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File: 1595439080284.png (640.21 KB, 1156x602, vtuber.png)

No. 106239

Let's talk about about a new youtube epidemic of lazy content: the Vtubers.
For those that do not know Vtubers are basically Youtube Influencers but as an anime girl drawing.

Common traits of Vtubers:
>Lazy content and lack of animation (Let's let facerig do all the work for me!!)
>Repeating the kawaii aesthetic without inovation.
>Act like a stereotypical anime girl using cringy moe voices.
>All characters look practically the same, it's just all recycled content.
>Fake niceness between Vtubers to appear friendly.
>Constant circlejerking.

Basically it's Youtube Kids level of content but for Weebs that get excited over anything that has an anime girl drawing.

No. 106246

I agree, plus, they are all acting nice animu but it's so fakeeeee " everyone r friendu uwu" more like slaves for anime tities. Most of the time behind the Vtuber there is one or numerous simp streaming their content acting like fucking Idol producer, they spread their favorite shit in discords servers and pretend like OMG THAT IS THE MOST ORIGINAL STUFF I EVER FOUND: random anime girls with red hair acting like a dragon WOW. I just hate that shit

No. 106247

lmao i can understand ur frustration(newfaggotry)

No. 106272

I don't have any Vtubers to complain about really, but looking into ENG Vtubers they seem to try and copy the Hololive/Nijisanji ones heavily without realizing they are basically just idols without the singing and dancing (at least IRL on stage) still having a producer and all that jazz. It seems a lot just expect Youtube bux for having the avatar but not putting forth actual content, there's Japanese Vtubers that at least stream other non-AAA games, make useful tutorials, etc. Like OP said they just do the kawayee act for hours on end.
The best I've seen are just the artist English Vtubers, none in specific but at least its something.

No. 106273

Feel like VTubers are the new Vocaloid Cringe kids generation, instead of using MMD for their self inserts its these.
Is there any even specific milk? Theyre just really cringe but…what even is there to discuss outside of that except for the Himepen girl being a pedo or whatever

No. 106281

Most English vtubers are cringe. I wanted to be a vtuber for fun to just stream games and chill with people but the english vtuber community makes me wanna gouge my eyes with the fakeness and cringe

No. 106282

I am surprised Nyanners didn't get witch hunted for the "pomf pomf" the second she debuted as a vtuber. But I guess everyone is just gonna suck up to her, she easily gets 1000+ viewers when most other lolies struggle to get 50. She's definetely getting canceled once they're done leeching off her.

No. 106283

I didnt know about the himepen drama and I'm not even shock cuz the english vtuber commu is bunch of that kind of stuff. Basically old dudes(20's-30's) creating a anime girl(most of the time) or boy to attract other girls vtuber (most of them are between 15-17-18)and act animu. It's bunch of predators and naive prays who believes a persona. Also in those community there is some japanese ppl who act like whatever they are from a celestial planet and everyone is praying them and putting them on a pedestal just because of their asian fever. To check what I'm saying just need to get infiltrate in those vtuber's servers…
I dont like the fact that some weeabs forget the human being behind the moe voice and start act dirty cuz they think it's nothing more anime reacting to their existence. Is it interactive (fake)love?

No. 106284

>It's bunch of predators and naive preys who believe in a persona.

Damn right, anon. My exact same thoughts. The whole Vtuber community just feels creepy.

No. 106288

As you said the content is really meeeh but might be some good stuff but really deep in the meh content.

No. 106289

Same, I wanted to teach spanish with a Vtuber persona because well, it would have been fun. But the whole idea of a shitty community turns me off a lot.

No. 106290

This thread should have also had a link to Himari Himepen thread that exists here.

No. 106291

That community is super fake. It's funny how bigger english vtubers like Mofu and Ewica were silent about Himari despite the information being out there for weeks because it could damage their image. And once her wrongdoings surfaced, they were the first to shit on her, fearing they gonna loose their following.

Not to wk for Hime, she pretty much dug her own grave, but watching them getting ass pats for being "brave" and speaking out about something they knew about long before it became public was just disturbing.

No. 106315

She heavily apologized for that years ago and seemed to show legitimate regret. Hasn’t done anything similar since either.

No. 106340

File: 1595488384245.jpg (126.68 KB, 720x1060, 20200723_091314.jpg)

Yeah and rn she is the main person who subtweets about her (Ewica) and that really shows who she is as a person; not too trustworthy and dramathirsty lol.

No. 106349

What is that replied document?

No. 106363

I'm really not surprised that someone like Nyanners jumped on the Vtuber hype train. Since Hololive became more popular in the West, the Vtuber community just became more and more degenerate and cringy.

The more popular English independent Vtubers have been lewding themselves to get more money/attention because no one would give a shit about them otherwise (besides them using an anime girl avatar).

No. 106364

its in Himari Himepen thread

No. 106398

That's what makes western vtubers so cringe. Japanese vtubers build a persona with a story and that's entertaining to watch, when most of english vtubers just lazy design a uwu pink catgirl, put on a fake voice, say suggestive shit and call it a day.

A lot have the audacity to cry about being poor in order to milk more simp money, despite spending thousands of dollars on their models and arts. They're no different from regular e-thots

No. 106400

What drives me crazy is they all talk like children, even the ones wit G cup tits. There's one with orange hair in a little girl school uniform that talks as if she's about 9 but all the clips I've seen are extremely sexual and fetishy. It grosses me out.

No. 106539

What’s with e-hoes and pink catgirls? I saw at least three different people with the same uwu-ass concept.

Sage for no contribution

No. 106579

It's all just normalising pedophilic tendencies.

No. 106585

Its following the moe anime trope obviously.

No. 106986

File: 1595827927599.jpg (715.14 KB, 1462x1642, risa.jpg)

There's been a thread about vtuber Ayumi Risa, who used a copyrighted character from a mobile game as her persona (live2d model of that character and fanart). The artist that called her out on it had never dropped her name, but she appeared under the callout post herself. After she realized she can't manipulate them into deleting the thread, she made a video victimizing herself. Her fans started to cheer for her and went after that artist.


Summary of the video - "There are countless rumors about me, people are coming to my stream to harass me. I didn't know I was supposed to credit anyone, nor did the artists ask for credit. But I assure you that I had permission. I've been asked to give credit in the chat, and I thought my mods took care of it, but they didn't".

She never brought any receipts for the harassment or permission to use the fanart. She now switched to streaming with a model of her own.

No. 106987

This sounds like if Yurunyan became a Vtuber lmao

No. 106989

you know she bought it from one of those commission sites right? i hate stupid weebs.

No. 106993

She got her 2d model for free from steam workshop, she says so in her video. But she doesn't have a right to profit off this character.

No. 107010

There is enough different anyway that just because it has white hair doesnt mean its stolen and its from a FREE catalog which means, yes, she can make a profit off it. weebs being special snowflakes like this is cringey. Gotta all be kids or something

No. 107045

I do think a lot of this vtuber stuff is cringy especially people trying to be "lolis" when theyre 20+ and talking about sex constantly. It's different when it's a character made from an agency like hololive and they stay in character. I do think there are some vtubers that are good like ironmouse (although she tries to be a loli and her voice is obviously fake and she tries to be a "degenerate") because ironmouse has a lot of health problems that force her to stay in her bed so why not do a vtuber thing for fun? I think only some deserve the hatred especially with a standard design and trying to be uwu loli but talks about a foot fetish to be funny its annoying they're all the same. Blogpost I know(blogpost)

No. 107053

ironmouse is just as bad as the others, sorry anon. her being supposedly sick in bed doesn't make it any less obnoxious, if anything how is straining a fake loli voice going to help?

No. 107062

yeah you're right actually. I guess I feel somewhat bad because she has a chronic illness but the fake loli voice and pandering to people like that is the worst.

No. 107068

Those two drawings are nothing alike besides the hair, are you guys fucking retarded

Silver hair hime bangs are trademarked now? Lmao

No. 107075

Yes she does, they are put in the workshop for people to use for free. Also it's not even a fan art of that character.

No. 107150

File: 1595935182857.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.77 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20200728_131320.jpg)


It all reminded me of munibug who keeps joking about dicks, cum and ordered lewd commissions of her lolichar while also drawing lewds with it. Hell even if you look at her recent medias all of her shit is "horny jail" "cock", drawing of a dick with smileyface. Is 21yo with high pitched shitvoice too.

This art is the least lewd art she drew of her char. Supposed to be a condom lol. And ofc she spams sanrioshit all the time, calling herself baby.

No. 108959


this is the only vtuber I can stand(imageboard)

No. 108962

Wtf this is awful. You have terrible taste.

No. 109048

Agree. I bet you anything she's probably faking sick too for pity points. Imagine being sick so you decide to be a pedo pandering fake loli voiced "lewd uwu" Vtuber with a facerig (that works well while also being in bed apparently)

No. 109073

Why are Eastern vtubers so much more entertaining and fun?

I swear to god, every Western vtuber is the exact same thing. UwU loli voice, tripping over their words and completely one dimensional.

No. 109128

because the only vtubers are sad weebs, while japanese vtubers are not imitating a culture and vibe that isn't theirs so it's probably more natural

No. 109134

File: 1597398547381.jpg (50.39 KB, 953x324, 385882835215.jpg)

Because attention and clout. I noticed a lot and especially the smaller ENG VTubers just dive into producing coomer content when they see that they're not growing as fast as they expected. Like is this supposed to be funny?

No. 109297

Because they are professional VA being casted by a company that invest money into their animation/chara/story. These are just sad, attention hungry weebs. From what i have read on /jp/ threads the Vtuber community in Japan is equally cringy and attention hungry too.

No. 110188

As someone inside the english vtuber community, and has been for a decent amount of time, they're all fake as fuck. Vtubers in my dms, or the dms of mods (who leak them to me) talking shit about other vtubers that theyre all 'uwu I love them so much! OMG queeen' with on twitter. Jumping on bandwagons/ collab requests for clout. There probably like 3 vtubers I can think of who are the same in dms and private convos as they are on twitter/stream.

No. 110190

can we talk about how the "big" vtuber are friends with other "big" vtubers and not care about making friends with them? they are part of this community at least make friends with em and help them grow? whats so bad about it? just cus they are small they wont give you the views? they put hard work while you get money spat at you?!

No. 110191

ahh yes, 'we're both streamers, you have to boost me, because we both stream.'

No. 110200


How is this a surprise, they're people dependent on a certain image for work. I am sure most people are different in their homelife than at work.

That isn't hot goss by any means. Direct shit-flinging is.

No. 110203

speaking of shit-flinging, has no one called out snuffyowo's obvious followbotting? got kicked when I tried to mention the multiple jumps in her stats.

No. 110221

I'm kinda surprised no one made something similar to Himari's triple HHH after she's been cancelled

No. 110225

im sorry but if ironmouse ended up being some huge scam I wouldn’t be surprised

No. 110265

she view botted as well, confirmed by her mods

No. 110287

Anons, you either post screenshots either don't talk at all. You are on imageboard, post at least a little bit of proofs if you have something… You can always censor a lot of things if you are worried about doxx.

No. 110841

Doesn't she also have a child? I thought it was mentioned on a stream or in her discord before she blew up

No. 111011

Yes. She deleted that interview from youtube.

No. 111026

Huh? She has a kid? Pretty sure that would make her incel weeb fans pretty mad so she was smart for nuking info about it

No. 111109

she's called mouse because she's a smoll irl loli with a totally natural loli voice uwu!!
Starting to think that her being sick is bullshit, how do you take care of a kid if you can't ever leave your bed.

No. 111113

Forever gonna find it funny how BunnyAyumi quit sex work then crawled her way to big twitch goers with her fake 'teehee' attitude. She's one of the biggest Vtubers leeches i've seen

No. 111130

She's mentioned in a couple other threads for stuff her and SuSu did back when she was mainly a cosplayer. Guess she realised she couldn't make it without doing sex work, and became virtual for the ez simps

No. 111131

I think she claimed her sister takes care the kid, but wouldn't the progress of pregnancy and giving birth not be something she could have done if she's been sick and bed-ridden her whole life like she claims to be? She's said on stream that she's never left her home because of how bad her illness is.

No. 111132

File: 1599124838597.png (89.44 KB, 739x459, lol.PNG)

She celebrated 15k today, it seems a bit wierd to me to be celebrating when 1/3 of those are bot accounts.

No. 111137

im screaming that's so pathetic

No. 111268

Not to sound like a WK but didn't Nyanners also have a kid? or am I misremembering?

No. 111271

Do we have any legitimate information on her having a child?

No. 111345

File: 1599306429574.jpg (779.63 KB, 1079x1984, Screenshot_20200905-064654_Twi…)

The weebs found out that nyanners doesn't condone lolishit anymore

No. 111346

File: 1599306461917.jpg (197.3 KB, 360x339, 20200905_064704.jpg)

No. 111363

Imagine writing all that shit as if anyone gives a fuck

No. 111418

any bets on how long until she lewds her loli character like all the other loli vtubers?

No. 111420

Japanese VTubers can't be lewd or suggestive without fans doxing and threatening them and the companies like hololiblve will take the fans side because that's where the money is. I think the way western vtubers need to be PC while also uwu lewd is annoying af but these weebs miss the point.

No. 111421

doesn't she do this already

No. 111423

She said she was able to go out before

Wasn't her saying she has kid a joke? She's still in her early twenties

No. 111441

that voice mixed with all the ghetto expletives is beyond grating, jesus

No. 111445

how can people stand to listen to her voice for hours on stream, even just those few minutes was painful

No. 111446

While using lolishit imagery, why are girls into anime like this lmao. Get into coomer hobbies but want to play woke.

No. 111464

I've heard rumors that other Japanese Vtubers hate interacting with Natsuiro Matsuri off-camera because she's an unwashed otaku that blurts out coomer shit.

No. 111468

It's the same low-q proof as 'Aqua is a backstabbing bitch'.

No. 111478

Is she really regrets it couldn't she ask yt to take down the 491 reuploads with her name on them?

No. 111509

And remove free promotion? She just wants the social praise of taking it down and making a statement, but doen't care enough to actually try to scrub it off youtube.

No. 111581

i really dont want to wk nyannerz of all people but the post tumblr itself was from like 2015 and of the like… 6 reuploads there are? a majority of people said theyd just reupload it again if it's taken down so why would someone go through the effort for something that means jackshit, it's in the same realm of streamers who dont send takedowns for VODs.

No. 111747

Are other people seeing all the clout chasing happening with the new EN Hololive girls being revealed today? Almost every Vtuber I follow has been tweeting at the holo girls, or replying to all their tweets trying to get their attention.

No. 111750

Tfw the phoenix chicken is the cringiest one of them all, including Holmes with her medicore design. The way they act on Twitter is the same way as "I am not like the others bcuz i use twitch lingo!! Xd" also chicken is trying too hard to be "one of the boys". My hopes are for Shark and reaper that looks like adult Rushia.

The western VRtubers don't understand that in order to get clout from them they should have done the same thing desperate artists did: drawing a sketch or a doodle so they would RT but they missed their chance.

No. 111752

File: 1599653736338.png (495.54 KB, 584x870, kyaiwantsubs.png)

Pic related is the only super-desperate scream for attention I've seen so far. Inb4 her or her friends read this, because I know they've been lurking here.

> n-nya i'm an immowtal too >,,< !!

No. 111824

maybe the fact that I don't understand japanese makes the jpn Hologirls seem better, but all the EN Hologirls tweets so far seem so cringy and uwu quirky

No. 111841

File: 1599721783994.png (134.15 KB, 730x447, mori.png)

Honestly the only one who haven't done anything pretentious or cringy is the shark Garu, who is also well-liked even in JP. JP artists seem to draw only her so far and she has the highest sub.

I was really excited for Mori-chan, found her act of not knowing how to use twitter and not knowing what memes are about cute, but then after revealing she played FGO before, she started mixing japanese and english on purpose for quirky points. That was my biggest worry.
One of her examples.

Honestly, the fact how she both
a) does not know what memes are
b) does not know what twitter is
c) plays Fate/grand order
does not add up imo, knowing FGO fandom and the fact how FGO's freebies events tend to ask u to like/rt/follow something on Twitter.

No. 111888

File: 1599746319959.png (390.98 KB, 1080x3032, 2020-9-9_18-33-9.png)

The amount of salt from people who failed HoloEN auditions is funny as fuck
You do realize her not knowing what modern internet is is a part of the act right…?
Sharks only popular with lolicons anyway.

No. 111889

Yeah, vtubing is the biggest fad of 2020 and Hololive EN has enough muscle to blow it up even further.
I think the big questions are:
1) which ones have a previous following/work like Noel and Coco
2) which one will fuck up first like Towa/Aloe did

No. 111914

Jfc Andrea ritsu auditioned for hololive? With all the weird pedo degeneracy he’s known for, it’s no wonder he didn’t get in.

No. 112029

File: 1599858063735.png (181.84 KB, 595x778, holoen.png)


Anyone knows what univirtual vtubers demanded the boycott?

No. 112030

Popular spanish vtuber called Nimu bullied a smaller vtuber loli/suwie into deleting her social media for using an avatar from the steam workshop.

Video is cringe but explains the situation well.

No. 112033

God, this community is supposed to be new and i remember how tiny it was before but I swear… it brings nothing but the most retarded drama i have ever seen.

No. 112045

File: 1599872235177.jpg (633.59 KB, 1280x720, EhqZooNXsAQfIUs.jpg)

Sure enough, she's collabing with the camgirl, loli ghetto, and uwu gcup, and lewding herself out just like them, even with her loli cat girl avatar. Popped in for a few minutes and Nyanners is talking about nipples, wanting dick, and fucking.

No. 112067

> be Nyanners
> bans loli word and keeps reminding everyone how she deleted pomfpomf video
> creates a vrtuber sona out of hype that is nothing but a wet dream of slavaboo filled w russian stereotypes, along with that its a generic pink haired loli cat
> proceeds to do this
Even her yt highlights r filled w lewdbaiting, too. I don't know why vrsjws are not cancelling her. Could that be because 4chan is still obsessed w/her?

No. 112073

The other vtubers won't cancel her, she gets over 1k viewers, they want clout and potential collabs as if she would ever even look at the smaller vtubers

No. 112074



No. 112078

Actually disgusting behavior.

No. 112084

File: 1599917962179.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.99 KB, 1040x2048, 1599911698933.jpg)

HoloEN Mori is known for saying words such as nigga, faggot etc on her private Twitter that is still open. If you'd like to take screenshots and check out yourself its:

Pic related is how she looks like IRL.

No. 112092

Do you have any proof that she’s one of the holotubers? This comes off as vendetta.

No. 112096

It's been a rumor that Demondice is Calliope for a few days now, but honestly Hololive fandom is full of idiots who pull up random real people profiles to use as shitflinging material against others ("So and so is really this chuuba, your favorite girl is a whore!") and making up similarly retarded rumors.
I wouldn't believe it unless there's some slip up that makes it very obvious who they are like with the last few times someone from Hololive got doxxed.

No. 112098

Even if it does turn out that this person is Mori, I doubt that she’d give herself away that easily. Saying those slurs doesn’t warrant cow status and I think anon is looking for any excuse to cancel her.

No. 112100

nta but she does sound very similar to calliope, and is also friends with the guy who produced her (Calliope) song. I'd say it's a good chance, and I'm honestly interested in how this progresses.

starts rapping at around 1:10, if you're interested.

No. 112101

File: 1599925011098.jpg (107.95 KB, 1034x327, 080545.jpg)

tweets this right after holoEN debut

No. 112102

File: 1599925225773.png (49.86 KB, 715x319, 1599925151260.png)

Actually I take that back about Hololive fandom pulling up random people just this once

>inb4 she gets unpersoned like aloe

No. 112103

oh is she the chicken en hololive?

No. 112104

Yeah. Honestly, I enjoyed her debut and will try to separate my opinion of keeki herself from her hololive persona. Unless she completely fucks up somehow.

No. 112105

My thoughts exactly. her debut was pretty cute but I didn't really like Mori's tbh. Only 3 more to go. I can't believe we already know who the first two are lol.

No. 112130

So is shark girl the girl who did the song for Belle Delphine's I'm back video?

No. 112138

I'd like to say no, but I just checked Senzawa's twitch and she removed all of her broadcasts, highlights and clips, so I'm not so sure anymore.

Her twitch was the only place where you could hear her talking voice, and now it's completely empty. I only found one video in which she talks on youtube.

I don't know if it's for the contract or it's her own idea to remove all the traces, but it is suspicious.

No. 112141

SachiOWO, who alot of people think is the detective girl, also deleted all her vods off twitch. Clips other people made are still up though…

No. 112145

So far, all of the HoloEN Vtubers seem to be fine, personality and background wise. I hear some stuff about chicken (keeki) though, so I'm curious to know about her past escapades. Anybody have a quick rundown?

No. 112154

if whats speculated is true, i dont know if its safe to say their backgrounds are "fine", as for keeki i'm not sure either but she's a costhot now which if she were a japanese hololive girl she would be attacked relentlessly for

No. 112163

Anyone knows the ones behind HoloID avatars? I have no idea because I don't know anything about the Indonesian weeb community.

No. 112165

Shak is the worst of them all.

No. 112168

File: 1599987160453.jpg (91.52 KB, 900x618, IMG_20200913_105327.jpg)

Chicken seems like a future lolcow material.

>Starts @ing every successful holo she can on twitter

>Pekora is the first to throw a bone, actually answers
>Suddenly chicken is and has always been her biggest fan, peer-pressures her despite Pekor's common-knowledge disdain of public pressure and not meeting new people on her own terms
>Whips the lowest common denominator of EOPs into a frenzy
>Pekora already sick of it, says she doesn't want to talk about other holos during her stream today
> Also ends up streaming during the same time as chicken just to avoid her

No. 112171

no chicken is by far the worst among any of them. the way she's trying to get attention is cringe on top of her being keekihime. During her debut stream she was okay but during the collab with the other girls she was awful. She doesn't know how to be natural and she just made everything uncomfortable and weird imo.

No. 112173

I don't mean collab-wise but debut-wise shark was the worst. She is nothing but a pure cringe on her own who got carried only by singing Ride on Time, if it was anything else but citypop, it would have been considered the worst stream of them all, but people enjoy old music too much. Shark is literally one of those basic twitch uwutubers whose target audience are lolifans. At least in collab shark barely did anything.

With chicken its an obvious attention whore-chan (especially considering that she still has the least subs, thanks to her shitty design), she's even gonna stream with Mori in 2 hours, but I do not care too much about her. She seems like one huge trainwreck who will create dramas or Aloe herself anyway, so she will obviously end up burning herself out with how chaotic she is. She forces herself everywhere, sure, but she still won't be too popular.

No. 112174

if it does end up being senzawa, it makes sense. her only appeal was being lolibait cringe with her 'music'

No. 112185

I wonder how long the EN Hologirls got to talk to each other before hand. Lore wise the death character has a grudge against the chicken because she's a phoenix that won't stay dead. But this gives her a reason to openly kinda call chicken out on her shit.

It's supposed to be "in character" but in this first collab talk video it seems like Death might actually be getting annoyed at her. Chicken spent a lot of time commenting on her breasts (and positioning her avatar close to her boobs), implying they're in a relationship and calling her sexy, which is still "in character" but it is still making Death uncomfortable in the start. Seemed to do a bit better in the chat part.

No. 112187

God this interaction was stilted and awkward.
This whole project seems like such a mistake. All of these girls have no charisma or presence, none of them stand out from each other.

No. 112190

Mori always feels infinite cringe on streams (even about her own chara, on debut and during her first collab). Honestly the way she acted towards chicken felt geniune rather than an act (it started being an act when they started shipbaiting eachother and she tried putting their 'lore' in it, along with tsundere act). I can't blame her for that, but it's still a tiny turn-off tbh. Sometimes I feel like as if she applied for hololive for lulz (while having a big fanbase on her own for being jp+en rapper) and did not expect to be accepted, but there was no way to get out of it so she is just out there… Drinking a 2.50$ wine from nearest store like she did today, sounded a little bit drunk sometimes.

Can't hate her, but she doesn't seem to be my cup of tea right now because I am not too sure on how to feel about her. She seems a bit too rude sometimes, even towards cringechicken. I love her model though. Doesn't seem to be any special personality-wise, but her talent is pretty unique.

In my opinion the only perfect holo of them all is Ina’nis (octopus), who is also a well-known artist. She is very chill, relaxing and down to earth without any cringe involved (can't count her love for Mori's character design as cringe). She has a large auidence, 160k followers on Twitter (before her debut it was 135k https://twitter.com/wooperfuri/).
Doesn't seem to be acting overlyfake nor pandering to people, just out there being a bit awkward and teaching people how to draw. She is also a big fan of tabletop games, so there is a hope for some tabletop game collab between all of them.

No. 112218

File: 1600030447379.jpg (895.93 KB, 1836x1168, screenshot.1355.jpg)


No. 112227

After that LilyPeeshu (or what's that womans name?) Is supposed to get a 2d model too even though she fully relies on being on screen with her another bf.

Don't care if poki got it because of all the hype because she literally does nothing but sits in her chair and eats food while watching videos as far as I remember. Still, it amazes me how low quality this model is remembering how much money she earns. I guess she chose some cheap quick commission kek, never seen such half-assed model on a big streamer yet.

No. 112231

Hasnt poki also shit on gundam and other weeb things? As far as I remember she had no interest in anime or other weeb relating things. This is absolutly just jumping on the hype and getting whatever modeller was open for comms right away, hence the VROID when she can 1000% afford a from scratch model

No. 112233

Why would they do that and steal revenue from smaller vtubers when they already established as a streamer? Maybe she did that for days she's too lazy putting on a makeup, simps would be simping anyway

No. 112235

File: 1600041172441.png (395.42 KB, 587x546, 0.PNG)

Idk the artists she mentioned but this is the 'reference sheet'. Cap from her twitter.
The butt reference in bottom right had me rolling

No. 112236

TeruPancake is an artist, whos only done a model for one other small vtuber, and works in Vroid, which is why poki probably just found the first person open for comms. Anntan who did the ref sheet, is a KDA obsessed artist-turned-vtuber attention whore mentioned a bit further up in the thread

No. 112265

of course ironmouse is in her replies kissing her ass, how long until the others follow suit if they havent already..

