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File: 1619485574358.jpg (121.02 KB, 735x983, 966260e7e0966bdb4ae20bf27854dd…)

No. 139482

A comfy movie thread where we discuss recent movies that we watched and rate them
We can also ask for recommendations and talk about anything movie related like theories, analysis, impressions, etc.
Animated movies, old Hollywood movies, foreign movies, movies you like and think no one has seen, so movies of any kind are welcome!

No. 139483

Previous thread: >>>/m/2842

No. 139487

File: 1619489263460.jpeg (245.21 KB, 540x540, 8FB9386E-EC9B-4437-9A95-B1333F…)

I recently rewatched midsommar and I’ve decided it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen

No. 139496

This pic is so cozy!


NTA but I’d say I’m kinda meh on Midsommar. I liked Hereditary a lot, but “spooky pagan cult” movies are kinda boring imo. A bunch of Swedes living in the forest is about the least scary thing I can imagine. I also thought the characters were pretty forgettable besides rooting for the lead to drop her scrote.

No. 139497

File: 1619493126934.gif (2.15 MB, 456x212, hereditart.gif)

Lol I deleted because I made a dumb typo but you replied before I could fix and repost. Yeah, I didn't find it particularly scary but I did find it entertaining. I really liked the main character and was rooting for her too. Hereditary is much more disturbing. That entire car sequence is something else. The long shot on his face- amazing.

No. 139499

omg just wanted to jump into this convo to say that this is my fav shot in the whole film. It's the scariest part in the movie and literally made me nauseous. I hate the ending to the movie but it's still my fav horror movie just for this scene

No. 139500

Girl, yes. It has so much emotional impact. Which is what I want in art. My sister almost threw up she was so impacted.

No. 139505

Mother! had some really interesting cinematography and is largely unappreciated imo

No. 139507

I watched it solely for Ed Harris. Aronofsky kind of irritates me. And his relationships with his actresses kind of gives me bad vibes. I also think there is a line between being inspired by and directly ripping off Satoshi Kon.

No. 139515

>It's the scariest part in the movie and literally made me nauseous.
Agreed and the crazy thing is that it's not even really a horror story element. It's just a tragic freak accident, not exactly realistic but certainly not supernatural or unbelievable. And it's still the most viscerally horrifying, shocking part of the movie, specifically because of how possible it is.

No. 139522

For me car sequence was also one of the scariest things especially because the way the movie is built I think you can very vividly feel something bad is about to happen long before car scene even, so when they're already in the car and things are in motion there's just so much tension and this terrifying suspense, I legit had to look away. In general tension buildup is excellent throughout the entire movie.

No. 139530

File: 1619519927842.jpg (75.1 KB, 1280x720, 1619193968145.jpg)

I know what you mean, it's one of my favorite film to rewatch!

On the same topic, does anyone knows some good "day time horror" ? I'm a huge fan of Midsommar and The Wicker Man but I don't really know anything close to it. A lot of movies rely on the dark and the night to make you feel scared and I think it's bold for a movie to go in the opposite direction.

No. 139538

File: 1619529047554.jpeg (232.52 KB, 914x915, Ez63UYvWUAEQZfW.jpeg)

Leonardo Dicaprio will produce and starr in an american production of "Another round" (a 2020 danish film that won the oscar for best international movie) literally why

No. 139539

Hollywood never learns, lmao. They need to stop treating foreign films like incomplete works that need to be made whole by them. In other news Anno wants to do a live action Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. I don't know about that. Doubt Ghibli would allow it.

No. 139540

Did we really get to the point where we remake movies that appeared a year ago? Why DiCaprio anyway? Mads can speak English, why not him lmao

I hate Hollywood

No. 139541

Samefagging to add that has DiCaprio even done anything notable in a long time? All I can think of is the Django meme. Talk about overrated.

No. 139542

Right? He speaks fluent English and has aged way better in my opinion.

No. 139543

Check out under live action movies: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DaylightHorror
Sadly, not all films listed are actually horror, but you may find something you like.
From my side, I would recommend Funny Games - seen the remake and loved it (if you can say so about a rather unpleasant movie). I think it's mostly the same as original (both directed by Haneke).

No. 139548

I don't know how I feel about Funny Games, very unpleasant and gruelling to say the least (both versions). I felt like I was being smugly tortured by the director the entire time.

No. 139586

Thank you anon, I will check it out!

No. 139592

File: 1619542716550.jpg (63.04 KB, 1343x728, 1.jpg)

yall i just watched silence of the lambs for the first time… this was the scariest scene in the whole movie imo

No. 139595

File: 1619542998423.jpg (68.85 KB, 1280x720, silence-of-the-lambs-clarice-e…)

Agree, all those police scenes are so unsettling

No. 139605

movie's really about how men prey on women, both by the extreme homicidal maniacs and just on a daily basis in with regular men. peak horror film on various levels, i don't think male-viewers can ever understand it fully.

No. 139607

I posted this in the last thread
I was really surprised watching the Silence of the Lambs, it was pink-pilled AF, the real villain in the film was the Male Gaze and buffalo bill was the ultimate embodiment of that gaze
In the near end scene where Clarice has him cornered, he cuts the power and the lights go off, Clarice is effectively blind while bill with the aid of night vision goggles has all the power as he can see her every movement, he see's her fear and he revels in it, bill becomes the personification of the male gaze in flesh, he toys with her and he takes his big very phalic gun and aims it at her hear head but the loud sound of when he COCK's his gun alerts Clarice and due to having sharper shooting experience catches him off guard, and unloads on him and her stray bullets damaging the walls and windows which let's the light shine in, and we see Bill as he lay dying, his appearance and even the sound he's making not resembling a man but rather an insect like creature

No. 139610

File: 1619545700712.jpg (329.58 KB, 1000x545, promising-young-woman-focus-fe…)

I so wanted to love "Promising Young Woman" (2020) and I largely liked it but the way they styled Carrie Mulligan was criminally bad. They kept putting her in these ingenue outfits that age her terribly. Picrel is one of the nicer ones tbh, she looked rough the entire film. Just because she has petite features does not mean you can put her in clothes like that. They did her dirty. Looking up her age will convince you to wear sunscreen and that's all I will say about an otherwise awesome actor

Also what the fuck as that runtime? Every scene is gruelingly long, for no apparent reason. The climax deserves to be dragged out and long, I totally vibe with that, but it felt extra long because the rest of the film also had shots that lingered so it had no temporal emphasis for me. Edit your films down man!

No. 139625

Ew why. Dicaprio would just look like a fucking horribly aged creep playing that role. You will never be Mads.

No. 139639

That's a really interesting take on it anon, I need to watch this movie again

No. 139652

They weren’t trying to dress to her features, they gave her a bright and cutesy wardrobe because it was intended to be the character’s way of trying to “to disguise the darkness inside.”

No. 139659

>1h 53m runtime
Wow that's considered long by today's standards? Interesting.

No. 139678

File: 1619577039773.jpg (870.14 KB, 1385x2048, piercing.jpg)

Someone mentioned Piercing in the horror thread and I wanted to bring it up here. It's really overlooked. I adore Mia Wasikowska as an actress. She is so underrated, and great at playing disturbed, complicated, or unhinged women. The "victim is more than she appears"/ "victim turns the tables on her would be abuser/killer" trope is one of my absolute favourites in media.

No. 139686

It's not too long for every film, it's just that this film in particular could have used more of a 90 min runtime imo.

No. 139923

was she autistic

No. 140261

No. 140458

File: 1620073856553.jpeg (117.6 KB, 220x325, AE918649-2136-4A1C-997E-68C89D…)

Has anyone seen this film? It’s an Australian psychological thriller and it’s amazing.

No. 140483

I’ll watch this rn

No. 140509

File: 1620092791821.jpeg (2.73 MB, 2500x1667, 6C3733DA-92D4-4179-92E6-5B7FC0…)

got around to watching Ride or Die, and while I wish it was as dark as the original manga, which I've been reading, I enjoyed it for what it was. I'm kind of afraid I'll be labeled scrotey for liking it because I've seen people criticize aspects of the movie and its treatment of sexuality, but I enjoyed it as a bi woman

i wish there weren't so many sex scenes but that seems to be really common in media nowadays, I liked the lesbian scene but the other scenes were so uncomfortable, even if they were intended to be that way

No. 140527

File: 1620117923425.jpeg (Spoiler Image,834.99 KB, 1800x1200, P1.jpeg)

She is so based in this movie.

No. 140538

Let me know what you think anon.

No. 140646

File: 1620213098188.jpg (122.44 KB, 500x701, 6975033.3.jpg)

I was scrolling through movie site and chosen this one randomly. Turns out it was pretty good. Weird at first and relly fucked up, but very funny and had nice ending.
But I've never heard of it before, and I feel like I'm missing out a lot hidden gems.

Anons, do you have (good) movies that you feel only you have seen?

No. 140680

I had conflicting feelings on the film as well, but what really stayed me with more then anything is that bo burnham is way too tall, I mean he was massive compared to Carrie Mulligan
Made me lose attraction towards to him somewhat

No. 141606

this is so overly specific and niche but… does anyone have recommendations for movies that were made before the year 2000, dark academia-ish, preferably british (but doesn't have to be)? preferably a movie that references poetry/literature? could be a comedy or a drama, whatever.

No. 141847

File: 1621049243923.gif (595.04 KB, 720x480, B867D3B6-A1ED-4D42-9170-F6CE9A…)

SPIRAL WAS SO FUUUUUNNNN!!! I unironically love the Saw series, this was a delight. The voice took me out every time topkek.

No. 141964

File: 1621133063889.jpg (119.41 KB, 630x1200, MV5BMTk1MTY1NjU4MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)


No. 141966

File: 1621133810561.jpg (50.29 KB, 400x600, large_sbQofoGqJ6AqayGKorNgXjIY…)

There's something about this movie that's creepy and unsettling.I just wouldn't watch it again.

No. 141972

i think it’s the bizarre mix of genres and themes. i mean, i know why it’s the way it is, but the effect is very disorienting.

No. 142055

Any other anons seen Minari yet?

No. 142058

Is this the movie thats kind of like pinocchio but with a robot kid? Yeah i didnt like ot either

No. 142065

The way it gets away with brutally killing characters on screen because they are bloodless robots, like the nanny bot and Jude law, is very upsetting. There is such a feeling of absolute hopelessness that you don't expect to have in a big budget Spielberg film.

No. 142068

I tried but steven yeuns korean really rubbed me off and I am not even a native speaker.

No. 142074

Yeah this movie stuck with me as a kid. It was so unsettling and deeply sad to me.

No. 142232

Is that some Freia milk chocolate I'm spotting? Koseligt!

No. 142235

File: 1621266513689.jpeg (78.4 KB, 366x500, D11DE96A-4976-41D7-BE4E-7ECC04…)

i genuinely love this movie. move tf over, james bond.

No. 142359

Me too

No. 142445

File: 1621355565332.png (1.09 MB, 819x1024, 8322114-11-Back-to-the-Future-…)

It's painfully unfunny and boring,I don't see why everyone likes these movies,the characters are so annoying and I hated seeing the stupid faces Micheal fox makes
I don't care how iconic are,I hate them.the acting also feels forced

No. 142447

everyone doesn't like them, they are moidshit

No. 142451

Man you broke my heart anon lol, these are some of my favourite movies ever, especially the first one. I've seen it so many times yet it literally never gets old.

Can we drop this mentality? It's embarrassing. Just because you personally don't like something doesn't automatically make it moidshit.

No. 142456

nta but no

No. 142457

I saw this for the first time recently and I don't understand why it's so highly praised. I thought it was unintentionally hilarious at best and bafflingly weird at worst. Precisely none of it was scary. The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable. The directors cut also lasted for forever. I liked the main character and the visuals a lot but that's about it. I liked most of Hereditary a lot (it really dropped the ball at the climax) so I had high expectations, I'm dissapointed Midsommar was what it was. What a waste of great art direction.

No. 142581

>The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable
Yeah like, that was the point. Thanks for mentioning the DC, I need to see it someday (saw the movie in cinema).

No. 142666

The killer reveal was dumb, imo. All of the deaths were sick though. Pete's glass bottle projectile trap was my favorite

No. 142708

Really? It was supposed to make you laugh and cringe? I mean I guess that's a type of horror because I get really bad second hand embarrassement from stuff like that, it was hard to watch and I'm glad I was alone when I watched it. Idk I guess I'm just baffled at the tone of the movie because it seemed to flip flop between tense and comedic and I don't know how intentional it was. If it was supposed to be funny then yeah it definitely succeeded in that.

No. 142765

yeah Back to the Future is kinda cringe. Like aside from the fact that the mom doesn't know it's her son why does she even find Marty attractive? Well, the real answer is because Robert Zemeckis wrote it but anyway

No. 142771

Well I don't think that's really a major issue, she fell in love with George who was a complete and total loser as she was taking care of his unconscious body

No. 142827

I'm sure this has been asked before, but can anyone recommend good women-led movies that don't center around men or sexual trauma? Loved Portrait of a Lady On Fire, Black Narcissus, Alien, Wolfwalkers, Million Dollar Baby (more men than I'd prefer in this, but it at least passed the Bechdel test). Don't really care about genre so long as women are accomplishing stuff and the crux of the plot isn't their endless suffering.

No. 142846

Always recommending Heavenly Creatures, as well as Cracks (and maybe Respire if you would like something similar, though I haven't seen that one)… but there is pain and sadness in those. Not as a main component - definitely not as torture porn - but still. So decide for yourself.
Oh and Pin Cushion is a wonderful, but heartbreaking modern fairytale. AFAIR almost all meaningful characters are female (there is maybe a one token boytoy, but he's not very memorable). It's fucking sad tho, especially if you've dealt with bullying, poverty or alienation from others. I loved it a lot, so I mention this movie in case some other anon becomes interested.
Sorry if my post wasn't much help, I mostly watch sad movies. The one fun film with strong female leads that I remember is Kamikaze Girls. It's very campy tho.

No. 142911

File: 1621478156612.jpg (74.15 KB, 600x418, 640328740328432.jpg)

Thanks anon, I'll check all of these out! Pin Cushion sounds a bit like Pan's Labyrinth in that it's about the characters developing a fantasy world to escape the pain of reality. I've seen Kamikaze Girls before but it's been years so I'm glad you reminded me of it. Would probably be liking watching it for the first time again now. I don't mind the occasional sad movie but sometimes it can feel like women-centric films just focus on how much shit we have to deal with minus any subsequent relief or triumph, which can get exhausting. I see enough of that in the real world. But I'd still rather watch movies that show women facing difficult things than anything that further glorifies men.

No. 142929

BTTF1 was my favorite movie when I was around nine or ten. There are obviously cringey things about it, but the special effects are good for the time and the score is awesome. Also Michael J Fox was actually kind of cute when he was young (imo at least.)

It is not moidshit, and if you dislike it, you're actually in the minority because most normies are at least amicable towards it. Stop acting like every other woman on Earth has the exact same opinions as you, Narcissist-chan.

That said, The Secret to my Success is awful, and Ferris Bueller is hard to watch because Ferris is legitimately a horrible human being and I hate that we're supposed to root for him.

Well, I think Lorraine misidentified her affection for Marty as romantic. I think even across timelines, family members would feel connections to each other, and she felt naturally caring towards him for that reason. Also, she didn't fall in love with George because she took care of him necessarily, I think that was just an opportunity for them to get to know each other and realize they were compatible. Also, did everybody just collectively forget about the scene where she kisses Marty and immediately gets grossed out?

Also, Back to the Future benefitted from the fact that people before the internet didn't over-analyze the hell out of things and were more willing to suspend their disbelief. Doc Brown is basically the same age visually despite like thirty years passing, and they literally never explain how Doc and Marty met, but none of that matters because it isn't what the movie is about.

No. 142937

Idk if it was just due to PMS, but the ending made me cry uncontrollably and I felt super shitty afterwards. Not watching it again

No. 142946

File: 1621495305905.jpeg (Spoiler Image,45.96 KB, 846x480, 1940A015-E4BA-4AAD-87AC-2410CC…)

Kubrick and Spielberg was a horrible combo. This movie was trying to do Spielberg childlike mystical whimsy but Kubrick’s creeping existential horror and bizarre atmosphere kept leaking through.

Plus that face melting scene made me shit a fucking Tricerotops. Spoiler for nightmare fuel.

No. 142957

Fuck that movie, depression fuel.

No. 142970

this movie legit traumatized me as a child, i just lay awake in bed scared my parents were gonna abandon me for weeks

No. 144562

File: 1621781208713.jpg (59.45 KB, 1920x1080, the-misleading-legacy-of-blade…)

I like cyberpunk worlds and aesthetic (like picrelated, I love this colour scheme), can anyone recommend me some movies, cartoons or TV shows?

I watched bladerunner2049, it wasn't honestly as good as I expected it to be for such a long and high rates movie, but nevertheless I still loved the way the world looked like, and basically everything up until MC meets a supposed "father", but it's still not a movie to throw 10/10 at.

However, I loved Cloud Atlas's SONMI story part a lot, no matter how a bit basic it can be.

Don't think I ever really watched any cyberpunk movies, used to read the books a lot tho.

No. 144569

Ghost in the Shell (not the live action remake)

No. 144601

File: 1621793236794.jpg (53.54 KB, 880x495, americanbeautyroses.jpg)

Does anyone else here actually enjoy American Beauty? I know the tide has turned against it because of the Kevin Spacey stuff and people thinking it's pretentious but to me it holds up.

No. 144623

Watched it for the first time this year and I loved it. Fuck Kevin Spacey though

No. 144631

I love it! It’s the perfect representation of life at the very end of the nineties bubble but before 9/11, which was such a fleeting moment in retrospect. I understand why people who didn’t live through that time period think it’s just generic pretentiousness. I really think it has a lot to do with the very specific time it came out.

No. 144655

It definitely holds up. It’s not like Spacey directed or wrote the thing. In any case he’s a creep in the film and thus was perfect for the role. Not my personal fave but cinematically every moving part just works. I still think of that scene with Annette being the neurotic mom and her Italian upholstered couch every now and then

No. 144660

What do you remember most about that time? Just out of curiosity

No. 144664

Isn't the couch scene pretty misogynist? Having said that, I enjoyed the movie despite that. I wanna see it again with what >>144631
said in mind. I have such weird, melancholy nostalgia for the late nineties, before 9/11 happened and everything changed.

No. 144718

no. i thought i liked it a lot in high school but rewatched it in college and absolutely hated it. i hate all that it stands for, such a shallow film and commentary on "america"
after watching some todd solondz films, american beauty means nothing to me.

No. 145007

File: 1621940620064.png (286.6 KB, 589x530, powerpuff.PNG)

Someone allegedly leaked the script of powerpuff girls movie on resetera, if it's real (it's so bad I have hard time believing) then it's good they're redoing it.

No. 145011

Kek this is right up my alley

No. 145022

File: 1621945007941.jpg (62.61 KB, 776x452, 23c5b3c5cad88ca41a3486f7ad048c…)

Brilliant ost and beautiful scrotes. I understand why some people think it's a pretentious movie though.
Another movie that has a nice ost + shots and gives me huge nostalgia is the Virgin Suicides

No. 145023

>beautiful scrotes
Unclean, unbased and absolutely haram, I meant SHOTS. Pls jannies ban me

No. 145401

>Precisely none of it was scary. The only disturbing part was the sex scene and even that was cringy and uncomfortable.
You didn't find the cliff scene disturbing? That's the moment that stuck in my head long after I watched it.

But anyway I definitely prefer movies that are creepy rather than actually scary so it's right up my alley, I think Hereditary is better but it has less rewatch value for me because it scared me more.

No. 145610

File: 1622188075937.jpg (329.25 KB, 1298x730, g_cruella_5_20874_eeb4bd64.jpg)

i just found out this is coming out today and it seems really cool even though i feel like disney will ruin it somehow.i havent really liked their live actions so far

No. 145613

might just watch it because of the costume design

No. 145635

Whether it's good or not, as someone who's fascinated by the idea of a Cruella origin story and loves Emma Stone, I've been hooked into the idea

No. 145897

If anyone sees this, report if it's good. I'm kinda interested since it seems to be more of a Maleficent type movie (which was good) than all the other shitty remakes. Farmers trashed the movie originally, but it does seem interesting from what the creators have to say about it.

No. 146309

Has anybody seen Nomadland? I'm considering going to see it tonight because it's the only movie playing in my cinema by the time I'll going home from therapy. At the same time, it seems like it may be boring and unsufferable at the same time so IDK if I want to subject myself to it.
Scrolling this review
doesn't give me especially high hopes tbh

No. 146312

File: 1622467628873.png (Spoiler Image,168.54 KB, 680x649, cruella.png)

Haven't watched it but the big plot twist of Cruella is the reasons she wants to skin a bunch of puppies for a coat is because her mom was pushed off a cliff by a bunch of dalmatians as a kid. There, I saved you 30 bucks Premium Access.

