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File: 1511397207768.jpg (283.5 KB, 786x900, 748cfcfb5bf7855de3295f832b5981…)

No. 70585

The threads in /cgl/ keep getting nuked because it brings in the drama and fetishists getting angry at us. We're moving to Lolcow.

Lets talk about males who degrade lolita fashion as some sort of sexual fetish online. Here are two examples:


No. 70586

File: 1511397301337.jpg (172.39 KB, 967x826, dolly_debt_by_sissyfairy-dbfde…)

No. 70587

File: 1511397335574.jpg (155.53 KB, 637x992, 1511365244475.jpg)

No. 70588

File: 1511397452935.jpg (395.52 KB, 889x580, kam_kidnapped_by_sissyfairy-db…)

No. 70589

File: 1511397586017.jpg (48.97 KB, 512x350, a_bittersweet_goodbye_part_2__…)

This is their modus operandi.

No. 70590

It's so fucked up how these girl's images are being used for this. It's kind of like getting raped over the internet; your likeness is being used without consent for sexual gain.

No. 70592

This, but also its ruining lolita fashion in general. I'm sure lolita enthusiasts are just cringing inside to see this being taken and used for a stupid fetish

No. 70594

Oh, of course that too. I'm also a lolita and it makes me rage. The fashion already gets a bad rep, now shit like this is circulating on places like Pinterest where normies can form even more ill informed notions about the fashion

No. 70620

Why the fuck would you bring this to lolcow of all places? This board is full of males and normies, you're just gonna bring in even more trolls.

No. 70631

Can we post disgusting sissys in general too? Just found a ~50yo sissy with a nail fetish by accident on youtube. And of course he uploaded a video of singing children and pride parades and his favorites are full of fetish shit, porn and "drag queen" little boys.

No. 70633

Is there anything that can be done to stop these creeps? Gulls succed in taking down pictures from one guy's account, but he will reupload them for sure. It's not only harmful for lolitas, but also for children and women in general. As seen in nuked /cgl/ thread they won't listen to any voice of reason, and if someone dares to say something about their "kink". they get triggered and start to insult everyone. They also tried to make lolitas seem like the bad guys, by saying that they are homo and transphobic. Good lord.

No. 70634

I used lolita pictures on my captions because I´m transgender and I love that fashion style and wish I could wear those pretty dresses myself. (body doesn´t help me) TO ME, I was just making false scenarios and it was never my intention to offend the lolita community. But after being reported and having more than 300 captions erased, I can only assume I did. I hate you guys so SO much for what you did… (only around 6 or 7 of those captions were about sweet lolitas and you reported over 300 of them) But you do have a valid point. My apologies and no: I won´t reupload nor use lolita pictures for my captions anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70636

I'm glad they did. I was in all of the threads over on cgl and it was really fucking annoying that the thread kept getting deleted. I want a place to call these shitheads out.

>i hate you guys so so much
Aw boohoo go shit your diapie you degenerate fuck

No. 70637

Poor Agnes, she doesn't deserve this.

Btw, if you aren't upset about the lolitas, check out the use of children.(don't post children)

No. 70638

Here are some who seem to use/favorite mostly children in their captions. I don't give a shit if they were paid for - knowing that they're being used for fetish stuff is disgusting and if I found my child in one of these captions you bet I'd raise hell. I don't care if they put this under the guise of "age regression" bc you know they're also getting off on it. Like how the fuck can they be ok doing this?



No. 70640

I think at least one reason is bc we were including their usernames and "raiding" bc i got banned for a couple days for screenshotting one "diaperedsteph"'s journal posts (my ban was for having a vendetta lmao)

No. 70641

File: 1511490209322.png (39.99 KB, 981x502, whatanidiot.png)

What an idiot and for you to show up here. I hope you get v& by the FBI.

No. 70642

>I'm transgender
Way to use the Kevin Spacey defense you mentally ill twat

No. 70644

Try the warosu cgl archives.

