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File: 1493017390864.jpg (94.69 KB, 800x450, Senran-Kagura-01-Large-26-1024…)

No. 58830

I know everyone has different results but my own personal question is about breasts. I'm a large B cup, maybe a small C and honestly my breasts sag.

I'm going to work out and do work outs for the chest. But I'm wondering if anons have any tips for really shrinking them down on their own without losing every once of fat on them.
Or Coughs if any of you anons had good surgeries to just reduce them to a very small size.

No. 58831

File: 1493021259664.jpg (41.67 KB, 733x811, c76ea80f01d67555c81936f4857d77…)

You can only shrink your boobs by losing weight. And too bad, you can't choose where your body loses the weight/fat.

No. 58892

i have A cup, maybe B cup boobs and they fucking suck. for some reason they're kinda cone shaped and have puffy ish nipples and oh my god dude i fucking hate my tits and cant wait to get a boob job and fill em up ta fuck

OP, we always want what we cant have eh

No. 58908


Tell me about it. If I could anon I would give you most of my breast tissue. Take it!

No. 58931

I'm a small B cup and it makes me feel pretty insecure. I know some guys dig small breasts but I always end up comparing myself to large breasted girls and thinking that put beside them I could never look attractive.
The only fear I have about going up a size or two is sagging, mine are perky at a small size. I think it's too late for mine to grow anyway.

No. 59008

ARE YOU ME? I hate them too. I don't dislike the size, just the shape. But I don't want to go under the knife.

No. 59010

I have a bra on a very large chest, without a bra my boobs are very proportioned to my body. They dont sag at all weirdly enough, but the difference is amazing.
No pushup bra is needed for a Pamela Andersson look, but the expectations men have are always left with disappoint. Silicones have fucked up boobs forever, since theres no tissue extending under armpits to scoop they look larger than are and are more centered. It annoys me, since I like my tits and they are really pretty. Silicones just have kinda ruined mens perception of boobs in general and they assume big tits without a bra are…massive balls in the center of your chedt with a perfect sag.

Just ranted, because weird.

No. 60076

No man with an IQ above 80 or over the age of 20 thinks that's what natural boobs look like. Seriously.

No. 60089

right??? wtf is with these puffy conical tits like

No. 60095

im in this weird stage of weight loss where my boobs have shrunk but i still feel squishy all over

i wanna b slender so i don't rlly care about losing my boobs

No. 60098

I'm an A cup and I've never been insecure about my breasts, they're perky and it's nice to go braless sometimes. I feel like this whole chestlet debate comes from robots who like straight up fatties. In reality most guys don't care much, As long as you have a pretty face and the rest of your body is nice to decent.

No. 60103

>Op's pic kind of turns me on.

Anyway, I find that working out to shrink breast can lessen the density. Like hollow boobs? However, I always recommend working out and getting to a good place physically before going under the knife.

No. 60105

I have different sized breasts, right side is a C, left is DD and look weird when I'm going braless or wearing a sports bra. Doesn't bother me that much though, I've learned to accept them (I don't feel like having surgery lol). The only thing I dislike about them is how spaced they are. I can fit two fingers between them and I need a good bra to put them together. Which is a pain in the ass and makes me afraid it could make them sag. So far my breasts have a nice curve I like despite how uneven they are, ice massaging is amazing.

Most manchildren.

No. 60121

I wish. Every "high achieving" male ive met really feels so, mostly because they seem to meet awful amounts of girls with silicons. I know, I sound bitter.

No. 60122

There are bras meant for uneven titties, reddit a bra that fits has a list of them. I recommend it absolutely to everyone here. Illfitting bras are a menace and popular. Maybe a bra with a low gore and padding on the sides, or crossed on the back?

No. 60126

Those types usually prefer models not trailer trash with fake tits, unless boss at MC donalds is what you mean by High achieving

No. 60128

no offense but a lot of y'all anons sound trans as hell

No. 60131

Which part of "having breasts" you didn't understand?

No. 60132

you breast hating anons sound like self hating ftms in denial

No. 60134

And you sound a skanky botched mtf who's jelly :3

No. 60136

I like by boobs. I used to think they were too small, but they're really nice and round shaped. I sometimes pad for effect but I'd much rather pad sometimes instead of being stuck with huge tits. It helps that my clothes are from Japanese brands and I'd be screwed if I had large tits.

