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File: 1643289513192.jpg (337.72 KB, 658x799, fujothread.jpg)

No. 181933

Previous thread: >>>/m/165351

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 181935

File: 1643290442307.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1500x1300, 071A466E-56FA-4569-805B-636CC3…)

choice thread title anon

No. 181940

>Klavier directly flirting with Apollo as soon as they meet in the OP
Absolutely based, I love you.

No. 181981

File: 1643314781928.gif (2.07 MB, 249x238, BD4F6F6D-FA5B-4866-A0CA-536F31…)

Hello anons my picrel is hetalia musical too. I stole this from a friend and it's chibi Italy apparently.

Anon!! What's the context of your picrel?

Ivan-kun.. n-not too bold!!!
Talking about musical, is this the same one where the actors wear tiny puppet bellow their neck to play as the chibi version of themselves?? My friend showed me this gif before and I just lost my shit

One of the tags you showed me is read as Harumachi in japanese! The ルぺ/ぺる ones are new to me. The other two seem to be chinese I cannot read, but I managed to search rusame right away!

Thanks for the link! I only looked up はるまち after seeing a few artists tagging them.
Now I also got to learn other "interesting" ship names too. For example usuk is "Tone-deaf brothers", which is so true lol

No. 181989

Based. Fujos are constantly pushing forward and creating fanart, fanfics, e-zines, anthologies, artbooks, doujinshis etc. Barely any other community except the scrote hentai one (due to its sheer volume) manages to produce as much original content as fujos do, especially for such a niche and small community. Yet for some reason they're constantly being frowned upon and guilt tripped for it because apparently women having something unapproachable to men and their handmaidens is still a big taboo and because of this plenty of previous exclusively BL creators are shamed into picking up creating half-hearted m/f and f/f content to be more "inclusive". But when you talk to them in private it's clear that they have the most passion for BL content and are only creating the straight/yuri stuff out of their fabricated sense of duty or in the pursuit of a real career.

>otaku forums in the 2000s.
Tell me about it. I want to scream every time I hear the terminally retarded "but isn't the uke supposed to be the girl being fucked by a man, how can a lesbian like that??" question I've had to answer to since 2007.

No. 182008

File: 1643321520442.jpg (105.15 KB, 566x800, DMQrxKcUQAE24JW.jpg)

Everyday I thank our lord and savior Kumiko Suekane for making the entire Ace Attorney franchise gay as fuck all by herself, even to this day after she left Capcom in the mid-2000s. God bless her, may she keep drawing hot men fucking each other in the ass forever. Amen.

No. 182016

This so much. I don't hang around the het circles, but honestly they don't seem as productive as the fujos in terms of fan content. The fact that they salt all over how active they are is proof that they need to get off their asses and start making the material themselves. Go make your fics, art, etc. Don't whine and expect the fujos to stop and revert to het just because you bitched hard enough

No. 182026

I am a 10 years veteran fudanshi and i love this thread. And i have this fantasy about be a gay porn actor, and that my fujoshis best female friends being my porn gay director. And invest all onlyfans earnings in more yaoi merchandising for inspiring coming scenes. And i imagine my channel fully high exclusive oriented only for satisfying fujos community instead than the gay community.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 182041

File: 1643348847244.png (32.1 KB, 788x232, rusame.png)

Just saw this in the confession thread and I don't know if this is true or not. Are men really invading our space just to have a crumble of female attention? I hate this world, fujo's space use to be safe from moids. if this is true, I'm sending love to the real rusame anon

No. 182050

File: 1643353064469.jpg (384 KB, 620x1921, homogres.jpg)

>mfw I know the exact anon she's talking about
kek, anon needs to spill the beans on what happened between them

there are plenty of dudes who pretend to like fujoshit and other stuff involving cute bishies to get validation from girls though, i seen it with me own eyes. it's not so rare these days, and it's easy as hell to clock. i think scrotes (real, not fakeboi) in fujo circles are still fags more often than not but eh it's harder to tell with them than it is with girls… men are so biologically broken that they can never really be just straight or just gay.

No. 182055

God damn, moids stop being sociopaths challenge failed again. I was already pretty sure that the Yumes vs fujos thread was being constantly invaded by a scrote baiting infighting but this pretty much solidifies it. Why are men allowed on the discord server anyway?

They're always so stupid about it too, I used to have this guy pretend to be into fujo stuff just to orbit me when it was clear he found it disgusting as he had no initiative with any of his interests, no OTPs or ships in general, no favourite BL artists, no nothing. He thought liking degenerate "femboy" and trap doujins was the same as liking "yaoi". Even the actually gay fudanshis are always more into that shit or straight out bara.

No. 182056

exactly, they're always coomers who're into otokonoko crap and usually oneshota or other porn with girls involved alongside the gay stuff kek that's what makes it so hard to tell

