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No. 69322

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!

No. 69331

lmao bless you anon for the thread

I'm so proud of how my skin has been lately; so clear and bright without much effort. I don't wear foundation anymore and still get asked how's my skin so smooth.
It's a nice change after struggling with dull skin with blemishes for a while.

Hopefully I'll come back to brag about the rest of my health being good, one day.

No. 69333

File: 1508503610192.jpg (58.79 KB, 984x800, GUN_TO_THE_MOUTH.jpg)

>my skin is 10/10, no blemishes, no spots, no acne, no big pores, pale with pink undertones
>my figure collection is probably worth more than 20k already
>I know speaking 3 languages already, 4 if you count spanish (but I don't count because it was almost cheating learning it since I made minimal effort because my mother tongue is Portuguese…)
>I can do some mean food
>people generally like me if I open up so feeling more and more secure about opening up to people

Nothing really worth of bragging but I wanted to contribute

No. 69336

Anon this is scary are you me

No. 69338

I hung out with a crow one time and he let me pet him and everything it was fucken rad

No. 69339

Bitch let's be friends

No. 69342

Okay, I'm officially jelly!

No. 69366

>mother tongue is portuguese but my spanish is bad
I'm feeling dumb now lol.

My guitar skils are kinda good nowadays. I've always wanted to learn but only got around to do it last year. Now I can play some of my favourite songs and sound nice, which makes me happy even if they aren't complicated. Good decision.

No. 69369

I'm quite a good artist and still improving every day after having drawn for 10 years. Feels nice being able to express feelings that way and picking up on other visual arts like sculpting and painting very easily.

No. 69373

i have a nice fucking ass and it makes me feel alpha as fuck when i go to the women's only gym near my college and strut around with my superior qt butt gains.
(I'm just compensating for my small tits though lmao)

No. 69397

I'm really fucking hot. 3 years ago I started taking care of myself (Working out, eating right, doing skincare, dressing better, etc) and now I feel like I'm constantly glowing. I get ton's of compliments and attention and whatnot and I love it. I used to be overweight with purple hair, acne ridden and my wardrobe looked like it belonged on What not to Wear. I was a mess, and now I'm the polar opposite. I can't express how nice it feels to wake up every day in love with how you look and knowing it's 100% because of yourself and the changes you decided to make. Go me.

No. 69400


I see English isn't one of the languages you've mastered lmaoo

No. 69401

What I'm most proud of is having 45k saved at 22 years old. You wouldn't think it because I don't really go on any vacations (except a few weekend road trips) or throw around my money much. But it makes me feel good to have this secret lil nest egg!

No. 69406

I thought the same thing lol

Congratulations, go you!

No. 69408

>get called cute/pretty quite a bit
>have the bluest eyes some people have seen
>skin is pretty good,gets compliments on how fair,generally clear, and soft it is
>even though i'm not interested,i had several guys falling in love with me or feeling attracted to me
>i had (girl) friends falling in love/feeling attracted to me as well
>i learned a whole language by myself
>i'm getting better, used to be extremely self conscious, suicidal and severely depressed but now i can find joy in life and see the good in me
>crush is this really hot and kind girl, she said to someone (who then told me) that she wanted to protect me and that she found me lovely
>i have so mean comebacks for when i'm being talked rudely to, have put some people to shame back in school

I have still have low self confidence but sometimes when i remember this i think i'm not too bad lol

No. 69411

I really like being short and petite. I used to get poked fun about it in school but now that I'm older I wouldn't want to be anything else.

No. 69412

I lost 3 kg from when I last weight myself and haven't binged in a while. I also studied for a midterm the night before and got a 103% on it.

No. 69413

fuck yeah, i'm not quite there yet but waking up and feeling glamorous (compared to how I used to look anyway lol) feels amazing. keep killing it.

No. 69414

>Above average looks (skin, hair, figure, face, everything) with minimal effort
>Fluent in 5 languages
>Academic overachiever, graduated on top of my classes every time
>Guys and girls have been falling for me since I was a teenager
>Have no problems making anyone I'm interested in like me back
>Get complimented all the time on my sense of style and outfits
>Great at socializing, confident, can easily manipulate/influence situations and people
>Great cook, can make a lot of difficult dishes from different cuisines from scratch
>Guys buy me clothes and electronics and other gifts just to get my attention
>Can draw/design/paint pretty well
>Won awards for my writing
>Knowledgeable about politics, literature, art and other fields without it being superficial
>Will always look young

I could keep going, but if I had to make a list of things I'm ashamed of it'd be just as long.

No. 69417

Fluent in 5 different languages!!! That's so awesome. I speak two fluently but one of them I speak like a child… how did you learn that many languages so well?

No. 69418

>I could keep going, but if I had to make a list of things I'm ashamed of it'd be just as long.
Wow your life is so hard. You might as well refrained and just bragged outright.

No. 69421

Enjoy speaking only English and being a brainlet I guess, I'm doing fine reading and writing in many languages while you nitpick my English lmao

No. 69423

Eu sou brasileira também, macaquinha-chan. It's good that you have a somewhat acceptable English plus other languages, but your English is just that, acceptable. It's true, there's no need to get defensive over a fact. We were just poking fun at you.

No. 69425

File: 1508631374781.png (Spoiler Image,3.59 MB, 3600x4800, 1500197785096.png)

>relatively symmetrical face
>amber eyes
>gorgeous hands
>good at drawing, sculpting
>very musically gifted, can play most instruments somewhat and bass guitar and piano very well
>le smart but lazy
>strong physically
>people think im funny

No. 69430

In my country everyone speaks at least 3 languages(most aren't fluent though) the 4th was the language my family spoke to me since we're an ethnic minority and the 5th I learned on my own because it seemed easy. I'm trying to learn more but I'm lazy!


What I said came out wrong, I just meant to say I have many negative qualities and flaws. I won't go inro details about what makes my life shit, but you don't have to act so salty.

No. 69431

how much of your money came from your parents, either directly or indirectly, though? I never saw the point in bragging about how much money you have stored away in a bank or fund somewhere. I mean you're not using it, it's not doing anything remarkable, it's just there…

No. 69433

>I never saw the point in bragging about how much money you have stored away
I wish I had some funds to fall back on in case something bad happens. It's always good.

No. 69437

Directly? Nothing, unless you count $100 they would give for my birthday. Pretty much all of my money comes from my job.

Indirectly.. I pay them rent but they gave me a good deal, only 400/month.

I'm saving for a large downpayment, so in the mean time I'm keeping everything I can in a tax free savings account.

This too. It brings me peace of mind.

No. 69439

>3 languages
are you from the balkans?

No. 69441

File: 1508645949886.gif (1.9 MB, 316x228, idunthinkso.gif)

>people being salty in a thread that's supposed to be for shameless, consequence-free bragging

Come on guys, there are so many negative and depressing threads. Let's just be positive to ourselves for once

No. 69442

Somewhere worse.

No. 69450

File: 1508669116697.jpg (85.71 KB, 720x540, comf o r t a ble.jpg)

I feel bad for bragging but I suppose that's the point
>Have never met an artist who is the same age as me, who is better than me for my whole life
>Has won every single art competition I've entered in age demographic
>Works hard, managed to get an entire designer wardrobe (I care about fashion a lot oof)
>Been one of the best non native Japanese speakers in the country since I was 15 for my age
>Gets scholarships for every school I've signed up for
I wish I was better at more things than just drawing, but it's what I want my job to be so I suppose it's okay

No. 69451

I speak 5 languages. I'm from a country that generally only speaks one (so I didn't have the privilege of speaking multiple before the age of 3, I learned them all starting from age 12). They're not all similar languages either (because Latin-based languages are really easy to pick up once you know one). Two of the languages I speak are uncommon so I'm really happy to be keeping them alive. I think it's really important to learn languages which are struggling and whose countries don't have the funding places like France and Spain have to pump into the governments of foreign countries to put French and Spanish on school syllabuses.

Also I have three degrees that I'm really proud of.

No. 69452

What age did you start working at? You couldn't have gone to college if you're only 22.

No. 69456

How old were you when you started making changes and improving?

I'm 23 and I feel like it's too late to suddenly become hot. Like that time has passed for me. But what you described is where I desperately want to end up.

No. 69459


Different anon, but 23/24 is when I started to get really serious about eating well/exercising, teaching myself about makeup and skincare, and establishing a real sense of style and good wardrobe. So 23 is definitely not too late!

No. 69471

Same here!
I was the ugly girl in school. I got bangs and dyed my hair (actually suits me better than my natural color), lost 2st, started really looking after my skin, now guys and girls alike fall at my feet. I never thought I'd say that about myself. I have some unfortunate scars and stretch marks but they're barely noticeable anymore.
More importantly, I FEEL hot. It's such a good feeling.

No. 69472

You're correct, I started my current job at 20 but I had worked a few retail jobs before then.

No. 69488

I made a cake for my 4 year old niece, turned out to be the most popular one out of all cakes she received and it disappeared quick.

No. 69491

I was 19 when I started, but id say it’s definitely not too late for you to! It’s better to start late than never. You’ll still see progress and feel great about it regardless.

Way to go, anon!

No. 69492

What field are you in? (I understand if you don't want to reveal that.)

No. 69498

File: 1508777264331.jpg (67.31 KB, 990x1024, 21993102_1813021502059615_3279…)

>doing placement year in uni
>uni makes everyone find their own placement (will help if needed)
>Get 5 job offers even with my piss poor portfolio and CV
>It's my first ever job
>secure job
>I get paid more than minimum wage for doing easy work (more than minimum wage is very rare with placements)
>None of the stuck up two faced cunts in uni managed to find a placements (no idea how)
>They're suck with the leftovers and retards before they graduate.
>humblebrag in the discord server
>profit, cash, job experience, and a better degree

I feel fucking good right now

No. 69500

just curious, what did you major in? :OOO

And to brag:
I really like being a 90lb girl at 23. I get mistaken a lot for being younger. I hope when I'm like 50 I can keep up with myself

No. 69502

Without getting too specific, I do blue-collar trade work. I'm still in "training" and have 2 more years to go until I start making the full wage.

It has it's downsides though. The industry is very sensitive to the economy - when it's good you can make a lot of money, but last year my company had large layoffs and a wage decrease, which is part of the reason I like having a large savings, lol

No. 69866

So jealous at your weight. I'm the same age but losing weight has always been so hard for me. Have you always been thin or did you lose a lot of weight at some point?

My brag
I am really good at romantic relationships. Every one of my friends is or has been in shitty/bad/abusive relationships. Being in a abusive relationship was no fault of their own, but the bad and shitty ones where. No boundaries, no good communication, no listening and compromising. I feel it's not very hard to have a good relationship with someone, but I guess it is.

That was it, all other aspects of my life are not worth bragging about

No. 69867

Hey anon, are you in the UK by chance? I'm an American doing my master's in the UK and need to find a placement. I'd like to know if you got your placement in the UK or outside? I'm trying to get a placement outside the UK for May or June, but need it secured by March. Any suggestions? Also, Congrats! :D

No. 69876

File: 1509735698431.gif (566.81 KB, 300x456, pepewater.gif)

Please get specific, bitch. I am proud of my 15k savings at 25, but I'm from the balkans

No. 69878

I don't know if you mean 'using' as in spending or investing but the former is stupid and the latter can be done with a high interest savings account. At one point I was making $200 a month in interest with 100k savings. I didn't invest it because I was saving for a deposit on a unit, which I have now done. Now I have 60k sitting in an account offsetting my mortgage while I have free access to it.

And the bragworthy thing about money isn't just what you do with it, it's the fact that you worked hard and saved it effectively. Either way it's sad to try and downplay achievements in a bragging thread.

No. 69881

>>lost 7.7kgs in the last 6 months
>>started dressing REALLY nice everyday now, wearing in style nice clothes with accessories instead of the weeb clothes i used to wear
>>started eating much healthier
>>something bad happened suddenly but after the initial damage to my sel esteem have become even more confident in myself
>>i grew up poor (still sort of am) so i valued money way too much but recently realised that all i need financially is enough for financial stability and feel so much happier/spending less on junk cause i can always get it later

No. 69882

Hoow? I'm from the balkans too

No. 69883

I don't need to pay rent! So it's a bit of a cheat.

But hey, at least we speak 3 languages :^)

No. 69885

Lots of people in my country who are middle class end up inheriting an apartment or two, they rent it and basically they don't have to work if they want

No. 69886

Hi anon, yeah i am from the UK!
and i basically googled and emailed every related company i could find with my CV weather they advertised they were hiring or not.
I let them know first off that it is a PAID internship and it doesn't have to be more than minimum wage.
Places in my area seem keen to hire students because its cheap work and the company gets into the Unis good books.

If you need it by May/June i'd say really start looking properly now because it took my uni up to 4 months to get everything finalised with paperwork. Yours might be better than mine with that though.

Good luck! let me know how you get on!

No. 69888

File: 1509747882658.gif (527.68 KB, 500x281, 064DEA6A-A2AB-4B48-8150-558F3C…)

I feel very accomplished I found a well off man to spoil the piss out of me. My last relationship was pretty abusive and drove me to try to commit suicide so it’s refreshing to have someone cater and attend to my needs and feelings, monetary or otherwise. Friends calling me a spoiled brat and a sugar baby fuels the feel good bragging fire.

No. 69889

Are we both from Croatia? I swear, for such a little country I keep bumping into croanons.

No. 69890

Same here. Everyone loves short petite girls. We're the best.

No. 69903

Nope, I'm slovene. It could be that I'm the only sloanon on the whole board and it feels lonely

This will be me and my siblings when our parents die, god forbid. It's not hard saving money when you're not paying rent, but it is imposiburu to save up for an entire apartment on a wage in this country. I plan to get a loan as soon as I get to 1.5k netto, buy an apartment and then rent that puppy out

No. 69910

I got offered a postdoc research position at an Ivy League with minimal effort and ambition (and took it, starting next year). Downside is major impostor syndrome.

No. 69911

I (5'4) sparred against my (6'1) boyfriend during kickboxing. He has years of experience, I only just started out and I managed to land a few good hits and contributed to his very very hurt leg.

No. 69919

wut anon why did you reply when you weren't even being quoted (because it was my post)
also bulgaria here

No. 69932

You did quote me rofl >>69883 is my post

No. 69936

>tfw Serb and the only thing I can look forward to in this shithole is the comforting embrace of death

No. 69938

You mean you don't look forward to removing kebab every day?

No. 69939

Nice. A serb, a slovene and a croat. We're only lacking a bosnian farmer and we have a party :3

No. 69941

i am ex-yugo diaspora, can i join the party?

No. 69942

File: 1509997010719.jpeg (88.14 KB, 1280x720, an.jpeg)


No. 69943

I'm drinking lots of water, eating healthy and working out more, I moved out an abusive house and into a nicer city, I actually feel important

No. 69976

Congratulations! :)

No. 69999

File: 1510106189358.gif (459.99 KB, 240x120, safe_image.gif)

this thread makes me so happy.

For me, I'm feelin' good about the following:
>maintained the same weight since graduating high school (am 25 now)
>have $10k+ in the bank
>started a better skin care routine (my skin wasn't terrible before–just really, really dry. So I'm moisturizing and exfoliating on a regular basis now and I've noticed a difference)
>infinitely better reviews from fellow employees at work (compared to last quarter)
>becoming less of an alcoholic (I still have a drink almost every night, but it's far less than the 3+ I was doing nightly before. Turns out not buying some sort of alcohol every time I go grocery shopping is the way to go lol.)

No. 70000

Proud of you anon

No. 70010

I'm back in school after being out of it for 6 years and I've been beating myself up over not being good enough but I somehow managed to Ace a test I was certain I did terrible on. I'm so happy and I have all this new confidence that I can actually make it and do something with my life.

No. 70011

Congrats, anon!

No. 70016

This thread is awesome. I'm proud of everyone and seeing all the bragging makes me want to try harder too. Especially due to those anons that have more than 1 dollar in the bank. I need to start saving

For me
> Got my ass back in college, finishing early with less debt than I expected. I'll be the first in my fam to graduate
> Have some interviews lined up in the next few months which I hopefully won't bomb
> Met a guy who I actually click with and we hope to get married soon
> Will soon get out of my shitty household and be able to live free of fighting.
> My dog is awesome.

No. 70019

File: 1510170386334.jpg (101.34 KB, 633x353, 1505781098878.jpg)

good job on limiting the alcohol intake. trying to do the same but it's resulting in more cigs haha…

No. 70027

>Moved out of an abusive household to live on my own a few years ago
>learned how to cook really well
>eating healthy
>made good gym gainz
>finally happy with my appearance
>kicked benzo habit
>nicer and more understanding to people around me
>always help animals in need

No. 70035

Goooo~d job anon!

No. 70036

File: 1510227784149.jpg (28.39 KB, 480x359, tumblr_lrfogoqg6x1r0bykto1_r1.…)

Thanks to college I stopped being so shy and socially awkward because it made me more confident and less sheltered by my fucked up parents and I learned that after high school, people calm the fuck down and stop being catty bitches so everyone became more approachable and nicer. I also speak English and Japanese much better than before college, even though I'm not fluent in Japanese yet, but I can have simple conversations and now it's mostly a matter of learning more vocabulary.

Also, I may be ugly, or at least not fit into current beauty standards, but at least my hair looks great and I'm not even putting any effort into maintaining them. So I feel like it compensate for what makes me ugly. I'm also glad I can eat as much crap and junk food as I want and not gain that much weight. I like being thin and having a flat chest. And I look younger than I am, which was a bad thing before but now that I'm in my early 20s I'm finally seeing the positive aspects of it.

No. 70037

I crushed on this boy in high school so hard, he was a handsome popular guy and I was a shlubby girl no one really payed attention to (especially him). I started giving a shit about myself/my appearance and ended up losing upwards of 40 lbs. Very long story short, next month is our 3 year anniversary, so thats neat!
I’m also incredibly fortunate that I never ended up getting any stretch marks/loose skin from gaining and losing. I’m even starting to see real changes in muscle tone- its not just fat loss anymore. Life is good guys.

No. 70038

kicking a benzo habit is no joke man, shits rough, good job!

No. 70041

Your post motivated me even more in my diet/workout routine! Thank you farmer. I just hope I'll finally get the attention of that one guy I can't stop thinking about. He's the only one that makes my heart go boom. I wish we could have an anniversary too.

No. 70048

I have the best husband. Life's full of stressors (I want a baby but can't have one right now for both medical and economical reasons and I still don't have a fixed position at work), and he knows how much it's pulling me down, but when I said I wanted to see the sea, just so I could finally feel like I was able to breathe again, he took me the very next day. He also booked a beach vacation for us for December.

No. 70050

Awwh that's so sweet of him. And I'm sorry about your baby situation.I hope it gets better for you!

No. 70067

I struggle with body issues, I'm a little chubby for my height (by lolcow standards) but I've come really far with them, I don't care that much anymore if I have a little stomach now. I used to be full of so much self hatred for my body I would cry while looking in the mirror and stare at photos of my skinnier friends and just be stuck in a spiral of self loathing. But all that is behind me now. Food is a source of happiness for me and I'm not eating a burger and fry every day, but I let myself enjoy life and all the good food that comes along with it.

Anyway, I'm bloated as hell right now, on my period, and ate some pizza today but the scale still was lower than I thought it would be, so I'm happy

tl;dr - Chubby but learning to love myself, also now losing weight because I don't hate myself anymore

No. 70072

I've always been petite/thin from my mom's genetics, and I am extremely picky of an eater so I guess that doesn't help. But I've been trying to keep a well balanced diet to avoid being "skinny-fat", and I do college cheerleading now to keep in shape.

That's good you've gotten into pleasant romantic experiences! hardships like you mentioned can be really hard to deal with

No. 70104

You can do it! Just remember- the primary motivation for any major life changes has to be for YOU first, guy second. Getting together with my dream boy was just a awesome byproduct of my choice.

No. 70106

I used to be terrible at English (getting F's all the time). Last year I was in the US doing some social work and people would praise my English there. I got more fluent (would never say I am fluent tho that word holds a lot of pressure lol).
Anyways now I am studying English now. Haven't taken any exams yet so idk how I'll be doing.
But sometimes it's nice to compare my level of English, especially accents wise, to other people in my classes and thinking about how much better I have become.

No. 70107

*excuse that first now. I am always re-phrasing sentences (in my mother tongue as well) so I forget to delete words from the other structure I was going for

No. 70126

I have nice skin. I only get the one hormonal zit from time to time but it's clear the rest of the time without having any beauty routine to do.
I still don't have wrinkles even though I'm nearing 30 and no excess skin even though I lost 20 kilos the two past years.

No. 70132

I lost 3 stone ((42 pounds)) because I finally built up the motivation through this site and fat compliations, even though its a weird way I am proud that I look so much better.

