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No. 119028

Post your favorite songs/albums/artists here!

previous thread >>4532

No. 119032

Like I asked in the previous thread, should soundtracks stay here or should we have a separate thread?

No. 119046

I love this

No. 119124

Anyone else love slightly sappy love songs? I'm a hopeless romantic at heart and I always imagine myself slow dancing with the love of my life to them lol

No. 119134

No. 119162

since someone just mentioned this song in another thread

No. 119164

ily♥ one of HEALTH's best for sure, it's just incredible

No. 119186

No. 119240

/ot/ anthem

No. 119388

Mark E. Smith always will have a place on my playlist. I’m huge fan of The Falll, unfortunately he got sick and passed away the year I was supposed to see them (from USA so it was a rare opportunity)

No. 119458

No. 119591

A collaboration with an ex Swans drummer and the guy behind Foetus. Incredibly underrated

No. 119632

No. 119740

There’s something dark yet hopeful about this song and I’m obsessed with it again…

No. 120675

No. 120684

No. 120749

I fuck with this hard

No. 120771

This is great, I've been a fan of swans for a long time but never heard this before. Thanks for sharing anon

No. 121024

anyone here into electroclash?

No. 121028

Yes and that's my favorite Felix song by far, anon.
Do you remember W.I.T., the gaybaiting group put together by Larry Tee in some failed effort to create electroclash stars?

No. 121042

I did not know about this! Very interesting. What are your favourite electroclash artists/songs? I only just recently got into the genre so I’m not too familiar with a lot

No. 121052

No. 121054

You can't go wrong with Miss Kittin & The Hacker's first album if you haven't heard it yet. Miss Kittin did some heavily accented speaking on Felix Da Housecat's first album as well.
I was never very fond of Fischerspooner but they count as well.

No. 121055

Bonus Miss Kittin with Golden Boy, a Swiss visual artist who for some reason made an album around that time.
I guess I associate her with the better music of the genre. She's still making music too.

No. 121071

No. 121074

I stopped listening to Shinedown a few years ago but honestly this song is pretty good

No. 121326

The funk is irresistible

I loved their first album, it made me really get into the whole electroclash scene. Do you also like Ladytron anon?

No. 121334

nta but ladytron fucks!! love em

No. 121360

>Do you also like Ladytron anon?

Absolutely! And the Mary Jane Girls too, while we're at it.
The main Ladytron singer, Helen Marnie, has two crowdfunded solo albums that aren't really dissimilar from Ladytron but they're worth a listen.

No. 121421


Cool I didn't know that, thanks for sharing

Making way for my fave Ladytron track lol. I do feel like their Light and Magic album is their best

No. 121484

Blue Jeans!
You might like Client. They were an electro/synthy group from the early 2000s, a bit similar to Ladytron but without any of the success. First three albums only, pretend the next two don't exist.

No. 121490

Crying tonight

No. 121602

post arabic bangers

No. 121738

No. 121767

deadmau5 bring get scraped back to spotify challenge

No. 121768

No. 121785

No. 121811

any other KKB fans here?

No. 121823

No. 121824


No. 121831

I feel frustrated right now, I'm listening to music to let my feelings go away.

No. 122098

Everytime someone gets called nonny on this site I'm reminded of this song from my days of high school English lit and it makes me really happy, because it's a song about men being shit and urging that we should all just move on from their sorry asses and be happy. Very pertinent and good advice

No. 122360

Where has this band been all my life?

No. 122630

I just found a fun fact about Daughters through my autism, I found this old composition by Nick Sadler from 2013., sounds familliar right? (video for reference)
I swear I haven't been stalking Nick Sadler but I also found out he likes to carve pumpkins, decorate cakes, make costumes and draw tiny houses in ink. I don't know if I want to live his life or marry him

Nice, I really like the music and they look so cool too. I like the cringiness of the video, it reminds me of Gloryhammer

No. 122642

Can someone recommend me psychedelic rock music like Tame Impala? I just discovered them (I know I know) and I'm obsessed with their sound

No. 122644

No. 122648

thank you thank you

No. 122655

You may also like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, Jacco Gardner, Temples, Thee Oh Sees, melody's echo chamber (kevin parker is her ex-bf and produced her debut album, good stuff), Allah-las and maaaaybe The Growlers as well.

No. 122798

God I love this soooooonnggggg

No. 122844

Fuck it time to listen to kenyan grindcore

No. 122865

Fuck the corpse husband obsession, this guy's voice is doing it for me. Something about the grizzly Tom Waits-esque quality in the low whispers mixed with melodic highs.

No. 122869

GOD his voice. This intro is killer, I wish he'd do audiobooks.

No. 122879

God, the guy in this video is so fucking hot. Great song too.

No. 122886

God I love Boney M so much, idgaf that they were lipsyncing. Bobby Farrel danced like an overcaffeinated eight year old at a birthday party and it was fucking magnificent.

No. 122923

groovy af

No. 123078

I could go on for hours about how good Interpol are, but this song really gets me at the moment.

No. 123115

kmdfm anons from /ot/, what are your favorite albums and songs? i can't choose just one, but WTF?! is pretty much my favorite out of the 2010s ones at least. I personally love the "conceptual continuity" thing they have, it's nice that Kapt'n K doesn't forget or hide where he started from but the songs still sound distinctive even if some elements are re-used.

No. 123121

The last time I checked for KMFDM, Sascha was selling some herbalife ripoff MLM product from the band's official website. Not just a salesman, a passionate consumer~

No. 123123

kek i admit i don't even check the official site or any social media, i just binge listen and notice there's a new album on YouTube or Spotify. that's just… cringe

No. 123135

I have lots of favourites but atm i’m obsessed with Liebeslied, sad that the spotify version still doesn’t have the O Fortuna sample

No. 123151

I like the bunnymans fluffy hair

No. 123195

On all albums I like some songs and don't like the others as much. I couldn't choose a favorite song but I really like Unfit and Dystopia. Here is some weird version of unfit with a nice unflattering thumbnail
Lmao I checked Lucia's instagram once and she said at a show one of the other bands was two russian dudes and one asked her to stab him in the nipple with a nail. and she did it

No. 123201

Is there any actual Manson-tier milk on them? Please tell me there isn't

No. 123204

man i love this shitty indie nu-metal band, the lyrics are so telling of modern soc media and internet use.

No. 123207

That's so bad but I can't hate it

No. 123208

How come all icelandic dudes are good at growling

No. 123218

Speaking of Hatari, I've had this song in my head for days. The juxtaposition of Icelandic growling and melodious Arabic singing really does it to me.

No. 123248

best mainstream song about weed tbh

No. 123279

File: 1611363645293.jpg (93.61 KB, 1280x720, tennis.jpg)

>ctrl f
>no tennis
Best music of 2020

No. 123527

No. 123652

As the kids like to say, this song is pretty pogchamp.

No. 123683

Can't get enough of this song lately, hope someone here will enjoy it too!
(indie pop/rock)

No. 123687

definitely check out Portugal. The Man if you haven't already. They've been my fave band since I was 14. Also, they covered Day Man from Always Sunny if you're into that lol

No. 123693

Is death the only way? Yes it is, yes it is

No. 123729

I love the Y2K feel of this song and music video

No. 123912

It's making me sad but is too beautiful to stop listening

No. 124007

the same line repeated over and over and it sounds so haunting and ominous… i used to hear this song all the time in like 2006, but only recently found out Brian Molko sings it

No. 124009

love it, thank you for reminding me of this song.
so sad placebo went to shit but I guess they had a great run. what I wouldn't do for an actual Brian Molko (auto)biography.

No. 124233

Finally found this song again after years of only being able to hum the tune and being shown once when I was in elementary school. I feel complete anons, early weeb music is a godsend

No. 124234

I think this has way more 90s vibes, tbh. Which I honestly prefer

No. 124611

this has to be one of the most beautiful songs of all time

No. 124869

please tell me there's another anon who loves holly herndon

No. 124942

i s2g this is the most french thing i've ever heard

No. 125051

Didn't know her but this is amazing, thanks for sharing!

No. 125172

No. 125175

No. 125578

No. 125606

This song was a classic in my house growing up but I never even thought to look for a music video, thanks for sharing

No. 125729

pls no booly for kpop, but I’m so happy my favorite group put out a new album. I like to think they’re well regarded in the community and have a solid fanbase full of many long time fans like myself, but it makes me sad to also feel like they’re also vastly underrated because they’re a bunch of old men and don’t do fun flashy dances lol

No. 125950

This makes me think of the dumb bitch memes thread, mostly because of the y2k aesthetic

No. 126015

help me lord I am actually enjoying this song. It is stuck in my head 24/7

No. 126020

No. 126200

No. 126361

for all the sweet electroclash/ladytron anons ♥

No. 126389

File: 1612635176239.gif (2.46 MB, 640x530, the hiiiiiiills are destroyed.…)

Discotraxx is my fave, anon.

No. 126397

any other haha fans here?

No. 126400

perfume is one of those jpop groups whose music i will never not love. especially their early stuff, its so catchy and i have so many positive memories associated with it

No. 126403

No. 126405

For sure anon

No. 126419


sorry this is literally half the thread but you are truly my people, i can always trust farmers to have A-1 taste

anyway my contributions, usually i'm a much bigger kate bush stan but i've been on such a tori kick lately

No. 126421


No. 126429

samefag again but aimee mann's 80s stuff also slaps hard. i've never been so simultaneously jealous and also in love

No. 126437

Can anyone suggest any artists similar to fka twigs and grimes

No. 126438

not sure what aspects of their music you enjoy but you might like rina sawayama, clarence clarity, caroline polachek, kelela, empress of, weyes blood and maybe st. vincent

also kind of a stretch but for a not-modern version of those vibes i'd try cocteau twins, strawberry switchblade, kate bush, eurythmics, maybe bjork? again not sure what you already listen to

No. 126445

Look up escape room and terra incognita genres, maybe even hyperpop.

