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File: 1634923999983.png (828.4 KB, 745x521, coco.png)

No. 165877

No. 165903

File: 1634938518870.jpeg (118.33 KB, 749x612, 3C32A23F-47A7-4B97-86E6-E24FA6…)

Did you change a lot the layout of your island or did you just made some small changes here and there?
I don’t know what to do with my island, sometimes I like the way it’s distributed and sometimes I hate it.
I kind of like pic related, but it feels a kind of too symmetrical or something like that.

No. 165905

File: 1634939054915.png (465.96 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-10-22_164357.png)

peepy shirt

No. 165906

I made some significant changes without redoing the whole thing. I've seen some players create a comprehensive island plan before they start terraforming and that just doesn't seem like fun to me. I mean sure some of them are fun to actually run around in but to do the work to get it to that state seems like a huge chore. I designed my island based on the desired feel while playing rather than the map, and I'm really happy with it. I have the mini map turned off in the corner because I noticed sometimes something looks cute on the mini map but looks shit when you play or vice versa. I kind of start with an idea for a section of my island and work from there. In terms of terraforming, bridges, and inclines, I made those changes on the fly based on how I wanted things to flow from one area to the next. Some examples because my explanation of the process is shitty and vague: I wanted a forgotten shrine in the woods, and to make that area feel more secluded I expanded the river behind it into a lake, and the stairs going up to that area is partially hidden behind a cliff and some trees so you could see just enough of the stairs to pique your curiosity and still get a sense that it's not well-travelled. I have a community gathering area near my campsite, but I wanted it to feel like a short hike from the actual campsite tent like if you were camping for real, so you have to cross a bridge and go down a ramp from the campsite to get to it. Even though it's close enough to feel connected it still gives you that hiking feel. Sorry for the retarded ramble, just had to take the opportunity to blab about my island kek. I don't like super symmetrical islands, the one you posted doesn't seem that bad because it has a little variety but don't grid block your trees. If you're going to be meticulous about planning your island at least make it a little interesting.

No. 165916

I got agent S to move out finally and got extremely lucky in getting Zucker with my first nook mile ticket use. Legitimately made my day even better.

No. 165921

I found a document with all the new upcoming update items.
There is so much stuff I might have to redo my whole plaza, and my carnival is going to have to take up the whole beach now. I hope we get island expansions next so I can fit in all the stuff I want.

No. 165925

what do they mean by last major free update? Will updates cost after that? My first anime crossing game

No. 165926

How do I get the new characters when the new update comes

No. 165931

I think it just means that this update will be the last time they add so much stuff in the game. Next updates will probably just be to fix some minor bugs and stuff like that. I don't think they'll start asking for money in the next updates, it's more like this game is now finally finished adding all this new content. Unless there's stuff like the the sanrio cards but with other franchises, those you have to purchase

No. 165949

We don't know yet. Presumably they'll just be added normally and you can get them while island hopping or at your campsite. Although I guess there is a chance that they'll be amiibo card exclusive

No. 165976

is this meant to be a furby?

No. 165981

It Peepy

No. 165982

File: 1634992329681.jpg (6.42 KB, 300x305, Hoody4.jpg)

NTA but Peepee legitimately looks like a bootleg Furby plushies sold in the 90s. I don't see what's the big deal

No. 165984

File: 1634992709872.png (3.28 MB, 1920x1080, pp screw up.png)

OT but from what I got Pippy is made by an indie plush maker, the design isn't special but its marketing is.

No. 166021

Ummm, you get to eat the peanuts with him every darn day? Peppy isn't the only one, anyway. There's Dinkle and Moley for example. Suckletts a little bitch, though.

No. 166062

File: 1635021620505.jpg (9.15 KB, 167x234, Ac_A097.jpg)

I forget where the thread/discussion with favorite villager is, but prob permanantly going on here, so Midge praise day now

No. 166064

File: 1635021868335.png (403.07 KB, 604x468, House_of_Midge_PG.png)

my original gamecube best friend. Monique was my too-cool-for-me frenemy, but Midge's reliable kindness & hyper adorable house had my loyalty in the end

No. 166066

File: 1635022184634.png (419.12 KB, 580x600, img.png)

her sweet and old fashioned aesthetic tendencies reminded me of my irl aunt, so it's almost eerie that her new horizons room is all pale yellow and quaint just like that aunt had years ago! my fond memories. and I like how she wears reading glasses now.

