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File: 1620893176720.jpg (217.33 KB, 640x400, 2021042911123712432.jpg)

No. 141618

All GI related discussion, salt, metas and rants go here.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

previous thread: >>>/m/115241

No. 141620

I enjoyed the Genshin thread and noticed that no one made a new one so I tried, hope it's alright.

No. 141623

File: 1620897457391.png (5.39 MB, 2362x1328, 78CA7190-622E-4C96-8098-9C56AF…)

It's fine, anon.

No. 141624

File: 1620901198989.jpg (751.75 KB, 3780x2544, E07u4W3XoAMGe4q.jpg)

thank you for making a new thread! I never made a thread before so i was to nervous to make one myself.

They added some voice lines for Kazuha and his english voice sounds so bad! I will switch to chinese voice acting when i get him. His english voice sounds kinda like Razor, like a gremlin.

No. 141625

thanks nonnie, good job!

i don’t mind his voice too much but ’m disappointed that the english VA is weaker than the other languages, as per usual. his korean VA is very pleasant to listen to, and his chinese VA is nice too. i guess at least they’ve actually gotten a male VA to voice a male character because i am so sick of obviously feminine women trying to voice males in this game kek

No. 141633

File: 1620907986915.jpeg (106.26 KB, 720x589, B3016BF4-3DFB-4DB0-B9B6-73D609…)

I know right, they just don’t fit, if this was a Viewtiful Joe game, the cartooney voices would make sense, but it really makes the guys sound retarded in the context of genshin impact, like a 4Kids dub.

No. 141635

he really does sound like razor kek
im baffled by these VA and translation choices sometimes, he seems so calm and serious/somber, what posessed the director to make his VA talk like that??

No. 141732

Thanks for making a new thread OP!!!
I love all the Korean voices tho it feels like they're always trying to do ASMR or something its always so smooth

No. 141777

to whoever matched with me for the new event, im sorry

No. 141807

File: 1621027810623.jpeg (154.91 KB, 1700x1024, 330B2D62-60F2-4E99-9059-50D408…)

to whoever matched with me for the new event, im sorry
sorry for being such an amazing hunter and embarrassing you, that is.

No. 141828

File: 1621038030838.jpeg (154.05 KB, 1136x1217, 378931647276.jpeg)

So I'm enjoying the event so far but why the fuck aren't character passives disabled.

No. 141835

File: 1621038989022.jpeg (69.4 KB, 600x690, 0A97D2AA-D727-4ED7-A65E-91F2E8…)

This new event is really cute and fun, I’m amazing at hiding, so I’m not sorry about you falling for my traps.

No. 141840

I keep seeing the morons saying nuuu use chibi characters and use the invisibility!!! Please, the props work so well just hide in really good places and use the bait option

No. 141899

File: 1621084217780.jpeg (121.82 KB, 1400x700, 3CE14EA2-800B-470C-9CAE-2491DE…)

Lisa canonically sewed the rose on Jean's new outfit on. Girlfriends confirmed I do not accept criticism.

No. 141921

you are absolutely right anon, shes the one who convinced jean to take a day off and is taking her picture

No. 141923

Yes! Them bickering during one of the Windblume Quests was also really cute.

No. 142025

>Playing with the engdub instead of the Chinese or the Japanese one and being surprised the characters sound like shit cartoon parodies
Honestly why would you do this to yourself?

The current event is really fun but I feel like some stages offer a clear advantage to the rebels like climbing into an obscure, hard to reach spot and staying in disguise there. But it's still enjoyable, I'm surprised they're keeping event mechanics fresh like this.

No. 142052

Not like the japanese is much better with some characters, just more weeby instead of cartoon-like.

No. 142149

File: 1621226421146.jpg (464.83 KB, 4096x1152, fvcDtSA.jpg)

Eula reminds me of Utena, a prince type waifu. Any anons who ship Eula and Amber?

No. 142150

No. 142208

I hate the baby face she has in certain art (diluc style) and I hate her lack of trousers and sensible shoes but I do love lesbians so I think it's such a cute ship

No. 142233

I wish she didn't have the coomer pantsless design and the cutesy babyface, she looks too much like a soft kawaii moe waifu to be a princely lesbian.

No. 142237

I wish they amped up on the princely design like Princess knight or Lady Oscar.

No. 142239

I don't see it

No. 142291

Agree, if they either focused a bit more on the prince, knight or even dancer aspects the design would be a lot better and fit her more
I want to like her so bad but god why did they give her this autistic vengeance shtick

No. 142311

>autistic schtick
Because they’re unable to create a female character with depth, I can’t help but notice how autistic all of the waifus are, or at least the ones I’ve unlocked and read their stories so far.

No. 142317

No point in wasting actual writing effort into waifus since scrotes will be paying for them either way, just make them fulfill some coomer trope and churn them out on the regular.

No. 142320

This, there are npcs with more depth than any of the female vision users we've met so far. The only female genshin character I'm really looking forward to at all is Alice.

No. 142323

Have you even played the game? What about Jean? Ningguang? Ganyu? The upcoming electro archon Baal? Lmao

No. 142325

>What about Jean? Ningguang? Ganyu? The upcoming electro archon Baal?
Genuinely can't tell if you were trying to prove my point or not

No. 142334

nta but shes mostly right. i like jean but shes a workaholic , kind , courageous knight and thats kind of it. Ningguang is interesting but barely used and ganyu is another workaholic who had a nice conflict going on about not belonging to either world, which they promptly ruined by having her quest be about taxes and creating yanfei who is just like her.

mihoyo has interesting ideas for their female charas but they seem to put cuteness and waifu bait above it. i WANT to like eula since her conflict, serious personality and noble princely demeanor are nice but then they go and ruin it with the bottom half of the design, sneeze + dont looks at my boobs video and the bad vengeance joke she makes in every voice line.

No. 142393

I think Ninguang is interesting but Jean is pretty plain and generic and Ganyu is one of the worst examples one can use, she's pure waifu bait who only explored her adepti side (for about 10 minutes) because she thought she got fired from her job.

No. 142429

I think the most interesting female character lore wise is unironically Qiqi. Yes I teared up reading her story. Yes I have adopted a fictional zombie as my daughter.

No. 142430

File: 1621351870927.jpeg (314.95 KB, 1434x1267, 81E23D76-9809-4772-9843-BDF79A…)

They're cute together

No. 142432

Samefag, I also think Sucrose is quite interesting. She won me over when she said the reason she's into alchemy is so she can create her own little wonderland to escape to. Adorable. Beidou is interesting too, not a fan of the alcoholism but defeating a sea beast single handedly (and singe eyed, heh) is cool. I hope she'll appear in the story soon. Lisa is also interesting and I hope we get to find out more about her considering it's hinted she's holding back a lot of power and she was the smartest student in Sumeru.

No. 142446

It's a shame we'll never see Qiqi grow as a character since her brain is in stasis, but I still really like her story, for being a small character she's the only one who's died.
I feel like we gotta get more of Lisa soon, she has some pretty major death flags.

No. 142589

>Perfect hiding spot
>I freeze to death

No. 142598

File: 1621371139974.jpeg (103.19 KB, 680x481, 3E90C449-C67D-4AB1-B7D9-836859…)

>tfw I couldn’t get Zhongli
Fuck, maybe it’s because i didn’t have his wife either, maybe GeoHusband hates me, maybe it’s maybeline.

No. 142735

almost happened to me the last time i was put in the starglow caverns map except i got caught when i tried to bolt towards a torch. when the game loaded me back into my world i had like. 1500 hp left out of ~21k lol

No. 142785

I see you missed the unreconciled stars event. Sucrose, Mona, and Fischl are in some of the best story quest/events.
Lisa's dialogue and lore is interesting.

No. 142811

No I was there, fischl's inclusion was one of the worst parts of it unless you don't view her and oz as separate entities kek. Then all sucrose has done in her 2 in-game appearances is be an uwu meek nerdy qt and send us to hunt down albedo. Lisa is a snore, mona is alright though.

Still, bao'er ella musk and smiley yanxiao >>>

No. 142830

Absolutely agree with you nonna. I have no idea where these people are coming with their "B-but Sucrose is totally deep!!" when she's the epitome of an meek shy nerdy geek girl who wants senpai to notice her uwu. Meanwhile Albedo is implied to be a fucking homunculus that could have his alchemy powers go haywire and destroy Teyvat and him hinted being aware of it. And Fischl, everyone hates her so I don't even need to explain. Almost all of the girls have only a one-note cutesy trope to them because like mentioned earlier, if you give some thigh there and a little tit here and a totally moe personality that's generic enough not to be inoffensive the scrotes will hand over the money. Demand Mihoyo to do better instead of defending your shit waifus anons.

No. 142836

File: 1621453020213.jpg (226.82 KB, 1867x1082, 0519143530271.jpg)

he also eats spiders, best boy ♥

>Demand Mihoyo to do better instead of defending your shit waifus anons

this x10000000

No. 142839

Now I really wish albedo was real so he could eat all of the spiders.

No. 142842

Don't forget to throw in some yuri bait for good measure, they eat that up too. It is sad, I agree that the energy people waste defending their shit waifus would be better spent on asking mihoyo for some female characters that don't primarily exist to bank on the anime office lady fetish that's hot right now or whatever.

No. 142852

Fishl was UNBEARABLE on that event, anon, what are you talking about. She would spend 3 minutes talking just to say something that could be translated to "Thank you" or "Hello". It was a little cute at first but it just KEPT GOING the whole event. Never have I hated a character as much.
Mona was dope tho I love her

No. 142869

that event single-handedly took fischl from fan favorite to living in the mines lmfao

No. 142941

samefagging hours later to fix obvious error
>*not to be offensive
never post when falling asleep

I have never clicked through dialogue as fast as I did during her parts. I didn't even miss parts of the story because Fischl never said anything worth shit. The fact that the shtick was dragged on up until the end was the final nail on the coffin, since then I think everyone universally hated her.

No. 142969

I like Amber she's sweet and cute. Characters don't need to be deep for me to like them, I just like her because she's sweet.

No. 143018

And that's exactly why they don't develop female characters past "she's so cute guys!!", waifufags will pay for them anyway. Or more like will pay for that specifically, they would probably be intimidated by an actual backstory past "she's quirky and likes to bake/is bad at cooking!!!" or simply wouldn't care about it. It would be a waste.

No. 143021

holy shit shut the fuck up, it’s just a gacha game lmfao if you want deep and complex female characters go find it in great literature made by women instead

No. 143022

tired of the fujos shitposting in this thread, none of these characters with the exception of maybe venti are gay. ive not once seen good fanart from this game where it isn’t forcing fanfic-tier romance

No. 143023

Shut the fuck up, it's game full of hot guys and girls, no one gives a shit about what's canon.

No. 143024

Kek, seethe more waifufag

No. 143025

then just ignore it? I dont mind if people post there yaoi or yuri ships here, i think its cute. Shipping is just for fun characters dont have to be confirmed to be gay to ship them with same sex characters.

No. 143032

I'm really looking forward to the dendro vision holders. I think Baizhu's design is dope and I love his lil snake friend.

I didn't know people hated Fischl she's my LARPer daughter and didn't mind her in the event lol.

No. 143033

your waifu is shit

No. 143034

Didn't they develop Amber's character in the comic? I haven't read it so I wouldn't know.

No. 143035

me too! arkywzx said
>Yaoyao may or may not be free, and she may appear on Baizhu's banner. They might give a free 4* dendro boy character, but if they can't make him, then Yaoyao will be free.
and the idea of a free dendro boy is making me even more hyped! I pray it ends up being true, kaeya is the only f2p male character (unless you count the opportunity to get xingqiu or chongyun in 1.3's stand by me I guess) so far

No. 143038

They did go into the backstory with her grandpa and she protected a new friend in a really fierce way, it was nice and made her even more likeable but it's nothing we haven't seen in-game.

Jean, Venti, Kaeya and Diluc got the most development in a way the game doesn't show.

No. 143042

I like Fischl, she reminds me of my weeb past self…

But tbh I agree with this anon >>142969, I like Xiangling just because she's cheerful and I like her antics a lot, same with Xinyan. I find hypocritical that anons are getting triggered over Amber and cutesy female characters, yet they praise Mona, the most coomerish character imo. shrug
As one wise anon once said, males will develop fetishes over everything, be it strong independent women, delicate pure flowers or a woman without legs.

What I want to talk about is the lack of variety when it comes to male characters. Are we ever going to get a sweet/caring adult man??? I'm waiting miHoyo!! I don't want another stoic angsty boy or two-faced casanova…

No. 143043

>waifufags will pay for them anyway
Amber is free.

No. 143044

>Are we ever going to get a sweet/caring adult man??? I'm waiting miHoyo!! I don't want another stoic angsty boy or two-faced casanova…

No. 143062

>lack of variety among adult male characters
but there are only 4 adult men to begin with… lol just wait for varka and tohma

No. 143074

I really hope Varka is hot.

No. 143076

anon they never said that they played the game KEK

No. 143095

File: 1621538616600.png (102.8 KB, 773x526, 8f4r4wwu44071.png)

Don't worry, I can assure you mihoyo will release plenty of Amber clones in the future that won't be cough yoimiya cough cough

No. 143334

It was a blanket statement regarding every female character waifufags simp for, not Amber in particular. Get a grip nonny.

No. 143377

monas personality, job and event quest are pretty cool, but then you have to overlook her design and certain voice lines like "about venti". its just annoying that if she was a male character she would get a cooler design and be taken a bit more seriously like they do with the males

keqing and ningguang are respected but can you imagine if tartaglia or zhongli trailers had them dancing tango in booty shorts? they get to be badass and deep but eula gets a dance, a cute sneeze and a weird schitck. its made to sell as a gacha so i dont blame them but it sucks.

No. 143380

File: 1621557635810.jpeg (185.25 KB, 750x1125, DFA61E0E-2F38-413E-9E60-F1A366…)

I will miss the windtrace event, I’ve been playing it even if I can’t get any coins anymore, it’s just really fun, I hope they make something like this again.

No. 143435

Or just play Honkai.

No. 143537

No. 144939

New leak about skins:

Aparently the jean summer skin will be permanent and cost around 20 dollars in genesis crystals, with a discount if you buy when it launches.

No. 144971

I guess I wouldn't mind paying that for a character I actually like (so not Jean lul). If they'll cost ~1500 without the discount, it should only take a few welkins to cover the discount price instead of real top-ups.

No. 145002

File: 1621938598049.jpg (34.49 KB, 564x563, 1614980535046.jpg)

>played every day since release
>didn't open genshin even once in the past week
I think I might be finally free

No. 145008

>Release a summer skin for the most boring waifu nobody cares about
>It's not a free event prize and you have to pay for it
Good god Mihoyo

Then get out nonny, let the rest of us gacha addicts be

No. 145010

I like Eula. I think she is funny.

No. 145040

I would pay for my favorite characters too but that price is a bit too much in my currency, it would be the same price as half a month worth of food. In latin america, russia and some eastern european countries even welkin is pretty expensive so no skins for most of us

No. 145041

Congrats anon, careful not to relapse during inazuma lol

No. 145068

i won’t mind losing some kilos if that means I can get Venti’s cute ass Archon outfit/s for the ‘tistic anons.

No. 145073

File: 1621960400632.jpg (81.83 KB, 640x682, kw1dvtg2k4q61.jpg)

About Eula: I really think her story quest was the worst so far, it didnt make sense… hate her on the basis of how rushed and forgettable she is alone. A few leakers have suggested she, and the last 2 patches as a whole, are a product of mihoyo throwing something together last minute to buy time for other stuff in the works and tbh I dont have a doubt in my mind that its true. The slutty design, dont look at my big boobs~ joke, twerking, yuri bait, overtuned nuke kit for metaslaves, etc are all just symptoms of that. Actually, Ill pretend this never happened.

Ive seen a lot of people use vpns and change their locations to US before buying stuff on genshin!…Not to shill mihoyos digital goods hah

No. 145083

File: 1621963078953.jpeg (75.95 KB, 1324x745, E1oPAaPWEAsEJy3.jpeg)

I wonder whats happening? it can't be that it takes this long to balance just one element
But i agree that eula and yanfei feel very rushed, eula could have been awesome if they handled her with more care

No. 145085

Yeah i already thought it was super weird how Eula was never mentioned before so it seems logical that she was just quickly made up as filler. I actually dont mind it tho because its just an easy skip for me so i can save up for characters that i like

No. 145097

All leakers ever say about dendro is that it's really buggy and fucked up, who friggin knows what's going on with it.

No. 145306

That sucks so much, i want them to add Baizhu so bad but im sure it going to take a while if they are struggling with dendro that much.

No. 145309

It sounds like they just gave up for now, but maybe they're saving it for sumeru? some leakers said the artist team could already be working on it now that inazuma is mostly done
I still don't know what possessed them to release the game with one element missing. They could have just done away with the few dendro enemies if it was so hard to balance it at launch. But they still haven't even reworked electro if the leaks are to be trusted so who knows.

No. 145336

i feel like they will give all the new electro characters broken kits/multipliers instead of actually buffing the element as a whole. wouldnt want to indirectly buff preexisting characters instead of powercreeping them with new ones rite?

No. 145439

File: 1622101780618.png (734.55 KB, 882x884, E2O2THAVkAojYDR.png)


No. 145482

File: 1622124003177.jpg (385.09 KB, 1920x1080, E2STPHUUYAECMbd.jpg)

So they chose the fucked up top for Jean? I guess it's expected and I don't care for her too much anyways but this is kind of disappointing to see. Genshin is slowly turning into some coombait waifu collection thing and I'm honestly losing interest.

No. 145486

I hate this, that other top was so cute
>Genshin is slowly turning into some coombait waifu collection thing and I'm honestly losing interest.
I remember hearing that some honkai people worked on making yanfei and eula and that would explain why their design is a bit more coomerish than the others. I hope they go back to designing characters like keqing, jean or ayaka but yoimiya being described as a sexy shrine maiden makes me wary for other inazuma chars already.

No. 145490

at least it's not a bikini, but it's such a lame skin. they're charging for an outfit that looks like it came from Kohls and for the soccer mom waifu that doesn't even have many simps?? barbara's is way cuter and it's free.

No. 145491

I think you mean the almighty Fräulein Prinzessin Fischl

No. 145509

File: 1622142181983.jpg (152.54 KB, 1018x1042, 20210526_233413.jpg)

I just did the first ascension quest this morning and after completion I got booted up to adventure rank 31. It's not fair y'all but I had to grind before the challenge.
It's probably because dendro takes no effort to overpower. You can kill em with fire and they're dead lol.

No. 145534

File: 1622148990411.jpeg (434.18 KB, 750x3075, 52301869-53D3-4901-A436-D47788…)

Tbh, I don’t even care anymore if they will release 300 coomer waifus per husbando, I think that’s great for non-coomer or at least straight coomer f2ps, because then we will be able to save primos for our husbandos, instead of having to constantly feel annoyed or unmotivated for not being able to get the husbandos we want.
I say, let the whales whale for the non-whales, so we can have many interesting husbandos to ogle their hot booties while climbing and running.

No. 145571

File: 1622165536425.jpg (108.49 KB, 2048x1044, kzsc.jpg)

This. I guess I understand being a little disappointed if you were hoping for girls who weren't pure coombait but, I mean, it's a gacha game yo. And still a pretty tame one at that.

I'll be grateful for a boy drought if a guaranteed c3 umbrella paid for with nothing but welkins + BPs awaits me afterwards!

No. 145630

New update seems kind of meh again. Just another filler before Inazuma but at least Kazuha's part in the story means we're closer. I'm mostly excited to see Beidou in the story since I adore her.
I find Jean and Barbara very boring and Klee is just okay.

No. 145644

That's not how it works, anon. Not one unisex gacha game has survived the full waifuzation. They know women will stay there anyway because they hold on to the vain hope that a new husbando will be released while men will fuck off to greener pastures if they go on for a month without a new female character they can coom to. Because they have that choice, every fucking game out there panders to them. Women on the other hand can choose between a shitty visual novel otome or nothing.

I'm not going to fuck around waiting for a year for a new male character while multiple cryo/pyro waifus with recycled assets roll around. Meanwhile the male characters they will eventually release are made to be inferior to the hard DPS waifus and always have some obscure niche meta that forces them to the position of support slaves. At least Xiao did crazy damage as a DPS but remember the drama over Zhongli being borderline worthless without constellations? And who's actually using Albedo except in very specific situations? How many female 5* cryo characters do we have versus male ones? And even if this isn't the case at the moment, it will be soon enough.

Fuck I'm getting so autistically peeved over this but seeing Eula be just a rehashed Jean model with Diluc animations and a metaslave kit pissed me off. Kazuha better be so fucking good.

No. 145646

Ah i cant believe the armpit fags have won. The other top was indeed better but its not like i was gonna buy it anyway because i dont even use Jean.

>It's probably because dendro takes no effort to overpower. You can kill em with fire and they're dead lol.
Yeah but the same goes for cryo enemies right? I do wonder if dendro is only gonna be effictive against hydro or maybe also geo?

Yeah im kinda scared already because we still havent gotten a new male 4 star, however from the leaks and characters we already have seen in the story we will still have some male characters to choose from. But its annoying that the amount of male characters is so little compared to the female. I hope that alot of people said in the survey that they wanted more male characters.
Also i think the current event made people realise that albedo is actually pretty good even if his face is fucked up, i think next time he will return many people will try to get him. I actually dont mind that we dont have that many 5* male dps characters because for me support characters are more important.

No. 145655

>And who's actually using Albedo except in very specific situations?
everyone who has him? him and zhongli are one of the most busted character combos in the game and he stays in the top 10 most used list by cn players who perfect cleared abyss despite being the least owned banner character. afredo was always good, you guys are just retarded.

No. 145673

File: 1622205340609.png (787.09 KB, 960x698, cu3xm35e0g071.png)

I feel the same way anon. If they don't announce Kazuha for 1.6 or if he isn't even good/fun to play I'll probably just skip this update. I get that it means more time to save Primogems but what am I even saving for? There's nothing interesting.

Eula annoys me so much honestly. She was just crammed in for the sake of content and there's still so much hype around her. Coomers really have no thoughts beyond booba and thighs.

The amount of male 4 stars is honestly tragic. I saw some people argumenting that the few male characters are actually some of the best supports and can be used in any team comp, but that's just to make up for the fact that they're not cute waifus. I don't think enough people would complain about this to Mihoyo though (if they even look at the surveys), plus it seems to work out for them. Like when Rosaria was released and people unironically whaled for her.

No. 145674

Livestream started half an hour ago. The Jean skin is 1680 crystals, and the discount is less than 20% jej 1350.

No. 145677

New abyss appears to be:

>slightly less piss-easy floor 10

>11-3 first half - double ruin guards followed by ruin hunters (gl hf to non-ganyu owners because they seem to be programmed to start shooting right away)

>11-3 second half - abyss herald and lector

>12-1 double geovishaps from last abyss

>12-2 first half - venti food (cryo cicin mage and treasure hoarders)
>12-2 second half - geovishap + baby vishap x2
>12-3 first half - abyss lector + hydro and pyro mages
>12-3 second half - abyss herald + hydro and pyro mages

Whole of 12 also has that electro buff that drains your ults. GL HF!

No. 145678

File: 1622206479824.jpeg (563.19 KB, 828x1040, 942B34D6-9C9D-487A-B1A6-9F271F…)

Introducing my wife, Beidou.

No. 145679

File: 1622206668868.jpg (352.08 KB, 1920x1080, 20210528_075522.jpg)


No. 145680

Holy shit that image is depressing, I never realized how large the gap between female and male 4s was. And isn't Kaeya the only free male 4 too?

Still a support slave only used to buff other characters, Diluc and Xiao are the only true male DPSs that don't depend on a gimmicky strategy.

No. 145682

File: 1622207666046.jpg (270.37 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20210528-075959_1.j…)

he's so fucking CUTE

supports >>>>>> shitty DPS that only exist to get powercrept 3 weeks after their release are you dumb? name of the game is venti-zhongli-bennett-xingqiu impact not mr. "I am unironically outclassed as a carry by c1 blacksword bennett without my own cons and wgs" impact

No. 145683

Yeah kaeya is the only free male character we have gotten, but i heard rumors that we might get another free male character in the future. Also i agree with >>145682 support are more important then dps.

No. 145684

saved me from searching, thanks

No. 145690

I have Razor at 1c (iirc correctly) with Wolf's Gravestone and he's my only true DPS atm. I do need to build everyone else up and raise him more but he's seriously strong and leads the team if you let him. Please include my son lol

No. 145695

Yeah, furry boy is still the strongest individual 4 star dps.
Iirc the highest dps team comp overall is Bennett Xiangling Xingqiu Chongyun. All 4 star supports and/or sub dpses yet they're still the whales' top picks for speedrunning the current spiral abyss. Don't soyface so hard over single-hit ult nukes that you sleep on supports/subs, anons.

No. 145702

I wish he was older and not a lil baby.

No. 145704

shut up anon, I need more twinks in my party

No. 145705

babbys >>

No. 145725

File: 1622218555794.jpg (125.74 KB, 1700x1080, HrzgY2V.jpg)

Jean's outfit is cute, Barbara still looks OOC for her.
Whoever was talking to Klee through gramophone has a good VA. I hope that was Baal, she has the intimidating vibe that would suit Baal.

No. 145726

File: 1622218914789.jpg (280.35 KB, 1920x1080, dwvv0vP.jpg)

No. 145728

File: 1622219142322.jpg (196.69 KB, 1563x879, YRPjemt.jpg)

No. 145730

File: 1622219330702.jpg (320.77 KB, 1920x1080, urawH6V.jpg)

No. 145732

File: 1622219423327.jpg (277.1 KB, 1920x1080, v9SxRj3.jpg)

No. 145733

kek why would Baal be talking to Klee? that was Alice, her mom.

No. 145737

File: 1622219911869.jpg (49.75 KB, 564x1079, cxbudED.jpg)

I've seen coomers complain THAT the character designs are tame compared to other gacha games. Even though all the waifus are coomer bait there are a few designs that feel more "feminine" and less coomerish. Like Ayaka's, she looks like a magical girl. (Ayaka having a canon fiance is coomer repellent too)
She called Klee wicked, that doesn't sound like something Alice would say. Unless she's pretending?

No. 145756

File: 1622223738947.jpg (Spoiler Image,520.66 KB, 1080x2338, 2terrorists.jpg)

yup, they have a playful relationship. already confirmed it's her too, because Alice was mined to have dialog in this update. latest rumor on Baal says she's a teen, not an adult.

No. 145758

File: 1622224168454.jpg (71.82 KB, 1200x554, Em_WNEaVEAIKqnr.jpg)

>Like Ayaka's, she looks like a magical girl.
Sorry to ruin it for you but you can peek under her skirt during her attacks and literally see her underpants clear as day. They couldn't keep the only non-coomer design free of sexualization.

No. 145768

I thought they switched it to bloomers

No. 145783

File: 1622231410138.jpg (129.96 KB, 2114x1166, l4MCbnl.jpg)

Not much of a change kek

No. 145785

They'll nerf it harder soon I'm sure.

No. 145786

No. 145789

File: 1622233447437.jpeg (81.77 KB, 750x750, F4387A9B-78AE-4845-9759-35A8AB…)

I hate that, I hope they give her at least some shorts or something, why do we need to see a girl’s underwear whenever we try to kill someone? Coomers are retarded.

No. 145822

I'm late to the party, but just finished Eula's quest and honestly, my biggest peeve against her is that she doesn't look like a dancer at all lol It could have been such a beautiful character.

No. 145851

>I hope that alot of people said in the survey that they wanted more male characters.
I'm going to start doing this from now on.
I think they may actually look at the surveys sometimes, a lot of people were asking for more character content and we got those hangout events with Chong, Barbara, etc. I doesn't hurt to try kek.
I know all media panders to males, but c'mon this >>145673 is embarassing. Release more 4* males, ffs miHoyo.

No. 145857

File: 1622253624515.jpg (76.26 KB, 600x600, 5.jpg)

venti, aether, and lumine nendos incoming !

No. 145863

How expensive are Nendoroids usually? I'd love to get a lil Venti

No. 145867

i have not bought one in a while but usually preorders are ~70 usd after shipping. u will definitely want to preorder because after release his price is going to the moon.

