty about it because it was obvious that I wasn’t gonna grow much beyond 5 feet. I’m mostly over it now. I mean, I still think it would be awesome to be a pop singer or model but I don’t lose sleep over it. It’s not my purpose in life though and plus I’m too old.

I would love to be an Opera singer though. I remember going to a baseball game when I was a kid, and there was an opera singer singing the national anthem. My aunt made a comment that her voice could break glass and I thought that was so cool. And while I know it’s not technically an “opera”, listening to Sarah Brightman as Christine in Phantom of the Opera growing up (my mom would play the original recording a lot growing up) really inspired me

No. 99999

Anon I'm 26 - am covered in very visible tattoos, stretched ears, facial piercing. I am married, have a child, and am a SAHM. My life used to be so crazy and now it's super mundane. Honestly you have to choose to stop making wild choices before things will change for you, you won't just get visited by the Normal Fairy in the night. Like I'm still tattooed and stuff obviously but it gets negated by how average my life is. I get the trauma thing and that isn't your fault, but don't let it rule you forever, because the older you get the worse it feels letting your life pass by while you stay unhappy. Good luck!

No. 100000

Can you describe your "crazy" life before this mundane one?

No. 100006

I don’t make bad decisions anymore, in fact I quit smoking weed last year and quit smoking cigarettes two months ago after being a chainsmoker for many years. I should have explained better, my dream is to live this impossibly perfect normal life… kind of like a cheesy lifetime christmas movie, if that makes sense. That’s obviously never going to happen bc reality and such.

No. 100240

I am the same as you and just here to agree. I am heavily tattooed and have almost 30mm ears (took out all my other piercings though cause I just got tired of them) and am married with a lovely calm life and a baby on the way. I was a bad girl when I was younger but my life is super chill and introverted now and I am genuinely really happy with it. I'd never want to undo the work on my body to match my calm life, all of it reflects how you felt at one time or another and doesn't automatically make you the tryhard looking edgy alt cow meme. I actually think tattoos and looks like this look really cool with a toned down style and lifestyle,
Your appearance isn't what needs to change here I guess I'm saying. Your life can be what you try your best to make it, my life is very far from boring and uneventful on the daily and has it's stress but my little family is definitely my cheesy lifetime movie dream. Don't be so hard on yourself especially if you have already taken such steps to behave better for yourself and make better choices.

No. 100709

i want to live as a phantom and dump my body in garbage and watch it rot. My physical existence is a burden and a prison and i hate it.

No. 100721

Let's do that shit together!

No. 100723

File: 1542165180285.jpeg (187.44 KB, 1000x1000, 1FCB2E7A-FB87-461C-BE16-F0B429…)

Abandoning disgusting meat suits and becoming a Kafka-esque stream of consciousness? I’m in.

No. 100750

I don't want to be human, I wanna be a monster or a cryptid. I'm so tired of my physical body not matching who I am inside.
Super edgy, I know.

No. 100752

Join the club; we've got jackets, which feels like kind of a waste tbh.

No. 100776

File: 1542198007180.jpg (93.82 KB, 1078x516, Rebekah_Garage_Todd_1-1078x516…)

I'd love to be an acclaimed DJ but I can't even make a decent playlist on my computer.

No. 100808

This sounds really great. The ultimate dream.

No. 101269

Having a Kelly Ripa style talk show sounds fantastic to me. Imagine just having to sit and look cute to the audience of SAHMs while talking about current events. I stutter a lot and have an awkward personality so it couldn't be me.

No. 102214

I want to be involved in creating the things I like. Dubbing anime or being involved the production of western licensing would great. Voice acting would be fantastic.

Marrying into an “industry” family in LA would be good too

No. 102222

Wanted to model, and later get recognized which would land me an acting career when I was younger, but realised it would never happen, since I’m a fatty.

No. 102234

Are you tall + nice face + decent whr? You could always plus size model, not kidding. Not sure it would land you an acting gig though.

No. 102670

I want my own animated show. Kinda like Futurama in the sense that it's lighthearted and silly for the most part, but does have it's touching moments sprinkled in as well. (It wouldn't be space related though) I wouldn't even want it as popular as Futurama, I would like a more niche, cult classic type following. I have a story in my head, and characters that I've been playing around with for awhile. I think there's some potential…not great, but I think there's something. Only in the past month have I been actually started to put my ideas to pen and paper, and not just stored up in me head. I don't think my dream will ever come true because

1.) There's a lot of competition in the writing/creative field. The chances of me landing something are slim to none, even if I try my hardest
2.) I think the world is getting shittier and shittier as time goes on. I feel like the time I've graduated college, the world will have gone into a dystopia and the only jobs left are making propaganda posters or something.

Oh well, at least the story I made will always be inside my head. At least no one can take that away from me.

No. 102672


Same for me anon. Which is hilarious because I can't sing or dance and I'm not even asian.

I always feel a little bad for wanting it because idols get mistreated by their companies and they have no control over anything. Maybe I just want someone to live my life for me lol.

No. 102673

File: 1544409942367.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x1200, sympohny.jpg)

I want to live in Dracula's castle from Castlevania Symphony of the Night, minus all the demons and gorey shit.
The Royal Chapel is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I just want to wander this place with Alucard by my side. Eat a special dinner with him and have endless amounts of books to read.

No. 102680

I just want to be a 70-something year old woman who's already achieved everything she ever wanted and can relax at home and keep like, little birds around and buy expensive dresses and live peacefully till death.

No. 102687

Oh same, but more like 50 or so providing I can retire early (that's the main achievement I'm going for). I just want to skip middle age and be old enough to give no fucks and have so much free time I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Knowing me it's just gonna be chilling at home, reading and watching movies and so on. I'll exercise as long as I can as well.

No. 102688

This is going to sound so weird. But I want to be some sort of sheltered and pampered princess who gets anything she wants and has a cute princey-butch girlfriend to spoil her.
Living inside a gorgeous house and just getting nice food and toys and clothes and anything I could ask for.

No. 102695

that's not weird, it sounds like every housewife fantasy ever but with a breadwinner wife instead of a husband

No. 102698

Yeah but I mean like…. Without any housework or effort on my part

No. 104245

File: 1546049395064.jpg (41.48 KB, 395x489, El Deuce.JPG)

This is sort of reasonable I guess. I want to be a tyrant over some third world shithole full of hot black or brown guys.

I would be a benevolent ruler and work hard for my subjects outside of trolling the UN and giving edgy speeches in which I yell and gesture a lot.

That all said, every once in a while I'd just get bored and toss some people to the alligators. Or crocodiles, depending on where my country is located. Maybe I'll feed some alligators to my crocodiles, see if I care.

Also I would subsidize and promote live music but only for bands I like so everyone has to listen to what I want to listen to. My taste is pretty good so anyone who complains is getting alligator'd.

No. 104246

I want to be a forensic computer analyist.

No. 104249

Sorry but that's pretty hilarious. I cackled at the first sentence

No. 104261

File: 1546061806810.jpeg (Spoiler Image,13.11 KB, 254x220, DB18004F-5190-4EDC-9BFD-BEE02A…)

I want a ménage à trois relationship with a beautiful goth girl and my current bf. I fantasize about this every day, but I know my partner would not be about it. I assume this is most straight men’s fantasy, but my fella would definitely get jealous. Oh how a girl can dream though.

No. 104267

Are you me? I've been dreaming of having a goth gf for ages but like you my boyfriend would not be up for the idea. I feel like the relationship has to start off like that in order for that to ever happen. I guess we can dream.

No. 104274

File: 1546079221375.jpg (23.05 KB, 435x245, dakota-rose-shared-picture-rus…)

I always wanted to be Dakota but… successful. and not catfishing the entirety of Korea and Japan

I honestly still want that, what can I say, I'm a weeaboo for life

No. 104292

Me too, I've been with my bf for almost a decade but I can't win him over with the idea. Any other guy would have cheated after so long with one girl, but I can't get him to go for it!

No. 104294


Honestly? Same.

I am not jealous about her life as is, but I always had that fantasy; I'd actually would keep trying to maintain the image and strive towards being a tarento in shitty TV shows. Making money for laughing and being generally polite on TV while wearing generally cute clothing? Kote is so dumb for letting this is slide. All she had to do was exercise and not feel superior for being a viral gaijin. I guess that's what you get for being entitled instead of thankful, I guess.

I guess that's why she'll always have a place in my heart because of that, even though she's a fucking idiot and ugly now too, to boot.

No. 104307


Bitch me too! This weird ass daydream is prob the reason why I have such a soft spot for the koot threads. I found myself kind of rooting for her to make this kind of life happen for her during the teenpop time, because I would love to experience this kind of shit because of my inner weeb. But, homegirl screwed it up. And maybe it's because I can't speak and read moonspeak, I also wish to have her level of Japanese …

No. 104317

Same, I'm still dreaming of becoming famous in nipponland…
Even thought of trying to become a musician, actress or otherwise famous in the west, just so that I can use my wealth and fame to move to Japan, be on stupid tv shows and get invited to model some brands.
That's literally what all my daydreams revolve around.

And maybe it's because I'm an ignorant straight and white europoor, but I don't think being a 16yo edgelord who made fun of asians and lesbians is as much of a crime as others make it out to be. Same for shooping.
So, I also have a soft spot for her and even kind of want her to get better again.

