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File: 1522136019089.jpg (84.88 KB, 700x525, 00277.jpg)

No. 77187

which country do u want to visit one day??

No. 77188

italy, japan, spain

No. 77193

I’d like to go somewhere outside of Europe. Maybe go to Bali, as it looks beautiful.

No. 77200

I want to visit Japan and I might do that in August if planes tickets don't get too expensive. I already went to Germany and England as a kid for school but I couldn't do much at the time so I want to go back there. I also would like to visit Morocco as a tourist and not go there just to visit my family but since I'm a woman I'll have to be accompanied just to be safe and I don't like it at all. I also would like to go the USA but I don't know which states/cities/places to visit yet.

No. 77202

kazahkstan, ukraine, usa, mongolia, china, france, usbekistan, north and south korea, belarussia

No. 77205

Why are you all namefagging?

No. 77206

Which French cities do you want to visit?

No. 77207

File: 1522141133078.jpg (305.44 KB, 1200x922, ColmarFrance.jpg)

Paris ofc because I want to visit Notre Dame, museums and maybe see a bit of the Catacombs, Lyon, Mamirolle, Nice, Versailles, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Colmar and so many more.

No. 77208

Prepare yourself for disappointment anon.

No. 77209

That's almost every corner of France but I don't understand why you cant to go to Mamirolle?

France is one of the most beautiful country in the world so I doubt anon is going to be disappointed.

No. 77210

why you want to go to Mamirolle *

No. 77211

>Prepare yourself for disappointment anon
How come? I have heard that Paris is not as good as people say. But I just wanna see the art in museums and some buildings there.
>I don't understand why you cant to go to Mamirolle?
I have family there.

No. 77212

Paris is really overhyped and the tourists make it even worse. The rest of the country might be beautiful but the city itself is dirty and filled with unsavoury people, beggars and refugees.

No. 77213

I was obsessed with France as a child, studied french at school like crazy and then was so disappointed when i finally got there.

Paris is incredibly dirty and stinks. There was pee on the streets, people just threw their rubbish next to garbage bins on the floor and one women even poured her dirty cleaning water from a balcony, nearly hitting us with it.
The buidlings are smeared and the museums etc are so overfilled with tourists; also everything is really expensive. In comparison in Rome as a student you can mostly enter for free.
It would be such a beautiful city, but they don't take care of it at all, such a shame.

No. 77215

File: 1522142276972.jpg (39.3 KB, 625x415, a-french-consulate-in-brazil-a…)

>France is totez the most beautiful country in the world!

No. 77216

Paris is full of beautiful things but the weather sucks in comparison with the south the street are dirty and parisians are insufferable.

The countryside is amazing.

No. 77218

If you're going to visit highly touristic places in Paris, Lyon or Marseille and the rest of the Côte d'Azur you should be fine but otherwise keep in mind that most people don't understand and speak English very well, so be prepared for that. If you go to Lyon or Paris try some restaurants, Lyon is the capital of gastronomy after all. I don't know about the other cities for food but try some typical dishes and restaurants from as many cities as you can. btw I heard some museums in Paris are really crowded so be patient.

If you're in high school or a student you can go tu museums for free in France. I almost never go to museums so idk if there are exceptions but I really doubt it. Maybe it only works if you study in France or the European Union.

>France is one of the most beautiful country in the world so I doubt anon is going to be disappointed.
If France is onr of the most beautiful countries in the world I don't want to imagine what the rest of the world looks like. Joking aside, you can find cool places in France but tourists who don't know how to behave ruin everything, including French tourists who come from different cities. I think to avoid being disappointed, that one anon needs to be able to plan ahead and know what to expect.

>the city itself is dirty and filled with unsavoury people, beggars and refugees.
Doesn't it depend on each arrondissement?

No. 77219

>Doesn't it depend on each arrondissement?
To some degree but not overly so. You're going to have to take the metro at some point and most of the beggars and refugees congregate there. The city is constantly crowded by shitty tourists throughout the year, even the nice parts become shit once the African and gypsy scammers start following crowds of tourists in order to bully them into buying crappy bracelets. Some parts are dirty ghettos but even those that aren't are close enough to bad areas to make it uncomfortable.
But really tourists are fucking awful and I can't stand them.
I don't know why people still go to Paris, my blood pressure goes up whenever I set foot in that place and if we could just nuke it I honestly wouldn't complain.

No. 77221


Go to Paris in off peak times anon. It's packed all year round but in the summer it's just unbearable. The city is great but the tourists are shit and you also have to bear that a lot of Paris and the people who live there are dirty, scummy and scammy.

No. 77222

There are no off-season times for Paris. It's packed year round, it gets especially bad during the summer and Christmas but it's not much better any other time of the year.

No. 77223

Oh ok, I thought was going to be more like Lyon, where each arrondissement is different.

>I don't know why people still go to Paris

I literally want to go shopping there, go to Japan Expo and maybe to Disneyland but it's so popular that everything becomes expensive, ticket trains and hotels, so I never really bother. I guess they have a weird idea about what France and Paris are like thanks to pop culture. I wish it were less touristic too, but I kind of want to go there as a tourist in a way (even though I'm from the Province) so maybe I shouldn't complain.

>You're going to have to take the metro at some point and most of the beggars and refugees congregate there.

It's the same shit in other big cities, at some point I had to buy a subway ticket for someone on one of those machines in my own city and some beggar straight up followed me and tried to grab my arm so I could "give" her change. I wonder if it's the same in smaller cities and in big tourist area in other European countries.

I forgot to add, if you go to Strasbourg in the winter, go check the Christmas market. I loved the one in Berlin and I've been told it's very similar, just smaller.

