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File: 1533773595078.jpg (355.83 KB, 900x900, lion-head-marian-voicu.jpg)

No. 91535

I can't seem to find the astrology thread, so let's make a new one! I hope everyone is having a lovely Leo season. Post PDFs and book recommendations, your favorite sites, youtubers, and advice etc.

No. 91537

File: 1533777365375.png (336.23 KB, 540x607, gdahgueabuga.png)

Im a leo! I can relate to the boisterous, center of attention, entertainer stereotype but not this "uwu sensitive little lion cub that needs validation" stuff. Im also a sag rising and taurus moon though so maybe that has something to do with it.

No. 91540

File: 1533780902324.png (317.9 KB, 560x564, 15093274609536.png)

leo here bumping again, i just want to say that i am addicted to validation so i may have contradicted myself in the last post, i crave validation like a fish craves water. I'll literally throw myself under the bus, give away stuff i own, sacrifice my time, energy, money etc. just to please others while simultaneously being a really egotistical, self-absorbed piece of shit, no shade to myself. Honestly i feel like a walking stereotype except for the fact that im not really sensitive or needy, i just… really like being liked. Oh yeah and im gonna keep liveblogging until this thread gains some traction.

Question: any geminis here? All the people i like the most are geminis for some reason, do yall like leos as much as we like you guys?

No. 91548

File: 1533789045626.gif (146.89 KB, 500x400, twinstars.gif)

I love Leo's and almost exclusively date them. When you look at the planets, we get along because Leo's are the center of attention being a sun planet and Gemini are carefree and mercurial. We don't care about Leo mood swings/drama/ego like other signs do or feel threatened by them. Leo's can really thow their weight around if they want to, but they're also fucking sensitive if you hurt their ego or heart and I feel like a lot of signs don't see that.

If Leo likes being an egotistical number 1, then Gemini are so content in being "2" all the time because they don't see 2 as competition. I know I'd rather love finding a buddy or partner in crime. I think that's why Mercury and Leo can synergize really well. Leo is also a fixed sign and Gemini is mutable.

No. 91549

File: 1533789063007.jpg (101.75 KB, 736x646, pic.jpg)

keeping my eye on this thread as it seems interesting! some of my friends are really into astrology, but a lot of it i find hard to understand because sometimes i feel like the type descriptions are just so generic. i've always been more into mbti, but i think they're both probably equally pseudosciences so i'd be willing to learn about astrology as well. how do your sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs fit into your personality exactly? i'm a taurus sun, virgo moon and rising libra, i believe. (maybe if an anon could be so nice as to point out which parts of my signs would contribute which parts of my personality? inb4 im too lazy to do it myself lol)

No. 91551

Popping into this thread! I'm a Scorpio sun and a combo Leo moon Leo rising. I mostly identify with my sun sign though, I don't really believe your moon or rising signs really affect that much. I've only ever dated Capricorns and Sagittarius (before the person I'm with now). Is that weird? Also, I historically have NEVER gotten along with ANY aries? IDK?

No. 91557

File: 1533794533283.gif (1.26 MB, 540x300, 52198E35-869A-48EF-A5CA-2F2A20…)

Can any astrology anons help me with a potentially stupid question, I’ve always thought I was on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp but different resources seem to have different information regarding when/how to determine this. Is there a specific date range or way to tell if I am/am not? I’ve never had a full chart worked up before it’s always been just a passing curiosity because I never really felt I had the traits of full Aquarius.

No. 91590

File: 1533830106193.jpg (70.16 KB, 564x547, 794b667af6e37059fe0be562d59d8b…)

Honestly, Leo season always fucks me up but I'm glad y'all are thriving. Other people have posted their charts (or at least part of it), so: I'm a Gemini moon with a Cancer sun, and rising in Capricorn.

I seem to be drawn to Scorpios, Pisces, Aquariuses, and Virgos. My least favorite signs are Leos, Capricorns, and Aries. Leos tend to back-stab me; a Capricorn abused the fuck out of me as a teen; Aries are too intense. Leo risings in particular grate on my nerves the most. I date a lot of water signs, specifically Pisces and Aquarians.

Has anyone else ever gotten a chart reading? I got one a few months ago and the lady basically told me that my Gemini moon makes me long for adventure and travel (true) but that my Cancer sun conflicts with that, making me also long for stability and to settle down (also true!). It was very eye-opening.

No. 91592

>Gemini are carefree and mercurial.
>Gemini are so content in being "2" all the time because they don't see 2 as competition.
I don't really care about astrology but this is oddly accurate, I'm also a Gemini.

No. 91595

File: 1533832321587.jpg (129.51 KB, 1280x1109, b5bxXlS1uokxsmo1_1280.jpg)

I'm scorpio sun, gemini moon and cancer rising, I identify more with my gemini moon, but I think it's because my grandma, dad and uncle are gemini sun and I wanna be like them lmao.
My favorite people tend to be taurus, capricorns and geminis.
I also love shitty astrology memes.

No. 91596

Lol, this is so cute. Some of my favourite people irl are geminis.

No. 91598

You need to know the exact birth time to get an accurate chart, I don't think different sites would provide different info if you have the exact date and time.

No. 91599

OP here! And don't talk to yourself like that anon, there's no such thing as a stupid question if you're trying to learn something new. I don't really see cusps as a thing because you're either one sign or another. Like, I'm a 0 degrees Pisces Venus, but I don't have an Aquarius-Pisces cusp for my Venus sign. There is nothing Aquarian about my Venus. I recommend to look up decans instead of looking at the cusp B.S.

You should make a chart! It'd be fun and I wouldn't mind picking at it. I recommend astro.com if you're going to make one.

No. 91601

File: 1533833960813.gif (37.75 KB, 220x165, Are You Dead Yet.gif)

I'm a Libra rising, Pisces Sun/Venus/Mercury, Aries Mars, And Cancer moon. I'm a giant crybaby and vain as all hell.

No. 91608

I'm a leo and I have always felt an unjustified sense of superiority for that, like on some level I really do believe like we are the best sign and stand out more than the others. my bf is a scorpio and we are amazing together

No. 91609

one of my best friends is a gemini! I also like scorpios (as above, my bf is one) and my other two best friends are libra and cancer. My dad and brother are cancer and my mom is aries. Don't have experience with other signs.

No. 91616

File: 1533842633400.png (582.91 KB, 1800x1800, D6CAD2B4-6493-4300-B9A8-6182DA…)

I’m a cheesy romantic and think I’m low key better than everyone in terms of morals, but I don’t act ~holier than thou- or belittle others for not going the extra mile. I just know that I do a lot of good and am a really kind person naturally. Im told consistently that I have a good heart and genuine presence and am a good host. I identify strongly with my Libra sun and Leo rising but the rest of my chart is still accurate.

No. 91630

I'm not a Gemini, but my boyfriend is a Gem sun(5th house. I just find it really hard not to like Gems because they're usually filled with energy and childlike curiosity/mischief, so there's never a dull moment with them. I haven't really met many Leos, but I usually like them–I think they try way too hard to be liked sometimes when they're already wonderful

No. 91632

File: 1533851008728.gif (1.07 MB, 500x300, seatwins.gif)

Have you all heard of the Celtic animal zodiac? Here's a great example why I like it: It's hard to grasp what the personality of "scales" (Libra) are supposed to be or a literal goat-mermaid (Capricorn). However, if I explain to a non-astrology person they're "cat-like" it's a lot easier to understand than "you're like a waterbearer", whatever that infers.

What combo did you get, since it doesn't line up directly with the other zodiac? I'm a Gemini/Seahorse. Something I like in this astrology is that it explains my extreme love of learning money and things pertaining to law that most people find difficult to chew on. I always assumed it was only because I was like half capricorn in other parts of my zodiac, but it's a characteristic of gemini born around my time.


No. 91633

I'm Leo in sun (not sure about moon cuz idk what time I was born lol) and I feel like I'm the exact damn opposite of it. I WISH I lived up to Leo. Anyone else feel like this?

No. 91634

I'm a Scorpio and I love Leo's. My soulmate was a Leo before she left. I really think Scorpio and Leo's are a secret force. We get a long so well. Also as a Scorpio my other closest friend has been a Capricorn sun.

My other placements are Leo moon Aquarius rising.

No. 91639

I'm aqua rising too! Sag moon. Libra sun in 7th house with venus and mercury in Virgo.

I'm trying to learn about the 7th house and my placements

No. 91645

It's interesting how several of them seem to line up with the descriptions of the zodiac signs of the same time frame. It's not an exact parallel, but I'm a Sagittarius and a hawk/falcon and the descriptions for both are kind of similar. And likewise the description for the bull/cow is pretty similar to Taurus, butterfly is similar to Libra, etc.

No. 91651

>a fucking fish
lame, i'll stick to being a cool lion

No. 91657

File: 1533869204855.jpg (155.53 KB, 500x354, lionfish.jpg)

Sorry, Leofish anon. I guess you're a Leo born past Aug 5? The Horse sign is closer to Leo.

No. 91710

Does anyone else love reading their rising sign as well as the sun. Signs?

No. 91724

I relate to my rising sign, unfortunately, it's not something I particularly like because it's squaring my sun.

No. 91725

Lol that's me

No. 91832

File: 1534013345090.png (69.75 KB, 1200x1600, graphic.php.png)

I'm a leo sun with scorpio moon and ascendant. I never felt like the leo sign really fit me until I learned about how the moon and rising signs etc make up the whole of your personality. Feel free to analyse and/or roast me based on my chart.

Chart is from http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php

No. 91846

File: 1534029061142.png (358.75 KB, 1080x1571, IMG_20180812_000817.png)

Would anyone know what this charts dominants are?

No. 91848

There are two possibilities that I know of.

One would be on astro.com, where you fill in the chart info and select "pullen/astrology" -> "simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen". Scroll down and you'll see planets, signs and elements ranked by procents.

The second one is to calculate manually, using a site like laratesting.us

No. 91853

File: 1534032357985.png (20.9 KB, 480x640, graphic.png)

Sorry for piggybacking on you, can someone explain mine too? Total noob at this but it looks cool

No. 91855

File: 1534032501977.jpg (82.79 KB, 667x853, snip.JPG)

Uploading a more visible version since that one is ass

No. 91857

I've had charts say I'm either Aquarius or Pisces from being born so close to the sun passing into Pisces. I came to call it the hyper cusp. My best friend is a Pisces and we have all the same characteristics but I also have Aquarius notes to my personality.

No. 91862

File: 1534039004315.jpg (273.17 KB, 748x1102, astrodientistaldjfdf.jpg)

i'm sag sun, pisces moon, capricorn rising. >>91595
edgy bitch with depressed thot moon and edgy bastard rising. absolutely cannot dispute that one lmao.
a lot of aspects of my chart weren't relatable to me until i got a bit older.

does anyone know much about lilith, eris, and ceres? i've done a lot of research into karmic interpretations of lilith but i can't find much for eris and ceres in the context of astrology. mine are all in aries and i feel like that explains a lot lmao

chart is from astro.com and the exact type of chart is on the image

No. 91865

I’m Aquarius sun, Gemini moon, Virgo rising. I downloaded the transit app on my phone and follow my chart and aspects thru that. I honestly can’t wait until I’m back in the dirt but idk if that’s my antisocial placements or just me

No. 91866

I am a depressed bastard Taurus engaged to an edgy thot Scorpio and can confirm this chart is 1000% spot on.

No. 91881

what's the best way to learn more about my placements? like I have my natal chart but I honestly don't know what it means beyond my sun is in aries

No. 91882

idk if anons have a better way but i usually just look them up one by one depending on what i find interesting. like i just google "astrology pisces moon" or whatever and read the first few results that go through all the signs, in case one result is weirdly biased or misinformed. usually the sites that write about the signs in different planets will also explain what those planets influence in general.

No. 91883

ooo ok thanks. yeah I know the basics like sun/moon/venus etc. but I get lost when it comes to like "-74 square mars lilith"

No. 91884

oh in that case i need some help too haha. i'm guessing the degrees represent the angle between the geographical point you were born on and the celestial body, but i have no idea if and how that number influences the astrological interpretation of your chart.

also samefag but does anyone know what might cause my chart to be so bunched up in one corner with nothing from taurus to libra? i'm guessing it has to do with how the earth was tilted that morning but i can't think of how to go about finding out more. a lot of other people's charts look so well balanced compared to mine. i want to find out what it means in both in plain astronomy and astrological interpretation.

No. 91948

File: 1534101016484.png (162.92 KB, 670x470, 20180812_200925.png)

Never really knew much more than being a Saggitarius sun sign. If I'm reading this correctly, my natal chart says I'm Sagittarius in sun, moon, and ascendant. Is there anything interesting about that?

No. 92000

File: 1534127998077.gif (1 MB, 500x225, 4b2.gif)

Taurus sun, Gemini moon, Virgo rising here. I definitely identify more with my moon sign than my sun and ascendant. I attract a lot of Aquariuses (seriously, everyone in my life outside of immediate family are Aquariuses except for my two best friends), which has had an effect on my relationship with the sign. I know you shouldn't judge people based on that but man, I've known way too many shitty Aquariuses. I really get along with Virgos though!

No. 92027

File: 1534150709234.jpg (107.13 KB, 631x776, 83484728.jpg)

Sagittarius sun, Leo Moon, Virgo rising. So glad this thread was made. I grew hearing all about this stuff because my grandma is super into it. Its always just been a normal thing in my life, my bf thinks I'm weird.

Woah, it does. That's so cool, I've never seen that before.

No. 92028

I'm a Taurus sun, Aquarius Moon and Capricorn rising.
Taurus description does little for me but the Aquarius moon is deadly spot on.
I also get along with Virgos but also Scorpios. It's instant friendship or romance with them.

No. 92032

I feel like Taurus is the most boring sign, honestly. Information is all about the artificial such as food, aesthetics, and wealth. Obviously there's more to us than that but compared to other signs, I feel Taureans offer little variety or interest?

No. 92039

I don't even know what my sign is, half of the things I read says leo and another half says virgo. Some say leo-virgo cuspian, so go figure.

