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File: 1498354159195.jpg (86.32 KB, 767x767, body-positive-blogger-megan-10…)

No. 63860

anyone else annoyed with the weight gaining trend? I understand if it's an anorexic girl recovering, but I'm talking about the girls who look fine but shove every little debbie and pizza they can find down their throat and think it will go straight to their ass and tits then come to the sad disappointment when everything BUT their ass and tits get larger
it's trending on the internet and being encouraged by moronic men who think gaining weight will make a girls butt or boobs bigger, it's sad when perfectly thin petite girls with slight curves become average chubby girls because of the weight gain shit

anyone had experiences with this or anything like this? thoughts on the weight gain trend?

No. 63861

Doesn't annoy me at all to be honest. If they're doing it intentionally at least they're not delusional about their weight being because of muh genetics or muh thyroid, they know it's because of their eating habits.

No. 63866

I'm sure if she pulled down those tummy control yoga pants, she'd have roughly the same pooch in the left pic as she does on the right. I think most people would look bigger in an ill fitted bikini than in black yoga pants.
Also no, I really don't care.
This is actually no different than any other annoying fad pertaining to how bodies look for dat precious ~male gaze~
The stupid ass gym selfie fad, diet tea fad, the list goes on.
The best way to rid yourself from seeing these people is to get off Instagram and stop following these attention whores. Sorry the petite girls aren't behaving the way you want them to.

No. 63867

>literally has abs
>"she would roughly have the same pooch"

>The best way to rid yourself from seeing these people is to get off Instagram and stop following these attention whores

a lot of them are still in real life too, i knew tons of petite girls with amazing bodies who destroy it because "omg gotta get THICCC"

> Sorry the petite girls aren't behaving the way you want them to.

lol, christ, are you that person that assumes the second someone complains about a problem means they think everything is about them, lets turn it on you
sorry the instagrammers don't follow the trends you want them to
frankly, it's not about how "I want" the "petite girls to act" it's about thinking unhealthily gaining weight over shit that isn't even going to work and is going to end up being the opposite of what they want, and having an even higher standards for curves, to be even considered curves, is fucking retarded

at least all the yoga, gym grrl, diet tea stuff won't make you have a triple bypass and diabetes by age 35

No. 63870

Flabbiest 'abs' I've ever seen.

>a lot of them are still in real life too

Where? How? Are you taking candid photos of these people to compare a few months later just to be sure they've gained weight?
Why are you obsessed? Good lord the bitch isn't so heavy that she'll keel over at any moment.

No. 63871

I really hope you're trolling because you can literally see her abdominal muscle, and you can tell its hard, not fat

having friends who tell me how they want to gain weight is now me taking candid photos of women gaining weight? are you ill? go back to the looney bin, or r9k, it's all the same

No. 63873

Bless you for this post.

I feel like I'm living in an alternate universe sometimes. In what universe is the right photo more attractive than the left? I know my body, I know how I gain weight, and it will not go to my tits or ass naturally.

Men are stupid in this regard, I think. The thicc meme is some sort of weird media propaganda, I think.

No. 63874

>literally see her abdominal muscle, and you can tell its hard, not fat

Lol, no you can't you weirdo.

No. 63875

File: 1498366410605.jpg (111.07 KB, 800x992, muscles-of-the-torso-diagram-t…)

so you're telling me her fat just happened to made a perfect formation where here abdominal muscles would be, like how ab lines are formed and she just happened to be toned everywhere as well?

like I said, I REALLY hope you're trolling

No. 63876

Explain how the same shape of said 'muscle' magically floated to the top fat layer on the right pic then.
Are you a chubbo or something? Do you not have female friends that you ever hung out with irl to know that a lot of abdomens look like that as long as they're not overweight?

But yes, you picked a really poor OP pic jsyk, it's a little embarrassing.

No. 63877

File: 1498366738558.jpg (84.95 KB, 800x800, 10 Most Effective 6 Pack Abs W…)

is this nothing but a big fat flabby tummy pooch to you also? have you ever taken an anatomy class? have you ever educated yourself on fitness? do you even know what a tummy pooch is?

please me trolling, or from r9k, no one can be that crazy and stupid

No. 63878

File: 1498366859055.jpg (196.89 KB, 1300x1291, 13544000-Close-up-stomach-of-w…)

Are you seriously comparing that picture to what's in OP? She doesn't have that muscle. She's the fatter end of pic related.
You are 10/10 mad right now.

No. 63879

File: 1498367018130.jpg (83.26 KB, 900x632, muscles-to-fat.jpg)

it didn't float to the top layer of fat on the right pic, thats how her outer layer of skin formed, so when she gained weight, there was still stretched out skin from abs, so fat filled and and now her stomach is fat with remainings of where her fat use to be, have you never saw someone gain weight after getting fit before? and yes, even most petite girls dont have stomachs like that unless they worked out for months to get ab lines

pic related, when muscles are lost due and fat is gained, there will be a slight outline of what it use to look like, it didn't "magically float to the top" you are crazy, and reaching anon

No. 63880

the girl in that pic has SLIGHT ab lines, but not as deep and visible in the girl in the left pics, and if you look close enough in OPs pic, you can kinda see the lines across, which aren't visible in that pic

No. 63881


No. 63882

File: 1498367250607.jpg (20.35 KB, 450x320, stock-photo-healthy-woman-body…)

>there was still stretched out skin from abs

Lmao jfc she doesn't have abs. She had an average sized abdomen with a layer of abdominal fat on top that EVERYONE except for the underweight have (yes, it looks like two strips of tubing; it doesn't mean it's muscle).

Seriously you bitches must be overweight or have no average-sized friends to think these are some crossfit tier abdominal muscles. Fucking yikes.

No. 63883

File: 1498367365686.jpg (296.28 KB, 768x1024, 160355874.jpg)


No. 63884

I really couldn't care less and will continue to not care until people start policing male bodies to the same degree.

No. 63885

File: 1498367687119.jpg (82.96 KB, 773x627, 1498366859055.jpg)

yes please tell me which one it looks more like
the girl on left has more ab muscles than the two girls you posted….

just because theyre not attractive doesnt mean theyre not abs
funny how you go around calling people overweight, claim her ab muscle is from being skinny, while posting girls who literally only have ab muscle from being skinny, I'd say go to /fit/ and ask them if it's ab muscle or fat, but your delusional ass would be humiliated there, so I guess ignorance is just bliss

No. 63886

Hahahahaha. Omg are you OP trying to pull that card right now?
>makes a thread about some nobody bitch gaining some weight
>"Actually it's not as extreme as you think and she wasn't ever that muscly."
Cognitive dissonance much?

No. 63887

you posted photos that have been photoshopped to, are you male?

No. 63888

>admitting you lurk /fit/
Barf. You're cancer and deluded. Go back to your home.

No. 63889

if you're still the same anon raging on this thread and posting ana girls and claiming it's abs, you're beyond delusional, I'm OP, I didn't even post that

No. 63890

Sure you didn't. Your thread is garbage and so are you.

No. 63891

Please tell me where I "admit to lurking /fit/" because I told you to get advice from people who are knowledgeable in fitness?
I havent been on /fit/ and years
you literally make reaching, an art form

No. 63892

File: 1498368165733.gif (872.77 KB, 245x245, lmao.gif)

>people who are knowledgeable in fitness

Topkek stoppppppp.

No. 63893

File: 1498368358011.jpg (93.24 KB, 1685x948, unnamed.jpg)

yeah because I so posted that, thats why I can delete it

didn't know you were that desperate
considering they know the difference between bulking up, shooping and pics of chicks who "have abs" mostly because their body fat is low, they have more fitness knowledge than you

No. 63894

Did you just take a fucking picture of your monitor?
Gosh, not looking like a samefag must be really important to you anon.

No. 63895

m8 if it's one thing I hate it's to be accused of something I didn't do, call me obsessive, but I never let people think I did something that I did, infact not do

No. 63896

>proving you're posting from a PC and a mobile
Yep, I'm sure you're not a samefag now /s

No. 63897

File: 1498368634027.png (193.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-25-00-30-04…)

And so you were saying?

No. 63898

That you're posting from a mobile connection that's separate from your PC and that the popup doesn't prove shit. Please continue to act like there's other people in this thread that are responding within the minute.

No. 63899

so I posted from a different fucking connection, just so I can same fag and write shit I don't even care about on the thread?
I posted a PC pic, which proved I wasn't posting from my PC, then I posted a mobile, which proved I wasn't posting on my mobile either, what am I posting on then? since you clearly know so much, am I posting on my fucking microwave or some something?

the popup proved I didn't post it, if I tried deleting the comment and I did post it, then it just would let me delete it, and it has the same digits needed for a delete password, so I couldn't delete a digit, you are really stretching to try to prove a point, you're more obsessive than me

No. 63900

Ladies. Enough. It's a Saturday… go get a drink and watch a movie or something, please.

No. 63910

Can we delete this thread and start again? Nobody really cares if you failed your anatomy classes.

No. 63912

No OP, fuck off.

No. 63916

Still not OP mate, OP here,if youre still lurking and accusing me of posting shit I don't care about but can't answer my questions despite me proving i didn't same fag. And I'll happily prove it again

Can't wait till summers over "I don't like something you said therefore I'll accuse you of samefag for some reason despite me not having any proof nor going into explaining"

Also why the fuck would i randomly same fag on a thread hours and hours after no one posted?get your head out your ass

No. 63917

File: 1498405506134.png (294.71 KB, 986x1356, a7b.png)

>this triggered TL;DR in response to telling you, OP, to fuck off

No. 63920

obsessive? sure, but I rather be obsessive, than to be wrong

No. 63922

File: 1498412536117.jpg (25.17 KB, 480x360, af8fdd13860e9082d73e468709d2f2…)

erm… what? what girl you know has "tubing" of fat that line up like abs would, but is slim around the sides?

notice how the girl in the pictures stomach only started to look like girl in OPs picture stomach after she started doing abdominal exercies

No. 63923

also the girl in OPs pic "pooch" is a lot more narrow, which is how abdominal muscles get after working out ab muscles for a few months
in fact, it's more narrow than >>63922 abs, notice how her ab muscles get more narrow after she does more and more workouts

sage for samefag (lul)

No. 63933

Girl in OP photo was an anorexic girl and then an orthorexic girl who recovered. Her handle is BodyPosiPanda. She didn't gain weight for men and she hardly posts food pictures, so I have no idea if she did it healthily or not.

There is no weight gain "trend", the diet industry is still incredibly profitable, and a handful of instagram famous recovery/body positive chicks won't change that.

No. 63941

Oh, so OP is an even dumber faggot than I thought. Hah, probably some assblasted anachan upset at her puke warrior not being a twig anymore and looking for a scapegoat.
>I know, muh thicc culture!!11!!

No. 63944


Of course she's ex-ana. Op is from /fit/ and /fit/ has no idea what healthy women look like.

No. 63945

Derailing users have been tempbanned. Please continue.

No. 64013

there's no weight gain trend? then explain the girls on youtube making "thick shakes", healthy weight girls taking weight gainers, several after several weight gain channels on youtube and there is even a fetish nowadays to watch women gain weight

and she clearly wasnt starving herself in the pic on the left, if she was orthorexia she could've helped it by therapy, not sitting on her lazy ass and shoving little debbies down her throat, or whatever she did to turn into an average chubby girl

if this is what you think ana chans use as their puke warrior is the left pic you're delusional

Oh? they have no idea what healthy women look like? so any doctor would see this pic and say the left looks physically unhealthy? that's right they wouldnt

while she may have been mentally unhealthy in the left pic, her physical appearance would show she is not physically unhealthy, on the right pic, I'm not saying she is obese or would have health issues related to weight but she has a by definition overweight bmi and looks like she has a high body fat percentage

No. 64030


so? why the fuck does it wig you out so much if people have extra fat on them that, by your own admission "is not physically unhealthy"? how is that any of your business?

No. 64039

It doesn't wig me out if people have extra fat it wigs me out that nowadays skinny girls get bashed for not being a ~"curvy" plus sized waifu ready to have kids~ it wigs me out girls encourage other women to get fat by shoving cake and ice cream down their throat thinking it will make them "THICC #WEIGHTGAIN" it wigs me out when the new beauty standard is unattainable and if unhealthy, the dumbness of girls wig me out when they get insecure after finding out all the little debbies they scarved didn't go directly to their ass and tits, and it is my business because me and other women I knew, who had perfectly thin bodies, would constantly get told to gain weight, eat a burger, have people try to convince me I'll become a ~"curvy goddess"~ if i gained weight in an unhealthy way

Like i said it has nothing to do with people who are already fat, if you actually read and didn't assume my post was some big bad ~fat shaming~ post you would realize its talking about girls who are going crazy trying to gain weight thinking it will make them hot, which is not physically or mentally healthy, no im not the "big bad creep judging womyns bodies" that you are making me out to be,im talking about it just like when being thin was in, or corseting was a trend,and now gaining weight to get thicc is slowly becoming a trend

No. 64046


She was both physically and mentally unhealthy in the pic on the left, and it's obvious to anyone who's not a fucking retard. But keep crying now that beauty standards have shifted to what healthy women actually look like, boo fucking hoo and disgusting flat ana-chans like you are getting the hate they deserve :)

No. 64048


Lol you bringing up health but that girl could gain 400 more pounds and live 5x longer and cost society FAR, FAR less in health care costs than she would if she had stayed like she did on the left. I would tell you to educate yourself, but your nutrition starved brain doesn't have the cognitive abilities to learn things anymore.

No. 64050


for more than a hundred years, people have been forcing themselves to become thinner because that's what is fashionable and nobody bats an eye. get over yourself.

No. 64051

some really obvious samefagging going on over here lmao

No. 64054


yeah sure, "obvious samefagging" when you can't come up with a solid counterargument. go whine about "people becoming fatties it's so fug" somewhere else, shitstain.

No. 64055

>boo fucking hoo and disgusting flat ana-chans like you are getting the hate they deserve :)

> I would tell you to educate yourself, but your nutrition starved brain doesn't have the cognitive abilities to learn things anymore.

>people have been forcing themselves to become thinner because that's what is fashionable and nobody bats an eye. get over yourself.

Weeeew lad, I can tell how fat you are over the buttery tears. So much projection, its fucking sad.

So I have to ask, how do you feel about seeing an increased number of obese children? Like kids too big that they can't play with their peers?

No. 64056

I fell for this trend.

I was never anorexic, but was dealing with pretty bad depression so it was easy to get into. I purposely gained 40+ pounds. I never struggled with weight before this, and after being on antidepressants for a while, I realized what a dumb move (hehe, like I even got up from my chair) I made. I'm currently losing the weight and focusing on exercise if I want to improve my body. Terrible, terrible move. Only benefit is I realized I look fine 10 pounds heavier than I usually was.

10/10 do not recommend.

No. 64058


go back to tumblr fatty
making women gain weight because they think it will make them curvy is just as unhealthy as girls who starve
at least most of the ones who got to a healthy slim weight did it, you know, healthy, and not shoved little debbies down their throat, and no one "batted an eye" because it was healthy, barely anyone except for me is now speaking out about all this crazy "eat like shit get thick" type stuff and no its not healthy no women who are 400+ lbs will live longer (it's hilarious you even believe that)

I know the feels anon, I'm a fairly slim girl who was 5 ft 110 lbs and all my friends were "plus sized curvy goddesses", I felt bad because I felt like a child next to them, while I did have curves it felt like it wasn't enough to meet their standards, where I'm from pretty much if you werent shaped like kim k you were flat, I decided to take weight gainers and drink ensures to gain until I was 137 and became chubby, I'm focusing on losing weight and took those people out of my life and moving soon to get away from this toxic ass town

No. 64059


go back to tumblr fatty
making women gain weight because they think it will make them curvy is just as unhealthy as girls who starve
at least most of the ones who got to a healthy slim weight did it, you know, healthy, and not shoved little debbies down their throat, and no one "batted an eye" because it was healthy, barely anyone except for me is now speaking out about all this crazy "eat like shit get thick" type stuff and no its not healthy no women who are 400+ lbs will live longer (it's hilarious you even believe that)

I know the feels anon, I'm a fairly slim girl who was 5 ft 110 lbs and all my friends were "plus sized curvy goddesses", I felt bad because I felt like a child next to them, while I did have curves it felt like it wasn't enough to meet their standards, where I'm from pretty much if you werent shaped like kim k you were flat, I decided to take weight gainers and drink ensures to gain until I was 137 and became chubby, I'm focusing on losing weight and took those people out of my life and moving soon to get away from this toxic ass town

No. 64070

"you knew women who wanted to gain weight to get curvy? the only way you must have known that is to take candid photos of them and watched the ones gaining weight!"

if this isn't the absolute definition of reaching I don't know what is

No. 64076

seek help for your low self-esteem, nevermind leaving a 'toxic ass town'

No. 64078

File: 1498614699948.jpg (585.7 KB, 2048x2048, photogrid_14409505702881.jpg)

I told you she was anorexic then orthorexic. A quick google search and you can find photos from when she was almost Eugenia levels of skinny, obviously unhealthy. There are a ton of articles about how she bounced back from anorexia and later orthorexia with body positivity.

Why are you offended by someone who was sick and is now recovered? If you don't want to get thick, then don't get thick. Don't watch videos about "thick shakes" (which isn't something I've ever even seen anyway). Focus on being skinny and losing weight. The percentage if people you're talking about, people "gaining weight" is such a small percentage it's almost negligible.

No. 64084

but in the pic I posted she wasn't eugienia skinny she was healthy, she may have not been mentally healthy but she was physically healthy, she didn't need to become an average chubby girl because "muh orthorexia" which can be fixed from therapy not shoving unhealthy foods down ones throat

I hate the thick trend because it is brainwashing more and more young girls to get unhealthy and have a high standards for what curves are, what the bmi is, girls who cant gain weight are ugly etc

>> I have my problems, I deal with them, Like a responsible person, to take care of yourself you leave a toxic environment, this town is full of feeders who think any woman without 52 inch hips has no curves and if you're under 150 youre skinny and ugly, I dont wanna be surrounded by people like that

No. 64085

As long as they don't get obese-tier well good for them.
Sometimes the "healthy" lifestyle can be draining and border on disordered. People with obsessive, black and white personalities who don't go ana-tier but it still affects their lives in a bad way.
The better option would to fix that personality problem but that's not easy.

