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File: 1622023888968.jpg (1.96 MB, 2077x1500, gk_onsen.jpg)

No. 145286

A thread all about Satoru Noda's Golden Kamuy

No. 145288

File: 1622025072638.jpeg (472.8 KB, 2048x2048, gk.jpeg)

So glad I got memed into reading this manga. Shame it isn't more popular outside of Japan. I can only imagine the strategizing that went into covering all of their dicks during that onsen fight scene.

No. 145294

This sums up my view of the manga perfectly.
Which chapter is the onsen fight scene please?

No. 145300

What a ride. I believe it begins in Chapter 120.

No. 145310

I just finished vol 1. Can't wait to participate itt !

No. 145311

File: 1622034988411.jpg (290.53 KB, 1115x1600, 14.jpg)

Thanks. My favorite part is "I'm ok, I caught the bullet with my giant man ass"

No. 145312

File: 1622035076414.jpg (193.41 KB, 2000x2000, usgoods_00_427579.jpg)

God I love this manga, I love the hilarious bara overtone art of this serious story but absolutely ridiculous gags and being such a wild ride with the added bonus of actual Ainu cultural appreciation. Bought this shirt at Uniqlo instantly because Asirpa is based.

No. 145313

How are you going to explain this tshirt to normies, anon?

No. 145315

I've yet to have a normie ask but I'd like to think "Very good Japanese comic for adults with an interesting plot line and rich history of a forgotten ethnic subculture of Japan, but there's a lot of muscly man buttholes" is all I could really say.

No. 145316

I love this himbo and his foxy wife. If anything happens to them I will flip out.

No. 145317

File: 1622036269918.png (1.37 MB, 1552x827, gross.png)

Asirpa is so based. I was trying to show a cute picture of her to a friend and hentai doujins of her popped up on google images. I threw my phone and gagged. I still have trauma. How dare they.

No. 145318

File: 1622036919374.png (278.63 KB, 640x400, 62A1E504-F5E8-46DD-AA3B-C20A5A…)

Noda please tell us where Vasily is.
Please let him live too fuck ogata simps

No. 145319

Same anon, same.
I really need to catch up with this manga now.

No. 145321

File: 1622037657388.jpg (49.19 KB, 372x265, artclubwithsugiandvasily.jpg)

The Ogata simp tears…
This was one of the funniest panels in the manga.

No. 145325

The anime isn't nearly as good as the manga but the voice acting is generally really excellent. I want a compilation of everytime Koito says Tsukishima. Also Ogata wouldn't have nearly as many simps if it wasn't for Kenjiro "The God" Tsuda.

No. 145326

File: 1622038626144.png (862.25 KB, 796x1200, don'tshoot.png)

I love him.

No. 145327

File: 1622038779310.png (839.62 KB, 829x1200, asirpahoney.png)

>Did you hit his foot?

No. 145351

File: 1622047986814.jpeg (293.45 KB, 1448x2048, 11E31511-7126-4EA5-9EA7-E1F982…)

I don’t want to actively post here yet because I’ve been ‘saving’ chapters for a good binge, but I bought a gk doujin because it looked wholesome and I think the writer made a romantic subplot between asirpa and sugimoto. I can’t tell because it’s vague and in japanese, but what the fuck why. Do any other anons think Noda is going to make them a romantic coupling by the end? I theorize we’re well into the 2/3rds point, if not the 3rd quarter. I want Asirpa to succeed, but I don’t think she’ll do things the way I want her to. Kiroranke previously had the most favorable plan in my opinion, but that’s out of the window. Tsurumi’s motivations disappointed me, and
Hijikata’s plans will never come true (kek my favorite supporting character geezer.) At least, not how he envisions them. What do farmers want to happen?

I look forward to sperging with my fellow god taste Tsurumifags this weekend. When weebs make anime shrines I never imagined I’d soon be so convicted towards a fucking deranged scrote with cerebral fluid dripping down his forehead.

No. 145353

File: 1622048827364.jpeg (113.18 KB, 850x1202, 96A55759-19C9-4C75-8864-9363AD…)

Wishing all 7th Division anons a very good everything life has to offer

No. 145366

Kikuta antis we fucking won

No. 145370

>Asirpa and Sugi ending up as a romantic couple
Oh fuck no, I don‘t think he would do that. This would need a time skip which are usually shit and he said in an interview that he would hunt down everyone who sexualizes Asirpa so I really don‘t see him pairing them with each other. That would be awkward af and he seems like someone who wants to avoid that trope. I mean he would’ve made Asirpa older if that would be the plan.
I was disappointed about Tsurumi‘s motivation too, he is too magnificent for such a plain goal!
Vasily is precious and so is Ogata, I simp them both and only shed a tear of joy at this panel
I will be so mad if he dies off screen, he needs to drop the guns and become a painter.

No. 145371

File: 1622056662387.jpg (109.3 KB, 571x608, tttt106.JPG)

I am in love with this manga, I think it is the best thing I have read in a long time

No. 145413

File: 1622079488929.jpeg (533.36 KB, 2000x2000, kikuta.jpeg)

How fucking dare you. He had to watch Usami jerk off like a horse and then get shot like three times? Tsurumi is a golden antagonist though. So many antagonists are huge letdowns these days.

No. 145414

File: 1622079793273.png (1.15 MB, 1379x927, virginitydefenders~2.png)

I lose it at that panel everytime. And this one.