No. 92072

But none of those are our interests, just general predispositions. You can have any interest at all, it just means you like being comfortable (financially, romantically and physically) and your preferences are mostly consistent. Unless you're an accountant or something, then I guess yeah you might be interested in money.

No. 92074

File: 1534200612246.png (196.9 KB, 606x543, dicks.png)

This is mine, it looks like shit because it was ant sized but I resized so this should do.

No. 92112

I'm a Gemini sun, Aquarius moon and Leo rising. Recently I've been reading about astrology a lot and I'm super interested in knowing what that specific combination says about my character.

Lately I've been having huge problems when it comes to communicating with people via text (and also in person) and realized it must be because of the current mercury retrograde. Apparently because I'm a Gemini it affects me even more severely?! Anyways, I've made some major mistakes and fucked things up with a guy I'm dating and it pisses me off so much. I don't know if I should wait until the retrograde is over until I try to fix things?

No. 92124

Mercury rules gemini and virgo. I have my mercury in Virgo and Mars in Gemini. There's like 6 planets in retrograde at the moment and current eclipse energy.

Communication style is usually influenced by what sign mercury is in. With mine being in Virgo I'm analytical. However at the moment I'm really struggling to be critical.

No. 92126


How can I do this?

No. 92127

File: 1534260601237.png (37.47 KB, 555x537, mychart.png)

God, this looks like a total mess

No. 92131

File: 1534261859387.jpg (321.89 KB, 1280x779, spess.jpg)

i'm a taurus sun/cancer moon/libra rising. venus and mars dominant

all of it is pretty spot on for me–hardworking, social skills, (too much) empathy, c o m f y, but also shallow, materialistic, and hard-headed. absolutely love scorpio and aries, they usually push me into having fun

the things i dislike about my chart are having mars in the first house because i get injured all the damn time, and having venus in gemini because i get bored easily and have a hard time actually nurturing relationships.

No. 92188

File: 1534328263079.jpg (134.29 KB, 758x760, astrological-houses-02.jpg)

You guys need to stop using Placidus and look into ancient/traditional Astrology instead, which is what Astrology is based on and what was has been used for over 2000 years.

Modern Astrology has really watered down almost everything and changed a lot of meaning, for example original Astrology had "bad" planets and "bad" houses meanwhile in modern Astrology people just try to make every single thing good or neutral.

The 12th House is originally called the Place of Misfortune, Enemies and Self-Undoing suddenly became the House of Meditation and Dreams in modern Astrology… another thing is that traditionally Astrology wasn't used to mainly describe your personality. It was used to describe your life circumstances, your health, your fortune, your destiny and people around you.

It makes sense because do you really need Astrology to tell you what kind of personality you have? Obviously not. You are you. But it can tell you about your fortune and events/people etc.

No. 92189

File: 1534328965203.png (118.37 KB, 670x471, AStro.png)

I have six planets in scorpio… My chart is so unbalanced is that why my life's a mess?

No. 92196

File: 1534335425456.jpg (269.73 KB, 718x960, IMG_20180815_080241.jpg)

I'm interested in learning astrology, but I can't find any good resources. Most site just give you the generic astrology bs and that's it.
Do any of you have good resources for it? How did you go about learning it?

This is interesting, do you have any links for it?

Also here's my birth chart

No. 92231

File: 1534351106222.jpeg (221.16 KB, 1242x874, FED268AB-8457-4309-BC72-63667E…)

Sag sun / Taurus moon / Virgo rising. Earth dominant chart.

I always fall for smarmy Virgo men with drinking issues.

No. 92245

any anons have knowledge about placements in mars and venus? im an aries in venus and a taurus in mars. i was trying to read into it and one website claimed that your mars and venus signs play a role in your sexuality and how you approach it. if this is true (and im not sure if it is lol) then wouldn't that be contradictory to have both aries and taurus traits, since one is impulsive and fiery and the other is slow and steady?

No. 92249

Libra sun, Leo moon, Gemini ascending.

Apparently, this basically makes me charming af, quick thinking/witted, child-like (but in a good way? I guess?), and have a strong sense of justice.

This makes me sound like some sort of generic anime protagonist… but also explains why people generally tend to like me (even if I don’t understand why)

No. 92250

I'm still learning so take what I say with a grain of salt. But I've heard Mars described as encompassing ambition/drive, anger, and raw sexuality. Venus is more so related to romance, love, and beauty.

My experience with people with an Aries Venus has not been so much that they're impulsive, but more bold and straight forward. They seem to really want to initiate flirting and not want to beat around the bush. Idk if that applies to you, but I think it's possible to be that way and still have taurus qualities as far as sexuality. Taurus is super sensual and very in tune with sensory inputs. So they might like to take things slowly and really soak up the moment during sex as opposed to just bangin one out real quick lol.

It would also decribe your drive and anger. Taurus Mars would likely be very slow and deliberate in their actions, and probably pretty resistant to change. These don't seem like the type of people to anger quickly, but they will not budge during an argument and I can def see them holding grudges (though not as bad as a Scorpio lol)

No. 92251


oh your description makes a lot of sense! thanks for letting me know more clearly how those traits could coexist. the aries in venus has always confused me because i've always been really shy and terrible at making advances (in both friendships and romantic interests). i dunno, it's probably a me problem and of course it's just astrology. i guess it could also be explained by having a virgo moon, as i do have pretty low self esteem. i do hate it when people aren't direct and honest with me though, which goes along with the aries part at least!

No. 92252

I don't know a lot about aspects but they matter a lot. Your Aries in venus could be aspected by saturn or something which makes you limit yourself.

No. 92284

File: 1534385175368.jpeg (148.41 KB, 750x719, F3C0CE1D-5BC2-4E71-86AF-0AEFF8…)

Back again. So after getting confirmation on what my time of birth was (which actually altered a couple houses. A 10 minute uncertainty can apparently change that), can any of you help me figure out what might make me a more introverted/socially cautious and/or awkward person when a lot of my chart kind of points to the opposite? Or is it all just internal and I’m really not as inept as I perceive myself to be?

It’d be really appreciated!

No. 92290

I would def look at your aspects. You could have something aspecting one of your placements that's "supposed to be" confident, thus dulling it's effects.

Also check out decans, especially in regards to your sun sign. For example, a Libra born in the first third of the sign (Sept 23-Oct 3) is going to be a lil different than one born in the second third (Oct 3-14), since the second one is influenced by Uranus.

That being said, I do think ppl take the sign stereotypes too seriously sometimes. For example, your Libra sun. A lot of ppl think Libra = social butterfly. But I actually know a few shy & nervous Libra's. Their libra-ness comes out more in their passivity, avoidance of conflict, indecisiveness, and need for balance. They may be people pleasers and conflict-averse to the point of putting themselves in inconvenient positions. The type of person who has a hard time saying no. Might play the role of mediator in their friend groups or family. Very polite.

For your moon, you might see the Leo and immediately think confidence. But I think of it more as Leo = ego. If they're insecure, or there has been some sort of blow to the ego, many of those bold & bombastic leo qualities won't be present. Especially wrt the moon since the moon is representative of your inner world and emotions. A lot of Leo's in general are "shy extroverts" in the sense that they don't say much but generally enjoy being in other ppls company. They like to be the center of attention within their friend group especially & that might not necessarily transfer over to groups of strangers/acquaintances.

Your Scorpio Mercury could also make you seem introverted. Mercury rules communication and self expression and ppl with Scorpio here may seem quiet. They're likely very observant and secretive, & this might be off-putting or even shady seeming to people. Like how alot of ppl see quiet ppl as rude/aloof. A Scorpio Mercury would probably really dislike small talk, which could also make them seem awkward in social settings.

I also have a Sagittarius rising and am kinda quiet. Though I think that has more to do with some of my other placements affecting that so idk what to say about that for you.

Also look at what houses your planets are in. My Mercury is in the 12th house, which makes communication difficult and stressful for me for example.

No. 92417

>Taurus and Scorpio all over my chart

No. 95464

File: 1537185510719.jpeg (194.63 KB, 1125x1051, 76C34AEC-6FEB-43E3-964D-8CF426…)

my chart is a mess: sagittarius sun, sagittarius moon, & gemini rising. i have NO water in my chart except for a venus in motherfucking scorpio.

basically the stars are telling me that i’ll probably crash and burn within the next decade or so

>sag sun, gemini moon, aries rising
we could do great and terrible things together

No. 95485

File: 1537202619070.png (40.83 KB, 573x565, hfhfg.PNG)

not feeling that ascendant gemini tbh

No. 95487

what site did u go to for this chart?

No. 95604

File: 1537313220217.png (151.31 KB, 748x1028, chart.png)

Apparently I'm a Cancer sun, Taurus moon, and Gemini rising. I'm going to assume that this is the dumb idiot combination because I'm such a dumb idiot. Also I'm deeply afraid of crabs, which is more proof that my existence is a cosmic joke

No. 96752

File: 1537865671054.jpg (165.09 KB, 500x390, tumblr_nf5o2dReAW1qz6f9yo1_r1_…)

Pisces sun, Aquarius moon, don't really understand the rising sign thing? I did a chart on astro.com and it says that my ascendant sign is Cancer? Is this the same thing?

Anyway, I've never vibed with the characteristics of a Pisces and feel like maybe I'm more like my moon sign.

No. 96762

Rising is the same as Ascendant! It refers to the sign that was rising on the horizon at the moment you were born (hence why birth location and time is so important).

No. 97067

File: 1538207016681.png (Spoiler Image, 930.92 KB, 1220x696, lirgo.png)

technically you're one or the other, which your exact birth time will tell. cusps do make sense though lol (e.g. Lana Del Rey - born June 21 and a Gemini, but has a lot of heavy emotional Cancer-like qualities too)

No. 123180

File: 1568203076170.png (247.69 KB, 752x1034, astro_2gw_l.41167.159855.png)

No. 123183

For fuck's sake now seriously, do you really believe this crap??? Why not to deploy this time on studying something actually serious instead of literal 12 year old shit?? Ever thought of getting into actual occultism or witchcraft (or spiritualism or fucking what ever) if you really like this sort of thing? Seriously, fuck you bitches, you make all girls look like braindead bimbos on social media, I fucking hate you all so fucking much. Inb4 like 70% of these are faggots doing their lowkey faggotposting while impersonating females online as usual

No. 123184

i'm not into astrology, but who the fuck is this bitter about it? lol, just hide the shit and walk away, damn.

No. 123192

File: 1568208590830.gif (4.76 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

I bet you couldn't find someone pay to have sex with you even if you tried, sad cuck.

On to the topic at hand, astrology is bullshit lol don't you guys have something better to do?

No. 123194

>goes on /g/
>sees "girl" stuff

No. 123202

lol i dont even personally believe in astrology, but let the other anons have their fun you bitter ass bitch. what is it about astrology that gets people like this so triggered.

No. 123510

>what is it about astrology that gets people like this so triggered.

Because they're secretly afraid it might be true and don't want to admit it.

No. 138652

File: 1588940027552.png (145.85 KB, 719x718, Virgo moon.png)

What do u think?

No. 139360

File: 1589833989275.png (21.35 KB, 489x258, weirdo.png)

Why are astrology people like this

No. 139362

i know this is old but i fucking lol'd

No. 139375

has co-star been whack for anyone else lately? i used to like it but lately it's been saying shit like "why are you aiming realistically high?" and a lot of "tough love" critique every single day nonstop when i'm actually in a good place right now despite the pandemic and i've been very productive without being manic about it. i feel like i'm being negged! normally i'm the one who doubts my own progress and now i feel fine and an astrology app is telling me to doubt myself? lol dgmr i don't want astrology apps to just blow smoke up my ass 24/7 but damn.

imagine living your life based on what the worst misogynists might think of you. wish a man would go into r9k boards like "stoooopppp you're embarrassing me you're going to make girls think we're all gross incels i hate you!!!"

No. 139413

I am a virgo and I keep being drawn to Aries or Gemini men.

They're like obnoxious 5 year olds in a man's body, but I guess I can't help it lol. I guess I'm drawn to the young-at-heart personality.

Mom is a virgo who married my Aries dad so…

No. 139419

Really? Today i got a notif to finally watch that movie i've been meaning to watch or some shit? Mine have been tough lovey but also fun

No. 139420

So… do we all agree that Capricorns should be shot down in the streets?

No. 139427

Oh, 100%. I hate how emotionless they all are.

No. 139433

capricorn moon, i AM the autism

No. 139434

lmao. pisces moon capricorn rising so it's like people expect responsibility and competence from me based on first impressions that it's like pulling teeth to deliver on

No. 139437


cap rising and sun, i am the anti christ in ever relationship

No. 139573

this right here is why I hate astrology. people deciding to hate each other for some bullshit reason that the person has no control over.

No. 139579

I hope these are just light-hearted observations, and that you guys aren't actually allowing astrology to affect how you treat others. I like to joke about my "Scorpio" traits, but I don't actually ascribe that much meaning to it.

Star sign-based stereotypes are the result of confirmation bias. You've met plenty of assholes born outside of early June/late May, and you've met plenty of kind, emotionally intelligent people who were born at that time. You just don't remember them because they don't reinforce your worldview. It's absurd to think that the day someone came out of a vagina determines what sort of person they are.

I guess what I'm saying is that sigh stereotypes are fine when they're light-hearted, but they cause problems if you take them too seriously.

No. 139580

i guess you're a capricorn then

No. 139582

actually I'm a gemini

No. 139593

gross. keep that information to yourself.

No. 139610

this is what I'm talking about. y'all act like this then throw temper tantrums when people make fun of you for believing in astrology

No. 139717

One of my professors is a Gemini and he's a little intense but otherwise a wonderful, caring person. I get that Geminis being evil is a meme, but it's getting autistic at this point.

No. 139743

sure, buddy.


No. 139751

capricorn sun, cancer moon, leo rising. I don't know anything about astrology but I've heard… interesting things about all of these signs.

No. 139804

Your Harry Potter house honestly says more about your personality than your star sign.

