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File: 1540060636062.jpg (835.14 KB, 670x670, 8997.jpg)

No. 98824

There was talk of making a thread, but no one was taking action so here it is.

Thread for:
>female subs interested in women
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What experiences have you had?
>What are your main kinks?
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

No. 98826

>How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Avoid the obvious 'kink dispenser" ones who despite claiming to be a sub wants the relationship to be 100% about what THEY like

No. 98827

Thanks for starting the thread. I love the op pic.

No. 98828

File: 1540061926593.jpg (92.13 KB, 677x800, S88BE0t.jpg)

Where's the op pic from?
Also, I'd like to add a question:
What's your ideal sub like?

No. 98829

File: 1540061987977.jpg (162.65 KB, 728x1064, 21.jpg)

If anyone wants a cute, non-H short comic about femdom, read "Mud" by Yamashita Tomoko!

No. 98830

I prefer the bratty types but i'm fine with 100% submission
The least ideal is corpses who just lie down do nothing and basically dom from the bottom pretending to sub

No. 98831

File: 1540062245779.gif (1.61 MB, 500x359, tumblr_nl04xhKsLV1qe4ru4o1_500…)

Cute, "soft" older man but not too much older than me. Lean body type. I'm into gentle femdom and I just want a cute man to play with and spoil with physical affection.

No. 98832

File: 1540062739347.jpg (83.55 KB, 640x960, DjPmodVU8AEU4zs.jpg)

So I realize I have to be true to myself after fantasizing about sub guys since forever and actually try finding one for a relationship.
How do I go about finding a sexually submissive guy IRL, anons?
Usually I use Tinder to get dates but I don't see any guys hinting at being into that.
I tend to like guys who have a more soft look and attitude but I've ended up with ones who really want a mom and they can fuck off.

No. 98837

That's so cute, where is it from?

No. 98838

I don't mean to be negative but from my experience a lot of sub guys tend to have a lot of mental health issues.

So you're gonna be handling a lot of depressed guys/boys.

And good luck trying to find that shy virgin unicorn.

No. 98839

It depends where you look
Should probably avoid online mostly

No. 98841

we kinda already have a femdom thread >>>/ot/298183 but i approve of one being in /g/ as well i feel like itll fit better here, idk if i should ask in the fanfic thread but it might be easier here, does anyone have any good fanfic recs with femdom in it or at the very least a more assertive/aggressive woman? no overpower shit where the guy flips the tables dominates you i fucking hate that shit.

idk the specific piece but its definitely kaneoya sachiko's artwork

>ywn have a qt virgin sub bf to dominate and tease
why live

No. 98842

File: 1540064636406.jpg (122.83 KB, 500x697, d3o7xlh.jpg)

It's by Kaneoya Sachiko!
Anyway, ideal sub:
>very thin (weighing less then me)
>under 6'
>dresses well; if it doesn't come naturally, he will let me dress him
>idc if he's ugly or conventionally attractive face wise tbh
>into both gfd and extreme sadomasochism just like I am
>lets me financially support him
>shares similar interests
>very monogamous

Same dynamic in and out of the bedroom basically, but not a gross "24/7 show it off to everyone BDSM relationship." Sex stuff is for us alone.

No. 98843

Not so much fanfics but looking up doujins or hentais but having it be a taller girl tag, almost always has good femdom stuff.

>bullying a short qt

No. 98844

It's from Pandora's Box (with Louise Brooks).

No. 98846

File: 1540064926161.gif (7.89 MB, 550x412, 5bb995cdae12a8a71f79280d6f358e…)

Pandora's Box! It's a silent melodrama, so, no happy ending. But I loved this scene. It's so intimate and the actor looks so vulnerable.

No. 98847

>very thin (weighing less then me)
not to be rude but what are we talking ?
>lets me financially support him
really I'd think most guys wouldnt like this, they would prefer independence
>shares similar interests
This can be good but I've found different interests can help.

Agreed with the no showing off gross shit

No. 98848

File: 1540065281337.jpg (41.74 KB, 516x729, C8LQxwnVwAIXwTL.jpg)

How do you feel about facesitting? It doesn't do much for me and I wonder if I'm approaching it wrong.

>ideal sub
I'm into sweet guys that have cute reactions, but still are still prideful outside of the relationship, that contrast is very satisfying. Definitely not somebody who is desperate for the fetish, that ruins the fun.

No. 98849

File: 1540065293840.jpg (105.47 KB, 973x1200, DjPmneFU8AMLg5Z.jpg)

I love the idea of a buff guy who is actually totally submissive behind closed doors.
But guys with really thin bodies/waists are sexy, the long line it creates combined with low bodyfat is very male and very hot.

No. 98851

I just realized I used the wrong then, kek. Whoops.
I prefer men 130lbs and under since they're easy to lift and very cute. If he doesn't want my full support, I want to at least make more than him at my job. For this reason I generally go after artsy guys hehe.
Which ties in to the similar interests; it doesn't have to be exact, but overlap is important to me. I like visual art (as a hobby) and especially comics, so a guy interested in literature would be great. We could trade things in the same sort of circle of interests. A guy into, say, mainly high level mathematics and rigid logic would be very different and we wouldn't be able to share our hobbies.

Woo. Fukken saved.

No. 98855

Oh my god he is so cute, I'm in love. Sucks that he's dead now.

>tfw no b&w silent film bf

No. 98858

I always had an unlucky habit of ending up with sub guys and being physically repulsed by submissive guys myself. Amazes me when I see women actively looking for them and struggling, just look for men who like anime and they probably have some weird crossdressing/sub kink. Speaking from experience a lot of guys are like this on the anime scene, negative side is that they are probably a manchild who wants a mommy they can have sex with but submissive men usually are.

No. 98860

When you read some of the replies here you'll see how a lot dislike that type because they are demanding, the femdom doujinshi that get scanned and the femdom threads on 4chan are trash.

No. 98861

I think its going to be hard to find a submissive man if you won't settle for that type or the really freaky types on fetlife but good luck

No. 98863

File: 1540070293687.jpg (990.03 KB, 700x796, 1520293530087.jpg)

god i love kaneoya's art. her character she draws is really ideal.

my dream sub is very specific, but basically a manwhore who i can overpower lmao
>dark hair
>between 5'8 and 5'11
>pref green eyed
>built fat
>dresses in sleazecore
>smug, extroverted
>constantly sexualizes himself, calls me mommy
>basically powerbottom, bi but female preference
>bratty trophy husband

No. 98865

File: 1540070676055.gif (Spoiler Image,3.8 MB, 360x202, cutesubbf.gif)

posted this gif in the kink thread, but its so damn hard to find femdom porn with cute subs. I'm so repulsed by old men and its so common to find them in femdom vids. old men ruin everyting lol.

No. 98866

I'm in a relationship, but I got lucky because other guys I knew before turned out to be unpleasant to say the least. I can't think of much advice aside watching how agreeable he is and how he treats other people being a good hint usually. My type is usually guys who are into reading so that helps too- what kind of works does he enjoy? Is he more on the open minded side and willing to experiment?

Then again, I have to admit the things I'm into aren't hardcore so it was easier. I enjoy the mental aspect of control and defined roles more and don't like inflicting physical pain, also some bondage is nice.

No. 98868

posted in the kink thread but just to clarify, if there's anybody from that thread whos interested in me whoring out my bf etc it's still fine to email.

and if the anon who thought they got beat to the punch is still here, you didn't. i was just busy last night.

No. 98871

File: 1540073274339.gif (99.33 KB, 500x530, l-11502.gif)

Have you looked into Japanese femdom porn? The guys tend to be a lot cuter. Not femdom only, but I like https://girls-dougaabc.com/ and the sites they link to because almost all of the men are ikemen types.

The downside to Japanese porn is the god awful sounds some of the women make. Like a seal riding a rollercoaster while being beaten with a dog's squeaky toy.

No. 98875

Can't read that, what tags would one click on to find the good stuff?

No. 98876

I need to find this damn video. He's so fucking cute good Lord.I really love the videos from femaleworship.com. I mean they're just pussy eating videos. You know like…basic but good. Some guys in them are good enough but some…are you kidding me? No thanks, I don't need to see this ugly balding idiot between her legs. Ugly old men really do ruin everything.

No. 98879

No. 98881

Nothing makes my pussy drier than this gif, theres not a single drop of masculinity in this man, I guess theres a market for every type of man.

No. 98882

Then why are you in a femdom thread? Unless you don't explicitly want 100% aggressive masculine guys and are fine with buff/masculine guys in femdom situations.

No. 98886

File: 1540076932748.jpg (186.08 KB, 771x1080, Hercule_et_Omphale_by_J.M.Seve…)

Post a hotter guy being dommed then instead of whining.

No. 98891

>What experiences have you had?
My current boyfriend (been together for over a year) is my sub. We started dating normally at a time when I thought I was more submissive. One time while having sex I started teasing his nipples and he loved it, and from then I started thinking about domming him more and more, following gfd tumblrs, making one…
I still remember the first time I told him I'd like to peg him, we were both super flustered and it was super cute. We were long distance at that time so he started practicing with fingers on his own and reporting back to me, he liked it a lot from the start. Then we also did a few things on skype, like him fingering himself or teasing his nipples as I ordered.
We've been experimenting and talking about more stuff as time goes, he likes when I lock him in a chastity cage so he can't cum, when I slap his face or ass, when I call him degrading names (his favourite is "fuckhole")… I love how whiny he gets when I deny him, sometimes it makes him cry and it's super cute. We'd like to roleplay non-consent too but we'll probably be super awkward because I'm bad at roleplay sex lol.

We've been living together for a little while now and I'm a bit disappointed that I often feel too lazy to fuck him or he feels too lazy to clean himself out so I don't fuck him that much. Real life gets in the way a lot. Outside of bed we have a pretty normal dynamic too, equal share of chores etc.
In any case I love him and I'm glad our relationship feels a bit special in that way.

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

I'd just say to be open, find someone you like and talk to them about your preferences when it feels right.
I know a guy who's a sub and finding someone who'll dom him is his only obsession, it's ridiculous. Avoid these, they're gross.

No. 98900

He looks like a lesbian woman.

No. 98903

File: 1540092533804.gif (Spoiler Image,3.71 MB, 360x202, cutesubbf2.gif)

Have another gif of him anon! I have the link to the vid, if you want I'll post it. He also looks quite tall, reminds me of my bf. He's my sub and we just started talking about doing some harder stuff, pegging him is my dream. What would you guys suggest to get him started? Some toy recommendations?

No. 98911

Oh boy. Admittedly, I find all BDSM to be cringy as fuck but these are some quality gifs.

No. 98917

>Admittedly, I find all BDSM to be cringy as fuck

No. 98919

Since when is eating pussy BDSM?

No. 98920

Can any anons tell me has there ever been a thread like this for submissives ?

No. 98923

Why would there be? You can find that literally anywhere, and it'd be depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.

No. 98924

Why would there be? You can find that literally anywhere, and it'd be depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.

No. 98925

do you mean for submissive women? no i dont think so, you ladies are in the majority anyway i dont see why you need your own thread, literally any female majority site you can talk how you love bring fucked and spanked and 99% will agree with you

No. 98927

>depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.
What? why would that be depressing?

No. 98931

Any switches here with switch bfs? Our dynamic is pretty vanilla right now because we're LDR but he's shown a lot of interest in the more sub side, I can't wait to be able to try it out in real life. Only problem is I'm not sure how to initiate it. Any suggestions? In the past I've had an easy time with sub or switch boys because I just fall into the dominant role naturally, but with this man it's a little different because he's physically much bigger and acts like it. How do you get things started with a powerbottom?

No. 98932

Anyone who doesn't think like them is automatically insert negative adjective here

No. 98937

File: 1540126980163.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.71 KB, 734x817, tumblr_owye43ncvC1wbhlkqo1_128…)

Anyone know which manga this is from? It looked so nice and "normal" for being hentai.

No. 98940

This pic is so hot Anon

>New fetish unlocked

No. 98943

File: 1540131176814.jpg (381.84 KB, 1250x1250, da2201.jpg)

Living the dream anon, how lucky.
Good taste, have some more Hercules and Omphale. He had to be her slave for a year and then they got married.

No. 98946

thats definitely dibi's art, looking at thumbnails i think its called 'the day it began' im not into his work really but his style is so easy to recognize

No. 98947

Hmm I read it and it was disappointing that the girlfriend never got to come herself.

No. 98969

lmao the cherub face made me laugh too much

No. 98992

File: 1540158135863.gif (Spoiler Image,3.22 MB, 360x202, 2km3vc.gif)

What a fucking gem. I saw the video of him getting fucked with a strap on and he looked so in pain, it was so good.

No. 99007

File: 1540166237412.jpg (69.6 KB, 640x481, kjoSJWCl.jpg)

>tfw no sub with plump soft lips to eat me out while looking up with his pretty eyes

why live

No. 99008

Sub guys are pretty rare but I think I got lucky a few years ago and found a switch/sub army dude. It was actually really sexy to dominate a buff guy in bed when he could easily pick me up and act like "THE MAN" outside of it.

I'd choke him, tease him, gently slap him and made him cum at work. He was a total nutcase but I kind of miss that sexual relationship.

No. 99017

Do you all ever feel like it would be easier if you were submissive? I'm a femdom with a little bit of switch in me. I am new to all this and have no good resources that are not online as of right now. Because the vast majority of doms are men and the overwhelming majority of submissives are women, I feel lost. I like dominating, I call myself the affectionate degrader. It's just that, whenever I enter a dominate space it always feel like the male doms are silently telling me to get with the program. Getting told I'm such a cute little sub only for him to get a look like I've smacked him when I tell him I prefer to dom doesn't help. Is this a newbie thing? It really pushes me away from BDSM and honestly engaging with the 'community' feels like a waste of my time for the most part. Though I have to be honest, vanilla sex never again after my experiences.

No. 99051

Western socities used to be super patriarchal and women couldn't even vote only about 100+ years ago, and the average man was fine with that. Shitmen are gonna flock to BDSM now that women are all free and uppity, those men want their own community away from relative equality.

>only for him to get a look like I've smacked him


Men being assholes is the reasons I think femdom can be a fun fetish, if such a man is the victim, get that revenge ladies.

No. 99062

I really like gentle femdom but sort of in a way that mostly fits into gender roles? I like being feminine and him being masculine but in a sort of way that I have power over him because of his sexual desire. It's hard to explain. One of my fantasies is being a queen secretly having sex with my most loyal and brave knight.

No. 99064


No. 99067

>Because the vast majority of doms are men and the overwhelming majority of submissives are women
Honestly you're being over-dramatic,there's a big difference in the amount but not a big enough difference where you won't see a lot of malesubs/femdoms,they aren't that rare even with the numbers difference

No. 99068

What was "yikes" about that?

No. 99073

I feel really happy with my fiancée, he has basically my ideal looks with big dark fawn eyes, black curly hair, not that much taller than I am and a slim body. He's a switch as I am, on dom side he goes from "dad" type to aggressive. He's usually very prideful, which makes it even hotter when I am the dominant one, his squeaks are so cute and he absolutely loves when I spoil him and tease him. He discovered his submissive side while experimenting with me and found himself more and more into mommy stuff. At first I was a bit frightened but as I went throught with what he liked, I enjoyed it more and more, I would like one day to make enought from my job to support him financially or, at least, spoil him a lot (as he does with me now that I am a student and he used to work before applaying to university).

>What experiences have you had?

Aside from him,I tried some stuff with my ex but I didn't loved him anymore by that time and it disgusted me.
>What are your main kinks?
I love degrading, bondage, roleplay, whatever seems like fun, I'm up for it.
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
Always respect your sub needs and yours too, don't manipulate and don't allow others to manipulate. Might seem weird, but guilt tripping can happen to anyone.
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Just don't fixate yourself into finding a "sub", just go for whatever guy you like. Bad experiences are easier if you go looking for explicit subs. An open minded guy is easier and safer to find.

No. 99075

>Just don't fixate yourself into finding a "sub", just go for whatever guy you like
I mean that's good advice if you're fine with a switch but the chances of finding a random guy who happens to be a hard sub without looking for sub is low

No. 99076

Chill out, girl. You're not one in a billion.

No. 99102

I'm currently fwb with someone exactly like this (except he's fit/skinny) and he's killing me.
He's a bit too unstable for me to actually date but god damn it he's my sexual kryptonite.
You wouldn't expect him to be such a sub unless you have an eye for it but I could spot him from 5 miles away. He's such a smug, bratty, degenerate, over the top slut, and I love how he'd get flustered around me in the beginning. I was a bit too mean to him at the very start and after the first time I fucked him he started crying because he thought I hated him. He's super mushy under the tough appearance and will cuddle me for hours while I stroke his hair and tell him he's a good boy (although he's really not, he's absolutely terrible and I love it).

As to how I spot the bratty subs out:
- they tend to be really sassy / playful. Actual male doms tend to take themselves more seriously I find.
- glimpses of insecurity. If they act really cocky but then they get nervous when you tease them a bit. They get very defensive and try to overcompensate when you hit a weak spot.
- how they act around animals. Your mileage may vary but both of mine that I spotted in the wild would get overly mushy around small animals and vulnerable creatures.

No. 99105

Spoiler pls.
But damn he has a testicle bra, LOL

No. 99107

File: 1540226728544.jpg (Spoiler Image,252.24 KB, 850x1176, 92341241.jpg)

a pretty/attractive somewhat bratty (but also good at being a 100% obedient sub) man
I would love if he was into being being treated rough/degraded (Too many male subs who seem to only be into gfd)

No. 99108

File: 1540228331729.jpg (119.07 KB, 744x1200, DUN5FmXVMAAlGmd.jpg)

>he thought I hated him
Damn anon what did you do?
>will cuddle me for hours while I stroke his hair and tell him he's a good boy
>how to spot 'em advice
Always welcome. Thumbs up

No. 99142

File: 1540250286302.gif (794.15 KB, 500x233, 871C992B-6A24-40F5-BECB-4E9F41…)

god, that sounds great. it seems in femdom communities there’s a lack of variety in submissive men, they all seem to be either:
1. buff masculine guy who acts like he doesn’t want it, and basically is a dead fish in bed
2. meek feminine guy who bends over to every will, and is also a dead fish in bed

it seems pretty fucked up that a fetish that surrounds women being dominant still makes them the object of desire, rather then sexualizing men……. i’m pretty sick and tired of it, they need to reciprocate more.

on a side note, another ideal sub man i would like is an energetic and playful perpetual childish man. not in the “i want a mommy gf” way, but in the carefree male equivalent of manic pixie dream girl. i kind of imagine a drop dead fred/beetlejuice situation where i’m a depressed or introverted woman that constantly deals with a insane lunatic of a man, but instead in this situation he freely lets me peg him.

No. 99149

>What experiences have you had?

A few casual FWB in the past that would occasionally let me tie them up/ etc. Currently been pursuing a D/s-based relationship with someone for about 6 months now where we've delved into a lot heavier things like breathplay, chastity, sounding, etc. Its intense and emotional and incredibly satisfying.

>What are your main kinks?

Breathplay, pegging/ass play, petplay, domestic service, chastity

>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?

COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE. Be aware of body language. If meeting a potential play partner, don't go right into playing. Meet them outside the dynamic to get a feel for them, and if possible play for the first time at an event for safety's sake.

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

Mine and I were friends for a super long time before getting freaky. But I would advise NOT trying to find a partner on fetlife, most of the guys on there are creeps looking for an easy fuck.

No. 99150

I think you need to get into Fetlife, anon. It's definitely going to be considered a fetish and most Tinder guys aren't looking for that.

No. 99152

I think I may have met an potential submissive. He called me 'mommy'(he only stopped because his friend told him to) and doesn't stop me from degrading him. He told me he doesn't enjoy when women want him to be in control and jokes about being a 'manlet'. But he doesn't know anything about BDSM and seems nervous around me. I told him I was a dominate leaning switch and he asked me how that works. Am I reading everything wrong? Or am I just so desperate that I am seeing shit that ain't there?

No. 99168

sorry to say but it really could go either way anon. you could have just noticed a few jokes and statements out of many and put them into a pattern when they're not really a pattern, or he could be giving hints about what he really is into.

is this someone you're actually seeing or flirting with or are you just friends for now?

No. 99217

File: 1540312038850.jpg (66.05 KB, 610x407, ass.jpg)

I didn't do anything particularly bad, I just jokingly teased him a bit and rightfully got mad at him for doing stupid shit on occasion. Apparently I come off as somewhat cold / mean sometimes and he's silly (and more insecure than I thought, it breaks my heart, I'm working on his self esteem. Bless his praise kink).

I know, I dislike those tropes as well. First one's completely unappealing to me, second one's just boring as shit. I want someone to challenge me and give something back, not a wet doormat.
This is why I hate femdom porn, it's super male geared. I just want to see and hear hot sub men being objectified and enjoying it.

And that situation also sounds ideal. My heart. That's kind of what I have on my hands rn but mine's too bloody insane and keeps getting into trouble and draining my money. I wouldn't mind sugarbabying him if I had the resources but I really don't at the moment /blogpost

on a side note yesterday I found out that he perfectly fits into my sparkly booty shorts and this is now all that he's allowed to wear when he's with me.

No. 99218

I don't think there's anything wrong with the second 'trope' I like full submissive 'feminine' boys (Dead fishes are bad but not all full submissive are dead fishes) and it's possible for that type to be objectified and enjoying it,although I agree I hate the first 'trope',the only problem I have is that it's rarer and a shit ton men into femdom are ugly fat dudes and thirstlords

No. 99219

File: 1540313564824.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.21 KB, 900x599, muffled_screams_by_contorted4l…)

That's fair enough, I used to fantasize about nice sweet obedient subs when I was a teen, my type just shifted a bit as I grew older.

Anyhow, here's my favourite sub pic.

No. 99220

Honestly i'm kind of the opposite,started liking a challenge but now like obedience (not opposed to all challenge but still)

No. 99227

My dream guy would be an ordinary nice normie who gets a raging boner when kneeling in front of your feet in the bedroom.

>I just want to see and hear hot sub men being objectified and enjoying it.

Yeees. Anyone got any material to share that is actually for women?

No. 99228

>Look at femdom porn videos
>The majority have either ugly guys or focus purely on the domme
What's even the point of getting a fat guy who looks like a sex offender,do they purposely choose ugly fucks

No. 99250

Would you happen to have any doujin recommendations?

No. 99328

File: 1540422083698.gif (Spoiler Image,3.79 MB, 360x202, 2kvzfk.gif)


Y'all…I need a name. All I've found out is that he's Russian and all I've seen are shitty short videos. Farmers…help ;_;

No. 99344

I've been watching his vids for weeks now but not a name ANYWHERE. I need to know who this cute boy is, I'll let you know if I find something!

No. 99345

File: 1540441442431.jpg (90.77 KB, 599x900, 71234123412.jpg)

It's a shame cute ones like the guy you posted are so rare in videos,it's like they go out of their way to get creepy fat ugly guys

No. 99346

Holy shit anon, I just saw this in recent images, what a snacc.

The world needs more adorable femme-y boys like this.

No. 99349

File: 1540442511533.gif (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 290x308, 712312321.gif)

>Tfw most Adorable femme-y boys are gay
It sucks

No. 99350

He is a sub but he insulted me pretty bad (some drama he made up for attention) which showed me how immature he is. It was just wishful thinking, really. Hard pass.

No. 99352

This is waking up something in me I didnt know I had.

Oh no.

No. 99357

Remember, dick out = spoiler


No. 99376

hhhhnng the high heels. I think I just fell in love.

No. 99420

Anon who is this beautiful person. I need more of him.

No. 99449

Am I the only one who wants a porn board for only female posters?

No. 99454

File: 1540604134262.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.81 KB, 500x667, 0089.jpg)

I need me a beefy sub with sensitive nipples that I can tease. Fuck.

No. 99455


No. 99460

File: 1540610769218.jpg (319.3 KB, 1019x1081, tumblr_ocbrura8ew1qa8hrgo2_128…)

HHNNNGGG, I love slightly beefy guys, he got the perfect bod.

What femdom-y mangas do you guys like? Everything I find is so male geared. I loved Sadistic Beauty and was so sad to see it discontinued

No. 99461

yes. go to crystal.cafe if you want that trash, we don't need it here.

No. 99462

File: 1540613914103.gif (893.28 KB, 400x225, 7123123413.gif)

No. 99470

can you guys spoil the obviously more porny pics? thank you

No. 99478

Where's this from?

No. 99479

Yeah and ITT people have already told posters to remember spoilering before.

No. 99522

I hate how it ended just as she rescued the hottest guy, Minho. The scenes with him were the best.

No. 99532

File: 1540681274284.jpg (Spoiler Image,770.95 KB, 900x809, 1509573192138.jpg)

I KNOW. I was pissed, it looked like a really good scene was about to start :(

No. 99534

Fuck, I know the feel. The hottest kind of sub is the ones who are angry assholes, in denial, and need to be tamed. And that bod too…he was perfect.

No. 99541

File: 1540697615184.jpg (Spoiler Image,185.38 KB, 1028x605, inbedwithmec2__072941500_2212_…)

No. 99542

File: 1540697635236.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.58 KB, 1028x605, inbedwithmec3__017087500_2212_…)

No. 99567

The pics in the CC thread are so disappointing. I want more like the style of OP's pic (perhaps a little less bloody.)

No. 99588

File: 1540752334504.jpg (52.88 KB, 463x700, tumblr_n43h5wQtkY1qkej80o1_500…)

"1932 still of Katharine Hepburn on stage as Antiope, grabbing Colin Keith-Johnston’s Theseus by the hair.”

No. 99589

File: 1540752689150.jpg (184.9 KB, 1037x1042, 612412412.jpg)

>Tfw no submissive house husband

No. 99590

Now that's a hunky man.

No. 99732

File: 1540889469874.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.38 KB, 1080x720, 1537050885042.jpg)

>What experiences have you had?
A few online flings and then one 2 year current relationship with an adorably bratty sub (not him pictured, but he actually looks exactly the same. Petite yet fit from sports and running)
>What are your main kinks?
Cum control, Bondage, pegging, spanking since he loves it. He's also heavily into pet play so I guess that too although I'm pretty indifferent to it.
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
Weed out the lazies fast. If he says he wants a "mommy", he probably means he wants to lay there like a dead fish while you both pleasure him and then take care of him financially for nothing. Make sure you're getting with someone who has a plan in life, not just a plan for what he wants you to do to him in bed.
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
I met mine through a hobby board on 4chan. I got very very lucky. I would say if you go the 4chan route-because 4chan is swimming in sub boys. If you go the 4chan route, avoid the ones from /soc/(will be a major slut), /r9k/(will be emotionally irreparable and probably threaten to kill himself all the time), /lgbt/ and /h/.
The ones on /d/ seemed alright. /trash/ has a huge stash of fembois but most are gay.

I used to, yes.
Tried to conform and be sub because that's what I thought I was supposed to be and anytime I even looked at ex's asses they would flip out and tell me it's weird and a huge turn off.
Obviously, those relationships didnt work and I spent a lot of time wondering what was "wrong" with me and why I couldnt just be normal. I would very much later come to realize that I was just naturally very dominant and that submissive men were a thing and an option. A much better and even ideal option.
I no longer feel any type of guilt or wish I was submissive anymore. There is no greater pleasure than being a domme.

No. 99754

File: 1540925827962.gif (1.8 MB, 500x229, B837376F-1FB6-4DD8-BB36-9AB24E…)

I’m so happy for this thread to exist!

Being domme is big part of how I see myself. There are times when I don’t actively practice my dominant side in bed. At the moment I’m in long-term relationship where my partner and I are equals. We have good sex but sometimes I find myself fantasizing about full BDSM dynamic relationship.

I have had relationship with strong D/S dynamic but it was messy. We both were young and seeking ourselves. It didn’t work out as a relationship but there’s that weird tension between us. She has a sugarmama/domme at the time and I’m genuinely happy for her.

It was been easier to swept my inner domme under the rug when she’s not around but well, there’s another gal to mess my mind.

She’s a sort of collague of mine. We have projects together and we are great team. In personal life we are friends but there is definetly potential for more. At the parties we have made out because ”it would totally be lulz if we kiss teehee xD”.
Last time I spanked her and she gave her ass very nicely but I had to stop because our third friend felt uncomfortable. All gal pals spank each other, right?
She’s technically switch but she could make a great sub. She got that amazing immersion where she enters the sub space.

I havu been holding back because my SO but now he is flashing green light. He said that he don’t mind if I have sex with her. We have very trustful relationship with open communication and he is not jealous type.

I’m going to a club with this new girl this weekend and situations like that have lead to things before… we’ll see.

