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No. 114280

The vtube /w/ thread has become over run with refugees who can’t integrate and think it’s a holo live general. Use this thread to talk neutrally or positively about indie and corporate. Leave your waifu arguments, scrote fan memes and jp narratives out, the same rules apply here. Go to Kiwi Farms if you want that, they have a more suitable vtube thread for you there.

>Kiara (holo)

>Artemis, Domo and related circlejerks
>Coco/Chinese holo/the Taiwan thing
>room mate talk

Are examples that belong in the /w/ thread. This is an image board, don’t post direct links to tweets without caps or to stream archives that are hosted by the streamer directly because they’ll be gone.

No. 114281

Marine is the cutest and I love that vtubers are allowing girls to be degenerates on public.

No. 114290

i love marine too! and pekora as well, i think they work together wonderfully, too!

No. 114296

Out of all the HoloEN girls I really like Amelia. I followed her a bit when she was still Sachi and you can really tell how passionate she is about vtubing. She's just really fun. I kinda don't like her detective concept though? I feel like something else would have fit her so much better

No. 114299

The concept just doesn’t make sense with the theme. I guess she’s supposed to be the one investigating the mythical creatures in holo en or something? But it’s really basic. It would make sense if she favored puzzle games or something but she’s not particularly clever or smart. I really can’t stand her girlfriend baiting so I only check out her gaming but she puts effort and energy in to her streams even with her gf date thing which I can appreciate. She makes up for not having a strong gimmick by actually trying and doing what appeals to people.

No. 114301

I hate vtubers, and I feel sad that now /m/ will probably be full of /jp/ schizos as well

Vtubers shouldn't had been brought here, imo

No. 114302

This is autistic of me, but from their designs predebut I thought she was going to be brit with an accent. Sad she isn't and just hoping for a ENG vtuber with accents in the future.

No. 114310

farmhand specifically said to. are you the same person sperging out in meta? theres a thousand worse threads overrun with out of control weebs from other places, go complain about them.


No. 114313

Can anyone recommend any male vtubers? maybe some english speaking ones. I didn't really know this stuff was popular until I went into the art section on twitch and saw a lot of people had avatars. Ina's art is really pretty it makes me want to start drawing again.

No. 114316

Roberu, Kanae, and Kuzuha are some of the most popular male vtubers

No. 114317

NTA but I can only watch their highlights, live is boring.

Kanae and his kawaii MILF mom are the best combo

No. 114320

are any of these things actually funny and not bland waifubait

No. 114327

Kagami Furi is nice

No. 114328

I guess it really depends if you like watching let's plays and stuff, I think Pika is a well-rounded person overall. I have 100% more respect for anyone who's worked in a retail/service job and she worked in middle america tacobell for christs sake lol.

No. 114370

I was pleasantly surprised by Pikamee, I had the idea that she was lolibait but she’s way more family friendly than holo. She took a week off because the chat tricked her in to saying deez nuts.

No. 114373

Ina and Iofi are collabing right now and it is by far the best English collab Ive seen so far. They're not fighting to be interesting over one another and the chemistry is really strong. Yeah Ina is obviously the better artist but she's not being condescending at all and they're just talking about their lives and drawing.

I really hope they collab more in the future because this is the chillest stream. It feels like two long time friends just hanging out.

No. 114384

>the chat tricked her in to saying deez nuts.

god that's so funny

No. 114399

I'm suscribed to a bunch of Nijisanji guys but I don't really watch a lot because I have so much other stuff to watch that I don't have time for hours long minecraft and apex streams.
Still watch the daily recaps that this Japanese channel makes.

btw, the 'original' vtuber thread on /jp/ hates the hololive threads.

No. 114437

To be honest in general streams are 90 percent boring shit and 10 percent funny or interesting stuff.

Forgot about Chaika friend.

No. 114940

Korone makes me happy.
I want to be more like her. I know it's probably mostly an act but she's so cheerful and happy and kind!

No. 114964

I know the word wholesome is thrown around a lot but she really is. The jp narrative is that she’s a middle aged mom who doesn’t live with her kid but I don’t know how true that is. If she is a mom I feel like a lot of her personality makes sense. I’m glad she’s no longer mega spammed by coomers. I also really like her friendship with Okayu, I had the wrong assumption that she was a loli bait type because of her model and ASMR streams but she seems grown up/mature too.

No. 114972

Okayu is great, she's more subdued with her humor but her streams are still very entertaining. I also like her voice, it's a nice contrast to the other holos.