No. 104320

I don’t want all of it necessarily, but I often daydream about having moved to Japan right after college instead of going down the path I did. I’m still happy and living in a different country, but I’m 27 now. I know a lot of people on the internet feel like there’s no age limit for hobbies and interests, but I’d feel so weird if I tried to move to Japan now (don’t speak Japanese, so I’d need to learn) and start a new life with the husband and dog. Also, I’m not as cute as I was at 22 kek. Just constantly think about what could have been.

No. 104332

I was born rich but my family lost the money when I was a teen. I wanna fulfill my childhood dreams of studying abroad, but is just almost impossible now

No. 104333

I don't know about moving to Japan but I don't think there's anything that stops you from learning the language tbh.

No. 104352

>I guess that's what you get for being entitled instead of thankful

It's even better because the same thing basically happened to both of them. Large following for basically nothing, viral fame, followed by the inevitable arrogant, entitled peacocking that causes their downfall (along with the bold faced lies). Looking back, it was obvious those two were never gonna "make it" as anything but internet-infamous lolcows.

No. 104363

You’re right, anon! I do want to give it a try again and (eventually) travel there for a vacation. Of course, learning the language of the country I live in is a top priority (I’m at like A2 level, and I should really be better) so it’s kind of pushed onto the back burner indefinitely.

Sometimes just wish I would have gone to live there for a year after college, just to give it a try. Ah well.

No. 104663

This. We have so little time.

No. 104684

I wanted to be a ballerina and I took dance lessons during my childhood before a serious injury occured that put a stop to it for almost a year.
A while ago I was taking ballet classes again but I realized I'd NEVER be happy with myself or be able to have fun knowing that I'd never actually be good at it.

No. 104945

I have always wanted to learn new things like playing the guitar or learning maths but I cannot because since I got depressed when I was a child due to abuse I haven't been able to focus on anything or learn new things. I have always wanted to be a person that is able to do many things and that knows many things.

No. 106193

Tfw I'll never be in my mid twenties but back in the early 00s in a bustling city in a chick flick where Mark ruffalo sweeps me off my feet to a nostalgic soundtrack

No. 106201

i've always wanted to try skateboarding but skateparks were scary when i was in middle school and now that i'm 21 it just sounds fucking dumb to even try getting into it. should just try to snag a sk8r boi/girl for that free board access probably
also rollerskating!

No. 106204

File: 1548091742728.jpg (13.4 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

writing a best seller and living off of it or living off of writing in general

No. 106248

I want to be a girl who's loved maybe by a lot of people but even one person would be amazing. Maybe in my next life.

No. 106249

One person should love you always. You.

Stop focusing on others until that happens, then it won't be an impossible dream.

No. 106251

File: 1548130981218.gif (1.41 MB, 315x315, 4F2FAB4A-EA04-4C87-9109-EB77F5…)

Whatever this girl is doing is what I want

No. 106264

Wow anon, you're right. I never thought of it like that.

No. 106974

Same, I'm even a couple years older than you! I actually have this hangup that I'm going to look like I'm trying get attention from guys, when I really just want to learn because it looks fun and I want to get out of the house more. It's also hard to think of a quiet place to start practicing, every spot I can think of is already full of groups of like.. teenage skateboard kids hanging out. Despite these issues I'm probably going to drop some $$ on a decent starter board as my birthday present to myself.

No. 113572

I wish my boyfriend was a girl.

No. 113726

To be a movie director. Just like around 2 million other people just in my state, I think I could be the next Tarantino if I had the chance.

No. 113727

Me too. But, well, Im over 30 and need to do adult things, have no time to finish a story anymore… But honestly, in the end, this is just an excuse. Being lazy, having no motivation and wasting my free time away burning cash playing poker is what I actually do.

No. 113739

To live without agoraphobia.

No. 113744

1. To be an independent, confident adult who's outgoing and can talk to people without wondering if I fucked up

2. Look pretty enough for him

No. 113751

File: 1556141613867.jpg (365.22 KB, 741x1466, AirBrush_20190423080650.jpg)

I want to get my PhD in something related to the astronautical field (electrical/ mechanical engineering, applied physics, etc) I'm too dumb and poor. And I majored in the wrong kind of engineering to get to that point. And I'm pushing 30.

I want to marry into a loving family. Mine is really shitty and abusive.

It would take a miracle for either of these to happen.

No. 114145

Have a group of friends.

No. 125763

I wish I could do something I love for a living while making a ton of money from it and getting to travel while I work, or better yet travel for work.

I also wish I could have an amazing husband who goes with me all these places and have a ton of friends everywhere

I also wish I could be shorter and have blue eyes


No. 126450

You could definitely find a man with a nice family. As a bonus, he'll probably really emotionally mature and great himself.

No. 126460

Really stupid but I dream of owning some vintage striped jeans like all those instagram art hoes have, but whenever I find a pair online people are selling them for well over $100. Maybe one day I’ll find a pair at a thrift store. Probably not.

No. 127096

Going back to being 12 and actually appreciating my teenage years. I'm 27 now and I sink further into depression everyday because my life is just not what I want and it never will be.

No. 127099

hard same

No. 127101

I feel the exact opposite. I'm genuinely glad I'm no longer a teenager and will never be again. I'm 23 now and life in my twenties so far has been far better than it ever was as a child or teen. Or maybe life's not better, I just know how to handle it better. I wish I could go back in time and assure my younger self it gets better.

No. 127337

File: 1573562900698.jpg (122.33 KB, 1280x1210, whycantilookthiscute.jpg)

I wish I could go back and start anew, my life is only filled with regrets.

Most of them stem from me being too shy to function. There were so many times that I wanted (or didn't want) something but didn't dare to tell my parents - and I still can't forget about it nowadays.
I wish I asked my parents to allow me to go to the summer camp all my friends went to as well, I wish I enjoyed my time in elementary school more, I wish I made more and better friends in high school. I wish I didn't develop an ed, I wish I didn't act so weird, I wish I had a normal teen experience, got a bf, went out, simply enjoyed life. I wish I wouldn't have been bullied or at least stuck up for myself, against assholes and against my "friends". I wish I went to prom, I wish I went on vacation after graduating, I wish I thought about what I really wanted to study. I wish I did what I wanted instead of always only listening and being obedient. I wish I had a nice university life, moved to a bigger city, lived with friends, went shopping, eating, to the cinema, was less stressed, anxious and depressed, had a bf,…

I'm close to graduating and have nothing to look forward in my life. No friends, no bf, ugly, fat, I studied the one thing I never wanted to do and I still live with my parents. My father plans to gift me a house around 100 metres from where we live, which might sound good but it also means that I will very likely end up staying in the same small town for the rest of my life. I wanted to travel, study (or live) abroad and ended up doing nothing of what I planned to do. I'm slowly getting too old for the clothes I always wanted to wear but never dared to, I have zero romantic experience, I absolutely failed in everything. I'm so jealous of little teen girls being loud, obnoxious and carefree because I've acted mature and self conscious since I was a just a young child.

I always dreamt of being a model or an actress and as dumb as it sounds, I feel like I will never be able to be happy since I'm not rich and famous. I'm the mousiest person you could imagine but I secretly only crave attention and an exciting extraordinary lifestyle. I wish I was at least pretty enpugh to bank a rich husband.
The sad thing is, even if I magically managed to lose 80lbs, transformed my personality to be charming and outgoing and maybe got a nosejob, I'd still already be too old to ever make it.
People around me are content with simple lifes, already getting engaged/married and thinking of kids but just the thought of having to live like this makes me sick.

No. 127441

getting soundcloud famous

No. 127443

Anon, you are already in a better position than most young people by already having a foot on the housing ladder and it's freeeee. Rent that shit out and make $$$.

No. 127445

this might sound very weeb-y but i'm asian and i wish i looked like those infamous ulzzang/japanese girls that are everywhere on the internet with their pretty faces and amazing fashion choices that suit them all well, are pale + skinny/dainty and speak japanese and are basically everything i want in life.
i'm really ugly and dark compared to them which affects me very much and i just hope that i'm a cute japanese girl in my next life. i'd probably have undying confidence and all the attention i want if that were to happen. my friends always say that i have one of the best personalities ever but my looks don't make up for it which basically ruins everything. i'm even considering getting plastic surgery once i have the money.

this is genuinely my biggest dream ever, more than getting my dream job, because i know that if i was THAT attractive i'd be unstoppable lol.

No. 127446

I'm a college dropout with no future so I want to win the lottery. I know it's technically not impossible but I've been subscribed for a while and never won an amount with 3 digits and I can't really afford to participate anymore.

No. 127448

Just know that being a college drop out is better than being a college graduate with no solid plan (that's about to be me)

No. 127460

Wish I continued dancing and actually became a dancer. I've been told I actually have rhythm and apparently when I went to a couple classes when I was younger I had potential, but I was too shy to keep going. Now I'm doing a degree which is so exhausting and I can't help fantisising about what could have been…

No. 127471

How? At least you have a degree to get you a job beyond basic sales associate or burger flipper. Even if it's a degree in knitting.

No. 127482

see if you can find a form of estatic dance like 5rhythms or open floor in your area

No. 127489

I was actually close to getting a degree but now I don't have one, I just have a lot of debt and still no plan because nobody wants to hire a 23 year old with no degree or work experience or a driver license (in my area there's almost nothing so I have to travel for over an hour to get to the city)

I really just want to win the lottery because I can't imagine myself getting this sorted out and actually being able to move out and afford my own place..