No. 139823

I'm not into astrology myself but my bfs mom is huge on it.
I'm a gemini and my bf is taurus and she seems convinced that as a gemini I am super incompatible with her son. On top of that she is not subtle about disliking geminis in general, saying other signs are more caring and loving, all of that stuff. My bf doesn't care for astrology and doesn't mind it, but obviously it feels unfair to be so harshly judged based purely on my date of birth. His mom is a cancer herself which according to her means she's incompatible with me as well, whereas I just want an opportunity to leave a decent impression. I don't even identify with most of the personality traits that geminis supposedly have.
How do I convince her to give me a chance? I thought I'd ask here since I don't know the first thing about astrology besides the personality descriptions of the signs.

No. 139833

That sounds like your bf's problem to rein in his crazy mom.

You could look around some astrology websites to find one that shows how you can be compatible, or see if your Chinese zodiac sign works better. Even the least compatible signs have some leeway.

No. 139835

looking into your moon and rising signs to see how terrible you truly are


No. 139836

You can´t convince someone like her, at least not through words so don´t try. You can't reason with anyone who believes in something as irrational as astrology (sorry astrology-anons).

The only thing that might work in the long-run is showing through your behaviour that you are compatible with your bf/her son and that you don't have the personality traits you're supposed to have as a gemini.

No. 139842

Don’t know much about astrology and all I know/remember is my sun and moon sign

My sun is Aries and my moon is Pisces , do any anons have some insight on what that means or what personality characteristics are associated with that pairing ?

No. 139844

Sun in Gemini, moon in Libra, Virgo rising.. I always thought astrology was bullshit, but since then my therapist has got me interested in it. When I was a kid though I wanted to be a Leo because I thought lions were cool. My Venus sign is Leo, so there's that.

>inb4 all geminis must die reeeee!!!

No. 139846

I’m not really that invested in astrology but one of the nicest people I know and one of my closest friends is a Gemini, her identical twin sister is a fucking nightmare though.

No. 139848

Lol that's ironic because Gemini are twins.

No. 139849

Or she could just ask her boyfriend to deal with his insane mother and not give credence to her insane woo-woo crap. His mom is clearly just a schizo who's looking for excuses to hate the women her son dates.

No. 139859

lot of geminis in this thread, which makes sense because we love digging for gossip as long as we aren't a part of said gossip

but i have a very water sign dominated chart and identify pretty equally with both pisces and gemini traits. which is probably why i mostly feel guilty about lurking here, pisces moon brain thinks it's too "mean" or whatever

No. 139871

File: 1590217419987.png (93.72 KB, 1080x1920, chart.png)

My chart is a bit of a mix.

People's first impressions of me are almost always good, perhaps libra is working overtime, but after that until people get to know me well, it sucks. I often seem chaotic or cold. That mercury in virgo is a fucking curse when combined with capricorn moon. Mars in cancer, I don't even wanna fucking go there…

No. 139882

Gemini sun, gemini ascendant, sagittarius moon, also gemini venus..how fucked am i

No. 139886

living for this thread.
aries sun, virgo rising, sagittarius moon

it's the aries shit talking that got me here but if anyone has more info related to the sagitarrius or Virgo part of my signs, id love to hear.

No. 139887

why tf is there so many geminis here jfc no wonder the image board has gone to shit

No. 139888

geminis are batshit crazy so it all checks out

No. 139889

I looked up my chart for fun (I don't really believe in astrology) and I´m leo sun + leo moon and that combination sounds like an absolutely insufferable attention whore.

No. 139890

You sound like a flighty, cheating (what Gemini venus is known for) nightmare.

No. 139891

File: 1590252841861.png (263.24 KB, 988x1132, Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.5…)

What does having signs in your chart in retrograde mean?

No. 139896

Hey guys tell me what color your shirt is and I'm going to judge your whole personality based on it. Everyone wearing a blue shirt is a horrible person who cheats and lies. Sorry I don't make the rules uwu. If you disagree it's because you have a blue shirt and you're afraid that it's true!!1!!1!

No. 139897

geminis be like

No. 139899

Nice try, I'm a Libra (not that it matters.)

Google "Barnum effect."

No. 139900

i don't believe in psychology, it's pseudo-science bullshit. i also don't believe that you're a libra, it's easy to claim anything online and you def sound like a self-hating gemini

No. 139930

this thread needs to be renamed "reeing about geminis and capricorns"

No. 139931

File: 1590274954591.jpg (25.6 KB, 720x736, 5f3.jpg)

>Calls psychology pseudo science
>Believes in astrology

No. 139934

>Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/.

No. 139942

anon my sides

No. 139954

I'm a Virgo sun, Gemini rising. Supposedly those with flipped sun/rising signs get along really well. The one person I got along with shockingly well was a gemini sun, virgo rising.

Oh also I've always wanted to be a leo or scorpio too bc of the sign. I'm a Venus & Saturn Scorpio, and if I weren't born premature I'd have been a Scorpio.

No. 139955

they're both bullshit scams though, psychology just a little less

No. 139958

Are you a Scientologist or something?

No. 139968

Why do people in this thread hate Capricorn? (yes I’m a salty cap asking)

No. 139972

Too arrogant and #nofunallowed

No. 139973

don't minimod either

No. 139976

Awful to try to get to know, manipulative (in my experience), almost never in touch with their emotions. Boring, shallow, megalomaniac assholes.

No. 139979

How do astrologyfags feel about scorpios? Anytime I read about my sign it pretty much says I'm a dramatic bitch that fucks.

No. 139980

Paranoid, manipulative, want to protect their privacy but don't respect others', contrarians

No. 139981

I mean I'm a dramatic bitch but I don't fuck, so. Where's all this sex the space rocks say I'm having?

No. 139984

So what's the best sign in your opinion?

I actually like geminis despite the hate. They have a lot to talk about. I think my favorite is Sagittarius though. Always seem to be cheerful and enthusiastic.

I love em, they're sexy
But I love dark mysterious dramatics

No. 139986

it's subjective but probably Libra or Aquarius

No. 139987

i have the most fun with sags, aquas and tauruses i'm >>139891

No. 139992


lmao not surprised you're a libra, they're insufferable assholes who try to purposefully be pedantic (I've also seen geminis act this way unironically tho lmao). if you don't believe in astrology, good4u. please relax and realize that most people into astrology don't actually believe it and just do it for fun. those who do believe it in a sense don't usually see it as "if you're a gemini you HAVE to act this way and I'll judge you just based off of that" and more like "if you're a gemini you probably have a tendency to act this way or behave negatively this way, so just be aware of it and use it to be a better person".


i love capricorns. im an aries and even though sagittarius is our bestfriend sign i definitely feel like capricorn is a close second but maybe im just biased since my bestfriend is a cap.


best signs in my opinion:
aries (biased but also i feel like all my favorite people/closest friends are aries or fire signs. aries just seem to be very adaptable and despite gemini being the 'fake bitch' sign, i feel like aries is better at wearing a mask than a lot of signs)

sagittarius' and virgos are also very nice. taurus' are OK but think they're smarter than they are. geminis are very fun and I don't get the hate they get (most of the time) but definitely very…iffy.

No. 140006

Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon, Leo rising, Capricorn mercury mars and Venus.

I feel like I should be a super confident go getter but instead I’m just a bitter loner lol.

No. 140008

Oh yeah I forgot to include Aries in my list. I love em. All my female family members are virgo and married an aries. It's a running joke.

In men, they're the sign that never grows old. I like their silliness and determination.

No. 140016

Chaotic evil trying to hide that they are cute™. I love them.

No. 140032

I love capricorns tbh. Both of my best friends are capricorns. In my experience they're always down to discuss something in a level-headed way and they're reliable. Boring people and can lack introspection but I don't mind that.

Personally hate sagittarius, gemini, aries, cancer, libra.

My fav sign is aquarius.

No. 140033

man I wish this thread wasn't so full of one dimensional gemini/ capricorn hate. I don't think astrology is always 100% true but I do believe in most of it and think it's a fun way to find out more about yourself and the people you know, and when it's accurate it reveals a lot of interesting shit. I love talking casual astrology with other people especially because having so many different placement combinations is what makes it multifaceted rather than when it's sun sign focused, but there's a way to have signs you prefer over others without dismissing a whole entire sign as bad?

idk maybe I'm more sensitive about it because of the uhhh persecution (lol) that comes with being a fucking gemini, I've had to learn to not take it personally anymore because some people be bored and just want a sign to shit on and that's fine, idc, gems have more fun! but I guess also from personal experience, like for example my cap friend is that typical extremely driven/ success motivated person but the bigger part of her personality is how fun she is? once you're her friend it's kind of like, an honor almost because you know she doesn't have much tolerance for shitty people so not only do you feel cool, you also are protected from getting into bad friendships because caps have higher standards whereas my pisces moon has me over-empathizing with people that sometimes don't deserve it, so I appreciate our differences because they work well together and make us both better. on the other end, a lot of friends I've made turn out to be signs I personally am not at all into (aries, libra, sag, aquarius come to mind) but their charts are varied so the sun sign traits I wouldn't have meshed with aren't the only thing about them.

also a HUGE part of people's perceptions about signs being "good" or "bad" that gets overlooked is whether someone is an immature or undeveloped person, which would make all the negative aspects of their sign overpower the good ones and give you the impression that that's just how everyone with that sign acts forever. I feel like a big stereotype is that "all pisces men are toxic softbois" and like, YEAH, they are for sure out there, because some men are just toxic and the typical pisces artsy idealism makes it worse than a normal fuckboy because the soft side of them seems fake/ manipulative when they burn you. whereas pisces men who are decent people or mature into decent people, will show majority good pisces traits. or another example (again) with my cap friend, when we were more immature high schoolers she had such an overly intimidating energy/ superiority complex that scared people off, but she like learned from that and grew up into a more approachable person. it seems fucking obvious but when all you're used to is being annoyed by the underdeveloped, unhinged scorpio bitches in your life or super narc leos or whatever, it's so easy to just be like "oh okay throw the whole sign in the trash". when I think about how aries is def my least favorite sign (and they are, no offense) it's not the same as HATING them, cause that would mean I'd hate my cool aries friends, and also Gerard Way, and who tf would hate Gerard Way?

ok lmao sorry I could go on and on about nuances and shit forever, I just find it really interesting, especially in an introspective way where I realize how a certain combination of signs has given me the weird range in personality that I have. I don't think your chart permanently shapes you into who you are forever, but it's a nice reference to gauge why you have certain tendencies or prefer certain traits in others.

No. 140034

also sorry samefag but another interesting thing, this could just be me but I noticed that all of my favorite signs are all of the exact signs in my chart, and the ones that I find too boring or unappealing are not in my chart at all, and it was a total subconscious preference at first until I started paying attention to my entire chart.

also for the longest time my chart would come out as me being a cancer rising, but I'm actually a leo rising (i have no idea if it's just that my birthtime was slightly wrong or if it changed/ even can change, but it's only like one or two degrees in leo so it's right on the border) and I used to think leos were fucking annoying… but now that I basically am one I understand and empathize with their clownery and need to be validated, lol. on the other hand I like cancers a little less now? or like, idk, I see why people don't like the super whiny ones that come off as emotionally manipulative, but my venus is in cancer so naturally I pick up more on the ones who nurture their friends and romanticize shit like I do

No. 140058

>also sorry samefag but another interesting thing, this could just be me but I noticed that all of my favorite signs are all of the exact signs in my chart, and the ones that I find too boring or unappealing are not in my chart at all

just you imo

No. 140072

My boyfriend is a cap and I adore him. I'm a taurus.

No. 140090

>also a HUGE part of people's perceptions about signs being "good" or "bad" that gets overlooked is whether someone is an immature or undeveloped person
No, for me it's strictly the archetype. It's stronger when it's the sun sign but there are some traits I just don't like, even in theory.

No. 140092

I'm an aries and I always get along best with male fire and earth signs and female water and air signs. Particularly, most of my closest female friends have been geminis or pisces

No. 140436

I fucking love scorpios, they have the charm that geminis usually lack.

No. 140439

Dunno but I hope they keep their promise and end us this year. I'm a capricorn sun and rising, aries moon. My chart is almost all capricorn except for maybe 3 planets.
Yes, I am boring and I still don't believe in this but the memes are fun.

No. 140559

The cap and scorpio energy puts a damper on the usual bright and cheery sag. Those placements can add a lot of tenacity and determination though, providing more focus for the mutable sag who's usually more scattered, always ready to pursue the next new thing, leaving so many unfinished tasks behind.

Back to scorpio, all the fire sun signs I've known with scorpio moons had unusually deep and brooding personalities underneath their extroverted fire personas. Scorpio moon is in its "fall". Any planets in fall (or in detriment) are very difficult to deal with. With Scorpio moon, it's real easy to express all the worst aspects of scorpio energy. It's a difficult moon that takes a lot of work to handle.

No. 140560

Thanks baby

No. 140711

geminis whining about being memed while us pisces have to be quiet about our oppression bc if we dare to speak up we will get mocked relentlessly smh

No. 140717

File: 1590869537291.jpeg (49.02 KB, 800x600, 51F1433F-5B73-4112-B446-D2F312…)

Gasp. Another Pisces anon.

My sun sign is Pisces and my moon is Taurus.

No. 140791

File: 1590982636622.jpeg (243.49 KB, 748x969, 96F56D27-442A-4BDC-8913-C04EA4…)

Generous anons, tell me what’s up with me because I absolutely hate interpreting for myself.

Using whole signs and I don’t usually give much stock to Uranus - Pluto.

No. 140792

Basically an angel

No. 140794

I’m a Virgo. Aka “the autists” of astrology. A lot of my friends and family are either Leos or Virgos. Birds of a feather flock together I guess.

No. 140796

File: 1590985377978.jpeg (188.31 KB, 749x973, 76198E7C-E158-4F75-81B9-66153B…)

Fellow pisces, what signs have your friends and SOs been? Two of my female friends are libras and my first bf was a sagittarius. Our relationship ended quickly because of family issues, but I feel like it would've ended soon anyways. Screenshot from https://www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com/compatibility/pisces-sagittarius/ seems accurate, our relationship was short and sweet.

No. 140801

I love virgos so much

No. 140805

virgos, pisces and scorpios>everyone else

No. 140812

I’ve had another fellow Pisces, Virgo, two Sagittarius’, Capricorn, Tauruses, and a Scorpio. My bf is a Libra. My most toxic friendship was with one of the Sagittarius’.