No. 145879

omg just after I preordered the Hamtaro one I'll need to splurge on a little Venti

No. 145891

Scrotes were in full meltdown mode when Mihoyo added even this little change >>145783 which was virtually unnoticeable, the whole 9 yards of "Nooooo this is western woke SJW pandering!! Mihoyo don't censor her panties I need my cooms". The same shit they pulled with Rosaria's ridiculously sized tits being shrunken down to a realistic size ("Noooo this is actually body shaming women with big breasts!!!").

>I hope that alot of people said in the survey that they wanted more male characters.
At least every female player I know wrote this in the character survey so let's hope that Mihoyo listens. A picture like this >>145673 is seriously embarrassing.

No. 145920

I saw that last night and told my bf that I'm gonna wait for Fischl or Rosaria. (If they'll ever be considered)

No. 146129

so leakers have said that the electro archon is going to literally be the exact same character from honkai 3 or whatever it’s called - some character called like mai or some shit. is anyone else already tired of the whole ~HONKAI AND GENSHIN ARE TOTALLY CONNECTED~ shit that fans and mihoyo are pulling? it’s so fucking boring, and i’m really not willing to play some boring ass waifubait game made for scrotes that i don’t want to play just so i can vaguely understand how the two games link to each other. if it’s true it also means the electro archon and first female archon is this ugly coombrained designed big titty waifu which is just like… ugh

No. 146168

Leakers apparently said that the electro archon will be a support less OP than venti, but that we won't even realize she's electro.
At this point i think mihoyo just gave up on electro.
I also wish they were separate, but there is hope anon. The pink haired girl looks different enough from yae sakura, maybe baal and mei will only share color and hairtyle similarities too. Meis futuristic outfit wouldn't fit genshin at all.

No. 146170

If they're going to do this then they can at least make some of the guys coomerish too

No. 146175

I really hope they do give us some cookie guys, I won’t spend money on this game until we get a coomer male character like Ayaka, I want visible abs, hips and sheer clothes, maybe some tight clothes as well.

No. 146212

>first female archon is this ugly coombrained designed big titty waifu
Did u really expect anything less

No. 146222

File: 1622426121388.jpg (50.88 KB, 600x800, 202007221449462561822.jpg)

These bloomers are gay, I was hoping for something like pic related.

No. 146226

Lumine has actual bloomers, don't see why ayaka can't be the same

No. 146283

Electro Archon's silhouette looks like Raiden Mai from Honkai. So disappointing.

No. 146289

File: 1622456428652.jpeg (241.24 KB, 602x408, 5C4297BC-15AC-42D4-ABEA-B28070…)

I want this

No. 146295

File: 1622458986215.png (452.82 KB, 596x831, Character_Lyney_Portait.png)

The pyro archon also shares a name with a Honkai character. Really disappointed in Mihoyo just making Genshin the extension of their previous waifushit game. I'd understand one of the archon gods being a nod to their sister franchise but seeing how Venti also shared looks with one of the characters in Honkai and now two other archons is stupid and cheap.

At least of all the upcoming characters Lyney is confirmed femcoomer material. Too bad he probably won't appear until Fontaine is released which means we'll have to wait for literal years.

No. 146298

Why do they gotta make me feel bad for killing Hilchuls so much. It's the Fallen all over again. I'm not genociding your species I just need items!

No. 146299

why are you surprised that this is the state of games now? release an unfinished and buggy game to get the moneyz quick and then reuse assets from previous similar titles so they don’t have to do the work. EA has been doing that shit for how long now and it as bound to happen with a gacha game with pay to win transactions LOL

No. 146300

Because coomers would cry about not being able to see her panty.

Im dissapointed but not surprised, i wonder if she will have the same outfit as in the video because while it does show alot of leg it isnt as coomerish as i expected.

No. 146303

File: 1622462939047.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.4 KB, 567x481, 20210531_070514.jpg)

Kazuha's cutscene was so good! I'm sad his friend might not be playable due to… being dead. Really love that giving visions to people who've lost friends just like he did is like Venti's "thing" now too, its sweet.

No. 146305

File: 1622463645470.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.73 KB, 488x340, 20210531_070534.jpg)

And the detail that the bandages on Kazuha's right hand are covering burn scars he got from holding his dying friend's vision that literally burned with hope!!! There might not be that many boys in Genshin but I can't be too upset about it when the ones we get are very high quality, especially compared to the waifus they pump out.

No. 146351

You guys should stop spending money on gacha games that don't pander to you. The reason why they continue to feed moid otakus and give the male characters scraps is because female otaku always lap up what they can get. When it comes to income/whaling, Global players on average are nothing in comparison to Asia players but I still think it's worth not throwing money at franchises that see you as an afterthought.

Obviously this doesn't apply if you're enjoying the female characters equally or you're satisfied with what the male characters get. I spend on Arknights myself even if their favoritism leans towards waifus too since I genuinely enjoy it outside of pandering

No. 146393

>The reason why they continue to feed moid otakus and give the male characters scraps is because female otaku always lap up what they can get.
There isn't a choice, that's the issue. All games lean towards waifupandering, you just have to pick the one that hurts the least. At least on Genshin all the male characters are top tier, well written and thought out with interesting designs, they straight out dominate the plot and screen time compared to the female characters. Not to mention the gameplay itself being really fun. I'd much rather play this and just not pay for the waifus while bitching in the surveys than suffer through another game with shit mechanics and husbandos that are shoved to the side with no development whatsoever. To add insult to the injury the rare games that are mainly aimed towards women tend to be visual novels with barely any gameplay elements and/or they haven't been released internationally. I'd love to put my money where the mouth is but that mouth just isn't there. My options are to either settle and vote with my wallet by whaling for male characters or not play anything at all.

Also don't know how you bring up Arknights by comparison, that game is way guiltier of waifushit and has an even sadder character gender ratio than Genshin does.

No. 146403

>Also don't know how you bring up Arknights by comparison
I didn't bring it up as comparison. I gave an example where even I am willing to spend on waifu-leaning games myself because the other factors make up for it just as you explained why you continue to spend on Genshin.

Reading comprehension.

No. 146438

Yeah and while you’re paying for dog food while claiming “a-at least it’s not rats!”, moids get vocal and steer 10 feet away from anything that doesn’t satisfy them. Then you wonder why everything is aimed at them while you have to make do.

No. 146446

All you guys complaining about coomer shit when all these designs are tame as fuck compared to something like FGO.
You shouldn't be paying for any gatcha game, it'll never be worth it even little buys here and there add up over time to way more than any stand alone game would cost you.

No. 146457

so what? not all of us are poorfags

and FUCK fgo

No. 146469

FGO for example used to have husbando pandering but for some reason they stopped all of that and went for the really low common waifushit denominator. The male characters were the most popular ones in the game according to all statistics and surveys said half of the userbase was female, the female players were very active and loud. Yet they lost the battle anyway, now FGO is just another coomer gacha game and most of the prolific FGO doujinshi artists, who play a big part in making a franchise popular, have migrated to other fandoms. So don't blame women for not "demanding more" because it happens, most of the people writing these games are moids who simply don't want to (or aren't skilled enough to) create content for women and can survive off the money the scrote audience gives them.

Gacha game gets new content released all the time, which other 60 bucks a pop game keeps adding new content for years to come? You'd have to pay a sub price for an AAA list MMORPG too, I don't see why paying for gacha is so bad unless you're pouring your month's salary into it.

No. 146487

I want them to add lisa, amber and kaeya to the event banners so much. As a kaeya main i suffer because i never pull from the perma banner so i have to keep waiting and buying him when he is in paimons shop. Please mihoyo just add them already to the other banners

No. 146489

I think the electro archon seems cool. I hope she's a villain.

No. 146491

Me too, I hope she becomes some sort of weekly boss like Childe.

No. 146493

Dude I started my new account like a month ago and all I've been getting is kaeya. We need to switch luck.

No. 146503

Same, it's so stupid. The chances of getting the starters are so ridiculously slim. I don't understand why they wouldn't have one of them in the shop at all times, like in a seperate rotation? If the argument for not putting them in the limited banner is that no one wants them then they surely won't lose anything by making them more available? It's so annoying that they get totally ignored but Barbara, Xiangling and Noelle which are all free as well are in every other banner.

No. 146527

I would gladly switch luck, i also have gotten no 5 star weapons and ive been playing a week after release. However this is also mostly because i refuse to comit on a weapon banner because i believe its a scam.

Like you said its so stupid that other characters that people are able to get for free are added to the event banner but the 3 starters are not. And its not like they're super unpopular either, i know so many people who like playing with kaeya and lisa. I really hope that if enough people whine that they will be easier to get.

No. 146534

>i also have gotten no 5 star weapons and ive been playing a week after release
same anon, I keep getting the shitty characters on standard and the only one I use is mona. if Kazuha's other rate up is anything but skyward spine I'm going to cave and whale on his weapon banner.

No. 146655

I think I eventually hit a pity and with a single wish I got Eula I was so shocked. I kept getting Beidou and I have her at C5, now I’m definitely saving up for other characters. Is Eula good with the snow-tombed claymore with phys damage? I just got it by fucking around the dragonspine map

No. 146693

Im saving up for kazuha and maybe i will try and get his weapon to, i have alot of primos saved up because i have skipped so many banners so i might get super lucky or i will save up and wait for jade spear to return.

The snow tombed is pretty good on her, you can also use prototype archaic as another free alternative

No. 146699

good luck! 2nd banner of 1.8 is rumored xiao rerun so pjws could be rate up then. unless there's a jade cutter rerun i'll be skipping everything until the next new 5* boy ;-; i hope i can survive off the stardust from my kazu pulls for a few patches bc i'm below 800 currently

No. 146704

Thank you anon! I hope pjws will return then, xiao is currently my main and while he already does pretty good damage i want to make him even more OP. Goodluck to you on saving till we finally get a new boy, maybe devs will figure dendro out and we will finally get Baizhu! And if that doesnt happen, you will atleast be guaranteed to get a character because you will have so many primos saved up. Also wow you have alot of stardust saved up, i always spent my immediately because i have no patience kek.

No. 146926

File: 1622827357260.jpeg (466.04 KB, 1536x2048, E2dy54vVcAExwZV.jpeg)

Just dropping these here bc they made me horny, don't mind

No. 146927

File: 1622827379901.jpeg (479.34 KB, 1536x2048, E2dy6cUVoAMOub6.jpeg)

No. 147005

File: 1622901750488.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.43 KB, 1068x449, lewd.jpg)

Teapot convos got datamined and I regret not whaling on Venti… Childe's new lines are also great and chilumi shippers are going wild on my timeline.

No. 147008

File: 1622908484538.jpg (80.53 KB, 736x769, original (1).jpg)

>Me on my way to make Aether fuck Venti raw in our mansion bedroom bed when the character housing patch drops

No. 147022

File: 1622914845076.jpeg (54.02 KB, 412x237, E6BB11D2-91DF-4FCB-8E4F-60E388…)

>I have to choose between Venti and big dickluc so my tabibito-yo can have a great night.

No. 147068

aww i saw xiao's and they were really cute

No. 147070

File: 1622944131375.jpg (58.06 KB, 736x736, 20210605_194742.jpg)

I finally finished the Liyue story and now I wanna whale for Childe. But I'm conflicted because I'm saving my gems for baby Klee.

No. 147074

Childe isn't going to be on a banner again for a solid year at the very least so don't hold you breath for him

No. 147168

File: 1623003334028.jpg (126.86 KB, 1080x1080, 20210606_121603.jpg)

That's too bad but at least Klee will come out in a few days. Couldn't get her last time but I hope luck is on my side now.

No. 147252

File: 1623068586164.png (1.19 MB, 2048x1024, cQuKAjo.png)

What do you guys think of her design? I like the colors but i wonder how the front will look, i hope its not to coomerish. Genshin posted alot of characters on their twitter account
Sayu: https://twitter.com/GenshinImpact/status/1401842117190819842?s=20

Yoimiya: https://twitter.com/GenshinImpact/status/1401841362119573509?s=20

Ayaka: https://twitter.com/GenshinImpact/status/1401841865608122368?s=20

Kazuha: https://twitter.com/GenshinImpact/status/1401841613979148291?s=20

No. 147256

more cryo and pyro characters when the roster is already oversaturated with them, yawn. it's getting sad watching the fandom fall for the same tricks every gd time

No. 147258

She's very pretty, Mihoyo really said let's do this before the leakers.
I'm so excited for inazuma, the prettiest designs so far.
still no electro buff

No. 147259

I love that her gimmick is fireworks and will probably be stronger than Amber. Other than that I'm tired of Pyro.

No. 147260

File: 1623073328786.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.75 KB, 2048x983, E3R-9e7WUAMBBAr.jpg)

Guys, Baal's design leaked!!! Great news as she's not even half as coomerish as I was expecting her to be but also her design is sort of bland lmao

She looks better than Baal tbh but also like the other anon said, ANOTHER Pyro 5* is ehhhh

No. 147261

I wish she wasn't a honkai import but I like her design.
have you seen the story leak? her looking like scaramouche is not mihoyo just being lazy.

No. 147262

I have!! I'm so excited, honestly, bc it's lowkey similar to the theories I made up in my head back when he first appeared last year lmao. I can't wait for the story tho I hope they aren't going to pull a full on silly redemption arc for Raiden considering she's straight up a dictator.

No. 147263

File: 1623073858612.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.99 KB, 640x957, xHkRl5d.jpg)

No. 147265

She’s actually really pretty, I’m glad she isn’t that pink design we saw upthread, I wouldn’t mind trying to get her.

No. 147266

It's cool how the archons have braids or long ponytails. Makes you wonder if they'll all have that.

No. 147267

Damn that's anticlimactic. She looks like ying'er with a vision. I like Yoimiya more, she's cute.

No. 147268

If she's yet ANOTHER pyro dps I'm not rolling even though she's cute.

No. 147269

Would look cuter with hair down

No. 147270

HOLY SHIT we are getting a Cat boy in a crop top!!!
I'm suddenly okay with all the coomerish waifus.

No. 147271

File: 1623078221606.jpeg (410.24 KB, 828x1076, 188F7990-8FB5-41DF-8DC4-8317C6…)

Cute Geo bow fox boy!

No. 147272

File: 1623078247007.jpeg (403.15 KB, 828x1070, 48C71B0E-B14E-4A82-8124-D9D8AB…)

Not a cat he's a fox!!

No. 147273

File: 1623078270146.jpeg (81.85 KB, 2048x983, 5F4012B9-10AB-45AD-B474-C71F9E…)

Electro catalyst

No. 147274

god forgive me for the amount of money I'm about to blow on this lil faggot's banner

No. 147276

He's so cute!! Dude what if there was a character based off a Kappa?

No. 147277

omg aaahhh he's so cute, i will def get him!

They also all have the thing where the hair color changes at the ends.

Yeah its kinda bland, like she's pretty but i expected more wow factor?

I kind of hate her design lol

No. 147281

I just realized Baal would look cooler in a type of military uniform. She'd look more intimidating tbh.

No. 147288

a fucking catboy, i'm screaming

(i know he's a fox, whatever, he's Catboy™ now)

wait wait what??? nonnies, don't tell me Scaramouche isn't real, i'm going to die, i've been saving for him since December omfg

No. 147289

True, but I feel like if we get that it'll be in Sneznaya maybe. I feel like the closest we've got to a military-esque design is Hu Tao.

No. 147291

my theory is that they're making her normal design so lame because they're going to release her on the anniversary, alongside her (and venti/zhonglis) archon skins which will actually look cool. currently every single other character leaked today has looked better than her kek besides yae.

No. 147293

File: 1623080586919.jpeg (259.2 KB, 4096x1965, A58F7C3E-0041-4DAB-A3D9-EB9C90…)

Sara leaked. She looks cool but not a fan of the outfit.

No. 147294

Am I the only person who thinks Baal looks fine?

No. 147295

File: 1623080695794.jpg (185.13 KB, 4096x1965, 20210607_104412.jpg)


My favs are definitely the foxboy, tohama, and yoimiya so far

No. 147296

Like we always say, Genshin boys are few and far between but they are always 10/10s damn I can't believe Im actually going to roll for a Geo Bow now.

Kind of bland but still really nice, I wonder if this means that Scaramouche is still very far away?? Because then I can safely spend on both Kazuha and Goro

No. 147297

those look like Lisa's pants/bloomers

i think she looks fine too, nothing to complain about. although i do think her outfit could have been more god-like, given her personality

No. 147299

it's not hideous like idk rosaria for example but she looks like an npc.

No. 147300

I was hoping she would gotten actually long pants, but it's just a long skirt.

No. 147301

Can anyone guessetimate when fox boy will be coming? I need to know how much time I have to save up for him. And the teapot companion feature, guys! Who are you forcing to move in with you? My first picks have to be Beidou, Razor and Benny immediately. Also, who are you putting up an electric fence to keep out?

No. 147304

with 1.7 being 2.0, I think the earliest he could come is 2.2 but he'll more than likely come later. He's the leader of the resistance against Baal according to Kazuha's line about him, so I really wouldn't expect him to come out early on. 2.0 will be yoimiya and ayaka, then 2.1 should be moonchase with ganyu and xiao reruns.

No. 147305

File: 1623081904020.jpg (37.41 KB, 590x624, lx5etfepeg271.jpg)

Yea another pretty disappointing one considering how cool she looked in her silhouette

No. 147306

Thanks for that. I'm glad it seems like we have a lot of time and here's to hoping he isn't immediately after Xiao because then I'm fucked.

No. 147307

File: 1623082161755.jpg (157.95 KB, 1600x900, E3ShaN3XIAMyzzk.jpg)

the little paw prints…

No. 147309

File: 1623082541918.jpeg (85.94 KB, 900x506, 2A7C1A4C-3208-48F3-A10C-574177…)

Who is your favourite? Who is your least favourite?
Yoyi would be cute but this game has too many pyros and blondes and she's both.

No. 147310

My favorite so far is Gorou but Tohma, Yae and Sara are close too. If any of them are 4s I'll try to get them too. If Kokomi is not a healer and she's a 4 maybe I'll tr to get her too.
Honestly, all of the designs are pretty good, it's just the Shogun looks a bit too normal considering her position. Love Yoimiya too, I just don't need another pyro.

No. 147313

File: 1623083653763.png (12.78 KB, 769x279, E3Pxc0YXIAAVkhh.png)

No. 147314

File: 1623083947990.jpg (40.83 KB, 380x512, vDRpHPI.jpg)

lol the leakers are working overtime after the stunt paimon pulled
Kokomi must be the new model for Mimi, she looks even prettier definitely my favorite. I like Yoimiya's tomboy style. Sara's my least favorite because I don't like her color scheme.
a character that's made for the trinity, furries, fujos and fudanshis.

No. 147316

File: 1623084736468.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.79 KB, 512x1024, Aq0uAIU.jpg)

tfw a cicin mage has a better design than some 5 stars.

No. 147318

File: 1623085206827.jpg (577.89 KB, 1170x1224, 1623081705594.jpg)

>the mask on Sara's head is called Scaramouche's mask
>we know that Scaramouche is closely tied to Raiden due to design
>both electro etc
what are the chances of Sara actually being Scaramouche in disguise or vice versa??? maybe he's a type of entity who can change forms like Zhongli??

No. 147319

File: 1623085418277.jpg (146.45 KB, 1920x1080, hw4f0df9scw51.jpg)

I am so dissapointed with Inazuma roster, the gap between male/female characters is going to be massive. Sara is probably the coolest looking but still a letdown from her silhouette pic >>147305

I'm just going to keep saving for Scaramouche and picrel. Genshin's fandom growth has significantly slowed down (like in every gacha game) since scrotes moved on to greener waifu pastures. Hope MHY realizes soon that they need to start pandering to female players to keep the hype.

No. 147320

>the hearts on Sara's dress look similar to those on female npc fatui…
oh no no sisters… not my scaramouche….. this is unironically the worst outcome but would also explain why there is still no info about him being playable

No. 147321

nonexistent. mihoyo knows how popular scaramouche is and would be retarded not to make him his own character. and he was mined to be a catalyst while sara is a bow.

2 of the leaked characters are probably going to standard. my money is on yae and kokomi.

No. 147322

this boy will be the death of me

No. 147323

so we're getting two electro catalyst users for this region?

No. 147325

yup. maybe yae will be a 4*?

No. 147327

I need this fox boy so I can continue living pleasantly, I bet his voice will be adorable.

No. 147331

seeing so many triggered moids cry over the obligatory kitsune character being a boy and the lack of ott coomer pandering in the girl designs is giving me so much serotonin. if we get hydro claymore ayato leaks soon I'll take back every bad thing I ever said about mhy.

No. 147332

same, anon, I almost want to roll for Baal just for the amount of joy seeing scrotes cry about her design is giving me lmao

No. 147338

you'd think ganyu and eula are all the cardboard cutout cumbrain pandering they could ever want but i guess their attention spans can only hold for as long as the banner lasts. where are you seeing all the triggert types anyways? i steer clear of that side of the fandom for obvious reasons but i want to see the meltdowns for myself

No. 147343

I'm in love with him and will whale like a loser.

This. Genuinely enjoying male coomers seething over all the bishie characters and girls dressed modestly and blaming leakers for ruining the game for them. Fuck off back to Honkai if you want a waifu only experience lmao, men are truly a disease.

No. 147344

where else but plebbit kek they're really pressed about the fox boy, they only want ugly burly men and waifus like in every other gacha

No. 147348

>Get a Tanuki loli on top of all the previous and upcoming lolis
>Get a shitload of waifus holding all the metaslave visions
>Ayaka is leaked to be a broken ass OP DPS like every other previous 5* female character
>Girls get one cute fox boy
Male fragility knows no bounds.

No. 147359

kek so true

No. 147386

Queen but oh my god she's going to be annoying. Cryo cicin mage is already one of the most irritating enemies in the whole game, the last thing she needed was a best friend to terrorize us with.

No. 147389

Love the ones complaining about furry bait the most like their queen isn't a fucking goat with tits

No. 147393

I will definitely make either Diluc, Venti or Kaeya be my teapot companions, they’re husbando tier and I love them.
And I’m not letting in neither Xianling nor Noelle, I don’t want my husbando temple to get filled with unnecessary coomer moans.
Hopefully I can get Fox boy so I can make him hangout with Venti, something tells me they wouldn’t get along very well and I love that.

No. 147396

i'm gonna indulge my fujoshit tendencies and have tartaglia and bennett stay in the main bedroom lmao

No. 147418

Oh boy, I hope there's a 4* amongst one of these designs, lol.

No. 147427

>Who are you forcing to move in with you?
Venti is going to be my twink bitch, also maybe Razor and Bennett. I can't wait for this patch, I'm going to have so much fun with my characters in the house.
>Who are you putting up an electric fence to keep out?
All the waifus, this is a house of husbando debauchery.

Coomer men are too predictable.
>Worship all the half adepti girls with horns and shit
>Diona is such a cutie catgirl uwu and totally not underage, she owns a pub!!
>what the fuck is this boy with fox ears fucking furbait fujo bullshit fuck you mihoyo waaahh

No. 147454

I thought baal would use a sword?

No. 147466

File: 1623170964119.jpg (97.95 KB, 471x700, tomoegozen.jpg)

Apparently female samurai and samurai wives(?) used to fight with Naginatas which are basically spears, so she might get a similar looking weapon.

No. 147476

File: 1623175275620.jpg (130.18 KB, 1080x1188, svgj3rpiw2471.jpg)

here are some potentially fanfic leaks about rarity

the permanent banner rumor is troubling. it would make sense because ayaka is ugly and won't be that good, and there's no geo 5 star in permanent… as long as goro gets a real banner before being thrown in permanent i'm alright with it.

No. 147500

>logs on right when 1.6 goes live
>eula banner gone, nothing there

I must be retarded because are they have server maintenance and will that take more additional hours? Ffs mihoyo get it together

No. 147502

Uh, anon 1.6 doesnt go live for another 8 hours. Server maintenance starts in 2.

No. 147505

It depends on what server you use. I’m a burgerfag so technically it went “live” like more than half an hour ago where I live. But fuck maintenance jesus just give us the primogems for free or something

No. 147506

Version updates go live at the same time across all servers

No. 147508

Please let this be true and Gorou is actually perma, please archons, please. Now I might actually try for Kazuha with no regrets.
Okay, maybe a little regret.

No. 147521

I don't believe any of this shit
>Baizhu 5*
Do these people think I'm going to believe all Liyue men are 5 stars? Yeah, no.
>Goro and Ayaka permanent
>Ayaka gets a banner
And Goro doesn't? Bullshit.
I don't think Goro is going to be permanent. My bets are on Yoimiya and Ayaka, since they have already been announced by Mihoyo.

No. 147522

File: 1623197578977.jpg (77.08 KB, 686x386, 20210608_181330.jpg)

Don't forget to claim your codes girls:

No. 147523

File: 1623197981640.png (533.26 KB, 594x595, 1605805536201.png)

thanks xx

No. 147525

File: 1623198105864.jpg (76.14 KB, 500x500, 1605589938953.jpg)

Ty anon <3

No. 147531

I just saw a video for that thank you so much anon

No. 147532

File: 1623199478317.jpeg (61.9 KB, 295x301, 0A160F90-2544-47C5-B71E-0E25C4…)

I love you, nonnie, thank you!

No. 147536

baizhu is 100% going to be a 5* but agree with you on the permanent 5s. tho.. since theres no archer, no "shota" type character, and no geo on standard, goro would make a fine pick too as long as he got a rate up first. he would make losing 50/50s waaay less painful.

No. 147549

I give up lol I spent 3k worth of primos on Klee and got a Mona again.

No. 147571

what story leak? I'm so desperate for anything related to scara at this point

No. 147573

File: 1623226684100.png (800.18 KB, 831x780, E3TBGrSXEAIlJ-4.png)

I wonder if they really are going to throw away the old model or maybe theyre going to be related somehow? I like the new one more, but the hairstyle on the old one is cuter imo.

Thank you!

Aw dont worry you still have lots of time to get Klee!

I will also go for Kazuha and i want to try and get Gorou, i have hope that it will take a while before we get Gorou because the official account hasnt released any info about him. So i think we will be fine anon, lets try and save for him together after getting Kazuha!

No. 147636

File: 1623276327853.jpeg (181.52 KB, 749x751, 858DDA1E-6C43-4CA4-9FBE-AC5FDB…)

This companion system has made me extremely happpy, being able to talk with my husbandos feels amazing, Kaeya is beautiful and Diluc is awkward.

No. 147660

I've never played this but it's hard to avoid Genshin, as a result, I grew to really like Xiao and Childe while only knowing the bare surface about them. Rate my taste nonnies and is the game worth playing for them in the husbandofag sense

No. 147664

nice taste anon, both are cute with a wild/dangerous side (?)

Childe appears somewhat often during Liyue's chapter (although not as much as Zhongli) and is a weekly boss. There is a side quest you can take where you learn a bit about him and his family.
Xiao appears briefly during Liyue's chapter and he also has a quest just like Childe, where you learn about him/spend time with him
Childe already had a rerun in April I think? so you might have to wait at least a year to get him. But you can try to go for Xiao, he'll probably have a rerun sooner or later
The game is pretty chill imo, you can give it a try and see if you like it, you don't have to play 24/7. The only pain in the ass is having to grind for materials when you reach the highest level. But overall, I find it really nice, the scenery is super cool and sometimes I find myself wandering around with my characters while daydreaming.

I have Venti and he's so sweet… He's constantly being supportive and complimenting you ghhgh. Good god, why is he a kid.

No. 147699


wow, this is the first girl I'm super tempted to pull for. her animations are so cool and she gives me a slight "peaked in highschool" angelmamii vibe I'm in love with? but I must stay loyal to muh husbandos… really hope they put her in standard banner though god

No. 147711

can't wait to see all the moids who were whining about gorou cream themselves over sayu in the same breath if they haven't been doing that already. waifu fags are a plague.

No. 147716

Oh thank you anon. I'm glad to hear that it isn't a time consuming game since I already struggle balancing my other games. I see a lot of players complain about grinding for materials so I assumed it was stressful, but if its mostly for late game players then that should be fine (for now).

No. 147718


(NTA) None of the grinding is really necessary unless you're trying to 100% late game content, it's really easy and laidback if you're not trying to rush into that. You could also buy a starter account with childe or xiao if you really want them, highly recommend rerolling if you don't get a 5 star with your free wishes.