Anyway, when do you guys think they'll make Gaston movie where he's a himbo

No. 146316

You have to be joking. How does that scenario even occur?

No. 146321

I thought that was a meme, Jesus Fucking Christ thet shouldn't have even brought it up
The premise of wanting to making a redemption about a woman who wants to skin puppies is very dumb and I don't know who thought it was a good idea

No. 146322

>that spoiler
You have GOT to me kidding me lmfao

No. 146323

No. 146325


wow…all i can say. also the CGI is atrocious

is there any other reason to watch this movie cause i already downloaded it and it's a 2 hour movie

No. 146335

So were they evil hitman dalmatians? Why did they do it?

No. 146356

I found it really shitty anon kek. Aesthetic shots and no substance whatsoever and that's coming from someone who torrented the damn movie, would have been mad if I actually paid money to watch it ngl.

No. 146357

samefag but I just noticed
>by the time I'll going home from therapy
top kek please then, no. Idk just watch some wholesome shit like uchuu patrol luluco or Derry Girls if you're not a weeb or smth

No. 146359

This looks like a parody of live action Disney movies as a whole, it's so absurd. I love the Dangan Ronpa edit of the scene though https://twitter.com/DealDewott/status/1398516301321183232

No. 146360

I cant..and she(the mom) is just like „i guess i die now” like..move? Scream?

No. 146399

Haha, by the time I saw your replies, I have already seen the movie!
>would have been mad if I actually paid money to watch it ngl.
Luckily that's not a concern to me as I have a monthly subscription. The more movies I see, the less money I waste. The cinemas have been open for 4 days here and I've already seen 3 films.
>top kek please then, no. Idk just watch some wholesome shit like uchuu patrol luluco or Derry Girls if you're not a weeb or smth
OMG thank you for being so caring, anon. I was late and didn't catch the first 5 or 10 minutes. IDK if that helped (maybe there was something infuriating in them?), but I ended up liking the movie. Shocking, as I usually hate any road trip movies and I expected Nomadland to be peak schmaltzy, emotionally manipulative cinema. The movie didn't feel sappy or like poverty porn to me. It was nice seeing a story about alienated elders with actors that actually looked the part. Some scenes made me cry a bit, but in a healthy way that made me feel more connected to myself and to humanity at large. Also, I got a healthy kek out of realization that Nomadland has just introduced local normies to two great American concepts:
>roadside attractions in the form of trashy lifesize dinosaurs in the middle of bumfack nowhere
>Derek Humphry's Final Exit JFC, it was NOT written by Dr Kevorkian as the movie claims! What a complete fact-checking fail
I would cautiously suggest giving the movie a chance in case of boredom or if anything about it seems appealing.

No. 146404

File: 1622498687332.jpeg (243.03 KB, 948x711, post_pyw_5e3086f1f1be1-ba31ca6…)

Watched Promising Young Woman again last night, still really liked it. It's by no means a perfect movie but a great first full-length feature. And I know it's wrong but this sequence kills me, ugh

No. 146407

This is not true lmao did no one here watch it even for morbid curiosity??? She doesn't want to kill any dogs in it or even hate dogs, they actually even gave her a dog companion, she just hates the lady who killed her mother and wants to take revenge on her.
That scene is pretty awful tbh but the whole film gives you the impression that it's purposefuly Camp.

Honestly, the movie was average-ish but the fashion is pretty on point, I don't get why everyone is just so against the idea of Cruella getting a redemption arc, like killing dogs is not even close to the worst thing a Disney villain has ever done??

No. 146410

Maybe it isn't the worst, but it's the most real to many people. It's shitty, mundane evil. The whole "why is Umbridge hated more than Voldemort?" paradox all over again.

No. 146413

Is that Burnham behind her? Didn't know he could look hot.

No. 146414

Yep, he's really good in the movie - and I never realized how cute he is before. But heads up this screenshot is basically the opposite of the tone for the rest of the movie lol

No. 146415

Yeah, I remember I was looking forward for this movie when it's trailer came out.

Thank you for sharing this screenshot, anon! It looks aesthetically pleasing because of its colour scheme, I seem to be really into neon lately.

Also, even weirder is that Bo here reminded me of my nice, wholesome ex from the times when I was a teen - brought smile to my face, hope he is having a good life.

No. 146486

File: 1622548387131.jpg (3.2 MB, 1400x2100, MMV94E6DBC233FCDCF24DE18C9997D…)

There is something about this movie that I love so much. I have never seen a single Ryan Gosling other than this movie and I have watched it about 7-8 times. I think it's really impressive how they create comedy without demeaning Lars or his issues and I relate to him a lot. I find it a very comfy movie to watch even if it leaves me a little choked up!

No. 146629

A weird old movie that feels like it comes from another universe, I recommend for anons who like SCP-type stuff.

No. 146743

File: 1622741139199.gif (3.04 MB, 500x282, tumblr_84bb95c6e4765775bf18786…)

What are your guilty pleasure movies, anons? I enjoy watching melodramatic romantic movies with an emphasis on the visuals over the story. Movies like Dirty Dancing 2, Phantom of the Opera and Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann's version). Stoker is another go to, the cinematography is mesmerizing

No. 146767

File: 1622748823841.jpg (141.95 KB, 736x1083, 98d51028f54546baa44c16c3b83480…)

The twilight movies, guilty because they're so objectively shit and cringy but I still rewatch them like two times every year

No. 146768

File: 1622749595372.jpg (131.38 KB, 950x633, 473298047320432234.jpg)

Two ends of the spectrum: Dumb himbo action movies like Predator, 300, Mortal Kombat. Then also flamboyant period films. They're not all bad, but some can be very melodramatic and overly focused on romance over meaningful content like The Dutchess, Belle, Far from the Madding Crowd.

No. 146775

Any chick flick. Mean Girls, Clueless, Heathers, shit like that.
I only really watch these when I'm drunk but fuck if movies like that aren't the most fun I've ever had watching something.

No. 146827

a little late, but i thought it gave a good look at how stuffy the marriage situation was. but just that one scene captured the stuffiness well. it's like that closed in feeling when you see all the cookie cutter houses in the beginning of edward scissorhands. maybe i just don't feel the same sense of nostalgia. the fashion, yes. the regular home burb life spent away from friends, nah. that life felt bleak. idk i guess it is better than the 24/7 state of easily accessible drama we're living in now hue

welcome to the dollhouse is def way bleaker for sure hahaha. damn i really should rewatch that. loved the outfits in that too

No. 146831

File: 1622778378568.jpg (100.54 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nnsxoikRvZ1sba56xo7_128…)

not a movie, but skins. first two seasons. it's so embarrassing, pic related. like why must i like that shit

however, stoker is well beyond a guilty pleasure for me. it is such a great pleasure. same with baz luhrmann. all of his stuff is guilty inducing but it's so good i can't help but not feel shameless about it

No. 146839

Twilight is comfy tbh I like watching it when it's gloomy and rainy outside.

Those particular movies are pretty well regarded, I wouldn't consider them guilty pleasures.

No. 146858

Honestly it's only ever scrotes dunking on chick flicks and they're the reason they have that name in the first place. Their opinions are invalid so I agree

No. 146866

File: 1622801475469.jpeg (202.12 KB, 1237x697, the only movie ever.jpeg)

It wouldn't be my guilty pleasure now if it hadn't become the female Fight Club/Spring Breakers/The Fast & the Furious alongside films like Ladybird.

No. 146868

Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They were insanely popular when the first 3 movies were airing, but then there was sort of a cultural wiplash, and I even heard people dragging the first movie for being too silly and campy, but why does everything need to be gritty and adult. Also the Johhny Depp controversies and people got tired of him playing the same character in every movie over and over, but I still adore Jack Sparrow.

No. 146869

File: 1622803311640.jpg (455.72 KB, 2042x3000, c813269641601a34556ff286d8a3ca…)

And not even in a so bad its good. I just think its fun to watch.

No. 146882

Poor noodle woman, she has no arms.

No. 146892

File: 1622813447850.jpg (56.52 KB, 628x440, 74893274032423.jpg)

These are embarassing now!? That sucks. In any case, it's the same for me anon. I literally saw the first PotC in theaters 7 times. I was absolutely gaga over Johnny Depp, plus I loved pirates and it was awesome getting to see a big budget movie about them. I agree that not everything needs to be serious and gritty, and at least it had a moderately creative plot and characters rather than all this tired capeshit coming out lately. It's too bad about Johnny's personal life, he really did used to be a talented actor and a babe but he's taken a nosedive since. I love a lot of straightforward adventure films from back in the day like the Count of Monte Cristo, Man in the Iron Mask, all the Indiana Jones movies. They weren't brilliant but they were genuine and fun in a way most blockbusters these days refuse to be. Always have to be ironic and make fun of themselves, as if being embarassed of their own campiness will head off audiences doing it. In the end they just come across more monotonous and lack heart.

No. 146903

File: 1622815983119.jpg (53.44 KB, 266x374, merlin 1998 mini series.jpg)

I'm not really ashamed of anything I like to watch, but this one, I suspect, not everyone would understand?.. Like, it's just some old cheesy fantasy film. I loved it as a child and recently rewatched it on tv, and honestly I don't think it looks that bad. I really like the cast, characters and overall atmosphere. The characters are not that complicated though, more like in fairy tales, but I don't mind it. My favorite ones were Merlin and Mordred. Mordred is freaking sexy.

Ooh, I remembered one film that I would call my guilty pleasure: The 10th Kingdom. Also loved it as a child, and now it's kinda different… but still fun and nostalgic.

No. 146904

same anon, have the first 4 movies downloaded and watch them when I'm bored

No. 146910

File: 1622820102721.jpeg (3.38 MB, 1693x2500, 4AA31ED2-97DC-465E-9F3C-C05EE7…)

This movie was such a wild fucking ride. I went into it knowing nothing and high as fuck, which probably made it even better, honestly. I highly recommend it to stoner anons, but don’t read anything about it before you watch for extra enjoyment.

No. 146912

File: 1622821011229.jpg (179.64 KB, 1200x680, dragonheart-1996-fantasy-movie…)

I love cheesy fantasy movies from the 80's and 90's so, I totally get it. saw that miniseries a long time ago (rented it from blockbuster, RIP) but I enjoyed it. I also liked the tenth kingdom when I saw it, I feel like it could have been shortened though.

speaking of which, I really liked dragonheart as a kid, haven't watched it in ages but I would probably still like it lol

No. 146960

File: 1622853076094.png (224.59 KB, 500x384, 849032789754364.png)

God I had the biggest crush on the Wolf as a little girl. He's a complete dork but I wanted to pet him kek. The trolls are still funny to me. My favorite (almost) 90s fantasy movie is Legend. Great soundtrack, the sparkliest set in history and sexy devil Tim Curry.

No. 147052

File: 1622931005502.jpg (84.36 KB, 497x710, Woman-in-the-Window-poster-2.j…)

Has anyone seen The Woman in The Window with Amy Adams?
I really liked it. The plot is mid but the film is very stylish and atmospheric. Great main cast. Definitely curl up and watch during a summer storm.

No. 147072

I really like Amy Adams but I’m scared cause it has 26% on rotten tomatoes which is a terrible score, any idea why critics would hate it?

No. 147081

File: 1622949174006.jpg (55.24 KB, 455x674, zoomertrash.jpg)

I watched The Craft Legacy today and lemme tell you what a waste of time.

Nothing happens for most of the time and the conflict between the girls at the very end feels so forced. Also the way they talk to each other, feels like the writer got all the dialogue from tumblr.

The girls ignore the protagonist, who is nancy's daughter because suposedly she caused the death of a kid and one of the girls talk about "using powers responsibly" like shut the fuck up, you cast a spell on the guy to change his personality completely, the fuck responsibly means. Go burn something or whatever. I hate it so much. Only good thing about it was Fairuza Balk and the Mulder guy but holy shit he's so old

No. 147087

File: 1622952767049.jpeg (286.57 KB, 960x1440, C790F958-23C7-4728-91F9-EE678C…)

I love Manchester By The Sea. The scene where he and his wife bump into each other on the street absolutely destroys me. I just love movies that can make me cry from start to finish like that. Mumblecore, I love you so.

No. 147088

depressed and day drinking, good movie to contemplate this fucked up life to? female centric pls

No. 147106

It was entertaining but to me it was just the best lifetime movie i ever saw, in fact, I'm positive I've watched at least 5 lifetime movies with the same plot.
It was predictable but i liked it.

No. 147114

File: 1622969594903.jpg (474.81 KB, 960x1422, MV5BMGMzZmYzYmUtNTJiYi00MjZjLT…)

Only movie with a female protag that came to mind is Wild with Reese Withherspoon, where she goes on a hike to reclaim control over her life. Warning for a pretty squicky toenail removal scene. Also it's more of straight up about facing trauma than being contemplative iirc.

No. 147115

File: 1622970015849.png (116.5 KB, 220x326, Three_Billboards_Outside_Ebbin…)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

No. 147118

I tried to watch it and I had high hopes for it since the book was a fun read. Well the movie isn't fun whatsoever. IDK how they managed it, but it's boring as fuck. I watched a half of it and gave up. Do not recommend.

No. 147136

File: 1622987772840.jpg (78.83 KB, 1280x720, batmanrobin.jpg)

I would just like to express how much I love the art direction of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. It's so nostalgic for me, very experimental and bold colors throughout the film. The movies themselves are extremely campy, and I love them for that as well. We do not forget Seal's iconic Kiss From A Rose.
Batman 1989 and Batman Returns are also fantastic, but not as memorable. Prince's contributing part of the soundtrack stood out more, including the photo set of him dressed up as half Joker, half Batman.

There's a couple films that have a similar vibe, such as the Super Mario Bros Movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films from the early 90s.

No. 147155

This movie was devastatingly sad but it's really lasted with me, an actual complex and strong female character

No. 147161

It was okay, not as bad as people said. I had fun watching it even though it was predictable.
Not even worth watching for keks ugh.

No. 147162

File: 1623001259577.png (983.4 KB, 1198x802, A Ghost Story.png)

Have you seen A Ghost Story? Maybe I was in a weird place but it crippled me for days.

No. 147163

nta but I have and it also gave me a lot to think

No. 147275

File: 1623078989236.jpg (335.15 KB, 2100x1268, raya-last-dragon-watch-online.…)

Disney has lost its touch, they haven't made a good animated movie since Coco–and if you needed a reminder, that came out in 2017. Even their live actions have not been good at all, but at least those for the most part have been understood to be money grabs baiting people in with nostalgia.

Toy Story 4 was just OK and only because I cared about Bo Peep. Frozen II was contrived and really not great. Ralph Breaks the Internet was bad. Soul was weird. The Incredibles 2 was lame. Onward was OK.
Just watched Raya and it's a stupid, poorly paced mess with a poor message. The dragon looks like a kin of Elsa and so many characters are thrown in that one can't care about any of them.
Nothing is made well anymore, and the only striking things are the visuals. /Didneysperg

No. 147278

That Elsa/MLP dragon was such a dumb design choice, it made not want to watch the movie.

No. 147302

File: 1623081348858.jpg (47.91 KB, 800x453, die-wand.jpg)

Die Wand (2012)
"A woman inexplicably finds herself cut off from all human contact when an invisible, unyielding wall suddenly surrounds the countryside. Accompanied by her loyal dog Lynx, she becomes immersed in a world untouched by civilization and ruled by the laws of nature.

No. 147336

Can't say anything about Raya cause I haven't seen it yet, but I agree with everything you said except for Soul. Soul was the best Pixar movie imho. But not judging you at all though, we can agree to disagree

No. 147350

Does anyone else like to watch insane old Lifetime original movies? They're actually batshit, I love them

No. 147425


Yes! I’ve only watched the insane VC Andrews ones. Any recommendations to start branching out?

No. 147433

File: 1623142757868.jpeg (82.85 KB, 960x540, E6D7102F-B650-4273-806B-6B4B13…)

I rewatched Midsommar last night and it got so much creepier than the 1st time. You noticed so many details you missed or didn’t understand the 1st time you watched it. Maybe it’s because I went into the movie without knowing what it was about, but it felt like I was watching a different movie kek

No. 147439

God they were horrible. They completely ruined My Sweet Audrina. I wish someone competent would make a movie out of that novel. It's trashy, but also really dark (even with societal implications) and fascinating. The Lifetime version left only the trash, and ruined the plot. The Flowers in the Attic movie was better, but not by a long shot.

No. 147496

File: 1623182353371.jpg (793.98 KB, 1707x2560, 2DtlLCHKos8x0i6UD8sakE9oeD1.jp…)

Omg go watch Scare Me (2020)
It's horror-comedy with Stormfront and Collegehumour guy. Didn't think I'd love it so much. Their performances are stellar.

No. 147589

File: 1623241396907.jpg (28.5 KB, 298x445, 51J0S7YCBGL._SY445_.jpg)

late replying but ah I gasped when I saw you mention this film anon. Charles Brusch is a genius when it comes to homage. Lauren Ambrose is a gem too. if you're still around you should def check out picrel asap!

No. 147599

I really want to watch this movie! Where'd you watch it anon?

No. 147600

This is so bad it's hilarious, I actually started cackling.

No. 147603

I watched it on one of the copycat websites of 123movies. Make sure you have an adblock tho lol

No. 147605

It's streaming on Prime. If you're looking to stream
Click on the movie poster 6 times then click play button

No. 147620

No. 147622

File: 1623265027935.jpg (90.65 KB, 451x640, 1405531783631.jpg)

Here to report on Cruella! It was super fun to watch and the costume design is top notch. Emma Stone is a goddess and her Cruella expressions are killer. Emma Thompson's character is a bitch that you can't help but giggle at when she tears people down. There are some cheesy moments scattered throughout the movie which reminds you that this is a Disney movie for kids, but overall I would recommend it.

No. 147627

I watched this based on your suggestion and really enjoyed Mia's performance and the de Palma-esque cinematography. the aesthetic was cool all-around. I didn't really enjoy it in the sense that I would a really good "rape revenge"-style film, which is kinda what I expected. like Hard Candy or something. the writing was kinda scrotey but overall a suspenseful watch.

No. 147628

Hm, I have a chance to watch it tomorrow morning. Maybe I will. Still not sold on seeing it.

No. 147638

I had a lot of fun watching The Favourite recently and want to watch more period dramas set in Europe around the years 1700 to 1900. I’ve already seen a couple. Shows like The Great and Harlots, movies like Emma and Pride & Prejudice. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that come my way!

No. 147651


I really liked Portrait of a lady on fire,(though I might be biased bc if a film has lesbians in it I almost always enjoy it more), it's set on some remote island during the 1800s and is mostly a love story. I remember liking Mary Antoinette with kirsten dunst (granted I was high while watching it) but its kind of quirky and has got a lot of anachronistic details (like, converse with ball gowns levels of anachronism lol) so if strict historical realism is your thing this might be a skip. I also think I enjoyed the Duchess back when I saw it as a teenager but all I really remember was Keira Knightley looking pretty in the costumes.

Other than those and the ones you already mentioned like pride and prejudice and emma, I'm not sure I've seen any other good movies set in England during that time period. For some reason Titanic came to mind before anything else (even though that's technically after 1900) since the style and general vibe still seems very Victorian England, but everyone's seen Titanic so it's not a very good suggestion lol.

But if you're open to ones set in asia there's a great Korean period drama called the Handmaiden that I highly recommend. Just be forewarned that it's very gay and very R rated.

No. 147654

>very gay

I’m a hetero, but I watch movies for the sole purpose of vicariously living a totally different life in comparison to my reality, so I will consume anything way outside of my norm. For perspective sake, you know? I have seen Marie Antoinette, but not for many, many years, so I’ll definitely be rewatching it now that you’ve reminded me! Portrait of a Lady on Fire sounds pretty amazing and I do like Korean films as well, but have strangely never watched any period dramas. Thank you!

No. 147680

File: 1623312205595.png (283.68 KB, 500x335, 64983264987322.png)

>the Duchess
Just a head's up, "Keira Knightley looking pretty" is about the entirety of this movie. It's frustrating because the real woman it was based on (Georgiana Cavendish) was a badass who was a style icon, socialite, supporter of science and literature, big political activist and poet/writer. There was a great amount of raw material to work with but the movie spends about 2 minutes on her meaningful accomplishments then shunts it away in favor of focusing on a hurried romantic affair, love triangle and having her make stupid, overly emotional choices regarding her kids which is out of character after how much she's shown to care for them. Her gross rapist husband is shown to have more development and emotional growth by the end. Focusing too much on "romance" isn't really out of character for period dramas, but again, choosing such a cool woman and then portraying her in a shallow, dismissive way is really unfortunate. It is nice to look at, so if you want something banal but attractive go for it, but wanted to warn anons. I agree Portrait of a Lady and Handmaiden are both great though.

