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File: 1605437935994.jpg (203.85 KB, 1080x1080, 9609ef7c7a34d2100885b333f305c2…)

No. 115241

All GI related discussion, salt, metas and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

No. 115248

I just find it hilarious that Razer's english voice actor is apparently the same as The Drifter from Destiny.

No. 115252

File: 1605447968185.jpg (309.13 KB, 1988x1156, IMG_20201015_191815.jpg)

Answering some posts on the former thread:
>But apples and oranges, it all depends on your own personal playing preferences tbh.
Yes, I agree, this is something to keep in mind while playing. Tier lists are changing all the time. I remember getting Xingqiu on Venti's banner. Everyone was saying he was shit, but I liked the character so I stubbornly kept playing as him. Now he's an "S tier unit", kek.

>the new web event in it is a buggy boring mess
The first day was awful, I had to refresh the page a thousand times before it worked. Yesterday I think they fixed some bugs because I didn't encounter any issues.

Don't forget Keroro.

Does someone play with the Japanese dub and know why Kaeya talks SO SLOW? It makes him sound retarded.

No. 115253

>Does someone play with the Japanese dub and know why Kaeya talks SO SLOW? It makes him sound retarded.
You take that back the right fucking now, Toriumi Kousuke's voice is like honey dripping into my ears.

I play with the Japanese dub because I'm a weeb, can't stand the English dub at all (I'm ESL anyway) and the Chinese one sounds a bit awkward to someone who's mostly used to anime voice acting. They picked some god tier seiyuus for the Japanese one too, not one of them sound out of place to me.

No. 115254

Its funny because i actually prefer the english dub and cant stand the japanese dub. So many of the female characters have this annoying high pitched voice in the japanese dub. But tbh i dont watch alot of anime so it might be that im just not used to hearing such overbearing cartoony voice acting

No. 115256

File: 1605450191909.jpg (180.74 KB, 1920x1080, bfb9e33bc5b885b319e83c3819576f…)

What's the best way to do the gacha? I don't usually play this kind of stuff. I read something saying it was better to just do single pulls instead of ten but is that right? Or should I save up to do multiple ten pulls and rely on the pity system? Worth noting I'm not willing to spend money on this.

So far I've got Keqing and Bennett. I'm not super into any of the characters so far (can't stand Lisa's english va) but at least Benett's useful.

No. 115257

Don't do single pulls. Just don't. The game rewards you a guaranteed 4-star item on every 10-pull so it makes much more sense to save up for a 10-pull instead of a whim solo pulls unless you're absolutely desperate for a limited character.

No. 115258

You get your 4* every 10th pull if you haven't got one in the last 9 even if you're only doing solo pulls

No. 115259

AYRT and I feel like an absolute retard for not noticing this rule. In that case solo pulls are the way to go.

No. 115261

I'm sorry, anon, his voice is top tier I'll give you that, but he talks really slow and it makes me impatient. Kaeya, I need to press the "Next" button, please speak faster.

The probability is the same whether you do x10 or single pulls. It's just a matter of preference. If you dont mind and prefer to wait for 10 pulls, then do so. If not, you will have the same luck doing 1 pull at a time.

Usually people spend primos on the Limited Banners. You get free wishes for Permanent Banner from Battle Pass, so I think it's better to save for Limited.

No. 115262

File: 1605457425737.jpeg (417.71 KB, 2048x1426, Em07Az4VcAAKlzH.jpeg)

The English dub, while a bit cringy at times, is just ages better. My favourite detail is how Barbara's voice is a bit raspy because she sings so much, I never noticed it before reading her character story. The only one I don't like is Razor, he sounds like a nasty gremlin.

Those are fantastic pulls! Just rely on what the game gives you and never roll on the standard banner unless you get blue stars from AR/quests. Game already gives you a free squad that's perfect for everything. Many people with multiple 5* still use Fishl and Xiangling as supports. Xiang is great for Keqing and if you put her in team with Bennett it'll give you a 25% atk boost.

I feel so stupidly invested in Childe's character since the release of 1.1 (pic related). It may be just the simp speaking through me, but I strongly believe he's probably the most complex character personality wise that we got in game. Mihiyo really surprised me with that, because before the patch he was projected to be just the bad bloodthirsty guy that gets defeated, but he's so much more. Somebody wrote a great analysis on reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/jtvwc3/a_long_indepth_analysis_on_childetartaglia_why_he/ . It's a bit long but worth a read and cemented him as my favourite character.
I only unlocked 2 of his stories, I can't wait to learn more.

No. 115265

File: 1605459725073.jpg (236.63 KB, 1900x1080, IMG_20201110_083652.jpg)

I love that people are getting invested in the characters and lore. I wish I could do so as well, but I have to focus on exams until Christmas…
I haven't got to Liyue yet, so I can't read the analysis, but thank you for sharing it! I'll check it out once I finish Liyue's storyline.

No. 115272

Holy fucking hell this explains so much?? Why his voice sounded so odd to me… I can't… I can't deal with it… Razor and Sleazy uncle have the same voice… Also fucking kek because lots of Razor lines absolutely suit Drifter

eh I generally agree with the analysis except
>then you would know before he uses his Foul Legacy Transformation, Tartaglia, as I would like to say, flips out and it’s almost like, in a way, he’s having a temper tantrum. Afterward, after thinking for a minute, he remembers that the Traveler had no chance of beating him to the Gnosis.
I'm pretty sure those scenes were supposed to show that foul legacy takes also mental toll (slows your thinkings, makes you more aggressive, yadda yadda) besides physical one rather than that he is childish. Considering that character he got his name after suicded when he realized what crimes he committed… Yup, this gotta be first red flag crumbs for his future death lol

By the way I managed to get C1 for Childe. I saw leaks and I can't really see myself pulling for anyone else for the next few months (unless we get husbando material 4*) so I might just keep throwing everything at current banner hoping I can get another Childe.

No. 115277

File: 1605473702267.jpg (110.55 KB, 850x567, __zhongli_and_childe_genshin_i…)

Praying to the gacha gods to let me pull at least ONE (1) Childe. I know it's a lot to ask bc I've been pretty damn lucky with female pulls, but I'm dying. I'd take any other male aside from Kaeya at this point tbh…

No. 115284

File: 1605478347287.jpg (1.81 MB, 3000x2174, IMG_20201115_231216.jpg)

good luck anon!!!

No. 115286

File: 1605482833028.jpg (29.53 KB, 359x360, 20201112_192855.jpg)

idk anon, I dont think Childe is that complex??? Or rather, I don't think we have seen enough of his development yet to consider him the most complex of the cast?
Like, so far, what we know of his motives is that he's hungry for adventure and wants the same thing that the Tsaritza does. That's not much at all, compared to a character like Venti where we got a glimpse of how devoted he is to freedom and the logic behind his actions, his backstory showing that he turned that way after the loss of his (first few?) friends to a monarch etc.
I think the thing about him going through Abyss when he was 14 will be a big deal later on though and I am also stupidly invested, can't wait to learn more about his story.

good luck, anon!!!!! also same, I only have gotten girls from the gacha so far, its a bit annoying

honestly the game is fun but the best part for me really is the story/lore, I can't wait to have enough time to read all the books we collect in game and the manga

No. 115287

Does anyone play with the Chinese dub? I really like it more than the English and Japanese one, everything sounds really normal. Anyways, I finally reached Liyue and can't wait to find Childe

No. 115289

>0.2% chance of pulling 5*s
Praying for all the anons whose husbandos/waifus are 5*. I'm saving up for the Zhongli banner and don't plan on spending any primogems until he gets released.

No. 115292

The gods have blessed me with Childe and I love his E button ability way more than I expected I would.
Sidenote, him and Kaeya are awakening my inner fujo, send help.

No. 115297

File: 1605490263282.png (274.64 KB, 733x793, okrwa60akfz51.png)


Thanks for the advice anons! I did another five single pulls on Childe's banner and got Diona and Fischl so I'm probably going to save up for a while until I get used to the characters I've got now. That's probably used all my luck for a while anyway lmao.
Fischl's whole chuunibyou thing is pretty cute.

No. 115298

File: 1605491536061.jpg (92.61 KB, 500x600, Childe.(Genshin.Impact).600.31…)

Thank you, anons!! I managed to pull Childe finally and my heart is whole, lmao. So nice to have another guy in the mix too.

This thread is seriously blessed and I hope any other anons trying to pull him or their faves have the same luck I did!

No. 115305

Any tips for early AR level up? Not for me but my friend has started playing and we wanna co-op ASAP because he's pretty bad at the game and needs carrying

No. 115312

I played the Mondstat history part in english and now that I am on Liyue I'm playing in chinese!!! I'm planning on changing to japanese when we get to Inazuma. Sort of autism but hey why not lmao. I really like the chinese sub, actually, specially for Paimon and the adepti (except Xiao honestly, his chinese voice doesn't suit him).

For early levels, I guess just focusing on just doing the quests would be the fastest?? If not that, getting all the teleport waypoints he can get in Mondstat and a few chests. That should get him to AR15

No. 115325

File: 1605510309404.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 5pqpc7jb76x51.png)

I use the chinese dub. Mostly because the animation looked too bad not to. Though, a lot of characters in the japanese dub sound better, especially Bennett, Diona, and Razor. But speaking of dubs, anyone else think zhongli's english voice sounds disgusting? His chinese and japanese voice are great, but his eng voice just feels so wrong for him tbh

but anyway, I'm super excited for umbrella boy. supposedly he's scaramouche, but I'm not 100% convinced that the leak is correct. Even so, he's my next goal after i get schlongli

No. 115329

I play in Japanese with the text too, because I can't stand the sound of Chinese, and the English translation gave everything stupid names. But then I get to Liyue and I can't read any of the names…

I don't care about gatcha though, not gonna pull until they add an older guy which is very unlikely, or I get difficulty stuck, which I also doubt. Gotta save my luck for FGO.

No. 115339


Umbrella boy looks like he's going to suck my wallet dry. I'm so fucking happy that this game has a very generous amount of attractive male characters instead of going all waifupandering.

Just do quests, they're the fastest way to level up your AR. But make sure to keep your characters up to par, you don't want to up your world level with a novice team with no artifacts or proper weapons.

No. 115340

File: 1605521102648.jpg (421.86 KB, 1000x700, 1605018574227.jpg)

sending help~

praying for you as well, anon!

like, how old? Zhongli looks like he could be 25+. If you're talking about old men/baras, I seriously hope they don't release one. I hate when videogames have grandpas on steroids while the "old" women are ageless porn stars.

I'm so happy there are anons playing the game!! I'm glad I can hang out and chill on this thread. I wish we could shitpost a bit, though.
Today begins the new event!! Don't forget to do the quests, first part only lasts two days!

No. 115342

File: 1605521378105.png (2.23 MB, 1522x868, xingqiu_chongyun.png)

>I wish we could shitpost a bit, though.
I can shitpost all I want about my ships. Chongyun and Xinqiu are precious and I'm elated after rolling both of them on a fluke.

No. 115343

Does anyone here play with korean dub? I love Razor voice in Korean

No. 115345

File: 1605524883553.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.09 KB, 958x670, El8NuE0XUAAf1Eb.jpg)

I can't believe Mihoyo just straight up made this ship canon, both meta and story wise. Chadyun is the only one I still haven't pulled, the most embarassing behaviour.

YES, I hate Zhongli's eng dub with passion. He looks so young but sounds 50. Also if you played Skyrim, you'll hear Nazeem each time he speaks anyways.

I'm just gonna casually throw all my primogems at the current banner and then wait until he's back for anniversary, literally nobody from the leaks interests me enough except the datamined horn dude from picrel (he's supposed to be 4* so I don't care).

No. 115346

File: 1605526743760.png (857 KB, 960x618, 1605519041462.png)

best boys, better taste

samefag, i'm dumping some guides I found on the forums for farming the shards.

No. 115347

File: 1605526775456.png (1.17 MB, 998x556, 1605521688214.png)

No. 115348

File: 1605526915495.png (2.69 MB, 2910x1496, a0ec299dfe81f409d1720d90ab6045…)

No. 115350

File: 1605531414402.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.72 KB, 600x500, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg)

I don't think you have to worry about a day passing. Days changed for me when searching in Qingce and I was still able to get all of shards.
On the other hand, I didn't get bp exp from cllecting them…

Is it just me or does he kinda has the same vibe as Mello from death note?

""Victims of Xingqiu" alliance" voiceline is single handedly best one in game

>like, how old? Zhongli looks like he could be 25+
wait, is he not supposed to be in his 40s?

No. 115351

Thx u guys, I haven't been focused on AR for a while now so I forgot the best methods, will suggest these to him.

No. 115361

File: 1605540057750.png (1.82 MB, 1577x1019, ZhongliPortrait.png)

Him sounding 50 is exactly why I hate it. He isn't baby faced like Diluc, but he still looks young. But people keep going on about how hot he sounds in eng dub. JP dub is hottest

No. 115396

anon, thank you so much!!! this event is a bit time consuming but it's pretty fun far, it really feels like a treasure hunt

same, he looks to be in his mid to late 20s, design-wise, the voice sounds much older. I think it's the exact sort of voice that people who aren't attracted to men like, if that makes any sense??
also, I love his design but seeing this >>115340 art makes me wish he had his hair down, I know they probably did it to avoid clipping issues but can you imagine his power?

No. 115398

Bless your heart anon, it was extremely easy to farm with these.

No. 115404

File: 1605577601267.png (147.3 KB, 375x359, c8806081423c7e68e042246ca243e8…)

Glad I could help! The bug that made the shards dissapear was fixed, so the farming is easier now.
Seems like the Mondstat and Guyun Stone Forest farming guides are missing one shard each. The one in Mondstat is pretty easy to spot (a tiny island near Starsnatch Cliff). I'll update the Guyun one. For more info, you can check this map: https://webstatic.mihoyo.com/app/ys-map-cn/index.html#/map/2?shown_types=89&center=-159.46,703.21&zoom=-1.42

>wait, is he not supposed to be in his 40s?
A-anon what? How did you get to that conclusion?

>""Victims of Xingqiu" alliance" voiceline is single handedly best one in game

Chongyun won my heart with that voiceline.

What I like about this event is how it has different phases and we have to wait for them to unlock over the next few days. It actually feels like the story is happening in real time (?).

No. 115411

>Does someone play with the Japanese dub and know why Kaeya talks SO SLOW? It makes him sound retarded.

I play the Chinese version and he's really sassy in that original voice, so I love it.

I'm gonna switch over to japanese temp to hear Kaeya.

No. 115422

>I think it's the exact sort of voice that people who aren't attracted to men like, if that makes any sense??
kek, I stg this has to be it. The fandom and male charas seems to attract a lot of lesbians and fujoshits

No. 115434

File: 1605604627112.jpeg (778.67 KB, 1770x1568, Em8sa3fUYAAKk1g.jpeg)

nta, but no need to be so hostile, I don't think that's what anon meant. I'd imagine it's more for all the males in the fandom. You do see a lot of the "i am straight but Schlongli is hot" type and a lot mention his voice.

No. 115436

Damn there isn't a version of that map in English that can be linked to an account is there…

No. 115457

File: 1605628550093.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.74 KB, 998x998, EnCSauOVQAAgZZd.jpg)

fuck, he looks cuter in game than I expected. Fingers crossed he is 4* or we won't get to pull him until next year cause Im broke
Also he better have good synergy with Childe, I love fischl and how strong she is but I want to run a boysband…

No. 115458

Chongyun is my fucking wife I will protect him until the day I die

No. 115464

I know right??? He looks good!!!! I need him…
I don't have enough primogems for all these boys… I'm not complaining at all, but damn… At this rate, I'm going to become a whale/dolphin.

No. 115466

Oooh he looks super good, i love his design. I kinda hope we dont get him to soon cuz im saving for geo husbando and i will probably have to spend all my gems cuz my luck sucks.

No. 115469

Will he finally be a catalyst user since almost all the current playable ones are female for some reason.

No. 115470

Mainly English but I heard the Japanese is pretty good.

No. 115480

according to leaks yes

>According to rumors heard by Viktor, Scaramouche is not well-liked. Some say he has a disagreeable personality, while others say he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Even the other Harbingers dislike him.

>"I'm a wanderer from the Land of Lightning. When I tried to help a collapsed person, you guys showed up."
So, is Scaramouche from Inazuma despite working for Fatui or is he already tryna backstab us.

No. 115481

Fuck I wanted to spoiler it, not bolden. sorry

No. 115509

Is he the one who experiments on children in the manga??? I didnt read it but I think that's one of the harbingers, right??

Also, I have 0 resin saved for the event tomorrow, I'm toast

No. 115515

File: 1605662908611.jpg (27.34 KB, 304x172, 2018121612143415242.jpg)

No, the one you are talking about is "Il Dottore" (pic related). According to the FANDOM wiki he will only appear in the manga, not in the game, but idk.

Anons, I'm still Childless… He doesn't want to come home, idk what to do anymore. I'm saving for Zhongli, but the redhead is tempting me to waste my gems on his banner…

No. 115521

Anon, how far in the pity are you?? Unless you're close to the 75/90 mark, I'd advise just saving for Zhongli

No. 115522

I want to like this character design but the shorts in his full model are so fucking ugly kek. It ruins the outfit for me. I hope he ends up being fun to play at least.

No. 115524

he looks like xingqiu and chongyun edgy love child

same, anon

No. 115589

File: 1605704362434.png (1.65 MB, 1280x911, fischl__genshin_impact__by_kam…)

Fischl is cute but fuck, her dialogue this event is so annoying. At this point I just skip anything she says, the joke about her taking half an hour to say something like "thanks" was funny at first but got irritating pretty fast. Is there really NOTHING else to her character??

No. 115597

Same, it got stale really quickly. She's still my favorite to play tho, I built up her Crit dmg stat and use her to one hit ruin guards

No. 115625

If it was a hot guy voice they'd be whining about fujo pandering but now that it isn't they can self insert in a no homo way. Thank god I play with the Japanese dub.

She's super fucking annoying. I mean it. It would've been fine if she went off the grandiose tangent every now and then but literally every piece of dialogue she says is that shit I don't even feel like reading. I skip everything she says because I can't be assed to find it "charming". This event is fun and all but dude fuck Fischl. I find even her design ugly as hell.

No. 115767

Anyone else thinking this new event is a ripoff? You can only mine one fucking piece from the ones you find laying around the map, and the bigger ones demand you to beat a pretty sizeable amount of mobs in a limited area that doesn't even prevent them from escaping outside the bonds, you have to use up 20 fucking resins to harvest one piece that you need to do in order to even get the achievements. The reward is just 25-35 pieces which can barely afford anything of value from the event store. Why isn't it enough that I just do the salvaging mission to add to the counter, why do I have to spend my resins? Mihoyo needs to make the events worth players' time, they've been huge disappointments so far.

No. 115777

File: 1605875533291.png (414.02 KB, 2125x1505, Em2dzc0VcAAzr0x.png)

actually numbers-wise it's pretty good.
One leyline also costs 20 resin and you only get 2-3 purple books or 50k mora. Meanwhile, from meteorites per piece even at the lowest difficulty, you get 8 purple books or 80k money. To get 150 purples from leylines you would have to spend 1000 resin. To get everything from the current shop (150 purple, 250 wits, 2,500,000 mora, 18 crystals) you only need to spend 1000 resin. All in all, you can farm in 6 days materials that you would normally farm for about 2 weeks.
But to be fair tho it does show even further how much of a bitch is non event farming system. Hopefully, they will loosen it up in a few months…

her voice is what finally made me change from english dub to japanese one. this game is much better now that I don't have to understand what she says.

No. 115805

Yeah im salty about having to use 20 resins. Its already a bitch to try and ascend characters and weapons because some materials are only available op specific days. I did manage to get lots of exp books from the store tho which is nice because grinding those are the worst

No. 115806

File: 1605894484325.png (711.65 KB, 636x900, EnItjHTVkAAyfV1.png)

I reached WL6 today and went on a wild spending spree with my fragile resins so I can give some input on pseudo unlimited resin gameplay. It sure is easy to farm things, but it takes away a lot of fun and sense of accomplishment when you get a good drop or those ascension gems you need. If the resin system wasn't in place, the braindead grinders would already min max all their characters and get bored with the game. I'll just save the rest for Dragonspine domain for that beautiful hydro set.
I personally love the event especially the first part. I was so used to fast travel I forgot how fun just exploration in search if meteor shards was. I really hope they'll implement a similar system in the future - some randomly spread out drops that can be spent in a dedicated shop that refreshes maybe weekly. It would also solve the dramatic lack of exp books in the game.

http://genshin.gamea.co/c/olqde6gg (SPOILERS IN THE LINK)
How's everyone feeling about the new characters and the area? Personally I don't care about either chars but I am so excited for exploring Dragonspine. It seems there may be a permanent cryo debuff there - I wonder if they'll implement this in future regions? (Sumeru - pyro, Shneznaya - cryo)

No. 115816

File: 1605897744534.jpg (119.65 KB, 615x453, 20201120_154228.jpg)

I'm pretty excited, anon!! I cant wait for a snowy region, but I hope despite it being a mountain that it doesnt involve climbing too much since I'm tired of it bc of Liyue.
Also, not interested in Albedo at all, his design is cute but geo sword?? If he's supposed to be an alchemist at least make him an actual mage ffs.

Also, on the topic of events, I think 690 primogems for each event is so little, thats not even enough for half of a 10-pull like, wth

No. 115822


mihoyo are just cowards.

No. 115833

samefag, i'm referring to the lack of male catalyst an we ain't gonna get one until way later. I feel like some of the weapon choices make no sense.

No. 115864

Pretty small area compared to what Liyue and MondSthat get but not mad about that if we have to keep seeking out campfires

No. 115873

>tfw wanted to save my pity for zhongli
>rolled because im a psychopath who wanted dopamine rush
>get childe and not diluc or keking (who i wanted)
fml sisters its over
childe is hot but hes so worthless, imagine making a 5 who even with c6 is outperformed by c0 4s….KEK why did they make him so insanely bad. its over. i hate myself for rolling and i hate my life.

No. 115874

File: 1605937858112.jpg (65.97 KB, 712x957, d0e0f77a7d5ac0c61889098046013e…)

anon don't be so mean he's not that bad lol
I think he will be pretty optimal in content like >>115806 where supposedly there's a permanent element aplied to everyone in the area, so you don't have to rely on your supports for elemental reactions
also he's cute! in a bratty sort of way
but hey, praying circle for you to get zhongli early in his banner next month!!!

No. 115875

thank you fren…
idk i just really really really really really did not want him. i hate bow users and his kit and damage is so underwhelming. he has to be the main dps with essentially perfect artifacts/weps/talents and have optimal supports to be anything less than terrible kek
praying he gets a dps boost or the water set might salvage him but my hopes are not high unfortunately kek
tbf i want diluc more than zhongli but he feels next to impossible to hit since he's never going to be featured….SIGH
thank you for your prayers anon, childe is still cute despite his utter uselessness (for me at least lol)

No. 115877

File: 1605946302899.jpeg (246.34 KB, 1685x1673, EnS_oTJVoAAW6m2.jpeg)

I have all three and Childe easily outdps's both Diluc and KeQing. Maybe give him a go in lower domains and see if you can come around to like him? My Diluc has been benched since the update day because the gameplay is a hundred times more fun.

No. 115878

I just hate grindy events that make you fight battles over and over. Really hate that it's so easy to slip out of the ring and lose progress.

And I just did a whatever roll for Childe and got the pirate chick and the chuuni we'd get from the event anyway…

No. 115879

what bow are you using on him? and who are you running with him?

No. 115888

I totally support the resin system because unlimited energy to farm mats would throw the game out of balance and make it not fun, but the meteors of the event should only be like 5 resins or something. They're already pretty tedious to beat alone by yourself if you pick the higher tier battles and you have to kill fucking lawachurls and fatuis staying insde that small goddamn ring while they can come and go as they please. Events should be an extra addition on top of the regular daily gameplay and motivate you to take a part by offering something you couldn't get by regular gameplay be it easy access special items or gacha currency or whatever. The exp books are a nice thing to farm but they only last for so long and the ascension fragments are a joke, if you're leveled up enough to even take part in the event (min AR 20) you need the higher tier ones and the shop only lets you buy 3 of them anyway.

Oh well, at least I can do the quests for primogems. I can't stand Fischl so not interested in trying to farm for her.

No. 115889

I run him with Rust normally, but for Abyss I switch to Compound Bow for the Atk Speed boost and Physical boost on enemies protected by shield.
Usually I just solo him with Barbara/Diona for the heals, unless I have to fight Oceanid. Diona is really amazing once you get her to level 60 - a Cryo healer with a shield! Her Q also works with Childe to freeze enemies and his attacks don't shatter it because it's Hydro.
But I think Xiangling with maxed Energy Recharge is probably the best support for him for Vaporize effect.

No. 115985

File: 1606051040300.jpeg (346.35 KB, 1960x1679, C3CA3BAE-E1CE-4B96-A1F6-E6B213…)

I got Childe from this banner! I am so happy, but kinda annoyed now I have to farm Oceanid. I want a full pretty boy team! Can’t wait to play him with my husband Kaeya

No. 115986

File: 1606051064439.jpeg (391.25 KB, 1960x1679, C0EE293F-0071-4B57-9CBA-EAB1FD…)

No. 116010

good for you!
at first I have thought that ice characters were useless as supports for Childe since he can't shatter them but being able to freeze shield enemies is such a blessing.

btw anons don't repeat my mistakes and use C0 Sucrose as a support for Childe… I fell for /gig/ meme that she is basically a cheaper Venti so I boosted her to lvl60 and it was so not worth it. Her cooldowns are way too long and burst lasts nowhere near enough to make it worth keeping her on the team unless you really like her.

No. 116045

File: 1606080979327.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.59 KB, 828x365, EndP9hMUYAApECx.jpg)

Please kindly take my money

No. 116051

fuck, anon, my confidence in saving for Xiao is wavering, I'm so weak for mean pretty boys

anon, congratz!!!

No. 116057

File: 1606085205270.jpg (20.8 KB, 500x485, tumblr_5789b97801652c1e58b7734…)

t-that voice change
Is this his only cutscene during event? Anons pls tell me there is more…

No. 116074

File: 1606102190232.jpg (81.78 KB, 1242x463, l0zlpsugw6x51.jpg)

Childe & Lumine OTP

I'm trying for Childe and got Jean instead, fuck

No. 116079

>ships Childe with anyone but Zhongli
Bad taste anon

No. 116089

This just in: MHY made them canon. They go on a date in Zhongli's trailer.

No. 116092

File: 1606130272783.jpg (1.67 MB, 1348x1762, 1606084963397.jpg)

>Childe wants MC to visit his family in his hometown, he is not able to explain why he trusts them so much, given the chance he would rather travel with MC than be a fatui
>Zhongli gives Childe gift that harbinger won't understand anyway because it's meaning is ancient, Zhongli feels no remorse about tricking Childe
how do you feel like knowing your ship will never interact again while ChilMC will be given canonical domestic bliss?

No. 116096

File: 1606133252956.jpeg (249.57 KB, 1500x1800, Enb1S59VkAARolY.jpeg)

No. 116097

>picks the girl MC instead of the cute as hell boy MC to ship to the male characters
Otomecucks I swear

No. 116118

hope you get better fujoanon

No. 116143

>tfw your ship is zhongli and lumine

haha… even chili anons are doing better

No. 116150

File: 1606177888022.jpg (100.61 KB, 636x900, 20201123_213029.jpg)

Anons, what are you guys thinking of this 3rd part of the event??? I have only done it in co-op so far and its fun but a bit hard. Thank God I rolled Diona so better players can carry my ass while I pretend I help by healing everyone.

He was so cool in the cutscene!!!!! This event also made me like Mona a lot more than I already did.

lol the way event lumixiao is doing better than zhongli and lumine and he's months away from release

No. 116174

File: 1606221622988.jpg (137.52 KB, 1013x1154, 1606173550954.jpg)

I just wanted to bant… I guess I went too far. Sorriiii

>choosing someone named Kong
Their parents (or their motherplanet?? creator??) sure didn't pretend to not have favorites

stay strong, only 1 week left till you get Zhongli's story mission. Surely they will include some fanservice?

I did it a few times in coop but there is so much disinfo about hacking I am too scared to play with my 5*. Enemies disturbing power giving process make me rage but at least I can enjoy playing my faves in peace. All in all, I find it enjoyable and I can't wait for final cutscene. By the way anons, who do you think is "Leonard"?

No. 116179

File: 1606225049502.png (601.74 KB, 496x637, Capture.png)

I really like the 3rd part of the event! I enjoy seeing the different characters i dont have. Also dont worry about having to be carried.

Wait what do you mean about the hacking? Is it dangerous to play co op right now?

I ship it, now if they would let beidou and ningguang also on a date

No. 116180

I sadly got Jean….fuck.

