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File: 1537855371827.jpg (109.51 KB, 568x824, b8bae5eb-1308-41ba-b4ed-26bbac…)

No. 96747

Feeling nostalgic for a death aesthetic? Post here!
I miss the kinderwhore aesthetic and the grunge Revival of early 10s

No. 96771

File: 1537892271397.jpg (31.11 KB, 352x550, 130598882-352-k218462.jpg)

omg anon same!
I really dislike CLove as a person, but love her 90's looks and Hole's music…
Personally I never got the 'but it's a dated look' argument against alt styles. Just wear whatever and make it work for you. You can also make it look more modern by adding slight touches of current trends if it's a problem.
Don't copy, get inspired and you will be good.

No. 96772

File: 1537892983209.jpg (48.76 KB, 640x398, 1869ba144b5f7c8908850ce9349dbb…)

No. 96773

File: 1537892992579.jpg (35.72 KB, 600x600, 0be68baa25e2cede23e4cab3f58a08…)

No. 96787

>tfw you already thought "lolita" was a questionable name choice for a style, but "kinderwhore" is on a whole new level…

No. 96796

Oh man, source on that purple button down velvet dress. I need that in my life.

No. 96804

did Luna Slater make this thread?

No. 96820

afaik its been around at least since courtney love and that one girl she was in a band with made it a thing, but probably even before

No. 96822

that's the whole point of the name though. at least it's meant to be fucked up and not randomly chosen as in lolita fashion case

No. 96828

File: 1537926063768.jpg (30.96 KB, 500x363, 7373b0c2785f120bf2724bea6027db…)

No. 96829

File: 1537926106380.jpg (36.69 KB, 563x471, 971143a36216db19c0331be71f7971…)

No. 96833

File: 1537926592064.jpg (48.7 KB, 564x820, 3f0359f23381638a0a5d8e08ef38e8…)

No. 96836

File: 1537927228970.jpg (39.76 KB, 397x596, af2d4f61ab47f985a2ef0979714ba1…)

No. 96837

everytime i see poppy i cant help but feel like creepychan would have done it better

No. 96842

File: 1537936074596.jpg (14.5 KB, 236x230, b4b41088871aeba8eb97dc3cc68e16…)

90s/early 00s goth makeup

>wtf anon that's not dead at all

no! you don't understand! goth is popular and 90s revival is popular, but both camps mostly go for modern makeup, just different intensities and color palettes of ig makeup with the thick brows/cat eye liner/precise eyeshadow. i miss mean skinny brows, unfussy smudged eyeliner, and weird brownish red lipstick. i realize it didn't look good on everyone but on some people it looked fucking amazing and i'm not changing mine!

No. 96904

File: 1537996975063.jpg (139.21 KB, 699x388, bestekuttenfatejackets.jpg)

This is mostly talking about male aesthetics but I know girls in this subculture nowadays wear this sort of stuff too when they're heavily into it.

I miss seeing the 80s/90s full blown thrash and black metal get up with long hair, battle jackets, and bullet belts. Too bad metal is just not as big a thing as it was back then. Men who look like this turn me the fuck on for some reason and they just look so cool to me but god are they rare as ever in my area.

No. 96907

File: 1537997396290.jpg (146.49 KB, 1024x768, BettyDraperStyle.jpg)

I wish I could wear 50s/60s Mad Men style without looking like a freak and/or tradthot. It's really flattering for every body type I think

No. 96908

agree anon

No. 96909

Me too anon!
I try to wear 40's and 50's inspired clothing/hair but some days I feel like I give off weird trad vibes.

No. 96910

File: 1538000172473.jpg (133.69 KB, 1050x700, mad-men-glasses11-1050x700.jpg)

I love the menswear too, it just looks so put together all the time. I already dress quite "preppy" or classic and it gives people the wrong impression of me (they think I'm super conservative). I really enjoy putting time into my hair/makeup/clothes and it seems perfect (obviously I'm glorifying it lol, and no I don't want to be a 50s housewife. just wear the clothes)

No. 96911

File: 1538000245525.jpg (2.32 MB, 3600x2418, 6217ccd4-2e56-3e3e-0ca7-3faf73…)

Peggy had really cute looks too. Some of them are adaptable for office wear which I try to do!

No. 96955

File: 1538050050471.jpg (42.49 KB, 625x415, alex.jpg)

I really miss 90's/2000's tomboy aesthetics. Avril Lavinge in her early career, Lindsay Lohan's character in Freaky Friday, the shirts that looked like a T-shirt on top of a long-sleeved shirt, tons of bracelets, skateboarding, etc.

No. 96965

File: 1538064707017.jpg (61.37 KB, 500x500, large (1).jpg)

I hate it that I see the Columbine shooters when I see that pic. I do miss that style too anon (even though I would not wear it myself it brings childhood memories). It was so carefree and comfy.

No. 96966

File: 1538064726046.jpg (101.17 KB, 400x600, 1e070ca1289a170ba57dacdd2bf584…)

No. 96967

File: 1538064756803.jpg (106 KB, 570x741, tumblr_m9tnusM6NJ1reauxco1_128…)

No. 96968

File: 1538064766817.jpg (45.55 KB, 600x454, 90fb38e71defd1a61e22b4906bf3f1…)

No. 96969

File: 1538064790930.jpeg (18.63 KB, 260x391, preview.jpeg)

No. 96970

File: 1538064807695.jpg (37.99 KB, 319x480, 7a86f070ad6358a5f33d9ec1ab5e00…)

No. 96971

File: 1538064831671.jpg (41.86 KB, 450x675, Doll-Parts-Satin-Babydoll.jpg)

No. 96985

is this queen adreena? i loved her stage costumes. her interviews are pretty interesting, too.

No. 97001

File: 1538106866698.jpg (545.65 KB, 1070x896, Versace Silk Mozart Bach Music…)

early 90's versace is soo cool. runway shows from the 90s are great, the overexaggerated use of colors is really inspiring.

No. 97003

>battle jackets
I once dated a guy who had one of these, he told me it's tradition to never wash these and that no proper owner of one of those jackets would ever think of washing them. I find them disgusting now.

>Too bad metal is just not as big a thing as it was back then.

Sure it is, at least in my country.
In fact I find there are more "posers" now then there used to be, Chads walking around in Metallica T-shirts for the fashion statement.
We also have a metal festival in our country that grows bigger each year.

No. 97010


i wouldnt consider chads walking around with a metallica t-shirt "posers". They're not even trying to pose as metalheads, they never claimed they liked metal. It's pretty obvious they wear it ironicly because kitsch aesthetics are in.

No. 97021

Men walking around in Metallica shirts are usually not into metal.

And that guy who told you that is gross because people do wash their jackets and vests. Maybe thats only a thing in your country. (Lemme guess, eastern europe?) Regardless, it's not a popular subculture in the rest of the world.

No. 97122

File: 1538257900313.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x424, 1500862206748.jpg)

I miss mori girl. All the cute layers, earthy coloring, focus on comfort. It's so nice. Sad that the community seems to have died off.
Also, I can't relate to people who say "I wish I could wear this but it's not cool anymore/people will think I'm [x]".
Wear what you like in your free time. You're young and beautiful, that's your privilege (and even if you're neither of those things, not dressing as you please is a waste of time). You probably wouldn't normally be seeking fashion advice from whoever would talk shit, anyway.

No. 97129

Girls who say that are usually super insecure, like most lolitas.

No. 97132

Some people are trying to start a community on discord over on cgl. There is also a pretty active comm on facebook! On insta, seems like there are a lot of mori girls from Russia for some reason…
I'm getting more and more into mori; sucks that it is a bit dead but I'm having fun with doing my mori thing.

No. 97140

most western mori look absolutely fucking terrible.

No. 97146

File: 1538288096480.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.08 KB, 876x493, 0FCC667F-983A-4E70-9D41-D99984…)

This aesthetic is the closest humanity got to angels tbh

No. 97149

Amen sis

No. 97178

Fuck yes

No. 97180

I mostly do this look as a goth to this day because my make-up skills are unable to produce anything instagram-worthy.

No. 97197

File: 1538335743870.jpeg (31.22 KB, 564x564, 6AF5E6CA-83FB-4B46-8ADF-DEF52D…)

Bitchy 2009 aesthetic is now considered trashy but I kind of miss it

No. 97285

File: 1538415222061.jpg (142.7 KB, 734x1072, Screenshot_20171023-144812_1.j…)

No. 97296

What exactly is this and where can I find more of it?

