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File: 1569753862506.jpg (273.83 KB, 1080x1053, original.jpg)

No. 124317

>>72269 previous thread

General discussion thread for everything fashion related.

No. 124320

File: 1569754767777.jpg (294.02 KB, 579x684, brooch-jewelry-5.jpg)

Anyone into brooches/pins? Do you wear them and how? I found so many pretty vintage brooches recently and want to start using them in outfits.

No. 124321

I've been wanting to wear brooches (after seeing them worn in Riverdale admittedly) but I have no clue how to wear them.

No. 124337

File: 1569774312577.jpg (76.84 KB, 564x846, 45ea9989b8203cda6cc8a475d15b1e…)

on coats

No. 124338

File: 1569774342345.jpg (89.41 KB, 564x845, 935330a511d0e8042e2d004ed4c47f…)

on sweaters

No. 124339

File: 1569774482545.jpg (76.68 KB, 564x564, e4009cd32f9a4e9003df965f10f577…)

on denim jacket(pockets)

No. 124340

File: 1569774540323.jpg (55.38 KB, 564x1003, e9b4e9f57e44c8cfce9f4832b19efc…)

ignore the fact it's a stupid chanel logo, I'm sure you can come up with something less tacky

No. 124341

File: 1569774562103.jpg (54.73 KB, 564x697, 4fca1de655153d46569dac2d515a7e…)

No. 124342

File: 1569774665012.jpg (88.67 KB, 564x903, 15a5eb0a7cd5b5f74c21096c741546…)

couldn't find a picture, but I'm sure a brooch pinned on a scarf, for example a little above the cup she's holding in this pic, would be really cute too

No. 124343

File: 1569774774675.jpg (70.92 KB, 564x846, 16de4086cec2bd5ac6376f9c10d7f5…)

on your jeans(pocket)

No. 124344

File: 1569774815010.jpg (75.74 KB, 564x705, 84df953b47a1f862094609065e882b…)

No. 124357

File: 1569781210858.jpg (1.26 MB, 2500x3750, Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, USA …)

I love singer Aurora's style, if only there was a way to adapt it to an everyday style…

No. 124359

File: 1569781246714.jpg (509.2 KB, 1365x2047, Circolo Magnolia Milan, Italy…)

No. 124360

File: 1569781359069.jpg (1.37 MB, 1365x2048, Forum Theatre Melbourne, Aust…)

No. 124362

File: 1569781488097.jpg (112.7 KB, 801x1200, Ópera de Arame Curitiba, Braz…)

No. 124363

File: 1569781612410.jpg (79.39 KB, 681x966, 055d661316cbf89ce1c231c4f586f7…)

No. 124374

I think with a little adjustment most of those outfits are wearable (assuming you don't wear them to an office or something like that). They give me art school fashion vibes

No. 124396

Same. Aurora's outfit are made by her sister, btw. I think it's wearable - if you're weird and brave enough. It's like… futuristic mori? The "witchy style" is quie popular right know and people are less weirded out by it, I think more original artsy styles like this are on their way to be more accepted.

No. 124446

I thought this video was insightful especially the part where it talks about color theory applying to your skin tone/ undertones

No. 124449

I'm really really lazy about fashion. Can anyone throw me some tips on how to dress nice without so much effort?

You can literally tell me exactly what to wear if you want, I'm genuinely clueless.

No. 124452

one-pieces (dresses, jumpsuits) are super low effort, throw on a pair of shoes, a bag, maybe some jewelry if you feel like it and bam, a nice outfit. Or you could go super basic with a nice pair of fitting jeans and a white t-shirt or blouse. Throw on some sneakers, maybe a leather jacket and you're done: Requires no thought or effort but it's still an outfit that looks good on everyone. Just make sure you pick pieces that fit you really well.

No. 124453

samefag, additional thoughts: build your wardrobe around a colorscheme. That way you can easily match everything with everything in your wardrobe without giving it much thought.

No. 124472

Is black an appropriate color to build my closet around or is that more of an accent color? I'm worried I'll end up looking like the virgin meme only wearing black and grey

No. 124479

Perhaps looking up capsule wardrobes can be useful for you. https://theblissfulmind.com/2015/08/17/capsule-wardrobe-basics/

No. 124480

This is perfect

No. 124557

File: 1570051477316.jpg (139.38 KB, 683x1024, chunky-sneakers-2018-street-st…)

i fucking hate these chunky sneakers i keep seeing all over instagram ruining otherwise fine outfits

No. 124565

File: 1570065552225.jpeg (84.24 KB, 1200x1539, 78B6C75D-FEA1-4DA3-B284-084E6D…)

I’m going to the desert

>I’m pale as shit help.

Any outfit ideas anons I don’t care if I look cute I just don’t want to die

No. 125477

anyone watched this cow before? i think there was a thread here on how to 'look rich' and 'le high society' that was similar to her content lmao

No. 125496

Lmao, I just discovered this woman recently and was about to post her in another thread.

She has absolutely no personality.

No. 125575

me fucking too! they're so ugly, I hope this trend dies soon

No. 125576

I watched one of her vids one. she looks like Trump's next wife

No. 125591

File: 1571443499128.jpg (81.7 KB, 580x580, m_5b324b6c2beb79654b830385.jpg)

Anybody know what this dress cut is called? I'm looking for something that looks exactly like it, but in black.

No. 125592

Look for sweetheart neckline skater dresses.

No. 125596

Thank you! I found just the one!

No. 125597

File: 1571450624443.jpeg (29.05 KB, 300x400, 0168F23A-5461-4BD9-BC64-1986FB…)

The 90s plaid A- skirt / overall combo with a shirt underneath it is the look I’m going for, but my friend said it’s not trendy anymore. Too bad cuz the cut and pattern looks good on me and I just bought 6 variations and colours of this look for $360. No refunds available. How would I make this look more trendy and up to date? I was thinking frilly blouses instead of a plain shirt and thigh highs instead of my typical combat boots

No. 125599

Who cares if something is trendy or not, why would you wanna dress like everyone else anyway? If you think it looks cute (and it does btw), just wear it.

No. 125612

there's literally no keeping up with the trends, they come and go far too fast.

Just wear what you want. It's much better to wear your own taste in fashion than to follow the trends like a sheep anyway.

No. 125618

File: 1571503557935.jpeg (85.8 KB, 550x550, C0C5E6F2-0EA0-4578-B33D-BDF953…)

thanks anons! I’m considering splurging on a nice hefty pair of Doc Martens or platform boots to go with my purchases. I’d like to mix and match with my outfits too, so I’m still going to buy lacy tops to wear underneath my dresses. Since they’re all Plaid, I might just get some info from Clueless (I love the fashion in that movie!)

No. 125619

What brand is OP pic from? Those jeans are cute as fuck

No. 125622

It's not super trendy anymore, but it's not dated or anything. If you wear thigh highs and frilly blouses you'll prob look like a weeb. Check out bestdressed on youtube though. She wears that cut a lot in different ways.

No. 125627

File: 1571520210391.png (1.32 MB, 1024x970, Screenshot-2019-03-19-at-9.03.…)

I absolutely love the outfits in Clueless or simply everything Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler wore in teen movies back then. Probably looks bad but I also like all denim outfits (like denim skirt + denim jacket) lol
Kpop girls sometimes wear stuff inspired by the 90s too but I'm worried about looking too childish or like a weeb/kboo…

No. 125628

File: 1571520578206.jpg (108.07 KB, 960x960, c6359b83765be952c4e0932ee33506…)

No. 125675

I don't really follow j-fashion/kpop these days but none of that would really strike me as weeb/kboo if I saw a girl wearing this on the streets.

No. 125687

Is there any place I could look up fashion and get some inspo that ISN'T instagram?

No. 125688

pinterest! Maybe lookbook.nu but I don't think that's as active as it used to be

No. 125700

>western classic stuff getting reappropiated to weeb/koreaboo shit

REEE!! will never make me angry

No. 125712

a lot of "korean" fashion is just generic trendy clothes. like, these aren't overly korean/japanese looking, they look like generic cute outfits. they'd just look like normal, slightly girlier clothes than average on a westerner. It's not like you want to wear head to toe liz lisa/swankiss or anything.

No. 125717

No. 125720

I feel like what makes kfashion is more about the hair, makeup, and being petite. I see tons of western/white girls dress like >>125628 >>125627 they just don't put as much effort in their hair and makeup. Also depending on the girl they tend to not be as petite, which is fine. So it comes across as a different look.

No. 125733

which Liv Tyler movies?

No. 125742

File: 1571649146706.jpg (124.65 KB, 720x1040, 1525780574866.jpg)

No. 125760

Why is r/femalefashionadvice so shit?

No. 125762

There you go. No need to thank me.

No. 125764

Reddit women aren’t normies

No. 125775

there's a thread here to post their shitty fits btw

No. 125784

40 year old women doing streetwear between school runs and reddit is never going to end well. Plus for some reason garments that fit are illegal for the whole sub.

No. 125848

I need this look! Where can I find it online? Anyone know any dupes?

No. 125851

looks too vsco nowadays, yikes. i hate the pseudo 90s aesthetic nowadays.

No. 125852

I mean it's too bare for school and work but seems pretty neato for a day out. Perhaps I'm not a fan of the skirt details, but she dresses actually better than normies and weebs.

No. 125854

tbh I feel that would work for school, in spring anyway. people wear croptops and sheer stuff bra showing all the time. at least where I am

No. 125872

How do you even wear stuff beyond a basic t-shirt and jeans and not feel extremely self-conscious?
I can barely wear a very basic skirt or dress without feeling uncomfortable, and I'm not fat or particularly ugly or anything. I love pretty clothes but I hate bringing any attention to myself, I own so much crap I'll never wear in public

No. 125873

File: 1571807809107.jpeg (95.49 KB, 650x650, 5DA5BDB1-A60E-45F1-98D8-9E2356…)

People aren’t paying attention unless you’re dressed like this or mostly naked. The larger the crowd, the closer you are to invisible amongst it.

No. 125875

I have the exact opposite lol

No. 125881

Most people don't care or notice much what you're wearing unless it's really out there. Expand your horizons, start small and try out what you like.

I got a rude comment once when I wore fishnets which saddens me a bit because I really like the look of them. I still wear them sometimes though cause fuck it.

No. 125889

First, let your anxiety build to the point where you feel like you're always being stared at.
Then, start wearing whatever you want. When you get that feeling that people are staring at you, you'll think "Must be my clothes", and the fact that you deliberately went out like that (instead of just existing as a spectacle) will make the whole thing feel impersonal and inconsequential.
I used to do this when I was overweight in a desperate bid to distract both myself and others from my body, and the habit just stuck even after I lost weight. It's rather liberating now (and of course people give you more leeway if you're not a landwhale). I can wear anything I think is nice, no matter how stupid it might look to others.

No. 125891

here's a hint: literally no one cares if you're wearing a skirt or dress. They're utterly normal pieces of clothing.

No. 126131

I'm the opposite. I feel super uncomfortable in anything that isn't lolita anymore and feel a lot better since getting rid of all my normie clothes

No. 127344

How do I dress for my figure?

I'm an underweight stick figure with no curves, people used to make fun of me for not having a boobs or ass at all and sadly at 23 I'm still flat everywhere. I also have a weird curved back which makes my tummy look fat. I also have weird bony x legs, the type of x legs that normally happens when you're overweight, and my knee caps are sticking out a lot. I hate my face as well but this is about fashion so I'll leave those details behind, so there's nothing I really want to draw attention to, every part of my body looks strange.

No. 127346

I mean skinny people are kinda in luck as a lot of things fit. Not without reason skinny people model clothing. I wouldn't worry too much about the general standards of dressing for your frame. You've pointed out a lot of negatives and honestly I think you're downplaying your own body. Try to accentuate what you like.

If you want some general ideas I'd say skater cut dresses give a nice illusion of curves. Avoiding anything too tight or too baggy. Lots of layering. Avoid all-black as that will slim you down. Patterns, prints or bright colors are a good way to go.

I'm tall and skinny as fuck myself. Personally I usually opt for leggings/pantyhose with skirts or shorts with more oversized/loose tops to balance it out. I dislike my scrawny upper body way more than my legs, but that's just me. If you go for baggier pants etc. one day formfitting tops will often balance it out. That's my motto anyway. It's good to switch up and just say fuck it and not follow rules though.

No. 127348

How do you add light/pastel pink pieces to your black wardrobe without it looking out of place or clashing? I feel the best in black but pink makes me happy whenever I see it. I've been wearing all black for so long it's hard for me to add any color.

No. 127351

Millenial pink hoodie/tshirt, with a black denim jacket and black jeans/skirt.

No. 127352

File: 1573594393093.jpg (38.93 KB, 325x325, black-skinny-jeans-pink-hoodie…)

Like this but a girl.

No. 127425

Basically use it where you'd use white, aka as an accent color.

No. 127450

I want to dress more feminine but without too much effort, what kinds of skirts/blouses are easier to slip on and look classy/feminine? Easy tricks for hair looks that don't take more than like 10 minutes?

No. 127454

File: 1573696703418.jpg (130.32 KB, 1280x1836, DRS376-324-01.jpg)

Honestly the fastest way to look feminine + stay comfy is simple dresses since it's just one garment that you don't need to pull up or fix too often. Flowy shirt dresses like pic related (colour and pattern irrelevant) are great imo. Otherwise, any skirt that isn't a pencil skirt is pretty comfortable.
I also really recommend dress pants/slacks! The tapered ones are pretty flattering, but holy shit. Way more comfortable than jeans and it makes it look like you put effort into your appearance.

Don't have any hair advice though, I just braid mine and use my ethnicity as an excuse hehe.

t. ex stag bi who still prioritizes mobility

No. 127466

Thanks for this very useful reply!

No. 127481

Thank you for the solid advice! I love millenial pink, my only problem is that it's so easy to accidentaly buy an item which is in a different shade of pink due to screens displaying colors differently.

How should I wear pink dresses? With black jackets and hosiery?

No. 127487

reminds me of a dvf wrap dress, ankle boots with block heels are nice and easy to wear too

No. 127500

an easy hair hack is cheating a "milkmaid" look by pinning two low basic pigtail braids up across your head.

No. 127520

How do you look sexy when you have a stick figure and an ugly face with no lips?
I can make myself look better on pictures but there's only so much angles and lighting can do. I wish I had boobs to show off but I'm an AA/AAA cup..

No. 127523

Showing your back in party/evening dress, during the day you can show legs. Maybe bank on not having boobs and do runaway looks (fully buttoned shirt for ex), and any looks that looks vulgar with a huge cleavage you can do imo.

No. 127542

Man, I miss the 2000’s

No. 127562

What do you girls think of /maliciousdesigns on instagram?

No. 127570

there's a good amount of variety in silhouettes and fabric, so i'd wear a few of these. did not know they existed 'till now.

No. 127578

Cute. Though, quite a few of the dresses look like they’d be a bit too short. I’m gonna assume this is ur brand, smooth plug kek

No. 127587

Seems odd how it manages to fit so many different models poorly.

No. 127592


A biiit too much on the age play/ABDL range for me

You actually can get pretty much the same style from age play/ABDL sites for cheaper since its not handmade.

No. 127637

Speaking of ageplay vibes, I feel like my style might be inappropriate for my age (20). I'm really into sanrio stuff and hime gyaru/pink frilly clothes in general. But I feel like most of the other people who dress this way (in the west) are doing it for fetish reasons nowadays. Idc if people think I'm a weeb, but I really don't want people to think I'm trying to be like a child or assume I'm immature. It can't just be me struggling with this, right?

No. 127642

File: 1574099269340.png (1.04 MB, 1048x1067, Screenshot_20191118-174147~2.p…)

If this is your own label, imo most of your pieces are really nice but this looks like a sissy costume. Also it might help your brand to see things modeled on a bigger variety of people.

20 is so young so wear whatever makes you happy while you can, most of ye efamous jfashion wearers are at least in their mid twenties anyway. It's easy to distinguish the cute instagram fashion bloggers from the abdl kink accounts but you have to accept that to normies we all look alike

No. 127646


I think Jfashion has a different ~vibe~ from sissy/ageplay stuff, the cuts of the clothing, fabric, and modelling are meant to fit adults and look flattering not baby-ish, when im wearing jfashion most people assume im either a weeb or koreaboo not a pervert.

No. 127663

Tbh looks cheap and amateur, spare a few pieces, like home made barbie clothes.

No. 127666

Not to mention how much more put together J-fashion is. Nice hair, nice makeup, and a cohesive look are important parts of J-fashion but are barely an afterthought on people wearing that shit as a fetish.

No. 127667

That lace looks so stiff and bulky and too large imo

No. 127673

poopee wawa

No. 127674

File: 1574135308513.jpg (8.38 KB, 387x490, boots.jpg)

I just bought these ankle boots. Any advice on what I should wear with them?

No. 127685

Not my own brand, thanks for the advice though (sounds sarcastic but I'm serious…yes I love to make clothes).
It had ageplay vibes for me too but I think that was because of the comments. What do you mean with variations? Like plus size?

No. 127686

weebs feel better than others so they will claim it's ~not ageplay~ looking compared to a random 14 year old e-girl who loves wearing pink satin clothes. In reality if you don't glamorize the book lolita or japan's kiddie fetish I don't think it's a problem to dress children inspi wear.

No. 127873

What do anons think of Jenny Mustard's style? I found her looks kinda odd at first, but the more of her videos I watch the comfier I feel like they look. It just seems like pulling off androgyny is really hard unless you have the specific body type she has though.

No. 127877

She’s literally a spoop ofc alt ish stuff looks good

No. 127995

The designer needs to stop modeling for her own clothing bc she does not suit the style at all. Makes her look really crusty and the garments aren't very nice looking to begin with.

No. 128061

File: 1574715988047.jpeg (69.54 KB, 640x637, 6BA9A278-A83A-4E67-8622-1C7108…)

Does anyone know of any American shops/sites that sell (less expensive) outfits similar to this one? Is there a proper name for this style?


No. 128070

>Is there a proper name for this style?
It's so weird to see users who never browsed /cgl/ before. This is EGA/elegant gothic aristocrat style stuff.

No. 128071

Thank you, Anon. Yeah, I’ve never browsed /cgl/ or bothered to learn any Japanese fashion terms, which I now regret. I’ve always adored Mana’s outfits, though.

Would it be cringey if a white female in her mid-20s walked around an artsy town in a toned-down version of that outfit? I have a dark style to begin with, so it wouldn’t be too dramatic of a transition.

No. 128080

Imho it depends on how you're built, as the skirt style may suit smallish girls rather than tall ones. If you're tall you can take away the lolita part and use long skirts rather than knee ones.

No. 128087

that isn't even lolita, anon. EGA and EGL are different and shorter skirts still look fine on taller girls.

No. 128184

I need a bit of help anons. I like how high waisted looks on me but I am noticing that most pants don't actually reach the smallest part of my waist and more often don't even reach my belly button, usually right below it. Does this mean I have a long torso? And are there any particular brands that I should be looking at for high waisted?

No. 128202

File: 1574967297279.jpg (241.75 KB, 900x1200, IMG_20191128_134500.jpg)

What brand is this set? Or w2c similar?

No. 128203

have you looked at Levi's ribcage fit? or something to that extent. saw them on my ig feed when they came out, they go up to the bottom of your floating ribs. too bad I'm a poorfag kek

No. 128205

I have the opposite problem. I'm short, but I'm not stubby. I don't buy petite fit pants. I only get this problem with high-waisted fit.

No. 128206

Levi's Mile High Super Skinny Jeans were my lifesaver!

No. 128218

Try Devilinspired, it has a lot of things like this from Taobao and other international sites that aren't overly expensive and easy to buy in the west

No. 128223

Thank you! I actually own Levi high rise but good to know there something even higher waisted. I'm also a poorfag but door buster, black Friday and Cyber Monday are all here and I'm willing to spend for good quality.

No. 128251

Where are places to buy good jeans for women with lots of hip/waist ratio?

No. 128274

File: 1575072044938.jpg (45.19 KB, 540x405, tumblr_pk68paj3Ef1wmzeljo1_540…)

Has any anon bought from bottega_dado_japan on ebay? I stupidly bought Liz Lisa from there, and I'm questioning if it's authentic.

Also, are there any good second hand shops that sell older Liz Lisa stuff?

No. 128290

i have. it's real but buy from fril and use SS

No. 128297

Ah thank you, but I'm a bit stupid. I know about fril, but what is SS?

No. 128307

shopping service. japanese 2nd hand and a shopping service tend to be much cheaper than buying on ebay.

No. 128313

i see, do you have any shopping service you'd recommend?

No. 128317

File: 1575164750643.jpeg (411.01 KB, 1125x657, 9FFBBFF1-4012-437F-8F13-7F4EE5…)

No. 128320

>older stuff
reading comprehension

No. 128321

i personally use fromjapan but i order like 10+ items every month. they hold your stuff for 45 days tho.

No. 128324

What kind of fashion and aesthetic does Jules from Euphoria have? Just love the style!

No. 128339

File: 1575207315882.png (2.39 MB, 1084x1172, f4dihfvuy2421.png)

you tried

ty for the help, anon!!!

No. 128363

They have stuff from 2015 in their store

No. 128365

just stop. anon wants old, cheap 2nd hand stuff. i suppose you'll recommend tokyootakumode next. you were wrong, get over yourself.

No. 128418

As other anon said, fril and mercari jp are best, but cherrycordialofficial has some good pieces too.

This is the shopping service I use for mercari. https://tenshishop.com/

No. 128629

File: 1575584637175.jpg (598.87 KB, 1800x2400, USI_3942.jpg)

Im thinking about getting a "women's suit." How much should you pay to get a good quality one? Also any tips on which cut would look good? I think my body is similar to pic related except I have bit of beer belly kek, I think the jacket being buttoned would hide it?

No. 128655

Where can I buy decent quality lingerie?

No. 128694

If you're in NA definitely recommend Marshalls/Winners. You can find a lot of high quality lingerie there for a fraction of the normal price. Also The Outnet, Nordstrom, Moda Operandi etc. if you don't care about discounts as much.

No. 128815

I want to dress edgy and go for a darker vibe but I don’t know if I’m too old for it? I’m 22 turning 23 and I don’t want to look like I’m going through an emo teen phase.

No. 128821

Just wear all black but normal clothing. That's what I do anyway.

No. 128835

File: 1575894931223.jpg (99.37 KB, 1080x1350, 54513844_263291274549810_76325…)

For the upcoming new year I'd really like to turn my entire style around, sort of from mousey plain jane to a "stacy" lol
Problem is, I don't really want to dress too sexy e.g. I absolutely don't want to show cleavage, that just makes me feel uncomfortable (a bit of leg is fine tho). Secondly, most of the popular girls on yt or insta are very tan and have a sort of beachy look, while I'm a really pale brunette (and I don't live in a warm place).
Does anybody know any sort of style inspiration that would fit this description? I really have no idea where to start, I neither really know what's "in", nor do I know what suits me. If it helps, I'm very tall and more of a pear shape, tho my butt is a bit on the small/flat side. I'd really appreciate any help.

No. 128837

Instead of trashy instagram style why not go for a more classic elegant style?

No. 128838

Use Pinterest for inspiration. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to fit in with trends, go for whatever you feel fits your body and personal tastes.
You might want to look at basic minimalist/Scandi chic type of fashion. Simple, clean, not very revealing unless you want it to be, and would probably flatter your body type.

No. 128843

I never said I want to look trashy, I just have absolutely no idea what exactly I'm looking for, that's why I tried looking at instagram and co.
I mainly dressed more elegant/business chic when I was a bit younger, but while I find that style beautiful on other women, it just doesn't suit me, it makes me look boring and old af, like some bland mom. In general I look awful in anything beige or nude coloured, I need a bit more to not look "invisible" to others.

No. 128855

Go on pinterest and keep a board of outfit pictures you like. Pin anything you like that you come across on Pinterest, instagram (there's plenty more styles on there than just "trashy baddie") and other social media. Search for keywords such as fashion/outfits/fashion inspiration and filter on boards if you don't know where to start. If you find one picture you like, it'll automatically recommend similiar things.

No. 128858

I have a similar problem and am desperate.

I have a massive case of Millie Bobby Brown syndrome, where I look like someone's chain-smoking, divorced Greek aunt if you put me in anything overtly feminine and slap thick eyebrows on me. I look normal in slightly tomboyish, Parisian-style outfits and short hair, but I want to feel more feminine and don't know how. I don't suit "sexy" and I don't suit anything overtly twee/cutesy, but more serious clothes like business casual and monochrome outfits make me look like reviewbrah. Right now guys just assume I'm gay. I'm running out of choices.

No. 128861


Oh I just bought so much cheap chain necklaces and earrings from aliexpress. I got pentagram earrings and fishnets from dollskill too because they looked like fire on the model. I hope I don’t come off as costume-y when I combine it with all black outfits.

Maybe I’ll give these accessories to my little sister for Xmas if I end up looking like an edgelord.

No. 128867

Has anyone ever ordered from YesStyle? Are they similar to Romwe, Shein, Wish, etc., in that their products look drastically different in person? Are they extremely low-quality? (I would imagine so, considering their insanely cheap prices.) Do their clothes run small? They have some cute dresses, but I’m worried about wasting my money.

No. 128868

I've ordered a few tops and dresses from them before and have mostly had no problem. They do run small because it's asian sizing, so if you're larger it might not fit you. Also over all i probably wouldn't recommend getting any skirts/pants on there and to always read the reviews. If something doesn't have any reviews, don't gamble, it's probably bad.

No. 128877

I am tall and thin with a small chest and wide hips. Guess I’ll try to order a size or two up on there and see how it looks. Thanks for the info!