No. 127514

Maybe this is dumb, but all I really want to do is draw porn.

It feels stupid, but I love drawing more than anything, and I went from drawing tasteful nudes/figure drawings, to wanting to draw more erotic content.

I can't decide on what I want to do with my life so I don't want to pursue a degree yet, but everyday I wake up and I feel so excited to draw porn

Also I don't think male hentai artists really capture the female perspective/fantasies

But I'm too scared to post anything online… sigh

No. 127533

You must know there's a market for this, anon. Art majors commonly get shat on by society, but nobody can deny that porn is paying. In porn specifically, commission artists have longer careers compared to porn stars and patreon/onlyfans girls because aging won't affect their job and reputation tends to increase with time.
I definitely wouldn't rule this out as an impossible dream unless you were adamant about refusing popular fetishes like furry stuff or lack skill. Good luck!

No. 127552

You can make bank doing this. Degenerates will hand over hundreds for their fetish. Just report the ones who ask for cp themes and charge the rest as much as they will pay.

Post a few of your best anonymously and get some feedback on quality. Live the dream.

No. 127561

Modeling is not hard but it's really a boring repetitive depressing job and you'd outgrow it or wear out in your early twenties anyways. Consider it a blessing.

I wanted to be less damaged and hurt I guess. Pretty impossible but I can fix what's there still left over and try to improve myself as good as possible.

No. 127577

File: 1573940889870.jpg (113.4 KB, 570x833, ATLA.jpg)

I've always wanted to create a hugely successful saga like Avatar the Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Lord or The Rings etc. A fantasy series with its own worldbuilding that becomes an established part of pop culture. I imagine it specifically in the form of a comic book (or manga) and then into an animated TV series (anime).

I make up stories in my head all the time but they're always half-baked. I used to draw but not anymore so I doubt I'll ever be skilled enough to be a comic book artist. I'm also from a country that has no animation industry basically and adult animated series outside of Japan are still pretty much a novelty.

I wish I could create an iconic work of fiction that develops a fandom and people get excited and cry over it like that guy's reaction to the Star Wars trailers.

No. 127583

I just wanna do something with my voice, I have a pretty good singing voice and Its the only thing I like about myself.
Sadly I’m too stupid to play an instrument and cant find some real musicians to form a band with so its pretty unrealistic that ill end up even doing this as a hobby smh

No. 127586

wtf it's like i wrote this.

everything is the same for me anon, except that my country had a nice comic and animation industry but it fell apart a decade ago with the rise of the internet, so my daydreams include me being the one to revive it lol

No. 127596

Literally came here to complain about something similar, I play bass and can somewhat sing and always wanted to be in a band ( preferably an all girl band but whatever ) but no one i know is music oriented or the people i do know already have their own bands. Just want to be in a band and play house parties and shows and have fun and wear cool outfits and play instruments. Let’s start our own band anon.

No. 127635

I wanted to be a model too but I got shoved into a fireplace as a kid and broke my nose. It used to be straight but it's now uneven and hooked.

No. 127656

Why not get a nosejob to correct it?

No. 127714

You know what, I'll go for it. I'm just gonna throw some stuff online and see how it goes. I'm nervous but I have to try at least.

Thank you anons

No. 129578

File: 1577038370715.jpg (140.06 KB, 1280x720, racoonamatata.jpg)

I want to live in a cosy cabin in the woods where I can work from home and tend to a small gang of friendly Raccoons. I don't live anywhere near North America and I don't think it'd be worth moving there. I find Raccoons insanely cute but I know they make for bad pets bc of how hyperactive/vicious they can be.

No. 129843

I wanted to work in the science, especially physics, field. I find physics just so fascinating but i'm simply incapable of even doing basic math.
A more realistic dream would've been medicine since i have nothing much in life that makes me feel happy so i thought helping sick people would give me some gratification but again, i'm too dumb, and definitely lack the kinda attitude you need to have to study medicine.
I really wanted to work in STEM, but i'm stuck with my dumb ass who is rather good at languages and other things i find to be useless.

No. 129846

i wanna reverse the damage i did to myself years ago , i wanna change what i did wrong and stop it from ever happening. i also wanna be petite and quite skinny but i’m average/tall height and small/average build.

No. 129848

I'm in love with lgbt club culture and I want to join an art collective and make crazy art and perform in clubs and have fun and drink and have lots of sex and party. But I'm not attractive enough to even be noticed and also the lgbt community hates women even if they're lesbians or bi.

No. 129936

I want to make a homunculus. It’s a running joke between close friends and my partner too because it’s so ridiculous, I can’t remember what game it was but I played a game on the PS2 at my exes house a year ago and ever since the idea of a homunculus is so fascinatingly gross.

No. 129957

File: 1577548625385.jpg (101.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Was the game Shadow of the Memories?

No. 129960

File: 1577550123477.jpeg (208.8 KB, 728x485, 5C7C4CD9-6797-4016-A8BC-D32F19…)

I have two. I sometimes wish I would have moved to Japan and lived my best dumb gaijin life there. One of my old internet friends actually did it. She still goes to concerts weekly and has an edgy VK style. I’m truly amazed that she kept it up all this time.

My other one is to work at and live on some kind of animal sanctuary, but for wolves or foxes or something.

No. 129975

The glorious nippon dream is a hard one to shake, every time I get sick of my life I start daydreaming about going to language school there. I know, deep down, I wouldn't actually like living there but I 100% associate the place with fun holidays and cute clothes and my weeb hobbies so it's hard to imagine the shitty/boring things about it.

No. 129991

>go to art school and be an artist
>get plastic surgery
>move to the US

No. 130000

own a house

No. 130040

File: 1577665533357.png (476.59 KB, 1800x1578, 117892E8-D71A-440F-A559-85317D…)

Same. Yikes.

No. 130079

I've done all 3. It's not even worth it anon, sleep easy.

No. 130089

File: 1577752426086.jpg (211.9 KB, 810x1200, DC25WanV0AAgASU.jpg)

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be an artist and work with illustration and comics. I intended to go to college in another state, to study design or art, but my mom said she wouldn't let me go. So I lost all my hope, stopped drawing and went to law school, as mom and my deceased dad wished. I think about my dream almost everyday but it's impossible now.

No. 130090

You're not alone, anon. Just half an hour ago I had pretty much similar regrets and decided I need to change things and get back to drawing more, like A LOT more.

I actually came to the board for checking on a completely different thread, saw the picture you posted on the main page, only to read that we've had the same thoughts. Life is weird sometimes.
If I was allowed, I'd post a heart emote, but know that I hear and feel you, anon.

No. 130091

File: 1577755272436.jpg (271.38 KB, 1200x902, D6VT6GHUcAAAiJj.jpg)

I'm glad there's someone here who can relate. Let's draw a lot next year, anon!

No. 130092

Yes, let's do that! I'm looking forward to 2020.
And thanks for posting tonight, anon.

No. 130096

Hey, it's not impossible, you two. Perhaps it won't be exactly in the industry, but you can surely publish some indie comics on the side or something. Under a pseudonym to keep your career safe, if necessary.
I feel this since I'm becoming an accountant to break the poverty cycle in my family, but I still draw as much as possible and am going to finish my own comic this year. If I can try, I hope you guys do, too!
To comics in the 2020s.

No. 130103

>>If I was allowed, I'd post a heart emote

ntayrt but you can post heart emotes like this (without the hyphen): #-<3 = ♥

No. 130133

File: 1577833408374.jpg (173.35 KB, 1200x802, c861697787669085ad5c59f028595c…)

There's this house my mom and I toured around 3 years ago . It was around 100 years old at the end of a secluded driveway nestled in the back of a quiet neighborhood. The interior was like pic related, it was bulit halfway underground, most of the rooms had brickwalls and wooden beams supporting the ceilings, there was even a mini library. The master bedroom had a porch that lead to a huge shaded garden with a fountain and pond with little fish in it. It's literally my dream home. I fantasize all the time about it being my house. The house is still there but I think an older rich couple lives there now. I don't know if I ever will get to go there again but my fantasy is to someday be able to live there.

No. 130173

this sounds so romantic, I love it. I hope you achieve your dream somehow

No. 130284

How hard is computer programming for those who aren’t naturally inclined towards STEM?

I have an interest in it but have always written it off due to low confidence in my math and logical reasoning skills. Is it something you can be good at with enough practice?

No. 130290

File: 1578091024478.png (38.54 KB, 579x565, baller.png)

I'm not a real programmer I just program for school when I have to (I find it really fun though). I think thinking mathematically helps a lot but you can do without it. Programming is mostly just trial and error, just think of what you want to program, look up what functions are available that can help you and try to write something, if it doesn't work, read the error messages and try to change some of your code, and then try again, and then if it doesn't work google it, and then try again, and again and again…
If you want to try, you can install Jupyter Notebook, it's an interface for programming in the python language. I think it's nice for beginners because you can do fun stuff like making graphs. I frickin love graphs, pic related is a graph I made of a ball bouncing off inclined walls, aint it cool

No. 130308

Thank you for your advice and recommendation. Now I know where to start #♥(#♥)

No. 130311

To add onto what the other anon said, a really good thing to do would be to really, really think about the problem before you start writing any code.Try breaking up a problem into little bits.
When I first learned how to program, I just started typing away at a solution that was inefficient, buggy, or both. For my job process, I was writing a piece of code that was garbage for two days, then realized that the first solution that I had before, but abandoned because it seemed "too complicated" (woops), was actually the efficient and cleaner solution.  Planning really pays off.