No. 77228

File: 1522150873523.jpg (158.31 KB, 940x348, banner.jpg)

Been to Austria, Italy, Czech, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Egypt, France and Hungary.

I'd like to travel to the US (especially New Orleans), Japan, Russia and maybe Cuba as well.

No. 77231

File: 1522152709345.jpg (36.36 KB, 424x415, 421489.jpg)

Have been going few times to Greece and Croatia by car when was a kid, so I am somewhat familiar with Central/Southern Europe.
Besides that visited only London and south of Germany because of family.
Have been in Greece during a winter break for a week, and going for a month this summer.
Would love to visit someday Tromso/Norway, because of northern lights. Also Japan and maybe United States if prices were more friendly.

No. 77232

I've got an addiction to travel. I was lucky to grow up in a family who love travelling so I've seen a lot of places from a young age.

Places I've been to:
>Ireland (pretty much every major city/town)
>England (London)
>Scotland (Edinburgh)
>Italy (Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Lucca, Vatican City, Perugia)
>Spain (Barcelona, a few small towns outside of Barcelona, Majorca)
>France (Paris, a tour of the south)
>Switzerland (day trip)
>America (California, New York, Florida, Washington, Las Vegas)
>Canada (road trip starting in Toronto iirc)

Places I still want to visit:
>New Zealand
>all the Scandinavian countries
>basically anywhere that doesn't have a large muslim population

No. 77235

I noticed a lot of anons want to go to Japan and maybe some already traveled there. Any recommandation you could give? Going there is expensive so which hotels in Tokyo would you recommend for example, which restaurants, bars and cafes did you like, etc?

No. 77236

File: 1522157152843.gif (193.07 KB, 480x291, 1395771816242.gif)

How does it feel to travel outside your country for the first time?

>farthest I've been was Florida

>tfw never international

No. 77240

File: 1522162287458.gif (2.81 MB, 176x144, 1505851656891.gif)

Lmao I'm French, foreigners don't tend to hate Paris this much.
I just used to spend a lot of time there and whilst there are still nice places and fun stores in Paris, it's truly become the ultimate shithole.

No. 77242

File: 1522164709826.jpg (481.76 KB, 1137x728, 37646286347.jpg)

Tromsø is nice but I recommend going further north for a more authentic feeling. They have good food, good shopping, nice arcitecture in Tromsø but in some ways it's just like any other medium size city, just a lot colder.

Go to Finnmark if you want to experience more traditional/rural life + the northern light and experiece something that is exotic for most people. I might be biased because I am from Finnmark but it's really nice here.
If you decide that you wanna see the northern light in Tromsø you'll usually have to go out of the city because of the light. Try not to fall for expensive guide tours, rent a car if it's not too expensive.

To any anons that wanna travel north: remember to have WARM clothes with you even if you travel in May/June. Fur is not frowned upon here to have fur so if you have hats, jackets, gloves, shoes with fur its completely fine to take them with you.

No. 77244

- G e o r g i a is my main goal right now. Everything is quite cheap there but the flight is not…
- I'd love to see Germany again; I only saw Dresden and Berlin.
- The rest of Poland: Krakow was lovely and I miss it.
- Belgrade, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik
- Mexico! I've been to Mexico City but it still feels like I missed out a lot. I'd love to go to Guadalrajara, Oaxaca and Tulum.
- The Galapagos ever since I learned about evolution
- Iran. Too bad my country doesn't even have an embassy there right now.
- Amsterdam again. I was there for 6 hours and I only got to do the sinful stuff. Next time I'd like to go to the Rijksmuseum and do other stuff.

No. 77245

I'd also like to say that unlike most people, I was never interested in Japan or France..

To tack on more places, I would love to visit Urumqi as well.

No. 77247

Has anyone gone to Ireland as an American? What was it like? I'm considering doing a semester of study abroad in Dublin and have never been out of the country before.

No. 77248

Other French here, what are the best places for a shopping trip in Paris? Some stores seem to be mostly the same as in my city but bigger.

No. 77253

My dream vacations are Iceland, Ireland, and Japan. Maybe London. The history nerd in me is in love with Europe in general and Japan is just comfy and slightly familiar to me. I also want to see the northern lights so bad…

>wanting to visit paris
I'm seconding >>77208 you better be ready to be let down. Anyone who thinks paris is beautiful and romantic has never been there, that place has always been a shithole and is now dangerous to top it off.

Depends on how much you end up enjoying the place. Scary at first because you're in unfamiliar territory with different customs.

No. 77255

Kilo Shop Kawaii if you're into weebshit, rue Ste Anne for weeb snacks and a cute Japanese bakery, some izakayas etc.
Uniqlo Le Marais is one of the biggest in the city (and there's a Kilo Shop not too far away), there's lots of shops there, I like the little kosher bakeries they have in the surroundings as well. Some of the Paul&Joe stores sell the makeup line as well (but it's kinda shit this season). It's best to just google what interests you and you'll find something, there's stuff for everyone.

No. 77257

I'm Irish living in Ireland and every American person I've met travelling through here or moving here has loved it. If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to help. Dublin is a hole though, horrible, busy and full of scabby teenagers and dodgy crowds. The luas is the stuff of nightmares.

My dream location is a nice long backpack through Thailand or a nice location in India. Cheap, makeupless, dirty, travel for a few weeks with my fiance is my dream.

No. 77258

Also, my favourite city will always be Amsterdam. The art, the museums, bikes everywhere, different culture and language everywhere you look. I like the flip side of weed and the sex culture a lot.

No. 77259

Ireland, Scotland, wales, japan, czechia are the tops. But other places I wouldn't decline a trip to, like Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Estonia.