No. 64087

>Sometimes the "healthy" lifestyle can be draining and border on disordered
Yeah, I've met quite a lot of fitness gurus irl who will bite your head off if you ingest too much sodium, sugar, trans fats… And I try to eat healthy but the recommended levels they always suggest are so fucking low, just do the best you can and have something sweet every once in a while.
Life must be fucking miserable for people who restrict themselves to health shakes, salads and gruel 24/7. Can't imagine the panic attacks they must be having when their SO wants Taco Bell.

No. 64101

Sorry for no contribution, but why can't these before and after photos show a before photo that isn't candid and unflattering as all get out? I am sure she had some photos she took of herself looking cute but still skinny? It's so misleading.

No. 64103

You can look perfectly "healthy" and have a lot of health problems. Lot's of fitness guru have lost their periods due their low fat percentages and they not look eugenia cooney skinny, they look good. Also, they have a lot of mental problems and orthorexia is the tip of the iceberg but they try really hard to not show that kind of struggle because their bodies are basically their jobs.
I don't think the thick trend brainwashes the same amount of girls that the fit and thin trend did. Just look the amount of people who bashes the body positive movement because they think it's encouraging peolpe TO BE obese vs the amount of people who endorses the fit movement because abs look awesome and fit gurus (not everybody) makes people think that those fit bodies are easily archived without telling the ugly side (orthorexia, surgery, anabolics, etc)

No. 64104

File: 1498686187146.jpg (71.85 KB, 840x537, bodyposipanda3.JPG)

She wouldn't have been the first anorexic woman to avoid taking photos of herself or avoid the camera. Maybe she pics candid photos so people couldn't call her out on shooping? She's recovered now, she probably doesn't like how she looked back then.

We don't know if she is shoving unhealthy food down her mouth or not. I wouldn't be surprised if her metabolism is a bit messed up from her past. On her blog she doesn't mention food outside of posts about avoiding food guilt and why she isn't mentioning diets in her body positivity activism.

Her instagram is actually kinda cool, I like how she takes photos wthout makeup and shows her stomach rolls and doesn't just pose in strategic ways that hide her muffin top. She doesn't seem like the "gain weight on purpose drink nothing but coke eat mcdonalds!!!" type that you're acting like she is. She's just not skinny like she was, who cares?

She is one person, in the sea of endless fitness gurus and models, or other pro-ana instagrammers. There isn't a weight gain trend, and she isn't involved in that anyway.

No. 64111

There is some aggressive samefagging going on in this thread with all the mention of 'debbies'.

I'm the anon from the advice thread who contemplated putting on weight to gain some womanly curves and after looking at these pictures I'm definitely put off. It looks like there is no middle ground just skeletal or wide all over. Girl from OP looks like her breast size didn't change at all.

No. 64112

Just like how fat people can be unhealthy as fuck
If someone gets to a healthy weight, 99% of the time they won't have any problems that are caused by their weight physically, whats so hard to understand about that?
She also could've got to a healthy weight without going overweight

No. 64113

I was like that anon, I thought I'd get curvy by gaining weight,but you have to know how your body gains weight, chances are overeating unhealthy foods will do nothing but make you look less curvy, unless you have magical genes

Sometimes eating high estro foods can help get curvier, but that mostly applies to girls who have low estro and less curves cuz of it, if your genes are small boobs and little curves the best you can do is gaining 10 lbs and corseting, and getting PS if you can afford it of course

No. 64120

I can see that they mean well but they went too far in both directions. That's not that uncommon with people with EDs though. They should focus on becoming strong, not skinny or fat. Strength has actual benefits to it unlike just being fat or skinny.

No. 64126

I went from skelly to normal. I got bigger tits (former A cup now B-C cup) and bigger ass and thighs. Also my face looks so much younger now.
My belly is the fucking worst tho. I do excercise and my gut seems to slowly getting smaller by the day, i can even see my upper abs now.

No. 64137

I'm one of the anons who advised you against it. If you don't have good genetics you'll just end up sad.

No. 64176

File: 1498879588643.jpg (179.49 KB, 1024x1820, CieVeraU4AEYFri.jpg)

I didn't use this person as in they're the only person gaining weight I used them as an example for weight gain, no I didn't do extensive research of her before, but she clearly wasn't ana in the original pic, she might have had ortho, but therapists fix orthos, not gaining weight enough to be at an overweight BMI

there is a huge weight gain trend
just look on twitter
#weightgain #collegeweight #relationshipweight

with people spamming with comments about how better they looked after and how skinny girls are ugly, despite that person being a healthy weight before, hell the feeder fetish is growing like crazy

IG and twitter are spammed with moron guys who use girls who used photoshop or PS and saying "oooo get a skinny make her thicc" and all kinds of stuff about how gaining weight will give you a booty, thats why weight gainers are a thing nowadays

this video is just the edge of it
and several girls drink ensures who don't even need it thinking it will make their butt bigger

and #makeherthick

No. 64177

the original pic as in the pic on this thread, she was ana in the pic in >>64104

No. 64189

I honestly want this thicc meme to end.

No. 64191

heroine chic comeback when

No. 64192

Anon, that photo is a meme, an obvious joke. The picture on the right is photoshopped and that is the point of the entire joke. That isn't evidence of a trend forcing skinny people to gain weight. Same thing with #relationshipweight, that isn't a recent trend, that's just a joke people make when they get into a relationship, because people stop working out as much and start going out to eat more on dates. And #collegeweight/the freshman fifteen has been a joke I've heard about college since the 90s, since freshmen gain weight due to access to college dining halls, increased access to alcohol, and studies keeping them from exercising. Those are trends, they're jokes, memes or observations and they aren't recent.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the "thicc" trend still involves a tiny waist, tiny arms, and a flat stomach. It's just another unobtainable body standard, like super thin anime waif bodies.

No. 64193

As someone who is trying to gain weight (health reasons), I have to agree lol

I don't mind if the people are working on themselves for themselves but everyone and their grandma wants to be thicc now.

The majority often have no idea how it really works (genetics, or lifting + good diet, bulking is hard as shit) and people keep confusing flabby fatties with thic girls. And yes, it's being glorified to the point it's cringy. (And of course used and abused by men)

No. 64195

I want 1920s short fairy bodies to be in again

No. 64196

lol why? the whole straight-up and down, no curves look is so unflattering.

No. 64207

I find small bodies and short bobbed hair cute

No. 64209

You… You do know that's a meme right? It's raw irony.

No. 64240

This 'thicc' meme/trend is definitely making me insecure as someone skinny and I can see why some girls are resorting to extremes. Sad but true what beauty standards can do. First girls were starving themself and now they stuff themself on food.

No. 64322

As the world gets more and more obese it's natural for society to see that as the norm but at the end of the day healthy bodies live longer than whatever is in vogue.
Tale as old as time, girls need to not be taught from a young age that their worth doesn't lie on whether or not random men would bang them

No. 64345

>girls need to not be taught from a young age that their worth doesn't lie on whether or not random men would bang them
Well said.

No. 64346

>women are making themselves obese for men
>even though that's a very small niche of men
>and women are treated very poorly for looking overweight
>and btw men are getting obese as well
Yeahhhh the thicc meme is not the reason for obesity.

No. 64349

But a big part of the thicc trend is exercise, they're all about squats and oats and fitness in general. It's a big step up from starving themselves but at the same time it's just another annoying way to pressure girls into appeasing men with their looks. Shaming girls for not having big asses is shitty since it's mostly a superficial, sexual thing started by men rather than something essential to health and fitness.

No. 64351

but the point was that there is a getthicc trend
and thats the ironic part, they think they get thicc everywhere else by eating like crap but truth is they don't

No. 64352

File: 1499166084652.png (139.03 KB, 500x610, man-idk-what-my-lid-brother-do…)

barely, yes its about squats but they also eat like shit to get thick as well

look at onions squat video, he basically says "hur dur squats don't work" and tells girls to eat donuts and shit and see what body part blows up first and in the comments are his retard fan girls agreeing

No. 64353

but thats not the point its that people will glorify the weight gains and say how they looked soooo much better after and how skinny girls are ugly

No. 64354

the first step of healing is leaving a toxic place, if you're surrounded by cunts who make you feel flat for not looking like kim k and you have low self esteem because of it the first step is to leave then to get help, believe it or not but being surrounded by shitty people ACTUALLY DOES lower self esteem

No. 64355


Because they do look better. Sorry you're a disgusting twig, but every body part looks better thicc.

No. 64356

File: 1499172487840.jpg (20.03 KB, 465x480, med_gallery_67201_6068_105940.…)

get out of here fatty
the rest of the world population aren't losers from a fat fetish forum

No. 64357

Average female us lifespan: 81
Average overweight female us lifespan: 80
Average obese female us lifespan: 76
Average super obese female us lifespan: 55

Average anorexic female us lifespan: 30


Just put a bullet in your brain now, you're not going to make it past your 20s and your suicide will at least spare the world your sub-par looks and stupidity

No. 64358


Can you imagine being so sad that you starve yourself to look that shitty? Like, if you don't want to be soft and have tits and thighs just take hormones and become a man.

No. 64359

erm… what? most people here are praising what lives the longest, which is average, no one was praising skellies, and the only people that did praise fatties got shit on

No. 64360

File: 1499172800085.jpg (51.57 KB, 540x720, C7P5VLRXkAAKeis.jpg)

you poor sad fatty thinking thin women can't be curvy
I've seen slim girls who look like that who probably have bigger boobs than you anon and I've seen slim girls who have bigger thighs, hips and butt than most fatties ratio wise

the whole "skinny girls don't have tits and thighs" is a meme made up by fatties to feel better about themselves

No. 64361


Op is praising a deeply sick and unhealthy girl who would have been dead in 8 years if she has kept doing what she did to look like what op thinks is healthy.

No. 64362


Lol yeah the one in a million who have that body type. Go learn some basic anatomy, women don't deposit fat in just their tits and thighs with out despairing it other places too. Sexual dimorphism in humans in 80% how fat is deposited and accumulated you complete moron. You're trying to argue facts that aren't arguable.

No. 64363

File: 1499173166000.jpg (46.17 KB, 500x630, 317b653bd33f59d8d05a51b665d9d0…)

when she had orthorexia she was, by definition physically healthy, she would've lived the longest according to the >>64357

when she had anorexia then no she would not have, but when she had ortho, which op CLEARLY STATED SEVERAL TIMES would have been fixable with therapy, not gaining weight when she didn't need too

No. 64364

I only dislike when they are clearly obese and have just replaced one addiction / eating disorder with another one. We shouldn't praise binge eating disorder and junk food addiction any more than we should praise anorexia. However I do applaud women who have really just found a healthy balance and may be a little bit chubby but are eating nutritious food and exercising regularly, in such a way that does not hurt their body (unlike some of the hamplanets on IG who are praised for doing bone-crushing jumping jacks with their 400lb bodies).

No. 64365

File: 1499173432349.jpg (49.81 KB, 600x600, CNsIRZlWcAAfYn1.jpg)

what even was the point of writing all that? they were saying skinny girls don't have soft boobs and breasts, which millions and millions of them do

in fact, if anything, at least where I'm from, I've seen skinny girls have bigger boobs and bigger thighs ratio wise than most fat girls

No. 64366


Orthorexics aren't healthy you dumb duck. She was destroying her joints, destroying her heart, putting tremendous stress on her skeleton and muscles. She needed that "unnecessary" weight, and not only is she healthier and going to live longer, she looks way better.

Again, you are trying to deny realty and argue facts that aren't arguable. You're a complete waste of space, physically and mentally, and you really need to get out of everyone's way already.

No. 64367


Did you get lost on the way to white knight in the plastic surgery thread?

No. 64368

File: 1499173726034.jpg (43.21 KB, 599x456, BozoCoIIIAANAui.jpg)

oh? then where is your proof orthorexia is bad physically ?

sorry you saw a skinny girl with curvier thighs and nicer tits than you and now you need to vent on a weight gain trend thread

No. 64369

It's an eating disorder idiot. Of course it's not healthy.
Usually it's too restrictive. There's a reason it's a disorder and not just called "healthy eating".


No. 64370


"If orthorexia goes untreated, this disorder can cause permanent health damages to occur, as well as a number of negative life consequences. As orthorexia persists, it can begin to mimic the same dangerous effects that anorexia and bulimia can produce"


If you don't even know the medical prognosis of the eating disorder you're trying to defend then don't try to defend it you compete moron.

No. 64371

Yeah but obesity causes so many other health problems. What are the quality of those 80 years? The reason obese people can live long is because there are tons of medications and heart surgeries that are available, but that doesn't make all the symptoms and pain go away. I was fat (not obese) in my mid teens and I couldn't climb stairs or walk a short distance without needing to stop to catch my breath. It was absolutely miserable. So I can't even imagine how hard it is for actual obese people, especially older obese people, to get around. Most don't even leave the house. My friend's 63 year old grandma who is obese fell off the toilet and couldn't get up because she's so damn fat, she had to call an ambulance to help her. How fucking humiliating.

Not to mention anorexia is often co-morbid with other mental illnesses such as OCD, anxiety and depression with suicidal ideation.

No. 64372

File: 1499174196173.jpg (95.51 KB, 346x750, 87386e0def045515697f4361b372c7…)

basically the websites say that the biggest issue of it was the mental health issues, not physically

they only mention physical issues if it was to the way wayyyy extreme which barely happens with "orthorexia"

No. 64373


Lol you think pain isn't constant in anorexic and underweight people? At least obese people's teeth, energy levels and minds are still intact, as seen from op when you're skinny you can't even think properly.

No. 64375

File: 1499174488787.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.43 KB, 402x700, 1499169635023.jpg)

> At least obese people's teeth, energy levels and minds are still intact, as seen from op when you're skinny you can't even think properly.

have you ever even seen boogie? or most obese fucks?
>>64374 you too samefag
the fact you tell me to reach for a cupcake just shows that this thread is made about girls like you
unless you're triggered by all the skinny girls who have nice asses, thighs and boobs, which would explain your rage

No. 64376


>I have two websites explaining how this is unhealthy, maybe I should reevaluate my position

>NAH, I'll just ignore everything

All this reaching, when what you should really be reaching for is a damn cupcake. If you're just gonna say stupid shit just don't say anything.

No. 64377

It depends on the severity of the orthorexia.

For instance people with autism and OCD are prone to developing orthorexia because they literally have a phobia of certain foods that they deem unhealthy or contaminated.

In those cases it can produce serious deficiencies, particularly if the only food they feel comfortable consuming is of low nutritional value and they are excluding important food groups or vitamin rich foods.

On the other hand, I'd say someone like Kiki is orthorexic as she only consumes organic and completely vegan foods. Lots of vegans and health freaks have a similarly strict bordering on obsessive diet. However because Kiki's eating a wider variety of food groups plus lots of supplements and fresh fruit, there's no real danger to her health, in fact she's clearly a lot healthier than most Americans.

No. 64378


Boggie is a successful man who has friends, a YouTube career, puts out videos almost daily, and while wishy-washy is of sound mind and is a normal guy.

Ashley is in constant pain, barely had the energy to post on Instagram once a month, is totally alone, and is going to due before the 50 year old obese man.

Fatties won again :)

No. 64379

File: 1499174663672.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.07 KB, 124x69, 1498092032211s.jpg)

why delete? you're still a samefag


No. 64380


You're the samefag. No tits, no ass, no one who wants your disgusting body, not a trace of womanhood, no brain. Things are rough for you, but that's not an excuse to be as pathetic as you are.

No. 64381

File: 1499175013526.jpg (112.18 KB, 650x1148, 1498411494493.jpg)

someone is jelly skinny women have more curvy bodies than them
I have plenty of ass and tits anon

and if boogie so happy then why does he make videos of him crying about weight, wants to get weight loss surgery and even hurt himself by being a fat ass?


No. 64382


Some one is deluded, has shot taste, and is mad that they're sad humans with nasty man stick body.

If being mentally ill is so great and healthy why are you dying?

No. 64384

File: 1499175415401.png (1.16 MB, 640x960, 1498490104595.png)

"nasty man stick body"
lmao, is that why skinny/fit men and women are easy to tell apart by but fatties all look the same naked?
like I said, you're jealous and using fatty memes

>If being mentally ill is so great and healthy why are you dying?

where did I say being mentally ill is so great and healthy?
oh thats right I didn't

you dont even know me, in fact, literal facts tell me I am going to live longer than you if I don't get ran over or some shit

No. 64385

File: 1499175752559.jpg (81.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1498635974768.jpg)

so unwomanly, clearly if we saw her with no clothes it would look EXACTLY like a man

No. 64386


Nasty boyish sticks get mistaken for men all the time. Why do you think holocaust victims stopped wearing cloths, because there was nothing to look at.

Bitch you're going to be dead in 10 years. I'll be sure to shit on your grave when I'm in my 70s tho.

It's funny how you keep posting Instagram thots with plastic surgery who get shit on by Saudi princes as your proof when we all know how you really look.

No. 64387

File: 1499175880689.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.35 KB, 500x693, tumblr_okwfrkDWMT1w029j8o1_500…)

big beautiful healthy womyn
this is what a woman looks like because you never see a fat guy have the same body as her
oh wait…

No. 64389


>tiny tits

>gross stick arms
>hollow, not soft belly
>photoshopped ass to make it look like it should

But hey, thanks for proving that deep down you know sticks aren't attractive.

No. 64390

File: 1499176021623.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.82 KB, 1080x1282, 1499174805843.jpg)

yeah, no
you're still a jealous fatty spewing out lies and pretending like you know me to prove a point
irony is that it proves that I am right


and where is your proof this is photoshopped or fake?
or is this just fatties last resort when they see a slim woman have better curves than most fatties?