No. 60260

I don't have saggy breasts. They're just wide set which is more upsetting since they're fine they just need to be closer.

No. 60281

same. really sucks :c

No. 60306

Does anyone elses breast size depend on mood? When I'm feeling down and depressed, my breasts just shrink and look sad. But when I'm happy, they look full and perky.

No. 60414

Do you have a wide root? I do, and it means my breasts are a little further apart than they might be if I had a narrower root, but they don't dag as much. It's a decent tradeoff, but finding bras is hard (though, almost nobody finds a good bra with ease).

No. 60417

You sure it's not because you're ovulating or anything?

No. 60435

I have this! I am little boobed anon from above. i have a wide root so it makes my boobs look pointier. i agree it's kinda a good trade off and now i suddenly realise why i have only ever owned one comfortable bra. I always have to get a c, it's too big for my boobs but the root doesnt fit into anything else??
Anon you've blown my mind

does any body else get like.. nip hairs? I know it's normal but i get like 7 or 8 small thick deep rooted black hairs around mine. I have to tweeze them or they just keep growing like thick whiskers or something. Tweezing hasnt stopped them at all though, and they grow at the speed of light. it's driving me nuts

No. 60450

I'm panicking my ass off

I have very big boobs with inverted nips, I'm 23

I noticed this flaky, dry little patches of skin round my aereola and the majority of my breasts, about as much as my bra covers, on the sides and tops, not the underboob

I don't know if it's anything to be worried about o just dry skin

I can post photos (sfw, nothing explicit) of the skin, please can someone help me identify if it's just dry skin or bra rub and nothing serious? I can't sleep

No. 60460

same I have naturally light brown hair but I grow thick dark nip hairs I have to pluck every week

No. 60461

I have average sized, triangle saggyish tits with puffy nips,what worked for me is buying tight cups and wearing sports bras a lot and twisting/pinching nips and massaging them helped, also taking fenugreek can help

No. 60472

If its not dry skin . . .

How are you washing your bras? Most women don't wash bras after one use but perhaps the foam is clinging to sweat and dead skin cells and causing irritation, they might need to be washed more. On the other hand perhaps the foam isn't being cleaned out well and holding on detergant/fabric softener that is supposed to be rinsed out thoroughly and over time these minute amounts of caustic chemicals are causing irritation. You might need to rinse them better or switch products to something gentler.

No. 60482

I get this too once in awhile and i don't wear a bra. I live in the mountains and in my experience, yes, it's just dry skin. I get it every winter. Just get a gentle body moisturizer (I personally use an in-shower lotion from Hempz) and like any change in your body, keep an eye on it.

No. 60544

It could be your detergent. Try rinsing twice, using a different detergent, or both. Also, moisturize everyday with a gentle moisturizer.

Try bratabase to find a bra that works for your breast size. I have the same problem and finally found bras that work. Only two brands, but I own each in a few colors. (Natori feathers and one of the Freya models.)
I get them occasionally. I tweeze them if I notice.

No. 61262

My nipples are "bitty"
I don't know how to describe them without posting a photo but it's like the skin is ripped and should be picked off but I'd be picking my own nipples off…does anyone else have this? what is it

No. 61269

I have small boobs, somewhere around the A-cup, B-cup range. I don't know what my specific size is as it's been years since I last wore a bra, I just wear an undershirt/tank top underneath my clothes.

No. 61416

File: 1495559460096.jpg (27.62 KB, 330x330, gd-0601011.jpg)

Has anyone ever tried the Japanese creams? I'm literally prepubescent and 71cm around thanks to a hormonal defect. I don't expect to be an f-cup but I want at least an aa-cup. I've tried massaging daily for nearly a year straight, drinking tons of milk/eating beef, eating tons of soy, and so far nothing.

I don't really expect it to work but JAV stars can't just be getting fat transfers constantly right? I'm sure at least some of of you have heard of Chiyomilk and Mayusakimilk. The site is probably a scam but it's a basic overview you don't have sign in to see.



No. 61420

pretty much none of these will work. even chiyomilk actually lied about her routine. in japan it's legal to use human growth hormone and estrogen for breast enhancement. that basically makes the body think you're going through puberty again. the JAV stars do that and alot of these girls who grew using cream actually did that and are being paid by the companies.

No. 61423

Oh well, I figured as much. I wonder how much that costs compared to implants. I've got enough period related problems already though.