The 2005 BBC adaptation of Bleak House with Gillian Anderson is good, and if you want something fun but not too serious there's From Hell. It's about Jack the Ripper and features Johnny back when he was still hot and doing interesting roles.

No. 147681

File: 1623313126858.png (384.69 KB, 572x345, 1238971248730356.png)

Barry Lyndon is totally worth a watch too. It's considered to have some of the most gorgeous cinematography using natural lighting and was shot to look like paintings. It's a picaresque, so the main character is an antihero who's kind of a terrible person but it's fascinating to watch his life in a train wreck sort of way.

No. 147702

File: 1623336112385.jpg (424.19 KB, 1280x856, MV5BMWEyMWU5ODAtNGNiMi00NjkwLT…)

Would Edwardian Era be okay, even if it's a bit later than your requirements? If yes, I highly recommend Real Life of Angel Deverell aka Angel (2007). I fucking love this movie, it'd criminally underrated. Especially watch if you want a sympathetic portrayal of an authorcow, like melodramas and Michael Fassbender.
Sidenote but if you like the story - it's based on a novel that goes in a different place halfway through and has a much more toned down ending.

No. 147703

Ugh Barry Lyndon is a moving painting

No. 147705

File: 1623337702285.jpg (243.29 KB, 1795x1200, Angel-813711337-large (1).jpg)

another shot from the film

No. 147715

What do we think of Bo Burnham's new special? To me vidrel was the highlight and the rest was way too low energy and "uwu raw edgy honest picture of depression" which is so oversaturated in media the past few years.

The "white woman's instagram" song was also super cringy, really pointless and made it clear he hasn't been on instagram since like 2014…

I get he's big enough that anything he puts out will be moderately successful, but honestly this should've been shelved. It was a mess. I just sat through 80% of it thinking "Man just get the fuck off Twitter and go to therapy, let's see you TRY to heal and put in the work to be a functional human, instead of watching you spiraling in this self-indulgent self-destructive career you could walk away from at any time"

(sorry if this doesn't fit in the movies thread I wasn't sure where to put it)

No. 147720

>The "white woman's instagram" song was also super cringy, really pointless and made it clear he hasn't been on instagram since like 2014…
I wanted to understand what was the point he was trying to make? It kind of felt to me like 'misogyny but woke because it's a WHITE woman', but then the part about dead family or sthg felt kind of heartfelt and compassionate. IDK
I enjoyed the special but it was the only one of his that I've seen, so yeah. How does it compare? Also I felt kind of uncomfortable because all the time I had this thought 'this is what onision thinks he is doing', but that's not Bo's fault lmfao. I think Onion partially ruined that kind of comedy for me
>"Man just get the fuck off Twitter and go to therapy, let's see you TRY to heal and put in the work to be a functional human, instead of watching you spiraling in this self-indulgent self-destructive career you could walk away from at any time"
Didn't he imply going to therapy for 5 years? He certainely mentioned taking the time to work out his anxiety issues over going on stage

No. 147738

I thought it was amazing. And all the songs were extremely catchy and it was a good look into how his anxiety has been affecting him. I loved the “Put your hands up” song, I had no idea about his panic attacks making him quit touring. Also, he looks great

No. 147757

>I loved the “Put your hands up” song, I had no idea about his panic attacks making him quit touring
I enjoyed it too but not sure that I got the lyrics. How did it tie into his mental health issues?

No. 147771

File: 1623359044659.jpeg (363.68 KB, 750x647, D31D0883-C7D0-4E7F-A4DF-213B2B…)

No. 147775

I think he looks horrible, compared to what he was before…
And overall he seems very pretentious now. Not a fan of this era of his.

No. 147779


>misogyny but woke because it's a WHITE woman

Idk if he's gotten more good-boy-woke or if I'm just noticing it now but yeesh, it was weird how much he mentioned being white as like a shorthand for being problematic was weird. I thought the sockpuppet song was going somewhere based about wokescolds, but it kind of fizzled into nothing.

>Didn't he imply going to therapy for 5 years?

I'd have to rewatch to make sure, but my impression was he was "working on himself" after he quit stage performing… I don't remember him mentioning therapy or meds specifically, and he definitely wasn't getting help during the filming of the special. You can just see the depressive hermit aura building throughout.


>he looks great

skinnyfat pewdiepie lookalikes your type? lol. He's not an ugly dude but it's obvious he was neglecting himself. Personally I'm always grossed out by the pubey overgrown beard on anyone, it just screams breakup or breakdown.

I'm glad the half-naked parts of the special were mostly for comic effect so at least he's self aware.

No. 147819

It was really uncomfortable to watch in various places, and I wasn't always sure how intentional it was. There also were quite a few times when I wondered how authentic it was, but I guess that's the point or something.
The "White Woman's Instagram" song I hoped would take a proper left turn after the heartfelt comment part, but it just went back?
He also really needs a shave and a haircut. He's not the most good lucking guy in the first place, and the beard is not helping.

No. 147824

Really cringe at some parts. Other parts I like. I'll write more detailed thoughts after a second watch. I'm kind of a Bo Burnham hoe.

No. 147849

Aw thank you anon! Definitely will check this out. Didn't mention it, but Charles Brusch was my favourite part of the movie.

No. 148181

I loved this movie (miniseries?) Queen Mab and the Lady of the Lake were amazing.

I really liked “Welcome to the Internet” and “Put your hands up”.
“Welcome to the internet” describes the internet perfectly right down to the weird ass circus theme.

White Womans Instagram was so misogynistic it made me wanna throw up.

lol he looks like an old exboyfriend of mine when hes all underweight depressed and shaggy looking. It was weird and freaky how similar they look.

Idk I just feel like the whole thing tried to start out with more of a political message then descended into madness. Which I’m low key here for.
For the record I’ve never been a Bo Burnham fan. I always thought he was kinda a hack. But kinda think he’s alright now. Definitely needs therapy tho

No. 148184

>For the record I’ve never been a Bo Burnham fan. I always thought he was kinda a hack.
I'm with you on the 'never been a Bo Burnham fan', but if he can be considered a hack, I don't even want to think how bad most stand-up comedians are….

No. 148194

Yeah I should have clarified that more…I always thought he was a hack up until Promising Young Woman and Inside. Color me impressed. Still not the biggest fan but I no longer think think he is a hack

No. 148208

File: 1623697595375.jpg (355.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210614-210654_Chr…)

I don't get the White Woman Instagram. Why is he mocking women who just take innocent photos of stuff they like? It really feels like 'female interests are inherently dumb, females should stay quiet and not talk about what they like'.
Expected better from you, Bo.

No. 148211

>implying dogs, lattes or socks qualify as interests

No. 148213

Hate to make it a race thing, but… could it be that no one is saying anything because it targets white women specifically?

No. 148218

File: 1623703616675.jpeg (160.99 KB, 600x314, A73D9B22-0B7D-4D48-938C-312B37…)

Airplane is considered good right? I didn’t enjoy at all but honestly sometimes I am stupidly contrarian so I’m curious of anon’s opinion

No. 148230

Well what would you call it other than interests? No one's calling it hobbies but that's literally what interests are.

No. 148232

Fucking WHO CARES.
If men can boast about liking trash-tier 'hobbies' like the embodiments of ego-pandering (superheroes) or the ultimate form of passive consumption (videogames), dogs, lattes, and socks are basically godtier interests.

Fuck that shit. Don't give into the patriarchal machine of making us hate ourselves. if you wanna be basic, it's still less cringe than male mediocrity.

No. 148236

No. 148237

i thought it wasnt that funny tbh. the naked gun movies on the other hand… peak slapstick.

No. 148242

No. 148250

It's considered "good" among scrotes. For example, my retarded misogynist ex thought it was peak humor. I nearly fell asleep during it. The contrast speaks for itself.

No. 148304

I think that's the only demographic that he as a straight white man can make fun of and vice versa white women are only allowed to make fun of white men and no other single demographic

No. 148325

File: 1623769782997.jpg (42.44 KB, 446x362, lyricclip.JPG)

>It really feels like 'female interests are inherently dumb, females should stay quiet and not talk about what they like'.
Lol come on, that's a bit much. I truly believe you're missing the intended joke. The entire special is mocking certain social media trends, and White Woman's Instagram is just poking fun at the extremely common phenomenon of 'comfy' Instagram pages filled with 'trendy' content, usually curated by a white woman. I didn't interpret it as misogynistic at all; it's the only song from the special with entirely wholesome humour to it, and with a section that's clearly intended to be played straight for emotion (the ode to her mom, which has no joking lyrics picrel), left me with the impression of it being a light-hearted jab at the more basic(and sometimes personal) side of social media.

>>148232 is right. I think any of you here who are genuinely offended by a song joking that women like avocados, latte art and romance are being overly-sensitive, or are insecure about liking those things in the first place.

No. 148351

eh yeah I agree that it's intended to be lighthearted, I saw some analysis on tiktok attempting to explain how the part of her mom shows something about depth or something idk. but it annoys me that brainlet tier scrotes just like the song because hating white women has become a proxy for general misogyny. saying you hate women makes you a misogynist but saying you hate white women makes you woke. I don't think the song is deep enough to be upset about but there's something to be discussed (not here) about how white women are increasingly being used as the dumping ground for misogynistic sentiment.

No. 148358

I liked it… but I think I watched it first as a child so it has some nostalgia factor to it. Some jokes had to be adapted in my language too

No. 148361

>implying porn, soccer or craft beer qualify as interests
Hey, neck yourself the next time you wanna write something like that. Or go post at 4chan, they will like you much more there.
>It annoys me that brainlet tier scrotes just like the song because hating white women has become a proxy for general misogyny. saying you hate women makes you a misogynist but saying you hate white women makes you woke.
My thoughts exactly. I think the song was a confused mess. If it was meant to be heartfelt in the end, it either should have ended on the mom part or the final chorus should be changed to something positive and not mocking. Otherwise, it really was not clear what the fuck Bo's angle was. The problem didn't really exist in other segments of Inside. I get the song MAYBE was intended to be an affectionate parody, but because a man is singing it and singling out women for being white, it feels more like a typical scrote attack.

No. 148396

Ayrt and
>there's something to be discussed (not here) about how white women are increasingly being used as the dumping ground for misogynistic sentiment.
I do agree with you on that point

No. 148658

File: 1623923178877.jpg (59.24 KB, 339x550, Viy 1967 Vij movie poster.jpg)

I watched the Soviet horror movie Viy after seeing a funny gif in the gif thread. Anyone seen it and wanna discuss it?
I'm confused…was the witch young and old? If she was old that man couldn't have been her father, unless he was supernatural too. She was powerful enough to summon demons so why couldn't she stop the mc from beating her to death?

No. 148678

This character was allegedly based on a cousin of Gogol's grandmother that was believed to be a witch. She lived somewhere near Kyiv and there was a legend that old witches could turn into young girls. I suspect it must be common because something like that was also in Grimms' fairy tales? So, Gogol's relative was suspected to transform into a young girl too.
I believe there's a theory that pannochka is old and her father might be a warlock and is even older but makes himself look younger. It's also possible that he knew that Khoma was her murderer and he planned all that to get him killed.
I think her not being able to stop him has to do with his praying. In the church, he manages to protect himself, so I guess there must be a way to defeat evil forces.

No. 148746

nta but kek. You do realize that you're posting on cgl's sister imageboard right. and you do know what an imageboard is, right?

No. 148760

Nta but bitch so? There’s a reason we spit off and thrived without scrotes. /cgl/ has been a garbage for a long time.

No. 149170

Yeah, I suspected they knew he was the murderer and wanted to torment him.
It was fun watching something so low-budget, the demons were actually gross but big demon himself looked so dorky.

No. 149172

watched In the Earth last night. like all Wheatley films it had too many ideas kind of crammed into it, like if someone said 'can you make yet another Wicker Man/Midsommar/the Ritual/Blair Witch and add in some lockdown flavour'. worth watching tho imo

No. 149193

Essential reddit-core film

No. 149195

What is other reddit-core shit to avoid? I imagine Joker (which I've liked), American Psycho etc?

No. 149207

I love it. But then I love Leslie Nielsen, too. If you know the backstory of the film and what it's supposed to be parodying, it's waaaaay funnier.

No. 149247

File: 1624243950805.jpg (78.2 KB, 400x601, large_spontaneous-poster.jpg)

Why the hell is this movie so highly rated. I hated every part of it, it wasn't even enjoyable ironically. The exploding stuff stopped being funny very quickly.

No. 149281

I like it too. It stands up to the point that even the most exhauted Reddit memes can't even ruin it imo.

No. 149489


Honestly you're not gonna enjoy yourself if you're constantly thinking which movies are "reddit-tier" so you should for some reason avoid them. Just pick a movie that sounds interesting and that you'll think you'll like, who cares what reddit or 4chan think

No. 149490

I was just curious what anon means, it's not that serious

No. 149498

I don't even really think 'reddit tier' is something that applies to movies. It's a massive sub, it's always seemed quite reasonable and balanced to me? Maybe skewed to male opinions but not overwhelmingly so.

No. 149721

File: 1624560805446.jpg (37.68 KB, 1024x554, Amant-Annaud_0-1024x554.jpg)

Can someone recommend me 'forbidden love' themed movies? Other than Romeo and Juliet, the Twilight saga, and the Lover. I know it's a cliche lol but I'm in the mood for some indulgence

No. 149740

Anna Karenina might be up your alley

No. 149917

File: 1624649893698.jpg (805.55 KB, 900x1331, why.jpg)

Anons, what's the worst movie you've ever watched?

Picrel, I read a comment on youtube that said something like "I never understood what 'straight to DVD' meant until I watched this movie" and it about sums up this turd.

No. 149922

>A Royal Affair
>Portrait of a lady on fire
>The Exception
>Moulin Rouge
>An Education
>West Side Story
>In the Mood for Love
All I can think of top of my head. Easy tip is if it's gay it's forbidden lol

No. 149933

Maybe Aimee and Jaguar too? It's a real story of a German woman and a Jew falling in love in the middle of WWII

No. 149953

Ayrt, oooh I haven't heard of that one, I'll check it out.

No. 149959

File: 1624662744658.jpg (55.17 KB, 352x500, 51MUDaCufEL.jpg)

or any steven seagal movie tbh

No. 149964

File: 1624666675187.jpeg (50.37 KB, 400x600, large_yml922HBs9ztAWpg1QOslgCp…)

Me and my friend walked out of the theatre during this one. If you don't remember this was the movie where Emma Stone was cast as a Hawaiian/Asian character which incited a lot of backlash.

No. 149978

File: 1624682092554.jpg (49.59 KB, 718x988, MV5BMmRiYjg5YTEtOTdlMi00MDM5LT…)

The first film that came to mind was Dario Argento's Inferno. There must have been worse, but I guess my mind blocked it out lmao. It's 100% an exercise in atmosphere creation, logic is out the window

No. 149993

File: 1624693961549.png (114.21 KB, 600x325, 660630AA-1227-484C-89BB-CA0D4A…)

definitely darkman.

No. 150004

File: 1624708664486.jpg (1.24 MB, 1980x3052, MV5BMTUxMzk0NDg1MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Lost in Translation

No. 150005

File: 1624709047639.jpg (84.84 KB, 664x960, Holmes-and-Watson-internationa…)

I haven't watched many movies but Holmes and Watson (2018), though I haven't watched it in a long time. I just remember hating it a lot whilst watching it

No. 150006

Van Helsing. I like gothic horror and action, but there is nothing exciting, funny or scary about this movie.
Just avoid it anons. There is even a part where the male main character knocks out a cool female vampire hunter so he can be the hero instead. He is played by Hugh Jackman, more like Huge Jackass in this role.

No. 150007

File: 1624710736779.jpg (59.43 KB, 260x385, Anomalisa_poster.jpg)

Cool World - just seemed pretty stupid and lazy to me. I mean it's lazily made, some animations are obviously copied and repeated and it's not even subtle. The plot and characters are also shit, the sex scene is hilarious - I guess it'd be more complicated to make that cartoonist touching Holli and so on, but he just lies there like a log lol.

While I was typing it, I remembered probably the worst (in terms of plot) film I saw, in the last few years at least - Anomalisa. It's a prententious and incredibly boring stop-motion film about yet another uninspiring white middle-aged man who is bored with his life and thinks that everyone's the same. If I'm not mistaken it's suggested that he might have this mental illness when you think that everyone's just the same person pretending to be someone else. Yet it looks like he's just a contemptuous dick who expects others to surprise him or something. And then this ridiculous scene… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSh-Wy2vvHY&ab_channel=Movieclips So he thinks he's the first person who realized all this shit and everyone else's just dumb and never thought about government manipulations or something like that? Who wrote this? It's so bad

Flesh+Blood by Paul Verhoeven. Medieval times. Main character played by Rutger Hauer and his gang kidnap the young girl Agnes. At the beginning of a movie she doesn't even know what sex is so she asks her maid to show her, and the latter immediately starts fucking some random man lol just like that, Agnes doesn't like it though. So when she gets kidnapped, Rutger and his friends sexually assault her, but she rises to the occasion by wrapping her legs around him and forcing him into herself. Friends are like "wooow now sheee's raping you!!", and she's all smug - lol what the fuck? and then they're in love or some shit, anyway she doesn't mind him at all

No. 150010

i have many:mother!,nocturnal animals,the forest,little kids,tall grass,wounds,rosemarys baby,it follows,slender man,paranormal acrivity…

No. 150013

Oof nocturnal animals is SO bad. The soundtrack is amazing, but it's such a scrote-y film

No. 150040

File: 1624732541896.jpg (92.61 KB, 705x1000, 9a4e9b0ea147b06b359c08181f1051…)

Aww, really? I watched it as a kid and loved it, had a crush on this dude. But tbh I haven't watched it since and don't remember a lot about it. Lol

No. 150044

What horror movies do you like?
There are some in that list that I genuinely like, but some like slenderman and paranormal activity are legit shit

No. 150046

>Who wrote this? It's so bad

No less than Charlie "I'm Thinking of Ending Things and other earlier works" Kaufman. Anomalisa is the one thing of his I haven't been able to sit through yet.

No. 150049

File: 1624738173648.jpg (173.61 KB, 1247x1769, mine.jpg)

I've been watching the currently airing Korean soap opera Mine and I'm completely blown away by it. On surface it's your typical drama about a dysfunctional rich family fighting for inheritance and all the scandals that come with that. What really shines about it is that the most important characters are well written, complex women who have deep relationships with each other. And even more impressive is that one of the two mains is a powerful woman who happens to be a closeted lesbian. She mentions it explicitly several times and even meets her old lover on screen. She's portrayed very respectfully in general. This is huge for a South Korean drama! Heck for any show, cause I can't think of any western one that did something similar. I'm anxious to see how their public reacts to it. It's gonna come out on Netflix early July iirc, I really recommend it.

No. 150214

Excited to start watching this, thanks for the rec!

No. 150457

File: 1624981717086.jpg (21.53 KB, 728x409, 5748_5.jpg)

Is 'We need to talk about Kevin' worth watching? I remember thinking about watching it when it came out, but I didn't and yesterday the memory came back to me. Is it very depressing?

No. 150459

I love that movie, it is kinda disturbing/depressing but it depends on the individual and tastes. I prefer the second half when Kevin is older. It's uploaded to YouTube I think. Ezra Miller is really hot in it too.

No. 150460

>Ezra Miller is really hot in it too
Shameful or not, that's one of the reasons I want to watch it lmao. Thanks nonnie I'll watch it tonight!

No. 150461

kek anon, don't worry because that is the reason I watched it but ended up liking the movie anyways. i hope you enjoy it!

No. 150467

Oh crap I just noticed that I posted that on the wrong thread lol. Hope you enjoy it anon, I finished it last weekend and it was very satisfying

No. 150476

I thought it was kinda disappointing compared to the book, and there's another layer of Ezra M. giving the hammiest unsubtle performance while everyone else is doing minimalism. This could have worked but it just made him look remedial compared to the rest of the cast.

No. 150480

File: 1624990680903.jpg (574.46 KB, 1200x1600, 20487654.jpg)

It's one of my fav, the book is obviously way better though. Watch it, if you liked it I'd recommend you watch Stoker next

No. 150481

File: 1624991095583.png (197.3 KB, 800x600, arthour party night.png)

kek samefagging bc I'm high and dindu read your next post, but since you liked itGO WATCH STOKER AND YOU COME BACK HERE AND TELL ME IF YOU LIKED IT

No. 150486

Ben-Hur. Seriously.

