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File: 1647233937076.png (487.04 KB, 1200x1174, ash_tame.png)

No. 189183

Golden Kamuy is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold of the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.
There is also an anime adaptation.

The manga is, as of March 2022, around 300 chapters long and the anime is three seasons long with 36 episodes total. A fourth season is happening but its release is on an unknown date.

Where can I read scanlations? Here: https://mangadex.org/title/8847f905-550d-4fe6-bcda-ac2b896789c7/golden-kamuy
Where can I watch the anime in English? Here: https://www.crunchyroll.com/golden-kamuy
Where can I buy official volumes in English? Here: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/golden-kamuy/all

No. 189232

File: 1647255471035.jpeg (349.85 KB, 1600x1200, 28FEA036-6631-4879-9B32-08C39E…)

thanks op!! I was just seeing the latest raw spoiler and am losing my shit, I need to know what happened so bad ahhh I can’t believe it’s finally come to this point of the story, holy shit the PAIN
lmao kind of agree with this on an objective level even if it wouldn’t be my personal ranking! If it was my list I would put tsukishima a bit lower because of his anger issues+“I’ll beat everyone up who makes fun of you” is a bit too much domestic violence potential for my taste lol. I would put Nikaido lower too because I don’t think he’s that harmless. At first I was mad that kiro was so far down the list but it’s true, he might cheat on you! if: sofia would love him back which won’t happen tho.

No. 189235

Just scrolling by, the fact that
>Ogata (can't fuck to save his life and might shoot you in your sleep)
is ranked as high with that description, is so funny

No. 189236

And also this kek
>nice, but too stupid & has a tiny STD dick

No. 189246

At first I was like ‘where is koito??’ but then I saw it lol

No. 189271

File: 1647275118147.jpeg (75.87 KB, 750x500, AA3635CD-FC2A-4A86-BCC2-9075D9…)

Gkanons assemble, shit is getting real. I don’t want this series to end but on the other hand it’s better when it ends in time than running forever and turning into shit eventually.
Anyways the raws are hell holy shit oh my god noda kind of delivers. Poor asirpa finally having too much. But damn those guys fighting together like that, I don’t know what to think about this yet other than that it’s good, fuuuuck that trail of blood kinda looked as if they kissed thank you Noda you madman

No. 189276

File: 1647276846901.jpg (Spoiler Image,303.27 KB, 850x1200, 18.jpg)

I am happy we have a temporary thread now! I can't believe it's been 25+ days since /m/ fell.


Agree with most of this, but I wanted to add:
Wilk (literally was a good husband, everything Sugimoto is but with more political convictions)
Kikuta (He just seems like a regular dude, weird trophy collection aside. Would feed watermelons on a hot day)
Shiraishi (not that dumb, just a bit of an air-head if much. Became really reliable after a while. Still has a small STD dick and is a regular john, though. But seems like he would be very devoted in a relationship and at least stop going to brothels.)
Kiroranke (I don't think he was actually cold, he looked pretty warm to me after his Yulbars phase. I agree he could cheat but he doesn't seem the type to cheat just for sex, I think he would cheat with someone he loves deeply outside of marriage aka Sophia)
Boutaro (I agree he is a bit selfish, but I think it comes from his abandonment issues and whatnot. I can fix him)
Ogata (To me he seems gay or bi with very low libido towards women. I think it's his daddy issues. Maybe if he gets fucked by a strong male figure he can be fixed. Still might kill you in your sleep)
Nikaido (pre twin death he seemed scummy, after it he just seems too schizo. A no for me)
Tsurumi (Hasegawa era Tsurumi could be a good husband if he told you about the spy shit. Everything after that is just not worthy his charms.)
Ushiyama (He was kind to Asirpa, but I don't like how much of a john he is, and a tranny chaser at that)

For Everyone else, I have nothing to add and I agree completely

Are you talking about chap. 308? Or 309 is out already? I am so slow lmao I am excited for Sugimoto and Ogata's fight though, it's been so long aah

No. 189278

It’s 309, already out korean. It’s on /a/ check it out it’s wild

No. 189279

File: 1647277939690.png (384.56 KB, 488x679, FMWdl7aVkAI9SAH.png)

Damn! Part of me really wants to check it out but I will wait for the japanese version to be leaked so I can understand what's going on. Gotta be patience lol
Thanks for the heads up though, nonnie

No. 189298

File: 1647284859421.jpg (Spoiler Image,345.96 KB, 747x1080, m_080 복사.jpg)

For anons who don't want to visit /a/, here is the Korean scanlation for chapter 309.


No. 189301

File: 1647284934826.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.17 KB, 746x1080, m_081 복사.jpg)

No. 189302

File: 1647285035797.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.67 KB, 742x1080, m_082 복사.jpg)

No. 189304

File: 1647285134305.jpg (Spoiler Image,448.97 KB, 746x1080, m_083 복사.jpg)

No. 189305

File: 1647285242980.jpg (Spoiler Image,424.47 KB, 743x1080, m_084 복사.jpg)

No. 189307

File: 1647285346291.jpg (Spoiler Image,405.42 KB, 743x1080, m_085 복사.jpg)

No. 189310

File: 1647285464450.jpg (Spoiler Image,444.82 KB, 746x1080, m_086 복사.jpg)

No. 189312

File: 1647285652722.jpg (Spoiler Image,466.05 KB, 744x1080, m_087 복사.jpg)

No. 189313

File: 1647285802440.jpg (Spoiler Image,415.07 KB, 745x1080, m_088 복사.jpg)

No. 189315

File: 1647285899796.jpg (Spoiler Image,429.37 KB, 742x1080, m_089 복사.jpg)

No. 189319

File: 1647286048120.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.02 KB, 737x1080, m_090 복사.jpg)

No. 189320

File: 1647286216781.jpg (Spoiler Image,427.76 KB, 741x1080, m_091 복사.jpg)

No. 189321

File: 1647286343832.jpg (Spoiler Image,436.08 KB, 738x1080, m_092 복사.jpg)

No. 189323

File: 1647286463349.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.26 KB, 741x1080, m_093 복사.jpg)

No. 189324

File: 1647286670057.jpg (Spoiler Image,382.13 KB, 739x1080, m_094 복사.jpg)


What Asirpa says here roughly translates to "I am prepared to go to hell with Sugimoto Saichi."

No. 189326

File: 1647286790225.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.43 KB, 739x1080, m_095 복사.jpg)

No. 189327

File: 1647286893036.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.15 KB, 739x1080, m_096 복사.jpg)

No. 189330

File: 1647286988226.jpg (Spoiler Image,405.58 KB, 737x1080, m_097 복사.jpg)

No. 189333

File: 1647287053409.jpg (87.8 KB, 563x594, a6fdd9bad48195724326612d303088…)

I didn't know that opinion was controversial kek
To be honest during the otter nabe, my personal interpretation of it (and I know I am not alone) was that he was just too dizzy to the point of shutting down because he was surrounded by hot men. Too gay to function. Afterwards he doesn't seem bothered by it like the other dudes.
>inb4 delusional fujo
Eh. Whatever
I think he may be full on gay, but I don't discard the possibility of him being bi because it's late meiji-almost early showa Japan and (although not as strong as in the West) being straight is still the norm and Ogata has this obsession with perceiving himself as normal so he might go after women just for this reason. He didn't seem disgusted by the prostitutes when he was with Yuusaku, although he didn't seem super interested either. I think Noda said he was inexperienced and just pretending that he had been to a brothel before lol
He may be asexual too, I wouldn't mind that at all. I think everything could fit his character, because he doesn't have any love interest canonically, so it's not like any option would be ooc. Until Noda confirms or denies anything, it's just speculation from every end. He's not even real anyway
sorry for the repost, I didn't want to cut the flow of the pages posted. thx btw anon

No. 189468

nta but I don’t see how any of what that post mentioned should be
>"proof" explanations trying to explain away contradictory evidence
when it’s nothing more than a personal interpretation of some fictional character that got even clearly disclaimed as such? not to be rude but whats your problem lol

No. 189475

nooo.. on the other hand, it was only a matter of time. and its good that she makes her own decisions but damn seeing her like that.. the situation is harsh
so many great panels in a chapter again I wont reply to them all but I love it when noda does the closeup mirror perspective thing
this is way better than I expected, holy shit these guys really go fucking feral at each other

No. 189479

of course you’re allowed to giggle at it lol but to quote from the original post:
>it's just speculation from every end.
Which is true because regardless from the interpretation, we just don’t know

No. 189696

>he just sat there blankly
he literally passed out. It's said earlier in the chapter that people can get so overwhelmed from horniness that they pass out, so clearly it isn't an extreme assumption to think he did exactly that. Especially considering he's an inexperienced loser when it comes to sex. You sound very angry for no reason anon, take your meds.

No. 189780

I think it would be better to use spoilers when reacting explicitly to stuff from the raws

Thinking about otter stew, Kiroranke seemed like he wasnt as overwhelmed as the others as quickly. It was probably because he entered the room later but the idea that this could also be due to him being the most experienced one is funny. I always lose it at the scene where he comes back to the house like “its been a while” and all of the guys just stare back at him like that

No. 189865

File: 1647461961082.jpg (308.27 KB, 1255x2083, FNuMJAjaAAECEiZ.jpg)

It was my reply to a anon in the real GK thread that was the last post before /m/ froze, i didnt realize something was wrong until a week later while i was waiting for response kek
Is sugimoto tearing up? God this is so heartbreaking

No. 189923

File: 1647474891292.jpg (162.57 KB, 533x800, 07.jpg)

ayrt and yeah, I don't know where you're taking
>"proof" explanations trying to explain away contradictory evidence
from my post, cause I literally said it was just speculation. I don't think I'm the holder of truth at all and I don't even want to change people's minds itt, I was just stating my own interpretation. I personally don't think it's that convoluted, but that's probably differing cultures and backgrounds of our own. Kinda like saying "he has no problem touching other man cause he's so straight", but could also be "he loves touching other man cause he's so gay". For all I know Noda could make Ogata have a body count of 200 women by the next chapter and I wouldn't think it's ooc because that part of the character is not explored much in canon lol
It doesn't really matter anyway, if fans wanna make Ogata the king of cool and fucking, let them. Sorry for extending this silly discussion

TBF, he doesn't literally pass out. He's awaken, and he's staring, and he even blushes when Sugimoto suggests the sumo which he doesn't do on other panels, and I think that's Noda's doing fanservice. Noda also puts some silent speech bubbles for him to show that he's conscious, just not functioning.
>It was probably because he entered the room later but the idea that this could also be due to him being the most experienced one is funny.
I also think it could be from the fact that he's the least virgin/horny of them lol Like Shiraishi is experienced, but he's just constantly horny. Noda needs to release another fanbook and do another Q&A soon, we need to ask him the real questions (although people already asked for dick size and balls size)

I was gonna reply to you when everything went down, RIP it was such a long reply too
>that spoiler
Damn I can't resist clicking the spoilered comments but I don't read until the japanese raws leak aagh the agony I want the drama

No. 189933

File: 1647476063848.jpeg (52.1 KB, 511x600, F734EEB9-550F-4B2F-8AFB-CF612D…)

Aw yes I want more Q&A lore! Really anything is fine but these bits are always so funny and interesting. I’ve even read the scripts of some of those drama cds and they are fun too albeit very silly lol
have one of my fav pics of shiraishi!

No. 189935

File: 1647476861819.jpeg (130.27 KB, 742x571, 8F25470A-E6DA-40B3-B473-EBC7AD…)

I started watching golden kamuy after seeing anons here sperg about it for weeks on end. I’ve only finished the first season but I really like it. Thanks nonners.
(Obviously I’m avoiding this thread till I’m caught up but I’m happy to see it’s here)

No. 189938

Nice! But yeah I would avoid this thread as well there are always some spoilers. Be sure to read the manga as well cause it’s wayy better and return when you’ve caught up to sperg with us itt

No. 189939

File: 1647477333637.jpg (268.81 KB, 850x1161, __sugimoto_saichi_ogata_hyakun…)

I am glad you're enjoying it, anon!
I'd highly recommend picking up the manga if you have the time. The art is better imo and the anime skips a lot of stuff - not only full arcs but also neat cultural trivia, Ainu and Japanese. The english scanlation team also does a great job into researching some stuff that's present in the chapters, so I recommend that over the official translations as well

No. 189945

File: 1647483953864.png (327.69 KB, 777x391, tumblr_8a3ff056f928b0922329425…)

He says "my head is spinning" and then he does pass out, picrel. He happens to wake up after just to take a cheeky peek at the other men.

Sorry if I sounded heated I thought my tone was pretty neutral. You were just using a lot of hyperbole and talking about evidence and insisting the other anon's inter[retations were just crack. Starting a post with "Oh come on" does not give the impression of a cool and collected discussion anon.

No. 189987

File: 1647498590573.jpg (99.08 KB, 600x600, GOODS-04220235_07.jpg)

Any other gk merch collectors here? The cutest line dropped today, I couldnt resist ordering a few things!

No. 189989

File: 1647498788106.jpg (90.68 KB, 600x600, GOODS-04220231.jpg)

Samefag but I have to share the circus troupe art it's too cute

No. 190146

File: 1647544903064.jpg (56.41 KB, 640x360, vmk8wr7gahe81.jpg)

Oh, I guess he did faint and then he stabilizes when they undress him.
I don't think you sounded heated at all nonnie, i think we were having a big miscomunication moment here itt, but that's lolcow

Ugh, these are so cute. I wish I had the money/means to import it. I'll never forgive myself for getting into GK too late instead of when my brother was literally living in Hokkaido and I could get a lot of goods.
I'm still waiting for prisma wing's sculpt review of their GK figures…

No. 190172

File: 1647549597219.jpg (17.11 KB, 261x300, 10569578.jpg)

I can be pretty picky about merch, I want it to be somewhat 'useful'. That being said (typed?) my number one piece of merch is my beloved Sugimoto pochette.

No. 190190

thanks, I think anons often pull out the reverse uno muh projection when they get called out for sounding mad.

You should order off amiami if you want them anon! It's so much easier than trying to import from japanese sites. Shipping is fucked because of covid but it's really simple. I wish we would get some type of update on the figures! I was so hyped but it will probably be years before we see them.

that pouchette is hilarious omg I love it. I wish I had the restraint you have but I'm making a small ogata/gk shrine so I want to get anything cute for it.

No. 190310

File: 1647606685007.jpeg (354.26 KB, 965x1427, 6314DF66-52AB-48E3-83BB-E48C4B…)

lol this is funny, having a dead serious sugimoto staring at you from on top of this cute little yellow pouch. Love it. btw for the other merchanons the sanrio collab just got reconfirmed, it’s coming!
this is so cute and I loved the circus arc so much
I mean the following in general because I always see it a lot everywhere not only in retrospect to that snarky anon, but: some people seem very confident in that they read everything how the author intended, while everyone else doesn’t get it right or whatever lol like share me some of that self-conficende please
I am so not ready for the next chapter aaahhh the symbolism on this page is SO great.. it unites the deaths of every family member all in one panel, and he has to face all of them at once in his most desperate moment. His parents in front of him symbolized through Asirpa while being poisoned and stabbed, facing with his back towards his ‘brother’ all while being scared for his life for once. It’s beautifully poetic and tragic.

No. 190323

File: 1647610977591.jpg (165.12 KB, 768x1024, FOGlfeFaIAAiIAP.jpg)

it's so cute omfg!! I need to prepare my bank account for this. The only thing I would change is make usami kuromi it's a way better fit imo.

No. 190346

>no Pochacco
>no Keroppi
Why they gotta do them dirty like that

No. 190359

File: 1647624013145.jpeg (126.37 KB, 1440x960, FNGHJ_GaQAIxtdO.jpeg)

Wow, the Hello Kitty x Ogata one is almost exactly as someone predicted on Twitter!
Someone also drew the Tsukishima one very very closely lol I'd be very happy
They are all very cute!

This pouch is amazing and hilarious lol want

>was so hyped but it will probably be years before we see them.
Years?? Do you think so? I was hoping that at least by the end of the semester we'd have some news on them. I won't be able to take years lol

>You should order off amiami if you want them anon! It's so much easier than trying to import from japanese sites.

It is, but currently I don't have the money to do so. I'm trying to go back to Japan by next year or so, hopefully it works and I can buy it there directly. I also want some small GK collection hehe

No. 190365

Anon I'd advise ordering because you don't have to pay for the pre-order until it's ready to ship. Don't count on actually going to Japan and finding the merch, you might not be able to find it at all because GK fans are very dedicated and snap up what merch gets released or you might find it at a very inflated price. Speaking from experience here.

No. 190382

>Years?? Do you think so?
I meant years until we actually have them in our hands not until we see the prototypes sorry! At least it better not take that long.

The merch releases in june so you do have a few months before you have to pay like >>190365 said. I agree not to wait if it's something you really want gk merch tends to sell out and after market prices can be extremely high depending on the characters you want. I've seen the popular characters like ogata, sugimoto, tsukishima, etc go for triple the price in the aftermarket.

No. 190386

File: 1647633618491.png (Spoiler Image,478.32 KB, 850x1200, 01.png)

The raws for chapter 310 are out.


No. 190388

File: 1647633702118.png (Spoiler Image,576.15 KB, 850x1200, 02.png)

No. 190390

File: 1647633811950.png (Spoiler Image,406.77 KB, 850x1200, 03.png)

No. 190391

File: 1647633914248.png (Spoiler Image,484.71 KB, 850x1200, 04.png)

No. 190392

File: 1647634021807.png (Spoiler Image,451.79 KB, 850x1200, 05.png)

No. 190393

File: 1647634115918.png (Spoiler Image,460.4 KB, 850x1200, 06.png)

No. 190396

File: 1647634263011.png (Spoiler Image,444.95 KB, 850x1200, 07.png)

No. 190399

File: 1647634370951.png (Spoiler Image,513.08 KB, 850x1200, 08.png)

No. 190400

File: 1647634477462.png (Spoiler Image,473.35 KB, 850x1200, 09.png)

No. 190401

File: 1647634569396.png (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1700x1200, 10.png)


No. 190404

File: 1647634662318.png (Spoiler Image,423.15 KB, 850x1200, 12.png)

No. 190406

File: 1647634754291.png (Spoiler Image,704.78 KB, 850x1200, 13.png)

No. 190407

File: 1647634884925.png (Spoiler Image,574.4 KB, 850x1200, 14.png)

No. 190408

File: 1647634976128.png (Spoiler Image,578.88 KB, 850x1200, 15.png)

No. 190409

File: 1647635083102.png (Spoiler Image,582.48 KB, 850x1200, 16.png)

No. 190410

File: 1647635185036.png (Spoiler Image,558.26 KB, 850x1200, 17.png)

No. 190411

File: 1647635284726.png (Spoiler Image,564.85 KB, 850x1200, 18.png)

No. 190412

This is actually insane. I cannot wait for the fandom reaction

No. 190414

I'm fucked up

No. 190416

ty nona… HOLY HELL this is madness can anyone translate the most important bits I will never rest in peace until I know what he says although the picture language is pretty straight forward.. he really was feeling guilty after all what the fuck I feel like shit now this is tragic
everyone will lose their shit over this I’m at it already

No. 190418

nonna the leak thread in /a/ has someone translating it you should check it!

No. 190448

thanks alot, I’ve read it.. oh my god this seriously fucks me up, he really was feeling guilty all the time after all. I thought the pain was already at its peak last chapter, hell was I wrong

No. 190476

File: 1647645988685.jpg (268.29 KB, 901x1170, FL9_g8IUUAQiYD5.jpg)

Even though im not a ogata simp even i have to admit i felt for him in this chapter and i will miss him. Stupid me was hoping he would get at least one happy moment in the story. Im genuinely surprised he got killed off taken to account his popularity.

No. 190569

Not sure if you scare me or interest me deeply

No. 190580

File: 1647688408441.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1700x2400, C379C931-8C6D-4025-A5B0-A53CDC…)

my bad I’ve repeated myself, whelp was drunkposting after getting really fucked up from reading the chapters yesterday lol
yeah… I never suspected him to go easy on any of his characters at all. To me it seems like he did plan the three of them to conclude like that since a long time. I knew it would be wild but I wasn’t prepared for that amount of pain and like >>190476
said I would have liked for him to at least get something nice for once as well. Well you could argue that he did, but damn this was really tragic and brutal. I will never get over him now damn, well at least he had some fun with sugimoto before. I’m gonna sperg more about it later probably but seriously how could anyone read this and not feel bad even if you don’t like the character, it’s only a natural reaction to witnessing something like this … holy shit noda what have you done

No. 190644

I mean yeah he is responsible for this mostly on his own and him killing himself after finally realizing the gravity of his actions is a fitting and realistic outcome but I just can’t bring myself to not feel bad about this. If he would have not given a fuck until the end it would be completely different and I wouldn’t be sad as well but this shit is tragic on a larger scale. It’s the sheer hopelessness and mental illness of it all, the way it started and turned into him continuously making the worst decisions and adapting the worst coping mechanisms while going even more insane in the process of denying his guilt while the ultimate process and outcome of that is just so horrifying to me, regardless of if he had it coming or not. I guess we are just built different when it comes to that.

No. 190943

File: 1647812146832.png (346.33 KB, 500x500, e9416dd1-063f-47b2-b1f5-d4d70c…)

Just read this chapter and I am still processing it holy fuck picrel is literally me losing my shit from beginning to end
Ogata was my second favorite and although I knew he was bound to die I didn't think it would be like this at all, as other anons mentioned itt he didn't even get happy moments. I thought he at least have a bigger confrontation with Sugimoto and/or Tsurumi, and I thought Sugimoto would question him a bit more about his true intentions cause I thought he was kinda bluffing about the "I wanna be an admiral" or whatever shit. It's a bit unsatisfactory, but in a very realistic way? Suicides like that usually leave people without a lot of answers and a sense of emptiness. Damn, all of his past selves and the fact that Asirpa was so close to """fixing""" him and now it is all gone.
Also on a minor note I like how we finally got to see Yuusaku's face. Ogata finally humanized him.
What a daunting chapter.

No. 190979

>It's a bit unsatisfactory, but in a very realistic way?
Totally agree, it is painful but deeply integrated into the rest of the story. There was a lot happening here, and him and Asirpa and Sugimoto were kind of tied to each other in that relationship imo. He has always been shown to act suicidal at times so even if unexpected, it was plausible. And it really is harsh and kind of unforgiving like that as you said. In regards to the latest chapters, I think he was being genuine when he talked about his motives.
> the fact that Asirpa was so close
Oh my god this is making me legit sad. Looking back, the drift ice scene was probably one of the most genuine moments he ever had and his issues escalated further from that on. Ultimately, his realization was what killed him. I just can’t get over how he died because that was an extremely cruel way to go, he was like a wounded cat cornered there on the roof it made me feel so fucking bad. Somebody fucking hold him pls

No. 190984

Yeah like that.
>muh meow meows
anon he was literally one of the major characters who just died in an extremely dramatic manner after a lot of shit happening, just let us simp ok

No. 190986

File: 1647825644148.png (521.49 KB, 672x1024, FORJWEcVcAEQjlz.png)

lmao Anon you're entitled to hate him, but that's a bit of a straw man (although I laughed at little meow meows kek)
>hes gathering all the hybristophile fangirls
I don't like Ogata cause he's a killer, and that's also kinda nonsensical cause literally every main dude there is a killer aside from Shiraishi
This is arguable but his with mom it was mostly a "mercy kill", since she was just crazy to the point of being unable to care for her child. She died quickly by ingesting poison, it wasn't violent like Yuusaku's or his dad's. Plus Ogata wanted to unite her and her dad again assuming he would go to her funeral. Of course this doesn't justify killing her but then again, mental illness from neglect
plus this >>190984
Anyway I hope the twitter artists I like don't nuke their accounts out of sadness and I hope Noda is gentler to Koito and Sugimoto RIP hot SugiO scenes

No. 191018

File: 1647838487674.jpg (79.73 KB, 540x493, 282992833788.jpg)

Fair enough argument. Again, I don't think he was ill meaning when it comes to his mom, but again, it doesn't justify it. For Yuusaku wasn't also cause Yuusaku was "annoying", but it came from deep jealousy/envy of not only Yuusaku himself but that his dad loved his brother and not him. Again, not justifiable at all, and even him knew that.
But the fact that he killed people is not his appeal at all, at least for me. More like the case for Usamifags kek but I don't hate him either

No. 191034

Sorry, I forgot! I will repost it

No. 191035

File: 1647844302937.png (307.04 KB, 500x503, a807e703faa8c59e8024de8ad3b5b0…)

>mfw he will never eat anglerfish nabe again and say hinna hinna
I hope Sugimoto gets to eat hoshigaki once more

No. 191047

>Noda: I don’t know if its a good thing that he’s so popular

This hits different now omg. I bet he planned this from the beginning.


I appreciate him because he’s entertaining as fuck but I could never relate to him on a personal level and am actually glad for that lol


No. 191109

File: 1647884186600.jpg (116.31 KB, 1036x1165, FMm28xVakAsJ07Q.jpg)

usamifags are the chads of this fandom you cant change my mind

No. 191120

Idk about that but Usami is the ultimate deranged chad, hes in it purely out of passion and even got a satisfying death for it. Noda really is the biggest tsurumifag ever lol

No. 191130

File: 1647887611725.jpg (49.28 KB, 564x792, 716b6e29c7c6281b95c0bac2524530…)

Agreed, I wouldn't call myself an Usamifag but he's a very entertaining gay psycho chad I miss his antics

No. 191133

File: 1647888221256.jpg (472.19 KB, 1442x2048, EtsYwJkVgAYGp5V.jpg)

>>Noda: I don’t know if its a good thing that he’s so popular
Oh wow when did he say this. Still cant believe he went with ogatas death but i cant help but respect him for not backing down on it
Usamifags dont give a fuck what their little bun bun does, they just like him for what he is because hes entertaining and thats awesome. Its tiring to have to always justify liking a fictional character based on morality or how relatable they are kek like that one anon who seems pressed people feel bad for ogata.
>got a satisfying death for it
Usamis death really was fantastic but i cant help but feel sad it meant we wouldnt see him in the story again, imagine the amount of deranged damage he would do on the train if he was still around. His and ogatas banter was amazing too. damn i cant believe bunny and cat are both dead

repost because i forgot to spoiler like a dummy

No. 191135

File: 1647888424052.png (630.01 KB, 1398x1984, FN-gviOacAIlDzh.png)

>they just like him for what he is because hes entertaining and thats awesome. Its tiring to have to always justify liking a fictional character based on morality or how relatable they are kek
>imagine the amount of deranged damage he would do on the train if he was still around
So true! That would be really fun. He'd probably throw soldiers at the bear and/or off the cars just to be with Tsurumi.
>damn i cant believe bunny and cat are both dead
I'm still in denial about the latter. I guess less about the death itself and more about the timing and how he killed himself. I hope we get flashbacks scenes still, and tbh that Noda fleshes out a bit more Ogata's deal with Tsurumi, cause I thought it was a bit lackluster at the end and we didn't got many explanations since Ogata is now dead. Did Ogata fall for Tsurumi's manipulation or nah? It would be a big retcon if so. What would be his plans in case Tsurumi got the land deed? Didn't he want it to rise in rank? Would he still trust Tsurumi to make him the leader of the 7th division? What was his deal with the central, after all? I now think he might actually wanted to be the admiral for his mom but I still wanted to see this idea being a bit more contested by Asirpa or someone else considering everything that has happened and that well, Ogata knows first hand how much of the military is just smoke and mirrors anyway. And why didn't he kill Sugimoto right there on the top of the train? kek

No. 191141

it was in some interview, dont know which one anymore but it kind of stuck with me lol. He even removed some stuff that foreshadows what happens in 304 in the volume edits too, I remember wondering why he did this and not thinking much of it but now it makes sense, he was most likely going for this since long ago. Although this really fucked me up I agree it is respectable that he held onto his plan. He once mentioned that he had the end already planned too.

No. 191145

File: 1647890887529.jpg (174.44 KB, 825x1290, E4ZElVQVoAAIaxm.jpg)

Yeah anon i agree that his suicide felt really raw in how it was portrayed and just extremely upsetting, i doubt i will forget about that page in a long time. Im not even a ogatafag (tsurumi and usami got my heart in a vice grip) but ive always really liked him so his loss did affect me, my first reaction to his death was literally ''no way hes actually dead'' it made me delusional from shock but now i doubt hes gonna survive a shot like that even in a series with bunch of brain damage. I really thought he would at least have a proper showdown with sugi and vasily. I wanted ogata to have at least one happy moment in his life and we only see him smile in his death falling with yuusaku, damn.

>I hope we get flashbacks scenes still

I really hope so too! I want to see more usami/ogata if thats even possible anymore but especially tsurumi and ogata meeting for the first time and tsurumis (attempted) grooming effort of him kek. I actually complained about this in the 4chan leak thread too, how i was expecting these two to have a flashback explaining their backstory a little bit like with koito, tsukishima etc. Also a little curious how tsukishima and ogatas russian lessons went but i guess thats gonna be left for imagination. Also i agree with you about the rank and central thing, i felt like it was all explained weirdly but it makes me wonder if ogata even really had a clean plan himself. He feels like the type of character who seems calculating at first but in reality is quite chaotic. But it could really be poor writing on Nodas part too, im not even sure anymore. We might still get some explanations in future chapters since tsurumi is still alive and im sure he knows much more
I see.
>had the end already planned too.
Fuck i cant wait but also dont want the series to end. I wonder how things are going to end with tsurumi

No. 191171

File: 1647897934272.png (3.53 MB, 1682x2400, FOBFoTxaQAA80In.png)

I completely agree with you, I was in shock and kept thinking about it for a long time, no coping kek I also had the same reaction of being in disbelief of his death but there's no way he's alive. Yuusaku literally dragged him to hell here >>190406 (although I don't think Yuusaku went to hell haha)
It's kinda funny and tragic though seeing a lot of twitter artists being either very optimistic since 309 was a bit fanservicey or going like "I can't accept that Ogata may die soon, I am seeing a pattern since Kiro's death chapter was named as this, I am sleepless thinking that Ogata will die on the next chapter" lmao I wanna see the collective meltdown of some Ogatafag accounts I follow, as long as they don't delete it all…

>We might still get some explanations in future chapters
Hope so, or at least have it on the tankoubon version. I wonder if Nodas rereads a lot of his stuff before doing the volume additions or if he just knows what he's going to cut from the magazine beforehand.

Also I wonder how the chapter got leaked so early?? Did one of Noda's assistants decide to do it? Ch. 309 wasn't even out in a lot of raw websites and 310 was already on 4chan. Really impressive

No. 191198

you make some extremely good points.
I don’t really think that it’s necessarily unsatisfying as well but right now it’s still hard to grasp and put into words for me because I’m still processing and probably will for a while lol. But something that really got me about his death was the insane buildup of it all and the sheer amount of pain displayed. Given his context it was devastating to see him, who was rarely ever shown to express strong pain or emotions, completely raw stripped to the bones like this and such a death wouldn’t work with the same emotional impact for other characters because they were not set up for this in such a unique and well-written manner like he was.

>Obviously noda is good at deadlines

He really is, he must have a very good organized work schedule. I can imagine that he carefully prepared this chapter before too instead of beginning with the major part of work in last minute.

No. 191202

Oh man i cant wait to see JP/KR ogata fans/shippers on twitter lose it. Right now everyones still enjoying the hello kitty collab and the contrast is so funny.
For me i felt like it was rushed and i didn't enjoy the flow. Still agree that it was quite satisfying none less, he got the entire chapter for himself at least. I dont think anything got covered that we didnt know already though but the clarification on his feelings was nice.

No. 191206


man I feel so bad for some of them already when I read their posts.
yeah agree that it is noticeably rushed which is the only thing that puts me off a bit even though the execution is still good for that.

late but rip hot sugio scenes nooo it was great while it lasted. If sugi doesn’t make it they’ll meet again in hell

No. 191210

File: 1647905709537.png (3.57 MB, 1700x1700, FODYqPkacAINHUP.png)

oh don't get me wrong, I loved this chapter and it's probably one of the most impactful deaths in the series - if not the most. The construction of all of his key memories and him battling with himself and facing the truth that he always tried to bottle up or deny was really something else, imo. It's just that it felt a bit like a suckerpunch, cause I personally thought he was gonna die at least in Hakodate. I thought maybe he would do something with Vasily again (now I am convinced Vasily is actually dead which is a shame and pretty rushed if so), maybe talk to Asirpa again on some nicer terms since they kinda took care of each other for such a long time, Ogata doing the physical protection, even if it was with an ulterior motive at first, and Asirpa making him open up a little. I digressed a bit, but I guess I kinda wanted Ogata to see the end of this shit, since he was around from the first manga and lost so much in the process. Also me having some mild Ogata brainrot, I wanted him to stay around a bit more. It's been a while since I missed a character like this lol
And although I wasn't expecting the suicide at all, it feels like poetic justice, since he himself destroyed everything in his on life.

>submitted it to young jump, and probably someone who works in the putting-together-pages-in-the-magazine department is the rat. Just my guess

I was being facetious about the assistant thing but it didn't cross my mind it was probably a young jump guy. Makes the most sense.

Yes! Exactly the east-asian artists. I can only understand the niponese ones, but there's this chinese artist that I love that basically has her whole account dedicated to him, I wonder how she will cope. I am already saving all the art I like lmao

This is just my horny speaking but I hope Noda puts some extra SugiO fighting panels in the volumes

No. 191569

omg I love this artist so much I hope she’ll be ok but I guess so because she seems more like a based sugio enjoyer instead of a delusional stan
anyway japanese fandom meltdown in 3.2.1..

No. 191655

File: 1648063844854.jpg (856.55 KB, 840x1200, DLRAW.net-ゴールデンカムイ カラー版 9 - p1…)

I love her stuff, too! She did say she was worried and didn't want to accept the possibility of Ogata dying, but I think she will be okay as well. I can't wait to see the reactions, also to re-read it in english to see if I understood everything correctly and have my heart broken again

On a side note, does anyone knows if there's a place I can get all of the chapters/volumes colored? I did download the first 10 volumes on nyaa, but on the YoungJump app (that I can't download in my country and can't even find a decent VPN to bypass it lol) they have it like up to chap. 300 or so in color. I wish they'd put the rest of the colored volumes on Amazon already, like they have the first 10. I'd buy it, I love it so much.

No. 191675

File: 1648068610867.jpg (287.17 KB, 900x1819, FOhR41FakAckuAB.jpg)

Ogata and golden kamuy is trending on jp twitter. The response has been interesting, i havent seen mass deletions but some did private their accounts. A popular 10k follower ogata cosplayer deactivated. Ive seen positive reactions and some negative but overall i get the feeling most are feeling melancholic.

No. 191687

File: 1648072080354.jpeg (704.21 KB, 846x1200, E2A480D0-C972-411B-A5C1-285E3C…)

I love the chapter covers so much! There are some really great ones I’ll have to look back at them lol. I wish I had more of them in color too but I haven’t found more either. Maybe I’ll post some favs later.
>re-read it in english to see if I understood everything correctly >spoiler
oh yeah I’m waiting for this too. rip my heart as well
so far what I’ve seen wasnt so bad either, many seem to appreciate it but are still processing

No. 191691

File: 1648073606252.jpg (65.81 KB, 564x846, f5c0e927a4a5b25351f5e7e7e244a2…)

>A popular 10k follower ogata cosplayer deactivated.
I knew it from the moment I read this that it was gonna be @yamaneko727 lmao I liked his cosplays a lot even though some were on the cusp of being digital paintings, and it comes as a surprise to me that he deactivated. I know Ogata was his main thing, but he cosplayed other characters as well. I hope he comes back

>i get the feeling most are feeling melancholic.

This is really expected. Kudos to Noda for being ballsy and not pandery

Cute pic!
>There are some really great ones
There are, indeed. They'd make great posters. Or like a magnet message board like the one they are releasing for the GK Expo, I think it's a magnet one at least afaik. They are using the Fanbook cover/spread as the art for that board

No. 191821

cant get over how cute yuusaku looks here

No. 191890

File: 1648145199606.jpeg (403.9 KB, 886x1200, 4A3D3A62-B0FB-44C4-B46D-7ABB46…)

He’s really cute, isn’t he? He is not much of a character but I am looking forward to nice Yuusaku art. I want to know more about their life in the barracks lol like that bit were he got stuck with his foot in a toilet and ogata had to borrow him clothes

No. 191904

File: 1648150320023.jpg (397.84 KB, 1025x1200, FOmml_2UYAIpzjr.jpg)

I wonder if ogata and yuusaku had any moment that was actually nice and not ogata being weird lol

No. 191984

File: 1648176941523.png (2.85 MB, 976x1200, FOSuKpXVkAM5-LT.png)

I like to believe he had at least some "accidental" fun with Yuusaku once or twice. Still wouldn't change his general opinion and envy of him, though.