No. 112267

Silver, Zen, and all the others already are lol

No. 112274

Lol, people on Twitter are saying Pokimane will ruin the "wholesome" community. Have we forgotten people like himeidol??

No. 112295

File: 1600065357598.jpg (231.24 KB, 960x854, MYXJ_20200913233703960_save.jp…)

Oh yeah, vtubers especially english speaking ones are SO wholesome, must be why all the cos-thots and loli "voice actresses" who have to mention that they are LEWD in their profile/every other post and during streams, it's because they're wholesome!
Like Lilypichu and Nyanners and melody and swimsuit succubus and Nikkichi becoming vtubers, very wholesome kek

No. 112302

She always had okay-ish interest in anime, but she's always only been the "normie" kind of a weeb and a casual watcher.
I think you are taking this too seriously. If Lily had VRtuber avatar everyone would have been screaming kawaii even though she is as big as Pokimane. I'd be complaining too if I were you only if she would rebrand herself as VRtuber, putting this label in nickname, bio, and whatnot but it was just one random stream.
It's obviously not as if Pokimane is going to be walking with such shitty avatar forever, let people experiment and have fun. People who complain on Twitter are taking this way too seriously.

Is Ana some Rule34 artist because her anatomy reminds me of pornsick artists that draw disgusting stuff? I do not understand what's so pretty about that.

No. 112305

The ass bring part of the reference sheet is a nice touch of irony considering pokimane has shit on other egirl streamers for flaunting the goods and denies she does this herself when she obviously does

No. 112348

It's amusing to me how Pokimane took L for the team,because Lily actually was planning on going 2D model for a month now, and as soon as her artist learned 2Drig and made a model, and now she is too scared to do that. LOL

No. 112370

She said its a replacement for her "no cam streams" although people watch her just to look at her so I don't get it? I think she's just jumping on the vtuber hype train and she's scared she will lose viewers.

No. 112425

You making some shit up. What a loser! It is easy to find info about her.

No. 112436

Nta but the Nyanners post is right. Ever since Nyanners became a VRtuber she is obsessed with pretending that she is against lolicon while playing as a loli and talking about sex, along with other lewdbaiting. Her whole "I deleted pomfpomf" drama is the oldest one from her OG days.

About Matsuri - it's a retarded made-up rumor that is taken from thin air.

I think you are taking this a bit too far. Have you forgotten she puts layers of makeup on her face that make her look cakey? She streams very often because that's her job, who wouldnt feel tired of sitting in makeup all day. Buying a VRtuber model is much cheaper thab getting a new makeup anyway.

No. 112464

I'd believe it's just her being lazy about makeup but she debuted as a VTuber literally the day AFTER HoloEN girls debuted, and to pay for a model being made surely takes time, so it isn't farfetched to say she knew this ahead of time (likely the week they were first announced) and planned to ride the English VTuber hype train while it was still going.

No. 112465

She makes over 10k from subs alone each month, way more if you count in tier 2 and 3 subs, donations, bits and ad-revenue, make-up cost shouldn't be a problem for her. Neither should be the avatar cost, yet she commissioned the cheapest, fastest and most simple Vroid 3d avatar instead of getting actually good one, as if she heard how succesful HololiveEN debuts were and quickly wanted to jump the hypetrain. The headphones not even matching the refsheet supports the theory that it was a rushjob so she could do it before the hype fades and not something planned and thought out.

She's probably panicking because her subs haven't been this low in years and because of it she's just trying to jump onto whatever trend she can so she could stay relevant, too bad that she's a normie and doesn't know how to properly cater to vtuber weebs and therefore the Hololive audience will keep pouring money elsewhere

No. 112484

I fucking hate mori, she was so embarrassing and not in the cringey way but in the actual seco d hand embarrassment way. Really disappointing since her design is so good

Also, do people genuinely enjoy her rap? It qas difficult for me to listen to as an actual listener of rap music. She can rhyme and has some clever wordplay but the actual things necessary for a rap song like staying on beat were not there.

Also her trying so hard to soubd cute and moe qas annoying, reminded me too much of listening to dubbed anime

No. 112488

I cringe so hard at headphones too, people rely on vroid hair tool way too much. But she probably paid creator 100$, I wouldn't care much how they look as well.

No. 112565

Ninomae is the best one out of the group, she was previously an FGO artist and is actually really talented. Hoping the best for her.

No. 112623

So far her streams seems chill and she isn't trying too hard like mori, kiara and amelia

No. 112624

Senzawa’s YouTube videos were wiped so I’m saying it’s a confirm for her being shark girl gawr

No. 112625

what are you talking about anon? They're still up for me

No. 112626

Yeah. Her YT wasn't wiped but I heard her past stream VODs were or something?

Is it true Senzawa's thing used to be getting drunk and high all the time? From the comments it seems to be something they refer to a lot. Seems she got her shit together if works for Hololive now. Good for her.

No. 112636

Sorry I meant on desktop they’re hidden(except 4 songs) but it looks like mobile users still have access to it

No. 112649

Yes, that is true. Which is why she wiped all of her videos I guess. Also that was the reason why 4chan expected shark to be drunk all the time.

No. 112653

A clout chaser speaking for the whole community. At least we know it took Pokimane months to get her model.

No. 112663

File: 1600354243548.jpeg (73.59 KB, 408x480, D91A1393-2A7C-4051-9AED-B4C199…)


No. 112674

> Pokimane doesn't want to be called vtuber! It's rude to call her one!
> Pokimane literally named her stream "vtuber debut"
Those ass-lickers can't even get their facts straight
> Why spend so much time hating on her model?
It looks unfinished.
> I assure you, it's just few of our community who hate on her
> shows already established vtubers that suck up to Poki

I have a feeling she only made that video so Pokimane posts it.

No. 112695

Kek if only nippons knew how cringe holoEN really is… I bet you that's a troll or Niiji-fan because they are known for doing fire (made Aloe quit).

No. 112700

File: 1600381883559.jpg (384.73 KB, 960x1040, MYXJ_20200917153129699_save.jp…)

She also pinned the comment from the artist who made the model

No. 112701

File: 1600381910962.jpg (289.36 KB, 960x816, MYXJ_20200917153151703_save.jp…)

No. 112703

Nah some of the JP ones are shit too, it's not just because they're japanese and people have a bias due to language barrier. HoloEN is especially cringey with some of the girls already having their real selves outed but apparently if it's someone like Keeki being a cosplay whore or Senzawa making a shitty song for belle delphine among other things then it's fine.
Ina is definitely the only one who seems not so bad. The rest are try hard and gross.

No. 112715

Teru's mad that people say her model is trash. How bitter can you get from one guy saying you scammed Poki. She took a month to finish what looks like it was done in a week tops, even compared to your other models. Her "laptop fund" was funded 3 days after she tweeted it's dying (how convenient that it started dying as soon as big twitch streamer came along, I can see them dollar signs in her eyes). You got more money than you asked for, stop being petty, and move on.

No. 112726

Why would she tell us she worked on it for a month if it looks like straighg trash. Way to let people know even with ample time you can't deliver a decent product

No. 112730

"support small artists"???? There's so many other small vroid modellers with much better quality. Being a small creator does not excuse poor quality.

No. 112829

Has there yet been any drama with Gwar guras irl persona?

No. 112872

You mean new drama? I don't think Senzawa has been in any drama after debut.

No. 112873

File: 1600459108341.jpg (135.99 KB, 900x600, vtubers.jpg)

No. 112916

Just for cohesion sake, the possible people so far
Mori Calliope - DEMONDICE
Gawr Guar - Senzawa
Takanashi Kiara - Keekihimedesu
Ninomae inanis - wooperfuri

No. 112920

Nobody confirmed Amelia as SachiOWO yet?

No. 112962

all my friends who are into vtubers knew instantly it was her so it's pretty known

No. 112964

File: 1600524597709.jpg (510.6 KB, 2309x1308, screenshot.1414.jpg)

Anyone know anything about this YukiLuna chick? She went on a drama meltdown on twitter yesterday about how all EN vtubers (except her of course) are terrible awful people for not paying attention to her until she got partnered. She says being partnered and having 200 average viewers doesn't mean anything even though being partnered and having that kind of viewership means she is actually in the top 10 percent or so on twitch. She later goes on stream and starts screaming about how she got partnered and the people who ignored her didn't so they can go fuck themselves or whatever even though she just said partner doesn't matter. She seems unhinged as fuck lmao.

No. 112968

lmao. Venti made another video about these weirdos. The amount of coping in the comments is delicious.

No. 112988

The AMOUNT of sperging over their coom habits…

No. 112989

i dont really get how they could get so mad about the last video

they really be simping

No. 112992

oh wow, another fake loli voiced thot trying to be edgy and complaining about only now having clout. maybe no one wanted to collab before because that's exactly what this community is about at the end of the day, meeting their bottom line just as you're doing. what a twat.

No. 112999

File: 1600543975743.png (87.39 KB, 479x749, yunii.png)

She's right though, this community preaches untill it's time to cancel someone. Here she talks about harassing of Athena

No. 113001

File: 1600544104174.png (54.48 KB, 599x428, EiI-gVJWAAI7qOa.png)

Athena is a vtuber with Aspergers and on her stream she did the meme where Sakura Miko is repeating the n-word while playing gta

No. 113002

File: 1600544222030.png (26.64 KB, 587x323, EiI-ifdXgAAsWr3.png)

She then got doxxed and harassed. She's also the girl that gets quoted a lot for being angry at Pokimane

No. 113003

File: 1600544305672.png (42.68 KB, 598x329, EiJNxiIXsAApL9t.png)

The n-word situation resulted in her ex leaking cp pictures of her and the vtuber community acts like she deserves it.

No. 113005

She appears here at 2:46

No. 113009

File: 1600545911419.jpg (294.52 KB, 555x2003, 1600541679262.jpg)

No. 113013

How accurate is this, because I recognize most.

No. 113015

The only one I know is correct is Coco’s, not sure about the rest of them.

No. 113018

Holy shit, no, saying the N word after playing GTA doesn't make you deserving of you appearing in distributed child pornography you weirdo

No. 113021

File: 1600548627027.png (135.75 KB, 485x687, sero.png)

The girl that sucks up to Pokimane >>112653 accused Athena of sending her fanbase after her friend
> I'm sorry your cp got leaked but your incel fanbase threatened to doxx my friend after she called you out

No. 113022

File: 1600548700946.png (43.65 KB, 735x271, EiKuPZdXYAIvrmD.png)

Tweet in question

No. 113023

this girl is fucking annoying, is she really gonna whine about people being mad at her for saying the n word
where is her confidence from this tweet kek

No. 113025

Came here after catching up on the mucky thread and I can’t help but think this girl is doing the same schtick mickey does. Take underage photos and distribute them then get upset when they get brought up.

No. 113033

Athena is straight up a troll and it's very obvious if you spend a little longer than 5 minutes looking at her tweets. Anyone falling for her shit is actually retarded. She's successfully riling up a lot of people though lol.

No. 113034

By troll you mean attention whore.

No. 113035

Soft n-word and hard r n-word are not the same

No. 113041

thank you for pointing this out. for some reason, people in kiwifarms do not get it and think that they're better than people who simp on real-life streamers

No. 113048

I don't agree that it's the exact same only in that the HoloEN girls and even the jphololive girls don't seem to be as trying to be lewd or a thot (can't be said about the "unofficial) vtubers like Melody, Ironmouse, Nyanners etc etc). You're giving them money because you like the character they're playing not because you're hoping for them to be your GF or you are seeing their tits, and even then they don't get a big cut of their donations either. Granted giving money to any streamer night as well make you a simp to most people but to me there is some difference at least in that regard.

No. 113052

Doesn't matter if they're lewd or not. These grown ass men are bending over backwards trying to defend their uwu streaming queen without having any personal relationship with her. That's simping. Look at this poor loser in this video. He's so upset that people think liking/watching these vtubers is disturbing.

No. 113057

Lmao the person he's talking about is Venti of all people who talks so much sbit about simps but lets people donate to her/does titty streams. I think the people who obsess over VTubers are maximum ajtists but being a simp over a vtuber and being a simp over an actual e-whore are not literally the same.

No. 113059

I mean honestly so are the same people who obsess over anyone enough go hand them hundreds of dollars. Would still not say it's the same at least in that regard.

No. 113063

Venti being so weirdly against these streamers makes me like them more when I had no interest before. Any man who donates to someone as vapid and devoid of content as Brittany Venti is doing worse than those who donate to an anime character which is saying something

No. 113069

She's the nofap edition egirl kek.

No. 113073

I second that, they're more likeable because they don't rely on simply putting their tits out

No. 113075

at least when men go no fap its cus they believe its a life improvement. Venti is no fap for no other reason than girls showing full tits and not just cleavage shots like she does threatens her income. How upset these anime girls make her has made me warm to them

No. 113077

She has many fans somehow, at first I wondered if they were fake but then I realized they were 4channers lol

No. 113086

File: 1600575298969.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x2560, 20-09-19-21-15-29-884_deco.jpg)

uwu kawaii chicken, definitely didn't cry on her stream for attention and asspats!

No. 113091

Oh no, her teeth…

No. 113107

File: 1600601234224.jpg (33.64 KB, 318x410, IMG_20200920_132636.jpg)

In my opinion Anntan has the worst model out of all popular VRtubers. It looks ugly as hell.

No. 113129

File: 1600607426762.png (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 2554x1290, shark.png)

yall havent seen the dark corners of this fandom. most vtubers have nsfw fanart hashtags. and while I am not exactly against that. i am weirded out by ppl sexualising a child-like shark girl. yall weird too if you guys defend this

No. 113130

That's just the nature of more niche weeb/otaku interests to be honest, not everyone has to like it and that's fine, but the people acting shocked over it are retarded. Like what did you expect from a niche aspect of Japanese nerd culture that goes back to the 70s of being horny as fuck?

No. 113136

Yeah I don't get it. I tuned in to see what it was all about, and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. It's kinda nasty knowing people watch this and enjoy it.

No. 113138

The fact that you have been normalised to this is insane. I'm an avid animanga fan and while I do find Brittany's gross generalisation is a terrible take, R18 loli content is outright CP. And don't you dare use the argument, "oh but she's 9000". I know cute is not sexual and that's right, cute shouldn't be sexual.

No. 113139

I'm not a fan of Brittany either, but I agree with you, and seeing how defensive people got with her on calling it out raised some eyebrows. People are posting porn of these loli characters all over the place. You can't just say it's a niche lmfao.

No. 113140

I hate loli shit but I'll never compare the suffering of real children to that of drawings. If you really considered loli shit the same as CP you wouldn't be posting even censored screenshots of it. Loli shit is gross but its not "literally CP"

No. 113144

>projekt melody
>high end model
my fucking god
are all vtubers and their fans technologically retarded

Why does everyone worship melody like some fucking goddess and use her as a better comparison
>i hate real thots! muh melody/[insert v-thot] makes irl thots mad she has real personality and coding skills xd
>generic v-thot is yet another "not like other girls" model straight out of MMD copying and stealing assets

No. 113145

The design is ugly as fuck as well

No. 113153

Right? it looks like those edgy early mmd models

No. 113157

Projekt melody is on pornhub. I think it's a matter of preference whether or not you like it pixelated or real, but at the end of the day if you wk, you're a simp.

No. 113162

your point? differing the two the way you did is the reason why ppl who are pro this content feel that they're rightfully ratio-ing brittany venti's video

No. 113165

go back to twitter retard

No. 113171

If you've been on any *chan (aside from lolcow) for more than a month, you've probably seen people sexualizing loli/shota/guro/etc. Otaku are creepy scrotes who are willing to go out of their way for fap material in any way possible. And I imagine most of the coomers who do that are not the people donating to any of the vtubers either, because I can say from experience most of them are pirates who don't wanna waste their money on entertainment if they don't have to.
Most of the issues with vtubers aren't really issues with the characters themselves so much as the fandom. If there's anything I can agree on with Venti regarding the fans, it's vtuber fans are literally the new bronies. Within a month they'll probably retreat into their own smaller forums, but while they're out in the open they'll be as annoying and creepy as possible.
Now, that's not to say that some of the vtubers themselves aren't awful people (see:chicken), but I personally am at least able to seperate art from the artist. Unless they start involving their real life with their "persona" in HoloEN, I'll give the benefit of the doubt.

No. 113182

File: 1600636349068.jpg (98.36 KB, 1242x901, EiUSGT6WsAA6j2k.jpg)

fuck Brittany Venti and her shit video too. She's fighting against the evil jap cartoons for no other reason than money and its sick how she's using children to justify it. A drawing of a shark girl playing GTA isn't the same as children being raped to produce child sexual exploitation material. Lolishit is DDLG tier

No. 113185

File: 1600636477090.jpg (700.53 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200920-141458_Twi…)

Ross from gamegrumps jumped on the bandwagon, soon every big name American gamer channel will have one

No. 113187

Not to wk, but he's had the model for vrchat stuff for a few months now. I dont really consider him using it for gaming too much different than his vrchat streams. And atleast he has a history of apreciating anime and related hobbies.

No. 113189

I was wondering where I saw her face before.
Bitch whining about evil loli anime streamers being boosted by a company like she ain't getting enough money lol

No. 113190

Melody's model looks like plastic imo… And so many vtuber have models by jjnomu now, (the person who did silvervale and zentreya's models) or ddmavis (vroid artist who like 70% of vtubers before june had a model by him) that theyre starting to all look the same…

No. 113191

Brittany Venti is an ethot who larps as a trad wife. She just recently was fighting OnlyFans as she believes a girl posting tit pics on them causes children to get sold into sex slavery. She doesn't give two fucks about kids, she just uses them to take down rival content creators. Thanks to Britany I've went from Vtubers are fucking annoying to Vtubers are fucking annoying but they drive Brittany Venti insane so I don't mind them as much

No. 113193

Just because he jumped on the bandwagon sooner than I realized doesnt really make it better. He's still a white guy invading a space made for and by asian women because they can't do regular streaming without being harassed. The fact that he's always doing this just makes it worse for me

No. 113194

you're being dramatic, western and Japanese community are pretty separated and vtubers were popularized by a man (Yagoo) anyway

No. 113195

File: 1600639577474.png (76.41 KB, 192x258, shark fin.PNG)

Lol that fucking hand

No. 113196

So you're saying vtubers should only be asain women? You realise youre on a thread for western vtubers right? Most of them aren't asian…

No. 113197

>invading a space made for and by asian women
Vtubers were made by a bunch of soulless asian businessmen thinking about what would be a good idea for the "modern" idol.
Doesn't make them bad, but what you're saying is stupid considering said soulless japanese businessmen were willing to hire indian, indonesian, and white women, as well as men for their massive japanese idol collective.
You're delusional if you think otherwise.

No. 113198

Let me take a wild guess and say that you're the same tumblr/twitter snowflake that wrote this >>113138

No. 113199

A Japanese man, using japanese female talent

Frankly I dislike Ross and his obsession w being proximal to Japanese nerd culture is weird to me

No. 113200

Agree, maybe hololiveEN vtubers will be more professional in their normal lives starting from now since they answer to a company but i think there will be some good drama with small independent vtubers as they gain popularity.

She isn't wrong though? almost 50% of traficking victims were forced to make porn too iirc.
At least she is consistent but this has nothing to do with v tubers anyway, maybe make a thread abt her

>made for
lmao what, it was clearly made to appeal to mostly male anime fans. It's like the idol industry in a way, not some sacred space for asian women they are just the face of the "product".

No. 113202

Take your vendetta to a gamegrumps or ross thread if there's no milk about him being a vtuber

No. 113204

Her points are good but she still literally uses onlyfans kek… except she shows her literal cat only.

No. 113210

HoloEN chicken is having drama with fans and her translating her streams to japanese. starts crying on stream.
starts at 0:55

No. 113214

Did anyone else catch the HoloEN group collab? Kiara made a graph with "pure" and "smart" and was happy to call the other girls dumb and impure (they didn't give a fuck) but when everyone in chat said she herself should go in the dumb and impure corner she spent five minutes throwing a fit. Is that normal for her real life persona?

No. 113218

she has a history of being attention seeking, and needing to be the best one or most famous one in a room. I don't watch collabs with her in them cause she kinda ruins them with her personality

No. 113219

Couldn't watch to the end because this guy is extremely irritating but that comment seemed so tame? i don't really understand her breakdown, some fans will like pure english and some prefer even more japanese, she will have to learn to deal with criticism much harsher than this down the road.
Also plenty of JP vtubers speak english randomly too, it's not really a issue.

No. 113221

File: 1600653191001.jpg (533.76 KB, 960x1248, MYXJ_20200920185258319_save.jp…)

people like herohei and the others (this WK too) are just about as annoying as the "antis/haters" and low effort attention whores like Venti. She wants the attention and they're all too eager to give it to her (kek this isn't even her account, the one they screenshot Ted) and I find that as pathetic as the ones being hardcore simps and WKs over anime girl vtuber avatars who probably hate most of their fans. Imagine sperging out because someone said what is essentially the truth.

No. 113223

Link? I swear this got reccomended to me but I can't find it now.

No. 113224

File: 1600654072830.jpg (253.11 KB, 960x669, MYXJ_20200920185234556_save.jp…)

Kek this was a top comment. "They're wonderful people" because you don't know them outside of their "lewd" fake anime girl schtick. The coomer weebs screaming about how Melody was superior back when was already bad (spoiler alert, she's a camwhore irl too, goes by Mars Mayhem) and Silverdale seems like a Chinese knockoff of Melody who is already walmart tier. uwu so ~wholesome and lewd~
They're all awful, wether they have a facerig or not.

No. 113234

anyone who watches this shit is some kind of kissless virgin deviant or the saddest, loneliest autist on the level of male mlp fans. gross

No. 113238

No. 113246

>My country made virtual youtubers to bring joy to everyone
suuure it was this and not money. and isn't most of the loli art people are mad about made by japanese artists? very wholesome lol
you're not alone i find them very annoying too, acting like antis are on a crusade against their free speech or something. so what if you don't agree and she thinks you simp for a vtuber, just own it instead of making this childish little war

No. 113247

Honestly anyone who has a feminine voice should just be a vtuber now and get some money because weebs will just throw you cash. I dunno why y'all are so mad about an easy way to make money without showing your face. I think it's ingenious.

No. 113248

Yeah it sure is ingenious and simply easy money, anon! Because as we all know these vtubers stay anonymous and there has definitely certainly never been plenty of cases of rabid fans doxing them!

You need to have fans to make money but then you run the risk of having to deal with that shit. Just like with being an actual twitch thot or camwhoring. People who act like it's a safe bet are fucking retarded, especially now of all times.
Also there's been cases of men being female vtubers using a voice changer and that also being found out too kek.

No. 113253

As a person who runs an "anonymous" account which people suddenly desperately tried to dox this week over absolutely nothing (if you know which account I'm talking about, hi)

I wouldn't recommend anything with a closer connection to yourself, like voice, sex work, etc unless you are 100% cool with people showing up at your house. A few Twitch girls have even been honest recently about their very dangerous, threatening to murder them stalkers attained via using the platform. No such thing as easy money, especially in these times.

No. 113254

Damn I'm curious now anon. If you're a vtuber I might have a bunch but outside of that I agree with you regardless, people who act like this is in any way safer than just working a boring ol 9-5 have brain rot

This was really hard to watch to the point where I couldn't get to kiara aligning herself. Anyone saying these girls have some kind of authentic chemistry must be autistic to the point of not understanding what chemistry between people looks like at all. It seemed so forced and awkward and very obviously like "we are all here together because we were paid to be". The fake "hehe" giggles/laughter is like icing on the cake. The differences in audio quality don't make it better. Kiara's mic sounds like it's from 2007.

No. 113255

Anon are you the twitter account that is trolling everyone with a deer avatar kek

No. 113258

Not sure if already posted but holy shit this is embarrassing. Like at least the other two sound kind of normal and then you have fucking iron "muh bedridden frail smol mouseu" mouse who has to pitch her voice so fucking much it doesn't even get picked up in just the little five seconds intro to the podcast. Incredible.

No. 113259

They are laughing a lot even though absolutely nothing is going on in the first few minutes? Can't wait to hear all the coomer weebshit buzzwords that'll pop up between iropuse's screeching over the other two.

No. 113290

Two lolcows fighting each other over being the spergiest in town? Twice as much entretainment if you ask me.

No. 113295

That was painful lol they really sound and act kind of normal but when ironmouse speaks it's just so jarring, she keeps the cute random anime girl act while the others are just talking like normal women and ruins some moments. It's so out of place.

No. 113303

More melodrama from the chicken(imageboard)

No. 113306

Can anyone give vods instead of this shitty video from another "vrtuber" that is trying to be RWJ? Is it that hard.

No. 113307

This guy is so cringe, I can't watch his trash. He's like a crossbreed of V-tuber drama alert while being a simp at the same time.

No. 113334

The person in the tweets isn't even Japanese, it's some American weeb LARPing as a Japanese person. Fucking retards will believe anything

No. 113343

Youtube doesn’t have a clip system like twitch so you have to rely on this shit

No. 113369

File: 1600771713010.jpg (65.19 KB, 720x450, 20200922_124906.jpg)

Oh dear. Disaster.

No. 113379

A good strategy to steal viewers from mouse.

No. 113395

File: 1600785693976.jpg (138.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Gura isn't senzawa. There a lot of vocal quirks that gura had that senzawa doesn't.
I think Gura is actually Popushi.
Singing: https://youtu.be/l87NC_-X09E
Speaking example: https://youtu.be/OceBvUZmuVs

Popushi has been streaming and has done voice acting in anime and games before, so her getting picked up in the hololive auditions makes sense. Only issue is she was cancelled on Twitter like a month after auditions finished and like 2 months before gura's debut, so maybe hololive is ignoring it since gura is one of the most popular idols they have right now?