No. 145416

File: 1622080138420.jpg (123.15 KB, 850x540, 7thdivision.jpg)

Girl, the 7th is crumbling. Bets on how soon Tsukishima is going to one-shot Koito and cause catastrophic fandom meltdown? Ogata will do something to fuck it up for the ultimate groomer because he be like that.

No. 145452

This. I avoided it for too long since It didn’t seem too interesting at first glance, but holy shit I‘m so glad I got into it. It‘s without a doubt one of the best ongoing manga right now, and it‘s fucking weekly

>the strategizing that went into covering all of their dicks during that onsen fight scene.
Noda is very dedicated towards his craft. Everytime he takes a break for his private life I‘m glad for him because I know it will benefit the quality of the story.

I‘m not sure if I want it to be super popular tho, I‘m afraid it would attract too many retards but on the other side the japanese demographic readership seems to be more on the balanced and mature side. The audience filters itself it seems.

No. 145492

The amount of cinematic, historical, literary, etc., references scattered all over the place are insane. Same. I don't need burnout or ill health from Noda. I'm not going to die because of a break.

True. Western fans can be so annoying. Dipping into twitter briefly is enough to almost give me an aneurysm.

No. 145546

Literally can't wait for the inevitable showdown between Tsukishima and Koito but I don't think he'll kill him. Ideally, I'd like for Koito to talk some sense into him and they both betray Tsurumi and leave him shook.

No. 145561

File: 1622161470159.jpeg (682.39 KB, 1254x1771, 13B8C467-FB49-445C-89B5-1DBA0E…)

>the 7th is crumbling
‘7th division anons’ are anons who fangirl over any member, current or past and are therefore dubbed 7th division anons in relation to the faction of characters they support. Not that anons support the 7th divisions aka Tsurumi’s goal itself.

Tsurumi however would definitely let Koito die and I think that is what will happen, leasing Tsukishima to prematurely come to his senses and stop this before Tsurumi does something beyond insane. Either that, or Koito doesn’t die, and Tsukishima lets him go (tsukishima is stronger than him) one way or another and possibly dies. Koito becomes a new hero and works to stop Tsurumi, and Tsukishima says something like “I’m glad I’ve gotten to see your stage this far…(to tsurumi)” or “now my curtains close early…” and sees the curly haired girl in his death. Either way I don’t see Tsukishima being allowed to stay purposefully ignorant anymore. Our loyal voldemort will feel have a terrible emotional breakthrough either way…

This is the double edged sword of Tsurumi’s flower garden. You feel bliss and comradeship and belonging, but it’s all a ruse. You’re expendable and you are but a cog. You choose to be Tsurumi’s beloved dog, knowing that he will put you down not because you bite, but because it is his will. It’s so heartbreaking but my autistic ass loves it so much. A superbly written antagonist. His true motivations were one of if not the biggest let down in the entirety of this manga for me. But I appreciate how greatly it humbled him. A man that moves people as if he were god, yet his core motivation is the most human thing about him.

kek this might as well double as gk husbando thread, my feelings about Tsurumi are so intense and convoluted I’m practically in love with him. I have read hundred of manga in my lifetime at this point. It’s not humblebrag, or overpraise, Tsurumi is one of the best male manga antagonists of all time. There’s no funny business, he is wholly and completely written with an amazing sense of talent. There are many great manga antagonists from (rightfully) highly acclaimed series. But too many can they be simplified due to their interaction with the story itself. I think what sets Tsurumi apart is that in the realm of GK, he’s not merely a character. He’s more important than god to many of these men. And he’s not just an antagonist with groupies, but he provides them with motivations they can’t refuse. Motivations that are, in their own way, rightfully just. Tsurumi is evil, but he’s not. He just is. He’s indispensable.

No. 145569

File: 1622163681269.jpg (204.52 KB, 1920x1474, Es05yACU4AIJdrH.jpg)

I really don't think Tsukishima will make it out of tsurumi's grip bc:
1) he has been death flagged with the bare foot thing
2) the purposeful shine noda put in his eyes after he "killed" ariko pretty much was meant to show he's made his ultimate decision and is ready to throw anything and everything away for tsurumi.

warning: below will be my long autistic theories about future developments and character relationships between koito, tsuki, and tsurumi (bc i find them fascinating.)

Koito is for sure gonna get shot by tsukishima… and I'm really not looking forward to the koitsuiki fandom melting down over it like a bunch of babies who can't read plot clues. They were already (especially the japanese side) melting down over tsukishima "dropping koito's hand" that he offered in 231 and going back to following tsurumi and i even saw a couple fan artists be like "i can't draw koitsuki anymore, I guess i was wrong the WHOLE TIME"

I bring this up bc it is a good segway into my next plot theory, (& bc I hate when people act like if a ship isn't a 100% perfect romance with a happy ending then there couldn't have been anything there at all). Tsukishima obviously has cared deeply about koito and risked the mission multiple times to save him. Additionally, I don't think anyone other than koito would have been able to talk him down from murdering tani & inkarmat. The issue is, he's just too far gone as a result of being borderline abused by tsurumi for over a decade. As a result, as soon as he sees tsurumi again and is reassured about his goals, he goes back and sticks to his side like a magnet that doesn't know any other way to live.