No. 128888

what do you ladies think about Ted Baker? I’m dreaming of working there (just part time retail while in school), I currently work at a mid range store mainly for WASP moms (think like 79-89 dollar jeans, 50-70 dollar sweaters) and I want something more young but still feminine and classy. I looooove the majority of the clothes, just way too expensive for me to ever afford without an employee discount. Do any of you anons work for a higher end brand and enjoy it?

No. 128903

had a friend work for fossil, work wise it was absolute shitshow bc the manager was an incompetent ass and the store was unprofitable kek. basically no different than working in cheaper stores. the colleague discounts were nice tho, she got so much shit on the cheap plus a free item for completing her training. I'd say go for it but don't expect anything deeply professional or outstanding from the actual job part of the job.

No. 128966

nothing about Ted Baker, especially the clothes, strikes me as "young". Maybe the bags.

No. 128970

File: 1576023491988.jpg (119.9 KB, 1200x675, DZMpbr3VwAAt8xI.jpg)

What kind of glasses are considered cute these days? I usually wear contacts. I don't want those Harry Potter style ones.

No. 128974

File: 1576027445011.jpg (113.85 KB, 1200x628, Edito_facebook_1200x628.jpg)

i have glasses like these right now but with more ornate little trill design things on the golden accent where the nose bridge is. There's also gold accents on the sides, but either than that, the shape and the colour scheme is the same as the photo. They're super cute and work well with any outfit! I personally like tortoise shell because it adds class to any outfit. I don't know what your personal style is, but I go for librarian chic with my glasses

No. 128975

what is this style called? these are the kinds i've been looking for!

No. 128979

The bags are really popular with young girls where I live

No. 128981

hexagon glasses

No. 128990

quirky grandma

No. 129004

It’s just another fast fashion online shop. Their sizes run slightly smaller than average western sizes.

No. 129008

Pls anyone or you, gib me list of fast fashion stores and list of non-fast fashion stores that's not in thousands of dollars range a piece. I need good examples. Would ted baker be fast fashion? Don't like everything of them btw.

No. 129010

Generally speaking fast fashion will be dirt cheap and have no real standing on ethically sourcing materials. They turn out new designs, new fashion trends, and bulks of clothes in a week. Most fast fashion companies have a huge catalogue of clothes and are often quick to retire old ones. That being said even other higher end brand might not ethical and even participate in fast fashion practice. It's just how fashion companies make money.

For Ted Baker in particular, it's a high end brand where pieces start off at 100, and according to their website they source all their material ethically. Their catalog is huge but I'm not sure how often they output new designs and discard old ones. Overall you wouldn't call this store a fast fashion brand. It's just too expensive.

So really just look at article of clothes, see how well it's made, see how quickly they adopt new trends, and then finally look at the price of clothing and if it matches to the quality

No. 129020

im probably too late to reply but…
>cover yourself as much as possible (it helps against the burning sun)
>wear light, breathing fabric (linnen)
>something for your head (hat, scarf,…)
>factor 50 sunscreen
>unbrella if it gets really bad (you see a lot of people doing it at the pyramids of Cairo since its pretty much in the desert and the sun really burns… not everyone is made for it)

look at the locals and see what they wear, they usually know best.

No. 129021

File: 1576136349665.jpg (48.74 KB, 500x500, avatars-000288873036-ix0cdf-t5…)

Its a long shot but…. Im looking for 80s nerd glasses but a modernised version for women and less nerdy

No. 129023

File: 1576143714675.png (1.02 MB, 765x1047, chrome_2019-12-12_20-38-39.png)

What kind of blouse is pic related?

No. 129039


I haven't ordered clothes, but other things I have ordered are very cheap in quality. The only thing I really order off their site is makeup since it's cheaper than other places.

No. 129040

Some bigs ones I can think off the top of my head are Fashion Nova and Boohoo.

I thrift a lot now, but I used to use Romwe for some unique stuff.

No. 129041

I started wearing transparent frames. I think they look cute if you get a frame that compliments your face shape unless you're into that serial killer glasses look.

No. 129048

medieval blouse? blouse with square neckline?

No. 129049

Are there rules as far as fashion goes, or is it generally subjective? So many of you speak in-depth about color theory, pattern-matching, which clothes best suit certain body types, etc.

I personally am clueless about all of the above. Luckily, I always receive compliments on my outfits; however, I feel like a fraud and worry that I might look ridiculous to those who are actually knowledgeable about fashion. How does one learn? I’d like to familiarize myself with the names of various types of garments/collars/sleeves, as well.

I often witness “fashion experts” completely contradicting each other when critiquing outfits and giving advice, which just leaves me feeling even more confused.

No. 129052

I did, but i later figured out that it's the same china crap just way overpriced compared to aliexpress for example, and check out all the reviews before ordering anything

No. 129303

I swear no one here is a """fashion experts""" here. I think most of us here have an interest or affinity for fashion and have things to say on it based on exploring the interest.

In my opinion, I would say there's a certain set of "rules" a majority of people would agree with, however fashion IS subjective therefore even "fashion experts" are going to have different opinions and outlooks on fashion. (I think the rivalry of Dior and Chanel back when they where alive is a fantastic example of two "fashion experts" with completely different outlooks on what a woman should wear). Therefore don't worry about looking ridiculous to those who are knowledgeable about fashion. (What even is being knowledgeable about fashion anyway if we agree it is subjective?)

No. 129307

Maybe a stupid opinion but unless you coordinate your own originals or design your own clothes there's not much to learn about fashion is it? Like everything is pre-adviced for you and all you gotta do is literally look at pictures.

No. 129309

You can look at a picture and replicate it, but if you don't understand what makes it good (or bad) can you really replicate/imitate it correctly? You probably don't have the exact same clothes as the picture.

Also I wouldn't want to have to reference a picture everytime I stand in front of my warderobe.

Although I don't think there's a lot of actual learning involved with daily casual clothing, it's mostly just common sense and average eye judgement that certain things don't work or don't look good.

No. 129364

Personally I like Audrey a la Mode's channel for finding tips about colour theory, how to recognize good knits and cuts, etc. It's helped me a lot in building my capsule wardrobe and narrowing down what works. Justine Leconte's channel is great too for the same resources. But by no means are these like rules you have to adhere to, they just help you find flattering things.

No. 129389

Late to the party here, but I've ordered clothing items from them a few times now and for the most part it's pretty quality stuff. Though I've only ordered various shirts/jackets wrt clothing, would happily do it again - however their returns policy is a fuck-around and a half so be sure what you get is what you want if you do purchase.

No. 129394

File: 1576717785806.jpeg (111.83 KB, 638x776, DABC9881-2868-475F-8B4D-7F8373…)

I’ll be sure to check those two channels out! Always down to learn new tips.

Does anyone know where I could find this sweatshirt, by the way? It looks so cozy.

No. 129401

For dressing decently, I think you just need a basic eye for aesthetics. Doesn't even have to be fashion specific imo, art and graphic design skills (like balance and colour coordination) seem really transferable to me . But I'm sure more knowledgeable people are next level. Like, someone with a lot of technical knowledge about sewing and fabric will be able to choose higher quality clothes, someone who is very familiar with designers and fashion history will have more cohesive looks if they're going for a certain style or era, someone who spends a lot of time looking for inspiration will have broader tastes and be more willing to try new things, etc.

No. 129417

File: 1576775027193.jpg (927.04 KB, 2848x1128, imgonline-com-ua-collage-KNPXi…)

i want to dress like princess diana. not like her outfits from her princess days and absolutely not those horrible 80s dresses, but like the pic attached; more of her street (?) looks and her flowy dresses.

i know high-waisted jeans are on trend rn, but what is the name for this style? how can i look for items like these? how can i make an outfit?

pls recommend brands/insta accounts etc that have this kinda vibe, i also have a hard time finding inspiration. everything's either bodycon or e-girl/e-boy these days

i'm sorry for the shitty collage, don't have the tools rn

No. 129418

File: 1576775427840.jpg (59.88 KB, 700x933, 019d542ab7404cd198342d36c67c3d…)

sage bc here's another look, rest in piece diana

No. 129419

I think the style is just UK 80s casual womenswear tbh. Though Diana seemed to like pairing tailored pieces (like the green jacket and the riding style boots) with things like jeans and oversized sweaters. She mostly wore oversized clothing to hide her eating disorder, sadly, but she wore it well. You might want to look into some british 60s styles too, as that is kinda similar to the picture of her in the cardigan/blouse. I can't recommend any brands, but I'd maybe look into vintage clothing stores IRL or online and see if you can find some matching pieces similar to what Di is wearing.

No. 129467

ace & tate “wright” glasses

No. 129525

Any recommendations for some midrangeish UK retailer retailers that has good sizing options for petite bodies? Like Zara kind of style but better quality and not so made for tall willowy women - I struggle with narrow shoulders in particular.

No. 129528

File: 1576954147090.jpg (409.77 KB, 1080x958, 15742715140300.jpg)

Does anyone know where that dress is from? Looks like something from AliExpress.
Or dresses that look similar, stores that are selling something like that?

No. 129531

it's probably aliexpress/taobao. if you search on aliexpress, the term "korean" will get you a lot of stuff like this if not this one.

No. 129615

Where’s a website where I can get alternative fashion kinda like dollskill and killstar? Also anime inspired fashion like pleated skirts. YesStyle is limited

No. 129616


No. 129619

Anyone in the U.S know what brands of clothing are currently popular with girls/teens? I'm in my late 20's and out of touch and mall stores like A&F aren't really popular at the moment?

No. 129620


brandy Melville, urban outfitters ect

No. 129635

Why do you want to dress like girls at least ten years younger than you?

No. 129647

Is gotamochi good quality stuff? Aliexpress is too cheap for my tastes

No. 129648

File: 1577117486919.png (1.17 MB, 1078x1846, Screenshot_2019-12-23-10-07-46…)

does @peilieeshop resale aliexpress/taobao clothes?

No. 129649

From what you posted, yes. 99% of all the insta shops do.

No. 129656

It's christmas you tard I'm not buying it for me

No. 129658

clothes make such a bad gift imho

No. 129733

How do I dress feminine and cute when I have big boobs? I’m a 32f and literally anything cute or feminine I try to wear looks absolutely ridiculous on me since I don’t like to draw attention to my boobs. I can’t even wear anything sleeveless or spaghetti strap since I NEED to wear a bra at all times. So I’m stuck wearing minimizing bras and oversized cowl neck sweaters and silk/polyester blouses that don’t grab at my boobs.

No. 129791

Can anyone recommend stores to find more unusual kinda edgy jewellery that's not TOO pricey?
I love the aesthetic of this etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DefyJewelry?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=729747923
But it doesn't have to be like that necessarily.

No. 129792

Huge oversized sweaters in pastel colors which are so big you can use them as a cute casual dress.

No. 129794

Since when are you supposed to wear sleeveless tops and spaghetti straps without bra? What am I not getting here lol

No. 129796

Yes, the items from her shop are mostly all awful quality and taobao items. She does supposedly handmake a few pieces and accessories but I still wouldn't trust them.

No. 129798

I was gifted these Dr. Martens Yuba boots the one that has ribbon laces (sorry i cant post a pic im at work) for christmas this year. These are my first ever pair of high end (to me anyway) shoes and Im really excited. But i have no idea what I should wear to style them. Please be easy on me lol. Also if any of you own a pair of docs did it hurt like hell for you too? I read online that it takes a few months to break into but im wondering if its shorter? One more thing my sister got me a size 7 which is my shoe size but they feel big when i walk. Is it better if I size down since they dont make half sizes or should i just wear thicker socks? Thank you in advance!!

No. 129800

What are peoples opinions on a pastel wardrobe? I've noticed that the vast majority of my clothing is pastels, or light pinks / creams. The style of the clothing pieces themselves tend to be pretty basic, nothing quite detailed with frills or lace, but I'm starting to realise these colours are seen as childish? I work in a company that allows for casual dressing so I'll wear white/light wash jeans and a pastel top/shoes and jacket almost daily. I guess I'm wondering if this comes off as overly girly? And then part of me thinks, well fuck it there's nothing wrong with girly fashion. But I don't necessarily want to give off a young vibe at work in case I'm not taken as seriously. The other girls in the office tend to wear work dresses or dark jeans and a shirt/blouse…but that's not my style at all.

So yeah, opinions on pastels in general?

No. 129821

File: 1577411724526.jpg (45.5 KB, 500x519, 786e87b8299d68c05f644ae7a2f3ba…)

I like pastels but I don't really wear them. If you want to keep your style maybe use more classic colors like pic related instead of pinks like you mentioned?

No. 129862

Is it too late to learn to style yourself at 27? Or it will be just delusional self perception of improvement. I like feminine cute styles but not overly childish, more like towards preppy, nothing drastic, hoping for the best

No. 129869

go for it anon

No. 129870

I would not recommended oversized clothing if you have a big chest…

No. 129872

Also trying to learn to style myself at 27. Tried Kibbe but honestly can't get my head around emphasising features you're not actually that comfortable with and wearing clothes you don't really like.

No. 129874

File: 1577481968018.jpeg (56.41 KB, 1241x1080, AF4EB4A1-5A7B-4A06-9DFD-49AC08…)

This is super late but I hope you’re still around anon.
I wear 80s nerd glasses and it really makes every outfit stylish! Mine are by Vasuma in the style; “Eggeater”. A great alternative is by Ray Ban. They have identical ones but they’re slightly bigger.

No. 129878

Never too late. I recommend shopping cheap first (amazon, goodwill) to find out what you like to wear. For example, I bought a $2 pencil skirt from china, found out it's not my style, only wasted 2 bucks.

Just look up popular brands, find out what you like, follow those brands on ebay or poshmark or depop, watch some runways. It's an art.

No. 129886

Or you could just… go to a store and try clothes on without buying them…

No. 129887

Where do I get good quality white gogo boots?

No. 129928

literally anything
they're just boots

No. 129952

I’m currently taking the Kibbe test. Some of these questions are ridiculously difficult; I have no clue if my shoulders are “narrow,” “sloped,” “symmetrical,” or “tapered.” How the heck does one determine such a thing? They just look like regular shoulders to me.

On a similar note, how did you guys figure out which “shape” your body is? I am 5’8 and thin with petite shoulders, small boobs, and pretty wide hips. My midsection curves in a bit (not “boxy” or rectangular). If I gain any weight, it generally goes to my thighs (though they are by no means “thick”). Any clue what shape this would make me, or should I break out the measuring tape?

No. 129963

fatties can only shop online sadly

No. 129977

since you're pretty tall, that narrows your kibbe type down to only 3 or 4 types out of the top of my head. Try to see if you recognize yourself in any of those types if you can't figure out the test.

No. 130007

I have a pair of vintage docs that were already broken in, and I still got blisters from them during the first while of wearing them since they had to adjust to my feet. So yeah, you're prob gonna be in for some pain. There's a lot of advice online for the best/easiest ways to break them in.

As for styling, I really like using them in edgier outfits, and to also make cuter, more feminine or pastel outfits a little more edgy too. I like the contrast between the styles. They add a lot of weight to your feet visually, which I feel helps balance out a lot of fits too. I feel like they're pretty versatile and can go with almost anything tbh. Are there any outfits you're thinking about that you're unsure of?

If you're afraid of looking childish you could try matching pastels with black. Like a leather jacket and combat boots. Or just get some more business casual pieces but in pastel colours. Like a pastel blue blazer, for example. Is your problem really pastels, or is it that you're not dressing in work-appropriate clothing? Even if casual is allowed it's not always best to actually dress super casual if that's not the vibe the rest of the office has.

Top kek anon, this is how I feel with lot of fashion advice questions "How do I wear -insert generic versatile item that goes with basically anything-" like how do you even answer that

I think generally measurements are used to figure out body shape. From your description you sound pear shaped, but I know there has to be a certain amount of inches in difference between your chest and hip measurement to be "true" pear shaped. I don't bother with kibbe, I think going by apple, pear, or triangle shape you can get a general idea of what looks good and then go from there. Like, I'm kinda pear shaped, so I know a-line looks good. But I also have broader shoulders so strapless tops don't look good on me. You just have to keep narrowing it down and you slowly figure out what does and doesn't work for you. It's a process, and the main thing is to find pieces that you actually like and enjoy wearing, and that you feel comfortable in. Don't fall for the trap of what you feel you should be wearing. (unless ofc it's for work clothing lol)

No. 130340

Can anyone recommend a book on the history of fashion? I’m looking for one that mainly focuses on how clothing in general has changed throughout the centuries, as well as the inspiration behind certain styles and trends.

It’d be neat to find one on the history of fashion subcultures in Japan, as well. I’ve recently been getting into it, and there is SO much to learn.

I’m aware that I could look all of this information up on Google, but I’d much prefer to have it all laid out in book form.

No. 130358

I find it really hard as well. I've taken a dozen tests and asked multiple questions for help in the libve thread here and still can't get it right because I don't know what I… Objectively look like?

It's the type of thing where you can so easily get it wrong and then style yourself completely incorrectly. Tbh sometimes I consider paying the fee for the online consultation

No. 130366

File: 1578203186833.jpg (46.67 KB, 400x431, tumblr_po8ebguKLe1uu7wbt_400.j…)

No. 130398

cool outfit, but it's funny how she's trying to look all cool and dark in that room with the lace and stuffed animals.

No. 130412

File: 1578270502254.jpg (67.14 KB, 600x800, f00fff7d-f39c-4c2e-bea2-f09c75…)

If you've found a clothing site that you're pretty sure is just an aliexpress reseller, how can you go about finding the items as cheap as possible? At the moment I just reverse image search and hope but it's not working very well.
I'm looking at Yankia.com and misdoo.com

No. 130413

just try to figure out the search terms for the dress, they are probably similar to the ones in the listing.

No. 130415

File: 1578274171145.jpg (51.26 KB, 500x740, 6bcb5fe0d2b85d95f85243d517e473…)

I want a soft butch sort of look but I feel like my hips are a bit too big for it.

No. 130418

Does anyone know how to find specific knock-off items on aliexpress? I've found one shop that seems to be ripping off only D&G, but that was by accident. I know you can use euphemistic search codes, but i want to see if anyone is making knock off Alexander Mcqueen and it doesn't seem to be a popular brand to fake.

No. 130421

much of the time just searching the brand name will bring stuff up because it appears in hidden keywords rather than the actual listing. then you just go from there. searching for that brand seems to have brought up some shoes but no clothing.

No. 130422

yeah i want everything except those white trainers lol. ah well i'll keep googling

No. 130423

that sucks anon, hope you find something! a tip though is to buy it as soon as you do because these items get taken down often.

No. 130425


I think you'd be able to find a lot of things you'd like that fit this vibe at The Gap or Banana Republic.

No. 130428

reddit r/repladies has everything you'll be looking for. but taobao has better items generally since aliexpress is stricter on fakes/

No. 130434

Not sure about AE, but on Taobao you can reverse image search.

Also there are some search terms you can use, like I know for Free People lots of reps/gray market items just say "FP."


Based on this post, maybe try 亚历山大麦昆 on Taobao.

No. 130471

File: 1578350318814.jpg (43.52 KB, 375x499, 51kmo0RqxQL._SX373_BO1,204,203…)

No. 130472

DH gate is much better for finding knockoffs of specific brands than aliexpress is

No. 130486

File: 1578375261925.jpg (252.62 KB, 1340x1277, Xljcev8.jpg)

What dress is this?

No. 130494

I know on the AliExpress app you can upload a picture through the search bar and it will bring up all the seller selling that dress or similar ones

No. 130558

I have a size 0-2 waist and size 6-8 hips and cannot find proper fitting jeans for the life of me. I hate the look of skinny jeans and want the more “baggy” look but nothing is working out. Should I just deal with custom tailoring and suck it up? The waist area always scrunches up or I can’t get my butt to get into it.

No. 130561

Same, anon.
I love androgynous cuts and styling, but I have all the wrong body parts for it - narrow shoulders but wide (for my frame) hips, bigger bust, incredibly short legs. Everything that flatters me is ultra feminine, which isn't really my style.
I'm always struggling to find a middle ground between the styles I like and not making me look like a box on stumps.
Are you sure you're a size 0-2 (24-25") in the waist? Make sure you're measuring properly and not sucking in or pulling in the tape measure.
Having a couple of sizes difference between waist/hips sizes isn't unusual, but that big a difference would look quite odd, and to be frank, most people online seem to exaggerate their measurements a lot.
Either way, you want jeans with a lot of stretch so they can get over your hips - unfortunately, those are often skinny jeans, or jeggings, but a LOT of stores do "curvy" cuts nowadays - it was a much bigger problem say, 5 years ago - have you tried those? Do they fit?
If you're really a 0-2, it might be difficult as in my experience US brands, (except ones aimed at teens) are often badly vanity sized and a "0" is more like a 4.
I have a US 0 that fits like a UK size 10 (28" waist).

No. 130565

Does anyone have recommendations for cute/frilly dresses who would flatter someone with a bigger bust?

No. 130575

File: 1578507312406.jpeg (349.88 KB, 1660x2546, fecaf5c4-ddd5-4f8a-a1a5-47c26a…)

Maybe something with a flare and a fitted or belted waist to balance out both top and bottom?

No. 130577

File: 1578510914559.jpg (69.35 KB, 564x845, 524b3d06cb71310d55f5fefad4e96a…)

I adore this girls whole style but I'm not sure what to call it so I can build it more into my wardrobe (I have quite a few articles very similar that I've just thrifted over the years). Any ideas? IG; aclotheshorse

No. 130583

I'd say her style is a mix between prarie (long dresses, broderie, straw bags) and dark academia/school girl (plaid, hair bows, a-line skirts, berets) and maybe some more.

Anyway I think her style is fairly easy to pick apart in terms of items, you don't really need to know what to call the style (if it can even be called anything, it looks like a mixed bag to me) to know what to look for:

maxi dresses
pinafore dresses
a-line skirts
broderie dresses/blouses
prarie dresses

leather belts
hair hows
cutish animal jewelry
straw bags and hats

block heels
ballet flats
mary-jane shoes

patterns: plaid, tartan, gingham, houndstooth, (dark) florals, cute-ish animal patters

colors: whites, mustard yellows, burgundy, dark greens

No. 130585

This is such a nice breakdown of the style! Thank you so much!!

No. 130587

Looking for ideas on what to wear with oxfords as a woman. What cut of trousers especially, straight leg with an ankle hem length?

No. 130589

File: 1578525559475.jpg (344.81 KB, 1366x2048, Valentino_002_1366.jpg)

I'm in love with Valentino runway dresses.
Any ideas of where to find more affordable clothes with similar aesthetics? Dumping some of my favourites.

No. 130590

File: 1578525600138.jpg (240.89 KB, 1366x2048, Valentino_092_1366.jpg)

No. 130591

File: 1578525792463.jpg (1.85 MB, 2000x3000, _VAL0453.jpg)

Last one.

No. 130597

Sadly no suggestions for any kind of good quality dupes for these, but these are so stunning. You have excellent taste, anon.

No. 130603

File: 1578532107262.png (315.57 KB, 427x595, val1.PNG)

Did some browsing and this Valentino is similar to the one you pictured here in your third post, and is considerably marked down by being preloved.

No. 130611

I'd look for pre-owned Red Valentino or MiuMiu tbh. A bit cheaper.

No. 130619

Thanks anons.
Btw, if you liked those I'd really recommend checking out the Valentino runway shows on the vogue website - either for inspo or feeling shit about how poor you are. I think the first 2 were from the same 2015 collection.

No. 130675

File: 1578657388964.png (22.47 KB, 938x938, 81029EEC-7BF7-4F0E-AF6E-05CC38…)

Could we get one of these going? This is a /fa/ thing but I’m curious to see farmers’ styles

No. 130676

File: 1578657497810.png (1.17 MB, 938x938, CBA9D352-728A-4CAE-8732-ACFEB0…)

No. 130683


No. 130685

File: 1578668725938.png (1.65 MB, 929x933, idealtemplate.PNG)


I assume it means attraction-wise? I did a mix of attraction and inspiration for that section

No. 130694

File: 1578676709156.png (1.79 MB, 1249x1240, Untitled 1.png)

left the last one open since I'm not sure what it means

No. 130707

I love your taste! I especially like the clothing, what are the names of these styles? Any place I can see more?

No. 130709

File: 1578687653918.jpg (585.49 KB, 938x938, collage.jpg)

ignoring the fact that I will forever probably have Hagrid hair, this is about it

No. 130713

File: 1578690770747.png (489.63 KB, 606x602, skjldffdg.png)

No. 130719

this is super cute but I feel like this looks ridiculous on anyone who's not a petite, super skinny girl with a baby face.

No. 130724

File: 1578696443532.png (Spoiler Image, 976.01 KB, 937x938, fachart.png)

I made one a while ago when I used to lurk /fa/ and had so many reference photos that went with my style, but i've lost the usb with them since. Fuck…

Go to a music festival, I've worn really neofolk shit to them and have gotten compliments. But really, I live in a big city and you wouldn't look out of place in a crowd or most places.

No. 130725

File: 1578699948002.png (201.53 KB, 505x511, epines.png)

i have no idea if this style even has a name honestly, but going through instagram tags a common tag seems to be "フレンチガーリー" which translates to 'french girly', but googling that in english doesn't bring up similar results. By observation it looks like a subtype of larme kei with more emphasis on nudes, and blacks, and faux french vintage. Sorry if that's a shitty description but here are some accounts that embody the style perfectly

very /euro/
outfit coordinations

think it just means ideal type, or ideal partner on physical appearance alone

i'm gonna have to agree here lol. as with most weeb styles, it's not very forgiving

No. 130749

What's the name of the painting on the left? He's cute lol

No. 130752

your vintage inspired looks are everything

No. 130753

File: 1578763929260.jpg (300.25 KB, 938x938, fafatemplate.jpg)

No ideal man/woman, just style.