No. 147724

File: 1623345034909.jpg (42.97 KB, 607x606, 87b.jpg)

The Island event is sickeningly easy if you have sucrose and push the hilichurls off the platforms. I wonder if the boat mechanic will come back for Inazuma.

No. 147766

I like her design and animations, she looks rad and punk. I think I love all Pyro characters lol.

Wouldn't recommend buying an account. Remember when people were whining about being hacked or whatever? Most of the time those users had bought their accounts. It seems that the sellers would buy primogems/genesis crystals with the accounts, keep the receipts and then use them to show miHoyo they were the original owners of the account, making you look like someone who stole it. MiHoyo would then give the account back to the seller. Idk, I wouldn't risk it.
I didn't reroll even though I didn't got a 5 star with the free wishes. I don't think it's entirely necessary, I have like three 5* charas I use, but I mostly rely on the 4 stars, like Razor (currently my strongest DPS), Xinqchiu or Xiangling. Reroll if you want, I guess. A lot of people recommend it, but I find it tedious, kek.

No. 147937

File: 1623471760013.jpg (103.53 KB, 974x1136, 20210609_222415.jpg)

>people were shilling this as a filler patch
>turned out to be the best patch in genshin to date with a map that's unironically better than both mond and liyue
heartbreaking that the archipelago is temporary, this might be the most fun I've ever had in genshin

No. 147967

Am I tripping, autistic, or were there some changes for the Japanese voices?
Xinyan mostly has a normal voice compared to the other waifus, but in the teapot she has a high pitched voice.
Diluc’s wine guild’s chat has a different kind of intonation when it was plain enough to be confused with the Knights of favonious’ chat.
I haven’t seen any other changes yet, I wonder if there are going to be more changes or if I’m just high as a kite.

No. 148008

Xiao in the eng dub must’ve gotten a chill pill as he doesn’t sound nearly as rude as he was before.

No. 148043

i could be wrong but it sounds like xinyan's voice might've been pitch shifted a tiny bit? or they directed her va to read her lines in a higher voice for a better moeblob effect. she's in my team so that jumped out at me too

No. 148174

I finally got a 5* weapon and its a jade spear from the perma banner. I can't believe how lucky i am, i will equip it on my xiao immediately after i have completely upgraded it.

Yeah its so fun, i will miss it when its gone. Today i will start farming for kazuha since the boss is finally unlocked.

No. 148193

File: 1623680722119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 3464x3464, C5A10132-D00D-4460-9DB5-8D44D1…)

Kaeya is so fucking cute in this event, I love him. Spoiler in case someone hasn’t reached this part yet.

No. 148201

They're gay and fucking I swear

No. 148219

They are brothers you creep, the theme of this event is literally siblings (Jean and Barbara, Klee, Albedo and Razor, Kaeya and Diluc)

No. 148223

>Muh they’re brothers
Nobody cares, this isn’t Twitter, go cry about it somewhere else.
Also, Klee and Albedo are the ones considered siblings by the fandom, razor is just cute and people are tinfoiling saying he’s from Inazuma and maybe even Kazuha’s long lost brother.
So yeah, people can ship whatever adult characters they want to ship, go virtue signal somewhere else, retard.

No. 148225

File: 1623707125274.jpg (208.21 KB, 1061x2048, 160001.jpg)

please kill urself, moralfagchan. they're not even real brothers but if they were that would only make it hotter.

No. 148239

File: 1623714331053.jpg (594.92 KB, 2206x2259, 20210613_104051.jpg)

nona, you are fighting a losing game. Kaeluc is a corporate designated gay ship.

No. 148254

File: 1623725068677.jpeg (285.73 KB, 1720x2048, 1608753859124.jpeg)

Albedo and Klee's relationship is so freaking cute. I love how she was looking for him for help with the letter first and immediatly ran to his side when we found him in the event. Apparently in CN his letter only said "we have your little sister" instead of "we have Klee" like the english translation. 10/10 can't believe I lost his coinflip to Mona of all people

>razor is just cute and people are tinfoiling saying he’s from Inazuma and maybe even Kazuha’s long lost brother
that would be so cool, actually, I belieb even if the connection is only their hair

No. 148255

File: 1623726196828.jpeg (97.55 KB, 750x835, 297FF106-F268-49A4-905A-17890F…)

I wonder if Klee and Albedo being siblings truly is canon or not, like, why would mihoyo make it so ambiguous for the english speakers? Specially when they’re just adorable.

No. 148258

File: 1623727203088.jpg (599.96 KB, 1825x2048, 20210612_211431.jpg)

Albedo is a homunculus sent to mond by his creator, a friend of klee's mom who adopted him so adoptive siblings

No. 148284

Is this bait kek

Based post

I would really be interested in hearing more about Razor's background and his element being electro would fit in with the narrative of him being originally from Inazuma. It's a tinfoil but it's an interesting one, I have a feeling Mihoyo will be revealing something significant about him due to him being more prevalent in the recent events and his whole backstory being an orphaned wolf boy.

No. 148317

Why is the english translation erasing that they are brother and sister? they even call each other by familiar terms in the cn and (i think) jp dubs

No. 148321

Are they really? In Chinese language people generally call each other sister and brother without familial relations at all, that's why people thought Kaeya and Diluc were brothers and are now screeching about muh incest ship because of a mistranslation even though it has been corrected.

No. 148336

Thanks! I just finally got baby Klee!!!!

No. 148337

I think in the jp dub she does call him brother, and the letter was supposed to say dodo king took his sister. with kaeya and diluc they don't seem to view each other as brothers and the term used is sworn brother iirc but klee and albedo seem to be actually adopted siblings, idk why they put kaeya and diluc as brothers when they aren't and then proceeded to erase the actual adopted ones

No. 148369

Diluc's father took Kaeya in when he was a kid and he was oficially part of the Ragnvindr family until his falling out with Diluc who is now head of the clan, so if anything they are step-siblings who hate eachother not "sworn brothers", Diluc's father Crepus is Kaeya's adoptive father, its literally on Diluc's comic ffs.
I don't know why they downplayed Klee and Albedo tho, in his profile (if you have Albedo that is) you can see the snippet where he's adopted by Alice and she tells him Klee is his new younger sister and they are all a family.

No. 148372

Do you know what a step sibling is? It's the sibling you have from one same parent i.e. you're blood related. Diluc and Kaeya aren't blood related, Kaeya was adopted into the family after his biological father died. I see their dynamic more like childhood friends than adoptive brothers per se seeing how Kaeya really wasn't even loyal to Crepus.

No. 148373

>not "sworn brothers"
In CN they litteraly use that term tho? Also i dont see understand your logic with calling them step siblings.

No. 148379

Also samefag i havent read the comic yet so i tried to find something about the cn one but i found this tweet https://twitter.com/_yuuuchen/status/1318751164544921600
>sworn brother
>his father not our father

So im guessing that cn comic does stand by the game lore by calling them sworn brothers instead of saying kaeya is adopted like in the english version.

No. 148392

Klee only calls him "oniichan" in the jpdub, a term little kids use to affectionately refer to men older than them. It's not always meant to be taken literally. And his letter only said "I have Klee. If you wish to see her, come to the Golden Apple Archipelago.", in Chinese "little sister" is used to refer to small girls you know just like Klee called Albedo "oniichan". Where are you people coming up with this weird theory of Klee being his sister and why are you so obsessed with it? Albedo is a homunculus, he has no family and his connection to Klee is only that Klee's mother knew his creator. People not understanding in how Asian cultures you refer to non-blood related people with terms like "sister" and "brother" has really fucked up their Genshin Impact family trees.

No. 148393

Step siblings are if your dad/mom finds a new gf /bf and the partner has kids of their own. If you have half siblings they’re still your siblings.

No. 148394

I'm waiting for someone to come back with
>Actually, my dad works at Mihoyo and he told me that in a scrapped CN dub voiceline Diluc and Kaeya say that they're brothers and totally not gay and not in love and hate everyone who ship them! he also said that Xiao is Venti's dad so yikes to xiaoven shippers!

No. 148398

File: 1623789722565.jpg (92.92 KB, 1118x628, EqO0ep-U0AADR6c.jpg)

His letter specifically said "imouto no Klee", you can see it here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0z9KWa_Xko) at 11:12. Even if they aren't blood related, it's very clear they consider each other siblings as Albedo was also raised by Klee's mother, Alice.
People are invested because it's cute, it's weirder that you are so against something that's clearly canon but also so inane and innocent.

No. 148406

According to the fandom’s comments I’ve read so far, the familial relationships are like this:
>Diluc is Kaeya’s brother
>Zhongli is basically the father of Xiao, Ganyu, Hu Tao and anyone from Liyue that has any sort of connection with him
>Zhongli is Venti’s brother
>Dainsleif is literally Lumine and Aether’s dad or big brother
>Albedo is Klee’s brother
which I think it’s cute even if it isn’t canon
>There’s people hoping for Scaramouche to be related to Mona so they can’t be shipped together
>Bennet is like a brother to Razor
I haven’t seen anything else so far, but i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s going to be more tinfoiling around, specially if there can be people thinking that calling someone your “brother” or “sister” in asia is the same as doing so in the western sphere and if there’s as well a bunch of people projecting more than a popular cinema on a Saturday.

No. 148409

>Bennett is like a brother to Razor
these people really haven't heard of the concept of a boyfriend smh

No. 148411

It's very easy with my Jean

No. 148412

>Zhongli is Venti’s brother
Gotta disagree with this one

No. 148417

kaeya and diluc were raised together.
albedo is klee's brother because his creator left him in klee's mother's care. klee is friends with everyone (except diluc) but mona and klee are notable because both of their teachers are rivals.

No. 148419

Diluc's dad raised them to be pretty gay together

No. 148420

It's very simple..
>Sworn brothers and adopted brothers, not bio, they've had beef.
>More of a father figure to Xiao and Ganyu, Hu Tao is literally his boss. Any adepti he may as well be their dad but other than that it's business relationships.
>No lol they're archon war archons but Zhongli is a lot older.
>Complete theory because Dain looks like the twins but other than that not canon relationship.
>Raised together kinda, may as well be siblings but Albedo is a chalk man, Klee is an elf.
>Dumb fandom stuff, one is from Fontaine, one is from Inazuma.
>They've had like one scene together and act like friends.

No. 148462

File: 1623822060765.jpg (442.96 KB, 1400x1920, 1623821886137.jpg)

Happy birthday to the cutest Archon!

No. 148471

Happy birthday to my precious boywife!

No. 148540

File: 1623854169276.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 2020108211931.png)

happy birthday, my beloved

No. 148551

I'm gonna kick that faggot off.

No. 148565

Get banned bitch, nobody asked for your stupid opinion

No. 148581

File: 1623889173487.jpeg (181.96 KB, 2048x1123, E3-bYfPVgAEdDe5.jpeg)

seethe kek

No. 148680

Do you think reruned characters will never have a rerun again? Since I lost 50/50 pity and I worry I am not going to have a chance for Klee in the future

No. 148689


No. 148696

Lurk more and integrate

No. 148697

File: 1623945508936.jpg (1.48 MB, 3184x4096, 418.jpg)

nta but this is /m/ dude calm down

No. 148698

Other gacha games run reruns of limited characters all the time so don't sweat it. They'll be back.

No. 148702

File: 1623948186486.jpeg (306.98 KB, 1575x946, D17C7A1C-8A91-4D5D-8A8E-C66AFF…)

he’s underaged and you know it, you just love the grimy and debauched stank of loving a little virtual fictional boy. dip yourself in some holy water

No. 148709

>implying that isn't the best part

No. 148711

wtf are you on about nonnie, he's my son, when did I lust over him

projecting much eh? kek

i like it

No. 148712

File: 1623949512832.jpg (89.57 KB, 1200x848, gay wind man.jpg)

here plebs, take a stupid inferior husbandofied venti edit

No. 148714

File: 1623949774912.jpg (1.89 MB, 2560x2560, 210617120751217.jpg)

The glitch it was based on is equally as cursed but if albedo had a skin like this I'd instabuy

No. 148717

I want him.

No. 148727

guilty as charged anon kek


No. 148733

File: 1623957320891.jpg (635.05 KB, 902x1205, 1623820783077.jpg)

Ehh, I don't lust over Venti, he's just literally my favorite character and I bet he's a lot of peoples favorite since his story quest is so good (and so are his bits on the main story).

Honestly, I hope they add rerun characters to the standart pull soon. They dont need to add Venti and Zhongli to keep them more limited but there's no reason to not add characters like Klee, Albedo, Ganyu etc
I really want Klee but I also really want Kazuha and do not have enough primos for both so I'm skipping her.

When are we ever getting an actual Howl clone Mihoyo, I'd pay so much for that Holy shit

No. 148734

Is this Kaeya

No. 148742

I think putting characters advertised as event exclusive in the permanent pool could land them in some legal trouble. it happened to another gacha and now it's illegal to do that in nippon. on the bright side, I guess that means we're safe from zhongli's garbage 5 star weapon set from further contaminating the permanent 5 star pool.

No. 148764

File: 1623966266558.jpg (102.86 KB, 753x392, 1623965969944.jpg)

Nonnie, I finally found it!!! It's an artifact set leak that is supposed to be about Scara.
I was confused for so long too haha

No. 148779

not a leak, thats from the fatui set in the 1.5 domain

No. 148853

The seething over Baal not being a Mei clone has been delicious. It's interesting to me that Scaramouche looks more like Raiden Mei than Baal herself, so I can't wait to see how the story plays out

No. 148885

Should I just buy an account with Diluc + a random 5* from ali express for 5$? The seller has a good method for the email issue and it works.

I just hate the idea of not having extra character variety because of gacha rolls and I want to play a bit.

No. 148908

Why are they so triggered about the polearm and the braid and why do they think anyone cares enough to make mihoyo change it? She's not zhongli

No. 148921

Nta but people are complaining that we already have a lot of polearms (including an archon) and everyone hyped her up to be a sword user, have long flowing hair and a more menacing aura due to kazuhas leaked cutscene
He also has the same highlights in his hair right?? inazumas plot is shaping up to be interesting

No. 148925

>amount of polearms in genshin impact: 5
>amount of sword users in genshin impact: 10
? Sword is literally the most common weapon type in the game

No. 148928

tbh it just seems like we got an excess of polearm users bc a lot of them were released in close succession

No. 148938

I mean, if the seller has good reviews and you trust him then I'd say go for it, it seems like a good price. I have a friend who bought her account and she has had no issues so far but it's a risk.

yeah, xiangling was the only polearm at the start of the game. it's also not like there are THAT many weapon types in the game and Inazuma is already getting both Kazuha and Ayaka as sword users (maybe even more with the unknown 4*s that are coming)

No. 148939

I really would not recommend getting a bought account. Mihoyo is known to crack down on bought primos and hand out harsh punishments for them without a warning. I'm pretty sure buying an account is against the game's terms of use, so you'll have to hope that Mihoyo never starts banning them out of the blue. There's also a risk that the person selling the account has rolled the character you want by primogem scams or farmed re-rolls so the account might get banned after you bought it and you'll lose everything. The seller might also claim you've stolen it to reclaim (and re-sell) it months later. There are a lot of risks to buying an account and plenty of reports how it has gone wrong for many people so it's really not worth the gamble.

No. 148954

File: 1624044557418.png (532.76 KB, 409x964, Character_Kaeya_Game.png)

holy shit dude im so horny for this guy i want his fick so bad a(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 148971

Put your $5 dollars towards Blessing of the Welkin Moon for 90 prims a day.

No. 149075

Do you ever wonder if we will get Varka and Alice? I mean, we already got Alice’s voice, from this event, maybe she will be released as a playable character at some point? I hope her design isn’t too coomer-pandering if she does become a playable character.

No. 149086

Varka has some "About Varka…" voicelines from different characters (Jean, Razor, etc.), so he's 100% going to be released as a playable character. Idk when though, I guess when he comes back from his expedition.

Nobody has "About Alice…" voicelines so she probably wont be playable. Although after Eula, I'm not sure at all. It seems they don't care about adding literally-who characters to the game. They just add some voicelines about them and pretend like they were always part of the cast kek. So who knows what they'll do with Alice, since she at least is part of the lore.

No. 149098

Kinda want Alice to stay unknown visually so they don't make a shit waifu with big boobs that teens hashtag mommy on tiktok

No. 149103

this looks like a lesbian

No. 149109

This. I'm praying that if they ever reveal Alice's design she won't be a mommy milker fetish milf but a dignified sage.

No. 149124

I’m honestly more afraid of Alice being designed as the
>hurr durr legal child body woman
More than her being a “mommy milkers’” type of waifu, mostly because she said the whole thing of elves not aging at the same pace as humans and such.

No. 149135

File: 1624166325228.jpeg (63.5 KB, 495x619, images (21).jpeg)

I don't think that's going to be an issue with her specifically, anon, just going by how her japanese voice actress is usually typecast. I really dont see them giving her the teen model both because Genshin in general is not really scared of making older female characters and because she's also a mother figure to Albedo so making her smaller than him just doesn't seem like a sound decision.

This, on the other hand, seems possible. It's weird af that Albedo and Klee don't have voicelines about her when she's mentioned on both of their character stories.

No. 149200

Honestly from what we know so far I don't like Alice. She's certainly interesting but too wacky for my tastes. I'd rather have a mother like Jean than one like Alice. Even though elves do live for a long time I still feel like Alice should be there for Klee more.

No. 149230

Yeah I understand but Klee doesn't seem to be burdened by her mother's adventures, I kinda do like that Alice is a parent but alsoa cool mysterious omnipotent(!) adventurer, with her daughter also being freely spirited and making tonnes of friends.

No. 149447

Dumb question: if I pull 80 times this banner, do I guarantee a pity next one?

No. 149461

Yes, if you manage to pull 80 times without getting a 5* this banner your pity carries over to the next one.
The pity on the banners is permanent in the sense that your pity always carries over so you should start counting it from the last time you got a 5* from that banner.
There is a soft pity that starts at around 75 pulls, tho, so you have a really high change of getting a 5* around 75 pity

No. 149639

No. 149672

Oh my god, he's building a boat… He's so cute, I can't wait to waste all my primos on him

No. 149682

File: 1624540067777.jpg (137.65 KB, 900x665, E4kEMrZX0AIH32T.jpg)


ugh i really do not like thoma's new face. His old face was so much better

No. 149683

File: 1624540150868.png (391.45 KB, 738x490, mihoyowhy.PNG)

samefag but this is how his old face looked like

No. 149685

nooooo he looked so smug before now he's been uwuified :(

No. 149686

He would’ve been such a smug fucker. I hope they change him again.

No. 149687

File: 1624542528531.jpg (170.29 KB, 1000x1000, E4mQakxWUAgz_ok.jpg)

maybe it's just his npc version… the playable tohma can't be this ugly

No. 149714

Okay, okay, but can someone explain to me why ZhongliXChilde is so popular? Everywhere I look it's these two, but I don't get the ship's appeal beyond both of them being pretty and Childe being Zhongli's sugar daddy(?) for a minute. Oh, and that whole gnosis thing, but that was between Zhongli and Signora, right? Childe was just…there to fuck Liyue up.

Sage for pointless rant, sorry

No. 149718

Ah I really want to believe this anon

Well like you said they're both hot that does help with the popularity of the ship kek. But i think this video really helped with the ship, also maybe im stupid but i think it was implied that childe has spend multiple times money for zhongli? Also im pretty sure that childe did knew about the gnosis? Wasnt that his mission to steal it or something? Also even after all the events they still seem to be friends and are seen hanging out together.

No. 149726

he did know about the gnosis and wanted to take it for himself, but not that zhongli was the real geo archon instead of that dead dragon. no one knew that besides signora and teapot lady. his real mission was basically to get baited into attempting to nuke the whole city as a "test of strength for the people of liyue

No. 149730

>They're often seen paired together
>They go to dinners together
>They go for drinks together
>Zhongli bought him a set of ridiculously expensive chopsticks
>Childe pays for his purchases
>They both have 2 voicelines about each other
>They seem to have mutual interest and their character dynamics compliment each other
>They stay friends despite the gnosis bullshit
I think they're a pretty assigned couple even as friends so there are plenty of reasons for people to be invested in the ship.

No. 149731

File: 1624564665157.jpg (36.35 KB, 750x696, D4WNmK7WwAAlDUf.jpg)


>>149730 summarized it pretty well.

It's not my favorite ship dynamic (see picrel), but to each their own I guess.
In my opinion, this pairing is more appealing if you think of Zhongli as dom and Childe as sub (not the other way around). Zhongli is a powerful god and Childe is obsessed with fighting, even if it means getting hurt or beaten up. I don't think I need to explain anything more kek.

No. 149732

God I just want daddy Zhongli to punish his Wallet-kun for being naughty again

No. 149770

File: 1624587261624.jpg (154.85 KB, 745x994, 4b295391acca8ae99c4d771813a512…)

Sage because this is sort of Off Topic but, nonies, Mihoyo is releasing a free Otome gacha game that is currently in pre-registration and I wanted to share haha
The gameplay is very much like Ace Attorney, like you collect evidence about a mistery and then you have to sort of disprove claims people make. I've heard a lot of good things about the so if y'all are interested it's called Tears of Thermis

No. 149853

The top 2 look up my alley

No. 150245

Kazuha's trailer is out! His banner will be up tomorrow, I believe.

No. 150252

I can't wait to waste $100 on him

No. 150280

Thanks to you anons I tried Genshin yesterday and it's really fun! I got Keqing, Sucrose and Chongyun. Is that good? I really have no idea kek

No. 150290

File: 1624892870295.jpeg (117.06 KB, 736x860, B51CE0B1-E70A-4035-BE53-E6C80B…)

All three are very good characters. I don’t have keqing but a lot of people love playing as her.

No. 150294

File: 1624894639634.jpeg (51.09 KB, 720x780, 3E53CA50-C85D-42E8-BB2C-1D96BE…)

it all depends on your play style and preferred team comp my dude, every character handles differently and if you like what you see in their kit you can start building them to play to their strengths. i know it's kinda a meme at this point but imo there's no such thing as a bad character, only a bad build

No. 150295

I'm so glad you like it nonnie!

You got a pretty good starter team
Kequing works best as a DPS, she isn't the best but does her part
Chongyun is a nice sub DPS
Sucrose → support (a lot of people say she's the "bootleg venti" and I kind of agree kek)
Overall, I think you're a good. I think you still lack a healer or a shield user, but you'll get one with time (I recommend going for Benny or Xingqiu). Barbara or Noelle can fill that spot in the meantime.

No. 150300

anons how do you decide which artifacts to keep? i know def sub and main stat are generally bad but so many characters use hp, energy and elemental mastery in certain builds that im going insane trying to determine what to use as fodder for exp

No. 150306

I usually keep the ones with crit dmg/rate % because they are hard to come by. Plus the cups with Anemo/Cryo/[insert element here] bonus.
HP/energy recharge/elemental mastery are very common, if you need those stats just complete one or two domains and you'll get what you want idk.

No. 150307

I usually just keep whatever has the most rarity, then depending on what kind of stats they have, I try to keep my characters balanced because I’m not really good at the whole
>dps subdps support healing
Stuff, I just try to keep my favorite 5 stars with the best artifacts and then tweak everything until they have lots of damage according to their weapons.
Like, you might not need lots of elemental damage if your character uses a claymore or sword, but your catalyst and bow characters might need elemental damage and mastery the most.
And just focus on that, maybe try to have the 4 pieces of a set, but don’t worry too much about having the 5 pieces for one character because maybe a piece from another set could be of more use than the 5th piece of the set that matches your character’s element or aesthetic.
I also pay lots of attention to what the game recommends when there’s a try out for a character, it might help you a bit with picking up a place for artifacts’ farming.

No. 150328

File: 1624905800512.jpg (169.07 KB, 1294x1421, 20210628_125803.jpg)

isn't elemental mastery one of the rarest main stats an artifact can have…? I think EM circlet is the rarest in the game

sorry in advanced for my sperg: generally stats (both sub and main) are way more important than set bonuses and crit stats are the most important. I toss most 4 stars and 5 stars that have more than 1 bad sub stat unless it has a main stat I'm desperate for and/or it's part of a set that has a really strong 4-pc bonus.

aside from atk+/hp+/def+, which are pretty much always bad, what makes a "bad" stat varies from character to character obviously. like EM is garbage on electro, geo, and non-anemo freeze comp characters but good on melt, swirl, and vape characters, even more valuable than atk% on bennett teams due to diminishing returns caused by his buff. just like… keep what makes sense, if that makes sense.

bad main stats with good sub stats can be worth keeping in case mhy release new characters with weird scaling too (i. e. I got a def% circlet with perfect sub stats in 1.1, which ended up being the best artifact my albedo has still to this day)

No. 150330

>I think EM circlet is the rarest in the game
Yeah you're right, my bad, I was thinking about sub stats where I think it's more common? But as a main stat, yeah, it's kind of rare? I don't know, I don't really pay attention to it because aside from Venti I don't need that stat, not as much as crit.

>bad main stats with good sub stats can be worth keeping in case mhy release new characters with weird scaling too


No. 150342

Do not use Chongyun and Keqing together.

No. 150464

thank you anons, i have a better grasp on which ones to lock or use as feed now!

No. 150468

File: 1624985066613.jpg (57.71 KB, 940x530, gm-98d78a81-df8c-4c64-850f-d87…)

Good luck to all the nonnies pulling for Kazuha!
What did you think about the new story quest?

No. 150470

Thank you anon! I really liked the new quest, also i take back my comment about how i hate kazuha english voice. I was really suprised because when i first heard the leaks of his grunt when fighting i thought he would have a horrible voice but his voice is actually pretty good. Also im super glad we finally met Beidou, i lover her so much!

No. 150482

I really liked the quest, too! And I agree, we've gone way too long without Beidou and I'm glad we finally get to know her better (assuming we will eventually board her ship to get to Inazuma). And I was finally lucky and didn't lose the 50:50, still needed 80 wishes to get Kazuha though and am primo poor again

No. 150514

File: 1625007354321.png (673.27 KB, 895x642, these bitches gay! good for th…)

Thank you! I lost the 50/50 to Jean but I hope other anons have more luck.
The story quest was really good, those 2D-style animated sequences are always superb. They made the Electro Archon seem absolutely terrifying, it would be good if they didnt ruin it by giving her some cutesy quirk like Eula's sneeze. Kazuha has such an interesting personality and story, I honestly didn't expect that just going by his design. I wonder what importance the extinguished vision has though… Until now they were basically blessings given to certain people by the archons, so how would anyone be able to reuse them after they went out? Why is it even important? So many questions

No. 150516

I really wanted to get kazooha but all I got was BadBenny and Razorblade. I do have venti already but I wanted another anemo character I care about instead of Cornsyrup.
I guess I will have to start saving so I can get the cute fox boy, I do need another geo character and I didn’t even have a decent sword for Kazoo boy anyways.

No. 150521

File: 1625013663820.png (146.92 KB, 512x512, 1623200905352.png)

Nonnies, I lost my coinflip to Diluc. I should have known this would probably happen since I had won my last one but I'm so sad, I had everything prepared for Kazuha already, my EM VV artifacts are stacked and I even leveled an Iron Sting just for him.
He would have 985 EM if I had him but now it's all being wasted on Sucrose.

My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined.

I really liked it, anon!! But it felt weird that Kazuha doesn't get his own story quest. Leakers said that he will be important for the Inazuma plot so there's still some hope, I guess, but he just told us by the end that he would go travelling in Liyue while we're in Inazuma so I'm a bit confused.
Like other anons I really love Beidou, seeing her bully Kazuha a bit for the way he speaks was 10/10 I wish we could see more of the 2 of them together.

No. 150534

i want to pull for kazuha, but i already lost my 50/50 to keqing a few banners ago. i have 140 pulls left that im saving for ayaka, who i've been waiting forever for. do i risk it? if traveler's sibling traveled through all of teyvat already, they could have at least brought ayaka to mondstadt so this would be less hard

No. 150536

File: 1625028908808.jpg (83.42 KB, 1191x747, 1029081646.jpg)

my all husbando 36* abyss run dream has finally become a reality thanks to this gay little wind boy! ♥

ayaka is literally ugly so yes desu

No. 150539

File: 1625030378089.jpg (138.4 KB, 982x1358, 1625005511893.jpg)

You still have 3 weeks to decide, anon, so wait until the last few days of his banner to see if you still want him and remember that Inazuma will come with tons of primos next patch because it's a whole new region. At least that's what I'm doing.