No. 115017

do you guys believe she really graduated from Todai? I kind of believe it because her english is better than average

No. 115029

File: 1605249168093.png (856.35 KB, 1200x1000, risu.png)

Any other Risu fans here? I find her cozy and sweet. She has great English, and I love her autumn-esque design with a beret and sweater.

Afaik she hasn't done any cow behavior which is nice.

No. 115069

I can’t stand her but it’s baseless hate, I find her extremely annoying. I’m curious about her having a history @ing senzawa but that probably doesn’t mean anything. I like iofi better, but she got screwed by a shitty model compared to the other two ID girls.

Fubuki just did a collab with one of the holostars which is cool, it seems like she collabs with the guys the most even if it’s infrequent. I really think the holostar boys would blow up if they learned more English, Roberu has really grown since his English clips went semi viral and there a large fujoshi market that I don’t think male western vtubers can properly hit and they’ve already hit their market cap in japan.

No. 115070

Cover's so bad at marketing the Holostars… the whole thing feels like a side project, which is unfair when the talents themselves are that amazing. I guess either Cover or the girls themselves are afraid of seething idolfags, but Fubuki and Matsuri give no fucks.

No. 115183

Fubuki does make an exceptional effort to include every branch of Holo, and its the reason she's considered one of the foundations of the agency.

Oga has actually streamed with her in the past on multiple occassions- out of the Holostars he seems to snag collabs with and get along with female vtubers with a significantly larger sub count the most frequently. His brand is more wholesome than Roberu's and he doesn't have any awkwardness collabing outside of Holostars like some of the others, so it makes sense.

As a side note, aren't his drawings super cute? I love the way he mainly just does doodles that look like they come from a high school girl lol

No. 115184

I like Risu the most out of the ID branch, but her persona is pretty polarizing amongst fans just because some find her cutesy squirrel thing intolerable. To each their own, but her vocal talent when it comes to singing is definitely one of the best amongst Hololive.

I honestly think a lot of the Holo singers get over-hyped but she, Towa, Watame, Izuru, and Astel are legit.

No. 115200

File: 1605392721617.png (352.11 KB, 720x720, Natsuiro_Matsuri_Portrait.png)

Which Hololive or Nijisanji members do you guys think have the most unfortunate design?

I think a lot of people will say Kiara, although Huke is a great illustrator she has a very strange color scheme and outfit.

Personally I can't stand Matsuri's design for some reason. I feel that neon green & orange & black & brown & aqua is a nonsensical color scheme. Also I dislike her buck tooth.

No. 115202

File: 1605393364365.png (5.26 MB, 1920x2178, l5huhibed7z51.png)

After you take a look at Robocco's outfit, you will realize that nothing will be as bad as her outfit.

No. 115203

Pretty sure I've seen you complain about Matsuri with this exact wording before lol.

Kiara's definitely the worst of Hololive. Huke is a great illustrator, but there's only so much he can do when the concept he was given to work off of was "RPG hero/fast food mascot/phoenix". Considering Huke's past work, I'm pretty sure the base fuck-up here was Kiara's desired persona.

I think Holostars generally has great designs, but Roberu and Arurandis were rigged really weirdly. Arurandis' illustrator, lack, is another god-tier get as an illustrator of pretty much anything in the anime industry, so the weirdly immobile rig and the oddly shaped eyebrows are regrettable.

No. 115204

I don't really hate them but most of Holo5's designs were really lukewarm (Nene, Lamy) or lowkey rip-offs. It's wild that Shishiro Botan gets away with being just Siege from Arknights. Mano Aloe looked like a frankenstein of Kiryu Coco and Elizabeth Bathory from FGO.

Polka's design though? I love it.

No. 115205

Lmao sorry. I've thought it for a long time and i never remember what I've posted. Every time I see it I just think it's really ugly.

No. 115207

You've got a point with the fujo thing, it definitely garners Nijisanji's men a good amount of profit as Chronoir are the agency's highest earners despite being men. Togabito benefits from this to a lesser extent, probably because Kenmochi Touya is openly hostile to the pairing lol.

I think it's just hard for dudes to do that without feeling weird about it. Chronoir are a special case as they have an exceptionally strong relationship that I think is just hard to mimic let alone actually achieve.

The Holostars aren't that into Fujo shit, and most of their appeal comes from behaving as a family. Miyabi and Tenma are the only ones who have actually succesfully played up on the gaybaiting thanks to Miyabi being really openly fond of and affectionate towards Tenma. It helps that that softness is a big part of Miyabi's general appeal, he had fans actually cry when they met him at AGF.

