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No. 134500

Post about written erotica, might it be:
>Short stories
You can ask for advice, ask for recs, share resources, or just discuss about it. If you want to share a paragraph or an idea in your mind that is graphic, be sure to spoiler it.

No. 134502

Are we allowed to post our own content published and not? Because I will happily splurge on exchanges.

No. 134505

Not op but sounds kosher to me

No. 134513

I'm op and yeah that's part of the deal (just be sure to remain anonymous)

No. 134652

What is the most explicit book/short story/whatever you’ve read that you actually found arousing? I like written content but so much of it is absolute schlock. I heard a bunch of praise for Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey but it’s full of purple prose and the protagonist is a literal whore (ahem, ~courtesan~) who loves being abused. Couldn’t roll my eyes harder. If something is going to have bdsm elements I want femdom or nothing.

No. 134653

is it sad that most of the erotica i've read is from literotica?

No. 134656

Same, that and AO3. To be honest I don’t know where else to find erotic literature, other than traditional romance novels, I guess. But typical romance novels always feel like an old lady thing to me.
The benefit of AO3 is that I already like the characters, but the downside is the massive variance in terms of quality. Some of the stuff on there reads like it was written by tweens (and probably was)

No. 134659

Kek, just thinking about it embarrasses me. But do you all remember the first erotica-type literature you read? Mine was a smut Yugioh fanfic from fanfiction. It was specifically Yugioh 5d's and it was the main character x the red haired girl. That spiraled into original yugioh smut and somehow kpop smut, a looong time ago, my fav group was shinee, back when replay was their best hit. Would love to hear how you guys all discovered erotica.

No. 134661

trashy but my go to for erotica is x reader fic on tumblr (not fandom related tho) because it’s easier to find stuff tailored to my retarded kinks there. the occasional awful writing makes me dry up and question my life choices, and half of it is written by genderspecials, but sometimes? sometimes it’s fucking hot. it helps that i like 2nd person writing in general.

i wish there were more short fics that are really out there, with you know, monsters, tentacles, orgies and other coomer shit but still sensual and consensual.

mine was the most generic attack on titan smut ever. fanfiction dot net ruled by the way

No. 134665

I miss when X reader fanfiction on Tumblr didn't have genderflakes. Fiction with "genderless" reader feel so soulless and dry.

No. 134669

I can give a specific rec. A few of you may know the 80s fantasy movie Legend where Tim Curry plays a giant buff devil and there's this scene where Mia Sara is tempted to become his dark queen and it was basically my weird childhood sexual awakening (and probably why I still have a monster/demon fetish).

On AO3 this lady writes great Lily x Darkness smut that captures the evolution of their relationship had it progressed, how Lily reckons with being "evil," how Darkness has allowed himself to love, and some actually interesting lore building (how darkness incarnate could reproduce, how they draw power from the world). The sex is wonderfully frequent and yet not repetitive, the writing is really sensual, emotional and hot, not at all generic scrote "he banged her pussy hard and she screamed oh baby." Having watched the movie is a plus but if you've never seen it the general premise is "innocent girl falls for the devil" and that's really all you need to know. Check her stuff out here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/MahnaMahna/pseuds/MahnaMahna/works?fandom_id=16616

Grabbing a couple sections from one of her shorter pieces, Shadow Dance, based on the iconic seduction scene:

Once he had thought to cage her, snare her, keep her by force and feed on her fear as he indulged his impulses, make sport of drawing her out despite herself. How grateful he is that his father had chided him as a fool in that moment, had tempered his instinctively violent nature, for he had been hasty and foolish indeed. Fear, delicious as it is, can only be kept alive so long, and to watch her in her abandon is a pleasure most glorious of which he might have deprived himself[…]

She dances towards his arms, as she ever does, seeks his embrace as surely as the moon rises. He is pleased by her willingness, savors how she is drawn to him, how she craves his skin in return. It is sweet to have her so wanting of his love, of his lust, to feel her tender kisses across his body one moment and the vicious bite of her nails the next as she clings to him, as she refuses to let him go. How fierce she is in her passion for him, how satisfying it is to satisfy her need[…]

His queen is powerful, he thinks as she runs her fingertips over the skin of his abdomen, scrapes his belly with long nails as the taught muscles quiver. She nuzzles her face against his aching sex through his clothing, leaving a kiss just below the head and he groans with a slight spasm against her lips. He has been hard and ready for her since this performance began and now her cheek through the black silk and her hands crawling up his chest are a relief but not nearly enough.