No. 182064

I saw the yume vs fujos OP pic and I feel like they didn't categorize weeb female fans well enough honestly. It should be more like
>casual anime fan
-not overly invested in ships or fandom
-watches whatever is popular at the moment
-ships herself with her favorite husbando
-may or may not dislike the canon love interest of her husbando. if she doesn't dislike her she will try to self-insert/project on her
-japanese and chinese yumejos are way more posessive of their husbandos than western yumejos and more likely to despise the canon love interest
-usually hates BL
-ships boy x boy
-if straight/bi she might be into het ships as well. on the other hand if lesbian she might dislike them
-contrary to the popular opinion, japanese fujos tend to have more beef with each other not with other female weebs like yumejos
-usually a lesbian
-pretty chill but might have beef with hetshippers if they pair their girls with moids
-ships exclusively het ships or maybe one or two yuri ships on the side
-probably complains about misogyny, "why can't two men be friends"
-used to fight a lot amongst themselves (think zutara vs kataang, romione vs dramione wars) but now they have beef with fujoshi and sometimes himejoshi
>aiden fujoshi
-in denial about being a fujoshi and hates other fujoshi
-worships gay men
-gay ships must always be pure and unproblematic
>shotafag abbystea
-a minority but they exist
-pornsick woman
-extreme proshipper, probably into oneshota and other weird porn
>pick me
-vtuber or cosplayer
-spergs about how oversexualized female characters are actually feminist rep
-wants to be one of the boys

No. 182066

> contrary to the popular opinion, japanese fujos tend to have more beef with each other not with other female weebs like yumejos
what do they have beef over? shipwars? I must admit despite being in and out jpn fujo circle I didn't notice any of that.

No. 182067

To be brutally honest I haven't met a single hime who's been a lesbian and not a straight girl obsessing over muh hair braiding hand holding pure sisterhood. Except for the ones who are """bisexual""" because they like to perv on women but are always exclusively dating men. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just how I've experienced it over the years. And no, I'm not interested in starting a fujos vs himes wars because I don't care enough.

NTA but I'm guessing it's ship wars and doujin circle drama, the same you see in the west.

No. 182068

top/bottom discourse and doujinshi drama
honestly i don't know what else to call the rabid f/f shippers i've encountered lol

No. 182069

File: 1643370604362.jpg (69.18 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Okay anyway, anyone HERE into Hajime no ippo, I know most sports anime have a homo-erotic element but I will actually argue that Hajime no ippo is probably the gayest out of all them

Ippo(the MC) legit lusts after his brooding rival Miyata and waits for the day to fight him, then there's sendo who is brash aggressive character and he has so many gay moments with ippo and even excluding the MC all the male characters have so many intimate gay moments, like Mashiba(a tall, dark and brooding anti-hero boxer)and Itagaki(a young upstart at ippo's gym) going basically on a date shopping for clothes

and the female characters are also something else, like if there was a contest for least developed female characters then hajime no ippo would easily rank in the top 5, cause every female character is either bland no personality supportive mother or bland no personality supportive sister and the exception to this archetype does nothing for the plot but give out exposition to the readers(I love it really)

No. 182070

File: 1643370653848.jpg (139.23 KB, 800x1227, 1605100171847.jpg)

picrel is not from a doujin, its from the actual manga(there are a lot of dick jokes in the series)

No. 182071

What the hell is oneshota?

No. 182072

shota x onee-san

No. 182080

Pick me needs ‘loves zero two and/or lolis’

No. 182084

File: 1643381014653.jpg (334.9 KB, 1458x2048, 93361292_692908218176130_37577…)

Ookami e no Yomeiri apparently is continuing with a second volume and the person uploading scanned translations said it was licensed by Futekiya but I don't see volume 2 on their website? Please just give me more of these two, they're so fucking cute and I adore this art so much. I cancelled my Futekiya sub a long time ago because I got it when they were relatively new and didn't have any titles that interested me but pleeeeeease I will pay again for this bl

No. 182099

File: 1643390332920.jpeg (686.99 KB, 1125x907, 2BD85361-D289-43BA-AE3B-3F40F8…)

in last thread some anons shilled the great ace attorney so hard and now I'm tempting to get it since it's currently -25% on sale. How much expectation am I allowed to put in because I'm playing it for the gays(???)

No. 182100

Giving you a full, detailed answer would be risky because of HUGE spoilers. But to make it short, it felt less intentionally gay than the trilogy + Apollo Justice while still having a ton of potential for gay pairings. Avoid spoilers at all costs and keep in mind that this is two games for the price of one because the originals were released on the 3DS and the new releases are a compilation of both. And to tell you more about the game itself in a more general way, the pacing is slow at first to introduce all the characters and plot points and mysteries one by one but once you start getting more and more hints and answers on what the fuck is going on you'll love it.

No. 182101

KEK. Underrated post tbh, gay anon what are you smoking?

Thank god I'm not the only one. I love this manga so much, the art is gorgeous and the feudal animal world is really interesting. The main pair are super adorable and I've been dying for more.

No. 182110

Yeah it's true, to be honest, I wasn't going to say anything at all, but coming to this thread and watching him interact with another anon all chummy, under false pretenses like this feels wrong. I figured I'd get it out there once, and Rusame anon is free to do whatever she wants with this information. I'll be fair, to his credit, I don't think he was doing it for female attention, just out of loneliness and trying to find friends. If any other anons think that's okay (like I did), learn from my mistakes.

Anon, did he add you too? Or is there more than one moid in this thread? Kek. I won't shit up the thread with whatever happened between us, but I know he's still posting here. He probably doesn't plan to stop, even after this.

No. 182119

File: 1643395659377.jpg (680.95 KB, 1600x2281, 5904581bbdd549b6076ffe870481b1…)

Someone uploaded up the first chapter of volume 2 (listed as vol 7) on mangago if you haven't read them already! https://www.mangago.me/read-manga/ookami_he_no_yomeiri/

They said they don't want to upload anymore since it's licensed by Futekiya. Yeah but those bitches don't even have it up?!?!!?? GIVE ME MORE OF THESE TWO

No. 182149

You can now vote in Chil Chil's BL Awards 2022. https://www.chil-chil.net/blAward/e/2022/

No. 182150

It requires registration to access, what are the nominees this year?