No. 166068

File: 1635022362263.png (336.14 KB, 620x480, House_of_Monique_PG.png)

Monique had lovely furniture too so I'm posting to endcap my nostalgia tale. those tables remind me of betty spaghetti 90s aesthetic. k peace out ac thread, hope someone else shares villager room memories.

No. 166115

File: 1635035513111.png (358.95 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-10-23_193155.png)

I know this is offtopic but I agree. Sucklett is my least favorite of the itemlabel universe.

No. 167108

File: 1635270597416.png (158 KB, 650x517, 1617246569786.png)

i cant find any info about this online but like…. my villagers used to call me by cool custom nicknames (u kno how they would suggest something cringe, and if you rejected it they would ask you what would be better instead) but recently ive had a bunch of villagers come up to me with the retarded default nickname suggestions and ive rejected them every time but the villager just goes "oh, ill keep thinking then"
like….. did Nintendo patch out my ability to have my villagers call me smokezilla? cause that's fucked up

No. 167624

File: 1635481729094.png (670.38 KB, 895x1155, sasha.png)

I'm so upset, I expected a cute boyish bunny girl but it's actualy a dude. Might still get him though.
People are already being weird with him, calling him either a femboy, gnc king or trans. This shit is gonna be worse than what happened with Raymond.

No. 167625

Why are most animal crossing characters ugly as hell


No. 167684

I know it's dumb to complain since the internet is always like this but the constant porn art of the villagers is getting annoying especially since that Ankha video blew up. He's cute though I want to get him on my island.

No. 167850

Why did they pick an ambiguous "unisex" name when the japanese name is clearly masculine?

No. 167854

File: 1635610003235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.02 KB, 635x696, 8216B791-FD90-47C7-9C0C-3D3F28…)

Kek, i also thought of Totty, now I love the rabbit and I hope someone does some fanart of him doing the Totty face.

No. 167906

why they calling him gnc? sasha can be a male name, it's short for alexander

No. 168423

The update is out early

No. 168424

File: 1635989666537.png (141.76 KB, 768x768, unknown (1).png)

For real or you trolling?

No. 168425

I'm 100% serious. idk if nintendo messed up or what but you can download it

No. 168427

Wow it's for real, downloading it right now, thanks for the new nonnie!

No. 168429

File: 1635991631841.jpg (44.31 KB, 1280x720, yse1fa46jhx71.jpg)

The fish eye camera filter omg

No. 168489

Reposting cause I realized the DLC is not out yet. Let me rephrase it. How many of you are getting the Happy Home DLC (or pre-ordered it)? Is it worth it in your opinion? Haven't played AC for a year and a month (sic) cause nothing was going on and villagers had zero personality

No. 168492

I loved HHA on the DS and would get this in a heartbeat if I still played New Horizons, it sounds like fun to me.
Count me as a maybe/probably not. I keep thinking I'm going to check in with my island after however long but there are always better things to do.

No. 168494

File: 1636027913672.png (Spoiler Image,487.94 KB, 852x888, tottyface sasha.png)

Can't unsee now. Is OC welcome?

Preorderfag here, I hadn't set foot on my island in almost a year as well, but the Nintendo direct announcement got me so hyped I started playing again.
I'm bummed out they still haven't fixed the villagers personalities (and probably never will at this point), but I think the DLC's price is fair considering all the new areas and gameplay. I just hope there's a way to choose the villagers on your resort, maybe with amiibos or something, so I can put the ones I can't fit on my island there.
If you're not sure about buying it I'd consider downloading the free DLC at least, that one alone already makes the game worth playing imo.

No. 168497

Isn't it just because it's already the 5th in Japan right now?

No. 168499

Marry me, anonita.

No. 168503

>I'm bummed out they still haven't fixed the villagers personalities (and probably never will at this point)
Seriously fuck that!!! I hate that villagers are more like decor that walks around.
I have no idea what had been added to the game in last year lol. If any farmer wants to tell me about her favourite added content, I'm all ears

No. 168508

it's still the 4th in japan

No. 168512

Did you quit before the art gallery was added to the museum? There was that, diving (it was cute for a minute) and storage was expanded which was a huge thing when it happened. And then filled back up in moments.