No. 126447

I really like Crumb, all of their stuff is good

No. 126450

No. 126460

yaaas, this is such a cool video and song

No. 126502

Such a cute video and song

No. 126528

holly herndon samefag i never listened to tori amos for some reason but this song is sick, thanks for sharing! you might like this track by emma ruth rundle if you haven't heard it

No. 126544

Something about that guitar riff is so magical and nostalgic. This is just such a comfy song <3

No. 126551

nice bit of synthy dream pop

No. 126555

you might like teardrop explodes and the band japan then anon! they both have similar sounding riffs imo.

No. 126556

sage for samefagging, but i've been listening to a lot of squeeze lately. i love campy 80s pop. very comfy

No. 126561

Sorry for posting Dodie again, but just discovered her music and I can't get over how beautiful it is, this particular song was inspired by Amy Dunne's monologue in Gone Girl

No. 126565

I love Japan! And thank you for reminding me to listen to the Teardrop Explodes

No. 126659

Everything about it

No. 126663

ooh i've never heard of her but I really like this!

I only started listening to tori amos like a year ago because so many kate bush stans in this facebook group i'm in love her too, she has a big catalog with a lot of range so I feel like i'm always hearing a new song when i go through it. If you like spark you might like crucify, precious things, girl disappearing, caught a lite sneeze, maybe a sorta fairytale?

for some reason i'm really partial to Scarlet's Walk as an album, it has this very specific early 2000's contemporary sound you would hear as a kid when your mom drags you to a department store (think like paula cole or sixpence none the richer) but in a good way. i guess that makes sense for me because i'm a huge cardigans fan lol

also i think you'd like anna calvi if you haven't listened to her yet

No. 126664

samefag but i love squeeze too! I think my mom and aunt were fans as teens and went to a couple of their shows

No. 126665

also speaking of campy 80s pop, nothing hits like danny elfman making absolute madman faces while playing one of my favorite 80s songs of all time

No. 126680

Miki Berenyi is so pretty

No. 126683

i would recommend playboy mommy too, a stellar track. fuck you made me want to listen to tori after i forgot about her for a few years

No. 126695


No. 126699

I’ve been posting in this thread way too much

No. 126708

god good taste anon

No. 126709

everyone shits on this video (including danny elfman) but its a personal fave. if i was lanky and androgynous enough to pull off the suspender combat boot combo like he does in this music video i would wear it every damn day

No. 126783

me too oops
this album is so special to me and it aged really well, lust is one of my fave songs of theirs

tfw when no unhinged effortless stage presence or vocal ability

tfw no shoegaze britpop gf

(on a sad note i was watching the music video for lush's last single, completely forgetting that the drummer killed himself and it was the reason they broke up and didn't release anything until that EP like 20 years later. i always forget about that because they're such a happy vibrant take on dream pop that i forget the gloomy parts of it. on a less sad/ interesting note, for some reason I never knew until now that meriel from Pale Saints was the in the original line-up of Lush and emma wasn't, and miki didn't do lead vocals until she left the band. two super underrated dreamy bands!)

No. 126793

I like that she's credited in the thank you section of Massive Attack's first album because she was the only one around who wasn't stoned witless the entire time and could remember appointments and details.

No. 126872

sorry for the gay male tier taste but i cannot resist gagaposting

No. 127018

seth cohen core

No. 127398

No. 127422

Every so often I go through a phase where all I listen to is Gaga's albums on repeat. I was addicted to listening to Poker Face for like a week a while ago.

New Wave music gives me feels like no other.

I remember people giving this band hate in the early 2010s but I still love this album. I frequently listen to this song while walking outside in the evening or at night.

No. 127439

I love this album too! I love noisy poppy rock that's reminiscent of beat music from the 50s and 60s, I got a soft spot for it. This is one of my faves from the album. Sometimes I fantasise about singing the duet with a guy lmao

No. 127511

No. 127516

What else can I listen to that sounds like this?
I'm in love with this EP and I'm super sad that the LP probably will never get released (it was supposed to come out in 2018 or something, I think)

No. 127525

What if punk but also black metal

No. 127539

reminds me a lot of washed out!

fuck i feel like a know tons of bands that sound like this but my mind is blanking. but you also might like some of the older twin shadow albums, DyE, wild nothing, john maus, mgmt etc

No. 127548

also kind of a stretch and i think literally all of these bands are inactive and/ or hard to find but you might like class actress, Glasser, Var, savage, Lumina, College, part time (but he's an abusive creep irl and a bunch of his albums got taken down lol), Tearist, Chrome Sparks, Craft spells

there's a darkwave band that sounds exactly like the one you posted and it's killing me that i can't remember it right now

also haven't listened to this one all the way but there are some good underground artists (Lumina, Chrome Sparks etc) in this mix if you like the whole drive soundtrack esque synth revival sound: https://8tracks.com/jose_th/drive-2-home-delivery

No. 127561

I love '90s-'00s dance/bubblegum pop

No. 127586

Dat voice

No. 127694

I am completely obsessed with the editing on this video, and Simple Creatures in general.

No. 127695

thank you so much, anon! That's a lot of quality music to check and I'm looking forward to that! If you somehow remember the band that sounds exactly like ghost, let me know!

No. 127710

no problem! I was super into this kind of music in like the early-mid 2010s so i'm sure i have a big playlist floating around somewhere

No. 127711

oh yeah, you might also like Chromatics, Elite Gymnastics, Computer Magic, Them Are Us Too (rip), Her's (rip x2) or the Bilinda Butchers. I still can't think of what that ghost song reminds me of exactly, it might be a mesh of a few different artists but I'll let you know if i ever find it

No. 127720

god polystrene is so fucking cool

not a huge sonic youth fan, but this song is super good imo

No. 127748

The offbeat Kim Gordon songs were always my favorites. I just wish her solo album was better.

No. 127800

haven't seen much pop in this thread but this is a total guilty pleasure

No. 127810

probably the most underrated Britney Spears song

No. 127811

hello fellow popfag! i love kylie sooo much

No. 127815

When I was a kid this was on tv sometimes and I watched it fascinated every time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever
Wow… nice

No. 127818

where my mitskifags at?

No. 127856

No. 127867

RIP Chester, I will always fucking miss you

No. 127911

omg please don't consider kylie a guilty pleasure! her and robyn are my underrated queens of pop

No. 127912

she’s great, i shill her all the time lol. fever is such a great album, i love it so much

No. 127913

samefag, just came back to post one of my fave kylie songs. kinda sounds like garbage (the band)

No. 127914

feber walked so the modern carly rae jepsens of today could run imo

also very into weird early 2000s electro cowgirl madonna for childhood nostalgia reasons. usually when I listen to y2k kylie I have to put on ray of light or don't tell me right after

No. 127915

goddamn it lol

but samefag to add that i recently found outone of my favorite Wink songs is actually a cover of an 80's kylie cover that got really big in japan

No. 127916

No. 127926

No. 127952

No. 127992

I loove "it's in your eyes" from this album, I know this is considered pop but I wonder how this specific style would be described. Vid linked gives me the same vibes, I love this kind of fresh(?) disco-inspired sound so much.

No. 128052

No. 128064

legendary. carries so much emotion, like most songs on the ost

No. 128155

I really like her attitude and song topics, trying to find more unapologetic modern female artists like this. Gin Wigmore and Lily Allen also have some good songs.

No. 128228

No. 128315

Yeah, he put something special in this one. I miss new Kendrick releases.

No. 128316

Same anon. This song was also essential in my teen years. Chefs kiss. I really know every word still.

No. 128429

11 year old me thought she was the baddest bitch listening to this

No. 128430

samefag, i guess lil wayne had a funny phase back in 2008-2009

No. 128466

His songs always put me in a good mood

No. 128472

i checked spotify to see if supercar was on the platform expecting it to absolutely not be…but it IS. the nostalgia is too strong today

No. 128479

rip Françoise Cactus

No. 128705

He has so much potential. I get so excited every time he releases something new.

No. 128733

i forgot how good this album was. my favorites are this one, pink diamond and anthems

No. 128737

almost makes me nostalgic to when being in lockdowns wasn’t just constant reality. I like enemy, detonate, anthems, forever and claws.

No. 128827

No. 128878

Idk if this counts as a guilty pleasure because it's technically mediocre but it gives me serious 'dramatic 70s shoujo anime' vibes, like the kaze to ki no uta OVA and I love it because of it

No. 128879

This is a little different, as it gives traditional Japanese music vibes but I love it the same

No. 128881

Some highlists:
1: ときめきトゥナイト (テレビ・ヴァージョン) (加茂晴美) / Tokimeki Tonight (TV Version) (Harumi Kamo) (0:00​)

3: 悲しき星空 / Kanashiki Hoshizora (2:53​)

6: Super Love Lotion (加茂晴美 / Harumi Kamo) (6:33​)

11: フワフワ・ランデブー (原えりこ) / Fuwa-fuwa Rendezvous (Eriko Hara) (16:28​)

12: 潮風のバルカローラ (水島裕) / Shiokaze no Barcarola (Yu Mizushima) (19:11​)

13: ツイスト&キッス / Twist & Kiss (23:06​)

14: ロスト・ラブ・ノクターン (失恋夜想曲) / Lost Love Nocturne (Shitsuren Yasoukyoku) (24:06​)

16: マジカル・ミステリー・ゾーン / Magical Mystery Zone (26:32​)

20: ウルフ・ウーマン・ロック / Wolf ・ Woman ・ Rock (33:54​)

No. 128931

Criminally underrated song

No. 128932

Great song. Oh my god I love his pink fuzzy pants

No. 128969

Thank you for posting this anon, helped me discover a great band! Have any other similar recs?

