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File: 1613510784258.jpg (381.06 KB, 1281x1158, WMnUsxB.jpg)

No. 128239

Discuss NSFW games here, including but not limited to:

>Degrees of Lewdity

A sandbox game/text-based erotic RPG. You play as a boy or girl trying to keep your sanity and avoid getting kidnapped/transformed/etc in a town full of perverts. You can customise your character, make money, go to school, wander in a forest, become a farmer, etc. The sky’s nearly the limit.
"The game has strong sexual themes, and lots of sex in general. You can choose the gender of the people who'll be attracted to you, and fetishes such as tentacles can be toggled off in settings."
Online version:
Download/Newest version (Feb 14th):

>AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is an AI-generated, text-based adventure game with unlimited possibilities. You can make all kinds of insane stories and collab with others in custom worlds.
Online version:

>Boyfriend To Death

Boyfriend to Death is an 18+ horror visual novel where you have to survive a few nights with murderous/yandere type men. Contains blood, gore, etc.

Feel free to add or recommend any others!

No. 128251

Thank you for the thread, op!
Anyway can someone pls give me a guide on how to fuck my husbando in AI Dungeon even if I am a retard.

No. 128253

seconding this, I always get some weird dialogue shit and the AI never remembers anything when I try to use /remember

No. 128258

File: 1613518841951.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.86 KB, 585x288, 7486326048032648238.jpg)

Ah, my guilty coomer pleasure. Has anyone played Cloud Meadow's early access? It looks amazing and seems like a genuinely cute farming/life sim. Except you also get to bang hot monster boys? I feel this could possibly be my dream game.

No. 128261

File: 1613519184975.png (115.2 KB, 736x613, 76483026483276439264823965.png)

Just realized original pic looks kind of furry-centric but there are some cute and imaginative designs. For example I really like these plant(?) boys.

No. 128268

File: 1613520885611.png (141.25 KB, 800x1139, 52A99AE1-6AF7-45D8-959D-1EE59E…)

i think that’s all the basics

the remember/pin is pretty shit no matter what you write in it. the ai also forgets names and genders sometimes. the dialogues is where it truly shines though.

as for world info, people say to limit your use of negatives (is bald > doesn’t have hair). also write singular words in ‘keys’ rather than plurals.

tbh it doesn’t work THAT well and i end up writing like 70% myself but i’m very perfectionistic.

i have a question too, people on plebbit are saying 3rd person gives better results than the default 2nd person. can anyone confirm that? i think 2nd person is really fun.

No. 128273

kek my bf saw me checking out the steam page

No. 128281

File: 1613525426898.png (Spoiler Image,27.11 KB, 965x910, EgskC_rWAAEnGQV.png)

I've played and even supported it for some time, and I think it's great for what it is, easily the best nsfw game in my opinion, though it's very subjective ofc. Very good production quality, fun to play, sex scenes animations are very well done and I agree that the designs are just soooo good, picrel being a great example of variety in the game. Overall I just love this pixel art style, one of the prettier pixel styles out there, the creator of the game is a very good artist;
what's worth noting, he worked as an artist on a now cancelled Breeding Season, and one of the reasons for game's failure was that he had clashes with the game writer about pedo-pandering content (ofc being against), so while he may be a monster fucker, he has his heart in the right place.

No. 128283

>Whitney Edition
yaaaaaaaas queen thank you for the thread!!

Contribution: I trawled the “erotic” games on itch.io and found Off the Cuff, which is a VN about being a masochist held prisoner by your criminal arch-rival who you have incredible sexual tension with. (It’s het with mostly maledom content, but there is one ending that involves the female protagonist taking control.) The “goal” is to escape but the other endings are more fun imo. It’s so good that the arch-rival, Markus, has entered my stable of husbandos. The creator has another adult VN that I might write up here, but it’s very genderkweer trans-friendly, so idk if anons would enjoy it as much.

link to Off the Cuff: https://alexisroyce.itch.io/offthecuff

No. 128295

the game mentioned in the op reminds me of another text based game i played years ago. i don't remember what it's called but it's a similar premise. you're a normal boy/girl who is essentially sacrificed to go try to fix the corruption taking over the world, or something. near constant encounters with imps and a big snake that made me bored of it because i couldn't get any other scenes
i don't think it's as customizable/sandbox though

No. 128302

ooh I've seen clips of the sex scenes online and there's a lot of variety, there's m/f, m/m, and f/f so you can pic your poison. The wolf guy and snake lady might be my favorites lol.

No. 128320

I love that they made the lady bat huge and powerfully monstrous while the guy is so cute and petite (his little feet heels)!
>he had clashes with the game writer about pedo-pandering content
I appreciate smut with morals. I like some degenerate shit but pedo material is definitely a hard no and I'm really happy to hear a designer (especially a moid) stood against it. How do you find the non-sexy aspects of the game, like the farming and combat? Does it play somewhat similarly to Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Stardew Valley and the like?

No. 128336

>I love that they made the lady bat huge and powerfully monstrous while the guy is so cute and petite (his little feet heels)!
I wanted to say the same thing! I love how they reversed the usual portrayal of fantasy races - male being a fucking monster and female just a regular big titty woman with animal ears and a tail.

No. 128344

I played an eroge years ago the title of which I cannot remember, I wonder if anyone can help me? You could play as one of three girls who entered a strange mansion and had to escape a monster/robot. The monster/robot was shaped like a guy and had nice abs. You would lose clothes as you gained damaged and instead of 'death' scenes there would be sex scenes

No. 128366

>Does it play somewhat similarly to Harvest Moon/Rune Factory/Stardew Valley and the like?

Yeah, I'd say so! I remember combad being a little clunky but last time I've played was a version a bit before the one available on Steam now, briefly looked at some recent gameplays and it looks much better. Overall balance wise there seems to be more interactions with other characters in Cloud Meadow as compared to these three inspirations, but it definitely is not just porn with half-assed farming mechanic thrown in there but a well balanced farming/turn-based combat/nsfw game.

No. 128432

File: 1613580255481.jpg (202.37 KB, 1400x512, Knc1gC.jpg)

Anyone play Cute Demon Crashers? I personally thought it was too fluffy and virtue-signaling with the whole consent thing but maybe some farmers are into the fluff stuff. I think the designs are really cute, though.

No. 128435

i played it a while back but quit super early, it was wayyyy too cringey in that really specific tumblr way for me. i do remember liking one or two of the characters though

this looks fun! i like how there's actual gameplay too. how does the art style translate into nsfw though? i feel like it would end up a bit odd but maybe that's just because all the stuff i've seen in this kind of style has been weird and awkwardly animated

No. 128473

File: 1613595105624.png (458.04 KB, 800x750, 7064CFA0-F2F5-4F52-A3ED-5C45F9…)

The designs in breeding season were much better

No. 128476

NSFW animations look good, I don't want to risk ban by linking to porn sites but it's easy to find them!

No. 128482

Oh, I didn't even see these were options. I've mostly been trying to deal with things through dialogue and story elements, had no idea this was a thing. Thank you!

I wonder if the AI recognizes certain characters names and thus adapts their traits too. Or has some info in place from previous players experimenting with characters. I can't imagine everyone's in there but I did have a couple of questionable dialogue spots and actions that made me feel like it knew my taste and characters I picked

No. 128613

since i saw this on here i've been playing it and i'm not really sure how i feel about it. it feels kind of scrotey to me - like, every single female character except maybe one has like Z-cup anime tits and it relies a lot on male fantasy tropes, even in the female/male and female/female scenes (like where one of the monsters fucks the female MC's with a strap and then cums in her mouth with tons of fake cum??? what normal woman does that do it for, genuine question).

it's also kind of painful to play - so many things just don't make sense to me and basic things like controls are awkward. some stuff is obviously in part due to the fact it isn't finished, but i joined the discord and the people working on the game are so weirdly aggressive to people pointing out bugs/making suggestions on how to improve the game.

idk, i don't really like it that much but i'll probably still keep playing doe

No. 128619

File: 1613668090883.jpeg (146.62 KB, 1540x316, 8623C679-F7C9-4B05-B7DE-7AC05A…)

to add to this, i found a pretty helpful (and a bit more advanced) AI Dungeon guide for you horny nonnies https://rentry.co/bt9fq
i don’t tend to use it for nsfw stuff myself but even i learned something useful.

i know what you mean! for example as soon as i hint to the ai that a character is untrustworthy, i feel like it goes “oh, so you’re into sleazy villains? we gotcha” and i love it.

No. 128629

It looks scrotey as fuck. Thanks for the warning about the "lesbian" (scrote fantasy) content.

No. 128634

Aw this sucks to hear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts though nonny, hopefully there end up being some decent aspects to the game. I do still like the designs (for the guys at least) so it's a shame the rest didn't pan out.