No. 70149

File: 1510525709694.jpg (99.14 KB, 672x448, 1040499starion.jpg)

I started an IT business with my fiance last month and we have been doing excellent! We have international clients as well as the government (municipal and national level) as customers, got a lot of grants, and work from home when we don't have meetings or talks to give. Best of all we hired amazing talent we were friends with from around the world, so our company is all people we trust and are very intelligent with great work ethics. Feels good man.

No. 70193


Congratulations! that sounds amazing

No. 70204

my skin has cleared up the most it's ever been (hyperpigmentation). it's just oilier than usual bc I don't have a moisturizer of any sort atm but nonetheless!!!

I finally got a job, I'm so happy. tomorrow I'll bring my identification and my bank number!! I'm so excited!

No. 70206

That's nice, but do you own a Mitsubushi Starion (aka Chrysler Conquest) widebody?

No. 70242

>my skin has cleared up the most it's ever been (hyperpigmentation)
Mind if I ask how? Currently struggling with some stubborn spots myself.

No. 70249

File: 1510721636758.jpg (148.46 KB, 1440x810, 20427013_335494070238925_30263…)

i feel really proud about a book i'm finally close to finishing since i worked really hard on it. i spent six years working on it as much as life allowed me, and i spent exactly half my life keeping my creative writing obssession a secret from my family and friends because whenver i told anyone i would get no support, and my fam trashes me for throwing my academic and social life away on something as retarded as wanting to become a legit published author.

i feel like i could finally start living for myself and answering to nobody if the books sells - and maybe it sells well, who knows, right?? give me financial independence or give me death

anyway it's a YA thriller and i'm writing it in english because my country is shit and i have no future here. i'm really meticulous about finding the right agent for it and i plan on querying the top NYC agents first because maybe i get lucky and land my dream agent.

i feel ashamed to talk about all of this irl because it comes off as unrealistic and conceited of me but i am just so proud of the last ten years of sleepless nights working away on complex stories and characters and so fucking what if i dream of hitting the NY Times bestseller list or being on talk shows? it keeps me sane, and it keeps me patient.

even if it took me another ten years to actually get published, i don't care

goddamn i love writing

pic related - insane stages of writing process

No. 70256

I'm rooting for you anon!!

No. 70258

I was gonna ask you to tell us where to buy it once it's published but I realized you probably wouldn't want to be associted with an anon imageboard about lolcows once it is lmao

No. 70283

good luck angel, your story is so inspiring!

No. 70410

>that autistic image
NYC is a total shit hole of a place, but good luck anyway.

No. 70427

Hey, how about not bringing your negative attitude in a thread that description says “No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun.”

>>70249 you’re doing amazing sweetie

My brag is that I worked my ass off and will be able to afford all the Christmas presents I want to get my loved ones this year. In the past I’ve always had to budget and cut corners but now I get to finally give people what I actually want to give them and it feels great.

No. 70437

a few years ago i started caring about looking attractive, tired of being the ugly weeaboo shut-in of the family. i studied up on current fashion/music/makeup/shoes/hair/etc. and started going to a gym with a greatly improved diet. i now am the most attractive out of my entire family, get compliments on my natural good looks and metabolism, and get stares and hit on constantly from men and women i would never have had a chance with 5 years ago. doing this, my confidence has improved greatly. it has made me more willing to be outgoing and to have fun like i never did in my high school and college years. i can talk to complete strangers and look them in the eye now without getting anxiety. it has helped me move away from stifling toxic fandom and geek culture in general.

plus im a great artist and i barely practice. every piece of art i make i love. im not a hugely popular artist, but i love my shit regardless. i can also sing pretty well. ok im done now back to feeling bad for bragging.

No. 70564

How did you get over your anxiety? That is the part I struggle with the most.

No. 70624


it took me years of practice and observation. i would look ppl in the eyes for 2 seconds, next time 3 seconds, etc. i'd slowly start speaking up louder and more direct, depending on the place im going. i still have social anxiety, and some days its hard to look at others while talking to them (i also have a small stammer) but its all in practice. plus, in total honesty, it helps to act a little vain and lightly flirty. acting this way as a public mask truly helps me with interacting with others. gotta fake it til you make it.

No. 71025

My back is muscular af, it is definitely way more muscular than any average woman's back. My lower back is so muscular that it has a diamond shape around my spine.

No. 71026

I am doing so well in all of my classes, i'm incredibly proud of myself. I wish this motivation and drive that's suddenly making me ace my exams never went away

No. 71097

Ever since my acne cleared up I've noticed some rando guys get a bit flustered when they talk to me. I didn't even think I was that good looking

No. 71165

My long-distance girlfriend is coming to visit this weekend! She's not actually that far away (150 miles at most) but due to work and uni and other life things I don't get to see her a lot. I miss her and I'm excited to be able to nap with her again :)

No. 71215

i just got engaged bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 71216

Congrats, anon!!!!!!

No. 71356

I'm almost 27 but at a job interview I got asked if I was graduating high school soon.

No. 71358

two of my former undergrad tutors have each (independently of each other) asked me to work on their books with them next year. the student has become the master! or not. but coincidentally, i am graduating with my masters degree this week too - after dropping out of college thrice in my teens and early twenties.
am also 6 1/2 years in recovery from anorexia. i may be a fattychan now, but it's better than the hell i was in before. plus i secretly think i suit plump, like nigella lawson does.
also a 17 year old at work was genuinely shocked when i said i was 25 - she thought i was 19 at the oldest. feels good especially since i've been taking care of myself a bit better re: skincare, water, veg intake, exercise.

No. 71366

File: 1512960454025.jpeg (659.67 KB, 1797x1797, 0C9B66A7-D965-4D08-9061-6F6BC8…)

I just recently got engaged and my life has been extremely well. I am finally achieving my academic dreams, have a little family of two kitties and a dog, our own place to ourselves, and we both have jobs too. I made a lot of new friends and I’m excited for Christmas this year too. I think it’s really true when they say there is a rainbow after a storm. After I finish college I would like to save up for a house, travel for our honey moon, and have kids.

No. 71372

Congrats you two!!!

I just recently won a Christmas raffle for a free iPad at my workplace. Complete dumb luck honestly.

No. 71373

i got 600$ by a dude to just go to his place and watch the first star wars. no hug, sex, cuddles. nothing. he didnt touch me.

No. 71380

Pls explain this magic

No. 71466

i used seekingarrangement which is sugar baby/ sugar daddy.
it was my first time doing it.
legit went to a coffee store with the dude and then i went to his house. he gave me the money and then we watched star wars and then i went home. no sex or touching.
i was so surprised lol

No. 71470

Weren't you afraid that he might try to harm you?

No. 71483

File: 1513219124412.gif (1.69 MB, 500x281, nhh5eJC.gif)

My bf never really buys me shit, besides food/if we go out to eat, he never buys me presents. I always go all out for Christmas and his birthday and expect/get little in return.

This year he got a new credit card and has been going crazy with and and getting me nice gifts I really like. Earlier today I saw a cute backpack online and showed him (I always show him things, I like a second opinion) and he bought it for me with no hesitation, as well offered me his card when I saw cute boots I liked.
I'm definitely nervous about him being able to pay it off since he's bad with money, but for now it's so nice just to be spoiled like I have for him for years.

No. 71517

>he’s bad with money
>recently got a credit card
>has been using it to spoil you

Red flag, red flag. I know you like being treated by your BF and he obviously likes seeing you happy, but that’s exactly how credit cards fuck you over.

No. 71524

File: 1513301978740.jpg (53.55 KB, 728x970, 1503026787160.jpg)

anon, i….

No. 71529

I know, I know. He gets a decent tax return every year and plans to use that to pay off his debt as he does. Not my money to tell him what to do with.

No. 71531

you obviously have some feelings about never getting anything back even if you say you expected to get little in return
don't give gifts expecting anything at all in return. that is not the point of gift giving, and overall bad attitude.
If you loved him, and cared for his wellbeing you would tell him to stop buying you things.
seems like a slightly unhealthy relationship
yeah but you are his SO it is your job to help him along in life and not take advantage of situations like this

No. 71537


I fucked myself up at 23 and maxed out 5 credit cards with this logic. A good rule of thumb is to only use the cards for small things you can pay off in 1-3 months, or for emergencies. Once you get near the card limit buying gifts and toys and then you realize you need it for something like a car repair, you’re screwed. Credit cards play on instant gratification and delayed consequences because people are bad at those things.

No. 71552

So true. Hell, I didn't even have a childhood because my mom went all out with her 10 credit cards and got us into serious poverty. I wouldn't go anywhere near the things, much wiser to just stash away a percentage of your salary every month in an old sock underneath your mattress.

No. 72103

I absolutely love everything I was gifted for Christmas and I am incredibly grateful for my family and my boyfriend. Not necessarily for the gifts, but I realized how fortunate I am to have all of them. Things could be so much worse and practicing gratitude has really helped me.

No. 72122

I put $5,000 in a Roth IRA account last week. It doesn't feel like much, but it's the most I feel comfortable doing at the moment. It also made my dad really proud of me, which means a lot. I don't really know why he's proud, though. I guess because it shows responsibility (that I have saved up enough to put money away for later without it putting me in a financial bind) or because it shows I'm thinking about my future… regardless, even at 25, it feels good to have your parent's approval of something you're doing in life.

No. 72190

>work 5am shifts
>husband works nights
>usually going to bed when he's getting home
>sad about it and almost cry when I go to bed because I miss him and can't find another job easily yet so we can work the same hours
>wake up next morning
>grabbing my keys, see baggy of snacks
>note says "Take with you!"
>get to work
>read note
>it's a cute little love note from him
>damn near cry

Today sucked and I got my period but that little love note made it way easier to deal with (he's also off this evening when he usually works a double when he has mornings so we're home together right now too).

Today was a good day in a sea of shitty days lately.

No. 72200

File: 1514510090231.jpeg (33.5 KB, 592x580, 76EA8436-0FAB-4421-9283-BE519B…)

My skin has dramatically improved since I started with Korean skin care. Oooof.

No. 72215

There have been 2 crazy amazing things happening in my life recently

1) I actually lost 50 lbs and feel totally motivated to keep going. I grew up fat and never saw myself slimming down until it just "clicked" one day. And since that day about 6 months ago Ive been losing weight and feeling amazing. Which IMO has lead to the second thing…

2) I got a new boyfriend and our relationship has been stellar. I know new relationships tend to have that "puppy love" effect but this has been so different from the other relationships I have been in (frankly when I was heavier my self esteem was absolute shit so I wound up dating some real losers….)This guy pursued me*, treats me beyond right, and not to mention is strikingly handsome and has a personality very compatible with my own.

The whole experience has just been a huge blessing in my life.

*I'm not trying to hate on straight relationships where the girl does the pursuing, that works great for a lot of folks, it was more of a personal hangup on my end that made his pursuing of me notable

No. 72218

That's awesome, good for you for saving for your future!

No. 72232

That's awesome, anon! What products are you currently using?

No. 72295

Anon please share your diet tips!

No. 72306

So happy for you anon!!

No. 72497

Cosrx good morning cleaner
Mizon snail eye moisturizer
Klairs black bean oil cleanser
Tony moly banana peeler (smells soo good)

Got few more products on the way.. bit obsessed hehhe

No. 75839

Reviving the thread because why not.

I got a new car today and everyone at work was happy for me, which is super cool and they all came out to see it and were all like "This car suits you perfectly!" and "It matches your personality!"… which is neat. My supervisor even posted a picture of me standing next to it on her FB saying how fitting of a car it is for me lol… so in addition to getting a new car, I'm also incredibly grateful and ecstatic to have such an awesome team to work with.

No. 75850

awww this is adorable

I was sad today and depressed as usual so my boyfriend made me go do errands with him so I wouldn't be holed up at home. We got boba and it felt nice to smell the air. I feel blessed to have someone to care for me.

No. 75859

Since posting that number has grown from 50 lbs to 70 lbs
Thank you ^^
I've been doing things the "old fashion way", just eating less and moving more you know? I've cut back big time on fast food and junk food in general, I went from having it a few times a week to a few times a month. I try and reduce carbs where I can, and drink around 2-3 liters of water a day (the water REALLY helps!) And if I have a total cheat day where I eat a huge amount of calories (like 3,000+) I eat really light the next day. On an average day I have around 1,000-1,200 calories but I'm not super intense about counting them, I estimate a lot of the time and it's worked well so far.

No. 75860

>>75859 Sounds pretty fab anon.

Drinking a good amount of water is what everyone says, but it works so well. I've upped my drinking water from, like, 250ml a day + tea and coffee to 2+ litres of just water, and even putting my weight aside my skin has gotten SO much better.

Like, instead of being generally a bit blemish-y and rough and spotty my skin is soft and smooth with the occasional spot, and I know when my hormones are a bit more settled (I too am losing weight) it'll probably be as good as it's ever going to get. Honestly such a good idea.

No. 75881

Realized today that my fingers no longer fit around my bicep, 3 months ago I was just coming off heroin and was 25 lbs lighter. I never thought I’d be able to gain my muscle back so quickly ヽ(*´∀`)

No. 75882

Anon that’s wonderful!!!

No. 76382

File: 1521187058709.jpg (26.42 KB, 510x710, 1df706ae30095ad907b9046cdaae2d…)

I'm so excited to be going to travel again soon!! I'm going to get to go to Japan for the first time, and also going to Vietnam again. It feels so surreal.

No. 76390

File: 1521214682743.jpeg (22.97 KB, 319x325, D46F6EBB-30B4-4D9C-8EFE-E1B0B1…)

My fiancé is finally on a decent pay. I’m incredibly happy
He’s now getting payed more than my stepdad and he’s only 24.
I’m so proud of him

He also told me
“If I hadn’t met you I wouldn’t be working this hard and I would be doing nothing with my life” he used to be super depressed bc he came from an abusive household

He agrees with me never wanting kids and we will mostly travel

>tfw your weeabo neet self gets a caring lovely guy

No. 76392

Behind every great man is a great woman, I hope you get to go to lots of awesome countries and japan!
Tfw you’re a NEET weeb who graduates neetdom and become a responsible adult but your still a weeb and it’s wonderful

I’ve been doing face masks every night this week and I realized how happy I am to have nice, smooth, clear, skin, I don’t ever wear makeup now bc all my scars have faded and my skins perfecto now. And I don’t have to spend 1hr plus just trying to get my makeup perfect everyday and spending the rest of the day being anxious that my makeup looks bad.

>I was in an accident 10 yrs ago where broken glass gave me cuts/scars (not deep) all over my face

Even though I had to go through all that ugliness and sadness and the procedures to fix it, it was worth it and I’m so less stressed out now and I’m so grateful.

No. 76395

>have good fashion sense and dress well every day
>pretty cute and unique face (being half asian and half white, i feel like i got the best parts of both sides)
>went from 115 lbs to 95 lbs in less than a year!
>really good hair, people don't believe me when i say it's my own
>very proficient in my chosen field, which is primarily populated by men who underestimate me until they see my work
>qt 3.14 bf who basically melts in my hands despite being tall and tough
>cute dimple-y crooked smile

maybe not everyone would find the last one brag-worthy but i have a single slightly crooked tooth and i love it. adds character.

No. 76400

Anon, I'm so happy for you and envious.
I want a cute bf who doesn't want kids.

No. 76401

This thread is amazing, I'm glad everybody is feeling good! <3

As for me:
>great holidays in various euro countries planned for the year
>skin looking great after finally finding a skincare regime that works perfectly for me
>got enough money to allow me not to worry about my bank account
>recently got in touch with old friends for a catch up
>happier and healthier than I've been in a long time

The last one actually makes me jealous! I remember always wanting teeth like Kirsten Dunst or Avril Lavigne because they had cute, recognisable smiles.

No. 76546

> Start patreon , making close to 2k a month taking sexy selfies

> making 1.5k extra just video chatting for one hour with two guys and talking about their day.

>making around 4k a month doing almost nothing

>best job for me as a student since I dont have to work IRL much

>part time x2 a week, make extra money that way to spend

>rolling in cash now

>meet loving boyfriend, caring, supportive, helps me manage my online jobs, actually kindest boyfriend I have ever had.

>he studies hard in uni, close to graduating

>i'm graduating in a year, applying to law school now

>3.6 GPA so far, trying to get it up

>volunteer at homeless shelter, makes me feel good to help my community

>can finally own Gucci bags that I've always wanted

No. 76599

Im jealous as absolute fuck anon I wish I could make money from that but would never know where to start

No. 76610

>no talent
>no beauty
>no intelligence
>but still don't feel like killing myself everyday and can function like a normal human being

I guess that is my talent.

No. 76650

Have fun!!! I recommend you visit Akiba if you're a weeb like the rest of us <3

nice! plus having no kids saves you more money.

good job anon! I'm amazed honestly. Its usually hard to get into that since guys want more than just video chatting about their day. very admirable!

No. 76657

How did you start gaining traction on your Patreon? I'm so impressed anon

No. 76664

be careful with patreon stuff, anon. sine you're going to law school your SM and stuff needs to be on super lockdown.

No. 76698

I'm doing super well in my Computer Science classes without the help of anyone. I wasn't sure it would go well since I suck at maths but I've been busting my ass and it's paying off. I've never been so proud of myself. Fuck your stereotypes of girls riding guys' dicks to pass.

Also I started going to the gym again. Also also people keep guessing I'm 19 when I'm almost 28. Feels good girl.

No. 76830

Fellow comp sci major here, keep on kicking ass, girl!

Not sure how brag worthy this is, but I have a nail polish collection big enough for me to open my own nail salon (each nail polish costed me $9+)

No. 76863


i am envious!

No. 76932

CompSci girls unite!
I'm the same as anon, everyone in my course are just lazy fucks who went just because they like games/future jobs meme. It annoys me how every male tries to play it off as me being smart instead of actually working hard but at least I get to look down on them.

No. 76962


Thanks, I will! I'm jealous of your nail polish collection mostly because I can't drop the habit of biting my nails…

Are you in my classes? I'm surrounded with either super smart dudes who took advanced maths in HS and get everything without trying and lazy vidya dicks who think I'm their mom and will remind them about homework every day. I found ONE other guy who has to work as hard as me and gets grades as good as mine and fuck if I'm not going to stick to him like an oyster to its rock. Fortunatly, the three (sob) other girls in my classes are super nice. I hope they all make it through.

Anyway, I wish us the best of luck anons. Let's come back here when we get our degree.

No. 76977

This morning my fiance and I found out I am pregnant <3

No. 76978


No. 76981

Hey y'all
I wanna share this here because I hate talking about diets with my friends and family (I can't be the only one who hates seeing people post about dieting on social media and then they never follow through? I never want to be that person lmao)
Anyway I was 250 lbs and now I am 220, it took 3 months but I am happy and might lose 10-20 more just because finding a size 12 is easier than finding a size 14. That's all. I hope everyone has a nice day.

No. 76987

Aww grats!! Me and my hubby are TTC this year too. Hoping we get as lucky as you :D

No. 77479

I was one of the ugly girls in the class in high school. I had unkempt hair, was awkward and I didn't know how to wear makeup or dress myself. I got bullied and made fun of by almost everyone, especially the boys who would act disgusted by me and the bitchy girls would always act superior to "ugly" me.

I went through a real life metamorphosis. I grew into my face, I switched to a hairstyle and color that suit me, I learnt to dress myself, I learnt makeup, I became confident. Now I am objectively prettier than all the girls who made fun of me in high school and every guy I've ever liked afterwards has been madly in love with me back. I get compliments all of the time, many guys want my attention and people on the street tell me I should model.

Feels good man. Especially when all of the bitches from high school look haggard as hell and I remember being so jealous of how pretty I thought they were.

No. 77491

Go you! I've been binging Secret Eaters on Youtube and it helps me keep my eating habits in perspective.

Same here, although I was never really bullied (my high school was pretty mature with that stuff and not very clique-y.)

Do you want to go to your reunion? I sure as hell can't wait. Two more years!