He's threatened multiple times to kill koito, but has not followed through yet. Wen he does follow through, I think it's going to be his come to jesus moment. He's gonna shoot at koito, and koito will wind up with a severe injury. At this point, koito is going to be shocked and call "tsukishimaa" like he always did before, only now in a hurt & pained way. This contrast is going to be what makes tsukishima freeze up. From here, either tsukishima will get killed immediately in this moment of hesitation, or he will actually do a 180 and do one grand action against tsurumi before he then gets killed. Obviously i think the latter would be more exciting but idk if noda would be that kind to us. But ultimately, I think koito will survive his injury and will have to see tsukishima die, which will kill any ounce of loyalty he has left to tsurumi and he might switch sides to help the sugimoto and asirpa gang. At least, that's what I would say if I didn't know that the manga is going to end any minute now, bc idk that there's even enough time for a formal side switch to happen.

No. 145574

File: 1622166044723.png (200.45 KB, 773x427, bruh.png)

Absolutely agree. So many red flags. I think he is the most far gone. Even the conversation with Koito after he spared Tanigaki and Inkarmat was ringing major alarm bells. The way he blasted Ariko and now (raw spoilers) Kikuta, this time fatally for sure were particularly brutal. Yes they were spies and he isn't randomly sadistic but he's shown himself willing to kill even a pregnant woman if Tsurumi says so. Koito is in huge danger if he shows further hesitancy. And tbh I feel it's a toss up whether or not shooting Koito would even pull him out of Tsurumi's grip. If anyone is in it to the end with Tsurumi- it's him.

At least Japanese fans usually don't send as many death threats when mangaka sink their ships. Western fans do it to a prosecutable degree.

No. 145578

File: 1622169488293.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1370, 42884A8E-7A15-4549-8FD7-46A5D3…)

I love all these theories, even if it pains me as a tsurumi simp and koito simp. I hate to think of the manga ending, and how many characters will survive at the end, but I would love to see how Tsurumi would react if he was backed into a corner especially by his men. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out

No. 145582

File: 1622171365304.png (178.07 KB, 650x715, TsurumiTsukishima.png)

Tsurumi is great because he will do horrible things but still have me laughing and entertained. I guess villains/antagonists that make you feel pure disgust and/or rage for the entire duration of the narrative have their place but personally I'm not really a fan. Kind of boring and irritating. That flashback encounter with Wilk's crew and the reveal at the end was so good. I think Ogata will throw a wrench into the mix for Tsurumi before this is over because of their history. No matter what it will be wild. I care about so many characters so I'm worried.

No. 145584

The reason I think he will slip out of his tsurumi brainwashing at least a little right before he dies is just from a basic character arc writing standpoint. At the beginning of the series, tsukishima was dead inside, didn't care about anyone, and was willing to do anything for tsurumi. We had a bit of a fake-out, but now he's back to that again. Having him die in the same mindset he had at the beginning would strike me as odd from a writing standpoint, but noda doesn't seem to caught up with following traditional writing rules so he could very well disregard this and keep him 100% tsurumi's dog till the end (although I think that would be boring tbh).

No. 145586

File: 1622172182315.jpg (234.63 KB, 1280x826, sugikoito.jpg)

Speaking of Koito simping. His interactions with Sugimoto were so good. Wish we had more of them. Like, "Oh, you embarrassed me using my beloved Lieutenant? I'm going to make you cut yourself for real." Biggest drama queen. And the juice scene had me dying. Picrel.

No. 145589

This is true but I could also see it going in the other direction. Tsukishima doubling down on the zealotry and going farther than I thought he would. Embracing going to hell has been popping up as a theme again. Killing a total innocent for Tsurumi or something like that. I find it somewhat ominous that Igogusa being alive and married was confirmed in a very recent chapter.

No. 145593

File: 1622177262951.jpeg (264.06 KB, 850x1192, 9A159444-5F27-47F8-A184-0B589E…)

If tsurumi was ‘real’ is there even an anon itt who would refuse him? I can’t imagine living in a universe that had Tsurumi in it and not entering the garden to be honest. In a world like that, he would make sure you see him as a convincing oasis.

I love TsukiKoito but there is no way they will live if they continue to be under Tsurumi. They’re both aware of this but I agree with anons that Tsukishima would rather die than completely move on from all of this, from Tsurumi. I think he will come to his realization but he is still destined to die. It makes sense. Koito was able to come to his senses and find himself. Tsukishima has already thrown himself away. His dedication (and acquisition) to Tsurumi was too different from Koito’s from the beginning.

Also this is my autism but when flowers surround Tsurumi as his admirers gaze upon him, I always personally thought of it as a double metaphor for referencing Shojo rose-tinted glasses, and the garden of eve in the bible. I don’t know which bible character he would reference exclusively. He’s so divided even toward himself, that he could be adam, eve, god, and the serpent at once. Slowly self cannibalizing and possibly self aware that his garden is only a cage. Does Tsurumi think his insanity will bring his end? Or does genuinely believe it’s possible to transcend the pain that has been both his motive and his plague for years? My worst fear is that in the end Tsurumi will kill himself. Either in shock factor suicidal hanging fashion, or he will “allow” himself to die at the hands of a subordinate from 7th. I don’t like to think Sugimoto would be written to kill him, but he will probably deal the final blow. However, I believe a subordinate will be responsible for the decisive blow to the lieutenant. But it’d be incredibly thrilling to read. An appropriate climax is fundamental to every arc that includes first lieutenant.