No. 113396

I don't think Popushi sounds anything like her or can sound anything like her? I think it's pretty clear that Senzawa is Gura from her disappearance and she sounds INCREDIBLY similar when speaking https://youtu.be/iU4xgaMVL8E especially here you can tell

No. 113398

What. Its the same as saying that every rando "uwu high pitched voice"-chan is Gura.
I used to listen to Popushi covers all the time back in her league days, that's not her. And if Popushi was holo she'd be Chicken personality-wise because they both are mocky and obnoxious.

No. 113399

It's because of that "every rando "uwu high pitched voice"-chan is Gura" argument that makes me think it's NOT senzawa.
The clip that solidified it for me was this from her first game stream:

Thank clip of senzawa doesn't really confirm anything since it's just drunk loli noises. The only video senzawa has that kinda shows off her voice clearly would be the bad copypasta rap, and there her voice has much clearer words and enunciation that doesn't exist with gura or popushi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6DNdop6pD8

Popushi can easily get into that range. The vid is outdated but the similarities are there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CncVZDPN0E

No. 113400

Do you really think a company like HoloLive would hire someone who JUST had a scandal a few months ago? She hasnt posted publicly at all since then too so I think it's safe to say she was run off of the internet.

Your timeline doesnt even make sense if she got cancelled 2 months before the character's debut you really think they wouldnt have chosen someone else? They had no way of knowing she would be this popular before the debut and it would be easy to replace her with 2 months to spare. Plus if they DID hire Popushi and kept using her they would get SO much shit for it. We're talking about Japanese companies here who are so scared of scandals they will cancel contracts EASY.

I also think the 3 month span of auditions ending to their debuts was used to make sure the girls trained to be able to expand their range and do the character's voices flawlessly in long streams.

Reminder that this isnt 'normal voiceacting' you cant just go 'oh i flubbed that line' and do it over. They have to attempt to stay in the character's voice for however long the stream lasts.

No. 113401

Also, add to this that Gura (judging from her skills so far) wouldn't get games like LoL the way Popushi does.

No. 113402

Yeah no senzawa is basically confirmed from her debut video. Why else would they photoshop a cowboy in the background?

No. 113417

I read about Popushi related drama and it seems like she got canceled for calling transgenders snowflakes and using n-word/being shitty human being overall. Why would Japanese company care about any of that? They hired chicken too, despite her doing same shit in the past, doubt they didn't run a background check. Shitty personality is not a reason to not hire someone.

Popushi does sing better than Senzawa, so maybe Gura is her after all

No. 113426

Taking bets how long until chicken rage quits, she has the least subs among all the EN girls and she seems too sensitive
I say 3 months

No. 113430

You obviously know nothing about how fickle Japanese companies are. Shitty personality is a major reason to not hire someone to play a live character when they have to interact with live chats.

There's also a big difference between 'doing the same stuff in the past' and 'having this scandal blow up right when they're hiring' Chicken also very obviously has ties in the Japanese weeb scene since she lives in Japan and does a lot of cosplay event stuff. There's a chance that whatever her 'real job' is (if it isnt having a visa husband) also giving her connections (or her visa hubby could have connections who knows)

Also if it's not Senzawa explain why they pushed the cowboy imagery so hard in the debut?

Popushi is gone for good and no one is sad about it.

No. 113432

Lol calm down Vendetta chan. Hololive didn't fire their talents before even with breaches of contract taking place, so they wouldn't care about some western sjw drama. I honestly don't care if it's Senzawa or Popushi. You sperging about "ties in the weeb scene" is far stretched. They just picked whoever would fit into their obviosly pre-picked personas.

No. 113433

Is popushi self posting in this thread?
Polishing you are irrelevant and you leaking your own nudes was a last ditch effort to remain relevant. The only time people cared about you was when LoL was at its height and that’s only because you piggy backed off your more successful friends

No. 113434

No. 113435

anon the only drama japanese companies care about is if incels/otakus think they cant fuck their idol gfs because they were visibly seen with men or interacting sexually with men

but you dont even know who ran the hiring for holoEN. for all we know hololive got a completely western team and left it up to them to select western content creators. or maybe it was a JP team. "connections" vendetta posting means absolutely nothing for a multi-country business unless you have some sort of insider information on the hiring process you're willing to leak with caps

No. 113437

File: 1600806452990.jpg (59.46 KB, 475x538, gawrshaming.JPG)

twatter really mad at loli shit of a fictional persona, what's new?


No. 113438

Hololive doesn't even care about that, they didn't fire Aloe or Towa for having a boyfriend, why would they care she called someone a snoflake?

And you would think if Chicken bribed them into hiring her, they'd try to make her character more succesful

No. 113440

Venti really needs to log off lmao. But she is successfully riling up vtuber fans so I guess she is getting what she wants

No. 113452

at this point I can't even tell to what extent is Venti 300 IQ trolling like her OG days or retardedly serious

No. 113498

She's right. In this case, she called out neckbeards who watch this shit to jerk off to, and they responded to her with "N-No, you're just stereotyping us fans! Most of this vtuber's fans are kids!".
If most of the audience really are kids, whoever's in charge of the account has been showing their audience (of children) loli fap material. There's no winning here.

No. 113508

whats with all the venti hate lol? like we have an entire thread of people and 2 embedded videos of hers and somehow all of you missed the points entirely to vendetta post "THAT TRAD ETHOT LARPER SHOWS HER TITS ON CAMERA LMAO I LIKE VTUBERS NOW"
like holy shit the lot of you are autistic or perhaps scrotes

she never even stated she disliked vtubers, her criticisms were that they're boring and produce pokimane-tier content if they arent playing games and that a lot of the popular ones sexualize loli/child looks. is that not an issue? is it not fucking weird for r18 artists to do this >>113437?

No. 113513

Civia specifically mentioned her channel was family friendly and for all ages but none of the EN girls did so I dont see the issue

No. 113519

File: 1600893197214.jpg (88.18 KB, 720x987, Zzz.jpg)

Everyone butthurted when Pokimane went VRtuber route, but what about other twitch streamers? LilyPichu is getting her 2D model done soon, and Sykkuno (who is known for faking his voice and being an alleged creep (?) ) already hopped on a train, along with Ross and people seem to not criticise them.

No. 113522

if she saw that as the same as a child why is she okay sharing slightly censored porn of it? also what child looks like that? just looks like some anime chick in a hoodie. god twitter pearl clutchers are obnoxious

No. 113523

>whats with all the venti hate lol?
i suggest you have a look into venti's past endeavors

No. 113526

Some hate was directed at Lily, but her legion of fans shielded her from criticisms, even though she replied herself.

No. 113530

i didnt know lily was getting one but oh well,she likes anime so ofc shes going to a vtuber i guess

No. 113533

It makes more sense for lily, who's been involved in anime and cosplay related communities for a while, as well as been making tweets about vtubers and wanting to be one for atleast a month or two now. And also she waited for a proper artist to do things right (Saruei has been working on her live 2d) unlike poki who just got the first availible comm and looks like dogshit. Same goes for ross who was already doing vrchat streams. I have no opinion on skyyuno tho since I don't like him or his female incel fanbase

No. 113534

Isn't this the dude that WKed himepen/idolmimi?

No. 113536

I'm not surprised after him getting involved with Himari, but he didn't WK her. He never really cared about her, she just somehow made it into his circles with help of her friends. He also was one of the first people to leave after she was outed.

Himepen seems to have gotten a new boyfriend judging by her skeb. She got quite a lot of artwork involving him, so maybe he's gonna be a vtuber too

No. 113546

Ew fuck this 30 year old creep lol. I can't believe he's still in Lily's friend group, it says so much about her and her bad judgment. The PULL thread on him was good, too bad it's buried now and I don't think he's relevant enough to have a thread focused on him here.

No. 113553

What's the milk on sykkuno anon??

No. 113562

>fakes voice
>purposely self deprecating for female simps
>constantly says he’s poor and struggling but pulling in 10k viewers regularly
>acts softboi but becomes PA snarky to friends(one time his friend leaked a private server and he kept making her feel bad)
>””accidentally” leaks chats, game codes, private info related to his friends

No. 113603

Whenever I see someone acting retarded I assume they are a retard, not a wannabe Onion writer.

No. 113607

People portray a soon-to-be 30 woman as a child and innocent angel when they actually know nothing about her. Let alone she was or still remains to be "besties" with Destiny who is one of the milkest men on Twitch, he even whiteknighting CP existence.

Other than that Lily never gives a hell about her community. Her moderators are: old fans that she chose randomly and the newest one got mod status because He has always been her top donator for years. One of the mods is known for asking a 15 year old girl for nudes but no one cares about that because this mod doesn't have any vendetta with higher tier mods. Her community along with moderators are nothing but fake ass-kissers that are abusing their mod status by being rude to everyone, including children and belittling people along with trying to ban whoever they do not like. Her community also has its own private discord servers that are related to gossips and shittalks towards members, and moderators are a part of it.

PULL used to whiteknight Lily 24/7 after Albert cheated on her and whenever someone would give at least a tiny criticism, she would get downvoted and that's sad.

No. 113633

It feels like this topic attracted a lot of vtuber fans. Not a fan of Venti, but nothing she does elicits hatred from me. Her video about this vtuber shit is stirring up so much butthurt, and people are more interested in sperging about her "attention whoring" than looking at all these milky meltdowns. You think it's hilarious, until you see how adamant they are in trying to make everyone accept their degenerate addictions, and it starts to fall into really disturbing territory.

No. 113657

> soon-to-be 30 woman
Lily sperg please shut the fuck up, you ruin everything with your shitty vendetta both on PULL and LC. Your constant recycled nitpicks about what she does in relation to her age is annoying and not milk at all

No. 113684

Did your cat piss in your sheets this morning? Calm the fuck down. The lily threads are dead as fuck on LC and were a snooze fest on PULL.

>you ruin everything

Stop being so melodramatic. >>113607 is right. Being close to 30 and acting all uwu is disgusting.

No. 113686

Yes 30 year olds are granny's and everything cute is illegal at that age.

No. 113688

You're taking this a little too personal. No one said 30 year olds were grannies. 30 year olds are expected to act like adults, not larp as a 16 year old living in an anime.

No. 113691

nta but who cares, it's cringy at any age, and most people who are that cringe don't grow out of it. you honestly sound a little too "no fun allowed" but, unrelated to this because being cringy isn't some teen hobby one grows out of.

No. 113700

Calm down, wk-chan. Everyone are treating Lily like a baby who can do nothing wrong
. She also keeps doing her best to pretend to be an uwu anime girl still, can even judge that off her minecraft letsplays. Can't wait for her to jump on another dick just so she would turn 80% of her content into nothing but boyfriend material again. In reality all of her fame has always been boosted by her bfs (and now otv dramas), old hotshotgg, dyrus and co. times where she would leech off everyone. Even right now she gotten popular only because of her retarded friends milking the shit out of cheating scandal drama.

You take this way too personally. Get some fresh air.

No. 113713

You getting mad about someone acting like they're an anime character in vtuber thread… Makes sense

Can you not talk about Lily? She's not even a vtuber yet and she might give the whole idea up after Pokimane

No. 113717

Let’s hope she does give up that retarded idea, wk-chan

No. 113718

File: 1601006099040.jpg (498.17 KB, 2280x1080, basic af.jpg)

Speaking of pokimane, guess who's using her vtuber character again.

No. 113720

File: 1601007250563.jpg (424.38 KB, 960x1163, MYXJ_20200924211237168_save.jp…)

Pinky is being a massive bitch/accusing a new VTuber of stealing her generic catgirl ethot design and tracing art. I don't know how true it is and it very well might be, in which case sure she has a right to be mad or upset, but but the way she's tweeting about it several times, RTing replies and milking it for all it's worth is making her come across as a massive attention whore.

No. 113728

Lmao I’m not a WK, you have this weird fixation on her on age.

>You take this way too personally. Get some fresh air.

More like you take any mention of lily personally. Someone mentioned sykkuno and your gremlin mind found some way to make lily a topic of conversation. The lily threads are dead because there’s no milk. Hashing your speculations from relationships 10+ years ago with no receipts is still not “milk” no matter how many times you bring it up

No. 113744

File: 1601024041956.jpg (184.17 KB, 1800x1174, Ef21dE1WsAImrTY.jpg)

It may be a basic ethot design, but its still way too similar, even the pattern used on the skirt. Not a smart move on that ribbon girl's side to copy a design so closely from an already semi established vtuber.

No. 113747

File: 1601025468204.jpg (105.76 KB, 488x1000, sample-929161d72175a64fc715b87…)

Both of them remind me of one popular JP VRtuber.

I feel like her model got fixed? Because it surely looks better than during her ''debut''. Looks much cleaner.

If only Pokifags whiteknighted their queen on imageboards and websites as hard as people do towards Lily ze azn qween.

No. 113749

Yeah, all these girls are ripping each other off but this one is pretty blatant. Gotta say, both are ugly. The crown on the ear is a retarded design choice, but literally all vtuber avatars are Like That.

and Lily will fit right in with the rest of them. She's been doing that obnoxious fake loli voice way before it became commonplace among weeb thots. It used to drive me insane but now so many people do it I've just accepted it's a widespread thing now.

No. 113773

File: 1601048100186.png (391.39 KB, 540x457, EivzYNXU4AAlcM9.png)

I mean it is legitimately traced and copied but it's a generic anime catgirl design

No. 113775

lily is becoming vtuber, so it's relevant to the topic… are you dense? For not being a wk you certainly are adamant on acting like one.

No. 113782

That chin extension is horrifying.
It is pretty generic to the point you could argue they're both copies of Lucky Chloe with Ali clothing on top

No. 113788

File: 1601057112568.jpg (355.46 KB, 1080x1747, 20200925_130606.jpg)

Pinky is pinkprty and was another jobless attention seeking thot riding off of gothfruits until the clout dried up. Funny to see her stir in shit again in another community

No. 113790

Explains why she talks like a wanna be "ghetto" white thot even as her "uwu Vtuber sona" kek she's super annoying and it's laughable how she sics her fanbase on that other girl only to be like "pls don't harass her!!!"

No. 113800

File: 1601066370023.jpg (213.67 KB, 1080x1047, 20200925_154029.jpg)

Someone's upset lol

No. 113804

oh man i didn't realize that she's connected to gothfruits which is also a snowflake who was a bully and rape apologist. trash attracts trash

No. 113806

This is pathetic. "I put so much of me into this design!!" Bitch, it's literally a pink haired girl with cat ears and a generic trendy egirl outfit. From your design to your irl outfits there is nothing unique about you. It wasn't enough to sperg out about it on livestream, then make tweets/RT about it like ten times, now this? Even after the girl took down her post and put up a statement? And wanting to handle it privately while you throw a fit while before telling people not to harrass her (when it was too late) then post this? What a crybaby attention whore.

No. 113813

File: 1601072141061.jpg (924.64 KB, 960x1570, MYXJ_20200925151510861_save.jp…)

Imagine complaining about how you feel like people take/steal from you and how original you are when your IG feed looks like this and you yourself copied from another japanese VTuber.

No. 113819

Kek nice move, giving herself an excuse to relax for a few days while her fans feel bad for her AND avoid the shitstorm of the one other girl getting harassed because of her

How much do you wanna bet she will milk this and claim to be a victim of art theft for a few months?

No. 113820

Lili is an annoying kpop girl and she’s been milking those 02 pictures for years

No. 113829

SachiOWO's game library isn't exactly subtle here.
The bigger question is how many ties does Felkey have to Sachi since some anon is a bit too eager about probing there. (https://direct.warosu.org/jp/?task=search&ghost=&search_text=felkey)

No. 113848

File: 1601092697268.gif (1.49 MB, 400x225, h.gif)

idk how anyone could find this ugly, retarded, jittery fucking thing cute let alone "sexy"

No. 113861

It's mostly lolitards and normies. She's almost everywhere on facebook now because 'omg das a shark w baby voice uwu! so UNIQUE uwu'.

Her content is lowest quality now, after her comes the Phoenix. Do not understand the appeal either, she didn't warn anyone she's not going to stream (possibly drinking / getting high, knowing the person behind it) n w/e. Japanese people dig her only because of loli design, which is why she had the most amount of subs before her debut. Westerntards are dumb because everyone on twitch r doing the same 'content' as shark, so I would think that they would get bored of her, because man I sure did.

No. 113869

Cause you gotta be mentally stunted already to enjoy anime and then get groomed to be even more retarded by watching a lot of it. It also normalized the sexualization of childlike things and children, so there's no wonder most hardcore anime fans are also lolicons (aka pedophiles).

No. 113870

File: 1601115036337.png (244.69 KB, 598x567, tumblr_c623b2c83da72188f9bed0f…)

I couldn't care less about the streams but I find the design adorable. I'd still rather see it in a comedy anime than the pander-show that is Hololive.

No. 113875

The way they move is creepy as fuck.

No. 113877

Creepier than the fact that they speak like literal toddlers and ask each other "what color pantsu" they wear while acting like it's ">w< so embarassing B-B-AKA!!"

When I hear those fucking weeby asian girls squeak like a fucking dog toy I just want to vomit. The men who are into this are sick in the head.

This degenerate shit should stay on obscure weeb-sites and not go mainstream. It's NOT CUTE, it's borderline pedophilic.

No. 113886


There's actually a japanese vtuber who received a line voicemail from her mother during her stream that said 'don't act like a baby'.

Idk about you guys but having your parents watch your stream while you pander to horny viewers with high pitched childlike voices and even have characters that look like children is weird.

No. 113887

The only VRtubers that are actually enjoyable tend to be the good old rare gems of OG Japanese Indie scene. I personally love Suisei because she is chill, normal and doesn't fake her personality nor voice to sound like an obnoxious alien. She even started up as indie and later then decided to give it a shot with Hololive in 2018ish. Every high-pitched uwu-chan, loli, lewd or not are all completely the same at least on western scene and I do not get it how people are actually enjoying watching the same shit (just diff accent and avatar) over and over again, like zombies.

No. 113888

That's fucking hilarious. But I can barely watch the video cause I literally get nauseous at that fake-baby voice and the panting. I showed this to a friend and he said "Oh that's just how japanese women talk". Lmao. I doubt it.

No. 113889

It really must be so weird imagine coming home from work after a long day and commute and your grown daughter is locked in her room eating chocolate and faking a baby voice for otakus to jerk off to…

No. 113890

what's with the panting anyways, i've seen that behavior with the vtuber vid i have watched in my recommendation page. I don't get it. and please slap common sense to your friend and let him watch actual Japanese women talk, it's really different.

god, i even read some comments in another vtuber vid that goes along of 'women can't have deep voices' and I stopped reading the replies.

No. 113892

Anon I know you were trying to use this as a good example but I honestly couldn't make it past even 20 seconds of this video, her voice is just as obnoxious as all the others to me.
People in this thread keep saying "only Western Vtubers are trash" but honestly, they're all the same. Japanese Vtubers can be just as obnoxious, degenerate, boring, cookie-cutter and greedy for fame, it's just that because it's in Japanese, non-natives like you get filtered out or think the act is more "authentic" because we all know Japanese girls are naturally uguu kawaii lolis like in my favorite animes right? To all those saying the opposite, please take off your weeb goggles for once.

No. 113897

The panting is for the men watching to jerk off to. It sounds like a noise they might make during sex, just like the squeaking they also do.

No. 113898

File: 1601135820121.jpg (52.01 KB, 614x1280, n.jpg)

I really like Botan!

She is out there chilling as lion woman avatar without trying to sound like loli or become a moeblob
> instead, her stream is mostly nothing but tech talk or her carrying everyone in shooters, the best gamer in hologamers category
> has esports connections
> the only cringeworthy thing she does so far from what i have noticed was just her playing her lion girl character which would contain nothing but her trying to eat an animal-vrtuber
> has esports connections
> is unpopular and underrated among seafans because she doesnt have a high pitched voice and her avatar is an adult woman instead of a loli.

I still think her avatar design is complete shit when you look at the bottom, but I am thankful they only show her half-body instead of full body.
The only collab stream I watched w her was Watamate (sheep=chan) one that had funny plotline while they were playing Overcooked 2, because I can not stand most of holos.

No. 113968

File: 1601162850868.jpg (390.85 KB, 1080x1440, 20200927_092815.jpg)

Teru's own model looks better than the one they made for poki, even though its still average vroid quality. Poki's 100% has to be a rush job just for quick money

No. 113970

Of course she did, though it's not like Poki's design was all that complicated to say the least.

No. 113973

I think her laptop freezing might have lost her too much time >>112700 so she needed to rush to finish.

No. 113974

Didn't poki supposedly buy her a new laptop/give her the extra she needed before she was going to work on her model? Also what exactly was the "rush"…adide Poki needing to "vtuber debut" right on time with the HoloEN for added clout? It's sad no matter how you look at it. And Teru deserves the negative speculation/attention for deciding to take Poki's cuck bux rather than declining working with someone who is notoriously shady

No. 113977

The way she said in that comment ( >>112700 ), she first started working on it with her old one but it was taking too long so poki helped buy another but i think the damage to the time limit was already done. What i don't get is why take commissions with a time limit if you know your laptop is dying…

I don't know, i think the rush really was for the hololive debut since everyone would be talking about vtubers. Lilypichu is getting one too, and sykkuno, guess poki wanted to be first.

No. 113987

File: 1601170762328.jpg (92.56 KB, 900x507, IMG_20200927_033726.jpg)

Some people are too desperate for fame. I understand she is barely relevant for a long time now, but seriously?

She really gotten a huge amount of likes on Twitter only by posting teaser about her VR model and this. A new way of trying to sell her failing clothing store I guess, the timing is sus.

No. 113988

no idea who this is, but what chair is 1500??? Does she need a high end adjustable massage chair or something?

No. 113991


It has started. Joined Twitter this August, posted this vid on the 16th, has 8k follows already from just copying Gura. Amazing.

No. 113993

File: 1601175361422.png (Spoiler Image, 277.83 KB, 707x398, 20200927_045312.png)

NSFW artwork in spoiled picture.


No idea about Sykkuno, but Lily's VRtuber artist is a hentai artist who is known for defending (and infighting about it on Twitter) lolicon if you are into that.

Twitch admins also hate this artist by silently banning her without any proper explaination, even though she would follow TOS.

The said artist is everything wannabe lewd e-thots like Anntan (mentioned in thread?), etc. wishes they were because she is actually good at it.

I saw her randomly getting promoted on 4chan in holo global threads.

No. 113995

99% sure this thread and the vtuber orbiters are scrotes and/or braindead libfems kek

No. 113996

They can't. They've taken a step into degeneracy and are mentally unable to get out.

No. 113997

Not everyone who hates Venti and her attention-whore antics is a scrote or libfem, are you braindead? She's been at this shit for years regardless if you agree with her or not. I think a lot of these loli voice ethots are annoying and gross too but come on.

No. 113998

Why do all the loliuwu voice VTuber's do that same inhale-laugh? Is it to laugh while maintaining t
heir fake voice? Snuffyowo is live right now doing it its super annoying, also pretending that holding a deeper voice would be hard aka "this is my real voice!!!" shit..so embarrassing.

No. 114000

if you prefer pedopandering, fake animu voiced ethots over venti talking about how creepy/gross/weird/disgusting they are, there's probably no hope for you

No. 114001

dude she started deepening her voice with an audio program on purpose right now after you said this

No. 114002

You realize you can hate both, right? You're WKing hard for a dumb hammerhead bimbo who thinks that if the teenage anime girls have huge tits then its a-ok to be horny for them.

No. 114003

Samefag but it isnt Venti talking about it I hate but Venti overall. If you defend her you're retarded and just as bad as the horny vtuber simps, in this war everyone on either "side" loses kek

No. 114004

Not to "hi cow" but uuhh the Venti whiteknighting going on in this thread is really sus. Actually I'm pretty sure this same shit has happened in the Shoeonhead threads before, too. Really makes you think…

sage for slightly OT

No. 114005

Guess she stopped because she's back to her usual fake Nyanners-wannabe voice now. Seriously why do these bitches all use the same fake voice? It's like you pick lilypichu, nyanners or ironmouse to sound like. I guess when your pedophile fanbase doesn't have the braincells to know better or care, its fine.
For as ugly as her design is and how annoying and tryhard she is, at least Silvervale's voice isn't too obnoxious or fake.

No. 114013

wouldn't be suprised if she lurks here considering how shitty she is off stream. Isn't she down to like 1 mod now that she's booted out all her other ones cause they stopped simping or tried to bring up issues with the server/ her botting?

No. 114022

>if you agree with venti's arguments that pedobait in weebshit is fucking cancer that's been exposing minors to online predators since at least the 2000s and its done nothing than to normalize "loli" attraction to anime viewers you are as bad as a retarded vtuber simp

Lmao who the fuck is posting in this thread, has the braindead vtuber audience found it or something? She hasn't said anything any sane person who grew up watching anime doesn't know or hasn't noticed. Another thing is that most weebs are mental scum and so are the people who unironically like vtuber shit. You calling her a whore a thot or reeeeing calling her names doesn't invalidate her arguments, are people in this thread underage or what? Are the people who agree with what she said in the holo videos because they were groomed online by lolipedos "simps" of hers too to you?
>inb4 "hi venti!"

No. 114031

This is primarily a gossip board, not a debate board, so farmers on here will often attack character/behavior first before examining arguments (or if they do, the arguments will always be colored by said character).

It would also be considered "off topic" to start seriously debating her points, as it's not pertaining to the cows themselves, so I can see why most comments are simply "Venti retard boob girl" etc.

No. 114034

oh, dont get me wrong, that shit is fucking creepy as well, but after hearing all the rage about these vtubers, I was expecting them to be well animated. Instead, it looks like someones shoved a hand up their ass and is moving them around like puppets.

No. 114035

Is no one going to talk about Cover's Haachama and Coco 3 week ban because of China and Taiwan…

What happened was

> They showed their youtube analytics, and Taiwain is one of their main viewers

> However China insists Taiwan is not a country
> So China started downvoting all of their streams
> They were getting like one thousand downvotes a stream, Cover started getting scared.
> So cover bent the knee and shifted the blame to the girls entirely like it always does to save itself and said the girls would be harshly punished.