No. 134684

I will probably date myself here, but I think I first read Inuyasha erotica (called "lemon fanfics" back then, still don't know why) on someone's fanpage.

No. 134692

mine were hannah montana and icarly f/f fanfics

No. 134709

Oh man i remember lemon fanfics. I was sooo confused why lemon stood for smut. It took me a bit to figure out the connection too. Does anyone know how that came to be?

No. 134714

That film had so much to answer for, almost everyone I know who liked it as a kid has some weird fetish now
Thanks for the rec, I don't even read erotica but I scrolled past your post at the right time

No. 134715

I think the first thing I read was slashfic for bands I was into as a young teenager. I guess I told myself I was turned on by the idea of these two guys banging but in reality I was definitely self-inserting as whoever was doing the 'taking'. I ended up writing some slash fic myself, I cringe to think of what I wrote as a 14 year old who knew nothing about men.

>x reader fic (not fandom related tho)
what does that stand for? and where do I find it? I'm not into any fandoms, at least none I really care enough about the characters to want to read smut about them

No. 134717

I wish there was more erotica out there. I gave up on porn but I still want content I can get turned on by. I've read some good things on tumblr, character x reader for characters I like. I also like those 'imagines' people write about characters with with their headcanons about how they'd be in a relationship, during sex etc

I've read a few things on literotica too but there is so much trash on there, far too much to sift through looking for something good. I want to read about my kinks (some of which are pretty specific) and finding stories that contain them and are well written is near impossible. I actually write my own stuff. not fully fleshed out stories, just notes and sentences, kind of like the imagines from tumblr

No. 134718

File: 1617384605033.jpg (30.6 KB, 300x400, rockstar.jpg)

I bought this book as a teenager and loved the sex scenes lmao

I think when you mention erotica to people this is what they think of. either that or 50 shades of grey. 50 shades got people so riled up and excited and it's shit. is that really the best thing out there for women? why there aren't more well known writers out there creating actually good erotica for women, anyone have any theories?

No. 134721

Not sure if this'll help but literotica has a tags portal where you can search tags instead of the preset categories. I usually use that then sort by favorites and all time cause i assume if someone favorited a story it mustve been good lol. Then if I find a good author I go through their other works and the works that they favorited. It becomes a rabbit hole of trying to find good stories.

No. 134723

I personally think that like fujo, anything that women like are purposely not advertised or put into the spotlight considering the people who own publishing companies etc. are all men. Even porn for women aren't popular despite the rise in women watching porn. Its still male gazey and overall for men. And its not like women don't have buyer power either, i mean look at the corpse husband thread, i bet 99% of this income comes from his female fanbase.

No. 134738

Right? This one and Labyrinth. A whole subset of women aroused by ballrooms, bulges and sparkly Goblin Kings. Although as weird as this shit is I'm still happy to prefer erotic fantasy husbandos to real scrotes who want to abuse me. I don't even know if I can call seduction a "lost" art when the vast majority of men didn't understand it even decades ago.

No. 134741

Though I’m mainly a fujoshit, I think it’s because women like sharing their content with eachother for free? Dunno, all the art and fic I enjoy is, though I support the websites and artists with donations or ko-fi when viable. Maybe there’s not a big market for it because of that?

Then again the BL and josei industry is the biggest female-only erotica industry I’m aware of…so maybe there is a market for it

No. 134745

It was Naruto on fanfiction.net, probably Gaara because I was obsessed with him.