Also, debugging tools are good to learn; otherwise, you just end up writing multiple print statements and also going crazy ie. me.

Gl, hf anon!

No. 132003

My dream is to live in a cute village like in harvest moon or stardew valley. Everyone would be kind and get along well with each other and we would be surrounded by nature. It's not going to happen because I can't afford to buy a home, I have to live in an urban area to work in my field (at least at my level in my career), and I probably couldn't find a village like that anyway. Most rural towns I go to are just depressing and the people are poor or really conservative.

These hit me hard anons. I wish I could redo my teen years too. I was so shy and I assumed everyone thought I was annoying, so I missed out on so much.

No. 132604

idk, you don't need math but you do need logical reasoning, otherwise you're just googling forever and ever…

No. 136132

being a runway model was always my dream too op.
except i was chubby growing up, and now i'm just too old (27, the age a lot of runway models start retiring.)

another dream of mine was to work in the fashion industry in new york. i always wanted to work at a magazine. this is not completely impossible, but not super plausible as i'm studying computer science.

i hope to one day model in some capacity even if i'm too old for high fashion now. and i would settle for doing IT at a fashion mag or brand lmao.

No. 136151

My dream life was to move to Tokyo, date a visual kei guy or a hot yakuza. Live in a high rise apartment and run a fashion line.

No. 136154

Kek god…

No. 136189

Omg please be 14 that’s the only excuse to like a yakuza you retard

No. 136193

I wish I could do either of these. The DJ/electronic music thing is probably more achievable as a single person effort but starting a band especially in the style of music I'd like to play probably isn't going to happen for me. I also wish I could direct music videos.

No. 136194

I always wanted to be a prop master for movie and tv set or Master Painter for a studio/company but I don't think I will ever have the balls to leave my home state

No. 136200

Oof, this is mine.

I dream of just changing identity and going back to school and living the life I was supposed to instead of being a degenerate chubby hairy loser. I actually look good now so it'd be different. I completely sabotaged my high school experience.

No. 136202

lmao this thread is making me kek at some of the descriptions.

you can try fake tan? my features look better with a darker skin tone. if you're mixed the tan will probably take better to your skin anyway

No. 136203

File: 1586425833273.jpg (106.83 KB, 960x640, maxw-960.jpg)

When I was younger I wanted to be a hunter like from Supernatural, drive across America in a muscle car and listen to classic rock. I was obsessed with the aesthetic of old desert American roads, roadtrips, old music, badass hunter things.

Really weird now that I think about it.

No. 136205

>you will never live your life road tripping and eating at diners in tiny midwestern towns with your sibling, with no real job or boring responsibilities
I'm not even American and actually hate driving but supernatural makes living in your car seem so comfy.

No. 136207

>you'll never stumble into a roadside bar in the middle of nowhere america and clean your guns while researching how to kill the demon of the week

No. 136208

File: 1586427304240.jpg (1.29 MB, 6967x4650, GREECE-SOTHEBYS-INTERNATIONAL-…)

I've always dreamed of being extremely rich, and living in a large penthouse or modern Greek villa, spending my days learning languages, playing sport, dressing well and filling my time with hobbies. All without being famous or anything, just like a silent entrepreneur. No reason for it other than wanting to be able to afford all of life's luxuries.

I started my business a few years ago and it's finally doing well so… this is a possibility. I just really want to achieve it by the time I'm 25 because being young and rich is better than old and rich.

I feel guilty sometimes because everyone automatically assumes rich people = bad, but I just want a carefree, luxury life. If I had endless heaps of cash I'd also just randomly pay for people's operations and things.

No. 136209

File: 1586433578917.jpg (207.46 KB, 1024x768, plsiwanttolivehere.jpg)

I always wanted to be a rich eccentric savant artist slash writer that lives alone in a cosy isolated farm or an English cottage in Lake District or Peak District area.

People would make tv shows, movies, games and other products based on my work and I get to have a say in which actor/actress gets to be in the movie/tv shows. I would just live on my royalties and maybe use some of the money to invest in science and technology. Also do a bit of philanthropy at the side.

Alas! I'm just another 9-5 white collar worker.

No. 136211

You're cute anon!

No. 136551

I wanted to have a fun, harmless and interesting youth. I would have liked to try out sports and maybe pursue one seriously, have fun going out with friends and see a lot of places. Unfortunately I have controlling parents who only allowed me to go to school and stay at home.

No. 136552

This one gets me :(

I missed out on the youth of going out with friends, young love, just fun in general. I was riddled with anxiety, chubby and useless.

No. 136559

I wanted to be a vet when I was growing up, but I quickly found out I have an extremely squeamish stomach and whenever my mom would watch surgery shows they would make me feel like jello and nauseous even if all the footage was reenacted. It's funny, I can watch horror movies with tons of gore, but when it's a non fantasy setting, no thanks.

No. 136562

i would like to live in some cool futuristic cyber world and go to space. i'd like to star in and direct films, but would rather not aim for that in reality as the industry is a mess, as are film communities. still might create some short films for catharsis or something tho

No. 136573

>I missed out on the youth of going out with friends, young love, just fun in general. I was riddled with anxiety, chubby and useless.

a thousand x this.

No. 136577

One of my biggest dreams is to move out and have my own apartment somewhere in the city and have a nice job that makes alright money. But since I'm a poorfag I won't have the chance for any of these.

No. 136621

I want to be an oscar level actress. I don't even want the fame or for people to find me beautiful; I literally just want people to sit and watch an amazing movie in theaters and think "wow, she's a really good actor"

No. 136969

What do you currently work as, anon? What are your skills and interests? Making alright money is totally possible, don't put yourself down!

No. 137628

same here.
its ridiculous

No. 137637

Are you guys trying to reach this goal somehow?

No. 138129

Why are there no jobs in art therapy out there.. If there was a demand,that'd be my dream job.

No. 138136


Aww thanks Anon! You can hang out with me at my non existent cosy isolated farm/English cottage in Lake District/Peak District area. Haha.

No. 138155

File: 1588440100648.jpeg (155 KB, 854x1280, commercial_modeling.jpeg)

Sooo uh

I am OP.

And i just signed a modelling contract with a local angency, for commercial stuff not runaway obviously im still 5'1, they are pretty much the guys who almost all commercial shit in my city area and i do have a unique face, the casting director was actually super eager to meet with me.

Im just, in utter shock.

I was so non chalant during the whole process because i was just baffled that this was happening. I didn't even go to a casting, they just messaged me on instagram and scheduled an interview.

The pay is kinda shit tbh, its mostly a side gig to do while im in college (I was taking a gap year when I first wrote this thread at 18), I get between 250 to 3000 depending if its just one photo for a catalog or a full blown commercial with speaking lines.

No. 138157


I just googled "commercial modelling" and used the third one lol its not that deep

No. 138159

pls go away

No. 138161

congratz anon!! that's fantastic! I hope you'll enjoy it lots.

No. 138163

Yay! Will you be okay with the makeup allergy?

No. 138164


Yeah! I figured out what kind of stuff sets my skin off so i've been sticking to a few select brands, im bringing my own base make up so the mua doesn't think im stuck up for asking for laneige lol

No. 138165

Oh my gosh, congrats anon! I wasn't expecting it to be you posting you got a modeling job, but that's such a perfect way to return to this thread. Not to be a negative person, but please keep your wits about you and don't ever let them eat into your self esteem. I know you've probably heard this a billion times anyway.
A part of me still wants to model but feels too "old" (I'm turning 24) and a bit scared of working in the industry somehow fucking with my body image more now that I've got a better relationship with my body. I almost did a portfolio and went looking for jobs when I was 18/19 but some of the adults in my life (who did work in/around the industry) kind of discouraged me because of wanting to protect me. I'm not heavily pursuing it anymore but definitely wouldn't immediately say no if I got recruited either.
I guess one of my other "impossible dreams" would be being a famous musician or some other type of artist, besides a model, but I think I may be able to cut it on a lower level of fame. Fame looks kind of shitty too anyway. Pls no bully but part of me really would love to be an art model/muse (nude included…) or vintage-styled pinup girl, but I don't want people to be shitty to me/deeply uncomfortable about it or for it to ruin my career because people have seen my body. It ties right back into the wanting to be an artist thing because I would love to help plan and contribute to this stuff or to do it all myself. If it weren't for my concerns, I think that or being a writer/musician would be the least impossible dream for me. A lot of the dreams people think are "stupid" in here are honestly so cute and sweet and I hope that you all are happy, if not today, someday.

No. 138166

sage for doublepost but fuck I just realized this thread is supposed to be literally impossible dreams. my dreams probably aren't really impossible but idk if they'll ever happen the way imagine them or happen at all either. I honestly think a lot of people here have dreams that are unlikely but not actually impossible minus the actual fantasy stuff

No. 138223

there's for sure jobs. mostly in the disability sector but you can forge a path in hospitals, community work, private practice, anywhere. I'm studying to be a dance therapist right now and that's even less well known than art therapy but the advice I've gotten is to put yourself out there. creative therapies are in this nice in between where there aren't tonnes of therapists but if you approach organisations and explain what you can offer they're really open to it because all the research is pointing toward it working a lot better than talk therapy for many populations. please go for it, it's needed!