No. 128649

i was lured in by pretty boys but it really is not it at all. plus, it turns out that the way they came up with poses for ALL sex positions by asking a very small group of $20+ patrons composed mostly of men what they wanted, so that explains everything tbh. it’s a fucking stupid way to do it too because they let this tiny group quite literally control the direction of the game. i also saw a ton of patrons paying <$20 who didn’t get to vote complaining about the results, some even going as far as saying that XYZ character was ruined for them.

i’m bisexual so i was actively excited for MF and FF stuff, but 75% of female characters are mommy bait for coomers and the other 25% is like quirky xD manic pixie dream girl trope shit. it’s depressing, especially as a woman - the coomerbrainy male gaze is so fucking obvious, ugh

the worst part is that the guys are designed so well tbh! some of them are fleshed out NPC’s who seem really sweet too, and there’s an bit of a dating sim vibe, so i’m really disappointed. i also really struggle to enjoy gameplay at all - the whole game feels so directionless to me. for example, the game does an incredibly poor job at telling you where you should go beyond telling you the specific name of a place, despite the fact that 1) there are tons of awkwardly hidden entrances to random places, 2) there are no signposts to interact with, and 3) there is no fucking map!!!

it’s just poorly designed tbh, but i would rather eat glass than attempt to explain this on the improvements channel in the discord because the main person working on the game who replies is a class-A dick. like, one of the most recent pieces of feedback was from someone with limited eyesight asking for better accessibility irt font size, and the weird asshole mod straight up was like ‘no, this is a you problem, just change your resolution size’. so weird. phew, anyway, sorry for ranting! i’m just disappointed by rude disgusting coomer scrotes as per usual

No. 128657

File: 1613685361018.jpeg (67.78 KB, 828x382, 9A7411FC-BF90-410C-9CF1-3A964E…)

samefriend, i meant to say ‘was by asking a very small group…’, sorry!

also, screenshot of the passive aggressive dev/mod i was talking about. i have no idea why they screenshotted a message from what must’ve been months ago to reply to someone making a genuinely good point about the awkward ass gameplay, and i don’t think he realised how fucking dumb he looks by admitting that he’s not going to fix a huge issue with the gameplay because ‘too much effort’.

sorry if i sound like i’m trying to start mega-autistic drama or if i’m derailing, i’m just supremely annoyed by this dumbass fetishy scrote game, and it gets worse whenever i look more into it. it’s also been in development since like 2017 so why it sucks so much in basic shit like user interface and day-1 gameplay is beyond me.

No. 128696

It's really not a surprise that it's more for a male audience. All these patreon/other platform porn games are made by and for males.
It's never good to get hyped for them because the odds are they'll never be fully finished because than the devs will stop getting their monthly suscribers.

No. 129125

I really like DoL, but it gets boring after awhile. I usually play with a fit+defiant build, but there is not much content in late game as there is for a submissive play.
Ahhh, I really want to step on Whitney.(Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here. )

No. 129130

what’s the full name of this game nonnie?

No. 129132

Degrees of Lewdity, the game OP mentioned.

It's a fucking gross game, I worry for you anons that are into shit like this

No. 129133

File: 1614042508572.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

No. 129134

girl… read the thread title. my apologies that you knew the answer to my question though

No. 129206

I did, but I thought this was gonna be games that were actually erotically appealing to girls, not to coomer scrotes. Was kinda hopeful, I wanna find non-cringy erotic games.

I don't get what is sexy about basically a rape game. Being used in the most filthy ways. If you get off on that maybe love yourself more.

No. 129208

i literally asked for the title because i didn’t know what the game was. now i’ve looked it up i agree that it’s gross scrotebait, but you need to stop infighting and a-logging because you like like a tard. unclench before you end up rupturing something

No. 129212

Nta but how is that post a-logging?

No. 129223

i actually liked DOL cause it felt like it cared way less about scrotes compared to something like Corruption of Champions or Trials in Tainted Space. Both of the latter scream written by men, but i feel like DOL at least tries. you do kind of have to inherently be a maso though

No. 129224

sauce pls anon

No. 129225

>games actually erotically appealing to girls
>for girls

If you find a porn game made for a female audience please share it here. Porn games are made by men, for men, with male appeal, male thinking and male gaze. It sucks, but thats how things are right.
Women in gaming are mostly from sjw tumblr, and while the things they defend (mostly consent) are great in RL, it translates terribly to porn.
You can see that in fanfics, they write (cringy) romance, every thing safe sane and consensual, and when it comes to smut it's ikea with multiple consent forms in middle. It's really not arousing. The few games i saw targeted to women are yuri (so for men) or really, really cringy and unappealing.

The only game porn made by women for women is japanese, and mostly untranslated. Few women want to learn a second or third language for spank fodder.

Also, women can be perverts too. If you read /g/ you will find a lot of sick shit in the fetish threads. And rape is a staple in BL; fujoshis have really rotten minds.
Ok, you are pure vanilla, that's okay. But don't come into a porn thread to look down on us for having fetishes and living them through fiction. That's what porn is for.

Tl;dr beggars can't be choosers; get off your high horse

No. 129229

>mentions BL
>says there are no porn games for women

No. 129230

nta but
>The few games i saw targeted to women are yuri (so for men) or really, really cringy and unappealing
>cringy and unappealing
probably that's where bl counts in as far as that anon is concenred

No. 129231

I skipped BL because there's already a thread for fujos, and this thread seems het oriented. There is a lot of BL translanted, but 18+ otome is way more rare. The only one I can remember is Fashioning Miss Lonessome.

No. 129233

Oh hey. I found out about this game on this site and I've been going nuts making fanart for it. I was hoping people from here would find it
https://twitter.com/RRROTTEN/status/1363525377180590085/photo/1(Do not post pornography or NSFW imagery here. )

No. 129237

wait, are you the actual artist of that fanart? i love that if so! also if you are the artist i am OBSESSED w your fanart of sylvain and dorothea that you posted on twitter, waow

No. 129238

Yeah, it's me! Thanks! I hope some of you here will enjoy the future DoL pics I do. Idk how much more there'll be but it's really been my muse lately unfortunately

No. 129239

i'm sure we will, your art is super good! thanks for posting the little behind the scenes sketch too, it feels so exclusive kek ♥

No. 129240

Which love interest / NPC is your favourite in DOL?

I unironically love Leighton arc because I am a sucker for this kind of trope, and my fave love interest is Avery. Wish there were more interactions with them. I didn't know that Kylar would end up becoming a yandere, and even though I love yandere trope, I deeply regret taking care of him, cause he keeps stealing all of my clothing.

Your artwork looks amazing, anon!! I had no clue that there is some good fan-art for this game until this thread appearead, which pretty much made me want to come back to this game after awhile! I like the plotwriting a lot, though my least favourite thing is the farm arc.

No. 129243

File: 1614101307619.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.95 KB, 640x640, Rc95KjKl.jpg)

Oh my gosh, anon, your art is so amazing! I loved your interruption of Kylar in pic related. I haven't seen them done in that way and I feel like it goes really well with their character too. Also when I play the game I literally imagine Whitney the way you drew him kek.
Definitely Kylar for me, even though they can be understandably annoying to some. I remember seeing a comment on Vrelnir's blogpost about how he provides such little value for the player (lowers your status, steals your clothes, when they kidnap you, to keep them in your game, you have to get arrested) and I have to kind of agree. I wish the orphanage played a bigger role in the game, so at least the arc about turning the loft into a pepper spray lab would have more of a positive effect on the game. But I love that psycho anyway.

No. 129247

lol well finding an audience of women who wanna see the type of art I make is difficult. You guys are kinda special to me
Thanks! tbh I didn't see a lot of fanart I liked, which is why I wanted to start doing my own. I wanna recreate some of the scenes in the game while I'm still interested lol. I really like Whitney! But I'm taking my time and haven't met Eden yet. Alex and Kylar I like too. I love how Kylar protects me from other pervs with his dart gun and I love imagining him all sweaty and vibrating in excitement while you copy his test in english lol cute!
>I haven't seen them done in that way and I feel like it goes really well with their character too.
yeah, I didn't like how other artists made them seem really badass or cool, but on the other end some made them seem too soft and meek for me to be attracted to them lol. Same with Whitney! I want him big and beefy or he's not worth letting him dominate me lmao

No. 129248

whitney and kylar because I'm a basic bitch. please, let me cuck kylar with whitney.

No. 129249

> he provides such little value for the player
IMO I think that's fair, considering that the game itself feels like NSFW-survival one. I just wish there was a way of getting rid of Kylar without removing him completely (from the game), because I'd feel bad for him.

Aww, that's so sweet of you, anon. I totally understand. I am happy that this thread exists because I don't think that game's discord server is comfortable / safe enough, cause it seems to be mainly male dominated, and people seem to care more about it's NSFW aspect, but I might be wrong since I barely scrolled it.

I mainly seen people portraying Kylar as some sort of a 'soft boy', as if he is some sort of a puppy when I don't think he is one. On the other hand, Robin is a pure cinnamon roll (at least to me!).

Irc there is only one way of having a 'cuck' scene with him in cafeteria? At least I was able to kiss Robin instead of him. It'd be nice to have more scenes like that, though some of his dialogues already show that he knows that you were at Brothel or Strip club, but It'd be cool if he could interrupt your performance or something.

No. 129250

you're able to give whitney oral while kylar watches, iirc. one of whitney's friends holds his head up. pretty sure this results in a fistfight.

in any case, i wish there was (more) DoL fanfiction, but i understand why there's not (too much variability in your player character, the genders, etc).

No. 129251

There is a way to remove Kylar from the game, if you ignore him and let the jealousy grow.

None of the LI do it for me atm: Whitney pimps the player; Robin is a spineless gamer; Avery is boring (but at least is a reliable sugar daddy); Kylar steals all the fucking clothes and the pepper lab is super expensive.
My favourite is Eden, but getting rid of the leash is sooo long. I wish the PC could walk up to his cabin instead of being hunted.

I'm waiting for Alex as LI.

No. 129252

you can just someone fuck at the police station to get rid of the leash. unless you mean wearing the leash down?

No. 129256

I tried playing this and just ended up getting raped by dogs and other creatures a lot lol, I have no idea how to actually play it. I'm glad they offer a cute male protagonist option though, I'm fucking sick of coomer male pandering in all NSFW games.