No. 77589

>scored an internship with a big tech company, gonna make close to 20k and live in a big city for the summer
>18k in savings from scholarships
>spend lots of time with qt bf who adores me: go on dates, watch anime, smoke weed and have sex, discuss books and shows, etc.
>work-study job is to literally sit in school lab and chill all day
>was ugly duckling, now get lots of male attention…after last breakup 4 guys show interest within a week
>never use looks to get help with schoolwork, is respected in computer science department
>started going to gym consistently, body already toning up
>have a core friend group that i hang out with almost every day

i'm so happy with my life :) i just want to focus more on my hobbies and cs-related skills because i get so lazy in my free time

No. 77599

>was ugly duckling, now get lots of male attention…after last breakup 4 guys show interest within a week
Tell me your secret, anon

No. 77667

i spent a LOT of time researching how to be a proper girl and got a cosmetic procedure. my morning routine takes about 30 mins to an hour.

i also get along with guys really well. i think i'm in the sweet spot for a lot of them because i look feminine while not having the normie girl personality they're expecting - aftereffects of growing up as a tomboy + an autismo on the internet. we often share senses of humor and interests

my major is mostly consisted of guys so i get noticed a lot more. i can basically choose from the cream of the crop even though i've had a lot of admirers.

sooo i guess my secret is be good-looking, be interesting, and be rare

No. 77669

>i spent a LOT of time researching how to be a proper girl
Can you pls help a homegirl out and tell me how, or just link some sources if you're busy? I'm having the same problem, I'm a mousy tomboy who can't dress for shit. Today I finally found out my face is heart shaped after years of bad haircuts so I guess that's a step in the right direction.
Thanks for the reply btw!

My bragging rights
>Finally stood up to my asshole ex and felt good about it without bowing down and letting him walk all over me
>Bought a cute shirt in a fun color
>I might get a job soon
>Decided to get fillers for my birthday after seeing abipop's video
Always felt bad about cosmetic surgery (had moles removed from my face some years back) and being considered 'fake' despite knowing that everyone my ex compared me against (he was really into kpop idols) has had extensive work done, thought it was something you only get if you really have no other choice. Now I'm at peace with it and kind of excited.

No. 77679

File: 1522645589114.jpg (22.92 KB, 236x354, twee_2.jpg)

NAYRT, but no lie I watched What Not to Wear and started subscribing to a beauty blogger on Youtube after I found an eyebrow grooming video of hers. Then /cgl/ made me real girly with its skincare/hair threads.

Basic tip is that silhouette is nearly everything. I used to be really into twee/otome (hourglass) but now I'm into the mori thing (rectangle).

No. 77680

File: 1522645782916.jpeg (83.04 KB, 343x768, 097A97A5-EACB-4318-A1BA-D88703…)

Boyfriend got me an iPhone X and the latest MacBook

He got a better job and he’s now working in government yay

No. 77681

File: 1522645955200.gif (685.14 KB, 500x281, 1403271738942.gif)

Going back to college to study art in the fall! I've wanted to ever since high school, but expectations made me waste years in university trying to make do with majors I didn't care about, but now I feel excited and confident.

No. 77699

I'm >>77479 and can confirm this is basically the secret formula to success. Good looking and rare are probably enough, just be pretty and know how to seem sweet to a guy and also be a rare find because you can bond over interests that girls don't usually like or understand. Don't fake it though.

No. 77811

I live in a city where the number of single men to single women is 1 to 4 ( probably less if you take in account how many of them are gay) and I'm currently squatting on 3. One kind of looks like a crackhead version of Bill Skarsgaard.

No. 77853

File: 1522835169769.jpg (125.48 KB, 750x743, caOJcA1sajt40o1_1280.jpg)

>Be in a relationship with a guy that never compliment me and is obsessed with receiving bj but never reciprocate
>Me and his hot friend are always eyefucking each other
>Break up with bf
>His friend become my FWB
>He is obsessed with giving me oral sex, compliment me a lot on my body and is great at dirty talk
>Gives me hour long massages
>Notice my hair and makeup
>Cover me with kisses
>I finally feel like the goddess I really am

after 4 yrs + of mediocre sex it feel like finding an oasis in the desert.

No. 77863

File: 1522852328500.gif (769.28 KB, 640x360, FmQ9uCb.gif)

mfw guys like this exist

No. 77867

Don't be upset anon I'm sure it will happen to you one day.

No. 77884

Anon yesss you sound like ur living the dream. Im happy for you. Guys like that be rare af

No. 78011

File: 1522942426119.jpeg (89.38 KB, 640x640, F4FE0036-C8C5-481C-A2B0-99B4B5…)

Past 2 years I’ve been having these insane dream orgasms. I’m dreaming sometimes about sexual fantasies I have, like lesbo shit sucking on some fat juicy titties and then I climax in this “between sleeping and being awake limbo state” and I legit feel my whole body tighten up like mad. Pretty weird thing to brag about but thought it’s kinda cool.

No. 78014

You're so lucky. I only have nightmares and bad memories. I wish I had even one dream orgasm and sexy dreams. Maybe I should try lucid dreaming.

Your experience sounds fun af. Pls teach me your ways ;_;

No. 78022

I got a 34 on the ACTs!!!
Pretty much the only thing I can feel confident bragging about.

No. 78026

Congrats anon!! I looked up what that is (Britfag) and that seems like a really impressive score.

No. 78060

File: 1522969841028.jpg (60.38 KB, 1280x720, jinrui-wa-suitai-shimashita-07…)

Noice, anon.

No. 78061

Thanks very much, anons, it's pretty much the one accomplishment I can definitively say wasn't chance, pity, or false.

No. 78062

File: 1522970570195.gif (637.11 KB, 500x281, hksfjukhs.gif)


Food industry here, been looking for a desk job for months. Friend works for an amazing car dealership (an actual non-skeevy one) and they just opened a front desk position there. She highly recommended me and it seems like they already decided to hire me!

No. 78085

congratulations. I hope you enjoy it.

No. 78089


Get it!! People will try to downplay it (they did when I scored a 2200 back in the day on my SAT) but fuck them. 34 is a bomb score and says a lot. Don’t forget how that score reflects your general intelligence too. You most likely perform better in literacy, critical thinking, and math. So don’t think it’s the one thing that wasn’t pity/etc, it’s the culmination of a lot of skills and hard work. Maybe rethink the things you dismissed before as pity or chance. People don’t spontaneously get a great score on those things. Congratulations!! :)

No. 78098

File: 1522992585815.jpg (33.21 KB, 682x382, DCxPJubVYAExowf.jpg)

I just bought my boyfriend a Rolex Yachtmaster because I'm making bank and he deserves the world. Holla.

No. 78114

how much are you making? i make shit but there's no way i'd drop like 8k on a guy i was just dating even if i was making 144k a yr, lol. men are unfaithful as shit, anon. wait until they propose for shit like that. you could've invested that.

No. 78143

I have managed to save up over $5k. Next goal is $10k!

No. 78145

myb anon just has a good boyfriend?

No. 78150

After years of hard work and dedication I've finally got that 'good body' and honestly, it's so liberating. Finally can wear what I want, without shame. My social anxiety even feels like it's improving with the added confidence. I honestly feel like I can be the person I was meant to be, out from under the blanket of hating my body and myself.

No. 78151

File: 1523036639844.png (84.14 KB, 252x235, 3989734983774.png)

I know that feel anon and I'm happy for you. And right before summer, the timing is perfect!

No. 78152

I'm rolex anon and I'm six digits per year in a high-paying STEM field. I get what you're saying, but we've been dating for almost seven years now and he's never so much looked at another girl. Buys me flowers once a month, recently bought me an expensive gaming console just because I mentioned wanting it, not overexaggerating here. He's a sweetheart and loves me with all his heart. So I think I'm good! But ty for your concern, I appreciate it!

No. 78153

Absolute goals tbh

No. 79304

I'm proud of the music that I make. I think I'm a talented singer/songwriter.

No. 79324

That's my dream, anon; care to share tips on how you achieved it?

No. 79481

I got into my country's top law school.
I feel so happy.

No. 79485

Oh shit anon, nice. I'm proud of you and am cheering you on! You're doing so good, keep it up!

No. 79699

So maybe a year ago everything in my life seemed to be falling apart and was awful but recently I've felt like things are going perfect but I feel like it'd be bragging to say it out loud? Like no one wants to here about your life going well because it feels in your face, right? I have a wonderful boyfriend (after breaking up with a cheater), I got a full time job, I'm continuing college (after having to put it on hold), we have our own apartment, I got my first car, and things are just financially positive right now. Sometimes I just want to scream "I finally have my life together, holy shit I'm a functioning member of society!"

No. 79778

My family is far from rich, so I took 3 years off after high school and have saved up my whole tuition (thanks to my mother keeping a roof over my head) so I'll never owe anyone squat. I plan to start saving again as soon as I land a job after graduation, hopefully then being able to buy a house outright in the same fashion. Fuck debt!

On a more minor note, I'm not conventionally attractive. Not a 10/10 Stacey, anyway. Yet somehow men who fit within my niche type are always the ones who awkward-flirt with me and if I were to be more forward I'm sure I could have success with them.

I've been down lately, but I'm honestly pretty fortunate in things that are very important to me and my future happiness (money, stability, and romance). Trying to make an effort to focus on the good now so I can profit from this potential I have.

Anyway, what a wholesome thread. I'm glad for all of you girls.

No. 83010

File: 1526813245160.jpg (19.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Final exams are finally over and I got a 98% average grade. Super proud of myself.
So I'm treating myself to a blunt after 3 weeks of abstaining and just studying. Feels good man :)

No. 83011

I had to pass the listening and reading TOEIC to look for an internship some weeks ago and because it just looks good on my CV in general. I had a high score without even trying. I'm proud of myself because seeing so many recruiters not taking me seriously at all and thinking I was bullshitting them made me doubt myself a bit.

No. 83014

Congrats anon, smoke up some good shit cause that percentile is blunt worthy.

No. 83041

I got a new job that I'm bursting with excitement about. It's a complete career change for me. The people who hired me really seem to believe in my skills and worked hard to get me on board- something I never thought I would be able to experience because I don't have a college degree.

They whole team had a dinner in celebration of me when I accepted the offer.

The company itself is so cool that everyone I've told about it asks me to let them know if there's ever a position open that they could apply for.

I'm so happy right now.

No. 83048

I slept with one of the band members from Walk Off The Earth and dropped LSD with him. He called me his “Psychedelic soulmate”. I thought that was a pretty cool life accomplishment lol

No. 83131

I had an interview this morning for a new job, they gave me an offer this afternoon, and I accepted it. I'm literally going to be making twice as much as I am at my current job and the company will pay for 100% of my health insurance (which is a relief because I get kicked off my parents' plan this year because of age). I'm so excited.

I feel bad leaving my current job because I love the people I work with and have cried, like, 5 times today. But I still have two weeks to make the most of my time there.

No. 83161

I've been on a steady exercise routine after gaining 20 pounds over the last 2 years. I'm so happy to eat less garbage, work out, and actually feel good. I think it's been helping my depression as well. I actually have motivation to start filming stuff and working on art again. I just feel so good! For once, I feel like my life is actually on track.

No. 83646


I leave my shitty entry level supermarket job after 3 years to pursue my dream as a full time artist. May not seem like brag worthy but it's a dream come true and all I've ever wanted

No. 83648

I want to brag just a little… I finally took control over my diet and I've already lost 5 kilograms
I found a healthy diet I can continue and I'm so fucking happy

No. 83734

File: 1527583958338.png (429.69 KB, 397x577, 13535_02.png)

I have four cats, and three out of the four love me a lot. The fourth is more attached to my boyfriend. But all of my cats are extremely cute, with big clear eyes. They will all be a year old on June 11th. Each of my cats has a very special and unique personality and a distinctive appearance. I feel that we are so close because I have had them since they were born.

I am very good at raising cats and mine are all nice and well behaved.

No. 83735

I really want a cat now. What’s your strategy for making them love you? My dad is a cat whisperer but his strategy is talking to them like they’re dogs (“‘ere boy!”) which I think is silly personally

No. 83737


I, too, love Horitomo's art!



Cats can't be made to do anything. Persuaded, yes. But they are not dogs, eager to please.

No. 83744

File: 1527600841702.gif (1.37 MB, 448x252, BA576F34-233C-4A88-A97B-1A945A…)

Broke the record as the heaviest squatter in my gym.

Yay gains.

No. 84004

i'm turning 20 next month when i honestly didn't think i would make it this far. also i'm slowly overcoming my depression and starting to paint again. also my wonderful boyfriend and i have been dating for a year and 2 months. it's not that long but he is my first boyfriend and the longest relationship i've had. i'm not where i want to be but i'm going to get there someday.

No. 84020

Fuck yeah fuck up those weights!

No. 84081

Be my gym buddy anon!!! How did you do it? How long have you been lifting? I started the 5x5 plan a few weeks ago after taking a year off lifting. Any advice for major gains?

No. 84091

File: 1527927073772.jpeg (40.28 KB, 512x288, B0E2BF2E-1A21-45A5-BC9E-4498A8…)

I started in January but exercise took over my life.

A lot of skipping and yoga helped my deadlifts a lot.

My best advice is that if you are taking this seriously train with someone that can teach you how to succeed without hurting yourself.

No. 85007

File: 1528819505605.gif (442.92 KB, 497x280, giphy.gif)

I got accepted into a psychology programme at a quite prestigious university!! I worked hard and it paid off!

No. 85083

Nice work and congratulations!

No. 85211

File: 1528912268809.jpg (110.81 KB, 500x333, eyes.jpg)

A girl told me I had the prettiest eyes she'd ever seen yesterday, and it made my whole day.

Pic related, similar to what my eye color looks like

No. 85225

i got this eye color too. i am so happy i have them! especially the central heterochormia (the yellow in the middle)

No. 85228

I'm jelly.
Aren't those eyes called sunflower eyes?
Personally, they remind me of the Eagle Nebula, my favorite nebula. I could get lost in them forever.
I too think they're beautiful.
I'm stuck with poop eyes, but everytime I see someone with eyes like that, I make sure they know what a beautiful eye color they have.

No. 85234

Oh hey! My eyes look like this too. It's one of the few things about myself that I'm really proud of.

I've actually been trying to find makeup looks that bring out the yellow more lol.

No. 85236

File: 1528922043402.jpg (86 KB, 720x720, 28167086_795863827277901_78315…)

In the last two months I've gone through so much shit, completely alone in a foreign country for the first time. And I'm here, sane, chill, and even made sure that the people who made me go through that shit got reported so other girls won't be hurt.
So in these two months I've found out a strenght I didn't know I had. People used to tell me how weak I was, and now the tables have turned. I've got balls of steel and I'm proud of it. I went through fucked up shit but now my confidence is something else.

No. 85263

I just got offered a fully funded scholarship to do a PhD at a uni I love! With a teaching requirement!! There was only one going, and lots of competition because scholarships are like gold dust in my field. I’m finally going to achieve my dream of teaching at a university.

No. 85266

that sounds amazing! congrats anon.

No. 85303

After spending my teenage years deathly terrified of cars, I passed my driving exam at the age of 25.

No. 85322

You’re proud of your eye color? That’s so weird. It’s not like you did anything or worked for it

No. 85410


Congrats anon, that's awesome! Also, I've always wondered if there are other (potential) PhD students here. I want to do it as well, not too sure about the funding though.

No. 85411

“No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast”

No. 85413

Congratulations anon! I got mine later in life as well so I know how hard it can be, happy driving!

No. 85425

Why wouldn't I be proud of my eye colour? You don't have to work for something to be proud of it, that's ridiculous.

No. 85436

i got into law school with a full scholarship and am the thinnest i've ever been but in a healthy way

No. 85437

Thank you so much!

It feels like there are a lot of postgrad students here, somehow. I think education can get really lonely the further up you go, and you can get drawn to places like this. I actually found lolcow when I was a sad masters student and felt so at home here that I stuck around.
But that’s besides the point! Are you UK? Cos if so, they’re introducing student loans of about £25K for PhDs like they did for masters degrees - this September I think. Makes funding study suddenly seem a lot more feasible! But sorry if that’s no help.
Hope you figure it out tho anon, I’ll be cheering you on!

No. 85468

nta but pride means "a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired."
idk why everyone wants to change the meaning

No. 85471

The first result on Google, really? This is the bragging thread, there are no rules as to what we can brag about.

No. 85476

ok greg. if the misuse upsets you ignore or hide the thread.

No. 85561

I'm a somewhat known streamer
that's all I got

No. 85609

File: 1529296197299.jpg (10.85 KB, 320x320, 1437420950085.jpg)

In April, I walked off a certain well-known bakery with no real plan.

>worked conventions to scrounge up rent

>experienced city's comic con for the first time
>got ton of free shit
>got a job at a corporate cafeteria
>quit, remembered that I didn't want this food service life

>two weeks later, get email from a company I applied for

>it's a salary job jesus fucking christ
>destroyed interview, snagged it
>got my own desk
>make enough now to actually afford give my aging parents money
>I give my boss two very deserving bakery girl resumes
>she hires them almost immediately
>they've been treating me like their lord and savior these past few days
>on Friday, boss tips my entire dept $200 each just because

>feeling more confident in my self worth

In a month, it'll be my birthday. My last birthday was spent broke, my long-term fiance had just left me, suicide was contemplated daily. I am so excited for the future. I'm already entertaining the possibility of moving to a nicer neighborhood.

No. 85617

I'm proud of being white

No. 85627

Don't see a problem with that.

No. 85628


No. 85629

No. 85632

Summer sure has brought in a lot of Tumblrinas.

No. 85639

Summer sure has brought in a lot of Tumblrinas.

No. 85642

>fucking tumblrinas, let me hate niggers in peace

No. 85644

I'm guessing you're American.

No. 85647

I'm european

No. 85649

uhuh, sure Jan

No. 85650

>everyone that disagrees with me is lying

No. 85658

I got my first job after being NEET for years.
Everyone is super nice, my boss loves me and he is so hot.
I have so much fun I dont want to go home. I hate weekends now.
In a few years I will make all the money.

No. 85659

Congrats anon!

My brag is that last week I was hired on the spot and for a position hirer than what I applied for. I have great charm and personality and looks and was able to talk my way into it.

No. 85662

File: 1529349069997.png (136.36 KB, 332x424, IMG_7625.PNG)

going through this thread makes me so happy

not sure if brag worthy but i'm starting to get my life on track, my mental health is getting much better, i've been eating more healthily and getting out of the house enough and the creativity and emotional intelligence i had when i was younger is coming back i feel like if i keep at what i'm doing to evolve as a person i can take over the world

No. 85663

Cool! What job??

No. 85696

File: 1529403024077.jpg (11.19 KB, 400x225, phd.jpg)


Nope, I am from Germany. There are several ways to do your PhD here, however, graduate schools are not that common (at least in the humanities), neither are PhD loans. I also wouldn't want that; I already took out a loan before and couldn't handle more liabilities, especially since academics won't make me rich.

I am also not sure about scholarships tbh. I'd still have to pay my insurance, wouldn't pay into pensions office, no job experience, too much freedom (for me at least, I'd probably procrastinate a lot) and I'd feel too isolated. I think it's different when you go to grad school though…

I'd prefer to work at university/in research part-time and combine it with writing my dissertation. A 100 % position in an interesting field would be even better; I'd love to work in a project that matters to me and write my dissertation about that. Those are highly competitive jobs though. I hope I will find a way! I'd like to stay in humanities, too, but most offers I got so far are in different disciplines unfortunately.

No. 85698

I am rich

No. 85706

oh but black power amirite

No. 85710

no? I'm not black

No. 85716


insurance saleswoman

No. 85808

File: 1529545527085.gif (878.58 KB, 300x167, 1391643937039.gif)

Yes, that is brag-worthy! I don't even know you but I'm proud of you!

No. 86083

Most things in my life are kinda shitty at the moment but
>I can make people laugh super easily, people find me hilarious
>I have gotten 3 orders on my Etsy the last 20 days, I'm still a small shop so it's big for me

that just makes me smile and keep my head up

No. 86090

>crackhead version of Bill Skarsgaard
sounds hot tbh

No. 86091

File: 1529780215895.jpg (107.99 KB, 768x768, epic.jpg)

I'm smoking less, drinking less and have managed to quit benzos. On the downside i am gaining weight though since i used to smoke or pop a pill when bored, now i eat. Gotta learn how to manage that lol.

No. 86100

Oh man, the memory loss is kind of brutal. Nobody warned me it would happen even if I never took more than I was supposed to.

No. 86187

I got an amazing job in production and my supervisor said I was the only person they've unanimously agreed on hiring, which felt so good bc I'm a big awkward dork most times. I recently had my preformance evaluation and was scored 80% (which is higher than my own supervisor scored!)
A few nights ago co-workers laughed about my string bean arms, but I was able to lift over 9000lbs worth of 50lbs bags when no other female coworkers could! Feeling good!

No. 86361

File: 1530021087003.jpg (48.89 KB, 600x400, 60386596.jpg)

I've had a severe ED for half my life that eventually changed from anorexia to 1-2 years of binging/bulimia, so I've been anywhere from 70lbs to 160lbs at 5'8.

Now though, I'm maintaining a normal but slim weight, and I really like my body along with consistently eating normal amounts. I don't think my ED will ever fully leave me, but it's not the focus of my days whatsoever anymore, which I thought would never happen.

No. 86401

Squats! I see that you are a woman of culture as well.

I'm so happy for you! I hope I become you, anon. My bulimia comes and goes.