No. 134749

I've given up on character x reader stories cause hardly anyone writes the reader the way I want them to or appeals to my taste. So now I make up ideas in my head but don't know how to put them together.
Lemons on quizilla

No. 134757

So glad to see a thread like this. I've been reading smut for years. Right now I'm hyped about RE:VIII because I've got a thing for vampires and there's not enough good f:f smut out there. (I mostly read m:m because I'm a fujo at heart, but I like both.)

I like to filter by "kudos" on AO3. The quality fics tend to rise to the top when you do that.

Ah god, shitty Gundam Wing fanfics on Geocities sites because I'm old as literal fucking dirt, kek. And online RP in MUCKs/MUSHes…anyone remember those?

IIRC, Japanese hentai/porno films (in Japan at least, not sure if it carried over to the west) would have a pair of lemons on the video cassette sleeve to show that the tape was not for kids.

No. 134766

File: 1617409450184.jpg (16.39 KB, 256x388, DeltaOfVenus.jpg)

The first erotic book i read was 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho (i didn't know it was porn). His writing is objectively shit, but I have to thank him because he taught 11 year old me that women masturbate and how to do it.

The first erotica i read because i searched for it was Anais Nin's short stories. They are explicit and a bit deviant (incest, prostitution, rape, pedo iirc). A bit dry and boring imo, but that's what you get in smut focused short stories.

At the time I also read 80(?) days of sodom by Sade, and while it blew my mind at 13 with how explicit and deparved it was, it was also really fucking boring and repetitive.
Seriously, who reads the 1st chapter reads the entire book.

No. 134768

What erotic books would you recommend, anon? If you still read them, of course (and not fanfiction)

No. 134780

You guessed right, i've only read fanfic for years. I don't have high hopes for published erotica.

No. 134800

>a bit deviant
I googled them, and "a bit" is putting it lightly lol

No. 134897

Well, what else can you expect from an erotic short stories commissioned by a scrote and written by a woman who was fucking her own father out of her free will (if her own words are to be trusted), engaged in poly etc

No. 134904


Depending on the fandom/pairing you might get better results sorting by bookmarks rather than kudos. I find that bookmarks tend to be used way more often by older fans, and that my tastes line up closer with theirs.


Tvtropes explains lemons

No. 134931

Anyone want to read gay cuckold shit? I have one from DC comics if anyone is interested.

No. 134939

Has anyone else read anything by the Marquis de Sade?

I just recently finished Justine. It's, uh, not for everyone. It's not even for me to be honest. I think everyone knows that the Marquis has a knack for extreme BDSM style stuff but there are parts of this that go beyond the theme of sex & submission that can be off putting/repulsive. It was written in 1791 which is really surprising given some of the stuff that happens

It's about a pious girl who is orphaned very young. She chooses to live a life devoted to God, and it ironically plunges her into a life of depravity. There's just sexual exploitation around every corner.

It's a miracle that literal shit is only involved just the once.

No. 134942

Weird fact: I think Angela Carter considers Justine feminist, probably by the common mistake of not taking into an account a degenerate scrote wrote it with one hand

No. 134943

That's a very strange take to have on Justine. I've never heard of this. Maybe she interprets Justine being unwilling to turn away from God despite what every man tells her as feminine strength?

Or maybe she is confused with Juliette. This is the literal sister novel to Justine. Juliette is the older sister who parts with Justine at the beginning of the book because she wishes to pursue a life of prostitute and "libertinism" (as de Sade calls it) and winds up being very successful breaking the norm for women.

But she was also a murderer which isn't very feminist

No. 134950

I believe I read most of 'Philosophy in the Bedroom'. Kind of hysterical in that it's a play, so presumably in his mind there would be actors tossing off these lines about liberty and free will while screwing each other. Not very grotesque or shocking compared to some of his other stuff, and mercifully very little scat.