No. 61426

>believing JAV stars like chiyomilk and mayusakimilk haven't got implants

No. 61427

have you seen 4chin?

Start a perfect boob thread and its all girls with perfect D cups that sit up in the middle of the chest with no sagging and somehow small nipples, a lot of them you can see where the scars are but the neckbeards will swear on their life their perfect titty waifu never had plastic surgery

No. 61428

File: 1495570962282.jpg (42.85 KB, 615x410, PAY-Weather-girl-Yanet-Garcia.…)

men are idiots, they think anyone that didn't go to the extremes with plastic surgery or admitted that they did plastic surgery is 100% natural, hell some men even claim kim k and yanet garcia never been touched up by PS in their life

No. 61435

What the fuck, so that's why so many girls in JAV and gravure have really nice tits? Blowing my mind right now.

Also I have severely inverted nipples and it's another reason to die. I get jealous watching porn where nipples are stimulated because I have no idea what it's like.

No. 61436

Samefag from the last post, but holy shit, I fucking hate dealing with neckbeards from 4chan on women's topics. I was in a discord group very briefly, and one guy kept adamantly saying that breasts could grow from massages and breast lotion. The other femanons were dubious and he used anecdotes from fucking trap threads on 4chan as proof. Obviously, hormones were being used, but he thought they were out of the question. (For some reason there's a weird stigmatism against traps and hormones, or else they cross the line and get lumped in with trans women.)

Anyway, apparently, women can no longer be authorities on our own breasts. I wouldn't have been so annoyed if it wasn't an attitude I've seen often in men's discussions.

No. 61437

They do in some form obviously, but it's easy to tell theirs are mostly still fat somehow and fat transfers only add a cup size.

No. 61447

injects, saline implants, silicon, etc. there are certain types of implants that arent fat transfers that look like fat

I personally dont find JAV stars boobs attractive

No. 61453

If this doesn't work, does anyone know any non-surgery breast enhancement methods that actually work?

No. 61456

hormones and human growth hormone

No. 61457

get breast pumps, big ones, to suck all the blood to your tits

No. 61463

That's not a thing, robotosan

No. 61567

File: 1495674185452.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.37 KB, 400x252, breast vacuum.jpg)

It is, but it's neither pretty nor permanent. It's also not safe.

No. 61571

have a kid

No. 61588

Different anon, but I did and my boobs actually got smaller after I finished breast feeding. I was already tiny chested, now I'm nearly flat and it fucking sucks.

No. 62213

I get those dry patches, too. I went to a dermatologist and he said that it's sebbhoreic dermatitis. I have to use two prescription creams to keep it under control.

Not sure if this is the same thing you have, but it's something you could look into.

No. 62220

have a kid, but don't breast feed

No. 62222

Your robot is showing. >>>/r9k/

No. 62242

Breastfeeding does not cause undesirable changes in the breast, but pregnancy does.

No. 62250

breastfeeding increases babies IQ, ya dingus.

No. 62282

Same thing happened to me with all of my children. I had a nice bust for the first time in my life(previously 34A), then once I stopped breastfeeding, shrank back to the original size and slightly lower and flatter. Then the process happened again with the other two babies. A few years after my last baby, I'm now a cup size bigger than my initial size but with a little sag(not to a terrible degree)and nipples are a bit darker and larger.

Yes, this. Then pregnancy hormones are more responsible than the baby feeding on them. If boobs being abused and cartoonish-ly stretched were the culprit, your average natural-breasted porn star would be hanging like an orangutan mama. Be sure to wear a proper, supportive bra and don't forget to moisturize the breast area like any other part of your body.

No. 62958

Anyone ever check out 'normal' breasts gallery?:


I used to hate my tiny titties but good lord after seeing what could be I am grateful for them.

No. 62960

thanks for sharing that, anon. I thought mine were irregularly sized, but now they look just normal

No. 62985

that's a pretty great and useful gallery, thanks

No. 63003

I used to have nice C cup boobs, then I got fat and became DD cup, and when I lost the weight they got saggy. Sigh. Also even though I'm white my nipples aren't really pink. More like a very light brown/purplish tone. Every guy I've ever been with has loved big areolas. It drives them crazy. So if you have large nipples don't be ashamed, it's a turn on for a lot of guys.

