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File: 1595848539428.jpg (69.21 KB, 1180x663, 198ed12a-62b4-11e9-b696-822cbb…)

No. 591108

What are some places you have never been to but really want to visit? Which country would you love to go back to? Which place will you never visit again? Have any culture shock stories? Want to share your most surprising travelling experiences? Write about them here!

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that travelling is strongly discouraged during the pandemic, but I thought it would be nice to have a place where we can discuss our past experiences and future plans.

No. 591112

Montréal is a city I would love to go back to, it had a very unique vibe to it, felt more European than Canadian, and the people were super friendly, I had a great time there. Only negative experience I had was that some bus drivers get really angry when you speak to them in English instead of baguette

No. 591126

I wanna go back to Brazil and Japan. Given how they're handling Covid in Brazil and personal stuff, I don't know if I'll get to go anywhere next summer. Bummer.

My favorite Japan travel experience was going to Shikoku. I'll never stop shilling that place. I don't know if it'd be a safe bet for tourists visiting for two weeks but if you're staying longer (a month, a year+), it's cheaper than going to Kyushu and it's very beautiful. Tons of tiny, accessible islands that you can visit in a day either by foot or by bike. Local produce can be as cheap as 1 dollar for a kilo. The locals are very nice even if some will panic if they assume you don't speak any nihon lmao.

I want to visit Canada and Norway because I have friends over there. >>591112 I wanna experience the bizarro Quebec French, as a european French myself lol. Apparently in some places/shops they'll greet you with "Hello Bonjour!" so you can pick which language you want to use.
Norway is sunny out at 3am during the summer which sounds awesome.

No. 591136

File: 1595852589562.jpg (155.99 KB, 1500x1090, page_10.jpg)

Oh wow, googled Shikoku and the nature there looks amazing! I'm planning to go to Japan eventually (actually it was supposed to be this year but… well), it's going on my to-visit list for sure.

One of my dream trip ideas would be to rent a car, go through former Yugoslavia countries and visit as many Spomeniks as I can fit on the planned route. These are so bizarre and fascinating, even more now when they're abandoned. It's definitely doable so I just need some proper planning and go ahead some year.

No. 591140

Anon-chans, what was your favorite place to visit in EU and why? Would make it even better if there were some cute stores!

Also, what do you think of Denmark? I want to visit it sometime!

No. 591200

"spomenik" just means monument. It is not a proper noun.

No. 591214

I'm aware, Spomenik Database is using this incorrect anglicized plural version as a general name regarding them for years now and honestly I've never seen anyone on the English-speaking internet use the correct plural form or try to go around with the full "yugoslavian WWII monuments" name. Blame them not me.

No. 591262

I really wanna go to Moscow at some point, I just have to brush up on my russian language skills before that. I have been to Saint Petersburg a few times, but I really wanna see other places in Russia as well.

No. 591273

File: 1595868329177.jpg (609.37 KB, 800x533, neworleans.jpg)

I'm a non-American who dreams of going to New Orleans one day. I love everything it's famous for - the architecture, the history, music, food. Sometimes I just look up photos of the French Quarter and sigh with longing. It's so beautiful.

No. 591275

just say monument, why are you even inserting a local word into an English sentence? It makes no sense. It's not a special term for those monuments or anything.

No. 591284

I really want to visit Denmark/Finland mostly because I remembered asking on a thread where they had the sweetest strawberries and one of the anon answers was Denmark/Finland? haha. Mostly because I lived in a tropical climate and the soil in my country is particularly not suitable for growing sweet strawberries.
That aside, another EU country that I want to visit is Italy. I just want to go to their museum, art galleries, and churches.

No. 591295


but for real, i mostly just want to visit japan and western europe. i'm really not a fan of "roughing it" so those hypothetical trips would probably consist of eating in restaurants, going to concerts/venues, visiting historical sights and museums, and getting drunk with the locals.

No. 591303

As a Finn I can confirm our strawberries are sweet and tasty as hell, but they're mostly available in July and early August.

No. 591341

God same! I really want to try their cuisine as well.

No. 591365

Please stop being so pressed, I literally explained to you why (Spomenik Database - look it up). Is everyone in Serbia so protective about your language or is it just you?