But basically my ideal style is trad goth style made of second hand clothes and the stuff you find from your grandma's attic mixed with interesting random clothes that aren't really goth clothes, mostly slight hippy stuff and slight influence of the current trends and feminine clothes.

Ideal body is hour glass, I prefer similar with >>130724 and I like curly hair, brunette or some interesting color but not neon colors.

No. 130755

the painting is a self portrait (Self Portrait in Sapphire Blue) of Stanisław Wyspiański, his other work is great as well.

Thank you! I get inspiration from certain channels like Karolina Zebrowska, Bernadette Banner, The Long Haired Flapper, sometimes even Lindybeige; I'm interested in the utility of clothes and armor. I wanted to add Herr Urst's website because he has some pieces that don't look completely like Nazi larps, but I've realized that is his whole wardrobe, which is, frankly, embarrassing. Glamourdaze has good reference photos, too. Hopefully that somewhat gets you into the rabbit hole of vintage fashion!

No. 130762

File: 1578771395283.jpg (523.74 KB, 938x938, meh.jpg)

No. 130766

File: 1578776537081.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 938x938, 1578657388964.png)

my fashion is a mix between edgy, 90s-inspired grunge to pretty preppy schoolgirl academic. i sometimes mix and match the two aesthetics which is easy because both styles have plaid skirts! sometimes i dress up super funky like a Bratz doll with platforms, various bold mix-n-match patterns and crazy accessories but i dislike the attention it brings. it's for fun but i feel self-conscious when people stare at me. i couldn't find anything on the internet that matches some of these crazy outfits i wear. right now i am in love with my 5 inch platform white thigh high Go-Go boots, mini pleated tennis skirt with a black ribbon at the bottom, a white bubble vest jacket, and oversized fruit earrings (cherry, watermelon, or strawberry). i wear red lipstick to match! my fashion inspiration is the 90s, Clueless, Sailor Moon, and Bratz dolls. i wasn't sure what bottom right was, so i put my fashion inspiration there.

thank you for the sources! i am going to dress more vintage and classic when i'm older. unfortunately my fashion right now will look "wrong" on older women because it "ages".

No. 130767

File: 1578778267372.jpeg (589.9 KB, 938x938, wehehe.jpeg)

A lot of these elements don't match well but I don't really care. I just want to look like a classy-cute (but not too far either way, right in the middle) librarian with impressively long braids who is secretly beefy. I already dress mostly like this, just have to wait for the others to manifest.

And I assumed the "man/girl" quadrant to be how you want your partner to dress? I find all these people attractive though so it covers both lol.

>ideal body
>tfw ywn be a 2D representation of a rectangular prism
Why live?

No. 130768

I'm absolutely loving your dress sense - built women with long braids is a god-tier combo.

Fully support your efforts to go full Ned Flanders-core.

No. 130769

File: 1578781743541.jpeg (76.57 KB, 1080x1350, Image result for techwear fema…)

I'm all into techwear. But I'm 23 and big chances are that I will end up as a stay in mother, plus my boyfriend preffers the stacy style.
That's why I searched >>125477.
Her video about not looking cheap wasn't so bad. But the "how to talk to a rich person", kek. Apparently non rich speaks as baboons.

No. 130778

File: 1578798587957.png (476.23 KB, 642x964, 675432320.png)

Just bought this skirt for fifteen bucks. So excited for it to arrive in the mail.

I saw it in person, but they didn't have my size, so I had to order it.

No. 130785

File: 1578806279628.png (1.25 MB, 938x938, 1578657388964.png)

Idk I like "gothic" looks but I prefer more normie makeup looks to the crazy shit that's popular with a lot of gothic fashion. I like thick eyeliner and dark eyeshadow colors but I don't like piercings, shaved eyebrows or green lipstick. Idk what you would call that? "Gothic-inspired casual?" "Gothic chic?" (Also yeah I understand goth is about the music, please don't lecture me.)

I also really like throwback seventies looks (which is why a lot of the male examples are musicians– it's not because I think musicians are automatically fashionable/attractive.)

I just took the bottom right to be the sex opposite your own regardless of what you're attracted to.

No. 130794

You're going to look epic, anon.

No. 130805

I fucking love this style? I didn't know it had a name. I also really like that kinda boyish streetwear fashion that's popular in east Asia, but where I live, no one wears that kinda stuff and girls here dress almost exclusively hyperfeminine.

No. 130829

As a fellow lover of tech wear and stay in mum, just wear the fashion you like anon - express your personality or you’ll regret it sometime down the road tbh. Also, who the fuck cares what styles your boyfriend prefers, it’s your body and no one’s opinion should even come close to your own in regards to what you wear

No. 130984

File: 1579134316521.jpg (1.27 MB, 2987x2986, a.jpg)

Right now my hair is very long and I love it but on the other hand bobs are so cute too…I either like it really short or really long, anything normal is somehow boring to me.

I really hope I manage to lose weight and finally hit my dream weight this year. My best point is my waist, my shoulders and hips are pretty balanced but my lower body is always slightly bigger than my upper half, so I guess I'm a mix of an hourglass and a pear.

Stylewise I'm rather terrible right now, I dress like an inbetween of an incel and a middle-aged housewive, so I really want to dress prettier, girlier and less boring. But I'm also very tall, so while I plan to get some skirts and dresses, it's probably for the best if I mostly stick to jeans instead of going full on feminine and frilly.

I don't have a male celebrity I like, so I just created my own ideal guy lol. But I've always really liked dark and longish hair.

No. 130985

Holy koreaboo

No. 130987

Fuck you

No. 130997

File: 1579151392771.jpg (131.68 KB, 600x900, TK-2013-09-022-009-001-Harajuk…)

I've been wanting to find some good cult party styled things around town, but most of the things I find are either super body huggy, too sheer, and rarely ever flow-y. I mainly search around thrift shops like Salvation Army and Goodwill hoping to find something nice. I find some good sweaters, but not really anything light or pale colored. It's so hard to find ivory colored clothing around here. Should I start doing the DIY route? Invest in a sewing machine and make things myself?

No. 130998

File: 1579152171448.gif (1.84 MB, 245x165, 7C665EE0-0654-4C7E-9532-8CFDD6…)

What’s this style called?

No. 131003

Which push-up bras give you major cleavage? So many people praise the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra, but it barely does anything for me. I have small B-cups, and they look no different with the bra on - just slightly pushed together. Does anyone know what brand Paris Hilton wears? She’s pretty flat, but she’s worn push-ups that have made her boobs look huge.

No. 131008

>Should I start doing the DIY route? Invest in a sewing machine and make things myself?
Yes. That'd be really cool, and you're picking up a new skill/hobby you can use for life.
Plus, I feel like handmade clothing fits the aesthetic of CPK pretty well.

No. 131010

File: 1579171381719.png (908.66 KB, 938x938, 1578657388964.png)

I can never decide whether I want long straight hair or long curly/frizzy hair. I guess I'm just happy if it's long (and it is, right now).
I like darker fashion, especially old school gothic Lolita and EGA, as well as boho fashion. Basically, anything romantic, dark and/or cute/girly grabs my attention. Crosses and chokers are my favorite accessories.
I do also like anime shirts and sweaters, detailed thigh-highs/tights, anything with a sailor collar, crop tops, and the more typical "e-girl" fashion we see everywhere with all the chains/spikes and layered tees as more casual options, but I couldn't fit all of that into the style panel.
Didn't know what to put for the last panel, so I just added what I'd want my boyfriend to wear.

No. 131011

Tbh I find it's about how you use the bra. I've used the bombshell and random cheap ones too and o ce you organise your boobs in them properly they're all fine, like pulling them up and Inwards onto the padding. When I was younger and partying I would also safety pin the two straps together up high on my back lmao ridiculous cosplayer tier trick but it looked like titty city central

No. 131027

Go to a Chinese department store and pick something out from their underwear section. The bras manifacuted for Chinese consumers are on another level - they have really thick padding and they cinch you in like nobody's business. I have an A cup and a cheap pink Chinese bra I had made me look like I was packing D cups.

The benefits are they are affordable and give you tits for days. The downside is that they are uncomfortable and not long lasting - an underwire poking out or a strap coming off after being worn out is not uncommon. Be careful of the material too, if they are REALLY cheap and you have sensitive skin they might cause irritation since they're more or less modified plastic. I would suggest wearing them on occasion rather than daily use.

No. 131028

What would a style that's called Sexy Prairie Bitch look like?

No. 131052

File: 1579242090925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.39 KB, 564x564, 91d9810fc025ba17eef3971843f9eb…)

Everything Petite Meller does (spoilered for nudity). She also did a music video for her song, "Milk Bath" that basically lives off that idea.

No. 131073

you have great taste, love this

No. 131098

Thanks, anon!

No. 131159

the contrast is probably supposed to be the cool part

No. 131160

looks like some taobao dress

No. 131171

File: 1579453237736.png (1.4 MB, 938x938, chaoticaf.png)

Wearing heels despite being 5'11 to assert my dominance

No. 131273

File: 1579669484766.jpg (46.52 KB, 556x577, 4058539754.JPG)

any dupe for these? i would buy from the seller, but i rather not pay a lot of money for shipping.

also, any good online jewelry shops you anons recommend?

No. 131274

similar ones on ali, scroll to the bottom for more similar ones

No. 131279

File: 1579683696393.jpg (395.56 KB, 1053x1412, Screenshot_20200122-010152_Gal…)

Does anyone know if this was ever made for regular sizes? I found it only in plus size from Shein.

No. 131284

File: 1579697299429.jpg (295.44 KB, 1600x1063, beatnik10-bw1-1.jpg)

I love beatnik fashion. Too fat currently to pull it off though

No. 131294

ty anon!

No. 131295

what're some good amazon sellers for clothing? specifically jeans.

No. 131301

have you tried the amazon essentials brand? I've heard from a few people that their jeans are great, but I've never tried it myself. Since the brand is by Amazon, it's a safer bet than random sellers who would be likely to be be sourcing wholesale random cheap jeans from China, and selling them under a random name on amazon.

No. 131313

ugly and tryhard like that tristan kid that dated that gothy poopgirl.

No. 131360

Um… What?

No. 131556

File: 1580246367216.jpg (77.35 KB, 1045x518, IMG_20200128_221618.jpg)

How are tops (or dresses) with this kind of angular collar called? And where can I get them?
I see that style so often on girls online but never in stores when I go shopping

No. 131559

really dumb question so pls no bully, but what do you guys wear for pants? I’ve been wearing skinny jeans constantly but I’m getting sick of them & scared to move to something more “adult” (like culottes)… maybe just tailored pants?

No. 131564

it's a square neckline.

No. 131567

File: 1580256633132.jpg (230.4 KB, 1025x1435, app005prod.jpg)

These are really popular right now, especially paired with puff sleeves. Check Reformation, Revolve, UO, Antropologie, Asos.

No. 131569

File: 1580259073215.png (157.1 KB, 406x835, Opera Snapshot_2020-01-29_0050…)

I have a love hate relationship with trousers. I have a small waist, short torso and massive thighs, I can only wear trousers with loads of stretch in them or leggings. Even then, I often have to deal with the crotch being far too low. Pic for reference. The stuff I said probably isn't helpful, but the best thing you can do is get the chance to go to stores and try out different cuts of trousers to see if you find them comfortable.

No. 131570


Nta but what type of bra would you guys recommend for this style neckline? I just got a top like this and both my regular and strapless bra peak out the top, and no bra doesn't look very flattering. I just bought one of those backless strapless sticky bras, should that work?

No. 131572

How would you guys style a football jersey? My boyfriend bought me one for the superbowl, but I don't wanna wear jeans.

No. 131573

depends, what colors are the jersey? is it really oversized?

No. 131580

I like to layer mine over hoodies (or a long sleeved shirt if I want less bulk) that match the colors of the jersey. A gray hoodie looks great with my team's colors but I'm assuming your jersey is either 49ers or Chiefs so white would probably look better.
I wear either plain black leggings or black skinny jeans. If you really don't want to wear jeans I think leggings would be fine, looks especially cute if the jersey is an oversized fit.

No. 131810

i'm trying to shop for my husband–what are some good websites for men's fashion that don't break the bank? i'm looking for like…turtlenecks and stuff.

No. 131813

God, anons, I just look too cutesy and wholesome by nature. I shouldn't complain, but it doesn't fully convey my personality. I'm trying to dress in a way that flatters me and since I have a soft look, curly hair, hourglass figure, small facial features it translates to more soft and feminine styles. How can I dress more edgy, mature and sexy without looking fail?

No. 131827

start bodybuilding, frail anon

No. 131850

what is in right now? Or what things are getting more popular?
I used to kinda sense from media etc what's going to become trendy, but maybe I'm consuming different media lately and I don't know. It's not like I need to follow trends, but I like it when "ugly" things get popular, and I get more confidence in experimenting with style.

No. 131857

Could someone pls post pics of cute winter outfits?
I hate winter fashion so much. I much prefer the look of summer fashion and I feel like winter fashion is more limited. Coats also suck and are expensive.

No. 132490

I love the lolita style in theory, but not really in practice (expensive clothes, most likely cannot wear it everyday if you are working, complicated to put on thanks to all the lacing).
What I love about it the most is how feminine, cute and princessy it is. I am wondering if there is any way of channeling those qualities with clothes that are not necessarily lolita? I do not mean the 'wear clothes from a thrift store and claim it's lolita because you have an a-line skirt' thing obviously.
Do you guys have any style inspiration?

No. 132494

I felt the same back when I was more into j-fashion, Lolita was cute but not practical for my office job lifestyle. Back then I wore more Liz Lisa, DreamV, Swankiss girly stuff because it was less "odd" looking. I still did feel like I stood out, and as I got older/career got more serious, I felt self conscious in that and started to just wear athleisure like every other woman in my city.

I don't know if those brands I mentioned are still at all in vogue, but I think the larme stuff and general 'harajuku' fashion can be princessy and cute without being as OTT as Lolita.

No. 132500

tiktok is your best bet for finding trendy fashion. 99% of it is brandy melville or thrifted anyways

No. 132502

File: 1581029969418.png (1.05 MB, 954x968, goals.png)


I'm the same way, I alternate between wanting waist length hair and really short hair. Not a fan of the mid range. Sometimes I think about chopping it all off and buying a wig tbh.

No. 132529

Thank you for the recommendations! I looked those brands up and they are wonderful. I hope once I lose weight I will be able to wear and enjoy them!
Do you anons know of a good place to get j-fashion inspiration?
I want to finally feel pretty and wear my dream clothes. I wasted years of my life feeling ugly

No. 132753

Is there any way I can make hypebeast shit look good? I really, for some reason, love the aesthetics of it. It just calls me, and I wanna incorporate it in my everyday stuff without looking trashy or tacky. I know, I know, I have trash taste. What would you guys recommend? How can make it less trashy looking if I wore more 'hypebeast'-y stuff?
Also, do any of you ever wear counterfiet stuff? Or is that just a bad idea all around?

No. 132773

I dress like a fuckboy and I just embrace it. It may be trashy or tacky but if you own it, you own it. Do your makeup to look good/feminine, wear your hair up, and have confidence that you look cool. My "look" is just kind of 'effortless' streetwear. Minimal jewelry, hair up, fairly natural makeup. People think I look good…I think. haha. Other hypebeast types give me an up and down of approval.

Don't wear counterfeit shit though, the kind of people who are into hypebeast brands WILL be able to ID that. It will also probably fall apart pretty quickly.

No. 132776

Do you guys have any tips on how not to look frumpy? I've always felt like I could copy a fashion models outfit to a T and STILL would look unkempt

No. 132779

I think the best thing you can do is learn to dress for your body type and style yourself in what flatters you. Don’t waste money on trendy things that don’t look good in you and invest pieces that really suit you. I used to dress frumpy/unflattering because I didn’t know how to flatter my bust- but now I’ve learned what silhouettes suit me, I get complimented on what I wear regularly.

No. 132795

I wear some reps but only if they are well reviewed. Check out RepLadies on reddit, it's super helpful.

No. 132817

hey, a fellow replady!

No. 132821

File: 1581641208950.jpeg (23.31 KB, 435x300, 0D1E7B30-7C51-4276-918F-B8A444…)

Are Nike Air Force 1 shoes still trendy? Would they look okay with both jeans and dresses/skirts?

No. 133115

Do we still have the thread for making fun of Reddit FFA posts or would those belong in here or Reddit Hate now?

No. 133233

File: 1582444915394.jpg (329.7 KB, 1000x1507, tumblr_np1holywQM1uowffpo1_128…)

I was looking at fashion stuff, (re)found this and remembered this post.
In case you were still wondering, anon.

No. 133234

File: 1582444984618.jpg (251.36 KB, 1000x1507, tumblr_np1hu2VUPc1uowffpo1_128…)

No. 133235

File: 1582445133854.jpg (487.79 KB, 1274x1920, tumblr_np1hjou3gL1uowffpo1_128…)

No. 133236

File: 1582445412275.jpg (787.68 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_np1fgqU4eA1uowffpo1_128…)

No. 133237

File: 1582445755202.jpg (368.79 KB, 2304x1440, COL_1.jpg)

Okay I'm done

No. 133239

holy shit everything about this is so bad

No. 133240

Is this lcf-core?

No. 133256

File: 1582471119980.jpg (65.44 KB, 564x846, 30ff9579dee9d56eb1294782ec3d08…)

Any advice for online stores to buy cheap-ish streetwear from? I'd also like to learn how to coord outfits in this style, so I'd like to find instagram pages with outfits ideas like pic related.

No. 133257

ASOS do a brand called Collusion with similar-ish stuff to that. Some of their stuff looks quite nice.

No. 133258

They are and they would. But get the all white ones.

On the topic of shoes/sneakers, people really underestimate how important they are to the whole fit. I see a lot of girls ruin nice outfits because they're wearing those nasty soccer mom brown boots or battered converses.

No. 133259

File: 1582491368434.jpg (38.77 KB, 472x610, eisnfz-l-610x610-sweater-door-…)

This needs to be mentioned for anyone who wants an easy way to make your outfit look nicer. Always wear above the ankle jeans or turn them up. Shit looks nasty when they're hanging into your shoes.

No. 133261

but then my ankles will get all cold

No. 133262

lucky me I'm tall and when they're not rolled up they still expose my ankles. Actually it's kinda frustrating since I'm not even crazy tall, just a bit above average but whatever.

No. 133263

File: 1582497158613.jpg (28.99 KB, 656x499, 1579453550421.jpg)

What if you have cankles?

No. 133265

Nice "my house is flooded" look

No. 133278

File: 1582518478773.jpeg (471.65 KB, 1125x1784, 36D98040-B62D-45E7-8EBE-29EBD2…)

Honestly who tf is buying this stuff on depop? Peanut butter jar earrings? I saw jinco jeans with a creepy Ronald McDonald hand painted on it for like $80. Why? Who’s wearing this stuff? All the hot trending items are garbage “vintage” stuff that doesn’t even look nice or trendy. Throw in some bb UwU bratz doll prostitute tacky clothes in the mix.

No. 133284

Max consumerism.

No. 133307

About 10 - 15 years ago I would've been all over these + any "ironic" "funny" clothing that I see on Depop or elsewhere online. I assume its the same thing these days, quirky high school students who want to make sure everyone notices their spunk. I'm old now and just want to look good, but for many years my fashion taste was more about telling people how funny and irreverent I was. Could've been worse tbh, I still think its kinda cute on younger people.

No. 133360

What is fashion? Is it about looking good? Or weird? Would fashionistas consider lolita cringe? What's a fashionista? Are there any fashion bibles? Is it an acquired skill like basically everything else: Reading theory/history and doing study? Help me, I feel every H&M/Fashion Nova/Burando girl out here thinks they're fashionable, are they for real though? They look just like everyone else.

No. 133364

Same, I used to get bunch of ugly clothes from thrift stores and wear them ~ironically~ and other tacky stuff so that everyone could see how quirky I am.

No. 133416

exposed ankles like this look retarded as fuck, especially when the pant leg is super wide so it looks too big and too short at the same time. the mom jeans are very unflattering as well and makes anyone look bloated. also congratulations on all the chronic pain in your ankles in 10 years from now due to leaving them bare in the cold.

No. 133652

I know this post is old, but:
I had long, waist-length hair my whole life, and was nagged endlessly by my mom to cut it. (I don't actually know what her issue was - there was nothing wrong with it, except it wouldn't curl - a sin in the 90s/00s - and it was eternally wavy)

I thought about it for a long time, and I realized my hair would never be the kind of long hair I wanted as I started doing more adult things. It was thick and heavy and I was wearing it off my face a lot, but it was so heavy I couldn't really put it in a bun unless I pinned it with a ton of bobby pins. Finally I decided to have it cut into a pixie. I knew how my hair looked in updos and I thought, maybe this is a more flattering look.

I freaked out for a few days after I did it, but I've never looked back. I get a lot of compliments on my hairstyle. People say short hair is less attractive, but I think it has a lot to do with the type of haircut and styling. I researched and went to a pricier place for my first cut, so that it would be done right. And then after that I had to find the right person for the upkeep - this is vital. I had some not so great maintenance haircuts. The one thing is that after a week or two, it usually looks OK.

I just wanted to share this because I was very torn about cutting my long hair, but I NEVER wanted anything in the middle. I wanted something very short or I wanted to keep it long. And so far that feeling hasn't changed.

The weirdest thing about cutting your hair though: if you've had long hair since childhood, often it's still long in your dreams, even if your dreams are meant to be from your current everyday life.

No. 133689

File: 1583175755020.png (209.49 KB, 560x485, IMG_5439.PNG)

What are some good youtubers to learn about fashion from when I'm a beginner?

No. 133692

This final one >>133237 is so lcf kei, an ethereal uwu anachan rolling around in shit

No. 133696

No. 133702

do you think everyone is just suffering from hand and neck pain or are you pro wearing gloves and scarves 24/7 as well?

No. 133928

File: 1583662605594.jpeg (530.88 KB, 1125x690, D0B5DD83-3CF4-4B02-B0F9-0ACA0A…)

What’s the name of this shirt?

No. 133930

It's a sweetheart neckline, if that's what you meant

No. 133931

Thank you

No. 133970

I guess it depends on the style you want to go for but here are some of my favorites
Jenny Mustard

No. 134199

Anyone know where to find black tie formal dresses in the UK for <£100 that aren't ugly?
The only things I've liked are from more expensive brands like Self Portrait and Needle and Thread

No. 134216

For anyone who was also obsessed with polyvore, I got into the Combyne app recently and it's basically identical though it's database of clothes and accessories isn't as big. I was scouring the place for an alternative so I wanna share it

No. 134217

Nayrt but are you me? Exact same situation except I had everyone warning me not to cut my ass length hair bc I'd regret it. Having a pixie was the most enjoyable hair ever except I have a complete moon face so I looked terrible, but still worth it. I'm the same with hair and nails, long or pretty much nothing. Hate the in between. And my hair was always long in my dreams too!

No. 134319

I need help y'all. What is a good interview outfit for creative industries (design/marketing/fashion/media etc.)? What kind of blazers would you guys recommend? Please someone give me some images for examples if possible thanks.

No. 134338

This app is amazing anon, thank you!

No. 134359

Take this with a grain of salt cuz I have no experience with interviews in those fields but shouldn´t you just dress like for a regular interview expect maybe in the fashion field?

No. 134360


I would go with a classic work wear but not in standard colors, i saw a deep purple pantsuit at zara that i thought it would be perfect for a job interview in my area (audiovisual/graphic design)

No. 134389

I'm a graphic designer so it might vary by specific field, but I've found it's not good to over-dress for creative interviews. I try to wear something that looks nuce but not too fancy, like a nice shirt and skirt. I've found that creative jobs seem to like that I still have my own personality come out in the clothing (like wearing a cute patterned shirt instead of a plain one).

No. 134399

Skinny jeans (stretchy/non stretchy) literally never fit well because my body type is so flat and straight, my ass is literally flat and I have no hips either so the ass/crotch/waist area always gets too big and at times I even hear the fabric bend when I take a step.. Should I just give up on wearing skinny pants? Washing them doesn't help, they only fit well for one minute then go right back to being really loose and even making fucking noise when I walk

No. 134414

File: 1584459784034.png (3.25 MB, 1745x1729, ear.png)

What ear piercing would suit me/my ears?

I've been wanting to get more ear piercings for years. I only have the normal ear lobe one everyone has.

My issue is my ears stick out at the top, not a lot but they're not neatly tucked it like some ears, so I don't want my ears to end up looking unbalanced or like they stick out even more.

I have a small baby face, like Barbara Palvin or Ester Exposito (Spanish actress), if that helps in any way, but their ears are all different to mine so I can't compare their piercings

No. 134422

Get literally any you want, there are none that wouldn't suit you, it's a personal choice (kind of like asking what tattoo to get). Just be careful not to make it over crowded but even that is a personal opinion.

No. 134428

A conch. Always. Subtle and 'classy' looking.

No. 134447

sorry, like, do whatever you guys want but who is looking at conch piercings and thinking they're "classy"? is it just me or is it like… almost opposite

No. 134452

File: 1584527530329.jpg (225.53 KB, 1000x1248, pier.jpg)

Well it depends. If it's small it can look quite nice

No. 134456

yeah, that stud isn't gaudy or overly attention-seeking, but you're kinda talking about the jewelry type and not the piercing itself. imo, it just looks wrong. i don't see how this piercing, the hole choice itself, is 'classy'. it just looks off, like an eyeball in the middle of a forehead. it also looks like a pimple if you aren't looking at it very closely.

No. 134458

File: 1584532344754.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 5680759E-1B93-4AFD-90CB-D74BE9…)

Made one of my best decisions last year where I threw out like 80% of my pants and started wearing mainly maxi dresses and long flowy skirts.

