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File: 1622745085032.png (387.38 KB, 720x900, 763EE9C5-43D8-4FC9-A715-57F465…)

No. 146757

OC means “original character” that you have come up with. They do not have to exist in an original universe and can be meant for a pre-existing setting. Have an idea for an OC? Want to draw something for another anon? Then you’ve come to the right thread!

How it goes:
>Post an OC idea, and any anon itt can happily draw it for you if she feels so obliged.
>Be as descriptive as you like, and doodle as silly or serious as you like! Sincerity and cringe are equally embraced.
>In some cases that anons post OCs and do not get a drawing within 60 days, OP will personally pen one out for you.
>Feel free to use any reference photos for your OC and specify what you want. It is encouraged!
>You are free to post your own OC artwork and have other anons add on to it. However, all artwork of said OC MUST be posted by the farmer who drew it. OC art commissioned from outside of LC is not allowed itt.(DO NOT STEAL!!!1)
If you would like your artwork judged or fixed, please refer to the Rate My Art thread >>>/m/102700
>Spoiler any artwork that depicts NSFW; gratuitous nudity and graphic gore, or is grotesque or fetish in nature.
>It is ill advised to compromise your anonymity by crossposting finished works featured here to non-anonymous accounts and websites.

There is nothing strict regarding what the OCs can and can’t be like, as long as it adheres to global board rules (no nudity, illegal shit, racebait etc.) This is meant to be a fun thread. It’s okay and actually very cool to have shit OCs. The methods by which OCs are “drawn” is not inherently limited to any specific medium. Go wild go stupid go fucking crazy. Inspired by the brilliant minds writing in the Dress Up Games threads >>>/m/139245 and drawing in MS Paint Doodle Therapy >>>/m/98544 !

No. 146763

File: 1622746733874.png (22.41 KB, 632x495, yay.png)

draw my buff stacy oc pls

No. 146770

File: 1622752403536.png (452.75 KB, 1299x1290, lolcow nona.png)

i hope u like anime style kek

No. 146771

Body goals and dream gf

No. 146772

No. 146777

amazing, thank you, I'm super grateful!

No. 146788

File: 1622758252631.png (6.27 KB, 256x256, 31728945_ts9yzBXRNwP2dfw.png)


No. 146790

File: 1622759073136.jpeg (197.42 KB, 630x1402, 71313BFD-6502-4063-88D8-FA3F16…)

Draw this OC of myself from an alternate timeline where I got heavily into sweet lolita when I was 13 instead of only wearing black on a daily basis. Sorry, I can’t draw feet.

No. 146802

File: 1622768417471.png (21.16 KB, 486x513, foranon.png)

hope you like it anon

No. 146817

I think it might be better than my iteration, thank you!

No. 146820

File: 1622773300059.png (1.16 MB, 1000x1400, anonita.png)

for you, anon
i tried to channel my inner 13 year old weeb for this one. in this alternative timeline we mightve been cool sweet lolita friends

No. 146822

I posted this a couple times before

I often make my own made up OC characters and insert them into shows I'm currently watching and fantasize about how they would interact with the the rest of the cast and impact the story, like I have this Idea of my OC in killing Eve, he's an Assassin like Villanelle but he's also her exact opposite, he's emotionless and methodical in his work, he is disgusted by all forms of Human sexuality and is a Assassin only because of circumstance

I wanted there to be a argument Villanelle and my OC about whose the worst monster, someone who enjoys killing and makes a show of it or someone who feels no emotion and does the act like any other Job, In the end there would be a fight scene where Villanelle and Eve have to both work together to be able to beat him

No. 146823

File: 1622776443769.png (45.7 KB, 695x578, 6321.png)

please ignore the bad anatomy I just really wanted to draw the hot buff stacy oc.
I want to do more of these pls keep this thread alive anons

No. 146826

File: 1622777169375.png (10.1 KB, 730x429, Untitled.png)

Here's a drawing of how big he is

No. 146829

So cute, nonna! Reminds me of Star Butterfly a bit? I can feel the teenaged weeaboo angst and I love it.