No. 116194

File: 1606247421951.jpg (141.8 KB, 1252x1243, d008c21f2e34bcfd6654aea549dfa9…)

There were reports of people having their accounts stolen and some of them thought it was because of co-op but really it was just some idiots using scam 3rd party sites to get primogems. As long as you only log-in through the official app/website and don't get browser extentions you're fine, anons.
There's an official post about it here:

No. 116198

File: 1606256393318.png (247.47 KB, 678x511, 981a5199-ba5f-4e87-ad1d-f8053e…)

All those ships are a blessing and a curse. So damn anons stop being salty so much. I agree on the "Childe invites MC" thing, but Zhongli buying ancient meaningful chopsticks can't be denied. Thank god for me having an otome & fujo crossover brain

No. 116208

ahh, don't remind me
The potential fanservice is what I'm holding out for

No. 116212

File: 1606264737201.jpeg (309.43 KB, 1308x2048, EnVvVIBWMAAdXzF.jpeg)

I respect you but damn Anon you couldn't have possibly chosen a worse pic to represent this ship

No. 116254

File: 1606288824080.jpg (375.64 KB, 1836x1448, El9zXrTU8AA-3ig.jpg)

Fischl's ultimate fucking sucks wth??? Am I doing something wrong, why is it over so fast?? I was so excited for her because I really need another support DPS but I don't get why everyone hyped her ult so much

No. 116273

Thanks anon i was super confused but glad to know that i can play co op with being scared.

Maybe im wrong but her ultimate is good because it brings her bird back? So when you summon her bird and it dissapears you can use her ultimate and then the bird is there again. And i believe if you have good elemental recharge you almost never dont have the bird with you? Again i could be wrong since im a casual player and im to lazy to do my research lol

No. 116301

I am sorry science doesn’t care about your feelings

No. 116310

No. 116313

angsty love triangle fic where zhongli->childe->lumine->zhongli have unrequited loves on each other when

No. 116317

Fischl's Q is best used when her E is finished so you can have Oz up through the whole fight.

So for example you'd want to use her E, switch to your other characters to get any other effects/abilities on the field for elemental reactions, use your DPS, then when bird is done switch to Fischl again, Q, do previous steps until that bird is up, E again, repeat until battle is over.
You routine/flow for this would obviously change depending on who you're using alongside her, but yea. Hopefully that makes sense.

No. 116418

File: 1606421330320.jpg (125.39 KB, 900x787, 1606194045607.jpg)

>the sky and the stars are a lie
anon, what the actual hell did he mean by this??? is Genshin really going to turn into those meta "everything is a simulation" kind of story telling???? Isn't it a bit early to reveal this information to us, specially in like, a random event???

No. 116429

File: 1606427017475.png (258.08 KB, 463x602, 1606086343446.png)

>insert joke: scaramouche is a flat earther ehe
The reason that new players won't be able to see it is exactly why I'm thinking that this info is some curveball?? My first thought was too that this is about Genshin being a simulation in Honkai (I'm still holding out hope the lore won't be too interconnected…) world but I'm wondering if maybe because he specifically says [sky and stars] it's about celestia and archons? Especially since he has learnt this from Leonard's dream who was trying to reach peak were teleport to abyss is located.

No. 116435

The event really went from "man wants to live his mountain climbing dream" to "the fukin sky aint real" some chicken little shi

No. 116436

File: 1606434171808.jpeg (377.68 KB, 1442x2048, EnCcXIkVgAEIvdb.jpeg)

There are theories floating about that Genshin Impact is placed in the same universe as Honkai. I haven't played the former, but basically an Impact happens when human civilisation progresses too far and a reset is required. There are theories floating about that Khaenr'iah's civilisation has shot up so fast it got swallowed by abyss, which is an Impact on itself and the Archons are in fact chosen just to put a slow to the pace in which human civilisation can progress. The Archons, however, are getting weary of this and are trying to give humans the power to decide their own fate as shown by Barbatos and Morax.
Apparently Leonard has invented some sort of a contraption that actually allowed him to reach the peak, but this was shrouded from Mona probably because of insufficient power or something. Scaramouche has actually seen the truth and by this has confirmed the Honkai simulation, but as to whether he's gonna pass it over to Tsaritsa is still unknown. My theory is that she's trying to get ahold of all Gnoses to stop the next Impact and she has fully accepted she will be hated by everyone but will never be able to reveal the truth to people. Maybe the peak was reaching outside the simulation. I find it a bit suspicious that the spiral abyss is located exactly there. There definitely is some foreshadowing going on and I feel like the plot is gonna go from 1 to 100 very fast.

No. 116449

File: 1606449458231.jpg (91.53 KB, 640x741, 096pc7i27i161.jpg)

But anon how would Teyvat be a simulation with the peak of that mountain/spyral abyss conecting with other with reality if the MC was traveling from other worlds?? Would it maybe mean he's traveling from dif simulations?? (But then their entrypoint at the start seems to be Celestia, not the abyss).

I agree that the wording of, specifically, "sky and stars" is a bit sus, anon, because if it was the simulation from Honkai wouldnt everything be a hoax/lie??

Anyway, I'm still quite interested in the plot, just wish it wasnt necessarily connected with such a scrote game like Honkai.

No. 116483

File: 1606474381100.jpg (Spoiler Image,642.41 KB, 723x1563, sisters multiple punctuation s…)

I've found this theory on reddit and maybe I'm right that [sky and stars] was about Archons and Celestia if there is another true sky. So far what we know of the game lore does seem to align a bit too much with Gnosticism for it to be a coincidence. I know that Scaramouche is a psycho but his reaction really doesn't seem appropriate for learning that his whole life is just a few lines of code? In my opinion, it makes more sense if we think of his reaction as to learning there is another layer of gods above archons?

Also now that I think about it his line about Jester having an idea what he might find during this mission but not telling outright implies that either Tsaritza herself doesn't know what's exactly going on or she doesn't want Harbingers to know and in turn some of them may be going rogue in search of truth?

No. 116508

File: 1606487648472.jpg (47.35 KB, 1000x728, IMG_20201127_153317_226.jpg)

I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but MiHoYo in one of their interviews confirmed their games are not related, therefore even as cool as they are any theory that links Honkai and Genshin are false.

No. 116511

Gnostisism theory still holds. Why those bitches name them both impact.

No. 116525

Because they haven’t got an inch of creativity on their veins, I guess?
Or maybe because they want to leech onto Honkai’s popularity?

No. 116540

File: 1606503971600.jpg (368.96 KB, 1500x1688, IMG_20201125_223529.jpg)

Will Scaramouche be a 4 or a 5?

No. 116548

File: 1606508926123.jpg (691.05 KB, 861x1200, 1606239900762.jpg)

There was a lot of male 5 stars so I think they may actually make him a 4 to placate scrotes

because they want to build a franchise

I got C2 Childe today. If my luck keeps up I might actually get him to c4 despite being welkin f2p

No. 116551

They've built him up way too much to not be a 5 star. After the cutscene with Mona and the final conclusion, it seems like they want him to be considered a frightening person. Also, he's a harbinger. Considering their roles, I'm guessing at least most of the harbingers will be 5 stars. Could be wrong though. Ning seems like she should be a 5 star but for some reason isn't even though random characters like Qiqi and Mona are
>There was a lot of male 5 stars so I think they may actually make him a 4 to placate scrotes
isn't there (not including traveler) only three 5 star males and five 5 star females implemented? Even with Zhongli, Albedo, and Xiao, we're still getting Ganyu and Ayaka, so the 5 star females are still ahead (not to mention weiwei is supposedly the other 5* for 1.3 and I'm guessing it's a girl)

No. 116552

File: 1606514969135.jpeg (80.54 KB, 1080x1083, EnvBujuXIAgrT6l.jpeg)

He's a weird one. We already have the 5 banners for next 3 (4?) updates pretty much confirmed and if he were to be a 5 it would seem really weird they're hyping him up that early on in the story. The hype would die down by the time we get to the first possible update with a free slot (around March) so I believe he may be a 4* maybe even in the upcoming banner.
Or they'll run 2 banners at once.

So far, the upcoming 5* are:
1.2: Ganyu, Albedo
1.3: Xiao, Hutao/the othee girl from the funeral parlour
1.4: Ayaka, maybe Scaramouche - there are around 4 Inazuma datamined character so I'm leaning towards another rando here.

I'm not too pumped about any of these so I'm just gonna work on getting as many Childes as I can.

No. 116556

I feel you

No. 116570

File: 1606524439278.jpg (351.33 KB, 647x1086, 1606440971508.jpg)

Idk, anon, I think they are just teasing about him here and he will play a major role in the story on Inazuma. Maybe its just hopeful thinking but I'm guessing the story chapters will either gradually get longer or we will have more than one in each region. Idk the story on Liyue felt like it went by really fast and we barely really learned anything about people in the city in comparison to Mondstadt where the pacing was less jaring.

That makes a lot of sense, anon!!! But I also hope they aren't so literal with everything, gnosticism seems wack.

some scrotes are already complaining about the lack of female banners because god forbid something doesnt pander to them for more than 5 seconds but I just think its a loud minority

No. 116575

Making him a 4* wouldn't make sense lore-wise. He's implied to be much stronger than Mona so I doubt they'd demote him to 4 stars. I just don't think he'll be released any time soon, maybe in the future. Anyway I need that little shit in my party, I'm already bathing in all the trashy porn horny jp artists are drawing of him.

>scaramouche is a flat earther ehe
I busted an organ laughing at this god damnit anon

This is one of the most solid theories I've seen so far and holds a lot of water. MC definitely knows more than he's letting on, that's been implied multiple times.

No. 116629

File: 1606574779905.jpeg (168.2 KB, 1697x1200, En5sPoxUwAELjDh.jpeg)

Ningguang is hella op in the story and Keqing is just quick but has no special qualities, yet Ning is a 4 star and Keqing is a 5 star. Mona's a fake 5 star anyway, her meta is good at best and the only reason she's a 5 is because coomer scrotes will pay to see her ass while running.

That being said, Scara's design is just way too cool to be a 4. We can only dream.

No. 116664

Ningguang's powers seem to be of limited usage though and as far as I understood she needed the Jade palace as a catalyst so I can sort of understand her being a 4 but Keqing being a 5 makes no sense other than pandering to scrotes who want to look at the kitty ear waifu. But still holding on to the hope that Scaramouche will be a 5, it's not like male 5s are outnumbering female 5*s. Venti, Diluc, Zhongli, Xiao and Childe vs Ayaka, Qiqi, Jean, Keqing, Klee and Mona.

No. 116681

good to know that at least you laughed lol

Which characters do you guys think we will interact with in 1.2? Since we will be back in Mond I'm really hoping for Venti and Diluc's return.

No. 116713

File: 1606619853782.jpg (313.09 KB, 1322x1072, 1605142771026.jpg)

>Since we will be back in Mond I'm really hoping for Venti and Diluc's return.

But tbh, probably Sucrose (she's Albedo's apprentice, right?), Rosaria (new 4star character), Albedo (duh), Klee (maybe?, Albedo helped her make the bombs), Jean (she's the grand master), maybe Bennett since he hasn't appeared in the story yet?

I kind of want Varka to appear too. When is he gonna return to Mondstadt? He's the remaining adult male character in Mondstadt and I NEED TO SEE HIS DESIGN.

No. 116726

So anybody else stuck at a world level while leveling up characters and weapons? By the time I'm done and can do the quest I'll have gained enough experience to go straight to the next cap, I swear.

And I'm going to say it, Scaramouche is nothing special. Just a generic hime cut with a silly hat an annoying voice and and even more annoying personality.

No. 116731

File: 1606632482736.jpg (312.95 KB, 1638x2048, 20201129_032533.jpg)

nta but SAME, I really want them both to appear again, specially Venti because I want to know exactly why he just yeeted that mountain that we learned about in the event to under the sea. He'll probably just "ehe" his explanation but I'm curious either way lol

I am having that exact same problem. I think its because I'm a bit busy and basically just do my dailies and event so my characters are generally staying the same but my world level is slowly increasing which is such a pain, I much rather my dailies to be braindead easy but now I have to try multiple times for some of them.

>And I'm going to say it, Scaramouche is nothing special. Just a generic hime cut with a silly hat an annoying voice and and even more annoying personality.

Anon, you're completely right but himecuts are my absolute weakness, him being a BPD-kun just even more flavor for me lol

No. 116742

>And I'm going to say it, Scaramouche is nothing special. Just a generic hime cut with a silly hat an annoying voice and and even more annoying personality.
But that's the good part, he's a little bitch that deserves a lot of bullying.

No. 116770

When do you guys start using your fragile resins and for what do you use it. I heard some people say you have to save it up for artifacts?

No. 116774

I know I'm one to say because I'm obviously buying into the fujo/otome pandering with the male characters but I just simply can't stand the female ones and how obvious waifu pandering/ugly they are. The male side of the fandom is full of disgusting scrote coomers who pitch a fit whenever a male 5* is released. But I'm so happy that they're distributing OP male characters equally so I can just build a full male party and look at my bishounens all day long. No trying to pick a fight here but just had to get this out of my system because all my female friends simp for Keqing and Mona calling them peak waifus kek I hate it, their designs are hideous.

No. 116779

At AR40-45 the likelihood of getting good artifacts increases so I assume most people save it for that

No. 116780

Mona is a cutie fuck you

No. 116791

At AR45 you are guaranteed 1 5* atrifact from the highest lvl domain (recommended party level: 90). That's why people save the fragile resin until then to farm.
That being said I just hit 45 and am too weak. Can only solo Midsummer Courtyard with my fire daddy Diluc. The ascension quest was way too easy, and the open world bosses are doable, but those domains man…

Are you anons going to roll for the new banner? Who are you most excited for? I could really use Chong and Razor dupes, since both are only C1, but since fire gods seem to bless me, I'll probably end up with bunch of Xinyans .

No. 116795

File: 1606675399399.jpg (35.06 KB, 574x346, 74eece38-c790-41e4-9c37-69ced0…)

I am gonna roll so hard for Zhongli. I saved up 11k primos just for him and grinded like crazy. Through I didn't really roll at any Banner after getting Venti. I am also hoping for Razor, because I can't stand fuckin Fischl waifu Shit. All I want is my beautiful Boys. Everyone who wants Zhongli, I wish you all of my luck!!!

No. 116796

I've been saving up primos for the new banner and I'm determined to get Zhongli, could use C2+ Razor and Chongyun too. Praying that I won't end up with 5 Xinyans.

Wishing you luck too anon!!! I'm grinding primos as we speak and ready to spend a good share of my paycheck if f2p fails me lol

No. 116799

I already have C4 Ning with Lost prayers and for Xinyan to be a good vaporize support I would need to roll at least C2 so I am not planning on rolling.
Good luck to Zhongli anons tho.

No. 116800

File: 1606681239230.jpeg (167.95 KB, 1128x2048, EnRLGkpVEAIHy4t.jpeg)

I'm not excited about any upcoming banners and Zhongli's meta just looks useless so I'll probably save my primogems until something interesting comes up. I miraculously max con'd my Childe and got a couple of Dilucs so I'm very happy with the current banner's pulls. I'm sad the launcher screen changed, the previous artwork was so pretty.

Also… Happy Kaeya day!

No. 116802

>I miraculously max con'd my Childe
What the fuck? Did you take a second mortgage on gacha gems or are you just blessed with unreal godlike luck? Whales who have been max conning their characters have been spending like $3,000 minimum on them.

No. 116803

Ah thats good to know, thank you telling me!

Im AR43 and i already feel like my team might be to weak. I have to level up so many things, i almost dont spend any time on leveling up artifacts and character talents since i spend of my resin on the characters themself or the weapons. Im glad you have daddy Dilic to help you!

Goodluck anon im also trying to get Zhongli! I love his character design and i also have Childe so i think it would be cute to have them both on my team.

No. 116807

I got the gems 4 times, I don't really spend my money so decided to treat myself to some anime husbandos.

No. 116816

I'm rolling for Razor/Chongyun!!! I would also be pretty happy with Xinyan, I really like her design, I just want some male characters.
I only did one 10-pull in the game other than the beginners wish one and it was to get Diona so you can imagine I'm desperate for any sort of main DPS so hopefully I'm pulling around 30 times. Hopefully I get something good!!

Good luck on trying for Zhongli anons!!! Hopefully he comes home soon enough!!

No. 116821

I finally reached AR21 after a long week of not being able to play! But when I wanted to finish the 1st part, 3rd act, like, the wind wall didn't open is this normal or could this be a bug. Venti opened it, but closed it back? Anyways, I rolled Xingqiu so that was good

No. 116823

File: 1606700187662.png (314.08 KB, 600x315, 23468.png)

World Rank 6 is nowhere near as bad as I've read about. In fact, I'm almost disappointed. Well I'm glad to be able to do most of the highest-tier domains though.

Speaking about Zhongli: I think this is the thirstiest I've ever been for a video game man. Maybe I'm just extra horny cause it's that time of month, but the pic they use for the banner just fucks me up every time I look at it cause his hands/fingers look so delicious. all his voice dubs are hot as hell. his animations are amazing. I just love him. If I don't pull him I will weep.

Sage for being shamelessly horny. sorry not sorry

No. 116842

File: 1606730104037.jpeg (94.31 KB, 622x632, A8D2F77D-EFCB-4B9B-8842-A3BF63…)

Good luck, Anon, this time I’m pulling for Xinyan. I love energic tomboys and she’s darkskinned too. She’s everything I love

No. 116916

File: 1606824056442.jpg (267.99 KB, 1247x261, powerful indeed.jpg)

I am a little disappointed with Zhongli's mission, all I wanted was some Guili crumbs and I got paid dust. Also now I'm really convinced that Childe was made for mc. I hope he pops up from time to time like Gary from pokemon to serve as our rival.

No. 116925

File: 1606843803877.jpg (62.28 KB, 470x470, 556c338874d49dfd43a2e05ad00682…)

40 rolls and just 1 Razor, 2 Xins and yet another Rainslasher, absolutely underwhelming.

GL Anons, and don't forget you can exchange Masterless Stardust for more Fates again!

No. 116927

Only 15 pulls very happy! Also got C2 Razor, kinda wanted XinYan but ultimately happy, even if I have no good weapons for him.

No. 116936

File: 1606852748003.png (514.32 KB, 640x863, g6v23swy0h261.png)

I liked the story, but I agree with you, anon, I wish we could have seen him interacting with Childe. In general I wish we could see the characters interacting with each other more in their character quests, the little snippets we get from the voice lines are so interesting.

Ahhh, anon, I will try for Razor and Chongyun later today, hopefully I can get him in 30 pulls!!! I really want ice syoran.

No. 116939

Samefag to tell you guys that SteelSeries and Alienware are giving away 50 free primogems!! Don't forget to also claim the GENSHINGIFT code!!!

No. 116945

Managed to get Zhongli and I'm so happy I just wanna scream!!!!

No. 116946

File: 1606859697078.gif (2.28 MB, 480x270, 1604390995579.gif)

I got Mona, I'm so fucking mad, I hate my life but most of all, I hate myself because I KNEW I WOULD GET HER. I hate being like that, I always end up shooting myself in the foot.

joining the Mona hate club.

No. 116951

My luck went through the roof? With 80 saved up Pulls I literally managed to get 4x Zhongli, 5x Xianyan, 1x Keqing 1x Chongyun and 1x Razor. I should have played the Lottery instead, holy shit. A friend just cancelled my online Friendship because of this. Man, people really be salty, it's crazy…

No. 116952

I got zhongli and my first razor and I couldn’t be more happier. sending all u anons the rest of my luck

No. 116954

File: 1606865757213.jpeg (155.12 KB, 2048x970, EoH8ESyVcAENY5b.jpeg)

Why is everyone so crazy about Zhongli? I tried his kit and it's quite underwhelming, it seems like a lot of hassle to put into a support especially with greedier DPS's such as Razor or Childe. The resonance damage is quite low even in a decked out set up.
His shield is pretty cool though, shame it only works against weak enemies like hillichurls.

No. 116955

File: 1606868083258.png (211.36 KB, 500x621, 1606842992471.png)

congratz anons!!!! also those are some amazing pulls for only 80 rolls wth

well its mostly because of his character, anon, but despite that I also think that his autos are really fun, his charged attack specially

I did 20 pulls and only got Xinyan and a weapon so I think I'll stop pulling on this banner. I really wanted Chongyun so I'm sad, anons, I'll try for him again when the banner is closer to finishing but I'm not hopeful

No. 116971

I did really good on this banner! I got some constellations for my sons, Xinyan (up to c3), and I got zhongli. Please send good vibes my way for c1 Zhongli, anons. I'm not running any other geo characters with him, so c1 would be a huge help

No. 116976

I'm so sorry anon, thankfully the banner's going to be there for weeks so you still have many chances to try again. Sending some gacha luck your way

>4x zhongli
anon I

Because he's my husband, idgaf about muh kit shit because any meta can be made to work if you give enough shits. 5-stars in GI are pretty underwhelming to begin with so the best way imo is just to pick the characters you like story-wise and go with those.

No. 116979

So in my first 10 pull i got Diluc which im happy about, after that i also got Xinyan 2 times and Chongyun 1 time. I believe i did about 40 pulls, i hope i can get enough primogems to pull more. I want Zhongli so bad, congrats to all the anons who got him and i will pray together with the ones that still want him!

Omg congrats anon! Kek i cant believe someone would cancel their online friendship over lucky pulls tho. If they were really this salty about your luck maybe it was better that the friendship has been ended.

No. 116985

I've seen a lot of people complaining that Zhongli was way better in cbt and has been hardcore nerfed. I mean, I'm pretty happy with him as is, but I hope everyone complains so he gets buffed anyway

No. 116990

File: 1606912103292.jpg (56.47 KB, 202x213, IMG_20201128_204104.jpg)

Thank u anon, bless u. I bought Welkin, I hope I can pull him…

No. 116999

>Kek i cant believe someone would cancel their online friendship over lucky pulls tho.
NTA but I've had a friend actually block me for a lucky pull in another gacha game before lmao.

While I wish that they'd buff him due to complaints (because Zhongli can never be too good) I still feel like the people bitching about him are the type of players who want an OP character out of the box (like Venti or Diluc) without learning their meta, then start kicking and whining about how the character doesn't have 900000 base attack or make massive raw damage with their elementals.

No. 117012

Yeah, people will probably come around and realize he's decent enough. I'm a bit sad he's better as support than dps though. I hate Xiangling, but spear users are super fun. Overall, I think the bitching is pretty excessive considering he was just released, and because of that, it will eventually die down, but I get where they're coming from. Beta indicated he'd be much better and a lot of people wanted to use him as dps instead support. It also probably stings that he doesn't really seem superior to Xiangling. I'm guessing to fully utilize his meta, team comps will need to be changed. Sucks for people like me who are trying to do a husbando comp and don't want to stick other geos in. I'm hoping either he or geo in general (preferably both) get buffed for that reason. Some people are even going as far to say that mhy is doing a test to see if people still pull for bad 5 star and then they'll buff him later on to see if results are different when he's good

No. 117026

File: 1606932825010.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1371, HIM.jpg)

I wasn't able to pull Childe after 80 or so rolls (got Mona instead ugh) but I got Zhongli and Xinyan on my first 10!!! Gonna work on building a god team since I already have Venti and maxing my Chongyun. So fucking hype!!!

No. 117029

File: 1606936915777.jpg (36.7 KB, 749x681, dd73ae1a95ba6592b431ad7cd89d16…)

Did Mona have a higher chance of appearing than other 5*s or something? There is so many people I know that pulled her instead of Childe.

No. 117031

Some people think Mona and Qiqi are secret rate ups but I don't think there's any evidence for that, other than it seems like a lot of people pull them

No. 117034

File: 1606942021191.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080, unknown-17.png)

Original 4x Zhongli anon from >>116951 here.

I am actually relieved because I assumed she's a two faced snitch. Just sad to see it all crumbled with a damn gatcha. RNG is RNG after all… Oof.


No. 117119

File: 1607024196468.jpg (56.48 KB, 966x619, IMG_20201203_203339_240.jpg)

I DID IT MY SISTERS I GOT DADDY ZHONGLI now I'm suffering because I need to wait and grind more so I can use him and I will have to wait even longer to build Xinyan

No. 117136

>scientifically confirmed to have the most polygons on his ass
archons… give me strength to not become a whale

No. 117138

File: 1607031736827.png (87.65 KB, 991x503, EoSXvXiWMAI_PJU.png)

Actually Kaeya has the most lovingly sculpted butt, although it's small (far right on picrel), but Zhongli has the roundest, most shapely one (second last on the right).
It kind of looks like his butthole sucked in his pants. Sort of like those gym leggings.

Mihoyo's so good in pandering to us it's scary.

No. 117142

I can't fucking believe they actually gave him that fine ass but I'm eternally thankful that they did. I spent like a good 15 minutes just staring at it from different angles because I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing kek

>Mihoyo's so good in pandering to us it's scary.
Honestly. I simp all of the male characters so far, it's unreal. How do they do it?

No. 117145

File: 1607035460391.jpg (554.51 KB, 720x1065, 86011947_p0_master1200.jpg)

You actually managed to make me abandon what I was currently doing just to log in game and check out Kaeya's ass… all that additional time someone must have spent on Kaeya's despite it not having a clear payoff… all those unneeded particles they could have simplified to optimize game but they choose to not do that… I feel better knowing that Mihoyo employs Kaeya simps.

>Mihoyo's so good in pandering to us it's scary.

I can't wait to experience their version of Valentine's event. I just know it's gonna be good.

No. 117157

Geo daddy looking pretty thicc

No. 117189

I spent all my pulls and my only 5 star was Qiqi… please Lord give me geo daddy I need that ass

Qiqi is useful despite being lolibait so I'm not that frustrated, but all my other pulls were Chongyun and I'm tired of his face

No. 117198

>Mihoyo's so good in pandering to us it's scary.
For real, anon, we are being fed so well, games usually throw us scraps and hope we stick around.

For any other Kaeya anons out there, the next region will have cryo artifacts that will be a god send to him, specially if you are running him on a Superconduct team with Razor!!! I can't wait.
Plus, his C1 is actually pretty good to get on the shop if you're interested.

wishing you luck, anon!!

No. 117226

File: 1607113032435.jpg (261.9 KB, 1080x1246, IMG_20201204_211447.jpg)

>Mihoyo's so good in pandering to us it's scary.

Because they did Otome before, they know exactly what they are doing.

At first I was kinda baffled they'd actually serve us with such nice Husbando content. But after realizing they made a damn VN Otome, everything makes sense.
Sadly the game is Chinese only.

No. 117243

Got a really good roll in FGO so decided to try again while my luck was good and got Zhongli, and ice shota and two copies of the girl of course…
But now the adrenaline wore off and I'm really dreading the exp grind I'm going to need to do. And I used up most of my gems.
But damn that rush feels so good for like a minute, I get why gatcha is so common these days.

No. 117248

I still haven't got a 5*, my pity has to be sooooooooo close at this point.

No. 117258

Have you been rolling on the event banner or have you been rolling on standard and/or weapons? Each banner has a different pity pool, so if you've been spreading your gems out over multiple banners, you might be a ways away. If you go to the bottom of the wish page, there's a history section. Count and see how close you are to 90 on the banner

No. 117286

>For any other Kaeya anons out there, the next region will have cryo artifacts that will be a god send to him

I can't wait for these! It's going to work so well for my superconduct Geodad enabler build.

Speaking of; Zhongli is actually insane. I did a 55+k crit with his Q the other day and I felt my soul ascend it was so satisfying, and my build for him isn't even complete yet. People complaining he's bad or saying he needs a buff cause of his low base attack stat need to learn how to play the game kek. I mean I wouldn't complain if he got a buff of course but it seems ridiculous to even hound mihoyo about that in a game that doesn't even have pvp.

Anyways sorry for the rant! Wishing further luck to the anons still trying to pull him!

No. 117298

>it seems ridiculous to even hound mihoyo about that in a game that doesn't even have pvp.
That's the thing seriously, Genshin is just pvm with no pvp available so I have no fucking idea why people keep complaining about "shitty dps"s or something without even using equip tactics to get proper buffs to support the build. People just slapping on artifacts staring at the atk+ stat without taking combos into consideration and think they can hammer their way through the game staying like that. You can make any character a good damage dealer with proper buffs and equips and you can make a good 5-star useless with shitty gear and bad meta.

No. 117306

File: 1607172286994.jpg (45.07 KB, 980x551, CATBOY.jpg)

Hate to be coomerposting, but I hope once they drop skins in game they'll treat us to some cat boys.

And change Childe's default outfit. It's a fashion travesty.

No. 117308

I'm still sort of underwhelmed. Amber can technically do some insane crit if you put the work in, but who wants to dedicate that much time and resources to a character who is generally (and easily) outperformed by multiple others? For him having been the most hyped character, as well as the god of a land based on the creators' country, he's not great. His meta will always be lacking unless geo in general gets a buff. I'm hoping we'll get buffs for something with the huge shitstorm he's caused. Even you think he's okay, why not still take advantage of the upcoming survey to say he/geo needs buffed? Worst case scenario we still have a hot husbando who does decent bursts

All that said, this situation is becoming pretty kekworthy. Chinese players are starting to bring politics into the situation. They feel like China is being insulted by Zhongli's mediocrity + venti (mondstadt in general tbh) being superior. As fucking dumb as that is, it supposedly boosts our chances of a buff at least kek

No. 117316

Kek for once China's ultranationalist pissbabies are going to play in our favor, I'll be more than happy to have my husbando geo daddy be the most overpowered 5-star ever to grace the game.