No. 168524

I have been around for those! Didn't get to enjoy them much.
Oh, have we not been supposed to get some kind of cafe? Haven't played the past AC beyond the original one so IDK what's up with that

No. 168529

Brewster's coffee shop comes with this update or it should. That's our cafe.
We went a veeeeery long time with very few updates.

No. 168532

You find Brewster on an island. I spoke to Blathers just now and he told me Brewster will be arriving in two days.

No. 168548

If you like interior design, it's really fun. Happy Home Designer was the shit. I think for the price tag, it's worth it, even if you only get a month or two of playtime out of it. I also think it's really neat that you can now redesign your villagers house! I think that will shake things up. But I agree, there's really nothing going on villager-wise and I hate that, I'm hoping the update (outside of the DLC) might provide some new dialogue at least…

Is anyone planning to get the amiibo cards tomorrow? I live very rural so I'm stressing it. Either my town won't get them, or they'll get the shipment late and I won't know to go get them unless I drive to walmart every day.

No. 168557

It almost encourages piracy with how hard to get those amiibos can be. Uproot your entire life for a shot at Gulliver.

No. 168560

Ladies I'm losing my mind over this update. I know it will be short lived and I'll be bored again eventually but there's so much stuff I don't even know where to start. I'm so happy it came out a day early.

No. 168563

File: 1636051907494.jpg (60.45 KB, 564x564, 54d1074934a5cf0f15fcdeb1daa5b9…)

I love Brewster so much, he's my favorite NPC. I hope people don't latch much onto him now that he's on AC:NH. It sucks that you can't mention Raymond and especially Ankha without the coomers flocking to it. I just want The Roost to stay cozy

No. 168565

Looking forward to buying those cards off aliexpress

No. 168566

File: 1636053280786.jpeg (230.5 KB, 750x1000, C070961A-876D-415B-98CE-1D4C53…)

Me too, I’m so excited, this update enlightened me in how to finally organize my island, i will have a cute ass garden with gyroids surrounded by different types of colorful flowers.

No. 168567

Same! I feel they have added SO much at once I am overwhelmed! But also feel an extra urge to play and explore the new features!

No. 168576

My internet is so slow that I have 2h left until the free update is finally downloaded on my Switch, I'm so frustrated.

No. 168581

same my only problem is I'll be already bored of the game again by the time they arrive

No. 168583

I'm in the same boat, Anon.
Both DLCs have been downloading since earlier this morning and now that it's evening it's still not even halfway done. Looks like I'll still be playing it on nov 5 after all, fuck my life (but most of all, fuck my shitty connection).

No. 168590

So fucking hype for gyroids!

No. 168611

File: 1636067285067.jpg (40.84 KB, 816x612, dontaskaboutthepicturebeingfro…)

Did the update add the feature for villagers to visit your home or did this just not happen to me until now? I downloaded the update and I immediately entered my house and suddenly guess who comes to jumpscare me- Ankha, ironically

No. 168612

It’s an added feature for this update! They’ll ask you to visit their homes as well

No. 168617

Cookie didn't ask shit, she just barged in and wouldn't leave.

No. 168618

I mean, they’ll invite you to their homes. They don’t give two shits about politeness if they feel like coming to yours

No. 168632

Omg tell me about it, I just now think I know what I want to do with my island I don't have the bells or the nook miles for it haha but I'm hoping that means I'll play it for awhile trying to save up and change everything!

No. 168639

File: 1636077267153.jpg (174.77 KB, 1536x864, Switch_ACNH_ND20211015_HHP_SCR…)

Here's a link to all of the new items added! I love the updated sloppy, rococo, and ranch sets


No. 168640

Anon I could kiss you in the mouth right NOW!!!! I didn't want to be spoiled but I was PRAYING for the rococo set!!!

No. 168644

Oops sorry for spoiling but you're welcome! And same!! I'm so glad it returned!

No. 168647

File: 1636080965175.png (9.84 KB, 128x128, blobfish.png)

blobfish thing

No. 168681

File: 1636095388402.jpg (162.2 KB, 1136x1200, EhIUP_XWkAAcFnw.jpg)

Nintendo didn't get the memo

No. 168732

>>168492 anon here, changing that maybe/probably not to a "yes, damn it." They added so much fun stuff that will no doubt get old in a few months but I'm in.