No. 64391


>cherry pick the worst image

And she still is more womanly and better looking than >64078.

No. 64392

>hollow not soft belly
>belly literally pokes out

No. 64393



Rotted anorexic brain.

It's obvious who isn't a moron like you. Go into the plastic surgery and Instagram threads.

No. 64394

File: 1499176207292.jpg (Spoiler Image,352.77 KB, 1280x1122, 1498381830479.jpg)

it was one of the first results in BBW
sorry you're still mad skinny girls look more womanly than fatties

No. 64395

File: 1499176362683.jpg (Spoiler Image,546.72 KB, 1280x853, 1498092829962.jpg)

quit samefagging, no one said facts and sciences are lie, it literally just said ortho is bad for brain, not for your body until it gets to the extreme

explained it best
heres a TL;DR for your fatty brain
health freaks have no real danger to their health, people who refuse to eat certain foods that they need are in danger
aka fatties who dont wanna eat their veggies

No. 64396

I wasn't saying anorexia isn't painful, dangerous and physically depleting, I was merely pointing out that a longer life expectancy (as is the case with obesity) doesn't necessarily mean those years are going to be comfortable, easy or healthy. And as I mentioned before, a lot of obese people rarely leave the house or if they do, they use cars/mobility scooters. If these people, especially when older, suddenly tried exercising in their state they could be at risk for myocardial infarction. If you are obese you're going to be on so many meds for blood pressure, beetus, statins etc i.e. you're ill.

Of course anorexia is a terrible illness. Anyone with a brain knows anorexia and obesity aren't healthy or things to strive for.

No. 64397


Sure it is, just like how op wasn't anorexic and orthorexic, and like how orthorexia isn't unhealthy.

Man it's the 4th of July and you're so sad and unwanted you can't even eat a hot dog while you rage because you know you aren't attractive.

No. 64398


Except that if you could read you would see that it said prolonged orthorexia leads to physical damage. If you're orthorexia for more than a few months you're killing yourself. You're not going to slither out of realty, you dumb weasel bitch

No. 64399

File: 1499176787470.jpg (Spoiler Image,57 KB, 720x960, 1499174811650.jpg)

yeah prolonged extreme ortho lmao
if you legit think some health freak who makes sure they get all their vitamins in one day and works out is gonna live less than a fattie who scarfs down hotdogs and cokes you are delusional and spreading lies

I don't even have cravings for cholesterol in buns, only fatties do srry

No. 64400


With their unhealthy bum and lack of body fat, yes, science says they are. Every chubby girl is healthier and better looking than you. Hell, most obese women probably are too. Sorry the truth doesn't fit your delusions.

No. 64401

File: 1499177076229.jpg (25.17 KB, 480x480, 926778_1732214877024654_108731…)

bitch where does it say women with "lack of body fat" live less? in fact it says women with excess body fat live less, their bum aint even unhealthy sorry, most skinny girls have better asses than you

and you don't even know what I look like, thus making up shit
believe or not but the world ain't a fatty fetish blog, real life men and women don't find fatties to be hot and skinny women to be attractive

No. 64402

File: 1499177211655.jpg (101.92 KB, 640x1136, 819e5c5472b85df3343515b43513b8…)

also if skinny women are sooooo unattractive then why are a lot of skinny and fit women insta famous with tons of men fapping to them and going crazy over them?
what about marilyn monroe who was 5'5 and 115 and was named the sexiest woman with tons of men wanting to put a ring on her, even most men today think she is hot as fuck and she sure as hell don't look like a man nor does she look like she is suffering from obesity or has excess body fat

No. 64403


In the sites that were posted, that you're too stupid to process. Please, your kind don't have asses, just plastic you injected to make you look like a normal woman.

You look like a gross anorexic bitch.

BTW how many calories does a Saudi princes turd have? If I put it on a cholesterol bun I'd bet your nasty ass would scarf it down.

No. 64404

Oh no, I have a bit of a tummy? I guess my fiance doesn't love me after all because no one can love a fatty, right stick-anon?

No. 64405


Why are the top Instagram women THICC chubby girls? Why is chubby a higher searched porn topic than skinny? Why do normal and overweight women have more success without plastic surgery and starving themselves and bring unfun stupid britches like you?

No. 64406

File: 1499177505515.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.97 KB, 480x480, 13739614_1257494250950854_1055…)

looks like all the images of skinny girls who have ass and tits drove you insane

look I know I know it sucks being fat and seeing women who are slim with a bigger butt and boobs than you but projecting and samefagging on lolcow isnt healthy

proof? is that why jen selter is one of the most famous instagrammers ?

No. 64407

I literally just got into this thread, but alright–you seem to be the only one samefagging on here. Did daddy not love you enough, is that why you're afraid to gain weight? Did a boy in middleschool call you a piggy or something? You should really figure out your personal issues before projecting them on other people just because they aren't twigs like you.

No. 64408


-1 Saudi princes tits, eaten once a month
-A heaping dash of reality denial
-1000 pics of photoshopped Instagram models
-Extreme butthurt

Mix together, obese over constantly, and in no time you too can be an unpleasant burden AND shave 50 years off your lifespan!

No. 64409

File: 1499177856619.jpg (16.93 KB, 262x433, 580x580-perfil-karen_20-2011-3…)

except no, I'm not pretending to be someone else like you are
you pretend to be someone that just "happened" to come on the thread 1 minute after I posted spewing out the same shit you were earlier
you aint fooling anyone
maybe you can include compulsive lying on your list next to insecurity when you see you therapist next week

No. 64410

whats it with you and saudi prince? mate no one here gives a shit about the saudi prince except you

No. 64411


Shut up samefag

No. 64412


What's with you and eating turds? No one cares about your brittle bones from malnutrition.

No. 64414

Oh, okay, because only one single person can disagree with you.

Something tells me that you haven't had your single mean of a grape and almond yet today…

No. 64415

File: 1499178049465.jpg (80.33 KB, 655x566, saudi_princess__147669670.jpg)

I aint pretending to be anyone else
but you are, you psychopath

this image will make your fatty rage even harder

looks like the saudi prince you're obsessing over has a taste for non obese women, sorry fatty

No. 64417

File: 1499178226502.jpg (30.58 KB, 484x484, Free-shipping-Chiffon-Shirt-Sh…)

no, it's that you spew out the same shit and lies "hur dur you dont like fatties you must be an ana" stuff about eating turds, the said prince, etc etc, usually crazy fatty shit. and you post all at the same time as well

I post a pic when I reply therefore I am not same fagging

No. 64418

"hurr durr dere can only be one1 person on da thread bsides meeeee so obviously dey r samefagging" says ana-chan

No. 64419

File: 1499178566350.jpg (25.36 KB, 455x385, saudi-prince-harem.jpg)

look I know it sucks seeing your husbando be attracted to what your people would call ana chans but same fagging is obvious

No. 64421

This thread is bullshit lol, there's a tiny portion of girls who would like to gain weight out there. Very thin girls who struggle with weight gain and girls with fat fetishes, the whole "thicc" trend is all about working out to get a big butt, while having a small waist, flat stomach etc. I'm not seeing this sudden increase in obesity being considered hot.

No. 64422

Look, ana-chan, I know it sucks that guys mistake your body for a teenage boy's, but samefagging is obvious on your end too.

(btw, my husbando likes having an actual ass to grab onto instead of bone.)

No. 64423

well it's a bit bigger in the black and hispanic/latina community, OP was probably black or latina

No. 64424

File: 1499178981275.jpg (697.52 KB, 1080x1161, 1498503716917.jpg)

still not pretending to be someone else therefore I am not samefagging

99% of skinny girls look nothing like men but morbidly obese women look like morbidly obese men
sorry but its true

plenty of ana chans have an ass, infact the type of women your husbando want to fuck posted in the thread, are skinny and have ass without injections

none of them had "bone"
your fatty goggles just see any woman that isn't fat and thinks they're ana

No. 64425

My fatty goggles, sure. My 5' 6", 120lb fatty goggles. Then again, I guess anyone who doesn't have a perfect thigh-gap is a fatty to you.

You are pretending to be someone else, ana-chan! You're pretending to be someone who's opinion matters.

No. 64426

File: 1499179309559.jpg (12.5 KB, 300x300, 4-Minute-Beach-Ready-Booty-Bla…)

[x] doubt

I am literally more overweight bmi wise and your jelly ass is either lying or you have a fatty fetish because you are calling me ana and shit for daring to think women who aren't fatties are unattractive, unwomanly, and unhealthy, so basically the general thoughts of 99% of the population

I'm 125 and 5 foot, my measurements are 34 25 42

I can even post a pic to prove it

No. 64427

Go ahead ana-chan, post a picture to an anonymous imageboard to prove your point to a bunch of strangers. You're calling women fatties for daring to be a little bit thicker than you are.

You're being quite hypocritical right now, you know.

No. 64428

Also, I'm calling you ana-chan because you're obviously against women who have weight on them which is a personal image problem that YOU have and are projecting on others.

No. 64429

File: 1499179783680.jpg (8.85 KB, 194x220, bubblebutt2-194x220.jpg)

same fag, now you learned what samefagging actually means instead of spewing lies to prove a point

but tons of women I posted don't have thigh gaps, so idk wtf is this ana chan shit you're on about gtfo

no I'm not calling women fatties for daring to be a little "thicker" than me I'm calling them fatties for spewing out bullshit like

basically pretending anyone who thinks fatties are gross is ana chan and uses generic fat girl excuses "hur dur eat a cupcake" is fat

where did I say I was against women who had weight on them? oh right nowhere, but hey whatever lie you need to spew out to fit your everyone who thinks obese women is unattractive is ana agenda

No. 64430

You made an entire thread against the weight gain trend, which is essentially just "women being comfortable in their bodies". You are against women having weight on them. Where's your picture by the way? You seemed to REALLY want to prove us wrong.

No. 64431

Are you kids capable of debating without having a shit slinging fest? It's embarrassing to watch stuff like >>64418 at least consolidate your sperging into one post rather than responding to yourself every other minute

Maybe saying there is a obesity trend is hyperbole, but tags like #weightgain are definitely on the rise and that leads the gullible to thinking that just drinking #thiccshakes with their burgers will get them curves without rolls. People ignoring science in hope of beauty is nothing new, just look at every diet fad ever or girls that swear by saran wrap but won't diet

No. 64432

I don't think there's ever NOT been a trend though. It's just that now we have social media outlets to put these things out. Weight gain positivity AND weight loss positivity are both posted all over the internet. What's the point in making a thread specifically against the women who use it as a means of positivity?

Yes, morbidly obese people are unhealthy, and extremely skinny people are also unhealthy. These are facts.

What isn't a fact is that the owner of the image used in OP's post isn't using "weight gain" for attention–she was legitimately unhealthy and is using it to promote HEALTHY weight gain.

sage for blogpost.

No. 64433

File: 1499180859784.png (621.38 KB, 629x631, Screenshot_2017-07-04-10-01-47…)

No, you idiot, i made a thread about women who gain weight thinking it will make them curvy, literally the opposite of "being comfortable with your body" shit you preach
You don't have to let yourself go to be comfortable with your body
Its like you will purposely misunderstand a thread to seem like a victim

No. 64434

File: 1499180877322.jpg (15.14 KB, 320x180, IMG_0024.JPG)

mystery go back to sucking off robots

No. 64435

Gaining weight while working out WILL make you curvy though. Very rarely are women naturally curvy without working at it at least a little bit.

You can't make mold something without any clay to work with, you dig? If you're stick thin and work out, you won't get curves, you'll tone up and lose the extra weight.

No. 64436

Shall we close the asian male superiority thread because some asian men find confidence in that group? Or the bad art thread because not all artists that get posted there are bad? This is how lolcow works, there are threads against anas too.
The stuff you're saying is all valid and belongs as part of the discussion in this thread, to represent your side of the story, but if you would rather be in an unchallenged hugbox then you should just go do that instead. At least you won't have to see The Spergening.

No. 64437

Anon, you and I both know that almost every image in the bad art thread is bad art.

No. 64439

Temp bans have been issued, please calm down.

No. 64440

This thread is about women who eat like shit though and/or are at their "curvy" peak but gain more and more weight that doesn't even go to their curves
If they're stick thin like kate moss level and gain about 10-15 and get curvy thats fine but some girls will already be curvy, think it's not enough, gain weight, then wonder why it doesn't go to their butt or boobs

Also how tf you gonna praise women being comfortable with their bodies but call skinny girls with curves curveless, say no sign of womanhood,compare too teenage male bodies etc, despite a lot of the time skinny women looking more feminine than obese women

No. 64443

File: 1499190747582.jpg (47.14 KB, 454x700, THICC.jpg)

This thread is insane. It's like Ashley Isaacs vs Momokun. Y'all are amusing, i'm lovin' it.

Also what the fuck is wrong with OP to think that there's a fat trend? LMAO dumb bitch can't even tell the difference between fat and fit.
Stick-chan should just eat some proteins and do some workout if she wants to fit the thicc trend so bad. Or is she too stupid to tell that the thicc trend is telling girls to do squats and go running? It's all about being healthy, eating balanced meals but also your favorite foods and being active to attain the perfect healthy body.

No. 64444

no one was praising anas or ashley issac
infact OP specifically said several times she is against anas and think they should get better

where did it even say OP can't tell the difference between fat and fit? are you crazy anon from before?
OP even said herself she was technically "curvy" but she lived in a place with extreme definitions of curves, aka 50 inch hips, 20 inch waist and anything less is curveless, most likely a non white or asian area, which might be where she got the weight gain trend thing from since most of the thicc shakes, get thick stuff, etc is made by or used by black and latina women

OP literally posted women who squat and eat healthy as their inspos, talk about stretching, learn to read instead of splerging

No. 64451

Wtf are you even going on about anon? Did you actually read the entire thread or just the parts where spergs were spewing their idiocy everywhere?

And the girl you posted looks good but she is by no means fit. Her ass and thighs are the squishy type that comes from being a pear body, not from squats. Way to fuck up your own point.

No. 64453

and photoshop
I remember this being used for an anti photoshop ad as an example for photoshop

but me, as OP don't even find it fat, no one was even calling her fat nor even using examples of bodies like hers to show what fat is

if you have to think if someone is fat or fit, unless they're wearing thick loose clothes they're probably just fat

No. 64460


A 120 lb woman who is 5'6 ranting about how any girl who isn't obese is a curveless stick who will die in a few years and if she does have tits and ass she got surgery? not only is the >>64426 the one you were calling an ana stick with "no signs of womanhood", more womanly than you by your definition, but you clearly don't have any curves because you think any woman who isn't chubby that has curves is plastic surgery, you're either jealous or looking from your own experience being skinny "ooo I'm skinny and have no curves therefore any woman who is skinny and has curves is plastic surgeried", either that or you're lying through your damn teeth, well through your computer screen anyway

No. 64462

File: 1499212952485.jpg (62.11 KB, 867x792, freshman 50.jpg)

What's with college life making people fat?

No. 64465

Shitty college food, no mommies to make them nutritious meals, copious amounts of alcohol, etc.

No. 64468

File: 1499218330621.jpg (162.4 KB, 640x561, fit chick.jpg)

OP is claiming the THICC trend is telling girls to get fat, which is absurd. Thicc means you're very fit and have large boobs/butt/thighs, tight stomach and little fat anywhere else. You can't be THICC being fat, fat is fat, thicc is thicc. Being fat is still bad no matter the trend.

Most of the thread are fatties and anachan sperglords, serious posts are few anyway. Also no idea where you live, but in my country this is a prime thicc/curvy body. OP's pic's body, which she used as an example, is fat, while the girl in the pic i used isn't. Actually no idea where you've gotten the idea she isn't fit, she seems pretty fit but with a little more body fat than your average gym girl, pic related.

No. 64470

like stated a few times before
OP is probably in a black or latin community, which ACTUALLY DOES tell women to eat like shit and it well make them thick
hence all the weight gainers, butt rub stuff, weight gain tips, thiccshakes, #makeherthicc2k17 is used by blacks and latinas, just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all period

I only ever saw one ana on the thread and it was at the wayy top, the ana saying the girl on the left in OPs pic had a belly pooch

No. 64471

Sedentary because they're being bombarded by work.
Too mentally drained to prepare healthy foods or go to the gym.
Wanting to consume comfort foods which tend to be calorie dense to try to ease the stress of the previously mentioned.

No. 64472

She's a hypocritical bitch anyway and she'd be a obesefat without her drugs and throwing up.

I saw her posts once bitching about how she was still hungry after eating two meals and a sweet potato, meanwhile she made fun of fatties on more restrictive diets. Wish that cunt would fuck off.

No. 64474

Only if it's exclusive to black/latin communities in the USA, because i'm literally latina, born and raised in latin america surrounded by black/mixed people and i've literally never seen anybody saying fat is sexy.
Overall the thicc "trend" has always been there in our culture, but eating lots and eating junk food is heavily discouraged and even forbidden in many schools and heavy exercise is endorsed. Hell, you see 10 year olds starting to go to the gym and already self conscious, the girls starting those protein diets and worrying about if they will have a thick ass in the future, and boys trying to get a six pack by 11.
If you're overweight/underweight everyone is gonna give you hell for it until you become something like >>64443.

No. 64475

>you see 10 year olds starting to go to the gym and already self conscious
>the girls starting those protein diets and worrying about if they will have a thick ass in the future, and boys trying to get a six pack by 11

Sounds miserable.

No. 64476

File: 1499231752385.png (469.99 KB, 482x553, weightgain.PNG)

> but tags like #weightgain are definitely on the rise and that leads the gullible to thinking that just drinking #thiccshakes with their burgers will get them curves without rolls.

Okay, I'm going to humor you.


Doesn't exist as a hashtag. Zero posts.