No. 128985

feeling very angsty

No. 129004

fuck you#♥##, every time I listen to this song it gets stuck in my head grrr

No. 129097

sry for the kpop… but if you’re mad just come n gimme that kith kith

No. 129111

i think tricot might be a band youre interested in if you like them! if you search japanese math rock on youtube there are a bunch of playlists people have made that have a somewhat similar sound.

No. 129211

video unavailable for me but I love this entire album

No. 129277

nta but Sakanaction, Quruli, Number Girl

No. 129293

i dont know a better song

No. 129294

also this

No. 129374

I just randomly remembered this song lmao. When I was a kid and I was waiting for my mom to finish shopping I wandered into a music shop and I listened to this gregorian chants cassette that was on display. It sounded so mysterious and cool to me so I asked my mom to buy it for. I still think it's a beautiful song

No. 129387

Can't believe I found this hit after so many years by accident!

No. 129391

I was really amazed by their covers as a kid too, and I still like them a lot! Thanks for posting this
One of my personal favorites is their Nothing Else Matters cover, such a great anthem-like vibe.

No. 129393

perfect song to cry 2

No. 129404

love this song so much, here's a song on the same wavelength that i also love for back-to-back yearning!!

No. 129413

At the time, the world didn't even wait a few months before vomiting up a dance cover of Hide U.

No. 129465

No. 129511

No. 129696

Is there any other band like The Birthday Massacre? I love their entire discography, it's flawless. I can listen to their music in any mood because it's kinda dark/'gothy' but also very catchy with the 80's touch and there is so much going on sonically. Their sound is just flawless ahh. I just want more stuff like this even though TBM will never grow old for me.

No. 129748

we'll all be in the same dream…

No. 129941

who wants to dance to this together in my bedroom?

No. 129963

File: 1614517363288.jpg (114.65 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_226642836-stock-…)

me queen let's go

No. 129973

We on the same wavelength. This video is great

No. 130033

A fuckton of kpop got yeeted off Spotify but my favorite group’s old albums are thankfully safe so I’m listening to them while praying their new album gets put back. This song is so good.

No. 130275

completely and utterly obsessed with this song lately

No. 130549

Recipe of the perfect music video: half drunken dancing, half gripping police drama

No. 130817

File: 1614921941143.jpg (34.8 KB, 374x374, f1076124d15f092cd373af14da0695…)

Tommy has some great music

No. 131273

laibach is so good, even better live too!

No. 131276

I love blixa

No. 131342

Sir Chloe is banging.

No. 131370

No. 131643

Any tips on how to properly get into Utada Hikaru's catalogue?
I always love her singles (Simple and Clean, Sanctuary, Beautiful World, One Last Kiss…) and some other stuff (Take 5, Kairo, Letters, probably something else) but never managed to properly bond with her albums. I really want to get to know her music, cause it's so beautiful.

No. 131657

Unfortunately I don't really have tips. I always liked her stuff and have just jumped around but highly recommend Sakura Nagashi. It's so beautiful. Been listening to it a lot lately.

No. 131669

I love this song anon

No. 132049

This entire album is so goddamn good it surprises me. I always find myself coming back to it over the years, totally happy to dwell in the horny, emo angst again.

No. 132082

best advice is to do it chronologically. Start with Cubic U: https://soundcloud.com/andrew-mejia-208936421/sets/precious-album-cubic-u-utada-hikaru then move onto First Love.
I love, love Ultra Blue and Heart Station. Enjoy, anon. Not really a big fan of her last two albums, but the single that have been coming out more recently outshine them imo.

No. 132251

>pierce the veil
superior fucking taste anon

No. 132421

Ive never even been drunk but this song makes me want to take psychedelics

No. 132479

Every now and then I get the urge to binge on INXS music. Man they're easily one of the best new wave bands ever

No. 132494

I'm a big sucker for city pop (I would spam this thread if I didn't have self control kk)

No. 132500

I still listen to their stuff almost daily, the singer has also done good shit on his own and for others like kylie minogue

No. 132531

currently listening to this and craving a cigarette and feeling so… much

No. 132813

No. 132899

File: 1616218653194.jpg (883.98 KB, 1621x2069, 100005240-001v.jpg)

No. 132913

Meg Meyers is such an underrated queen and this entire album, Take Me To The Disco, is nearly perfect. Also love death of me and funeral.

> I'm a good girl in the dark, I'll rip right through your beating heart. Should I stay or should I go? Push it deep down, don't let it show. Maybe I'm done.

No. 133222

i’ve been so obsessed with everything ag cook and pc music lately

No. 133244

Anyone like King Princess? this is my favourite song of hers

No. 133252

have you heard the new danny l harle album? i can't believe pc music has meme'd me into unironically enjoying cheesy vocal trance and happy hardcore

No. 133269

this song is so corny but I keep listening to it

No. 133302

Yes! I love 1950 and Pain is a banger. Unfortunate that a lot of her popular aesthetic stuff is very male gaze pandering though (the Pain video, her dressing up as a cheerleader showing her ass in pigtails for Playboy uck). Her androgynous look is so superior.

No. 133399

I really hope Doechii ends up in the mainstream.

No. 133438

to my electoclash anons you may be into Xeno & Oaklander

They’re more ‘coldwave,’ that sorta style, but you need to check them out. I saw them live and it was the most fun I’ve had in a ‘club’ type environment.

No. 133442

Anon, I've never heard of them but this is fantastic.

No. 133448

i don't even like the original that much but this is based

No. 133488

Straight up bop.

No. 133553

Can anyone recommend me something similar to Hatari? I've basically been obsessed with them since eurovision but 16 songs just isn't enough.

No. 133565

I don't think there's anything quite like them…
But you might like 3teeth, it's really not comparable, but of all the music I knew this has the most similar feeling in my opinion, even though it's not even the same genre. I'm sorry if you don't like it and I hope someone comes by who knows something similar

No. 133570

I really like this actually, it's a vibe. Thank you anon!

No. 133571

I'm glad; I recommend the entire self titled album, the other ones aren't as interesting sadly

No. 133743

No. 133774

This song is so good but Meg is also insanely attractive in this video.

No. 133972

idk why their music is suddenly available on streaming but I'm not about to complain.

No. 133991

No. 133992

The spiritual successor to Every Breath You Take.

No. 134012

>suddenly available on streaming
Finally cleared all the samples, or removed what couldn't be cleared: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Come_Down_Dawn

No. 134516

Cute song about suicide

No. 134840

No. 134890

File: 1617487133589.jpg (82.73 KB, 640x640, sahara.jpg)

No. 134891

No. 135166

Great cover of "Where Is My Mind". The video is so simple, but striking.

No. 135281

Don't usually go for this type of music but I really liked this cover

No. 135286

Posted in an unrelated thread but I love FKA Twigs. Especially the version for the Valentino runway.

No. 135291

I've never seen this video, thank you for blessing my eardrums anon
Damn that last chorus of Cellophane… Chills

No. 135341

She sounds like an angel. I think this is my favourite versions of her songs. Ugh yes the last chorus of cellophane was beautiful.

No. 135350

wow thank you for sharing this anon! I know some her songs but never seen any live performance, her voice is INCREDIBLE

No. 135376

I've been in a bit of a Prince mood lately

No. 135401

This is really amazing. I've followed her music since EP2 and it's still my favourite (i hope her and Arca work together again some day). She was shy before, but since then I always thought her music had this kind of self - consciousness and awkwardness that couldn't be shaken off, especially in the lyrics, although her aesthetics kinda made up for it. The vogueing era seemed like it suited her in theory but I never really believed it, she seemed uncomfortable. So I've been generally neutral about her work.
This video just blew me away, since I haven't been paying attention she's laser focused her self consciousness into a kind of inhuman poise. And her voice has come so so far, I saw her live a few years ago and she was happy in the high range but not anywhere else, now she's just incredible.
Still don't really vibe with the songwriting lmao but don't mind me.

No. 135436

Just discovered object blue tonight, I found this track by her really moving. Also she's gay and I find her and her wife really cute

No. 135485

No. 135486

incoming sperg/spam

No. 135487

No. 135488

No. 135492

last one i promise. her voice is just too pretty.

No. 135624

Here to plug this just because its been my favorite song for like 3 years now and it seems fairly niche

No. 135831

this song i haven't listened to in literal years just appeared in my dream last night in which i was clubbing with sonic and shadow

No. 135941

No. 136456

No. 136496

Charli stans where u at

No. 136520

fags made me unstan but I loved this era, she was amazing in concert and I still have my merch.

No. 136619

No. 136631

No. 136906

super into Gaz Coombes at the moment. any anons know some similar artists I can sink my teeth into?

No. 136993

another one, and I’m finding it so weird how much unlock it has recently blown up because it’s been on my heavy rotation for years (I’m glad it got us a MV though)

No. 137027

I’m basic.

No. 137028

No. 137041

The rap ruins it

No. 137509

I'm here bitch

No. 137512

Do you want to hear some russian black metal hip hop

No. 137539

AYRT, yeah the rap is my least favourite part, but I love the rest so much that it doesn’t bother me

No. 137766

hadn't listened to this song in about 6 years and i forgot how much it baaaaangs. the tweenage emo phase never ends

No. 137843

Take all of my dreams. Take off both your wings and set them on fire. You set them on fire.

