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File: 1519703587547.jpg (46.26 KB, 318x400, Evil Legs.jpg)

No. 75631

There is another thread for fit girl problems, but this is a thread open for everyone regardless of your experience with fitness and exercise.

Some ideas for what to discuss:
>share your fitness/body/health goals
>ask questions
>exchange tips and advice
>post routines
>update on progress
>vent about roadblocks
>give support!

Hopefully this thread can be a mix of people who are totally new and people who have been at it for a while. We can help each other out.

No. 75642

File: 1519727587196.jpg (137.55 KB, 2048x1427, merlin_132589841_18726186-5ebd…)

I'm the one who asked about obtaining a figure skaters body in the vent thread.
The lovely anon who answered my questions said that the key are slow twitch muscle exercises, instead of fast twitch, since those make your muscles look bigger and more bulky.
I quite do enjoy running already, but are there any additional exercises that focus on endurance rather than on strenght?
There was a time there i was skinnier and ran more, but my legs still look rather muscular, why could that be?
And what diet would be best/how many ccalories to reach that goal?

No. 75645

File: 1519741542181.jpeg (299.49 KB, 1200x895, C4B03E19-2311-4802-8A30-817100…)

So I used to be scared of weightlifting
I usually went for ribs or walking
At my fittest I did sprinting

Now I lift 4 days a week/ish
I went from lifting 10kg to 100kg.

My calfs and legs have never looked better and I love it

Combined with low appetite thanks to weed I’m smaller than ever

My boyfriend went from lifting 60kg to 160kg and he looks so lean.

Anyone that tells you lifting weights makes you bulky doesn’t know how to eat/lift

No. 75646


No. 75647

File: 1519742257013.jpg (41.74 KB, 640x553, 2142342.jpg)

>low appetite thanks to weed

how?? weed just makes me lazy and crave garbage food, I can eat so much when I'm stoned and never get full

No. 75649

I'm actually trying to get bulky and muscular and it's pretty difficult. It sucks that it's so slow for women.
Also apparently my progress is terrible. 100kg deadlift, 70kg squat, 45kg bench, 38kg OHP, 130kg bb hipthrust in 10 months. I'm 56kg.
Also how to grow my ass even more? I focus already a lot on heavy hipthrusts and squats.

No. 75650

File: 1519744002704.png (138.16 KB, 500x610, september-2016-vs-july-2017-sq…)

Different people have different perceptions of what they consider 'lean'. I'm not saying that i doubt that you're fit and it probably also makes you lose weight, but it certainly creates a different, more 'stocky' look than cardio does.
There are tons of these comparison pics and i know that most, if not the majority of people prefer the lifting side, but i simply don't like the current trend of bigger butt, thighs, etc.

No. 75652

Same, I usually keep my opinion to myself since most people completely disagree but the kind of legs in your pic remind me of midget legs… It makes people look way shorter when I'd rather be slender and firm.

No. 75653

And have you reached that goal already, anon?

No. 75654

I'm slender and I have a decent amount of muscle everywhere except my butt sadly. I don't know how to get a nicer behind (not bigger just firmer) without my tight getting really bulky.

No. 75655

File: 1519747326037.jpg (57.71 KB, 634x632, Fake-transformation-by-Melanie…)

I hate deceptive images like this, if that's the same girl, and if she really did make such a huge progress, she wouldn't have to hide behind common tricks such as: good lighting to show off the muscles, pulling up underwear to reveal more, taking a side pose since weightlifting doesn't grow hips, sticking butt out, etc. Pic related, body transformation in 15 mins.

Whoa, I entered the thread to write about wanting to obtain figure skater body after I've seen one beautiful lady on youtube, she was slender and had beautiful long hair.
Why not just take up ice-skating, Anon? Maybe rollerblading too since it activates the same muscles.

As for me, I liked the best how I looked while I was taking belly-dance classes. You can look absolutely amazing with extra chub around you and if you know how to express your body is attractive no matter how many "flaws" it has, something belly dance teaches you.

No. 75656

You can't. Genetics dealt you a bad hand butt wise, and if you already think any increase in size is terrible you will be stuck with what you have. You can't spot reduce. Surgery will be your best bet.

No. 75657

Anon, i'm glad i'm not the only one wanting to look like that!
I'm rather shy, so i don't have any friends to with and going alone is also awkward

No. 75658

it is genetic but not in the way you seem to imply, I don't want to get a bigger ass because it's where I naturally put my all my fat (latina), I wish I could make it all muscle instead of all fat.

No. 75659

Bulk and cut. You'll have to deal with a huge ass during the bulk, but if you cut body fat low enough it should be mostly muscle. You could first build a good amount of muscle and then get lipo on your ass if you really don't lose any fat there.

No. 75660

The right strain will give you energy + focus is amazing if you are doing yoga.

No. 75661

File: 1519749921322.jpeg (53.25 KB, 324x453, B0DECFFF-69A5-451E-83C8-23E751…)

My workout is usually 500+ rope jumps
X4 per week

I’m working towards “Korean” ideal lean.

Weightlifting gives you a really petite frame if you lift the correctly + no loose skin.

No. 75662

do it up, anon. i want a thinner look but sadly i'm too thick for that, and i'm tall so i ended up more amazonian. ah well.

No. 75663

I second that; as a european girl the typical idol look seems so unobtainable…

No. 75664

To add to this, if you want to use weight lifting to create a leaner toned look- use lower weights and higher reps. Weight training does burn calories. Not as much during the initial workout, but when you cause muscle damage your body burns more calories over the next day.

No. 75670

thank you! i said this the other day in a cow's thread and people jumped on me for being 'anti-cardio' or some shit. lifting causes you to burn more calories over time to accommodate the stronger muscles which burn more.

No. 75672

I’ve put on 30lbs and I like it. Just not used to having such a flabby waist/stomach and ass. Any tips to tighten it all, anons?

No. 75676

Are there any short girls with a low TDEE and skinnyfat bod who managed to git fit? I need ideas/help.

No. 75677


Here's the video I was talking about that inspired me.

Also, I was like that too, but then I realized I'm wasting my life waiting for others to join me at something that I really want to do and from what I will benefit from. I started by going to the swimming pool on my own (friend was complaining she was too fat and that I should wait for a few months until she loses weight so we could both go together - I went on my own, she never lost that weight) and I was ice-skating on my own this entire winter.

Try it, anon! It might seem awkward first few times, but trust me, you'll get used to it. Don't let (lack of) others stop you from achieving what you want!

No. 75679

Omg this girl is so cute :3 Like, her personality even. Something just makes you instantly want to be her friend.

Anyway, as you can see, she does a looot of cardio. Anything you can do with your legs will mimic this- biking, running, dancing, hiking, etc. Her weight-lifting that she mentioned at the gym is probably more stamina based, but maybe with a day or 2 of strength training. Her upper body is very toned as well, but not bulky.

What kind of time would you girls like to put into working out? That will help with developing a routine to work towards this.

No. 75681


You can get a better idea of what her body is like with this video. Her quads look strong and her biceps are toned too. By the way the bulge a little bit (without being necessarily large) you can tell she has extremely low body fat. I saw another picture where the veins in her arms actually pop out a little.

She's only 5'3" and I think her frame is probably naturally petite. So that's something to keep in mind.

No. 75694

Yeah, to be honest I'm kind of sick of weightlifters getting condescending about girls not wanting to build bulky muscles. We KNOW you don't become a body builder without serious, intentional effort to look that way. We KNOW it makes you look fit and healthy rather than huge and manly. It's still middle ground between thin and big, and that's not everyone's ideal body. Someone might prefer looking a little soft or looking like a stick figure, it doesn't mean they're afraid of becoming Arnie overnight.

No. 75695

Anyone here who's interested in figure skating should try it, especially if you're not typically an athletic person or are struggling to find exercise you like. Running on the treadmill for 20 mins has me counting down the seconds and hating life but I can skate for hours and enjoy every moment, even over a year since I started. There's lots of variety in the things you can practice, you don't overheat or sweat that badly, you can wear cuter clothes than most sports, learning specific skills is great for goal setting and feeling accomplished, etc.

As far as fitness goes, I'm more in it for fun but I can say it's really developing my leg muscles. It's coinciding with a binge eating problem so I'm not losing weight, but I've gained a lot less than you'd expect considering my eating habits.

No. 75699

Thank you for the video anon, she's really lovely.
I still don't know whether i dare to try and go on my own though… and now the winter is nearly over anyways; maybe i should just stick to running for now

No. 75700

thanks for your advices. When you say bulk you mean I should lift weight right?

No. 75703

Lift heavy + eat enough, no dieting. First you give your body energy to grow muscle, and once you feel like you've grown enough muscle, you diet while keeping the lifting up to lose the fat and keep the muscle. There has been some research that if you build muscle in an area you do also get some spot reduction effect, as in you'll lose fat in that area slightly easier once you do a cut.

No. 75704

The only reason some women seem to look bulkier after gaining muscle is because they never diet afterwards to cut fat. I look leaner at 52 kg than I ever looked at 44kg and my butt just got rounder and tighter instead of humongous, and I store all my fat in my lower body. I do look bulky during bulking season, but for the end result it's worth it.

No. 75708

whenever ladies complain about being 130 I always laugh because I'm basically at the same weight that I was at my heaviest during my teen years except I look so much better now. It's insane how different 130 pounds of skinny fat looks compared to 130 pounds of mixed lean muscle. I was always scared of my weight going up but after semi cutting and getting my gains I feel so much better. Also my bubble butt makes me feel attractive. I feel like it's kind of a shallow thing and I'm compensating for my small boobs but I can't help but enjoy my butt. Having a skinny dad and a 'thick' mother was a fairly good formula genetics wise.
I feel stronger and healthier and love hitting my prs. I'm not perfect but I think all girls who are mentally ill should hit the gym, it has really helped me out.

No. 75711

If this gives you a spot reduction effect, would it be possible to make my waistline a bit slimmer but not my legs? I tend to lose fat from my thighs easily and it doesn't help that I'm tall

No. 75713

Figure skating isn't a group sport anon (except specific disciplines), nobody cares if you go alone. Practicing alone and getting lessons alone is the norm.

No. 75714

I'm sorry to say this anon, but you can't tell me that a 30 lbs weight gain isn't noticable, even if the latter is all muscle…

Lessons not, but just casually going to a rink is something most people do with friends, so i'm worried about getting stared at for being a lone loser (plus i'm from a very small town, so the chance i meet somebody who knows me is pretty high)

No. 75719

uuh, what does that even mean? you're making really lofty assumptions about everyone's fat vs. muscle/height and body type.

No. 75729

Oh Anon, I wish I could come with you to the skating rink!
I understand that you feel awkward going alone, but you should push yourself a little bit. As you said, winter is over in a month and if you don't go soon you will have to wait an entire year. If it's possible, try to go at an hour or day were there aren't many people.

My advice to you would be to just get to the rink, but without telling yourself that you're going to actually skate. When you're there, see if you feel comfortable getting into the rink, just for 20 or 30 minutes. It's the little steps! The point of this all is to remove any anxiety you feel at the idea of going ice skating alone: you're not going ice skating, you're just going near the skating rink, and then you will do as you feel.

I apologize if my message is not clear!

No. 75748

Well, you've got a few options
>accept that people don't actually care about you that much and if they do, they're petty af and probably teenagers. You're going to practice, not have a social outing.
>join group classes, especially an adult class if you can find one. You might make friends and it's by far the best/easiest/cheapest way to learn to skate. Once you're done you'll probably be confident enough to go to public sessions.
>get a private coach straight off the bat and start learning in freestyle figure sessions. Honestly they can be intimidating at first, but you won't run into people you know unless they're training too.

I'm not sure if these will help because it sounds like you have some sort of social anxiety which goes deeper than just the practical reality of skating. I do see a lot of adults nervous about starting skating but it's always because they worry about being too old or fat or sucking at it.

