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File: 1520752249990.jpg (65.92 KB, 480x360, betaMale.jpg)

No. 76132

Muscles? Masculine, feminine, intelligent, kinks, what's your ideal man. Have you ever met a man who met that or atleast was close to that ideal?

No. 76133

If I had to describe my ideal man it would be mostly in regards to his personality.

Lookswise I only care that he's not obese (since I'm not obese either and place importance on healthy lifestyle) and that he's not a midget, so at least 1.65m tall (my height is 1.75m). I do have a soft spot for red hair though, but that's really irrelevant.

I'd like him to be intelligent of course, who wants to be with a retard? But, but, but… he must not be a pseudo-intellectual, the sort that will correct people for the smallest mistakes and parrot some interesting facts he read that day without knowing anything more about the subject. I hate shallow discussions.

Ideally, he would be a homebody, an introvert like me but he would also like to go to the outdoors and take trips with me in nature. He would be kind and he must love animals. He would be the sort of a guy that would help me build birdhouses and make sure they have food in our surrounding area. If he likes to go birdwatching that would be a huge plus.

We would always help each other out. He wouldn't be the macho type and he would help around the house. During rainy days his most favorite pastime would be to snuggle together while playing vidya or reading books. We should have common interests but we should have no problems giving each other space for our own hobbies. We would both be comfortable being together in silence.

His music interests must exclude rap and in general mainstream music. Speaking of which it would be cool if he also played an instrument, so we could play either classical or jazz music together.

And he would have to prefer cuddles over sex, so preferably he has little to no sex drive.

It goes without saying that he should be loyal which seems like a rare trait. He should be a teetotaler, do no drugs(yes even weed), and must not like gambling of any kind. Others seem to think such people are boring, in my experience, such people are the most interesting.

I haven't met a guy like that would fit my ideal criteria, not even close. Most guys I personally know are really outgoing, loud, macho and have dull interests (going to the pub, watching football, they also gossip, like alcohol…). And being on the internet for so long made me wary of men, they seem to have insatiable sex appetite and are too emotional and violent.

No. 76144

I found them on the internet but they have a gf and live on the other side of the world.

It's kinda complex to describe but: A way with words without being pretentious, full of information and knowledge and facts they can pour down my throat (I actually like that), opinions are independently the same as mine, talks to you as an equal, not trying to show off. Very moderate. Active online but not self-advertising.

There's another bit about them which is important but I'll leave out as it is identifying. But the above traits are important too.

No. 76145

Tall, slim, would like scrawny better than very muscular. I love small waist and broad shoulders. Pretty hands with long, delicate fingers. Absolute must is nice hair, damn I hate how little men care about a good hairstyle. I love thick hair on men. Big eyes or a charismatic gaze.

I'm an introvert, so I would prefer him to be extroverted or in the middle. He would take me places, wouldn't be shy or socially anxious, so I could grow as a person with him, trying out stuff I can't do by myself.
Loves animals and nature, is sensitive, empathetic, good-natured. Has a sense of humour and can laugh at himself. Is genuinely interested in what I say, doesn't one-up or mainsplain me, respects my views and doesn't argue with me about them, even if he disagrees.

I know for a fact a man like this doesn't exist. It would have to be ftm lol, but they're often pieces of shit either.

Well, a biological man with a female brain is a dream.

No. 76152

File: 1520790005188.jpeg (45.31 KB, 700x689, E5BF4C82-B727-49A6-8FD2-DD856A…)

I’m incredibly lucky
> fit ex gymnast/ firefighter
> smart
> likes cats
> hygiene is 100%
> does house work
> overall caring nice guy

The only downsides is that he can be kind of feminine..