No. 150492

Well, I finished it and honestly I expected something more nuanced. Ezra was indeed hamming it up and was just generally too much. Tilda Swinton was great, John C. Reilly was good, although sort of an odd choice (but then again, comedy actors do the occasional movie roles like these to prove that they should be taken seriously). My biggest qualm was the black and white characterization. Even Ted Bundy had days where he was nice to people and believably acted like a normal human being, but I'm supposed to believe that this kid was an insufferable bitch from the moment he was born consistently until his imprisonment? Also I got the feeling the director sometimes leaned on the shock value so much I couldn't take it seriously and it bordered on comedy (like the scene where Eva walks in on Kevin masturbating and he, instead of stopping, just continues jerking off while staring into her eyes. I knew it was supposed to be disturbing, but I couldn't help but laugh). The question of nature vs nurture is an interesting one but could have been tackled better I think
I love Stoker!! It's one of my guilty pleasure movies, the cinematography is mesmerizing and I love the atmosphere and the camerawork. Dreamy

No. 150500

In the book it's a little more clear in the telling that Eva just loathes her son and sees him in the worst possible light. On film, it's just Manic Ezra glaring at everyone for unintentional comedy.

No. 150982

Did anyone watch fear street part 1? What did you think? I actually really enjoyed it

No. 150985

File: 1625346910043.jpg (262.48 KB, 960x1418, kk.jpg)

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was something. For the Exploitation genre, it didn't seem to exploiting as it was going to be, and the female characters were fucking amazing. Plus one for a non-pandering canonical lesbian in a 60's film.

No. 151000

I enjoyed it a whole lot! Watched it with my mom and we genuinely were grossed out and surprised afew times! the fucking head, ugh

No. 151009

this was so bad it's good, but at the same time still so bad its truly the worst, it's great

No. 151014

Really? I watched the thing and it was just fucking cringy, the dialogue seemed so fucking unnatural and the "fight" scenes were just comical
It seemed like a fetish film for a guy with a femdom fetish

No. 151218

Are there any movies that you're looking forward to on Cannes?
At the cost of being called a scrote coomer, I've been masturbating to this trailer for Benedetta a lot. Still I hope to enjoy it without having my coomer brain turned on but being a nun and having sex with other nuns has always been a big and most reoccuring sexual fantasy of mine.
Another movie I'd love to watch is Belle. Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChneY1MSVFw

No. 151348

Oooh I want to watch the lesbian nun movie too. Hope it's not too scrotey.

No. 151374

File: 1625584352395.jpg (743.06 KB, 1299x875, MV5BMTRhMjg0ZjYtYTdhMi00YTZkLW…)

Do you have movies where the trailer was really intriguing but then when you watched the movie it ended up being really disappointing?
I remember watching this film's trailer (Stratosphere Girl: https://www.imdb.com/video/vi3094197785; it's so obscure, it doesn't even have an English trailer on Youtube) and expecting a European, artsy, low-budget thriller version of Lost in Translation but it ended up being a huge disappointment

No. 151411

File: 1625596500772.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x380, Danielle-Panabaker-and-Nicole-…)

I'm going to watch Promising Young Woman after seeing it mentioned a few times in this thread. The trailer reminded me a little of the film Girls Against Boys. I'd recommend it if you're able to look past some flaws and want to watch something similar. Be warned that there's rape in the plot though.

No. 151471

it was directed by a 80+ year old scrote whose last film was a scrotey-ass rape drama. personally im boycotting

No. 151498

There should be some sort of ban on scrotes making movies about female sexuality.

No. 151509

Let's start a petition

No. 151835

Fear Street part 2 was so fun

No. 151839

yes and I love how they kept it ambiguous until the end who c berman was in the flashback. I can't wait for part 3 and I've been reading the books just to have more lmao

No. 151855

I'm the anon who posted that trailer so now I feel even extra bad. Fuck. I'm sorry anons.

No. 151857

Let's hope an actual lesbian director makes a movie about lesbian nuns soon, nonnie.

No. 151862

Does the trilogy stray far from the books?

No. 151864

File: 1625947921247.jpg (59.48 KB, 500x740, 7948704.3.jpg)

On topic of lesbian movies, did anyone watch (based on Gunjo manga)? I hope it's not male gaze shit. I would like to finish reading the manga before I watch it (it kind of tired me tbh).

No. 151937

File: 1626007868910.jpg (59.86 KB, 960x540, saint-maud-.jpg)

>Saint Maud
has anyone watched this? i really enjoy religious themes and whatnot, even if it's not the religion i grew up with and the plot sounds interesting. i heard there was a rape scene in it so i'm kind of on the fence, depending on it's intensity. let me know your thoughts if you've watched it!

No. 152016

File: 1626088507786.jpg (76.01 KB, 800x450, AnnetteFinalPosterSquarebig599…)

Did you see Anette?
I was kinda into while watching it but retrospectively, I think it was pretty bad. The first half was solid with the stand-up show and opera bits but it got worse and more cliche as it went on.
The singing during sex sequence made me cringe so hard. Adam Driver's face expressions, moustache and constant nakedness also made me cringe (but I guess nice to have a movie than objectified its male lead more than its female lead). I've heard people praise his acting in this but he was over-acting imo.
The fate of female lead was also cliche as fuck. The final plot twist was a bit too 5deep8me.
But I agree with the message that standup comedians are egoistic psychos kek

No. 152018

File: 1626089535634.png (481.59 KB, 700x465, 1b8ce89c124ebbd87d753b0c9feeb0…)

watched wind river a few days ago and i think i lowkey have a thing for movies with vast icescapes. movies like this one, the grey, girl with the dragon tatoo, let the right one in, the terror, the hateful eight, hold the dark hell i even liked the landscape parts of the snowman and the revenant lol. Theres something very calming about the energy these movies have, even when the subject matter is often quite dark. Any recs for movies with this feel (unironically)?
I havent watched it but regarding rape scenes in movies i recommend literally fastforwarding

No. 152019

Yup, saw it during the world premiere. How did you see it? I think Driver was as great as always in it and genuinely fucking terrifying. I will leave it at that though since you don't agree and we have an appropriate thread for admiring him. I think it was a good movie, but for me like 7/10 good. I think it's great that someone made something so original and could see why some people adore it.
What do you think about Ann using Annette? I got the part where she cursed her with her voice as vengeance toward her murdering hubby, but we see Annette as a doll from the very moment she's born… so it means that Ann immediately saw Annette as a tool. For what though? I don't know if I'm dumb and it's self-explanatory, or if it's a plot hole Also Adam's character made me think of Onision, especially with how everyone went along with his 'controversial', 'daring' jokes and ended up disgusted yet shocked when it turned out he's like that for real

No. 152025

File: 1626099116976.jpg (390.71 KB, 1200x1600, 81TvkWvCdvL._RI_.jpg)

Here's my rec nonnie. I like this kind of atmosphere in movies too!

No. 152026

Don't bother, it's absolutely godawful.

No. 152028

Mind telling me more? Is it awful in comparison to manga or just in general? I love people tearing down bad movies btw

No. 152034

The movie is from Adam's point of view so I think it meant that he saw Anette as a doll since she was born. Not Ann. Ann was the typical perfect etheric love interest that's of course killed by the dark brooding protagonist that's the opposite of her.
I also believe she didn't literally curse her child, it was all just his guilt that manifested into hallucinations and Anette was simply a gifted child.
I saw it in a small/indie cinema, they've opened here recently. The ratings and reception of this movie in my country (mid euro) are pretty bad…Guess we're too cynical for this kind of stuff.
The first half was creative and songs were overall catchy though imo.

No. 152036

thank you anon this looks great!

No. 152051

Oh, good to hear that it's opened somewhere already!
Hm, you are probably right about the movie being entirely from Adam's POV. But in the ending scenes, the real Annette rejects her mother for also using her as a pawn, so IDK what to make of that
I feel like this movie leaves some room for interpretation, though I'm not sure if I'm invested enough for that now. Maybe it will be clearer once I rewatch. This movie is so extra I can both believe in a realistic and a 'fantasy' interpretation of it. It has a feeling of a dark fairytale to me. Honestly, I did not know what to expect from Annette from the trailer and I went with an open mind… but I still ended up being completely unprepared for the actual experience.

No. 152116

nta also i haven’t read the manga but this is my opinion:
3/5 stars
- was a bit too long. could have done with some editing
- too much melodrama
- boring but had the potential to be good
- there were a few poignant scenes that i’m grateful for
- did not like that the main character who is supposed to be a lesbian fucks two men (there were ~plot~ reasons but at this point idc. i’ve never seen a movie where a straight man has to fuck a man for plot reasons and until that becomes a common occurrence i will keep complaining about lesbian characters getting this treatment
- when the two women have sex the lesbian bemoans not having a penis. just seemed like typical scrote writing

No. 152119

the lesbian fucking man and bemoaning lack of penis were present in the manga which was written by a woman. not that your complaint isn't valid, just felt like mentioning this. TBH I'm not sure if the more dominant heroine is a lesbian or not, her underling seemed like it much more. I need to reread the manga, it kind of exhausted me when extra characters showed up

No. 152217

I can't stop watching musical movies set in the 1800s/1900s. First it was The Music Man, then Gigi, now My Fair Lady. Need more, help anons, I'm blanking.

No. 152348

Easter Parade, Meet Me in St Louis

No. 152564

File: 1626452961452.jpg (280.97 KB, 2048x1470, the_seventh_seal_01.jpg)

I recently saw The Seventh Seal for the first time. Aside from some of the acting being a bit over the top/outdated, I was surprised by how well it holds up. I think it's largely thanks to copious amounts of black humor. I’ve been feeling doomed and hopeless lately due to escalating effects of global warming, and this film seems eerily relevant but also comforting.

No. 152650

I know what you mean. It's been oddly comforting.

No. 152720

If you haven't seen it already, Hello Dolly is a good one!

No. 152739

File: 1626594761622.png (1.99 MB, 864x1280, Black_Widow_July_9_Poster.png)

Watched Black Widow yesterday and what a shame they only made her origin story movie now, not earlier like with (almost) every other character. It was very refreshing to see a movie about really cool characters that happen to be women instead just "strong female leads". Also that opening sequence was excellent; overall one of the better marvel movies of latest few years. Any other anon still interested in MCU?

No. 152752

I finished WandaVision yesterday and I really liked it. It had a 'lost episode' creepypasta feeling to it and I love that.
Didn't watch Black Widow yet but I'm still pissed off that they killed her and Gamora off in Avengers. Was killing two of the best female characters really needed?
Also on that poster ScarJo looks a bit different or is it just me? Did she get a nosejob?

No. 152760

still into the MCU despite my inmense dissappointment back when I watched Endgame. Wandavision was great IMO, didn't care for FATWS so I didn't watch it and Loki could have been good but became a messy mess by the last episode. I really enjoyed Black Widow but it should have been released years algo, it feels like they only cared to film it to tie it into the rest of the MCU by making Yelena the "villain" of the Hawkeye show.

No. 152767

Would Wandavision be a quality content for someone who isn't a fan of capeshit, but can appreciate a ~deconstruction~ and unrealistic characters with psychological depth?

No. 152773

Wandavision is pretty good and entertaining to me despite not being a marvel fan, just strung along to watch some of the avengers stuff back then though, so i still know some context outside of the series.
Obviously if you're into the MCU it will have a lot of exciting cameos or plot points but on its own as a kind of existential psychological thriller-fantasy it's still entertaining

No. 153318

File: 1627033343670.jpg (126.01 KB, 1920x1080, fid20168_trid18884.jpg)

I saw this last night and I loved it, instant favourite. I love movies with religious themes. yeah there is a rape scene but it's in no way graphic, basically what happens is the character is having sex with someone, she says no at one point and he basically ignores her and she just looks defeated for a few seconds, could still be upsetting though but it lasts all of 5 seconds. also the movie was filmed really close to where I live which I found interesting! the setting of this run down old seaside town and themes of isolation hit really close to home, I couldn't stop thinking about it once it was over. I recommend it anon!

No. 153319

I thought it was pretty boring at first but the whole movie was worth it for the final shot, which was incredible. like it made it go from meh to "i will think about this for a long time" tier. horror fans will prob predict it as i did due to desensitisation but its done really well imo

No. 153762

File: 1627392164840.jpg (15.12 KB, 516x326, 20210726_230945.jpg)

I had wanted to see this for a while and y'all gave me the push. imo it was predictable but I absolutely loved it. picrel reminds me of the end kek

No. 153764

After watching Hereditary, i had to do a conscious effort to stop intrusive thoughts about it for like 2 months. Watching that shit was my worst mistake, i deeply regret it.

No. 153793

Was it that bad? I didn’t like it either but besides the head falling offscene it didn’t leave the impression that it’d give viewers a lot to think about, for me. And I can remember most of the movie very clearly despite seeing it once when it was still screening.

No. 153810


It's interesting how people seem to have very different reactions to this movie in terms of how it affected them. A lot of people agree that it had its scary parts, but some were extremely affected emotionally while others just didn't see what the fuss was about. It's kinda cool.

I'm one of those who had a strong reaction to the movie. My family went through a bad crisis when I was a child, and while other movies portray family tragedy as just being sad and rainy, Hereditary was the closest any movie has ever gotten to portray just the horror of watching your family fall apart at the seams. The loss of control, your loved ones just not being themselves anymore, this movie portrayed those feelings perfectly to me.

No. 153822

Anon, I have written something similar here or in another thread and someone suspected I was a secret advertiser going through forums to shill the movie, kek. When in reality I had the same issue as you, that film really triggered my anxiety and depression and I felt absolutely devastated. It is insane that a film can do this to you. I always told myself "It is just a movie, it can’t harm you" over and over because I was so scared. Another fun fact: I went to the cinema thinking it was a "dark family drama" because that is what my friend told me, but I was in no way prepared for it. Recently my bf rewatched the movie and it was weird to sit in the other room, knowing what was happening on screen in the same moment.

I agree that the movie was able to portray very dark feelings that I haven’t seen on screen before. It was both the horror scenes and the general psychological horror and feeling of dread that disturbed me. I think the only other film that came close to this was the original Martyrs.

No. 153861

Can I ask what parts of it made you feel that way? Which part of the spiraling felt most accurate to a real life portrayal of those emotions? Which event seemed most reflective of real emotions? Was it when the grandmother died? when her body was found? When the mom found out? When the son kind of descended into madness? When the mother finally let out her rage? When the son accepted his position as the harborer of evil/tragedy after his sister’s death? As someone who found the movie over the top and comical, I also think it’s interesting others could find the movie discomforting for being too relatable. The movie is definitely stronger imo when it’s all viewed as a metaphor, but the literal things that happen in it are still funny.

No. 153880

>over the top and comical
kek anon, you are a badass (seriously, I wish I was as brave as you). I think it was just the general tone and atmosphere of the movie that upset me, especially the car scene and the way everything went downhill from there. It was like a switch was flipped and the characters "fell into a deep hole" afterwards, spiralling into darkness and madness. To me, this is exactly how anxiety and depression feel like. And I don’t like it very much. There was just a lot of darkness and dread in me after watching the movie. It was like one of those nightmares where your family suddenly doesn’t recognize you anymore or something is wrong with them but you can’t tell what exactly it is.

Some scenes that upset me were the daughter sleeping in the red room, the dream sequence where the mother talks to her son and everything seems alright before she slits her throat or something (I instantly closed my eyes lol) and the finale in general with the mother banging her head against the door in particular, NO THANK YOU)

No. 153914

Anyone here ever Watched Jesus Christ Superstar, watching it is an experience
It was supposed to be a big budget Epic, but when they learned they weren't getting any funding they decided instead to get a bunch of theater hippies, fly them off to the desert, improvise and shoot literally where ever they could, including near random ruins or a construction site

No. 153932

File: 1627480564115.jpg (1017.1 KB, 1800x2667, orig.jpg)

I just saw First Love dir. Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer)
Yakuza/action/romance. Kino desu. And pleasantly surprised that it's not sexually degenerate at all. I find some characters very charming. It's a fun wacky ride if predictability isn't a deal breaker for you.

No. 153935


Nayrt but I thought the way the mother screams at her son at the dinner table was a very realistic representation of abuse. Never saw that in a movie before and it unsettled me a lot.

The movie's (first) layer of "hereditary" mental illness being the real horror was fascinating, it's one of my favorite horror films because of it.

No. 153939

File: 1627482271904.jpeg (80.46 KB, 320x577, 14819FA3-8950-4C0B-AFFE-A373F6…)

I loved this movie when I saw it years ago. So strange and fun. Ted Neeley was fucking hot as Jesus too.

No. 154052

No sexual degeneracy in a miike film? That's a surprise.

No. 154089

I'm butting in but the only movie I watched from him was the Ace Attorney adaptation and I was shocked how good it was given how wacky the setting, characters and story are. And obviously it's kinda family friendly.

No. 154094

He goes between R-rated movies and family friendly flicks. He did Crow Zero too.
Yeah especially for a quintessential yakuza flick, just silly wanton violence.

No. 154127

The chick who curb stomped a dude to death and then goes on to be a terminator for the rest of movie was kino af

No. 154349

File: 1627746853829.jpg (202.35 KB, 913x1352, pig-movie-poster-nicolas-cage-…)

Just watched Pig. It's so good, nonnies. I thought I was going into a "look at my phone a lot" type of movie but I just watched it with a big smile the whole time. I think a lot of people are making presumptions about it without seeing it (I sure did); it's surprisingly clever, funny, and poignant.

No. 154365

late reply, but the way i understand the white woman's instagram song was that we should not be judging those women. yes at first it seems like he is making fun of them, but in the end i think he was critising people who judge them more. i think that was the point of the part with the dead family member, after that part, the first part feels more like an endearing tribute. he is saying that those women who are made fun of for their instagram are still people with depth and what you see on their instagrams is just the surface, it's just a way to have fun and do a kind of virtual scrapbook, and they don't have to explain themselves or show anything more than they want to, just because some idiots decide to judge them based on an actually innocent, harmless social media appearance

No. 154366

While I think White Woman's Instagram was a bit misogynistic, I'm still in absolute awe at the cinematography of all of it. To think he put together all those shots by himself, it must have took a lot of work and effort. Welcome to the Internet was also my favorite song. I really liked how it touched on the cognitive dissonance we've developed as humans by having mass murders posted about adjacent to recipes and pictures of cute clothes.

No. 154367

File: 1627757945660.jpg (133.94 KB, 1600x2400, djJC8Sqz3p5E9H53teZLILYfcZI.jp…)

samefag, but i also really enjoyed his film eighth grade

No. 154387

Very well said anon. I wish more people would see White Woman's Instagram beyond the surface-level jabs. I'm assuming the people who complain about it haven't seen his other work and aren't familiar with his humor. I found the song really sweet and it did help me realize that I'm overly judgmental and should just let people enjoy little things like taking pics of their food or whatever instead of getting annoyed for no reason.

I'm hoping Bo does more film writing/directing in the future because Eighth Grade made me feel a whole range of emotions. He's a really good actor too, so that's a plus. He's always doing something different though… we'll see what he does next.

No. 154403

I've only seen make.happy (after inside, and let me tell you, I truly became concerned when he was already mentioning his sanity slipping in that one, and in inside it was clear shit was even worse for him), what should I see to understand better? I was really confused by the WWI song (as mentioned in some posts above kek), but I'm interested in understanding his humor better and judging then. I agree the shots were striking! And the sad part was so sweet.
oh I've also seen Eight Grade, was great and it was incredible how it nailed being an actual awkward teenage girl

No. 154455

The Green Knight is good but I'm bracing myself for the normies that don't get what an Arthurian legend is to tear it to shreds.

No. 154490

File: 1627828802714.jpeg (153.65 KB, 1200x630, F76DA1E3-784E-47F1-89E8-9D2093…)

I expected it to be so much more mean-spirited after reading this thread but it was kind of sweet actually, seemed more like gentle teasing than genuinely cruel. The verse about her mom (and everything that came after like her birthday and getting engaged) was actually sweet, even though Bo is making fun of the character he still goes out of his way to point out that she’s a human being with her own trauma.

Idk, I’m white and don’t mind getting a little ribbing for once, much meaner things are said about nonwhite women (still hate most white woke moids giving white women shit because we’re the only demographic they’re allowed to pile on. Kill yourself, Brandon. )

No. 154491

File: 1627830069226.jpeg (550.04 KB, 1200x1600, 5D40BE5F-6D22-4AE7-9953-80BC6B…)

Movies like this frustrate me and I don’t know how to feel.
Like cinematically it was really well made, really subtle and slow moving and not as hammy as I expected, but I don’t want to feel sympathetic about Jeffrey Dahmer, he was a kiddy raping degenerate. But of course I’m going to feel awful watching cute Ross Lynch crying on the floor.
I just spent 2 hours feeling sad and maternal toward cutesy teen-movie Dahmer which is more genuine emotion I’ve had for any individual victim of his (because nobody is actually interested in who they were even today and there won’t be any sadboi movies made about them) and I get frustrated with myself and have to remind myself that he fucked a kid and injected his fucking brain with acid while he was still alive.