No. 75757

what program did you follow and how long have you done this? inspirational!

No. 75779

Thank you for the nice words, anons; i know that i've got very bad social anxiety (also weight related…), but i'll definitely think about it

No. 75793

Same it's actually the reason I don't smoke weed that often anymore. I can't stop eating when I'm stoned, it's so frustrating.

No. 75833

So I'm 5ft. I use to be 92 pounds but went up to 100 which is nice. But starting up studying 10 more pounds crept up on me. I started to diet and work out every other day. After I week I gained a couple more pounds. Is it normal to swell a bit before you drop the weight?

No. 75885

Has anybody here already reached their goal?

And if yes, what was the 'ideal' look you wanted to achieve or how much did you lose?
What diet and workout routine did you follow?

No. 75902

Nope but I’ve made progress! My goal is to reach a different hip to waist ratio.

When I started
Hips: 34 in
Waist: 27.5 in

Hips: 35.5 in
Waist: 26.5 in

Hips: 36.5
Waist: 26

Not sure how attainable that is, but I’m gonna keep working towards it. My waist can get smaller for sure but I’m not so sure about my hips (been focusing on increasing this by working both hip adductors and glutes) Mainly, I want to look good in clothes! They’ve always fit me awkwardly. So I am trying to tone my body up and add muscle where some extra girth is needed.

Some days my waist is more than 27 in, so I was surprised to find that my waist has actually gotten a bit smaller even as I’ve put on muscle weight. I was expecting that I would need to bulk then cut to achieve that effect.

No. 75916

I fucked my body up hardcore by being a lazy fat kid, bulimic teen, and anorexic in my 20’s. I’m just now able to life my own body weight and walk a few kilometres without passing out (I know it’s incredibly pathetic and gross)

What’s a realistic kind of goal for someone like me? I know I’ll never be an athlete with my fucked up heart but is it likely that I’d be able to up my endurance to say, a five k hike over a couple of hills and chin-ups?

No. 75919


FIRSTLY - HUGZ. Secondly - you described my habits in the exact same order. Also interested in a realistic goal. I'm destroyed by stretch marks :-(

No. 75924

Thirded. I've been an out of shape couch potato all my life and I have asthma.
Please athletic anons, help us.

No. 75926

Going for walks or easy hikes (mostly flat, clearly marked trails) is going to be a good place to start, anons. It’s very mild but it’s still exercise. Find a podcast or something you like, listen to the episodes while walking. This is what my dad does, and he is incredibly inactive. When I was in high school he tried running with me. Couldn’t make it a half mile. It was very defeating for him. He was able to establish a routine of walking, though, and go from there. Now he does long bike rides as well.

If you have access to a pool, I would suggest going just to treat water or taking a float/kickboard with you and going up and down the length of the pool. Nothing too rigorous, just gentle kicking for a while.

Also any excuse you can get to move around in a day will be good for you. Cleaning. Yard work. Shopping. Etc. All of this is significantly better than just sitting around. It’s a sufficient place to start.

No. 75928

How do you increase the hips size without increasing the waist too? That is one of my goals

No. 75934

cause the ass muscle increases to put it plainly. the width of your hips won't really increase that much, because hip width is mostly the bone.

No. 75936

Congrats on the progress anon, good job!
What has your routine been and how long have you been doing it?

My current measurments:
Hips: 26 in
Waist: 19in

I've been lifting for a month now, bulking for longer and have had no changes, even though my scale says I gained a few pounds.

No. 75937

Thanks anon! I feel like I’ve made a good start now.

I use the cross trainer or small weights when watching tv, do most of the housework, and have started doing squats and planks when I’ve got time to sit on my ass. When I flex my arms I even have discernible muscle now!

Having dogs has been the biggest help in my case because if they want to play I feel mean saying no so we run around and play tag and fetch. The dogs are much happier since I’ve been able to do that again which is pretty much what keeps me eating.

Fellow out-of-shape anons >>75924, >>75919 basic yoga is a really good place to start too. Stretching feels amazing if you haven’t for a while

No. 75940

Omg anon has your waist always been that small?? I’m jealous! No matter how I work out I won’t have proportions like that. How cute :3

What are your goals?

No. 75942

Check out this vid anon

I didn’t have “hip dips” but I’ve gotten noticeable shape to my hips from doing the reverse lunges and sumo squats. Started incorporating these about 3 months ago. I don’t think it’s added much to the actual width of my hips, but in progress pics you can see how it creates a smoother curve to my body. Weirdly out of all the changes I’ve seen to my body, this has made me feel the prettiest. Well… after seeing posture improvements from working my back out. That’s the biggest one.

No. 75944

I'm short (5'2) and hourglass shaped so my fat always went to my fucking lower belly but my waist only became this small when I lost weight, I'm around 97lbs now so that's probably why it's this small (I never measured when I was heavier)

>No matter how I work out I won’t have proportions like that.

It doesn't really matter, tbh. I'm sure you have features I'm working my ass off at the gym for. I'd rather have bigger hips and a bigger butt with a normal waist than a really small waist with everything else being small/average too. You'd just end up looking kinda teenage-y like I do, which sucks when you're not trying to be jail bait. I like womanly full bodies and that's my goal!

>What are your goals

I don't have specific measurement goals because I'm not sure what will be realistic for my body type, but I want a flat toned stomach(my lower belly protrudes), a bigger butt and stronger thighs, stronger back for better posture, and strong pecs to lift up my breasts. My workout targets all of my body's muscle groups but the ones I mentioned are the ones I care about the most.

No. 76029

Which supplements are you taking? I'm starting to lift harder than I used so I'm thinking in using at least some BCAAs. Also, I'm planning in changing my thermogenic for a natural one, because mine is caffeine based.

Also, do you have some youtube fitness recs? I like to watch some when I'm doing my cardio sessions.

No. 76055

Can you get a good butt and hips at home, without lifting, with exercises like donkey kicks etc?

I don't mean like a big muscular glutes but a butt that doesn't sag and firm hips.

I used to exercise but the lack of any effects discouraged me and I stopped. But lately I've been doing plank every evening, without giving it much thought, and I see a big change in my stomach? Like wow that's a surprise for a low effort ONE exercise lol.
Can I achieve that with butt & hips?

No. 76056

lol i'm sorry but you are not measuring right.

No. 76057

I got a pretty good butt from doing glute lifts, lunges, sqyats and fire hydrants

No. 76063

File: 1520526167876.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1910, 8A2685C9-4BB6-4A8D-B98D-31B1F7…)

To everyone looking for “petite” at home exercises

This PT from japan is the bomb

No. 76067

You can see noticeable improvement if you incorporate resistance bands / ankle weights to kick backs, fire hydrants, hip thrusts etc. But as you increase your glutes you're going to need to up your resistance with dedicated gym equipment. Still, you can go a long way at home.

No. 76069

t. Fatty

No. 76071

maybe she is a legal midget, who knows

No. 76104

anons who are gym regulars, how did you build up/figure out a routine? did you read guides or books or etc? i want to start going to my uni's gym but i don't want to fuck around on random machines like an idiot. also if you go alone, how do you figure out the proper form and deal with lifting without a spotter?

No. 76105

Personally I:
>figure out which muscle(s) I want to target
>Google to find which exercises target what muscle
>pick like 2-4 of them that look fun
>look at yt videos/pictures that show/explain how to execute the move/proper form/how to use the machine
>watch other people do/use the same stuff and look at their form

If I'm REALLY not sure how to do it, I ask the trainer/staff

No. 76464

File: 1521425276221.jpg (338.57 KB, 800x1364, Red-Velvet-Joy-08.jpg)

How much do you guys reckon she weighs (at 1,68m) and how can i achieve this?
She's really my "goal", not just her body, but everything…

No. 76465

File: 1521426007401.jpg (175.98 KB, 1067x1600, unnamed-1.jpg)

Another pic as reference

No. 76471

run. a lot.

her legs have a lot of definition but everywhere else she's just super thin.

No. 76472

File: 1521434463968.gif (2.98 MB, 268x375, tumblr_ozngl6pFMX1tizu4so4_400…)


I love Joy too, fellow anon.
Her weight fluctuates a bit, and it depends on her muscle mass, but I think she's about 48~54kg at most.

No. 76478

I always thought she's clearly over 50…?
How about here?

No. 76503


It’s long term side effect. I smoke abt once a week and then I might eat sweets or pizza. Thing is: candy/other unhealthy highly stimulating food doesn’t taste good like it used to when you are not high

No. 76520

File: 1521492916390.png (108.01 KB, 1006x640, 21321.png)


Well, it's a guesstimate. I think she's about 52kg in general. I could be wrong though, if any other anons want to comment on it

No. 76522


Samefagging, but I think that before her weightloss, she was about 60~62kg, and her thinnest (the jeans and red hair, just about the time of Red Flavor comeback) she was about 48~50kg. Now I think she gained a bit more of weight, being on the 51~54kg range. Sorry to drag this for a bit.

No. 76623

Does anyone else struggle with a protruding stomach? I'm skinny and toned everywhere else and everything I do seems to do nothing for my pudgy fucking belly.

What ab exercises do you girls do? Any advice for bloating?

No. 76637

Could be your posture? Or maybe it's just the place where you lose fat last. No ab exercises are going to fix that, you'd have to lose overall body fat sine spot reduction isn't a thing. It's also normal for women to have a bit more fat on the belly.

No. 76654

Is it more in your tummy area or pelvic area? Whats your exercise routine and diet like?

No. 76677

anyone here able to do a pull-up? i can't :( but i really want to be able to!

i'm just not sure how you work up to an exercise you can't even do 1 rep of to begin with.

No. 76701

Upper body and core strength, innit. I've no idea how either. I've been going to the gym for 2 years and I can't do that or even do a push up. It's really disheartening because I work out a lot, primarily with weights, and I'm still no where nearer. I know those feeling, anon.

No. 76752

in search of advice rn. i've had a long and shitty relationship with food/eating habits and my body image never improves regardless of how much weight i lose.

i've done cardio (elliptical, stairmaster, and jogging/distance running) on and off for years. i struggle with being consistent in my dief & exercise, even though i'm at a healthy bmi (around or just below 24). i'm also really physically weak, especially in my upper body region.

i don't want to be a cardio bunny, but i'm so weak that i can't even do a single push up. The basic strength training programs i've looked at all seem really intimidating. Any advice on where to start? I've seen at-home workout videos that incorporate stuff like arm-circles but will that get me any results? my ultimate goal is to be thin but lean and muscular.

No. 76757

Start with diet imo. Focus on getting more proteins and more healthy fats. Plus fiber to help with digestion. Cut carbs where you can unless you intend to work out that day. Carbs cause your body to produce insulin, and if you’re not expending the energy that day, then the insulin will cause what you eat to be stored as fat.

Doing this will get you in the mindset of starting healthy habits.

In the meantime for exercise I would recommend finding a fitness YouTuber who uploads workouts for people to follow. Watching this channel called fitness blender helped me figure out what I was looking for in a routine and what exercises I enjoyed. I would do a 15-20 min workout with their videos a couple days a week. What I liked about their videos is that they were geared towards working out at home with whatever you have available. (In the beginning for me that was 5 and 7 pound weights.) It was natural to progress from there! As you get more established and the routine becomes easy for you, you’ll start to look for other ways to develop it.

No. 76762


I really appreciate the advice - thank you! :)

No. 76779

I can do only one at the moment but could do up to five (with fully extended arms) at my fittest. I never had a work-out routine but did regular climbing and kayaking, with a few gym days there and here. I'd say I was doing between 4 and 12 hours of exercise a week (it varied a lot).
I'm 5'2 and weighted 104 lbs back then. I think being short is an advantage for pull-ups because it's easier to leverage short arms. So if you're tall you will need to be proportionally more muscular than a short girl to do pull-ups.