No. 151575

File: 1600272762342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.84 KB, 550x413, 0E26A1B3-A466-4E5F-B27A-B34F97…)

So, my dream is to mingle in the NYC art world and become well connected with socialites and artists (kinda like what Anna Delvey did without the grand larceny.) I’m an undergrad student in rural USA who’s studying hard so I can attend post-grad at NYU or Columbia. Practicality scared me away from studying art/art history (Still don’t know if this was a smart or dumb move.)

I know this isn’t the advice thread but I felt this post would be a bit too much for it… I’m actually posting with the intent to get advice, so if anyone has any tips pls tell

I only come to this site for advice so forgive me if I did anything stupid

No. 151581

I have a kind of similar aspiration anon. Right now I’m at a state school and I grew up in a rural area but I’m trying so hard to get into an Ivy League grad school or at least go to a grad school in New York or Philly, I’m majoring in journalism so I’d have reasons to be there but I just want to be a party girl and make connections in the industry. I have faith in you anon, maybe in 3 years we’ll meet at a party and do a line together and won’t even be able to tell we were the type of girls who would post in this thread haha.

No. 151603

File: 1600289069891.jpg (98.18 KB, 728x1094, 49cc5d570335c216fcdbc456a66c40…)

I grew up wanting to be a movie star. At that moment, I had never been so sure of something in my life, I was very passionate about acting, I'm a very charismatic person and the glamurous-hollywood lifestyle was very attractive for me, I really wanted to have fans, be in massive movies, travel the world, attend red carpets, land contracts with luxury brands and so on, so on.
Then I started to really see what comes with being the public figure I wanted to be and now I found celebrity culture and Hollywood disgusting and I know I'd be paranoid and unhappy if I was as exposed like celebrities are.
Nowadays I've cultivated completely different mindsets, new hobbies and interests. Still want to be able to afford some of their luxuries tho

No. 151613

Not really advice but I’m a college student in nyc and I love hearing my art history professors’ stories about New York art scene in the 1970s and I totally know what you mean. But things are so different now because rent is so high and the job market is so competitive. I guess if I had any advice it would be make as many connections and friendships as you can with classmates, professors, and other people. You never know if someone in your class will end up famous or if they have famous relatives, and a friend/classmate might be the one who gets you a job.

No. 151639

I literally cannot even fathom wanting to hang out with people who are famous in the New York art scene but you do you anon. My tips would be to make the ugliest art possible and most importantly: never, ever have a good haircut.

No. 151657

I want to worm my way into the celebrity scene without becoming an actual celebrity, maybe as a behind the scenes person or outsider who has contact with them, and befriends them. I dream of either finding one central celebrity guy to leech off of or hopping from guy to guy, as well as hooking up and hanging out with female celebs on the side. The idea of being surrounded by the filth of being famous without being famous outright is very appealing for some reason, I guess I'm just a greedy, pathetic attention seeker. I'd love to be an author or someone actually in spotlight, but I figure I'd be too unnoticeable and untalented, middle of the road to end up there. The idea of drifting around the scene or serving as a spectator to it is more appealing. I feel filthy just for writing this, I should want to be above such shallow aspirations. To be above the idea of wanting to be near such a shit industry.

No. 151658

Such good advice

No. 151659

I just wish I weren’t a girl. Always have but I’m not delusional enough to troon out. I just have a world in my head where I’m not a woman.

No. 151687


Hate to tell you this anon, but that scene extincted upon covid. It was kinda of held up artificially anyway before that but restriction of social life really tanked it, people were sick and tired and the unceasing partying at these shitty big box clubs and bloated fashion weeks, it's been slowly ebbing down a while now. The era of the big box art star-mingling with celebrities and billionaires was like 2008-2015. The people you posted are more club kid leftovers (another trend that's kinda passed it time) and they are still around, they just have no money or clout outside their little clique

No. 151705

File: 1600356671189.png (427.07 KB, 433x800, 12_sheik1_hh174.png)

It's so lame but I wish I was more athletic. I wasn't the most sporty of my group of friends and didn't really participate in any sports for school. I was in gymnastics as a child but never ended up going anywhere with it. I have a nice base body to build some muscle onto but I feel like I'll never develop that athletic dexterity that someone who did sports/training as a kid would get.

No. 151721

Same, anon. Trooning out would be just another problem. I wish I born as a man, lived all my life as a man. A lot of shit that traumatized me wouldn't have happened to me if I was a man. I used to hate myself but I accepted my fate. I just hope maybe next life I can be born as a guy. Please, God, I never ask you anything.

No. 151737

i want to have a beautiful house, one with a cute yard so i can grow a garden. that's all. but i am too poor.

No. 151740

Pretty impossible is my fantasy of being great at martial arts. Just to be strong and low key buff at 5'3, and secretly have the ability to kick anyone's ass. Ugh just fantasizing how safe it would make me feel in everyday life is euphoric.

Impossible cos not only is it cringy to be adult fatty in a kid's karate class but my joints are decaying before my eyes so contact sport is a bad idea. I can barely keep up with Pilates without fucking up my knees and shoulders somehow.

My main dream is to be a musician + singer that's good enough to make a living off it. Not technically impossible if I worked hard but ADD and self discipline feel like an impossible combination.

No. 151749

I want to live in a hip city (something like New York) and live in a nice eclectically decorated apartment or brownstone and lead a glamorous life. Maybe writing in coffee shops or working in publishing or working behind the scenes on TV shows.

I was a film and TV major in college and thought that this life would be achievable but I realized I’m getting too old to keep up with younger people in my program. On top of that, I probably could never afford the lifestyle I want.

I know I should settle for a normal office job and live in suburbia but sometimes I still catch myself dreaming.

No. 153225

I wanted to be an FBI agent as a kid, because of X-Files and MIB. I was obsessed with aliens. Then I found out that's not what the FBI does…

More recently, I wanted to model as well. I did some as a teen for my hair dresser's salon at the time (like 14 or 15?). I was rail thin and have an okay face, so it wasn't out of the question. I tried to get myself out there, but had no idea how to brand myself or market. I'm 25 now and asked my cousin to talk to Tyra Banks (they're kinda friends as my cousin did runway with her). Tyra basically said I'm too alternative and old and said I'd never make it onto her shitty reality show.

I've been really jealous of my cousin who modeled in Japan. But she's a skinny, white, blonde girl, so of course she was able to model out there.

I turned to camming and porn at like 19, but the market is so saturated now and I'm really nothing special. So now I gave up and bartend.

No. 153359

I’ve been watching YouTube since I was really young and I’ve always wanted to be an Internet personality or build a fanbase just for being myself but I have such bad anxiety/perfectionism and hate myself too much to publicize myself. It sucks because I have these conversations about stuff and I feel like if I could articulate them the way I can with friends that people would like me but I’m not cut out for public speaking and it makes me panic even if I’m just filming a video for school. So I just watch people that do the same thing and a lot of times I nitpick how I could improve their content lol. Like I guess I just wish I didn’t have any shame or guilt about doing shit online for everyone to see. Also I think I’m spending too much time on the Internet right now so it’s always on my mind somewhere lol

No. 153360

I dream of kicking creepy men in the ass with my Kung Fu skills. Too bad it will never happen because I'm a lazy piece of shit

No. 153391

File: 1601478206617.jpg (1.9 KB, 59x125, 1582293998955.jpg)

I always wanted to be an actor, I had no problems with performing on stage as a small kid but then I became more self aware and my mental illness and autism were too strong, I couldn't even go through an audition. And now it's too late anyway. I feel like nothing will ever give me true happiness and satisfaction.

No. 153396

I genuinely fantasize about getting men to kill themselves. Obviously I can't kill a grown man because I'm weaker but there's something so appealing about getting a man (especially the terminally online ones that post about male loneliness or whatever) to kill themselves. I reckon it would be easy since these dudes already post about being unloved and wanting to kill themselves anyway.

Yes I know I have a problem and yes I know I need help.

No. 153397

File: 1601480540052.jpg (204.45 KB, 740x986, 3167404.jpg)

Lots of actors actually start older anon, get treatment for your issues and follow your dreams!

Naomi Watts only really got famous at 31.

No. 153400

Yeah but her mother was already involved with the industry and she paid for her acting lessons and Naomi did some commercials as a teen, and some tv drama as a young adult and then she befriended Nicole Kidman. It's all about connections and being in the right place at the right time. I don't even live in USA or Australia, the industry looks different in my country; working actors with no degree in acting basically don't exist, even people who appear in shitty tv series graduated from a drama school. In western countries you can become famous without school, such phenomenon doesn't exist here. And if you don't enter school at 18-23 you're already too old. So yeah. I will just dream about reincarnating somewhere else and with better childhood that won't fuck me up.

No. 153566

If I wasn't poor as a kid, I would've loved to do ballet or figure skating, to this day I still watch ballet/figure skating videos. I love it.

