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No. 165351

Previous thread: >>137122

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Receives its meaning from the belief that a woman who enjoys fictional gay content is "rotten", too ruined to be married.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.

No. 165356

Love the thread pic nona

No. 165362

Does Angel's Feather have an english translation?

No. 165377

Has anyone tried Futekiya and has had it for a while (at least a couple of months)? Is it worth it? It seems like they're always getting new licenses so I'm intrigued.

No. 165388

Link to the fujo discord!

No. 165772

The translation is stiff but worth it if you don't care too deeply. I recommend subbing for a month and reading titles you really want and then cancelling. Their library isnt large enough for a continued annual sub.

tl;dr subscribe only in monthly installments

No. 165919

Great, thanks for the help! I went ahead and subbed. I'll keep it for the month and read what I can and if there's still more I want to tackle I'll just sub for another month. Hopefully that'll be enough!

No. 167277

File: 1635340570507.png (584.14 KB, 900x900, E9Ztt5FVEAUHDmw.png)

Hi. I still have a problem. Weird formatting because this is taken from an Excel. Recs have a ★. Picture is "Usagi no Mori" which is getting a drama CD later this week.

CALL 朝田ねむい Asada Nemui
Good for nothing who is always low on cash figures he can just string-along a guy looking to pay for gay sex. It doesn't go as planned. This felt very raw, it's not a cute story at all. Good though.

フロムヘブンヘブン From Heaven Heaven ほど Hodo
Shortly before they graduate a high school student gets offered sex from the schoolmate he always longingly looked at. There are some misunderstandings of intentions, but in total it's very sweet and wholesome.

世田谷シンクロニシティ Setagaya Synchronicity 本郷地下 Hongo Chika
University student newly moves into the dormitory, where he has sex with his room mate, making things awkward considering he has a girlfriend (who he can't get it up for). They keep meeting at random places outside the dorm as well. The story had me scratch my head sometimes, but whatever.

計画的パブロブメーカー Keikakuteki Pavlov Maker つし子 Tshushiko
Cook who has a fetish for being eaten starts feeding a high school student who reciprocates by biting him. I couldn't really get into the characters, but if biting is your thing…

服従と甘噛み Fukujuu to Amagami 志木見ビビ Shikimi Bibi
Veterinarian picks up an injured wolf, turns out it's actually a werewolf. The werewolf is having trouble living a stable life because outside of the day he turns into a wolf he has a week each month where he has wolf ears and a tail. They end up living together and while the werewolf at first is reluctant towards the veterinarian they start a relationship. The uke is pretty cute, I like the interactions of the pair.

ミッドナイトレスキュー Midnight Rescue 一十 Itto
Succubus lives in a world where they can learn to change sex, but he's not interested until he meets a police officer he wants to get fucked by. Pheromones something something police officer fucks him even if the succubus is in his male form. This is bara, written by a man, which is probably why I found it pretty meh.

★ 兎の森 Usagi no Mori 苑生 Enjou
Two high schoolers, one has been in love with the other since elementary school, the other has a very complicated home life and lots of complexes concerning women and being a man. Beautifully complex characters, lots of backstory, and a nice slow burn.

★ 跪いて愛を問う Hizamazuite Ai wo tou 山田ノノノ Yamada Nonono
Dom/Sub universe in actually good. Guy with a hate toward subs works in a "brothel" for them. Childhood friend returns from overseas and tells the guy that he (brothel guy) is actually a sub - which he doesn't believe. I may have said bad things about Dom/sub universe before and I apologize.

君の足元で愛を知る Kimi no Ashimoto de ai wo shiru 後之マツリ Atono Matsuri
Dom/sub universe. Sub who is not interested in the whole thing can't control his health with medication anymore, so goes looking for a dom using a governmental matching service. He matches with his co-worker. Sweet enough but I found it kind of boring.

おすわり、よくできました Osuwari, yoku dekimashita 三栖よこ Misumi Yoko
Dom/sub universe. Two gay men who had been "rivals" at a gay bar, one suddenly turns from a "normal" into a "sub", the other had been a Dom before and offers his help to alleviate symptoms of not being properly dominated. Was okay.

パーフェクトプロポーズ Perfect Propose 鶴亀まよ Tsurukame Mayo
Overworked guy suddenly has a gay childhood friend standing in front of his door, asking for a place to stay. The childhood friend has made it his mission to make the salaryman fall for him. The backstory was nice and they felt very comfy together.

スパダリな同僚に×××を見せる話 Supadari na douryou ni xxx wo miseru hanashi まぶた単 Mabuta Hitoe
Male virgin who is into masturbation masturbates next to his co-worker when he has him sleeping at his place after a night out. Co-worker is into it. Male masturbation is one of those things I like in BL and not IRL, and this one wasn't bad, but it also didn't quite do it for me.

スーツの奥までいじめてあげる Suits no oku made ijimete ageru あわいけい Awai Kei
M tax authority worker gets found out by one of his "clients", a yakuza-affiliated guy running clubs and they start a relationship. I liked the couple and the sex, but the art not my cup of tea.

★ ひもの、時々、社内恋愛 Himono, tokidoki, shanai ren'ai 春田 Haruta
Man falls in love with his superior, who is perfect at work but a slob at home. Cute couple, nice progression of the story, even though their first time is when the superior is blackout drunk. The writing was quite humorous as well.

Fake Boys Love Fake Boys Love 三栖よこ Misumi Yoko
Two streamers pretend to be a gay couple for views, one of them actually loves the other. The concept is pretty interesting, so far there are only 3 chapters so a bit too early to decide whether it's going to actually be good.

★ 僕の番はサラブレッドΩ Boku no tsugai wa thoroughbred Ω あらた六花 Arata Licca
ABO. Two young actors are cast to play an ABO couple, and of course they become an actual couple after it transpires that one of them is actually an omega. Nicely drawn.

★ 目を閉じても光が見える Me wo tojite mo Hikaru ga mieru 丸木戸マキ Marukido Maki
Two actors for gay porn are starting to shoot a series aimed towards women and get closer to each other. Both of them have a complicated past and while they of course have sex it takes quite a while and lots of challenges for them to get together.

★ ノット ロンググッドバイ Not long good-bye 緒花 Ohana
A young couple living together, having promised to break up once one of them turns 20. Lots of shared history, lots of trauma, lots of complicated feelings, lots of tears from my side. A really bitter-sweet story.

恋をするつもりはなかった Koi wo suru tsumori wa nakatta 鈴丸みんた Suzumaru Minta
Gay guy looks for someone to take his virginity on his 30th birthday, meets a young university student and there are misunderstandings and what not. I didn't quite get the emotional baggage of the seme and so it was hard for me to give a shit about the couple as a whole.

純情ワンコと劣情タトゥー Junjou Wanko to retsujou tattoo 三栖よこ Misumi Yoko
Young actor is getting body-painted a tattoo by a tattoo artist for his latest role, tattoo artist really enjoys touching him. This was sweet, I liked the seemingly stoic seme, but the drama in the second half was a bit forced/unrealistic.

エロ漫画家とアシくん Ero-Mangaka to Ashi-kun 博士 Hakase
Manga artist gets assigned an assistant because he's overworked. He tries to scare him away by masturbating in front of him, the assistant instead offers to help him. This was pretty cute, I liked the art and the dynamic between the two.

逃がしたくないあいつはキスも知らない Nigashitakunai aitsu wa kiss mo shiranai 九尾つなし Kuo Tsunashi
Young guy starts working at a company making VNs, is actually super inexperienced about sexual stuff. Gets together with one of his co-workers. The sex was neat, but the story around it was kind of boring to me.

先生は便器じゃありません。 Sensei wa benki ja arimasen ホン・トク Hontoku
A teacher moves into the countryside, immediately starts fucking a co-worker with huge dick. Lots and lots of sex, some background drama, but somehow the two main characters didn't stay with me.

★ ピンクポルノで待ちあわせ Pink Porno de machiawase 三栖よこ Misumi Yoko
Guy likes old erotic movies and goes to a cinema to watch one, instead gets picked up by another man who writes about those erotic movies for a living. I liked the theme and the seme a lot.

