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File: 1676825647766.jpg (1.02 MB, 1680x1680, 千秋.jpg)

No. 276896

Let's share the love for danmei novels in this thread!


English-language publishers:

No. 276901

File: 1676827549608.jpeg (218.3 KB, 1236x656, 9391B8EB-4B4B-4EAE-82C4-CC4B6B…)

I recently finished Little Mushroom. It's a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, and it was a change from the usual historical danmei I've been reading, and I really enjoyed it. It's fast paced and the story was incredibly bleak for 99% of the novel, yet it somehow didn't get so depressing that it was hard to continue. I wish I knew what the fuck happened with Seraing in the end, though.

No. 276904

did you read it online?

No. 276907

I have no clue what's going on with danmei, the more I hear about it the more confused I am because there seem to be several versions of the same stories, and different stories that seem very similar and everyone uses acronyms all the time. I saw at the bookstore that at least one book got released in my country so I'll look into that and see what else also got released.

No. 276908

No, I bought the ebooks when Peach Flower House had a sale a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if there's a fan translation posted anywhere these days.

No. 276915

this sounds interesting. i'm completely new to danmei and i've only read volume 1 of scum villain so far, but i think reading about the same beautiful blackhaired men all the time does get boring after a while.

you can find published novels on nyaa: https://nyaa.si/view/1561188

No. 276916

File: 1676833975929.gif (830.5 KB, 225x183, 1663086177527899.gif)

Nevermind, the book's title is Mo Dao Zu Shi or The Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation volume 1 from what I've seen and I just checked the first pages online before purchasing the book. I won't be buying it because the text is translated from English to French despite the original text being in Chinese. It's a fucking translation of a translation. Fuck that shit, it's already scandalous with Nintendo games americanizing and censoring Japanese games and putting their American garbage down European players' throats, but now that shit also exists with novels of all things? For a fucking 20€ book on top of that? Maybe I should pirate that shit instead, what a scam.

No. 276918

> the text is translated from English to French despite the original text being in Chinese. It's a fucking translation of a translation
Giving that Sinophilia and Japanophilia have historically been strong in France, this is fucking insulting. I hope fans boycotted it.

No. 276919

I'm completely new to danmei so I have no clue how fans reacted to it. I've seen a few comments on a bookstore chain's website and they're mostly positive, but some of them mentioned that there are translation mistakes that come from the English text and some awkward phrasing and excessive repetitions of words and names. The books has been released just a few months ago so maybe it's too recent to tell. Thank god I looked it up online before buying it.

No. 276923

File: 1676837887862.png (1.48 MB, 1242x638, r2tr4.png)

I honestly believe that something like this should be illegal, but in reality there is no helping it other than by means of boycott.

At least within the English-speaking fandom there is more scrutiny (even if it leads to occasional overblown drama).

Anyway if you have any questions, there are always helpful people on the NU forum. A helpful guide for MDZS:

No. 276944

Feels good to read danmei in sino-vietnamese which is the best non-chinese translation it can get haha

No. 276981

if you're open to reading english fan translations they're easy enough to find on google. For me, knowing nothing about cultivation or how their courtesy names work made the fan translations hard to follow and reading the first novel with the official translation and explanations helped a lot. You could also try watching the animation to see if you like the story, but they censor it heavily.

No. 277126

File: 1676922344248.jpeg (2.46 MB, 4096x2304, E8Vf_rNVIAM7BTb.jpeg)

Emboldened by anonymity of chans, I feel free to say this at last. The rape scenes in The Husky and His White Cat Shizun greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the novel. I see outrage or disapproval in regards to the story being about (mis)adventures of a (former) rapist MC from time to time - I find such small-scale shitstorms amusing.

But this is not even a controversial opinion. Here's the controversial one:
exactly because The Husky and His White Cat Shizun is full of [PROBLEMATIC], [ABUSIVE], [UNHEALTHY] content, it should be recommended far and wide, to any person wanting to get into danmei novels for the sole purpose of discouraging the types of people who are bound to cause problems from acquiring any sway in the fandom. Separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I do not want any more cancel campaigns, personal attacks directed at people who like the wrong thing, denouncing the author trannies vs J. K. Rowling-style, the atmosphere of the Cultural Revolution and general shitflinging and stifling atmosphere of walking on eggshells in every fan space.

That's why I'm profoundly grateful to Seven Seas for picking up the novel and giving it such colourful, innocent-looking covers. I will support it, encourage others to do the same and recommend 2ha to whomever asks for danmei recs.

Thanks for reading my blog. You may begin the 2 minutes hate now.

No. 277129

While I see your point, it's too late for all that. I've seen a lot of tiktok discourse over people trying to cancel mxtx once they find out shes a woman and "fetishizing" gay men.

No. 277132

File: 1676923434597.jpg (1.19 MB, 938x1000, 87578708_p1_master1200.jpg)

wait until they find out most yaoi/danmei is written by women too

No. 277133

File: 1676923516444.jpeg (113.77 KB, 822x1200, ErdbkKPVgAEYt-a.jpeg)

>"fetishizing" gay men
Anti-fujoshi sentiment is at least something easily dismissed by people who were in any fandom at some point of time. I saw it on tumblr years ago - it hasn't harmed the anime & manga fandom in the slightest, because almost everybody finds it ridiculous in a 'hahaha, no shit Sherlock', 'how nu r u', way.

Content-policing, purity spirals and [bUt ThInK oF ThE ChIlDrEn!] are something much more sinister.

No. 277149

I respect the sentiment. I haven't interacted with the western side of fandom in a while (too much tranny pandering and untagged trans shit), but back when I was part of the western danmei fandom, the 2ha fanbase was just as bad as the rest. They just happened to like rape/abuse/dead dove while being as sensitive and self righteous as antis.