No. 63033


No. 63520

File: 1497999924572.jpg (2.93 KB, 209x222, widespaced.jpg)

what do i do about my wide-spaced breasts? my breasts would be bigger and fuller if they were closer but because theyre so far apart i dont have cleavage or anything without really pushing them together even push-up bras dont work. i guess my ribcage is the cause of my wide-spaced breasts but how do i make them appear normal? im really self conscious about them and i want them to look full and i want to look like i have cleavage. are there any good bras for wide-spaced breasts or anything? are there any good bikini tops that lift them up and push them together too?

No. 63521

forgot to mention mine look almost exactly like this picture if that helps

No. 63525

i have boobs like this and there is no physical way to get cleavage. it doesn't matter what kind of special bra you buy, you're not going to have cleavage. just accept it. cleavage doesn't always look nicer anyways, and there are plenty of dresses where a gap between boobs looks better and classier. i let my sister borrow one of my dresses, and it made her look like one of those medieval tavern wenches, in a really unflattering way.

No. 63532

thank you!! nmw i feel self conscious because cleavage as seen as sexy and my space between my breasts is so big i can fit my whole hand

No. 63640


my breasts are exactly like >>63520 and i found that can wear a variety of open-necked clothes more comfortably than my cleavagey peers because it's not instantly va-va-voom sexy. in my opinion, cleavage makes people look weirdly stocky and disproportionate, as if they have a shorter neck than they must have.

No. 63641

I have the same breast and I often wear plunging neckline it honestly look really great, as weird as it sound sternum are in right now.

No. 64162

What are the chances that wearing small bras during puberty stunted my breast growth? I was really conscious about growing boobs as a teen so I used to wear tight small bras all day to make it less noticeable. I haven't grown much since then so my breasts are on the small size now I'm an adult, did I fuck it up for myself?

No. 64169


>it honestly look really great

No it doesn't.

>sternum are in right now

No they're not.

I have the same nasty problem, but I'm not deluded into thinking it's ever attractive and you shouldn't be either.

No. 64178

thank you lol

No. 64182

Just because you have self-esteem issues doesn't mean you should take it out on everyone else. Just get your boob job and go.

No. 64185

I have the exact same problem. In everyday fashion it doesn't bother me as I never wear cleavage-showing tops, but it's been a real pain for swimwear specifically.
Does anyone here have any recommendations on swimsuits that don't make people with wideset breasts look especially boobless?

No. 64210

File: 1498968849049.jpg (55.88 KB, 620x900, Lea-Michele-290799.jpg)

Those are completely normal. Like, oh my god, do you girls really believe anybody who hasn't had a boob job has cleavage without a push up bra? Nobody has cleavage naturally. Buy those tit corsets or something and be happy.
Pic related.

No. 64211

File: 1498968888044.jpg (102.43 KB, 800x800, s-l1000.jpg)

Samefag, i was talking about those.

No. 64273

Do these work for any anons? Any tips? How tricky are they?

No. 64281

Tried them out and they work really well (I got small boobs tho).
The thing that sucks is that they only stick for like 3 times and then you have to buy another one

No. 64291

Really? I've heard of a few people cleaning them to get them to re-stick. I've worn mine a couple times since buying them and they have alittle trouble on the ends near the armpit.
Also you have to wear a bra with it, I tried to wear them alone when it was really hot out one day but they started to peel away easily.

No. 64292

My breasts just went down 3 cup sizes in one month, and I am feeling so shitty about myself. I have no idea why, I haven't lost weight and the rest of my body looks the same. My breasts just deflated. I feel like I look like a child.

No. 64301

File: 1499052810406.jpg (11.51 KB, 500x500, Best-Adhesive-Bra-AZBEAUTY-Sil…)

Well I don't have the exact same ones in the picture from anon I got a more silicone like one (see picture)
It works the same though.
Anyways many amazon reviews said so too and I tried cleaning mine too didn't do a thing. Maybe I need special cleaning products? How do you clean yours ?
And good to know about the hot day part. Didn't know that. Have to wear it for a Cosplay in August and I thought it would just stay like this. Anyways I need to make sure to wear a strapless bra over it then.

No. 64667

eat more
this seems like Jelqing for women
this is a meme. being white and reading to you kid does way more for IQ than letting him chomp on my tits

No. 64778


gotta say i know a whole walmart full of people where race didn't save them from being dumbasses

No. 64783

??? That doesn't seem possible.