No. 153570

being hot. i now realize hot is just another thing that doesnt really exist and i dont wanna participate in pickme bullshit and hair extensions, so now i'd just like to feel secure without makeup, the impossible dream.

i also dreamed of being a mod for club penguin, god damn i miss that stupid game

No. 153578

You should give them both a go! Obviously you won't go to the Olympics or become a pro but it's fun and you can still get decent at it. I did both as a kid but picked them back up when I was around 25, I'm really glad I did.

No. 153579

can you explain what you mean by hotness not really existing?

also there are still private servers of club penguin around if you wanna live your childhood dream

No. 153581

kid me wanted to be a singer songwriter but gave it up, now realize I'm probably tone deaf and have anxiety. Have cute voice though

also even if I was perfect enough to model that would be bad for me mentally and everyone in the industry seems bad

No. 153583

I wanted to be a baker and author at the same time as a child, with a bakery involving a pun in the title. I'm now on track to becoming a psychologist. I like to think if I had stuck with certain hobbies when I was younger, I might have actually been able to achieve those dreams, but oh well.

No. 153584

I've always wanted to get to know my maternal grandparents, but I only met them twice and they died when I was young. I also wish I had bigger hips.

I'm actually a mod for one of those. Idk I was bored and nostalgic and the other mods are really nice.

No. 153588

men and industries created 'hot' basically just look at insta thots, plastic surgery fake hair and makeup. the upkeep for that shit is thousands of dollars and days spent in salons and designer clothes and disordered eating, taking off your makeup and chilling in bed in ratty pajammas with a messy bun instantly ruins 'hot' no matter what men say, its a constant illusion girls have to keep up with 24/7 on top of already being genetically blessed

also ive played on some of the new club penguin servers, thanks for reminding me tho im gonna go check on that game lmfao although i dont wanna be a discord mod

No. 155439

being content with my existence.

No. 155551

Being in American Ninja Warrior.

No. 155553

liking life

No. 155554

Wiping out all insects from existence. Poof! No more. Total xenocide. Murdering each and every bug. Kill. All. Insects.

I dream of this every day.

No. 155555

Aw, I didn't see the (Somewhat Reasonable) part when I posted this. Oops.

No. 155564

Oh man, I second this. I’d rather do the Japanese Ninja Warrior, but the American one is cool too.
In reality, I’d probably slip off of the first thing I lept into though lol.

No. 155618

Wow, I’ve been feeling bad about the clothes I wear lately and longing to buy designer but this snapped me back into reality. Love this, anon.

No. 155683

File: 1603068603173.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, DDC7A799-1624-4532-B3EF-0D9B0F…)

>cope with being a huge unfeminine amazon woman by telling myself it’s fine cause models are all tall so as long as I’m skinny I’ll be good
>5’1 women are straight up being OFFERED modeling gigs
S-so happy for you, anon

No. 158282

File: 1604478304021.jpg (1.11 MB, 1589x2560, feeling good burns4.jpg)

Anti-depression paste here: https://pastebin.com/XnAyESNt

Антидепрессивная паста здесь: https://pastebin.com/2Fff5WkZ

Pasta anty-depresyjna: https://pastebin.com/s2RFh4Xw

No. 158300

That's total BS anon. Look at this guy, he started climbing in his mid 30ies and this is him at 48 sending a boulder one grade below the maximum difficulty there is.
It's true you might be too old to reach olympic level. But you can surpass 99% of the people you envy now for their head start.

No. 160911

Being a famous guitarist.

No. 160914

I want to be a musician, not even famous but I just want to try to make some music. I would probably not be good at it and it's expensive to try because you need equipment.
Well, at least I can try going to some abandoned factory and banging on the junk there to make music einstürzende neubauten style

No. 160917

File: 1606151281672.jpeg (102.35 KB, 509x339, 577E9A32-23AF-44D2-860D-74F6C0…)

i'd like to assemble a group of hippie friends, so we would travel the world all year round and come stay in our cottage somewhere in a forest during cold winters.

unrealistic because i'm a pussy and cottages are expensive

No. 160918

File: 1606152677446.jpeg (106.64 KB, 749x468, 1C7A265D-07F8-4E61-8FDC-41C262…)

Being a Dj, I remember loving the idea of being a pretty Dj that makes huge and extremely expensive concerts with awesome 3D effects, actors and dancers on a stage, live singers and so on.
I actually have a small turntable which is actually my brother’s so I can’t really use it but I’m so busy studying for my career and doing chores that I end up not indulging in hobbies like that one. I also only have just a slight idea of how to compose, it’s mostly extreme entry level since any hobbies I’ve always had always got diminished by some of the people surrounding me, making me unable to enjoy them

No. 160944

I would love to live in one of those huge, old manor houses in the middle of nowhere, with a big dusty attic and basement. I would then walk the halls with a candle at night dressed in a long nightgown.

No. 160954

This is the goddamn dream

No. 161112

File: 1606265621156.jpg (19.93 KB, 360x338, 665ada25a780d08d79b1139fd33d57…)

Forming a band. I haven't had the time and health to paractice before and now at 25 I feel like it's too late. I remember that Kim Gordon started Sonic Youth when she was like 28. But then again, she was already part of some art underground so making friends and connections in the industry was easier for her. I don't really know anyone. But hey, I'm going to torture my neighbours with botched Pixies covers anyway

No. 161113

Let's start a band anon! I always wanted to play bass. I feel the same way for not dedicating an ungodlily amount of time practicing. But hey, we gotta start somewhere!

No. 161125

I wish I could learn how to draw but my skills are 3rd grade level at best and I have no motivation to do it every day.

No. 161128

I want to become a manga artist. I speak fluent Japanese, have been drawing since I was 5, and am moving there soon (I'm19). Knowing how Japanese censors are, my magnum opus would never get published or make money. Unless its self published. Any advice (or is this too unrealistic)

No. 161136

Well I know foreigners can get into manga. Do you watch Terrace House? There was that Italian guy working with a lady mangaka who seemed to be doing pretty well for himself. I’m less certain about self publishing but it’s Japan, there seems to be a huge market for smaller, fetish-specific categories of comic so I’m sure if you network around and find the right groups you might get lots of good advice when you’re there.

No. 161152

you dont have to be a professional to be a manga artist, you just have to draw manga. even if you keep it to yourself and never show anyone, if you draw manga you are a mangaka. im saying this as someone who rarely shows my comics to anyone but i love the art form so much i call myself a comic artist.

No. 161159

This is not unrealistic at all, even if pretty difficult! If you can draw and speak fluently, maybe you'll able ot get a job as an assistant to some currently publishing manga artist, work under a nickname so no one knows you're not Japanese and eventually get to do your own thing, maybe collaborate like >>161136 suggested. Good luck!!

No. 165301

I’ve always wanted to be a voice actor, namely for a video game. Idc about fame, but the experience of bringing an awesome character to life/being able to play with fans sounds like so much fun.

I have an insanely thick Australian accent so even when I speak other languages, it just screams junkrat on estrogen. Nice to think about though

No. 165302

I'm currently an illustrator who's getting by ok, but my dream would be to create an IP that gets so famous that it gets adapted into film and I get to live off the royalties forever and only create when I feel particularly inspired/motivated, never again for money.

No. 165307

be skinny

No. 165310

not impossible, fatty

No. 165311

Be a professional athlete. I'd love to be an olympian and become the ambassador and face of my sport, at least nationally. Sometimes I daydream about being a gold medalist figure skater, rhytmic gymnastic, hocker/voleyball player or swimmer.
I did swimming since I was three years old and my teachers wanted to start training me for competitive swimming but I refused because I "didn't like competition" (I was 10, bear with me) and left the sport, then I started high school and did ballet, but still returned to the pools for summer. I genuinely feel I could have become the top of my country if I continued training and took it seriously but I try not to think too much about it. There are university games for college athletes and I'm thinking I could give it a try, it's a shame that pools will be closed for who knows how long

No. 165312

I want to change my full name, move away, change my phone number and all of my email addresses, and go to school for something different. Just completely restart my life and forget that the old me existed. Never ruined my reputation or anything, just want a clean slate from all of the pain and disappointment.
Not impossible I guess, just unrealistic.

No. 165313

Samefag. Move far away, cut off all contact with everyone in my life, all family, former friends. Make my life something completely different. Not completely impossible, but it's more of an escapist fantasy than a realistic life goal. It won't fix anything

No. 165315

i have the same dream anon. i love sonic youth, especially kim gordan. too bad i lack musical skill.

No. 165318

Nta but you’re a cunt

No. 165321

they're not wrong

No. 165326

Craft for a living
Can't compete with the factories in China tbh

No. 165330

Who cares how old you are. Just do it. Don't expect to make money out of it though.

No. 165339

do you know where you are?

No. 165341

File: 1609542673114.jpeg (12.97 KB, 275x268, 1608882258417.jpeg)

This is the ultimate dream. Congrats on at least getting by as an illustrator, that's step one right?

No. 165344

Same, except I don't work in art, it's just a hobby. Plus my country isn't known for any media

No. 165347

This may sound pathetic, but ever since i was a young teen, i wanted to have a handsome boyfriend i can grow old with. When i got older, i entered a serious relationship with a guy, but i wasn't attracted to him as much as i would've liked and whenever we had sex, i felt disgusted, so i broke up with him. Now i'm almost 26 and feel very isolated from society. Aging starts to become a problem in the dating scene and in general. I feel like i don't have much time left to find someone. My social skills suck too, because i've been lonely and depressed for quite awhile. I cope by being a fangirl of a kpop group and by reading lots of bl. Maybe i'm going to kms with 27, because why should i live if i never get to experience love again? It's always been my number one dream.