No. 97304

more into 80s goth/dirty crust punk
But "goth" girls online like to tell me how bad I am at blending or how bad my eyebrows are. I like makeup with clean lines or just smudgy. I can't stand the thick eyebrows either. Pencil thin eyebrows, like you said, don't suit everyone, but I prefer them.
Battlejackets are still well and alive. Thrash isn't though. So a lot of metalheads are basement dwellers or hitler youth looking motherfuckers. Idk, see if DRI or Napalm Death are coming through your town. Or go to some grindcore/power violence/crust punk shows.

No. 97329

File: 1538477332632.gif (1020.94 KB, 500x657, tumblr_o63oqv9ySz1uws1cmo1_500…)

I wouldn't even call this bitchy, just super girly and way prettier than the style nowadays. Kind of simpler, but definitely not boring.

No. 97455

not OG anon but looks like the model is insta_eiji. Not sure what you'd call this but looks like yakuza rockabilly fashion lol

No. 97459


it's yanki fashion.

No. 97486


i didn't know this was dated i still wear collared dresses and ripped tights and platforms on like a daily basis, CLove is one of my stylespos

No. 97488

its one of those looks that never fully went away since it started but definitely has waves of popularity

No. 97494

The boots and pants somehow make this rlly hot ngl

No. 97838

File: 1539049948473.png (486.09 KB, 615x735, 1992.PNG)

I miss vaporwave a e s t h e t i c s being popular.

No. 97885

File: 1539091896880.jpeg (71.37 KB, 500x888, 9658B7F8-9829-4890-AAC2-A464B5…)

Shit already? What’s the new fashion now?

I miss simple makeup (2012-2013)

No. 98383


oh yeah, the flannels and kinda grunge unkemptness is what i aspire to be

No. 98389

File: 1539636669929.jpg (72.84 KB, 480x640, cpk.jpg)

Pretty much of an offshoot of mori, I miss cult party kei.
People who try to attempt it now miss the point or are actually wearing fairy kei.
Love to yanki style, they're hilarious. Reminds me of bosozoku girls.

No. 98461

File: 1539716628757.jpg (107.24 KB, 700x933, 91363001b3b2bdea91776b9dd5a747…)

ily anon. I was never into it when it was popular, and recently realized how it had disappeared. talking about mori, it's so rare nowadays too ! this makes me a bit sad

No. 98480

Fuck, this outfit would've looked so much cuter and mature with a green jacket and not a varsity one.

No. 98552

File: 1539863593420.jpg (228.29 KB, 700x1050, issayy.jpg)

I love this style! I've always found Issay of Der Zibet insanely sexy (he's gay though, rip female fans lol)

No. 98553

File: 1539863672429.jpg (62.9 KB, 500x611, issay.jpg)

More old 80s Issay looks

No. 98554

File: 1539863745934.jpg (168.48 KB, 1080x1920, bby issay.jpg)

The late 80s/early-mid 90s visual kei looks were the best. I don't think visual kei has been as interesting aesthetically or musically since at the latest 2005.

No. 98603


I really miss the 80's rock look for men and women.

No. 141032

File: 1591241359310.jpg (218.8 KB, 1080x592, original.jpg)

Nicole Dollanganger and her calves. Weird as fuck but i liked how the aesthetic had fuck-all to do with men and was more about relating to other uwu traumatised babydoll women

No. 141033

File: 1591241456207.jpg (245.2 KB, 1280x543, original (1).jpg)

Babydoll dresses, whether courtney love kinderwhore style or vintage young lady style, lots of ways to wear them but only a certain type of person wears them

No. 141034

File: 1591241841764.gif (974.33 KB, 500x508, original.gif)

Effy, tumblr-esque fashion. Still alive on some sites like weheartit but largely dated. Skinny legs, black tights, short skirts. Fishnets, casual sex, nobody understanding you. Look at all the views on videos about how to act like effy, how to do your makeup like her (the green eyeshadow on the bottom waterline was a cultural reset for british girls kek), the endless tumblr gifs of effy smoking. She's trapped in a certain time and so's the aesthetic

No. 141035

File: 1591241981182.gif (1.21 MB, 500x281, original (1).gif)

yes. I love drawn-on eyebrows but i don't wear makeup so it would look very weird for me. Here you go

No. 141039

File: 1591251936517.jpg (62.07 KB, 564x752, 99adfdad27bb5b635988770d5e0f77…)

Honestly, scene. Idek why, as an esl I barely knew any English back then, so it's not like I participated or was involved with the aesthetic. I just remember seeing the pictures here and there and using them for roleplaying characters and thinking they were really cool girls.

I think this was the first internet-aestethic ever for me.

No. 141044

Where can I find a dress like this

No. 141045

thrift stores, anon! if you're looking for this kind of shit, online shops will generally rip you because they know you're looking for something hyperspecific and you don't know any better. this is one of those kinds of aesthetics that look better second hand imo anyway. weird time to be thrift shopping but when you can, take a look around

No. 141046

Rip, second hand shops in my country are terrible and overprized as hell. Thanks though, I'll try my luck.

No. 141049

have you tried second hand stores in villages? I find that where I am, second hand stores in the cities are overpriced af but the prizes at second hand stores in villages are perfectly reasonable most of the time. I guess it's because the vintage trend hasn't caught on there.

No. 141052

What country do you live in where there are second hand stores in villages? I'm in a smaller city (120000) and the second hand shops here suck.

No. 141053

I live in Ireland and was lucky to work in a second hand shop in a village where you had 4 second hand shops back to back all for different things. Dressing mannequins and seeing so much clothes outside of a just buying context made my stress about fashion click and I realised my own taste when it wasn't all overwhelming buy buy buy. Even sucky second hand shops deserve a look anon, I worked in a sucky one where the menopausal manager didn't notice that a lazy oaf shirt was tagged as like 3 quid because she didn't know the brand and I just looked the other way as I rang it up. You have to frequently go to the same shop to get the good stuff as it comes in.

No. 141054

File: 1591265339270.png (2.19 MB, 1400x988, alty2k.png)

Mid to late y2k fashion like pic related. It looks stupid and shitty but it's still somehow strangely endearing.

No. 141059

The few that exist out of cities have an even crappier selction. 100% clothes from formerly fat people and dead fat people clothes lol.

Then again, a city in my country is a village in most others, and my country has less of a population than many cities.

No. 141063

File: 1591271953505.png (2.41 MB, 852x1282, tumblr_magaqxJUis1qayl4jo1_128…)


God yes, i can't do modern eye make up for shit, ironical considering i paint and draw.

I love this picture of kayla hadlington so much, 2012 tumblr was a glorious time.

No. 141064

That makes sense though because your face is a 3D canvas while you (I assume) draw and paint on a 2D canvas.

No. 141066

this, makeup is so much actual handiwork and skin doesn't work like paper and it frustrates me lmao

No. 141073

Are you American? If you are, I feel so sad for you, your local metal scene look infested with SJWs and tone policers. Here in Europe metal is alive and most people (guys and gals) still don the traditional outfits.

No. 141075

>Here in Europe
European and this just isn't true or if it is it's the backend of nowhere and you're using it for an easy kek at Americans which is just low hanging fruit

No. 141083


Yeah im assuming anon is from like eastern europe or up north in the nordics.

Western scene (britain, france, etc) is fucking shit in terms of style and substance, either nationalist creeps or ex-emos with shaved heads, skinny jeans and boring crappy bmth tshirts.

No. 141087

plz fellow euro-anons, it's already bad enough that everyone else assumes Europe is one big country and culture. We more than anyone else should know that you can't throw all of Europe on one pile and assume that what goes for one European country goes for another aswell

No. 141089

File: 1591284352975.jpg (95.55 KB, 575x700, 1148377.jpg)

I feel a bit called out because I prefer 90% of everything posted in this thread over current fashion.

Also, metal-anons should consider checking out Sweden for more metalheads since we have a pretty decent amount of metal/rock festivals every summer around the country (except this year bc of covid).

No. 141091

File: 1591286844947.jpg (41.75 KB, 499x373, effystyle.jpg)

Pic related was the blueprint for me as a teen. I was obsessed with finding a similar leather jacket to hers for years until my mom bought me a similar one a couple years back. It's slightly cropped and too boxy for my frame and I'd sell it to replace with https://www.wilsonsleather.com/product/famous-maker-asymmetrical-zip-leather-jacket-w--metallic-details.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn&selectedOption=427108 if not for sentimental reasons.