Sorry for spelling errors. Not a native speaker.

No. 99794

>would totally be lulz if we kiss teehee xD”.
Last time I spanked her and she gave her ass very nicely but I had to stop because our third friend felt uncomfortable. All gal pals spank each other, right?

Wtf am I reading…

No. 99907

I think I'm one of the lazies and emotionally irreparable ones, do you think it's possible to change

No. 99919

File: 1541107275141.jpg (171.15 KB, 850x552, 1536090723346.jpg)

Male or Female?
Either way I'll keep it honest with you. It's extremely annoying and a huge time waste. If you stay like that, it doesn't matter who you get. Eventually they'll get tired of that and leave.

Is it possible to change?
Yes, absolutely. If you're lazy then stop being lazy. Go to school, go to work, have a job, have a career. Have somewhere you're going in life. A lot of subs think it's ok and even cute if they're a NEET. It's not. Not if you actually want a future with them. A quick fuck sure, be whatever you want. But a serious relationship has no room for a deadweight. Make sure to exercise and eat right too.

Emotionally irreparable I don't know how you fix that other than stop fucking whining. A lot of subs also have a "everything is about me" problem, where they cry about little things and never once ask if their dom is ok. Not everything is about you, brat. Don't dwell in stupid shit. If you're clinically depressed or whatever, see a therapist. A relationship won't change or save you, so don't put all that weight on your dom either. They'll crack under the pressure and run.
I don't really know what else to say. If you know you have problems, get help, THEN enter a relationship. Otherwise you'll just lose what you got to your poor habits. That's just my personal experience with subs anyway.

No. 99943

what does it mean when a sub is a "dead fish"?

No. 99945

They will just lay there under you like a dead fish, passive. They expect you to do all the work and all the pleasing during sex while they just lay there and receive.

No. 99946

Isn't that the whole point of tying someone up though?
The term is a bit vague because it's not always a bad thing

No. 99947


The point of tying someone up is being able to use them for your own enjoyment. Be it sexual or mental. I might do things to my sub when he's restrained where he's the only one being stimulated, but I get a power high/ the mental satisfaction of pushing his boundaries.

No. 100022

A sub isn't tied up every single night and Submissive doesn't mean "just lay there and do nothing like a pillow princess". It means you submit to whoever your partner is.
So for example, my boyfriend submits to me by letting me do whatever I want. and however I take him, he reciprocates back. If I have him on his back, he'll kiss at my shoulders and neck. If he's turned around, he'll push himself against me. If I do oral, so does he. If I even stick my foot out, he'll crawl over to kiss my toes. If I uncross my legs-so on and so forth. In the case of being tied up, a submissive cant do much no. That's why it usually isnt an every night thing. No one likes a selfish partner. Pleasure should always be mutual.

No. 100039

I follow this pixiv artist that draws super hardcore femdom and I love it but it's all shota and kind of gross from most people's viewpoint so I never get the chance to share it… I assume most people itt won't like it either.
I really love the pics and the stories as well (they can be read easily with a japanese dictionary add-on)


No. 100041

Shota, also known as pedophilia…fuck off with that.

No. 100252

Regardless of sexual dynamic, this is solid relationship advice. Nobody wants to be with someone like this.

No. 100344

Here's Hugh Dancy getting mildly bullied on stage in Venus in Fur.

No. 100567

A comedy huh? Nice ending scene though.

No. 100611

File: 1542027494227.jpg (73.88 KB, 450x606, eeee.jpg)

>you'll never live in the world Kaneoya Sachiko portrays

No. 101993

File: 1543773387722.jpg (88.82 KB, 600x922, tumblr_p2fjociMSS1x1dw8po1_640…)

No. 101994

File: 1543773434413.jpg (87.18 KB, 600x953, tumblr_p2fjociMSS1x1dw8po2_r1_…)

No. 102005

careful. a lot of male subs are subby because they're emotionally wounded. get to know them emotionally before proceeding, maybe even take note of how they respond to an emotional crisis. but don't cause one yourself. an emotionally wounded guy projects his need to be attended to on to a domme. that CAN be a safe way to express himself.

usually the bad ones are thirsty as fuck, so they're easy to spot. guys aren't known for being subtle after all.

No. 102012

File: 1543784563952.jpg (162.98 KB, 600x848, 8642ed47644403961441f09c2427a7…)

I'm a loser virgin so I've had no femdom experience at all obviously. I like it in porn/in theory however, and dominating a guy appeals to me way more than being submissive myself.

Right? It's sad.


No. 102022

>you'll never take home a cute 2D boy and keep him tied up and locked in your closet forever, being able to do whatever you want with him

No. 102034

On the topic of anime glasses guys getting dommed, I have been trying to find the drama cd Namidame 6 online. Anyone know if it's uploaded somewhere? Or I'll just buy and hide thist too I guess. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07G6P7PHB/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdo_c_x_E9gbCbQQYPN96

No. 102039

File: 1543796112168.gif (575.34 KB, 500x286, 5FBFEA18-FA50-425F-917F-80BA1F…)

Damn never knew this thread would actually turn me on. I guess I always hated on the BDSM scene, because of how misogynistic and racist the men dommes can be.

No. 102044

good doms are good people.

No. 102066

File: 1543818172615.jpg (70.01 KB, 722x277, dom.JPG)

This hentai manga always sticks with me for some reason, maybe cause maybe I'm too nervous to talk to cute boys


No. 102078

It's like the ultimate farmer Mary Sue manga except it's drawn by a virgin guy who think you give oral by licking the inside of the vagina.

No. 102089

I wonder if there are cute sub guys that like introverted sadistic girls. It seems like most of them, even the introverted ones, want a career-oriented super extroverted aggressive type of person and I'm just not that. I don't like parties, clubs, drinking, drugs, or casual sex.

No. 102091

This one's actually really gross. I wish there were more femdom manga like that korean one that anon posted in the other femdom thread in ot.

>the ultimate farmer Mary Sue manga
Not really. Most of us aren't fujoshits.

No. 102095

Most here are nerds who would love to have a cute popular guy suddenly offering to be their sub though.

And yes Sadistic beauty is great. I hope it gets revived and continues.

No. 102098

Meh, I didn't like that he was an asshole in the beginning (telling her shes disgusting and has no friends), making fun of her in harsh ways reminded me of a sadistic dom but it wasn't even sexual in context, just making him mean and repulsive. If anyone said those things to me, I'd walk out, not give him what he wants. Like another anon said, it's made by some virgin guy, but it's a really shitty excuse for the main characters to have sex even for a one-shot. The art is also off putting.

No. 102118

I don't mind tumblr changing their rules to ban pornographic content, as the site was run over by porn bots. But I will miss the gfd blogs. I hope those bloggers find other sites to be on.

No. 102132

Getting back into the Addams Family and I can definitely see Gomez being into femmedom.

No. 102134

Tumblr's banning porn? That goes the rest of its fanbase, though.

No. 102141

i guarantee you there is someone for everyone. i don't know if i'd call myself a degenerate yet, but i'm convinced everyone is someone's ideal partner.

No. 102143

lol freudian slip

that should read: i don't know if i'd call myself a degenerate yet, but i've been around, and i'm convinced everyone is someone's ideal partner.

No. 102189

They have such a sweet relationship too, I hope to be in a relationship where we are even half as enamored with each other.

No. 102224

Thanks anon! My post came off as kind of negative (just got out of a breakup a week ago with my ex not liking the fact I was dominant), but I know it's definitely possible even if the chances seem slim. I'm going to keep working on myself. I'm going to make it and find the cute sub bf I've been dreaming about!

No. 102236

I can just imagine a scenerio he comes out to greet the scared postman, he sees him bleeding from his neck and asked if he had an accident with a shaver. He nods, but then the camera pans to Morticia wiping a blood spot from the corner of mouth with her pinky.

Love them. <<<3333


No. 102237

File: 1543945166880.jpg (51.36 KB, 781x960, 14720450_1263877380342155_3498…)


>What experiences have you had?

My boyfriend and I are currently long distance due to work so we've had fun over cam/phone when it came to me being the dominant one. I never dommed IRL due to being pretty shy and so used to being the sub in past relationships. We ended up sitting down together and discussed what we liked, eventually finding out we're both switches! But overall, I've only experienced being a dom through voice/cam and he's done the same, but playing the role as a sub.

>What are your main kinks?

I love buff/stocky/ bearded men. I'm only 5'3" and don't really having the intimidating/powerful(?) dom look at all. Which turns my boyfriend on since he has a pretty manly or intimidating presence in general. He was also in the army for a few years and was a cop, so he had some sort of authority - which turns me on even more. The thought of a manly/strong/serious/etc man getting dommed by a small girl is def the #1 reason why I love domming him.

List of things I enjoy doing to him: choking, slapping, degrading, ropeplay, anal play, pegging, collars, spanking, face sitting, and edging him.

Hearing a grown man whimper and beg is also a big plus.

But after sex, we always make sure to baby eachother and keep most of that dom/sub thing in the bedroom. Though, there's a bit of role reverse when we're together. (ex: I'll be the big spoon, I'll let him lay his head in my lap while I pet his head, I baby/spoil him most of the time, etc.)

(sorry if any of my grammar or English is wrong, it's not my native language)

No. 102247

Oh my god that image is great, does anyone know where to find more stuff like this?

>I love buff/stocky/ bearded men.

Bara men are my favorite

No. 102284

>manly/strong/serious/etc man getting dommed by a small girl

a+ taste anon. From lurking r/gentlefemdom etc. it seems like a lot of guys want to feel physically smaller but I LOVE the thought of controlling a larger, authoritative man and watching him crumble.

No. 102299

I find a very large percentage of anime style artwork to make bland, sticker-faced unattractive men and this is a definite exception. The artist is very talented and her work very evocative.

In another thread someone posted a pic of a bodypillow with her character on it and NGL I kind of wanted one.

No. 102300

Yes. Gimme someone sturdy who can take a kicking.

No. 102322

Ah yes the merch thread. Too bad you can only get them at exhibitions in japan. Kaneoya Sachikos men are very sexy

No. 102334

>Kaneoya Sachikos men are very sexy
they look like neet hobos but whatever floats your boat, I guess

No. 102337

File: 1544039590791.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.1 KB, 768x1024, C-QmtElUAAAFrlV.jpg)

Just found her twitter, and an artbook with her work will be released soon - in english!
But it seems her main interest is in furry femdom - kek

No. 102338

>waah stop liking what I don't like!
Nta but they're cute as fuck, neet or not. Looks more realistic too instead of the clean shaven bishounen 12 year old boy look.

I don't even know how much of a thing furries are in Japan and her art's a little weird to begin with so I can't tell if she's legit one or if it's just her being quirky. I always wondered wtf was up with that.

No. 102344

I kind of get it like a stand-in for a carnivorous, animalistic woman…but she's also drawn stuff where a undead skeleton dog wants to bone a scientist man so I guess she is also just being weird.

No. 102350

The book is already out, or at least the digital copy is because someone leaked it.

No. 102351

Got a link?

No. 102366

I like the tired hobo look NGL

still hot

No. 102369

You've never seen a hobo in your life. Go outside and stop fapping to shotas.

No. 102435

Maybe she does it because it’s shocking? Or maybe just for fun lmao, I think this makes sense too >>102344
kind of like some artists like to portray grown men as Pigs

No. 102451

File: 1544166328333.jpg (677.81 KB, 1537x797, bodypillow.jpg)

From her DA she has described the female characters as 'milf beasts' so they probably are meant to be representative of sexually aggressive women.

Oh and she is selling body pillows again, but you have to order them from Vanilla Gallery. I'm torn between A) when are these gonna be available again? and B) do I want to be a person that has a daki? I'm still wavering but since people here have expressed interest in purchasing one I thought I'd share that they're available again.

No. 102453

>not liking unkempt, creepy guys means you are a pedo

No. 102455

I get not liking the look but can they really qualify as creepy? Creepy implies some level of potential threat but she's always drawing men getting tied up or posed femininely or framed in a way that lends credence to the concept of 'female gaze'. Perhaps people might feel differently if the men were ever portrayed smiling, or without the tired eyes or faint mustache. If you say the concept is creepy or the situations displayed look creepy though than I would agree. Ignore the eroticism and a lot of her work looks like something out of a psychedelic horror film.

No. 102456

nta but creepy usually means unsettling not threatening. i don't associate creepy behavior with being threatening at all tbh.

No. 102457

alright fair enough

No. 102462

That's very expensive for such a small daki. Size really makes a gigantic difference in comfortability when you're holding it and yes, have fun trying to hide your daki when you have company over which is actually more of a pain in the ass than it sounds after you're forced to do it so often.

I mean you think boys faces with what…dark circles at most, peach fuzz and glasses in business attire look like "hobos" so you're definitely not sound. How do you react to people in real life I wonder.

No. 102469

>men are only unkempt creeps or children
you truly are a mongoloid. shouldnt you be in your containment thread

No. 102473

I love how jimmies are rustled ITT just cause someone dare not find animu slobs >>98863 sexually attractive.

No. 102476

I love how even more jimmies are rustled ITT just cause someone dare find animu slobs >>98863 sexually attractive.

No. 102481

File: 1544216345161.jpg (384.81 KB, 678x922, dante.jpg)

This recent whining is making my pussy dry up. Post some pics you like instead.

No. 102482

Bless you anon
I’m actually planning on getting her artbook, so excited for it to be released!

>Tied up Dante
I didn’t know I wanted this until now

No. 102483

File: 1544217691236.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1277, Bayonetta_-_SSB4.png)

Sachiko has drawn her character in jeans and tees, suits and military wear. Liking her work really comes down to finding the art style and more importantly, her face design, attractive. She really only has one subject so if you don't find him attractive you're not gonna enjoy her work no matter how slick or slobbish he is presented. There would be more to debate if she had a fuller roster of characters but she clearly has a personal idea.

OK not Devil May Cry exactly but anyone here a fan of Bayonetta? Total femdomme, had some fun scenes with Luka (who she bullied). Would LOVE to see her interact with Dante though it will never happen because of the rights holders.

No. 102485

> had some fun scenes with Luka (who she bullied)

I have never played this, what happens?

No. 102488

Bayonetta's a practically immortal, overpowered witch and Luka's a dumb normal human. You're not gonna see her tie him up or give him a paddling but all of their interactions have a clear hierarchy and Bayonetta's always the dominant person, she's got no bones about teasing him or being condescending. She has a great voice actress that really sells the character.

Its not a perfect game in how in represents the character. She's designed by a woman for a male director that has described her as a dream girl. I understand why people find the character and the game offensive but I still really like her.

No. 102500

>Looks more realistic too instead of the clean shaven bishounen 12 year old boy look.
Bishounens do not look like 12 year olds and there's nothing wrong with liking pretty boys

No. 102501

Literally no1curr. Stop sperging already

No. 102502

File: 1544270376303.jpg (250.88 KB, 1000x700, Bayonettacoop.jpg)


ngl, the whole character concept of Bayo was the reason why I got into this franchise and felt in love with. There are just way too many aspects about her that I enjoy as well like she does ugh

Can't wait for Bayo 3



No. 102544

Definitely excited for the third game, hope we see more of Jeanne than we got to see in the second too. Bayonetta's a rare enough character type in games, that she has friendships with other women who are also badass Dommes is another level of rare.

She's been as flirty with Luka as she has been bossy to him, would you like to see them paired up at the end?

No. 102556

File: 1544340145447.gif (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 500x190, tumblr_n9cfmp4ztP1rnk2ijo2_500…)

No. 102559

File: 1544340827137.jpg (43.46 KB, 800x450, Salome-Promo-2-800x450.jpg)

This is a shot from a dance production of Salome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtYFOylfZFY

No. 102564

Saged for ot: not into femdom, but this weirdly turns me on (if I imagine their roles to be reversed). It's such a pity that there isn't any porn there a guy is so "loving" towards his female partner. Just seeing the both of them smile, have fun and really enjoy it, is making it a 100 times hotter.

No. 102583

It's from a korean movie called Affair. I'm not into porn anymore, but the lack of affection and respect the performers seemed to have for each other is what started to put me off it.

No. 102588

I once saw a great gif set from a Korean movie which was black and white and the guy was about to give head to a lady who wore a skirt, ring any bells?

No. 102656

it's weird, but i like kaneoya's art so much because the male character has some actual edge to him (without being a disgusting slob like most male subs)/masculine to a degree. i'm sick of only seeing boys that look like shota twinks in femdom.

No. 102693

>i'm sick of only seeing boys that look like shota twinks in femdom.
I half agree,I wish there were more non-shota twinks

No. 102723

Bf always ask me if he can cum during PIV or when he's receiving Bj, I really enjoy it, it's super sexy, sometimes I deny him just to see his cute frustrated face. It makes me feel like he might be a bit of a sub but idk how to go deeper into the subject, the relationship is brand new and I don't want to scare him off.

No. 102726

The book is available for preorder on bookdepository with free worldwide shipping

No. 102729

BRB preordering this for some february furry femdom fap time.

No. 102747

he could be anon, the best choice of action is to ask him straight up if he is a sub or likes to take orders. at least that's the way i approached it with my bf since he would always let me take charge in the bedroom and i just have terrible social skills. or he could just be a gentleman either way KEEP HIM, there's not a lot around.

No. 102842

I'm gonna try that mojoupgrade quiz to see if the guy I'm currently seeing and I share some interests we're too shy to talk about. I think he might have some subbish tendencies but we're both too awkward to have productive discussions about sex.

No. 103078

File: 1544722922998.gif (2 MB, 540x250, E9A0ED11-F31A-4D36-A947-2270BD…)

No. 103104

>hobo lover
I'm fucking dead, anon.

No. 103757

File: 1545409787717.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.51 KB, 1080x844, tumblr_p8a81awubb1rjjd2jo1_128…)

Where do you all hang out/get your femdom picture content now that the tumblr purge happened?

No. 103921

I always thought I was more subby but in retrospect I think it was because I wasn't confident in myself enough.
I'm discovering a more femdom side in me each day but I'm really scared on acting on it because I'm already the cliché of the aggro girl IRL. I'm chubby (though still healthy BMI), I don't wax my bikini zone, I'm a loud feminist, I love arguing and made several people cry in class. So if I were an actual domme in bed, I feel like it would be too much ?

How to overcome this, because femdom is so hot.

No. 103926

Why do you care about being cliche?
Cliche does not mean bad

No. 103927

eh idk…
I guess it really just comes down to a lack of self confidence.
Like, I guess if you're an elegant qt3.14, it doesnt make sense to make fun of you being a domme but it's so easy to say "look at her, she's the embodiement of the hairy feminist dyke to the point that even the men she fucks, she humiliates them".

No. 103934

>I love arguing and made several people cry in class
OT but can you share more? I'd love to hear a story-time about this.

No. 103960

I don't think there's a particular storytime about this, it happenned several times. I'm in art college and one time my whole class was having a discussion about this group project we had to do, just talking and this girl I dislike was offering dumb ideas so I just looked her in the eyes while I detailed why her ideas were shit and her cheeks got all red and eyes watery.
Or two weeks ago in philosophy class, I was challenging the prof who's such a sucker for Hannah Arendt and I gave her sources on why Hannah Arendt sucked politically and we argued and the prof got quite heated. So after that, I was just whispering with a friend about the situation and the prof yelled at me "You're distracting me again! But of course, you're doing that on purpose, you enjoy distrupting my course" and I told her something along the lines of "If whispering deconcentrates you to that point, you shouldnt be a philosophy teacher in the first place" and she threw me out of class screaming and almost crying. It was kinda surreal because I was being a bitch but not like an über bitch and I actually had sources and good arguments to back up my claims.

No. 103968

Wow youre not femdom at all. Just an obnoxious bitch.

No. 103969

never claimed i was femdom though

No. 103980

Christ on a bike, anon. Seek help and gtfo the femdom thread, you sound like a nightmare.

No. 103990

Honestly wish I had your confidence to hurt people's feelings anon. Although I can be blunt and to the point when it comes to getting certain things that I want, I don't have the drive to argue with people and especially not in a group setting.
How did you reach this point? How do you articulate your ideas without accidentally sounding nervous (in front of a group)? How do you avoid coming across as autistic? Any times that I've actually snapped at people I just come off as unhinged rather than superior, advice on how to avoid that would be appreciated.

No. 104021

hm i don't know. I can deffenitely be destabilized. If someone hits the right "button", I can also crumble but it doesn't happen /that/ often. I'm also rather weak and actually really nice to my friends but other people find me mean/intimidating.
You should really know your subject, though. That's the bottom line. Subject both as in "who you're talking to" and "what you're talking about". I wont seek confrontation about something where I don't have shit to back me up.
I'm also never really nervous in groups, I kinda get an adrenaline rush. If I know I'm getting into a "longer" (as in more than a few sentances) confrontation, I like to have a water bottle with me. It sounds stupid but I always have a bottle of water in "stressfull" situations : it basically gives you something to fidget with while looking rather natural, you're just hydrating yourself and touching your bottle.

No. 104099

lmao and then the entire room clapped

No. 104100

You sound like a huge asshole, I wish I was more like you lol

No. 104112

There is nothing confident to hurt anyone’s feelings. Rude people are just losers with low self-esteem who need to put others down to feel good about themselves.

No. 104113

File: 1545940137852.gif (1.98 MB, 268x397, wink.gif)

Agree. And let's back to the actual topic.

No. 104118

But you did. You sound like an insufferable cunt.

No. 104193

anon where is this guy/gif from hes cute as fuck

No. 104196

Right click and search for image. Not hard.

No. 104202

It's from some webdrama called Intouchable. I just liked the gif out of context.

No. 104279

NTA but this kind of behavior is actually exactly what drove me towards femdom.

As >>104112 observed correctly, I’m an incredibly insecure piece of shit and in school I used to gain confidence by putting those down that I knew had weaknesses where I had strengths - certain subjects, topics etc. I got a huge kick out of being an arrogant bitch and letting another person and everyone around them know I knew better. Especially one teacher loved the way he could talk to me because he was the same kind of asshole and thought about 80% of the students didn’t deserve or care to be there anyways.

Femdom helped me to get this kind of behavior out of my day to day life and use it on those that actually want to be put down like that. I still get to be a condescending bitch, but not to those who don’t consent to being a target.

I mean, I’m still a bitch 24/7, but nowadays in a much more passive/defensive way. I don’t randomly pick and shoot at people anymore and only start firing if I’m being ‘challenged’.

No. 104306

>this whole thread
well that explains a lot tbh

to put it simply:
>most neckbeards on chans have subbish tendencies
>most legbeards on imageboards have dommish tendencies
>neither of us go outside
at last i truly see

No. 104308

jun from svt

No. 104323

if you followed your own advice youd see nothing shows up, you think i didnt try that shit already? fuck off

thanks anons <3

No. 104326

>being this mad because anon told you to right click because you're too lazy
You sound like a child.

No. 104336

what the actual fuck are you talking about? if you had any reading comprehension youd know i said i did that already, i wouldnt ask what the image was if i had already found it through google but go off i guess. dumb anons trying to make themselves look smart

No. 104344

File: 1546149927453.webm (Spoiler Image,3.77 MB, 272x480, wew.webm)


No. 104347

Aw thanks, I loved this anon. I like when people have a little chat in porn, it's so cute.
>Holy crap on a cracker
I laffed

No. 104348


lmao it's probably one of the anons upthread that think acting like a prick makes them seem super cool and domme and not just kinda pathetic, ignore them.

Also if I can just throw this out there even though we've kinda moved past it, it's pretty creepy if you're trying to dominate someone in your everyday life who isn't your sexual partner, and most genuinely confident people don't get a rush from making someone's day shittier for no real reason at all.

Some of you fuckers are the genderbent version of Greg from the June thread/Shaygnar's bf

No. 104349

File: 1546152991206.webm (Spoiler Image,3.83 MB, 374x208, wew2.webm)

yea its goofy and the guys just some nerdy metal dood but i like how she actually gets off. hawt tbh

No. 104351


whew, you must have been shit at philosophy.

and to get back on topic >>103757, tumblr had its perks but the "community" was weird. The amateur work has never done it for me because it usually looked so staged, so now I'm retreating to doujin sites, will post recs of good ones if anyone is interested.

No. 104353

Where can I find more of this guy?

No. 104354

Please do let us know if you find good doujins

No. 104373

File: 1546187783983.webm (Spoiler Image,2.87 MB, 852x480, 1532437218076.webm)

i forget where i got the webms (and i didnt make em myself), but when i play them in mpv, the header reads "kinkdevice - kylies feeldoe". it might be the website. and i bet if you searched around you could find more. i know ive seen other stuff with him getting fucked before

moar dudes getting their shit pushed in

No. 104375

>she actually gets off.
How? Can a strap-on stimulate the clit at the same time or is it double-ended? Never been into this because it looks like it's all about pleasing the guy.

No. 104379

File: 1546190622952.webm (Spoiler Image,2.92 MB, 1146x720, 1532362053958.webm)

>Can a strap-on stimulate the clit
i mean they have ones like that, tho they take some gerrymandering to get it on the right spot and keep it there. theres also ones that have a pouch on the inside for a bullet vibe on your clit.
this one (judging from the header) is one of those double ended ones (look up feeldoe). think theres a vibe in it as well. expensive, but they look neat.

>Never been into this because it looks like it's all about pleasing the guy.

same tbh. even tho im on the opposite side of the fence, the whole point of femdom for me is totally flipping the script and making it all about HER pleasure, and giving HER that power that normally defaults to the guy. like, all that matters is if she gets off, and if i cant manage by the time shes worn out, thats on me.
but yea, at first i thought the same, that it was just selfish so i never tried to pursue it, but with practice and the right equipment it can definitely be a good time for all parties involved.

No. 104380

File: 1546190752161.webm (Spoiler Image,3.87 MB, 560x540, 1532485344524.webm)

btw rly sry if that makes you uncomfortable, and ill leave if yall want. i just landed ITT cuz i wanna learn a little bit about how to please you all better next time i happen across one of you "unicorns" irl lol.
also, most femdom pr0ns suck (im more into gfd (which is basically nonexistant on pornsites) than sado-stuffs etc) and most guys are into shit i dont like, so i figured id hop the fence and see whats up

ill take the ban if i have to tbh

No. 104393

Hell I what even is happening ? I've never thought I was into femdom, I've always been a been a total sub. I came here because I was bored, kept reading because it made me discover Kaneoya sachiko discover I was into it), I've just read the integrality of Sadistic Beauty (>>99460), and know this >>104380 webm ?

Well, thank you lolcow.

No. 104403

File: 1546206086205.webm (Spoiler Image,3.84 MB, 900x506, 1532487668549.webm)

>Hell I what even is happening ?
tryin to derail the "is that one anon a bitch" discussion (she is) w pegging clips

>I've never thought I was into femdom, I've always been a been a total sub

feel like most people hear femdom and think of nazi leather mistresses stepping on balls in 40inch high heels and shitting in some fat rich dudes mouth, then just dont look into it really. in practice, seems most folks are into the softer stuff (of which theres almost NO porn of) and just never realize it.

potential dommes default to standard "gril = sub" config and potential subs to "boy = dom". most will sense somethings not clicking exactly right, but dont know any better and roll w it anyways. eventually you see it and you get that "A-HA" moment

>thank you lolcow.

gud bord

No. 104428

>they have ones like that, tho they take some gerrymandering to get it on the right spot

Nothing hits the spot like some good crackin' and packin'

No. 104430

File: 1546219083645.webm (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 960x540, 1540779275050.webm)

>crackin' and packin'
u wot m8?