No. 129257

This game's wikipedia page is a good source, i highly recommend. You can also remove creatures / replace them in game settings before starting the game

No. 129258

nta but i'm not a fan of anorectal violence so i'm glad that can be turned off too

No. 129260

anon please… don’t encourage me to write up all my lewd daydreams about being whitney’s gf under the guise of “DOL fanfiction”…

No. 129264

I'll try checking it out. I'm just glad I have a game where I can put my male protagonist through all the monster rape and other depraved shit because I'm a degenerate who also hates that it's always female characters subjected to it so this game honestly caught my interest.

No. 129267

I am really happy that you can customize the game a lot, from changing named (and unnamed) NPCs sex to removing certain fetishes. Wish more games were as custom as this one.

No. 129268

But DOL is written by a man as well, right? I tried it out because some anons mentioned it on here, but I had the same experience as >>129256 kek. So far it seemed pretty scrotey to me.

No. 129270

Yeah, DOL is made by a guy who wants to be a little girl.

No. 129271

Oh no, is he a troon

No. 129272

this is nitpicky i guess but i tried making a dark skinned character in DoL but the pixel art still showed her as pale. i'm pretty sure i didn't choose the gyaru option

No. 129274

This game is under a development and it always has its own bugs and whatnot, so I am not surprised tbh. My character's outfits would glitch, but I know that people create mods for this game. You might want to check it out ?

Also, haven't found that the creator is a troon, people are referring to him as a man. This game is obviously a coompandering one, but I really like that there is some world building going on, along w quests etc.

No. 129275

I knew it. kek. But anons, enjoy nevertheless (even though I don’t get what makes this game appealing).

No. 129285

I actually really like DOL-dev (despite him being a scrote who wants to be the little girl) because I have a hard time imagining him trooning out. He seems really clear on the fact that he’s not a woman, all his interactions with players/fans that I’ve seen are respectful, and he manages to discuss the sexual content of his game without getting sexual himself (if that makes sense). Obviously he’s still a fucking weirdo, and who knows what he’s really like, but for a guy who puts this much time into making a coomer game he seems remarkably chill.

No. 129289

File: 1614116730821.png (2.59 KB, 910x51, 144222.png)

I agree with you, anon. Honestly anyone who creates a game like this has gotta be a little weird, but I feel like Vrel is on the chiller side of that spectrum. I respect him a bit more for not going the overly woke route and adding pronouns. I got pic from the Ideas-Suggestions_FAQ, which you can download on the wiki. He also seems to be very firm on the limits on what he will implement and not implement in the game, including gore, incest, and scat. I appreciate that a lot because even though this game is pretty obscene, it still doesn't cross morbid territory for me. The fact he implemented toggles at all also is really nice.

No. 129291

Based, pronoun politics are gay.

No. 129292

File: 1614119311057.jpg (16.47 KB, 125x252, farmer-tan.jpg)

I really like the pixel style.

No. 129295

My fucking god anons I just spent like 5 hours playing that fucking DOL game, ended up sending my cute twink boy to the farms to be milked and fucked by centaurs and him going full bullboy before I figured out how to escape. Now I just need to raise money to get rid of his titties. I'm a full on degenerate but this game is extremely fun when you toggle the genders to make it just male on male material kek.

No. 129301

>male on male material kek.
lol this is what I did and i ending up spending a good five days wasting away, playing this game.

cuuute. i basically gave up trying to buy cute clothes, though, since they kept getting ripped and stolen lmao

No. 129305

Was it mostly a text-based RPG with some sprite artwork? Because it sounds like you're talking about Corruption of Champions. Wasted so much time playing that. I got plenty of other scenes aside from the ones you're talking about but it's been updated several times so maybe you played an earlier version.

No. 129312

Ugh I've wasted so many hours of my life playing Corruption of Champions not even trying to get laid but just playing the game grinding and unlocking shit while trying to avoid losing my virginity for as long as possible

No. 129357

samefag, but I restarted the game and managed to make a dark skinned character but… I keep getting assaulted by dogs even though I definitely disabled all such options… damn this game is glitchy

No. 129378

On my second take I kept being assaulted by women despite checking the setting so that only men will attack my character and that all NPCs will be men so either I fucked something up pre-game or the game glitches with the set preferences. I'm also not a fan of how much deepthroating is in it despite disabling the asphyxiation kink. I wish you could toggle the preferences during the game because it absolutely nuked the mood when my petite twink boy was suddenly gangraped by a bunch of horny women lmao.

No. 129380

Iirc you can change all the settings (except the PC) in the bedroom at the orphanage.

No. 129388

This game is so brutal, this fucking sent me. Bitch ass Remy and his shitty forced tattoos. I went into the game blind and didn't know you could literally turn into a fucking cow. I'm trying the purity route/angel route this time now.

No. 129390

I actually never knew I had a bodywriting kink until his route kek. To be perfectly honest the setting would've been hot as hell if it didn't make my character's tits grow instead of his dick and every NPC started calling him a girl. Had to start all over because of it.

Seriously, fuck the anon who brought up this game because I'm now hooked and filling my brain with fujo coom. I've been dreaming of a game where I could bully a cute boy protagonist all I want and now I'm wide awake.

No. 129418

Anon your art is amazing and this pic is so hot, it's giving me fever, I want to bully this little shit.

No. 129645

God I wish Whitney would just fuck my character himself instead of pimping him all over the town. I want to romance him but I don't know if it's worth it if I end up just being a cock sleeve to everyone else but my dipshit bully boy.

Does anyone know how the fuck am I supposed to meet Bailey's demands? I'm broke all the time and can't figure out how to make good money since I end up spending the change I have on buying new clothes to replace the torn ones. How the hell am I supposed to have more than a few hundred bucks in my hand when my clothing keeps getting fucked up and even prostituting yourself nets you maybe 50 quid tops?

No. 129649

Work on the houses in Danube street. Whenever i play i can get by, with robins debt, just by working there.
If you bartend at the strip club you can eavesdrop smugglers and sell their stuff to Landry for 2k.
Being a member of the church gives you 4k a month if you're chaste.
Treasure hunt and harvest things on the forest to sell on the stall.
Search for treasure on the lake.
Give money to the orphans (25), and rise hope, and they will give you money back.

No. 129692

File: 1614372612442.png (Spoiler Image,2.46 KB, 95x182, Screenshot 2021-02-26 133806.p…)

Anons, I finally completed the angel transformation! Pic related is my character, and I thought it was really cute how they cover themselves up with their wings when naked kek. I'd like to see other anons' avatars too! Besides getting the wings and halo, I also got a new action choice when being attacked- 'Forgive'. I tested it out on an NPC, and it didn't seem to do anything except remove the trauma from the encounter. I'm curious how it would work on a LI though. Overall, it was pretty easy to get this w/ the chastity belt and anus shield thing.

No. 129698

Get really good at stealing shit/picking locks and save often so you don't get thrown in jail. You can go to the pub to sell stolen goods.

No. 129706

I think Bailey will just keep asking for more and more money, I'm not sure if when you reach the max anything good can happen lol
What I do when he comes for his money is "fight" him, apologize, then stroke him and suck his nipples until he cums in his pants, and leaves out of embarrassment. But I also play on soft mode so idk if that would change anything

No. 129710

File: 1614376404767.png (21.24 KB, 380x294, whitneyscat.png)

Wow, didn't know that happens anon. I played the angel route for a while and it just occurred to me that my character was never fully nude.

Picrel is my recent playthrough, very affectionately titled Whitney's Cat

I've never been able to suck off Bailey and he always kicks my ass everytime I try to fight him. It caps at $2000 for payments though, unless you take on Robin's debt then it doubles.

No. 129732

I love this anon

That sounds like a pretty risky way of doing it since you can get sent to all sorts of game hindering places if you get caught. I found a pretty safe way of doing money is to steal shit from the smugglers and get so good at school that you can get £100 by tutoring kids on Danube Street.

No. 130058

late as fuck but max out your english stat, once it's rank A or higher apologizing will always work

No. 130214

I'll try this. Thanks anon!

On that note. Does anyone know how to have a proper submissive/slutty playthrough? The noncon shit raises Trauma too quickly when I submit and my toon keeps getting sent to the Asylum for being crazy.

No. 130219

Get really good at school, your trauma meter depletes faster because your school performance causes you to have a better self esteem. Also try to bond with your schoolmates during lessons, it lowers trauma. Up your physique to escape combat faster by punching and kicking or be as submissive as possible. Up your promiscuity and exhibitionism so that encounters will be less traumatic. My boy is a huge slut but I manage to keep his trauma at 0 just fine. If something really traumatic happens like kidnapping and it kicks up the meter, try to play as safe as possible until you're healthy again. I.e. only go outside during day hours, cover up and attempt to stay in public, safe places.

Another thing that helps a lot with managing trauma is to befriend the wolf pack and spend time with them. However that can trigger the wolfboy transformation so if you're not into that then idk.

No. 130245

I actually fucking managed to do this. Does it keep him off my back for the next week or will acting up like this come bite me in the ass later?

No. 130255

I've been doing it every single week, no consequences! Keep that money, you earned it!

No. 130262

He starts letting dudes into your room to fuck you in your sleep which is cool bc free skulduggery exp

My question to skulduggery bros is is it necessary to get landry's box to get the cops to fuck off??? The moor is hell, I went out of my way to get whitneys dominance stat to 0 so I can pass out and have him wake me up as soon as I find it instead of getting gangbanged by cats for 8 in game hours straight, passing out anyways, and getting arrested when I wake up.

No. 130514

I started playing this as male character all the feminization/sissification aspects of it really turned me off. Unfortunately it seems to be a major thing so I guess it's not for me. Are there any more games without retarded AGP scrote fetishes?

No. 130523

File: 1614780947142.jpg (504.95 KB, 1920x1080, Hp2_officialtitleart.jpg)

anyone here play hunie pop/hunie pop 2? fave girl, worst girl? its always so interesting to hear girl's opinions about the best and worst characters cause scrotes are so predictable.