No. 591374

I'm really hoping I will be able to visit Titova politička škola in Croatia. It's a huge abandoned school and I'm a sucker for abandoned buildings in general. I heard they are going to turn it into a hotel so I should really hurry. The next on the list would probably be the torpedo launch station which is also in Croatia. It's such a strange place and I would love to do some graffiti on one of the walls around there. Any Croatian anons know about any other cool abandoned places in your country?

No. 591401

There are quite a few abandoned hotels on the coast. I would link you this article I found, but it's in Croatian; you can probably find better results by googling "abandoned hotels croatia".

No. 591444

I miss Japan bros. Ik it's weeby af but I've been going there once a year for almost a decade, I got lucky that my dad loves it there and goes really often (he also speaks pretty good moon, makes it easier). So he and I are travel buddies and it's like our family holiday. Anyway I can't wait to go again, next trip will be Kyushu and Okinawa. I just want some idea of when covid will let up so I can plan it properly.

Lately I've also been really wanting to go on some sort of tropical beach holiday. I usually avoid beaches because I'm insecure about my body and burn really badly, but I'm dieting and if I can be confident in a bikini the first thing I'm doing is going to hawaii or fiji or maybe on a cruise. Hopefully with friends/my sister instead of my parents so there can be drinking involved.

Moscow is so cool man. I like it even better than St Ps, all the buildings are monuments are so grand and imposing. I went with a tour group though so luckily I didn't need to use any russian.

No. 591678

File: 1595928272256.jpg (86.74 KB, 959x639, 923a1b1d5304a218572457d1c45395…)

Uggghhh I want to go to Japan soo bad but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford it

No. 591679

Has anyone been to Toronto? What is it like? Other Canadian cities worth visiting?

No. 591845

it's hefty but not as bas as you think. if you avoid tokyo you can find some cheap places to stay. airbnb all the way. the only thing that sucks are the flights, but flying into airports like kansai or chiba usually make the prices less unbearable. then you can take the bullet train anywhere you wanna go!

No. 591847

Not original anon but when are flights the cheapest? I estimated that I could spend less than 3000 on a trip if I ate cheap (which I heard is easy) and stayed in airbnbs. most of that 3000 went towards the flight. Even right now, flights are sooo expensive for Japan.

Also, what are the best places to stay/visit that are affordable or worth the price?

No. 591871

im not sure, but i think jan/feb can be good times (although CNY can affect things) also sept-oct is good. the cheapest flights i've gotten involve lots of connections. booking early is essential, and always look into nearby countries. us to seoul direct flights were the cheapeast route for me (i don't like having to connect flights too much, which is obviously gonna make tickets more $$) it's expensive to fly into japan no matter what, but flying into kansai or nagoya region will dock hundreds off the ticket price in my experience. the bullet train is moderately cheap and will take you to major cities in hours. its an actual godsend.

3000 dollars is probably more than enough, but you definitely have to plan carefully around the flights. tokyo is just off the table if you want to live and travel cheaply, tbh.

you also have to think of what you want out of japan. old temples and beautiful mountain scenery? arcades and cafes? the beach? plan from there. i am a big fan of the kyoto and nara region, also gifu. i enjoy the hot springs and nature, but that might not be your thing. if you want more of a city vibe like tokyo, try osaka or even kobe. i haven't been to okinawa but i've heard good things.

No. 591874

If you've been to big American cities, that's what Toronto is like except it's smaller. The downtown core is pretty small but there are some interesting neighbourhoods. If you're tired of Big NA Cities, I'd recommend Montreal. It's got a better nightlife than Toronto (or so I hear) and it's called a little piece of Europe in Canada. Vancouver might be to your liking if you like beaches and mountains. Calgary might be cool too if you like mountains and big national parks.

No. 591885

i've been to both toronto and montreal, have to say i prefered the latter! better food, vibes and just loved the European ambience. toronto is cool but i live in an upper midwest american city anyways and didn't feel very new or worthwhile. its a great place to live maybe but visiting? meh

No. 591945

I'm not even the same anon, I was just telling you it sounds retarded, makes no sense when Anglos do this shit. If you're so easily offended you'll have a bad time in the Balkans.

No. 591950

I feel like for Toronto, you need a local to guide you to have fun more so than other cities, since there aren't that many tourist attractions compared to Montreal, for example. Otherwise, it can be pretty boring and feel like it lacks an identity compared to other cities.