No. 104433

File: 1546220000079.png (322.24 KB, 540x594, tumblr_inline_p6yaicw81j1spt7r…)

pegging is disgusting and degenerate. i understand why men would be into it, but women?!?! it seems so humiliating for the woman tbh fam

No. 104437

The word you were looking for is "jury-rigging" (usually mispronounced jerry-rig)

No. 104438

File: 1546226669002.webm (Spoiler Image,486.94 KB, 601x338, 1532294203662.webm)

sry u feel that way doc

cant see, since at its core its mostly about role reversal, how either of the positions (D or s) could possibly be more or less humiliating than their vanilla counterparts. barring of course if humiliation is a PART of the whole shindig for the couple (not really my thing tbh). but even then, the humiliation is more than likely at the expense of the man getting his asshole reamed out by the dilly attached to his gfs pelvis. but thats on HIM for being a self conscious lil bitch tbh

if no other factors are on top of it, like crossdressing, chastity, verbal humiliation, what have you, its literally just casual sex for the explicit purpose of NOT procreating, but flipped around. ime its a fun and refreshing way to break up the monotony. the "vulnerability" for the guy that comes from getting penetrated takes a bit of getting used to, but for me, thats a HUGE part of it. its intoxicating to leave yourself wide open like that with someone you love. and this isnt something i would EVER do with someone i didnt trust, love, and care about deeply.

for the dommes (provided theyre into it at all), that first taste of the "power" they have over their boytoy when inside of them is often all it takes to fall deep down the rabbit hole.

obv its not for everybody, but no kink is

the only other way i could see it as "humiliating" for the domme is if shes got "no game" and doesnt know how to fuck from that side of the fence. to which i say: no shit. no guy is born with the knowledge on how to fuck right. hes gotta learn how to do it by trying and failing. first times for anything are always weird. but this inexperience is on both parties generally (which again, is a large part of the fun for me). personally, i cant think of a better way to learn how to better please your partner than to literally swap places with your partner. helped me at least

all that said tho, no ones gonna have fun without the right equipment, and it can take a little trial and error to get things set up right. but practice makes perfect. alls i need now is a new study buddy

youre right
but hey, it can be hard to think straight when im stuck fantasizing about getting mon derrière pounded. too flustered to reach for the thesaurus. close enuff

No. 104440

you're pretending to fuck a dude with a piece of plastic

No. 104444

oh ur no fun
toys can make stuff less boring. i hate routine in a sex life tbh

at the very least its not nearly as disgusting or degenerate as ur makin it out to be. and its still technically heterosexual segs, so even by biblical standards its only sodomy. so its up there with anal, which is something even many catholics indulge in.

checkmate atheists

No. 104445

File: 1546232562932.jpg (33.41 KB, 477x500, 1530619436584.jpg)

why are you typing/talking like that?

No. 104473

File: 1546256880693.png (73.63 KB, 539x154, tumblr_inline_pftkrgflhN1rzyju…)

Enough pegging wankery and scrot posting. Anons, tell me what your actual favorite femdom thing is. This position is my favorite for sure.

No. 104480

I know a few boys who are fairly submissive but generally they wouldn't put it on their tinder profiles or anything because it's seen as weird for them to be into that. It's kinda wierd to see people into this fetish but I guess different strokes for different folks. It's really easy to find them if you know how to look tho

No. 104510

Now this is autism

No. 104515

Pegging doesn't count? I love to make my bf suck on my strap on, bonus points if it's positioned in a way I can make him lick my clit as well. Then when he thinks he's safe I'll just ram the dildo in his mouth and listen to his muffled moans.
Years of reading so much yaoi made me a sucker for cute boys giving a good blowjob.

No. 104533

File: 1546367940491.jpeg (42.85 KB, 400x595, 14C87B27-0F67-408C-AD42-66B8D0…)

I’m new to femdom as a whole, while I’ve had moments of being more dominant in bed I didn’t properly think about it until I started dating my current bf. I pegged him for the first time last week and it was fucking great. He’s way taller than me, 6”2 and has a muscular/slim body with a nice peachy butt. He’s bi and was very dominant when we first got together and insisted he was a power bottom when he was with guys, so seeing him turn squirm and whine and turn into a complete sub was surprising but extremely hot. We’re both switches and I’m really excited to see how our sex life progresses

No. 104534

Is this fucking mads mikkelson where did you find this

No. 104538

its a shoop mate

No. 104574

Do you guys think this kind of dynamic loses power when you address it?

I was teasing a guy recently and figured if we had sex it wouldn't be amazing so instead I just worked him up until he pleaded with me, and then I went home. Recently we were talking and without thinking about it I joked about always needing to control and how I need to be the one doing the fucking, but I didn't say it in a sexy way instead an honest confession of an issue way. Does exposing or addressing the powerplay devalue your power? Kind of like when someone directly calls themselves intelligent?

No. 104575

I wouldn't say so; upfront conversations need to be had to establish boundaries, interests, and safewords.
Are you just supposed to guess lol? Although admittedly I have poor social cue reading skills so perhaps that's why I feel this way.

No. 104591

I too, wish to GFD a big strong manly man. Really it's a shame that bara femdom is so rare.

No. 104662

File: 1546476852180.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.37 KB, 1000x1010, tumblr_pbpv6h79iq1s6xlsho1_128…)

This might be relevant to your interests?

No. 104672

File: 1546483975133.jpg (58.48 KB, 474x815, th.jpg)

Anyone else a bit of a princess femdom?

Im needy, bossy, and want someone to obey me and treat me like im somewhat abovem him.
Also serve me tea or something.

No. 104674

I got a bf who's into being the dominant, but he's told me he's alright with being submissive for me. I wanna try doing more dommy stuff with him, but I always get too shy and embarrassed, and let him take the reigns.
Does anyone have any advice on softer femdom stuff to try and get acclimated to it? Or should I just give up and resign to being a sub forever?

No. 104689

small steps. I'm super shy and I still feel too stupid to say and do certain shit. Start with not being subby, start taking initiative. Calling him names, dirty talk is a good exercise. When you get comfortable, you'll see if it flows for you and you can try "more dommy" stuff. It's also important to ask your bf for support, it's nice of him he wants to try stuff but he has to act sub for you too, not just "be ok with it"

No. 104707


I wish I could read this. Highly relevant to the thread.

No. 104720

Same here. I recommend fantasy nerds or waifufags.

Women get so much shit for acting 'like spoilt princesses' but we're literally raised like this. We call girls princesses and show them Disney princesses and our adult romance love interests talk about treating us like a princess. Heck yeah I've got a princess complex, I'm happy to hear jokes about it but only if the guy is going to bend the knee afterwards.

Are you super polite in normal daily stuff? Sometimes it's helpful to just get comfortable to saying no in normal situations (like acquaintances asking for things or not forcing yourself to smile etc) and maybe being a bit greedy like asking him to get you things.

No. 104801

File: 1546596865630.jpg (20.78 KB, 362x362, BzbFfITCYAEzBfb.jpg)

I took one of those sex compatibility quizzes with my guy and he didn't flag any femdom stuff as an interest

No. 104804

Dump him (unless you're a switch).
Sexual incompatibility sounds like hell. Why even date?

No. 105125

Same, honestly; I can't find it anywhere either…
Maybe no one has uploaded it yet?
Would you post a link if you find it?
I've been following the series since Ichinomiya

No. 105223

I forgot about this. I will share it here if I find it/buy it.
Ichinomiya is total marriage material (after that one week of getting stockholm'd). Guy number 3 is also great.

No. 105282

A lot more guys are into femdom stuff than are willing to admit it. You're probably better off taking charge and watching how he reacts than simply asking him.

No. 105858

I miss sex with my ex. Once you've given a ridiculously pretty boy wearing a pink tennis skirt a prostate orgasm, there's no going back.

No. 106640

Does anyone have any light femdom erotica/fanfic centered around female pleasure ?

All I find is leather dominatrix stuff clearly intended for male readers…

No. 106648

File: 1548613911294.png (328.03 KB, 697x985, rido_ridograph.png)

I don't know if what I'm looking for is actually femdom/gfd although I assumed it was since it's not the expected het dynamic either.
My ideal partner would be very passive and would just lie back and let me do what I want, but I'm also generally uninterested in my own pleasure. It's taken me a few years into adulthood to even be comfortable with the idea of receiving oral, even through facesitting. I'd rather just pleasure my partner through a variety of means (often not involving my body much at all, or even getting undressed) while he just lies there and takes it. On occasion I like the idea of getting more involved with it, but for a majority of the time I'd prefer what I described. Most of my pleasure would be from maybe a double sided strap on or something.

I guess what I'm looking for is a "pillow prince" (somewhat sorry to appropriate lesbian slang) but I'm not sure if that actually makes me a domme. I like to be in control, and I'm into bondage and humiliation, but I just don't want the focus to be on me getting off which seems to be a big part of being dominant. Also not sure if men like this exist, since the ones who are fine with not having to pleasure their female partners are usually doms/still objectify their partner's body for pleasure. While obviously I want him to be attracted to me, I'd prefer it more to be about my power/aesthetic appeal/the way I carry myself if that makes sense. Usually. Sometimes it varies like I said.

Sorry I kept rambling here, this is more of a vent.

No. 106659

hello, fellow service top

No. 106662

LEL yeah, I guess that's what I am. That term escaped me for some reason.
It's inconsequential, but I just don't know if I should still be identifying with femdom and be seeking out subs. Have you had any luck finding men who are into it?

No. 106674

Hope you find your pillow prince some day anon though I'll say you're the first woman I've heard express this preference.

No. 106687

yea, younger virgin guys

No. 106870

>entirely focussed on male pleasure
>not the expected het dynamic

r u sure

No. 106975

Diff anon but thank u for this term. I've been trying to explain it as cfnm/joi but I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt and motivated by care and curiosity about someone else's experience of their own body (as opposed to getting off). Mentally it feels kind of close to a doctor/patient thing but without the paraphelia for medical equipment. I feel like I'm one step away from asexual or something.

No. 106976

File: 1548875594135.png (219.88 KB, 639x592, 066 (2).PNG)

i always try to suppress my kinky thoughts but lets be real, i just want a cute smirky normie guy friend who will let me bully and tease him. like a power dynamic fwb but no sex. it would be so hard finding what i'm looking for though.

funny thing is in hs i really liked being mean and smug towards douchey normies who sat next to me in classes and wanted to talk to me. i got such a rush making them shocked i wasn't being nice to them bc they were cute guys all girls were nice to, or making them embarrassed for not knowing something. i honestly think a lot of them liked it too bc i developed small friendships with them sometimes. i also went to catholic schools too and it made me develop a huge thing for uniforms. i just didn't know at the time it was bc i got off on it.

when will i find a normie guy who will be willing to be my bratty sub friend. it's just so hot thinking about making a douchey kinda guy that is doing well in life and gets laid a lot get on his knees for you and seeing how flushed he gets like hnng. it would be so fun to tease him and pin him down and frustrate him. i wanna tell him what to do and call him a slut for wanting to fuck me. i just want a cute boy i can push around a little, tie up, insult and be smug to, without any sex or romance, it would be such a fun relationship. too bad they're probably rare or mentally unstable af.

No. 106983

source on the pic ?

No. 106984

i honestly dont know, sorry. it's one of the few pics left from the msub folder i mostly deleted that i had for years lol. most of it was stuff i found from tumblr back when i used it

No. 106988

Nice, they're my type anyway haha.
Yes, in most porn the woman is mostly clothed, not objectified at all, and is in complete control. You got it. /s
I addressed that in the expected dynamic the man objectifies the woman for his pleasure. What I want is to objectify the man for our mutual pleasure.
On the occasion I want to physically exist (once or twice a month maybe?) it's pretty typical femdom expectations. Like oral and facesitting would be great in those moments.
>care and curiosity
Yeah, that's basically it. My sex drive has always been motivated by visual interest in other people and love. But also wanting control.
I'm also just fascinated by a man's body when I like him; I've mentioned it in the fetish thread but it's as if I've fetishized every part of the male body.

I want to blame all the yaoi I consumed in formative pubescent years, but I'm not sure. Probably also because I'm socially disconnected from people and see them as…idk, more human than me. Not in an edgy way, but I do feel like an alien who is impressed by simple human existence quite often. Not just in a sexual context but in others as well.

This isn't the thread for that though kek. Also inb4 someone calls me an uwuwuwu snowflake. Pls no bully I just like watching people eat and listening in to their conversations and watching the silly things they do when they think no one's looking.

No. 106998

The important control element for me is being able to openly remaining in control of myself, not "controlling" another person. I've pretended to be "turned on" for partners but I'd rather be in a situation where I don't have to pretend because it feels creepy to misrepresent myself to someone who is making themselves pretty vulnerable. But tuning in and collaborating to get them into that headspace is satisfying to me. It's like a very intimate version of helping someone achieve something that's important to them even if you don't understand what it is or why they want it, because you want for them what they want for themselves.

No. 107017

I'm quite similar. One of my favorite abstract scenarios is tending to a short boy who has straddled my lap and is crazy horny/sensitive. Clothes on, full control, I think I'm a bit of a touch-me-not. Same goes for only wanting to exist about two times a month. I just strongly prefer the idea of attending to a subject of attention over being the subject of attention.

No. 107018

I'm gonna give it a shot I'm just discouraged is all, I've tried broaching the subject lightly but he doesn't get it so it seems I will have to be more explicit but that might end up being a turn off for him.

don't worry, this is an imageboard full of weirdo chicks you aren't alone.

Anyway I'm curious, how many of you have a dominant personality outside of the bedroom?

No. 107019

File: 1548897078689.jpg (83.1 KB, 500x631, 1544242386060.jpg)

can i uhhhh

No. 107020

I'm not really 'obviously' dominant. I've gotten feedback that I come across as a mature old soul, though. Maybe I can channel that into mommy energy in the years to come. My worry is that I won't attract the right people if I don't put out the right vibes, but overextending myself would be exhausting.

No. 107021

I had a sub friend who kept attracting subby dudes that wanted her to dom them, she just had that vibe.

No. 107022

i wouldn't say i'm dominant, just independent.

No. 107023

File: 1548899500473.jpg (183.65 KB, 600x1024, d096834986e3ebcb305bd3985cd214…)

i'm a huge control freak, like the stereotypical anal retentive type of person. everyone who knows me at all knows i'm a neat freak, i am very intolerant, particular about things, etc. i'm very quiet though, in most situations. i'm independent and don't let people (coincedentally it's usually men my age who do this to me) talk down to me, or try to make me feel less than. i'm a switch though, some people i'm interested in just have the kind of personality where i would definitely not be the one in charge.

kind of makes sense with the ways i like being dommed (gentle but stern) and domming (bullying, teasing, not gentle but fun). they put me in a good mood and get me out of my comfort zone just enough where i'm not too anxious.

No. 107025

I see, I desire it both over myself and my partner big time. As in I'd preferably be able to go full in with dominating and controlling what happens to his body (sometimes through bondage and sadism) rather than just being gentle and bring him to climax.
Although I also see the appeal in that too and would like to do that sometimes. You make it sound wholesome, too.
>tending to a short boy who has straddled my lap and is crazy horny/sensitive
Patrician taste, anon. Short men are top tier.
Although I do prefer being unsexualized physically, being noticeably larger than my partner would be hot. That's the type of thing I'd never be uncomfortable with him being aroused by, most likely because it suggests what I can do to him.
Imagining a guy asking me to choke him or punch him in the gut? Or just to lift him up and toss him around? Amazing.
>dominant personality
Not yielding and meek, but not aggressive or anything. I can be blunt and stubborn but am usually just quiet and by myself. Kind of goofy with friends though.

No. 107029

I once sat down to a podcast where a bunch of dudes talked about their experience with hentai. Unexpectedly, they had a diverse experience when it came to who they identified with (if they identified with anyone at all) in the images, and it got me thinking. It hadn't even occurred to me until that moment that people could look at an image of a sub (or 'bottom') of any sort and identify AS them instead of identifying as the person who is acting on them/giving them attention. It was oddly validating for me to realize that I've been like this the whole time.

No. 107041

File: 1548913904650.jpg (726.77 KB, 1001x1001, 1536018666455.jpg)

I want to rub a tied-up guy's dick through his jeans with my feet is that too much to ask?

No. 107052

I'm a subby switch and want to do more GFD, but I feel goofy doing some of it (mostly dirty talk anf holding him down since I'm smaller) and am not very strong and don't have a ton of stamina. Any tips for a newbie?

No. 107107

File: 1548962183971.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.86 KB, 800x600, e16ce42d46d2bc11c2ca73ceca9c0a…)

>How many of you have a dominant personality outside of the bedroom?
Outside of a sexual context I'm not really dominant at all. I'm pretty shy/quiet/awkward for the most part. But I DO notice that sometimes my sexual energy will manifest in other parts of my life, if that makes sense. For example, when I happen to have a crush on a guy or feel attracted to him, suddenly I get over my social awkwardness and feel very confident. And I love to tease or be mean to guys that I like (btw, most of the time they like it too). I also noticed that at work if I'm feeling horny or sexually frustrated that helps me be more aggressive or assertive. I hope that doesn't sound creepy, it's not like I'm trying to dom my coworkers or anything, it's more like I remember how powerful and confident I feel in femdom situations and I'm able to channel those feelings in real life.

I'm also a small woman and I'm physically very weak. Sometimes me and my bf do something like pic related, except without the bondage, and he puts both his arms around me like a hug while I jerk him off. I love it because it's not physically demanding at all, it feels intimate and romantic, but at the same time he looks really vulnerable clinging onto me while being all shy and blushy and moaning and stuff. Perhaps you could try a combo of that with some dirty talk? Good luck anon!

No. 107126

I wouldn't call myself dominating, even though I must admit most people call me such. Or at least, they say about me that I have a big aura and people naturally follow me, even if I don't try much (or at all, I must say).
But not "actively" dominating, I'd say, I like minding my own business too much and I'm too lazy to maintain the high profile.

No. 107151

File: 1549018260485.jpeg (32.29 KB, 400x331, D07285AE-B228-4D3C-9A01-A92B11…)

I lost my will to care about anything at the age of 15 so I’m quite laid back. You’ll figure out finding sub bfs is quite easy if with this mindset, act nice and cordial when you speak to them but don’t give them to much conversation. Show early on you have the power in this relationship lest they walk all over you thinking you can be used as an emotional or sexual outlet.
Try and bust out the good grammar and always correct them if they make a mistake. Don’t insult his appearance but never comment one way or another on it, ignore it. This will slowly inch away at the guys perception of you and himself.
Of course, it’s not a surefire strategy but it works for me. You don’t even have to send him a single picture of yourself, or at the very least one. He will cling onto it and you and the prospect of talking to someone he deems higher than himself, thats the Male way of thinking. Especially feminine, submissive men.
And if you eventually grow bored, in the words of the Bogdanoff twins, dump them. No strings attached, if you play your cards write you can repeat this over and over and over. Its funny how similar they are, both in looks an personality. Unkempt long hair, dark circles, underweight or getting there. The overweight ones are never worth your time and are always the most degenerate. With this you should easily find a cute submissive bf, if you so choose. But remember to never give into the idea of giving him an actual relationship, that’s when it will all go down hill. And don’t feel guilty about it, it’s alright because these men aren’t real people anyway.

No. 107156

File: 1549020038431.jpg (98.7 KB, 768x576, 054.JPG)

i figure this is a good way to find one, as i've heard using fetlife or tinder attracts guys who are batshit or would just pretend to be into it in the hopes they'd get laid. i've attracted guys who seemed like they were kindo into being insulted or degraded depending on their reactions. it's not really an appearance thing for me, they tend to be somewhat dorky and are "go with the flow" kinda guys with a good sense of humor, and their ego isn't too big. imo it's all in their temperament, which you can only judge by testing the waters. i also like to be playful/humorous about it, some guys are really into girls who aren't afraid of coming off as impolite/ are "fiesty" to put it in a cringe way. some guys' precious male egos get damaged and they get super defensive, but some seem to really like it, and it gets them interested in me, and they seem to want more.

i just never did anything about them bc like you say, they tend to be guys that i thought were shit relationship material. that would work in my favor atm however, because i would prefer a friendship with a fun d/s dynamic, at most i'm looking for sexual tension with a guy who gets off on bullying, intimidation, and denial. i need a guy who's kind of jerky, smug/bratty who pushes my buttons bc it's so satisfying putting those types in their place and making them blush and get frustrated.

No. 107159

>these men aren’t real people anyway
Anon these are my subs you're talking about, don't bully
I guess you're a real dom and I'm just a gfd, the outcome of what we look for in guys is the same e.g. underweight tired nerds with long hair, but it sounds like you enjoy torturing them more out of hate than enjoyment
You go get yours though lol, knowing there are het ladychads restores some balance in the world

No. 107160

That's nice but I'm a loving and emotionally supportive domme so this would hurt me, too. Like caring for a small dog instead of…idk, training a big dog while keeping him distant. I just want to make the big decisions, be his rock, and smack him around the bedroom. I'm not into manipulation at all. Not even solely because of my morals, I'm just bad at it.

kms I'll be alone forever.

No. 107170

ntayrt, but i think we're thinking of two different kinds of relationships. i'm looking for a sub that's more fwb, no romance. i can totally see why you aren't into what she's talking about because you want something more intimate and personal beyond the dynamic. i just want a friend who wants a cute girl to berate him for fun because he gets off on it. i'm more of a goofy dom, i don't take it super seriously or actually want to hurt someone. i just want a male friendship with sexual tension, no inclination of sex or catching feelings. i would be very upfront about that too. it's just for fun really, it would be very mutual, that's why i'm specifically looking for a msub lol. he would have to be into being teased and frustrated for fun.

i'm not into genuinely hurting a guy's feelings, i know a guy's limits and wouldn't insult something that would make him cry or anything. that's why i think guys with a great sense of humor and confidence make much better subs than the kinds who seem to have low self esteem and are needy. those kinds might be better suited to romantic relationships with affection and validation.

No. 107175

Maybe it's just me and the men I've dated but being indifferent or a little mean to them always seems to get better results. Be nice and they stop treating you as well and start being more demanding.

No. 107177

File: 1549052631778.jpg (99.47 KB, 752x500, tumblr_ovkw3zNoQl1slzljzo8_128…)

>Unkempt long hair, dark circles, underweight

No. 107178

not to mention the low self-esteem part. like girl i'm trying to dom a mentally stable, well-off normal guy, not some loser who hates himself lmfao

No. 107241

Always this.

No. 107314

Are you into Dylan Klebold? Move on

No. 107352

How do I become femdom? Usually I'm pretty shy and submissive (even masochistic at times) thanks to growing up in asia as a woman but sometimes when I look at pictures like in the OP, I kind of wish I could do that to a man and seeing a man who's been beaten up especially by a woman is a bit of a turn on for me. Fantasizing about kicking a man around and making him obey me sounds hot. Maybe I'm a switch?

No. 107357

File: 1549250061403.jpg (47.63 KB, 500x500, 7155a420021004ec95686a4541f163…)

i wouldn't worry too much about labelling it. i could consider myself a switch too because when i'm interested in someone, their personality/chemistry with me determines who "wears the pants" for lack of a better term. i wouldn't let words like 'submissive' and 'dominant' decide what kind of a person i am- so many people into bdsm get way too attached to the labels they give themselves.

if you're interested in femdom, i'd try to meet a guy any normal way a vanilla person would; i hear fetlife and tinder are crawling with tryhards or guys who just want sex and are willing to pretend to be into whatever just to get laid, so my advice is to try to avoid them.

i look for normal, regular guys, not ones that strike me as "submissive" always, because that usually means they have low self esteem. those ones will get clingy and probably aren't good partners, whether for fun or for a long-term relationship.

find a guy who's doing well in life, relatively mentally stable, and open minded especially. just be honest about what you want to try and what kind of relationship you're looking for, no mind games. taking charge in that way is already a good trait any dominant person would have. being dominant already in casual ways is a good way to gauge how open he would be to it. in my experience, being able to take charge by being honest, making decisions quickly, and not being afraid to say no is a breath of fresh air to some guys. many have been really into me for being able to be assertive, in a fun and humorous way. for me personally, i like domming a guy to just be a fun experience to tease, intimidate, and sexually frustrate a guy in a fun/smug way. i get off on denying men i know want me. but i know it's not the same for everyone.

not to ramble, but ignore any bdsm communities, online and irl. they're full of cringey edgelords who will try to tell you how to dom and shit like that. just make sure you and your partner are open, willing to listen to each other, and everything is consensual and not seriously going to injure anyone too much.

No. 107431

File: 1549333882580.jpg (131.06 KB, 800x800, DyJ639QVAAEvGsE.jpg)


No. 107432

As you said I think its super helpful to be upfront from the start or at least start setting the appropriate boundaries and expectations. Its harder to change a preexisting relationship dynamic.

No. 107433

File: 1549334985404.jpg (40.26 KB, 500x450, large (1).jpg)

im just gonna leave this here

No. 107450

ok but why. looks like yaoi

No. 107485

This is some really shitty advice lol

No. 107486

>so many people into bdsm get way too attached to the labels they give themselves.
This isn't hard to understand at all dumb ass
Not everyone is a switch, some people can only be sexually dominant/submissive
Personally I could never date a dom guy

No. 107487

File: 1549437629099.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.15 KB, 545x792, 6i0q2fimti621.jpg)

I do. Never mean to, but it always ends up like that.
I feel like men in general all across the board have strong issues with low self esteem. and to make matters worse, instead of just quietly hating themselves, they go and make a big fuss of it causing scenes over their inability to cope. This is how so many Dom women end up mostly getting mommy-zoned, where the guy goes from being dom/sub to just being a depressed baby crying on the floor for more and more attention without ever caring much about your problems anymore.

This is why I strongly discourage ever talking to those that are mentally unwell. If he mentions having depression or issues with self-hatred, don't waste your time. You'll go from his Dom to his therapist/mother and he'll throw tantrums to the point where the relationship is stressful and annoying and the sex barely even comes to mind anymore. If I could offer any advice to Dom women, it would be that. Just say NO to sad boys.

No. 107497

These are children in school uniforms… Why would you post this? Does this turn you on?

No. 107582

File: 1549522499753.png (593.49 KB, 800x943, god_forgive_me_by_kaneoyasachi…)

maybe I'm not that experienced but how is it bad advice?

petition to change all images in this thread to Kaneoya Sachiko who is beloved by all save for two anons.

This time featuring sparkledog

No. 107584

File: 1549526630529.png (766.47 KB, 785x600, 1549429397894.png)

from my own experiences most guys are open to try stuff that would be classified as light femdom/gentle femdom
temporarily being handcuffed,being restrained,being hit(specifically punched in the face),being blindfolded however always seem to draw the line at humiliation and anything anal related

No. 107602

My god I love Kaneoya Sachiko

No. 107651

File: 1549586298766.jpg (141.33 KB, 500x325, large (4).jpg)

that's perfect because that's pretty much what i'm into. no crossdressing or butt stuff pls boys, nothing extreme or too dangerous. i desperately need a fun qt who wants to get bullied and gets turned on being slapped and denied by someone smaller than him.

No. 107654

slapping is also something most guys don't seem to be into
their more comfortable being punched in the face or stomach then being slapped(its weird)

No. 107666

wait but why? This makes no sense to me.

Couldn't ever punch a dude I'd feel sad about it.

No. 107667

anon must be memeing bc personally any guy ive had a thing with was more open to slapping than punching lol. slapping is not as rough as punching.

No. 107669

I'm not memeing im just telling about my experiences
fro men getting punched is more masculine then being slapped(however I am talking about Vanilla guys not sub-guys)

No. 107677

Yeah I don't really get what >>107654 and >>107584 are talking about.
I've slapped pretty much all my bfs and they didn't mind at all, but they would never have agreed to actually getting punched in the face.

No. 107696

This has been my experience but I think my experiences varies from others here because majority of my relationships have been with masc tard males who were vast majority of the time not subs
However as I have said were open to try stuff like this >>107584
Someliked it but most didn't and even the ones that did like it weren't willing to go further beyond that
The punching thing was apparently manly for them and really im not one to judge

No. 107722

lol so you're posting in the femdom thread your experiences… with men who aren't even subs.

why are you here then

No. 107727

Just because they weren't subs doesn't mean they weren't willing to try being sub with her, at that time. I think it should count.

Anyone else ordered the Kaneoya Sachiko book? Placed an order last night.

No. 107732

I was just giving >>104801 advice on how to deal with boyfriends who aren't subs

No. 107771

I ordered it earlier and was miffed that the release date was changed to middle of march. I want my hobos hooking up with furries now please.

No. 107772

The digital version was leaked a few months ago. I bought the Vanilla Gallery book and pirated the English one for the translation.

No. 107777

Where did you find the download?

No. 107779

No. 107789

bless you anon, have a great week

No. 107793

samefag but her foreword is also really interesting and neat to read

No. 107795

Thank you!

I wish she commented on, and explained more of her art, some of it is pretty crazy.
Btw can I just say the part with the dog sniffing the doctor is hilarious.

No. 107816

Agreed on the foreword. It explains her thought process as a whole and the subtle visual cues that incite attraction and curiosity in women towards men (of course we notice your ankles you silly geese). Can't say I know anyone else that does it better.

Outside of the themes expressed I get the impression that she's not interested in any more specific narrative outside of the short comics. Which is kind of a shame. It would be interesting to see her paired up with a writer to develop a comic or short project, or as the visual lead/art director for something.

No. 107821

I was so angry about them moving the release until next month again but
this makes me even more hype to get the physical book!

No. 107836

File: 1549771643735.png (432.01 KB, 484x485, dim joy.png)

yeah, after reading it, i was like FINALLY someone put it into words!! it made me understand my attraction to men better.

i should try to find more things she's written, it just really clicked with me.