No. 64784

I think this is normal. I twist my pushup bra in the center between the cups to bring it closer together. That paired with a tight top can help smoosh the boobs together and create great cleavage. But I guess it also depends how large your boobs are whether or not you can really bring them together and make a big round cleavage shape

No. 64799

they definitely work. i have shallow b cups and using those and a super padded bra made my shallow breasts look huge as fuck, measurements ended up at around a what 32G cup would be with a padded bra that makes me measure at a 32D without the sticky bra. the key is putting them close to the armpits so the fat pushes together, remember to pad out the sides too if you have smaller breasts.

No. 64809

My titties are deflating because of losing weight, would chest work outs make them look better?

No. 64810

That's not normal unless you have a regular fluctuation every month. See a doctor.

No. 64811

This is normal. Try a plunge bra.

No. 66392

Is it illegal/not possible to do this outside of Japan? What kind of products does it take?

No. 66401

liftingfag here. chest exercises might help a little to lift them but unfortunately the main problem is bodyfat. when i first lost a lot of weight from exercising my tits looked very small and deflated but they've slowly gotten bigger and full again as i've gained back some bodyfat while continuing to work out. if you don't mind not being shredded you might want to consider a mild bulk cycle.

No. 66410

>get a blood clot
>you have to chop your titty off

No. 66431

File: 1502546282254.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.21 KB, 140x102, large.jpg)

anyone have advice for making breasts smaller besides surgery?
ive lost weight but they dont look any smaller
my boobs look similar to pic related

No. 66446

wear good sports bras, a lot, including when you sleep, also do arm exercises to tighten up the chest and arms when you lose weight

No. 66468

illegal in the states, possibly illegal in other areas, but many places allow HGH to be bought otc (USA only doesn't because it's used with steroids) the estrogen on the other hand is likely illegal everywhere since adding those kinds of hormones wreaks havoc on your body if done improperly.

No. 66564

>arm exercises to tighten up the chest

won't that actually make them bigger? when you tone the muscle underneath they'll get perkier

No. 66565

thats actually bad advice. wearing bra's all of the time will just lead so lymph congestion and further muscle weaking.

No. 66570

nothing wrong with perkier boobs, if she's losing weight and loses some from her tits its a good idea to keep them perky

probably is, I just took from my own personal experience , I just wear sports bras a lot and my boobs seem to be getting smaller but perkier, I'm no boob expert but I just wrote from my experience

No. 83861

Does anyone else have noticeably asymmetrical breasts? Is there anything I can do (aside from surgery, ofc) to make them look better?

No. 83900

is it okay to wear bras at night? it's just a habit and it's not uncomfortable for me. but i'd stop if it was bad

No. 83904

yes. wearing a bra doesn't do any harm at all. hell, it doesn't do anything. it doesn't cause cancer. it doesn't make boobs saggy. it has no effect on muscle. it doesn't keep boobs from sagging. it doesn't cause back problems.

there's no evidence that bras harm or help in any way, so wear away.

use padded bras and get a size that fits the bigger breast better, then you can add a small pad in the smaller side.

No. 83911

File: 1527728623668.png (149.79 KB, 522x346, 1477958662672.png)

My boobs are perky with an ideal shape even though they're small, except the asymmetry has always bothered me… the most notable part being that one of my nipples is small and cute, and the other is quite a bit bigger. Whenever I've brought it up to guys I've dated, they said they "never noticed," but it still makes me extremely self conscious.

No. 83912

asymmetrical breast tissue is an extremely common female trait.

>Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference of form, position or volume of the breast, and it affects more than half of all women, so your daughter shouldn't feel alone. In fact, one study of 100 women who wanted breast augmentation with implants found that 88 percent had natural asymmetries.

No. 83961

What degree is this asymmetry though cause I've got like a medium b cup and a medium c cup and like >>83911 anon one nip is extremely noticeably bigger than the other breast. Shits gay as fuck.

No. 83993

I have the same issue with my nipples, and my current bf noticed right away and he told me. It made me so embarrassed.
But I think it's not that bad, I mean, the big one is super soft and the small one is super cute. So it's like having the best of both worlds (even though it's not that aesthetic).