If you've read "Justine", I only got through the beginning of it, but one thing always baffled me…when it describes Juliette's prostitution career early on, the story hints that she undergoes several "repairs" that allow her virginity to be resold dozens of times. Am I misreading this or did they have some sort of primitive hymen-repair-surgery back in this era?

No. 134954

I'd like to read this, plz share it.

On the topic of vintage erotica, I've read some interesting ones and I'd be curious to hear if anyone wants to share stuff they've read.

"Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal" (1893) was written anonymously by several people, and at least one of the contributors was supposedly Oscar Wilde. It's marketed as this stirring gay romance/tragedy but there's still an abundance of hetero sex in it too. Quite explicit, especially for the time period; the long overheated descriptions of genitalia always make me lol.

"Songs of Bilitis" (1894) and "Aphrodite: Ancient Manners" (1896) by Pierre Louÿs. Nobody writes smut quite like the French. The first is a poetry collection that is mostly lesbian; the second is a novel about a courtesan in ancient Alexandria who lures an infatuated young man to commit crimes in order to sleep with her.

"The Venus in Furs" (1870) by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. We get the word "masochism" from this guy's name. Basically a semi-autobiographical story about a guy who badgers his unwilling girlfriend into what modern readers will recognize as a D/s relationship, with himself as the submissive. Dude then has the nerve to feel betrayed when his gf runs off with someone else. Kind of a hilarious NTR scene at the end though, because the girlfriend has fallen in love with this dominant crossdressing twink who then proceeds to tie and whip the protagonist while said gf watches, and our protagonist hates this but totally gets off on it too.

No. 134981

Not to spoil Justine, but they half answer this near the end of the book. There is a scene where 4 men force Justine to perform in an orgy with the promise that one of them, a lawyer, will defend her from a death sentence. There is a guy in the orgy who only likes young virgins. Justine has been "had" too many times for this guys liking so he has her genitals crudely sewn up so he can retake her virginity

(which he actually does near the beginning of the book. She saves his life and he lures her into the woods and rapes her)

So I imagine that the procedure done to Juliette is somewhat similar. I have considered this as well at times. I have no doubt that whatever the procedure is, it will be described in unnecessary detail when I eventually read Juliette

No. 135040

I somehow forgot Angela Carter wrote an entire book in defence of Sade's work.
>The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography is a 1978 non-fiction book by Angela Carter. The book is a feminist re-appraisal of the work of the Marquis de Sade, a work later criticized by the radical feminist theorist Andrea Dworkin in her 1981 book Pornography: Men Possessing Women. Unlike Dworkin, Carter sees de Sade as being the first writer to see women as more than mere breeding machines, as more than just their biology and, as such, finds him liberating.
I feel like I would rather side with Dworkin on this, even though I love Carter's work.

No. 135056

This is a tricky one. While Sade really did seem to see women as capable of being equally successful and powerful to men on their own two feet, the only way he has ever really shown this is by depicting women as similarly depraved and murderous to men. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I've never read a book from his area describe women who enjoy sex or women who are sex workers in any positive light. Being a "libertine" as Sade calls it is his own version of a positive light.

Its tricky. This would make for a very fun debate topic, wouldn't it?

No. 137336

File: 1618417551490.jpg (8.96 KB, 260x337, an obedient husband.jpg)

What would you like in your erotica? Make up anything you'd like!

I would like to read an erotic novel about femdom that doesn't have scrote fetishes that I don't enjoy like cuckolding. (Idk that has always felt like such a scrote thing, it seems to be all about the guy most of the time. If done well I think I might enjoy it but most of the time, no.)

I was kind of disappointed when I bought an erotic novel by Molly Sands (An Obedient Husband) and it started out with something about going to see her lover and her husband staying home and it just didn't click. The covers on her books are beautiful and classy but I just can't with cuckolding, I don't like it. If anyone has read her books feel welcome to tell me what they're like since I just couldn't. I'd like to give the book another try sometime.