No. 107845

The dog's expression is great. I'd relieve Absolute Territory Oniisan of his burden but I'm not a giant furry milfbeast so he'd be uninterested kek

No. 107866

I want to know why she includes the beasts in her art. I hate that furries are a thing because her stuff reminds me of that sometimes.

No. 107886

DAE get really disappointed while searching for some new msub art and it's flooded with shit for men so it focuses on some stereotypical domme with huge tits? its even worse when the art style is decent.

No. 107887

It's often a disappointment when you try to find pics.
Like looking for 女攻め on Pixiv and getting terribly crappy pictures of boxing matches. Men have no taste.

No. 107888

File: 1549836021259.png (113.79 KB, 546x484, e5676601611bbeacfae8c29254467e…)

No. 107892

File: 1549839119563.png (457.72 KB, 666x924, nice.png)

No. 107894

File: 1549839561611.png (Spoiler Image,713.17 KB, 650x1073, 49782299_p8.png)

I get that people are excited about that artbook, but let's post more of other artists.

No. 107896

File: 1549843453184.jpg (17.79 KB, 500x417, c6ffd14f72c42b86cc5f2842f1f267…)

No. 108142

File: 1550088351871.png (Spoiler Image,185.35 KB, 475x376, chrome_2019-02-13_15-05-31.png)

my first boyfriend who i did femdom with was into the really degen violent humiliation BDSM type femdom. i've always been interested in femdom but being involved in that relationship almost killed that side of my sexuality for me. i was def a "kink dispenser" he'd always harp on about how femdom is great because its about ~the woman's pleasure~ but it was clear that he was a selfish lover and he was only into the male focused latex SPH stuff and force fem which made my puss dry as a bone.

my current boyfriend is into GFD on the same level i am and i hope to work up to gentle pegging one day but after the shit i went thru with my ex i'm not gonna be pressed if it takes years. sex really is supposed to be a two way street away. For my current relationship "GFD" is basically vanilla for us but with role's reversed. it's very nice to be able to tap back into that side of me safely and slowly and it's doing wonders for my self confidence.

outside of the bedroom im kind "dominate" i'm a little bit bossy and touchy feel-y and i tease a lot. he's not into like collars and blindfolds which im kinda down with but it can get really cheesy sometimes tbh so get it. he can go down on me for hours at a time. it's perfect.

as for the """perfect sub/man""" i also dont like how 90% of men in femdom are twinky femboys. im really, really not into femboys/twinks/traps and have PTSD from force fem. (more like forced force fem lol). i like men that are bit chubby and masculine. the thing that draws me to femdom is seeing masculine men drop the machismo crap and let themselves be vulnerable and focus on what the woman wants and needs more than himself. i dont want to hurt my partner but i do like seeing them pant and squirm around. good stuff.

also, i'm late to the pegging talk but i dont think pegging is humiliating for women if theyre into it. i like it a lot but it's really all mental for me. loops back in with my vulnerable masculine man fetish heh. pegging comes after you've cum. the man should always cum after the woman as far as i'm concerned.

No. 108150

also, as a word of advice if any of you guys are looking for a """sub""" or whatever, please be careful and avoid men who explicitly have a "femdom fetish". they dont respect female sexuality as much as they act like they do. And be careful of femdom men who are into force fem who have latent AGP eventually you will end up sexually incompatible.

depressed GFD men with self confidence issues can he helped outside of the bedroom. men with a fetish for suffering at the hands of an authoritative woman have issues and a complex. fetishizing sexual trauma should be dealt with in therapy, not catered to in the bedroom. this is why ive really distanced myself from ~kink~. sorry for potential ot but you all deserve your respectful submissive man. not a misogynist pervert with baggage.

No. 108152

source ?

No. 108155

that woman looks strong, damn

Force feminization just seems inherently disrespectful towards women to me and it seems like nowadays they all end up declaring they are trans and imploding the relationship.

No. 108157

it killed my last relationship but it was already dead on arrival.

and yeah force fem fetishizes how "humiliating" it is for a man do and wear "woman things." a woman forcing her man to wear some frilly maid outfit and do the dishes is ~kinky and humiliating~ because that's a woman's place! men dont do that!

AGPs, troons, and lifestyle femdom men only want to be "the woman" in the context of sex and kink. they dont want to any of the domestic stuff unless it's ~kinky~ and they get their face sat on a "reward" they "earned". it really transparent and worth avoiding. they dont deserve dominate women imo.

No. 108163

GFD really appeals to me. I don’t need to hurt someone to be happy, I just want a loving relationship where I can take the lead and get cherished for it. Plus points if he’s older and more accomplished than me in his outside life. I just want a manly man (aka no kpop twinkie) who has a really soft/subservient side only I get to see.
Sage for daydreaming.

No. 108293

>im really, really not into femboys/twinks/
Femboys and twinks are top tier though
>e if any of you guys are looking for a """sub""" or whatever, please be careful and avoid men who explicitly have a "femdom fetish".
This is the dumbest thing i've ever heard
Also fuck you for being another one of the annoying fucks who think gfd is the only good femdom
Most gfd is just vanilla but with the woman being slightly aggressive
Just because a man wants to "suffer at the hands of an authoritative woman "does not mean he has issues, you sound like an idiot
Rough degrading femdom is the only valid kind in my personal opinion

No. 108294

Grouping lifestyle femdom men in with it is dumb as hell
you sound like you had one bad experience so you've gone bitter
It's really annoying how you talk like you're some wise sage when you really aren't
Stop pretending like "femdom (but only gfd femdom) in the bedroom only or else it's bad" is true to everyone
Gfd is for people who only pretend to like femdom
Go away you fake domme, the fact you claim that rough femdom is a sign of mental issues proves you're a fraud

No. 108307

ntayrt; i dislike how most girls into femdom here too just like gfd and i get the feeling they think they're better than us for that.

but i do personally avoid guys who make being "uwu so subby" part of their personality or make a big deal about it because they're usually mental. it's hard to find good subs because well, being annoying or mentally unstable tends (obvs not always) to come with the whole "gets turned on by being hurt" territory.

No. 108330

the thread was about sharing personal experiences. which i did. i'm not trying to act like a wise sage at all and i'm sorry that i came across like that.

when i was talking about avoid men who explicitly have a femdom fetish and have a complex i'm talking about the kind of men >>108307 is talking about.

you guys can have your own tastes. it's just not my bag. i'm not trying to ~kink shame~ you guys. stop getting so mad. it's ok for you guys to like what you want. and it's ok for me to get disillusioned because of a bad experience. you dont have to be a latex clad dominatrix to enjoy this fetish and feel fulfilled.

No. 108331

sage for doubleposting but is there really anything wrong with wanting to warn newbies who prefer GFD that there are men out there who will take advantage of them? that'll all i was trying to. a woman into that isnt going to be compatible with a man into the more degrading stuff and it's going to cause problems. when i see women in this tread posting like, "how do i find a masculine GFD guy" I'm going to tell them to avoid fetishists. it's common sense, dont take it as a personal attack against what YOU want and do in YOUR personal life.

No. 108332

How many of you are into size difference, too? I want a partner who is smaller than me in both height and width (lol), but am afraid finding a short man without a masculinity complex would be hard.

Anyone dated smaller men who were into fd? Or wants to as well?

No. 108334

What are yall's thoughts/experiences with FLR?

No. 108336

What does it mean?

No. 108339

DAE get upset trying to find femdom media only to see that it's rife with a more male perspective? i'm not into GFD but i'm not into the whole "angry dominatrix in leather whips naked guy" stuff at all. my preferences are more in between the two but most femdom stuff is about showing some big angry big titty anime girl in latex. and i'm not into butt stuff/forced feminization either which dominates (kek) most of that scene, understandably so. that's probably why so many of us here like kaneoya so much, it's definitely why i do. i want to see a guy being submissive because that's what turns me on, not the domme dammit.

No. 108340

nta, female led relationship i suppose? sounds like the stuff most gfd anons talk about. i don't think that is like, femdom in its quintessential form, but i wouldn't call it invalid like that other anon did.

No. 108343

You never mentioned people who preferred gfd
You made a blanket statement to everyone looking for a sub
Also stop moving the goalposts, you said it was a sign of mental issues and they needed a therapist

No. 108360

>Femboys and twinks are top tier though
hell no. maybe to low sex drive women.

No. 108363

Well, I respect your opinion
I just find feminine men and men in """girls""" clothes/makeup hot

No. 108369

File: 1550292563230.jpg (30.15 KB, 444x574, 190.jpg)

>low sex drive women
What's the correlation there lmao?
Not really into femboys at all, although I do like gawky, hairy, awkward twinks of sorts. And I consider my sex drive to be high.

No. 108383

All I want in the world is a submissive bf who isn’t obnoxious to me and does almost whatever I say without question. I would want him to wait on me had and foot and jump at the chance to serve me. He would have to be able to dress well, groom himself, no drugs or other addictions. Is good with other people but is only willing to extend actual feelings towards me. A dreamboat, the full package. Someone to hold close and protect and keep safe from this cruel world. Heaven.

Sometimes I believe it is unachieveable to find a bf that perfect, especially considering how obnoxious sub men are. At least they are fun to toy with and hurt, but I want to finally care about a partner. Males are trash incarnate.

No. 108408


No. 108409

this is about sex, not chicken noodle soup for the teenage soul

No. 108561

File: 1550524267661.jpg (47.66 KB, 376x324, zz.jpg)

Hey farmers! I want to try to femdom IRL and would love to get your advices/resources!!

I've never dommed IRL before even though I've always wanted to do that, but I always ended up being too shy (prob also because I had to always be a sub in relationship, not counting my ex whom i ended up domming thru ERP ((Long-distance)). Gave up on him because he started making everything about himself and never cared.) My bf doesn't mind being a dom, but he's not into pegging and I can understand that. I would like to mostly focus on talk/mental/degeneration(?) part, because thats the thing w/ which i struggle atm due to shyness n 0 exp irl. I'm also not that much into feet stuff.

And I'm a brat whenever I'm subbing. I love to tease, bully him all the time so he could prove how much of a dom he is. My fav part of subbing.

No. 108707

looks like Ozymandias from fate go.

No. 108736

Switches are shit

No. 108745

No. 108783

Switches should only be with switches
Switch girls aren't real doms and switch guys aren't real subs so they're shit in my eyes

No. 108788

ugh, stop shitting up the thread with your dumb belief that "if it isn't exactly what I like, then it's not reaaaaal" bullshit. that's so immature lmfao. imagine people not having the same exact preferences as you like god what a crime

No. 108792

why are you girls leading your bfs into troondom?

like i'm into flrs and mostly gfd but you guys are seriously asking for trouble and asking to get ditched for a hairy-assed ladyboy in due time. keep it in your fantasies or for the dudes you don't really want, bc given the current political climate, there's absolutely no chance they won't troon out on you

No. 108799

So…what femdom ~inevitably~ leads to transition? Pegging? You said gfd and flr are somehow fine, but with your slippery slope theory here, wouldn't that still be opening the door to it?

No. 108807

The ones literally feminizing them, anon…

No. 108813

Okay, I can get that, but you seemed to be addressing the entire thread at a point where feminization hasn't come up in 5 days or so.
Just confused me lol. Sorry I got defensive.

No. 108818

does anyone else worry about guys building up resentment for being in FLRs or just for being the more dominant one? society really rams it into peoples heads that it's unacceptable, and i just worry that eventually my partner will come to feel victimized, especially seeing as how 'bossy' women are so heavily shit on. my SO wasn't into this kind of thing explicitly himself and we just naturally fell into an FLR because it 'fit' our personality types and the more control i have over him, the more he works for me to pamper me, and feels owned by me, the happier he is and it's perfect in that respect, but i so worry that he'll feel abused by me because this was not an arrangement either of us specifically sought out and it seems like every guy pushes the dominant meme and i can't realistically insulate him from it all of the time

mainly addressed the thread as a whole because it was a recurring theme, the whole feminization thing. np, i get what you're saying!

No. 108876

Crossdressing does not automatically mean or lead to trans

No. 108878

>If it's not gfd it's bad
Go away

No. 108882

Most autogynephile trannies start out with a crossdressing fetish that intensifies over time. If you're looking for something beyond a fling with a guy into this, I'd say it's quite risky.

No. 108884


i literally never said anything like "if it's not gfd it's bad". you're a dumbass. all i said was that forcing or suggesting men get into sissy shit nowadays is almost certainly a one way pipeline to turning him into a creepy tranny. there was no moral judgement at all about sissy shit or anything more extreme than gfd

No. 108888

a lot of women on lolcow are dykes or dykes in denial

No. 108895

>Most autogynephile trannies start out with a crossdressing fetish that intensifies over time
all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares
I agree that trannies have muddied the waters of crossdressing but non tranny crossdressers exist
>i literally never said anything like "if it's not gfd it's bad
You heavily implied it

No. 108899

>I agree that trannies have muddied the waters of crossdressing but non tranny crossdressers exist
lol where? they really don't anymore. eventually they all become trans. literally they all fall down the trans rabbithole. every single male i've known that was into or ok with crossdressing and being fem eventually "realized" that their enjoying and insisting that it was just crossdressing was just actually a facet of repressed transgenderism. do what you want but don't be surprised when your fiance starts taking 'titty skittles' and ends up wanting to be fucked by an awesome trans gal instead

No. 108905

I think I see what's going on
You're applying you're own negative personal experiences to everyone else
That's sad, I've seen the opposite (which is to say, crossdressers who never go trans)
You're paranoid to think that every crossdresser is a tranny waiting to happen

No. 108909

I'm rarely attracted to men, and my entire attraction to men is in the frame of femdom. I never look at a guy and want him to rail me, but there are a lot of guys I'd like to fuck up and dominate.

I have a fwb right now, we're pretty sexually compatible. Neither of us want to have PIV sex or do pegging, I mostly do stuff like handcuff/blindfold him and torture him a little with edging. We tried ice play the other week and we loved it, lol. He's super low maintenance which is great, and we've been friends for years without any red flags. I feel like I've gotten quite lucky.

I relate to a lot of stuff here especially with the whole being mean to guys in school. Guys who were the "school heartthrobs" would always act so shocked when I didn't treat them like kings lmfao

No. 108914

Eww, anon.
Lesbians want real women not gross troon men in dresses.

No. 108915

Oh my god, I've found my thread.

>What experiences have you had?

I've had several subs over the years. I don't really use fetlife or kink groups to find subs. I don't really like self-proclaimed subs, usually. They already have their idea of what a femdom is and typically treat me like someone who's made to fulfill their fantasies. I just find men who happen to have sub tendencies or enjoy making others happy and see if they like the idea of a dom/sub relationship down the line. That way, I get someone who cares about the dynamic and the relationship rather than someone who wants a stand in for their fantasies.

>What are your main kinks?

Chastity, CBT, foot worship, shibari, petplay, humiliation/praise, omorashi
Crossdressing used to be one, but most crossdressers end up being AGPs for some reason so until I can find a man who's comfortable and confident in himself, I'll pass.

>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?

Shit, I don't really know. I've only been doing this for two years, so I'm pretty new myself. I guess to unlearn the bullshit you've been raised into–being overly considerate (self sacrificing). Don't be afraid to voice your feelings and really tell others what you want (and you need to follow through with those things. Really mean them).

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

I don't look for subs, so I can't answer this, specifically because the majority of male subs are unhealthy for women and just want a pampered fantasy where they don't have to initiate or do any of the work but get showered with attention and orgasms. No thanks.

No. 108916

Oh, I forgot a kink I'm into. Brutification. Too bad it basically doesn't exist.

No. 108920

>Crossdressing used to be one
This, I used to enjoy putting cute lingerie on boys and making them embarrassed until the whole trans movement. It's not like I'm scared of them transing out but it just doesn't turn me on anymore
Shame boners are the absolute best though, I could never date a degenerate because they have no shame

No. 108926

Why are you in a femdom thread if you clearly hate submissive men

No. 108937

I don’t really care for very spesific fetishes. It’s about the feeling of control.

No. 108948

What is that?

No. 108956

>Shame boners are the absolute best though
God, this. I wish I could relive the first time I helped a guy figure out how much he loved spanking. The initial confused boners and denial were the best.

I love submissive men. I hate self proclaimed male subs. I already explained this in detail, but you're probably a baiting handmaiden, so it doesn't matter.

It straight up doesn't seem to exist in any circles. I can look up "bimbofication" and it's so easy to find. But I can't find anything about making a man obedient, muscular, stupid and using him for his muscles. I can only find stuff like that only sketchy furry websites and it doesn't have the devotional/servile attitude that makes it good.

No. 108957

I've seen "himbo" floating around twitter recently, anon. There may be hope for a spike in content soon. I'll pray for you.

No. 108958

It fucking sucks that so many dudes into crossdressing are trooning out. I really fantasize about having a cute guy dressed up in lingerie or a skirt and teasing him but then I come crashing back to reality every time I remember most dudes into crossdressing are ugly troons, and even if I were to find a guy into it there's a high chance he'd troon out too lol. I want boys in skirts, not chicks with dicks dammit.

Is that basically just turning a dude into a mindless sex machine a la bimbofication?

No. 108962

File: 1550889316207.jpg (85.54 KB, 635x793, fit cutie.jpg)

When I looked up himbo on twitter, all I found were a bunch of feminine soyboys. But the urban dictionary explanation sounds a lot like what I like, so I'm confused.

I prefer calling it brutification, though. I hate those weird "making it manly" words like "guybrator" or "guyliner" shit like that.

For me, personally, what I like about brutification is having a man focus all his energies on what he's good for: moving things around, looking hot, and getting fucked. A lot of brutification turns into a male power fantasy, but I like the idea of them becoming competitively pleasing and seeing their size and strength as a boon for their usefulness. I attribute it to having a football playing sub in college. I also like brutes because I can be really rough with them and I know they can take it.

Imagine pegging this absolute cutie and teasing him about how you're the only one who gets to see him absolutely wrecked.

No. 108984

>I love submissive men. I hate self proclaimed male subs
This makes zero sense
The easiest way to find someone who is submissive is if they call themself a sub, what's wrong with clarity?
It sounds like to me that you're a fake dom
Y'all sound so paranoid(infighting)

No. 108985

Good taste anon, when it comes to subs I'd also like a beefier one who looks like he could handle it.
Just once in my life, I'd like to experience a fit guy proudly be my chair.

No. 108991

>This makes zero sense
>The easiest way to find someone who is submissive is if they call themself a sub, what's wrong with clarity?
no, it makes perfect sense. there's a difference between someone who is naturally passive and submissive wrt their entire personality, and as a result, their sexuality, and a degenerate who trawls the internet and fetlife for dommes/identifies heavily with the idea of being a 'sub' and watches femdom porn and shit. the gold standard, imo, is a guy that isn't a 'sub', but just is a submissive type of person, and consequently, is submissive sexually. there's actually a huuuuge difference. one is more of a pervert, and the other is not. while it may be A LOT easier to find a 'sub', people that identify with roles like 'sub' and 'dom/dommes', like, publicly, and in searching for a partner, tend to be creepy degenerates (especially when male). it's much nicer to find someone that just happens to be a certain way but doesn't actively heavily identify with these sexual roles. the only issue with that is that it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

No. 108999

>and a degenerate who trawls the internet and fetlife for dommes/identifies heavily with the idea of being a 'sub' and watches femdom porn and shit.
I fail to find the issue, what's wrong with wanting to find someone you're sexually compatible with
>but just is a submissive type of person, and consequently, is submissive sexually
Ok question, what if you end up being wrong and they're not sexually submissive
>people that identify with roles like 'sub' and 'dom/dommes', like, publicly, and in searching for a partner, tend to be creepy degenerates
Yeah fuck people for wanting a label so they can find someone who is compatible
You sound ridiculous

No. 109027

You seem provoked by that anon, are you one of those fetish site-loving male subs she is ignoring in favor of brutificated hot jocks?

No. 109028

2)"In favor of" but they're still male subs so it's not in favor of it's just pointlessly rewording so you can pretend you're right
3)Even if I were a male I would be happy that I was being ignored by an obvious fake domme like her

No. 109036

>people who make these roles a large part of their personality in searching for partners tend to be fucking horrible
Sexual compatibility is important
Also I call you a fake domme because I am 100% sure you don't actually do any femdom and you just think "he's slightly meek in bed so it's femdom"
Also who the hell is "we" you're the only person screeching about it
> there's a difference between someone that is submissive, and "a sub", imho.
No there isn't seeing as "sub" is an abbreviation of "submissive"
>desperate degenerate.
What exactly makes them "annoying fetishists" and "desperate degenerates"?
Is it because they're into actual femdom and not whatever fake femdom "The woman is slightly more aggressive than the man" shit you like?

No. 109037

kek, are you just going to keep screeching about "fake dommes!!!" just because we don't prefer loud pervs and instead prefer men that are low-key/don't advertise and identify heavily with being a sub? that doesn't make anyone a fake anything, though, admittedly, i don't identify with being a 'domme' bc that shit is cringy and lame and BDSM communities are for faggots. people who make these roles a large part of their personality in searching for partners tend to be fucking horrible, and doubly so for males. there's a difference between someone that is submissive, and "a sub", imho. the former is much cuter, imho. i personally only like men that are waifish and fragile, emotionally and physically, and they tend to be submissive, so it hasn't been a problem for me to find men that aren't annoying fetishists and just so happen to be submissive without being a desperate degenerate.

>Ok question, what if you end up being wrong and they're not sexually submissive
then you move on? like you're acting like it's terribly time consuming to sus someone out on dating sites or wherever. the type of guys i like are very much the archetype of what a 'submissive' or feminine 'soyboy' would be, so it's not difficult to find ones that actually end up being submissive. i suppose it might be more difficult if you were into very masc men and were into the juxtaposition of a submissive sexuality and personality with a 'hunky' body type and masculine hobbies or some shit.

>Also who the hell is "we" you're the only person screeching about it
no, i'm another anon than the original anon you initially were shitting your pants about.
>No there isn't seeing as "sub" is an abbreviation of "submissive"
you're just really dim, anon, honestly. obviously it's an abbreviation, but people who say "I'M A SUB LOOKING FOR A DOMME" are different than the ones that say, during conversation, that they tend to prefer being submissive in bed. there's nuance that apparently you're too autistic to be able to pick up on. i guess because you're too invested in being personally insulted and are apparently socially retarded, but w/e.
>What exactly makes them "annoying fetishists" and "desperate degenerates"?
i already explained this to you. 'sub' men that specifically seek out dommes and make it a large part of their personality tend to be shitty people, that, most of the fucking time, are huge assholes that just want their balls stepped on, but are douchebags 99% of the time. not sweet, shy boys that want to be dominated in bed by you, and that feel indebted to you and feel the need to naturally worship you all of the time – not just when it suits their dick. end of story.

No. 109038

> but people who say "I'M A SUB LOOKING FOR A DOMME" are different than the ones that say, during conversation, that they tend to prefer being submissive in bed.
Yeah, the former is more helpful because, again, sexual compatibility is important
>'sub' men that specifically seek out dommes
Nothing wrong with trying to find someone who is compatible sexually
>make it a large part of their personality
but wait a minute you said
>the type of guys i like are very much the archetype of what a 'submissive' or feminine 'soyboy' would be

No. 109039

>Yeah, the former is more helpful because, again, sexual compatibility is important
it literally takes 10 minutes of conversation (and you can initiate it yourself!!!) to determine whether or not they'll be sexually compatible with you.
>Nothing wrong with trying to find someone who is compatible sexually
why are you so fucking assblasted that me and like, literally one other anon don't prefer self-proclaimed sub men? you must be male or just super male-identified because this is pathetic.
>but wait a minute you said
yes, as in, a male that is physically feminine (without trying), is innocent, soft-spoken and gentle, doesn't have masculine hobbies, etc. they often do end up being submissive without being an annoying fetlife faggot clamoring to be dominated by literally anyone and whose thoughts constantly revolve around sexual shit. no one is saying you have to change your dating methodology, some people just don't prefer self proclaimed 'subs'.

No. 109040

>it literally takes 10 minutes of conversation (and you can initiate it yourself!!!) to determine whether or not they'll be sexually compatible with you.
So how is them telling you they're submissive different than calling themselves submissive?
>why are you so fucking assblasted that me and like, literally one other anon don't prefer self-proclaimed sub men
There's a difference between not preferring it and talking non stop shit about how awful they are and saying that the only valid choice is whatever the hell you're talking about
>you must be male
Is it really that hard to believe that someone into femdom would like submissive men?
>clamoring to be dominated by literally anyone
So you're mad that submissive men are submissive?

No. 109041

Def sounds like male whining itt right now, and not the sexy kind.

No. 109042

>you disagree with my bitter whining so you must be male

No. 109043

>So how is them telling you they're submissive different than calling themselves submissive?
one is divulged during direct and vulnerable conversation, and the other is making their entire profile/dating search about it. 10 minutes of talking isn't the end of the world. i am skeeved out by all people that loudly proclaim how dom/domme or sub they are. as i said, it's cringy and pathetic, and i doubt your time is in such short supply that you can't speak to someone for five fucking minutes to find out whether or not they're sexually compatible with you.
>There's a difference between not preferring it and talking non stop shit about how awful they are and saying that the only valid choice is whatever the hell you're talking about
literally two anons mentioning their specific preference is "shitting non-stop on them!!". if you're not male, for a self proclaimed 'domme' you seem to cape pretty hard for men. that's pathetic and not very domme of you, anon.
>Is it really that hard to believe that someone into femdom would like submissive men?
no, but it is hard to believe a woman would be this insulted by other anons having a certain specific taste. if you're female, why the fuck do you care, anyways? it means more 'subs' for you that we don't want them.
>So you're mad that submissive men are submissive?
yes. i don't want to be dominant with any male? i don't want someone so fixated on their fetish that they're desperate to be dominated by literally anyone. again, it's desperate and skeezy.

No. 109058

>and the other is making their entire profile/dating search about it
Making their profile about it is a good way to let people know beforehand what they're getting into it
It's really not that hard to understand
>. i am skeeved out by all people that loudly proclaim how dom/domme or sub they are.
Again, it's an easy way to search for certain types of people
>literally two anons mentioning their specific preference is "shitting non-stop on them!!"
When every single one of your replies is over dramatic as hell, then yes
> not very domme of you, anon.
How is not shitting on sub men not domme? do you just expect everyone to be a bitter person like you?
> certain specific taste.
Difference between "This is my taste" and "Men who call themselves subs are degenerate"

No. 109068

File: 1550964125433.jpeg (58.1 KB, 1024x576, 1539831904661.jpeg)

>go out of my way to ignore the obvious shitposter replying to my post with something as baity as "fake dom", clearly looking for (You)s
>farmer replies anyway and shit up the thread even more

Come on…

I've used a fit guy as a stool, but never a chair! God, I'm such a fool! How has that never crossed my mind?

No. 109069

How am I the shitposter?
I'm not the one saying "the only good sub men are the ones that I approve of personally"(stop)

No. 109119


Please tell me more about this so that I may live vicariously through it until I get my own man-chair.

No. 109270

File: 1551185669187.jpeg (405.1 KB, 719x1017, goodchairs.jpeg)

I had one sub who was annoying and cocky, so I had him kneel on his hands and knees on the (hardwood) floor and remain as a silent stool until I allowed him to move again. I basically kicked up my legs while I watched Netflix and didn't acknowledge him for a while.
Periodically, I'd swat his ass with a dragontail or stroke it along his back until he ended up frustrated, but keep him there. After about an hour, he was a lot more docile and less unruly.

It depends on how your sub is and what kind of domme you are, though. A lot of my subs are cocky, but prideful. They'll typically try to act bratty, but in a "I'll prove I can live up to your expectations" way. They probably have daddy issues to an extent, but that's probably what makes them so eager to show off/impress.

No. 109290

Am I the only one here who just doesn't get pegging
I mean if my sub wants to be pegged I might give it to him but the whole ordeal just doesn't seem to give me any pleasure
inb4 the pleasure comes from exchanging power,we are already in a power exchange scenario
I just like using my sub for my pleasure first and foremost

No. 109298

You can get double ended ones and ones that stimulate your clit.
Personally I think I'm only into it from yaoi consumption as a young teen lol. And if he's up for it (unlikely but I may get blessed with a hardcore masochist) I'm really into male anal prolapse and bleeding. The idea of making an already embarrassing body part lose function on someone is hot.

No. 109315

>anal prolapse and bleeding

Excuse me what the hell. Do you want to make him ill and incontinent?

No. 109319

You're not the only one. I enjoy pegging, but only with a vibrator. I usually don't consume femdom content besides oral and servicing stuff for this reason. Most femdom stuff is just a woman pleasuring a man at the end of the day, regardless of how she's dressed or what tools she uses. And that's pointless femdom to me. I don't like the idea of "it's pleasurable because of the power exchange". Do you see male doms only pleasuring their female partners and never having orgasms, just enjoying the power exchange? No. But men expect us to.