No. 87073

File: 1530636670508.jpeg (100.33 KB, 567x563, DF4341A7-A4DB-4C25-A9F5-6CBABD…)

I love my bf. He’s a normie and kind and patient and handsome. I’m so thankful he’s nothing like the men I read about on here. He’s the first man I’ve dated who’s put this much support into my mental health and general well-being. He checks to make sure I’ve eaten and knows exactly how I like my tea made. He’ll randomly pop into our room while doing house stuff just to give me a kiss. He allows himself to be vulnerable with me and doesn’t shut me out emotionally. I’m just so thankful for him.

No. 87110

File: 1530664467651.jpg (34.01 KB, 500x281, 1396899636188.jpg)

>randomly pop into our room while doing house stuff just to give me a kiss

I'm so jelly and happy about this.

No. 87113

Im so happy for you guys!! You totally deserve this amazing person by your side, sweetheart♡♡♡

No. 87145

File: 1530681783422.gif (49.61 KB, 340x296, 29.gif)

Came here to post for the same reason. I love being in a loving relationship with my perfect man, he's everything I have ever wanted and makes me so happy every day. It's great being a woman.

No. 87146

i suddenly had an epiphany to rewrite one of my old programs in a smarter way… and it worked! i couldn't figure out the code/logic last semester for the life of me, but i cobbled it together tonight in like 10 minutes lol.

i'm really happy because this means i'm getting better at what i do! tiny victory

No. 87196

Congrats anon!
I know exactly that feel.
Fucking happy for you!
What was the language?

No. 87280

thanks anon! it's C++ btw!

my previous solution to the problem was like 186 lines of code and i brought it down to 25. i kind of blew off studying this summer but now i want to see how much further i can go from here!

No. 87953

just came 5 times in under 15 minutes and they were nice orgasms as well, who even needs a boyfriend am i rite

No. 88375

File: 1531572918996.jpg (106.84 KB, 540x430, gravity-sender.jpg)

Bought a bike 3 months ago and immediately started using it as my only means of transportation. I was biking for like 1,5 hours 4 days a week and the other days at least 30 min.

Not only did it do wonders for my mental health, my butt and legs are looking amazing. My butt has never been so round and firm, my thighs are thicker and I lost some fat around the stomach.

Pic is not my bike

No. 88462

File: 1531674397769.jpeg (78.67 KB, 640x444, 9EEBB5B2-F2DD-44D7-A629-EFF6D6…)

I love being tall, fit, and beautiful. I get compliments from strangers frequently and always get attention when I walk in a room. I get told I should model im sure all pretty tall girls are told this so obv I take it with a grain of salt, but I like the ego boost kek and can look effortlessly fashionable. I don’t look like a vs model or anything but being attractive with great proportions is really nice lol. Pic unrelated.

No. 88826

File: 1531890978587.jpg (20.76 KB, 640x360, 0c207fbc3cca9791a1ce59ff39e2b4…)

>fiance's rich parents are paying for our wedding
>want to get married in disney because i want to be a princess on my wedding day, also, with stuff like daily fireworks, night parades and the like, it will feel really super special all day
>his mom is 100% on board with it, so we're going to get married in less than a year.
>find dream wedding dress online for pennies on the dollar

i feel like a fucking disney princess for real rn. when i met my current fiance my life was in shambles because of a past ex bf and it's like fate brought us together and he really helped me get to where i wanted to be. i've had such bad luck with relationships i was starting to think i wasn't going to get married, i'm just super emotional because i finally get to be planning the wedding i wanted as a little girl. i'm just so damn happy guys.

No. 88830

Aww congrats anon :)

No. 88886

File: 1531943418181.gif (529.3 KB, 500x393, giphy.gif)

Congratulations! Your story reminds me a lot the circumstances I met my fiance under (minus the Disney wedding of course, we aren't even having a wedding haha). I am glad you finally met your prince charming, and I wish you a long, happy life with him. Dreams really can come true!

No. 88897

i have the best dog.

No. 88905


No. 88907

somewhat random and i have no clue if you're still around but. how hard do you study?

No. 88908

still around! i study really, really hard when i'm taking a class. when the semester is in i study at least 5 hours daily outside of class, usually more. i haven't really studied for compsci this summer which is why i was so happy that i was able to improve upon something from three months ago!

No. 89015

Just a year ago I was so anxious because it was my second year at university studying shit I didn't have zero interest in, surrounded by shitty people. I thought life didn't have anything to offer to me and that I'd be destined to live a shitty, mediocre life with no friends and a major I hated. I was very socially anxious and worried what my future will be like.
For this summer I've been working at a super nice new place and am surrounded with supportive people. Next month I'm moving to a different city and I will be starting new studies there and even though I am terrified, I still feel like everything's going to work out for me!!

No. 89137

File: 1532112101081.jpeg (124.51 KB, 640x480, A0A7F363-F5F4-4466-8B6C-D86DFA…)

On Wednesday I applied to a job and got a call for an interview 2 hours later. Yesterday was the first interview, today was the second, and I just got a call saying I got the position. I was unemployed for a little over a month and starting to go into full panic mode, I’m so relieved.

No. 89140

File: 1532112487548.jpg (57.19 KB, 600x596, IMG_2265.JPG)

Officially a student again after a year of full time job living alone trying to figure out what was the best route to go academically.
I have a year or basically maths including summer cram school for Technologies studies, its been wild but this alone feels like an accomplishment. People around me just jumped on studied cause 'idk i had to pick' and I can't go into debt just because.
Omw to a bachelor and so far it hasn't been too difficult which is a big contrast to my grades in hs when I was sick so its a p nice boost on the esteem.

No. 89438

alright tbh my body is kickin. i am 5'7, 120lbs, and i have a very small waist, medium sized breasts that arent all wonky, and im "thicc" in the thighs and have a nice ass. the only thing id change are my broad shoulders. i also have awesome thick eyebrows that arent too thick. i have pretty eyes and cute freckles. i wish my posture was better and i wish i wasnt such a socially anxious person, but i think besides my mental insecurities about not being smart enough or having issues being social, i really won the genetic lottery. i dont wanna sound to braggy, but ive just recently seen my appeal. i remember always being complimented on my body (i also have a long torso that models tend to have), and on my facial features, and always having lots of people develop feelings for me, and being confused. however now i really think im truly glowing up, and my confidence is growing and i can see that i actually am what plenty of people would consider "beautiful". yuck i feel terrible complimenting myself so much in one post but it also feels good to anonymously brag because im normally a pretty humble person.

No. 89439

Wow that's great.

No. 89457

Give yourself a pat on the back, anon! You deserve it! There's always that adjustment period going from unemployed to employed, but you'll get into the swing of it in no time. Best of luck!!

No. 89458

File: 1532404174751.jpg (72.6 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nt22a5Nl8y1sm8eq7o1_128…)

fuck yeah dude. imo the only real problem with complimenting yourself is that it's braggy and would be insensitive to do around people who don't like the way they look. but if you're able to see yourself as beautiful, you should let yourself. otherwise what the fuck is the point?
i think i'm beautiful too. cheers.

No. 90526

File: 1533093402402.png (297.08 KB, 540x768, tumblr_pcgl849xRk1uf9ii9o1_540…)

I actually finished a portfolio for submission and applied to an internship that could really be a great stepping stone for what I want to do as a career. I'm also on track to study abroad in Prague next semester at a super nice Art School and I'm super excited.

My portfolio kinda sucks cause I'm not that great at character design but the fact that I did it is a huge accomplishment for me

No. 90576

File: 1533143056751.jpg (38.32 KB, 500x501, cat sleeping on back.jpg)

>2017-2018 last year of high school
>doesn't even attend three full months out of the 10 of the school year due to mental health problems
>was so good during my entire time in middle+high school that even with less than 3 months of class completed, all teachers are sure I'll manage.
>took an entrance exam for a selective art school in may, passed it with flying colors and a grade of 38/40 in the oral exam part, only two points to perfection
>Baccalauréat (end of year week of exams in all subjects with questions on anything seen during the year, has to be passed to be able to go to college/uni and get a job most of the time) comes. Anxious for it, as if I don't pass it, I can't go to art school.
>panicks, doesn't catch up on half of 7 months of missed classes in self-sabotage.
>fucks up german written exam, average grades everywhere
>at the English (we're not an English-speaking country) oral exam with huge coefficient, aces the shit out of my presentation
>teacher absolutely blown away
>tells me "it's so rare to see pupils as good as you…"
>tells me "god bless you" as I exit
>gets better grade in this part than all of my classmates.
>passes the exam with a better overall grade than a lot of classmates who have attended all year.

fuck this bitch town I'll be slapping this pussy in the big city in september.

congratulations on the awesomeness, ladies, may fate always be in your favor.

No. 90598

how are you paying for art school?
scholarships or parents?

anyway my old intro to comp sci teach just hit me up with a job offer for finance shit
it pays about 16 bucks an hour? i'm kinda excited since i've got 0 work experience apart from bookkeeping

No. 90688

Lol i see myself in you. i rarely attended school 3 years before the bac but then i kinda got my shit together in the last year and got one of the highest scores. felt great afterwards but idk if it was worth the stress, i was almost certain i was fucked lol. I want to be more organized at uni

No. 90694

Fuck, I read baccalauréat in your post and I had war flashbacks. I was so depressed and anxious in my high school years because of that and other personal things that I did the bare minimum during those three shit years and had mostly average grades that could have been way higher if I had studied. Congrats.

>I want to be more organized at uni
It's really just a matter of good habits more than talent or anything like that. I'm sure most people told you that before but you just have to go to almost all of your classes, listen, take notes and catch asap if you miss classes. From personal experience missing too many classes is the worst thing you can do because catching takes way more time than it should.

No. 90879

My parents are kind enough to pay my tuition but I go to one of the cheapest Universities in the nation Not an art school and have in state tuition so each semester is only about 4K. The exchange program I'm doing is through my school so I'll still pay their tuition but be able to go to this Academy in Prague. The prices for the dorms are also dirt cheap Less than $400 for 5 months and I'm going to sell off a bunch of my stuff in order to get some money to live off of while I'm there.

No. 90900

File: 1533278716232.png (162.78 KB, 700x525, 05UhCuR.png)

>Get shitty marks from high school because depression and overall anxiety
>Get into uni after 3 years of trying
>Get your degree and go through shitty internships and terrible junior positions that burn you out like the flames of hell
>Get incredibly lucky and catch a good job after being laid off and losing all your self-confidence
>Atm still at the same job after a few years, earning a $70k/year salary now that lets me buy myself nice things and have the hobbies that I want
I'm still depressed and lonely but at least I can spoil myself and not worry about money at all. I'm so proud of myself for getting this far from my previous NEETdom.

I'm so jealous anon. I've only encountered shitty men because I'm the type of a woman the worst men love to abuse and I'm longing to meet someone like this.

No. 90902

Excuse me while I gush about my boyo:
>be me, 23 year old virgin
>minimal dating experience, how do I men?
>feeling really lonely but refuse to focus on it, so friends and family think I'm good
>kind of resigned myself to being alone because there was no viable men in my life and I didn't have the confidence to go at look for them.
>suddenly boyo starts working at the same company, enters my life
>is funny
>is painfully cute
>into gaming and terrible films
>unironocally into wholesome memes ffs
>friends for about a month and then he asks me out
>been together for 5 now
>find out he's into vanilla stuff, in fact I'm into more stuff than him
>he gets all flustered if I bring it up, it's so cute
>doesn't give a shit that I'm still a virgin
>hasn't pressured me at all into sex
>we've had a few small arguments and each time he's still be respectful of my opinion, he's never made me feel stupid
>found out he was a former fatty for most of his childhood, so he has body confidence issue just like me
>now we has each other up and he honestly makes me feel beautiful

I'm so lucky and I can't think why. Girls, there are guys out there worth your time and more, and it's cheesy but true that at any moment they can walk into your life. He's coming over for the whole weekend and I'm hoping this will be it for me and we can finally have sex.

No. 90913

Aaw congratz anon, hope your weekend will be everything you hoped for!

No. 90916

That sounds very cute and I'm excited for you! I'm getting butterflies in my stomach just reading that. Finding the right person and falling in love with them is such an endearing feeling, and it only gets stronger the more you're together. Good luck, Anon!

No. 90919

This made my heart smile, i hope all goes amazingly, so happy for you

No. 90923

I'm actually happy today. Like I wasn't in years. No drug could ever simulate the feeling of pure happiness.
I lay here crying because I feel so good.
Life can be good. So heads up fellow depression friends

No. 90927

I got emotional reading this anon, so so happy for you, let's hope you'll feel like this more often !

No. 90983

File: 1533405121296.jpg (9.86 KB, 250x232, yay.jpg)

i'm taking a 5-week long physics course for uni and i'm absolutely crushing it! because it's so short, we learn 1-2 chapters every day and have exams weekly. i've had to cram every night. it's been miserable and i've cried a lot from the stress. but i'm getting perfect scores with bonus points on literally everything and it's almost over soon! i even got into a car accident and missed two days of class, but was able to catch up after studying really really hard.

knowing that i'm able to balance this while working simultaneously makes me feel capable of anything! i wish other people noticed how hard i'm working, but at least i can be proud of myself.

No. 90984

Keep at it anon!! It will feel great once it’s done.

No. 90987

Congrats anon! I hope the dick is gooood.

Hey anon, that's great! A step at time, you can do it!

No. 91048

File: 1533460930275.png (242.08 KB, 476x338, 1524800382910.png)

same anon here for an update

>Just finished my placement year

>because of this I got so many asspats from all lectures during catch up meetings
>My skills have went from 0 to 100 in these 9-10ish months it's insane
>I go back to uni in september
>I was told it'll be a breeze for me since i've been working at a higher level than final year projects they give out
>So excited to go back and finish up my degree and show off my skills to new classmates.

I'm so smug right now guys. I also found out one of those two faces assholes who didn't take a placement job didn't graduate this july and has to resit. I was told he religiously stalks my profile because he thinks my job was "fake" and all the work I showcase isn't mine (??? no idea how thats possible)
>stay salty asshat i'm so proud of myself rn

No. 91052

i aspire to be like you guys lol

No. 91081

terrific job and a speedy recovery!!

No. 91219

I'm not rich by any means, I live with my mom although I'm in uni because I can't afford to move out, and we live with just her wage which isn't bad but nothing special, I also had a part time job this year but that didn't pay well.

But I have an aunt who is super rich. She is pretty old, millionaire, widow, and with no kids. We have a great relationship with her and she takes us on trips all the time. We go to a different country every 2-3 months and always stay in fancy ass 5 star hotels and eat in the best restaurants, and go shopping in Chanel, Prada, LV etc. She pays for everything and even buys me stuff sometimes.
I have 4 Louis Vuitton and 3 Gucci bags that I never carry cause I feel bad.

We always have a great time with her, it's not like we have to endure her just to go on these trips you know, she's funny and pretty down to earth.

She even bought me a brand new car a couple months ago.

My friends know that she pays for that stuff and that I'm not rich but I still feel guilty every time I tell them I'm going somewhere, or about the car, cause I know that if I were at their place I would be a bit jealous too.

Going to Amsterdam next week and I really dread telling my friends lol

No. 91231

Don't feel bad because your friends might be jealous, anon. Life is too short and too unfair to not let yourself enjoy amazing opportunities and nice things that your aunt wants you to enjoy. You said yourself she has no kids, if she wants to treat you and your mother then enjoy it and pretend to be a rich bitch whike you can. If your friends really are jealous, then it's because they would switch places with you in a heartbeat without a second thought if they could because they want what you have.

No. 91235

I’m jealous as hell but you shouldn’t feel bad about your aunt doing nice things for you. You certainly don’t sound ungrateful for any of it. You’re lucky, and that’s awesome, and you recognise that. If people get upset over it and treat you unkindly about it, it’s their own problem. Their jealousy is getting the better of them. You’re not responsible for that, and you shouldn’t miss out on nice things because your friends don’t have them. Good friends would be happy for you because you get to have financial security and exciting experiences.

No. 91238

thank you you guys are so sweet

No. 91272

Your aunt is exactly who I'd want to be if I ever make that much bank, I would love to spoil my family as much as possible. Don't feel bad about anything, you sound like you don't brag about anything so if your friend might be jealous, it's their problem.

No. 91483

Last year may I started dieting and exercising and so far I lost around 25kg (55lbs i think?)

For the first time in years I start to feel more comfortable in my body and more confident in general and it feels pretty nice!

(please excuse my poor English)

No. 91494

Ummm can your aunt adopt me lmao.

No. 91774

what is your degree
also what country

No. 91775

no clue if you're still around but have fun ~ hope you do some nice landscape paintings or whatever

No. 91837

I've spent so much money on clothes in the last weeks and I really liked myself in those and also got some sexy stuff - which means I finally broke free of my narc, controlling, emotionally abusive ex's mindfuckery who never missed an opportunity to insult my choices or style! I don't treat every item I buy like a life and death question! Only took a little more than 1,5 years! Yay!

No. 94253

I haven’t shaved or worn makeup in over a month now. It feels so freeing to just exist in my body without the extra bullshit. I still obviously take care of myself work out, eat healthy, hydrate, speep but I don’t care about being feminine anymore. I don’t have to wake up 40 minutes earlier to do a full face. I can just wipe my eyes if I want to and nothing smudges. I feel weirdly emotionally connected to my armpit hair lmao. I don’t know. I’ve just always struggled and had this complex with being feminine, but since discovering radfem I’ve learned to appreciate my body outside of how attractive other people see me.
I’ve also gained a bit of weight which I’m really liking. My thighs have filled out a bit and I look softer overall. I’ve always restricted/been on the thinner side because I’m tall but now I don’t care if I “take up space” anymore.
I just feel really great about my body and the connection I have to it lately.

No. 94259

this is great dude. i wish more women did this. you learn so much about yourself and even if you end up wanting to go back to some feminine regimens, it's usually because those are the ones you actually like and get excited about. you leave the ones you dislike behind instead of lumping them all together into one big compulsory thing.

No. 94267

very proud of you anon! i haven't shaved my legs in 2 years now and i trim my armpit hair like every two months and it is so freeing in a weird way. at first i was very conscious of the hair being there but now it just feels like a part of my body similarly to how eyelashes or birthmarks are.

No. 94292

bought something nice for myself a few days ago! i always feel guilty spending more than $3 on things i don't "need" but the other day i saw something online, added it to my cart, and paid for it immediately! no agonizing for months if i really need it while removing and readding to my cart repeatedly or trying to justify purchases to myself. it's $40 which probably isn't much to many people but i'm really happy i haven't felt guilt or dread creeping up since i paid.

No. 94304

good for you anon! i'm the same way and focus on one or two items for months without actually buying. sometimes its good to just go ahead and get something you will really love!

No. 94557

This made me feel a little more positive about letting myself "go". I haven't shaved in over a month as well and everyday I feel like shit for being so lazy, and I hate how hairy I feel. To be honest, I'm just plain exhausted everyday to shave, put on makeup, or wear perfume etc. I still shower too of course, but I still feel super guilty for not having the energy to "pamper" myself sort of speak. I feel pretty gross, but I need my power naps lately this semester. I liked your perspective though, it helped me feel more positive about it.

No. 95230

I love my nose. I think its good nose. Not many people like their noses. And I have parents who really love me and support me. Not a lot of people can say that.

Brag over.

No. 95234

Some lady came into my workplace and started complimenting me on my skin. I had terrible hygiene practices when it came to taking care of my face when I was younger and I spent my 20s rectifying that and getting my skin into a good place, so it feels good when some stranger notices. Or she was planning on stealing my skin. Either way, feels good fam.

No. 95403

Recently been getting better at languages, finally starting to keep up with a routine
have friends on the same campus
feeling happy after shitty uni year, anxiety relapse etc

It just feels great to have a good view of the future for once

No. 95407

File: 1537122824694.jpg (41.98 KB, 583x509, 1533804436756.jpg)

I finally found an internship! It's not related to what I wanted to do at all but it's near my place so I won't have to move somewhere else and have to pay rent or anything else. It's also going to pay well (for an internship, it's still under minimum wage) so I'll be able to save money. I'll finally have a decent schedule. And since I found it way too late to graduate this month, I'll have more free months to write my paper and prepare my oral exam, so the final exam will be easier than it's supposed to be. Hopefully all of this means that I'll get my Master's degree and either will be able to travel a little abroad before settling down or get a job that pays well right after graduating. Anyway, knowing that my future manager almost hired me on the spot really helped me with my self-esteem.

That also means that since it'll start soon, I had to quit the shitty retail job I had for more than a year. I won't have to babysit my coworkers and put up with the customers' bullshit anymore.

Not related to that but I'm getting way better at applying makeup now.