As someone who’s bottom heavy with stumpy looking legs I’ve never felt more feminine while also being comfy as fuck. 10/10 recommend.

No. 134459

A conch piercing is the one just above your earlobe - the ring piercing here >>134452, not the stud, is it not?

If you were talking about those piercings where the stud is, then I totally understand, those do end up looking trashy a lot of the time. If I wanted to have one, I'd probably just wear a fake.

No. 134463

oh, you're right. doesn't change it much for me though. looks slightly less dumb but still out of place? top and bottom make sense to me just viscerally (though i still don't find them necessarily 'classy'), but the middle gives me anxiety. like it's going to fall off (obviously i know it isn't). i don't think i've ever looked at a piercing and thought 'classy', though, is my point. it's fine, it's just not 'classy' to me. piercings can certainly be cute and give off a certain vibe, but i rarely have seen people associate them with class.

No. 134464

Well, I'm not necessarily looking for class. Not edge either. Just something more interesting. I don't want an overcrowded ear, and I'd probably only pierce one.

No. 134468

Mrs. Maeve

No. 134469

A conch is not classy and subtle..

The only subtle and classy piercing is the traditional lobe piercing, depending on what you choose to wear in it.

No. 134616

File: 1584799022159.jpg (55.77 KB, 369x540, GYBRsKWFFOMA7Z8Sz9rbBW5Y5RqMR5…)

Has anyone else lost their interest in fashion? Like what is the point if everything is cancelled and we will just stay at home for possibly months. When the biggest social gathering is through skype and you just see everyone's heads anyway.

No. 134623

This is really upsetting me too anon, lol. I'm the type of person who would always be pretty dressed up just for class, so now all I can do is go to work (at a grocery store) or go hiking so I'm just wearing scruffy jeans and doc martens all the time. However its saving me hella money though, can't buy free people jeans if the mall is closed, can't buy clothes at box stores if the fitting rooms are closed.

No. 134626

Yeah it's going to save me a lot of money too for sure. I wonder if fast fashion will survive this crisis or if the companies will reinvent themselves to suit the times.

No. 134627


eh, they survived swine flu and 2008 recession just fine.

No. 134628

Where I live a lot of malls are shuttering for the pandemic, and a lot of the fast fashion stores (like forever21) were on their way out anyway. I think this is profoundly different than both of those instances because you physically can't go shopping, and the need to shop online is so greatly decreased because bars/clubs are closed, and concerts and festivals are postponed. I know some people end up shopping online out of boredom, but without girls going to the mall to buy outfits for a night out/festival wear for the festival season, and not even having to buy like, cheap blazers and other "first internship" professional clothes for the time being, the need for clothes has greatly decreased. Especially if all these harsh restrictions last for at least 5 more months.

No. 134634

yeah i keep telling myself i can still put on makeup and dress cute anyway, for fun, but i just haven't.

No. 134658

It's actually very interesting to see what will happen. People will still need clothes these months, but it will be the basic, comfy stuff. Companies that make uncomfortable things that are worn to impress others like high heels, makeup items and lingerie are going to suffer massively.

No. 134703

Sis are you me bc I could have ghostwrote this in my sleep

Skinny jeans make my fupa and stomach protrude more than my literal ass and I have hip dips so they also make me look like a fat fridge

No. 134746

File: 1584995099379.jpg (14.71 KB, 385x471, 51hpx2g37pL._AC_UX385_.jpg)

Anyone know any shops that do graphic print tops with cute / japanese food or drink items, like pic related? Specific I know but I'd really like a few of these for some causal wearing and I'm sure there's some kind of small brand or shop that stocks this kind of thing..

No. 134767

I have seen some on those Chinese websites that look like they sell stuff off AliExpress, but idk where you can find decent ones. If you find out, let me know. They r pretty cute

No. 134769

aliexpress, yesstyle, taobao. always check the reviews for each item when you shop on chinese websites. the quality of each item varies greatly, so go after items with more reviews, especially ones that have photos of what they actually got lol. yesstyle is somewhat more expensive for what you get but has sales/promo codes you can look for. i found that exact shirt here
just scroll down a bit, there might be some other shirts you like too. if you dont want to use yesstyle, try ali or taobao if you want to make a big order. they all sell the same stuff, usually. use terms like "kawaii fashion" or "japanese street fashion".

No. 134779

They are all over Aliexpress in Japanese/Korean fashion shops. Literally just search 'milk' in the women's t-shirts section and it will give you that shirt and tonnes of others.

What is it about milk motifs that is so cute anyway? I've had so many milk themed shirts over the years that it's become a running joke with my family, it seems like a prime choice for cutesy designs.

No. 135197

I have a rather strong build, I'm not overweight, I'm muscular so I have broad-ish shoulder and hips, but eventhough I have a somewhat slim waist I still look square and my steps are heavy. What kind of feminine clothes can I weat not to look like a caricature of a woman ?
I especially struggle with shoes. I always wear dr martens, I'd love to wear heels but they make my feet look disproportionnaly small. Also I'm already tall, but that wouldn't stop me from wearing heels.
I'd appreciate any help.

No. 135206

File: 1585525737262.png (1.07 MB, 938x938, 1578657388964.png)

I don't have anything better to do, so I finally made one.

No. 135215

File: 1585539550899.png (1.24 MB, 938x938, chart.png)

No. 135220

You want to date an Attack on Titan character?

No. 135273

is this a joke ?
middle piece is ok
this is interesting sort of shit but ties in with some themes that are sort of on topic at the moment still shit and too lolita imo
many suits and styles seriously are you not thinking any cuts colours seasons anything like that ? are you implying women dont wear suits sexist bitch
this is nice

over all boo bad . nothing on tread no forecasting im shocked

No. 135275

Ooooh I really like your chart

No. 135291

File: 1585633971359.jpg (80.46 KB, 398x600, Temperley London SS 12.jpg)

Most of these posts are old anyway, so they won't be trendy.

also what
>many suits and styles seriously are you not thinking any cuts colours seasons anything like that ? are you implying women dont wear suits sexist bitch
Maybe anon works in a conservative office.

No. 135292

I've still been trying to buy some clothes online and get excited about looking nice, even though I can't go out. Lots of stores are having sales so it seems to be a good time to get deals.

No. 135293

>are you implying women dont wear suits sexist bitch

how did you jump to that conclusion wtf

No. 135294

never but I'm also the kind of person who dresses up nicely and does hair and make-up rly nice when I'm gonna be home alone all day lmao, I just really enjoy the feeling of looking rly nice

No. 135371

File: 1585729641929.jpg (32.12 KB, 727x602, hmgoepprodd.jpg)

I dislike these 'village Frau' style dresses so much. I see them everywhere right now

No. 135603

I'm super pale naturally but I use fake tan to give myself some color (not super dark or orange). Because of this, I can't match clothes and colors to myself well as my shade changes as the tan fades.

Any tips on what to do?

No. 135619

I kind of like them exept that length isn't very flattering

No. 135624

Honestly just accept your natural skin or else you will have to keep two separate wardrobes in different palettes.

No. 135625

I don't go too dark, just so I get some color. I really don't like how translucent I am naturally, doesn't suit my features as well as a slightly darker tone

No. 135627

File: 1585953877562.jpeg (120.72 KB, 749x750, 4AA47713-D73E-4FC4-9487-5E2271…)

I’ve been seeing this in a lot of streetwear trends as well as more leopard print and overall just weird y2k stuff.

I run a small online shop and I’m wondering if I should consider carrying since they cost so much extra time to try and make without a machine.

No. 135672

>doesn't suit my features as well
nta but what? can you explain that?

To me fair skin looks really fresh and youthful and I wish more fair people would embrace their skin the way it is

No. 135675

Fair skin is fine, but mine isn't just fair, it's pure white. I can't explain why my features look better, maybe it's because my brown eyes suit tanner skin.

No. 135680

File: 1585996098641.jpg (1.18 MB, 2152x3068, IMG_6332.JPG)

Where can I learn how to dress better? II vaguely understand some ideas regarding colour and silhouette but I know nothing about lines or how to dress nicely

I just wear a striped pink and white sweater and courdaroy trousers at home

No. 135683

I feel the same. My face has no colour whatsoever, it's nearly a bit greyish and that's not attractive at all. For example kpop idols do look cute, fresh and youthful but I as a white girl with harsher features look either downright sick or old, strict and boring.
I got a sunburn a couple days ago and the redness on my nose and cheeks immediately makes me appear younger and friendlier.
I sometimes use tanning lotion but it doesn't last long at all and matching foundation to my ever changing skin colour is difficult af. My clothes probably don't match me at all either.

No. 135696

Yes, exactly what I mean. You can try those gradual tanners that you apply like a moisturizer. They give you a slight glow and take time to develop, so there's no harsh difference between your skin tone at any point, and it won't fade in patches.

I've been going for runs in the sun recently and even with just a slight redness/tan I look so so much better. This isn't me hating my natural skin color. It's me objectively seeing that I look better a bit darker. It's like someone trying to convince me that a huge hook nose looks better than a straight nose because it's your natural nose.

Look up Alexandra's Girly Talk on YouTube. Her fashion videos are AMAZING. Her 2 most recent videos are particularly relevant


No. 135697

About the foundation - buy a slightly darker shade that will match your most tan state. Buy pure white makeup. I literally bought clown makeup in white lmao. Then mix them to match your current shade.

No. 135807


Anyone else a bit skeptical about the soft vs clear theory? Although her other theories seem reasonable, I'm not sure about this one. This is probably prefencial but I don't think she looks particularly better with bright, 'clear' colours and find them a bit garish and overly-saturated. Am I in the minority who thinks this?

No. 135808

I think it makes a lot of sense. Explains why I gravitate towards bright colors (dark hair, light skin, bright red lips) as I'm "clear". My mom suits pastels and more muted colors as her skin is tan and hair is brown, she's more soft.

There are exceptions that I've noticed, but I find that this soft vs clear theory makes a lot more sense than undertones. In other undertone videos from fashion youtubers, I end up disagreeing with their choices.

No. 135840

no it's 100% accurate. Try it for yourself (wearing no make-up and in natural daylight) and you'll see either clear or soft looks better on you and the other one will make your eyebags and the texture and uneveness in your face stand out more.

If you don't see a difference you probably don't have an eye for it lol

No. 136019

Being clear means having saturated and distinct colors, think disney snow white.
Thing is there are levels of clear and "soft", i prefer to call it ashy. She is not perfectly clear imo, she has some ashiness to her skin, so some muted colors still look good on her.
Look at pictures of someone like Monica Belluci. She is much more obviously clear and looks better in jewel/bold colors. An obvious ashy example could be Cara Delevigne, she looks better in muted colors.

No. 136040

File: 1586299447605.jpg (148.76 KB, 1080x1315, IMG_6555.JPG)

How do I decide what glasses that will actually suit me long term? I chose black rectangular glasses a few years ago and I feel like they don't suit me because they put emphasis on how square my face looks. I'm also tempted to just get contacts

No. 136053

File: 1586311705309.png (11.19 KB, 366x123, Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.03…)

I'm ordering a long maxi dress from asos and don't know if I should go for size 6 or 8 based off of my measurements. I'm trying lose 5 pounds, so would that help me fit into a 6? Is it better to just get an 8? My measurements are

Bust: 33
Waist: 28
Hips: 39

I attached the sizing guide. Thanks!

No. 136054

Are the hips fitted or no? If it flares after the waist, you’ll be fine with a six, if it clings to the hips, get an 8!

No. 136057

If you can always buy with the biggest part of your body in mind and then alter to fit the rest of your body.
If you lose 5 pounds more likely it will come your stomach so your hips will stay the same

No. 136059


Thanks! I ordered a size 8.

No. 136223

File: 1586446170289.png (125.68 KB, 549x1147, IMG_6649.PNG)

What type of dress is this?

No. 136235

I think its an a-line plaid mini dress with spaghetti straps

No. 136239

File: 1586459621119.jpeg (1.53 MB, 4000x2000, ernenmwmwmm,m.JPEG)

Does anyone know what this style is called and any insta accounts who post similar fashion?

No. 136240

I don’t know what the style is called but it’s just like, a really feminine early 2000s juniors look in a really subtle way!! This reminds me of what I thought I would grow up to be dressing like when I was a little kid and saw teenagers wearing this, so cute. If you’re in the United States I know Target’s wild fable line has some really cute unique floral pieces in really 90s cuts.

No. 136256

and a square neckline

No. 136276

File: 1586471994002.png (140.98 KB, 718x1098, IMG_6679.PNG)

Where can I find a white equivalent of this brandy melville top in the U.K.? Preferably for under £20

No. 136317

Off the top of my head best.dressed has a style very similar to this. She also has an inspo page but I can't remember what it is

No. 136318

No. 136321

Damn i'm loving this brand. wish we had their stores. Their little tops with buttons look so cute. I've been searching for smth similar but only encountered baggy shit

No. 136324

Where are you from.. Boohoo online has stuff like this for half the price and almost the same quality

No. 136332

I know it's from brandy Melville uk, however, it's not in the colour I want,which is white

No. 136333

Chase Amie hauls/wears a lot of items like these. https://www.instagram.com/chase_amie/?hl=en

And seconding >>136317

No. 136334

Thanks! it's better and the delivery is way cheaper

No. 136359

File: 1586553711210.jpg (84.96 KB, 524x468, IMG_5124.JPG)

Be careful. There are examples of boohoo selling underwear that was previously worn, and even had skid marks/period stains/pubic hair and the like on them

No. 136361

what? That's hilarious, how does it happen? This brand is being sold by an online shop here in Poland but I believe the items that were opened and returned are sold as such in an outlet store on a local ebay…

No. 136373

File: 1586561780922.jpg (131.84 KB, 765x1001, IMG_5562.JPG)

What are some good places/sites to get critique on outfits and ask for fashion advice (aside from here). I don't trust r/woman's fashion advice and /fa/

No. 136380


Ok i know this is an old post but where can i find flowery flowy boho stuff that does not cost a kidney (Free People, Magnolia Pearl etc).
Im absolutely in love with that look but its gosh darn it hard to find a non sexualized (ie the floral dresses have plunging necklines) version in normal stores.

I just want to be a frumpy boho lady.

No. 136383

everkaki on aliexpress has some cute stuff that looks just like spell & the gypsy (they might even be dupes idk)

No. 136387

Try searching for vintage peasant dresses on Etsy, some are very reasonably priced. If you see something you like you can check the seller's shop and they'll usually have more listed in similar styles.

No. 136409

I always struggle with the lines of the bra cups showing through my tops. I wear regular t-shirt bra's. Help :/

No. 136527

Maybe wear bras that are the same colour as you skin?

No. 136549

I've read the feedback and people complain that they get wrong sizes, colours and items with botched seams
It's rly cheap tho, i don't think you can fuck a croptop up too much, but if you want a more expensive/complicated piece you probably shouldnt risk it

No. 136564

Ugh, same. I live in one of those isolated third world countries that don't let people buy things online and all I can find here is dumb t shirts with "Stranegr Tihngs" logos.

No. 136568

File: 1586792853701.jpg (667.72 KB, 938x938, ideal12121.jpg)

i really want to have a petite body with an ass and im working out atm to achieve my goals. i also really want to incorporate 80's style into my daily fashion and im starting it out with geometric earrings.

plus im not really sure how to style my hair like that in upper right.

No. 136574

I love Free People aswell. I´ve got myself quite a few nice pieces at reasonable prices from outlets and keeping an eye on sales. Recently they had a 50% off on dresses sale on the FP for example.

No. 136579

I love free people, honestly embarrassed how much money I’ve spent on their jeans but I just love them. I’d check department stores that sell their stuff! I’ve gotten a pair of free people jeans at Macy’s for about $40 less than it would’ve been at the actual store cause the department stores have their own sales more frequently, as well as the clothes being slightly marked down in the first place

No. 136582

I assume you mean upper left - layers, a diffuser attachment and finger styling. That's what I use on my shag.

No. 136612

This seasonal soft/clear distinction is shitty and misleading because its defining characteristic is contrast, which is translated in the theory to saturation, which makes no damn sense.
Muted/clear, similar to warm/cool, is based on the intensity of the colour of your skin and not the contrast between your skin and hair. That is unrelated. People with high contrast colouring can wear dark or light accents to enhance the contrast of their oufits.
I find it very difficult to tell if someone is warm/cool or muted/clear based on photo/video, but I think the pure colours she is wearing are a little too saturated for her. The drab colours are far worse, though, so she is closer to clear than muted.

No. 136615

My bad! But will it work on my super straight hair? I looked up a diffuser and i saw it was for curly haired people and I just assumed you used some curling iron to achieve that look on the upper left

No. 136616

You can also find cheap FP stuff on websites like Gilt, Nordstrom Rack, and Last Call.

No. 136617

I don't have super straight hair, it has a tiny bit of a wave so this might work differently for you, but what I do is take bits of my layers and lightly twist them into a shape when it's wet, then I use the diffuser to focus on each twist and manipulate the hair into the shape I want on a low speed mid heat setting. Takes a while but it looks nice when it's done.

No. 136631

No, that's not gonna work if your hair is straight, you need at least some wave to work with. Finger coiling won't do much for you. You'll either need big rollers or a blow dryer and a round brush to achieve that.

No. 136646

File: 1586885380348.jpg (27.22 KB, 250x300, Screen-shot-2012-01-23-at-3.24…)

How fine is your hair anon? I have fine, straight hair and I've been "plopping" my hair and getting amazing texture. I have to make sure to "clip my roots" bc otherwise my roots get smushed. I imagine this would not work on thicker, aggressively straight hair though. Check it out!
sage for OT hair advice

No. 136648

File: 1586888340348.jpg (51.54 KB, 918x477, shoe.JPG)

I don't know anything about ballet slippers. Is that what is in pic related? Is there a certain term I should use? Is there anything I should avoid in choosing ones to wear a-la Amy Winehouse? Any cheap recs?

No. 136650

File: 1586888557833.jpg (33.13 KB, 718x144, ok.JPG)

Samefag but I just found this. It seems like there is a mis-type tho:
>(not de-shanked pointe shoes, not flats)
Which one is it?

Is there anything else I should know? Thank you ♥

No. 136655

File: 1586892293149.png (792.58 KB, 1714x619, shoes.png)

It is neither, but it's worded strangely in that article. I think they meant something like "Amy Winehouse wore […] ballet slippers, not pointe shoes or flats."

Real ballet slippers look like #1 (these were listed online as "soft split sole ballet shoes" online). Pointe shoes are like #2 and similar to ballet slippers, but with a hard tip so you can do pointe work. Ballet flats like #3 are fashion shoes with a hard sole styled to look like ballet shoes.

No. 136687

File: 1586913433230.png (Spoiler Image, 125.66 KB, 750x1560, 1586913288561.png)

Got it, thanks a ton!!
Idk why she named it Soft and Clear. It should be High Contrast or Low Contrast. Makes a lot more sense.
(idk if she actually made that up herself or not… you get what I mean)
Image spoilered for menswear infographic kek

No. 136689

seconding this. The only was i know an outfit looks good is if someone compliments me and then it forces me to judge their taste.

No. 136711

Does anyone follow any fashion blogs they'd recommend? Who are your personal style icons?

No. 136722

File: 1586958242561.jpg (125.52 KB, 768x1024, IMG_6799.JPG)

London doesn't really have that many good clothing in their thrift stores/second-hand shops (and there's a global pandemic so it's probably not safe to go outside to thrift stores). What are some good online thrift stores in the U.K.?

No. 136771

File: 1586999335893.jpg (28.33 KB, 236x418, polo.jpg)

I think polos have a cute preppy look, but I'm afraid I'll look like an middle-aged man wearing them. Am I over thinking it and they're a fine spring/summer shirt?

No. 136777

Just tuck them in and don't have it button all the way. Showing some skin will make it look less middle age man

No. 136786

All I wear are polos, lol. I've never thought about looking like a middle aged man? Anyone can wear a polo.

No. 137208

What's a good place to buy quality jewellery? Some place like Etsy as they have great creative rings and earrings, but I can't tell if they're from Aliexpress as some do resell cheap items. Nothing too expensive.

No. 137209

Bodyartsform? Really depends on what kind of jewelry you're looking for, and of course quality material costs more.

No. 137210

what do you mean by quality jewelry? Do you mean fine jewelry as opposed to costume jewelry?

No. 137211

Rings, mostly

Yeah - also more "refined" looking things rather than cheap things you can get at stores like H&M.

Something like this store: https://www.gorjana.com/collections/rings

No. 137215

Gold plated jewelry (as on the website you linked) doesn't last long, especially rings since you're constantly using and washing your hands. If you're looking for something that lasts, go for gold filled or (preferably but costly) solid gold. Avoid gold plated and gold vermeil, the gold will rub off.

If you like silver, solid sterling silver has the best of both worlds: it lasts and affordable.

No. 137218

thanks for the tip - silver is really nice but gold suits my skin tone more

No. 137240

File: 1587528297534.png (1.29 MB, 938x938, 1578657388964.png)

this was fun but made me realize how disjointed and lazy my style is. This is the wrong place to ask but should I get a perm if my hair is like the left girl and I want frizzy volume like the right?

also working on going full anachan because I'm built like a 12 year old skinnyfat boy and there's no where else to go

No. 137250

a regular perm will fry your hair and make you look like a grandma (speaking from experience, unfortunately. i had very thick and healthy untreated hair when i got it, too)
if there are any asian salons near you, i'd advise researching digital perms. they look more loose and natural, idk how damaging they are compared to a regular perm but i've been considering getting one for ages. i think the results will be more in line with your desired texture a la right photo.

No. 137290

Welp, I'm >>134616 and instead of not caring about fashion I've gotten online shopping addicted out of boredom. I just ordered a whole bunch of pretty spring/summer dresses. Help!

>also working on going full anachan
Anon no.

No. 137297

Nope, but nothing wrong if you're in that boat. I like dressing up for me, but I think most people like their efforts being recognized by others somehow. There are way too many amazing sales happening right now for me to not dress up. Nordstrom, For Love and Lemons, Loveshackfancy, and Anthropologie all have some deep discounts happening right now if those stores are normally out of your budget but you like the look. Where have you all been shopping?

No. 137301

>I've gotten online shopping addicted out of boredom.
I feel you. I actually went shopping for sleepwear so I can get use out of it at home kek

No. 137345

File: 1587654787684.jpg (42.22 KB, 590x612, cloothes.JPG)

based on outfits like these, how old would you say the wearer was?

No. 137351

mid to late teens

No. 137354

No. 137356

thanks anons. Do you have any advice on how to dress a little more maturely? I've been stuck in this style for a while because I like simple and retro clothing, but I don't know how to age that up..

No. 137359

File: 1587659632700.jpg (149.7 KB, 1024x576, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9n…)

Maybe you can try to lean more 80s than 90s? If you go for a more structured silhouette you can keep the simple pastels and retro vibe without it looking too "young." I can see 4th outfit working if the items are good quality, but I would really avoid things like the middle two.

No. 137362

File: 1587663365093.jpeg (214.73 KB, 936x936, 4CC23701-0507-466E-85C8-07103F…)

I couldn’t think of what to put for “type” because I like a lot of different kinds of dudes. For “body” I fluctuate between wanting a super curvy anachan body and a thicc~ pear shape. ideally something in the middle of that.

No. 137365

File: 1587665666725.png (1.92 MB, 1186x1186, ideals.png)

damn this was fun! basically:
hair: thick, wavy
fashion: simple, whether casual or dressy
body: very slim but fit
men: blue eyes, mostly blonde, athletic

No. 137367

Plus, Free People, Anthro, and LSF all have Afterpay if you wanna just pay in installments.

No. 137371

thanks for the advice! do you think incorporating some different accessories would help too? Like, scrapping the bucket hat for something else? Or maybe buying some classic ankle boots instead of my combat boots? I want to start maturing my wardrobe, but I can't afford to rebuy or toss out much clothing right now, so being wise with what I invest in atm is important to me.

No. 137377

Hi, I’m a different anon but I’d definitely look at the decades you like (seems like you like a lot of y2k-ish stuff?) and see what adults were wearing then. Like, those tank tops could definitely look cute with a knee-length denim skirt and sandals with a slight platform & thick strap in a neutral color, likewise the pants would look cute with a neutral tight T-shirt. I don’t think the middle outfit is completely unsalvageable, maybe if you wore the big T-shirt dress with grey leggings, boots and an oversized denim jacket it would look cute and 80s. Stick to one statement piece at a time!

No. 137384

is this the basic bitch land ive been hearing about

No. 137385

thanks so much for the tips anon, checking out adults in my favourite fashion eras is a really good idea!

No. 137402

Does anyone else think femalefashionadvice is awfully boring? They all speak like upper mid class 30 yos who are uber preocuppied with looking ~mature~ and ~work appropiate~. I feel like that place completely sucks the fun out of fashion.

No. 137403

File: 1587683706593.jpg (48.42 KB, 400x400, grunge.jpg)

I really love this kind of girly "grunge" style but feel too insecure to dress this way. I am 25, is that too old to start dressing like this? I don't want to come off as if I'm trying to look younger and howdoyoudofellowkids.jpg

No. 137405

no you're only allowed to wear muumuu dresses now

No. 137407

No one gonna say anything and they might only if you look older than your age, aka if you look 30+ but even then. if it doesn't affect your job then who cares what other think

No. 137413

File: 1587685834049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.34 KB, 938x938, idealm.jpg)

I had some extra time and finally did it.

No. 137414

Anon, I’m the same age and dress like this everyday. I know lots of gurls are age who dress like this and/or have collections of plaid school girl skirts. Anytime you feel weird, watch an episode of “friends”. Jenifer Aniston was wearing identical outfits (but showing 20% more skin, in her early/mid 30s on the show.

