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File: 1514760744248.jpeg (236.87 KB, 2000x1200, 533CE4E6-73D3-4914-A783-6EBB91…)

No. 72418

Who here is unironically a misandrist? Men commit 90% of violent crime and 99% of rape and pedophilia. This is because their balls produce testosterone which makes them aggressive and strong. Can’t we just eliminate most Male foetuses and just have a few men to extract semen from?

Should we humanely castrate most Males before they reach puberty?

Any ideas sisters?

No. 72419

Eliminating testosterone producing men would get rid of like 90% of problems in society. Crime would drop dramatically. Governments would lean more towards socialism, environmentalism and justice. Sexual assault and rape would almost be a thing of the past.

Is there any reason to keep the male parasite alive?

No. 72420

File: 1514761295811.gif (128.91 KB, 240x174, 56895437.gif)

I have no idea what we as a society could do that would make sense. In an ideal world I'd like to try re-educating society to understand that a lot of typical male behaviour is unacceptable.

I think a lot of poor male behaviour comes from society excusing them with the idea that "boys will be boys" - often times their poor behaviour is encouraged and since nothing was ever done to stop it in childhood it will obviously continue in adulthood.

But as I said this could just be idealistic fantasy. But I think it's worth a shot. If that didn't work I would say sure - genocide it is.

No. 72421

Is there any way to solve the problem without screwing over straight girls?

No. 72422

The overwhelming evidence points to testosterone as the sole cause of Male behaviour. I don’t even think genocide is a good solution.

In my ideal world at the age of 13 all males would be milked of their semen by a doctor then castrated with anaesthetic. Literally almost of society’s problems solved right there.

Zayn Malik can keep his balls though if he becomes my bf.

No. 72423

OP here. I am straight. We can keep a minority of very attractive males with their balls provided they behave. Straight women can have sex with them when they want. I think lesbianism will become a lot more common as most young straight girls these days are somewhat bisexual.

No. 72424

Instinct and hormones are a thing, true. But we're supposed to be human beings - above all that and capable of dulling our more animal-like instincts. There's lot of dumb shit I imagine doing or would like to do but I don't because I'm supposed to act like a fucking adult.

That's why I would like to try re-education.

I like this idea.

No. 72438

I don't want to be a misandrist. I really really don't, and I wasn't always one. But then I grew up and realized how much men HATE women and how often they act on that hate. I am straight (and also a recovering hopeless romantic), so this realization has left me feeling very sad and jaded. I'm still not fully over it. It disappoints the fuck out of me because I want to believe that there are good men out there who aren't misogynists, but I know that's just wishful thinking and I should stop lying to myself.

That said, even though I want nothing to do with men and tend to avoid them, I don't wish any harm on them or anything. I do wish they would change, but I know that they can't and there's really no sense in trying to come up with solutions because I honestly think it's in their nature to hate women and thus treat us like subhuman shit.

So no, sorry, I don't have any worthwhile ideas aside from avoiding them. Maybe I don't belong in this thread. I pretty much live by "if I leave them alone they will leave me alone", which doesn't always work but I feel a lot better when I don't have to listen to their misogynistic spiels that they love to spew if you talk to them for more than an hour at a time. I actually think avoiding men and removing all of their misogynistic fuckery from my life has allowed me to hate myself less and start feeling a little better about life in general. Obviously this is a terrible solution because I think about all of the women all across the world, and the girls who are born everyday, that are going to have to grow up to see how hated they are by society just based on something they can't control. Maybe pessimism and defeatism like mine is part of the problem, idk.

No. 72439

Not a misandrist myself. I just wish that there were more female oriented spaces without male intrusion, MtF especially. I've never had the chance to cultivate meaningful friendships with other women. I do have ex girlfriends and that also ended in disaster. I'm happily engaged to a man and more than anything.. I really, really desire other girl friends and for us to be able to have communities where there isn't this need to compete for attention. I'm probably idealizing fictional friendships, but those are what made me believe that there are nice girls out there.

No. 72440

Yeah, I'm definitely a misandrist. It's unfortunate that we evolved enough to be self aware but not enough to for men to move past their instincts for violence, toxic attitudes towards sexuality, and an inherent hatred of women (whether that's straight up hatred, or the more insidious preference for us to be inferior to them - aka loving us as long as we fit their submissive ideal). As pessimistic as it sounds, I don't think it's a societal problem, I think it's their nature and I don't think there's any way to beat that.

No. 72441

File: 1514779834189.gif (1.94 MB, 500x526, AE4DF40E-759D-4DF6-B07E-5B00F9…)

>I'm probably idealizing fictional friendships, but those are what made me believe that there are nice girls out there.

In your life, have you found men or women to be more unkind?

No. 72443

Shit anon, not even trying to pull an muh egaltarian meme on you but when I weigh my bad experiences with both genders? Both have been equally as petty and psychotic, but here is the interesting thing about that: The men who gave me problems were (mostly, barring high school) heterosexual males who behaved quite honestly like catty and vicious girls.

It has been truly bizarre.

No. 72444

If you made the Earth's population a 9:1 female to male ratio (so only 10% of the population is male), then the remaining males would have the same level of sexual bargaining value as women age 12-30 in real life today.

Women would have to be the ones competing over men. We would go from having 99% of prostitutes being female, to 99% of prostitutes being male.