No. 117637

File: 1607397625543.jpg (338.15 KB, 850x1202, 1607269562150.jpg)

Anons, Mihoyo just oficially posted about the "Zhongli controversy" saying that they wont buff him because their initial idea for him was always that he was a tank support character but they will change the geo resonance!
I never thought he needed a buff on the first place, I really think its just his element that sucks.

No. 117641

File: 1607402366274.jpeg (65.86 KB, 608x574, A269C185-5C86-4400-8F43-3AEEEC…)

I hope you get her, anon! I know it’s a late response but she’s amazing! I love her so fucking much. She’s adorable but also powerful and useful!

No. 117645

Possibly salted take incoming, but Zhongli is fun because he takes the blandness of the Geo element and allows you to make it interesting imo. Sure if you want the highest dps possible at all times he may not be a good fit for you- so don't play him. Or find a way to make him work for your playstyle despite that! There's so much freedom in this game. I don't get why him being "outperformed" even matters like people are saying on social media. He was never meant to be a straight damage dealer and more importantly he's his own character. Not Xiangling, not whatever other character people are trying to compare him to. He has his own strengths and is op- just not in ways people wanted him to be.

Their response was so based. It's not their fault people decided to project their "perfect op geo daddy" image onto him before things were set in stone.

No. 117654

File: 1607424770014.jpg (36.37 KB, 424x600, Noelle.(Genshin.Impact).600.31…)

People need to stop on sleep Noelle. She's so underrated.

Anyone here waiting for Xiao Banner ?

No. 117655

The real problem is that his potential is heavily locked under constellations. It requires massive investment for him to work as well as other 5* without constellation, even for his role.

No. 117659

Anyone see the post about Mihoyo not giving back a hacked account because the hacker spent money whereas the original player didn't?


Stop simping for a chinese gacha company that probably posted on reddit under the guise of being "a regular chinese fan"
They're using ZhongLi to see how far people will go for 5 stars even if they're meh tier.
No one was even complaining about attack, mostly that he's just outclassed by 4 stars.

No. 117677

I completely agree, anon, I think he has a really interesting playstyle and he adds a lot more variety in the game. I will, however, agree that his multipliers, at least for his skills, should be higher (or let him get constant energy from his elemental skill) because he still is a 5*, you know?

I am!!! Can't wait for his event, hopefully his story is good. I have 13k primogems saved right now and around 40 pity.

I read that the "original player" actually bought the account, so I'm really not sure I believe the whole story. Mihoyo should release a statement about that, honestly.

No. 117681

File: 1607448216328.jpeg (225.28 KB, 1200x1500, EoYHDdRVgAE0asC.jpeg)

I am not a Mihiyo whiteknight, they are a predatory Chinese company forcing their censorship wherever possible, but literally all posts about hacked accounts I've seen are scrotes buying ready made accounts, sharing or using sketchy VPNs to get primogems at a better exchange rate.

No. 117703

I wish we learnt more about Zhongli's past with Guizhong in his story. I wonder if we'll ever know more about her.

No. 117708

It's easy to hack now (since the email thing came out) as long as you know someones username, so if anyone is posting on forums with their in game user, stave off for now.

No. 117716

I was a Genshin nonbeliever before but ngl, this screenshot convinced me to start playing the game. Yall need to stop encouraging my degeneracy like this.

No. 117760

File: 1607540807159.jpg (416.38 KB, 645x1200, 1606908662265.jpg)

Anon, wait until you hear his voice

No. 117763

File: 1607544634287.png (176.14 KB, 470x277, 4532890473205.png)

I have nothing useful to contribute here just… damn. I had no idea his ass was so perfect. Damn. Bubble butts on men highly underrated.

No. 117783

File: 1607552657875.png (600.47 KB, 683x689, z1456.png)

Agreeing with one thing they did doesn't make someone a simp kek. I'm not sure where you've been but there are a ton of people complaining about his attack damage. It's in most of the complaints I see about him, including the ones saying he's outclassed by 4stars.

>his multipliers, at least for his skills, should be higher (or let him get constant energy from his elemental skill) because he still is a 5*

This I can get behind. If they do end up making any changes to ZhongLi, I hope it would be something to this effect. If not it's no skin off my back and I'll continue enjoying his kit as it is. I hope at some point they add some kind of shield bar to the UI though so we can see how much HP they have and such. Not sure how they'd make that work for multiple shields tho.

No. 117794

Did they even playtest these damn race courses on PS4? Half the time the rings don't load in properly…
I really need to take a break from this game, shouldn't have raised my world level. Now it's a chore to explore instead of fun.

No. 117798

The gliding courses are asscheeks to say the least. I appreciate them trying to create fun event dailies but at this point I'd rather just have the daily login rewards active permanently instead.

>shouldn't have raised my world level. Now it's a chore to explore

What are you finding tough about the higher world level? I haven't had any problems even in WL7 so if you need any advice or party builds I'd be happy to help out!

No. 117807

The bosses getting harder and how you constantly need more money and exp cards to level up your characters. It's just an annoying grind and you can't just take it easy and find treasure chests because even the normal enemies get harder to kill.
I regret not grinding those flowers for materials when they were easier to fight. Couldn't beat Oceanid then and I definately can't now.

No. 117886

File: 1607610761411.jpg (171.31 KB, 1242x2688, reddit.jpg)

Well, this is surprising. I fully expected Mihoyo to double down but looks like Zhongli sisters won and he is getting buffed. Time to prepare complaint templates in case Albedo is shit at start too.

No. 117919

File: 1607633110092.jpg (67.43 KB, 564x795, 1607419762900.jpg)

it's also fucking hell on mobile, gliding in general is kind of weird anywhere except PC

ahh! that's good to hear!! he's too pretty to be weak

No. 117984

File: 1607671686208.jpg (94.67 KB, 929x513, 1607669309401.jpg)

Samefagging to let you guys know we'll probably be getting a free Sucrose on 1.2 just like we got Fishl!!! She's a really great support, hopefully its true. We will know for sure after the livestream

No. 117992

I didn't expect this but I sure as hell welcome it. His base attack is dog shit for a 5* and I'm mad because he's the one I was saving up my gems for. It's not only his base attack either, it's the fact that to really make him a 5-star level character is that you have to unlock so many of his constellations while for other characters it's just to buff them a bit.

Where the fuck are all the freebie 4* male characters? I don't want waifus in my team.

No. 117998

>while for other characters it's just to buff them a bit
anon it's okay, you can just say Childe lmao

Holy shit this is so good. Her c1 is a big upgrade.

No. 118014

Yaaayy i love more free characters even if i dont have enough materials to make them stronger kek.

What word level are you anon? I'm scared of the high world levels since i know my team is underleveld, its hard for me to commit to just 4 characters. I read somewhere that they recommend talent level 6 for when you hit ar 45 but mine are level 4 or below…

No. 118030

Ar 41, from 35 to 40 the bosses went from ~50 to ~70. So an annoying jump in difficulty.

No. 118038

1.2 teaser is here.

I am deeply in love with Albedo, however stupid his name may be.

No. 118079

I just hate that nobody is gonna think of Xenosaga first when they hear the names Gnosis and Albedo now.

No. 118087

Why does the timer still go even in loading screens? Seriously these devs…

No. 118129

Don't worry about talent books. I'm ar47 and besides my main dps who has talents at 5/6, other characters are still 1/2 because I can't be bothered to farm books. I don't have any problems besides abyss. Much more important is character level and artifacts.

Or why is raining allowed during mission where you must not get affected by elemental energy…

No. 118130

I hate this delivery event so much. I keep being to slow, i guess i will just watch a tutorial or something because maybe i just run a stupid route but how the hell am i supposed to get to that huge mountain?

Dont worry it will get better when ur characters get stronger but the sudden jump of levels is indeed annoying.

Thats good to know! I think i will get my Diluc's talents to level 6 and then grind for artifacts

No. 118175

File: 1607798548848.jpg (138.24 KB, 1600x1000, 1607631126253.jpg)

lol so happy for Zhongli anons that he's getting buffed!!

Anon, "bunny hopping" (using jump to run) with male characters is faster than just running so try doing that when you can't sprint!!! Also height and gender matter so like, a tall male character (like Diluc) will be the fastest type to run while a tall female character will be the fastest to swim!

nta but I'm on AR 39 and I'm scared of jumping world levels because I dont really have experience materials anymore for my characters (I only have like 100 rn). Ive been farming elite bosses for my team but maybe I should focus on experience leylines??? My team currently is:
Diona (lvl 55)
Razor (lvl 70)
Xiangling (lvl 60)
Xinyan (lvl 40)
Will this be ok on the next world level??

No. 118218

I just went up to Ar40 and it's worth it for the amount of stuff you start getting from enemies but I suggest having 2 level 80's your levels are just too low.

No. 118236

Samefag but obviously to get to lvl 80 you need AR40 but just make sure you're ready for the ascension.

No. 118331

File: 1607891525002.png (284.45 KB, 1221x626, unknown.png)

sorry for being a coomer, but i must identify the middle ass if you could help me please. now i know that once keaya comes out on a banner, im rolling for him lmao.

No. 118336

File: 1607893687756.jpg (32.78 KB, 680x365, image0.jpg)

also I am so excited for him

No. 118339

It's okay anon, we're all coomers for the Genshin guy asses here. I'm personally holding on to the hope that Scaramouche will become playable.

No. 118344

The one in the middle is Xiao. This picture is a little wrong tho. Chong ass is actually Aether's, Kaeya is Zhongli's and Traveler is Kaeya's… fuck… when will corona end so I can go to cons and hook up with cute cosplayers…

same anonie, I was thinking that I'm gonna ignore his banner but that trailer already made me so invested… Where do you guys think he came from? Did he get isekaied like twins? Or is he a homunculus?

No. 118355

File: 1607911257450.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.64 KB, 832x555, 583921_832x555.jpg)


ot but…
>hook up with cute cosplayers

where in the world have you ever found cute male cosplayers, they are all fakebois or pic related.

No. 118363

SAME, anon, I'm so curious about his story, long hair just always gets me no matter what.

I really think either he or Sucrose are homunculus, specially considering his constelation thing is literally a fetus thing

No. 118378

>Implying female cosplayers don't pull beautiful male anime characters off way better than biomales
>Implying anyone would give a shit about male cosplayers
Is this what it is like to be straight? Can't relate, anon.

No. 118380

File: 1607934327150.png (160.98 KB, 306x344, 1605543874108.png)

I was going to reply to your post but… this is giving me a weird feeling and i think i know why.

No. 118381

Where's this homunculus theory coming from? Not questioning it but just interested because I've missed this completely.

No. 118385

File: 1607940286771.png (145.49 KB, 841x413, unknown.png)

thank you, nonnie! thanks to you I got them all right now. youre the best.

on a more uuh on topic note, ive been reading about the castle in the sky that you can see in the skybox and im really excited! I think i should read the comics lol

No. 118389

File: 1607940909113.png (823.5 KB, 1136x495, Ens0ejTXIAAmZSZ.png)


There's also a theory he's an outlander/alien like the traveler(s). Though, I really hope the homunculus theory is true instead since I'm not keen on the former.
Anyway, he's so cute. I won't be going for him since I don't have enough for pity, but if I get him when going for the other 4* rate-ups, I won't complain. Too bad Ganyu isn't first. I couldn't care less about her and it would give me time to save

Also, does anyone have any theories on when Scaramouche will be coming? I love him even though his bowl cut is ugly and his hat is stupid

No. 118392

Since Scaramouche was the Harbinger introduced after Childe I would guess he would be involved with the next Archon, which coincidetally is Inazuma's (the region he's from) if I'm not mistaken. Chapter 2 is centered around that region and its release date isn't yet known, but 1.2 is coming on December 23rd and 1.3 is coming next February. I would say Summer 2021 earliest.

No. 118393

File: 1607945310792.jpg (119.03 KB, 900x900, albedo low q.jpg)

is that a relative of wine drinking 5head from 4chan on the right? kek
at the biggest cons there are tens of thousands people. Nerds in general skew to the uglier side but you are bound to find attractive ones with that much people. Sure, some characters are never gonna be cosplayed by cute guys (eg Scaramouche, Tart, Aether, Kaeya) due to a lot of factors but if your husbando is a more manly character/easy to cosplay (Diluc, Zhong, Albedo) there is gonna be some options.
sorry fot ot

comic is good, but last two parts aren't oficially translated so you will have to find fantranslations on twt.

like other anon said his consellation is a homunculus. But also his name is a name of stage of making a magnus opus in alchemy and he has a star/primogem tattoo and motifs on his clothes. It's kinda worth mentioning since from what I have noticed only other characters who have those stars on them are "sus", eg Paimon, Kaeya, Traveler.

No. 118403

Since in Gnosticism (currently what a lotta ppl think the game is based on), there would only be 2 outsiders representing the son and the holy spirit(?) Too bad he's lame.

I can't believe Scaramouche is Gary Oak

No. 118405

>I can't believe Scaramouche is Gary Oak
Anon I hope you realize that I can never unread this sentence

No. 118414

Omg i finaly got Zhongli! I was afraid i would be super unlucky and just not get him but the genshin gods have blessed me.

Thank you for the advice anon, i did notice that tall male characters run faster but i did not know that tall females swim faster.

No. 118422

>I can't believe Scaramouche is Gary Oak
This is going to haunt me, and I can't tell if it's for the better or worse

No. 118436

File: 1608045484920.png (1.2 MB, 951x1429, 1607572163996.png)

Yes! Kaeya has that same symbol on his eyes and I thought it was so sus!!! Hopefully he will become more relevant to the story later on, maybe its something related to Celestia or at least The Sustainer of Heavenly Principles that we saw at the start of the game??

No. 118439

So the theory for Kaeya is that he's a part of the race of people turned into hilichurls but he didn't get turned so if that's true then maybe he's psedo on the bad side but he genuinely seems like he's not

No. 118484

File: 1608064261033.jpg (170.09 KB, 693x390, im thinking anons.jpg)

I'm not sure what does it mean yet but I think I might be onto something sisters.

No. 118486

fuck i missclicked. Anyway, I've realized that every single playable character has somewhere a star on them. Simulation theory is looking more likely and I'm not feeling good.

No. 118529

I feel like simulation theory is like 100% so far, not like modern version though, like we're all in a computer but like someone created it and is pretending to be "god

No. 118535

File: 1608086027756.jpg (491.13 KB, 1666x1800, 1607634113101.jpg)

I'm not sure its exactly "simulation" because Scaramouche said that, specifically, the sky and the stars are a lie. Like maybe he's just psycho idk be he didnt dêem enough in shock like someone who just discovered that his whole life was a lie, yk?? So I think its probably related to Celestia being fake or something??
Also, did anyone else think it was really weird that Mona and Paimon simply assumed the Fatui were behind the asteroids falling as some sort of experiment when they had like, nothing, to base that on??? We saw in the cutscene that the Fatui also didnt exactly know what was happening and that another Harbinger told Scaramouche to research it. That other Harbinger seems to know whats up but it does not seem like they provoked it.

Honestly, I know its sort of clichê but I'm really invested on the story ajsgjaga its the most fun part for me

No. 118543

ok so if it is indeed gnostisism then the world and god of the world is fake so it would all line up, the travellers line up as in gnostisim two outsiders break the "simulation", it's really obvious but too many things are lining up. I don't think it's just scaramouche being a bit silly.

And tbf I don't think it's weird to assume the harbingers r up to something, the futui have been shaking things up all around tevyat so it's not farfetchd to assume they had something to do with the meteors, even if they didn't.

If it is gnosticism it'd be kind of a shame because gnosticism is laid out like we'd know all the roles and the whole story basically.

No. 118679

i rolled the 5 star jade polearm….i really need xiao to come out like now!! knowing i have to sit on such a perfect weapon for him for at least a month if not more is kinda painful tbh.

No. 118706

File: 1608166683231.jpeg (90.67 KB, 750x651, 13A4EF75-F3BB-4592-94D2-6D98CE…)

I don’t know if this was discussed/sperged about before but since razor’s name is razor, then what if he’s Lan’s lost brother and took the name of the “unseen razor” Because he forgot who he was, or because he wanted to stay away from his old life I know it’s quite the retarded idea, but I needed to take it out of my mind.

No. 118730

anon, I'm so jelly!!! that's so lucky, I hope you get Xiao easily too!! you can use it on your xiangling for the time being and upgrade it while he doesn't come home!

Anon, Varka was the one who named (and trained) Razor!! Also, isn't Lan's brother older than her? I always assumed Razor was really young, like 14 or something

No. 118744

Congrats anon! This is a stupid question but is the only way to get a 5 star weapon by pulling on the weapon banner?

I believe Razor is atleast 16 or older but im not sure where i read that anymore

No. 118762

is rerolling at this point worth it for a character i like? should i wait for the next banner?

i know there are barely any bonus for new players left and i would need a few burner emails and hope i don't get banned for it but gacha rates are killing me andi really want to play with characters i like more, mainly qiqi

No. 118763

i also haven only played a few hours so i wouldn't lose too much progress, and i don't have any limited charas

No. 118766

File: 1608214365859.jpg (210.07 KB, 1408x2590, 1608165340835.jpg)

Anon, I didnt want reroll when I first started and I def regret it. Rerolling in this game is a bit of a hassle so I'd settle for any 5* if I were you (Qiqi also does not stay in the field much when you have her since her healing only works if you strike with your other characters).

No. 118784

i rolled on the perm banner because i rolled on childe banner and got keqing, so i was guaranteed zhongli if i rolled on his banner, and as cool as he looks, i didn't really want him :x i don't care for geo chars besides ningguang lol. so i spent like 20 or so rolls on the perm banner, hoping to hit either diluc/mona or lost prayer but i got the 5 polearm. tbh, i don't think rolling on the perm banner is as bad as some people make it out to be if you can utilize any of the 5 weapons! the 5* weps on the perm banner are all really good!
thank you anon! <3 i'm guaranteed xiao if i roll on his banner so i'm really excited!! february/march can't come soon enough!

No. 118785

as someone who rerolled from a mona account to a qiqi account, qiqi is a great healer but she's pretty much exclusively that. you hardly ever use her besides when your main carry gets low on hp so you can proc her healing symbol.
what characters do you have on your account?

No. 118852

I have only rolled on the perm banner with the those free blue gems i get. Im a f2p so im kinda scared to actually spend my gems on it, i dont have any 5 star weapons tho so im wondering if i should actually save up and try to get some 5 star weapons

No. 118941

File: 1608373809814.jpeg (843.25 KB, 1125x1384, 65ED0BF7-9E28-40AB-AD26-1E7CF5…)

Gosh anons I'm so dumb. Jean is my first and only 5 star and when I first got her I wasn't sad, but I thought 'what's the point in using her when Barbara is a better healer?'
Then Dragonspine was revealed and I decided I'd finally put some resources into Jean since using Barbara as a healer in an area with mainly ice enemies would be freeze galore and holy shit Jean is fun as fuck. I regret not using her sooner! Her healing is nice and fine, but the best part about her is her versatility. It makes her a really fun character to use. Her E where she can hold enemies in the air for a while is amazing, the hilichurls look so goofy flailing around in the air. Then shooting them right up and watching them take fall damage gives me sadistic pleasure. Jean is really fun.

No. 119009

File: 1608430518441.jpeg (86.01 KB, 1024x836, C13A36BA-40C0-4B55-920D-7F8437…)

our husbando is confirmed getting buffed, as well as geo as an element!
a happy day it is!

No. 119021

Based Chinese crybabies, I knew Mihoyo would crack when wumaos invaded their customer service. The geo shield absorption improvement makes me so excited, geo characters in general have been generally very underwhelming so this is a great change.

No. 119033

Imo he isn't that bad but im not gonna complain to a free buff kek. Does this mean Noells geo shield will also be buffed?

No. 119283

File: 1608699365450.jpg (111.69 KB, 1000x751, 1608615279363.jpg)

Anons, the 1.2 update with the New Map and banner is oficially out!!!
I'm so excited to spend christmas exploring Dragonspine even though I'm still not finished with Liyue and Mondstadt (I'm at like, 60% on Liyue and 80% on Mond still).
Also what did you guys get with your free fates??? I just got 2 Kaeya constelations and a few weapons so honestly I'm pretty happy. Can't decide if I'm rolling for Albedo yet tho, he's cute but idk

No. 119285

Dragonspine might be the hardest place to explore, everything looks the same got no idea where to go. Make it halfway up a mountain and darn, I'm freezing to death.

My pulls were tragic, 2 4 star weapons (not ones I need or want) a Noelle, and a Fischl, while I was happy with the Fischl, her C1 doesn't help since I use her as support, shame because I was excited.

No. 119287

File: 1608702849757.jpg (34.74 KB, 600x401, Qiqi.600.3115003.jpg)

I got Qiqi! I've been wanting her for awhile, too bad she would suck for Dragonspine. It actually seems like it might be challenging, exciting to me since I've just been steamrolling the whole game with Venti kek.

No. 119288

File: 1608703031869.jpg (167.21 KB, 600x600, 20201223_125554.jpg)

Albedo came home early and I'm so happy about It. I also got c5 fishcl and Keqing. Finally have some enough gems to save for Xiao

No. 119290

File: 1608705005353.jpeg (84.79 KB, 749x661, C9ACE7EC-0C1F-461C-BAEA-BED34A…)

I got the JoJo posing Fischl! She’s pretty cute, and I also got a board sword to enhance my Xinyan’s sword too! So that’s pretty nice.

No. 119323

File: 1608733845558.jpg (282.24 KB, 1600x1200, 1608519636437.jpg)

I got Jean and Xingqiu out of it! I know I shouldn't be complaining because its the standard banner but getting 2 healers out of it was a bit disappointing ngl
How are you guys liking the event?? I still wasn't able to start it because I simply get way too lost on that damn mountain

No. 119346

damn, I'm jealous of those Kaeya constellations. I got four 4 stars, but all of it was pretty worthless to me.
I'm also tempted by Albedo since he's cute, but I'm stopping when I hit 75 (or c1 Bennett) this banner since I'm saving for guaranteed Scaramouche. Though, I guess I wouldn't complain if I luck out and Albedo comes home
It feels kind of sad having to pass up the banners tbh. Like, I had to skip Venti, Klee, Childe, and all of the 4* rate-ups so I could get Zhongli. Now I'm having to skip Albedo, Xiao, and any anyone up until probably 1.5. I hope mhy eventually makes some adjustments to these banners. This 50/50 bullshit is really hard

No. 119347

File: 1608753859124.jpeg (285.73 KB, 1720x2048, Ep1Ku-OUYAAmHRG.jpeg)

Albedo is so good, I pulled for him just because he's cute but he is so useful! His kit seemed boring from the leaks but it only taught us not to trust them.

His skill multipliers are also higher than the leaks so the damage isn't bad at all. I mostly use him with Childe for building shields!

No. 119359

Same, anon!!! I started when Klee's banner was up and I had to skip all banners yet just to save for a guaranteed Xiao. I have 18k primos now but I really want Albedo.
I honestly don't mind the 50/50, I think it's fair, I just think that Mihoyo doesnt give us enough free primogems.

My pity on the character banner is at 43 so I'm really considering pulling for him, anon!! I'm really liking his interactions on the storyline,I thought it would be boring but it's so much better than listening to Fishl's chuuni bullshit last event

No. 119376

Extremely regreting upping my world level even more. Most of the enemies in the new area are 70+ at adv lv.42
And it's a time limited event so I don't want to waste time getting level up materials…

I really wish they didn't put (important?) story in time limited events.

No. 119377

File: 1608793974559.jpg (167.92 KB, 2048x1448, 20201224_141131.jpg)

One day people in Genshin Community will regret sleeping on Albedo.

No. 119430

Weep for me, anons. I was close to pity on the character banner so I went for it and got Mona. F2P so I don't have enough primos to try again for Albedo. My only other 5* is Keqing so I guess I'm just doomed to only get coomer waifus.

Was hoping to at least get constellations for Bennett/Fischl but no, I got C3 Sucrose instead. Can't even farm stuff to build her/Mona because of the event.

No. 119449

File: 1608867919911.jpg (253.68 KB, 1644x1271, IMG_20201220_171542.jpg)

I'm so sorry anon…. I also got Mona on Zhongli's banner,
it seems a lot of people get her instead of the 5* rate-up, kek. Maybe she's a secret rate-up on event banners.
At least, your next 5 will surely be the rate-up. And btw, you still have a chance of obtaining Albedo in your first 20 pulls (the pity resets, and it seems that the first 20 pulls have a higher chance of giving you the 5).

But, anons, I don't understand why are you complaining about farming? This event is pure gold, you don't have to spend resin and you can do the farming quests at your own pace. What's the problem? I think they realized a lot of us struggled with last meteor event, since you had to spend tons of resin to complete it. I couldn't even touch a domain during that week kek.

No. 119462

Actually I kind of like the new gathering event in Dragonspine, I feel like I have an actual reason to wander around and slaughter enemies, which I don't really do in the other two continents anymore.

No. 119489

Having to kill lv 70 lavachurls to get the Rime crystals is too damn hard even if it doesn't use resin.
Haven't gotten to the second part yet, dumb Chinese dropping an event on Christmas week.

No. 119494

haha and the second part doesn't have a difficulty selector like the first event so even more lvl 70 enemies… Nice job with the balance faggot ass devs.

No. 119495

Is your team super underleveled or something? I have a geo + 2 cryo + hydro setup that's shit for dragonspine and I'm still doing fine with the lv 85+ enemies

No. 119499

lv. 70 travler/kaeya/amber/beidou
It's probably the damn artifacts but that's all rng. And I don't have the mora/exp cards to level up some other charas that might be better.
I swear this is the only game that makes me rage like this.

No. 119505

File: 1608943428340.jpg (37.03 KB, 450x450, 1608678216957.jpg)

Not that anon but my team is Diona (70) /Razor (80) /Xiangling (60) /Xinyan (50) at AR 42 and I'm also having a bit of a hardtime exploring Dragonspine. I dont actually mind the event tho, I just agree that it can be hard. I hope they dont ask for us to go further on to the peak tho because I tried opening the 2nd frostbearing tree like 15 times already but the 2 Challenges are way too hard.

Also, not even a Christmas Gift, Mihoyo???? When we are literally on a western based country exploring a cold mountain???

No. 119506

If you're AR 45+, make sure you're using your fragile resins to farm some decent artifacts for your dps and main support. Using condensed resin at 45+ is guaranteed minimum of 2 gold artifacts each run. Don't forget about your talents either. A lot of people seem to, even though they make a massive difference. Also, if you have Barbara/Xingqiu, I'd personally recommend switching Amber or Traveler out for them since you have Kaeya on your team. It pretty much allows for enemies to be frozen 100% of the time with few exceptions. Also also, unless you're willing to put in the absolutely fucking massive grind it takes for Amber to be decent, don't waste anymore materials or time on her

No. 119528

File: 1608956388807.jpg (280.68 KB, 734x754, IMG_20201216_161102.jpg)

>having to kill lv 70 lavachurls to get the Rime crystals is too damn hard
girl, wha-…?

>lv. 70 travler/kaeya/amber/beidou

ok, it all makes sense now. Why are u using those characters? do u like them THAT much? don't u have other ones? All of them are kind of weak compared to other characters.

But I understand your position. WL5 being an automatic upgrade is shitty, I remember running out of exp books to lvl up my characters. I just got to AR45 but I'm not upgrading to WL6 until I upgrade talents and weapons.

Some challenges are hard as fuck but I appreciate the difficulty. It makes me realize my team is not at its full capacity.

>Also, not even a Christmas Gift, Mihoyo???? When we are literally on a western based country exploring a cold mountain???

miHoyo has already stated the game won't have real life festivities, but in game festivities (Latern Rite Festival, Ludi Harpastum, etc.). Dragonspine's release is their way of doing a Christmas/winter event while being consistent with the lore.

No. 119534

For anyone suffering. I'm at WL45 yes I sometimes struggle but what I do have that always helps is..
LVL 80 DPS (I got Razor)
LVL 80 SUBDPS (I got Ninguang)
LVL 50-70 SUPPORT (I change these out based on what I'm doing but I mostly use Fischl)
LVL – HEALER (Barbara, level doesn't matter as much, talent does)
Level up talents, take a few days to get the materials you need. Level up weapons, take a few days to get the materials you need.
Then start artifact farming. I've had the same Berserker 4 star hardly levelled set on Razor and he's been fine, weapons and talents then artifacts.
Don't be afraid to take a few days to exclusively farm a certain material, it'll be worth it.

No. 119537

The big ice guys with the aura, still can't beat them. Tweaked a few things and put Barbara in and can get the rest of the enemies but it's still a pain.
I do have Razer, Xinyan & Xiangling, but not the items to level them up/good weapons for them because I rolled them later.

I miss being world level 2 and having fun exploring without realizing that this is still a chinese mobile game at heart so grinding was inevitable.

No. 119562

anon, you can answer certain posts by clicking on that 6 digits number, just saying.

Btw, I don't really have a healer on my team and I manage to make it work, food can help too. I have two sub DPS, one sup and one DPS.

And yeah, honestly… wtf with the sudden saltiness? Some people are never happy, you guys wants everything spoonfed. Shit gets a little bit difficult and you are already complaining and being racist. It's a game (a free one), jesus.