The hashtag for this has 501,321 posts. Of the top 9 posts for this hashtag
1.The first one is a girl who got a double lung transplant who is fed through a feeding tube
2.The second is a former anorexic woman who now has a plant based diet, and based on her body, clearly works out
3.The third is another anorexic girl, who is now a bodybuilder.
4. The fourth is a picture of a scale, of a fitness blogger talking about her weight gain while on vacation.
5. The fifth is plus size girl, who is trying be ~thicc yes…through exercise, as other photos o her account indicate.
6.The sixth is a before and after photo of a skinny girl, who now is slightly thicker- through workouts.
7. The seventh post is a body builder posting comparison photos.
8. The eighth fitness blogger posing.
9. The ninth and final photo is of a shake of sorts. It is accompanied by a long post about intuitive eating, and its accompanied by all kinds of vegan and ed recovery hashtags.

Most of the people in the weight gain hashtag are fitness bloggers. Many also use tags like #fitness, #weightloss, or #strongnotskinny. Most people using the hashtag, from what I can tell, are not stuffing their faces with burgers, atleast not openly. They all seem to do some form of exercise.

And the #weightloss hashtag has 34,467,906 posts, at the time of this hashtag. There is no trend. There is no comparison. This thread is shit.

No. 64477

I sort of get it.

My weight yo-yos a lot but damn one thing that looks good is my breasts when I weigh more. They're kind of… sad when I'm thin but when I gain weight they just perk right back up and point up to the heavens. My hip to weight ratio is more pronounced too.

So I can see why some women would feel better at slightly higher weights. If my face didn't get get so gross maybe I would prefer being slightly chubby too. It's all genetics.

No. 64478

Unfortunately it really is a thing.

Thank you.

No. 64481

her eyebrows give me cancer

No. 64482

lol this woman just has absurdly wide horse hips and she's a bit chubby but muscular underneath. i guess that's what they call thick

No. 64487

She looks good. I don't see the big deal.

No. 64496

You know, I didn't read this thread because y'all being crazy, but I wanna say that I really wish I could gain weight like that girl. I wasn't aware it was a dad though also how do you know she went about it in unhealthy ways? I'm underweight by almost 20 lbs and I'm 3 weeks post partum. I have a super crazy metabolism and I'm currently breastfeeding so I was down to my pre pregnancy weight after a week and still dropping. I've tried shakes, shoving Twinkies in my mouth, and focusing on protein intake. Nothing helps ugh. Not even trying to be thicc. Just trying to be normal sized.

No. 64498


Lol, bless you and your bull-shit calling out greatness anon.

No. 64499


Maybe eating carbs? Flour and sugar is my fatest way to weight gain.

Just make sure to have enough veggies and proteins with it.

So say, eat a big plate of pasta but with a lot of veggies like bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, onions, etc and also a side of protein like beef or a fatty healthy fish.

For dessert you could have a big bowl of ice cream with lot of fruits, so you still get your nutrition with the fattening stuff.

That's what I would do, anyway.

Good luck, anon.

No. 64500


Also saging for samefag, but a lot of athletes do this hyper caloric intake to grow bigger muscles, you could look it up. I don't know how it goes, so I can't comment on it.

Also, another thing ana chans use to help with weight gain is Ensure. It's expensive, but it might help.

No. 64512


No. 64513

You just have to be consistent.
It definitely is difficult (took me 2.5 years to gain 26 lbs), especially if you live in a food dessert, can't afford it or you still depend on your parents, even more so if you've never been chubby or have disordered eating/an ED. But it's still possible.

What >>64499 said is pretty good advice. There are also some supplements or something that increase the appetite, idk if it actually works but if you're serious about it, it might be worth looking into it.

No. 64536

Believe me, it is. I don't think children should be worrying about body image and being "hot" so early in life. However at least they're worrying about their health? People just can't seem to find balance in anything.

No. 64541

Seems more the case that they're worrying about their looks and would attempt to do things, even unhealthy things, to obtain the looks they want.

No. 64547

Now OP most likely is Latina or Black.
Im brazillian and it is DEFINETELY a thing here, being very skinny is seen as unnatractive.
Lots of girls gain weight on purprose in shit diets, hell one of my classmates eats a pack of m&ms 8am.
I don't give a shit about it but my 101 lbs self (im 5'0 before anyone calls me skeletor) got me called Skeletor and Corpse Girl sometime ago.

No. 64554

This thread went full retard but I gained about ten pounds ( 115 →125 at 5'4) and I'm v happy with it.

I'm naturally pear shaped and I worked out the whole time so most of the fat went to my ass and thighs, (and face lol).

No. 64563


Lol cry more

No. 64565


I am also brazilian and 90% of the women I know are on diets or at least trying to lose weight, I don't know what you are talking about lmao

Of course, no one here wants to be spoop, but that's true for a lot of western countries.

Also OP is white.

No. 64567

Op here, Not white, I'm half latina

No. 64613

Another brazilian here to deliver the truth: Nobody is ever happy with what they have, fatties wanna be thin and normal and thin girls wanna be thicc goddesses. Some girls develop extreme eating disorders over this shit because this constant pressure to be pretty coming from family, friends, boyfriend, media but mainly themselves makes them completely fucking unhinged about their own body and more inclined to make shit decisions health-wise.

No. 64614


For some reason I thought she meant the girl on the OP pic, not OP herself. derp me

No. 64775

this kinda reminds me of this thread
maddie wanted to gain weight/be curvy and would do so by shoving chocolate down her throat
london wanted to be thin or fit and starved +worked out a lot

in reality they both have similar body types, I guess it's how people treat you that makes a difference
take this into perspective, a girl shaped like an average disney star moves into a place where she is told she isn't curvy enough, she has no ass, she isn't feminine she needs to gain etc etc, she is going to become like maddie in this
where as if the same girl moved into a town like tokyo, with thin thin women walking around, getting told she needs to lose weight, become more petite, has too much stomach or arm fat, etc, she is going to become london

both of course are if the girl is stupid and easily influenced but this show makes a good point

No. 64786

>come in thread
>first few posts are fucking stupid to the point of hilarity

Losing weight and gaining weight is hard if you're the opposite: skinny person trying to get fat just doesn't really crave food, fat person trying to get skinny needs to resist. Just a different sort of willpower, although losing weight has an option of adding exercise.

No. 64808

It's not much about willpower, its about if it's healthy,or it stems from insecurity

No. 64820

File: 1499944147674.jpg (64.13 KB, 400x600, aneta florczyk.jpg)

In order to be ticc and not skinny or fat you need to work out consistently with heavy weights, do the cardio, and eat like you are bulking all year round

No. 64875

I can relate to both sides of this. Never had an eating disorder but had warped perception of myself. In the past I have been London, thinking my skinny thighs were huge. Now that thicc culture is around I feel like Maddie, looking at my legs and feeling disgusted at how skinny they are.

I hate feeling stupid knowing that I'm falling into beauty standard bullshit but it plays with your mind so easily when you have general self esteem issues.

No. 64899

this is the kinda comfort, chicken-soup-for-the-soup type shit I need

when it was cool to be thin, if you were average sized you were fat, now that it's cool to be thicc, if you're average sized, you're a stick

even if you do fit into the standards, unless your a shapeshifter, it will die out eventually and wait for the new standard to come in

No. 64913

I don't manage to gain weight or appetite, I'm quite muscular with body fat under 10%.

I bet my little dog eats more than me.

No. 64923


Same weight gain here but I'm trying to lose 5 pounds until the fall.
I want to bulk because I'm getting addicted to making my butt bigger. Sure I felt more confident at 105-115 since I had thin legs and a flat stomach but having a butt is so worth the extra pounds. In a year or two my body fat will be much lower than now anyways so I won't care if I keep gaining as long as I get lean I'll stay the same dress size.

No. 64939

I will never understand women wanting to gain weight! I know bodyshaming women for not fitting a certain aesthetic will always exist, but I've always hated when I gain weight because clothes look like shit. It's so much easier to find decent/cheap clothes when you're skinny!

But seriously, who the fuck cares what other people think of your body? There's literally nothing you can do to change what people think, just focus on what makes YOU happy and comfortable with yourself.

No. 64946

Idgi either. Maybe it's because of my age/culture but I can't see any appeal to a big ass or thighs or anything really. A round ass sure, but big is just, ugh.

I'm sure it's just another weird fad like corsets and bustles so surgical implants is completely crazy imo. butt implants are disgusting and look even more freakish than the giant thighs lifters/squatting obsessives get.

No. 68213

File: 1506495012348.png (561.9 KB, 595x593, phs7d8jc8o2qbwe.png)

I like charli howards weight gain tbh, given she was anorexic before, but it actually looks realistic, unlike all the ~curvy models~ who have concave stomachs, tiny 20 inch waists, big perky tits, 50 inch hips and thighs bigger than their waist, all while having no double skin

No. 68219

You care is what.

No. 78386

File: 1523175760593.jpeg (69.99 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

You're so clueless. All the examples you just gave are slim thick, not skinny. It's what many skinny girls who look like Tay Tay aspire to look like. They're #bodygoals and aren't being bullied for looking malnourished or boyish. You've got an agenda here. Aint no skinny girl sporting thighs like that.

Enji Night has a similar physique and a decade ago people would tell her to lose those hips and thighs because it makes her look fat. Why? Because it doesn't confirm to the actual Eurocentric thin ideal. Urban culture popularised this aesthetic and made it okay for thick white women to embrace their curves.

Except she looks borderline brolic with such a low BF%. Thick means you've got soft feminine features, not hard masculine ones. Go look at the urban culture for the actual definition for thickness because it has nothing to do with fitness and other white nonsense.

Actual fit girls with thickness to their frame look like Nicole Mejia or Serena. But it's not mandatory to have that physique.

Again, a woman shaped like a linebacker is not thick. In what universe are wide ass shoulders considered to be a curvaceous feature?

No. 78387

File: 1523176575619.gif (991.85 KB, 499x337, image.gif)

Please do tell how she's photoshopped and used in an ad campaign against unrealistic body images when that's her natural shape. She's dominican and WoC on average are just shapelier than their white counterparts. It's like people here are fabricating lies to push for an agenda.

No. 78388

dw anon, this is probably just triggered """unrealistic""" body-chan from the PS thread on /ot/ she just gets tumblr-tier triggered when she sees people have a body that she doesn't think is real.

No. 78389

also sage for samefag but i have her body too.


No. 78393

File: 1523180282268.jpg (61 KB, 600x600, 24b9403d614111c1cb3cb69082d499…)

You just replied to a 9 month old post…

>WoC on average

Is this one of the cases there Asians don't count as PoC?
>are just shapelier than their white counterparts.
And by shapelier you probably mean overweight?

I fully understand that some women can't lose weight because they're mothers, because of genetics or a history with EDs, that's fine, they shouldn't force themselves, but let's not delude ourselves into thinking that bodies with a BMI in the lower half of the healthy range aren't the most attractive.

No. 78400

Mate, black women living on the continent of America are probably the most overweight demographic in the entire world.

Agreed, Asians clearly don't count as WOC.

No. 80351

uhh no, I'm the anon you're talking about, I consider her body realistic, please stop putting words in my mouth since the body I did call unrealistic was later proven shoop

No. 90904

>thoughts on the weight gain trend?
As a lesbian with a chubby girl fetish (actually chubby, I could care less whether they're curvy or fridge shaped) it's a double edged sword. I find them way hotter, but the ones that intentionally gain weight for this purpose tend to be really unstable, and the ones who have no self control but claim to be intentionally gaining weight are even worse.

No. 91175

File: 1533526686768.jpg (940.13 KB, 1080x1125, 34612728_221411955308887_30615…)

Most of that stuff is genetic, fat distribution and skeleton structure. Some girls just have to get thin as possible because when they do get any fat on them it goes straight to their neck, calves, stomach and forearms.

Some girls just get lucky with the genetics. Although the stretchmarks from hips thighs and boobs growing too fast when they are young are still an issue.

No. 91179

I find people with flat asses disgusting and retarded looking

No. 91206

who's the woman in the picture?

No. 91227

What a monster.
Intentionally gaining weight for any reason other than health is retarded and probably only for the benefit of a gross fetishist.

No. 91268

omg this is horrendous. and the fact that the picture was taken in a gross ass bathroom makes it 10x worse

No. 91371

i have subtle stretch marks only on the sides of my butt, they dont show up in pictures (theyre the kind that are lighter than my skintone, not reddish)
ive never been above 110 lbs in my life but i guess i just grew quickly in that area, im hispanic and most of my weight goes to my butt/thighs
ive always wondered if this is unattractive or if nobody will really notice/care

No. 95222

File: 1536926026458.jpg (116.12 KB, 1080x1349, 12445887_608871685929084_10697…)

>And by shapelier you probably mean overweight?

That's what you clowns call shapely? Bitches with a flat stomach and basic ratios.

No wonder you think anything larger is overweight, ana-chan.

No. 100407

File: 1541720517001.jpg (53.68 KB, 1080x703, 37945383_857957521080731_19385…)

> im hispanic and most of my weight goes to my butt/thighs
ive always wondered if this is unattractive or if nobody will really notice/care

Well she gets taken out to parties and hotels, so some guys are paying out the bucks.

No. 100434

File: 1541770563212.jpeg (838.32 KB, 2048x2048, 933EA159-693F-4496-B21D-7E4B97…)

Say this on /r/xxfitness and it reminded me of this thread. Nothing but praises for her “big booty” progress

No. 100438

anon that is obvious muscle, also I don't see any fat? her muscle-fat ratio seems great. good for her, she deserves the praises

No. 100439


No. 100440

But anon!!! Women are meant to be tiny and delicate!!1 Anything else makes them a fattttttyyyy!!

No. 100441

anon is trying to say that she doesn't really have a big booty, which she doesn't.

No. 100444

at least she's going to the gym and improving herself

No. 100450

I don't understand, how is that not big? Does an ass have to be KK sized to be big…?

No. 100453

File: 1541796534729.jpg (47.96 KB, 1200x811, DT1EwMPVwAETS9r.jpg)

people's standards have been destroyed by instagram models with $30k worth of plastic surgery, they don't remember what real people look like anymore

No. 100466

Because it’s a big improvement?
She’s stronger, has more butt, and has gained loads of muscle. Why so salty?

No. 101559

File: 1543331194000.jpg (43.84 KB, 227x232, ana.jpg)

No. 101585

It promotes obesity, and since they gain weight so fast they get terrible stretch marks. Gaining or losing weight fast is never a sign of good health. I've also seen it be a fat fetish thing and feederism and stuff

No. 101590

Meh once this thick trend dies down they will be stuck with their big bellies and fake asses

No. 101614

File: 1543374192148.png (518.68 KB, 477x501, weightgain2.PNG)

So it's been over a year since I took a peek into the "#weightgain" hashtag and I was curious to see what has changed, and if maybe there is a weight gain trend now.

So back then the #weightgain hashtag had 501,321 posts. Today it has 755,040 posts. Meanwhile, the #weightloss hashtag went from 34,467,906 posts to 50,318,834.

The posts in the #weightgain hashtag are still filled with diet advice and fitness models. There is still no weight gain trend.

The only significant change is that there are posts in the #thiccshakes hashtag, but its all restaurant advertising.

No. 101616

Lol it's like it was a conspiracy by big junk food or something.

You'd think it would work, too. Who wouldn't want to feel sexy for eating pizza and blowing off the gym?

No. 101622

I’ve been trying to “gain weight” for a while to look and feel more “womanly”. I’m essentially flat chested but have somewhat of an ass/thighs so I wanted to weight a little more so I could get “more curves”. I’ve gone from around 90 pounds to 105 (I’m 5’3). I feel like I look a lot better although I miss my concave stomach. I’d like to try to be more toned but maybe gain 5 more.

No. 101628

Love your facts and logic anon, I remember thinking how stupid this thread was when it was first posted.

No. 101642

You sound like a surf table trying to do the exact opposite "fatties" are doing by trying to call other body types shit

No. 101646

This woman looks like she's pregnant, so what's your point exactly?

No. 101647

It should inspire anorexic girls to eat more and hit the gym

No. 101662

File: 1543422941780.jpg (626.35 KB, 1200x1800, 1769405.jpg)

Bodyfat percentage does not a woman make, anyone can become fat, doesnt make you "feminine"

No. 101666

>bodyfat percentage does not a woman make
>uses pic of girl with 18-20% BF

No. 101667

And, your point being?
It's not like a linebacker man becomes obese and then suddenly hes sooper feminine!!
Just retarded logic, someone doesnt become "more" or "less" feminine because they gain or lose weight, thats down to hormonal profile and genetics. not flab or lack thereof.
I used that picture because she must be a man because she doesnt have alot of fat.

No. 101677

i just think that's a terrible example for your point because she has around 20% bf whereas a man of similar fitness would only have around 14. So maybe bodyfat does have something, but not everything, to do with how feminine you appear. women with less than 15% bf look fucking awesome to me but I'll admit the look isn't what most people would consider feminine.

No. 101678

File: 1543440887862.jpg (134.45 KB, 721x479, body-fat-percentage-chart-men-…)

dropped pic

No. 101679

File: 1543442009467.jpg (221.73 KB, 819x1024, Victoria-Secret-Fashion-Show-2…)

Being fatter doesnt make anyone more or less of a woman, it doesnt change your hormones.
Better example?

No. 101680

Also, the low bf women you used as example on the chart are obviously bodybuilders, someone with a low muscle mass would look very different.

No. 101681

yeah they would look spoopy if they didn't have muscle. spoops aren't exactly considered super feminine looking either.

No. 101688

File: 1543444663186.gif (894.26 KB, 500x287, 3ZMk.gif)

A thicc godessu looses tons of weight, does she now resemble a man?

No. 101690

ffs no but she's less close to the societal idea about femininity. doesn't mean there arent exceptions but one of the things that contributes to looking stereotypically feminine is having at least 20% bodyfat. just like having wider hips and a smaller waist are one of those things but plenty of women have a straight torso and still look overall feminine.