The huge population of male incels IRL today would be replaced by an equal portion of female incels (which doesn't exist today, there's no such thing as a female incel, no matter how ugly, fat, retarded, deformed, or crazy you are, there's still countless guys who want to fuck you).

TLDR: I'm all for making the Earth 90% female, sounds great for the remaining 10% of men, because they will have an equal amount of bargaining power as women IRL do today.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72446

>there's no such thing as a female incel, no matter how ugly, fat, retarded, deformed, or crazy you are, there's still countless guys who want to fuck you.

You know I was tempted to argue until I remembered that pt, Quirkyloverosee, and Honey Boo Boo's mother exist.

No. 72447

I am pretty sure that you’re a man…

No. 72448


This is what men want, just disgusting.

No. 72467

Sounds like a great idea to reduce testosterone in men when low T is linked to depression and irritability. Nothing bad could come of that. Not at all.

No. 72468

I wonder if there's a way to artificially create CAIS-women.

No. 72469

you know there are seed banks now right?

No. 72470

No. 72473

Yes there are female incels. My gf is incel, she had a boyfriend before me but when they tried to have sex she discovered she has vaginnism…shortly after he left her.
I'm glad i can be with someone like her tho. I'm glad i'm the one curing her vaginism.

No. 72474

Let's talk about actually making this a reality. It's a very long game but you can convince people to do anything if you're persuasive enough.

Would you start with subliminal indoctrination in preschool, glorifying everything females and denouncing all male behaviors? At first we would have to act within the current laws of society, so being too extreme too fast risks misandrists being destroyed instead.

No. 72477

Start to campaign for female only safe zones as an experiment in a major dangerous city. Once crime in the female only street plummets to almost zero then people will start to catch on.

No. 72480

Perhaps a subsidized housing program is needed keep the safe zone representative of the entire population, otherwise it could just turn into another rich gated community. The wealth argument and possible race arguments could drown out the gender argument if the safe zone isn't controlled to have sex as the only independent variable in the experiment.

No. 72481

I see your point but race and wealth are nowhere near as greater determiner of violence and criminality as biological sex. An impoverished black woman with 6 kids is still less dangerous than wealthy white man; Harvey Weinstein and Louis CK come to mind.

When we talk about the crime rates and dysfunction in certain classes and races what we are really talking about is the crime rate and disfunction amongst men of that class or race.

The natural Male inclination towards violence and hate can be amplified or diminished by certain social factors but it will always be there.

No. 72502

high T males are needed as well.
every generation needs revolutionaries, fighters, soldiers and lost-causes supporters

No. 72513

I wouldn't say I'm a misandrist but I'm definately radfem. I just want there to be equality between the sexes really, whatever it takes.

I wish women would avoid men as much as possible. It makes me really upset to see women in highly abusive relationships where they keep justifying their partners behaviour. I feel bad for them because they probably come from shitty homes themselves where their parents stayed together "for the kids" and they think constant fighting is normal. In an ideal world, we'd trust women to care for their own children and not feel the need to involve careless and abusive men for us to feel like the kids have gotten a fulfilling childhood. Men are abusive because they're let get away with this shit. If we as a society shamed men for their appalling behaviour and made it so that they had to be on their best behaviour to attract us, it would reduce. If women basically showed them that being an asshole doesn't earn them what they ultimately want (sex) and mothers stopped treating their horrible sons like "mommy's precious boy" who acts like a complete dick because "he likes you uwu", it would reduce the testosterone-fueled bullshit we have to put up with on a daily basis.

Women need to be way more selective with their partners; right now women have huge hearts and they date men who are abusive, unambitious, unkept, non-committed and who imo are unattractive while on the other end, most men have incredibly high standards thanks to porn and movies and expect women to be living barbie dolls, shaming any who don't meet those expectations. Unfortunately, a lot of women give into that pressure and end up performing excessive grooming, partaking in borderline dangerous beauty trends and even acting in unnatural ways to attract men. It's ridiculous. What we allow our partners to get away with ultimately effects our society. We have a worldwide society of women who bend over backwards to please men and men who really don't have to do anything special to attract a woman.

I wish there was a pill that reduced the amount of testosterone men produced and straight women would have better partners, mothers would have an easier time raising their sons, we'd have better fathers who actually care for their children, there would be less war and fighting (my brothers come home with injuries and black eyes just from hanging out with their friends wtf), there would be far less crime and women could feel safe in public for once. Testosterone makes men so much more aggressive so if we reduce it, men might stop being such cunts on social media and we'd stop being victims to raids here and women wouldn't feel like their life was at risk when refusing a man sex and could get on better at work without men speaking over them and trying to sabotage their careers. We'd end up with less pedophiles and rapists too because they'd be less aggressive.

Slip something that reduces testosterone into a male oral contraceptive and start producing that. Women shouldn't have to take them anyway because female ones are fatal sometimes. Have it so that men have to visit their gp weekly by law in order to get an injection of hormones or whatever would suppress testosterone and most all of the world's problems would be solved.

No. 72516

If men’s testosterone is low they will find it almost impossible to get an erection.

I don’t know if you are straight or not but the fact is that a lot of straight women (including myself at times) do find negative Male behaviour kind of sexy sometimes. It’s a stereotype that women find kind men boring but that fact is that men or who don’t behave in a stereotypically masculine way are nowhere near as attractive as aggressive macho guys. I’ve heard gay men say exactly the same thing.

I don’t know if it’s just Society that brainwashed me during my adolescence or something biological but something is definitely strange there.