Omg, congratz, anon!!! I'm still having trouble honestly but it's less about the DPS and more about how I just can't survive cryo mages. I'm still on floor 10 in this abyss run fml can't wait until there's no more cryo on abyss tbh

No. 150551

Yay congrats on getting him, i managed to get him by buying alot of wishes from paimons shop! I guess i wont be buying an 4 star weapons or characters soon.

Yeah ayaka's bowl cut bangs arent a look kek.

Dont worry you guys still have time to get him! I believe we will get alot of primos also so goodluck anons!

No. 150554

I got Kazuha at 80 pity! I started playing with him today and he's a lot of fun, and slots into my current team comp really well. He's my first 5 star, as I only started playing a fe months ago and have awful luck, and I'm really happy with him.
I don't think I'm gonna bother spending my primos again until Gorou. I need that fucking dogboy, I hope we have a long time to save up until then, and that he gets a proper banner. Good luck to everyone else pulling on him!

No. 150560

I take this back he came in 5 pulls didn't have to spend a dime what I was really worried was winning the 50/50 since I got eula and I made him sub dps.
Honestly anon I'm not trying to change your mind but I feel so satisfied with him he is the most satisfying character to play as. Now how akaya plays is a different story honestly it's just your choice.

No. 150572

File: 1625057725026.jpg (473.5 KB, 2048x1451, E44PmEhVoAct0k5.jpg)

Kazuha is so fun and good! He's so cute too, I'm really glad he's our first Inazuma character. It's a shame he didn't get his own story quest though. Maybe they'll release one for him later on?

I think her hair is supposed to be a hime cut, but they fucked it up pretty bad. It looks so awkward how far across the bangs are and then the hair on the side doesn't frame her face like it should since it's bunched up. Regardless, it makes her ugly as hell when she has the potential to be really cute

No. 150578

File: 1625064925378.jpg (80.18 KB, 1600x900, E2_qRwFVIAc-3PO.jpg)

anonas… you're making me jealous, but I have to be strong for Scaramouche and Goro…

btw, are you going to buy those limited google play cards? everyone thinks the furniture is ugly (it is) but I want to get the chair and table and face the challenge of trying to make them look good.


No. 150580

one anon above inspired me to buy 4 more wishes from paimon shop and I got his c2 only 20 from my last 5 star, a diluc that also happened to be in the same pull as his c1,, kazuha my boyfriend irl

No. 150590

okay anons, you did it. i caved in and got kazuha. i-it has nothing to do with the bowl cut bullying or anything

No. 150591

File: 1625068753522.jpg (731.63 KB, 2048x1444, 1625055587579.jpg)

Congratz, anon, he's the cutest and so good!! I cant wait until I'm able to hear all his voicelines

That is so lucky, anon, WTF. He straight up becomes one of the best support character in the whole game at C2, I wish I had it, that extra EM sounds amazing.

I will, I need to buy more welkin anyway and I honestly like the furniture, it doesn't match the others sets but I lowkey want to make a children playroom in my house for Diona and Klee

No. 150598

oh no kek, im sorry for making fun of ayaka. I think there is a chance you still will be able to get her as well tho since we will get lots of primos

omg that is so lucky, i really want to try and get his c1. Im f2p tho so i have to be really lucky, lol please let me lend some of your luck

No. 150606

i lost the coinflip to mona, i hate it here

No. 150657

File: 1625124005498.jpg (150.24 KB, 2400x1080, hkc5mly4ti871.jpg)

i take that back anons, i'm not getting the furniture.
the rewards are kind of shit and you have to spend a lot of money to get the furniture, it's not worth it for me.
if anyone wants to know the rewards for each surprise bundle, some dude on reddit posted them:


-Recharge between 5€ ~ 14.99€ = Surprise Bundle 1 (x10 Hero's Wit, x5 Mondstadt Hash Brown, x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore)
-15€ ~ 24.99€ = Surprise Bundle 2 (x15 Hero's Wit, x1 Googol Chair*, x5 Mondstadt Hash Brown)
-25€ ~ 49,99€ = Surprise Bundle 3 (x5 Hero's Wit, x5 Jade Parcels, x1 Googol Table*, x2 Googol Chair)
-(+)50€ = Surprise Bundle 4 (x10 Hero's Wit, x1 Googol Namecard/whatever is called, x1 Googol Table*, x2 Googol Chair)

-Recharge between $10 ~ $24.99 = Surprise Bundle 2
-$25 ~ $49.99 = Surprise Bundle 3
-(+)$50 = Surprise Bundle 4

*there are no blueprints for Googol furniture, picrel

No. 150668

Ayyy got Razor, Rosaria, Bennett and finally my boy Kazuha. I guess today is a good day. Gotta save up for when Gorou comes now.

No. 150670

How are you guys able to get a 5-star at an early pity? My rng and irl luck is bad so I was only able to obtain a 5-star in my 78th wish. Do you perform a ritual or something? Lol

No. 150680

I feel your pain Anon, I had to go to hard pity on standard just to get fucking Qiqi of all characters. 82 for a guaranteed Venti and 74/75 the two times I lost the coinflip. It's really completely random, no ritual will change it, like for some reason I got the featured 5-star sword within my first 10 pull on the weapon banner right after losing on Kazuha's kek

No. 150681

me too anon, even the 4 stars i want evade me.
why wouldn't they at least give blueprints?? what the fuck

No. 150706

File: 1625162438346.jpeg (25.62 KB, 474x355, download (2).jpeg)

I'm in despair… my second account had yanfei + epic weapon, and a maxed out fischl + epic weapon. I forgot the piece of paper with my email info in my pocket and it was destroyed in the laundry. But I just can't do another playthrough, it's too much the third time. Guess I'll keep playing on shit luck first account…

No. 150753

that sucks, can't you contact mihoyo or something? maybe you can get it back somehow…

No. 150775

File: 1625206359350.jpg (151.52 KB, 1113x1166, 1625166940872.jpg)

Anons, I'm >>150521 and I got him!! I have less than 10k primos now tho lmao so it will take a while until I can summon again but I dont really want any of the next Inazuma characters anyway.
I also got a C6 Bennett (don't worry, I didn't activate his last constelation tho the little ! sign is going to bother me forever now) and a 5* Claymore for Diluc from the free wishes it came with leveling him up!!!
I'm a very happy camper he's amazing and worth using my guaranteed, honestly.

No. 150856

I cant post the video here because its to big but it seems we will get a garden feature where we can plant flowers that you use for character ascension! So we wont have to climb mountaints anymore to get those pesky flowers.

Congrats anon! I also got C6 Bennet so i guess we both have to suffer till mihoyo introduces a feature that will make it so you can disable constellation.

No. 150878

File: 1625259338977.jpg (1.43 MB, 1674x902, i made it.jpg)

Mona appeared first and I was ready to throw hands but then suddenly I also got Kazuha!
thank god Tohma is ugly and gorou wont appear soon cause i dont have any primos left kek

No. 150915

How do you guys have so many primos? Is there a way to get them easily in the game or do we just have to buy them? I had like 1200 primos and I got Kazuha with literally the last wish I had available and now I have zero of both kek

No. 150939

File: 1625319515887.jpg (232.63 KB, 1500x903, 1625269042090.jpg)

I had saved up for a LONG time, nonnie. I haven't wished ever since the Venti rerun, which was 4 banners ago (so around 12 weeks?) and even then I got lucky on Venti's banner (won the coinflip) and ended up with tons of primos left too so when Kazu's banner started I had 25k primos and around 30 fates already. After getting spooked by Diluc and going to pity for Kazuha again, now I'm left with 9k primos.
All my primos come from doing dailies and events, I didn't even buy welkin during that time because I really didn't want anything else.
The secret really is to skip characters, and since I want to finish building the ones I already have its pretty easy tbh. Specially now that Inazuma will have tons of very coomerish female characters. But I'm a bit anal about my primo count so sometimes I skip even characters that I may want but don't need much.

No. 150955

Got Rosaria and 4 Bennies… At least I have all the 4 stars now.

No. 151017

You're an inspiration, anon. Now I really see that you can save primos without paying if you put in the work. Time to save for Gorou…

No. 151042


I wondered why I felt that 1.7 banners felt skippable, then I remembered the next banners are female powercreep characters of the two starter ones (ayaka:yoi, kaeya:amber). Thank you for this reminder to save my primos anon.

No. 151084

File: 1625417220136.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.38 KB, 640x1009, i4cpcnblf5971.jpg)

ok so i personally fucking hate tier lists and metafaggotry in general even if i do participate in it myself to a degree ehe and strongly disagree w a lot of placements on this one but seeing kazuha be ranked t0 in not 1 but 2 categories on the cn list tryhards, who have been shitting on him since the day his kit leaked all just because he doesn't have booba and vagne, worship while the waifu they're skipping him for is guaranteed to have no impact on the meta whatsoever is so satisfying.

No. 151129

Wait how are you supposed to read this image? What are these tiers?

No. 151149

File: 1625448631770.png (1.84 MB, 1320x2171, izlo7fpyhbb61.png)

Nta, but here's a translated (though outdated) version. It's a tierlist made by a Chinese whale called Usagi-sensei. Genshin.gg relies heavily on this tierlist in order to update their page (I think they credit Usagi somewhere because they got called out for basically copying what this user said).

Personally, I think it's kind of whack that Usagi still puts constellations for 5 stars. At least "C6 Childe is T1" was fixed lol. Whales and their flexing.

No. 151249

File: 1625509287594.jpg (22.3 KB, 454x444, chongyun.jpg)

Thank you anon! I've been playing non-stop for a week now and got Bennett! Been following your advice and it works great except I don't know who to use as my sub-dps yet.

>>150342 When I just started playing I didn't understand your advice anon but now I get it. Chongyun turns all physical damage to cryo damage so the superconduct doesn't work. Sucks cause I ascended and leveled him up, should've listened to you kek.

Also sorry if I'm asking too many questions but how do anons who play on ps4 use the chat in co-op? I freaking hate the on-screen chat and it takes so much time to write a sentence.

No. 151261

Nah anon it didn't go into waste, Chongyun is a great choice to pair up with a hydro character. That's why his meta is often recommended to be paired with Xingqiu as support as you can wet the enemy with the rain sword shield and continuously freeze/shatter it with Chongyun. You can get good damage out of him with a fitting claymore and artifact combos.

No. 151262

ah I didn't know that, thanks anon! I've heard Xinqqiu is good with Keqing too so I guess I'll try to get him!

No. 151535

File: 1625688363398.png (412.39 KB, 512x724, ixOBOLz.png)

This is a nitpick but I wish Baal design leaned into her authoritarian aspects more. She looks regal but her current design doesn't clue you into the fact that she's a merciless dictator like pic related does.

No. 151550

File: 1625703633011.jpg (61.3 KB, 594x680, E5UYVEmXMAIhWX6.jpg)

I would have rolled for her if she looked as deranged and cool as that character, but instead she has this "uwu face" and shit outfit that screams "WE WANTED TO MAKE A DICTATOR BUT WE FEAR THAT MEN WONT LIKE A STRONG CRAZY WOMAN SO WE MADE HER MORE PALATABLE!!". They are cowards.

No. 151610

Nonas, I'm crying

No. 151617

Baal's design is pretty and intricate, sure. But I got really disappointed at the face. Wasn't she supposed to be a tyrant, why does she look 'gentle', which is the opposite of how her character should be? Beidou looked fiercer

No. 151618

i'm convinced there will be some twist about her and she won't be exactly evil. they made sara look intimidating so why not her?
this was beautiful anon, kazuha is such a nice character. i hope he gets more screentime in the future.

No. 151638

Sometimes I think about the “favorite food” and “least favorite food” voice lines and can’t help but think that it would be a nice detail if the favorite food of a character gave them at least a 20% extra buff/healing and the least favorite food wasn’t as efficient to them.

No. 151656

File: 1625774218609.png (1.66 KB, 240x160, cheese-like.png)

ooh I get what you mean, kind of like… the cheese mechanic in Mother 3?

yeah, it would be pretty nice.

No. 151682

Fucking christ they made this "power-hungry" crazy war-mongerer a teenage girl with a major sad uwu face. I was expecting something along the lines of Nobunaga from FGO like anon >>151535 referred to but instead we got an idolm@ster reject, only even that game would have more balls to make a crazy woman compared to Mihoyo. I'm starting to hope that the tinfoils about Scaramouche being the true electro archon would be true.

No. 151697

I'm being optimistic that she'll have a more authoritarian look and feel to her when we see her in action.
But who am I kidding she's waifu bait it'll never happen.

No. 151706

based fellow mother 3 lover

No. 151728

Here are the codes!

No. 151730

She pulls a sword out of her tits in the new trailer so yeah no

No. 151731

File: 1625839665438.png (Spoiler Image,2.54 MB, 2048x2048, dxpmgs3.png)

Thank you anon!!

Anons thoughts on the stream? I don't like Tohma's voice, it doesn't suit him at all, I was expecting a more gentle voice aaaaaah but I love his abs smile, so i'm still pulling for him.
Speaking of which I don't like Gorou's voice either lol, Scaramouche is the best voice so far out of all the Inazuma men.

No. 151737

File: 1625844035968.jpg (589.04 KB, 2560x1440, 1625843453336.jpg)

I really loved the stream, anon!! Specially the parts where they were explaining the design choices for the enviroment and music. The team behind that seems really passionate and I was surprised the lead map designer was a woman!!
I agree with you on their voices, are you playing in english?? I played Liyue in chinese, Mondstadt in english and am thinking of changing to JP for Inazuma lmao
Overall, the first few parts of Inazuma don't seem to have a lot of male characters in general and the few we have seem to be 4s (idk if Goro is a 4 but he seems to be since Kokomi is the one that is leading the resistance) which is a blessing in disguise tbh
Overall I'm just very excited to explore Inazuma, it looks beautiful
Also, I think Yae looks beautiful, can't wait for her portion of the story too

I wouldnt mind that so much if she wasn't so ugly, I hate her outfit

No. 151738

how long will the current red & white guy banner stay? Haven't touched Genshin after first launch..
Also is Diluc in the normal poll or everyone can only be obtained throught a rerun

No. 151744

File: 1625845623992.png (838.52 KB, 1920x1080, GVfiFAz.png)

Lilypichu's playing Sayu. I didn't recognize her voice.

No. 151745

I couldnt recognize it but honestly it stuck out as way worse than the other 2

No. 151749

Ah, so thats why it sounds so awful

No. 151752

Never liked her "va" roles because she would always just use her streamers voice, its so boring and unfitting that I remember they changed her for someone else in Maplestory 2. Can't judge off the first two quotes, but so far sounds nothing but a generic uwu-chan that you can find in VRchat.

No. 151762

>The team behind that seems really passionate and I was surprised the lead map designer was a woman!!
yess!! I loved those parts as well! BTS are always entertaining and informative. I'm really happy they have women doing important jobs.
>are you playing in english??
I'm not, but your way of choosing voice language depending on the nation it's interesting, wish I had thought of that lol
I'm a weeb so I've always played with japanese voices and I don't like the dub actors they chose for my upcoming favourite characters. Gorou as Denki Kaminari and Tohma/Thoma as Ichigo from Bleach? I don't get it.

You can see when banners end if you check the gacha inside the game lol I think his banner will end in 11 days or so?
Diluc is a permanent 5* star, you can get him in character rate-up banners (if you don't win the 50/50 and get lucky, because there are other permanent charas) and in the permanent banner (duh).

No. 151772

She's on reddit trying to defend herself from people saying she got the role because she's popular lmao

No. 151774

i don't think she's bad, just not really fitting for sayu. she sounds too energetic when she's supposed to sound sleepy considering the japanese VA, but yeah it's best to wait and see the other voice lines. i just hope they don't start to bring in random popular streamers who haven't voiced a character before.

No. 151776

Is geo bow boy gonna be a four star or not? Normally each region has 2 4 star males or so and I’m just tried of this five star male trend lately….

No. 151781

no one knows yet so this is just speculation but to me he seems like a 5 star. his design is pretty detailed and he's a leader of the resistance, a general. it would be weird to make him 4 stars and yoimiya 5 stars, but you never know.
i'm worried for the future characters though, the gender imbalance is getting worse and the way they are designing women seems to have gotten worse.

No. 151788

I'm kinda worried too since I quit playing arknights a year ago for the same reason still waiting to see what ayato looks like

No. 151826

Holy shit, classic Lily. Defending herself on Reddit for like what, at least 8 years now.

No. 151832

File: 1625916091564.jpeg (68.99 KB, 750x475, C34E45F1-18F3-4791-B52A-A70DF2…)

the way westerners keep failing to understand that mhy is only pumping out more girls is to cater to men and not kweer wimmin like they're assumimg gives me a fucking headache

No. 151834

The toxic feminism lives on in twitter forever. I remember when some people were hating Signora and the western kids already labeled them as "misogynists". Also, they're the most hypocrites cause they only scream "whoohh women!" when it's about a fictional character, but they easily attack rl women.

No. 151838

Death to all of these retarded 14 year old girls with neo pronouns, this wuhluhwuh btw trend has gone on long enough.

No. 151841

File: 1625928863064.jpg (74.78 KB, 444x402, 1625751103769.jpg)

I dont think it's westerners but dumbass Gen Z twitter idiots in general. It's like the same thing with stan twitter, a pop star they like will do something horible and they will be like "yess queen go he deserved it" etc etc
It's stupid, Raiden taking out her sword from her boobs was something explicitly designed for coomer men.
But I've been following stuff like sales for the game in general and it seems like male characters as selling less as the time goes on? Kazuha apparently flopped everywhere which is so sad, I like him a lot.
I also think that we just haven't seen most of the male characters in Inazuma yet, people saw some names in leaked voicelines and guessed there's like 3 male characters we haven't seen: Ayato (Ayaka's older brother), Heizo and Itto. There's also a character named Oniori that could also be a boy but there's no confirmation yet

No. 151846

I like him too but he came at the worst possible time with people having just got venti, right before a new region and followed by 2 highly popular DPS characters… he had no chance. Same with albedo who came right before ganyu and got caught up in the geo = useless controversy after zhongli.
And even so xiao sold more than ganyu in china and albedo did well for himself there, this data depends a lot on region.
Honestly mihoyo is at fault here for making every male character a 5 star geo or anemo and releasing them at an awful time, there is clearly demand but they don't care for it.

No. 151850

God, this. I've honest to god pissed off people by bashing the underdeveloped coomer female characters because "how dare you hate women, unlearn your internalized misogyny". As if these characters were meant as well-written, inspiring female role models, they're nothing more than tropes for scrotes to cum over.

There are multiple reasons why his banner didn't perform as well. First of all all the Inazuma characters were leaked and subsequently released two weeks before his banner and the hype for them overran his banner. Secondly due to this Kazuha was barely advertised and he came right after the Venti rerun and Xiao banner, a lot of my friends outright didn't want to roll him because they already had both 5-star anemo boys from before. Thirdly the husbandofags who already had Venti had collected gems since Xiao's release so they had rolls piled up without having to buy any from the shop. He just had shit luck with his release and he doesn't deserve it, Kazuha is amazingly fun to play with.

No. 151869

File: 1625950112838.jpg (31.28 KB, 717x717, 20210709_174124.jpg)

Also worth mentioning that most of these numbers are coming from the first week of his banner compared to 2 to 3 times that amount of time for all the others. Though male banners probably will see a drop in profit going forward if they keep pumping out girls because there's no need for husbandofags to spend money to get them anymore. I had more than enough for guaranteed Kazuha after only a few banners worth of saving + a welkins, by the time we get another 5☆ boy I'll be loaded! At this point I only buy welkin to rack up genesis crystals for potential skins.

Side note: PLEASE let pic related be implemented in game!! Waiter Diluc might not have been added because skins weren't a thing in game yet, meido Albedo has a chance.

No. 151926

>Playing with the engdub instead of any of the Asian dubs
Enjoy your D-list voice actors and youtubers I guess.

>H-how dare you misogynists hate on Signora!! she's my mommy milker dommy lesbian queen icon whom I need to step on me uwu
>Said by the 16-year old pansexual they/themlet who has never had a crush on anything outside of fictional characters

No. 151968

File: 1626039683552.png (1.12 MB, 654x1253, 3741823403.png)

I already dread the release of this character. She literally runs around in fucking panties. Her being a military advisor is totally laughable because you literally cannot take her seriously in that ugly ass magical girl outfit. Inazuma literally has the worst and most forgettable characters. They all look like generic dandere/hime waifus. Boring. Next please!

No. 151969

Even sara and yae have some side panties thing going on, but kokomi is the worst offender for not even looking like shes from inazuma.
Im not really looking forward to sumeru when it comes to this, the region is deserts and rainforests and "tribal" outfits already tend to look skimpy or uninspired. Inazuma could have been god tier with the designs just like liyue but mihoyo seems to be leaning more heavily into fanservice from now on so i wouldnt be too hopeful.

No. 151970

Agree, while I think she's cute her outfit really doesn't match her status as some sort of a military advisor resistance fighter person. At all. Fucking cleavage, thigh highs and panties would work for literally anything else if you twist it around but as for what they're selling her character as, I'm not buying it at all.

9 new Inazuma characters and 6 of them are waifus, this is a new low Mihoyo. At least the boys look great but christ I'm so sick of all games ending up pandering to moids.

No. 151971

I thought she would just be a mermaid type of character that you would meet in a more lighthearted quest or something. Mihoyo pls what the fuck

No. 151977

she's really pretty but if you told me she was in the fucking military i would've never believed you. she could've been like. idk a water spirit or something, literally anything else

No. 151979

File: 1626047388143.jpeg (135.59 KB, 750x720, F6A9C3E8-CC17-435D-A98B-77C4D7…)

Thoughts? I love a lot of the girl characters but they really do feel flat compared to the male characters, especially when it comes to how they got their Vision. Sucrose boiling some dandelion seeds vs Kaeya almost dying in a fight against Diluc, for example.

No. 151981

the people having these takes are literally underage genderspecials who exclusively consoom the most bottom of the barrel kpop, gacha, and animu you could imagine, they're easily impressed to say the least. but to anyone else ever it should be clear that genshin girls were primarily only created to generate coombux and given half assed back stories because horny men don't care about that shit.

No. 151986

File: 1626056808751.jpeg (27.68 KB, 365x469, images (30).jpeg)

I'm almost sure she is a water spirit, anons!!! She is most likely based on the Otohime legend (pic related is the Otohime from Yokai Watch lmao)
I agree there's not enough japanese elements to her outfit, and I would have liked it much more if she worse some form of leggings instead of the shorts + thigh highs combo but I think she's cute

Yeah, honestly, considering the gender ratio in the game, the story from most girls are just more silly and plain in general. Like, even Bennett and Chongyun who are quite silly have cool backstories.
I do love Lisa and Beidou tho. Also Hu Tao's background is pretty cool.

No. 151989

excluding kazuha, im honestly glad all the inazuma characters are so ugly. finally i can save my primos

No. 152002

I'm hoping for her to be revealed as some sort of a villainous water spirit who wants to take over Inazuma for petty reasons. That would be at least interesting for once.

>n-no, my waifu isn't coompandering she's actually super deep with intricate background lore but it just hasn't been shown yet!!!!
What a cope. They're so desperate for well-written female characters that they just make up shit and pretend it's canon. Sorry waifufags but Mihoyo doesn't really care about developing their female characters as the audience will buy them anyway and the rest will just whiteknight in their stead. Even with the previous event Klee was by far the most interesting female character but even her shtick was just being a cute kid and Barbara and Jean were being their usual boring bland conventionally pretty selves. Who randomly put on a bathing suit because of muh summer vacation, seriously what was that?

No. 152011

So dissapointing that there like almost no guys from inazuma, the good thing is that we still need to get Baizhu but i think mihoyo is still struggeling with the dendro element so im wondering when we will finally get him.

i think she's pretty but yeah she doesnt look like a military advisor at all. I sometimes wonder if they make the character designs first and then randomly choose a function that needs to be filled from the story.

I fucking hate the coomer fan art that people make of baal pulling a sword out of her boobs so much, they also make her boobs 10x bigger then that they actually are. Coomers have completely ruined her character for me, i at first thought she was pretty but i think im just gonna skip every banner and will try and get gorou.

No. 152022

It has been talked about itt, coomers will coom and I don’t care if Mihoyo will make a casino style event with girls with their boobs out as long as the guys have nice stories and designs.
I swear we don’t have enough guys because the girls are being used to fund the guys’ interesting stories and designs.

No. 152023

File: 1626098118702.png (137.41 KB, 720x672, 1626097750372.png)

I can not wait for him, anons, we're really missing a scary idiot with a heart of gold in the game

No. 152038

File: 1626112544425.jpg (90.87 KB, 1024x487, E6GmorkXMAIkAhv.jpg)

omg yes please

No. 152068

File: 1626138118500.jpg (53.73 KB, 900x506, Genshin-Impact-new-character-C…)

I already have 3k primo all saved from literally not playing the banner for quite some time. I don't really like any of the upcoming 5 star characters.

But this guy is so fucking cool, I swear. He will supposedly be a playable character in the future when they will reveal one of the regions, which is Sumer.

I hope they get a lot of regions. I hope they get a region for Korea and one for Eastern Europe too. I love this game.

No. 152126

>vs Kaeya almost dying in a fight against Diluc
Beidou got hers from almost dying against a sea monster, fuck Diluc

No. 152175


so did my dishwasher. kaeya is a friggin khaenriahn prince with perfect cleavage.

No. 152177


Help for farming.

No. 152185

Beidou is an exception to the rule. She's one of like, three female characters who can't be reduced down to "she is nice and good at her job".

No. 152205

File: 1626217575325.png (114.66 KB, 160x182, zbennett.png)

thnk u anon!!

No. 152214

I know that 2.0 trailer is probably still in beta but is it just me or is the game’s graphics getting worse? The detail on these characters look absolutely god awful especially her hair. I mean I love playing me some Genshin but it was way too fucking noticeable

No. 152220

I'm downloading this game now, any advice for beginners? Things you would do different if you started over?

No. 152222

File: 1626229871505.jpeg (162.73 KB, 1080x1080, 5EF08C9A-0152-4B2E-8205-0E9AB6…)

Don’t go crazy opening any luxurious chests that are not needed for completing a mission or event, like those that are hidden in odd places in the main world or in the shrines, wait for until you got a high Adventure Rank level so you can get lots of really nice rewards.

No. 152223

>never spend gems on anything but the event banners
>use a website to track which anemoculus and geoculus you've picked up
>always catch crystalflies when you see them
>don't build characters you don't see yourself loving for a long time. simply leveling up characters to get their free standard wishes is fine, but leveling up their talents is a huge mora sink and as much as it seems disposable early game, you will go mora broke at some point and be unable to afford high level talents for characters you actually use.
>prototype rancour is garbage and whiteblind isn't worth a billet, ignore every guide that tells you to craft those.
>be careful how you use your fucking weapon billets in general. they're impossible to get late game.
>PICK. AETHER. I don't know a single person who picked Lumine and didn't end up regretting it to the point of considering trading their account with someone who has him instead.

No. 152225

save your fragile resin until you can farm higher level domains (preferably lvl 90 domains). do not pull on the noelle and wanderlust invocation (permanent) banners. also, kazuha is great support, so i recommend pulling on his banner, as it's time limited. the gacha also has a 50/50 system for 5 star characters. basically, there is a 50% chance that the 5 star character you get will be the promoted character on the banner, but if it's not then the next 5 star you roll will be the banner character guaranteed. the 50/50 system carries over to other time-limited banners, so if you know you already have the guarantee, then you can save it for a banner that promotes a 5 star you like.

No. 152226

Kazuha is perfect for noobs! Hes the best character for exploration in the whole game, dickish Anemoculus/Geoculus placements are no match for his jumps

No. 152229

when you unlock liyue reputation quests, level your liyue reputation to 3 at least so you unlock the recipe to make condensed resin. they double your rewards for domains and ley lines.

No. 152250

I remember hearing that they were having trouble making Inazuma run on mobile so I'm guessing they have to take down some rendering calculations and assets to save in performance.

>Get all the food recipes as fast as you can
>Collect all the food items you see, no skipping, just pick them the fuck up because they will be drained so fast. This includes potion ingredients like frogs, lizards, butterflies, flower stamens etc. and crystal flies
>Save your fragile resins until you're AR 50+ and then spend them on lvl90 artifact dungeons
Also seconding >>152229 , condensed resin is a blessing and will save you so much time. Instead of having to grind through the dungeon 2 times in a row you can just use a condensed resin to get the double rewards.