No. 76814

>ve no idea how either. I've been going to the gym for 2 years and I can't do that or even do a push up. It's really disheartening because I work out a lot, primarily with weights

what exercises are you doing?

No. 76847


Here's a list of basics I do; squats, deadlifts, bench, rows, curls (barbell, dumbell, hammer), shoulder press, leg press/curls, planks, mountain climbers, tricep extensions, lateral raises.
Those are what I do regularly, sometimes I will do other things like power sled pushing, TRX body weight exercises, spinning and yoga. I just started doing standing wall push ups as I read they are good for gradually getting horizontal.

No. 76985

Not well, but I can.

Back strength: lat pulldowns, any and all type of rows, negative/banded/assisted pullups/chinups.

Core strength and stability: any holds, especially hollow holds. but even something as simple as planking is good.

Grip strength: hanging anything (I like leg raises), deadlifts, farmer's walks, shrugs.

You probably won't want to do heavy back work more than a few times a week but you can throw in some core and grip work into every workout.

Also I've never tried this but some people swear by putting a pull-up bar in your home and doing whatever you can do quickly/easily several times a day. Like a few negatives or even just hanging as long as you can.

Also depending on your size you may want to lower your body fat. I'm at about 27% so you don't have to be super lean but I'm sure if I lost 10-20 pounds they'd be way easier.

No. 77020

I weighed myself this morning and I'm on my period, apparently I gained 10 pounds? My measurement are the same, but now I just don't want to eat at all today, I'm so mad. I'm sure it's all water weight and poop, though. What's the max amount you guys have gained during your period?

No. 77029

2kg which is around 4 pounds. For me it was gas, stool and water weight. It really sucks and also kinda hurts

No. 77052

Eight pounds, overnight. I weigh around 105, normally, so it was very noticeable.

No. 77478

I'm currently on my period and I refuse to even weigh myself. I've gained a tiny bit of weight and this on top of it has actually made me suicidal (I know but it's true)

It's the first time my legs have touched since high school (I'm 23) and my face just looks so swollen and bloated

I literally think I'm going to fast for a week so I don't actually want to die. I know that's not what's right though.

Maybe I'll cut carbs? Run a bunch? What's the quickest way to lose a bunch of people after weight so I can feel well enough to actually take care of myself and go to the gym etc? Because st this point I feel so fat I don't even want to get out of bed.

No. 77480

File: 1522441622376.gif (1.96 MB, 268x370, tumblr_ok6hap6EYF1qbdywuo4_400…)

How to look like this?
I'm so tired of having no confidence because of how i look, but i read that she only eats one meal a day.
Is there a way to eat healthier than her and still get this thin?

No. 77481

Starve yourself and wear butt pad and padded bras.

No. 77482

Burn more calories than you eat. Also light cardio and squats

No. 77486

>butt pad and padded bras
Are you okay? I know you're fat but were you also dropped on your head as a baby?

No. 77496

Invest in glasses
First of all, do you have a similar bone structure? You can diet your body fat down but if you're naturally wider you'll never look that slender

No. 77505

File: 1522482550808.jpg (63.7 KB, 529x500, 8f1acf73-536d-4a12-849a-09316b…)

I'm fatter than she was at her biggest, but i do think i have a similar body type; my waist was always very slim, even nowadays and hips/shoulders around the same.

No. 77512


Simple case of calories in vs calories out. Eat less/better and move more. If you are overweight, it's for a reason, and 9/10 it's just due to diet. Once you've got that sorted, the weight should fall off if you're moving around enough.

No. 77520

File: 1522495315958.jpg (93.18 KB, 1040x900, gigi_hadid_corbis_main.jpg)

I really want to get her body. I am already quite skinny, and have her body type and height but I have some extra fat on my stomach and hips.

I guess I could get her body in a month if I just ate extremely little or starved myself but I dont want to do that cause I don't want to lose all my muscle.

Do any of you anons have any recommendations on how I can achieve this?

No. 77521


weight training tailored for lengthening

band resistance exercise

ball slams

No. 77542

Just get coolsculpting like I bet she is getting.

No. 77593

Just because she barely has any shape doesn't mean she doesn't fake them. Kpop stars pad A LOT since they starve themselves to death. Just google snsd padding and you'll see. But go ahead starve yourself, I guarantee you wont look as good.

No. 77597

How can I make my apple shaped body look decent? I'm 5'3 and weigh 145. I want to drop 30lbs but I was wondering what workouts are best for my body type.

No. 77629

Taylor your workout to your goals, not your body type. If your primary goal is to loose fat, it's mostly diet but any increase in activity can also help. Cardio is most efficient in burning calories but the best workout is anything you are motivated to keep up with.

No. 77630

File: 1522608527985.jpg (156.17 KB, 690x1032, 9420096b-978f-44da-96e5-191e58…)

I'm 5'10 and weigh 180lbs. My body looks pretty much like Lorde's. Cankles, too big/muscular calves, fat/bulky thighs, wide hips, love handles and chubby arms. Even though i'm tall my legs look super stubby.

How do i fix this?
I still live with my parents, so choosing what to eat is a bit difficult, especially going carb free would be impossible.

No. 77643

not trying to sound sjw but i seriously cannot see what you’re talking about anon…lorde has a pretty average slim body. if you’re worried you’re chunky or something just lose a little weight and make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. not rocket science

No. 77646


are those cankles real or photoshopped?

No. 77647

This tbh >>77643
And let's not forget that with unstaged and not so flattering pics people tend to look heavier.
She does have cankles if that's not photoshooped.

No. 77670

I'm not overweight. I'm 5'9" and probably between 125 and 130 - overweight people advice doesn't apply to me. It is calories in vs calories out still, yes, but in the mean time what I mean is how do I reduce bloat?

No. 77684

If you're 5'9 and weigh 125 your BMI is 18.5, you shouldn't loose weight at all.

No. 77685

You probably don't need to lose weight. If your problem is being bloated you just have change your eating habits, I stopped eating carb so often, cut on a lot of sugar and fat, I also don't eat after 6 pm. My face is rarely bloated now, when I used to wake up everyday with a super puffy face and a disgusting protruding stomach.

No. 77689

I am 5'9 and 130 myself. I'd say cut out carbs as >>77685 said, and drink lots of water. Work out a bit. I havent been eating that healthy recently, but I still drink a lot of water. I always wake up with a flat stomach and my body does not have an issue with digesting even hard foods such as meat.

I think eating good food will make you feel and look a lot better.

No. 77711

Drink lotsa water.

No. 77765

>>77670 When it comes to reducing bloat, definitely drink enough water, but also eat smaller meals throughout the day. At least in my experience - I was also cutting down on the carbs I ate - eating smaller meals a few times a day helped. Would also agree with having a cut-off point in the evening where you don't eat more before bed.

No. 77881

You really should expand on that because it doesn't apply to well over half the questions itt (bloating, weight loss etc).

Unless you're already thin don't touch GOMAD. Starting strength is a great resource for anyone interested in lifting though.

No. 77883

After a month of depression my house is a mess.

I want to clean it but don’t know where to start.

If someone has experience with post depression cleaning I’d like your advice.

No. 77899

make your sadness into anger, put on some metal and rage-clean

No. 77906

Wrong thread i guess, but while we're already at it, how the hell did your depression 'only' last a month? How did you get better so fast?

No. 78048

File: 1522966949697.jpg (7.25 KB, 315x315, spin_prod_748527312.jpg)

I bought pic related so I can move a bit when I am working/browsing the interwebs, and I've being liking it so far (I was able to even break a sweat, something that I wasn't expecting considering this is such light cardio), but I feel like I am doing it wrong because now my left knee is hurting.

Any anon here that is more well versed with cycling or such could give me hints on how to cycle correctly so I don't fuck up my joints? What's the apropriate form for this?

I tried googling it but it wasn't that helpful.

No. 83390

File: 1527232954889.jpg (849.77 KB, 1080x1080, okoro.jpg)

This is kind of a dead thread it seems but figured I'd try.

Michelle Okoro's body is my dream body.
I'd like to know what sorts of exercises would give me that kind of tone. Is it one of those meme workout routines that are basically dancing? Resistance band? If you could point out muscle groups to focus on or exercise types I'd really appreciate it!

I really don't like running and would prefer not to swim (pools gross me out) but if those are the way… I'll do it.

I'm 158 cm, 45kg
I'm just so… soft. I want to be firm! Due to my height (lackthereof) I can't carry much bulk or I look fat.
86-60-90 (in cm) are my measurements if that helps.

No. 83392

Those are genetics anon, you can get a bit of tone with hard work but you can never have that kind of bodyshape if not from your momma, work with what you have and learn to love your frame

No. 83394

You say that but she clearly works out so she does something.

No. 83395

Genetics, working out plus photoshop. (Every single instagram model touch up their pic.

No. 83396

Doesn’t matter, toned or not , the general shape can’t be changed plus as the other anon said there is clearly a pinch of photoshop in there too. There is a reason why “different body types” exist, they are not a mith

No. 83397

When you are on a bike your body moves up and down to allow your joints to move in the way they were biomechanically designed to. With this the pedals and your ass are both stationary and is restricting your movement. There is no proper form.

No. 83403

Anon, she's nearly 20cm taller than you, you'll never look like this. You need to find an "idol" who's closer to your own body type.

No. 83723

File: 1527569545090.png (4.73 MB, 1125x1399, IMG_8903.PNG)

My problem is I don't even know where to start… I'm 5ft10in, probably around 180 lbs (I don't have a scale), I've been overweight literally my whole life and don't know how to exercise or eat healthily. I am so out of shape I can work out on the elliptical machine for 15 mins tops… let alone cook healthy foods… help! ultimately I would like to look like this picture but I don't know if that would ever even be an attainable goal for me given that i'm borderline obese

No. 83724

Anything is an attainable goal anon. Also, when you're pretty big you'll begin to notice results much quicker than your smaller counterpart, which is always motivation to keep going.

I'd start with diet. it doesnt matter how much you exercise if your diet is shit and thats the truth. But Healthy =/= tasteless. You can eat delicious food but you're not going to get anywhere if you're eating too much of it. begin with a calculating TDEE (You can do it here https://tdeecalculator.net/) And start lowering your calorie intake. Workout wise 15 minutes is PLENTY for a beginner, don't expect to start and think it'll be easy straight away, but 15 minutes a day is great and then gradually keep doing more. I think thats a great start. Good luck!

No. 83729

how are you borderline obese? i'm the same height as you and 175 is the cutoff from healthy to overweight for us. you've only scratched the surface of overweight if you're going by bmi

No. 83730

Your pic look like a shorter girl, maybe try to find a girl who's 5'10 and have the same kind of body type as you to have a idea of what you might look like once you'll lose weight.
And tbh you don't have to eat healthy food or exercise a lot to lose weight, you mainly have to eat less.

No. 83732

I don't know if this advice could help, and if someone thinks it might be counterproductive they are welcome to say against it, I just want to say that what helped me with diet in the very beginning was to take a picture of everything I ate in a day for a whole month.

I did it with my phone and slapped on a little text labelling it as "breakfast", "lunch", "snack" etc.

I had no idea how to exercise or eat healthily, let alone avoid snacking, but by doing this I actually felt a sense of control for once. There's no calorie counting involved, so if all that seems overwhelming at first, I think this could be a nice way to ease yourself into logging your food and also get motivated to create meals that look nice on camera.

It also made me make certain choices when buying groceries because I knew that it would all end up in a picture later. I stopped after one month and moved further on to counting calories instead, which for me was a much easier transition.

I hope things goes well for you!

No. 83733

I’m 5’5 and 135 lbs but my fat distribution really fucks me over. All my fat goes to my love handles and I have violin hips something fierce. I know I can’t spot treat fat but are there any good exercises for lower back muscles that’ll help tone out the area or is losing weight in general my only hope?