No. 72519

Most of the "bad" male behavior is caused ironically by females.

Mother being too soft or to hard during male childhood cause traumas that later emerge at adult age.

Also eliminating males doesn't will resolve violent crime or rape. These crimes will shift from males to male-females lesbians, that without the strong male competition will have the road clean to abuse females.

No. 72520

But we wouldn't need revolutionaries, fighters, or soldiers because if we didn't have high T males to begin with, no wars would be started.

No. 72523

Ah yes, of course, any problem a guy is the fault of his mother because only women can do wrong. Cmon, you know this isnt a place for you robot.

No. 72525

I didn't say any problem, I say most problems.

And make personal attacks instead of a civilized discussion is sign of lack of arguments

No. 72526

File: 1514882923288.jpg (110.69 KB, 683x517, The Final Solution to the Y Ch…)

men go on about muh artificial wombs (tech that's far more complicated and still requires female genetic material and has not been demonstrated for humans yet) but we have already had the technology for human reproduction without sperm-cells for over a decade (fittingly enough invented by a female scientist)


No. 72527

>Mother being too soft or to hard during male childhood cause traumas that later emerge at adult age.

lots of people have daddy issues too it's just that the vast majority of the time it's the dad who's the one doing a runner so he isn't even there to mistreat the kid

>gay women dont rape other women as much as they would if there weren't men already raping their targets

u fuckin wot m8

No. 72528

It's not an personal attack though; it's a fact.

Here's your counter argument: if men were more reliable, supportive and kind father figures, boys would understand that blaming personal flaws and problems on others prevents them from taking self responsibility of their actions and life choices like most men do. In turn, that reinforces and even encourages the "bad" male behaviour.

Now grow the fuck up robot and fuck the fuck off.

No. 72530

Saged, but fuck your green text and last comment made me laugh so hard

No. 72531

I don't particularly find that a problem. Men are far hornier than women so if they weren't as horny/didn't get erections as often, they'd just be at our level. Although I have a theory that we're only like this due to female oral contraceptives.

I'm into guys and I personally find the idea of "bad" men attractive (like in media or my own fantasties) but irl I find that a huge turn off. Like I have fantasies of being raped but then if that happened to me in real life it would destroy me mentally, so it's just a fantasy. I think when it comes to picking a long term partner, men who are good with children/animals, who surprise you by being good at cooking/cleaning/dressing themselves, who are intelligent or highly educated are infinitely more impressive than the "bad boy" archetype.

I think it's just media brainwashing. You develop your sexuality in your early teens and a lot of us are watching edgy teen dramas at that age. They convince us that that's what we want but doesn't your heart flutter when you see a man playing with a dog or when he listens to what you want during sex or when he let's you relax while he makes food? Idk all of them seem like way more attractive qualities to me than someone who believes in "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" but maybe it's because I'm getting older and settling down.

No. 72532

That technology is really cool but we don't even need that to create an all-female utopia. Just have a few sperm banks and let women who want to be mothers use them. It would solve overpopulation too since only women who really want a child would end up having them. We'd end up with a healthier, better educated and happier population.

Why do we even need men?

No. 72534

>high T males are needed
in the oven

No. 72539

File: 1514895290182.jpg (12.17 KB, 320x320, ab4410b7d64ab43fe4f67c172203c9…)

anon I wish you best in life

No. 72549

Unless it's a global post-scarcity economy, that just puts the misandrist home country at risk of being invaded if they produce enough to be self-sufficient.

I thought about that last night and had a pretty sad realization too. Sex will always be scarce in a civilized society (unless robots become a thing) so there's really no way that feminist enclaves wouldn't be constantly invaded by countries that still have men.

I think female only countries would have to wait till the middle of the space colonization age where we can pick a rock on the outer edge of the solar system that's essentially worthless to the rest of the humanity in their Dyson spheres. Only then would we finally have peace.

No. 72570

1st. point- Daddy issues is more a female thing, in the case of males the "daddy issues" cause overachievement or a competition with the father to prove themselves. Of course that exist bad dads that are the worst role models, but generally tend to be ethic related behavior.

The lack of a paternal figure in males, cause soft males with strong female (mother) influence. Paradoxically these men's are not desirable by females.

2nd Point- Rape of male-female lesbians over feminine lesbians and straight women DOES exist, just is relatively new and under reported.
In almost all court cases of domestic violence in same sex couples, is the male-female partner that abuse the feminine female partner.
I know of a hetero woman that started to use the "pink" bus in her city and started to being harassed by other womans and male-female lesbians. It ranged from simple smiles and glances to deliberated invasion of the personal space and even touches. She say that doesn't feel any difference from regular buses.

Another girl in high school was harassed by a male-female lesbian, the situation turned unbearable for the girl and seek help with a male friend, he punch in the face the male-female lesbian and warned to stay away of her. From that never dare to harass her again.

The reason that lesbian rape and violence is not widespread is because is hogged by males.
The moment males doesn't exist the rape and violence will swing to male-female lesbians.

No. 72572

Of course that bad paternal figures exist, and cause traumas too, but at least 50% of these problems are caused by women's, so eliminating 100% of males will only eliminate 50% of your problems, and you talk about blame others… Ok, got it.

Paradoxically, the males without a paternal figure and/or raised by single mothers are soft males or low T, but are not desirable by females.

No. 72573

What the fuck is a "male-female lesbian"?