A) the skirt- 2nd hand clothing stores/vintage stores/online (H&M and hottopic has 2 or 3 cute schoolgirl skirts you can grunge up with safety pins). Any Chinese ~kawaii~ clothing site will have them for cheap, some even come with suspenders attached.
B) thigh highs-H&M/target/walmart/forever 21 sell them year round
C) top- go for tighter is better and if you don’t want mid drift go for a longer turtleneck so you can tuck it into skirt
D) wear tiny shorts under skirt (trust me), you can cut them out of cheap leggings to save $$
E) use a knife/scissors, take on side (one blade of the scissors) and run it along the edge of the skirt, going the opposite way of the fabric, push it hard like you’re trying to scrape the edges of the fabric away. This will pick up thread and loosen it causing distressing. So they grungey distress looks more “authentic”.
F) do not over-accessorize or you’ll look tacky af and it’ll be too busy. At most, small earrings/thin subtle necklace/choker, maybe a watch and/or 1 spiked bracelet. You can mix and match with suspenders/thigh high sock garters. Can use a beret hat/beanie/wide brimmed modern hat (no bucket hat, no baseball cap). Less is more.
G) for added 90s grunge, you can add (no more than 3 small sized) patches/pins onto the bottom right/left side of the skirt.
H) try to get some vintage-y shoes to match. Like saddle shoes, flats, creepers, sperry type, or the women’s version of men’s dress shoes, or old school converse. For more grunge go for shoes with platforms like platform creepers, simple platform high heelish boots (no more than a few inches up from your ankle), army combat boots, platform goth boots (below knee), etc. (boots at h&m, old school shoes from vintage stores/lord&taylor/work casual shoe stores, goth boots/platform creepers from demontia).
I) don’t worry about being too old to wear this or that, we’re still young and can get away with it, no one can really tell the difference, so don’t worry you gonna look cute af.

/end long post

No. 137415

No, older people tell me I look young for my age but I kinda feel like that’s just part of getting older lol I know I feel like 16 year olds look like babies

Thanks a bunch for the encouragement and tips! I came across a clothing store recently, rockndoll or something, and they have the exact kind of stuff I’m looking for but it’s kind of pricey since idk what the quality will be. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for stuff at more moderately priced stores like H&M. Thanks again!

No. 137418

perfect taste

No. 137428

It depresses me that at only 25 women gotta start worrying about dressing our “age”. Men can wear jeans and comic book T-shirts’ forever but god forbid a woman over 21 wear a miniskirt.

No. 137429

File: 1587714297966.png (904.24 KB, 938x938, unknown.png)

No. 137437

Men are really the ones who should be worrying about dressing better.

No. 137456

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I really think this kind of outfit is more suited for people around the age of 25 than people who are 17

No. 137464

Same. I think it looks cute. Take the classic example of Rachel from friends.

No. 137537

Even better example Fran Fine from the The Nanny. She clearly an "older" lady but wore miniskirt constantly and look so dam good.

Also older but what she was between the ages of 30-40

No. 137635

anywhere from 15 - 22

>I am 25, is that too old to start dressing like this?
girl you're still so young! go for it, it's age appropriate

No. 137641

File: 1587930166780.jpeg (48.19 KB, 512x512, 9B0A4788-B886-42AA-9F41-135919…)

Stupid questions on the basics:
Is The curated closet any good? Any more starting out guides for fashion noobs?
I've decluttered my wardrobe and it's tiny now. I uploaded everything into Caldwell, got a bunch of different combos and unsurprisingly they all look the same (a nod to my basic monochrome choices). Fine with me but I feel like I'll be judged for always wearing the same clothes (they are mostly similar). Anyone here with a capsule wardrobe feel this way?

No. 137655

I think that's cool, anon! You have a signature style imo. Play around with different textures and ratios if you feel bored at some point but don't want to deviate too far. Your pic is super cute

No. 137659

Hey that's a random Polyvore pic but my style is pretty much in this vein so thank you!

No. 137731

lol matilda the professional-core

No. 137738

File: 1588003554949.jpg (152.54 KB, 1024x683, Anna-Sui-3-2.jpg)

A bit of a random vent but I'm pissed that the Anna Sui x Uniqlo collab is so bland. I know it's Uniqlo but damn

No. 137742

File: 1588005353897.jpg (152.45 KB, 600x900, 11UPCLOSE-PECK1-articleLarge-v…)

Orville Peck is Sexy Prairie Butch. Cowgirls take note

No. 137766

File: 1588020786024.png (Spoiler Image, 494.88 KB, 553x615, Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 1.52…)

it's this

No. 137781

Idk, these women don't look like whores to me tbh, most of them are just being subtly erotic, why are they getting called whores? i dont get it it's not even that porny.

No. 137788

it's just because it rhymes with core. i don't think the girls on tumblr reblogging this stuff are making a moral judgement

No. 137789

damn this kinda blows my mind now that i think about all the unfortunate implications about culture when a woman over 25 is considered too old to wear a miniskirt, that being sexy is for teenagers

No. 137830

File: 1588078408425.png (682.5 KB, 544x544, 3dafc6dddbb2ff49edde88b4347ffe…)

How do I figure out if gold or rose gold suits me more?

Gold suits me more than silver. I have pale skin but it's yellow toned.

Rose gold looks absolutely beautiful to me but it's less common and more difficult to pair with other items and jewelry so I want to be sure it'll suit me

No. 137836

File: 1588083261669.jpg (57.61 KB, 1000x1080, seasonal-color-analysis-palett…)

So a while ago my mom gifted me one of those seasonal color analyses drapings lol, and it was determined that I'm a "summer season". Basically that means I should wear colors that are cool toned and muted, so I've been paying attention to it while shopping. But I find it really hard to find clothes that have these colors. Does anyone have tips for finding clothes in these specific colors? Especially the lighter colors.

No. 137852

buy some cheap bangles/rings in gold and rose gold and compare and contrast which you think looks best. idk ask a friend maybe if still unsure.

No. 137869

File: 1588105269545.png (459.35 KB, 610x768, skin-undertones.png)

the pink tone in rose gold will make the green and yellow tones in your skin pop more but not to the same extent as silver. rose gold leans cooler than yellow gold but not as cool as silver. i would probably only recommend avoiding rose gold if your skin is especially cool-yellow or olive-toned, otherwise it's pretty neutral and flattering choice for most people.

No. 137870

Same, anon. It's a letdown. The one on the left is especially a bore.

No. 137878

File: 1588112695784.jpg (2.29 MB, 1080x14096, reeeee3.jpg)

I love cowgirl/prairie hoe aesthetic!! I've been trying to stitch these images together since last night but I'm apparently retarded and this is the best I can do
edit- jfc I am so sorry lel

No. 137901

Is it weird that I wear symbols of another star sign? I'm a virgo but I fucking hate virgo symbolism, it's so boring, it's just a woman, and virgo qualities are trash. I like leo or scorpio symbols and I have a leo necklace. I don't care for star signs much but I do like the symbolism on some of them.

No. 137902

No, it's just jewellery or whatever, it doesn't mean anything.

I also hate my sign - cancer. A fucking crab, lmao

No. 137903

I feel like virgo, cancer, taurus and libra have the shittiest signs. So boring. But at least you all have other qualities. Virgo is literally just "hurr perfectionist", nothing else is every mentioned.

I'll comfort myself in the fact that I was meant to be born a scorpio

No. 137904

>Shitty sign
Nah, I like being a Taurus. I'm a Taurus sun AND Taurus moon too. But at least I'm a Gemini rising I guess, so people see me as more fun and "complicated" than I really am.

I don't mind being boring, I know I am. I don't think there's anything wrong in being steady and dependable. I wasn't put on this earth to be someone's personal party clown/lolcow (no pun intended).

No. 137907

Nah, you should wear it if you like what it stands for. Symbolism is literally just the meaning people decide to give the symbol and nothing else, so if you decide the leo symbol applies to you or symbolizes something for you then it does.

No. 137908

Pretty much, it's like having front row seats to a neverending trainwreck. We see you.

No. 137913

Wearing zodiac jewellery past the age of 19 is embarrassing and retarded regardless of the star sign.

No. 137914

File: 1588170174672.png (219.95 KB, 714x836, Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 15.22…)

Agree, but this one isn't even obviously zodiac jewelry. It's just a classic gold pendant with a sign. The scorpio one is an engraved scorpion which doesn't immediately scream ZODIAC

(pic related)

I just like wearing solid color tops like black, with a gold necklace like this.

No. 137915

old post I know, but I love this style. Reminds me of Midsommar.
what kind of style is this? I need some key words

No. 137916

> getting salty over an arbitrary set of traits that apply to everyone

No. 137917

That’s actually super cute, anon. I take my prior zodiac judgments back, that would look cool with a black top.

No. 137922

Ukrainian dress on Etsy

No. 137928

perfect taste

No. 137929

I'd rather be quietly rich. Still dress in elegant clothes as that's my style, but not flaunt it and aim to marry rich men. Just go about my life… but know I have money.

No. 137933

Thanks anon

by the way, which do you think looks better? left (scorpio) or right (leo)?

all of them, for reference: https://reliquiacollective.com/collections/star-sign

No. 137934

File: 1588183476739.png (286.52 KB, 1007x672, necklace.png)

forgot image

No. 137935

scorpio looks better, its kind of hard to tell that that's a lion on the right. might just be the picture though.

No. 137936

File: 1588185820718.jpeg (5.78 KB, 325x325, shopping.jpeg)

The Scorpio one looks like one of those cheesy angel necklaces for old people from far away. Leo ftw

No. 137939

I agree, the leo one looks hard to read.

No. 137940

i like being virgo. we're logical, pragmatic and always right.

No. 137941


No. 137942

i am sorry you are never correct about everything unlike us virgos who are always perfect and best. stacies of the star signs.

No. 137943

>stacies of the star signs.
>Most myths generally view Virgo as a virgin/maiden
wash my ass

No. 137950

God I hadn't seen this before, this lady looks like a goddamn prostitute with those botched fillers, who the fuck would take "class" advice from her.

No. 137954

idk about astrology and the symbolism, but I like the scorpio as pictures and pisces aesthetically the best.

No. 137957

scorpio, lion is hard to make out.

No. 137961

I do like the qualities of virgo, but I hate how every analysis is basically just "you're a perfectionist", and the symbolism is boring as shit. I always wished I was a leo or something.

I read something interesting about star signs - how they themselves don't affect your personality, but the time of your birth means you face different things at different times to other people which may affect it. E.g it's autumn when you're born, the weather is warm, celebrations come at a certain stage of your life etc.

No. 137989

File: 1588226895216.jpg (20.3 KB, 418x294, Cc43SnHUAAA79R3.jpg)

I keep reading conflicting info about hair color and skintone…I read somewhere that if you have warm toned skin, you got to pick a cool toned hair color because that would emphasize the warmth of your complexion, but elsewhere I read that the two have to match in color temperature…so which one is it?

I am a pale olive with naturally warm toned dark brown hair and I'm curious what I'd look like with cool toned hair

No. 138000

I think I found this store in some of fashion threads here… But I can't find it now.

It was a UK-based vintage-y clothing store, which photoshoots always looked stunningly amazing. Its not much, but maybe anyone remembers?

No. 138006

Spent all my life questioning my undertone as I'm very pale. I've always worn silver for that reason. But, I had an inkling I was warm toned as I am south european, and I tan well.

Bought some gold jewelry for the first time yesterday and it suits me MUCH better than silver. It's night and day. So I guess I'm warm toned then!

No. 138009

Anyone else been ordering stuff off Etsy more fervently than before lol? With this free time I've increased my online shopping.

No. 138012

imo it's deeeeefinitely warm+warm or cool+cool. My skin is cool but my natural hair is warm and it looks bad.

No. 138030

This is probably not what you are looking for but this reminded me of Miss Patina

No. 138071

Do any anons know any bra companies that have cater to smaller sizes.
I measured myself and I'm 26" for my underbust. Trying to find a 28 band that isn't an A is extremely difficult. I usually settle for a 32B but as you can imagine it doesn't fit well. Sister sizing to a 36 A is way too big in the band and too small for the boobs

No. 138081

I bought my bras from Uniqlo. I don't remember the size but I have the smallest underbust and boobs lol. The one I bought doesn't even have a clasp, so it's so comfortable. I hated wearing bras with a passion before buying these.

I think it was this one: https://www.uniqlo.com/uk/en/product/women-beauty-soft-wireless-bra-426076.html

No. 138091

File: 1588340790204.jpg (249.95 KB, 700x547, IMG_6972.JPG)

I want to do more research on how to dress better, particularly regarding the topic of contrast-when to use contrast, how to use it correctly and dressing around the body's already existing contrast (for example,my hair contrast my skin since my skin is light brown,but my hair is a very dark brown)

What are some resources to learn about contrast,aside from Alexandra'sgirlytalk?

No. 138101

You might find 4 season/12 season color theory interesting. It´s not specifically about contrast, but if you figure out your season you get to know what your colors are and you can apply it to the clothes and make-up you wear.

No. 138106

Certain stores like to stick in certain color palettes, so when malls open back up, I would recommend hitting as many shops as possible and seeing which seem promising. Sometimes certain color palettes just aren't in though. I very cool skin and had trouble buying clothes for several years straight because everything seemed to be rust or mustard colored.

Being cool-yellow is suffering.

I think it's best to go with cool-cool or warm-warm.

No. 138107

File: 1588362914998.png (648.48 KB, 672x6836, IMG_7003.PNG)

Is this it?

No. 138109


Thanks for the advice guys, ordered the scorpio one. Will check back once it arrives!

No. 138112

No. 138114

No. 138124

This is missing a lot.
Dark brown
Neutral that isn't asian
That flow chart isn't helpful at all if you don't got those categories. Sure you can change them but I wouldn't what combination would fit each season.

Its decent start I guess

No. 138125

I tried taking the quiz but I didn't have answer to the last 3 lol. I have no idea who my sister season would be and I don't wear makeup so that was a big miss.
I'm probably better off just trying on clothes and figure it out from there

No. 138132

File: 1588399246091.jpeg (76.68 KB, 600x800, FE96BFC3-033E-44E6-8D07-089D4C…)

I love dresses that are yellow and white, it's such a fun combo. I'm cool-toned so it won't look great on me but burning retinas is my goal in life.

No. 138138

>sister season
pick the ones that look most like you

>I don't wear makeup

pick the palette that you gravitate towards.

No. 138139

so wear a cool toned white and yellow striped dress

No. 138179

File: 1588457286656.png (187.85 KB, 4181x1000, huesandundertones.png)

there are cool yellows you could look for. IMO, yellow being unflattering probably has more to do with the pink/red undertone of your skin than the coolness, which can be confusing.

olive skin tones can lean cool or warm as well, but if you're a warm-leaning olive, you probably read as fairly neutral and could probably get away with a cool-tone brown or blonde, despite them being cool. the only color family i'd suggest someone with your skintone to avoid is reds, because it'll emphasize the green undertone in your skin.

i made this chart in case anyone in the thread might find it useful.

No. 138218

For anyone viewing the picture, I'd recommend opening it up in another tab. The text is small but the image is larger one funny open

No. 138242

this is great, thank you anon!

No. 138441

File: 1588703881621.jpg (82.15 KB, 540x520, kfashion.jpg)

Is there a name for a shirt/dress that has cuffs and a collar that are a different colour to the main body of the shirt/dress (to mimic the look of an undershirt) like the left shirt in pic rel?

No. 138442

No. 138444

ik I'm not really interested in the weeb aesthetic that it has, but I just wanna know what type it is

No. 138445


I think it used to be called a French cuff shirt, but I see them referred to as just "contrast collar" dress shirts now.

No. 138457

File: 1588714843019.png (997.29 KB, 1271x949, d6903361-277b-4f42-9d6a-cd7941…)

Is there a name for this kind of bra?

No. 138470

But with that specific shape/cut?

No. 138474

File: 1588731605089.jpg (41.15 KB, 480x480, rokku.jpg)

Dae have like a split personality when it comes to fashion? I dress like >>132502 normally and I really like it, but sometimes for like a week at a time I get the urge to dress like Taylor Momsen or pic related. I've had acquaintances literally not recognize me.
It feels weird to have two basically separate closets, but I can't figure out how to combine them in a way that I like.

This was pretty good. It got my season, although the description and celebrities it listed didn't look anything like me kek.

No. 138475

Oh yah. I like both the styles you're referring to here.

Plus I love a wide range of vintage fashion.
I even want to dress sporty, but never do because I feel like a phony lol

No. 138477

File: 1588740714235.png (1.23 MB, 700x1110, 17580779120_66cfef669b_o.png)

I only wish I could have just one focused style, but there are just so many looks I love to wear; from dirty hippy, to cutesy, to the business casual love-child of Zara and Topshop. Due to my fashion ADD, everything in my closet ends up being some kind of a statement piece which can be tiring as heck and tends to make me look like I'm trying way too hard and overdressed.

Sucks, but there is nothing I hate more than basic distressed jeans and any form of t-shirt.

No. 138485

Yes. I always dress as an altfag tho but had to switch to more office friendly stuff which has overtaken my wardrobe now.
Really sucks to have multiple styles and almost no occasion to wear it

No. 138496

File: 1588762820542.jpg (38.68 KB, 736x736, profile picture 3.jpg)

I'm unsure if this is the correct thread to ask this but where can I buy comfortable,practical underwear and decent period panties? I want to re-stock my underwear draw and throw out all of my old underwear

No. 138503

Kawaii/weeb/kpop fashion is so strange to me. When I look at a picture of a piece on its own, I'd say it looks at least cute. But every single time I've seen someone in real life wearing it, it looks out of place and cheap.

No. 138504

It feels like this sorta clothing is only good for pictures posed by models in flattering lighting conditions. Sorta how some makeup if good for wearing whilst your taking photos, but looks too heavy irl

No. 138505

Because they buy cheap aliexpress crap and can’t dress themselves for shit, actual asian alternative people buy high quality indie brands from their social circle and keep a “scene” running.
Its very different to visit an alternative hotspot in asian and then look at weebshits in an animu convention.

No. 138584

File: 1588861141716.jpg (350.37 KB, 810x1200, big-poster-jogo-cyberpunk-2077…)

Do you guys think with the release of media like DUNE and Cyberpunk 2077 the style will become more popular and not just something that exists in science fiction?

Streetwear and Techwear already have a proto-cyberpunk look and wearable technology is becoming more commonplace.

Also whats your opinion on Cyberpunk anyways?

No. 138587

I love the cyberpunk look, I hope it becomes more mainstream. Especially the bolder makeup.

It's like 80s rebooted with better tech.

No. 138595

It´s kinda cool but it also just looks like performer's costumes

No. 138597

you want everyone and their mothers to be caked up with insta thot makeup? ok

No. 138606

no definitely not lol, I meant bolder-color eye shadow with cooler patterns. I think no/light foundation and natural makeup is best, with bold lipstick or eyeshadow

No. 138675

how does one dress like a tomboy without falling into bad fashion decisions typical of fakebois?

i'd like to lean into an agressively unfeminine look (but nothing offensively ugly) and i'm clueless as to where to find inspiration. normal men's fashion looks tryhard on me as an average girl but i'm sticking with it for now.

No. 138678

for inspo go to pinterest, search for keywords related to your style and once you find an image/outfit you like, it'll automatically recommend more like it

No. 138680

ah dammit i guess i'll have to go back to that tumor of a website

No. 138683

how is pintrest a tumor of a website? anyway, it's not the only source for inspiration

No. 138687

it truly is though. have you ever tried to find the source of a pic only to get a pinterest link?

No. 138689

Anyone have some online jewelry shops that they like and recommend?

So far I've been consistently ordering from Ana Luisa and mejuri, I have a weakness for big ass hoop earrings.

No. 138690

The absolute bane of my existence.

No. 138696

Check out Jenny Mustard

No. 138702

File: 1588997598957.jpg (47.29 KB, 436x564, JM.JPG)

NTA but good rec! I hadn't heard of her before.

No. 138711

File: 1589018201428.jpg (44.01 KB, 500x500, n6ZYzO0.jpg)

How old is too old to wear stuff like this? I had a phase like this when I was 15 but kind of feel like it again, I'm 24 now though so idk if it'd look stupid. People say I look younger but still.

No. 138716

Why care? If someone wants to drag you they'll drag you regardless of your age. You wanna wear it, wear it.

No. 138717

I am 26 and I dress similar and nobody has never said anything, maybe some odd looks when I go to certain places. You’re never “too old” for something you like, and if you feel like it ages you up, try with less flashy clothes (simpler skirts and no patterns), but imho there is always a way to make the outfit more “suited” for you.

No. 138725

>ana luisa
thanks anon, made me spend $150 on rings at 3am lol

anyway, take a look at Reliquia. I also mostly find stuff on Etsy

No. 138728

File: 1589051615011.png (489.97 KB, 736x691, AkkoRI.png)

I'm a bit unsure what my body type/vertical body type is. I think I'm either a pear of a rectangle and either my legs are equal to my height or I have a long torso

Chest- 30.5 inches
Waist- 24.5 inches
Hips- 32 inches
Overall height- 61 inches (womanlet)
leg height- 29 inches

No. 138729

forgot to link the video that talks about this


No. 138749

I've watched that video before but IMO, it doensn't make much sense using the chest measure, instead, it's more common to use the shoulder and hips ratio to compare, which for me is much more noticeable when it comes to the overall body shape.
But according to her video and your measures I would say rectangle, don't know about the leg and torso

No. 138750

I was looking at Anon jewelry suggestion >>138689
Is this actually emzotic the pettuber?
If it is. That's a bit weird.

No. 138793

cutout or keyhole + sports bra

No. 138807

File: 1589159108338.jpeg (360.89 KB, 1472x1472, BF42DE9B-A8C6-4771-8094-1A932B…)

Can someone with no sewing skills take the sleeves off a dress without ruining it? The dress on the left is on sale but I want to style it like the one on the right.

Also purse ideas for this outfit and general opinions encouraged I’m trying to find conservative alt girl clothes.

No. 138808

Personally I hate this style buuuuuuut, desleeving is pretty easy, altogether removing things will always be easier than making more severe modifications.

No. 138810

File: 1589160378709.jpg (42.48 KB, 502x787, 80e9b880c1b2d6a4f617d592c966cc…)

Ripping out the seems wouldn't be too difficult. As long as you hem the armholes so they don't show the raw edges or fray it should be fine.

On a side note I wish I had more opportunities to wear waistcoats. They're rather slimming too. I want a perfectly tailored 3-piece suit one day and be an androgynous suave lady. Or maybe I'll bring something like pic related back.

No. 138811

File: 1589161051914.jpeg (99.16 KB, 600x900, 08A4EC1C-5999-4E17-9C19-C73719…)

apologies for weebshit but does anyone know if there's a specific name for the kind of top in the picture?

No. 138812

oversized polyester fashion polo?

No. 138822

Starving Indian dad

No. 138858

If you know how to hem you can do it. Just know that that dress is not made to be sleeveless, so it might not look/sit as beautifully as the one on the right if you don't know how to mod it further. Or maybe you get lucky and it does lol.

No. 139138

File: 1589498127791.jpg (88.83 KB, 790x589, IMG_7257.JPG)

What are some closet essentials, aside from a pair of short and long-sleeved black and white tops and jeans?

No. 139141

why do zoomers like y2k fashion so much

No. 139145

File: 1589501811389.jpg (35.86 KB, 400x222, tumblr_o0t1rskPhm1sp7rp6o2_400…)

Shit they saw on toys, disney channel, early internet and magazines as kids but couldn't wear it, now they can.

Cyclism of fashion 101 anon.

No. 139148


The first one that comes to mind is the classic little black dress. A pair of heels, trendy sneakers, ballet flats, ankle boots, cute sandals. Leather jackets and statement blazers can be a lot of fun, too, since you can wear them with a variety of outfits. Button ups, black/neutral colored trousers/blouses/chunky knit sweaters/pencil skirts/cardigans.

Make sure you have all your basics taken care of bc it makes picking outfits so much easier. There are a bunch of lists online describing must-have closet essentials, too.

No. 139150


Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that once you have your basics taken care of, you can branch out and experiment more with figuring out your personal style and what flatters your body type the best.

No. 139154

when will it stop

No. 139155

File: 1589505370987.jpg (24.63 KB, 465x295, how-to-be-a-pastel-goth-a-step…)

When 2010's comes back into fashion.

But do you really want that to happen?

No. 139175

the same we thought about y2k

tbh I wouldn't wear it myself but I kind of like early to mid 10's alternative fashion, it'll be interesting to see when and in what new form that will come back in maybe a decade or so.

I'm also interested to see if boho will make a comeback this decade (I think that was in in late 00's/early 10's?) because it works well with the more environmently-aware movement.
The only thing I hope we can leave permanently in the 10's is instagram baddie fashion, gag.

(sorry for the crappy english, esl here.)

No. 139178

What do you think fashion will look like in the future?

No. 139184

boho had its moment in the early 10s

No. 139186

Stuff that's designed to look good in pictures rather than seeing in person, like how all the biggest make-up youtubers styles are.

No. 139252

clothes that aren't built to last and are made of cheap fabrics, so more of the same thing

No. 139254

File: 1589641915984.png (2.67 MB, 1768x1236, Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 16.11…)

Are there any good fashion magazines that have more wearable looks? I'm not a fan of weird editorial or runway style outfits. I like things like pic related.

I use pinterest but I like magazines

No. 139286

I don't really have any recs but I really like your preferred style, anon.

No. 139293

thanks anon!

No. 139337

Do you guys have recommendations for clothing brands made in the US that aren't Los Angeles Apparel or anything related to Dov? I don't really have a set style other than generally feminine, I just wear whatever looks pretty.