No. 83739


You could do some hyperextensions on a roman chair if you have access to one. If not, you can do them on a flat bench but the range of motion is going to be more limited.
They are good for strengthening the lower back muscles mostly, but can offer benefits to the mid and upper back too.

No. 83756

thanks girls! Going to start today by eating less and taking my dog on a long walk…. I know it's not much but it's better than nothing.

I guess I am kind of over dramatic haha… but I just am feeling gross recently (my double chin is in full force)

No. 83846

I've been lifting 3 times a week for 7 months now and though my energy has increased, my attention span has worsened. I noticed this happening the last time I increased my activity levels, too (although I failed that time and am successful this time).

I just have less passion about cerebral pastimes and hobbies (such as art) and thus spend less time doing it than I would prefer. Has anyone else encountered this?

No. 83882

Are you literally me? Fucked over with distribution here, no tits or ass but lunch lady arms and love handles, minimal stomach.

My strategy thus far has been to focus on making my legs and butt bigger so it changes the proportion, then the love handles at least wont be wider than my actual butt.

Was going pretty well, my diet is on point,finally getting good definition on the front abs, but those fucking love handles are just made so much worse by the stupid hip dip which is so much worse from behind… argh.

I got injured really badly in yoga funnily enough and it's put me out of the gym for a while.

No. 84098

File: 1527935672473.jpg (54.11 KB, 564x557, 1e7bbea7f382ddc9a5e5b5540de847…)

Hey everyone. I want to become more fit and have a nice bod. I'm basically the before (maybe a little heavier) in pic and want to become the after. I'm 175cm and ~68 kilo (BMi floats between 22-22.2). So I'm at a healthy weight but skinnyfat. My diet is reasonably healthy, I defenitely eat vegetables and fruit everyday during the week and junk food is generally reserved for the weekends and I don't drink. But I know there's a lot to improve like cutting out processed foods and drinking more water, I'm working on that. But what else? Should I lose weight? Or lift, gain muscle and then lose weight? Cardio? Something else? I'm lost!

No. 84109

Just my opinion here, but pic related looks like it was achieved with moderate-light cardio and strength training. I usually suggest people do strength training before they start cardio, just because building and having muscle alone will make you burn calories (at a slower rate but still). If you clean up your diet a bit more like you mentioned and build a good routine also depending on your genetics you may not even need cardio. Make sure you get enough protein in your diet, without it building muscle will be a lot more difficult. Good luck, anon!

No. 84110

That picture very dishonest. the last picture is shot from a different angle and she's wearing a different kind of underwear that give the illusion of a firmer bum.

No. 84113

Yeah, every progress shot is from a slightly lower angle. Weight loss doesn't change where your waist is.

But it's still evident she lost weight and built muscle so it's not that dishonest. Just an exaggeration on both sides, she looks worse in the before pic than she probably actually did.

No. 84116

File: 1527985773124.jpg (81.46 KB, 960x540, DdQE5bMW0AAb1wZ.jpg)

5'1, 11 stone, quite active at work and slowly working into a diet but it only ever seems to come off my face and legs

How do I lose weight everywhere else and what do I eat that's gonna help me lose weight? Whether I eat healthy or not I always seem to still be the same weight

I lost a stone and a half and now it's stopped.

No. 84124

work out

No. 84129

No. 84130

You need to find your tdee and eat fewer calories than that number everyday. Weight loss and gain is all just simple math.

Weight will drop off all over regardless of exercise. Spot reducing (losing weight from say, just the thighs) is a meme. It’s easy once you know what numbers you’ve got to work with. Disregard anything anyone says about shakes, pills, organic only, vegan, keto, fat activists, and anything marketed to you as a weight loss tool or supplement.

It’s easier to maintain weight loss consistently when you eat low calorie and filling foods like vegetables, lean protein, complex carbs, (whole grains as opposed to refined etc) and healthy fats.

Avoiding added sugar can be enough for some people to end up in a caloric deficit. That shit is really energy dense and provides practically zero satiety.

No. 84150

Hi, I was hoping people could help me out a bit with a bit of an embarassing issue. So I'm really tiny and have pretty much no muscle mass and, well, I literally can't even do a single pushup so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for how to get enough muscle to at least be able to do a pushup? For some extra info I can plank for 30 seconds and a lot of squats, I just have no upper body strength (no core muscles either but at least I'm able to do about 5 sit ups at once so far). Thanks!

No. 84152

Have you tried doing half push up? You can also try standing push up and do some free weight exercise (with tiny dumbbels) to slowly build your back and arm muscle.

No. 84157

Any idea how to debloat/flatten your stomach overnight? I ate and drank so much today and wanted to wear a dress tomorrow but as of now it would look completely shit.

No. 84160

I've tried half pushups but I find they hurt my back when I do them (though I might be doing them wrong). I'll try wall pushups, I actually didn't know they would actually work, I'd only really seen them on articles on toning but I figured that wouldn't help cause I want to gain a decent amount of muscle

No. 84498

Does anyone have advice/resources for someone who has basically been a NEET for a while with practically no exercise, and wants to begin a fitness routine?

I'm mid-20s, 5'6", 110 lbs. I used to be a skelly ana but I've gained like 20 lbs since then. My build is quite small, so no one knows I'm skinny fat unless I'm naked kek. I'm vegan and my diet is pretty healthy, but I'm shit at exercise. I just want to be more healthy and lean.

I have these at home:
- stationary bike
- exercise ball
- jump rope
- hand weights
- yoga mat

+ my neighborhood would be nice for jogging.

But I have no idea how to incorporate all of this into a routine that I'll actually stick to, and that I won't get burnt out on by going too hard at first, after years of minimal activity.

I found out my job offers gym discounts, so I want to eventually get a membership and start going regularly, but I want to kinda work up to it, because as it is my endurance is terrible and I feel like I'm about to die after a few minutes of the stationary bike or jump rope. Embarrassing…

No. 84500

Replying way too late, but for future reference tea made with lemon, cinnamon, and honey should help.

No. 84504

I'm in a similar situation to you, thin but very out of shape. I just follow online videos. My favorite is myfitnessblender, you can go to their website and sort by difficulty level, time, equipment, part of the body worked out, etc. I have a rotation of videos that I come back to so that I don't get bored. I set up the rule that I can't have breakfast/play on the computer until I've done at least one video, that seems to work for me. Also, if you're willing to pay, they offer workout plans for longer periods of time (a month for example) but the free videos are perfectly fine imo, and there are a lot to choose from. If you're just starting out, make sure to go easy or you'll be too sore to do anything for days. Just start off with a beginner 5-10 minute cardio, or a gentle stretching/yoga video. Sometimes it won't seem like you're doing anything, but then the next day you'll be really sore in weird places. Over time as you get stronger/more flexible you can do the harder videos (they're rated by difficulty). Good luck anon!

No. 84510

I'm a fellow skinnyfat - 5'7 124lbs - however, I am slowly moving out of the skinny realm. I spent ages just following videos online and got nowhere. For the past few months I've been going to the gym (yes it's scary when you start but there are so many helpful people there who can give you tips and help you out if you ask!) and started doing compound lifts. So deadlifts, squats, bench, shoulder press etc. I've increased my muscle mass (and gained a little fat but that's fine as I'm bulking - will start cutting my calories in 6 months time) by doing 3 of these exercises 3 days a week with rest days in between. I have noticed that under my skinnyfat pooch there are little muscles forming, my arms are more defined and so are my legs and bum. The lifts are full body, so you're working everything all at once. And not only will you gain muscle, you'll gain strength too! I've added 40lbs to my squat and 35lbs to my deadlift in 4 weeks. The key to beating skinnyfatness is to build that muscle to fill out the fatty areas and then strip that away when you're happy with your progress. And because you need to build muscle to balance your body out, I would advise avoiding doing a lot of cardio exercises, as they don't do much to stimulate muscle growth which is what us skinnyfats need! Obviously you can still do them, but only use it to supplement your lifting workouts.

If you're up to it, I highly recommend reading up on 5x5 or Starting Strength if you're interested in lifting. I wish I had started sooner to be honest. The only pain is having to count calories and making sure you get enough protein and sleep. It's intimidating, but if I can do it, anyone can! Promise!

No. 84693

File: 1528594176690.jpg (34.2 KB, 700x525, Gallstones.jpg)

So about a year ago I had my gallbladder removed cause gallstones
(I landed in the ER, turns out there was a letter at my house that same day from my doc about my last ultrasound showing them lol bad timing, postal service)

Anyway, point being, I've been taking it easy, busy with work, but I'm starting to get pudgy

So I'm going to start looking into, but also want person-to-person advice, working out/dieting specifically without a galbladder.

No. 84825

I’ve been going to the gym nearly 4-5 days a week for the last two months but I feel like I have little progress with my arms compared to my legs. I’m 114 lbs at 5’ 3”, my legs are solid but my triceps have bingo wings.

The gym has a rowing machine and an endless rope pulley but I’m not sure what else I should be doing to help my arms. Any tips?

No. 84827

Try using free weights more often if you don't already.

Just look up some basic routines/exercises and decide what you're most comfortable with.

Women also develop upper body strength more slowly than men, so keep that in mind and be patient.

No. 84840

Is keto 100% a meme diet? I've been considering going low carb with high fat for satiety (and also because I binge on carbs way more easily lol). Do you actually lose more fat when you don't eat carbs or sugar?

No. 84863

It sounds like it’s effective for people who weigh a lot or spend most of the day sedentary. I don’t see it working well for someone who is at a normal weight or moderately active, since they would need carbs for energy

No. 84874

You lose weight on keto because protein and fat are more filling than carbs so most people naturally eat less on keto than they would on a heavy carb diet. Fatty acids also generate more ATP than carbohydrates when broken down in cellular respiration.

Ultimately it all comes down to calorie deficit.

No. 84923

Is it possible to gain muscle while ana? I've been working out recently and mostly ingest high-protein food. I'm trying to develop abs and maintain my butt muscles because I'm hoping (?) that by working them out, the muscle there will be eaten away last. My legs have always been toned because I used to be a runner, but now that I've been losing weight, I'm wondering what basic leg exercises I should invest in so they don't become limp in appearance.

No. 85419

Does s/o know a good exercise for reducing/preventing thigh rubbing?
I nearly love my Body size now but in sommer I can't wear skirts and Dresses without Long panties or tights.

No. 85542

File: 1529212225015.jpg (36.25 KB, 488x488, 14774551.jpg)

Not an exercise, but try Monistat anti-chafing gel, or another brand. I use this brand because it also helps me avoid getting ingrowns, but others are probably fine, too.

No. 85543

bio-oil is doing wonders for me.

No. 85701

Spot reduction doesn't work, so no. If anything, working out your thighs will make them bigger, giving you more thigh rubbing.

No. 85762

Late reply, but no. Your body requires you to eat above your daily caloric requirements for you to build muscle. Eating less than that, and I am assuming you are as you said you are anorexic, you wont be building any muscle and will more than likely be damaging your growth in the long run. Your body will be burning through your fat reserves and your muscle mass will be up next. At that stage, you will suffer with severe muscle atrophy (muscle break down) and end up looking droopy and saggy, much like a skinny melted candle.

You can exercise to keep your muscles and bones working, but if you're severely under eating, then there's no chance in hell you will hold onto that muscle. Food fuels everything and if you're withholding that, your body is only going to do one thing and that is eat up all of your fat and then your muscle.

I was like you when I was a teenager and had severe eating issues to the point where I was 77lbs at 5'7 tall. I am now in my late 20s and paying for what I put my body through. I've been at the gym for a year now but only started eating properly and training 6 months ago. My stomach muscles are in bits - I look like I've had 2 children when I've had 0 - my lower legs look terrible and I'm all-over skinnyfat. I am now eating 2500 cals a day to bulk and putting on the small amount of fat that I have while building muscle is very triggering, I know that I will get rid of it one day during a cut period. It's really hard.