No. 114036

Either that or they're mentally stunted adults. God forbid you think she's making points that are true. You can't sit here an tell me a thot acting like a thot is more disturbing than this vtuber pedo shit. It really makes you think about the type of people autistically screeching about her. Vtubing is degeneracy. Get over it.

No. 114040

No because this is now the Venti thread

No. 114042

The anime-lovers get incredibly salty over Venti and to me all that says is that she hit a sore spot and is right. I don't like Venti at all, in fact I think she is a huge hypocrite because she is also a thot and she puts on a super annoying babyvoice as well (which is why I can't listen to her videos).

But she is right about this. Vtube caters to pedophiles. There is no other way of looking at it, grown men shouldn't spend their days watching women who sound and act like children, it's creepy. And that this shit is being pushed by mainstream media now (xbox retweeting that shark) is fucking mental. Combine this with the recent outrage over "Cuties" and you can put together a pretty nice narrative that there is a push to sexualize children in mainstream media. Soon those fucking loli characters will get more realistic, you can pay them superchats to twerk for you or suck on phallic shaped lollipops. Calling it now.

If you like vtubers then something is wrong with you, cause they are neither entertaining, thought provoking, intelligent, talented,… or ANYTHING AT ALL REALLY. All they do is try to spell english words squeak like dog-toys and pretend to be literal toddlers while throwing out a shit ton of "innocent" sexual innuendos. It is probably even more garbage content than actual anime itself.

No. 114045

File: 1601218275669.png (140.86 KB, 301x330, 1601209436739.png)

Confirmed Amelia's VA audition mp3s from her old soundcloud.
She did some minor VA work under her real name (could be a fake name I guess, never looked into it). These were some audition stuff on SoundCloud, though you can still hear her in a fallout mod and an indie short film series.


No. 114048

i half agree with this. i don't think they are all pedo, but they are for weak weeb simps who are arguably the worst. imagine unironically simping for a drawing. vtubers are even lower than titty streamers.

No. 114061

They all talk like children and besides the ones with the huge tits they also look very child-like (hell even those just look like kids with tits). If you are into that, you're definitely a pedo.

No. 114062

There's a good handful of vtubers who don't use baby voice and don't look like lolis. Is that okay or is anything to do with anime girls playing video games for money literally the devil? Lmao. Half this thread just seems like vtuber asslickers and the other half is "oh nooooo fake cartoon girls played by adult women are poisoning everyone and now everyone is a pedo"

No. 114065

>kids with tits
tits are a thing that implies not being a kid, if you hate anime fine i guess but sweeping generalizations aren't going to prove your point.

No. 114072

That's called an anime trope, anon. It's staple for even VAs.

No. 114078

Agree and kind of wish it would stop, the loli debate should be saved for an OT thread or something.
Kinda wonder if it's either Venti or the vtubers being talked about here coming in to shit up/derail the thread. Even if they aren't it's annoying either way.

No. 114079

I think if you're giving Venti any kind of positive affirmation or saying she's right when she is just as guilty of the shit she accuses vtubers/vtuber simps of, then yes, you are fucking retarded. People can hate both and find both sides fucking braindead, and if you seriously think that they're mutually exclusive I genuinely feel sorry for you,
I'm sorry someone daring to talk badly about your queen has had to make you sperg out so hard, maybe if those "good points" came from someone who isn't Venti and isn't an outright hypocrite I would be more inclined to agree.

No. 114089

it's average VA stuff, just disappointed she doesn't have an English accent to fit her model lol

No. 114091

File: 1601237665773.gif (5.9 MB, 506x640, Amelia.gif)

I see all this evidence and wonder, how would a mid-30s year old VA be willing to fill the role of a spazz for 10 years as Sachi and now however many years as Wason? Sounds maddening luv.

No. 114094

So? Just cause it's anime means it's not pedophilic? Anime is probably the most pedophilic media out there because they have the whole "it's just a drawing" excuse and Japan is really weird about child sexualization in general. Like you can get legit underaged schoolgirl prostitutes easily.

It's fucking creepy.

Yeah, every fucking pervert uses that excuse. "it has boobs so it's not a child, despite every other feature being extremely child-like" "Actually she is a 9000 year old demon!!!11"

I have yet to see a vtuber use a normal voice, not act completely childish and have an avatar that looks like an adult. Maybe Pokimane, kek.

No. 114096

Can the Venti spergs and the retards reeeeeing about how anime is for pedos gtfo/go make their own appropriate thread to clog up already? This is a vtuber thread, not hammerhead asskissing/pedo debate thread.

No. 114100

Because its relevant? If you know of any other milk, post it instead of whining at other anons that they're not discussing what you want.

No. 114101

It's called staying on topic, faggot. Infighting about Venti and how anime = pedophilia are hardly on topic.

No. 114102

It's not really relevant anymore. It has been discussed to death.

I'm more interested in Cover Corp getting into hot water every single week it seems like. Now they suspend their talents for saying the word Taiwan to kneel down to the Chinese commies. I feel like people are starting to realize Hololive is far from perfect and at the end of the day is producing a product in the form of entertainment.

No. 114103

File: 1601240436371.png (46.53 KB, 733x499, 48B65BAE-5060-424D-8F42-6B45BE…)

I can’t wait for three weeks of complaining about this coco stuff on the actual fandom side of things. every wk has a pitchfork and is ready to go to war when imo maybe you shouldn’t really show something private like channel analytics on your stream in the first place. The other half who aren’t fighting China are treating the girls like baby and still circlejerking over muh aloe. 3 weeks is harsh especially over something that seems like it could be handled over a meeting or something but the men in this community are insane so

a couple of you were saying you don’t know non-loli voicers and coco is probably one of the better examples of that..she’s crass but feels more like a peer imo than a lot of the other ones. personally watching some of her clips she was one of the first to make me realize that they are many vtubers with many different niches and it isn’t all loli bullshit. I don’t know man, sometimes it’s nice just to have some background noise that isn’t all tits, someone’s looks, or trying to sell me something. You also just get the bonus of laughing at how deep in the hole some of these guys are and the amounts of money the drop for a literal YOURNAMEHERE-San! at the end of a stream.

No. 114105

Supposedly other VTubers had no issue showing their analytics before though? Of course Cover isn't going to come out and say "yeah we have Chinese simp cock deep down our throat so this is how we have to react to this (by punishing the girls)". It's sort of dad when you think about it but also this is what these girls signed up for when they decided to work with a japanese company like Cover, it's not like this is unheard of in the idol industry.

No. 114106

No. 114107

She's bumped and promoted because she was made by a member of Iron Vertex which is big in the Live2d Vtubing scene. The head of the group made Yueko's wig and runs a whole Live2d Discord server so it's easy so there's a huge group of people who are interested in Live2d and learning Live2d who are exposed to her because she was created by a part of IV so they promote here.

Also with the amount of time goes into making live2d I doubt she was copying Gura and it's probably a coincidence but IMHO even if she was I prefer her to Gura because the character doesnt look like a child and has a better design than just 'haha shark hat+shirt+pointy teeth = shark girl right????'

No. 114108

it is sad but it just boils down to idol industry is being idol industry, hololive is being a corporation, and China is just being China. it’s going to be a really weird few days/weeks with this so I encourage anyone who wants to watch some dumpster fire to observe it because as these people are saying “fuck clover” they’re still memeing the ceo as best girl.

No. 114112

you should get out of the thread if you're not going to contribute.

No. 114114


I'm not coming at Iron Vertex, I know who they are. They also did Nyanners model. Nor was I coming after her design. She literally has a video with her saying E and that's it.

You can stan for her all you want, but it's basically the same skit.

No. 114127

If you're just going to sperg about how pedophilic anime is, get out of the thread. And there's lots of real life adult women with round faces, or short builds who have to deal with their partners being called pedophiles by people like you, who think anyone with any sort of 'child like' feature is pedobait.

As for the vtubers who don't fake their voice to be super high or have a loli model, theres quite a lot: KiryuCoco, Silvervale, and NoizyBunny are the examples that I watch, but there's tons of smaller vtubers who also use normal voices.

No. 114163


No. 114165

who is this supposed to be?

No. 114166

Fuck off Venti

No. 114167

anime is a mistake

No. 114174

I bet the most exciting thing you've ever done is miss church on a Sunday. Fuck off, pretentious twat.

No. 114179


Weebs mad. How come you are all so defensive and get angered so quickly when someone points out that you are obsessed with something that most of us stopped liking when we got out of high school?

>I bet the most exciting thing you've ever done is miss church on a Sunday. Fuck off, pretentious twat.

If your definition of exciting is jerking off to lolicon, then I guess my life is not very exciting, cause I don't want to fuck kids.

>And there's lots of real life adult women with round faces, or short builds who have to deal with their partners being called pedophiles by people like you, who think anyone with any sort of 'child like' feature is pedobait.

If that adult woman also acts and dresses like a child, then yes, it's pedobait. It's not just that they are anime avatars that look like kids, it's that they also ACT like children, while at the same time talking about sexual things. ">w< Onii-chan fwound out my pwantsu color!! I'm so embawassed!!"

There's a reason there is so much loliporn being drawn of all of these Vtuber avatars. It's cause that's the audience they attract.

>KiryuCoco, Silvervale, and NoizyBunny are the examples that I watch

Those models look like literal whores. I agree that they don't look like children, but that is further proof that Vtubers are inherently oversexualized and cater to scrotes.

No. 114183

>most of us stopped liking when we got out of high school
so the vast mojority of cenvention attendees who are university age or older suddenly don't count? The fact that every single convention has 21+ events that are very well attended, and its common to see people in their late 30s and older at conventions doesn't mean anything?

>Those models look like literal whores

"I hate models that look like kids, and models that look like adults are all whores" so basically you just hate all female avatars? stop samefagging and get out of this thread already

No. 114184

It's Ina from Hololive EN.

No. 114186

You are on a fucking image board, that was a format popularised as clones of Japanese anime discussion boards and you want to have a tantrum about how anime is pedophilia, I understand you embarrassed yourself because people are calling you out for your stupidity but get a grip and have some self awareness.

No. 114195

I went ahead and took a dive into the HoloEN cast. I came out mildly surprised, they are not as bad as I thought they'd be.

Calliope is a bit boring. She seems unable to properly balance whatever she's doing with chat, donations and stream but others might find that awkwardness entertaining. She'll probably get into it at some point (I like her voice) but right now she's just drinking wine, falling for donation trolls and crying because people gave her more dosh in two hours than she earned the last ten years of her existence.

Kiara seems the most determinded to make a profession out of this. She seems professional and energetic. Her fastfood gimmick is kinda lame but she doesn't bring it up every minute. Her animation is the smoothest somehow.
I watched her Mario 64 stream and she sucked at it but that made it rather thrilling to watch actually. You never know if she's going to make the jump or not. Her designer "papa" is active in her chat too, that's nice.

Inae has a soft voice and makes relaxing streams. I could see there being a niche for this. Despite her design involving tentacles and looking……th way it does she doesn't do any weird sexjokes or voicechanges. Again, not entirely my thing but it's not as bad as I had thought.

Amelia baits people into parasocial relationships with most of her singleplayer games. I watched Superliminal and she gasps for air, moans and says affectionate things. In a room with a starry sky she goes: "Wow. It's so nice to be here with you! I wish we could stay together like this.". Obviously she is fully aware of what she's doing. I find it disgusting

Gura is a terrible streamer. She is super boring. I watched Dead by Daylight of her and it's straight up nothing. She doesn't crack jokes or entertain with skill or even deliever with cringey bait that gets so many rallied up, it's just her first time playing the game. With Kiara you at least get fun reactions and the suspension of whetever she makes it or not. With Gura you get nothing but her design smiling and wailing around.

TLDR: Two are good. One needs practice. One is for psychopaths. One is just boring to watch.

No. 114197


Kiara AND professional? Are we watching the same thing? Kiara is literally the milkest cow of Hololive because of how unstable she is. Literally even saw her stream today where she would do nothing but whine and pitybait, become hysterical over tech issues (can't stream FE game) and finish the stream, adding that no one is watching it anyway eventho she had 10k viewers. Ever since day one she tries to become popular through twitter spam, and she is a well-known holoJP reject. I remember she asked Pekora (after being rejected) on what to do to become a holo. She answers "all you need to do is love me" and there we go.

The only person who will call it quits is Kiara.

The only streamers that seem to know how to do their job well are Ina and Amelia. Personally not a fan of Amelia but her stream quality is good and she finds a way.

Mori needs a lot of time and it looks like to me that she joined holoEN for lulz without expecting to be accepted.

Gura is…Gura lowtier that people like bc of voice and loli. She never talks on collabs so idk why people like her.

No. 114200

>I remember she asked Pekora (after being rejected) on what to do to become a holo. She answers "all you need to do is love me" and there we go.
What the fuck are you talking about?

With professional I mean:"Doing her best to make it last." Reading all the superchats. Responding to chat. Trying to entertain as best as she can. Speaking with a loud & clear voice. You know, things you'd expect from a professional streamer. Of the five she is the best public speaker. I didn't see the FE streams.

No. 114205

File: 1601297641291.jpg (252.87 KB, 2880x825, artiaholocn.jpg)

Artia from Hololive CN supports the suspension of Coco and Haato over saying Taiwan on her private account, somehow I feel like this time will be the incident that really fucks up Cover.

No. 114207

I know the western fans are pretty pissed about Coco's ban, but how do the Japanese fans feel?

No. 114208

>Watch anime = Lolicon pedofag.

Good strawman. I respect weebs more than you because at least they're not retarded. Maybe you should go back to high school and try to finish. Might get you a bit further in your burger flipping career.

Btw I like your r/femaledatingstrategy lingo. You do know that everyone, male and female fucking hate you that isn't in your hugbox right?

No. 114209

File: 1601299598813.jpg (506.77 KB, 1440x2181, twater.jpg)

Just as assmad on Twitter, haven't checked out 5ch
Searching カバー株式会社 has a bunch of shit that screencapping is a pain but they'll probably be at it for days.
If they're not mad at them because of the girls it's for the political shit.

DeepL translation:
Mr. Cover, Inc.
Doesn't it occur to you that the punishment is hurting the Taiwanese people?
We request that the punishment be withdrawn.

No. 114210

A weeb trying to talk down to anybody is always funny. It's like a black person trying to use a racial slur like "cracker" on a white person thinking it will hurt their feelings.

I don't hate anime in general. I loved Sailor Moon as a child. But I realize that it is entertainment for children and not adults, unless those adults are still stuck in a childish mindset, which judging by the hilariously uncreative insults you weebs throw out, seems to be the case for all of you.

>"I hate models that look like kids, and models that look like adults are all whores" so basically you just hate all female avatars?
Because you can either have a female avatar that looks like a child or one that looks like a camgirl with fetish gear. Hmmm yes, those are sadly the only two options and represent women perfectly.

No. 114211

I’m childish for explaining that it’s fucking ironic of you to flip out about anime being pedophilia when you are posting on a goddamn image board which were originally popularised by adults discussing anime and the entirety of image board culture largely stems from that?
I wasn’t even the anon you were replying to, I’m a lurker and it was my very first post in the thread. Your post was that stupid and embarrassing I had to reply to you. Take your satanic panic and pedo hysteria somewhere else because you look like a moron and if you’re going to do that and shame other people for liking anime, maybe have more self awareness than to do that on a platform that’s roots stem from that.

No. 114212

You're on a thread for vtubers, not a general anime thread. If you don't have any milk on an actual vtuber, and just want to sperg about anime fans being pedos, don't do it here. I'm sure the 'Christian Moms Against Anime' facebook groups would love to have you

No. 114214

Anons who are taking the bait are equally retarded. Stop responding and shitting up the thread.

No. 114224

> I'm so much better than everyone else. Why do I have no friends?

Your superiority complex is showing. Go back to your hugbox on plebbit, complain about how your life sucks and how men and black people are ruining your life. Literally, no one likes or wants you around.

No. 114225

File: 1601307196014.png (359.12 KB, 892x984, Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 10.3…)

This you anon?

Keep crying on FDS hugbox, you miserable sad sack. REEEEEE Scrotes, REEEEEEEE

No. 114230

I'm discussing anime tho, am I not? I really don't understand the argument of "HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU DONT LIKE ANIME BUT USE A WEBSITE THAT ONCE DISCUSSED ANIME?"

Calm down with the projection. "Oh you don't like anime? WOW YOU MUST HAVE NO FRIENDS! HEY GUYS! ANON WORKS AT BURGER KING SHE DOESNT LIKE ANIME! WHAT A LOSER!" Either that shit really rots your brain or you have to be a brainlet to begin with to enjoy it.

I'll leave you weebs alone so you can discuss which little Vtube loli wears the cutest pantsu in peace.

No. 114233

Godspeed anon. You mined some tasty salt from this thread. Ty.

No. 114234

File: 1601310970561.jpg (16.46 KB, 360x270, Deal with it.jpg)

schizo 0
weebs 1

No. 114235

File: 1601312091078.png (46.88 KB, 1120x356, 2020-09-28_16-55.png)

Also another cap proving it's Artia and not the usual Hololive fandom narrativeposting

No. 114245

The fuck do you think the /w/ on this board stands for? Gtfo retard

No. 114247

Good riddance, though I'm sure you'll be back to reeeeee and sperg out about how everyone who disagrees with you is a pedophile and projecting again. Bye bitch!

No. 114281

I really don't think Nagu is Ina.

No. 114287

… How? They have the same exact art style.

No. 114294

File: 1601344132466.png (38.24 KB, 614x302, shutuppinky.png)

>take a break after baaaawing about her "copycat" five posts straight
>comes back after a few days to baaaaw about the no longer relevant "copycat" some more

ffs we GET IT, why do you need this many posts to milk the "drama" for pity and sympathy? It's getting really pathetic. It's BEEN pathetic even after the other girl deleted her posts. Was this bitch as much of an attention whoring brat during the gothfruits saga as she is now?

imagine being this upset over another girl "taking" the same generic egirl design and whining about it nonstop even after instead of just letting it go

No. 114295


No. 114297

It was already revealed to be wooperfuri and korean Canadian

No. 114313

File: 1601358313208.jpg (66.27 KB, 947x528, Ram.jpg)

>Corona canned AX for this July.
>Burgerland keeps prematurely reopening before the outside world is actually safe.
>Even if we get AX back Nagu might duck the event since we're all too familiar with her voice by that point.

No. 114319

I find it so funny how after HoloEN release every artist that I know started massive copycatting holos.

> They either turned their accounts into fully RP Vtuber ones, either made a seperate one

> Started calling their creators mama or papa
> A bunch literally made hashtags for themselves (why? Thinking they will ever be this relevant? Kek)

Can't wait for the next year to watch all of them go back to normal.

No. 114325

Weebs didn't get to cons this year so they turned into vtubers instead

No. 114345

Ironic cuz she mentionedd wanting to do like Silvervales mod appreciation day. How about the ones I saw gave their time and momney to get you where you are? They know something we ddon't.

No. 114352

File: 1601387339293.jpg (42.18 KB, 640x360, newspaper.jpg)

With how much out rage there is over this I don't think they're coming back, seems it was so "outrageous" it hit news

No. 114360

coco for sure might go back she makes the most money by a lot and gets some of the most views

No. 114373

She is also the reason why HoloEN exists, she created and pushed that idea to Cover. That'll be pretty scummy of them to kick her, but I also won't be surprised.

Coco also lives with Kanata and Watamate. Kanata took a break from streaming to support Coco, while Watamate seems to be pretty down during streams.

No. 114389

Not to mention that Coco is the highest earner by far. She alone gets more money from youtube than everyone else combined from bilibili.

No. 114394

i read up on the major incidents involving towa and mano aloe and it just reminds me of how stupid JP fandom is. you don't even know what the girl looks like (even seiyuu have proper headshots for work) and yet you feel the need to doxx a girl just because "she had a man's voice in her video, how dare she not be pure uwu virgin"? how pathetic can you get.

also the hitomi chris incident was kind of on her because she seemed to have planned to scam the creep who bought her the mic equipment in the first place. coulda' been a great cow…

No. 114402

File: 1601414312282.jpg (741.33 KB, 2280x1080, Ml.jpg)

Michaela Laws has one now. Looks like a basic bitch IMVU avatar, fucking christ. She is an obeast IRL.

If you don't know who this is, this is the voice actress for Ayano Aishi from Yandere Simulator. Tends to be a cow from time to time but not lulsy enough for her own thread.

No. 114403

Mod Appreciation? The only mods she has left besides her 'boyfriend' and other streamers who suck up to her is a dude who donates huge amounts, and a guy who does jackshit but doesn't oppose her and inflates her ego constantly. Her discord is a cesspit, and rather than use the mod chat in her discord, she dms only those two mods about things, even at the time when she had 5 or 6 mods. Some of her former mods actually have their own discord like a support group cause of all the shit she pulled lol

No. 114406

File: 1601420767867.png (311.18 KB, 938x439, 01601063952201.png)

>Another one with Among Us.
I pray for the day these people ask to themselves "Would I follow myself for these kinds of streams?"

No. 114408

LOL support group

No. 114409

If you really think about it, aren't we back to a decade ago?
>stealing some shitty MMD TDA assets or ripped off some game's for your OC's 3D model design
>shitty kawaii animu ugu trope personality
>eternal battle of MY OC DONT STEAL!!!
>fighting over which one is the original
>oversaturated market
>basically wars over artists' self-insertion on your original character on some platform
What's next, mass migration back to DeviantArt?

No. 114410

so much for uwu drama free community~

No. 114411

coming from the vocaloid/utau fandom this is just some OC pissing contest all over again

most UTAUS back then are trying to be the next Miku Hatsune with generic weeb designs and fake grating loli voice, not so much different from vtubers I guess

No. 114471

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the tracer and did this this for attention.

No. 114474

pretty sure it's the herman miller embody,that's like the known best ergo chair on the marker

No. 114489

She took caps of their personal twitter account so it's definitely someone else, and that was an awful move too because it just invited people to go after both accounts.

No. 114502

File: 1601494759485.jpg (129.17 KB, 1200x1200, EVQ3oWbU0AA29aS.jpg)

how do we feel about veibae? maybe i sound like a vendetta chan but i HATE her weird fake voice. she's also incredibly rude to her chat and says things like "retard" and makes fun of people when they get offended. i checked on her chat and she just randomly got mad at some viewers for no reason really.

No. 114509

Her voice is super grating, she sounds like she can't decide between "uwu loli" and "uwu sultry waifu" so she's trying for both at the same time. And yeah she comes off as having a very nasty personality.

No. 114510


>she's also incredibly rude to her chat and says things like "retard" and makes fun of people when they get offended

Do you know where you are right now?

No. 114512

It's a reasonable criticism of someone who acts like a lewd loli succubus waifu for betabux anon, there's a difference between how you act while putting on a super fake "sexy" nyanners/melody wanna be voice and being a random anon on a gossip board

No. 114513


Ok retard

No. 114515

Ok faggot

No. 114524

I wonder if ppl remember her during the overwatch days before she became a vtuber. She had a reputation back then with sending nudes to numerous guys for boosts in rank so I'm surprised she was able to bury that from the japanese audiences

No. 114525

Why is she so popular with the Japanese audience anyway? Just checked out her videos and the comments are majority Japanese people.

No. 114529

A decently popular youtuber in japan made a video on her, that's why. She has it linked in her twitch panels I think

No. 114530

>Saigiri clothes.

No. 114531

Is there any proof of this? Like idc about the nudes I'm just curious what she looks like irl

No. 114532

File: 1601502147450.jpg (1.08 MB, 4096x2836, IMG_20200930_144339.jpg)

Her design is just sagiri but as a succubus or whatever. She's so dumb. But apparently she has this new design on the way kek

No. 114534

File: 1601502821476.jpeg (6.11 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg)

Don't know about nudes but Vei looks like your typical twitch whore irl, complete with overfilled fish lips and potential bad shoop

No. 114536

She looks like she'd laugh at me for liking anime

No. 114537

it was common knowledge amongst the GM/t500 scene back then around S1-4. She strung along big streamers like Pokelawls and at one point he thought they were dating before she told everyone that they were just friends after she got partnered through him and moved onto the next guy. A bunch of her ex-boosters ended up getting together to share their experiences and she apparently shared a bunch of the same photos/nudes to numerous guys

No. 114538

now that I'm thinking back about the shit surrounding her and her ow days, I also remember that her family is apparently really really rich and she would share photos of herself with a bunch of designers items every few days. It's pretty funny to see her asking for $10,000+ on her stream now for her new live2d model when she can easily afford it

No. 114539

I'm sure she does, doubt the way she talks about people in her chat on stream is even the full view of how she talks about the people who give her money off stream.

But anon! Why pay for it yourself when neckbeards who believe your voice is real and you're really a precious anime waifu will do it for u?

No. 114540

File: 1601504832731.jpg (384.52 KB, 1200x1200, 6c1.jpg)

why is japan so obsessed with lolishit? why is it so normalized there? it really creeps me the fuck out how they casually view human beings (women/girls) as things to be objectified. not like the west doesn't also have massive issues with this but you won't see this kind of bullshit in an american zoo. insanely unnerving.

No. 114541

I was thinking exactly of this. It's all fanloids/UTAUloids all over again.

Imagine the drama ripping through everyone's asscheeks if a big streamer like Pokimane suddenly made an oo-ta-ooh or even landed a contract with a company and made a Vocaloid kek

What's with all the sperging?
There's a huge difference between liking cutesy shit and liking associating sex with female children
>insanely unnerving
>getting triggered over a childish cutesy drawing of a penguin
calm down Venti

No. 114542

Didn’t you say you were done sperging out only a few posts ago

No. 114543

You really don't think it's weird to put a "penguin girl" in bootyshorts with defined tits in an exhibit where kids can see it?

No. 114544

It’s a chibi character from a popular anime series just standing there, there is nothing sexual or weird about anything here except your weird obsession with seeing pedophilia in everything

No. 114547


she's in her twitch channel, again milking the "copycat drama" for more pity
god she even talks like an annoying nasaly egirl

No. 114548

Wasnt she gonna spend a few days offline because the copycat gave her emotional trauma?