No. 77260

Are the luas trains nightmares in a typical public metro way, or especially terrible or unsafe? Is there anything that Americans do without knowing that piss Irish people off? Thanks anon!

No. 77261

I'd like to see Russia and Thailand some day. If I wasn't fucking scared of that country US as well.
My "dream destinations" always were Japan and Ireland but I had the opportunity to travel to both countries (although I'd love to go again)

Truee I live about 2 hours from Amsterdam but it still feels like a whole new world when I go there. I've seen several large cities in Europe but Amsterdam is absolutely my favourite

No. 77262

Another Irish anon here. I studied in Dublin and I'd highly recommend it. You'd have such a great time here. The nightlife is great and everything is so close by in the city. The only negative thing I'll say is that accommodation might be hard to find and expensive.

No. 77276

File: 1522180907804.jpg (740.95 KB, 1920x1280, 08f404504b8d9de40dae0f8791fe52…)

Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Thailand and since I watched Monster 4 years ago, I've been autisticly obsessed with Czek Republic;
I'm French and Prague looks fantastic to me because it looks like my native city, but without the refugees.

>foreigners don't tend to hate Paris this much

The only people I've seen genuinely liking Paris were all Chinese or Japanese. Americans seem to hate it.
Imo, if you want to enjoy Paris, you need to spend time exploring it (so either living there for a few months/years or going there multiple times), knowing a Parisian who will show you around and tell you where the good places are also help a lot.

No. 77284

File: 1522184390931.jpeg (389.6 KB, 1200x702, 668496D4-2D6D-410F-A57E-3328BF…)

Czech Republic, South Korea, Malaysia, Sicily, Vietnam, Poland (been, underrated country highly recommend), Morocco

No. 77289

I lived in Paris for a year and tbh the best spots are the ones you discover by puré chance, ignoring the tourist-filled ones (museums are fine, specially on weekdays)

Personally I'd love to visit Ireland, Japan and maybe Austria and Russia

No. 77292

I guess many people on here are (former) weebs and therefore want to travel to Japan.
Also, as a European it's pretty easy to visit all the other countries there, so going to America is "the dream", but sadly flights are so god damn expensive…

No. 77294

If you're into museums and cultural sites Washington D.C. is pretty nice. It can be expensive at times but less so than other cities, you don't need a car, sights are all together and often free and it's generally interesting to walk around and see stuff. There's a lot of nice things to see in the US, just depends on what you're into and your budget.

I would really like to go to Egypt to see the pyramids, but I have also heard a lot of bad things about it so I'm not sure. Anyone have any experience?

No. 77331


I agree, I have been to various parts of France as a tourist and Paris is literally my least favorite place there. Ofc the city has some pretty spots but I honestly don't get the hype. Even if you just wanna go to a large city for shopping there are better options (like Amsterdam)
Love the rural areas in France and especially Brittany though

No. 77333

have been all over Egypt many times. It was generally nice but really scary at times. Dress modest, have a lifeguard. Local guys are usually a bit scary and don't expect to see may working women.

No. 77335

>you don't need a car
Thanks for reminding me about that, I don't have a driver license so I should go to places with public transport first I guess. Do all the major cities have public transport? I know in most places you're fucked if you don't have a car.

If it's like the rest of North Africa where men don't know how to behave, don't to Egypt alone and don't stay by yourself, since I'm gonna guess you're a woman. It should safer in touristic places but I almost never go to touristic places in Morocco so I can't really compare, and I say that as someone who passes for a local so I don't know if they would treat foreigners differently. Other than that I don't know what to recommend you because I never went to Egypt, only to Morocco if we're talking about that continent.

No. 77339

NYC and Boston are very easy to get around because of their public transportation. Whenever I go to NYC I don’t event mind walking to everything because it’s so easy to get the layout of the streets.

I believe some of California’s cities have bus routes as well but the bigger the state is it’s usually more difficult to travel through. Like if you go to CA or TX you’re pretty much stuck in one city unless you take an airplane or rent a car. The same kind of goes with Portland, Maine, because the rest of Maine is pretty much innawoods.

One thing I also noticed when I went to the west coast is that a lot of people liked or wanted to visit Providence, RI. It seemed kind of weird to me but I guess the quality of the city has improved over the years?

No. 77601

I kind of want to visit Japan, or at least Tokyo this summer but I most likely won't be able to go with friends this summer because of work. How safe is it to travel to Japan for a woman by herself? What is there to do alone for tourists? Is it easy to meet people (locals or other tourists) to hang out with once there? Are dormitories better than hotels, given that hotels are more expensive? I don't know what else I can ask right now.

No. 77633

I moved to Prague two years ago and absolutely love it.

I’m originally from the US and while there I didn’t travel much, just went to NOLA, Vegas, and Chicago. My parents took me to Hawaii as a kid. But I never got to see California, NYC, Colorado, the Pacific NW…

Haven’t done too much traveling outside of Czech. I’ve been to Austria, Slovakia, France and Germany. So far, my favorite place has been Nice. I’d love to see Budapest, Croatia, Italy, and Romania. Eventually I’d like to make it out to Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

No. 77644

>all shops are too expensive
>get chased around by people trying to sell you light up cheap Eiffel towers
>covered in graffiti and dirty
>people living in shanty towns?!! I was floored when I saw this. How can some people live so poorly while the richest people live only a few steps away
>everyone is fucking rude
>tourists EVERYWHERE

Disneyland is fun though. I've been there 3 times. I tend to avoid going into Paris when I'm in France whenever I go now

No. 77645

Irish person here.
I hate Dublin. It's dirty, you'll usually pass a few heroin addicts passed out on the side of the road and there's usually piss and puke around somewhere.
avoid the luas if you can help it.
the high majority of Irish people are really lovely but there's also very scummy people who won't have a second thought on robbing you.

if you want to really get the best time out of ireland I'd go to Wicklow or Galway or somewhere like that. Much nicer and you actually get to see how properly beautiful Ireland is

No. 77649

Spot on fam, Paris is probs the worst city I’ve traveled to.