I'm trying to catch up from the point I left off which was the 25th of September. Francine pulled out a glowstick at the KK Slider concert which isn't very exciting, but it is new to me.

No. 168783

File: 1636143338876.jpeg (66.69 KB, 1222x685, cruz-blobfish.jpeg)

It isn't a blobfish gyroid, it's a Ted Cruz gyroid.

No. 168805

This makes me happy and even more excited for bootleg amiibo cards! I'm still desperately hoping we will get some more dialogues for regular villagers. Hell, I would even pay a SMALL amount of money for that.

No. 168809

If you want to get on a busy treasure island I have a method that has worked 5/5 times.
-Make sure you have dodocode screen open
-Be patient and wait for an island to crash
-Use Switch touch screen to type in new code as soon as it changes while still having your controller nearby to confirm airport dialogue as quick as you can
-If you get "wuh-oh" message keep trying, that means you're in the queue!

Basically be quick and use touch screen for code lol

No. 168861

it always cracks me up just how dramatic that image is kek

No. 168928

Man this update has sucked me right back into the game and I feel so inspired.

The new nookpoints party lights and the drink recipes made me make a beach bar.

The news villagers are really cute too but I feel like most of their personalities are really misplaced. Ione is so cute, but I already have too many normal dreamies.

No. 168945

I think I kinda wanna replace most of my villagers. They're fine, but I'm tired of the houses full of sea bass and samey dialogue. Not that the dialogue issue will ever go away.
Rhonda asked if she could come visit because she didn't feel like being alone. In my utility room, she started the washing machine and stood there watching the spin cycle like she was hypnotized. It's really a great update.

No. 168990

How do you let them see the other rooms in your house? When they visit me, they only seem to want to stay in my entrance room.

No. 168992

Rhonda asked to come over instead of just crashing my house. I wasn't sure if she would follow, so I went to another room and she came sprinting after me. At one point she asked if she should leave, and I said she could stay. If you do this, it seems like the visitor will only get the hint to go when you leave your house.

No. 169007

Thanks anon!

No. 169018

I played way too much this weekend because of the update. I used the time travel trick way more than usual to unlock some shops and items and the coffee shop, and I saved a shit ton of bells and miles for that so I took that opportunity to improve my island. I spent way too much time planting more trees and changing a lot furniture's colors. I wish I could post pics here to show you without having to post screenshots on twitter first.

No. 169055

Today she sent a thank you note with a gift attached for letting her visit. It's just really sweet, even if I don't need another mic stand.

No. 169173

I think you might be able to send screenshots to your phone now? Not sure if it's through the nintendo app or not, but when I went to post a screenshot to twitter to save, it gave me the new option to send to my phone!

No. 169176

You're right!

No. 169278

You're right, but I tried it jist once long ago and no matter what it just didn't work. Maybe it's because my wifi is complete shit these days.

No. 169285

File: 1636478881764.jpeg (295.33 KB, 1280x720, D09D2007-47F4-41BA-8BC1-97C900…)

Cyd wanted a “streaming HQ” so I turned it into a troon dungeon. It’s got garbage around the room, kaweewee clothes and a tissue box.

No. 169286

File: 1636479260847.gif (912.3 KB, 446x374, ECC72640-E09E-4B27-BABC-B25DC9…)


No. 169287

File: 1636479984260.jpeg (185.29 KB, 1280x720, 38B11F3E-DB15-4F20-878B-C06A92…)

Samefag but Lionel requested a nice restroom. So I implemented co-op shitting.

No. 169295

i can only partly see his expression but it looks like ahegao

No. 169301

It just needs a few piss bottles and more trash on the florr and that would be more accurate.

No. 169387

How could you do this to Cyd??

No. 169445

Do I play Wild World or New Leaf for the ultimate AC experience? I want a lot of dialogue and preferably rude fucking animals. I wanted to emulate the translated version of N64 AC but it has visual glitches that make playing uncomfortable (at least on my phone). I miss how weird those games used to be, they had their own style and weren't so sugary sweet

No. 169461

Wild world is best for the sassy villager dialogue for sure. In terms of the villagers, I think New Leaf is an in-between between WW and NH, with less sass than the former but more depth than the latter.

WW is such a charming game so I highly recommend it

No. 169549

I found this.

No. 169973

Honestly doesn't sound too different than the OG.