No. 76156

you're tripping lass

No. 76371

I lucked out on this except he is stubborn as fuck and almost sometimes pretentious bc he is legit very smart which really pushes my buttons lmao but makes good angry sex:

>long-ish dark hair ala keanu reaves. keanu reaves is also my dream man besides my partner lmao

>dark eyes
>taller and generally bigger than me
>big dick, my one vice is that i'm a size queen. big eyes,endearing as fuck.
> quiet, doesn't give a shit about conversation with others unless it me or my grandparents or one of his guy friends
> drinks whiskey like a beast
>good music taste
>lazy ass gamer who has like 5k hrs on dota
>extremely understanding of my depression
>very intelligent, great for when I watch him crush others in arguments but not when he tries it on me lmao. he's very well spoken and smart so it's so interesting to chat with him, he's not condescending about it unless it's an argument so it's great to talk with him for hours esp over drinks
>magical sex hands
>exact same fetishes almost
>10yrs older than me

I've never met someone who truly couldn't give less of a flying fuck what other people think of him, his opinions or tastes. He feels no need to weigh in on conversations that don't involve him, and he essentially hates everyone but me.

I do love him very much.
otherwise I have a soft spot for khal drogo types in terms of looks, or swinging over to mads mikkelsen. I like older, charismatic guys who are smart and cutting to everyone else but treat you like a darling.
Looks and personality wise though keanu irl is tops for me.

No. 76372

God, forgot to add, a huge dealbreaker for me is a guy (or anyone tbh) MUST fucking LOVE animals. You can tell a lot about the content of someone's character by how they treat animals when they think nobody is paying attention and anyone who has fallen subpar on that has immediately lost all charm to me.

No. 76423

So a guy like this cant possibly stay single?

No. 76431

Same my dear anon. I've a strong relationship with my cat cause we've been through a lot of shit together (really sick when he was a baby also he was a great emotional support when I've lost my Dad 2 years ago)
And my man must love him too and love animals in general.

Also, besides Keanu Reeves and whiskey, we are the same.
My husband is basically an irl Blackwall (the character from Dragon Age Inquisition )with a glorious beard, big broad-shoulders and hair all over the place. He's my dream man and I'm feel very lucky.

(sorry and sage for my English. I'm reading a lot on LC and you guys allows me to improve my comprehension a lot, but I am not comfortable with my writing. I'm deeply sorry for the inconvenience)

No. 76435

My dream guy is someone who’s super feminine: gets his nails done, wears dresses, walks around in heels, puts on makeup, shaves body hair, thin/underweight, loves to cuddle wearing sexy lingerie, always submissive, etc.

I’m sick and tired with normal dudes. They always want to stuff their dick or exert to super manliness onto me.

No. 76440

File: 1521383116196.jpeg (176.09 KB, 447x1293, E6C7016F-FC7D-43B5-B730-44987A…)

>tall (i’m 5’8)
>around my age (5 years max)
>has brunette curly hair in a sort of quiff style where it rises off his head
>dark circles and thick eyebrows
>dresses like pic related
>is a switch but displays masculine traits
>is a male sex kitten, a tease
>has a job, but sometimes relies on me
I really don’t care about personality that much, most men with strong personalities will pester you and make you feel bad about everything. I’d rather have a group of friends to share my interest with.

basically i want a man in the way that men want women.

No. 76441

That guy is Auschwitz mode tho

No. 76444

My ex was so off-puttingly macho and obsessed with being masculine that he wouldn't want to talk to me about his feelings because he thought that was something "pussies" do which ultimately led to the end of our relationship. After that I've grown to love guys with more feminine traits I guess.
I haven't had luck with finding any in my country though, sigh.

>tall since I'm very tall as well

>preferably dark hair and sort of tired looking eyes
>wears makeup (just foundation, some brow products and maybe a bit of eyeshadow, not a full face)
>into fashion so we can take cute outfit pics together
>witty and sarcastic but not to the point of being obnoxious
>nerd but doesn't make it obvious to others
>glasses are a huge turn on for me so I guess those
>nice hands with long fingers
>a tease both in and out of bed, someone I can make fun of and vice versa
>doesn't take himself too seriously