No. 277157

File: 1676933346356.jpg (465.59 KB, 950x1010, tumblr_a4c985a9d1514a00ed989cd…)

I wish I could get into Danmei. I love how Female-centered it is and the art for it is gorgeous. The fandom's also big and lively. I read around a quarter of the official translation of MDZS and Heaven's Official Blessing. Both had their weaknesses. I loved the monster of the week-type plot in Heaven's, but the supporting cast was nearly nonexistent and I could never get into the main couple. MDZS had a stronger cast, but the plot was weaker and I understood less of it. Character names mushed together, let alone clans, (except for Jiang Cheng(I think?) and Wei Wuxian who I remember just because they seemed like an asses who could have interesting fanon interpretations). Maybe if I watched the TV show or the cartoon I would understand more of what's going on? Seeing how big the fandom is for MTXT's works makes me feel FOMO.

No. 277158

File: 1676935453478.jpeg (164.76 KB, 1101x1399, 0DC124AD-96DD-4B63-92AE-C92D1B…)

Giga Stacy BL violence enjoyers vs virgin self flagellate cuckqueans.

No. 277167

kek now i have to check this one out thanks nonna

No. 277313

File: 1677002894862.webm (2.28 MB, 1280x675, 1542999689572.webm)

I recommend the animation for MDZS. I really appreciate how they braved the storm and made a complete adaptation despite the encroaching tentacles of the censorship department and their ever-changing guidelines between seasons (hence the rushed S2, plot rewrites, sudden disappearance of gore etc.). It's still the best animated adaptation of any danmei to date. The team tried their hardest to convey the spirit of the novel even when their hands were seemingly tied by strict content rules. They found a way.

Also, when you watch it download the Guodongsubs subs from Nyaa - the version on Youtube uploaded by Tencent is censored and the translation is trash.

No. 277316

File: 1677003233321.jpeg (251.35 KB, 740x1110, 5697845s.jpeg)

You're welcome.

No. 277384

Nonnies, what are your fevorite danmeis outside of mxtx and meatbun? Those two seem to be dominating right now kek

I have most of the sevenseas danmei preordered (bless them for coming through) and once golden terrace is restocked on amazon I'm definitely ordering it. I tried I accidentally saved the villain but it was pretty boring and I only got to chapter 25. Does it get better or is it more of the same? I would love to see nonnies opinions on lesser known series

No. 277594

File: 1677093217682.png (663.45 KB, 500x708, 天涯客.png)

My other favourite novels are Faraway Wanderers (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/faraway-wanderers) and Sha Po Lang (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/sha-po-lang), both by Priest.

>golden terrace

Are they planning an ebook as well? I hate it when companies quit 'because it didn't sell', but they don't even try reaching the fanbase by limiting purchase options, abhorrently expensive international shipping etc..

For a lesser-known series, I've been reading
Record of the Missing Sect Master (https://www.novelupdates.com/series/record-of-the-missing-sect-master), and it really appeals to me, but I have a long way to the end, so the story still has a chance of turning into shit. (I've been burnt many times by absolute plot deterioration in anime & manga lol.)

No. 277615

File: 1677099433920.jpg (436.79 KB, 1667x1174, FpLhIp6aUAAQ-N_.jpg)

Fuck Amazon, BTW.

Off-topic, but maybe somebody will find it useful. For some reason, I believed that you can't rip Kindle ebooks using Calibre on Windows 7, but you absolutely can. I don't know what I messed up in the past, but the process went swimmingly yesterday.

No. 277652

Thank you! I've heard good things about priest I'll definitely look into those.

>Are they planning an ebook as well?

I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure peach flower house has other ebooks available so it would make sense they'd have golden terrace.

No. 277912

File: 1677189266956.jpg (115.19 KB, 1200x599, peppa.jpg)

What are you favourite CRACKs from adaptations? Mine are these:



No. 278152

File: 1677269259794.jpg (89.94 KB, 1126x480, Clipboard01.jpg)

>dead dove
Funny that you mention that, because you know what kind of novel it's going to be right from the first chapter. If somebody still whines about 'the shocking content' there is a good chance they are trolling.

No. 278950

I've never even heard of danmei novels in my life but someone linked this to me from the books thread. Based take, I am going to read this. Godspeed Nonna.

No. 279092

File: 1677577873852.jpeg (196.24 KB, 954x1310, D0NvhS4VAAAPXbz.jpeg)

You're welcome!

No. 289894

nonnies, i'm reading svsss for the first time and i'm currently on vol. 2. is it normal to feel so lost with the names? the only one i can definitely always place is luo binghe because his name is so unique. i even confuse ning yingying and ming fan frequently and i can only sort them out due to their characterization. does it ever get better? i read a few chapters of another webnovel (global university entrance exam, i think) and gave up because i felt like everyone had the same name and just couldn't understand what was going on and who said what.

No. 289901

I had the same problem when I first read it. The peak lords' courtesy names all start with Qing. I ended up making a little sheet that explained who was who.

No. 289907

File: 1681656067143.jpg (14.48 KB, 216x302, 50419934.jpg)

Anyone else like fox demon cultivation manual? I feel like a lot of danmei fans are sleeping on it. Not the deepest shit ever, but I had fun reading it.

No. 289922

Use the name guide at the end. It helps to only memorise their surnames.