No. 130527

File: 1614781363814.png (405.63 KB, 464x512, 141-1419973_audrey-belrose-1-a…)

I havent played the one that came out last month, it looks kind of like shit. Something about the art bothers me.
But I really liked audrey in the first one, she's cute and I love her bitchiness. Fuck nikki though, she just seemed like a shitty boring NLOG trope

No. 130533

>all the feminization/sissification aspects of it
I haven't really experienced this. I just turned off all the feminization shit in the beginning of the game like breast enlargement etc and make my male character only wear boy clothes. A lot of the lewd ones are unisex and if you combine female and male clothes you can make him look like a slut but still recognized as a man. So far haven't come across any sissyfication or forced feminization stuff during my playthrough, it's pretty much a guy being fucked raw by other men for me, nobody has been trying to make him a girl.

No. 130535

somehow it kills me there is a muslim anime babe to fuck. this is a politically correct oel eroge

No. 130536

File: 1614782605010.jpg (15.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

samefag, just noticed that the lady in the violet one-piece swimsuit is a complete rip-off of a teacher from Mahoromatic. Unless they got the rights to feature her in their game?

No. 130537

tbh i think it's less about being woke and more to appeal to the "normies" who jack it to mia khalifa

No. 130538

HuniePop1 will always remain to be the best game it seems like.
Huniepop 2 girls are complete shit, they thrown 3 ~ goth / punk gfs ~ out of HunieCam when HunieCam had many interesting and different characters to offer. But in the end it's a game made by a man, so no surprises.

Don't like this games artstyle too much, something feels different. Not too into this 'doubledate only' thing. All the girls are plastic and boring, so I only liked the good ol' Kyu.

Also my tinfoil over Gyaru-chan = they turned around her character by mocking her and making her the disgusting one because HuniePop2 creator ended up getting a ton of backlash for creating a Gyaru character because MUH BLACK FACE

No. 130543

I think it's the detailed coomer skin rendering and overly exaggerated proportions in the second game thats so off putting, it looks nasty as hell

No. 130544

Well, I suppose it's more subtle than that. There's been a lot of dialogue about my character "moaning like a girl" and being "frail" and "delicate" even though I made him an athletic man. I wish there was more narration mentioning that instead of how girly and feminine and weak he is when he's getting fucked. That and a lot of the wording comes off as a scrote with an AGP fetish wrote it. I'm just tired of femininity being associated with submission, it's such a turn off.

No. 130546

It seems I can only do this for one week? If I try to do it for two consecutively, Bailey will bring a bodyguard with him and beat the shit out of me. kek

No. 130547

>I find it instead of getting gangbanged by cats for 8 in game hours straight, passing out anyways, and getting arrested when I wake up.
Good lord I wasn't ready to read that
I think I liked the first game better, that's just me though. I think huniepop2 definitely dials up the difficulty but not always in a good way in my opinion, it feels like you're playing bejeweled but also trying to micromanage resources. My fav is candy though, she just sounds so sweet and kind. She has incredibly dark elements to her character but I just find her voice and demeanor soooooo soothing. The gyaru girl, on the other hand, sounds like nails on a fucking chalkboard.
Also, the CGs look like shit. Is it just me? Isn't this guy drowning in money? He should hire some better artists.

No. 130548

Kek. DOL is horrible unless you turn off all the degenerate fetishes and bestiality.

Btw anon landry's box isn't in the farmlands, it's in the forest. Though arguably that isn't that much better. You get fucked by wolves instead or worse, Eden finds you

No. 130558

YES. audrey gang she was my fave from first game too. Agreed that nikki sucked.

shes a running joke because shes the most sexual/horniest character in game. thought it would be cool to have muslim girl but then actually interacting with her was pretty bad

Yeah personalities were a lot thinner this time around. Nora is still a gem though. And while its a valid tinfoil i think Sarah was always meant to be that way and the creator was instead mocking weebs who play this game.

i actually really like the game's new art style just because it looks more professional. the older one was good and had good cg but was very amaturish in a lot of areas. new one definitely has more polish and detail which im always happy to see

No. 130572

honestly I’d bring this up to Vrelnir (the dev) if you like the game otherwise and that’s the only sticking point, he’s been really good about responding to feedback to make the game more flexible in that regard and I’m sure you’re not the only one who’d like the ability to have your player be a really buff male sub

No. 130577

I'm on my first playthrough and somehow upped my character's hand skill up enough to work at the spa. I make super good money just grinding at the spa and don't have to worry about money for a while if I just spend a few days after school working there (even without having to resort to fucking/stealing from clients).

I've been trying to romance Whitney but interactions with him are so limited. I'm also trying to increase Avery's rage to get the noncon scenarios but I hate doing all the negative options on dates with him lol

No. 130585

Yeah I make crazy money working at the spa, if you get lucky and get that one client event where you can deny them an orgasm until they cough up enough money pays you laughably well. I can't believe I spent hours digging for fucking arrowheads and plants to sell when I could've been a spa hoe.

Agree about Whitney too, I hate that you can't initiate scenarios with him and basically have to hope that you luck out and manage to meet him and it's not one of those disappointing "I'll leave you to be raped by sailors at the docks" ones, why won't you ever fuck me yourself. I managed to enter a relationship with him but it doesn't really seem to change much, or at least I haven't seen a lot of difference.

No. 130590

Maybe unpopular opinion cause I know scrotes like her a lot (for very different reasons than I do though). I like Candace… I want to protect her tbh. Leilani and Zoey are pretty alright. The returning girls are nice too but I've always hated the fuck out of Kyu. This game is just such a guilty pleasure all around. I'd love to make or see a game similar that is all men.

>the CGs look like shit. Is it just me?
Definitely not just you. Somehow the first game's CGs were easier to look at. Something about the new ones is just raunchy is all the wrong ways for me, maybe it's just the artist's newer style? I dunno, something just feels off. I skip past them very fast.

No. 130594

It can be in either now but at least there's a shortcut in the forest that takes you right to it

No. 131018

I’m fuckin pissed and have to restart my DoL game. I had gone so long protecting my avatar’s Vaginal Virginity(tm) and then it was just fucking stolen from her by some random woman from the pub with a strap-on. I was saving that shit for whenever Whitney wanted to go to pound town, goddammit. UGHHhh.

No. 131026

>stolen from her by some random woman from the pub with a strap-on.
lmfao I actually laughed out loud at this sentence this game is so fucking wild. gangraped by 8 cats and vaginal virginity stolen by a random woman from the pub with a strap-on, shit you can expect from DoL.

I feel you though anon, my boy character's anal virginity was stolen by some random nameless NPC when I was saving myself for Whitney. However does he ever actually fuck you? The only events I've gotten have been him forcing the protagonist to give head or frot against him.

No. 131684

Great news, Whitney definitely penetrates!! If you go and meet up with Kylar on Halloween, Whitney should be there at the end of the event to force you to have sex with him in from of Kylar (I’m not sure if there are any relationship reqs for Whitney to show up, or if he always does). I’m not sure how many sex scenarios there are for him, but there was another where his friend tries to hit on your avatar and Whitney gets upset and bangs you.
I’m just relieved to know he actually does something other than forced head and hand jobs, that would have ruined his character for me.

No. 131862

>Whitney should be there at the end of the event to force you to have sex with him in from of Kylar

No. 132730

>Whitney fucks you in front of Kylar
This sounds based as hell, Kylar is an insufferable little creep and he deserves to be cucked hardcore. My avatar also got fucked by him in the school hallway after they got thrown out of the classroom so penetration definitely happens, but it's way too rare. I also wish you could meet up with him outside of school as well, sucks that I have to keep shuffling the school corridor just hoping to hit him up.

No. 132731

>Kylar is an insufferable little creep
Anon,… are you saying you'd rather have a guy who shoves pens up people's asses fuck you?

No. 132732

Yeah I hate that Whitney seems to be the rarest love interest o encounter. Makes his route so hard, especially if you're trying to lose your virginity to him.

No. 132733

You show some respect to my boyfriend anon. At least he's not fucking sniffing my bedsheets while I'm gone like a serial killer.

No. 132734

>At least he's not fucking sniffing my bedsheets
Kek the state of Whitneyfags

No. 132787

Is there an upside to dating Eden? I managed to level up enough affection with him to get out of the forest for up to week, except I always manage to get my clothes torn off trying to go back to the city, immediately raped, lose consciousness, lose precious time trying to avoid getting sold into slavery, not have money for Bailey, get sent to the farm, rinse repeat.

I’d say the only upside is that if you get enslaved or sent to the farm and try to escape by the forest you get immediately intercepted by Eden instead.
Does the shooting training with Eden do anything? I feel like I’m repeating the same dialogue for a while now.

My sides anon

No. 132788

if you grind Whitney’s love up enough (or use cheats to max it kekeke) he’ll (forcibly) take you on a “date” after school to the bar, where he bends you over a table and fucks you in front of everyone there. i also used cheats to restore my vaginal virginity, so that event was where he took it. ‘twas based

also kylarfags, ur fine imo, but please don’t even try to come at the king

No. 132796

kek we'll see if your king stays after the pregnancy update

No. 132797

imagine having taste this shitty

No. 132798

>tfw he only forced my boy to oral even during the bar date
Why isn't his ass good enough for you, Whitney-sama?