No. 109324

Wow you watched netflix for an hour? I like the type of man who wants to prove himself but I also a very horny dom. I get excited just thinking of sitting on a sub and would likely rub off on him after like 30 sec pfft.
I agree with this a lot.

No. 109328

That's the idea, yeah.
Obviously I'm perfectly fine with a partner who doesn't want to do it; I'd never pressure anyone into something so permanent and uncomfortable. Even no pegging is fine as long as he's on the passive side.

No. 109338

I feel this. I'd probably be a lot more dom if I actually enjoyed oral that much. I only really like receiving pleasure under very specific circumstances. When guys go 'use me for your pleasure!!' i say lol ok..get on top.

No. 109341

File: 1551230709136.jpg (Spoiler Image,470.05 KB, 2048x1583, fucking you.jpg)

I guess this is my Ideal scenario
just raping a dude on my own with no tools while he cries and squirms

No. 109349

im a bi girl, and while I don't think i'd make a very good dom for a dude (literally every dude whose into it my circles is a gross, unattractive manchild)

Though I 100% want to be dommed by a tall andro/butch woman, but in like… a caring way? Like they call me their slut, lots of dirty talk, pinning me, tying me up, manhandling me and basically just being rough while I'm being snarky and trying to goad them/being a brat until they make out w/ me to shut me up while making me take care of them.

I think I'd probably also enjoy domming a smaller girl if given the chance, (I'm p short and muscular for a girl, so someone thinner/lithe) but again, I don't think I'm as intense as a lot of girls would want in their domme.

No. 109373

Get help anon

No. 109386

Lol why?

No. 109404

Everytime I hear someone hate on pegging it's always someone who doesn't understand it at all

No. 109415

Kek. There is nothing to ~understand~, some find it sexy and others find it unappealing. (Please don't write a purple prose reply about the deep philosophy of pegging)

No. 109416

Newfag here, Im happy I found this thread as most femdom conversation on the internet is 97% thirsty guys. I have done some femdom stuff with my bf, but he has very low libido. Im the one begging for sex which kinda ruins the dynamic. Im also worried he just claims to like because he is insecure or something.

I would do pegging as a reward for my sub, I have heard it can feel really good. But I hate the thought being penetrated == submissive some have about it.

There has been talk about ideal subs, some seem to be into femboys and some into manlier men. Are you more feminine or masculine yourself?

No. 109424

Ideal sub would be well built stoic male
One of my biggest turn-ons is taking care of a well built manly male and sexually making him feel really good. The idea of tying a guy's arms above his head and just worshiping his body (in a way that makes him blushy and embarrassed) is a huge fantasy in my head. It goes beyond sexual though- I love comforting this though guy and holding him in my arms and stroking his hair gently, whispering to them, and essentially babying them.

No. 109425

Are you asking the entire thread if they prefer femboys or masc chads, or just that anon?
Personally I like something in the middle, but leaning more towards twink-y I guess. A hairy angular man who is also skinny and/or very short who smells nice and dresses well. Distinct male energy but also fragile and cute.
>are you more feminine or masculine yourself?
Very feminine in dress but also physically strong and have a deep voice. I guess that mirrors the type of men I'm into actually haha.
I wonder if girls into big boys are petite and very feminine themselves..?

No. 109452

File: 1551446618351.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.93 KB, 700x659, 3a5ccb1cdef8002a789adaa86db63e…)

I'm pretty feminine, but I'm into a lot of "unfeminine" things (drugs, gunpla, outdoorsy things, b&e, urban exploration), so I end up in spaces with a lot of males, which makes me sort of a hard ass so they don't get any stupid ideas. I think that's why I attract submissive types.

My ideal is a strong, huge guy who I can break down with just a touch or word (I'm the brute-loving farmer). I've had subs like that before but they don't last long because my desires are usually more intense than their own (most of them just want role reversal and mommy domming, and I'm into cbt and humiliation).

Feminine guys are alright, but a lot of them give me the idea that they're only ~submissive~ because of their body type/situation. If they weren't insecure manlets, a lot of them wouldn't be drawn to submission. I don't want subs like that-gives me incel vibes, I guess.

But. I wouldn't mind a femboy sub to keep in chastity and have him "fight for dominance" with my strong bara sub who then loses himself in testosterone-fulled carnal passion.

No. 109504

Teasing him to the point where he will cum in his pants when I touch him. Anything that makes him humiliated. :)(:))

No. 110637

>Are you more feminine or masculine yourself?

Appearance-wise I'm pretty feminine I guess. I'm petite with a babyface and a high-ish voice. I think my personality is more stereotypically masculine though, since I like a lot of hobbies that are seen as "male" and I'm pretty stoic, not very emotional or empathetic (which I don't think is feminine or masculine personally, but a lot of people do).

No. 110702

File: 1551704962622.png (225.25 KB, 720x960, 1550244181138.png)

No. 110703


His new gf hates him and he looks sexy with a beard

No. 110781

I think my ideal sub would be
> shorter than, or as tall as me (5”6). An inch or two over is okay too.
> slim, with no or very little muscle. Not too skinny though. Skinny fat is fine.
> a nice stomach. I like feminine waists with masculine stomachs.
> short hair, maybe a bit longer at the top. Slightly curly would be cute. Medium length is ok too if it’s styled and taken care of properly, but no super long hair.
> overall feminine. I like a masculine jaw though and a sharper nose, but overall if in makeup it should be hard to tell they’re a boy.
> shy.
> “inexperienced”. Not as in, a virgin, but as in maybe they aren’t entirely sure what they’re doing or they’re a bit shy about sex. I want a boy who would get flustered over a handjob, not be cranky and demand more or look bored. Someone who’s easily aroused and always happy to be getting sexual attention.
> a boy who will never initiate sex, but will just wait for me to do so. Also, won’t beg or complain for sex or anything, unless asked to.
> is subby outside of the bedroom. Just subtle things.
> has to be ok with pegging, or ass play. Has to call me mommy (not ageplay tho).
> is ok with crossdressing. Maybe a boy who crossdresses to a degree everyday is a plus.

My current bf/sub is most of these, though he’s about a foot taller than me, and he isn’t very shy. (He’s actually kind of a manwhore tbh). He’s cute though, and he’s pretty when he crossdresses. He isn’t into all my kinks though which is frustrating. I lean on the tougher side of things and while he’s started to allow me to hit him during sex, he still won’t let me engage in cbt or knifeplay with him. We tried cnc once and I really enjoyed it, but he hasn’t wanted to do it again since. He mostly just only wants to do assplay, sadly.

I had a sub about a year before I met him (2 years with current bf now), who was short, shyer and easier to bully, and more willing to be in pain, but overall as a person he was pretty unbearable. He was very unreliable, ghosted constantly if he wasn’t contiously hanging out with me & had a gross habit of breaking anything he touched of mine. He also wasn’t very cute, tbh.

No. 110858


>between 5’8-6’0

>maybe blonde? but that’s not really important to me
>cute face
>well dressed
>effeminate and a bit girly personality wise
>not overly submissive but will let me wear the pants in the relationship and peg him
>likes to eat pussy

No. 110870

Wait isn't that just saying for them to become the typical male stereotype of having a career, being confident, taking leadership roles, being outgoing, have friends etc? If they did that then it would defeat the purpose of a submissive male wouldn't it? I don't know if you can have the best of both worlds.

No. 110874


Am I looking for a unicorn?
>cute and small
>sub in bed
>little spoon
>has his own opinions and hobbies
>has friends or trying to find them
>has a job/is studying/trying to get one
>doesnt want me to replace his mom

No. 110876

I don't know, I am not the judge for this kind of stuff. I just don't think you can have just one type of guy without the problems that come with it. I am sure they are out there but you might have to go through a lot of guys to find it. Who knows. What I do know is that no one is perfect but they do have the capacity to change and better themselves. Which I guess is what the poster I originally replied to meant by that.

No. 110877

>all of you wanting tiny bfs
There are only so many to go around! Please leave one for me! Only 1/100 are 5'3" or less in my country.

No. 110920

File: 1552089670632.png (142.71 KB, 368x367, 1536830808575.png)

>being self sufficient and not expecting your domme to baby you is a "male stereotype"
>having a mentally well adjusted sub "would defeat the purpose of a submissive male"

Submissive isn't synonymous with pathetic or emotionally immature, anon. I don't know what kind of domme you seem to be, but I don't take on subs who are too pathetic to hold down a job, or don't have healthy relationships with friends, whose full range of emotional fulfillment comes from me alone, etc. You can be a normal, functioning human being and enjoy a female led relationship. Anyone who expects emotional insecurity and co-dependency from a male submissive or sees it as a requirement needs to re-evaluate how they themselves interact with the world. It's a relationship dynamic, that's all. Your sub is still a human being and still needs to be able to function in every day society, just like everyone else.

>tfw when newest prospective sub is a mere 5'5", the same height as me (and noticeably shorter in heels) and the shortest male I've ever met.
>he's not insecure about it
I'm sorry, anon, but I'm snagging this one while I still can.

No. 110921

What does everyone's 'domme closet' look like? I look up sex toys and the like and shit is expensive. What tools of the trade do you own, and how important would you say they are?

No. 110927

>shortest boy you've ever met
Damn anon, where do you live? Somewhere in Northern Europe? I've at least been able to talk to a good handful of boys 5'4" and under.
Congrats though! Hope it works out.

No. 110944

Not that anon but in Finland under 5'5" is super rare for males. But I am 5'9" which is a bit taller than the average female so I still find guys shorter than me kinda easily.

No. 110946

i've recently come to the realization that my bf is rather subby and i quite like being the dominant partner. for the longest time, i thought i was into being the more subby partner and would request that he be rougher with me, but i think i was just pornsick and felt that i /had/ to be that way. i like that he is physically much stronger than me, but i can be the dominant partner. i really enjoy the role reversal, and i feel much happier and mentally-healthier this way.

appearance-wise, i guess i could say he has the face of a twink and the body of a bear, although he's not particularly hairy. we're about the same height (average-tall for men, tall for women – although he's maybe 1/2 an inch shorter than me). i like being very similar heights, and i wouldn't want him to be much taller or shorter than me. he has a relatively submissive personality outside the bedroom, but he is stubborn, so i guess that makes him a "brat". he has a really cute ass LOL.
>tfw sometimes we play wrestle and i'll get on top and dry-hump his ass and it makes me horny as hell
he's not into any assplay at all, receiving or giving, which is fine, but i'd be open to it if he was.

we've recently gotten really into adult breastfeeding–sorta? i don't lactate and i don't really care to take or do anything to induce lactation, so it's really just tit sucking. either way, i'll put his head in my lap and have him suckle and massage my boobs for a long while. i have really sensitive nipples and the dynamic just turns me on like crazy. i wouldn't say i'm into mommydomming overall, but the the power dynamic is something i can get into. another subby thing that's pretty hot and that he's into is indifferent sex. he really likes it when i don't acknowledge him/having sex or pretend to act disinterested by watching TV or playing a video game.

i find the Ms/FD dynamic (even though it's not particularly extreme in my relationship and we're relatively vanilla otherwise) works best when the relationship is going well. i suppose that can be said of all sex, though. i just don't really want to be the dominant partner in the bedroom, when i get burnt out on being the dominant partner outside the bedroom as well.

No. 111041

I don't really have a domme closet. Just a bunch of dildos and rope. I've always been jealous of dommes that have entire duffle bags full of cool shit, though.

No. 111228

File: 1552715954772.jpg (157.46 KB, 1024x1024, 20190316_005719-COLLAGE.jpg)

Anyone else get a major subby vibe from Joe Jonas? Idk I just get the feeling that Sophie totally doms him. Tbh I hope so cause I think he's gorgeous

No. 111242

>she's also taller than him
wtf I love Joe Jonas now

No. 111269

File: 1552768869386.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.77 KB, 429x550, tumblr_ly0cv0Xciv1r543jso1_500…)

I've been interested in femdom since I had my sexual awakening in teens. Back in the day boys would tease us girls and once a guy wouldn't just quit it so when he got too close to me I kicked him in the nuts. Next day he told me somewhat proudly that I left a bruise which made me a bit guilty but also intrigued.

Fast forward six years, I got my first boyfriend at the tender age of eighteen. I was pretty knowledgeable on kink but had no real (sexual) experience. I told my boyfriend about my interests when we got together and he was also a switch with a keen interest in female domination. Our communication was beautiful and he did't have big flaws. I guess I got just lucky.

We've been together for six and a half years and as life tends to do, it has gotten in the way of our sex life. I suffer from bipolar disorder and most of the time I'm depressed and that means no sex, and no way in hell kinky sex, I just can't handle that in this phase of my life (though I think I've got the right medication now so we're getting there!). We've agreed that he uses the services of a professional (long distance) domme until I'm back on my feet and that has worked great for us. He's more considerate and kind because he's doesn't feel like he's pestering me all the time and he's not so frustrated sexually. Because of our arrangement I've been getting more into femdom again, last week I actually tied him up and played around with a electric wand type a thing that can give small to medium electric shocks.

I'm kind of confused by what is my preference now, as my boyfriend has gone from pretty boy to a more masculine type, going to the gym all the time and growing out a beard. Before I was into the more boy-ish, pretty men but there's a definite appeal to taking someone like him down a notch while being girly and weak myself, idk like my mind is stronger than his or something.

I'm really into old fetish art, like John Willie, Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew. Anyone else?

No. 111281

File: 1552784232918.jpg (99.53 KB, 379x835, me_and_the_hubby.JPG)

met a guy through a mmorpg. been dating for about 5 months now. sadly he lives in ny and i live in fl so the only sexual things we have done so far is dirty talk via text. but god damn, i cant wait for him to visit.
hes a a qte short hispanic boy with some decent muscle. at first id tease him and he would get shy. as the days went by, things would get more sexual. he gets super worked up when i start to call him a good boy and my puppy dog. he pretends to be stubborn but caves in and begs for my attention/detailed descriptions of what i'm going to do to him when he comes by this summer.
its so cute. its so cute to see a short tough boy be this obedient. hes like a puppy, always wanting attention yet pretends hes not into it.
i'm waiting for the right time to be sexual while on the phone. he was stammering and at a lost for words just from calling him a good boy over the phone.

No. 111329

Makes me think of that video of Sophie Turner kicking Steve-O in the nuts "as a joke" at some convention. Probably /ourgirl/.

No. 111338

While we're talking about Sophie; I'm a massive sansan fag, but I see it as a femdom situation like >>98886

Sorry for being autistic, I'll see myself out.

No. 111379

Anyone else like audio porn? It's hard for me to find male sub audio that I like but when I do it reallyyy does something for me. Even the ones I like still make me cringe a little with their silly scenarios but few things turn me on more than hearing a guy whimpering and begging me to fuck him.

W-where are those images from?

I wouldn't want to date anyone shorter than me because I'm pretty short myself but I find myself really attracted to men on the shorter side. 5'6-5'8 is the sweet spot for me

No. 111380

you're not dating.

No. 111386

>qte short hispanic boy
Uh that sounds gross and sorry to burst your bubble, but hispanic guys are NOT faithful. This is coming from a latina. Wouldn't be surprised if he's fucking around on the side and there's no way you could know about it because you're 2 thousand miles apart.

No. 111389

that's so hot

No. 111390

What korean one?

No. 111393

i dont think a guy who plays dnd and anime mmorpgs all the time is fucking other girls lol

No. 111396

probably sadistic beauty.

No. 111397


the responses to this made me rage. I don't think anything the OP said was unreasonable.

No. 111404

Top two are from the DNCE Body Moves video. Bottom left is from the new Jonas Brothers video for Sucker. Their height difference isn't actually that dramatic when she's not wearing heels.

No. 111405

File: 1552963283464.jpg (52.71 KB, 480x720, hbz-sophie-turner-joe-jonas-67…)

Forgot pic. He's allegedly 5'7" and she's 5'9"

No. 111406


I think the OP did get BTFO and that sissy stuff isn't inherently problematic or disrespectful toward feminine identity any more than i think someone dressing up as a cop during sex is disrespectful toward police identity.

No. 111407

>being this naive

you aren't dating. online shit isn't real. get a real person.

No. 111409

Are you retarded? Neither of those are particularly niche hobbies. Plenty of dnd and anime nerds bang.

No. 111412

seeing as how at 20 he asked gigi hadid out when she was 13-14, i don't get the feeling he's a sub at all, and i think he's majorly creepy. his relationship with sophie turner seems just as fake as his brother's with priyanka

No. 111415

tfw just want to be dommed by some woman but lesbians are terrible at tinder and bi women want me to fuck their ugly bfs too

why this

No. 111416

go away

No. 111419

>>111397 Of course Reddit gets mad when women don't like their misogynist fetishes - of any kind.

It isn't disrespectful to "feminine identity", it's disrespectful towards women.

No. 111421

you're cringey as hell, no farmer would fuck you anyway

No. 111422

I do but I only listen to otome and doujin cds. Never heard anything good in english.

I am bi and trying to date women on tinder and then when it turns out that your match actually has a boyfriend already it is the worst. Why do they do this? Fuckers.

No. 111423

Why are you hating on anon and the guy just because he's hispanic? Such stupid generalizations. You don't know the guy.

No. 111436

its fantasy, it isn't hurting anybody.

If men are bringing fetishes outside of the bedroom then its a problem but if its between two consenting adults who gives a shit?

OP's also very confused, lots of non-pro dommes are into sissy/gender play as a specific fetish as to them its just another form of power they have over there subs, with the power exchange being in the women's favour.

I just hate this 'I speak for everyone' crap the OP seems to be pushing.

No. 111437


also to further my own point. im bi and have been a non-pro domme to a lesbian who wanted to play with genderplay in the sense that they wanted to wear a binder/dress male/cut there hair short ect. purely in the bedroom only.

Genderplay doesn't just go one way and it doesnt need to be inherently disrespectful to either gender.

No. 111439

Lol she’s self hating and trooning out eventually. Women dressing up like men as humiliation kink is essentially non-existent. You have a harder time finding porn for that more than stumbling upon cp ffs. On the other hand, the demand for degradation for being a woman or acting like a woman is endless.

No. 111442

>If men are bringing fetishes outside of the bedroom then its a problem

They will always do this, anon. Always. Do not think that if they find being like a woman humiliating in the bedroom then they will somehow not think like this outside of it.
As a dominant woman, and a self-respecting one in general, no way would I want to enable a man's misogynist views.
Don't pretend that "genderplay" is some neutral thing.
Gender is a hierarchy with the female gender role at the at the bottom while men get to be in charge. There is no big popular "humiliate me and compare me to a lowly man" fetish going on among women.
Yeah this.

No. 111445

>it’s fantasy it isn’t hurting anybody
>as long as it isn’t displayed
Imagine getting meme’d so hard by men you’d gladly defend “non-offending” closet pedos, necrophiliacs, and rapists. Got it.
Think about the fucking implications of your kink for once. Paraphilias are a huge and deeply imbedded part of one’s sexuality. They don’t only exist in bedrooms and disappear from your brain when you go outside.
WHY and HOW did you start thinking putting a man in a dress constitutes “sexy power exchange”? Because you’re forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to? Then that’s a sub, you can make them wear a trash bag and get the same result. A sissy specifically gets off to being treated like a female whore. Maybe you’re just a tranny-chaser anon. They’re indistinguishable after all.

No. 111447

Thats a nice strawman you have there, equating wearing a dress to fucking kids/corpses/raping someone but its not really the same is it?

Why would anyone dress up as anything during sex? Imagination, anon.

I just think there are more facets to this than the few people that replied to me are willing to admit, while im not trying to say the people in




these posts dont exist (I see it too, and it does) its not to say there aren't socially conscious men/women out there with genderplay kinks that also DONT act like that.

No. 111450

How dare you. I only FANTASIZE about fucking kids, corpses and raping. Those are muh KINKS. Same as yours. Just a kink!! My kinks don’t hurt nobuhdy just like you said cuz they’re just harmless fantasies uwu and I don’t display them. I’m allowed to find those things hot in my own private bedroom! Nothing problematic about it at all. Just a kink!!!
That’s how fucking retarded your argument sound.

No. 111453

the big think you need to do here is realize how stupid it is to equate these things with genderplay.

Fucking kids, corpses and raping people all cause harm to others.

I mean let's not get into stuff like consensual non-consent (which is a massive kink) ageplay ect.

Im not into any of it but yeah honestly, if it's two consenting adults who really gives a shit, so long as they aren't actually going out and fucking corpses/kids it affects no one. How would you even plan on stopping this, realistically?

Also, if you hate kink so much, why are you in a kink thread talking about kinks with likeminded people, lol.

kink shamers need to leave, thank you.

No. 111455


do you think watching a horror film/playing a violent game/listening to violent music encourages someone to go out and emulate those behaviours, or do you understand that for most non-mentally ill people they are able to separate fantasy and reality?

No. 111456

File: 1553012653081.jpg (88.97 KB, 700x700, DghevLnUwAAUHHB.jpg)

You probably should leave if you are so sensitive that you can't handle "kinkshaming".

No. 111457

Oh I didn't know that. Shit. I should've figured. Hollywood men always get away with going after teens.

I think he and Sophie are a real couple though. He seem to have a thing for younger, tall blondes. Nick and Priyanka are definitely fake though.

No. 111460

i've had girls literally not tell me they have a bf until we meetup and have a nice little date and she mentions "oh, btw my bf is home atm and would love to meet you"

they're so fucking sneaky sometimes it's disgusting, i don't care what you do w/ ur personal time but at least be upfront about your goblinoid 2/10 bf lol

No. 111461

How are Nick and Priyanka fake?

No. 111501

im sad my fellow domme farmers
there is a qt twinky guy in one of my classes and he has been making eyes at me
but i’m too introverted to Assert My Dominance™️ towards a guy that sits on the other side of the classroom.
asdfghjjkl idk he is just so scrawny and it’s adorable but i am usually not the kind of girl who ever approaches a guy.

No. 111504

Sit next to him.
You've got to try if you want to win. If he rejects you, take the L and move on.

No. 111506

idk if i have the guts… sorry for sperging about this but i’m horny and want a cute boy to beg me and i’m fucking suffering

two days a week there’s an open spot next to me and i wish he’d sit next to me. but one day a week, which happens to be wednesday/today, it’s in a different room with tables and if i sat near him i’d literally be right across from him.

the other issue is… i would be afraid of his reaction if i told him what i am looking for, lol. i wouldn’t want to scare him with my preferences. i am not into anything too weird, but if a guy was not into bdsm at all it would definitely freak him out. though i am very alternative looking and i have always gotten the vibe from men interested in me that they were curious about trying some things with kinky girls…

as you can tell i’m incredibly indecisive about this lol. all i can do atm is try to make a connection at least but god i hate human interaction. i was considering trying to find possible subs online as i’m not trying to get into a serious relationship but i really want to meet a guy open to it irl… it’s so hard. i’m not even crushing on this guy, i’m just very horny lately and want to have a good time with a cute male who is into subbing. sage for rambling like a little schoolgirl lol.

No. 111514

File: 1553115525297.jpg (47.96 KB, 736x728, kabedon.jpg)

Anon stop acting like a virginal japanese school girl and kabedon him in the hallway instead

No. 111525

sadly im not strong enough

No. 111777

I just want a harem of qt submissive boys on leashes that I can drag around. is that too much to ask for?

No. 111804

oes any one here wrestle/play fight before and during sex

its something me and my bf do competing to see who will be the dom and who gets to be on top
now obviously he's holding back and I do use full force to try to beat him but even then I lose everytime
some times he gives himself handicaps like he will wear a blindfold or ties one hand behind his back but he still always wins
now obviously this is meant to be fun and I don't wanna hurt him seriously like hit his balls or punch him but I do wanna hold him down so that he can't move and use my legs to thrust into him as much as I please while in missionary. All the while hissing obscene comments in his ear like "be a good boy" and "you're going to get fucked by me, and you're going to like it."

so my question how do I win these fights ?

No. 111807

Start taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes?

Btw has anyone here managed to do the Amazon? I love the idea of it. Apparantly, there is a penis-breaking risk though kek

No. 111808

File: 1553599046816.jpg (13.02 KB, 424x288, verySerious.jpg)

This to me highlights one of the key differences between maledom and femdom
If the man wants to be dominant and make his female partner submissive there is really not much physically his female partner can do to stop him
conversely femdom can only work if the male wants to be submissive and the female partner wants to be dominant
A woman can never truly force a man to be submissive against his will unless the male has some sort of big physical handicap/disability
their was a post on lolcow on some thread I read a couple weeks ago about some anon who put a finger up her bf's ass when giving him oral thinking he might actually like it and he just kneed her in the face and started yelling at her and she became terrified

No. 111809

Yeah, but why that picture?

No. 111810

I was serous posting and this was one of my serous reaction images

No. 111811

No. 111822

Pretty sure that post in this thread actually lol

No. 111823

Yes, I can do this, maybe not exactly but it's a position where I am thrusting, not riding, and more like male-on-female missionary in reverse. My bf likes when I "take control" and we do something similar to >>111804 where we wrestle and sometimes he lets me best him. I'm like 60 lbs less than him so he's got a big advantage but we try our best to keep it realistic haha.

I never used to be into femdom and tbh when he first asked me to "take control" I was uncomfortable. Now I like to watch his face contort and hear him moan. Not sure what changed.

No. 111846

You're so dumb

No. 111848

stop infighting and post movie recommendations because I have none ;_;

No. 111851

Don‘t care about this thread I want to know the artist of this pic nao!

No. 111858

what did I say that was wrong ?

No. 111889

what makes you say that?

No. 111899

Wrestle him when he's physically worn out. Does he go to the gym? Play fight with him as soon as he gets home. Or get him to do push-ups and sit-ups until he can't do another one and then wrestle since he's ok with making it fairer. It's basically nerfing your strength to try to fight with tired muscles.
There's lots of ways to coerce someone stronger than you but no one should be doing that for sex with anyone.

No. 111915

>Does he go to the gym ?
Not really
>get him to do push-ups and sit-ups until he can't do another one and then wrestle since he's ok with making it fairer
Thats honestly a great idea I can't believe I never thought of that
I'll try it and give you all an update of what happens as soon as I can

No. 111953

The artist of OP picture is Kaneoya Sachiko, patron saint of this thread

No. 112061

File: 1553869121637.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.79 KB, 882x788, d7qiiym-8f4e719a-a3e2-4fe8-8d8…)

Anyone else itt into mpreg?
I know it's often only present in media with two men, but I think it's as role reversal as it gets in a het relationship.

How would you go about bringing it up to a partner? Anyone have experience with it? I'm single at the moment, but if I get an understanding boyfriend I'd like to try pretending with one of those fake pregnant bellies. Idk if it's even much of a sex thing (except for the conception part), the idea of impregnating a guy just feels wholesome, romantic, and cute. Kind of sad that I'll only ever be able to role play it and not actually make a baby with a guy like that.

The whole thing is also kind of weird since I'm deathly afraid of falling pregnant myself.

No. 112062

do you guys have any advice for gentle femdom with guys, and trying to help a guy be more comfortable with it? My boyfriend really enjoys face sitting and on only a few occasions he’s let me tie him up and blindfold him (he REALLY liked it until he started feeling insecure and like I was judging him and he had me stop), but it’s really hard to get him comfortable with doing it because he thinks it’s “gay” or makes him feel unmasculine. We’ve tried it a couple other times but usually he just ends up laughing or saying it’s not doing anything for him, which then just makes me feel insecure or like he’s laughing at me and judging me. I know he doesn’t mean it in a bad way, he’s just always felt like he has to be super macho and masculine but IMO I think he would really enjoy gentle femdom, he just can’t get past the mental block that it’s gay or makes him a cuck or whatever. I don’t want to pressure him to do anything he doesn’t really want to do, which I’m worried if I try and discuss it and say how hot I find it then he’ll feel like I’m pushing it too much. Have any of y’all had experience with helping partners realize that it isn’t gay or weak or beta? pls help you guys seem so educated and experienced :(

No. 112063

the vast majority of men just aren't into femdom and you can't do anything to change their minds
just accept him for who he is and try to love him

No. 112070

>it’s gay or makes him a cuck

Has he actually said this? If so, amazingly retarded logic for a man having straight sex with his girlfriend.

No. 112073

yeah he has, I know absolutely dumb that sounds. he has pretty toxic friends and played a ton of video games as a kid so he’s been raised in the mindset that anything not hyper masculine is gay. don’t get me wrong, he LOVES pleasing me and is not a selfish lover or anything and usually is the one to request face sitting, why is why I think he just has mental blocks around gentle femdom tbh. I know it probably sounds like I’m projecting my fetish onto him, but I really do think he likes it but just can’t admit it because of what he was taught. sorry if any of this was tmi

No. 112092

Nothing tmi about it. I think you two just need to have a good conversation where you express the thoughts you have written here.

