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File: 1632600379705.png (759.11 KB, 2311x1454, lol_oldlogo.png)

No. 161804

Discuss topics specific to League of Legends and Riot's other related games/projects here.
Rant, rave or just share your personal achievements and salt.

Game Links:
>League of Legends
>Wild Rift
>Teamfight Tactics
>Legends of Runeterra
>Ruined King

Other Media Links:
>Pentakill III: Lost Chapter (Full Album)
>Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Interactive Concert VOD
>K/DA Music Videos

No. 161806

Wow not this shit game

No. 161808

File: 1632601225885.jpg (178.32 KB, 1280x720, pentakillIII_skins.jpg)

Honestly disappointed the in game skins aren't exactly like the ones in the concert. I guess the "on stage" ones are not as flashy, but after watching that performance you kinda become attached to the little details the in game models don't have even if there are other nice additions.

Give me Yorick's hat and Olaf's extra beard braids, Rito.

No. 161809

File: 1632604570080.jpg (64.03 KB, 907x737, morde.jpg)

I can't say much on the skins but god I loved the live pentakill event in all it's jankiness. Mordekaiser has never looked better.

I feel like now that they've technically raised the system requirements for LoL they might actually (hopefully) update the character models and be able to start adding those cooler skin details in the future. But also Rito just want to make money so maybe they won't bother revisiting old models until they absolutely have to…

No. 161831

File: 1632624901796.png (284.53 KB, 733x411, cant_have_your_mordecake_and_e…)

>I loved the live pentakill event in all it's jankiness
Same nonny! I don't personally think it was too janky but things like big mouth movements were a little jarring at times for sure.

Also give Morde his ass back riot wtf

>they might actually (hopefully) update the character models

A Caitlin VGU was teased in a recent TFT trailer that looked about the quality of the WR models so I wonder if they'll put the gorgeous models from that game into PC version? Hoping the new client update will come with some changes as well. I imagine we'll find out more closer to or during pre-season.

No. 161841

None of these look like metal outfits to me. The gold first of all is weird but also the rest of the colors too, plus the swirly shapes. Doesn't suit the genre.

I'm liking the new skins they released for the Worlds event, the Lillia one is positively demented. I got my pass and I'm excited about the new Kai'sa skin that will finally be fantasy themed and not stupid kpop shit or ugly robot. It's called Lagoon Dragon and it's teal. Also fuck URF, it's such a lame game mode. I liked Ultimate Spellbook a lot more.

Vex is so cute. She's cringe but she's cute.

No. 161908

Does anyone know more about Rekkles allegedly spreading stds to his groupies? someone mentioned it here months ago but didn't elaborate.

No. 161917

I picked up Senna as a support because I want to learn how to poke aggressively while still being able to carry my lane if my ADC sucks. I always end up having lowest damage on team though which shouldn't be happening. I'm wondering if I'd have better numbers if I swapped runes to favor poking instead of utility, but Glacial can be so handy. Ah the curse of the enchanter support main trying to switch to damage dealing roles kek

I had not heard of this one before. I hope someone can tell us a bit more cause now I'm curious

No. 161918

What? Where'd you hear this, would love to know more kek

No. 162002

Ayrt, I think it was one of the moid threads on /g/. I tried searching for more info but couldn't find anything, didn't even know esports groupies were a thing kek

No. 162019

I'm an idiot, meant to reply to >>161918

No. 162063

The more I play on a fresh account (helping my friend learn), the more I understand why new players are so intimidated of this game. everyone is a smurf to everyone else because its normal that theres experienced players creating new accs more than newbs.
My friend was babyraged at because she backed up from an enemy instead of turret diving with our jungler. A concept that is foreign to new players because the tutorials tell you many times not to go under them to fight enemies. Luckily she had her chat turned off and the "?" pings didn't bother her. It makes me feel bad though and I wish I could take actual newbies under my wing to help them have fun. It sucks that moids use this game as an emotional release instead of getting a therapist. Can't say I'm surprised though.

No. 162090

File: 1632800932624.png (349.79 KB, 720x405, yuumi bewitching skin.png)

This bewitching Yuumi skin is so cute. What's your thoughts on the newest skins? Also, anons, what's your favorite skin? Mine is Space Groove Blitzcrank!

No. 162091

File: 1632800962562.jpg (136.96 KB, 1200x1200, SpaceGroove Blitz.jpg)

No. 162109

File: 1632816314618.jpg (123.65 KB, 1215x717, jhin_darkcosmic.jpg)

I lovee this Yuumi skin so much!! I like how they made her head a pumpkin as opposed to giving her a mask or hood. I think all the new Halloween skins are nice cuz I really enjoy the bright oranges on the deep purples, it's just a shame I don't play any of those champs! Prestige Bewitching Morgana is disappointingly underwhelming.

>favorite skin?

This is a hard one for me but I think I'd go with Dark Cosmic Jhin. He just looks so intimidating and beautiful

What do you think of the new Dawn/Nightbringer stuff? I like them all and Kayn's prestige thankfully doesn't disappoint imo.

No. 162111

idk if this is dumb to ask would any nona be interested in playing together? most of my friends already quit and i don't feel like playing alone

No. 162115

The amount of manbabies who rage just at bot games is depressing. I don’t think I could have started without my friends

what server are you on?

No. 162123

File: 1632827874616.jpg (674.71 KB, 3000x1688, francis-tneh-lol-battle-queen-…)

lol I love seeing your posts Jhin-anon.

I've "retired" from playing normals and mostly play TFT now but my god, some of the skins lure me back occasionally. Pic related.

No. 162133

I got this skin in my shop… I had to cop. I love his dance emote

No. 162199

I'm interested! I just made a new alt account today for learning a new role that I don't mind sharing here if you're also on my server. I'm unranked in NA, mechanically not very good but I'm non-toxic and just wanna have fun and improve kek.

>lol I love seeing your posts Jhin-anon
what can I say? i love the character more than i probably should lol. you made me smile with that comment, so thanks. Awesome taste btw, Diana looks the best she ever has in this skin

No. 162357

Opinions on the new music video?
I find myself boppin to this song on repeat even though it's not what I typically listen to. The video itself is very well animated and fun to watch even as someone who doesn't care about the pro scene. I like it!

No. 163025

Have been kinda busy recently, so just now I listened and watched the music video. I think the song is okay, what really caught my attention was the animation! Every single scene is very entertaining, love the 2D to 3D too, even if the transition to it wasn't so seamless, it's a cool video. Wouldn't go back to listening to the song unlesss I watch the animation tho tbh

No. 163037

esports is so cringe ew

No. 163123

I just realised it's worlds 2021 today and they are selling champ skins like iG, DWG etc. and now i regret buying brave pheonix xayah i could have literally gotten iG Rakan aahhh

guess i'll have to wait until next time

No. 163125

It's okay nonnie, phoenix Xayah is a cute skin too!

No. 163128

God, I hate PVRIS. I'm surprised Heather Sparkles isn't listening to it. The lyrics on the White Noise album match her phases perfectly (Horny for spooky ghost boys/Fuck off from my life, I'm a strong empowered woman!/OMG you are all I think about/I'm a confident woman expressing my sexuality, wink wink). Embarrassing.
Rant over. The animation is cool, though.

No. 163145

I love phoenix xayah. I was considering a chroma but I couldn't see any videos showing the effects and whether they get recolored so I'm not sure.

No. 163324

Dev Vlog about pre-season changes. Thoughts?

Maybe unpopular opinion but the statement, "we don't think our champions have overloaded kits overall" is something I agree with. Whiny scrotes just don't want to learn how to adapt.

No. 163371

Whether they’re OVERloaded or not, the champ kits are definitely experiencing some design creep where they just get crammed with more and more stuff. I don’t know if a game like league could ever be fully balanced at this point. (I play ADC so I’ve accepted my fate that almost any new champion will make my life a misery anyway.)

The new dragons sound cool, it’ll freshen the game up. Hopefully they figure out the best way to add them when they see how they go on the test servers.

Excited for new customisation options too. Not sure what the new items will be like, it seems any items they add for mages get coopted by already strong champions with decent AP ratios anyway.

No. 163570

>crammed with more and more stuff
This is what I don't get. Why does it matter if new champs have bigger kits? From what I understand, 'overloaded' implies they've added so much to a champ that they're unfair to play against consistently. I haven't seen this legitimately be the case with new champs, in fact, if its happened at all it'd be with older champs they've done reworks on i.e. Irelia or Akali. Even then, there's more often than not valid counter play if you're at an average ELO as most of the player base is. Maybe there's something I'm not understanding? just tired of the community complaining as if it`s Riot's fault they're using a video game as anger management or addiction fuel instead of having some -god forbid- fun kek. Its not a new thing that mobas change with the times yet this community acts like it's the end of the world when something unique is added.

No. 163625

NTA but the only issue imo is mobility. Some champs are extremely mobile while others are not at all. There needs to be a bit more balance around that.

No. 163628

Ayrt. This is something I can agree with!

They definitely created a strange situation for themselves where mobility is concerned. I wonder what else they could change or add at this point to help less mobile champs while not just inadvertently buffing the ones with built-in dashes and things. I don't even think that's possible without individual champ buffs tbh

No. 163772

Hard CC is a brute force way of countering the mobile champs but loss of control feels so shit to play with and giving everyone mobility is gonna fuck up so many champs… I have no clue what can be done.

No. 164604

Is anyone playin clash today? I think I'm going teemo jng

No. 164883

File: 1634503011443.png (497.12 KB, 627x544, Screenshot 2021-10-17 133321.p…)

Here to throw out a quick reminder:
If you haven't been keeping a tab open for Worlds rewards on the esports site, you're missing out on a ton of free emotes and orange essence. I keep it muted and let it stay on while I sleep.
So far I've gotten about 1k worth of OE and 7 new non-worlds emotes, all from duplicates. At first I was annoyed it was so easy to get dupes but it all adds up quickly so I can start chipping away at my skin shard collection.

I hope you found some Clash friends anon. I haven't touched it yet because I'm still not confident in my skills. I think I'd be useless in a 5v5 pre-made situation. How do your Clash experiences usually go?

No. 164909

I got so many rewards too, just leaving it logged in streaming at the lowest res possible. Clash did go well actually! We won all 4 games. I didn't get to play teemo jng or anything fun tho, my team wanted to tryhard. Don't worry about being bad, just blame it on the jungle.

No. 164916

Great to hear! What kinds of rewards do you get for participating anyway? I never bothered to look too much into the details, cause I knew it'd be a while before I try it kek. I'd want to find a really casual team to get comfy with so we could synergize while doing meme strats or smth.

No. 164972

I’ve been leaving it on the bg and getting loads of drops but for some reason the games aren’t being registered as “watched” for the worlds missions, any of you having this issue?

No. 164973

Ayrt I wasn’t trying to say it’s good or bad necessarily just pointing out that champs nowadays often have more in their kit! I also think people shouldn’t take league so so seriously, for me as long as the changes are fun to play with it’s fine (which is where I’m skeptical of the new drakes).

What are nonnie’s thoughts on riot temporarily removing all chat? Do you think they’ll make it permanent even with all of this online outcry?

No. 164984

>people shouldn’t take league so so seriously
Ayrt, and i totally agree! Sorry if it sounded like I was getting aggressive at you, it was kinda just a general rant, so no worries nonnie.