No. 182151

File: 1643410455841.jpg (51.01 KB, 736x736, 3ae9be915a7f4dbcc0ab58a48771ca…)

Have you ever followed a fandom just for the ships and not consume the entire product?
In my case I never saw kuroku no basket and until now I haven't seen it yet but I liked its characters and shipping, I followed many yaoi blogs about that anime. I remember that I really liked the murasakibara x himuro and kiyoshi x hanamiya ship.

No. 182154

Sorta. Honestly I'm way more into fanfic than I'm into actual ships and canon. So I figure out which series are popular and have a lot of fan content, familiarise myself with the characters and storyline by watching or reading at least some of it, then I'll just keep reading fic long after I've forgotten everything about the series.

KnB is a fun watch though, it's pretty hype for at least a season or two.

No. 182204

File: 1643437270766.png (10.07 MB, 1440x7696, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15-20…)

Aww sorry I didn't know. I'll screenshot because it's honestly a fucking pain to copy paste.

First: Best Comic

No. 182205

File: 1643437337978.png (10.33 MB, 1440x7738, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15-21…)

Second: Best Series
I just noticed you can see who I voted for but whatever.

No. 182206

File: 1643437387224.png (7.98 MB, 1440x6286, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15-22…)

Third: Next Generation (new-ish artists)

No. 182207

File: 1643437459833.png (10.31 MB, 1440x7481, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15-23…)

Fourth: Best ero

No. 182209

thank you, nonny! i am loling a bit at deep BL – i wonder what the requirements are for that. (though i really do love "call")

No. 182210

File: 1643438734988.png (10.09 MB, 1440x7694, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15-42…)

Fifth: Best Deep BL

I think those should be the ones most interesting.

No. 182211

Sorry, I reposted the "Deep BL" one because I noticed not all pictures had loaded.
I have 0 idea what constitutes "deep", it's the weirdest category to me…

No. 182220

It seems like it's BL that has a more serious/mature atmosphere (e.g. plot, themes, or general tone) judging from the picks they chose.

No. 182228

Does anyone know when bongchon bride starts releasing chapters again?

No. 182236

File: 1643457260751.jpeg (154.92 KB, 700x891, FH2os3kaAAQlrgT.jpeg)

Based. Also please watch kuroko no basket

No. 182607

Is there any BL comics with qt chubby guys?

No. 182608

Preferably with adult characters btw

No. 182748

File: 1643646010236.png (410.26 KB, 640x480, 0a9270a922e7d69444357b04bbca31…)

all the overblot versions from twisted wonderland (besides leona's) look like actual drag queens and yana toboso is based for that

No. 182931

They're so overdesigned…

No. 182957

She'd be way more based if she actually tried to finish Black Butler before drawing Disney shit.

No. 182996

yeah idk why didn't she finish black butler, it's been ongoing for 15 yrs now

No. 183003

Ever that big reveal about the real Ciel we keep getting unnecessary, repetitive and long flashbacks and chapters last only 15 pages maximum now. I bet Disney offered her a nice paycheck and I wouldn't be surprised if she were a Disney fan to begin with anyway. You know, the type obsessed with the parks, with Kingdom Hearts yaoi and with that one halloween/christmas movie. Fuck her and fuck Disney.

No. 183013

then why is she still dragging it on? i don't think she has any love for that series left

No. 183014

I don't even know why either. It's like she finally did that one scene she planned since the very beginning and then she stopped giving a fuck and even her old tweets shows more storytelling than the latest chapters. I legit dont give a fuck anymore if the cook was married and had a kid and they both got killed by native americans. Show us who killed Ciel's parents, confirm once and for all that Undertaker is Vincent father and conclude the story already.

No. 183019

kek the undertaker is ciel's grandpa? i don't remember shit about the story

No. 183021

well anyway black butler should end with ciel's death cause the worst ending would be cousincest with lizzie yikes

No. 183038

You see the family tree at some point and Cedric's birth date and date of death are specifically hidden, he was very close to Claudia one way or another, he committed suicide which is why he's a reaper, he was close to Vincent when Vincent was still alive, he talks about the twins and Vincent like they're too close to just be friends, and Yana posted on twitter some shit about Edward looking like the Undertaker, especially when it comes to their faces. She also posted about how, wink wink nudge nudge, dads and daughters usually look like each other right after talking about the Undertaker, Ciel's aunt and Edward, and he implied that Vincent is supposed to look like Claudia. Then, the two German reapers are shocked that Ciel can see them and assume it's just because he'll die soon, but Elizabeth was also able to see them in the ship, idk if that's a hint though but if they all have a supernatural grandpa that could explain it. I hate that I love Black Butler.

Yana said he'll never reach his 14th birthday but who knows. Dumb bitch wouldn't stop posting borderline spoilers on twitter but without enough details to predict everything.

No. 183046

Just WHY do the 15 pages a month have to be made up of 5 pages that repeat the same things we see on the previous chapter and the rest is just a really slow flashback with tons of dialogue that we don't really need?? Yana's art is great and I love Black Butler but I wish she would pull her shit together.

No. 183049

if i'm not mistaken twst's main story hasn't been updated either. you'd think she's actually focused entirely on twst if she dropped black butler but she's lazy with that series too

No. 183060

So she's half-assing both her manga and her mobage? She's probably overworking herself.

No. 183211

Ugh, that should be in the fujo cringe thread.