No. 76445

File: 1521388354455.jpeg (21.25 KB, 320x320, 53B5A4A6-FC27-4A53-A23E-69B9A9…)

that’s just how i want him to dress tho

pic related body is literally perfect

No. 76446

At least 1.7m tall (im 1.75 ish), but im willing to go lower, weight doesnt matter as long as he isnt dangerously underweight or obese. I can deal with a little overweight as long as he has very good hygiene and has at least a bit of muscle under the fat. Facial features dont bother me as much, as i find mens facial features ugly 99.9999999999% of the time, but someone with a wide round or square face would be nice, to balance out my long skinny horse face. Around the same age or slightly older than me, but not younger. Medium length dark hair. Almond shaped eyes. (i dont really like round eyes even though mine are more round lmao) Clean shaven, i could tolerate some light stubble or a moustache, but no actual beards.

Preferably he would be from my country or can at least speak/be willing to learn my language (unless hes american, i really dont want to date an american guy of any race). Has to be a part of my religion, or be willing to convert. Has to get along well with my family. Has to be straight. Must want and be able to have kids. Willing to wait until marriage for sex. No criminal record. Believes in more traditional gender roles, but not the """traditional""" red pill bullshit. Doesnt piss the whole day away on the internet playing video games and watching porn. Has a stable job so that I can raise the children when we have them. Always puts me first.

No. 76449

>good hygiene absolute must
>preferably slightly shorter
>same age or younger
>slim build
>cute fashion sense (sweater vests, cardigans, bowties,pastel colours)
>wears glasses
>sexually 'submissive'
>kind and compassionate
>plays instruments
>listens to me and is interested in me and things i do
>supportive and loving
>good cook
>decisive on important things
>non alcoholic, smoker etc.
>actually exists ;_;

basically i want to 'wear the pants' in the relationship
my dream is to hold a cute guy in my arms while i stroke his hair ;__;

No. 76450

My husband.

>not too much of a “thinker”, balances out my obsession with analysing everything (although still able to critically assess something when asked to, he’s not unintelligent lmao)

>has own hobbies and actively pursues them
>genuinely kind and friendly guy
>sexual without being overbearing or disgusting about it
>ideal life is one where he can have a nice home, indulge his interests, and enjoy spending time with his wife and child; happy with simple things rather than always wanting more
>calm and reserved temperament, sensible and stable personality
>tall (6ft+)
>about average build, but on the larger side because plays sport
>most gorgeous face I’ve ever seen
>big dick too heh
>has faults obviously, but literally 0 red alerts
>is able to respect me as a woman and as an individual

I feel very lucky to have found him.

No. 76460

i didn't realise i had a dream guy until i met my bf but now i see i found mine when i wasn't even looking

>like 1cm taller than me so hugs are perfect and i don't have to go on tiptoes to kiss him (he's average height i'm just tall)

>that really nice to cuddle body type where he's not exactly chubby but has like a layer of soft over some really good muscles
>the cutest big brown eyes, soft thick dark brown hair, olive skin, the sweetest smile ever (with dimples!)
>always speaks really gently around me, which paired with the mild australian accent just makes me melt
>we share a lot of interests (musical instruments, computer programming etc.) we can discuss and work on together, and he loves listening to me talk about the other things i'm into (which includes looking at gross brain pictures since i study neurology)
>i think he's really smart but he thinks i'm the smart one so we're probably both dumbasses and that's okay because we're dumbasses in love
>raised by women so no toxic masculinity issues
>understands i have anxiety problems and helps me get through panic attacks, even if it's the middle of the night and i need to get out of the house he'll just grab his keys and ask where i want to go
>great in bed, really considerate of the fact that i'm a sexual abuse survivor, has about the same drive as me and always makes sure i'm into what we're doing
>thinks i'm perfect and showers me with affection whenever i say something negative about myself (which is a lot because i hate myself)
>loves and supports me no matter what, which is what made me realise how perfect he is for me since all i've ever wanted is to feel like i have someone who's on my side

No. 76462

>Preferably 185cm+
>dark hair, dark skin, light skin tone, kinda evil looking (Richard Ramirez type, ye ik its cringy but he is my type).
>Smart and witty
>nice arms and hands, veiny is guuuuud
>kinda slender
>respectful to all women.
>has a nice relatioship with his family, especially his mum.
>is a handyman
>bi/multilingual like me :')
>in touch with his roots/culture
>having ambitions is also important. does not spend his life playing video games

No. 76463

really good body!