No. 169988

Ideally if you can emulate population growing, that was the best. Cranky villagers would tell you to go away, snooty villagers called you ugly. There's a lot of cute features in population growing that were never implemented again. I might be bias because it was my first AC game, but I think that's the ultimate animal crossing experience.

No. 173166

File: 1638950909238.jpg (87.3 KB, 329x705, IMG_20211208_100313.jpg)

so far so good!
faith is my favorite out if the bunch, followed by opal

No. 173188

3 cats and Roald, you lucky bitch

No. 173247

File: 1639017334319.jpeg (264.76 KB, 1280x720, 78B647BF-FF0D-41C4-9984-7D09DB…)

stinky is my most beloved villager

No. 173366

File: 1639147822453.jpg (45.1 KB, 640x360, he coulda been a contender.jpg)

He's great, anon.
I haven't really grown fond of any of the new villagers outside of maybe Marlo. It's mostly down to the repetitious dialogue and my AC burnout that just won't go away.

No. 173613

File: 1639330333849.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631407767964.jpg)

Why does it have to be so hard to make your island look pretty when you got zero creative bones in your body aaaaahhhh I just want it to look pretty but I don't know how I want it

What have been your source of inspiration nonas? What are your themes?

No. 175888

File: 1640591698787.jpg (126.9 KB, 1280x720, FHmUVZuUUAEkQTA.jpg)

How have you been enjoying the dlc? I initially didn't intend to get it but then was gifted it for the holidays, honestly have been having a decent amount of fun, I feel like the requests add a bit of a personality to the villagers. Also love the new items and as a result have been redoing like 60% of my island lmao (good selection of industrial items? hell yeah!)

No. 175890

File: 1640592688348.png (176.47 KB, 261x456, Barold_NH.png)

kek nonnie why would you do this to him!!!

barold asked me for a place he could be messy so i made him a disgusting neckbeard scrote hovel filled with garbage tangled wires and junk food. he deserves it.

No. 176007

Late reply but try looking at pictures of island designs you like (Reddit or elsewhere, doesn't matter) and then try to do less than your inspiration. A lot of people overdo the fuck out of their islands to the point that it's difficult to move around and the frame rate drops to a slideshow, but you can make your own paradise by taking a theme and subtracting items.
You'll find you're more creative than you thought you were and it will have some unique personal touches.

No. 176024

I like the DLC almost more than the base game, it’s so refreshing to have so much creative control without the hassle. And it is nice to see what kind of home your villagers would want! Bluebear asked for a place to make sweets, so I made her an industrial kitchen lol

No. 176026

I hate winter so much in ACNH, everything gets so ugly and depressing. Just like real winter I guess. I'll put it aside and go back to it later. I actually did it last year.

No. 176073

ugh same, it throws off all the colour coordinating i have done on my island that looks just fine in other months. but then again i like how snow covered apple trees and bushes look.

No. 176372

WHAT even am I meant to do with all these gyroids? I can put the cutest ones in my house sure, but there's just so many of them. I wanted to put them outside but they take too many place. Do I just gift them to villagers?

No. 176373

Gift them or sell them, you can customize them as well so you can get the colors you like.

No. 176374

Oh I didn't know they can be costumized! I kept getting them in the ugliest colors kek. Thank you!

No. 176378

i discovered they can be put on the walls so I have been doing that instead. each room in my house has a carefully selected little gyroid orchestra complimentary to whatever song i have on the radio.

No. 182584

Sorry if this counts as a necro but I just started playing ACNH a few weeks ago and have Judy and Ankha on my island; does anyone have tips for selling them for a fair price/avoiding getting scammed in general?

No. 182588

File: 1643585110983.jpg (171.19 KB, 1280x720, EsHqxU7U0AEKuG0.jpg)

Nookazon and compare what others are selling them for or Nookazon discord similarly allows you to look up what others are charging. I'd guess the prices/demand has fallen a lot tho.

No. 182589

File: 1643585185814.jpg (2.81 MB, 4160x3120, 20220130_171721.jpg)

I ended up making my own villager amiibo because FUCK scalpers and paying $5/10 a card. Now I have pretty much all the villagers I want and I like them better than the official ones

Gonna be honest I've been out of the trade game for a while but I don't know if villager trading is that profitable anymore. Many people have the amiibos for villagers they want now. You could try the AC discord or Nookazon though I've heard of people being scammed there

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