No. 307061

Necro-ing this thread to say thank you for the rec, nonna. I'm finally reading this book, and I think about it every moment of the day. I'm only about 40 chapters in and there's SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION AAAARGH

btw does anyone know where a girl can find porn art and animations teehee

No. 307156

many chinese artists post on pixiv. i think they use Lofter now too which is basically tumblr, but i think you need a chinese phone number. animations could probably be found on bilibili

No. 307181

File: 1688760538740.jpg (105.75 KB, 675x1200, 87927ede644e7cb5552561eeddbaa5…)

Is there anywhere I can still find the full fan translation for TGCF? I caught up to the official translation but I don't want to wait to see the end, I've poked around online trying to find the fan translation still being shared anywhere but it seems pretty under wraps now.

No. 307209

Check libgen.is, there's a full version in epub format, plus some extras up there. Make sure you check the fiction section of libgen.

No. 307224

File: 1688773926801.jpg (101.47 KB, 735x771, 0e3ab206a6b7b6c3e1c5b6fe509037…)

Thank you so much!

No. 308417

Seven Seas annouced 3 new novels:
The Disabled Tyrant’s Beloved Pet Fish
You’ve Got Mail: The Perils of Pigeon Post
I would happily exchange Pet Fish for Mo du or any other Priest novel. Also people are mad over You've got a mail 'cause author said something ~twansphobic~

No. 308436

Pixiv, Twitter and Lofter. You don't need a phone number to download full-scale arts from Lofter (go to page source to save them).

Good. I liked You've Got Mail, I will support the author.

No. 310469

File: 1690230087302.jpg (62.65 KB, 567x800, D_iMvOhUcAA9mYS.jpg)

Volume 6 of HOB is one hell of a ride. It's a constant mindfuck rollercoaster of From Bad to Worse and Now I've lost it, I know I can kill. My favourite volume so far.

No. 311754

File: 1690740011675.jpeg (119.34 KB, 1109x1557, 00016.jpeg)

I can't with Remnants of Filth, I won't buy any more volumes.

The MC annoys the hell out of me - he's so impotent, self-pitying with no goal in sight, lets trash like Murong Lian walk all over him (even defends him, when he should let the motherfucker get himself killed). He's Zhou Zi Shu done wrong.

The torture and cruel treatment which the ML undergoes through the whole first volume approaches ryona territory - it's sort of repulsive and gets boring fast.

I don't know whether it's tonal whiplash or not, but any attempt at 'humour' in a book filled with brooding, tragedy porn and self-pity feels so out of place, especially when it involves a character 'supervising' a brothel full of sex slaves. Maybe the 'funny' official art amplified my impression. I feel like nothing at all happened in the book, aside from flashbacks, infodumps and fleshing out court politics. There is no hook to keep me reading.

No. 311868

Have you read erha, anon? how would you compare the two? I just started remnants of filth today (only on chapter 4 rn), so this has me worried it's gonna be shit kek but I really liked erha so I'm curious if you think they're similar or if yuwu is a weaker work of meatbun's.

No. 311908

File: 1690792164538.jpeg (448.29 KB, 1576x2048, E8aI63nVIAAA2EB.jpeg)

I liked 2ha! I got me gripped right from chapter 1. I never found 2ha characters annoying or boring either, despite some of them being tropey (Xue Meng) or the MC and the ML experiencing histrionic fits from time to time, and the premise (time travel to fix your life) is clear right from the start. With RoF, I have no idea what the end goal is - abolishing slavery? revolution? triumphing over the Liao Kingdom once and for all? political reshuffle at court? none of the above, because the MC is too gutless and devoid of ambition to go against the flow?

In comparison, 2ha is very varied - it has fun moments, tragic moments, mysteries to uncover, some horror and worldbuilding that draws you in (going for the 'school of magic' setting was the right choice). It has that adventure feel that RoF is lacking.

I have no idea whether RoF is overall 'weaker', as I only read the first volume, so maybe the writing and the conceptual vision improve as it goes on. I'm not going to find out though.

(Totally uncalled for, but I recommend listening to Yousei Teikoku when reading 2ha action/horror moments - makes it much more fun.)

No. 311948

Thanks for the detailed response! I can see what you mean already. The MC is annoying me so much like why tf are you getting mad at GU MANG for getting sold into sex slavery?? as if he chose for that to happen??? it's so frustrating to read. I'm hoping he doesn't stay this retarded but your post doesn't give me much hope kek

No. 312008

File: 1690839199717.jpeg (114.8 KB, 1202x1687, 00011.jpeg)

You're welcome!

I also find it funny that the official art portrays Gu Mang as this waify, delicate uke, while the descriptions in the book do not suggest it at all:
>“Meat pies for sale! Meat pies as thick as Gu Mang’s face! C’mere and take a look!”
>If all of Chonghua’s noble young masters took off their clothes and stood in a row, Gu Mang might not have been the most muscular, but he definitely would have had the most scars. He had fully deserved the title of Chonghua’s “Beast of the Altar.”

No. 312031

i was kinda hyped for the angst and found the premise (and ML/MC) more interesting than 2ha, but the overall plot got so repetitive in an absurd way i couldn't take it seriously.
Everyone in the book does nothing to correct what they think it's wrong, like they don't even try a little to make up for past mistakes, or just do it in the most useless cringe induncing way. i mtl'ed it, but i got the idea that ML doesn't get his memories or personality back, which i guess is part of the tragedy, but it makes their relationship run-of-the-mill abuser falls in love with abused and vs

also heats and self lubricating assholes are no go for me.

No. 312060

File: 1690878574573.png (581.48 KB, 500x773, TIU_front_cover.png)

Doesn't sound like a happy end to me?

Peach Flower House finally picking up something semi-popular. I'm glad there'll be ebooks.

No. 312618

File: 1691097903805.jpeg (115.19 KB, 1279x1795, 00012.jpeg)

It's funny and disappointing at the same time that to see some illustrators for SS releases be clueless about what they are drawing. As if they hadn't paid attention to what's written in the book. Yes, I'm talking about Sha Po Lang:
- The windslasher is not some lance with a sharp end. It's a steampunk (and expensive) device with 'lol it just works' physics:
>The motion of the galloping warhorse spurred the windslasher into action. Steam rushed out with a soft explosive sound and meter long blades swung out from their sheaths, mangling the barbarian’s body from the shoulders up.