No. 95409

File: 1537125233766.gif (1.9 MB, 500x300, tumblr_inline_opl596XWn31r7b04…)

I am both my mum's favourite and my dad's favourite (out of 4 siblings). My youngest sister is very jealous and it feels like I should feel guilty but I don't!

No. 95418

File: 1537134782731.jpg (47.62 KB, 540x417, tumblr_pdgnlj1Zn91wmzeljo1_540…)

After 9 years of being single, I started dating an old friend of mine since high school and it is like a dream…

No. 95473

Really happy for u

No. 98344

I just scammed a pair of really good quality $200 dollar boots off the government for free. EPIC WIN! I will use them for hiking and aesthetically, they're cool. Thanks Australian government you fkn wankers!

No. 98345

Since when does scomo give out boots? Did you have to eat some coal for him or what?

No. 98346

since they employ people who struggle with English
>muh aussie jobs

lol fail scomo

No. 98364

the rl question is what boots r they

No. 98379

A-Anon I hope you're still here! I really want an update on this haha

No. 99063

I know its dumb, but after struggling for years with anorexia and having it consume my life, even being hospitalised twice last year, and having it ruin my education and social life… things are finally looking up this year. I have an amazing, supportive and loving boyfriend, I have a job interview in two days, I'm working towards quitting smoking, and I'm starting to take care of myself again and love my body a little more. My life has never been better.

It's kinda dumb and I know I'm trailing behind other people my age, but it's crazy to think 8 months ago I tried to take my own life. I was mad it failed at the time but I'm actually glad some days that it did.

No. 99129

proud of you anon!! it's hard to not compare yourself to others especially catching up to others in age but remember little steps like this are showing u want to improve yourself and you're doing great good luck on ur interview!!

No. 99290

thanks anon! I had another interview yesterday and they offered me a trial shift on friday, and I have two interviews lined up today, it's really boosted my confidence a lot even if I don't get them that I can at least get interviews and do well in them.

No. 99321

I got a 95% on one of my most important midterms! I also just paid off this semester's tuition and bought myself a lovely Gucci wallet all from my own earned money. I feel great.

No. 99672

Anon this is me to a T!! lol. Congrats! ♥

Congrats anon! This is 2 months late, but what did you do diet and exercise wise?

No. 99673

I use Google to solve my math problems in quizzes but fuck it, I’m stupid

No. 99677

I beat the fuckin bell gargoyles on my first try ever, without summoning anything. I feel so superior.
Praise the sun.

No. 99749

I recently got offered a super prestigious graduate job in my specialist arts field, thousands apply and there's a less than 1% acceptance rate. It's almost impossible to get it on your first year applying too. Feels good man.

No. 99756

File: 1540927435583.jpg (261.5 KB, 1000x1500, 0e59c7c0ca7b04f2ae0b44d4a2c552…)

i love being short and petite as fuck. it's sometimes tricky with clothes but when i do find something good it looks amazing. i used to be ana chan but now i'm healthy weight and i still look small because i'm so short and i'm very happy with it. like my hands and feet are super tiny too and i think its cute…

i know its "uwu smoll" like lainey but i truly do like being 5'0 healthy skinny and easy to carry by my tall friends. like i love my body now and i'm not scared of food anymore everythings great lmao i'm so happy with it. its nice cause during my ana chan days i hated my body and wanted to be taller so that i could look more "bone-y" but now i'm like… tall chicks are hot and i want them to carry me everywehere but i'm happy being short myself! i know my legs aren't long and gorgeous but i'm happy with these shorty legs god gave me

No. 99762

Embrace it, anon! Queue a lot of assmad, insecure tall girls coming after you for this post though.

No. 99766

They won't even see that she called tall girls hot and likes the idea of them carrying her.

No. 99768

File: 1540933234618.gif (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 2048x2048, Emojidoubt.gif)

Is this bait?

No. 99769

No, just awareness of the height-sperg phenomenon here.
If she embraced her tallness we'd be expecting the short girl army.

No. 99782

Short girls usually look fat unless they're very underweight because they can't carry weight well. Like the girls you posted look chubby despite the fact they're probably only 120 at most.

No. 99784

I started a new job two weeks ago and I’m blowing all of the other employees who started in the same day out of the water. They are all complaining that they getting clients, but I’m getting them left and right and qualifying for company bonuses. I’ve even been chosen for a pay raise in November.

Higher ups keep patting their asses, telling them that it takes time to be successful at our company and build a solid customer base, but Ive been swarmed in customers since day 1.

No. 99792

Foreall. I’m just scraping five-two and looked beyond plump at 95lbs. There’s nowhere for weight to go, at least tall people can carry some bulk and be statuesque.

No. 99795

>easy to carry by my tall friends
>i want them to carry me everywehere
>They won't even see that she likes the idea of them carrying her.

Well, most girls don't see somebody demanding to be carried by them as if they're some drudge as something positive. That's so weird. An adult woman wanting to be carried by other women just because she's shorter than them…? Fucking absurd (and insulting), especially since she stated she's not that light.

No. 99797

Probably because it stokes her ego and makes her feel More uguuuuuu kawaii for big giant women to be able to carry her small delicate frame

No. 99800

I think it's implied that she's gay and this is in a relationship context.
She isn't demanding all tall girls carry her everywhere. How literal can you get? Good grief.
I'm not even a shorty myself but this reaction is absurd.
She also admired tall girls aesthetically and wanted to be one in the past. What more do you want?

No. 99801

jfc you sound insecure. i'm tall and i've had my short friends ask me to carry them before and it's really fun. it makes me feel like a super strong amazon to carry around another adult even if it's because they're light. you're acting like OF COURSE tall girls don't want to be reminded that they're tall but tbh i didn't even realize it was considered anything but a positive desirable trait until i came here.

No. 99804

File: 1540982586384.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>i've had my short friends ask me to carry them before

Are you for real?
I've met several people around 5' to 5'2'' and not a single one of them liked to be picked up, much less asked for it. Usually because they get picked up by people without asking a lot because they think 'oh kek small, must fondle like toy' and basically ignore the fact that it's a person they're interacting with.
Every single one of them literally hated depending on taller people.

>i'm tall

>it's really fun. it makes me feel like a super strong amazon to carry around another adult

Again: are you for real?
I've been taller than almost everyone around me since preschool. Basically what >>99795 said. Maybe this applies to average sized girls that like to think they're tall. But just like I've never met a smaller person that likes to be handled like a fun prop that can be picked up and carried around, I haven't met a tall person that likes to be treated like a servant or they're made to carry around people just because they're smaller.
Also this bullshit about feeling like an amazon; again. This may apply to average sized girls but to someone much taller it's obviously not that big of a deal to pick up someone that much smaller?

I mean, unless it's someone like >>99756. That is a lot of weight and carrying that much flesh around would indeed make me feel strong at any height.

No. 99805

We did it reddit! Another height argument on lolcow dot farm because lankies can't help themselves even in a bragging thread!

No. 99832

Ignore the butthurt anons, they're salty that you're happy with being short, but they would insult you if you were saying you hated being short because that would be humblebragging apparently, or if you were saying that you were short in a context where it would make sense sense to mention it.

Short women can look thin if they're slightly underweight or of they're at the lower end of a healthy BMI, don't exaggerate. They'll look normal or think though, not skinny.

She just sounds like she has a type, calm down. And she talked about her tall FRIENDS, not random strangers.

No. 99835

are you okay, ana-chan? unless you’re under 5 feet tall there’s no way you were looking “plump” at 95 pounds. I’m fat now but when I was 100lbs at 5’2 I was very thin.

No. 99836

Lol I was the first to call it. Told ya niggas

No. 99837

File: 1541014326325.jpg (89.3 KB, 1023x681, depositphotos_80904032-stock-p…)

i'm 5'11" so not the tallest ever but I don't think I could ever be considered average height. It's not like tons of short girls I know have asked to be fireman carried but it has happened a few times yes. I would never just pick someone up without their permission because that's terrifying.
Not everyone is so dramatic that they think of messing around with friends as "being used as a prop" or "being treated like a servant" jfc. Do you realize how dramatic that sounds? We're talking about normie shit like pic related. Does this pic make you lament the girl's humiliating and exploitive situation? kek
Idk what to tell you. I've always liked being tall and it makes me feel powerful and I have yet to twist my worldview in such a way that being tall makes me feel like a pack animal. Why choose something so convoluted and negative when you could just mentally compare your height to a model or a amazon and call it a day?

No. 99839

please be lesbian and please be my gf.

5'9" tall anon that wants to be the smaller spoon for once

No. 99842

The tall one looks like she weighs less than her short friend. Sure looks "comfortable"…lol

I'm tall and have had short classmates randomly try to climb on my back without asking. Like gtfo, you're not as light and easy to lift for me as you might think. It's plain annoying.

No. 99847

File: 1541021664244.jpg (111.54 KB, 900x600, tumblr_ojb7cdkpja1rzclqfo1_128…)

So my current boyfriend of 7 months is a total cutie, hottest guy I've dated. I love that he is so much bigger than me and manly af, but also super gentle and sweet. When I first met him I thought he was way out of my league so I acted like I wasn't interested but a fateful night at a bar brought us together…

Anyway, today was his birthday but recently he's been pleasuring me so much my clitoris got kinda sore and I had some random cramps from that so I told him my body needs a little break. I encouraged him to take a break too, saying that it's probably going to feel so good after abstaining for a couple of days and he agreed, although I did give him a very slow bj yesterday evening. He did a small rude gesture yesterday when we were out with friends (after the bj) that prompted him to whisper in my ear that I can punish him later for that.

I got way too drunk to do anything yesterday but today I decided I would tease him. Well, I teased him to the point that he wanted to bone anyway, and it felt good too but I know that I usually don't feel any pain during sex but I will feel it later if it was too much so I was stopping him saying - hey, we wanted to take a break. Obviously I was also super horny at that moment so it was taking a lot of willpower to stop him. This stopping and going continued for a while and we both were super into it whenever we restarted.

At some point it seems he reached peak horniness. He has these super beautiful blue eyes, dark thick eyebrows, long eyelashes and very soft plump lips. And with that face having the saddest and most begging expression, after I tried to stop him again he said "But I want to cum inside of you…". No power in the world could make me stop him at that moment.

The part I'm bragging about I guess is that I never thought I would feel as loved and wanted as I do in this relationship. He is the guy of my dreams.

No. 99848

I'm 5'8 and I only weight 110 and this short girl who is about 5'1 and weighs more than me was trying to be uwu kawaii and jumped on my back and she really almost broke my back and we both fell to the floor. I had bruises on my legs that didn't go away for weeks. I sometimes think short women are extremely toxic/insecure and are always trying to show how uwu and feminine they are.

No. 99854

Wow that is some serious projecting especially since tall girls are always whining on this site about being called amazons and constantly putting short girls down (your post kek). Short girls don't feel the need to show off being cute, you insecure creep.

No. 99855

Anon please get help you sound unhinged

No. 99861

I like it when my boyfiend carries me because it makes me feel tiny and cherished. It's no weirder than if I had a girlfriend instead.

No. 99862

I'm so happy for you.
There was a month between bc methods where my bf and I couldn't fuck and the tension was ridiculous. It was great. Cherish that man and let him cherish you.

No. 99863

If she physically hurts you just push back. Her short height shouldn't protect or excuse her from having to face any consequences for her behavior. She's not a child, you don't need to put up with her.
People act as if tall girls are the same as men, but most of the time they're still considerably weaker, so don't let others treat you however they want.

No. 99966

After suffering for 3 years in an unloving and abusive relationship I'm happy to say that I have a very very loving and understanding girlfriend.
We've been dating for almost five years now and we haven't had a single fight in that time. We vibe very well with each other and understand each other without words.
She helps me a lot with a lot of my insecurities and mental problems and she accepts me as I am.
We're the two bitter lesbians that eventually end up owning a hundred cats and a farm and I can't wait till we finally get to live together and maybe even marry if gay marriage is ever accepted in our country.
I'm a huge introvert with plenty mental illnesses, but she makes me feel secure every time I'm with her. She's like a lighthouse in the storm, so stable and reassuring.
I myself can't believe that I found someone like that and I often feel like I don't deserve to be this happy with someone.

No. 100714


i was just happy not to be ana chan or wanting to be tall anymore please. your experience with weirdo short strangers in middle school =/= mine with actual people that i love and who don't mind it because fuck it.

No. 100715

File: 1542156164181.jpg (23.89 KB, 408x332, DTCvMVMXcAI1Bls.jpg)

years ago, when i was fat i was always constipated. for the past 4+ years i poop three times per day like its nothing.

No. 101369

I got a promotion in work and got moved to all female office. It's so nice, easy and not stressful, not to mention the overwhelming support everyone has for each other.
Feels good man.

No. 101372

I'm doing my internship in an office with only women too and it's so relaxing and all of my coworkers are so nice. I'm happy for you, and I hope I'll get to stay once my internship is over.

No. 101394

It's a lot nicer having a female boss. Men are inappropriate and nuts.

No. 101413

That's too much pooping for one day, anon. Lay off the laxatives.

No. 101488

I had a shitty first university year, in History, I relapsed and was very lonely.
Now, I'm doing my first year in languages and I'm so happy ? I don't have anything to do like I get awesome scores by doing nothing at all. feels good. Being happier than ever right now

No. 101944


every person is different. i always poop two times in the morning and one more time in the afternoon. no laxatives, just my ass

No. 101978

This though. As long as there's some time in between bowel movements, it's perfectly fine to poop about 3 or 4 times a day.

For me it's the other way around. I have very few bowel movements (not constipated though).

No. 101991

I’m getting 4.0/3.5 in all my classes, while doing undergrad research. My anxiety is slowly improving, I have long hair and I’m in great physical shape and soon my braces will come off and I’ll have really nice straight teeth.

No. 103423

My bfs ex is very jealous. She's a snowflake and keeps trying to get my bfs attention but he always tells me how off putting her behaviour is. He says I'm the hottest girl he's dated and give the best head, while also making him notice how toxic his ex was. I feel like I'm leagues above her and the fact that it's making her squirm is hilarious. She's local and I see her a lot so the cringe will never not be entertaining

No. 103426

You should be asking yourself why he’s still in contact with his ex

No. 103428

>He says I'm the hottest girl he's dated and give the best head, while also making him notice how toxic his ex was
Ten bucks he used to say this exact thing to her, and you will become the "toxic" ex when you two break up. Also, being hot and giving good head don't sound like the best compliments I could hear from my bf.

No. 103433


Yeah your bf sounds like a faggot. Don't fall for the "you give the best head baeb" compliment. That sounds like something a fuckboy says jfc anon

No. 103438

This sounds like something from a bad teen movie. lol snoop through his messages, I'm sure he's sending his ex stuff like "ugh my gf is so annoying I'm planning on breaking up with her"

No. 103447

This year so far

>went from no exercise to gym 2/3x a week

>lost around 3 stone (42lbs)
>went vegetarian
>left a stagnant/unhappy relationship
>got into a new relationship that makes me extremely happy
>got really good grades this (better than last year) for a semester that was extremely disorganised and full of bad choices from tutors
>went from talking to no-one in my course to talking to almost everyone
>made a ton of new friends outwith university/my close friend group

all around not too shabby

No. 103451

Damn anon those are good improvements so good job.

No. 103462

Lol imagine having a relationship so shallow the only comments he can make about you is your sex skills and compare you to his ex in the same breath.

Sounds like he's not over her and you're just a placeholder.

No. 103812

File: 1545440461836.jpg (70.3 KB, 1024x768, 1541369283.jpg)

i remember posting and bitching about my friend group full of annoying, self-centered autists, and now i cut them off and i feel completely better and happier now, and i've moved on to much better, engaging friends and i just feel so much better!

No. 103846

my family have never been financially stable, and I have some personal demons and a lot of insecurities, but recently I've gotten into an amazing relationship with the most caring, attentive man. I've been very happy lately, and I've started gaining weight (not ana but I look like it) which has made me feel super confident. It just feels good to finally be happy, for the first time in my life I've been scared of dying because I have so much to live for.

No. 103866

That's great anon, I am happy for you!

No. 104259

File: 1546060164153.jpg (1.08 MB, 1133x1574, Kira.Imai.full.223278.jpg)

i left my abusive relationship, and after a while i've finally let myself have feelings for somebody! leaving in itself is kind of a brag. he forced intimacy, literally shoved pills in my mouth and held my mouth and nose closed until i swallowed, put cigs out on me, the list goes on. i tried to leave over and over but i finally did it, and after letting myself heal i'm finally seeing somebody else.

i've never known anybody so kind. he treats me with care, but simultaneously recognizes my own strength and ability. he loves my hobbies (even though most people think they're lame) and has amazing hobbies of his own. he knew me while i was a drug addict with my abusive partner, but he doesn't hold anything against me. instead he tells me how proud he is of the strides i'm making towards a better life.

i wasn't sure what romantic love was supposed to feel like until now. i've never cared more about seeing somebody recognize their dreams. my heart is usually made of stone for the sake of protecting myself but i think i let the right one in. i didn't think i'd ever say it and mean it, but… i'm in love!

No. 104310

The entrance to my apartment building is right next to a flower shop. It's so friggin pleasant to see all their outdoor displays whenever I walk out/get home

No. 104316

This is so inspiring, anon. You've given me hope that one day I'll make it out of the same situation to find something better than I can even imagine…

No. 104328

i've turned my bf on to getting his nipples played with. i feel oddly proud

No. 104337

based. how'd you do it?

No. 104372

this is so lovely, I'm so happy for you anon!

No. 104381

I posted in the impossible crushes thread a while back about having a crush on a rather famous guy and some days afterwards we started talking and flirting, and we still are although i doubt it will last very long. I'm still really happy about it and want to flex to everyone but i want to be respectful to him and keep it between us.

No. 104404

nsfw, obviously

when he was manually finishing himself off, i got a little bored of just kissing him/playing with his balls, so i took a chance and started licking his nipple. he wasn't expecting it, so he started to laugh, but went quiet and came quickly. afterwards i asked if he liked it, saying if he did i would love to try it again to make him feel good. now he likes having them lightly touched, kissed, licked, and sucked.

No. 104436

i had one of my bpd episodes around my bf for the first time and while obviously unpleasant i'm really glad it happened. after the initial drama, we both apologized, and it was all settled and talked through once i was calm.

he genuinely wants to help me grow and better myself, without coddling me, because he believes in my abilities. it's just what i need, though he has agreed to try to be kinder during these episodes if it happens again, which is very much appreciated.

idk guys, i just feel so lucky and blessed. he really is a keeper and i'm hoping to marry him someday

No. 104443

File: 1546230770947.png (539.56 KB, 804x574, yaaas.PNG)

not to flex on ya'll but yes, i did solve four suit spider solitaire for the first time in my life at the ripe old age of 21 just now

No. 104448

this is the best brag in this thread everyone else go away

No. 104461

This wins guys even my grandma is jealous

No. 104463

File: 1546242948197.jpg (62.1 KB, 625x468, nija clan here we stand.jpg)

thank you guys, i really appreciate the support! hope this inspires all anons to pursue their seemingly unrealistic dreams! ganbatte~

No. 104474

File: 1546258377173.jpeg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024, EB625AF5-6AE8-477B-A891-12210F…)

my dog is the cutest creature on earth and I love her from the bottom of my heart

No. 104475

from the thumbnail at first I thought that picture was a roach lel

No. 104476

don’t you dare, she is my baby kek

No. 104481

she's very cute! pls give her a smooch from me!

No. 104485


No. 104486

How did you make new friends?

No. 104490

a doggo smooch back to you anon!

No. 104492

What's her name, anon? She's very precious.

No. 104494

I love herrrr! Give her a treat from me.

No. 104495

Her name is Elli and she is a rescue dog! My bf and I adopted her a year ago and ever since she’s been our baby

No. 104496

I am so happy that I got to go to London for the third time in a span of one year. My family has a lot of money and usually we go on large shopping trips. And as much as I loved that in the past, I am so happy we got to enjoy time without shopping. Taking walks and seeing parts of London we did not visit before. I only bought a few gifts for friends but appart from that it was the cutest little holiday I ever went on with my family.

We don‘t get to spend a lot of time together since everyone‘s working a lot to keep up with out lifestyle. So spending the time we‘ve got together just relaxing and having fun without spending money (appart from flights, the hotel, food, which I know is rather expensive) felt so good.
So who ever says money can‘t buy happines is right.

No. 104508

>So who ever says money can‘t buy happines is right.
This is the brag thread, not the dumb and wrong opinions thread. Money bought you the fucking holiday and relaxation time, dumbass, you aren't living frugally by NOT making shopping trips the main activity of a vacation. Like, no shit spending time with your family doing stuff together is more fun than wandering around shops all day? They still had to be rich to enable your holiday in the first place.