No. 76467

I have a bf im happy with
>hairy, the hairer the better
>tall but not freak of nature, I'm 5'0 for reference so 5'9+
>wide shoulders, wide chest
>olive skin
>slim or toned, like swimmer body
>black or brown hair, wavyish
>facial hair
>brown almond eyes
>small moles in random places, especially on the chest, not huge freak ones though
>dresses business casual but not intimidating
>dominant but not the pretentious kind, not abusive either, knows my limits and respects them
>babys me
>likes having fun, isn't a pussy and trying new things
>deep voice, especially with an accent
>encourages me to do things with career and hobbies
>wants to get married, have kids, settle down
>takes care of me, type to stick with me even if I was sick
>intelligence, good thinking skills is a MUST, ambition, I don't care if unemployed but they have to have motivation and ambition, not expecting me to take care of everything
>idc about his interests as long as if he doesn't do drugs, drink and go on the internet all day
>good hygiene, smells nice
>playful and sweet but also romantic
>respectful, a gentleman, chivalrous
>good relationship with family

I'm super picky but yeah

No. 76468

File: 1521429814455.jpeg (53.21 KB, 500x682, 4E948452-CE87-4ADF-9023-2BFA28…)

>(Richard Ramirez type, ye ik its cringy but he is my type)
i feel this anon, bundy is my type physically, but he’s literally an incubus.

No. 76469

Someone mentally and emotionally stable, understanding and patient, kind, who has ambitions and who is loyal.

I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship with someone who fits those characteristics.

No. 76474

File: 1521436190917.gif (851.73 KB, 300x168, moooooot.gif)

I actually made a list in my phone for whenever I decide to re-enter the dating world. Taller than me, jawline for days, and big dick are givens.

>Likes to eat/isn't picky

>thinks hugs are super great
>Wants to do things with me, even if they're out of the box or bothersome
>Little problem falling asleep
>Wants to marry and have kids someday
>Relatively in-shape, doesn't obsess too much
>Great work ethic
>emotionally supports my stupidass j-fashion interests

>is moot

No. 76479

File: 1521444981758.gif (748.92 KB, 335x269, dream boyo.gif)

yes girl yes. I was expecting to get hate for saying that, but its good that you feel me. Like I dont support what Richard or Ted did but they're fine men physically.

No. 76488

File: 1521470056937.jpeg (34.39 KB, 352x550, 1BD56338-726C-4E50-8524-D9343D…)


No. 76489

File: 1521470684575.jpg (70.61 KB, 461x640, 1264889307482.jpg)

Same, anon. He's fucking cute!!! I want to sit on his face for days~

I have such a thing for young blond/extremely light brown haired guys with good facial structure but still look cute and almost innocent. They get the juices flowing

No. 76497

>>76479 >>76488 you guys are gross. richard ramirez was filthy. his victims said his breath smelled like death

No. 76500

File: 1521478956645.jpg (87.91 KB, 671x604, Etdieucrealafemme.jpg)

My ex bf was a sweetheart but so many things where lacking from our relationship, here's what I'm on the hunt for.

>Take GOOD care of himself

(ex couldn't be bothered to get a haircut or shave, it's not cute when your bf start looking like a hobo and wear the same clothes everydays…)
>Tall and slender
>Face more pretty than handsome
>Easy going and spontaneous to balance out my anxious tendencies
>Practice at least one form of art (sculpting, painting, music…)
>More on the subby side? The kind of guy who looks at you like you're a goddess
>Not afraid to show affection, perfect if he enjoy giving a lot of kisses and hugs
>Love animals, 100+ points if he's a vegetarian/vegan
>Want to have children one day
>Don't want to sound like a fetishist but I would enjoy being with someone of another culture? I think when it's well handled it create beautiful smart children… Idk I feel like mixing genes is very healthy

No. 76501

File: 1521479018659.jpg (63.76 KB, 500x625, e4289517408148f1422034815dc573…)

At this point my dream man would be one who doesn't hate women and constantly spew misogynistic bullshit. That seems to be asking a lot. Someone who doesn't hate me and doesn't want to constantly remind me how I'm inferior and below him. I already hate myself enough I don't need a man to do it for me.