No. 145602

File: 1622186138218.jpg (265.82 KB, 1711x785, ranking.JPG)

>he might kill himself by “allowing” himself to die at the hands of a subordinate from 7th
I like the way you think, this would be THE ULTIMATE ending for him. tbh I'll be so mad if ogata just like, snipes him out of nowhere lol

>If tsurumi was ‘real’ is there even an anon itt who would refuse him?

I don't understand you tsurumifags who claim he's the ultimate sex god, he's a kickass villian but i Do Not want to fuck him or his weird, leaking brain wound under ANY circumstances. I respect your right to your own taste but at least I can admit that a 5'1 midget with a nose deformity and anger issues isn't everyone's cup of tea even if i personally want to fuck his brains out. anyway this inspired me to make my own ranking, (picrel) lol

No. 145607

File: 1622187814609.png (2.26 MB, 1226x1500, __hijikata_toshizou_.png)

Ah, a fellow Kikuta appreciator. After that uncalled for rudeness up thread. This is a pretty based tier. But honestly Hijikata is weirdly hot for a centenarian, lmao. I can't believe you didn't put the crime scene masturbator in your "guess I'll die" tier. He scares the shit out of me.

Me neither re: Tsurumi? Some of us have actual family histories of being on the receiving end of war crimes. I would not be down. At all. Ever. Also I feel like his slimy tactics wouldn't work nearly as well on women.Maybe in his spy photographer larp days, before he had brain damage.

No. 145614

File: 1622190806488.jpg (420.39 KB, 999x1013, ENTER.JPG)

what can be certainly said about the Poppy flowers blooming around him when he has a charming moment is that they symbolize the morphine-like effect he has on his loyal soldiers, this and the shoujo effect of course. Since there are a lot of biblical references in gk your idea sounds probable imo.

I love how passionately you sperg about him anon, vers poetic. You really fell for him and his power of love, bravo Noda!

also pre-headplate Tsurumi was really something, no wonder he gathered that many simps I mean just look at this gorgeous mf entering to save the damsel in distress. I‘d absolutely let him elegantly escort me to a fine dining establishment.

No. 145615

> vers poetic
that was an accident I swear I hate stupid puns

As clarification to my previous comment I would never sex him, I‘m not into groomers lol

No. 145616

File: 1622191375600.jpg (82.55 KB, 845x1200, 915eedca7cda98858d56ed4e5bbd7e…)

i miss him

No. 145617

Kantarou the Swashbuckler?

No. 145619

he was based, /a/ can suck my dick

No. 145621

Genuinely surprised he got the axe so soon after appearing.

No. 145622

/a/ usually has shit taste. There are a few good posters who always show up to dunk on the hordes of idiots though, love those guys.

No. 145625

I‘m sorry anon, it was a reflex since he had such a comically short screentime and this name got stuck in my head way more than his real one for some retarded reason. Actually agree that he was based, and I‘m glad that we have a thread on here now so I don‘t have to visit the shithole that is /a/ too often

No. 145689

File: 1622210305876.png (Spoiler Image, 534.74 KB, 481x773, feelsbad.PNG)

That sums up my feeling on the situation too, although it‘s very unpleasant. It seems to me that Tsukishima is an example for the brainwashed soldier who will die for his master ie. Tsurumi‘s goal, and the little bit of humanity he has shown (that he cares for koito) is not enough to get him out of this state he’s gotten deeper and deeper into since such a long time. As much as I liked him softening up for Koito, this is nothing compared to the amount of conditioning he got before. It would be very unlikely for a person like him to suddenly change because he cares for someone he knows for such a short time.
I hope Koito learns about the dangers of army conditioning through this, he‘s still young and has more chances at positive development. I think so because Tsukishima gaining the light back into his eyes after that scene was hitting pretty hard, and Noda is usually VERY considerate in his foreshadowing and use of narrative tools, as well as the Igogusa reveal He did mention that he wants his characters to change, but good character development does not have to be positive and Tsukishima was never foreshadowed to question his motivations, instead exactly the opposite, he was always portrayed to be too stuck up in his loyal soldier role and I don‘t think it‘s bait especially at this point in the story, as much as I don‘t like it.

No. 145691

File: 1622210979138.jpg (13.76 KB, 500x287, donot.jpg)

Feels bad man- is right. This manga is wild because I will be peeing myself laughing one moment and then gripping my chair with anxiety the next. Goddamn.

I got my brother into this. He's a soldier and he keeps commenting on how accurate the psychological fuckery soldiers are subjected to is.

No. 145693

File: 1622211436309.jpg (444.45 KB, 910x1300, Foam-6.jpg)

Lmao, at least this SugimotoXOgata BL is in character. What would Noda think of this…

No. 145694

File: 1622211908215.jpeg (128.07 KB, 839x1200, 15FEDBCB-82E2-46AB-838D-66C306…)

ata KEK anon I love your ranking but I did not mean fucking him! I don’t want to have sex with him either. Despite my sperging, I can’t view his character sexually. It was in following him with the 7th Division.
The poppies are a flower I overlooked when making my comment. Brilliant catch! And his monicker is the bringer of death/grim reaper as well. He plays both roles well. A true testimony to how absolutely scrambled his mind is. Thank you for appreciating my tsurumiposting. I swear this manga is laced with opium.