Also that part at the end where he’s attempting to kill his friend / the author smells like absolute bullshit to me, but I didn’t read the comic

Anyway Bundy / Columbine hybristos are common as dirt moid-loving dipshits but I can’t wrap my mind around Dahmer fangirls. Sense of safety because he posed no danger to females whatsoever?
Aileen Wuornos fans are based though.

No. 154493

Yeah, this tendency to humanize or glamorize serial killers is really frustrating especially since it doesn't even question the narrative that serial killers tell in interviews - which is of course, that they are victims themselves, either of their surroundings or their impulses and they had no choice but to kill. Films like this also presuppose that serial killers are just like ordinary humans other than the killing part and are capable of feeling the same range of emotions as everyone else. Which as far as I know is bullshit.
I watched an interview once with a psychiatrist who explained that people's predisposition to fearlessness and stress moves on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, it makes people very sensitive and so they get stressed out very easily. On the other end of the spectrum there are the people who need an above the average amount of stimulation to feel stressed and these people either turn this fearlessness into a socially accepted thing - like choosing professions where this is useful, like surgeons, pilots, bomb disposal technicians, etc. - or they turn it into a socially unacceptable thing - like killing. So essentially, serial killers are people who are so dead inside and predisposed to boredom that they need extreme acts to feel the same amount of stress or arousal that an ordinary people would when they are for example giving a presentation in front of a large crowd or are about to have sex with an attractive person. They are literally empty inside and of course they would say things like 'Oh I only killed that person because I felt emotionally close to them and didn't want them to leave' to make themselves seem more interesting. The truth is they were just bored and wanted to feel something

No. 154494

>So essentially, serial killers are people who are so dead inside and predisposed to boredom that they need extreme acts to feel the same amount of stress or arousal that an ordinary people would when they are for example giving a presentation in front of a large crowd or are about to have sex with an attractive person.
so a character as exaggerated and crazy as Junko Enoshima kinda has a basis in psychology, interesting

No. 154495

File: 1627833557044.jpeg (52.48 KB, 1280x720, FB824AEF-830C-4505-AD02-BBBA49…)

Exactly. I feel emotionally manipulated in a way, even though I know I wasn’t forced to watch this movie or anything. Like I was watching just one small part of a concentrated cultural effort to desensitize women to terrifying, murderous male behavior using our tendency to sympathize and feel a sense of protectiveness regarding wounded people.
It’s like my heart wants to disassociate so I can baby this “character” and my brain has to slap the stupid out of me. I have no hybristo tendencies whatsoever, but I’m alarmed at how easily I could be coaxed into them by morbid fascination and movies like this.

> Dahmer then placed his head on his would-be victim's chest, listened to his heartbeat, and said that he would eat his heart

Jesus dude. Too bad this dumbfuck wasn’t born ten years later, could have been a NEET spending his life cuddling his RealDoll and whacking it to BestGore instead.

No. 154504

I hope to see a torrent of it soon.
I enjoyed this movie because visually it was well done and the acting was surprisingly good. I didn't have any expectations from this movie so I enjoyed the ride. But I have to agree that movies like these tend to make us empathize with monsters doing grave injustice to their victims.
And I will also add that being the awkward kid at school, it made it even harder for me not to relate on some level with the main character especially since the movie is about him becoming a murderer and it barely touches on the gruesome things he did later in life.

No. 154583

I was looking at the thread pic thinking "that interior sure looks Scandinavian" then I saw the candy and the language on the tv and realised it is. Lol. Sage for retardation

No. 154781

I read the comic this was based in a while ago. The guy who did the comic (Derf Backderf) actually did go to school with Dahmer in real life. The comic was pretty good and while it shed some light onto his background, not exactly apologetic towards Dahmer. He was still depicted as way creepy.
I didn't see the film but it's kind of a shame they turned it into "poor misunderstood murderous scrote uwu".

No. 155220

What? The movie was terrible, the acting gave me second-hand embarrassment. The story itself made no sense. I went in to watch with little to no expectations and still found myself disappointed.

No. 155340

File: 1628507899012.png (1.21 MB, 1919x780, based_enid.png)

Based Enid. I wish we had a movie screencaps thread.

No. 155466

Just finished the suicide squad and I really liked it

No. 155470

please make it! I've wanted to forever, but forgot. Preferably just for live action (movies and tv series) and separate for weeeb shit (i mean someone else can make it if needed)

No. 155472

No. 155507

File: 1628648070391.jpg (114.27 KB, 1079x876, Screenshot_20210810-221435_Goo…)

what film is this?

No. 155538

googled the line and it says it's Censor (2021)

No. 155712

File: 1628801686401.png (428.78 KB, 552x366, 4832-084-32452356.png)

I enjoyed it a lot and loved escaping into the slow, dreamy, psychological narrative it spun. Would be overjoyed to see more intelligent fantasy movies like this, but I did find it pathetic/hilarious that this dumbass literally needed his (ending spoilers) mommy to create an entire fake quest to prove himself and still managed to fail the challenges miserably at every turn until the very end, during which his "success" was accepting death but still getting off scot-free. Like damn, dude was dense. He wanted to be a knight but still managed to bungle simple acts of courtesy that badly? I liked Alicia Vikander's roles though and Arthur was cool. He did well with the sickly whisper-talk while still conveying a sense of aging grandeur.

No. 155995

Watched some films recently, so here's what I think of them.

>House (1977)

I liked the weird stuff that happens, but it kinda drags on in the beginning. I wouldn't call t a masterpiece or anything, but I'd recommend it for the surreal style alone.

>House Party (1990)

I actually liked this. Not much to say other than it was nice

>Free guy

I really hate this. My 12-year-old nephew made me and my family watched this because 'haha GTA but in real life'. It's inoffensively mediocre at best and extremely cringy and predictable at worst. I also felt like near the end they were just cramming in as many references as possible. I guess people like it because they feel like it's a sometimes funny, corny okay-ish movie and that's okay, but I didn't find it funny at all tbh

No. 156036

File: 1629088557968.jpeg (85.13 KB, 801x450, BD7E4014-7536-4CE7-B024-7242E8…)

I saw this recently and it was excellent - really probably one of my favorite movies to come out in the last few years, and 2019 was stacked so all I’m saying is nonnies go see this, if not for the plot then for the set design and costuming. Dev Patel, Alicia Vilander and whoever plays Arthur are amazing as well. I particularly loved how Arthur was portrayed.
David Lowery I’ve noticed tends to put a scene in all of his movies where a character spells out the main theme and it worked so much better in this setting and delivered by Alicia Vikander the GOAT than it did in a Ghost Story, for instance, where I think it’s probably the biggest weak point of the film. The “green” monologue kinda hit here ngl
Seeing movies like this make me want to get into symbology and the like. Obviously a lot was ripped directly from the source but even as someone who has read Arthurian myths (not this one… yet) and gets Gawain’s backstory, it was so dense. Highly recommended

No. 156050

i have been waiting to see this movie for so long because i'm really into arthurian legends and the visuals looked so beautiful! sadly i have to wait until october 21st..

No. 156136

I think you'll enjoy it anon, I grew up with Arthurian legends and had pretty high expectations so I was worried it wouldn't meet them, but I thought it was great even in the areas they deviated. Sorry to hear you'll have to wait but it's worth it!

No. 156179

I forgot this movie existed. I have to watch it again, but I remember thinking it was a masterpiece.

No. 156274

NTA but I always wanted to get into Arthurian legends but uhh, I don't know where to start. Do you have any book suggestions? I may go see the Green Knight tonight….

No. 156406

nta but I like to recommend The Once and Future King. Far from the traditional stories but accessible and witty. The more modern sensibilities fit well with this version of the Green Knight.

No. 156452

File: 1629281048314.jpg (60.75 KB, 500x750, 1TCXel9WXbRVRMEDCwWrySKMcoZ.jp…)

Can someone recommend me obscure vampire movies?

No. 156467

requiem for a vampire, the director of this movie jean rollin made a shit ton of vampire movies

No. 156502

File: 1629304188052.jpg (17.21 KB, 220x327, 220px-Alucardaposter.jpg)

Alucarda is (loosely) based on Carmilla, dunno how obscure this is

No. 156509

>Not dracula
Stupid name

No. 156515

Well, what would be a better idea? Any other feminization would ruin the backwards reading. 'A dracula' can also mean something like 'another dracula', 'a dracula type person' etc. You are nitpicking.

No. 156526

File: 1629310503946.jpg (533.29 KB, 1536x2048, aka immortality.jpg)

This isn't exactly new but The Wisdom of Crocodiles is an atmospheric early Jude Law film with a shockingly good cast. It's on Hulu and YouTube, Amazon and elsewhere and might be under the ultra generic title of Immortality because words are hard.

No. 157004

File: 1629563987401.jpg (13.65 KB, 266x375, Salemslotthemovie.jpg)

I watched Salem's Lot today, the whole 3 hour movie in one sitting. It was nice. Had some 70s goofiness, but it was creepy. I would have loved some…extra info at the end, explaining where did the master vampire came from, what makes this vampire lore different from other ones, etc. but it was still great

No. 157032

File: 1629577458580.jpg (79.93 KB, 1400x583, PRISONERS_OF_THE_GHOSTLAND___4…)

I saw Prisoners of the Ghostland last night and it was good. Sion Sono and Nicolas Cage are a perfect match. Even though it's an american production, it feels like any other Sono movie.
Also saw The Deer King today and seeing The Sadness tonight.

No. 157287

Omg I adore little women so much!! I just finished watching it. A movie centered around various women and their stories, portraying them as complex human beings… and the style!! how marvelous !! More like it??

No. 157312

File: 1629753470449.jpg (425.86 KB, 1336x2000, 185l20895-bj9jm.jpg)

In anticipation of Robert Eggers' version of Nosferatu, I watched most of the Draculas and I found it interesting how the actors and the directors emphasized different aspects of the character and all of the movies had a different feel to them. A comparison that no one asked for:

Dracula (1931) - slick, creepy, atmospheric. Everything from the way he talks to the way he moves, watching Béla Lugosi's Dracula felt like watching an animal or a monster roleplaying as a human, with an intentional uncanny valley effect. He was creepy but mysteriously attractive at the same time. My favorite. The version that I watched had no soundtrack and the total silence added an extra layer of creepiness.

Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)- slow, beautiful, melancholic. This Dracula is sorrowful, tragic monster who only longs for the things he cannot have - love and death. There was no intention here to create a sex symbol who preys on women. He felt more like a terribly lonely outcast with a deformity who wants to fit in society but cannot. He hates what he is and envious of humans. You can't help but feel sorry for him. Interesting take on the tale, loved it.

Horror of Dracula (1958) - bipolar Dracula. Cool, calm and collected one minute, violent and foaming at the mouth next. This was my least favorite but I couldn't even put my finger on why (maybe I was just burned out from all the Draculas lmao). It's very straightforward horror I guess, bright colored artificial blood, terrified screams, the music going DUN-DUN-DUUUUN and Christopher Lee looking tall and menacing as fuck. Undeniably cool ending scene. The visuals were pretty but the soundtrack was wayyy too dramatic. This had the best Van Helsing though - usually he's portrayed either as overly logical and cold or eccentric but here he was contained but really likeable (the way he put his coat over the little girl was adorable), Peter Cushing was excellent.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - lavish, sensual, soap-opera Dracula. Everything from the soundtrack to the costumes is grandiose and in your face. Dracula's a sexy, well-dressed gentleman who just wants to hold the love of his life in his arms. God I feel ridiculous writing this down kek. Melodrama, sex, blood, gorgeous scenery, gorgeous clothes, a big focus on romance, not much focus on horror. Sort of…easy to like and definitely the most accessible out of all the adaptations for mainstream audiences. Over the top on purpose but really enjoyable.

Haven't seen the version with Frank Langella (and have no intention to do so unless someone recommends it to me) but will definitely watch the original silent film and report back with another unsolicited review

No. 157335

The 1992 Coppola Dracula has the worst film script I've ever seen in my life. Because the film was a success, they had to wring every coin out of it so the script was published in a collector's edition book you can sometimes find in libraries.
James Hart's whole thing around this time was that no one cares about dialogue so it needs to be kept to a minimum. You get entire pages that look like the following, padded out with FFC's post-film notes.
>Jonathan: Why?
>Mina: Because.

No. 157946

File: 1630161009783.jpg (710.56 KB, 1200x1725, 0017180.jpg)

Dissapointing is an understatement.
Libfem shit is as bad a misogynistic shit. I liked the previous movie, and stupid tinfoil, but that makes me wonder if they fired the female director halfway through the shooting of the movie but kept her name so people would watch it kek.

I like Cruella (2021) better, and that made me realize I'm so tired of seeing female characters doing ""feminine"" shit and talking about things unrelated to the plot like high heels or fashion, when the movie is not about those topics. At least Cruella (2021) was about fashion.

No. 157953

I regret seeing the first WW, cause the only reason why I went was being a dumb libfem. It wasn't an awful movie, but there was no reason for me to see it other than being memed

No. 158671

File: 1630672967622.jpg (56.49 KB, 768x539, The-Piano-768x539-c-default.jp…)

Holy fuck. I watched The Piano (1993). Throughout, while I was impressed with the craftsmanship I was perplexed by the story and was ready to denounce it as needlessly edgy… but then in the final minutes something inside me snapped and I felt like I was watching something that acknowledged and, idk, loved? the ugly parts of me. I cried a little bit lmao. Amazing movie, nothing like it.

No. 158679

Does anyone know good noir films? Like classic with an old timey aesthetic, can be newer ones as well. There are plenty recommended on google but I don't know where to start and I'd rather actual people recommend what they like.

No. 158883

I love the Billy Wilder noir films, Double Indemnity and Sunset Boulevard are classics. White Heat is good if you're looking for something with a slightly faster pace.

No. 158934

a little late to the party but i finally watched inside. i had no clue who he was until i saw promising young woman and my friend was like ‘omg i can’t believe bo burnham is in this’
i found inside to be a bit boring and the songs a bit amusing but overall not very noteworthy. in terms of editing and sound and picture quality it was faultless but in terms of content.. i’m lukewarm on it. i can understand why certain people would like it but i didn’t find it too interesting or that it was saying something that hadn’t been said before. i prefer to watch art where the creator has sincerely and whole heartedly committed to a message, to a theme to something and they don’t leave room for self doubt and self analyzing and self criticism. i know those things are kind of central to inside but i guess it’s just not something i enjoy watching. i prefer it when the protagonist is a cunt and isnt bothered about deconstructing their privilege and being woke. seeing someone be so vulnerable on camera (although a large part of that was a performance in a sense) gives me some form of second hand embarrassment, as if i am the one experiencing that vulnerability.
as for white womans instagram. i tried to watch it and laugh at myself but it kind of fell flat because he is a white man. like mind your own business, you know? also i don’t do anything he mentions in the song on instagram
as a lesbian it was an affront to my eyes to see him nearly naked and full on naked so many times.
this is probably an incoherent mess but i guess if i was to rate it i would give it 3/5 stars.

also i live in a kind of remote area on a farm so my experience with covid and lockdowns has been vastly different to a lot of city people so maybe that’s why i didn’t connect to it as much.

No. 158942

The Lady from Shanghai, Vertigo, Leave Her to Heaven, In a Lonely Place, and My Darling Clementine are all wonderful starting points

No. 158993

Saaaaaaame on both counts. I knew I hated WW84 after it chose to show Cheetah was going crazy through a What If Feminism But Too Much!?!??!? moment with the fucking catcaller, like…..really? In the fucking Wonder Woman movie, you decide to portray a woman being angry about the kind of indignity almost every woman watching the movie has dealt with from a cruelly young age as the Big Villain Moment? It could have chosen ANYTHING ELSE. Tbh it felt like a slap in the face, as this is supposed to be the big feminist superhero movie franchise. It landed especially badly imho b/c Gadot's Diana doesn't really have much of a personality and with the "oooh your heels!" thing it just felt like "don't be a crazy bitch girls, be a nice hot girl who abstractly fights for women but literally never says or does anything to alienate the male audience and wears heels and revolves entirely around some scrote." Like fuck off, I can't believe this is the same woman who made fucking Monster.

Also lmao, I also enjoyed Cruella and agree. Weird to contrast them–WW is this feminist icon, and I felt nothing from her movie, while Cruella is an infamous villain and I had a great time watching her be a huge brilliant bitch.

No. 159014

File: 1630831122145.png (443.11 KB, 565x326, 48320754230457.png)

I watched this and it was just okay to me. On the plus side, the pig is super cute, I love her little cheek tufts. Downside, she's not actually in the movie very much. I wasn't bored but I also couldn't really get into it. The personal scenes felt forced and the over the top scenes didn't seem to go far enough. It was like it just didn't know what it wanted to be. Comedy? Drama? Thriller? A treatise on the culinary industry? In the end it didn't do any of those things especially well. Person I saw it with loved it though so who knows.

No. 159102

File: 1630875330533.jpeg (78.49 KB, 390x586, B0FE9128-B66E-4D48-8FAF-D539C3…)

I think I’m gonna watch Three Idiots again tonight. It’s one of my favorite movies but I haven’t seen it in a long time. It’s a Bollywood movie about engineering college students dealing with the Indian education system and the things that come with it. The genre is “all in one”, which isn’t really a thing in the west but is common in Bollywood. It’s got elements of comedy, drama, musical, etc. If you haven’t seen it (even if you’ve never seen a Bollywood movie) I highly recommend it. It’s also a great movie for current university students.

No. 159725

File: 1631242758981.jpeg (251.96 KB, 933x1306, 053DFB11-9F53-4E9F-A633-FC0C55…)

Massive, complaining sperg incoming.

Watching this with family was so uncomfortable. Any merit it had as a decent thriller with good effects and suspenseful moments was effectively killed when the main antagonist started babbling DDLG porn scripts and mocking the protagonist about her rape in the last quarter. As he attempts to strangle her, he "ironically" reenacts the rape of a father on his daughter. Like how tasteless can you be? I could barely believe my ears, it was so blatantly fetishistic. I also hated the part where she started talking like a little child. It wasn't creepy nor pitiable or even remotely compelling. It was just gross.

I'm so tired of rape and childhood sexual abuse being the Big Twist or a character's only motivation/backstory. I swear to God, women characters in male directed films either have no personality whatsoever, or their only personality is "extremely traumatised."

Ultimately I don't even get what this movie is about, or who it's for, or what it was trying to say. It borrows a lot from the "vulnerable woman cleverly incapacitates predatory male" genre. Realistically, physically she's no match for the intruders— and definitely not all three of them at once. The movie's greatest catch is the interesting setting (a house full of booby traps), and the methods the protagonist uses to isolate and murder her enemies, one by one. For that reason I wish we'd gotten a better idea of the house's layout and how the secret passages worked. That might have been cool.

As for themes, towards the end they really harp on the idea of guilt, inescapable histories, accepting responsibility, and (to a lesser extent) forgiveness from the victim. But that theme is totally thrown out the window when the protagonist, having killed three people in one night, as well as aiding and abetting countless murders for the past ten years, walks off the screen into the unknown— completely unaccountable. Did I mention this woman is legitimately agoraphobic and had a panic attack just from standing on her front porch earlier in the day? It's unbelievable that she would be able to walk outside like it's nothing. We have no clue where she could be going or what her future plans are. It's disappointing.

A much better ending would still have her torching the house in which she was abused… and then choosing to burn inside it. At the very least, it'd wrap up these wishy washy themes. She lets go of the past by destroying the house. She accepts responsibility for her actions by going down with it. She forgives herself for her crimes enough to afford herself an easy ending— easier, at least, than being chewed up and spit out by the American justice system, and asks forgiveness of her victims with her death. And by watching her walk outside, and then back inside to die, she further acknowledges her agency and ties up the whole story with a sweet little agoraphobic ribbon. To think she would rather die than leave her house— or perhaps that she deserves to die with it and put an end to all the misery it holds— is much more chilling than the vague "crazy woman at large" angle. And I mean, at least my version is open to several angles of interpretation! The actual ending is just like, uhh whatever, roll credits.

Would not watch again nor recommend.
Reposted oops

No. 159729

File: 1631246096629.gif (745.4 KB, 500x286, faint.gif)

>White Heat
The part where Jimmy Cagney's character is told his mother's dead, and his subsequent freak-out is so fucking good. I'd never seen him act like that, and it felt so unnatural and eerie that it ended up being very… natural. Not faked.
There's this one scene in Vertigo that made me realize seeing James Stewart pass out is kinda hot.

No. 159730

YOOO I've seen that! I love Amir Khan! I was just watching this really… embarrassingly 80's movie he made called "Andaz Apna Apna". I love watching old Bollywood strictly for shit like this.

No. 159751

Easily one of my top favorite movies.
I’m glad I’m not the only one who was unsettled with those shots of Clarice among the groups of men.

Really love both of these explanations.