No. 70645

File: 1511491888809.png (85.59 KB, 626x273, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 8.43…)

Here are the two pertaining to cgl outing him. The comments for this one are pretty extensive, but here you go - you can see someone his defenders as well.


No. 70646

File: 1511491926768.png (79.51 KB, 625x340, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 8.43…)


And >>70641 supplied the last relevant one (so far)

No. 70648

Sure. I'm eager to find more of these freaks and get them to bawlete. I mean I know they'll move to other places but it seems like they're not that hard to shake at least.

No. 70649

File: 1511493029569.jpeg (187.79 KB, 600x800, 7E3B01C0-AE44-4E3D-B181-2E0D4F…)

Get help for your obvious mental disorder. You’re a disgusting creep for using pictures of people and CHILDREN for your sick fetish. How dare you sexualize lolita fashion.
>I hate you guys so SO much for what you did…
Apology my ass, you deserve to be locked up. Follow Maggots advice and jump into river

No. 70650

Do you realise those are real people on your pictures? It doesn't matter if they are lolitas or not. Imagine you post a normal picture of yourself on a completely non-fetish related platform. Then someone saves it, photoshops shit in you face and naked kids next to you and posts it all over a scat childporn website, where other pedos spread it to more websites. Later, a friend of yours or a a potential employer reverse google image searches your pictures and the first thing they see is fucking scat CP.
You have no right to play the victim in any way. Is it SO hard, to just not upload your captions and keep them to yourself?

How can you write fetish shit like this, put a picture of a real child next to it and don't get how horrifying that is. How and why do they not immediately kill themselves?

No. 70652

Because they're too self-centered and obsessed with their ~life-style~ to understand how what they're doing could possibly affect anyone else. That guy's answers to a lot of comments calling him out seem proof enough for that. Saying things like "lolitas are so mean" or "they're so ignorant" just show that they don't give a shit about trying to see it from the view of a girl in one of their photos. They just want to think about the ~pretty dresses~ and whatever else they like to fetishize.

No. 70657

why. don't. we. actually. treat. trans. mental. illness. instead. of. exacerbating. it.

No. 70664

you guys reported a caption using this image (that I legaly bought, btw) as "Child nudity". Come on, guys, SERIOUSLY? https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-children-having-conflict-home-frustrated-serious-quarrel-domestic-interior-image67012723
If you don´t support the transgender fetish, you don´t. But DON´T use words like "child porn" . I despise those pedophiles animals as much as you do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70665

Moddddds can you eject him again

No. 70666

>transgender fetish
There it is.

No. 70667

Few posts ago you said we "don´t listen to any voice of reason" so here I was, trying to be mature about the whole incident, yet YOU won´t listen to anything I say because of the mental image you created. Don´t worry about ejecting me I know my way out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70669

We get to reports as soon as we can. Please don't make posts to call for mods, it doesn't serve a purpose. Thanks!

No. 70670

Thanks! Sorry about that.

No. 70671

And yet you cater to them by using ACTUAL CHILDREN IN YOUR PHOTOS. Sorry, sissy shit is not and will never be normal or okay, especially when kids are involved
>you guys are big meanies! Leave my trans fetish alone!
No people like you deserve to be outed for trying to make society worse.

No. 70672

Not only that but he's writing sexually explicit text that pedos WILL WANK TO. Thinking otherwise is just stupid. FFS him sexualizing the idea of trans children is pedoshit even though it has to do with trans, it doesn't make it free of criticism.

No. 70677

>transgender fetish
Did…did he just admit it was a fetish? Are people finally going to start being honest?

No. 70679

Talked to one of them. He told me: Being trans itself isn’t a fetish. But the act of being feminised or turned into a girl by a hot girl is. Femdom. I ALMOST feel I can respect that. Except when it involves children…

No. 70680

that is trans being a fetish. it's called autogynephilia and it's a real thing despite what trans lobbyists want you to believe. trans is a mental illness anyways and these gross autogynephiliacs are just making it harder for them to receive mental treatment that isn't mutilation.