No. 137864

yay more charli stans!!!lately i’ve been so obsessed with her unreleased stuff, i wish xcx world was released so badly

No. 137886

No. 138753

This album is so good
Why didn't I try listening to it sooner

No. 138768

Any anon here listened to E Nomine? Discovered them ages ago through 2000s AMVs, still coming back to their music every now and then, it unironically slaps

No. 138803

No. 138826

I love his voice so much

No. 138840

No. 139139

Been on a mischief brew bender recently

No. 139304

I really love instrumental in this song its seems kinda melancholic but works well with the vibes that doja and sza bring. I wish that we heard more of sza cause I was so hyped when her part came but was left wanting more when she was done her voice is just perfect

No. 139343

I'm glad someone else picked up on the melancholy vibes. I always hear people saying it's such a bop, catchy, pretty video and yeah it's all those things but it also feels kind of sad so I can't listen to it too often. (For some reason I'm a crybaby when it comes to music.)

No. 139356

Yeah the instrumental is nice but then the rap verse… This is why I can't listen to popular music anymore.

No. 139370

Pop music with melancholy vibes is such a cool niche. Like Get Free by Major Lazer ft Amber Coffman is basically suicide music. If anyone has a playlist for that kind of thing I want it.

No. 139371

No. 139373

No. 139955

Her voice is unreal

No. 139995

their albums always sound so luxurious

No. 140090

Sorry if I already asked some time ago, but I remember that I love this album by Editors. What other records have this sound? I remember ITLAOTE being bashed for supposedly sounding like many other bands, but I never found anything with similar atmosphere.

No. 140091

No. 140293

any nonnies have good recs for cute pinkpill/misandrist songs or songs about killing men? any style really, i just like the content. i've been enjoying this cute one by chloe moriondo

No. 140304

Tipsy by chloe x halle is basically them singing abt them killing their ex boyfriends. Love songs like that.

No. 140308

Kek not exactly about killing them but within the same "fuck scrotes and their audacity" vein I like Deap Valley.

>Everybody's tryina tell me what to do

>Makes me wanna break some shit and sniff some glue
>Everybody's tryina tell me what to do
>Stranger in the bar tells me to smile more
>I look at him and I ask, what for?
>I am happily un-happy man
>And no, I don't wanna shake your hand

No. 140312

Look into Emilie Autumn! Note that she went through multiple music phases, so if you don't like the sound of songs from a certain album, you may still like from another. Recs:
>Thank God I'm Pretty (one of her most pinkpilled songs)
>Gentleman aren't nice
>Let The Record Show (a song written about Billy Corgan LMFAO, but it has an universal appeal)
>Marry Me
>If I Burn (was supposed to be about the burnings of witches, ended up being reworked into Emilie's Asylum storyline)
>Fight Like A Girl (can you imagine that the mostly female fandom was angry about the sarcastic line 'even if you're only a boy, you can fight like a girl"? There were a fewfakebois triggered by it, but mostly it was women getting angry on behalf of men who wouldn't return the favor)
>Time for Tea (not stated in the lyrics, but it's a song about murdering men, especially abusive doctors)
>Girls! Girls! Girls! (satire on sexism)
>Gothic Lolita and I Want My Innocence Back (CSA themes)
>Chambermaid, How Strange, Misery Loves Company (telling off scrotes looking for a fuckmommy, MPDG or whatever)
I might have missed some, but those are the most pinkpilled ones.

No. 140315

Video Kid by The Birthday Massacre
>Next phase, next craze, next nothing new.
>Got the pretty boy beat him up black and blue.
>Broke the sissy boy's teeny toy heart in two.
>Turned him into a video kid like you.

No. 140317

Dicknail by Hole
>Hey, daddy
>Come over here, yeah
>Got something for you

No. 140319

Dead Men Don't Rape by 7 Year Bitch
>I don't have pity not a single tear
>For those who get joy from a woman's fear
>I'd rather get a gun and just blow you away
>Then you'll learn first hand
>Dead men don't rape

No. 140333

super excited for japanese breakfast's new album. wasn't a huge fan of her previous stuff, but if its gonna have this general vibe i'm interested. also the music video has the lead singer of mannequinn pussy which is a random pick but alright

No. 140340

thank you !!! exactly what i was looking for :)

No. 140348

Not exactly what you're looking for but it's got the fuck men vibe

No. 140360

No. 140367

Pink pill af

No. 140389

I’ve listened to this an embarrassing amount of times today

No. 140406

No. 140552


yeah that's right

No. 140733

Heard this in H&M. I was surprised it's not more popular

No. 141086

for my incelcore nona

No. 141089

ty queen, I'm not sure if this counts as incelcore but it's still really good

No. 141114

I love his music!!! This is a guilty pleasure banger lol

No. 141115

scrote music

No. 141116

No. 141137

I hate the brooklynbloodpop part of brooklynbloodpop, but I found the actual beat and this shit is mesmerizing. I have a faint memory of this same melody from years ago, but it yields no results.

No. 141140

my first thought was suffocation

No. 141266

I'am obsessed with this guy and his way of over-styling covers.

No. 141630

I love Sophie.

No. 141636

Can't stop listening to this, I cannot even listen to any other version of Les Noces, I've been completely spoiled by this rendition.

No. 141661

holy shit we are on the same vibes today anon. I was listening to her this morning.. and it's been years since I've sought her music out. haha gotta love coincidences.

No. 141741

The acoustic version of this song is even more magical than the original

No. 141781

Same! I've discovered loads of new songs, and that she's really loved in EE, esp Russia, which surprised me.

No. 141793

rediscovered this song recently after forgetting it existed for years

No. 141829

Agreed, although I love all versions

No. 141837

To the anon posted somewhere that they were done with doormat music. I can't find your post in /ot/, but if you're reading this- Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

It's still somewhat soft but it's like the opposite of sappy dormat lyrics. Hope you find this!

No. 141950

No. 141968

can someone recommend me interesting female composers. im getting so bored of all my current playlists

No. 141977

I would but that's kind of broad anon, can you share what sort of genres you enjoy?

No. 142158

No. 142180

Ahh! I like this a lot as well!

No. 142205

why not post the full version?

No. 142410

talking heads vocalist must have gotten very lightheaded at least a handful of times with those songs of theirs

No. 142684

God I love a good Bollywood bop. Always makes me happy the actresses tend to be healthy weights and not ridiculously skinny. Also find it interesting colored contacts are popular in India now. Used to seeing it in Korea and other E. Asian countries but it looks striking in a not so uncanny way when they complement their natural color like this.

No. 142804

I love her

No. 142870


Get that trash out of here

No. 142875

Oh no…this anon woke up kek

No. 142920

There's something about the singer's voice that makes me absolutely crazy.

Any emo loving anons here?

No. 143422

they made part 2 after 18 fuckin years!

No. 143467

The lyrics are kinda cringey but the instrumental for this and purge the poison remind of family jewels which was one of my favorite albums in hs so i'm excited to hear the rest of the album

No. 143683

Just listened to the new song by Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen and goddamn it's so up my sad indie girl rock alley it's almost parodical (I say this with complete affection). Good shit

No. 145372

No. 145383

No. 145392

Love Eartha! Here's a very self-affirming ode to her referencing the legendary rant about relationships ("Compromise for what?" and "I want someone to share me, with me.")

No. 145410

Eartha is legendary. She really gave a gift to the world unknowingly, when she had that interview.

No. 145564

this is SO GOOD

No. 145567

I've been looking for somewhere to post this!! Yes!

No. 145577

All the gyrating 80s himbos wanting to be clawed by Catwoman, I love it! Also please give me the ability to turn men into cats, god what an improvement

No. 146078

There was a phase in my teens when all i listened to was electro industrial. I miss it tbh

No. 146079

No. 146080

No. 146089

No. 146093

Best videogame level music ever, change my mind

No. 146109

Your post reminded me how overrated Nobuo Uematsu is. His soundtracks are good because he plagiarised English prog rock bands, ELP in particular. Listen to this, sound familiar?

No. 146130

No. 146172

I'll forever hear the final fantasy battle songs as bastard versions… thanks anon for showing me. Also, the armadillo tank is so cute.
I love playing this song in guitar hero, it's so fun and beautiful

No. 146315

thank me later

No. 146984

No. 147604

Tears for Fears Curt Smith's daughter Diva has music out. What do nonnies think? I had no idea the family had relocated to the States. Shows how behind the times I am kek.

No. 147744

My mother sent me this and apparently it was popular during her high school days. I… I'm crying nonas kek. I don't know what's happening and it's vaguely misogynistic but I gotta admit shit's catchy

No. 147781

This video fucks. Sword lesbians.

No. 147786

I would like to join this goth glam warrior cult

No. 147789

amazing, thanks for sharing

No. 147861

No. 147881

This will be a hit with the nonnies in the religious imagery thread!

No. 147932

No. 148652

File: 1623922607482.jpg (103.7 KB, 960x960, 18081f8df1c767cbf0944ae7d3ad79…)

Lingua Ignotanons where are you and are you ready?

No. 148667

No. 148706

Hail to the queen! I'm super excited, the song is slow but so beautiful as always !

No. 148723

This is so beautiful, thank you anon for introducing this artist to me

No. 148726

How very cottagecore of her
Yes yes another one joins our ranks!

No. 148728

nonnie you've got a big storm coming! You should listen to her album Caligula it's amazing

No. 148750

No. 148769

Any Girls Aloud fans? A nice change with this, although they're miserable for some reason.

No. 148828

No. 148878

No. 149044

No. 149112

Looked up this music video after a decade since I last saw it on TV and now it's making me nostalgic for the Obama era. Simpler times.