No. 140813

Everybody else > geminis and capricorns

No. 140871

Both my sun and rising signs are sagittarius and my moon is cancer. The ex I connected most with was a libra.

I'm sorry but I also ascribe to the gemini/capricorn hate because my terrible high school best friend was a cap and the aforementioned ex left me for a gemini. They broke up after 3 months kek

No. 140883

File: 1591059430640.png (626.56 KB, 750x1624, CEAF913B-7581-4036-80A8-812AE4…)

looked up libra and pisces compatibility and the first site was brutal lmao, though other results are more positive.

No. 140907

Lol I’m not surprised. Sometimes he makes me want to snap but I get over it.

No. 144490

I wonder if there’s been discussion about lolcows and astrology. Like the signs of the lolcows that we make fun of on here. I know Onision is a Scorpio and Lainey is a Libra. And I think TND is an Aires. I would be interesting to link their signs to the milky behavior lol.

No. 144491

Honestly as a Libra I can see us as being perfect cow bait

No. 144511

Just recently figured out that I’m a Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon, and Scorpio rising. Idk what that truly means but me having a fire sign kinda makes sense lol
Really? I would think Geminis are the lolcow sign lmao

No. 144516

does anyone have any experience with a Aquarius / virgo relationship? im the Aquarius

No. 144544

I usually don't follow star signs but I saw that with the recent change and addition of a new sign I'm no longer considered Sagittarius. I'm Ophiuchus, anyone else read about this?

No. 144545

this shows up every few months on the internet it seems. there's no 13th sign, no one cares.

No. 144567

Like I said I don't follow this sort of thing usually, it was in the news lately so I was wondering whether the dates are genuinely about to change over or if it'll be left as it is

No. 144572


> NASA explained that the Babylonians split the zodiac into 12 equal parts, picking one constellation for each month of its 12-year calendar. But there was one problem.

> “Even according to the Babylonians’ own ancient stories, there were 13 constellations in the zodiac,” NASA explained. “So they picked one, Ophiuchus, to leave out. Even then, some of the chosen 12 didn’t fit neatly into their assigned slice of the pie and crossed over into the next one.”

No. 146326

Didn't really believe in astrology, but its so accurate I can't help myself anymore.

Aquarius dating a scorpio, its both magnetic and volatile. Literally go from being on the brink of a breakup to intense lovers and back in the matter of minutes. Actually only been attracted to scorpios and leos, though it never ends well. Guess its the rebelliousnes in the aquarius that wants something that wont work lol

Friend wise I love other aquariuses and leos. Other aquariuses just get me, while leos are great at friendly banter and discussions. Geminis are fun friends while it lasts, but I find that they always try to play people against eachother.

No. 146335

Every two or so years this stupid fucking story pops up in the news and I see my Facebook feed flooded with the same people falling for it. It's cycled 5 or 6 times since I first saw it in 2012 and I'm shocked how many people fall for it each time. Is everyone's longterm memory really that bad?

No. 146340

aquarians are so fucking hot!!!

t. leo

No. 146343

The link literally says it's fake

No. 146429

I was born under a bad sign. Both sun and moon sign are ruled by saturn, and born under a waning moon in the 6th house.

Should I just kms or can I change my destiny. Bc life has been exactly as shitty as it has been destined.

No. 146439

I follow a bunch of astrologers and the planet placements don't dictate your destiny but set up your perceptions. You can always change your perception but be aware of your struggles.

No. 146445

look I don't believe in astrology (just happened to scroll past and read your post) but I do believe that your beliefs largely determine your future. Believe you're worthless and destinied for a shit life? Then you're just setting yourself up for that. Believe that you can be happy and change your life through hard work and planning? Then you're setting yourself up for exactly that.

Believing that you're pre-destinied for failure is a nice coping moment in the moment, but it's breaking you down on the long term.

No. 146456

no one has an all positive or negative chart and no aspects are all positive or negative. saturn can fuck you up but it has a purpose. how old you are, if you've been through your return and the aspects of these placements matter just as much as the aspects themselves.

with a heavy saturn placement you gotta buck up because that's what saturn is for. recognize your limitations and make them work for you.

No. 146457

how do you even figure out if you were born under a "good sign" or not? i follow someone who once talked about "saturn squared blah blah blah" or whatever it was, and it all matched with the fact that they had a very fucked up life they ultimately conquered and learned from… any advice/links???

No. 146458

Just say it is what it is and live my dude. You're born under a ''bad'' sign doesn't mean that every path in front of you is stunted?

No. 147762

until recently, i didn't get why people stereotype leos as cold and judgemental but they're basically fire capricorn. the idea i had of them as friendly and warm was based on leo moons kek.

No. 148397

may be biased on this as i'm a leo moon but tbh agreed – love my fellow leo moons but other leo placements get tiresome quickly. every leo rising i've met has been a full-blown narcissist i swear

cafe astrology (https://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php) was where i started out when i was learning astrology. they give you a deep breakdown of your chart, aspects, houses, etc. just make sure you have your time of birth handy bc without that you won't get much info

No. 149195

File: 1598535776836.jpg (116.31 KB, 572x549, thisispain.jpg)

Roast me. I don't understand half the shit there but that much capricon can't be good…right?

No. 149242

jesus christ i would probably be desperately attracted to you/simultaneously fucking hate you for being stubborn and unyielding

No. 149265

Bullheaded, rational, materialistic (as in caring about the material world so not necessarily an obsession with money), grounded. You might be magnetic to some people if you've manifested the positive traits of some of these signs but if not then you're absolutely unbearable to be around. Seems like you're not a great communicator, with a tendency to sound too harsh or unwilling to be playful. You might be self-centered. Seems you're good at knowing what you want and are good at going for it, but might leave people in the dust in the process.

I personally love capricorns if they have some non-earth in their charts.

No. 149266

I'm a leo sun with libra rising and venus so not a whole lot of room to talk shit but… Leo rising is a terrible placement imo. You don't want that energy in the first house.

Leo moon seems comfy, mine's in capricorn and it makes the ruthless side of leo sun really pronounced.

No. 149269

i'm leo sun libra rising too!
i hate leo in all placements frankly. it really sealed it when i learnt that vicky shingles has a leo stellium.

No. 149270

File: 1598573396849.png (246.29 KB, 1188x1116, Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 8.09…)

confirmed. I am a raging narcissist

No. 149283

I'll be honest I kind of hate leo lol, at least only my sun.

>mercury in virgo
It's not even just your leo asc, your mercury is perfect for being abusive.

No. 149293

File: 1598595318029.jpeg (224.24 KB, 1071x1008, EE17F255-FEEF-4081-81C0-BFB8ED…)

aww ye
not sure how normal/weird I am
can be kinda selfish and childish, I like being doted on but also doting on others

I’m marrying an aquarius rising capricorn sun guy. weird but stable, it’s perfect

No. 149294

File: 1598595892777.png (95.65 KB, 716x656, zodiac 1.png)

The only thing I've ever known is that aquarians are weirdos

No. 149298

File: 1598598157693.jpg (73.48 KB, 555x537, 2020-08-28 04.01.38 astro.cafe…)

Can someone translate it to me because I know nothing about it
All I know about this kinda stuff is
>1. I am capricorn, whatever that means and
>2. people make a "ewww" face when they find it out or say that I don't look like one and they'd never imagine it. Usually both.

No. 149299

I actually consider myself pretty chill and not unyielding at all but I'll admit the stubborn on some things part
I used to attract people like mad when I was young and had a toxic mindset. They seemed to enjoy my spergouts but I grew tired of it.
I do have a communication issue but I assumed it was because of my rbf and being introverted. Even my dumb jokes sound like banter and I hate that. Aside from that what you said is pretty accurate.

No. 149302

File: 1598600147230.jpg (128.28 KB, 718x688, Screenshot_3.jpg)

I'm new to this. What kind of person do I seem like based on my chart? I've got a lot of Capricorn in me…

No. 149305

Hey I have the same sun and moon sign!

No. 149309

File: 1598604402351.png (281.29 KB, 1224x1138, astrologything.png)

can someone please explain to me if this is a good thing or not.

No. 149385

Your sun sign is your core, your ascendant is your social engine so usually your ascendant will be what people see you as. your moon sign is the emotional foundation upon which you act and connect to people. Moon also signifies your relationship with your mother. Mars is your aggression, sexual energy as well as the way you take initiative. Mercury is communication, jupiter is positive transformation. Saturn is for your father, and the structural side of your life. It's responsible like the sign it rules (capricorn). Venus is your love life as well as general pleasures in life. It determines what draws you in.

Houses are a bit more nuanced, I'm not gonna type that shit out you can just google a bit.

Aquarius ascending is quite nice, they're interesting people that tend to talk about cool shit that you'd wanna hear about. They tend to make principled, good friends. They're quirky but aren't so in a way that purposely hurts others so while they come across as individualistic they're not grating. That being said capricorn is a harsh sign that acts rational but comes across as boring and autistic to a lot of people. I've said it many times in this thread, I love capricorns usually. You might be intellectually engaged, sounds like you're capable of carrying out an eclectic conversation unlike some people with very narrow interests. Your career is a big tension point, it's valuable to you to attain self-actualization through it. A failure in this realm is probably really devastating to you. Capricorn is an ambitious sign as well as a tendency to be conservative but you've got some interesting influence from signs like sag, scorpio, and aquarius so I think that probably counteracts some of the stillness you'd find in a cap.

Anyway that's what I've got for ya.

As multiple people pointed out before, leo ascending is garbage and you're probably a narcissist. You seem like a very good worker, good attention to detail and are dedicated. Your relationships might end up a bit all over the place, seems you're prone to having your eye wander particularly if you're not experiencing new shit. Might have commitment issues specifically in romantic contexts. Your chart seems rather heavy on your home life/family. If there's something negative or positive about your life it's prob gonna go through there.

Alright I'll try

Sun AND asc AND fucking mercury virgo, you're fucked bro. That's a disgusting amount of virgo energy that nobody wants to fuckin see in that first house, no thank you. Virgo is a sign I like but you've got a lot of it in really key positions where it's not giving other influences enough of a foothold so it's too much. Virgo is critical, intellectual, and hardworking.

However your venus in leo placement is potentially gonna give you a lovable flare if you've manifested the right traits. On the flipside if might make you seem self-centered or materialistic. Moon in aquarius is not great, they have a tendency to be distant emotionally but they are quite good at connecting at arm's length. Aquarians are usually the people you crush on but they don't feel as invested in you back, they seem amazing and likeable but if the right influence isn't there on the chart then they're solitary in their innermost realm. Sagittarius is an impulsive and intuition-driven sign so your aggro energy might be spotty but damn good when it's good. You have good attention to detail but you might lack the correct "vibes" to express your findings in a way that doesn't sound shitty towards others. Might have family that lives away from you in a way that impacts you. It looks like there's a certain restlessness on your chart, potentially links to that long distance family or maybe the distance is more symbolic and you're having trouble connecting to places/people that you ordinarily would be expected to feel like you belong with.

No. 149386

Should also add since tons of cap placement ITT, capricorn is an innately pessimistic sign. It's a downer, works hard and usually does not know how to play. It's a difficult sign to relate to for most people, especially if they've got no earth in their charts.

No. 149390

File: 1598646389889.jpg (94.11 KB, 640x536, gay.jpg)

Okay bitches roast me

No. 149413

Dumb Bitch Memes but a natal chart.

No. 149428


Can you do mine?

No. 149431

I'll take it but what does that even mean? Lmao

No. 149485

File: 1598706184439.png (96.56 KB, 829x701, Screenshot (21).png)

I don't really get it but I want to know what anons think. Only thing I do know is that people shit on geminis all the time

No. 149491

I'm >>149298 and thank you so much! I didn't expect someone would actually give such an in-depth reply, thank you. I can definitely relate to a lot of what you said.
I tried to read whatever was in that site before posting here, or even a few others, but it's usually either too long that I find it boring and confusing, or too short and generic.
>Your career is a big tension point, it's valuable to you to attain self-actualization through it.
I'm really ashamed to say that, but even though I'm still in my mid-to-late 20's I'm still struggling with "NEETdom" because I can't really find anything that interests me enough… Sometimes I feel like it's too late for me and I should just get any job and deal with it, finding any job at these times and with my lack of experience and specialized studies at a "late" age is already hard enough. Meh, enough of that tho, not gonna derail the astrology thread with that haha

No. 149531

File: 1598735643796.jpeg (765 KB, 1125x1375, 7100577D-7BAB-4267-A415-0CC748…)

This is my chart (Melancholic, Flighty Bitch Who Never Lets Things Go: The Chart) and my friend who's deeply into astrology has a theory that everyone has a differing sun sign they've always aligned more with.

She's a Pisces with a Cancer moon and Capricorn rising and oftentimes feels that she was meant to be a Taurus. I've always felt that I was supposed to be a Leo (realistically, a Libra — I was born at 24 weeks), and she expanded upon that by saying "a Leo sun with a Scorpio moon and Aquarius rising," which makes sense.

No. 149533

Idk, have you looked at your sidereal chart?

No. 149536

File: 1598738379961.jpeg (527.67 KB, 825x2150, 32740284-0827-44E6-9619-F040BC…)

I haven't, but I just did and this was my result.

No. 149573

NTA but… oh no, you're sending me down a rabbit hole…

No. 149594

Can an astolog-chan help me understand what a Libra ascending with Mars in first house means? It seems like a super shitty combination from what I see online :(

No. 149623

I'm >>149390

After reading through the thread, I'm actually really curious for a more in depth reading, if any anon wants to have a go at it. The report I posted is from Cafe Astrology and most of what I've read seems good, but idk if they just try and put a positive spin on things to make everyone feel better kek.

Someone once told me that having a moon in pisces and a sun in aquarius was a bad thing, but they didn't specify why. Is it because the two signs are somewhat opposite of each other?

No. 149625

I'm a Leo sun Aquarius moon Gemini Venus in a really nice relationship with an aqua sun, Taurus moon, aqua Venus person. Everyone seems surprised by this but we have such a good time together.