No. 101691

In many cultures big thick is not considered feminine and is considered masculine(Korea and Japan for example). A body type like Beyoncé or cardi would be considered manly in some countries. Femininity depends on what you’re told by the media/society is feminine.

No. 101702

yeah obviously but if you're going to use the word feminine at all then obviously you're referring to something. any and everyone could be considered feminine by someone somewhere, so why use any example images to prove one thing or another? kek

No. 101708

I’m not that anon you were arguing. Im just saying in many countries rail thin girls with small bones are considered feminine and thicker women are considered manly.

No. 101720

File: 1543465117960.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

Are big ass and big tits and slightly higher body fat really considered masculine? Then why are they popular in jav?

No. 101721

In asian slender women are considered feminine, and small slender men are considered feminine as well

No. 101729

File: 1543474646372.jpg (40.26 KB, 535x768, aphrodite.jpg)

But the reason that it's considered feminine is because big hips and chest would subconsciously point to fertility, not because of social ideas.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not refering to land whales using this as an excuse.

No. 101736

being below around 10% bodyfat for women interferes with hormone production, estrogen levels drop, period becomes erratic to nonexistent. As bodyfat percentages continue to drop estrogen production may cease altogether, bodyhair growth will increase.

This becomes a problem at the other end of the scale as well, above 30% bodyfat hormones are affected again, period cycle becomes erratic.

The true solution is as always moderation. But most people only think in black and white terms so discussing it is useless these days.

No. 101737

File: 1543482880537.jpeg (348.64 KB, 1242x1221, 28D3E9B0-C6A6-45BD-9103-749FBC…)

Let’s be real….A woman with that body type would be called fat, masculine and big in most asian countries and some European countries. I’ve seen Koreans calling women much smaller than that fat/manly and claim anyone who weighs more than 110 and has any kind of muscle masculine/fat. Not everyone in the world thinks having meat on your bones is feminine. When people say they like big boobs/wide hips they mean they want big tits on and a small ass waist on a skinny girl but that’s very rare naturally, which is why instathots photoshop themselves with small ass T. rex arms/shoulders and a small waist.

No. 101740

I don't get the argument itt that a woman with obvious hips and breasts would be called masculine in certain countries. If you are a lot taller/wider you might look more…not masculine but just BIG compared to a small thin woman. No woman ever looks like a man, overweight women certainly don't look like men to me at all.

This is the endless tall girl vs small girl lolcow argument lurking in the wings.

No. 101744

i think anons are just confusing "feminine" and "masculine" with fat and petite. they're also conflating men's interests with women's, which is were a lot of the issue lies.

asian men may like petite women, but still want some hip and boobs, it's just the women who don't really value that.

like men in the west much of the time like the bolt on tits pornstar look, but women don't really want to look like that.

No. 101751

Im chinese and if you have huge hips and legs here and weight whats considered “normal” here in america you would be considered big and manly, not every woman on earth wants to have such big and vulgar features, elegant and dainty is more feminine and preferred here. People are only reponding because you were talking about big women being feminine as if it was a fact and not subjective, which isnt true.

No. 101752

lmao you're not chinese. you're just samefagging like you were the entire thread.

No. 101753

Im just

My point is, society in america may deem thick big women feminine, and in china, korea and japan skinny and small is feminine, its subjective and that has no say on what a woman is or isnt or whats more women like.

No. 101759

In my country, women with overly large breasts and ass/thighs are often considered “vulgar” looking and not as feminine compared to someone of average breast size. I don’t particularly think this is right or fair but there’s social restrictions like this.

No. 101777

File: 1543544357233.jpg (476.68 KB, 2000x3000, 1769405.jpg)

…. or i just dont like it lol

No. 101786

File: 1543560852435.jpg (97.71 KB, 736x1281, l2vKwhL1uvues3o1_1280.jpg)

I'm so glad I'm out of my ana chan phase.

It's kinda ironic that you believe full hips and legs look manly considering women are the one who naturally put fat in those places and it's usually men who have very skinny legs and barely any hips.

No. 101788

>only men have thin legs

If you live in America most men are fat as well.

No. 101789

But I don't. In my country most men have skinny chicken legs unless they're into sports.

No. 101790

No. 101791

Women who are thin can have womanly figures

No. 101792

Sure, but most of the time they look like Adam Lanza.

No. 101793

File: 1543563783004.jpeg (30.28 KB, 500x375, 6DFD1166-4471-41A2-97C0-721EAC…)

Weight has nothing to do with being curvy.

No. 101794

File: 1543563817324.jpeg (67.38 KB, 600x881, 7641A28E-D337-4DFB-AC98-BFD5C6…)


No. 101795

Are you retarded? You literally posted a girl with the same body type.

No. 101796

File: 1543564502549.jpeg (922.27 KB, 958x1596, 23CC88D6-709F-435B-BA3D-6204B7…)

Nta but the woman you posted if no where near this small. If it wasn’t for her big boobs you’d probably be calling her an Ana Chan.

No. 101797

Nah I wouldn't, she looks great because she has some fat on her legs and arms, she even has a cute soft face and stomach. You need to stop believing you'll end up looking like her if you starve enough, this girl either has implant or won the genetic lottery.

No. 101799

File: 1543564910410.jpeg (125.23 KB, 675x1200, EF2C7CA8-09EB-423B-8FDE-E56BD8…)

You made the mistake of thinking by thin we mean people who look like they just walked out of auschwitz. When normal people say thin they mean pic related. You’re an ex Ana Chan so your concept of thin and thic is warped.

No. 101800

If you are the Chinese anon from before, Susu isn't really a good example of someone with narrow hips. She has a large bottom and wide hips while also being thin.

No. 101809

There are several people anon

No. 101885

Anon, you might want to try doing stomach vacuums. For some people they don't do anything, but for others they do a lot to pull in the stomach because they work the transverse abdominis, which is the layer of muscle under the other abdominal muscles that holds all of your organs in and pulls your abdominal wall towards your spine, and if your's is weak it might not be holding your abdominal wall in as well as it could.

No. 102072

Her small ass quads and hamstrings compared to her giant ass are tripping me the fuck out.
Isn't this what everyone rags on Kim Kardashian for?
This is why you want to strength train, so things look porpotional and like they actually make sense.

No. 102083

Shes just blessed and its doesnt look cartoony and bizarre like Kims, plus its real

No. 102084

Or you know, just… exercising?

No. 104355

File: 1546165765616.png (2.43 MB, 1256x948, rei.png)

Just another fad

No. 104371

Guys, this isn't a fad it's a fetish. That's a belly fetish pose

No. 104559

Is the triggered fatty in this thread sitting in here every day?

No. 107630

File: 1549576751111.png (634.5 KB, 820x475, chubby.png)

Of course

No. 107634


Not fat, you're pathetic and mentally ill, stop bumping the thread.

No. 107671

Currently: 5'3", 108~110lbs
I would like to gain about 20 to 30 more pounds so my body will be the perfect amount of squish. It's been hard to gain this much, however (previously hovering around 98~100lbs my whole life.) I'm reading through this thread for some tips, although I've probably posted in it before, so SAGE

No. 107681

Just…eat more, and lift so it goes in the right places. That's the easiest shit, how are you struggling with that? If it's stomach size then eat high calorie high protein food like nuts.

Not to sound pissy. And sorry if you have some genuine disorder that makes it impossible to gain weight.

No. 107688

I never understood people that can't gain weight. Just consume 2000+ calories a day. Gaining weight is easy as hell and if a person is too retarded to eat then they can just drink their calories.

No. 107694

It's not that easy for some.
I'm currently on 2.3k calories for my bulk and the amount of food and frequency I have to eat makes me nauseous, despite it being rather normal portions. And liquid is worse, imo, it makes me feel full way faster. It takes time to get used go bigger amounts of food but yea, it's not impossible.

No. 107697


>some girl with a late 2nd trimester size belly made entirely of fat

>somehow not fat

she is fat though. in what country isnt that considered fat? only in america maybe.

you people in this thread arent normal, apparently if someone is a bit thin or normal sized theyre an ugly disgusting anorexic skeleton who are miserable and starve themselves, but if a bitch has a literal beer belly, bingo wings and 3 chins then theyre still not fat and youre mentally ill for pointing out that she is. go back to whatever fat fetish site you came from.

No. 107698

>2nd trimester belly
You're so retarded it's tragic. My condolences, I'll send your nutrient deprived brain a fruit basket.

No. 107699

Eating more is hard for someone who's eaten at a deficit or maintenance for 20+ years.
>Just ate 4 pieces of lightly buttered toast (on one side)
>Feels like I'm gonna puke

No. 107705

the only reason anyone would get this triggered over people calling some fat girl fat is if youre the cow in the picture or you also have a giant beer gut kek

bitch looks like shes about to deliver a fetus made entirely of burger king and mcdonalds

No. 107709

She's shaped like a fat Mexican dad, it's a shame, she has a pretty face, sucks she fell for the fat fetish meme

Some girls can get away with being heavy with the right distribution but she doesn't have that therefore she has to be thin or fit to look good

No. 107710

Or maybe I just have a healthy view of bodies.

Two can play at this game, you know.
>the only type of person who gets triggered over someone laying sideways on a bed with their stomach in view is an anachan projecting her predicaments on weight

>shaped like a fat Mexican dad
Awful specific, is that who hurt you?

No. 107712

Ok in-denial fatty chan, you caught me, the only reason why I think a fat shapeless girl is fat and shapeless is because a fat Mexican dad hurt me, everyone who points out unhealthy fat bodies were abused

Guess doctors who tell overweight patients they're overweight were abused to

No. 107714

Haha you're so angry.
But yeah, continue to hatefully go off about this girl's body to prove to me how you so obviously don't have issues.

No. 107781

holy fuck this thread is ridiculous
stop sperging you fucking idiots get off the internet for a second

No. 107783

Tfs going on in here?

No. 107785

Anachan bumps her thread once a month to post someone who she thinks is "meme fat" and then there's a fight. This thread needs to be locked, nothing good has ever come from it.

No. 107786

File: 1549734975316.png (317.47 KB, 912x1108, stronk-chan.png)

Ana-chan can't even lift a fork though

No. 128931

File: 1575978019247.jpg (Spoiler Image,696.14 KB, 1936x1936, 36793918-6ff8-4489-816e-4d8454…)


No. 128932

File: 1575978086102.jpg (Spoiler Image,243.06 KB, 960x1280, 0a66f7b5-2809-4998-a212-569834…)

No. 128935

They look like shit

No. 128936

>this kills the fatty
High fashion model-skinny is the only acceptable bodytype tbh. At least in Europe. Most girls here are skinny anyway.

No. 128940

I recognise this woman from a fart fetish clip that friend jokingly sent to me, she was wearing that same bikini, pushing her gut out to look extra bloated and blowing huge farts. I can only assume she pumped air into her ass beforehand which added to the bloat…how glamorous

No. 128944

Some Mauritanian communities believe that the fatter girls look the wealthier and more attractive they appear to men. Sahar Zand meets the families force feeding their young girls a 9,000 calorie-a-day diet during a brutal "feeding season" in Mauritania. Growing up in a poor country, that's going through a devastating drought, means that marrying well is crucial and mothers believe getting fat will increase the chances of a happy union.

No. 128947

No. 128951

wow, that's fucking disgusting

ngl, is this thread a fetish thing or…

No. 128952

File: 1576003262274.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.04 KB, 934x767, d.jpg)

Some want to see if they can get huge boobs on a caloric surplus.
Blurred lines, anon.

No. 128953

honestly, wouldn't be surprised given how there's so many feeder / feedee fetish farmers in this thread >>119060

No. 128955

It's now basically ok to recreate the freshman 50 experience even when people are out of college

No. 128961

This is pixyteri btw

No. 128972

I can't believe the OP is so obsessed with this thread that she's managed to come back to bump it with stupid shit for the past two years.

No. 128984

I think it’s fucking hilarious. I prefer myself to be ana skinny and don’t give a shit what other people decide to do with their bodies. Op sounds mad she got called twig or told to eat a burger too often. Me too bitch, but I’m not on a crusade to bring down the THICC, I just cut those people out of my life who wanna talk shit and try to dictate my eating habits. Watching the sperging about nothing sure is entertaining though

No. 128988

But do you like it when men compliment you for being skinny?

No. 128989

lmfao at the sperg(s) bumping a 2 year old anachan circlejerk with feeder porn. You're going great, sweetie

No. 129011

>High fashion model-skinny


Maybe in the 80s when they actually had muscle mass and curves. Not those shapeless aliens they got on the runaway now

Those girls are a far cry from naomi campbell.

No. 129012

>i understand if its an anorexic girl recovering

Isn't the girl in the OP pic, bodyposipanda, a recovering anorexic?

No. 129025

Kind of

No. 129032

>kind of
i mean she is, there's not really a 'kind of' thing here when she's been really open about her recovery.

No. 129035

>"it's shocking how much money is being spent on the plus size category"

no shit sherlock you think all that extra fabric is free? lmao

No. 129051

A very lean woman is around 15-18% bf. 10% is insane, most people undershoot women's bf%

No. 129054

Now try to guess Flabby Abby's bodyfat percentage!

No. 129057

over 50%, easily

No. 129074

Imagine how beautiful she'd be if she were thin. Fat models are wasting their potential.

No. 129075

File: 1576232459530.jpg (113.54 KB, 1200x760, lizzievelasquez.jpg)

People who suffer from Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome are unable to gain weight and their body fat percentages are always near zero percent.
In addition to severe lipodystrophy (loss of adipose tissue), individuals with MPL show a concomitant marked loss of lean tissue mass, which also contributes to their "skinny" appearance.

No. 129076

File: 1576233071210.jpg (317.64 KB, 758x758, s.jpg)

Speaking about her new figure, she said: "My body has found its happy medium. I still exercise but I don't obsess over numbers and I don't train for three hours every day.

"I'm living more of a balanced lifestyle now. My mind is in a healthy place, and that's very important. I've taught myself to love myself and accept myself."

Sadly, La'Tecia still falls victim to online trolls every once in a while, but she knows just how to deal with it: "There's still a lot of negativity online, but the bad comes with the good," she explained. "There's a lot of positivity too. I am human, it is hard to read things sometimes, but the best thing to do is stay on track and have a lot of positive people around you."

La'Tecia still works out in the gym and eats a balanced diet. One day, she hopes to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week and appear in US magazine Sports Illustrated.

She added: "It's a huge misconception that curvier women don't exercise or look after themselves. A lot of the models I know in the industry are super-active and eat really well."

No. 129077

Looking at her old photos, she never looked really thin or fit. It would not be difficult to maintain her old size. She's just another girl who failed at figuring out how to stay lean so she gave up. Pathetic.

No. 129079

File: 1576237707510.jpg (129.15 KB, 768x768, a.jpg)

>stay lean
How lean though? It appears that around here you can just be a stick insect or a fat panda, with nothing in between

No. 129081

File: 1576238359304.jpg (72.33 KB, 500x500, 321.jpg)

This. Fit and lean, not stick. If she were really into fitness like she said she was, then she should have kept pushing and figured it out.

No. 129088

File: 1576248424378.jpg (113.2 KB, 602x752, a.jpg)

Ana-chans are more pathetic that chubby-fit models though. I think they need to train more.

No. 129105

File: 1576257402587.jpeg (92.04 KB, 500x800, 21C0D810-CE31-4F12-8ABE-E1F816…)

This woman is visibly underweight, you can even see her stomach veins from the lack of bodyfat, not a good look.
Healthy and fit would be more along these lines and secures your menstrual cycle/reproductive health.

No. 129106

lol. in your pic she looks chubby and unfit. your typical skinnyfat chick that goes on a jog every 3 months. very average and nothing to aspire to.

the girl in the other pic doesn't look underweight, she's just lean and has muscle.

No. 129108

Emma has a bodyfat of around 20% which is thin by medical standards, any lower and she would potentially lose her period or stop ovulating, the chick you posted has almost no muscle actually, she just doesnt have any bodyfat so it appears like she does but anyone would have abs at 15% bodyfat that chick is sporting, but they would also most likely be infertile, if thats your goal cool but it isnt healthy for women to have that low bodyfat by medical standards.

No. 129109

Emma in that pic is probably 23-24%. Refer to the other post about people undershooting female bf%.

Not everyone would have visible abs at the other girl's bf%. abs are like biceps, you need to train them to get them to show. skinny ana girls don't have big biceps do they.

But i'm curious, can you post a girl that is actually fit by your standards? Not just skinnyfat like emma.

No. 129110

the pic anon posted is not skinny fat by any stretch of the imagination. you need professional help lmao

No. 129111

File: 1576259048317.jpeg (192.72 KB, 768x1024, 08D6F411-6F45-4F5F-8544-4CBCFA…)

Yeah no way she is over 20% bf.

And lmao no, you have scrawny teen boys sporting “sixpacks”, they arent fit and strong but skinny. Again aesthetic = health, you can like “fit” women with low bf %, doesnt make it healthy though.

And i think Nikki Blackketter looks great and fit without being overly muscular or skinny. She looks very healthy and feminine.

No. 129112

File: 1576259388863.jpg (76.44 KB, 500x500, nikkib2.jpg)

literal representation of skinnyat, look it up. no definition anywhere, chubby thighs, flabby arms. it's better than fat but it's not impressive.

I guess it's subjective, she's a bit too chubby in her current state for me. back when she was leaner she was ideal.

No. 129113

You have a right to your preference but dont claim its healthy, thats where my problem lies. Say its aesthetic, hot, sexy whatever, but dont call it healthy because its objectively not, most women who look like that are not ovulating and/or menstrating, you may think women with 20%+ bf are “flabby” (delusional) but atleast they can procreate and their body is working as it should.

No. 129116

File: 1576264487407.jpg (115.63 KB, 748x580, b.jpg)

Skeletal structure has its share as well, check out Bella Falconi and Andressa Soares, they both work hard at the gym but their bodies look very different, both trim waists, but one looks skinnier and the other looks bulkier

No. 129117

File: 1576264736800.jpg (133.79 KB, 640x640, 1437620167003.jpg)

Yeah, it's much easier for some girls to stay lean. Some can stay healthy at a really low bf %.