No. 132801

File: 1616141816268.jpeg (709.83 KB, 2400x1800, jyEY60K.jpeg)

Bout to out myself as one of the biggest losers ever, but I love puzzle bejeweled games and Huniepop was just bee's knees of challenge once you unlocked the hard mode. I did like the interactions of the og nearly all the girls were fun or at the least bearable save for the fucking loli furry bait god I wanted her dead in the worse way. Best girls was Audrey and Tiffany

2 though is a travesty the entire game is ruined by the stupid baggage mechanic. It's honestly easier to just stuff them full of passion food and never talk to them. The concept could of worked if the baggage was tit for tat and gave you a little extra like Nora's not being effected by broken hearts but still taking stamina. All the girls are bland or unbearable with their baggage voicelines The artist's new half lidded eyestyle bugs the hell out of me. The only ones I like are Cadence and Zoey. I used to like Jessie mostly because I wanted her and Tiff to work it out and she had a great voice actress. But 2 made her a worn out whore with severe depression who spends 80% of the time sighing.


one was a fun little guilty pleasure puzzle game with interesting characters for the most part. And 2 took that concept and threw it out the widow because scrotes are scrotes

No. 132803

NTA but what is this pregnancy update? I play with a male character with male NPCs anyway so I doubt I'm getting anal babies sans the parasites so is the female playthrough getting a pregnancy functionality included?

No. 132804

There isn't a pregnancy update yet, but Vrelnir has said becoming pregnant by your love interests (possibly some named NPCs as well) or impregnating them is planned, including giving birth. I don't think it'll come until after 0.3 though since it'll take a while to make. Condoms and I think birth control too will be there alongside the update to prevent it of course.

No. 132973

File: 1616271109897.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>giving birth

By everything that is good, please make that a toggle. I can deal with beastiality (even with monster girls/boys is fucking gross) and anal parasites, but human/hybrid pregnancy is a NOPE.

No. 133180

Kek he said it'd be a toggle, but anon, why is it so gross to you? I mean bestiality and anal parasites are wayyy more disgusting imo

No. 133183

NTA but I hope he makes it available for male characters too

No. 133217

It's the context. I've read (wholesome) pregnancy djs and don't mind it in itself. But Mpreg or pregnancy porn when it's not between the couple grosses me out.

No. 133240

Damn you brought up a good point, I mean it is an NSFW game. My dumbass assumed it'd be more of a wholesome love thing between you and your primary(?) love interest, but it's 100% going to be fetishized.

No. 133304

There's a new update with a new NPC and transformation and I'm so pissed. Now you can get kidnapped by a fucking bird and turn into a stupid bird too. Who the fuck asked for this? Who has a human-bird fetish? Why couldn't we get literally anything else?

If you level up your history skill, you unlock a path that takes you directly to town. Then you can play the game as normal without ever having to go back to the orphanage and pay money.

No. 133307

A lot of people have been asking for more transformations, but I highly agree with you that they're such a useless addition right now. I mean, the dev is free to do what he likes, but I feel like there are so many other things to focus on rather than to keep adding shallow gameplay elements like transformations which, in the game's current state, do very little for your PC. Also, I feel like there's just a disproportionate amount of attention placed on the bestiality parts of the game. I mean, not even in the subreddit do I see people wanting more bestiality stuff?

No. 133308

Do you mean Great Hawk or whatever the fuck? I got this by accident while antique hunting in the moor. Admittedly the bird transformation is kind of cool if you like crow wings but the rest of it is a bit nasty? Why not just expand on some of the pre-existing NPCs instead. Lord knows Whitney and Avery could use some expanded dialogue and events.

No. 133458

I got curious about Degrees of Lewdity after skimming through this thread, I thought Boyfriend to Death was the most hilarious thing I've ever played with how over the top edgy it was so I've been wanting to experience something similarly ridiculous and you had me at fucking anal parasites.
Now I've played it until 3am two days in a row and I can't stop, I hate myself and why won't Whitney fuck me already

No. 139516

File: 1619507127271.png (Spoiler Image,15.01 KB, 531x259, cap00.png)

New DoL update with new LI interactions!

No. 139551

how the fuck do you not get rapped by every living creature in DoL ?? i tried like 5 times but i always lose my virginity to some fucking old man or wolf

No. 139562

Chastity belt, big frame and athletic boost.

No. 139582

get better at the sex stuff that doesn't involve losing virginity, and kicking

No. 139585


I dropped the game a while back but I want to go back to playing for these new interactions heh

No. 139611

Chastity belt makes it easy. Otherwise, save A LOT, exercise daily, only go out during the day time and make your character "Large" on the starting menu. You can also make your character a handslut/oralslut or something like >>139582 said so they cum really quick and leave you alone.

No. 139632

thanks to you guys i managed to survive a week but now i'm stressed by school, paying Bailey and avoiding molestation. I just wanted to be horny, why is it just as difficult as real life ?

No. 139668

File: 1619572908648.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.62 KB, 679x699, banned from gaia online.jpg)

my favorite thing that's happened so far in DOL is when my boy kept passing out due to stress because randos kept boolyin' him for having a tiny penis so I had to spend 3 straight days praying for it to get bigger to make him stop

like earlier posts said max your english and start stealing shit dude. bailey can't do shit to you. it's ez mode. if I was able to have an extremely promiscuous yet chaste angel boy who constantly has his tiny penis exposed, is a master theif/gardener/hand,thigh,&buttjob giver as well as a straight A student and loved by his peers but also 100% virgin btw on my very first play through, you can too!

No. 140211

File: 1619869257873.jpg (27.15 KB, 574x404, DdHV9m7U0AAByCG.jpg)

where's my goddamn bailey LI arc. i want my abusive boyfriend slash caretaker and i want him NOW

No. 140921

A few updates ago it was possible to disable all animal encounters, both full beastality and animal people. And now it fucking sucks. Animal encounters, spiders, swarms, lurkers and vore are just so fucking boring and repetitive. The entire game is repetitive, but these encounters take the cake.
And where are the tentacles? I had to go to the fucking asylum to get some proper tentacle action, and have to get sent there again for it.

No. 141317

I think you can get more tentacle action if you play the "Tentacylus" (might be spelling it wrong) game repeatedly at the arcade. I agree though the game can be very repetitive, but I like that the environment can sometimes change if you raise your skills or fame. Still, if there were more events I feel like it would be much more bearable

No. 141325

nayrt, but there is also modding community ( U can find it on wiki i think ) and maybe they have a mod to disable it

No. 141344

they HAVE to make more events where awful things happen to robin. my saviour complex demands it.

No. 141381

>my favorite thing that's happened so far in DOL is when my boy kept passing out due to stress because randos kept boolyin' him for having a tiny penis so I had to spend 3 straight days praying for it to get bigger to make him stop
KEK this exact thing happened to me too anon, I think in the end I got a parasite to make his dick bigger so people stopped bullying him and that was that. Note to new players: no baby dick, it makes your boy pass out all the time from stress and humiliation.

I agree about swarms tbh, the encounters go on for way too long and it's borderline impossible to get out of them. At least when the other animals rape you it's like a normal combat event but I get so tired of pulling slimes or tiny fish off my boy's dick and anus just to be able to continue the game.

move over sluts, I need to go lick some Whitney boots now.

No. 141404

This game is sleeping on my religious husband Jordan and it only makes me want him more

No. 141408

god tier taste

No. 145314

File: 1622035447997.png (478.6 KB, 661x430, totono.png)

have any nonnies played totono/you me and her/Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi?

it's a very nsfw vn that targets scrotes at face value but i really enjoyed it. a lot of people think it inspired doki doki literature club due to its psychological horror elements but i think saying that is a huge disservice to totono. totono is leagues ahead of that game and is significantly older. it was actually only completely translated a year ago.

i really recommend it. i've never experienced anything like this in a game and i'm still shocked by how much it gripped me. i can honestly say it's the best visual novel i've ever played, and i've played a lot of excellent ones.

if you want to play it and are intrigued, of course DON'T read anything about it and enjoy the ride.

No. 145324

I played it and it sucks how DDLC ripped this game off completely without crediting. You can also get a bonus cutscene if you don't delete the game for the next ~10 years or something. Don't remember the exact number.

No. 145330

Yeah. Pretty sure I posted about it after I finished the game, but cannot find it LOL. I've been hyped to play it long before the English translation has been announced duo to the DDLC comparisons (as you mentioned). I had mixed feelings about it and TBH I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.
I disliked both heroines. Neither of them was interesting to me until bizzare shit started happening, and even then School Days had more entertaining drama. Of course Totono gets points for the meta gimmick, which was cool. It wasn't as effective for me because I couldn't care less which heroine wins the protagonist. In the, end I decided to go with the childhood friend since she was so crazy devoted to the protagonist. Slutty visual novel was marginally a worse choice - because I believed that the hero should be faithful to his girl, and I don't remember if it was just in my playthrough or in the backstory, but he went with Miyuki first, so… Plus, I enjoyed her being yandere cause I love yanderes. My God, have I hated the scene in which she masturbated the player's dick! It was one of the least erotic things I've ever seen, and it dragged on and on and on… JFC, it was disgusting and cringe for me. I bet scrotes have fapped themselves to dead over it
Normally I would do the other heroine's route, but I was so exhausted with all the sex and since I didn't like the girl, I quickly uninstalled it. It had nothing to do with the game guilt-tripping me LOL
>i can honestly say it's the best visual novel i've ever played, and i've played a lot of excellent ones.
What other quality visual novels have you played, anon?
IDK if it 'ripped off' Totono. Is DDLC the only visual novel allowed to have meta elements? Is Undertale a rip-off of Totono because it also criticizes the player for not treating fictional characters like humans? I liked DDLC even less than I did Totono, but I think it was inspired. To say that it ripped off Totono is too much.
Anyway, I think I found the scene that you mentioned.

