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File: 1537477404269.jpg (386.01 KB, 1024x1547, sadisticbeauty.jpg)

No. 298183

Do you like hot 2D guys? Do you want them to be dominated? Not into BL? Then you've come to the right place.
Let's share recommendations!

No. 298191

File: 1537478142224.jpg (97.5 KB, 540x735, slap.jpg)

OP pic is from the manwha Sadistic Beauty. It's pretty great.

No. 298192

Games or mangas?

No. 298203

Anything, dear anon. Pics, fics, games, manga, drama CDs. Go crazy!

No. 298208

File: 1537479492203.jpg (61.26 KB, 360x532, 399997._SX360_QL80_TTD_.jpg)

It's not weebshit but I read Yes, Roya recently and enjoyed it a lot. The art style might not be to everyone's taste though.

No. 298221

What a great thread. More manga/manhwa please!

No. 298229

Can this be read online somewhere?

No. 298233

I looked for a pdf before I posted about it but I couldn't find one anon. Sorry anon.

No. 298238

What about yoosung from mystic messenger?

No. 298254

What about him?

No. 298255

File: 1537483944551.jpg (88.97 KB, 700x700, DghevLnUwAAUHHB.jpg)

Can recommend this artist on twitter. Lots of tied up animu guys.

No. 298258

File: 1537484714107.png (802.9 KB, 688x1000, tumblr_oeylo0jDHX1vn8z6yo1_128…)

There's a lot of good fan art of him. I wish this artist categorized her tumblr better, I know I've seen more stuff from her that isn't in her yoosung tag.

No. 298259

No. 298264

I like female POV pictures, I wish artists would draw more of that.

No. 298690

why did they stop making this comic? the asshole professor was starting to look rl qt

No. 298707

Sadistic Beauty was so good, the lesbian scene was A+++ tbh, I'm really, REALLLY sad that most femdom manga/porn/culture is like, dom ladies on guys bc it's like… what about the submissive lesbians who want to be stepped on with a high heeled boot. it seems like all he dom ladies are straight and it makes me sad.

No. 298803

I wonder if a more generalized recommendations thread would last longer or have more activity provided people tagged everything properly.

I tend not to use actual porn much but have gotten more curious lately, I'll be giving these reccs here a shot.

I loved the CONCEPT of Mystic Messenger but it was kind of stressful! I was always working while the boys were chatting. I know you can offset this by paying for credits that let you replay those sections when you want but it doesn't feel the same. I would have loved for the phone calls to be dubbed in English too.

Its a great concept though and I'd love to see more otome games borrow from it.

No. 298827

File: 1537601574264.png (985.28 KB, 847x1200, Dc_fw2tVwAAkFH7.png)

is this thread inspired by the recent femdom thread on crystal cafe? ill go ahead and repost my fave image. either way im glad to find more of my dominant sisters in a world where submissiveness is the norm.

>tfw no qt sub bf to push up against a wall/counter

No. 298833

why did you make me see this uggo pic

No. 298837

File: 1537608171022.png (Spoiler Image, 480.93 KB, 479x850, minho3.png)

OP here, glad to see that the thread has been active!

Generalized as in having 3D/real life content as well? Or straight R18 stuff general? I'd be fine with both such threads, I'm frustrated with shit either being for men or it's BL or it's submissive uguu otome heroines. Straight content that isn't like that is cool with me.
But as an S for life, roughed up men are the best.

The stuff with Minho (the professor) is the reason I like that manhwa, he is SO hot. It's a real tease to not be able to see it continue - why indeed.

I wasn't aware of that site before, too bad it's slower than this board.

No. 298838

File: 1537609631008.jpg (255.87 KB, 1280x786, namidamecollar.jpg)

Lately I have been into drama CDs. There is an epic series called Namidame which is basically you, the main character (never heard) who either dominates the hell out of some shitty guy until he finally understands that it's awesome and improves his behaviour or he just was like that from the start and begs you to do it.
On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/search?q=namidame
Translations: http://kissxxs.tumblr.com/translation

No. 298841

File: 1537611812525.jpg (22.42 KB, 275x350, 1532039044155.jpg)

Source on your pic?
I can't stop looking at it.

No. 298845

I think the boy is Arashi Narukami from Ensemble Stars (best boy) so I'm guessing the girl is supposed to be the self-insert player.

No. 298900

the artist is here https://twitter.com/KIMJUNGS_ANG/status/995260167477342208?s=20
but her twitter doesnt really have anymore similar art just more ensemble stars fanart, a shame since i really love this picture

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