The fact that Kinkamu is ending makes me so sad, I don't wanna say goodbye. I wish Noda would at least make one special spin off book (kinda like the Silver Kamuy one) with random mundane moments like these that didn't make into the main storyline. Bonding during the war, the russian classes, how Tsurumi met all of his main subordinates, a bit of the thing that happened in between the story archs but weren't relevant enough, Asirpa as a smaller child learning with her dad. Like something cozy with a general bittersweet feeling since you know the fate of a lot of these characters.

No. 192088

File: 1648211460269.jpeg (76.83 KB, 736x563, 80B904F9-EACE-4B5A-9CEC-2F3316…)

>I wish Noda would at least make one special spin off book
This would be so great… I really hope he gives us some more bits of lore here and there in the future. I bet he has a lot of cut scenes and abandoned plot threads he couldnt include. I will miss it too. I dont remember when I was so into a piece of media for the last time, golden kamuy is just on a whole other level. But the good thing is that there is a rich and solid ground for lots of fanworks.

No. 192167

File: 1648234785305.jpg (122.3 KB, 735x802, f8a742b8b7ffcf6bb8d31115d01fb6…)

lmao your pic
>I dont remember when I was so into a piece of media for the last time, golden kamuy is just on a whole other level.
Legit same, I've been reading a lot of manga lately and none has made me this obsessed so far.

somewhat of a random comment, but it surprises me that Noda never did the fanservice of having Ogata with his hair down for a few moments, not even during bath scenes. Seems like a popular look with fanartists

No. 192185

File: 1648240658615.jpg (199.62 KB, 1500x1107, FOd7o47UcAMBLJ3.jpg)

>rich and solid ground for lots of fanworks.
I really love the fanart gk has, its all so high quality. Im sad about dojins that will never be scanned/translated because the western fandom is so small. Wish there were more fanfics too, kinda want to start writing myself because of it even though i suck

No. 192195

File: 1648242409200.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1536x2048, 04E9985B-91A3-4F3C-9B41-8A5CC0…)

>Seems like a popular look with fanartists
I know and I hate this so much lol, great that you bring this up because this is the opportunity for me to finally sperg about just how much I dislike this haircut on him, sorry in advance! Imo it doesn’t suit him at all and apparently noda thinks so too which is very good. Don’t get me wrong, he has beautiful hair and I’m sure it wouldn’t look bad if he would wear it differently but not like that. This is the go-to generic animu prettyboy haircut, it’s just not suitable for someone like him. I think his actual haircut and the way he always tries to keep it in shape is some sort of cat-like self grooming, he has some pride and wants to be adequate which makes much more sense and looks better because it fits with his character. We only see him with his hair down a bit when he’s in a really bad shape. The worst for me is when an artist has really great skills but decides to draw him exclusively like that all the time ugh I hate it. Sorry for the rant anon I can’t believe I wrote a whole ass post about ogatas haircut

No. 192227

File: 1648254379382.jpeg (162.55 KB, 1199x675, F4755915-5C46-4B06-A760-A52257…)

based, this is where we meet.
>reject kpop idol
lmao this is exactly the vibe I get every time I see this. He does not need these haircuts to be cute

No. 192256

File: 1648258576851.jpg (70.38 KB, 564x1435, 9f4adab8566cb72e0c1e8dde7c06c1…)

>I can’t believe I wrote a whole ass post about ogatas haircut
lmao I love you, anon
Although I do like the kpop reject hairstyle now and then, I agree that the og slicked back style is better and hotter. I also like when his hair is messier but still slicked back, kinda like when he fought with Usami or when he was feverish.
But I would love to see it in Noda's drawing, specially for a gag moment! There was this comic that I couldn't find again to post that had both Sugi and Ogata in a public bath and neither recognized each other cause both had their hair wet and without styling.
also damn that picture of Sugimoto, I feel like a total degen but I love these scenes where he has those skewers piercing him, so hot

No. 192524

File: 1648371168761.png (3.31 MB, 1576x1127, 20-21.png)

I know it's been days but this comment inspired me to finish using YanJan to get all of the color volumes. An example of a page is provided.

I have all 27 volumes of Golden Kamuy Color Edition on MEGA https://mega.nz/file/ipsDUR4L#Ek3cxdUX1uQeDjG24SbJCh-q3ux800ARTD8IB3VDnpY [first 10 volumes]
https://mega.nz/file/WtVllQrA#hcApWSRtDyGc_3K7wbp-1yw2GeJQa5iF2U94_qa3pUA [everything else]
Description: Golden Kamuy Color Edition is a digital-only way to read the Golden Kamuy manga by Satoru Noda. The first ten volumes can be bought wherever Young Jump Comics are sold online. The other issues are only available on the YanJan! smartphone app.
This file includes the ten volumes available to purchase and the seventeen volumes only on YanJan. Volume 28, the only volume at the moment without a color edition, is included as a bonus uncolored.
Volume 01-10 were ripped by aKraa on Nyaa
V. 01-10: 840x1200
V. 11-27: around 788x1227
V. 28: 844x1198
Be aware V. 11-27 are not in their fullest quality possible.

No. 192633

Awesome, thank you!

No. 192655

File: 1648419485549.jpg (63.17 KB, 563x769, f5dde47689c5a9eb3719f785c03be4…)

Thank you so much, nonna! I'm trying to download it right now but apparently it only allows me to download 1GB for free at every 5hs so I guess I'll take 2 days to download it lol Unless there's a why to bypass it? I tried my VPN but it didn't work, it just kept resetting the timer.

No. 192659

Use megadownloader. it lets you bypass the limit https://megadownloaderapp.blogspot.com/
While the site is a bit outdated, it is the offical site

No. 192891

File: 1648491271246.png (3.17 MB, 1576x1127, 08-09.png)

I can't thank you enough, nonnie! I am >>191655 and this is exactly what I wanted! I wish I could repay you somehow!

I tried using it, but it couldn't bypass the bandwidth thing. But it's still a very nifty software, I'll use it when I need to download more than one stuff from mega at the same time. Thanks!

No. 193089

File: 1648556270795.jpeg (262.09 KB, 2000x1600, C7EE728A-0A6B-42FF-856A-677B1C…)

bit late but ugghh don’t remind me of all the doujins I will never fully read, there are some really good ones but the artists don’t resell them often, some of those make my thirsty heart bleed. As much as I love physical copies, if more of them would sell digital versions of their works I would actually buy some by specific ones because there are some really talented artists inbetween that I’d love to support. Gkfags truly are dedicated lol
>kinda started writing myself because of it
legit same, it’s pretty fun actually and I’m pleased so far with my work.
I love you too, nona heheh even though you committed the sin of enjoying k-pop reject ogata, I can respect your taste because you mention feverish ogata, one of my favorites. And regarding your spoiler, that scene with the skewers piercing him made me feel things lol I was very happy when I found that pic goddamn Sugimoto is so hot
Also pic related but it’s so beautiful and sad to me how the two of them have been portrayed to see the light through Asirpa .

No. 193114

>pic related
I meant unrelated , my bad

No. 193148

File: 1648574707267.jpg (64.67 KB, 564x882, edf5b3b848362809f53d1996cc0eeb…)

>As much as I love physical copies, if more of them would sell digital versions of their works I would actually buy some by specific ones because there are some really talented artists in between that I’d love to support.
>even though you committed the sin of enjoying k-pop reject ogata
Okay bear with me I shall sperg again cause my brainrot is too strong. Spoiler cause irrelevant fucking Ogata's hair talk I think the appeal for me of his hair being down is just that it feels more intimate? Like you said, I like the idea that he grooms his hair and takes pride in having the slicked back hair after so many years in the military having to conform to the buzzcut, so when it's down it's probably after he woke up, after he took a bath, came out of a messy fight or something like that. Feels personal. I think that's another reason why I don't like seeing super often or like a hairstyle he would wear constantly. For some reason artists that like modern AUs usually really like that hairstyle? But I think it's better employed in fanart when it's used to portray a vulnerable scene.

>it’s so beautiful and sad to me how the two of them have been portrayed to [spoiler]

I also really love it. Thinking of it, Ogata and Sugimoto are kinda the different sides of that coin, right? It's when you wholeheartedly accept the love offered to you vs. when you don't/struggle to do it. I really love both Ogata's and Sugimoto's relationship with Asirpa, and if my imaginary special GK book of unreleased scenes was ever to happen, I'd love to see more of their relationships. Especially Ogata's since we don't see much of his stuff with her compared to Sugimoto's, and we don't see it much from his own POV either. His line in the last chapter of "the light that Asirpa bestowed me" made me think that he was aware then that Asirpa was making him open up and stuff, got me really wondering what he was thinking during that time in Karafuto. Quite moe as some other anon has mentioned before

No. 193409

File: 1648674071193.jpeg (307.62 KB, 1200x750, 3A7518CC-8CB4-477F-A354-F59EF6…)

kek love the hairtalk: >For some reason artists that like modern AUs usually really like that hairstyle?
artists that prefer modern AU to canon often (not always ofc) have shit taste imo.
>But I think it's better employed in fanart when it's used to portray a vulnerable scene.
Agree, even though even then I don’t like it much most of the time, it really needs to be done well for it to work and then it would be probably more akin to something like you mentioned. The cases where I’ve seen this executed to match my taste were like 1 out of 100 lol. His and his moms hair is similar imo, and she didn’t have a full emo curtain in front of her face either even when she neglected herself.

>I really love both Ogata's and Sugimoto's relationship with Asirpa
yeah.. I wish we would get more Asirpa POV too, sometimes I really wonder what goes through her mind. She must have felt very conflicted all the time with all the shit she went through. raw spoiler: It was so cute these when she told sugimoto and shiraishi to forget about the gold and take her offering instead. The gold really is like a wen kamuy, with everyone involved getting killed This is such an insane situation, shes obviously very brave but in moments like that it shows that shes still a kid, I hope she’ll be ok.
In general, gk is quite scarce with pov of the individual characters imo.
>Thinking of it, Ogata and Sugimoto are kinda the different sides of that coin, right?
Absolutely, even though their strong differences they do have quite some similarities lol. Themes like guilt/the struggle you mentioned, not having a place to go etc they are like a feral stray cat and dog lol. She really adopted them and wanted them both to thrive, Asirpa really is the best, but even she can only do so much in the end.

No. 194013

File: 1648845524996.png (1.39 MB, 1210x1528, FPJ41umagAEMqcv.png)

>artists that prefer modern AU to canon often (not always ofc) have shit taste imo.
Based opinion (I am pretty sure I talked about it on the OTP thread as well lol I don't know if I was talking to you?)
> I really wonder what goes through her mind. She must have felt very conflicted all the time with all the shit she went through.
True, more Asirpa POVs would be really nice as well. The scene where she gives them her coin - which was one of her last physical connections with her dad - is so cute and heartbreaking. I love her, I just wanna hug her. I hope she gets away from this mess too, I don't think Noda would kill her at all.
Also I like how Shiraishi was conflicted but then he also was telling Sugimoto to say he was gonna give it up as well. Shiraishi really cares about Asirpa too, it's pretty cute. I think he's also another character Noda wouldn't kill, right…? I keep thinking about that theory I saw on twitter about some characters dying in the same position they fell when Asirpa said that maybe there was no gold as a type of foreshadowing, and Shiraishi was also there. Hope this theory is nothing but a crack theory, but it was right about Sofia, the blind dude and Ushiyama…

>they are like a feral stray cat and dog lol
why did i find this hot

Your picrel is super cute btw! Sugimoto with the forks aah I wanna hug him too

No. 194285

File: 1648940320947.jpg (1.81 MB, 4096x2773, FPPwgxDaIAg8xHS.jpg)

Upcoming cover for the 29th volume! Second cover of Koito, anyone hoping for someone else? Hope it ends on a even 30 while neatly covering any loose ends.

No. 194287

File: 1648941397154.jpeg (434.48 KB, 750x1131, 2064E869-C97F-4AED-8D78-58A91B…)

the spine picture makes it look like a pay-to-win app

No. 194292

File: 1648942375119.jpg (197.52 KB, 640x905, 9k6cX-TFG6DzZUq6nZ2sqxrecVR8Jm…)


I like this one better than Koito's first one. About time he got a new one!
I think it will end up with maybe 32 volumes Considering we're at chapter 311 and volume 28 is from chapter 271 to 280. 281-290 would be volume 29, 30 is 291-300, 31 is 301-310 and finally 32 is 311-320. Maybe if Noda drags it a bit more or make some prologue chapters it can be a nice number of 35 volumes. I think maybe Tsukishima will get another spotlight and Tsurumi as well. Would be nice if the Kiro, Sofia and Wilk trio would get a cover too, but I don't think it will happen…
I just hope that the last one is both Asirpa and Sugimoto posing together!

No. 194393

lmao now I cant unsee it every time I look at my gk volumes, especially the shiraishi ones gacha energy is over the top
Sounds like we really dont have much left… Makes sense seeing the direction and pace of events happening right now. I hope Koito gets some closure about his father and Tsukishima reunites with Tsurumi again, they belong together seeing that he got a cover with his dad on the backside, I hope he gets a bit more character development related to that, he is the only remaining 7th division guy I would like to maybe survive and learn something from this at this point.
Its sad to think about that there are so few covers left that the characters like those you mentioned probably will never get a cover. I like the idea that maybe the final one could be a cover with many characters to make up for this a bit, cant believe its probably ending this soon.

No. 194410

I really like this cover! I saw some people seethe over it not being Sofia instead though. Personally i really hope tsurumi and sugimoto/asirpa will get covers in the future.
''Tsukishima reunites with Tsurumi again, they belong together''
Glad im not the only one who thinks this kek

No. 194449

I wonder if in the future they’re will be ominous or collected volumes like I see for Urawawa because that would be so nice to have!

Also gore bump careful nonnys

No. 194474

File: 1649011022869.jpg (168.97 KB, 1182x1117, mini-mecha-cowboy.jpg)

can we share cute/funny fanart? Love this one mini-mecha-cowboy on tumblr

No. 194475

No. 194476

File: 1649011218704.jpg (142.61 KB, 1040x810, alparadoxum.jpg)

and manifesting a super fluffy Asirpa by the end of the series

No. 194477

File: 1649011553012.jpg (128.08 KB, 616x1095, emiett.jpg)

Wish ogata would give me some angler fist hot pot, freaky ass cat man love him

No. 194483

File: 1649013418743.jpg (384.32 KB, 972x1280, FNqjThaXMAgk_c4.jpg)

No. 194489

File: 1649014279710.png (1.17 MB, 1280x1607, tumblr_9afd7300a588a067e3c1a5f…)

No. 194524

File: 1649019921082.png (4.12 MB, 2693x3000, FLJ7ycZXoAAkpLI.png)

>can we share cute/funny fanart?
Please, do! I always want to share part of my fanart hoard but sometimes I fear I'll be annoying lol Also about 90% of my funny pics are in japanese as well and I don't know how many anons can read moon runes I'd be happy to translate it though

absolutely loved these, made me chuckle irl

No. 194531

File: 1649020972747.jpg (550.22 KB, 1867x2000, soultiio.jpg)

Always ready nonny and that would be so amazing, like totally not annoying at all, mercy buckets in advance!

No. 194541

File: 1649023029673.jpeg (647.47 KB, 2048x1463, E16E7F90-96C7-422D-B4C9-2E5F57…)

>based opinion
we should marry anon, that may have been me. I actually answered your last posts very late after reading 309.
>Hope this theory is nothing but a crack theory
shiraishi nooooo but Im sure Asirpa will survive. She is the future, after all. But please not shiraishi I hope so too. It’s scary that it has been accurate for these ones.
>why did I find this hot
because it is, noda knows

No. 194551

File: 1649026857979.png (4.09 MB, 1680x1200, ゴールデンカムイ カラー版 8 - p142-143 - 第…)

aKraa's original rips of the GK Color Pages didn't have the full-page spreads connected so I went ahead and connected them.
Links to the files on MEGA are now in a Pastebin, https://pastebin.com/PnHRaNjz so hopefully that'll be easier to share with more of the fandom. Only the first zip file got updated so don't bother re-downloading the second. Also in the pastebin are decryption keys for the files, since apparently on mobile you need those to download anything from MEGA.

No. 194559

File: 1649028223269.png (193.34 KB, 1287x1217, EF9rVf4UwAAfNCN.png)


No. 194642

File: 1649073756836.png (28.42 KB, 225x299, 777818.png)

what a lively thread it was yesterday, everyone got the news yet? Only three chapters to go apparently

No. 194664

File: 1649079343027.png (18.14 KB, 400x330, kewpiebaby.png)

Thank you so much for posting! I'm going to try making these into cbz files and share them here if I'm successful. Thank you sincerely again!! >>194642 is there a release date when the final chapter comes out? I really hope Noda is able to tie things up nicely by the end of the series. it has been a beautiful HORRIFIC long journey for everyone especially Asirpa

No. 194667

It says 314 at april the 28 afaik

No. 194668

File: 1649080269434.png (106.6 KB, 550x550, eateateateateateateateateateat…)

See you in the end, Nonny.

No. 194727

File: 1649097124703.png (617.77 KB, 933x700, FOiWsmJaUAMt1fk.png)

What?? Only three? Did someone tell Noda to hurry up and end the manga? I can't imagine how it will end with only 3 left, I thought they'd take like 10 more chapters for a nice wrap up, including defeating Tsurumi and showing how every character went their way afterwards. Really weird, but let's see!

Thanks to you both!

We're now married, nona.

No. 194859

File: 1649138169370.jpg (993.22 KB, 1024x802, cachedImage.jpg)

Most likely ending it at the Homestuck number wasn't Noda's idea. The end date for the series lines up with the Golden Kamuy Exhibition in Tokyo, and Young Jump is infamous for making mangaka rush their endings. Not sure why that is, but maybe it increases sales?
Pic related as it's the leaked pages of the April 7th(?) YJ issue. It also says that the next volumes are going to have big changes to make them "two times more enjoyable."

No. 194879

File: 1649147263012.jpeg (280.92 KB, 1147x1200, F1915892-B87B-4B1C-A041-69FC82…)

>We’re now married
Wonderful, and just in time before gk ends so we can ride into the sunset together! Now I urgently need to know what did you think about the last time Sugimoto and Ogata met? wtf, Noda did it again!
>What?? Only three?
Noda announced that there will be massive volume edits which is good. Sounds like they got some schedules messed up a bit tbh. Maybe it is because of the expo or something idk I hope not, let’s hope he can fix it in the volumes.

No. 195241

File: 1649264203730.jpg (Spoiler Image,415.6 KB, 850x1200, 08.jpg)

Oooh, that explains everything. I thought that since getting onto the train, some chapters were feeling a bit more rushed and now I can see why. It's so stupid and annoying when companies do that, it only hurts the author and the fans, not to mention a lot of fans won't even know about this to connect the dots and will think the quality just dipped and be disappointed. Would it even help sell more tickets to the expo? I hope Noda makes his modifications on the tankoubons, and get as close to his vision as possible.
>It also says that the next volumes are going to have big changes to make them "two times more enjoyable."
I am guessing the last chapters will have double the pages? This is the only thing I can think of that would make sense, plus it will give it a bit more breathing time to actually finishes things.

>just in time before gk ends so we can ride into the sunset together!
We could jump like the characters when they get to the beach kek
>the last time Sugimoto and Ogata met? wtf, Noda did it again!
Hot I am glad they got to mess around a bit more. I don't know, but I am feeling that Noda might add even a bit more to their confrontation in the volumes, but maybe that's my wishful thinking. This is definitely my fujo brainrot but I swear to god the blood drips make the shape of a wonky heart framing them. And the blood kiss, of course.
I'm always grateful for the fanservice, even if it's small kek

No. 195268

File: 1649269499243.jpg (218.16 KB, 1000x2011, FPrJbVBVEAYI6QN.jpg)

im sad its ending because im a new fan

No. 195282

Professor Penis is WEEPING rn omfg Ogata tho

No. 195303

File: 1649275545698.gif (2.48 MB, 1000x255, IMG_7022.GIF)

kek your pic, I laughed. Don’t worry anon, GK will live on in our hearts forever. And at least I wont shut up about it for a while lol. Lets enjoy it until the end and beyond
It could very well be that at least the last chapter will have way more pages than the others. Other YJ series did this before too afaik.
>We could jump like the characters when they get to the beach
Reminds me of this gif I saved from gurlchan ages ago!
>but maybe that's my wishful thinking
We can only dream I too am glad that Noda delivered something, grateful for every bit as well. The blood kiss was obvious, but oh shit I’ve seen that heart shape too. I wouldnt even really consider myself a fujo but maybe gk has ruined me, for me it was more the shape of the speedlines in combination with the white space between their faces in the panel below, but it looks even more like it with the blood! It’s probably the brainrot but with noda you never know kek he’s a madman it will forever remain mystery

No. 195336

File: 1649280062961.jpg (62.82 KB, 564x403, 44c2c4b63e930666242a442793e07c…)

I feel this because I got into it at the end of last year. Wish I have read it in 2018 when I first heard about it, would've been 4 years of fun following the series and sperging lol
But as >>195303 put it, we can keep talking about it and sharing fanarts.
>it will forever remain mystery
Maybe he'll release a second fanbook and clarify stuff like that lol

No. 195355

File: 1649284738685.jpeg (Spoiler Image,188.97 KB, 1200x780, 902B2CBD-A331-402B-BAB8-4D0113…)

I really do hope the ‘big project’ will be another fanbook

No. 195591

File: 1649359475950.jpg (59.31 KB, 1280x720, me2asirpa.jpg)

Okay whose been here from day 1? What was everyone's theories back then and do they still hold up? I'm still waiting for the proper end because idk I'm thinking we're going to get a flashforward scene like I feel it

No. 197146

File: 1649890071301.png (851.69 KB, 4096x2730, 20211201_111752.png)

Apologies to the last anon, it seems most people here got into the series only recently…

Does anyone have any good photos of cosplayers? Or want to talk about Golden Kamuy cosplaying? Not sageing only to bump this thread.

No. 197194

File: 1649911720184.jpg (158.03 KB, 735x490, SAVE_20220414_014825.jpg)

Yeah, I'm also a newcomer. If my pov is worthy anything; nothing I predicted came to be lol For example, I knew Ogata would die, but not like that, at all. I didn't think Usami would die so early, I thought we'd get a bit more of Vasily…
I am a bit worried, there are so many stuff and themes that needs closure imo and I don't know if it's gonna be possible with so little time. I am currently not really expecting anything haha

Don't even need to worry about sageing in /ot/ boards, anyway.
Speaking of cosplay, yamaneko727 is back. I really like his cosplays in general despite the high amounts of editing, but my favorites are the ones where he actually goes to the wilderness (I think it's even in actual Hokkaido) in the winter in his soldier cosplay get up.

No. 197354

File: 1649962921921.jpeg (368.17 KB, 1200x1061, 35A63016-0435-46DC-80B2-AB91C5…)

I haven’t been into it since day 1, but I remember some crazy theories that thankfully never became true
This is cute! Really not into cosplay but I can respect it as an art form. Love the dedication people put into it and the crafting aspect even though I does nothing for me besides that
Oh how I wish we would have gotten more Usami, I love that crazy bitch. Literally one of the best characters in my opinion.

No. 197372

File: 1649965917752.jpeg (474.68 KB, 2048x1536, 4720017F-9F39-4A13-8FC6-5F456A…)

samefag, I just wanted to add that I love to see what other anons think so don’t be ashamed to post your pov or opinions or whatever! That aside, I agree that some stuff has been kind of cut short or handled weirdly but I hope noda will elaborate on that in the volume edits. So far I really enjoy the ending aside from that though, really excited for the last two chapters. I’m still in awe of the overall quality of this series despite being a weekly release, it set the bar way too high imo

No. 197373

File: 1649965986680.jpg (300.07 KB, 1080x608, time to crap on the 7th divisi…)

Ayrt I'm curious because I'm seeing a lot of fans getting into GK in a mix of ways (anime or I see a lot of people who visited Hokkaido and got into it from there,) how you both found it? Stg I'm not a shonen jump marketing exec lurking kek
I can also speak for myself but it was legit this random reddit comment that I found and got hooked since like I think chapter 9 or 10, so it's been a ride

No. 197383

nayrt but
>random reddit comment
care to elaborate? Just curious lol. I think I got interested because I’ve seen people into other series I love like it a lot, but I always thought a manga about post russo-japanese war shenanigans sounded a bit boring so I always kind of ignored it. I was wrong about that, glad I eventually gave it a try.
>that filename
kek this merch was so cute

No. 197387

blogpost time but I was in this boring ass polisci class, my prof was whining about how expensive coffee had gotten on campus and not teaching and I was on I think nosleep or some horror story reddi where someone in the comments was like I can kind of remember going: this a good story BUT NOT AS GOOD AS GOLDEN KAMUY! (read it now!)
and kek best decision of my life

No. 197397

File: 1649969482028.jpg (445.5 KB, 2048x1448, FPAB4iFaAAADVKm.jpg)

>how I wish we would have gotten more Usami, I love that crazy bitch.
I miss him everyday. Kinda crazy how much people like him for how little he got time in the story, he really left a unforgettable impression kek. I still see him get tons of fanart to this day too which is nice.
Im really not happy how quickly the series is ending, two chapters just doesnt feel enough even if the last chapter will be a extended one. Still love the story but im not happy to have to wait for the tankobon version to see what noda will add to the story that he apparently (?) couldn't do now.

No. 197426

File: 1649977402280.jpg (126.36 KB, 564x1002, f6daee804760aecf66531573e79295…)

In my case, I first heard about it around 2018 when the anime was released, because I just follow a lot of anime/manga "news" (even when I don't read or watch it) and people were commenting about the ugly bears and how the manga was much better. It was also the year my brother went to Hokkaido, so I also was like "Haha Hokkaido manga, you should give it a chance", but I ended up forgetting about it and it was forever in my backlog list until I finally decided to read it last year and got addicted. I actually had some other mangas that I downloaded and was about to read, but I got so into GK that the other mangas barely held my attention.
Funny enough, before I read it I just thought it was a hunting manga. I mean, it's kinda that too, but so much more. It has everything I like: History, animal facts, hot dudes, military uniforms, blood and violence, fujo fanservice, a lot of genuinely funny moments, adventure and exploration, psychological drama, some insanity sprinkled, barely any fanservice including women… As >>197372 anon said, it set the bar too high.

I hope the series get more popular this year, it's kinda popular in Japan but it still considered kinda niche. I hope that with the manga ending, the 4th season coming, the new figures coming and weirdly enough the connection with Pokemon Legend of Arceus and its Ainu inspiration it will get a bit bigger. The good side to it though it's that at least it won't be a bloated series like Naruto or One Piece, but some more eyes on it wouldn't hurt. I'm still manifesting my Sugimoto nendo kek

No. 198364

File: 1650291636442.png (Spoiler Image,865.1 KB, 735x1080, m_091 복사.png)

Chapter 313 Korean scanlation raws are now out.

No. 198366

File: 1650291737854.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 733x1080, m_092 복사.png)

No. 198367

File: 1650291828113.png (Spoiler Image,805.78 KB, 735x1080, m_093 복사.png)

No. 198368

File: 1650291992388.png (Spoiler Image,1016 KB, 734x1080, m_094 복사.png)

No. 198369

File: 1650292099336.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 735x1080, m_095 복사.png)

No. 198370

File: 1650292249722.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 733x1080, m_096 복사.png)

No. 198372

File: 1650292384474.png (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 735x1080, m_097 복사.png)

No. 198373

File: 1650292537683.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 732x1080, m_098 복사.png)

No. 198374

File: 1650292689932.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 735x1080, m_099 복사.png)

No. 198376

File: 1650292895296.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 732x1080, m_100 복사.png)

A rough translation: “The things you love, all are killed by golden kamuy, it’s all your fault, Wilk.”

No. 198377

File: 1650293018384.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 733x1080, m_101 복사.png)

No. 198379

File: 1650293157499.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 732x1080, m_102 복사.png)

A rough translation: I'm Immortal Sugimoto…

No. 198380

File: 1650293320636.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 732x1080, m_103 복사.png)

No. 198381

File: 1650293515310.png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 729x1080, m_104 복사.png)

No. 198383

File: 1650293628261.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 731x1080, m_105 복사.png)

No. 198385

File: 1650293719703.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 731x1080, m_106 복사.png)

No. 198386

File: 1650293823480.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 731x1080, m_107 복사.png)

No. 198389

A rough translation of the tagline: "(He) lived together with tomorrow (Asirpa).
(He) lived for the future's sake."
Also noteworthy but cannot be seen well is Shiraishi taking off his jacket and jumping into the water in the two last panels.
Here's to a hopefully great last chapter, arriving next week!

No. 198391

File: 1650294469125.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 729x1080, m_108 복사.png)

Forgot the image…

No. 198398

wow… thank you! Sugi is so so dead next chapter

No. 198402

let’s cry together in this thread nonny
what a sad and great chapter

No. 198404

god fuck this is so sad

No. 198433

Damn this is tragic hes so handsome too goddamn

No. 198460

I swear I didn’t expect something like this

No. 198499

File: 1650306786575.jpg (59.91 KB, 564x692, 8e6f2117449768857cb7bf6e49bd43…)

Agh, I hate to be that person, but does anyone or anywhere have it in japanese or the translated korean dialgue? I wanna see, but I wanna understand the words… Sorry for being a bit entitled.
thanks for posting, nona!

No. 198932

File: 1650404824035.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 850x1200, 17726.PNG)

Here are the few ones that have text on it in case you did not find them yet!

No. 198933

File: 1650404897498.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 850x1200, t262626.PNG)

No. 198935

File: 1650405013940.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 850x1200, 717172.PNG)


No. 199039

File: 1650453569966.png (136.21 KB, 453x344, IMG_6466.PNG)

I’m not ready for the last chapter nonas…

No. 199040

what does he say? Is he seeing wilk in her?

No. 199080

File: 1650468786449.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 788x1127, 16.png)

I can't thank you enough, anon!

Yes, he says "Every loved one has been killed in the name of the Golden Kamuy. And it's all your fault, Wilk!"

You and me both.
I wonder if Sugimoto will survive? Maybe Noda will do this scene again, but now in a serious tone lol I think it would be a bit bullshity but I understand not wanting to kill the MC.


Sugimoto clothes have always been half soldier half civilian, the hat being the most prominent (and well, representing the military side, and how it's literally still on his head all the time). I wonder if the hat falling off is to show that now Sugimoto has completely moved on from his ex soldier life?

No. 199085

File: 1650470264181.png (122.93 KB, 536x269, 0836289246.PNG)

Thank you so much for the small translation!
holy shit, this chapter is a lot I don’t have words I am feeling a lot of things
I could very well imagine something like this again, but this time it’s very sad because Sugimoto is actually dying, or he doesn’t find him and only manages to get his hat; mirroring the comedic scene we got before.
That said,
I will cry when he’s dead, but I think it’s better this way. As much as I loved the more funny moments of gk, this arc has been harsh and serious and this chapter is a great and believable premise for a bittersweet ending. I don’t know if it may kill the mood if sugimoto survives being literally dragged down to hell with Tsurumi while sacrificing himself and his immortality for the future, it feels really genuine and fitting for a finale to me this way. I don’t think a feel-good moment could achieve the same emotional impact. To me it looked like as if it built up to this for sugimoto in a very considerate and consistent way so I am not sure if I will like it when noda pulls a reverse uno ‘he’s actually alive!’ move now. As much as I love Sugimoto!! I actually tear up a bit everytime when I see him smiling on that page.. I am really sad about this but golden kamuy is a serious and tragic story with lots of excellent drama and it feels like it would cheapen the impact if it turns out he’ll be fine and this was just a fake-out.

No. 199100

but maybe I’m wrong about that and it would be great but these are just the thoughts I had after reading this chapter..

No. 199108

File: 1650477511460.jpg (63.44 KB, 564x797, 2f89efc0aa3337bc48a913277c2baa…)

I agree completely with you
I am a huge Sugifag, but I still think it would have a stronger impact if he died, as sad as I would be by that. I think Noda could then do epilogue chapters, with Asirpa looking back on how Sugimoto changed her life. I think it could be done really beautifully.
But I also fear that, even if that was what Noda would like to do (killing Sugimoto I mean), that the higher ups demand a lighter, happier ending. It's pretty clear to me that they asked him already to end the story earlier for the expo and whatnot. It's not uncommon to have a series end abruptly/weirdly and them if fans complaim they fix it with a movie or an OVA. Kinda like they did with the missing arcs for the anime itself lol

I hope the conclusion is satisfying and thematically cohesive, even if pains me that it's over!

No. 199109

hm… I’m not sure if it entirely works that way. As far as I know, the editor has some say in what gets published and Noda always seemed to be on good terms with his editor. In terms of artistic freedom, killing off the main character is not really a no-go, also Asirpa is MC too. it’s not like he slanders the japanese government or anything, he killed off ogata, who was the second one if not the most popular character so I don’t think it would be because of that moreso considering it is running in a seinen magazine. remember anehata? lol worse stuff has been published in such magazines. but yes I hope it all ends good too. Then we have until july to wait for the volume edits.

No. 199121

File: 1650479922811.jpg (19.44 KB, 563x512, 932567b9cc42a244553e74349d02dd…)

Fair enough points! Sometimes I am a bit too pessimistic/cynical about the editorial side of things in Japan, because some series I liked had to be changed/ended earlier despite the author wishes, because it's such a competitive market.
As for popularity, IIRC, the most popular was Sugimoto, followed by Ogata and then Tsukishima. I think Koito also ranked higher later, like second or third. I think Ogatafags maybe are the most prolific artists/Social Media users kek But it's been a few years (2020 I think? Or maybe last year), so I'd like to see an updated popularity poll. Also I'd like to see a popularity poll by gender. I have a feeling Ogata isn't as popular with men, could be wrong.

No. 199477

File: 1650603977349.jpg (90.76 KB, 735x884, ca39b59e85627a5277a95c2419b002…)

Crack theory time: what if Shiraishi ends up sacrificing himself to save Sugimoto? He comes to the conclusion that his gold quest was ultimately more selfish than Sugimoto's and the only thing he can't escape as the escape king is the water.
It would be a bit too dark for a comic relief character kek but just something I thought late at night

No. 199848

File: 1650737372406.jpg (Spoiler Image,283.9 KB, 567x557, maybemaybemaybe.jpg)

keep hoping

No. 199942

i took it from /a/, no clue if it's legit or not
the text is about new doors opening or some shit, speculation that they end up parting ways

No. 199944

File: 1650760959599.jpg (122.72 KB, 736x1004, e32aac3b4f63fab750bc25e284f2e5…)

The speech bubble just says "let's call the master of the house (innkeeper or store owner, need the context I guess)"
The cover thing reads When meeting someone, you'll always to part ways. But doing so, a new door opens. See ya!
I don't know if it's official or not, but it looks so? I like Sugi's new scar hehe. Also the dried persimmon!

No. 199945

File: 1650761135098.jpg (103.42 KB, 482x680, d8f6e6b89ba0c0701f9024ece949b4…)

Have to part*
Sorry, I'm phoneposting so I'm bit lazy to delete and repost.

No. 200017

File: 1650792283522.jpeg (169.13 KB, 1163x1200, 1B26273C-D9DF-4B91-97CA-3C3974…)

the only thing that crosses my mind now is that Asirpa doesn’t look aged up in this panel with the persimmon, which is good because it would mean that it isn’t that kind of timeskip if this is legit. And the bottom right one, Sugimoto looks like such a murderhobo in it kek I love him.
give me the rawwwwws
Oh no… tfw the leaks oh god anon what have you summoned

No. 200397

File: 1650898770363.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.22 KB, 1242x839, 1650894346395.jpg)

raws on /a/
Vasily and his painting "death of a wild cat" sold for 300millions

No. 200452

File: 1650911648974.jpg (Spoiler Image,437.58 KB, 1080x1530, 01.jpg)

Raws for 314 have been released. Chapter officially comes out on the 28th.