No. 591999

I love the energy of LA and I miss it sometimes. Portland is on my bucket list, as is Bangkok

No. 592007

live very close to toronto and been 1000 times!! i wouldnt really suggest it as a great travel place honestly because it really is like a wannabe new york lol like theres fun food places but thats mainly it… personally never been but i think vancouver would be interesting!!

No. 592016

Did you live in LA or just visit? I lived in West LA for 7 years and it was pure hell. Literally some of the worst years of my life. Funnily enough I don't mind visiting at all now that I live somewhere else. It really is a fun city when you don't have to put up with all the bullshit that comes with actually living there.

No. 592044

I love travelling but unfortunately, I can't really do it this year. Perhaps it's for the best though since I need to get my fiances together and finally finish up my degree.

Was thinking about going to Italy or Japan next year. I've been to France, Mexico, Greece, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. I didn't get to go to the islands while in Greece so that's on my bucket list. I went to France and Mexico over a decade ago so I would like to visit them again. Didn't spend a lot of time in Thailand and Vietnam so I would like to visit them again as well. I just want to see the entire world honestly lol.

No. 592109

i've been to a few of those places as well. out of all of the countries you've seen so far, do you have a favorite?

No. 592117

I was supposed to go to Japan twice now, but had to cancel both times. First time I was going through my high school with my Japanese teacher. Unfortunately he passed out while teaching a class, had to get open heart surgery, and was on leave for the rest of the school year and in no condition to go anywhere. That was back in 2018. I was going to go this summer but cancelled for obvious reasons. Anyways, sperg about the circumstances aside, when I do finally go, I'm looking forward to practicing my Japanese to see how well it holds up and meeting up with the exchange student I hosted in high school again. I also really want to experience a Japanese summer festival.

No. 592504

Have any of you been to Bretagne region in France? I'm going next week (before you hate me - roadtrip in my own car), maybe someone has some recommendations?

No. 592510

Be careful with your car, make sure you lock it properly, if you really have to stop at a gas station, be quick and park it as close as possible to a window so you can keep an eye on it.
I got my stuff stolen on a road trip in France and the police sucked ass, there were no security cameras in the gas station and no one saw a thing.

No. 592515

Damn, I'll never stop staring at my car then. I've seen a lot of mention of car theft as one of the main risks when travelling to France, but it sounded a bit surreal to me coming from a country where it rarely ever happens. But your experience are a proof it's not just a general "just in case" warning.

No. 593794

I'm going to Greece in 2 weeks. It's my favourite place in the world.

After that I want to move to a beachy, laid back city for the winter. Mexico has been suggested to me (Tulum specifically). The lack of corona restrictions also appeal to me. I travel alone so I'm worried about safety though. Any opinions?

No. 593798

My opinion is that I think it's insane to travel to foreign countries during a pandemic.

No. 593801

You want to travel alone in a dangerous country during a pandemic. We got some geniuses over here.

No. 593805

I have a lot of Mexican friends and they live just fine, usually people exaggerate how dangerous places are, you'll be fine.

No. 593807

enjoy the covid, 2nd wave is starting here due to tourists like you bringing it with them xx

No. 593808

none of you even know what country I'm from lmao. I work from home + get a covid test days before my flight so relax, I won't be bringing the nothing virus to your lands.

I'm not staying in my shitty country for years before they force some vaccine on us.

No. 593815

I love travelling and painting the destinations I visit too. My sketches of Rome makes me so nostalgic haha.

Hopefully once Covid settled and I’m back on my feet I’ll get to travel more

No. 593822

File: 1596196605931.jpeg (109.31 KB, 1260x712, MjAxNjA2ZDJmZTYwNjZmY2ZhZTUzYj…)


Rochefort-en-terre is a very cute medieval village there, it has been elected village of the year many times. I really liked it there, went in the Christmas season where everything is decorated and it was so refreshing! I don't doubt it'll still look nice even when it's not that season.

Food wise, the cider is really good there, and buckwheat crepes are really nice and cheap. I recommend kouign amann for dessert (very sugary and buttery so beware if you don't like that sort of thing), or a far breton for a lighter option (flan/pudding type with prunes)

No. 593823

>I won't be bringing the nothing virus to your lands.