Anyway I've been kind of toying with the idea of writing someday an erotic femdom novel myself for women so I'm interested in hearing what others would like to see in their erotica.

What attracted me to the Sands novel was the husband theme. I'd like to see a long-term relationship with kinky fun. Idk if there are any of those, can anyone recommend me anything?

No. 137363

I thought this was a thread for trashy but still harmless romance books, not fucking degenerate fetishes

No. 137377

Not sure why you think erotica (which itself was taboo for a long time) would be divorced from deviant fetishes. It's always been a way for people to explore kinks ranging from vanilla interests to the most debased as in de Sade.

No. 137380

well I'd expect degenerate erotica shit on twitter and reddot but not on lolcow

No. 137381

Sounds like a you problem

No. 137383

>Nooo, how dare you get disgusted by my degeneracy
listen loser, don't care how you to try to justify, you're still a sad degenerate loser

No. 137386

NTA but get over yourself. Why would you expect lolcow erotica thread being vanilla when many women (and farmers, as seen in threads on /ot and the yaoi thread) like to explore edgy kinks in fiction? If you look at goodreads, you will see the same thing. Not to mention if the thread was to follow your guidelines, I guess it wouldn't be acceptable to discuss historical erotica like De Sade's work (and before you jump at me, 100% not a fan). How about instead of complaining, you will bring up your favorite vanilla erotica or something?

No. 137392

nta but
>you will bring up your favorite vanilla erotica or something
yes please do

No. 137402

Why complain about femdom, which is more harmless for women, instead of the maledom shit posted in here?

No. 137408

Erotica in nature is erotic and erotic themes can span a wide array of kinks and fetishes. I don't think that it's so shocking that farmers might have interests/fantasies about femdom, for example.

I like some of Giselle Renarde's erotica since they are a bit literary fiction-y which I find refreshing but most farmers won't probably like her since she sometimes writes trans characters. She has written some romance stories, too, if I remember serves me right.

No. 137413

Really? You expect a site full of socially maladjusted, mental illness-ridden, weeby, traumatized, surly, judgmental, oft straight up weird, contrarian and meme-obsessed women (luv ya farmers) only want to read flowery bodice-rippers favored by middle aged white mothers? Okay but really odd assumption.

No. 137435

some of us not white women without children like em too. the brooding rich men can dance and I like the plot where the woman shit originally talks him in stuff like gossip columns and they still end up together

No. 137437

You do you nonny, that’s fine if you’re an exception. Just expressing to the other anon that most of the women here would not fall into the typical demographic for that type of erotica and have stranger tastes as per the kink threads

No. 137455

I explicitly mentioned that I hate all kink related shit

No. 140123

ita, here's some shit I wrote because i'm a desperate bitch.
Its JLU older Terry McGinnis x my oc. I pretty much just wrote it for my own amusement so don't expect any sophisticated writing/grammar

“So naughty, Mr. McGinnis~”
Amon couldn't help but hum despite being the one to press him into the cold metal wall.
Maybe they both had been drinking too much but nothing seemed more appropriate than now to have some fun.
“Such a pervert.” She whispered as if she wasn’t the one that led them outside and to the back of the bar.
Right now he just seemed so kissable—And especially touchable.
“You have a lot to say for someone trying to take my pants off.” Terry chuckled as he allowed her to kiss whatever she could of him.
“But you're the one letting me do it~” She said between smearing kisses against his shoulder. All while continuing her naughty display of dishonesty.

“You're such a perv—o-oh!” He was finally cut off by her hand slipping down his pants. He swore she must've wanted to mock him more by using her leg to spread his just enough for her to access him better.