No. 146832

File: 1622778505859.png (117.42 KB, 275x275, 1621230453485.png)

Can we also draw girls from the waifu thread? in the previous one anons said they were interested in it, we even made dumb stories lol

No. 146833


No. 146836

this reminds me of the OG good meme comics, 3angledblue chan is that you… anyways lovely linework

No. 146864

File: 1622799256877.png (485.59 KB, 1500x1724, clowm.png)

here ya go anon

No. 146872

File: 1622805304022.jpg (180.46 KB, 500x518, Hnet.com-image.jpg)

I'm sorry for doing this anon. Your oc is really cute.

No. 146886

File: 1622811994872.png (160.23 KB, 670x892, for anon.png)

/w/ goblin vs /m/ gigastacy gf

No. 146887

She has beautiful eyes.

No. 146891

I wanted to capture the eyes full of determination!

No. 146917

File: 1622823673720.jpg (667.32 KB, 2425x1745, IMG_20210604_181717_677.JPG)

They are friends not enemies

No. 146919

Fug I forgot the clowm ribbon

No. 146924

Shouldn't she be /g/ since there are fitness threads there?

No. 146928

File: 1622828055206.png (127.11 KB, 764x588, workoutbuddies.PNG)

Love this thread OP! I also love seeing everyone's creations.

They workout together probably

No. 146930

never expected anyone to draw him, great work anon
though I never meant for him to have s square head, more like a overly masculine square jawed face

No. 146935

I love her so much

No. 146936

File: 1622831046174.png (16.89 KB, 364x339, yes.png)

No. 146937

tumblr pennywise fanart be like

No. 146942

File: 1622838259602.png (422.14 KB, 675x900, clownge.png)

I'm more motivated to draw on lc than irl
Cute af

No. 146943

You're right, I love friends

No. 146947

No. 146949

File: 1622844164958.png (183.76 KB, 582x512, Clown-y.PNG)

Very cute style anons!

went a little overboard with her but she's really cute!

No. 146955

Not OP but I love her sm wish I was a drawfag to contribute lol

No. 146957

I really want to draw my character concept for drawfags but I can't art worth shit either

No. 146958

File: 1622851811212.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1500x2668, EECFFAE3-9004-4A4A-92B7-4387D8…)

i’m a retard who didn’t follow the assignment

No. 146992

File: 1622879046427.png (224.6 KB, 400x400, 1596077798025.png)

I'm not the anon who originally posted Meat-chan but I wanted to see someone draw her

No. 147007

Valid. She goes to a different gym.
Do it anyway anons!

No. 147043

File: 1622927442594.png (87.3 KB, 739x571, Niku-chan.png)

Here ya go lol I assume she likes fine dining

No. 147056

Nta but she’s so cute! I love meat-chan now, she would be my bff.

No. 147165

File: 1623001866619.jpg (1.35 MB, 4965x3007, girls5.jpg)

I tried making the clowgirl >>146788 happier so I drew her with a (girl?)friend >>146790

No. 147166

File: 1623002002571.jpg (2.55 MB, 4058x2371, girl3.jpg)

I also tried coloring it but I'm not convinced. Also I just wanted to say that this thread is great!

No. 147173

File: 1623006933356.jpeg (26.19 KB, 512x512, 74726609-AB9A-4A34-8B55-AF4DF5…)

attempted to create my idea via artbreeder, not perfect but works
she'd look a lot more tired and sad though

No. 147176

No. 147177

File: 1623009400769.jpeg (18.84 KB, 275x275, 1623006933356.jpeg)

I gotcha

No. 147178

Is the clown dating the sweet lolita OC?