No. 119574

I wasn't answering a certain post, just seen a lot of "im at this point and I'm struggling so much!" since I'm at a similar point I did a general.

I think some ppl need to find out how difficult it can get before going up in WL, if you're a casual player there's nothing wrong with keeping your WL lower. Just a lot of teens with a lack of experience on games that need grinding.

No. 119602

c2 Jean… God, I hate my luck. I just want Diluc or even Albedo. She's literally so fucking boring, I can't stand her

No. 119727

File: 1609206132538.png (112.1 KB, 360x450, Item_Heavy_Horn.png)

Heavy Horn" me when I see Daddy Zhongli HEHE (plz laugh)

On a serious note, I got Fischl and Sucrose on one single 10 roll! Not bad!

No. 119749

I like that we don't have to spend fragile resin to complete the challenges in this new event but only 20 hero's wits available for purchase? Are you kidding me? At least the stupid meteor grind event allowed you to buy a ton of them. Why is this fucking game cheaping on the exp materials? Leveling my characters is a gigantic pain at level 70 and you absolutely need to keep piling up the levels, artifacts and weapons to last through the battles.

No. 119761

File: 1609252878895.jpg (418.49 KB, 1080x1583, tumblr_5ae339668baf084ba69c4a3…)


word. I have really thought that this event would allow me to stack up on some exp but I would rather just use condensed resin on leylines. I am gonna send them some very strongly worded opinions during next survey.

anyway, another sneak peek into upcoming Zhongli buffs was realeased and as a Zhongdong owner I am truly enjoying every whiney post about how these buffs are too much.
Give me more Mihoyo.

No. 119768

this is gonna sound like such a noob questions, I started playing this game a week ago because I wanted to get Zhongli he seemed like such a cool interesting character but I was looking around and I saw that he had a limited time period is this true? so after that event period is over, I can't get him anymore? sorry for my english.

No. 119771

Yes, you can get him only during his limited time banner which already passed, sorry anon. But he's most likely coming back at some point.

No. 119772

aww bummer! well I guess its the waiting game then! it's alright I really love the game it's soo good and the best part is that you don't need to spend a dime to actually enjoy the game. Seriously I could just roam around all day exploring everywhere, its so good, it's been a while since I've played a game like this.

No. 119796

lol good one anon and congrats on your pull.

I haven't looked at the sneak peek yet but im excited for the buff, i still want to keep him as an support tho but it would be nice to see if even his elemental attack would do some more damage.

Yay im glad you enjoy the game anon! I also don't spend any money on this game and it's still very enjoyable. You can indeed easily enjoy this game without spending any money, i already have 4 5 star characters and haven't had any trouble yet with increasing level difficulty of monsters. And most 4 stars are also really good btw so even if you have bad luck you can still enjoy the game!

No. 120701

File: 1609405476889.jpg (79.03 KB, 620x877, 1609284971586.jpg)

Anon, there's a rumor that he will get another banner on 1.3 when his buffs arive to sort of make up it for anyone who wants him!! I'm not sure how reliable those rumors are but hey lets hope for the best!!

Anon, same, I have so many characters that I want to level but I simply cant because I dont have enough xp materials for everyone!!! It makes getting a new character less exciting because all I can think about is that I wish it was constelations for another character just because of the resources. For example I just got Sucrose on Albedo's banner and I love how she plays/how cute she is but I just cant justify spending on her at all when I already have Jean and am planning to get Xiao. (And my other team just doesnt have space for Anemo)

No. 121238

File: 1609934591695.png (42.72 KB, 300x300, 1608018808737.png)

Nonnies, is this thread cursed?!?!? I just lost my coinflip on Albedo on Mona and I have no primos to be able to actually pull him now.
Ahhhhh so annoying I really wanted Albedo…

No. 121261

Whats with all the people gettig Mona???I see it on genshin tik tok (cringe ik) as well, makes me scared to pull because she's actually bad.

No. 121310

File: 1609996246571.png (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 2340x972, Screenshot_20210107-014700~2.p…)

Anon, it is me >>121238 again from the future. Guess what I got from the standard wishes on from ascending the Sucrose and Fishl from Albedo's banner??
I'm beyond hell now, I'm never talking shit about a female character on this game ever again. It's like Mihoyo tracks female accounts just to give us Mona

No. 121391

The seelie companions are going to be here soon, and I'm not sure what color to go for. Pink is the cutest, blue matches with 3/4 of my team, and gold goes with my favourite character that I use when running around. Someone help me, please

No. 121397

Blue matches the most and is the most calming colour so I'm going for that

No. 121426

I'm too preppy not to go for the pink one, but it will look so weird with all my characters. I wish they let us choose more than one color, but I understand its supposed to be special.

No. 121447

I’m getting the pink one, it looks adorable and I honestly want seelie companions’ merch that I can consoom.

No. 121455

File: 1610143891910.jpeg (33.14 KB, 256x256, 873FCAE6-AAE8-4000-8284-46E20A…)

this cracks me up, every time someone says zhongli’s English voice is hot I know they’ve never been to the cloud district

No. 121581

File: 1610248246727.jpg (10.83 KB, 354x360, ELj56P4WsAY-kjH.jpg)

lol at least you got a character I got a fucking bow as my purple pull I worked so hard to farm my gems and when I had enough for a 10 pull I got a fucking bow…. honestly I wanted Albedo but all I got was a bow… I will never get over this

No. 121585

Your first gatcha game? You'll get over it eventually. I remember nearly having a panic attack when I couldn't role Gilgamesh years ago in FGO and had to heavily remind myself it's just pixles on a screen.

No. 121586

I am just being dramatic but it did triggered me, I've played worse gacha games like Brave Exvius the game itself is pretty awesome but the gacha aspect is hell, but then again lol my luck is shit tbh. I'm still butthurt I didn't get Albedo tho

No. 121631

Albedo is going to be gone soon. I'm still (super) bitter my 50/50 gave me Jean instead of him

But anyway, Ganyu's banner has Xingqiu, Noelle, and Xiangling. I really want some constellations for Xingqiu and Noelle, but I'm afraid of getting Ganyu since my next 5* is rate-up guaranteed. I hate archers and she's boring coomer b8, so I'd be devastated if I got her.
I just wish we'd get some news on whether or not Inazuma is delayed. I'm interested in Xiao and Hu Tao, but I don't want to screw myself out of a character I actually want

No. 121633

File: 1610317530302.jpeg (309.94 KB, 750x1045, DFA5EA2F-A2AE-4F95-ADB0-9E4CAE…)

I’m quite annoyed, I thought I could make a good use for the treasure hunting primogens, so I tried getting albedo, and I got a fucking greatsword.
The good thing is that I got Bennett at the beginning of the dragonspine event.
hopefully the banners will get repeated at some point so I can get all of the pretty boys.
if the banners do come back, I’m spending some money on a game for the first time in my entire life. Why are they so fucking cute reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 121635

Ganyu's banner is scuffed, two free characters n one twink???
Like Noelle is only good at C6 and XiangLing doesn't rlly change with con.

Also does anyone know why XingQiu is so loved as a 4*? I played his story quest and I didn't really understand how he was good?

No. 121640

File: 1610324148096.jpg (380.3 KB, 1058x1070, Thirstaglia.jpg)

>the navy seals pasta
kekked hard when I noticed it, it matches his personality way too well
just buy welkin nona, it's much cheaper and if you are good at saving by the time first reruns start you will have at least 9k primos from welkin alone

probably because of the xq x chong ship. Their friendship is the only interesting thing about him

No. 121645

File: 1610326353622.jpeg (88.04 KB, 750x750, F94C314E-4702-4491-AB0D-9193AE…)

It’s mostly because of the ship, but I think xingqiu is a pretty nice character to me.
I wouldn’t spend my primos on this particular upcoming banner though, the coomer ice waifu isn’t worth the hassle and if you already got an hydro character i think you won’t be missing out much.

No. 121658

If you build him right, he's good at healing, he applies wet to all enemies while his "shield" is up, and his talents do some damn good damage, all without him being on the field. However, I think the biggest factor is simply hydro has good reactions with cryo, electro, and especially pyro. He and Barbara are the only hydro 4*, and Barb's talents are limited to healing afaik (albeit better than him)

Might be part of it for some, but even scrote meta slaves think he's decent. From what i've seen, they couldn't care less about shipping, especially males and a gay pairing at that

No. 121664

File: 1610349297831.jpg (860.54 KB, 1754x1240, 1609575433426.jpg)

Is anyone else also super annoyed at the co-op part of this seelie event???? Like what even is that, why didn't they make it like domans where there's a option to turn on the co-op and enter worlds just for that challenge???

XingQiu is one of the best supports in the game because, like Fishl, you can get 100% uptime on his skills, that constantly apply hydro, without him being on field if you have a Sacrificial Sword. It's just really good for setting up reactions and he can deal pretty good damage too (he heals a bit too but like, I wouldn't count on it).

No. 121672

I really like Ganyu's design but I'm so disappointed in how her kit looks. It comes off as basically icey Amber with some mobility and bigger AoE. I've nothing against Amber in general but her kit is very boring/slow. Sad to see the waifu I was waiting for won't fit into my preferred playstyle. I might try rolling for her anyway just to have her, but after getting both Zhongli and Albedo I don't think my luck will last to this banner kek

No. 121677

I got mona on the perma banner, im not to salty about it because i never use my primogems on it but i guess the curse really is real.

I really want to get Xingqui, i skipped the banner he was previously on and i really want to build Kaeya next and he would be a good support for him. Im also super afraid to get Ganyu both her design and gameplay seems really boring. I want to save up for Xiao and Ayaka, i believe Xiao will come after this banner so i think im only go to do single pulls and hopefully get Xingqui.

No. 121690

It's a little annoying how for all the male 5 stars, they had interesting trailers and Zhongli's was so overdone that it even heightened the hype lol. For Ganyu they just…showed her sleeping, some of her skills and long press, shoved Qiqi in there, and smacked her back into bed. Oh yeah, and look at her legs and tits.

No. 121692

The music was just a modified version of normal battle Liyue theme too which just seems lazy in comparison to other trailers. Ganyu deserved better.

No. 121693

I like Xingqiu as a character so no comment on that, it's all subjective. But as a playable he's top tier due to his water shield. Pairing him with Chongyun works especially well since the water shield inflicts wet status to go with Chongyun's cryo AoE while allowing him to do the charged claymore attack uninterrupted since it increases the active character's resistance to interruption. Xingqiu's also useful for crafting as his passive skill gives him a 25% chance to refund materials used.

Works for me. Waifufags have all the other gacha games they can drool over, even Honkai Impact is like 100% waifushit. It's time for husbandos to shine for once.

No. 121712

> It's time for husbandos to shine for once.
Nta but you’re absolutely right, let them be the stars of the game while also being hot.

No. 121749

Albedo came home before the banner ended, and I couldn't be more happy. This means I can actually comfortably try for some constellations on Ganyu's banner now. If I get her, it'd be off pity and it's not wasting a guaranteed rate up, so I wouldn't be too mad

No. 121774

lucky! congrats!
lul all I got was books and swords and I did get Beidu and Bennet (he is fucking amazing can heal and kick ass as well) man but now I guess I am at peace with not getting him hopefully in the future his event will come up again.

No. 121778

Anons, help!
I'm F2P, I rolled 65 times on Venti's banner and I have 133 primogems saved up. I really really want Hu Tao, but Ganyu is also very cute to me. Should I stick to my guns and continue saving for Hu Tao, or do I test my luck and try to get both Ganyu and Hu Tao?
Pls reply…

No. 121793

File: 1610485863656.jpeg (583.29 KB, 1888x1175, ErRdiY4VEAYjsVF.jpeg)

How in the hell did you manage to roll on the first banner and only save 133 primogems in between then and now?
Both Hutao and Ganyu have playstyles that require some experience to get used to the gameplay, but if you just want a waifu then follow your heart. Personally I'd choose neither and save for Xiao, he seems to have the most optimal playstyle out of all revealed upcoming banners.

No. 121812

Shit sorry I mean I have 133 ROLLS saved up lol, my actual primogems are like 20k wow that made me sound dumb

No. 121813

File: 1610491999053.jpg (1.19 MB, 3000x1863, 1610140364784.jpg)

Anon, only time will Tell, BUT Ganyu seems to be a lot stronger than Hu Tao right now from what he know from her leaks and considering you have Venti, Ganyu is absolutely insane with him because both of them can have their AoE ultimates on the field literally 100% of the time.
Unless you play on mobile/console, I'd say Ganyu is the safer choice!

No. 121816

I think you should look into Hu Tao's play style heavily before deciding. I really want her because she's probably the cutest girl so far, but her style is super incompatible with me at least. The lower her hp, the higher her atk is iirc. I don't care for Ganyu as a character, but her meta seems decent from the trial run

off topic, but poor Amber. Lisa and Kaeya are decent and unique, but Amber has nothing with the release of Ganyu. I used to treat them as memes, but tbh, Amber really does need a buff

No. 121820

File: 1610495172884.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1395, DD1F780D-E155-4F66-A284-F79DF0…)

No. 121825

File: 1610499768885.jpg (388.93 KB, 1080x1886, IMG_20210102_024937.jpg)

That's almost two pities:
140 rolls = 70 (1st pity) + 70 (2nd pity)
You don't have a guaranteed chance of obtaining the rate-up chara, but you can roll for her using the other 70 pulls if you get spooked by other 5*.

I'm pretty sure both of the characters will get another banner in the future, so just roll for the one you like the most. Fuck meta, that shit is annoying. I have Zhongli, everyone said he was shit but he has been protecting my team with his big-ass shield and his meteor is fucking insane. If you really like Hu Tao, I would wait for her tbh.

No. 121842

Pity is 90 I think

No. 121847

Hard pity is at 90, but "soft" pity starts at 75. The chances to get a 5* in between the the rolls number 75~80 is like 80%

No. 121861

File: 1610544858533.jpg (39.44 KB, 160x157, IMG_20210106_182847.jpg)

Yeah, 70-75 is the true pity. If you have like, the worst luck EVER you wont get the 5 until the 90th pull, but I haven't seen anyone actually reach that point. I got 2 of my 5 at 69-74 pull, and then one at 46 (really lucky).

There's also a chance of pulling the 5* on your first 20 pulls, some Chinese nerds discovered that when they tested the gacha rates with bots.
That's why some people get like, two 5* star in the same pull. Their pity resets when they get the chara at the 70 pull and then they get another one from the first pulls.

No. 121862

File: 1610545180756.jpg (47.99 KB, 194x170, IMG_20210106_234243.jpg)

ot but I hate how fast the GI threads move on 4chan. I used to go there to get useful tips and look at leaks, but currently I don't have the time to check them out… sigh

No. 121864

I dont like most threads on 4chan because theyre full with agressive man, looking at it makes me annoyed. Sometimes they post an actually leak but its so much dumb scrote posting i dont bother to even look at it anymore.

I think my luckiest pull was just on the ganyu banner. On the albedo banner i pulled 20 times or so just for bennet and i decided for ganyu just to do some single pulls. After 2 single pulls i got her?

No. 121869

Yeah same I use to lurk and its always fricking coomers or them posting pics or asking dumb shit like "how tight is x character" "I bet this character doesnt shower imagine the smell of her coochie" like wtf… I want to end it all whenever I see shit like that but it's 4chan its expected, sure there's a few good posts but they are rare and divided

No. 121876

I got Ganyu from a single pull too! I told myself I'd roll once…and Ganyu. I was sad at first but I think she'll be great in my Klee+Bennett+Xingqiu comp

No. 121889

File: 1610560455274.jpg (34.42 KB, 480x270, EndkPc3XMAc8T2k.jpg)

I lurk sometimes when there's new story content and I want to discuss that because it's lowkey the best place since reddit is just full of idiots and same, and like anon >>121864 said you have to swin through a river of scrotes just being disgusting to maybe find something interesting

No. 121906

Just join the /gig/ server. Mute every channel but news and faq and when you want to ask for help then ask maybe

No. 122019

File: 1610646605985.jpeg (28.86 KB, 750x446, 8DE54738-C8DC-474C-8ADD-ACDAEA…)

I love my yellow seelie companion. This was my favorite event. And it helps with finding treasures, which is quite nice.

No. 122123

I hope that the next time Albedo comes around, he gets the recognition he deserves. He's a super good, fun character imo. However, he was really screwed over by being next after Zhongli, and then having characters like Xiao, Ganyu, Hu Tao, and (possibly) Venti re-run/Ayaka ahead of him. I hardly saw anyone who was actually hyped about him

I also got the peelie. I was really struggling trying to figure out which one to go with, but then it sort of clicked that a lot of characters have gold accents on them

No. 122144

I just didn't feel like he was worth pulling. I don't understand why they made him a sword user as an alchemist, he should've been a full on geo mage with none of that flower platform bullshit. He was cute as a character but just not worth the ridiculously expensive gacha gems.

It's been 80 pulls since I last got a 5*. Pray for me anons

No. 122159

Congrats anon, and yes dont be sad she will fit good in your team! I was was also dissapointed at first because i really want Xiao but i will have enough primogems for when he comes so no reason to be upset.

The event was super fun and relaxing! The one thing i didn't like was that i had to try and find randos to co op with. I choose the pink one but the golden seelie is also very cute!

I was kinda dissapointed in Albedo's 3d model, in his 2d portait he looks super cool but his 3d model looks kinda derpy imo.

Yeah its super weird that they gave him an sword, it seems like you have to use characters who use a bow or catalyst to be able to actually stand on his elevator and still be able to attack

No. 122163

Albedo was originally a bow user. But I guess that build was too close to Ganyu's (E distancing and attacking enemies).

No. 122164

File: 1610721073002.jpg (284.33 KB, 8256x2250, DmoB0PA.jpg)

Is anyone else excited for the inazuma banners?

No. 122174

File: 1610730725590.png (Spoiler Image,710.15 KB, 710x714, b9cb5bdf-9936-4e5a-a079-6fffb4…)

Mimi looks very cute. I'm also very excited for Yaoyao, top right in this image. She's the first playable dendro character, and I really love her design! It's absolutely adorable.
Spoilering the image in case people don't want to see some of the upcoming characters yet.

From right to left on the top row:

Hu Tao – Zhongli's boss at the funeral parlor, who doesn't get along with Qiqi. She's a Pyro Polearm user from Liyue.
Mimi – A Hydro Catalyst from Inazuma. She has a circular vision on her belt in keeping with the region's style.
Yunjin – A Geo Polearm user from Liyue.
Yaoyao – She's the first playable Dendro character and a magic-user from Liyue. She studied under the same master as Xiangling and recently began to work under Ganyu.
From right to left on the bottom row:

Sayu – An Anemo Claymore user from Inazuma.
Kazuha – A Anemo Sword user from Inazuma.
Rosaria – A Cyro Polearm user from Mondstadt.
Shenli – A Cyro Claymore user from Liyue.

No. 122176

I like the color pallet of mimi but im not so sure about that huge ribbon on her back.
Yunjin looks so pretty i will definitely pull for her, her design is so cool!
I hope they will add more dendro characters in the future, i want to see what they will do with them design wise.
Also i think you meant the names are left to right, not right to left?

The one thing that really bothers me about the "loli" design in this game are the huge heads! Its so offputting especially if you stand right next to a normal npc child. I understand its a design choice to make them look more cute but it looks weird to me lol

No. 122177

Samefag, i meant to respond to >>122174

No. 122180

Ah geez definitely meant left to right. I copied it from a website, and for some reason they wrote right to left.

The huge heads do look kind of weird haha, but as a Klee main I've grown to find it a bit endearing, honestly. Klee is just so cute and goofy, and Yaoyao looks like she's going to be the same. But I know what you mean, when you're doing a commission standing next to an NPC child and you realize your head is not only bigger than childrens, but even the adult NPCs, it's hilarious kek.
Mimis ribbon is part of the reason I like her so much tbh, it looks like a butterfly to me! I wish her hair wasn't nearly the same color as Lumines, but she's pretty regardless. Yunjin looks really pretty too, I adore her outfit. Shenli looks awesome too, I just wish her legging(?) parts weren't that bright blue color, it looks like she's from the Avatar movie kek.
The claymore "loli" character will be interesting to see in game too, they'll have to make completely new animations for it I assume.
Sidenote, I'm >>121876 this anon and I've really started to like using Ganyu, and I really want Xiao AND Hu Tao kek. The amount of characters I'm liking lately is troublesome. I got to skip a few banners, and now I'm being flooded with banners I really want the characters from

No. 122241

A lotta ppl think ShenLi is Cloud Retainer and that'll be super interesting to see if true.

No. 122249

I'm pretty excited for all of them except the lolis. Though, I hope most of them are 4. I'm already pretty disappointed that Hu Tao is a 5. She's absolutely adorable, but I'd hate wasting pity on a 5* I'll never use

Leakers have supposedly disconfirmed this, but I'm not convinced. Besides the fact they look so similar and Shenhe's name translating to 'god crane', Cloud Retainer actually has some relevancy outside of the archon quests (World quest and Ganyu story). She's also the only adeptus with a proper domain entrance, so I have a feeling there will be more content relating to her in the future. Anyway, assuming Shenhe is actually her, it gives me hope that Mountain Carver will also get a gajinka and become playable. After seeing her human form, I bet he'd end up being husbando material tbh

No. 122250

>mfw I'm seething over the lack of husbandos and Kazuha is just a recolor of the protagonist
At least the moid coomers who whined about consecutive male 5-stars can shut the fuck up for a while

No. 122356

I know that feel, anon.
Just try thinking how we will be able to save a bunch of primogems for when we get a new wave of pretty husbandos or for when we can re-roll for the husbandos we couldn’t get before.

No. 122357

Wow this new event is actually kinda difficult! I think i might need to ask some people on discord for help because im having troubles with just hard mode already, i do like that its more challenge then the other events we got recently tho!

Idk why but mimis bow reminds me of a jellyfish instead of a butterfly kek, but now you mention it i do see it. My problem with the bow is mostly a pratical thing, she is the first characters who has something big on her back so im wondering how it will look while playing her. Shenli's legging also bother me, i feel like it doesnt match well with the dark red on her clothing, its to bright imo. I didnt know that the loli character would be a claymore, it would be indeed intresting to see how the animation will look like!
I feel how you understand about being flooded with banners you want! I want to go for Xiao and Ayaka, Hu Tao is also very cute however but i know i will probably be not lucky enough to go for all 3 of them so im going to try and get those 2. I hope you will be able to get the characters you want anon!

Yeah i also still think she is the cloud retainer and omg i hope they will make Mountain Carver a top tier husbando.

It's sad how the one new male characters has such a boring design. Im happy that not all the female characters have an ultra coomer design tho, i hope they will add more male characters in the future.

No. 122368

File: 1610807793189.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.68 KB, 777x1200, ba3494dee56cfcc7cf5d916671c3f0…)

I know they have to look alike for the sake of the storyline but Mimi is still very distinct while being similar to Lumine. Kazuha just looks like alternative skin for Aether… Lumine canon mc since Kazuha is more similar to the missing sibling? jk jk

No. 122370

File: 1610809548461.jpg (136.58 KB, 1078x745, tumblr_40f5ca0a64c27cfa8f05958…)

honestly lowkey regret getting Rosè instead of Surcuma, the gold matches almost every pyro and geo character while the pink only matches a few electro characters and Diona

Hopefully Mimi isn't a healer/support tho!!! I already have both Mona and Barbara built, I really don't need another hydro catalyst support character. Also, her design reminds me so much of Sylveon.

I'm disappointed he's anemo instead of pyro, I really need a pyro character outside Xiangling but apparently they just wont release more.

No. 122403

File: 1610822498833.jpg (138.12 KB, 1000x1000, Dainsleif_Announcement.jpg)

Luckily there's still some decent future husbandos, particularly Xiao and Dainsleif. Dainsleif looks so cool..I hope he doesn't have the young boy body instead of the adult male body

No. 122419

Really sucks that there isn't co-op matching for the new event, especially since it's literally a domain. At least you get the primogem reward just for clearing it regardless of score.

I think he's cute. If I don't have enough saved up by Xiao's banner I'll settle for reskinned Aether instead.

No. 122457

Man I really hate it when the game forces you to handicap yourself for a 'challenge'.
Is it fair to say the main audience of this damn game is now min-maxing tryhards…

No. 122553

File: 1610916166686.jpeg (85.58 KB, 1024x1024, CE43FA76-36DC-4C41-BC1B-62179A…)

I love Hu Tao!
Her lore is actually very interesting, she's such a cute and misunderstood girl and her moveset seems so fun.

No. 122558


Are there videos of how she fights?

No. 122583

Not yet, but her moveset has been datamined on Honey Impact. Basically, the lower HP she has, the more ATK she does. She's a very gimmicky character, but I find that charming.

No. 122617

File: 1610967202118.jpg (66.05 KB, 960x866, 1553721766173.jpg)

I blew all my primos (like 60 pulls worth) on that stupid coomer goat bitch's banner for xingqiu constellations and hoping to build towards xiao pity, ended up getting qiqi and her in the last ten pull. stuck with two 5 star characters I hate and will most likely never use, will probably not be able to get husbando without spending money I'm not willing to spend since I already spent $200~ on this game since launch, and I'm bout to seppuku.

did the covid vaccine accelerate my autism? no way I developed a damn gambling addiction from a bootleg botw chinese cartoon game…

No. 122650

File: 1610984502831.jpg (1 MB, 1500x811, Er_B3Y-XYAIRBpY.jpg)

I think it's absolutely hilarious how everyone that knows her from Liyue seems to hate her. I hope we get to see her annoy Qiqi.

oof anon, that sucks so much, but heyyy both Qiqi and Ganyu are really really strong together!! you can make a pretty great team with them!! Ganyu is arguably like, the strongest DPS in the game right now

No. 122669

qiqi isn't bad for abyss if you don't have jean, and ganyu is super strong! stay strong anon, i got ganyu too but i'm still holding strong for a xiao drop..

No. 122692

>no way I developed a damn gambling addiction from a bootleg botw chinese cartoon game…
I'm sorry nonnie I almost fell off my chair laughing at this

No. 122700

File: 1611009721331.png (141.62 KB, 432x570, illust_81843507_20210106_20282…)

>Ganyu is arguably like, the strongest DPS in the game right now
but I already have all the other good characters too besides childe venti and jean ;_; I'm good enough at the game to not need the OP ones anyway, I main albedo and zhongli

ah well… even if I do end up whaling harder, its not unusual for people to waste money on dumb things they enjoy. I'm not poorfag enough to need to beat myself up over it like this.

No. 122853

File: 1611095081353.png (406.81 KB, 768x568, EsBFKO_XIAUpzfT.png)

I spent about 700$ on this game and I feel like I may get close to 1k on Xiao banner. Can't believe I'm entering adulthood like this.

I don't regret it though, I've got the entire cast and play the game every day. I couldn't cope harder

No. 123203

File: 1611319384538.png (42.6 KB, 436x289, ec5d46f21afba83bafef1d3e22769c…)

Codes for those who missed today's stream:

Also, I can't believe we are getting Keqing banner instead of HuTao

No. 123205


I'm kind of glad it's Keqing, since this means they're starting to do banners for base 5* characters now. Maybe we'll get a Diluc one around the Ludi Harpastum event. I need more husbandos tbh. Though, maybe I shouldn't look forward to that. If he's before 1.6, that might screw me out of an Inazuma character I really want

No. 123212

Thanks for the codes anon! I don't mind the keqing banner since that means after getting Xiao i have more time to save, im not planning to spend on banners where the 5* character is perma so its a nice way to skip more banners and save up.

No. 123217

File: 1611328420014.jpg (62.01 KB, 975x261, WS8oTxh.jpg)

We get to pick one of these 4 stars for free. This is why rolling event banners for 4 stars is a trap.

No. 123228

File: 1611335677893.jpg (152.16 KB, 1518x827, 1611279719944.jpg)

They really are trying to force us to use the friend system with these events, huh?? Are you guys willing to maybe make a friend list for events in the future?

yeah, rolling for 4*s is a total mistake, too bad I realized it too late
though I'm glad I'll finally have Chongyun!!!! He's been escaping me forever

Anon, someone made this edit of the Albedo model and it made me notice just how ugly and unlike his 2D design it actually is!! Honestly, it doesn't even seem that hard to make it better, I have no idea why they did him so dirty

No. 123259

But hey atleast you can choose which characters you want to get higher constellation for.

Omg this edit is so much better, they really did him dirty yeah. It's not just his hear but also his eyes that make him look so different. I also noticed with Ayakas 3d model that her bangs look really weird? It kinda looks like she has a bowl cut with her 3 model and her forhead looks huge.

No. 123293

Anyone with a C0 Ningguang who they wanna use, choose her for this, her C1 is godly

No. 123300

Hutaofags getting btfo was hilarious, horny losers. But why is Xiao's banner run 2 weeks instead of 3? Does that mean Keqing will be up for 4 weeks…?