- Gu Yun is supposed to be wearing a special (and expensive) violet gold-powered armour/powersuit here, not something a town guard of some godforsaken bumfuck would wear. He doesn't look like your ordinary soldier from period dramas, but closer to Knight Sabers from Bubblegum Crisis:
>This man was wearing the lightest class of armor, also known as light pelt. An armor specially designed for riding, it weighed less than fifteen kilograms in total. He wore no visor and held his helmet carelessly in one hand, revealing a face that had once invaded Chang Geng’s dreams.
>Two classes of armor were used in the military. Light armor was worn by the cavalry and could only support a small amount of propulsion. It relied primarily on man and animal power, and its advantages lay in how light and convenient it was.
>Shen-xiansheng’s courtyard was always littered with disassembled suits of light armor. Heavy armor, on the other hand, was extremely expensive and never handed off to civilian artificers for maintenance.

And here I was hoping for an illustrator to rise to the occasion and provide us with steampunk designs, not the run-of-the-mill 'period drama' wearslop.

No. 313045

File: 1691274781846.jpg (247.72 KB, 1080x704, TnpjWXhGdzlsTlQ0OFdHbTRMYjZQeG…)

I really like character interactions in Thousand Autumns. The highlight of volume 1 was Yan Wushi's attempt to 'blacken' Shen Qiao by sending him out on an assassination mission.

No. 316994

File: 1692798454043.jpeg (323.27 KB, 1417x1771, 655E36C4-D82A-435B-AB65-0E4CE2…)

The other BDJs from this company look pretty standard but their MXTX ones (YLLZ looks ok, I guess) look like bug aliens. They always look so eerie on peoples’ shelves kek

No. 316995

File: 1692798913203.jpeg (638.89 KB, 1481x1846, 3FD66D70-4C57-4605-B0C5-2749B6…)

Like this, shit’s spooky

No. 317028

File: 1692806697840.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1000, O1CN01wqrUQt2NZydf6n2r9_!!6928…)

Is that a ring doll? It looks really creepy here. There's other ring dolls that have somewhat less creepy faces.

No. 317076

Looks very low quality.

No. 317349

File: 1692907853921.jpeg (4.14 MB, 4032x3024, 8FA473DF-E26B-4DA7-BEB3-E4D5CE…)

Yeah, those are the same XL dolls, ringdoll’s product photos are just extremely reliant on lighting and ps. Meanwhile this is from a review on their site lol. Their new Taizi Dianxia looks like it will have a better face but you won’t know until irl photos

No. 317621

File: 1692980967588.jpg (16.49 KB, 1333x546, hc.jpg)

No. 318902

File: 1693551128771.png (866.56 KB, 3500x2200, CE3525ED-912F-4521-852A-C54E4F…)

Cyclops lookin mf. Official eng releases just can’t win.

No. 318903

Is this that dodgy publisher that won't even sell ebooks or physical prints outside of Singapore?
>tee hee hee just join a group order of another shady business that overcharges 200% tee hee hee
People should just pirate and post links on Nyaa. There should be 0 tolerance for this sort of conduct from publishers. I honestly hope they go bankrupt - it will benefit everybody involved.

No. 318909

File: 1693555554286.jpeg (1.36 MB, 2001x2631, 03E2C81D-5062-4552-A536-94CCAE…)

There’s them and now Monogatari Novels who are publishing edited MTL

No. 318912

File: 1693557464846.jpeg (71.83 KB, 404x394, 0D68DBFC-4B47-4EA5-891A-BF51E2…)

You mean no one in the production process saw this and went hmmmm

No. 318914

This cover is really fucking ugly. Probably ugliest english danmei cover I saw so far kek.
I honestly dislike all those ~indie~ publishers since usually getting their books outside of USA is pain in the ass and importing from USA to EU is expensive as fuck. Fo example canadian Via Lactea books are sometimes twice more expensive than whatever danmei SevenSeas is shiiting out ( so I'm happy that they usually are licensing some entertainment bs novels since I fucking hate them anyway).
sage for eu sperg.

No. 318915

File: 1693559580095.jpg (82.71 KB, 690x622, Millennium Snow.jpg)

Reminds me of some older manga with funny proportions.

No. 318918

Haha! These new publishers popping out of nowhere and starting with several titles is something to watch out for.

VL doesn't even have an online shop, or at least I can't find it. Their site is a disaster, I don't even know what they publish and in what format. I don't think they even make much money on their books with the disastrous marketing, or rather, the lack of it. Seems like another instance of either money laundering or a rich 2nd generation throwing money at her pet project, to be honest.

No. 318921

You can get VL books via amazon and they were also available through book depository when it was alive. But like I said they are more expensive and tbh Seven Seas danmeis are nicer. I have one VL book ( Limerence, since it was the cheapest and synopsis was kinda cute) and it has no illustrations and no french flaps. Still it feels a bit nicer than first edition of In the Dark (which is really no good).

No. 318923

File: 1693566575367.jpg (20.08 KB, 743x216, bd.jpg)

Oh crap, didn't realise Book Depository was dead. It was too good for this world.

>You can get VL books via amazon

If you know what to look for lol. I don't even know what titles they publish.

No. 319112

File: 1693663665614.jpg (288.49 KB, 678x782, a1.jpg)

What disappoints you the most about the official releases? For me it's the laziness of translators who can't be bothered to find fitting words in English. It feels like reading MTL at times. I guess that's what you get when you hire a translator who can communicate in both languages, but never studied translation.