No. 200453

File: 1650911742965.jpg (Spoiler Image,432.9 KB, 1080x1527, 02.jpg)


No. 200455

File: 1650911994432.jpg (Spoiler Image,390.97 KB, 1080x1535, 03.jpg)


No. 200456

File: 1650912093365.jpg (Spoiler Image,458.1 KB, 1080x1531, 04.jpg)


No. 200458

File: 1650912276455.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.16 KB, 1080x1530, 05.jpg)


No. 200460

File: 1650912373988.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.14 KB, 1080x1531, 06.jpg)


No. 200463

File: 1650912538177.jpg (Spoiler Image,406.58 KB, 1080x1529, 07.jpg)


No. 200464

File: 1650912636084.jpg (Spoiler Image,425.01 KB, 1080x1533, 08.jpg)


No. 200465

File: 1650912742881.jpg (Spoiler Image,495.17 KB, 1080x1541, 09.jpg)


No. 200468

File: 1650912848053.jpg (Spoiler Image,438.9 KB, 1080x1537, 10.jpg)


No. 200469

File: 1650912942293.jpg (Spoiler Image,410.85 KB, 1080x1541, 11.jpg)


No. 200471

File: 1650913073333.jpg (Spoiler Image,425.44 KB, 1080x1538, 12.jpg)


No. 200473

File: 1650913183994.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.83 KB, 1080x1550, 13.jpg)


No. 200475

File: 1650913285997.jpg (Spoiler Image,491.67 KB, 1080x1535, 14.jpg)


No. 200479

File: 1650913434555.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.21 KB, 1080x1542, 15.jpg)


No. 200484

File: 1650913832594.jpg (Spoiler Image,436.49 KB, 1080x1545, 16.jpg)


No. 200487

File: 1650913933655.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.28 KB, 1080x1536, 17.jpg)


No. 200489

File: 1650914053264.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 1024x1458, 18.png)


No. 200490

File: 1650914168675.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1024x1455, 19.png)


No. 200491

File: 1650914280830.png (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1024x1462, 20.png)


No. 200495

File: 1650914440314.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 1024x1459, 21.png)


No. 200496

File: 1650914584130.png (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1024x1462, 22.png)


No. 200498

File: 1650914665337.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.93 KB, 1080x1541, message.jpg)

A message from Noda was also leaked.

No. 200505

So is this the end???????????????

No. 200519

File: 1650918616912.jpg (132.41 KB, 530x680, 58aedfc11da1140269fc53c8d4f942…)

Thank you so much for the raws, nona! I'm currently mid travel, but I can try and translate it later when I get home if anyone is interested.

No. 200559

literally me anon… Idk what to think about this rn other than that it feels weird

No. 200563

I’m interested, but it’s a lot of text! I would love to know whats going on in detail. bless you nona

No. 200659

File: 1650958937690.jpg (50.54 KB, 367x594, IMG_7016.JPG)

I’m sad it’s over but it was only a matter of time. Just wish Noda did not rush it in the end.
>>200519 please do!
holy fuck the /a/ threads are almost unreadable with all the schizos and shippers screeching at each other, hope we can have better discussions here. I swear it’s always been a shithole but the gk threads never were this bad kek
How did the last chapter make you feel?
what was your first reaction?

No. 200701

File: 1650976509237.jpg (95.29 KB, 1205x1283, POV youre osoma.jpg)

Not them but the GK /a/ threads used to be kinda fun but now all the shippers etc really shat on it right at the end, fuck. Anyways im really sad the series is ending, im curious about Noda continuing his hockey manga though, as i live in a ice hockey country so i might give it a shot. I want to reread GK as well. Last chapter was way more feel good than i expected even if i knew Noda said it was going to be happy. I still have some questions though which i hope will get answered in the tankonon version.

No. 200760

ok pls explain did he get the golden kamui or nah

No. 200814

the golden kamuy was the friends they made along the way

No. 200845

File: 1651000036923.jpg (194.44 KB, 736x1029, photo5134505855180450242.jpg)

Sorry everyone for taking so long with the translation! When I got home I basically just ate and went to sleep, so I could only do it today. It was a lot of dialogue and I didn't proofread, so sorry for my mistakes in advance. Also, I am pretty noob when it comes to military and political talk in japanese, so there are probably a lot of mistranslations on these parts. Please, feel free to correct me! Despite those problems, I think you can get the gist of this chapter by it. Hope it's helpful!

Lady: Miss Okami!
Ume: What happened? You look so pale.
L: There is some really scary guy in front of the store…
Let's call the store owner?
U: Isn't this a bit too much?
Toratarou, stop that!

Tagline: If Sugimoto eats dried persimmons…

-Six months later, Tokyo-

Old man: Dried persimmons? Yeah, I have it!

U: Erm.. Is there anything you'd want? At the moment the daffodils are really beautiful. There are also the flowers being cultivated at the greenhouse…

Sugimoto: Seems like the surgery helped you see, Ume-chan.

Shiraishi: Ah… He's back already
This is so unfair~~ So you actually grabbed a lot of gold before we could share.
Well… But that was what made you get the Land Deed back to Asirpa-chan back in Hakodate, right

S: Here… I don't know if you need it, but since I am keeping my promise to Toraji, I'm passing it to you.
Your dad was a hero you know, and I own him my life… See you…
Toratarou: Ah… Thank you so much.

Asirpa: I don't need a gold(en) Kamuy to keep protecting the ainu. This is the answer I've chose.
Wilk: I chose for myself this thorn-ridded path. I want all humans to have and share happiness.
Kiroranke: I have one more thing to ask you, Asirpa..!! Do it for us….
Sofia: The future is yours to choose!
Sugimoto: That's fine and everything, but I don't think the Golden Kamuy was actually all that evil, since I think it's function changes depending on who's using it. I believe that the gold that I gave to Ume-chan and Toraji's son will have a great end. Also, the gold that was used to keep the Ainu lands was also a positive use for it, right?

-One month before, Tokyo, Sumida Ward-
-Enomoto Takeaki-
Enomoto: This is the thorn that pierced Hijikata's soul during the Battle of Hakodate I think?
So he really was locked up in prison at the end of the word, huh
Have this decision I actually have never seen this word, so I am not sure never arrived, I don't think I would be able to meet with you both. You are now allowed/entrusted to be in my house, Sugimoto.

E: Diplomats were settling an agreement treaty for the Land Deed in an official document that was also properly filed. The Government said they couldn't handle nonsensical documents and that was the reason why they wouldn't get their hands on it.
I also won't last much longer. I trust Itou Hirobumi, who's also a confidant of Saionji Kimonchi (the prime minister). We wiill make a copy of the Land Deed, and it's better if the young lady keeps the original one. Sorry, the part of this Enomoto guy I think may have some mistralations, I am not really familiar with most words

A: How is it?
S: Delicious, as expected
A: Oh, that's right! If you ate the dried persimmon, didn't that mean that you would be like a different man?
S: Uuhh… Not really/nevermind about that…

S:But I think it's better if nothing changes. The person that I am currently does his best to complete his promises/missions. And I really like that part of me now.
A: Yeah.
Sh: Sugimoto, what will you do now? Will you stay here?
S: The deep fried shrimp at the Imperial Hotel was really delicious…

S: But to eat the delicious food in there, you really need a lot of money…
And when it comes to deliciouness, Squirrel Citatap is actually unbeatable! Also rabbit's eyes, or Ezo Dear's brain with salt,
Deep fried saci, or owasi feet
Also river otter head or swan's bill, everything was delicious. I finally found a place where I am really happy.

Let's go back home, Asirpa i like that he says "Miss Asirpa" in japanese, has been so since the first time they met

S: Huh? Where did Shiraishi go?
A: Maybe he went poop?
S: In the middle of the streets of Tokyo?
Sh: I hate sad goodbyes.
See ya, Sugimoto Saichi, Asirpa-chan! Stay well!

-After he died, a renowned russian painter unreserved's (as in cheeky) painting was auctioned. It was sold for a japanese IT company for 300.000.000 en (3 million dollars).
"The death of the Wildcat" - Vasily Pavlichenko
-Hakodate Port-
Koito: Tsukishimaaa!!
I was looking for you for forever

-Kantarou started a little farm and is now raising sheep, he wants to become a big farmer-
Kantarou: I'm telling you, this scar was done by Hijikata Toshizou!
-Nagakura Shinpachi teaches kendou for students at a University in Otaru. He left behind his Shinsengumi life.
Hijikata Toshizou's remains have not been found to this day by history-
Nagakura: mumbling Baragaki… mumbling

-Tanigaki went back to Ani with Inkarmat and they had 15 kids with her, and aside from the oldest daughter, they were all boys-

-Kadokura, Kirawus and Monsieur went to America somehow 10 years later. They made a silent western movie where people wanted by the cavalry, samurai that came from Japan and american natives fight for a hidden gold starring themselves, which was a total flop. But currently, it was revived as a cult classic movie-

Tsukishima: I'd be okay with finding just one bone. I couldn't even find that face plate…
The Land Deed or the gold, I believed in what Lt. Tsurumi wanted to do with them. I wonder what should I do with my life drom now on.
K: The gold and the Ainu Land Deed… That isn't need for the many soldiers of the national defence to keep doing their jobs. Even without Lt. Tsurumi, we gotta keep going forward.
There were a lot of elements for mutiny, like judging from the viewpoint of a rebel army from the government
I will protect Lt. Tsurumi's followers from the Central with everything I can, and that will be a huge work.
T: We still have a chance?

K: That's why I need an excellent right hand man, Sg. Tsukishima. Please, help me by becoming my strenght.
T: He was always so straight-forward…
K: Tsukishimaa!! Just come already!!
-2nd Lt. Koito later became the last leader of the 7th division, and Tsukishima Hajime fullfilled the role of Vice-Admiral Koito Otonoshin's right hand man.

A: So as our culture don't get erased, I have to communicate the idea of the new Ainu. I need to go back to Karafuto… And talk to the minorities back there. That is my mission.
-And this honest action was very useful
Currently, the ainu craft items are in museums exhibits around the world
That culture was kept for posterity due to the efforts of the Ainu and the Japanese
Through all of her life, Asirpa continued negotiating with the government
They didn't have everything of land deed, but during the Showa period National Park and Prefecture National Park were assigned to them-

-Even now, inside of that great nature, the kamuy gods keep living lavishily.
3 years later-

S: I'm glad we could get a lot of squirrels, Asirpa
A: Yeah! Huci will be very happy, Sugimoto
Osoma: Sugimoto nispa, there's a letter for you!
S: What?! It's from Shiraishi Yoshitake!
A: Shiraishi?
There's nothing written on the letter
S: There's something inside the envelope

-Somehow, Shiraishi got ahold of all the gold, and he became the king of a small island in shouteast Asia. But that is a story for another time…-
Tagline: Hey, aren't you Shiraishi?!

No. 200862

Can’t thank you enough!! you are doing gods work anon

No. 200937

File: 1651011877263.jpg (95.96 KB, 735x887, 8d3c3d879ad9eb4e58330152338d33…)

No problem, anon! Forgot to mention that english is not my native language either, so sorry if I worded anything weirdly.

>How did the last chapter make you feel? what was your first reaction?
Needless to say, big spoilers ahead
If I am being completely honest, I didn't like the timeskip very much. I know it wasn't that long of a timeskip, just 6 months, but I still wanted to see exactly what happened underwater. I wanted to see Shiraishi saving Sugimoto (if he actually did it), I wanted to see the very last of Tsurumi's consciousness as he sunk deeper into the ocean, I wanted to see how Asirpa reacted to Sugimoto being alive… All that jazz. It wasn't terrible, but I felt a bit robbed. Again, I thought Sugimoto was gonna die, and I wish Noda leaned a bit longer to that notion before revealing that he was actually alived. I think it would hold the weight of it a bit better.
As the other anon pointed out, it was a bit more feel goody than what I was expecting, I think the main drama was just left behind and everyone got a good ending, mostly. Maybe after ch. 310, I was expecting everyone to kinda have a more dramatic send off, but most got a pretty nice deal. Thinking back, I also think it was a bit too convenient how both Tsurumi and Hijikata died kinda "easily", since they were the main opposition to Asirpa's own interests regarding the gold. Before all of the train chapters, I thought that maybe Asirpa and Hijikata would have to negotiate a bit more with each other. It was also very exposition heavy, and I get why that is, but I still wish I could see most of these things playing out. Like, okay, Vasily was alive, which is.. cool? But we didn't get anything else aside from that one ambiguous panel. Wish I could at least see Vasily again, not just his painting.
That being said, I did feel warm inside when Sugimoto was listing all of the ainu food and when he told Asirpa that he would go back with her, as cheesy as it was. I wish his PTSD and guilty was touched on a bit more, also that it was a bit more explicit that Asirpa helped Sugimoto become a better guy by reconnecting him with nature and such. But it was good for a condensed version of that idea lol
The fact that Shiraishi also could make Boutarou's dream come true (in a way, hopefully Boutarou is the name of a city on his island kek) is very wholesome! I love Shiraishi and I feel like that ending was deserved for him.

I also loved so much that Kirowus and Kadokura made a flop western b movie, even if it was just a one off gag kek
I'm gonna miss this series and these characters so much, but it was a good run! I can't wait to see the tankoubon modifications as its last hurrah.

>I still have some questions though which i hope will get answered in the tankonon version.
Same! What are your questions?

Also, what is this /a/ ship wars? I don't go to 4chan anymore aside from /toy/ ocasionally. Is it about TsukiKoi or god forbid, SugiA or AsirpaxAnyone else?

No. 201230

File: 1651048412849.png (109.04 KB, 441x304, IMG_6965.PNG)

>ships stuff
It was just the usual retards going apeshit because noda gave us a classical open ending that everyone can interprete how they want for maximum profit, but they can’t simply enjoy that so they had to shit up every thread with sugiripa because they are too brainrotted from loli hentai to just be chill about it while getting into fights with anons who told them to stop derailing the threads with their shit. some occasional based anons tried to save it with actual content and discussions but overall it was 90% screeching and infighting and anons being weirdly gloating and agressive about their faves surviving as if gk was some sort of survival contest? These threads used to be mostly fun so it was a bit annoying to see them go to shit for the finale. tl;dr; retards and coomers shitting everywhere about ships and whatnot instead of actually discussing the chapter. You haven’t missed much.

No. 201271

File: 1651053018772.jpeg (549.37 KB, 1000x1175, A898479A-97A0-4145-8363-E8169E…)

>what was your first reaction?
I thought there were pages missing and that it killed the mood from the previous chapters, then I was relieved that it st leastnwasn’t an ending that would make me sell my gk volumes lmao. I was just super underwhelmed at first.
>How did the last chapter make you feel?
ok fellow gkanons.. the whole previous story makes up for whatever I say about the ending. I hope I don’t sound too nitpicky. It’s an okay slightly above average ending in comparison to other long running series in my opinion which i guess will do.
I have nothing against the surviving characters being happy or taking a more hopeful and optimistic approach after all of this suffering. It’s just that noda had a great premise for a legendary GOAT tier bittersweet ending but he chose an abrupt meh comfort fanservice one instead. I admit I expected more from him, but in the end it’s a commercial running series with a large audience to please. This is the ‘best’ worst case scenario ending to feed everyone without being offensive. The way it cut off after 313 was obviously intended to be like that, other series do it too it’s a common writing choice but that doesn’t make it any better lol. Those time skips always feels weird and abrupt without being connected to the flow of the story and I never like it, stuff like that is always a compromise. So yeah not satisfied with the execution here.
Guess we got spoiled by noda too much before in regard to extraordinary writing choices lol.
But I am glad that Asirpa is fine and happy, she can even hang out with sugi now which is good for her. I liked the way he respectfully addressed her like that too, this hints that his attitude towards her hasn’t changed while still keeping the end open. I thought it was good that it emphasized on him coming to terms with himself while still knowing that he will never be the same as back then. It’s optimistic. I am glad that they are fine but all of this is so sudden and forcefully feel-good that it feels unreal at this point if that makes sense lol. Guess GK really peaked with ogata and tsurumi.
I laughed at Shiraishis ending too, shiraishi becoming boutarou lmaooo he will kill that whole island with his stds oh god I kind of dig it but am simultaneously disgusted, well it’s shiraishi after all lol. filthy. Love that the final panel is his face one the gold coin with “hey aren’t you shiraishi?” tagline kek.
Vasily painting ogata for the rest of his life was sweet too, only parting with his paintings after he died. His one true stan until the end. At least ogata got it comparatively good plot-wise; legendary conclusion albeit tragic (never forget) and in the end someone even cared for him, shame that he never knew about it he would die of a heart attack if he saw that kek. Many things seemed cut short way worse in the last bunch of chapters so he got it good in my opinion even if there may be still some questions. Also love that vasily ditched war and became a painter, feels good.
Kirawus and Kadokura ending was cute and funny, I want to see the movie also lol at Mansur in the backround.

Koito was meh in the end and I stopped caring about him somehow, I still like him a bit but idk it was kind of boring to me. Anyway participating in WWII is not a great premise for a character so I’m surprised that so many fans seem happy about his outcome? I was more pleased with Tsukishima not letting go of Tsurumi. I was afraid Noda would do an asspull to please the shippers but he didn’t, which was good. It was cute to see him searching for his remains. In the end he just got passed on to koito from tsurumi as his right hand man which isn’t great but consistent with his character.

All in all, I will forever love and talk about GK, it is an outstanding multi-layered series with much to discuss and I am excited for the volumes and the additions we hopefully get and hope we can discuss them in here together!

No. 201275

meant to reply to >>200659 as well

No. 201439

File: 1651072341466.png (3.42 MB, 2048x1871, FKrcFHCUcAQynQY.png)

Thanks for the rundown, anon! Yeah, nothing was missed.

Anon, I agree completely with you! Down to the "I thought there were pages missing" because it just felt too sudden. There wasn't a satisfactory ending to the train scene.
>This is the ‘best’ worst case scenario ending to feed everyone without being offensive.
Exactly. It was extremely safe. Not offensive, but not what I came to expect from GK. I was completely ready for Sugimoto's or even Shiraishi's death lol It would match with the dark themes of guilty, and how sometimes the redemption comes only with death/sacrifices.
>I thought it was good that it emphasized on him coming to terms with himself while still knowing that he will never be the same as back then
I also liked this aspect, but I think it felt a bit.. rushed, kinda? Like the scene of Sugimoto crying inside the dear was so well paced and had such an impact, it was a bit weird seeing that scene in a small panel as a memory imo, and how Sugimoto slightly brushed it off so quickly - and off panel, even, I'd like to see his facial expression saying that. If had way less weight, when the original scene made me really emotional irl.

>Guess GK really peaked with ogata and tsurumi
Oof. I wish Sugimoto's arc was dealt with the same care and tragicness, as mean as it sounds kek. He talked so much about going to hell, and in the end we didn't even get a hint of this "hell going". Maybe if he had an introspective moment, looking back on how many people he killed and how he said to remember all their faces, to the people that actually "went to hell without redemption" like Kikuta (although I don't think so kek), Ogata, Tsurumi. Seem their behavior next to his own, and making terms with the fact that he didn't die so he has a second chance, especially now that he found a bigger purpose. Maybe I am digressing a bit, but it jumped to quickly to the conclusion 6 months after. 6 months is relatively a lot of time, though, so maybe Noda will feel the gaps later on the volume releases? Maybe just wishful thinking. I want my husband boy Sugimoto to have a nice, emotional character arch as well!
>shame that he never knew about it he would die of a heart attack if he saw that kek.
kek that's a cute scenario. Hope someone draws that

>Many things seemed cut short way worse in the last bunch of chapters so he got it good in my opinion even if there may be still some questions.
Completely agree here as well. I think Ogata's death did leave some threads open (like, what was he deal with central? His small altercation with Kikuta with that "I know what you're doing, I'll let you pass" vibes left me wondering to this day. What were their goals there?), but it felt more raw, I don't know. Realistically frustrating.

>Also love that vasily ditched war and became a painter, feels good.
My shot in the dark is that after getting shot by Ogata (where in his body, though?) he couldn't be a soldier anymore so he decided to become an artist as he always wanted.

>Koito was meh in the end and I stopped caring about him somehow, I still like him a bit but idk it was kind of boring to me
Again I am exactly the same!! I really liked Koito at the beginning, he had this unhinged energy to him. After realizing Tsurumi's manipulation he just became kinda boring. I guess because his main driving force was Tsurumi himself, so when he stopped caring he just became "too normal". I understand his character arch and leaving Tsurumi behind, but maybe it would be more fitting if he channeled the same energy he had for Tsurumi towards Tsukishima? Imagine him moving his cut-out photo from Tsukishima's head towards Tsurumi's so now he can be by Tsukishima's side instead. Koito needs that obsessiveness to his personality lol
As for Tsukishima, I also thought that he continuing his military life as a loyal dog was in character. Wish we'd got a least some panels of them a bit older fighting in WW and with their new uniforms whatnot. Actually, I wish there were panels for older Asirpa negotiating with politicians as well.

>All in all, I will forever love and talk about GK, it is an outstanding multi-layered series with much to discuss and I am excited for the volumes and the additions we hopefully get and hope we can discuss them in here together!

Same!! Damn, I wrote a lot. But it's such a good series to dissect like that! Here's to hoping that the tankoubons have even more things to analyze.

No. 201591

File: 1651101067457.jpeg (277.91 KB, 1568x2048, AAC8CCC4-8577-4DA1-8E94-94EF2E…)

>Sugi conclusion
oh my god anon you triggered my autism, prepare for a huge wall of text. But after all, this is what threads like this are for and it’s great that GK offers so much to discuss. I would love to use less spoilers but it’s just not possible lol:

>it was a bit weird seeing that scene in a small panel
>I wish …… as mean as it sounds kek
This so much! Damn, the way you typed it out makes me realize what I exactly feel or I’d better say not feel about this as much as I’d like to. See I am a huge Sugifag too, and love for him to be happy and thematically almost everything was there but I can’t really feel the catharsis the way this was portrayed. I always wished that if he survived or died, for him to have a treatment that make me feel what he’s going through, like you said it; like it was done back then in the deer for example or with Tsurumi and Ogata. Noda is perfectly capable of this and did it before in believable and impactful ways. But as glorious as 313 was, what we got here felt a bit as if he just brushed his ptsd and trauma and past off like it’s nothing because so much was skipped. Like I always hoped that we see him meeting Ume again and to come to terms with his brokenness and his past and we did, but instead of feeling meaningful and genuine for his character development this was literally like: “Hi ume been a while it’s me, Sugi. Here’s the gold by the way, k bye” like.. wtf? i couldn’t really feel it? Sugi had such a great setup for interesting ways to reflect on his guilt and past and reasons to live or die. Technically all I wished for him was there somehow but yeah.
‘ I want my husband boy Sugimoto to have a nice, emotional character arch as well!’
Same!! (not that I’m jealous I’m a huge ogatafag too kek) but he’s the literal MC. Tsurumi and Ogatas conclusions were so intense and emotionally impactful even moreso with the great buildup and setup they had for it, but you said it perfectly with Sugi and his "hell going" for example, he had so much for this too, regardless if he would live or die in the end. So now he was bound to the train to hell and survived off screen because he has friends and is immortal, ok. Even with the brilliance of 313 I hoped we’d get something of similar impact for him too. I can only principally enjoy the newfound happiness if there is no struggle leading up to it. You could argue that the whole story or 313 was this struggle, yeaah. Ok this is exaggerated af but if you see it that way, it felt a bit like as if for example Ogata would have just suddenly realized that he felt guilty being like “aahh what a relief” about it then go cook some Nabe or something carrying on with his day lol. Like this was theoretically alright, but the choice of execution… I see how he tried to conclude as much and please as many fans as possible but Noda u ok?

Omg this got really long but as a fellow sugifag I’m sure you’ll understand. It doesn’t always have to be death and mayhem and technically it was alright, but I need more than some flashforward saccharine picturebook happiness moment after an epic plot twist to be truly fed and satisfied! 313 was amazing, but all the momentum it generated got instantly killed with the next chapter. Tbf, after 313 I reflected on Sugi as if he had died, so I guess the idea was for him that at the beginning of the next chapter it looks as if he is dead and have him confirmed to be alive afterwards like in abashiri so I guess noda tried to make the best out of it and I know ends are hard but idk even with it being a solid conclusion it didn’t do much for me this way.

>he had this unhinged energy to him.

Totally, it was great and imo the main thing that made so many fans fall for him. I wish Noda would have found a way to develop him while keeping that energy, it would have kept him way more interesting but sadly it felt to me as if he didn’t really care much about his and Tsukishimas arc in the end. As it is, it feels as if his special koito energy got simply took from him instead of being transformed or utilized in a new, similarly charming way.
‘Koito and Tsuki WWII ‘
Agree, would be realistic because this is what they will be doing. But I guess that would have been to risqué for Noda already, given Japans troubled relationship with that war and the way these issues get handled (or dare I say rather not handled) there politically and in media.

‘I wish there were panels for older Asirpa negotiating with politicians as well’
Yeah she was doing diplomatic work to help the ainu so I’d like to see that too, because the political aspect is an important theme in the story and I would like to see more Asirpa perspective regarding that stuff as well. I liked that she had a small reflection moment with wilk, kiro and sofia tho at least.

No. 201638

File: 1651118930690.jpg (8.6 KB, 240x252, m76651011556_1.jpg)

I was looking into how people in Japan were reacting about the ending however I stumbled into this article https://www.nerdbrain.net/32829/ that said that Noda has decided on a new serialization that is set in Hokkaido and that a spin-off was being considered. Anyone that collaborate further about this?

No. 201640

File: 1651118993593.jpg (7.92 KB, 240x238, m37654106659_1.jpg)

No. 201654

I've seen people say that Noda plans on rebooting his old ice hockey manga. I can't find an official source that confirms this though

No. 201663

File: 1651126685087.jpeg (70.91 KB, 602x680, FRZreF6aMAAgzmb.jpeg)

There is going to be a special movie called "THE SNOW COMIC" to commemorate the completion of the eight years series, it will be avalible for free on the official website and youtube.

No. 201664

regarding > Ogata's plot threads
I just stumbled upon a translation of the character description cards that came with the last chapter.
I almost forgot that they exist kek
thought it was interesting what Noda said about him there. rest of the translation can be found at piduai.tumblr
‘Tsurumi is enigmatic enough on his own, so I figured that it wouldn’t be a good thing to finish this with Ogata riddled with mysteries as well. I wonder how many volumes it would have taken if his true goal was conquering space. But I think that his aloof and lonely ending befitted him.’.

I only heard people talking about him continuing sports manga or something so far either.
Not sure if I’d like a golden kamuy spinoff as much as I love the series, I’m afraid that it’d be some boruto tier shit to make cash or something. But if it would be not like that I could like it. Gansoku and Svetlana or kadokura and kirawus please! main character spin-offs are lame imo

No. 201889

File: 1651169182248.jpeg (355.06 KB, 2048x1483, 05C06591-9893-4702-AC5E-94867D…)

these are so cute but the tsurumi one is cursed lol
I’ve just read what I wrote yesterday and needed to add to my post that I didn’t mean to shit on the chapter, it was as fine as it could get with only one chapter left and so much to conclude, it just wasn’t my taste.
I wonder if it will be a documentary about the making of golden Kamuy? I would love that!

No. 201936

Omg kewpie kamuy is what I suddenly need so bad in my life, does anyone know what to type in japanese to find and hopefully ship worldwide? Also that ending wow

No. 201943

Found the special movie. You can see the effort the person did to make this and I like it for that. However I'm still a bit miffed about the ending as I know Noda wasn't able to deliver all of the story in the way he wanted. Everything he was building up, the tension and impact of the story is just… gone I honestly feel like there's chapters missing inbetween.
im the anon that wanted at good ending that neatly covered every loose end and while this is okay but it could have been better as Noda is an amazing storyteller but I didn't know that 30-32 manga volumes were that short. I want more…

No. 201955

File: 1651180659517.jpeg (62.35 KB, 680x680, DY5OIFEVAAAte5v.jpeg)

It's official there is going to be a live action movie of Golden Kamuy, they better not butcher it with ugly and untalented moids along with disrespecting Asirpa or making her and Sugimoto have romantic moments
>>201936 unfortunately the kewpie dolls are all handmade and aren't official
>>201889 can't believe they made one with him wanking…

No. 202524

File: 1651347173618.jpeg (81 KB, 736x981, 3F44C8E7-CE10-4323-ACFD-417A23…)

Beautiful, isn’t it?
Usamifags are dedicated

No. 202667

File: 1651408999279.jpg (540.4 KB, 2396x4096, FMFJkcGUUAES9YE.jpg)

I still miss that degenerate

No. 203073

File: 1651514582518.jpg (51.18 KB, 500x500, 4ddffce2ad6a3eb3450a333e80bd93…)

This is probably my favorite Usami pic. I miss the bunny and the cat

>It's official there is going to be a live action movie of Golden Kamuy
I fear this. Awful bear CGI 2.0? I think the positive side of it is that it can bring in more fans. Or maybe the opposite…

I like this! It would be super cool if it was a docu about the series. You can see how much research went into it by the credits alone. It would also be cool to see more about the Ainu stuff, it's always really interesting to me, especially since it's generally so forgotten about when it comes to all things Japan.

Sorry for such a late reply, anon.
>Thematically almost everything was there but I can’t really feel the catharsis the way this was portrayed.
Absolutely this. I guess this is way it gives a bit of a rushed feeling: The ideas are there, but you have a certain page quota to fill in a certain time, so you gotta do it as short as possible.
>“Hi ume been a while it’s me, Sugi. Here’s the gold by the way, k bye” like.. wtf? i couldn’t really feel it?
Yeah, exactly this. I was even like "Okay, wtf, she already had the surgery? Cause she remarried and her husband paid for that? Everything offscreen, so she gets like 4 panels with Sugimoto?" yeah, it had no impact. I completely understand the idea of having Ume remarried and already being able to see as a very ironic and tragic thing, like yeah, Sugimoto went through all that shit and lost so much so in the end what he wanted already was taken care for. Like everything, not only did he not "get the girl", but also he couldn't even actually fill his goal himself of making her see again. And that would've been really awesome and kinda on the downer side with the right pacing. Like he excitedly goes to meet Ume again, realizes she's married (so he missed again his chance of marrying his youth love) and that now that she can see due to having surgery. He loses his ground, cause everything he fought for was ultimately useless. He won't get his second chance of having the life he wanted to have before the war. But then he remembers of everything he learned, everything he went through with his new found family and comes to the conclusion that it wasn't useless at all, after all. Then he keeps going back and forth in his mind what to do with the gold he got, that he could rebuild his life with it, but finally thinks about Asirpa saying it's a Wen Kamuy and the best use for it would be with someone completely innocent and not tainted by greed, so he gives it to Ume's family, also as to pay Toraji back for always being there for him at the war. I think it would also be a tool for him to free his guilt and minimize his PTSD, maybe. I think this probably should be a chapter by itself, just like with Ogata's death. The pacing would feel much better, and we would have time to breath and feel the things he's feeling. Having all of this conflict being "resolved" in like 2 pages absolutely doesn't give it the weight it deserves from all the build up.

>I can only principally enjoy the newfound happiness if there is no struggle leading up to it.It doesn’t always have to be death and mayhem and technically it was alright, but I need more than some flashforward saccharine picturebook happiness moment after an epic plot twist to be truly fed and satisfied!
Perfectly put, anon! I am also an Ogatafag but I consider Sugi to be my favorite, so I felt kinda.. blue balled? lol Especially considering Ogata's amazing send off.

I was also thinking yesterday about the fact that we also didn't get a satisfying conclusion to Asirpa's crush on Sugimoto? Like, I am guessing she's over it by the end of the manga + 3 years later, but it's so weird cause her crush was portrayed really realistic as well imo, it was developed very slowly and she acted like a real child would. I thought it was really cute, especially the subtler panels like that one where we only saw her ear blushing when they where talking about Sugimoto. I know it was a really minor theme and that since Noda seemed to have some time restrictions, it makes sense that it was tossed aside. But still, I really wanted to see Asirpa comes to term with it, and getting over it. Maybe even confronting it with Sugimoto, because I am pretty sure he noticed and just didn't humour it. It would also be good to stop the lolishippers, but alas.
>I’ve just read what I wrote yesterday and needed to add to my post that I didn’t mean to shit on the chapter, it was as fine as it could get with only one chapter left and so much to conclude, it just wasn’t my taste.
Yes, I totally get you! As you put, it wasn't inconsistent thematically or anything, it just felt really rushed in execution and we didn't have any time to feel what the characters were feeling. Again, hopefully it gets a bit of a better treatment in the tankoubon, but I think it would need to change too much in order to have the pacing I think would be more fitting lol So I am not expecting a lot of changes, either.

No. 203218

File: 1651530153368.jpg (59.01 KB, 540x608, a9356cbdf2a84b61d74b4474c9300e…)

Samefagging but now I will tinfoil that Noda did the 6 months timeskip for the magazine so he can thoroughly do the Sugimoto arc better for the manga volume with as much pages as he'd like without altering the magazine end product too much. From Sugimoto getting out of the water to all the possible impactful scenes we talked about earlier - without the magazine only readers feeling that they felt robbed of the ending.
So buying the manga would be like watching deleted scenes added in for the director's cut.

Yes, I am coping.

No. 203392

File: 1651604735887.jpg (132.53 KB, 720x1280, IMG_9383.JPG)

Let’s cope together anon.

No. 203545

File: 1651631003136.jpeg (421.03 KB, 2048x1448, FRaFSpSUYAAFLxt.jpeg)

I wanted to cope with SugiO plushies honestly I'd get them all but these two are my absolute favorites, but the shipping to my country is more expensive than the plushies themselves. RIP

No. 203710

File: 1651681047132.jpg (624.63 KB, 1920x1080, golden-kamuy-03-2-Magewappa os…)

Has this series ever made someone buy something from it? I'm honestly on the hunt rn for my own Magewappa bento box, expensive af (I saw some on bentoco,) but I love wooden things (I woodcut as a hobby,) so it's worth it for the splurge

No. 203755

Now that you mention this, I would love to build one myself! I guess It can’t be too hard if you have the right equipment.

No. 203771

That's what I was thinking and it would be a fun project, but the special wood they use (major cedar simp) has me in a chokehold. Back on GK, who do we think would be the best husbando out of the secondary characters? I know Boutarou would eat me out, praise Noda for all these hot af men

No. 203815

File: 1651704107698.jpg (199.91 KB, 892x1200, 65446789.JPG)

>cedar simp
I like pic related, cute and seems like a good guy. Kikuta is fine too, I’ve heard he has a big schlong?

No. 203838

File: 1651707652761.jpg (616.7 KB, 2048x1536, FRuiORraAAAoMq3.jpg)

If he was single and had no children prior marrying me. Fun fact Noda has two body pillows of him.

No. 203840

File: 1651707999251.png (2.03 MB, 1782x972, 452ba9d13c39413fc93b79ad2bbc22…)

Here it is, You can clearly see which is his favourite pillow to snuggle up to.

No. 203841

I was gonna be like "well yeah, merch" until I read the rest of your post kek
I like target practicing, but I am not that fond of real guns (nor would even have access to them cause not murican or russian) and I also don't like modern guns that much, but I think old ones can look pretty cool. I'd get something like vidrel since it looks a lot like the rifles they use in GK- I know they are not the same, but for non-gun nerds, I think they are close enough. Hijikata also uses a Winchester shotgun plus a looot of other characters from different media, and they also sell these as toys. It's very fun with friends/partners and good for cosplay, too!

Boutarou could definitely eat one out for such a long time, considering the whole holding his breath more than anyone else thing.


Also agree with this And I also like his seiyuu

Tsurumi would also treat you right, if you consider how far he went to just have his wife and child buried in the same country as him lol. I don't think he was completely unhinged prior to their deaths.

No. 203858

File: 1651712492837.jpg (47.41 KB, 520x390, FRd64o3VUAE620C.jpg)

There is an exhabition of Golden Kamuy right now in japan and the majority of fans that visited is women! Does anyone know if there is a poll of where it shows the majority of fans are either female or male? Definitely feel like the answer would be women as they seem to be the most vocal about the series.
You could try Dejapan? https://www.dejapan.com/en/top/cart/asp/estimate.asp They charge 100 yen consolidation per item/listing which includes insurance. If you are just buying the plushies from http://algernon.shop25.makeshop.jp/shopbrand/ct136/ and want to save on 100 yen per item consolidation fee by unchecking the consolidation box when you order which voids the insurance and you just get the plushies in the box they came in. you could estimate the cost with their calculator or just contact them as they have fantastic customer service. >>203841 You're so cute and passionate. Do you know if the youtuber from the video is a woman? just the way they act is very feminine. Tsurumi would be a fantastic hubby although I would be scared of Usami and Koito taking his attention away from me I'd be willing to watch tbh

No. 203864

File: 1651716379658.jpeg (51.14 KB, 680x547, 1650002486848.jpeg)

Here's the graph! It's a bit old, but I don't think it changed much, maybe? The female fanbase does feel more dedicated though.
About the plushies, I'll try looking into your recommendations, thanks! I wanted to at least snag Sugimoto. I promise I'd sew him a cute yukata (assuming the clothes are removable)

>Do you know if the youtuber from the video is a woman?