No. 104511

agree. brag all you want but don't be smug. i personally love spending money and it buys my happiness, but i will not say anon is wrong.

No. 104517

I have nothing to brag about, 2018 was full of death for me, I gained scars I feel like won't heal either for a long time or ever. Some stuff happened just to break me, like the world really want to get rid of me, right.
I have nothing to brag about
But the night before 2019, the sky was full of stars for the first time in a long time. I was shocked to see how stars' placements already changed and it was like… you know, everything changes… Bad stuff happened, and of course more will. But it will pass, as everything passes
If someone has lived a short life, but a happy one, maybe there's nothing to cry about, really. At least they were happy. We're all here for a moment, anyway.
So I don't know. I'm bragging about still standing

No. 104520

Things get awful but things also inevitably get good. You will always find happiness again. Well done, anon. Spend another year looking for the stars

No. 104521

I found the love of my life

No. 104545

my boyfriend does everything he can to make me comfortable. Even before the relationship he always opens the car door and every door for me, and still does. I remember my feet hurting from wearing my heels too long one day, and he offered to buy me a new pair, and when I refused(were trying to save money), he offered to walk in his socks so I could use his shoes instead on the walk back to the car. He always knows when to give me space and is so understanding when I'm getting awful cramps. all my past boyfriends have been either NEETs who clinged to me financially or mentally abusive, it's nice to have someone who cares for you as an actual partner.

No. 104547

That's so nice anon. Glad to hear men exist who actually care about their partners being in pain.

I hope you can both care for each other forever.

No. 104549

ntayrt but i love you anon

No. 104614

File: 1546450214808.jpeg (364.1 KB, 1200x1598, 728DA849-36E5-4942-B3F7-140F92…)

My abusive ex is now stuck in an mlm.

My current boyfriend is lovely

Gym gains are going relatively well and I lost a fuck ton of weight

I planned a bunch of projects for this year

Unlimited supply of weed if I move to a legal state

No. 104898

File: 1546659605583.png (295.67 KB, 640x480, uzvara.png)

solitaire anon back at it again, flexing more irrelavant game wins
i'm really happy i managed to get this game, i used to love it when i was 4 or so and only recently managed to hunt the cd down through amazon lmao (the box literally had a price tag in deutschmarks on it)

No. 105385

>not specially pretty, not ugly either, but have green eyes and an inusual face for living in southern Europe, so I'm easily recognizable
>Big round butt
>I got told from a lot of people they got crushes on me
>Never struggle to find a partner, usually have to refuse people
>Happy in a relationship with the sweetest Russian guy
>People at work come often for my advice and take seriously what I say

Yeah if only I didn't have this f**king social anxiety.

No. 105462

I may be emotionally empty but I have some material possessions I can flex. A retro game collection 11 consoles strong, my rarest one being the Casio loopy. A steadily growing lolita wardrobe, no particularly rare dresses but ap’s cherry marguerite is to die for. I used to look up to holly brown and baylee jay as a baby artist but my skills have grown so I can now see I am better than them and could even crush them with my left pinky.

No. 105463

Also I beat all the levels on klax on mega drive. Suck my ass gamers.

No. 105484

File: 1547142494247.jpeg (53.21 KB, 640x835, 37C62977-EE53-4C4F-8744-843CCA…)

I’m the visa anon who kept samefagging in the vent thread about my visa problems, but i finally got it! Apparently looking at the dates on my actual visa it was approved within 3 working days and I was worried over nothing kek

Its an 18 month visa as well which is super nice!

No. 105486

Congrats anon! I saw all your posts, glad it worked out for you.

No. 105487

I have no attachement like kids, pets or a guy and I'm really happy about it. I can spend my time the hell I want and all the money I earn on myself.
I'm truly glad to be so independend.

No. 105490


I don't know you but I'm happy for you!
I'm also a gamer so I can relate that his means really much!

No. 106437

I've managed to snatch the most awesome and good looking bf ever. He's so pretty everywhere we go I see people turning their head to check him out, he's so smart, kind and polite that people are constantly congratulating me for having such a great bf. The most amazing thing is he also thinks I'm gorgeous, kind and smart, and he's never afraid to call me out on my shit. It's the healthiest relationship i've ever been in I'm definitely going to grow from it. I love him.

No. 107803

File: 1549745118116.jpg (19.26 KB, 236x236, d0b2d01017ba1270da780bee62d392…)

I feel accomplished.

I use to be so tone deaf so I started to read about singing and years after learning, simply humming tones, and trying to correct it all. Including my breathing technique and even tongue position I can somewhat sing decently! I recorded today and was surprised to hear my progress compared to 2011. I do not record too often but I remember when I started I sounded like kermit the frog.

There is hope anons. Don't give up.

No. 107811

congrats anon! progress is amazing. it sounds like you worked really hard, you deserve the happiness!

No. 107944

File: 1549889774485.gif (889.44 KB, 500x280, 16160844.151741_9874.thumb.gif…)

I'm finally over my ex WOOO-fucking-HOOO
I've been looking forward to this moment for months keeping myself grounded with the thought that the longing and pain will pass and reminding myself of a hard break-up before and that I had gotten over that. I be taking care of myself and loving myself and no douchebag can rain on my parade

No. 108010

I'm a depressed slob and to combat heavy legs, I started walking a little more on my forefoot every now and then and walking stairs differently and I think it's helping and my legs are a little stronger. It's low-effort and easy for me to do everyday. Walking more alone didn't really help. There are some things to keep in mind about foot and knee health here but I feel like it's helping me. Weird flex I know

No. 108033

I'm so grateful to have a father who's semi well known in the Latin music scene. Growing up a poorfag, I was rarely ever given opportunities and never been able to do much. I recently found out he was my father and once he told me he makes 6 digits a year, I didn't know how our relationship was going to pan out. It's been so good, anons. He's helped me buy some things I've been wanting for a while and he took me on a much needed vacation a few months ago. Sometimes I feel like I'm being spoiled, but this is how he treats his other children, I'm not used to it yet, but I'm grateful to have my dad in my life.

No. 108038

Yay I hope to be like you soon

No. 108184

> Will be graduating out of my undergrad with no debt (made it out in 4 1/2 years)
> Haven't failed any of my college classes
> Lost some weight (hitting the gym three to two times a week and eating right)
> an actually attractive dude said I was q t, it made me feel pretty
> got a part time babysitting gig with a super well behaved kid
> my dance teacher is a eye candy

No. 109020

>Will be graduating out of my undergrad with no debt
Assuming you're in the US, how? Rich parents? Scholarships? Saved your own money?

No. 109023

File: 1550941106157.jpeg (8.23 KB, 507x290, 786F0498-AFE2-41AB-A04D-FEA1B1…)

4 years ago I was living with my abusive parents and shitty Neet autistic ex boyfriend

My mom used me as an escape goat for her shitty marriage had a kid with the guy she had an affair with and another one with my stepdad to keep him

I dated the neet so my stepdad couldn’t sexually abuse me anymore

>cut to 2019

Lost 12kg
I now have a massive beautiful house better than what my v abusive parents have ever had

The girl that bullied me in high school got fat and her friend (who was also a cunt) works as a shitty bartender and takes videos of herself having shots with old men

Today my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to eat sushi get hair done buys me shit for no reason but more importantly he loves me someone fucking loves me I’m so happy

No. 109071

I have £8k savings in the banks at 22. Not really a brag, i am fugly as fuck. I have horrible greasy skin, acne scars, fat, bad facial features. It sucks most of the time and makes me depressed. But on the plus side, i never have to deal with disgusting creepy men since they don't even acknowledge my existence and it feels fucking good.

No. 109073

Gee these "brags" are getting increasingly depressing.

No. 109077

File: 1550970691465.gif (354.64 KB, 640x512, C755DB4E-B7B3-44AF-A835-6066A3…)

i love my job!

10+ years of food/retail and no formal schooling. things were feeling bleak for my career. started applying to places out of my league and reframed past shitty jobs as valuable experience

to anons who hate their job and don’t have a supportive partner - there is a great career out there for you! don’t settle for your shitty job. you are a good worker and you deserve to be happy in your ideal position. i support you!!!

No. 109107

I started to fuck a beautiful guy I thought I would have no chance of ever doing so. He's so incredibly good in bed and he complimented my body, face and fitness several times. I feel so sexy and wanted.

No. 109113

fuck off back to the hole you crawled out of

No. 109114

Anon thats an awesome achievement. Don't be so hard on yourself, im sure no one sees you in the same negative vision as you do.

No. 109199

Got my ledger nano to connect.
funds are safe.
bitch had $70k+ in there.
Panicked when I couldn't update the firmware/ download the new app ledger live/ cables didn't work/ internet and VPN problems/ MEW and metamask, didn't connect, etc. My entire future is in a little keychain.

No. 109200

I had sex on Thursday and it was exciting and better than I’ve had in 6 months. Also I didn’t even shave for it and I didn’t care. Being older is aight.

No. 109214

I felt stressed for you just reading that.

No. 109244

I quit drinking alcohol 2 months ago. I was an alcoholic (3 or more strong beers a day) but I couldn't fucking take being a stupid alcoholic piece of shit anymore so after a terrible 2 day hangover I decided I never wanted to drink again. My life has since improved in sooooo many ways… I've lost 10 lbs without trying, I got a promotion, my sex life is better, my sleep is better, my shits are better, I fucking actually go out and do things now. Like holy shit, I actually FEEL happy!!

No. 109248

I'm going to be able to get the cosmetic procedures I've always wanted done and I'm so, so excited! Not to mention that I'm finally going to replace the clothes I yeeted into goodwill when I marie-kondo'd my room. I got rid of an obscene amount of stuff, some of it was 10+ years old.

No. 109251

>started new job
>will get capped at $25 an hour
>skin is looking great
>i look younger than the ones younger than me
>i am not the fat co-worker praise jesus

No. 109262

Congrats anon! I aspire to be like u!

No. 109264

File: 1551172331681.jpg (290.42 KB, 1920x1080, 1495814230932.jpg)

same anon, was recently offered an internship with a well respected multinational company! everything is falling into place after much hard work! i've been the top of my class in every major-specific course, it feels so good to know that i'm alright at something that i want to do forever…

No. 109287

File: 1551207345965.jpg (50.53 KB, 500x544, Djc-ecWUYAAzrtj.jpg)

>i look younger than the ones younger than me
>i am not the fat co-worker praise jesus
Same, but do you really think it's a good thing in your case? In mine I'm not taken seriously at all because I look younger than I am so everyone assumes I'm not only younger, but also more immature until they get to know me, and that's if they try to actually get to know me. Good for you if that's not an obstacle for you, it's making me a bit hopeful in my case. I've even had the fat coworker treating me like a drooling retard because she thought for months I was barely an adult even though she's only a few months older than me and I've told her many times, shit was awkward.

No. 109313

Started dating my bf a week and a half ago and already he makes me so happy. The last person I dated was terrible at communication and we barely did anything physical because of that and long distance, but this guy is so sweet and attractive and I've already been in a much better mood. Don't want to get my hopes too high because this is the literal definition of a honeymoon phase, but I really do like this guy and want to make him happy as well.

Congrats! CS anon here as well, you guys inspire me.

No. 109335


Another CS anon here! Anyone interested in a discord where we can help each other out on this stuff? I find it difficult to make friends in this field.

Drop by if you fancy https://discord.gg/Z9skGG

No. 109347

Lots of scholarships, being frugal, and commuting from home instead of living on campus.

No. 109348

File: 1551239338043.jpg (16.81 KB, 220x305, 220px-Augusto_Pinochet_foto_of…)

I have no college degree and I am working in a field where every single one of my coworkers/peers/underlings has a degree, and I am making a good salary, on-par and even superseding other people my age who did complete their degree.

4 years ago I was in and out of inpatient psychiatric wards, no future, no passions, lonely and cracked out on shitloads of meds.

I have a beautiful apartment (kinda expensive and stressing me out a little), a bf of 2 years who is working with me to accomplish our goals, and an awesome dog (the breed I always wanted)

For the first time in awhile I feel like myself. The me before I made the bad choices. I have a great future as long as I continue to do right and work hard.

No. 109364

thank you and grats on your bf!

joined, would love to talk to more women who enjoy the field

No. 110648

an ex friend from high school who made my life a living fucking hell and gaslit me like no other has an ugly dyke haircut and basic white girl tattoos while I got hot and have my life together now. I forgive them for the damage they did bc they have BPD and most of it wasn't intentional (or so I'd like to think) but I feel like I've earned the right to be proud about being hotter and cooler than them now. how's it feel?

No. 110751

>Thanks to fucking starving at a poor country for 5 years, i lost some weight and my face, which once looked very weird and bloated, looks better and has some actual shape.
>I have a very good body, small waist, wide hips and toned legs, thanks to genetics and being fit
>My voice is deep and has a very rich and mature tone which i fucking love, since i like to sing jazz and "contralto" genres.
>Since high school, my social interactions got better and my social anxiety and awkwardness almost disappeared
>For some reason, i'm very good imitating voices and singing styles
>Im very good at analyzing people even when i don't know them personally, which helped me to avoid trashy classmates, drama, lolcows and toxic people at high school, like this, i graduated from that hellhole in peace and without enemies, while almost everyone was fucking hating each other.
>I'm naturally skinny, so no matter what i eat, im always on a perfect shape

No. 110818

What breed of dog, anon? Good for you! Your story reminds me of myself.

No. 111391

I got the very first job I sent my CV to. Pay was better than I expected too. Almost feel a bit guilty because I put in next to no effort.

Just stating a fact. Chill out.

No. 111954

File: 1553723479915.png (32.97 KB, 185x160, tumblr_ozc709EvnG1wzlvjco6_250…)

Last year I couldn’t get into my post production / montage license, so I went for History… it was terrible, HUGE anxiety relapse as a result, health problems ensued etc
>ffw this year, was refused once again by the post-prod thing
>fuck it, idk what I’m going to do w/ my life so might as well take an easy route, choose English/Spanish and Chinese
>I don’t have to work at all, been fluent in English since I was 14
>Spanish and Chinese are a breeze
> excellent_grades.jpg
> 2 very close friends are here this year, I also made other wonderful friends/acquaintances
> Barely 18h of class per week, so I can go out w/ friends and work at night
> I’ll finally be able to learn to play drums very soon
> no relapse at all, and finally going vegetarian
Haven’t been this happy in YEARS, I have a hard time believing it. This is the most stable I have been on such a long period.

No. 112029

i'm honestly fucking hot and I love all the male attention I get ngl it makes me feel great

No. 112030

you should try harder, larper

No. 112040


You should have to find a sharing group for girls doing the same thing, they can help your grow. create an instagram, twitter, etc with your new "thot name".

Never post with your real name, make new emails for each account so no one can search for your email or find you that way (and NEVER input your phone number on any of these sites).


Thank you! I no longer speak to those guys (still selling pics tho), but I always decline any actual "porn" seeking men, there are just truly lonely people out there who either don't have the time for real relationships or just don't want to have them so they have tons of cash to spend on you.

I'm actually working full time now in an intrenship position which has made things a bit harder but it's worth it.


I have a "thot" name, use different emails for each account I have, never speak about my personal life at all in any way, I don't have a "regular" or "private" social media at all (so no facebook usage, no instagram etc for my "actual self"), never have input phone numbers into any of these sites etc. I think these are the "biggest" ways people find out about this kind of stuff (since you can look up phone numbers and emails to find people on sites, also reverse image searching normal pics which I have seen some girls post on both their thot shit AND private shit, big nono ).

I am actually working an "actual" IRL job now that is related to my real career and no problems so far. I also regularly google my real name and real information and have never found anything related to my thotting.


joining sharing groups, posting every day on instagram and twitter, tons and TONS of posting, replying to all comments, etc. It took so much work in the beginning but once it takes off its easy to maintain.


I always wanted to try this, and since I did I am so happy about it!

No. 112072

same anon, nsfw obviously

just the other night we were having sex, him on top of me, and without any prompting on my part he pulled me to his nipple to suck on them. it was oddly hot? like, i got this straight guy to move past old notions of how sex "should be" for him and i can make him feel good in a way i know no one else has before. feeling very proud and accomplished, tbh.

No. 112426

I'm so happy with my life. I really didn't think I'd ever feel like this, but here I am. I have a degree, I have a great job, and I have an amazing group of friends. I have money to just buy stuff without having to budget. I feel pretty. I have money to get my nails done. There are no more essays and projects weighing down on my shoulders. I don't have a shitty job that forces me to do things I never signed up to do or work on weekends. I had planned on killing myself for the longest time, but that thought seems so foreign to me now. Holy shit, guys. It really does get better.

No. 112532

Grew up being bullied because my boobs came out too soon, they ended up very beautiful and everyone I've been intimate with get very attached to them kek.
My bullies never developed and constantly post about not liking being titless. Karma is bullshit but this is pretty fun.

No. 112771

I'm ugly but I still have a good husband who loves and cherishes me despite my face and my body
he makes me feel special and loved
feel good man

No. 112863

I really hit the jackpot with my current partner. He's very smart and somehow has such an extreme degree of emotional intelligence that it's actually unbelievable. He's very devoted and loyal, and absolutely adores me. He's more than I could have ever asked or hoped for. His mother also just messaged me telling me that she has booked the flights for our trip soon, he comes from a well-off family who are also very emotionally mature and are very smart, caring and attentive. I've known him for about 16 months, 9 of which we've actually been together. The first night he invited me over, I wasn't anxious or anything, we had a great movie date and the next night we decided that this was really what we both had wanted so badly for so long. To this day we're still confessing how we would flirt, and it turns out we we're doing the same things. I'm just so happy I have him in my life. He's my best friend, my family, and my lover.

No. 112864

This is giving me a complex
I've only ever had sex with guys with responsive nipples, so this is just how I do foreplay with men by default and I didn't even know it wasn't expected until I saw posts online presenting it as kinky
Now I'm dreading a future situation where a guy thinks I'm weird for doing it

No. 112866

i don't know if it's considered "kinky." my bf just never had sex where the person actually wanted him to feel good before, so he wasn't used to the attention.

No. 112868

File: 1554914211291.jpg (575.95 KB, 2347x1899, woah.jpg)

So, there's a person who is a really damn snowflake. She is really hypocritical (argues and gets offended over everyone and everything, while telling everyone on twitter how FRAIGLE and CARING she is, along with 'everyones opinion uwu uwuwu!!'), pretends to be all uwu-uguu around people who WK her, while when it comes to others she ends up liking like a huge asshole. Especially if you are a person who is not fake and better than them, starts nitpicking and arguing over nothing, calling names and getting offended because UWU YOUR OPINION IS WRONG. Meanwhile all she does is misunderstands everyone w/o respecting their opinion, acts like shes hot shit /etc. Basically, its obvious how much i am annoyed of her. And tonight i wake up to her, whining on twitter for her WKs because she got called out on curiouscat. She decided to answer in a cringe-y way: gone full 'uwu instagram baddie, uwu so baddie just like Ariana', saying that she doesn't care while crying on her private twitter. I am so, so happy about it! Even though I do kinda feel bad about her but knowing all the shit she's been doing she deserves such treatment. She has done alot of stupid stuff before, not just cringe behaviour but that would take me awhile to write.

No. 112871

Despite me spending my whole first and second year scraping passes, i managed to get 100% in one of my courseworks. I don't know where that motivation came from.

No. 112951

I'm a bit of a sperg and used to be very shy and even be anxious about sending emails.
Now I can make difficult calls left and right, I dare to confront people face to face, and sending emails is effortless. I know it is not much, but for me it is a win.

No. 112957

i’m really happy to have found my boyfriend. i’ve gone through life never really thinking id find someone i get along with so well and it’s so nice to finally feel safe with someone. we’ve both gone through different struggles but we empathise with each other’s and he makes me feel so safe. i always felt like an outsider and so did he and even though we come different worlds almost- it’s like we’re kindred spirits as corny as that sounds. he says i’m the only person he’s ever connected on this level with and so am i. we also both lost our virginities kinda late by some people’s standards to each other and i’m so glad i got to share that with him. i’m meeting his parents soon since they’ve invited me for a meal and i just never expected to fall in love like this, especially given my past. i think he might be the one for me.

No. 113246

Hey Anon, could you repost an invite? I'm getting into my actual CS focused courses next semester and would love some compsci senpais to talk to!

No. 113281

Seconded, care to repost?