No. 183221

Sorry, I didn't know that existed I'll put it in the proper one nona

No. 183307

File: 1643758331173.png (220.83 KB, 738x846, tumblr_p3ga8dMm6T1uva0swo1_128…)

On a scale of 0 to 10, how gay is Klavier for Apollo? I'd say ∞, I know I'm right.

No. 183499

i dont know a single fujo that is actually watching sasaki to miyano

No. 183564

The majority already read the manga and didn’t have much interest outside of that.

No. 183570

File: 1643821161464.jpeg (264.97 KB, 732x1150, 3D6E86C4-1E74-497C-884D-748A69…)

I fucking despise this recent thing troons have come up with, that every fujo is an egg and actually a ftm UwU.
Just because you have a group of mentally ill teenage fujos (who pretend to not be fujos might I add) on your disgusting side doesn’t mean all of us are troons.

It’s disheartening how women can’t enjoy something specifically made for them without people forcing their shitty troon agenda into it.

No. 183572

Kek love how the word misandry is such a meme they had to pull something out of their ass for their twansmisoggynee counterpart

Nothing on the internet is safe from trannies anymore. You just have to keep in mind that their obnoxious online presence is a result of them all being smelly lowlifes their families are deeply ashamed of IRL and move on.

No. 183600

christ these people are so annoying. why can’t they limit their retarded “discourse” to rambling about the merits of uwu achillean YA trash and leave fujos in peace.

it's genuinely exhausting seeing tranny shit everywhere you fucking go online these days. they really can't help but screech about themselves constantly. glad to have this space at least. <3

No. 183603

well on the bright side at least they aren't shitting on us again…?

No. 183607

God I wish, the one bright side is that if you avoid YA shit they’re a little less frequent, thank god I’m not into YA.
I’d rather have them shit on us honestly, at least then it’s funny and doesn’t insinuate that ‘we’re actually just mentally ill people who want to cut our tits off UwU’

No. 183610

what is true though is that a lot of the aiden fujo beef comes indeed from radfem groups who hate fujos

No. 183632

Me neither kek, ironically enough the only people I've seen watch it have been moids who do it for the meme value or to be woke for female attention. I really don't know the show's intended audience.

It's sad that these people are throwing other women under the bus like this.
>reeee fujos are fetishizing straight girls who hate IRL homosexuality!!!!
>actually fujos are transmasc eggs and enjoying reading erotica and romance created for female consumption made me realize that I'm actually a man!!!
A lot of the fujos I knew in the 00's were just lesbians, now a lot of them have trooned out since then. Butch4butch just became transmasc4transmasc after 2016 and it's depressing.

It's true to an extent since some of the spergier gendercrits have a rock hard hateboner for BL because they unironically think it's brainwashing women into trooning out while ignoring all the other factors that make up the bottom line. You can take a look at the Fakeboi thread for an example of what I mean. However more often than not it's usually the insecure trutrans Not Like Other Aidens who obsess the most over all the icky weeb fujos being poser transtrenders instead of the actual ~terfs~.

No. 183652

Meh those types of radfems are massive cows in their own right. Why do you think our own admin cracked down on them so hard years ago? It's unfortunate that they still flock here but you know… two sides of the same terminally online loser coin

No. 183653

I wish it were socially acceptable to tell these people to commit suicide, I'm sick of them ruining the internet as a whole. "Fujin" now, really, they try way too hard to be inclusive.

No. 183883

I can't believe we've come so far down the twitter Aiden discourse wagon we've circled back to "actually, fujos good". These people have no morals and stand for nothing.

No. 183924

In the beginning they thought they would be seen as "real gays" if they did the "stop fetishizing us men hettie faghags!!!1 uwu" thing but it backfired hard since everyone just started hating on women in general, including the people creating all the BL they consumed. Aidens really forgot that if people see the slightest chance to play moral guardians on and push women around they will grab it, and them being the people who transitioned to escape it it's especially embarrassing. They're a bunch of weak spirited snakes but really, who can blame them since the whole world just hates women having things to themselves in general. If I was younger and more naïve I would probably troon out too.

No. 183980

File: 1643914848340.jpg (298.9 KB, 1041x988, 0203205552.jpg)

this married boomer fujo sometimes makes it on my tl and i'm annoyed by the conservative take bl should only be 18+ and not allowed in "normal" shounen manga

No. 184491

File: 1644063020820.png (2 MB, 2048x1865, RE1.png)

I'm growing ever more fond of toxic!Eren/Reiner.

No. 184494

She's right though, shonen isn't a genre it's a target demographic, shonen manga aim for pre teen and teenage boys and these kids don't want to see that kind of stuff. And let's be real, even sfw BL has themes that will bore Japanese teenage boys to death. I'm not taking into accounts exceptions like Prince of Tennis or Gintama that are more popular with adult women.

No. 184549

File: 1644080585392.jpeg (315.58 KB, 1451x2048, FKseRy4WQAU2fOp.jpeg)

I love this shit

No. 184566

She's right though, even though I started reading doujins when I was 15, I still think I should have been older, I don't think its "conservative" take, more of a rational take

No. 184584

DL to this nonny NOW

No. 184840

>Ship two male characters from a show/game/manga that have a lot of chemistry and content together even if the ship's not canon
>Sometimes there are crackships that are obviously crackships made for fun

Those hetero shippers:
>Ship male and female characters who interact twice
>"It's CANON!! These characters are clearly meant to be shipped together and it's the only right way, x is not gay!! Disgusting fujos shoving their sick fetishes down everyone's throat, they keep bothering me when I say that their ship is sick and disgusting :cc"
I know this doesn't stop anyone from enjoying and making yaoi/bl content but I'm just so tired, sometimes I feel like I can't say I enjoy a gay ship because some people could ree at me for making their husbando a filthy homo.