No. 77653

>everyone is fucking rude
>tourists EVERYWHERE

These two are related. You'd be rude too if you had dumb Americans, assorted 'lads', families of fat Brits and entitled hordes of Chinese grannies pestering you and blocking your way every day.
The people there are kind of aloof and in a constant rush but no more rude than anyone else I've ever come across. Paris is a shithole though, I'll give you that.

No. 77694

aaaaand this is why parisians hate tourists lol

"forget about all the art and culture, the locals weren't there to wait on me and and foot and the pavement was dirty, i'd rather go to disneyland!"

also shit's expensive precisely bc the tourists drive the prices up lol

No. 77712

the art and culture is great I never said anything bad about it.
I don't expect locals to wait on me but they have no customer service skills whatsoever.
where I'm from you serve everyone in a polite and friendly manner. basic when working with people.

No. 77714

People can't have a smile plastered to their faces 24/7. Most people in Paris aren't exceptionally rude just because they don't smile and act like the sun is shining out of your ass.

No. 77716

Yeah, no. Paris is expensive because France is dumb, all the work is in Paris so everybody come here. It's overcrowded.

No. 77718

Then every country is dumb because it's normal that major (and especially capital) cities are more expensive than the norm.

I barely speak French but I found everyone I did business with was polite and professional. I'm not attacking you but I'm curious what you mean by this.

No. 77720

??? I never said 24/7! why do you keep changing my wording?

I said the customer service in Paris is bad. When dealing with a customer, be it French or foreign, you treat them with basic manners which is something I have never got while shopping or eating out etc even the last time I went to Disneyland the cashiers at the restaurants were awful.

I mean, one example is that when I was browsing in a small grocery store the cashier forcible pushed me (like, two hands pushed me hard in the back) so she could get to her till.
when I got to the till to be served and she heard me speaking english she rolled her eyes.

No. 77722

lol you're an idiot for thinking paris doesn't have a reputation of being shit cause of their rude residents.

No. 77726

A lot of Irish people from outside of Dublin hate the capital. It's weird and senseless and I've never understood it. Just something to keep in mind.

No. 77753

the french are a bunch of xenophobic assholes

wow queen what a fucking epiphany

No. 77762

File: 1522741900339.jpg (35.81 KB, 423x474, 1458224231841.jpg)

If you're talking about customer service it's not about xenophobia, they're like that with everyone, it's pretty amazing. French anon here, I work in a clothing store part time and I'm really polite and nice to customers because I sometimes deal with crazy assholes and it just calms them down a bit and most of them (the normal customers, not the crazy assholes) are pleasantly surprised or shocked. I've been told I have TOO polite by costumers. I've found an article in French about a French waiter working in Canada who was fired for being rude to customers and who sued for discrimination because that's just how things are done in France. I mean, I've seen waiters acting like we already knew each others, being too familiar and shit but I wouldn't call them rude or too disrespectful. I'm still not surprised at all by that article. But maybe it comes from the culture as well? We love complaining about pretty much anything, that's why it's a cliché, and some French people don't notice that's everyone's case.

And I come from and live in a different city, one of the big ones. It's sort of popular with tourists because of historical reasons, museums, shops and especially restaurants. So you see tourists every once in while but not too many of them and they're polite enough most of the time. But there's that one day of the year where there are so many tourists that completely wreck the entire city because of a specific event I won't name (it could make anyone guess the city). They insult, push or threaten people from the city who just want to take public transport or go home where the event takes place because of the pettiest reasons you can think of, they're loud as fuck and leave trash on the ground everytime. I'm talking about French tourists from other cities and Europeans. They ruined the event for all the locals, me including, who don't bother going out that day anymore unless they don't have a choice because they go back home from school or work. Everyone hate them because they don't know how to behave, and I'm going to guess Parisians hate tourists for the same reason because it's the same in Paris but way worse and all year long. Parisians have a stick up their asses but I can't blame them for disliking tourists tbh.

>mfw the ugly and disgusting graffitis are considered tourist spots in my city

No. 77764

As a German i had a pretty bad experience in Paris: a man jokingly saying
>Hi, i'm Adolf teehee
and another one even calling us Nazis and spitting in my friend's face.
Mind you, that was a school trip and we were just 15…
But the worst was adults saying afterwards that we have to understand and excuse their behavior, afterall we brought great suffering over them…

No. 77766

>adults insulting children and spitting on their face for no good reason
The fuck? And your teachers were okay with this? Were they high or did they watch too many Arte documentaries on WW2?

No. 77769

I actually used to work in tourism so I spoke from experience
>greasy British boys saying "voo-lay voo cooshay avec mwah" in their shitty accent and laughing, pure comedic genius
>elderly Asian women banging their palms on the counter, snapping their fingers at me like I'm a dog and yelling in their language when they want something
>Eastern European beggars coming in every day to ask for money
>Disneyland families acting entitled and rude when I calmly explain that they can't do or get something or that I don't know some information
>People expecting me to give them special treatment just for coming here
>haggling despite prices being displayed clearly

And that happens almost every day too. It gets exhausting having to deal with retarded tourists on a daily basis, and that wasn't even in the city itself, especially when you're the only person in the room who speaks decent English.
I would never be intentionally rude but I'm sure 90% of the people in the city are just tired of being treated like props in their own home and that's why they get short with foreigners sometimes. You have to remember that Paris is also the industrial capital so a lot of people from all over the country move there for work, and it's also the third most visited place in the world so it's not like you only get the good tourists.