No. 113325

I would be interested as well. The programming threads here and on CC die out quickly T_T

No. 113334

>thinking the trannies on cc know how to program

No. 113499

I'm also interested anon pls

No. 113540

File: 1555853398989.jpg (126.76 KB, 782x782, 57384257_276840793270319_29217…)

Omg okay so I met this guy about a month/two months ago and we have fallen instantly in love with each other and the feelings somehow grow every day. Both of us are kinda freaked out about it and so scared to trust each other because we've both been physically and emotionally hurt in the past by abusive exes and all that shit but it's a mutual feeling of "fuck it, I'm going to trust ONE LAST TIME" and it's working out so well for both of us.
He's a perfect blend of dork and normie, he's so intelligent and works in the STEM fields but tonight while we were talking he started asking questions about Lolita fashion (I wear it sometimes) and he got SO into it! Kept sending me photos of coords and asking me what was good and what was bad. He didn't get it at first but it was so sweet that he was trying and making an effort, then suddenly out of nowhere he was sending me photos of amazing coords and couples matching and just started finding all this Jfashion by himself and sent me an 831acre photo and said "omg can we do this" and wtf this isn't supposed to happen. He's perfect and adorable. I'm so happy guys, I didn't think I'd find love like this but it's more than anything I've ever felt before for anyone. As soon as I met him everyone else just faded away and I had eyes for no one but him and that has never happened to me before. I thought I was poly and romantically detached as a person and thought that's just who I was but when he entered my life, everything changed.

I'm done. I'm out of the game. I don't want anyone else ever, I've never been so terrified and so sure of anything in my life.

No. 113563

Im on my period so Im a bit emotional anyway but I legit just teared up a lil reading your post because it sounds amazing and Im so happy for you. I wish you guys all the best.

No. 113570

Boyfriend wrote me a letter saying I've only brought happiness and joy to his life and it took me by surprise cause my past relationship was abusive so I'm used to be threatened like a burden.
I'm happy now

No. 113594

Aw anon this is really sweet, I'm so happy for you x

Yet another anon who would like to talk to other women in the field!

No. 113601

Thanks anons! It gets so much better today! I'm sorry, I just have to brag - I'm so happy!!

He asked me to make a Lolita wishlist so he can buy me presents on special occasions and make sure I'd love it. Like wtf?? Boyfriends buy their gf's presents?! The most I ever got from any bf in the past were flowers when I went to hospital and I was over the moon about it for a month.
I feel so spoilt and loved and I have no idea what I did to deserve this.

Now the best part,
My best friend is in love with his best friend and she just told me that she finally told him and he said it back.
Two best Friends are getting with two best friends. Everything is on the line here and we're all simultaneously holding our breaths and laughing so hard at the situation.
Love is real. It's not supposed to be hard and you're not supposed to grit your teeth through it, who would have known??

No. 113609

I'm gonna go to Vancouver alone this summer. I'm kind of nervous because it's my first time traveling alone.

No. 113632

Vancouver is nice and safe but also expensive. Avoid East Van and you should be good!
Have fun.

No. 113798


Lmao I live in East Van. That's a pretty large area to completely avoid, plus you'd be missing out on some quirky and interesting communities eg. historical Strathcona, Little Italy/Commercial Drive, Chinatown, as well as craft breweries and bakeries and farmers markets and culture crawls etc. I would stay away from the Main and Hastings area if you're a tourist, but please don't assume all of East Van is a pure shithole. That being said, I can understand how it can be seen as intimidating for tourists given the homelessness problem, Pickton, etc. that center(ed) around East Hastings St.

The real place you should avoid is Surrey shudders

No. 113804

Go for it, anon! I went to Vancouver alone and I had a blast. I thought people there were generally open-minded and easy to talk to. I'm from LA so Hastings St didn't phase me at all lol.

No. 114140

File: 1556720375710.png (307.6 KB, 518x421, uqD0oWZ.png)

Scored an interview for a sales position at a company I adore! I'm excited and nervous…

No. 114171

Was able to buy myself a new high end laptop and phone this month, and I'm spending my summer in Europe. After a tough couple years I feel like I'm able to give myself what I deserve

No. 114191

made banana bread for the 1st time (any bread actually) and it's so good! no more throwing out old bananas for this bitch!

No. 114308

I have low self esteem in general but damn I’m glad I have a really nice body, it’s like the only thing I don’t dislike.
I just lost weight recently and I can see my waist again. I can wear my old clothes again!
I’m 5’9 135 lbs

I’ll probably gain it back but I’m gonna enjoy it for now.

No. 114353

How did you get such a high waist/hip ratio?? I have similar proportions to you but I'm shorter and a bit smaller, definitely have smaller hips. Spill the secret!
And congrats on your hard work paying off, too!

No. 114355

nta anon but srsly? it's genetics and bone structure girl

No. 114357

I think other anon is correct that I just got lucky genetically.
Also I wish I could brag about the weight loss itself, unfortunately it was more to do with stomach issues that I’ve had for a while. So while I got the measurements, in the end I am still pretty “skinny fat” and flabby.
I really admire the people who do work on their bodies though, it takes a lot of discipline. I doubt I’d ever be this thin if I wasn’t sickly.

No. 114399

I had to ask because most women I've seen who have BIG hips got them not just through genetic giftedness but working out too. Many of the women I've seen online who are 40" hips to 27" waist sort of proportions work out a lot
I'm sure it feels great being thinner but I hope you get better anon!
My waist/hip ratio is closer to a ten inch difference so I'm proud of it since it's in that golden zone, but yours is way more enviable to me. I'm kind of up my ass about my body image lately so to counteract I'll pop in with my brags…
>passing a math class with a strong B despite not studying enough and could probably get an A by the end of the semester
>never failed a class
>no debt
>bf is hot pretty boy
>slim but kind of curvy, leggy, peachy butt
>pretty face, very "classic" features
>popular/likeable with the people I meet
>great cook, complimented by complete strangers before
>don't exercise it enough bc lazy but great sense of style
>professors almost always love me
>really good self-control with things other people struggle with (food, booze, etc.)
>in a male-dominated field but manage to stand out on merits rather than gender alone
>despite difficulties in the past and present, have legitimately self-improved and am going up instead of down even when coasting a little

No. 114531

I’ve lost weight! I’m currently 173cm and 52.5kg (5’8 and 116lbs) and I’ve finally gotten a 23 inch waist! (Bust: 31, Waist: 23, Hips:32)

It seems stupid but I used to be overweight and people used to make fun of me, but now I feel really confident.

No. 114534

How did you do it? I’m 5’8” 135 and I absolutely hate it but the only time I got to 115 was by totally starving myself and fucking up my health. Even consistent healthy diet with reasonable calorie restriction and tons of cardio and strength training only got me to 120 for the few years I maintained it.

No. 114539


Recognising my hunger cues and becoming more aware definitely helped. If I was craving something, I’d think ‘Would I eat an apple?’. If the answer is no, then I’m not hungry. If the answer is yes, then I eat an apple. (I always have one on me)
This doesn’t sound that effective but it really helped me to differentiate between real hunger, and the urge to eat out of boredom or habit.

I eat small portions, but try to eat high protein foods to keep myself feeling fuller, which helps to prevent binging later on. I also eat only two meals a day, and barely snack (because I never really need to).

When it comes to satisfying cravings, I don’t have cheat days, I have cheat meals. I’ve noticed that cheat days completely throw me off schedule and can impact the rest of my week, whereas having just one cheat meal allows me to get back on track very quickly. Also, making lower calorie versions of the food in craving is really cool too. Sometimes I make ‘pizza’ and swap the traditional base for a tortilla (or make mini rice cake pizzas). It’s not the same of course, but it does help.

I’ve been doing stuff like this for the past 6 months and I’ve lost 22.5kg (50lbs). However since my tdee is smaller than it was, it’s getting harder to lose more, but nowadays I do more low calorie swaps to keep myself under

No. 117654

I just had my final exam ever and it looks like I'm finally graduating. I'm the first person who'll have a master's degree in my immediate family and now that I have free time I'll probably go on holidays this summer, which I definitely deserve.

No. 117712


For some reason this got me emotional lol seriously good for you anon!

No. 118774

i got a an A on my bachelor's thesis and just got accepted to the masters program. i'm so proud of myself & relieved. if everything goes well i'll have a master's degree when i'm 25 + plenty of relevant work experience. yay!!!

No. 118775

My boyfriend has a big dick.

No. 118778

I finally broke up with my boyfriend. I'm still a little sad but I feel a million times better.

No. 118788

File: 1562772987135.jpeg (2.29 MB, 4032x3024, 9DD7518A-DF49-4C6D-865D-985DE0…)

My boyfriend proposed to me a few days ago and got me the most beautiful 1920’s vintage engagement ring. I’m so happy, he is an amazing person and I can’t wait to spend my life with him. We’ve been through a lot of stuff the last 3 years and always stuck together, working out our issues and becoming better people in general. We’ll have beautiful children and a nice life, because we’re supporting each other and working towards our dreams and goals. He literally is the only good, honest and loyal man I know, I’m so lucky lol

No. 118789

congratulations, anon!

No. 118791

Wtf, women "hate" dick dicks now? Big dicks are nice, stop being retarded

No. 118810

File: 1562787190156.jpg (15.76 KB, 790x340, D2Eqm70X0AAtfML.jpg)

I didn't notice your reply, thank you! I'm trying not to get too emotional over it but it's very important to me so when I'll receive my official document that will prove I graduated I know I'll cry like a baby.

No. 118811

I’m 1.5lb from my goal weight of 95lb! Yes, at 5’4 I know it’s not the healthiest, but I eat really well and get all my nutrients in so I’ll be happy maintaining it. I love being petite, people think I’m cute and I have a baby face too so I feel like I look young enough to wear the weeb fashion I like lmaoo

No. 118812

And my body fat percentage is 14%, not skinnyfat in the slightest either. Yay!

No. 118822

My bf's mom called me and asked if we wanted her 2006 Pathfinder since she is getting a new vehicle. Uhh hell yes? We have taken it on trips before and loved it. We have been saving for a while to get something similar and now we have a vehicle and a few extra grand to put into savings. Damn I guess we could use some of that money toward a nice weekend roadtrip too.

No. 118823

I quit drinking soda again. This time more serious. I've been drinking mostly lemon water or fruit juice when craving sugar.

It's day 10 and I went from size 10 in pants to a size 8. My soda consumption was extremely high and embarrassing (I'd say 1L per day at the LEAST). My arms no longer have fat wings on them and I've been feeling more energized. I am going to continue drinking more water and not drinking soda.

No. 118825

Nice anon! I stopped drinking soda a few years back and it really helps your skin too! I wish you luck in continuing to not drink soda.

No. 118886

I got hired as an intern at a really big tech company in San Francisco that gets thousands of applications every year. For my second interview, I was given a network to troubleshoot and had to find out what the problems were. I was accidentally given the full-time interview instead of the intern one (he was supposed to give me more hints/point me in the right direction if I was stuck), but I was told that I had scored the highest out of anyone who had ever done that interview before. Shit makes me feel great.

I switched over to carbonated water and it made such a huge difference in my life. My favourite part of soda is the carbonation, so switching over to water was easy enough for me. Perrier also has fruity flavoured carbonated water that's good for sugar cravings. The strawberry flavoured one is so good.

No. 118891

File: 1562878254137.jpg (97.39 KB, 1080x813, D7YxbhwXoAAMcOp.jpg)

My ex gave a mediocre, borderline-shitty, speech at our mutual friend's wedding, didn't bother to catch up with me, and then hooked up with a rando on the night of his best friend's wedding… lmao
I felt so used when I was with him (emotionally and physically). I won't go into detail because it sucks, but yeah he was an asshole. I felt sooo crazy and worthless for over 2 years.
feels good that I'm currently dating straight up husband material! My SO proved to me me that I CAN be in a loving and mutually respectful relationship, despite my depression/anxiety. God, he does the most random and kindest shit, totally unprompted. Last week I mentioned I was stressed out, so he left chocolate w/ an "I love you" note on my desk before I woke up. He regularly tells me how much he appreciates me and lists new reasons each time. He really puts in the work to make sure I believe in his love, and never ever makes me feel bad for having severe depression/anxiety. It's well past the honeymoon period but I still get fuzzy warm feelings when I think about all the things he does for me. Anons, never settle for anything less.
My shitty ex sucks and is still shitty, I am petty, and life is good.

No. 118896

Wow anon congrats that's awesome! I want to be you lol! I'll be applying for full time positions in silicon valley and am super nervous about it. Do you have any tips on interviewing?

No. 118897

They lied to you. Tech in CA are desperate for diversity hires and they will take nearly any female that applies.

I work in the HR for one of these companies. We lie to female, and minority candidates all the time as to how well they did. It increases the likelihood they join up. Lots of turnover for them so we need to keep replacing. Most of these people are given mindless tasks, and have no chance for a real career.

No. 118899

lol wat? I work in HR too and you just sound shitty, if you're even telling the truth.

No. 118900

Tech companies are desperate for particular types of people. We're told from higher ups to just lie to candidates that meet specific requirements to fill the ranks. I know others whose company does the exact same.

No. 118903

This is a blatant lie and you very obviously just want to knock op down a peg.

No. 118904

One thing I noticed early on is that they asked me questions I wouldn't know how to answer to see how I'd respond. I'm not sure if this is a common practice in the industry, but it kind of makes sense I guess? Like, they want to avoid hiring someone that's going to bullshit constantly. In my first phone interview they asked me 3 fairly easy questions about stuff I'd definitely know, and my last question was about something I've never heard about. I answered truthfully by saying "I don't know how to answer that, sorry", and apparently that was the right answer. This isn't specific to IT, but lots of people try to weasel their way into jobs they are super underqualified for. So don't apply for jobs that require you to be really familiar with Linux unless you actually know your way around it, that kind of stuff.

Be friendly and courteous (obviously), don't try to be a douche and one-up the interviewer by acting like you know more than they do (yes, I know a person that has done this). If your interview process was like mine, your first few will be with people who aren't as IT-inclined, but the later ones will be with people who are actually technicains themselves. So later on it becomes a lot easier to explain specific details about technical stuff you're good at without feeling like you're confusing the HR rep you started your interview process with. I can't think of any more advice, just be yourself and don't be afraid to ask questions.

>Tech in CA are desperate for diversity hires and they will take nearly any female that applies.
I am aware of this. My field specifically has very few women in it. Not only that, but you have to be incredibly autistic to become even remotely competent in it, male or female. In my university program, there's maybe 15 people left out of the 100 in first year. I was hired for a position that requires extremely specific know-how in a very specific field of tech. I didn't go through 5 interviews only to be hired because I'm female.

>Lots of turnover for them so we need to keep replacing.

It's a 4 month internship, not a full-time position.

>Most of these people are given mindless tasks, and have no chance for a real career.

I've worked as a sysadmin twice now, and I haven't even graduated yet. There are people in my program that are completely fucked because they genuinely do not care about becoming knowledgeable in their intended field of work. I've gone out of my way to learn about stuff because I like it so much. Once I've completed my internship, I'll be able to put a reputable company's name on my resume next to my last 2 jobs as a sysadmin at another reputable institution.

No. 118919

>moved out of family home last year to escape my abusive family
>managed to get into a really nice area for less than half the weekly average rent (including bills and internet)
>came out of the closet as a lesbian and started dating
>2nd woman i went on a date with becomes my girlfriend
>girlfriend is hot, smart and buff
>we're approaching our one year anniversary this year and our relationship is so great
>i got into university and start soon
>im the first in my family to go to higher education
>ive lost 35kgs since 2 years ago (i started before i moved out) and have gone from obese to healthy
>i have lots of supportive friends and a great support network now
>im really starting to fix a lot of my mental health and moving on from past trauma
im still working on a lot of things with my psychiatrist but life is good for the first time in my life. it gets better anons.

No. 118951

I'm really proud of you anon! What was your approach to losing weight?

No. 118953

>Got a reliable job
>Boyfriend got another payrise
>Working trough all my issues and attachments realistically
>Got called cute by a lifeguard
>I’m going back to uni to study more
>Got premium weed
> Boyfriend is still awesome
> Dude at work asked for my number

I remember posting here a year ago saying I only had someone that actually loves me and that was enough but well I got a job and things have gotten better since then

No. 118954

File: 1562943600790.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, 9FD48CD6-7495-4A46-AAB6-CDA664…)

Im so fucking proud of you anon

Well done

No. 118976

File: 1562960522583.jpg (61.16 KB, 720x514, hydrangea-blue-lacecap_full_wi…)

i got an internship with a big 4 firm and i'll be making almost 5x per hour what i make now! i'm confident that as long as i do well and keep my grades up i'll get a fulltime offer. nobody else in my family has gone to college or had a job outside of the service industry and i'm immensely proud of myself. i see a future where i can give back to my family and live very comfortably, after so much hard work!!!

also, i started treating my CPTSD and it's been working beautifully. it's challenging but i'm learning how to self soothe and grow my confidence. i feel beautiful, healthy, smart, and worthy. i'm finally blossoming into the woman i want to be, and i'm the one to thank for it.

No. 118978

File: 1562963012869.jpg (158.63 KB, 1242x1061, D-wUOcTXkAAcxks.jpg)


Congrats anon, it sounds like you are doing really well. Wishing you good luck on your internship!

No. 118984

I grew up in a religious, abusive household where I was not allowed to leave or even have hobbies, they wouldn't even let me learn to drive. My parents wanted me to be stereotypically feminine and even frequently brought it to my attention they wanted me in an arranged marriage. Not that long ago, I was ready to take my own life, I felt I was too dumb and trapped to make anything of it. My parents never supported me in going to therapy before adulthood, my dad said mental illnesses were made up to sell medication, but I'm finally going and found a medication that works after over a year of trying.

I got my driver's license a while back, saved up some money to go to college, quit my part time job, and I'm starting med school next month. It's just a technical program, but I'll be able to get full time work and make significantly more than before. Then I can go back for a degree in cosmology, which has always been a dream of mine. My father was the first person in the family to graduate high school. I'm the first woman; I'll also be the first to go to college. All of my family lived in cabins or trailers, many struggle with sever mental illness and drug addiction. My mom did heroin, and my dad did speed. My mother is borderline, father a narcissist; their parents were abusive to them as well and you can trace the abuse back for generations. Somehow this abomination of a line produced someone who aspires to be a physicist.

I came out to of the closet my mother as well. Years ago, I hinted at my orientation, but she told me that I'm just consuming too much media and that I'll change. Both of my parents frequently made remarks on homosexuality and the LGBT community, my father stating it was unnatural and they'll burn in hell, my mother stating they were disgusting. She used to taunt gay couples in public. I came out a few days ago, years later, and she just sat there quietly and pondered what I said, then she said "You are what you are." instead of offering to help me find a husband like usual. I'm just so fucking happy about that.

No. 118996

that's seriously amazing and makes me happy to read

No. 119007

shit parents ""giving"" up on you is the most freeing feeling in the universe anon! you better be back in here to brag about your degree and amazing girlfriend in a few years!

No. 119015

thank you anons! i count calories/CICO, its intimidating at first but actually really easy after the first month. for the first two weeks i just ate like usual but counted calories to know exactly why i was overweight and get used to counting them. i also started reducing my sugar in tea and coffee and stopped drinking soda as much. i started off drinking milk tea with 2 or more teaspoons of sugar and coffee with four sugars and about 4 litres or more of soda a week.
now after weight loss i drink coffee with no sugar and tea without sugar or milk and i hate soda.
i count my macros now as well and the ratio is 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat for whatever amount of calories. so the grams will vary with calorie changes based on weight loss.
hope this helps anons :)

No. 119019

What is this premium weed

No. 119035

>premium weed
Lmfao bitch u talkin bout it like it some gasoline you chugging and i bet it true bc wtf is prem weed

No. 119095

Thanks so much for the love anons. My dad is trying to talk me out of going to college by using weird manipulation techniques, he did it on the car ride today, but it's not happening. I'm seeing this through.
>you better be back in here to brag about your degree and amazing girlfriend in a few years!
Will do.

No. 119292

a year after leaving an extremely abusive relationship and thinking i was crazy/broken and how no one will ever be able to love me, i am now with such a sweet man and madly in love. he is hot, funny, charming, very rich, huge cock, still young… it’s like a dream? he’s scandiavian so he gets lots of paid holidays and takes me traveling around the world and i dont gotta pay a dime (i still do because it makes him happy when i show that i can be independent too). he isn’t afraid of talking about stuff like marriage/kids/moving in.. also we never fight, he once got a slight attitude with me and i just ignored him so as to avoid conflict and he genuinely apologized after like 20 minutes and i was like whaaaat men are capable of this?? such a breath of fresh air and it’s nice to finally feel like i’m not insane after so many years of gaslighting and zero self esteem. the only minus is that he’s extremely wealthy and it makes me uncomfortable as i’m not used to it, but what a sweet problem to have huh

No. 119322

how long have you guys been together?

No. 119334

Your post makes me so happy and makes me want to cry with joy. I’m so happy for you! Keep thriving and keep us updated!