No. 141092

fuck it, this is still the blueprint. I never went for the leather jacket though, I felt it took it over the edge of being tryhard and gave it a Zara look. I used an oversized black bomber jacket and was sure that that was it.

No. 141093

File: 1591287359324.jpg (70.6 KB, 770x513, a0207c1be09239e3c367e8782a4a52…)

That's pretty much how I feel about it too, I ended up wearing a giant green parka that falls to my mid-thigh to death for years (á la Nicole) instead because an elongated silhouette just suits me better. I still have it and love it but it looks so dingy with fraying sleeves and torn faux fur inside and I'm not creative enough to patch it up in a decent way. I've gone back and forth on just buying a new one for at least 2 years now.

No. 141094

This is such an ugly look even on pretty girls

No. 141096

File: 1591289547256.jpg (60.88 KB, 383x627, fbabaeef64fe788fa557313f1d4a57…)

Been waiting for this post since I started scrolling. Yeez, how did it take a whole year until someone mentions it.

No. 141097

i love that concept anon, i'm terrible for using coats like comfort objects myself but at risk of infantilising myself it just feels like a big hug around me and makes me feel safer. i hope you can find a newer one that's even cooler, with hidden pockets too

No. 141098

could getting stuff from online second-hand stores, like shein, also work? I live in an urban area where second-hand stores aren't that good (and I'm not willing to drive all the way to a village)

No. 141100

totally, to be honest it didn't strike me because i don't generally online shop. you just need to find the key words to describe the piece you like, with reverse image search if it's hyperspecific

No. 141103

File: 1591293319296.jpg (44.89 KB, 500x389, 875438573.jpg)

lmao are you the same dumbass complaining about tumblr grunge in the fashion thread?

Just say you don't like it and move on, style is a matter of opinion anyways.

No. 141104

Right like who even tries to infight in /g/, take a break kek

No. 141107

File: 1591299681355.jpeg (117.34 KB, 1020x1530, 4A2AE437-808F-4368-99E5-457693…)

Lily Allen in 2006

No. 141108

obnoxious chains/chunky hoop earring rights, this is a sort of strange look to me tbh because she's formal from the waist down but neck up is sort of chavvy but it's an interesting look and deserves post

No. 141111

File: 1591300400294.jpg (64.81 KB, 500x669, 72df6c80648cb192b134bb4f3c9ac6…)

Creepy cute and pastel goth from 2013 Tumblr, I know it can be kind of cringy but I think the pieces work well separated on today's fashion.
It's sad how there are cute styles that don't last very much, maybe because there isn't a subculture that comes with them (like emo, goth, etc)

No. 141112

File: 1591300471036.jpg (79.55 KB, 500x482, tumblr_mjxw8sGJpz1qanneko1_500…)

No. 141115

File: 1591303901870.jpg (67.35 KB, 560x933, 317ee5eecd98a441d9d96cbe12beba…)

I really liked the dress/trainer combos she'd wear. I don't think it looks that weird now, after the dad sneaker trend of the last few years but it blew my little mind in 2006.

No. 141141

File: 1591331523383.jpg (73.87 KB, 500x750, 7c873addabd6992b07d8331fcdfda4…)

Dolly kei was fun. I'm glad grimoire is still around in some capacity, even if it just seems like it's a general vintage fashion store now. I hope gunne sax style dresses come back into style at some point.

No. 141145

File: 1591341503166.jpg (248.5 KB, 660x450, koakuma-ageha-relaunch-new-mag…)

The kind of trashy byt also cool and beautiful as hell Gyaru styles. Gyaru is dead and buried, all Japanese fashionistas want to dress as plainly as possible. All Japanese fashion brands just produce rehashed 80's soft girl fashion. When this shit comes around back to style you bet I'll be participating even if I was 50

No. 141155

Aw, same anon. Mori kei is my shit too. I love looking at photos of these styles still.

No. 141160

File: 1591366273378.jpg (37.91 KB, 563x315, pastelbat.jpg)

No. 141163


I wonder if this anon is into the current e girl fashion now

No. 141176

File: 1591376826806.jpg (165.51 KB, 540x677, tumblr_ou2nrrSAWc1rp9p7do1_540…)

The combination of platform or saddle shoes with knee socks is so cute. I know most people consider 70s fashion gaudy but I just think it's so cute. I've been looking for a pair of chunky seventies saddle shoes like the ones pic related for ages.

No. 141194

Cute as hell. I love old fashioned leather shoes with chunky square heels, like mary janes, t-straps, pennyloafers etc. I can't pull off knee socks with them but stockings work well too.

No. 141200

File: 1591397077626.jpg (103.81 KB, 1024x556, 29320eafa70b0942c915af5cc875c6…)

dolly kei was the shit

both it and mori kei are the perfect winter styles.

No. 141203

File: 1591403126638.jpg (46.3 KB, 417x512, unnamed.jpg)

No. 141204

File: 1591403252381.jpg (85.82 KB, 640x1049, 234f646fc582cf93ff6e5bd1dd2dc0…)

No. 141205

File: 1591403370128.jpg (111.31 KB, 580x580, m_5abd9131c9fcdfbb49cc48ac.jpg)

No. 141220

File: 1591414199967.jpg (150.53 KB, 580x580, download (1).jpg)

Nobody has posted anything from the early 2000s hiphop period so i'm going to make a little dump.

(btw, I had shoes from pastry that looks exactly like this)

No. 141221

File: 1591414234762.jpg (494.37 KB, 1821x3000, download (2).jpg)

A style icon for all African aunties across the world.

No. 141222

File: 1591414262776.jpg (310.92 KB, 684x1024, download.jpg)

No. 141223

File: 1591414376252.jpg (45.65 KB, 480x480, download (3).jpg)

No. 141224

File: 1591414443784.jpg (247.37 KB, 1024x1536, download (4).jpg)

Extra points if the bag was a fake and was falling apart.

Also another one that fairly irrelevant.

No. 141225

File: 1591414607145.jpg (1.29 MB, 2250x3000, il_fullxfull.1541515155_48k0.j…)

Samefag, but butterfly decals were every where at one point.

No. 141226

File: 1591414637737.jpg (84.1 KB, 593x880, 3e644c748bf696ec1aec1acef65799…)

last one. This is actually cute imo. K bye.

No. 141227

File: 1591415199867.jpg (413.65 KB, 1570x722, Lars_Jacob,_Iris_Bianco_Vigil_…)

Alright what was the worst decade for mainstream men's fashion ?

the 2000's or the 70's

No. 141228

I'd say 70's because every man just has this wierd paternal look to them. 2000s isn't so bad as long as you're not into white men, unless you're into goths and metalheads.

No. 141229

I still prefer metalhead male ascetics but I was talking about mainstream fashion trends

No. 141230

God yes for like a year I basically only wore tracksuits bc they were so comfy

No. 141233

Kek, these are actually two of my favorite eras.

I’d say y2k and the 70s are equal on the scale in terms of what looked flattering and what didn’t.
But I don’t think it’s fair to judge either based on cherry picked photos of middle aged men in leisure suits and gimmicky red carpet looks.

No. 141234

File: 1591419473946.jpeg (26.45 KB, 500x500, D5DDDFC9-AFBF-4736-BA9B-3F173C…)

What’s wrong with looking paternal?

No. 141235

File: 1591420055335.jpeg (111.8 KB, 305x600, D967FAEA-B3B3-4CA8-9670-39ED28…)

Super late to the party, but basically all of these, aka what was in style when I was in middle school & high school. I miss it so much.

No. 141240

File: 1591422837760.jpg (146.23 KB, 700x1042, -2025139-1482167553.700x0c.jpg)

I've been looking back on old pictures and wondering why I was so trashy in college. Now I realize I probably wasn't, I'm just looking at these styles with 2020 eyes. They were probably fine then and just are trashy now

No. 141242

damn i miss dressing like this.i can't wait till i'm 40 and stuff from when i was 20 is popular again and i can be a trashy bitch.

No. 141246

And we can actually afford the LV purses this time

No. 141268

I've always wanted that dumb skirt from this movie idk why. I never did find that cute pastel plaid in the mid aughts. Middle school me was a very jealous girl, btw this was my aesthetic throughout high school lmao.