No. 319124

idk, not translating certain concepts/forms of address that don't exist in english doesn't really bother me as long as it's explained well and not excessive. overtranslating is way worse imo, my best friend who doesn't read in english was pissed that the official translation of tgcf in our language had hua cheng calling xie lian "older brother" all the time. it came across as insanely weird, the word for that in our language would never be used to address a romantic interest, the translator should have just left it as gege.

No. 319127

I prefer it like this. I wouldn't like it if they tried to translate words like 'gege', or 'daozhang'.

No. 319221

So I guess you are fine with all 'onii-chans', 'anekis', 'anikis', 'onee-samas', 'haha-ues' etc. in manga too? I don't think it's a choice, but rather the translator not bothering with basic research (sometimes even reading past translations to get ideas - which are more accessible than ever - would be enough). You're not inventing the wheel translating a Chinese novel into English - hundreds of people have done that before you. Disregarding their past work and pushing through with your 'edited MTL approach' because 'you know better' or 'it's not worth it to put extra effort' is your own failure.

It just gives me fansub/MTL vibes and feels cheap (can't expect fansubbers to spend hours deliberating what term to use when they do it for free). It gives me the impression that the translator doesn't have experience outside of checking words in a dictionary. God forbid neologisms should appear.

No. 319240

>So I guess you are fine with all 'onii-chans', 'anekis', 'anikis', 'onee-samas', 'haha-ues' etc. in manga too?
nta but to an extent, yes. the connotations behind each of those forms of address give a different vibe and sense of the relationship between family members than just calling an older brother "big brother" or whatever. there's a reason the author originally used those forms of address when they wrote the dialogue and often there isn't anything comparable in english and in many other languages like >>319124 said. i'd rather have to read an explanation once than read english words that don't really convey the true meaning/sound unnatural when spoken. also, i would more compare this to -chan, -kun, -sensei than the lesser used aniki and haha-ue tbh.

No. 319415

I want to read more historical Chinese stuff but cannot get into the swishy robe aesthetic at all. Where's 20th century danmei with gay KMT officers or the like?

No. 319495

I think intentional use of non-English words in translations is a good thing overall and not only helps readers dip their toes into learning about other cultures, but also is good for not white-washing things that don't need to be white washed. I became interested in learning Japanese from seeing TL notes in fansubs as a kid, a completely different experience from 4kidz anime dubs which erased any cultural nuance from their series. I started reading danmei with zero knowledge of Chinese language and almost zero of the culture, so having a translator note that explained some of the nuance of "gege" was way more beneficial than having the main romantic interest refer to the main character as just "brother" without explanation. I watched CQL on Netflix with someone who hadn't read the novels and had to frequently pause to explain things that were explained in the book glossaries because the Netflix translations either scrubbed it clean or fucked up the translation so bad it made no sense. There is always room for improvement but translations that retain as much cultural info as possible > localizations, almost every time imo.

No. 319506

I'm ESL so I don't really care, but I'm also a weeb and like my -chans so maybe I'm just used to non-english words in english translations.

No. 319512

File: 1693827867274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,122.94 KB, 720x810, FE86727C-0793-4D96-B647-003E42…)

Here I can admit that I really dislike the TGCF English release insert art

No. 319522

Hard agree. The other danmei I've read have great art idk what they were thinking hiring this artist for hob….

No. 319524


No. 319525

File: 1693837635833.jpeg (216.46 KB, 1000x1546, FRbjXriaQAUVQNX.jpeg)

Found it, it's Zero_Q_0q on twitter, but on another note does anyone have recommendations that are similar to fake slackers, specifically characters with personality like He Zhao.

No. 319819

oh my god anon you get me i really don’t like the artists artstyle for some reason and i’ve never been able to put my hand on why but they manage to make hua cheng so sexless and xie lian just looks so weird sometimes. i also think the designs for all the side characters are ridiculously same-y. i hate it so much i much prefer the donghua designs that ppl base their fanart off

No. 319831

It's really not great but I'm glad they didn't get inspired by western fandom's interpretations of them or we would've gotten buff Xie Lian and stick thin Hua Cheng with grey skin or something lmao.

No. 319897

He's so beautiful. Please bless me and tell me which drama/novel he's from.

No. 320213

File: 1694135652709.jpeg (83.23 KB, 1080x1098, 9B24379D-41DC-4EB9-A04F-AC9BAF…)

This gave me war flashbacks to when I looked up an artist who did sticker sheets that where included with the Eng release of MDZS and saw mpreg Hua Cheng and "sympathy weight" fat Xie Lian

No. 320430

File: 1694269538558.jpeg (124.25 KB, 564x1209, 5a4eb58cd69993f3562171600adeea…)

Xie lian from Heaven official's blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu), same author as mo dao zu shi

No. 320431

Lmfao I've seen art of Hua Cheng volunteering to turn into a woman and carry their baby because Xie Lian doesn't want to. Demented.

No. 320689

File: 1694391866329.jpeg (645.19 KB, 1000x1519, C590E1A7-AD1B-473D-A3D2-31F912…)

That is actually Shen Zechuan from QJJ. Usually you can tell from the red earring and lack of topknot. Tbf it’s easy to mix up Danmei Dude In White 138765, at least Lans have their forehead ribbons kek.

No. 320793

File: 1694462590607.jpg (96.07 KB, 600x858, 235657_30540482.jpg)

the art for the little mushroom manhua is so so beautiful so far. i really hope they keep this level of quality throughout its run

No. 321810

You might as well use MTL if all you want is word-for-word translation. It's cheaper too. I hope you realise that the list of words without precise equivalents in the other language is endless. At what point do you stop? Do you make a fuss every time you see 'cherry tree' or 'cherries' in a translated work instead of 'sweet cherry'(Prunus avium) or 'sour cherry' (Prunus cerasus) ? No? Why not? It's of great importance to me. The taste of P. avium is no way equivalent to that of P. cerasus. They don't even produce fruit at the same time in the Northern hemisphere.