You could catch it while travelling and spread it back to your home country.

No. 593825

I guess we should all lock up at home until there are 0 cases everywhere.

No. 593827

You're acting like there is only a few cases world wide, but the pandemic is in full swing. We are in the middle of it. Previous pandemics like the Spanish flu took about 2 years to die out. So it makes sense to be careful about travel.

No. 593828

my goodness this looks beautiful

No. 593830

god who the fuck cares we're all gonna die someday anyway might as well enjoy it while we're here. quality over quantity. a meteor could come crashing into the earth any day. a tornado could come rip your house out of the ground. yellowstone could explode. your boyfriend could turn out to be a murderous psycho. so fuck it. live a little. life is inherently dangerous. the idea that life is safe at all is a modern illusion.

No. 593831

Imagine not travelling internationally for a year. The lizard people are really torturing us with this one. Are your trips to Greece and Mexico going to be enough? Maybe you should plan a third trip before you fall into a deep depression.

No. 593833

I get it. But considering that:

>I live in a terrible household

>Rent here costs a limb
>I hate my fucking country so much I want to off myself

I've decided to fuck off to a cheaper, more beautiful country.

Shh anon, these people are just happy that their lazy lifestyles are being applauded for the first time. They get to cower at home AND be called heroes for it? Woohoo!

No. 593836

You tell them girl, kill those boomers! Who cares if you spread it to your parents and grandma, YOLO! As long as you get what you want, who cares about others, am I right?

No. 593839

I love travelling but I have cancelled everything this year because it would be to dangerous and egoistical to go ahead.

No. 593840

You are aware that you don't have to go visit your family or anyone really immediately after traveling somewhere, right…?

No. 593843

This is the first year in 5 years that I'm not moving to a different country. Instead I've traveled within the region I currently live in. But sure everyone against i n t e r n a t i o n a l travel is lazy and afraid. Kek.

No. 593845

i want you to understand that my perspective comes from the fact that i myself have almost died. that is all. we have precious little control over this life. it's cute how naive you are. keep on fighting little angel.

No. 593852

Oh, that's a cool idea, thanks!

No. 593853

We can all help control the spread of this virus by not travelling abroad 2020. That is something we all have control over. The virus came to my country because of lol YOLO tourists. My family was affected. Let's not add to the spread of the pandemic.

No. 593859

sorry you're an immunelet

No. 593862

File: 1596199957225.png (2.54 MB, 1187x777, r-n-t.PNG)

>Rochefort-en-terre is a very cute medieval village
Oh damn, how did I not discover this town myself looking for places to visit? Thank you so much for the recommendation, I'm going 100%, hopefully I'll find a motivation to drive there early in the morning to catch a cute alley like pic related in a sunrise light. And I see theres this huge national park area nearby so the visit is gonna align perfectly with my hiking in the nature plans too.

I've heard crepes in general are a thing in Bretagne, so I'm gonna see how far I can go limiting my diet almost exclusively to different kinds of crepes. Kouign amann sounds like my kind of dessert too!

No. 593863

The other anon is an idiot, but I'm sure the virus would'vade its way to you regardless. Quit playing.

No. 593876

Fuck off Eurofag, not everyone was traveling freely before like you can.

No. 593910

Yanks contributed to the spread of the virus in my country because they don't want to quarantine and need to be babysat so clearly you have the means to travel often enough to afford staying home for one year. You may politely fuck off and stay in your garbage country instead of spreading your idiocy and disease to us, thx.

No. 593984

Does anyone else just… hate the majority of travel bloggers/you tubers lol?
All of the most popular ones are white men, dating asian or south american women and totally oblivious to how difficult it can be for anyone who's not exactly like them to travel. Also 'visiting every country in the world' regardless of political situation, I find it so retarded that anyone would want to visit the Congo or whatever just so they can say they've been
Maybe I'm just bitter cause I'm a lesbian who's gonna get lynched in half the countries they go on about lol

No. 593993

My guy offhandedly proposed a vacation to the Virgin Islands (specifically St John and St Thomas), in the far future after all this is over, and we've been wistfully giggling about it ever since. I've been mentally preparing my frugal ass for the hefty expense, I'm thinking it might cost me USD2k including passport since I've never been international before.