Based hijikata appreciator. I agree he’s weirdly hot. his flashback before cutting down his buddy was fucking kino and his best scene imo. I think it’s a shame how he gets pushed to the background, but from a story perspective I prefer it this way. I fucking hate his plans KEK, which regarding your comment I would also apply to him. But I wasn’t clear in my initial comment, so I’ll clarify:
>I don’t think if anons were former conscripted imperial soldiers in the manga, that refusing Tsurumi’s “reparations” plan would feel ideal.
That is what I meant by ‘real’. Tsurumi as we know him is fictional, so to my understanding, being placed adjacent to him in a reasonable setting (i.e. soldier, or at very least citizen who views your country as a distraught victim (there are only victims in war, but for the sake of illustrating this is the descriptor I chose) it would be easy to feel moved by his plan back then.) Real life inspirations for his character disregarded.

However, this is because of the specific scenario. Of course, in a completely non-fiction setting, my personal empathy lies with the Ainu. I think to myself and likely other anons, the misfortune of being on the receiving end of the real-life ramifications of Tsurumi’s ideas and actions are indubitably undesirable. I also do not expect ggk anons to blindly follow a [brain damaged] man [they know is a war criminal] in real life. Tsurumi and the rest are not good people, only good characters. Despite seeming to be engulfed in gk I remain this distinction.

Fucking based. His wish at the end was simple and humiliating. Not in a worthy of mockery sense, but that it was so modest. It wasn’t necessarily humble, but it was far from grandiose compared to the wishes we know. I appreciate that sense of simplicity I’d believe Noda brought with purpose. I think it serves as one of the many examples that despite how outlandish and lavish the characterization and events get, these are still nothing more than mere men. Possibly looking too into it, but I enjoy this interpretation nonetheless.

No. 145696

ew I don‘t like that drawing style, it has Yaoi hands and the faces look weird. And why would Ogata shittalk Asirpa? The only in character thing about this is that Sugi is angry at him.
That‘s interesting that he recognizes it as accurate. I think it is a good lecture for soldiers like your bro because it shows everything in a straightforward, non-romanticizing light. Sounds like a self aware person.

No. 145697

File: 1622212347053.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.7 KB, 1447x2047, DD1666E6-BD73-46F6-A97A-2B6C2A…)

Based sugigata poster. I think >>145370 was right that there’s no way Noda would pair Asirpa and Sugimoto romantically.

Feeling like shit having to realize that the entire manga we have been watching and waiting for Tsukishima to die. Fuck this gay earth.

Have any anons bought physical copies? I’m waiting for a box set to be released. I don’t think I’d reread it often, but regardless of the possible endings I will definitely revisit my favorite scenes.

No. 145700

I like the theory that Ogata is tsundere for Sugi." I didn't save you because I like you. I didn't save you because I like you either." Even funnier after the imposter brother chapter. My gay friend saw the clip of Sugi ripping out Ogata's eye, sucking out his blood, and bandaging his head and was like this feels very homo. I was just distracted by Ogata's voice as usual.

Fuck this gay earth is right. It all feels very doomer right from the beginning.

No. 145701

>That‘s interesting that he recognizes it as accurate. I think it is a good lecture for soldiers like your bro because it shows everything in a straightforward, non-romanticizing light. Sounds like a self aware person.

It's really interesting to watch and read with him. Not only is he a munitions and weapons expert but he has wild stories. Like how many times dumbass officers almost got them killed. Not a nationalist or military glorifier at all. Also apparently homoeroticism running rampant is no joke.

No. 145706

Yes I have all of them so far, the viz translation is inferior to the EH one imo but I‘m too lazy to learn japanese. It‘s definitely worth it since Noda adds so much to the tankobon releases. Paper and print quality is ok. I usually don‘t buy ongoing series but I made an exception for this one because it is so fucking good and probably ending relatively soon.

I am really not into shipping especially with Ogata because I really like him and I’m tired of retarded fans shipping him with literally everyone, just WHY, I bet it’s bc of Tsudaken’s godly voice melting their brains. But these two have a pretty sweet dynamic, ngl. Imagine if Noda made it canon, the seething would be unimaginable kek

No. 145707

File: 1622214614817.png (618.09 KB, 832x832, tumblr_6f99d01de32e49ef94db3a1…)

Unironically this trio has become a favorite of mine. I know some people are unsure/don't like Wilk, but idk what it is about him- I think his characterization is catching onto me. I've always loved Kiro, and Sofia is one of my favorites now too. Just can't get enough of these three, I find them all so cute and tragic

No. 145709

It's Tsuda's godly voice. It makes everything he says insanely hot.

No. 145710

File: 1622215097938.jpg (281.47 KB, 790x1135, __hijikata_toshizou_golden_kam…)

>Based hijikata appreciator. I agree he’s weirdly hot. his flashback before cutting down his buddy was fucking kino and his best scene imo. I think it’s a shame how he gets pushed to the background, but from a story perspective I prefer it this way. I fucking hate his plans KEK

His younger self is godly but he's still got it. He's older than my grandfather but I still would. Am I a freak? Yeah, absolutely. So
many kino moments. That scene you mentioned was brilliant. I loved him allowing his blood to pool in his hand so he could blind Inudou with it and take him out. Yeah his plans aren't great but then again who has a good one with the gold?

I get you. I can understand in the context of the story why characters would be dedicated to bad but charismatic people. They have a multitude of reasons.