No. 98402

>have cartoonishly large monster tits

50% of females resent me for this
50% of males lose 40 iq points if I'm not dressed like a fat grandma

No. 98405

i have a 34DDD and i can't seem to lose anymore weight there so at this point im just embracing it

i wish that my boobs didnt go to the side of my body when i lay down it looks weird esp when youre in missionary

No. 98406

>i wish that my boobs didnt go to the side of my body when i lay down it looks weird esp when youre in missionary

the only boobs that don't do that are small or plastic.

No. 98408

This is extremely normal. You only notice the difference because you see your boobs every day. Don't worry about it!

No. 98429

Nope! Even good implants do this, it's how gravity works on everything. It's just the nature of breasts to fall to the side, it happens to everyone and it's completely natural and nobody really cares when you're in the moment.

No. 98431

small boobs don't tho.

No. 98435

even small boobs do, unless you just have nipples with no breast tissue

No. 98436

Mine look really really bad though when I do lay down. Its why I don't have sex. My boobs started
sagging at like age 15 and made worse from rapid weightloss and gain and I'm only 20. I want a breast augmentation but every breast aug I've seen on real saggy boobs always ends up looking treadfully retarded. I seriously may as well just kill myself.

No. 98439

girl, your boobs are the least of your problems if you are serious

No. 98440

well facing a lifetime of no intimacy is really daunting and makes me think what's the point. Humans are not built to live like that.

No. 98444

Sagging breasts aren't a romantic death sentence, anon.

No. 98446

It is when you're only 20 and your boobs look like you've had 5 children.

No. 98448

First that's bullshit, men will fuck literally anything and if you are into women, plenty of body accepting ladies out there.
Besides, worst case you can drop romance and spend your life supporting your fellow women. Platonic relationships with your sisters can be just as fullfilling. Sex and romance are not everything.

No. 98450

fairly saggy boobed 22 year old here (thank u genetics and rapid weight loss and gain), legitimately no guy i've ever fucked has cared about my boobs being saggy. they mostly just want to squeeze them anyways it's not as big of a deal as you think

No. 98459

ok. Guess if I do ever do get desperate enough and tired of not feeling like a normal young woman I'll humiliate myself beyond repair with a bra on. Hopefully men won't get angry over that.

No. 98462

Wow, a lot of insecure femanons itt.

That's how gravity and breasts work. Stop watching porn, retard. But, honestly, you sound really pathetic and not very intelligent, so you might just be a lost cause.

I came to the thread to ask does anyone else have extremely large breasts from unregulated hormones? I'm a 32KK/L right now and still stuck deciding if I should go through with reduction surgery or if I should wait. I'm 5'4" and 125lbs, so I'm not a hamplanet. I just have unfortunate genes. They're so heavy that my back is in severe pain every single day. I know reduction is a no-brainer here, but I have keloid skin and I'm afraid of how the scars might end up looking (google keloids and you'll see just how bad it looks).

I'm hoping I can just lose 10 more lbs and they'll shrink, but my parents say I should stop holding out and get the surgery. Back pain and looking awful for the rest of my life? Or nice, smaller breasts but the risk of horrific keloid scars that will likely make me too embarrassed to take my bra off ever again?

No. 98466

imo your health and comfort > the possibility of scars i've heard silicone sheets can prevent keloids a lot is that true?

No. 98476

Personally I’d risk the keloids, just for the sake of a happier spine. Can totally understand why you’d want to avoid them at any cost though, they seem incredibly miserable to have. Do you have history of really bad keloids or are they mild?

No. 98482

Breasts move. It's normal and most people don't mind one bit. That's what they are supposed to do.

No. 98503

File: 1539772283993.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.05 KB, 574x558, keloid scar.jpg)

Yeah, I was thinking the same, I'm just so vain… And the silicon sheets help, but they don't stop the keloiding from happening. It just happens "faster", if that makes sense? The way my scars go is: wound > scabbing > scar > scarred area gets inflammed > hard, red keloid scar > over a 2-5 year period, the scar softens and shrinks a little bit (but never all the way). The silicon sheets make it happen faster, but I still end up with extra scar tissue.

I have a history of them, and the lighter ones (like small scratches) end up looking like pic related. I've never had major surgery and I try to avoid getting scars for this reason, but I fear that a major surgery like a breast reduction would give me those really, really awful ones.

Even if I get lucky and I only have pic related-like scars on my breasts, those are still bad enough that I would probably never show anyone my breasts ever again.