元彼×セキュリティ Motokare x Security 理原 Rihara
Security guard is tasked with guarding his ex-boyfriend, a novelist who is being stalked. I found it a bit bland, the only interesting part was that the security guard is the uke but he's also really pretty, so…

守ってあげたい佐渡さん Mamotte agetai Sado-san ななつの航 Nanatsuno Wataru
Uke is a guy with constant bad luck, who starts hanging out with a co-worker who has constant good luck. They start a relationship. Kind of funny, kind of cute, a pretty standard love story apart from the bad/good luck thing.

最低な男の腕の中 Saitei na otoko no ude no naka 北野仁 Kitano Megumi
Gay uni student gets drunk with neighbour next door, who he believes to be super promiscuous and just a low-life in general. They start fucking. This was cute, I liked the uke's mom.

ハローモーニングスター Hello Morning Star 倉橋トモ Kurahashi Tomo
Two idols from different groups who used to date are told to live together to create chemistry before shooting a movie together. They of course get back together. The second volume is about two idols of the same group. First volume was cute, I didn't like the couple the second volume centered on all that much.

ピンクとまめしば Pink to Mameshiba 倉橋トモ Kurahashi Tomo
Young teacher is super into idols, gets found out by one of his high school students and gets blackmailed by him. I saw the twist from a mile away, and the couple also didn't do much for me.

★ ウサギちゃん、どシコり申し上げます Usagi-chan, doshikori moushiagemasu 三坂二ウム Misaka Nium
Wealthy (young) company president goes to male bunny bar to relax, meets man with the breasts of his dreams. I like muscular clueless ukes, this one was really cute and I totally understand the company president.

生贄のお勤めは、 Ikinie no otsutome wa 博士 Hakase
Young guy gets sent to a dog god as sacrifice for his village. Turns out the shape-shifting dog god prefers fucking to eating people. This was okay but I remember it mostly for its (brief) scene of actual bestiality.

ごめんしたって許さない Gomen shitattte yurusanai 博士 Hakase
A guy from the countryside moves to Tokyo, gets conned by various people and gets turned into some super chad, then starts fucking men for money. He gets found out by a classmate who tells him to stop and to become a better person. Kind of weird premise.

脳イキ絶頂ASMR Nou iki zecchou ASMR 因幡 Inaba
Gay university teacher is into ASMR, turns out his favourite creator is also a student he doesn't like. The premise was done much better in "Minami-kun ga kono koe ni jirasaretai".

泣き虫ハルちゃんの初恋 Nakimushi Haru-chan no hatsukoi 北野仁 Kitano Megumi
Half-French high school kid is not so secretly in love with his childhood friend and they start dating. He cries super quick and is super mushy in general, so unless you have a high tolerance for that… Cute though.

開発済みですがレクチャーはできません! Kaihatsuzumi desu ga Lecture wa dekimasen! むろ文子 Muro Ayako
Sex shop clerk is really into reviewing sex toys, but technically still a virgin. To change that he installs a hook-up app and finds a customer who never looks at the clerks. Turns out the customer has social anxiety. This was okay but not more. Lots of sex toys, obviously.

僕の世界は君だけに Boku no sekai wa kimi dake ni むろ文子 Muro Ayako
Several short stories: A model? dating his manager and getting into an accident, a student who got tattooed when he was very young and had a weird ritual with a classmate surrounding that tattoo, a couple who has been together for a while and is facing problems, a male prostitute who has a weird client. Because the stories are so short they don't drag on, and they all were weird enough to make them interesting.

なんかもうあーあって感じ。 Nanka mou a-a tte kanji. 宮田トヲル Miyata Toworu
Two students start to pretend date because of a game, start actually dating. This was really cute, even though the story is something everyone has already read.

フェイクファクトリップス Fake Fact Lips 末広マチ Suehiro Machi
Co-workers who have been rivals since high school keep on making bets, with the winner getting to tell the loser what to do. After fucking (because reasons) they make a bet about who is going to make the other fall for him first. Really stupid story, and of course you already know what the catch is (the winner is clear from the beginning), but I still rooted for them.

後輩の雄っぱいが好きすぎる Kouhai no Oppai ga sukisugiru にたこ Nitako
Gay guy at work gets his first subordinate who has huge titties, which is his fetish. He starts fantasizing about him pretty much straight away but tries to hide it. Seme is a super himbo.

それでは先生、お願いします。 Sore dewa Sensei, onegai shimasu. 日乃チハヤ Hino Chihaya
Author of erotic fiction only writes if his handler from the publishing house puts him in the mood. New handler is a huge fan and would do anything to read the latest work of the author. I might've seen this scenario too often, but it didn't feel interesting.

★ メロンの味 Melon no aji 絵津鼓 Etsuko
Customer at a livehouse asks a guy who works there if he can come live with him as he's become homeless. They start living together and slowly start a relationship that doesn't really get name put on it. Earnest quiet story, includes talk about depression and social anxiety. I liked it.

★ ネコ×ネコ Neko x Neko たつもとみお Tatsumoto Mio
Two men who have been dating for a few years. They started dating when the uke was still very small and cute (they're around the same age though) and now the uke is afraid seme isn't attracted to him anymore - he also wants to fuck the seme. I'm not entirely sure I've read a story where both characters don't have fixed roles, I kind of wish more would do that, it's interesting seeing characters in both positions.

★ 愛されたがりのサーフェイス Aisaretagari no Surface 百瀬あん Momose An Two actos are asked to start living together to prepare for a role (is this something that actually happens? It's a huge staple for BL somehow). The older actor really admires the younger one, who used to be a child actor, but the younger actor soon grows tired of pretending to be perfect and basically assaults him. Cute, but the drama and the "twist" felt kind of forced.

東京ー四季ー Tokyo - Shiki - ハル Haru
Short stories with characters and side characters from "4gatsu no Tokyo wa…" and new characters. A genius will help a rich kid with learning for entrance exams in exchange for sex; a huge gay slut falls for a closeted gay guy; and the couple from "4gatsu no Tokyo wa" get married. The first short story wasn't for me, but the other two were nice and the last one made me cry because I loved the couple so much. Unfortunately "4gatsu no Tokyo wa" is superior.

蛍は明日死ぬ Hotaru wa ashita shinu 斉川冬 Saikawa Fuyu
Guy is obsessed with Hotaru, a girl from a book he loves. One day he meets a guy at school who is just like Hotaru (but male) and they start dating. Interesting idea, the drawings were nice as well.

No. 167307

If you're the same anon who always post a shit ton of recs, would you create a blog or something to archive your recs? I'd love to see that in case I go back to Japan or these manga get released in my country which would be even better because they would be uncensored so I'll check what to buy or just read very easily.

No. 167386

is the fujo discord active still?

No. 167390

I am.
If someone can tell me whether I can share a google doc anonymously, I'll just share the link to the file.

Yes, please join!

No. 167391

No. 167463

not to sound like a coomer but i really like it when a yaoi i read has an orgasm face (aheago) and detailed depiction of the body and the nsfw scenes (sort of like hentai does with female characters) but since yaoi is mostly tame and focuses on how cute the couple is or the plot it doesnt and it suuucks.

No. 167464

You're reading the wrong ones. And if you're lucky enough maybe you can buy BL manga that are uncensored, I know publishing companies in my country publish the original stuff from right before the authors censor the dicks and you get pretty good translations on top of that. But that's a recent change.

No. 167465

Why do you guys like watching cartoons with gay sex

No. 167469

And here I thought they were drawn censored from the get-go lmao

No. 167474

I'm bored, I like good looking guys and romcoms and some of them are just straight up hilarious without taking sex scenes into account. And most of them are one shots instead of being huge series on hiatus or with way too many books so I don't feel I have to be super invested in it, I just read a few BL manga whenever I feel like it and that's it.

No. 167475

Not your business moid

No. 167476

samefag here but the authors actually put a lot of love and details into it. It's the same with BL visual novels, I was super shocked when I saw the uncensored dicks in the official translations of Sweet Pool and Togainu no Chi because I didn't expect it. Whenever there were dicks on screen there was also a small mention that was like "not for sale in Japan" or something because of the lack of censorship.

I remember Niyama saying that her manga in some countries were uncensored and her Japanese fans on twitter were considering getting the French volumes online.

No. 167481

This depends on the artist, but I'd say 99% draw the dick first and then it gets censored afterwards. The amount of censorship (black bars vs. white lightsaber) depends on the publisher as well and sometimes there are two versions. BL manga didn't get into the game to not draw dicks.