No. 123317

File: 1611387536242.jpg (103.26 KB, 701x957, 1610429071659.jpg)

Does anyone else here roll for both men and women?
I really like ganyu's design and she is cute. I even got amos bow from standard pity but I dislike her gameplay so much
Xiao seems like so much fun and I'm really hoping ninguang in on his banner so I can get her and him
I thankfully already have keqing since I started around launch so i can save primos once xiao is done
Hoping to make a based team of geo if a zhongli rerun ever comes out since I have noelle and albedo too
Some people are speculating that zhongli is a secret third banner since they dont want to rile up hate from the community by mentioning it on stream

No. 123331

how do we bully mihoyo into buffing Albedo's hair

No. 123367

I prefer playing as girls for some reason, both my husbandos are 4*s I already have anyway

No. 123386

File: 1611426077118.jpg (358.72 KB, 1920x1080, 2564165654.jpg)

wait till you see this of diluc

No. 123391

My only reason for pulling Zhong and Ganyu was aethstetic, so cute they are even if I'm only actually interested in Women

No. 123419

At first I was I only in for the husbandos, then I got Noelle and Xinyan, I love them and I play with them a lot.
I’m hoping I can get the super cute dendro girl in the future.
Other than that, I honestly prefer most of the husbandos because they’re cute someday you will be mine, Diluc, someday

No. 123430

write essays on twitter about how we were lied to by the marketing. Make Albedo trend.

I hope people do this cause I need more primogems.

No. 123440

I hope they add more details to the 3d models like they did with the splash art for the 4 stars recently, diluc and albedos hair and face proportions are just sad

Yeah it's like a solid piece of plastic on her forehead and not hair, hopefully it gets fixed before her debut

No. 123452

File: 1611453920073.jpg (169.29 KB, 888x1082, 1611202122574.jpg)

I'm willing to pull for both, honestly, I just pull for any character that I like, I think the main problem is that every 5* character that is a woman in the game so far (other than Klee, I love Klee) are really boring. Like, Ganyu is beautiful but her whole personality is that she works and her story quest was so boring. The coolest/most interesting one is probably Mona but she's so shit to play.

No. 123455

File: 1611457617063.jpeg (160.98 KB, 1200x1200, 9933BB80-1F35-4268-9D0C-EE529D…)


No. 123999

New Xiao Story Trailer out!!! This is a really interesting trailer because it's both narated by our lord and saviour Zhongli and goes on a bit about the story of the adepti

No. 124025

All Archons are gay. What a time to be alive

No. 124039

im stupid and confused, some people are saying that xiao's banner time will be shorter available then the other event banners we got?

No. 124079

"the fourth vanished without a trace"
new character foreshadowing

No. 124107

I'm betting it's either 4 arm man or the orange lady

No. 124109

Geo lion guy is sexy, I won't him

No. 124132

Yes, during the live stream they confirmed that Xiao's banner will only be up for 2 weeks, when the normal is 3 weeks. Keqing's banner though, right after, will be 3 weeks long, people are speculating its because Hu Tao's banner was delayed a bit and she'll come after Keqing for around 2 weeks too.

Yeah its probably the electro guy, the Orange lady is probably the Yaksha that commited suicide.

No. 124133

anons, this is probably a super retarded inquiry with an obvious answer, but i'd like a second opinion on this. i'm saving up on intertwined fates so i can roll for ten wishes but i'm not sure if i should use them on a character banner or on the weapons banner. i'm ar 43 at wl 5 and i want constellations for characters i already have, but i don't want to risk pulling someone i don't need because that seems to be happening a lot lately (pulled ganyu a week ago and i wish i could trade her off because she's just been sitting in my roster doing nothing). at the same time i'd like to outfit my current team with stronger weapons so i don't get my ass handed to me when i have to hit ar 45 in the near future, what do

No. 124134

The weapons give you a VERY tiny edge in the game and this is coming from a whale. Save for characters, if you want 4* constellations just wait until they're on the banner. The meta actually matters more than the DPS output, hence Xingqiu + Chongyun are better at combat than for example Ganyu + Mona, and why Venti is considered the strongest character in the game despite shit dps output.
Also you can still pull characters on the weapon.

No. 124220

File: 1611798927533.jpg (269.17 KB, 473x512, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)

girlies, in a moment of weakness I have spent all of my 49 wishes on a standard banner. I was supposed to roll only one time but once I started I couldn't stop rolling in hopes of getting Diluc… (got Mona btw)
I only buy welkin so I guess no Xiao for me…

pyro lady can't be the one who committed suicide cause Bosacius is a guy.

No. 124226

thanks for the help mate. i knew that at the end of the day there's not too much difference between weapons as long as you have the right stats, but the temptation was starting to kill me so i needed the extra nudge. here's hoping the next banner has a rate up on some good 4*s, i'm starting to get seriously antsy

No. 124276

>spending primos on standard banner
>when you already have a 50% chance of pulling a non-rate up 5* character on the event wish banner

But I do share your pain in being loved by Mona, I got her first on Albedo's banner and then with the last free aquaint fate she gave me from ascension I pulled her C1… crazy

No. 124277

File: 1611821640117.jpg (111.65 KB, 1257x697, 1611202111319.jpg)

the Mona curse is real, anons, the Mona curse is real

No. 124283

youre more likely to get a diluc on the featured banner (provided you don't have guaranteed featured character pity)
the permanent banner has too many 5 star weapons for it to be worth it to roll on for a specific 5 star

No. 124373

Bosacius didn't commit if there are 2 Yaksha left. They may have said they wanted to kill themselves but whether they did, we don't know.
A four arm dude would be cool tho, even if I yearn for powerful women.

No. 124398

File: 1611865524131.jpg (97.21 KB, 999x882, EsuvuiQUYAkQ2Gp.jpg)

I have never lost a 50/50 chance on a rate up and I find Ganyu boring so…

We can't really be sure though that the one who suicided is the one missing. One yaksha might have been already missing by the time Bosacius decided to an hero. After all, he didn't say "every yaksha except me and Xiao is dead" just that he and Xiao are the only ones remaining which is kinda ambiguous.

No. 124407

im sorry anon! Maybe Diluc will eventually also get a perma banner so even if your luck is super bad im sure you will be able to get him eventually even if it means you have to wait a bit longer. I do think its better to pull on an event banner to try and get Diluc, like other anons said you have a chance to get a 5 star weapon instead on the perma banner.

No. 124422

It could be Mihoyo trying to avoid the word "die" but yeah we won't know until they're actually out. Maybe we'll be able to play as all of them at some point, even if dead.

No. 124423

File: 1611871433992.jpg (413.29 KB, 1536x2048, 1611295323023.jpg)

>I have never lost a 50/50
Anon, I envy you, I've lost 2 already

No. 125224

any pc/mobile users here going to do the pre-installation for 1.3? if yes do tell if the whole update hype train was worthwhile or not, i'm super curious

No. 125233

I did the pre-installation thingy but I don’t see any particular changes, I didn’t see anything special nor get some sort of gift, so I’m guessing is just so that when you download the new update, it doesn’t take too long, because you will already have some of the information it needs.

No. 125245

Edgy Boi is here

No. 125264

shiiiiiiiiit that sounds nice and convenient. wasn't what i thought it was but it still must be pretty helpful

No. 125282

File: 1612266851915.jpg (69.12 KB, 848x666, 20210130_044048.jpg)

pls come home to mommy, emo boy

No. 125322

File: 1612300449405.png (1.18 MB, 2048x1024, z9gfF5e.png)

Rosaria's leaked art, will the coomers ditch Ganyu for her?

No. 125349

I was saving my gems for this mans I will continue to do so… I still havent hit pity yet so… hopefully I am able to get him ;_; I need him!

No. 125353

God I hate her boobs so much and why does she look so sad

No. 125354

I'd be sad too if I was gross-looking weeb wank material
Ugh I'm praying the leak means she's on Hu Tao's banner instead of Venti rerun

No. 125441

File: 1612323682508.jpeg (350.65 KB, 1242x1216, FB18EFCA-9DB8-47CB-A17B-5DA4E5…)

The pre-installation did help with updating the game, it was really quick.
In other news:
My f2p ass couldn’t get Xiao yet, but on my first 10 pulls I got Diluc yus and C1 Beidu, which is honestly better than what I expected.
Hopefully I can get more primogems during this event so I can do another 10 pull and get xiao, I just feel it in my bones, I’m getting him.

No. 125487

File: 1612338292233.jpg (111.38 KB, 1080x1346, 1612337244877.jpg)

why is her skin purple it's so ugly

HE'S HOME!!! AHH IM SO GLAD also a bit pissed because the new boss fight is honestly a bit hard but it also very rarely drops the anemo shard things so we need to farm 2 different bosses for him while other characters only ask for one
BUT IM SO GLAD I GOT HIM!!! For anyone wondering I had a 20 pity built already and 23k primos, got him on my 70th 10 pull and am back to 11k primos (also have another 20 pity built). Also got 4 Xinyan's, 3 Beidou's and 2 Diona's in the process.
Xiao's C1 sound really really nice and I want more Diona's so I'm wandering if I should keep going

Congratz on your Diluc, anon!!! I'm sure Xiao will bless you and come home too!!

No. 125491

File: 1612339141057.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.31 KB, 1280x720, ZBECPqk.jpg)

The narrator from the Collected Miscellanies is here


If your geovishap boss is cryo it helps to have pyro and electro characters. Electro characters slow them down.

No. 125496

File: 1612339798803.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 2239x1080, 4pnSSYN.jpg)

Dainsleif full outfit, another edgy Husbando.

No. 125498

File: 1612340725708.jpg (401.72 KB, 1544x1471, 1612338276364.jpg)

I'm honestly surprised he showed up so soon, I really expected him to only appear in a few years but I guess he'll act as sort of guide to us, like Paimon? I'm glad anyway that we have someone to save for!!

No. 125499

got Jean on my pity, I am so sad

No. 125500

Why is he so perfect? I need him.

No. 125525

New Barbara voice acting.. feelsbadman, spunky losing-her-voice from signing turned into moe uwu type

No. 125543

Im also going for Xiao as a f2p, i just did 50 pulls and still havent gotten him lol. I really hope i will be lucky and get him so im trying to grind for primogems. I hope you will get him as well!

>why is her skin purple
I think she is like a zombie or vampire?

Why did they change her voice lines? I really dont like the new voice she sounds very emotionless and boring

No. 125601

Should I roll for Xiao if I already have Venti coupled with Anemo Aether? Is there any point to it? Anemo is such a support element that I'm teetering on if I should actually drop my gems on him.

No. 125605

seems like they changed a few other characters' voice lines too. wonder why they'd go through the effort of that when the original ones sounded fine

No. 125618

File: 1612367073310.jpg (85.38 KB, 720x698, ec6be081396bdf3f2ea5049df55e62…)

His selling point is that he's fun as fuck to play and a cutie, if you're a metafag he might be a skip because his dps isn't groundbreaking. Feels balanced, like if Keqing was good.

No. 125775

They already have. Though Mona still holds the title of coomer queen.

No. 125831

>I think she is like a zombie or vampire?

I think she may be a vampire. One of her passive talents increases the party's movement speed by 10% but only from Dusk to Dawn and it only works in the over world iirc. It only works at night, so I'm thinking she may be a vampire. I hope she is.

No. 125839

2 extra Beidou's 1 extra Xinyan and… Mona.
Bleh, it's a five star so better than my FGO luck lately but this is why I can't take this game super seriously.
Also why does Xiaos skill have to drain his health. Hate that kind of min/max demerit stuff. He would be fun otherwise.

No. 125844

i'm always a slut for vamps so that'd be dope if she's confirmed for one. it'd also be a nice parallel to qiqi being a jiangshi.

No. 125867

I got Xiao first pull nbd but…. he kinda sucks lol. He can be strong but he dies a lot no matter how much you pile on the HP artifacts. I don't find him useful in exploring or with mobs/domains, he's just okay for bosses. Can't really combo a lot of reactions and can't take him without also having a healer in the party. He's alright but there are 4 stars better than him, there are others who can be stronger and don't die as easily. don't recommend pulling unless you're a fangirl. It's fun as hell dashing through the skies with his E though

No. 125874

They finally released the OSTs for the character demos.

No. 125893

File: 1612436763444.jpeg (23.85 KB, 701x438, images (21).jpeg)

Aiight I take back what I said about not recommending Xiao. Screw worrying about his hp. Build his atk/anemo damage and energy recharge, have your sturdier characters beat down bosses or mobs, then use his Q and spam his plunge attack as the grand finale. If he dies he dies lol. Still not the most useful or most powerful, but definitely the most fun. Highly recommended for those with already op characters and just want to have fun.

No. 125949

>not running the Xiao + Xingqiu + Albedo + Zhongli unkillable cockroach twink comp

No. 125964

>unkillable cockroach twink comp
I'm fucking dying anon

No. 126021

Mfw only have 3/4 wish I got albedo now

No. 126048

same for me anon, what would be a good replacement for albedo?

No. 126072

perhaps either geo mc or bennett? but with bennett there would be no point in using xingqiu over xiangling unless you need him to break a shield fast.

No. 126089

Bennett and Chongyun both have attack AOEs

No. 126137

Aww fug, and he's voiced by Tsuda Ken.

No. 126203

File: 1612539011971.jpg (67.14 KB, 828x749, 20210205_232715.jpg)

lol. guess their nationality. gachas have been a thing in asia for years and no ones ever acted like this.

No. 126218

Jesus fuck do these twittards have to justify everything to feel morally superior, just say you're angry you didn't get a prize in a game, who the hell is saying you're not "allowed to be upset

No. 126222

Nonnies, Hu Tao's idle animations leaked and they are so stinking cute!!!! I was planning on trying for C1 Xiao but actually I might wait and use the rest of my primos on her.

jesus, twitter sure does love virtuesignalling

No. 126231

File: 1612549090621.jpg (64.27 KB, 992x698, EsGf2QyXYAEaGk_.jpg)

Anons, I don't think you realize how much more tone-deaf and dumb this tweet truly is.
This drama started because people were sending death threats to users that rolled Xiao.

oh no… she is way too cute! I am saving for Dainsleif but if her playstyle is funny I'm definitely spending some primos on her.

No. 126237

Okay I'll try this game
Spoonfeed me guide to gittin gud please, I'm peasant with no money

No. 126239

File: 1612553281649.jpg (73.33 KB, 640x696, 53f97c028b25b217bfabd247ca5544…)

christ it's Raymond all over again, I don't think I can deal with this a second time.

No. 126240

Thanks for the advice! I might swap xingqui with xiangling for that atk boost then.

Omg her idle animation is so cute, i really dont know if should pull on her banner when she comes or save up for venti.

>This drama started because people were sending death threats to users that rolled Xiao.
This is why i avoid twitter kek

As a fellow peasant with no money i can give you a bit of advice.
Dont spend your gems on the perma or weapon banner. This means you wont get many 5 star weapons but tbh you dont need them.

Also dont bother grinding for artifacts till you get AR 45, this is because when you hit that level that chance of 5 star items dropping is higher.

For character builds i used this sheet https://tinyurl.com/genshinbuilds you can also ask advice on the official genshin discord if you need help with your team.

And last i would advice you to not focus to much on "tier lists" or what people claim is the meta. Imo every character can be good with the right build and team. The free characters you get are also pretty solid so just pull and build the characters you like anon!

No. 126242

Theres no pvp so theres literally no excuse for not going full waifuist and just focusing on the charas that appeal to you Except for venti that broken rent faire twink has a broken ass ult and overworld mechanic and basically can trivialize a lot of annoying parts of the game. You can't even get him right now but you should if they rerun the banner. Otherwise just do quests open boxes save gems. If you can spare 15$ the battle pass and the welkin pass make it easier to raise characters and roll but its not essential. Play on a desktop if you can. Theres a soft pity around 70-80 rolls so thats when you can expect to get a 5*, this can carry over between character rate ups but its not shared between the 3 banner types.

No. 126255

Obvious but if you don't get either Xiao or another 5 star character (that isn't Qiqi or Keqing) with the free wishes they give you at the beginning, make a new account and reroll. And don't waste resources on any of the free characters outside of Kaeya and MC. Lisa in particular is ass.

No. 126257

I'd be more into her if her english VA wasn't so horrible, and if she wasn't a 5 star… and if I didn't make the mistake of stumbling across her insanely cancerous subplebbit.

No. 126263

>1064 RTs
I'm wheezing, mento illness right there. American zoomers don't deserve gacha games.

>my smug face when I own Venti and he absolutely breaks the game in half over his cute twinky little leg
Nah but I agree, most characters are balanced enough to the point that you don't have to go full metafag and you can survive just fine with a full waifu/husbando party. I don't even bother with min/maxing shit I would in most games because it's single player and events are mostly errands, the only part where it would be beneficial would be spiral abyss but that's only for those who want to brag about their crit damage.

No. 126310

Play however you like anon, it's pretty easy even without min/maxing and there's no pvp so you don't have to gitgud. Really the bulk of it is chill exploration like Breath of the Wild but with more combat playstyles. If you want gacha currency just achievement hunt or do quests, it's honestly the most forgiving gacha I've played when it comes to collecting f2p currency. Even its only paid option is pretty cheap compared to most gachas

No. 126314

Anyone who desperately wants a character but doesn't save up 180 rolls is stupid. There are literal guarantees in this game.

No. 126324

Hopefully the brats will get bored of Genshin after another month or two and leave. Or they'll eventually start eating each other in a contest over who's the most woke like a retarded Ouroboros. Either way I just want them gone, I'm fucking sick of seeing ~discourse~ on my feed over how MHY obviously hates brown people because of Xinyan's dish description or whatever.

No. 126329

it's always the big fanbases that have the crazies.

No. 126330

you really don't need to spend money on this game. All the characters are fun and more events will give free characters.

No. 126332

File: 1612591658799.jpg (255.49 KB, 1000x625, erfwzIa.jpg)

The Zhongli buff is good, I have c0 zhongli but it's nice when the enemies get debuffed everytime I use his E.

No. 126346

File: 1612602783205.png (61.54 KB, 633x561, invibelle.PNG)

This. They knew Xiao was coming in early 2021 from the beginning so there's no excuse not to save up 180 rolls for him in case he's such an "important comfort character". I swear all of these people are playing baby's first gacha game and are just putting their own entitlement on display because they can't deal with disappointment. It's one thing to be salty about it but entirely another to make up all this bullshit about mental health and whatever.

>Hopefully the brats will get bored of Genshin after another month or two and leave.
Don't worry, they will. Their attention span never lasts for more than 6 months tops so they'll most likely find a new obsession soon enough. Honestly my favourite was the tweet chain claiming that Hilichurls are a racist depiction of indigenous people and Kaeya is a black kang victimized by the game calling him "exotic". Funny shit. For some reason these people are more than okay with the most coomer tier female characters though.

No. 126347

Wtf. I have so many questions. Aren't hillchurls based on BOTW enemies? What exactly was a ripoff about Zhongli? Which character was whitewashed???

No. 126349

I think the "whitewashing" part was regarding when Paimon made a joke that maybe Kaeya's skin is untanned under his eyepatch and if he took it off they could call him "pasty eye" or something. So yeah tanned characters are actually whitewashed characters and blah blah

No. 126352

Pls why are they implying the social media intern who's taking care of the twitter account is Mihoyo itself?? Like they fucking care

Yeah, but tbf according to lore Hilichurls are (probably) cursed humans from Kaeya's country. I can see how that's a little problematic but ehh BoTW did the exact same thing and no one even criticized it. I think it's a fair analysis tbh but crucifying mihoyo for it is fucking stupid

No. 126354

I don't know how it's a "fair analysis" to call Hilichurls to be some sort of a representation of indigenous people. The tribal behavior is just general primitive type of culture that could just as well be any society back during caveman times in bumfuck B.C. There's no reason to overanalyze it, especially seeing how it's just a ripoff of BoTW. Unless these people mean that indigenous people are literal cavemen which undeniably reeks of colonialism.

No. 126355

>Unless these people mean that indigenous people are literal cavemen which undeniably reeks of colonialism.

That's a really fair point, actually, anon, it's not like they represent any specific indigenous people at all but rather a primitive behavior. I didn't think about it like that lol

No. 126356

>rting incest art
KEK im assuming they're talking about the kaeya x diluc fan art. It's really funny how persistent they are in trying to claim that they're brothers, didnt the original chinese version say that they're "as close as brothers"? While Kaeya may have viewed Dilucs father as a parental figure they aren't related by blood, but its funny to see how many twitterfags are malding about this.

>What exactly was a ripoff about Zhongli?
I think they're complaining about Zhongli not being as "strong" on his first release and now he has gotten a buff. Which is very stupid because the devs said while his banner was still up they would give him a buff later so im not sure what part is actually a ripeoff.

No. 126364

This woke 15 year old discourse makes me prefer the reddit community, yes the reddit community, that's how bad the teen part of the fandom is.

Hilichurls are people turned into monsters so it stands to reason they've probably gotten an intelligence downgrade

Kaeya is adopted so yeah, no blood.

No. 126367

Ok this is lame but new player here, it's probably impossible to get to 180 rolls before Xiao gacha ends without whaling? How often do lim characters come back?

No. 126369

The first limited character is rumored to come back soon, around 6 months after release so… maybe 6 months? He should come back every year during the lantern rite at least

but if you're below ar 40, just reroll for him.

No. 126371

File: 1612624111672.jpeg (155.97 KB, 750x873, C807916C-2D25-4046-BAEB-070D7A…)

The pearl clutching in these threads is unreal. Don't make it the game's fault if you have an untreated gambling addiction, faggot. It's your responsibility and your responsibility alone to put a limit on yourself so you aren't tempted to throw money at something that has a pity system and rerun banners and a dozen other good characters you can pick from. The game is built to tempt you into making purchases, but that's why you're supposed to practice self control so you don't need to rely on others telling you no.

No. 126372

File: 1612624675575.png (1.9 MB, 1132x2262, 1612623559467.png)

why the fuck did mihoyo decide to give us 2 fragile resin a week instead of actually doing anything to improve the resin system? having to wait 3 months to fight a boss and then getting 2 drops and some four star artifacts once you finally do is sludge

No. 126381

They don't want to improve to to where we are all happy

No. 126382

I don't think it's impossible but I'm not sure it's worth it because you'd have to speedrun the whole game basically and that's a LOT of stuff, like I'm AR 49 and I'm still not done with all the content of the game yet. I think rerolling would be less time consuming than that, anon, there are a few guides on it on YouTube, but basically just remember to use your gems on the Xiao rate-up and not on the beginners wish one.

No. 126393

It's obvious that this is the first gacha game for a ton of twitter kids and they're absolutely appalled at the thought of not immediately receiving everything they want. I've played gacha games for nearly a decade and never put in more money than what my strict budget allowed, it sucks that you don't get your favourite character but they'll always come back later. Most people in general know not to waste their month's salary on gacha. It's no different from collector's blind bags that have been a thing forever, now it's just a virtual form. Just wait for the rerun banner and play the game instead of moralfagging about muh underage gambling addiction why am I not guaranteed every limited character on my first roll waaahhh.

No. 126435

File: 1612656326873.jpg (21.45 KB, 350x250, some people have war in their …)

gringos are so fucking coddled lmfao

No. 126457

autistic rant but
I genuinely don't understand the whitewashing and ashy thing. Neither Kaeya or Xinyan are confirmed to be black. Kaeya seems SEA to me and I'm pretty sure Xinyan is just tan, like Nagatoro. They also try to claim Kaeya is supposed to be darker because "he was in the manga," but wouldn't the in game models and official portraits be the most accurate? Regardless, I've seen a lot of people edit them to be darker, which is weirder to me than when they blackwash white and Japanese characters. Like, rather than interpreting princess peach as black or some shit, it feels more like editing Obama to be darker because he isn't black enough. I'm used to normal twitter retardation, but something about it seems worse than usual

No. 126459

Cant believe I just watched a grown man say that he hopes Mihoyo will change the weapon banner, all while spending $500 on the weapon banner, making him one and people like him one of the reasons they'll never change it.
Tfw no Wolf's Gravestone

No. 126463

>I genuinely don't understand the whitewashing and ashy thing. Neither Kaeya or Xinyan are confirmed to be black.
Whitewashing isn't exclusive to Black people?
Kaeya could be Native American. Xinyan could just be "tanned" but she was dark enough to get bullied about it in her lore.

No. 126466

File: 1612671509007.png (1.26 MB, 1800x1800, ehe.png)

bruh why not just invest in a prototype archaic or something instead. level it up enough and it more or less makes up for the difference in stars. tierfags are the literal worst

No. 126481

File: 1612677436156.png (1.59 MB, 1500x1684, illust_86012062_20201202_03332…)

Nta but archaic doesn't look anywhere near as bitchin as WGS. What are weapons but glorified accessories anyway?

No. 126578

you are right on both points, and gravestone looks baller as fuck. still, who actually pays attention to what weapon a player is carrying? when i play co-op the combat is too fast paced for me to notice what anyone else is doing besides how many numbers they're putting out

No. 126581

File: 1612724572767.png (1.49 MB, 1000x1446, 02yGVDZ.png)

Allegedly Rosaria can teleport. She better stay a 4-star.

No. 126585

Did childe just murdered all of zhongli’s friends? What a fucking monster.

No. 126587

wait till you see him flood liyue

No. 126625

Not like Keqing's teleport, just can teleport behind an enemy or something. Not very 5 to me. Her passive skills are pretty OP for a 4 though.

No. 126640

kaeya can teleport too. her shitty attack% ascension stat screams 4*, shame it's not physical%.

No. 126645

File: 1612759678065.jpg (922.12 KB, 1500x1500, Bennett.(Genshin.Impact).full.…)

Shoutout to Bennet, man this character is such a chad holy shit, I dont know how is he 4 star, my man Bennet carried my team during the 90 level boss fights. Man people are really sleeping on this character so underated. I love him I hope he gets a cool story arc someday

No. 126652

File: 1612766338574.jpg (30.29 KB, 753x458, WQu2JKJ.jpg)

Why are new-gen fans so stupid? People are sending death threats to barbara's VA like that would change anything.

No. 126653

Kaeya DPS carry has been looking good for a while

No. 126657

>tfw rolled jade winged spear on permanent banner a month ago
>rolled xiao on a 50/50
the tears of joy i have rn….

No. 126660

Based anon, he's been carrying my team since the beginning. I love him and hate how people don't understand his power. He's cute a hell too.

>People getting this worked up over the garbage English dub and not playing one of the superior Asian dubs

No. 126661

of course! Benny is pretty awesome man but his dialog is kinda sad, all the time I was hearing it, I was like "I'll be part of your adventure team, little man" he is such a precious boy. I hope they make him a story like they did with all the other characters but probably not… when you finish listening to his dialog you now understand why he has his abilities, he had to learn all of that since he was all on his own, he had to be his own healer and everything. Sorry I just love this character from his abilities to his dialog story. He can become quite powerful if you put the right weapon and artifacts. I simp for Benny!

No. 126682

File: 1612784575787.jpeg (75.87 KB, 749x399, F2F8727A-A70D-439B-9C6E-3E0FCD…)

I don’t know if I already got too used to the Japanese dub, but I just can’t stand the English dub, I tried playing with the English dub the first week I got the game and it was just so awkward, I particularly despise Paimon’s infernal screechings, that’s one of the voices that needs a change, I’m sure the VA can do better.

No. 126690

and kaeya is a cryo damage dealer not a physical damage dealer like rosaria. she'll still deliver some high greedy physical deeps since she has access to crescent pike.

No. 126706

>Man people are really sleeping on this character so underated
What? most people love and shill Bennett from what I've seen

No. 126728

On twitter they usually shit on him or say that he is weak and only f2p or broke people use him cuz he is "poor man's Diluc" which is bs tbh, Bennett is a pretty decent character.

No. 126731

File: 1612811042475.jpeg (67.24 KB, 618x391, 45C8B3F4-52B1-4409-81E6-495AD8…)

>tfw coomerbait mona gets a story quest but not best boy benny

No. 126735

? I've never seen anyone say this about Bennett. People say things like that about Xinyan, Amber, and Qiqi but it's true for them.

No. 126750

>5 star gets story quest before 4 star
story quests are there to get people to roll for characters.
people used to say this when the game first came out but now he's "S tier". Amber, Kaeya, Lisa and Xinyan still get bashed

No. 126756

Kaeya doesn't get bashed at all he's constantly pushed as the best free character and one of the best freeze comp characters.

I can't ever listen to the Japanese dubs because they make everyone sound like kids

No. 126762

could just be the circles i'm in but i've seen more people complain about kaeya haters than actual kaeya haters themselves. not saying they aren't out there ofc, and it was probably way more prominent when the game first came out

No. 126777

File: 1612818875007.jpg (157.95 KB, 1200x1200, EpURO-zW8AAKD1_.jpg)

I'm ESL so I don't even have a sentimental attachment to English dubs or the need to have it all spoken to me since I can read so I alternate between the Japanese and Chinese dubs, they're both great.

I know anon. Bennett has one of the most engaging stories too, boy takes care of the elderly adventurers at the guild is almost at death's door when he gets recognized by Gods and gets his vision. Mihoyo please give him a story quest I'm begging. Fuck waifus they didn't suffer like he did.

No. 126779

File: 1612819541906.jpg (129.37 KB, 596x508, Bnntt_GI.jpg)

Being Benny is suffering! Yes he deserves all the good in the world, man I have a feeling if he ever gets a story quest its going to be sad, from being an orphan to being rejected by everyone in his adventure team abandoning him, hopefully he has a good conclusion.