No. 141284

Fuckin same, ever since I first saw this movie I was in love with this dumb skirt

No. 141313

File: 1591489779827.jpg (88.96 KB, 580x580, m_5a63c21d3b16080bbed607d5.jpg)

No. 141327

File: 1591510074484.jpg (259.05 KB, 995x1248, Quarantine-Hoodie.jpg)

Baby Phat was THE shit in 07. Checked in to see if the brand is still alive and apparently it is, pic related lol

No. 141328

But all of these are on trend again atm

No. 141329

nta but as an eastern european I can confirm, the metal scene is big here. visiting the uk and seeing how people dress there was a huge culture shock

No. 141332

They recently had a Forever 21 collab. The quality sucked, as you would expect from Forever 21, but it was still nice to look at. I ended up getting a few of the dresses since everything was $5 or under when one of the locations near me closed.

I still have all of my old Juicy Couture stuff. I still love my tracksuits and towel material purses. I'm just waiting until the rest of the world is ready to love them to bring them out.

No. 141353

Maybe for some niche instagram thots, but no, I wouldn't say they are.

No. 141420

You and me both anon

No. 141438

File: 1591604797557.jpg (117.29 KB, 492x664, tumblr_o3dnxnQDv61v0651qo1_500…)

Can crop tops on boys be a thing again? The 80s were the best time for men's fashion imo.

They're both pretty bad, but I'd choose 70s men any day. Frosted tips are gross, but long hair on men can be nice if the guy has good hygiene. I don't know, I just think the 70s were endearingly dorky. The 2000s were just cringey.

I thought this shit was tacky even when it was popular. These low-cut bedazzled jeans went out of style of a reason. Everyone's asscrack was hanging out, and the stupid rhinestones either dug into your leg or fell off. Good riddance.

God, I can't believe the 2000s are becoming the new 90s. Please God, no.

No. 141443


>>Can crop tops on boys be a thing again? The 80s were the best time for men's fashion imo.

These days 99% of guys above 20 are skinny fat and crop tops would only expose their flabby, hairy bellies so no thanks.

No. 141444

>not liking crop tops on hairy, flabby bellies

No. 141479

God I fucking loved jackets and jeans like that. Bring this fucking fashion back already.

No. 141486

I mean yeah if he's a hamplanet it's gross, but if he's a skinny guy with a bit of a soft tum that's okay. Also a little bit of hair on the stomach like the guys in the picture have is fine.

No. 141572

File: 1591792308968.jpg (127.96 KB, 1165x750, 103863339_260059778603888_5958…)

Ulzzang craze when every boy and girl strived to look like this

No. 141573

File: 1591792585576.jpg (183.62 KB, 469x640, park young hee.jpg)

I was obsessed with the tomboy ulzzang queen Park Young Hee, this was peak sexy to me, to think I may have fallen into fakeboi shit if I was born a little later is terrifying

No. 141574

File: 1591792688792.jpg (49.68 KB, 439x581, 34188_139088199437234_6889751_…)

Loved shitty low res gyaru selfies like this

No. 141578

File: 1591794653317.jpg (105.2 KB, 930x1407, 4a1f61f4628c3d849024f80d1d4b89…)

Braless 60s. My mom told me at one point wearing bras just wasn't popular with young women.

I bet men ruined that though.

No. 141580

I wish not wearing bras would be normalised again. I hate them but I feel like people stare at me and think I'm a perv if I dont wear one

No. 141617

>tfw the 70s is my preferred era for male style

No. 141626

File: 1591853216513.jpg (259.95 KB, 550x825, 150623.jpg)

idk what to call this kind of style but it was popular on tumblr and lookbook in 2012-2015. lots of bright colorful clothes, vintage/thrifted, clashing patterns, inspired by FRUITS magazine.

No. 141627

File: 1591853257041.png (145.43 KB, 750x1000, tumblr_montuaUwTg1qgtr8no2_128…)

No. 141628

File: 1591853333814.jpg (85.97 KB, 400x491, tumblr_mj09j9Cz321qa19lvo1_400…)

I guess this style is associated with just 2015 tumblr feminists

No. 141635

Go braless! I haven't worn one in 6 years and I'll never ever go back. People do stare depending on your city but eh, they'd stare at short shorts and shit too.

No. 141644

File: 1591869719977.jpeg (843.44 KB, 800x704, 6C43DBAA-D37D-44D0-B664-C522E2…)

2011 sea punk

No. 141650


I got silicon nipple covers and unless i wear some tight fitting shirt that looks bad without a bra,im mostly without one.it's really convinient and i avoid discomfort and boob sweat now kek

No. 141680

how long do they last? Are they reusable?

No. 141689

File: 1591898316373.jpg (1.1 MB, 1992x3000, 76487412.jpg)

Nu-rave circa 2007. I used to try this look off in high school and I probably looked crazy but I still have a soft spot for it. Music and fashion was so exciting back then for me.

No. 141690

they should last quite a while, I have had a pair for a couple of years now. As long as you wash them after use and put them back properly in their case

No. 141697

yes please. years ago (2015) at a thrift store i found the most badass vintage teal sea world sweatshirt with a christian riese lassen print on it, and then boohooing cause seapunk was a dead meme at that point. my crush even told me off for it and said it wasn't 2012 anymore. never got the opportunity to wear it much.

No. 141709

Doesn't it hurt to run and go down stairs though?

No. 141710

Your crush was a coward. Wear that shit!

No. 141715

So that's what you call that. I loved this whole era of weirdass colors and LOUD looking stuff too.

No. 141720

i dont have big boobs so usually im ok unless on my period kek

No. 141745

File: 1591965303300.jpg (42.24 KB, 500x400, N1ovx9sFu.jpg)

Y2k shit is trending right now, i think it has been since last year.
The only thing about the y2k aesthetic that i hate are those super tiny handbags + low rise jeans

For those who miss mori and dolly kei, what do you think of cottagecore, isn't it a western, normie friendly equivalent?

No. 141765

Underrated response, I fucking kek'd

No. 141837

I like the idea of cottagecore but it always comes across as a little bit too …idk sterile? It kind of overlaps a with the nymphet aesthetic from a few years ago and can sometimes look tradwife-y. Mori and dolly kei had more of a relaxed earthiness to them that I liked.

No. 141874

I always felt like cottagecore is the place where Nicole dollangangers aesthetic and “plant mom” meet

No. 141952

Agreed about the trad and nymphet being adjacent to this cottagecore thing but no form of kei is ok in my book tbh.

No. 141984

File: 1592210538717.jpg (501.81 KB, 2432x2526, bcbd51f663002ff7424774f8d9e99e…)

Mfw I really like it but the uwu ddlg vibe throws me off. I happy to see that milkmaid dresses/tops are trending

No. 142036

I love the airy and delicate look that cottagecore and nymphet have, but I'm super mad that they'll forever be associated with DDLG thanks to Tumblr.

No. 142039

…am I the only one who instead sees people often associate it with lesbians or otherwise female/female romance? It seemed like an extension of the "lesbian farmers" meme; a nice combination of implied self-sufficiency and pretty yet natural femininity.

Sorry if any of this offends (or comes off as fetish-y to) any actual lesbianons, as I am but a disgusting bisexual. To me the fantasy sounds pleasant.

No. 142041

Ladies forgive me for being shallow and simple-minded but about six years back when I decided I wasn't going to kill myself, I realized I had to work towards actually making my life one that was worth living. I had to find joy, and one thing that brought it to me is the brand For Love and Lemons, for whatever reason. I'm not a fashionable girl, never owned a handbag, but something about the white lace was so chic to me in a non-fashion way. It was something simple to strive towards. Now I'm 27 and actually have a career and can afford this shit. I bought the milkmaid tops and the little lace dresses and I'm like. Well fuck. I've aged out of this style.

Whatever DDLG innocent yet slutty implications this has I can't really justify as an adult ass woman. Sucks to suck.

No. 142043

I never see nymphet or cottagecore associated with lesbians. I know there's the "me, my gf, and our home in the forest" stuff on Twitter, but that's more earthy and mori or forest elf/witch (think AtelierHeidi) than cottagecore or nymphet.