No. 114549

That was last week though wasn't it?

No. 114550

Hmm yea 5 days, sorry

No. 114552

File: 1601512907363.jpg (432.8 KB, 1080x1366, 20201001_104347.jpg)

Suprise suprise, she's back. What do you wanna bet she's gonna cry about the drama again and try to get asspats?

No. 114554

You're a few hours late anon, also yeah I popped by her stream at the beginning and she definitely was milking it, not sure about the rest of the stream though.

Obviously tracing art is bad, but her saying on stream something along the lines of "she stole literally my entire design" which just isn't true kek

No. 114555

i think being obsessed with little girls is weird.

No. 114556

>Cat ears, a collar every egirl owns, basic black braletee, cat paws from the tekken game
>"pinky worked soooo hard on that design"
is this…. a joke? you can find 100 girls on Instagram wearing that same outfit

No. 114559

Yeah it's dumb. Also on stream she confirmed she's that pinkprty person because she said her favorite servant is ibaraki (from fate) and she's cosplayed her.
She wears basic bitch egirl outfits irl, has a basic bitch egirl vtuber design and it's like….surprised pikachu face when someone else has a similar design.

No. 114560

Her being pinkprty isn't a secret, she posts photos of her self irl on her vtuber twitter alot. Everything about her is a copy of every other cosplay thot, so her crying about someone 'copying her' is amazing

No. 114561

Himeidol the pedophile is streaming to a whopping 54 people and I'm laughing so fucking hard, it wasnt enough to try to fake a loli voice, she's clearly using a filter that makes her voice extra chipmunk-y too.

Kind of a shame her thread died, I wanted to see what happened with the pursuit to get her arrested (obviously it hasn't worked yet)

No. 114569

File: 1601527242166.png (172.83 KB, 345x346, c34558e4bd18e1c7c2be7529b26e78…)

Okay her singing stream confirmed it for me. Gura is Popushi. Her karaoke video seems to be private right now, but twitter clips exist
Gura: https://twitter.com/theSirToasty/status/1311500829917151232

Popushi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am8Fx_eEyJ8

No. 114571

No. 114574

Spent a fat 30 minutes listening to each, definitely sounds much more like Senzawa to me.

Her accent and cadence are really really similar. whereas popushi has a slightly higher tone and softer release.

No. 114589

Does Popushi sing from her throat? She sounds strained.

No. 114593

Okay this post has confirmed it for me popushi is fucking insane, untalented, and still irrelevant

No. 114594

File: 1601544370851.png (4.19 MB, 1334x750, F75A03DA-5400-409C-92FD-D3EA92…)

Just to hammer in how fame obsessed and crazy popushi is, here she is flashing at a fakku party. Yes the other girls are doing it too, but they’re paid models by the company. Polishing wants to be the center of attention so bad she does this shit. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s self posting

No. 114595

it has to be a self post. All the other HoloEN girls have recent work that showcases they can deliver content consistently (it was on the application as a requirement) and established enough fanbases that it was easy to find out who they were. If Cover had standards like that for the other 4 girls, why would irrelavant popushi be hired?

No. 114602

Anon you are delusional if you think Gura is Popushi.

No. 114622

Vtubers are so wholesome and cute!! Nothing sexual about it at all, awww kawaaiiiii~~~~ ^_^

No. 114624

They're all ugly attention whores and fakku is a scam company out of shithole pdx built off of taking other people's doujin translations and selling them

Still don't think popushi is gura
Not that Senzawa being Gura is any better

No. 114636

File: 1601577002629.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x1920, 20-10-01-11-28-15-928_deco.jpg)

It isn't even traced either, the pose is obviously going to be the same, does that mean anyone who uses the same hand pose at the same angle is tracing? Pinky tried to post a gif as proof that the line up but the lines and everything looks different than just being traced. Of course when anyone pointed this out, Pinky stayed silent. And she's still accusing this girl of copying her and tracing even now.

No. 114641

Are you retarded? Thats obviously traced

No. 114645

no, but it looks that way because the colors are similar. there's only so many ways you can draw a closed paw hand, of course its going to look traced

No. 114647

So you are retarded. That's obviously traced. Fucking colors don't give the illusion of something being traced. Get glasses

No. 114649

You can call me retarded all you want, it doesn't make what you're saying true. Again there's limited ways to draw a fucking paw from that angle with the fingers closed, the lines are different, the width of the arm and fingers are different, it's not all lined up

No. 114651

File: 1601585151119.jpeg (90.95 KB, 720x1080, PicsArt_10-01-01.44.58-01.jpeg)

Not that anon but it's an obvious trace. Tracers shift lines and change them slightly to say they didn't trace but it's an obvious trace.

No. 114653

Samefag but what are even the odds of drawing a paw in the same angle and having the paws roundness line up perfectly like this? Lmao

No. 114654

File: 1601586581165.jpg (3.07 MB, 1920x3381, inCollage_20201001_170715306.j…)

It took me all of 3 minutes to find a fuck ton of generic anime paw pictures and put them in a collage for you since you want to be dense. There are thousands of reference pictures she could have relied on instead of tracing and copying someone else's design.

No. 114655

Diffenrent anon but you really are retarded huh, there's thousands of different ways to draw closed paw hand, what the fuck are you talking about. That's definitely traced, why are you defending it? Are you this girl or her friend by chance?

Also as much as I think that the outfit of the original is as basic as it gets, even without the tracing it's pretty obvious that the outfit was copied too. Pretty sad honestly, imagine being this unoriginal. Copying the most basic bitch vtuber design this hard is pathetic.

No. 114659

Yeah it's traced and that's shitty but going by your logic you're Pinky or one of her friends. The whole thing is dumb. But it also doesn't matter because that girl deleted her vtuber page. What's milky is Pinky crying about it for a week straight.

No. 114662

Ntayrt but how the hell does that make anon pinky or one of her friends? At least you finally got the point that the art is traced and copied though.

No. 114666

keep your panties on anon, i said it's traced, idc about her copying the generic ugly ethot getup, also just bc i chimed in doesn't make me the same
saying someone who is insisting one thing is x = saying someone who is insisting another is y, if you still don't get it then you never will. wasn't even saying you were was just saying going by that same logic you used.

No. 114667

*wrote that without seeing the ntayrt at first and if that is true then my bad lel

No. 114668

File: 1601589940963.jpg (204.27 KB, 697x1298, Lel.jpg)

Anons are sleeping on 4chan /jp/ threads. For 3rd thread in a row anons doxxed Amelia's old curiouscat where she bragged about her bf (posts are last year) to a point where she'd talk about sex. In the end she went ragemode while reading the threads and few mins ago deleted her account. One of the anons also directly asked her if she's dating, she said she isnt for over a year now.

No. 114669

I was not the anon you were replying to. You should probably read the whole post first. Also, as it states in the rules, you can delete posts instead of samefagging to correct yourself when you realize you're wrong. It leads to less clogging up the thread. All good though.

No. 114670

Unlike /jp/ no one here cares if the girls are lossless virgins or not, we already know they aren't so unless they lie about it most don't really care.

No. 114672

She also mentioned that she lost her parents and was homeless at some point. And the whole bf break up thing is mostly a lie because she's been clipping her bf's twitch vods even back in mid august.

No. 114678

This is for SachiOWO right? I think most people already knew that Amelia was her so I'm not sure if it counts as a dox to find old accounts associated with SachiOWO.
Also those /jp/ threads are mighty fast filled with weaponized autism so its hard to find actual milk relating to Hololive when it's a new thread every 20 minutes.

No. 114684

Man, I can't find the posts where supposedly some anon from the /jp/ thread was cutting himself over Amelia having a BF, but that's fucked up. Some time ago I was of the idea that the western fanbase of Vtubers didn't have insane elements like japanese otakus, but I guess I was extremely naive. Most people thankfully don't obsess that much over them.

I see a lot of sperging and random theories about the real identities of these girls, I don't think it matters at all. They are playing a part separated from their real selves. They are characters played by actors.

By the way, I just found out this thread after casually exploring this place for other cows, sorry if I accidentally repeat things already said.

Kek, that's Sakura miko for you. If there's anything to go by according to her interests she talks about on streams, she is as much of an otaku as her viewers. She plays quite a lot of porn games apparently. Can't tell if that's a quirk or a real trait she carries in her character tho.

No. 114711

Sure it could be a coincidence, but:

- they play the same gacha games
- are very talented at drawing and have the same style
- speak English, Japanese and Korean
- Nagu is known to be Canadian and Ina speaks with a distinctly Canadian accent

No. 114719

File: 1601656051180.jpg (95.08 KB, 892x864, 01601529909519.jpg)

Let's not forget.
- All of Nagu's Discord links point to invalid.
- Nagu's Twitch wasn't updated to remove !Discord.
- Nagu turned off YouTube comments so the Streisand Effect wouldn't happen like it did for Ina's EN friends.
- Dislikes cucumbers.

No. 114728

>>113886 Actually Miko's tiny like baby voice is a condition of hers. She has a video explaining why her voice is so small(loli-like) and some of her peers like Mio can't understand her when she talks even in normal conversations. She has a short and smaller tongue than a regular human person that's what she says. So seeing these people on this site calling her voice FAKE, childish, and annoying is really disheartening it's like their making fun of her disability. I know you don't know the context of her voice like that but this just sad how people can say things like that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114730

Sure seems very coincidental for her to have an illness that gives her a loli uguu voice so naturally the best choice to go down is to use that voice to pander to pedophiles as a Vtuber with a cutesy loli design.
Or maybe it's all bullshit and like the gullible paypig you are you lap it up

No. 114731

This made me fucking crack up so hard, anon. I needed a good laugh today.

Her voice is high cause she has a short tongue disability. LMFAO.

No. 114732

The way Veibae talks is very…..creepy/unsettling. Am I the only person who feels this way? Like she's trying hard to sound sexy so it's like she's moaning everything she says (while also holding a higher pitch). It's gross and I don't know how anyone is watching her (unless they're not actually watching her but just keep tissues and lube nearby while listening)
Don't understand her appeal with the japanese fans either. Maybe she paid the one guy to feature her in his video (with money or nudes kek)

No. 114734

I mean… You did somewhat try but pitch doesn't come from the tongue. But we got a new post of the year contender for sure tho, so thanks for that.

No. 114745

File: 1601679879796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.4 KB, 386x577, 1600785672568.jpg)

From what I've seen lurking on and off /jp/ is that Amelia fans are the craziest of them all followed by Mori fans. Gura is popular with those who like high numbers or lolis and Ina-fags try to self-improve with drawing (supposedly). Only Kiara has dedicated haters.

Here is a picture from the general. Warning:disgusting.

No. 114747

File: 1601682348990.png (777.75 KB, 678x900, FB554B99-198C-41B8-BF06-89BB71…)

Ina is a better version of the art streamers you may or may not have watched before since she actually knows the anime : gatchas she draws and is more importantly, drama-proof.

No. 114755

File: 1601689334760.jpeg (172.11 KB, 750x407, 08FE8896-DD0D-4ACD-AB54-22D78D…)

Amelia’s really out here after having her simps cut themselves over her singing all the codependent relationship hits. kiss me, DDLC, end of the world. kek

No. 114757

File: 1601689737827.png (160.71 KB, 413x382, Ame.png)

What did I miss about detective?

No. 114759

File: 1601691667516.jpg (128.94 KB, 1200x1200, EjVer543839JU0AIj1QG4.jpg)

"Making fun of vtuber's uwu lolibait voice actding is ABELISM" LMAO. Add that to the list of fake conditions these vtubers use to con scrotes. Unless she's a primordial dwarf, this is a lie. It's always voice conditions too, huh? Zentraya has a mysterious voice condition that makes her totally mute so she has to use text to speech! (The condition is that she has a dick and balls.)

No. 114760

She's never claimed to be mute, she've even made tweets apologising to people who thought she was fakin disability. Silvervale, Ironmouse, and that crew have mentioned talking to her on the phone before. She just doesn't want to use her voice for privacy reasons.

No. 114762

then maybe she shouldnt be a fucking vtuber if something like her voice would give it away, unless she's so much of a lolcow that hearing her voice would be an instant dox

>silvervale, ironmouse and that crew

kek like how ironmouse fakes being oh so sick and bedridden for pity and thousand dollar donations? like how silvervale and melody played along with scrotes' memes about how they're better than the other camwhores on chaturbate they were in competition with, even though they're both ugly camwhores themselves outside of vtubing?

No. 114764

….so in other words, has a dick and balls, got it

No. 114765

Was there ever a rule against Vtubers being male though? There's plenty of smaller JP Vtubers that are male (and open about it) and use text to speech, like that default UTAU sounding one. Not trying to defend anyone it's just what I've observed from Youtube surfing.

No. 114766

When they’re presenting themselves with a female avatar I think it’s fair to guess that people would be upset

No. 114768

Of course there is no such rule, but if everyone knows you are male you're not going to make simpbux. Female vtubers can coast on being kawaii lewd and having no other skills or talents. Male vtubers have to actually be funny or good at something, otherwise nobody would watch. Also if you've ever gone on VRchat you'd know that being mute is synonymous with being male or non-passing trans and desperately wanting to be seen as a Real Female.

No. 114773

File: 1601701240542.jpg (12.35 KB, 320x320, Pekora(110) and Miko(Mashiro -…)

Can anyone confirm if these are really Pekora and Miko?

No. 114774

She is definitely being played by a man. And they don't speak knowing they would lose half of their audience right away

No. 114778

did anyone catch uguubear's stream?
The whole thing is hella sus to me

From what I can tell instead of counting 'new subs' she included the previous total subs because the earliest stream preview that I can see says she's in the 400's and by the end of the first part of her stream she showed that she had almost the 900 goal.

But from what I can tell she only posted about it on twitter and both her post announcing the stream and then the one announcing when the stream was starting have around 250 likes so how would she get more subs than she can manage to get likes on her posts? her top sub gifter only gave 30 so things arent adding up

Also when I checked into the stream during the second part where she was playing league she was struggling to push 70 viewers and the chat was so slow people were even complaining about it and the sub goal bar was totally gone which is weird for a 'subathon stream'

No. 114779

ppl were gifting a ton of subs in the beginning of the stream. also the sub gifted leaderboards don't update until the next day, its been a bug for a month now

No. 114786

File: 1601734453950.jpg (198.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nah, that sounds like bullshit you made up in this thread. I never saw any clip of her saying that or anyone else talk about it anywhere before.

It's just part of her character and she is probably just a degenerate that likes to appeal to other degenerates like her for quick otaku bucks.

No. 114794

It was revealed she has/had a boyfriend and her real name got leaked.

No. 114795

Kiara is doing a membership stream in which she complains and whines about 4chan, because 4channers do nothing but shit on her (not counting her WKs every now and then), calling 4chan 'bad website' instead of it's actual name. kek

No. 114798

This is a pitched down version of Gura's singing. She talks in the beginning and it really does sound like Popushi

No. 114799

No. 114800


popushi gtfo already

No. 114807

Does she actually read /jp/ or other boards? Or does she know because she hears others talk about it?

Why do they supposedly hate her, again? I think i missed that part.

No. 114809

File: 1601765220626.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Clowned.png)

/jp/ likes to rag on chicken for being a homogeneous vtuber who hangs around 2 voices that click with people and 2 talented people.
Had she been in another set of Hololives people wouldn't really put a magnifying glass on her.

No. 114810

Because she's Keekihime and /jp/ just learned about her drama this year causing a massive shitstorm on the day of her debut, also /pol/ found her old facebook posts archived regarding transphobia or whatever and also lost their shit

No. 114812

Can someone give a tldr of Keekihime's drama that isn't an old, dead thread?

No. 114814

All I've heard is she used to whore around in Japan for fame and I heard she got kicked out of Japan once too. Probably for overstaying her visa or something. It would cool anyone else can clarify though.

No. 114818

She dated a few guys who were relatively famous on Nico Nico Douga (she was underage and they were 20+, which is disgusting) which involved her in some public drama. Fairly sure she didn't overstay her visa, this Japanese guy named Jrcach harassed her idol label until they just didn't want to deal with her anymore and let her go. She had some drama with her ex idol group member, also some old beef with Venus Angelics mom. In general I don't feel like she's been in the wrong in most of the drama, but she definitely doesn't know how to deal with it well and often comes off as whiny and has an attitude. There might be more too, but that's a quick rundown.

No. 114821

>Kiara is literally suffer porn.

No. 114826

Miko says it affects her speech, not pitch.

No. 114828

>>114755 Aw but I love those songs XD

No. 114829

>>114022 I unironically like some vtubers. Why does that make me mental scum?

No. 114830

>>113877 I also really hate that stuff, but not all Vtubers are like that

No. 114831

>>113091 it's just the lighting I think XD(XD)

No. 114833

ffs can you sage your fucking posts, vcoomer

No. 114836

File: 1601797642509.jpg (816.37 KB, 1079x2130, Screenshot_20201004-094838_Twi…)

does anyone have any dirt on this artemis vtuber or know anything about her real identity?(newfag)

No. 114839


chances are that if you have to ask on here, there’s nothing to be found lol

No. 114840

/jp/ says Tsunderia or ValkyrieAurora?
Having to exist with a superior shark out in the ocean will probably give her more emotional problems than Kiara so not sure why you want knowledge.

No. 114841

she gained like, 24k followers in a week i am positive she is not having any emotional problems regarding that
those usernames on twit?

No. 114842


Damn, she's already at 24k? Wtf.

Last time I brought her up I was told that she got that popular because Iron Vertex gave her a shoutout? I don't know beyond that since the videos I saw when she was at 8k were copying Gura.

No. 114852

im not defending the voice thing but im pretty sure her having a short tongue isn't in the same realm as having a congenital issue that even COVER came forward and said she had to be hospitalized for months lmao

No. 114855

File: 1601826068774.jpg (172.05 KB, 720x1154, 20201004_173958.jpg)

Is pretending to be retarded while having a big tiddy sona a trend?

No. 114861

ValkyrieAurora? If it's her that'll be interesting. Especially since she's going through something where she hates doing one of the easiest jobs in the world which is streaming

No. 114865

File: 1601840801379.jpg (220.17 KB, 960x666, MYXJ_20201004123800181_save.jp…)

How can anyone be not embarrassed to say entitled and tone deaf shit like this?
Maybe if it's that much of a "stressful" time for you because your weeb/coomer bux are going to dwindle down from you playing video games as an anime girl for a few hours twice a week, that might be a sign to try to go out and get an actual job or pursue something productive to society like everyone else?

No. 114866

File: 1601841124005.jpg (179.66 KB, 960x538, MYXJ_20201004125249439_save.jp…)

Kek of course they complain about having to do the bare minimum prior to that tweet. UWU pls be patient!!!!

No. 114867

Literally saw the same guy throwing "uwu exicting" tweets under two different artists tweet about their upcoming VTubing… i guess he is not too busy sucking off to everyone.

No. 114868

Always has been.

No. 114873

>Go easy on streamers
Little does she know that she and 90% of the people like her have to overclock themselves before the average viewer decides “Fuck simul-watching, I’m sticking with the Holos if there’s an overlap.”

No. 114875

the way she gets 25k in a week is super sus to me (that artemis girl) but i guess we will only know if it is valkyrieaurora or not when she debuts and we hear her voice, i wanna know based on what /jp/ says its her

No. 114877


I'm curious why they think it's her? What's their evidence?

No. 114878

Yeah, I know vtubers who have really high quality avatars and while they have gotten a good amount of followers from just that it is nowhere near as much as Artemis got. I am wondering if she's got reallllly good connections or if people just have no brain and see another shark vtuber and press follow

No. 114879

seriously, she already has near the amount of followers her artist has. getting 90% of someones followers bc they did your art is quite unfeasible
people who commission a big artist get a bunch of followers yeah, 1k, 2k… not 25k.

No. 114881

what does ina look like? we know she is wooperfuri nagu but what is she irl?

No. 114884


if you look at her page she memes a lot/has people make memes of her and they all have a lot of likes. people eat up that shit up

No. 114885

by memes you mean shitty videos then i guess

No. 114888

all memes are shitty anon so yes

No. 114889

can hardly even call em memes when all she posts is videos of her shaking her models head

No. 114890

Opinions on artists even popular ones becoming vtubers?

No. 114891

imo just jumping on the hype train, super cringe for me

No. 114892

i dont mind if an artist makes a vtuber just to have something on screen when theyre drawing. those who're making live2d model to screech into the mic and act like a soft uwu girl are cringe

No. 114893

File: 1601863100018.png (70.54 KB, 500x499, AmiyaNagu.png)

Searching up Anime Expo 2019 has me hard walled either by vloggers being bad at their job or the venue being too fucking big. You'll have to settle for Agnes' smug humu humu.

All of them have the same problem in that they specialize in putting you to sleep.
Some try to force the quirkiness that people like about Pekora and friends without realizing the mismatch here since their hugbox community gets impressed by literally anything. (https://twitter.com/yueko__/status/1305481924132044800?s=20)

No. 114894

yueko is by far the cringiest

No. 114895

No. 114896

shes so cringe jesus christ

No. 114897

why does she have so many followers when she hasnt even debuted yet either? who is she, if anyone knows? https://twitter.com/LichVtuber?s=09

No. 114899

her page reeks of bots

No. 114900

bots huh? how?

No. 114902

Before her vtuber thing got announced, she’s a known artist that Got commissioned by melody a lot and has several artworks that went viral. She also draws a lot of lewd stuff

No. 114903

If you google search "wooperfuri birthday" on google images you get a picture of someone that might match up to her.

No. 114904

do we know who korone is??

No. 114905

File: 1601869477191.jpg (466.13 KB, 872x1603, Screenshot_20201005-054449_Chr…)

this is the image we have of her posted here, anyone know more info tho?

No. 114906

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AScq78SzVYU(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114908

No. 114912

>>114833 Oh sorry, idk how to do that I've actually never been on a forum before

No. 114913

File: 1601871628878.jpg (330.71 KB, 625x900, Agnes.jpg)

Looks like waybackmachine has solid proof on this being Ina.
Rest in peace /jp/, nothing stings worse than a girl who makes (You) feel inadequate all around. Not even the forbidden knowledge about detective can top this feeling.

No. 114914

the way gura acts like she cant read pisses me off so much man stop it with this googoo gaga shit

No. 114915

and she looks like a christan mom lmao it makes it so gross.

No. 114916

how do you know what gura look like? never seen pics of her

No. 114917

its senzawa
heres a video of her

No. 114918

Immersion ruined… How am I supposed to get my memey yeeeaaaaaaaah from an adult? https://youtu.be/alIYGsXcTfo?t=17(imageboard)

No. 114919

yeah tell me about it… theyre all incredibly disappointing lol but by far mori and gura are the most disappointing

No. 114922

Imo Gura and Kiara r the worst because Kiara is a pity attention whore. She keeps browsing 4chan n crying about it on twitter. Also forces yuribait for subs whenever it's not needed, on top of that occasional mental breakdowns on stream r kek.

No. 114923

I've been watching Kiara's minecraft stream and I am surprised that Twitter police hasn't cancelled her yet. She literally kept saying shit like
> that's what you get for being a FILTHY JEW
always belittling jews.

Proofs that Vtuber community doesn't watch HoloEN while pretend to be their fans?

If China really cared about HoloEN they would have cancelled her by now, so they are lucky.

No. 114924

Wow I though /jp was lying about the Jew thin

No. 114925

Don't watch any of Kiara's content, you got links + timestamps for that? Would be pretty funny if true.

No. 114926

is english your second language? I've reread this sentence and I have no idea what the fuck you're trying to say here.

No. 114927

ill take one for the team and watch kiaras minecraft stream to double check this, can you save me the time tho and tell me which stream it was? todays one?

No. 114930


I'm gonna go look for this

No. 114937

>rubs hands "yes it's true, officer! I heard her saying she wanted to gas 6 million jews while goose-stepping down the sidewalk!"

No. 114940

I think this was brought up in /jp/ and seems like it's just a fan account using zawa's handle and clips her stuff.

No. 114967

Yeah the ifunny account isn't hers, matter of fact she brought it up on her twitter saying not to trust everything with her handle.

No. 114980

man i just wish she fucking posts something that isnt the same fkn video every fkn time
why do people eat this shit up its so stupid(imageboard)

No. 114981

File: 1601922774112.jpg (90.17 KB, 768x1024, B5Fq0WbCcAEpJ3w.jpg)


Obviously no face in this one, but I saved it before she nuked her old tweets. She's 5'9" apparently also according to old tweets

No. 114985

File: 1601923901326.jpg (93.59 KB, 1153x649, 0EZDLqCOUcAAQKG1.jpg)

Man I wish I could have Ina's whale money…

No. 114987

the ifunny link of senzawas face posted here isnt her?

No. 114993

i have no idea if youre trolling with this but i thought calli would be the first one cancelled/out of a job. kiara second though because she always cries and freaks out about literally anything

No. 115008

It's actually really interesting looking at the Hololive fan communities in regards to Kiara. A lot of them seem kind of sick of Kiara's pity party shit but are trying to be nice about it because she's a cute anime girl.

No. 115009

Is there any sauce on that claim..? I think someone would have noticed by now. Though her last minecraft stream was painful, she cried and begged to end it early and complained about how the internet bullies her. I'll try to cut the clip but its on her channel still

No. 115011

I think there’s a massive shit poster doing anything to smear holoen right now. If it actually happened there would be countless evidence. I’ve checked /jp/ and twitter and there’s no mention of anti semitism anywhere.

If the girls do something shitty by all means get it out there, but making up shit just gives them more victimization. Maybe it’s popushi lmao, she does love saying the n-word and other racist shit.

No. 115013

File: 1601940255597.jpg (674.86 KB, 1920x1080, WhyDoYouGuysHateMeSoMuch.jpg)

>Pictured, chicken in her wild habitat.