Tl;dr No. You need to eat at a healthy maintenance or surplus to keep or build muscle. Try calculating your TDEE and then looking at what you should be eating. https://bioketo.com/macro-calculator/ is what I use.

No. 106409

File: 1548334936802.jpg (46.69 KB, 396x694, b336bf61250dc5a4e97112691cbc62…)

Not sure if I should post here or in th fashion thread but here it goes:

Where do you guys buy your workout clothes? I'm from EU so I buy from H&M and New Yorker, their stuff is alright and also affordable but their section is REALLY small. :/

Are there any other brands that I might be able to buy online? Reebok, Nike, UA, Zoe, Gymshark are just way too expensive at the moment despite going to the gym daily.

I just want more cute workout clothes without breaking the bank. :( and yes I know I can wear just regular shirts and leggings which I do, but still…

No. 106410

I get my gym clothes from grocery stores in that section with all kinds of random junk lol. Where are you from?

No. 106411

The Balkans, Croatia more specifically. Sadly the active wear sections are rather small here.

No. 106412

Gap (their Fit section) actually has good quality workout clothes, I'm sure you could order from them online. They're always have sales! My favorite leggings are from there.

No. 106432

Thanks, I'll look into it (:

No. 106449

File: 1548374355615.jpg (197.2 KB, 1080x1350, mc.jpg)

anyone on here aiming for a more muscular body? just curious considering it seems like most people on here want to be skinny
>tfw can't achieve dream body without steroids or photoshop

No. 106484

I am and it's hard af since I'm cheap and really hate giving money for food.
But my baby quads are starting to show so I'm really happy

No. 107974

File: 1549925633663.gif (650.06 KB, 500x281, source.gif)

I don't know where else to put this and I guess this should be an appropriate place for it. But I've literally been obese all my life (literally no excuses from me I've just been lazy af) I've seen my gyno maybe two months ago and I seen my current weight and I don't know whats different but it really lit a fire under my ass. Since then I've been working on becoming healthier/fitter and I've actually be keeping up with it. For the first in forever I think I'm finally comfortable in my body. I don't see my gyno again in three months and I'm not going to weigh myself until then to see how far I've actually gotten. But I see a difference in my face and the way my clothes fit me. Even my boyfriend says he can see I've lost a lot of weight (though I feel like he's exaggerating a bit). I'm happy that I'm actually one of those girls who actually likes going to the gym!(I go after work 5-6 times a week). I don't know I'm proud of myself.. I was tired of being fat and making excuses on why I can't change that.

No. 107976

What's a good way to make an inverted triangle body look more proportionate? Like help my thighs look rounder and bust area/shoulders look less wide?
I got a gym membership recently and I've been loving using the row machine, I'm not sure if that'll bulk up my chest and make me look more inverted triangley kek

No. 107977

why would you work out your arms to make them smaller? lul
do squats, lunges and deadlifts

No. 107978

That's the thing lol I just like rowing for, not even for exercise it's just fun.
I'll be sure to do more squats and lunges. Need to work on deadlifts as well. I don't think I'm doing them right.

No. 107979

I posted this in the wrong thread bc I'm dense lol

I stopped smoking weed and eating candy literally every day, started doing a 6-minute ab routine, and stationary-cycling for 20 minutes daily. I allow myself rest and cheat days here and there, but since the workouts aren't super intense, I try to do them every day.
I don't have a scale at home but at my last doctor's appointment when they weighed me I learned that I lost 10lbs. just from eating less bullshit and exercising. I'm a womanlet so this is a visibly apparent change. I'd like to lose around 5 more pounds and maintain after that. This is the longest run I've had at working out in my life.
The only downside is that I'm smoking more cigarettes every day since quitting weed, so that's something I need to work on next. I shudder to imagine what my lungs look like.

No. 107980

How do I get abs? My old job toned and buffed my arms and built my biceps like hell and it honestly looks and feels good.

I feel like I want to tone my stomach now too but no clue where to start.

No. 107981

Also sorry for my english im on drugs

No. 107990

How the fuck do you do powercleans? I'm switching programs because it's tiring me out, and I checked out the Texas Program which is less intensive, but man, power cleans are something I've never done. I can't find good short videos, and I don't have time to watch the good, long ones.

No. 107993

burn fat with cardio and build muscle with weight training

No. 107995

cardio burns more fat, idiot.

also it's difficult for women to get abs unless they have an extemely lean diet.

No. 107998

Uhhh didn't >>107993 say to burn fat with cardio? Why are you pissy?

No. 108000

I'm assuming you mean visible abs.

- Eat low carb and avoid fizzy drinks. It will reduce bloat and make your stomach look nicer depending on your current size
- Do lots of ab exercises and maybe some back exercises to complement the rest, which can be easily done at home
- Get your BF% down to around 20
- No, you don't need protein shakes

I think anon meant weight lifting burns more fat

No. 108055

>cardio burns more fat
that's what i said…
you can't have abs with a fat belly

No. 108121

dif euro anon, but the grocery store fitness pants ime fit terribly and are NOT squat friendly. A lot of them seem to be really sheer if you bend over. Propbably okay if youre running or doing yoga in a darkish classroom but not for most gym workouts.

personally i wait for department stores to have big clearances and buy them from brand names when theyre marked down a ton. Myprotein sometimes has huge sales too (i bought mine for 13 and 17 euros). January was a good time because most places had additional off clearance.

to be fair if thats carrie june she was/is on anavar. A lot of influncers who claim natty arent or they use SARMS because its not banned/drug tested yet.
Im working on a muscular body though nad its hard because i dont want to physically eat so much. I already feel like im eating a ton and eating a bunch of protein just makes me feel full all of the time. Ive noticed my quads and butt have gotten bigger and i havent even touched meme butt routines, just stuck to compound exercises and good mornings.

No. 108169

Okay idk if this is okay to ask since I’m not doing any fitness stuff yet but I would like to.

I’ve just recently overcome some severe health issues due to which I’ve barely left my bed ever. I can take short, calm walks for up to ~30 minutes (maybe a bit more) but that’s about it. I’d like to get started with some cardio but even from light stuff like walking up stairs my heart beats incredibly fast (about 100-120bpm) and strong and I feel like I might faint.
Every beginners guide kinda stuff is way, WAY too intense for me so maybe anyone on here knows anything I can do to get started?

Also, if relevant, I’m not fat. 5’8’’ and about 120lbs.

No. 108187

If you're recovering from serious health problems you need to consult your doctor before starting a workout program. No one here is qualified enough to advise you for something like that.

No. 108376

My weight is usually anywhere around 95 to 103 lbs at 5'7". (I don't have a scale with me at school, but judging from how I look and how I've been eating, I'd guess it's on the lower end right now). I look and feel grotesque. I'm not active, obviously I have no muscle tone and I constantly feel weak and fatigued. Don't know where to start with fixing things - the gym? My diet? I also feel less motivated to do anything about my health because of people telling me how lucky I am that I'm so thin. Physically I don't feel good, but the sick part of my brain tells me I'm doing something right. I know if I was overweight instead of under I'd be doing everything in my power to change. Anyway, what should I eat and how should I change my eating/exercise habits to gain weight in a healthy manner?

No. 108382

I was in the same boat, it takes some time but it's possible to gain without gaining too much fat.

If it's safe for you, you can try to count calories. Calculate your tdee online and put it into an app like my fitness pal.
Food wise you can eat pretty much anything in moderation, just try to stay away from too much junk food. Also weight gain shakes are pretty good.

You can find online a lot of beginner programs, you just have to google it.

No. 108398

i worked out pretty good at the gym yesterday, but i had the worst cramps afterwards, like completely similar to how i feel when i start my period. the thing is i swear i stretched good enough beforehand.

my health goals are going pretty good. i'm mostly working out to relieve stress and energy because i relapsed on having panic attacks. My anxiety feeds on excess energy. i usually have it really bad while exercising and it makes me feel foggy in the brain and brings weird thoughts, but if i basically ignore it and keep working out, it fades away and the rest of my day is minimally stressful.

on top of this, i used to weigh 185 a few months ago and now i'm down to about 165, just at the line of having an overweight BMI. I'm hoping to get more toned as well so my clothes look nicer on me.

what do anons do if they can't make it to the gym? i have two back to back 14 hour work days every week and my two hours of free time before bed are for taking a bath and relaxation. people say working out before sleep just messes up your sleep schedule, so i'm not risking that.
i'm thinking i might have a few minutes during my break at work to do a couple jumping jacks. something at least. the thing is the only place i have privacy is in the bathroom at work.

No. 108403

Honestly I do just dance haha it's a fun way to exercise. But you could also just do workout videos on youtube.

No. 108455

>the only place i have privacy is in the bathroom at work

You could do high knees, push ups against the wall, squats, chair pose, eagle pose, tree pose or any other standing yoga poses for balance and core strength

No. 111047

I’ve been looking online for an answer but I keep getting completely different answers.

If I want to gain muscle do I need to hit my goal weight first and then work on my gains? Or will I slim down when lifting?

I’ve never exercised in my life and i’m In my mid-20s.

No. 111048

Grain of salt since I started off CHONK, but without that hurdle it should work like this:
If you're starting off skinny just start lifting and eat OVER your tdee a bit with high intake of protein (0.8 grams/lbs of body weight or more). You will gain weight, and if you stick to whatever routine you choose it will mostly be muscle. Once you're happy with the muscle, you can cut the fat by keeping up your routine while cutting calories (try to keep the protein up to preserve muscle though) and doing extra cardio.

I'm not a bodybuilder but…at least know that no, you don't need to get chubby first lmao. If you are overweight you will lose weight though. I lost 30 lbs pretty fast.

No. 111051

Whoops forgot. Should add after cutting, you rinse and repeat. Continuously add more weight during bulking into oblivion (adding it while cutting isn't recommended from what I can tell? could be wrong, but I don't). Or until you reach your goals, then you can maintain.

No. 111065

It really depends on your current size. We'll be able to help you more if you can tell us your height/weight.

But try to look up recomping, it sounds like what you're looking for

No. 111083

been doing weight training for about 3 weeks now. already lost 10lbs! just looking to get 4in off my waist and i'll be golden, girls!

No. 111111

Recomping is what I'm looking for thanks!

I'm 5'9 at 145 lbs. It's "healthy" BMI but as I've said I haven't worked out before and I'm flabby. I'd like to lose fat and gain muscle.

I considered getting my weight down to 130s first, but I don't know if that will happen when I start lifting.

To be clear, I'm afraid of gaining weight and not gaining muscle when I start.

No. 111121

Nice get.

DON'T eat more than your tdee. Just add more protein(like 120g per day) and cut down on carbs when you start lifting

No. 111142

What exactly should I be doing at the gym? I’m not focusing on weight loss or aesthetics right now because I’m starting from ground zero, I can barely bicep curl 30 pounds. Right now I start off with 30 minutes on the elliptical doing a hill program, and I do 30 minutes on weights, I dick around doing 3 sets of 10 reps on each. Is this okay? I just want to build up some semblance strength and muscle and comfort in a gym setting because I haven’t done this since highschool and I’m nervous.

No. 111143

Recomping is more useful if you already have a muscular base and you are out of the noob gains phase. If I were you I'd slow bulk for a few months to make use of the noob gains phase and quickly gain a lot of strength and muscle, then do a cut. After that you can recomp since your progress will already have slowed down significantly anyway.

No. 111145

http://www.canditotraininghq.com/free-programs/ Download the free Candito Linear program. Just dicking around in the gym won't give you much progress, especially considering you are a woman and you don't get helped out by testosterone.