No. 126780

What I've found is..
Meta game circles where the players are mostly older teens+ who know how to build characters - Kaeya good, freeze comp
Younger teen circles with casual players - you're sleeping on Kaeya!!

No. 126853

Hu Tao fighting animation.

No. 126867

Her animations are a bit disappointing? But I guess after Zhongli and Xiao a lot of spear users' animations won't seem so cool.

Also about leaks
we are getting a new talking companion! :^) I'm happy I didn't pick the blue seelie cause they would look too similar

No. 126870

her landing pose for the plunge attack is dope and i like how she comes to a stop after her charged attack. even if they're a little underwhelming compared to other spear users the animations still have lots of personality and it's cute as hell

No. 126882

>On twitter

No. 126883

Understandable since most people will only be using her E. I don't know why they'd bother making her normal attacks look fancy when you'll barely see them.

No. 126890

You do realize her E works like keqing's E, chongyun's E, etc i. e. pyro enchanted normal and charged attacks right? The only difference appearance wise will be her weapon glows orange.

No. 127201

And the way to get event currency this time is basically a tower defence minigame…. for fucks sake, I don't play games that make you plan shit like that for a reason.

No. 127222

File: 1613045150946.jpg (90.27 KB, 1100x1085, IMG_20210208_185324.jpg)

It isn't difficult at all just spam pyro and electro towers, then look at the upcoming waves and change pyro for hydro if the enemies are pyro slimes or smth. You can also build towers and destroy them WHILE you're playing, no need to wait for the waves to end. Also, you can knock enemies over (only the small ones) or shove them around to stop them from moving forward, I recommend spear users for that.

That's what I did and got to upgrade the towers to max lvl after I played 8-9 times.

No. 127305

Hating characters because of their fanbase is stupid. I needed to say this somewhere.

No. 127322

Playing it together with someone makes it easier. I mostly placed cryo and electro towers and if it was a cryo enemy i just replaced it with pyro. Your characters can still give the enemies elemental substats, so what you can do as example is use barbara to make the enemies wet and then use kaeya to freeze them. This makes it very easy for the towers to attack them since they will be stuck. You can also use geo mc and use the elemental attack to block their way.

No. 127361

File: 1613077193805.jpeg (485.08 KB, 1561x2032, B6B4A6BA-8842-4106-A70D-E68D6C…)

What specifically got you heated anon?

No. 127369

I normally hate those too but this event is so fucking fun in co op, way better than the boring combat challenges the last few had.

No. 127383

Xiao fans are toxic as hell, speaking as someone who likes xiao

No. 127396

So far you don't really need to do much, it's quite easy imo. Level up mechani, place electro and fire ones around. When a character gets hit with electro slap them with water using Barbara. And remember you can break characters shields yourself with a claymore user and a pyro character for ice shields. Or you could ask someone from here to do it for you in co op lol.

No. 127397

Just general 'I liked this character until they got popular and their fanbase got annoying' shit. It's fine to not like a character obviously, but disliking a character purely because of their fanbase is odd to me. And hipsters are always annoying.

No. 127423

File: 1613112080586.jpeg (246.8 KB, 1400x1600, E743A357-DF0B-4CA4-A08D-ED2D0D…)

between that and the constant xiao hype that's been flooding my feed for like a month i'm honestly getting pretty tired of hearing about him. he's a cool character but after the death threat debacle i'm ready to move on

No. 127430

What are y'all doing with your fragile resins from the bp? With seeing how Xiao needs character ascension mats from a boss that released at the same time as him, I decided I'm saving them for future similar situations. Even though I'm not affected since I didn't care about him, it still sort of made me realize planning ahead for a character won't always be possible. Besides that, I'd just get dogshit artifacts from them anyway

No. 127432

File: 1613118009418.jpg (38.45 KB, 564x470, fdd527fbde99d2cac5acdc1ac3f552…)

Artifacts are pretty much determining your character's stats so they're the most beneficial to put actual effort into, sure the stats they give are completely arbitrary but I've gotten some ridiculously powerful ones that made a huge difference. Bosses are only good for ascension materials which you don't really need unless you have a new character you need to get to the level of the rest of the party. I guess spare a few for a rainy day and just spend the rest of them on artifact farming hell.

No. 127437

Why did he even become so ridiculously popular? Like he's cute and interesting but what about him exactly warrants such a huge obsessive fanbase? I don't get it. With Venti I understood the hype since he's actually fun, engaging, and unorthodox with the whole femboy thing. Is it because of the tortured yaksha lore that makes mentally ill twitter themlets cling to him?

No. 127441

You answered your own question fam

I don’t get it either but if I had to guess, it could be because his story of trauma resonates with many survivors or hyperfixations just being werid. I never got comfort characters as a concept especially when it’s used to harass others for petty headcanons and the like.

No. 127444

I got Xiao but I still don't know shit about the story because I just finished the Mond arc (maybe) but anyway I just wanted to say that I love that picture anon.

No. 127460

More Hu Tao fighting animation, weapon, and elemental skill. Looks cute but I'm definitely skipping her banner.

No. 127462

that's what I do, after blowing the 100~ resin I have when I first log in on artifact dungeons and getting shit luck with those I usually give and blow a fragile resin for a couple more runs (and always have more shit luck on those…)

No. 127466

>staff of homa is going to be zhongli's best in slot no matter how you build him
>it isn't ugly
>second weapon is wolf's gravestone
I promised myself I would never fall for weapon banner bait but omg

No. 127477


same, anon. i'm torn between switching diluc for xiao. i've been using him for so long…

No. 127602

just use both anonnie. it's good to have 2 carries for abyss! i already have a lv90 klee but i've…already leveled xiao to 83 and his weapon to 90 KEK. i'm insane

No. 127604

File: 1613208311607.jpg (Spoiler Image,263.74 KB, 4096x2666, 33xYeYT.jpg)

new pet event

No. 127605

File: 1613208501213.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.45 KB, 543x866, eoK2yW1.jpg)

scrotes are loosing their minds over this design change

No. 127606

i thought people said this leak is fake? Why would they bother suddenly changing her breast size? I mean it will probably look better if they did reduce it because i can just imagine how goofy it will look with the chest animation if they keep the super bige size. It would be very weird if they did make this change tho because dont they want horny guys to pull for her?

No. 127608

I don't get what's wrong with small tits. Maybe if they didn't make the girls have shapeless unathletic bodies it wouldn't be such a problem but idk

No. 127609

doesn't stop people from getting mad about it.

No. 127632

I guess it’s time to become an animal hoarder.

No. 127674

is this supposed to be a little cosplay seelie or something? what is it dressed as? i’m still so sad i missed the OG pet seelie event but i’m not sure how i feel about this one

No. 127676

its a baby oceanid seelie <3

No. 127723

File: 1613269581855.jpg (121.08 KB, 731x1000, 1612338020072.jpg)

Is anyone else a bit disappointed with the story aspect of this event?? Like, the NPC quests are fun and cute, specially the one where we help the little girl make a lantern for her crush but that's it…? Mona and Albedo's event had constant story cutscenes that would release now and then and they all were interesting in comparison to this.

this, less gigantic boobs and more muscular girls!!

it's so cute, I can't wait. Xiao looks a bit weird with the pink seelie so I hope this one looks better with him

No. 127732

File: 1613274553239.jpeg (24.62 KB, 406x407, E2A06386-4460-45FF-A0B9-D8D163…)

anyone else having problems with theater mechanicus' co-op? it's almost like there's a new glitch every day and it sucks because i like playing it with other people

No. 128096

i see it now! it’s so much cuter now i know what i’m looking at, i’m excited to get one!

i’m playing on PS and i’ve not had problems but my friends who play on PC have mentioned they’ve been having issues. hope the issues sort themselves out soon for you!

No. 128109

Where? So many anons here speak of so many things I don't even know about. Surely you're browsing twitter mostly used by teenagers.

uwu bad angwy tsundere boys with sad backstories are always popular. Look at Levi and Corpse Husband's popularity, they seem to be those types of people.

No. 128113

File: 1613436830289.jpg (165.47 KB, 1308x736, 63feab81795149fcfe3f3ffec520c7…)

New spiral abyss floor 12 is fucked, literally just having to decide which team wins the custody battle over Zhongli alone is giving me a headache

No. 128114

>uwu bad angwy tsundere boys with sad backstories are always popular. Look at Levi and Corpse Husband's popularity, they seem to be those types of people.
he's a sasuke, people always hype sasukes up.

No. 128229

this but with Bennet, seriously he is a fucking champ I put shit characters with him and he is able to take the whole thing by himself, c4 Bennet is the best Bennett

No. 128232

There's rumors circulating that Inazuma isn't until September. At the time everyone thought Hu Tao would come after Xiao, there was a person who leaked Keqing would be it instead. He also predicted what 4* would be on her banner. Now he's the one claiming Inazuma will be September and Sumeru will be november. Furthermore, there was an old roadmap leaked that also had Inazuma for 2.0 around September. If this is all true, the only new area we'll be getting in between is the chasm in 1.5. People are trying to debunk this by saying there's no way they'd make the wait so long when they're trying to retain players, but that seems pretty flimsy reasoning. Imo, there's quite a supporting it won't be until then actually

Anyway, I hope crowns become less scarce in the near future. I'm getting to a point where most of the characters I use are at talent lvl 9 (or 12 with constellations). I've already used all 4 of the crowns and need 3 more. Even worse is I want to save back 3 for a future character

No. 128256

>Even worse is I want to save back 3 for a future character
who? which characters you using all those crowns on

No. 128342

File: 1613551822685.jpg (31.11 KB, 563x550, 03a5e312e2fb47c06b3e2fbb611822…)

>Inazuma isn't until September
Jesus christ, are they really expecting people to stick around with no new archon quests and roaming through Mondstadt and Liyue for a year with no variety? This is such a depressing thought tbh, I can't see myself just grinding dailies for months on end all year.

No. 128419

I've seen some people claiming that venti will be coming soon so i decided that i will skip both keqing and venti's banner. Im to lazy to actually try and find out if this is actually true but i really dont want to miss venti again.

>Inazuma will be September and Sumeru will be november.

Whait how can it be we have to wait so long for Inazuma but we will get Sumeru so soon after or does he mean that we will get that the year after?

No. 128437

september is an insane amount of time to wait, wtf. why would it even take that long to release it? genuinely what do they expect us to do in the meantime? this event has been fun, but it's starting to get a little bit tedious since it's pretty monotonous. the news about the banners is boring too.

maybe it's just me being a mega autist as usual, but i started the game about a month ago and i just finished the most recent main story quest last night (assuming meeting dain is the most recent story quest, anyway). if that's the norm for most new players who can play daily for an hour or two, then what do they expect both new and old players to do between now and september?

No. 128438

also samefriend but does anyone have good sources to go to/follow for leaks? i've only ever seen leaks through shitty youtube accounts that don't source their leaks, and i never know where to look.

No. 128451

I'm sure that in the meantime they might pop some random events or maybe reruns of other characters (hopefully they do a rerun on venti)

No. 128467

I've heard the keqing, ganyu, and hu tao discords always stay on top of leaks, if you can stomach being around a bunch of insufferable moids. @Lumie_lumie and @genshin_intel on twitter post most of them too.

No. 128468

File: 1613593027167.jpg (302.24 KB, 1200x839, 86997610_p26_master1200.jpg)

yup, keqing mains is on top of leaks and keep an archive of them. Their lore channel is also very good. The difference in discussion there and in the official discord is like night and day.

No. 128469

nta but even if they do, it will get boring after a while since events last for a bit too long and get monotonous after a few days. they should at least introduce new overworld mechanics and give us more ways to interact with existing charas in game since that is why a lot of people are even still playing.

i've heard rumors about mihoyo mass hiring new staff and hope it's true because the current pace is too slow.

No. 128475

thank you nonnies, this is exactly the kind of stuff i was looking for!

No. 128495

File: 1613602449933.jpeg (114.48 KB, 749x583, 92E581D3-B988-4B24-A222-22F6B6…)

Is my computer retarded, am i retarded, or did the xiao banner just disappeared?

No. 128503

his banner is over kek ciao

can't wait for him to be a bitch to me and plan to publicly execute people who have problematic energy at the next lantern rite

No. 128504

Same thing spooked me with the Keqing banner, I went to see if it was there, no. Went to see when it was out, thing said 5pm, it had just turned 5, went to wish page, voila she's there

No. 128529

File: 1613607992035.png (463.22 KB, 666x680, Es84-aMVoAE653o.png)

Mfw I pull him five hours before his banner ended when I wasn't even gunning to get him because I already have to work on like three other characters' builds right now. Meanwhile people were going into the red trying to get this sad nigga hours twink.

No. 128597

The latern event was kinda disappointing tbh. I was expecting to see alot of liyue characters and interacting with them but instead it was just mostly random npcs. Idk i guess i was just expecting more i hope the next event will have more playable characters in the story

No. 128600

Wish when we "invited" one of the Liyue 4 stars we got a little screenshottable moment of them with our character

No. 128601

It was nice to see emo-cat-boy amazed by the lanterns. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for lame npc interactions, it was nice to make random errands to help them around and know a bit more about them.
But I think what
Said would’ve made the event amazing, it would’ve been nice to see the character we invited hanging out with our traveler at some stall or something.

No. 128604

Do* not make, I’m slow.

No. 128625

It felt lazy, like they didn't bother to change anything from the beta lantern rite shown almost a year ago. Zhongli, god of liyue turned reverse sugar daddy, doesn't do anything besides skip work to suck his own dick in front of the locals… but even he never showed up? Ok.

No. 128628

Leaked Hu Tao gameplay. Her attacks are so aesthetic but I'm skipping her banner.

No. 128764

Yeah I kinda agree I was expecting a love story between Xiao and the other adepti or something, cuz Xiao didn't wanted to go to the festival and he only made the "too many people" excuse but I thought there would be a deeper meaning or something. The graphics were very beautiful tho.

No. 128769

File: 1613779618236.jpg (Spoiler Image,595.37 KB, 4096x2259, 3LJ24NE.jpg)

New boss; Abyss Herald. I'm starting to think that lumie and AeEntropy are hired by mihoyo to build up hype.
All I got from his story quest was that he was felt disconnected from humans.

No. 128776

That Abyss Herald looks hot

No. 128788

would like to see dainsleif get fucked by at least two of them

No. 128791


it looks like a warframe character

No. 128804

Nonas… please never change.

Ooh I like it but also I'm very surprised. It's design doesn't look very 'anime' to me? It gives me lotr and dragon age vibes but I'm not complainin.

No. 128810

Tell me about it, anon. Loved the theater mechanicus minigame but I was driven mad by the amount of stupid, repetitive errand quests for useless NPCs with no mention about all the already established characters in Liyue. I get that they wanted the event to be accessible for new players who had just started the game and haven't played through the Archon storyline yet but come on, in order to even have access to Liyue and knowing about Xiao you'd have to have some amount of knowledge about the lore. The Dragonspine storyline had Albedo, Rosaria and Sucrose play a part and the Meteor event had Mona, Scaramouche and Fischl, why did this huge, hyped up lantern festival have only Xiao? Who barely appeared because he kept telling us to fuck off?

Also this, we barely learned anything new about Xiao. Yeah he feels bad about his yaksha friends dying and him having to ~walk the earth alone and bear all the sins of people of Liyue~ and whatever but nothing to really expand upon.

anon I hope you're aware that you just planted this thought in my head and it will never leave until it's met

No. 128970

File: 1613946887288.jpg (217.74 KB, 781x714, Screenshot_20210221-232957_Sam…)


They changed Rosarias chest and she honestly look alot better imo but ofcourse you have angry coomers who are mad that her chest is now smaller even tho her previous chest had alot of clipping issues and will look ridiculous during fighting. I tried to make a good screen for the anons who dont want to bother to look at the video.

No. 128990

Feels like they've stopped trying as hard, we learnt tonnes about Fischl and story important lore but recently Ganyu's quest was just lame and Xiao is forever just an edgy boi. If there was any important lore I missed it because of all the dialogue I skipped, and I usually love lore

Really hoping this is 100% and stays the same because her chest was just silly. Signora has large boobs but it works because of her outfit, Rosaria's paper thin outfit just looked like hentai.

No. 128996

File: 1613959662909.png (727.55 KB, 1050x656, illust_87297867_20210217_21413…)

>Ganyu's quest was just lame
seriously that was the worst, there are daily comissions more fun and enriching than that story quest. idgaf that bolai and the guy who sells me shrimp don't pay their taxes… if they had the courteousy to push all that crap onto lisa off screen in jean's quest why make us suffer through 20 minutes of it for real with an even more bland booba?

No. 128997

If they mess up Hu Tao's story quest I'm shooting up Mihoyo headquarters

No. 129000

File: 1613961451167.png (3.81 MB, 3160x2343, 87592859_p0.png)

i really am hoping this is just a writing slump they're going through and they aren't actually losing momentum. the characters are one of my favourite sticking points of genshin because most of them are so endearing and it's sad to see the writers relying on entry level tropes like this

No. 129022

File: 1613980590471.jpeg (79.73 KB, 800x443, Euz2HADXUAE-20h.jpeg)

A China-only collab between Genshin and KFC leaked where whoever orders the meal in the pic gets a code for the glider in game. The glider is so pretty, I'm jealous.

No. 129035

They have so many interesting characters i dont understand why they lately dont seem to use them. Even if they use the logic that they dont want to show any 5 stars because of the rarity they have they can atleast let the 4 star characters appear more in the stories. For example during the latern event they could show Xiangling and give us a mission to help her with a food cart and show us other characters from Liyue and let us help them instead of those npcs we dont care about.

No. 129088

This I want a fricking Bennett story pls mihoyo he needs one. Honestly and they should make kaeya a 5 star seriously he is really good his stats are pretty good as well seriously he is 5 star character

No. 129092

File: 1614019423835.jpeg (55.97 KB, 342x389, A3DD4CE0-45C2-46E9-89C3-D4F441…)

>tfw I will never have a kfc bucket with a picture of Diluc
Why live?

No. 129093

hilarious. missed a good opportunity to make the "i will have order" meme come full circle by using zhongli as the promo character though

No. 129100

>they should make kaeya a 5 star
All the genshin characters can be OP with the right build, team comp and artifacts, for some you need to put a bit more effort into like Amber. But i understand what you mean, Ningguang, Bennet and Xingqiu are also very strong 4 star characters since you also dont have to put a lot of effort into them for them to be good.
5 star characters are pretty much 5 stars because they're just rare to get, you really don't need any 5 stars to play the game comfortably.

kek that would be so funny

No. 129129

There is a pretty big difference in substats, like I got Razor and Ning who I have put a lot of work into, and a Ganyu I've put minimal work into and Ganyu just wrecks everything (except cryo slimes n that wolf)

No. 129157

I wish that we could go inside more buildings, it makes the world feel much more immersive even if they don't serve much purpose. For example, going inside Diona's bar and seeing her work there! Or just having more of the actual characters around, like other anons suggested.

No. 129158

Honestly the buildings we can currently go into are not fun places, really plain with not alot to do. I get it's a overworld exploration BOTW type but they haven't grasped that BOTW was not very character driven, at least when compared to Genshin.

No. 129162

i was wondering when genshin would target the moe blob market.

No. 129178

I wish the companion characters would be around a lot more to begin with. Like none of them hang around the overworld, you can't go talk to them and only see them during one-time quests. It's stupid, they have so many characters I would be really invested in learning more about or just seeing standing around being there.

No. 129192

It would be amazing if we could explore buildings, maybe not all of them, but at least a few. And that we could have a room in both hotels, in Liyue and Mondstadt, it could be part of the rewards for saving their asses! Or a reputation reward, I just want my characters to stop sleeping in the wilderness. ;_;

No. 129242

i just hit AR40 and unlocked the four story quests for zhongli, childe, ganyu, and albedo - which story quest should i go for first? i'm trying to slow down wrt story quests because they're over so fast and i'm running out of shit to do, so i'm gonna try and get through these a lot more slowly!

No. 129269

i love this game so much. the music, the characters, the story, the world. first game since my childhood that i feel like i'm really immersed and in love with. even though i'm AR55 and have many built characters, i always find something to do, something to get lost in for a couple hours, despite the hellscape that is this world right now. the music is incredible, and i hope to one day go to a symphony to hear all of it in person
this game really touched my heart anons! and i thought i was going to hate it for being cringy weeb bait at first, told all my friends that, and i ended up being one of the only ones sticking with the game kek. i can't wait for the future updates and to see what it becomes in the future
sage for blog, you guys are the only ones who may understand

No. 129288

>implying they haven't already w klee, diona, barbara, and qiqi

No. 129296

lolicons are different from moe blobs

No. 129298

You can do them in any order! Personally I found the Zhongli and Childe ones the most interesting. Ganyu's started out fine but got boring after a while. And honestly I do not remember Albedo's.

Adorable, anon. I understand. Who are your favourite characters?

No. 129303

File: 1614124565290.jpeg (181.23 KB, 749x1057, 3ED5DD69-25E7-4A59-9D69-DA82CE…)

I know right! I’ve never been this much into a game since final fantasy tactics, this game has pushed all of the right buttons for me. I also love the music, like the world, lore and the characters specially how the husbandos are so hot and interesting I hope the game goes on for a long time, so I can enjoy it even more.

No. 129304

Same! Seriously this game is my crack, you don't even need to spend money to have a good time, those who spend only do it because they want the best characters but seriously this game is a really good game and it's free thats the best thing, I still havent gotten bored of it.

No. 129329

gameplay wise: xiao, klee, and xingqiu
character story wise: xiao, childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, ningguang, jean
just pure retardation that i love: bennett, klee (they are both just so stupid and i love them so much lol)
i hope we get a female character who has kind of a tortured soul background like xiao and childe have. their stories made me cry kek
this cutscene also made me cry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vssRPWWy61A
so amazing. it's the cutscene from leonard, where you learn about the backstory of the gliders. watch it if you skipped it in game cause it was so perfect ♥
i think i could write about the things i love in this game forever tbh..it's just so amazing. it makes me so happy.
i'm so glad there's others who feel the same love towards the game too! the husbandos being interesting and deep is so nice too. it's done the same for me, everything about it just feels so perfect, there's always something to do and it just feels so comfy to play, i'm so glad i gave it a chance

No. 129330

>i hope we get a female character who has kind of a tortured soul background like xiao and childe have. their stories made me cry kek
Rosaria looks very angsty.

No. 129334

Coomerish features of her design aside, the moment I saw Rosaria I gasped because she looks like she must be really interesting story-wise, I really hope she does get some angsty backstory, that would make this game a huge 100/10 to me.
she somehow reminds me of Trinity Blood and Gankutsuou, which is great

No. 129364

File: 1614158199455.jpg (286.66 KB, 1500x1000, 1612601716547.jpg)

I would leave Albedo for last because it involves a bit of exploration of Dragonspine and it's just easier to do the others first and then spend your sweet time exploring Dragonspine slowly.

Anon, I completely understand!! Also, another thing I feel like people sleep on in the game is that the world quests (the NPC ones) are actually pretty great and tragic?? Like, specially in Liyue I got really into these narratives like the little girl who fell into the river, or the boy who lost both his parents in a war and the entire ghost town that just ended up killing each other over greed. It's just a bunch of nice details in world building that I really liked.

No. 129381

agreed, the world quests in liyue are especially something else. this game is so fascinating because once you get past the shiny anime veneer it has a lot of lore that's just. downright depressing. venti is probably an alcoholic because of his archon war trauma, bennett tries (and imo fails) to keep his existential depression away with optimism, qiqi is a little girl who was a civilian casualty during a battle, etc. the trope subversion is one of the reasons why this game got me hooked

No. 129382

Bennett is probably the most tragic playable character so far and I fucking hate that he has no story quest. I don't give a fuck about Mona being broke or Klee blowing shit up, I want to learn more about him.

No. 129384

Inb4 Rosaria is just really dedicated to whatever job she has and dislikes jokes while on the job. Pls no

No. 129394

fucking same! Our boy Benny needs a story quest for sure. Before anyone says "he is not a 5 star" there's plenty others who are 4 star characters that have a story quest like Lisa, Kaeya, xiangling and so on. it's Benny's time to shine, mihoyo please make it happen!

No. 129398

File: 1614183735927.jpeg (100.83 KB, 1280x720, EA9145A8-5F18-4A61-A44D-08FA54…)

>nightmare mode
Rosaria hates jokes just because she has a loud as fuck laugh and she feels awkward about it because it doesn’t fit her stern image.
If something like that were to happen, I would go out on a trip to Mihoyo’s quarters so I can go to their boss’s office and ask why while holding a picture of Rosaria.

No. 129401

God I just hate that fucking coomer pose. Why. She could've been so much cooler.

No. 129405

i think he's so tragic because his backstory is so simple. lots of people either know someone who hides years of pain with a cheerful exterior or they are that someone. bennett resonates with fans because he comes from a very real place instead of this big pile of theatric angst like xiao or diluc

No. 129406

I wanted to find some cute fanart or silly fanart, but all I found was coom.

No. 129460

Where is this in the game?? I don't remember this at all and I make sure to not skip any lore or dialogue

No. 129462

Samefag, nvm. I didn't do the stars event because it costed resin ehe.

I hope she'll have an interesting backstory. I wonder if she'll be rather involved in the next mondstadt event. Ludi something.

No. 129468

No. 129516

>because it costed resin
??? For doing it you got a free fischl, primos, and the shop had better stuff than what you get in domains, it was worth it

No. 129544

Have any of y'all experienced the issue with Genshin asking people to pay again for something already paid for or your account will be deleted for negative balance? It happened to one of my friends and seems to be happening to quite a few others online as well.

No. 129547

No, never happened and I also don't know someone who had that issue.

No. 129551

File: 1614289161147.jpg (117.35 KB, 854x1068, EuqovX3VkAEnSXl.jpg)

Nope, neither I nor my friends had that issue.
Only have heard of that happening to people who bought accounts or tried to buy primogems from second-hand sites.

No. 129554

i don't get people who buy primos secondhand. do those scam sites offer some kind of discount or something?

No. 129581

Yes they do, something like $80 instead of $100. Some are legit because they work with the app developers, Mihoyo obviously doesn't work with them because they don't need to offer a discount, people will buy anyway.

No. 129592

File: 1614310743314.jpeg (217.99 KB, 750x1083, 79A9FE89-223A-4585-863B-50ACE3…)

can't believe mhy is paying this tard to va, english dub stay losing lmao

No. 129599

Why are English VAs always so goddamn embarrassing? Like imagine Japanese VAs getting suckered into fandom identity politics and sperging about it on their social media. It would never happen. Why is she calling Paimon a "they" anyway, has she headcanoned her as a twans nonbinary pixie kween or something?

No. 129600

lmaooo sure its gross but in the end its not illegal or hurts anyone because no actual child is being exploited or abused, the current wokey crowd doesnt get that though and never will, its lines on paper you faggots

No. 129603

come on, anon, are you seriously trying to defend freaking paimon porn? lol i understand that twitter sjws are annoying, specially with the kaeya and diluc pearl clutching but paimon looks like a toddler that shit is just weird

No. 129609

why does she call Paimon a they isn't Paimon a girl?

No. 129610

I think because the va goes by them/them? Idk maybe she believes she really is paimon or something and thats why she uses those pronouns. Paimon porn is tbh weird i will give her that but i dont think its literally cp. I always thought paimon was more of some kind of fairy and thats why she's small?

No. 129622

nta but im not defending bc im into it, but you gotta be realistic, its not illegal and nothing can be done about it existing or being made besides curating your own experience by blocking it from your feed

i didnt know she was an enbyfag lmaooo so cringe cant wait for this cringe phase in history to be seen the way emo is today

No. 129625

Paimon porn is gross but a voice actor having a public meltdown about it is embarrassing. You could handle it with professionality and say "Please do not tag me in nsfw images" but that amount of spergery is just stupid.

No. 129646

I get that it’s gross to see anime porn of basically kids, but going full retard screeching
Like an idiot is just so, either performative or genuinely mental. Then again, people will respect her more for being an enby and screeching than for maturely telling people to not tag her on weird shit just because she happens to badly do the voice of a Chinese videogame character.

No. 129653

what did she say that's wrong? paimon looks like a floating baby, she's right.

>nta but im not defending bc im into it, but you gotta be realistic, its not illegal and nothing can be done about it existing or being made besides curating your own experience by blocking it from your feed
It's already illegal in places like the UK. There's nothing unrealistic about it.
Out of all the things you can bash a Voice Actress for this is not one of them.

No. 129655

People getting more riled up about anti-pedo tweets than actual pedos. Pathetic. These anti-woke people are almost as dumb as the "wokies" they bash.

No. 129689

Speaking of pedos, a pretty well known Genshin YouTuber named Emmory is a suspicious lolicon. I joined his sever out of curiosity and it's clear there's many underage girls in there that are his fans, yet he complains that no one from the server had sent him nudes yet. Even if that was a joke, saying shit like that when you know there are young people in your server who are fans is very odd to me. And of course, he loves Qiqi and Klee a little too much. He mentioned somewhere that he likes lolis because he found hentai at a young age when he was small so he naturally searched up hentai of small girls yet never grew out of it. He says he's not into real life little girls because lolis 'have the body of a child, but not the mind' even though Klee obviously has a child mind whatever the fuck that means. It's all in his server.