No. 593995

Yep. They're all one these types:

>visit ALL the countries. 2 countries per day!!!

>gOiNG WiTH My GIRlz/lADs, typical party holiday, could do it in any country
>just shows their dirty hostel and street food

No. 593997

I'm bi and i feel you, but i dislike travel vloggers for a much more shallow reason - most of them spend 90% of the video with their cameras pointed at themselves, they film a bunch on the plane and in their hotel and they're more obsessed with documenting themselves horsing around in a foreign country rather than showing the beauty and history of the place they're visiting. i also hate the knockoff skrillex dubstep music with the michael bay color grading and extreme slow mo-zoom editing that a lot of male travel vloggers do. i don't know about you but i find it SO much more enjoyable when a vlog has minimal talking and is mostly b-roll footage. vid related is the ideal travel vlog for me.

No. 594075

This made me reflect on my travel vlog-watching habits and I realized that most of the time I watch vlogs of places I would never go to lmao…Like I have this weird fascination with North Korean travel vlogs and I also used to watch this guy who went to the poorest, least visited areas of Eastern Europe

No. 594083

I like Simon Wilson's channel although it's nothing I would ever attempt - he tries to make his way around countries without any money by sneaking into buffets and hotels and so on. It's pretty interesting though (he's pretty lad-ish so that might annoy you)

No. 594226

I never realized how many are like that holy fuck. and they always have those positive messages about how life is great, sure life is great when you're a white dude from a first world country and with money. hate to see it.

No. 594251

File: 1596243609835.jpeg (675.11 KB, 2000x1334, 06-83115.jpeg)

I would love to go back to Japan, I went abroad for the first time to Japan a few years ago and even though I was scared of the social barrier at first I ended up enjoying my time there.

I was originally planning to go to Tokyo in 2021 to avoid the Olympics but since they are moving it to next year I am hoping to have money to go in 2022 instead. I was also tempted to go to a language school too but I'm really unsure about it.

No. 594267

File: 1596244794197.jpeg (229.4 KB, 750x513, 851B7015-4323-459C-8A05-8AE7CE…)

I’ve always wanted to walk in the nice neighborhoods of New York City. I dreamed about living in one of those townhouses when I was younger, but it’ll never happen lol.

No. 594274

They look so fucking nice from the outside, I don't blame you.

No. 594334

New York is the only place I'd like to live in the United States, I've been dreaming about owning a nice apartment in West Village or Greenwich since I was a kid

No. 594371

I lived there for a year, it's probably my favorite part of France! It's a large region and I'm not sure where exactly you'll be road tripping through but some highlights depending on what you like:

Carnac/Menhirs in general: Ancient stone arrangements, might not be your thing but Carnac is an amazing example of them. If you're in more rural Bretagne you'll probably see random Menhirs anyway.

For castles, Fougeres is amazing. Vitre is great if you're into old town medieval aesthetics. Suscinio is on the coast and has been restored very well/is the most "castle"-like of the ones I've mentioned.

Pont-Aven is a beautiful town famous for attracting painters, Concarneau is nearby and has a cool sea fort. The Eckmuhl lighthouse is nearby-ish, massive, and worth seeing if you like lighthouses.

If you're in the north Saint Malo is definitely worth a visit. Ive heard Dinan is also amazing though I haven't been there myself. If you have a more precise idea of where you'll be in Bretagne I can give you some more recs, my husband is from there and we spent like a month just road tripping around the region.

Not to discredit the car break-in anon but I wouldn't stress about it more in Bretagne than anywhere else. It can definitely happen but we never had any issue, from 200 person rural towns to Rennes, and I've never heard about any of his family members having issues either. Just use your normal roadtrip sense and always lock your car no matter how safe an area feels.

No. 594420

You don't need a passport to enter the US Virgin Islands. I'm assuming you're American since you used USD.

No. 594603

File: 1596310005472.png (2.35 MB, 1841x771, menhirs.PNG)

Thank you for all the recs, I didn't even have half of it on my list! I'm definitely going to Mont Saint Michel in the north, but had no idea about Saint Malo which is very nearby, so it's a must now too. Vitre doesn't even look like a real place on the pictures but a movie set, I wonder how is it gonna be in real life.