No. 145341

im a pussy and cant handle 'going in blind' if its gonna be a major tone shift ala DDLC, you can spoiler for others, how graphic is it? like is there gore and stuff? if its just blood thats usually okay, if bodies are getting hacked with axes and being tortured or theres heads being chopped off or guts hanging out then im not so sure

No. 145350

File: 1622047189664.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1201x678, musot7eprd451.png)

nta but afair there is little, if any, graphic violence. The horror comes from the heroines realizing they are in a game and going yandere, screwing with the interface etc. The protagonist may have his legs broken by a baseball bat or sthg but there is no gore. I think pic related is as bad as it gets

No. 145354

I was playing it but took a break from it, I'm looking fowards playing it again.

No. 145356

>and even then School Days had more entertaining drama
I thought School Days was annoying because the MC cheats and shit. But I haven't played the game, could you please talk about it?

No. 150105

sorry to revive this perverted thread but I played degrees of lewdity after having not played it in a while and I guess it was updated since then. Anyway it used to be really easy to encounter eden in the forest but now I keep getting attacked by wolf/bear people even though I turned the bestiality features off (can’t believe I’m typing this). Is there any way to avoid the wolf people in the forest?

No. 150123

File: 1624775443529.png (127.02 KB, 695x1000, Bailey.png)


i want to bully bailey so fuckin bad, you know

for revenge

No. 150186

idk if there's a foolproof way to encounter eden but since the update, when you get the "you are being hunted" message you can tell whether it's eden or the wolf (if it's eden, it will say something about boot prints/shotgun shells on the ground).
also, the second time you miss bailey's payments, he'll sell you to eden.

No. 150221

I never gave a shit about Bailey before but this fanart made me wish he was a love interest route. Fuck. Damn Nonita.

Thank god for this update, was driving me insane trying to attract Eden and ending up being fucked by the wolf instead. Anyway yeah if you miss Bailey's payments two times in a row you'll end up at Eden's but the best way is just to switch between the first part of the forest path (so you can exit to the street when you need to) and the second one until you get the You are being hunted message. Just leave the forest if it's the wolf or him.

No. 156726

File: 1629393560093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.95 KB, 640x893, bailey.jpeg)

You and like a big chunk of the fandom tbh. Sometimes I think the extremely horny women writing fanfic do a better job than the game. See: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31386515

img source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DegreesOfLewdity/comments/ot30ww/hatefck_requested_by_ynysmona/

No. 156736

>horny women write better porn than horny men
And water is wet.
I think i'm done with DoL, the love interests are boring, bestiality is now unavoidable, and the soft bad ends are boring as fuck.

No. 156777

File: 1629414843332.jpeg (93.04 KB, 750x377, FBFD2D57-F859-45FE-BF39-DDA1C5…)

Honestly where are the horny games written by actual women. DoL has less of that creepy TG transformation shit compared to something like Corruption of Champions, but none of the love interests feel worth the effort since you can’t fundamentally change them or like bully the assholes back with a defiant build or whatever.

I scrolled Chyoa recently and it’s all just man fantasies.

No. 156818

i cant see why there are so few. dont know why the ones written by males have to have either futa or furry. if anons were to make one, i think they'd likely make a profit since porn games in general seem to get funded a ton by scrotes, having seen patreons that get upwards of 1k for just the alpha version of the game and that one that got a million on kickstarter.

No. 156967

we're finally getting to a point where fucking bailey might be an option. i think an early built was released by accident with 'seduce' options for bailey haha.
but yeah it kinda sucks how it all winds up feeling so circular. i guess its unavoidable with any game but whats the point in having love interests who treat you like shit in the beginning if you cant fix them even a little
i want whitney to stop tying me up at the docks is that so much to ask

No. 157530

I get what you mean. They all seem kind of shallow in their personalities (like one dimensional) especially since there's not really any backstory you can explore or uncover. Plus the dialogue seems very limited for being a NSFW game, you'd think there'd be more detail and better writing since you're supposed to get off on it, but there really isn't any (outside a couple specific instances, but even then it's at most just a few paragraphs).

Anons do you have any specific love interests you wished the game would explore more or just enjoy? I see a lot of people going for the side NPCs more than the actual love interests kek so I was curious.

No. 157552

Is there any of these I can play a female character without getting raped or being a pickme? Where is the sensuality in these games?

No. 157783

File: 1630010792762.jpg (77.94 KB, 500x500, 74032874832425.jpg)

The most "sensual" games where there's an actual plot and the female character is treated like a human typically don't have explicit NSFW content. Best I can give you are the games localized by MangaGamer from Kalmia8, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and Fxxx Me Royally!

No. 157786

NTA but did you play them? If yes, did you enjoy the plot and erotic content? I've been meaning to play those games forever

No. 157799

Nta but i kind of recomend miss lonessome. Just 2 love interests, not to bad but not husbando-tier. The mc would fit among us. The sex scenes were okay. My main problem was the 3way route, it was just sad. The friendship end was good though.

No. 157800

File: 1630016918332.jpeg (55.3 KB, 960x253, DOL.jpeg)

NTA but at this point I've realised that I keep playing this game because it's hentai cookie clicker.

I think people wanna fuck Bailey because it might actually have some bearing on the story/might influence how he acts, but seeing how the other NPCs are I'm guessing he'd be about the same. Currently the type of person you are doesn't even change the NPC behaviour too much, like it's weird how Whitney doesn't even seem to register if the character is a good student or not.

Overall I think it would be interesting if you could actually change the town… like run for mayor, take over the church, do something about the police etc. Maybe have the option to either fix the town's shitholeness or make it much, much worse by which NPCs you align with. Or even just being able to move out and having your own place. I think Alex's farm is currently the only sort of option in that direction.

No. 157802

fashioning little miss lonesome has very light sub & dom stuff if ur into that. some of the comedic moments were good.
i didnt like fxxx me royally as much cause i didnt like the male characters as much i guess.. they were kinda boring and vanilla. i found the female main and her friend more interesting actually. and without spoiling anything basically shes a slut but theres no slut shamey type of stuff which is nice.

No. 157803

Like you said I doubt much is going to change or be revealed by being able to fuck Bailey. I don't think the issue is that the characters are one dimensional at all but, it's like you can tell there's more to them yet the game does not explore them at all, no matter how high you grind their love stat. A good idea would be to implement small quests and stuff that you can do to learn more about them, doesn't even have to be huge story lines or anything. Just something more involved than sitting and spamming their +love choices. I agree it would be nice if you could change the town in some meaningful way considering how fucked up it is. Even if you can't change the town, you should at least be able to change the orphanage with the hope and rebellion stats.

All in all it feels like when you get to the point where you can finally fight back, everything is just stagnant and nothing really changes. Shame because even though it's a hentai cookie clicker, it seems like it has a lot of potential.
Kek this is so retarded but I misread your third sentence and thought you were saying the MC would fit inside the game "Among Us".

No. 157810

I tried out Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome but I hated how pushy the guys were, I don't think they really treated her like a human more like they treated her as their cosplay slut. Fxxx me royally was actually fine though, it was cute and the guys weren't aggressive or pushy which was more what I'm looking for.

No. 157812

Tbh I agree with you in that the love interests should all have special dialogue in the fight/sex scenes…really makes them feel a bit cheap when they do and say the same shit as every other mook in the game, regardless of your relationship meter.

No. 157871

The only storylines I care about are Avery and Robin. Leighton is interesting too, while Bailey is an annoying piece of shit.
I honestly liked their previous survey, but I think I probably was the smallest minority that just wanted more scenes and plot progression in "romantic" aspect.

No. 157895

File: 1630106844521.jpeg (384.67 KB, 750x1101, FB7B4907-6E5E-4313-A3DC-64B837…)

Hate to break this to you nonna, but the only one written by women I can think of is a rape torture stabbing porn where they never specify the protagonist’s gender so you can live you to yaoi fantasy. It’s called Boyfriend to Death and was popular enough to get two sequels.

Also the art is shit lol.

No. 157898

how can something have 'medium rape'? surely it just… is rape or it isn't

No. 157902

Yeah and having read some of the walkthroughs of the routes because I was curious they also seem to be operating under the idea that you can consent to someone who has kidnapped you and stabbed you a few times.

No. 157920

Any anons try Virt-A-Mate? It's basically a sex sandbox that can be played in desktop and VR. It has a big learning curve and a lot of free/paid content but you need a good gaming PC to run it. The only thing I dislike about it is a lack of male characters, but I began to make my own so I can see cute guys in VR.

No. 157926

File: 1630127363209.png (29.2 KB, 633x336, 30254.png)

It seems like you're in the majority anon. I hope there's more focus on the characters too anyway because they're all pretty cute and I wanna learn more about them (fuck Bailey though).

No. 157928

I have a VR headset and have been wanting to try this forever but like you said the learning curve seems quite high, and the male models I've seen are all really ugly. Do you have any recommendations on where to start/how to get into it?

No. 157930

i guess it's an unwritten rule that nsfw games contain rape. i know that lilith's throne has an option to disable that, but a fair amount of npcs are still furry though you can disable it altogether for encounters.

No. 158985

File: 1630792280531.jpg (70 KB, 564x790, e25600d550d538c309430540f7368d…)

This game would benefit from a remake with a better artstyle and writing. I'm hoping GB's new project is better than BTD.
I will say both BTDs are alright but some of the characters and paths are just dumb and/or outrageous.

No. 158992

I really liked the second game (except for Cain) ngl, it's my guilty pleasure.

No. 159004

This, the art style keeps me from playing it.

No. 159246

I love him so much but my computer won't run BtD… I content myself with playing BtD2, Lawrence is pretty hot in his own way.

I like the sprite art but not the CGs for some reason.

No. 161824

Started playing yesterday and finished today, man what a great but fucked up game. A lot of scrotes that played it dropped it when Aoi slept with Haru because for some reason they forgot it's a psychological horror game.