No. 147181

Nice work anon

No. 147188

kek I love her

No. 147197

what a fun thread idea
/m/ is best board confirmed

No. 147206

File: 1623031949541.jpeg (729.54 KB, 1500x2668, 3DB7A818-6C0F-42D2-B3C9-83F674…)

messy oC omgee gaiz!!! do not steelz

No. 147257

File: 1623071725099.png (552.49 KB, 625x1004, optimal husband.png)

I'm not sure if it's exactly allowed but here it goes.
The optimal horny husbando OC brought to you by retarded horny posting thread and google's random number generator.
>Face/Skintone - Korekiyo Shinguji
>Hair - Osomatsu (red)
>Eyes - Gojo Satoru
>Lips - Toji Fushiguro
>Upper Body - Arthur Morgan
>Lower body - Osomatsu (red)
the wild card was ichimatsu, so feel free to add anything or nothing at all from him

No. 147384

File: 1623100446668.jpg (634.8 KB, 1200x1200, meatchan.jpg)

Meat-chan is very cute and fun to draw!

No. 147394

Ok she’s A5 waifu

No. 147437

File: 1623145651455.jpeg (270.62 KB, 1567x1858, AF6B1342-810C-430A-9EFE-73B455…)

No. 147444

I'm in love with her. also her gf should be a pescatarian/vegetarian uwu

No. 147449

I love that you drew her in an early 00's visual novel/harem anime style… reminds me of Onegai Teacher or something. She's so cute!

No. 147514

File: 1623194010325.jpeg (165.86 KB, 1336x1787, 9D062A59-A6BC-40C6-BEF3-1E7796…)

Draw my goth boy pls

No. 147553

you have such a cute style anon!

No. 147561

Way too cute anon, you outdid yourself.

Underrated comment.

No. 147691

File: 1623324616868.png (100.62 KB, 600x600, Untitled-1.png)


please let's not let this thread die

No. 147693

Love the colors, nice work nonnie!

No. 147723

File: 1623344185078.png (1.81 MB, 2480x3508, 2F19B2BD-4C25-4172-9265-D5D70A…)

Something like that?

No. 147733

File: 1623348797603.png (58.87 KB, 447x607, ideal1.PNG)

his eyes arent usually pink theyre white but lol

No. 147742

I love him

No. 147770

File: 1623357973171.png (115.2 KB, 640x640, D3AF7D94-4BA3-4016-81F6-6BBF5A…)

No. 147776

10/10 would add him to my harem of husbandos.

No. 147780

Need to manifest a hot alt bf like this

No. 147783

Thank you so much! They look great

No. 147785


now this is epic?!

No. 147822

File: 1623388047915.jpeg (307.54 KB, 1242x1242, 9E687822-3399-42B2-9685-16464A…)

She picks a new husbando every week.

No. 147823

Samefag, this picrew was my inspiration https://picrew.me/image_maker/1092186

No. 147876

File: 1623426826588.jpg (1.23 MB, 1417x2290, waifus.jpg)

green-chan is getting inducted into meat cult

No. 147880

This is so good! Lmao

No. 147998

Yeah! I imagined his torso a bit more beefy with toothpick legs but it's a very good visualisation. for some reason he gives me big mitsuya from tokyo revengers vibes? I like it but im not sure why do they remind me of each other lol

No. 148144

File: 1623640041323.png (60.4 KB, 690x548, 61321.png)

I made him look more like a vampire-demon type of boy rather than a goth boy but I still hope you enjoy my rendition of him

No. 148145


No. 148147

I know he's your OC and I Have no right to add my personal characterization for him, but can you make it canon that he has a monster cock
Like I'm not even a size queen or anything, I just love skinny alt boys with big cocks

No. 148155

No. 148173

Absolutely fucking based anon, like yeah I have managed to orgasm from guys who were slightly on the smaller side when they knew what they were doing and a big dick wouldn't add much if it was attached to a average or buff guy, but skinny, androgynous boys with big cocks is just so fucking hot for me, I remember I used to follow blogs soley dedicated to skinny paley boys with big dicks, but that was years back and there most likely deleted at this point
Sigh, if anons here know any similar blogs it'd be much appreciated

No. 148177

Absolutely based, I hope OP agrees.

No. 148179

oh I love you anon

No. 148215

I did not expect this level of horniness. Sure, he can have a monster cock, I have made it so.

No. 148224

I love you, nonnie, you’re a star.