>new drakes

They'll probably not be that big a deal after everyone gets used to pre-season and appropriate changes are patched in where necessary. Similar to how everyone was complaining about Akshan's revive before he came out and it ended up not being that bad, then the champ got nerfs anyway kek. What did you think of Akshan?

>all chat

I don't give a shite because I always have it off lol. Like, there's an option to turn it on and off already, so wtf does forcibly getting rid of it do anyway? Imo a step they need to take is actually punishing toxic content creators more often. This community has one of the largest population of big streamers, and imo they are what help make and keep this community so volatile.

No. 165282

I got 3 skin shards, icons, skinward shard or emote maybe? idk, confusing it with the other rewards maybe. And the clash banner and the dragon cup in your base when you play. Pretty cool for 4 games.

No. 166253

File: 1635056614014.jpg (1.8 MB, 4096x2304, Dragonmancers_2021_Promo_01.jp…)

Anyone know any decent Wild Rift content creators? I don't care what their ELO is or how popular they are, just so long as they're chill. The big ones are very frustrating to watch and their educational content is severely lacking.

What does everyone think of the Dragonmancer skins btw? Imo half of them are bland. Yasuo, Kai'sa and Yi are the decent ones and I don't play any of them kek. Volibear's is disappointing but the prestige is a bit better. Karma's splash is better than the in game model and Thresh's dragon looks better than him lol.

No. 166349

File: 1635072596057.png (807.38 KB, 1448x2048, E4AK4lHUUAAAxzZ.png)

I was writing a fanfiction (cringe I know) and stopped because of waiting to see what Rise of the Sentinels was gonna do to the main character's arc, only for her to appear for a few minutes then disappear with no payoff. Now people want me to continue but I can't be bothered to do much more than play League or TFT.

Pic unrelated, I just love these two

No. 167863

File: 1635612462061.gif (1.35 MB, 275x161, 1570223972857.gif)


No. 167898

RIGHT THERE WITH YOU ANON HAHAHAHA tho i did pick them to win this round so I lose 5pts kek. It's what I deserve for picking the overhyped team over the one I actually wanted to win. i can't believe i've done this

No. 167944

you finger slipped, I know it. Not your fault.

No. 168069

File: 1635744267130.jpg (7.9 KB, 300x250, facts.jpg)

u right, thanks for believing in me despite my slippery finger KEK

No. 168300

New skins dropped on the PBE today! I personally adore the Gwen and Vlad ones. Is anyone else also excited for the new TFT set? I thought the Reckoning one was really boring.

No. 168395

Cringe. Don't really follow esports anymore but I was really hoping T1 and Faker would get back to their former glory.

No. 168455

File: 1636003284314.jpeg (93.16 KB, 1150x550, CAFECUTIEBARD.jpeg)

In love with the Cafe Cutie skinline. This fat fuck always gets the best skins ever, all his skins are god like just like his base skin and he is super cute.

No. 168463

>hoping T1 and Faker would get back to their former glory
Faker is an amazing player but I never really got why he was so hyped up over anyone else. There are other pros that are similarly skilled, aren't there?

This is the cutest shit I've ever seen. I think i really like this skin line.

No. 168541

It's not only the best one out of the skinline, it's because it's Bard, nonnie. He is the best, not just in character design, even his kit is god. He is so fun to play. I love him so much.

No. 168542

Not a fan of Soraka and Sivir, their dresses both blend in way too hard with their skin and hair respectively. If they changed Sivir's hair colour I think she'd look a lot better, and if Soraka had her dress made more of a red-pink her model probably wouldn't look like a blob of purple. Gwen and Bard look excellent, Vlad generally needs a visual update but the skin is doing an okay job at hiding that.

No. 168595

Highly skilled players exist and have existed and there's no doubt some were/are just as good as Faker. And yet no one really knew how to deal with him for like 3 years. It was a combination of different factors from the old meta to the roster, but he was unbeatable. Pure skill isn't the only thing that matters.

No. 168616

I really like the concept, the effects are adorable. Also I am so so happy for the Caitlyn rework, bless

No. 168771

simpin for faker is metaslavy and cringe

No. 168850

>Pure skill isn't the only thing that matters.
I hope this doesn't sound rude, I'm just genuinely curious about your perspective: Exactly what else does he bring to the table compared to others? Whenever people talk about Faker it seems like they just have nostalgia glasses on because he's one of the "classic" pros. His popularity comes off as a creepy hivemind sort of thing to me ig. I want to understand

No. 168853

File: 1636195822580.png (113.91 KB, 712x501, caitlynautocancel1.png)

Have you guys seen what's happened with the Caitlyn visual update? They're removing her headshot auto cancel mechanic, which will basically remove a lot of her combos. A response from someone on the Riot team was essentially that this mechanic was a bug which they accidentally fixed whilst doing the update, and chose to keep it that way as they "didn't want it in the game anyway". This is despite them promising the visual updates won't affect gameplay.


No. 168854

File: 1636195869295.png (91.21 KB, 713x420, caitlynautocancel2.png)

No. 168855

File: 1636195983667.png (51.27 KB, 708x335, caitlynautocancel3.png)

No. 168856

this shit is gay af fuck rito

No. 168858

I'm an ADC main and I don't have a problem with this change, personally. Cait will still be fun to play.

What I do have a problem with is Riot not addressing this apparent fuck up for years, then acting like the community is insane for being upset. This could have been handled with so much more grace, but instead they choose to let the spaghetti code marinate then pull a "whoops it wasn't supposed to be like that anyway losers, cope". I love this game but I really have to wonder what goes on in the heads of the higher ups over there. The whole company comes off as so collectively bratty in a way I've never seen from any other game studio.

No. 168860


So true about their brattiness… It's always "we decided to do this, unhappy players suck a dick" there's never any "oh we fucked up with that let's fix" it's always the fans that are ungrateful for all the work they do!

No. 168862

Yes! It's insanity to me. Even with small things they give off this vibe, like when they take feedback on characters models in PBE on Reddit. I don't remember what champ it was for, but a skin from this year had a lot of feedback about things looking off with the model and their response was basically "muh style". I can't believe I don't remember what champ, I just remember getting such childish vibes from the person who confirmed what they changed when the skin went live kek. maybe I was overthinking it and remember the post wrong by now, but everything riot says comes off as so micro-aggressive it's hard not to think the staff aren't just being full of themselves at any given time.

No. 168865

Sorry for the double post but who else watched the opening ceremony for Worlds just now? I was in awe. The way they made a set for Zaun, the costuming of the background characters, the CG mixed in… it was so cool. Except for Burn it all Down, that part was a bit cringey n boring kek

No. 168869

I loved it! I’m still so impressed how much they put into worlds, I really hope next year it can be in a whole stadium so we experience the crowd reactions!

No. 168870

On the one hand I get them having this attitude while dealing with the league man-babies crying about everything but it also means they seem just resistant to most feedback. All their extra waffle about how it won’t affect decision making or whatever… they could just listen to Caitlyn mains who are unanimously saying this completely changes her. They’ve left similar “bugs” like this that became mechanics, they just can’t be bothered to properly code it back in due to their stupid spaghetti

No. 168912

>league man-babies crying about everything
and they really do cry about everything! I agree with you. I feel for Riot on one hand but yeah, I think there are better ways to go about stuff that still let them stick to their guns instead of changing every little thing scrotes whine over. I could rant for days about this community at this point, never mind Riot themselves!

No. 168997

A lot of skins this year have gotten feedback that Riot refuses to listen to. I remember Coven Eve especially being disliked because she looked too much like Coven Morg and the artists having a bitchfit. Then the community had to roast Riot about Prestige Morgana because they slapped white and gold on the base 975 skin and tried to pretend they'd made enough enhancements to justify selling it at the same price as the other prestiges.

Anyways, watched the first three Arcane episodes. Pretty good so far in my opinion, Powder/Jinx clearly already had issues before going totally crazy. Can't wait for Vander to come back as Warwick with a vengeance, they were not at all subtle about the foreshadowing that he's gonna become the wolf.

No. 169100

Wow I'm glad I'm not in a minority about that Morg skin. It really is underwhelming for being a Prestige. Riot's team severely needs to get off their high horses.

>first three Arcane episodes

I loved the cliffhanger in episode 3, how they foreshadowed what's going to happen in such subtle ways, yet very noticeable for us lore fans. They specifically show Singed getting hit by the explosion, followed by giving us that amazing sound design on Vander after he consumes the purple liquid… He sounds like an animal unlike the other guy who took the liquid. Paired with all the dog-related comments before all that, I just. god. It's too much! I really can't wait to see where they take this series, and I hope this means we'll get more lore fleshed out in this way in the future.

No. 169536

I'm super excited about Arcane, and even though it's been a few days that the first three episodes came out, I haven't watched them because I'm waiting for more episodes so I can binge it. I haven't come across any spoilers and if I have I don't get it and I'm so happy I can't wait.

No. 169866

File: 1636868082917.gif (3.8 MB, 540x300, vi.gif)

Arcane is giving me a massive crush on Vi. She's so fucking cute.

No. 169867

File: 1636868133530.gif (7.51 MB, 540x300, vi2.gif)

this scene was fucking GOOD

No. 169868

File: 1636868221464.gif (8.92 MB, 540x400, vi4.gif)

ok that's all for the spam for now. i can't get enough of these two though……..

No. 169884

File: 1636874935047.png (466.65 KB, 1095x611, _2.png)

"You're hot, cupcake". That was such a good scene for so many reasons! I love their dynamic and I'm all for seeing romance blossom with them, but it's a shame their interactions are being dumbed down and fetishized by scrotes who complain about the M/F sex scene even though imo it actually has meaning to that particular character's story (as opposed to it just being put in there solely for fan service). I'm not surprised of course, I just loathe the average league scrote's inability to see past anything that doesn't directly appeal to them. I feel oddly protective of all the characters, like I want their personalities and little quirks to be acknowledged and respected even if there's horniness there kek

I found myself liking Silco a lot, especially seeing his interactions with Jinx. I just really enjoy how he was written. I wouldn't say I'm rooting for him though. Viktor on the other hand… I just can't wait to see what he gets up to after where we left off with him. It's neat seeing him slowly show signs of becoming the Viktor we know in the game.

No. 169923

File: 1636910198205.jpeg (37.75 KB, 564x542, 1591308031481.jpeg)

I was very worried that Silco would like… groom Jinx sexually or something. It thankfully did not go there. VIKTOR OMG I really love how they portrayed him. A character I never cared about and didn't expect to love but definitely did.

No. 170289

How long did you guys play before you git gud? Is it imperative to have coaching from a friend? I’m new and bad

No. 170298

File: 1637192588224.jpg (146.25 KB, 1195x1195, LOVE.jpg)

I think "gitting gud" is subjective and happens very differently for everyone. There are a lot of toxic misconceptions spread around by the community at large that I wish were disputed more heavily tbh. How new are you? I'm not mechanically good myself, but I have a lot of knowledge and am a great analyst who has helped quite a few friends find their own playstyles and enjoyment. I would be happy to help you out whether it be here or we chat through anon emails or discord something! I'm excited to see new players sticking through the shit community and wanting to improve.

No. 170459

I have reached lvl 94 in the span of one year and I am still not gud, but tbh it’s because I just play ARAMs

No. 170570

I'd start with micro skills (your performance with the champion in your lane, landing skillshots etc) and then move onto macro skills (map control, applying pressure in the right lanes or pursuing the right objectives, map awareness etc). Find champions that you naturally understand the kits of, there is always a type for each person that comes more naturally. One trick that champ as you grow your skills. Do not play ARAM. Play SR draft.