No. 161829

im kind of surprised dol has a thread here. the author is into shota/loli, you know?

No. 162546

Wtf really?

No. 162577

he also is a troon, or about to troon out

No. 162583

Why do men always take sexuality to its extremes, we can't just have one nsfw game by a normalish person its gotta be made by a coomer degenerate who knows nothing but thecoom. Why is there no erotica for normal people

No. 162983

If you scroll up you can see anons already had this discussion before >>129270 >>129271 >>129285 I'm not not sure if the dev is going to troon out, like one anon said, they seem clear that they're a man and don't really talk about themselves that much. I'm not sure about them being into loli/shota content, but I do know that he said before he's not adding stuff like that to the game. IRC there was one scene in the game where it said something like "You feel embarrassed being surrounded by a bunch of well-dressed adults." and he secretly changed it to say "well-dressed elite" or something, probably to remove the bad connotations it had. So at least he seems firm in not putting it in the game.

No. 162988

Isn't it clear from avatar and animations? You're always smaller than people that attack you. Also places like ophranage, school are not for adults. I understood that fact immediatly. But you can imagine that your character around 16 years but very short, if it'll make you better.

No. 163502

Cool resource to anyone here, n95zone has pretty much anything you could want in terms of adult games to download. You can search by themes, gameplay features and whether it is complete or not. It is all for the most part free,"people post their indi games there". The forum there is pretty robust with plenty of people with similar interests. Plenty of non-scroty games there to if that is an issue for you.

No. 163503

My apologies, it is F95zone not n95.

No. 163529

Do you have any recs for non-scrotey games? I knew about this website as I downloaded a few visual novels, but that's it

No. 163606

Here is a thread talking about that exact thing.
And another for good measure
I'd recommend searching for female protagonist games on the latest updates tab and try the ones that sound interesting.

No. 163623

I checked out one of the threads and I'm disappointed, they're all so male-gazey. Is this really the best they can recommend for non-scrote suggestions? Christ.(do not post porn)

No. 163744

Sorry you didn't find something good in those threads but there has to be something you would like in the 9000 plus games on there. Just gotta explore I suppose. :/(:/)

No. 163747

yellow semen means this games target audience is the nemus of the world, which does technically mean women(nemus/ scrote)

No. 163773

If I agree to take on Robin's rent but never follow through with the weekly payment by living indefinitely at Alex's cottage or Eden's cabin, will Robin still get taken away?

No. 163776

Nope, Robin will keep on gaming worry free.

No. 163777

Sweet thanks

No. 163932

I just read the DoL wiki and it seems like Bailey will come to the cottage to collect payment on Friday mornings.


No. 164080

Kek he'll also send in goons to help attack the farm if you refuse. If you don't have any security upgrades already and have a shit physique stat you're better off paying.

No. 164147

Can't you just stay with Eden? I never had to make payments staying there. The only thing that sucks is that it's kind of far away from Town and Eden will go into psycho mode if you don't come home for a while.

No. 164243

You can stay with Eden but as soon as you go back to the orphanage (or sleep at the farm) Bailey will demand you to pay him. I've been ignoring Eden for my whole playthrough tbh and refusing when he tries to get me, so I don't think they go completely psycho mode (Avery on the other hand…)

No. 164402

Found a game that seems interesting. It is sorta a visual novel with real photos instead of illustrations. It was made by a female dev so it probably isn't too scroty for your guys' tastes. It is a bit short but it has lots of choices so it is replay ability. The theme is about vampires and knights and whatnot. Also you can play as male, female, bi, straight whatever you feel like.

No. 166347

For those that have some more advanced hardware "as in VR", one of the coolest thing I've played is Dominatrix Simulator. Essentially you are a sub plaything for a Dommy Goddess and her group of mini Doms. Each Dom has their own personality and is fully voiced. They cover different aspects of the dom/sub relationship from a sort of teacher/principle type to a pinkpilled woman into petplay that seems nice but is pervy. It is in early access but the community is active and there are many updates and more planned content. Game play involves listening to commands from the different mistresses. You do that alot by being in differnt positions IRL using the headset and hand controls. It detects your answers to their questions by nodding and shaking your head. You can change the settings easily to give yourself masculine or feminine hands. You can change the voice of your character to be masculine or feminine. Voice is limited to saying "yes mistress or no mistress" There is a punishment system for disobedience and a reward system too. It isn't for everyone of course because not everyone is into that sort of things but if you are curious it is cheap on steam.

No. 166391

>Many of which, are not willing to accept a woman on the front lines so these people obstruct & ridicule her on a daily basic. You must either work your way through this oppression
Great, just what I wanted to read about in erotic fiction. Such a turnoff.

No. 166394

ngl this looks like the worst fucking tasteless coomer scrote shit ever. Gross.

No. 166411

it is written like one of those teen fanfictions too.

No. 166483

I know this is a long shot at this point, but does anyone know of any f/f games that are either like DOL or in particular a visual novel style game, but with the MC as the dom or at least the one leading? It's difficult enough finding NSFW f/f games with a minimal amount of scrote-ness, let alone anything with stipulations.

On that note, I'd heartily recommend Love Bakudan (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1511040/LOVE_BAKUDAN/) as a not-at-all scrotey lesbian game. There's a variety of girls to romance, each with completely unique, non-overlapping routes, buttressed with heartfelt writing and a substantial amount of development for each pairing, especially for a yuri VN. It's written by two actual gay & female devs and it really emanates through the writing. I really cannot recommend it enough, it's certainly cheesy at times but in that thoroughly endearing way.

I've already played Wolf Tails, Starlight Vega (couldn't do Love Ribbon by the same dev because of the sister aspect), Blackberry Honey (not really to my tastes but my options are limited), Lilith's Throne (too furry & bizarre sex scenes), Kindred Spirits and others that I can't remember off the type of my head. I'm wondering if I've already plumbed the already shallow depths of somewhat tolerable 18+ f/f games to it's extent.

No. 166644

Alright, this is a NSFW game thread. If there was ever a place to talk about COOMER games, this is it. It is not an insult to call an intentionally adult coomer game a "coomer game".

No. 166645

NSFW ≠ coomer shit for moids

No. 166649

Nta, but if you play NSFW games you probably are a little bit of a coomer…

No. 166650

That still doesn't mean anyone wants to see that nasty shit since this is a female imageboard.

No. 166651

There's a world of difference between moid coomershit and female coomershit, moids have no taste and want everything to be tacky, ugly OTT mommy dommy garbage with no eroticism or subtlety

No. 166682

I think female coomer shit is just as perverted (tentacles, rape), but atleast it's not depraved like male coomer shit (incest, loli).

No. 166700

>I think female coomer shit is just as perverted (tentacles, rape)
Wait, why do you assume that it isn't mostly moid coomer shit? There are some women who are into it, but those 'tropes' exist in so many hentai because men masturbate to them let's not get into the historical discourse of why tentacle porn exists. I literally cannot tell if you are baiting or retarded

No. 166701

If you don't want to see NSFW games then don't read the thread?
Maybe this argument would've worked in any other thread, but I don't see the point of getting on your high horse about which coomer shit is better, especially when there's arguably worse shit ITT than a female dom game.

No. 166704

The coomers that I know (fujos and women who used to use 4chan) are what I based it on. Its more common than you think.

No. 166708

The women ITT who play a text-based adventure game to be raped by bees and kidnapped by hunter daddies are more respectable than moids who masturbate to virtual dominatrix mommy wii fit with the ugliest fucking graphics and character designs ever kek, imagine being so cumbrained you can look at this shit and not be completely turned off by what essentially looks like awkward first generation CGI cartoons

No. 166710

Those anons really aren't better than the OP just because the game has shitty graphics, but sure. Whatever makes you feel better, anon.

No. 166714

>There are some women who are into it, but those 'tropes' exist in so many hentai because men masturbate to them
The female-produced content for other women with such themes is miniscule in comparison to scrote porn.
>women who used to use 4chan
Yeah, I can see why they would be into that shit. That's how pick-mes are, or become when browsing too much of that shit.

No. 166729

>If you don't want to see NSFW games then don't read the thread?
See above >>166645

No. 166730

>raped by bees
Kek. Ok in DOL's defense, what makes it so enjoyable is how customizable it is. So if you don't like being raped by bees or cats or random tentacles that spawn from your garden, you can turn it off and just play vanilla.

No. 166760

i think we can laugh at OTT coomer shit while still tolerating some coomer shit as well. i like big titty anime girls and i can admit that's coomer shit

No. 166870

I think there's a difference between making fun of it and some anons acting like OP can't post that game at all because it's coomer shit though

No. 166875

yes, i agree with that. OP can post the game and there's been worse posted in this thread, anons throwing a fit are definitely being hypocritical.

No. 166889

Maybe there are some women like that, but that's an extreme end of the spectrum. Most women don't like those things and want an erotic game that isn't at least totally catered to the male gaze. When you put stuff like that in a game, you're catering to a very small number of people.
I hate all the degeneracy in DoL but now I'm numb to it kek. At least I can toggle most of it off and it's pretty fun to play even without the NSFW aspects. Oh well the characters are cute and I'll take what I can get.

No. 167102

The women who consume pick-me shit and further contribute to the meme that all women want to be raped aren't more respectable than anyone, sorry.

No. 167112

>falling for the "one degenerate woman represents all women" meme

No. 167114

yawn anon, me liking my degenerate anime shit has nothing to do with scrotes. I don't think they would enjoy me making my cute male DoL character be raped by wolves kek

No. 167145

i'm pretty sure over half the people who play DOL in this thread do it to get a male protagonist raped so godspeed to them

No. 167237

I didn't mean you, you're based.