There are manga like what you want around, idk if it's translated but Riman Loveho Danshikai while not being drawn beautifully is absolute smut and pretty close to what exists for coomers. There are the main manga that aren't 99% sex and then there are the offshots that are. The artist has said that she doesn't want to draw too many pages that people will just skip, so it's like 6 pages of story and 48 or so of just fucking.

No. 167526

I'm the exact opposite and read for the plot and dynamic, but there are a LOT of really lewd yaoi manga and a lot of fan translators redraw the dicks nowadays.

No. 167558

File: 1635456110240.jpeg (265.22 KB, 1139x1600, ECDA1C78-9CCC-4A95-9D16-C90707…)

Picrel sums up my personal reasoning fairly well. Fujobians, rise up!
I love when BL has both great character dynamics AND plenty of lewd moments. I’m not a fan of cock redraws personally, but they aren’t a huge deal, really.

No. 167576

men in yaoi and bl aren't really men, are they? they're a fictional third sex

No. 167578


No. 167581

my favourite part of bls (maybe this happens in other types of manga i’m not sure) are the kiss scenes that involve tongue . i like that certain kisses can really wreck a character and i like when the artist draws in their blushing cheeks and a trail of saliva when they break apart.

No. 167590

Yaoi is about two men in a lesbian relationship

No. 167591

You summed it up fucking perfectly.

No. 167596

You guys should really learn moon. It makes bl much more enjoyable and you're not limited to scanlators' shit taste.

No. 167597

The majority of BL involves reading, brainlet

No. 167606


No. 167616

Nonnie you’re making this kind of weird

No. 167627

How long does it take to learn moon? I started a Japanese course on Duolingo(lol) and can kinda read hiragana now, but I hear kanji is a real pain in the ass to learn
Other anons will say you're cringe, but I agree completely

No. 167633

File: 1635484237536.png (156.1 KB, 800x288, crystal palace 2.png)

They're my favorite as well.
If you're aiming for fluency I'd say four years but if you only want to read manga then a year should be enough.

No. 167636

i often read doulingo is not really good for learning… there are some neocities sites that give good resources, so i recommend you that.
but yes, kanji+vocabulary is hard, but just like everything else, studying hard pays off!

No. 167647

File: 1635498247425.jpeg (62.53 KB, 464x660, D1576D0D-4D62-436F-8CBB-97DE2C…)

how is this weird? i’d say it’s tame compared to, say, gangrape-chan

No. 167654

File: 1635499288731.png (1.27 MB, 1870x800, Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 18.2…)

100% this. Perfect!

Really depends on the plot. If it's your run off the mill romantic plot you don't need much Japanese.

I like that part as well. They're always so easily to be made weak in the knees, it's super cute. In general, I like that in BL men can be cute af and cry and shit. "It feels too good" tears are 10/10.

No. 167655

Wheres this one from it looks adorable lol

No. 167659

エッチなことおしえてください (Ecchi na koto oshiete kudasai) by Hareya Umako
Gay virgin books a prostitute to learn how to please a potential future lover. Falls in love with the prostitute. No surprises here, but it was cute. https://www.cmoa.jp/title/219457/

No. 167660

God forbid a woman expresses sexual desire in a fujo thread kek.

No. 167665

File: 1635509293138.jpg (215.02 KB, 1920x1080, mappafujos.jpg)

do you read doujinshi? what is your favorite fujo ship from a non-BL manga/series?

No. 167669

Yeah stuff like this is exactly what i meant and its funny that i found it on sites like nhentai because i’ve looked there before and the majority of male only tags are just endless shotacon with little gems like this here and there. Since the site is infested with scrotes its not a surprise kek

No. 167678

It didn't take me too long thanks to anime. I knew a lot of vocabulary before starting so in 3 months I was already reading manga with kanjitomo. I guess learning kanji is annoying but it really isn't that bad. This is the guide I used: https://djtguide.neocities.org/guide.html

Honestly my biggest shock was realizing that scanlators chose really limited kinds of bl. Like only really popular stuff would get scanlated. My favorite is comedy bl and I'd never seen that scanlated before.

No. 167744

File: 1635545618704.jpg (97.12 KB, 667x1020, FBS19WjVQAQ6JQS.jpg)

Megumi x Yuji (aka Meguyuji; Fushiita)
Thanks to the latest chapters people are finally properly waking up to the seme potential of Megumi. I'll read Gojo x Yuji and Yuji x Megumi as well though.

No. 167745

File: 1635546508757.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.36 KB, 1000x1423, D2F2FD7E-D2D0-478E-AE2D-0C6FF0…)

Have you read stuff by Hontoku?

No. 167760

No. 167765

Ew wtf is this dialogue.

No. 167766

ケツマン (ass-pussy) comes up in sex-heavy BL quite a bit.

No. 167801

No. 167805

if it's megumi with yuji i agree that seme megumi works better. also because yuji suits the manly uke trope very well imo lol
seems like jjk has gotten really popular with japanese fujoshi, but i have a bad feeling megumi will end up with his sister because the author has an incest fetish apparently

No. 167812

They're not related by blood. Tsumiki's mom and Toji briefly dated, then Tsumiki's mom disappeared and Toji was Toji, so Megumi and Tsumiki started living together.
I still really hope you're wrong. Tbh I don't want any love relationships in JJK, Gege needs to keep that Megumi/Yuji bromance fodder flowing though.

No. 167815

I mean they're step siblings by law so it's technically still incest

No. 167817

Eh,grey zone for me.
The BL Kajitsu has a couple like that btw, two boys/young men who were brothers for six years before their parents divorced.

No. 167818

BL incest >>>>> incest written by scrotes

No. 167819

I'd like to see a BL shounen hybrid one day. A story which follows the typical shounen formula with action, fighting etc but has gay couples instead of typical straight romance. I think only chinese BL went in that territory, using xianxia elements instead.
Is it perhaps harder to pander to japanese fujoshi? Because if most fujoshi are already into shounen manga wouldn't they eat up this concept? Idk why no one tried

No. 167820

File: 1635588710298.jpg (480.08 KB, 875x1242, 20211030_191143.jpg)

Well, d'uh, not my preferred scenario either but fat chance Megumi will end up fucking Yuji in the ass in this PG-13 manga being released in a magazine for boys.

No. 167821

Haikyuu managed to end up with zero romance (other than tanaka/kiyoko) let's make this a new trend for shounen manga

No. 167825

I've read "Zombie Hide Sex" which is a zombie apocaplypse manga with BL. "Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai" (Twitter birds never fly) is a yakuza manga with BL, though that's possibly more Seinen.

No. 167826

Why not "bussy" then?

No. 167828

Maybe the translators don't know the word or they're just overly literal. From quite some scanlations you can tell they're done by ESL speakers, who might just not have the vocabulary.

No. 167831

bussy is just as cringy as ass-pussy if not more

No. 167847

Would rather kill myself before using that abomination of a word.

No. 167849

File: 1635608189245.jpeg (130.02 KB, 430x640, EE54EE02-D848-4336-9511-538518…)

Adding on to your post, there are a couple other zomBL manga like Boys of the Dead and Living Dead/Sleeping Dead too. Probably not as much action as OP wants but it’s something.

There’s also this one, Bouzo to Kumo that has some traveling and fighting in it.

No. 167859

absolutely based anon. i feel the same way.

No. 167936

That shit is cringe

No. 167960

File: 1635699264939.jpg (632.32 KB, 2242x1118, q.jpg)

Left or Right ?

No. 167961

No. 167975

Both are ok but left one has a special place in my heart

No. 167985

Is JJK even that fujobait-y, or does it just have a bunch of pretty guys in it? I constantly see anime with attractive male characters get called fujobait, even when there's no actual fujo material in them.

No. 167996

To men everything that doesn't have a big tiddied waifu or loli as protag is fujobait, I guess. Anyway left, the pictures alone ooze romance and drama and I love it.