No. 170606

Aw you guys are so nice. I’m literally only level 11. I enjoy range damage type I think. Tried MF, Kogmaw, Ashe and Jinx. Kogmaw and MF feel most natural if that says something. I find myself getting pushed around a lot. I don’t understand how to lane yet. I fall behind frequently unless someone else is a bigger pussy than me lmao haven’t figured out runes or item picks either. Kinda just buying what is suggested though I’m sure there are nuances.
Any suggestion on youtubers or streamers to watch for fundamentals? Many videos feel more for intermediate players and I’m too retarded to absorb them.

No. 170647

You want to keep it simple and fun while you're this new, so if Kog'Maw and MF are your faves rn, you should take 'em and get as comfy with their kits and mechanics as possible. After those become second nature, that's when you typically have the mind space to start with improving laning, item builds, runes. I've got many tips to give so if you have more questions, feel free to ask them!

>Any suggestion on youtubers or streamers to watch for fundamentals?

I personally recommend Neace in terms of actual coaching content as he does stuff with many players across many skill levels. He can be a bit obnoxious at times, but he's got a take-no-bullshit mentality and really knows his shit. For chill streamer content that has a bit of educational flair, I'd go with PekinWoof and Bizzleberry. Both usually explain their thought processes and call out their own mistakes in very productive ways. For straight memes when you want League content but don't have the brain power to learn, I recommend Tobias Fate because his editors are off the charts hilarious imo. He's kind of trollish sometimes but still generally chill af.

No. 170683

I wouldn’t worry so much about runes, you’ll learn over time what you like; for now I would use websites like u.gg or similar to find builds for each character, they show you the most popular runes, items and skill levelling order. Some websites will even tell you what order to buy specific components (my rule of thumb is to usually go for the most expensive you can buy at that time, or try to get an item and boots). If you’re playing ranged ADCs then you’ll want to rush mythic first most of the time anyway. The more situational items tend to come after your core 2 items and upgraded boots, but suggested are safe bets 90% of the time.

No. 170693

One thing I wanna add to what was said is to observe and start getting a better sense of when to commit to a kill and when to leave a fight. Also if you've died a couple times in your lane then you really just need to hang tight and be extremely safe so you can give your team a chance to catch up to the advantage you gave the enemy. You'll get better at sensing which fights are winning fights for you and which ones to commit to fully, even if it's a close call. An easy question to answer for yourself is, am I ahead in my lane or not? Compare yours with your lane opponent's:
>your CS (how many creeps you killed)
>Your K/D/A
>Turret health
If you're behind, you need to switch your playstyle to be more defensive and maybe politely ask for help from your teammates. If you're ahead, you can bully your enemy and do fancier stuff like zoning them out of farm. Also when you switch to a defensive playstyle after dying a couple times most low rank enemy players get impatient and start doing reckless things to get more kills and you can turn it into an advantage for you. It's nuts how many shitters dive turrets when they shouldn't just because they think they can kill you every time after they got lucky a few times.

No. 170733

These are good posts with great advice, but I'd argue that it's still a bit too much for a new player. She mentioned she has trouble absorbing intermediate ideas through videos at the moment, so I think an even slower approach would work a bit better. Anon seems serious about wanting to improve, so I'm gonna let the sperg jump out a bit here.

Imo first step should simply be to play with a focus on your champion's skill set in order to both gain general confidence and understand your own play style. Last hitting creeps should be the only other thing you place focus on in this part of the learning process. All of this is especially fun to do with Miss Fortune because of how her passive and Q work. It's easy to figure out a kind of rhythm with her and get comfy. The only guidance I recommend for this part is looking up the combos your champion is capable of. Learning combos is a good way to hone reflexes and build the confidence I mentioned earlier. Basically, it's important to do things one step at a time in the start or else you may become overwhelmed and fail to find joy in playing after a point. Setting one goal at a time and reminding yourself of it every match is the easiest way to learn when you've got little to no knowledge, that way you can self-motivate even in the face of the intimidating scope of the game. I'd say a week or two per goal is a decent start, but this really depends on how often you play per session, per week. Just don't forget that everyone has their own learning style and grows at their own paces, especially in a hard game like this.

No. 170767

File: 1637479388337.jpeg (40.6 KB, 680x644, 8213DCA5-6C99-42F2-9F1C-760C0C…)

Ayrt here. Thanks for such thought out replies nonnys ♥ I will keep all of these things in mind. I’m trying to get my last hit timing down and shoot enemies in between. Last night I won a game in which I was actually carrying with Kogmaw. The high was incredible!!! Gonna work on combos since I panick and press buttons willy nilly sometimes lol

No. 170850

Now that Arcane season 1 is done, what are everyone's thoughts? I personally thought it was 10/10 in all aspects as a long time lore fan. They tied stories together so flawlessly and even made me care about characters I had no interest in before. Viktor and Silco had my favorite scenes in Act 3 by far.

Proud of you nona! You seem really excited to keep learning, it brings me such nerdy joy. What items did you end up building? I'd love to read more details about your game if you're willing to share! About panic button-pressing; what matters is that you recognize when you're doing it in game so your brain kind of over time tunes itself to being able to think productively in those reactionary moments. Just keep playing to enjoy yourself and eventually the game will slow down enough for you to make being mindful itself into muscle memory. The fruits of your labor will show themselves over time, similar to how when you lose weight you don't really notice until you check the numbers months after you started haha. I wish you all the best in your journey and if you're ever looking for a buddy to play with in lane, I'd be happy to join!

No. 170860

>what are everyone's thoughts?
I fucking loved it, absolutely a 10/10 series. This is from a non players perspective but it almost makes me wanna play. Doesn't seem my kind of game (I'm uncompetitive and hate pressure) but I hear they have an MMO in the works? I desperately want one now, assuming they pour the same love and care and budget into it.

No. 170872

I waited for season 1 to be over so I could binge it. I will write you a review nonnie once I'm done! hehe

No. 170901

Same, Anon. I've never actually played because I just generally don't like PvP games, but I'm super glad I watched the show.
I get so emotionally invested in things like this and the ending really messed me up even though I knew there was almost no way it was going be happy. It really took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I'm already excited for the next season.

Now I really wish I had more of a connection to the characters going in. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I don't want to spam up the thread as a non-player, but I'm curious about how much lore is actually in the game?

No. 170913

Lucky for you guys, Riot are starting to get into the indie game scene and have just released Ruined King (RPG) and Hextech Mayhem (rhythm platformer) for PC and consoles with more titles of other genres in the works, including the MMORPG as was mentioned earlier. Both are really fun games if you're into those genres, but obviously you want the RPG for more story type stuff. It's the prologue to a bigger story within the universe so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as the first thing you start with which brings me to:

>how much lore is actually in the game?

Lore is all readable on each character's page on the official site or the League wiki - there's also an interactive map with information on each region and fan videos on youtube that cover it exclusively (vid rel)! I recommend looking up a list of Champions and reading about who you think looks neat cause every character has base lore, then lore within alternate universes based on skins you can get in game. It sounds confusing, and it kind of is at first cause there are so many things to discover, but it's really worth it if you love fantasy worlds. I could give recommendations of specific characters to look into based on what tropes you like if you want an easy way to get started! The lore/champions are why I play and enjoy this game despite being a pussy ass bitch in PVP environments myself. It's wonderful to see more people curious about these things too. Arcane has truly been a blessing to this community.

No. 171000

File: 1637616100902.png (Spoiler Image,187.89 KB, 382x312, square.PNG)

I'm the same anon who said she was gonna bing it and I finally finished it! I kept crying thoughout the whole series, it's so good! Wonderfully made and clearly everyone involved had a lot of passion for this project and every single character is just so wonderfully written. Also is it me or this guy kinda looks like Timothee Chalamet? Picrel. Spoilering just in case, sorry for shit quality too.

No. 171006

File: 1637617867507.jpeg (124.38 KB, 1510x802, FErRb8iXsAIi5YB.jpeg)

I see it, maybe they used him as a reference.

Pic related immediately reminded me of Miyavi, and turned out he's the VA.

No. 171027

I'm so happy you liked it, nona! The emotional rollercoaster is just non stop, but in the best way possible. Who were your faves?

As soon as I heard his voice I was like "no shit they actually cast Miyavi" kek! I always thought it was cute how great at English he is despite the strong accent. I wasn't expecting a nostalgia trip back to my teen days with Arcane, but here we are! He collabed with PVRIS for this track in the OST as well.

No. 171039

Wait no way, I got keep watching

No. 171041

How can you ask me such a hard question nonnita? I can't say I have a favorite, since I felt every single character was, for lack of a betetr word, very alive? Like they were their own people and just each one of them was amazing. Can't wait for season 2, although I wished we had seen more of Heimer because I love yordles. Would it be rude to pick up a yordle? I don't care if he's 370 years old have you seen the way he walks with his tiny ass feet?

No. 171068

Just finished Arcane and Jinx is so fucking annoying lmao. I get she’s suffering mentally but that doesn’t make her any less annoying. I don’t understand how Vi changed in her eyes when Vi acts the exact same pre timeskip. If anything I was disappointed she hadn’t changed even a little bit despite being incarcerated for years.

I don’t get the hype for Viktor either. He’s so fucking boring to me. Jayce is boring too but at least everyone agrees with that. I especially don’t get the Viktor/Jayce shippers. Jayce seems straight as fuck and Viktor gives off incel energy no offense. Their fanart is really good though.

Vi, Caitlyn, Vander, Ekko, and Heimer carried the show for me. Jinx and Silco were obnoxious but I guess that’s the point. Sevika getting her ass beat by everyone in the show was hilarious so she gets a pity like from me. Everyone else was forgettable. The animation though is god tier, those fight sequences were some of the best I’ve ever seen and I hope to see more like it. Overall solid 9/10.

No. 171073

File: 1637646337692.png (169.22 KB, 350x350, B5JmCFrIcAAM1pq.png)

I also love yordles and really am hoping for Ziggs in season 2.

No. 171076

If I don't see 193394834 yordles I'm going to Riot and go apeshit kek. I've always wanted a Yordle cartoon series or something. Learn how to be a scout with Teemo, learn your colors with Lulu! Type shit wouldn't that be cute Ziggs is adorable, but nothing will ever top Heimer for me. Also, did anyone see the Arcane figurines? I saw Tyler1 got sent some sick LOL figurines, Thresh looks really cool.

No. 171179

Thank you so much, Anon! The video was really interesting and I fell down a rabbit hole of watching more.

Who are your favourites? I wasn't sure who to look at or where to start. So many of them look interesting, but I was initially drawn to Gwen and Lillia because I love the whole living doll trope (which seems kind of funny and ironic to say here on lolcow of all places) and deer are my favourite animal. I hope I didn't make a beeline for the most universally hated champions or something kek. There are still so many I need to look into. I guess I really like creepycute/spooky things, hippie kinda stuff, and strong feminine characters. I usually gravitate towards "good" characters, and tend to like ones who are goofy and kind, and/or troubled characters who have the potential to grow and be redeemed through the magic of friendship. I feel a little embarrassed telling all of that, but I really appreciated your reply and I'm excited about all there is to discover.

No. 171279

You sound very lovely, nona. I'm always happy to help shed positive light on the lore! You're reading on the univer.leagueoflegends site, right? Just making sure you're getting all the delicious morsels of story you can.