No but for real, I've always found it hard to think about this, because no matter how many standards you have and what you're looking for, sometimes you end up with the exact opposite and everything is better than you ever expected. But if I had to choose a few personality traits and whatnot, I guess I just admire and fall for men who are extremely passionate about something. It could be literally anything. A certain period of history, cars, cooking, film, whatever. I just find it sweet when someone is so obsessed with something that they can never stop talking about it and want to share it with you and teach you everything about it hoping that you also become passionate about it. I don't know why I like that though.

I also want to meet a man who is genuinely sweet. Especially to animals. Like other anons have mentioned, the way someone treats animals tells you a lot about that person. I like men who smile and seem happy all the time, I guess because I'm the exact opposite and that's the way I wish I was. I'm very introverted and depressed, so I've always admired people who just spread happiness everywhere they fucking go because they're so sociable and kind to everyone. Someone who is informed and cares about what is happening in the world. As cliche as it is, sense of humor. I think at this point even men are aware that being funny is the most attractive trait a man could have. Again, not sure why this is or if there is an evolutionary reason for it. Monogamous, obviously. Calm/peaceful and levelheaded but not emotionless. This may sound shitty/negative but I also want a man who hates the same shit I hate so we can laugh about it together. I want him to be able to trust me and feel that he can open up to me, but that's more dependent on me than it is him I guess. Generally just not an asshole pretty much.

Physically, the number one thing I'm attracted to is men who have strong/dark eyebrows. Even a bit of a unibrow sometimes. Pic related is king of eyebrows. Brown eyes. Cute teeth. Has a dick. Some men have that thing where when they smile they get wrinkles around their eyes, even if they're only in their 20s. That kills me. But voice is one of the biggest things for me. I can't really describe what I'm attracted to with voices because it's always different but if I love a man's voice I melt instantly.

But of course, everything I described here is almost the exact opposite of me. Why would a kind, happy, attractive man want to be with a woman who is anxious and depressed all the time and hates herself? I don't deserve a man like this but it can be nice to fantasize about.

No. 76502

File: 1521479149831.jpeg (95.76 KB, 480x800, B0705260-C987-48EB-BE00-24ACF3…)

>downturned (maybe slightly-hooded) eyes. don’t know what it is about them, but I find them extremely endearing. Either blue or coal/coffee brown.
>slightly upturned nose
>mousy brown hair (Maybee blonde)
>not scrawny, jacked, or chubby—but at a healthy weight with a layer of fat just so he can still be cuddly/soft
>wears all-black a lot, but not in a goth sort of way (I find this really attractive for some reason)
>glasses maybe
>thin-ish lips with a sharp/prominent cupid’s bow
>likes cuddling
>no sex drive, like me (I’m aware that’s not normal but I’ve been sex-averse all my life. this is why I’ll be forever alone.)
>not judgmental
>kind and romantic but not effeminate or meek

Pic related is a vlogger I find attractive

No. 76512

File: 1521490502224.jpeg (106.89 KB, 720x1019, 05DC6247-54A1-425B-ABF7-7C2A53…)

not those anons, but they’re just attracted to the way he looks, not anything else. I think young morrisey was perfect physically, but he was insufferable personality wise.

No. 76530

File: 1521498172261.jpg (43.49 KB, 600x800, tumblr_m9rnz6BUUY1qc2rcmo1_128…)

Ugh, I remember when that picture of moot and his fucking huge dong was passed around. It was shooped, obviously, but my god. The thirst was unreal.

No. 403776

My dream man doesn’t exist. That’s why he’s the man of my dreams.

No. 403810

you necro'd the thread for this? could've just used this one >>>/g/116931

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