No. 129697

>He says he's not into real life little girls
suuure. soon enough the grooming accusations from girls in this server will start, just you watch anon, it's never just a "joke" with these creeps

No. 129699

Reading the ludi harpastum wiki today left me a bit disturbed

>Under their reign, Ludi Harpastum was transformed into an event enjoyed only by the wealthy elites. The head of the Lawrence Clan, the foremost clan among the aristocracy, cared not for the enjoyment of the people and canceled all the games, leaving only the climax of the harpastum. However, only Lord Lawrence's son, Barca Lawrence, had the right to touch that harpastum. Anyone else who dared even approach the ball would immediately face torture. Furthermore, Barca was also given the rights to take the maiden who will throw the harpastum home.

Did they imply rape here?

No. 129702

>Did they imply rape here?
more like an arranged marriage

No. 129727

It's actually outright implied (they all but directly say and show it) that he does rape them. It's said in the first chapter of the webcomic (with Vanessa)

No. 129733

File: 1614383248060.jpg (509.86 KB, 1080x1349, 1613896944133.jpg)

Yeah a lot of disturbing stuff happens on the lore Mihoyo likes to put in their games on purpose, Genshin is def going to get darker as we go on story wise

No. 129737

Rosaria fighting animation, I like that is her hits look heavier than Xiangling's.

No. 129768

Hu Tao teaser, her character reminds me of edgy vocaloids

No. 129776

She's so cute! Knew she worked at a funeral parlour but I dunno just kinda bored of female characters who's entire personalities revolve around their jobs. Hopefully, she gets more in her quest, maybe something spooky.

No. 129800

File: 1614417478871.png (371.57 KB, 634x984, 310D264D-B262-4EBA-8080-0BAE74…)

>her character reminds me of edgy vocaloids

No. 129802

No. 129804

Samefag, but if you skip to 2:44, I feel like the translated quotes give us hints about what the future regions/archons may be about. In every excited to go to the academy in Sumeru.

No. 129865

File: 1614459526209.jpg (1.36 MB, 1200x1600, ven.jpg)


No. 129873

My sucrose is fukin decked out in my cool Venti Artifacts

No. 129887

File: 1614470795875.png (55.38 KB, 577x501, tumblr_a5e2649aa6a91d4139434db…)

Anon, but that was exactly what she did at first and people kept ignoring her so she made that post.

No. 129889

File: 1614471138109.jpg (136.03 KB, 1080x1061, tumblr_f186e9ecc09bf32ca6a9e30…)

Samefagging to also add in that apparently she's a CSA survivor and now scrotes are flooding her with lolicon art. Regardless of her special snowflake bullshit I dont get how anyone would side with the pedos in this?

No. 129896

>Oversharing on your professional twitter account
>Getting involved in retarded fandom discourse and politics
>Going on huge spergouts over cartoon porn
>Actually including B L M on your twitter handle and unironically using they/them pronouns like a white upper middle class zoomer despite being at least close to her 40s, her exact age isn't known because she had a massive meltdown over people asking how old she is and how it's literally oppression
Why are English dub voice actors cringe beyond belief? Imagine ever picking anything else than an Asian dub.

No. 129897

Victim blame someone getting harrassed because they called out pedos and then use it as an opportunity for a sub vs dub war. Why are some weebs so cringe beyond belief?

No. 129898

The motherfuckers into lolicon need to dance at Dallol without shoes, specially those that are unironically trying to justify using it with
>muh coping mechanism
Fucking. Fuck. Off.
I mean, it’s not a crime to want to be relatable to a fanbase, specially if that means she will be favored in case the company decides on picking a better voice actress for her role.

No. 129899

File: 1614475965628.jpg (170.26 KB, 850x1170, KdDVlhY.jpg)

Venti's story quest alone makes him the best

No. 129900

>m-muh victim blaming!!!!
Back to twitter with you cringe-chan

He's hands down the most useful DPS in the game and has a broken as hell overworld skill. I rolled him on his original banner and he's been a tremendous help not only with battles but the wind draft creation elemental, I'm wondering if I should go for c1 if his re-run happens.

No. 129901

same!! I even got viridescent hunt from battle pass even though I already have a level 90 stringless just because it matches him

his c1 is ass tbh I'd spend those primos on a proper dps if I were you since he's a sub/support at heart. c2 is better.

No. 129919

She's gotta learn the saying "don't shit where you eat". Using blanket generalizations like that isn't a smart move especially if your call to arms is about protecting the rights of a fucking drawing.

No. 129925

File: 1614489747185.png (96.47 KB, 293x290, tumblr_a3133fa9d411f8717a58cf9…)

She's annoying, we get it, the english voice acting could never even come close to our glorious nippon version too yada yada.
The point is that she did exactly just what anons said was reasonable (asking not to be tagged in that gross art) and then got swarmed by MAP "pro-shippers" freaks because just asking that was "harmful and promotes hate" because "pro-shippers are under attack this past week and someone commited suicide".

I have 15k primos saved and I'm so so torn if I save them for the Venti rerun or if I try getting Hu Tao. Venti is by far my favorite character in the story of the game but he would be like the 4th anemo character I would invest in and meanwhile my only halfway decent pyro is Xiangling but I really don't want to invest in her. Anons have any tips on what I should do???

No. 129934

i don't understand what "pro-shippers" even means.
my only advice is to wait until hu tao's test run comes and see if she's fun to play. but if you keep saving for venti you might have enough to get a constellation. it's really just about which character you like more, xiangling is strong imo.

No. 129940

>MAP "pro-shipper" freaks!!!!!!!
lmfao, Underage twitterfag detected, please leave and take your retarded ass shipping discourse with you.

No. 129943

He doesn't shine as a DPS, he shines as a support.

No. 129944

Father? I'm not familiar with the word. You could say that I don't have one. You could also say that I have many too. What's it to you?"

And just like that, any fondness I had for Rosaria faded.

No. 129945

Hu tao will be worse than Klee and Diluc across the board. Go for Venti and then wait for one of them to get a banner instead unless you're really really into her as a character.

No. 129947

Useful doesn't mean "powerful", his burst is highly efficient when dealing with something like dungeons that spawn a lot of light enemies that can be dragged into the wind current. And I wouldn't consider Venti a pure support because his base attack stats are pretty damn good.

NTA but unless you're really into minmaxing character meta and grinding spiral abyss I'd say just roll for whichever character you find appealing. I'm getting sick of people parroting "Just use Diluc and Klee" just because of their damage output when you can survive with a subpar party just fine. Except for Amber, she's useless.

No. 129954

Ok…? Never said you should prioritize metafaggotry over getting who you like lol. Amber is usable too. Anon implied one of the main reasons she wanted her was because she simply wanted a better pyro than Xiangling, and there are better options than the one who is coming right before a character she likes more.

No. 129955

Fuck you my wife is useful

No. 129959

The earlier you accept your waifu is shit the easier it will be anon

No. 129962

I wish she sounded more adult, I don't know I just think her voice is a bit weird, very one note.

No. 129964

i don’t know why all these uber-woque twitfags come on here just to cry about non-issues and defend middle aged white women reeing for hours on their twitter instead of seeing a therapist or taking advantage of the log off feature. like they’re literally on a website for nasty terves and radfems - nobody cares about how PC your opinions are, miss she/they in bio

i find her so boring and edgy. her VA kind of sucks too though she’s not as bad as ningguang’s. she’s 100% gonna be one-note as fuck in characterisation

he’s basically confirmed for end of march at this point. stay strong nonnie

No. 129965

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but are these confirmed leaks for upcoming banners besides the Venti rerun? Also when the hell will Inazuma come, some people are saying it won't be until september, others are saying June and now I heard another "leak" that it's coming this spring. Where the fuck do people get these leaks in the first place? Gaming sites just publish all sorts of unsourced bullshit and I just don't understand where did they pick it up.

I can't believe we're reached the point where oblivious twitterfags come here spouting cringey discourse buzzwords like "MAP pro-shipper freaks" and defend a spergy dub voice actor's meltdown. Literally nobody here cares, type it in your twitter drafts.

No. 129971

>"Father? I'm not familiar with the word. You could say that I don't have one. You could also say that I have many too. What's it to you?"

Im stupid is she trying to say she has a daddy kink or something kek? I don't like her voice but maybe her cn or jp voice is better.

If venti is your fave character you should just save for him and skip hu tao. There are many 4 star pyro characters that are also strong so even if you wont get a 5 star pyro character you will be fine.

No. 129976

File: 1614523866512.png (1.21 MB, 1913x1048, BennettisPrecious.png)

why is Bennett so fucking cute?

No. 129977

I love him so much. Give him a fucking story quest, Mihoyo.

No. 129980

kek people have been arrested for lolicon porn but ok. anon no one likes pedos, people are always going to side with an annoying voice actress instead of them. it's called having common sense.

No. 129982

I thought she was saying she had father figures like Bennett has instead of a bio dad.

No. 129993

There aren't any other 100% confirmed banners or characters in the windbloom update, but twitter is good for leaks (just don't blindly believe everything, mihoyo can aways surprise us).

Some people believe inazuma will still take months and in the meantime we will get a new smaller region in the chasm, just like dragonspine. It makes the most sense to me considering the chasm is talked about a fair bit, its name is already on a blacked out region the map just like dragonspine used to be and just how much work and time it will take to develop and test an entire new region and storyquest when mihoyo seems swamped already.

No. 129994

I honestly thought she was just dodging the question lol

No. 129995

File: 1614532477840.jpg (191.92 KB, 1080x533, Qkmg3cU.jpg)

>mihoyo making banners with characters that are actually connected to each other again

No. 130002

I thought she meant like priests because they're called fathers? Inb4 grew up around men so is now edgy notlikeothergirls

No. 130004

I know she's probably a spy or something but she's a nun in his church and still doesn't know Barbatos' name??

that's also a pretty good banner too tho it's annoying they have not released a new 4* in months now

No. 130006

Lolicons are disgusting creeps and weirdos for sure and I would totally understand her telling creepy scrotes to fuck off from her mentions with their toddler porn but at the end of the day they're just lines on a paper, not real people. Going on about all this legal FBI shit over cartoons is making her look unhinged. Especially when most of the paimon porn portrays her with a big titted adult body.

Plus I think she also took a shit on Kaeluc shippers because muh sworn brothers thus incest, so she's just fishing for clout. And of course she's a "CSA victim" and comfortable with it enough to drop this fact at random people during twitter fights, just like everyone else online.

No. 130013

yeah i totally agree with her first tweet about asking people to stop sending her nsfw art, but also wouldnt it be faster to just block those people? Making a post like that, people that dislike her will tag her even more in those posts.

>And of course she's a "CSA victim" and comfortable with it enough to drop this fact at random people during twitter fights, just like everyone else online.

Also this kek, and im not suprised she is also against kaeluc, she has they/them in her bio ofcourse she has to.

No. 130021

I hope it is full on pretending-to-be-a-nun-to-spy because it's a really cringy dumb attempt to make her edgy, if she doesn't know the name of her God then she's less haha funny and more oh no it's retarded

No. 130023

File: 1614548708619.jpg (252.83 KB, 2190x1024, AQOSr0n.jpg)

The boobsaria saga continues, now the splash art has been updated to reflect the changes. Watching people lose their minds over this was entertaining.
that makes sense anon

No. 130028

Good, cumbrained scrotes can die mad about it. Her tits are still huge but they don't look outright ridiculous anymore, yet they're still seething over her going down that small amount they wouldn't even notice if they didn't know about it.

No. 130045

not my point at all but continue to seethe, twitfag. i’m referring mostly to the fact that she’s a grown woman with the privilege and luxury to be able to go to therapy to deal with her totally real CSA twauma since she’s obviously absolutely incapable of doing easier things like, for example, blocking people or filtering her mentions, both of which are easy and free.

her original boobs were so abysmal, christ. the way mihoyo animates boobs in general is bad enough that i wish zero characters had giant titties full stop. even when they’re just standing still their boobs literally gently sway in the wind, it’s insane

No. 130068

Yesss! its time for our boy Benny to win. He is so damn cute, he is a 10 star character that deserves the best

No. 130078

i think they actually fixed the tiddy physics, at least to the point where they no longer bounce independently from each other just because the character breathed. now for them to take out the ridiculous bouncing while running/fighting shit

No. 130112

This demo makes Ganyu's look worse lmao.

No. 130210

she's so cute, i loved this! that's one of the coolest character demos they've done imo. the qiqi cameo was adorable too, and i love hu tao's little ghost friend. i will say i absolutely hate the way they keep making her say 'aiya!', that shit absolutely only works in the kr/ch/jp voice-overs, eugh

No. 130334

File: 1614694004218.jpg (180.69 KB, 1234x935, 1614693908557.jpg)

Nonnies, I just got Bennet from standart wishes and I'm so excited!! I've been wanting him for so long. What artifacts should I give him? Is the favonious sword a good enough weapon for him?

No. 130338

1.4 is shaping up to be pretty terrible. Rosaria will be the only new character, mediocre QoL changes, an event that will probably be as shitty as lantern rite, and no new content overall. Link to the developers' discussion for those interested: https://www.hoyolab.com/genshin/article/219525

Though, maybe 1.4 won't be too bad for those who felt like 1.3 was pretty good. I know a lot of people hated the Lantern Rite event, but I don't see too many people complaining about the rest of 1.3. Even so, 1.3 was incredibly boring to me. Unlike the other updates, I didn't feel any hype leading up to it, and I barely felt the difference afterwards. The gem conversion is the only good thing to come out of it. Maybe the problem is me, since QoL and relevant story content are the only things I care about tbh. The sad thing is, Genshin has become my mega autism obsession, so no matter how bored and tired of it I get, I probably won't drop it

No. 130339

congratulations on pulling best boy! it depends on how you want to run him and what kind of damage you want to deal. i got him on a witch of flames+noblesse oblige mix and it works pretty well

No. 130342

congrats, he’s so cute and such a good character! i’m running him with a full noblesse set and a lvl 60-ish favonious sword and he does great. i’m thinking of switching to 2/2 noblesse and witch of flames like the other anon though. enjoy playing with him!

No. 130343

Lowering world level maybe? Maybe I can finally beat Oceanid to level up Barbara and Mona.

No. 130344

Lowering world level might be the excuse to get back into playing

No. 130351

sorry, i'm >>130339 and i forgot to reply to the weapon part. i paired him with festering desire and it's solid, especially for cranking out burst after burst which is helpful in co-op domains, so i assume the favonious sword works just as well since they both have the same substat

i'm actually tempted to see how he does on a full witch set since elemental reactions are my jimmy jam. too bad i'm poor as shit mora-wise so i can't do any enhancing right now

No. 130361

oooh, if you ever do i'd love to know how it goes! i'm such a big fan of elemental reactions too, it's just so obnoxious grinding for full sets. good luck with getting mora too - idk if you've seen but i think they're doing a check-in thing or something right now that gives a decent amount of mora? i wish i could send you some even tho we're probs on different servers, i have way too much lying around

No. 130363

samefriend but GL to anyone pulling for hu tao! my first 20 pulls have just given me chongyun twice but i'm close to pity so i guess we'll see. i hope i get her before i waste the 11k primo i've saved for like a month because i'm desperate for venti too

No. 130365

iirc lavawalker 4pc is better for main damage dealer bennett!

No. 130375


No. 130382

F anon at least cw is great for him too

No. 130384

She's a good sub dps

No. 130385

Lowering WL sounds amazing, the only reason i haven't gone to AR 50 yet is because Im worried about timed fights that you need to progress, like the quest required for co-op and the fight required to unlock the blizzard strayer set

No. 130404

the skyfrost nail quest is fucking miserable, especially the last shard fight where you have like. three minutes to fight three waves of cryo archers and abyss mages in a pond of water. i'm usually pretty tolerant of bullshit requirements but that alone probably raised my blood pressure by at least ten points

No. 130409

Hu Tao is so cute and her fighting style is so smooth but i must skip her because if want to save for venti and i havent even have enough primogems saved up when he does come to pity him.

im pretty sure that full set of crimson witch is better for bennet if you want to use him as dps? idk if there even is a character where the lavawalker set is usefull on kek. For weapons i suggest iron sting or the flute.
If you want to use bennet as support i recommend a full set of noblesse and as weapons prototype rancour or festering desire. Im only naming 4 star weapons since idk if you have any 5 stars.

No. 130415

god, what wouldn't I give to have had that before I finished with that damn quest in the north of Liyue where you have to fight the 3 ruin guards and the ruin hunter. I almost got an aneurism trying that and only finished it because of Xiao

I think anyone who is considering summoning for her should wait a bit because we will get a livestream about the next patch pretty soon (prob this week but there's nothing confirmed)

No. 130429

i'm trying to get bennett set up as full-fledged dps but i accidentally have him more leaning towards a support setup. then i wonder why kaeya's damage output is way higher than his, oop. i'll see how he does with the flute compared to festering desire

No. 130440

File: 1614733141811.jpg (65.65 KB, 868x867, 51daf1998baf98c772d652f4cadd13…)

Ladies I've fucked up… Okay so I was getting close to my pity and I was gonna wait for hu-tao since she was gonna be my guaranteed pity but my dumb ass decided to make a wish but on THE FRICKING EVENT BANNER where I had my pity on. and I got fricking Keqing! I want to die…

No. 130444

File: 1614734756073.jpg (140.96 KB, 956x1700, bx97Dl5.jpg)

there's always the chance of a rerun or hu tao getting added to the standard pool.

No. 130463

speaking of keqing i need to get this out of my system real quick: is it just me or are keqing mains remarkably retarded when it comes to domains? they constantly bring their faux cat ears waifu even when the rules in place make electro users take more damage. i'm probably just being a sperg since i kind of sort of play support and i have to keep an eye out on everyone's hp, but damn

No. 130464

I did something similar this morning god damnit. I wanted a chance at one more 4 star character on Keqing's banner and I thought I was safe since I was only around 30 pulls.. I got Keqing. The one time I have good luck, fuck. Well now I have a C1 Keqing, she's alright I guess.

No. 130468

Virtually the only people who co op domains in the first place are f2p with only one 5 star character who they tend to feed all their resources to. keq might just be the best they have.

No. 130473

ehh, i don't know about the f2p thing man, i've seen plenty of people in co-op with venti, zhongli, childe, xiao, etc who are just kitted the fuck out with five star weapons, but otherwise i get what you're saying. it's still frustrating because muh resource management but it is what it is

No. 130476

>i've seen plenty of people in co-op with venti, zhongli, childe, xiao, etc who are just kitted the fuck out with five star weapons
If someone walks into a co op domain with a well built event 5 star and a 5 star weapon to boot I promise u they're just there to flex on some poorfags or test their damage after an upgrade or something. there's no way in hell they wouldn't be able to solo it 9999x faster without having to miss 3 slots worth of companionship exp for qt namecards. but if they have a shitty event character or a standard banner 5 star weapon they're still most likely f2p, albeit a bit luckier than the keq havers.

No. 130483

File: 1614761032888.jpg (30.69 KB, 735x585, 6c66b75007620786e38549fa3381fb…)

Anyone else really bitter about the fact that there are 5 permanent 5-stars and only one of them is a male one or is it just my coomer brain? I'm always praying to get at least 5-star weapons or another Diluc instead of fucking Mona sticking her ass to my face.

No. 130484

Fav sword is great on him.
Right now I'm running 2 glad 2 nob, but I think I may switch to 2 witch 2 nob. 4 nob could work too.

No. 130485

>Virtually the only people who co op domains in the first place are f2p with only one 5 star character who they tend to feed all their resources to.
Idk about other anons but I do co-op because it's fun. I can do domains by myself but after weeks I get bored. Yesterday I played with a c6 Zhongli with a staff of homa and that was insane. The retards in co-op are also fun. Retards who bring Ganyu into the cryo domain when she can't do shit.

No. 130488

>Retards who bring Ganyu into the cryo domain when she can't do shit.
This is why I hate events that force co-op for battles. Absolute lamebrains really need to bring their Hydro/Cryo waifus against a Cryo Regisvine, you deserve to be contained to single player.

No. 130489

Anon I've been praying FOR Mona! Give me her and I'll give you my unused Wolf's gravestone

No. 130494

File: 1614769215083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,47.1 KB, 750x1000, F147F04B-759E-4ACD-A9AA-C88194…)

back to announce in less than 24 hours i have, in fact, wasted all 11k primo. i got a 5*. it was mona. praying for death rn

No. 130495

File: 1614770110527.png (66.76 KB, 196x210, pain.png)

same anon here.
This time I have tried rolling for Diluc on wish banner like other anons said I should have the first time.
Got Hu tao on the first single roll. I wasn't even near pity…

No. 130569

File: 1614795203847.jpg (63.97 KB, 828x1253, big-mad.jpg)

coomer guys tend to outnumber coomer girls unless it's something like a reverse harem otome, so they get the lion's share of the fanservice. still, i feel you anon, i'd love to see more male permanent 5* characters too. it's unlikely but it'd be super dope if they come out with one in the near future

No. 130571

may gacha jesus hears you and makes this come true, thank you anon.

Yeah I guess she is okay… But I really wanted hu tao, oh well…

No. 130623

File: 1614817766196.jpeg (152.87 KB, 750x1012, ABBCB4E0-B598-4776-B437-DC460D…)

If this is legit and this doesn't mean Bennett story quest I'm gonna fill Mihoyo's office with ants. Also people are clamouring for Fischl but fuck man she had a whole event dedicated to her already.

No. 130633

File: 1614820516720.jpg (105.22 KB, 952x1024, 20210302_211431.jpg)

any news on when the livestream is? pls gib venti confirmation

No. 130640

File: 1614825598684.jpg (116.78 KB, 1080x869, 62527252627227.jpg)


No. 130642

File: 1614826599513.jpg (33.85 KB, 512x532, yuh.jpg)

i know they're trying to reel in the whales but wouldn't it make a little more sense to put out skins for permanent banner characters first or am i missing something here

No. 130644

File: 1614827128743.gif (1.81 MB, 480x270, C4BFE073-5141-4B39-904A-577355…)

>mfw housing system.

No. 130647

File: 1614827368205.jpg (122.63 KB, 1000x1311, 20210303_210913.jpg)

no! giving us zhongli tits out edition should be their first priority

No. 130649

File: 1614829711402.png (4.08 MB, 1457x2064, 88176025_p0.png)

damn you got a point. on that note i hope venti's skin is also his statue outfit so the whiny kinnie kids shit themselves

No. 130673

i dont think that this twitter account is a trust worthy source, everyone in the comments are saying they're bullshitting. However it would not suprise me if they eventually add skins for character.

Im so excited for this! And yeah i kinda dislike fischl now because of that event, she talked so slow and far to much lol.

No. 130681

File: 1614856639269.jpeg (573.3 KB, 828x1375, C3FBE222-B378-4C18-91AD-DAF200…)

Looks like I was right. Lolicons never just stick to fiction.

No. 130682

They've already confirmed housing system in an interview but never said when. Don't believe just any tweet nonnies

No. 130691

Lolicon moids are pedos abusing the girls that orbit them, what else is new? Think of all the virtue signaling twitterlets screeching about fujos drawing Kaeluc fanart being "problematic" while shit like this flies under the radar.

What the hell is a housing system? I'm sincerely asking because I have no idea, I've never played a game where a mechanic like that exists. Do you get a house to host your characters in? That would be fucking awesome.

No. 130694

Tonnes of Gacha games have housing systems, you basically just (usually for others I'm not saying this will be in genshin) put down furniture and choose which characters you want walking about in chibi form. Some Gacha's have mechanics where housing will generate an in-game currency over time.

If this does happen I think it should have a different currency, either that or don't have a dedicated banner.

No. 130695

Has anyone ever played and then randos join your game and help you complete quests? Lmao

No. 130699

I'm the rando. This is the life of a no resiner

No. 130702

it's happened a few times. sometimes people will pop in and ask if i need help or ask me for help with bosses, and i do because why the hell not

No. 130704

Do you guys trust coop anymore after all the hacking stuff?

No. 130710

honestly… I am not gonna lie but I want a dating system where you can date the characters (the ones you have) plss I wanna make chilumi happen in game, pls mihoyo!


No. 130712

wasnt the "hacking" stuff just people using their login credentials on fake sites? I believe it was just rumors that joining co op can make hackers get into your account.

No. 130727

sure, i was wary when the rumour was circulating at the time so i never accepted any incoming co-op requests for a few weeks until i figured it had all blown over

No. 130728

is the hacking stuff when people were using third party sites to send primo to randos, or is it something else?

No. 130729

The "hacking" incident was dumbass people handing out their login information in co-op in hopes of receiving free primogems and unsurprisingly got their accounts stolen. The story got twisted around so that you could "steal" someone's account in co-op when in reality it was just greedy retards handing the keys to their house themselves.

No. 130766

File: 1614892167228.jpg (102.25 KB, 780x394, 20210219_102441.jpg)

I feel you so much. I was getting pity on standard and was excited to get my first weapon. Prayed and I got Mona. Also Keqing. It hurts so bad, I have no use for both and now think about which weapons they could have been. Or another Diluc…
I hope you'll never have to experience this.

No. 130769

Have any anons here played Honkai? Is it any good? I tried the tutorial and I dislike the combat.

No. 130776

Nah that's technically legit I'm on about hacking into someones account and taking control.

I'm just seeing way more ppl talk about hacking atm, I don't mean like oh they put their details in somewhere else but if you have your account linked via Mihoyo's website login then you're way more likley to be hacked atm.

No. 130786

Yeah, I've heard about the Mihoyo website thing too and it's a bit fishy that it happened right in the middle of a daily log in event to their forum thing. Honestly, I think those rumors are more believable than the ones back then bc its from the actual website

No. 130790

I've been seeing a lot more petty hacking since the event started (ie hacking and using up all resources then leaving) so I'm leaving my profile really plain and not posting on forums

No. 130820

File: 1614925582419.jpg (141.43 KB, 960x772, n2re59x826061.jpg)

I'm somewhat surprised there aren't more theories surrounding Scaramouche and Baal. I know there are some, but they're few and never grab much attention. Unknown God, Venti, Zhongli, and Murata are all based on Honkai characters. Like, Venti is straight up male Wendy. Scara looks a hell of a lot like Mei, and yet I hardly see people bringing this up. Instead, the expectations seem to be Baal is going to be the one who's based on her. My favorite theory I've seen surrounding this is Baal is already dead, and scara is larping as her
>inb4 they wouldn't do it because they want to pander to scrotes
I don't disagree, but who knows what they'll pull out their ass. At the very least, I think scaramouche is already the character that's supposed to be based on Mei

No. 130843

File: 1614943230035.png (815.66 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20210305-074123~2.p…)

The next update live stream was just announced!!!

Anon, I particularly LOVE all the Scaramouche theories. People don't talk about it much because scrotes absolutely hate the idea that he might be the Genshin version of Mei and they won't get their beloved waifu kek
While I would particularly love for that to happen (and there's evidence for it too because both Venti, Zhongli and Diluc are male versions of somewhat popular Honkai characters) I think the actual 'Mei' from this universe was the first electro archon and she's dead because of the events that happened 500 years ago.
I also think Baal is most likely Yae Sakura, who is a shrine maiden that Ayaka mentions on her voice lines, keeping in mind that every archon we had until now has had an alias that most other characters aren't really aware of.

No. 130930

Are there any good female Genshin youtubers/streamers? Tired of every male channel I start to watch inevitably being outed for pedoshit (if not that theyre obsessed with Mona)

No. 130965

No. 130984

File: 1615026074298.jpg (145.9 KB, 1158x1589, EvT98c3VIAYJdNk.jpg)

If they implemented a dating system I would make chilumi canon on main and then make a second account just to go full yume for Kaeya.

>My favorite theory I've seen surrounding this is Baal is already dead, and scara is larping as her
I've never heard that one before! Explain more?

I'm so pumped for the next update. There was kind of a big leak and the moment I saw the first word I nopped out to not spoil myself the big surprise. I am so excited to see where the story will go.

No. 130988

Finally, Bennett!!!!!!!!

No. 130989


No. 130993

heres the codes girlies <3

holy shit we are getting so much more content than I expected. And those new cutscenes?? And what's going on with that statue?? Venti reappears during event so are we gonna meet Childe again?

they looked more like dates than story quests kek I loved the little cg's at the end tho I hope they add them soon for other characters.