No. 167997

isn't that clamp couple canon? then it's not fujobait. i watched yu yu hakusho when i was 8 so i don't remember well what was the relationship between hiei and kurama
no, it's typical shounen so it focuses more on male characters. also the mangaka has a thing for disfigured ladies so it's not that appealing to scrote weebs

No. 167998

although it's a fact that mappa has a ton of fujo staff and they sometimes add vague fujobait like>>167665

No. 168050

It isn't. Like you have to have fujo goggles on already to find it bait-y. Plus >>167960 is one pairing that bonds over their love of tall women with big butts, so yeah…

No. 168082

that part was ridiculous, since when is jennifer lawrence known for her big butt?

No. 168090

If you compare her to your average Japanese woman, she has a big butt. But so do most non-Japanese women.

No. 168102

jjk is such a great series isn't it, the only 2 relevant female characters are disfigured and most of the male cast is wildly misogynistic wow

No. 168103

>most of the male cast is wildly misogynistic
Most? I didn't notice. Examples?

No. 168104

gojo "can't be sincere to a woman aka cheater and treats utahime badly", toji "freeloader manwhore", sukuna and naoya are self explanatory

No. 168106

I hate to defend a shonen series but that's not most of the cast, Gojo is an flakey fuck in general and the last ones are villains.

No. 168134

File: 1635790601309.jpeg (205.65 KB, 1080x1540, 9B4178B7-2059-4FBE-B578-2CEEEE…)


No. 168136

Not a fan of actual incest in general but that's cute

No. 168140

As someone who's seen the YYH anime and read the manga, I don't understand the ship. They put out a ton of fujobait-y artwork of them but in the actual series they didn't interact outside of the very beginning when they were working together and neither of them really showed any interest for each other. But then again the standards for fujoshit in the late 90's were abysmal kek

I need the source for this, right now nonnie

No. 168141

Are you still a fujoshit if you’re exclusively into western / live action slash and lost all interest in Japanese anime / manga?
Not that we’re any less cringe worthy than the weeb fujos, I’m just curious.

No. 168143

*curious what we’re called. Slashers / slash fans?

No. 168145

The connotation in the word fujoshi leans more towards weeb stuff in my opinion, hence the Japanese word and BL being an entirely different genre from slashfic. Not sure about the terminology but I've seen most people call themselves just shippers.

No. 168156

File: 1635802107230.jpeg (85.15 KB, 1242x927, 4DD00F65-81F3-484D-A5CA-A235B6…)

I like the word Slasher tbh, sounds brutal.

No. 168157

depends, If you exclusively ship 3DPD I don't think you should count as a Fujo
idk just feels wrong

No. 168158

Sounds sick, but I’ll always associate “slashers” with the horror subgenre and not RPF communities kek.
I think you guys’re just called either shippers or fangirls.

No. 168159

Western fujoshi and Japanese (and Asian in general) fujoshi aren't that different tbh. I need to remind everyone here that American Supernatural fanfic writers came up with omegaverse and Japanese BL authors ate that shit up and there are now a shit ton of BL manga and BL released in Japan on a regular basis.

That reminds me of when Toko in Dangan Ronpa reveals she's both a fujoshi and a serial killers targetting pretty boys by calling herself a slasher. The pun was just perfect.

No. 168165

Supernatural shippers did not invent mpreg, its been a thing in Yaoi ssince the 90's

No. 168168

Omegaverse and mpreg are kinda related but they're not the same thing. There's a reason why I mentioned omegaverse and not mpreg in my post.

No. 168169

Yeah but even western and Japanese omegaverse are pretty different in nature. Western ABOshit has taken the animalistic nature so far it's only a few steps away from furry porn while the Japanese variety is more about muh pheromones/fated partner and raising cute kids as a family.

No. 168170

Can we not have a discussion about ass babies at least once in one of these threads

No. 168171

Beats fighting with assblasted otomecucks kek

No. 168172

Sorry for bringing it up, I hate omegaverse but I thought it was a good example of trend that gets popular all over the planet unfortunately

No. 168175

Not into shounen (aka the most of the examples given) but I mostly prefer now.

Also I thought Sakura’s bro and Yukito were dating?

No. 168185

Even if Japanese ABOshit isn't quite as bestiality-lite as the Western version, it's still usually pretty gross and misogynistic. That being said there's a very popular ongoing mpreg fanfic for my OTP that I found myself really liking, and they even kind of makes sense in-universe. I hope the author finishes it soon so they can be good dads to their abomination ass baby. Yes I know there's no hope for me

No. 168202

Agreed as a weeb fujo anything tagged “omega-verse” puts me off no matter how pretty the art style is or— i can’t even say no matter how good the plot because theyre all terrible Kek its all literally the same plot with each omegaverse manga

No. 168203

All omegaverse is terrible but I never got why it triggers so many people due to "ree misogyny", it's just a dumb fantasy world of "what-if"s and I have a really hard time taking it seriously enough to be offended over ass babies. It's such a waste of energy. And no, please don't sperg out about the reasons on me because I already know, I just don't care because it's stupid.

No. 168205

So I'm not one of those "Mpreg is misogyny" types but I just dislike it cause its fucking goffy, like I can't take it seriously and I don't understand how can take it seriously
its like a balloon fetish appearing out of nowhere, maybe not the worst thing in the world but its still fucking stupid and I am gonna make fun of you for it

No. 168207

I feel the same way. While my deranged fujo self is in no place to judge mpreg fans, I definitely do do so in my head. It’s just so fucking funny to me.

No. 168210

Yeah, see I view it on par having a balloon or transformations fetish, not the the worst shit in the world but It's kinda dumb and even comical to an extent

No. 168214

That's the thing, it's so useless to get so angry over the alleged misogynist angle since the whole setting is just so stupid and obviously not supposed to be taken very seriously. I do judge people who like omegaverse unironically but only because it's dumb meme shit on par with vore or gigantism or something, it's ultimately harmless.

No. 168216

I hate omegaverse with a burning passion and i still can't get over the fact it got popular with japanese fujoshi. As if ao3 wasn't already clogged with shitty abo fics. I genuinely don't understand why would anyone enjoy the concept, like i get it if you only wanted to write wild crazy smut but going into worldbuilding and trying to explain how the system works is so stupid and don't get me started on the mpreg aspect

No. 168217

Like there is nothing sexy about pregnancy, you barely see hentai scroteshit about it so why should BL be plagued with it. I'd rather see them adopt a bunch of poor kids

No. 168220

I dont even hate it for misogyny it’s just cringe to me with overused plots. Uke gets in heat and they fuck. Every. Time.

No. 168229

File: 1635855514775.png (Spoiler Image,682.92 KB, 622x852, biteme.png)

While I'm not some huge ABO fan, I get why "uke wants needs to fuck so badly it's making them physically sick" is hot. To me, one major aspect of sex in general is just this wanting of one another, and ABO is just an extreme version of that. Yes, the plot is pretty much always the same (omega doesn't like alpha -> but he smells so good -> fucking -> oh he was my destined alpha after all), but plot-recycling is pretty common anyways.

No. 168231

i prefer a/b/o where mpreg isn't possible. but i also only read it in fanfiction not in manga and i think at this point everyone has become too desensitised to it so they need to keep changing the worldbuilding and how it works to keep it interesting

No. 168236

I have read some Dom world fics, that basically accomplishes the same thing as a/b/o just without the mpreg
I mean what you described in its self is hot, I don't think most people have an issue with that aspect, its just the baby aspect
I don't wanna see this character who was getting a pounded 5 pages ago becoming a parent out of nowhere

No. 168240

nta but it's Aniki no Ichiban Oishii Tokoro

No. 168243

Have people in this thread actually read omegaverse manga or all you all just talking about fics?

No. 168244

I read some omegaverse manga and always tried to avoid omegaverse fanfics because I already knew I'd hate it.

No. 168245

is anyone here into hypmic?

No. 168246

i am anon! i’m surprised it’s not more popular in fujo circles.

No. 168249

joseimuke series like hypmic, enstars and twst are really hard to get into for us westerners because there's no actual localization
hypmic has a pretty cool concept and songs from what i've heard but i find the radfem villains plot kinda off putting

No. 168251

also why is a joseimuke husband series allowed to have so much cucking??

No. 168253

No. 168254

some characters have possible gfs from what i've heard

No. 168261

File: 1635881493906.jpg (301.65 KB, 1000x641, el55.jpg)

I'm basic, so Eren/Levi (aged up/adult Eren only). I like Eren/Armin, too.

No. 168262

Do you know which characters?