Just out of curiosity, why do you think Prototype rancour is garbage? It's okay-ish to use before you learn more about element meta as you play.

No. 152253

Thank you ladies! I will return to this thread while I play since I barely understood a word of that kek

No. 152255

>prototype rancour is garbage and whiteblind isn't worth a billet
wait what? prototype rancour is nice, what are you on about? sure, it's not wolf's gravestone, but it works fine with my Razor. Higher ATK% is always welcome, and is a good alternative if you don't have any 4* gacha claymores.
>be careful how you use your fucking weapon billets in general. they're impossible to get late game.
it's pure luck, yesterday I got two billets thanks to Dvalin and Andrius and I'm AR 55. But yeah, better to save them, they are precious.

good luck anon!

No. 152258

>I don't know a single person who picked Lumine and didn't end up regretting

You just hang out with fujos only or something. They don't actually have real character differences do they?
I'm fine with her, But I'm a heavy self inserter.

No. 152261

That's what I was wondering too, are there any differences between Aether and Lumine beside design? I picked Aether (though I'm kinda salty that his design is a bit boring compared to Lumine and other male characters) but I assumed that story and abilities were the same, just with reversed roles.

No. 152264

I picked Lumine because I am a woman and want to experience the game with a female main character. My friends picked her too because they are not repressed fujos and no one regretted their decision. She is a great looking heroine and I like that we can choose the gender so the female perspective also gets represented which sadly only a few games take into account since the male one is always the 'default'.

No. 152265

Nta but I honestly think that the only reason to pick one or another is that you think they’re cute, I picked aether because I think he’s cute as fuck and I like to pretend I’m traveling with yet another pretty boy of my harem of pretty boys, I’m collecting them all because I’m a husbandofag.

No. 152268

>pick aether

Anon I don’t know how I’m going to break this to you but despite what you hear from the gaymers who refused to pick Lumine, there is no difference between the twins. The reality is that the artifacts and talent levels you have on them will likely suck ass anyways.

Do annoying quests that later down the line you’ll regret not doing earlier on, like the Into the Mountain quest where you have to go and waste your time shattering magical ice shards which one of them can only be accessed using a challenge that keeps freezing you and ice shards raining down on you, but if you do it you can unlock an artifact domain that gives blizzard strayer/some hydro bonus set that is important to get for a few select characters like Mona, Ganyu, Ed Sheeran, Kaeya, Rosario, etc. Save at least some of your purple level-up cards and especially your primos. Invest in a small pool of charactersand don’t worry about the Abyss thingy that gives you primos that’s where they get you, consolidate on resources and save your mora. After AR 45 you can farm for decent artifacts if the drop-rate really loves you and right now it loves no one except or the whales. End-game content right now is brutal if you’re F2P as of now so saving in this game will be good for you, even for casual players. Make sure to collect every anemonoculus/geoculus on both maps (unsure of locations just search it up on YouTube or for map points on images). It also saves time to unlock every teleport waypoint and is less of a hassle.

No. 152269

samefag but save, search, and farm for items

No. 152270

Aether runs and climbs faster, Lumine swims and attack faster.

No. 152271

>My friends picked her too because they are not repressed fujos
kek sorry I like looking at and objectifying the cute twink boy while I play instead a pure virginal waifubait, anon

No. 152274

Actually loot in the chests are the same at every world level.

No. 152275

Oh cool, I had no idea.
Also I wish Aether had a cute flowery outfit too because I really like Lumine's color scheme and silhouette. Actually it would be nice if we could customize the twints a bit.

No. 152283

I hate playing as the twins. Soon as I got better characters I shelved lumine unless I need her for exploring.

No. 152284

File: 1626274482058.jpg (206.75 KB, 1427x1162, Aether_.jpg)

>it works fine with my razor
Anon… prototype rancour is a sword, not a claymore. Razor is a claymore user. Prototype archaic is the claymore you're using, and it is good.

Because of how rare billets are. Your inventory is going to be shit up with 4* gacha swords in the future that are just as good and the bp blacksword is a billion times better. It's a trap for beginners. Iron sting is a better way to spend that billet.

This, and electro traveler is looking to be a strong battery. Not all mc iterations are going to be mid, some will be nice and very usable.

Oh look otomefags being weird and defensive again what else is new. Congrats on cucking yourselves out of another husbando for a devastatingly frumpy self insert waifu I guess.

No. 152288

File: 1626276560214.gif (3.2 MB, 600x600, 7b4af45eee26.gif)

another thing you might not have known about the "shota" body type: while running, with well timed jumps you can 'skip' eternally even after you run out of stamina. this is possible with every body type, but shota type skips much faster and further than the others, making shota the single most effective form of locomotion.

No. 152291

File: 1626278637475.png (647.87 KB, 794x793, kek.png)

>making shota the single most effective form of locomotion

No. 152293

>Oh look otomefags being weird and defensive again what else is new.
How are they being weird when the other person gives bullshit advice like it's based on facts and not opinion?
>Congrats on cucking yourselves out of another husbando for a devastatingly frumpy self insert waifu I guess.
How bold of ultimate cucks to say that

No. 152294

stop derailing the thread with this stupid infighting ffs you all act like 12 year olds. honestly it's hilarious how some "self-inserter" anon got triggered over fucking Aether. Grow up, nobody cares.

No. 152295

File: 1626280258549.jpg (516.45 KB, 3878x3048, 20210611_101402.jpg)

>picking a FEMALE?! You will regret this. There is no bigger mistake a girl gamer can make than playing as a, oh my god, a female
>reeeeee how these people who dont regret choosing female mc explain why would someone choose Lumine instead
Are you the same retard who keeps on shitting on women in other threads because they dare not be into yaoi? Unclench and take a break from internet.

>making shota the single most effective form of locomotion.
Thank you for the great words of wisdom

No. 152296

don't post bullshit if you don't want to get called out. Most farmers aren't fans of casul misogyny

No. 152299

Uh, no. Just because you've participated in every cringe self insert justification derail on the site doesn't mean that I or any of the other anons you've been fighting with have too.

>casul misogyny
KEK do you even play this fucking game?

No. 152301

File: 1626281776618.png (109.48 KB, 544x333, 1626209981848.png)

I find Lumine super cute. I don't think she's waifubait at all, her design reminds me more of a princess and I love her frumpy shorts and how flowy her dress is.
She also has objectively better reaction faces than Aether idk my brother plays with Aether and he always seems so stiff in the cutscenes, while Lumine's reactions just look a lot better in general.

No. 152302

good luck anon. tell us which characters you get!

No. 152304

NTA but kek you started it with the catty "repressed fujos" remark, it's amazing how triggered Lumine self-inserts get over it

No. 152305

Fair enough regarding prototype rancour, it truly is a beginner's trap. I've found the ones you can buy with starglitter pretty good too. Blacksword is the only reason I bought a BP, highly recommended spending money in a Welkin Moon's blessing and Battle Pass beginner anon >>152253 . They cost money but you get a much better bang for your buck than what you get with genesis gems for example.

>Congrats on cucking yourselves out of another husbando for a devastatingly frumpy self insert waifu I guess.

You're right nonna, I have nothing against Lumine or people picking Lumine in general because it all boils down to personal preferences if you don't care about min/maxing overworld stamina but people obsessively self-inserting into her are hilarious with their meltdowns over someone ruining their otome daydreams. I can accept being called a greasy fujo with a brain filled with coom but for some reason they can't take the bantz or people telling them that Childe is gay for Zhongli and it's so funny kek

>making shota the single most effective form of locomotion.

No. 152306

File: 1626287232522.jpg (1.04 MB, 5559x4096, CollageMaker_20210714_15162945…)

Anons, I think Tohma is slowly growing on me. I hope he's a support because I really don't need another pyro DPS.

>I can accept being called a greasy fujo with a brain filled with coom but for some reason they can't take the bantz or people telling them that Childe is gay for Zhongli and it's so funny kek
ehh I'm really impartial for either but from my point of view the fujo aetherfag was the one who started shit flinging first and then complained about people calling it out?

No. 152307

She didn't start shit flinging though, all she said was "pick Aether because everyone I know regretted not picking him" which is my experience too since he's the "canon" main character and has more media material making him more relatable to a lot of people and Luminefags got their feelings hurt over it and started crying misogynist fujo. She didn't even mention anything about Lumine or Aether for that matter other than "a lot of people regretted picking her".

No. 152308

little balls… of momentum ♥

how all she said was pick him. theres barely any boys in this game what good does it do you to turn down the free one?

No. 152310

why push your preferences on others when they ask for legit gameplay advice? rude and retarded

No. 152311

File: 1626288848897.jpg (1.38 MB, 2150x1494, 1626125731244.jpg)

Some anons were genuinely confused if there was some sort of story difference between the two and she lumped then up as defensive for no reason whatsoever.
It's all silly altogether and probably just scaring the poor newfag lmao

Eh it's not like he is that handsome or has some cool personality or back story, most likely you will use the Traveler for your first few AR levels and then forget about them completely later on.
Also maybe it's just because sometimes I visit the Genshin 4chan thread but Aether's image for me is forever tied to gross waifufags who will go to hell and earth to defend that their self insert is the one that 'gets to fuck' the pure girls so even though I picked him I just don't get why be so defensive of him

No. 152312

>Things you would do different if you started over?
whats rude and retarded is infighting over it for 16 hours

No. 152313

>gross waifufags who will go to hell and earth to defend that their self insert is the one that 'gets to fuck' the pure girls
Ewww that's fucking nasty, scrotes are a terminal stage disease. Aether is the one who's being passed around and fucked by every guy in the game, I contacted mhy and confirmed it being canon with them

No. 152315

Can the dumb fujo fags please curb their degeneracy and stop starting shit every time someone disagrees with them & force their shitty "hurr durr male protag is better" shit down on everyones throats? Stop derailing the thread you pornsick cumbrains. No one cares about your dumb ships. You have your own yaoi thread so keep it there: >>>/m/137122

No. 152317

File: 1626291324013.jpg (7.69 KB, 204x204, Bait reaction images collectio…)

sage your shit

No. 152318

File: 1626291373471.jpg (134.27 KB, 915x1217, 20210704144428.jpg)

No. I can post chili to trigger you harder though.

No. 152321

File: 1626292122083.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1800x2250, oaklljo1y0n61.jpg)

No. 152322

I regret picking Aether tbh. I got caught up in the husbando trap without thinking it through and he's easily the ugliest boy in the game. Lumi isn't great, she's still a lot cuter. I'm hoping they add some skins for the travelers so maybe I don't have to feel so sad. Aether has potential, but the hideous braid and outfit wastes it
>>152321 Fujoshits are worse than scotes. At least I don't see male eggpreg from them all the fucking time

No. 152327

File: 1626293226211.jpg (2.01 MB, 1106x1350, illust_91187479_20210714_13590…)

diluc's existence makes it kinda obvious that ur just being contrarian to pwn teh fujos

No. 152328

kek I swear this is gangrape-chan returning to troll

yeah scrotes would be posting loli porn instead

No. 152330

File: 1626293879140.jpg (1.11 MB, 2752x2480, 1611247368222.jpg)

Anons, pls, let's at least keep our dumb infighting here and not spread it to other threads. I know everyone is just bored rn awaiting for Inazuma or something but come on.

No. 152332

File: 1626294673656.png (217.57 KB, 441x492, def xinyan.png)

ggh i love thoma

btw, anons, what do you think about this build for Xinyan C6?
I want to build her as a sub DPS or support, because I think she useless as a DPS. All my artifacts have %DEF as their main stat, but idk what to do with the cup/goblet.
Should I farm for a %DEF cup or try to get one with Phys Damage? Right now, my Xinyan has ~2000DEF without the goblet and her attack goes up to ~2100 while dealing charged attacks.

No. 152336

Anyone else not very hyped about inazuma? I'm more interested in chasm.

Don't know anything about xinyan but in case you didn't know, retracing bolide 2 piece set only applies to the character who has it equipped i. e. if you shield up and switch them out it won't carry over to the next character.

No. 152337

I think that's actually a pretty clever build, anon. Xinyan is actually a pretty good burst support if you build her right, people just dont use her much because mostly she's the best when she's a support for a Phys DPS.
Anyway, I think that's enough DEF so I would personally go for a Phys Goblet. It depends, I guess, of what weapon you're going to be using on her? Is it the Dragonspine Claymore one that we got for free?

No. 152338

Are there any leaks regarding Chasm? Other than dendro being introduced in it. I'm not holding my breath for its release though, it seems they're having trouble implementing dendro so it's going to take a while.

No. 152340

Heard one about some internal testers having fun with dendro mechanics recently? I'm hoping it reacts with geo and that's what they're holding Albedo's rerun back for, a hellfire comp with Kazuha Bennett Albedo [dendro] sounds like fun. Expecting burning damage to scale the same way swirl does regardless so dendro res could grant an elemental mastery buff.

No. 152341

File: 1626296752476.png (189.35 KB, 732x711, chasm.png)

>if you shield up and switch them out it won't carry over to the next character
gaah, I'm so fucking dumb I didn't know that, guess I'll try with another artifact set. thank you so much anon.

thank you anon! yeah, you're right, Xinyan only shines when she's paired with a Phys DPS or when you have her constellation fully unlocked.
I was planning on using that claymore I have equipped (White Iron Greatsword) because its 2nd stat is %DEF (43.9%). I don't know if I should forge one Whiteblind (51.7%DEF)… I'll think about it.

thank you anons, you were really helpful!

picrel is the last thing I heard about the Chasm

No. 152343

File: 1626297536332.jpg (401.72 KB, 1544x1471, 1612338276364.jpg)

I really don't think leveling up a 3* weapon is worth it, anon!! The only 2 really good ones are Harbinger of Dawn and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers because their passive is just so good.
But, you could use the Dragonspine free claymore, that you get by solving the puzzle for the tombstone room. There's a guide on how to solve that puzzle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD-1z4gHowU

It's really good on Xinyan because of the Phys % substat, and then you can get a Def % goblet on whatever artifact set you choose!!

No. 152344

File: 1626297917934.png (556.69 KB, 356x399, nomnom.png)

i already leveled it up hehe…
but you're right, i'll do that, thank you so much for your help, i wish you good luck on your pulls nonnie

No. 152365

Ayaka's character trailer is out. Pretty boring, but cute I guess

No. 152368

Prototype rancour is fine if you don't want to spend real money on the game. It works fine with my QiQi.

No. 152379


No. 152380

So I just started playing yesterday and ended up pulling Ningguang. Love playing as her! Anyone have suggestions as to what I should be aiming towards getting next? Not speaking character specific necessarily, but rather what roles would be beneficial to add to my team from here?

No. 152382

So uhhh, artist's name?

Same, they're both cute but Aether's clothes and hairstyle are weird and cliché. Len Kagamine looking ass.

No. 152383

Yes. I don't understand issue with it. Great passive, great attack, great second stat. Also it's very cheap to upgrade weapons. The only problem for me is ore, and it only because i don't farm it and don't have battle pass.

No. 152388

Kek I knew he reminded me of someone. Kinda explains the amount of shippers

I find it really weird how they are reusing their waifu designs from their honkai impact game and are doing crossovers

No. 152390

File: 1626349795799.jpg (590.1 KB, 1666x2780, 1608511495150.jpg)

Ningguang is a DPS (she works best when you have her first constellation unlocked, but you're at the beggining of the game so I think it's okay), now you need some sub DPS and supports. I don't think you are in need of a shield user, because Ningguang can make one with the elemental reaction "crystalize" but Noelle is a good option if you want stronger protection. I would also suggest getting a healer or someone who boosts DMG. Having two Pyro characters on your team gives you +20% ATK btw.

Anyway, don't think too much about it. You're just starting, you can take it easy. Just so you know, when I first started playing I didn't get a DPS I liked until I was AR35, so I was running around Teyvat with a team full of sub DPS and supports. Hell, right now I have Childe and Xinyan on my commission team. I know it's useless to pair her with Childe, but I have to raise their friendship level. What I'm trying to say is: play with the characters you like, even if they aren't the best together. Don't worry about it. Eventually you'll get more.

No. 152393

Phys damage is one of the worst secondary stats a sword can have considering there… isn't a single sword user worth building physical unless you have aquila favonia. really its one of the shittiest 4* swords while the other one and the upcoming inazuma craftable sword are decent.

No. 152396

nooo not the cursed egg fan art kek.

>mid 2022
oof i want to have dendro characters so bad, please give me baizhu mihoyo!

Noway i actually really like that he is the sibling with longer hair instead of his sister! I also like the crop top but that is mostly because i think its only fair that male characters also show some skin because the female characters are always showing alot of skin.
I picked lumine and kinda regret it because there are like no male characters in game kek. But i dont play alot with mc anyway so its not to bad.

i disagree anon, its a free sword and for f2p who dont want to bother pulling on weapon banners its a nice weapon to use. Prototype rancour can still be usefull on bennet

No. 152398

i am sure they will give us more husbandos. i doubt that the scrotes will stick it out till 2022 + a drop in male users and spending on boring waifus may work in our favour + with inazuma getting released rn they basically already played the weeb region card.

No. 152399

>pulling on weapon banners
If you've been playing for more than like a month you'll end up getting a bunch of 4 stars from the gacha anyways, you can get weapons on the character and standard banners just not the banner exclusive ones like the lithic and alley series.

>usefull on bennet

iron sting is dps bennett's best in slot 4* after black sword and alley flash… rancour is a stat stick, blackcliff longsword has the same base attack and you can buy it with starglitter in the shop.

No. 152400

I love that he has longer hair too, but if they were going to give him a braid at least make it pretty and fluffy. His kinda looks… eh. Tough that wouldn't matter because mihoyo's models often look worse than the splash art (Albedo's hair…) because they can't help reusing assets instead of making new unique things. Also not a fan of the black outfit, why not give him a white one to match Lumine? Instead of the crop top he could have worn shorts like Venti's and have his legs completely exposed to mirror Lumine's skirt or something. He just looks boring.

No. 152402

File: 1626354759403.jpg (286.22 KB, 1621x2048, 20210713_235249.jpg)

really glad he looks less like lumine tbh i totally hate her design

No. 152404

well i guess youre just very lucky because i've been playing a week after release and it took me a very long time to get good weapons. Also i was talking about support bennet not dps bennet, but speaking about dps bennet im pretty sure that festering desire would be the better choice then the weapons you named. Assuming that you also have R5 on it.

Ah i truely hope ur right anon, it will be annoying if we keep getting less male characters with each region.

Omg yeah i hate albedo and dilucs hair so much. I heard some people say that the models look like shit for the mobile users? They might as well just start using different assest for mobile and pc but i guess they wont do that because it would cost more money. But i cant imagine mobile players being able to play this game even with how many regions they will add.
Idk i do prefer the crop top more then just shorts, we already have so many male character running around in short but almost like no crop tops.

No. 152406

Energy recharge is the actual worst secondary stat for dps bennett bc of how batshit his particle gen already is in ult. fd is best for support/sub bennett tho not as good as alley flash.

No. 152410

File: 1626357635332.jpg (127.05 KB, 858x928, a0o3355x3ma71.jpg)

I just want the males to be in skimpy outfits too but the best we can get is naked calves, Kaeya's chest and Xiao's back. And then almost every girl is wearing panties, skirts, leotards or shirt shorts crawling up their asscracks. And titty windows.

No. 152411

ah i see anon, thanks for the info. I was just thinking that festering desire would be better because of the increased elemental skill dmg and crit rate. Alley flash does seem to be really good so maybe one day i will actually pull on the weapon banner to try and get it.

You're so right. I always think its so funny how Zhongli is more covered up like a nun then Rosaria. It seems that they tried to less cover up gorou tho so thats nice i guess? I hope we get more character designs like him in the future.

No. 152412


No. 152414

File: 1626359353474.jpg (56.66 KB, 680x378, 1626302097748.jpg)

I agree getting more skimpy male designs would be cool but Zhongli is absolutely perfect as he is, anons, I don't care that he is covered from head toe, it just looks so handsome.
Anyway ladies soon-ish we'll be getting pic related too and I'm excited

No. 152416

File: 1626360526851.jpg (54.93 KB, 853x800, LkvJ6he.jpg)

Yeah he does look handsome but imagine if we got a outfit for him like his statue. I would actually buy that! I wonder in which banner we will get gorou? I will def try to get him and im currently saving all my primos so that i can get many constellations.

No. 152417

File: 1626361320617.jpg (172.11 KB, 592x803, Es3XlLyXEAIKkHx.jpg)

Venti has a slutty archon outfit too mahoeyoe please gib archon skins

No. 152421

No one knows yet because the 2.1 beta only starts on the 19th.
I think he's going to be a 4 either on Kokomi's banner (if he's a 4) or if he's a 5*, he's going to be released on 2.2
If he's a 5 I hope he's a DPS but if he's a 4 I hope he's a support tbh

No. 152426

Imagine thinking these outfits up, making them canon but not making them skins. Fucking mihoyo, we didn't need Jean and Barbara summer skins. I'm spending everything on good boy Gorou.

No. 152432

It's good for dps characters without elemental infusion. Better than attack. Also phys Keqing is very strong even without Aquila.

No. 152449

keq being strong at all is just a meme that moids who want to bang her try to convince themselves is true. electro keq is way stronger than phys with kazuha now iirc.

& all of them access to infusion thanks to popsicle boy! what not everyone has is phys res shred, no good for the upcoming inazuzu mobs that resist phys

No. 152463

What's the point of infusion of not your own element? Infusion is good because you can increase both attack and skill damage by increasing elemental damage. And Keqing is not that bad, it's just new characters too strong. While electro Keqing is better, physical Keqing is cheaper. Also not everyone has Kazuha, and not everyone has 200+ EM anemo set.

No. 152519

>what are reactions
bennett xiangling and diluc can use it to set up their own melts, carry xingqiu for permafreeze, use it with any spear user to get abyss mage lector and herald shields down so quick, kazu who is the chameleon that can turn into whatever element you want him to works great as a permafreezer and even better on a mono pyro team with c6 bennett + lions roar (<- one of his strongest teams), trolling plebs in co op, etc. chong shortens cooldowns for everyone in his E aoe by 15% at c2!

>And Keqing is not that bad, it's just new characters too strong

but she was trash before the new characters were added too

>Also not everyone has Kazuha, and not everyone has 200+ EM anemo set.

well then I hope those people at least spent their primo on a dps thats not cooching. btw he gets 115 em from ascensions, 1 em artifact pushes him over 300.

No. 152527

Is leveling up artifacts essential? Also how does the "two piece set" thing work? I have all of my party members above level 40, I leveled up talents and weapons but I still struggle a lot with the big enemies (not sure how they're called, but I mean the wolf, regisvines and others), I barely deal any damage even with elemental reactions. The only ones I can easily beat are the geovishaps (because of the shield) and hypostases.

No. 152528

Artifacts are literally your bread and butter, anon. You need to level them, without them your stats will be garbage. Two piece set works so that you equip two artifacts of the same set and it gives you a bonus (like the gladiator set gives you base atk +20% for the two-piece set). The four piece set is similar but with 4 artifacts of the same set.

No. 152533

Oh, I guess that's why I suck kek.

No. 152538

File: 1626439589921.jpg (99.04 KB, 1094x879, 20210710_145104.jpg)

Not really. You should level them for main dps but supports can run with shitty artifacts at lvl 0-8.
Constellations are more important tbh. Grinding artifacts bores me to no end so even my dpss dont have that good stats and i have no problems with completing abyss 9 to 11 or events.

No. 152539

>but supports can run with shitty artifacts at lvl 0-8.
>Constellations are more important tbh.
You're joking… this is why you are somehow struggling with 12 on the most piss easy abyss since launch

No. 152542

>Doesn't level artifacts
>Instead focuses on constellations
What the fuck anon? Is this some twisted whale logic or something?

No. 152549

>struggling with 12 on the most piss easy abyss
One wish is not worth dealing with lvl90 enemies and i didnt have time yet to try this cycle of abyss.

Im not a whale. My account is lucky so i have multiple c6 4* characters and i can say the difference is big.

No. 152551

Dealing with level 90 enemies wouldn't be a problem if you werent running around with unupgraded 2 star artifacts m8, abyss is free real estate for a whopping 30 minutes of brainless combat once every 2 weeks

No. 152559

Beidou is a sexy pirate lady, I care not for moids

No. 152561

File: 1626451664778.jpeg (241.04 KB, 2048x1310, 041220BD-40CB-41D4-A695-25DE70…)

I've fallen so out of love with Genshin that I'm not even excited for Inazuma anymore. The wait was too long, I hope it'll be worth it.
Anyway I'm one of the few that like Baal's design. I can understand why people would want her to look more like a typical tyrant but we don't know exactly what her personality is like yet.
I enjoy how gentle and graceful she looks.

No. 152565

i agree, if she acts as cruel and unhinged as the story sets her up to be then it can be a nice contrast. but i am also a huge faggot for gentle looking ladies so it's probably just my bias speaking lmao

No. 152567

File: 1626453676136.jpg (152.45 KB, 1200x675, whywecanthavenicethings.jpg)

Wish she looked like this instead, or a part of her skillset makes her transform into this

No. 152569

dont listen to this anon >>152538

No. 152573

Honkai impact

No. 152574

oh please no, i really dont want genshin to do anything with honkai impact. The references with character designs they already have is enough. I much prefer >>152561 this over the slutty mecha outfit.

I dont hate her design either but she doesnt seem as scary or powerfull as in the 2d art which is dissapointing.

No. 152575

I know right? She looks so cool. I knew the honkai design wouldn't fit with the overall genshin aesthetic, but god forgive me, I was still hoping she would look like that.
The current design is still cool tho, I am rolling for her!

No. 152590

Ayrt, thank you so much! I started using Noelle as you suggested, love her charge attack, it’s so satisfying kek. Ended up pulling Beidou today as well! I’m hooked now, no doubt.

No. 152603

>woman character only showing cleavage is bad compared to the female genshin characters like mona where if you jump off a mountain in the game and fly using the wings you can see their literal ass and pixel pussy

Kek you’re ridiculous, it looks awesome

No. 152641

Uh I was talking about Baals design. Obviously genshin has coomer character design just like honkai but baals design i alot more elegant and actually fits the style of inazuma.
Also she is not only showing cleavage? Her "skirt" probably covers just as much as mona when there is a breeze of wind.
The only things i like about her design imo her is the armor around her arm. Her face, hair and weapons look good to but are you really gonna claim that this outfit only has a bit of cleavage?
Anyway i dont see the point of having honkai character designs in genshin because if you like them so much you could just play honkai.

No. 152657

File: 1626528523912.gif (7.6 MB, 600x338, 2020072701183384952.gif)

Sorry to chime in, but here's the design, judge for yourselves. I think she looks cooler than the current Baal, but you can see her panties or whatever that is.

Did anyone notice that they added a question in the last survey about how appropiate were the new skins? I think that's cool, if they ever release some skimpy outfit as a skin we can voice our opinion. Although is kind of a double edge weapon, because if they ever release Venti's archon outfit >>152417 I'm sure scrotes are going to screech about it.

No. 152660

I finally got kazuha!! hes so cute and fun to play with

No. 152662

>Her "skirt" probably covers just as much as mona when there is a breeze of wind.
eh same goes genshin baal tbf, shes wearing just as little pants. genshin waifu designs are uglier and lamer than honkai ones overall with the same amount of coom.

No. 152694

File: 1626553134182.png (662.01 KB, 1006x748, Screenshot_20210717-171439~2.p…)

He's just so cute, nonas…

No. 152705

Hey nonnies! I need some advice, with inazuma coming up I’m planning to ascend to WL 7, I’ve been on WL 6 collecting exp for a while. I’m asking this because I want Inazuma to be a challenge, does ascending make any difference for you guys? Thanks!

No. 152709

File: 1626567358205.jpg (185.58 KB, 1485x1243, 1626057384611.jpg)

It's been a while since I did it but I remember it making weekly bosses harder, anon!! I started having a hard time with Boreas of all bosses oof. But, now that we have that system where we can go back a world level once a day I think it's totally ok to do it without thinking much about it!!
I don't think the rewards in general changed much at all.

No. 152713

Literally just got him too! Ngl I screamed because he’s my first 5 star. He’s such a babe!