No. 72578

Basically a ‘manly’ lesbian I.e. a woman who sort of takes the role of a man in lesbian relationship.

No. 72580

File: 1514926451011.png (528.17 KB, 409x506, girls.png)

No. 72581

File: 1514927972150.jpg (89.34 KB, 615x409, Man_Beating_his_Wife_1840.jpg)

I cannot wait for artificial wombs, sperm, eggs, and sex robots to be perfected. Then, it will be possible for men and women to live in separate societies. Our interactions throughout history show that we cannot live together in harmony.

Would I miss interacting with men? For a small number of them, yes. The men who do treat women as fellow human beings and show genuine interest in the personalities, lives, and hobbies of their girlfriends and wives are worth their weight in gold. I have family members and friends who are men that I appreciate. But overall, my interactions with men have been a net negative. I've been stalked, catcalled, groped, received unwanted sexual propositions, and been demeaned as inferior on a regular basis since puberty. I am fortunate I have not suffered rape or sexual assault. I've met many women who have.

There's something very strange within the human male psyche that gives a large majority of them an insatiable urge to hate, harm, and subjugate women. No other male mammal has confined the females to a small home for nearly all of their time, used "corrective" rape, deformed their bodies for their increased sexual pleasure (corsets, Chinese foot binding, etc.), restricted their freedom of movement in unowned or public territory, and used social structures that prevent them from being able to live on their own and remain in the company of abusive males the way humans do.

I don't wish harm on men. I avoid interacting with men I don't know and trust as much as possible to stay safe. This is case of most women who dislike the majority of men. This is not the way men who dislike the majority of women act at all. They form communities online that rack up tens of thousands of posts on how much they hate women and write out their fantasies of harming women in great detail. In real life, they rape and assault as a form of revenge. You'd think they'd make the logical choice to keep to themselves and devote their lives to hobbies and work, but the desire to subjugate and harm women is so strong it overpowers any sense.

I don't know what is happening at the biological or chemical level that makes them detest half of their own species so much. All I know is I want to get away from this.

No. 72582

I hate toxic masculinity, but not men. Men are a product of society just like women are, and they're expected to be, just as women are. I will not compare men's experiences to women's, because they are drastically different, but there is some overlap. We are both expected to only be feminine or masculine and are encouraged to suppress the opposite feelings, and ridiculed for them. I feel like that in and of itself accounts for all violent tenancies men have. In the US, men are taught and expected to be loud, aggressive and rowdy, they are denied the ability to be calm, quiet and shy, lest something is wrong with them. They cannot be emotional at all or display any femininity. This possibly accounts for higher instances of autism in men, 'high functioning autists' display more feminine traits than non autist men. I also feel that areas where the overlap is are treated with double standard.

I understand and acknowledge that the treatment of women and the benefits they reap from current society are much much worse than men, but I know that 'men' are not the cause, but rather a symptom of something that has to be dismantled from the inside. I also feel that anyone who views current society as something to be protected is an idiot. Society in it's current state is not biologically driven, it's not instinctual in any way.

No. 72586

>The men who do treat women as fellow human beings and show genuine interest in the personalities, lives, and hobbies of their girlfriends and wives are worth their weight in gold.
lmao. where? never seen one. i've seen some who are good at pretending until they finally get what they want. never seen one genuinely be like this though.

No. 72588

Great men are just greater than great women and as time goes I realize this is just true.Everytime that I read something "great" written by a woman is usually garbage compared to her male counterpart.And if we dig into science and the arts this disparity grows larger and larger.Granted that most men are botton of the barrel trash but basically men have to kept around for society to advance and make huge leaps.
An only female society would just be very peaceful but really stagnant and would collapse as soon as a major threat would happen.
We just don't have the drive to say fuck it I am going to risk my entire fucking wealth to fullfil my dream as men do and as such we are not fit to survive on our own.
You will just realise this sooner or later and it is going to be pretty depressing when you do

No. 72589

So what do you suggest we do then? Just kill ourselves because we’re so useless and will never amount to anything and men are always better? Because that sure as fuck seems like what men want.

I honestly don’t know how I’ve lasted this long without putting a bullet in my fucking skull with this shit being beat into my head every single day since birth. People like you LOVE to remind women of this every second of every day. Why try? Why live?

No. 72593

>So what do you suggest we do then? Just kill ourselves because we’re so useless and will never amount to anything and men are always better?

Don't you understand that no matter how smart, successful, rich etc you are there will always be someone better than you, male or female. Right now there are millions of men who are beneath you in those regards.

These 'men'(robots) want you to feel like shit because trying to put down women makes them feel better. They have no accomplishments of their own and are failures in life so they compensate by taking credit for the achievements of other men. Its the same tactic white supremacists use.

My brother is a good example of this he always says women are stupid, useless etc. And yet he is mooching off my mom living in her basement, no education, drug addict, in thousands of dollars of debt. But it could be worse, he could be a female like me, younger already with her own place, savings, etc. Yeah sure does suck to be a woman.

No. 72595

Yes but men are still PERCEIVED to be better, by almost everyone in the workforce and society. It doesn't matter if I am more successful than X man, he is still more valued, he is considered more capable and can offer more to society. If I went to the same job interview as an unskilled robot, he would probably still be preferred to me because ~men have higher IQs and women aren't hard workers~ or whatever other shitty talking point they've added to their arsensal. So what the fuck is the point in even trying if you're just going to be told constantly how worthless you are by society and men, and even some other women?