No. 149114

My fucking god! These bitches gay! Good for them! Good for them.

No. 149119

Rediscovering the music I loved as a teen and I'm on a big AFI kick. I think I appreciate them even more as an adult. Their All Hallows-Sing the Sorrow stuff is surprisingly complex for pop-punk. Also video related but Davey Havok made me realize I was into women. What a gorgeous man

No. 149123

love them so much! I enjoy everything from Sing the Sorrow onwards. They have a new album coming soon, but it seems pretty meh so far. Maybe it will grow on me like The Blood Album.

No. 149212

No. 149234

I love how simultaneously masculine and feminine Davey Havok is. He's like a vampire. I miss his long hair. But yes, Sing The Sorrow is up there at the top 20 albums for me.

No. 149491

Man take me back to 2008 pls

No. 149878

No. 150351

Absolutely in love with Unter Null’s work.This is one of my top faves from her.

No. 150365

Love this kind of music, although only in small doses nowadays, an early 2000s relic

No. 150499

Where my girls who like to party hard at !

No. 150615

new Blümchen song it's so fucking good and the video is super cute

No. 150671

This song makes me feel things

No. 150693

so nostalgic. I still listen to aggrotech and dark electro from time to time, kinda makes me miss being an edgelord teenager without a care in the world.

No. 150695

I love ebm, I know it all sounds pretty much the same, I don't mind
that was nice

No. 150698

Oh I fucking love this, thank you for sharing

No. 150746

i honestly think there's something injected into this song, i cant even explain it

No. 150752

No. 150758

been obsessively listening to ichiko aoba

No. 150873

I need to bang my head NOW
Wow nice, I think it's so great because it sounds very clear, like they recorded in a really good studio

No. 150875

here you go

No. 150879

File: 1625260014670.gif (3.39 MB, 480x270, 9c25ecb7cb0e619959e79d17dae395…)

Holy shit thanks anon it's perfect

No. 150972

I haven't played this game but I love meshuggah

No. 150978

No. 151073

a tough song to cover, I was impressed

No. 151100

For all the thirsty weebs out there

No. 151102

No. 151105

File: 1625426015595.png (6.61 KB, 128x128, dronk.png)

>tfw i'll never be 8 again and play this on ddr in dinky eastern euro kids' birthday venues

No. 151177

just gonna listen to this forever

No. 151254

If you’re into angry girl music here is your new fav artist

No. 151265

omggg I loved this song as a kid. I love you anon lmao

No. 151294

No. 151456

I hope Shortparis anon sees this - they came out with a new album. It's a lot calmer but still very much so Shortparis. The moment you think you know what to expect, they switch up the direction. So good.

No. 151458

No. 151545

No. 151590

No. 151712

No. 151716

Spreading my love for Magma everywhere I go.

No. 151783

This has been stuck in my head for days and no I'm not complaining

No. 151789

No. 151837

No. 151923

I love this song. I'm so surprised this kind of music is still being made recently.

No. 151965

I love her too

No. 152600

Mentally ill anons: What sort of music would someone who is going through psychosis or insanity listen to?

No. 152606

No. 152613

holy shit kmfdm vibes. love it!

No. 152630

is this an attempt to get anons to do research for your writing

No. 152643


No. 152644

video attached
i snorted, anon. you're right though.

No. 152658

love this so much

No. 152659

The body

No. 152804

ode to summer

No. 152809

No. 152828

No. 152861

No. 152891

File: 1626684214067.jpeg (174.97 KB, 811x811, 38A23392-0FE1-4107-875C-7E9DF5…)

someone's been watching Lain

No. 152960

gonna be the first nonny to drop a måneskin song

No. 152961

For me, it's Fodderstompf

No. 152983

I love this wtf. How the fuck is this so groovy?

No. 153049

PiL are great. Especially their bassist on the first 2 albums. Crazy that you like Fodderstompf though lel

No. 153111

No. 153112

I feel like this song is a huge waste, the instrumentation and the atmosphere are nice but the lyrics are so bad it makes me wanna pull my hair out everytime I try to listen to it.

No. 153114

Just listened and I agree. Also, your description reminded me of 21 seconds which suffers from this. From Wiki, Peter Paphides said the track was "a brilliant idea" but that "not a single member of the collective uses their time to say anything remotely insightful." lmao.

No. 153133

Anyone heard of/like the band Curve? They're a British alt rock band with shoegaze, alt rock, and some goth rock influence.

I have a love-hate relationship with them. On one hand I think they're absolutely fucking brilliant and criminally underrated. On the other hand, I kinda hate them bc the lead singer is a total sperg towards Shirley Manson (who I love). Yes Garbage blew up and Curve has gorgeous songs but how would it be her fault that her band blew up kek? Shirley didn't even write many of the songs on their first album.
Oh I also hate them because in high school my internet provider threatened to cut off our internet along with like 30+ DMCA notices for Curve's torrented discography as a high schooler. I know that's retarded bc I am retarded.

No. 153134

Vidrel is one of my favorites by Curve but tbh all of their songs are very solid

No. 153161

shame about the lyrics

No. 153164

No. 153166

No. 153167

No. 153172

No. 153193

So good but I wish timberlake wasn't on it

No. 153268

No. 153269

No. 153344

I love this so much, too bad the band members are scumbags

No. 153376

No. 153395

No. 153434

Kinda autistic but there's a bunch of songs I like which have sampled the Urbs Jerusalem Beata chant specifically from the Name of the Rose (never seen this movie), I'm quite fascinated by this choice, why this version in particular and not from a random Gregorian choir?

No. 153830

I get sad whenever I hear this song and I'm too chicken to listen to it out loud

No. 153832

I unironically love this song and the pit

No. 154252

This song plays at my job every single day and I never realized until now that it’s like the pick-me anthem.

No. 154279

No. 154336

Poor Nadine. I actually quite liked this one.

No. 154405

My boyfriend made me watch that movie with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston & now I'm in love. I wish they had played even more music in the movie, can't remember the name but I know it was a remake of a French movie based on a true story.

Bring back soulful opera fr fr

No. 154409

Stopppp anons this is bringing me back to my teenage weeb days and I miss it
This live performance of Polyrhythm always makes me tear up, their first concert at Tokyo Dome

No. 154456

It's both pickme and nlog

>she wears short skirts, i wear t-shirts

>she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

No. 154459

it was so trendy in like 2014 or something to shit on the nlog song and praise taylor's ~character development~ for writing something with the opposite sentiment (probably the Style line about good girl faith and tight little skirt)

No. 154539

+1 Curve fan anon. I discovered them back in 2012 when someone mentioned I should check them out when they saw I was a Garbage fan. I remember reading about the subtle rivalry that Toni Halliday had towards Shirley and as another person who loves Shirley Manson, that did bum me out because I do like both ladies and both bands are absolutely brilliant imo.

I do get that Toni might've felt a little sad that Curve didn't take off to huge commercial success like Garbage did but I feel like that was mostly because Garbage were in America and that it had it a well known producer in the band who worked with many other popular alternative bands at the time.

No. 154540

No. 154544

nta but Cuckoo is one of a few perfect albums for me, from start to finish.
A few years before the pandemic, Dean Garcia was hopeful they'd get back together for a few nostalgia shows and seemed really irate when Toni wasn't up for it. He has a band with his daughter who attempts to sing like imperial phase Toni Halliday and it's all a bit "maybe it's finally time to move on.

No. 154592

I agree with you on Cuckoo, it's a great album. And that's a shame to see that Toni was up for working with the band again. After seeing how Garbage came out strong with their new album this year, it made me open to seeing more revival works from bands but if Toni just isn't feeling it, no point trying to force her.

At that point, Dean's better off starting off a new project altogether without trying to sound like Curve, at least singer-wise.

No. 154647

No. 154704

No one knows where they really want to go
Why we always stay inside
And now it snows
But I bet you miss it all

No. 155050

remember when life was good?

No. 155057

What's your favorite childhood song (or music video?) I just realized I forgot mine, I knew how it felt (dramatic and 'rainy'), but I cannot remember the sound or any of the lyrics. Fuck.
It may have been vid related, but I'm not convinced it wasn't something else that I cannot remember ATM.

No. 155058

I love F1 theme so much

No. 155059


No. 155062


No. 155066

Me country even had its own version of this but it is trash

No. 155075

omg YES. This was the best kek, I would sing along in a madeup language because I didn't know the lyrics

No. 155209

No. 155231

miss him so much

No. 155241

i wish i was a bigger fan of LB when they were in their peak, but i was too young

No. 155676

Lingua Ignotanons, what did you think of her new album ? I personnaly loved it, it's less agressive than caligula but it was as emotionnaly and musically strong imo! I just received the vinyl and it's also beautiful ! I love her so much, it's unreal !

No. 155678

Oh shit it's here already! I didn't get a bandcamp notification

No. 155762

>She sees her father in that old man's eyes while secretly he stares at her thighs

that shit hurted

No. 155863

Okay I tried to listen but it's hot in my room and the second half of the first track is making me overheat I'll listen again when it's a bit colder kek

No. 155932

do you guys know where to find leaks of songs? like where are people listening to the charli xcx leak? do you really just have to know someone who has it? it's not on soulseek or lanaboards

No. 155934

No. 155955

This Killers song that I don't think was ever officially released was always a favorite of mine. So perfectly pathetic.

No. 156128


just type xcx into dbree.org and you'll find it anon. Nearly all of the leaks from lanaboards end up on/come from there

No. 156137

I know this is the mgtow scrote anthem, but holy shit it is a fucking banger.
And i genuinely relate to the lyrics.