No. 152959

File: 1626735966659.jpeg (18.53 KB, 566x542, images (50).jpeg)

I like some English VAs but with lily being announced as Sayu I'd hate to see my fave VAs stream with her just because of the scrotes she'll bring in the chat/supers

No. 152964

The english VA is very mixed in quality and talent, they choose streamers in hopes to bring more mass appeal to the game. Lisa, Paimon, Beidou, Barbara, Aether, Kaeya, Amber, Hu Tao, Eula, Yanfei, Fischl, Jean, Childe, Zhonghli, and Venti have the best english voices in the game imo. Lily just has the generic american waifu voice

No. 152965

Hu tao english is horrible wtf where are albedo and mona

No. 152966

I follow Aether's eng VA and watch his streams, I really dread Lily going there but I'm hopeful her ego's huge enough that she won't mingle with the rest of the Genshin VAs. She's been more insufferable lately on Twitter with the "I voiced Sayu xD" thing god. I hope Mihoyo picking a popular streamer to VA is not a precedent because the last thing I want to hear in this game is the likes of Nyanners voicing a loli character.

No. 152967

No it isn’t, shut up.

No. 152969

Honestly Lily's voice isn't awful on its own, but it doesn't fit Sayu at all.

No. 152973

File: 1626750651338.jpg (742.8 KB, 4096x3117, canadianaether.jpg)

If you are hesitating or decided to pass over Kazuha: Get him. Only 16 hours left for NA.

This is one of the most highly underrated 5 stars and it's like everyone decided to just hold for Baal, who honestly just continues to be a big disappointment over and over. Don't make that mistake. Get Kazuha.

It also just sends a message to Mihoyo we do want male characters. Keep in mind if you don't get him right now, his rerun banner is definitely going to be pushed back because he was unpopular worldwide.

No. 152974

File: 1626752418072.jpg (179.2 KB, 1448x2048, 1624958803933.jpg)

EN Albedo and Mona are the best voices for both of them, I completely agree with that. I also really live Yanfei and Venti too, and Zhongli and Childe's did a great job but their CN/JP (specially Childe's JP actor) do such an amazing job that its a bit of an unfair competition.
Lily, on the other hand, it's just a weird freaking choice for Sayu of all characters. It reeks of desperation.

This, he's an amazing support and super cheap to build. Hopefully Mihoyo won't drop him from the story just because he flopped because he has so much potential with the Vision storyline

No. 152987

Speaking of voice actors, I hate Cristina Vee's work with an absolute passion. How could they have her voice two of the cutest boys in the game? Benny shouldn't even have a woman voicing him in any language. I just don't get mihoyo's casting choices with the popular actors. Vee, Haberkorn, and Lily would've worked so much better in different roles

No. 152988

File: 1626766212336.jpg (212.91 KB, 1500x1068, boyfriends with bad en voice a…)

>Benny shouldn't even have a woman voicing him in any language
strong disagree, jp is his worst. if there were male VAs that can do a convincing shota voice like venti jp then that'd be fine but I'll take anything over awkward man voice on kid character.
that said vee does do a shit job on both of the boys she voices ngl bennett sounds so strained!

No. 153005

Benny's jp voice sounds just fine and definitely better than the english one. It's boyish and I think it fits his appeareance and character honestly, it just isn't a feminine voice. I can hardly stand the quality of the english dub, most of the voices are half-assed and forced. The others are cheesy and weeby too, but they're well done at least. I couldn't get past english Kaeya doing a non-enthusiastic "waah" every time I attacked, or Razor sounding like a creepy gremlin.

No. 153006

All of the voice actors in the engdub sound like dog shit. Don't pick the English voices and then complain about having to suffer through the worst of the worst D-listers handpicked by nepotism, it's like hitting yourself in the face and complaining about the pain.

Agree, the jpvoice sounds the best because all the rest are too girly for him as a character. He doesn't give me that big shota vibes, he's more of a teenager. Deep girl voice works for someone like Xingqiu but not for Bennett.

No. 153009

Ayaka gets a character demo and it's not just useless fanservice. Ayaka mains keep winning. Can't wait to get her and Tohma to ship/play them together. (I don't care if it's not canon).

No. 153010

"quick as lightning" bury the light intensifies

No. 153011

>He doesn't give me that big shota vibes, he's more of a teenager
Weird, he's pretty much the most tried and true example of one out of all of them to me, can't picture him over 13-14. Jp doesn't give me boyish but 30 something year old man voicing a young boy. His Chinese voice is my favorite.

No. 153016

What you said reminds me, we don't have any true "shota" characters like there are lolis like Qiqi, Diona or Sayu (with a different model, I mean). It would be so cute to have one, but of course it will never happen.

No. 153017

File: 1626787697117.jpg (873.26 KB, 2500x2500, E6tYl9RUYAYizXW.jpg)

Happy birthday to our favourite deranged Russian!

No. 153018

He's way too mature to be an early teenager even though he has the "shota" character model (Albedo has it too and he's an obvious adult), I personally put him more in the 16-19 range. I mean he's been through some shit too that kids usually wouldn't be, like getting his vision while bleeding out due to severe injuries and him being described to be "used to pain" which is why he's so good at combat.

Happy birthday wallet-kun!

No. 153019

Eh I really don't get that at all. He seems energetic and optimistic in a very moe, childishly innocent way. Standard shounen, and the way characters like Katherine, Fischl, Barbara, Venti, etc. treat him hit that home. It would make sense that the young-sounding voice in the original Chinese dub is the best representation of what the people who designed him intended. If ever there was a slightly bigger male body he sure as hell wouldn't be using it.

>he's been through some shit too that kids usually wouldn't be, like getting his vision while bleeding out due to severe injuries

Well according to his stories the guild found him in an even more(?) dire situation as an actual babby heh, Benny's had a fucked up life ;_; Anyways, interpret him how you want. I understand why you might picture him a little older if you only use the JP track.

No. 153021

Imagine thinking stock anime Japanese voices are good, not even the CN and KR ones are this cringe.

No. 153023

File: 1626793656887.png (759.19 KB, 720x665, EpDYmfDXUAAUmU7.png)

remember this?

No. 153026

>KR voices
can you guys even differentiate between characters in korean dub? they all sound the same to me

happy birthday to the best ginger!

No. 153028

he acts like a stock shonen character and sounds like he's still going through puberty. that just screams teen to me. Even Fischl sounds and acts like a teen (an emo one though)

No. 153030

The jp voices are still well executed. Very shonen anime-y, but the voice actors are good at what they do. The cn and kr ones are good too, but I think the japanese ones have more diversity. English is just trash, everyone has this weird ass accent and I don't get why everyone sounds awfully breathy and forced. Half of the male characters sound literally the same. Benny's voice actress isn't even trying to sound like a teen boy, she sounds like she's just talking normally. It's a pity, there are so many good english voice actors but they choose the worst ones and now even streamers.

No. 153031

every girl in the jp dub sounds the same except the ones with "milf" voices n they all sound the same as eachother too, garbage

No. 153039

File: 1626799794639.jpg (8.38 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

i spent 7 hours mostly non-stop playing the game to get most stuff in the archipelago bf it's gone and i forgot an appointment i had

No. 153040

i had to switch to english again because of lisa's "mommy" voice and uncomfortable moans.i cant say i was impressed with the japanese dub.dunno if it's bcuz im not a native english speaker,but most voices are fine to me

No. 153041

and not even mention the annoying loli voices

No. 153054

anyone else not really looking forward to inazuma? they revealed all the characters for that region so far, but their designs are so boring that i cant get excited for them at all. part of me wishes that i was one of the ultra-weebs who like to hype up the upcoming aesthetics just because in their eyes anything japan=mind-blowing by default. at least that way, i can have something to look forward to instead of waiting for probably half a year or so for the next region.

No. 153059

Vee and Lily got roles only because of their huge fanbases, they would always get some roles in soon-to-be-dead games or in simply the ones that need to abuse the clout chasing part. Eg one of them had a shitty VA work on maplestory2 just to get replaced with a better actress later.

No. 153063

I'm honestly surprised people play with the English dub, the moment I started the game paimon's voice made my ears bleed. The chinese VA is still high pitched and kind of whiney but at least it doesn't sound like I'm watching a Disney movie for toddlers

No. 153064

>not instinctually skipping through all paimon dialog

No. 153068

I speedrunned it too. Official map very helps, it has images of exact locations of things.

No. 153069

If I could I would pay all 'reee English dub sucks muh Jap dub better' anons 1 million mora to shut the fuck up.

No. 153079

And I would probably take it.

No. 153083

Her English VA is also a massive munchie cow who has regular meltdowns on Twitter and claimed that she personally contacted Mihoyo to confirm that Paimon is nonbinary or something. I'm still shocked that they haven't fired her.

I won't shut up for any amount of money, anon.

No. 153084

Happy b day king, also i wish mihoyo would give the male characters actually abs in game.

Im just happy we got new content, dont care that much about most inazuma characters. But im excited to see new enemies and a new area to explore.

No. 153088

File: 1626855185879.jpg (142.26 KB, 1092x896, 1625773091564.jpg)

How are you guys enjoying Inazuma??? So far I'm liking it so much, so I'm taking my time with it slowly.
I don't really get how the electro gramas puzzles work yet but it's sort of like a seelie puzzle, I think?? I love the enviroment design tho.

Also, did anyone find it super weird how adamant the Traveler was with Thoma when he mentioned that we could help with the Vision Hunt Decree?? I thought it was so weird, the Traveler never refuses helping anyone so I don't understand that reaction at ALL.

No. 153096

it was weird considering how many times traveler was helping npc's on the side. but looking at the past events i think it does actually match their characterization? traveler did only help with the local crises in Mond and Liyue cause they were in their way of contacting local archon. Not to mention they were ready to drop teyvat at once when they saw their sibling again.
tbf tho if it didn't already match how i headcanon traveler, i would be pretty salty about that dialogue

No. 153120

You can tell they put a lot more work into Inazuma than the other worlds, it looks pretty gorgeous. I don’t get the anons complaining that Inazuma is going to be boring because muh character designs when we’ll finally be able to get more rewards, craftable weapons, quests, story lines to round up more primos.

No. 153121

Mihoyo somewhat fucked up cross save with PS4. Not surprising, but disappointing.

I normally play on mobile but of course the game is prettier on PS4 so I was excited for cross save, did everything right but… I forgot, PSNs are Region locked and you can't change that. So I can only play on my dead EU account on my PS4 instead of my main NA account. If I had made an American PSN and linked that, everything would be fine, but Mihoyo didn't mention that on the update page. Maybe it's my fault, but it's shitty that Sony still doesn't let you change your PSN Region and for whatever reason, and Mihoyo won't let you unlink you're PSN and link a different one at least once.
Now I don't even feel like exploring Inazuma nonnies :(
It doesn't play that well on my phone anymore, I wanted to see Inazuma in it's full beauty on my PS4.
My PC runs Genshin worse than my phone so that's out of the option.
Sorry for vent post but it kind of ruined my excitement for Inazuma.

No. 153122

A bit overwhelmed since I got a placement test next week.

No. 153143

genshin looks and runs worse on ps4 too unless your phone is super duper potato

No. 153154

File: 1626898790466.jpg (56.39 KB, 696x392, cutiepatootie.jpg)

so cute~

No. 153171

I got keqing, I hate everything.
I wanted Ayaka simply because fast travel like Mona. I DON'T EVEN HAVE MONA.

No. 153177

welcome to the keqing victim club. i lost the first half of my 50/50 to her twice.

No. 153183

Sad bc my laptop stopped working on the last day of leaves in the wind and I didn’t get Kazuha

No. 153187

Is it just me or did they add better shaders/lighting?
I think traveler was adamant because they're growing, they were used by others in mondstat and liyue and don't want it to happen again. Plus they saw their sibling recently so that makes them more focused on their goal.

No. 153196

File: 1626935039639.jpg (859.95 KB, 2560x1403, 1626854069853.jpg)

I just finished Ayaka's story quest and I loved it so much. It was so cute, I loved the mask they got to wear and how they bonded over having a brother etc
Also, Ayaka's dance (and Lumine humming her song after) was so pretty. I completely understand her appeal now ngl.
It was really long too!! I wish they put this much care on the story quests other characters get in the future (Mhyo PLS give Kazuha his own story quest,,,)

No. 153210

File: 1626956452414.png (38.44 KB, 376x98, ineedtopull.png)

Okay, where are those fuckers who said "keep releasing waifus!! we can save more primogems for our husbandos that way!!"
Motherfuckers, I've been saving since Childe's rerun in April and I'M ON THE VERGE OF LOSING IT. Next banners are Raiden and Kokomi and they aren't releasing Goro, just that Sara girl I don't even care about. I'm dying here.

>inb4 you should have rolled for kazuha!

I already have Venti and (unpopular opinion) I don't really like Kazuha's design or personality. Same with Xiao or Albedo, idk. Why can't they release a male character from A DIFFERENT ELEMENT REEEE.
I guess I'm going to take a break from the game, and also spend my money on Tears of Themis. At least they'll pander to me in that game.

No. 153211

Same thoughts anon. I was high on copium for Baizhu, Scaramouche, Toma or a banner selection (personal speculation for anniv) next patch but all we got are the waifus and the ultimate coomer bait sword titty raiden shogun. The girls are not bad, it's just that I went "oh waifus again?" and kind of lost interest from saving. I'm also very salty cause among all the ladies they showed in the preview, Yae wasn't one of them. My biased ass is sad.

No. 153215

pulling mistsplitter for bennett and killing myself whether or not I get it wish me luck girls

No. 153216

liking it so far. love how traveler is in full bully mode this region.

No. 153217

File: 1626961923665.png (940.75 KB, 1920x864, 202172275124.png)

omg girls thank u <3

No. 153220

File: 1626964544433.jpg (3.47 MB, 2250x2250, TLn3oqu.jpg)

Genshin's first crossover banner. What are your predictions for the next crossover? Probably demon slayer or some other popular anime.

No. 153221

what??? it's not a joke?? honestly it makes no sense to me. i expected a crossover with kny or jjk… how populer is horizon in china?
and oh god she is another cryo

No. 153222

File: 1626967041097.png (71.97 KB, 995x394, aloy.png)

>crossover banner
no, no, she's not a banner character, she'll be given for free to PS4/PS5 players during 2.1, the rest of us will obtain her through in-game mail during 2.2

No. 153223

Great, nobody fucking wanted her. For the love of god mihoyo make some more male characters that aren't anemo or cryo holy shit. And are they ever gonna touch dendro?

No. 153224

Crossover stuff is annoying to me, but since we're getting her for free I think I can tolerate her. Tbh I didn't realize she was a crossover character at first and was legitimately excited cause I thought her design was cute on its own.

No. 153225

She looks super fucking ugly, hope they dump her for free and not on the banners to ruin any chance of getting better 4-star characters.

No. 153230

Ah im kinda sad she's a cryo but im glad she's free. Is her bow only available through playstation? Because if so that really sucks.

I do wonder how we will be able to get her constellations if she is not a banner character?

I also think her design is cute, she is also the first female character that doesnt show lots of skin.

No. 153231

I would have preferred 2B and 9S, they could have been integrated into Khaeneriah lore maybe. Yes I know I spelled that wrong.
I don't like this girl's design and don't want yet another cryo archer.

No. 153234

>I also think her design is cute, she is also the first female character that doesnt show lots of skin.
This. She looks awesome and I would have rolled for her if she wasn't free. She looks ready to kick some ass and be a badass.

I guess she won't have constellations. Apparently, this PS4 exclusive weapon can't be refined either (Sword of Descension): https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Sword_of_Descension
It'a a shame, but none of my 5* characters have constellations either so I don't really care about that.

No. 153239

This is so weird, she looks so out of place with all the other characters with that design and artstyle. And agree with other anons, what does Horizon have in common with Genshin? It's such a nonsensical crossover.

Baizhu will be dendro but he won't be released until whenever. IIRC Sumeru (the dendro region) is coming after Inazuma so maybe next year.

No. 153251

File: 1626984706841.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.65 KB, 1080x1692, 1626979050746.jpg)

Take this with a grain of salt, anons. But it looks like he was designed by the same unhinged person who designed Baizhu.

No. 153254

God, what the fuck is this outfit? I love it. It feels somewhat similar to Kaeyas.

No. 153258

his outfit is a fucking disaster but it does look very horny. im gonna wait with forming my opinion till better screenshots get leaked

No. 153259

I want to fuck him.

No. 153261

Looks like he's unhinged and a whore, i'm obsessed

No. 153262

Jesus what the hell, this looks awful. We wanted male characters to show skin but this gives me severe demented okama vibes with the sanpaku eyes and mascara. Fuck Mihoyo if that's what they're going for, I just want a genuinely hot scantily clad male character.

No. 153264

File: 1626991446156.jpg (58.14 KB, 1006x617, f9x7ce3jdw661.jpg)

nonas this looks fake as fuck. his vision doesn't have any kind of reconigzable frame around it and why is his hair literally pitch black? i'm sorry, but this is fake.

No. 153266

he looks like a clamp character

No. 153277

I'm going to go out on a whim and say that, if he's real, he's a harbinger
>left glove with the orb looks like an updated version of the delusion Crepus had
>Frame could be Fontaine or Natlan since we haven't seen them yet

even if he's fake he's a good fake

No. 153287

He looks kind of alternative. I'm into it.

We can already see he has tattoos, piercings and jewelry. What if he has something like a tongue piercing or piercings elsewhere?

No. 153292

Anyone else get a firewall warning when updating to 2.0? I clicked deny and game works fine but man… Chinese gov gtfo.

No. 153297

Nona, just pull some 5 star weapons. Build up your reverse harem to the best they can be. I don't blame you for wanting to play an actual otome game in the meantime, though.
Keep doing your commission dailies in the meantime because they're definitely going to dump the male characters on us all at once and towards the end of Inazuma.

Are you in China playing the NA version of Genshin? Or foreign and trying to play the Chinese server?

No. 153303

He's a goth

No. 153317

Oh I had no idea that exclusve weapons can't be redined. I also don't have any constellations on my 5* characters so I don't mind either. I'm just glad we get a cute character for free.

I mean mihoyo also has given us a KFC collab, I don't think it's that much out of place. It's also said in the story that the twins travel through different worlds so that means that the options of collabs are endless.

You guys musn't forget that genshin is a mobile gacha game. Other mobile gacha games like AFK Arena have sometimes strange collabs like with assassin's creed and also persona 5. Actually persona 5 seems to have invested mobile gacha games no matter what genre, almost every game has collabed with them so I wouldn't be suprised if Genshin also will collab.

But yeah since KFC and multiple worlds are canon in Genshin, I wouldn't be to suprised with the collabs we will be getting.

Also im suddenly reminded that that one final fantasy mobile game had a collab with Ariana Grande and Katy Perry. But let's hope Genshin wouldn't take it that far.

No. 153336

dude looks like piers from pokemon sword & shield

No. 153347

File: 1627058190744.png (258.88 KB, 483x247, IibXBXn.png)

No. 153351

hoping he gets massive overhaul like kokomi did.

No. 153352

No in america on american server. It was creepy.

No. 153386

i got that and clicked allow because i was in a hurry,, did i fuck up

No. 153387

File: 1627121672715.jpg (217.17 KB, 1600x900, 20210724_051228.jpg)

Kokomi animations

This will be the most difficult skip for me… Scaramouche will finally appear in 2.1 and may be playable as soon as 2.2

No. 153394

File: 1627136197439.gif (3.85 MB, 640x594, tenor (5).gif)

>Scaramouche will finally appear in 2.1 and may be playable as soon as 2.2

No. 153402

So I saved up a bunch of gems to do pulls on the character banner. Ended up getting Yanfei and Ningguang to c3, and also got Diluc. Any suggestions on how I should arrange my party now? Also Diluc is so fucking fun to play as, god I love him.

No. 153406

Kokomi is looking to be broken with insane multipliers, she may even out DPS Ganyu if you're into that.
I think her animations are pretty but her design doesn't appeal to me.
I'm still staying loyal to Baal and I hope Sara will be on her banner.

No. 153409

>Scaramouche will finally appear in 2.1 and may be playable as soon as 2.2

No. 153427

Lumie who is a dataminer

Her weapon is fucked 40k hp kokomi gets a 400% normal attack damage bonus at r1, 1200% at r5

No. 153430

>Release a new 5 DPS waifu that will outDPS the previous 5 DPS waifu
Gee, it's like the tenth fucking time in a row this happens while the husbandos are support Anemo/Geo only. And meanwhile male redditors are going insane with rage over one puppy boy.

No. 153437

I want to start playing Genshin because of that new(?) chara Ayaka, she's super cute.
However, I have a few questions, if someone kind would answer them, I would be very grateful!
1. I know you can play this game on smartphone, but it is really playable on phone at all? (and if anyone knows if this game requires a REALLY good internet connection)
2. It is heavy co-op? Can I play it only solo?
3. It is casual friendly? Or I have to log in and grind every day?
4. It is easy to get your fav charas in gacha? Or you need to whale?

No. 153439

What did they said about Gorou?

No. 153441

>1. I know you can play this game on smartphone, but it is really playable on phone at all? (and if anyone knows if this game requires a REALLY good internet connection)
I haven't tried it on mobile but plenty of people play it that way so I guess it works okay unless your phone is an older, cheaper model.

>2. It is heavy co-op? Can I play it only solo?

No heavy emphasis on co-op, quite the contrary as the difficulty scales according to the amount of players present in the world and you can only have 4 characters present in the field from all players. I.e. if there are two players, you can only have 2 per player, and if there are 4 players you can only have 1 per player. You can solo the game without a problem if you're not into co-op.

>3. It is casual friendly? Or I have to log in and grind every day?

It's casual friendly in my opinion. There are no login bonuses (unless you buy the monthly $5 sub) so it doesn't matter if you miss a login day and the daily commissions take around 15 minutes to complete.

>4. It is easy to get your fav charas in gacha? Or you need to whale?

When it comes to the limited characters the banners have a pity system. At 90 rolls you're guaranteed to get a 5-star item and if that's not the limited 5-star character you're guaranteed to get it at 180 rolls. The pity resets after each gained 5-star character and each banner (permanent, limited, weapon) have their own pity counter which transfers to the next period. So if you didn't reach the pity for your desired limited 5-star the counter does not reset by the next limited banner character and instead carries on. Hopefully I explained this coherently enough. As for the 4-star characters, it's all luck unless they're on rate up for the limited character banner. Some 4-star characters that I have are at c6 while others have no unlocked constellations at all. The game is somewhat generous with giving you free rolls but you'll eventually have to skip banners to save up.

No. 153442

Thank you anon for all these answers!
I will definitely play this game!
I'll download it now and play a little.
Thank you!

No. 153443

>fucking femcel fujos ruining our waifu game with this furry fetish MALE URRGGHH he can't be a resistance leader with those furfag ears and twink body!!!!! why can't we have more waifus with no pants, we only have 200!!!!!!! mihoyo MUST PAY
>h-he must be a trap femboy like my waifu felix because they both have animal ears r-right… a-as a heterosexual male I simply can't pull for a male character that would be GAY!!!!

No. 153446

File: 1627157110995.jpg (405.97 KB, 2562x1396, IMG_20210724_220452.jpg)

Idk anything about Diluc or Yanfei (I don't have them), but they are DPS characters like Ningguang, so having more than two of them in your party at the same time won't be very useful.
I would focus on building Diluc btw, he's a better DPS.

No. 153448

Oh god that's so vile. So they're mad that a cute character with fox ears and tails is not a waifu, rather a male and that they can't jack off to it? What a sad life.

No. 153449

They're actually bringing up that "he's too young and cute to be a resistance group leader, that's so unrealistic!" talking point while the actual leader Kokomi looks like a literal teenage magical girl instead of some strategy genius warlord. And of course none of them have a problem with that or question her credibility kek

No. 153450

I’m oddly okay with how gorou and kokomi turned out despite their designs needing some push to make it atleast s-tier in my book.

No. 153467

File: 1627188246270.jpg (64.51 KB, 564x706, geo.jpg)

I'm going nuts waiting for Albedo to rerun. These female characters look and feel so similar, especially Baal and Sara. I feel like I'm not going to get Albedo any time soon just because he wasn't one of the more popular male characters. Will we get Gorou before his rerun, which will probably hurt Albedo's rerun? I'm honestly really looking forward to him, but sword is so different from bow.

No. 153473

I want Baal and Guuji

No. 153493

>1. I know you can play this game on smartphone, but it is really playable on phone at all? (and if anyone knows if this game requires a REALLY good internet connection)
I only play on phone, I tried it on PS4 but aiming with a bow is so much harder on PS4. My fps drops sometimes in heavy combat, but I think it's playable on phone. It must be easier on PC, but I wouldn't know. My internet isn't the best but it's still fine.
>2. It is heavy co-op? Can I play it only solo?
Only some events require co-op, and no active event rn does. An example of one that required co-op was a hide and seek minigame event, it was really fun though. Some achievements require co-op, but they're not necessary to do. Everything else is fine solo.
>3. It is casual friendly? Or I have to log in and grind every day?
Primogems are what you use to get characters and weapons with. Everyday if you do your daily commissions you'll get 60 primogems, so if you skip some days you will be missing out on those precious primogems. It can be grindy since some things such as the artifacts are RNG stats.
>4. It is easy to get your fav charas in gacha? Or you need to whale?
Depends on who you want.
Every 90 wishes you are GUARANTEED a 5 star, but there's only a 50 percent chance it'll be the banner character. There are 5 characters that are 'standard' and never go away and if you lose a 50-50 you'll get one of them. The 5 are: Qiqi, Keqing, Diluc, Jean and Mona.
So if you're rolling for Ayaka for example, but get Mona instead on the 90 wishes, you'll have to roll 90 more to guarantee an Ayaka. If you lose the 50-50 you're guaranteed the limited character next time. I hope this makes sense, I'm not the best at explaining.
After 70 wishes, your likelihood of getting a 5 star increases. You can always get a 5 star before that amount of wishes, but you'd be incredibly lucky for that to happen.

I hope you have fun anon and I'm sorry if I didn't explain well!

No. 153494

C6 Yanfei is arguably better than C0 Diluc.

No. 153495

And not by much if true considering she can't vape. C4 xiangling and c3-5 bennett better than both.

No. 153605

File: 1627276974929.png (329.26 KB, 777x439, 1626932798819.png)

I've seen so many people complaining about Ayaka's storyquest being pure waifubait but I honestly loved it.
I expected to hate it because I thought Ayaka was such a boring miss perfect character but I thought it was so cute, specially the part where her and Lumine bond over having a brother and missing them.
I guess when you're using Aether the perspective changes a lot and it seems much more like a date but with Lumine it genuinely felt like 2 friends getting to know each other.

No. 153763

Oh my god Gorou is so fucking cute I want to cry come home babyyyyyy

No. 153769

File: 1627399437803.png (Spoiler Image,203.16 KB, 669x178, E7TJKqWXEAkUrmS.png)

Here's the design of her vision called "Ranger". Presumably it will be used for future crossover characters as well.

No. 153770

and that's why you play as Lumine and not the faggot

No. 153776

File: 1627403936640.jpg (92.27 KB, 751x752, tummy.jpg)

>this retarded sperg is still here

No. 153777

Lumine is canon and Aether is for misogynists with think male = better gameplay mechanics and the disgusting fujos who like that he looks like a little boy. Yuck.

No. 153780

Why did they have to do an event that requires full map exploration so soon, I wanted to take my time with it. Don't they realize the Olympics are on, I don't have time for this.

No. 153783

File: 1627405983824.gif (14.99 MB, 860x815, 什么.gif)

Me too! Being rushed into it over this lame event sucks, the rewards aren't even good.

Are you projecting because most people who pick lumine are moids who have yuri fetishes and want to stare at her bloomers. Can we please let this argument die already? Go cry about fujos in the /ot/ containment thread and don't come back

No. 153785

tfw cant tell transbians and radfems apart re: fujos(bait)

No. 153787

I'm a yumejo who hates fujos because I don't like seeing my husbandos painted as gay.(no one cares)

No. 153788

cringe. get a husbando that isnt in a game full of bl and gl bait if it triggers you that hard.

No. 153796

Unironically deleted the game as soon as they started giving us more primos. I don't know why, the appeal ran out.
Anyone else quit recently?

No. 153799

Stop this retarded radfem strawmanning, she already admitted she's a homophobic possessive otomecuck.