Read >>72588 again. And they claim to be a woman. Even women who do great things can't just be admired for doing great things. Society has to tell her she isn't as good as a man, and make sure she knows it, until its worn her down so much she doesn't even see the point in living anymore. Luckily most women are strong enough to deal with this and not get too down on themselves, but I'm at the point where I'm just not anymore. I'm depressed, I'm angry, I'm sad, and I'm done living in a world that fucking hates me for something I can't control. If I could have been born a man, trust me I fucking would have.

No. 72597

File: 1514941197678.gif (1.19 MB, 300x226, 697534778.gif)

>I think female only countries would have to wait till the middle of the space colonization age where we can pick a rock on the outer edge of the solar system that's essentially worthless to the rest of the humanity in their Dyson spheres. Only then would we finally have peace.
>tfw literally have to colonize another planet to get away from men

No. 72600

I don't even think that would work. Imagine the thirsty cunts constantly orbiting the planet in spaceships and regularly landing to "troll" us. Even if it was a planet of lesbians, they'd still think they have a chance fucking us.

No. 72604

I'm sorry but if you think misogynistic men are only confined to the internet then you're sorely mistaken. Try working in a male dominated field. Or just watch the news. Men despise women and express it all the time in various ways. Of course it's amplified on the internet, but only because they won't get called out on it and instead will find vocal support. It doesn't harm their bottom line if they express their views anonymously on the internet, but it has the potential to if they talk openly about how they really feel in everyday life.

No. 72606

>"They colonized a different planet without us, Jim. Maybe we should take the hint and leave them the fuck alone?"
>"nah, they want this dick. They're just playing hard to get."

No. 72607

I'm going to take a wild guess that you aren't currently employed in a male dominated field.
News has the tendency to try to report on story that triggers emotions, especially in 2018, then they try to trigger fear, as it increases viewership, MSM isn't going to be reporting a story on a man who gives money to a charity or volunteers with the elderly, because people don't want to focus on something that doesn't make them angry, not to mention people have selective attention and you'll be more focused and willing to remember stories of men committing murders, or an arrest of a rapist because it's relevant to your view.

No. 72608

The best thing to do is to address the social issues that lead men to act out and be violent, such as poverty, child abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual), neglect, drug addiction and improve services to mental health care.
I would rather we take that approach first, before resorting to talking about castration.

But, if you would rather gather together your money, buy an island, take a bunch of women and live away from society, then nobody would really complain. That's another idea that's more sensible than sailing to the moon.

Even in the US, there's isolated wilderness where you could easily find and develop a community away from society.

No. 72613

I am employed in a male dominated field, and I constantly have to deal with incel-lite men. I’m not sure why you would doubt me on that, but again if you don’t think you will experience misogyny as a woman being surrounded by men you are very mistaken. Not to mention that even though you did say that it would help to take a break from misogynistic spaces on the internet, please remember that those men who post on mgtow, redpill, even previously normal conservative sites, those men leave the internet too. And they still have the same views in real life, and those views are still spreading, and they are still held by the majority of men.

Read shit like this and then tell me that men don’t hate women. It isn’t a certain kind of men, or men in certain fields or economic classes. You can say this is just me confirming my biases, but the only reason I have those biases is because of my personal experiences with men from birth (starting with my father, who literally is an older version of Roosh V), and the fact that stories like this are not hard to come by at all. My views exist BECAUSE this shit is rampant. I don’t have to go looking for things to confirm that men hate women, it falls right into my lap everyday.

I never stated that men couldn’t help the elderly or commit altruistic acts. My point is not that men are terrible people in all walks of life, my point is that men hate women. Men hate and do not feel empathy for women. Some of them hide it better than others. We shouldn’t lie to ourselves about this. This does not mean that we have to advocate for male extinction or female only colonies. This does not mean that men are monsters who don’t feel empathy for other men, children, or the elderly. Men are capable of doing great things, but they do hate women. Go ask any man in your life how he TRULY feels about women. Especially ones that don’t have sex wth him, cook for him, or raise his biological children. I have a feeling you will be disappointed in their answers.

No. 72615

excuse me i would be against focusing on issues that focus on men I don't see how trying to tackle poverty or child abuse against men would be productive when abuse has less of an effect on male children on masculine socialization. Boys no matter how young they are experience no effect from abuse and it plays no role in socialization.

we need to focus on addressing those problems towards women first none of that focusing on both genders bullshit.

No. 72616

can biological male children even experience abuse when women are abused daily? i dont think child abuse of a male child is wrong if it would help them develop some understanding and empathy of what young girls go through from society go through daily without acting out in violence. abuse doesn't hurt boys because they can't experience trauma, the only thing it can do is help and we should focus on abuse towards young girls not arrest "abusers" of boys who serve to level the playing field by having them go through what girls go through.
but omg the pooooor boys, who are already have a leg up in society.

No. 72619

>it's okay to abuse children
You sound like a fucking loon.

No. 72620

Uh…what? No child should be abused, regardless of gender or what outcome you think the abuse would have. I highly doubt that abuse would cause young boys to have more empathy, it would just fuck them up and scar them for the rest of their life. What you're suggesting is inhumane.

Also, to "level the playing field", we should focus on decreasing the number of children, male or female, who experience abuse. Not turn a blind eye to male victims of abuse just because girls get abused more.