No. 165361

This sounds autistic, but move to Japan and live in the countryside with 3 cats and a beautiful view. Perhaps with a partner but I highly doubt I'm desirable or considered attractive by anyone.

No. 165367

File: 1609564405246.jpg (1.19 MB, 3024x3780, 6p8nisgp4dq41.jpg)

iktf, I know deep down I'd hate living in Japan and especially in the countryside, but the idea is still so nice

No. 165370

Have you tried dating sites? If you’re a shy homebody, then your dream guy isn’t just gonna come to you. You have to make an effort to search.

No. 165373

>kms with 27

There's no need to kill yourself before 30. When you're 30, though, hoo boy.

No. 165394

that's such a cozy photo. why would you hate it though? i kind of have the same dream

No. 165447

be kiko mizuhara

No. 165459

anon are you me

No. 165480

This picture makes me feel real, burning, palpable anguish. Deeper than any unrequited love, stronger than the stinging grief of a small kitten dying in your arms. The nintendo switch on the kotatsu, the cool outside air flowing in, the fleeting beauty of the sakura tree… the mountains begging to be hiked and explored and quietly slept on under a tent. This photo was taken to hurt me. I would kill a man to live inside this photograph for 15 seconds. You have both granted me a new will to live and yet also a deep, wretched fear that this will never be. But even if I dont reach this level of serenity until I am 85… as long as I reach it, just for a moment. I will die happy. Only then. Sage for absolute autism.

No. 165487

As if anything seriously changes between 29 and 30 lol. Get over yourself.

No. 165499

Maybe dumb and kind of basic, but I would like to travel. Not as in see several places, but live without settling down. I really crave adventure or just constant change and can't see myself living the kind of life my parents have. I don't think I'm suited for that. I've already moved and changed my life plans once but it doesn't feel permanent this time either. I'm young, but I just don't see myself getting tied down to a place in the nearest future. I would like to have someone to do all that with, though. I wonder if a job like flight attendant might scratch that itch a little.

No. 165595

lol the supermodel dream. too short and i'm vegan and would refuse to wear animal products, i'm the worst fit.

No. 165604

I feel the same way. I have no interest in settling down, buying a house in the suburbs, popping out bratty children that poop and wipe boogers, husband always gone working, not being able to travel constantly because someone has to watch the kids and I would be a bad mother barely raising my kids and traveling 24/7. Thats the life my parents have, just working and commuting every single day, being tied to one location for the rest of their lives. Even jobs that give 4 weeks vacation is not enough for me. I want to always be on the run. I've been looking at cruise ship jobs, they are posting a lot of 2021 postings, hopefully I can get a job on a cruise ship and see the world and meet new people.

No. 165608

I suppose I never grew out of my weeaboo phase and still fantasize about moving to Japan. I speak passable Japanese, have been to Japan, have both Japanese born and foreign born friends who live in Japan, and I'm aware it's not the omg animu paradise so many people think it is, but it is an absolutely beautiful country.

at the risk of being a complete autist on my last trip I got lost in Kyoto and while I was retracing my steps I pretended I lived there and was walking home from work.

No. 165619

lowkey in the same headspace rn. after i graduate college i'm thinking about taking a gap year and doing some traveling, but i have so many places i wanna live in and see so idk if that would be sufficient.

i think having a job that provides travel is something that im gonna try to pursue, and having a partner with the same vision is ideal.

settling down in a suburb really sounds like my worst nightmare. i'd feel so trapped and probably lose it, seeing people live that lifestyle depresses me.

No. 165632

I want to fuck one of my celebrity crushes, or my bucket list of them, and leech off them and use them to gain clout and friendships, be a starfucker, but the kind who can linger around for awhile. I want to be well known at least and join a bunch of exclusive circles by worming my way there, whether it involves sex or not. I have no integrity, I just want thrill before I fucking die.

No. 165703

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer but my mum was too poor when I was a kid and when I got older the internet told me my hips are too wide and my chest too big

No. 168095

I wish i was forever stuck in the era of the early 2000's-2011/12. i was only a kid around then so i can't remember all that much but that was genuinely the only happy time and everyone seemed so much happier. phones hadn't taken over everyones life, social media wasn't much of a thing, good music, good tv shows, good video games; everything seemed so much more innocent and comfy. i truly hate living in the 21st century and i feel awful for kids growing up nowadays

No. 205906

I've come to the realization I will probably never start a band with a group of friends. Honestly I don't even have any friends to begin with let alone musical ones who also like the style of music I like. It hurts to give up this dream.

No. 205907

I want to make a 2-part video game series about space surgery. I swear I'll make this happen. I've got it all written out, have the protagonist designed. Just need to get a few years of experience under my belt.

No. 205911

Eh I was a kid/teen/young adult in that era and things were still pretty shitty. Just different bullshit.

No. 205933

Things were shit back then too. A lot of kids were already terminally online, any online space was full of pedos, authority figures were still bent on stranger danger without considering how it translates to the web, ana chan bodies were the ideal, porn was booming(my classmates were already pornsick by 2010), you were a social outcast if you didn't have the newest motorola razr and later iphone. Things are worse now, but young people were already glued to screens. When facebook came it was a nightmare, your social standing was dependant on how many friends you had and how many likes you got. My friends used to agonize over what to post because you would get made fun of in school if you flopped. Cyberbullying was taking off and no one knew what to do about it and you couldn't even get it taken down or effectively block people.

No. 205935

I cannot agree. Things were stinky, but the way things are now makes those times seem ideal. At least there weren't genderfluid 12 year old dream stans, kids could be terminally online but at least it was less common, and there was a greater feeling of optimism, innocence and national unity. Also, phones had less function- instead of being a telephone, workspace, mini theatre, identity- technology was far less intertwined with our daily lives, allowing more freedom and more face to face and real experiences. Now school can be online, shopping is online, chatting is online (bc of lockdowns) but everything that is online is heavily filtered, so it feels less real too.

There's less unfiltered dialogue without censorship, which I hate, because I want to conclude that something is dumb without being shielded from it, and we have been giving the state too much power under the pretense of our own safety and fairness. I think 2010 was stinky, but this is so much worse. We could have fixed things a lot easier back then.

No. 205946

>innocent and comfy
except for the edgy shock humor culture, rampant misogyny, etc.

No. 206099

File: 1632008387460.jpg (364.66 KB, 1200x1030, DjrtVrlXcAEh7cx.jpg)

I have several of these

>be a professional ballet dancer (would probably actually hate it though in all honesty)

>travel full time, have lots of friends all around the world and make a comfortable living

>be the lead singer in a symphonic metal band

>have a beautiful angular face with bold features (my face is really flat and round with a lot of baby fat)

No. 206272

I would say being very girly and doing girly things
Its not an impossible dream but I just grew up surrounded by brothers a decade and a half older than me so I never figured out how to be a girl
Sometimes I look at girls younger than me enjoying being cute and I never got the chance because I was overprotected like crazy
I really want to reclaim that and just dress in whatever, not be scared to waste money on things like fashion and makeup because its not a waste and just in general have a 'girly' kind of job
My mental state is what stops me from achieving this basically

No. 206298

Yes, the porn saturated culture we have now is such an improvement

No. 206310

I want to have huge breasts. Purely for myself, not male attention. I do not like men. I do not want to show them off. I already have issues with my back and finding tops that fit right, but I'd easily put up with those issues 10x if I could go up at least 4 cup sizes.

I've always had a breast complex. Even before puberty. Lucky for me, puberty hit me like a truck and as soon as I was 11 I had huge boobs out of nowhere. I didn't notice until around 7th grade when a bunch of my classmates brought it to my attention, but as soon as I realized I was busty I was never satisfied with my chest. I wanted to go bigger. Not outrageously so, just prominently. It's an impossible dream because I want them to be natural. Surgery is not an option unless it's fat transfer… But I don't know where it would come from since I don't want to look like the letter P. My ultimate dream would be to suddenly have gigantomastia like the adult actress Hitomi Tanaka. I don't like porn, but I love her look. And no, boobs aren't sexual to me. In my eyes, they're the apex of femininity and very beautiful. But mostly I just like the way they look. I've tried just about every non-surgical quack method there is, hoping something would work. Massages, supplements. When I was 18 I ordered boxes of these cookies that were supposed to help grow your breasts. None of it worked, obviously. Though I'm so dumb I'd probably try again if some other titty snake oil product hit the market. I'm just that desperate.

I got hurt bad earlier this year and during recovery, I dropped 20lbs. It took me from around a K-cup back down to a H. I can no longer fill a bra that was bordering on too small for me before the weight loss and sometimes it makes me physically ill to think about. I've almost gained it all back but now my breasts are just droopier and saggier than before, like thick pancakes. I want to die.

No. 206347

never said it was. multiple things can be shit at once.

No. 207750

File: 1633213120041.jpeg (40.12 KB, 750x750, 5732ACD8-7D95-45C1-9DA5-A7B302…)

Ever since I was a toddler I wanted to be a gymnast, I loved the idea of doing cool acrobatics and wearing the pretty outfits they wear.
But my mom wouldn’t let me get into gymnastics, she told me that the only decent gym in the city had issues with the teachers molesting the students.
That honestly shocked me a lot because I was just a child, and I cried so much because my dream wasn’t even going to the olympics, I just wanted to show off my flexibility.