No. 149628

it's because air + water can make you manipulative

No. 149629

I'm back after deliberating on my sidereal vs tropical charts and it's been a weird ride. My chart's overall vibe stayed consistent imo (all planets in the same houses in both so the tension points are consistent) but some key things that didn't quite sit right in the tropical were resolved by the sidereal but I wasn't ready for the amount of fire that the sidereal would breathe into things. When I consider it, makes a lot more sense than the heavy earth and water of my tropical chart.

I've been reading on how interpretations work and it's difficult to shake off the western astrology knowledge.

No. 149636

Anyone here into advanced astrology? Id love some help interpreting a yod.
Sun sextile saturn, both quincunx pluto. & Moon is conjunct saturn, sextile sun, but iirc doesnt aspect pluto.
Im usually okay with simpler aspects but I have a harder time wrapping my head around how they interact.
Sun is taurus 12th, saturn/moon are cancer 2nd, pluto is sag 7th

No. 149652

File: 1598873740875.png (51.84 KB, 248x758, memechart.PNG)

What does all of this say anons? I wanna get into astrology but have no idea what to make of it
I wanted to do the sidereal chart too, but there's many options to choose from, which is the "standard"?

No. 149725

No. 149835

Anyone else into doing synastry reports for themselves and loved ones? I just did me and my boyfriend's and pretty much everything was spot-on. I've never had that happen with anyone else.

No. 157584

A guy my friend was talking to and went in some dates with lied about being a different sign, forget which, then when she found out his birthday she realizes he’s actually a Scorpio. How much of a mess are Scorpio men?

No. 157590

I don't believe nor care about zodiacs, but it's weird how I can never seem to have good relationships with Capricorn women, and its not even from my side.

Whenever I would meet and befriend her, they would always end up being that toxic kind of a friend who actually hates you or is jealous of you and acts petty, or just being a snake.

I never cared about it before, but the women in the past and present with whom I would end up having a onesided friendly relationship were always born after on or after 21st dec.

I don't know if its so related, but I am a virgo.

Does anyone have similar experience?

No. 157602

idk about scorpio men but i’m a scorpio and i would not wish any scrote the torture of being in a relationship with me

No. 157606

this probably doesn't belong in this thread but i'm genuinely repelled by people who believe in zodiacs, which mostly end up being women. i can't fathom wanting to be TOLD what your personality and character are like, similarly to those that believe in MBTI. i've made a habit of lying about my zodiac whenever i meet these people, they go on and on about my supposed zodiac sign and act as if i'm a textbook definition of it, and then i hit them with a "lol i'm actually a _____".

No. 157635

From what I have experienced, undeveloped scorpios can be terrible and toxic, especially scorpio moons.

No. 157650


I’d be more concerned about why he felt the need to lie about something like his star sign?

As a Scorpio who married another Scorpio, it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had.

No. 157664

>schizophrenia thread

No. 157718

lol it depends on the man. Scorps are famous for going to extremes: either extremely good or extremely bad, there's rarely an in-between with them.

No. 157719

Try having your chart read by a professional, reputable astrologer and see if you still feel the same way. I had my chart read years ago and I occasionally look back at the insights and am impressed with how on point most of them were and how valuable some of it still is for me.

No. 157720

I don't know what it is with scorpio moons but I've personally yet to meet one that wasn't toxic! It's probably the most difficult moon next to capricorn - both are considered horribly challenging placements.

No. 158131

Every time I have an inexplicable thing for someone it's either
>capricorn heavy chart
>aquarius in a prominent spot
>scorpio or gemini in ascendant or sun
I love them I can't help it.

No. 158134

Anons I know nothing about astro but what does a scorpio stellium mean

No. 158137

Kek as a Capricorn I love Virgos, both guys and girls. From the Earth signs it's Taurus I can't stand and never was able to make good friends with.
I've been told I'm not the usual Cap tho, I'm more chill and don't give a fuck about ambition or status so maybe that's what gets in your way?

No. 158139

It means you have 3 or more placements in Scorpio. Stellium = 3 or more placements of a sign in your chart. I have stelliums in Scorpio and Pisces kek

No. 158140

So if someone has six places in Scorpio what does that mean. I’m nosy and like this person.

No. 158144

I think it's still only a stellium, they just have a Scorpio-heavy chart. You can look up what each planet represents and how scorpio placement affects that if you're interested, but generally speaking, Scorpios have a bad rep but are awesome (imo). They're personally one of my favorite signs. They're very loyal, intelligent, mysterious, determined, sexy, general badasses, etc, which some people can read as dishonest, manipulative, clingy, things like that. Do you happen to know any of your chart or even just your sun sign?

No. 158158

Thank you anon! I generally avoid Astro sites because they give me a headache, so I do genuinely appreciate the spoonfeed kek. I’m a cancer with a gem venus and rising and i have no idea what any of that mean or if it even matters.

No. 158164

That's not bad, Cancers and Scorpios are both water signs, so although different, you'll probably get along quite well, and if anything, your Scorpio beau might feel very protective of you. Gemini is another controversial sign, and it's your rising meaning it's what you project/how other people often perceive you. Gemini is a mutable sign ie easily adaptable to situations. Venus is the sign of love, so having that in Gemini indicates that you take Gemini traits, like mutability, into your courting, ie want to playfully impress them with your knowledge of things they or you know well, tease them, things like that. I hope this isn't too spergy or presumptuous kek.

No. 158166

this. scorpios are either my very best friends or cut out of my life from being toxic as hell, no in between. it’s always later I learn they’re a scorpio too so I’m not judging them at the time for their star sign, it’s such a weird trend.

No. 158285

No I think it can be fun, thank you anon. I’ve never really been interested in astrology but having six houses? (is that what they’re called? maybe I’m getting it wrong kek) in Scorpio seemed interesting to me, I didn’t know people had charts so heavy with one sign.

No. 158304

Anyone know where to get a birth chart reading that isn't like $150?

No. 158308

What does it say about me that I was born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp?

No. 158317

I think fiverr has some.

No. 158338

Cusps are bs, it's either or

No. 158438

File: 1604558554142.jpg (134.22 KB, 936x936, astrological houses.jpg)

There are 12 houses. The first 6 are "personal houses" having to do mostly with your inner world personal development, the last 6 are "public" pertaining to the world at large, minus the 12th house which has more to do with the subconscious/deeply hidden aspects of the personality. The placements of the planets in each house is determined by your time of birth.
Yeah cusps aren't real. If you're on a "cusp" the only way to know for sure is to use the time you were born and cast a chart. This site offers free electronic charts (not made by a person): https://alabe.com/freechart/

No. 158439

>I'm not the usual Cap tho, don't give a fuck about ambition or status
The rest of your chart must clash with Cap status quo then, i'm thinking Aries/Aquarius/Sag/Pisces

No. 158465

I have an Aries moon but none of the others (Lilith can suck my ass). I posted my chart here before, it's >>149195.

No. 158603

I'm surprised to see all those earth placements, plus a stellium in Cap and Cap rising lol. Saturn rules your chart. Lilith is an asteroid, I don't look into those much unless they're heavily aspected. Cap/Aries are both cardinal signs giving good leadership capability and personal drive. I can't imagine you being anything but driven, if not towards a career then towards your own personal goals and interests.

You might have a lot of hard aspects (square/opposition) to your sun/Asc and possibly to Saturn, which could throttle the usual Cap ambition. Unless your Aries moon is poorly aspected, it might be your saving grace from the famous Capricorn melancholy.

I would double check your birth time to make sure it's accurate though.

No. 159554

File: 1605218899817.jpg (288.82 KB, 587x2399, cancer-crybaby-bitch.jpg)

Just got into astrology

No. 159871

i did a chart and it seems that mine's all over the place and contradicts itself?

what I got was
>Sun is in 17 Degrees Pisces.
>Extremely sensitive and emotional, you absorb the emotions of others (whether positive or negative) like a sponge. Emotionally vulnerable, you are easily upset and tend to cry readily. – Shy, dreamy, romantic in nature, you delight in retreating into your private fantasy world.

>Moon is in 03 Degrees Aquarius.

>Very freedom-oriented, you must always be able to do what you wish, no matter what. – You appreciate emotional self-control,you practice it yourself and you look for it in others. You solve problems, including emotional ones, with your brains and intellect, not your feelings. Try to be tolerant of those who have powerful and obvious emotional responses – not everyone is as objective, cool, dispassionate and detached as you are.

how am I both extremely sensitive and emotional but also dispassionate and detached? should I be reading this differently?

No. 160877

File: 1606118034983.jpg (115.18 KB, 667x440, astro_w2gw_a.32514.32527 (2).j…)

Does anyone want to drag my chart? lol

No. 161843

File: 1606844847035.jpeg (33.71 KB, 416x215, 77ED629B-90FE-439A-BF4E-63FAEC…)

I’m a Pisces and every time I tell my boyfriend I’m having a good day, he sends me this kek

No. 161844

This is so cute! Pisces solidarity ♥

No. 161854

My fucking venus in capricorn is also retrograde. No wonder my love life sucks ass.

No. 162691

Found out I have Sun in 12th house and Mars in 12th house. How fucked am I?

No. 162692

What kind of natal chart and sign would the first person born on another planet or in space have?

No. 162693

god this thread was so cringe with all that gemini/cap hate
there are some signs i don't like, but saying "all capss should die uwu" is really ridiculous and ruins the thread


No. 162703

I’ve got Saturn retrograde in the 7th house. Let’s get through it together, anon

No. 162801

>t. cap

No. 165084

>aqua sun + mercury
We'd probably get along

No. 169185

File: 1611756847942.png (173.5 KB, 1200x1600, graphic.png)

I still fail to understand how come I have so much Aries in my birth chart, including sun sign, yet I'm the furthest thing from the typical Aries. i'm a n00b, pls eli5

No. 169188

Astrology isn't real(hide the thread)

No. 171208

how screwed am I as a gemini sun and virgo rising+moon? I'm like a different people in front and far from others lol

No. 171211

File: 1612978820885.jpeg (23.28 KB, 340x241, 11CCFE53-05D9-42EE-9FD7-26235E…)

>tfw virgo and liked pisces girl
>looked all astrology sites
>basically as they are opposite signs so they are either a match made in heaven or completely a failure depending on who you ask
>well, opposite do attract
>she likes me
>we date four years
>break up
>perhaps not meant to be with romantically, but completely sure i found my soul mate.

opposite signs gang where you at !?

No. 171482

Maybe this isn't an astrology question, but I am curious.

Anons, do you like the month in which you were born? Do you feel at home when it comes around?

No. 171484

I'm a libra born very close to the autumn equinox, I like autumn and September, the sky is always nice because of the light balance but I prefer the summer. I found out the moon is my dominant planet in my chart and I love cancer season and I always crush on cancers even tho Libra and cancer are suppose to clash.

No. 171496

I’m a Scorpio and I hate the fall. I wish it could be summer every day.

No. 171498

Try astro-seek. It gives you a really good run down of your aspects, which planets are particularly dominant in your chart, etc. Your rising sign also has a lot to do with how you present yourself to others, and some astrologists claim it can take up an entire chart. Your rising sign is cancer, which is quite different from aries

No. 171499

Aquarius here. I hate winter with a passion and wish I was born in the fall.

No. 171500

I'm a (triple-12H) Leo and August is the best month of the year. When August arrives I feel like the sun is inside of me

No. 171504

that's adorable, anon

I'm a Scorpio / Scorpio rising and I have always found fall to be an energizing time. I like winter too. Hate spring/summer.

No. 171531

i'm a gemini sun born in may. (cap moon cancer asc) i only like may when it's warm, but not hot..which is rare here. i prefer fall and winter. i feel alive when it's snowy and cold

No. 171949

December cap and I fucking hate winter, it never snows where I live and it's really a very cold autumn.
I do love the Christmas part of it though.

No. 172095

Which has more of a bearing on how you come across to others, your rising sign or signature sign? I'm a scorpio rising with an aquarius signature and I honestly have no idea which is more "obvious." I don't have anyone to discuss this with IRL that is also into astrology lmao

No. 172107

I think your rising sign is how you are perceived by the others and your moon sign is your inner/emotional world. So if you are scorpio rising people see you more like a scorpio than as your sun sign.

No. 172169

September Virgo here

I hated it when I was a kid because it was around the time school started plus 9/11. But I like it now. Summer, my birthday, then Halloween, then Christmas is a good combo.

No. 174604

My sun sign is Libra in the 12th house at 0 degrees. Am I fucked or is that not a bad thing? I was born on September 23 if that is helpful at all.

No. 175932

File: 1616206553345.jpg (254.69 KB, 969x608, Birth chart screenshot.jpg)

Okay nonnies here's my chart, would love to hear your thoughts, i'm deadly curious about what you think.

I have to say I love Leos and Sagittarians and I have a great time with others who have fire signs in mercury, its a lot of fun.
I can't stand Scorpio suns but Scorpio moons are fucking self destructive bpd psychos who will try to bring you down with them and drown you in the bottomless depths of their misery, and you'll always have to walk on eggshells around them because they're so hypersensitive, they'll throw a fit for the slightest thing and attempt to destroy you for it (especially those with scorpio pluto). Really vindictive and vile.
Capricorns are boring, Venus Geminis are absolute whores (the men are STD ridden community dick) and anyone with a Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, Aquarius Venus, Scorpio Pluto combined in their chart, is the literal devil.
Aquarius moons are just fucking autistic, they can't navigate emotions especially the emotions of a relationship, they're so detached. All of the air moons are emotionally retarded, except for Libra moon, maybe.

No. 175942

There's a lot of cancer going on in your chart and maybe that's why you're such a whiny little bitch. I see you've done a lot of complaining about nearly every sign's emotional depth but maybe they don't wanna let your nosy ass in dog.
my mercury is in virgo i get to be an asshole sorry stars said so

No. 175943

It do be that cancer making you into this whiny victim, every cancer i have known has this odd "i am so emotional, an empath mayhaps, others are just selfish and naive" when in reality it's just martyr cancer games year around. They can be cool but there's always even a hint of that behind there.