No. 184861

Kek this happens all the time in the Genshin Impact fandom (yeah yeah I know). Hijacking your post to rant because I need to get this shit out of my system, most of the fandom spaces I've been involved in before have been fujo heavy and this is the first time I'm actually dipping my toes in the space shared with hetshippers and I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of autistic entitlement they hold. They always cry opwession when someone calls their het couple a crackship and lie through their teeth about fujos and f/f shippers "attacking them simply for drawing hetships" while leaving out the details about themselves egging these people on or only cherrypicking the worst special needs kids making passive aggressive vaguetweets, obvious snarky jokes taken out of context or simply posting people disliking their ship without them necessarily even being fujos. While conveniently forgetting the amount of abuse fujo shippers get of course. Not to mention how they often take cruel jabs at f/f and m/m shippers gloating how their ships will never be canon because gay relationships aren't real. Just recently there was a drama of this one person being caught saying that they're glad all characters are canonically straight because the Chinese government has banned the portrayal of gay relationships in media, blatantly weaponizing tragic censorship just to win an internet argument.

For those who don't know, Genshin has numerous f/f and m/m ships that are shilled by the company all the time and in one of their previous games (Honkai Impact) they have legitimate lesbian couples so they're no strangers to portraying same sex relationships. The m/f relationships between characters on the other hand are nonexistent because the company obviously wants to keep everything open ended for the self inserters who want to play it for the waifu/husbando experience. The self inserters are usually harmless but the hetshippers? Bitches really get foaming at the mouth and unironically homophobic to defend their righteous christian hetero couple. At the moment the game is getting a new waifu character (Yae) released who's heavily implied to be emotionally intimate with a previously released female character (Ei) and after her a bishounen male character (Ayato) is going to be released, him also being shipped to a previously released male character (Thoma) who acts as his housekeeper and close friend. So what ends up happening is hetshippers being so bothered over this that they start shipping these two new characters, and I quote, "out of spite". It's an actual movement, people got their panties in such a knot over fujo/hime shippers that they started forcing a hetship with no basis on anything just to stick it to them like a bunch of children.

They keep saying it has nothing to do with homophobia but really now, getting so fucking worked up over it says a bit more about your intentions than a half-hearted "I don't hate gay people, I just can't stand those fujos forcing their disgusting unnatural faggot shit down my throat!". And because they're so used to their ships becoming eventually canon they of course expect gay shippers to think this way too, so fujos pushing forward posting screenshots of their favourite same sex couple enjoying a fireworks show together in the latest event breaks their brain and makes them feel threatened. The whole fandom is a wreck and I can't blame the anons who are going to say "Why are you playing that piece of shit waifufag gambling game" but sue me, I learned my lesson.

No. 184936

Thank you for saying this nonnas, it makes me feel a little better. I keep seeing this infighting in /ot/. I know the board is dealing with a scrote infestation at the moment, but there are genuine female anons who join in with this mindset. I know this because I've seen the sentiment echoed elsewhere outside of lolcow, and it really confuses me. To be honest, I have no idea what the hell people mean anymore when they say fujoshi as an insult. I see it from people who like BL no less, or who think m/m and f/f ships are fine, but 'fujoshis' are not. Like what does that even mean. Somehow these 'fujoshis' are 'fetishizing the gays' but BL content creators are not? Make it make sense. My autistic ass honestly can't figure it out.

No. 184941

File: 1644217501546.jpg (8.52 KB, 124x116, sjsksklqlqpqsmnxidowkxv.jpg)

>entitlement hetshippers hold
>meanwhile in actual genshin fandom braindead fujoshits attack everyone who is drawing het instead of their precious yaoi crackship

No. 184942

Can you like get back in your autistic special interest containment thread or go break bread with the moids of /ot/ over your fujo hateboners or something? You're already emulating that shit cuckchan moid sense of humor so hard, it's grossing me out.

No. 184944

Alright faghags, I'm not a shipper(its overall cringe imo)
you porn addicts ship literal brothers with each other, your one to act, you literally get off to gang rape
You are simply porn addicted degenerates, just like the male coomers who get off to trap porn

and shocker 96% of the world is straight, just cause your porn addicts doesn't change reality, now you can go back to worshipping male homosexuality(infighting )

No. 184947

Imagine being so pathetic you lurk the fujo thread to immediately jump at evil gay fetishist faghag bitches because infighting in all the 80 other threads you lurk around the clock wasn't enough. Rent free.

No. 184949

this was on the first page on /m/ gay male worshipper, I was just replying

No. 184951

File: 1644220715708.jpg (42.44 KB, 748x711, Efrx5E5VoAEyaSN.jpg)

Anyway the only acceptable XY is the one who is 2D and being taken advantage of by another man. At least they don't spam gore whenever their genetical defect makes them go full ooga booga.

No. 184955

worshipping male homosexuality still always make you a pick-me though

No. 184957

When will you be done? No one cares about what you think, we'll always continue to look at hot men fucking each other and you can't do shit about it. Keep seething moid.

No. 184958

Just stop replying to the scrote and report. He's been repeating this same thing around the board for months and infighting with the same retarded "96% of the world are straight fuck you you pickme pornsick coomers you're just as bad as male incels" thing repeated over and over again.