My favorites are basically completely opposite of yours lol! I enjoy the villain types with strong wills and larger than life passion for whatever is motivating them. Jhin, Viego, and Thresh come to mind first. Gwen and Lillia are both great characters so please don't worry about who might be most loved or hated! The roster is large and much of the community is jaded as it is, like, they take characters/lore for granted whether they're objectively good or not. 75% of the playerbase doesn't have any right to say shit about the lore imho kek. Anyway, let me get to the recommendations.

>creepycute/spooky things

Amumu, Ivern (can also fit hippie vibes), Kog'Maw, and Kindred (best written char in the game next to Jhin imho).

>hippie kinda stuff

Maokai (can also fit creepy/cute/spooky), Lulu, Neeko, Nidalee

>strong feminine characters

Senna (can fit spooky), Akali, Illaoi, Karma (might fit hippie vibes), Miss Fortune, Samira… to be quite honest, most of the women in this game can fit here so I just gave you recs that came to mind first!

I hope this helps you get started and if you have any more questions or want to just talk more please let me know.

No. 171281

I meant universe*.leagueoflegends site. I was clearly typing too fast and don't want to accidentally confused any new anons kek, sorry for double post

No. 171611

File: 1637966337365.jpg (86.16 KB, 1916x809, 20211126_163840.jpg)

I'm straight as a goddanm dick but oh my god

No. 177870

New cinematic just dropped today and it's quite good! We got characters we don't normally get in these season trailers. Rek'sai and Ornn were my favorites but Pantheon looked stunning in his own right.

On the same topic and sry for the rant but is anyone else getting increasingly annoyed with Necrit? I used to find him adorable and I admired his passion but lately it seems like somethings off. He's a bit full of himself these days, maybe because he actually started getting attention from Riot themselves? I realize I'm being mega autistic here but he seems more driven by the validation than the passion now. He used to be comfy to watch but I can't make it through any of his content without rolling my eyes this past year or so.

No. 178534

File: 1641825779555.jpeg (156.56 KB, 1200x800, 180B076D-A274-4FBF-AA66-7F07E7…)

I’m bored, I miss when champion designs used to mean something. She’s supposed to be from zaun but nothing about her feels that way to me… I would love less champion releases so they can all be really well thought-out and creative. I’m sure she’ll be fun to play though

No. 178535

samefag, but seeing this made me imagine how interesting it would have been if Kai’sa and Kassadin actually had some synergy in their kit, considering they’re supposed to be father and daughter

No. 178667

Agreed. I want to like her but I can't get over that obnoxious hair and predictable background story. She'll have to sit with Seraphine in the "hate character, like the kit" corner lol. I'm not one to complain about the lack of monster champions but I'm starting to wish they'd only release non-humans for a while. At least then they'd be forced to be somewhat creative.

No. 178928

Why are Zaun/Plit designs getting so uninspired? First it was Seraphine, now this. Doesn't help that she looks like reskined version of another RIOT character at Valorant

No. 183009

Renata Glasc… what do you think? Her design still isn’t quite gritty enough to be from Zaun imo, her kit looks potentially insane.

No. 183417

She looks like she was supposed to be part of the Debonair line. Her W is going to have to get nerfed 100%, Riot needs to learn slapping a revive onto a champion's W is a terrible idea.

No. 183460

I think she looks/sounds great and her kit is a step in the right direction for supports in Lol, particularly with the Berserk mechanic on her ult- it's unique and refreshing!

Now this might be a hot take but I see no issue with revive mechanics if they're balanced properly. Akshan's isn't a problem unless you play on auto-pilot instead of making sure he's focused or avoided properly. Renata's is effective in such a short window and can be fizzled out quickly if you're aware of it (from what I've tested so far anyway). Sure they can be obnoxious to play against, but that hardly makes conditional revives a problem for the game in general. It's just about respecting the kit and learning to play against it just like any other high risk/reward champ that came before them.
I do come from years of playing Dota 2 prior to switching games so maybe my opinion is strange. I'm just used to playing with tons of mechanics that League-only players would find outrageous so I guess Riot's stuff seems weird to complain about when I think about the garbage I had to deal with from Valve kek. In general I think the balancing for these new mechanics has been pretty good for the shorter match lengths they aim for. That being said, I really think it's time for them to stop releasing new champs and start modernizing older champ kits/lore. Sad that it's only happening with one player-voted character a year or whatever they plan to do for these reworks.

No. 185545

As someone who plays in bot the issue I have with the revive is so many early fights are usually won by the skin of your teeth and drastically affect who overall gets ahead and behind in lane. Slapping a chemtech soul onto an adc early means unless you're a Draven/Leona pair who can chain cc and overkill at level 2 there's no reason to even try to gain an advantage because you're guaranteed to lose once the enemy adc revives with an attack steroid. That's fine if you can talk to your adc but half of them are blithering morons who'll force an engage and rage when they inevitably lose it. I don't see the revive being as strong late game to be fair unless you have someone ridiculously ahead who's eating every enemy ability to use it on, but early game it seems like it'll be cancerous. Zilean ult is already extremely frustrating in laning phase (though partly because on some skins the damn particles are nearly invisible) and he can't use it until level 6.

No. 288626

I got into league recently and it's so much more fun than I anticipated! I even watched the LCK bracket matches (and rooted for GenG just because Delight resembles gromp).

I'm slowly chewing my way through the lore and trying to fast-track my skills by watching video tutorials and guides. So far I can play ADC, and Caitlyn can be a support or mid in a pinch I guess. I'm planning on learning mid Annie and top Gwen next bc they're adorable and not too hard, just to cover my bases when I'm leveled enough to rank (I'm level 28 rn). I miiight learn jungler because of Vi but I heard that role makes people insane so I'm leaving that for last.

I'm curious to see if other LoL players are still on lolcow. What roles and champions do you main? What are your favorite skins? Any advice for newbs, especially in flame wars? (I'm planning to keep chat on, for this purpose.)

No. 288654

File: 1681105194773.jpg (92.38 KB, 1024x568, ww9s89cwmmp91.jpg)

I'm alive! I play casually and I'm primarily adc/support/jungle. I play Miss Fortune, my FAVORITE supports are Nautilus and Blitzcrank, and Vi.

Annie is a great midlaner to learn right now, she's really strong and has a good kit for learning the basics of last-hitting/wave management! Although I believe she has some nerfs incoming so watch out for that.

I can't really speak for Gwen, but top has its own unique challenges as an "island" where nobody really interacts with you until the teamfighting stage. Mid is the action lane; people come in and out of it, and you sometimes have to make a call on when to leave lane to go assist someone else.

Jungle feels hard because you have a lot more map to manage, and you have to be good at playmaking/strategy for both ganking enemies and two big objectives (herald/baron and dragon). It's a good idea to leave it for last, so you can get a sense of what a good or bad jungler is doing through experiencing other players.

I'm actually a mastery 6 Vi myself, and she's the first jungler I ever picked up. Her kit is very simple and easy to combo with. She's also getting nerfed soon, sadly. I also play a bit of Volibear, who is similar to Vi, but I'd like to learn Kindred.

No. 288684

I’m here! I play competitively at an above average skill level (I’m currently plat 2, peaked d4. Wouldn’t say I’m that good or anything but some people consider it a good rank. I play 1 to 3 ranked games a day typically.) I play ADC, and main Samira. She ends up getting banned an awfully lot, so if she is banned I’ll play either Kai’sa, Draven, or Cait. I honestly hate every skin Samira has because of the sound effects, especially with her R, but if I had to pick my fave of hers would be high noon. My fave skin line in general is probably coven! As for advice with flaming, even though you said you plan on keeping chat on, if you ever get into ranked I would recommend just full muting everyone the second someone starts talking shit. Even if they’re an enemy. Glad to know there’s still new players interested in league! If you don’t mind sharing, what server do you play on? I’m on NA.

No. 288753

File: 1681127967238.jpg (9.64 KB, 293x172, beemo.jpg)

I started playing league almost a year ago. I started playing it because of Arcane kek.

The first champion I bought and started learning playing was Rell. I still really enjoy her even if she plays kinda clunky. I mostly play her when I duo with my friend in bot tho because if you play her with a random ADC they sometimes just let you die if you go all in.
I also used to play Teemo a lot in top, he's so cute and a very beginner friendly champ! I had a pretty high win rate on him but lately I haven't been enjoying playing him in top much because if mid or jungler doesn't choose to play a tank my team pretty much always loses kek. Also I feel like when playing top like you never interact with any of the other lanes until the end of the game.
I also enjoy playing mid where I mainly play Lux or Neeko. For ADC I can only play Miss Fortune kek, I suck to much in any of the other champs. But sometimes I play Seraphine as an APC champ.
My favorite skin is Beemo, it's just so cute!

Gwen is super cute and when I just started playing I bought her because of her pretty design. I was so bad at her tho! I was so new at the game and didn't understand she was a scaling champ and I was just shit at playing her kek.

I'm a casual player and am currently silver 2. When I play ranked I mostly play Sona support since she's just such an easy champ and scales really hard. So if I just have atleast 1 good teammate I can just stay with them late game and keep healing them. When people flame me I just mute them. I never really flamed to much when other people throw, atleast not like in a super rude or agressive way. I want to try and get into Gold so I think for now I will just try and stick to one role even though it can become kind of boring.

I know Rell is getting a rework which is kinda scary to me since she's the first champ I bought and loved playing! I hope they won't change her to much, if you have a good agressive ADC like Tristana or Samira you can dominate lane so easy. And she is good in teamfights too with her ult!

Wow plat seem so high for me! You are very based for being a Samira main.

No. 288827

File: 1681154864298.jpg (199.28 KB, 817x1920, tumblr_9683cea1393c51c7820e137…)

I started a bit after covid. I play support and jungle, but I can't carry games so I'm in garbage elo. When I support I play a lot of different champions, including Morgana, Veigar, and Soraka. When jungling I play Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Shyvana, and Gwen. I know they say limit your champ pool to climb but I find onetricking to be too boring for me.
My favourite skinline is probably Battle Boss/Arcade or Space Groove. Star Nemesis is cool too, I love Morgana's skin.

No. 288870

File: 1681180666707.jpg (952.24 KB, 1941x3992, FdX-vy5acAEVv2_.jpg)

>What roles and champions do you main?
ADC/Supp flex. I like playing jungle in norms too sometimes. I'm a Jhin/Xayah/Aphelios main for ADC, and I play Rakan, Milio, Lulu, Thresh, and Seraphine support. I recently hit Gold and now I'm too scared to queue again out of fear I'll drop back to Silver, kek.

>What are your favorite skins?

Spirit Blossom Aphelios is probably my current favorite. It's so gorgeous and exactly the kind of skin he needed/deserved. Dark Cosmic Jhin is also really good, and I thought the Arcane Xayah/Rakan skins were good. The first wave of Star Guardians were nice too (Ezreal in specific) although I'm tired of that skinline now.

>Any advice for newbs, especially in flame wars?

When I get flamed for any reason, I like to say that I did whatever I did on purpose. It usually gets people to shut up, and it's also just kind of funny.

No. 288871

Samefag, meant to reply to >>288626. Don't know how that happened.

No. 289434

Omg I didn't expect so many responses, I'm excited!!

I totally see what you mean about top lane roles. I tried out top Gwen today and ate complete ass every game lmao, the enemy punished so much for every mistake I made. But I can only get better at her!