No. 77770

But all of this applies to so many other places/cities in the world and yet you only ever hear the 'rude' stereotype about France…
I can't believe that all tourists are acting like pigs only when in Paris, and the locals are perfect little angels who don't bother each other at all.
Nobody is expecting them to act all smiley like in many asian countries, but at least try to stay polite.

No. 77771

The point is that other cities aren't as popular, a lot of people who come to Paris would never have even considered going to Prague for example. London maybe but it doesn't have the same image.
I'm sure there are rude locals like everywhere, but you just don't get how many people come here year round and expect things to be a certain way and then get disappointed when we don't fulfil their expectations.

No. 77772

File: 1522751915062.jpg (134.32 KB, 960x684, chartoftheday_12742_the_world_…)

New York might have a similar reputation as Paris, but the others clearly don't, even though they're more popular.

Many poor or really 'trashy' people might not even be able to go there and it's not like you personally have to deal with 1 million tourists every single day.
People with similar jobs like you who live in a more rural area might have to deal with just as many entitled folks.

Thing is, if you hate tourists that much you need to search for another job. Many anons here said they had terrible experiences in France, but not in any other country.
You can't think that all of them lie, other countries are simply much friendlier, there's no denying that.

No. 77773

I don't know about Barcelona's reputation but it's a fact that the locals are fed up with tourists and everything that happens indirectly because of them, like the raise of rent prices.

No. 77774

If you can't enjoy Paris because not everyone is licking your ass clean you should probably just stay in your own country or stick to Disneyland.
How do you guys handle cashier not kissing your feet everytime they see you?

No. 77775

File: 1522753133547.jpg (537.41 KB, 1536x2304, 153a66e7682d5c2474cbe2d519b948…)

>When the PIDF squad rolls in on their vélos and starts acting smug

No. 77776


No. 77778

We're not talking about wanting our asses kissed, we're talking about how many parisians somehow get angry when you enter their restaurants, want to order or if you dare to to buy something at their shops.

I hope that soon everybody stops going there so that you can finally have what you always wanted - that everybody just leaves you alone.
Like as soon as they notice you're not a native french speaker they do shit like slam the menu on your table etc or make fun of you.
All we ask for is decent human behavior, but maybe that's just asking for too much…

Also, i love how all french people seem to hate tourists, but mention in the same breath how great they are since their country is the most visited in the world lol

No. 77782


what is your problem? I'm guessing you're French and hate the fact that people are having a bad time in your country.
you're really enforcing the "French are rude" stereotype too

No. 77785

Chill out. Sorry your city is dirty and full of rude people like you who think they're hot shit for not being north american, african, or asian and everyone can see that. You guys are extremely xenophobic and ignorant, I can't imagine how you're handling the influx of muslims there given your constant hate preaching. Shut up and clean your streets.

No. 77788

I've visited: Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, Monaco, Hungary, Japan, Korea

Out of the above, I want to re-visit:
Germany (visited when I was 6, don't remember much)
Italy (haven't seen Rome)
Spain (haven't seen Madrid)
France (only visited Nice and Cannes while traveling to Spain)
Korea (I was only in Seoul and went to DMZ)
Japan (traveled a lot there but want to see more)

Places I want to visit: China, Southeast Asian countries, Scandinavian countries, Russia, Benelux countries, Australia, Kenya…well basically I want to travel the world.

Also do places that are part of your country count too? I'm Croatian and still haven't visited Dubrovnik lol

No. 77790

File: 1522776439914.jpeg (222.41 KB, 825x507, D4C5C9BA-561D-4DE7-92DA-1DB30D…)

Poor frenchfags, my mom absolutely loves Provence tho and goes there like 3 times a year

No. 77791

Countryside france is cool. Provence looks decent and so does Mont Saint Michel but defending paris is lulzy. I've heard parisians even say paris is a shithole so that says a lot.

No. 77792

File: 1522778181808.jpg (7.45 KB, 224x225, cb4584a1d4f4c9539576be6ab4fab9…)

>Tfw this is 30 min from where I live.

I love living in Provence, the weather is great, we barely have tourists and I actually enjoy seeing all the asians taking picture in our lavender fields in summer.

No. 77793

I live in Brittany, not too far from Mont St Michel and it's beautiful but really small and also filled with tourists. Restaurants are always packed full and currently the abbey is undergoing some renovations so you can't see the best parts of it, but if you want to walk around the bay it's really nice and it's worth hiring a guide (mostly because you could very well get stuck and die otherwise)

No. 77818

Is it just the same shitty pockets as any large city? Are the luas trains bad in a city metro way or a really scary way? I've used the Washington DC metro many times if that's a comparison.

No. 77820

Yeah basically. Dublin has the same problems any city in the world has but it's also a much smaller city than most so it's on a smaller scale.

The luas gets a bad rep but I've never had a problem with it (I sit in the front carriage where the driver sits because nobody is going to hassle you within earshot of the driver and in a seat that's not close to a door because it's easy for thieves to grab your bag and run if you're next to a door). It's not fun to get late at night or if you sit at the last carriage but it's nowhere near as dangerous as public transport in other cities. The luas actually has security men, which I've never seen anywhere else abroad.

No. 77903

tbh it isn't senseless at all. I don't HATE Dublin, it's different and nice for shopping only. I'm from another big city here and the staggering amount of homeless people,dodgy teenagers etc in the dublin centre is staggering. the luas is full of the same types, and I have been assaulted by skobey guys exclusively in dublin where bouncers let them get away with it.

Dublin isn't disgusting or awful, I'd just be able to live in any place in ireland except there. I've never been on a luas and seen security guys, and I have sincerely been treated like shit by random packs of slobbering lads on nights out as have many friends of mine. Like above anon said, same as any other major city in the world but smaller scale.