No. 112093

You already answered that question yourself
>I think he would really enjoy gentle femdom
>he just ends up laughing or saying it’s not doing anything for him
You think he would/could/should like it - but he doesn't. The reason why doesn't matter, if he doesn't want to, you shouldn't force him, period.

No. 112106

(Im the op) as much as I don’t want to agree with you, maybe you’re right. I’m worried that I might let my fetish be making me think he would like it, even if he doesn’t. I’ll have a serious talk with him about it and why I enjoy it, and if he says he doesn’t like it, I’ll take that as a resounding no and probably not bring it up any more. The last thing I want is to force anything on him. Thank you for the reality check, as hard as it is

No. 112129

I've always been into femdom but I swear to god male subs are some of the most pathetic creatures. Even in femdom spaces, it's still about male pleasure and what you can do for them. The subs are horribly selfish and then there are still the maledoms who prey on you when they have 0 interest in subbing themselves. The only GOOD encounters I've had as a domme have been with female subs.

No. 112157

Having a hard time believing that, since that'd entail the opposite of being a submissive.
I,would never put the emphasis of the relationship on sex(low libido),but on ways to please and make her life more interesting/fulfilling. "male subs are some of the most pathetic creatures." that is what I've noticed the vast majority of women think/say, the pressure put on me by previous partners, made sure I'd not forget. After a while I ,resentingly, stopped caring about relationships, they're unfulfilling and there is nothing I could do to change it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 112200

Another failed attempt to get a new play partner. We had the amazong chemistry but I don’t want to risk ruining our friendship. I know we’d make a great dom/sub. I’m glad I had the courage to make a first move with her, though she declined it. She’s having hard time emotionally in her personal life so there is no room for super intense domme like me.
My crush in her is gone so there is more room for friendship and general no-romantic companionship.

Also, I had coffee with my ex gf I’m still friends with. Her new domme is ignoring her and that’s kind of sad. I know my ex can be super needy as a sub. The new domme is very career-oriented so maybe she is just busy.
I’m still kind of… disappointed? on her. She was MINE so you should treat her right.

No. 112466

I'm looking for some advice. I'm not a domme and not active in any bdsm circles. I'm interested in shibari/kinbaku/whatever it's called and have been practicing on myself and on mannequins for some time now. It's not a sexual thing for me but I do experience the process as very sensual and satisfying.

I found this nice looking rope bondage place that's open once a week for socializing, finding partners, rope training and play time. I was hoping to go and find someone to practice with but I honestly have no idea how that kind of thing works? Like I have no idea what to expect?
Should I go a few times and get to know people? Or does things progress a lot faster?
Is there any red flags I should look out for in a partner?

No. 112468

Samefag, I should specify I want to tie other people up, not be tied up myself, unless we're both just using each other for practice.

No. 112534

not advice but I'm in a similar boat, lets hope for the best

No. 112536

Honestly, what to expect and whatanot it's up to your zone, I can only speak for how much I partecipated in such places around my zone, so take it with a grain of salt.
the majority of (self proclaimed and not) kinbakushi were arrogant men who looked at themselves as gods and the bunnies were vain and wanted everyone to lust after them. I had really an hard time between bunnies who looked down on you because they were "beautiful submissive models" and not you, and men that, as most if not all self proclaimed doms, were the shittest people around.
It is a highly maledom environment, though, I think I saw only one dommie tying up while there.
There were some exception in all of this, of course, but it looked like mostly of those exceptions just went there for the location and some chitchat while the whole group were too focused on kissing each other asses. They had each other partners and the passion they had really came through. Watching them tie each other was beautiful, they were entirely in their own world.
In addition to this, most decent people I met who were into BDSM left the community because of all the toxicity there were.

As for red flags, it is pretty much the same you would look on "regular people", plus you may find more emotionally damaged people, blahblahblah.

I hope you girls the best, because if you find the emotional connection with the ropes, it can be one of the most intense and beautiful experience.

No. 112576

That's why femdom is better and more healthy than maledom

No. 112577

>Vast majority
9/10 when someone on the internet says "vast majority" they're pulling it out of their ass
in the comment she literally says "he really liked it" he's just insecure because he thinks it's 'gay'

No. 112579

their not into it when you specifically call it femdom
as I said here >>107584 most guys are open to try stuff that would be classified as light femdom
being restrained,being blindfolded,being slapped however from my own experiences never go beyond that

No. 112598

I know personal experience depends on area and such but thank you so much anon, this was so helpful!

No. 112613

I've noticed the same thing.

Most men hear femdom and think "Mean woman in PVC kicking me in the balls."

But they're into being tied up, blindfolded, women initiating and taking control, light orgasm denial, light teasing and humiliation, and loads of other femdom stuff.

No. 112630

I don't know about Humiliation
I have never met a normie guy who was into Humiliation

No. 112844

God I hate those fake anime moans.

No. 112893

i’m 5”2 and my boyfriend is 6”5 and the fact that he’s so much taller than me makes domming him that much sexier to me. he’s got a sweet friendly way about him but he doesn’t come across as subby but god seeing a dude so much taller than me get on his knees for me makes me weak

No. 112894

Very hot, anon. I always enjoy a good size difference. Nothing is more enjoyable than making a big man submit to a tiny girl and then teasing him about it.

No. 112895

You are living the dream, anon. (I am the poster upthread who want a jock chair.)
What sorta stuff are you two usually into?

No. 112908

thanks! he’s my best friend but it’s also so good to have someone i’m sexually compatible with. neither of us are really into pegging but we normally indulge in bondage, ordering him around, light humiliation, slapping, choking etc… I’m a pretty dominant woman (he jokes that i have an animus complex lol) while he’s a pretty stoic character and a man of few words. I don’t think it would turn me on as much if he was a typical subby brat lmao

No. 112915

That's so cute, anon.
I'm one of the anons into tiny men, but your dynamic sounds adorable. Wholesome, even.

No. 112963

do these numbers surprise you?
supposedly this is some info on fetlife users, the % of women that class themselves as domme,sub, etc.
https://imgur.com/a/tLcWL granted this is slightly stale data (2014) but i don't see why it would differ much now

No. 112967

No. Firstly, fetlife isn't a good sample size of the kink community. Most women actively avoided internet communities where the gender disparity is that high. I've had awful experiences and have decided to never use it again. Secondly, maledom is very traditional. Women, throughout history, have typically been forced to be submissive to men. Of course this will be reflected in most kink sample sizes. Porn culture also aims heavily towards a male audience(thus the service and submissiveness by females) and the male gaze so I would argue that most women are not even exposed to any sort of femdom kinks unless they actively seek it out. I for one, have a hard time finding any media from a straight, dominant female POV.

No. 112968

What kind of subs do you all like or dislike?

I personally can't stand brats or subs who act out on purpose to get punished. I like quiet and obedient subs who just want to worship me.

No. 112969

I agree. I heavily dislike brats. Subs should serve me obediently and worship me or else what's even the point.

No. 112970

i like subs who are mostly obedient but i like when my man acts out a little. i have a spanking fetish so having a guy who occasionally acts out a little works out for me. i’m not turned on by guys who you can TELL are subby but i’m not really into macho men either. cocky, insecure dudes are my biggest turn off but they seem to like being dommed a lot. give me an eloquent, confident man who i can turn in a drooling mess please.

No. 112976

>give me an eloquent, confident man who i can turn in a drooling mess please.
Post like this really creep out me
I wanna be with a sub that wants to a sub but the thought of converting a man or woman into a sub has always felt kinda abusive to me

No. 112979

nta but I assumed they mean someone who is confident outside of the bedroom and submissive inside it, not that they were forcing anyone to submit or converting anyone? I don't know why you'd interpret it otherwise.

No. 112980

Ideal is either a passive pillow prince or a masochist who blatantly enjoys pain. Not really into worship because I don't like the focus to be on myself, and not into brattiness either.
I just want to control a guy's pleasure I guess.

Where did you get non-con from that? I just read it as someone who is different in the bedroom than how they act irl.

No. 112981

Hardcore masochists really turn me on. My style of femdom isn't even particularly rough, I usually prefer light verbal humiliation, orgasm control, more things along those lines, but the idea of a guy who truly gets off on being hurt badly is so hot, even if I wouldn't do most of it for him.

No. 112982

i’m the anon who posted that but i don’t i have no idea how you came to that conclusion from my post lol

No. 112984

Your post reminded me of some posts from the fetishes you're ashamed of thread
About wanting to turn alpha dudes into subs

No. 112989

Same. It is very erotic. I'd like to find some good media content like that.

No. 112997

not sure if anyone really cares for an update, but I'm this anon. I talked to my boyfriend about it finally, and he actually really does want to try it. I made it very clear that I don't want him to try it if he only wants to since I do, but he is actually interested. I'm really happy, thank you ladies for the advice, and I'm glad I was able to bring it up to him in a healthy way. thank you all!

No. 113003

Good to hear anon, have fun!

No. 113038

File: 1555154411657.png (150.29 KB, 1168x889, leddt.PNG)

am I missing anything?

I get it's a lot of text to read, just wanted to hear your thoughts.

No. 113051

File: 1555163413089.png (744.25 KB, 1643x681, 1.PNG)

that's really cool anon good job

No. 113168

File: 1555352421814.jpg (28.99 KB, 337x404, a58.jpg)


A dom/daddy dom whomst I beat into total and complete submission.

No. 113170

I used to dom a guy who was otherwise a "dom". He had two subs (who knew about me). It was kind of hot knowing that I was at the top of that particular four person hierarchy.

No. 113172


Also, findom. Sex matters little to males, it's their willingness to give up resources that indicates true and total submission. Change my mind.

No. 113174

nta but wouldn't that have made the housewife-male breadwinner setup of the 50's femdom? It objectively wasn't.

Being the resource provider is very neutral. I could be the dominant breadwinner if I financially support a man but in return he's just a submissive sex slave. idk I guess findom never appealed to me, but I grant you that it can be dominant. Just not as dominant as it gets.

What would be the most dominant thing? Probably taking someone's life, that's too extreme for me though. I'm not into snuff or necro. Find it revolting and immoral tbh, but that's the furthest I can imagine.

No. 113175

File: 1555356289335.png (58.03 KB, 794x446, ivy.PNG)

Of course not. A housewife/bangmaid has to give up her hopes and dreams in exchange for a small allowance.

I'm thinking more in terms of women who don't give men jack shit while robbing them blind and degrading them. Goals.

No. 113498

moralfag here but this is something I really can't support
femdom,bdms,maledom should only be safe fastness but It should never come out in the real world

No. 113505

this thread has manhate crop up from time to time, just report and ignore shit like that. honestly i doubt these manhate anons are actually femdoms, especially wanting to "rob them blind". being a """findom""" is some pathetic bs.

No. 113506

Yeah this is not a general "be mean and scam men" thread, that's a different mindset than wanting to dominate men for sexual pleasure.
I don't care about money, I wanna get off.

No. 113568

Ok anons, do you have any femdom themed or otherwise hot movies that you recommend? I mean ordinary ones with a plot, not porn.

(I want to watch this one, but can't find it online)

No. 113596

Had an anonymous male message me privately because he wanted me to findom him. Couldn’t believe it, gave him a payment method . He sends 100 the 200 same day today. Wtf I feel so lucky , never to experienced this before.

No. 113605

what website was this on? i need this to happen to me

No. 113776

File: 1556199441177.png (979.79 KB, 1280x800, so_happy.png)

I owe you all an update as Its been a month now and your advice >>111899 has dramatically changed our sex lives
>get him to do push-ups and sit-ups until he can't do another one and then wrestle since he's ok with making it fairer. It's basically nerfing your strength to try to fight with tired muscles.

the first time we tried it like this It felt like a whole new world,he tried to be aggressive and hold me down but I overpowered him and got loose easily and then I held him down and had my way with him. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in so he couldn't get loose, I used my legs to thrust into him as much as I pleased while in missionary.all the while he was squirming and getting embarrassed,I was also hissing some obscene comments in his ear that I had practiced like "be a good little boy" and "you're going to get fucked by me, and you're going to like it." this was his first time being in a submissive role and since then our relationship on all levels is still the same but in bed I'm taking the more dominant role more often and we have also changed the rules a little bit,Instead of Push ups to failure were doing a set number of Push ups thats slowly Increasing (currently were at 35 Push ups)
this whole thing Is making him workout a lot more as before he never used to exercise

No. 113787

Congrats on the good sex anon!

No. 113803

damn. this happened to me on kik once. this guy would send me $100-$200 every week to provide the most basic conversation and i had to make fun of him for sending me money. it was ideal. never shared any personal info and had some decent convos nonetheless. then he said he got a gf and i never heard from him again. it lasted about 3 and a half months.

No. 113810

I think it’s more subversive to buy things for them, showing them who wears the trousers. I like to take my subs out to dinner and spoil them, before making them pay in other ways after.

No. 113813

Definitely this. The one with the money is the boss.

No. 113829

File: 1556293712588.jpg (143.37 KB, 960x1440, p15739387_b_v8_aa.jpg)

Anyone watch this yet? Thoughts?

No. 113836

I watched the whole thing because of morbid curiosity. Like, how far are they willing to go in showing fetishes in such a popular platform. It's an okay series, if you have nothing better to do.

No. 113863

File: 1556388691237.png (15.4 KB, 928x133, Screenshot_2019-04-27 r Gender…)

thoughts ?

No. 113864

It's some obsessed anon who posted the exact same thing in /ot/?

No. 113866

Yes, she did.
Why is she so preoccupied with dommes and malesubs?
I stand by that all subs should be there by their own free will and their limits should be respected or it's fucking rape lmao.

No. 113870

This is retarded because in a lot of cases, this is what makes it hot, the fact that a man could ultimately do whatever he wants in terms of physical strength but relinquishes his power because he's a desperate subby slut. Part of BDSM on the whole is the TPE aspect of it all.

No. 113872

There is nothing sexier than a really fit manly man bowing down to a woman because he recognizes her superiority and gets a boner from it. Yeah baby

No. 113874

Ignore any weird undertones in this comparison, but it's like saying big dogs like dobermans or german shepherds aren't under their owner's control because they have sharp teeth and strong jaws. No, it's a psychological thing. Humans have a history of owning and controlling bigger, stronger animals. A man is just a bigger animal than a woman (generally).
And it's not just about being armed, back to the dog metaphor, dog owners aren't constantly carrying guns and knives. Dogs just respect their owners as superiors and both parties benefit.

I'm not even into strongman subs (I'm a formidable lady who likes tiny men) but it's not completely out there for them to be a thing.

No. 113875

It's that retarded femsub anon who can't cope with the fact that femdom exists at all. She's weirdly obsessed over it. Her boyfriend is probably into femdom or something.

No. 113889

I'm not a femsub,I hate maledom and femdom equally though I admit maledom is much more dangerous

No. 113902

Human sexuality inherently respond to hierarchies and there is a small study that showed that relationships where either the female or the male are clearly in charge are happier and more fertile. The most intense and happy sex lives and relationships usually involve a dynamic such as this. I have read countless of stories of old married people introducing kink - whether femdom or maledom - and the relationship instantly becoming more intense and better. Having a secret together, having rules you come up with together, activities that you normally wouldn't do, trusting the Other with your life and being hurt, knowing that the other trusts you to hurt them - those are all things that strengthen any relationship. Maybe you are too much of a sissy to handle a little violence, but don't for a second think that you are being objectively superior by abstaining from any BDSM.

No. 113910

Thats not how healthy relationships work,relationships are built on mutual respect
stop trying to pretend like BDSM is natural in any way

No. 113911

>relationships are based on mutual respect

a) why wouldn't BDSM include mutual respect b) why is that more important than trust for example?

I can have mutual respect with anybody. I can respect my coworker as an equal and the coworker can respect me. But only my partner can accept and indulge in weird practices, and I have to truly trust him to engage with that. This deep intimate trust needed for BDSM seems much more specific to relationships than mutual respect, no?

No. 113914

Go back to the kinkshaming thread, you're not wanted here.

No. 113932

Well, I mean, you’re not technically wrong about the BDSM not being natural part as I don’t think there‘s any other species using violence or similar for pleasure in a sexual context. But you’re very clearly trying to kink shame here, so yeah.
What >>113911 and >>113914 said.

Nobody forces you to practice bdsm, so please fuck off.

No. 113984

>as I don’t think there‘s any other species using violence or similar for pleasure in a sexual context.

They're not using it consciously but sex is extemely painful for most females in other species and usually they're overpowered by the male and often take lasting damage from it. People assume that BDSM is a leftover from sex being originally very painful and thus arousing individuals

No. 113986

That's retarded, our closest animal relative is the bonobo which has sex for bonding and pleasure. Especially a lot of lesbian sex, because the females are in charge.
Then there are a lot of other animals doing all sorts of crazy shit, but no one is saying that it's natural for men to kill the children of women they like(as lions do) or for women to be cannibals, black widow style.

What I'm saying is I love femdom but anytime people try to justify bdsm with "science" it sounds stupid. Just do it if you like it, abstain if you don't want to. Human behaviour and taste is complicated and diverse.

No. 113992

and I'm saying femdom and maledom are both wrong,maledom is much much worse but femdom is still shit

No. 113996

File: 1556547885902.png (979.6 KB, 712x899, sflowers.png)

Yes, we are all very interested in your opinion here. Don't you have a shota thread to post in?

No. 114011

you're really projecting aren't you pedo anon
BDSM is bad,Maledom is much worse then femdom but femdom is still shit,though your pic is kinda cute

No. 114013

You can hide the thread. Even if you post this on as many sites as possible constantly malesubs will continue to exist, as will dommes.

I don't like doms existing but I can't stop them doing their thing by insulting them online. idek what your goal is here.

No. 114020

I'm saying BDSM in all forms is wrong and both male and female subs have psychological problems that have to be dealt with through therapy

No. 114021

There is no goal. They just derail every thread with moral fagging garbage. Also doesn't sage and smells like a male poster. Just ignore them.

No. 114023

They do indeed smell like maleposter and has an interest in discussing sexy young boys.

No. 114026

>has an interest in discussing sexy young boys
when did I do this

No. 114029

Still interested in movie and tv-show recommendations that you anons might have.
Random but I kind of enjoyed this moment in Parks and Recreation.

No. 114038

Oh fuck yes. April in general could do to me or make me do whatever she wanted.
She‘s so hot.

No. 114039

Hey Anon, mind sharing the source of that pic?

No. 114040

This manhwa: https://bato.to/series/73301
The anal focused theme isn't my cup of tea, but the two blond guys are super handsome.

No. 114043

Thanks! The plot synopsis wasn't what I hoped for but the art is nice.
I too am not really a fan of anal as a main focus. Vanilla penis in vagina is more than enough for me lol. Any comics you would recommend?

No. 114045

The only other good femdom comic I've read is Sadistic beauty. It still lacks anything that makes the female mc get off - the men are never serving her, no oral, no PIV. A real pity. That's what I wanna see.

No. 114047

File: 1556583078696.jpg (204.18 KB, 619x800, 9b368d26-9851-4ed6-8ea9-2b48c1…)

Guilloteen was pretty good, a shame she stopped drawing.

No. 114048

Where can you read it?

No. 114052

She had a comic called Touch Factory, from what I can gather. Tumblr and DeviantArt are gone so idk.

No. 114097

I think a problem I have with people who go too hard in the dom/sub binary of life is that they become completely neurotic about being in a society that involves social exchanges. Anything short of godhood is seen as a lapse in true dominance. That line of thinking is how neurotics wind up armed to the teeth in the middle of the woods- an obsession with self-reliance and making sure nobody has power over them. It becomes an obsession with weakness and it's utterly exausting.

I do get that it can be kinda corny when someone has no IRL power or knowledge backing their dominance while they talk like a demigod on the internet, but a pro dom absolutely has legit power. She would have the power wilfully given to her by the sub, she's getting paid for goodness sake, she has the power of attraction, and she's got the power of expertise. We're beyond the point in society where the biggest and buffest are the bosses, and have been for a very long time. Hell, being the kind of person who throws hands every time they're made to participate in a larger social exchange is a great way to be completely socially disempowered as society cuts you out like a tumor.

No. 114108

Watched Endgame and left the movie wishing Captain Marvel would dom Peter Parker. Wtf is wrong with me?

No. 114112

I’m at a bit of a weird impasse here - I’ve started hooking up with a guy who I think is into femdomme however he is more into a “mommy nuture me” thing and I have no idea how to go about this.

Any places to start?

No. 114120

There'd be few problems if he were older. Shotacon just ain't it for me

No. 114133

But Tom Holland is 22yo and 5'8" lol

No. 114172

Nursing handjob?

teenagers aren't shota

No. 114185

It's a weird scenario because though the character is a teen he's played by someone far older. Tom Holland is 22 so he's been legal for a while, but he's playing someone 7 years younger than himself. I don't think it can really count as shota, teens aren't shota to begin with and the actor isn't even a teen but an adult.

So >>114108 its kinda weird but not really terrible.

No. 114193

Does anyone else absolutely despise being called Mommy? DDLG/MDLB stuff is so common in the kink community these days and people just assume all doms are into it. I get that I can be a gentle dom sometimes, but it's still a huge turnoff for reasons I don't understand.

No. 114194

It’s so fucking weird that I found an artist that draws dead-inside eyes like the ones I have. It’s even weirder that there are women, who are my type, that are into men with those kinds of tired and dead eyes. I’ve always been insecure about my eyes since I have too much upper eyelid exposure and it makes me look exhausted and sleepy all of the time

Just weird to me. I dunno.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114198

>it's still a huge turnoff for reasons I don't understand

You don't understand why you don't enjoy being compared to their mom?
Caring for children is a seriously anti-erotic activity. Sane people don't want to fuck their kids.

No. 114232

Umm that's pretty hot tbh. I think I need to watch Parks and Rec now.

It's pretty cheesy but this scene in Gossip Girl always gets me. I'll admit I have kind of a thing for waiters, anytime I have a cute one I have this urge to spill my drink on them and boss them around

Also not a movie/tv show but I think The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had an influence on my sexuality growing up. Link is super cute and twinky in that game and Midna gives off big femdom vibes.

No. 114265

It's a retard who can't cope with the idea of a man consenting to being dominated existing

No. 114269

I mean, in this thread alone, many of the ladies here are into being called Mommy. I just wished it didn't automatically register as creepy to me, would make kink shit a whole lot easier if I could deal with all the degenerate mommyfag subs.

No. 114270

how many times do I have to explain this
I hate all forms of BDSM and maledom is much much worse and more abusive then femdom
both male and female subs have psychological issues that have to be dealt with through therapy not BDSM

No. 114271

You seem to lack understanding into what BDSM actually is.

No. 114273

File: 1556897746535.jpg (197.4 KB, 1800x1578, degenerate.jpg)

No. 114278

ooh I wish that scene was much longer.
>Midna gives off big femdom vibes
Well she DOES ride around on him…

I found this clip and it's probably just a joke but damn this guy is cute.

No. 114286

Anons I need advice. My bf has been kind of a smug asshole lately, how can I put him in his place?

No. 114287

Lol I never thought I'd see this movie here. I totally forgot about this scene. It's making me rekindle my childhood love for Jesse McCartney though

No. 114289

File: 1556928132489.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.36 KB, 500x500, 1.jpg)

I mean the whole point is a consensual power exchange. But I'm with >>112576, the strength difference thing is one of the factors that make femdom/malesub better than maledom/femsub imo. More interesting but also often safer or even healthier (a man dominating a woman can do a lot more damage even on accident than a woman dominating a man, especially if there is some sort of sadism involved, which with dominant men seems to be the case more often than not according to what I have seen/heard…)

I agree with this. Femdom doesn't even necessarily have to involve pain anyway, and even if sex involving sadomasochism were really more 'natural' or whatever who cares, people are more than instincts. It reminds me of the idea I have seen people say that bdsm sex and relationships are somehow inherently more intimate/meaningful/etc than 'vanilla' ones, which in my opinion just seems so manipulative as well as just untrue. But I am interested in both femdom/malesub and equal power dynamics in sex so I guess that's just my femdom/vanilla hybrid opinion kek.

And that's an understandable thing to believe as some forms of BDSM can be really disturbing or abusive and in quite a few of those cases I would actually agree with you, but I just don't understand why you keep returning to this thread if the subject matter bothers you.

No. 115786

Personally I like pegging because it turns me on exploring a guy's body in such an intimate and personal way. Guys mess around with their dicks all the time, have usually lost their virginity, but very few have tried receiving. I find it brings out a guy's vulnerable side in particular ways other things can't. Physically it also feels really good with the right harness, because the base of the dildo stimulates your clit when you thrust. I orgasm from it regularly, although it can definitely be considered more "work" than most people would like, especially missionary where his legs are up against your arms.

Honestly, it's much less enjoyable if the guy is already into pegging or anal play. There's no submission involved as then he just wants me to pleasure him. It's just hedonism on his part.

Let's say in my boyfriend's case, he has no anal experience prior to me. He has to change up his diet, research on how to clean himself and take the time to do that properly, and lie back and let me do something to him that he might not even find pleasurable, but I will definitely enjoy. There might be some internal conflict regarding his masculinity, but he's going to do it anyway because I want it. It's starting to look more like submission now, isn't it? And if he starts to enjoy it down the line, even better for me. I awakened something new in him, he might even beg me to do it. I trained him to enjoy what I enjoy, and that's incredibly hot.

No. 115817

>lie back and let me do something to him that he might not even find pleasurable,
>but I will definitely enjoy
>he's going to do it anyway because I want it.
>I trained him to enjoy what I enjoy
anon that sounds extremely abusive

No. 115820

I'm not going to do it if it's going to harm him in some way or if he considers it a limit. I'd prefer not traumatizing him. We both communicate well, and I can read him well enough to know what he can or cannot handle. In a D/s relationship there are going to be cases where the sub is going to do something they might not particularly be thrilled about but will do it to pleasure the dom. If they comply only when they feel like it, it isn't really submission, is it? Of course I'm not talking about times where they are being harmed, or if they're sick, dealing with a tragedy, etc… but more times where they are feeling lazy, want to do something else, etc. Hope that makes sense.

No. 115866

File: 1559218283587.jpeg (123.66 KB, 540x763, 8D572278-A906-4E2D-A463-93045D…)

I didn’t like when my ex called me mommy and even asked him to stop toward the end of our relationship. I also told him “I wished he were more masculine,” and maybe that was a shitty thing to do.
Over a year later I absolutely love when my bf calls me mommy, like I feel all warm and fuzzy in my chest and I think it’s adorable. What happened? Did image boards meme me into liking it? I love being able to nurture a guy and have him be vulnerable with me.
Was it just my ex that I disliked? He also was into being a “little” (ddlg thing) which I hated. He also pretended to be a cat sometimes and even bit a hole into my shirt because of it which pissed me off. Maybe he just gave me a bad first impression of it?

No. 115869

Your ex sounds like a 15 year old weaboo degenerate, but your current bf calling you "mommy" isn't exactly cute either, why can't he call you something without a weird incest angle? The gfd relationship dynamic is cosy enough, a strong but gentle caring woman isn't shameful, but why can't you just get the same feeling from a less creepy petname? You guys need to lay off the doujin, one day he's going to pop a boner talking to his real mom.

No. 115870

I'm a sadist when it comes to men but I'm also a submissive masochist. Only dominant enough to engage in the sadist thing - the idea of full-on D/s femdom turns me off. Some men like the challenge of having a woman who wants to give as good as she gets (I'm 5'8" and 145 so can hold my own) but not actually dom them.

I love overstimulating a man and pushing him to the edge of what he can take, but I could never date a full-on sub (have tried and it just doesn't work) unless I was topping from the bottom literally all the time. I'm also comfortable with always being submissive though so I guess I don't really belong here. Good read though.

No. 115872

Having a man child as a partner will become less appealing the older you get unless you're rich

No. 115876

Fucking this. It's a healthy thing for both sides to want to love and dote on their partner their partner but for some reason it always turns into this disturbing stand-in mommy/daddy shit

No. 115895

>one day he's going to pop a boner talking to his real mom.
KEK I love you anon. The gfd dynamic is pretty cozy. We kind of just defaulted to that petname. I guess it’s not specifically the word “mommy” that gives me the fuzzy feelings, it’s just the idea of men (who are usually expected to be stoic/“manly”) submitting to me and being vulnerable. Like there’s something so pathetic and cute about a guy calling a girl mommy, but that could probably be achieved with other petnames. I probably sound like a creep oh no.