No. 115029

File: 1601950507543.png (87.65 KB, 754x559, mouse.png)

ironmouse's twitter literally has years worth of content about her condition though

No. 115032

>Implying someone can't fake an illness for years, especially when you're that vocal about it over and over again
>"Oh curses, I have this debilitating illness! Guess I better pretend to be a slutty, foul mouthed loli mouse with a fake high pitched voice for coomer weebs to throw money at me and jerk off!!"
Bet you think her voice is real and that Zentraya isn't a man too kek

No. 115036

can someone please clip/timestamp kiara having a pity party

No. 115048


I believe she has the condition(CVID iirc), just not as bad as she makes it seem. She seems to have a lot of energy for someone who claims to be severely immunodeficient to the point of being bedridden and needing plasma all the time. So probably a milder case that she's milking, imo

No. 115052


She pretty much disappeared from social media some months ago, enough time for rebranding herself as a Vtuber if she is naive enough to believe that no one is going to recognize her voice.

No. 115054

we still dont know what artemis sounds like, we will know once she debuts

No. 115056

File: 1601961421400.png (387.97 KB, 925x701, 0Untitled.png)

Bros wtf? I could have sworn there were NieR: A videos here. Was the courtesy of letting YouTube stay up and saying you're going to Twitch because Google hates people who upload 1 video a month just too much for her?

No. 115058

My problem with iron mouse is that she tries making her illness as both a part of personality and way to get money from crying simps. On her podcast she also seemed like a retard because of her, trying to be both 'uwu loli' and the lewdest tard of both NSFW e-girls.

About HoloEN. I do not seem to understand why people even watch Kiara the phoenix. I watched three of her streams so far and two collabs with her, both of which were equally shit.
- She would try making MoriKiara happen and Mori started _poorly_ play along in the end. She thinks that this will give her content and views which is why she makes sure she would lesbianbait people at moments when it's not needed at all, in completely random conversations. Just to get nothing in return (lol).
- She has PC problems on her stream ALL THE TIME. But I would understand if she taken it lightly, calmly and nice because people still watch her, but she always ends up being ragey and salty. The funniest shit was her FE stream, where she was so mad that she is the least subscribed Holo that she decided to babyrage, saying no one watches her anyway and turned off the stream when there were approx. 9000 people watching her.
- Every stream (and now every tweet) is nothing but pity party. She really is an insecure and emotionally immature streamer. Even on her minecraft streams she throws herself pity parties. At least it works because people donate out of… Pity.
- She is a very obvious attention whore if no one noticed that. She is the only one who tries to make things about herself or/and forcefully put herself in collab, plus her spam to all the other JP holos (And Pekora saga where it was confirmed that she is holoJP reject some long time ago) is annoying. She puts her nose in everything while everyone else are chilling. Also it seems like she dropped Pekorafagging because Pekora is uncomfortable with that and it doesn't bring her fans.

Her personality seems fake on collabs because you can feel that she is trying to grab attention from people with anything.

But good for her to be the only holo who speaks JP (while also spregging about it every minute. She was mocking Mori during their first together 'collab' and trying to see all smart and smuggy which I did not like). She will stream with Subaru, but it's not that much of a thing because Subaru is the only big extrovert in Hololive and she has the most collabs.

She actually DOES reads /jp/ boards and ends up crying about it on Twitter… Which is…why

No. 115061

clips of kiara being a crybaby bitch PLEASEEEE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115062

>>114917 I think gura is senzawa but the girl in that video isn't senzawa, it's like a fan account

No. 115064

I didn't realize her YT was so barren. She's been playing Among Us with Jacksepticeye and friends the last few weeks so it's strange to see her channel like that.

No. 115065

You summed it up so well, she isn’t fun to watch at all especially the Minecraft meltdown “get away from me (to a mob) see what happens if you get close to me you get hurt!!!” “I’ll just cry and cry and cry so much you’ll get tired of it just call me whining crybaby kiara crybaby kiara that’s my name”

we all think you’re crybaby kiara already kek. the teetee attempts are so uncomfortable because it isn’t Mori being tsundere she actually seems very put off by it and it DOES happen at completely random times. she doesn’t even let it go when one comment gets ignored like during the snack collab “ooooh I’m callis special snack” “you can eat me calli” she eggs it on and on until she gets snapped at. I loved how tired of her shit Amelia seemed during it.

No. 115066

I wonder how long she’s going to last. I agree with this post and the one you replied to but I can’t help but feel a bit bad for her. Her try-hardness accompanied with her tendency to read shit about her is NOT a good combination. Girl, stay off imageboards and stop trying to force yourself into other Holo’s shit. She has somewhat of an entitled air to her as well, I guess it’s part of her woe is me attitude. She could be a fine streamer but she really needs to find her chill.

No. 115067

File: 1601972968703.jpeg (122.45 KB, 578x345, 3C04F072-E2F2-4DDC-A1EA-B3B3C4…)

If she graduates simps will automatically stick her on aloe tier so hopefully her computer woes will be fixed and make everything better for her. Personally I’d have more sympathy like with other girls issues if it wasn’t something every. single. time. she. streams. she’s been complaining since day one. hopefully this pityhosting they’ve thrown at her will also be a bandaid and not incredibly incredibly cringe.

No. 115068

What can you expect from a cosplayhurre vlogger? It takes a certain kind of personality to do that shit to begin with.

She's a bit close to being the female version of that Charisma Man comic.

No. 115089

>And Pekora saga where it was confirmed that she is holoJP reject some long time ago

Where can I read more about this?

No. 115105

File: 1602001950011.png (679.91 KB, 1280x720, Overcooked2.png)

>Detective misses your collab stream.

No. 115127

>And Pekora saga where it was confirmed that she is holoJP reject some long time ago
This is the second time you bring this up. Give a source for this shitty claim. This is a poor /jp/-delusion.

No. 115128

> Still doesn't invite Ina to join even though he herself mentioned on previous collab that she would love to play this game with them. Even during previous collab with Overcooked 2 Mori did not invite Ina even though Ina was commenting, saying that it looks fun and she wishes she could join.

No. 115132

File: 1602014020104.png (39.82 KB, 606x399, 1602012886846.png)

Of all HoloEN girls chicken receives the most open hate and dislike.

Ina seems the most busy off-stream. They probably asked but she had to do something.

No. 115141

File: 1602017060809.png (10.15 MB, 3762x2076, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 1.45…)


sorry im too stupid to clip but no one answered so


She has a couple of breakdowns each time it crashes and cries a few times but the end has the most concentrated

> 1 hr 37 min is when she complains about being bullied

> 1 hr 44 min is when she says shes sorry for herself (?) and sounds like having to read her superchat messages is torture, goes on to her "you can leave if you want, ive had 500 chances" and cries audibly

>1 hr 46 min is when shes really crying and literally begging her manager to stop. This was planned as a 6 hour stream to make up for her previous failures.

> Goes on from there to complain and blame her viewers for telling her the PC she had would be fine

Apparently shes temporarily living with her (female) manager. either way all of her equipment is terrible, her mic sounds like a headset and her poor camera placement always has her model looking down.

No. 115144

It doesn't help her popularity that she has the ugliest design of the bunch either lol, even her waiting screen is bad

No. 115146

Shes got a lot of shortcomings she cant really fix. Bad design, thick accent made worse by mic, the "loud annoying one" character type, and no actual talent or gimmick. Her Live2D is the weakest too, Watsons is just as lacklustre but its less noticeable with her good equipment. Shes equally talentless and tryhard but unlike Kiara she can charm her simps.

Im not sure how much input the girls have on their design, but I never would have guessed Huke was responsible for hers. It looks nothing like he usually does.

No. 115147

File: 1602021401443.jpg (55.84 KB, 333x1080, 0EifrXkcWkAAQI_L.jpg)

>Charm her simps.
>Literal Reeing
I don't get it. That being said I wasn't too bothered by Kiara's generic-ish vtuber design until I saw the tacky sword and shield props she got.

No. 115148

Calm down. You seem obsessed.

No. 115149

to be fair, everyone in this thread seems way too obsessed. Just chill out and watch the goofy anime girl. Endless whining, everyone's so miserable.

No. 115150


Now that I notice, the sword, shield, and belt look very kamen riderish, it's a weird choice try to incorporate that theme considering that kamen rider it's not that popular outside japan.

No. 115156

That's the first comment I've made in this thread lol. I don't actually mind Keekihime in other vids, she's fine in Yukapon's vlogs and whatnot.

No. 115159

you guys do realise this is lolcow right? where everyone comes to gossip and talk about how shitty the people are right? i dont think its quite right to tell them to stop lol

No. 115160

youre a saviour man thank u

No. 115163

She is a cringy cow that brings laughable milk. Why are you even WKing her? If you want someone else to be talked about, bring it.

No. 115169

God, what is this character design?? Two hats? Earrings that get lost in her hair? Weird sword and shield weapons with emblem on her chest? Not to mention that she’s apparently a Phoenix or something—this is all over the place. Not to mention that she has random fast food motifs everywhere. I think it would take a strong personality/streamer to actually make this objectively good.

No. 115173

r/Hololive must have found this place lmao
Her avatars gimmick is that she's an aspiring fast foot worker and the warrior gear is a reference to Steins;Gate (part-time warrior) since Huke designed her, but it's not like Keeki takes advantage of that and plays the role at all while streaming. Just channels her inner bird by screeching.

No. 115174

File: 1602035106178.jpg (91.96 KB, 1280x720, Suzuha0.jpg)

>Part-time warrior.
>On a character whose model can't do kicks.
>No megaphone gun that looks like a chicken bucket.
Chicken makes less sense the more I know about her. 1000 something year old trying to blend into modern (English) society would have worked just fine on its own.

No. 115189

>>115174 Oh no shit? I fuckin love ryohei fuke, didn't know he designed her. Big fan of steins;gate so that's trippy

No. 115191

>>115159 I mean you're right, but if they're allowed to complain about vtubers then others should be allowed to complain about them complaining. Either way we're all toxic lol

No. 115192

this whole board is made for the purpose of complaining about vtubers. That's what lolcow is.

No. 115193

>>115192 yeah you're right, what I said sounds stupid now

No. 115194

>>115146 Maybe that's why it seems all over the place and gimmicky, because he doesn't usually create vtuber designs? Or does he? Idrk

No. 115202

File: 1602054920513.png (905.11 KB, 600x1500, Past-Life.png)

Gawr Guar - senzawa (@sensenzawa)

Mori Calliope - DEMONDICE (@demondicekaren)

Amelia Watson - sachiowo (@sachi0wo)

Takanashi Kiara - Keekihime / Cake Princess 🍰 (@keekihimedesu)

Ninomae inanis - Naguri (@wooperfuri)

No. 115206

Damn, the ending of this is really unprofessional. I can't imagine Pekora doing this or Coco.
How can she carry on doing vtubing when she takes everything so personally?

No. 115207

I'm starting to think these contracts are terrible. She is like a sex worker living with her pimp

No. 115212

In reality, managers always control and tell holos what to say and when to stop (what to not do) while being with them in the same call during streams. Viewers can't hear it but Holos have always been open about it.
I remember Coco used to get scolded a lot after and during streams because of how reckless she is, but now I bet Kiara is the annoying nutcase. Imagine being her manager with that attitude. She already had at least two warnings during her debut stream and she was mentioning it.

Right now she LIVES with manager because she is still moving to a new apartment in JP, also why she doesn't have her home PC with her, having the one that was given to her by manager instead. But ironically enough this potatopc specs are a bit better than her home PC, can't imagine how she would run anything.

No. 115260

This is super cringey wtf. I'm surprised they didn't just put her on hold till she can get her tech figured out bc this is embarassing

No. 115287

I seriously don't get the random indie vtubers with big followings/interaction but when I try to find their videos, they actually haven't done shit yet. This includes BSApricot and recently crabdere. Wtf? Am I missing something or do they just not archive their vids? Have any of them, including the Wal-Mart brand Gura debuted yet?

No. 115290

the one's you listed had an audience/fanbase as artists before becoming vtubers. Just browsing through their twitters, crabdere has artwork tweets with 15K+ likes. Also with them being known artists, their clouted friends would retweet their upcoming debuts which gives them more attention

No. 115292

AAhhhhh i was thinking exactly the same! 2 of the ones u mentioned are artists already so thats understandable but i SERIOUSLY dont get why everyone is so insanely hyping artemis of the blue and she hasnt even debuted yet and she isnt previously an artist or anything

No. 115296

that artemis girl is getting more and more obnoxious by the second

No. 115297

so no one thought to archive the old sachi clips so we can point and laugh at the fact she has to lick her own feet on stream to get coomer money?

No. 115298

wait whatttttt she did that!?

No. 115299

yes, as evidenced by this archive link:
of course, archive sites don't save embeds like that so the file is gone. I would assume some goslingposter on /jp/ would've saved it whenever it was posted there but no one did, as far as I can see.

No. 115300

holy shit LMFAOOOOOO

No. 115301

File: 1602142921700.webm (3.33 MB, 1920x1080, Sachi licks her feet.webm)

No. 115302

not what i expected lol

No. 115303

>it's a meme clip
well that's disappointing, /jp/ hyped it up as something much more.

No. 115304

always has been

No. 115305

File: 1602144438941.webm (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, a small taste.webm)

No. 115306

im glad that her voice isnt voice changed that much

No. 115309

Atleast crabdere's design is somewhat original compared to a lot of other vtubers.

No. 115311

File: 1602148598111.jpg (255.55 KB, 2048x1772, EhKpZWGWoAIKvk5.jpg)

>oversize sailor collar shirt, pleated skirt, thigh highs, hair style of that girl from kakegurui
That's more original? It's the same level of basic as most other vtubers

No. 115312

File: 1602149162800.png (129.07 KB, 360x450, Satania_visual.png)

She's cute but she looks like Satania lol

No. 115313

Kek, there's nothing original about it. I have seen the exact same design floating around many VRtubers, hell, in UTAU community and MMD community this dress texture always been popular. The other anon must be new.

This girl is also self-proclaimed 'first crab VRtuber'.

No. 115328

I keep seeing Artemis on every single holoen stream, leeching much? Gura seems to know of her too.

No. 115329

File: 1602174914509.png (10.97 KB, 327x103, 1602174540588.png)

Exactly. Even donated… 5 dollars to Kiara.
I guess she spent all of her money on the Live2D model… jk its obvious she does that for a second of fame.

No. 115330

>1st crab
At this point we're gonna have chess, checkers, mahjong, poker, and old maid as a vtuber ensemble I swear.

No. 115337

I hate this snarky bitch, I can already tell by her tweets and leeching shes going to be one toxic ass thot like poki who sends her simps to attack others

No. 115338

she'll probably attack gura lol

No. 115350

Why does Artemis have so many followers already?Has she done a stream yet? Has anyone even heard her voice? I don't get it.

No. 115354

The first crab vtuber thing is just a meme lmao

No. 115356

SERIOUSLY!! I thought i was the only one who thought the way she tweets and talks is super snarky i can tell she will be toxic… cant wait to see her lose all that following she got for nothing

literally no one gets it, she didnt stream and didnt do a voice reveal yet, just dumb videos of her shaking her model

No. 115358

I'm calling it now, Artemis will be either a) an established loli uwutuber or b) someone with ties in the league/ow/esports scene

I'll be genuinely very surprised if they're literally just a nobody

No. 115359

File: 1602189744469.jpg (461.52 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20201008-120042_Twi…)

Hmmm…maybe because you keep "appearing" in every single hololive en stream and have had "big streamer" friends constantly sharing your stuff. Yea…out of nowhere.

No. 115362

She's full of it I think. Maybe she did get some special RNG luck to get all those followers but I doubt it. I've seen people with better models and more interesting tweets than her do the same thing she is and only got a fraction of the followers. Someone said they think Artemis and the hololive simp domoarigathanks are involved with each other which is interesting

No. 115363

they do talk a lot and tweet each other a lot, but i also think that they only became friends after artemis started being artemis

No. 115373


She's supposed to be a crab, but her design is pretty terrible. Can't even tell what she's supposed to be at first glance. She could put some cute crab themes into her design, but nope. They always go basic.

No. 115374

File: 1602201620050.jpg (717.53 KB, 891x1200, Myojo999.full.1179297.jpg)

That's supposed to be based on a crab? Jesus, who is even designing these characters? The design could've been phenomenal if they added more detail. Pic kind of related I suppose, I looked up "anime zodiac cancer" (cancer's iconically portrayed as a crab) and found some really cute crab designs.

No. 115387

File: 1602208960013.jpg (60.77 KB, 680x383, EjOBBo2U4AA7GCT.jpg)

She's debuting on the 24th, so I guess we'll all see by then. Part of me is really hoping not to be underwhelmed. I'm just hoping she's not an artist-turned-vtuber because all of those have turned out to be super boring.

No. 115388

pretty sure she isnt an artist

No. 115391

I wonder how many western Vtubers are posting/looking here and hate Artemis because of her follows before her debut lol. Vtubers are one of the fakest group of people i've ever seen. Doesnt suprise me they all try to leech off of each other.

No. 115392

true theyre probs all just 'friends' with each other for the clout thats it

No. 115393

Hundred percent feel like the thread is a good chunk /jp/ browsers, a good chunk EN vtubers and then onlookers not really part of either. Come to think of it there were a lot of Vtubers in himeidol's thread on PULL when that was still up

No. 115394

i mean this is a vtuber thread so why wouldnt there be en vtubers here lol

No. 115395

I was always a bit curious about Vtubers ever since Kizuna Ai appeared and would often follow a couple but…well, call me hipster for this but Vtubers got ruined for me after this huge boom.

Now they're everywhere and most are low quality as hell. A bunch of artists I liked jumped on the Vtuber bandwagon clearly for attention and clout and their content just dropped quality. Not to mention how annoying, fake and flat out toxic some are.

To me Vtubers went from something strange but new and intriguing to…something that reminds me of years ago when UTAU was a thing and so everyone and their grandma has an UTAUloid to try and see if they could make the new Miku or Teto. It's obnoxious now.

No. 115397

who do u think is toxic?

No. 115411

This looks like shit though

No. 115413

I feel like if I was an EN Vtuber I'd avoid everyone else aside from JP ones, but that's assuming they'd even give my ass the time of day too lol

No. 115417

File: 1602229229256.png (193.87 KB, 640x479, Eh4DcllXYAE4EhE.png)

bro this what u sound like rn

No. 115444

VTubers were ruined for me once Americans hopped on the bandwagon. At least Japanese vtubers try their best to play a character to entertain people and try to distance their act their real life as much as possible but engtubers are way too attention hungry to ever do that.

No. 115445

THIS. i know that there are JPvtubers who are attention hungry and annoying too, but the majority seems fine.

meanwhile ENvtubers feels like a dumpster fire where it's a competition to see who gets more clout and attention. a bunch of leeches and connection games and backstabbing. also bandwagon hopping with little effort just for the sake of crumbs.

not to mention that a bunch of the ENvtubers just don't feel natural at all to me. most of them try too hard to act like an animu girl to the point it's really fucking annoying. i personally dislike gawr for that reason. westerners just suck at trying to act like anime girls going "uwa!" and all uguu n shit.

No. 115447


This. And all the hungry leechers started making an actual "story" and shit such as: seperate account, a (not needed in their case) art or stream hashtag, along with many other things (such as calling their riggers etc mom or dad LOL) only the second after HoloEN got released. Shows that they never cared about actual VRtubing content in a first place, there for nothing but bang wagon.

They also all look the same, sound the same and act same way, too. At least the popular ones. And there are so many pink characters, or catgirls, or wannabe "guyize im lewd!! Xd ara ara big tiddy ♡" ones.

And totally agree on them trying too hard to act like anime characters.

Everything really looks like nothing but UTAU ocs back from the days the more I look at western content. It really seems like as if they are not even into it, just there to get an army of ass kissers .

No. 115455

i get what you guys mean but im sure you mostly feel that way because you dont speak japanese
coming from a Japanese person here, the jp vtuber community is just as leechy and cringey, perspective really changes depending on your understanding of such vtuber.
I agree that especially the "egirl" vtubers are cringey more than the rest, but it doesnt downplay how cringey jp vtubers are and fake and toxic as well

No. 115456

BSApricot is THE definition of attention whore. She was/is in a discord /k/ server where she would elevate the slightest coomer joke to the max just to get reaction emojis.

No. 115457

Yeah you guys are comparing attention seeking nobodies in the western indie scene vs professional JP vtubers and it's hardly a good comparison. You should be comparing indie western vs indie JP. It is the same shit in the JP western scene for the most part, clout seeking and what not. Western scene is probably worse now because the trend just picked up here in the past few months, give it another year and a lot of these people will be gone when they dont get as much fame as their beloved hololive girls.

Also not every single vtuber plays a character, common misconception. A lot of vtubers just use the avatar as an extension of themselves. This is common in both the western and JP scene. Most professional vtubers are hired to play a character but there has never been a set rule that you have to. Nijisanji for example have a lot of vtubers that do play into their character and there's a lot a lot of that just use the avatar as a way to be themselves through a different face.

No. 115458

File: 1602265983460.jpg (48.14 KB, 466x601, Illysip.jpg)

In that case it'd be the familiar dub vs sub criticism where western people can't do shrill cutesy voices which gatekeeps their vtuber dreams.

No. 115459

Well unfortunately HololiveEN proved their is a huge market for professionally marketed western vtubers so whether or not anyone thinks there should be English vtubers or not doesnt matter. The money is there and now people who have a computer and a few hundred dollars now think they can get a piece of this English vtuber pie even though in reality nobody wants their half assed attempt. They want professional english vtubers like HololiveEN.

No. 115482

Honestly I'm about to pull all my follows of indie EN Vtubers because I can't take their annoying gimmicks anymore. It's the same jokes over and over again and it's honestly draining me.

Also, I'm sick of seeing this horny-is-my-personality Domo guy everywhere too, he's insufferably annoying and the fact that the indie EN Vtubers give him the time of day makes it all even worse.

No. 115489

Are there even any jokes now other than the permahorny one? Seems like every indie EN vtuber is now only marketing themselves as 'super lewd' and nothing else

No. 115490

Yeah I'm not sure why people kiss that domo guy's ass. He's insufferable. I have indie English vtubers I enjoy but it gets ruined when I see that domo dude constantly mentioned and memed about. He's embarrassing and cringe

No. 115491

Most indie ENG Vtubers are pretty bland and don't have much of a personality or character going on, or at least one that's interesting.

So they go for the easy route. Sex sells…and simps are loyal…

No. 115493

…Until the drama hits, 2020 has had way too many cancellations and I'm not just referring to conventions.

No. 115502

>And Pekora saga where it was confirmed that she is holoJP reject some long time ago

I mean, Nene was rejected from Hololive auditions 4 times before she finally got it, so that really isn't much of a criticism.

No. 115505

Saw domo tell a girl she had fishy pussy and they still talk to this guy that disrespects them. Are eng vtubers that desperate to get some sort of popular traction?

No. 115514

Pretty sure most are so desperate to blow up like the big indies that they'll take any traction to do it

No. 115516

God I hate it so much when Vtubers call the people who designed/rendered them "mama" or "papa". I don't know, to me it just feels annoyingly childish at best and creepy at worst.

No. 115519

They would have never done that if holoEN never happened. Hololive always calls their makers mama or papa, but the leechfags decided to steal all the shit by just looking at HoloEN twitter, its their gimmick.

No. 115520

>They would have never done that if holoEN never happened
???Japanese vtubers have been calling their illustrator mama/papa for a while, though I might be misunderstanding you

No. 115524

she has an old acc bros, time to find it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115526

File: 1602306919649.png (851.76 KB, 530x750, SakuraNagu.png)

>There are still deniers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115528


No. 115529

People in denial.

No. 115530

denial of what LMAO

No. 115533

You misunderstood me here, my bad. I literally explained that if HoloEN never happened the leech-chans wouldn't copypaste all the things HoloENs are doing because they
never actually cared enough about Vtubing. HoloEn is overhyped among everyone, even normies because again, hololive is the most popular group. A huge chunk of these leechers don't even watch them, decided to copypaste everything, maybe draw a fanart on their debute for RT and that's all. (Which basically what famehungry artists did)
> Hololive always calls their makers mama or papa, but the leechfags decided to steal all the shit by just looking at HoloEN (leech-chans never cared about whay Holos are doing until HoloEN happened) twitter, its their (hololive in general) gimmick.
I worded this sentence like shit, but now you hopefully get the point.

No. 115534

Who cares. Indie JP vtubers and Nijisanji do the same shit. Also if you knew anything about the community you would know how much artists enjoy having the mama / papa of a vtuber thing going on. Its not just the vtubers themselves. There's way more to criticize anon stop being autistic

No. 115562


A lot of her videos use a lot of parts of what she was already streaming on twitch. As long as i know she said that for "reasons" she will leave and i can't remember if she also switched her videos to private for some reasons (i think this was said on a few streams after the announcement a lot). From my point of view she was tired of doing reviews or for some reason (probably shitty fandoms angry because random opinion about a game) she no longer wish to do it.
Her streams are still fun. they are not full hype like her videos but that's the difference between being a youtuber and a streamer.
I think that the main point was split from the youtuber side, could be because edition, having to record a review (who know how many times because mistakes) if she did it all by herself then it takes a lot of time that she could use for other things and if she don't maybe she no longer worked with the person that made the editions and they made an agreement of no longer having the videos (weird but happens). I'm okay with the idea of dodging the drama even if some people hate it because the drama goes for long and ends with getting people that only want that. This vtuber thing is an example, whenever something happens in the vtuber community western audience goes at speed of sound to ask other vtubers how they feel about that and vtubers have to choice between following the drama (could end good or bad), being neutral (mostly something like "it's too sad") or rejecting to talk about it (this is good for actual community but bad when trying to get more people, because there is allways a part of the community that goes "she don't talk about it so she take the bad position")
I kind of go away with the point but returning to it, maybe she know just wants to chill, maybe she got a full time job (as a florist maybe, she was already trying to do that) and streaming is like an extra income while she chills with chat, other advantage is that she doesn't have to deal with the "play/review this" that was in most of her videos or being too late to do a review about a game.
I'm sure someone already got an archive with all her videos

No. 115583

File: 1602358270047.webm (1.96 MB, 640x360, weebcringe.webm)

For some reason this really triggers me when animetards do this, when they're not even interested in this genre normally. I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to music, so when Mori debuted there were all these fans who were like "I don't like rap but…" type shit. But it's my tsundere animu waifu who's doing it instead of THOSE PEOPLE is the implication. Can't stand being part of weeb culture sometimes. Sorry(and saged) for the blog post. Video related.