No. 115208

They should give Roberu a 3D model already, dude's outpaced Rikka and it would clearly turn a profit.

I really wish some of these dudes were with Nijisanji, guys like Astel would already be at like 200k there. Astel has proffessional level vocal range and has tied with 2434's Kanae in Apex everytime they've been in the same competitions, which is saying something as Kanae is considered the best gamer in Nijisanji. Astel's wasted on Cover.

No. 115209

I think it's a real pity about Kiara's design, if the concept had just been left as "phoenix" I feel it could have been a really nice design.

Also, some of the Chinese hololive have really cool designs, it's a shame they're so inaccessible (and afaik they're ending?)

No. 115217

Even phoenix-KFC or phoenix-hero would have been a doable base concept. Rolling all three together was just messy.

No. 115224

The lack of nose + buck tooth combo kills it for me. Her design overall is just so generic and boring.

I also hate that Robocco looks like shes from a ps3 game

No. 115225

File: 1605419013533.jpg (24.74 KB, 360x450, Shirakami_Fubuki_Portrait.jpg)

Fubuki doesn't have the worst design, by far, but something about it irks me. Maybe the super angular face and the nose placed right between the eyeballs? And for some reason I feel the black and white is too much contrast? But maybe thats just me.

On the flipside, which vtubers do yall think have the best designs?

No. 115228

It's because the art style she's drawn in is outdated. Fubuki looks like an anime character from 2009 or something, as much as I like her.

Belmond Banderas has to be my favorite design hands down with how well it pairs to his voice and personality (an important factor for me). Kagami Kira's alternate outfits are actually cuter than what the majority of female vtubers get. I also think Sukoya Kana and Ange Katrina of Nijisanji are great.

No. 115229

No offense to Dola from 2434 but Dola's design rubs me the wrong way. Unpopular opinion but I hate how bug-eyed Pikamee looks as well.

No. 115230

File: 1605425195255.png (267.64 KB, 500x1044, Nagao_Kei_homepage-onf441f5hbc…)

For me its nagao kei from nijisanji I love the gap between his serious looking design and his goofy personality.

While not unfortunate or bad Naruse Naru's first model was honestly boring compared to the rest of nijisanji but I guess it fits with his character backstory.

No. 115247

Anyone following Hololive-EN?
I just found out about it and Calli has such a chill and fun personality.
I'm surprised by how much I enjoy her streams and edgy weeb rap.

No. 115301

File: 1605493455119.jpg (84.91 KB, 1066x1600, 61IHZs3zipL.jpg)

I like Nagao Kei (I'm a VALZ fan) but his design is too similar to Yuu Kanda from D.Gray-Man for me to really praise it independently. Kanda is even an exorcist like Nagao.

No. 115309

I've seen a lot of people questioning whether female vtubers have any straight female fans. I'm a straight female fan and I feel its not that weird? Not all female vtubers are all lewdbaiting. Listening to a girl play a game feels kind of like chilling with a gal pal, idk. It kind of soothes me. I enjoy female presence and female created content. Anyone else?

No. 115310

(Samefag) sorry for the copious use of "female," i swear I'm not a neckbeard, I just dont think theres a good replacement for female as an adjective

No. 115314

I don't really watch vtubers but I saw Ina did a gesture drawing stream today, so I watched the recap and I gotta say I'm pretty impressed by how fast she draws and how precise her lines are. I'll definitely be watching her future art streams.

No. 115315

I’m with you. I’ve become so addicted to Holo during quarantine it’s bad. I see them as purely funny and cute, I have 0 desire to ship/lust over any of them.

No. 115317

I'm a female fan too, but I really need to be in the mood for it if I'm going to watch Hololivers. It's probably a mix of the content and the audiences they attract, but Nijisanji livers are much more within my tastes regardless of their gender.

I am curious which female livers are popular with female viewers, though. I personally like Suzuhara Lulu and Gundou Mirei- anybody else wanna comment?

No. 115318

Ina is a professional artist who has contributed official art to multiple big-name gacha such as FGO, Azur Lane, and Arknights.

No. 115321

Yeah, I know she's Wooperfuri. It's not really a secret. I've just never watched her art streams before.

No. 115338

I don't see their point too, most male streamers have a lot of male viewership. Hololive in particular do have quite a few talents that do pander to a specific male fanbase (and lesbians too I guess?) but not all of them.