No. 111151

Thanks. It’s motivating to finally understand where to start.

No. 111156

That’s already pretty what I do, a little more than what I do because I workout my whole body instead of isolating one muscle group a day. I can only go the gym twice a week max right now because of my schedule.

No. 111175

If your goal is to increase strength, then keep doing what you're doing, except add on weight every workout or so. This works really well for lower body ie. squats but for most women, it's harder to increase weights every workout for the upper body.

No. 111176

Oh also, if you're really serious and want to see faster gains, I really do recommend going at least 3 times a week!

No. 111179

I would like to work up to 3 days but at the moment I can't, I can only go to the gym really late (after midnight) and I got a planet fitness membership. Right now I've been doing tuesday and wednesday, I'd like to work up to monday nights too, but I don't want to fuck around and be too sore for the rest of the week. Right now I just want to work on not being so weak, primarily in my arms and back, my legs are where most of my muscle already is. I'll be sure to add on more weight as I go on!

I guess I should've given myself more credit instead of saying I "dick around" at the gym. I thought I had no idea what I was doing, but its reassuring that I'm on the right track.

No. 111180

also i forgot to say thank you for the link! im still bookmarking it for when i need ideas on creating a steady routine.

No. 111222

If you want to build muscle and increase strength, then it's better to do longer cardio after your workout. Starting with 10 minutes to warm up is enough.

No. 111238

i'm fucking huge (like over 250)and coming off one of the worst mistakes of my life (thinking i was trans, being on testosterone for like 5 years). and now i cant seem to lose any fucking weight or curb my appetite. I wasnt exactly small pre-T, but damn i've ballooned and my appetite has spiked to ridiculous levels.

Any good tips to get me back on track for not being a whale and being cute again?

No. 111244

Really? There isn't much difference between going 2 times a week or 3 times a week if you keep the volume the same. There is only about 10% difference while the difference between once a week and twice a week is HUGE. So it really isn't that important to go 3 times a week. What is more important is total volume.

This is called linear progression, don't do this for longer than 3 months if you actually want to get somewhere and don't want to stay in limbo forever.

1. Cardio before lifting is not a good warm-up. It doesn't prepare you for the act of lifting weights. You should lift lighter weights as a warm-up and do mobility drills like arm and hip circles.
2. Best thing is to separate your weight training sessions from your lifting completely. As an example lift in the morning and do cardio in the evening. This way you can give both your all since your glycogen stores get the time to restore in between sessions. Also I wouldn't recommend doing lots of cardio if you want to gain muscle, because you are going to have to eat all those lost calories back.

Also please people in this thread don't do random shit or a ''routine''. You are not going to progress in any way if you don't have a plan on how to do this. There is a science to these things and building muscle is nearly not as easy as losing weight. And please don't follow instagram thots advice, they don't know what they are doing.

Good YouTubers:
Vitruvian Physique
Omar Isuf
Alan Thrall
Juggernaut Training Systems

No. 111245

Okay I am going to treat this case like a woman who has gone on a steroid cycle. Your own hormone production has probably tanked and needs some pct (post cycle therapy). Women already wreck their natural levels if they do it for 1 year, never mind for 5 years. Try some hormone balancing supplements, Idk where you live so I don't know what to recommend to you.
I think you first need to get your hormones in check before you can start to lose weight, it's not your fault. Your body is just not cooperating because it is still trying to adjust.

No. 111249

>linear progression
>don't do this for longer than 3 months if you actually want to get somewhere
>and don't want to stay in limbo forever

Can you explain to me why? I'm still doing a LP program and seeing results. I don't think I'll stop until I can't linearly progress anymore.

No. 111284

Adding to what this poster said, I think a doctor might be able to prescribe something to help you get back to a more normal hormone balance.

No. 111485

There was a woman with a wart on her foot right in front of me in pilates class. Absolutely disgusting, I guess it's about time I buy my own mat anyways.

Any recommendations for which mat I should get? Preferably something that works for both pilates and yoga. I have super sweaty hands so I slip easily

No. 111497

Doing linear progression for too long slows down progress and makes it more likely for you to get imbalances or suffer an injury.

No. 111575

Hi girls. I started getting into bodybuilding about 2 weeks ago, so obviously no visible results yet but I wanted to ask you all if I'm on the right track. I'm 5'3" 124 lbs, 29% body fat and an endomorph with most of my fat in my boobs and some in the midsection. I've only been exercising regularly for 2 months, and I can manage 45 minutes at the gym 4 times a week. 30 min weights and 15 cardio. I tried 5 days but it was too tiring for me. I try to eat between 1600-2000 calories a day, 80% healthy, 100+g protein a day, no diet restrictions besides dairy. But I don't count calories, just macros due to history of EDNOS binging/ restriction.

No. 111627

File: 1553339535931.gif (4.92 MB, 480x480, 1515177748_giphy (1).gif)

tfw when you help and motivate your bf to get in better shape and work out but with in a week he starts out lifting you

I mean I knew he was gonna start stronger then me at some point but it took him just a month what I had spent years for

No. 111628

LMAO I know that feeling. I think it's just easier for men to tone up.
I've been working out for almost 3 months and my boyfriend mentioned he's been starting to do planks around the house every morning for about a week and you can definitely see a difference. Like, he's been doing shit for only 10 minutes at a time and I gotta do something for 45 minutes every other day to even get results.

No. 111632

Never realised how much money I had to spend on active wear when being fit and healthy became a lifestyle, especially with all the changes happening to my body

No. 111634

month not week

No. 111637

Same, my friend (male) started crossfit at the start of last year and he's already looking super muscular, big and is strong af. I started like 3 years ago, and sure I look "toned" but I still look like a twig next to him.

Really sucks ass

No. 111642

Hm theres a class that starts in april for adult beginners maybe I should try it out

No. 111645

I’m 5’4” and 96lbs but I have horrible (probs not that bad but it looks rotten to me) cellulite on my legs. I used to be very athletic and muscular, but I have been struggling with mental health after my brother died and lost a lot of weight. I don’t know if the cellulite is from my muscles break down or what. I was never very heavy, probably at my heaviest 120ish when I was training a lot.

My question is, would excercising help with this cellulite issue, and if so, could anyone recommend excercises to do that would help?


No. 111646

Why would you encourage him to work out if him being stronger than you bothers you?

No. 111648

Strength training. Some amount of cellulite is normal tho

I think anon isn't bothered that he's stronger, but rather that he progressed so fast

No. 111649

as >>111648 said I'm not bothered that he became he stronger then me and I knew he was gonna become stronger then me
I didn't know it would be that quick

No. 111651

Has anyone had any experience with compression clothing?
I decided to try some calf sleeves that were on sale because I kept getting soreness in my lower legs after exercising. They do work for that, I can hike and run a few extra miles, they also help with squats. What I've also noticed is that my calves have become much more toned faster than the rest of my legs. Even when I take them off the difference is noticeable. I've searched around on the internet to see if there's any confirmation that compression clothing helps with toning and most sites say it's bullshit.
Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm wondering if it's worth buying compression clothing for the rest of my body.

No. 111653

You mention hiking so I wonder if you just do lots of hilly running which might have worked your calves proportionally more?

No. 111659

I don't know why you're so surprised. Men naturally have more testosterone than women. This is a fact. A friend of mine who is more or less my weight (~125lbs) can lift more than I can, even though he's objectively skinny for a 5'7 dude. I understand the annoyance tho.

No. 111689

He worked hard I admit that but he still ate junk food and didn't care about his diet and before this he was kinda of a couch potato
very skinny and never worked out or played sports
but still with in a month he was stronger
its disheartening

No. 111703

Is it possible to be gaining weight from over-exercising? I'm exercising 6 times a week (3 days a week I do strength training/body-weight exercises/pilates/HIIT combo and 3 days a week a do a one-hour cardio session on my stationary bike). I'm on a pretty strict diet, eating around 1200 - 1500 calories a day, and eating a lot of protein. Yet my weight loss is not progressing and now I've even been gaining weight these past two weeks. When googling, I read something about too much exercise causing inflammation in the body, which then causes weight gain, but is this true? Should I cut down on my exercising? I'm afraid the weight gain would get even worse then though, sigh, as I'm pretty sedentary otherwise.

No. 111704

Should I even try to bother getting a smaller waist? I'm 34-25.5-36 and I'm 5'9" and 118 lbs. I'd like to have a smaller waist, but I feel like I'm at my peak, you know? Is there anything I can do?

No. 111707

Sure it might be some freak medical thing, but it's probably just faulty tracking. You're eating more than you think you are, or you're not exerting yourself as much as you think you are when you're exercising. Measure things with a food scale instead of approximating, and don't count calories burned while exercising because everyone always overestimates it.

No. 111712

Keto diet. The food you have to eat on a keto diet is satisfying and satietogenic. It will also help your hormones because the fat and protein you will be eating are rich sources of amino acids. Amino acids are the precursors that your body needs to synthesise hormones and neurotransmitters. You might be deficient in micronutrients, this could be why you're feeling hungry all the time. You can get this checked by speaking with your doctor.

You could be gaining muscle mass which will appear to level off weight loss. Don't rely purely on scales to track your progress. If your scale has a body fat percentage calculator you can try using that. A tape measure also works.

No. 111733

How do I recover muscle? I was severely eating disordered and lost most of my muscle mass. For most exercises and gym equipment, I have to go weightless (using only a bar), and even then, I can't lift some stuff. I find it difficult to even do "girl" pushups. I'm so lost. With such poor health, how many reps am I supposed to aim for? What areas should I target first to gain enough strength other exercises would become easier?

No. 111748

I come from a similar background, the first month literally anything will help you gain muscle, as long as you eat enough for them to come back.
Just do what you can really, don't bother with pushups just yet if you can only bench press the bar.
I think strength and hypertrophy would be a good goal for you. Just do whatever you can.

No. 111752

I've been increasing my strength and flexibility from start basically. I find the best thing to do is focus on your form rather than reps. When I use to do reps I'd be more focused on hitting the target and would do loads of dodgy movements thinking meh. Since slowing down and focusing on my movements the improvements are coming along nicely. I really find stretching and learning how to hold yourself in correct posture really helps too. God even just stretching my neck properly felt amazing I've seriously been walking around so stiff without realising.

No. 111958

Any anons familiar with heavy weight lifting that could give me some advice? So I'm at a low BMI of 18 - classic skinny fat body. I've joined a gym the past month and my goal is to build up muscle. I've read that it's necessary to eat roughly 1g of protein per pound, which I'm (just about) doing. I work out 3 days a week currently, doing just compound lifts at low reps but heavy weights. Working on form etc.

So as I'm currently eating above my TDEE by 500~ calories, I'm going to put on weight. My fear is that…"am I working hard enough for this to translate to muscle and not body fat". I used to be heavier than I am now and slowly lost the weight over a few years by just regulating my diet, so suddenly increasing it makes me nervous.

Will I be good if I eat high protein? Currently working on eating 55% carbs, 25% portein and 25% fat. Should I drop carbs to 50% and up protein to 30%? Then I would be eating slightly more protein in grams than my current body weight, but that's okay? Am I overthinking all this? I haven't noticed a particular change to my overall body shape but I do feel 'bloated' all the time (because I'm eating more I guess)…which does not help my paranoia that I'm not working hard enough at the gym to justify the calorie increase.

Anybody who's been through that beginner weight lifting stage, can you share your wisdom? Thanks…

No. 111960

You'll be fine, just keep lifting and eating enough - ou're not going to just balloon overnight. It's a slow af process to build muscle tho

No. 112531

I used flat shoes instead of running shoes for weight lifting for the first time ever yesterday and holy shit the difference is mind blowing

No. 112535

File: 1554455424634.jpg (78.01 KB, 640x640, ac0b548c95b0f77e7795b22f06bd03…)

Any tips on how to hit my quads better?