No. 139350

what style of bikini top looks good on super flat chests (like sometimes I cant fill out an A cup type of flat). not necessarily looking for a style to make them look bigger, just looking for suggestions of cuts that look cute or can be pulled off by super flat chests

No. 139351

Probably those deep plunging v Neck swimsuits that if someone with a big chest wore would have to be afraid of popping out or this every basic tube top style

No. 139365

File: 1589839174015.jpg (177.54 KB, 1340x1785, c5a2a8934210b27ae8374f4fed8950…)

What jeans color or shoe color should I wear with this sweater?

No. 139367

light blue jeans!

No. 139368

why do ppl post basic bitch clothes and ask for coords like what the fuck do you expect us to say

No. 139370

Fashion is fashion no matter how basic it can be, hence it's the fashion general thread looool.

No. 139371

NTA but it's grey and white… nearly anything goes with it. It takes no thought or outside input at all to style a plain jumper with plain jeans.

If she wanted ideas on how to make it look more interesting or fashionable that would be one thing but she already knows she wants to wear jeans.

No. 139372

a pale yellow bottom could work

No. 139373

File: 1589841831680.png (211.52 KB, 340x512, Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 3.37…)

i've always heard ruffles but i'm not a fan. it just looks like you're trying to pad up your chest and seems insecure. and then there's straight across bikini tops that are more sporty but i think that's kind of boring and not very sexy, so i think something like this would do what ruffles are trying to do but more successfully. basically any bandeau that has curves/round shapes or some light ruching. it doesn't have to be strapless but this general shape. it looks feminine and cute without trying to overcompensate and you don't need cleavage. in fact, it would probably look weird on someone with big boobs.

No. 139374

File: 1589842052904.png (240.78 KB, 338x505, Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 3.45…)

here's another example with some straps. i would never look at this and immediately think about her boobs being small, but when the same model was wearing like string bikinis and underwire bikinis it kind of jumped out.

No. 139376

I'm new to the fashion influencer scene. Does anyone know any influencers who are on the "thicc" side (thighs, boobs, and hips)? I have something like a pear/hourglass shape, not overweight, but not like the super skinny idealized kind. I kind of relate to Doja Cat if y'all have seen her body.

No. 139416

these bikini tops are so cute, especially the white one

No. 139499

Idk if this should go in this thread, the boobs thread or elsewhere, but where can I buy nice but relatively inexpensive bras from? I’m small chested, like 32B/30C if that helps. Aerie bras almost always start to hurt because the underwire manages to get bent somehow or isn’t right from the get go. I don’t want cheap bras, but I also don’t feel like spending like $50-$60, especially considering I basically have no boobs anyways lol

No. 139502

Calvin Klein has been good for me. I like their bras and they go on sale a lot. They also make sporty and girly styles, so you've got style options too. You probably already know this, but stay the fuck away from Victoria's Secret/Pink. Aerie is just as trash as they are. I think the main reason for their popularity is how body positive they are, which is great for the younger girls they're targeting, but having a positive message won't save your shitty product.

No. 139507

What's wrong with VS/Pink? I only ever buy from them, lol

No. 139518

They can be overpriced for a small selection of bra sizes they have and usually between those bras there is a huge inconsistency. Eg 32 band being together than a 30 band.
That being said VS is fine if you know you proper size and not what the standard American size. Saying your a 32B when actually you are a 30D.

No. 139555

File: 1590016264879.jpg (59.3 KB, 306x595, IMG_7654.JPG)

What are some 'essential' shoes for starting a wardrobE? I'm assuming that I'd need some white sneakers, but what about other types of shoes? Are Chelsea boots 'essentials'?

No. 139556

There's no such thing as essential shoes, what shoes do you like and would match your clothes? I've never worn chelsea boots in my life and don't plan to start, you don't need them unless you actually want to wear them. Same goes for sneakers and whatever else.

No. 139558

depends on how old you are but i'd say a nice pair of nude or black pumps

No. 139561

File: 1590019268584.jpg (103.21 KB, 564x705, 8478a071394f35fecc704c70496e1c…)

classic black ankle length doc martens are perfect fit all year for any occasion almost and any style

No. 139565

I would say there's no one true essential shoe, it depends on your personal style and needs. Chelsea boots aren't essential for everybody, but if it fits the aesthetic you're going for and you like them, then, yeah, it could be.
Just have a good pair of shoes for each possible occasion: a shoe to wear to fancy/formal events, a shoe you can walk all day in, a practical athletic/running shoe (if you work out), snow boots if you live somewhere snowy, rain boots if you live somewhere rainy, etc. What those exact pairs would be is different for every woman.

No. 139646

Uniqlo. I love their ones without a clasp at the back, feels like I'm wearing nothing (but they also have clasp ones).

No. 139647

If you have to ask if x type of shoes are essential, then they´re probably not essential for you. Otherwise you would know and you wouldn´t have to ask.

People love to talk about wardrobe essentials or must-haves (lbd, blazer, black pumps, chelsea boots) but in my opinion you should take that with a grain of salt. Everyone's lifestyles and fashion styles are different and from that everyone has different essentials.

No. 139648

Unlike some replies I think there are essentials, just because you can pair them with anything or most things

>white and black trainers

>tall boots (just below knee)
>ankle boots

Usually in a black or dark gray color, and they'll match with anythig

No. 139649

I don't get the obsession with fashion 'essentials' and 'basics' tbh. I guess it's fair enough if someone needs help getting their wardrobe started or just don't care and want a straightforward guide to looking decent but it seems like you'd end up wasting money on things you don't truly want. It makes more sense to try develop your own taste before buying a list of things the internet told you to. Is it really that hard to pay attention to clothes to figure out what you think looks good? I'm not particularly stylish but I still know what I like or dislike when I see it or try it on, and I could go the rest of my life without wearing most commonly recommended 'essentials'.

No. 139779

File: 1590104622786.jpg (92.3 KB, 564x689, 7d61bd8a54099fcfacf047d4bad010…)

Any clue what might she be wearing on her waist under the harness belts?

No. 139781

I think that might be part of the harness. That jumpsuit looks very cool tho

No. 139809

Sage because I think this was posted in the last thread, but i thought i’d share this video again. It’s just a lady going around New York and stopping strangers to ask about their outfits. I absolutely love this series, i’ve watched all the episodes and i get really inspired each time, by the clothes and also by the host who is so sweet and outgoing. It also makes me nostalgic for New York, i’ve only been a few times and mostly stayed with family in Brooklyn, but I went to a concert on the lower east side once and I was actually blown away by how amazingly everyone was dressed. Can’t wait to visit again once Covid dies down.

No. 140455

Think of essentials not as items but as categories. You need footwear for rain, snow, casual dresses and skirts, formal dresses and skirts, casual pants, formal pants, shorts, leggings, and any activities that require specific footwear. Chelsea boots often work in rain and with casual skirts and some styles of pants, but other footwear could also cover those categories. Sometimes a shoe can cover multiple categories. If you don't ever wear a type of item, you don't need footwear for it.

No. 140459

How could I style oversized hoodies and retro jackets?

No. 140460

Really love those platform docs that are in the thread pic, but is there anyway to wear them WITHOUT looking like I'm a Nazi? i love that gothic/grunge style so much but fuck, skinheads ruin it so much.

No. 140461

since when is that a nazi thing? and idk, maybe get a dark tan

No. 140465

agreed, I've never associated them with nazis.

No. 140466

File: 1590647610377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.57 KB, 602x452, main-qimg-782a1b32d7ac595e5a0c…)

Pretty generic skinhead shoe, I should've said I meant the style, like the army boot style.

No. 140468

I know what you mean anon, just wear them anyways. Lots of non-racists wear Docs.
The most skin-heady thing imo is the look of them tucked into pants, but even if you like that style, them just wear them. It's not like they have swastikas on them or anything. It must be a regional thing if other anons are saying they've never heard of the correlation, which works in your favor actually.

>get a dark tan

No. 140470

Ex-skin (a trad SHARP not an american bonehead just to clarify) here. You wont look like a skinhead unless you also dress like one. If really don't want to step anywhere near skin territory - if you wear them with jeans and a shirt, don't roll up the hems into cuffs, either wear them straight, tuck them in or wear something else instead. If you wear a shirt, don't tuck it into your jeans and avoid polo shirts. It's pretty easy to avoid dressing in that way tbh. Otherwise, wear whatever the hell you want and stop worrying about it. Now if you told me you wanted to wear them with an oversized bomber jacket, bleachers and a shitty nazi band tee I'd say you have a lot to be worried about. Buy them Docs, girl!

No. 140478

Depends where you're from. In Sweden we associate them with nazis but over the years maybe they are becoming more e-girl.

No. 140485

in my country some people would associate this type of boots with skinheads if you use white shoelaces, otherwise not at all. everything depends on whether you'll dress like a stereotypical racist skinhead or not. And since you imply you like gothic grunge, i'm sure no one will even think you could be a nazi with that styling

No. 140487

File: 1590667870804.jpg (246.04 KB, 373x560, 1884028_dandgshirt1.jpg)

Im getting nostalgic for the 2010's tumblr grunge hipster chic look, i think it has been long enough that it stops feeling dated but nostalgic instead.
It also looks less teenager-y than egirl shit but still alternative.
I want to dress like i listen to crystal castles and reblog pictures of empty pools and girls smoking anons…..

No. 140491

thanks for sharing this, really enjoyed it and now I'm gonna binge the series

No. 140492

its probably going to come back soon dont worry

No. 140494

Amen, I want effy stonem-esque fashion to come back

No. 140496

File: 1590676821424.jpg (30.44 KB, 304x704, 1814059319f3e1d3cb.jpg)

Bless, may your words come true anon, i still dress somewhat like that and i notice that people already forgot it was just trendy shit for hipsters and calling me unique uwu and original uwu.
Yess, I think never fully outgrew the effy style, baggy muscle tees and short-shorts are still my jam in the summer.

The basic make up is also way fresher than egirl and modern goth stuff, just black lined eyes (or unblended grungy purples and reds lol, the classic lime crime venus palette) and red ou natural shades lipstick and minimal foundation, it always seemed like a more put together version of the heroin chic look.

No. 140497

File: 1590677150437.jpg (50.27 KB, 400x409, tumblr_ot9y1gwQX81ubeem2o1_400…)

"More put together version of the heroin chic look" is brilliant and my personal style. A sober Courtney Love but make it sort of gothy. I love to wear things like fishnets and maybe heavy mascara and a dark lip but keep it mostly bare. I was once asked at a party (as i rolled a smoke) if i'd ever seen Skins, I said yeah and she told me she could tell kek. Idfk if it's embarrassing or obvious, she's my inspiration definitely

No. 140500

File: 1590677984646.jpg (108.68 KB, 1000x680, Ou39xSS9I0WCBE6xYNJO828CzdDg9l…)

The Skins Question lol, such a classic, i always hmm no?

Im more of a freelice copycat (with a dash of modcloth), I have dark hair and eyes and it looks so good, even if im not a spoop, tbh as long as youre not egregiously overweight grungy looks are kind of flattering, most of the tumblr queens were either super average in weight or spoops.

No. 140501

uugh I love this, although it wouldn't look good on me

No. 140502

File: 1590682420867.jpg (99.7 KB, 630x392, godhelpthegirl_teaser.jpg)

Seconding this but on the more twee end of the hipster spectrum. Tbh I never outgrew peter pan collars and pretending I know about French + Russian lit. Ah, listening to indie rock, typing like a thesaurus, pretending to love tea… truly a lovely era..

It would be hard to replicate the look in your 20s-30s without looking like a cringey Modcloth rockabilly womanchild though

No. 140504

Maybe something more on the dark academia side? It has alot of the twee features but less girlish and quirky.

And tbh new girl and pushing daisies are great twee inspos, jess is supposed to be on her late 20s/early 30s and she never looks too childish.

No. 140506

These styles make you look dirty and genuinely only look good on model-pretty girls. Most women over the age of 20 who dress like this look juvenile and cracked out, not heroin chic.

No. 140507

ikr. it triggers me seeing pretty girls pull off this style

No. 140508

Eh, you're a hater.

No. 140513

You need to be 18 to post here

No. 140514

Stop, the french and russian lit is so true. It's so lovely, i like looking at old early 2010s shit, the era is over but i like to read/watch it like it's today
How do you dress then, anon? Do you like a nice blazer?

No. 140519

File: 1590691564389.png (3.94 MB, 1658x1256, ss.png)

Right back atcha, ever heard of nostalgia?

Right? I wish modern fashion trends came with more of a subculture these days. It was a bit cringey how everyone was typing overly eloquently and trying to live like a Godard film but I loved the idea of cultivating an entire lifestyle around your fashion.

No. 140520

File: 1590692125152.jpg (255.37 KB, 938x938, 1578657388964.jpg)


I really wish my hair had more of a wave to it, like the two of the girls pictured, instead of it being pin-straight. I planned on getting a slight perm, but one of the anon's reply discouraged me, since they said it fried their hair.

Unfortunately, I don't think I could get one of those digital perms, since I live in bumfuck central Europe.

No. 140532

I tried to watch that movie, couldn't get through the god awful music scenes and stopped halfway through but the clothes were SO cute

I love preppy twee idgaf, I stay away from rockabilly looking stuff but you can pry peter pan collars from my cold dead hands. It was only ever a style for me in adulthood though so I didn't go through a pretentious indie phase.

No. 140533

I get waves in my hair by (loosely) braiding my hair, misting it with a water spray bottle and setting it with a good amount of mousse and sleeping with that overnight, in the morning I softly scrunch out the mousse and ta-da soft waves. Maybe it works for you too.

No. 140542

File: 1590706698170.png (2.41 MB, 852x1282, tumblr_magaqxJUis1qayl4jo1_128…)


You guys realize most of the girls that popularized this style aren't even that pretty, they were just relatively thin and into photography.

Kayla Hadlington looks like every dumpy british girl ever, yet she was one of the most popular alternative fashion bloggers back in 2012.

Also lol there's always some freaks here that expect every woman over 23 to wear pantsuits and pencil skirts, its 2020 no1curr about what you wear in your 20s.

No. 140543

File: 1590706951675.jpg (75.31 KB, 640x880, tp.jpg)

This. I'm over mainstream fashion, alt fashion is a hell of a lot more forgiving of weird girls and it's already assumed you're an outlier so having a weird nose or whatever is fine and you're pretty as long as you know how to dress and in a lot of alt fashion, looking weird works in your favour. I'll be laughed at but I love toopoor's fashion at the moment, she's really leant into a soundcloud goth style, all over neck and face tats and it looks amazing on her. I remember crying when I was younger over just not being able to pull off what my peers were wearing but I'm finally done with making sure I'm falling in line with others where i live and I'm happy drawing inspiration from weird music videos and stuff like that. Feelsgoodman

No. 140544

Any recommendations for accessories to easily look more stylish? I try to go for a comfortable minimalist thing dressing in neutral colors, usually jeans and a T shirt. My style is really boring and I want a little excitement without being too flashy

No. 140545

Exactly This. If toopoor dressed "normal" she would straight up look inbred, the gothy soundthot shit compliments her weird face so well she almost looks attractive.
Dita von Teese looks like a kindergarden teacher without her gothabilly styling, etc

Also tbh why should women have to dress in a way that makes them as inconspicuous as possible, not even most workplaces give a shit about dyed hair anymore.

No. 140550

File: 1590716471573.jpg (129.48 KB, 1024x1313, 3816023302_1_1_3.jpg)

Depends on if your style is more soft or edgy because jeans and a t-shirt is pretty versatile, but I would recommend jewelry like simple/understated necklaces, earrings, or rings. Necklaces like pic related could work, but that many at a time is a little much for my taste

No. 140552

Yeah anon, I had trouble thinking of ways to help because you haven't really told us what side of comfy minimalist you mean. Normie? Genuine minimalist monochromatic sort of look? Most people already wear a simple necklace with that look so if you want a twist/little excitement you have to slightly lean into another style imo. I'm only good at alty type stuff and if you're already wearing a bit of black, silver rings/chain/layered necklace can really make it look good. If normie, i suppose my best advice would to be vary your accessories because a lot of normie girls wear the same necklace every day and it starts to take away from the outfit. Don't shy away from a cute statement belt or something like that. If I visualise me just wearing a t shirt and jeans right now, i'm thinking cute boots, maybe hoop earrings, idc what anyone says hoops can make even bummy outfits look cute, and a decent fashion as opposed to function jacket that shows your personality (try thrift stores). Imo this takes the outfit from (not an attack) something you could wear at a stock photo shoot from being simple and what you're used to to something interesting without taking you too far out of your comfort zone.

No. 140557

thanks for your responses. I guess my aim would be a slightly alt twist but still polished. I definitely like the dainty jewelry suggested with a turtle neck.

No. 140574

but that look is very basic. (which is fine, just not alt)

No. 140585

not a fan of the black turtle neck look. it reminds me too much of elizabeth holmes. she did so much damage to the credibility of women in tech/business

No. 140614

File: 1590767511349.jpeg (320.71 KB, 1120x1549, 639F13A5-D1CE-402F-A08D-DAA25E…)

Well this just unearthed some fucking feels…

No. 140621

File: 1590772428172.jpeg (50.3 KB, 500x333, 8BE1A44C-4104-4A35-A686-216B36…)

Speaking of nostalgic 00’s era styles - I’m currently obsessed with the Cory Kennedy-esque look.

No. 140626

File: 1590777228799.jpg (21.22 KB, 320x320, nkfce4j.jpg)

some silver jewelry appreciation

No. 140627

File: 1590777622981.jpg (118.24 KB, 564x705, Vxj8GJs.jpg)

No. 140645

>Hipster headbands and black tights with literally everything
Oh man those were the days

No. 140646

I'm guilty of the black tights to this day. Beyond a classic

No. 140648

I wish I could share my outfit inspo folder with you guys it's full of this shit

No. 140653

Omg I’d love to see it. Maybe you could post a collage with some of your fav looks from the folder?

Gosh, I still have my old outfit inpso folder from like 2010-‘11 when I was in high school and would sit on tumblr, flickr, lookbook and weheartit for hours saving girls’ outfits that I liked.

No. 140654

not weheartit! i'm back on there and it's antiquated but still used and if any girls are interested in this >>140621 >>140542 >>140487 >>140496 sort of stuff it's unironically still reposted and shared to this very day on weheartit!

No. 140658

AYRT ooo I want to see yours too! I've been curating mine for about as long. I'm uploading them to dropbox rn with my anonymous acct! I'll share when it's all ready to go!

No. 140661

I've never done this before so pls lmk if it doesn't work.
A few notes: I crop out the heads most of the time if they are too distracting from the outfit. Idk if you can see my anon email but contrary to the name I am not a farm hand. I made it a long time ago to apply for farmhand positions and never got chosen lmao. Also you will probably recognize some of lolcow's own cows in there kek


No. 140662

nice. we should have more anons sharing fashion inspo

No. 140663

I'll take a look at this. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspirations with us, i much prefer to hear about individual ideas here as opposed to general women's fashion. we have magazines for that

No. 140667

File: 1590802501317.png (108.28 KB, 800x288, c4be1440-2971-4de3-8fb9-679620…)

I'm happy to share! Try this link instead, though:

The dropbox link was missing a whole bunch of the pictures.
Share yours anons! Pic unrelated kekeke

No. 140672

Haha I remember reblogging a few of these pics back in the day… thank you again anon!

No. 140674

seriously think a black t-shirt and/or hoodie is the cutest shit on a pretty girl. Understatement is key imo. It took me a while to realize it.

Np! A trip down memory lane

No. 141491

File: 1591663421336.jpg (299.86 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200609_023748_de.…)

I bought this but I can't figure out how to tie it. How does this knot work

No. 141494

Just leave it open.

No. 141503

This dress looks like it would be really convenient for a breastfeeding mother lmao

No. 141505

I think this is it?

No. 141535

Thanks this looks good!

No. 141544

jUsT lEaVe It OpEn

No. 141771

File: 1591981910728.png (1.21 MB, 800x800, Hc7035efcd9c84416b9557f6971906…)

Random question but do you think pic related is too weeb tier?
I've been searching for a sailor dress that doesn't make me look like i just went to an anime convention
>inb4 pick one

No. 141772

File: 1591981986228.png (1.51 MB, 800x800, Hc7035efcd9c84416b9557f6971906…)

it looks like this from the bacc

No. 141773

I feel like the dress is okay. Avoid a skirt and shirt combination.

No. 141775

I don't think it has the same weeb effect like a regular sailor two piece set does, but you'd still stand out.

No. 141778

get a sailor hat so they think sailor before weeb.

No. 141781

No way, this is adorable! I like how it's styled here with the farm vibes!

No. 141803

File: 1591995814079.jpg (94.3 KB, 800x1000, B3-GB935_GRIDS1_1000V_20200211…)


i'm sure you could pull it off with a regular dress and maybe a neck scarf? maybe not the garish green colour in pic related but i think it'd be adorable + you could style the scarf with other outfits and the same goes for the staple dress piece!

No. 141927

File: 1592145529792.gif (721.9 KB, 480x480, trmyvrbe.gif)

I can never make up my mind about a kind of style so I've always just looked either wild or basic. I've gotten fat so rn I'm mostly wearing basic stuff but I want to lose some weight and feel pretty again. But I never know what aesthetic to go for so I just mix and match and end up looking like I'm special needs.

I've tried the Kibbe thing but the questions were just confusing to me so it didn't really help much.

How do you choose your style/clothes?

No. 141946

if you can't figure out kibbe, you can post a pic of yourself on seasonal colors on tapatalk and ask other people to determine your type. Although if you're naturally able to tell if something looks good on you or not, you don't really need Kibbe.

No. 141949

I didn't even bother with the test tbh, and think other women dislike it as well. If you're still interested in learning your type, you could take a headless pic in leggings or a bikini then post on r/kibbe for a typing.

If you go between styles a lot, maybe try planning capsule wardrobes for each style with some basics you can use in general.

No. 141983

File: 1592209954348.jpg (41.96 KB, 474x582, 0692c9be23d9609341d7b3d2cd48a9…)

I just wear what I like anon and you should do the same kek. What do you like?

Preppy pieces in neutral tones look decent on anyone imo, if you don't wanna look into the kibbe shit, maybe just choose cuts that fit your body type. If you're not sure, maybe post your measurements here

No. 142003

The test sucks but you can learn to observe different qualities in others and yourself to learn how to work them. Things I like to watch for are:
- Are the bones prominent or delicate?
- Are the bones wide-set or narrow-set?
- Are the bones sharp or blunt? (this will depend on many factors like fat distribution and muscle density but you can get a general sense of someone being sharp or blunt when theyre around other people in particular)
- Where is the fat distribution concentrated?
- Silhouette re:vetrical line. Leggy (makes people look tall)? Thick upper thighs (this tends to "shorten" the way someone looks even if theyre average height)? Long torso? etc.

From there you can go towards looking at how different cuts of clothes work with individual features. Someone with short legs has different needs than someone with a short torso for instance. If you're super fleshy and curvy you wanna wear light fabrics that flow so it can conform to your curves instead of sitting on top like a sack. Conversely if you're pointy and bony you wanna tailor stuff with sturdier fabrics, you can handle more angles. If youre kinda wide but not in a curvy way, more muscular (usually also comes with narrow hips and height but doesn't have to), you might wanna look at clothes that drape in a more masculine way rather than the frilly feminine way. Things like that.

No. 142006

Also wanna add this look at kibbe is helpful even if you disregard the kibbe-related advice in it.

No. 142037

File: 1592266874754.jpg (45.2 KB, 600x600, 8a4e1dd8b2342c8727691a716ea8c2…)

Does anyone have advice for theatrical romantic bodies with a large bust + short waist? Waist emphasis can look awkward on me since my waist is so short that it's only about 3" under my underbust, making me look stumpy and fatter than I actually am. I love girly, vintage-y (50's/60's) looks but don't want to look too tradfem.

No. 142085

Are you sure you are TR?

No. 142114

Yeah, I'm a TR for sure. My body isn't round/soft enough for R, I'm just super top-heavy.

No. 142171

TR or R that doesn't look good with waist emphasis doesn't really make sense idk

No. 142259

File: 1592565390805.jpg (7.11 KB, 249x166, 1592431452785s.jpg)

/fa/ really become absolute shit. I'm dumping recent brisbane fa meet up pics for you to cringe

No. 142260

File: 1592565427343.jpg (77.96 KB, 400x600, 1592431466919.jpg)

No. 142261

File: 1592565462413.jpg (61.99 KB, 400x600, 1592431621203.jpg)

No. 142262

File: 1592565488259.jpg (157.45 KB, 900x600, 1592431683085.jpg)

No. 142269

this is supposed to be /fa/? kek. by the looks of these people, more like forever alone.

No. 142270

This is so lame. They look like abunch of normal highschool kids
They look like they're in a shitty alt-j rip-off band

No. 142277

It always amazes me how frumpy they all are, for a board of people obsessed with calling everyone fat and ugly. That being said, far right in >>142262 is an absolute cutie.

No. 142306

Literally all those /fa/ pics are just normal outfits that every single young adult-oriented streetwear store sells. Do they think they're particularly fashionable?? Then again every /fa/ggot I've met has worn things that don't look good on them or basic as shit.

No. 142342

Kek I fucking thought these were stock photos of “cool” high schoolers before I read the post. Guys in random Facebook fashion groups have more drip than these losers.

No. 142398

>recent /fa/ meet up
Recent as in 2015? Because that’s the last time I’ve seen any girl wearing a skater skirt with a black long sleeved crop top & black knee socks

No. 142468

My girl looking like a circa 2012 kpop tumblr girl who occasionally posts nudes on soc. She's the only one who is ok look wise. Guys in >>142262 are the only ones with decent fits. Last time I checked, /fa/ was full of mtf trans seeking validation points and tripfag infightings

No. 142470


No amount of fashion can offset them looking like a bunch of hapless inbreds.