No. 119988

File: 1563981277105.gif (445.8 KB, 498x384, download.gif)

I finally purged the internet of all my old cringy shit. No stupid reddit accounts, no cringy deviantart, no stupid myspace. It's all gone. the only thing that remains left is a prezi account I forgot the password to and some dumb news article I appeared in.

No. 120268

File: 1564281078530.gif (872.93 KB, 500x288, mQUPXuZ.gif)

At 23 I finally got my drivers licence and I passed it on my first try! I just got home from work driving with the windows down and listing to music I felt so free!
Later this year I'm taking a two week solo trip to Japan. I've never been abroad so I'm very excited/nervous.
I'm finally getting out my comfort zone and seeing what the world has to offer!

No. 120302

congrats!!! I'm the same age, finished the driving lessons and I'm stalling to take the exam because of massive anxiety so this put a smile on my face. Have a great trip

No. 120402

I grew up poor as fuck, my dumbass parents routinely made us homeless and couch surfing. All they did was get high and beat on each other. I used to live with this anger and bitterness, always anticipating if I could do better when I grew up. I was lowkey envious of a lot of kids around me, I just felt like a ragamuffin from a fucked up family. I finally moved out at 20 and now I make 6k a month, love my job, I’m able to comfortably travel and buy things without anxiously price checking everything anymore. I have a great amount in savings that I just want to keep piling up. AND I can finally afford all the dumb bougie shit I always wanted. I’m so happy things worked out, just through a burning desire to never wanting to be like my parents lol

No. 120407

i start the job i've dreamed of having since i was 5 tomorrow. who the fuck did my dumb sperg ass fool lmao

No. 120441

I just got my license as well, age 23! My parents sold me their 10 year old car. We have a really steep driveway with concrete pillars on. I scraped the side of the car and broke one of the passenger doors :(
Swings and roundabouts….

No. 120451

same age and I just got my full license but am afraid to drive. My family is pissed at me because I still use them as a taxi driver

No. 120537

I finally found a pack of these new coconut cream based ice lollies from a supermarket chain that I've been wanting to try for ages and they're just as good as I hoped. I fucking love coconut flavor anything and they're milk free so my stupid IBS won't throw a fit, but the texture is almost like having an ice cream so it feels luxurious as fuck.

Sorry I just get very happy about coconut treats.

No. 121348

Weird brag time
I attract bicurious and lesbian petite asian girls a lot. Its funny as hell to me when weeb men weirdly act competitive or like I'm a threat.

No. 123083

I got approved for my first credit card and it makes me feel like a proper adult finally. My credit score is already great thanks to my timely car payments and being an authorized user on one of my mom’s cards, but I’m excited to keep improving it. My mom’s basically my financial advisor because she’s smart as hell with her money so I’m really glad I have her for advice, otherwise credit would be a mystery to me. I’m also on track to completely pay off a hospital bill way before the end of my payment plan, so hooray for having good money habits in my early 20s!!

No. 123088

3 day of steroids and my skin is x100 times better. I used to have inflamed skin straight out the shower, but now my skin only slightly itches. Why easnt I given thai stuff earlier

No. 124189

File: 1569519878039.jpg (26.5 KB, 317x480, 586a075a008c517d78560d55ac284f…)

After years of dealing with major depressive disorder, my doctor changed my diagnosis to partial remission. This is the first time I've ever seen it get better. I got meds to keep my anti depressants down too; they'd been giving me really bad reflux these past couple of months. It's still not gone, but now it just feels a uncomfortable rather than painful.

Two years ago, I was in the hospital for suicide,now I've got a small online flower business. I'm happy.

No. 125085

I used to be anachan. From the ages of 12-19 I was underweight, only sporadically getting my period, constantly sick, etc.

I gained what seemed like a scary amount of weight when I recovered (around 60lbs) but I'm proud to say it all went to great areas! When I was a flattie anachan I had no idea I had magic genes. All my weight went to my tits and ass (32B to 34F) and even though my gut is a bit soft now, I'm in love with my new curvy figure and I've gotten tons of attention from people!

It's still hard going from ana to curvy and sometimes I feel super fat, but I'm learning to love myself and I consider myself hella lucky to have recovered and gained a nice figure in the process!

No. 125087

This is actually so wholesome

No. 125113

File: 1570834255727.png (72.17 KB, 561x600, 56FCF803-4C0B-49F0-BC5A-9CC82E…)

Just got a promotion, double the pay and I can move where I’ve always wanted to but could never afford.

No. 125126

Two years back I realised that my lifestyle was unhealthy so i started to take better care of myself.Gotta admit i feel fucking better now. My depression isn't entirely gone, neither is my trauma of people but it has gotten significantly better since then. I made more than one friend for once and i dont constantly shit on my art anymore
Goddamn happy

No. 126451

Pretty sure I have minimal/none at all of body odor. I have dry earwax and just found out the gene that is responsible for dry ear wax also is responsible for minimal body odor. I’ve been trying to smell myself for years and have even used the same sports bra for over a week, sweating intensely in it, and after I let it sit for a day or two I still don’t smell much at all even with a big whiff of it in my face. It’s actually sort of a sweet smell, reminds me of plums. I think I got the short end of the stick with some of my genes, but the good ones I got, I’m really happy with (I’d consider my other good one having no armpit hair).

I’d give up deodorant but I don’t like the sticky feeling under my arms when I sweat so I’ll keep using it.

No. 126456

Are you Asian?

No. 126457

No. 126459

I'm in my mid-20's and my net worth is about $375k.

No. 126461

File: 1572575086548.jpg (21.08 KB, 600x386, downloadfile.jpg)

Hey there, sugar mommy

No. 126468

Finally have enough $$ to throw around

Personal trainer sessions here I come

No. 126492

here's what i'm proud of, especially considering i just turned 23 and have chronic mental health issues from abuse as a child, and being nearly friendless and bullied in high school

>graduated on time and with distinction (highest honours) from my dream university and program

>no student loans because of scholarships and a series of jobs in my field during uni
>over 10k saved up and i just graduated early this year
>job in my field where i get benefits, free food and work from home on fridays
>applying to masters programs soon
>naturally thin and am becoming healthier as time goes on
>cleared up my moderate to severe acne
>dating and living with a man who's intelligent, educated, well-off, financially responsible and ambitious
>men and women find me attractive, say so to my face or behind my back
>a good amount of friends, active social life
>moved out of parents house into an apartment in a big city

No. 126536

Hey girl. That's awesome. Sounds like you're living the life. Keep it going!

Me: I've never had a UTI or yeast infection

No. 126636

I'm prone to UTIs when I'm very dehydrated and/or hold in my piss too long, but I've also never gotten a yeast infection in my life either.

No. 126676

thanks anon, congrats on your health

No. 126678

ok, out of everyone in this thread you have my biggest envy! literally had 4 years of reoccurring yeast infections, it was pure hell! guess my brag is that now I haven't had one for almost a year kek

No. 126682

OT but what did you do to get rid of it?

No. 126685

My mistake was just using those shity cannesten suppositories, after using them it would go away but then come back the next cycle and so on and on. I frankly didn't know there was alternative treatment options and like I didn't think it important enough to go to gp. Then, idk how, I discovered they sell oral tablets too and I got one of those and boom! No more thrush! Literally hate myself for living like 4 years with constant itching and dryness but hey ho.

No. 126915

>go no contact with crazy mother
>get internship with biggest employer in country
>confess to bff and it doesn't go to shit
>bff-turned-bf is even more perfect than anticipated, agrees to live with you and to make dream goals come true together

Life is pretty good, anons.

No. 126979

I have a cute face, short, heart shaped with big giant almond eyes, plump lips and a medium defined nose. I love my face.

No. 126989

I can speak 4 languages even though I live in a 3rd world country in south America where every land around is Spanish-speaking. Mind you I achieved it without spending a dime, just by being a loner in school, way too much time on internet and niche interests and content that was not translated in Spanish.

No. 127035

Good for you anon, I hope you get to make the most out of your language skills!

No. 131372

I've lost 36+kg / 80 lbs since Feb 2017, since I'm short (160 cm/ 5ft 3 in) I went from an BMI of 37.8 (obese class 2,at almost 97 kg/217 lbs) to a BMI of 23.6 (normal, at 60.3 kg/133 lbs) and during that time lost around 30 percent of my body fat, so now I'm at a healthyish 24 percent body fat category

No. 169345

I am so happy right now.

I am a terminally depressed college dropout poor who has been in one dead end minimum wage job after another. I have been unemployed for almost a year now because of covid. Put a lot of effort into teaching myself design in the meantime and posting my work online.

Well I got discovered for an interview and just got my first design gig ever. I asked for a $100/hour thinking that it was a huge stretch and they would shut me down, but they went with it!!

I started jumping up and down on the couch.

No. 169358

What did you use to learn how to do design? where did you post your work to get noticed? please help another depressed poor out too

No. 169361


i took online certification- which i did have to pay and had saved up aggressively for for a year. but you can usually research and find free/cheap workshops

sign up for this https://www.dailyui.co/

you can get started designing with free apps

figma - https://www.figma.com/
adobe xd - https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html

post your stuff on
dribbble - https://dribbble.com/
behance - https://www.behance.net/

submit anything that gets good feedback to design instagrams

i learned some coding as well which you don't need to sign a course. look for beginners tutorials. can also learn and get started on for free with visual studio code.

also start thinking of companies whose stuff you like, for example maybe you really like google. then search "designer at google" and follow everyone on their twitter, insta and dribbble/behance. follow people they talk to. start engaging with their tweets about design. asking questions and stuff design. don't be intimidated if they are rich or from ivy league schools- a lot of them are which is scary but some of those same people kinda like the idea of giving someone a chance.

oh i subscribed to "girls who code" and a couple other similar newsletters. they have free events on zoom all the time where you can network.

it has been almost a full year of doing this:
1. design something new every day(even if it's just like… a button) and share it
2. do a tutorial/course once a week at least
3. orbit designers online every day (many of them will ignore you at first you and a few times i got blocked, just can't worry about being annoying
4. attend at least one virtual event a month

i took a month off from doing this in december because i was feeling so defeated and depressed but got back into it this month and started seeing opportunities for the first time.

No. 169367

i'm so proud of you anon. even without knowing you personally, i want to cheer for and celebrate with you! it's obvious you've put a lot of energy and passion into this and you have truly earned the reward. best wishes in your new career. i have a feeling your story will stick with me, so any time i think of you i'll send a prayer your way.

No. 169368

Holy poo, congrats! If you don'y mind me asking, is it a contract job?? I've never heard of such a salary in my area and other hcol areas like NYC, SF, etc unless you're an exec.

No. 169377

You're so damn cool anon, seriously. Way to take your life into your hands, develop skills and get shit done. I'm really excited and happy for you! Congrats on your new gig and I hope many more come your way.

No. 169378

Thank you so much! I hope that as I learn more and find I can do this for a year or two, I can help others.

Contract to hire. It's a 6mo contract which means I'm about to have more money than I've ever had in my life. A salaried position would be less, but the good news is that contractors are in higher demand right now since there's more risk + cost associated with a FT hire.

Job is full remote- they are based in NYC. Founders are from SF.

I have another small-scale project on the books. But once I have that experience under my belt and publish my work, it will be easier to get people to talk to me.

Tech is changing lives right now. So
much opportunity. If you can find a skill that will put you in the tech industry, it takes time + work… I won't lie, I felt so defeated over the last year many times. Started to think I'd wasted my time. But wow I really did it!

No. 169389

Get that bread, anon!! Tbh I hate tech but goddamn if the money isn't good.

No. 169393

I’m moving back to my home province this summer and I’m so fucking excited. I have family I love there and a job lined up, and I’m gonna spend all my spare time innawoods or by the ocean. Basically the stars are aligning and giving me exactly what I’ve always wanted. My skin is clear and I’ve been losing weight and my anxiety/depression has been at an all time low. Everything’s really fucking good.

No. 169395

congrats anon, i'm so glad your dreams are coming true. please say hello to the ocean for me!

No. 169433

Thank you so much for answering anon. Congrats on everything I wish you the best you’ve done a lot to get there

No. 169442

My bf is a handsome normie with the biggest heart, he loved me when I was still a shut in suicidal depressed NEET and he's the reason why I managed to get my shit together. I now have a job, I've fixed my relationship with my parents, I have 10 K saved up and I'm going back to school in september.
It took me two full years, and he never stopped beliving in me and supporting me, Idk how he knew, but he was right, I really was able to do everything that I wanted, he makes me want to keep being ambitious and create the most beautiful life for the two of us and our little dog.

No. 169465

that's so sweet and wonderful. i'm proud of you for working so hard for the past 2 years! best wishes to you and your bf, may the two of you have the life of your dreams.

No. 169480

Credit to you anon. You are the reason you got your shit together. I'm really happy you have a supportive partner and they can absolutely make a big difference in your life, but so many people bet on someone's potential and are disappointed by reality. Often even after years of giving and hoping for change. You actually did that, though. I can't stress how rare that is and it's why the best advice is to never date someone based on what you hope for them compared to how they are in the present. All the love in the world can't make someone do anything, but you personally made the decision to improve. Congrats on all your efforts, getting your life together and listening to the person you love. Best wishes to you both.

No. 169647

I also have a normie bf who doesn't even know what 4chan is and he doesn't watch porn. He's also 8 years younger than me! We met in college getting CS degrees, both working shit jobs at the time. I lived in a trailer park with a friend and he lived with his dad. Few years later, we now have a combined household income of $120k and we both work from home in our nice downtown apartment. We went to Japan and I didn't even feel the financial hit that hard. I got my dream car, a new manual transmission sports car. We are planning on moving to Colorado to live in the mountains this spring. I'm seriously living a dream.

I also used to have alcohol and drug addictions but I am a little over 4 years sober now. I'm super proud of that too.

No. 169968

I was able to get a job during this pandemic in a career I want to be doing while still in my early 20s. before I was unemployed doing online training for a career I felt I wasn't suited for but when this tech job popped up in my searches I knew I had to go for it.

It does make me feel better that I found a job but at the same time I feel down when I see friends around my age moving in with their partners while I am stuck being single in my parent's home.

No. 169974

congratulations on the new job! i'm excited for you to make progress in a career that calls to you. don't be so hard on yourself about being "behind" in life. it's not a race. you're already doing your best to live a good life, and i'm confident that you'll continue to grow into the person you've always dreamt of being. there's no expiration date on success.

No. 169995

I'm proud that I've always had balanced and healthy eating habits. This is part my parents' credit (when I was a kid) and now mine as I've learnt a lot about nutrition. I also like that I know how to cook/bake and make very good dishes!

No. 170002

I have really nice eyes and lips. I do actually think that for the most part, it distracts from how weird the rest of my face looks.

No. 174119

My job is cushy af and my boss is hot. Thanks mom for pushing me to get into this field, even though your intention was selfish lol

No. 174120

thats epic, good on them!

No. 174136

I have a wonderful bf who simps for me and showers me with affection and money, and I'm drop dead gorgeous in my late 20s after a lifetime of being an ugly duckling. I'm trying really hard to stay as healthy as possible so I can live like this for as long as possible. My life is amazing.

No. 174200

What is the field?

No. 174581

I like my natural hourglass figure

Seconding, what's the field? And congrats!

No. 174607

I just got back from a 5 week $15,000 vacation that I paid nothing for because my husband is a tech genius with a great job. Before you get mad at me for traveling during covid I quarantined, got tested multiple times, and went to a place with low infection rates.

No. 174614

Just curious, do you work/what do you do with your time? This isn't a guilt trip or anything, I'm genuinely wondering what it's like to have a rich spouse who can provide. I'm glad you had fun and stayed safe anon

No. 174633

Ohhh to be you anon, 5 weeks sounds heavenly. Where did you go?

No. 174765

Local government - building control. Note that I'm not in the US and I have no idea what the job is like in countries other than mine.

No. 175828

I have a natural thigh gap and I love it. Leggings and tight jeans look so good. I just lost a lot of weight and I'm at the lowest weight I've ever been.
I'd also have to lose 13 more pounds to be considered underweight by the new BMI calculator, so I'm definitely not ana-chan territory.

No. 175833

I have about 15 000e stock portfolio and no one knows kek

No. 175878

Recently life has been coming together for me - my skins cleared up and the final acne scars are gone. Now I don't need to wear makeup, I naturally don't have dark circles so I can go sans concealer even. I've been getting compliments on my skin in addition to the generic 'you're so pretty!' comments I get sometimes, but the skin thing is what I'm most proud of - it took 5 dermatologist visits and 6 months to completely fix.

I went into a 6 figure software engineering job right after uni, and recently bought new a car in cash. I'm saving 3x more money than I spend and my investment portfolio is up 50% in the past year. I have more money than I know what to do with, not enough to buy a house or anything but it's more disposable income than I thought I would ever have. I'm going out with my friends regularly, I've caught up with friends I haven't seen in years who make plans to see me again immediately, and my social life is better than ever.

I'm also making good progress on my novel, recently got a personal style consultation and revamped my wardrobe, and am on track to getting promoted. My weight has stablised so now I can eat whatever I want and stay relatively the same size. My friends are pushing me to start dating but I want to enjoy this golden age by myself for a bit.

Life is good, for now at least.

No. 175891

>my investment portfolio is up 50% in the past year
Damn anon what are your secrets? Well done on having such a successful life.
>My friends are pushing me to start dating
Ha, yeah. Life is going awesome so now you need a scrote to fuck it all up. (Although if you're a lesbian, congratulations on that as well.) I'm glad you're planning to enjoy your time instead.

No. 175909

>software engineer
which field do you work in, anon?

No. 175940

i finally got approved into my dream university. im so happy and proud of myself!!!

No. 175948

Thanks anon, for investing I went 40% ETFs and bluechips and 60% meme/speculation stocks. It's mostly luck and good timing at this point, I've had 2-3 that tripled in value which makes up the bulk of the growth.

And yeah I'm just happy doing what I want in my own time, working and seeing my friends. Don't need anyone fucking this up or diverting my energy away from me right now since I don't know how long it'll last lol

I work in big tech. If you're interesting in $$$ and want to work in software, I recommend you either go either to a trading company (like jane st, optiver, IMC), big tech or start up (though prepared to cover multiple roles). Those generally pay the best, and you being the money maker will be treated very well compared to other companies.

No. 175954

Congrats you brilliant bitch!!!

No. 176002

File: 1616254022263.jpg (3.97 KB, 229x220, images.jpg)

thanks anon im so fucking excited!

No. 176268

After an aweful last two years with a failed postgraduate experience, shit job, sacking/no contract extension and relationship difficulties things are picking up.

>Got into a masters program in a really interesting novel science field

>Bf and I have built an amazing relationship, are celebrating 6 years together and got engaged recently
>Got out of a toxic work environment
>Favourite guinea pig's mammary tumours were successfully removed and she's still healthy 8 months after surgery when we thought we'd have to put her down
>Got a rescue rabbit this week. He's super intelligent and loving, shits in his litter box only, isn't destructive and sleeps in our bed like a cat

No. 176272

I read an anon's vent about their gym going issues due to corona and got a strong desire to gloat so here I am.
My neigborhood used the time since the pandemic started to build outdoor gyms in parks. We now have awesome big gyms free of charge in every block, they're being well kept, and it's so much more enjoyable than working out in an indoor gym.
I really chose well when I chose this part of city to live in, other municipalities don't give half a shit for improving their citizens' quality of life, they just pocket the money.

No. 176306

Outdoor gyms are a fun warmup but they're not a real gym substitute because without any weights it's not an exercise that would help with anything past certain level, unfortunately. And they cant put weights there because people would injure themselves.

No. 388679

I feel like no matter what I do or attempt, everything ends up working out really well for me. It's like I put everything in my luck stat upon creation. I'm an incredibly optimistic person, and I wonder if I'm like that because everything turns out fine or if everything turns out fine because I'm so optimistic about everything lol.

No. 388730

I'm riddled with self-esteem issues but at least I'm effortlessly decently attractive, I'm so glad I'm not weighted down by my appearance, I would have probably killed myself a long time ago.

No. 388742

>fast learner, i seem to intuitively understand how things work
>literature teacher insisted he'd look up my assignment poem online cause he didn't believe i wrote it myself
>buttrcrack long super soft hair, face features are pleasingly balanced, feline eyes, good w/h ratio
>can heal physical pain in meditation
>trespassed a murder accomplices' property multiple times to feed his malnourished dog
>pretty name, uncomon where i live

No. 388750

Ive helped to improve my father’s business and we had an increase of 25k in profits this year! He has made me a partner and is teaching me more and more about running the business.

No. 388847

I just got accepted into medical school and I'm so happy.

No. 388903

Congrats nonnie!! Make sure to spend the first few years well and socialize a lot because it gets harder in the later years of med

No. 391200

friend and i got a coomerblog shadowbanned on neocities. felt good.

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