You’re not wrong. I don’t interpret mommy/daddy nicknames as something incestuous, but I can’t really justify my reasoning.

No. 115897

Just get over it and stop being so childish. Who cares about the petname? Who is hurt by it? Tell me beyond just "it's weird" and "it's creepy" and "I don't like it"

No. 115899

Nta but calling someone your parent is obviously not just like any other kind of pet name. Incestous vibes should squick out sane people.

No. 115905

>stop being so childish
Say that to her boyfriend instead of us kek
It's not hurting anyone, no, but if I was his mom and found out he was calling his girlfriend mommy whilst she gave him head and chicken tendies I'd definitely feel some bad kind of way. It's just unnecessary when every other part of it seems cute and wholesome to then have this random jarring incest angle. She said herself they're not attached to the word, so why not just shift the petname to something cute they could even say in public?

No. 115915

People need to stop using the pet name "baby" because baby means infant and I feel
>some bad kind of way
when someone calls their partner their child. No they aren't using it to mean "cute" they are using it to mean "infant."

Nta but y'all are really blowing this out of proportion. There are pet names in other languages that directly translate to familial titles. Mami? Oppa? Almost as if slang isn't as rigid and has a different connotation than the original word.

No. 115916

Double post but I have a priest kink and the term "father" to me is far disassociated from what I say or think when I refer to my actual dad. Language ain't rigid and people won't make the same associations with words as you do.

No. 115921

I never thought about fucking a priest. Damn, now I kinda want to.

No. 115925

I said beyond "it's weird"

>I'd definitely feel some bad kind of way. It's just unnecessary when every other part of it seems cute and wholesome to then have this random jarring incest angle. She said herself they're not attached to the word, so why not just shift the petname to something cute they could even say in public?

I also said beyond "it's bad". It's obviously not random and not jarring either. It's play, the word invokes the dynamic on its own, that is all. It sounds weird and looks weird and feels bad, because of the taboo and perversion surrounding it. Most people have more fucked up fantasies and enjoy fucked up stuff "as play", like being a genocidal maniac in a video game or fantasizing about being raped. You need to get over your biases and reflect them before you go around preaching, maybe think about an actual possible negative aspect, like possibly losing the idea that it's play and thinking of yourself as an actual baby princess/mommy and letting it affect adult responsibilities.

No. 115932

File: 1559347467065.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.43 KB, 500x767, humble.jpg)

Sounds like they can't even tell the difference between the people who do it in bed and the people who make it a lifestyle for their entire relationship.

I'd argue it's weird when the kinky stuff bleeds its way out of the bedroom and other people are subjected to hearing/witnessing it. The pretending disappears and a fantasy becomes this weird aspect of your actual relationship. But I'm not going to bitch about what people do in their bedroom because it's not "cute and wholesome" or a thing you can't say in public. Just about every kink is rooted in societal taboo.

No segue for this but I'm really into impreg/breeding. I have a fantasy where a queen doesn't like her betrothed and milks one of her subordinates for all he's worth to make a bastard out of spite.

No. 115933

For a moment I thought you meant mpreg and got excited.
I posted about it a while back and no one bit, is it truly only fujos who share this taste?

No. 115934

I haven't really explored mpreg-related content at all so I guess I have a thing to do this weekend. The fujos and their fanfiction prompts veered me away however long ago I first heard of it.

The idea of tending to someone who's vulnerable and carrying a product of a relationship's passion does sound appealing regardless of gender.

No. 116104

Just had a similar moment watching John Wick when Halle Berry gives Keanu her spat out water to drink lul.

No. 116705

File: 1560442202924.jpg (238.88 KB, 1920x761, sbcap.jpg)

Does this count?
I was rewatching things and this reminded me of you guys.

No. 116845

Sorry, first time in this thread, I skimmed through it but it's so long I can read it all right now.
So it finally happened: my bf told me he wants me to dress up in leather and dominate him.
I can't say I wasn't expecting it since he's quite soft and I feel like a mother figure to him half the time, but the thing is I've always been a very submissive gal and I need tips to make his wishes come true. I really can't imagine myself being a domme but I want try at least! What should I do to not make a fool of myself?

No. 116850

Find out what his interests specifically are and take it slow! Check in with him periodically, establish a safe word, and make sure to practice aftercare! My boyfriend and I use traffic light colors as our check in, green = good keep going, yellow = lighten up but still good, red = stop. Our aftercare is usually me giving him a good back rub with lotion + applying lotion to areas that I’ve abused lol. Sometimes orgasms are not part of our “play”, sometimes they are. Maybe look at equipment and toys together to get a feel for what you both want your scenes to look like. I’m still not good at talking up my dominance but I’ve found it doesn’t have to be as harsh as you might think, sometimes baby talking is more humiliating than being stern lol

Good luck! Please let us know how it goes!

No. 116855

Thank you! you're right, I need time to make a better idea of what's his idea of a domme. I've heard of safe words but had no idea of the aftercare, thanks for pointing it out. It's kinda weird for me to think I'm in a situation of power when I'm like half his weight and height, gotta work on that psychological aspect myself lol

No. 116877

Me going to check the femdom thread: I hope this doesnt awake anything in me…

I think you being smaller than him yet the dominant one is part of what's hot

No. 117043

Found something pretty nice.
Foot in mouth is growing on me

No. 117051

There's a hot sequence in the movie Thursday where Thomas Jane gets tied up and raped by a female criminal. Saw it on TV way too young and now I'm here.

No. 117119

That reminds me of high school. There was a kid nicknamed "Long Schlong Tom" for his 10 inch dick. He got a girlfriend who would only have sex with him if he dressed up a a priest so he was also called "Father Tom."

No. 117465

File: 1561390721832.jpg (86.06 KB, 750x937, tumblr_prpug9Pkwb1qcfut1_1280.…)

Thought this pic of Gwendoline Christie and Oscar Issac would be of interest to you gals.

No. 117546

Any manga/comics/webcomics with femdom themes? Preferably from a female perspective. I liked Sadistic Beauty a lot.

No. 117550

Love in Hell is good, but it still has weird loli pandering moments.

No. 117566

Looks like male-oriented uguuu ecchi shit.

No. 117567

Sadistic Beauty was somewhat weird. At first it felt like a woman wrote it but then you have weird things like the male MC never getting to touch the female MC, he never does anything to please her, hell does she even get to orgasm? It's so weird in most femdom works the women never gets any pleasure at all. In maledom works you see constant blowjobs, dick and body worship, etc, everything focusing on the man's pleasure.

At least the part where glasses guy gets completely mindbroken was good.

No. 117568

I could have written that post.
Glasses guy was hot but mc never got off, super weird. It reminds me of paid femdom where the man pays to gets off and the woman isn't actually sexually into it, she's just there to please him. Ugh.
I wanna see some pussy licking, piv etc.

No. 117573

She got off in the lesbian oral scene but I think that's about it.

No. 117574

That's what I thought of too. A lot of it seems like it's happening in a professional dominatrix scene or on a porn set. I don't care for PIV but I'd at least like to see caressing, body worship, clit rubbing, oral. And then non-sexual service, scenes where she teaches him to do things she likes, you know, so he actually gets to serve her? Such a wasted opportunity. I mainly liked Sadistic Beauty because the art itself focuses a lot on the guys. I just wish it was more of a D/s dynamic rather than a service top/bottom one…

Right, I forgot about that.

No. 117576

>I'd at least like to see caressing, body worship, clit rubbing, oral. And then non-sexual service, scenes where she teaches him to do things she likes, you know, so he actually gets to serve her? Such a wasted opportunity. I mainly liked Sadistic Beauty because the art itself focuses a lot on the guys

I'd pay money to read a comic like that with good art and hot guys.
Aren't there any comic writers lurking around? Let's make the LC fap-approved version.

No. 117580

I remember this gorgeous black girl on my friend's social media who lived so unapologetically it made me envious. She had this sub boyfriend and loved making people uncomfortable by posting pics of him on a leash (he looked like a fucking snack). I wish I was her.

No. 118496

File: 1562445737489.png (197.22 KB, 1280x694, sb.png)

Good news from the Sadistic Beauty author!

No. 118502

wait until you see a certain scene in Far From Home, it was almost like a shoutout to all the /ss/hitposting caused by that EG scene

No. 118504

What happens anon?

No. 118512


ntayrt but i think anon is referring to a scene where Peter needs a new suit, so Nick Fury sends an agent (a pretty, tall blonde woman) to give it to him. Peter and the women met in a secluded room and she demands him to take off his clothes (so he can change into the suit but the sexual subtext is played for laughs) and he starts to strip in front of her. She definitely gave off some dom vibes lol.

No. 118515

No. 118516

and then his love rival barges in and snaps a pic of him in his underwear with the tall blonde to show their crush, thought I was watching hentai for a minute

No. 118540

File: 1562499081215.jpg (87.31 KB, 640x640, FDs2bpo.jpg)

No. 118620

how do you guys feel about the fact that joe jonas has essentially admitted to subbing for sophie turner in the sucker music video? (also, dnce songs be mean and cake by the ocean)

No. 119213

File: 1563168102974.jpeg (107.15 KB, 750x722, 1544495462807.jpeg)

>Be me, a young degenerate
>Go to a munch for the first time ever
>The munch is femdom themed
>Enter meeting room
>Everyone there is old enough to remember the Mexican-American war
>It's pretty much a socratic seminar where people talk about gender and orientation and I hardly get to speak
>A self identified slavesexual who's over 60 rambles on back and forth with the organizers for an hour about the intricacies of licking boots of superior females
>An old man struggles to open a crinkly box of oreos for 20 minutes before a domme finally stops him.
>He then goes around offering the oreos which no one wants or accepts only to sit back down and eat none of them
Is this what munches are? Help me anons, it was extremely uncomfortable talking to great grandmas about stepping on men.

No. 119215

I fuckin love Oreos, I'd go just for a handful then leave.
Anyway, getting together with a bunch of people to talk about fetishes and whatnot could only possibly be clinical at best, haunting at worst. If you really want to talk about it, then the internet is the best choice. A seminar about fucking combines all the worst aspects of human interaction.

No. 119219

>A seminar about fucking combines all the worst aspects of human interaction.

Finally someone has put into words precisely why I hate Foucault so much.

No. 119222

lmao anon I love you

No. 119265

try looking for stuff on reddits r/bdsmcommunity or using the keyword "the next generation" or "tng" when u look for munches on fetlife. tng is people between 18 and 30 and tend to have a more casual vibe imo. sorry about ur first munch being so weird.
me personally, i dont really interact w the bdsm community that much because most of them are nuts. and male kinksters tend to have bad takes on everything lmao. good luck finding cool people anon.

No. 119274

Well looked around and it seems TNG in my area is completely dead, but I'm moving in 3 months and there seems to be TNG events where I'm going. Thanks for the hope anon.

No. 119299

Munches have the stereotype of being for boomers, probably because when millennials and zoomers want to meet new people they just do it online.

Personally I don't want much to do with the BDSM community since it's full of mentally unwell people, all types of abusive and exploitative people and the fetish things they're into are very rigid, impersonal and dull to me. Always based around generic porn categories or the minimum contact barely even sexual things that happen in dungeons and that pro-dommes offer. Like being obsessed with a single leather garment or spanking implement.

In my experience if you want a kinky social circle to play/chat with get in with SJW/leftie groups who usually pride themselves on being open minded and trying new activities and roles, especially sexually. They always have the sensitive artsy/shy nerdy/more masc but thinks femdom is praxis type guys (and girls) wanting to sub, but in a way that defers to you and not just wanting to play out their insanely specific paraphilic fantasy you get with men who make kink their identity.

No. 119595

File: 1563508972781.png (Spoiler Image,188.53 KB, 764x628, D8mYonQUIAElnND.png)

just dumping art by _mblwka_ on twitter. thought itd be interesting for you girls (1/3)

No. 119596

File: 1563509108703.png (Spoiler Image,96.54 KB, 800x617, DDcnzmRUMAAWAA3.png)

just dumping art by _mblwka_ on twitter. thought itd be interesting for you girls (2/3)

No. 119597

File: 1563509235306.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.99 KB, 792x738, DQETbgMV4AALTa4.jpg)

just dumping art by _mblwka_ on twitter. thought itd be interesting for you girls (3/3)

No. 120178

So…this is long but I need help. I didn't know this thread existed until now, haha, wow.

I have been in a committed polyamorous dominant submissive relationship for the past three months. I’m the Domme and I have 5 subs, three men and 2 women. It’s been going great, it’s all consensual and everyone if having a good time. We do not live together, but we hang out at my apartment almost every day. It is not a purely sexual relationship either. We all share an emotional connection and it’s like any other relationship but poly and bdsm. Of course, as the domme, there are some rules. They need to call me master. No kissing anyone except for me. If i tell someone to do something, they do it (within bounds of course). The punishments depend on the person, some of my subs get whipped, some publicly humiliated. It all depends on what I agree on with each sub. We have safe words too, and we stop the roleplay whenever anyone says one. It seems weird to vanillas but this is what we enjoy and we like to be open about it. Everything has been great. At least I thought everything was going great. I woke up a couple days ago and told one of my subs to get me a cup of coffee. He didn’t do it. I told him that I was going to punish him (public humiliation which can be easily resisted) and he said that he wouldn’t do it. Now, if one of my subs acts like this I break it off with them so I threatened him that I would kick him out of the relationship. The other subs chimed in and said that if I kick him out, they all leave. That’s right; my submissives have unionized. They handed me a sheet of paper with a list of demands. The demands included (I’m not sharing all of them for their privacy), “Allow kissing between subs” and “Demands are to only be followed after 8 pm”. I tried to negotiate, but they were firm in their demands. I couldn’t punish them. My hands are tied, and I have no power anymore. I told them that I would think about it for a couple days. They haven’t left me yet, they still stay overnight, but this list of demands is lingering over our relationship and our sex life. They want to keep a dominant, and no one has stepped up to replace me. They thought about finding a new domme online but only if I don’t give into their demands. I want to negotiate because I don’t want to give up too much power. I offered “kissing subs only after 6 pm” and “follow demands after 1 pm”. I also offered following each demand separately but not both together. I really do have feelings for them, and they have feelings for me. But the power balance was shifted when they unionized and I don’t know what to do. The relationship isn’t as satisfying anymore and I don’t know if it will ever be. What should I do. Do I let them get a new domme and leave them? Or do I give into their demands and relinquish some of my power?

No. 120182

File: 1564187662059.jpg (1.44 MB, 3070x4096, 1.jpg)

how many threads are you going to post this in? go away, you fucking embarrassment.

No. 120183

You sound kinda abusive tbh.
Did you ever explicitly agree on a TPE type of relationship with all of them individually or did you just expect them to accept it?
If you actually do live poly, why wouldn’t they be allowed to kiss someone else or each other? Sounds more like a harem-kind of thing.

But anyways… you can’t just force them to be in a bdsm relationship with you they don’t want. Like I said, that’s abusive, TPE D/s or not. You have to be on the same page about what you want from each other.

No. 120184

File: 1564187689095.jpg (1.11 MB, 3070x4096, 2.jpg)

No. 120185

File: 1564187715615.jpg (208.04 KB, 626x800, .jpg)

bonus pic

No. 120193

Go back to Tumblr and stop shitting up our threads with this. Even the dommes on LCF don't want to put up with your stupid "poly" quasi-cucking melodrama.

No. 120202

Dominance only works because the submissive party LETS you. Dont fool yourself into thinking you actually have power lmao. I think your expectations are too high and probably abusive. The natural response should be to sit down and talk through the issues and reestablish boundaries/rules, otherwise you are insisting on genuine abuse.

No. 120217

You're an abusive control freak, not a domme.

The "power" a domme has is all an illusion. You can only make rules and demands that the sub approves of. The moment you make a sub do something they don't actually want to do, you've crossed over into abuser territory.

Thinking the domme is really in control is like thinking puppy play turns you into a dog.

Get the fuck out of the BDSM community until you figure out what "consensual" means.

No. 120218

Just saw that’s a copy/paste from r/relationship advice and - oh, surprise, the original OP is a male that coincidentally also created r/rightwingBDSM.

I feel bad for the females in this and hope they leave him.

No. 121119

File: 1565207107227.jpeg (79.91 KB, 700x369, 2B639485-1468-49ED-AD84-4714B1…)

How do you guys feel about bratty subs? How do you handle brats?

I’ve been doing a decent amount of cyberfucking/RP (ugh feels cringe to say it) and one guy I’ve been talking to is particularly bratty. I don’t mind a bit of pushback; I actually relish a little resistance since it forces me to be creative and it’s always satisfying to conquer their defenses. But sometimes I just find it fucking exhausting. There have been a couple times where I’ve just broken off a scene because the brattiness is too extreme. I think I would enjoy it more if I could actually mete out physical punishments or just physically interact in some way, but that’s not possible in this context.

Anyway, just interested to see what you guys think of brats and what approach you take with them.

No. 121128

My partner is bratty and I’m new to irl D/s dynamics, so I also want advice on this.
I’m so passive overall that my go-to response is always “okay, fine, have it your way” which makes him beg for whatever was about to happen. Kind of cute, but kind of annoying.

No. 121129

You're going to have to be honest and tell your partner if they take the brattiness too far it feels like work for you and it puts you off. For some people, it's their natural inclination and it's how they submit. They want you to punish them instead of them submitting of their own volition. Imo the best way to deal with this is to be a wet blanket and tell them the punishment for acting up is no attention from you and not the whipping they wanted so badly or whatever they like. You don't have to tolerate shit you don't want. If we wanted to constantly tolerate our partners doing stuff we hated constantly we would just be vanilla sub women.

Also another thing that can help is having a specific phrase for when you want their earnest submission. My boyfriend has times where he's bratty but when I tell him to do something he asks me "is that an order?" If I say yes he knows to drop the act and to get his shit together. If I say no he continues being playful and bratty.

No. 121153

I once had a brat little. It was fun and actually found it exciting, anyways there were times where the play was going to far and it annoyed me to no end.
It is okay to be bratty, but only if you know which ones are the limits you can meet. A friend of mine is stupidly bratty to the point it's annoying, there is no pleasure if the prey doesn't want to give in at a point

No. 121160

This is how I feel, it was hot/exciting/cute/endearing at times but other times I just got sick of trying to divine the proper way to make him submit. It felt like he was trying to top from the bottom by making me guess exactly what he wanted to be told, which is just stressful and unsexy for me. At one point he started taunting me, calling me weak etc. which totally dried me up and broke me out of the dom headspace. I broke it off with him shortly after that. It just made me feel exasperated, insecure, inadequate as a domme :-/ …I guess there’s a sweet spot of just enough brattiness.

Ooh, I like the specific phrase suggestion. Thank you.

No. 121246

Where do you find people for this?

No. 121249

Twitter and r9k, lol.

No. 121250

twitter? people are down for rp on twitter?

sheesh have I been living under a rock?

No. 121255

It was sort of an unusual case. I found his account through mutual interests (podcasts), noticed he tweeted about gfd a lot as well so I DMed him, we started chatting casually, exchanged pics, then naturally fell into cyberfucking/RP.

No. 122088

File: 1566575968565.jpg (58.57 KB, 800x400, ideal girl.jpg)

hey, im a bit of a shy guy who is interested in femdom. How do i find a domme?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 122233

What are good traits in a potential sub? I tend to attract the crazy ones.

No. 122234

A good sign that he's a keeper is that he actively tries to get to know what you like, and doesn't try to force his fetishes or subtly pressure you into doing what he wants. A lot of "subs" make everything about them and try to force you to go at their own pace (I don't even think they realize they're doing this)
Pay close attention to how he reacts to what you say, and see if he actually listens instead of trying to lead the conversation to get what he wants

No. 122243

>not realizing that dommes/doms are actually the givers in a sub/dom relationship

oh you silly anon.

No. 122263

Not just because I'm the domme I'm the only giver in the relationship. It would be eeextreeeemely boring to be the one who gives and not receiving. Either "forcing" (mind the commas) your partner into cunnilingus or doing power bottoming is being domme AND receiving. Your sub should desire giving you pleasure, and it is the most hot thing in domme/sub relationships.
If the relationship's not ambivalent, what's the point?

No. 122286

File: 1566940663905.jpg (230.21 KB, 1680x946, 0f7b31761958e3b382cec02df07046…)

Holy shit, this scene from the 13RW season 3 did something to me.

No. 122292

yea, when she just shuts him up…

No. 122299

Nah, what you're talking about is a service top which has nothing to do with dominance. For example, dominatrices and porn actresses who do femdom. They are usually the active partner in scenes, but they are just following their clientele's orders and demands. That's submission.

Likewise, a dom(me) can be the passive partner in a scene, and order her sub to give her oral, a massage, etc. She is passive and he is active, but they are both still in their respective D/s roles.

D/s has nothing to do with who is the giver or receiver, but who calls the shots.

No. 122304

I wanted to gush about this somewhere as I'm sure my friends would side eye me for it.

I've always considered myself a (bratty) sub and not really into the reverse.

I have been dating this guy for a while and I've found myself "domming" him sometimes and genuinely really enjoying it.

He has loved it so it's been great. My favourite thing to do is make him look at me so I can enjoy all of his reactions. He gets shy sometimes and turns away which is incredibly cute.

Sometimes I push him to just before his limit so I can see that flash of discomfort across his face, it is so fucking hot knowing I can make him feel what I want him to feel, knowing I'm the only person who can see him at his most vulnerable.

It's just really lovely being able to explore a side of me I didn't know I had in a safe enviroment! I'm grateful and honored, honestly.

No. 122467

Any other subs have a problem finding someone who's actually able to be rough enough with them? Like if I dont feel absolutely horrible physically and emotionally I don't really enjoy it. I absolutely know that isn't healthy but I have fucking problems.

I'm a lesbian if that helps

No. 122472

Anon, I say this nicely, I think you should get some mental help first. Sex should make you feel good, not make you feel horrible emotionally.

No. 122473

I'm saying this as a woman who once had this other woman approach me and wanted to be harmed and dommed. She was depressed and prone to self-harm. This was a way of self-harm to her, so obviously I said no. Mental help first.

No. 122476

I mean I know you're right but I've been getting mental help over shit like this for 10 years and it absolutely hasnt helped at all. I've kind of just given up and accepted that sex is never going to make me feel happy. It's not that I don't feel good, it's just that I don't feel good unless I also feel like trash. I just don't know what to do anymore honestly.

No. 122673

wasnt expecting it to play in to my other fetish of stealing stacys bf

No. 122784

File: 1567650405457.png (1021.42 KB, 650x859, 003204923.PNG)

No. 122801

There's been threads recently on r9k about femdom? Anyone had any luck there?

No. 122803

File: 1567680496864.jpg (87.59 KB, 500x693, marshall-500.jpg)

What is this statue anon?

On the topic of historical things, here is a fun fact: Albert consort of queen Victoria had a painting of Omphale and her sex slave Hercules…in his bathroom. https://www.rct.uk/collection/408922/omphale-and-hercules
I wonder what went on when he and the queen made their 9 children.

No. 122807

Why would any woman with any measure of self worth look for 'luck' on r9k?
If they have femdom threads there now it's only going to be full of mommy fetish shit or porn stars in uncomfortable bdsm gear still catering to men's pleasure

No. 122809

it's Paolo e Virginia from Alessandro Puttinati

No. 122811

File: 1567690027339.jpg (56.35 KB, 444x600, Gustave_Courtois_-_Hercules_at…)

omg thank you anon I didn't know that! This is so cool and the paintings regarding it are so pretty.

No. 122816

I've posted in those threads to bully them when I'm bored but a lot of those guys are low emotional intelligence autists or even dangerously unstable. i'm sure there are a few sane-ish posters but I don't like those odds enough to pursue anyone from there.
Honestly, I haven't been on r9k in months and after Bianca Devins' murder I've told myself i'm not ever going back.
>If they have femdom threads there now it's only going to be full of mommy fetish shit or porn stars in uncomfortable bdsm gear still catering to men's pleasure
ding ding ding

No. 122818

Are there any Youtubers who are openly dommes or give off domme vibes? Just kinda curious.

No. 123406

Youtuber Morgan Thorne is a professional dom, if you're interested.
The youtube BDSM nest is easy to miss but I think once you find one you start to find a bunch, they just have very small channels.

No. 123742

Does Okcupid or any of the mainstream dating sites help narrow down people who are interested in this sorta thing? Sites like fetlife are a little too extreme for me.

No. 123744

Just put “I wanna stomp on your balls” in your bio and see if you get any takers lol

No. 123745

There are kink related questions on OKCupid. If you pay you can sort by people who answer the questions a specific way besides that no.

No. 124353

File: 1569778773208.jpg (14.4 KB, 236x301, fca97e592c8e3e9c2c20e8c3f5ddfa…)

I found a bootleg of this if anyone is interested. https://renlybaratheon.tumblr.com/post/63857873692/venus-in-fur-sans-watermark-full-video-so-thanks

The two download links in the post are broken but the google drive video upload is working and you can download it from there. The picture starts off kind of rough but it improves after a few minutes.

No. 124370

Thank you for sharing, anon.

No. 124409

File: 1569847988420.jpeg (Spoiler Image,203.9 KB, 1280x1376, EFmPrEeXUAcc83M.jpg large.jpeg)


No. 124411

Guys this cute are usually gay

No. 124417

True af rip

No. 125730

am i allowed to post a video link to pornhub? if not, look up " Quiet Evening Gentle Femdom " on pornhub. it's actual real gentle femdom, like the only one I've ever found

No. 126806

What happens in it?

No. 129154

lol nice male/tranny LARPing itt

No. 129156

Did you bump this thread just to bait?
>because all women are submissive

No. 129217

And here I got excited thinking the thread had new content.

Where do you all go for new femdom content these days?

No. 129233

File: 1576472555252.jpg (327.47 KB, 756x1200, tumblr_o5p2ml2szc1us41gho1_128…)

I can't find this artist anymore aaa her name was something like rvsa

No. 129234

File: 1576472755676.jpg (Spoiler Image,371.55 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_mfega9ZdcP1racttfo1_128…)

No. 129235

File: 1576472840889.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mgmuylnfDP1r98444o1_500…)

No. 129236

File: 1576472880527.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.97 KB, 500x666, tumblr_mns43vtgW51s096fyo1_500…)

No. 129650

No. 129652

Anyone else here really turned on by pretty men absolutely splattered in blood and gore and obviously struggling and in pain? Watching some horror movies is almost a sexual experience for me. Especially 80s ones like the evil dead which loved to have their male leads run around in torn up clothes and dripping with blood all over.

No. 129679

File: 1577175729927.png (402.22 KB, 800x800, 51142199_p3.png)

No. 129687

File: 1577203244450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.71 KB, 2048x1907, 7735AD17-7AE8-4296-904B-5555B6…)

Oh my god! Ntayrt but thank you. Seems like the blond OC(?) is yaoi ryona fodder but god her stuff is sexy.

No. 129890

File: 1577499478524.jpg (133.81 KB, 960x960, 1577467749232.jpg)


No. 129893

my pants are going to explode anon you legend

No. 129929

File: 1577518420801.jpg (168.16 KB, 576x769, 20191226_110743.jpg)


No. 129933

Sauce? Does he have a thot patrion??

No. 129934

not the same anon but got you the sauce, he is a russian cosplayer who does a number of tied up cosplays.
sauce for image:

his instagram: @grayson_fin

No. 129935

and he DOES in fact has a thot patreon, enjoy.

No. 129937

File: 1577528470576.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.57 KB, 1095x730, leon_kennedy_sexy_cosplay_by_g…)

Sexy Leon cosplay huh, you hit the farmer jackpot

No. 129949

Lol I think i kinda get this, but for me it's not the blood or injuries or pain they're feeling that I find hot, it's more their reaction to the pain, like the noises and facial expressions they make. They're usually very similar to reactions of pleasure like during sex, as pain and pleasure come so close together, so i kinda make that connection and it makes scenes like that really attractive

No. 129976

oh shit maybe I am bi after all

No. 130226

augh look at those gross feet

No. 130283

I'm hoping it's the soap making him look gross, not his actual skin.

No. 130397

I mean mens feet are ugly in general lol

No. 130435

Oh god this is the first time I’ve ever seriously considered donating to a thot patreon

No. 130468

This is my first time hoping that someone would post more photos from someone's thot patreon.