No. 175950

File: 1616217467116.png (103.38 KB, 670x471, natal chart.png)

Anyone see anything interesting in this chart?

No. 175955

File: 1616220987039.png (441.41 KB, 680x928, chart.png)

I've been able to check what the individual placements on my chart and even the relationships mean but I'm having a bad time trying to put all the parts together into a whole other than "Hmmm… big triangle…"

No. 175956


No. 175977

What part of it is quirky?

No. 175982

I actually relate more with my Aries moon and mercury so i'm not that emotional and I dont brand myself as an empath or martyr kek a retarded montage of that creep Shane Dawson (Cancer sun) comes to mind repeatedly saying to everyone 'i'm suuuch an empath you guys.' The signs I did hate on though, really, that's honestly what i've observed and experienced in people with those certain placements. I don't think talking bluntly about it is being whiny anons.

No. 175991

You're still whining omfg

No. 175998

i was born on 12/22 2:02 pm and i still dont know if im a sagittarius or a capricorn

No. 176013

I’m Scorpio sun, Libra moon, and Aquarius ascendant. Yes, I am mentally ill.

No. 176037

Girlll, you're literally sat there whining over other anons whining like stop whinging already and post astro shit? You're whinier than the other anon.
So anyway, does anyone know about the houses and how to figure them out in a chart? I have no clue about them.

No. 176053

idk your sign either but 222 is a very powerful angel number. love and light to you anon

No. 176146

Woah, we nearly match. Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon and Sagittarius rising

No. 177747

Finally found the thread.
Are all capricorn men cold and cheap? It's literally the worst thing I had to deal with

No. 177753

I thought gemini men were the worst? My friends dated gemini men who were ADHD OCD-ers and acted like r/im14andthisisdeep

No. 177755

Let's agree first that all men are retarded despite their signs. But capricorn was a nightmare literally he's cheap and thinks he's hot when he's literally the ugliest fugliest shit I've ever seen

No. 177756

The question here is why are around that ugliest fugliest

No. 177757

Do you really want to know the story anon?

No. 178423

>and anyone with a Capricorn sun, … Scorpio Pluto combined in their chart, is the literal devil.
Gee I wish. We share the Aries moon nonnie, how's lashing out at anyone when you're not ok going?

Cap according to most astrology books.

According to my littleknowledge in astrology and men I will try to sum it up
Aries: dirtbags who go head first into anything but never settle
Taurus: the most prone to cheating
Gemini: manipulative manwhores
Cancer: manipulative manwhores who hide it under a layer of uwu softboy
Leo: flashy scumbags
Virgo: perhaps the least bad in the bunch, still manipulative if you let them under your skin
Libra: dumb airheads, make great himbos but never expect commitment
Scorpio: alcoholic 3edgy5u types
Saggitarius: fucking crybabies istg they act proud but they whine more than cancers
Capricorn: stubborn scumbags, emotionally stunted
Aquarius: either stoner dgaf types or sjw types
Pisces: manipulative crybabies

No. 179289

>how's lashing out at anyone when you're not ok going?

idk fellow aries moon anon, what do you mean?

No. 179297

File: 1618322237144.png (120.89 KB, 695x644, Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 9.48.…)

I think astrology is bullshit but it's fun at the same time
People seem to be comfortable around me but inside I am a judgemental bitch with low self esteem

No. 179302

what do you think of libra men anons? would scorpio and libra work together?

No. 182458

File: 1619680150476.jpeg (600.54 KB, 1170x1669, C920BE5F-DC92-436A-8B81-E967FF…)

My birth chart is pretty one-sided, apparently. Anyone else?

No. 182472

>Gemini: manipulative manwhores
Also noncommittal pissbabies who will throw a mantrum if you move on from them.

No. 182559

what site did you use for this?

No. 182561

Libras are wishy washy men. I'm a scorpio and I wanted commitment, they can't take a choice and are piss babies. Get yourself a taurus please.

No. 182568

File: 1619729551286.jpg (137.36 KB, 571x711, IMG_20210429_175100.jpg)

I am quite the opposite, mine is all over the place but I really like the shape.
No idea to what it means, though.
i like scorpios hehe

No. 182569

I think that's called a bucket chart. You can google what that means.

No. 182571

File: 1619730942463.gif (75.38 KB, 800x499, JonesPatterns.gif)

No. 182573

File: 1619731712028.jpg (385.07 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20210429-172708_Chr…)

Hehe I have no idea hehe

No. 182580

I'm an Aquarius rising too but my midheaven is in sagitarrius along with my moon sign. We've the same cap placements too, were you born early 90s too?

No. 182581

Samefag just noticed the date lol

No. 182605

Not to samefag again but I just realised we share the same big 3 but our sun and moon is switched like I'm sag sun and libra moon. I like knowing there's another anon similar to me

No. 182777

I ghosted a capricorn mf for over a month. Will he try to contact me again? I want to ghost him more I'm not done.

No. 182928

Are you trying to dump him? Knowing Capricorns I'm pretty sure he'll ghost you for twice as long when you contact him again

No. 182936

I'll never contact him first.
I just ghosted him without explanation. He deserved it. But it's fun to ghost his ass

No. 184147

anyone can give just some general relationship advice based on sun/moon combos? i don't know much about this stuff. i'm a libra sun / aries moon and my bf is a sagittarius sun / scorpio moon

No. 184160

So if men and women from the same sign are different, does that mean reading gay couples compatibility is different? Does gay astrology exist kek?

No. 184165

Anon you were so right wtf

No. 184260

Based on your moon signs, I'd say learning and understanding each other's emotional nature will be important. Scorpio moons are super moody, they have intense spikes and dips and like to stew in their feelings for a while before moving on. The sag sun might help cause sag don't tend to stay on one thing for too long but there will be occasional angsty 2edgy4me time.

Aries moon is like a lil kid, they're are quick to burn through whatever they're feeling maybe have a shouting match and like "ok whats next". Aries moon also tend to be super impatient, nothing ever happens fast enough. So if the scorp moon is brooding over whatever and taking too long it can get frustrating. Libras are air signs and don't like to dwell too much in their feelings so really try to communicate the differences in a neutral setting so when shit hits the fan, there will already be an understanding established beforehand.

No. 184267

File: 1620452421679.jpg (80.56 KB, 1200x1030, IMG_1575749451803.jpg)

I don't take astrology that seriously, but if there's one stereotype I do believe in it's that geminis are indecisive and fickle as fuck. Anytime a gemini friend makes plans to hang out with me they forget or reschedule, it's very rare that they'll actually do what they said they will do when they said they would do it.

And gemini moids are the absolute worst when it comes to mixed signals. They shy away from commitment but will still expect you to always be there for them when it suits them. If you decide to cut them off romantically due to their inconsistency they'll resent you because they can't have their cake and eat it too. It's the type of behavior that makes you lay awake at night analyzing the situation because you can't figure out what he wants, until it dawns you that it's because he doesn't know what he wants.

No. 184284

File: 1620483851417.jpg (498.11 KB, 1080x2280, Suffering.jpg)

I need a good laugh today
Anyone wanna roast my Chart?

No. 184559

bumping for question: what is most relevant in your chart aside from sun, moon, and asc? And do you all like western or indian astrology better? I've heard western astrology is based upon bs assumptions so indian astrology would be more accurate

No. 184563

File: 1620628100035.png (297.54 KB, 1526x1520, cursed.png)

Taurus sun, Scorpio moon and rising - ik I'm satan apparently but what are other typical characteristics of this combo? Any opinions on someone with it?

I've also been told that my natal chart is terrible, like cursed actually kek. I don't think too much about it but it'd be helpful if someone could tell me whether or not my chart is actually screwed up. Afaik the main thing I remember was my moon and sun are opposing and they're Taurus and Scorpio of all signs which makes it worse for some reason.

No. 184565

Aside from the big three Mercury, Venus, and Mars are also pretty important. The other planets move to slow to really make an impact on an individual's personality because they take years to change signs and apply to a lot of people.

No. 184567

I also have Taurus sun and Scorpio moon, I haven't heard anything about being cursed lol. But I've heard that if your moon is in Scorpio it's even more intense than if it's your sun. Also since Taurus and Scorpio are opposing signs they're apparently one of the best pairings for relationships; opposites attract and all that. It's interesting and makes a lot of sense because my ex was a Scorpio sun AND Scorpio moon so everything was very passionate but also very tumultuous and confusing

No. 184569

my dad & I are both geminis, we are both extremely indecisive and fickle so yeah you might be onto something

No. 184588

Is there a Korean equivalent for the birth chart? My bf’s Korean grandma asked what time I was born and I wanna know what info she’s learning about me kek

No. 184636

This was the most relevant article I found that wasn't just the 12 animal zodiacs: https://kpopjacketlady.com/2017/01/10/your-horoscope-in-korea/

This might be of your interest:
>In Korean before the western method of time keeping, each day was broken down into 12 two hour segments. Each of these was named after a Sibijisin or guardian animal, as in the zodiac. So for example the time between 11 pm and 1 am was Jasi as it was believed the rat/mouse was most active at this time.

No. 184841

This is really cool actually, thank you for finding this.

No. 185151

Thank you anon, that's super helpful
I actually think mine might be due to the moon and sun and their houses because it's oddly specific, like your parents being polar opposite people and it causing extreme childhood trauma. Tbh I've wondered why it is that my sister went through the same trauma but it isn't in her chart at all.

No. 185696

Aries and scorpio are both ruled by Mars so fights will be explosive. The scorpio moid will try to dominate and control the Aries woman and the Aries woman will fight back as she should and will not be dominated. She demands respect. Aries moon is confident and aggressive, the trailblazer, and isn't one to play mind games or manipulate and is usually very honest and blunt. Aries is the most powerful sign and is in charge of all the other signs, remember, Aries is first. Which also makes them the baby of zodiac. They possess a child-like innocence. Scorpio moons are more scorpio than scorpio suns so expect extremely manipulative behaviour and nastiness, especially if they take to heart Aries moon's blunt words because the scorpio is so fucking sensitive they get hurt by the slightest thing. Think Onision, a scorpio sun and scorpio moon, jfc. Aries moon anger is explosive and frightening but is short lived then moves onto the next thing, acting like nothing happened and things resume normalcy. Aries doesnt tend to hold grudges whereas scorpio moon will hold a grudge and plot against you and weaponise everything you ever told them, against you. They are seriously insidious and vindictive and scorpio moon is a placement for bpd. It's also a fixed water sign, so they'll be stubborn. Very black and white thinking. Whereas Aries is cardinal fire, they adapt and keep it moving.
Scorpio moons are weak and pathetic, they lash out against you when they can't deal with their own shit and Aries moon hates weakness.
I knew of a sag sun, scorpio moon scrote and he beat his girlfriend. He broke her teeth and gave her a black eye, then lied about it, said immigrants beat her up one night she was out alone. Manipulative and abusive. Both physically and emotionally.

No. 185732

Any insight for a virgo/libra/scorp woman with a leo/scorp/scorp man?

No. 185918

No. 185921

It really depends on the chart and what planets and signs are more dominant due to their placements and anything that aspects it. My Libra sun is very weak in my chart, my moon sign is my most dominant/impactful position in my chart, then my mercury sign. My sun is in the fall and my mercury is in Virgo so it outranks and my moon sign rules my midheaven and has a bunch of aspects in the same sign so I definitely feel that signs energy more than my Libra sun. I definitely have the can't make a decision qualities of a Libra though.

No. 185923

Libra and virgo have similar qualities and you both have scorp placements. Libras and Leos usually get on well too.

No. 186371

I paid for a personalised astrology in lieu of therapy and the results are surprising. I always thought the big 3 were the most important, but my 3 dominant planets are the moon, jupiter and Mars. And my dominant signs are sag, cap and virgo. My big 3 are 2 air and the sag moon and now I find out I've got all this earth energy!!? I must be spiralling because according to the report I should be a hard worker and I've been chilling at rock bottom for quite the while. Further reading is required.

No. 186372

Why would you pay for that when you can get that online for free

No. 186374

It was on sale and the free ones don't give you the break downs and the charts like they do for famous people.

No. 186377

File: 1621340364023.jpg (76.64 KB, 1080x605, IMG_20210518_131916.jpg)

The free ones don't break down the houses, planets and signs and elements and all the aspects etc.

No. 186397

File: 1621344946501.jpeg (26.6 KB, 680x587, ES3POmYUwAYvfXE.jpeg)

anyone ever met someone with a very similar chart?

last year i dated someone and we had the exact same birthday! neither of us knew the exact hour we were born, but it was fucking weird anyway.

things got super intense super fast. but the relationship was very short. i like know that their first girlfriend was tragically murdered (only people from his hometown know this because they knew her, but when they moved to my city they decided they not to tell anyone about her because of how traumatic it was) and every gory detail about the situation. but like… we were together a very short time and we havent spoken ever since. feels like we are a complete strangers again. we had an intimate connection and it was quickly gone. maybe it could have lasted longer but he went back to his hometown and ended it. he's back in my city but i ignore their texts (he didnt want to do long distance even though it was obvious to me he was going to come crawling back to live in my city).

oh well, i thought it had to be destiny lol. it wasnt.

No. 186442

I’ve been wondering about this, what about babies who were due to born a few weeks earlier or later than they actually were? Like say you were born a month earlier than expected, does that effect your chart in any way?

No. 186445

Curious about this as well

No. 186447

I get this person's pronouns are he/they but the constant switching is really annoying. Just stick to one of them for fucks sake I got dizzy reading your shit.

No. 186467

>I got dizzy reading your shit.
Bullshit. Nobody is THAT stupid. You understood all well. You just have a problem with pronouns.
I don't care about your ideology, think what you will, but don't try to dictate how other people write.

No. 186469

NTA but step off. i have 2 english degrees switching up pronouns is confoundingly stupid and frustrating.

who gives a shit about snowflake pronouns

No. 186470

shit, ok, I'll step off, I have only IELTS…

No. 186474

No one cares about your retarded pronouns

No. 186476

This anon does enough to derail about it

This anon does enough to defend it and look like an idiot for doing it >>186469

This anon does enough to post her non-contribution >>186474

You do. You care. I don't.