>for a board of people obsessed with calling everyone fat and ugly.

lmfao they do? jfc. It's like it hasn't occurred to them they post on 4ch…

No. 142513

Do any of you ladies have recommendations for brands to buy dresses from? I like a lot of the dresses on modcloth, but they are a shitty company.

No. 142514

Reformation has beautiful dresses but they're expensive as shit. Do you have a price range?

No. 142515

I prefer if they’re under $100. I like the style of reformation dresses but im a poorfag

No. 142520

That dress is adorable and so is the farm aesthetic.

No. 142532

Princesspolly or if you want kinda the same shit for cheaper, aliexpress is always a good place

No. 142552

Why is ModCloth a shitty company? I legit haven’t bought anything from them since 2015. I remember when that was the online Mecca for everyone in the early 2010s who wanted to larp as Zoe Deschanel… now I’m dying to know what they’ve done wrong?

No. 142558

speaking of modcloth, it isn't accessible in europe anymore because of GDPR. Euranons who are into this style, where do you get your twee/boho clothes from now?

No. 142571

Not For Love and Lemons! I actually bought a few things from them recently, all Taobao tier stuff. I figured it would be like this since they just go on and on about how high quality their Chinese factory is on their website (you can for sure get high quality clothing made in China but when you have to hype your factory up like that, red flag). Everything is still super cute but so not worth the prices they're charging.

No. 142573

I think they were bought out by Walmart or something so their quality has gone way downhill.

No. 142576

Oh god I can tell, just went on their site for the first time in years and it’s lost all of its charm, just looks like generic department store rack shit now. So glad I got to experience the heyday of twee fashion when it was still quality.

No. 142597

You might like Miss Patina, which is very twee. Also check out Anthropologie, & other stories

No. 142641

what are some styles of pants to look at besides jeans?

i don't wear anything other than jeans, shorts and dresses but i often see cool outfits with pants that… aren't jeans, but i don't know enough about fashion to figure out what to search for lol.

No. 142654

look up trousers, dress pants, palazzo pants, slacks, etc.

No. 142663

The girls look like cheap grunge and aliexpress thots while the guys look like wiggers and burnouts from the mid aughts.
Of course they'd attack fatties, they can't dress themselves so not being fat is the only thing they have as a baseline but even a couple of those guys look pretty porky.

Real fucking embarrassing.

No. 142687

Where do I find cheap but pretty bras as a flat chested girl? I'm below A cup so I'm pretty much flat and things with slight cups don't work for me

No. 142701

Culottes are super comfy and I really like how they look - even if you’re short they can still look cute (I’m 5’2 and can pull them off). Jeans in “unusual” styles like cropped+flared, overly baggy etc can all be made to work if you enjoy the practicality of them. Don’t be afraid to play around with outfits, shoes, silhouettes, and don’t fret about what you think other people might think!

No. 142713

any girls here with flat chests have advice for shopping for dresses? i feel like every dress i find is all loose and ill fitting in the chest/ribs/waist area because of my tits, even a size small. i don’t even have a very small waist, it’s just all the loose fabric from my tiny ass tits.

No. 142714

that doesn’t look weeby at all. it’s cute.

No. 142715

I wear a lot of vintage dresses and find this too always be an issue; if it fits my waist the bust is too roomy, and if the bust is tight enough then the waist is too small.

No. 142718

If you truly are as flat as you say, bralette are your best bet. Or order online where the demographic aimed at Asians.

Also if your nips are always perky and you feel comfortable. Just don't wear a bra at all. I sometimes where low support sports bras and those work well

No. 142757

File: 1593100077884.jpeg (709.22 KB, 828x1361, 91E99062-4B97-482A-8E70-CBF8E8…)


Fellow flat chested anon

I would try to find a dress that will fit “tightly” around the chest area. The dress is in the pic is an example. I have it in another color and it goes flush against my chest and does not look very revealing

I also like “babydoll “ or square neckline dresses

No. 142790

Where do y’all buy your clothes? I like the style of stuff on Romwe and I want to buy new bikinis, shorts, summery tops, etc. not $5 a shirt, but not $50 a shirt either. I feel like there’s no inbetween. My nightmare is looking like shaygnat with her clothes dissolving off her body 3 months after I buy them.

No. 142792

I’ve bought a lot dresses and tops off ASOS, and the quality was pretty good! Also they have a good return system too. I’ve also bought a few things off YesStyle and so far it’s been a good experience (I just make sure to check reviews and stuff). The only thing I’ve bought off Romwe is swimsuits and they’ve lasted me a long time. I’m 5’2 so ASOS petite clothes and Asians retailers are usually my go to.

No. 142794

i've gotten a few things from nastygal and sites like wickedclothing or asos–not sure if they're your style but all of them have been pretty good quality, especially my stuff from wickedclothing.

No. 142999

Can I wear black shoes with a navy pencil skirt?? Or is that a no-no?

No. 143167

File: 1593638876897.jpg (47.16 KB, 480x360, corrie.jpg)

what is the name of the dress the girl on the right in the pink is wearing. btw this is from a soap drama in 2001

No. 143168

>>143167 samefag but the dress is a pencil skirt which ends at the knees

No. 143171

well I never thought I'd see Sarah Platt on lolcow. The pic is a bit fuzzy, but it looks like a slip dress? Maybe like a corset style? It kinda looks like it's got structured panels in around the cups and bodice but it's hard to see.

No. 143175

File: 1593645126000.jpg (481.34 KB, 1405x2000, nYZfXJIKQqogfX99IK0VxAB20h25Fv…)

It is either a bodycon, slip or cami dress
It would be midi length / knee length
It has a "ruched" bust

No. 143183

File: 1593653665355.jpg (418.18 KB, 1200x1600, image.jpg)

It's one of those old fashion rules - no brown and black together, no navy and black together. I can see why it was a thing since it's easy for them to look weird together since they're so similar, but I've seen enough people pull it off that you might as well try it.

No. 143184

Black and navy seem so naturally matched to me that I was shocked when I found out it's a rule. Navy is my favourite colour for clothes so I wear it all the time, I have almost that exact outfit Victoria is wearing in the bottom row.

No. 143191

OT but what soap opera is this

No. 143198

ntaryt - but it's Coronation Street, a British soap opera based in the north west of england.

No. 143272

File: 1593799177123.jpeg (22.75 KB, 476x608, 9D73B6C3-0B34-4741-86BC-209CD7…)

My aunt offered to buy me some Docs of my choosing and I’m a bit stumped by the selection. I thought of getting some sandals like pic related but I’m not sure. Which do anons think I should go for? Which ones are your favourites?

No. 143273

File: 1593799955172.jpg (106.58 KB, 736x1047, 0f0e969a767db248a039b611c376ab…)

I don't like the shape of that sole but the rest is cute.

These are not docs but just using the image to show what I mean, the soles look more sleek

No. 143274

Hey anon, I’ve got both the white and black jadon docs and both are lovely - the white pair is stunning and goes with almost every outfit I have. I wear a lot of cute grungy clothing if that helps any.
I think you’ll be happy no matter what you get though, docs are super!

No. 143275

if it doesn't have to be sandals, I'd personally go with a classic pair of Doc boots

No. 143276

I already have a pair of boots although they’re not really a classic design. I also like the design of the loafers ? but I just bought a similar pair not docs though. I feel like a fancy and unorthodox pair might fit me best.
The white ones really are nice. Thanks anon!
True anon, I found another pair that doesn’t have that weird sole. It probably is uncomfortable after a while.

No. 143277

File: 1593807361813.jpg (36.11 KB, 888x1110, 24482455.80.jpg)

Talking about Doc martens.. recently I've been wanting a pair of Doc Marten ancle boots in a lighter, muted color like pic for example, but this particular boot (1460 pascal virginia) is sold out. Does anyone know if sold-out boots ever come back in stock or if they sell light, muted colors like this more regularly? Everything that's in stock right now is too bright or dark for my taste.

No. 143282

I think they will if it’s an actual solid colour, there was a pair I had my eye on and it was sold out for a while but then they came back in stock, keep an eye out on several websites.
They’re a really nice shade I hope you get them!

No. 143287

File: 1593814925088.jpg (46.06 KB, 600x337, IMG_8669.JPG)

Is there a way to wear roughly knee-length skirts that don't make your legs look shorter?

No. 143288

Wear them with heels?

No. 143290

Hey gals, looking for some advice. So I'm super tall (6ft) skinny/no curves (i'm working on that with sqauts lmao) and a giraffe size neck. My style is pretty goth/punk and I mainly wear black, and i'm looking for some suggestions of just general outfits that won't exaggerate my freakish height. For colours if it helps my hair is like deep purple and i'm pale as a fuckin corpse. Thanks!

Also off topic, but anyone else love fishnets? i've been wearing them whenever I can and I love that they're becoming a trend again

No. 143310

avoid clothes that accentuate your long vertical line (although I personally think you should accentuate it!). For example maxi-dresses and skirts, jumpsuits. Entire outfits in one solid color or pattern without anything to break it up.

No. 143327

God the current fashion trends are so FUGLY I fucking HATE the retarded hoop earrings with swarovski crystal track pants with a random corset and ugly ass square toe heels look

No. 143343

Can you post examples?

No. 143344

File: 1593910430711.jpg (179.49 KB, 1200x1167, 2000.jpg)

It sounds like the early aughts are back kek. The worst period of time in the history of fashion.

No. 143367

File: 1593950135717.jpg (72.18 KB, 640x1064, 378e8e2a1da69f2cac234478d68d89…)

y2k fashion is cool in a weird way. It was wacky and creative, for me the worst period for fashion defo was the early 2010s. Uncreative and boring, 10/10 gave me khaki parkas PTSD

>found pic related by typing "swag outfits"

No. 143375

Why do you want those muscles? It's not natural nor a good look.
is a levi's shirt in black that kinda cringe style? if so help me out to coordinate it at least decently. i can't return it.

No. 143380

I know this is an old post but amazon has nice and comfortable underwear, they sell packs and such in different colors and they’re decently priced.

No. 143383

Ntayrt but 1) She can want whatever kind of body she likes and it CAN look good. It shouldn't matter to you. That sounds like something a man would say.
2) You should really stop caring what other people think so much.
3) A levi's shirt is just a regular shirt with a logo. Do you mean a t-shirt or a shirt? What is your usual style?
I think it could look nice with an oversized jacket and tucked into a skater skirt. Or with an long-sleeve t-shirt for a contrasting colour and your prefer jeans style.

No. 143392

a (logo) shirt with a basic pair of jeans is literally the least offending coord in existence. Don't worry.

No. 143393

Taking enhancers/steroids is bad, weird and unhealthy, tumblrina.
Thank God

No. 143402

They probably don't know how those women get so big and believe them when they lie about it being all natty. Wanting to be fit is a great goal and everyone needs exercise but to think these behemoths are natural… yikes.

No. 143404

File: 1593977515102.jpg (47.55 KB, 1024x614, Why-is-Abby-so-buff-Last-Of-Us…)

I'm biased since I want a buff ass Abby gf, but it's hot as fuck imo
And no it's not cringy to wear simple black tee with logo on it

No. 143429

File: 1594010957788.jpeg (90.19 KB, 470x800, 4602DDB8-9E58-4759-BA6A-906238…)

>Early 2000s was the worst period of time in the history of fashion
Have you even studied fashion history?

No. 143443

are you implying this fit isn’t straight fire?

No. 143445

File: 1594042456050.jpg (148.44 KB, 511x737, triomphe-de-la-liberte-pouf.jp…)

Anon you better at least appreciate Marie Antoinette boat pouf or I'll-

No. 143446

I can't remember which thread this was in but lately an anon complained about having broad shoulders and how 'it's like the least womanly thing ever' When other anons pointed to various times when broad shoulders were seen as attractive on women and shoulder padding was worn she outright refused to believe it. I mean the 80s wasn't that long ago.

But this is another level.

No. 143447

You imbecile how dare you imply she would wear a mere boat on her head, that is a ship! Educate yourself

No. 143449

File: 1594047789807.jpeg (2.26 MB, 3053x3825, 829E1A26-1163-4EAE-B908-A26C4B…)

1770s fashion is peak aristocratic decadence and I fucking love it. Yes it was stinky, uncomfortable, and over the top, but at least the cut of the dresses was sexy and it looked fun… But there is absolutely nothing flattering about the 1630s.

No. 143451

I thought /fa/ was filled with skinny cryptkeeper gay / mentally ill troons white guys

lmao wtf is this

No. 143461

even though I sorta like/am alright with modern fashion being a lot more minimalist and form-fitting compared to clothing from centuries ago, I'll be lying if I said I didn't want to wear these sorta dresses, at least once. A lot of these ornate details would never be seen in fast fashion today. I sorta hate how bland clothing looks now compared to hundreds of years ago

No. 143464

Junior's sizing might work better.

No. 143477

File: 1594085238252.jpeg (2.48 MB, 4096x3072, F733E518-00EA-4542-BA98-B5C5A6…)

I had a feelingI was going to get a contrary response like this… I get what you mean about fashion today being bland and lacking intricacies. That’s why so many women turn to vintage fashion, historical reenactment, cosplay, etc. as an escape. But if you look through the timeline of western fashion there are much prettier silhouettes (ie Tudor pic related) than the baroque Baron Harkonnen inflatable suit. Like girl I know the 2000s were tacky, but there’s been worse. Please love yourself anon.

No. 143485

File: 1594097833551.jpg (80.83 KB, 830x844, MV5BM2IzODkwNWYtNmZhNi00ZjZkLT…)

I wish I had the aesthetic beauty of Tadzio. He's the reason I bought a sailor dress. I agree that 2010s fashion has been the worse so far. A lot of clothes either look too bland, too cheap or uncomfortablly sexual. IMO, 2000s fashion has some ironic charm to it now.

No. 143487

Kind of an aside but 80's silhouettes, even in terms of body shape, were so shoulder-focused with narrow hips. I actually quite like the athletic look of that era due to its slight androgyny, though the fashion was quite ugly imo.

Also, there's absolutely no reasoning with BDDfags and anachans. They're not interested in reality, that's not where their damage wants them to live.

No. 143507

I love these as well and also have a hard time finding boots that are 11 wide in this type of muted tone
I love purple and blue muted like this especially

No. 143508

No. 143520

Any recommendations on who to follow on youtube? I already follow Alexandra and Dearly Bethany, but is there anyone else that kind of teaches about fashion?

No. 143547

Yikes, pedo warning

No. 143557

nta but she wasn’t even remotely talking about him in a sexual way wtf, just aesthetics of his look you moron.

No. 143610

File: 1594237433871.jpeg (88.4 KB, 640x770, 0D245998-0893-45E8-89B9-D30823…)

Anons, I’d like some skirt advice. I’ve always had a more tomboyish style and never wore skirts because they used to make me feel self-conscious, especially because I’m on the taller side and am always paranoid that people can see my underwear (I know now that people wear safety shorts under their skirts to prevent this from happening).

Recently, I’ve really been liking the aesthetic of pic related and got a skirt for myself in a similar style. I’ve been wearing it around the house and my mom keeps making remarks that it’s too short and I shouldn’t wear it. I do feel like the length is pretty short, but you can’t see my underwear unless I bend over. I shrugged it off because I know short skirts are sort of part of the style, but now I’m wondering if it is too short? For anons who wear shorter skirts, when is a skirt too short that you know you should size up? I tried sizing up with the one skirt I bought and while it was longer, it was too baggy around my waist and made me look frumpy.

No. 143612

File: 1594239043723.jpg (24.85 KB, 461x665, images.jpeg.jpg)

Hey anon! I went thriugh the same phase - from tomboy to 'girly'. I usually go with opaque pantyhose underneath. If its hot where you live, 'skorts' (like the one in pic) might be better. These are pretty popular in asia but im sure its accepted in where you live too.

No. 143613

Also for sizing up, if you can go to a place that sells for tall people. I'm assuming by tall you mean significantly taller. If so, you can also try knee-length or slightly above knee skirts made for short women. They usually end up in a good place if you're taller. They kinda fall flat sometimes since they're not designed to be mini though.

No. 143694

File: 1594303158450.jpg (129.13 KB, 649x678, 20200709_155711.jpg)

Can anons recommend a nice dress store with dolly-like aeshethic? Pic related is one of the examples. I don't mind Lolita / Vintage stores, but their (lolita) types of dresses usually don't fit my bodytype, but for somewhat shapeless people.

Would be nice if the store was from USA / EU because fuck taxes.

No. 143695

yeah, because obsessing about the gorgeous ~aEsTHeTiCs~ of a little boy from a pedo movie isn't creepy at all

No. 143697

Lolita fashion ≠ Lolita the book, genius.

No. 143700

you don't know the argument you're about to start with that, homie

No. 143706

Hi anon, I'm 5'10" and wear short dresses/skirts with platforms/heels every day (well… pre-COVID). Realistically, it's easier to get away with when you're thin: I haven't gotten any real comments about the length of my clothes, but my heavier friends have, and we've talked about the weird double-standard there. However, I am of the opinion that a skirt is too short only when you think it is. Just make sure you wear safety shorts underneath to avoid accidents, just as you said you do.

During the winter months I also wear pantyhose like >>143612 suggested– but I only wear black clothes so my pantyhose are also black. They can be pretty hot in the summer so I wouldn't recommend that.

TL;DR: wear whatever makes you comfortable. Fuck the haters. There's no way your skirt is too short unless your vulva is hanging out, kek.

No. 143714

Really and truly, there are no good options for what you are looking for outside japan or china. The closest you're going to get is trying to get lolita second hand from lace market from a seller who is based in the us or eu or maybe looking for gunne sax-eqsue dresses.

No. 143716

God i want this. So cute!

No. 143718

nta but do you know what movie she is talking about

No. 143719

Thanks for the advice, anons! I guess skirts look longer on thinner frames because when your hips are wider they kinda flare out more and look shorter. Unfortunately my body type is weird where if a skirt fits my waist it often ends up being pretty short, but if it's a proper length it'll end up being too loose around my waist. But anyway, the advice was really helpful and I'm excited to start buying some more cute skirts for myself!

No. 143722

You're body shape isn't weird that just a normal person with hips/butt and a small waist in comparison to said hips/butt. Good luck with your skirt shopping!

No. 143736

NTA, but the original author was a freak (literally became obsessed with a random teen boy) but the director was just trying to tell the story. I thought the moral that Gustav deeply wants the youth and vulnerability of Tadzio and wants to relive his life over again since he's achieved his goals. But the character of Gustav was def attracted to him.

No. 143793

I used to wear mini mini skirts- often they just barely covered the butt and I definitely couldn't bend over without showing my underwear/safety shorts. (Any longer than that and I thought I looked dumpy and short legged in them) In hindsight I kind of regret this. I don't think it was too short for others (as long as I wasn't bending) but it was too short for my personal comfort. I could never do dumb everyday movements like reaching for my bag on the ground, bending over to pick something that I dropped, tying my shoes or even crossing my leggs without worrying about my butt/safety shorts showing.

Never got any comments though. I think you should take your mom's opinion with a grain of salt, she's from a different generation where different skirt lengths were appropriate and you're (I assume) a young woman, so you can pretty much wear anything you want. If you want to wear the style in pic related and you're willing to sacrifice some personal comfort, do it. It's really pretty and not that kind of too short.

No. 143808

From 16 to 20ish year old, I only wore skirts, everyday, no matter the weather. Personally I would check in the mirror, how the skirt falls when you sit, bend, kneel down etc and what is visable. If its like the one in the picture your probably fine though.

When I bike or walk and the model is flowy I always wear a tight cheap H&M skirt underneat to not have to re adjust the skirt all the time, and just take it off once i get indoors.

Depending on the material a lot of skirts become a little bit looser over time, so i wouldnt size up.

If your uncomfortable about sitting with the skirt in public maybe just drape your coat a little over your over it, maybe you can find some biker shorts that are comfy, or wear thights.

No. 143819

File: 1594444708567.jpeg (9.81 KB, 225x225, BBAD187F-1404-49DA-95A9-F655E3…)

I’m at a point now where I want to start embracing all of the tacky ugly shit that I absolutely love. Bring prints and patterns, gigantic graphic t-shirts with cartoon characters, unironic pleated skirts and thigh highs. I want to embrace all of the tacky shit I was too afraid to wear in High School. I used to be such a conformist basic bitch with only wore PINK and Kohl’s and I almost feel like part of me is going to overcompensate for awhile to return to equilibrium. I always wanted to wear this kind of stuff but was too afraid but I think I’m ready now.

Does anyone have any smaller brands that are like Lazy Oaf or Big Bud Press? Those are the two main ones I like but I want to expand my horizons.

No. 143920

the actor who played the boy later told that he was molested by the people who made the movie

No. 144006

File: 1594671796301.jpeg (705.53 KB, 750x908, 4CE4B9DA-D699-4F31-AEC5-6CFC41…)

what would you call this top? is it a ____ style shirt? i’m focused on the cut, the fact it wraps / ties, and neckline. short or long sleeves don’t matter to me

the seller lists it as a vintage chemise / PJ’s top

No. 144008

File: 1594672785328.jpeg (760.74 KB, 750x909, C472EB68-6736-448E-A8FF-AEA9A7…)

samefag another pic

No. 144020

Kimono top?

No. 144054

What type of clothing can flatter large-ish chests on an otherwise small frame? I don't like wearing tight clothes at all because it makes me feel uncomfortable if people stare at my chest and so I only have boring baggy shirts. What style suits larger busts without emphasizing the largeness?

No. 144067

Dunno if y'all already know this, but ASOS Design (their own brand) is great if you're looking for basics. Similar price to fast fashion places like H&M etc., but the quality is so much better and the sizing is more consistent. I've bought linen culottes, a long skirt, cropped t shirts and they've all been great.

No. 144080

You'll need tailored clothing to suit your frame - off the rack clothes will not fit you properly because of your unique proportions.

No. 144092

Ah, that kinda sucks. I will have to settle with wearing baggy clothes for now. Tailors are expensive.

No. 144236

Not sure what your measurements are but my problem is similar. What I've found is that A line dresses with fitted waists and shirred backs/some sort of stretch are my friend. Sweaters and turtlenecks can look good but will definitely exaggerate your chest even more. It might sound anti intuitive, but lower necklines tend to be better than high ones, as long as they don't show too much cleavage. High necklines tend to make your chest seem even larger and you'll get the opposite result from what you want.
Longer (right above the knee or lower) dresses with fitted waists might seem to veer into the 50's style too much for your taste, but there's quite a bit of variety. Since you have a small frame you don't need to worry about looking too bulky when adding some volume to your hips to compensate for the bust. Dresses (as long as they fit comfortably) are also gonna be much better than skirts with tops. Somehow those always tend to attract attention to the chest, especially with high waisted skirts.

No. 144272

File: 1594891855360.jpeg (39.02 KB, 469x654, 4318FC33-D5CE-478F-B1FB-AB6C1D…)

Anons please help. I’m really short and managed to snag a nice skirt like pic related at a clothes swap. I think it’s cute but I don’t know how to style it or if it would even look good on a short frame. What do you wear with it or is it worth just donating it?

No. 144279

It should be okay on a short frame since it's high waisted and will make your legs look longer. Why don't you style it exactly as on this photo? Plain, fitted top.

No. 144281

I'm really short and love maxi skirts and I find that wearing pumps or any kind of block heel with them makes it suit my height better, and it does give an impression of longer legs. Definitely stick to a fitted top too as another anon said, and try to keep the tops in neutral colors so the skirt and its pattern aren't overcrowded.

No. 144296

Tbh I'd just wear it high and roll the waistband, looks like it might even be designed for that

No. 144316

File: 1594938926883.png (1.32 MB, 938x938, hmhm.png)

I have always wanted to dress like a suspiciously homoerotic, but confirmed straight by directors, snarky movie villain but making this collage made me realize I'm just a basic bitch.

Also, does any anon here use cg method? I've been doing it for a year and I feel like my hair is still somewhat a mess. On good days it has the definition of lower pictures but I can't keep it from straightening. I'm gonna try flaxseed gel tomorrow, fingers crossed it will be a game changer.

No. 144327

retarded question but if I want a skirt with similar design/material what should I look up?

No. 144328

yeah I follow cG. It's been great for reducing the dryness but I can't seem to get nice, defined curls. They either look like shit and they straighten really fast even with gel or mousse. I have wavy hair when it's left alone though, so maybe I'm just not "meant" to do all the scrunching and s2c. Let me know how the flaxseed gel goes!

Nta but it literally says "maxi swing skirt" at the top of the picture

No. 144421

Tbf it's an understandable complaint when people constantly accuse broad-shouldered women of being troons.

No. 144425

It went awful lol Separating flaxseed from gel was a nightmare and my hair straightened anyway. It doesn't even look as if I put any product in. >:( But to be fair the fault might be in my hair's weight rather than the product. I'm gonna get a curl friendly cut and if nothing changes I will just dump my whole routine.

No. 144465

File: 1595100937899.jpg (68.61 KB, 564x696, bbd8c0e151570158f073e1d8fa3a9f…)

does anyone happen to recognize this watch or the brand in this pic?

No. 144470

No. 144473

File: 1595103085004.jpg (46.36 KB, 1080x540, IMG_8922.JPG)

How's brandy melville's clothing? I can fit in it and I like the style, but I was wondering about the quality of it

No. 144474

damn anon, that was quick! I didn't expect any replies, thanks so much!

No. 144479

Imo is over priced for how what it is. the quality at least from what I have felt is similar to really any other fast fashion like HM and those sorts. Plenty of other brands on slowly copying Brandy and for cheaper. Target has some newer stuff in the same vein, as well as Macy.

No. 144496

I bought a lot of brandy in my early 20s and it all fell apart. Its not worth it.