I really admire the lean muscular look though.

No. 129118

chubby? fuck off anachan

No. 129119

No. 129121


now that's what I mean by fit. they put actual effort in rather than half-assed jogs when they notice their thighs are getting too doughy

No. 129122

No. 129124

By work you mean starving lmao

No. 129125

Emma looks out of shape, not chubby. She is thin. Your view is incredibly warped.

No. 129127

File: 1576268474241.jpg (373.16 KB, 1655x2048, MANGOLD1-superJumbo[1].jpg)

DYEL, dyke? Bloatmaxx for max strength or GTFO.

No. 129133

What do you mean kind of?

No. 129134

I kinda agree, but you can't even tell she's fat from the shoulders up. She has amazing proportions. She's not losing that much imo.

No. 129137

No, shes a fit young woman just because shes isnt hulk levels buff and the joker level skinny doesnt mean she isnt fit i swear everyone on this site only follows orthorexic retards on youtube and have no education in health and fitness.

No. 129139

she's not fat, but she's not fit. she's healthy body weight but that's it.

No. 129140

i'm the anon you replied to. i agree with you but i tried to say it in a way to get it in their thick skulls that emma isn't even chubby. I guess I should've just been honest.

No. 129141

this was a great read. 10/10 thread, very hilarious

No. 129142

Wow, her ass looks disgusting. I don't get the appeal of having a butt that looks and feels like a rock.

No. 129145

>her ass looks disgusting
You're just as delusional as the anachan.

No. 129160

File: 1576327185393.png (547.92 KB, 1188x328, b.png)

[Butt expert has entered the chat]
So which ones should one aim for?

No. 129161

File: 1576337008506.jpeg (96.48 KB, 460x1123, 5207EB32-82E4-4ECA-A40F-4D9A4D…)

This one, all those are decent enough though

No. 129162

Chels Reynolds

No. 129163

File: 1576338178315.jpg (Spoiler Image,594.74 KB, 2380x856, r.jpg)

Again, it must be more about bone structure and fat distribution, rather than "too much muscle". People can workout all they want at the gym and get trim and lean (too much or too little), but bone structure dictates much of the shape.
For example Ruka Tensho started out as a superskinny model, then became ultrafat, and has now settled into chubby mode. Not much to do when skeletal structure gives you a stick shape in every point of your body.

No. 129170

I'm actually the AYRT. The right one looks the best since it's not overly muscular like the middle one, nor is it too full of cellulite like the left one. It's not rocket science. Nobody likes to touch a rock-hard ass unless they have a muscle fetish or something.

This is also good.

I believe that when it comes to weight gain and weight loss, but in the case of this woman >>129117 it looks like she built too much muscle on her ass that it looks unnatural. Nothing wrong with having a lifted ass at all. It just seems overdone and artificial.

No. 129176

Can you all not post people weight gaining in disgusting fetish poses? Is it like impossible for you all or is this all just a psyops?

No. 129188

>rock-hard ass

They're not rock hard unless the person is flexing lmao

Source: ex was a bodybuilder, I personally own a butt like >>129117

No. 129189

we're talking about the look. toned muscle doesn't look as soft.

No. 129190

>Ruining your body for the sake of disgusting men on the internet who care more about their mentally ill fap than your mental and physical health

When will they learn

No. 129191

>Tinfoiling about OP
You sure it's OP that's obsessed Anon?

No. 129193

File: 1576412688112.png (549.45 KB, 900x620, c.png)

>ruining your body
Which includes going to college and partying wild every weekend.
It happens way too much apparently.

No. 129197

lol, i hate feeding anachans here attention but i think she means that the girl in the video she linked is an attention whore who thinks she has an ed like the girl in op's picture because at some point in her life she worked out and ate healthier. tbh I just want it to end, but overweight woman who tried to eat a healthier diet who think that's an eating disorder truly are lolcows.

No. 129199

looked better when she was fat

No. 129201

File: 1576421210266.png (366.63 KB, 684x597, s.png)

But most people think thinner people look better. Why? It's about facial structure, and bones

No. 129202

P sure you're responding to the hambeast who has been fighting since day one about how much better fat people are and how thin people are all going to die of starvation/accusing everyone who disagrees with her of being OP

Just don't take the bait, health is always better and being thin does make faces look better, especially if they have small features

No. 129203

>how DARE someone not agree with me!!!

Nta but you should get over yourself.

No. 129205

dude OP isn't here anymore, not everyone who disagrees with you is anachan

No. 129207

What the fuck are you talking about?
Also we're "agreeing" that healthy bodies should be something to strive for, not fat or thin. Gaslight all you want, that's just a logical and healthy way of thinking. I hope you get the help you need.

No. 129210

I'm not the person you were replying to. Sorry you're still mad.

No. 129211

Again what are you talking about? And if you're not the person then why reply? Or are you that Anon who claims everyone is out to get them and accuses them of being a samefag before anyone accused them of samefagging and isn't able to keep up with their own personalities they pretend to be?

No. 129214

File: 1576441107858.jpg (82.38 KB, 768x768, a.jpg)

Some girls can skinny dip, others can only chunky dunk
No point in sugar coating that because they'll eat that too

No. 129215

What are you on about lol.

No. 129216

I could ask you the same thing

No. 129220

I was going to think that ana-chans should spend a year as fatties and fatties should spend a year as skeletons. It would be an occasion for them to actually know what it means to experience these two, most likely equally crappy, styles of life.

No. 129221

No one in this thread is supporting skellies though. It just seems like everything is black and white and being fit magically doesn't exist, it's only fat and skinny

No. 129223

Skinnyfat mode activated.

No. 129239

File: 1576476800361.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.26 KB, 1000x1024, 0FA05101-C6C5-4874-8DEF-5FF6CE…)

What does skinny fat look like? I was 115 lbs and my scale told me I had 60% body fat. How is this humanly possible??

No. 129254

Skinnyfat is just a label to mean "narrow chest, narrow shoulders, and pot belly".
The most similar to skinnyfat in that picture is the one labeled 27-29%.

No. 129260

File: 1576505405025.png (609.94 KB, 614x962, Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.08…)

No, skinnyfat is somewhat thin but soft and with no definition. 27-29% is already fat. skinnyfat would be this (random google pic).

it is a notoriously difficult "stage" of body composition to escape because losing weight means losing even more muscle, and gaining weight means gaining fat. recomping is quite difficult to nail.

No. 129261

File: 1576505695517.png (752.38 KB, 446x1220, Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 14.14…)

Even skinnier girls can be skinnyfat. You can be underweight and still fall under the definition. The defining characteristic is no muscle.

No. 129263

File: 1576509395115.jpg (41.73 KB, 640x554, a.jpg)

I wonder why people don't ever think of putting on some muscle mass when recompositioning. She has thin arms and they haven't really changed.

No. 129264

Ineffective workout routines. Just cardio or stupid shit their pt makes them do. If only they realized how much lifting would benefit them.

Losing weight without putting on muscle will just make you look like a smaller version of your fat self

No. 129273

Perfect body

No. 129275

And fat distribution. I'm 120 and don't work out but look fit because most of my fat goes to my boobs and hips/butt

No. 129277

same, i'm technically overweight but no one notices. they just think i have a big ass.

No. 129310

File: 1576593597184.jpeg (140.55 KB, 900x767, 7D21A08B-E7BA-40C2-A034-B9B05D…)

This is delusional. Are you all just fucking kidding yourselves?

No. 129311

i am almost certain this is her trying to make money by catering to dudes with feeder fetishes

No. 129314

If being a fat fuck is apparently so attractive now why am I still not getting any attention at all except leering stares from non-white dudes who are into fat asses?

These girls are just gaining weight because males with feeding fetishes pay a lot of money for content. You can make a lot of coin publicly gaining weight. Feeders are loaded. The downside is that your body is completely ruined and you look like shit but if you really love money above anything else, being a feedee might be for you.

No. 129315

These people have to be men

No. 129317

No. 129318


Idk about that one sis. Insisting that men don't find skinny women attractive is the biggest cope. They obviously do. Maybe not skeleton-esque, obviously anorexic waifs but at least here in Europe they love skinny and athletic women. Thicc insta baddies are generally the only exeption who who even really looks like that? You don't want to know how scrotes talk about fat or even slightly chubby women in private.

No. 129321

File: 1576599302597.png (24.25 KB, 868x216, a.png)

No. 129322

File: 1576599637491.jpg (82.18 KB, 758x398, b.jpg)

No. 129323

I think you’re right tbh. Unless you have an hourglass figure or a ridiculous waist to hip ratio- men don’t really find chubby women as attractive. The only good thing about being a fatter women with good proportions is that people are easier on flaws such as not having a toned stomach, whereas skinnyfat women have to do a lot more to be seen as attractive.

No. 129328

I agree. I'm from Europe and in most countries here men prefer thin women. Over in Eastern Europe you're made fun of if you're anything but very thin.

Thiccc is a meme and looks really bad when not posed. If you're chubby you're automatically oversexualised. Things which would look innocent and normal on a thin girl look obscene on a chubby/fat girl.

No. 129331

Absolutely. I'm not the fattest person in the world by any means because I lucked out in the fat distribution department but I s2g I can't even wear shorts because its immediately seen as obscene and lewd. And not in a good way either. Men will fuck hot fat women but they are still ashamed to be seen with anyone else but a thin girl. Seeing thicc insta thots doesn't "empower" me at all because 1) its all incredibly posed, lit, and airbrushed and 2) they're just objects of lust at best. Nobody wants to genuinely date them.

No. 129332

Meh, men like average-thin women, all studies on the subject hints at this, a bmi of 19-21 is always seen as hottest which peaks as 19 and gradually drops lower at 20 and over, 18 and lower shows a huge drop in attractiveness men who like model thin women see them as status symbols, men fap to average-thin women with nice tits and asses/hips, its not that deep or hard to figure out.

No. 129333

True lol. Thinnn girls look completely normal in shorts, no one bats an eye. But even if you have a bit of chub it becomes obscene. really weird lol.

No. 129339

File: 1576619443306.jpg (17.78 KB, 400x317, c.jpg)

Is it because of the muffin top?

No. 129340

Nah, some girls with big thighs don't have muffin tops. Though that looks obscene too

No. 129342

Idk honestly. I think having visible fat just signifies decadence and lust to people. Humans really have the brains of medieval priests when it comes to weight. Low weight is seen as pure and virtous while being fat makes you look like a glutton who enjoys hedonistic pleasures. So being fat is oversexualized because people assume you're fat because you enjoy the pleasure of eating. And if you enjoy the pleasure of eating you probably also enjoy other pleasures of the flesh. Thats literally why obnoxious pro-ana spergs are constantly banging on about being pure and clean aka thin. Enjoying food is still largely seen as a decadent sin.

No. 129343

File: 1576623881382.jpg (57.77 KB, 830x467, s.jpg)

Pro-ana spergs could start thinking of food as fuel. Their body is a car, and a good car need a strong engine (muscles) which is powered by food. Too much food, and you end up with a bunch of junk in the trunk, and a spare tire, of course.

No. 129344

I agree that a lot of people are like this but I don't think that's all it is. Like for me I get fat if I don't exercise, and I lose fat fairly easily if I do exercise, so I associate myself being fat with either being too lazy to exercise or not having my schedule organized enough to do it. It's not about decadence because I'm not ashamed to eat well, but I do feel ashamed for not having my shit together enough to exercise. Probably not mentally healthy either but at least it's not really physically dangerous.

The body type on the right would suck to maintain. Completely dependent on bodyfat so if you gain just a little more weight you look out of shape again no wiggle room. Having a visible amount of muscle mass is great because even if you're not shredded and gain some body fat or water retention you still look pretty healthy

No. 129346

>These girls are just gaining weight because males with feeding fetishes pay a lot of money for content

No. 129348

There's so much autism in this dumpster fire of a thread lmao.

No. 129351

Not autism just projection from hulks, ana chans and fatties who all advocate for their equally retarded sides

No. 129387

What posts are the anachans everyone's talking about?

No. 129391

No. 129392

No. 129400

Both of these are just admiring athletic figures with muscles. Not anorexia.

No. 129411

File: 1576759511178.jpg (49.61 KB, 800x400, j.jpg)

I'm starting to think the weight gain trend might be popular only among people who are already considered conventionally attractive. I'm convinced a fat Keanu Reeves wouldn't be considered attractive though.
I wouldn't know about Jonah Hill, though. He certainly looks healthier when slim.

No. 129412

Wow I've never thought of it that way. That's a really good way of looking at it.

No. 129414

And how are very thin people considered in general?

No. 129443

don't click that shit fam

No. 129445

File: 1576816747389.jpeg (25.42 KB, 400x566, 09C8477D-A026-496A-B20C-E8CCBE…)

They are emaciated, they have the same body as this girl(bmi14-15) but with more muscle

No. 129451

they look nothing near emaciated you dumb fatty

No. 129452

NTA but youre right, they just look ugly as fuck and photoshopped. There's a reason why you never seen these weird ass bodies even in the 2000s. Girls that athletic and low in body fat almost never have those exaggerated pear shape bodies like they're 25% bf EVER

No. 129453

None of them are photoshopped nor ugly.

The first girl has a great bone structure. The second girl has a lot more muscle filled out in the right places. With bodybuilding you look to add muscle where it will look the best. She's worked a lot on her lower body. In sports where they don't focus on their physique, when lean they might end up with a not so aesthetic and balanced physique.

No. 129454

you didn't answer as to why these body types didn't exist until the 2010s.

No. 129455

You think they started being more prevalent because of photoshop? lol

No, the popularity of women lifting weights increased. You're dumb if you think every woman that has muscle and looks good photoshops her photos.

No. 129466

File: 1576847558082.jpeg (139.81 KB, 640x640, C993A3C3-C398-47CD-AF9E-E8FF73…)

This is what she looks like without trying to break her back to look like she has an ass lmao, emaciated and manly

Stop trying to put all women who lift into the same category with the two pictures you shared, lots of musclar women look good, the ones you posted have almost no muscle and no fat and look horrible and masculine.

No. 129472

>emaciated and manly
Not at all. Look up her other photos, she has enough body fat and a womanly figure.

Also she's posing in your photo. When not flexing or posing, women that lift don't have that much definition.

>almost no muscle

lmao what.

It just sounds like you're bitter. I'm not putting down women who do other sports, but you're putting down those than do a particular one. People have different physique goals. I'd rather look lean and muscular than soft. You obviously prefer to be soft. Fine

No. 129477

That picture reminds me of a /fit/ thread I saw where they were jerking off to photos of fat women. They ended every post with "Get fatter, slut". It was weird as shit.

No. 129479

Muscular women existed since forever, dumbass. The 80s and 90s was popular in having muscular women with curves. Yet, none of them looked like that weird shit

You're crazy to think women JUST started lifting, dude.

No. 129480

File: 1576872475170.jpg (89.91 KB, 600x914, e619fe018aeb21770ace6b124ccd9b…)

Im not this anon >>129466
but this is a muscular woman from the 90s who still has a lean body and has curves, so why did these athletic women with ant body exaggerated proportions only start becoming seen in the 2010s?

No. 129481

File: 1576872619768.png (677.36 KB, 482x683, flo-jo-08.png)

No. 129482

>>so why did these athletic women with ant body exaggerated proportions only start becoming seen in the 2010s?

No. 129484

Beauty standards weren't the same in all communities.

No. 129487

I never said no woman lifted before that, I said it's getting more popular now. Trends change and now people work towards having a different shape in the gym (e.g large ass).

No. 129488

File: 1576876595294.jpg (45.01 KB, 770x764, 65c5ee044810e8a0e97ae388e24168…)

Nope, wrong. curvy athletic women existed forever and still don't look like that shit

No. 129490

what specifically looks so different now?

No. 129493

File: 1576881898007.jpeg (24.06 KB, 321x458, CFA00CEE-A688-41A4-829E-683AD2…)

Women have had bodybuilding physiques since the beginning of muscle development when allowed by their community.


Thinking that women are only acceptable when thin and waif or just straight up unfit is top handmaiden behaviour.

No. 129494

Waist size and the rounded hip part looks more curvier like a higher bf % but still skinnier everywhere else aka the shitty standard of "beauty" in the 10s

They would have a somewhat more compact body type (like the women i posted) since thier bf is lower

No. 129510

>shitty standard of "beauty"
why is it bad to have a standard of beauty? some things are objectively better than others. Also, it's better to have a sculpted figure than one made of fat. Bodybuilding lets you shape your body how you want to rather than succumbing to your genes

No. 129542

>Lots of muscle
Choose one

No. 129598

No. 129639

She has zero muscle mass

No. 129640

She has a great frame for building muscle though. Shame she wasted it on becoming a twig bobblehead

No. 130153

This women tiny breasts and a small ass. Not thicc at all lmao

No. 130172

yeah just like the women i posted look objectively better than the boresvilles you posted

No. 130801

File: 1578826596547.png (Spoiler Image,546.17 KB, 680x556, 1.png)

What defines "thicc"?

No. 130841

damn y'all were really annoying back then, even for /g/

No. 130844

Hourglass shape v decent bf% and proportionally flatter stomach/tiny waist

No. 130854

File: 1578928781608.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.36 KB, 581x707, 1.jpg)

I don't think that's an objective thing though. Check this model out

No. 130864

is this the 10/10 qt attention whore from reddit? pls post more of her weight loss, I'm curious

No. 130873

File: 1578953138445.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 2036x712, c.png)

This girl is peak yo-yo dieting. Like, she gains tons of weight in a few months for some reason, and then loses it just as quickly.

No. 130930

What the hell is going on with her ribs on the right?

No. 131047

It's not a rib, it's just an unfortunate ab shape. Plenty of guys have abs like this too.

No. 131071

File: 1579280302876.jpg (113.61 KB, 1446x915, a428fa14cf22465f21dea339b704ec…)

Knowing that the average american woman looks like pic related aka 170 pounds for 5'3, alongside a large to extra large pants size, it's not really surprising that it is now a trend

No. 131075

What site is that?