No. 168274

I feel like people have read one or two, didn't like them and decided they're all bad. There is tons of ABO that doesn't have mpreg. Also as >>168236 said, Dom universe is just ABO without the mpreg and with juicier sex.

No. 168281

File: 1635895190379.jpeg (523.55 KB, 714x1000, 84CA0373-B340-47FE-89E7-40385C…)

Yes! I love Ramujaku and Gendice!

No. 168295

I'm going to sound dumb but what exactly does moon mean here? I'm guessing you mean learn Japanese based off of previous discussion?

I'm actually starting to learn it again. I've been using the Tofugu masterlist. I had the hiragana memorized a while ago, but I haven't practiced since so I'm getting back into it. I got hella depressed over the fact that I couldn't read a bunch of untranslated otome, so I got motivated again. If you've played VNs before, how long would you say it would take to learn enough to start being able to read untranslated ones? One year for manga is pretty decent, so I'm optimistic. Would love to be completely fluent one day, though.

I actually feel pretty committed this time because I consume enough Japanese media that it's starting to seem more and more necessary. Feels kind of embarrassing to learn just for weeb purposes, though.

No. 168302

Source? That pic alone makes me wanna read some, what a perfect Levi

No. 168309

Yeah moon is net slang for japanese.
I've never read a VN in japanese but if you consume japanese media every day and study daily then I'm sure you could start reading them in a year. You'll need tools to help you read kanji, but if you stick to fairly simple games without complicated storylines and plots, I think you could get through them fairly well.
Don' be embarrassed, learning japanese purely for weeb purposes was the best thing I've ever done for myself. It brought me so much joy and entertainment. I've turned more into a normie in the past couple years and haven't had the chance to read BL like I used to, but I don't regret a second of the fun it brought me. Actually, life was way more fun and exciting when I was a weeb who only read BL and watched japanese 2.5D musicals.

Yeah, that's why I asked. I've only read a couple but the reactions here seem exaggerated. It really wasn't that different from regular BL.

No. 168368

i hated we keep rehashing it but it's getting funny now

No. 168369

No. 168370

Are there still nsfw/yaoi artists on tumblr? Damn i missed them

No. 168371

Oh, great, thanks for the encouragement! Weeb shit has honestly been one of the few joys in my life as of late so I think it will be worth it, really. Maybe it'll give me some structure for once, too lol. Maybe I'll finally be able to watch those Takarazuka Revue musicals.

I'm currently devoting about 30 minutes per day for study until I get out of school for the semester and will increase it after that.

No. 168391

Forgot to reply when I saw it but I like the left side better. Saint Seiya yaoi doujinshi helped CLAMP kickstart their career, to this day I don't get why Kurama/Hiei is a popular ship but I love both characters, and Toya/Yukito is canon so it's not even fujobait. Even 7 years old me understood that Toya and Yukito were into each other when I read the manga when it got released in my country, that's how obvious it is and I didn't even know homosexuality was a thing.

I don't give a shit about new releases because I'm always expecting big series to either turn to shit or to never have an ending anyway.

No. 168393

File: 1635974222929.jpg (443.69 KB, 1822x2048, 0706.jpg)

is anyone watching this? it has a good art direction but it seems like it doesn't have much of a plot

No. 168396

File: 1635975833302.jpg (138.4 KB, 1920x1080, 20211029_011827.jpg)

I do. Story is pretty lackluster imo. But in terms of fujo bait, damn it exceeds any expectations. Man, they even threw in some sweet home alabama moments..

No. 168416

what is the name?

No. 168417

visual prison

No. 168418

thank you!

No. 168436

I'm disappointed about how Guil turned out. In the 1st episode he was very nice, sweet, and welcoming towards Ange, but he reverted into a bitter angsty tsuntsun grandma. I hope he gets better, was really expecting some good fujobait scenes between him and Ange.

No. 168462

this was so cute despite it being incestuous.
i was confused because it was tagged as shota on some sites. i’m assuming that’s because of some of the panels that are drawn in a chibi art style?

No. 168464

A lot of times BL gets tagged as shota for no reason at all other than the other guy being a twink. I don't know if it's to cater to pedo moid fetishes or something, it's always been weird to me.

No. 168530

i'm curious about some things about the jp bl community
do they have ship wars like in the west? how do they react to canon couples or the canon female love interest, do they just ignore them or trash talk them? the jp fandom always looks very chill, like everyone is minding their own business but i find it hard to believe everyone gets along so well. i know that jp normies/bg shippers tend to see fujos as being "weird" but i wonder if there is more drama to it. it also seems like their love for characters is more intense, they spend so much money on merch and stuff so aren't they more likely to have a sperg out if their fantasy is shattered? the last one also applies to rabid yumejoshi, don't they get annoyed if their husbando is taken by another girl?

No. 168531

>do they have ship wars like in the west?
Definitely. I've seen them be vicious bitches about it kek.
>how do they react to canon couples or the canon female love interest, do they just ignore them or trash talk them?
I think they just don't give a shit about the female love interest. Recently there's definitely been a trend of making the girl cheer their OTP on.

My experience with the JP fandom is limited but there have been JP-based anons here who have offered great insight on the subject so I'll leave it up for them to describe everything in more depth. I've understood that most of the drama centers around doujin circles being catty with each other and drama about things like art theft, not the subject matter itself.

No. 168534

I see very few mention of BL dramas/series itt (as in with actual living actors), is anyone into that? If so, care to share some recs? If not, care to rant about why?

No. 168536

>If not, care to rant about why?
3D ugly

No. 168539

Not a Japanese speaker, but from what I can tell the jp fujoshi can really get their knickers in a twist over which character tops and which bottoms. To the point where Character A/Character B and Character B/Character A get different doujin events entirely and fans of one often detest the other.

No. 168540

Even in asian bl dramas where the bl is very heavily implied and covered with strong bromance, the actors just aren't good looking enough even if they fit the character to a T. Don't get me wrong, they're good looking, but not like, 2D perfectly good looking.

No. 168544

I've watched a few but the only memorable one was untamed (not explicit bl because china, but the couple is canon)

No. 168546

File: 1636047865906.gif (1.93 MB, 500x223, bbf156aae1313d1e46cfb6e4f3fa10…)

I think as a teen I watched every single available one on youtube but many have bad endings or like >>168540 said don't look cute enough. 7 days was perfect tho imo, super wholesome, I rewatched it at least twice. Ai no Kotodama is oldish but also very sweet, their chemistry is really believable.

A while ago I got into chinese bl novels and I also really enjoyed the (very few) drama adaptions because the actors are super handsome.

No. 168551

top/bottom drama is so weird to me and the only explanation i have for it is that some people really want to see their husbando bottom. cause why else would you get so worked up over it, i have my preferences too but i can't imagine getting into a heated fight because of it lol

No. 168553

based and true

I've seen this happen a lot and to be honest I understand it, the dynamic changes entirely when you change which one bottoms. With a ship like Bakugo and Deku someone insisting on Deku topping would be an absolute turn off for me.

No. 168554

speaking of bkdk i can't wait for bnha to end to see the fandom meltdown cause i'm convinced horikoshi will give everyone a naruto/kny-style married ending

No. 168555

for me it's the opposite, i just can't stand certain characters bottoming, so it really pisses me off when somebody takes a canon top and doesn't shut up about him bottoming kek

No. 168556

Chinese bl drama have the cutest actors

No. 168588

Japanese BL fans don't all get along with each other, it's just that they hang out with fans of the same pairings only and they actively avoid the things they dislike. Read Fujoshi Rumi if you want to see the bullshit from BL fans in Japan, it's not that different from here but there's no fake SJW arguments.

No. 168655

i feel like getting into chinese bl was a waste with all the censorship bs. idk what i expected

No. 168659

>bottom deku only

very based

No. 168733

I don't know the inner workings of circles in Japan, but from what I've seen from fans at events, online and on a personal basis…
>do they have ship wars like in the west?
These do exist, but as >>168588 mentioned, Japanese fujos tend to be very good about actively avoiding what they dislike, which is why there's always a huge thing about naming conventions for ships online - first of all, so they don't bleed over to the mainstream (fujos tend to not want to impose on "normal" fans) and second of all so there are terms that can be blocked on Twitter. I've seen artists post about complaints they've gotten for not properly mentioning the ship in their tweets, about reposting stuff with a different ship than what they draw themselves, etc. etc. There are some very very fragile fujos out there who will not tolerate anything but their ship.