Ina for instance, probably has a good mix of audience, most of my friends into drawing are girls too and she really sounds just like a cool nerdy friend.

No. 115341

I hate being into vtubers as most of the fanbase consists of cringy neckbeards who make x noises memes all the time. I wish the female fans are more vocal in the community but they keep getting drowned.

No. 115362

Usually women are into female streamers that act like regular women. The type of stereotypical, retard-like "cute" behavior generally appeals to otakus (yes I know there's exceptions, I'm speaking generally though)

No. 115384

I would agree that Holivers don't appeal to the majority of lesbians in that kind of way. Actual LGBTs are more likely to gravitate to Niji as the agency actually has members that are openly part of the LGBT community as well as livers who have no problem saying they have a lot of LGBT friends irl.

No. 115385

Even the ones who are vaguely gay are not really appealing to lesbians. Matsuri is a mess and honestly creepy about her feelings in a way that deters a lot of her fellow livers, while Marine's talks about her real-life experiences sound open-minded at first but are actually just textbook examples of the Class S stereotype to the informed.

No. 115393

Polka and Miko are lesbian, Matsuri is bi, Noel and Flare may or may not have hooked up. I don't follow this whole thing closely, there might be other LGB holos. For most it doesn't matter, they don't usually blog in detail about their life and feelings. Polka and Matsuri are legitimately mentally ill, so they do, and see how much shit they get from antis because of that. Some vtubers play a character, others are simply being themselves with an anime face, most are somewhere inbetween. Holos are free to make of themselves whatever they want, within reasonable limits, but it is generally a bad idea to reveal your vulnerabilities to obsessive haters.

>Usually women are into female streamers that act like regular women. The type of stereotypical, retard-like "cute" behavior generally appeals to otakus (yes I know there's exceptions, I'm speaking generally though)
There's a whole subculture of weeaboo women who are into idol and cutesy vtuber stuff. Not saying you are wrong about them being a small portion of the overall population, but there is a surprisingly large number of them tucked away in their (often literally) autistic communities, and they tend to be very involved. You probably just won't come across them unless you are also a member of those communities.

No. 115453

How is Polka ill? Never watched her.

No. 115538

domo's live on twitch reading roasts. might be good archive material. (for the inevitable thread)

No. 115694

She's a fat LGB who lives in a filthy attic room, rarely goes outside, suffers from depression and has a parasocial relationship with her chat. She also takes scrote schizo criticism to heart and is mayorly upset by it.

No. 115699

Suffering from lifelong nightmares about being chased and dying to the point that you have trouble sleeping, and feeling that a dream that ends with your suicide is uplifting also doesn't suggest a healthy mind.

No. 115723

Wow. I know that many people who work at Hololive have issues, but she is really messed up.

No. 115741

>If she is a mom I feel like a lot of her personality makes sense
How so?

No. 115758

File: 1605847805958.png (622.48 KB, 1280x714, polka.png)

It makes one wonder about the general mental health of people who do this kind of work for a living. I assume many are well adjusted. Most don't share a lot about their personal life, but the ones that do often seem to have social and/or psychological issues.

No. 116026

This thread makes one wonder about the general mental health of people who do this kind of work for free. I assume many are trannies. Most share a lot about their personal life, and the ones that do often seem to have social and/or psychological issues.

No. 116060

Ever since westerns started cathing vtubing flu, a lot of trannies started making shitty rip off 3d models from default models and screaming om how poor and proud they are kek. Hololive on the othed hand does not have trannies because this company is an idol company. And i havent seen any popular japanese vtuber tranny, only people who roleplay as "traps" but its completely different because their characters are always aware of their actual sex and its again, roleplaying.

No. 116622

i believe i read that hololive creates the characters for vtubers on their own, so most of the girls probably did not have much of a say-so in what they look like or the concept

i feel bad for the holo's with mediocre designs, gura for example had a lot of hype predebut specifically because of her design

No. 116977

File: 1606895635675.png (780.11 KB, 1200x675, 7xjb7zksii261.png)

New hololive indonesia generation… I really think the zombie girl has a cute and unique design! It will stand out nicely amongst the current hololives imo.

No. 116980

Kinda wish there was a hate vtuber thread
There’s so much I want to say

No. 116982

I think the peacock girl is very pretty. Also I like that they added that wrinkle underneath the armpit lmao

No. 116987

you can post about it in 'hate' thread or there is Vtuber thread on /w/.