No. 142044

File: 1592274260518.jpg (13.32 KB, 320x181, 1c2ceafeacfab9c224cf2380b3f1a7…)

Perhaps it's just the channel where I first saw it giving me a bias, then. Admittedly even when it is aesthetic/fashion images included they're often more farm-leaning than nymphet-esque or sexy.

No. 142047

File: 1592277044906.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, kk pondering.png)

>people associate ddlg with lesbians

No. 142049

I was quoting what those anons are associating cottagecore with. What I was saying is that I often see cottagecore associated with lesbians, not ddlg/nymphet/trad shit.

Sorry for the miscommunication.

No. 142056

I feel like there's 2 schools of cottagecore: house on the edge of the forest and house in the forest.
House on the edge of the forest is more like you've got a cute cottage with a flower field in front and the style is more pastel and lacey, think pastel Gunne Sax dresses.
House in the forest is more earthy-toned and mori-influenced with lots of layering, knit/crochet pieces, and boots. House in the forest is the aesthetic that everyone's Animal Crossing island aims to be.

No. 142066

I mostly see the lifestyle aspects of it associated with f/f romance rather than the fashion.

I'm one of those idiots who thinks you should just wear what makes you happy but I think you could probably make that kind of top work in a conventional sense in your early to mid 30s if you styled it in a certain way.

No. 142074

File: 1592312432688.jpg (55.21 KB, 540x529, ea898ad9b5c9dc7d6ec986cb73ec85…)

Yeah, I heard that cottagecore was invented by lesbians too. No idea why or how, but it reminds me of this wholesome post

No. 142084

Well that is odd, DDLG also claimed bambi for their subculture. Is everything in DDLG just an appropriation of shit lesbians liked?

No. 142092

File: 1592334869356.jpeg (147.2 KB, 900x1350, CA5C4153-0022-4322-B0B8-D29AF9…)

I’m almost 25, and sometimes I also feel like I’m too old to wear a lot of the styles I like. But you can totally rock the whole feminine/rustic look at any point in your life, it’s not limited to 15yr olds on Depop. This vintage seller always comes to mind when I think of women my age and older going for a similar aesthetic, minus all the ~uwu smol fae~ crap: https://instagram.com/adoredvintage?igshid=7ghw51u0fu17 (And I knew about this years before even seeing the term “cottagecore” used.)

No. 142272

poor lesbuns having everything stolen from them

No. 143004

File: 1593442008657.jpeg (177.09 KB, 839x1536, 29E8BA81-D2FA-4CF8-82F5-290B30…)

I just bought a juicy tracksuit, it looks a lot like pic attached! I have such nostalgia for being in elementary school in the mid-aughts and owning soooo many cheap velour tracksuits that I’d wear with white sneakers, coincidentally I’m also buying a pair of white nikes for my birthday so I can remake my fave look from a decade and a half ago :’) I don’t like athleisure but I can’t make masks work with my usual style so leaning into the trashy 2000s glam leisure is gonna be fun, I bought a short sleeve and a long sleeved jacket to match the pants!!

No. 143010

>almost 25
>too old

anon what

No. 143026

to anon and everyone else who thinks 25 year olds are too old to wear anything

at mid to late twenties you're a young woman and you're at exactly the right time in your life to wear sexy or fashionable clothes. Somehow us young woman and teen girls alike have been memed into thinking you can only wear certain clothes when you're a teen (even when these are sexy/revealing styles that should not be worn by minors for fucks sake) and that we're an old granny at 25 rather than a hot young woman. (and you bet we have men to thank for this shit, don't let anyone convince you you're too old at 25 ffs)

No. 143028

exactly. and look at Japanese women, alot of them have cutesy flowery styles and are around 25, more often than not 25+. embrace your taste anon !

No. 143056

File: 1593473471916.gif (893.54 KB, 480x357, giphy.gif)

70s fashion is so fun to me

No. 143077

File: 1593517018286.jpg (13.06 KB, 342x457, 81W3PX-CKSL._AC_UX342_.jpg)

O wise anon, tell me if it's ok to wear skater-skirts at 23/24 and how to style it to not look like a weeb.

No. 143164

File: 1593638508171.jpg (145.26 KB, 1024x680, 2012.jpg)

2012 hipsterism (?, Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Molly Soda)

No. 143166

File: 1593638858958.gif (1.17 MB, 500x375, 05158E50-2465-4459-8101-D9E0CB…)

samefag, really wanted to be Molly Soda back in 2012

No. 143185

File: 1593654345612.png (832.63 KB, 564x705, HwAB9rx.png)

ntayrt but if you're worried about weeb vibes or making them look too costumey, I'd try to keep them hemline longer (mid-thigh shortest) and keep the top part loose. Pic related is a pretty safe bet, albeit maybe a touch too short). Skater skirts are just a variation of circle skirts which I think is pretty timeless and fine to wear at any age, maybe with a few adjustments of material/pattern/hemline to fit your comfort/age. As long as you stay away from the tumblr circa 2014 style of a burgundy circle skirt, band tee, and knee socks, you should be fine (altho I still love that style kek) But hey, on your own time if you want to dress a certain way and it makes you happy, go for it anon!

No. 143194

I'm in my late 20s and still wear skater skirts with cute tops. People can kiss my ass.

No. 143195

It is fucking absurd that anyone would think a woman in her 20s is less suited to short skirts than a teenager. Just insane. That is some pedo shit.

No. 143537

This, also, the confidence a grown woman can have is an entirely different beast than that of a child.
I was too embarrassed to wear lolita fashion and kinderwhore fashion until I turned 25. I get called all the nasty shit I used to be terrified I would be called, but now it doesn't mean anything to me like it would have when I was a kid
I think the industry tries to rob women of the confidence we would have otherwise naturally grown into

No. 143563

I am also into kinderwhore, do you have any advice like what staples to get? There are so few kinderwhore guides and tips on the net!

No. 143572

File: 1594216150794.jpg (113.98 KB, 646x1023, 5232214629_becb05d688_b.jpg)

I sincerely miss the kooky way Tavi Gevinson dressed on her blog before she got into acting and her style lost all character. Not sure what to call this tbh. Thrift store chic? It's like she was always recreating a bad highschool yearbook photo.

No. 143588

File: 1594222412471.jpg (39.29 KB, 421x580, 34db69c8d1d4b95b2eea39c11e50a2…)


This is very 2000s twee "i shop at modcloth" indie girl style, like a more colorful zooey deschanel.

Its one of my favorite dated aesthetic it was just absolutely lovely, very few stores still sell these kinds of clothing.

No. 143592

I miss it so much. Those were simpler times.

No. 143600

File: 1594230286109.jpg (92.58 KB, 1080x720, 8e937271eb029b729988313ef5dbc5…)

I know the Kpop thread is dead but he's still nice to look at even if you don't like the music aspect of it, Kai from EXO, he's pretty fashionable and sometimes wears unusual stuff (guys wise)

No. 143606

File: 1594233179401.jpg (338.4 KB, 1422x1396, kinderwhore starters.jpg)

Totally, so in many ways, kinderwhore is a dark half to lolita; where lolita says, "I don't care if you're uncomfortable," kindwhore says, "You should be uncomfortable."
Kinderwhore is a sharp blend of ostensibly childish aesthetic with unpleasant overtly sexual overtones, a blunt commentary on how girls are brought up in our culture and left effected as adults because of it
I get most of my everything on eBay, it's a hot spot for vintage clothes, thrift stores can be good too if you're in a wealthy or older area
Anyway, keep your dress silhouette short and shapeless, some good search terms include "babydoll," "trapeze," "vintage a-line" and "vintage nightgown." You can have a waist, but usually if you do, it shouldn't be much lower than your nips
Leg wear can be straight up trashy, like Leg Avenue cheap black netting-lace even.
Shoes are usually stilettos or flats, an excellent and widely available option is heels modeled after classic childrens' shoes, like mary janes, penny loafers, saddle shoes, and sneakers even
Mini backpacks and stuffed animal purses are pretty classic, but satin pocketbooks also match well, hearkening back to the birthday party aesthetic Courtney Love experimented with briefly
Anyway again, here's a pic I slapped together

No. 143672

I REALLY miss this style. I posted in the fashion thread about wanting to find more brands like modcloth a while back. This was such a good tumblr era

No. 143691

I love this style so much, I hope I can regain some confidence to wear it again.