Thanks for being reassuring about the car situation, I didn't really expect anything to happen in the rural areas too but started getting worried fo how is it gonna be on gas stations / more touristy destinations. But it's true it's no Paris so theres this much less to worry about.

My "base" will be in the south of Bretagne, close to Quimperle, so if you have any recommendations for that part I'd be very grateful! Especially in terms of good places to hike and interesting beaches (this actually all around Bretagne, not just the south).

I'm definitely going menhir-catching, though I was thinking of maybe skipping Carnac and look for something smaller and less touristy? Theres plenty of them everywhere from what I've heard. But if Carnac is awesome maybe I shouldn't. Btw, do you or your husband maybe know what could possibly be the island on the pic attached? I've seen in a video promoting the region but it didn't say anything about where is it.

No. 594699

Huh, this makes absolute sense, I don't know why my brain skipped over it. Thanks, anon

No. 595277

File: 1596391875496.jpg (4.43 MB, 4032x3024, Quimper2.jpg)

Oh your base is right around where we lived! Since you'll be in Quimperle I'd definitely recommend hitting up Pont-Aven and Concarneau. Pont-Aven has a cute port area with a lot of nice hiking paths along the waterway (its a bit inland so it's a nice forested walk). Quimper is a larger city nearby worth a visit as well, the cathedral and its attached museum are great and the town itself is cute. Just driving along the coast there you'll find a lot of little beaches to stop at, I can't give any specific recs on this since we just drove and explored and stopped when it looked interesting.

A bit more north is Locronan, very cute town but quite small. If you end up going there the Menez-Hom is nearby and you can drive up it pretty far and then hike to the top (it's basically a giant lone hill, great views but it's SUPER windy so avoid a dress/skirt). Crozon is gonna be a good place for hiking and beaches if you enjoy a super rocky coast.

As for Carnac, it's at least worth a drive-by as most the stones can be seen from a small road. Its become overwhelmed with tourists over the years so in the high seasons you're only allowed to go up to the stones on a guided tour, I'd avoid it if this is the case at the moment (it should say on the website). Low season you can just wander around them as much as you'd like.
Definitely drive through there to get to the Quiberon peninsula though, good views of the bay. I think your pic is on an island in the Carnac bay area.

Also, everyone I met in Britanny was super nice and friendly particularly in the smaller towns. The majority of tourism in Brittany is from the rest of France and I found people in cafes and bars were genuinely interested in why I was visiting and weren't shy about striking up conversations. The only place that seemed to feel "tourist fatigue" was Locronan.

You're going to have so much fun anon! I'm so jealous.

No. 595281

NTA but do you speak French? Are locals okay with english speaking tourists?

No. 596026

I speak it conversationally but fumble quite a bit still. You get a different experience speaking any French but the people I spoke English with didn't seem annoyed by it and were excited to try out their English with me if they knew any. It definitely isn't like Paris where the entire city has tourist fatigue and people will understandably be annoyed if you come at them only in English (since you're probably the 12th person that day to do so.) Also, in more Western parts of Brittany you'll see the road signs, museum placards, etc are in both French and Breton as they're trying to revive the native language.

No. 596264

I've arrived to Quimper yesterday and since me and my boyfriend do a bit of geocaching we went on a search and found one exactly in the spot from the photo you've attached! Old town area is absolutely gorgeous with these small houses and cathedral towering over them. And the smell of crepes is everywhere.

Thanks for hike recommendations, both seem great, I'll make sure to not wear a dress even though weather is pretty inviting. Would make sense for that island to be in Carnac Bay area, I'll see if I can spot it!

No. 597424

Thinking of potentially living in these cities/countries for several months. Can any anons who've been there tell me how safe they are? I've been told they're all safe but it's different when it comes from a man.

>Mexico (Tulum/PDC)

>Thailand (Koh Phangan or Koh Samui)

I want to be able to walk alone in tshirt and shorts, go for a run, and just mind my own business without being kidnapped or killed.

No. 597892

File: 1596709986420.jpg (80.97 KB, 1200x1006, IMG_20200805_221321.jpg)

anon-chans, ill spend 24hr in Prague, is it fully safe? I know it has a good rating when it comes to safety but I still want to be aware of scams, where to not go and such.