No. 77911

Dublin would be a lovely place if it wasn't for the knackers everywhere.
every single time I have gone to dublin I've seen knackers fighting, talking to themselves in a loud and angry manner, literally punch shop windows??
it's scary and you really can't escape them in dublin.

I'd also love to know how they can afford to live in Dublin when rent is so insane.

No. 81370

I'm planning my holidays and I want to go somewhere for at least a week in June, somewhere in France. But I would be by myself because my friends will be working or taking exams in June and the only family member who could go somewhere with me wants me to pay everything for her and I can't do that. I already plan on going to the French Riviera in August with a friend so I thought about Paris but I don't know if it's safe enough for someone who never travelled alone before. Thoughts?

No. 81398

Nothing would probably happen but it'd be a bitch and a half to navigate alone as a tourist who's never visited before. There's also pickpockets and it'd probably be really hot.

No. 82381

Dublin is plagued by scum because the commoner types can't raise kids, so they grow up to be scumbags and so do their kids that follow
They're typically given a packet of Tayto crisps for dinner anyway
But they ruin everything, even the nicest of parks. they become no-go zones because of knackers and skangers
They'll pick a fight with you in their groups
Bring a knife if you're going to a scummy area tbh, it's just like any other city around

Dublin is pretty filthy though contrary to what some anons state, it's an embarrassment to invite tourists when the city is filled with dog shit and piss/vomit stains
You'll also possibly get harassed by drunk assholes on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night

Highly recommend visiting anywhere in Ireland except Dublin, and maybe Sligo too, but maybe I picked a wrong place to stay as there was nothing but pubs and there were no street lights.
Good luck getting back to the B&B you rented because it took me an hour as all the buildings looked the same in utter darkness

Galway was nice enough but I only got to visit as a child, it may have changed since

No. 82382

Most people are on some type of welfare to afford rent in Dublin iirc, and a house typically costs near/around 650,000 - 1 million to buy. They're not even spacious
Buy in the countryside if you're looking

Odd, I've never really seen security on the Luas, maybe that's changed? I never use it over bad experiences
I remember the Luas crashed a couple times, including right before it's official launch. Security would only pop on board sometimes, a lot of scum get on board as well and some like to 'accidentally' spill their drinks on you or try to rob you
Many people just walk into a Luas without paying because of lack of security
I wouldn't touch them really, they're too expensive to use for such shoddy protection ad to ride such short distances

No. 86355

>ITT: bitter culchies

No. 86382

you would be fine. when i was 17 i visited paris alone. it's very tourist friendly and extremely easy to navigate. a year later i went back for a semester and didn't have any problems. super great city

No. 86383

oh also, i don't speak french and i never experienced any 'rude' french people. i'm american.

No. 86398

Everywhere in Ireland is incredible except Dublin. Dublin is dirty and stinky, though the Guinness factory is fun.
Galway/Oranmore was great, I went a few years ago. Lahinch was quaint.
I'd recommend an Ireland tour and if you stop in Dublin, make it brief. We took a bus ride to it and didn't stay overnight.

No. 86402

File: 1530051501284.jpg (110.29 KB, 652x961, nintchdbpict000407240806-e1526…)

Imagine arguing that the country is a much better place to visit.

No. 86418


I can't imagine tourists enjoying Dublin outside the nightlife and a few of the museums and historical sites. If you've been to a similarly sized city overseas, you'll have seen the rest of it already.
The rest of the country is pretty unique and quaint on an international level.

As an Irish person however, I'd move back to Dublin tomorrow if I could afford it. There's nothing to do in the small town I live in now but drink. There were things I loved about Dublin but the problems it has nearly ruin it. Mostly skangers and addicts. It's the only place in the country that international bands come to regularly and I miss that a lot. Travelling up and back from the south east is a whole fucking production and I miss out on a lot of stuff.

No. 121988

Paris anons, what do you recommend to do in Paris for 2 weeks? What souvenirs should I purchase? Last time I went I bought the dumb beret parisians don’t even wear for 6 euros and a mini Eiffel Tower for 2 euros. Pretty sure I got ripped off because they were near the river seine and notre dame. I’ve been thinking of getting a striped navy jersey because they’re so cute but don’t want to get it at a tourist shop

No. 121989

New Zealand looks so cool, has anyone been there?

No. 122019

I really fucking want to go to Europe (amerifag here) but especially Ireland, Germany and Sweden. Ireland because it looks magical, Germany for the festivals (like Wacken) and Sweden because I'm obsessed with the culture. But really I'd go anywhere in Europe. The history and the old art and architecture are fascinating.

No. 122021

Which parts of our culture are you obsessed with anon? How amusing.

No. 122025

File: 1566414498750.jpg (97.66 KB, 640x418, arctic1.jpg)

Always wanted to go to Hong Kong, obviously right now it's out of the question. Not really big on any of the other East Asian countries.

I also really want to go to the UK and Austria. Going to the Arctic is my ultimate dream destination, too bad that's already fucked up too.

No. 122027

hong kong is basically just a ratchet weeb country. i love fucking hong kong but like fuck man.

No. 122029

Mongolia and Iceland are my two dream destinations. I love the dramatic landscapes.

I think I'd like to go to New Zealand, as well.

No. 122039

I plan on going to Japan for a year at most in a few months with a working holiday visa, did anyone else stay for that long? What did you do, and what did you visit? I'm thinking about staying in several cities, mainly Tokyo and Osaka so I can visit other cities near these ones later by taking the train, and maybe other smaller cities where I already have a few friends. I said "a year at most" but because of reasons related to career and budget I think I'll most likely stay between 6 and 10 months instead. If I stay for too long abroad I'm worried it will be seen as a "gap year" taken right after I graduated by potential employers.