No. 156138

>mgtow scrote anthem
Really? No to me it's THE catchy late 90's industrial metal anthem!
This is my personal Rammstein fave, both the song and video.

No. 156379

No. 156517

can I get a break?
I wish that I could just get out my goddamn way
what is there to say
there ain't a better time than today
well, maybe I'll lay down for a little while
instead of always trying to figure everything out
and all I do is say sorry
half the time I don't even know what I'm saying it about

No. 156523

One of my all time favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, dangerously good taste anon

No. 156555

File: 1629319028528.gif (674.13 KB, 500x281, Richardwink.gif)

No. 156647

who likes lords of acid? i like to imagine that i'm fucking a qt incubi while listening to their "wet dream" track.

No. 156824

Click if you like industrial music. And turn up the volume

No. 156825

Aw I thought it was gonna be stoner doom from the name and cover. But I'm not disappointed, I like it very much

No. 156996

Always liked the powerful feeling of this one

No. 157018

this and a blunt

No. 157278

Seems like street lights, glowing, happen to be
Just like moments, passing, in front of me
So I hopped in the cab and I paid my fare
See I know my destination, but I'm just not there

No. 157306

No. 157309

It's funny how the music put times in perspective
Add a soundtrack to your life and perfect it
Whenever you are feeling blue keep walking and we can get far
Wherever you are

No. 157865

Back to the grave, life is a game
Death ain't a option, it win every day
Fuck gettin paid, fuck gettin laid
I'd rather be alone, I'm smokin' my haze

No. 157866

I ain't really know you was frеaky though
Ass round like Cheerios

No. 157929

Loving the La Dispute vibes.

No. 158017

No. 158061

No. 158083

No. 158487

No. 158757


No. 158853

feelin crazy

No. 158855

No. 158856

nostalgia spam over

No. 158914

The new ABBA songs are really good

No. 158919

File: 1630765893610.jpg (141.31 KB, 1000x1250, unnamed-2021-08-04T095258.714-…)


hey, that's me! SGR is such a departure from caligula, I thought I wanted something heavy again but it turns out it's still just as devastating and beautiful. I would tell you my favourite tracks but that's basically all of them, there are just three tracks that I don't absolutely adore and that's 'the order of spiritual virgins', 'repent now confess now' and the 'sacred linament of judgement' but saying that I still like all three of those. they're just 4/5 songs when the rest are 5/5.

I love that 'I who bend the tall grasses' calls back to lyrics from 'for I am the light (and mine is the only way)' from all bitches die and 'many hands' is a kind of continuation of 'all bitches die (all bitches die here)'.

overall it's perfection

No. 158968

I've been down for so long
And I've been keeping it too real
So imma say what I want
And I don't care how you feel

No. 159025

No. 159026

No. 159029

No. 159030

>inb4 tranny
this is so good

No. 159031

Can anyone please recommend me more songs like this one?

No. 159033

sigma male song unironically goes so hard

No. 159039

Hm I didn't expect this from clowncore it's too normal. But really good
That's so cool, I feel like I'm in a lost Spyro level

No. 159040

you might like the vaporwave mix

No. 159041

not bad, but not really what i'm looking for either. i want that late 1990s action movie-like sound if that makes sense

No. 159051

No. 159084

obsessed with this kind of music but idek how to describe it

No. 159085

anon im so glad someone else listens to her she's such a hidden gem

No. 159125

No. 159189

No. 159248

this is pretty based, got anything else like that?

No. 159265

ohh I love mind.in.a.box

No. 159311

I love, love this song. Brings me back to my hipster high school days.

No. 159382

Weeks ago some anon mentioned Sneaker Pimps releasing a new album so I went to check and asked that anon which was her favorite old song, idk if she ever responded but.. here is mine.

No. 159404

good song to take your sleeping meds to

No. 159417

No. 159681

when this soing is playing i feel this bird >>150879
well, just about any talking heads song

No. 159692

This is so good it should be illegal. Feeling the heavy Kevin Parker influence.

No. 159779

Going to post some smaller Australian bands.

City Calm Down are my absolute favourite.

No. 159781

Ruby Fields sings with an Australian accent and is pub rock adjacent.

No. 159782

No. 159785

No. 159916


I love her.

No. 159917

I have just started listening to her this summer, she is so intense and good. I love women who are loud and not afraid to sound bizarre and maybe even frightening.

No. 159943

Courtney’s a drugged mess and I wish she wasn’t because I love Hole. I loved listening to them and zoning out on train rides pre covid.

No. 159948

Same, I wish Nobody's Daughter wasn't such a disappointment. It even reused the paintings that were already used in Celebrity Skin's booklet, so lazy

No. 160513

i wish, maybe something like this but it doesn't scratch the itch, i'll try to find more tho

No. 160515

or this

No. 160546

I love classical music and am trying to make a playlist of classical music for working out to. Any suggestions?

No. 160870

i think its called cloud rap / hexd / surge

No. 160882

you could call it that but that specific artist is pretty different than the rest in that genre

No. 161221

File: 1632211622411.jpeg (129.83 KB, 595x595, 9025EEDC-B0D3-41D8-AF2B-EAF23A…)

Who likes reggae? I’m obsessed with eek a mouse and this album in particular.

No. 161273

File: 1632252233346.jpg (210.75 KB, 975x1300, lingua1.jpg)

I also really want to know more female artist like her!
>I love that 'I who bend the tall grasses' calls back to lyrics from 'for I am the light (and mine is the only way)' from all bitches die and 'many hands' is a kind of continuation of 'all bitches die (all bitches die here)'.
Yes! I absolutely adored those two songs so hearing them in such a different way was such a good surprise! after relistening a lot her new album, I realised that I who bend the tall grasses might be my favourite song of her. the lyrics and her delievry never fails to take my breath away!

No. 161340

yes. I'm not sure exactly what kind of classical music you want as there is a wide variety, but I'll just give you some of my favorites

Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights (from Romeo and Juliet ballet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX6GHiFKovw

Prokofiev - Balcony Scene - Romeo's Variation - Love Dance (also from Romeo and Juliet ballet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8wgqup65n4

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Opening (Swan Theme) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Aw_w8pbjDg

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBqxw6I0aoY

Tchaikovsky - White Swan duet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUbAjx41eHA

Wagner - Parsifal Overture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLVdkw0lSqw

Wagner - Siegfried's Funeral March https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a53s4jyCqqU

Verdi - La Forza del Destino Overture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lBI2wu4OIc

Shostakovich - Waltz no 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phBThlPTBEg

Brahms - Hungarian Dance no. 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HNmVe0Mmek

Rachmaninov - Prelude in C Sharp Minor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXQCPAR0EHo

Mozart - Lacrimosa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1-TrAvp_xs

Jean Baptiste Lully - Passacaille https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK6k0oF8OHM

Vivaldi - Winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZCfydWF48c

I know there's a lot more but I haven't listened to classical music in a long time so I can't remember them all. anyway I hope you enjoy some of these!

No. 161488

not a weeb but I love this shit

No. 161523

This song is like delicious butter for my ears. This makes up for that creepy "I Like Little Girls" song they also made. Just barely.

"I’d read an article and be thinking about something and write a song from that perspective. So it didn’t necessarily reflect me…but it was just fun and I knew it was irreverent. I was out to offend everybody when I started out. Any subject matter I could find that would be offensive I was embracing, so that was just one.” sure Jan

No. 161524

I'm copying that outfit for halloween

No. 161593

Stay's great. Nothing To Fear is their best album imo.
Although I heard somewhere that Danny made that song as a callout to hollywood producers/execs who went around town with their obviously underaged girlfriends, but after literally 5 minutes of research, I think that might've been a myth. oh well.
Vid attached is just a really good song

No. 161701

I hope you get some time to grow
You're not a ghost, you're in my head

No. 161709

This song just reminds me of the start of covid lockdowns so it just makes me so emotional

No. 161745

No more heroes 3's soundtrack is amazing, is it better than nmh2's soundtrack? hmm for me no, not all but definitely better than the first game's soundtrack.

No. 161747

No. 161906

I'm turning into a (slowed + reverb) kinda hoe help

No. 161907

samefag but slowed down minecraft music just hits different

No. 161931

No. 162153

Taste,I love Mr Bungle

No. 162427

No. 162677

Pure tinfoilcore but I love it, Killing Joke is one of my favorite bands and it's the song that introduced me to them.

No. 162685

Cease to know or to tell
Or to see or to be your own
Cease to know or to tell
Or to see or to be your own

Have someone else's will as your own
Have someone else's will as your own
You are beautiful and you are alone
You are beautiful and you are alone

No. 162726

Where was this song when I was diagnosed with major depression/ptsd after remembering traumatic shit a few years back?!

“I will be more than my survival, I will own these scars on my heart.”

No. 162868

This album is too catchy, it makes my life feel 100x more chic and enviable

No. 162952

mitski came back for us, girls

No. 162966

is she still a pickme?

No. 163173

No. 163531

No. 163653

No. 163786

No. 163800

No. 163805

File: 1633952745864.jpg (7.05 KB, 344x289, Screenshot 2021-10-11 044544.j…)

Samefag, if this works as intended I can make more playlists of past threads or other threads. I can also do my best to teach my (shitty) method if anyone else wants to try. It's just so annoying visiting these threads and getting picrel.

No. 163808

Thank you anon, I was manually adding every video to a playlist.

No. 163818

I love, love this song

That's really cool

No. 163929

nona you're a goddess and i love you

No. 164002

Move This Mountain has a cool vid.

No. 164079

I love her

No. 164171

Girls Aloud - Singapore

No. 165256

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - That Life

Love the general vibe of this song and the guitar lick is insane.

