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No. 68228

Any other les/bi/queeranons here? I figure there must be a few, surprised not to see a thread up already. Come share a feel, friends.

No. 68229

Look in the catalog, they just haven't been posted in for a while.

No. 68245

There's a lot from what I can tell. Not only in the ot and g threads but you'll see lots of sentiments and frustrations leak onto cow threads. I'm bi

No. 68489

Why are so many of us attracted to other girls?
Why are girls so soft and pretty yet some also can be rough and strong?
Why are girls so perfect?

No. 68504

ya I'm bi and with a man, and I wax lyrical to him about pretty girls I see when i'm out and about. I'd recommending checking out the female fantasies thread if you want to chat with the other queer farmers. There's also a dedicated thread on bisexuality

No. 68511

Could someone please link that thread in here?

No. 68513

>can't sage
>can't find a thread in the catalog

Just go read the FAQ already, friend

No. 68514

To be fair that's a sexually slanted "lesbian fantasy", not a general lesbian/bi thread.

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