I don't know. I'd say male solely from statistics for this kinda thing. The hands also look pretty big, but the gloves could be throwing me off. But anyway, I just saw that they also have a Mosin-Nagant rifle in their collection, which is the type of that Vasily uses! I think it's an airsoft gun, which is more expensive, but cool nonetheless. I think it's prettier since it has no magazine slot
Spoiler for kinda OT toy gun talk: there's this channel I stumbled upon on yt a while back where the dude makes gun replicas from cardboard as it's pretty damn impressive! Some are just for cosplay/show, but he has some with functioning mechanisms. There's a magnum one that works as a elastic band gun and I printed the pattern he made available for free to try and make it, but I am yet to cut the cardboard kek if anyone is interested I could post it in another thread, not sure which though

No. 203878

this is one of those series i really want to read but need to set aside time for it, like i did with jojo… wait for me nonas.

No. 203886

File: 1651722712560.jpg (113.1 KB, 786x500, tumblr_pcyrisixRd1x54wsxo1_128…)

Please do, nona! It just finished it's magazine run last week, so no waiting for you.
Can't wait to hear who's your future husbando!

No. 203997

from looks alone and what i've read in wiki, i really like usami. a freak with a weird sexual thing is up my alley

No. 204016

File: 1651758907150.jpg (524.68 KB, 1536x2048, FRaSQluVkAEcdSW.jpg)

This sign was in the exhibition, featuring plotlines that has not been published in the comics volumes (magazine?). Will we get to see more when the last two manga is released?

No. 204046

File: 1651765003485.jpg (97.22 KB, 735x1048, 41c2d8bac7361f5f79bcf4557e6992…)

He is a freak indeed, for many reasons

Oh, this is exciting!

No. 204080

>featuring plotlines that has not been published in the comics volumes (magazine?)
It’s probably just about pages from the volumes but I’m frothing at the thought of this
this sounds interesting, but I have no idea for a thread to post it in other than this one. Is there a diy or crafting thread somewhere? if not, maybe it’s a good idea to make one but that’s probably more of an /ot/ thing.
Noda really own all of them himself and has two Tanigaki ones, what a legend.

No. 204084

File: 1651776684793.jpg (61.83 KB, 564x823, 5cef6ce0e4dcb257bb9d531ed021cc…)

We used to have a DIY/WIP general or something like that thread before /m/ was nuked, maybe I'll remake it later. Considering that the plush making thread was locked on /ot/ and the anon had to remade it here, maybe I'll just do it here.

>It’s probably just about pages from the volumes but I’m frothing at the thought of this

Oh, this is true, but really makes me wonder. I'd love to see if they dropped a little tease for volume 31 or something.

No. 204086

File: 1651777167515.png (1.81 MB, 1392x1653, vasily_golden_kamuy_drawn_by_a…)

NICE! He and the other members of that KKK (Kadokura and Kantarou,) were cute! And true that, it was Kikuta, Tanigaki, Ushiyama, and Kiroranke as having the biggest dicks in the series
Love that, so fucking based, we all know Noda is horny af for Tanigaki, I mean just look at the magazine vs volume releases for his "edits" to his shirts
Ohh that's tight nonny and Tsurumi is like a maybe, like would his brain jizz also if he came? hmmm
I'm fucking heavy breathing so hard rn

Vasily as picrel for no reason other then the fanart being hot af

No. 204089

File: 1651778293045.jpg (183.61 KB, 1275x1800, IMG_8381.JPG)

fyi I would love and contribute such a thread for /m/, since it is the best board.
Yesss he didn’t do much but Vasily hot. I was searching for a nice picture of him but then I found this really nice Usami one instead lol

No. 204090

File: 1651779042053.jpg (1.02 MB, 1373x2048, 85614221_p2.jpg)

No. 204091

File: 1651779156621.jpg (298.33 KB, 500x660, 92032647_p1.jpg)

No. 204095

File: 1651782871307.jpg (42.29 KB, 564x481, d52b9103c0ea38bb65832e1ff7a07a…)

>like would his brain jizz also if he came? hmmm
lmao definitely, but I was thinking more about Tsurumi pre-bomb

>I would love and contribute such a thread for /m/
I will make it, then! I'll probably just copy and past the last one description lol

Vasily deserved better. I don't blame Noda, but damn how I wish he would learn a bit of japanese, maybe even a bit of Ainu from Asirpa and show a bit more of his artist journey. A chapter focused on him would be cool, but I mean, he was a veery minor character anyway.

No. 204107

cute and canon!

No. 204187

File: 1651839089689.jpg (137.92 KB, 882x925, FR0HEsyUcAE2X07.jpg)

God tier taste. Hope you will have fun reading!
I find young and pre/after injury tsurumis all charming on their own way. Usually i dont like facial hair on men but ive come to appreciate the really well groomed ones where you can actually tell there is effort put into maintaining it.

No. 204342

File: 1651903296213.png (1.48 MB, 866x1200, 65765656454564545.PNG)

>Asirpa cover

No. 204345

>Asirpa crush
I would have liked that as well, but it in the end it was just a small trait to add to her character. There are just so many things that could have gotten some closure. I think he gave us that open end with the intent that everyone can imagine the scenario that they like the most. We can imagine how she gets over it, friendshipfags gonna friendship forever, shippers gonna ship etc.
I think Sugimoto noticed it too, but what should he do. I’m pretty sure he knows it’s normal to crush on some cool older guy at that age, he was that age once too. It even got emphasized a bit throughout the story how he tends to ignore that and that he still sees her the same as when they first met at the end, which is normal and respectful.

From my experience an unresolved crush like that is simply not a big deal and often just transforms into great appreciation of the other person, the feelings of friendship and love are very close tied together in that regard. Sometimes if you like a friend a lot you almost feel as if you’re crushing on them etc so I like to imagine it to be like that because for me it makes the most sense that way.
lolishippers are just projecting and self-inserting scum who need to kill themselves, they don’t deserve an open ending kek who cares if they could eventually get together when they reach silver kamuy age or whatever.

No. 204531

ok nonners im starting, slowly but surely. the fact that the manga is finished is more incentive to read it

No. 205217

File: 1652236929352.png (269.36 KB, 933x2048, 20211124_141359.png)

Bishie bait can get it
As glad as I am that Asirpa is getting another cover, this art's just bad. Half of it is black void

No. 205410

File: 1652320070696.png (496.39 KB, 446x816, yj twitter.png)

Asirpa cover is a convincing fake, but it is old artwork.

No. 205416

File: 1652322346722.jpg (41.71 KB, 400x400, d1086a37e494d91add65ce10311ee2…)

Lmao that daki
You are right about the random black void, but other than that, I actually really like the composition and color of that piece. Good that it is fake then, so it can be better worked for a cover. I wonder who is gonna come next? Maybe Tsukishima?

Please post about your opinions, nonnie!! I love to hear about people's first reactions to events and discuss it again.

Oh, I agree with you that it was a minor thing and that it didn't need an actual addressing/closure, also to finish the parallel with Wilk and see how Asirpa has grown, as herself and as a representative for the past generation/Inkarmat (I hope I made sense)
I think Noda would also probably handle it well, considering how he had so far. Maybe if GK was a book instead…

No. 205452

oh thanks, makes sense. That’s a pretty artwork, but it looked a bit unfinished!
since there are only two covers left i’d like to have one for Tsurumi and the last one with the mcs and multiple key characters maybe. Tsukishima could have one out of the rule to not have less than the other reoccurring characters even if he felt a lot like a side-character in the end to me, but Nodas covers are pretty random aside from that. He just puts on the cover whats the most popular amongst fans and sees that it doesnt look unfair so it might be him or Tsurumi.
Nice! Better leave this thread and see you later. I would love to read your opinions as well!

No. 205644

I'm glad it's fake, I was hoping Ogata would get one last cover considering he only has two and is a prominent character he deserves it for his death volume

No. 205697

File: 1652414752296.jpg (1.09 MB, 2000x857, Tumblr_l_803442186462731.jpg)

Anon you could also read last thread's discussion here: >>>/m/145286
I think it starts around chapter 250 but don't quote me on that

So far we had:
>Main characters
Sugimoto: 3
Asirpa: 3

>Secondary characters:

Shiraishi: 2
Ogata: 2
Tanigaki: 2
Kiro: 2
Koito: 2
Tsukishima: 1
Ushiyama: 1


Tsurumi (main villain): 2
Hijikata: 2
Usami: 1
Nikaidou: 1

>Minor characters:

Inkarmat: 1
Kikuta: 1
Kadokura and Kirawus: 1
Boutarou: 1
Vasily: 1

Kinda hard actually to categorize like that considering how many characters are very gray morally and have worked together a lot lol
But kinda guessing by this, I'd say Tsurumi for 30 since he's a main character (as main antagonist) and each had 3.. maybe making a double feature with his most loyal lap dog Tsukishima so he can technically have 2. Last one I'd guess maybe all important characters or Sugi+Asirpa. I guess that what I'd personally do
I'd love for a third Ogata cover not only cause ogatafag but also because I think it would be deserving since he was there since volume 1, he appeared even before Shiraishi. But I don't think it's gonna happen since we're so tight for cover slots. Maybe if he do an ensemble cast cover for the last volume..

Btw, which cover is your favorite? Mine:
>Sugimoto 20
>Ogata 17
>Usami 23

No. 205735

usamis and tsukishimas covers are amazing

No. 205854

thank you so much for posting this! I think my faves are the Usami cover, Asirpa vol 22 and Ushiyamas is pretty nice too because I love the dark blue and red colors scheme. Now that I notice that Asirpa already had three, I agree and would prefer a shared cover with sugimoto and/or other characters as the last one and Tsurumi for vol 30.
As an avid ogatafag I would not complain if he gets another one since hes a pretty major character whos been around since forever and his death holy shit I agree with you anon but I think noda will keep the balance and give it to tsurumi because he is the biggest tsurumifag.

No. 206239

File: 1652574187711.png (1.06 MB, 640x911, asdsda.png)

Why did I think that Tsurumi and Hijikata both had 3 covers kek but breaking it down like that is helpful thanks anon! I still think Ogata should get another cover because I'm biased but I'm hoping the last volume will be Sugi and Asirpa together.

As for a favorite cover it's so hard to choose they're all so dynamic! Aside from Ogata's I love Usami's, Tsuki's, Kikuta's, and Shiraishi's first. (Nikaido's is also great, picrel)

No. 206368

>he is the biggest tsurumifag.
What does this even mean? Hes literally the main antagonist of the series, are you confused why he gets focus? Also Noda is a tanigakifag.

No. 207458

Does anyone else really like how the women are written and portrayed in GK? For a manga focused on the males and dick/gay jokes , the women (and girls) and strangely well-written for a seinen manga.

There’s little fan service (all centred around the guys or Tanigaki, did the author ever confirm he was gay?), little belittlement and they are treated seriously.

There’s Asirpi, who’s taken seriously and not treated in the typical disgusting l0li fashion present in 95% of anime and manga. Inkarmat’s crafty personality was fun to watch, shame she was shoved into the role of a pregnant mother once she met Tanigaki. Sophia is amazing, Noda doesn’t make any jokes about her being old, fat or “ugly”(from what I remember). She’s strong-headed, independent, smart and also caring. Kiroranke liking her felt like really sweet to me. I wish she didn’t die, I was so upset:(

Or maybe the bar is just so low for women character development in anime and manga, outside of scanty fan service and coomers.

No. 207948

Great thread topic. Since Noda's married and knows he shouldn't make manga forever (that last part was said so in an interview), it contributes to how he writes women. And especially Asirpa. He's seen girls her age and knows how harmful "lewding the loli" is, as its an immature thing. Even the daughter in Spy x Family I feel was drawn with lewd fanart in mind based on how typically anime she looks and acts, so Noda didn't go that route and it leads to less of that type of fanart for Asirpa. (I haven't seen that show though so I'm talking out of my ass here.)
Gay Sexuality in this Manga is vague other than Oyabun and Hime, Tanigaki nor Noda himself are said to be anything so its up to interpretation based on what we know. Noda had the power to confirm at least some sexualities based on how most people see Golden Kamuy as this gay manga though, and it's a shame how ||only the joke couple got confirmed.||
Sofia and Inkarmat are strange cases because while I'm happy they're not written as fanservice, and that helps a lot in their appeal, Noda writes them as if he doesn't understand them on the outset of being women as compared to the men and boys. In a series with sex equality, there wouldn't be big personality differences, but their "baby fevers" take away from their characters because of a misunderstanding of how that works. They're still portrayed as women though, which is a step up from other media where they're often massive NLOGs. Noda's writing problems with women (and there are many) may have been only solved if he wrote more women into the story. Asirpa's mother is largely absent, after all.

No. 208294

File: 1653205506307.png (180.74 KB, 1280x1090, 9181871930.PNG)

Yes. Of course, the standards are low when it comes to female characters written by men. I think Inkarmat got it the worst when it comes to this because in the end she just got married off to nodas favorite and got like a gazillion kids for a pun (from which only one looks like her) which is a bit distasteful in my opinion even if it was meant as a joke reference. Imo Asirpa may be the best written female character in GK (sofia is awesome too but she didn’t get as much screentime) and I think it has something to do with her age. She is on neutral terms when it comes to ‘women stuff’; which lets her develop as a character free from the male gaze. Thank god, imagine how it would have been if she was a young woman instead of a hungry little furball lol. Even Noda knows this and admits that he made her so young so she can be portrayed without all of that tainting her role or her relationship to sugimoto, which is good but also a bit sad because he said it directly in relation to what the readers perceive and he isn’t wrong about that. I mean just look at all the shipfags suddenly coming out of the woodwork just because we got an open ending. Bless Noda for the recent interview in which he explicitly states that their relationship is NOT meant to be romantic at all and her crush is just a character quirk for her, now the truthers can seethe in hell.

All of the female characters feel really humane to me, just like the males with some occasional ‘woman stuff’ thrown in but thats not predominant for the characters except for poor inkarmat who kind of got written out of the story with that. Sofias (who I think is a really great character) issue for example didn’t read as baby fever to me, and having a family was a way more important issue for women back in those times, back then everything was way more sexist in general. It was the standard for women to find a family and settle down, and she decided against that which is alright given the context of the time period imo.

No. 208327

samefag, wanted to add to my post that it sucks that the author had to do it like that so things don’t get perceived in a weird light. I think he succeeded in writing her in a respectful and non-patronizing way, she’s as strong as a character as all the other guys. I love how Sofia doesn’t get portrayed in a ridiculous way, too and Kiros genuine love for her is cute and believable. Also there’s Kaeko, who was portrayed as a strong woman who has no problem to get over her crush and move on to do the things she thinks are important, who I really liked especially in retrospect on what kikuta said to sugi related to ume. Ume moved on, too! This is all pretty reasonable given the time they live in, and she has a kid to care for. she remarried into what seemed to be a good partnership because she knew it’s the best for her family, and waiting while hoping for saichi to return or whatever would have been dumb. Many authors wouldn’t have the sensitivity to portray it like that, they would have left her and others grieving for her first love forever like some idiot.
>Noda writes them as if he doesn't understand them on the outset of being women as compared to the men and boys
Imagine if GK had more women in the cast or would have been written by one, the things we could have had.. Now that you mention it, I know that asirpas mother died when she was born but I would have loved if she would have been implemented a bit more, maybe through wilks perspective.

No. 209466

Volume 30 will have 242 pages. Most volumes of Golden Kamuy are around 200 pages. What do you all believe may be added/want to be added?

No. 209514

File: 1653745583476.jpg (52.13 KB, 526x588, 1449866.jpg)

The 3d renders for the Ogata and Sugimoto figures have been released. While Sugimoto is definitely better than Ogata's both of their faces seem off. To me this doesn't really look like him. I'll get them regardless because I'm a simp, but hopefully the prototypes come out better.

No. 209516

File: 1653745884830.jpg (75.42 KB, 576x588, 1449863.jpg)

Samefag, I get that Ogata's design is a bit different but I wish they could get his face right in merch, he gets made ugly in so much of it.

I'm hoping for more of the conversation between Tsurumi and Ogata on top of the train. In the magazine release Ogata made his demands and then the next time we see them they're apparently working together and it doesn't explain why Tsurumi would ever agree to what Ogata said. I'm also hoping for some more explanation on how Sugi survived the train crash.

No. 209582

File: 1653766830105.jpg (1017.84 KB, 2784x3999, FTIamb4aAAQ_v0_.jpg)

i am desperate for more ogata/tsurumi interaction

No. 209594

File: 1653769458066.jpg (236.8 KB, 1144x1200, 7171881.JPG)

who is this? I’m scared It doesn’t look like him at all lol. Sugimotos face looks a bit off as well. Hope they change it to make them resemble the characters more before they finally release them! Ogata is really hard to depict apparently, he looks super weird on many promo artworks too.
I fully agree with this post regarding everything, I want to know more about that, too. To me it looks as if Tsurumi just noped tf out of that conversation as soon as he could. seeing that ogata was absolutely out of his mind and got the audacity to make such a ridiculous demand I was surprised that he didn’t shoot him point blank the moment he finished talking. I have a feeling noda will leave the time skip transition between 313 and 314 as it is but I would dislike that tbh, I hope it was a compromise and he will add another chapter inbetween.
this was such a great chapter but I agree it could have used more dialogue! I would like to see more of their antics too. Their relationship is so cursed it’s so fucking funny to me

No. 210635

File: 1654060725911.jpg (414.93 KB, 2048x1378, FUIqGozUEAEKv-M.jpg)

The cover for Volume 30 has been revealed. It comes out June 17th in Japan.

No. 210650

I leapt out of my chair when i saw this, its a good day to be a tsurumifag and tsurumi/tsukishima shipper

The cover is really nice, i love the touch of the headplate side of the face having his facial scar. Thank you Noda.

No. 210660

NICE! what a beautiful cover. I love the way he displays him here with what you >>210650 said and the theatrical pose. I hoped for wilk on the backside but this is fine too since these two definitely belong together.

No. 210864

Tsurumi gets really nice covers holy shit. I love Tsukishima on the back too it's a nice addition. a little salty it's not Ogata but I knew I was hoping for too much

No. 213344

File: 1654906541833.jpg (182.48 KB, 736x981, c5d25a574b06b832ce4ce6c3775825…)

Nonnies itt sage too much! Don't be shy anons, bump the thread kek
I always forget to check the thread cause I've been busy and I can only check a few of the threads that are usually around page 1 or 2.
Bumping for myself so I can check it out later and interact better

No. 214519

File: 1655296950142.jpeg (777.37 KB, 2048x2048, 80C062FE-4568-4B0E-9E6A-1E93F5…)

volume 30 should be out soon! I hope there’s lots of additions

No. 214664

File: 1655320881496.jpg (121.09 KB, 500x1278, fd93c75dc17ab95737143d67e41a98…)

Finally I have a bit of breathing room to interact again!
>She is on neutral terms when it comes to ‘women stuff’; which lets her develop as a character free from the male gaze.
I think you have a good point! I also think that it helps that, in the narrative, she's raised by her dad (which is a common trope for GNC women, but I think it gets a pass considering it's 1907). Not only that, but she's raised by him to be a fighter for the Ainu cause and also a representative of the modern era Ainu women, so it makes sense she's not chained to traditional roles. I like that in japanese she talks like a rude dude.
I really wish Sofia had a bit more screen time, especially when she was younger and like an agile woman with a rifle. I hope I can cosplay her someday

This is great news!! I hope some of the stuff I mentioned here >>203073 >>203218 gets implemented. Maybe I am asking for too much, but here's to hoping! I also this >>209516 and >>209594

I'm glad we can finally see the 3D renders! They are looking a bit weirdly face-wise, yeah.. Especially Ogata. But it doesn't bother me too much, honestly. I guess I am just thirst for merch/figures. I think they might go under some changes in the sculpt yet (I've seen some comments in japanese expressing the same opinion as us regarding their faces), and the paintjob can also do wonders in the right hands. All in all, not a deal breaker, I'm gonna still buy it if I have the means kek
>I wish they could get his face right in merch, he gets made ugly in so much of it.
>Ogata is really hard to depict apparently, he looks super weird on many promo artworks too.
So true though, he's always wonky and sometimes it just looks like he's wearing guyliner. I really like his lynx-like eye design so it bothers me a bit when official merch draws it too thick.

This cover is absolutely beautiful, definitely my Tsurumi favorite!! I'm also happy I got the prediction right that it was gonna be a Tsurumi/Smaller Tsukishima one. I wonder if my predicament of it being a SugiRipa cover last will also come true?
>a little salty it's not Ogata but I knew I was hoping for too much
kek I knew it was going to be Tsurumi but my heart also wanted that. Maybe he'll do a cameo on the last one, like Tsukushima…

No. 214671

File: 1655322766539.png (Spoiler Image,639.34 KB, 844x1200, 152.png)

Sofia got a new flashback scene in the release of Volume 30!
I don't have the volume itself and this was all the person gave instead of just uploading all of it for some reason. The Russian was translated by another person, not the Japanese text yet.
"Rashid!! Bold!! Anjei!! Jerzy!!"

No. 214672

File: 1655322865700.png (Spoiler Image,575.83 KB, 844x1200, 153.png)

No. 214673

File: 1655322941601.png (Spoiler Image,599.4 KB, 844x1200, 154.png)

Kiroranke: "Well, that can’t be helped. There were children next to you, right?"

No. 214674

File: 1655323227135.png (Spoiler Image,478.83 KB, 844x1200, 155.png)

Wilk: "Russian revolutionaries swear that children will be never hurt.
There were people who committed suicide because they blame themselves for taking someone’s life.
Or they left their comrades and lived alone."
Kiroranke: "Knowing all of that do you still want to continue this path?"
Sofia: "I chose it by myself." (fun fact there’s a mistake and Sofia used male form of the verb)
"If my life serve someone else… Or for the justice in this country."
Wilk: "Sofia… You’re too kind."

No. 214675

File: 1655323357701.png (Spoiler Image,584.27 KB, 844x1200, 156.png)

Wilk: "But the revolutionary who doesn’t love people is just a murderer.
Doing everything not for yourself, but for others…
The true revolutionary is driven by love."
Sofia: "Halil!! Timur!!"

No. 214677

File: 1655323470622.png (Spoiler Image,597.89 KB, 844x1200, 157.png)

Sofia: "Wilk!! Yulbars!!"

No. 214679

File: 1655323831024.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1308x1920, index.png)

This scene was in chapter 298 and this is the following page. Not sure when it starts unfortunately.
More was also added to the scene in chapter 299 where Tsurumi kills her. It's been translated too.

No. 214681

File: 1655323993336.png (Spoiler Image,635.2 KB, 844x1200, 175.png)

In chapter 299,
Sofia: "You could choose another path…"

No. 214684

File: 1655324277910.jpg (91.77 KB, 564x950, 32874982759843.jpg)

Holy shit that was some instantaneous wish-granting manifestation stuff lmao
Thank you so much for uploading these, anon!!

No. 214686

File: 1655324384477.png (Spoiler Image,576.26 KB, 844x1200, 176.png)

Kiroranke: "Let’s go to Japan, Sofia.
We will learn Japanese in Vladivostok in the Japanese district."
Sofia: "You could choose it by yourself…
If we didnt come…
There was another fate (path? destiny?) waiting for you.
I’m sorry."
Tsurumi: "You suffered all this time.
I forgive you."

Sorry for going at snails pace, thank you for Sofia posting! My fanart folder for Sofia is dry.

No. 214687

File: 1655324522077.png (Spoiler Image,518.19 KB, 844x1200, 177.png)

Tsurumi speaks in this page.

No. 214690

File: 1655324891566.jpg (5.55 MB, 2696x3936, 93382356_p1.jpg)

And that's a wrap!
Volume 30 Otonoshin's dad's death is also expanded upon, but as of now it's untranslated. It'll likely be soon. Not much else was altered drastically, not even Koito's confrontation with Tsurumi or Vasily's fake out death. Good or bad depending on how you see it since it means there's not huge differences in the magazine vs. volume. I just wished VIZ did a better job translating the volumes since EHScans isn't ever going to.

No. 214692

File: 1655325410447.jpg (41.56 KB, 564x545, 8c1873519c2f5b4c016b7876ec0154…)

No problem anon, thank you for uploading at all! And that's also a pretty cool fanart of her, I wish she had more. maybe I'll have to do my own
If you have the japanese pages I can make a very simple translation of what I can, like I did for the last chapter. It's a shame that EHS won't revisit the changes to translate it the additional content, because their work is outstanding. I've never seen such dedication on a fanscanlation!
It's a shame though that there is nothing new for Vasily, because that open fake out death was really… weird? Maybe on the next volumes. I wanna know who found him, how he became a painter! I know he's super small, but I wish that thread was closed.

I think that in this page the japanese is not matching the russian, I think? She says in japanese "You chose a different path". I guess the connotation changes slightly.
I don't know how it's in russian, but in japanese he's speaking very casually. He says (if anyone's wondering) You've been hurting for so long… I forgive you.

No. 214707

File: 1655331245105.png (575.53 KB, 700x700, 1651885406630.png)

so nothing new on scenes with koito/tsuki/tsurumi or even tsurumi/ogata? Fuck. Honestly im more curious about tsurumis death than koito papa

No. 214841

thank you so much for the translations!
she is so great! love how she knows all of them and the backstory part.. she refuses to pull through with that because it would harm the children while wilk and kiro just do it anyway? Makes her guilt about tsurumis child even more heartbreaking. also how she tells him that he could choose another path, based and strong moral compass-pilled. Arguably one of the most sane characters in the whole story
>that image
sad kek
I don’t think he will elaborate much on tsurumis death in 313 because that chapter was perfect but I hope he adds many pages inbetween that and the next chapter. Also I want to know how tsurumi and ogata met, noda pls I’m begging you tell us how he adopted him all we know is that he must have been pretty young. Koito papa was necessary bc it was weird that he didn’t see him die but I agree in the end I didn’t care so much about that plot lol

No. 214873

File: 1655399815291.jpg (124.16 KB, 1200x900, FEPrS9baAAAvHpH.jpg)

I also wish too see tsurumi and ogata first time meeting really badly, ogata was in the ''its love'' page with the others who all got a flashback with tsurumi. I just find the two of them so interesting!
Forgot to mention in my earlier post that im really happy Sofia got more screentime, shes amazing and the extra content made her story feel even more tragic

No. 215346

File: 1655546712064.jpg (347.66 KB, 1748x1516, 987543124678906543243224.JPG)

>I just find the two of them so interesting
same help I know its not really necessary for their character arcs or the main plot but youre right all the others got their flashback. sorry but I need to sperg about it now: did tsurumi find him through gathering intel about hanazawa and then took him under his wing promising him shit causing it to bite him back in his own ass in the end because he did not know the scale of ogatas family issues? or maybe he did know and had just hoped he died somewhere along the way kek or did ogata make the initiative to try to get him to help him with his goal? my headcanon is that he admired him when he was younger and then became disillusioned and spiteful because he realized that all of tsurumis care towards him were lies to groom him with others receiving the same treatment, making him merely a pawn in tsurumis game instead of a beloved son. his main motivation and attachment issues make it only worse that tsurumi, the person who acted like his family to profit off him is the one who could help him reach this goal. The way he tried to fuck with tsurumis plans to get back at him because he as well abandoned him makes me interprete it this way. I think he hated him so much for this that his delusional offer towards him was mostly out of spite, this way he could prove that even the great Tsurumi could become a pawn that could be used by someone else (which is something he probably learnt from tsurumi himself). But at the same time, his mom issues were so strong that he secretly wished that his promises werent lies and that he genuinely did care for him. This would perfectly match with what usami said to him as well. Tsurumi? He clearly never gave a single fuck about ogata and would gladly step over his corpse any minute, his grooming efforts payed off in an annoying way for him, he couldn’t get rid of that damn cat he adopted. he basically acted like some sort of deadbeat dad from ogatas perspective, no wonder he hates him so much but he cant get rid of his mommy issues ever and obviously was in a very bad state mentally in that chapter. tsurumi was absolutely destroying him in 304 when he brought up his mom and was like ‚yes I understand, don’t worry I will send you to school’ towards him, he knew exactly what he was doing. I love the scarce way noda tells this story but I really want to know how they met. Pray for vol. 31 or another fanbook with additional lore

No. 215576

File: 1655664553101.jpg (259.85 KB, 1513x1620, FStggNrUsAEgaqn.jpg)

that pic, kek

Ogata has daddy issues like koito and thats why tsurumi was able to scout him most likely. But ogata is a cat and not a dog so he wasnt going to stay loyal forever. I think their conversation on top of the train implied hes still a bit obsessed with tsurumi like all the other 7th division members. But i basically agree on everything you said, you put it into words really well!

No. 217462

File: 1656364652961.jpg (997.3 KB, 878x1239, FWPxl-EUAAAnW5_.jpg)

And now I am here too after I did the same mistake. It's one of those manga I knew I would like due to setting and look of the characters, but I always forgot about it until I finally bought volume 1 because other series were out of stock and then I went back a day later to buy 2-10 at once.
Now, 10 volumes, 100 Euro and some weeks later I know it's one of those very rare series that I became and will stay a fan of. It just hits right in many ways. It's one of those few-in-a-decade stories where I am genuinely into the characters, whereas I usually just read or watch a series but never care much about the protagonists in them. Mostly just enjoying manga and anime without discussing them and forgetting them the moment the episode or series ends. Now I spend hours every day saving fanart of this here.

But enough of the retarded block posting, this shit is great. I wonder how I will feel about the characters that aren't relevant yet. So far I genuinely love every re-occurring character.

No. 217507

File: 1656380355400.jpeg (117.62 KB, 612x606, 1648599529400.jpeg)

Yes, anon!! I know exactly how you feel. Welcome to the club!
Now for the most important question: Who's your husbando? Tsukishima?

No. 217533

File: 1656393652171.jpeg (75.87 KB, 284x417, 3B4FA75D-98CF-4674-9634-B07D91…)

Reading the GK manga after watching the anime, loving it so much. I’ve never actually both read and watched a manga/anime, usually I do one or the other.

No. 217534

File: 1656393836393.jpeg (151.53 KB, 421x685, 30B9E18F-080A-4F53-A4AF-0FE73A…)

Samefag, but I think it’s funny that the artwork of the manga sometimes does the comic equivalent of the terrible animal CGI from season 1.

No. 217651

File: 1656440522029.png (1.16 MB, 788x1127, 金カム カラー版 Vol. 16 ch. 156 - p10…)

The Golden Kamuy Color Edition Volumes are now in .cbz format to download on MEGA https://pastebin.com/PnHRaNjz. The Pastebin says clarifying information such as images dimensions, the MEGA link itself, and what the Color Edition is. Before, it was just images in folders. The pages themselves are also now properly labeled. Volume 30 is also included as one of the uncolored volumes.
Firefox won't let you download each batch folder but Google Chrome will.

No. 217670

File: 1656447683050.jpg (136.37 KB, 1180x2048, 35252048.jpg)

No quite, but he is one of my favorite characters.
Husbando is unironically Tsurumi. Some scenes I saw with him were even the reason for why I was thinking about this series more often lately, before I actually started it. Besides him though my favorites so far would be Tsukishima, Ogata, Ushiyama and Shiraishi.

But it's hard to say, I also enjoy every scene with Hijikata and Nagakura, the series has really good characters in general. It's weird how my favorite characters come in clusters. I can read and enjoy 100 manga but not be attached to a single person in them. But then, a few times per decade I find one of such series like this and get two to five new all-time favorites at once and a bunch of others I like a lot on top of that.

No. 217672

File: 1656448188569.jpeg (93.61 KB, 356x479, 078CB03B-88E1-434F-A1D3-110161…)

I know you’re all talking about husbandos and this is different but I love osoma to pieces.

No. 217675

File: 1656448355614.png (704.18 KB, 900x900, tumblr_a4527d0a1f3aa23d8f0fd4c…)

It's a good choice in this case. The anime is nice and hearing the voices of these characters and seeing them moving made them even more charming imo, but the manga is much better so you get a lot more scenes, screentime for dudes you like and parts that you might love move much slower. Personally, I also think the punchlines work better in the manga.
I started the anime first but put it on-hold because it felt rushed and the quality wasn't always the best as everybody knows. Then I read the manga and now I am ready to start the anime again since I now view it as extra and I want to know how the characters sound like on-screen.

I also joined the hype too late by the way. But there will be at least one other anime season, so I hope others will watch that and that I can at least participate in active threads, even if it's a bit late.

No. 217696

File: 1656453616987.jpg (419 KB, 1502x2048, FUvqj0DVsAEZDuN.jpg)

not them but i dislike how tsurumi sounds way too old in the anime

No. 217710

File: 1656460805465.jpg (321.1 KB, 1447x999, 352626.jpg)

I am so glad this series has so many characters with scars and beards and a more varied age. It makes them look more unique and quirky. Pretty boys like Griffith work greatly within their own series because their look makes them special in that world, but if every character is a flawless bishounen the cast turns into an assembly of puppets. I would say 'soul vs. soulless' here but I am not trying to shitpost.

No. 217745

File: 1656477335067.jpg (285.39 KB, 846x1200, IMG_20220628_233241.jpg)

Babe wake up new volume 31 cover just dropped. Its going to have 258 pages (volume 28 has 194 in comparison)

No. 217750

File: 1656480553405.jpg (94.46 KB, 736x764, 35f780b70a64fe1777b0b9749796e7…)

My beloved
Sugimoto is so cute, I love him so much where's my SugiNendo, GSC
I'm pretty sure the back is Asirpa, it must be

Thanks, nonnie!! Forever grateful for these.

I love all of the kids in this manga and how they actually act like kids Aside from maybe kid Usami? But he's special

Good choices nonna, I get you completely. I honestly think there is no lesser husbando on GK aside from like the troon doctor, but I don't think he's anyone's husbando
>I can read and enjoy 100 manga but not be attached to a single person in them. But then, a few times per decade I find one of such series like this and get two to five new all-time favorites at once and a bunch of others I like a lot on top of that.
I felt this!! Exact same. I knew GK was gonna be one of my favorite mangas (if not the favorite) from manga one. It's so refreshing, as this nonnie put it >>217710

No. 217752

File: 1656480791243.jpg (330.36 KB, 716x1200, 60cd80f56e335b848637b4a0b0abf4…)

Also big samefag because I'm so ready for 258 pages. Wish Noda could just make a whole filler manga actually lmao I don't wanna say goodbye!
Hopefully we'll get another fanbook

No. 217791

File: 1656496278084.jpeg (220.65 KB, 1487x1092, 7E8ADEF9-DD16-4182-ADDA-E04BF2…)

awww it’s my boy! I thought it would be a shared cover but alright
they should make another poll with sugi nendo I would vote from all of my devices for sure
the doctor always gets YASS QUEEEN‘d by virtue signaling twitter people on womens day but Ive never seen a dedicated fan account for the character or anything more than that lmao
>golden kamuy cut slice of life scenes special edition
if we could ever.. I would take anything at this point, those little joke comics he did for fanbook…. they were pretty funny and require no effort cmon please, something! I dont care about ice hockey lol
osoma>>>>>>>>>>cikapasi or whatever his name was
>I can read and enjoy 100 manga but not be attached to a single person in them
Its funny that with gk so many who read it become super into it, it’s rare that people are just like ‚it was ok‘ about it.
>>217533 I watched the anime at first too and already thought it was interesting but when I discovered just how much more there is in the manga I had my mind blown.
I for one will 100% sperg in these threads about golden kamuy until every drop of enthusiasm is spent and I‘m very excited for the next season. Maybe some more anons have checked it out by then

No. 217856

File: 1656509942093.jpg (508.16 KB, 2048x1358, IMG_20220629_083554.jpg)

Yep, the back is asirpa. I do really love the color palette for this one, it's definitely a different vibe from the other volumes. I've been requesting a suginendo and asirpa rerelease on the gsc website, fingers crossed we'll get him eventually

No. 217857

Samefag cause I didnt notice it at first but I love that the osoma miso is so prominent on the back kek

No. 217949

File: 1656533269396.jpg (599.39 KB, 2048x1310, 98a12f66_2048.jpg)

Despite usually not caring about such things it's one of the few series I would read and enjoy all kinds of fillers of. Filler, SoL and most types of humor only work when for me I am attached to the characters. GK is a series that is living from its characters and their interactions anyway.

No. 217950

The cover's disappointing since Noda's drawn Sugimoto in the same pose before, but the color pallet and Asirpa on the back being very cute save it. The gold volume color is also neat. Glad they saved that one for last.