No. 165257

>What would you rather be doing?
I love this song so much, it's got a cool vibe and sound and is also a little bit hilarious

No. 165492

been listening to korean singer sulli’s ep. it is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of grimes genesis and oblivion a little bit. it’s the second anniversary of her death. r.i.p. it’s such a shame that some of the most talented people die so young

No. 165494

Gonna give this a listen anon! Thanks for posting!
Speaking of talented people passing so young, I can't listen to this song without breaking into sobs thinking about these two guys and their manager. they were hit head on by a drunk truck driver while driving in their tour van They seemed like really fun loving, goofy guys. They started this band as just a cute fun project together to make adorable music and it's all because of the pursuit of that project that they're gone. God it hurts so much.

No. 165736

No. 165935

I adore this album. I can only describe it as anciant greek fantasia


linked my favorite part instead of embedding it because it wont allow timestamps

No. 165968

This sounds amazing in headphones

No. 166559

anyone have anymore recs that sound like this

No. 166592

No. 166630

No. 166637

my comfort song. fills me with a sense of warmth, tranquility, and melancholy. like a mother singing a lullaby to her child for the final time or nostalgia for a place i've never been to. i want this song to be the last thing i hear before i die.

No. 166639

Wow, you described the feeling perfectly. Is it weird that I wanna cry?

No. 166642

No. 166761

You're the coolest girl in this whole town
I just wanna parade you around

No. 166785

Built to Spill - Never Be The Same
I love this band, especially this song. They have a lot of dark and complex songs in their catalog, but this one is just so sweet and simple. What makes it even better for me is that they're like this wholesome Midwestern band from Idaho, and I've read that they're really down to earth guys who are actual friends with their fans. I've seen them live twice and they have great energy. Talented guys who don't take themselves too seriously. They're my comfort band!

Song starts at the :55 second mark.

No. 167273

a groovy, jazzy song with simple pretty lyrics

Fairy of Shampoo by Light & Salt

No. 167764

This one hits different when it's past midnight and you're in a somber mood.

No. 167767

Yes, Gabor Szabo's songs are great! My favorite may be Three King Fishers

No. 167777

This album is essential to living.

No. 167948

This song sounds way too sexual for its name and for also being a boss theme

No. 168012

Xeno & Oaklander anon, if you're out there, have you heard their latest album? First off I want to thank you for introducing me to them and secondly, I have to ask someone: why has the singer decided to start singing like a four year old making up a song on the spot for family members? Her (lack of) melodies have gotten very Playskool.

No. 168047

is classical music allowed?

No. 168093

No. 168111

I love Mac Demarco’s music so much. It really teleports me to another place and I don’t get that feeling from any other artists. More specifically, a small seaside town. Even his heavier, more synth stuff has me thinking about different scenarios happening there, idk. Plus, he seems like a genuinely good guy.

No. 168126

i'm going through my edgy phase again…

yeah! im really surprised she didn't blow up more after her cover of reisai's song. btw how do you feel about her newer covers? personally, the unnamed one or myth and roid aren't exactly up to my tastes but 弦 / LUMi is amazing.

No. 168750

not to be a nostalgiafag but life was so much easier back then

No. 168799

Absolutely based. I love Doug, too. Such a great, humble guy. Did you know that's his wife's and son's names on his guitar? And I've heard he's kept BTS's tickets' pricing the same, twenty-five dollars. They're great live from what I've seen on Youtube. Keep it Like a Secret and Perfect from Now On is one of my favorite album. There is not one boring, unmoving song on them. You saying they're a comfort band is perfect – their sound is so incredibly complex and layered and has a lot of work put into it, but the finished product has always this aural and lyrical familiarity to it. It's cool that you say they don't take themselves too seriously, since after listening to Kicked it In the Sun that's exactly what I'd expect:

He seemed so unashamed of how he operated
Corresponds to the facts that you want
Despite his expectations he turned out mediocre
His master plan was so so
We're special in other ways
Ways our mothers appreciate

Or my personal favorite, which is:
And you better not be angry
And you better not be sad
You better just enjoy the luxury of sympathy
If that's a luxury you have

No. 169028

This is one of the best songs she put out in years. I love this crazy bitch.

No. 169075

Every time I watch Phenomena, I remember how great the theme song is.

No. 169104

Great taste anon. The movie is amazing too.

No. 169137

Dario Argento’s films and soundtracks are all top-tier.

No. 169297

Phenomena is such an underrated Argento movie. I love Jennifer Connelly and Daria Nicoldi (she's always great) in it.
I always miss wathever form of Goblin when they are playing in my city. I'm still bummed I missed Claudio Simonetti performing the Suspiria OST while the movie is playing.
I also love Fabio Frizzi. The Manhattan Baby OST is amazing.

No. 169665

No. 169670

I need to lie down for a minute

No. 169729

Where are you Cassie?

No. 169817

No. 169839

You know Cassie can't be fucked about her music when that one fan was selling a multi CD compilation of her stolen demos and it took nearly a year for a C&D to arrive.

No. 169845

In a cage in diddys basement

No. 169880

I need to find more women artists/bands that actually write their own music. It feels like every time I find something I like by a woman, either I look at the credits and it's actually written by some dude, OR it's like ukulele or folksy music (no offense to anons who like that type of music, but it's just not for me).

If you know a song written by a woman that is any one of these things:
>high energy
>has good drums/beat
>has interesting instrumentation
>weird in a good way
>any combination of these things (or even something different if you think it's solid and at least isn't ukulele music)
please reply with them or I may perish. thanks.

No. 169881

samefagging, some examples of what I have in my very small playlist so far (1/?)

No. 169882

No. 169883

No. 169896

How about this?

No. 169897

Probably not your thing but shout-out to a woman whose music and lore has been formative to me. Some scrote helped produce this, but EA has done pretty much everything. She's known for her obsessive need to do everything by herself

No. 169901

Caroline Rose

No. 169902

No. 169903

Princess Chelsea

No. 169906

Someone (Tessa Rose Jackson)

No. 169907

No. 169909


No. 169911

Lucie, Too

No. 169912

Carole King

No. 169913

Buzzy Lee (aka Sasha Spielberg)

No. 169914

Helena Deland
I hope I'm not going overboard kek

No. 169953

No. 170018

I adore them.

No. 170177

Hope you're having a wonderful week, electroclash anons.

No. 170375

what are some pieces of music that make you cry anons? vidrel

No. 170381

When I glanced at this I thought it was the intro for FF9 which was my very first Final Fantasy game. The intro music gives me a ridiculous amount of feels

No. 170393

If we're talking about ff, this is mine. It was my first ff game and I simply love this boss theme. ff7 was my second ff game and it's my favorite, I guess any of its music could make me cry easily.

No. 170410

I loved this album from Matty Mullins back in the day even though I've never heard his band before. The album that he released after this was much more focused on christianity and though the songs are catchy, it's hard for me to listen to casually. Can someone recommend me artists that have this manufactured modern rock/techno style? I like vocals on the higher side.

No. 171518

This song came across my Spotify when I was recovering from heartbreak and getting into 60s classics. It already felt like such a
tailor-made piece for me (the man I was recovering from was semi-famous and led me on for months) but digging a little deeper and finding out Joan wrote it about Bob Dylan, one of my musical heroes, was like a knife in the heart. Remember ladies, every thing with a penis is a mindless sex-driven mass. Even if it presents itself as righteous and thoughtful, it is a million miles beneath and not worth your feelings at all. P

No. 171714

I know the thumbnail looks stupid but trust me this is good. It's like the Idles but better

No. 171748

crying my eyes out at 3 am

No. 172037

feelin like this rn

No. 172045

What a voice, what a song, damn ty for posting this anon

No. 172056

I really liked this, it reminds me of early era Bad Seeds, if Nick Cave was writing free form poetry and was less concerned with being as edgy as possible

No. 172352

Spotify started playing this song and I just had to watch the video again

No. 172355

Anyone else love Pet Shop Boys? I just got done listening to the Actually album for the one millionth time and I still adore it

No. 173017

A total bop

No. 173021

Always on My Mind is my favorite song of theirs

No. 173259

Stumbled upon Eartheater by accident. What a goddess.

No. 174399

Here's one of my favorites

No. 175186

No. 176424

I absolutely baffled that he actually came back and is making music again, love the song and even more the message. And he also looks so much healthier now.

No. 176437

Did you buy his stage fright excuse? I know some performers can hide it well but he seemed especially confident during performances, even the ones in a language he's nervous about speaking publicly.

No. 176709

File: 1641040476526.gif (2.47 MB, 640x360, cat jam kiss.gif)

I want to know what songs you think embodies Lolcow's unhinged fem energy
>I'm Yer Dad (GRLwood)
>Pocky Boy (Yeule)
>Obsession (Gesaffelstein)
>Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Porter Robinson)
>i'll die anyway. (Girl in Red)
>Prehistoric (Now, Now)
>Oh Ana (Mother Mother)
>La Tristesse du Diable (MEIMUNA)
>Transgender (kek) (Crystal Castles)

Anime op/ed:
>Serial Experiments Lain op (Duvet, Bôa)
>Asobi Asobase ed (Inkya Impulse)
>Watamote ed (Dō Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai!)