Also I want to visit New York and maybe the west coast much later, but I'm finding way too much info online about what to do.

Berets can be super cute depending on what you wear with it, I think it's something you should wear in autumn with a nice comfy coat. If you want to shop for clothes go to thrift shops, there are a lot of them in Paris. If you live in the American continent try to check Zara because it's way less expensive there (still a bit overpriced imo depending on what you buy. If you want to go to Spain soon go to Zara there instead it's even less expensive.) I'm not from Paris but from another French city so I'm not sure what I can recommend exactly though. I'm going there tomorrow and went there for a week last year so there's:
>the eiffel tower
>the louvre but you should get a ticket online because there are way too many people visiting this summer and iirc it's the first time they're not letting everyone in
>the catacombes, I wanted to go there but I never had enough time for that
>if you're into luxury shopping you should go to les galeries Lafayette, Printemps and les champs Elysées
>there's a small Japanese town near les galeries Lafayette and the opéra, I'll visit it this weekend for restaurants and shops
>there are a lot of gardens, parks and museums in general
>if you can afford it and you like this sort of places go to Disneyland for a day or two, you need to take the RER A iirc. It's in Marne la Vallée
>in Marne la Vallée you also have a mall called "la vallée village" where you can buy a lot of luxury products for cheaper prices than usual. You also have brands that aren't luxury. I don't know if it's worth going there specifically for that mall though since it's a bit far away from Paris.
>again if you can afford it you can go to a cabaret, I wanted to go but I couldn't because of the lack of time so I'm not sure it's really that fun but it's very recommended in general
>go to Versailles and the palace, you can picnic in the garden. I don't remember which public transport you'll need to go there

Maybe other French anons who know Paris way more than I do can add other things

No. 122246

File: 1566887428444.jpg (310.34 KB, 1000x667, ccimage-shutterstock_129916532…)

There are so many places I want to go in the world but if I could pick only 5 I would choose: Thailand, Japan, Iceland, Scotland and Taiwan. I want to do a mix of touristy places and places off the beaten path as well. I also wish I could learn lots of languages but there isn't enough time in my life for that.

No. 122248

I wouldn’t worry too much about time spent abroad in your CV. Many employers expect you to have international experience and since you are on a working holiday, it should be fine. You could also try to find occupations that fit your preferred field of work, although that might be hard in Japan. Most working holiday people seem to be working as language teachers or waiters there.

I stayed in Japan for a bit more than a year and lived in Tokyo. I strongly advice you to travel! Tokyo is really cool, but the most beautiful place I visited definitely was Kyoto. I also went to Osaka, Nara and later Gunma for hiking. I regret not visiting more cities (especially rural ones), but tbh I just didn’t have the budget anymore at some point. Tokyo is very expensive, but since you are from Paris, it might not be that different for you! I come from an environment where things (especially rent, food) are cheaper and I really had troubles budgeting in Tokyo. I would advice to save as much money as possible and look for affordable ways to travel (e. g. inland flights in Japan can be pretty cheap).

No. 122253

For context, I studied English as a foreign language as well as Japanese but I'm not fluent in Japanese, as well as international business and marketing. So in theory going to Japan for a year wouldn't seem out of place because of my university degree but I'll have a hard time finding a job related to all of that in my country so that's why I'm having doubts. Finding a job as a waiter seems easy from what I've been told, but less so as a language teacher and since English isn't my first language I'll look into teaching French even though there's less demand for that.

Ans sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm French but not Parisian. I answered that anon about Paris because I already visited the city before and I literally came back from a weekend in Paris a few days ago. I live in another big city which is also expensive but not nearly as much as Paris. I think prices like food and bills are similar though, but public transport and rents are definitely higher in big cities like Tokyo unless I choose to go to a sharehouse or a guesthouse (which is what I planned in the first place). I also think a lot of clothing brands are cheaper in Japan so I'll take advantage of that. Same thing for manga and restaurants.

I do plan on at least going to Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Okinawa because these cities seem interesting or I know people living there. I'll try to visit other cities next to these like Kyoto just like you said, Nara, Yokohama, Kobe, etc.

Why did you stay in Japan, work, internships, college, something else? Did you already speak and understand Japanese well before that trip, and how much did you improve? And did you stay in sharehouses or you managed to get your own places?

No. 122257

Your travel goals in Japan sound really amazing! Now that I have a job, I will try to save some money so that I can return and finally do the travelling I couldn’t afford when I was a student. I especially would love to see Okinawa! I heard that it is very different from other Japanese cities.

I studied in Japan for one year. I did not speak much Japanese and it definitely was an adventure because I had to arrange stuff like finding a place to live at, opening a bank account, joining national health insurance… But even with my non-existent Japanese I somehow managed to do that, so I am very sure that you will have no problems at all, even if you’re not fluent. I had two scholarships and did some part-time work in the cultural field as well. I lived in an Airbnb first and then moved to a share house because that was cheaper and it was not possible for me to find my own apartment as you usually need a guarantor and pay lots of extra fees. It’s not worth it if you are just staying for a short time and want to travel around imho. Most share houses are overpriced and not the best living environment, but it is definitely bearable.

My Japanese did not improve that much to be honest. I took some language classes in the beginning but I am more interested in my academic career and thus mostly visited international classes about topics that interested me. I tried hanging out with Japanese people a lot, even had a tandem partner, but language wasn’t really my priority as I am not planning on moving to Japan permanently or working in a Japanese company. But some of my fellow students that were serious about the language really improved!

No. 124018

I want to visit Russia. Maybe living there for some time?
I don't know if is easy to get a job there withour a university career.