No. 70681


If you really cared about children/people that you sexualize without their consent, you wouldn't be captioning pictures of real people you'd be comissioning art, hurts no one involved (it actually help artists).

Stop trying to justify this shit.

No. 70682

autogynephiliacs are fucking nuts man, you can't argue with these mentally unsound people. i respect people like this or even people with pedophilic thoughts who actually get mental help. but this shit is just sick.

first it's fantasizing, then drawn shit, then porn, then stealing photos, next he'll mutilate his body and feel excited by it for a bit until he realizes he can't jackoff properly anymore. it's like those people who get off to being circumcised and then actually do it and realize after they've mutilated part of their penis.

No. 70684

Maybe he'll bleed out then.

No. 70685

I've been blocked by this steph person for calling them out on their gross behaviour, they didn't take kindly to listening to logic, and you can see that yourself where they kept returning to the comment thread to 'defend' themselves even after 'ending' the conversation. They've become too old and stubborn to realize how selfish they really are. Even though I'm blocked, I can still read everything just fine (and I could just use another account to comment again).
The person seems to flip-flop on what is and isn't sexual, admitting that transgender is a fetish to them (which suggests a fear of commitment, they want to live life as a masculine person and 'transform' unwillingly into a feminine person for the sexual excitement of it). Trans folk have a hard enough time being taken seriously, and this steph person is sick, masquerading as a trans person just to get some cummies.
If steph were smart, they'd use commissioned art, host it on a site dedicated to adults and sissies, admit they don't take lolita or transgendered people seriously (honestly steph, if you respected lolitas, you'd stop rubbing your diapers while thinking of us), use 'transformation' instead of 'transgender' as a fetish, stop using images of children outright, and commit to living life as a woman full time - with all the issues that come along with life as a lady. It's not so sexy when you have to commit, honey.

No. 70689

>implying trans people aren't just mentally ill

No. 70690

That's a whole other debate not related to gross sissies and other weirdos who use lolita as a fetish.

No. 70701

File: 1511568131533.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here's another one who seems to use a lot of lolitas in his captions.


One of his contests includes photos of several famous lolitas: Lor, Kate, Fahr, Peachie, and several others.


No. 70703

File: 1511568958187.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Bonus: a photo of him in replica AP. They really can't respect anything enough to not steal, huh.

No. 70726

Good thread. In my years being involved in the kink community, I've noticed time and time again the people with the least amount of respect for other peoples boundaries are sissies. I try not to kink shame but idk.. even comments like "I like your pretty dress" rub me up the wrong way when coming from them. We are not into the same why are you messaging me I don't welcome any attention from 40 year old men ok and especially not ones in obnoxious frilly satin dresses and nappies :/

No. 70729

This. I have no problem with people who have problematic thoughts - just the ones who deny it’s a problem, don’t get help for it, then start forcing it on everyone around them.

No. 70748

File: 1511652402328.png (452.15 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

New stuff from DS. I'm on my phone so I apologize for not being able to just post the whole journal entry in one go.

No. 70749

File: 1511652427663.png (438.69 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 70750

File: 1511652447767.jpeg (100.31 KB, 750x501, image.jpeg)

And the photos he posted.

No. 70752

File: 1511652472326.jpeg (152.09 KB, 750x685, image.jpeg)


No. 70753

Honest question: what's with males and writing these really autismal and cringeworthy essays under their fapfodder? Porn gif captions, the shit in this thread, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Women have their own brand of fap-cringe, but it's never this bad. What the fuck is wrong with male organisms?

No. 70755

I have no fucking clue. Last night I just kept thinking about how they have to turn every damn innocent thing into a fetish and it makes me want to vomit.

No. 70758

Literally autistic men.

No. 70759

File: 1511663931464.png (141.41 KB, 527x616, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.37…)

Newest DS post.

No. 70760

File: 1511664345372.png (51.29 KB, 572x229, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.41…)

Not trolls, just legitimately hate him.