No. 130994

File: 1615034683236.png (598.66 KB, 1406x780, 48D306A9-CF54-4919-9211-0BA76E…)

Summary of Livestream:
- Childe and Venti reruns
- Bennett, Chongyun, Noelle and Barbara story quests, the quests will have multiple endings and your choices matter to an extent (we otome game now… jk), more characters will be added in later patches
- We are returning to mondstadt for a festival, lots of minigames
- An aim trainer, a rhythm game, and some fall guys type shit, another gliding minigame, can compete against friends
- New weapons
- We will meet Dainsleif again and fight an abyss herald, abyss herald is a boss but can only be fought once
- We run into our twin, but the abyss herald takes them away
- You can play a harp with peoples and you get to keep the harp
- Win new bow from event
- New official Klee figure (not ingame lol a real one) she is expensive of course
- Oceanid pet
- oceanid event challenge NON-FREEZABLE ! Homing missiles, need to attack the main body … however it requires resin, can be co-oped
- New fighting arena in Dadarupa, time limited
- There's new KFC inspired food in the game (may be China only though, not sure)
- You can now hold up to 5 condensed resin at a time
- You can now go back to manual cooking for mastered recipes if you choose to do so
- The game now remembers which character you use to cook each food and will put them there automatic
- You can lower your world level if you want to, but only by one level and you cannot change it more than once a day
- You can quit between abyss floors
- You can showcase namecards
- Venti said that he hopes you guys enjoy the festival and that he will always be by your side :)


No. 130995

File: 1615034720938.jpeg (395.18 KB, 828x468, 53916F75-3A46-4C15-8818-2490A3…)

Sorry if I missed anything, will post some pics now

No. 130996

File: 1615034789111.png (119.82 KB, 199x240, 6B252D1D-B043-454A-B59C-03D092…)

No. 130997

File: 1615034852505.png (1.54 MB, 1121x631, B6BA486D-53B5-4AEA-9F64-0D41BA…)

Childe rerun second banner, Rosaria is on it

No. 130998

File: 1615035503339.jpeg (389.48 KB, 828x448, D4EB1A48-34CF-4267-AE37-939C6A…)

Best boy I love you I can't wait to hang out with you

No. 130999

No. 131000

File: 1615035895500.jpeg (1.31 MB, 2560x1440, 62720563-657C-4AA4-A996-E60469…)


No. 131002

>Childe rerun after venti
kms thank fuck they gave us 2 waifu skips in a row after xiao

No. 131006

The only good thing about this update is Bennett dating event. Boring shit and two reruns, come on Mihoyo you can do better.

No. 131008

The new minigames sound cool to me

No. 131010

>Bennet dating event
Yes every day Benny mains are winning! Finally Benny is getting some screen time!

wait! so the herald that took Lumine away is Childe? lol does this mean chilumi is cannon? man this fucking update is better than I thought it was going to be! I fucking love this game so much…

No. 131015

>so the herald that took Lumine away is Childe?
We don't know yet but I will say it does fight very similar to Childe in his boss forms.
And remember anon it could be either twin.

No. 131016

>so the herald that took Lumine away is Childe? lol does this mean chilumi is cannon?
No, afaik Abyss Heralds are monsters.

Iirc Childe fell down the abyss when he was younger so maybe he’s emulating the hydro abyss heralds’ fighting style?

No. 131017

Poor Childe, that sounds horrifying really. I need to read up on more character lore.

No. 131020

>either twin
Joke's on you I am also a chaether fan! Man this update is going to be the best update, seriously after that lantern rite letdown that 1.3 had its nice to know that update 1.4 is looking promising

Anon pls let me dream, maybe he is just undercover or something like some fatui secret mission?

No. 131025

NTA but I saw a story leak that the electro archon (Baal) is actually dead and Ayaka is one of the candidates to be the new archon, so I guess Scaramouche could also be one of the people in line.

I'm going to fuck Bennett so hard on our first date, just you bitches WATCH

No. 131031

Ah i was kinda hoping that in the live stream they would announce to bring beginner 4 star characters to event banners. I really want kaeya c1 but i never spend on the perma banner.

Isnt Ayaka cryo tho?

Thanks for the codes and info! Im super excited for the dating events and getting to know the 4 star characters better,

No. 131035

File: 1615053302666.png (337.02 KB, 673x680, ErXnBprVkAEOU5y.png)

1.3 was such a nothingburger that anything would've been an improvement but i didn't know we were going to get a bennett story quest this soon, holy shit. nice save mihoyo.

No. 131036

Really don't like the idea of multiple choice quests when you can't save scum and can probably only do them once. Now I'm gonna have to look up walkthroughs or something.
Really seems like they're just throwing random shit at the wall to see what sticks with all the random minigame stuff and every event being completely different in how you get currency.
Also only lowering one level is bullshit, this isn't a competative pvp game so we should be able to play at the difficulty level we want.

No. 131041

>can probably only do them once
Anon they literally said you can play them more than once

No. 131042

File: 1615056894670.jpeg (146.68 KB, 1112x1080, 9F712178-F779-4F1A-89D3-092988…)

No. 131043

Then put that in the post I don't have time to watch full announcement streams.

No. 131044

File: 1615057252177.jpg (42.61 KB, 800x816, 1614252759601.jpg)

>had to skip Childe the first time he came bc of Zhongli
>will probably end up skipping him again because I wont have any primos left after Venti
I'm already starting the Childe and Venti praying circle, anons, anyone in?

I'm so so excited for that!!! There were also images of the event cutscene (I think thats it at least?) where Bennet was hanging out with Razor which were super cute!!!! We will get to see Albedo and Sucrose again too for a bit because they also appear on that cutscene thing and Albedo has a voiceline!!!!

No. 131058

you’re just making yourself look even stupider now

No. 131060

Is baby grumpy because he forgot his ADHD meds?

No. 131063

pls count me in too, Anon. Husbando is the only meta that matters to me, but I can't really justify paying for primos outside of welkin and BP. I'm so sad they're running Venti and Child back-to-back. I was really wanting for it to be Jean so I could have a rest and save a bit

Also, is anyone else excited best boy Chongyun is one of the characters getting a hangout event? He's the character I wanted a story for the most tbh

No. 131072

File: 1615070051501.jpg (12.17 KB, 258x258, 2YJtFu8.jpg)

Still waiting for Inazuma leaks

No. 131078

File: 1615072328125.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.16 KB, 736x1456, 20210306_171028.jpg)

Only inazuma binch I care about

No. 131080

File: 1615072715148.jpeg (85.18 KB, 720x668, 6DC03C0F-66C4-4935-B1C2-45D6B8…)

>socks with sandals
I need him.

No. 131082

I'm excited for Chongyun too! In one of the photos he seemed to be surrounded by children so maybe we'll get to see him act like an awkward big brother figure…?

How dare the whole world not spoon feed you!

No. 131094

i was pretty neutral about the idea of a chongyun story quest until you said that and now i would kill to see it because that shit sounds adorable

No. 131108

i just know this bitch is gonna be segsy as hell. i can feel it

No. 131206

Is it true that this turned into a dating sim/added a dating sim feature? Is it a permanent feature or for an event? I’m not suddenly interested kek but I never really expected this from this game

No. 131211

Lol nope it hasn't gone full dating sim, that's just a meme. The hangout quest thing is supposed to be platonic w maybe some mild shippyness but nothing overt.

No. 131248

it is a permanent feature! they’re also planning on adding more characters with each update.

No. 131267

Wonder how gay we can be, Chinese gaming companies not matter how progressive don't tend to add gay stuff, only in like read-between-the-lines ways, or atleast never official relationships

No. 131278

File: 1615218652534.jpeg (32.41 KB, 629x488, images (6).jpeg)

Mihoyo is a company known for their yuri baiting, anon, pic related is a cutscene from Honkai Impact and they are the main couple from the whole game, the story basically revolves around these two, so I don't think they will shy away from it, anon.
But, like anons said, most of the hang out events seem platonic, we'll have to wait and see

No. 131284

I really don't get the hate Lumine has been getting recently, she is such an awesome character, she is so pretty! She is a bit more expressive than Aether, but yeah you see many people complaining about her.

Yeah thats what I thought too! since it's a chinese game I really doubt there is gonna be any cannon gay parings, due to the fact that in mainland China being gay is being looked down upon.

No. 131288

it may be looked down on but it sure hasn't stopped mihoyo from trying to sneak it in anyways. during the lisa story quest i was wondering if they went through the effort of changing the script so it's more ~platonic~ if you were playing as lumine, but nope they kept it exactly the same, so that should be an indicator for these future hangout quests

No. 131289

i definitely agree. i want some cute het stuff with childe and albedo too but since they're absolutely not going to make gender differences obvious, we won't get shit there. we'll probably get some girl route bait though, mostly so male coomers won't shit themselves and because girl/girl relationships aren't seen as 'serious' enough to really be censored

No. 131298

File: 1615233732909.png (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 2415x1220, 1615231404177.png)

Anons, spoilers because the stills from the Hangout Events leaked and I think y'all be pretty happy because it is pretty gay both ways (and also super cute). I totally see it having romantic conotations, what do you guys, think?

No. 131299

that Aether&Bennett handholding made my fujo heart throb so hard, I can't wait for this event

No. 131300

just look at Lumine's face seriously it lights my dark empty heart with joy, honestly she deserves the best! She is like the little sister I want to keep safe, she looks so cute with Benny I love this game I hope nothing bad or controversial ever happens to it or that fucking coomer scrotes try to ruin it.

No. 131309

that tiny blush on Aether's cheek…. my heart……..
I love how Mihoyo doesn't just make one emotion for twins and calls it a day but instead tweaks it to show their different personalities. idk if it's just my impression but Aether seems to be the gentler and weaker twin while Lumine is more hardened and battle experienced. I know that they use Aether for official promo but tbh I prefer him as abyss prince. I think it's more interesting if it's the soft twin that rules over the evil side.

No. 131311

Every day I regret not choosing aether tfw can't be gay with bennett

No. 131320

Pretty sure bottom right is fan art, I've been seeing that around for a while now

No. 131321

File: 1615248812150.jpeg (64.34 KB, 750x400, 20E2A5A0-C19B-439B-B7FF-313623…)

I feel like I'm one of the few people who genuinely like both Lisa and Mona for non-coomer reasons. I like smart confident ladies.

No. 131334

Part-time Lisa main here, I feel your pain anon. Her backstory is so interesting to me but no one ever explores it in depth because hurrdurr climbing noises. Like, her voice line about hoping Traveler is there if she ever lost control one day? What the fuck was that about? And the fact she turned down a leadership position for the Knights even though she's overqualified for her current job? I dunno, that gave me the feeling that something more is going on than how she's just being lazy. Sorry for the sperg-out, but it's nice meeting someone else who likes Lisa as a character and not just as fap material.

No. 131348

any other stills leaks? sauce?

No. 131418

She is a very interesting character to me. I wonder if like Albedo and Kaeya, she also has more to her that meets the eye. Maybe this is just a coincidence but doesn't she remind you a little of the Cicin Mages?

No. 131435

People are starting to discuss her as a character with "death flags" since her const is an hourglass and she's eluded to having enough power that it will eventually kill her. I wish we had more in the actual story than just oh she angry when books aren't returned.

No. 131438

I like Lisa she is super smart! her story quest was pretty cute how you get to go on a date with her and you have to find out about what she likes and actually get to know her as a person. She kinda reminds me of mami from madoka magica, gentle but she can def kick your ass.

No. 131444

Funny that, someone actually mentioned that to me yesterday. If Lisa does canonically die I really hope there's at least gonna be some good buildup to that where she gets more screentime to flesh her out before that happens. But that'll probably be years down the road in some future update before that happens, so I won't worry too much, I'll just enjoy the ara ara in the meantime.

Ehh, I can see where you're coming from but I think it's more kinda coincidental like how they and Sucrose both have short green hair. You could still spin some fun headcanons and theories from it though!

No. 131461

File: 1615317829754.jpg (35.75 KB, 468x528, EeEdkWVWAAIEDgE.jpg)

I have finished two characters constellations without even trying(Ningguang and Xingqiu). All this while trying to get banner characters I do want.

Please, Mihoyo, I have like 4 characters that need one more pull, and I'm tired.

No. 131465

At least C6 Ningguang is basically a 5 star?

No. 131468

I like Lisa's voicelines, they're more "crazy mad scientist" than a generic hot librarian.
Mona was good in unreconciled stars, it's nice to see a smug talented female character.

No. 131472

I'm yelling because my pity roll was Jean.
No complaints on Ningguang, but still, GIVE ME BANNER CHARACTERS.

No. 131486

Nta but she's amazing right now and I've got her at C4 I cannot wait for her at C6 because with const she is so fun to play.

No. 131516

Hehe rocks go brr

No. 131533

i play with the jp dub on and every time lisa does her crazy bitch laugh it adds to my lifespan <3 also the more gameplay i see with mona the more i warm up to her. a shame coomers had to get their grody paws on her

No. 131558

I love Lisa, but I wish they had put more effort into building her characterization. All of the characters go on and on about how terrifying she is, but nothing about her story quest contributed to that image for me, even though Paimon was harping on nonstop about her being oh so scary. Honestly, it annoyed me so bad and made her seem obnoxious. Even now, it has kind of left a bad aftertaste, even though none of this is her fault. I've always liked her voicelines and parts in the main story. It's a shame I can't get her constellations

No. 131572

They probably see her being annoyed at people not returning library books and going out of her way to get them back 'scary'?
Also how a lot of characters are more powerful in the story than ingame, perhaps

No. 131584

I wish I could beat Floor 12 nonnies. My Ganyu does fine on the first team because, well, she's Ganyu, but my Hu Tao struggles on the second team. If only I had Zhongli.

No. 131609

>It's a shame I can't get her constellations
even though my lisa will never see battle regardless, here's to hoping mihoyo finally start adding more f2p characters than fischl fischl fischl xiangling xiangling noelle fischl to event banners

No. 131610

idk why mhy just absolutely refuses to give a rate up on the starter three, it's obnoxious. you'd think they'd make it at least a little easier to get their constellations since they're. y'know. the starters.

No. 131612

seriously I hate the fact that they won't put them on banners but have no problem putting fischl and xiangling on every other banner. they couldn't at least keep one of the three in the shop every month?

No. 131613

samefag but barbara has been rate up on 2 banners as well and they've literally given away 2 free barbaras, fuck her too

No. 131624

agreed on all fronts. my best guess is that they're either trying to bait the whales (unlikely) or they just assume no one is gonna care about lisa, amber, and kaeya after they pull other characters (likely). doesn't help that tierfags are constantly pushing people away from them because muh meta

No. 131645

>2 free Barbaras
Yeah this pissed me off too. Does anyone really even like her that much? Waifufags simp for Noelle and Mona only.

No. 131648

whales already c6'd all the 4 stars back on venti's banner so everything besides the 5 star is irrelevant to them, and most people who've been playing for a while have all the 4 stars by now and only need constellations so I really have no idea who it benefits.

>Waifufags simp for Noelle and Mona only
they immediately dropped them for ganyu and hu tao anyways kek

No. 131666

I LIKED barbara's voice, can't have shit since moe cutesy uwu voices appeal to grown men for some reason

No. 131709

She's like the only dedicated healer, so that's probably why.

No. 131743

I'm so sad i missed kaeya in the shop, i really do hope they will eventually add the starters to the event banner because noway im going to actually try and pull him from the perma banner.

I still don't understand why they changed her voice. It doesn't seem like many people enjoy the new one.

No. 131749

I feel like I'm the only one who likes Barbara's new voice, it suits her better. It's still voiced by the same woman btw.
I like it better because her old one sounded like she smoked 50 packs of cigarettes a day, but her new one sounds gentle, kind and caring which suits her personality. Her old voice sounded lively and energetic but Barbara herself judging from her story and voice lines isn't that genki.

No. 131755

I preferred the rough voice because she's an idol singer, her voice was becoming raspy because of how much she sings, it added like a really good amount of character. Her new voice however like yawnnn, Barbara doesn't even come off as gentle and cutesy, she comes off lively and energetic I mean she ran from mondstaht to dragonspine just to tell Rosaria to move her massive boobies for like choir practice

No. 131757

>People playing with the engdub
How do you willingly listen to it without continuous projectile vomiting? Serious question.

No. 131763

it's not that bad to be honest, I really like Benny's voice a lot

No. 131769

Because not everyone is a weeb and I like to understand what characters say without subtitles. I don't hate my first language tht would be cringe.

No. 131773

Maybe its just because im not used to anime, but most of the jp voices are cringe imo. Like almost all the girls have those super annoying high pitched voices. Dont get me wrong, some of the en dub is also pretty bad but i still think that most of the jpdub is more annoying. Im actually trying to play with cn dub and im trying to get used to not being able to understand what my character and npcs are saying when you run around.

No. 131774

The JP dub is terrible because everyone is high pitched and imo Japanese is an annoying language. Cn original I don't do because it makes me insecure that I've been learning Chinese for 2 years and don't understand it lmao.

No. 131775

it's fine? razor's eng va is complete ass but overall I still strongly prefer some of the eng voices i. e. mona, klee, albedo, childe, etc.

none of the genshin dubs are drastically better than the others imo, they're all very mid. I think you guys are just weebs who hate how retarded animu sounds when you can understand what they're saying.

No. 131789

The only voice I can’t stand from the engdub is paimon’s, voices like those are exactly why I don’t watch anime, I don’t want that in English stuff.
I want to get into the Chinese voices though, they could be nice, but I don’t remember how Bennet nor Kaeya sounded like, those are the true dealbreakers to me.

No. 131804

>you guys are just weebs who hate how retarded animu sounds when you can understand what they're saying.
Unironically this. eng dub never fails to remind me how retarded and cringey even my favorite anime are

Benny's cn dub sucks since it's a female. Although I prefer the cn dub for multiple reasons, I really wish Benny, Razor, and especially Albedo had male voice actors. The jp is perfect for them, but misses with characters like Zhongli and Chongyun

No. 131813

Tbh, my crazy dream is the possibility of picking my favorite VA for each character that I own while having a global language for NPCs.
But it must be difficult to make since I’ve never seen such a thing on any videogame that let me pick the audio for the voiceovers.

No. 131888

The details in the engdub are interesting. Xinyan's southern accent, venti's playful voice, zhongli sounding like the old man he is.

No. 131889

> i. e. mona, klee, albedo, childe, etc.

Me too, the engdub of these characters is great. Mona sounds smug, childe arrogant, albedo switches between playful and cold.

No. 131895

Ganyu squeals like a pig when she gets hit in JP, whereas in ENG she sounds calmer and more fitting to her personality

No. 131896

Mona's eng voice is amazing and truly suits her personality!

No. 131897

I can't even imagine what Ganyu sounds like in the JP dub because even when she idles in english shes like ah oh ooooh~<3 and its like ohmygod you're just standing there shut up

No. 131910

File: 1615597193243.jpeg (654.22 KB, 3840x2739, 08BDC559-8F21-4213-A319-95D7F0…)

I fell for the meme because I remember some pretentious weebshit in here saying the jap dub was better. Went to the genshin settings, switched the language to japanese, worst mistake of my life. I can imagine it just being used by the crusty scrotes who make youtube moan/grunt compilations of the characters like an absolute psycho. The english dub is fine as it is, actually very charming and fitting for most of the characters (can’t stand the VA for the retard furry picrel)

No. 131917

take that back slut! DONT INSULT RAZOR!

No. 131929

File: 1615606793448.jpg (140.28 KB, 892x1381, 1615251769961.jpg)

Honestly, I also really love Venti's EN VA, she adds a lot of depth to his character that is sort of missing on the JP version.
But also, I think the EN Voice Actor for Xiao sucks so much, he's just so loud and angry when both the CN and JP VAs seem to give him a much more quiet performance that seems more cold and detached than angry

No. 131938

File: 1615609405605.jpeg (18.71 KB, 180x211, 6ACEE80F-1BFE-4CC4-B356-C335FE…)

You can make fun of any other characters, but don’t mess up with either Razor, Benny or Kaeya, square up! Meet you in front of the UN facilities at 5 am, bring your best office outfit, we’re debating!

No. 131944

File: 1615616998499.jpg (72.25 KB, 828x828, 10214233130.jpg)

agree anon, en venti's little "yahoo~"s are so stinkin' moe! it does feel much more lively and boyish than the jpn voice

No. 131949

I kinda dig playing the game in Korean, but I know I'm definitely missing out on more lively voices which kinda sucks. K is just really relaxing to listen to imo lol. A lot of the characters sound really cute in it, like Barbara and Klee, but I noticed it's sometimes hard to differentiate between some of the male voices. It's my go to language at this point, but def considering switching it up every now and then.

No. 131957

>50 replies of American brainlets gushing over the shitty engDub and coping by trashing the jpDub
Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. The original Chinese recording is by far the superior one but the Japanese dub is a good interpretation, the engdub is dog shit and you might as well be listening to Youtube fandubs to get the same level of professionality, except fandubs would probably sound better because auditing is not all about nepotism. Sorry you get so triggered over hearing a language you don't understand and aren't literate enough to be able to read subtitles, it must suck.

No. 131963

Yeah it's all bout subtitles and not the constant sex noises from the female characters, that's it yeah.

No. 131965

Im not even american and i dont have problems with reading any subtitles. Your the one that sounds triggered because we dont agree that the high squealing sound that about 80% of the girls have in jp sounds good.

No. 131979

You will never be azn

No. 131980

I can't stand the sound of Chinese or Korean. Can't really explain it. But I love the nice consonant vowel cadence of Japanese.
The English voices are just too hit and miss, some of the characters are a little too forced and I hate females voicing male characters.

It's only Lisa and the Cixin Mages really.

No. 131984

File: 1615650320612.gif (4.16 MB, 500x281, 44FFB71F-E267-4210-A6EB-8FD2DA…)


No. 131985

File: 1615650452853.gif (583.64 KB, 250x250, 9E09539D-AE73-4162-A230-8A2FE0…)

>Chinese one is superior
CCP anon just pulled up!

No. 131989

>playing with female waifushit characters instead of a superior gay husbando party
See there's your problem anon

No. 131992

File: 1615653250579.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1310x2196, 878008952102152.jpg)

I like it too, I might consider switching to Korean full time when Scaramouche comes out because it's easily his best while his English voice… sucks

No. 131998

Nta but exactly, the solution is not climbing with Lisa, as easy as that.
I tried playing a few rounds with my teams on different languages but I still feel like the Japanese dub is more expressive.
The Korean dub sounds like the VA’s were told to talk far away from the microphone for some reason.
The Chinese voices are mostly nice but they need some spice.
Some of the English voices are nice, but some are basically shit.
The Japanese dub just needs to change some of the female voices because they do sound like nails on a blackboard.
I really hope there’s an improvement someday of the voice acting in all of the languages, and that there’s a Spanish dub in the future, that would be pretty nice.

No. 132001

KEK I can smell the cheetos from here, seriously give it up coomer your husbandos will never fuck your yeast yogurt filled bussy

No. 132002

what the fuck kind of scrote reply is this?

No. 132003

File: 1615658576857.gif (1.02 MB, 433x299, eYf9DJ8.gif)

>calling someone a scrote when they make fun of you

No. 132005

Some of the Chinese voices are really good, some Japanese are far superior and when the Korean voices get it right they really get it right. But all of the English voices are fucking horrible, for example Bennett's Japanese voice is by all odds godly compared to the awful English one that makes my ears bleed with how out of place it is. I don't play with waifu characters so idc about them, but the Chinese dub has the female voices toned down a lot and they sound pretty nice. The language itself just takes time to get used to.

I also hate how the English dialogue is localized to sound like a literal cartoon. I can't speak Chinese so I don't know about the original original script but at least in the Japanese one the characters are way more natural sounding compared to the English which makes everyone so ~kooky and wacky~ or speak like babies.

No. 132006

all the more power to y'all but i personally can't get behind venti's english dub because he sounds like an older timmy turner to me.

No. 132013

Oh no sis just leave certain female characters to like idle and they're moaning for no gosh darn reason

No. 132021

and you were calling other anons triggered despite being unironically autistic ? weebs are mental

No. 132033

Not Beidou, Barbara, FeMC or Amber. But than again I'm running around as Kaeya most of the time because of his sprint skill and usually playing on mute because I'm watching YouTube while grinding.

About the English script, I always thought it's weird that Paimon speaks in third person, but in the Japanese where that is a more common childish thing she uses a proper pronoun.

No. 132052

>I also hate how the English dialogue is localized to sound like a literal cartoon.
Honestly. It's just… so fucking cheesy and not even in an endearing way, at least not to me.

No. 132068

Anon if you're already playing Genshin Impact, a peak animu game, there's no way you can go around calling other people weebs kek, go back to dark souls or something

No. 132078

Spanish dub would be awesome

No. 132092

i wonder if the paimon dialogue ties in with her eng VA going on twitter about how paimon is a sweet little they-bie, wouldn't be surprised if she had a hand in writing those bits kek

No. 132168

Other characters call Paimon she so the VA can't rlly do anything there. Already on TikTok ppl r like "Paimon hasn't called themselves a girl!" like sis it's just obvious, why would the Genshin world have they/thems when gender roles don't rlly exist, there's no need to seperate yourself from he/she if you have no complex about it.

No. 132279

File: 1615878814345.png (207.1 KB, 350x429, 1615877533854.png)

>mfw Mihoyo releases another shitty ass web event
ffs when will they stop wasting money with these things and just give us actual in game story missions instead of drip feeding them to us?? they are so boring its ridiculous

No. 132389

File: 1615925627733.jpg (218.09 KB, 1920x1080, 20210316_145724.jpg)

So 1.5 beta started today
>new characters are Eula (see pic related, 5 Cryo adult claymore user, has royal lineage or something) and Feiyan (4 pyro catalyst teenager from liyue, might be the 3rd pyro girl with a rabbit companion)
>new boss, it's the evil dragon from that weird tree in liyue
>no chasm(?)
>definitely no dendro, rip baizhu
>Zhongli rerun
>new chapter of Zhongli's story quest
>housing system introduced
So basically looking like another filler update with no new husbandos.

I already have geo boomer and don't really like his cons so I'm happy I'll be able to go f2p for a while and just hoard primos, but sad there will be nothing to do in GI at all besides dailies until Inazuma.

No. 132391

File: 1615925858792.jpg (3.56 MB, 4096x3517, 20210316_151710.jpg)

Correction: 4* pyro catalyst is Yanfei and she looks like this

No. 132392

File: 1615925955316.png (1.04 MB, 680x584, Ewn7fqlXEAENqQh.png)

Yanfei looks so cute tho, I hope she's on Zhongli's banner bc I really want both of them.

No. 132396

Ah crap, they're really running re-runs of male 5*s while shilling new lackluster boring ass waifubait. Disappointing. 1.5 is still months away and Inazuma will never come, I'm starting to lose hope.

No. 132397

File: 1615928928586.jpg (28.85 KB, 350x350, qt 3.14.jpg)

now that we have this news, tart come home or i will kill myself

No. 132398

May he come home to you! He is such a precious boy I love him!

No. 132400

thanks anon! after i get venti today i'll reserve every single primo i get for him!! he's the only boy i'm missing besides aether kek

No. 132404

File: 1615930842798.png (306.54 KB, 621x680, 18358007-0E1D-49E0-9591-5F72D9…)

hey anons what the fuck is pic related

they're going to keep releasing waifubait moeblobs as long as people keep having low standards and eating them up. hopefully i'm wrong but they just look like ganyu and hu tao 2.0 personalty-wise

No. 132406

Eula is part of the corrupt Lawrence clan that once ruled over Mondstadt but got overthrown by Venti and Venessa. so we have a gunhildr, ragnvindr and lawrence. Immunlaukr clan husbando when? Apparently she is a favonius captain? I wonder why no
mond character mentions her tho? Unless Kaeya's line about some captains not deserving to have that role was about her lol

Azdaha, a dragon king and new boss that will first appear during Zhong's story

No. 132407

File: 1615931219613.jpeg (36.38 KB, 307x384, A77D4F50-7D73-4CC1-8A53-BB7023…)

>new boss

No. 132414

But aside from klee whose sales were retardedly high, the girls don't even sell better? Iirc xiao venti and zhongli had the best sales after her and keqing sold the least by a massive margin so eh. Who knows why they're so fixated on securing coomerbux.

No. 132415

I'm glad we have no upcoming husbandos since it just gives me more time to save for the next one and build my current characters. Anyway, I'm desperately hoping I win my 50/50s this update period. Venti, Tart, and Diluc are the only husbandos I'm missing. May all your pulls be filled with luck, nonnies <3

No. 132416

Klee sold best because she was the first banner. Mihoyo doesn't release numbers, but I'd be willing to bet that their player base has dropped off significantly since launch

No. 132424

Anyone on mobile having trouble with storage? This bitch is 12GB

No. 132425

delete some shit and move

No. 132426

Is there a single female character anyone actually likes besides waifu reasons? I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t mind the waifus in this game. granted i’m not the straightest line on the block

No. 132428

Deleted a lot and we still here dreading the next update

… I like how strong some of them are? Like Lisa has so much power it could kill her, Ninguang built the Jade Chamber, Beidou killed a sea monster. I think Mona is quite funny in a dull way, Fischl is funny because she's just crazy. I used to like Barbara when she had her old voice.

No. 132429

What they did to Barbara was a war crime

No. 132433

File: 1615943041384.jpg (21.53 KB, 474x343, b6ea60408eee928d00aba7e4649411…)

Not waifu but I cant help but adore klee, Id love to see her, alice, and albedo reunite

No. 132434

When I started playing the game and reading guides, I legitimately thought most people picked their team based off of playstyle and elemental resonance/reactions. Now that I've spent some time in the fandom, I realize a huge number of people play for eye candy or a collector aspect.
But since there's so little content in game for now (at least until 1.4 comes out in a few hours) I'm pretty down with shipping and waifu content.