No. 145714

In the viz translation he says something like: „Seems like I didn‘t hate Sugimoto after all“, I remember this because it sounded so different from the other translation. The latest chapters definitely gave the theorists a bit more food lol

No. 145720

File: 1622217049131.jpeg (178.65 KB, 850x643, 1D6C3BE6-BD65-4CDB-9DB8-E2DED3…)

I love this trio too!
>I know some people are unsure/don't like Wilk
He disappointed me. I think he was poorly explained (compared to other characters) because in my opinion his actions only begin to make more sense from a parental perspective, but on his part they were still poorly executed. I think Wilk was arguably incredibly smart, but had moments of very good and very bad luck. I love Sofia and I was confused about Kiroranke, but by the end his reasons were understandable to me and I supported him. His methods may have been dubious at best, but my god was his pain easy to resonate with as a reader. I hated Wilk for a good while after completing their backstory. Stories of strong platonic bonds and betrayal tug at my heartstrings KEK

I agree with you and you are very based. That scene you described was fucking fantastic ugh. I think why Hijikata’s plan is more dislikable for me is because compared to the others’ it feels a bit “meager”. I mean that creating a new nation and reinstating a feudalist state is no small feat, but it’s so intangible and far fetched that I can’t help but feel disappointed. I think I wanted more from him than “old man wants to go back to the good old days” but even when I simplify his wishes that way, I think it’s because Noda didn’t do as much for Hijikata’s wish as he did for the others. I wish there was more with respect to how long we’ve known Hijikata, and how much we have gotten to know him. If Noda had panned more to Hijikata’s story, his connections, or gave us evidence that his plan is more than a pipe dream, I’d definitely feel differently. Really all I’d need is proof that with or without the gold, Hijikata has the manpower to reinstate his Shinsengumi pals. Even if they were all arrested, and that’s why we couldn’t see most of them, at least Noda could show there are more than a few free men whom are prepared to drop anything and return to the days of samurai. But Noda doesn’t even prepare us with more than 1 side quest to prove that there is any widespread sentiment in favor of Hijikata’s plan. Or at least enough current citizens to build a small nation. Relying on all the Ainu you stole from to be eager to build your nation’s infrastructure along with criminals is too much. It seems that Hijikata is at this moment only making drastically low probability bet.

That being said, I also don’t like his plan because I feel like it’s a ruse regarding the Ainu people. They are being occupied by Japanese, only to once again be occupied by Japanese? But you’re right the vast majority plans suck ass. I prefer the ones that don’t pretend the Ainu are a priority to them, so I did like Wilk and Kiroranke’s initial plan a lot. It was the ending I was most rooting for. I’m deathly curious what Asirpa will actually do in the future!

No. 145721

I believe that, I have one friend who went to the army (who isn‘t a nationalist or patriot either, but like for many gk characters it was an opportunity for him to get out of a horrible environment) but he sadly isn‘t into manga so I can‘t talk about it with him, damn. He tells some crazy stories too sometimes, and yep that part about homoeroticism being very common there was one of the impressions I‘ve got from talking to him too lol

No. 145723

File: 1622218169867.jpeg (184.18 KB, 850x1130, 14C567FC-62EA-4766-B5B5-6714F1…)

The viz translations sound so bizarre. The fan translations are superior, I wonder why the viz editors would put out something that could easily destabilize the painstakingly built characterization? Ogata being the most prominent example of this.

That being said, I think Ogata gets shipped with everyone because every ship involving him is built off of his identity being the core part of the dynamic. Every ship is about how Ogata causes others to react. He is the star…He is the entertainment…the main character… Ogata Effect?

KEK shitposting side I think it’s his unpredictability that attracts shippers. It’s probably just easy to build off of him since the possibilities seem endless. He has a personality but I’d guess in terms of shipping and fantasized scenarios he’s kind of a blank slate because his actual character is (outside of violence) can be so quiescent and unreactive. You can make him say nothing and still tell many kinds of stories. I don’t have much interest in shipping him though, so I could easily be completely wrong about what makes writing about his part of a dynamic fun.

No. 145727

File: 1622219081416.jpeg (235.19 KB, 932x1669, 20F5D8AF-ABCF-4607-BBAE-7B78E2…)

I think it’s fascinating how so many different people can find something to relate to in a single creation. And not from pure interpretation, but genuine reflections of real life attitudes and scenarios. Even in all of its crazy, gk is quite well written.

No. 145741

Why does ogata look exactly like momokun here

No. 145743

oh god oh fuck now I can‘t unsee that

No. 145745

I love Sofia, I hope she gets some badass moments in the next chapters that don’t involve her dying.

No. 145753

Anons, I can’t remember exactly Sofia’s situation at the moment; she’s still with Asirpa and gang, right? I hope we get to see more of them working together, I want more female characters now that we don’t know what’s all going on with Inkarmat and Tanigaki. Are those two ever coming back? Do you guys think Noda is saving his favorite character (tanigaki) by writing him out of the series?