BTW, translation=white-washing is the stupidest translation-related argument I've ever heard. If you want to be a good SJW, skip the middleman and read in the original language (or MTL). Go full steam ahead and start your 'translation = assault on the original work' campaign.

No. 321812

File: 1694881569949.jpg (163.6 KB, 800x693, tumblr_pvumr86Qxe1smvmweo1_128…)

I like the artist. At least she knows what she's drawing unlike here the one here >>>/m/312618

No. 321872

While ZeldaCW draws things as 'cutesier' than I would like, at least I know she's read the book. She'll even talk about the tgcf with other fans.

No. 323462

File: 1695664148502.jpg (55.72 KB, 731x422, 143ea87c.jpg)

Is there any place where you can still find a complete ftl for Nan Chan online? Ain't no way I'm getting that horrible rosmei edition

No. 323561

No. 323863

File: 1695846230359.jpg (53.49 KB, 564x809, Lan.WangJi.full.2436355.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about this one anon in an older fujo thread who wrote that she's scared and sad because she realized that she won't ever have anybody who would love her as wholeheartedly as Lan Zhan… you and me both girl, I want to live a tranquil life with a beautiful immortal longhaired husbando who does everything for me so badly…

No. 323920

I'm like this with Hua Cheng. Realizing that no one would ever be even half as dedicated as him… Well, I'd say it was upsetting, but it's not like I didn't really know it before.

No. 325830

File: 1696707434796.png (574.67 KB, 1376x1530, 4plebs.png)

No. 325853

I mean, I'm not gonna suck up to seven seas but this is a lot of drama for some stupid english licensing company. Also don't know why they are saying they should get rid of the back guides to save trees and then go on to complain that the 'french flaps' are missing'? It just seems kind of looking for things to complain about.

No. 325870

i don't know the context about the 'terf' author but pretty sure 7 seas trooned out a gay character in a manga or manhwa

No. 325880

getting rid of the back guides doesn't make sense considering this will be a lot of people's first encounter with chinese light novels, without that it would be incredibly difficult to make sense of a lot things esp keeping track of like 5 names for each character. they probably don't need it for every volume in the series but at least the first volumes should have it. and french flaps have never done anything for me they really seem pointless? idg what the big deal is that it needs TWO spaces here. also how are pronunciation guides useless? what's wrong with wanting to know how to pronounce character names right?

No. 325944

The context is this:

No. 325997

The libgen.is suggestion earlier in the thread was pretty helpful for me.
I’ve noticed this funny hypocrisy where people who don’t bat an eyelash at consooming JP manga/anime for free will absolutely lose their shit over any hint of pirating CN content, even reading fan TLs after license announcements. And how DARE anyone make epubs of TLs for readability.

No. 326000

Samefag, but while I’m apparently venting, people really act like MXTX / JJWXC are the only creators who ever asked for fans not to profit of their IP. At least there seems like less witch hunting if artists dare sell merch that isn’t P4P these days.

No. 326032

>I’ve noticed this funny hypocrisy where people who don’t bat an eyelash at consooming JP manga/anime for free will absolutely lose their shit over any hint of pirating CN content, even reading fan TLs after license announcements.
The old manga community used to be like this as well, removing scanlations and shunning piracy (even banning people from forums for this) after the work has been licensed. Makes me feel nostalgic.

No. 326734

File: 1697193854204.jpg (486.47 KB, 1064x1643, disappoint.jpg)

The fanarts looked better.

No. 326784

Damn. Well, Qi Rong does strike me as the kind of dude who couldn't dress himself, so maybe him looking bad is intentional.

No. 326795

File: 1697212896574.jpg (500.1 KB, 3064x2184, flags.jpg)

He just looks like a pitiable woobie who digs for clothes in charity bins, not a scary, malicious ghost who grew up in the royal family. And what's with that 'dasrite, imma junkie' face?
He also bandages his legs because??? Ghost leprosy??? Is the hem of his robe the Retard Pride flag??? Or a combo of the following???

No. 326847

I’ve seen the little mushroom fan tl on the web archive so maybe try that?

No. 327633

File: 1697498712474.jpeg (3.82 MB, 2480x3829, 884C0988-AE1E-46D1-8345-F8E5F6…)

I’ve already seem fanart making the design look decent but the art for FX Guoshi looks fucking awful.
All the dongua designs look flat like someone dumped water on them lol

No. 327634

File: 1697498768932.jpeg (985.46 KB, 1485x954, 3CD28CBE-E48B-4FA4-8307-DC2934…)

I don’t even like the manhua art that much but this is embarrassing

No. 328491

File: 1697754444001.jpg (693.8 KB, 1920x1080, op.jpg)

It's back!

No. 328493

File: 1697754517085.jpg (664.06 KB, 1920x1080, eh.jpg)

The design is …eh???

No. 328496

File: 1697754665564.jpg (688.4 KB, 1920x1080, wtf.jpg)

As expected, CR got the subs from the ENGRISH-speaking Tencent intern (who probably used machine translation to get the job done). Lazy!

No. 328497

File: 1697754817982.jpg (753.31 KB, 1920x1080, kek.jpg)

The subs are also badly-timed in places and line division is some 2000 'our first anime fansub!' stuff. I guess in China Aegisub has gone the way of Tiananmen 1989 June photos.

No. 328498

File: 1697754886563.jpg (783.05 KB, 1920x1080, lel.jpg)

BDSM jokes at random.