No. 131079

File: 1579308604272.png (112.08 KB, 500x610, mikalawalker-yall-want-a-thick…)

>Ruining your body just to get attention from scrots who will give you crumbs of attention
Spotted the American
Her breasts and ass look uniform for her body. Just because someone isn't 300 pounds and doesn't have a dad disgusting smelly potato sack for an ass and tits that sag inches from their belly button doesn't mean they have small tits and ass

No. 131090

BMI visualizer

No. 131094

File: 1579350437787.jpg (78.02 KB, 687x690, mulher.jpg)

Mulher Melancia is peak shape, all muscles, no flab, narrow waist. Why can't anas and fatties reach this status? It's because they're unwilling to put in the necessary work for getting it!

No. 131095

> all muscle
this thread is such a shitmine

No. 131096

File: 1579358228609.jpeg (752.72 KB, 1125x1093, D08F2792-6FF1-43CD-AFC1-61DDC6…)

As if Lmao Michelle lewin is the only decent example

No. 131106

Sure not everyone's willing to put the work in but let's not forget not everyone wants to look like that. She's strong, good for her and I admire the discipline she must have to achieve a body like that, but I would never want to look like that.

No. 131113

Thanks anons. I feel motivated to work out more now.

No. 131162

Her legs look horrible lmao, no one wants to look like that and not because of “lazy”ness

No. 131266

No. 131319

File: 1579783706678.jpg (88.58 KB, 413x848, 1.jpg)

It's okay to be fat. So you're fat. Just be fat and shut up about it.
So says Roseanne Barr, who is fat.

No. 131321

>It's okay to kill yourself. So let yourself die. Just die.
and shut up about it.
So says Roseanne Barr, who is killing herself.

Once you start associating fat acceptance/ fat encouragement as what it is, you start to see how sick and fucked up these people truly are

No. 131331

Does anyone know how to quickly gain 20 pounds in a healthy way? I lost a lot of weight when I was in the hospital and I need to gain it back for my friend's wedding.

No. 131337

Just eat healthy and lots of protein and use weights, what's your height and weight?

No. 131341

I've been eating fairly healthy but I haven't gained any weight. I'm 5'8 and 105 pounds.
I've been thinking of just buying a bunch of avocados or milkshakes from McDonald's, I really need to gain weight quickly.

No. 131342

*115 pounds

No. 131346

Just relax, and McDonald's milkshakes will give you a heart attack. Don't hurt yourself for a wedding

No. 131353

File: 1579821032174.png (886.57 KB, 856x856, a.png)

A dozen donuts and a beer every day
Cheetos and soda in the afternoon
Plenty of milk (unironically)

No. 131379

Try adding an avocado and nut butters or whole nuts to your usual diet.

No. 131401

Go to the gym, eat eggs and other good proteins.
Gaining weight may not look how you want unless you exercise whilst eating tons

No. 131405

I know avocados are supposed to be good for gaining but I hate the texture so dam much. What's done other good fatty alternatives?

Trying to gain weight since I'm barely afloating 98 due to stress. As much as I hate my period, I still need to get it.

No. 131407

Nuts and nut butters! Macadamias have lots of good fat. You could try to keep trail mix in your purse/car/work desk/etc. Sometimes it's easier to just add food in throughout the day than push yourself to eat big meals when your appetite is low. Good luck, anon, feel better soon!

No. 131427

Thanks Anon!
I'm trying to eat throughout the day instead of big meals. I grew up learning to eat until you're satisfied not full. Which all in all is a healthy way to eat but God damnit I need to gain some weight back. 105 is the goal.

No. 131432

File: 1580010235340.png (429.78 KB, 487x504, weightgain3.PNG)


I made these two posts and I figured I would go back one more time to see the difference between the top posts in the #weightgain and #weightloss hashtags.

>2017: 34,467,906 posts
>2018: 50,318,834 posts
>2019/2020: 61,773,837 posts

>2017: 501,321 posts
>2018: 755,040 posts
>2019/2020: 1,014,313 posts

Once again, the top posts in the #weightgain hashtag are mostly diet advice, and nutrition accounts that focus on bulking and healthy weight gain associated with muscle growth. The exceptions are the middle photo of the before and after picture, which seems to be posted by a moderately popular lifestyle blogger who honestly, is still thin, just not posing in a flattering way that would hide her stomach. Looks like she struggled with some ED (orthorexia?) and is celebrating a healthier mindset.

The bottom left photo of the blonde woman is a fitness blogger shilling a specific kind of protein powder.

Once again, despite singers like Lizzo being in the spotlight, and the existence of women who cater to fetishists like >>131353 >>130873 >>129163 there isn't a weight gain trend. The "fat acceptance" movement is overall very small and the "fat encouragement" movement doesn't exist anywhere except the dark corners of the internet. Furries are more mainstream and socially accepted than people with weight gain fetishes (and i mean serious actual weight gain fetishes, not people like >>131079 who just like women thick and not stick thin). Even in places like the US where most women are plus sized, they're just full of self hate and give their dollars to the diet industry in hopes of chasing a beauty standard they probably can't achieve. The world becoming overweight is the best thing that's ever happened to the diet industry.

No. 131443

I'm trying to gain weight currently and idc what other people want to do with themselves. get obese and die for all i care

No. 131462

I have to deal with a lot of fat encouragement where I live. Please allow people who are affected by it to discuss it without jumping through hoops to explain why it doesn't happen

No. 131465

You can always lose weight
You can't unfurry yourself though

No. 131467

do you live in a parallel universe? or a remote indigenous tribe with a population of 100 where they use fatness as just another way to control women?

society preferring women to be curvy in a dramatic hourglass way =/= fat acceptance, by the way

No. 131480

kek, okay, anon. i'm sure mostly homebound neon haired fat girls really have their boots on the collective throat of thought where you live

No. 131483

File: 1580132098418.jpeg (9.85 KB, 212x238, images.jpeg)

I know. Please quit assuming things you don't know about.
I'm Black and live in the South, yes fat encouragement is everywhere, including calling average looking or fit women twigs. I knew a woman who had ab lines and lots of thigh muscle who was told to gain weight. You see a lot of pictures like >>131079 circling around, encouraging women to get as fat as possible and not just in their ass and tits

No. 131501

how is the drawing in >>131079 "as fat as possible"? even thin women have stomachs that can hang, muffin tops, etc. even within the black community, they might like women "thicker" but lizzo is getting just as much harassment from black men as she is from shitty white men. beyonce, rihanna are held up as body goals, no one is advocating for actual fat bodies anytime soon.

No. 131505

They tell women being unhealthily obese is ideal, which is toxic in itself

Just because you don't experience it doesn't mean people who do shouldn't be allowed to discuss it

No. 131506

There is nothing to discuss because it's not real. Thin people don't need to anonymously pretend they're uniquely persecuted and that fat women are their oppressors.

No. 131507

Have you seen this British documentary? Katie Hopkins gains 50 lbs in an attempt to… prove something

No. 131513

>Shows proof of it happening
>It doesn't happen
>How dare you talk about something that affects you!

Once a victim always a victim

No. 131547

Anon isn’t saying it doesn’t happen, just that it’s not a systemic problem. Ironic that you would chastise them for insisting they’re a victim because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

No. 131565

I'm not saying I'm a victim I'm just saying it happens and people should be allowed to discuss it if it effects them a lot

No. 131592

how is it effecting you? are fat girls sneaking into your house and forcefeeding you during the night? what the fuck?

No. 131595

File: 1580325791287.gif (68.49 KB, 120x90, tenor (1).gif)

Thought this thread was an interesting read at first, then I realized it's just 2 years worth of insecure anas and fatties yelling at each other about "peak health" and "bf% and muh beauty standards"

No. 131604

Omfg is there no in-between with you people? Me saying I have to deal with fat encouragement/skinny shaming within my community isn't saying the most extreme shit possible, I'm literally just stating what is happening, I even posted posted pics of it happening and you still keep insisting I ackshully meant some outrageous shit. What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 131607

NTA but god damn you are whiny over nothing. Fat people have already lost by sole virtue of being fat. Everything they say and do is mental gymnastics, denial and insecurity because they hate being fat, and EVERYONE fucking knows it. Some people, like you, just continue to pretend they're offended by skinny shaming because they love a chance to get on a high horse about being thin. Just stfu and enjoy being healthy and conventionally attractive without playing the victim.

No. 131628

File: 1580390836942.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1088x830, b.png)

If you go to the gym and eat a little more than your TDEE, you can actually have more energy and feel substantially better than living on 1200 cals a day. You can always trim down the excess 10-20 lbs of fat later with cardio and have more muscle definition as a result.
>muscle-builtfat swimmer mode achieved

No. 131629

Is this supposed to be an inspirational body?

No. 131636

File: 1580401746778.jpg (1.57 MB, 1181x1772, 1.jpg)

It depends. If you're not aiming for the thin physique of a runner, that should be inspirational.

No. 131638

File: 1580402171328.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.9 KB, 960x960, 938FHHF938.jpg)

I don't see whats inspirational about doing sports to get muscle but being so fat you can barely see any definition this >>131628 looks worse than a sedentary skinny fat woman.

No. 131641

File: 1580403736273.png (829.63 KB, 887x539, 1.png)

>but being so fat you can barely see any definition
Unless you are on a restricted diet it's hard to have visible abs.
Water bloat is real as well, you can be skinny but still look puffy due to water retention. Weight in a day can change up to 5-10 lbs due to water.
And there's a difference between being 10-20 lbs overweight, having 27% body fat, and being a 300lbs landwhale kek.

No. 131643

this looks like a regular fat girl to me, but you do you.

No. 131644

This ain't a good look

No. 131648

File: 1580408099264.png (194.65 KB, 464x652, 2.png)

Would you say anything without hard abs is "regular fat girl"?

No. 131650

this board is plagued by anachans so yeah, some delusional retard is bound to come along and say this girl is fat when in reality she could probably squeeze my head like a watermelon

No. 131651

It was the ass pic that looked gross to me, not her stomach

No. 131653

She looks big but nice in this one.

She is plain fat.

No. 131654

File: 1580410404107.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.58 KB, 1198x660, 2.jpg)

Posture is another thing that influences photos.
But apart from that, abs are visible only when there is a low bodyfat percentage and there is little water retention at a given moment. Salty foods cause water retention and bloat.
You can take Bella Falconi or any other insta fit model after she has eaten a burger: her abs magically disappear and she ends up looking pudgy.

No. 131656

File: 1580410564975.jpg (265.32 KB, 850x977, s.jpg)

Mia Sand is 5'7" and weighs 180 lbs.
That would normally be considered overweight, however she is packing a lot of muscle and that makes a difference.

No. 131658

I don't care about abs as much as you do, I just think those women look big and I don't like that look, and they don't look fit at all despise supposedly doing sports.

No. 131674

File: 1580422734027.png (525.2 KB, 615x606, lat.png)

Well, what would you say of Latecia Thomas then?
Surely she is sporty and goes to the gym but she must also be a kitchen raider now

No. 131677

i wasn't even the anon you were having the argument with. you just suffer from martyr complex, like >>131607 said, you don't have to give a shit what bitter fatties say about thin people. it doesn't affect us.

No. 131680

I want this body. It’s ideal to me. No stomach fat, proportionate arms and legs, slim waist. How do you attain and maintain this if you’re fat? What’s this body % or BMI?

No. 131681

Very aspirational body, I agree. I think elements of it are definitely body composition though, like her slim waist and relatively large breasts. I imagine her BMI is something in the low 'normal' range, like 20? I know way less about body fat so no help there.

I also think being young unfortunately has a lot to do with having SUCH a good body. sucks for old hoes like me tbh.

No. 131689

It seems that the anachans here just can't fathom the idea that there are women who don't care about being thin or not.
Once you let go of diet culture and the cult of thinness, you're free. You no longer need to count calories or control your portions. You can eat when you feel hungry and stop when you're satisfied, very naturally, and eat what you crave, be it a chocolate cake or a fresh salad, without any guilt or shame.
Even if you gain weight in the process, it's not a big deal.
I was a sad anachan who was never happy. After finally reaching my goal weight, I still wanted to lose more. I wanted to look more and more like a stick. But for me, that's a fucking prison and I no longer want to be inside it. As you see, I'm not the only one, that's why that "weight gain trend" exists. You mock us shaming our bodies, but in the end, who's winning? If it's you, at what cost?

No. 131696

She is very obviously overweight.

She look like she doesn't workout at all, I think she's just a lucky skinny fat YOUNG woman. (like 18 - 19 yrs old)

No. 131698

I'm gonna be honest it's mostly genetics.
I would have a similar body shape but I'm just all around smaller rn. I do the minimum walking, eat until I'm satisfied not full, but the rest is all genetics.

No. 131704

File: 1580469831117.png (1.02 MB, 1008x428, m.png)

The mulher-fruta (fruit-woman) in Brazil: women singing brazilian funk songs get nicknames associade with fruit. Example: Mulher Melancia, Mulher Melao, Mulher Maça…
And they all appear to be on the "strong" side of body shape for some reason

No. 131705

i think they all look great

No. 131716

I'm 29 and I look like that lmao delusional teens gobbling up the wall meme. If you don't live like shit then you wont look like shit the moment you turn 25.

I go to walks, drink water, pay some attention to what I eat. I could look better if I gave more shit.

No. 131718

File: 1580480666963.png (113.97 KB, 328x323, 1.png)

Bodybuilder diet, but without the body building lmao

No. 131730

So basically eat like a normal human being and walk everyday and let your genes do the work?

No. 131748

Yeah, that's pretty much how it works for me. Like of course I got lucky with genes when it comes to hip/waist-ratio and so on, but the rest is about being at least a little bit active every day (it helps keep your skin clear too) and make sure I eat my greens even if I like to have pizza sometimes too. You know, just common sense. eat

No. 131754


What's funny to me these girls look high end bmi or low overweight

The only reason they're being called "fat" is because white girls have wider hips than other ethnicities and so their own people think they're fat when they're anything above 20 because of their wide hips making them look wider

It's really fucked up in that way. A latin or black girl can be over 20 bmi and under 25 and no one will really call her fat but as soon as a white girl is over 19 or 20 she's a whale.

No. 131758

>white girls have wider hips than other ethnicities

Are you sure about that?

No. 131767

File: 1580561087382.jpg (232.21 KB, 1856x678, c.jpg)

Indian (India) / White (Australian) / White (British)

No. 131768

Of course it varies from person to person but I also see wide hips more often on white females than others. I’m talking about the hip bones specifically, sometimes the fat distribution can give the impression of wide hips on some individuals but that’s a different thing

No. 131771

Wide hips make you look thinner/curvier, having small hips makes you apple shaped and fat looking.

No. 131773

File: 1580565245428.png (255.91 KB, 402x430, b.png)

That's interesting

No. 131777

File: 1580569799198.png (76.25 KB, 626x876, halle.png)

Lol that's bullshit. There's a reason the vast majority of hourglass or bombshell bodies before the "thicc" trend mostly had slimmer hips. Wide hips put more extra weight on your frame that doesn't need to be there while slimmer hips make you look more athletic.

No. 131786


lmaooo i never noticed how much Melancia looks like Marina Diamandis.

No. 131812

Can confirm, I have wide hips but relatively slim legs. Unless I go full ana chan my hourglass shape is compromised by stupid bulging hip bones. Tricky and annoying to dress for. Narrower hips and wider thighs give a more appealing and simpler to style shape while still keeping the general hourglass look

No. 131828

File: 1580604476650.jpg (462.67 KB, 1400x2100, m.jpg)

That's not in fact Mulher Melancia (Andressa Soares)

No. 131847

Wym? Wide hips were the rage in the 30-50s and in Victorian times. It's even "in" in East Asia even though they won't blantantly admit it, but still use hip pads and draw their characters with wide hips

It's literally just a feminine and attractive part of the female body

No. 131853

> Wide hips were the rage in the 30-50s and in Victorian times

Exaggerated feminine features go through cycles of being popular, wide hips, tit jobs, ass lifts etc. Same shit just recycled over and over. I remember how being super skinny all over but with a tit job was ideal in the 90's and big hips or a big ass were seen as disgusting.

Kind of disturbing just how fast the trends change now. Especially as people are quick to commit to surgery based on trends. Like you said, in the past people just wore padded clothing to create the effect

No. 131854

Holy shit I just wish the botched lips and butts trend will just dye a swift death. I feel this one isn’t passing quickly enough. Nowadays a normal female butt is considered “non existent” if it’s not somehow enhanced or have really specific genes to give you a phat one. At least the skinny trend was free to achieve and tbh much more realistic than the comically exaggerated “thicc-ness” of today. The big implants on skinny body were similarly stupid looking. I wish ppl would realize that at the end of the day a balanced average weight with nice natural proportions will always be attractive

No. 131855

their bodies are fine but this picture is gross

No. 131860

"Body trends" are cancer and proof of how much society hates women. Women aren't shapeshifters, at least even then if a body trends was in it would stay in for a good decade or so, where as now one minute you have to be skinny, next minute extremely exaggerated with surgery, next chubby, next muscular and so on. Its extremely unhealthy for young women and the reason why women have more body image issues more than ever

No. 131863

idk, i'm 30yo boomer and the hegemony of the ultra skinny ideal damged me a lot when i was a teen, today's relative plurality of toxic body trends makes it harder to take any of them seriously i feel. or makes it possible to choose one that is remotely achievable for you. but then, i'm not a 13yo girl nowadays, maybe i would be tempted to follow all of them if i were.

No. 131864

>If a guy doesn't exercise and has a bad diet then he gets fat

No. 131876

these look like normal people, the girl has a cute body

No. 131877

Narrow hips are unflattering unless you're skelly though. If you gain any weight on your stomach you end up with a muffin top, you look like an apple on sticks or Hank Hill.
Chubby girls that still have a narrower waist than their hips are feminine, it's much more attractive.