No. 159859

File: 1631307402065.gif (3.4 MB, 500x300, unnamed.gif)

Daughters of Darkness ( 1971 ) is a flawed but really interesting pseudo lesbian vampire movie imo

No. 159861

File: 1631307502962.jpg (45.37 KB, 750x646, unhinged.jpg)

Does anyone know some good movies with this trope kek ?

No. 159863

Does Black Swan count?

No. 159891

Okay, I think you guys are going to finally get me to watch The Silence of the Lambs.

No. 159920

File: 1631339742702.jpeg (464 KB, 1024x1536, A94A82DE-B312-4001-AC5D-14D85A…)

I’m rewatching gremlins after like 19 years. The animatronics are still neat but I don’t remember this movie being so silly. I remember the theme song alone scaring the shit outta me kek

Please do anon! It’s free to watch on YouTube right now.

No. 159922

The degree of “good” varies but those mentioned in the obsessive women thread >>150988
and a couple more:
>Hard Candy
>The Loved Ones
>Jennifer’s Body
>The crush (1993)
>The Neon Demon
>Audition (1999)
>I, Tonya
>The Witch: Subversion
>Call (2020)
>Natural Born Killers
>The love witch
>Girl from Nowhere
>Saint Maude

No. 159926

File: 1631342805886.gif (697.95 KB, 500x230, thelma.gif)


Thelma & Louise

No. 159927

File: 1631343771882.jpg (60.99 KB, 500x737, gillian.jpg)


give me your best "dreamy" movie recs. can be spooky/unsettling, but just generally having some non-linear elements, maybe some magical realism, etc. you're not sure what's real and what's fantasy. romantic.

some of my favs in this category: The Lovers on the Bridge (Les amants du Pont-Neuf), Orlando, The Fountain, Happy as Lazzaro, Heavenly Creatures.

No. 159930

File: 1631346389528.jpeg (451.38 KB, 2000x2000, C1D5C136-78EC-4302-A01C-E28141…)

Thoroughbreds and Dead to Me (tv show tho) also give Thelma & Louise vibe

No. 159939

>heavenly Creatures
Based. If you want something similar, watch Cracks. It's less literally dreamy, but has similar atmosphere and probably is a huge metaphor.

No. 159966

File: 1631372795843.jpg (39.47 KB, 640x344, 48032743205647.jpg)

>The Lighthouse
>The Green Knight
>… basically anything from A24
>The Seventh Seal
>Pan's Labyrinth
>Tale of Tales
>Dreams (Kurosawa)
>The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
>Perfect Blue
>Everything by David Lynch
>Dead Man
>The Fall
Also Hannibal, American Gods and Alias Grace if you don't mind some show recs.

No. 159967

Le amants… would have been my first recommendation but you have that covered. May I suggest The Girl on the Bridge (Le fille sur le pont)? Instead of a trailer, have a poorly encoded youtube rip of the opening scene. This sets the tone for everything that follows.

No. 159995

Um maybe
>The City of lost Children or Jean Pierre Jeunet films
> Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
>What Dreams May come
>Alice (1988)
>Big Fish
>Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind

No. 159998

>under the skin
>black swan
>anything by maya deren
>i'm a cyborg but that's ok
>chungking express/anything by wong kar-wai
>a girl walks home alone at night
>eyes without a face
>black mirror san junipero episode
>your name

No. 160047

I was thinking about rewatching it too recently (and relive the trauma that it caused me as a kid lmao)

No. 160120

Don't be tricked by the trailers that make it seem like the next Insidious, Malignant has got to be one of the most retarded movies I have ever seen. I laughed at multiple points.

No. 160129

ugh, that sucks, i was considering watching it. i just want some good, new horror. i'm excited for last night in soho (i'll watch anything with anya taylor joy), nope, and robert eggers has a few new films coming up as well. he's doing a nosferatu with anya and robert pattinson is rumored to be in it too - i would love to see him in a vampire movie that is actually good (i still love twilight though)

No. 160142

File: 1631473947483.jpg (251.14 KB, 950x1340, dogtooth.jpg)

I caught this movie on TV by accident, and if this is art, I truly do not get art.

No. 160144

Dogtooth casually airing on television seems very now for some reason.

No. 160157

I saw someone talk about this on here, horror thread maybe. Really enjoyed it.

No. 160161

lanthimos has been accused of ripping this concept off some mexican guy's novel
also, 'dogtooth'? kek

No. 160202


lbr it's for shock. incest, killing animals, child abuse, sexual assault. It's like they threw every shock factor in there possible, but only committed to a few of them.

No. 160203



No. 160205


late, but the point of dressing her this way was probably to show arrested development caused by the shit she went through. i think it was a realistic touch.

No. 160206


Unfortunately, South Korean scrotes will bitch and throw backlash. It may even be banned or censored if they feel like it. SK is still very much conservative.

No. 160207


omg anon, I want to really see this now. Thank you for posting this!

No. 160210

File: 1631505435426.jpg (569.19 KB, 1080x1619, 7c6dd495a2affcb21b183276531b1v…)

Not the film version! I watched this drama before I did the playthrough of the original game and thought it was really good. It wasn't amazing, but there were some really poignant scenes that got me. The ending scene tore my heart out for sure.

They could have streamlined the story a lot more, and it's a little disappointing they actually didn't adapt more from the original story because it would have made the drama creepier. That said, the story was memorable and the characters were easy to feel for.

No. 160242

But where is it from

No. 160249

nta but yesss based heavenly creatures and cracks appreciator. as a young dyke these films were pertinent to my development

No. 160560

File: 1631735940589.jpg (328.23 KB, 960x1440, p27945_p_v8_au.jpg)

Anons I am in so much pain

No. 160583

File: 1631748059513.jpg (174.58 KB, 667x1000, i can be your angle or yuor de…)

Saw an anon reccomend this movie after the Jesus thirst sperg somewhere, so I decided to give it a watch, and this movie is an… Experience. I don't really know how to describe it other than that.
Everything in this film is just so weird. The characters, the edititng, the plot, the visuals, the acting. Someone compared it to A Clockwork Orange in terms of how it feels and I think that's spot on. Despite the themes and the script, it's such a hippie movie - not in a bad way. A lot of the scenes were shot in a way to make you feel like you're experiencing sensory overload or motion sickness to get a point across, like you were on acid or shrooms. Some scenes in that respect were nicely done, some not so much (that scene where the naked convent girls started humping Jesus and a priest climbed onto a banister and started jacking off made my eyes hurt). Plus the overarching idea of Father Grandieu being overturned because the French monarchy (The Man, dude) needed the city to become catholic, Jeanne claiming he raped her and the prostitute conspiring with the city officials for revenge all combining to say that religion, conspiracy and lust can be like, totally revolutionary dude - I just found that kind of a product of it's time. Again, not a bad thing, but just very late 60s-early 70s.
Also, the characters - I never liked Father Grandieu. Just didn't like him. He seemed overly pretentious, talking to literally every woman in the movie like a kid and yet taking advantage of them, making these big flouncy speeches just for no one to really give a shit lol (and he wasn't even fucking hot! Motherfucker looks like Ron Jeremy). Sister Jeanne, though? The unhinged, conniving, evil crazy woman I love to see. She was just charming and kind of relatable to me, and although she should've probably forseen getting a violent exorcism and subsequent rapes after saying she's haunted by an incubus, I don't think she deserved everything that happened to her.
Overall, watch this movie while you're high for best results. 6.5/10 for me.

No. 160586

Literally my favorite movie of all time, watched it twice in a row once

No. 160654

File: 1631806864478.jpg (59.88 KB, 1280x720, dune.jpg)

Hated Midsommar, Hereditary or any other pretentious Lars Von Trier inspired movies so I have no idea why I actually liked this one.
I really enjoyed Dune, I honestly didn't expect it to follow the first half of the book so well and the costumes were so fucking good, still can't get over them.

No. 160682

I haven't read the book, but this Dune movie looks cool. I'm tired of typical scrote hero stories though. Would it still be watchable?

No. 160705

I hate this movie, it was indeed painful to sit through.

No. 160750

You get one perfectly fine ending before it trudges on to an attempt at pleasing the audience. Sometimes I wonder what the film would have been like before Spielberg took control.

No. 161002

kek i remember having to watch this in a class. what a painfully awkward movie

No. 161037

Is almost Halloween
Post wholesome Halloween movies recommendations! I’ll start. the corpse bride And nightmare before xmas

horror movies Are good recommendations too. like hereditary Is scary all around. Relic is another good one.

No. 161038

File: 1632063549513.jpeg (32.56 KB, 220x327, 85B4BB48-05FC-4C5D-A26E-BF9FB3…)

I watched this last Halloween and really enjoyed, but didn’t like the ending that much.

No. 161048

why do you type like that, you sound like a reddit tard

No. 161066

Nayrt but the book Dune is extremely sexist and racist (haven't seen the movie), if you hate scrotes would heavily recommend skipping out on it.

No. 161116

I never see people talk about tideland! Absolutely love this movie, sad and weird but so endearing and dreamy

No. 161168

Tideland being a story Terry Gilliam was "dying" to tell really puts him in a certain light imo. Visually it's strong, but the story is like a pedo fantasy.

No. 161368

File: 1632323547266.jpg (300.43 KB, 1280x1920, MV5BOTdiNzJlOWUtNWMwNS00NmFlLW…)

What do you guys think about this movie? Before I saw it I always heard the popular saying that you could only watch it once and you'd never want to go near it again, and I thought that was an intriguing but slightly exaggerated comment. Well, people are right lmao. It's a fantastic movie, but someone would have to pay me at least a billion dollars before I'd watch it a second time. Those last 15 minutes nearly gave me a genuine panic attack. Sarah's story haunts me the most, and I can't even think about it for too long without feeling sick or wanting to burst into tears. So yeah screw this movie, it's incredible

No. 161370

Loved the visuals/editing and the soundtrack but looking back it's the very definition of misery porn

No. 161371

i love this movie and ive rewatched it a million times but i usually turn it off before the last 15 minutes lol. sarahs story is my favourite part of the movie, as harrowing as it is. its a beautifully made movie in my opinion!

No. 161373

This movie unexpectedly made me have a breakdown at the end. It was unbearable, never watching it again

No. 161390

wh do you mean pedo fantasy? I wanted to watch it but now I'm not sure. Spoilers welcome

No. 161395

This. Idk it made me feel skeevy and exploitive. Could've communicated much of the same with less excess

No. 161401

nta but i feel much ambivalence with tideland. i just can't be ok with the fact that they made a little girl kiss an adult for this movie (same with The Witch, just with the genders reversed). but before i realised how fucked up that is, it was one of my favorites. only watched it once 10 years ago but it stuck with me. seeing something so bleak and sad through the eyes of an innocent girl, was something that spoke to me.

No. 162846

Don't know if "The science of sleep" would be your thing but I'll mention it anyway

No. 163916

File: 1634018844333.jpg (174.67 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMjMxNTdiNWMtOWY0My00MjM4LT…)

Finally watched this movie and it was so weird, not sure what to make of it. There was obviously a lot of symbolism but it kind of went over my head especially since I haven't read the original story.

Also saw a preview for a movie with Noomi Rapace and a walking lamb child. Not sure what to make of that either.

No. 163920

Just watched this a month ago and it’s great, definitely fucking depressing though. I listen to Lux Aeterna regularly

No. 164537

File: 1634337174944.jpg (229.85 KB, 1280x720, 20211015_231659.jpg)

Unpopular opinion time I guess? I watched "Lady in the Water" after avoiding it for a long time and I don't get why is it so hated. It's not an exceptionally good movie but it's not the utter shit that people make it out to be either. I actually thought it was kind of cute and atmospheric, with some interesting visuals. I even liked the story, which works fine as long as you appreciate it for what it is - a fairytale. Sure, the Shyamalan self insert character feels incredibly narcissistic but it seems to me like the reviewers got a bit too aggro about that and the cringy "muh evul film critics!!" part and bashed the whole thing more than it deserved. Altough I agree that the random attemps at comedy were annoying and took away from the general tone. The acting, apart from Paul Giamatti's, was not great either but overall I'd say the movie was decent. I also thought Bryce Dallas Howard looked really beautiful
>inb4 someone accuses me of white knighting Shyamalan
I actually do think some of his movies after 2006 are awful, nonsensical crap but "Lady in the Water" is not on that level.

No. 164538

I fucking hated this movie and could hardly stand to sit through it. Looked pretty but that's the only positive. Boring, pretentious, cringy dialogue, uninspiring characters, very very boring.

No. 164772

File: 1634446886881.jpg (378.3 KB, 1000x1426, MiB3.jpg)

I love Men in Black III. When I saw it in theatre I thought it was meh but after rewatching it a dozen or so times over the years I've come to love it. It really captured that whimsical feeling the first movie had(and is a good palette cleanser after the second, which I always watch as part of the trilogy even though it fucking sucks). The way future J and past K play off each other is so fun.

No. 164776

I had a hard time sitting through it too as it was slow moving. lots of long slow scenes with no dialogue and weird, creepy music. it actually was giving me anxiety lol.

No. 164781

I love it too. It's my favorite mib. I like the 2 too, dunno why it is so unpopular. Now mib international kinda sucks. I just wasn't feeling it even though I was ready for the new characters. It was soulless, idk how to explain, it was missing something (also I didn't like chris hemsworth).

No. 164790

just watched promising young woman and absolutely despised it on every human level due to the last act. i was so hype for this movie that this disappointment is poignant.

i really wanted to love the movie but cassie's death was like an unwanted punch in the gut. just as i was gearing up to accept it as a bold artistic choice to demonstrate that the men in these positions never get their retribution, in rolls in the last second "victory" ending in the form of the police. the police, which the whole movie has spent emphasizing to us are absolutely worthless at dealing with rape cases, are somehow the saviors.

the last 5 minutes of this movie are incredibly confused. it wanted to have it's satisfactory victory ending where things work out for the protagonist, but it also wanted to be a sucker punch subverting that. either could have worked, but when you combine them into one, what's churned out is sloppily stitched together letdown that doesn't seem to know what it wants to say. that the only way rape victims and those who seek vengeance for them can truly get that is through death? i don't find that a subversion of rape revenge movies at all.

i had some gripes with other parts of the movie, but i could have overlooked them and seen it as an overall compelling product had the ending been literally anything else.

No. 164981

File: 1634557927299.png (820.52 KB, 640x640, 9F227051-064B-40E9-8DC3-8E7E07…)

Finally watched Good Time. It was intense I was genuinely stressed out the whole time. Grimy, gritty and stylish. I never doubted RPat acting skills but man I was so horny for his little earring wearing hoodrat character. Well up until the part where he made out with a child, wtf was that about??? Good time indeed.

No. 167194

I just saw Last Night in Soho and it was great. I have never really been a fan of Edgar Wright, not that he's a bad director, but it's not my thing. It had a great atmosphere and cinematography, especially if you enjoy 60s aesthetics. I did not see the twist coming.
It's coming in theatre this Friday, if you like horror you should go see it, it's worth seeing it on a big screen.

No. 168412

Anyone watch Dune? Should I commit nearly three hours to it?

No. 168483

Yes, preferably in a cinema if you can. An amazing experience. Not a chalametfag and I never read the book. 3 hours went by like nothing (to me)

No. 168495

File: 1636028401972.jpg (102.34 KB, 750x1334, c2b0a46749a7baa9d1d2c65a9551f4…)

Yes it was good, a really nice start to the Dune universe. It's used as a complex introduction, I know some dunefags were disappointed to see only half of the first book covered in the movie but it was really well done. The next movie is going to be super cool. The Hans Zimmer OST was good but god damn it, did it got annoying after a bit.

No. 168496

yes! yes yes yes yes yes! i absolute loved it. it turned me into a timmy fan too. i already preordered the bluray dvd, bought all the books (still waiting on volume 2 because it's been out of stock forever) and am planning to see it two more times. it's not just the story, the entire look and feel of the movie is amazing. i sat there with my mouth wide open at times, which never happens to me during movies. when i walked out, i already begged my friend that we can watch it a second time - also never happened to me before with any other movie. it blew me away.

No. 168504

Was too lazy to describe the movie as experience, but that anon is 100% right. The only downside is that watching it at home will not compare, especially if you don't have some expensive setup (I don't)

No. 168527

Damn, I watched it on my tablet and I really enjoyed it, should I go back and see it in the cinema while I can?

No. 168528

I would, the music, sound and imagery really hit you. The experience must be even better if you are watching on one of those fancy screens (like IMAX).

No. 168533

It was enjoyable and a great film to watch in the theatre because it was made for the big screen. Very aesthetic and epic, although like >>168495 said, the soundtrack was a bit much. Every second scene was accompanied by super dramatic music, it was overkill imho. I liked the universe, but I wish they would have expanded on it. Some of the characters looked super interesting, but we never found out much about their origins. It was a movie full of empty buildings and huge deserts, but there was no culture. I would have loved to see how the different nations live and what their values are, but they were really bland. The bad guy was bad™ (and fat, kek), that’s it. And it was way too long. The flashback scenes in the end made me aggressive, too. The whole movie was so simple and obvious, we don’t need ten flashbacks of the same scene to understand what’s happening. I don’t regret watching it because it was an experience somehow, but overall I didn’t like the movie much.

No. 168538

Apparently Dune the book series has an extensive world building, so maybe we will see more of that in the sequel. A lot of content/lore had to be cut for the movie to make place for coherent plot.

No. 168601

posting some movies from youtube for you nonnies and ninnies

No. 168602

No. 168604

No. 168723

anyone watched supernova? i watched it with a friend (very spontaneously got asked to tag along) and it was so incredibly depressing. beautiful from the looks of it, but so depressing. the entire audience cried at the same sad scene, but i quickly forgot about the movie because it didn't leave that much of an impression. it was kind of like another round (the one with mads mikkelsen) in that it is enjoyable while watching and you can see the aesthetic value of the movie, but it doesn't impress you that much.

No. 168795

Yeah, it was very good. The main couple was incredibly likeable and full of humanity. I was however disappointed because the trailer sold me the movie as something that it wasn't — and I felt that it ended when I thought it was just starting. I would recommend seeing Supernova without watching a trailer. The synopsis of the beginning is enough.

No. 168915

it's a good thing i didn't watch the trailer then, i only read a synopsis like 5 minutes before buying my ticket.

today i watched the new james bond and was kind of… underwhelmed. it was my first bond movie too. i really liked nomi though, i wouldn't mind if she was the next bond but i bet that wouldn't work with the novels.

No. 171977

File: 1638212079861.jpg (188.37 KB, 906x1390, film-poster-magnolia-1999-BNPX…)

Is something wrong with me for not liking this movie? I feel like it dragged on forever and it didn't tug at my heartstrings like it so desperately wanted to.

No. 172151

File: 1638352238893.gif (4.62 MB, 540x360, tolkien 2019.gif)

Have you guys seen the Tolkien movie? The cinematography seems beautiful but I'm surprised that it's not talked about more (considering the size of the LOTR fandom + the general enthusiasm for university set movies like Kill Your Darlings and A brief History of Time) which makes me think that it must be a bit shitty. I'll still give it a try since Tolkien is my favourite sperg-lolcowish writer and I hope that the movie nailed his christian obsession

No. 172164

I'm a huge Tolkien fan and I don't have much interest in watching it. I feel like knowing too much about an artist/author can remove me from the work and make me see it differently, especially since I've heard this movie is quite sad.

No. 172166

I've read that it's kinda bullshit for showing Tolkien get an idea about writing LOTR during WWII and implying that the book is an allegory for the event (or WWII)

No. 173096

File: 1638896934772.jpg (186.88 KB, 970x439, 56 (865).jpg)

Can anyone explain why Tarkovsky is considered one of the greatest (or please let me know I’m not the only one who feels like he is slightly overrated). Granted I’ve only seen two of his movies, Stalker and Solaris. I consider my preference in movies pretentious. I love old classics, Arthaus, I don’t mind movies exploring philosophical ideas, so I had great expectations, but in this case sadly I just couldn’t get the hype about him. Idk how to explain. Like there are some great ideas, the visuals are often stunning, he’s good at suggesting something (some scenes with great tension in both movies). But both films were mainly dudes reciting long monologues. The ideas feel a bit half-finished, but maybe that’s the point and I’m supposed to fill in the blanks myself. Might also be a language barrier, as the dialogue seems a bit unnatural to me, not speaking Russian. It feels like both movies where mostly some guys talking a whole lot over some slow panning shots (especially Stalker). Like there is so much dialogue I’d rather just read the book, the film medium didn’t add anything that couldn’t be accomplished by a book.

No. 173104

File: 1638902292536.jpg (94.17 KB, 1000x600, 1244636283.jpg)

I love fight club and I despise all moids who like it

No. 173114

Can't help you but this post reminded me that I always wanted to watch Stalker

No. 173115

You can watch it for free on youtube!

No. 173127

Ntayrt but thank you!!