No. 328578

>BDSM jokes at random.
Kek. I hate bad subs but funny screenshots like these are priceless.

No. 328622

File: 1697791632403.jpg (755.5 KB, 1920x1080, gry5.jpg)

I always expect shit from the infamous 'made in China quality', but I blame CR more for just letting it slide. Checking for typos alone would take you less than 5 minutes, can't even have that. When fansubbers do better a job for free, you should start looking to shut your business.

No. 328623

File: 1697791745376.jpg (463.28 KB, 1911x2149, wot.jpg)

What the hell is this supposed to mean?!

No. 328624

File: 1697791857183.jpg (622.54 KB, 1920x1080, made in china.jpg)

Not even MTL does such mistakes. Seriously, replace the 'translator' with Google Translate at this stage.

No. 328625

File: 1697791909461.jpg (659.45 KB, 1920x1080, pfff.jpg)

The Village of Wrong - Where You Belong

No. 328627

File: 1697792022221.jpg (575.62 KB, 1920x1080, desperation.jpg)

No. 328628

File: 1697792138528.jpg (548.11 KB, 1920x1080, ugh.jpg)

'No, no!'? 'No-no!'? Punctuation marks are optional!

No. 328629

File: 1697792461246.jpg (639.7 KB, 1920x1080, rage.jpg)

Xie Lian doesn't know that the Wind Master is a man at this stage, but Jun Wu does - why does he still refer to the Wind Master as 'she'?

To difficult to think about how to handle the genderless pronoun in English?

No. 328630

File: 1697792645331.jpg (384.09 KB, 1910x2146, cc.jpg)

Can't decide whether to use the capital letter or not.

NOTHING improved from the shitshow that was the S1 'translation'.

No. 328631

File: 1697793229014.jpg (612.6 KB, 1920x1080, _-_.jpg)

The Three Tumours become … this.

No. 328632

File: 1697793309574.jpg (669.8 KB, 1920x1080, the matrix.jpg)

Meme subs fail.

No. 328633

File: 1697793624424.jpg (678.14 KB, 1920x1080, lame.jpg)

Some 'disguise'! I guess updating character designs was too much effort.

No. 330236

File: 1698272861295.png (2.39 MB, 1920x2111, ep2.png)

Is there ONE (1 / I / 一) person at Bilibili Inc. who isn't a complete retard? (No, there isn't.) Even the timer is a drooling imbecile. Wait. There might have been no timer at all, just a sloppy speech-to-text algorithm. Combined with the MADE IN CHINESE PRISON 'translation', the final result far surpasses the QUALITY of '2000 HK bootleg anime'.

I'm sure Bilibili Inc. is so PROUD of reinforcing the tried-and-tested notion of MADE IN CHINA = ABSOLUTE GARBAGE to at least 24000 people (MAL users) who watch the series. Truly patriotic. I salute the comrades for making Mainland China look bad.

No. 330434

Couldn’t they have gotten a deeper voice actor for Hua Cheng? Even Lang Qianqiu’s is deeper than his, awkward.

No. 330793

File: 1698504894006.jpg (47.7 KB, 1366x768, hob.jpg)

Why did they feel the need to include a sappy insert song into such a mundane scene? It feels so tacky.

I agree. At least the Japanese dub fixes that.

No. 335014

File: 1699744107214.jpg (83.54 KB, 675x223, cuck.jpg)

The Imperial Uncle starts with a bang.

No. 336623

File: 1700303310343.jpeg (248.52 KB, 1158x1637, 658F5A81-956D-4191-BA3B-F2FE4D…)

At the snail ass pace the donghua is going it’s going to take them literally 30 years to cover the books

No. 336732

That's true, but at least if it's a semi-good quality I'll be happy. If they rushed it and it came out like complete shit I would be upset. The current donghua might not be perfect but it could be so much worse.

No. 337928

File: 1700842378924.jpg (408.29 KB, 1500x2106, image30.jpg)

>that Chang Geng face

No. 340069

No. 340103

This is actually useful. Thanks for the link, nonna. Surprised to see Legendary Master's wife on the list. I read all 731 chapters. I like it, but I can't really call it good writing, kek. It is very much a cultivator novel, though.

No. 340882

File: 1702127310770.jpg (434.46 KB, 1888x773, the mask.jpg)

A shitty mask like this prevented people from discovering his identity? Give me a break. Even magical girls not being recognised when they change their outfits and hair styles makes more sense.

No. 344488

File: 1703400860663.jpeg (911.65 KB, 2048x848, D7DE58F1-DE60-49AB-AC20-26E033…)

New JP season 2 dub pv manages to have better direction than the whole season so far lmao

No. 344550

Where did XL being in the coffin for specifically "100 years" come from and why does the eng fandom treat it as canon? The exact length of time is never specified, even in interviews. Are they mixing him up with NMJ and Jiggy??

No. 345314

Is there Japanese raw for S2 available anywhere yet?

Do they?

No. 345346

I first noticed it kept coming up in fics (pls no bully) and thought I was misremembering, if you search something like Xie Lian 100 years on Xitter there a lot of randos who seems to believe it

No. 345372

File: 1703781101869.jpg (64.9 KB, 1366x768, Clipboard01.jpg)

Is somebody re-doing these atrocious official subs?

You can always troll-ask them where their got their lore from.

No. 345392

Can danmei connoisseurs recommend novels similar to “Silent Reading” by Priest, please? I loved how plot heavy and romance light it was plus the mix of slow burn, secret organisation vs cops and humour was top tier. I already checked Priest’s other stuff, but now I don’t know towards which author to turn.