No. 143711

> Kinderwhore is a sharp blend of ostensibly childish aesthetic with unpleasant overtly sexual overtones, a blunt commentary on how girls are brought up in our culture and left effected as adults because of it
you do you but kek. don't forget the atwood quote. "Male fantasies, male fantasies, is everything run by male fantasies? Up on a pedestal or down on your knees, it's all a male fantasy: that you're strong enough to take what they dish out, or else too weak to do anything about it. Even pretending you aren't catering to male fantasies is a male fantasy: pretending you're unseen, pretending you have a life of your own, that you can wash your feet and comb your hair unconscious of the ever-present watcher peering through the keyhole, peering through the keyhole in your own head, if nowhere else. You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman. You are your own voyeur."

No. 143715

I hate to "dot dot dot," but that is part of the idea, yeah

hell yeah, good luck

No. 143721

Why do literal kinderwhores and lolitas always complain about the ddlg boogy monster?
early 2000s is in again tbh.

No. 143726

Whenever you have to ask this in fashion, the answer is insecure teenagers

No. 143728

Unique Vintage and Miss Patina come to mind to me, they are a bit pricier but damn they have cute stuff!
idk, personally i don't want some creepy daddy dom to look at my clothes and assume im into that shit.

No. 143730

Not her and I participate in both fashions, but I'm betting the reasoning is along the lines of, "Men will always sexualize you, why give them something to work with?"
To which an answer may be, men will always sexualize you, so either figure out how to avoid them at all costs (and share how plz), or give up worrying about what scrotes think and just wear what you like

No. 143776

i'm that anon and what are you even talking about

No. 143790

File: 1594404308350.jpg (1.11 MB, 1242x1240, 1590732591239.jpg)

my bad, I was high, ignore me

No. 145120

File: 1595754762128.png (1001.19 KB, 1005x853, Screen_Shot_2016-10-17_at_16.2…)

jess-wood's/moonprincessjess's aesthetic. It was more or less the say bby doll aesthetic with more greenery later on, but imo she was the only one who did it just perfectly.

No. 145122

File: 1595754971271.png (480.48 KB, 700x473, ca6ea51f075c4806216a99d467e27c…)

No. 145123

File: 1595755044343.png (1.22 MB, 983x966, Screen_Shot_2016-10-17_at_16.2…)

with her aesthetic in the last few months before she disappeared, she was almost ahead of her time imo. This darker thing she was doing would go perfect with the current dark academia aesthetic

sorry, couldn't find better compilation pics

No. 145133

I searched for her thread the other day to check if there were any updates. I agree her aesthetic was more interesting, she was the only good sad bby doll. I wonder how her style has changed now (if at all).

No. 145196

Ugh, I wanted her hair and body so bad

No. 145259

Her body does not look like that IRL, she photoshopped a lot of her pics.

No. 145269

File: 1595872571152.jpg (65.14 KB, 679x524, 3123e618e2f4f7f18a33ac895662d4…)

Himekaji was so lovely, im so sad most hyper-girly fashions are dead or dying, i just want bows and ruffles and soft silloutes……

No. 145270

I still wear himekaji quite often. I like going out and feeling feminine and knowing I'm probably the best dressed

No. 145276

File: 1595874861310.jpg (116.62 KB, 1080x1080, 7f096d75a40e544336986087319af3…)

Where do you get your clothes hime anon? Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge are apparently on the verge of closing, and honestly the price is a bit too high for me.

No. 145278

nayrt but you could buy them secondhand off of mercari and fril

No. 145286

I buy off ebay tbh. I once bought off depop but was fucked over and lost like $90 lol. And oddly, target has nice dresses here and there too. Not super himekaji but frilly and flowery and not too expensive. Anyways, yeah, ebay tends to be where I get most of my shit.

No. 145295

just do buyee on yahoo japan auctions, shit is cheap af

No. 145446

File: 1595984164877.jpg (205.12 KB, 499x493, unnamed.jpg)

I miss this tumblr circa like 2015-2016 aesthetic with the tattoo chokers and everything having aliens on it. I actually had this very shirt.

No. 145451

I've fallen in love recently with tattoo chockers and just now I can't find them anywhere where I live at all. That top is so cute too

No. 145452

File: 1595985394019.jpg (119.77 KB, 2048x2048, JUICE-_peach.jpg)

I feel like this and the grid aesthetic shirts are dated now.

No. 145453

File: 1595985508976.gif (120.87 KB, 400x400, a9e4c3f7c6abf497c8a36d30a89022…)

seeing it again now is so weird. I dont get why everyone got so crazy for grids, it's just a simple pattern

No. 145454

Try eBay or AliExpress. that's where I always got mine, for like 50cents each.

No. 145460

Is this dated? I feel like it absolutely popped up in the 90s and again about a decade ago (ew, 2010s were a decade ago) but I definitely see girls wearing this style still. Perhaps it's just a timeless look.

No. 145775

isn't it weird that the 90s have been back for basically a decade? I feel like the internet is making the idea of the 30 year cycle sort of irrelevant. what do you guys think?

No. 146676

File: 1596809036537.gif (2.83 MB, 348x270, F23D8C0D-7D73-443A-AE48-324DE2…)

Wish guyliner would come back.
Also wish mall goth (?) would come back, with the fishnets and nu-metal shirts and platformer boots and pant chains.

No. 146684

tfw no mallgoth bf who writes me poetry and gifts me roses painted black.

but all these things are making a comeback in eboy fashion, but it kinda sucks and its just a watered down mall goth.

No. 146685

What show is this? Is it that show where alt fashion enthusiasts get makeovers and turn into normies? Which episode is this?

No. 146714

Pretty sure this is from Ricki Lake

No. 146861

File: 1596892256314.jpeg (43.69 KB, 400x568, scenecore _ Tumblr.jpeg)

please come back

No. 146866

File: 1596892863993.jpg (140.7 KB, 1080x1080, 47694608_127700351603185_22033…)

The one thing I really appreciate about scene is that the girls (afaik) didn't feel the need to fake tan so much, although this seems to be a thing for the 2000's in general for as far as I can see. Like if I google "scene queens" it's all just girls rocking their own natural, fresh skincolors. Thát needs to be a trend to come back in 2020, no sundamaged skin, orange faux tans and calling pale skin "unhealthy". Let's just leave our skincolor be again.

(same girl "before and after" in pic)

No. 146867

i know right? like it was so fun back then it wasn't fake (it was but no plastic shit)

No. 146869

File: 1596894914961.jpg (14.1 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg.jpg)

I wanted to be a scene queen when I was 12 and never had the opportunity due to shit childhood, I want it to come back so that I can live out that dream now despite being a grown ass adult.

I also miss how apolitical most people on the internet were and the mindset of "labels are for soupcans xD" but it looks like it's lost forever.

No. 146873

I miss it a lot but I think it should stay dead. There’s no point if it’s not 2008 and you’re not listening to bring me the horizon and I set my friends on fire. And have mountains of Gir and Skelanimal merch. Seriously tho, I miss how creative people would get with the hair colors and outfits.
>tfw I tried piercing my own snakebites
I was fucking nuts

I do miss the kandi kid/raver shit that was popular too. It’s kinda blended with the jfashion/Kawaii shit going around at the time. Reminds me of Gutterface/Joji kek. I loved learning how to make the bracelets and seeing other people’s kandi collection .

No. 146876

Why do all scene girls have the same face?

No. 146883

Rawring twenties

No. 146885

I love scene. I was scene in high school. I still can’t let it go with regards to hairstyles but the fashion doesn’t really click with me. I’m like scenecottagenormiecore now.

Even at 26 this year, I’d still rock that scene crap lol

No. 146887

File: 1596904849544.jpeg (74.38 KB, 400x400, FCA826E1-D29C-4182-92CE-C1D612…)

Remember when hair bows were all the rage?

No. 146894

File: 1596907462607.jpg (32.97 KB, 375x500, 53d2949b57aae_-_lady-gaga-bow-…)

I do! It was cute tbh
I also remember a few people being really into the Gaga bow hairstyle.

No. 146896

I remember! so many ugly hairbow tutorials came from it lmao

No. 146898

I wanted to be a scene queen but I was too late when I first found out about it.