I really want to see my husbando top. But I'd never fight with anyone about a fictional character.

No. 168752

You're talking about CN novels right (or just in general)? I get what you mean, but to be honest I don't mind not reading about them having sex. Though there are some CN authors who skirt around with the censorship and post the "below the neck scenes somewhere" on other websites, I can't quite remember them though. That or they make the sex scenes realy flowery and poetic to make it pass the censorship you're not even sure if they're having sex anymore or having a transcendental experience, kek.

No. 168759

Reminds me of that scene from Kiss Him Not Me where the two fujos fight over top/bottom. 1:18 timestamp

Speaking of which, these two should've gotten together. Tfw no fujo gf.

No. 168777

So we discussed this in one of the previous thread but do you think there can ever truly be a good western produced series ?

I frankly don't have much hope, I expect consistent backlash, not from actual gay men who probably don't give a shit but from SJW-types and aydens who will talk about fetishization and cultural asportation or whatever

No. 168779

does a good western romance story even exist in the first place?

No. 168785

i love the books, some of them have really nice romance. its just that every other medium like donghua and drama has the potential to be completely changed, even ones that don't have sex in them. i'm really hoping winner is king will make it through, as they could pass off most of the romance as a father and son being really close anyway.

No. 168791

I was wondering why that bottom/top discussion seemed really familiar now i remember where i heard it nonna kek

No. 168824

>post the "below the neck scenes somewhere" on other websites
Are you kidding? I thought the sex scenes were included in the novel and they only censored the tv shows.

No. 168835

Given the sheer number of gay guys my age I know irl who used to ship shit like Sebastian/Ciel in their teens I wouldn't be surprised if there are gay young guys now who would like sappy BL series if it's Western produced, because that would be more accessible to the average western guy than Chinese movies or series. The real problem is that the most likely case is that Netflix would probably be the first to try to do something and it'll be shit just for that.

No. 168840

See >>168779 , all western production is shit, especially the romance genre.

No. 168937

the ones i read did have sex scenes. the author of the untamed stopped writing them in her novels because she's just very bad at it lol

No. 168955

it will be shit because stinky aidens like you will complain until they insert a gender autist girl into the main couple

No. 168981

>stinky aidens like you
>like you
How did you even get that from my post? I'm a real woman and the guys I'm talking about are real men who are into other real men, they're just gay weaboos and I was shocked that real guys could actually be into this shitty pairing.

>until they insert a gender autist girl into the main couple

Actually I was thinking about the same thing just based on a gif I saw in one of the FTM threads, it's from a Netflix show according to some anons, it was basically was you described. Some girl on T was calling a gay man a faggot and saying that it's none of his business if she has a vagina because she's still guy, and anons said the two characters end up dating anyway. No idea what the title is because I don't use Netflix.

No. 168982

>Actually I was thinking about the same thing just based on a gif I saw in one of the FTM threads, it's from a Netflix show according to some anons, it was basically was you described. Some girl on T was calling a gay man a faggot and saying that it's none of his business if she has a vagina because she's still guy, and anons said the two characters end up dating anyway. No idea what the title is because I don't use Netflix.
Not sure if you're talking about another show, but this exact thing happens in Shameless. The same actress who plays the "enlightening" fakeboi who conversion therapy's a gay character into fucking her does the exact same thing to a different newly out gay character in a different show too, but I can't remember the name of it.

No. 168984

brokeback mountain?

No. 168988

I think the anons said the title was Shameless but I'll have to double check to be sure of it. And Netflix did this twice? How do you try to hard to be "inclusive" that you go back to being homophobic that often? Shit like this and unnecessary sex scenes everywhere is why I stopped using Netflix years ago.

No. 168989

As far as I know in JJCWX, novels are also very heavily censored, that's why "anything below the neck" as CN authors call it can get you banned/warning to edit it out.

No. 169006

NTA obviously but holy shit this happened? Netflix keeps hitting new garbage lows whenever I turn my head. Western produced shows truly are the worst. I don't even get why they would cater to such an audience, contrary to what the spergs in the fakeboi thread imagine the homophobic FTMs who demand an access to gay spaces are extremely rare at least compared to AGP MTFs who invade lesbian communities since they're all trans 4 trans Aidens, I can't imagine this going over well especially because cis gay men are higher up on the totem pole than lesbian women and FTMs.

This perplexes me to no end because as far as I've understood the gay danmei novels are filled with graphic sex and even male on male rape but it's clearly against the censorship rule in China, how the fuck do they go around it? I've always been sort of undecided about entering that fandom because you never know when it will all be shut down and the author will be sent to the gulags but maybe some CN specialist anon can shed a bit of light on this.

No. 169008

the thing is that if they keep it among themselves they're fine, but some losers and antis who have beef with the authors report it to the authorities and say stuff like "this is a bad influence for minors" to take it down (always the minor card). communism at its finest kek
this is how they banned ao3, xiao zhan's fans were offended by a gay fanfic and mass reported it

No. 169010

this is why bl and anime fans went nuclear against xiao zhan, they obviously can't criticize the ccp that's a death sentence… so they had to take their revenge by humiliating him and causing distress to his entitled fans. even if it wasn't his fault, that's the only way they can fight back

No. 169021

Chinese antis are a special breed, in the west you'll get fired from your job but at least you won't be detained by authorities and given a prison sentence for writing about gay anime men. Equally horrible were all the people lashing out against him but like >>169010 said that's pretty much the only place they can direct their anger towards. The Chinese society is awful and with all the censorship laws in place I would absolutely hate being a content creator there. It's too risky to produce anything that's not about praising Xi Jinping and the communist party.

No. 169025

File: 1636297138937.jpg (27.7 KB, 416x282, C3lSL59UcAEjOvR.jpg)

Anons I just 100%'d Room no. 9 and have to talk about it somewhere, this game was a lot (but I fully enjoyed it). Any thoughts? I rushed through the endings and made my way to the true end after experiencing all the other bad ends first so it too felt like a bad end to me, but after giving it some time and replaying the final scenes of the true end, I really feel like this is the best and most realistic ending for them. But I still wish they could've shown just one scene of them removed from the situation far enough in the future and how their relationship progressed and moved on from it, but I suppose not showing it is part of having an open ending I'm going to be thinking about this game for a long time to come lol, just like how sweet pool stuck around in my head until now since the first time I played it 6-7 years ago.

No. 169035

bump for cp

No. 169056

i really enjoyed the the hurt/comfort parts where they were forced to cut up and take care of each other. something about it felt special to me

No. 169084

Kinda OT so sage and spoilering, but I think it's just asian antis in general because k-netizens concerning k-pop idols and other things are also so fucking unhinged too, don't even get me started on Japanese fans they're all very intense if they find out their idol is not a virgin, plus otaku culture there. But also I love the Chinese "water army" in which antis basically hire people with throwaway accounts to hate on someone

No. 169323

kinda tired of the "seme is absolutely obsessed with his uke" trope. i've started rereading chinese bl novels and why do i need to see the same shit again and again like why can't they have an ounce of creativity in terms of ship dynamics?? is it written somewhere in the book of yaoi rules that the top must always fall first for the bottom? and the bottom must be oblivious most of the time? it's like haremshit where the girls throw themselves at the guy

No. 169324

mxtx already did this shit 3 times with the seme/gong in constant pining mode
at least in the white cat shizun novel the uke/shou falls first (even if it was kinda problematic) so that was a breath of fresh air

No. 169335

File: 1636509854253.jpeg (163.53 KB, 1096x1080, keepgoing.jpeg)

I'm going to be a cruel bitch, but i'm loving the latest korean spoilers of ENNEAD. I like Seth and hope for him to have a happy ending, and he suffered a lot at the hands of the rest of the cast… but his worst crimes were against innocent humans, and he never answered for that. He legit deserves everything that happens this chapter. And the twitter meltdown is the funniest shit.

No. 169339

First time on lolcow here, my apologies I didn't know there was a new thread but like I said previously I'm glad there's this place for fujo talk because of what happened to the /trash/ /fujo/ thread but I guess that's quickly outdated since they've returned to regular fujo posting in the span of one day, lmao.

No. 169340

What the hell is /trash/?