I play on NA too! I admire your ADC grindset, so far I've been trying to be an all-rounder instead of specializing. The high noon skins are all so amazing and on yet another level. idk what Riot was feeding the artists but whatever it was, they should do it forever

Beemo is such a based choice, he's so cute for basically being a murder hamster…

And yeah I miss my team (of strangers) when I play top, like guys let's hang out!! I'l probably be a 2-trick mid/adc player when I start climbing

Variety is the spice of life!! I love that you play so many champs, I still get confused sometimes on what so-and-so's abilities do during battle and just keysmash.

Space Groove skins are SO good I agree, my fav of them is Lissandra's bc she finally looks relatively happy in life, maybe… The whole vibes are so funky and fresh, it's a nice balance to all the serious skins.

Spirit Blossom Aphelios is on another level fr. How did you feel about the SettPhel vibes of the lines? Idk much about their lores aside from basic profile info, but I think opposites-attract is usually always nice, and "mooncake" was cute!

Thank you everyone for the flame tips!! I'll use them well and tilt everyone, any suspensions I get will be dedicated to yall.

In other personal League news, I got super obsessed with Pentakill and already blazed through their first two albums at least 4 times. I've been saving the 3rd one for the 2nd half of this week. It's sooooo good, I hope they drop another album soon. Also I think it's hilarious that everyone else in the band is consistently ugly/pretty as they are in the rest of their skins, but Viego's is so ugly in his Pentakill skin kek, poor bro. His hands are a travesty. I'm legitimately so into Pentakill right now it's actually overcoming my procrastination for studying. I want merch of them too ughh and I'm so so excited to watch the 3d concert vod. I'll probably save that for next week tho

No. 289447

>Beemo is such a based choice, he's so cute for basically being a murder hamster…
Kek that's why I love playing him. Don't worry about struggeling with Gwen, she is scaling so in the beginning of the lane phase will be hard. Like you said you can only get better at her!
>Spirit Blossom Aphelios is on another level fr. How did you feel about the SettPhel vibes of the lines?
NTA but I think it's cute, even though Riot panders to china a lot. It's still nice to see that they aren't afraid to hint at same sex couples like Leona x Diana, Caitlyn x Vi and Twitsted Fate x Graves.

No. 290804

File: 1681929274496.jpg (132.43 KB, 1200x675, mageseeker.0.jpg)

Is anyone picking up Mageseeker? I'm on the fence. I love the pixel art and Hades-style gameplay and want to know what's going on with Demacia and the rebellion, but I've heard there's no new voicelines and the CG trailer looked absolutely horrible, the ugliest thing I've seen in a while. If I had to watch lots of those I'd barf. I think I'd be content with a recap and seeing if Jarvan/Shyvana is confirmed.

No. 291910

I won't be just bc I have my hands full w LoL, but the IGN review gave it a 7/10 and the things she said made it sound a bit lackluster than the CG trailer. From the review, it sounds like the CG bits were purely for trailer hype and not in the actual game.

No. 292687

File: 1682669710991.jpg (19.65 KB, 474x279, th-2822909246.jpg)

Been slowly getting a feel for TFT by watching my friend's livestream. So far I know LeBlanc and MF are super goated, items can combine, and we can unlock additional bonuses by putting together themed characters. It's a really chill gamemode where I don't have to worry about getting pingspammed or flamed, so that's nice too. I don't even have the pressure to look up guides for it.
So far my favorite themes are Prankster because the perks are fun, and whichever ones have Sivir because she's so hot. My least favorite theme is Star Guardians because half of them have pink hair which makes it so hard to see at a glance who's who.
I'm planning on doing TFT instead of SR for probably the next month I've warmed up to the summoner avatar blobs and am going to score more of them. They're kinda cute.

No. 293656

tft is my favorite game ever, nonna….i started playing when it came out, like 3 years ago. i was a previous ranked solo queue addict, but TFT saved me from that suffering. i've consistently hit master tier ever since the first set, something about the game just really resonates in my mind, i love it lol
if you like prankster, i recommend trying the big garen trait. you can field 3 (or 5) mecha prime units, and it'll give you an item that you can put on any mecha prime. by doing so, you'll sacrifice the 2 nearest mecha primes to whichever mech you selected, giving the big one bonus HP. and he gets ALOT…it's very cool, big garen is the best tank in the game right now. i pretty much play it in every comp lol

No. 293657

File: 1683030459090.png (6.14 KB, 912x400, skins.png)

also….will any generous nonnas help me pick what skin to ask for? (yes i own (almost) every skin in the game, no i'm not addicted. no further questions (jk i'm just a bit embarrassed BUT TO BE FAIR I'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR A LOOOOONG TIME AND 80% OF THEM CAME FROM HEXTECH CRAFTING REROLLS.)

basically if you own every skin in the game riot will give you a ~rare~ one if your "My Shop" is empty. there's actually some new skins i haven't gotten, but somehow my shop was empty anyways lol

No. 293667

If I had the skin choice I would 100% go for PAX Twisted Fate.

No. 294365

Omg congrats nona! I heard that PAX Sivir is like one of theee rarest skins. Also the prettiest of the bunch. Then again, I'm biased.
Thanks for the tip nona!! I tried out Big Garen in hyper tft and you're right, he's so fun. His victory dance looks even stupider too lmao. I think I'll look up proper formations and comps next weekend for the best Big Garen.

No. 294799

File: 1683504961031.jpg (52.86 KB, 934x816, 476398467938453.jpg)

i haven't played league in like two years but the new ahri rework and the skin that is coming out is really making me want to redownload league ugh.

No. 294933

File: 1683553061886.jpg (303.87 KB, 2048x1294, snowmoonsplash.jpg)

The game has changed a lot, mainly due to items and how huge their impact is right now. The mid-season patch is coming soon so that might be a nice time to try again if you're curious. Ahri's new animations are so fluid! And I assume you mean the snow moon skin? She looks very pretty. I love the snow moon skinline in general, Kayn has my heart.

No. 294934


>What roles and champions do you main?

I play support/top lane. My mains are Kayle and Illaoi for toplane, and for support I play Senna and Soraka. I haven't played norms in a while because I hate league players.

>What are your favorite skins?

I am obsessed with the Eclipse skin line. Otherwise, I don't really care for skins, and I don't buy them.

>Any advice for newbs, especially in flame wars?

I tell people to eat dirt and die. Then I mute them all. I cannot be arsed.

No. 294987

File: 1683579086224.jpg (195.76 KB, 1354x2048, d1fc03a5237c66e35661f2402fa6f4…)

oh wow kayn looks so good! yea I gave in and redownloaded league lol. ahri was one of my top 3 champions so when I saw she got an update…I had the urge to play again. I rememeber playing when the items all got reworked, so there isn't be too much for me to have to learn.

No. 298674

Who are your favorite LoL streamers? I like Jayden, MrsChimChim, and Kaci96 (all female, all on Twitch, Diamond/Gold/Bronze respectively). I think they have a really nice energy and chat interaction, and they act like (idk how else to word this) normal people, instead of any of the streamer pigeonholes like 'e-thot big titty mouth breather'.
Polypuff and DPlusKIA Showmaker have fun youtube videos, but Showmaker seems to never show his face or chat out loud in his streams like in the YT vids. An ex-LoLer friend recommended Tyler1, but ngl his stream titles are so schizophrenic and he's so subpar as a streamer to me.

No. 301202

Watching pro matches became pretty boring, it feels like everyone plays the same 10 champs. Zeri, Yuumi, Aphelios, Milio, K'Sante, Neeko (whenever not banned), Annie, bleh…

I'm nowhere good at meta to know if Faker Nautilus mid was actually inting or not, but at least it was NEW. I know this is at a pro level but they're taking this way way too serious and turning into little molds. It's so boring to watch especially when the game is pretty much over once someone starts snowballing. Nooo chance of recovery unless the team throws like T1 or GenG in the LCK spring tournament.

No. 301291

Mental illness(derail)

No. 301339

Im starting to hate Yuumi and Zeri so much, since Milio will get nerfed this patch you can bet that even more people will start playing Yuumi. Atleast Zeri will also get a nerf, im tired of seeing her all the time.
>I'm nowhere good at meta to know if Faker Nautilus mid was actually inting or not, but at least it was NEW.
It's not inting, during MSI multiple matches had a Nautilus mid. But yeah i agree, we really need more variety in pro play champions wise.

I like wachting Pianta, he's a chill streamer and does funny builds. Thank you for naming all these female streamers, I will be sure to check them out!

No. 301382

File: 1686323839222.jpg (54.42 KB, 750x375, yuumi-20220211011347879.jpg)

What hurts is they already killed Yuumi to try to remove her from pro play and it killed any skill expression she had (a meme, I know, but you did have to use your brain to an extent to be a good Yuumi before, hence her poor winrate). Now you're nothing but an EXP leech until 6, every scrap of skill expression has been removed from her so you really do just afk now until you need to press R, and pros are still picking her because of the Zeri synergy. Her rework has been a total failure and I can only hope for a revert.

No. 301520

>killed any skill expression she had
You are right about this, before she had to atleast get off a champ and use her auto attacks. Like you said now you just need to afk. I don't think they will ever revert a rework. Another rework I really dislike is Rell, they completely butchered her E and her W has such a small range now and can still be stopped by all roots. I also dislike playing jungler so i hate that they are trying to force her in a jungler role.

No. 301539

On the topic of streamers, do anons have any support streamer recommendations? Preferably no males.

No. 301642

To be fair to Riot they have reverted some total rework failures before like Rengar's, LeBlanc's, and Fizz's, but it is really rare, yeah. Usually they just double down and blame players.

No. 302318

File: 1686784682720.jpg (225.38 KB, 2048x1144, Inkshadow-Kaisa.jpg)

Nonas, got any champions that you think could be improved lore-wise?

Kaisa is so cute but I hate the "omg am I a monsterrrrr" identity crisis they gave her while she looks completely like a Victoria's Secret angel. If they were going to make her so pretty with a sentient combat suit that shows all the cleavage then they should've given her Dr.Mundo's lore or something. Shit they could swap the two's personalities and we wouldn't feel like anything was wrong:

Kaisa the deranged surgeon going "THE DOCTOR IS UH…. IN!" and shooting everyone's limbs off with plasma because cauterizing requires no bandages!11!!

Dr.Mundo looking at himself and his bone saws and going… am I the monster…

they could even switch complete lores, I wouldn't mind Kaisa and her bonesaws haunting Zaun.

No. 302367

File: 1686804556806.png (99.74 KB, 1021x679, tumblr_8e7e7b8652f98217fe2c3a9…)

Kaisa is based on old Kassadin lore where Malzahar originally kidnapped his daughter and sacrificed her to the Void. The whole monster thing is meant to directly parallel how Kassadin is willingly losing more and more of his humanity in a desperate attempt to kill Malzahar and stop the Void as revenge for Malzahar having destroyed his whole hometown.
The execution kind of sucks though because as you said, Kaisa in practice is just a hot lady with perfect makeup and a skintight suit. Apparently they added the cleavage because she didn't read as human enough without it, but I think that's a dumb excuse. Samus looks human and she's fully covered up.
Also League's lore moves at a goddamn glacial pace and it's the most frustrating thing ever. We've been promised an emotional Kaisa and Kassadin reunion for years now (I'm guessing neither will recognize the other and they will fight before making up) and Riot still hasn't delivered.