I'm already doing lunges, front squats and leg extensions but I feel like I never hit them properly. Should I just go heavier?

No. 112564

Get a pair of adidas powerlift. They're a lot cheaper than the Romaleos while providing the same benefits. The 3.1 version is currently on sale.

No. 112690

Do squat jumps and jumping lunges. it'll make your quads cry.

No. 112696

walking lunges with dumbbells, wall sits, jumping squats (changing sides!) and lunge pulses. Also be sure to check your form!

No. 112698

water retention from starting a new exercise regimen! This is really normal and should start to drop off. I usually only use a tape measure for the first month/6 weeks of a new workout plan since the water retention from your muscles repairing themselves and getting stronger is a little demoralizing, but the proof is in the measurements shrinking/growing where you want (for me glute hypertrophy aka bigger hip measurement but shrinking waist.) You're for sure not gaining fat eating 1200 a day unless you're like 4'4" or something, but weight fluctuates like a mofo especially in active and athletic women

No. 112699

Romaleos and Powerlifts really aren't the same thing. The heel height is totally different. You're comparing one of the highest heels with one of the lowest. Also, that has nothing to do with what anon is talking about. She's been lifting in running shoes, which compress under load, causing instability. Switching to flat shoes means better stability and control of the bar, as well as now being able to bring foot drive into the mix. If she can lift well in a fully flat shoe like Chucks, she probably should, unless maybe if she's doing olympics. If she wants to try an elevated heel for some reason (really not any benefit for someone who has the mobility to hit squat depth without it), she can easily put her heels up on a 2.5 or 5 plate for free to find the minimum height needed to reach depth.

No. 112708

File: 1554708590374.jpg (14.78 KB, 650x650, Vengeance_2.jpg)

I used my old Nfinity Vengeance shoes. The outsole is a grip around the bottom edges and doesn't have any height to it. It's just a pad shaped like the bottom of my foot at this point

No. 112841

The main thing when picking shoes for weightlifting is that you don't want a squishy sole. Anything compressible is a no-go. Look at it similarly to comparing standing on a wooden floor vs standing on a bed. Since a squishy bed moves and shifts under you, it's a lot harder to hold your balance, especially when you're supporting a bar full of weight. The only 'advantage' a raised heel brings is if you don't have the posterior flexibility (hamstrings, calves, Achilles) to reach proper squat depth (crease of your hip even with or lower than your knee, don't go by your thigh being parallel to the floor) without letting your heels pop up. If those shoes don't compress and you can get all the way down with your feet flat on the ground and without your back curving down at the bottom ("butt wink"), you're good to go.

No. 113597

Not sure if this is relevant (but since work out /running shoes have to comfy then maybe) but I’m starting a hospital job with 12 hour shifts and not sure which would be the most comfortable long wear shoe. Any tips ladies?

No. 118133

File: 1562116124636.jpg (32.89 KB, 354x573, thiccccccccccccccccccc.jpg)

I have a really weird goal so bear with me.

I've almost always been extremely obese, except one time I managed to get down to a healthy bmi weight of 145, but I felt gross my tits got smaller my thighs were smaller and I just didn't like the way i looked. Now I'm 297 pounds and I love pretty much everything about my body except for my spare tire stomach and some cellulite and how out of shape I am on the inside.

What I really want is to basically keep everything the same except turn all the fat on my arms and thighs into muscle of the same size and get either a rock hard stomach that's a little smaller or abs if it's possible.
I just pretty much don't know what all to do. My plan so far is to eat a lot of fish, avocados, chicken breast, and steaks and vegetables to make sure I have enough protein and calories to keep my weight while building muscle.
I pretty much know nothing aside from lifting weights builds arm muscles and sit ups will give me abs, so I'm open to pretty much any advice, and I'm pretty excited!
I've never told anyone but I've always admired those old body builders from the 70s like Arnold and the hulk. I want to be able to lift a car one day.
(oh yeah the heart disease, cholesterol,greater risk of health problems in general yadda yadda doesn't matter I know I'm going to die at 40 all that matters is getting viewable results and strength)

No. 118135

File: 1562118000796.jpg (158.03 KB, 1280x720, charbear1213.jpg)

If you know zilch you're probably best off just going to a gym first and hiring a trainer to set you on track towards your goals as well as to make sure your form is correct.
Otherwise, some prior research can easily be done online. I personally started out watching fitness vids on youtube from many assorted channels because it's both inspiring and offers diverse points of view. Also /fit/ can unironically help you when you're just starting out, at least with their sticky links.
You also mentioned liking Arnold, have you watched his documentary from 1977? Tips from the man himself.

Anyway, we have similar goals since I also want to be as strong as possible. Beefy but squishy or "strong fat" like pic related is the look I'm aiming for since I know I don't have the bone structure to be the super petite ideal.
I hope we can both reach our goals!

No. 118136

1977? the Pumping Iron one?
haha I used to watch it like every day.
I don't have any money for all that(personal trainers and gyms are pretty expensive right?) and I wanted to do it on my own for my own pride so I guess research it is. Do you have any youtube videos you could recommend me since we're working towards the same stuff?
And Good luck to you, anon!

No. 118145

I like the vids this girl makes! She's a powerlifter and has some on form/her routine/etc. too on her channel. Bodybuilding.com's youtube channel also puts out informative videos.
Sadly the gym itself (without trainer) is a must if strength is what you want unless you have a home gym already. But there are cheaper gyms, you'll just have to look them up in your area. Personally I'm lucky since I'm in uni and part of my tuition pays for the gym regardless.

No. 118157

Are water aerobics a meme?

What excercise should I try out if I am:
1. extremely thin, have zero musce mass and would like to keep gains to a minimum, keep the same size just become more toned/firm.
2. extremely weak also, never had any resistance training, tire out really fast.
3. want more stamina so I can actually run for more than a minute to catch up with buses for example.
4. tried yoga and can't hold most poses for a required tme for a beginner.

The water aerobics thing is because I've seen pregnant women and elderly do it in movies and that seems like a similar starting point health-wise for me. I also have more access to a pool than to a gym with a non-weight-training-based equipment.

tl;dr My body is utter shit, I never really excercised in my life and I want something really simple to start and eventually branch out into something that will keep me healthy, but won't make me buff in the slightest.

On the other hand, what is a good way to learn swimming? Hiring an instructor in a pool? I seem to be doing a lot of things wrong since no matter how many times I tried on my own, I just sink. It's a huge fucking shame to me since I really enjoy being in water.

No. 118158

Anon, no offense, but 297 lbs is not good for you and building a lot of muscle while staying the same weight is hard. It'd be much easier to bulk up if you cut, then bulk.

No. 118159

private trainers yes, gyms no. planet fitness is 10 bucks a month, has lots of machines and a no judgement policy.
weird goal, but i kinda dig it. you have to keep in mind that most huge men like Arnold in his prime did a lot of anabolic steroids and that means extremely high testosterone, which females have a fraction of what a roided up bodybuilder has.
keeping this in mind, and that muscle is objectively smaller than fat (when compared weight wise), you shouldn't focus on the scale. hell, ditch the scale entirely. Eat lots of good proteins as you mentioned, carbs before working out for a good energy boost and some protein after too. i eat boiled eggs pretty much, they're dirt cheap.
also for inspo what do you think of Penny Underboob or professional olympic powerlifting women? is the latter your preferred body type? Also, where your body stores fat is mostly genetics, so you can't really change that unless you go full momokun or whatever and get lipo

No. 118160

File: 1562158290253.jpg (175.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. If you want visible abs you need low body fat. No amount of sit ups will change that. If you're going for strength then pic related is the goal. Bonica Brown has taken the gold in all the biggest power lifting contests since 2014.

No. 119688

Don't get scared about weight lifting. You won't bulk up. It takes a lot of work, a specific diet and hormones for women to get bulky. Even then it doesn't do much. You'll get stronger without bulking.
As for cardio start small. I started by just doing a fast walk on the treadmill for 2 minutes (with a 6% incline) and then jogged for a minute and then back to the fast walk. Over time you will build up your endurance. I've been at it for a couple of weeks and now I can jog for 2 minutes.

No. 119692

Does anyone have any exercise recommendations for the lower back, preferably weighted?

I try to do back extensions but I don't like them much (my lower back gets tight and it hurts rather than the usual burn, might be due scoliosis) and the non weighted stuff feels like it's not challenging enough.

No. 119817

this is a dumb question, but how do you know if you're actually engaging your core? when i'm doing yoga or sit-ups or something that requires core strength, i always feel like i'm straining my neck too much, or that my core isn't strong enough at all. i have no idea what the "right" feeling is.
last time i did a plank and it kind of felt like i was sucking my stomach fat in and keeping it close to the bottom of my abdomen. am i supposed to be flexing higher, closer to my mid-torso/belly-button?

No. 119844

You should feel a burning sensation in your core as your are doing the plank/getting through a set of sit ups. I used to have the same problem with crunches. I found keeping my hands on either side of my head with the fingertips barely touching my head helped train my to not strain my neck. You just need to keep checking on your form in a mirror or even record yourself just so you can see

No. 119950

File: 1563939089038.jpg (6.62 KB, 194x260, 1fe4cf36202d6f029d8b2db8e8533b…)

I'm 5'4 and ~120 lbs but I have some of the worst cottage cheese thighs I've ever seen, the kind you usually see in very overweight women. I feel so dumb for not knowing the basics of working out, but what kind of exercise could I do everyday to target my inner thigh area? I can confidently say my thighs look worse than 85% of women my age (I'm mid 20's now but they have always looked terrible). They're REALLY bad, any advice would be appreciated :(

No. 119951

File: 1563939439980.jpeg (234.82 KB, 1125x363, FC44D4A0-3DDF-41B6-807C-94AA1F…)

I’m your height and bottom heavy.

Do this if you want really long legs cardio based

For Instagram style (big butt thick but muscly) try weightlifting it will tone faster

No. 119956

What this >>119951 anon has offered works for sure. I am also 5'4" and 120 pounds with thighs that are extreemely prone to cellulite. I only recently started to get rid of it by doing bottom focused pilates!

Pilates can be intense. Don't over exert yourself. It'll be harder to keep a routine if you go too hard too fast.

No. 119965

Do you have any Pilates routines you recommend ?

No. 121203

I‘m slowly starting to get back into any kind of excercise and did some yoga yesterday. Some of the excercises focused on the neck/shoulder area, so now I’m a bit sore, which is fine.
What kinda bugs me though is that I get the usual dizziness I know from when I have a stiff neck. Not the ‘I’m about to pass out’-low blood pressure-kind, it feels more like I’ve spun too much.
It makes me think that I did something wrong or that my posture is bad. Or could it still be normal after training those muscles when I generally have a bad posture in everyday life?

(I’m kinda pms-ing too though which makes me more prone to tense muscles and neck stiffness, so idk. It’s just annoying because I’ll suddenly get dizzy out of nowhere and start walking like I’m drunk.)

No. 121223

ntayrt but some of my favorite Pilates teachers on YouTube are Mari Windsor and Kait Coats

No. 121227

That could happen from tensing your neck way too much and not breathing evenly and deeply during challenging poses, paired with your usual posture and tendency to get a stiff neck and dizziness. However the drunk walking thing sounds like pretty intense vertigo which I have only seen in the elderly before so if you continue to get it in the future you should go to a doctor (probably ENT or neurologist)

No. 121409

woah she‘s my body type, shit. Always sucked having all my male friends have more shapely legs than me no matter what weight I was at.

Guess I should just lose some, if I didn‘t have such big tits I‘d be a fridge-like shape.

No. 121410

Any time I try do do exercise which might involve blood going to my head (yoga, pushups, situps even) my head starts to pound and is at risk of some kind of headache. When I‘m straining (moreso with situps) then my neck strains like fuck, though I try and prevent it.