But really, I hate him and anyone like him. I hate the people who keep defending him and calling us haters and idiots. They literally can't get what we're saying through their fucking heads.

I may be a bit naive, but I never realize how deep this hole went. I've been wearing lolita for about five years now, and these people make me terrified to take photos and post them on my personal social media anymore for fear that they'll get stolen and used for fetish shit.

I try really hard to be a good person and be understanding of everyone. Never have I had a negative thought towards people who are transgender until I saw these people. Now, pretty much all of my opinions on trans rights have been flipped within a few days and I lean closer to being a TERF than ever before. Idk lolcow, I guess I just don't know how to process all of this knowledge. How do other lolitas deal with it?

No. 70764

He TRIED an appology and you guys blast all his comments. Have you guys noticed he hasn”t shared this post link in public? ( of course you have: you’re reading and screenshotting everything) it’s obvious to me that HE DOESN’T want a war!! Please focus your attention on something else ? I am not even a follower but at this point, I actually feel bad for the guy

No. 70765

(Still me) is he weird? Yes. Is he mentally ill? Probably. But there isn’t a valid excuse to stalk someone like this.

No. 70767

Trans people of all stripes from radiqueer tumblr types to normie pass or death sleth trans people to self identified transsexuals hate these people too anon. It's bizarre and creepy and just really really not ok you have every right to hate people who sexualize you and turn something into pornography without your knowledge or consent.

Idk your life but maybe you could take a break from the internet and just do lolita irl or in private groups url at least for a while maybe it could relive some anxiety, you can always go back to being an full online Lolita at anytime but some time away might be good just to process this? I'm so sorry these pigs are making you even have to do/think about this.

No. 70774

You're really bad at hiding who you are.

No. 70776

>>70774 Not trying to hide it . Just stating I wrote both messages on purpose. I dunno how to feel about all this fetish thing, tbh. It confuses the crap outta me. But the stalking you’re doing by watching him every move? I don’t think that’s right at all. So yeah I actually feel kinda bad for him

No. 70777

Lol do you know where you are?

No. 70778

Not really ? First time around. 2 days ago a lolita friend sent me this link to help her “defend the lolita community against those sissy creeps” so I discovered Steph and this forum as well. Sorry I just don’t see it . But well : we think differently, I guess.

No. 70779

I’ll stop writing I guess you guys must be hating me too and I don’t want a war. Lol. Have fun

No. 70780

>"I'll stop writing."
Why are you talking about yourself in third person? How embarrassing.


No. 70784

Ok yes. I’m justpassingbyman and I didn’t even knew about this forum until 2 days ago.. I don’t know how to feel about all this ,! But what you are doing is harassing a person. And to me , that IS a terrible thing to do to ANYONE.

No. 70785

So why do you type EXACTLY like diaperedsteph?

No. 70787

lol. Judging from all the images you have posted, I seriously doubt this steph person would hide behind a false username. But well: it IS true that this forum is Anonymous and it isn’t my fight either , so have it your way.

No. 70789

They have the right to write whatever the fuck they want on this forum (as long as they don´t start harassing me again on DA, I can accept their hate) YOU are harassing me!!STOP writing here and STOP writing on my profile. Just fucking stop, ok? Not helping anyone.

No. 70791

Lol. A mod needs to put this hysterical cow in timeout.

No. 70792

Sorry for the language. I´m so tired of all of you guys. Including my "protector". But I mean it: you can do whatever you want HERE. It isn´t harassment not stalking if they keep it to themselves. REALLY, randomman or whatever, don´t force me to write here again we obviously hate each other. Bye for good, I hope.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70793

No shit we can talk about what we want here. You keep saying you're going to shut up and keep coming back. You done yet? For real? Don't you have better things to do like getting off to shoving marshmallows up your ass and shitting your diapies?

No. 70812

Since you keep frequenting here would you mind doing everyone a favor and getting psychological help you fucking sicko?

No. 70823

Moved to >>>/snow/433040.

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