No. 146907

I've noticed this too. There are plenty of 90s looks that I enjoy and feel nostalgic for but I'm so bored of the chunky trainers and tiny sunglasses trend, as well as the normcore Seinfeld look that I still see everywhere in my city

No. 146938

File: 1596933355161.jpg (95.73 KB, 500x729, EY14VMkWoAAoxnX.jpg)

I wish it would. "E-girl" and "e-boy" isn't the same. It feels insincere and manufactured to me. Not just because it came from the internet. There were some styles that came from the internet like seapunk that still felt authentic. Maybe I'm just a boomer but the "e-girl" style doesn't sit right with me.

No. 146939

Verena Schizophrenia used to be my actual queen. I wonder how she's doing nowadays

No. 146981

I think it's because the internet is corporate today, and everything uploaded to social media is extremely calculated and only with the intent of getting fame and money out of it. Not saying that the scene queens back in the day weren't after internet fame but it was definitely more free and fun. People weren't trying to crack the algorhytm.

No. 146999

File: 1596987277187.jpg (979.63 KB, 1077x1696, Screenshot_20200809-173335_Fir…)

Sorry for being off topic but I looked her up since I remember following her back on FB

She's still active and well… at least she's not as fat as she used to be and has a bit more mature style.

No. 147005

I loved LedaMonsterBunny

No. 147006

Leda is still pretty damm scene-ish in my opinion, she goes by just Leda Muir now.

No. 147007

I know. I still follow her. She hasn't been posting anywhere since January

No. 147008

Could someone make another post about her because she's done a LOT more shit to deserve another post.

No. 147009

do it yourself then

No. 147010

No. 147012

I see she is still all about these cringe ass usernames kek

I would've never recognized her though, her face looks vastly different, maybe it is weight loss

No. 147015

i think it's because the egirl style is essentially just people imitating a movement/whatever that died 3 years ago. maybe its also because the whole egirl image is wrapped up in such a thick layer of internet thottery.
i dunno. maybe i'm just bitter because i'm too young to have experienced the whole scene thing in all its glory. i bet that 15 years from now there'll be girls talking about how they wished they could've been egirls.

No. 147033

File: 1597008657049.jpeg (200.92 KB, 735x1104, realemo.jpeg)

Emo styles from the 1990's. Emo is actually a music genre, but the kids from the late 80's- late 90's would thrift shop at places and basically look like a mixture between geek chic and hipster. Emo was more clean cut than the "emo" fashion of the 2000's.

No. 147034

File: 1597008785454.jpg (45.88 KB, 474x632, realgoth.jpg)

Same person here, but I also like the trad goth and deathrock styles. Goth is also really a music genre, but I'd like how they did some 80's hair, but the style is almost similar to punk. Trad goth styles is way better than the mall "goth" and especially than what e girls think what "goth" is to them.

No. 147047

Scene was the only time I actually had a style. Now at 25 idk what I want. Pastel Goth is the closest I think. I’m a mix of cottagecore fairykei and punk rock dark lol

No. 147048

lol it's very dated.

No. 147053

File: 1597019365724.jpg (285.49 KB, 1600x1300, esra.jpg)

oh to be an 2000s indie girl, with cute cozy clothes, thighs and having a 17 bmi….

but just now i realize all those lookbook famous girls were very underweight anachans, is it just a 2000s thing? Honestly I feel like even the classic "ana" look of being absolutely tiny and dainty is dead and most internet wannarexics want to look thin but still fit an hot, you know the insta thot look.

No. 147057

This image gave me a heavy sense of deja vu. Who is this/what’s it from?

No. 147059

Off topic but I own the issue of Seventeen magazine that this spread is from and the entire thing is gold

No. 147061

Nadia Esra, quintessential lookbook poster girl

No. 147068

I would be deeply grateful if you'd upload more content from it, it's so nostalgic

No. 147079

I think weebs have taken over the dainty worship.

Huh, I googled her and she still has an active insta. She's still pretty but doesn't look quite so perfect so I'm wondering if she photoshopped or wore more makeup than I realized back in the day. Like, I had no idea she had freckles.

No. 147095

Cameras didn’t have such a good quality, imo thats why most people looked better in 2000s photos too, no hyper 4k HDR phone cameras not even most semi-professional could catch as many imperfections.

No. 147108

This. Back then, the idea of generating income just for making videos of yourself doing dumb shit wasn't even a pipe dream yet.

No. 147119

>>147059 IDK where to find other pages of that issue, but I just love that specific page because 90's true emo. IK it's OT

No. 147250

Ricki Lake, his name is Alan Jr.

No. 147294

I don't think it's too late to at least dress in a scene-inspired way. I'm in my 20s and miss some aspects of mall goth style, so I wear a lot of Tripp (not the pants though, more like dresses and corset tops), platforms, etc.

No. 151254

I always dreamed of having the puffed up hair that girl does but couldn't pull it off lmao. God I love the late 2000's to early 2010's gyaru. It had this unbeatable bitch queen energy that I can't resist.

I used to own a jacket like this and I loved it, was heartbroken when I had to give it up because it got so old and worn down and at that point they were out of fashion and I couldn't replace it. I'm waiting for them to make a comeback because I fucking owned this style kek

No. 152326

File: 1600814737391.jpg (79.59 KB, 500x362, large.jpg)

Pastel Goth was really fun and creative and it should come back.

No. 152331

it's back on tiktok afaik but mostly with sanrio boomer e-thots

No. 152332

fuck, I meant zoomer

No. 152336


I still dress in that early 00s AA style plain vintage a-line skirt with tights and tucked in shirt with oxfords look… Fuck, maybe that's why I feel so old and dated recently

No. 152356

File: 1600853271016.jpg (889.33 KB, 2380x1701, emos.jpg)

No. 152368

File: 1600865242479.jpg (279.06 KB, 1080x1790, 62be851dc214e108ece131d94b6b4b…)

I was a lost weeaboo lamb in a small, shitty Eastern European town. I knew no other weebs but the local metalhead girls took me in and we became friends.
I still miss this aesthetic a lot (and the girls who are into it are usually really cool too).

No. 152383

This looks like one of those european 'having outdoor sex with my driving instructor' pornos..

She is pretty cute though

No. 152397

File: 1600881724066.png (300.93 KB, 400x440, tumblr_0faeec4f9f53287b9a3c9d8…)

I looove late 90's/early 2000's edgelord styles. I think mall goth clothes from that time are really fun (tripp, platform shoes, spikes, long baggy clothes, too many accessories, vampirefreaks ect.) and I have been collecting clothing and accessories for years. It's just really fun to look like a wacky edgy freak. It doesn't really bother me when people stare or talk shit because dressing like this makes me feel cool on the inside lol.

It's odd to me that teens are trying to turn "mall goth" into a palatable hyperfeminine thing. The e-girl stuff is repetitive, they all wear the same outfit and copy each other because they don't want to go out of their comfort zone.(E-girl outfits consist of some mainstream band shirt with a striped long-sleeve underneath, a plaid skirt, fishnets, killstar boots, and a studded belt. Or a checkered/flame bandeau instead of the shirt.) I think they'll get bored of it when the next popular aesthetic comes around.

Honestly, I think that when it comes to this fashion, the dorkier the clothes are, the better. The baggy pants and oversized shirts are so fun to wear and if you don't look a bit ridiculous you're doing it wrong.

No. 152411

'aesthetics' has largely ruined any creativity in (mainstream) fashion (and interior styling and such)

No. 152425

this dumbass style is the one I wish I had but am too lazy/poor to deal with. I just wanna wear a goddamn faux leather skirt and a full body fishnet, but I don't go out enough to make that kind of wardrobe worth while, so its ultra fem cheap basic becky shit for me

No. 152620

as a kiddo in the 2000s i thought that when i'd become a teen, I'd find a group of friends and we'd all be edgy and dress like this. But instead I got this watered down e-girl shit and like 3 other trendy "aesthetic" molds. But eh, i think i'll just give in and start dressing as close as I can to the equivalent of a 2020 mall goth while I still can. So i can fulfill younger me's desire.

No. 152624


I'm in my mid 20s and I finally have the resources/finances to wear the dark moody attire of my teenage dreams. if it makes you happy, I say go for it. I might just be old but I feel like styles come and go so fast now, you might as well wear what you want

No. 152627

You totally should! Not edgy aesthetics in my experience but I have started leaning into a realistic y2k, like juicy tracksuits and lowcut jeans cause it’s what I thought I’d be wearing as an adult when I was like, 5, and it’s made me so happy. Go chase the goth dreams of your child self!!