I've lost weight from 150 to 125ish in an effort to make them smaller, but they've only gone down a cup size, so I don't think there's too much more I can do at this rate. I'm just terrified of those gross ass scars. Imagine you're going out with a girl and you're about to get busy, she takes off her bra, and you're met with nasty franken-tiddies?

No. 98504

I'm the first anon you responded to, you dont have to be rude I obviously know that's how gravity and breasts work. I was just stating that it looked weird from my POV.

Regarding your concern I also went to go see a doctor for a reduction surgery. However my doctor told me that if I was interested in having kids that there was no point since I would gain all the weight back and theres a possibility that you I could not breast feed.

In your case I would say that you should consider getting one. It would take a while to get the surgery so while you wait you can always try losing weight and see where you are. But tbh it's really hard to lose weight in your chest from personal experience.

No. 98505

no dude worth fucking g is going to car if your breasts have scars. I have big lopsided tits with tons of stretch marks and uneven nipples and men don't give a shit. they really don't. I know people demonize men here but most of them really don't care if you dont resemble a porn star.

your back is way more important than having flawless skin. I say that as a person with back problems (not tit related).

No. 98508

>most of them really don't care if you dont resemble a porn star.

No. 98509

>tfw no franken-tiddy gf
Any man worth anything wouldn't care, but I think most men would. Since most men aren't worth anything haha.

No. 98510


Also most of you idiots ITT don't seem to realize the breast issues are likely from illfitting bras and not from breast size.

No. 98521

Men will fuck anything.

Why is this hard to believe?

No. 98538

Not to mention that your average guy can't spot this shit as a flaw. Normal guys don't notice a wonky tit, they don't understand the differences between good or bad makeup and they haven't been socialized into getting scared of cellulite like we have. Obviously there are guys that do care, but those are either assholes who aren't worth your time, or incel types that spend too long pouring over infographics about what butthole colours mean or whatever

No. 98546

Not trying to sound rude, but did either of you read anything I posted upthread? Normal scars, nbd. They would fade and it wouldn't bother me. Keloid scars aren't just "scars", they're scar tissue that ends up raised, inflamed and red for years. Thanks for the reassurance, but stretch marks and lopsided tits are normal. Having a huge, red and inflamed anchor scar around both of my breasts is not. You're telling me if you saw a scar like pic related >>98503 going around both nipples and down the middle of the underbust that you would just go, "Oh, well that's just normal"? Come on, anon. Men are dumb, but even a woman would cringe away from that.

You make it sound like I'm some shallow insecure girl when I have an actual condition that makes getting scars a real fear for me.

Same, anon. I don't even think they read what I wrote, honestly lol I think they're just regurgitating what they assume they know.

No. 98549

I don’t blame you for being scared to get the reduction, can’t pretend that keloids aren’t noticeable. It’s shitty that you’ve got that going on. I get the opposite, I’m that all my scars are atrophic and leave pits. Probably easier to live with than keloids imo.
How much pain do you get from the size of your breasts, and have you tried a back brace? That could potentially alleviate some of the strain and pain and can’t leave scars either.

No. 98550


Google says the evidence is out on that one, actually.

No. 98570

What are you talking about? most people wouldn't pay any attention to your makeup or your tits being lopsided. your significant other should notice your flaws but most would never acknowledge it because they want sum fuk.

men will never notice if your makeup is looking especially "fleek" today if you just wear that shit everyday to btw.

you have a serious hate towads men and people as a whole if you say that the men who actually notice your makeup or your wonky tits arent worth your time. Why even wear makeup at all if you say that the only ones that notice arent worth your time.

No. 98571

>Men will fuck anything.
Is that supposed to make me feel better?

>you have a serious hate towads men
Womp bop BA DOO BUP. You are on the wrong site.

No. 98577

This website has made me find a new love and a new hate for women. I would say this is the right site. I like it, who are you to tell me im not allowed on this website?

most of the problem I see is women on this website blame so much of their problems on just men instead of people as a whole.

Half of the women on this website put themselves in a terrible position with men and then cry and scream about why and how terrible men are to them.

No. 98578

Give this thread a read. Half of these women just talk about how they let men fuck their whole life up and keep letting them do it for years instead of saying no or leaving. It's not just a problem with men its a problem with women to.

some of these stories are incredibly sad though ;-;
sexual abuse and torment in these womens lives were a big cause for these women's plight though. I can't blame them.>>98571

No. 98580

>this website has made me find a new love and a new hate for women
Cool story.