“I’m a perv?” Amon couldn’t help but sound pleased as she eagerly stroked him through his boxers. “But you're the one hard~” she softly tempted him as she enjoyed the way he felt against her. Especially when he allowed her to use his thigh as something more than a seat.
Maybe she really couldn't help it.
All she could think was how hot he seemed as he tried his best to hold his voice in.
And as much as she wanted to do inappropriate things between the two of them— someone might see. Especially when that particular someone could be the police.
Moreover, she wasn’t sure if Terry’s mostly good reputation could withstand her continual encouragement of delinquency.

Thankfully the aching between her legs made it abundantly clear what had to be done.

I'll post more of it if Aa lot of you like it.

No. 140141

When will people like you get it in your heads that lolcow is not a hivemind and you don't rule this board. This is just how it is. We aren't radblr.
>>137413 this.

No. 349744

File: 1705669662077.gif (10.7 KB, 512x512, giphy.gif)

Alright… I'm gonna necro this thread, because talking about erotica in the book general doesn't seem well-received.
What erotica has everyone been reading? What do you want to see more of in erotica? Likes and dislikes? Recommendations?

No. 349970

File: 1705728923178.gif (195.73 KB, 275x248, 1669726129428.gif)

i recently finished The Winter King by cl wilson and the premise for each sex scene was pretty good, but the wording she used was just criminal. i never want to read a woman refer to her own lube as "hot cream" again kek

also i need to start kushiel's dart next but its toted as like the one actually good smut high fantasy series out there and I dont want to read it and never be able to read anything else again

No. 349982

>"hot cream"
more like clotted cream because that's discharge 100%

No. 350068

File: 1705774770015.jpg (30.97 KB, 600x600, pp,504x498-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.…)

I need recommendations for dark/'problematic' erotica. Whether it involves morally corrupt characters, toxic behavior (from the female or male side), or wholesome characters with a dark plot. Why? Because I'm a degen.
Non-degens please don't @ me with 'that's not feminist!111!' I'm a great feminist and I don't care.

No. 350094

Twilight lol

No. 350100

Not sure if troll answer, I'd actually probably enjoy twilight despite the trashiness, but it's not erotica, no?

No. 350110

I read the first book in that series, it's alright imo, but it focuses a lot on masochism. The worldbuilding is interesting, I'll admit.
Read some of it to get an idea of whether the SM stuff is for you.

No. 350112

maybe check out Penelope Douglas?

No. 350118

Thanks anon, I will look into her!

No. 350119

I’ve been writing a very unique werewolf centric universe erotica/murder mystery novel for the last two years, tweaking and getting beta readers etc. I get a lot of positive feedback, especially now that I’m on my final draft, and my goal is to write my smut the way women want to experience sex. Also to write GOOD sex. Lots of oral So far it has passed the horny test for all my female beta readers kek. It’s also pretty plot heavy, so I wanna ask, is that something other anons like? I based it somewhat off my favorite kind of AU fanfics—the kind where it’s so rich and kind of dark and there’s a good plot besides the romance that makes you keep reading but also burning for the romance. There are two romances in the novel, one between a man and woman and one between two women and they get equal page time as much as I can manage plus the same amount of emotional depth. The thing is…….ive been advised to tiktok advertise and I don’t want to even though I know I could easily make it work. I have tons of ideas for TikToks but I hate that goddamn app so much. Should I bite the bullet and just do it? The only other thing is that I could be cancelled for being a terf because if anyone asks why there’s no tranny rep, I wouldn’t be able to lie kek

No. 350125

I'd read it anon, it sounds interesting! Do you think you could look into self-publishing on Amazon or something?
And you could always download Tiktok just to post videos but not hang out on the app. I'm a youtube content creator but I repost something on Tiktok just for more exposure. But I refuse to actually 'use' the app because I know I'll get addicted kek.
Tbh, there's always gonna be a subset of people who get annoyed at female-centered erotic content anyways. And people can just headcanon characters as trans if they really must. Ignore the haters.

No. 350134

i wonder why in het bdsm-ish stories no one ever specifies who the dom is. like, is it because the roles aren't clear cut, or because they just assume everyone will automatically know that the man is the dom…?

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