No. 346865

File: 1704526690312.jpg (142.24 KB, 381x326, 508213.jpg)

I've just about had it with danmei. For years I've been trying to get into it because of the endless abundance of plot-heavy bl, but its nigh impossible to be invested in the plot or continue reading because of how dogshit the prose is. I don't know if it's an issue with the translations or if its just the author's original prose, because I've tried both fan and offical translations yet both are a slog to get through. Fan translations are borderline illegible, littered with spelling and grammar errors, untranslated jargon, and verbatim "tl note: idk what the fuck he meant by this." Meanwhile official translations, while readable, are some of the most dry and stilted prose in fiction, so much so it makes YA slop look like high art.

Can anyone recommend something that doesn't read like a Wikipedia summary?

>inb4 just learn chinese XD


No. 346866

>reads like a Wikipedia summary
You summarized it well kek but unfortunately most if not all translated danmei is just webnovels. I don't know if Chinese novels also read like this but webnovels are all like this. I've read only a few danmei but I used to read Chinese fanfics and they are all written the same, no literary effort whatsoever. Meanwhile even English fanfics have some that read better than published novels. There are some poetic lines in danmeis that don't translate well but still, most of the storytelling is just "This happened. That happened. It is like this in this world. So this character did this." In my experience at least, I only really checked out the most popular danmeis.

No. 346870

I can't really speak Chinese so take this with a grain of salt, but I think that's just the way the language is. It translates really poorly and even at it's best it will still sound stupid in English because of how fundamentally different the languages and literary cultures are. Real Chinese history books read the same way, like bad fanfics. The translators would have to take huge creative liberties to make these stories more palatable in English, something you normally never want in a translation.

No. 346873

Can someone who is competent in Chinese expand on this? I've read parts of Three Body Problem in its English release and the prose was somewhat fairly enjoyable. I'm guessing danmei just has the unfortunate double whammy of amateur authors and amateur translators/editors.

No. 347810

It’s both imo. Good Chinese prose translates really badly, but most danmei or webnovels are not really “good prose” to begin with (like MXTX. It’s enjoyable to read but not pretty). I think Three Body was translated by Ken Liu and I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a lot of liberties, since he’s a fiction writer himself. You basically have to rewrite it in order for it to sound good and/or comprehensible in English.

No. 350338

I find E. Danglars’ translations ok, but I don’t know if she takes liberties. I do enjoy slightly more to the point prose though, for instance I had no problem with Three Body’s style unlike many people. Let us know here if you end up finding something worthy, I’d be interested.

No. 354311

File: 1707313428584.jpg (35.86 KB, 657x312, pfahahaha.jpg)

No. 354323

>male genital shaming
absolute stacy

No. 354342

tbf it's downvoted and most are calling her out.

No. 354353

This makes me think of the nonna who recommended rape danmei to readers to weed out the delicate flowers and pearl-clutchers.
The language is too different to adequately translate unless you had textbook-style references every sentence, so a lot of the original nuance is lost. It's like translating a deeply depressing Danish comedy into a laugh-a-minute slapstick American comedy while sticking as much as possible to the source material and keeping the character's motivations and personalities the same. It's possible, but you lose a lot in translation and you need a competent translator as well as decent source material to make it happen. Which is not what you would get with webnovels written and translated by bored women in their spare time.

No. 354367

nta but Chinese is so distinct from other languages that most translations essentially create new works, so you'll never technically get an accurate translation with a language that is so different.

No. 354439

I think this is why a lot of foreigners learn the native language. Ive been learning for a couple years and even I can hear a difference when it comes to the native dialogue and what’s being translated to eng sub. It requires discipline and patience but honestly it’s worth it imo.

No. 355377

File: 1707748615293.jpeg (357.5 KB, 1812x839, 2F874EF9-D705-4C08-849C-AE5633…)

I know this isn’t what it sounds like out of context it still made me kek

No. 356926

File: 1708254654459.jpg (90.21 KB, 1200x800, ENW2qTBVAAA556R.jpg)

How to make AO3 pooners mad.

No. 356928

File: 1708255113309.jpeg (123.85 KB, 996x850, FtQvpWxakAEnfyB.jpeg)

What's the dumbest and most redundant subplot/padding in 2ha? For me it's the harvest 'mission' - these cultivators can remotely control their magical swords, yet they harvest rice manually using sickles. Dumbest shit ever.

No. 357065

File: 1708313242694.jpeg (7.12 KB, 190x265, images.jpeg)

Which have better novel translations Wuxia Click or Chrysanthemum Garden?

which one would be better for reading Payback?

No. 357093

File: 1708343722702.jpg (108.18 KB, 625x1000, cover.jpg)

Do all Via Lactea novels look so poor and sloppy?

No. 357094

File: 1708343916188.jpg (310.58 KB, 617x709, 1.jpg)

Also the translator is lazy and couldn't give more of a shit. I hope they stick to books I don't give a damn about, because this is the lowest quality job I've seen out of the 3 publishers (Seven Seas, Peach Flower House, VL).

No. 358734

File: 1709018286251.jpg (199.94 KB, 1068x1500, 810z6kx1lBL._SL1500_.jpg)

Did you like it, /m/?

No. 358737

File: 1709019358197.png (275.83 KB, 850x911, EHutgOTWwAUeWBA.png)

I dislike Chrysanthemum Garden for the sole fact that it's difficult to make pdfs of their text. I refuse to read anything released by them for this reason.
>We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

No. 362871

File: 1710524088071.jpg (383.96 KB, 1500x2106, image30.jpg)

I can't with SPL. It's sometimes so nonsensical and relying on forced drama.

No. 362976

File: 1710568833283.jpeg (733.99 KB, 1250x805, IMG_0525.jpeg)

I wish someone had told the artist to fix the tiny fingers andBig Meaty Palm

No. 362985

At least they are not the classic yaoi hands.

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