No. 115597

File: 1602360311037.jpg (123.6 KB, 1024x616, 1586916237696.jpg)

No. 115603

Japanese "rap" was a thing even before… i don't know, lotus juice doing p3 intros. I mean this is just the equivalent of the people that where saying that they where rap fans all their lives after listening Eminem XD(XD)

No. 115605

That's what I meant, I think I just worded it badly. I meant to say, that it's annoying when WAP and Say-So were animefied before it could be 'enjoyed' by weebs.

I like most music, Jrap/Hiphop included. I like Mori's music too, it's original. But yeah, I agree with your sentiments.

No. 115612

What's with the trend of making Vtubers based on animals and then give them a design that barely reminds said animal? First examples to come to mind are Kiara and her chicken motif, and that one indie Vtuber Kani who's a "crab".

I'm not saying that they should be furries but…some just look messy and don't resemble the animal at all. Yet people are all over them.

Sorry for bad english, it's not my first language.

No. 115620

File: 1602369282569.jpg (443.74 KB, 2048x1374, Ej_Z3I-UYAESwGa.jpg)

I was just coming to the thread to complain about something similar though Kiara is supposed to be a phoenix not an actual 'chicken' (though her design doesnt really say phoenix much more than that). I think it's because when you theme your character around an animal you get free jokes and references that can be made around it. (aka a foot in to build a personality when you have no actual acting/character writing chops)

This 'moth' @ichigolemonade_ made me take back everything I said about the other 'lolibait' vtubers cause this one takes the cake. Her bio even claims she's going to be 'sfw' but with the flasher jacket, GTA hooker outfit ,uterus tattoo and art by Slugbox who is known for drawing lolibait porn I dont see how anything about the design is 'sfw'. (Yeah it only has like 30 followers but not a selfpost just a very unlucky 'Person you follow liked this')

No. 115624

This design looks really shit what the hell. "SFW" yet she's drawn by an artist universally known for drawing porn like a madlad and looks like a cheap thot.

No. 115626

The first reference isn't horrible but the second one…what is going on? I'm sure they'll reveal that they're an "uwu moth succubus hybrid" or some retarded shit with the uterus tattoo and hooker outfit.

No. 115628

At least it’s not another shark or marine life animal. Low bar, though.

No. 115630

How to make an indie ENG Vtuber:

1. Pick a marine animal and make it either kawaii or hot. Gotta fit within average waifu standards.

2. Choose one of the three schools of thought: Lewd, Cutesy or Funny/Memey.

3. Leech off other big Vtubers, bonus if they're from Holo. Keep fishing for convos or anything that might get them to react to you or start an interaction.

4. Do all of that before your debut. Also make cute or quirky gifs of your sprite doing shit like bobbing their head or smiling.

5. Profit.

Don't worry about content for your videos. Just start playing Among Us or whatever.

No. 115631

I really like the 1st design. She looks cute and comfy. It has a bit of personality in it too even if it's just a tiny bit.

The 2nd just takes out all of said personality for the sake of looking lewd. She's now just the "look cute and composed but is actually mega horny and flirty!" trope. Sad.

No. 115633

That's my thought too. If they stuck with a big comfy coat, like wings, it would be super cute
Then inside maybe a romper or whatever if they choose. But the street walker look is…it's somehow simple but so overworked and ugly

No. 115654

File: 1602388997372.jpeg (347.5 KB, 2048x1166, BF58D7A7-F54B-4B1E-B3EB-A7A470…)

I guess western vtubers are making their own Hololive

No. 115657

is it even an actual agency? or is it just a bunch of random well know indie vtubers who decided to form a group

No. 115658

Gotta make closed groups to feel and look special lol

No. 115664

File: 1602391826811.jpg (32.43 KB, 679x517, Yuno.jpg)

>4 pink hairs.

No. 115665

I recognise 4 of those as art streamers, if those other ones are also artists, then I guess that tells us what atemis will be.

No. 115666

File: 1602392484239.png (508.71 KB, 2133x1200, AmberRosuuri.png)

Alright, who's gonna be the Kiara of the group now that Rosuuri and her 250,000 followers is part of this group of very inconsistent numbers?

No. 115669

I don’t understand why she became a vtuber like she’s already successful as an artist

No. 115671

oh god rosuri is now a vtuber?? jeez, probably will see that domo cuck on every single of her tweets. also agreed with kiara and that artemis vtuber being obnoxious. god damn, holo EN was a mistake.

No. 115672

just cus i haven't seen any mentioned, do any of you guys watch male vtubers? i find them a lot funnier/entertaining to watch and they don't act like babies

No. 115673

looks likes some shit furry art i couldn't even tell she was supposed to be moth

No. 115678

It is a vtuber group of big named artists turned vtubers. All their models are drawn by themselves and they have their own big following, if you look at their twitter accounts (or vtuber accounts), they link their main/art accs. So I guess Artimis could be the original artist of her model since all the other members drew their own models.

No. 115679

File: 1602398104558.png (91.48 KB, 390x346, artemis.PNG)

She linked her artist 'mama' so that's either her personal account, or she didn't do her own model, but might still be an artist herself

No. 115680

I’m sure she’s not the artist that drew her model
The artist is from weibo

No. 115683

>No conventions because corona.
>Guaranteed OC sales.

No. 115686

Not agency, just a group and knock-off parody of hololive and nii.

No. 115687

It's weird then that she's part of the group since all the other members drew their own models. She could be a well known artist tho if she got an invite from them.

No. 115688

With how fast everyone figured out who the HoloEN girls I'm positive people will know who Artemis is when she debuts. Unless she really is a nobody but I doubt it.

No. 115689

Slugbox doesnt draw just lolibait porn, he draws anything as long as people choose on patreon or as long as it's something overhyped. This guy has been doint nothing but leeching off big fandoms such as MLP (while never watching it but drawing his ugly shiny porn and his OC is mlp based), big chunk of which made him as popular as he is now.

His commissions are super hard to get because of how elitist he thinks he is + price and if he actually wants to or whatever. I remember he was posting a nice tweet where he would say that it's weird for people to jump on VRtuber train for the sake of clout (especially for already popular ones), saying he is not a fan of that. The tweet happened 2months-ish ago, and just now very recently he tweeted about wishing he was a girl to turn his Cteno OC into a VRtuber. And now this.

What I am trying to say is that this moth-chan is a degenerate and definitely a not sfw-chan not by design alone, but by artist choice too. She could pick anyone but chose a porn artist whose commissions are hard to get.

No. 115696

I find it suspicious how first Amelia ditched her collab with Kiara (Mori replaced her) without telling, and during everyones Minecraft collab Amelia was the one who talked the least ( Can't count Ina because she was with the girls ) while not playing / walking around with them, playing seperated. And if that counts her model placement would usually be next to Gura, but this time she was between Ina and Kiara.

Does she have a beef against Kiara (or Shark) or something?

No. 115697

Maybe. From what I've seen it doesn't feel like anyone in HoloEN particularly meshes well with Kiara because her personality is just kinda shit. Even with her so called ship with Mori it feels like Mori gets annoyed with her a lot and not just because she's playing that character. Maybe she did something to rub Amelia in particular the wrong way.

No. 115701

File: 1602407190155.jpg (83.5 KB, 1080x598, image0_5.jpg)

>Malformed dot eyebrows
>Redneck suntan
>Hyper cutoff daisy dukes
>Mandatory womb tattoo

No. 115717

considering it's pretty much confirmed that amelia is sachi, it's probably just kiara's personality. Sachi didn't really have a problem ignoring/ avoiding interactions with other vtubers who she didnt get along with too much.

No. 115721

Seeing the Ina collab and the Mori Minecraft one I disagree with your assessment. She got Ina to talk more than anyone else in that Arknight ranking and Mori appears to me as if she's playing the straight man in the jokes rather than showing genuine annoyance. There were enough moments where they normally played the game and figured things out.

I agree with the weird tension between Amelia and Kiara though.

No. 115730

my god, just saw kiaras karaoke, big yikes

No. 115731

i hate calliope's rapping so much, god. it's just so bad and it barely makes sense. without the rapping she's just another pink haired vtuber but with an edgy big boobed girl aesthetic.

No. 115734

Yikes indeed. Amelia showed up, stayed throughout the whole stream and was supportive. Blew up the backstage drama theory.

No. 115735

Just my narrative,just with similar girls in gaming circles but Amelia is one of those "all my friends are guys" type so female relationships are 'annoying' and one that is easilly annoyed in multi player games when peeps are too new and stumbbling. Also Amelia is basically a white trash meth baby, based on her childhood stories, being homeless and her meth baby face, so when she sees a 'spoiled pretty girl' like Kiara struggle,Ame starts to acts spiteful since in her eyes, Kiara hasnt really suffered like she has since she can get by with her looks.

No. 115736

when did she say that she was homeless as a child?

No. 115739

you know those lame youtuber forums where people get obssessed with youtubers, talk mad shit, come up with imaginary drama and pretend like they know these people personally?

oh wait, that's this place(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115740

Is this your first time on lolcow?

No. 115741

> newfag mistook lc with PULL
Ah yes

No. 115742

Not a child I think, shes implied it was a few years back. Didn't have the chance to shower for weeks at a time.

No. 115744

I've only heard of one male JP v-tuber, I don't remember his name but his gimmick is he's a vampire neet, tbh a vampire neet is nice a concept compared to low effort lolibait v-tubers

No. 115750

plenty of neckbeards with filthy homes who don’t shower for weeks at a time.

No. 115754

This is completely wrong

No. 115763

What cut do the holo girls get? Can’t help but wonder how much of the tens of thousands they keep. It seems like Mori and Kiara are both kind of struggling financially and can’t upgrade equipment yet, so they haven’t received their first monthly pay yet even if they do get most of it.

No. 115764

Youtube takes 30% of all superchats.
I think the rest is split between hololive corp and the vtuber.
I dont know how they do collab superchats tho.

No. 115766

what happened

No. 115769

Yeah to clarify I mean I wonder what % of the final payout they lose to cover. I figure if donation spam has made a couple holoEN girls cry it must be a decent deal for them.

No. 115773

Did you mean Kuzuha? His and Kanae’s stuff is pretty good. a lot of the nijisanji guys and a few of the girls and the holostars streams are pretty good. personally i would recommend a lot of holostars first gen especially arurandeisu for male streamers

sage for pointless talk

No. 115776

Why are most of the male Vtubers actually nice and funny while most female Vtubers range from annoying as fuck to flat out insufferable?

No. 115779

female celebs are more prone to pettiness and feuding, especially those with troll armies.

No. 115780

Because you aren't looking at the less known female vtubers and want to make sexist assumptions based off insecurities you have probably.

Are most of the popular female vtubers obnoxious attention whores that use baby talk and lewdness to get popular? Yes. There are many female vtubers who are down to earth and don't use lewd loli shit to get a fanbase. They don't get as popular because scrotes want to beat their dicks to someone who goes uguu onii-chan. That's just how it is.

No. 115781


Those guys are so wholesome, their friendship gestures towards each other are really cute to watch.

No. 115782

Yes that's him! thank you so much anon I didn't know his name, he's pretty cute.

No. 115784


hell yeahhh, arurandeisu is good, shame he's being overshadowed by roberu

No. 115785

Can you link the stream and give timestamps?

No. 115786

honestly it’s hard to find a holostars streamer i don’t like. shame they probably won’t ever reach a third of the popularity of hololive

No. 115787

File: 1602459573698.jpeg (348.53 KB, 1125x1650, 2BFA7195-F169-4958-BDB7-A81863…)

Yueko makes her own lolcow posts for us I swear.

No. 115788

Yueko managed to rise pretty fast on cow status after she became a V-Tuber, honestly.

No. 115789

i dont understand why this domo guy keep promoting artemis, his latest tweet btw https://twitter.com/domoarigathanks/status/1315347787597275136

hes embarassing(imageboard)

No. 115790

What's her deal? She seems incredibly boring.

No. 115791

File: 1602460686240.png (115.23 KB, 276x289, 11134.png)

Poki already got herself a new model, this time with huge boobs that jiggle with every movement

If last one wasn't a rushjob to get her "vtuber debut" out while HoloEN was still trending, why is there a need to get a new one so soon? I feel bad for the person who made the first one since it got replaced so fast

No. 115792

Is this live2d or 3d? I can't tell. Yeah but replacing the other model so fast really does destroy any credibility towards the "I've been working towards debuting my avatar for months!!I'm not making a half assed attempt because of the timing of HoloEN!!" kek

Well Poki had always been a flake, I kinda miss her PULL thread

No. 115793

File: 1602461149837.jpeg (991.35 KB, 1125x1891, B14061E8-CA26-4EA4-92B6-A0832E…)

She’s a normalfag trying to make herself click with the vtuber audience? Honestly if it weren’t for lolcow and her vtuber bit I wouldn’t even know her name.

No. 115794

Her streams are incredibly boring to watch. Almost little to no personality when she does gaming streams and mumbles too much. People usually just watch her for her art streams but her other content is just monotone.

No. 115795

The last of milk I remember from her was when she flipped out on twitter because someone made an oc/vtuber sprite that heavily referenced hers, then she proceeded to shoot down the person and throw around over-filled moodboards going "LOOK AT HOW MUCH EFFORT I PUT IN MY VTUBER OC!!! LOOK AT IT!!!" despite her vtuber oc Chai looking basic and uninspired.

Typical case of popular artist jumping on vtubing to earn more attention. She's annoying but basic af and not particularly milky.

No. 115796

The person who made her new model is RezoSempai. She hasn't opened for commissions in a long time so it's very rare to get a model from her. It's finally that she spent money/time on getting an artist to "design" her vtuber character only to scrap everything about it when a well known modeler offered their services.

No. 115800

File: 1602470970389.jpg (517.59 KB, 1042x1505, Screenshot_20201012-045049_Twi…)

the only one from that atelier live group that is remotely not cringe is io, shes the only one who isnt cocky as hell/snarky as fuck/trying too hard
the fkn supreme leader one chiikadayo is absolutely ridiculous, her model has NOTHING that says leader nonetheless supreme at all. this is more laughable than that fuckin crabdere's model

it looks like she liked chiaki from danganronpas design and tried to copy it while having kokichis label lmao fucking laughable

No. 115802

Looks wonky. Her head looks too small for the body or the neck is too short or something. The eyes and brows on her previous model looked prettier too.

No. 115803


because he's unironically trying to get into their pants, not even lying

I just thank god none of the pro Vtubers like the HL girls acknowledge him

No. 115809

Ugh I can’t stand Yueko now
Why are artist vtubers so cringe

No. 115810


I once called him out on twitter (when he's replying Matsuri's tweet with his lame joke), and his followers starting to calling me toxic and stuff lmao.

They even said I should be grateful to him that the vtuber community has grown larger lmaoooo

No. 115811

Being a creepy replyguy and making shitty memes is helping the community grow? Oh please. It sucks he has an army that simps him like he can do no wrong. He's fucking weird and I dont know why people are crawling up his ass

No. 115812

File: 1602474950979.jpeg (44.43 KB, 360x360, 48462012-2C6C-4193-A715-DBFB53…)

>Pink hair, yellow background.
That being said can anyone here redpill me on Klaeia please?
Run of the mill doesn’t particularly convey much here.

No. 115815

Another popular artist becoming the usual cringey vtuber to me

No. 115816

File: 1602481535176.png (791.26 KB, 1192x812, Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 10.4…)

What was the point of yueko making a separate account for her vtuber if she's just going to retweet every other post on her main account? I used to follow her because her art was nice but now her account is just filled with vtuber crap.

No. 115818

If I had to guess the plan is to shill her alt until it reaches 10K followers then she'll stop RTing

No. 115823

File: 1602486610098.png (329.31 KB, 1202x1257, Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 12.0…)

Who does she think she's fooling with this "omg I'm not the leader! I'm just doing this for fun!" bs

No. 115824

>her model has NOTHING that says leader nonetheless supreme at all.

There are a lot of things wrong with vtubers but this is the cringiest nitpick i've read so far lmao

No. 115825

let people dislike whatever they want man this is lolcow after all

No. 115826

i dont think its a nitpick , just like crabdere was laughed at for her design resembling nothing crab like so should this chick

No. 115827

>defending autistic REEEEing
Yeah you can post whatever you want, won't stop people calling your opinions retarded though

No. 115828

File: 1602487487278.jpg (35.92 KB, 600x400, Kim-Jong-Un-211.jpg)

oh you're right, she should've referenced and incorporated "the supreme leader" into her design more

No. 115829

why are you wking her so badly LMAO

No. 115830

chikadayo is another artist turned vtuber which is just as laughable as the rest of them

No. 115831

File: 1602487971932.jpg (145.73 KB, 837x1350, 20201012_093352.jpg)

her design is all over the place
> cat ears
> bat wings
> tail with pointy heart end
> sailor uniform
> supreme leader??

No. 115832

File: 1602488267501.jpg (69.5 KB, 582x900, YuiPro-P.jpg)

Well I mean 4 of those things exist on Yui whose company KEY had some legacy to it so that makes Chiika a plagiarist if anything.
As for "supreme leader" that would mean the MC of the bunch except she isn't because there's multiple pink hairs in her group…

No. 115834

everyone thinks the mc of the bunch is yueko since shes the leader"" or artemis cuz she got the most clout

No. 115835


swear to god he's everywhere, whether its holo EN or JP. also his interaction with artemis is so cringe.

No. 115836

Why are you so triggered someone called out your autistic take. Go over what was written again, someone is having a literal tantrum because “she calls herself supreme leader but doesn’t look like one at all!!”

A crab vtuber not looking like a crab is a reasonable take. What the fuck is a supreme leader supposed to look like. And ftr all English vtubers are fucking cringe.

No. 115837

someones pissed they got caught wking

No. 115838

i think ur the one being too triggered here bro relax

No. 115840

File: 1602493690607.jpeg (205.41 KB, 477x501, 484665B5-9807-46D3-B21F-59BB55…)

Ok retard, keep vendetta posting about literal nobodies from your niche weeb community. Meanwhile the real ones wait for Coco to come back

No. 115841

File: 1602493883598.png (62 KB, 220x220, Chiaki_Nanami_Halfbody_Sprite_…)

her jacket is downright copying chiaki nanamis with the stripes, colours and even the ears

No. 115842

File: 1602493907720.jpg (106.53 KB, 377x564, Screenshot_20201012-111155_Twi…)

No. 115843

File: 1602495812983.jpg (31.52 KB, 716x717, 1517359925961.jpg)

What the fuck happened to this thread

No. 115844

/ot/ happened. Also Chiika is an anagram for Chiaki.

No. 115847

Jesus. Its as ugly as Anntan's model.

No. 115857

autistic triggered weeb 0
Coco 1

No. 115869

File: 1602512548054.jpg (144.75 KB, 1066x676, 20201012-072238_Twitter.jpg)

uhh lol, uguubear wants a daki of her vtuber persona. she hasn't even been doing this for a month

No. 115875

I'm convinced a bunch of the pervious posts are just teenagers having a shit flinging match.

No. 115883


>30% WK'ing for a thot larping as a no-fap trad wife even tho her teeth saw more dick then they saw the end of a fuckin toothbrush

>3% HoloEN dox that anyone with more then 3 braincells rattling in their skull could figure out and whining that there isn't enough to Aloe them,
>1% Deluded tard that wants Popushi to be Gura
>2% Salt miner samefag with twitter-level anime = CP bait and all the tards that took it
>10% Pokie-what else is fuckin new-mane

Welcome to Lolcow Vtuber General. Enjoy your stay.

No. 115885

10/10 summary, I approve.

No. 115886


I mean, you're not wrong, but isn't that what most of LC threads are only with names changed?

No. 115887

File: 1602525997104.png (113.4 KB, 414x450, Roswaal.png)

Silly anon, we all know that Twitter and Twitch's reporting systems are useless at enacting vengeance so people come here instead.

No. 115891

You're being a pick me

No. 115896

File: 1602533379185.jpg (76.28 KB, 320x250, rezero.jpg)

Instead of milk we get the impotent rage of vendetta fags. What a time to be alive.

No. 115921

Doesn’t she know how to draw?

No. 115924

artemis has just turned into another shitposter and lost all what she had even going for her, and all her tweets with domo are so annoying

No. 115925

Really curious about how her debut is gonna go. Feels like all this attention is gonna backfire and she isn't gonna live up to the hype but people will watch a brick wall stream as long as it has a cute anime avatar so who knows

No. 115926

something is really fucking wrong with him but i love roberu

No. 115928


glad im not the only who find that domo guy annoying

No. 115930

Anon… are you attracted to men? That would explain it. I don't think the male vtubers are any less insufferable, you just notice less if they're pandering to you specifically.

No. 115932

He's a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. Just wait. 6 months from now he will be cancelled for being a creep and all the vtubers who were all over his dick will have a bunch of accounts of him being a fucking creep to them that they conveniently ignored because clout

No. 115940

Roberu's model is really bad

No. 115942

>11 artfags
>in one "group"
This is going to be a trainwreck and I'm on board.

No. 115943


hope he really getting cancelled

No. 115945

it looks like Valkyrie Aurora is not Artemis from the speculation. I think Valkyrie is going to be her own vtuber maybe.


No. 115946

yeah i never thought she was her tbh

No. 115947

i smell a conspiracy.

Everytime they collab in duos, both the EN holo tubers has a live stream on.
But this time in amelia and kiara collab. Kiara is the only one streaming.


No. 115955


Takes 5 mins to check their channels to verify that its at random and not just for Kiara.

No. 115959

Nobody likes her kek

No. 115960

They are not allowed to multi-stream collabs until a certain amount of time has passed. Something about focusing viewers or so. They didn't even do it for the minecraft stream.

No. 115962


I'd rather bet on management. Cover wanting to boost her numbers by limiting the exposure to one stream instead of splitting the audience into two.

But other also had duo collabs that were streamed only to their channels, as well.

No. 115978


Apparently their collab stream this weekend will be on all channels at once

Also, speaking of our newfangled "indie EN Vtuber supergroup", Atelier Live, how long we think that's gonna last? I say a couple of months before drama tears it apart.

No. 115982

File: 1602631499880.jpeg (368.41 KB, 828x692, D17DBE71-2307-4773-808A-3F1340…)

Are you kidding me?

No. 115984

Why another shark

No. 115985


ride on gura's fame, like that artemis bitch

No. 115986

this is even more of a copy than artemis did with gura. The hair is just recolored artemis hair, and that basic ass outfit???

No. 115987

File: 1602634483930.jpg (24.54 KB, 968x382, Pimephales_promelas.jpg)

Why is her name Minnow when she's a shark…

No. 115992

the 2020 western vtuber boom cancer.

No. 115994

video for no reason other then I like it (this one has music)

It really is a shame roberu's model is so bad. It's really detailed and has this weird second bang layer above the first one. All the fanart omits the second bangs and in general makes him less weirdly detailed. I wonder if it would just be considered too rude for him to get the character model streamlined in a different style.

No. 116000

Make a thread in /m/ for any non-drama related vtuber discussion.

No. 116006

It felt obvious but if Guwa really is Senzawa, Senzawa's shameless literal pedoshit makes it all worse.

No. 116012

> the most basic bitch outfit, colour scheme and design.
Yeah… Sounds like she is very creative and has some personality. /s

No. 116015

I swear /jp/ has the thickest hardon for Gura and its mostly because they worship Senzawa

No. 116018


Is this you again mr. salt miner samefag?

No. 116033

No? It's creepy as fuck since Senzawa posts a lot of lolicon shit. Guwa always made me just the slightest bit uncomfortable with how "baby uwu" she acts, but if the person behind her actually indulges in loli, that's so much worse.
Sounds about right.

No. 116046

nyanners would like to know your location

No. 116052

to be fair, she's had the shark design since early august?

No. 116053

not early august but yeah she definitely commissioned the artists for this design since a WHILE ago and i mean MONTHS

No. 116060

File: 1602710295366.png (315.19 KB, 584x518, E2ynaG5.png)

yeah, i just meant her first character sheet was posted in early august itself

No. 116066

oh god is she gonna be one of those 'my sexuality is my personality' types? why the question mark?

No. 116073

Everyone in this thread is so impossibly insufferable, if you hate vtubers so much just… don’t watch them? Stop giving them attention and do something else with your time. Attention-seeking or not, they are hurting no one by being cute and streaming pls go take a nap

No. 116074

anon, where the fuck do you think you are?

No. 116075

I think there's actual drama, like coco being banned and simps stalking vtubers.

Most of the current discussion now however is just sperg nitpicking over designs lol.

No. 116102


Good, i prefer sperging over designs and unoriginality of nobodies then those deluded fags who thinks drawings are cp. I mean sure, shits fuckin weird, but it makes me laugh when those wank stains act the same way underage virtue signaling twitterfags do.

No. 116107

fuck off

No. 116108

> i prefer sperging over designs and unoriginality of nobodies

Making fun of designs is cool but some people in this thread are legitimately buttmad because of their mediocre success. Like “this persons designs so ugly!!! They don’t deserve a following of 500 people!!1”

It’s so small time and petty it comes off as personal friend vendetta.

No. 116121


Of course it's a bullshit vendetta.

This whole thread is chuck full of ass-mad spastics wanting to destroy people so far below the radar that even a degenerate like me never heard of, before i read about them in this thread.

There is nothing left to milk in this thread, either tards making shit up or bored fucks crying and nobodies.

It sill could be worse, because it was, just scroll up.

No. 116122


Vtuber controversies? But it ended the same way as always.

No. 116123

>>116108 What do you guys think about the VOMS vtubers?

No. 116124

File: 1602747770399.jpeg (400.07 KB, 750x473, C198967B-DBD9-43BA-A228-CFE6D0…)

I found it weird someone was trying to push the narrative that one of the holoENs was a nazi and spitting anti-semitism on stream. After digging through all socials I couldn’t find any mention of it. Idk if they’re a troll or they genuinely think they’re sabotaging a career.