No. 148772

File: 1623969456946.jpg (240.08 KB, 580x1595, lolcow.jpg)

omi - cheerleader (lolcow remix)

No. 148776

File: 1623970775770.jpeg (14.95 KB, 241x209, A8AC6AA1-EAAA-4E41-93CC-9BFDA4…)


No. 148784

Lmao perfect!

No. 148829

File: 1623984093197.png (919.92 KB, 1400x2000, heart.png)

No. 148849

File: 1624000644324.png (35.47 KB, 396x856, my very cool oc.png)

this is my very cool oc her name is amber and she has fire daggers (so cool)

No. 148859

File: 1624009517482.jpg (Spoiler Image,414.29 KB, 1372x2246, IMG_20210618_114338_371.JPG)

It's amber after killing all the male invaders, my headcanon is she gets a star tattoo for every killed male

No. 148860

i love this so much anon, that's absolutely canon

No. 148871

File: 1624014277247.jpg (921.79 KB, 1920x2196, IMG_20210618_130101_713.jpg)

It's goth boy copying that photo of blixa bargeld kissing himself in the mirror also I am sorry, I lost my will by the time I was drawing his hand

No. 148906

THANK YOU BAHAHAHA this is great

No. 148930

File: 1624032277864.png (377.58 KB, 800x800, lcf.png)

lazy i know but i wanted to contribute!

No. 149083

this is lovely anon, thank you so much!!
is it okay with you to use this as my discord pfp?

No. 149738

File: 1624567597519.png (587.91 KB, 750x1005, fire-girl-00.png)

Thank you anon for giving me something to do

No. 149742

ho, I haven't seen your response but ofc!

No. 149813

fantastic work

No. 149855

your art is so gorgeous, thank you so much!!!

No. 150084

File: 1624765713139.jpeg (996 KB, 1500x2668, B469D93A-50A9-4E13-8FDB-2D5359…)

draw my dumbass oc i’m not an artistic person lol

No. 150329

File: 1624906095069.png (5.54 MB, 1467x2182, lc-yellow-eyes01.png)

Here nonny, I don't usually draw anime but I wanted to give it a go

No. 150368

File: 1624926716510.png (427.52 KB, 600x800, lclc.png)

your style reminds me of W.I.T.C.H.!

No. 150424

This is so cute I love how each person sees the same idea in their own way

No. 150518

these are so cute omg!

No. 152006

I want to post an OC I made in rehab. He was a scrawny, alcholic, heroin addict, stereotypical d-beat dude with a cat named Mittens. I'll doodle something later from memory, but my art skills haven't evolved passed edgy middle schooler.

This thread is great though!
> cemetary shirt
> blixa reference
I want to be you two to be my friend. Also, i think i already know one of you.

No. 152007

File: 1626076236019.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, 20210712_014807.jpg)

Samefag, I doodled this from memory. Sorry I drew the Amebix logo way too fucking big and don't understand anatomy.

No. 153349

File: 1627060981767.jpeg (280.13 KB, 1370x1274, 940F0317-D6F9-4870-A73E-668B34…)

come on nonnies, don’t let this thread die

No. 153396

File: 1627138042767.jpg (Spoiler Image,761.96 KB, 860x1214, 019282828.jpg)

Here you go anon.. Spoiler because of sad, I hope it doesn’t break your heart. He really needs to lay off the dope and stop smoking inside with a cat. do it for mittens you idiot!
>>153349 nooo I love this thread, maybe I’ll post an oc later

No. 153398

Ohh he's so sad! I think this guy should be friends with the goth guy or maybe with this weirdo cus I bet he has a good heart >>147733
Oh man, I wish I had my computer so I could draw him a friend

No. 153447

I love you, nonnies! You made my day.
I agree he needs a friend and to get off h. He doesn't need a thread in /snow/.

No. 153621

File: 1627292663518.png (475.48 KB, 887x856, Capture.PNG)

would anyone like to do an art trade?
reply with your OC, ill doodle them. then you could doodle my OC back !