Does anyone have any recs for film that are like in that Clueless/Mean Girls vibe you know super girly and feminine but not from the United States? I know there’s got to be other films like those but have the hardest time finding them

No. 173144

File: 1638937036408.jpg (10.41 KB, 400x400, 9bx2b7RW_400x400.jpg)

do hallmark movies count as movies

No. 173159

File: 1638945286169.jpeg (51.38 KB, 640x480, 2D5E5EE0-546F-4DD2-9CEC-A2EF37…)

How are you at handling dark films?
The high femme, pastel/candy colored - artsy aesthetic is unmatched but it definitely fucked me up for a day or two.

No. 173160

Sorry, I just read the non- US requirement.

No. 173184

I watched it nonny and the ending pissed me off so much

No. 173352

File: 1639130929903.jpeg (176.07 KB, 540x810, image_adf151ff.jpeg)

Was Encanto good?

No. 173353

I enjoyed it! Much better than Raya and the last dragon. But even though it's a fun musical romp. The songs don't really hit as much (They do slap though!) as you would think.
I think Disney just isn't as fun or wholesome as it used to be.

No. 173526

File: 1639278694189.png (50.55 KB, 300x300, bloated_fatass.png)

I finally watched Inception and honestly… don't really get the hype. Good movie, not sure why there are hundreds of essays dissecting it though

No. 173540

>That filename

No. 173544

moids loved dissecting it and feeling smart for "getting" it, women liked to ship the "hot guys" (in quotes bc i hate all the actors in this movie)

No. 173547

File: 1639294587109.png (104.28 KB, 250x375, The_Night_House.png)

just watched the night house. it's pretty good, the jump scares worked for me and the concept is interesting, there were some nice artsy scenes too

No. 173612

It’s probably because popular mainstream movies of the late 2000s were so low iq Inception looks like a masterpiece.
I’ll watch this tonight. In the mood for jump scares.

No. 173622

File: 1639336606289.jpg (75.11 KB, 474x679, paprika.jpg)

didn't the director for this movie completely ripoff the plot of Paprika and when called out, tried to say he was just "inspired"?

No. 173625

I've never watched any of Satoshi Kon's movies (someday I will though) but on twitter I found a video of him being asked by an interviewer his opinion on Black Swan blatantly ripping off specific scenes from Perfect Blue and he was basically making fun of the Hollywood directors who did this, and seemed kinda pissed off as well. If I ever find this video again I'll post the link.

No. 173631

IIRC there was a French interview where the director word for word said Paprika was an influence and then afterwards he kept claiming it was only coincidence their movies were similar

No. 173632

oh he didn't rip off perfect blue, he bought the rights to the movie so he could do that legally. Hehe so funny that other Hollywood directors do it without the extra step, what amateurs!!!!

No. 173633

Well given Kon's attitude in the video the Hollywood guy probably bought these rights behind his back somehow.

No. 173663

Sorry I was walking home in a freezing cold and my reading comprehension went kaput. I thought Aronofsky made fun of other Hollywood directors subtly stealing from niche cinema. Despite going full retard, point still stands that it was scummy of Aronofsky to buy the rights to PB to quietly rip off scenes from it. I can buy that the Requiem for A Dream scene was a homage, but Black Swan took it too far (and I like his movies, don't get me wrong).
Would love the interview with Kon. Dude was based as fuck, the very definition of gone too soon.

No. 173825

File: 1639505714032.jpg (514.96 KB, 1309x1920, The-French-Dispatch.jpg)

Watched French Dispatch. It's super male-centric (all the female character's stories centre around some guy they had a relationship with), but whatever, it was good.

No. 174116

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

No. 174165

I didn't really like it, but I didn't hate it either. Probably my least favourite film from him, I'm usually a big fan so it was slightly disappointing. It's not terrible or anything though.

No. 174172

File: 1639741062815.jpg (202.23 KB, 831x1200, MV5BYTE0ZGVkNzctNTE1Ny00NGM2LW…)

anyone seen this? is it worth a watch? I love Aubrey

No. 174183

Same non but Loved that film when I was 14 but recently tried rewatching it and it didn't hold up that well tbh

No. 174350

nta, I haven't seen any Wes Anderson film yet, which one would you recommend to watch for the first time?

No. 174398

I suppose The Grand Budapest Hotel

No. 174480

It's better when you recognize all the real-life persons the characters are inspired by (I only recognized James Baldwin)

I'd myself say either grand budapest hotel (real life action) or fantastic mr fox (stop motion animation), moonrise kingdom is also good but grand budapest hotel is the one where anderson finally got the budget and the R rating to do what he truly wanted

No. 174536

File: 1639934305087.jpeg (141.18 KB, 575x385, 68E380A5-8087-485A-8D25-E8E4A8…)

If movie plot was entirely based around the second chapter with fucked up artist, prison guard & art buyers i think the movie would have been alot better. Benicio Del toro and Adrien Brody were great, my fave was the prison guard lady tho.

No. 174552

After the mess with Blue is the Warmest Colour, I was surprised to see Léa Seydoux in that particular role.
I liked the film more than I expected to. It's funny that you can now describe something as "very Wes Anderson" and some people will know exactly what you mean, and this was the most Wes Anderson thing yet.

No. 174572

I enjoyed it! It’s eerie in a way. Uncomfortable- but in a good way. I’d give it a go. Aubrey is stellar in it.

No. 174579

File: 1639950530742.jpg (1.86 MB, 1393x1841, WONDER BOYS.jpg)

Saw this. It's just like every other campus comedy about a depressed substance abusing professor, except it doesn't suck. I kept waiting for the bit where he'd fuck his female student or steal his male student's manuscript, but it never came. Extremely tight dialogue. Seeing spiderman and ironman in bed together was surreal. Dead dog jokes dragged out a bit too long, but that's my only complaint.

Why do comedy movies always have the lousiest posters? All this tells me about the movie is that it has actors in it.

No. 174581

I really enjoyed the more comedic segments (travelogue and the last one), but I felt the problem was it lacked a strong frame narrative to hold it all together, so it doesn't really feel like it comes to a conclusion. I don't think that's a huge problem though, it's amazing how much detail he managed to pack into one film.

No. 174586

File: 1639952449453.jpg (32.49 KB, 240x350, OriginalWBposter[1].jpg)

Pic related is the original poster, apparently it was so bad that multiple critics blamed part of the movie's box office failure on it. The movie got pulled out of the theaters, then re-released several months later with your version of the poster (it also failed)

I think you sold me on it, I'll watch it later

No. 174589

I'm not sure how they made Frances McDormand look like Jim Carrey as Hilary Swank on this shitty poster but it's magical.

No. 174719

File: 1639975529013.jpg (71.26 KB, 960x540, qAWkcQx1w8t5HtHq2cYxPZbUeNp.jp…)

I watched the rachel papers a while back. it's a good light hearted movie. I really enjoyed it, if anyone has any recs for similar movies I'd appreciate it. also dumbledore makes a guest appearance.

No. 174721

File: 1639976313203.png (1.01 MB, 1000x537, 1819f1566fac35bb1573cb6eed8b5c…)

some eye candy

No. 174747

Totally agree. While it didn’t have a lasting emotional impact it was very endearing and just visually nice to look at. The music score was lovely as well. (Vid related)

No. 174775

File: 1640005993413.jpg (180.47 KB, 688x500, hump day.jpg)

If you want to talk silly re-release posters, here are the two versions of the poster for the mumblecore-era movie Hump Day. They decided the movie wasn't doing well because the poster was making it look "too gay", so their solution was to crudely shop in a woman.

Hope you like Wonder Boys. The casting is great, especially Spiderman. He's such an otherworldly little weirdo.

No. 174776

The woman doesn't look even half real, plus it just looks gayer if anything because they're now staring at eachother and ignoring the woman

No. 174777

I like how they shopped in 'her' hands on their shoulders to make her look a little more like she's actually there, but it just makes it even more cartoonish.

No. 174778

File: 1640006735083.jpg (84.41 KB, 532x755, Click Japanese poster.jpg)

How does everyone feel about smooth Adam Sandler from the Japanese release of Click?

No. 174787

They're too big

No. 174790


No. 174805

File: 1640026636002.png (1.14 MB, 842x852, tom cruise.png)

While we're on the topic of posters I'm obsessed at how many tom cruise movie posters there are that's just his head with a vague, non descriptive title. Every single one of them was a massive box office success : they absolutely knew all they had to do was to show his face

No. 174806

I'm a Spaderfag and I didn't even know he was in this wtf

No. 174818

He had a laundry list of the same smarmy preppy scrote role in different films around that time.

No. 174861

the whole reason I watched it was for him, he was barely in it though. he was in like 3 or 4 scenes. I still enjoyed the movie though.

No. 175017

Saw the trailer for Paolo Sorrentino's "The Hand of God" and decided that I could turn a blind eye to the (rapist, pedophile, women beater) Diego Maradona's tributes as the story looked interesting and give it a try. Even decided to watch with my family as my dad loves Italy and we knew that the landscapes were going to be beautiful.
Bad mistake as I had to turn it off on the first minute because of the disgusting portrayal of a woman She's raped for a blessing she's pursuing, beaten and insulted by her husband, for some reason she has her chest exposed and her sister's family sees her in this state, including her teenager nephew
Sick of getting disappointed and angry with perverted shit like this every time I give a male film director a chance. It's so hard to escape this shit, how can they be so degenerate and insensitive? It's even worse to see this sick fuck being praised

No. 175114

File: 1640175784986.png (2.16 MB, 1600x900, christmas-movie.png)

Reminds me of Too Cool for Christmas/ A Very Cool Christmas. Director wanted to make a family Christmas movie where the main character had gay parents, studio wasn't prepared to take the risk, but he was allowed to shoot a Christmas movie with straight parents and then shoot alternate versions of the parent scenes with a gay couple. They released both versions under different names.

No. 175142

>Italian director
You brought this on yourself

No. 175229

File: 1640220717236.jpeg (2.39 MB, 1080x1600, B580E299-5318-4257-9126-7EBF90…)

Anyone watched this yet? Would you recommend it?

No. 175234

It's way too long and you really feel it most of the time. If it were shorter it would be trashy fun.
During one of his recent foot-in-mouth interviews, Ridley Scott claimed he has an even longer director's cut lurking in the abyss.

No. 175237

It was fun to see on a rainy day, kinda slow and nothing special but it was alright, I don’t regret seeing it. Jared Leto’s character was super annoying but I thought Gaga was good and it was an interesting enough story

No. 175282

I really enjoyed it, but it's nowhere near an accurate biopic which kind of sucks. A very interesting and vital part of the story is hardly shown Gaga stalking Driver. I wasn't bored for a minute, but I watched it in cinema which always helps
>Ridley Scott claimed he has an even longer director's cut lurking in the abyss
Hell yes!!! Gimme

No. 175416

Just watched wonder boys, the whole time I thought about how it was a james l. brooks movie (his movies always look like they're made for tv…) but actually good. Even michael douglas really sounds like jack nicholson in As good as it gets/Terms of endearment. I think the cheap music in the first 20 minutes gives the viewer the wrong impression on what kind of movie it's going to be, and then as you said you end up with a pleasant surprise when the story ends and there's no bad moment in it

Also I just can't recognize what Curtis Hanson's directing style is, he made 8 Mile two years later and I feel like there's nothing in common between the two movies

(somehow all 3 main actors later stared in marvel movies)

No. 175419

File: 1640300762169.png (1.11 MB, 817x545, hjk65rloi5ye.png)

I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every year and I've had mixed feelings on it for a long time. Obviously I like it enough to re watch it, but it has so many scrotey scenes that I end up leaving the room to get a snack or take a piss 2 or 3 times every viewing. On one hand it portrays the generic cheery family man as a psychopath who makes everyone miserable and loses his shit when his perfect family christmas doesn't go his way, but it doesn't do anything meaningful with the premise. But then again, it's a christmas movie, so it should have some holiday cheer. It's stuck in this weird spot between cynical and happy holiday romp. Other Christmas movies do satire in a way that's realistic but still manages to be heartwarming. I just wish we got to see Elaine Benes punch Clark Griswold in the face.

No. 175427

There's always a weird senile moment of "oh, that's Juliette Lewis" for me whenever I watch it.

No. 175506

File: 1640345544077.jpg (35.37 KB, 660x441, b31c4231-87b8-4b84-8a0a-b949bb…)

Is anyone else completely soying out over The Matrix Resurrections? I'm so excited to watch it.

No. 175527

I want to but I can't enjoy any of their content ever again(Could Atlas even Sense8's concept) cause I know for a fact that the Wachowski are degen tranny commers

No. 175537

Watched it with my friend who loves first 3 Matrix movies, I've only really watched the first awhile ago. We both came out of it hating this, genuinely so boring, when it ended I literally went "is this it?". I'll not spoil it but the plot is so flat, the style is non existent and even at the start it mocks itself for being a bad cash grab. Maybe there's some meta or something I'm not seeing, but it was so painfully bland and disappointing. Anons save your money I'm begging

No. 175548

For me it was 'late career Woody Allen, but actually good'. Mainly Irrational Man and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. I have a friend who really likes Woody Allen so I've seen far too much of his filmography for someone who doesn't really care for it (Deconstructing Harry and Crimes and Misdemeanours are good though).

No. 175604

I really should watch even more woody allen movies, I watched annie hall, midnight in paris, tiger lily, crimes and misdemeanors and I kind of stopped after Manhattan where he was at his most pedophile, but looking at his filmography and your post there's about 10 other movies of his that I remember hearing of as classics (not "good", but "movies you should watch") that I haven't watched yet

The only other one who has that many is maybe hitchcock

I think I'm going to watch it just to get on the internet discussions about it but I have 0 expectations about the wachowskis' directing talent

No. 175726

Ridiculously shitty movie, not in a fun way. Worst I've seen in a while, by far. Neither Driver nor Gaga can do accents and it's extremely funny considering the latter apparently refused to work with an accent coach because "she's Italian". A million keks.

No. 175764

He was just very prolific, even if 2/3 of his films were garbage he'd still have produced more good films than a lot of well regarded directors.

Deconstructing Harry is good. It's Woody Allen at his most self-aware about what an asshole he is, and the meta stuff is fun.

My dad constantly quotes 'these things usually travel in pairs' from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex. Like if someone can't find one of their shoes he'll say 'these things usually travel in pairs'.

No. 175787

File: 1640538093357.jpg (423.15 KB, 1065x1432, IMG_20211226_175931.jpg)

should I trust Kojima on the movie? I will find out tomorrow.

No. 175915

File: 1640623435127.jpeg (110.1 KB, 540x810, UmSSyar.jpeg)

how could i forget about these movies

No. 175956

Fuck you Kojima

No. 175970

No. 175996

File: 1640657221001.jpg (332.23 KB, 1600x2410, 8166NtTUkqL.jpg)

watched it some time ago and i didn't get it
pls explain

No. 176228

File: 1640803558357.jpg (138.82 KB, 1000x1495, MV5BY2QzMTIxNjItNGQyNy00MjQzLW…)

Didn't expect to find a perfect depiction of my mom in a movie
Also the most accurate representation of a lower middle class dinner party I've watched yet

No. 176239

File: 1640807062108.jpg (24.3 KB, 260x391, Alittleprincessposter.jpg)

>tfw watching this for the 20th time and get emotional anyways
Top tier comfort movie. The Secret Garden is a close second

No. 176244

I feel anyone who'll criticize the film/book will be labeled as some type or racist or shit
but the premise of the book was black male whining, how the black man is not allowed to "be a man" cause the white man has him down
Pretty much every black feminist hated the book but white liberals and black men with victim mentalities

No. 176268

I rec The Secret of Roan Inish as well

No. 176272

I haven't watched a Mike Leigh film in a long time but everything he made around this period was kinda special. The one cafe scene where Brenda Blethyn goes from gut-ripping laughter to violent sobs was pretty much my mother at her worst.

No. 176396

She won 7 awards for that role and was nominated for 5 more (didn't get the oscar for best actress because fargo was released the same year), well deserved imo

No. 176721

File: 1641047552295.jpg (887.17 KB, 1101x1500, MV5BNGJlMTVlYWQtYmM5OC00MDgwLT…)

Never have I ever been so disturbed, disgusted, and amused by one movie. Closest I've ever been to walking out, but glad I stuck around.

No. 176722

I think it was terrible, kek. Her other movie, Raw, was so sucky too but unlike Titane it was praised by critics? I wish she would gtfo of the horror genre.

No. 176723

also samefag but if you liked it, maybe you'll like AntiChrist (Lars Von Trier)

No. 176753

I actually liked Raw, but I think the director's attempt to justify the violence and gore was stupid. Both her films fall under a genre called New French Extremity that's characterized by shock imagery–you'd think that would be explanation enough. Not everything has to be some deep, profound metaphor.

No. 176782

File: 1641068528072.jpg (421.92 KB, 800x1200, cmon_cmon_plakat_dk_srgb.jpg)

has anyone seen cmon cmon yet? if so did you like it?

No. 176783

anon the anon replied to - sounds like I would enjoy Raw more than Titane in that case. I like amoral female characters, but except for the first victim, where there was some justification, Alexia was extremely immoral
thanks, I'll bump it up my watchlist!

No. 176843

very late but ending of a.i and is actually all kubrick.

No. 176848

Imagine getting trolled by Video Kojames

No. 176888

File: 1641140703962.jpg (301.09 KB, 1920x1080, 20170430205427_1.jpg)

Ok, I'm watching Encanto rn and I know I should stfu until I'm done with the full movie, but I'm noticing many similarities with the game What Remains of Edith Finch? It's probably nothing, but knowing Disney's history of stealing ideas and entire scenarios, I find it a bit worrying

No. 177170

It's been a year, I'm still obsessed with this scene…

No. 177215

if it's based on anything it's on Hundred Years of Solitude more than Edith Finch anon

No. 177229

I saw it in theaters and liked it a lot, comfy and chill without being too slow.

No. 177285

the only park chan-wook film that's really impressed me is joint security area. all his other films are so mid, definitely an overrated director.

No. 178045

File: 1641675868325.png (113.08 KB, 250x367, DFCCF636-CDE5-4C24-AD1D-49321A…)

What a overindulgent, vapid,and exhausting movie. I thought it would be about Diana’s life until her death but it’s basically Kristen Stewart overacting Diana reeeing about spending Christmas with the Royal family.

No. 178204

Would you recommend The Secret Garden movie to someone who loves the book? If you've read it, ofc.

No. 178251

i think it works as a "feels good" movie, the songs were enjoyable but it's still kinda mediocre in comparison to other disney movies. it's kinda shallow to me?

No. 178372

But anon, she doesn't need an accent coach, she is italian! It's in her blood.

No. 179214

Just finished "Old" by M. Night Shyalaman. It was okay, I'm not loving it or hating it. The final is unexpected and a good twist. I'm a little weirded out by the sexual things happening to the kids, not just the pregnancy thing that imo was unnecessary, it doesn't add nothing to the story, but i guess it was there for shock value, but also that rapper that was acting close to the girl because she started to age, also unnecessary for the first blonde girl to be naked ??? i guess scrote directors gonna scrote. Also her death wasn't resolved either, neither for the black woman, did they just drowned? And why were the visitors from the same experiment (like the blonde and the rapper, or the phsychologist and nurse couple) dropped at different times? Now that I think about it, the blonde and the rapper were already on the beach the night before, but he wasn't aged by the next morning. Huh

No. 179504

File: 1642271933313.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2149x1500, 08D4DB01-2458-47AD-8F45-F45CFC…)

Thelma & Louise, Spring Breakers-esque, foul mouthed girlboss movies that I knew were gonna be pretty shit but watched them anyway
>Never Goin’ Back - two broke girls get in drug fueled misadventures while trying to get money for rent
Honestly it’s not unenjoyable. I have a soft spot for this type of setting, lower class suburbia. It’s just that the first third of the movie has so much sexualization of 17 years old girls that it stifled my enjoyment for the rest of the time.
>Flower - a group of girls plans on exacting vigilante justice on a suspected pedo
Nonsensical, obviously scrote shit, don’t even bother.

No. 179505

these posters look horrible. how is that allowed

No. 179539

i thought flower was okay. i like zoey deutch so i give it a little leeway but you'd probably like Buffaloed with her in it, it's not scrotey at all

No. 180054

File: 1642558481059.gif (2.5 MB, 540x330, 09AB1371-4489-4A90-A901-B6B143…)

Can’t believe I never watched Byzantium until today. I loved it. Yes it’s a bit cliche for a vampire movie but the mood, the acting, the pace were all very engaging. The screenplay is by the lady who wrote Harlots (tv show) which I liked as well. Made me nostalgic for 2010’s vampire obsession.

No. 180107

They made a movie about girls overcoming trauma from a school shooting. Cool, right? That's kind of nice. Then they couldn't be bothered to give the girl playing a 16 year old a bra and had her lift her top a little before the camera moved away. WHY? I don't understand why is it always scrote first. No matter what nothing can be for us it always comes down to trying to get coomers to watch. I'm so sick of it. They do this shit with euphoria too. Can't wait to try and find conversation about this movie only to find scrotes sexualizing the shit out of underaged girls. Epic.