Like I'm as fed up with men and misogyny just as much as anyone here, but these are human beings we're talking about. We're talking about innocent CHILDREN. Nobody deserves to be abused, or denied help for that abuse.

No. 72622


Are you lost? I'm pretty sure both of you are on the wrong thread if not the wrong thread. The purpose of feminism isn't to focus on men.

I'm pretty sure that with your beliefs you would feel more comfortable on /r/MGTOW, /r9k/ or /r/mensrights. You should consider going back there.

No. 72624

I never said the purpose of feminism was to focus on men, but saying that children being abused is no big deal and nobody should care is fucked up.

I don't like men, especially r9k/redpill tier men, but I don't think they should be abused, especially as children. I wasn't aware that was an unacceptable position to take. It doesn't even have anything to do with feminism.

No. 72625


You're trying to defend MALE children in a radical feminist thread that should be focusing on WOMEN.
You're definitely in the wrong place and just because you're concern trolling pretending to be a feminist doesn't mean that you probably aren't a man who is in the wrong place.

No. 72626

>hurr you must be a misogynist if you're against child abuse
Lol. Do you really want to give them that much credit, dear?

No. 72629

Women are abused daily but the second someone points out how its unfair that women can suffer abuse disproportionately when men are literally biologically programmed to be abusers then it becomes "What about the boys?"
You do know that a lot of those "children" you are defending will end up abusing others from being a male. If there's a chance that they can develop a slight amount empathy and learn not to abuse women by going through a small portion of abuse that women put up with in society and taking aware their power then i don't see the problem.
Why don't abused women commit violence but men commit violence regardless of if they are abused or not? Hmmmmm. I'm willing to guess that it doesn't hurt men as much as people think and they have a less emotional impact and decreased ability to feel emotions such as pain from abuse and trauma as a result of being male.

No. 72633

>then it becomes "What about the boys?"
Nobody brought up "the boys" until you started claiming that it was acceptable to abuse children, in which case other people reserve the right to call you out on it for being bat-shit.
>You do know that a lot of those "children" you are defending will end up abusing others from being a male.
Yes? I don't think you understand that boy-children are just about as defenseless as girls their age, not to mention they're innocent of whatever future transgressions you want to pin on them. What you're proposing is essentially a fucking power-trip equal to that of grown men using their physical strength to abuse vulnerable women. It's disgusting.

Now that I think about it actually, you're probably a troll…

No. 72634

I'll start caring about the boys when they stop abusing women and becoming hateful misogynists. If you want to defend boys when they grow up to hate women then fine but I wont encourage it.

No. 72636

Apologise if it is a triggering question but has anyone in this thread ever been raped or sexually assaulted by a man?

No. 72637


Sorry anon, I wish as much as anyone that it was a troll, but as a normal well-adjusted woman, this is one of those threads where if I do assume it's a troll, then I need to assume that everyone posting in this thread is a troll.

I hope everyone posting here is trolling, but either I have to assume that everyone here is, or no-one here is. Either way seems equally likely.

No. 72641

I wish too mang. FFS male children are not 'men' and radical feminism is actually at the point of trying to dismantle gender roles, which, oh my god, include males. Too bad.

No. 72649

I was. I went abroad for an internship where I was supposed to teach English and in turn the uni paid for my travel, classes, and rent.

I got raped when I went out with a bunch of other teachers. The first time I ever accepted a drink from a stranger. It was drugged and I was raped.

My sister was raped by a male cousin. He held her down so his friend could rape her.

No. 72651

I'm curious, what is everyone's opinion here about wearing makeup?

This isn't bait, I'm just genuinely wondering as a radical feminism who doesn't wear any. I've heard different arguments from feminists who DO wear it.

No. 72652

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're obviously extremely confused and in the wrong thread and misunderstanding the purpose of feminism if you believe that the purpose is "helping" or "focusing" on men.
Radical Feminism does not benefit men, which is a common misconception from "libfems" who try to inject themselves into our community, who even misunderstand the purpose of feminism in general.
Why should we focus or benefit men when they already benefit from being a male? You aren't a feminist, especially not a radical feminist. Get that kind of talk out of here and start calling yourself an "Egalitarian" or something if your philosophy consists of focusing on or helping men.

No. 72658

Literal beta orbiters

No. 72662

>child abuse is good if it evens out the playing field

Is so retarded, it's probably a robot planting bait for screenshots. Fuck off.

No. 72663

I wear light makeup, that's relatively safe. I don't really want to make my ugly face to a political statement. That would just make me more depressed when I look in the mirror.

No. 72679

>agrees that men can have daddy issues from their shit dads too
>agrees with me that men doing a runner from their family is a bad thing

ok thanks

>The reason that lesbian rape and violence is not widespread is because is hogged by males.

oh right thank you for clarifying now it makes sense

>"I, as a male-female lesbian (????), really want to rape that girl… but there's already a male rapist on top of her, damn! if only men didn't exist then there'd be room to jump on"

sounds like the punchline from a shadman comic

No. 72696

Women are fundamental in keeping society of going bonkers.The problem is that WE need men as the current bubble that we live was created by them.We just have to assume that we need men.They do all the heavy work and have the most brilliant minds.Granted a lot are troublesome but there is no way we could survive without them.(baiting)

No. 72697

Not really.The top 10% of men just blow the fuck out of the top 10% of women.Just think about entrepreneurs,polititians or scientists.You will find a great women here and there but most are men for a reason and the one on top is ALWAYS a man.Top 500 fortunes? Sausage party.Noble Laurets? Sausage parties.Leaders of think tanks and pressure groups? Oh you guess it a field of sausages.We have had 70 years of practical total equality and men still dominate EVERYTHING.You can blame a boogyman like the patriarchy but in reality we just have to assume that the best our society can give are men unfortunatly.
Btw men also produce the worst scum from society like mass murderers and rapists.I will never claim otherwise

No. 72698

The emphasis on "WE" doesn't turn you into a woman, robot-kun.