No. 145816

File: 1622241608047.png (317 KB, 869x567, IMG_20210529_004016.png)

Been thinking a lot about this lately, and we all agree Sugimoto will have to die at the end of Golden Kamuy right? Noda has gone to great lengths to portray the inevitability of change on the way to modernization, like the slow disappearance of the Ainu and their ways and ongoing rapid industrialization. I feel like this even shows in the way the story has played out so far, we've left behind early gk staples like bears and Retar, aka naturebound motifs entirely. Golden Kamuy takes place on the cusp of great geopolitical changes, only 7 years before the outbreak of WWI, a time of great disillusionment. “Sugimoto the Immortal“ is a folk tale hero, an icon that belongs in premodern times and as such cannot survive in our brave new world. Golden Kamuy in this aspect reminds me a lot of RDR2 which had a similiar theme of the End of an Era, and the death of those who belong to it.
This “death“ could be literal or philosophical, but one way or another (be it through dying or embracing a new persona), i think “Sugimoto the Immortal“ has to die.

This might've made no sense sorry, I'm tired as hell.

No. 145821

Remember when Noda said this about a BL he read:
"Seeing Sensei and Yuki who mutually seek excuses to be together… Damn it, I got a boner."¨
Fudanshi Noda

No. 145826

I love Noda, the absolute panic and confusion he induces in some men is so funny. For the record the doujin is Foam by MICROMACRO. And to the other anon- Ogata doesn't insult Asirpa he insults Sugimoto by implying it's weird that he's so close with a little girl. Then they angst fuck, lol.

No. 145827

Sounds like my brother. Plus he just happens to have a talent for shooting. He told me there were so many times they would have died if people didn't carefully "go around" dumbass officer orders. Usually they get in because of family connections, wealth, elite schooling- and think they are hot shit but are despised by all the grunts. Lol, we live in one of the coldest places on earth and they have to practically get naked and hug each other just to get by. Inevitably there are guys who get very into it and then he said there is always the one guy who makes it weird by panicking and flipping out about how he can feel dicks touching him, and it's like "yeah dude, everyone can, get over it."

No. 145830

File: 1622246167887.png (446.92 KB, 703x792, drunksugi.png)

Why are we on this earth? Just to suffer? Probably. I'm in denial.

No. 145916

I was procrastinating and sperged together some relatively objective theories about why Ogata sniped Sugi at Abashiri involving this >>145700
Theory a bit in regard to the latest chapters. Might eventually post it in case anyone else is interested in stuff like that and it‘s not only stating the obvious. That is if Noda didn‘t bait us all along and I scrap it all, but who knows how long it takes for more solutions from him.

> there is always the one guy who makes it weird by panicking and flipping out about how he can feel dicks touching him, and it's like "yeah dude, everyone can, get over it."
I live for these kind of stories. That’s exactly what’s going on in the /a/ threads everytime lmao
ffs, I don‘t want to know what state this world would be in if every dumbfuck in a high position would have his orders executed without smarter people sidestepping him because they realized it was a shit idea.

No. 145945

File: 1622313627395.jpg (251.18 KB, 500x677, sobasugi.jpg)

I live for these theories. Very into the Ogata and Sugi dynamic. I was stoked when Noda brought Sugi explicitly into the Yuusaku drama.

Lol same. Not2Blog. But I love that he watches and reads GK because it prompts more stories. All Quiet On the Western Front is not outdated, they would literally die if they listened to everything a higher up said. Careful insubordination is key. He died at the circus troupe/seventh division joke from Koito. He has me rolling but also concerned for him with his stories. They love trolling the oversensitive "no homo guys". Like "what's wrong with his dick? He has a great dick and it's very warm." Some Belarussian guy transferred to their unit and promptly announced that he was allergic to black caviar. And their commander got really mad because when would they ever eat that? Same guy apparently wakes his comrades up by kicking them in the face or decking them out of nowhere. Everybody is scared of him. Another guy gets triggered because he has this incredibly badass scar that everyone asks about but he got it because one of his buddies would never take care of his gun and it misfired and blasted him and he got severely injured and he has to tell that lame friendly fire story lmao.

No. 146035

love those storys, thanks for telling them they’re hilarious!
Oh my, alright. massive sperg full of spoilers incoming, no tl;dr, sorry:

So why tf exactly did Ogata snipe Sugimoto back then in Abashiri?I don‘t think it‘s because of muh wildcard antagonist doing it for the lols (literally where tf are his lols), so here are some theories.
What we knew back then already:
-Ogata always tries to avoid collateral damage if possible and he does not under any circumstances wants Tsurumi to get the gold.
-Sugimoto dislikes him for some reason and there’s nothing Ogata can do about it.
-He saw Wilk telling Sugi something which could have been the code or a hint to the gold, all of which eventually gave him the following possible reasons to commit the capital sin of trying to kill the MC:
-He was afraid that Sugimoto would cooperate with Tsurumi which he later did (based Asirpa for aborting this asap)
-Given how impulsive Sugi is he might view him knowing the code to the gold as a huge risk for even more disaster bound to happen
-because he just doesn’t like him, which sounds dumb even at this point of the story tbh.