No. 299561

anyone playing anything good in 2023?

No. 301214

Still wasting away on DOL although I'm playing the Doren mod atm to make myself less annoyed.

No. 307087

Same as the previous nona, only DOL. I'm thinking of going back to era games because I've played DOL so much and done so many things that it's just no longer interesting, but the same applies to the former, too. I'm bummed, I wish there were more NSFW text games for women that allow f/f stuff.

No. 307111

Did anyone play The Price of Flesh? I'm a fan of the dev's writing but I hate games that have a timing mechanic or where you have to complete certain events at the right time. The characters look interesting though

No. 308955


any other anons played this? gonna give it a try

No. 308974

I hate this thread for introducing me to dol. fuck i've been so horny

No. 308995

I've played it. It's not bad, but the devs's progress is so stupidly slow for the amount of content that gets released each update. It feels like the Patreon is there just to milk subs. They've been working on merch for a while and the game isn't even released yet ffs. Find it on F95 and play it tbh. It's entertaining if you like yandere shit, but a bit cringe/non-sensical at times. Not worth paying for in its current state, if at all.

Plus, the author and her husband were accused of grooming. Don't know what came of that and don't believe there was definitive evidence against them iirc, but it's something to be aware of.

No. 309012

I enjoyed it a lot, nona! I don't know if you already went ahead and purchased it, but each route has a unique mechanic/focus for survival which makes every route feel very fresh. A lot of it is about exploration and trial and error, though, so if that's not your thing you may want to avoid it. There's a YouTuber who has made a full series on it, so if you wanna get a glimpse of the gameplay you can check that out.

No. 309025

Why is it so hard to romance the dumbass priest librarian in DoL?

No. 309072

Because he is a dumbass and also has a chastity belt but fuck if it's not hot trying to give him oral while he's wearing it

No. 310241

How do I raise Seduction state in DoL?

Sydney is the cutest btw.

Bless this game for allowing my female MC to run around being treated like a boy. This is one of few fap materials catering to autoandrophilia without going tranny.

No. 310244

File: 1690144068692.jpeg (355.79 KB, 1280x1280, 75EB4127-543C-41F2-B0A8-52B85F…)

It’s a bit annoying because you have to seduce people A LOT, you need to go to the Pub and there you will be able to seduce random people.
And I have a question for the thread, do you play on your PC so you can keep your saves? Because I can’t play on my PC in the meantime, and my phone never manages to keep my shit even though I literally never touch the caché.
I just want to make the hot doctor cum, and I want to fuck Sydney already, he’s best boy.

No. 310252

but why would you want to play as a girl in a game where you get raped or molested everytime you blink

No. 310256

I have a fetish ok

and this is literally the one game on the planet that caters to it with minimal trans bullshit

That's a lovely picture of Syndey, thank you so much nona. I play on PC. The cache system seems to be buggy AF in this build, so I just export saves. Condoleances about your saves, nona :(

No. 310258

My favorite part is cheating and spraying pepper spray in the eyes of anyone who looks at me funny. You can dual wield pepper spray and kick the shit out of anyone in the game lol

No. 310270

is it like a cuntboy thing?

the various rape mosquitos and other strange creatures in the moor were a bigger pain than the humans if memory serves, I always ended up becoming a thief someway or another. the LIs that appeal to me are also too dickish for me to enjoy seeing a female character with. except for robin after you let get raped, I guess.

No. 310278


No. It's crossdressing and wearing boy stuff like tuxedos and stuff and being referred to as a male, but always having been a 100% female. Reverse trap, idk?

No. 310279

Tbh, at first I was playing because this thread made me curious about it, I also wanted to see if there was a way to not get raped all of the time, so that’s my competitive side wanting to be able to only fuck the dudes I want. And being able to customize the LIs made me want to play it even more because I get to make Sydney (best boy) a cute dude with a humongous dick, which is really hot.

No. 310280

You can get a chastity belt and also savescumming is a thing

No. 310302

Huge dick sydney is 10/10. Tiny dick whitney is for when i'm feelin spicy

No. 310354


Anyway, does anyone have recs for what Sydney route to do in my first playthrough romancing him?

No. 310363

I have Avery set as 'love interest'. Will he stop going on dates with my player if I set it back to 'none'? Will I not be able to romance someone else if I keep him on? Can someone explain who the 'designate love interest' option works? Wiki isn't helping.

No. 310371

I think slut route is easier than pure route. Pure route is more tiresome to do but you can freely have sex with Sydney, temple approved if you make it. With Slut route you can fuck Sydney faster but only in specific room at specific time.

Avery won't stop asking you for date even if you don't give a shit about him (though there's break up event if you make him too mad). You can still romance others whether you set him as love interest or not. Setting someone as love interest will make (You) speak unique lines in combat about them and some other events I don't remember.

No. 310386

Designate really just means who you'll call out for when you plead/demand and whose events get priority

No. 310490

Thank you nonas.

Finally got Sydney to go out with me, cutest freakin' boy.

Am now fucking around with temple things.

No. 310502

I hated how I wanted to become an Angel and the first thing that happened during my first time playing was that the fucking priest faggot raped me. I just wanted to be an Angel so Sydney could finally want to fuck me.

No. 310933

are there any DoL mods where you can do more temple stuff/do sexual stuff with jordan?
also i finished sydneys purity route, for any sydneyfags itt do you think its worth doing his corruption route too? i love his dorky ass but im not sure i cba to start another playthrough and go through the tedium of levelling his love and lust again

No. 310935

File: 1690398707136.png (48.48 KB, 834x555, lvl4.png)

Remember this one April's Fool by Nitro+Chiral? I wish these games were a thing.

No. 311002

File: 1690418725025.jpg (57.16 KB, 973x748, IMG_6347.jpg)

Yeah! The art was fantastic.

No. 312908

Really late to this but this is why I'm confused about the discussion that Vrel is ok earlier in the thread. It's hard to defend him being against loli/shota when it is all about you being a barely 18 year old 'schoolgirl/boy' in an orphanage. If he removes references to the player's age it's more likely he's covering his ass.

That being said, I still played it for a long time and found I could easily pretend otherwise. I noticed its Discord and subreddit seem to have a lot of women which is refreshing to see? For a seriously scrotey game it's got something of a female fandom, full of artists and OCers just doing their thing. I think Eden's got some of the best tender non-freaky scenes right now, I just hate how he needs to fuck so often that the character just annoys me.

No. 312939

I remember playing after Vrel released new update one time and felt Eden's new events at the time (holidays, rescue scenes…) weirdly romantic for him. Turned out it was because of some Edenfag in dev team added those. It made another "dead dove" Edenfag who was responsible for Eden's "love cage" events so mad she sometime complained about it on her tumblr kek. I miss that some of his old rescue events got removed now.

No. 314381

Apparently the earlier releases of the game was posted by Vrel on ATF (loli/shota forum) although there seems to be some discourse going on since he hasn't been there in a while and most mentions of underageness are almost nonexistent in the game now.

No. 314390

> noticed its Discord and subreddit seem to have a lot of women which is refreshing to see?
those are probably troonies tbf

No. 314395

Wow these are beautiful positions. Surprised I don't see more media of men like this. It's very sexy

No. 314411

they're super common in the early to mid 2000s bl they're parodying

No. 315205

>I noticed its Discord and subreddit seem to have a lot of women which is refreshing to see? For a seriously scrotey game it's got something of a female fandom, full of artists and OCers just doing their thing
I noticed this as well, I remember checking reddit/tumblr/twitter (can't remember which) and there were amateurish doodles on notebooks so I stupidly assumed it was a female friendly porn game if teen girls would play it. Was not expecting rng rape and bestiality when I picked it up.

No. 320463

Does anyone else play College Craze? It’s a visual novel made by a female dev. Jace and Ruby are my favs so far.

No. 320483

Wikihow level illustrations.

No. 320539

File: 1694307011199.jpg (713.05 KB, 1920x1080, SwhA58.jpg)

why does this feel like a self-post lmao

No. 322644

File: 1695330712777.jpg (62.17 KB, 500x500, 00268100000003.jpg)

>getting raped by a moid with picrel for hands
no thanks, bro. i will stick to my orphanage yaoi simulator for now

No. 322696

Do you all think there’s ever going to be another game like degrees of lewdity but with less rape?

No. 322713

But the rape is what makes it so good. The real question is when is someone going to make a bl game like exactly it just with anime art and more mc customizion options.

No. 322716

God, I would kill for this. I need it to have less rape and more romance. Finding the and setting your lover is the best part of the game.
Not gonna lie, it's one of the worst parts of the game. Not because it's rape and filled with coomshit, but because the encounters overtime become so redundant and annoying to try and work your way around. It's not even hot when you don't know the characters and they're just labeled as "lanky man", etc.

No. 327388

Casually browsing this thread made me try DoL and I'm hooked. Never thought a game like that could grab me but it's perfect to de-stress after a long day of work. I appreciate the toggles for more extreme fetishes given that I mainly play for the RPG and love interest aspects.

No. 365680

File: 1711452356175.png (336.04 KB, 640x633, IMG_1548.png)

I’m playing dol for the first time without cheats and it’s actually really fun, it sucks not being able to teleport everywhere but other than that I’m loving the grind. I love the amount of freedom you have in the game, like most of the time I don’t even focus on the sexy aspects of the game because I’m focused on making money and coming up with cute outfits for my player character.

I’m doing temple stuff and getting with pure!Sydney on this save file and then I plan to do two more play throughs: one with Alex/the farm and one focusing on Robin and the orphanage. All with female pcs and male love interests.

No. 370047

Apparently there was a few additions to Whitney last update. Has anyone played with it yet?

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