Running can make my head pound. Doing weights, light jogging etc etc. Then if I don‘t stop soon enough the blood pounds harder and harder then at a point I can‘t stop it.

Does anyone know the underlying cause of this? I really want to get fit but it‘s either trigger a headache several times a week (and I have went down that route before) or stay soft.

Is it my neck muscles, some underlying condition, just my physiology?

I‘ve had chronic migraines before, so maybe that ties in.

Anyone with similar who could recommend something that isn‘t the most basic of stretching?

No. 121411

What are your small gym essentials that keep you from being messy and frumpy after the workout? I've started going to gym for the first time in my life and I work out during my lunch break. I'm all over the place, feel incredibly sweaty, messy and inept during and frumpy after, and would like to be more put together. The only thing I use right now is a travel size sea salt spray. I spritz my hair before I put them in a bun and afterwards they look a bit better than regular sweaty-but-dried hair.

No. 121422

Are you low in any vitamins? Could be iron deficiency or something.

No. 121596

This is partially a rant.

I don‘t know why I just keep injuring my dumb body when I exercise!
I try jogging a couple times and get "runners knee", I hike and like I don‘t fully twist my ankle, but it‘s sore to put pressure on for a long time. Do yoga and something happens with my wrist where I can‘t put pressure on it, doing core work while lying down and it hurts like hell around my tailbone area. And I‘m not talking about muscle soreness from growth or anything.

I feel like it‘s something do do with my posture and how I walk, it‘s been mentioned once that both feet kind of point outward, and I have no idea why.

Plus my dumb waddling ass is too poor to hire a PT or anything, and like what if the leg muscles i need to walk correctly (if that even is the problem) are too weak to support me?

I‘d think I was neurotic with the amount of problems, but i can feel this bony bump right to the side of one of my knees right now.

It‘s like the more I exercise the more I damage my body because apparently I can‘t even do that shit right.

No. 121613

You absolutely MUST do WARMING UP before ANY kind of exercise, and absolutely MUST do STRETCHING after ANY kind of exercise.

Anyone who doesn't do both those things every single time risks serious injury.

No. 121630

Anyone doing or have ever done Strong Curves? On the 2nd week currently I really dig the workouts. I think they hit everywhere I'm interested in growing.

By warming up you mean doing some cardio then the workout with lowest possible weight first, yeah? Heard stretching first can do more harm than good.

No. 121631

you don't need to warm up lmao. what is this 90s advice? do you also think you can't eat before swimming, anon?

No. 121632


i’ve heard that dynamic stretching is optimal before working out & that static stretching is good after you’ve finished your work out.

No. 121635

File: 1565897890111.jpeg (40.74 KB, 430x661, imageproxy.jpeg)

My legs look like the ones of the girl on the left (my calves are probably even more bulky) and I hate it so much. I just want skinny legs.
What can I do to make them less muscular? Are massages a meme? Right now I only run, I don't even do any strength exercises yet look so athletic…

No. 121637

This routine fucked up my hip permanently to the point where I needed surgery. I had a genetic predisposition to those types of injuries but still would not recommend.

No. 121639

Her legs look normal. You're also complaining about muscular legs while only running.

If you want to look skinnyfat then stop working out.

No. 121640

Her legs don't even look muscular though. Besides, defined and shapely calves look nice…Don't know why so many women see chicken legs as the ideal.

No. 121653

No. 121654

Lean legs aren’t a meme we’ve seen them on people from pixies group even though they are fatties.

Pilates or standing 8 hours a day will do this

No. 121667

Not to be rude but you were obviously performing the exercises with poor form if that's the case. Thousands upon thousands of people do those exercises for years without injury. It's not the routine.

No. 122654

I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question but do facial exercises actually work? I've been dealing with ednos since I was in elementary school, up until a few years ago I was extremely underweight. I've gained quite a bit recently in a bid to be healthier but I feel like my face is quite puffy now and I have a double chin I'd really like to get rid of. I'm working on fixing my diet/eating less carbs and sugar but I'm really interested to hear whether or not facial exercises could help this as I feel pretty insecure with how my face looks rn

No. 122655

Lean just means having moderate muscle with low body fat in the area. A woman who is genetically predisposed to gain and carry a large amount of muscle in her legs isn’t going to shrink her legs by doing even more exercises; spot reduction isn’t a thing in that way. I know a few Asian girls with muscular legs like >>121635 and the last thing they need is to further “tone up” their legs with exercises intended to add a modicum of muscle to shrimpy skinnyfats. The hamplanet Pixielocks fans with Gru legs just have shit fat distribution.

No. 122663

Well, it’s impossible to decrease bodyguards just in that area from doing facial exercise, if that’s what you‘re asking. If your body fat percentage stays the same it will at the most be a tiny bit more defined. But more likely you‘ll just end up having muscle below the layer of fat.

To lose fat, even if it’s just meant to be in one specific area, you‘ll have to decrease your overall BFP.

If not that, there’s still chin lipo.

No. 122680

fair enough, thank you for your response anon!!

No. 123441

Advice on beginner level fitness routines? I’m flabby with no muscle at all and have a BMI of 24, I’d like to have a BMI of 20. How often should I exercise to tone up and slim down? I’d like to return to my 54 kg eventually (64 kg currently)

No. 123450

Get some dumbbells. 30 min a week for an arm day. 30 min a week for a leg day. And 30 min a week for a cardio day. Then just start browsing YouTube for dumbbell workouts. Start out by trying to do a bunch of different things until you find something that clicks with you!

I found it’s good to start out easy. You’ll still see/feel some results. I’ve found that is the thing to motivate me to push harder over the years.

No. 123494

File: 1568585960881.jpg (241.31 KB, 1200x1705, samara_weaving.jpg)

I want a brutal red pill about what it actually takes to get "11 abs"

I've searched the internet and asked several people irl, some of who are supposed to be knowledgeable about fitness and everyone seems to say different things leading me to believe no one knows what they're talking about. I know you first must get rid of the fat covering your muscles since no matter how strong your core is it will not be seen if it's covered by belly fat. However is burning fat really the optimal choice if you have no good muscle mass foundation to begin with? Some say lift weights, others say cardio, some say diet, others say genes. The people I immediately discard are the ones saying anything about "targeting belly fat" since spot reduction doesn't exist according to more professional opinions. So what's the truth?

>do you lift weights?

>do you do cardio?
>do you follow "11 abs workout" tutorials on YouTube
>do you strictly monitor your diet forever?
>do you need to have a very specific body type and lucky genes?
>do you need all of the above?
>or more?

I'm not posting k-pop idols since my body type does not resemble theirs. It's closest to pic related and she has the types of abs I want.

No. 123500

So I used to run 30+ miles a week as a teenager. Did required yoga practice in the mornings which incorporated ab work. Had practically no body fat at 95 lbs. Never had abs. I’m fact my belly was almost a bit “puffy” all the time.

Became more into lifting. Still no abs.

Then earlier this year I did keto. Boom. Abs and an hour glass like figure. My stomach looked close to the girl in that picture.

Which makes me think it is some combination of: low body fat, ab strength and cutting out foods that cause inflammation (and therefor bloating)

Genetics will come into play with that last bit, since it will be different from person to person. But for sure that means: limiting sugar to high fiber fruits like berries, cutting out starchy foods including starchy veggies and cutting out dairy (for most people.)

I will also add good posture helps. My stomach looks different when my back muscles are engaged, chest muscles loose, and shoulders back.

No. 123503

Sometimes it's genetic. I don't gain any weight in my upper stomach to the point that I can be carrying a few pounds, a bit curvier and I'll have a "toned" upper stomach area but I'll have a pooch on my lower stomach.

So my advice is lose weight to the point that you have less fat over that area and then do exercises targeting the muscles there.

No. 123505

My sister has ripped abs, I should ask her how she got them but I'm never going to so I didn't see the point. As far as I can tell she eats whatever she wants in moderation (def not a strict, clean diet), I've seen protein powder and fat burner tablets around the house, plus like 10 hrs a week cheerleading and somewhat frequent pt sessions. She's not super into lifting but uses the machines a bit. She has an instathot tier butt/legs too, I think she builds muscle easily and does enough sport that it doesn't take a hardcore diet or gym routine.

No. 123520

Lol that inflammation part is important, but hard considering US food loves overloading on shit that causes said inflammation for belly bloating, weight gain by gylcegeon excessiveness, ect.

No. 123521

Sounds like exercise and a lot of walking will fix this

No. 123541

File: 1568645842462.png (365.09 KB, 648x438, snooker champs.png)

You can't get 11 abs unless you incorporate a lot of cardio in your routing and you keep your diet clean at all times.
It's going to be more difficult to achieve if you have a large chest and broad hips.

No. 124269

File: 1569631615244.jpeg (154.97 KB, 800x682, 7D47225E-2C56-45D1-8544-879A1A…)

Does anyone else have this problem? My legs look like they belong on a 60 year old woman because the fat just sags around the knees. How do I get rid of fat around my knees! I can’t wear cute mini skirts without looking like a pudgy toddler

No. 124273

I have this too, anon. Although I think bone structure has a lot to do with it as well (same as the hip dip issue). Personally my mom had similar distribution even when she was very athletic in her youth so I just have trash genes when it comes to legs. When I touch my knees I can even feel that the joints are just slightly more inward than they "should" be.
Accept your ugly legs anon!! Or get really strong so people feel threatened when they're exposed.

No. 124276

No. 124277

Broad hipped/hourglass shaped Anon here with ab lines. I don't mean to come off as humblebraggy but what I did is vacuum exercises or the "sucking in" thing, I also just ate a normal diet, like not too much, not too little but very nutritious, I like the Mediterranean diet but I do have my days where I want soda and junk but my metabolism is fast so it may be harder for those with slow metabolisms. I also have lots of sex like 2-3 times every other day or every three days or whenever my bf can come over. I only noticed my ab lines coming in the more I had sex

No. 124305

Is this just to improve circulation to the legs? It doesn’t seem to be strength training

No. 152316

2021 you gonna get that body.

No. 152584

Does anyone else hate cardio because it feels like having a panic attack? Like once I get to an intense level I feel like I'm not in control of my body at all and I hate it. Especially running my brain goes "oh we're being chased yes?" and I get overwhelmed with fear.

My goal for the rest of the year is to build up my cardio fitness slowly. It's the best exercise for my mental health so it's ironic I'm too damaged to enjoy doing it.

This morning I did a short cardio kickboxing class, low intensity but still broke a sweat. It's not much but it's a start.

No. 152585

Maybe you can try dancing? I'm sure there are dance routines to music that you enjoy and tons of styles to try! I'm also building up my cardio resistance and aside from walking and running, I love to dance to Just Dance lol

No. 152588

I absolutely felt like this and yes you do just have to retrain your body's associations.
I got into running on a treadmill because I made a really good playlist and concentrated on 'dancing in a straight line', because I love dancing. I made the playlist around the same bpm which helped with that.
I also got into interval training using a skipping rope because the sprinting makes me anxious but you only do it for a minute.

No. 152612

I have a super flabby stomach and lots of back fat but I'm fairly low in weight on the scale (130 lbs at 5'10). I'm limited on what exercise I could do (due to a bad back) so I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions on what exercise I could do? Or diet?

No. 152631

I definitely don't think you should focus on losing weight anon, it sounds like you're already on the lower end of where you should be. Likely just a matter of needing to recomp. I'd follow a basic "clean" diet i.e. not a lot of trans fats or carbs but make sure you're getting enough protein so your body can build more muscle. If there's a place you can swim, that's good for reducing impact. You can also adapt a lot of typical exercises to be more back-friendly, like doing planks instead of crunches or wall sits instead of squats. Incorporating weights into a basic routine will be useful for toning, and you can get some pretty cheap dumbbells.

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