No. 217955

File: 1656534301646.png (1.1 MB, 1317x1091, 3c7af6fb11b9_tsurumisan_resize…)

Strange how many of my favorite series are sausage fests with adult guys in a post-war setting.
The more fandoms I joined the more I noticed how predictable my genre- and character and design taste actually is, despite thinking otherwise for a long time. It only took me so long because most of the content I like isn't as ubiquitous as the commonly popular genres. Hell, adult male MCs alone are already kinda rare for anime these days.
It happens in another fandom I am in as well so it's probably common behavior on social media. There are two trans side characters in that series and most western fans on twitter hype them up and claim they were two of their favs, but they never actually draw them. You know who fan artists really love by looking at their art motifs.

No. 217956

agree, it’s a redraw of an older one which is weird, but I like it with asirpa on the back. I hope the gold is really nice and shiny and gets used by other language publishers too

No. 217960

File: 1656537780518.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.51 KB, 728x1026, 9686e858c74f8879582b988e068f74…)

I've never even read GK but I have several images from it saved on my phone just because I like the art. (spoilered for boiled river otter head)

No. 217976

File: 1656542225350.jpg (324.17 KB, 1200x865, Eb6uMXtU4AEuECA.jpg)

Read it nonna, you won't regret it

If you don't like it, you can come back to this thread and a-log me to your heart's content

No. 217979

File: 1656542722931.jpg (216.39 KB, 1432x968, 65ba4675b422141aa0f40d84f46d35…)

This happened to me before I got into it. I saw all the iconic faces and naked dudes that were posted for fun and half of the time I was asking the fans if it was an edit or real (it was always real).
At some point I was simply interested enough to learn about the context of that since all I knew about this story was boiling down to "A series that thematises war, but it's all about food and looks like gay porn".

No. 217992

I started watching/reading it after seeing nonnies repeatedly gush about their GK husbandos for months on end.

No. 217997

File: 1656550624841.jpg (678.97 KB, 1720x2623, DpeaUjNW4AAEAxj.jpg)

I see the husbando propaganda works. Did you happen to have the same favorites as the majority of people you saw shilling their husbandos?

I remember how I read the first bunch of volumes and then didn't buy the rest for a while (for no specific reason other than lack of time maybe). And when I then visited my first GK threads I had to double-check when I saw so many people fawning over Ogata, because to me he was just that cannonfodder from the first volume I expected to never appear again and I (falsely) remembered his design to be pretty generic. The second most popular guy seemed to be Tsukishima, which surprised me just as much because he appeared early too but I couldn't even remember him since he didn't do anything in the early part, besides shooting that one guy. And he looked ugly to me lol.
After I read the rest then my opinions changed completely and I get it. Funny how even my perceiption of their look is changing once I like the personality. I love Tsukishima's design now. I thought I would never care about Ogata, Ushiyama or Koito either and yet here I am. I honestly enjoy almost every character, could buy doujinshi blind and I guess I would like whatever I get.

No. 218141

> Did you happen to have the same favorites as the majority of people you saw shilling their husbandos?
Yes, for everyone except Tsurumi. He’s an interesting character but I don’t get the fangirling over him.

No. 218293

File: 1656667450185.jpeg (72.61 KB, 500x482, 2AC1AFCA-8C3B-4CFE-92B6-291AD3…)

I love him too but yeah, same lol. his writing is so good its insane he basically carries the plot and is a fascinating character so I totally get how one can obsess over him. I am a bit obsessed too, imo its just integral to his character because he’s so interesting and charismatic af, but I’m not fawning over him so I guess his special tsurumi charm hasn’t blinded me yet kek
speaking of that, I love almost all gk characters so much. Of course there are some I despise on a personal level and some that i find not as interesting compared to others but even those are integrated in such a way that I appreciate them in the story. Even if there are some things that I didn’t love personally or think they could have been done better, there isn’t a single one where I wish that character would be gone. I guess with so many characters this is a sign of a well constructed cast in a great story. It’s balanced and good but I am not a person who picks a fave and then roots for their happy end or something like that so others may have a different experience ofc. damn will I ever find a manga as charming as this one again? It’s really outstanding in many ways
>picrel pov every time some artist gets into golden kamuy and catches the brainrot

No. 218299

File: 1656671532970.png (16.68 MB, 2362x3670, 87208341_p0.png)

God yeah. It's one of those series where the plot exists for the characters, not the other way around.
You technically get this a lot, but usually the characters are flat regardless then or lack any kind of quirkiness and charm or rely solely on waifu fanservice (or sparkling bishounen).

It also really helps that the designs are diverse. It gives the characters more individuality instead of showing another guy that looks like the other guys but with green hair this time. They also look appropriate for the context they are embedded in. They aren't skinny, they have beards, they have wounds and scars (and proceed to get more of them) and hell, they even look Japanese. At least for manga standards.

No. 218421

File: 1656718599392.jpg (534.4 KB, 2048x1213, FNVhkddXoBA1Lcf.jpg)

I regret joining so late because there was some merch and certainly a lot of doujinshi I really want. I will buy some soon though for sure, even if they are used. What Mandarake lists as used is usually indiscernible from completely new anyway and it's the only thing you can do if something isn't getting reprinted anymore. And they list like 3000 GK doujinshi, so I will surely find something there.
I am really digging the three Tsurumi covers (that dude really has some charisma man), especially the first two and Ogata for vol. 8.

No. 219367

File: 1657018467156.png (42.64 KB, 1897x189, o292903030.png)

kind of random but I lost my shit seeing this, someone wrote a tanigaki/noda fic?? lmao what the fuck

No. 219395

according to interviews he is Noda's favorite and thd one he would marry

No. 219414

File: 1657046358568.jpg (82.6 KB, 790x672, FVikIlZaQAAnBRr.jpg)

If this was Japanese I would have thought he wrote it himself.
Wonder how the two of them met, maybe Noda got isekai'ed into his own story.

No. 220950

File: 1657565569982.jpg (196.28 KB, 717x1000, FVx27FUagAIyjnA.jpg)

I wonder if Noda is browsing fanart sometimes.

No. 220971

File: 1657569703875.jpeg (122.77 KB, 850x623, ED12DC48-456D-4D49-BD7B-30B29F…)

He’s gotta

No. 220991

File: 1657576139609.jpg (114.49 KB, 400x529, 99201815_p1.jpg)

>draw a long-lasting series, make it good to make it popular
>insert fetishes
>lean back to enjoy never ending influx of doujinshi and fanart
Surely living the life here I wish I was such a chad.

No. 221081

File: 1657624100987.jpg (191.19 KB, 1478x1109, FXbzXQsVsAAWWD5.jpg)

Last volume came with a poster and its pretty funny

No. 221082

File: 1657624133287.jpg (250.11 KB, 1478x902, FXbzXQpUYAATMEd.jpg)

No. 221194

I just got into this anime watching it and then plan on reading it afterwords, I'm enjoying it so much!

No. 221289

File: 1657668712652.png (304.19 KB, 1300x1839, FVPP1IuagAAdZV8.png)

Dammit I want this. Everything about Nikaidou and dead Bro lifting Ogata up because he knows he wouldn't jump is awesome. I also like how cute it is to see all antagonists being happy together for once (save for Ogata, unless he is incapable of showing it).

No. 221294

File: 1657669864456.jpg (573.59 KB, 2048x2048, FRQd2NkUYAAdD8K.jpg)

Would you be willing to have nails like these? forever…

No. 221295

File: 1657669886085.jpg (366.3 KB, 1579x1579, FRVV_E4UYAAMiMm.jpg)


No. 221303

File: 1657671129628.png (319.52 KB, 452x698, 76096581_p44.png)

Good choice. I preferred to read the manga first because I could feel the anime was rushes, but it's better you watch that first maybe (up to the current season) and then get into the manga. The manga is fucking perfect, but it's even better if you can hear their voices while reading because you have seen the anime first. I get into everything about that time period but this series is especially great, and I dig the character writing and jokes so much. It's so fucking rare that an anime or manga makes me grin, let alone laugh, but I genuinely laughed quite often reading this.

No. 221350

File: 1657682512428.jpeg (411.04 KB, 792x1168, B7B6CD3D-D063-4312-A998-15461C…)

This is how I did it and I really recommend it. It’s not like the anime is worse per se (bear aside), just that they skip a bunch of stuff. There’s enough “new” stuff that it doesn’t feel boring or repetitive to read the manga after watching what’s come out so far in the anime, and then you get to keep going and read the rest.

No. 221364

File: 1657685471179.gif (2.44 MB, 540x304, dd91d3e9aefe40cfda2d60a46e2759…)

Absolutely. Just a tad bit shorter. I'd go target practicing with it too to show my Stacy dominance

No. 221388

File: 1657700913089.jpeg (339.98 KB, 716x1200, 89C18525-4E66-484D-A9EC-153C42…)

aw yes I did it this way too. I was so happy to see how much more sense everything makes if you read the manga because there is so much content and details that get skipped in the anime. Also the voice acting is perfect and definitely makes it worth to watch it. To me the anime made me like it a lot already, but reading everything really made me fall in love because theres so much stuff to think about if you’re not solely into it to watch hot guys beat the fuck out of each other kek. >>221289 I love how in golden kamuy almost everyone is an antagonist, not many series do it this way but it makes so much sense with the theme of the gold hunt.

No. 221425

File: 1657709576880.jpg (50.74 KB, 564x738, 4bfcc64685a6b21845883a08001f6a…)

Holy shit I just read the manga in a couple of days and just had to start re-reading it almost immediately. Started watching the anime too. I wish I had started way earlier, no series has made me feel this happy in years

No. 221486

File: 1657726317672.jpeg (282.53 KB, 1430x2048, EE170683-7EDA-4646-A9A8-6C7BB9…)

samefag, my bad I didnt notice that this picture got already posted right a few posts before
can relate so much I needed to reread it too after I finished it for the first time. Its rare to find manga as good as this. I honestly cant decide if I’m happy or sad that its not very popular in the western mainstream.
damn this gif makes me really want to slap him hehe

No. 221503

File: 1657732972201.png (616.25 KB, 417x313, 58a20c6dc8dd3432c6fa8224.png)

For does that would like to read the official digital GK volumes 01-26 here is a link https://literature.td-index.workers.dev/0:/Manga/Golden%20Kamuy%20(v01-26)%20(2017-2022)%20(Digital)%20(1r0n)/
Although I highly recommend purchasing a physical volume later on as the series will forever be my favourite manga series because of the cast, worldbuilding and a nice mixture of seriousness and comedy. picrel is cum detective Usami

No. 221568

File: 1657747853333.jpg (1.09 MB, 2643x2370, FNIYNwmakAEW5cm.jpg)

if you get a viz/shonen jump membership you can read it online for like $2 a month. there's an app too but gk is only available on the website. so happy to see other anons enjoying it so much! i'm currently in the middle of two other manga and still have the urge to reread it again for the third time kek

No. 221574

File: 1657748860064.jpg (171.74 KB, 1068x534, ExJHB89UcAI0Bzy.jpg)

the viz translation kinda sucks which is a shame though, i would love to own the volumes.

No. 221576

File: 1657749116475.jpg (88.84 KB, 1200x867, FUuJ4U1aUAAUq1R.jpg)

Well I did it I bought the Ogata nendo. Wish certain other characters had some as well, but still incredibly happy he got one in the first place.
Where are all these new fans coming from because I did the same. I noticed that there is an incredibly high amount of incredibly well drawn fanart popping off on my twitter timeline for a while, because the artists I followed for other reasons got into GK as well at some point. I bought the first volume like a year back and let it lie around until I finally read it some time ago. I got my ass and bought and read the whole available series afterwards, all within a week and now I read it twice.
Cannot remember the last time this has happened for a long-running manga, if it ever happened. I cannot describe how happy it makes me, being into this is sheer joy. The only downside is literally that I am angry at myself for not starting it years ago, even though I knew that I would like. I had GK on my to-read/to-watch list for a good while, I just didn't expect to like it THAT much.

No. 221585

File: 1657750184805.jpg (487.8 KB, 2048x1796, FRv30xSaQAAQIdl.jpg)

>viz/shonen jump membership
Not available in my country unfortunately
Is there a better fan translation out there?
I hope Ogata nendo arrives safely to your home! I think Golden Kamuy will boom into popularity in maybe a year or two after really popular western artist start drawing them along with the fact that it doesn't really have much merch outside of japan even though they had an exhibition in UK a couple of years ago and it's doesn't look center around teens, have mostly men in the cast, looks historical but it turns off moid because of typical Noda fanservice aka naked men, non-Bishounen leads and they manga flavour of the month normie would definitely hate on Shirashi lol

No. 221586

File: 1657750204077.jpg (245.17 KB, 500x600, 71576382_p31.jpg)

>love how in golden kamuy almost everyone is an antagonist, not many series do it this way but it makes so much sense with the theme of the gold hunt
I dig series that are full of assholes and outcasts that struggle to re-integrate into society after a life of fighting, trauma or loneliness and fight each others instead. I am into some of the idw transformer comics for the same reason. The problem is that this setting is already rare as it is and if it happens there is the chance it might be edgy and I don't like that. I like dark stuff, but edginess is more about the mindset of the author than the amount of violence in a story. Golden Kamuy is technically serious as shit (contentwise), shows a lot of violence and most of the characters have killed a lot of people, but instead of being nihilist the series depicts the characters as quirky and wants us to like them and to laugh about the shit say and do and for some reason the humor never even clashes with the seriousness because it's somehow always both at once. It has a bit of that funny wild west feeling.
Are they really bad? I remember that I noticed how some parts were translated pretty differently from the official TLs in my country, but I didn't know who was at fault there.

No. 221587

nonna gk has one of the best fan translations out there

No. 221590

File: 1657751154285.jpg (236.88 KB, 540x763, 86849802_p46.jpg)

I noticed the popularity difference too. It's weird, usually what's popular in JP is also popular in the rest of the world, at least among fans of the same type of media. Though Kamuy is always among the bestsellers in Japan, gets quite an abundance of merch and it gets an endless amount of fan art while it keeps getting ignored by western fans. Even for places filled with fandom members I only find a handful of westerners that even talk about it. I wonder if the taste is different here or if it's because of the prejudices people have against manga here.

I think Japanese people are much more aware of the diversity that exist in manga, whereas most westerners (fans and haters) I met seem reduce manga to battle shounen like Naruto and cute school girls or lately isekai. The thing is that I can rarely convince the fans of these genres to give other manga a chance (and they might not like them anyway), but I also cannot convince non-manga readers to try it because to them manga are always moe slice of life series or super power battle series and they aren't into that.
Funny enough I know at least two women that would absolutely be into the type of humor and characters but they won't touch anything without classical manga bishounen designs.

No. 221606

File: 1657752921084.png (1.8 MB, 741x716, 1280.png)

Noda did win the grand prize for the Japan Mangaka Association Award which is nothing to snuff at however westerners would rather read bishounen designed and "magic" action packed manga like Demon slayer which also won the same prize last year
Can you name the scanlation group?

No. 221607

File: 1657753006980.png (242.16 KB, 455x643, 76096581_p53.png)

I honestly think the designs are 10/10, but I got into the series because I was attracted to brain-leak Tsurumi in the first place after seeing some scenes with him so maybe my taste isn't representative.

No. 221611

File: 1657753562569.png (1.19 MB, 1002x1425, 3652865285.png)

The bastards are clearly my favorite category. Followed by stupid (and Tsukishima).

No. 221612

>but they won't touch anything without classical manga bishounen designs.
I would understand it when gk was drawn like Baki or hows it called but the art in the manga is great and some of the guys are really pretty none the less. sad but their loss honestly.
But I can imagine that some people are just not interested in the theme at first glance because many who got into it mentioned that they ignored it for a long time. Maybe a western-style story really is more popular in japan while the western weebs are more into the typical shit associated with manga, like you said. Might be that many tend to be more interested in isekai shit and whatever because it feels more ‚exotic‘ to them, adding to making it harder for such series to build up hype in the western market.
Everyday Heroes, they translate Dungeon meshi as well
most of the designs are absolutely perfect in my opinion, simple but on point.

No. 221613

I think that 日本漫画家協会賞 is more accurately translated to Japan Cartoonists Association Award, sorry for mistranslation.

No. 221614

File: 1657754129516.jpeg (89.52 KB, 630x380, 58BDB440-DC41-42D0-8793-FD0611…)

I’m almost positive this chapter will never get an anime adaptation which makes me sad cuz it’s heartwarming and hilarious.

No. 221615

File: 1657754222871.jpeg (172.8 KB, 433x757, C6FF2556-9697-47EA-BD82-3FEA98…)


No. 221617

File: 1657754623427.jpg (448.24 KB, 2048x1448, FOjFtIWVQAIc7H4.jpg)

Simple designs are almost always better than complex ones I think because the artist has to make them look diverse if they want the audience to be able to tell the characters apart. With more detailed designs the artist might focus on the little things instead of the big picture and you might get samefaces with super complex hairstyles or over-designed dudes, although the latter is more commonly happening with female characters.

I prefer a strong feeling of individuality. Characters should look unique and have an unique body language. The body language and poses are often even more important than the face to me and Noda tends to put thought into this. Odaka for example is moving, posing and expressing himself differently than others, he sticks out in his own unique way. But so does Tsurumi or Tsukishima too.
In a manga with good character writing I should be able to tell the protagonists apart by the faces alone or only by the type of movement, even if everything else was hidden in a panel.

No. 221694

File: 1657795834469.jpg (21.08 KB, 333x136, Screenshot_20220714_123521.jpg)

>Characters should look unique and have an unique body language
nta but yess I 100% agree, Noda has succeeded in making even the side characters feel tangible.

Also somehow Ogata's death sank in really slow for me, maybe because of the brainrot, and I'm going full retard and saving every single panel of him lmao

No. 221774

File: 1657814180941.jpg (608.11 KB, 850x1452, FK1PQOmaUAI_j4-.jpg)

Bad ends always make me simp even harder for a character. There is this unfulfilled desire of seeing them getting a better outcome that is never satisfied because you know what the canon is. On the other hand it gives me (and looks like a lot of other fans too) a ton of inspiration for fanart motifs or fics. If a character gets a true happy end the story feels concluded to me and a lot of times I do not feel like changing or adding anything to it.

No. 221853

File: 1657825180178.jpg (140.19 KB, 1003x1222, IMG_9858.JPG)

No it was like that for me as well, when I first saw it I was like “ok he died” but the more I thought about everything that happened there in detail the worse it got if that makes sense? Not to sound pretentious but I think its kind of complex and pretty depressing if you stop to think about it, and made me wish I was a speedreader lol because damn some of those themes are heavy. talking about that, like >>221586 said its amazing how well serious and funny themes mix in gk.

No. 221866

File: 1657826876967.jpg (27.17 KB, 500x500, Evo3cm8VIAEu5Xz.jpg)

I really have to keep my eye on this, I don't want to miss the pre-order period again. I hope they will make Odaka look a bit more arrogant though. His typical grinning face when he slightly lifts his head to look down on others would be perfect for this figure. I like it regardless, but with with a neutral expression it isn't as impressive.
Sugimoto is better because he's showing anger. But they are just the first 3D renders so I hope they might adjust them a bit.

No. 221870

nta but why do you call him odaka lol

No. 221872

File: 1657827503301.jpg (62.96 KB, 400x370, 92881016_p20.jpg)

I thing that was a typo

No. 221875

File: 1657827727782.jpg (103.48 KB, 500x900, 73838454_p8.jpg)

Sorry please ignore, I am just brain dead and cannot type while I am eating.

No. 221896

This some really weird detail to pay a lot of attention to but the very first thing about this series that left an impression on me were the dead eyes of most of the 7th division characters. At first I thought it was just the drawing style, but Sugimoto, Hijikata and later Koito and such look alive and show reflections in their eyes.

Tsukishima is dead serious so it looks at least natural on him, but Tsurumi is often passionately talking about something or smiling and yet his eyes usually aren't. And as with his underlings they are pitch black with no shine to them. It always made him come off as a fanatic (which he actually is) who pretends to care while his mind is trapped somewhere else far away. It might actually just be a coincidence but the characters that are broken actually look broken to me and it's mostly the eyes. Ogata and Nikaido have it as well. When Ogata should be happy he is usually just wearing a blank expression and thinks and when he smiles it's mostly genuine and not looking genuine either, because again, his eyes aren't smiling. Most of the time when he's grinning he does it on purpose to piss someone else off or to show his superiority. Sometimes the dead eyes can make the characters cute actually, but they were also kind of creepy when I started watching this.

No. 221921

where can I buy merch? I know there's not a lot of western options.. Just want a little sugi keychain or Asirpa plushie

No. 221922

What drew me into this series was that style of eyes, and wow I didn't think of it like that. Definitely creepy.

No. 221931

File: 1657835868365.jpeg (246.58 KB, 800x800, 055878E4-8A16-47A4-B200-9219C1…)

AliExpress if you’re okay with knockoffs

No. 221942

File: 1657838984485.jpg (132.77 KB, 1753x537, 25721985715.JPG)

I use:
https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/?lang=en (mainly for doujinshi)
You can easily pay with paypal there as long as your doujinshi or merch is sfw (otherwise you have to use a credit card).
Doujins on Mandarake are second-hand, but everything I ever ordered there was indistinguishable from a new item, plus, doujinshi sell out quickly and will most likely not get reprints anymore if it's older than one or two years, so you can only get most doujinshi from places like this.

There are around 4000 Golden Kamuy doujinshi listed on Mandarate btw.
If one you want one that is out of stock activate the alert option and they will send you an e-mail as soon as a copy is in stock again.

Very popular and you find all kinds of merch items here too. You can pay with paypal.

Mercari, https://buyee.jp/mercari/
Among other proxy services I am using buyee for websites like this, since many shops don't allow you to buy directly if you are living outside of Japan, unlike Mandarake and such. So you need someone buying it for you and later sending it to you after the items arrive at their deposit.

You can also use other proxies like Blackship (https://blackship.com/), or Zenmarket (https://zenmarket.jp/). Buyee is easy to use and well-known, but doesn't allow you to buy nsfw. So for those things I would use stuff like Zenmarket. They also have a nice tutorial that will explain every step to you when you buy a thing.

Another popular place for merch and doujinshi is this:
I haven't used it yet though, think you have to use a proxy service here as well IIRC. But the assortment is great.

No. 221945

File: 1657840385680.jpg (56.92 KB, 600x600, GOODS-04104269.jpg)

A lot of gk merch is releasing right now because of the new season and the manga ending. I wouldn't use mandy and pay aftermarket prices for second hand unless there's something specific you want. Picrel is available on amiami rn and hobbysearch also has similar stock

If you're ok using a shipping service you can order from jump too https://jumpcs.shueisha.co.jp/shop/r/r20033/?filtercode13=1 or https://jumpshop-online.com or https://store.hpplus.jp/jumpcs/shop/r/r24264/

>>221931 looks like a bootleg of fanmerch, so I would recommend ordering straight from etsy for fanmerch or booth https://booth.pm/en but you'd need a ss for that too I think.

No. 221946

Samefag but it looks like they have the asirpa plush up for preorder still. She's kind of expensive, though. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=GOODS-04231753

No. 221950

File: 1657841228053.jpg (177.35 KB, 725x857, 0611181333_62a45cbded6a8.jpg)

Just bought some of the recent merch too because I missed it earlier, that stuff feels like it's out of stock within seconds sometimes.
Got some of that acrylic chibi set because I think they are cute. I also bought one of the old man. No Ogata though, his merch is the hardest to get.

No. 221977

File: 1657848066889.jpeg (209.28 KB, 787x673, 8F4E0F2C-B659-4DDA-B996-915906…)

I thought Ogata’s death was done really, really well. I know nonnies were still shooting for redemption but I never felt like it was heading that direction and so all I wanted was for Ogata to at least realize he’d screwed up. The way Noda did it switching back and forth between the train and all the previous settings we’ve seen, with Ogata talking right at the reader/himself, was extremely well done and dramatic. And yes, he did deserve to die. The scene was super satisfying/cathartic for me.

No. 222061

File: 1657859690098.gif (1.25 MB, 1033x1129, 966BE54A-5F4E-4004-94D6-C8D615…)

No. 222072

tbf most anons here including me seemed to be pretty content that hes gonna die, but like that one anon said you just want characters you like to get some nice moments even when its unrealistic kek. I thought he screwed up too bad with asirpa and was getting worse from that on and tbh his conflict wasnt something that could have been resolved without escalation anyway since its so deeply fucked up. I also think the death was done great, he really had to spell it out black on white for the readers (and to ogata, the way he talks to himself) honestly couldnt have gotten a better conclusion at that point of the story imo. That he had it coming is out of question, but so had most other characters from whom not all died and it was a good narrative choice to conclude in suicide even though its sad. Agree with it being cathartic somehow because so much was dissolved

No. 222106

File: 1657882589098.jpg (23.64 KB, 266x355, f33288c9d0f7b6f4713b898bc6030d…)

gotta agree with both of you, even though I am an ogatafag >>221694 I do think that his death was done well. Really no other way would have been any good. While I do love the idea of seeing him happy, I'm glad that he died in the end and that it went like it did. The execution was so good with him talking to himself and switching the scenes, and the way he smiled when he fell fucked me up because it was good. Still makes me sad tho because he's my little meow meow.

The only thing I wish could have happened/been shown was the immediate aftermath of it all. The survivors reflecting on the whole thing and on the ones who died. What Asirpa feels about how Ogata died, in the end she didn't really kill him. And he did say hinna and citatap but too far gone to be redeemed. But that's what fanfiction is for I guess lmao

No. 222166

File: 1657904823871.jpeg (96.6 KB, 750x851, 5A7B27B4-7C6D-454C-B575-4F4FC9…)

who u starin at

No. 222168

File: 1657905307076.png (2.12 MB, 2311x1730, 13223457889.png)

interesting that this was one of the first things that you noticed! I think the way the eyes of the characters look is an awesome detail and its used consistently as a storytelling element when the eyes of characters visibly change in defining moments. Its as if the inner world of the characters get portrayed through their eyes. Very fitting for a story like that and I love how so much in gk gets told by being visually depicted instead of explained with text, it forces the readers to actually think about everything.
omg this is too cute
if the story would have run longer I would have liked that as well because it directly broaches the issue of guilt and murder which is very relevant for especially asirpa, but sugimoto too and as a theme that narratively bound the three of them together could have been used a bit more, also they did wonder wtf his problem is. But the way the story ended so quickly after that didn’t leave much space for something like that imo since there were so many other things that needed closure

No. 222180

File: 1657908205469.jpeg (389.42 KB, 917x1920, 1B1D1749-9C7D-4A37-A800-857CDF…)

Yeah, There wasn’t really a “falling action” when I think it could have really used one. Even that may or may not have been enough time to sort out Ogata, but I think there’s other loose ends in character development that could have been tied up then.

No. 222324

File: 1657965052890.jpg (979.4 KB, 3181x1670, EuZ3G1-VcAEgfdx.jpg)

>I love how so much in gk gets told by being visually depicted instead of explained with text
I love it too because it ads an additional layer of story telling. You can characterize them better with this because humans don't just convey emotions and thoughts with words, so ignoring the expressions, movements and behavior means the characters will be flatter no matter how interesting their words are.
Plus an author doesn't have the time to develop every side character properly, but diverse character designs and expressions can help what that. I remember how Serpico from Berserk was insanely popular during his first arc despite barely saying a word because of that.

No. 222828

She’s so cute!! Where I am at in the manga I miss her!!

No. 222842

Yeah I always interpreted that otter scene as Ogata being the inexperienced loser of the bunch since I assume that everybody else had had sex before, like most normal people. He isn't unconscious but he clearly got into some health trouble and he felt dizzy, which is a prestage of this, so I do indeed agree with the other anon about the interpretation that the warning about the possibility to pass out that was mentioned in an earlier panel was actually related to this.
It doesn't tell us whether he is gay or not though, since the horniness happens anyway due to whatever chemicals the cooked meat is emitting.

No. 223196

Does anyone have the newest pages that got released? Please dump if you do!

No. 223593

File: 1658402519912.png (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 1688x1200, 918171627.PNG)

There are so many new pages, I only saved a few maybe I can post some more later. picrel one of them.

No. 223616

File: 1658413769043.jpg (27.08 KB, 338x360, FXe-rulXwAQVOMa.jpg)

Any thoughts on War from Chainsawman? I personally never read the manga however the author supposedly modelled her after Saichi. I can see the resemblance however I can't help but think of the scrote version of him.

No. 223671

Really hate that doujinshi that is so popular.

No. 223673

File: 1658426940514.png (636.18 KB, 800x598, 90679662_p0.png)

I really like some of the new parts. Man, I am already missing this series. At least there is the anime next season.

No. 223685

File: 1658428532423.png (Spoiler Image,1.59 MB, 1688x1200, 7181829.PNG)

tsurumi confirmed alive

No. 223690

File: 1658429743805.png (Spoiler Image,2.25 MB, 1688x1200, u171818.PNG)

same… I hope it will be good and that they dont skip the semen detective part.
I think I know which one you mean, I hate how the artist draws men realistically while the women look like botched abominations, reminds me of boichi.

No. 223691

File: 1658430465345.png (Spoiler Image,2.14 MB, 1688x1200, i1199191.PNG)

sugiosisters… weve been blessed
The many changes and additions for vol.31 were nothing too groundbreaking except tsurumi survival these are just some favs

No. 223715

I'm sorry to say it but I hate this. I wish it was left vague. Other than that I'm loving the additions I've seen. The fact that Tsurumi and Sugi end up in a bite battle is pretty hilarious and fitting for them. And the extra sugio content!!! I will never get over the blood drops shaped as hearts kek thank you Noda for blessing us one last time.

No. 223731

File: 1658444221372.jpg (54.31 KB, 768x768, 88453520_p116.jpg)

Someone should upload more doujinshi for this series, seriously. It has thousands, but only a few that were ever uploaded and translated at some point and it doesn't help that half of them are meh.
Maybe I should do it myself, I have a bunch.

No. 223740

File: 1658445877316.jpg (15.49 KB, 320x165, IMG-20220115-WA0006.jpg)

This thread has been so lively recently! Makes me really happy, even though I've been busy.

I can see a lot of Ichi the Killer in her as well, and I am sure that was also an inspo for Noda himself. Fujimoto obviously is a movie nerd, so I believe it was like killing 2 birds with one stone.

Funny enough I "recently" found out that artist is actually a woman. I always thought it was a bi moid, because she also made a fujo doujinshi called Usagi no Honkai (actually she had more, but she has a habit of deleting everything). You are right that she draws the men really nice and them the women are super pornified and full of hentai tropes. I don't get it. But at the time it did surprise me that a moid knew what and where the g spot was, so when I found out that she was a woman it made sense lol I am guessing she's a super coomer bi woman.
>Maybe I should do it myself, I have a bunch.
Anon, please!! Don't even need to translate it, I'll do it for you.

Tsurumi surviving is an interesting one for me. I don't hate it, I think I have no opinion on it, really. I think he'll live a real miserable life, or maybe not? Where could he go from there? Golden Kamuy 2 on the making? kek

I wish I could see more of my husbands fighting.. I actually wouldn't mind like 3 whole pages of it kek
Where can I find all of the new pages? 4chan? Or was it dropped on another pirate raw place?

I don't keep up with the anime as much, but it's always welcome for new merch and new voice lines. I wonder how Boutaro's voice is going to be!

Same anon, I am saving some money so I can snatch them, also for my possible Sugimoto nendo. GSC is currently doing a survey for Figures (non moveable) I am spamming them with GK stuff kek. If anyone wants to join me: https://www.smilefest.com/tokyo2022/en/campaign/
I think my dream figures would probably be Sugimoto holding the guts of Nikaido's twin while he has the skewers in his face + Ogata holding the recently caught swan up. I don't know why, but in my head they would make for amazing figures.

Superduper late, but this art is so cute. Reminds me of a continuation of picrel. I want more of this so badly ugh

No. 223747

File: 1658446640248.jpg (823.39 KB, 2480x3508, FGwio4RVgAA1iNY.jpg)

>Anon, please!! Don't even need to translate it, I'll do it for you.
That would be damn cool. It's weird, the series has thousands of doujinshi but nobody in the west has or scans them. Maybe the series is generally not as popular in the west, though I wouldn't know why, considering how hyped it is in Japan. Anyway thankfully ordering doujinshi is much easier nowadays, they are my favorite type of merch (if you can call it merch) after figures.

No. 223751

File: 1658448727422.jpg (113.96 KB, 736x736, 25855bc722ea53c1674e3b4fbc4f58…)

I guess instead of merch (official), they could be called fan art? Some people just don't care that much about the fandom side of things, so that would explain the lack of interest. And yeah, I think it's a pretty niche series outside of Japan. It's always well regarded, but not well known.

No. 223766

File: 1658452772153.jpg (260.63 KB, 872x1193, EjB_YTKWkAE-lHQ.jpg)

This series is making me laugh and depresses the fuck out of me at the same time. And a lot of times it's making me laugh to make me feel twice as bad later, about the very thing or character I laughed about. At least I cannot complain about a lack of immersion.

No. 223855

File: 1658488276634.jpg (Spoiler Image,856.83 KB, 1000x1577, 9182778992.jpg)

>I wish I could see more of my husbands fighting.. I actually wouldn't mind like 3 whole pages of it kek
picrel I remember nonas talking about recognizing a heart shape in the original page; ofc they suspected it to be their imagination due to brainrot but it seems like it was real all along KEK noda pls there is even more, they were dropped on 4chan as well. sugi/tsurumi fight got great additions too
> I don't hate it, I think I have no opinion on it, really.
I think its fun but I could do without it. In the end its kind of comical to me how few of the more major characters who had it coming actually died, not that I care about that much as I‘m not a moralfag but idk feels a bit weird in retrospect and I would lie if I said I didnt expect a bit more
>it did surprise me that a moid knew what and where the g spot was
>I don't know why, but in my head they would make for amazing figures.
These sound great and I would get them, amazing taste. Wish there would be more fun smaller figures like that

No. 223866

File: 1658493663116.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1460x899, i'm looking respectfully.png)

sorry if this should be obvious but I notice that some of the pages posted here, e.g. >>223855 has a panel that is not at all in the scanlation I read which had this >>195241 Is it a difference between the magazine and tankoubon version? The one with an extra panel being the latter?

>it's making me laugh to make me feel twice as bad later, about the very thing or character I laughed about
well put, I think that's a big part of the charm of this cast of characters, at least for me

all that blood going mouth-to-mouth has me feeling some kind of way kek. I feel like I'm a teenager again with this sugio brainrot, started even writing a fanfic for the first time ever since there's not really much of it in english

same, it's everywhere! I liked Usagi no Honkai because of the quality of the art tho

No. 223868

File: 1658494607644.jpg (1.44 MB, 1750x3200, FYQfeIJVsAAyNWJ.jpg)

Not that anon but damn yeah I would buy every figure for this series. Many possible motifs and poses that would be cool, especially for Ogata.
I would also love any kind of nendo or figure of Tsukishima, Hijikata or Tsurumi. I have no hope we will ever get any, but I can dream. Would be cool if at least Tsurumi would get a nendo when the anime airs. He has quite a lot of merch that seems to sell, same with Tsukishima.

No. 224335

File: 1658682480100.jpg (320.76 KB, 2048x1152, FYaFnlsVUAApcyL.jpg)

No. 224338

File: 1658682651889.jpg (241.59 KB, 1600x1200, FYZOKAzaQAAKZY_.jpg)

Finally a Tsurumi, Usami and Old Man cat too.

No. 224350

File: 1658684437495.jpg (547.52 KB, 1764x2508, Eem9DWEVoAAp_YD.jpg)

>Maybe I should do it myself, I have a bunch.
Please do nonna! Especially if you have any with tsurumi or the other division members in it. I only ever see sugio doujins.
That usami is melting my heart

No. 224361

File: 1658688245638.jpeg (109.24 KB, 1200x1146, FDF3D071-E25C-4BA3-AF99-AEC247…)

you would be doing gods work, anon.
where the hell do these suddenly come from? They look great!
>old man

No. 224363

File: 1658688398744.png (861.73 KB, 650x840, DexRP3IUYAsKSn8.png)

Oh yeah, I am trying to get them. Besides Sugio doujins Yuusaku/Ogata and Koito/Tsukishima doujinshi are the easiest ones to find because there are thousands of them, but I desire a bunch of stuff with Tsurumi, I hope I can scan all of them once I can get a new scanner and have some time, which will hopefully be the case once something in my shitjob chances next month or the month afterwards.

I wish there were more Tsurumi/Usami doujinshi, I love Usami related pairings and the division characters in general. Tsurumi has some good taste in men.