No. 303383

nonitas….. i've lost 9 games in a row now… im this close to uninstalling

No. 303695

In ranked or just normals? You should probably take a break. I only try to play a few matches a day, or maybe play a more relaxing mode like ARAM

No. 303876

Naafiri trailer's been released. I hope she can jungle, I love the idea of playing as a pack of good pups.

No. 303897

>or maybe play a more relaxing mode like ARAM
kek in the LAS server the aram matches are all toxic af, even more than the normal SR

No. 304057


No. 304613

This looks really cool, I'm glad we are getting a monster champ again. Bel veth doesn't cound because she literally looks like a hot woman.

Ah that sucks, I guess the only advice I for you have then is to take a break.

No. 306961

File: 1688672025629.png (629.36 KB, 918x714, how-vlad-actually-looks-like-v…)

Wow vlad looks so hot in wild rift. A bunch of moids are complaining he looks to pretty now, but seriously 90% of the female characters are hot instagram models so i dont see the problem.

No. 317059

File: 1692815293739.jpeg (192.13 KB, 1920x1080, F4O1umFW4AAuO01.jpeg)

So the new vampire champ is actually a gothic barefeet loli that is 200 years old. I really hate how the artists even highlights the feet, they are not hiding who they are pandering to. I can't explain it but I hate how genshin impact/vtuber her design looks like? The bare armpits, thick thighs with thigh strap. The bare feet, its just all very off putting.

No. 317061

i seriously hope this isn’t a legitimate leak…

No. 317085

Gross. Zoefags are already disgusting and degenerate enough. This looks like a Yordle fucked a loli with the huge dead eyes and foot empasis.

No. 317086

Holy kek this shit ass art. Why do men draw lolis with the biggest thighs now? One thigh is as big as her entire torso. It's so disproportionate and goofy.
It's like men are stuck between early 2000s bodies and 2010 kim kardashian bodies and now can never decide what they want so they just mix the two

No. 317141

I was actually looking at stuff about Briar yesterday and I was pretty excited for a vamp champ, so I will be so fucking disappointed if this is her. Most of the new champs are boring and suck ass, and we can only get non-sexy female champs if they're literally not human or a humanoid (see Naafiri). I would've preferred an Evelynn-esque champ over this though. I saw people saying she's spooky and creepy and it's like…how?
I thought yordle too, but I think she's supposed to look like a bat.

No. 317149

yet another eternal 12 year old. I hate lolis, yanderes, and this new wave of mashing body parts together into another porn chimera. What's with the adult woman thighs on that child upper body? Every male that OK'd this in the art pipeline needs to be shot.

No. 317360

She looks fairly busty (I hate this word but idk how else to say it) though, so it feels more like a "loli" head on an adult character body.
I saw someone say that the weird lighting was to emphasize the body she's sitting on and to make her blind eyes pop out more, but the light is so fucking concentrated on her feet that it looks like it's coming from the floor under her feet. Even characters like Ahri aren't so obviously meant to cater to a particular audience. I've heard she's supposed to have some monstrous forms so I hope those at least deliver. We already have a pretty vampire, I want a vampire that actually looks like a monster.

No. 317363

legit saw moids saying she won't be sexualized cause her face looks weird, so fucking dishonest

also i wonder if we'll be ever getting an older female champ, there's too many ugly grandpas in this game already

No. 317364

File: 1692911243981.png (2.49 MB, 1131x1600, InkMage.png)

Speaking of new champions, I'm most hype for the Ionian "ink mage". He'll make it possible for people to draw on the terrain. My mid main ass is excited.
It would've been cool if Briar was some kind of old lady in period fashion.

No. 317914

File: 1693072042479.jpg (82.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

Does anyone else hate the new pings? I was away from the game for like a year and since I use the smart ping wheel most of the time, it's literally been the hardest thing for me to adjust to. It always takes me like 10 minutes to make sure I actually use the ping I want, or I ping fast and use the wrong one. Makes me feel retarded because they're technically still in the same position they were in before. I find them so redundant too, stuff like "all in", "push", "hold" is easily communicated with omw and assist if your team can use context clues. The "enemy has vision" ping is nice but it's not really new anymore.

I also don't understand the purpose of the objective votes.

No. 317919

>I can't explain it but I hate how genshin impact/vtuber her design looks like?
it's the random shit thrown everywhere purely for the sake of silhouette/uniqueness

No. 317920

also why is seraphine so hated? i always see people (gendies especially) typing up entire essays on how to "fix" her

No. 317931

people compare her to Sona, and I heard something about her intro not being well regarded
I personally love Seraphine, but then I've only been playing for just over a year or so and missed the initial hate

No. 318078

File: 1693156809005.png (614.12 KB, 642x631, bae.png)

Gotta be the most busted design to be shitted out by riot. Surprised they didn't give her the typical tiny anime nose riot gives every fucking female. Only other interesting thing is the torture device but here we are with more coom bait for degenerates.

Anyways… My boyfriend looks so cute here!

No. 318323

Why is draft so much more fun than ranked? It feels more balanced and people are less toxic. I feel like I'm actually playing with similarly skilled people in draft, but in ranked I always get the worst shitters. Why?!

No. 318324

Mythics are gone next year, yippee!!
>Play without try hards
>People aren't worried about losses
>Can play Yuumi jungle for funsies and no one bats an eye.
Yeah, fuck ranked.

No. 318399

i kinda dislike the new client and layout they introduced a year ago (?)

No. 318401

they're literally pandering to reddit mods now kek sad, many such cases

No. 318598

I’m so boreeeed, she’s a character that I think literally eats people and the best they could do was… this? Why can’t she be an actually grotesque character, rather than an “”edgy”” egirl with some gorillaz flavour

No. 318599

File: 1693426310259.jpeg (299.87 KB, 750x610, 02BB513B-117F-4457-BB6E-DC36D1…)

From the champion insights;
“It’s kind of subtle, but with Briar’s shape, I wanted to give her thicker legs and bottom-half with a more petite upper body,” Kindlejack adds. “The idea here is that if she’s actually made from blood magic or living blood, she should be a little bit more bottom-heavy like an I.V. bag or the shape of a droplet of blood.”

No. 318696

File: 1693474131926.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

>It’s kind of subtle, but with Briar’s shape, I wanted to give her thicker legs and bottom-half with a more petite upper body
>kind of subtle
This is too funny, they are so shameless. I can't believe that they made her attack with her feet too.
>she should be a little bit more bottom-heavy like an I.V. bag or the shape of a droplet of blood
Aren't IV bags square tho? And her silloute doesn't look like a droplet of blood either because she got that huge ass weapon at her head.

The thing is, I have a pear shaped body and I wouldn't mind if we would get some female champs also with that body type. But literally her splash art shows that her waist is two times tinier then just one of her thighs. It's too much, especially with the feet and the fact that her face is so round makes her not look like an adult.

No. 318697

File: 1693474293565.jpg (259.72 KB, 1280x720, BriarInsights_Header-Image.jpg)

Samefag, but I hate how they are doing the same thing with Briar like they did with Bel'Veth. Make her splash art and "normal form" a pretty girl and her "true form" actually scary. They are such cop outs, they don't want to commit on making an actual monster because they will make more money with designing the same soulless pretty girl champs.

No. 318702

who the fuck edates in league

No. 318703

>they made her attack with her feet too

No. 318704

Yeah, I’m all for more diverse body shapes but I just think it’s a) convenient that this body shape is sort of a “trend” right now for beauty standards and b) that of all characters this person, created as an experiment to be a murderous creature, was given an appealing look.
All the fanart that’s already out speaks volumes about how well the pandering worked and it frustrates me how people gobble up “pretty girl but she’s quirky!” and call it a good design.

No. 318732

Nonitas something really fucking weird just happened. Idk how to say it but one of my games literally disappeared? Kek it was in normals so no harm done but it doesn't appear neither in my match history nor in the other lol pages like op.gg.
I was playing as my fave girlypop Renata when I died while ulting at the same time and riot's cardboard client crashed, giving me a popup saying that it's trying to reconnect or smth. I closed the client so I could log back in and get back into the game faster, but when I opened it, the homepage didn't have any option to reconnect.. It was as if I'd never even started a game. I could literally get into another queue and join a game, while I checked porofessor and it said that the match was still ongoing.
It's been a few hours since so it's definitely over by now but there's NO trace of the game!! I don't even know if my team won arghhh

No. 318768

ok nvm apparently the entire fucking server is having issues

No. 318827

Happened to me today too. The servers have been fucky for a couple days

No. 319153

I finally watched some of Briar ability spotlights. I already didn't like the character design, voice, and the lore so far felt boring to me, but I still held out hope for her actual gameplay. I thought she was supposed to turn into some monstrous creature? It's not bad or anything, but just everything about her is underwhelming to me and not at all what I expected for a "vampire".

No. 319626

briar legit feels like nu-jinx since they changed jinx from being goofy to emo

No. 319661

goofy jinx was best jinx
Can't stand Arcane Jinx

No. 320161

File: 1694109870848.jpg (648.99 KB, 3605x3605, ktcvy3irlry91.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: The spirit blossom skins are over rated as fuck. They are very beautiful and I love the Ionia-ness, but they're very boring to me. I think spirit blossom Teemo is the only one that I really like.

No. 320169

I clocked out as soon as I saw the foot fetish splash art

No. 324106

nonitas am i being a schizo or are there cheer sound effects for first blood that weren't there before?? maybe it's bc i'm playing w bots for those sweet mission rewards. or is it like. an actual addition to the game?

No. 324129

It might be your emote or skin I think
Certain skins react to kills now, and emotes have sound effects

No. 324377

checked with a second account, still the same tf. maybe it's a server thing?? any LAS nonitas also hallucinating or just me

No. 327932

File: 1697588995232.jpg (544.4 KB, 2147x2147, heartsteel.jpg)

Necroing the thread because the boy band is fucking REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe after all this time it's finally happening. Sad that Aphelios doesn't get a voice even for an AU but god I'm so excited.

No. 327933

They could never be K/DA JK I might pick up league again to check this out

No. 327934

Kek, I'm literally reinstalling the game as we speak. I can't believe they've managed to rope me back into this shit game.

No. 327943

i hope the songs arent too shit considering how jank some of the skins already are on the promo art…

No. 328017

Unironically gonna stream the single a ton of times like those kpop fans. I'm glad that they are finally pandering to female fans more

No. 329504

What do you all think? Personally I like the song, but some of the designs I'm not a fan off. I don't like Kayn his outfit.

No. 329593

File: 1698093736390.png (1.87 MB, 1256x692, settmybeloved.png)

really hoping the skins' vfx have 2d stuff like picrel. sett looks really silly with that beanie but i'm not complaining kek it's cute

No. 329654

File: 1698100596297.png (308.88 KB, 847x480, F9IldzEWgAAEEiL.png)

Song was super mid and the splash arts were a let down, but at least Aphelios was cute in the MV.

No. 329675

I'm so glad they did put the champions everyone wanted in the boyband. I was afraid they were gonna put ugly middle aged men and monsters, while KDA is just generic pretty women. Ezreal and Yone look super cute, but Kayn is a letdown. His hair looks ugly. Rhaast form looks cool, though.

No. 329859

the actual skins! what are your thoughts nonnies?

No. 329866

Honestly, wanted some kind of boyband choreo. This feels more like it was made to be cool rather than being “heartthrobs”. Animation is cool and the outfits are nice but it just feels like a weaker version of KDA, and doesn’t feel as much like an actual boy band.