No. 116126


Yeah that was bs, they said that Kiara, i think, said "Don't be such a jew" on stream during her Minecraft colab with Callie. Not only is it easy to verify but also that shit would blow the fuck up the moment the word jew left her mouth. That and some asspulls.

Literally nothing worth of mentioning happened since Haato and Coco got put on ice so tards are starting to act up.


I watched one stream, it was meh, couldn't be arsed to dive deeper tbh.

No. 116138

No. 116147

I'm still waiting for vtubers in this thread to drop some inside milk

No. 116148

File: 1602767852340.jpeg (396.93 KB, 1125x1052, EF854F59-F664-40A1-9C92-96369B…)

Anyone know what the emotes looked like and who they were traced from?

No. 116150

File: 1602768036369.jpeg (109.72 KB, 1186x674, C61E44EA-5E82-465E-B9ED-2F5F29…)

Sage because found it. I wonder how much she paid and why she was stupid enough to hire someone who wanted to remain anon

No. 116151

File: 1602768289782.jpg (589.59 KB, 1078x1826, 1601954791872.jpg)

I've only watched a few clips of Pikamee so I don't have a real opinion, but I do remember she about lolis and talked about buying Comic LO on Twitter.
People, at least on Tumblr, got assmad, as if every othe VTuber hasn't admitted they have some fucked up fetish. They'll still watch them anyway lol.
The closest we got to that was Himepen, is she still molesting her brother?

No. 116152

Get real. What Vtuber will go to this site to gossip and risk fucking with an NDA?

No. 116163

anon, kindly fuck off, no one gives a fuck if you think we're insufferable.
Her minecraft streams have had /JP/ frothing, due to the fact of how similar she plays like Senzawa, it's really disturbing, and its shocking how Cover would hire someone without realizing how toxic the person was before hand. They forced Aloe to graduate early for less, how big of a controversy will it be when the dam breaks and the truth comes out.

No. 116164

how was senzawa toxic?

No. 116166

Nayrt senzawa always had streams were she would get drunk or high, in the end turning that into her whole personality.

No. 116167

See >>116166

Gura has amassed a huge following, and if we saw the numbers i'm sure because of her look and shark persona its a good chunk of children too. if she goes back to that personality of drunk and high, what kind of example does that set, also Senzawas past work with Belle delphine, do we really want gamer girl bath water in vtuber space too?

We already have enough of this lewd uwu shit in the solo en vtubers.

No. 116174

I dunno why you guys think the HoloEN girls are gonna cancelled.

Mori didn't get cancelled when old tweets of her saying nigga were exposed.

Kiara didn't get cancelled when people found out she was a cosplay attention whore who used to sleep around in Japan for clout.

Amelia didn't get cancelled when obsessed fans found out she has a boyfriend.

Gura still hasn't gotten cancelled when people know she used to get drunk and high on stream as Senzawa.

Not sure why you guys are so sure it's gonna happen lol

No. 116177

They're not gonna get cancelled in the Twitter sense, they're going to get doxxed to hell and back by 5ch westaboos and then have people show up at their houses like Aloe. Some of them live in Japan right now, don't forget.
Never underestimate 5ch autism.

No. 116178

I doubt it. I feel like it would have happened by now. I'm just waiting for them to do something really stupid as their vtuber persona. I feel like Kiara would be the first to go since she is so prone to meltdowns for whatever reason.

No. 116183

> if she goes back to that personality of drunk

Dude what lmao, plenty of Japanese vtubers drink live on stream too. Some vtubers whole persona is being a raging drink. You’re conflating drinking to being a loose and a slut, that’s so weird??

No. 116188


You are beyond retarded if you think this will do anything or if this is milk worthy at all. Or you're just larping as an ass-mad no-fap trad to mine salt.

Aki Rosenthal passed out drunk on stream, and makes regular guerrilla streams where she drinks. Nothing.

Rusia, Matsuri and Roboco say nigga on stream. Nothing, becomes a meme, makes them more popular.

Matsuri sperged out about her love for lolis numerous times on her streams. Nothing.

Coco lasers out her pubes on stream while blasting herself with a back massager. Fuckin nothing.

Aloe got booted for talking shit about the industry which made jap fags ass-mad.

Are you guys even watching those streams or are you just mad coz it became popular recently? If yes then sure, knock yourselves but at least try to bring something to the table.

No. 116191

I feel like people are treating vtubers 100% the same as actual idols. Sure, Hololive advertises that they are virtual idols but they are still very different from your run of the mill AKB48 idol

No. 116194

I can see Kiara graduating just because she's prone to posting shit about other girls who threaten her and "exposing" the industry while making herself the victim. She's not going to any lengths to hide she's in Hololive. She just did a Fubuki cosplay and even tagged the Fubuki bday event. I honestly can't wait for the milk to come from her when she starts getting more involved with the Hololivejp girls. I can see her revealing shit about them.


The issue is drugs, anon. Japan is ridiculous about drugs. When Sawajiri Erika got caught with drugs, they spent literal weeks talking about it on the news. I know it's Hololiveen but they're still employed under a Japanese company.

No. 116196

Where is the fubuki cosplay?

No. 116197

And thank fuck for that, them doing retarded shit is like 90% of the appeal to the audience. But people want them to be held to the same standard so that they can be an easier target.

Anon, please. Sawajiri got busted with 18 months sentence for MDMA and LSD, we're talking about devil's lettuce here ffs. Even japs aren't retarded enough to throw a fit about low tier drug that is legal in her country. This a fuckin nothing burger.

No. 116199

File: 1602793948706.png (176.69 KB, 610x400, sdsfshdfishdfiosdhf.png)

forgot pic.

Ok, wrong comparison. Taguchi of Kat-tun then. I'm going to drop it because it's getting off topic but all it takes is for some crazed fan to get pissed about gura's past. Despite being vtubers they are still advertised as idols and attract those kinds of fans.

No. 116201

Wasn't Kat-Tun already disbanded when he got busted? And yeah it wasn't the fans it was the police that busted them and doxed them (Taguchi and his gf) by leaking the arrest to the public and i highly doubt Senzawa would be stupid enough to take mj to Japan. If she's even there (doubt, i know Mori and Kiara are, Ina is in Canada, don't know about the others). Vtuber fans wont care. Hell fans are most likely the opposite, there is even a doujin with Marine where she's fucked high on E, the author even interacts with Marine and Coco on twitter. So yeah i doubt anyone would care even when doxed. Maybe some hardcore spergs but even their parents don't care about them.

No. 116205

japan is super ridiculous about weed, anon. (it's a combo of pressures from the US and their hatred of korea)

No. 116208

Not sure why everyone thinks Gura would be retarded enough to start smoking a doobie while streaming. Even if she did for some reason I'm almost positive she's not in Japan so why would it matter? Calli and Kiara are the only ones in Japan.

Clearly the pasts of the HoloEN girls don't matter enough to get screwed over by otaku. So until they start spewing milk as their vtuber personas there's not much to really say

No. 116209


I mean, culture-wise for sure, but i still think it's a nothing burger.

Considering Coco, Mori, Watame and Kanata memed about drugs, Mori while being directly asked by chat if she smokes, and Coco did a stream tripping out off her ass while on sleeping pills.

Besides all Senzawa has to say is that she was meming as well considering there is no footage only sound, and both cover and fans will trip over themselves to protect the golden goose of holoEN. It's fuckin nothing.

No. 116216

South Korea is also ridiculous about weed.

No. 116218

NTA but the point is these vtubers are NOT japanese so why are we putting japanese conditions into them?

Weed is legal in parts of North America what’s the big deal

No. 116221

just wondering, does reddit especially r/hololive really loves kiara or what?

every single day i saw more than 1 post about her or her annoying ship with mori

i mean there are other hololive members as well…..i dont care with their low tier / unfunny memes though

No. 116223


Anon, we don't talk about reddit here lol. They're bunch of incels.

No. 116229

There's a group of her fans who always go "WE HAVE TO SUPPORT KIARA" when she has one of her pity meltdowns. There was even a thread on the subreddit where a lot of posters who aren't huge fans of Kiara said that people should stop coddling her because it only sets her back. It was pretty funny.

No. 116230


god i hate them, the thing that ticked me off the most was when they urged us to support her (with "IMPORTANT" tag on title) after she complained about her shit PC on stream and twitter

really tired whenever i opened subreddit and had to see multiple posts about kiara or kiara / mori corny ship, if they really love her they should have create a dedicated subreddit for kiara

No. 116234

If you go in there not expecting the words like toxic and anxiety all around then that's on you.

No. 116235

Because they're being paid by a JP company retard. They have to follow that international law. Look at what happened over just mentioning the Word Taiwan.
All it takes is one of these crazed jp fans to start making a stink and cover would do some stupid shit.

No. 116236

Yeah, well so far they have been following the "international law" so shut the fuck up. If something comes up about Gura's past as Senzawa the company will just deny it's her. Come back when you have a clip of Gura taking a rip from a bong live

No. 116237


Anon wtf is an international law. Unless they are on international waters where marine laws rule then there is no such thing.

The reason they got put on ice for Taiwan was because CCP and their retarded, brainwashed commie shaft riders gut butthurt for mentioning an island their oh-so-powerful country can't pacify.

Cover had money and talent already invested in HololiveChina so they had to appease the commies to keep that branch afloat. It had nothing to do with “international laws”, it was pure fucking ass licking for cash.

Next time when you call people retards make sure the next sentence you write isn't also retarded. Or else you become what you hate.

No. 116239

>company will deny its her
Just like how they denied Aloe's past right? God you fucking whiteknights are retarded

No. 116244

Found the Chumbuddy, Stop white knighting retard. Just Remember Aloe and Chris when the hammer falls.

No. 116247

You're dumb as hell, rumors about gura being senzawa are around ever since her debut. There's no real milk on her besides her allegedly being drunk (that she admitted was for a meme) and pandering to pedos, which, surprise, is a thing most vtubers do, even hololive ones. People can't even make up their mind if she's senzawa or popushi and you expect cover to shit their pants 'cause gura smokes some crack?

No. 116249

File: 1602822354058.jpeg (70.55 KB, 655x647, 39316216-D9BD-4E67-B0C0-0E6D1D…)

Ah yes the Group targeted towards English speaking westerners made by a Japanese company must abide by this supposed international law to appease a Japanese audience

Makes sense

No. 116251

It makes me smile to know that Kiara probably thought she'd be the most popular member because she can speak Japanese but her lack of appeal means she's the least popular. I'm waiting for her to leech collab with the holojp members now that the ban is lifted,. I'm hoping there'll be another Yukapon who's cuter incident. The milk is going to be glorious.

Or her whining because her favorite Pekora would rather talk with someone calm and mature like Moona than an attention whore Kiara.

No. 116255

You are both fucking stupid. The difference is both those vtubers were nobodies that got axed within a week of their debut. We all know Cover Corp will do anything to protect their cash cows and Gura is about to be the first Hololive ever to reach a million. Just because I'm not retarded and want to take down vtubers that currently have no milk means I am their fan. kek.

In a few days if Coco and Haachama graduate then I will eat my words that Cover Corp will do anything to protect their cash cows. As it stands right now nobody that has gotten immensely popular in Hololive has gotten the axe.

No. 116265


>U disagree with my asspull vendetta and demand evidance therfor u wk

Lmao faggot. The diffrence between Aloe and Senzawa is that there were tangable evidance of Aloe talking about how contracts works, talking about nijisanji vtubers cancelation etc. which obiosuly anyone with halfa brain wouldnt care about but got jap otakus assmad becaus how could you besmirch the industry that keeps their neckbeard fantasies alive. And the companies would be mad because that hurts their bottomline and possibly violates NDA.

Provide a video of Senzawa socking on that bong or GTFO. Everything else is no better then what the other vtubers actually do on streams.

No. 116266

I'm not even the original anon going on about Senzawa getting high, I just think it's foolish to say that a company can deny a streamers past when it's been shown before that no, they don't deny their pasts, they just get punished for whatever autistic bullshit got dragged into actual Hololive business
But keep bringing your defense squad and unsaged posts, newfag

No. 116267


They already do that, they are open about the things that wont harm them but Sachi/Ame already denied that she has/had a bf and denied her being Ame before privating her personal twitter. Fuck all happened. Same thing with Senzawa weed bs.

You guys seriously think that people here are the only ones with the dox and that the japs and other chans/farms have no idea? Fucking unreal.

No. 116268

Learn to read you fucking ape I said company not the streamers themselves

No. 116269


What is the fuckin difference if the effect is the same. No one cares! Fuckin shocker!

Besides, they were denying and trying to debunk shit even with coco/hato and aloe cases. It was bs corpo speak but what else is new. Seriously give us some good shit on this or else this is just spastic impotent rage.

No. 116272

To the sperg, if someone disagrees with you it doesn’t make them a wk. this isn’t PULL, people will call you stupid if you say retarded shit. Just move on lmao.

No. 116292


Yooo Anon, you are right, just checked the subreddit and the top 5 posts are Kiara's lol. If you scroll down again you would find a similar post, kek. I'm starting to think those guys prolly her burner accounts.

No. 116309

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yls2ZezTtc4 So this just dropped(imageboard)

No. 116310

46 minutes jeez who tf is gonna watch this

No. 116312

>burner accounts
No… if you’re on Reddit you should be familiar of the large coomer male audience.

No. 116317

Literally who

No. 116326

11 fucking ads in a 45 minute video. She really placed an ad every 4 minutes, what bullshit

No. 116329


Who the fuck is that and why should we care?

No. 116331

File: 1602881662091.jpg (73.07 KB, 699x591, himepen.jpg)

Looks like Himepen is trying to start life in a new avatar @hatsukihimari.

No. 116332

How tf did they even find her. I tried but Himari is such a generic name it seemed nearly impossible in the sea of vtubers

No. 116335

File: 1602883436095.png (269.23 KB, 410x352, MadShark.png)

>6,000 subs
>Legitimately has some videos with under 100 views.
Anon… you could be posting shark fanart in her Discord right now so she'll be jealous and depressed.

No. 116337

She was retarded and kept her twitch account the same but changed the username

No. 116338

Oh so she just renamed her twitch channel. Well that's embarrassing.

I have so many questions. Did she not realize she's gonna get witch hunted? How is she going to stream in Japanese without knowing the language? Is she going to use Google translate all of the stream? Is she just going to make noises? Is her new boyfriend Japanese and going to do all the job? And what about 5k of her English speaking followers?

Maybe she just thought everybody forgot already. Seems like her family successfully sued her ex boyfriend's parents, he disappeared without a trace alongside the people that made the document.

No. 116340

This Himepen girl honestly has some rich as fuck parents. She alone spent $30,000+ on art commissions of her own characters. It just blows my mind that she thinks she can throw money at this and hope it'll go away lmao

No. 116341

File: 1602885923057.jpeg (277.9 KB, 828x1223, 54FBE7AE-A7B1-421F-9465-0666F1…)

>when you’re so bland and monotone that you have to start drawing lewds of your vtuber to get people to interact
Fucking kek’d.

No. 116342

Where does that number come from? She had around 30 orders on skeb, and one commission is around 100, which makes it 3000$. But 30k?

No. 116343

A self post or a shitty friend vendetta posting. Either way we aren't going to act as your personal army to make fun/hate some LITERAL FUCKING RANDO.

No. 116344

File: 1602888257468.png (572.9 KB, 1188x590, hime.PNG)

30? try 104 (that doesn't include comms she marked as hidden).

For reference that number was at about 12 when all this shit came out, and giving her the benefit of the doubt that maybe 5 or 10 were ordered before hand, and then taking all those artists prices, thats over 6k.

not sure how the hell you got 30

No. 116345

samefag, 6k was when I stopped doing the math, and I couldn't get prices for the artists that were closed (which was a ton of them)

No. 116347

She's some lady who makes VDroid tutorials and that's about it, probably some vendetta poster

No. 116348

I remember seeing a few of the closed artists selling their works for $500+ a piece. Also she's getting a new 2dlive vtuber model made along with rigging for her "new" debut which will be another $2000 under the belt.

I honestly believe the $30000 with how easily she's been throwing money around. We haven't take into account the money she spent on pixiv when they opened commission options. Just so funny how she lied about being poor in the past

No. 116353

She deactivated already. What did she expect?

No. 116354

It's sad that her character is actually super cute

No. 116395

>>116151 haha I know I was so surprised when I saw that stuff. I'm pretty depraved though so I won't judge, even though the whole japanese pedophilia loli thing is fucked up in my opinion

No. 116396

>>116335 jesus why lmao

No. 116400


We're posting o a board dedicated to doxing and laughing at people. We're all creeps anon. Fags in denial will say otherwise tho.

No. 116401

Can't believe she was dumb enough to think just entering the JP scene was enough. Still using the same character design, even getting a new live2D model without changing anything about the look? Using the same Himari name? Did she really think no one would remember her after only 3ish months?

No. 116404

>>116400 well I guess I'm a creep for being here then, albeit a slightly nicer one I suppose lol

No. 116405

Doxxing isn’t allowed on this site, saying a cows name isn’t a dox

No. 116407


Still kinda feels like a cope to search for all this dirt, names and aliases and not call it a dox. Even if we're not dabbling in addresses or numbers.

No. 116408

>>116407 Well I mean if their alt identity is already public, it's still kind of creepy to match them to their vtuber persona but atleast (hopefully) no one's trying to find out who they actually are and where they live and shit

No. 116412

How is it a cope when all their “dox” info in this thread is public info they themselves put on the net? Dox by definition means releasing information with malicious intent. No one is using their personal information to harm them, in this thread at least. Stop being retarded.

No. 116424

You must not know what doxxing really means. All of the information that was provided there is completely public and they never hid it. Its also written in rules to not doxx people, so what's in this thread is not doxx.

No. 116442

>Shark dumpsters any vtuber who has put time into their channel by getting close to 1 million subs in 2 months.
>Ina dumpsters any vtuber who started as an artist by getting called comfy while literally every artist vtuber gets called boring or self-depreciates themself as boring.
The reminders write themselves, don't expect everyone to be a good sport about Holos.

No. 116448

i found this post accidentally by googling ina and wooperfuri, i found it on some youtube comments, and for some reason i have read so much of this thread and i dont even know why

i legitimately enjoy hololive en vtubers because the simple happiness they have is something i have been missing in my life, i dont think they are just actors putting on a whole uwu wholesome show, they must be forced to be more family friendly, yes, but its not like everything is a script and theyre just money hungry, i truly think they like streaming and doing what they do

except mori and kiara, they are really tryhards even i have to admit that lmao

No. 116449

not who ur replying to but argama isn't really a random, she was one of the ""big"" en indie vtubers when the scene was way smaller like 1-2 years ago before everyone and their dog joined

No. 116451

wait ok so i watched some of this and shes just bitching about how she isnt getting exposure when shes "working harder than everyone else" lmaoooo how pathetic

No. 116452

It’s called being jealous and it ain’t cute lmao. Ina is talented in art and unproblematic in her personality and actions, if people feel threatened by that they need to gitgud

No. 116453

>>116442 Wait wait, I'm confused I think I missed something. Gura and Ina are discouraging people from becoming vtubers?

No. 116454


Ina is a nice holo, she was never problematic, just out there vibing. She never whorefames and is nice to watch.
In Gura's case Gura blew out only because of her being a uwu loli and a shark, which Japanese love a lot, along with westerns. In the end she ended up blowing so hard that she is everywhere on Facebook around normies and Xbox twitter interacted with her, along other gaming companies. However with Gura she has nothing special to offer but her singing japanese 80-90s city pop. Other than that she is the "Im a moe high pitched voice with shark avatar".
Not hating her, but I find her boring yo watch because there are thousands of "guras" out there.

No. 116456

File: 1602978170415.jpg (25.97 KB, 400x400, 0UfXPIBVd_400x400.jpg)

Not actively no. But you can expect some artist vtubers to ask themselves "What does Ina have that I don't?" if they go on long enough without the big numbers.

Most of them have Discords too so vendettafags should just post priestess there (or better draw her) and really depress these people.

No. 116459

A big company ie. fuckton of free advertising.
Very simple.
If they want to, they can audition as well.

No. 116460

>"What does Ina have that I don't?" if they go on long enough without the big numbers.

Talent?? Luck? I’m confused, why should we give a shit about nobody vtubers being insecure? If someone thinks they deserve numbers, then they’re entitled and aren’t seeking to improve themselves.

Like this is no different than celebrities, many people want to be one but chances are it’s not going to happen.

No. 116462

>Why should we give a shit about nobody vtubers being insecure?
We shouldn't. All I'm saying is that Ina's success as a respectable individual will be the undoing of half of these people and >>116309 has better things to do than post here.

No. 116463

File: 1602986715285.jpeg (197.94 KB, 750x677, 8DD62A84-B7F1-4630-927F-575DFD…)

The GIRLS ARE BACK!!! Though their company is still low key placing blame on them. The Chinese audience is fucking terrifying how much money do they contribute for the company to cowtow this badly

No. 116469

>>116463 I've never met a chinese ccp anti, but that whole concept of being offended by someone recognizing Taiwan as it's own country is literally so fucking infuriating to me. Like how fucking ignorant can you be

No. 116481

reverse that, replace ina with gura and singing with drawing and its the same thing

No. 116482

Ina is not acting like a retard on stream or social media, nor ever did. On top of that before HL she had her own chill life with being a good artist, working hard on her commissions and everything. She is basically "normal".

No. 116511

The HoloJP are already taking advantage of Gura's fame. Marine Senchou made a horrible meme-video that attracted additional subscribers. Today she did a reveal for a new outfit and received twice as many views as that curry-sponsorship concert. It pays off for them.

No. 116518

If you didn't notice Pekora, along with Marine, Subaru and many others paid attention to HoloEN for a good while. Especially Marine and Subaru were always interacting with HoloEN because HoloEN were interacting with them back. There are no surprises. It looks like a stupid nitpick to me.

Korone thing would make more sense to me. She keeps streaming for 9 hours a day nonstop right now because she is so close of being taken over shitshark, wanting to get 1 million first. Fubuki is not too tryhardy about it because she already gotten 1mil off Billibli (Chinese YouTube).

No. 116536

anon, the stream got so many views because she had a new outfit. those usually get a lot of views anyway it had nothing to do with interacting with HoloEN

No. 116537

I was surprised that Kiara seems a lot less cringe on this collab with Subaru/in Japanese in general, I definitely went in mentally prepared for the worst.

No. 116542

Let the Chumflake seethe, and think Gura is the only reason people watch Hololive. Anyone with half a brain know that new outfits are really big deals for holos

No. 116543

You really can't though, Ina at least has some personality outside of uwu loli shark

No. 116556

kiara posted 2 tweets about pekora's curry video, sounds like she's really obsessed and desperately want to be noticed by her. also did coco use a fake chat lmaoo

No. 116571

File: 1603080692945.jpg (409.28 KB, 810x2376, 20201018_230842.jpg)

What does she even do that makes having a streaming schedule public not possible for her? A lot of hololives have different jobs and side hustles but still have time to make a schedule and stick to it. Shes seriously not cut out for streaming if she finds it hard to keep a schedule go actually stream lmao. That's literally the bare ass minimum to being a streamer and she can't even do that.

No. 116574

Some of the girls have been using a fake chat during streams after the Taiwan incident, so it's not anything new

No. 116578

File: 1603085733048.png (379.59 KB, 632x780, Ekl0yZeW0AIL_Ry.png)

working hard at what? making shitty beginer quality vroid models despite being one of the people doing it the longest? It's impressive doing something for so long, and not improving at all, and theres people doing vroid for a month with much better work.

not to mention the callouts she's made at other vroid creators, and her trying to pull rank at being in the western vtuber community way before it boomed

No. 116581

Then post the callouts lmao

All we know about this random chick is she made a 45 min video that you expect us to watch.

No. 116583

nta, but most english vtubers or people whove been in the community before the huge indie increase in the summer, know of her. She was one of the few vroid modellers availible at the time, and made a lot of guides on 'how to be a vtuber'. Melody also used argama's discord server to recuit vtubers into her charity relay event she did (probably as a tax write off)

No. 116588

File: 1603089120454.png (91.6 KB, 1331x322, vsw.PNG)

Here's some of the rule Zentreya has for her stream team, including VSW has to be set as their main team on twich, or else they'll be removed for not representing the team enough. But doesn't BunnyGif/BunnyAyumi stream half the time with her normal cam? Then again I doubt she'd kick someone with that many followers

No. 116591

anyone else saw the streams Himepen did with her new debut? she overhauled everything and is pretending her past never existed LMAO. Looking at all the new graphics and art she got for the stream, she must have spent AT LEAST $5000

No. 116602

File: 1603102554152.jpg (140.91 KB, 720x1560, EgfvneEUwAEe1BE.jpg)


I've never liked her work and I've heard many times she's unprofessional. Someone commissioned her for a model and she put their hair on booth as a "preset" so anyone could buy it. And when people called her out for that she got upset and said she was not in the wrong.

No. 116628

I don't agree with the sperging about people mentioning the word weed in their lifetime or whatever because precious nippon is scared, but this is unprofessional as hell for someone representing a jp company. None of the previous girls would ever respond to someone like this or make excuses after their initial tweet explination. The male holo streamers dont have schedules and are open about not being able to uphold them but to make it simps only so that you dont feel guilty about cancelling all the time? It seems like Kiara is the only one who responds to negative replies and criticism trying to defend herself, too.

No. 116631

File: 1603127318671.jpg (465.95 KB, 1919x2472, Gummy.jpg)

>tfw you get obsoleted by convention artists wanting to hop on the vtuber train and get called "mama."
rip Argama, I doubt she'll be smiling after this year.

No. 116635

File: 1603130455697.jpeg (382.12 KB, 750x889, AF7AD118-8304-4F05-BCAD-8DFA1C…)

Idk about the vtuber scene besides the mainstream but fuck these stats are so sad. All vtubers that aren’t backed by a company are so fucking cringe and try hard.

No. 116637

What does this random commenter have to do with me talking about kiara?? This isn't a vtube general please just go back to reddit

No. 116658

Also that looks more like a voice actress. Now Voice This is a VO competition.