No. 124030

Depends on where are you from and what city you are choosing to live in. Bigger cities have plenty of work, smaller have less. A lot of jobs are found through friends/family, but nowadays it's less of a problem than, say, 10 years ago. Immigration is a pain in the ass tho and permission for work also.

No. 124372

I'm from Spain and I wanted to be in Moscow. Sadly I don't have any friends or family there so that may be all by myself… Any good job w/o university career? Specially nothing related with factory or frozen factory (worked for some time there and I prefer not to repeat if is possible).

No. 128825

Why Moscow, anon? It's horribly expensive, cold, people are either money-chasing trash or spoiled rich kids. Living is expensive, renting is too, russians are racists and landlords can deny you if you don't look white and don't speak russian. Not everybody, of course, but it still happens. You'll most likely end up spending 2+ hours to get to work in the city.
But anyway, you can try to be spanish language teacher, since you speak it. Again, work is less of a problem when you have a permission, and I can't tell you how europeans are getting it, but for nearby countries it gets difficult. Maybe your future workplace could help you with that. Search for internship programs maybe. What skills do you have?

No. 128842

Why tf did you reply to a 2 months old post only to shit on my city lmao

No. 129083

Yurofags are cucked communist retards anon. Don't worry though because we (America) love you guys. I visited Moscow not too long ago and it was great.

No. 129107

I have no hard feelings toward Americans. I once visited Ottawa and it was pretty cool.

No. 129120

I'm an Aussie and I went to Moscow this year and thought it was awesome. Everything is so huge and grand looking, it seemed like there was some big monument everywhere you go.

No. 129146

Over the summer I went to England (London), Scotland (Glasgow) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). London sucked and was super overrated IMO, most everyone was snooty and I even had a cashier think I was homeless. Glasgow was decent, weather was bad and since we were dumb and got a cheap Airbnb, we were in a bad neighborhood and didn’t feel too safe. Overall, meh. Belfast was the highlight of the trip, everyone there was incredibly friendly and interesting. Once again we got a chepa Airbnb and were in a VERY Protestant area, with UVF flags literally outside the windows and the some of the murals right down the street. We still felt very safe, although some uber drivers were hesitant to drive us there lmao. We walked through the Shankhill (Protestant area within a catholic area) and a very drunk and mentally old man talked us into touring his house where he told us about his service in the British Army, and he had a gnarly scar across his hand from supposedly protecting his throat from an IRA soldier? He was also missing a finger. The restaurants and pubs in Belfast are great, they have a great nightlife scene, and it’s really quite beautiful. We got to go to the Game of Thrones exhibit when it was touring there, since a lot of GoT was filmed in Northern Ireland. The zoo is really nice too, significantly cheaper than any American zoos I’ve been to and the animals aren’t all locked in glass, a lot of them just have fencing besides obvious ones like tigers and monkeys. Overall I highly recommend any anons here to visit Belfast, just don’t make political statements to locals and definitely don’t answer anybody if you’re catholic or Protestant (through nobody asked us besides the elderly British army guy).

No. 129186

Hey slavanon. Do you want a Murican penpal? I'm trying pretty hard to learn slav.

No. 129212

No. 129213

Very likely.

No. 129226

Ew no. I'm majoring in slavic linguistics at college so it's my goal to be fluent in at least 3 Eastern European languages before I turn 25. Tried talking to these Russian guys on Interpals but they were major creeps.

Anyway you ppl are mean too so I'm out.

No. 173918

Going to try here:
Tips for traveling to Seoul? Affordable flights, hotels, things to avoid, absolute musts, etc. I know safety is really important regarding peepholes and clubbing, so that could also be something. But I'm mainly interested in affordable flights.

>I am aware it's a pandemic, I'm just researching and planning regardless for when the times come

No. 262094

you guys sound like american/british men from 4chan.

No. 262123

All of the Nordic countries. After that perhaps some countries in Eastern or Central Europe, they have beautiful nature and architecture there.

No. 262140

Pakistan is beautiful, all women should visit. Don’t go to India full of creeps and rapists. Go to Syria, beautiful people but not Turkey since it’s full of perverts, fraudsters and islamists

No. 262156

But Pakistan and Syria are safe? Weird post.

No. 262170

They have hot people and are secular

No. 262185

I was curious regarding the safety of traveling of Pakistan so I looked it up. My government has nearly all of Pakistan listed as travel only in case of emergency or don't travel there at all. The small area's that aren't that are listed as risk-area's. So I won't be putting Pakistan on my travel list.

Not that I'm interested in Pakistan or South Asia as a whole for that matter anyway.

No. 262215

Entire Asia isn’t interesting at all except China or Japan. We are all Weeboos here

No. 262219

Come to Kurdistan

No. 262225

I wouldn't want to be found dead or alive in China. I'm surprised you didn't mention SK.

No. 262228

> all women should visit
I wouldn't feel safe there kek

No. 262330

Why bump this 4 year old thread when there is already a travel thread??? >>>/ot/591108

No. 301706

Have any of you nonnies been to Japan? I’d like to know the good points and bad points of living there from a female perspective. I want to go there but for some reason I feel too nervous about how I would be treated.

No. 301718

Not a good idea to move somewhere you’ve never even visited. Japan is super regressive from a feminist perspective. I’m talking “Make sure you stay in the sex-segregated subway car or else if you get groped it’s your own fault.”

No. 301908

It's good. Like the anon above me said it is a bit regressive but not THAT bad. I've lived here for years and never gotten gropped. Maybe my resting bitch face helps? lol
Just don't come as an English teacher (those are at the bottom of the expat ladder over here, and totally useless). Be sure to have a good job with a GOOD contract and you'll be fine.

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