No. 153635

I love him but I hate how he reminds me of my jerk ass friend
Omg rip mittens, but its ghost in the smoke is so cute

No. 153646

File: 1627307818092.jpg (2.66 MB, 4128x3096, 20210726_104958.jpg)

Been years since I drew anything so don't mind all the mistakes, tried fixing them but it only made things worse lmao
Hope you like it anyway

No. 155356

File: 1628525294020.jpg (825.01 KB, 1900x1720, anons oc.jpg)

don't let this thread die

No. 155373

OMG this is so nice! I love the soft textures!

Please let me draw an OC of yours in return

No. 155379

File: 1628543325103.png (7.98 MB, 2607x2607, 635DE73C-80A0-4979-8314-01E60A…)

No. 155380

No. 160804

File: 1631914257908.jpg (695.67 KB, 1080x1080, ll3.jpg)

my pen pressure died and i was reminded of how it felt to draw in gimp, never again

No. 160805

File: 1631914299182.jpg (153.64 KB, 800x800, car insurance.jpg)

here is my oc btw

No. 160809

I love her.

No. 160813

She is amazing

No. 160875

car insurance is so cute

No. 160884

File: 1631968796132.jpg (366.21 KB, 864x1080, 7272727.jpg)

cute! I tried to draw her lingering between dumpsters

No. 160904

thank you! i love this!! She looks very menacing and at home among dumpsters

kek thanks, i like to shorten her name to cain

No. 160920

File: 1631986658454.jpeg (458.58 KB, 959x1038, 5C528327-08F7-4E18-ABA2-70B463…)

No. 160928

your style is incredible

No. 160977

File: 1632007226771.jpeg (188.85 KB, 1242x1189, D530193D-F6A4-4A4E-84A8-1D7CB7…)

This is my new OC donut steel Samantha, I’m looking at you, don’t you dare she’s a sporty kind of girl, she wears bike short and hoodies with comfy sneakers. Her boyfriend is the dude in the phone’s picture, he also works out and they love each other a lot even if they can’t see each other often because of work and their side jobs being personal trainers, she’s a nutritionist btw.
Her name is Tura.

No. 160979

Wow, this is so lovely..

No. 160983

This is so good kek love her

No. 161928

File: 1632700293609.jpeg (101.66 KB, 600x600, 5111BF0A-29F3-4037-8C8D-C91289…)

My drawing of my OC (with father St Thomas More if that’s not weird lol.) I made her whilst going though a rough patch, also fairly certain the outfits aren’t accurate lol. Would make me a real jolly one anyone would like to draw her!!

No. 161942

She's so cute!

No. 162006

File: 1632757908419.jpg (32.06 KB, 459x612, kasdaya.jpg)

my boy, please be nice

No. 162048

File: 1632778345596.jpeg (144.45 KB, 500x598, z.jpeg)

hello ladiess

No. 162071

File: 1632791055224.jpg (58.69 KB, 558x590, a_guy.jpg)

My bloodborne character is just a chuuni who takes himself too seriously

No. 162073

You motherfucker, you know my weakness is historical clothing and Renaissance portraits

No. 162074

File: 1632792193581.jpeg (12.17 KB, 275x247, 663DE33E-183C-46BC-9835-26D270…)


No. 162520

File: 1633042874089.png (150.62 KB, 440x579, renaissance but anime.png)

Hope you don't mind me changing her headdress. I had too much fun looking at historical portraits

No. 162536

File: 1633056224130.jpeg (978.83 KB, 2480x3508, 6C7B8BD3-E541-4467-94AA-035F72…)

what have i done to your oc kek

No. 162541

File: 1633058735982.jpg (179.58 KB, 550x560, 1.jpg)

I tried to sketch Timotei Salami in Develv'esque art style.

No. 162545

I see you like Jojo

No. 162793

File: 1633276559058.gif (248.38 KB, 130x150, 6610A658-2F20-4F3E-88FB-272ABC…)

Oh my goodness, that’s just so beautiful thank you for taking the time!! I love the gable hood, it’s more traditional after all and it’s only because it’s so hard to draw I did a French hood instead haha. Uaaaa you fulfilled my vision dear thank you!! God bless you

No. 162872

File: 1633349715171.jpg (46.32 KB, 517x597, faggylordofdarkness.JPG)

i just wanted to draw the cat, sorry for the faggification

No. 163155

No I absolutely fucking love this… what a cute interaction. This is so cute anon, thank you!