No. 72700

>We have had 70 years of practical total equality
Oh you sweet summer child. Total equality will come when all fetuses are developed outside of the female body AND raised by the government.

No. 72701

>ugg ugg me have lots of sex me successful ugg ugg

this literal caveman male meme gets old after you realize the people that have the most sexual partners are complete disaster case drug addict losers just because they associate with other people with deferral of gratification problems

No. 72713

Real astute there, Camille Paglia.
>We have had 70 years of practical total equality

No. 72714

Yeah obviously since men are more numerously excelling at performance indicators created by men to win accolades that are judged by panels filled with men in a society that has been violently shaped by men to be in a man’s favor they must be objectively smarter.

No. 72720

File: 1515013638551.png (121.29 KB, 319x318, 1514510055171.png)

Put all males on estrogen at age 14.

No. 72721

File: 1515016225756.jpeg (14.94 KB, 207x244, 7C9C5446-91B8-477B-AE49-5EB293…)

Oh god yes! This would be awesome. I do want to feminize and dominate cute boys and make them submissive.

Sorry of my bizarre fetish is getting in the way of a serious discussion but keeping all males in chastity from puberty onwards and giving them all oestrogen supplements would be awesome.

All males would be the property of their mother until they and their chastity key would be given to a female of the mothers’ choosing.

No. 72729

File: 1515020592654.jpg (36.81 KB, 871x720, e8807fba3bd7bcedfc644bb2cb312b…)


You two sound worse than a fucking incel who wants a teen virgin girlfriend.

No. 72731

File: 1515024580343.jpeg (571.56 KB, 1169x1920, A8BD265C-DC72-4061-B5A8-7A8B96…)

I am not. Men are made for sex and pleasure. Matriarchal fantasies are my dream.

When males are born they are the automatic property of their mother; if she dies males become the property of their closest female relative.

Boys are not sent to school as they will hold the class back so they learn to perform manual tasks during childhood. They generally do not wear clothes.

When they reach puberty they are judged; if they are too aggressive or unattractive then they are castrated and sent to work in camps. If they are sufficiently submissive they can keep their balls if they remain under locked chastity and the keys are held by their female guardian.

No. 72732

File: 1515025150613.jpeg (9.51 KB, 200x139, E4B1D590-164B-4168-A544-077AF8…)

Look at some fucking bell curve charts before you start assassinating the character of anyone who disagrees with you. There are plenty of smart men, average intelligence men, and plenty of brain-dead fucking retarded men. There are more average placing women than anything else because of evolution stemming from past social structures (i.e. a man doesn’t really care how smart a woman is so he just goes which ever one he likes, in the past many women never needed to be too bright because men had their backs.) that being said you still have to be a certain level of smart to handle the responsibilities that were considered “women’s work” (having knowledge on certain household tasks/child rearing). Thats not to say that the bell curves won’t ever change in the future, the bell curves reflect how it’s been and the past and how it is right now. A big enough social change could turn the tide of the bell curves. You really need to educate yourself if you hope to be taken seriously at all, you sound like /pol/tards who just say “REDDIT GET OUT REEE” when someone disagrees with them. Sorry you don’t like it, but the current science matters.

No. 72733

File: 1515025489366.png (Spoiler Image,387.83 KB, 720x850, ac70ab094371f9da2b33c63045ff73…)


>>72720 here, same tbh. I have an extreme attraction to feminine and cute gnc men, having my own cute submissive femboy sounds like a dream utopia.

No. 72735

There's a difference between cute anime boys and IRL boys. Besides, all cute boys eventually grow up to become men so nothing lasts forever.

No. 72736

Not if they are sufficiently feminised with estrogen. Their skin will stay soft for a long time and they wont get hairy or too muscular.

No. 72737

I never really said anything about anime boys, I just had that pic handy. Boys can be feminine and cute without looking like a weeb bait anime trap (I actually prefer they didn't). My boyfriend is obviously male but loves to crossdress and be dominated, it's adorable.

No. 72738

Well, lets assume you're still with your bf in 10 years. What are you going to do when he's no longer feminine, cute and soft but instead just another grungy man with shitty facial hair?

No. 72739

Castrate him or sell him. Males are only good for sex and manual labour.

No. 72740

Assuming I still feel the same, not a lot. I did fall in love with him due to his personality, hot femdom fantasies aside.

No. 72741

How did you meet such a male?

No. 72743


We met each other online.

No. 72744

What website/dating app did you use?

No. 72745

File: 1515027077819.jpg (79.75 KB, 749x710, 1513696424367.jpg)

Discord tbh

No. 72747

>literally wanting to commodify men's "sexual value"
These are some fucking male-tier power fantasies. Are you sure you anons aren't larping robots?

No. 72749

I mean, I have a masculine personality, but I'm just a dyke with a fetish for cute boys.

No. 72750

My mom was sexually abused as a kid and her first kid is the product of rape, and I was molested by my bio dad when I was like 5. I'm afraid to have children because I can't bear the thought of having a daughter.