No. 117037

man i can't wait to see how the r34 looks on the zombie chick

No. 117294

File: 1607161171868.jpg (189.7 KB, 540x675, FB_IMG_16071608606218158.jpg)

No. 117297

So many of the vtubers are cute irl. Wish people in the drama thread wouldn't focus on tearing apart their appearances.

No. 117324

The comments are fucking radioactive, holy hell. But eh, it's Facebook, glad that I'm more active on Twitter so I don't have to see that shit.

No. 117450

Its ridiculous how many of them are cute, and none of them are as ugly as certain other places seem to think.

No. 117469

I feel like Hololive always chooses good talents for their Indonesian branch, what about everyone else? Hololive ID was almost Hololive EN before there was a Hololive EN, the Indonesians seem to be very good at English.

I like Ollie and Reine, not a huge fan of boing boing loli's design but thats just me.

No. 117494

So I'm watching Bao's stream and I noticed that as a VTuber who does primarily singing streams, her model doesn't seem as optimized for singing but moreso for general talking. It's super pretty, but it looks like it only has open/closed movements, whereas if you look at Ame's model, it adapts a lot more to the way your mouth naturally opens when you're talking/singing. The model is very well animated and lovely, but I think that just a minor edit/change to the way the mouth operates would make it look a lot more realistic.

No. 118258


That's not Iofi. Iofi detailed doxx has been posted on /w/ and she's a native with bachelor degree of Bandung Institute of Technology. No, she's not surabayan chinese.

No. 118387


which one tho, can't found it

No. 118779

Y'all are some of nastiest people I've ever had the displeasure of reading comments and conversations from. Vtubers are entertainers, they do this for a living full time and you don't expect them to get payment for it? This is how they support themselves. No one in Hololive asks for money. Hey fuck it, let's stop supporting comedians and people who make podcasts while we're at it. Nasty fucking trolls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 118838

wow new copy pasta

No. 119006

Well I don't totally disagree with you, but there are boards where that comment is more suited than in this one.

No. 123509

go back to fagbook Reza Lamunedo

No. 123511

A fucking month ago.

No. 123606

File: 1611555161222.jpg (419.77 KB, 1329x1329, 124955346_4413961942007313_512…)

REZA LAMUNEDO….. REZA REZA REZAAAAAAAA REZAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH <3 <3 <3 <3 WANGI WANGI WANGI WANGI HU HA HU HA HU HA, aaaah baunya reza lamunedo wangi aku mau nyiumin aroma wanginya reza lamunedo AAAAAAAAH rambutnya…. aaah rambutnya juga pengen aku elus-elus ~~~ AAAAAH reza lamunedo keluar pertama kali juga manis, tidur juga manis <3 <3 <3 dia pake baju itu juga manis banget AAAAAAAAH REZA LAMUNEDO LUCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU………… GUA BAKAL BAKAR DUIT 30 JUTA RUPIAH BUAT REZA LAMUNEDO AAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 127241

So does anyone knows what haachama or haato be doing during these couple of days ? It's weird as fuck

No. 127372

Fuck off, no one cares who you wanna fuck, ugly.

No. 127403

What an ugly language

No. 128160

File: 1613477114341.jpg (99.82 KB, 1080x1350, 13422371_1050354521653653_3888…)

Buset men, gue naik lrt ke arah rumah gue pun diliatin sama orang dan satpam men, emangnya setelan gue sekeren apa sih, sampe kayaknya pada demen liatin gue(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128190

File: 1613490434981.png (92.52 KB, 370x503, 9.PNG)

>The vtube /w/ thread has become over run with refugees who can’t integrate and think it’s a holo live general. Use this thread to talk neutrally or positively about indie and corporate. Leave your waifu arguments, scrote fan memes and jp narratives out, the same rules apply here. Go to Kiwi Farms if you want that, they have a more suitable vtube thread for you there.

No. 128191

File: 1613490883985.jpg (88.68 KB, 785x1000, 088.jpg)

>Kiara (holo)
>Artemis, Domo and related circlejerks
>Coco/Chinese holo/the Taiwan thing
>room mate talk
Are examples that belong in the /w/ thread. This is an image board, don’t post direct links to tweets without caps or to stream archives that are hosted by the streamer directly because they’ll be gone.

No. 128223

pour one out for that garbage dump!
It hasn't even been relevant for about 3 of the threads.

No. 128245

File: 1613512587736.jpg (13.69 KB, 310x316, 118138237_169523404771217_6737…)

when will /jp/ & /vt/niggers stop shitting on this dead thread already

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