No. 330141

I’m offended that they didn't include Rakan, he’s all about being a flamboyant “rascal” and loves dancing. He would have suited the style much better than K’sante, who looks so out of place in the mv lol and I don’t think he’s that popular as I’ve hardly seen anyone play him since his release so like why lol

No. 330382

File: 1698345635569.png (1.02 MB, 1012x571, why tf do they look like this.…)

Gonna be honest with you, nonnas.. This ain't it. They can make Pentakill and have it be good asf. They can make True Damage and have it be good asf. They can make KDA and have it be basically legendary at this point.. But when it's all male characters we get this shit? They look fucking terrible and unappealing, like they don't know what the fuck to do and they took the crap unused Soul Fighter skin ideas and shoved them in here.
Picrel shows just how mismatched and boring at the same time these goofers are.. Goddamn!

No. 330392

File: 1698348918900.png (9.75 MB, 3176x1781, crystalrose.png)

Riot hates that Rakan is played more than Xayah and has thrown him into the no skins jail (unless Xayah gets one). They gave Xayah a skin without him and essentially said they want to uncouple their skins but still Rakan won't get a skin unless Xayah does too unless it's a pro play skin.
Boring, honestly. I think this is unironically Ezreal's worst skin apart from the low effort chroma ones, it's definitely in the bottom tier with Psy Ops. I wish we got Crystal Rose Ezreal from Wild Rift instead. Neither K'sante nor Yone belong here and Aphelios is cute but literally can't speak much less sing, why is he in a boy band?
They really are boring. They needed women designing this, not men trying to guess what women like.

No. 330395

How would you change the group setup?
Which character you would replace with another? Honestly I think the outfits are not "slutty" enough.

No. 330404

Remove Yone and K'sante for sure, and as much as it hurts probably Aphelios too just for not fitting the theme of a boyband. Add Rakan like the other anon suggested and maybe Pyke if they had a "you must add a dark-skinned man" quota. Maybe Yi instead if they styled him like in Debonair.
As for style, it needs to be a lot sluttier and color-cohesive. KDA for example was all in purple in the first run and all in silvery-blue in the second. They needed to pick a main color and stick everyone in it.
Also for the love of god return Ezreal's hair to blonde. Green looks terrible on him. His best skins keep his hair blonde or white.

No. 330408

I'd remove Sett, K'sante and Aphelios (cuz he's mute), make Yone a singer, but I wouldn't add Rakan because he has a canon girlfriend. I think the only viable champions to replace them with are:
Akshan, Ekko, Jayce, Jhin, Malzahar, Talon, Varus, Vi, Viego, Vladimir, Xerath (we know he's a cute anime boy now).

No. 330411

Ekko and Viego are nos, they're already in True Damage and Dissonance of Pentakill. Jhin and Varus could have fit though. A fakeout in the video where it looks like they're gonna remove Jhin's mask but then they don't show his face would have been cool.
If Twisted Fate was younger he could have been in too. Alas, he's not. Forever manifesting a Criss Angel TF skin.

No. 330491

I agree with anon saying these feel like they were designed by men trying to guess what women would like. If it were up to me I would have wanted them going in a completely different direction than KDA, and gone for a more 90s boyband concept. (Not 90s but imagine this with a song like mirotic.) Would never happen though because of league’s main player base. I already saw comments calling yone’s skin “fruity” even though to me it’s pretty bland

No. 330507

File: 1698399421031.png (8.49 MB, 4096x1476, 1698211185011886.png)

The only thing "fruity" about them was their concept art, which I think I still prefer over what we got.

No. 330514

I think you nonnies just aren't in the group they were aiming to attract, you're right about
>Would never happen though because of league’s main player base
I'm sorry to tell you all that they dress like any kpop male idol nowadays and they even sound better than them. The reason KDA was good is because the kpop inspirations for them were good. Male idols put out music so bad it should be illegal to call it music now. I could do better with banging pots together. Funny, the group Ez's VA is in, EXO is one of the only male groups that are known to have good music. Either way I think this release was a safe choice, it was catchy and gets the attention of early 20s women whom I assume are the target audience.
This would filter out normies tbh and would make the MV unpleasant to watch so they wouldn't be getting the song stuck in their heads.

No. 330544

>it was catchy and gets the attention of early 20s women whom I assume are the target audience.
Kek that's me, I was actually kinda surprised when I read how many anons here disliked it. The song is catchy, Kayn his outfit is ugly but overall I'm pleased. I also think it's weird how people over glorify KDA, like they are both just generic Kpop inspired groups and there songs are generic pop.

The skins look really cool! To bad I don't play any of them kek.

>I’m offended that they didn't include Rakan
Rakan is ugly, or well his official splash art is gross. I hate his smug face and that dirty piece of facial hair.

No. 330555

These designs are so much better, but god do I hate Ez. I think I'm the only one who hates Ez drawn as a femboy or whatever.
I guess I just like buff guys, since I think the only good ones are Sett and K'Sante.

No. 330575

I’m also in the target demo that anon said, but I listen to a lot of pop so I think the song was just so forgettable for me. I do like the skins more than most people here seem to.

KDA isn’t god’s gift but the songs are actually catchy for me, and the vocals stand out and feel like they fit their characters.

I don’t even know what aphelios and yone did in the song? And I’m going to keep harping on the lack of choreo, the skins don’t have a choreo dance either. What kinda modern boyband doesn’t have some choreography?

No. 330584

I don't know why people are asking for choreography after how horrible KDA looked dancing. The weird body proportions just stood out too much. With how different their bodies are, the guys would look even worse than KDA did having the exact same body.

No. 330651

They look terrible in this photo, but I think they look good in game. Also you can easily see that they have black and gold as their thematic colors. I think you guys are super over critical over their designs, but then again lolcow is nitpick hell.
My biggest complain design wise is that K'sante sticks out like a sore thumb, Sett's hat is ugly, and Yone and Aphelios are completely unnecessary. Only Ezreal and Kayn feel like they belong.
Speaking of the song, I thought the song was fine? It's definitely not as good as KDA was, and it left me a bit confused as to exactly what kinda boy group image they're going for? The song was a mix of American solo hiphop/rnb singers mixed with generic kpop, but I've never really seen anything like that irl. I feel like the song is good, but it lacks cohesion with what they're supposed to be. Honestly though Sett and K'sante are soooo misplaced for a boyband in general though.

No. 330687

File: 1698455330715.jpg (259.73 KB, 2048x878, F9UGkdWbYAAV-TM.jpeg.jpg)

So many cool and colorful concepts, seeing all the artwork makes me a bit sad even though I find the end result to be fine

No. 330703

File: 1698462978755.jpg (52.4 KB, 738x738, 00f9ea007dcd6fb7c7d25e6b164a08…)

im so fucking tired nonnies. i feel like i dont really get to choose which games i lose and which ones i win. i've been oscillating between loss and win streaks for a few weeks now. i win 4 matches and then lose 4 more, its kinda funny at this point. i try my hardest to win lane, ward, get objectives etc but i always get that one guy that goes 1/15 @ min 20, but at least i get the comfort of knowing that somehow the next few matches will be an ez stomp for some reason, but then i go back to playing against ppl 2 ranks higher

No. 330718

>Sett is soooo misplaced for a boyband in general though
Not the biggest lorefag, just liked Sett when he was released, but I feel like they changed his entire shtick to make his ship with Aphelios happen anyway. He was supposed to be a muscle wall that only has a soft spot for his mom but they changed it a bit in skins/parallel worlds to make him less aggressive and more considerate/chill? So no wonder they didn't feel like they needed to stick to his og personality and just stretched him to fit into a boyband. I mean, would og Sett immediately step back from teasing idolverse justin bieber and compliment him when he sensed that he's slightly sad about it? Not too sure on others' personalities, at least they kept some bite in Kayn with him calling Ez's old music crap even after Sett tries to smooth it out.

Those discord chats are part of why I said they must be targeting 20 year olds. They have time, money and no responsibilities, those are who they want to get addicted to their game and also the ones that quickly get pulled in by seeing social media aus of characters. They made every member fit into one role to make it easier to consume for people who don't know their lol personalities: Sett is the himbo, K'Sante is the dad, Yone is the mom, Ez is the twink, Aphelios is the emo, Kayn is the edgy rebel(?). So easy to get into whether you're from kpop or anime.

No. 330724

Ez is so hot holy shit. I did wish they included a supp champ in the lineup, K/DA has had? the same problem.

No. 330761

I feel like they're trying to start a ship with Sett and K'Sante after watching their interactions in the video a couple of times.

No. 330762

I feel like I am not quite in the target group for them, but there's still things I like about them. I definitely feel like Heartsteel is more overkill than KDA was, kinda feels like they're trying too hard? Some stuff has stuck, but some of it - for me at least, is a miss. I really don't get K'sante's appeal.
I wouldn't be surprised if they make them a throuple since they've been teasing Settphelios for a while too.

No. 330781

A pretty simple strategy to reduce deaths is to watch your latest replay and look at every death.
Ask yourself for each one of your deaths: "Why did I die here?" and "What was I trying to archieve here?" Some of those deaths will be mechanical misplays by you or your teammates, no need to overthink those. But most deaths are preceeded by a bad decision that puts you in a bad situation. With 15 deaths before 20 minutes, there's likely a pattern that your repeating, that will hopefully become obvious if you analyze your replays.

No. 330910

This was genuinely so fucking bad and so commercial. Only Pentakill was good (reminded me of Manowar), they had like 3 insane albums and now they're forgotten, now we get this shit?

No. 330911

File: 1698528580366.jpg (430.45 KB, 1746x2048, F9dadWyXMAMCSgP.jpg)

Aside from the quality I have a new ship from this.

No. 330913

are you silver and supp? if yes, don't worry about plats, they're there bc they were silver last season and they got inflated to plat now KEK

No. 330915

samefag, but this is shit advice for anyone who isn't dia or above. a silv won't understand anything behind deaths caused by either them or caused by mechanics. they get killed by an overfed enemy and think "team bad", that's it kek

No. 330916

This is so much better. I hoped they would go for this cheesy NSYNC type thing with skins somewhat similar to heartthrob/heartache line. My main problem with their designs from the MV is that they just look like some video game characters and not members of a boysband.

No. 330943

File: 1698533148821.png (46.05 KB, 614x152, YEAAAA.png)

I'm so fucking close nonitas.. that cheap ass wicked lulu skin is gonna be mine soon

No. 331442

File: 1698699723546.jpg (55.75 KB, 578x497, IMG-20231030-WA0039.jpg)

WHY the fuck does Elise's skin look like sexy humanized Vex?
Wanna duo, nonnita?

No. 331454

I'm an aram only casual but I really like the nexus blitz mode

No. 331650

really? i'm aram only too and champ balance on blitz is so weird to me, either i get worst stats ever or i'm hideously overpowered. it irritates me. the mini games are fun though

No. 331699

Sexy humanized Vex came first anon

No. 332884

Sighhhh I'm so tired of dumbass teammates. We were almost winning the game but then they start making the most brainless plays ever. "We'll win anyways lol" they say but guess what??? We fucking lost!! We had a huge lead but we fucking lost it. I'm gonna go eat some ice cream to calm down what the fuck.