No. 72752

File: 1515035990878.jpeg (36.33 KB, 418x256, 88CD41BD-788A-48BD-9492-D3923C…)

>fetish for cute boys

I… I don’t follow.

No. 72758

File: 1515045774445.jpg (54.16 KB, 640x480, 1460789342077.jpg)

Wow, it's almost like there's a lot of women out there who still have sexual needs.

No. 72762

>agrees that men can have daddy issues from their shit dads too
>agrees with me that men doing a runner from their family is a bad thing

Boys and girls can be fucked up mentally by both, their shitty moms or shitty dads. Thinking that eliminating 100% of males will solve woman problems is just delusional.

>The reason that lesbian rape and violence is not widespread is because is hogged by males.

>"I, as a male-female lesbian (????), really want to rape that girl… but there's already a male rapist on top of her, damn! if only men didn't exist then there'd be room to jump on"

In the Belgian occupied Congo, rape of native woman's by white men colonist's was common, when Belgium retreat from the country, and rape of native woman's by white males stop… just to be replaced by rape of native woman's by native males, in a rate 10 times higher than before.

Male-female lesbians compete with men for woman's and feminine lesbians, the moment men's are removed, all the related violence and rape over woman's will shift to high T lesbians.

Take your red pill and wake up robotina.

No. 72764

Controlling men's reproductive value sounds exactly like what men have been doing to women for thousands of years. Some women also dislike the idea of emulating toxic male behavior.

No. 72765

>Some women also dislike the idea of emulating toxic male behavior.
This. I never, ever want to treat anyone the way men treat women. It's heartbreaking and disgusting. 'Revenge' won't actually make you feel better. Don't become what you hate and all that. (I know a lot of these posts are barely serious, but on the off chance some of you actually want these things to become a reality if possible…)

No. 72771

something (not being retarded) tells me native women were also getting raped by native men under colonial rule

No. 72772

just a reminder that when women say things like this (abusing little boys is no big deal/actually good for them) everyones first instinct is she's crazy, but it is literally a common and normal opinion for average men to hold lmao, like this post >>71997 and the "Nice!" south park meme most men don't get was satire

No. 72773

>but it is literally a common and normal opinion for average men to hold lmao
Men gon' men. That's not that surprising. I see it all the time a female teacher is in the news for taking advantage of a student and men gush over how lucky he is. It only becomes this horrible thing to them when they can use such instances against women and rape survivors.
>ugh see women can be predators!! Men suffer too so shut up!!1!!!

No. 72776

The first instinct is to say she's crazy because nobody wants to give some crazy old pedo the idea that she can pin down a boy with her wieght and fuck him. There's really no double standard there.

Everyone silently knows that it's probably ok for hot famous people like the new Star wars leads to fuck a classroom of middleschool boys or girls and nobody is gonna be damaged by it–but the bad pedos don't have the self awareness to make that call so it's important to shun the idea by default and then reconsider the hot exceptions later.

Autists like that anon are just self inserting himself in a fantasy of finally losing his virginity and should be ignored.

No. 72785

The fact that you cross linked the one post on this board that defends a pedophile makes me think that there are ulterior motives behind this thread suddenly spawning a debate about how it's ok to rape little boys. Fuck off.

No. 72786

>its ok to fuck 11-13 year olds
speaking of autists self inserting into fantasies

No. 72801

For sure, however was significantly lower, Belgians ruled the country with iron fist.

No. 72840

File: 1515138080000.jpg (54.24 KB, 564x556, 8b8656dc49f76e070e736da950c596…)

No. 72841

File: 1515138148686.jpg (61.66 KB, 460x561, 86799118996.jpg)


No. 72849

uuh, can we not share this kind of stupid shit please? i mean, victim blaming by equating rape to stealing is what men do, and women doing the same is gross and embarrassing.

No. 72881

while boys hurt a lot, girls also perpetuate suffering on imageboards like this. binary genders are conditioned for unalike kinds of suffering.

boys are conditioned by violence, girls by hurtful socializing. sometimes the forces of trauma hurt the other gender and you get the popular kinds of misogyny/misandry.

No. 72925

I would love to live in a society without men. Wish I was born a lesbian so I didn't have to be attracted to the disgusting pigs. I've been best friends with a friend online for several years now and we've recently expressed our liking of each other. And now he suddenly wants to come over, now that there's a chance he can get his dick sucked. I was originally one of the 'cool girls', basically I had a low self esteem and liked shit talking feminists, and he would excitedly agree with me. Now that I actually respect myself more, he wants to keep shit talking women and making fun of shit like #metoo. I'm getting ready to cut him out of my life and just force myself to live in a cave out of society. We mesh in every other way and then he has to be horribly needy/sexual and sexist like that, it makes me depressed for life.

No. 72929

You can have a fetish for cute boys without discussing the merits of forced hormone injections and/or castration.

No. 72937

Sort of. I'm not a fan of stereotypically masculine behavior like banter, emotionally sterile conversation and unwarranted dominance/aggression. But I think a lot of men don't have these characteristics and that a lot are being socialized in such a way where they don't develop and kind of stay latent. Also men are hot and lift things tbh and it balances out (almost, but not quite).

No. 74905

Just a heads up about pedi posters, Anons are starting another op targeting sic fuqs. This thread has been documented as well as others on this site. Keep your community clean or we'll clean it for you.

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