Agree, I know they're encouraging exploration and getting people hooked to the game but it's way too soon. I want to take my time checking out Inazuma.

No. 153803

you dont have to do full exploration. my thing for new regions is speedrunning all teleport points only, then save the exploration for when i feel like.

No. 153807

wow you really showed me with the shota stomach

No. 153815

File: 1627418662466.jpg (Spoiler Image,625.34 KB, 1080x1080, 20210727-162522_Instagram.jpg)

I know right he is so cute! I can't wait to pull for him!

I haven't seen this "leak" anywhere, where did you find it anon?

Yeah I liked Ayaka's storyquest to! I hope her brother also will become a playable character.

I was also trying to take my time but like you i kinda felt rushed. I'm glad we get atleast primogems from the event tho!

No. 153819

If signora or yae is the banner after kokomi I'll consider. The loud gross male genshin players are getting progressively more loud and gross from how hard theyre being pandered too and there are no cute 5 star twinks on the horizon to motivate me to keep playing.

No. 153846

File: 1627436984865.jpg (112.61 KB, 1280x720, Genshin-Impact-Baal-Boss-Fight…)

I wouldn't care if they were pandered to with waifus, but the inazuma female characters designs are so chaotic and ugly. Why couldn't they do kimono designs that don't look like they're in tatters? Too many random small details alongside with over complicated kimono patterns and little overall cohesion.

No. 153873

If Signora's going to be the next harbinger to appear in a banner, then the simps are going to be happy and Scaramouche stans (like me) are going to be devastated. I am dying to see my bitchy midget boi already

No. 153877

File: 1627465100333.png (290.61 KB, 596x637, please.PNG)

True, I don't think I could handle it if she turned out to be a 5 star and he was just a new 4 star on her banner. It might make me quit Genshin for real kek. According to some leaks they are both going to appear in 2.1s story but Scaramouche becoming playable sometime at the end of the Inazuma storyline has already been suggested back in May, so there's still hope

No. 153890

Did they improve animation for Inazuma scenes? That ear, eyes and mouth movements look very good!

No. 153898

It's impossible for Scaramouche to be a 4 (design and lore wise like the other harbingers, he is a 5 for sure). But yeah same, if Signora's going to be the playable harbinger of Inazuma, I'm gonna be more disappointed. The simps kept on screaming "signora playable when" everytime there's a leak of her appearance from the next patch, intentionally making all the Scaramouche stans shut up. Twitter labeled Scara stans are toxic (as toxic as Xiao and Kazuha stans they said) and honestly it just encourages me to be more toxic just so I could piss them off.

No. 153907

File: 1627476237224.jpg (37.17 KB, 319x406, #1fatuiwaifu.jpg)


its already fucking retarded that she's the weekly boss for inazuma. I wish they'd let us kill her off already so we can finally see some more of the harbingers that aren't lame.
the stereotypical girlboss flavor of genshin waifu annoys me no less than the others if not more so thanks to all the mental gymnastics minors do to push it as an empowering political statement unironically.

No. 153936

Exactly. Any woman in genshin who (1) is a leader of some sort or (2) uses the adult female body model and (3) is deadly to the traveller and our allies gets a constant "step on me mommy" comment from everyone else. And also, it's very cringe how they compare her boss design to Lady Dimitrescu from RE8 just because they're both taller than average human height. It's not the characters that are annoying to me cause honestly I love Signora's design and theorized lore so much, but the simps are ruining it for me.

No. 153948

Scaramouche is like the most requested character to be playable and there's huge hype around him and his lore has been hinted to be tied to Inazuma's archon, it would be an incredibly bad move from them if they made him a 4* and did not include in Inazuma in any way.

>b-but anon signora is my lesbian mommydom queen d-do not insult my goddess you misogynist uwu~
Anyway agree with you and >>153936 , while I'm sort of indifferent towards Signora and even find her design sort of cool she's still the lame girlboss sex bomb that was ruined even further by the annoying coomer fans.

No. 153949

Oh my god he literally looks fucked, he has the ugliest design out of the Inazuma cast.

No. 153950

Holy shit shut the fuck up,I just want female characters to play with why is that bad? I don’t want to use the game as fap material like you dumbass

No. 153951


why are you as a woman whiteknighting some shitty scrote tier coomer waifus with no sage?

No. 153952

Why are you guys so mad, also don't pretend like the female characters aren't fap material. No one cares if you like to play female characters stop acting like we killed your waifu

No. 153954

>even find her design sort of cool
yes, her headpiece (?) is super cool, and tbh I'll roll for her when she's released but I can't deny she's just coomer pandering kek
it sucks, but it is what it is

No. 153955

Calm down bait-chan, we can all tell that his design is very cute and he is a breath of fresh air, sinc he's the first cat/dog/furry male character that we have. Personally aside from Ayaka and Gorou, the other Inazuma designs so far have been kinda boring to me. Sara and Baal especially, they look so similar.

No. 153956

Because it's 100% a scrote that has been baiting this thread to infight for a while now. Stop responding to it.

I really wanted to like Ayaka but those unavoidable pantyshots during her attacks ruined her it for me. I like Yoimiya's design myself the best and she seems to be the least waifupandering one. Even though it's pretty weird that she would be a 5 star, her design has 4 written all over it. Baal's design was a huge disappointment personally, she looks nothing like the menacing dictator you'd expect.

No. 153959

Yeah the panty shots just ruin everything. Yoimiya is cute design-wise but as a character I can't help but think that she's just the Xiangling or Xinyan of Inazuma. I hope I'm wrong though.

No. 153960

>her design was a 4 written all over it

I can tell none of you play video games because there’s more that goes into a character’s design than MUH PANTIES SHOWING. Growing the fuck up, not everyone that plays video games wants to be a horny scrote that wants to collect waifu, most people are just excited for the new region and characters because it’s been so long that we’ve been given new content.

No. 153961

true, i feel like the female characters all have the same 4 personalities: 1. Ara ara mommy waifu 2. (mostly 5-star) waifu who's only personality trait is that she is hard-working and good at her job 3. the genki girl aka Amber/Xiangling/Yoimiya 4. Dandere. Why do people even roll for them anymore kek

No. 153963

Wow take a chill pill anon, there's nothing wrong with Yoimiya's design. It's just not as intricate as many other 5 stars and she's just a festival pyrotechnician so it feels weird to have her as a 5-star seeing how for example Sara, the advisor for Baal, is apparently only a 4-star. Or Xiangling who's a popular, well-known chef is comparable to Yoimiya's position but she's just a 4-star. Someone like Ayaka being a 5-star makes much more sense because she's a high-ranking noble comparable to a princess.

No. 153965

I'm sure she's a 5* nonetheless of her design and lore, but it's because she's another OP meta waifu that can be suitable for the abyss and other events just like Ganyu and Hu Tao.

No. 153966

It's actually funny how they keep releasing cryo/pyro metaslave DPS waifus just so they can keep scrotes addicted to grinding abyss because they don't care about the lore kek. Everyone forgot about Eula immediately after new 5* girls rolled in.

I don't know if it's a cultural thing in China or if they're just scared of giving the girls distinct personalities in fears of scaring off men for making them too "threatening" but most of the girl characters in Genshin are so boring and void of anything controversial while the male characters are allowed to have flaws and drama. I guess Signora is interesting in that regard because she's played an important part in the story but the coomer fans just rob her of her dignity.

No. 153967

I'm so dissapointed with Sara her design, she looked so cool in the 2d preview but her design is just horrible imo. I especially despise her weird shoes it looks so silly.

Yeah I agree with you on the fact that Yoimiya really resembles Xiangling to me. Which is why I think that people get 4 star vibes from her.

No. 153968

Yoimiya is currently shit actually, worse than diluc and by extension xiangling and ben

No. 153970

Your post reminds me that we could really use new pyro (and hydro) boys. Hopefully Tohma turns out to be good.

No. 153972

Your post inspired me to make a list. Sorry for any errors, feel free to correct me.
Geo: 2M 2F, Pyro: 2M 6F, Hydro: 2M 2F, Cryo: 2M 6F, Electro: 1M 4F, Anemo: 3M 2F, Sum: 12 M 22F
Upcoming: Geo: 1M, Pyro: 1M 1F, Hydro: 1F, Cryo: 1F, Electro: 3F, Anemo: 1F, Sum: 2M 7F
The absolute state of cryo & pyro is embarrassing.

No. 153973

>Hopefully Tohma turns out to be good
Male xiangling and I'll never ask mhy for anything ever again, bonus if he's on scara's banner

No. 153974

I think you guys are maybe expecting a bit too much from the story and characters considering it's a free Chinese gatcha game.

I like a few designs but I dislike most of the male characters personalities. So I'm just playing for the free exploration and not hoping for anything.
Only did the first part of the new story and it's like, oh god here we go with the tax talk and evil government cliche shit.

No. 153975

So in total for upcoming and existing characters
>Pyro 3 males and 7 females
>Cryo 2 males and 7 females
>Electro 1 male and 7 females
kek they couldn't be more obvious with metafag pandering. The electro vision gender ratio is especially embarrassing.

No. 153976

I think that's all correct anon and it's depressing. I didn't realize we had only one playable male Electro and there isn't one in Inazuma (if you don't count Kazuha's friend since he's dead and not playable) which is the Electro nation but we're gonna get 3 female ones while we already have 4. I guess I'm glad that the only Dendro character that you see in the game is male (but will we ever have Baizhu's banner? Who knows). I also hope that the other archons aren't going to be all women (I'm hoping for a 50/50), but seeing the current ratio…

No. 153978

There will be 3 male archons (barbatos, morax + sumeru nation) & 4 female (baal, hydro, pyro & tsaritsa)
>tfw no hot male pyro archon

No. 153980

Sad to tell you but the other dendro character that has been revealed is Yaoyao and she's a loli girl. tfw 5 lolis already and no cute shotas

I will fucking riot if the Sumeru archon isn't a hot guy

No. 153981

I guess it is so the whales keep spending money. They do not care if you have 21 recycled waifus with the exact same 4 personalities, they will throw the money regardless. I do not think that you could do that with husbandos, since women = quality, scrotes = quantity

No. 153982

Xiao counts as shota

No. 153983

>Adult voice
>Adult proportions
>Adult body with defined muscles
>Adult personality
>Just short
Conclusion: not a shota.

No. 153984

Well fuck me then kek
I hate the loli characters with a passion because you know that they're there for the pedos. They have a separate model for them too, but males can't have more than their 2 models even if they could clearly use one in between the teenager and adult one (and a shota).

No. 153985

>Any woman in genshin who (1) is a leader of some sort or (2) uses the adult female body model and (3) is deadly to the traveller and our allies gets a constant "step on me mommy" comment


No. 153986

I bet for the dendro region they will release some shitty flower type waifu with type 2 personality that will look exactly like Kokomi kek

No. 153987

File: 1627495588676.jpg (221.55 KB, 1596x1161, 1610713102211.jpg)

kek face it anon, the devs meant something by going out of their way to make him tinier than every other boy in the game

No. 153988

Kokomi has the short female personality with tall female body ugh gross

No. 153989

They probably googled "popular anime husbandos" saw Levi from AOT and said ok how can we copy that

No. 153990

Isn't Xiao a teen? Like Barbara? There's teen and adult character bodies.

No. 153991

File: 1627495951606.jpg (157.04 KB, 1280x623, tumblr_5bad443c90a407ce8db7a07…)

The game already has shota characters like Timmie and Teucer and they look like actual kids unlike Xiao who's an obious adult model.

No. 153992

File: 1627497193355.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 0c88dnannh861.png)

It's always so hilarious to me how stupid the "loli" characters look like compared to the child npcs. I hate how they gave them big ass heads it looks like they're about to fall over any moment.

No. 154000

I love you so much for posting this image. I love you. I love it.

No. 154004

I guess they look cute in a retarded way lol

Does anyone know which character will be released after Ayaka?

No. 154005

The hip to shoulders ratio on the loli playable characters looks so sexualized no matter how you try to spin it, especially compared to the child NPCs. At least Klee's clothes hide it well but Qiqi's "thick thighs" freak me out.

iirc Yoimiya will come after Ayaka.

No. 154011

This just means we have more time to save primos for the few male characters, sisters. They will be ours.

No. 154070

File: 1627530310039.jpg (263.98 KB, 825x1200, E7EfnAeWYAcoKGC.jpg)

I know we're all upset because of the lack of male characters but let me defend Signora for a bit. If she really is the Crimson Witch of Flames (which seems to be the case considering the 2.1 spoilers) I think she's such a cool character, sort of like Alice.
Basically, her story is that around 500 years ago, before the cataclysm happened, she lived in Mondstadt and was part of a very close knitted group with the Knights of Favonious, she was supposedly friends with the Grand Master from that time (Arundolyn) and was the lover of another knight, Rostam.
She went to Sumeru to study pyro magic and while she was there the cataclysm happened and Rostam died in a battle in Khaenri'ah, when she came back, she found Mondstadt in chaos and filled with monsters, Rostam dead and Arundolyn so filled with grief he refused to fight. So she basically went insane and turned herself into the Crimson Witch, vowing to kill all monsters up until Pedrelino found her and convinced her to join the Tsaritsa.
Idk I just think her story really is so cool if she is the Crimson Witch, and her design is pretty too.

No. 154082

Okay anon but nobody was shitting on Signora other than for her retarded coomer fanbase making her their step on me mommy.

No. 154087

File: 1627545976857.jpg (707.24 KB, 1934x1575, 1605575142660.jpg)

Ooh, if this is true she's one of the few female characters with cool backstories. Thank you for the info anon.
Honestly, I wish some of these bits of lore were more… idk, visible? in the story, because having to read the descriptions of artifacts and the contents of random books just to understand basic lore is kind of bothersome. I think I know more about Glory and her bf than Zhongli's past, kek.

No. 154108

100's of years old but still pretty, super good at magic but crazy because of tragic love backstory. Not like I haven't heard that a million times already.

No. 154116

Is buying gnostic hymn worth it? Are the weapons you can get from it good? Pls help I want to spend money but I'm useless at understanding the intricacies of this game.

No. 154118

they're some of the best 4 star weapons in the game. if I had to rank them it would go:
>1. serp spine - basically every claymore users bis 4 star and can surpass wgs at high refinements, looks bitchin
>2. deathmatch - high crit rate and nice passive makes it a great option for every single polearm user
>3. black sword - excellent on permafreeze kaeya, keq, and ayaka, doesn't suit the other sword users quite as well but still a fine option for most of them, especially in the overworld.
>4. viridescent hunt - great on childe and good on venti in 2geo comps as well as aloy in the future, pretty mediocre on the other archers compared to other 4 star bows.
>5. solar pearl - good dps weapon but widsith and dodoco tales aren't far behind and the dps catalyst users aren't very strong themselves. pretty bad on supports. imo not worth it unless you have all the other weapons already.

all in all hymn is a decent value, you do get a lot of resources from it. I hate that they changed the mond talent books to inazuma though so I won't be buying anymore until I see an inazuma character I want.

No. 154119

Wait with Gorou we're gonna have more male geos than females for some time, the coomers are going to riot

No. 154120

Thank you so much for explaining nonna! Time to splash my cash

No. 154130

File: 1627580421118.jpg (252.29 KB, 1218x1712, 1627530199452.jpg)

>100s of years old but still pretty
PLS, I dont see anyone complaining about this with any of the other thousand years old characters in the game. We dont even know if she is human or not.
What sort of autism is this, admitting a female character is interesting won't kill you, anon.

Anon, I think welkin is a lot more worth it than the BP. We're getting a really good free spear and claymore next patch.

No. 154267

File: 1627683996004.jpg (54.84 KB, 474x465, download.jpg)

I don't want new chars I just want my husbando.. when will they rerun Zhongli? He brought them a ton of $, I hope soon.

No. 154271

File: 1627684725258.jpg (107.11 KB, 768x1024, 20210729190040.jpg)

Anon he JUST reran he ain't coming back anytime soon

No. 154272

File: 1627684829284.jpg (34.64 KB, 395x566, 20210729173144.jpg)

The official waiter Albedo art dropped n I need a skin expeditiously

No. 154273

I hate joining games late…

No. 154394

File: 1627772572861.jpg (790.76 KB, 1400x1000, Eti3yQlVgAAraNl.jpg)

i have 207 fates saved for dottore what do you think, will he ever even be playable…

No. 154395

You'll be in for a long wait nonny, he probably won't appear until a few years from now.

No. 154396

fuck, c6 here i come please remember me when its 2025 everyone

No. 154476

Omg so cute!

Aw don't worry anon, he will return eventually! And when he does return you will surely have enough saved up for him to guarantee to get him!

I haven't read the genshin comic yet, but he looks very cool! Does the genshin comics introduce more husbandos or is the ratio just as bad as in game?

No. 154479

File: 1627818220517.jpg (140.92 KB, 924x1188, __qiqi_and_baizhu_genshin_impa…)

Is there any Baizhu fan?
I doubt, that he would be playable. I wish we will kill this monster.

No. 154481

File: 1627819175405.jpg (268.12 KB, 1902x2048, 002100.jpg)

I concur, if he appears in game it will be in either Sumeru which leakers have said is in january or the baguette region coming after Sumeru since he's baguette.

^partially cope because he's my shark toof frankenstein murderer husbando too

the comic barely featured the girls at all, just step in mc girl and amber. it was mainly about diluc and his father.

No. 154483

I love Baizhu!! He seems interesting and he looks cute too. I really hope he will be playable as a male dendro catalyst. Green man's pretty.

No. 154485

Baizhu seems like a sly fucker so I love him already for it. Can't wait until more info is released on him.

No. 154488

File: 1627827058948.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1008x661, tumblr_6d75319a43a8fdedc63ea00…)

But, if iirc, Dottore doesn't have a Vision… How is he going to be playable then?

No. 154489

I haven't read the comic that far but doesn't he have a Delusion? The counterfeit vision Fatuis were creating. Dainsleif doesn't have a vision either seeing how he's from Khaenri'ah but as far as I know it's confirmed that he'll be playable at some point.

No. 154519

dottore simp anon here and this is my biggest fear, that this is the sole reason hes not gonna be playable. But i truly hope that what anon above me said is true. They cant just make a hot villain and then not make him playable. I know mihoyo wants money. And atLEAST two other harbingers are gonna be playable sooo i dont see why not all of them

No. 154571

I can't wait to see what they're going to do with my favourite bastard Kaeya (if they're going to do something… it seems so).

No. 154586

File: 1627915207429.jpg (175.94 KB, 1064x664, d2f8d06f835097afb3ee30b1ff561b…)

sage for no contribution but i've been playing this game for a little over a month and i have the time to spend at least 5 hours a day on it.there's so much things to do and i hate the feeling of having them unfinished.this game has kinda taken over my life i hate it

No. 154634

File: 1627948151540.jpeg (372.1 KB, 1310x1664, E7sXdIiUcAcgvY4.jpeg)

Same, anon, I have no idea how people complain about no content, there's so much to do. Even before this update I wasn't done with it.

No. 154683

Because they're speedrunners who have to finish every game as soon as possible so they can consoom other games without really enjoying them, i.e. they play for 12 hours a day rushing through everything and then complain when there's nothing to do. A lot of the players tend to forget that Genshin isn't a MMORPG but a gacha game, the major driving force between big content batches is doing dailies and events. I started playing during launch and I still have plenty of world quests to finish even though I play daily.

No. 154727

If 2.2 isn't double husbando banners I'm dropping this shit game, after 2.1 mihoyo will have released 6 fugly waifus in a row without even a single boy in between

No. 154732

How to survive in Dragonspine?
I was here once and died from the cold temperature. Any tips?

No. 154739

File: 1628014951277.png (155.95 KB, 319x398, 1616511854405.png)

Nona, stand close to the fires!! Bring a pyro character and light up torches to make sure the cold meter doesn't go up.
The cold meter also goes down close to teleport waypoints, statued and the machine things you can activate. Soon you'll be able to craft Goulash too, which is a food that makes the meter slower.

No. 154740

It's always important to bring a pyro character with you (even if it's Amber) to light the torches and wood around the corner. There are also other sources of heat aside from fire like orange seelies and some machines that you can turn on. If you don't have a pyro character with you in your team, you can break the red stones and put them on a torch and you can create fire with them. Sorry if it was a little messy, goodluck surviving in one of the most fun and challenging regions in Teyvat!

No. 154744

Bring a pyro character and if you can't find a fire on time then go to the character test run to get rid of chill.

No. 154745

I'm in love with electro traveler they're so good! Finally got around to building her.

No. 154746

Girls I'm losing it. Childe rerun when? (If ever.)
On another note I got lucky and pulled Ayaka. I actually like her a lot. I thought she'd be boring as fuck but I'm starting to notice the little details and she's definitely starting to grow on me. I don't get yoimiya though. She's like every blonde firey girl ever?

No. 154747

I cannot wait for Ayaka's brother. I hope he is hot.

No. 154766

Yoimiya's design is just Inazuma Lumine and her personality is literally just Amber.

No. 154770

>Ayaka's quest: Suddenly dumps all this random information on you about how Ayaka isn't actually a strong, independent head of the Kamisato clan and holds a high position in the Yashiro Commission but actually a poor lonely girl with no real friends boo hoo, take her on an awkward date at the festival and she dances for you after acting like an airhead waifu tee hee
Yoimiya's quest was just as bland as she was but Ayaka's was borderline offensive. Why can't Mihoyo let girls be assertive or even threatening for once? I loved Ayaka for the first part of the story but god was she ruined fast.

No. 154774

There is no surviving dragonspine anon, better hope someone joins your world to help you with the In the Mountains quest

No. 154776

kinda have to stop playing genshin now since it's been so laggy since the last update even at the lowest setting. Might try to uninstall/ reinstall when there's another top tier waifu

No. 154808

If the dendro archon doesn't look like an absolute beauty I will fucking lose it

No. 154825

>Why can't Mihoyo let girls be assertive or even threatening for once?
Raiden literally tries to kill you.

No. 154830

Just wait for it anon, I can already see her upcoming story quest be like
>T-traveler, I… I really like spending time with you… Y-you're so kind to me…

No. 154845

I am incredibly stupid and never realized that I could continue to pull for a 5 star I already got to get their constellations too… are they worth it? Constellations seem so difficult to get when you're f2p and saving up

No. 154854

New Yoimiya Character Teaser

No. 154856

The character with the most OTT fanservice in the game and thus the most retarded "BOOBA SWORD KUUDERE NIPPON WAIFU" obsessed scrote fanbase? Leaks point to her being a puppet/possessed lel innocent dindu arc coming with her banner in 2.1

Depends on the character. Not all cons are created equally. Most 5 stars don't need them.

No. 154859

Baal's boring compared to the other archons so far, even design wise she honestly could be a 4 star. She could have been a regal dictator dressed in big fancy traditional japanese clothes (kind of like a shinto goddess) but instead we got a basic waifu with clothes that look like they're falling apart and nothing going on beside sword from booba. Even Ningguang feels more god-like than her. If the leaks are true then it's even worse, it's a trope used so many times.

No. 154863

Agreed. She was the first archon who wasn't living undercover since both Venti and Zhongli tried to pass as regular people so she would've been justified in regal garb and that's what I was expecting. Instead she got a thot bath robe and a housewife hairstyle.

And if it turns out she was possessed and is actually a kawaii uguu waifu I will a-log. Also agree that Ningguang looked more like a goddess than she does.

No. 154876

Thanks anons for tips! I want to go to the Dragonspine but I think I will wait and get better pyro chara. Amber is not bad but it could be better lol.

Honestly I was thinking about co-op

Btw anons, how about co-ops? Are people friendly for newbies and complete noobs? Do you have good or bad experiences with random people?

No. 154886

File: 1628127076905.jpg (239.03 KB, 1333x2000, 8373366550112.jpg)

I had to carry noobs in dragonspine at least 4 or 5 times while world hopping to grind friendship exp + pinecones kek. I try my best to be friendly though when I have to hold someones hand through ALL the puzzles i get annoyed. it's interesting that so many new players have problems with that area. if you're on asia server I'd be happy to help you too anon!

but some co op combat events (vagabond for example) are garbage because when you do good damage, some noobs will take that as a cue to select every single debuff available including the bs ones like cd increase that even whales hate. grinding it out for ages, wasting all your food as they use characters that interfere with your reactions like electros to make it take even longer… gay

No. 154904

Baal pulls out her sword from her gnosis (which is located in the middle of her chest like Venti's) and not from between her breasts. Obviously, coomers will use the head of their dicks than their actual head to think, so they assume she is pulling the sword between her breasts thus the annoying booba sword memes had been born (same goes with ganyu coco milk). With her title as an archon, she seems really shallow. What an easy skip for me.

No. 154942

I've had mostly good experience in co-op. I unironically got a girl's number from co-op recently, she's very sweet.

No. 155047

>some noobs will take that as a cue to select every single debuff available including the bs ones like cd increase that even whales hate. grinding it out for ages, wasting all your food as they use characters that interfere with your reactions like electros to make it take even longer… gay
… That's I'm worried about co-op because I still have problems with remembering which elements reacts with each other and overall i'm shit at games, damn.
>if you're on asia server I'd be happy to help you too anon!
Thanks anon but I'm on Europe server. Maybe it'll be better this way, you won't see my autism kek.

I heard mostly good experiences with co-ops. Happy to hear that you made a friend anon!

I think I will give it a try when I get an invitation while playing.
Although if I had to co-op I'd like at my low 21 ar because even if I'm shitty player I can blame it as being a noob, but when I get a fucking 50 ar and still don't remember elements reactions and using shitty artifacts that would be fucking embarrassing kek.

Is there anything I should be careful about when accepting someone? Like can they steal shit from my map (items, chests etc.)? Should I gtfo them when they gonna run around my map?

No. 155054

if you invite people into your world they'll usually say upfront what they need/want, and in my experience it's really rare for someone to just run around stealing materials out from under you. things like chests, puzzles, and domains don't allow anyone except for the world host to interact with them either. of course if you really feel unsure about what someone is doing in co-op, you can always kick them out by switching back to single player mode. you got nothing to worry about bro

No. 155077

It wont be very hard to learn anon, and some characters are very forgiving if you dont have a lot of ability.

No. 155143

File: 1628343553155.jpg (196.49 KB, 664x543, Screenshot (98).jpg)

I'm not so sure about the rest other than the fact they assume that straight men aren't the biggest demographic. when they could be and have spent more on the game than every other demographic combined.

No. 155145

Sayu Character Demo is out. Be careful with your ears.

I think there's clearly a very huge market like Genshin for women, specially in China. I know that's not what the person in your pic said and ofc you're right, straight men are probably the demographic that most spends on the game directly through buying primos, but women also represent a big market, specially on buying merch, much more than any other demographic, and the money Mhyo is making from merch is not a small portion at all.

No. 155146

Are you one of the many pathetic moid genshin players who pride themselves in being consoomers? Banner sales are between husbandos and your shit waifus are even. Even if they were skewed towards girls (which they're not) it would probably have more to do with the every waifu released so far being a broken dps than anything else. It's retarded that all mihoyo does is pander to them when the sex gap is no where near big enough to warrant it.

Go change a tire or something. The only acceptable way for a man to play genshin is to download it after his girlfriend asked him to, play the tutorial, then never open it again and delete it 3 weeks later because his phone storage is full.

No. 155148

The spending argument is so stupid to me, of course women won't make up a big part of it, every other character is a DPS waifu, so saving Primos isn't hard at all right now. I just wish they would introduce some more 5 star male DPS characters, Xiao and Diluc are the only ones that come close and Xiao doesn't even have the adult model and Diluc has an ugly face and is covered head to toe. It's obvious that they only make male characters good supports so men will still pull for or at least use them.
Also did anyone else find it weird how they dropped the Kokomi and Baal artwork right at the beginning of 2.0? It's like they want Ayaka and Yoimiya to fail for some reason, which is sad because I thought they were both really cute and not as terribly designed as some others. Makes me wonder what they have planned for 2.2 if they feel the need to build hype like that

No. 155165

No? The post just came into my timeline on reddit and thought I show it here for a conversation starter.

No. 155167

File: 1628370345011.jpeg (193.13 KB, 1920x1080, 5DC0874B-5108-4E02-B061-783B67…)

>a large part of the playerbase are lgbtq+
as a fag myself i don't doubt there's plenty of other fags who like the game, but i feel like it's really pushing it to say they make up any kind of significant demographic; if your circle of friends are all gay then of course it's going to seem like that.(male)

No. 155168

>unironically using plebbit

No. 155182

>I'm not even sure if gay women enjoyed this lol
No, I didn't. I found it uncomfortable and frustrating.