No. 186478

No. 186484

No. Your astrological natal chart is composed the moment you are birthed. It's the birth chart.

No. 186639

back to astrology, are people who are insistent about their pronouns and other weird genderspecial shit more likely to have certain elements in their chart? kek

No. 193129

Felt inspired by the dumbass shit thread to bump this. I want to know farmers rising sign.

I'm an aquarius rising and I know there's other farmers who are too. It's the least common rising sign and I want to know if lc has an abundance of misfits.

No. 193148

Mine is leo. My sun is actually Aquarius, though.

No. 193186

Virgo, born mid September. I like it, it feels like that's when the new year starts for me. Probably something to do with school starting around then, harvest, etc. Lots of nice celebrations around autumn too like the other anon said.

But I love July/August much more. I feel "at home" at the peak of summer.

No. 193195

my rising sign is aquarius too kek

No. 193210

I’m aquarius rising too!

No. 193275

scorpio, scorpio rising
cancer moon
and 4 other things in scorpio iirc

No. 193422

Sagittarius rising, sun taurus

No. 193423

plugging my fave @elysianaquarius, definitely sounds woo at first glance but helps contextualize transits and astrology in a way that’s useful for personal growth and consideration. discovered him on tiktok but he’s also on twitter/instagram

No. 193437

You sound pretty.

No. 193441

I'm a Sagittarius rising. Cancer sun.

A ridiculous amount of my friends are born in Aquarius, it might be my favorite sign for that reason. I really like air signs in general.

No. 193449

Scorpio rising. But Virgo sun.

No. 193520

I was wondering if any anons could give any insights on being a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, Scorpio rising?

No. 193557

File: 1624268336812.jpg (31.12 KB, 759x604, 1608125859465.jpg)

Anyone else here have signs that just don't seem to fit them whatsoever?
>supposedly cunning social butterfly who easily makes superficial friends
But I'm a naive social disaster who will feel anxious around anyone except my few really close friends
>taurus rising
>patient realists who dislike change and like to work in groups
But I'm always dreaming, love change and variety, prefer solo work, etc
>capricorn moon
>aloof or seemingly cold, ambitious, goal oriented
But I'm super emotionally open, incapable of hiding my feelings, and a lazy unambitious fuck to boot

I know astrology isn't really something to take seriously and I don't especially mind, but I do think it's funny how I tend to relate more to almost any other sign description.
>'as a gemini you love change and exploring new things'
>'as a taurus rising you dislike changes and prefer to stick to the status quo'
Which is it supposed to be reeee

No. 194728

File: 1624915106205.png (133.58 KB, 904x637, 235069350976346.png)

I looked up Megan Thee Stallion's birth chart out of curiosity and was surprised to see that we have a lot of major placements in common. Sun Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Any other anons have a celebrity twin?

No. 194735

I discovered almost everything in my chart is Cancer leaning, it kinda offended me because I'm emotionally cold, very unorthodox and hate tradition but my chart was implying I'm a motherly crybaby who cares too much and is tradicional af, disappointed.

No. 194740

File: 1624918740272.png (196.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210628-151843.png)

Can someone please explain my chart, why am I so impulsive and prone to sadness

No. 194749

Hilary Duff has the same rising sun and moon as me. I hit a lot of the same aspects as Stalin as well which concerns me as I definitely have a lot of anger issues.

No. 200078

File: 1627661612910.jpeg (217.77 KB, 700x1125, 9B491876-5799-4A44-A435-F59949…)

for the anon that asked in /ot/, here's my birth chart
how do i go about interpreting it?

No. 200079

You likely have weird teeth. Either there's something wrong with their alignment or you have a crooked tooth or gummy smile, or they're simply not straight. Aquarius influenced people always have fucked up teeth naturally.

No. 200080

Cancer rising, Taurus sun

No. 200084

Stupid cunt.

No. 200090

Hope you get some help anon. I have no idea how to go about it either. I found reading the dominant planets page and googling around a bit to be the most enlightening, but there's probably a better way.

No. 200102

File: 1627669076937.png (Spoiler Image, 91.51 KB, 700x2504, planet-meanings-infographics-a…)

Okay so here's a quick breakdown for birthcharts. I might come back to give a more detailed descrip later but in the meanwhile look through what I wrote and do a little google research.

The basics is that when we are born, all the planets are in a specific sign in the sky. You can think of the oribit of a planet as a circle, and that circle is divided up into twelve sections corresponding to the twelve signs. In the exact moment you are born, the birthchart is a snapshot of the sky and where each planet is, hence the circular birthchart. It is believed that the energies from these planets provide a sort of blue print for you personality.

Now, when it comes to interpreting it. Every planet is representative of a different aspect of your personality. The sign that everyone (non astrology ppl) seems to know is the sun sign, which represents the ego or the overall essence of you being. But the moon, mercury, venus etc correspond to more specific parts of your personality and can differ for people even though they might have the same sun sign.

Look at the line chart under the circle chart. This tells you where all your planets were when you are born. You sun is in libra, your moon is in aries, your mercury in virgo etc. (you may want to learn the glyphs for each sign and planet in order to read this better). See pic related for what each planet represents.

For example then, your moon (represents emotions) is in Aries. Now you want to look at the characteristics of Aries and apply it to what the planet represents. Simply google "moon in aries" traits and you should be able to find many resources with a description. In my experience, moon in Aries tend to be very impatient, nothing ever happens fast enough for these types. They are also kids at heart and can be emotionally impulsive.

Now you do this for the next one, mercury in virgo, venus in leo, so on and so forth. As a beginner, I recommend you start with the following planets: Sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars and the ascendant (yours is in sag). Do a online search for these descriptions and see what sticks. Not everything will be true and this is just a surface level interpretation. When you are more comfortable with this, you can move on to the remaining planets.

Some extra info: There are four elements in total, fire, earth, air and water. Each element has three signs and they're own set of characteristics. Fire (aries, leo, sag) is enthusiastic and passionate, Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Cap) is stable and practical, Air (Gemini, Libra, Aqua) is cerebral and communicative, Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) is sensitive and emotional. Check which sign belongs to which element, it will help you familiarize with their traits.

There are other more advanced insights (aspects, modality, houses etc) but leave that out for now it will only confuse you. Just start with the planets I've listed and see how it goes. I'm always happy to answer any questions, this is a hobby I'm passionate about and I love to teach others.

No. 200108

damn anon thank you so much for this and taking the time to write it out. i don't know what to say. i'll go through my sun moon mercury venus and mars and see what's going on. what do i do with contradictory information though? like aren't the signs totally different from each other, so when they get put in your planets, what if one sign is super emotional and another is really practical, i don't feel like most people are homunculus' like that kek

No. 200109

the anon below you posted a really helpful overview!

No. 200112

Hey, I'm the original Astro anon here from unpopular opinion #51, I'm willing to read some of you guys' charts if you like. I'm still very much a beginner but I will try my best to interpret some of your birth charts. Remember to use astro.com for your charts anons~~

No. 200113

I will read 3 birth charts first, it's going to be a little bit time-consuming because I'm going to type out a whole paragraph like >>200102 does so please be patient and id love some feedback pls.

No. 200114

hey, i'm the anon you told to post here lol. if you wanna read mine it's a few posts up!

No. 200117

File: 1627673086404.jpg (114.91 KB, 745x511, IMG_20210730_202447.jpg)

No. 200119

File: 1627673306494.jpg (219.87 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20210730-202759_Chr…)

No. 200120

File: 1627673338001.png (403.38 KB, 1018x730, llll.PNG)

No. 200124

Op here, currently not taking any more readings except for these ones!
>>200078 (Use astro.com anon)
I'm currently very busy at the moment so remember to check back on Monday or Tuesday-ish for your reading. If there are any problems along the way id report back so you don't have to wait for me.

No. 200125

Thanks anon!

No. 200126

File: 1627674524889.jpeg (106.12 KB, 670x471, 3B071EC7-D1F5-4B14-90DB-A1A559…)

sorry nonny. ty for the reading

No. 200130

All the energies of your chart are working together and when there are contradicting signs/energies, you may feel tension in that area of your life or personality. To put it more technically, there are energies that harmonious and energies that are opposing. This area is covered under "aspects" in astrology and it talks about the angles the signs make with one another and how they affect each other.

I know you're just starting out so I won't go too much into detail about the aspects but I'll give you an example of how this works.

From your chart, I see you have a libra sun and an aries moon. This is what's called an opposition. Libra and Aries are opposites (or what's called sister signs), Libra is all about partnership and harmony and keeping the peace, Aries says I'm going to do what I want and I don't give a fuck what you think about it. So, this creates an internal struggle because while your general essence wants to be paired up with a partner or bff, emotionally you crave the freedom to just do your own thing without compromise.

Your chart tells me you're quite sociable and extroverted, so try to think of a time where you had to choose between pleasing those around you at the expense of giving up something you want OR having a "fuck it" moment to be selfish at the expense of hurting the feelings of others. This should be a common and reoccuring theme in your life and is a good example of how these conflicting energies play out.

No. 200150

File: 1627688562414.png (68.29 KB, 1200x1600, graphic.php.png)

From what I gather almost everything on my chart is in some form of conflict (Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius ascendant). I'm an outgoing introvert who finds happiness in small things while harboring grandiose aspirations. kek.

If some anon has the time to explain the details to me I'd be very grateful, but no pressure.

No. 200226

This might have been mentioned before but I noticed a lot of cows on this site have a Pisces Moon.

There were a few others but the ones I remember off the top of my head: Shayna/Dolly Mattell, Lillee Jean, Lori/Usagi Kou.

No offense to the healthy pisces moons out there, just thought it was an interesting pattern..

No. 200286

File: 1627777087283.png (238.33 KB, 492x496, 24A298BBE0BC47E8AE5E5260C8DBC1…)

>capricorn moon
>scorpio venus/mars

No. 200323

You are worthy of love anon, the right one will come soon, focus on yourself for the time being.
Pisces moon can be very manipulative sometimes anon, and i can see they can use it to their fullest potential if they can. On the flip side they can be very kind and artistic too.

No. 200324

Hey so i have some bad news anons…my laptop charger broke and i have a shit load of uni work to do on my phone this week. Due to the pandemic became so much worse in my country it will take awhile for the charger to come so i have to postpone my reading until next weekend. I do apologize for the inconveniences, hope you guys will understand.

No. 200337

What game is this from??? I need to know

No. 200603

hey anons I saw a good reading on chris chan on KF where the astrologer mentioned she uses fagan/bradley sidereal astrology. this is not technically the same as indian sidereal charts i think. does anyone know where i can find free resources for interpreting my own chart based on this system and not indian/western astrology? i want to interpret mine similar to how this user did for CWC

No. 200707

File: 1628047475835.jpg (19.19 KB, 480x480, 2020-06-07.jpg)

So I know jackshit about astrology but apparently I'm a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising, what does it mean anons?

No. 200727

I'd say clingy crybaby that need a lot of sex and cuddles afterwards or else you'll think they hate you

No. 200754

If I'm a Taurus sun, Leo moon, Libra rising, then why tf am I an ugly awkward neet? I feel cheated.

No. 200759

Probably because you care more about food and naps than about your appearance.

No. 200808

How can you make that assumption when you don't even know their Venus sign and Mars sign? The two planets that show their love style, how they act in relationships and their sexual needs? Lmao retard.

No. 200820

I have the same placements and I'm also an awkward ugly neet. Which weird because libra rising are supposed to be attractive, popular, and very social people.
My mars is in virgo and venus in gemini.

No. 200821

Maybe we're underdeveloped (Taurus can be lazy, Leo is too proud to do work seen as below them, Libra honestly idk I blame the autism).

No. 200822

I even asked a professional astrologer and was told that according to my chart I'm supposed to be rich, successful, and popular in my workplace. But right now I'm an unemployed neet loser so maybe these things will happen when I'm older? idk

No. 200838

What's going on with your Saturn and 10th house? Sometimes (just as an example) people with saturn in 10th or in aspect to the Midheaven might find success much later in life

No. 200874

Cap sun with pisces moon/pisces ascendant, and I'm the most head-in-the-clouds capricorn ever. I can be critical and I have very picky taste about creative things, but I'm pretty chill otherwise. I hate competition lmao.

One thing anons, is there anything on a chart that says something about a person's luck? I'm an unusually lucky person and I have a really weird power of prediction for stuff (like knowing what card I'm going to pull out of a deck). I win a lot of games of chance, like gambling/gacha/etc. I've heard it's because of my double pisces which I find interesting.

No. 200876

give me a link to that pls anon

No. 200879

File: 1628185480271.png (101.88 KB, 670x471, natalchart.png)

do you mean my natal chart or the website? either way here's both

No. 200880

Your jupiter is retrograde

It's in the 4th house so you might want to focus on home life, family, comforts, or resonate moon-like energy to find your luck

No. 200887

File: 1628188697986.png (103.56 KB, 670x471, astro_w2gw____.66733.19207.png)

Ikr, wtf is going on. Still learning astrology but right angles are bad right? It looks like I have some. Could someone smart pls look?

No. 200891

How accurate are Solar Return charts with predicting the year ahead?

No. 200893

thats so interesting because i'm pisces sun/pisces moon/libra or virgo asc and i feel like i'm very unlucky i was actually talking about this with another pisces sun/pisces moon friend and he says the same thing its like anything that can go wrong goes wrong for us, its more of a daily life thing tho i lucked out on some things at birth which i'm grateful for

No. 200923

Nonas, I have Moon in Libra (12th house) trine Saturn in Aquarius (4th house.)

What does it mean.

No. 200938

File: 1628216261767.jpg (43.01 KB, 660x660, 1628214624677.jpg)

Aries sun, moon, mercury with Gemini ascendant, Venus and Mars checking in bitches. What it say astroanons?

No. 200939

Oh anon I don’t know how to break it to you but our lives aren’t dictated by the stars

No. 200944

File: 1628219300805.jpg (229.37 KB, 748x1024, PicsArt_08-06-04.05.07.jpg)

Here's my chart, I think you might find it particularly interesting. Eager to know your thoughts anon.