No. 130802

File: 1578826612862.jpeg (195.33 KB, 640x1912, 351B4B7A-4CD2-41A2-87B4-9BFA71…)

>TFW no cute long hair BF

Why live

No. 130803

File: 1578828450138.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.12 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg)

Looks like a sub boi

No. 130804

File: 1578831015478.jpeg (890.35 KB, 1023x1994, 9B437FD0-E2ED-4ED3-B947-8EE393…)

Finally a decent lewd read after sadistic beauty was cancelled


No. 131040

I just type gentle femdom on google and see what comes up

No. 131109

File: 1579373568698.jpg (24.91 KB, 640x960, jTiZLru.jpg)

more Leon from the same cosplayer

No. 131110

File: 1579373687875.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.76 KB, 1281x1920, A8HWKgc.jpg)

from the same shibari set that other anons have posted, the more the merrier

No. 131111

File: 1579373795741.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.62 KB, 1281x1920, tof5Obj.jpg)

No. 131112

File: 1579374081854.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.5 KB, 641x960, daR9RQM.jpg)

No. 131129

Thanks for posting. His arms are sexy.

No. 131145

He's a butterface lmao still very enjoyable

No. 131268

File: 1579653364963.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.84 KB, 641x960, QohLfy5.jpg)

yep, pretty yum

still would hit it…in Leon cosplay, because i'm an autist like that

No. 131293

Is it possible to be such a bratty sub you end up domming? Both of my "bdsm" experiences ended up with me domming them with the basic, humiliation, slaps, a little bit of choking, etc, the weird thing is that it's started with them trying to be in charge and being absolutely trash at it lol. I still think I'm sub as I ended up being bored with the relationship on both cases but Idk I thought u would ask you anons what you think.

No. 131345

File: 1579807302589.jpeg (139.89 KB, 910x1289, DCcYFenVoAAtTtr.jpeg)

I am so sad my favourite manga is ending and the end was such a train wreck. Zen is such a hot qtie and my type of sub.
>tfw no glasses beta bf

No. 131348

>tfw no femdom gf

No. 131349


tbf if a man i'm dating told me "i'm a dom btw now show hole kittycat" my reaction would be cringing as well so i don't blame them. doesn't mean i'd compromise. there's not one smallest submissive streak inside me.

No. 131352

The Mentalist. The dynamic between the two protags is femdom coded i can feel it. And it's a great show overall.

No. 131386

Does anyone else sort of enjoy the idea of having like a secret sub ?

I usually daydream about it but I always loved the idea of a more punk or rude guy secretly being super subby af.

Like you finally call him out on his bullshit and you see the facade break and the blushing and embarrassment with a quiet apology given and it makes you want to push him to see how far it can be taken.

also something about the idea of like rope bondage but worn underneath his clothes so no ones the wiser except you feels so good.

No. 131399


No. 131402

thats the good shit anon A+
if youre a weeb then tsundere guys are the best

No. 131404

Tsundere feels too fake, I think I want to see a struggle but a side the sub isnt aware exists.

Like why does this seem so exciting

No. 131421

File: 1579987130038.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.91 KB, 959x640, Js2fYM9.jpg)

i'm scheming a way to ask bf if i can tie him up. sometimes i don't even think i'm into the domming theme, i just really really love the visual of men tied up.

No. 131515

File: 1580180708725.jpg (Spoiler Image,17.66 KB, 456x432, tumblr_42d1ec359ed9577ea905d77…)

Great taste anon. I love men that you would expect to be more dominant but are actually submissive in the bedroom.
My ex was a marine and it was amazing. He was way bigger than me and outwardly a really manly dude but he still let me tie him up and have my way with him.

No. 131533

File: 1580214021142.gif (1.18 MB, 344x344, 1528235863057.gif)

imo gif related is hot/cute as fuck. i don't like porn in general or femdom porn or anything explicitly fetishy/performative, just the overall generally gentle and innocent disposition. everything else feels fake.

most attractive thing imaginable is the general demeanor of a sweet and submissive guy with 0 aggression or anger, especially one that looks up to his female partner naturally. it's so fucking rare though and impossible to look for. i hate being this thirsty for a unicorn that i'll never find.

No. 131546

Lil Peep was a sub and no one can convince me otherwise

No. 131597

Nta but hard agree.

No. 131601

Gives me hope. I've recently gotten into less willowy men as a type and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do femdom with the more built ones if they bought into the manly-man meme.

No. 131605

Admittedly, I'm a bossy bitch and I tell friends upfront when they're getting to know me, so I'm never sure why a guy would want a woman like me. Somehow, I'm in a relationship now were I get these little rushes when my guy is so adamant to please me with just simple daily stuff. Chores, gifts, accompanying me to places I know he'd rather be at home for.

He goes down like a champ. No questions asked and won't stop until I say so. He likes it best when I'm top and cums the fastest that way it seems. Plus, he always seems to admire bite or hickey marks I leave on his shoulders. Not sure if he's into me pulling his long, metal boy hair but I'll find out some other time.

It's just this high of "I have someone who would let me sit on their back as my throne if I pleased." I never knew I was into femdom until I got a guy who gave a shit about what I wanted more than every once in awhile.

No. 131623

You sound like a bitch. I hope you treat your bf well.

No. 131659

same, i'm glad you guys agree. i definitely get the vibe he was subby and would've possibly embraced it more as he got older and less impressionable.

No. 131672

No doubt. I love him and don’t take him for granted. Massages, dinners or home cooking, days out around the city at amusement parks or what he likes. I try to spoil him. He’s very prideful and doesn’t ask for a lot but I try to show my appreciation in not always material ways.

No. 131762

god yes, i need more of this shit in my life. any media recommendations?

No. 131846


No. 131870

Yupiel-sama series by Nanashi. It's lolicon.

No. 131923

No. 131949

Ignoring the cringy weeb shit
Yes definitely
Especially if they have tan skin and light eyes,I wish I could find it more often on the web though.

No. 131972

how are they not daiting anon?

No. 132416

Anon is he by any chance into a certain podcast called cumtown?

No. 132419

Where do you find pretty boys online? Like actually goodlooking ones aand not the greasy ugly fatties you find in femdom circles. I like nice faces first and foremost and find it hard to get turned on by anything else if the sub isn't pretty, and I'm really struggling now that the sexual frustration hit peak now that it's been 2 years without my toned, model-esque ex sub.

No. 132422

ROFL ALL cumtown fans just want to be dominated by a female nick mullen

No. 132425

File: 1580956880854.jpeg (38.01 KB, 600x600, 2129772D-22B6-42A9-B780-BFCEF6…)

Anyone else in love with actor Lance Hart? So hot and cute !

No. 132426

Maybe in the face. He got chicken legs fam, his proportion makes him look like a manlet. Charlotte can do better lol

No. 132427

no. he looks gay.

No. 132428

File: 1580957915670.jpeg (129.75 KB, 1080x1080, 18E79961-42C6-4472-8E5C-0E4272…)

Lmao I never noticed. His upper body is perfect to me so it’s ok

No. 132431

Just because a man takes dicks for money sometimes don't mean he gay :^)

No. 132434

but he looks gay. i didn't even know he did gay porn when i said that. naturally feminine and slight men are hot. men that look straight up gay are not.

No. 132460

lmfao yes but also the guy anon was talking about sounds exactly like someone I found the exact same way so that's why I'm asking

No. 132853

File: 1581705886980.png (660.21 KB, 1255x674, hector.png)

Damn, things are heating up in Castlevania season 3.

No. 132891

File: 1581820761741.jpeg (124.98 KB, 800x1157, 2E554A03-2A78-4EC7-83B6-12064E…)

No. 132947

File: 1581939266630.png (506.64 KB, 720x1141, 1574483797560.png)

No. 132948

One of my fave porn stars did gay porn for years and only made the switch over to straight porn a couple years ago. Strange to think that he could put himself through all that gay sex without at least being bi. I do enjoy his gay scenes more lol

No. 132954

File: 1581949731331.png (Spoiler Image,325.29 KB, 637x619, yo.png)

New chapters of Sadistic Beauty - in spanish though, don't know if there is an eng version.
Lots of delicious scenes with actual sex now. As in female character actually gets off.

No. 132963

Found a promising place: https://www.reddit.com/r/Femdompornforwomen
I'm grossed out by the TIF posts however, you think it's a dude for a moment then it turns out to be a bearded lady with a pussy. Eww.

No. 133099

File: 1582177871371.webm (Spoiler Image,3.84 MB, 719x756, 1581978536842.webm)

This is apparently from a French version of Beauty and the Beast but out of context it's (light) femdommy and p hot

Please more buff men worshipping women if anyone has more pls

No. 133135

why do I find men with dark hair and glasses so attractive in my porn/lemon. Ugh

No. 133164

File: 1582289376731.gif (1.2 MB, 410x262, 392B9EC0-C83D-4ED9-A0F2-567392…)

No. 133165

this is gross tbh

No. 133166

Dats hot

No. 133168

I am not even into femdom, but this is hot.

No. 133176

Kinda wondering where I can find the full scene

No. 133196

I wanna know what you guys think of this, like is it funny, too performative, or would you ever do this yourself?
it's not bait, I swear

No. 133198

Not even as a femdom thing I would do this.

No. 133199

lame and performative

No. 133203


No. 133209

“cece peniston”

No. 133293

So, me and my boyfriend have this wewy freaky fantasy (ok, it's mostly my freaky fantasy).

I'd basically like to put my name on his butt with a branding iron, so I'd literally own his ass. His lean, athletic ten out of ten ass.

I'd love to do this in a barn where he's tied up, butt pointing out. He'd also be gagged.

Him struggling would be a huge part of this for me.

There might also be a cock ring involved.(namefagging)

No. 133305

tbh I'm amazed that there are men that try to larp her without even understanding basic chan-culture. How did you even find this place?

No. 133306

> there are men that try to larp here

Did you tag the wrong post?

No. 133308

I was waiting for this to turn into a pegging scene

No. 133309

yeah, my bad I meant >>133293

No. 133369

File: 1582661207984.jpg (1.02 MB, 1117x1680, 1582567107895.jpg)

sometimes you just wanna bully.

No. 133598

File: 1583038217608.png (276.18 KB, 677x500, 358732882rtsy1ruy.png)

This short really does it for me. Low-H only.

No. 133766

File: 1583328489881.jpg (326.11 KB, 1140x1618, 014___1582411638.jpg)

Tsumi to Kai is good shit, rope play and bullying is critical hit. The author is a woman of culture.

No. 133829

File: 1583451915860.gif (726.58 KB, 480x237, 657456756.gif)

Well this season was fucking amazing if you enjoy seeing 100% naked gentlemen in distress.

No. 133830

It was the Hector and Lenore scenes for me

>Good Boy

>takes out collar and leash
>Feeds him grapes(kinda wanted him to eat it out of her hand lol)
>ring of purity
>ah ah people are talking shhh

season 4 when

No. 133840

File: 1583483119096.png (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1776x978, lewdshit.png)

I expected her to be on top but I loved how she made him swear loyality during sex.

No. 133845

Y’all I started watching. Based Castlevania, femdompill all women, subjugate hot boys!!

No. 133850

I love how even Sypha is dominant with Trevor even if it isn't sexual.

No. 133929

Does anyone else like punching men in sex?

No. 133975

I always see gifs of this video floating around. Where’s it from? It’s personally the only example I’ve ever seen in which the dude isn’t gross and old but also not a generic attractive or plain semi buff guy, and it’s instead a twink of sorts. Precious.
I like the idea of punching my bf during some sorta bullying sex roleplay, but never tried it.

No. 134074

What's the source of this

No. 134091


it starts at chapter 2 oddly but its a fun read.

>tfw too shy to be a bully


No. 134435

File: 1584498203171.jpg (224.07 KB, 655x951, 20200317_015130.jpg)

what if I made a discord server for this? Also if anyone has any good gfd-related servers please post

No. 134437

File: 1584502380836.jpg (65.21 KB, 533x850, CupgcW_VUAAz9Th.jpg)

No. 134439

File: 1584502823969.jpg (74.87 KB, 596x900, CkJH4N9UoAAlGj3.jpg)

No. 134440

File: 1584502860702.jpg (91.54 KB, 464x700, CkJH4RVVEAAr-Qt.jpg)

No. 134441

File: 1584502894521.jpg (77.8 KB, 564x1002, a6391a4fddf99067b29e18074a5809…)

/end horny spam

No. 134442

tried it, almost broke my wrist and decided to never do it again
men's bodies are really hard

No. 134453

Yes please. It's so hard to find good content like this

No. 134461

Thanks for sharing anon

No. 134480

Don't actually try to punch someone if you don't actually know how to throw a punch, dummy. Men also break their hands not knowing how to

No. 134581

yes i'm looking for a not tumblr femdom server

No. 134587

good god where has this been all my post-pubescent life

No. 134596

I choked the guy I’m seeing during sex yesterday. It was really hot. I’ve never really explored my dominant side before and have only until recently been interested in subbing, but I’ve been enjoying being on top and sort of having control over everything. I asked before I did it obviously, and he said yes. I also put my fingers in his mouth which was really hot. So..very looking forward to exploring this a bit more. Any ideas for how else I can lightly dominate him are appreciated!

No. 134597

Tie his hands and make him service you with his mouth while you watch tv

No. 134598

Why would anyone watch tv while getting eaten out?

No. 134602

Exactly. You got a nice view in front of you. And who wants to be distracted when being pleasured?

No. 134619

It's the concept of you being dominant and him being submissive and serving your needs. He's 100% focused on you and trying to please you while you're not (or pretending not to) pay any attention to him.
The power exchange is hot.

No. 134620

wtf i love hentai now

give me more of this shit please, i tried looking for it on the same sites but 90% of the stuff there is disgusting spank material for losers

No. 134754

Yeah don’t bother. 99.9% of femdom hentai have other degenerate tags. It’s like hunting unicorn, I’ll link when I find something good sister.

No. 134755

read the femdom tagged "girls forM" stuff

No. 134765

need advice as a lesbian. i always domme my gf during sex and she loves it- doesn't like it any other way, in fact- and while i love it too, i never orgasm. she doesn't eat pussy so i don't really know what to do? how can i get her to finger me but still be in control? i feel like our sex is a lot of physical effort on my part and she just lies back and takes it. i've expressed that i'd like her to make me cum and she says she wants to as well but never actually… tries. any ideas? honestly, even though i'm the domme in name, i almost feel like her sub because i'm basically servicing her for nothing in return.

No. 134766

Honestly…get a new gf

No. 134768

>how can i get her to finger me but still be in control?
You order her to do it? Are you one of those people who thinks receiving pleasure excludes you from being dominant?

No. 134771

sort of? i could order her to do it but when i get fingered i can't keep up that dominant persona (like i start moaning and grinding against her), which she says makes her uncomfortable because it feels like the roles are switched and she doesn't want to be in power/in control

No. 134772

That's fucking stupid, lmao. God I would hate to be with a judgmental bitch like that. Any other person would find giving their partner pleasure hot. Sorry she's mentally damaged, there's nothing wrong with you. She just wants to top you from the bottom

No. 134774

This. That's a selfish lover, simple as.

No. 134775

Ironic because she is in control. She's manipulating you to do what she wants (by implying you're not dominant enough) instead of what you want. You're her service top, not her domme, sorry. Dominant means doing what you want and controlling the situation, not bending over backwards to service her

No. 134791

She's not sub.. she's just selfish. And tbh are you sure she's even a lesbian if she's so weirdly reluctant to please you or return the favor in any way?

No. 134806

pillow princess pretending to be a sub is the oldest trick in the book, even in les relationships. if she was actually sub she'd be getting off to you commanding stuff for her to be doing.

No. 134839

>if she was actually sub she'd be getting off to you commanding stuff

So true. I agree with the rest of the anons, your gf is selfish in bed.
If you're okay with this and you want to try keeping up with your current dynamic, try to still say dominant things and give instructions
>do you like pleasing your mistress?
>tell me how much of a slut you are (continue dirty talk)
>faster, slower, is that all you can do, etc
You can also have her finger herself or touch her breasts while she fingers you and you watch. You can also pull her hair or push her head towards/away from you

No. 134911

I knew how to throw a Punch, I even had punched him in the stomach, he asked me to hit him in the Jaw and I used full force but broke my wrist

No. 134914

Is that you again, necessaryspeed?

No. 134922

i don't think it's her. she hates femdom. i think she's posting less. ngl, i kind of miss her retarded posts.

No. 134930

File: 1585173168176.jpg (77.11 KB, 1208x669, walkies.jpg)

That person expressed multiple contradictory views like both pro and anti-pedo statements so who knows.
Last thing she said on here was that she was going to have a baby which is…alarming.

On topic: Is there any quality fanart of Hector and Lenore out there? I crave it.

No. 134950

My sexy ass beefcake bf said to me today, "how many things do you think you could hit me with before you'd get scared?"
I love him so much.

No. 134960

P-post his tits anon

No. 134993

Pics or you just made him up.

No. 135508

Found some femdom feat. Dita Von Teese thanks to the Marilyn Manson thread. I just skimmed thru tbh but it actually looks really neat. And also bizarre.

No. 135509

File: 1585855841141.jpg (171.4 KB, 1280x854, y6taenvxk3q41.jpg)

Grainy and very much for men.

No. 135510

C'mon anon, at least one ass cheek

No. 135533

File: 1585867296594.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.19 KB, 752x957, Giggity.jpg)

Just found this on plebbit, the post is 2 years old so some of the subs might be dead, but hopefully another anon will find it useful. Does anyone else have good resources for light femdom or whatever you call pic related? Minus the amazon position subreddit… I don't enjoy men demasculinized in that way, I just want to see a hot guy enthusiastically and expertly pleasing a women every once in a blue moon, which is apparently not a thing that is easy to find. I haven't consumed much porn because it's mostly unrealistic, unfeeling, and grotesque. Maybe it's more common than I'm making it out to be but I'm not willing to sift through a ton of gross step-sibling porn titles in order to find the rare gem.

AYRT Yeah after looking through it more it's not super exciting… Some pickme bullshit.

No. 135534

File: 1585867609602.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.49 KB, 800x1248, 20200402_154552.jpg)

samefagging but after actually looking through some of these I'm more discouraged than before…

No. 135551

File: 1585890430112.jpeg (25.4 KB, 275x271, 5733AF22-1C1E-4779-8B6B-99904D…)

No. 135552

File: 1585896674604.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2425, 8mnr8zkz4fq41.png)


No. 135562

Yeah I wish people wouldn't link to Rapehub.
There should be better alternatives for us than a site that profits of the rape of young girls. That shit should be shut down.

No. 135566

i might be a femdom but i'm not sure. i find the idea of a whimpy boyish man begging to serve me very cringy, and me dressing up as a dominatrix also puts me off so much.

my ideal femdom scenario is while having sex with a usually dominant man, i fight with him over control, he tries to resist it but he gives up when he suddenly realizes he's into it. he doesn't completely stop fighting it but i can see in his eyes he really likes it and is confused.

and for some reason bonding is again very cringy. i guess i'm more leaning towards domming in attitude, like pushing him down, choking him, pulling his hair, making him cum when he wants to last longer or make him edge. maybe a little pegging. idk this is really sexy for me.

i'd define myself as a switch though, i'm usually the submissive in bed if done correctly. it's a really fine line between receiving pleasure being dommed and being very uncomfortable as you realize your partner is only focusing on themself.

and i obviously like whump.

No. 135569

File: 1585911378036.jpg (363.4 KB, 821x1200, 79397319_p29_master1200.jpg)

>dressing up as a dominatrix
That's just a male fantasy and a stereotype. You can be dominant in your sweatpants. It's about your attitude as you describe, and what you find hot.

No. 135571

>my ideal femdom scenario is while having sex with a usually dominant man, i fight with him over control, he tries to resist it but he gives up when he suddenly realizes he's into it. he doesn't completely stop fighting it but i can see in his eyes he really likes it and is confused.

I like domming men only when their into it, like if they show any resistance then thats my cue to stop

No. 135574

oh yeah, i didn't mean it as in non-consent/reluctance. i meant that maybe he'd never done something like that before, he'd be confused and it'd be like a power play. like he'd try to get on top because he's always been dominant but when i try to take control he'd first try to switch back to him being dominant, and then let me. that's what i meant by "fighting back".

No. 135577

I have tried this anon, while their are some men into it seems the vast majority of men(and women tbh) are normies who only ever like missionary and oral foreplay, so I don't even bother with most men anymore and instead always make my sexual tastes clear from the start

No. 135595

to be fair i've only done something like this with my ex and much more milder. i'd ride him and pull his hair back and when he'd try to slow down to make the sex last longer (for me) i'd make him come and loved it. i don't get orgasms by penetration anyway, so he'd finger me/give me oral either before or afterwards

No. 135596

File: 1585933821185.jpg (1.89 MB, 4096x2731, ES7rcuVXsAkBvxG.jpg)


No. 135621

Oh wow what the fuck is there nowhere safe to look NSFW content?

No. 135623

Yeah, porn written and drawn by women. Real people in porn is never going to be ethical.

No. 135644

File: 1585967384767.webm (5.12 MB, 480x480, otjwqzrg0N1vfnba3.webm)

I love uniforms

No. 135656

File: 1585974284550.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 786x1004, kaneoya.png)

Kaneoya is a woman of culture, can anyone recommend artists similar to her? Is she so niche that there's nothing out there like her? No shame, I'm pretty attracted to the hobo neet Paul McCartney look-alike aesthetic.

No. 135659

Any recommendations?

No. 135863

probably too degen for this thread but i wanna share my fantasy of wanting to fuck a short guy in the ass with a strap on from behind while he watches in a mirror and jacks himself off. i'm pretty tall and amazonian-mode, so the idea is to pick him up while he's facing away from me and sort of push him up and down on it. i know it probably makes me sound like a cumbrained weirdo but idc.

No. 135890

Anons, I need some advice.
Is it a fandom fantasy if I fantasize over and over again about deflowering someone?

TL;DR: On my last trip to JPN I took the virginity of a super cute dude. He twisted in the sheets, whimpered and moaned while foreplay because he could barely take it. I saw in his eyes how excited he was and he wanted to snag whatever he could get from that night.

I can't forget his twink face begging for more.
Usually I am super sub but that just washed my brain. How fucked am I now?

No. 135897

Stop bragging sis.

No. 135912

I woke up late in afternoon, I couldn't find my bf and there still are shards of glass and blood on the kitchen floor. I blacked out drunk and accidentally hit my bf again.

I think he's back at his mother but I have a text him saying he can't live with at my place anymore. What the fuck should I say so he would agree to come back? I'm sure there are people who who have accidentally went a little overboard. It was an accident, I'm not an abusive person and we have safe words and everything

Xvavdkiwxnwiejswi I dont know anymore

No. 135913

wrong thread, but
>it was an accident
>hit my bf again
pick one

No. 135914

uh maybe you should worry about his safety first and then, maybe, about him coming back. Hitting him resultating in glass shards and blood is not normal and very concerning. I wouldn't want to go back either if I where him. If you being drunk is the problem, then perhaps you should be drinking less or going sober.

No. 135917

I mean it's the first time this has happened. I have hit him before with his consent but it has sometimes come off too hard. Nothing like this.

No. 135918

why is this in this thread

No. 135923

The first rule is you NEVER EVER do kink stuff when high in any circumstance.
I hope he does not come back and is okay. Get yourself a check before claiming of not being abusive after you got blank drunk and hit him like this, ffs.

No. 135940

Hot, although drawing blood is a little much.

No. 135959

Shit bait. Kill yourself.

No. 137992

I have no idea where to ask but I want to read a psychological romance novel where a woman kidnaps a dude and he gets stolkholm syndrome. I could only find the opposite and it sounds boring.

No. 137996

I like it when boys cry. So cute. I want to spank a boy until he cries, then kiss his face. The best thing is when someone with long eyelashes cries and they get all clumped together. I also want a boy with long hair that I can pull on and play with.

Is there any way to meet male subs that aren't cumbrains?

No. 138019

Nope. All self-proclaimed 'sub' men are degenerates. Meet a vanilla guy with a humble and soft-spoken demeanor IRL and work your magic on him very slowly.

No. 138026

This! Also go for caretaker type, not mama boy type

No. 138027

File: 1588268481588.jpg (93.86 KB, 768x432, DoA5ss3Nti.jpg)

excuse me?

No. 138048

Is the IRL scene worth anything? I feel like who I am as a person best vibes with the lone wolf practitioner thing a lot of the people here go by, but I get curious sometimes.

No. 138051

I meant adult men, I was just saying "boys" because it's cute. People call grown women "girls" all the time.

No. 138104

Has anyone watched this show? Now I want to.

No. 138701

File: 1588994751839.jpeg (92.63 KB, 500x631, 097E2838-98B6-4990-A9AD-960767…)

Domme anons, how do you go about engaging in femdom over the internet? I'm currently talking to a boy who physically embodies the perfect sub and has passively professed an interest in femdom. I want to jump his fucking bones but have no idea how to go about it.

No. 138773

>tfw no cute bf with doe eyes to tie up and sit on his face, use him to make myself cum over and over and edge him until he can't take it anymore

i'll never experience this. i don't want to die without making a cute guy beg for me

No. 138880

Wow those hosts are insufferable jesus.
I started that show tho based on your post anon, and it's really good! I can't believe I've not heard of it til now.
Vid related has spoilers so watch at your own risk but here's the juicy part. Sorry it's a janky vid, screen record won't work for Amazon videos so I had to record with my phone lmao

No. 139338

>Watch video about Kitboga dressing up as a girl to bait Indian scammer
>Sudden sexual urge comes to dominate him and tease him while he's dressed as a girl.
Holy shit.

No. 139349

Based. Kitboga is cute.

No. 139377

File: 1589849831466.jpeg (30.2 KB, 615x474, received_661407174407220.jpeg)

Hey girls, i need some advice on being a femdom. I have been dominant before online years ago but its been a while and my only real life experiences is being a sub a few times. Im interesting on being my friend's femdom since its rare for him (because of how confident he is, he tends to attract sub women) and i wanna try some stuff out on him.

I look upto some femdom that i follow on ig so much and i would love to try being a dom but i ended up making another friend cry and my ex said i was a bit too rough on him… Im a 5'11" curvy woman with long legs (i noticed that my legs looks really good in heels but i dont like wearing heels much). He said hes open to anything

No. 139378

That was basically my old ex bf, he got me into being a dom after he told me about being a sub, i was pretty open to it. Though the more i spent time with him the more he tried to do stuff that he loves to the point where he was talking about wearing my outfits and wanting me to fuck him with a big black dildo. I dumped him but he keeps coming back every few months

No. 139384

Kitboga is 100% a sub.

No. 139709

kit is definitely submissive but idk how people find him cute ..

No. 139944

got my bf to do a fully body measurement thing today for fun and found out he's like a triangle/pear body type. cutest thing ever. he's got super wide hips and the cutest bubble butt that jiggles when you touch it, but you can't really tell when he's clothed. was never really into butts at all before we started dating but now i can't get enough of it. he won't let me peg or do anything to it though so i'm dying ;;

No. 139969

Now that i think of it i have a mostly domaniant personality outside the bedroom. With my other two exes i was the one always travelling, paying for things and making decisions. Im also pretty confident and outgoing (im a huge tease to my guy friends). I think the only subby thing about me is that im indecisive and like others make a decision. Also im really shy and socially awkward depending on who im with

I would say that i do look quite dominant (since im 5'11", look good in heels and is curvy).

No. 139970

Also am i the only one that doesn't like when a guy ask/wants me to be his dom? Im more of the type that needs to be in the mood

No. 139971

I had a huge crush on a really short guy but i dont think he would be into femdom. I would tease him and was hoping he would make the first move but he was "too shy". He ended up rejecting my feeling, dating a "twitch e-girl streamer" and getting dumped. he would flirt with me again, then he best friend zoned me and suddenly started dating a "big tiddy goth girl" who just recently broke up with him.

No. 139991

Anon I have been in that situation before, don't do it, the vast majority of men aren't into it and the one's are end up tims

at most he'll be into light bondage but nothing beyond that(sorry anon)

No. 139993

You just reminded me how much I miss pegging a dude lmao

My ex was into it and was both kinda cute a d hot. Wish more dudes were into it.

No. 140001

yeah it's when i feel like it and if he asks it's kinda gay. it needs to be a spur of the moment thing

No. 140002

I don't get why any dom would be into that, you're using a plastic dildo to give a man a plastic orgasm, what's in it for you

and in general it just sounds disgusting

No. 140004

>what's in it for you

I find it fun and kind of hot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ no one's saying you have to do it

No. 140013

It can be mentally/visually stimulating. I was put off it completely after dating a guy who loved it but was lazy about cleaning his ass out.. that kind of ruined it for me! I still fantasize about strap-on play with women though

No. 140028

>tfw when i cant get off without thinking about pegging a man

how can i reprogram myself. its more a dominance/sadism thing for me than actually about my pleasure

No. 140035

I mean just stop watching/reading filth and read some vanilla romance erotica