No. 224409

File: 1658706010091.jpg (272.32 KB, 800x533, FYZP8o9VUAA14cU.jpg)

I have no idea but I really want them. I hope I won't miss the pre-oders, whenever and wherever they might begin.

No. 224429

File: 1658722317887.jpg (126.18 KB, 736x862, 4c8a21e537f884fae3606d6059687a…)

My prayers have been answered! I hope this new season brings more figures of them. I'll get these for sure! They'll look so cute on top my cup noodles.

Damn, that blood heart on the left panel is blatant. Noda sensei, you sly dog

No. 224477

File: 1658747961190.jpeg (471.43 KB, 960x1280, 5F899A12-5225-4AB5-9CE5-4F3F14…)

nta but yes its from the recently released tankoubon version where noda always adds pages and changes some stuff. It’s the final canon, and the version that comes closest to his vision because he can do what he wants there and doesnt have to play by the rules of the magazine to get it published.
>started even writing a fanfic for the first time ever
oh nice, hope you upload it when you’re finished! Never get enough of this. I was legit blushing like an idiot when I saw the additions for 309, he really did that
>>224335 I hope they are small and not too expensive and that there will be more figures like that for other characters too, I love the idea that they just sit everywhere in their distinctive poses. Wonder what it’d look like for Usami, lol

No. 224507

File: 1658764224575.jpg (262.49 KB, 1080x928, 628291873.jpg)

Seems like it's a Sega prize figure, those are usually on the cheaper side (both quality and retail wise), so they'll probably be affordable. The thing is that not all store will carry them because they are usually made for crane game centers in Japan, rather than for actual figure stores… Let's see.
Also I read somewhere that they'll be about 15cm, so they are not very big. But since they're sitting, they'll feel a bit bigger since it's not the full body that is 15cm, but the figure height.

No. 224536

File: 1658773068121.png (2.65 MB, 2480x1748, Lt..Tsurumi.by naruysae.png)

ohhhohoh, I need these. The ones posted earlier itt will definitely be too expensive for me so I'll take what I can get, immediately placed a pre-order on the Sugimoto one lmao. I hope Usami and Asirpa will get proper figures at some point

ayrt, thank you for clarifying! Guess I'll have to restart my project of saving every single Ogata panel since the scanlation I read was obviously the one without the additions. I really want to get the entire series of books…
>hope you upload it when you’re finished!
kek we'll see about that

No. 224562

File: 1658777911515.jpg (493.96 KB, 2048x1387, FXWjPAzaQAAqhnK.jpg)

Depends on who counts as secondary character. If everybody but the main few counts Tsurumi would be my choice.

In general the first thought would be Ogata, but I share too many traits with him to make it work. We might just stare into the void together and never genuinely approach the respective other. Tsurumi is perfect. He is charismatic, smart, he has (in my opinion) the cutest face, he is sophisticated, you can sperg with him about history, weapons and traditional shit and he has a high goal he absolutely wants to fight for. People with these traits are the types of persons I usually get along with well in real life and he is more cheerful than me so we wouldn't awkwardly bounce each other off.

If with secondary you really mean characters with actually smaller roles than I would choose Kadokura or Yuusaku.
Then again, if I had to choose a husband from the main ones and Tsurumi doesn't count I would settle with Ogata after all and enjoy the bad end it would most likely result in. I wouldn't get along with Sugimoto I think and he is too much of a simp for my taste. I also prefer characters with a strong personal goal or question that's driving them.

No. 224571

File: 1658782246119.jpg (223.96 KB, 1442x1112, FYHnxtfaUAE7Rf7.jpg)

>Wonder what it’d look like for Usami, lol
Usami always gets the most creative poses or expressions for merch.

No. 224592

File: 1658795852794.png (1.08 MB, 1004x571, 583973897534.png)

Speaking of figures, Bandai will have a full crane machine dedicated to Golden Kamuy, with Chibi Prize Figures included! It seems like it will be available only in november.
The prizes:
>A Prize: Framed drawing
>B Prize: Sugimoto blanket
>C Prize: Asirpa Blanket
>D Prize: Ogata Blanket
>E Prize: Tsukishima Blanket
>F Prize: Koito Blanket
>G Prize: Asirpa Chokonokko Figure
>H Prize: Sugimoto and (or?) Ogata Chokonokko Figure
>I Prize: Chokonokko acrylic keychain
>J Prize: Acrylic Stand

Googling Chokonokko, you can see how's the style of the figurines. They'll probably be super cute, I can already tell that I'll also want them. kinkamu is making me consoom

No. 224635

File: 1658827973542.jpg (172.18 KB, 1552x1552, FWLx4CeVEAIu2va.jpg)

Fucking dammit I want them.
And yeah I just googled chokonokko too, never heard that word before. Looks like a Japanese version of funko pops but better. Could be cute.
All this merch and the endless flow of new doujinshi is making me so happy.

No. 224737

Love that troons hold onto that character for representation because it’s accurate. (The skin walker prisoner)

No. 224740

File: 1658867480975.jpg (686.83 KB, 2763x4093, FYB54rOaAAACSWk.jpg)

Seeing old Tsurumi fanart heals my soul.

No. 225175

File: 1659030165190.jpg (189.28 KB, 716x955, IMG_20220728_184811.jpg)

Damn he finally arrived. Was so busy hating on my job and most people I know I almost forgot. Slightly less suicidal now. I like him a lot, he is very moe.

No. 225186

File: 1659033052363.jpeg (574.18 KB, 2048x1536, FLdAQQJaUAce9o0.jpeg)

Yes! He's super cute. Congrats on the acquisition! We're now Ogata nendo sisters.
Also take a peek at this cute Usami custom nendo. It's so perfect

No. 225193

File: 1659034912666.jpg (174.09 KB, 1500x2000, FUGIcmrakAUFZZZ.jpg)

Thank you anon! I am very happy with him I am so glad he was popular enough to make them create this due to fan demand.
>Also take a peek at this cute Usami custom nendo.
I genuinely thought it was an official nendo the first time I had seen him, he is so well made.
I don't have much hope we will ever get them officially but I would buy a cute Usami or Tsurumi nendo as well if they made some (or honestly any division member). I don't that wonder Ogata is the primary choice though, he isn't just popular he is also made for cute IMO. I love so many characters from that series but if I was forced to choose I would always choose him.

I am kinda tempted getting the Odacat figure now as well. Especially because I am surely getting some others from that series here >>224338 and maybe Tsukishima if I find him.

I love that they included the happy Ogata chitatap face for the nendo and the butterfly.

No. 226228

Hehe his boobies are censored

No. 226252

File: 1659457047083.jpg (108.79 KB, 736x691, 1e1dd3a3187519f0430e40264a0925…)

Which reminds me: only Dekai Anime had these for pre-order so far?
They don't ship to my country, rip.

No. 226319

File: 1659479377586.jpg (66.19 KB, 736x563, IMG_20220324_123040.jpg)

I haven't seen them anywhere else yet but I'm not sure how early prize figures like this normally go up for preorder. I'm trying to decide if I should wait and see if somewhere else will have them cheaper or bite the bullet and order them on dekai so I can stop thinking about it. I'm sure resellers will have them at scalper prices in the aftermarket…..

No. 226324

File: 1659480979983.jpg (583.93 KB, 1378x2039, FUMr3byagAAUJQ2.jpg)

Other anon, I didn't even know you could pre-order them in the first place. Nice to know. I would be surprised if it was just DA though. It doesn't strike me as a particularly huge shop. At least I hope it will pop up somewhere else. It's still early, they are released in December it seems.

No. 226325

File: 1659481487981.jpg (92.46 KB, 1080x566, FYsX-4MXkAAgfyg.jpg)

>I'm sure resellers will have them at scalper prices in the aftermarket…
Yeah Ogata in particular gets outpriced like some sort of drug or something. My fear is that I will forget it again since I only ever randomly remember things I have to do in the future and that might not happen till it's already too late so maybe I will actually order it now before I fuck up again.
I kinda hope they will do other characters as well. Would be funny having all of them sit and face each other with their typical sitting poses. Though I am happy about these two already and I want them, especially the cat man.

No. 229659

File: 1660252800647.png (475.84 KB, 600x774, FZ45K5JVEAAeZKN.png)

They are planning to sell those plush sausages for GK too now if anybody is interested.

No. 229673

File: 1660256516299.jpg (270.64 KB, 1080x1483, IMG_20220811_191730.jpg)

I was gonna post these top and forgot about it anon, thanks for reminding me! They'll also sell keychains of the Sanrio Collab. I'm biased but Ogata with the serious face and hello kitty hairband is super cute, gap moe to the max. I wonder why Koito is so serious too, though.

Also all these Sega collabs (there's a Ryu ga Gotoku Mobile x Golden Kamuy Collab for those that don't know) are making people gossip about a possible GK Sega Game in the making. I think that's a bit too much of wishful thinking, but holy shit, a Yakuza-like Golden Kamuy game would make me cream, instant buy no doubt.

No. 229682

File: 1660257627457.jpg (78.47 KB, 715x1024, FVJi8e4VUAU3vwj.jpg)

I also think Ogata is the best, but turns out I might also be biased because he is my man. Though Tsukishima's face always works on cute merch as well.
Speaking of it I was sure I would never get those sleepy cats, but now I found an Ogata for 16 Euro online and got him regardless. Guess that settles it. I will get Tsurumi too then. Actually considering how manipulative he is but how cute and affectionate he can be for whoever is trying to get on his side he would make a pretty good cat.
>I think that's a bit too much of wishful thinking, but holy shit, a Yakuza-like Golden Kamuy game would make me cream, instant buy no doubt.
Holy shit I don't get my hopes up for anything either but damn that would be badass. Though considering how popular the manga is a game wouldn't be unthinkable. Even if it got one though I wouldn't get my hopes up until I know what it is but I guess I would buy it anyway.

No. 229960

File: 1660300297896.jpeg (184.75 KB, 1200x1119, 1971EB02-6D90-4946-9E92-09E7D3…)

I love the tsurumi one, hope it will really look like that. >>229682
>he would make a pretty good cat
yes yes he would. also he would be arguably more successful in manipulating his owner than ogata kek

No. 230042

File: 1660321272672.jpg (220 KB, 2000x2000, FWWTVGbaUAAXcKr.jpg)

Yeah Ogata is too much of a loner at heart. He felt more at ease when he wasn't engaging with others, when he did he either got his deadpan face or stroke the hair like once every ten seconds. Tsurumi enjoys company so he has actual fun playing with others

No. 230159

File: 1660350101334.jpg (314.58 KB, 1756x2048, FZpCYzAaIAEpFkl.jpg)

It will never not be funny to me that Ogata of all figures of all manga I ever followed gets to be a Hello Kitty colab character. I mean the other GK characters get a similar treatment, but Hello Kitty is by far the most popular mascot of them and everybody knows it. And now it's tied to a suicidal broken autist-like guy that kills his family and LARPs as a cat. I like it though and it spawns even more cute Ogata art.

No. 230197

File: 1660358104806.jpeg (482.29 KB, 900x1535, E84781D9-6109-4B37-B657-356D4C…)

It delights me to no end.

No. 230204

File: 1660364258190.jpeg (957.15 KB, 1672x1974, komainokamu FYCPLw8aUAMbq2N.jp…)

the lady(?) who makes these things is so funny. her excited posting on twitter about Kikuta's voice actor was hilarious

No. 230205

File: 1660364298272.jpeg (285.37 KB, 1767x2130, komainokamu- ogata eggplant.jp…)

No. 230208

File: 1660364433572.jpeg (434.43 KB, 1440x1920, komainokamu FX9J7vxVsAIarpD.jp…)

No. 230371

File: 1660388229756.jpeg (150.36 KB, 614x614, 2E337972-B85B-467F-8437-9BD4D1…)

sometimes I wish I’d understand more japanese I love it when fans get excited and hyped about stuff
lmao there even is that random guy from the volume additions
Tsurumi would be such a good cat I’d let him manipulate me anytime
true. most series dream from such a collab and gk gets one lmao. but apart from him being cat-like, speaking from how much fanart everyone gets he seems to be the most popular character. must suck to like golden kamuy and seethe about ogata kek not me though, I’m living for it.

No. 230372

File: 1660388479461.jpeg (100.91 KB, 1024x593, B189928D-4B43-464D-A8B6-787673…)

samefag, no idea if picrel was made by the same person but I love this

No. 230376

File: 1660392020726.jpg (84.28 KB, 954x571, ExeiPaiUUAUGvX7.jpg)

Yeah I save every pretty or artsy looking GK fanart I come across and it feels like 80% of all I see is Ogata. I probably have like 5000 fanarts saved that are just Ogata's upper body with hoodie staring into the camera but even then they are so vastly different that continue saving them because the designs of this series are good and the artists are creative, so artworks never feel the same.

No. 230379

File: 1660393014448.jpg (434.18 KB, 1150x940, 24814141^55.jpg)

I love this artist and the dynamics from these comics. I even love their modern AU which is a surprise to me because I am usually not into alternative universes. I just dig the hot-headed meatbrain/suicidal asshole chemistry so fucking much and unlike other AUs the characters aren't downtoned fluff versions of their original selves.

No. 230406

File: 1660401120722.jpeg (179.24 KB, 1200x900, 085253EB-D564-4948-9D5C-6034B3…)

omg she just posted this, I love it. Kikuta is fine af tho cant blame her for getting all excited. I am excited for the fourth season too! I wonder how they’ll animate the semen detective arc? I want to see it with voice acting and in HD please
oh yes some of her stuff is funny and captures the characters dynamics and personalities well, its what makes them so appealing after all.

No. 230409

OT but zaiaku (last word) means crime, sin or vice. Not guilt. “Zaiakukan” (罪悪感) means “sense of sin” (which can then be understood as “sense of guilt” or “feeling guilty”)

No. 230692

File: 1660483123540.jpg (153.25 KB, 824x2048, FRGm6y7acAAeR_V.jpg)

Hope the anime won't rush the Usami scenes. I am a bit sad the GK adaption had started just right before humanity has finally realized that even long-running action series get three times the hype when the anime is well animated and adapted as it's the case with Yaiba or JJK.

No. 231397

File: 1660694235282.jpg (150.1 KB, 640x660, item_05.jpg)

Was anybody interested in these dioramas? I think they are cool as fuck since they aren't just individual acrylic stands.
I missed the pre-order period but feel like getting them, though I prefer the characters of Tsurumi's gang so it's probably cursed, since Ogata is part of it and everybody wants him. See the other diorama being re-sold every now and then but never this one. Maybe one day.

No. 231412

Huh. Wow. I legit thought that all the likes this artist gets were out of pity or maybe just relief to have someone western making regular fan content even if it's not that good. She is so unfunny it physically pains me and I had to mute her account on twitter so I would stop seeing her comics on my feed bc I was getting severe second hand embarrassment. But I guess I was wrong since you nonnies genuinely like them. I don't get it but I guess it's good that people aren't just bullshitting her like I assumed kek cuz that would be mean

No. 231422

literally this, i've never been able to find appeal in both her art and humor. also had a weird yuusakut/ogata account on the side

No. 231452

File: 1660706764915.jpg (91.39 KB, 721x572, whatyouonabout.JPG)

ayrt, okay INTERESTING! I was starting to think i was the weirdo but I see I am not alone. Also i didn't know that about her shipping ogata/yuusaku but I wonder if that is somehow related to her angry thread from a couple weeks ago? (picrel)
I couldn't find any context and she seems like such tumblr spawn I couldn't imagine her sticking up for "problematic" ships but now I'm wondering if that's what it's about. Could be wrong though. I don't really like YuuO, but I kind of hate her less now for breaking the mold and being a secret incestfag kek. She's still completely unfunny though.

How did you find out she had a yuusaku/ogata side account btw?

No. 231507

File: 1660730887869.jpg (457.82 KB, 1920x1273, IMG_0078.JPG)

I hope it too.. I’m afraid they cut some scenes or leave it out to put it into an ova later like they did with the bearfucker arc. I need to see Usami in all his glory
I really like this one because of the clothes they wear
kek what a relief. tbf a few are funny but now I feel free to admit that many of it isnt my taste as well. I used to follow her for doing lots of gk content but the constant virtue signaling and vagueposting got annoying, and it always makes me a bit sad when artists pretend to do it for fun but you see they obviously do it for popularity. I guess that account got so popular because of making daily content for every ship under the sun, which is no surprise. also >>231452
>I kind of hate her less now for breaking the mold and being a secret incestfag kek
lmao only on lolcor

No. 231543

I do enjoy some of her stuff and I am one of the people starved for western gk and sugio content that isn't ugly as fuck (her art style is charming imo) but a lot of her humor has very lolrandum teenager on deviantart vibes. She seems to have a small meltdown every couple weeks too so I don't think she can handle her popularity very well and seems extremely sensitive. Imo she should take a break for her own mental health. I'm just hoping she doesn't find this thread and let the shit talking get to her.

God I wanted this Ogata so bad, his outfit is so pretty! I couldn't find where to order it online though, wasn't it just in person at some store? If there was online orders and I missed it I'm gonna hate myself.

No. 231567

File: 1660752779123.jpg (205.78 KB, 1605x1133, violet - doujin.jpg)

I think everything that has Ogata in it gets like 700 and up to few thousand likes (or more) no matter what it is. Pity likes aren't a thing unless it's maybe some shitty influencer or whatever, no idea about those since I never cared.
I wonder why this series is so unpopular in the west though. The artist above and some other dude are literally the only ones I have ever seen drawing for this whereas it's getting a gorillion fanarts a day from Asia and the manga is among the top selling series all the time.

No. 231575

File: 1660753731938.jpg (283.98 KB, 1933x1953, Dppu7O1UUAAEXr4.jpg)

I haven't seen any annoying stuff from her so far so I am cool, the thread above is too vague and rather feels genuine to me. I admittedly know that shitty western fans are indeed sometimes attacking Japanese artists to virtue signal so I don't feel like disagreeing with her here.
Personally I never ever talk on twitter though and maybe others would do better doing the same. The less you post the less some fundie idiot kids can find to use against you. I just post fanart, maybe with a title or short comment but never anything else.

Or maybe it's just me. I can talk freely on image boards and forums and all that. But on social media I feel retarded for revealing anything even if it's just random thoughts that couldn't even cause any drama. But yeah, besides that, almost everything can cause drama so better avoid it, although I also think that a lot of people overact too.
I often see artist (not related to any GK artists btw.) causing a drama because of "hateful comments [plural]" but when you actually research it you notice that it's just a single tweet that is most likely not even meant to be mean. Like recently the comment some game related artist I follow lost her shit about was just a follower of her saying something like "I could never get into this pairing but damn your art is great!" and the artist made it sound as if she was flooded by anti comments when it was just this. Not the best comment you can make btw. but it's IMO well-meant and I got such replies as well and never considered them anything bad so far.

No. 231590

File: 1660754834266.jpg (348.26 KB, 960x1440, IMG_0099.JPG)

ntayrt am this one >>231507 instead but I pretty much agree with your post, creating and sharing fan content should be a fun hobby and not stressful. Honestly even though this is lc I didnt really intend to shittalk some random fanartist it just irks me when people obviously cant handle popularity well but won’t slow down on posting or oversharing or take a break for their mental wellbeing if they don’t financially rely on it. also we have the same problem nonny I as well need MOAR
Talking about the outfits from the acrylic stands, I love it when he wears such clothes. I remember some anon talking about male zettai ryouiki somewhere on here, and I’m obsessed with it since. goddamnit its the toxoplasmosis I swear, pic related
Its so weird how ridiculously small the western fandom is compared to the asian one. Lets hope it gets more hype when the next season airs.
>I think everything that has Ogata in it gets like 700 and up to few thousand likes (or more) no matter what it is.
remember that noda himself drew a joke comic about how a desolate egypt exhibition suddenly gets shittons of visitors because they have ogatas mummy displayed kek
this is a really cute picture!
>I can talk freely on image boards and forums and all that. But on social media I feel retarded for revealing anything
same tbh, slightly ot but many people think imageboards and the likes are some sort of horrible hellhole, honestly their loss but maybe good for us kek. theyve been my favorite way of freely communicating with others online since forever, even if they have their own issues.

No. 231591

File: 1660754931645.jpg (1.76 MB, 3024x4032, FRzVscfVEAEk-od.jpg)

>God I wanted this Ogata so bad, his outfit is so pretty! I couldn't find where to order it online though, wasn't it just in person at some store? If there was online orders and I missed it I'm gonna hate myself.
I have seen an online store but cannot find it anymore. I hate myself for putting it off a bit and then realising it was out of stock already.
The other diorama is already appearing for resales though, so maybe the one with Ogata will appear one day too.

Getting anything with Ogata is fucking hell and it's probably not getting any better with s4 airing soon many people starting the manga now that it is finished. I should just pre-order anything with him the moment I see it lol. The diorama with him is so pretty in general I really want it. Tsurumi and Tsukishima are two of my favorite characters too and I like Tsukoito so this shit is made for me.

No. 231619

File: 1660760643624.jpg (158.44 KB, 1080x1615, FHfI2TiVEAEdjcf.jpg)

>remember that noda himself drew a joke comic about how a desolate egypt exhibition suddenly gets shittons of visitors because they have ogatas mummy displayed kek
Does anybody still have it?
I wasn't active on twitter and such for a while when it was posted I assume. I only remember I came back and noticed a strange influx of ancient Egypt fanart for Ogata (and sometimes Yuusako too) all of a sudden but didn't get why until someone mentioned it. I never saw it myself.

No. 231713

>How did you find out she had a yuusaku/ogata side account btw?

i can't remember the @ (not that i'd want to) but it definitely exists and contains more of her fandom vagueposting and whining, i'm just in a circle of people who enjoy gossiping about fandom stuff while still enjoying the series. i've been here for much too long at's fun to observe the drama from a distance with a beer, same with the shit on glasshouses (guy who did the translations). his tempter tantrum when hijikata's gang started being picked off was hilarious

No. 231722

File: 1660780223646.jpg (287.64 KB, 1076x1047, Screenshot_20211114-033357_Gal…)

i cant type but it used to be @totally_rabid, looks like they since locked down

No. 231765

File: 1660790572187.png (140.03 KB, 1488x743, villianarc.png)

thanks! I was able to find it on wayback machine kek, complete with damning art pieces. Looks like someone archived only the yuuo stuff. it would be funny to make a call-out about her and spread it around just because it would be hilarious to reveal the western fandom's most popular fan artist as a horny incest shipper. God it would be so funny. BTW if that ever happens, it wasn't me. I would never cowtip, ever.

No. 231826

>it would be funny to make a call-out about her and spread it around just because
God please no this shit is the cancer killing fandoms and the reason I stay away from most other young women. I only even know this artist from the reposts on 4chan but really fuck forced drama for the sake of enjoying kicking others down because bullying is fun or something. Just don't click it if it triggers you.
I also fail to even see the problem with the shipping of two fictional gay characters that are relatives. It's not like they can produce any retarded offspring or anything.

Sorry if I come off as an ass here but being an artist myself and having online friends that deleted their accounts because others thought calling them out would be "fun" when the western internet is flooded with closeted fundies that won't shy away from writing death threats, particularly for everybody drawing gay art, I prefer to avoid that shit like the plague. Real life is already full of shit and bullying, would be cool if people could at least enjoy their life online. Remember that attacking an artist will also make the hate spread over to their fans.

No. 231840

nah you dont come off as an ass imo, shipping some dumb shit isnt even milky only being sneaky about it a bit. lmao even though I fucking hate that ship and I get why that anon thinks its funny I‘d rather talk about the story or ogatas nosehair with you guys here than have this. gk fandom is already tiny and apart from maybe a small eyeroll or chuckle here and there doesn’t contain much drama anyway. Also everyone whos more into it probably already knows about that as she got shat on on twitter for this already so its old news. And yes shit like this is literally the reason why so many people don’t like to engage with fandoms at all lol

No. 231852

File: 1660819977203.jpg (183.41 KB, 1170x963, 0199384u292929jw82uh28wh.JPG)

found it! I knew I had it somewhere. Idk if theres more or where to find the full picture since I dont even remember where I saved this from. It was from a magazine feature or something trivial like that iirc but I remember wondering about the influx of those fanarts too sorry couldnt find a better version

No. 231954

File: 1660852981899.jpg (163 KB, 1300x941, FZ-fTKvagAAF9Dn.jpg)

Thank you so much!
Sometimes I wonder if Noda enjoys doing these jokes or if he is actually venting. He probably thinks he could make anything he ever draws turn into a success if he just shoved that little shit Ogata in that people like so much "for whatever reason" (and he would probably be proven right and I sadly admit I would buy it too).

No. 231984

File: 1660863228909.png (342.7 KB, 600x600, Dg6yTw_VAAA6xKA.png)

Ogata Archer servant when?

No. 231995

File: 1660865211846.jpeg (155.17 KB, 900x1200, 111E483B-728C-40B1-974F-CCB421…)

cant get enough of these kek

No. 231998

File: 1660865495629.jpg (138.98 KB, 946x2048, FAnXLJYUcAIgdX_.jpg)

Koitus really felt like a huge asspain to me at first. I can't believe the manga brainwashed me into loving him after a while.

No. 232110

File: 1660929358742.jpeg (54.56 KB, 747x789, FUXLK6hXwAM_Tln.jpeg)

Damn, I miss sperging itt. I've been working too much. I am actually currently on my break

Pretty late to the party, but I do find her art charming as well, but that her stuff is pretty hit or miss with me. I think some are funny/cute, but she has her randum eksdee tumblr moments that don't really click with me.
The fact that she had a secret YuuO account is really entertaining though lol I had no idea, cause she posts so much SugiO on main, I just thought that was her preferred ship. I personally hate the incest ship, but more power to her. At least she's not a hypocrite and chastising people on main while having that side account. I think it's actually refreshing that she's "calling out" the cancer of western twitter fandoms. Fuck them lol

Completely agree with you, nona!

These are pretty cool! Not on the top my priority merch lost, but cool nonetheless.

I think he's mostly shitposting. The latter feels more like Hideaki Anno kek
I think he likes Ogata despite the fandom horniness. I get the feeling that he actually likes most of his characters, especially so with the main ones. I guess when he doesn't like them, he gives them awful brutal deaths, like with some of the convicts. Jack the ripper comes to mind.

I am the opposite - kinda. I actually really liked Koito in the beginning and than by the last chapters I wasn't that much interested in him anymore, I think he lost a bit of his charm/energy when he became more grounded and less of a Tsurumi fanboy, unfortunately.

I absolutely love this Ogata fan art. He's so hot. I love Ogata in a Yukata, even more so if it's light colored like that.
Also this. Suggi my beloved

I don't know how many are like me (I have 0 followers tho), but I put everything in my bio and art in japanese because I wanna distance myself from the west Twitter drama (in general, not GK specifically). Maybe there are some other crypto westies that can speak japanese, chinese or korean and do the same.

No. 232127

File: 1660935331384.jpg (287.32 KB, 1062x1107, E6C4bVBVoAAmNZM.jpg)

> I get the feeling that he actually likes most of his characters, especially so with the main ones.
This is why his characters and chemistries are so good IMO. I think people should never just write characters to fill a specific role in the plot, they should also get into them and understand them to feel sympathy towards them before they write.
Sounds gay, but without love you get all those terrible comically evil villains, lame heroes and cardboard cut-outs. Tsurumi could very well turn into a generic militarist without much of a personal life if someone else was writing him, but Noda loves this guy and he enjoys writing him and that's why he can be the shoujo-esque prince and saviour, the childish war-fanatic, sophisticated noble guy, the nanny of Nikaidou and so many other things all at once and it makes him special and enjoyable to watch (and feel like a person).
Ogata's story has too many cute or touching moments for him to be hated. Even many little things like that panel >>221977 or Ogata neither following the path of his team, nor that of the wildcat when they walked away in Sakhalin.

>I put everything in my bio and art in japanese because I wanna distance myself from the west Twitter drama (in general, not GK specifically).

Good choice. I don't write anything meaningful into the bio (actually my bio is "Too dumb to write a bio"), just a rough age to not be blocked by nsfw accounts. I also don't make any text posts. The less I write the less chance for drama.
I hate that my shitty job (everybody there hates me and I piss them off to make it worse) is stealing so much time from me, because I really want to draw for GK too. I enjoy drawing for my other fandom but drawing humans again instead of robots would be fun and I love Ogata and the others so much.

No. 232155

File: 1660942414663.png (424.52 KB, 500x740, 100460588_p0.png)

It will never not be funny to me that this creature became one of the most popular characters of any fandom I was ever into.

No. 232266

File: 1661004096453.jpeg (252.81 KB, 2048x1024, 092C316D-BA46-4761-81AE-9336BD…)

>The less I write the less chance for drama
same, another crypto westie here although I’m not as strict about this anymore as I used to. Tbh even though I’m used to fandom culture being like that I hate it because actually I love seeing others shamelessly sperg and talk about things I enjoy, be it golden kamuy or other media. Also hope you manage to draw for Gk again, the more fanart to consoom the better and not having time for this because of too much work sucks.
>Sounds gay, but
so true, imo it really shows that he loves his characters in how empathetic he portrays their stories and how entertaining they are even if they are like tsurumi. Same with the more “good” guys like sugimoto, whos messed up in his own way too even if he’s such a sweetheart that you can’t not love him. They are his unique creations that he put a lot of thoughts and care into after all and it only makes them more interesting. The only thing that I can imagine him to be a bit salty about would be a lack of tanigaki doujins kek
nice picture very nice.
>I am the opposite - kinda.
same! even though I still like him for being the spoiled brainlet that he is, unhinged koito was peak.

No. 232268

File: 1661006725125.jpg (561.69 KB, 1536x2048, FAXm4lQVEAsRqE-.jpg)

>even though I’m used to fandom culture being like that I hate it because actually I love seeing others shamelessly sperg and talk about things I enjoy
Same. There isn't anybody in real life I can talk to about anything I care about so I like to at least see others talk about that online and having fun, maybe even participating myself. But besides drama loving entities social media isn't made for talking either, it's technically all about self-presentation, so the opposite of "social". So talking on there is hard and there are no threads and making posts that are supposed to invite others to join the talk feel like you were screaming into the void, so image boards are more or less the only place I communicate on sadly.
I agree about Koito. I love Tsukishima's story and the role Koito had there and how it ended. But Koito is more of a plot device for this arc rather than the star of it (that would be Tsukishima).

Speaking of it the way everybody slowly separated from Tsurumi, was it because of personal rebellions, death, character development or about finding a new meaning in life, hit me hard. I also love it. It's peak bittersweet storytelling and there are so few series that let parties of relevant characters dissolve and develop over the course of a series, but it also makes me melancholic.
It's a bit like a story about growing up and separating from the allegedly flawless role model someone was blindly following as teen. I am both happy and sad about this, but it only makes everything about Tsurumi even more iconic to me.

No. 232302

File: 1661016828247.jpg (163.5 KB, 1391x2048, FVKzNnCacAMG5zV.jpg)

holy shit thank you for this reply nonna, its just a fictional ship you can easily avoid. Im so tired of (mostly) americans making western fandom spaces insufferable with constant harassment and cancelling. They even made a side blog for this shit and didnt post on main, let people live.
Thank you! He looks good and autistic, its perfect.

No. 232335

File: 1661027443162.jpg (1.58 MB, 2480x3508, FaSr7izaAAAzi1M.jpg)

I don't ship Ogata and Yuusaku but I enjoy the art with them that is often surprisingly pretty. I also like to imagine a timeline in which he could get over his guilt or not kill Yuusaku to begin with, mainly just because I like seeing Ogata being a bit happier (happier for Ogata standards).

No. 232536

I definitely believe ogata could have had a real chance for a happier life with Yuusaku.

No. 232538

File: 1661106820246.jpg (1.95 MB, 1668x2360, 97875204_p15.jpg)

Tsurumi is my favorite shoujo character.

No. 232942

File: 1661272453495.jpeg (356.51 KB, 1200x1200, Faz13QRUIAA7a4n.jpeg)

I want smug Ogata

No. 232953

File: 1661273674593.jpg (321.57 KB, 1600x900, FafWYbZUEAAcgnR.jpg)

You beat me by a minute, I just saw this tweet a few seconds ago.
Why is there so much Sega merch all of a sudden? Not that I complain, I will get that Ogata he is cute. And he needs more merch and pics in which he's happy.

No. 232955

File: 1661273854353.png (157.65 KB, 704x540, Fa2qApraMAA7vT-.png)

Nevermind I am retarded, the website didn't update and it showed the post being made a minute ago for a few seconds. The other shit I said is still true though.
It think the Tsukishimi and Koito in >>232942 are pretty damn cute too though. Shippers must be happy.

No. 232956

File: 1661274186060.jpg (89.52 KB, 595x839, Fa2jx7GUcAgCnze.jpg)

Holy shit this already has fanart

No. 232972

File: 1661276873979.jpeg (562.04 KB, 1200x1800, 9999BDD0-54E4-4752-8D6C-C8B8F2…)

>that would be Tsukishima
I love the aspect of growing up and leaving your false idols behind but I felt conflicted about the way it went with him because it’s been only halfway there imo, while the basic idea is nice and resonates with me. A guy like him probably cant really change much anymore anyway so such an end fits but tbh I found it a bit unsatisfying, in the end only Koito changed a bit because hes still young and ambitioned. maybe thats just me though and I missed the point of him entirely since you seem to view it different. Idk how to feel about this since I was rooting for him to have some sort of conclusion but maybe I have to read it again.
omg yes. He’s lively and cute, iconic and like an idol for his soldiers who are obsessed with him for their own personal reasons, his charisma and the dreams he sells them. Imo this anon >>232127
worded it perfectly. For me he is a lot like a personification of classical folklore depictions of the devil, with the “shapeshifting” and conflicting information that result in the readers not knowing if they can trust their own mind regarding him, the ambiguity of him, the broken or naive ones (exception Usami kek) being obsessed or posessed by him and so on, plus the religious imagery. The way it falls apart made me emotional as well and tsurumis death chapters were so greatly executed. The more I think about him the more I love him and his role in the plot. He drives everything forward, same with wilk, even if wilk didnt have much screentime. How everything related to these two intertwines and escalates is really good writing on nodas part if you ask me.
Agree I mean wasnt it the point of his breakdown that he could have lived a better life after all? Yuusaku was his biggest simp and even accepted him for what he is, if ogata wouldnt have been so fucked in the head already when he met him he would have had a chance at living more normally but yeah. It fucked me up that he recognized his love and what he did to him when it was too late. I love their relationship a lot because its really touching but personally I dont see any appeal in making it sexual aside from major horniness brainrot, but to each their own. I just wish there were more thirsty yuusaku fanarts without the ship because he is hot AF
cute! maybe they’re building up hype for an upcoming collab?

No. 232993

File: 1661283766493.jpg (532.07 KB, 1957x2048, FY5MvpiUEAAM05h.jpg)

>plus the religious imagery
God I love this this is my fetish. And yes he is presented as the seducing devil that disguises himself as an angel of light. For those that have lost their places (and maybe part of the soul) due to the war he assumes the role of the loving father or even father and mother at the same time - another metaphor common in religious art or texts.

But I like that he isn't just all about lies either. He genuinely loves and respects his guys and he feels pain for the comrades the war has taken from them and this is part of why he's doing what he does. Ironically, despite being the messiah for his followers his own mind is also trapped in the past just as theirs. To him the war has never ended and I even argue that unlike everybody else there isn't even a chance for him to move on. For his men I see potential positive outcomes that would allow them to leave the war behind, even if those routes do not necessarily happen in canon. But I cannot see Tsurumi finding anyone or anything that could give his life a new meaning. For the rest the pain and goals are more personal, to Tsurumi everything feels more related to the people of Japan in general, society, war and the role of the country itself.
It's nothing personal that I can see being resolved by little changes, like Ogata having someone to be there for him, Usami having someone else to latch onto (or just Tsurumi in whatever role or form), Koito finding his role and so on. Nikaidou basically just needs a friend to have fun with, I don't even think he absolutely needs revenge. At worst give him some drugs, I cannot even see those changing anything for Tsurumi.

tl;dr crane man interesting

No. 233029

File: 1661291908043.jpg (179.99 KB, 709x1015, FTW8H2MakAAtwC2.jpg)

>Yuusaku was his biggest simp and even accepted him for what he is, if ogata wouldnt have been so fucked in the head already when he met him he would have had a chance at living more normally but yeah.
I think it could have worked if Yuusaku wasn't too good for this world. The manga made it clear that Yuusaku and Asirpa fulfill a similar role (and they replace each other in many scenes). They were the only ones that accepted Ogata as he is and cared for him. I think the main problem with Yuusaku was that he loved Ogata too much to keep a distance from him. Asirpa saw right through it. She never forces him to say hinna and she's nice to him, but the only time you notice is when she asks him nice personal questions (and doesn't expect an answer because she knows that it is hard for him to give one).