No. 201050

File: 1628281813710.jpg (375.2 KB, 913x1199, humors.jpg)

Atrsologyfags, what are your thoughts on the 4 humors in regards to astrology and food? I barely know anything about it, but I personally find it interesting. I don't know how my sign fits into this (I'm a Taurus) since some sources say Tauruses are melancholic, whilst others say Sanguine

No. 201267

Thank you for the read nonna!

Pisces sister! I hope your luck picks up eventually.

I know not everyone believes in past-lives, but I also think our lives now are here to teach us something, especially from a life we may not remember. At least that's how I try to cheer myself up when things don't go well.

No. 201938

I miss u anon

No. 201967

Pisces sun Virgo Moon Sagittarius rising anon here and SAME. I feel like Pisces makes me dreamy introverted creative whatever, the usual. Virgo somehow folds up the creativity and fits it in neat little boxes. (Wasting a whole lot of energy, thx), Nothing ever works out because I’m naive but also suspicious. Constantly overwhelmed but incapable of lowering my standards. So everything always has the worst possible outcome. And then Sagittarius rising makes others think that I have my shit together (I don’t) and makes me want to do grandiose stuff that I’m way too easily distracted am AND compulsive to actually pull of. Pisces + Virgo is zodiac hell.

No. 201974

has anyone paid to have their chart read? any suggestions?

No. 201994

Seconding this, very curious as to where to get my chart read.

No. 201995

Honestly I have such a frustrating placement, I'm an aries rising and I've always had such a short fuse and can go from 0-100 in a second. But I have my moon in cancer, so every time I do have an argument with someone or I get heated, I get so guilty and end up crying and wallowing about it for ages. My sun is in libra and am constantly indecisive about how to act. I think these 3 placements in particular are what make it so hard for me to live life normally, I can barely find a job, I'm super lazy and have no friends.

No. 201996

I also have major libra/Aries placements and I'm lazy as hell lmao just learn to embrace it nonna

No. 202005


No. 202008

Scorpios are sluts change my mind

No. 202015

I haven't had sex or masturbated once in my entire life, stop stereotyping.

No. 202018

>I haven't masturbated once in my entire life
maybe you should look into that… also masturbating frequently doesn't make someone a slut kek

No. 202020

My Scorpio boyfriend has only been in LTRs and he won't agree to open up the relationship

No. 202302

nta but you're really weird for saying this. masturbation isn't a requirement in life

No. 202674

im sick of the stigma there is in the community against my sign. from now on, if someone asks me what i am, i'll say aries or scorpio

No. 202676

Found the Gemini
Kek aren't there just as many stereotypes with that one?

No. 202677

I just did my sidereal chart and I feel like it's way more accurate than the traditional model. I've always been very confused by my supposed Scorpio rising bc I don't relate to the descriptions at all. Sidereal says I'm a Libra rising and the description is so fitting of me it's laughable.

No. 202682

Is Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Virgo rising as bitch made as it sounds? I feel like everything I look at tells me to just give up on achieving and accept my role as a psychotic house mommy

No. 205260

File: 1631470183265.png (174.5 KB, 667x756, Screenshot (117).png)

what does this mean? am I supposed to be hungry or something?

No. 207969

Nonas, which house system do you use and why? I'm conflicted between Koch, because that's what the majority of astrologers of the 80s seemed to use (which is where I have most of my books from lol) and Whole House, which on a personal level makes most sense to me, since WH ensures you get the influence of each house in your chart while other systems can disort your chart pretty bad depending on when or where you were born. Then again, the disortions don't happen every time (a friend of mine has a pretty much equal to WH system chart when using the Koch system, while mine has intercepted houses even though we're only four months apart and born in the same city), and different people care about different stuff, so the lack of influence of the houses may just express itself in a general disinterest in that specific theme in life. Feel free to comment even if you use neither Koch nor Whole Houses, I need every input I could get.

No. 208048

i hate taurus.

No. 208114

W-why, anon? I'm achingly curious

No. 208134

Nta but I'm an air sign and find Taurus so stubborn and set in their ways & ideals that I often mistake their lack of flexibility for stupidity. As I get older I'm trying to appreciate each sign for what they are, because let's face it, my life would be better if I was as consistent and patient as a Taurus.

No. 208135

I use whole signs because not only it makes more sense to me but my natal chart feels more accurate that way. I think it's best to start with that as a beginner, because intercepted houses are super confusing to me especially when you try to look up the planets in transit. What happens when a planet is in a sign that is nowhere to be found in the houses?

No. 208137

Any info on Gemini guys/girls and Libra guys/girls?

No. 208151

Good friendship connection but not much sexual chemistry. Libra men are notoriously commitment phobic and indecisive, grass is greener types. Gemini are the sluts of the zodiac. Could be FWB but doubtful long term prospects.

No. 208190

They're boring, often vain/materialistic, clingy, stubborn, slow thinkers. They tend to be attractive, I'll give them that.

No. 208315

File: 1633536447570.png (73.27 KB, 548x861, chart.png)

anyone else cannot relate to their sign (nearly) at all ?
i freaking hate my goddamn sign so much. literally the worst one probably, doesnt fit me whatsoever. everytime i look up stereotypes its something like extroverted flirtatious indecisive megawhore who is super into justice or whatever. so not me at all quite literally opposite in fact… i am not interested in love at all or socializing or anything. i love being on my own and i would prefer it if i never had to interact with anyone in real life/social media that requires an account ever again. i am much more into peoplewatching. i dont care about my appearance and if there's one thing i absolutely hate its being the centre of attention. i am always the one making decisions for others by force since everyone else cant. my charm is completely non existent and ive never had an even slightly "romantic" situation in my life (understandable so). i am very plainfaced at best or straight up genuinely hideous if you asked me. i am not hardworking at all unless i have a new fixation on something. the only thing i can relate to is perfectionism as sometimes i'll even spend more than 15 minutes editing a screenshot so it looks nicer/neater, maybe its the only example i can think of right now but i am a mess in every single other domain i can think of.
i am a libra, chart if you're interested in my other placements, im not an astrology girl just interested to know if there are people out there like me and gave details as to why i cant relate

No. 208317

Your moon sign being Scorpio is the explanation here. It fits you very well from your self description. Your sun sign isn’t the defining aspect of your whole life and personality. It has less to do with it than the vast majority of people think.

No. 208323

>Gemini are the sluts of the zodiac
What do you mean? I'm a Gemini and I haven't done (almost) anything

No. 208355

Like >>208317 said, it might be from your scorpio placements. The perfectionism can be found in virgo too. What is your ascendant? The ascendant can give people a whole different vibe too.

No. 208369

i'm a capricorn sun gemini moon cancer rising. how will i die?

No. 208381

Nta but I'm a gemini and a virgin too, but being a "slut" can also apply to be commitment phobic like the anon says (that description of libra men fits geminis too imo). Idk about you but I've had a million crushes, many at the same time, we can talk and meet but I stop being interested in a short time and very often I get that "grass is greener" feeling

No. 208383

I use whole house because it's tidy but I also don't place much importance in empty houses. If there is no planet there I interpret that as that aspect being unremarkable in one's life. It's not a point of tension or triumph, just average or maybe even unimportant to the person.

No. 208389

is it possible for other leos to be deeply attracted to other leos?

No. 208396

My sun in Scorpio, moon in Libra, and rising Aries really does explain my whole life. Looking into it, I don’t care if this shit isn’t actually real, it perfectly describes my whole being.

No. 208469

>I don’t care if this shit isn’t actually real, it perfectly describes my whole being
figuring out further than just sun sign and taking a look at the aspects really does give a simple layout "sheet" of things one might've been ignoring, or at least that's my experience with astrology

just took a deeper look at my chart too and felt called out

No. 208472

File: 1633616081468.png (365.22 KB, 794x1018, chartta.png)

I'm seeking a second opinion on my chart. I'm not an experienced interpreter, but looking at my aspects (especially the tough ones), conjuctions and getting familiar with Chiron positioning, I found myself able to recognize and relate to the things it suggests. Red lines are squares, Greens are trines.

I feel like I'm spiritually irresponsible when exposing people to unconventional ideas and I also know I have a traumatized femininity. I feel the safest out of limelight but I always end up being a fucking spectacle. I'm not suicidal but I've always had this thing in me telling that's my existence was a mistake. I'm afraid of even trying to capitalize on my ambitions and ability, my ego has been fragile in the past, still somewhat is and I'm easily ashamed and guilty. One good thing though is that I've managed to be there for others and made some beautiful friendships. I just overall want to do better in life and in relationships, I know I can/could but I just freeze.

No. 208475

samefag but I forgot to ask if anyone here relates to any of this or has Chiron or Ascendant aspect related thoughts

No. 209008

does a bear shit in the woods

No. 211194

What do you have against Gemini? Come on

No. 211202

Some talk too much and too fast

No. 211209

like all air signs they're manipulative sluts.

No. 211210

i'll also add

No. 211354

Why's this the saltiest thread on this site? Are you guys really getting tribal about zodiac signs lmfao

No. 211355


No. 211356

Gemini men are a blessing

No. 211357

most of my husbandos are gemini so yeah you're right nonny.


No. 211365

That's just how astrologyfags are.

No. 211368

Gemini men are passive aggressive, two-faced faggots.

No. 211388

Gemini men have the worst qualities of the sign, I say it as a gemini woman that was friends with a few of them. Meanwhile gemini women have the best qualities because we learn to control the shitty ones and understand that they're wrong (like the manipulation, the resentment and the inability to commit to something)

No. 211405

Girl, no you don't. We all see through your flighty ass.

No. 211448

File: 1635554176975.png (770.13 KB, 1280x720, Vlcsnap-2015-08-27-23h46m17s22…)

idk shit about astrology, is he or isn't he an accurate depiction of gemini males?

No. 211472

File: 1635581951665.png (67.63 KB, 670x471, 123.png)

Where does one look on their chart to find out about careers and maybe even timelines for careers? I'm stuck in a rut working the same few hours for an old boss and I'd love to know if my chart has something more in store for me and how does one go about deciphering that area?

No. 211557

my partner is born on the 21st december, anyone know why they get capricorn on their natal chart instead of sagittarius? i think they're my soulmate either way even though apparently capricorn isn't the most compatible sign with mine

No. 211562

They were born on a cusp date, and depending on their birth time and year they can be born as either a sag or a cap. I have a friend who, if she were born just five hours later, would've been another sign, too.

No. 211649

I don't really believe in astrology but why do people hate geminis so much? Serious question. It seems like it's the most hated sign.

No. 211760

Every Scorpio I've ever known has been a giant ho even though they're labelled as emotionally deep or whatever. Are astrological stereotypes wrong on purpose?

No. 211767

File: 1635775824670.png (71.75 KB, 400x557, 835ED14F-DE4D-4285-99F7-18A3D1…)

The stereotype is being two-faced or bipolar.

No. 211768

Depends on a lot more than sun sign according to people who read birth charts.

No. 211770

Do you actually believe in this or is it just some kind of cute little narcissistic mental masturbation activity?
>omg that's sooooo me no way are you ___? that's sooo you. omg noo i'm ___ and i'm not like that, i'm like this.

No. 211772

Can only answer for myself. I’m sure there are people out there who do actually believe in it, but I do not. I think it’s fun in the same way that people talk about what Hogwarts house they’d be in or something like that. I do know a bit more about astrology than “what’s your [sun] sign?” but no, I don’t think it is real.

No. 211796

Another stereotype about scorpio is that they're sluts/kinksters so it still checks out. They're also known as obsessive btw. But yes as other anon said it's meant to be a holistic read of the entire natal chart and not just sun sign.

No. 211933

File: 1635873815866.jpg (8.46 KB, 187x248, 1596051843933.jpg)

>tell person who asks about it my sign
>'oh…. no way that doesn't fit you at all, I'm never compatible with those, whats your rising and moon signs???'
>name 2 signs completely at random
>'omg that explains everything lol that's perfect for you, no wonder you don't seem like a [actual sign] at all, you have a super strong rising & moon influence!'
I've had a reaction like this multiple times, each after naming completely different signs.

No. 212194

lmao iggy azealia and azealia banks are both geminis why is that hilarious to me

for real though that is basically cherrypicking, you could pick enough terrible famous figures of any star sign and do that

No. 212324

My brother was a Gemini. He was so difficult. There was many times he would be laughing and happy to stop, only to become mean or violent, in a swing of a minute. Same situation with a Gemini roommate years later.
I know astrology isn’t everything, but I get nervous around geminis.

No. 212709

I've got six planets/things in Scorpio, including rising and sun sign. I have had a total of two partners, each committed relationships, and I was a virgin when I got married (not recommend. I'm pretty much asexual. Sex is absolutely unimportant to me, even boring, pointless. I just want occasional positive attention and admiration.

So, there's that. Before you ask, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter all in Scorpio. I forgot what else. Mars isn't. Most of my planets are in the first house.

No. 212880

File: 1636548066110.png (39.16 KB, 309x489, natalchart.png)

i wish the anon who explained zuck's placement would explain mine but anyone else is welcome, I'm completely clueless and the explanation provided by the site is for each element individually and I'm seeking a reading for the chart as a whole and how elements affect one another.

No. 212892

Mars matters a lot for sex. Where is it?

No. 212909

have any anons here paid someone to read their natal chart? i’ve seen some on etsy but i was wondering if anyone has any recs.

No. 212913

capricorn, second house

i wouldn't mind any other insights, if you have them. Not too concerned about sex, having rough time with larger life picture things.

No. 213290

What does it mean when a man has a leo venus, libra mars, and aries lilith? These are the 3 romantic/sex signs yes? I need ur voodoo help, whats the tea

No. 213310

This man is gay

No. 213311

Even with an aries lilith?

No. 213602

I'm not very familiar with lilith, but I'm guessing he wants to be spoiled and would spoil you back if he loves you. He might struggle with asserting himself to get what he wants and would rather try to go along with other people instead. If you need more details related to romance and sex, you can look into his 5th and 7th house if you know his rising sign.

No. 213631

What does it mean if a woman has these placements? A girl I'm chatting with has all three

No. 213699

any experiences with taurus men?

No. 214411

Gtfo of here you copying ass bitch.

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