No. 152635

File: 1601065469481.jpg (261.45 KB, 1200x1600, 8f500af3-9549-4be2-8090-bb71ab…)

Go for it! I used to hang out at the mall for hours with my similarly-dressed edgelord friends before I moved and before COVID and it was such a blast. Maybe you could meet people through dressing up. A lot of accessories can be DIY'ed and you can find cool Tripp clothes on ebay for cheap. Demonia also makes some cool shoes but theyre a bit pricy.

No. 152637

I agree completely

No. 152663

was way too young for it but my early internet days involved scene culture. I used a graphics website thats how i discovered it. Thankfully never got invested in any scene queens/cows of the time, but I did use random pics of them as my icon with flashing pixel text. that was a thing

Also it brought me to some stuff i still enjoy like invader zim, fuckit

No. 152664

omg i now have a crush on her…thx…

No. 152668

What do you mean exactly by aesthetics

No. 152719

File: 1601128538951.jpg (52.17 KB, 460x810, fashion.jpg)

ntayrt but I think they're refering to how styles, that used to have roots that suggested a lifestyle (such as punk and goth being anti-consumerist and diy) have been replaced and watered down by aesthetics that just prioritise making the wearer looking palatable and nice to men/a mainstream normie audience. Like how modern punk and goth fashion has been watered down to egirl fashion and has become rather consumerist

pic related sorta illustrates what I mean

No. 152775

Tbh goth was already consumerist by the time Hot Topic came out.

No. 152830

you're totally right, people are buying all this 90s/2000s mallgoth shit off depop and somehow styling it to look bland? not to idealise mallgoths because that was always an embarrassment but at least they looked unabashedly ridiculous

No. 152948

ok that makes sense, I completely agree. Where I live people are always saying things like, "I wish I could dress alternatively but I'm not cool enough", which I think is very boring and unfortunate

No. 153148

File: 1601326051935.jpeg (432.27 KB, 555x872, E8E94CBE-7350-4282-8B99-A421EC…)

at anons about goth fashion i completely agree, however i’m less so worried about the whole “e-girl” trend because it’s just mostly teenagers being teenagers for the most part, i’m ok with them embracing whatever that is if it makes them happy without being malignant tumors, it’s just another trend imo. It only really annoys the shit out of me when you have grown women acting like 14-15 year olds about it, reclaiming the term “e-girl” like it’s a badge, then it just gets old fast. though honestly it really depends. i wanted to be scene so badly lmao now i’m mostly teetering on the 2000s fashion revival and goth lolita, even though i don’t think i’d ever wear goth lolita and military-esque lolita fashion in public often unfortunately because it’d probably be too hot and much of a hassle enough. i’m just now starting this year to really get in touch with visual-kei, mallgoth, and harajaku. i’m super excited, i’m hoping to get a new pair of boots soon! fashion is probably one for the best things in the world.

omg honestly yes lol i wouldn’t mind seeing this back i think it’s quite cute, unique, creative and it would fit in today if the person does it right

No. 153151

File: 1601326816335.jpg (88.84 KB, 500x750, 636a2838689554e8c2d65ce4f42cf9…)

samefag but "cybergoth" as a concept. these people do not give a fuck honestly. Why would I think saying anything to these people would affect them? look at the way they dress, they don't give a shit. it's awesome and looks so hideous sometimes that i just straight up liking.

No. 153157

I love how just right after a discussion about how fashion being watered down to aesthetics ruined everything anons went back to talking about "aesthetics" they want to be popular again.

No. 153186

it's called the dated aesthetics thread anon, it's what the thread is for

No. 153220

I love cybergoths. They're unapologetic about their hobbies and make a point of not caring about what anyone else thinks of that.
I'm just a regular goth myself but I went to cybergoth dance parties a couple times and was surprised to see that there's still full on cybergoths around. This was last year and I hadn't seen any since the late 00s.

No. 153226

i love the girl on the right's hair, i hope i can get mine to look like that when it grows out. the hat looks so cute with it, too.

No. 153286

I would totally dress like this.

No. 153308

File: 1601418855769.jpg (97.87 KB, 873x897, tumblr_obkjh3wLVg1sqyiebo1_r1_…)

I love beatnik fashion and aesthetic, I feel like you have to be svelte to wear it though I'm too fat and round to ever wear it, pretty sure even if I lost weight I would still look stupid with it lol.

No. 153310

File: 1601418919373.jpg (173.68 KB, 1000x1159, 352463.jpg)

No. 153316

i adore this. even if youre nervous about trying it id definitely encourage you to build an outfit like this and go fo it. the all-black look is flattering on pretty much anyone and slightly slimming, and a waist belt like this woman is wearing will give you a more defined waist

No. 153419

File: 1601505303612.jpeg (616.47 KB, 1136x1438, 51F904C7-8E1C-4248-B9D5-1AAE90…)

I agree with >>153316 - go for it! Thanks for reminding me how much I love this style. If you feel self conscious, maybe you can go for an oversized slouchy sweater with cigarette pants? But honestly a lot of body types look great with the classic nipped in waist look, so don’t limit yourself before trying it out.

No. 153452


hard agree with the other two anons that you should give it a try– obviously most styles look good on slim women, but i think there's wiggle room with this one and it could actually be really cute on a rounder, softer figure. >>153419 suggested a slouchy sweater, maybe you could nip it at the waist with a belt for some definition? and a little beret on top, it might look really cute! do yourself a favor and try it out, it's a lovely style and i for one would love to see more people wearing it

No. 153476

File: 1601554271890.jpg (44.63 KB, 470x700, 0ccd662ce95f4d491db21417eb9010…)

It's cool, reminds me of Eva Green in the dreamers. Only downside would be that it makes you look like a wannabe parisian from new york who masturbates while watching godard movies kek.
I'm jealous of people who look good with berets, I guess my head shape is fucking weird

No. 153482

File: 1601558009782.jpg (574.48 KB, 1280x1920, 1561760690468.jpg)

>I'm jealous of people who look good with berets, I guess my head shape is fucking weird
Maybe try out different ways to wear them? I love berets and think they can be flattering on almost any head shape. Some people look better with bigger and more structured ones, while others suit smaller and floppier berets. The placement makes a difference as well. If you don't look good with a beret that's more to the front and to the side (like your pic), try wearing one that's more centered on the back of your head (like pic related, different style but you get the point).

No. 153655

File: 1601658946364.jpg (76.66 KB, 930x1395, f9f335f945024d7378d7c1b13113fa…)

Im rewatching AHS and teen nostalgia hit me hard, I want to go back to dressing like Violet Harmon so hard.

2010s grunge-boho hybrid was blessed.

No. 153741


thank you! you ladies gave me inspiration to try it.. especially after I lose weight. now I just need to find out where to get clothes like this lol.

No. 155009

File: 1602561232136.jpg (138.43 KB, 576x500, smiley-japan-576x500.jpg)

Decora delighted me. I was never deep into J-fashion but I always loved looking at pics of this style. I remember the one time I posted on /cgl/, I made a thread for decora pics and got yelled at because it was apparently dead. Too bad.

No. 155079

File: 1602624071710.png (605.49 KB, 500x750, C30B7384-D110-4B79-83CF-B233C4…)

I was totally into fairy kei when i was younger and i related to it in the first place because a part of the aesthetic where 80s/90s toys like polly pocket or my little pony. Good times.

Makes my heart a little heavy to think back to all these styles we had or adored i feel like nowadays everything is so distorted.

No. 155169

File: 1602694122097.jpg (90.16 KB, 573x960, 2000.jpg)

Absolutely love the 'elegant' 2000s fashion's obsession with ugly shades of browns and wrinkled satin,
not the best pic but still

No. 155170

Do you know who the designer is for that? It's cool, it gives me kind of militant dominatrix vibes. Used to love looking at runway fashion in magazines as a kid in the 2000s.

No. 155178

File: 1602696804588.png (421.55 KB, 580x383, gyaru.png)

a literally had couple of pictures of decora fashion on my wall in 2009! such a fun style. there's still decora girls out there and they bring me such joy.

i used to love it in highschool.

mine would be 2000's over the top gyaru. kuro, yamamba, anything that took gyaru to this crazier level. most gyarus from that time are "normal" gyarus now (so, japanese girls with dyed hair and a more western style i guess lmao).

No. 155209

cultural appropriation much?
sorry, i'll see myself out

No. 155232

gyarus should be burned at the stake

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