No. 163164

He's so hot and those glasses are swag
Beautiful art style
So cute!! I love this

No. 166406

File: 1635103724647.png (352.35 KB, 1599x1827, unknown.png)

This is my current dnd character. She's just a boring elf, but I love her.

No. 168018

File: 1635714515097.png (215.62 KB, 527x823, Screenshot_2021-10-31-15-46-21…)

He is a little monster guy. He lives under floorboards and loves cats.

No. 168482

File: 1636017412393.jpg (43.79 KB, 800x687, 1.jpg)

No. 168484

KEK good job on the face looks just like him

No. 171935

File: 1638167822873.png (103.32 KB, 1040x1244, anon.png)

i don't know anything about lolita but the chara looked cute
did not understand the character and i can't draw shoes

No. 171998

File: 1638219626640.png (40.93 KB, 988x1012, blue eyes.png)

I don't usually draw men so it prolly looks weird drawing him because anon who drew him as a blockhead made it seem fun

No. 172002

I love it it's like he evolved like a pokemon

No. 172105

File: 1638310221393.png (143.22 KB, 1000x1000, meet.png)

>>168018 it's nice that he likes cats!

No. 172121

File: 1638322874872.jpeg (167.19 KB, 1351x1598, 041961BF-C15D-44B6-AD83-4067D1…)

No. 172287

File: 1638398851397.png (339.18 KB, 1000x1000, Sphericow.png)

not an oc but i'd like to see other anons interpretation of sphericow

No. 172517

Brings a smile to my face

No. 172818

I love these so much thanks anons

No. 174357


No. 174515

File: 1639926458023.png (49.48 KB, 638x902, elf.png)

here ya go nonna, from a fellow enjoyer of ocs with ornate diadems that are inefficient to draw
hopefully im not colorblind

No. 177299

File: 1641361303966.png (181.87 KB, 1000x1000, anon's boye.png)

here he is

No. 177308

File: 1641362915507.png (114.98 KB, 1000x800, anon's uggo girl.png)

congrats on the ugliest design on the whole thread
i was too lazy to draw her doing something so i shaped her abs weird to make it look toned

No. 179091

I love her! Thanks, nonnita

No. 180648

File: 1642804727705.jpeg (111.48 KB, 688x747, 2E9CA59B-ACDA-4B04-B168-03455F…)

No. 180649

Wow.. her hair is like candy…

No. 180652

Isn't this the "femcel" girl that was featured in an article on a Swedish (?) news site?

No. 180658

Is this the wojak girl from another thread? It was really detailed and had a brown girl with acne and a big nose crying over her husbando

No. 180660

File: 1642808658418.png (571 KB, 1789x1597, ocz.png)

No. 180661

God … nonna, I love this. You are so talented.

No. 180662

Nonnie. This is incredible.

No. 180663

I love you, nonnie.

No. 180666

Tbh. I don’t really remember what was going on when the picture was posted, I just grabbed it and put it here, added a neat backstory and voilà, an stolen OC.

No. 180670

De/m/on Dayz

kek sorry i had to great work

No. 180676

You are literally the devil for stealing (post numbers don't lie), just kidding I like how you think

No. 180875

File: 1642880069041.jpg (1.65 MB, 2261x3056, IMG_3195.jpg)

I think her and my oc would get along, very cool and fiery, wow wow.

No. 180880

File: 1642882211051.png (237.49 KB, 800x919, the.PNG)

this is my cat man. he's grumpy and sleeps a lot

No. 180881

I love him anon!! I wanna pet him and make him even more grumpy

No. 180883

this is so cute anon, he reminds me of a mix of koito and tsukishima from golden kamuy

No. 180950

File: 1642902211512.jpg (181.76 KB, 1024x1024, krs.jpg)

Does it count as my OC if I'm wondering how you'd design Hiyoko from Hatoful Boyfriend?