No. 184959

Who the fuck is worshipping male homosexuality? Going by your own "all fujos are just as bad as men who get off to porn of real sex trafficking victims getting beaten" logic, do you also think men who get off to lesbian porn are male pickmes who ~worship~ women? Kek you're the epitome of a femcel and if you don't die alone, your 4/10 bf will cheat on you with a minor guaranteed.

No. 184960

Non-fujo scrolling by, that poster is obsessed and annoying at this point, just report and ignore them.

No. 184961

Can't you just play by yourself and ignore the fandom?

No. 184967

when did I say this, I explicitly mentioned your only as bad as scrotes who mastrubate to trap doujins

No. 184971

>watching moid trap porn
You're not even trying with the bait aren't you

No. 184972

NTA but a lot of the times unless you delete your online presence entirely it's surprisingly hard to just "ignore" the fandom around you. Naturally one likes to look at the fanart and fanfics and memes and talk about the game with others, that's a big part of the experience. However Genshin's fandom in particular is infested with hetshippers who post "I know someone who got death threats when they posted a hetship fanart!!!!" melodrama with no proof, and when they do post proof it's some spergy 15-year old polilez k-pop stan saying "delete your account" not on behalf of fujos but because they're making their headcanoned sapphic kween straight. But it all gets accounted to fujos nevertheless since the game attracts casualfags who barely play it but like the colourful designs and think a ship is 100% canon because a male and female exist in the same scene since that's honestly how most straight romances in mainstream media are constructed anyway.

No. 184973

Are you on the spectrum? This isn't just me being mean I really want to know.

No. 184974

It's a man, anon, he's just spouting lolcow buzzword insults that contradict each other because he doesn't care. Don't feed him.

No. 184977

Yeah I know all of this because I've seen shitty fandoms and actively tried to avoid them, but while it's not always 100% possible to avoid all the bullshit it's still possible to block all the retards you find as time passes. Personally I'm not into Genshin Impact so I don't know how exactly to what extent that would be possible but I asked because I always forget if it's a single player or multiplayer game.

No. 184982

I'm saying your mentally on par with those moids >>184972
there is no such thing as hetshippers, those are normal people not retards who coomed themselves into developing brain rot

No. 185004

nonas i'm telling you, drop genshin or at least stop engaging with the fandom at all (or follow only jp accounts and block everyone else). there is better media out there with a more chill fanbase and with more interesting fujo ships. genshin is literally normalfag territory, too many moids and 13 yr olds and honestly the male character designs aren't even that great in the first place
i recc you to get in the mxtx/danmei fandom, it also has drama but at least it's not related to het ships and the gay ships are canon so the worst you'll get is someone genderbending them or arguing they're problematic kek or if you want gacha then gbf has a lot of hinted gay ships, there is also enstars coming soon and twisted wonderland with a lot of great ship combinations for enstars and twst you'll have to deal with the yume side of the fanbase but in twst case their OCs will never be canon so it's easier to laugh it off. as for enstars everyone forgets anzu exists oh and onmyoji has some hinted gay pairings too! there's also touken ranbu, i personally don't think there's much to ship but it's a chill game. i suggest you to avoid hypmic though, i didn't like it…

No. 185007

Not that anon because I never ever tried Genshin Impact but if you want to recommend her alternatives you should probably try to focus on video games with a similar gameplay/genre, and not just any mobage with very different gameplays. It depends on why she likes Genshin to begin with though, obviously.

No. 185009

well there's only zelda i can remember and i mean most open-world games don't have fujo pandering

No. 185020

The gameplay is boring and repetitive after you've played for a while anyways

No. 185023

Thanks for the concern but I love Genshin, it's a wonderful adventure game with good, engaging battle and open world mechanics with new content being consistently released, I never have a boring moment with it or when reading the lore. Unlike most of the empty headed waifus in it the male characters are actually charismatic, and believe it or not but compared to many of its competitors there's also tons of fujo pandering in it especially if you play as the male protagonist. Like >>185007 said if I stopped all of my other options would be visual novels and I don't like playing them due to the limited mechanics and me being a combat autist.

Every fandom has its rotten side, with something like Enstars I'd have to deal with possessive yumes and mentally ill kinnies who use she/her pronouns for Arashi, Touken Ranbu is dead, the danmei fandom is a bit too intensive and has its own drama as well. With Genshin it's the tonedeaf hetshippers and the underage polilezzies who cancel people over shipping m/m too unless they have at least a 50/50 ratio of f/f and m/m ships. They're pretty easy to evade because the fandom is so vast and you can bunker in your own fujo corner until the worst of them get tired and find a new fandom to ruin. I just need to vent every now and then.

No. 185026

I'm curious, what kind of drama (besides translation shit) does the danmei fandom have?

No. 185031

nta but I think the biggest issue i have with it is mischaracterization and flanderization but that happens with every fandom. there's not so much ship drama but some people have really bad takes on certain characters. last time i got pretty annoyed over people hetbending hualian, thankfully the trend only lasted a few days

No. 185039

I'm not into danmei myself but my girlfriend is so it's hearsay on my part, but apparently CCP's been cracking on the creators hard. People get taken by the Chinese authorities if antis doxx them and everyone seems to be living under constant fear of everything being shut down at any given moment. Hetbending I've heard about too and it sounds ridiculous, why do these people even read danmei instead of basic wuxia romance novels if they want straight couples?

No. 185042

oh yeah the ccp is definetly a huge issue, this is why i decided to stop buying welkin when i was playing genshin, not gonna support anything endorsed by the ccp

No. 185050

I will never understand hetbending, self-ship, or het OC with BL at all. Get the fuck out of that space and be prepared to be laughed and mocked as you rightfully deserved. I don't care if it's gatekeeping, but that shit should never be tolerated in BL ever.