No. 98583

:( :( :( thanks

No. 98585

i joke with my partner about having big milkies but i sure do hate having them. im slim enough but its like all my fat goes right up on the tiddies.

im at the point that i really dont care about possible repercussions of reduction

No. 98586

Have you tried strengthening your back muscles to relieve pain?

>Half of these women just talk about how they let men fuck their whole life up and keep letting them do it for years instead of saying no or leaving.
Soz but whether the woman chooses to leave early on or not has little affect on the type of person the man is. He would just do the same to next the woman.

No. 98607

You aren't getting the point im making.
Why does everyone on this board have to come back to men?
A woman is just as much of the problem for staying as the man is for being a piece of shit.

No. 98609

if you have a problem with staying with someone, all you have to do is not stay with that person and the problem doesn't exist. I'm not excusing what any man did any that thread I linked. But I dont think it should be excused how these women let it happen. They could of just left. Im not going to compare which evil is greater but you can't deny that you need both a man and a woman for a toxic relationship. You can't just have one person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 98664

A lot. I can't stand up for long periods of time because of how badly my back hurts. When
I lay down at night, it hurts. I haven't tried a back brace, but I'm pretty sure I would have to ask my insurance company to pay for that right? They'd probably tell me to just get a reduction before paying for a brace, but I will ask my doctor about that option.

Thanks anon. I'm glad you kind of get where I'm coming from with the scars. I get that people are saying the scars won't matter, but I already have other keloid scars from childhood carelessness and people definitely notice. I have one on my arm and I've had a past roommate gasp and scream, "Oh my god, your arm!" when she caught sight of it. It's not even that bad of a scar :( So I know any future partner would probably leave me.

I do! I actually only started working out for that reason. I'm much stronger and my back hurts less, but it still hurts. I feel like I have 30lb weights on my chest and the pressure it puts when I'm bending over or running.

No. 98666

I wish I could swap with you. I gain fat everywhere except for my boobs.

No. 98679

Idk about a partner leaving, but they’re definitely not fun to have. I know a few people who get them and by all means it seems miserable. Having scars like that on my breasts would terrify me, idk how you could not have that worry.
Not sure about insurance, my healthcare is socialised. You could possibly get a doctor to recommend one and see if it’s cheaper to import one online. Sucks that people are getting so antsy about a perfectly reasonable concern over keloids on the boobs. Guessing they haven’t seen any before.

No. 100408

i saw a video where a girl who wanted a reduction went to a masseur for a few weeks and did some back strengthening excercises, got a better fitted bra and the the problems disappeared in a month.

Seems cheap than $10,000 to me.

No. 100435

that's cause most problems come from the bra and not the boobs. i thought i was a D cup for years and switched to H cup and now am fine.

No. 100446

What are some good anti breast sagging exercises?
Also, are there other anons from Europe here?
My best fit is a c cup but by judging pictures of that real breast gallery, I'm more of a G cup. The biggest cup size in the stores that I shop is c cup which is why for a long time I thought DD was like the biggest possible cup size available except for some monstrous exceptions. Is it the same in the rest of Europe?

I don't have any back pains luckily.

No. 100448

I've had saggy c-cups my whole life mostly because of shit genetics (my mom told me she had same issue her whole life). I really want to get a lift but 1. it's fucking expensive 2. the scars are hideous 3. a lot of the before/afters i've seen look really bad. I honestly just want to get an elective mastectomy and get rid of them all together and minimize risk of breast cancer.

No. 100487

My breasts were already uneven and are now probably 2 cup sizes different after excision surgery. The weight of the larger exacerbates my neck and shoulder pain from an injury. Debating on having it reduced, but my experience healing the cancer boob was traumatic. I had an infection and massive hematoma with fluid after the second excision.

Also it would be nice to be able to have bras fit both of them and wear fitted clothing again.

No. 100577

I think A and B cups are so cute. I think it might be attainable for me if I lose weight (I'm D cup) but I'll be doomed because I'm tall and have broad shoulders which would probably make me look like a boy. Broad shoulders are such a curse.

No. 100603

I have DDs but they don't look big until I take my top off for some reason. It kind of bothers me. I have great tits, why can't they look great/big clothed too? Maybe I should buy myself some padded push up bras.

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