No. 181046

File: 1642935358971.jpeg (251.09 KB, 1023x1460, DF943D5F-4B6C-4470-9472-D76697…)

This is obviously a sketch but it just came to me.
Inspired by an actual teacher I had and had a crush on, nonners what do you think of this story and character?

> a shy, nerdy teacher or something that would require dressing up like this mf in his slacks and collar shirt and loafers gone wild and becomes a feral man with long hair, maybe half beast. I’m in love with him, but he don’t real ;-;

No. 181052

thank you so much anon!! i love you and your oc, could you post a bigger picture of your skateboard girl?

No. 181727

File: 1643203237553.jpeg (369.18 KB, 2048x2048, 0D209BB9-123D-4D4A-A428-472390…)

I’m very glad you like it! Here’s the full pic of the m’lady

No. 181817

File: 1643240608561.png (75.45 KB, 800x800, aldisnberold.png)

if any anons here have any knight or robot ocs pls show me id love to draw them

No. 181820

File: 1643241585693.png (1.01 MB, 680x1554, ninja.png)

Can you draw this guy please but he is a ninja or something, and sorry about the horrible hands and horrible everything I drew it a long time ago. I swear I had a colored version but I don't remember exactly how it was, I remember the helmet was red and the hanging strip of fabric had a yellow to lavender gradient. I love your drawing, every single line looks so charming

No. 181821

ill set a reminder for myself to do it tomorrow nonna since im going to sleep but i love him! and thank you

No. 181938

File: 1643291643036.png (100.01 KB, 1200x800, ocfull.png)

here you go nonna he was super fun to draw! i wasnt sure if he was wearing tights or not but i gave him some just in case kek. let me know if youd want anything changed, should be simple since its just pixels.

No. 181941

>tfw I can’t find a sketch of a cute flashlight robot I made some years ago

No. 181944

ill await patiently anon

No. 181985

HOLY SHITTT!!!!!! ANON thank you so much it is amazing! I love it so much, he was wearing tights yes, no you don't need to change anything it's perfect I'm gonna put it on my wallpaper. Oh my god look at his legs. That is exactly as I imagined him but I didn't know what a man's body looked like so I couldn't draw it kek. Amazing I don't deserve this the world does not deserve you in it. Are those knights you posted your characters? I thought they were from some videogame but if you made them then I want to draw them in return. And thank you for drawing my ninja, I used to be really into designing characters, but I'd just draw a design once and then forget about it, but now I want to draw this guy again and again, because he seems like a real character now with a personality.

No. 181991

File: 1643318684842.png (49.9 KB, 891x694, reffo.png)

thank you so much nonnie!!! <3 im so glad to hear i didnt overdo the legs kek usually i get told i make them suspiciously meaty.
the knights are my ocs yes! i keep forgetting to make a proper ref for them so have this hastily done fullbody

No. 182367

File: 1643504225880.jpeg (644.08 KB, 2228x1553, AC331B3C-AF40-4A50-AF6B-1BF1AC…)

I made Car Insurance some friends. E-Mail has lynx ears, Sponge is cringey but they tolerate her.

No. 182368

File: 1643504298378.jpeg (233.57 KB, 1206x1358, F56EF0A9-3757-4AFB-9750-8DF177…)

No. 182949

very cute nona!

No. 183423

File: 1643789616738.png (48.81 KB, 1208x1252, cute cat dude.png)

he's really cute anon
wish other anons posted their husbando ocs more so i could draw them

No. 183742

File: 1643844024113.jpeg (232.71 KB, 1475x1886, 04263689-118B-4C9C-8CF1-44FF27…)

Did things differently than normal but here he is

No. 184911

File: 1644206710509.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1256x1558, 070DF80B-BDC7-4156-9695-AB735F…)

I love your lord of darkness anon so I had to doodle him
Oh he’s cute I like his little open pants

No. 186212

File: 1644717478816.png (518.05 KB, 855x944, 1643943601805.png)

draw my oc!

No. 186224

Nta but wow this is amazing anon!! I love your style so much, his face is gorgeous, I love his eyelashes especially. And the cat!! So cute! You are truly talented.

No. 186227

Your art-style kinda reminds me of someone I know…

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