No. 185055

Dumb sperg incoming. I miss having fujo friends. When I was a teen I had tons. I just fell down the hetalia rabbit hole after almost ten years(though I'd still watch the anime from old dvds and read some doujinshi from time to time) and I miss sperging about our favorite hetalia ships with my friends who are all gone now and probably doing something else with their lives than thinking about fictional 2d guys. Hell, I even kind of miss those retarded usuk/fruk shipping wars.

Anyway. Any games you're looking forward to? I thought Seiyuu Danshi from meyaoi was pretty good so I've been following whatever they're making. And Argent Games.

No. 185066

You and me both, nonna. I really miss having friends to dweeb out over fujo shit with irl and online. I have an irl friend who isn't a fujo and doesn't mind my occasional sperging but it's not the same. It feels so much more difficult to make friends online these days, for several reasons (as partially evidenced by the randos who show up in this thread to start shit for no reason kek). People suggest using discord, but I really don't enjoy the pace of it. Maybe I'm just too old for this shit kek

No. 185067

oops samefag, tagged the wrong post

No. 185073

File: 1644265905088.jpeg (943.31 KB, 1200x900, 037AA290-9BBF-4338-A0FB-3BFE85…)

Since Genshin impact hints at the male mc being canon I can’t help but notice how gay all the male characters are for him it’s wonderful

No. 185075

but why post this here and not keep it the genshin thread? >>185004 is right because genshintards act like they've never consumed another piece of media, it's very much a babby's first weeb thing.

No. 185077

I don't even ship Aether and Bennett but I love this picture so much.

>why post this here and not keep it the genshin thread?
Not that anon but because the hetfags in the Genshin thread throw an infighting spergfit about fujos ruining their life if she posted it there. Also discussing ships here is allowed.
>babby's first weeb thing.
Actually, the average player age is 35 and the overall visuals, lore and worldbuilding is made to cater to those who grew with oldschool JRPGs so not really. It's just the first anime gacha game that got a worldwide release and thus became ridiculously popular so of course it also attracted the retarded teens who simultaneously ruin franchises like Cookie Run and Dangan Ronpa. Most of them don't even play the game and only watch Twitch streamers, kids can't even spend money on it.

No. 185079

>Not that anon but because the hetfags in the Genshin thread throw an infighting spergfit about fujos ruining their life if she posted it there
>the average player age is 35
ew. the playerbase is also overwhelmingly male, that statistic comes from creepy old chinese men who play to ogle the waifus diluting the sample group. you're very wrong about everyone else watching it from twitch. outside of the old adult men it really is chock full of kids and babby weeb women because they can play it for free on their ipads / iphones like forkknife or amogus, it's the most shallow easily accessible weeb series out there right now.

No. 185080

Getting really tired of you anti-Genshinfags chimping out whenever someone mentions Genshin in the proper context of the thread.

No. 185081

Okay, continue seething then kek. It's still allowed in the thread so learn to live with it little miss adult taste.

No. 185085

File: 1644268779717.jpeg (515.71 KB, 1586x2048, Ew2kFb0UUAMuaAa.jpeg)

No. 185086

I really miss those cringe over enthusiastic fujos

No. 185087

>the average player is 35
maybe in china, because in american/european coop servers you only meet kids and most of the fans i see on twitter/twitch/youtube/discord are extremely immature

No. 185088

File: 1644270076886.jpeg (150.64 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_inline_of3zhlZAno1s0mao…)

I'll be your fujo friend anon

No. 185091

File: 1644272117199.gif (447.93 KB, 498x436, screams internally.gif)

I feel you nonna. I do have one IRL weeb friend who's unabashedly into stuff like bl, yaoi and shota, so I felt safe sperging about my Hetalia ships with her once or twice. She told me she's actually gonna watch the show out of curiosity and now I'm panicking because if she doesn't like it I'll have no one to talk about my 2d boys with again.

No. 185102

File: 1644276767137.gif (6.42 MB, 540x330, Tumblr_l_2823653300152495.gif)

does playing more than one video game constitute as adult taste in 2022? is that how fried your ipad baby childhood left your attention span?

No. 185105

File: 1644277963042.jpg (65.07 KB, 563x696, 5f3a28710394e9054b5be65da266ad…)

Jesus get a grip, how about you yourself post something BL related for a change instead of this retardation? At least Genshin anons are discussing the game and its fandom in the fujo context just like the Fire Emblem anons in the previous thread, it's completely within the set limits. Did a Genshintard shit in your cereal or are you the ban evading scrote constantly trying to bait people?

No. 185111

I'm having a hard time understanding the motivation behind hetbending canonly gay characters, I'm guessing it's straight people who don't realize how hurtful it is and feel it's just "exploring possibilities" when it's a gruesome reminder of how little representation gay people get and how even those crumbs are converted into heterosexuality. I would be willing to excuse it if they didn't legitimately get offended when you tell them how disrespectful they are being.

I have plenty of fujo friends even as an adult but some of them are extremely low key and barely want to talk about it because they consider it embarrassing and some of them have boyfriends who don't like it, but when they let loose that same spark returns in their eyes and they start gushing about their favourite ships and BL like they were teenagers again. It's so heartwarming to see that they didn't lose themselves after all. I really do miss stupid OCs that we made way back and RPing yaoi smut with them, those were unironically some of my best years and it makes me sad to think how I'm supposed to outgrow something so harmless that ultimately makes me happy.