No. 597898

ot but what brand is this plushie?

No. 597902

It's not, there's corona. Stay home.

No. 597904

Seconding this. This is too cute

No. 597926

fuck off

No. 597931

NTA but you're rude. Stay home just for that reason.

No. 597944

Baumstriezel aren't a local nor a czech dish, thats the scam. tbh, if you stay around the tourist spots and keep an eye on your bags ur safe.

No. 597998

its not an OP, I am one kek. But yeah, you are right! I checked their covid cases and they started rising again. Went nevermind mode. Too bad i wanted to meet a friend and i could just take a 2hr bus.

No. 598351

For me it's Japan as well. I went there twice before (Kansai region, never to Tokyo) and while I could never see myself living there I miss it terribly and I definitely want to go back eventually. Iceland is also pretty high on my list but from what I've heard getting places there is kinda difficult if you don't have a car/driving licence.

No. 598947

File: 1596823325428.jpg (87.96 KB, 768x960, e230d82c0a105632f571539e386a94…)

Has anyone ever heard of the blue lagoon hot springs? in Iceland? I found out about this place on instagram awhile back. Damn…it looks so dreamy…

No. 598986

I’m going to Turkey in a couple days with my family (pls don’t hate me). Anyone got recommendations on places to go/ things to do that aren’t super touristy and crowded? Staying in Istanbul and Sapanca.

No. 598999

File: 1596826621620.jpg (267.27 KB, 1024x768, 32190382857_c3bb767cf2_b.jpg)

I want to visit Germany so badly. Austria too. I've been learning German more seriously for about a month now so hopefully in a few years when covid subsides/ I have enough finances/ feel more comfortable with the language I can go over there.
I've been able to visit Ireland and England, and they're so beautiful and I like the weather there.
Kinda funny: I went up to Canada with my family when I was like 6 and I was surprised they spoke English there and had "all the same things we had!"

No. 599008

yes it looks great! i want to go visit beautiful spas like this in the future with a so

No. 599009

Lmao what did your family think Canada was going to be? A desolate tundra with only igloos and polar bears and Inuits?

No. 599016

it looks so edited it makes me cringe

No. 599025

Are you studying German for just one trip? Most (young) people in Germany can hold a conversation in English. In fact it's not uncommon for locals to reply to you in English when they notice you're not a native speaker.

No. 599055

Anon was 6 years old

No. 599068

The Germans I know speak English 100% perfectly. The only way you can tell they're German is they don't use any English slang or shorten words like native speakers do. Their English is so perfect that that's what gives them away lol

No. 599073

My family didn't have anything to do with it, I was a little kid lmao
I'm actually interested in moving there eventually, but I want to go there a time or two to actually see how it is. I know English is common there, but I've always really liked learning languages and this is one I want to achieve a level of actual fluency with. I don't wanna be another one of those Americans going overseas and being like "sprechen sie Englisch please??"
I figure even if I hate Germany for some reason, being able to speak two languages isn't going to hurt me professionally.

No. 599104

As a german: don't bother. Most people (young and middle aged) aren't even gonna allow you to try and speak german because they jump at any chance to practise their english.
You might get so frustrated studying that you lose all interest in germany. Just enjoy a nice vacation once covid is over.

No. 599143

It's photoshop.

No. 599328

Oops, sorry, anons, I am high and misread it for m`y family`, instead of you.

No. 599432

This is true for Norway as well. The moment they sniff you out as an English speaker, practice round complete answer six questions about Costco in English please.

No. 599834

I’ve never been to Turkey so I can’t recommend anything, but if you have any tips or advice after your trip please drop them here anon! I want to visit Turkey so so badly.

No. 602583

I've been to Vancouver plenty of times. It's like Canadian Seattle kek.
Don't recommend Calgary or Edmonton unless you're going to the national parks.

No. 644986

I really, really want to see the Grand Canyon.
I'm usually a city tourist, not a nature tourist. I like traveling for the peoples and cultures, not the scenery. The canyon however is the one natural landmark I'd love to see, it looks so majestic I get overwhelmed just by looking at pictures.

No. 645043

Anon most of these shots, especially if it's in Iceland where lots of American influencers go, are edited to hell and back and look nothing like that irl. People do shit like this with other monuments and it's really annoying.


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