No. 169341

it's a 4chan board

No. 169362

I’m more into the reverse where the uke is obsessed with the seme personally.

No. 169379

nta did you finish reading white cat shizun? i read it up to chapter 90 hoping something would change since everyone regards it so highly, but i was still bored. the only thing that interested me was shimei but i'm not sure he's enough to make me read 200 more chapters

No. 169404

I like both. Just as long as someones obsessive and someone is oblivious or scared its nice. Its a repeated trope and cliche but i enjoy it every single time lmao

No. 169413

Isn't that the thread that has a moid spamming it all the time?

No. 169428

File: 1636562233399.jpg (313.42 KB, 954x1494, 66.jpg)

I don't think its possible, the cultural factors that led to BL even existing as a concept were unique and could never emerge from either the West or the Muslim world, only in the east asian sphere was the groundwork set

>The General "don't ask and don't tell" attitude regarding homosexuality

>The Pre-existing concept of "love" between older male/younger beautiful male(as long as that love is temporary and both get wives and have children at the end)
>General sex segregation that never really went away

pic unrel

No. 169435

sorry i have to talk about your picrel
>Oh! I love them! I HC them as trans!
what an insane thing to say. it's just so unnecessary, stupid and makes no sense at all. it's like looking at a character and saying that you headcanon them as wearing a wig out of fucking nowhere, without there being any hints at all. and you're supposed to feel sorry for the poor uwu tiffy there because she can't smear her inferiority complex on everything. sorry gay men won't fuck you and straight men won't either because your mental illness makes you unbearable.

No. 169437

her readers are femcels who selfinsert into the uke, so of course she's writing about a handsome somebody who absolutely loves and strongly pursues the uke/them, that's what they crave and likely don't get irl

No. 169438

samefag but just look at her character shen yuan: he is her readers, some loser who loves reading about a sexy demon lord fucking 1000 wives when in reality he secretly wants him for himself kek

No. 169440

I'm suddenly reminded of the she-ra creator entertaining the HC of trans catra…

No. 169449

File: 1636578738685.jpg (149.03 KB, 500x500, 1636424788458.jpg)

No. 169450


No. 169451

To be completely honest, while I think "headcanoning" BL ships to be troons is cringe due to the awkwardness of it and the issue being politically charged I still find them comparable to genderbent versions. Just filter out the tags or something. I've never seen Aidens outright demand people to accept a character as some transmasc femboy king in the same sense as AGPs attempt to bend reality itself to meme Hatsune Miku into a tranny. But that might be because I don't hang around literal teenagers. The "making a ship het by giving the other guy a vagina is homophobic" point I get but then again I see all men in BL as female coded so I don't really care. The only time I'm actually bothered is when a straight FTM wants to self-insert and turn the setting into a heterosexual otome because actual gay sex is gross to her.

No. 169452

>I've never seen Aidens outright demand people to accept a character as some transmasc femboy king
I have many many times.

No. 169454

hate when non-BLs pull this shtick with muh "soulmates" and their "amazing special relationship beyond friendship but not quite lovers" like give me a break, make them either gay or regular dudebros there is no such thing as super intimate soulmate friendship between straight men

No. 169455

This. Men just aren't socialized to be as deep friends as women with other women are so it's such bullshit when they don't just make them gay.

No. 169456

it's obvious they either don't have the guts to make it canon or they're one of those japanese fujos who prefer to romanticize "special exaggerated friendships

No. 169457

>The only time I'm actually bothered is when a straight FTM wants to self-insert and turn the setting into a heterosexual otome because actual gay sex is gross to her.
I hate that so much, when trying to read self-inserts I avoid anything with “male reader” like a plague, but if you look for literal “vaginal fingering” they will put their ayysonas as guys with vaginas and it’s annoying, it’s such a turn off.
>Oh yeah, Roberto, I, Naruto am fingering your pussy, we’re gay men btw, so queer.
I hate it so much.
And they are quite annoying with the whole “muh cwomfort character is trans like me uwu” but of course, they don’t go apeshit like the males in dresses, because of actual female socialization, but they passive aggressively post retarded memes and stupid ass comments like “girl I- um- oh- wait- stop-“ I hate it too.

No. 169458

where is the yaoi hole?

No. 169459

I also hate when they try to bait fujos and then backtrack by asserting their friendship or mentioning how much they love girls out of nowhere. At least keep it ambiguous until the end, it's not gonna change anything.
And i need to say that i kinda dislike director utsumi lol

No. 169463

File: 1636583189193.jpg (112.03 KB, 1200x630, Indian_men.jpg)

lets not devolve into this, I think culturally what's considered normal and "god" in the west is a bit different from the rest of the world
I posted in another thread but men in my third world african country literally walk around holding hands, they hug each other and kiss each other one the cheeks but they would beat and lynch any man if they knew he was gay
homosexuality is viewed as so unnatural that If you see two men holding hands and think "they might be gay." cause homosexuality is considered a non-thing really
In the West , it's more of a tell, so people avoid it for fear of looking gay.

No. 169464

>I posted in another thread but men in my third world african country literally walk around holding hands, they hug each other and kiss each other one the cheeks but they would beat and lynch any man if they knew he was gay
But we're talking about weebshit?

No. 169465

delete this, this thread isnt about real world men. theyre disgusting

No. 169466

It's fujobait, a lot of shows do this. The main offenders are shit like HxH, Haikyuu etc. Japanese fujos buy merch for their ships and it's very profitable.

No one cares about real life men. Yaoi men are written by women.

No. 169481

I wouldn’t mind stories featuring trans characters but it always centers around “muh binder, muh hormones, etc”. It reads like someone fetishizing them and it’s gross, just write them like normal people. There’s no reason why, I don’t fucking know, kaiji, would bring up how his binder hurts during the story. Why? What?

No. 169483

because of narcissism and projection.
90% of aidens are just weeaboos who think they can become their fav anime boy or reenact their bl fantasies with some poor faggot(or each other)

No. 169485

this shit doesn't happen in japan so your point? no one does this outside of middle schoolers who see it as a fun joke. salarymen, adults, they don't do it
and i was talking about muh special amazing soulmate bond not skinship

No. 169486

naahh it's not fujobait, i watched all the seasons and it has zero fanservice

No. 169490

only the stage play is extremely gay but i mean, theatre kids are always like that so it's whatever. furudate is obviously a man (i don't buy the rumours they're a woman) so it's unlikely he ever intended to pander to the fujo crowd instead i felt like he tried to pander to the shoujo crowd with yachi but kinda forget about her and didn't even pair her with anyone in the end lol… don't tell the other haikyuu fans but he sucks at writing women

No. 169497

Disagree on the west. There was Kirk/Spock fanfic in the late sixties, and you could technically call Mary Renault a fujoshi. Gay shipping is just something some nerdy women do.

I think it's uncommon in Islamic countries because of how homophobic their culture is and how women there are strongly discouraged from expressing their sexualities. If they were more secular like the U.S. or Japan, you'd probably see fujos there too. I've also met a ton of Russian fujoshis in recent years.

No. 169498

idk why people try to psychoanalyze fujos when history has proven that women of all races enjoy homoeroticism, even if for some of them is a guilty pleasure or they're simply in denial. no one tries to explain why men like lesbian porn

No. 169499

Right. Its not that deep

No. 169503

I'm gonna say that it's usually other women who get worked up over fujos because they aren't following their conventional m/f ships

No. 169505

File: 1636638981084.png (295.7 KB, 640x360, 61j4kmq0uvy71.png)

most women who are normies don't give a shit but find it strange, I think its mostly SJW-Liberal

No. 169506

I disagree, the shoujo/otome fans tend to be very hateful towards us

No. 169530

It's not a yes or no question, for some people it is that deep. A lot of lesbian fujos found their sexuality by connecting with other girls via fujo stuff, almost all weeb lesbians I know today got their first girlfriend that way. And naturally because the female sexuality is repressed a lot BL does hold a deep meaning to a lot of women who want to explore their own sexual preferences and relationship needs in a way that doesn't sexualize, objectify or judge women in any way. If you're just one of those "I just like looking at hot men lol" types then great but BL was originally born from a need for female liberation and sisterhood and that's what it is for plenty of fujos even today.