No. 185175

most of the hetbending is done by coombrain japanese fujos who are probably het and brainwashed themselves into liking mommy milkers scrote porn and want to see their favorite bottom sissyfied but you something come across a western fujo who is like "~ackshually i'm bi and this is not het it's bisexuality stop being biphobic". don't know if this is an unpopular opinion here but i'd rather see aiden art than another argument about how you're biphobic if you don't want to see art of x character into women. the hetbend hualian art was clearly the worst thing i've seen in the fandom and even worse because they chose to keep hua cheng in his original form even though he canonically has a female form that he could use to match with genderbend xie lian (whose female form isn't even canon because xie lian identify as 100% male). at least in beefleaf's case we know that (redacted) had a fiancee so the het version of it would be believable but even in that case they canonically both use their female form at the same time
so in conclusion, some people really dislike f/f

No. 185187

Oh right, the ~biphobia~ accusations. Probably the lowest of low bullshit people came up with in regards of BL.
>If you get mad at shipping your canonically gay character with a female then um excuse me your biphobia is showing!!!
Well excuse you but your fucking homophobia and obsession to convert gay relationships into straight ones is showing. At least the Japanese ones can be excused with coomer brainrot since it's usually just oneshots for porn but the people who go above and beyond to make others accept their het ship as woke "bi representation" are narcissism personified.

No. 185398

File: 1644422966283.jpg (374.44 KB, 1440x900, 1601922902642.jpg)

Where to upload doujin scans, nonnas? Myreadingmanga is shit, I sent them like 10 in the past and they only uploaded 2.

No. 185430

Nhentai, exhentai, Tumblr and livejournal are other alternatives. You could even host your own website and post it there.

No. 185439

I’ve always used e-hentai. MRM aggregates them all anyway.

No. 186155

it's kinda annoying that the most popular jjk fujo ship in japan is goyuu. not because it's "problematic" or whatever but because fujos have way more material to work with satosugu or itafushi yet they chose goyuu instead because… yuuji is the mc…? all the popular shounen fujo ships involve the mc and i don't understand why, most of the time shounen mcs are so bland. don't tell me fujos unironically use them as self-insert
i can understand bakudeku but goyuu has no basis other than gojo being his teacher

No. 186159

How baity is jjk? I haven't watched it yet but it's been on my list for a while

No. 186161

I don't watch this series, but the most popular pairings among fujos always end up being the fetish ones, instead of what actually makes sense in the canon world

No. 186163

i don't think it's baity at all (well the anime added a bit of fanservice to sell merch easier), satosugu were the only interesting relationship

No. 186167

File: 1644703358438.gif (5.28 MB, 540x271, blush.gif)

i can relate to japanese fujos. fushiguro is for sukuna's private usage and suguru is a dead man, time to move on. yuuji and gojo have interesting interactions, its fun to see him getting strung along gojo's bullshit ideas. in a way it could be compared to nobamaki, maki is the only person nobara is forwardly nice to, yuuji is the only person being openly nice to gojo. also yes, teacher!gojo student!yuuji is hotter than other ships.

No. 186184

File: 1644706710687.jpg (786.47 KB, 1100x1500, FGgMzpfVQAQCoc-.jpg)

Anon…are you me? Sperging about hetalia ships with irl friends when i was younger was so fun. I lost all my friends once they started finding shipping embarrassing and many of them dont even consume weeb media anymore. It makes me feel like im the one who never grew up and im ashamed about that sometimes.

No. 186187

File: 1644707567424.png (132.19 KB, 428x393, chrome_2019-10-19_23-04-29.png)

>It makes me feel like im the one who never grew up and im ashamed about that sometimes.
nta but I SOOO understand this feeling anon. I'm so deep into the BL rabbit hole that I don't think I'll ever get out (not that I want to anyway because I love it too much) It makes me wonder how I'm going to deal with it when I eventually have kids and such.. I'd rather not have them get exposed to my degenerate behaviors but I don't think I can give up BL ever

No. 186193

People who make manga/anime are usually 35+, there's nothing wrong with liking weeb stuff into adulthood. People's tastes change, but I know plenty of fellow fujos who never lost interest in the stuff. As long as it doesn't interfere with your life, there's nothing weird or wrong with it.
There are fujo moms, one of them posted in an old /fujo/ thread, lol. I understand wanting to keep things(especially sexually charged material) away from kids, but all parents do that.

No. 186201

a lot of anime fans get more stealthy after they enter "the real world", trust me I have met so many professional seeming adults who are secretly still huge weebs

No. 186271

>It makes me wonder how I'm going to deal with it when I eventually have kids and such..
I've seen a lot of japanese moms who post pics of their babies on their weeb accounts. I mean most of them weren't even fujos, some were yumes which is more embarrassing like you already have a real husband why are you fantasizing about a fictional man?

No. 186272

Real men are a letdown, most of the time. I don't blame them.

No. 186285

true but since they have young babies i assumed they're newlyweds and still in love
another thing, i've seen a lot of japanese moms being into demon slayer kek

No. 186355

That one demon slayer artist whose old femdom ryona art used to get posted on this site a lot had a baby just yesterday. Course I'm not concerned for the kid or anything, just seeing her have one after years of drawing brutal torture porn felt so… random, to say the least. You don't expect the person behind that stuff to be some normie.

No. 301618


No. 301629

nonny you just necro'd an ancient thread for a year old post from someone that probably isn't even here anymore? kek.

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