No. 207753

your mum did you a massive favour.

No. 207761

She really did, tbh, I can’t even imagine how I would’ve been like if she had disregarded what her friends at work told her.

No. 207763

i sort of feel the same way but i dont think it was innocent at all , and thats partly what i miss most about it. i was let loose on the internet at age 5 so i experienced a lot of the early internet just didnt understand it nor do i remember anything very clearly. i love how people were much more tolerant and i like the supreme edgyness ( in general, ex:slur usage amongst other things ) everyone had. sure people were perverted but in no way can they compare to today's coomers. also a lot of the jfashion i like now was a lot more popular back then and easier/cheaper to come by than it is now so that also really sucks… and more than that back then corporations didnt take over social media the way they currently are today and you would have never seen so much social media content being covered in the news of all places because people weren't so into the internet at the time ETC ETC… sigh

No. 207870

File: 1633286804392.png (2.38 MB, 962x910, tiger bunnie.png)

being a professional ice skater but i live in florida or a musician but im 20 and its too late and none of that will pay the bills. i need to be serious about a career soon.

No. 208093

I wish I was confident about being on social media as some kind of public figure, I know a few girls who are a bit famous online and they make so much money it makes me rethink my life choices. But realistically that would consume my life and mental health in the worst way, but damn it’s hard seeing people post one photo and get paid thousands so they can do whatever the hell they want at such a young age. It’s such an anomaly and I can’t help wondering what it’s like to be rich off of something that’s frankly so useless and simple.

No. 208153

Is 26 a problem in the dating scene? That seems so young

No. 208203

Is it? I'm 26 and moving to a foreign country next year. I'm pretty scared everyone around my age will already be in a LTR or have kids, I mean my ex best friend had a baby this year and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Actually my impossible dream would've been to move to this country with her, share an apartment with her, experience a new culture, meet people, go to festivals. But she got knocked up by an absolutely ancient guy she meet on tinder. I get so bummed just thinking about it.

No. 208228

It's not. There's more singles than ever before and people get into serious relationships later than ever before. Not to mention we have the advantage of technology so you can reach far beyond your normal social circle. Sounds like anon's been scared by either men or her elders telling her to "hurry up otherwise all good men will be gone"

No. 208348

I wish I had a more symmetrical face. There is no surgery that can fix the fact that my face looks like it's melting on one side and it's exaggerated photos unless i take them from afar.

No. 208987

File: 1633898279200.png (438.15 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_ong5diR2Va1t1y5d…)

Sounds more like a wish but I always dream of having my family and I live a comfortable wealthy life in a nice big house with all of us having our own rooms and yards with outdoor lights, green grass with shady trees to picnic under and huge spaces for gardening. I also wish my family could fix their relationships with each other and it's tiring that I have to play as the convincer, messenger or the linking bridge to this family.

I want all of us to get along and have more than enough money to get or do the things we want and to fix our problems. Not having our house filled with unmatched or out of place furnitures/items and oddities, not having to worry about bills, insurance, house rent, the possiblity of moving out or going through health related issues as time continues to grow more expensive. We could be traveling, going to places, trying new things and spend time with each together stress-free then again we got jobs to take care of to earn money, keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. It's like we're going no where and I'm sure a dream like this is never going to happen.

No. 208989

god that picture is making me feelso nostalgic it’s gonna make me cry

No. 208995

i always wanted to win a hot-dog eating contest. i think it would be really funny to be able to say i did that. i maybe could have if i spent time practicing and entered one when i was younger, but i'm 30 and spent my 20s being a pastry chef every day so now it's too late for me to be kobayashi

No. 209319

i wish i was a famous hollywood actress with an edgy vibe but i am an autistic esl. producers won't even hire aspies to play outright autistic characters. i could also never make it inside the sociopolitics of actresses and other stars.

No. 209471

File: 1634238000205.jpg (147.47 KB, 736x1104, e88f3c6b874e1a6aca1b658a1831fc…)

I actually post about it before, but it keeps coming in bouts, so what the hell.
This is very dumb, but sometimes I still daydream about being in Tokyo/Japan for my research project and being scouted by someone on the street (like a real agent, not gaijin hunters) or catching the eye of an obnoxious japanese TV show and becoming a model/tarento. This is obviously never going to happen because I am literally the anti-japanese beauty standard lol


>broader frame
>not super skinny
>nearing my 30s
>despite having a gaijin nose, I have black hair and brown almond eyes so no "anglo gaijin novelty"
>kinda ugly anyway

The only way this would ever be possible is if I had a "Gap moe" appeal, having this image that is very "gangster" but actually being cute/polite/dressing in lolita maybe. Kinda like Lady Beard lol But not only is that a very, very small chance, but it's like… I'd probably have to be signed to an agency before going to Japan, anyway.

It's so stupid that I still have teenage tier daydreams like that, but I can't help it. Probably they'll disappear when I get to Japan again, because I'd be too busy to think about being a moderu tarento gaijin san kek

No. 209514

Anon i want you to know you're a wonderful person

No. 209907

Damn, anon, I think we have the same dream. Ochem also fucked me over

No. 209910

this dude looks so similar to edward elric?

No. 284172

File: 1661741995753.jpg (480.51 KB, 2211x3072, kOgddXA.jpg)

i wanted to be an astronaut and discover new planets and perhaps live in the space where no one can find me lol
another dream was to be the best martial artist to the point no one could beat me including any men because i used to be obssesed with bruce lee

No. 284379

My dream is to know for sure that my income will still be higher than my rent next year but I already know better than to get my hopes up. Rent only goes up, income only goes down.

No. 285225

File: 1662252480408.gif (663.63 KB, 500x270, kiki.gif)

Being a witch. I don't want to be a religious schizo, I want to fly on a broom.

No. 285244

File: 1662260835934.jpeg (295.14 KB, 1242x1536, 29929D71-D018-4C89-B198-657FF8…)

I wish fantasy and legends were real. It sucks that I will never be some divine soul that lives within the stars or some shit

No. 285297

to have a boyfriend who is my type and whose type I am, is my age and is willing to commit

No. 285334


I've always dreamt about running away because of fucked attachment issues. It used to be going to live in Japan ofc but when I went solo travelling there I got very lonely very quickly.

Now it's changed to living alone in a cottage by a stream in the middle of nowhere. Growing my own fruit and vegetables and preserving them, keeping chickens for eggs and meat, a goat or a cow for milk. Not needing money for anything. Burning wood for heat and some kind of filter system for the stream water. Tending my home and woodworking and sewing. Never talking to anyone.

I know it's unrealistic and a basic bitch cottagecore dream

I also have a reoccurring daydream to get me to sleep where I think about what I'd do if I woke up one day and I was the only person on earth. My usual plan would be to travel to a celebrity's house and fuck shit up, go inside museums and touch the artefacts, go try on expensive clothing, basically do whatever I want, then score some drugs for the day when I inevitably get too lonely to keep living so I get wasted and jump from a high building

No. 285380

I would love to spend my whole life in Spain at the place we go during holidays.
But in the 70's.

No. 285424

I'll post a few:
I want to have my own lolita brand where I get to design clothes and accessories
another is I want to be a semi-successful artist who is able to take commissions and sell my work - maybe even do art for like an otome game or indie game or something
another is to have my own successful women-only tech startup
most of these are actually probably achievable with lots of dedication and hard work but I don't have the free time nor money to learn all the skills needed sadly

No. 285589

File: 1662411789906.gif (2.01 MB, 250x250, 63CB9F98-B509-4216-A278-C6E82F…)

I wish I could date/marry a woman who is reserved to the point of being stoic, even stand-offish, on top of being very smart, confident, and successful, so people find her intimidating and hard to approach. But then when she's with me it all melts away and she's very affectionate and gentle and sweet. People would be totally shocked to see her treat me that way and she'd just be like picrel. I'm sure women like this exist but how common is it? Even if I met one, there's no reason for her to have any interest in me, I'm very unattractive and have nothing to offer. Hence the impossible dream…

No. 285593

They exist nonny, I have met those before

No. 285724

File: 1662468122417.png (492.51 KB, 744x502, 9B4B6D43-B30A-4F91-A834-4B85B4…)

Good news Nona! Men don't actually have standards. They will talk shit, idolise pornography, put women down, and encourage us to criticise each other too, but at the end of the day they will settle for basically any woman available. This isn't an advice thread but I think if you have such low self esteem that you feel fundamentally "ruined" and unlovable then you should not be dating or trying to date. Men can smell that vulnerability and will take advantage of it.

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one time, like years ago, maybe 3, i got very sick and could barely speak. during the time i fantasized about a voice box of sorts that'd hold down my vocal cords while also stabilizing them and whatever, so i could finally be able to sing. i have musical hearing, can read sheet music, but i can't sing to save my life, so ever since that time in my lifei fantasize about this. i listen to music and i imagine me, with a giant voice box around my neck, binding and constricting my vocal chords and bringing out just the right sound i want. i've always wanted to sing, so, so much. if the technology would be real, i'd slit my neck to have this happen. how i wish.

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