No. 333506

nonnies.. do you have any recommended vids on easy wave management? this shit eludes me

No. 333532

File: 1699320687998.png (1.01 MB, 830x720, kek.png)

I have nothing to add to the thread but I saw this picture and thought it was funny kek

No. 333632

Seraphine isn't even that good…… dot…. (and yes, I play Soraka, how did you know? KEK)

No. 334123

Heartsteel bloopers. I love when animators do this, I'm glad they're putting in effort into engaging with the fans in fun ways

No. 335061

File: 1699756473567.png (330.02 KB, 780x193, HELP.png)

NONNIES please help me choose which one I should buy. I find them all really pretty but don't have the budget to get them all right now kek

No. 335108

File: 1699779962313.jpg (117.8 KB, 750x538, ants.jpg)

I'd go with Arcana Xerath or Graceful Phoenix Seraphine. They look high quality and their chromas are decent as well.

No. 335164

None, you're better off getting the battle pass for the same amount and with enough time played and tiers unlocked you'll get around 15 to 25 skins, possibly legacy ones or a ultimate one.

No. 335180

yeah but might not get the ones i want and end up with 20+ shit skins that i'll never use
thankss, probably will get the seraphine one since i play her a lil bit more often

No. 335496

File: 1699953775553.png (333.01 KB, 1080x1123, image0.png)

I'm becoming a Miss Fortune main against my will (KINDA)… Nothing else I play turns out good in the end except for Ashe. All the skins I got last are hers (Gun Goddess and Star Guardian, I got them back to back) and then there's my stats (picrel). Am I fucked if I don't really enjoy her except for her ult? Should I just live with this? Will this ever end?!

No. 335697

You have that WR because MF, Ashe and Cait are really good for owning noobs even if you have mediocre skills. You'll fall out real fast when you start getting enemies who aren't braindead. Just focus on the champ you like to play.

No. 336636

File: 1700312844089.jpg (69.6 KB, 256x256, headingout.jpg)

Nonnas, why are people so toxic in Emerald 2 and 3? Everything was fine up until I got there and now every game midlaner (usually) is shitting on everyone and can't stop malding at pixels. What's going on??

No. 336881

kek so many moids seething over the fact that we are getting a pretty male character. What do you all think of him?

No. 336883

He reminds me so much of Aphelios but I like him just for being pretty. All the ugly monster characters are males, I wish riot started shitting out actual monster female characters to annoy moids.

By the way, T1 won. Very easily too. I don't know if nonnies are watching the matches but they gave Weibo no chance to breathe. It started with Faker getting killed as first blood but quickly turned around. It was like the two teams were playing different games.

No. 336931

File: 1700422697309.jpeg (256.03 KB, 1920x1080, F_Smjj-WwAAs-ML.jpeg)

I think they are seething because he is literally Aphelios with his sister replaced by a comically large paint brush KEK and his abilities don't help either, he's effectively got more shit going on than Riven.
He's gonna have a 30% winrate, get an unnecessary buff and break meta. I wanted to like him, but I know for a fact his ass is just here to appear as a cameo for Heartsteel.

No. 336974

>I think they are seething because he is literally Aphelios with his sister replaced by a comically large paint brush
You are giving moids to much credit, i was watching a live stream and moids were literally saying:
>reee why is riot adding another faggot twink
>haha wow SHE seems like a super cute champion (moid humor)

He has an overloaded kit and looks like an emo twink like Aphelios yeah. But 80% of the female characters are also copies of eachother.
>I know for a fact his ass is just here to appear as a cameo for Heartsteel.
I mean yeah, they did the same thing with seraphine so im sure they will do it again.

I am still angry about bel veth, she could have looked so cool.

No. 337098

I can fix him

No. 337100

File: 1700470506501.jpg (2.05 MB, 7342x4130, __hwei_league_of_legends_drawn…)

he is beautiful
>they did the same thing with seraphine so im sure they will do it again.
I also wonder if, like with Seraphine, he gets played support even when intended as a mid.

No. 337102

Love how his outfit shows his collarbones some of his shoulders. Subtle sex appeal.

No. 337114

File: 1700473868977.jpg (540.75 KB, 2048x1536, karych_kara.jpg)

No. 337146

I'm excited for the change, ngl. Gonna get hard to get used to it though

No. 337826

nonnies is "walking failed abortion child" and "zoo escapee go play tetris" silver rank coded or lower? kek

No. 337898

File: 1700823442975.jpg (203.28 KB, 1493x1380, F_og1VVagAA8N22.jpg)

I am very happy with all the BL potential they have been giving us lately. First we got all of Heartsteel and now Jhinhwei. It's a good time to be a fujo.

No. 338096

File: 1700909481836.png (660.58 KB, 1080x1167, chickentime.png)

Nonnies who wanna quit try out getting a chicken coop… Or in our case I guess buy a cow kek

No. 338110

File: 1700915481322.jpeg (148.44 KB, 1280x720, F_qhpLhWsAAP14K.jpeg)

yeah bitch i really want that 15fps in team fights fuck offfffff

No. 338111

File: 1700915598064.png (220.58 KB, 696x346, F_rGnaoaMAA6whG.png)

samefag but Syndra looks ugly as shit now

No. 338122

why have they given her fuckin dragqueen makeup? She looks like a troon

No. 338141

File: 1700936280650.jpg (39.51 KB, 640x377, updated-syndra-splash-art-for-…)

she looks so fucking ugly and lacking personality like they took all her mystery and spite away as well as half her eyebrows (why??? syndra got an instathot makeup moment?)
she now has a major sameface and when i first saw it i thought they gave shyvana a purple skin.. idk nothing about this looks good.i don't think any of the moids playing league will care tho' so nothing will change altho'' iirc they did get mad at katarina rework

No. 338144

moids will care because she is not showing enough boob.

No. 338489

File: 1701121683996.jpg (123.67 KB, 1280x720, 75mokhma77b91.jpg)

This is just Star Nemesis Morgana with a Shyvana headpiece. The sameface on women is really starting to get stale.

No. 341110

Nonnies, has it been announced when the next Your Shop is??

No. 343314

cross posting for who might care, >>>/snow/302894
Dantes tourney had cvnka in a team as a toplaner. She's a tripfag i believe, didnt know she played league. Encountered her on the cc discord waaayy back where she pretended to be russian and tried to claim she could dox all the cc discord members kek. I'm saying her, but no idea if it's a tranny tbh.

No. 347756

So I'm back to playing League 'cuz new season and everyone is literally homeless. They do know where to go and just walk around and do nothing then do it some more, they are entirely out of the housing market, homeless, VAGABONDS

No. 347845

thoughts on the cinematic?? morgana's part gave me chills

No. 347851

I’m new to League and I didn’t know Kindreds lore went so deep.

Honestly this cinematic was so good! I’m a big sucker for lore in video games so I’m excited to see where they take it

No. 348454

I watched some Heartsteel reaction and it's quite the irony when women demand more KDA and find Heartsteel meh.

No. 348869

File: 1705341915413.jpg (199.9 KB, 900x750, 1000001789.jpg)

i love all yordle champs and i wish moids didn't make it weird
i love lulu, trist, heimer, veigar, poppy, kled but i play almost every yordle because they're silly and make me happy and i love them

do you have any specific champ type, role, aesthetic you like the best?

No. 348965

File: 1705370495353.jpg (54.14 KB, 300x512, WR_Infobox_Leona.jpg)

i will make a leona shrine.
i love illaoi too.

No. 350623

I like yordles too, they are cute! Teemo is my fave champ. I like Seraphine, Cho'Gath and Aatrox too.

No. 350637

I love Lulu! I wish she were more viable though, she's pretty poor with these new items.

No. 350654

File: 1705947037459.jpg (71.29 KB, 600x600, a (2).jpg)

I also love yordles! I dislike playing as teemo kek but I think he's so cute. tristana and ziggs were my first mains when I was learning to play the game, and now I almost always pick veigar. I guess my favorite aesthetic is "dark" mages- morgana, xerath and velkoz are other favorites. Sometimes when I wanna go full meathead I play chogath or sion kek
also what do you anons think of the new items? I haven't noticed much difference personally, nothing feels too broken, but my friend who plays ekko has been playing with stormsurge a lot and it's pretty good

No. 350657

I wish the attack speed + heal/shield item in Arena was able to be in Summoner's Rift, even if in some nerfed form. Lulu would love an attack speed + heal/shield item.
I like the Yordles too, they're cute and most of them have fun playstyles. I like how so many of them embody the basic attributes of the regions they represent in the lore (Fizz for Bilgewater, Poppy for Demacia, Kled for Noxus, Kennen for Ionia, Heimer for Piltover, Ziggs for Zaun, Rumble for Shurima etc). I'd love to see what a Void or Targonian Yordle champ would be like.

No. 351735

File: 1706406259618.gif (61.43 KB, 498x498, hihi.gif)

I want to quit league I've already wasted so much time on it (and also money buying a fucking battlepass kek) so I feel like it'd be for nothing. The losses feel frustrating and the wins are just okay enough to keep me coming back. Yes, I am writing this because I'm on a loss streak

No. 357109

Lulu is getting buffs this week!
Though still likely not enough, but I'm going to play her anyway nonas.

No. 357141

File: 1708373101132.png (2.78 MB, 1591x924, 9768767.PNG)

I love her. I wish there was more based fanart of her, but it's all animu moe-faced garbage or just straight up porn. I love that she's just a woman who's trying to farm and live her life out quietly. Plus she's the most fun I've ever had playing this game

No. 357585

File: 1708541528927.jpg (114.02 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Any nonettes planning to play picrel? I was so excited about it I went full consoomer and got the pre-order. I have been waiting for months with eyes peeled. Would love to have nonas to chat about it with.

No. 360434

File: 1709681189825.png (6.3 MB, 2458x1383, 1.png)

the anatomy is so fucking bad, is this shit actually ai generated??

No. 360435

It probably is. Riot's been outsourcing their art and there's been plenty of controversies about art theft recently. The new Syndra art looks like a drag queen.

No. 360436

just want a woman adc main to duo with men are so toxic and annoying

No. 360580

I'm Diamond 4 EUNE, main MF, Vayne, Ashe and Caitlyn.. Would you like to duo with me? I always Solo Q because of toxicity, but I'd love to play with another nonna.

No. 360855

Never seen art of (female) champions not have scuffed anatomy that makes zero sense, especially their waists. Wouldn’t be surprised they trained an AI on their art considering their in-house “style” is just sakimichan adjacent renderhell that’s easy to reproduce.

No. 361656

anyone like to drink and play? like fine with losing but also having fun? i feel like no one wants to get together and just play casually to waste time on the weekends. adc here

No. 363051

Is that Zyra or Evelynn?

No. 363077

I would, but im euw

I think its Evelyn but they all look the same so its hard to tell

Its on my list, but i still have lots of games i want to finish so it will be probably while before i start playing

No. 363082

I only play ARAM and only when I'm stoned kek. I used to play support but it's so easy to have a bad time when you're paired with a retard adc, like I don't mind losing but they can be so toxic

No. 363094

Not only that, the amount of characters there are now, we need 6x6 bans, not 5x5 anymore. There's too many counters and they specifically favorite certain champs to stay overkill and won't debuff properly. Some of my favorite champs that I never see anyone play, so they never get touched or changed, suddenly feel like they do no damage at all to anyone. Mages have a nightmare at normals right now because it's been a non-stop adc/bruiser situation and focus from riot for like 8 months now. Even their mages they released like yuumi, doesn't even DO anything damage wise, so real mages who need non-support items are useless. Can't play mid, can't go damage as a hybrid in support. Playing out of meta seems to be the only thing that works now, but you'll get screamed at in lobby for taking Morgana top or wanting to play teemo support.

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