Ogata believes that everybody is egoistical and if you think so then openly nice people are the most annoying thing that can possibly happen since they are seen as aggressive liars. Add to this that Yuusaku was perceived as the pampered kid of the man Ogata hates the most and you get this conflict of a loner who never opened up to anybody being suddenly surrounded by a guy with the role of a potential arch enemy that pretends to be the sweetest nicest person on earth when Ogata is absolutely convinced that Yuusaku would hate him like everybody else does if he knew how Ogata really was. He believed that his nativity was purely a result of a privileged life he had thanks to their father that chose to only give that Yuusaku.

It's not Yuusaku's fault, because he was just happy and naive. But I think that Ogata wouldn't have killed him if he slowed down a bit and understood that Ogata had yet to learn to trust and believe in other people. As sad as it sounds I think the moving scene in which Yuusaku embraced him to tell him he was a good person deep down was the moment that made him snap, since it was like calling all Ogata ever did and said a lie. More than everybody else Ogata has seen himself as evil and his life and actions were based around that belief. He understood later and he probably already started to believe in Yuusaku by the time that dialogue happened, but he lost the control and realised it only after Yuusaku's death and it was too late then so he tried to cope.
>last spoiler part
Oh yeah me too. I love every type of art with Yuusaku but damn I want more that isn't sad as hell. Even the sexual stuff usually ends in a depressing way. I wish more fan would headcanon him alive and let him interact with others as well. It would have been interesting since I can see him in different roles if he was alive. He would surely get along with Sugimoto and his gang too.

No. 233127

I'm not caught up but I can't wait to read all of the detailed rantings in this thread. I love you GK hoes.

No. 233221

File: 1661337000221.jpg (144.96 KB, 960x960, FRMiJX2UUAE4_9l.jpg)

Same here, I read the volumes released here so far so I just finished volume 17 so far.

No. 233335

File: 1661363028678.jpeg (220.33 KB, 750x1066, A5640BB8-8ADC-4B78-9502-1DB00B…)

Welcome nonnie! Enjoy those new pages while you can.

No. 233356

File: 1661366161391.jpg (283.49 KB, 1225x1373, ETom_oDUYAErWmo.jpg)

It was the historical setting and Tsurumi getting into it. I needed to know more about a character that looks just that fucking crazy.

No. 233375

File: 1661370147279.jpeg (339.66 KB, 1280x1092, 97C162DB-38C9-4B23-AB33-3FE597…)

I started watching the anime pretty much exclusively because of how often I saw Sugimoto leaking out around lolcow and I got curious what his deal was. I saw Ogata and Tsurumi too but I didn’t make the connection that they were part of the same thing until they first appeared on screen. Well, Tsurumi. I didn’t recognize Ogata at first and then when he showed up the second time I was like ooooohhhh

No. 233382

File: 1661371513960.jpg (129.84 KB, 595x842, E_n-ZuVVgAU7nL2.jpg)

I had a similar weird experience. Ogata was so weird because the name stuck with me when I watched parts of the anime but he was that "random intro villain" to me and I was surprised he was even named. I also read the first five or more volumes afterwards but stopped for a while.

Now skip forward a bunch of years. Suddenly, my not-GK-related timeline on twitter got flooded with pretty fanart of Someguy and once it was too much I looked up who it was and my mind was blown when it seemed to be that faceless cannon-fodder from the first chapters of that manga I liked. I didn't even know why people liked him lol I thought they latched onto some one-off dude for some reason or crack shipping until he came back when I read more of it.

Unrelated, to my post but I fucking love these charts like in your pic. They are often on point. This too >>203886

Even less related but I enjoy Nikaidou a lot so far. I also think he is kind of cute in his own way.

No. 233396

kek idk a thing about golden kamui but this makes me laugh

No. 233410

File: 1661377315703.jpeg (527.8 KB, 1620x1546, 8BDA75BF-6E63-4672-AD83-38CC7C…)

No. 233412

File: 1661377444730.png (346.53 KB, 788x570, 259252.png)

lel it's funny in some weird way. No idea if you would like the manga, but if you ever feel like starting a series that is action and comedy focused maybe give it a try. I am a grumpy shit but the humor and the pacing of it made even me laugh out loud a lot of times.

The author has a pretty weird style though. Like sometimes you have soldiers discussing serious war politics on one page and then you turn it and they are happily smiling at you naked and you can see their dong, as if this was the most natural thing on earth. I mean it kinda is, but it's not anything I expect to happen in a manga. Or without a transition.

No. 233637

File: 1661453089691.jpg (113.81 KB, 1234x823, FEeQrBPaIAIj-e5.jpg)

I wish so much I could pat Ogata's ass like this, I think about this every day.
I love how he alternatives between being cool, insane and derpy cute in canon.

No. 234164

File: 1661634655277.jpg (140.19 KB, 1000x671, EQ0NVSyU8AIZ90h.jpg)

God I fucking love TsuruTsuki (TsuTsu?, Tsurushima?) I wish they had had more screentime at the end. I love all Tsurumi ships but I can only see Tsukishima as the one guy who can stand up and be an equal to him.

No. 234281

File: 1661678030725.jpg (118.63 KB, 1024x684, FbFq5o4aAAAkoo9.jpg)

How many plushies does he have if you count his furrysona?

No. 234316

File: 1661700378304.png (80.82 KB, 720x724, FThwrhGVsAEhSmj.png)

great taste nonna

No. 234376

File: 1661715363001.jpg (346.29 KB, 1450x2048, FbQ9ezNXwAImSVU.jpg)

I like the idea of Yuusaku being unexpectedly strong, badass or dominant, contrary to what everybody else believes.

No. 234844

File: 1661855621905.jpeg (151.23 KB, 1200x1700, FF8C988A-5BF0-4A37-BB20-AEFC63…)

>Asirpa saw right through it
asirpa is one of the smartest characters in gk by far. Shes empathypilled but doesnt let it impair her judgement skills which shows in many scenes. Its cute that she tried to care for a weirdo like ogata, shes was not as nice or careful as this to everyone she’s been on friendly terms with. Speaking of that she saw right through Tsurumi as well and noped tf out of cooperating with him the second she saw him and got hold of his groomer vibes.
same except for me its actually ‘I hate every tsurumi ship but this one gets a pass‘. They are ride or die, shared a lot of their lifes together as well as their ideologies and no one, not even usami was as close to him as he was. He even willingly decided to stay by tsurumis side, his dedication for him was so strong. Love how even though in the end where he was separated by force he never let go of him, now that was dedicated.
kek now that you say it I can imagine him as an naive imperial army virgin version of sakamoto from sakamoto desu ga

No. 234940

File: 1661884255192.jpg (274.42 KB, 1254x606, tumblr_7954abd1135344449f71ae4…)

No. 234950

File: 1661886832401.jpg (133.97 KB, 1910x1079, FbaRRdAacAAwegU.jpg)

They showed some pics of Sugimoto's upcoming figure.

No. 234954

File: 1661888319322.png (147.39 KB, 750x900, ExkmqmnVgAI5uJh.png)

>same except for me its actually ‘I hate every tsurumi ship but this one gets a pass‘. They are ride or die, shared a lot of their lifes together as well as their ideologies and no one, not even usami was as close to him as he was.
I agree. I don't mean I have a problem with others shipping them but I cannot even imagine them as pairings. Tsurumi and everybody that isn't Tsukishima are on a whole different level and even if you ignored Tsurumi's grooming he would never get anything from such a relationship. It would always be one-sided at best, because there isn't anything Usami or Ogata can give him other than manpower.

This is why I cannot see him ever settling for one of them, which is the reason for like 80% of the 7th division drama in this series. Tsukishima is the only one feeling like an adult compared to Tsurumi and Tsurumi knows. His usual tricks don't work with him so he doesn't even try. He lied to him, but praising, touching or niceness won't do anything with Tsukishima since he is a man of duty, not of sweet words and he doesn't needs Tsurumi in order to cope.

No. 234975

File: 1661894731330.jpg (175.98 KB, 1448x2048, FbbzPtPUcAAujAS.jpg)

This guy gets so much art it's like scrolling twitter for news but only getting never ending retweets of cat photos. Which is funny because he is a cat too.

No. 235021

File: 1661902690124.gif (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 480x270, C41CFD14-469D-42F6-8EF0-4767A0…)

In both the manga and anime I liked Sugimoto the best but I like looking at Ogata fanart more. It’s just brainrot, you can’t explain it.

No. 235026

File: 1661905160151.jpg (1.97 MB, 2886x4096, FS-aI9iaAAAup20.jpg)

Maybe it's infectious. My fav is Tsurumi but I just save Ogata art all day and he works better for motifs with character interaction, cute shit or nsfw even though he is most likely a virgin that would be very awkward during sex. Would have loved to see how the brothel plan would have worked out for him if they got that far.

No. 235309

File: 1661988946897.jpg (81.19 KB, 1000x1500, FbQorKxXgAMaL95.jpg)

The post disappeared but I agree with that Ogatanon regardless, I mainly like Ogata because of his different behaviors that change depending on the situation he is in.
It doesn't get boring if you can explore or draw such different aspects of a character.

No. 235639

File: 1662106156894.jpg (57.42 KB, 409x481, とんた tonta1231.jpg)

picrel keeps popping up on my pinterest feed and it's so cute I always have to look at it for a while….GK has such good fanart in every genre and all the cute shit is top tier

nonna mind dropping the name of the artist of your pic? I'm losing it at how sweet that is

No. 235663

File: 1662116987419.jpg (95.09 KB, 1024x768, FaXieegacAcp0hi.jpg)

Oh fuck yeah, the art is generally awesome but I look at the cute shit the most. Tsurumi and Ogata seem to have most of it. It doesn't help that there is so much cute merch of them either.
>nonna mind dropping the name of the artist of your pic?
I just found them yesterday. Already following hundreds of GK artists on twitter, but the ride never ends.

No. 235666

File: 1662121548806.jpeg (764.4 KB, 1625x2048, D03A7E91-9941-4F77-9068-95B30D…)

>Would have loved to see how the brothel plan would have worked out for him if they got that far.
good lord this could have been so funny. Never forget the dakimakura, thank noda for making them himself so they turned out like this, they are perfect and in character. I mean just look at them. Sugimoto and Tanigaki are lively and engaging. Meanwhile Ogata? the deadpan autist stare plus awkward half closed fists. The arms hanging limp beneath the body. This mans sexual aggressiveness is in the negative, he couldnt even do it if he wanted to.
>picrel ogata cat blob
ahh I can’t get enough of these! I save all of those fanarts as well lmao
>I mainly like him because of his different behaviors that change depending on the situation.
yeah. He is cute and sadly relatable, but for me its the rich characterization and adjacent themes. Plus the more a character makes me think and feel conflicted or emotional the better. I dont have a fav but he definitely is amongst if not the one who gave me the most brainrot. Flat characters without believable struggle or conflict are only good for simping or thirst purposes, luckily golden kamuy doesnt really do this hence why its so damn good, everyone has a narrative purpose. I guess in the end its subjective who you resonate with the most but some do have more going on than others even if all of them are at least solid when it comes to storytelling so its not a mystery why hes so popular together with the cat schtick.
also I just wanted to say that I loved reading this thread, it has everything: raw dumps, live reactions and unhinged sperging as well as nice fanart, serious discussions and even a marriage kek. And all of this without unnecessary salt or fandom brainrot which is extremely based. I hope it doesnt disappear into the void in case something happens with the boards again.
damn I never thought a brain-juice leaking middle aged man with an enamel headplate could be that cute but here we go.

No. 235671

File: 1662123773254.jpg (1.01 MB, 2886x4096, FaDuDVjaUAEITJ3.jpg)

Dammit, sorry nonna. That anon again >>235663. I mixed up the link and thought you were talking to me.
I can still help though, it's this artist:

You should go through their gallery, they have multiple Ogatido comics uploaded! I like their style. Their slightly chubby Ogata is super cute.

No. 235686

File: 1662130628684.jpeg (190.07 KB, 1280x1280, 5502026B-F103-43EE-9C8A-AD57E0…)

Someone please translate I need to know what they’re saying

No. 235688

File: 1662133211873.jpg (68.52 KB, 1024x650, Far3lQVaUAA7bY5.jpg)

IIUIC it's one of the Ogakittens running to regular Ogata asking him for help because he peed.
>Ogata: What the hell are you?
>scary reaction echoes in baby's head
>Ogata rudely picking him up, the baby starts to cry
>Sugimoto hearing it (while washing Ogakitten's fundoshi) and getting him to hug him and calm him down
>Sugimoto: Let's go to Ogatamom, shall we?~ yosh yosh
>Ogata: Hey, what the hell is an "Ogatamom"? Hey!

I assume there are multiple Ogatas and the "mom" Ogata the kittens belong to is slightly nicer than regular Ogata.
Typing this makes me feel slightly insane but we have nobody but Noda to blame for this idea.

PS.: How did I overlook this account for so long anyway? It's fucking cute and I wish there was more art for the Ogata family.

No. 235691

File: 1662136867320.png (277.28 KB, 419x379, Fbn2x0PaQAE-Bn3.png)

More figures. "Onemutan", sleeping chibis.
I have never heard of this before and had to google it.

No. 235693

I got him!

No. 235695

File: 1662139063610.png (1.63 MB, 1000x1524, IMG_20220902_185230.png)

Like always when I make such posts I indeed forgot to add the pic I was talking about.

No. 235697

File: 1662139608674.jpeg (137.89 KB, 822x614, 4CD65589-A70E-40BA-8511-1CC799…)

So good thank you nonnie!
A thing of beauty

No. 235977

File: 1662238417463.jpg (149.13 KB, 720x717, FbvfbXvVsAAUEB9.jpg)

Hu, these are cool. I might actually buy acrylics too this time. Even Ogata looks cool here instead derpy cute as he usually does.

No. 237984

File: 1662846093969.jpg (325.03 KB, 2048x1448, FcTQlq6aQAEIICx.jpg)

I like them, I would place the beds of the characters I ship besides each other. Almost wish Sugimoto was angry because it would be funny having that haughty looking Ogata annoy him there. That Asirpa is cute too, I kinda want to have all of them.
I hope they will make Tsurumi too. And if they make Nikaidou they better give him that scared look from when he was in the hospital. You know which I mean, I was cute.

No. 237998

Opium Nikaidou > meth Nikaidou

No. 238099

File: 1662893803434.jpg (531.85 KB, 1536x2048, DtVOommV4AIFlZ_.jpg)

I love Nikaidou he is one of the funniest characters to me (he also reminds me of myself when I was a kid).

No. 238111

File: 1662902399311.jpeg (231.75 KB, 800x566, 76F7EF45-960C-4AB6-B2A2-67F446…)

bless you and youre right there is no one other than noda to blame for this.
sorry if this is nitpicky but I just saw this promo a few days ago and I fear they really didn’t bother to correct his face for the finished version. I’m happy for the merchanons that we get a proper figure but why don’t they put the effort into it to make it look like the original character in detail? The sega prize figures look way better when it comes to that imo. This ones face looks weird I can’t put my finger on it but it looks like the face of some random guy I knew from school instead of sugimoto but maybe its just my autism

No. 238237

File: 1662929480546.jpg (212.62 KB, 2048x2048, FZfir8-VUAAPRsF.jpg)

>there is no one other than noda to blame for this
Noda created a whole new level of selfcest, I love him for that, the Ogata family is awesome.
>sorry if this is nitpicky
I feel you. I'm sure I will get the figures no matter what, but it's such little details that could be changed that could make them look so much better.
>This ones face looks weird I can’t put my finger on it
Same here! I think it's not elaborated enough which makes it look too much like a young bishounen which doesn't just make it look different from Sugimoto's pretty but still obviously masculine face, it also clashes with the scars that looks painted on. The other problem is that the face doesn't match the action. Since he is shooting he should either look highly focused (squinted eyes, closed mouth, deeper eyebrows) or angry. Anger is a typical emotion Sugimoto has, so I don't understand why they didn't make him loot slightly more pissed. Seriously, close the mouth and make the eyebrows slightly bigger. He looks too chill here, like someone posing for a photo, it's weird.

The rest of the figure is so fucking cool IMO, which is why I am a bit surprised that they didn't put some more attention to the face.

No. 238332

I ship TsuTsu too but sometimes Tsukishima's sense of duty makes it feel too robotic. I'd like to see him loosen up with Tsurumi, but I don't know what that would actually look like

No. 238377

File: 1662974548099.jpg (187.16 KB, 1050x1400, EzLVziKVoAUUxvy.jpg)

That's true. Technically Tsurumi would end up alone, unless Usami clings to him forever.
I think it's why KoiTsuki is so popular. Not only are they canonically close at the end it's also the only character that managed to make Tsukishima open up.

No. 238430

meth nikaido was funny but also creepy, opium nikaido was cute and pathetic I loved the hospital scenes so much. he just escalated from the death of his brother on and degraded mentally and physically while not having a purpose in life other than his vendetta. Also his death scene was great
no offense to anons who enjoy it, have fun and maybe dont read the spoiler kek: without tsurumi as core part of the dynamic it’s just a comfort milquetoast ship and those are always popular because the major part of these twos characterization resolves around their relationship towards tsurumi, when you detach him from it not much is left other than two guys who simply get along. or at least that’s how I see it. >>238332
In the end we never knew how he would act related to that, like for example if he would learn that tsurumi would be in it for his personal reasons instead of the ones he knew, he said he would kill him. But could he? How deep does his ‘love’ towards him really go, is this out of principle or possible regret about his own decisions only or would he feel betrayed due to his personal feelings towards tsurumi on a deeper, more intimate level? I found it intriguing but it was never explored further sadly. Sometimes I wish GK would have run a bit longer to give us a few more answers.

No. 238480

File: 1663012184205.jpg (804.31 KB, 1620x2160, 1663011811406.jpg)

I am still divided up to this day. I understand both sides, what they like and what they dislike about TsuTsu and KoiTsumi and I even agree with both. Personally, I switch back and forth. I crave some healing every now and then, so I do enjoy the happy ends in KotTsuki shipping art, especially the episodes that take place after the manga or near the end.

If I am talking about very personal preferences though I prefer TsuTsu for the same reasons you have mentioned. Though I get why it's not fulfilling maybe, since none of them have truly opened up to the respective other and Tsurumi is as mysterious as he always was. On the other side you could say that this is also making them interesting. Similar to how enemy ships are interesting. I am a huge fan of Tsukishima's last scenes with Tsurumi and him being his last (and most) loyal follower.

Hell it's so rare, but what I really dig are the very few fan arts or fan comics in which Tsurumi survives, loses everything he has but eventually meets Tsukishima again. Sometimes only much later when both are already old men, but this also works for me.
>is this out of principle or possible regret about his own decisions only or would he feel betrayed
This is interesting yes I love that too. Personally I think it might actually be sign that even Tsukishima saw (and wanted to see) Tsurumi as something better than regular humans. A hero, saint, a principle, whatever. The moment your hero reveals that he isn't fighting for an ideal but is tainted by personal wishes and urges they stop being the pure leader you wanted to fight for. So I can even kinda relate.
It's probably why people love fictional villains so much whereas none of the fans feel sympathy towards real live criminals or rarely. Villains in stories always have some higher goals, if someone in real life is talking about high goals people mistrust them and assume they are just in for the money and dick measuring contest and they are usually right.
I probably look too deep into this.
>Sometimes I wish GK would have run a bit longer to give us a few more answers.
It's the first time ever? or at least in ages that I feel that a long manga should have been longer. Usually I just want them to end past their mid-twenty volumes, because most of them stagnate or change too much and I just want them to be finished before they erase everything that made the series great. But for GK the only things I would complain about are parts at the end that felt too rushed to me.

*Edit: spoiler tags

No. 238503

I like thinking up tsutsu scenarios where Tsuki finds out about Tsurimi's real motivations and they stay together but the dynamic changes. I'd like to have seen Tsuki confront the fact his loyalty was misplaced and only then continue in his role.
>eventually meets Tsukishima again.
Cute, I like this scenario too but not sure if there's any specific way to look for it. The idea of Tsuki seeing Tsurumi slumming it but somehow chosing him again despite everything makes my heart happy.

No. 238512

File: 1663022826071.png (2.39 MB, 1334x750, 0591FE62-9EE1-4946-ABA7-DBC057…)

Rare makeupless Ogata for my nonnies

No. 238513

File: 1663024307725.jpg (302.81 KB, 1322x1301, 98105400_p16.jpg)

I think up the same scenarios. Tsukishima and Tsurumi changing their puppet player/knight chemistry to get closer instead after seeing their respective true selves is very intriguing but also comforting. It's honestly the only type of personal good outcome I can imagine for Tsurumi.
>not sure if there's any specific way to look for it
Sadly Japanese artists never liked using many tags, not even on pixiv that allowed it. But since everybody is posting on twitter it's completely gone which is a shame. Especially in large fandoms like that of GK you are doomed to miss a lot of art you would have loved because of the lack of tags. At least for that tumblr was perfect (for a while). I generally loved aged-up Tsurumi fanart.

No. 238522

File: 1663026790179.png (1.36 MB, 1668x1668, 87211361_p1.png)

He really prettied himself up after this incident

No. 238649

File: 1663070234778.jpg (1.41 MB, 3416x3703, FchXK_UaAAILyi8.jpg)

Noda released a tsukishima and tsurumi drawing a hour ago advertising the upcoming anime season. How fitting

No. 238653

he grew some pretty cute lashes for sure. Love this dumbass and his attitude and how he wants to look fancy with that stupid undercut, somehow that plus the random lore that he did it because he felt liberated is super sweet to me. it gives me late bloomer teenage rebellion phase vibes
kinda ot but I wish artists would post on pixiv more, its a solid platform for this and way better than twitter in my opinion. Twitter sucks because its hard to find good art on your own for the reasons you mentioned, plus the algorithm sucks imo. Its super invasive, I tried to train it to act more according to my taste but it doesnt give a fuck and shoves popular related content in my face all the time regardless of how often I tell it that [specific content] is not based on my likes and I do not want to see it. I guess the only thing that works is the mute or ‘show less from x account’ option. It does work fine for content you want to see more of though.
early anime potato ogata will never not make me laugh. They even corrected it afterwards because it was so bad.
>but what I really dig are the very few fan arts or fan comics in which [spoiler], loses everything he has but eventually meets Tsukishima again. Sometimes only much later when both are already old men, but this also works for me.
I need this, almost never see fanart of this though.
>>238649 wow, nice! what a coincidence thanks noda hehe

No. 238720

File: 1663084809542.jpg (116.47 KB, 700x1003, cf33147705c76e2fee41fde7a00752…)

Is he reading this thread or something?

No. 238726

File: 1663085863019.png (219.83 KB, 955x840, DRdMkheWAAAaKVW.png)

> it gives me late bloomer teenage rebellion phase vibes
I thought the exact same. It makes me like him even more because I was the same, I am always 10 years behind with everything I think and do for some reason. I generally love how he acts like an inexperienced teen in many regards despite being an adult dude. He can come off as cool and smart when he tries but then you will catch him acting awkward as hell just a scene later because sudden social interactions cause a 404 error for him.
>I tried to train it to act more according to my taste but it doesnt give a fuck and shoves popular related content in my face
You are probably using it with a phone but in case that you should be a PC only person like me get the "Tweak new Twitter" add-on, it should get rid of all kinds of algorithms. I can't stand that stuff either, I don't care about trends and the likes and just seeing posts of the artists you follow alone is already more than enough content to flood your timeline.
I wish Twitter would have a separate feed for media posts.
I am glad he added a little Nikaidou there.

No. 239851

File: 1663337273766.jpg (138.45 KB, 952x833, IMG_20220916_064515.jpg)

They're releasing gk themed ear buds which is like ok BUT they also have the voice actors for the characters do the operation voice guide, all with character specific lines. This is like a dream come true for husbandofags kek unfortunately for ogatanons his pair is already sold out fml

No. 239854

File: 1663337503608.jpg (675.52 KB, 809x3023, Screenshot_20220916-091247_Twi…)

The translated lines. These are so good holy shit.

No. 239862

File: 1663338645245.jpg (248.63 KB, 700x800, 78549884_p51.jpg)

Holy damn every single one of these is great. This series is getting a lot of quality merch.
>looks like I turned it off
>haha not enough power
I fucking love Ogata. The "hmph" part makes me imagine him getting proud of every little mundane action like imagine him being proud about successfully turning the oven on or opening a can of beer.
This will hopefully get some fanart. And yeah I want those earbuds, damn. I didn't even know it existed.
>unfortunately for ogatanons his pair is already sold out
Every single time.
It's great and bad at the same time that we have to share him with a million other people

No. 239866

I need sugis Now

No. 239871

File: 1663340774514.jpg (298.52 KB, 600x600, IMG_20220916_100721.jpg)

Sugis is still available but you'll need a shipping service.

>This will hopefully get some fanart
Picrew. Japanese artists work so fast.

No. 239974

File: 1663359137703.jpg (368.75 KB, 1871x1943, FbQch54akAAbb0I.jpg)

Noda is a farmer confirmed.

No. 239977

File: 1663359482949.jpg (191.5 KB, 985x1398, FIFdo3EaMAI6T-p.jpg)

Fucking kek. Do I read that right and they are being tortured by listening to each other's voices? I didn't think of this yet.
God imagine if there was one for Tsurumi, Usami and Koito would wear ear buds all day and night.

No. 240182

File: 1663588354840.jpg (100.08 KB, 1200x900, f463185564.2.jpg)

New magazine poster

No. 240189

i love it but sugi's forehead so big. maybe i'm just used to his hat

No. 240201

File: 1663592741991.jpg (1.32 MB, 1090x1362, 1663592318328.jpg)

Yesss thank god lolcow is back, it's the best place to talk about Golden Kamuy. I was actually gonna reply about the new earphones before the site went down, I was confused to why the thread wasn't loading kek
The voice actor thing is so neat, but damn, they are pricey + I really don't like Sugi's superman color scheme. I wish it was just dusty dark blue like his coat and yellow/gold like his scarf. Alas.
I've been loving and hating the new wave of GK merch that we've been getting! Loving because I just got a new job so the timing is good, hating because it's too much and I can't drain my salary on it lol
I really love the Algernon plushies and I really want SugiORipa, but damn, 115 dollars plus shipping. I'll see if they be available on Mercari when they ship out. I just got all the ohirunekos impulsively so I literally can't afford to splurge even more.

Completely agree about the KoiTsuki thing, btw! I just find it kinda boring without the Tsurumi element.

Imagine if he was? It would be really cool. Keeping in touch with his main audience. Sorry boys, Golden Kamuy is girly media.

No. 240203

File: 1663592862623.jpg (206.46 KB, 1000x1800, FGzlD5CaAAIAgrV.jpg)

I feel the same about Ogata's hair, I agree with the vulnerability or sexy part that it's hot to see his hair being messed up, but I like it when it's just that. A bit messed up with a bunch of bangs in front of his face, I don't like that entire different hairstyle and I doubt that this even how it would look like if he didn't comb his hair back.

I also rarely like modern AUs, it takes away too much of what makes the characters what they are. I am totally in for happy/happier end AUs, but I don't think we need modern settings for that. Just make Ogata survive, choose a different route as you do with visual novels, it's much more interesting observing the characters' reactions for different outcomes instead of doing something completely different.

No. 240238

File: 1663600680883.jpg (143.26 KB, 2048x946, Fc7Jn4kaAAEyyOT.jpg)

Dammit I wasn't interested in any the plushies but now that people are posting them everywhere I am having second thoughts.

No. 240251

File: 1663602232159.jpg (191.35 KB, 850x1664, __sugimoto_saichi_and_asirpa_g…)

>I also rarely like modern AUs, it takes away too much of what makes the characters what they are.
Yeah, exactly. I think it works for some fanart here and there as a concept (Like picrel, I think it's pretty cute art, but that's about it), but doujinshi for modern AUs are just kinda boring imo. At least make them soldiers still! I know Japan is not involved in any war at the moment or anything, but the army is a big part of these dudes' lives.
Now that I think of it, I've never seen a GK AU that is during WW2, I wonder why? Too dark? I have seem fanart of them as carabiniere, though pretty based

The Algernon ones look so soft, too. Maybe if they were 30cm I could justify the pricetag, but they are so small… Good for taking them everywhere for pictures, I guess.

No. 240255

File: 1663603042578.png (97.96 KB, 708x1000, Esd83aWVcAAGNht.png)

>Now that I think of it, I've never seen a GK AU that is during WW2, I wonder why?
I wondered about the same, WWI too or just some AU war not related to any real wars. I think it's because all the artists and writers that make modern AUs choose them because they are light-hearted or at least less dark, so everybody that is okay with serious stuff just uses the original setting. I like seeing Vasily, Ogata or Usami as modern snipers or soldiers though.

No. 240264

File: 1663603726096.png (633.54 KB, 896x768, FcoHRyiagAE3Gy7.png)

>I think it's because all the artists and writers that make modern AUs choose them because they are light-hearted
Yeah, that makes sense. Guess I'll have to be the one to make WW2 GK art kek maybe
> I like seeing Vasily, Ogata or Usami as modern snipers or soldiers though.
Yeah, I think it can be pretty interesting. Ogata is already a marksman as is, imagine it with a scope. Usami would be completely balls to the wall with all the modern artillery shit, damn, imagine Usami with like a tank, drones, chemical or biological terrorism shit or even just automatic guns. A very scary thought

No. 240266

File: 1663604320611.png (5.75 MB, 2388x3820, 74650577_p18.png)

>Guess I'll have to be the one to make WW2 GK art kek
God I am finally free from my fucking job next month and my highest priority is to draw more stuff again and especially finally make some GK art, I am a bit used drawing rifles thanks to my other fandoms anyway.
Holy shit yeah. That guy with an assault rifle would be a nightmare for everybody else.
And Koito would buy one of these talking hologram AIs with Tsurumi skin if he lived nowadays and edit photos with clip studio lol.

No. 240884

File: 1663757461255.jpg (143.93 KB, 735x1391, 72d0e186f07274d42d0870069bd799…)

That's nice to know, anon! If you have any art socials, I hope we coincidentally bump into each other. If there ever is some WW2 uniform Ogata fanart floating around, it could be one of us…
I wish I could draw guns well, but I've been practicing for my hisbandos.
I bet that if GK came out 10 years a go, it would be full of zombie AUs kek it's tired, but I still enjoy it ngl
>And Koito would buy one of these talking hologram AIs with Tsurumi skin if he lived nowadays
Gah I really want to see some concept art for this! There are many cool possibilities.

No. 241035

File: 1663791091443.jpg (259.82 KB, 1430x2048, FJ6_5meaQAIX0KF.jpg)

>Gah I really want to see some concept art for this!
I swear I saw someone mentioning a comic about this and I was right. Well, it's not a hologram, so it's not exactly the same, but a Tsurumi AI program Koito talks to, so it comes pretty close. The personality is based on the Tsurumi Koito remembers, but at some point he wonders if it's even close to the real Tsurumi or if it's just the idealized version of him he remembers.

Realistically speaking Koito's version of Tsurumi would probably be pretty different from the real one or rather it would just be a little part of him. He would program him as the Tsurumi that loved (or seemed to love) him and ignore all his deceptions and dark sides. But that's why I enjoy such concepts. The fandom for this series is pretty creative imo.

No. 241075

File: 1663801074411.gif (1010.22 KB, 580x580, 2582051.gif)

This artist makes such cute Ogacat gifs

No. 241099

Did you know that when you search lolcow.farm on duckduck go this is the first thread that comes up

No. 241107

File: 1663805433945.jpeg (323.27 KB, 1300x1300, 0265C4BC-1918-4A9C-B533-E70A4C…)

Makes sense, since this is the best thread

No. 241262

File: 1663862372357.jpg (5.68 MB, 3019x3973, 97766150_p0.jpg)

It was strangely also among the first results when I googled GK related topics. We are western GK central now.

No. 241717

File: 1663964110311.jpg (101.1 KB, 1000x1046, FdV3I1pUYAAn-1v.jpg)

I wonder if Noda likes cats. There is quite some cat (human cat and real cat) fanservice in this series.

No. 241938

File: 1664044117208.jpg (97.02 KB, 735x493, 6dacca45ee2b34c66787e18a768d44…)

Huh? Not for me, it shows the first page first, then the rules page and then /m/'s catalogue. But as >>241262 put, I was also looking for something GK related more than once and it appeared in the options, especially images. I embrace it fully, lolcow is probably the sanest place for western fandoms.

Oh, absolutely. When I saw Ogata opening his mouth after smelling what Asirpa showed him, I had no doubt about it lol also the cat Tsurumi plays with has appeared before on his other stuff, so maybe it's based on a cat dear to him?

No. 241946

File: 1664045121771.jpg (331.68 KB, 1280x2011, 169461917662c1a8b46e44e.jpg)

>I embrace it fully, lolcow is probably the sanest place for western fandoms.
It's the perfect mix between 4channer culture and twitter, it's an in-between so we avoid the perma-triggered super wokes from tumblr and such as well as underaged shitposters and tryhards from /a/ or the conservative boomers you meet in forums.

Feels so good being free to talk about whatever idea or ship you want without driving anyone up the wall. I remember making someone lose their shit somewhere by mentioning that Tsurumi was my favorite character once.
>your pic
Me reading the final volume. I more or less even showed the exact same reactions.

No. 241992

File: 1664054592634.png (3.35 MB, 1976x2230, 84937093_p27.png)

I need an AI program that saves all the new art of this, there is too much of it coming out everyday but I want all of it.

No. 242185

File: 1664114677668.jpg (239.03 KB, 726x1024, 9d2d6b741c5cb1730676ffa4c470b8…)

"This" what? Golden Kamuy? Or SugiO? Or something else?

Agree with everything. also I don't like YuuO but that pic is hot

No. 242293

File: 1664134348133.jpg (55.25 KB, 499x708, ruu.JPG)

>"This" what? Golden Kamuy? Or SugiO? Or something else?
The fanart for Golden Kamuy series in general. I enjoy almost everything. But even Ogata art alone would already be too much to keep a track of I think. I mean this some less absolute privilege tier complaint, getting more art than you are able to save. But there are so many pretty pictures and I am greedy because each of them does things to my brain.

No. 242316

File: 1664136892192.jpg (305.93 KB, 1031x1457, FdVm651aEAAa49l.jpg)

Cant wait for the new season just for him

No. 242319

File: 1664137716410.jpg (1.85 MB, 2886x4096, FLKBIwUVcAIpR60.jpg)

Oh yeah they better don't cut anything I need to see shizo boy in his full glory.

No. 243287

File: 1664389600266.jpg (749.89 KB, 1835x2604, FdvJxDAakAAlcs7.jpg)

Damn I want this. There is a lack of this ship among doujinshi.

No. 243384

I feel like Vasily’s character arc didn’t get enough closure. They hyped him up a lot as a sort of ‘Anti-Ogata’, I myself and many other people believed that he would be the one to end Ogata but that ended up not being the case. In the finale he was kinda… absent? Like, what even happened to him? His whole goal in coming to Japan was getting revenge on Ogata, which he failed in doing. So what’s he gonna do now? Return to Russia? Stay in Japan? He’s overall a very underrated character and I think he deserved more.

No. 243387

File: 1664436622011.jpg (77.41 KB, 990x700, DimUaIZW0AIHu6h.jpg)

Lack of scanned and translated GK doujins is so sad. Probably the only downside of the series not being popular in the west.

No. 243422

File: 1664444708831.jpg (79.06 KB, 500x750, 14901471.jpg)

Yeah I expected more. We at least got the epilogue part with the painting but that only confirms even more that Ogata was important to his arc and yet they never met each other anymore. Whatever he intended to do with him was left unfulfilled and he only found his corpse and set there to draw it, probably realizing he has no goals anymore. I wonder what Noda would have done if the met, if they had just killed each other or what.

No. 243450

Ikr it felt as if noda had an idea for this cool character he wanted to include for his epic sniper battle (because he’s a nerd ) and then when it was finished just kept him around for bait and humor. honestly glad that ogata ended himself though it was way better than him dying from some stupid rivalry in my opinion Maybe his only real purpose was to make everyone believe he will be the one to do him in? But agree Vasily was funny and cute. I liked his ending but wish we would have seen him at least. If you put a minor character on a cover of course fans will expect him to become more relevant. I guess everyone expected more lmao

No. 243451

File: 1664448008075.jpg (645.02 KB, 1920x1146, FAF_DDnUYAwyN78.jpg)

Yeah it's really sad. Kinda. There are thousands of dj for this series but only a handful are scanned.
I have a good bunch but my scanner is bad. Does anybody know which scanner would be the best to scan little comics like these?
I thought of getting one of those book scanners maybe.