Vidya ost:
>Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me (Silent Hill 3)
>Lily of the Valley (The Cat Lady)
>Run (Hotline Miami 2)

No. 176716

Even though I like Crystal Castles, everyone I've ever known to like them was 100% unhinged (I guess me included), so my vote goes for them

No. 176718

I hope something on Alice's new album will have farmer energy. I'm not that optimistic, but I love the title (PREY//IV). Good for her for reclaiming her Crystal Castle looks (so much more fitting than the blonde mess) and sound. Wonder how American McGee feels about her "borrowing" Madness Returns for music video lmfao

No. 176725

File: 1641050950398.png (251.85 KB, 600x600, 713B788E-A9C8-423C-AE03-A11657…)

>coin operated boy (dresden dolls)
>molasses (the hush sound)
>villain (stella jang)
>911 (ellise)
>hallucinating (elohim)
>pleasure cruise (the scary jokes)
>beauty is empty (mars argo)

>study me (zutomayo)
>plastic smile (perfume)
>hysteric night girl (psyqui)
>complete resignation declaration (nanayo akari)
>whatever whatever (neru)
>ironina (nilfruits)

vgm that plays while you browse /ot/
>mercenary aftermath (wadanohara)
>can you really call this a hotel, i didn't receive a mint on my pillow or anything (undertale)
>masquerade (atelier annie)

No. 176735

That Hallucinating MV was so cute

No. 177027

Nonnettes, I'm coming out as a Disneyfag.

No. 177028

I JUST watched this and this is definitely one of the top 2 songs, my favorite being the one sung by the strong sister (Surface Pressure). You just know what's good

No. 179260

This is so fucking good. This song has lyrics, but post rock is great in the way that it can make you feel emotions and tell a story. You can close your eyes and let the music take you to another place.

No. 179893

I also like this city pop-esque cover of this song

No. 179922

beautiful, thanks for sharing anon

No. 179965

Does anyone know of any similar songs or artist?

Sadly the artist of this isn't known and it's not listed in the game either

No. 179974

No. 180050

Listening to this song and thinking of the hot robot hunk I posted in the horny thread. We could walk together in the dust covered ruins of the future, in a world that is neither organic nor mechanic but alas tfw no robot bf

No. 180118

I'm obsessed with this album at the moment, it's so nostalgic and warm and melancholic. It's a fairly long album but u don't get bored because there's so much variation with the jazz, shoegaze, and dnb influenced tracks. definitely check it out if u have the chance. I've got vidrel and punksong on repeat.

No. 180119

late reply but I love the pet shop boys, I've got such a soft spot for 80s synth pop. my guilty pleasure is a-ha (vidrel). scoundrel days is one of my favourite pop albums of all time.

No. 180225

No. 180269

Anon, this stuff is pure crack. It reminds me of some old 00' video game soundtrack before they all became generic wub a dub.

No. 180333

Went back to old Matrix soundtracks and vocal version of Furious Angels is so, so good

No. 180338

yes exactly! it's got that nostalgic 00s futurism vibe that just works so well, especially as someone who grew up in that era.

No. 180340

I love those trip hop late 90s/early 00s action movie soundtracks lol. Extreme ways from the Bourne Identity is a classic.

No. 180341

Love this, what a talent. Harp in jazz is so unusual but it works so perfectly.

No. 180407

No. 181033

If you like soul

No. 181076

Okay Kaya's voice is so rich and beautiful

No. 181216

No. 182062

Idk where to even put this, it feels like it doesn't belong in any specific thread but I still want to post it somewhere lol.

Anyway, around the end of 2015, I discovered a band called Icon for Hire. I didn't realize they were a Christian band at first, because most of their music was about mental health and not overtly Christian but they were signed to a Christian record label. Apparently the record label treated them like shit and they had to go to court to get out of their contract. Anyways their music seemed kind of juvenile to me but I really enjoyed it for some reason, it reminds me of all my mental health struggles I had as a teenager (and still have). Their music is kinda a guilty pleasure for me I guess.

I still listen to their music from time to time, their first 2 albums were with the label and all their music after that has been independently released. Sadly I don't like the independent stuff as much but I'll still listen to it from time to time.

Ariel (the lead singer) used to have a YT channel (well it's still up, just not active) called The REL show. She used to upload a video every week that was about something like mental health, self improvement, creativity, following your dreams etc.. I loved looking forward to her videos every week but she stopped uploading 3 years ago (then uploaded a couple videos a year ago and stopped again). Ngl was pretty sad when she stopped uploading. I thought I was over it by now but going back and watching her old videos made me hurt lol. She also published a book that I own but still haven't read. I still follow her on Instagram but I don't use Instagram that much so I don't really know what she's up to. Vid related is one of their older songs.

No. 182178

Recommendations for pop or electronic songs with a similar vibe?

No. 182223

same anon, forgot that bury a friend by Billie Eilish existed, they do sound really similar.

No. 182264

I'm slowly slipping back into obsession with early 2000s bands, especially SOAD, not one bad song across their 5 LPs. Kinda salty I'll never be able to see them live like this again ig
Serj can still get it tho

No. 182529

Listening to one of the Placebo singles from the upcoming album and
>Ex-drummer’s nose stuck in the past
>Found dead behind the wheel of a car

No. 182557

Nona, you got impeccable taste! Placebo is an incredible band, my favorite tbh. Can't wait to see them live in November.

Also, I royally love the Running Up That Hill cover by Placebo, but I never cared much about listening to the original version. Which sucks, tbh, because I later found out it's dope. Kate Bush is fascinating.

No. 182570

I'm glad I haven't posted that into the void! I thought nobody will care. Brian Molko was my serious crush, I almost died when I touched his hand for a split second. I'm gonna see them live too, but in October and then HEALTH a few days later. I think I will get a fan ticket this time to keep as a memento and/or sell later on. Kinda considering getting the ticket now not to forget and have something to keep me alive in the next months. It's so goddamn expensive. I remember going to see them in 2009 (or was it 2011?) and paying 99 zł. Then next gig (4 years later) it was suddenly 200 and now it's 230…
How did you feel about Battle for The Sun, Loud Like Love and the rest of their 'recent-ish' output? I think I already like Never Let Me Go more than LLL (though I may be wrong, that album had like 4 good tracks). The general vibe gels better with me, though.
>Running Up That Hill
The Placebo version is a definite one. I like Kate Bush's original take too, but it's inferior to what the band did (sorry). Every other cover that I've heard is inferior to both of them, though (that paint by numbers Within Temptation one, eek)

No. 182581

No. 182600

I would die to touch Brian Molko, seriously. For me, he's some sort of personal jesus, idk. Placebo has been #1 on my Spotify since I got it. LLL is one of the albums I like the most, but I agree it's far from being their best work. BFTS, on the other hand, can't bring myself to care much ab it. So far it's been just like that with the new album. About the tickets, I don't know which one I'll get. One thing is for certain, tho: you should be grateful you're getting to see them live in your area, cuz I'm gonna have to travel abroad. FML. I'm here saying I'm going but I don't even know fosho if I'll be able to afford it. Cries in poor language
>The Placebo version is a definite one. I like Kate Bush's original take too, but it's inferior to what the band did (sorry).
I second this. Also, their rendition of Where is My Mind is also far better than the original one.

No. 182628

Fellow Placebo nonnies, I'm curious what your favorite songs are… It's hard to pick just one but this has got to be mine.

No. 182655

I love SOAD, actually i just recently watched the concert they did in Armenia, it was absolutely perfect

No. 183238

Does anyone have recommendations for wholesome hippie groups/artists like The Seekers?

No. 183246

*The Seekers/The New Seekers.
Sorry, I know they're totally different. I meant to delete and repost but it keeps giving me an error. How embarrassing lol

No. 183319

I love this album so much, I keep hearing those warm synth tones in my dreams

No. 184342

I love her so much, neon womb is an amazing song too. She's an amazing performer, I hope to see her live some day!

No. 184345

I love that kind of atmospheric sound so much. do you like vegyn? I loved his album 'only diamonds cut diamonds', he's just released a mixtape which isn't quite as good imo but still decent. vidrel makes me cry.

No. 184348

Only God knows how many hours I've spent listening to this one song. The way it builds up so slowly and consistently, and sets up all these motifs that all pay off so beautifully in the end.

No. 184400

Her hair is amazing

No. 184502

The long lost original demo from Godspeed You! Black Emperors was apparently found, some guy on /mu/ dropped it out of nowhere yesterday. From a musical standpoint it's obviously shit, but it's still a huge find (if real) for fans of the band and lost media enthusiasts.

No. 184570

No. 184573

Why are you hanging around on 4chan.

No. 184578

I don't, I saw it reported on a lost media website.

No. 184600

Gib name of website nonnabella

No. 184607

No. 184624

https://lostmediawiki.com/Home it's the place to go if you want to learn about lost media of any kind.

No. 185123

Amazing underrated band, I think at first they were an all women's group too!

No. 185294

I love this, thanks for posting! If you know of any other good yugo bands, especially any more female fronted ones, pls add more!

what's everyone's favourite super high energy track? i need more stuff to listen to at the gym. atm i just listen to this on repeat lol

No. 186165

not exactly psychosis but this is pretty much the negative symptoms of schizophrenia which is related

No. 329682

File: 1698107254693.png (442.7 KB, 640x426, tfw.png)

hello ladies i'd like to formally request some of your fav breakup songs/albums whatever. i'm starting to run out of my own and it's getting concerning, i feel like i have quite literally exhausted the entire indie genre atp

No. 329782

Invented and Damages by Jimmy Eat World. Those albums marked a pretty big change in sound for them as a band and the lyrics just hit when you’re feeling that breakup feel. I promise it isn’t like, 90s pop punk vibes kek. Listen to Bye Bye Love and How’d You Have Me. The National is good for breakups too but idk if you’ve already burned out on them

No. 330748

Why can't this ugly talented brit put all his albums on spotify.

No. 338607

No. 338629

RIP Geordie Walker.

No. 339509

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