No. 180899

Has anyone watched the new stop motion on Netflix, The house? Visually it’s very stunning and I kinda understand the story for each short but I felt kinda???? Disappointed. Everyone was making it out to be this super unsettling deep animation but I was left confused and not really understanding the deeper meaning behind it as a whole. What do you guys think?

No. 180941

File: 1642899526737.jpeg (67.57 KB, 455x674, B0C9AFB0-F577-4875-843F-E5BB70…)

watched this. it was cute but i felt like it was trying too hard to be heartwarming and i hate feeling manipulated by media like that

No. 180946

> i felt like it was trying too hard to be heartwarming

You just described literally every Pixar movie, non. I mean, I like Pixar but there’s no denying.

No. 181633

Black Bear was so good imo. I got fucking triggered at some parts because too real. Very uncomfortable. Aubrey's acting is top notch in this.

No. 181640

File: 1643156341589.jpeg (56.58 KB, 720x402, 19A4CE33-7623-4A71-A4BA-7A0EC3…)

Encanto would’ve been great as an animated series, even if it would’ve been short, it would’ve been better since the other characters were interesting, like the mom and the shapeshifting cousin, idk, as a movie it feels rushed, the song of the strong sister was absolutely unnecessary even though I liked her.

No. 181705

Maybe they were just too obvious about it for her? I wonder about that sometimes myself, why some movies manage to get an emotional response from me even though I can see what they're doing, while I feel annoyed by others. I think I have a particular weakness when they have anything to do with animals.

No. 181718

God, what a punchable facial expression. Nothing that I've seen of Encanto makes me want to watch it. Everyone is so fucking ugly. Good that they don't look like Rapunzel I guess, but that ain't it

No. 181807

Same nonny, it's just ugly to me. So soulless and bland. The best quality of any of these characters is their hair, which seems to have the most detail and uniqueness to it. The child in the lower right looks absolutely demented too

No. 181819

God, I hate how Disney's 3D characters look jawless. They're so fucking ugly. Fuck tumblrinas for taking over western animation and fuck companies for catering to them.

No. 181928

File: 1643289254998.jpg (380.06 KB, 1000x1482, Lame.jpg)

I hate how they uwu-ified to the villains in the new Spider-man movie. It was so embarrassing playing off peoples selfish behaviour as always motivated by mental illness that could be fixed by being nice to them, what a kiddie tier take. I unironically happy when May died and Norman was shitting on her for being a dumbass 'Just be kind' idiot. Sometimes people are just dickheads only looking out for their own interest. Is this going to be Marvel's new direction, all villains are really just sad and need codling? The only thing I enjoyed was seeing the old actors back in their roles. Tom Holland's Spider-man sucks, I miss Maquire's, at least he had good characters. I wish Spider-man 3 hadn't fucked it up.

No. 181931

Also, Holland's Spider-man is retardedly OP. I hate the avengers shit creeping in so now Peter can fly and use some insta-win nano-bot tech. No Way Homo.

No. 181942

I agree with you, I only watched it for the fanservice and for dr.octopus. The rest was trash and I hated that everyone acted like a retard and when they finally admitted it was all their fault, the characters were like "noo bby its not your fault dont cry uwu

No. 181986

Same, I only really wanted to see Doc Ock, but how they massacred my boy norman from a scientist to a uwu I’m just a scared schizo man. Even in the Maquire films he wasn’t like that after the change. I also thought it was dumb how Holland’s world acted weirdly superior to Maguire’s and Garfield’s, like the “We actually HELP our villains” utoric. Like, Maguire always tried to get the villains to change and be their old selves? Especially with Norman, his fathers friend who he tried to help but Norman ended up killing himself with the glider, and Doc Ock, his mentor who he looked up to and tried to reason with because he respected the man, and who ended up being freed of the arms in his own world without some stupid OP “We’ll just build you a new chip” tech, and willingly chose to kill himself to save New York from being pulled into the second sun. They made the old Spider-man actors seem guilty and even tried to present it as murder that their villains died. WTF was all of that?

No. 181993

File: 1643319026737.jpeg (175.46 KB, 804x1200, 02589BBF-A971-4B8A-9AAD-2AA3A7…)

What is the consensus on John Water’s films? I admit that I’ve only watched Hairspray years ago, but I was wondering if his more controversial but critically acclaimed stuff (Pink flamingos, Female trouble and Desperate living) still lives up today. Ngl it looks like a film that might be a little fun, but too preoccupied with ‘going against pear-clutching-conservatives’ of the time

No. 181999

>WTF was all of that?
It was bullshit. Pure bullshit lol, still a fun movie for like half of the movie but it felt more like a shitty fanfiction with a big budget where the writers had good ideas for funny scenes and had no idea how to write an actual story to make these specific funny scenes happen.

No. 182014

Any nonatella's know of a good romatic horror b movie ala Dellamorte Dellamore? I really like it, I know they're called gallio films but every one I've watched I didn't really like

No. 182020

Dellamorte Dellamore is unique even for Michele Soavi's work. Like, I'd recommend La Chiesa but there's no romantic surreal dreamy element to it.
It kinda reminds me of when people ask for video games similar to Disco Elysium. Hopefully there will be more in the future, buuut…

No. 182027

It is LITERALLY shit.

No. 182126

File: 1643398254973.gif (555.79 KB, 498x278, the-company-of-wolves-neil-jor…)

It's probably not really what you're looking for, but you might like The Company of Wolves. It's a set of loosely connected fairytale horror romances involving werewolves.

No. 182182

if you seriously think the animation industry designing mostly cutesypoo babyfaced girl-women is the result of "tumblrinas" and not the men who have literally always ruled it I am begging you to read one book and stop being so scrote-brained

No. 182183

I can't find it now, but I once came across a quote from him where he dismisses second wave feminists (maybe some by name? can't remember) in the most eye-rollingly obvious way – I remember it being very like, oh those bitches just hate fun hahaha who even know why they're mad sex is obviously fun and great. And I instantly understood why I've never had any interest in his work, even though I've often felt like I should. I guess I have a distant respect for some of what he's done, and compared to most work in that scene, his isn't a woman hating nightmare, but it's like…his concept of "transgression" just bores me.

No. 182284

>cutesypoo babyfaced girl-women
None of this shit is actually what you described.

No. 182385

File: 1643512907191.jpg (76.69 KB, 629x622, IMG_20220130_042021.jpg)

>cutesypoo babyfaced girl-women

No. 183834

File: 1643867331898.jpeg (492.01 KB, 951x1465, 9992C1C6-98C8-41A0-85BB-786B7A…)

Holy shit anyone watched Catfight? It’s a black comedy and drama. Actually caught me off guard with how bizarre it was, I thought it was gonna be a funny movie about rekindling the friendship between a haughty trophy wife and a flailing lesbian painter lmao, but it’s not. Every character is insane but in a realistic way. Sandra Oh was amazing actress as always. I drank a glass of wine and watched this blind, had a good time. Recommended!

No. 183847

This may be a long shot, but can anyone recommend a movie with a male lead (preferably not old) where he's unhinged, or gets progressively unhinged, but not in a masculine way, if that makes sense? I don't want him assaulting women or being violent or having qualms about his masculinity or something. He just needs to be unhinged. Kind of like Kevin from 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'. Any genre, I don't mind. Just a movie about a male lead's psyche without any of the man shit.

No. 183859

Maybe check out The Collector (1965)? The male lead is very autistic in the way he speaks and in his movements. He's like Joe Goldberg from You if he was on the spectrum. He's also unhinged, but its not obvious when you first start watching the movie. It doesn't have any sexual violence either, just him becoming obsessed with death

No. 183875

Clean, Shaven
Super Dark Times
They Look like People
Killing of a Sacred Deer
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
I’m including The Art of Self-Defense as well because it addresses toxic masculinity and the male psycho. And like stuff you’ve probably already seen like Donnie Darko, End of the Fxcking world, Shutter Island etc
No one is as cute as Kevin tho nona

No. 184096

>Killing of a Sacred Deer
I don't know if you're thinking of Colin Farrell's character or Barry Keoghan's since both could apply, but while Farrell's descent into madness doesn't involve sexual assault he does have a strong undercurrent of perversion. He has a fetish where he prefers his wife to act anesthetized and just lay there motionless while he has sex with her, made far creepier by the fact he's a surgeon, plus he talks to his very young son at one point about how he jacked off his passed out father until he came. Nothing is explicitly shown but thought I'd mention it in case it bothers op.

No. 184627

File: 1644107676522.jpg (192.41 KB, 2048x1365, tinder swindler.jpg)

Middle eastern men are so unattractive

No. 185383

Does anyone know where to watch short films that isn’t YouTube? Where do these haughty filmfag students go to watch them?

No. 185447

un homme qui dort (1974)
mysterious skin (2004)
david and lisa (1962)
hana-bi (1997), kitano is older in this but his films can fit the "unhinged man" thing well without being too masculine about it.
might be a stretch but blue spring (2001)
seconding the collector
i wasn't that into it but nightcrawler, maybe?

No. 185475

Happy for Aileen to get at least that minor girlboss moment out of all this, it was fun to listen to the scrote seethe helplessly… to bad it didn't affect him in a long run tho

No. 185578

Come on elp me

No. 185664

The jurassic world trailer looks p cool

No. 185700

Vimeo has some

No. 185799

File: 1644574773495.gif (55.64 KB, 480x416, giphy.gif)

I wish I could kiss you guys right now. Thank you so much. I've already watched a few already (like the man who sleeps and clean, shaven, both I really enjoyed) so I'm excited to watch your other recommendations. I'd probably be able to handle killing of a sacred deer, despite being a wuss. Thank you a lot. I actually haven't seen End of the fucking world too, despite hearing about it a lot.
>No one is as cute as Kevin tho nona
It's a tragedy.

No. 185945

File: 1644621413450.jpeg (214.41 KB, 1175x1763, 9854612D-37A9-4EA8-94EC-925087…)

I’m trying to watch the majority of Oscar nominated movies so I went on Netflix to see what they have. I rolled my eyes so hard while reading the synopsis of Don’t Look Up that I’m surprised they didn’t fall out of my sockets. While I’m sure it’s not all terrible, it seems like it’s made for people who claim Idiocracy is a documentary and act like they’re smarter than everyone else when really they’re dumb as shit.

Also who told Ariana Grande she could act?

No. 185968

Adam McKay is the most insufferable film maker working. It's amazing that people think his shit is insightful in any way. The Big Short was shit too

No. 185991

I liked The Other Guys so I was initially willing to give this a chance at first. Although it was also co-written by David Sirota, who I’m surprised hasn’t even shown up in the leftcows thread yet due to his Twitter sperging.

No. 186119

File: 1644686533907.jpeg (776.83 KB, 976x1451, F75E460B-EFBF-4F59-BCCC-D88C54…)

>Don’t Cry Mommy (2012) - a mother’s revenge on her daughter’s rapists
Not sure why I watched this, possibly self harm. In the blackpill playlist it goes.

No. 186313

File: 1644773590090.jpg (441.62 KB, 1440x1000, themaster.jpg)

This was so good

No. 186324

There was a shitty Indian remake of the film, that I unfortunately have watched first
Its really bad, like it tries to have a level of seriousness but it ends up being so fucking goofy despite the horrific subject matter, this happens in a lot of Bollywood rip-off films

No. 325075

lolita,leon the professional(low effort bait)

No. 327117

File: 1697312981685.png (28.98 KB, 1066x163, image.png)

watched men 2022, wish a woman had directed it cuz i found it a bit too metaphorical (men on their own are scary and we don't need them to be turned into monsters), but some of the dialogue was absolutely horrifying.

No. 327190

File: 1697326819922.jpg (345.32 KB, 1009x1500, hyvnR73.jpg)

idk about this movie. story was interesting but matt damon just fucking sucks. i hate him so much, i haven't read the books but i feel like this was a miscast. incel vibes

No. 327209

Ripley is a neurotic little loser so he in fact kind of an incel. You should read a book some day anon

No. 329045

File: 1697911328251.jpg (250.88 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMmJhYjBkMzgtZGIwMC00YTAzLW…)

Watched Saw X. I heard that it was pretty good, but watching it I think it's probably one of the weaker entries in the series. Most of the traps were meh. All the twists were obvious I also really hated how they made the villain so over-the-top evil. They were already bad with the scam but then they had to be even badder. It was just so over the top that it seemed comical. I also didn't like how they tried to portray jigsaw/john as more of a good guy.

No. 329397

File: 1698027345880.jpg (64.68 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

finally watched everything everywhere all at once. i had been putting it off because i knew it was going to make me cry. and it did. beautiful, one-of-a-kind, gorgeously chaotic movie, i think it could have removed some of the humor elements and still been so solid. kind of reminded me of a more whimsical version of the matrix.

it also made me want to hug my mom and reconnect with other family members except then i remembered my family is dysfunctional as fuck. i wish i could tell her to watch it, because i think she'd like the family aspect, but i also think it's too "out there" for her and she might not like it cuz she tends to get caught up on not understanding movies that don't fully explain themselves and "make sense".

No. 329399

Yes I came away with the same thoughts but only saw a few other people criticizing it. It did not match the hype at all and I miss all the classic convoluted messy plot points and police detective drama elements. It felt like a weird spinoff and had really simplistic predictable writing to the point it felt like some Netflix movie. It just overall felt kinda dumb and like an unrelated person had to be in charge of a saw project. I prefer following a specific character through tests and keeping everything in one room was boring.

No. 329401

it's kind of amazing that all the saw sequels are technically prequels, yet the best and most simple trap was in saw 1, and it wasn't even really a trap. compare what happens in saw 1 to a fucking blood seesaw.

No. 329424

Ironically I don't think this is a good "mom movie", what with all the weird humor and butt plug jokes. I watched it with my mom recently since was curious, and yeah, she said she didn't "get" it. She's definitely not into these kinds of fantasy sci-fi existential plotlines, though she liked some of the realistic family drama in the laundromat parts

No. 329494

It was weaker than I was expecting after all of the hype, it kinda felt like a "made for a streaming service" movie that happened to get a theatrical release kek. I did like it though, I enjoyed that for once we got a movie where we got to see more of Jigsaw's character and his relationship with Amanda rather than another film where he's just behind the scenes the entire time. The traps were kind of bland, I feel like the first couple hit well and the rest were just meh. I wanted more like the fake out trap on the poster, the more engineered traps feel more high stakes as a viewer than someone being chained up and having to break an ankle or wrist to escape The ending was also a bit of a letdown with Pederson surviving and all but apparently they left it open ended like that because they plan to make another movie?

No. 329626

I thought Saw X was pretty solid, it’s not one of my favorites but just having John, Amanda, and Hoffman back was very nostalgic. The traps were interesting and gruesome enough to be memorable, Valentina’s bone marrow trap was brutal, it was so visceral and knowing she wasn’t going to make it after doing all that was tough to watch. Also I agree that Cecilia was so evil it was almost comical. Like we get it, she’s the textbook definition of a psychopath, you don’t have to create a visual representation of the DSM-5 for us to understand she’s a terrible person.

None of the Saw sequels are prequels iirc, Saw X takes place between Saw 1 and 2, but other than that they were released in chronological order.

I’m hoping that Cecilia died in the end, since we never see her actually escaping. She was the least deserving to live but her trap was so lackluster compared to the others. I think that was intentional though, John wanted her and the others to experience the same false hope that he did, so l wouldn’t be surprised if he left her for dead in that room despite her passing her test. I know that’s going against John’s logic, but his logic has never been completely sound anyways.

No. 329713

>None of the Saw sequels are prequels iirc, Saw X takes place between Saw 1 and 2, but other than that they were released in chronological order.
are you sure? because a lot of them are focused on things that happened before the events of saw 1 and 2.

No. 329735

Saw X was so much fun! I dragged my wife to see it (bless her for being so kind to keep me company) and we both had a good time. It was amazing seeing Tobin and Shawnee on the big screen again. I thought the ending was fun and everything was just a good time. The traps were good. the first one with the guy having to cut the bombs out of his arms and Valentina's were my favorite.
I laughed when John gave Carlos that big bag of money

No. 329736

It wasnt as good as I wanted to be, but it was so much better then Jigsaw, Saw 3D and Spiral, so I was happy.

No. 329776

File: 1698141765887.jpg (258.9 KB, 2048x1360, MV5BMTg1NDUzMDE0MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Anons, what do you think of the movie Anonymous (2011)? and for those of you who have never heard of it, no, it has nothing to do with 4chan

I think the theory itself is a bit bogus and far fetched. I'm not an expert on any of this at all, but it seems like most of the Shakespeare conspiracy theories that he didn't write his own stuff are just speculation. I wasn't in love with how they portrayed Elizabeth either. Don't get me wrong, she was no angel, but this movie seemed like it was just trying to make her look bad. All of that being said, I loved this movie. Actually right now I'd say its one of my favorites. Not really sure why though. I like the story telling style, the way the future scenes are juxtaposed with the past and how we get to see the story unfold. I'm also just kind of obsessed with the Elizabethan period in general so that's probably a big part of it.

The attitude online that I've seen seems to mostly be negative though. I've even seen people saying the sets and actors were completely wasted on this movie because the plot and the story were so wretched. Idk, now I feel kind of stupid for liking it.

No. 330466

I just watched the 1989 Batman and I think it fucking sucked. I like Jack Nicholson's acting which is why I chose to watch it, and I thought he did a great job given the shitty material he was given, but everything else was so bad. Batman is an incompetent dick throughout the whole movie and he date rapes Vicki Vale twice??? He also tells her to shut up when she's rightfully pissed at him for ghosting her. Also there are so many moments when Batman just stands around and lets people get mugged/shot/terrorized.

No. 330517

File: 1698402535390.jpg (258.91 KB, 1340x753, TheLoneliestBoyInTheWorld.jpg)

Lisa Frankenstein trailer reminded me about The Loneliest Boy in the World. It was randomly showing at the local cinema. And I didn't see anything about it on twi or yt. From the poster you'd think it is something dumb like Disney's Zombies, maybe cute and has potencial for fanart. Very awkward MC stole and was living with very creepy corpses. It was just off putting to me. Why did I expect some sad story like Swiss Army Man, but with neon and pink? And afaik nobody reviewed it, even for the actor from After and he looks like Danny Gonzalez in this screenshot strange!

No. 330878

File: 1698521899783.jpg (276.34 KB, 1400x788, mayak5.jpg)

an anon suggested i post this here, it's a list of good (mostly) lesser-known films directed by women. i extended it a bit! sorry i couldn't write descriptions for them all, but they're all worth checking out.
>messiah of evil (1973)
co-directed by a man but a very cool horror flick
>mikey and nicky (1976)
crime drama
>day night day night (2006)
>a new leaf (1971)
dark romcom
>tremble all you want (2017)
romcom, very funny and relatable for any lonely woman…
>ghostwatch (1992)
>fast color (2018)
superhero drama
>fatal frame (2014)
>the company of strangers (1990)
really sweet drama, highly rec for any anon
>sway (2006)
psychological thriller
>d.e.b.s. (2004)
if you haven't seen it already! fun little action film
>the tale of the fox (1937)
(co-directed with her father)
>girls of the night (1961)
>song of the exile (1990)
>i was a teenage serial killer (1993)
>peppermint soda (1977)
>the day i became a woman (2000)
>news from home (1976)
>be pretty and shut up! (1981)
>just another girl on the I.R.T. (1992)
>microhabitat (2017)
>u.s. go home (1994)
>the other side of the underneath (1972)
>mayak (2006)

No. 330899

Can anyone recommend actually scary horror movies that don’t involve the directors clear hatred of women?

No. 330949

cure, noroi: the curse, the night house (more creepy than scary), the mothman prophecies (also more creepy), the wailing, dark water, pulse, retribution, la casa lobo, the exorcist III

No. 330964

seconding Messiah of Evil (didn't know it was co-directed by a woman) and Mikey and Nicky. I also recommend highly Wanda (1970) and Vagabond (1985).

No. 334779

I just watched The Handmaiden for the third time. I still love it. What do anons think about it?

No. 334829

One of my all time favourite movies, I've also watched it 3 times kek. However as I became more peaked I agree with criticisms that the lesbian sex scenes (especially the last one with the bells) are drawn-out and unnecessary and feel low-key malegazey.

Still a 10/10 for me though because I love the 1900s eroguro aesthetic.

No. 337149

Korean embassy in my country is showing a few projections later in the month, which one of these do you think is most worth a watch? I've read "Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982" already and wouldn't mind seeing it in movie form, but if any of these are more worth it I'll watch them instead:

Escape From Mogadishu (2021)
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 (2019)
Life is Beautiful (2022)
Little Forest (2018)

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