No. 243453

File: 1664449376623.jpg (110.58 KB, 640x764, 1522405044538.jpg)

Yeah I wouldn't call it bad at all and I wouldn't like Ogata to die in such a rival fight either. I just wish I knew what Vasily would have done if he had the chance to get on the train or even witness Ogata's suicide attempt. Would he have tried to attack him to kill first? Be indifferent and just watch? Stop him? And then do what? Ogata would have been weak, so I cannot imagine him fighting him. Even if Vasily wants to kill him he probably prefers that it happens in form of a duel, but who knows if Ogata would have gotten better again or how long it would have taken and how patient Vasily would be, since Ogata was broken at that point.

No. 243478

File: 1664457084700.jpg (64.46 KB, 736x615, 0ca7f0065065d7619c292f6d8e9537…)

Ah, I get it now. And I totally agree, even though my fanart folder is hefty, I want more.

I agree with you. Actually, I think many arcs felt a bit rushed by the end, even Sugimoto's.
I honestly don't think Noda wrote him and then didn't know what to do with him. I still stand by the tinfoil and maybe military grade copium that Noda was rushed by YJ to finish GK.
>But why would they try to end a cash cow like that?
Eh, it's popular, but not that popular. Not One Piece popular, not even jujutsu kaisen popular. It's probably not as sustainable, especially with the Ainu research team, translators for Ainu and Russian, Noda's research breaks lol
I also think that maybe they wanted to end it on a set schedule to license it to multiple things, like the exhibition, the Sega crane machines and hopefully the Sega Game that are being baselessly rumored, but damn I wanna believe, maybe even for the anime so the anime can catch up since it's basically ending as well. Guess we won't know until Noda says so himself, but a lot of plot decisions at the end really screamed "exec hands" to me. Like even the fake out of Vasily death itself, seemed like it was Noda's way of letting his character be in stand by in case he could work him better later or if he had to rush and just have him be dead there. Given all the problems that I think it may have had at the end, I still think it was an okay conclusion though.

I think that my favorite outcome would be Vasily just watching it, frustrated, impotent and in disbelief. Maybe say some last words to his corpse. Ogata spoke russian after all, maybe he could've understood him in the after life and be smug about it kek

If you have a good phone camera, you could just download notebloc, pin the books down steadily and use it. It's fairly good, I've used before for "scanning" some library books, pics included.

No. 243479

File: 1664458195117.jpg (356.27 KB, 1466x2040, FLKZPfjVIAImRTT.jpg)

> that Noda was rushed by YJ to finish GK
It feels like it, considering how long the manga is and that he was always able to take his sweet time with everything.
I don't get the reason, if it was the case though. GK is right up there among the best selling manga, it would make no sense to end it. If anything I can imagine that the publisher would urge him to drag it on. Maybe he decided to end it? But it doesn't feel like he suddenly gotten tired of it either. Not sure if there were maybe some private issues or something. Is he currently drawing anything? The ice hockey manga? If he does, does he publish the chapters regularly?

Maybe there were some problems and he thought that ending it like a volume sooner would be better than releasing it irregularly with hiatuses, because hiatuses usually kill the momentum and the fanbase. But alas, yeah it's probably just my copium. I wouldn't complain about another ten volumes and I am usually the fan that prefers manga to end around vol. 20-24.

Noda should make a male harem VN desu.

No. 243526

File: 1664474769793.jpeg (103.23 KB, 681x1251, C84D3922-5249-4BB1-B8DA-3827DC…)

it really is noticeable that he took a lot of time to elaborate on mini arcs and whatnot before. I dont like to speculate too much about people I don’t know but didn’t he become a father during the serialization? Maybe he simply wanted a longer break to spend more time with his family sooner and not wait another year for this. If you’re working for such a big publisher (and want them to publish your other works as well in the future) you probably need to inform them about when you want to be finished in time for them to fit the schedules for the marketing and events. It would be a very humane and understandable reason, maybe its just me but I always wondered how he manages to keep up at this pace while supposedly raising a small child when it was still ongoing because he always seemed like a guy who thinks family is important. Lets hope he talks about it in another interview for the release of another fanbook yes I am coping
It will be there soon. I love Usami and his character design so much can’t wait to see him engage in an epic cum battle in 4k. I havent even watched a trailer to be honest, idk if we have to wait for this until next season or this one I just hope they make it glorious.

No. 243531

File: 1664476620936.png (Spoiler Image,362.45 KB, 1061x1500, FR1QrvZVkAEBITN.png)

>third spoiler
Yeah this. The worst is that something like that must have happened since we know that he saw him because he made that artwork. We just didn't see how it happened which is a bit sad. It felt like there was no time for this anymore. It would have made Vasily's arc feel more concluded IMO

No. 243543

File: 1664479896056.jpg (91.04 KB, 750x929, FdmBk9tUoAIlbRj.jpg)

God a new fanbook would hype me up. I wish I would find the first one second-hand, I really want it. Think the pharao scene was from that book as well IIRC.
>It will be there soon. I love Usami and his character design so much can’t wait to see him engage in an epic cum battle in 4k.
Same. I also can't wait for more UsamiO fanart.

No. 243568

A little late to this topic, but I did see a theory that the reason it went the way it did for Vasily was in case the editors didn't approve of Ogata's suicide and wanted to cut it, Noda could use Vasily as a back-up plan for Ogata's death. Which makes sense why he didn't have more time to wrap his story up. Personally I really like Vasily's ending.

No. 243575

You think the same editors who allowed an extended scene of a midget with drag queen hair fucking a bear in the ass wouldn't allow a suicide scene? KEK

No. 243610

I said it was a theory I saw? Either way something like that used for laughs is different from a character shooting himself in the face after a mental breakdown from a censorship POV. Censorship can be weird like that so I dont think it's too far fetched Noda would have a backup plan just in case.

No. 243664

File: 1664536663597.jpg (529.05 KB, 1920x1190, FPQq5ADaIAAb3E4.jpg)

Yeah I think comedy is something different from suicide a broken character commits, I can see that many would be hesitant doing the latter, though I don't think it's the reason for Vasily's ending.

Feels like Noda simply didn't know if he would have the time to bring him back and conclude his arc in a proper manner so we got this ambiguous end until the time was too short to add more after all and all he could do was a quick mentioning in the epilogue. I don't think it's bad enough to sour my mood in any way but it feels lacking, regardless of everything. It only seems to confirm even more that he had to rush the end for some reason. As if someone had sad "only one more volume" and he didn't know how much content he could fit into that.

No. 243681

File: 1664545081288.jpeg (715.92 KB, 800x800, 5FBEFE74-D1AB-470B-9262-3EC1D9…)

oh god yes everything from them is such high quality. Picrel one of my faves; it’s actually animated but I only have this version. still cute as fuck. Btw I’m so glad that gk is just popular enough to get loads of fanart by skilled artists who love the series but not popular enough to make it profitable for sakimichan clones and the likes to make quick buck out of plebs with ooc coomer shit. It’s a sweet spot when it comes to quantity and quality imo. I might be a horny mf but I have standards and don’t want to see ugly botched sexyman ogata with 100k likes on twitter every week because you just know he would be first
>fanbook pharao scene
Ah yes that might be! I think I saved it from some japanese imageboard and forgot where it originated from.

No. 243690

File: 1664549349030.gif (829.05 KB, 800x800, img_Rk9YVlBsbHFMZnZQckV0NjYwOU…)

Here as gif if you are interested! I like it too, it's so cute. Especially Ogata's cat behavior.
Saving animated images from twitter is sadly a pain, because you have to use an extra website or add-on and it only saves them as mp4 which means you have to convert and resize them. I downloaded them from lofter because of this. Think it's the Imagus addon that allows me to save their stuff with a right click there. Only a few of the pics force me to open the page source, it depends on the profile type.
Wonder how many Chinese fans are posting on weibo and other places I cannot access.

>not popular enough to make it profitable for sakimichan clones and the likes to make quick buck out of plebs with ooc coomer shit

This is a plague in one of the fandoms I am in. Of course it's a mainly western fandom. This or really bad OCs. Though I think male characters are more or less save from this, it's mostly the female characters that look like sex dolls if they are drawn by such semi-commercial artists. Coomerfication doesn't really work for women it seems, they just want their favs to look as they do in canon or maybe chibified versions but not this. I generally feel like GK as filtered out a lot of terrible groups. Even the 4chan threads I participated in were fun and chill.

No. 243694

ogatafags are kind of insufferable… suicide scenes are not at all uncommon especially in seinen manga. Ogata's wasn't even very graphic. Just because it was your little blorbo doesn't mean it is somehow more shocking or censorship-inducing than the hundreds of other suicides in adult manga before. I don't think that theory holds much water.

No. 243697

File: 1664552380897.jpg (1.02 MB, 2977x1668, 98444733_p7.jpg)

Anon just casually mentioned it, it doesn't sound as if this was some coping or venting of her.
I don't believe that GK would ever be affected by censorship either, because simply it showed everything, from (male) bear fucking, over lots of gore scenes, scenes that look like bara porn and even dicks. Like remember that huge dick silhouette when Tanigaki squats after Dickboy (I always forget his name) shot that angry animal.
Whatever the reason is, if Vasily's arc was cut short for some reason as some believe it wasn't related to censorship or other characters' arcs, if anything it was a schedule/time problem.

I am actually glad (but also surprised) how much freedom Noda had with this series. I can see a lot of editors saying no to the dicks, sauna or otter part simply because they would be afraid of scaring readers away.

No. 243699

kek literally what is your problem why are you so aggressive? Show me where the Ogatafags hurt you. Just like some censorships are weird about sex but ok with graphic violence, some things are just treated differently. It's a simple theory I saw and mentioned. I don't know where in my post it seemed like I was pearl-clutching over it I actually think it was a really good ending for him and I don't really have any complaints.

No. 243710

>I generally feel like GK as filtered out a lot of terrible groups
It really feels like it. I think it’s just the right mixture. the lack of sexualized female characters and a shitload of fanservice of the male characters instead makes it already unpopular with the ‘no homo bro’ audience while nodas history and military lore escapades keep those who just want to simp for characters that fit their taste and participate in retarded fandom wars on twitter while not really caring for the story at bay.

No. 243723

File: 1664559955001.jpg (2.19 MB, 1842x1302, 99765547_p2.jpg)

Despite how comedy- and action-heavy it is it scares the underaged readers away who are usually the most annoying ones. I think it's the historically correct setting and the male fanservice, lots of people seem to dislike historical series in general unless it's mixed with fantasy.
Thanks to the fanservice homophobic boomers and edgelords ignore it as well, same with waifu fags. Powerlevel/shounen fans too, because there are no superpowers and characters just fight with their weapons. I don't even see call outs for pairings or Tsurumi fans which is nice because I am tired of this. If this was a series that was generally popular in the west twitter would be flooded with that.

No. 244075

File: 1664664222497.jpg (56.11 KB, 726x515, finally.JPG)

We got official dick size rankings everybody. Where did your fav fall? (1/2)

No. 244076

File: 1664664285095.jpg (55.3 KB, 720x485, finally2.JPG)

No. 244077

File: 1664664553110.jpg (47.25 KB, 722x362, dlknfsjfa.JPG)

trans brigade split 50-50 in saying "hell yeah girlcock!" and "fuck noda for including a transwoman on the list this is so problematic"

No. 244082

File: 1664666771304.jpg (70.1 KB, 500x626, FG9PfGDaUAAntXq.jpg)

I just wanted to make this very post but you were faster.
>Sensei said he read like 2,200 questions for the fanbook and most asked about their dick size and he thought, "So lewd.." He didn't understand why readers chose to ask it when they only got 1 question, but he took the question seriously.
I am so proud of this fandom.

Here is the whole thread btw because there are other interesting things from the interviews being translated.

Some things I found interesting:
>After GK serialisation ended, sensei has been busy with checking the designs & the storyboards of the anime, as well as the script for the upcoming live action.

>- In the fanbook he said he wouldn't hesitate to kill a character, but Ushiyama was the only 1 he'd trouble deciding. He didn't want [him] to die, but he felt the need to kill characters that were important to Asirpa so that she's determined to end the war for the gold herself.

>Q: Why did during kidnapping of Koito in vol 20, Ogata, disguised as a Russian, leant in close &put a hand on the back of Koito who's talking abt his father? Did he see himself who's not loved by his father in Koito?

>A: Yes, but it seems like there's a wide smile under his mask.

>Q: Ushiyama seemingly would throw anything that can fight, but how about against ghosts and other things on which physical attacks won't work?

>A: Ushiyama dislikes ghost stories and is afraid of Sugimoto's extremely boring stories.

>Q: Tell us goofy episodes of Ogata that only the 7th Division knew.

>A: He once got tricked by Usami and went to the training field but no one was there, so he just stood there for a while.
>A: During the Russo-Japanese war, he didn't realise there was a small hole on his food container from enemy bullet, so when he tried to cook food, it trickled out.
Fucking Usami, man.

No. 244084

I am legit surprised that Ogata's dick isn't on the small spectrum and that Vasily is rather high up there. There better be porn doujinshi about this.
Also good to know once and for all that Ushiyama has the biggest. I remember Noda once saying that Ushiyama would be the one he would husbando but that he might also maybe marry Koito for the money, but cheat on him with Tanigaki. So he really likes them big.

No. 244086

File: 1664667539906.jpg (78.22 KB, 736x1104, 72dd017f3214f73ca8c24b62a28eeb…)

>Tsukishima is bigger than Tsurumi and Koito
This changes everything
I especially expected Koito to have a bigger dick, albeit he wouldn't use it as much for penetration
I always thought of Ogata as average as well, and I guess it makes sense that Vasily is a bit bigger since he's Russian/bigger? Idk probably very pink as well
I think I only thought of Shiraishi as small, and some other manlet prisoners. But I thought Tanigaki would be the biggest guy

>A: Yes, but it seems like there's a wide smile under his mask.
huh, this changes my interpretation of the scene. I always thought he was being genuinely compassionate for that little moment, but guess Ogata is gonna Ogata and be smug about it.
>A: Ushiyama dislikes ghost stories and is afraid of Sugimoto's extremely boring stories
Kek not very into Ushiyama, but based
>A: He once got tricked by Usami and went to the training field but no one was there, so he just stood there for a while.
Fuck this is damn Moe. Sorry antiogatafag. Noda pls release an special book of them at the army (+ boot camp). All of them, 7th division and Sugimoto. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

No. 244087

File: 1664667876355.jpg (177.25 KB, 1868x1439, FFCzEjOaQAIK8E9.jpg)

>Noda pls release an special book of them at the army (+ boot camp). All of them, 7th division and Sugimoto. I would buy it in a heartbeat.
God me too, I fucking live for 7th division antics. Imagine if Sugimoto had somehow ended up there too

No. 244089

File: 1664668554333.png (533.72 KB, 750x750, image (7).png)

HELL YEAH i KNEW tsukishima was packin

No. 244090

File: 1664668722386.jpg (258.12 KB, 1227x1990, FHxk5YQaIAYsx6d.jpg)

I love that Tsukishima is bigger but expected it. I also think he is one of the strongest characters after the superpower dudes like Ushiyama, certainly the strongest Tsurumi's underlings, so I am all in for him also having the biggest dick of them.
I like his strong points because I am into Tsurumi/Tsukishima and Tsurumi already has the upper hand in many regards because he is the cunning, sophisticated leader and visionary here, but I prefer pairings to be equal so I always wanted Tsukishima to close that gap by being physically stronger and maybe having the bigger dick too. So I am glad he is at least a bit bigger.

Also, Nikaidou isn't listed. Maybe too much of an alien to even have a dick.

No. 244091

nikaido is like the fandom's animal pet, i don't want to know about his dick at all kek

No. 244097

File: 1664670186620.jpg (51.81 KB, 485x680, fcce0374a13e6ef36320fcdfab2dde…)

Nikaidou dick is average but forever limp since the bear attack. That's my headcanon.

No. 244098

File: 1664670608768.jpg (188.32 KB, 2358x1772, FJOhES-XIAM6wrw.jpg)

lolcow is the only western place that loves him. I am glad and agree. For some reason lots of western fans seem to hate him? Or maybe that's just my impression.
Nikaido is cute IMO, in the way weird pets are cute.

No. 244099

File: 1664670980317.jpg (29.34 KB, 458x506, tksm.JPG)

i think western gk fans hate tsukishima bc he is a bad guy that isn't "hot" enough to make the evil acts girlbossified. Like ogata can shoot and kill his entire family and innocents and it's "yasss my mentally ill misunderstood cat boy baby" but tsukishima kills someone and he's suddenly "soooo problematic and a colonizer and probably a domestic abuser and" cuz he looks like a manlet voldemort and can't be uwuified. Just my theory

No. 244100

File: 1664671409178.jpg (682.86 KB, 1090x1600, E_ql865VIAABAOK.jpg)

I love Ogata but this would be shit taste regardless because Tsukishima isn't even ugly. I am actually surprised I have (luckily?) not seen any western hate against Tsurumi yet, because he is totally the type of character they would usually consider mega problematic. I guess we are just lucky because the series isn't that popular here.
Still, Tsukishima should get more love. One of the top three characters for me in this series that is already packed with top tier characters. KoiTsuki also seems like the pairing the west would usually go for so I am bit surprised regardless.

No. 244109

I always liked his backstory and character design a lot also its always neat when some random background dude becomes a reoccurring character. I think some people dislike the 7th division guys out of principle because of muh politics and them being japanese imperial army soldiers +the bad guys. Idc about that as long as it’s not portrayed in a glorified way but the characters are good and all have their own story with focus on their individual struggles instead which is great.

No. 244111

Now that I think of it I never realised it before but I only know one western artist that draws the division guys and another one that draws all characters. There don't seem to be much art for them on the west but I might imagine things simply because there aren't many western artists to begin with. But those I have seen mainly draw Sugimoto, Ogata, some pics of Hijikata and even Tanikagi who is rarely drawn by JP fans.

I wouldn't wonder at all if many were afraid of drawing them because of the military stuff. It's not always that everybody hates it, rather that people might be afraid of backlash. Personally I think Tsurumi and his gang are the best and the characters in GK change their stances anyway. Ogata goes back and forth and changes allies all the time, Tsukishima and Koito cooperate with the mains for a while, Tanigaki left Tsurumi and stopped caring at all, it's basically only Usami and Tsukishima that stick to him and even Tsukishima wouldn't do it on principle, he only does it assuming that Tsurumi is telling the truth.

No. 244113

File: 1664675412581.jpg (46.34 KB, 735x583, e57789227820d1ad64273da59f0f64…)

Unrelated to the discussion, but this fanart is so hote. I love Joutouheis fanart, even more so when they are smoking and you're not supposed to do it during service, which is hotter
I agree with the previous anon that said she hoped to see more UsaO art with the new season.
Which makes me think, I wonder what's Noda's favorite pairing? I know he fanserviced SugiO a lot, especially at the end, but it could be just that; fanservice (and publicized shitposting, considering the blood hearts lol)

No. 244129

File: 1664678759692.jpeg (95.74 KB, 1280x1280, D7E74282-0862-4A31-AE3B-416289…)


No. 244187

File: 1664700153680.jpeg (107.11 KB, 700x622, D0455E5D-8114-48EB-A87F-2726AF…)

>What is nodas favorite pairing
Pretty sure it’s mostly humor and fanservice and noda being a bit of a degen see sugio henmi. His favorite pairing is obviously Tanigaki and Inkarmat though.
funny theory (although I rarely ever saw fans who like ogata who do not like him as well) but I think it’s more him being a loyal dog army character than that. He and ogata are very different characters the only thing that they have in common is that they’re both unethical murderers so of course moralfags hate them. Which is funny because they only exist for our entertainment, there is nothing wrong with hating or liking either of them. I like them both for totally different reasons as well and that doesnt mean I have to pretend they are good guys. What’s kind of annoying and what I always saw a lot everywhere in western spaces is that there are always people who compulsively go ‘Nooo I can’t enjoy him he is so bad did you know I actually hate him so much he is so awful’ because they are ashamed to openly thirst or simp for ‘’’problematic ‘’’ characters kek. I think japanese fandoms don’t have this as much.
>Fuck this is damn Moe
It is. Also lmao at that he lost his rice as well

No. 244203

samefag but
>I always thought he was being genuinely compassionate for that little moment, but guess Ogata is gonna Ogata and be smug about it.
I appreciate how Noda reminds us that even if he has a nice moment he just can’t not be a bit of an an asshole about it kek. He has to be smug at all times to maintain his clownery even if it’s only for himself

No. 244208

File: 1664707414919.jpg (232.62 KB, 821x1806, 6311855cafbd74a97c1c8c65b4a324…)

I agree. It's probably the villain route for Ogata but it's hot and it would be fun seeing them getting together. Clinging to Tsurumi won't do anything good to Usami in the end even if the manga end was different and I can imagine Ogata not getting suicidal if he fully embraces psychopathy.
Plus, they have a lot of great art.

No. 244210

File: 1664710498013.jpg (497.84 KB, 1448x2048, Fd_V9ikakAIwiYn.jpg)

>because they are ashamed to openly thirst or simp for ‘’’problematic ‘’’ characters kek.
I complained about this elsewhere a while ago. I hate it when I see a fan account that obviously loves a character but has to tell the rest of the world how much they hate him because he does bad fictional things and that they would kill him or that they enjoy seeing him getting smashed into a wall.

Maybe it's just me, and I don't even say that such characters are good guys, but when I am home from my shitty job and browsing nice art of characters I like I am not in the mood to see this shit or listen to people telling me how fun it would be to behead a character I like. I won't follow such accounts.
I feel like people think they have to clarify that they hate bad characters or else others might come and do a callout against them. Honestly just post what you want and ignore these people. They are never in for the morals anyway, they just want attention, virtue signal or simply bully an artist away because they are jelly or something.

And yeah, I never see it on Japanese twitter. Most Asians are silent, they just post art, food photos, their doujinshi and otherwise they either talk about funny ideas or facts for/of the manga they enjoy or post mundane stuff like talking about the weather.

No. 244279

File: 1664733712444.jpg (78.08 KB, 646x988, FeDSQGaVsAAVksL.jpg)

Me at sports

No. 244336

File: 1664745230042.jpg (96.97 KB, 1051x1504, FeC9PuxUYAAql7A.jpg)

I wondered why the net is full of GK characters doing school sports until I realised someone has released new parts of some Noda interviews:

>Q: If the characters are university students, in what clubs would they belong?

>A: Sugimoto would be a forward in ice hockey club. Shiraishi would be in gymnastics. Asirpa a middle-distance runner in the track and field club. Ogata a setter in volleyball club.
>Ushiyama a hammer thrower. Kiroranke in basketball club. Tsukishima a defender in football (soccer) club, while Koito a forward. Kadokura and Kirawus play table tennis. Tanigaki and Boutarou in water polo club.

These answers are strangely specific and autistic I assume Noda generally enjoys sports, not just ice hockey
>During a game Boutarou pulled off Tanigaki's swim trunks so Tanigaki could not leave the pool. Inkarmat, a member of concert band who cheered for Tanigaki, saw Tanigaki's crotch & said "Wow, there's an oboe there".
>Tanigaki's face turned bright red, & he tried to leave the pool - hiding behind his teammate Ariko Ipopte, but Usami from their opponent team pushed them so they fell back into the pool, and they both had their dicks out and said "Aaah, embarrassing." Idiots.

>-This is the end of sensei's own AU fanfic-

No. 244441

Noda… Bless your heart.

No. 244584

File: 1664824363398.jpg (443.44 KB, 1444x2048, FeJ6sFYUoAQqxtY.jpg)

Thanks for sharing! I was also wondering what was up with all the sports stuff

No. 244612

File: 1664830353924.jpg (465.52 KB, 1748x2480, FeEnV9fVsAA1zv4.jpg)

Fucking kek, that pic.
But yeah I wondered too until I saw others talking about it. Usami seems to have most of the art after Ogata. But Ogata is so obvious you might as well leave him out since he's always getting the most. Usami is more surprising, fans like the Noda's short-story he was involved in.

No. 244615

File: 1664830874654.jpg (1.45 MB, 2078x2023, FdMD9k7acAE2jw1 2.jpg)

Always weird when I stumble upon one of the many 1-2 page comics of GK that have around 12000 - 32000 likes on twitter and wish I could understand it but I just look at it, translate the few tidbits I can read and wonder how funny it would probably be if I knew what was going on.

Pic not related, this is at least obvious enough.

No. 247233

File: 1665695627313.png (206.38 KB, 555x521, 9854768954765.png)

Crossposting from the art board
Besides this being super cute ily art nonnie that made this I am kinda surprised by this Sugimoto ratio kek

No. 247257

I love the addition of Ogata's second pair of ears kek

No. 247265

File: 1665712413691.jpeg (242.92 KB, 2048x1644, FarlGEbakAYuBJY.jpeg)

Why of course

No. 247329

File: 1665750742961.jpeg (169.06 KB, 850x1200, 4C0CF9F1-6356-4415-8787-F0B7BB…)

This is so cute! All my love for the anon who made this. I am actually not surprised at the ratio because even though I love both, Sugi is definitely the best boy. Guess II’ll be back here at the 17th to screech about the new episode. the cum battle is near I can feel it
Late but thanks for the translation, the end note with the AU fanfic cracks me up it really is just that.

No. 247342

File: 1665753663150.jpg (254.33 KB, 1100x1200, 1635026828156.jpg)

I can relate to Vasily, I should draw more Ogata too

No. 247364

File: 1665763486017.jpeg (743.53 KB, 1448x2048, Fe8ij7gagAE1Ip2.jpeg)

>even though I love both, Sugi is definitely the best boy.
Oh, definitely! Ogata is a 9 for me and Sugimoto is 10/10. But my surprise comes from the previous poll results, the hornyposting one. Ogata won over Sugi, which I guess means Ogatafags are maybe just hornier.

As for the new season, I'm still on season 3 (started watching it with the Nigel) so I'm not up to date with it, but I've watched some clips of it on YT and damn, the animation has come a long way. Even the op and ed are looking better (so far I thought the best one was the 3rd's, so they are getting better with each season)
I have a feeling that GK will be one of these animes that will receive a proper, covering everything animation in like 10 years or so. Kinda like FMA and HunterxHunter. But the Voice Actors are perfect though, that's the one thing I wouldn't change.

>I should draw more Ogata too
Shouldn't we all?

Anyway, Chokonokko and other ichibankuji stuff reveal. They are very cute, but so small….

No. 247378

i need that tiny sugi immediately.

No. 247380

File: 1665769662363.png (1.29 MB, 1210x1290, Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 10.4…)

I was looking up the source of this image and the artist had an interesting theory two posts up lol

No. 247382

File: 1665769803980.jpeg (227.61 KB, 1000x940, @just_rancid FetH2hIaMAAWGLs.j…)

I loved the drawing scene

No. 247388

File: 1665771711874.jpeg (215.45 KB, 994x1398, DwxPCMVU8AAH782.jpeg)

Kek he's a Hariko Inu, and I'm glad I wasn't alone in this observation. It was the first thing I thought when I saw him. Wonder what was Noda's true line of thinking?

The drawing scene is super cute. I wish they could read Shoujo Sekai together

No. 247392

File: 1665772811800.jpg (982.89 KB, 1448x2048, FcxCtlnagAAYa3t.jpg)

Wonder how many pics of him Vasily has flying around somewhere. He should make a doujinshi.

No. 247394

File: 1665773350430.jpeg (48.49 KB, 600x600, DxxnqgmU8AAwR4B.jpeg)

@Reman_Kamuy created a soldier maker picrew
should I put this in the dress up game thread or is it too GK-themed?

No. 247398

File: 1665773671395.jpg (2.37 MB, 2800x2800, FfBSfwYaYAA2-FZ.jpg)

I love those sexy fancy gay psychopaths with emphasized lips. Such a weird and rare stereotype, but I am into Overlord from the transformer comics for the same reason. My only issue is that I don't know how I want to ship him if I try to imagine a good end.
Tsurumi/Usami is obviously the common choice and I love their fanart, but I cannot see that relationship working, at least not for Tsurumi. It's basically a gifted dude and a crazy guy that considers him a god and treats him as such (besides some peeping episodes when Tsurumi is taking a bath maybe). Maybe I have to jump on the Usami/Ogata train. They get quite a lot of art lately and it's the only ship that could make some sense besides Usami and Tsurumi.

No. 247407

File: 1665774189297.png (234.37 KB, 600x600, 14844_Jn8nRsVK.png)

Holy shit this is fucking awesome! Thank you so much for linking this.
You should post it in the dress up thread as well, it's well made. Better than a lot of other games I played and makers for adult male characters are rare.

No. 247410

File: 1665774409064.jpg (310.05 KB, 1744x2048, FfCDiioUcAAZC9H.jpg)

Of course I forgot to quote when I reply.
Was meant for this anon >>247394!

No. 247413

File: 1665774993373.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2453x1968, Remankamuy02 FU0gMNyUYAA7QJi.j…)

ok I'll put it there. then we won't flood this thread with our creations lol

nta but I've seen him "shipped" with the boy he was in training with. it's fine for fluff or a one-sided crush story

No. 247415

File: 1665775059156.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2326x1861, Remankamuy02 FVCVb03VEAAEfHa.j…)

No. 247416

File: 1665775232128.jpg (84.1 KB, 760x512, adada.JPG)

Ogata's chibi fursona has a shockingly high amount of art, where does it even come from? Was it some original merchandising idea?

No. 247465

File: 1665787606555.jpg (51.01 KB, 735x608, 4338b635ebf9fb00fb21bb97561b9e…)

I've been on such a UsaO kick, lately. I don't have any GK ships per se because I don't see any pairing as something I'd want to see romantically together as an end goal. I guess the closest would be SugiO, but still I wouldn't like them romantically together, more as in a "enemies and low-key attracted to each other" kinda thing, but never like a real real couple, it just doesn't fit the narrative imho. I think I've said that before so I won't bore anyone by repeating myself kek
Anyway, even though I don't see any of the boys as a romantic pair, that doesn't exclude sex, and specially hate fucking. I think Usami would love to one up Ogata, even more so if it would mean that Tsurumi would pay more attention to him. And as confirmed by Noda, Usami liked to prank/annoy Ogata. Ogata is Ogata, of course, the quiet vindictive but self destructive bastard. And both are violent in their own unique ways. It has potential for some pretty hot dynamics.

They are called "Doubutsu Fooze Mascot", they have an animal for a lot of the main characters (Sugimoto is a bear, Shiraishi is a Tanuki, Tsurumi is a cat, etc), but I'm not sure what are their origins. There are a lot of merch of it though, the most popular being the plushies. I know Tokyo Revengers also have a Doubutsu Fooze thing, but I didn't dig deep enough to see where it begun.

No. 247587

File: 1665830791715.png (653.34 KB, 1280x1280, 94218376_p7.png)

> but never like a real real couple, it just doesn't fit the narrative imho
The closest thing I could imagine in canon was Sugimoto and Asirpa living together as the big brother/little smart sister kind of family and adopting Ogata as pet like you would adapt a stray cat. Sometimes he and Sugimoto might still punch each other but things could stay peaceful as long as Ogata is quiet and enjoys his food and ass pats.

No. 247923

File: 1665952225963.jpg (364.37 KB, 960x1280, FSyDZwfaMAE4RGH.jpg)

It's funny that there are a good bunch of artists that make me double-check whether the things they post is fanart or a part of the manga or some fanbook I forgot because some imitate Noda's art style quite well.

No. 247945

File: 1665961356337.jpeg (2.66 MB, 1300x1000, wp on pixiv 95942768_p3.jpeg)

Kirawus is a voice of reason among a bunch of crazy men. He is simply not mentally troubled. I love him.

No. 247947

File: 1665961451807.jpeg (745.02 KB, 2923x2200, @Reman_Kamuy D9WqPyFUYAA7_L5.j…)

I'm loving these two in the anime lately. good dynamic. good voices!

No. 248008

File: 1666003043550.jpg (288.43 KB, 2039x1223, FdbWBJTUYAA33JE.jpg)

Kadokura was another case of a GK character I expected to die or become irrelevant the moment his first big scene had happened. I am glad Noda shares our taste and always thinks "wait, let's make these guys main characters as well". Same with Tsukishima and even Ogata.

No. 248193

File: 1666058529662.webm (6.93 MB, 718x404, 88959567-ee1d-4101-8a9a-fbd988…)

Yep, I thought this >>247416 was Noda's at first glance. It would actually be so cool if he did fanarts like these kek he already creates his fanfics, so it wouldn't be too far fetched.

>I am glad Noda shares our taste and always thinks "wait, let's make these guys main characters as well". Same with Tsukishima and even Ogata.
Yes! I legit love this. It makes his world building so much richer.

On another note, sometimes I catch myself thinking about the "Sega is making a GK" rumors.
What would be your perfect Kinkamu game? aside from a date sim, and that would be so cheap to make too, they should do it already
I think mine would be something kinda like a faux open world game that follows the manga story, with some new stuff splashed but that still connects tightly to the canon. So I think Noda's participation in writing it would be a must.
So yeah, you have to go from point A to pont B to advance the plot and unlock new places, but while you are at a place, you don't have to do the missions right away and could just mess around for a while. Kinda like the Yakuza games
Playing hanafuda or other games, hunting, fishing, talking to locals and doing sidequests, reading books, target practicing, collecting random stuff like menko pogs or just generally exploring Meiji Japan. You would have a different character for each mission, so for example, you play Ogata for the Barato mission, Koito for the O-Gin mission, Tsukishima for the Edogai mission, Asirpa and Sugimoto for a lot of the main missions and so on. Each with their own play style, like Asirpa is weak but quick, Ogata has a closer aim, Sugimoto can tank stuff better and is stronger. It would also be cool for POVs and internal monologues for scenes that we already know, since it would be adding new content.
I think a cell shade style kinda like vidrel but with better textures and great lighting/atmosphere, composition and direction would be perfect.

Sorry for the tism rambling, one can dream…

No. 248280

File: 1666096028838.jpg (208.36 KB, 673x1338, FfHQVY_agAA5i4c.jpg)

I am thinking of something similar to the second spoiler too.
I agree with you about the open world'ish game. Just allow me to run around and do things (having cooking sessions also fits the narrative of the manga perfectly, maybe get more exp or better food if Asirpa is part of your group) and have some plot progressing missions you can start whenever you want that change the PoV. Maybe mention it in the quest's description, like "Catch O-gin the Viper (7th division)". And you can fuck around a bit with each of the PoVs depending on what characters you play, the ones that are present and the location it takes place in. Maybe allow different endings and therefore some possibilities to change the outcomes of some of the missions or character developments depending on whether you decide to attack or kill another character or not or rush to help them or ask them for help (or choose to avoid this).

Maybe you can save Ogata from his self-destructive behavior if you just cooked enough anglerfish nabe for him or something.

No. 248320

File: 1666108570774.jpg (166.67 KB, 735x816, 4fcb711a35ab3edc35b6423c33f2f5…)

Yeah, I think the game could be a true open world when you finish it, so you don't have any more missions so you can walk around freely through the map and play the minigames.
>having cooking sessions also fits the narrative of the manga perfectly
Yes, so true! I don't know how I missed that. Also plant/animal cataloguing, we could have Asirpa drawing it since she seems good at drawing from the first manga (and Sugimoto is shit at it, as everyone knows). Then Sugimoto could be the one writing the info since Asirpa can't write. Would be cute to have a SugiRipa Collab sketchbook of the Hokkaido fauna and flora. Then Shiraishi (or maybe Ogata/Kiro) could help her at Karafuto. kek imagine if Sugimoto tried to keep drawing when they are separated and then it's just his shit drawings and none can tell wtf he drew
>Maybe mention it in the quest's description, like "Catch O-gin the Viper (7th division). And you can fuck around a bit with each of the PoVs depending on what characters you play, the ones that are present and the location it takes place in.
Yes! That's exactly how I imagined. I can perfectly envision the Barato mission, walking a bit around the city after getting out of the barbershop and making Ogata crouch and stand just to see the cape physics at work kek
>Maybe you can save Ogata from his self-destructive behavior if you just cooked enough anglerfish nabe for him or something.
Damnnn that would be a Yumejo dream. I can see this, there can be the true, canon ending (well, the manga one) and them the alt endings. A lot of games do this, so I don't think it's unthinkable.
The only thing is that it would be veeery big, something akin to RDR 2 or yeah, the Yakuza games on a bit of a smaller scale. But big, still. I know GK is popular in Japan but I don't think it's that big. Maybe they could do half of the series first, like the game ends after the Abashiri kerfuffle. Manifesting this, I'd get a PS5 for it