This is what we the readers knew/suspected until then, if I didn’t forget anything or have gone full retard. so now about the other theories, in regard to the knowledge we gained from the newest chapters and Noda hints: With recent confirmations and in regard to the timeline together with Noda‘s hints, it’s highly probable that he got blackmailed by central so he has to work for them. He was officially tasked with keeping Tsurumi in check and trying to stop him from getting the gold, with the possible additional order to hinder any efforts for others to get the gold since central possibly doesn’t need it and it‘s only a risk to them.
The imposter brother chapter gave us the information that seeing Sugimoto for the first time brought him a moment of relief in his coping mechanisms, and given his fucked situation it was probably one of his happiest moments so far for a brief second. So everytime he sees Sugimoto he gets reminded of that one moment where he got surprised that he CAN have nice things after all! (coping affirmation in this case) only to get harshly thrown back into reality where fuck no, he actually can’t. We know he has an issue with this already (starting with his mother) and that this must have been a rare and brief glimpse of relief for him. The fuckery with his bro came after this. Poor Yuusaku, how could he know. Anyway, It‘s obvious now that he doesn’t hate Sugimoto as a person, but Sugi always acts like a dick towards him and every time he sees him he reminds him of how he can’t have nice things. Ogata acts smug to cope with all the shit he‘s thrown into basically since he was born. He’s obviously torn between carrying on and just ending it all at times when everything‘s getting too much for him once in a while, which would be no surprise given his situation which seems to be increasingly fucked the more we learn about it.(Gives some more weight to Nodas mention of him feeling liberated after deserting, in answer to why he grew out his hair imo.) Anyway If one thing can be said is that he did not look happy, relieved or even remotely smug after shooting Sugimoto.

soo now for why he possibly did it regarding the new revelations:
-(because central blackmails him) and he felt like he had no choice even if he secretly likes Sugimoto, since the happiness he felt through seeing him for the first time is still wired into his brain, but he knows it won‘t last and sugimoto will never be his bro and will never like him, either way he could never talk to him or anyone else about it (not even kikuta, rip) and is forever stuck in this shitshow alone. Every time he sees Sugimoto it causes him ambivalent pain because he didn’t come to terms with his coping mechanisms yet (he was shown to search for answers in the past but he didn‘t get any, or really bad ones like from Usami or his asshole father). So in his tortured mind he only had to pull the trigger to do the job, with bonus getting rid of the constant reminder that he can‘t have any nice things ever and things don‘t work out for him because it‘s him. The only person(sugi) we know of so far which ever made him feel really happy for a brief second hates him anyway, making the option to shoot Sugimoto just more convenient in his situation, his ptsd and army conditioning doing the rest and bam.
Tsundere anons probably like this interpretation the most.

other Theory would be because he got triggered and took the opportunity to ‚try to end‘ this fuckery, trying to carry on without this ‚obstacle‘, hindering his way, while not giving any personal fucks about Sugi which I kinda doubt after the newest revelations and the fact that he does feel empathy, even if it only got him a bloody nose so far(see barchonok).

Meanwhile, clueless Sugimoto acts like he‘s the worst untrustworthy person ever and barely tolerates him, thinking he‘s a stupid jerk only in it for the gold/the lols/basically any reason wich confirms his opinion that Ogata is a son of a bitch who can‘t be trusted. It seems that he does not remember him from back then yet or else he would maybe know that there is some more to it, even if he‘s gone from „I didn‘t save you because I like you“ to „kill him immediately I hate him so fucking much“ to „I have questions“ now.
who fucking knows. But it’s probably not because he’s doing it for the lols only, though I guess we can all agree that almost everything which happened in the story so far has not been of much benefit to anyones mental health in gk. But why tf would Noda give us all those little hints and details about him and even make Sugi play an important role in the yuusaku drama. Solely to build up a Joke or bait to distract from something else?

No. 146112

File: 1622388071951.jpg (348.01 KB, 2047x1533, fa77fff4b3e6a249034da9899fd102…)

noda let him out of the basement please

No. 146207

File: 1622422953916.jpg (820.1 KB, 2000x1723, vasily.jpg)

Please let him and his drawing pad out. And then don't kill him.

No. 146215

File: 1622425479656.jpg (95.23 KB, 640x450, nnghcute.jpg)

This manga has so many great panels.

No. 146227

File: 1622427109864.png (84.41 KB, 500x500, 9276527288.PNG)

Alright now it‘s entering tinfoil territory, but:
That scene where Sugimoto saves him from letting him get himself killed by Asirpa
Sugimoto saved him! He even cared for him personally and threatened the doctor to save his life
He didn’t expect it but he finally got something nice
The feels regaining him the will to carry on
He know that he‘s fucked if he’s recovered tho so he knows he needs to get away asap
That almost ahegao scene where he escapes on horseback

holy shit that‘s wild

No. 146249

File: 1622436793056.png (377.46 KB, 772x530, tpose.png)

Will never not laugh at Ogata's expression and pose when he escapes.

No. 146270

>“I’m aiming for the horse“

Agree pls don‘t kill him Noda

No. 146287

File: 1622455956107.jpg (345.24 KB, 846x1200, vol26.jpg)

Looks like our hood guy is getting a cover. Is that good or bad for his chances of living?

No. 146302

File: 1622462688887.png (472.7 KB, 496x550, ohno.png)

The last three cover guys are currently dead.

No. 146495

I started reading Golden Kamuy because this thread caught by interest so I'm looking forward to reading this entire thing and joining you all when I'm up to date

I scrolled past this and thought it was a gunshot wound to the head, I was so angry thinking I had seen a spoiler

No. 146499

Lol, sorry anon. It does look like a gunshot. Poor Shiraishi just gets into comic misfortunes a lot. Welcome to the rollercoaster.

No. 146862

lmao poor Asirpa
Shiraishi will live, the only possible death I see for him is dying of STD‘s

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