I've heard multiple female players complain about the mandatory Ayaka date and I fully agree, it was obviously made for scrote pandering to make them roll for her. She was singlehandedly stripped of all the build-up of being the revered Shirasagi Himegimi by suddenly turning her into a tender lonely girl who wants to show you her delicate dance and hold your hand because she's insecure and shy. Scrotes literally get this whole ass meal catered to them yet they still have the entitled balls to complain about one fucking fox boy or two male NPCs bonding during Yoimiya's quest. Never forget that the Y chromosome is a genetic defect.

>it would probably have more to do with the every waifu released so far being a broken dps than anything else.
This. All the 5-star waifus that have been released have been DPSs made for autistic minmaxing so that moid whales can flex their c6 damage in Abyss.

>The only acceptable way for a man to play genshin is to download it after his girlfriend asked him to, play the tutorial, then never open it again and delete it 3 weeks later because his phone storage is full.

based and truthpilled

>Also did anyone else find it weird how they dropped the Kokomi and Baal artwork right at the beginning of 2.0?
They did it because some salty beta tester was leaking all of the Inazuma characters and they took the retarded "You can't leak them if we release them first!" approach.

No. 155187

>a large player base are lgbtq+
Are you sure about that bestie? Or are you just in an echochamber of zoomers with labels and spicy straights?
Anyways Mihoyo absolutely caters to men way more than they do women, even when Zhong and Childe made tons of money, adn they're going way harder on it with Inazuma it seems.

No. 155221

So did any of you write up your complaints in the new survey?
It probably wont affect anything but it's better than ranting here.

I sort of found it interesting how they asked about what other games you play, wonder if they're trying to get ideas for the next gimmick event.

No. 155299

>domains don't allow anyone except for the world host to interact with them either
Good to know, thanks anon!

I think I slowly understand how this game works. Beidou works well with my Pyro and Cyro characters, dealing more damage.

I would like to add that I have already been to Dragonpine, it was not that difficult because of your tips anons!

No. 155316

I'm not a native English speaker. Can someone explain me, why do people write "cyro" instead of "cryo"? I have seen it many times.

No. 155321

Just a common misspelling, especially if it's following the word "Pyro" since they are so similar.

No. 155322

Superconduct/electro+cryo deals like no damage of its own. instead it lowers an enemy's physical resistance so it only benefits phys characters eg Eula. she is currently the only character who wants to be paired with an electro or two.
Electro is at the very bottom of the elemental caste system; it has only weak reactions and they ruin strong reactions like freeze, vape, and melt. if you want to use electro charas, I recommend investing in some of the busted shota supports to use as crutches.

No. 155324

sorry, i call everyone bro/dude regardless. i also just have a habit of typing like a guy so no one can act weird towards me (aka being creepy or sperging out about muh females invading male spaces. like. it shouldn't fucking matter either way but here we are). anyways, beidou is a great character and her burst plays nicely with tonnes of different team combinations because it carries over. you made a good choice anon

No. 155342

I hate how genshin fuels my spending problems, i had to give out so much just for some cool characters. But fuckkkk i just love the designs, i hate this game so much.

No. 155343

It really makes me curious as to why they keep adding little children to this game when they literally serve no purpose. I get they want to add diverse gameplay and stories especially with Diona and Qiqi to make these worlds more fleshed out but I’ve been thinking about the obvious waifu bait strategy plan mihoyo has been doing and it makes me very concerned now. Like does mihoyo think that the males they’re obviously catering to are also disgusting lolicons?

No. 155366

I like Yoimiya's character. I wish she wasn't an archer.

No. 155367

I assume for the cute factor but knowing many of the male otaku scrotes who whale on this game, I'm expecting the obvious horny bait option. which, kind of explains the blatant lack fo actual playable little boys.

No. 155384

The other pyro archer is cuter. I'm never replacing Amber.

No. 155394

I deleted her birthday mail today for giving me useless crap

No. 155397

This has to be the most annoying voicework in the game, right?

No. 155418

Nothing's more useless and cheap than Paimon's birthday mail. Sugar and slime droplets so we can make sugar frosted slime for her? Really? That was also my unlucky day cause Qiqi showed in my 50/50 than someone else so the salt added up together. But Xiao and Fischl's crystal core gifts are one of the best mails I've received so far.

No. 155422

What pisses me off the most is that we have like 6 lolis by now and zero shotas. I had high hopes for Genshin when the male characters kept rolling in after launch but it's been a waifu game for months now.

Bennett's Everflame seed gifts was dope, saved me 40 resins.

No. 155460

A little part of me hopes that the dendro archon will be a shota as a twist and you know, he's the youngest archon and everything so it would fit. In reality, we're most likely never getting a shota, because sadly this is a game for coomers who jack off to lolis, pixie manic girls and mommy milkers.

No. 155491

Sayu looks so fun! I'm never rolling for just a 4 star though.

No. 155502

File: 1628639022345.png (1.02 MB, 1792x828, 5293ABA9-D0CD-447A-B5B7-E42FFB…)

>do one 10 pull
>get her
The luck gods blessed me today. She is seriously fun.

No. 155515

File: 1628652225128.jpg (66.74 KB, 768x379, 229509344_1001615737355283_134…)

I thought sayu was going to be dendro?? Oh well. Anyone else feel kind of meh about the new banner?

No. 155516

No it isn’t meh, Sayu is fun as hell and Yoimiya is really good because she can actually apply pyro with normal attacks with her bow. Some of you just love to hate on things, it’s not spectacular but these re-runs of 4 stars gives people more of a chance to get their constellations.

No. 155518

Sayu is super good and cool but yoi is real bad, shittier than all the four star pyros sans amber and xinyan

No. 155521

Nope, learn how to use bow users kek

No. 155522

? Learn how to play genshin? What makes her bad is not that her playstyle is difficult to wrap your head around, it's that her kit is ass juice

No. 155525

Is sayu a good battery for kazuha? I need to know cause I'm building her but I can never let go of kazuha.

No. 155543

She's super fun! I did roll for her and prayed that I didnt get Yoimiya, thankfull i got her after 20 pulls and i didnt waste my pity on Yoimiya.

Congrats anon!

I honestely don't care about Diona since i already have her c6 and the only thing i like about Yoimiya are her fireworks burst animation.

This might be a nitpick but i really dont like the side butt cheek you can see when you play Yoimiya.

I mean not to be rude but Yoimiya is really underwhelming for a 5 star, but goodluck on pulling her!

No. 155594

File: 1628709105231.jpg (375.58 KB, 2048x1152, o3c82ck3pwv61.jpg)

I think you might be confusing her with Yaoyao, they have similar color schemes and the same body type but Yaoyao is dendro.

No. 155630

File: 1628735019742.png (1.57 MB, 2000x2000, 1628700919208.png)

She really isn't, anon, it's more likely that she herself needs a battery because her energy generation is a bit flakey and her burst is expensive.
Your Kazuha shouldn't need a battery tho, if you can't get good EM mainstat artifacts on him with ER substats, it's worth sacrificing EM as a substat on his flower/feather in favor of ER!!

I really love Sayu, she's super fun to play and I actually love her design. I know scrotes will be scrotes and make porn of it but I really don't think the lolis in Genshin are bad, all of them are pretty cute.

No. 155631

Nta but yeah, the issue isn’t the little girls but the obvious coomer trap waifus, and it’s not even their designs which yeah, some of them are retarded, but if they at least had better developed personalities it would make up for the dumbass panty shots.

No. 155686

File: 1628778978084.png (1.47 MB, 987x949, rng sama.png)

And I didn't even ruin myself, thank you fortune lady at the temple

No. 155767

honestly hate the changes they made to theater mechanicus

No. 155777


At first I was confused because I didn't read the changes but then my friend and I started placing pyro towers everywhere and we just kept selecting pyro tower buffs and it was the easiest thing ever. I remembered the previous one being a lot harder, but we only did the first 5 levels so im not sure if it keeps being easy like this.

No. 155785

I don't know if I'm just a dumbass but I have no idea how this new event works.

No. 155787

who thought it would be a good idea to make every buff description the size of a small novel? Im not doing this any more after I get my primos

No. 155791

Honestly, I often read and learn words incorrectly.

Damn this is more complicated than I thought. I'm gonna read more about elemntal reactions.

Understandable bronette! We need to stay safe form toxic scrotes.
>beidou is a great character and her burst plays nicely with tonnes of different team combinations because it carries over. you made a good choice anon
Yes! Also she is the best waifu.
> tfw no pirate gf

No. 155796

It's very simple but the descriptions once again are atrocious and hard to understand. Basically
>Put elemental towers next to each other
>Towers deal elemental damage to the monsters and cause elemental effects (like hydro towers inflict them with wet, cryo towers freeze them after that)
>Buff them by rolling cards that give them upgrades
>watch the towers kill the mobs
>you can stall the mobs by attacking them but they will only take damage from the towers

No. 155807

I swear they made the fast enemies even faster this time.

No. 155810

the shop was more extensive last time too. i was excited to get the event back since i like tower defense, but not like this. only thing worth buying from the shop this time are the primos. event isn't worth doing past that.

No. 155818

they definitely did and it's a goddamn nightmare constantly trying to push them back long enough for the towers to actually hit them
the original iteration was great as is, so i'm not sure why they felt the need to add all these extra bells and whistles when a few smaller changes would've kept it from getting stale

also is it just me being retarded or are you unable to manually upgrade your towers in the armory now? does it automatically upgrade all of them when you level up?

No. 155940

File: 1629000368156.jpg (44.23 KB, 600x526, 1616324564725.jpg)

The lost riches event is way too fucking long wth
I left everything for the last day because I was busy and now I'm regretting it there's way too much exploration for me to do fml
The last one wasn't this long what happened

No. 155947

Yeah it was RIDICULOUSLY long, it felt like it was going on forever and for what? A few primos worth like 3 rolls and a couple of exp books? And an annoying seelie pet you only use for decoration? I enjoyed the treasure hunting aspect a lot but Inazuma is riddled with shit caveats like the electro trees and mobs that take forever to kill so it's grueling to run around looking for treasure while getting massacred. I wish they included weapon upgrade items or talent books or gave out furniture blueprints or something actually worth my time.

No. 155956

if im understanding it correctly, they took away the tower upgrades via armory. you can only upgrade them temporarily for each stage using the sticks. the mechanicus mastery
level ups only increase the amount of venificus points you start out with.

No. 156019


It also increases the number things you pull.
Also it is busted easy if you pick any damaging tower (even mines) and only put those down. Also ignore any non general upgrades or upgrades not for your chosen tower. One or two Charity towers makes it easier.
It is silly winning with only mines.

No. 156020

Tried this and every single ruin guard and mitachurl walk right past them unscathed because of the stupid healing aura. What level are your towers?

No. 156024

No idea, the first wave can be rough going this way but usually after that I have pulled enough ATK level up stuff that it requires me to do nothing.
I generally put down 6-12 towers to start with and pull for upgrades skipping anything that doesn't lead to more points or damage. I also try not to pull too many def% or hp% up on the early rounds.
Even on the last map, with ice enemies I have beaten it just using ice towers (no charity or anything else).

No. 156031

I only found out now that Paimon, Barbatos, Morax and Baal are all names of demons.
Why people do this?

No. 156033

How is Genshin the first time you've seen those names before?
The 72 demons of solomon are just an easy source of exotic names. In this case I doubt there is any deeper meaning to it.

No. 156034

this. incorporating innacurate depictions of mythological figures is something every gacha known to man does.

No. 156068

File: 1629126335918.jpeg (126.46 KB, 1242x1242, E7P5wjCXIAIrHig.jpeg)

Nonas, if you are having trouble with the challenges of theater mechanicus, you can look up game8.co guides. They explain the setups and even have gameplay videos that show you were to put the towers.

No. 156185

I second this. Challenge 9 was destroying me, but after following the guide there, not a single one escaped. Just make sure your mechanicus mastery is maxed and you bring hydro

No. 156222

theater mechanicus event is really easy tbh. i recommend grabbing a friend and doing it with them if you can, and then either spam charity w/ crackshot and then spam crackshot upgrades, or if crackshot is banned just spam hydro cryo freeze w/ charity and upgrade those. literally didnt lose a single terminus point with those setups

No. 156264

Reading leaks make me sad, people are saying mihoyo is indirectly nerfing anemo and Zhonglis shield in the hope that more people will go for Baal. The leaks are saying we will get new enemies that are mostly unaffected by anemo/anemo crowd control and will also ignore shields? Like I understand that Venti and Zhongli are stupid strong but it kinda sucks if you have them fully build and it truely feels like theyre only doing it in the hope that more people will fill the need to pull for Baal.
Here is a link with the leaks if anyone is interested:

Yeah I also played with my friend and it's super easy because you have double the points to spent on towers and buffs. We just spammed pyro towers and kept chosing pyro buffs and with that we completed all the stages and challenges.

No. 156291

>Nerfing anemo (i.e. three 5-star boy characters) and Zhongli's shield so that people will roll for the archon waifu
Holy shit I will never be memed into playing another gacha game ever again, they will all eventually devolve into scrote pandering waifushit. I want to a-log, Inazuma has been a massive disappointment so far. Sumeru better be good or I'll drop this fucking game despite playing since launch.

No. 156297

Enemies that go down in 2 hits and a sheer cold rip off dot in abyss floor 9 aren't nerfs, anon. Redditors are the most smoothbrained, pornsick breed of scrotes in existence and the fact that the 5 strongest characters in the game are all male triggers them to no end. 'Nerfs' to the only male dominated elements are just wishful thinking on their part. Don't listen to them.

No. 156299

if this is indeed true does it only apply to the spiral abyss, or is it in the overworld too?

No. 156301

I guess the next enemies will all be more resistant to anemo, the big Fatuis and all the new samurais are already largely unaffected by Venti's ult. Very sad, but maybe there's hope for a new cute male character who's stronger against them.

Same, it's so disappointing. I feel no motivation to explore Inazuma, the few quests I've done so far have all been extremely long and confusing with very boring stories.

No. 156319

It wasn't surprising since inazuma was based on Japan, the Chinese fucking hate Japan. They're putting their soft power propaganda shit in their games ofc.
Hopefully next area will be better. Also fuck then for nerfing shields I'm too dumb to do strategy.

No. 156343

File: 1629223432500.png (1.48 MB, 1723x969, D805972F-E214-4786-926F-D946AD…)

>exist as me
>have a few months of not playing Genshin because playing with my phone makes my veins go pop
>look at everyone praising Sayu
>Oh Well, I will use my wishes so I can get her
>I only have 5 wishes
>first 4 a bunch of weapons
>last one
I was saving to get the fox boy in case he was a 5 stars or Zhongli’s rerun, like, I already have Diluc, I really didn’t need another Pyro, I just wanted more husbandos.
Why exist?

No. 156345

This is exactly why I refuse to roll for Sayu despite everyone hyping her up, I'm not going to waste my hard pity on Yoimiya. Stay strong nonette

No. 156420

File: 1629258898194.png (155.72 KB, 229x173, zsacra.png)

>The leaks are saying we will get new enemies that are mostly unaffected by anemo/anemo crowd control
We already have those? Venti is not some kind of black hole that vacuums the entire Teyvat map, his ult has its flaws and that's okay. Same for other anemo characters. I was reading some of the comments on that thread and keking at those yelling that "venti is useless in inazuma!!1!1!". Bitch, he's been saving me a lot of time thanks to his ult. Honestly, those are just ventilets coping and seething because they didn't get him during his rerun kek.
Also, I didn't see anything about Zhongli's shield on that leak/post?

I've just finished Inazuma's storyline and I kind of like Yoimiya. It's a shame her banner is shit, I would roll for her if it had different 4 stars.
The exploration part is really fun compared to Liyue. I still have to get a lot of chests on Liyue and finish some quests, but I can't get myself to do it because going around and killing random hilichurls got boring pretty fast. In comparison, Inazuma is tough, the quests have different mechanics that test the strenght of your team, there are a lot of different mechanisms and puzzles, etc. I'm actually enjoying this nation, I can't wait for next update, I hope we get to see Ayato (and Scaramouche)!!

No. 156421

I got her and sayu and I’ve been using sayu a lot more than yoimiya.

The only benefit for yoimiya is her chicken hunting skills.

No. 156447

I've been using Venti's ult even if it's against big enemies like the fatui or lawachurls. You just lead them to where your swirl/vortex is and they take continuous damage from there. It doesn't matter if it can't suck them in. As a Venti enthusiast, I will forever believe that his skills are broken and versatile. Archons are built for that sweet CC.

No. 156448

>Archons are built for that sweet CC.
not raiden kek c0 raiden is a fischl sidegrade, worse in some cases. willing to bet that that has a lot to do with why a sub full of moids who want to fug her are coping by saying the good archons are getting nerfed!1!!1

No. 156473

Ah i hope you guys are probably right with it just being scrotes that are just coping. I just believed what I read without thinking about that, also the shield part was suddenly mentioned by one of the commenters so honestely you're probably right its just angry scrotes.

I'm sorry anon, did you still manage to get Sayu?

>You just lead them to where your swirl/vortex is and they take continuous damage from there.
That's smart of you to do, im an idiot so I haven't thought of doing that before.

No. 156479

I couldn’t get her and I don’t think i will try getting her anymore, I will just wait until I can play with my pc again so I can save more primogems.
Also, pc doesn’t give you the option to share and get 50 primogems, or is that a new thing for all platforms?

No. 156506

No offence Anon but you sound confused and like you have no idea what you're talking about.
How is Zhongli's shield being nerfed? Can you even explain that?

No. 156545

She already explained herself here >>156473 read the thread
>also the shield part was suddenly mentioned by one of the commenters so honestly you're probably right its just angry scrotes

No. 156662

File: 1629371090140.png (57.01 KB, 719x709, nobois.PNG)

If this leak is true that means we won't be having any male 5 star banner for 7 times in a row (I'm counting Ayaka and Kokomi too). I wonder if they will bother putting any of the 4 star males on the banners? Also still no news about Scaramouche.

No. 156665

dude, it isn't. 99% of leakers who post about future patch content before future patch beta starts are lying for attention. don't look to anyone who isn't a dataminer for credible leaks.

the husbando drought has got everyone fucked up but there's no need to come in hot dooming everyday over clout hungry incels' blatantly fake leaks.

No. 156667

File: 1629375594204.jpg (32.41 KB, 720x473, 205919594_5571970079539762_728…)

I think UBatcha was friends with Genshin Report?? I wouldn't pay any attention to him, honestly. All these "leakers" are 100% guessing, they aren't "insiders" or whatever. This is just Genshin Report all over again. Speaking of him, have you heard about his drama? Genshin leakers are so cowish that, at this point, I think we could start a thread on them kek.

Be patient. We'll know about next banners the first days of September, when Genshin Impact accounts post about the new characters, just like they did with Raiden, Kokomi and Sara.

No. 156668

This. We already know that Raiden -> Kokomi is true because of the beta but we literally have no info on Yae other than she'll appear on the next Archon Quest so people are guessing she'll be right after them.
It's also Moonchase during anniversary so that's also why they are guessing 2 Liyue popular characters are getting reruns

No. 156675

I haven't heard about the drama, what was it about?

No. 156681

>closet flop game journo with a leak account people assumed was legit because he was in the same circle as other cringy attention whore leakers with track records of being right
>had regular meltdowns about people boolyin him because leaking is stwessful and everyone should be grateful to saints like him putting their LIVES on the line ;-;
>shilled and whiteknighted himself frequently on the genshin leaks plebbit with a sock puppet
>got caught and it was quickly revealed that he stole all of his leaks from other people and literally made up what he didn't
>bawwww'd to the mods of the plebbit about how any mention of his journo identity (which he had made public) was doxxing and that his famiwy was being harassed over this (kek)
>plebbit mods being plebbit mods, they scrubbed everything and he soon deactivated in shame
so yeah genshin leakers who can't into datamining are nothing but a bunch of fucking cows. they're here to be made fun of for being so devoid of attention in their real lives that they turn to 14 year old pup/pupself girls on twitter and their fellow wildly unlikable, porn addicted male weebs on reddit for a crumb of validation, not to be taken seriously.

No. 156686

File: 1629384850193.jpeg (492.18 KB, 1242x1852, 1617761315267.jpeg)

Damn, you're a fast one anon.
I'll post the reddit threads here anyway.
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

There's also Nep_Nep (I think he goes by Pen_Pen now, idk) who got into some drama because he refused to credit the artists of the fanarts he posted along with his leaks, insulted people who told him to give credit, tried to victimize himself and started saying he was getting bullied by the community and made his account private so he could shittalk the "bullies". I think he was also related to the BigBoss drama, some people speculated he was that BigBoss guy. He deleted his account after that, but it seems he has returned. I'm too lazy to search for sources, this shit happened around February I think. All the sources and milk were on Twitter, and right now that shit is difficult to search if you are not logged in kek.

>>156681 is right. Overall, 99% of leakers are pathetic edgelords who are always trying to be famous or whatever. Wouldn't be surprised if they all turned out to be 17-year-old weebs. I always kek when they say they are going to stop leaking because "the community is so toxic" and "there's so much pressure uwu", and next week they are already retweeting and posting like nothing happened.

No. 156743

File: 1629401588999.jpg (60.76 KB, 735x1069, 231bcd79b4e33281f80ea6d221328e…)

I just now released that her burst cost a lot and now kazuha is a battery for her.
I wasn't sure whether to make her a support or subdps but I put 700 em on her should I put more on her? Or is she fine?

No. 156795

If this shit is remotely true I will have a million wishes saved by the time the next gay husbando comes out omg

(i already saved over 250 wishes, Mihoyo I beg you to stop with the waifu shit)

No. 156797

File: 1629423889530.jpg (319.04 KB, 1593x2048, me irl.jpg)

Im back over 180 after getting c2 kazuha off nothing but a couple welkins and a dream. Nothing about the new events or the retarded sudoku decree plot appeals me so the thought of dropping genshin until we get a new male 5 star grows sexier by the day.

No. 156798

File: 1629426953819.jpg (295.02 KB, 580x580, 1628252223917.jpg)

700 EM is amazing on her, she's fine like that!!
Honestly she works fine both as a support and a sub-dps, but in a comp with Kazuha I think both of them are sub-dps on it? Who else do you have with them for the elemental application? I would recomendo Kaeya and Xiangling, but really anyone with off field application would do

No. 156811

File: 1629443134507.jpg (42.74 KB, 460x815, c78f76f910d4df3aad70463c9498df…)

>Five waifus in a row (Ayaka, Yoimiya, Raiden, Kokomi, Yae)
>Three waifu reruns in a row
>Then after all that, a rerun of the most unpopular male character with the shittiest meta
I'm seething. This is the fucking reason why the male banners don't sell as well, I'm sitting on like 50000 f2p primogems because there hasn't been any new male characters to roll. Xiao in the beginning of the year and Kazuha in June, that's half a year of nothing. When a new one comes up I've already gathered up enough free gems to reach hard pity so I don't need to spend actual money. I'm losing interest so hard and it's so frustrating because I really like this game and don't want to quit but the amount of waifushit forced in the plot and with the characters while male ones never get even hangout events is making my motivation tank. Jesus just thinking about that embarrassing Ayaka date is making me a-log.

I know I'm dooming hard over this and being a gargantuan sperg but most leaks have been fairly accurate and at this point I'm losing hope for anything good to come out of the following batches. No summer skins for boys, Gorou is rumored to be a 4-star and no news about Thoma becoming playable, leaks confirm Signora to be a new weekly boss so her banner is probably coming up too. The only thing I can hold on to is that the Sumeru archon has been confirmed to be male so we're going to get at least one in the future.

No. 156829

Don't lose hope nonnie. There's a cute boy with booty shorts in Fontaine, the Sumeru archon and Dainsleif. We are going to get more husbandos eventually. I honestly think mihoyo is going to see a huge spike in sales once they release male characters again. People have been waiting for it. Yoimiya has been flopping and aside from Baal I've only seen hype around Gorou online.

No. 156831

Scaramouche made an appearance on the chinese mihoyo 2.1 livestream right now!! He's gonna be in the story

No. 156833

Watching the livestream and making a short summary as I watch:

Alright character showcase now on the livestream. Baal announced and seems to be a dps. Next is kokomi, her E does hydro damage and heals. Nothing we didn't already know about her, she's very clearly a healer. Kujou Sara now, she blinks backwards which is cool. She seems to be support-ish?

We're getting two new story quests.
Baal banner is first with Sara. Kokomi second.

Kokomi is getting a beautiful mermaid looking island. A cat owns a shrine on this island. The NPCs dress differently on this island.

New enemy looks like an ugly pokemon. Hydro hypostasis looks great.

Signora changes elements during her different phases in the boss fight. She looks amazing. Cryo and pyro.

There's gonna be a fish shaped weapon. And a new fishing system!! There's gonna be a bunch of new types of fishes. You can raise your own fish in the teapot. There's gonna be a fish pond. Fishing event will happen where you will try to get a wish granting legendary fish.

There's also gonna be an event where you need 6 teams?! 12 characters that you switch between. If a character stays on field for too long it gets debuffs. F2P nightmare.

We're getting 10 free pulls if I understood correctly. On the event banner.

Ugh no Gorou, Thoma or Ayato in this patch.

No. 156835

Um their kits have been leaked for a while now. Raiden is a needier yet not necessarily better version of fischl, kokomi is hydro qiqi, and sara eats lunch in the bathroom with amber and xinyan.

Everything in the stream leaked weeks ago… with no new surprises. Even the top up reset. What a crappy anniversary.

No. 156837

Fuck this game, waifushit everywhere. What am I even supposed to be excited for as a female player?

No. 156839

>sara eats lunch in the bathroom with amber and xinyan.

Agree though, a very disappointing anniversary indeed. 10 free rolls, are you kidding me? Most gacha games hand out free characters or rolls worth one 5 star plus a bunch of other goodies. Fishing is the cheapest filler feature you could implement too. Hopefully they pick up the pace during the next patches and start handing out something worth my while or I'll just drop this fucking game and its waifupandering bullshit. At least give us new teapot furniture or something, fuck.

No. 156844

File: 1629469752776.jpg (112.54 KB, 1121x720, Etoz8RrU0AAaaQw.jpg)

scara is coming back. So, dottore when?

No. 156845

Sorry Dottore-anon but you were told already, it'll be years before he's going to show up.

No. 156846

No. 156847

File: 1629470158257.jpeg (70.54 KB, 1080x598, FC2991C6-461F-4FCD-BD94-E9A5DB…)



No. 156848

soooo lazy.

No. 156849


No. 156850

i hope the plot leak saying signora dies is true [crab dance]

dottore is tied to sumeru so…

No. 156851

oh and you can put codes here now so you don't have to login

No. 156852

Oh my god my disappointment is immeasurable! The anniversary rewards and events are so cheap, it just shows how stingy they are. Then there's these bootlickers who try to counter us by saying that we should be grateful for the free stuff. No fucking way. The total amount of primos they give for anniversary, is the total of primos we can get for a whole patch of playing. They should've been more generous cause not all players are going to still be there for the 2nd anniversary lmao. Everything's so underwhelming rn. Scaramouche's appearance is the only thing that matters.

No. 156853

I'm glad Scaramouche comes back but I want him as a playable character for god's sake. Who gives a shit about Ganyu and Hu Tao reruns, Scaramouche is the only bitch I want. Why are they withholding him for so long, he's like the most anticipated character. At least the concert sounds pretty good and since it's online everyone will be able to watch it.

No. 156855

The english voice actors are so fucking annoying my god, why didn't they sub what the devs were saying in the original chinese stream…

No. 156859

God I can't wait to roll for this little shit, I mean listen to this:

No. 156862


RIP in piss to her mouth breathing simps because there will never be another Zhongli situation; mahoeyoe bans it. Your waifus not getting out the hood.

No. 156863

They what? Why did they censor her name?

No. 156864

They censored her name, so for example if you tried to comment "yoimiya weak" it would show up as " weak"

They 100% did it because last time they released a weak 5 star (zhongli) they did get pressured into buffing him, partially thanks to nonstop chat spams on every platform. But it looks like they're hellbent on preventing anything like that from happening again kekekek Shit characters will stay shit and any requests for buffs will just be censored.