No. 131883

Ideal body tbh

No. 131884

These ppl don’t look bad at all. Unless you are hardcore gym rat and/or have good genes most ppl look like naked mole rats of you stare long enough and try to find the ugly in everything. I don’t get the hate for “skinny fat”. It actually means average ppl who don’t care for working out but still maintain and watch what they eat. It can be attractive, much more so than uncared for bloated chubby or obese bodies and sometimes even than overly muscled types

No. 131893

Wanted to ask this somewhere: what weights did you feel your best at? I ask this because I'm actually the heaviest I've ever been (140 pounds 5'4) yet I feel better than I felt before. I know I could be skinnier (I was hovering 110~115 when I had oral sugery last year) Stayed at a pretty constant 120/25 for a while then nosedived 20 pounds when uni started again. I think I just prefer this weight because I gained mainly in thighs so I feel more stabilized but I still want to work out to tone myself. I don't care about the numbers on the scale anymore and I'd happily stay at 140 just trade some flab for muscle this time.

No. 131898

Then lift some weights! If weight number doesn't trigger you I think it could be great for you. Take it easy and if you feel like it then you can try doing a few cut/bulk cycles until you get to the bf% you feel best at. I recommend looking at wendler's 531, the guy's fucking gross and sexist but his programs are very good.

Personally I was happiest when I weighed <50kg, I felt cute. Now I'm strong but I feel less womanly, which is dumb because I'm very hourglass shaped now.

No. 131901

File: 1580752694147.jpeg (302.08 KB, 1908x1146, 7B8E89C7-48A5-41F3-97C2-E20A10…)

I agree with you. Skinny fat as a label is pointless anyway, unless someone is dehydrated and ready for a swimsuit competition some people are going to consider them skinnyfat. Very few people have the genetics to show muscle all the time.
Showing muscle isn’t even indicative of being in shape. I have a friend with defined stomach muscles who doesn’t work out at all, it’s just her genetics and body type.

No. 131903

File: 1580753222685.jpg (140.75 KB, 1080x1348, peckpnrbP91srgquxo1_1280.jpg)

I don't know how any of you can deny that this is sexy

No. 131904

She looks alright for someone on the road to heart disease later in life. Sure needed those comically massive heels though.

No. 131905

Can you show a full frontal picture of her, no Photoshop, high quality camera? Literally anyone who isn't a potato can look good when they're hiding most of their body and being photoshopped

No. 131906

This. I'm fleshy but have defined ab lined when my endometriosis isn't acting up, I rarely work out and have the diet of an average 21 yr old college student

No. 131907

No. 131909

File: 1580754342513.jpg (163.04 KB, 931x1155, prz59x1N4V1qeu577o1_1280.jpg)

why are you all so butthurt anyway? don't you know that fashion is cyclic and soon sticcs will be in vogue again?

No. 131910


Their body types are the epitome of mediocrity. People can say "at least they're thin" (well the woman, not the man) but knowing you can look at least 10x better and only lucked out with having normal hormonal responses is unsatisfying.

No. 131912

shut up, male. peep that obvious lipo on her stomach. clear bbl but acting like this is at all normal. looks bizarre as fuck.

No. 131913

Nta but you do realize this looks like a literal bimbo right?

No. 131914

File: 1580755516024.jpg (63.61 KB, 500x717, 1940s burlesque.jpg)

Not all narrow hipped women have straight outlines of their hips, many have those rounded outlines which was posting in those thread. Narrower hip shape is actually dependent on bone structure, but happens when someone becomes more athletic as well. A lot of the differences is related to body fat %.

I agree it is related to how much society hates women, especially since the trend went from super skinny-fat in the 2000s after muscularity and athleticism was popular in the 70s-80s-90s due to feminism and woman's liberation influencing the mainstream culture.


They had slim hips during the early 20th century too compared to girls like this >>131909 Anorexic starved out Heroin chic and plastic surgery transwoman drag-queen sex worker influenced body ideal is ridiculous and stupidity to its maximum. The it girls in the early 20th century would exaggerated their WHR by waist training or corseting (that never truly went out of style until much later). Natural waists became more in fashion in the 60s and so did being physically fit, so the natural and stronger body type look was liked.

No. 131915

File: 1580755718404.jpg (85.71 KB, 575x960, fb35843aabfa6ae99c7ffa66883626…)

imagine thinking everyone who disagrees with you is a scrot
it's a random picture that I dug up, I personally think she looks kinda like every other cute popular girl on insta

No. 131916

I am 5’2 - 5’3. I feel best at around 100 lbs or so but anything under 110 is decent for what I am given to work with. I am 104 now and could trim just a little more. I have a bit of a weird spoon shaped body (like an imperfect hourglass) it cleans up nicely at lower weights. But I do not think all girls of my height should be this skinny, I see some slightly higher or even close to chubby carrying weight much better than me and I wish I was like that. Chubby girls with good genes enough to pull it off reach such a sweet spot and I think it’s one of the most adorable body types/looks

No. 131919

Last two have much better natural shape, should trim a little and would look better than any of the first 3 . Overall maybe second person from left.

No. 131920

Second pic looks best

No. 131922

>imagine thinking everyone who disagrees with you is a scrot
literally look how you(?) typed that shit and paired it with those specific photos
>I don't know how any of you can deny that this is sexy.
that text, paired with a photo of a woman in comically ridiculous hooker heels and a coochie length dress. then next post being a woman with her tits almost out who has been obviously surgically warped to hell and back. no one's fault but yours if you internalize scrote speak and taste

have some self awareness

No. 131924

I’m 5’2. Was 90-100lbs for years and I don’t remember what it was like. I knew I was thin, but I never thought about my body at all. I could wear anything and do anything. Shot up to 140 in college. I felt like shit but I was also depressed for other reasons. Got under 120 awhile ago and still hated myself. Right now I’m hovering somewhere between 135 and 125 and I think I’m okay. I have good days and bad days. For someone with a bad diet and inconsistent workout schedule my body is okay. My hips have gotten bigger so I look better right now than I did when I first started gaining weight, before I had no defined shape but now I do.

My body would look better at 100lbs but my face looks best right now.

No. 131927

>internalize scrote speak and taste
wtf does that even mean

No. 131931

1 but I am not a fan of wide ribcages and thin legs

4th and 5th should lose weight and get the same muscle mass or more as the first one.

No. 131947

I know how you feel with the face vs body thing. I'm 5'4 and 145 right now, face looks good but body is just meh. When I was 110 my face looked very gaunt and bony (think Jeffree Star, hollowed out cheeks) but my body looked great and not nearly as bony as my face. For me the ideal is about 130, I will sacrifice some facial fat for thighs that don't rub together.

No. 131956

>Get a picture of a fat girl who isn't posed and photoshopped to hide rolls/unflattering fat
>Youre butthurt
Okay fatty. Sorry it takes 5 hours for you to get a good picture

No. 131965

I can understand how some people find this kind of body attractive, but she looks like a 20$ prostitute in this pic. She could look like a plump doll if only she was wearing the right outfit.

No. 131969

Looks gross to me. It's called having different tastes anon

No. 131983

File: 1580836737426.jpg (148 KB, 640x788, a60bbfb1b031a016759c27afaecae7…)

what's wrong with posing though? it's not like it's natural to just stand straight, it looks awkward. and if all of this is photoshop and girls like this can't exist anyway then why everybody gets so worked up over it like this thread is 2 year old and besides people asking for advice it's 90% sperging

No. 131984

Another fat girl with photoshop
I make this point because you can't preach about how fat girls are hot and only post fat girls who had to take all day to get a decent photo

Most fat girls in real life can only dream of looking like this

No. 131988

Looking like Trisha Paytas

No. 131991

File: 1580845147409.jpg (72.29 KB, 640x783, d009d7794970f6c17a34fa8e520b34…)

I never said anything about fat girls though, I only care about thicc ones

No. 131992

Thicc is just a nice way of saying "fat but in a way that some people might fetishize"

No. 131993

Ikr. I hate sayings. Just say fat and move on

No. 131995

>girls who had to take all day to get a decent photo

I'm gonna love bursting your bubble but you are major delusional if you think all pics itt were first takes and not deliberately posed and shooped.
Poor you, must suck to be so angry and believing you share nothing in common with fatties.

This whole thread is a fetish thread. Must be admin's pet because no matter how many times this is reported for scrote tier shitposting about the female body, it's never been autosaged in the two years of its miserable existence.

No. 131999

Most thin or fit women can easily look good in candids, fat, or "thicc" girls have to pose to hide fat rolls, Photoshop rolls and cellulite out, just to name a few. The reason why models are thin or fit is because its easier to shoot them in flattering positions. The more you post fat girls in fat positions who are photoshopped proves my point

No. 132000

>That awful tit and waist shoop


No. 132001

This is a very disturbing body shape, jesus imagine what she'd look like standing up!

No. 132011

I didn't post anyone. Stay mad.

No. 132012

>Ignoring 90% of what I said to claim you've never posted anyone
>Also claiming any discussion of the female body outside of ~all wimminz are beautiful~ is a script
>Then going on to use childish ass "stay mad" shit as if you weren't responding with the same amount of emotional charge

Did you drop out of elementary school? Why do you completely suck at communicating?

No. 132013

Maddy mcmad mad.

No. 132314

Agree, this thread is garbage and deserves autosage

No. 132315

Or you can just ignore it instead of demanding everything to be catered to you

No. 132331

Yep half of this thread is some dude with a fat ass fetish arguing with anyone who prefers slimmer figures, the obsession in some posts on here is full on male-asperger level

No. 132338

This tbh
No woman is this obsessed with trying to ingrain that "fat girls are better"

Men hate women so much, their fetish matters more to them than women's health

No. 132348

Fact: fat girls can't get laid as much as thin girls
Deal with it, fatties

No. 132349

File: 1580921581965.jpg (201.39 KB, 1080x1350, 5414f5442f430a0b990ed4561ef6b6…)

I think I said this before, but I'm not a man and didn't ever say that fat = better and thin = worser, it just so happens that girls who are considered fat itt are more likely to have thicc body type achieved either naturally/through photoshop/plastic surgery

No. 132350

i refuse to believe you aren't male. you never sage and you literally always post botched tier women in hooker heels

No. 132353

File: 1580923772758.jpg (190.38 KB, 1080x1350, mc7V790.jpg)

Should I send you a pic of my hand or something? Women are not a hivemind and can hold any opinion on any topic

No. 132354

File: 1580924001389.jpg (135.19 KB, 960x960, Thiccgodesse.jpg)

If you genuinely find "thicc" girls attractive why do you keep posting heavily edited pictures of them? The waist is tucked in while the hips are widden out A LOT, I don't believe you just didn't notice it.

No. 132355

> botched tier women in hooker heels

Glad someone said it, hooker looking 'thicc' women. This is a male fap thread honestly

No. 132357

File: 1580924677874.jpg (52.42 KB, 400x500, os2y0qlL9Z1rserqjo1_400.jpg)

I post whatever I find it's not like I have 1TB archive of thicc women. And I'm not gonna put words in your mouth, but did you think that posting picture with cellulite will scare me off or something? Literally every woman has it there's absolutely nothing wrong with it that's how our bodies work.

No. 132358

She looks like she can squat a lot of weight

No. 132359

She looks like a goddamn cartoon character, you know her legs are not only smaller, but also shapeless and bumpy IRL.

No. 132360

ITT: anachans vs bimboficationists sperging at each other. shit thread

No. 132361

File: 1580926270846.jpg (87.58 KB, 600x896, nfkjqrnfi4bfybuf4nn3i4f.jpg)

Maybe. I don't know who she is and never seen her candids, I don't care if someone is shooping to be more attractive as long as they don't have a cow potential.

No. 132363

it's literally one autistic scrote camping the thread and random bystander farmers feeding his trolling.

No. 132365

You mean to tell me people can look better with photoshop and plastic surgery? Wow

Every single woman you posted either had surgery, photoshopped themselves or both. There's a reason why cute candid women are only thin or fit. Thin or fit is the best goal for women to have if they want to look good without having to spend hours posing and heavily editing their photos. Most women can afford surgery and photoshopping is escapism which can make you depressed. Sorry natural healthy female bodies are no longer good enough for you

No. 132366

File: 1580928476933.jpg (88.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I post what I find on google and yeah the first page never contains candids and I don't care to dig further. And why do you think that natural healthy female body is a body of a teenage boy with no breasts and hips?

No. 132367

>Not liking ridiculously overexaggerated bodies must mean you want women to have no curves
You're either a retard who things any girl who doesn't have Z cups or an ass that sticks out ten feet is flat or you are falsely assuming my beliefs simply because I want natural women to be promoted because well it's better for the sake of everyone's mental health.

No. 132369

>Thicc girls are BETTER, look how good they look!
>Isn't capable of posting a picture of them without horrible Photoshop jobs
What a sad existence you must live. Sorry you can't appreciate natural women and will probably never be happy with yourself or another woman if you constantly get your ideas from insanely photoshopped pics

No. 132370

File: 1580929569210.jpg (99.21 KB, 700x640, changing-your-body.jpg)

What do you mean by natural body type? There are as many natural women body types as women themselves in the world. I do agree that there should be more diversity in media though. And once again I never said that thicc women are better than thin women, just sexy, not even sexier

No. 132372

This entire argument started because you aren't capable of posting a natural woman who looks good with extremely exaggerated features. If there's women who actually exist with exaggerated features like so naturally, no surgery, no sag, lumps, etc then POST THEM all you do is preach the same thing without proving anything

No. 132374

File: 1580930301754.jpg (170.58 KB, 650x975, 58089c071ed35.jpg)

ok I found this pic googling natural woman body, did I prove something?

No. 132375

Need renaming

'autistic male likes big asses' thread

No. 132376

File: 1580930900531.jpg (73.59 KB, 585x779, be151d165cb3965fe2bf61e61fc8c8…)

Looks okay. Kelly Brook was undeniably more attractive when she was thinner though

No. 132378

File: 1580931151691.jpg (68.86 KB, 600x750, 49728231_619074008551189_30277…)

kiss your hand 5 times and look under your pillow and anon will become a scrote

No. 132381

Are you blind? You can see the walls and the floor bending all around her due to the ungodly amount of photoshoping. THIS BODY DOES NOT EXIST.
I'm going to sound like a tumblrina but this is literally an unrealistic beauty standard.

No. 132382

Don't upset the male poster anon, his obsessive lil brain might explode. Like his dick when he's looking up fat insta models every day

No. 132385

File: 1580934972849.jpg (69.18 KB, 1080x1321, mulher.jpg)

Unfortunate shape.

No. 132389

>This is a male fap thread honestly
like every thread talking about female bodies

No. 132401

Fact: Men have no standards for who they stick their dicks into. It's quite easy for any type of woman to get laid. Men cheat on their models to fuck plain janes, and yes even the fats you loathe just because the opportunity is there.

Stay mad about it, pickmeisha/questionable scrote.
This thread is a fucking joke.

No. 132404

the anon isn't gc so they won't ban him. get used to this

No. 132406

Half of my friends would pay good money to suppress their partners sex drive. We ain't all desperately craving more dick

No. 132407

Nobody within the infighting mentioned men. Just because women want to look attractive doesn't mean it's for men. Not to mention some of the people were more focused on the woman's mental and physical health

No. 132408

No. 132409

No. 132411

>it's about women wanting to look attractive for themselves!

How do you expect to pull off this argument? Literally all pictures itt appeal to a male gaze and don't read for a lesbian audience at all. Add to the fact that no one says "x type of women can't get laid!" because they're talking about what lesbians desire, it's a male specific jab because their sex tends to be the more looks-focused.

Nice try, it's almost like you believe your own bullshit.

No. 132423

One person mentioned what type of women can get laid. It's literally just human nature to want to appear attractive, even children with no sexual feelings want to look their best, asexuals want to look their best, everyone wants to look good yet somehow this magically excludes women because it suddenly means women only want to look good for men and anything else is a lie

>Literally all pics are for male gaze

You mean to tell me the person we have all been calling a scrot and calling out their fake pics is for male gaze? Interesting

No. 132429

>One person mentioned what type of women can get laid.
This ENTIRE thread including the dang OP is bitching about women conforming to trends that appeal to the male gaze.
You wanna backpedal and make it all about lesbians now, and how it's actually okay to be punching down other women and deciding what looks best because "don't worry it's for women!" Lol, are you an actual muppet?
Sage your shit ass thread.

No. 132432

Okay then
Explain to me why children, elders, asexuals, etc worry about their health. Is it to attract men to? So why is it when women worry about other women's health magically it is about men?

No. 132436

>okay, then let me bait harder and strawman w/ a diff subj

No. 132457

>everyone wants to look good
Everyone wants to be TOLD they look good.
That's what the curvy movement is about.
Skinny girl does the bikini challenge on Youtube, loses some more weight to be told she looks good.
Same girl months later, she blows up and gains weight, starts to wear "curvy" attire.
All because others will say YOU LOOK GOOD! (plus eating all the shit she wants and not having to go to the gym every day, and being more unhealthy)
Of course, what they say might not be what they actually think.

No. 132472

You didn't answer my question
How is that a strawman?

No. 132473

That's the point, the Anon was claiming it was all for men

No. 132479

File: 1581013843712.png (348.2 KB, 738x458, c.png)

>puffy face
>protruding belly
>huge butt
>big thighs
>monster calves
A model for letting other girls feel better about themselves for sure!

No. 132484

No, fat girls get laid, the guy just doesn't stay/ want to be seen in public with them.

Men stick their dicks into anything that moves. So getting laid isn't really an accomplishment.

No. 132497

>the guy just doesn't stay/ want to be seen in public with them.
That appears to be mostly true
So why don't these fat girls tone up then(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 132514

File: 1581039751337.jpeg (4.97 KB, 225x224, get rekt.jpeg)

Maybe they don't live for mediocre dick like you do.

No. 132520

Is this a pretext to shit on fat girls? Because this shit is not a trend at all and it mostly concerns ex-ana

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