No. 144517

I think these dresses are cute but now that this style is getting popular due to the "cottagecore" trend, i feel like the art hoe aesthetic is gonna shift to this style and it's already ruining it for me. same with gingham patterns.

No. 144519

the quality is shit for what you pay for but they're so popular due to marketing (similar to UO). i have sweats and shirts from there and all of them started fading, piling, and ripping in less than a few months. although their dresses are some of the cutest i own, there are cheaper options since all the fast fashion brands are making dupes of brandy now.

No. 144525

This is probably a shot in the dark but a couple of years ago everyone was wearing this type of necklace - it was like this simple, ancient Roman coin on a chain. Does anyone know where to buy it?

No. 144526

File: 1595147923534.gif (1019.14 KB, 540x912, IMG_9217.GIF)

What are some brands that have designs and pricing similar to Brandy Melville, but are of higher quality?

No. 144529

I don't think those generic coin necklaces were from 1 brand in particular since they were a trend, jewellery brands everywhere were/are selling them

No. 144535

Well I own two of the sweatpants and a bunch of their shirts and dresses, ive never had an issue with the quality? I wear the sweats quite often theyre the comfiest I’ve worn imo and the outside is quite thick and sturdy and haven’t gotten any rips or anything, their tops are quite thin tho but I’ve also had no issues with them..

No. 144536

File: 1595156274939.jpg (159.32 KB, 800x800, L_g0094102747.jpg)

This? If so, I got it from YesStyle for £3, you might even be able to find it cheaper on AliExpress.


No. 144538

I'd say Mejuri but they're rather expensive imo

No. 144714

Does anyone have a website they trust that does the package forwarding from Asia (don't know the exact name of this service)? Like those services where they order the item for you and then send it to you because the shop you want to order from doesn't ship to the US. I want a package forwarder I can trust. There are some FILA sneakers I really like but they are exclusive to FILA Korea and I can't order from the US.

No. 144787

How many different outfits should I have for a career job? One for each day of the week then I rotate tops and bottoms? Maybe 10 for two weeks of work? Or 23 for a full month? I don't think I have money for all that. I know it's a bit autistic, but I have no idea at all, if someone could answer this I would be really glad.

No. 144857

This is just a small vent, but I feel like literally NOTHING looks good on me. I look frumpy in fucking everything. And it's not like I have a freakishly weird body, I have an average built, pear shaped body, long torso+short legs, which is quite common I think.
Do you guys know of a website or something where I could read about fits and shapes and fabrics and how to combine clothing items in general? I feel so lost

No. 144988


It's likely that you are just feeling self concious about your body and lack confidence.

You somehow have likely convinced yourself that you are not good enough to stand out but at the same time you don't want to be invisible.

I think this is a problem that a lot of women have when it comes to fashion, which is why so many women end up wearing nothing but skinny jeans or leggings with black or white t-shirts although they would like to get a bit more adventurous.

I would suggest slowly coming out of your comfort zone.

For me wearing anything other than black leggings and a loose top was really scary for a long time.

I started slowly. I went out and bought a pair of high waisted shorts, then I purchased my first crop top. I was loose fitting and had a tie around the waist. I'm probably bigger than you and a bit apple shaped.

Then I got a sewing machine and started buying high waisted jeans and tailoring them because they never fit me off the rack. I have moved on from loose shirts all the time and I now wear crop tops.

If I can do it so can you.

No. 144989


Brandy Melville is so generic and overpriced. I love that aesthetic but it's not special, it's basic as fuck.

You can literally find that style of clothing in any fashion forward women's clotheing store, Zara, H&M, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Asos ect.

Brandy is a great example of how advertising makes the brand. It's exclusive, mean girl image is what makes people throw their money away. The style is not unique at all.

No. 144991


The idea of low rise ever returning gives me a serious anxiety attack. I remember how godly uncomfortable they were and how they just wouldn't stay up no matter what I did or what size I wore. They sat right near my bladder which is sensitive as it is and I remember being oh so cold every winter. They would literally give you trench foot and cold kidneys.

Where I currently live in Eastern Europe I see middle aged women predominantly wearing low rise jeans and they never really gave them up. It gives them the most awful muffin top and although they pull their shirt all the way down to their hips you can still see the fat bulging over their waistband. It's not a fortunate look and I can't imagine they are as comfortable as they could be. Either that or they are extremely fit and they wear low rise like Brittany spears did in the early 00s. I'm not a fan of that look either, it makes them look like they are clinging to their youth and just can't let go of a trend that died out forever ago.

No. 144994

I'd worry more about tops. You could wear the same pants every day and nobody would know. Laundry is you main concern, sobase it off that. If you don't mind washing frequently, you could definitely just have a few solid blouses. More distinctive pieces will be more memorable, so keep that in mind. There's nothing wrong with people knowing you wear clothing more than onceafter you buy it.

No. 145031

If you're interested, kibbe is exactly what you described. I don't follow it religiously, but it has definitely helped me dress better and understand why the clothes I naturally gravitated to before because I liked their style, looked shit on me. There's a kibbe thread in the catalog somewhere.

No. 145043

thank you, I'll check it out!

No. 145126

File: 1595757029774.png (1.08 MB, 938x938, Yaa.png)

I like the look of Haute fashion in regular looks. Does anyone know like sites that sells the look minus the lux prices? or anything that just have sleek looks of black and gold

No. 145127

File: 1595757864877.gif (56.21 KB, 380x241, heels_gap_back.gif)

Is it normal to have a gap like this when wearing high heels? If I go a size smaller, my toes hurt

No. 145132

Celebs wear them a size too big so that they don't get blisters since they usually only wear a pair of shoes once/a few times for an event and never actually break them in. I can't walk in heels if I wear them oversized and just break them in at home beforehand to avoid discomfort. If you can wear them safely and comfortably just go ahead and wear them a little big, it's fine.

No. 145144

I wouldn't say it's normal but you're also not getting your heels custom made for your feet specifically. So in that sense it's not odd that you're not finding heels that fit your feet perfectly.

No. 145148

File: 1595778806585.jpeg (336.25 KB, 2000x3000, 2BBD06D6-A2FA-4C30-B4E2-4572EB…)

fam you’re my last hope I’ve been searching far and wide for an oversized cardigan like pic related. Just basic dark brown with pockets idk why but it’s bloody impossible. Any ideas? Needs international shipping since I’m in EU.

No. 145149

wait until autumn/winter stock arrives and you'll be able to find one easily

No. 145150

No. 145152

No. 145153

This looks like those basic Zara or Mango cardigans

No. 145156

Asos, monki and even hm always has these in the winter unless you're plus sized

No. 145158

File: 1595783898846.png (490.34 KB, 1408x1407, IMG_9514.PNG)

What are some trousers similar to these that are both affordable and intended for adults? This pic isn't that good but it's supposed to be red and green plaid

No. 145163

There’s some plaid pants on clearance at UNIF right now! If they have your size, they’re $40ish iirc.

No. 145264

File: 1595870046800.jpg (39.6 KB, 564x704, 6eb3648591dc0c596adbe9cd8cbf5d…)

Anyone know any fashion bloggers who lean more androgynous, or at least wear only pants? I'm a flamboyant gamine on the shorter side who wants to find more style inspo. And before you ask, I already reverse-image searched this pic; it led to a very femme singer who doesn't actually dress like this on the reg.

No. 145273

Seconding this. I'd like to know too!

No. 145316

I didn't know fashion blogs are still a thing in 2020. Are there really still people left who go uploading their outfits on an old school blog with commentary instead of instagram? How do you find them?

No. 145319

Oh you'd be surprised. My sister follows people like Keiko Lynn and Extra Petite who still post content on their own websites. But I'm happy to be directed to instagram users, too.

No. 145327

I'd like to know too. It's the only style that kind of fits me.

If you have instagram you could try looking through the tomboy tag? I remember there being some okay to follow but that was also a few years ago

No. 145332

Does anyone else goes through this cycle where they decide what their signature style will be then get bored of it as soon as they start wearing it?

No. 145343

No. 145348

No. 145396

I change my mind even before actually going through the style change

No. 145461

anyone have recommendations for places to buy jewelry online? i’m really sick of buying cheap earrings and necklaces that rub off/tarnish/stink after a few wears, so i want to move on to buying pieces that will last longer. i can’t afford expensive pieces, i really just want something that’s not cheap crap. instagram jewelry boutiques are at a good price point but i’m suspicious of them, as some of them just seem like cheap junk sold at a higher price.

No. 145462

Look for sterling silver pieces (not plated), you can easily find that at very reasonable prices. There's even sterling silver jewelry on asos. If you're into gold, you won't find pieces that are both affordable and will last a long time, because gold pieces in the lower price ranges aren't solid and will rub off. If you want to wear gold, I would recommend saving up and investing in solid gold pieces that will last you a very long time.

No. 145483

I buy from Ana Luisa, Reliquia and Etsy. The other poster is right that silver is cheaper and more durable at lower prices. I love gold, so when buying I make sure that either it's cheap enough for me to replace frequently, or beautiful enough that I'm willing to spend $100+ for solid gold rather than just plated.

No. 145491

ah god i miss this too anon. we have to go back.

No. 145516

Why is Ana Luisa so popular? It's expensive and incredibly basic but everyone shills them so hard. You can get the same things in any jewelry store.

No. 145519

I liked their Chloe ring and the white/black lacquer ones. I agree they're expensive though

No. 145555

Sage for sperging

Been trying to buy local brands(I live in a big EU capital)and thus limit myself to clothing made in the EU. The clothes are expensive as fuck and poorly made, Bengladeshi seamstresses stay winning.

WHYYYYY I just want cute local high quality clothing, I am willing to pay the price ! Just be fucking actual good quality !!!

No. 145568

I quite like Stradivarius's clothes, not sure about the stuff on their website but in the store they have really nice, high quality clothes. Their jeans are the only ones I like, and I've been wearing their simple tops for years.

Not sure where their clothes are made, I wasn't able to find that out but perhaps Spain.

Uniqlo also has good quality clothes albeit a bit too simple and they're still made in Bangladesh

No. 145609

I've definitely seen clothes in regular fast fashion stores (stradivarius, mango, bershka etc.) that are made in Spain or Portugal. I don't know how much more sustainable that makes the clothes, but it's out there if you want it.

No. 145735

Stradivarius is not high quality anon…. it's just not. I have a couple of tops and skirts from Stradivarius, and they're fine for what you pay for it (unlike say, primark clothes, that get holes in them after very minimal wear), but they're just quick and cheaply made fast fashion clothes. "Really nice, high quality" clothes is a whole another beast that we (unfortunately) can't get at stradivarius prices.

No. 145987

(thank you to the anon who gently redirected me here)

Does anyone know where I could get a good fitted hoodie that almost looks like a mini dress? I'm very short and I keep seeing Insta posts of girls in ones that finish on the upper thigh and they're more tight than most and it's super cute.

No. 145998

Try vintage. And have you checked Etsy?

No. 146077

File: 1596356572841.jpg (32.87 KB, 465x798, 5230d0484b90631de4b9afb584aed4…)

I love the look of go-go boots but I'm not sure if I could pull them off since they're outdated/not trendy anymore. Does that matter at all or should I got for it?

No. 146078

wear them

No. 146079

Exactly this boot with a block heal instead of stiletto is very fashionable right now. I think they're a good wardrobe staple, they can be styled a million ways and worn through several seasons. Go for it

No. 146080

block heal go go boots are everywhere rn. But even if you want a heal like pictures, go for it.

No. 146082

If you live in a big EU capital, I don't understand how you can't find anything. You should try higher end thrift stores, they're all over the place in Paris

No. 146115

Like another anon mentioned, buying vintage is your best option for ethical consumption and quality fabrics and cuts. They can be styled to look modern because as we all know, trends are recycled from the past, but it also depends on the look you're going for.

No. 146125

God Paris must be a thrifter's dream.
I don't know which country anon is in but there are also so many websites that sell vintage clothing. I heard depop is good.

No. 146150

If you live in Northern Europe all you get is granny clothes in size 7XL unfortunately
Online thrifting is really good, depop and various instagram sellers are good for trendier stuff.

No. 146325

This is a silly question – sorry. I desperately want to dress nicer. Most of my life I haven't given much thought to my clothes and more generally my appearance (autistic lol). Most of the clothes I own are from when I was in middle school. Most of it isn't flattering at all and doesn't express my personal ~style~. But I feel so lost trying to buy new things. I have no sense of what looks good on me and what doesn't. I just wish I had someone to tell me what to wear. Would seeing a personal stylist or something help me?

No. 146332

I sympathize with this. Something that helped me to develop personal style was delving into fashion history. This might seem overzealous, but I learnt a lot about how cultural movements influence fashion trends, the use of fabrics and textiles as they relate to particular activities, why silhouettes evolve over time, and the influence of trends from the past on contemporary fashion. Basically, learning that there is a theory behind getting dressed made me feel like I could put together much more thoughtful outfits and actually take pleasure in the art of dressing instead of just feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
Constructing a wardrobe that you enjoy takes significant amounts of time and experimentation. It can certainly help to talk to someone that knows a lot about clothes in the process. If you can reflect on what you think looks good and why alongside the silhouette you think is flattering for your body then that's a good start too. I hope that made sense…best of luck anon

No. 146336

try UNIF (y2k look, lots of cute "tacky" shirts, similar price range to lazy oaf) and honestly if you are a cheapazoid like me, dont mind the quality and can fit into asian size clothes, try aliexpress!!

No. 146339

I was the same as you, I never bought any of my own clothes until I went to college, I just wore tshirts and jeans and that's it. Then I started shopping at thrift stores a lot, if you can find a cheap store or if they have big discounts like the ones near me, you can get a lot of different clothes for cheap. Just buy whatever you like and wear it for a bit and see what clothes you feel good in.
Also what helped me was browsing fashion magazines, they really sparked a love for fashion in me and helped me realize what sort of clothes I like, and what I don't like. If you know what you like, it's easier to find it

No. 146341

I just recently got rid of a lot of clothes from middle/high school cause I’ve stayed the same size so never really had a “reason” to get rid of them— my first recommendation is try on the things you have, and anything that’s ill fitting or simply just ugly and you can’t see an adult wearing goes. Figure out what you need to replace, etc, if you donated all your jeans or you need more summery blouses, go to the mall and try things on (ik this might be hard because of covid). I don’t know what your budget is like but I’d recommend going to nicer stores and NOT fast fashion like forever21 and h&m, so you can get an idea of what’s in trend and what adults like. Honestly, if you’re at a complete loss and like a store/brand but don’t know what to get or pair together, ask one of the shop girls what she’d pair with a specific top or whatever. Best of luck!

No. 146412

File: 1596608720776.png (1.09 MB, 938x938, 1367589653.png)

This was fun to put together! I thought it would be more fun to use the bottom right square for inspiration…

I enjoy a good baggy androgynous silhouette but I really love to wear skirts <3 I'm very inspired by the early 2000s, jfashion, 70s punk, and FRUiTS magazine.

No. 146416

I know I'm replying to an old post, but I recently downloaded depop and holy fuck the majority of the stuff on the featured page is garbage. It's literally all grandma shirts and fugly denim shorts being sold for 70 bucks a pop but people eat that shit up because they throw a warm toned filter over it and call it y2k fashion.
And speaking of tags, it's extremely difficult to find a specific style or brand because people will tag anything as anything. I literally saw a disney princess children's bag tagged as "cottagecore" "brandy melville" "grunge" and "darkacadamia" among 500 other unrelated tags. I fucking hate depop but I've found a couple of gems.

No. 146419

How does one avoid getting camel toes when wearing dress pants?

No. 146487

File: 1596667780805.jpeg (172.71 KB, 500x504, tumblr_mbwullRGWE1r9pu6wo1_500…)

What are some good tumblr blogs about fashion? I like to draw and i would like to have more references for clothing, especially pre 10's clothing. I find pinterest too tedious to use.

No. 146511

File: 1596686972249.jpg (478.77 KB, 664x929, Screenshot_20200806-050753_Chr…)

No. 146535


anon i love you

No. 146566

How do I find out about less known brands/stores? I do pretty much all my shopping online at asos or zalando rn or at generic fast fashion stores like Zara. I guess I'm getting bored with that small selection of brands that are very well known and mainstream.

No. 146580

File: 1596747338515.jpg (367.88 KB, 1000x1500, charmmaxi.jpg)

Fuck, of course even the "cheapest" pieces from this place are like $300+ but the stuff from Fillyboo is adorable. I'm usually not into super "feminine" outfits but this soft, dreamy, frilly, delicate little cottagecore queen aesthetic is so charming.

No. 146582

I wonder how many people here dress vintage (authentic or vintage inspired looks from the 20th century), and if there would be enough interest to make a thread for everything vintage fashion related

No. 146584

Go for it!

No. 146657

I usually find stuff by accident on reddit or on here. Depending on what you're into, you can look on subreddits for dark acadamia, cottage core and vintage fashion and find slews of little known fashion brands.

No. 146688

File: 1596814407917.jpg (95.15 KB, 716x1080, GettyImages-1183287441.jpg)

how do i dress myself anons? currently i dress like an awkward teenager when i want to look like a pretty lady dammit

i have light olive skin and long dark brown hair with loose waves. light colors like pastels have never looked nice on me (i cringe looking back at my kawaii phase in high school, i looked like absolute shit), dark colors look nice on me.

body type is kinda like pic related. i'm not super into very feminine clothes, i like dresses alright, but frills and particularly "girly" elements look weird on me. at least i think they do

No. 146698

File: 1596822727708.jpg (98.79 KB, 736x1110, da4c52a2f96b30bb27fabd5fd63c8.…)

A lot of the current/trendy fashion would suit your body. High-waisted anything is flattering to thicc hips/thighs with a smaller waist. Dresses that cinch around or emphasize the waist will look nice, same with tops.

If you want to avoid looking childish in general, don't wear anything that has a huge ugly name brand plastered on it, avoid most t-shirts (especially graphic t's), look for materials that are high quality and flattering rather than thin/cheap, make sure your clothes fit your body (work with a tailor if needed), implement interesting prints in moderation, make sure your clothes aren't wrinkly and use simple, pretty accessories to add appeal.

No. 146874

I like wearing tight thrifted pants or long skirts (knee length or longer) that make my butt look nice and a baggy jacket or hoodie. I want short sleeve t shirts that aren’t skin tight and don’t draw attention to my shoulders or boobs more than necessary. But not too baggy so I can tuck them into my pants or skirt.

I like the fit of ASOS basics but I was wondering if any Euro anons have more recommendations for good fits? And more in general: what colours or prints should I get? I have two striped shirts, one brown, and one black, all my other shirts have text or illustration and are kinda cringy ngl. I want nice neutral shirts.

No. 146909

It sounds like you might benefit from a simple white tee. It can be elevated a little bit if you choose something with details in texture (a ribbed cotton material for example) or structure (like a mock turtleneck instead of a crewneck)

No. 146974

How do you dress when you have no boobs or ass or hips and have a strangely curved back and legs
Especially during winter where you can't really wear loose pants or skirts because that's too fucking cold for me

No. 146976

File: 1596965810028.jpg (60.52 KB, 564x698, gkadjlga.jpg)

I'm thinking slightly androgynous clothes- no frills or cutesty patterns but clean lines and looser fits? In my opinion this is a good look on less shapely/curvy woman, but you'd have to try it for yourself to see how it looks.

No. 146977

File: 1596965942164.jpg (88.12 KB, 564x846, f0e6b00d024ffcce127481f188e27b…)

samefag but btw an easy solution for loose fitting bottoms during the winter is just to wear a pair of thermal thighs or leggings underneath them.

No. 147069

Where do you guys buy jeans? I haven’t owned quality jeans maybe ever in my life. Not super trendy styles, just like standard high waisted jeans I can wear for the next few years.

No. 147204

File: 1597167107800.jpeg (150.36 KB, 554x596, 6A1D343B-81BA-45AB-AB20-D37D8A…)

Idk if there’s a thread for this but do any anons make their own clothes?

No. 147209

File: 1597168647031.jpg (174.75 KB, 640x958, skh.jpg)

Unnnngh I love this look so much

No. 147216

File: 1597174917941.png (806.68 KB, 565x841, 6a00d834515e6669e201b8d09fe775…)

This is a great look. I regained interest in the punk and death rocker looks from the early 70s and late 80s, I just love the raw eccentricity that people ran with at this time

No. 147224

I'm a tradskin, anon. It is honestly so cosy in the autumn and winter, especially with the cardigans and boots. In spring and summer I try to mix it up with more of a punk style, or I will swap a button down shirt for a band tee. Just bums me out sometimes that people think you're a neo nazi or a prejudiced piece of shit because of how you dress. Other than that, I like how I dress.

No. 147241

Try to wear blm and gay rights patches whenever you can even if it feels pandering.
Whenever I meet a skinhead I absolutely assume they're racist until I see some kind of pin or patch that tells me otherwise and many people I know do the same. I spend the first minutes scanning them for clues, just spell it out easy for us please.

No. 147246

File: 1597193805037.jpg (239.89 KB, 1030x2048, EGtazXfWoAAvl33.jpg)

loves this girls style but forgot her twitter handle rip

No. 147253

Oh I do, don't worry. I have SHARP pins on my jackets/bags and wear a lot of anti-bigot clothing/patches. I get the issue too, and I take that on the chin whenever someone asks me about it irl. I'm always happen to talk to people about it and help them understand the difference between them and us, and that I just want to listen to good music, dance and dress this way. It's hard for other skins to figure out if someone's a racist unless they're walking around wearing a nazi band shirt which is more common than you'd think, sadly. And as much as I love the style, I will hang it up one day and go for a more relaxed and less politically charged style.

No. 147306

This is so stupid. Encouraging people to wear pins or patches to prove they don't hold xyz political opinion only supports the idea that choice of clothing style and political opinions are inseperably and absolutely always connected- which seems the undesirable outcome to me.

Try reverse image search (or search your browser history)

No. 147361

File: 1597264106843.jpeg (256.92 KB, 640x602, 51D43D0A-FA72-49C7-95AA-EA7D15…)

What do you call these kind of straps? Or is there a name for a dress with these?

No. 147365

Even skinanon is aware that this problem presents in her particular fashion and has a good attitude towards it, nobody is forcing her to do anything. It's no different to accepting that normal people see sweet lolita as a sex thing, and goths as Satanists.
Clothes give impressions whether it's desirable to you or not.

No. 147366

File: 1597268480989.jpeg (61.91 KB, 500x628, F8F5C830-73CE-4BA8-AA8B-DCF970…)

Everyone should start dressing like horse girls

No. 147377

Ruffled.. pinafore straps? Pinafore would describe the type of dress more tho but I don’t know what the front looks like!

No. 147384

File: 1597286329987.png (591.01 KB, 470x548, fpgirls.png)

oh man I love the skinhead look and something about those Fred Perry shirts are sporty and badass. I work at a place that sells some Dr Martens and I side eye people who come in and look like skinheads. I scan for something to make sure the're not a nazi or something lol. Pic related because the jacket on top is super cute and I want it! The Amy Winehouse foundation collabs always have some good pieces.

No. 147387

lettuce trim

No. 147394

I also don't know if there's a thread for it but I do some garment sewing. My garments are a trashfire as I'm not only a self-taught seamstress, but also highly impatient, so when I run into problems I try to just stitch my way out of them as opposed to seam-ripping and such.

No. 147403

It's nice to hear that some people like it. It can look quite masculine sometimes but I think I look quite cute in a polo and a skirt or a nice pair of jeans. And yeah I love the Amy Winehouse stuff too, but I've yet to own any coz it's so expensive. Maybe one day!

No. 147441

File: 1597341240671.png (1.19 MB, 640x892, strawberry dress.PNG)

I understand why dresses like the strawberry dress or the recent popular LoveShackFancy pieces are widely liked because of how the designs are, but I just don't know why people rush to buy it when it isn't that wearable anywhere.

No. 147443

File: 1597341598813.jpg (41.75 KB, 600x900, loveshackfancy-judith-dress-by…)

I'm literally wearing pic related right now just to work from home and grab a coffee. Anything is wearable if you want it to be.

No. 147444

I wish this store had short dresses. Are there any alternatives?

No. 147446

LSF has a few short dresses! You could also check out Reformation?

No. 147450

I don't get the hype. This dress is so ugly to me.

No. 147455

I also think it's ugly affff and kind of costume-y aswell.

No. 147457

Does anybody know where to find dresses with a similar vibe but for broke bitches?

No. 147464

Taobao, Shien, sometimes Forever 21, Free People on sale

No. 147488


Not sure if these stores are outside of the EU but try stradivarius and pull and bear, they are f21 level pricewise and they have similair prints and boho/prairie vibes.

No. 147494

File: 1597363137951.jpg (30.23 KB, 400x600, Chloe.jpg)

I really want to dress like Chloe in Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23.

Actually just live her life, being a megabitch Stacy NYC hipster is such a dream.

No. 147528

Man she is sooo gorgeous and looks amazing in everything. I'd kill to be that tall and thin.

No. 147600

File: 1597432045041.jpg (56.43 KB, 609x610, skirt.jpg)


In this video, this girl says skater skirts as well as thigh high socks were shit trends in the 2010s. In other videos she's said that high-waisted jeans and skinny jeans are also out of fashion or will be soon. I still think all these things are cute and much prefer high-waisted everything. Am I going to look old if I continue wearing them? :(

Also, I'm just wondering what people's opinions are on her fashion takes. I know it's just her opinion and ultimately doesn't matter lol

No. 147601

What she's saying is incredibly stupid. People are still wearing high-waisted everything, celebrities and "regular" people, and I, personally have been wearing skater skirts forever because they're cute as heck and add a bit of girliness to everything. You won't look old, anon. I can guarantee most people would disagree with her opinion.