No. 169544

the irony that current young ~wlws~ target older lesbian fujos

No. 169547

File: 1636666508506.jpg (60.78 KB, 465x572, Dame_BL.jpg)

is there anyone sharing/selling scans of bonus leaflets?

No. 169563

I think the problem is that you need to buy several physical copies of the manga to get the leaflets and I would think that most scanlators (who would be the ones to upload stuff like that) would rather go for the digital version. Which sometimes includes extra pages as well, but it's usually not as extensive as physical copies.

No. 169573

Secondhand ones are usually sold separate from the manga on Surugaya and Mandarake

No. 169575

can anyone drop what they are reading currently or recently read I want recs

No. 169582

File: 1636687950116.jpeg (188.54 KB, 682x1024, F7B385BE-AB1D-42F0-AF5C-8105DF…)

This one is about a slutty camboy and a jaded tired journalist for a gossip magazine.
Two chapters already translated on MD, totally recommended.

No. 169583

nonny are you still up to talk about RN9
I finished the game earlier this year and had my fills of discussing spoilers with my friend
what stuck out for me was how the two of them would never develop into legit romantic relationship. IIRC even in the true ending, it was more about them just appreciating each other for being alive and still remained the bro4life status.
now I think back again, the writing was pretty smart in keeping their relationship meaning without devolve too much into tropey romantic sentimentality.
I had read some short stories from the magazine (I forgot the name), where Daichi was nostalgic about Seiji being his best friend - despite him being the poor, bastard kid. While seiji was smart and coming from a rich family.

wow i could go in lengths LOL, serious but not serious the unskippable scat scene in every route will never escape my brain

No. 169590

I think any Psychoanalysis of modern Fujos is going to be inherently difficult and more inaccurate then not, all I'm interested is the cultural factors that led to BL starting and how it took off in Japan and East Asia

No. 169626

The link doesn’t work nonnie type the name out?

No. 169640

oof sorry, i forgot mangadex is blocked in some countries
Obake Yori Kowai Mono by Yukigumi Um

No. 169648

File: 1636738066833.jpg (53.48 KB, 438x276, 468912.jpg)

I agree! I really liked how they write the characters in this game, if they'd gone the lovers ending route a lot of the immersion would've been destroyed for me, I think.

Fuck yes anon, I still can't get this shit out of my head and my one friend who knows my degen fujo side is sick of hearing me whine about Seiji. Did you play the game in Japanese by any chance? There's something bothering me and it's an autistically small detail but I'll just repost what I posted in /blog/ on 4chan and unfortunately never got a response to:

Also, if someone has the Japanese version, could you tell me what the ending scene (true end) actually says, please? I can read a bit of jp but not enough to play a whole vn and I had a feeling throughout the whole game that the localization was too liberal and may have ruined some of the nuances in the original text. My suspicions were confirmed (?) I found a blog that described the ending as
"It’s time to part and as Seiji almost vanishes Daichi stops him and tells him ‘see you’ and Seiji smiles and returns ‘yeah, see you’. Daichi thinks he saw a shadow pass over his face."

But the English version doesn't mention anything of the sort and just says the door closes as Seiji smiles back.

If you/any other anon could enlighten me on this I'd be very grateful! This has bothered me for days. I unironically picked up my Japanese studies again because this game's localization made me seethe due to how liberal the translations worth. No one will ruin my gay porn with shitty translations again.

Anyway back on RN9, I could go on in lengths about this game too! I don't know why but this game legit embedded itself in my brain and I can't stop thinking about their relationships and imagine what I would do if I was stuck in a situation like that with a friend myself.Once I did that it was pretty easy to see why writing a lover's ending would've been cheap and unbelievable. I like their friendship a lot! After completing the game, I found these extra art of them hanging out and man the artist did a really good job showing the nuances in their interactions. I…I know I'm over-analyzing a game that's 70% gay porn.

No. 169652

I'm this anon >>169583
omg anon we should add discord or something lol. The game did stuck in my head in a couple of days, I drew a few fan arts too (including lewd ones) but never published them anywhere and only showed to my fellow degen fujo friends.
Would you like to elaborate what you meant by the translation being liberal? I own the JPN copy and only finished route A (?) iirc the one where the two of them got out, seiji went full do-M and daichi basically dead inside
I'd say the translation is pretty accurate, as for expression-wise, I'd say the quality in No, Thank You was been better for me (Which I'm not so sure since it's been Years and my standards have changed since). Clockup games are 70% porn and I understand when translating them could get fatigued quickly.

If you have the exact quotes in Japanese, few free to paste in here and I can interpret it in how I understand it. also because I'm super lazy to go through 12 hours of gay porn to get to that ending again lmao i didn't 100% in the japanese version
IMO when I read Daichi and Seiji dialogues they have a lot kind of casual language whereas I could relate better in my native language (not english), sort of rude-like college students speak to each other. Daichi's inner monologue is filled with envy and admiration towards Seiji, it's INSANE. Seiji's monologue is harder for me to interpret because of bocchan jargons.

No. 169666

Nta but I also played RN9 and while I loved the game's concept and Seiji and Daichi's relationship, the english translation bothered me too. Even aside it being too liberal it's also full of typos and I wonder if the japanese dialoge is as repetitive, for some reason I got really annoyed by Daichi's english monologue saying that "his stomach felt like it was full of lead" SEVERAL times at different occasions kek.

I also really wished the gore was stronger. I felt like Seiji's tasks were a lot worse and creative than Daichi's compare them with pissing, scat, strangling and almost torture and yeah…. We can't even choose Daichi's last task either, right? And it's the only one that could be truly gory. Idk I went into it expecting both hardcore porn and gore and I was disappointed by the latter.

No. 169693

NTA and I agree with the lack of gore despite the PR (and cover art) was sooo blatant and shameless about it.
I and my friends also complained about not able to pick the last option that was the most brutal toward seiji, and could fuck daichi mentally For life and my inner do-S was really rooting for that. The director mentioned that they had to scrap a scenario where they're chained to each other and basically LARPing as dogs as a requirement… Gods I want it so bad.
If you're planning to play lkyt. I heard the torture and gore is much ramped up in it.

No. 169696

I’ve shilled it on /y/ a million times but I really like Asada Nemui’s Living Dead, it’s an ongoing series about a teacher who gets murdered and brought back to life by a scientist. None of the BL scenes have been consensual and it has gore so it’s not for everyone.

I also liked Call by the same mangaka, it’s about a NEET that pretends to be a call boy to get money and free food from a salaryman. Unexpected gay feelings ensue when he starts liking being a top. It’s not translated though.

No. 169697

huge fan of Asada Nemui! That reminds me I need to keep up with her digital book release.
never got to read Call but now I have to check it out. I love the tension in these manga, the art style is unique and moody and really bring well the horror atmosphere they were going for.

No. 169704

File: 1636774526852.jpeg (473.27 KB, 750x1015, E00B62F1-5308-4A92-B4A7-E8C311…)

I am in love with 4 Week Lovers. It’s a manhua about two boys, Dojun and Jaehee (picrel) who attended the same high school, and now they go to college together. Jaehee is in love with Dojun and pursues him relentlessly. When Jaehee breaks his wrist/arm saving Dojun from a fall, he basically coerces Dojun into dating him for four weeks as payback (with the ultimate goal of Dojun agreeing to be his boyfriend forever). I’m usually into nasty shit with lots of noncon but this series is so fucking cute, I don’t even know how many times I’ve reread it while waiting for updates. Good art and good porn make him for the meh plot. I think it’s a super cute light read. Currently being translated. An official English release was slated for this past April/May but it never came for some reason.


No. 169722

I try not to judge but fucking Hell how does anyone tolerate "that" art style
just looking at it give's me headache

No. 169723

File: 1636781122952.jpeg (48.42 KB, 1000x818, 7f99b8ec-64ca-44b4-8b29-f3a065…)

Does this not excite you?

No. 169724

I WAS THINKING THE SAMe like listen I love beefcakes but the art really comes off awkward and weird to me. Is he sitting on some dude's crotch im so confused

No. 169746

They're really scrapping the best stuff.
And yeah I can't wait for lkyt (or is it actually out already?), the boys all look nice and the setting's great. I'm also planning on playing/looking up a walkthrough of No, Thank you! since many people think it's better than RN9.

No. 169767

everyone seems to enjoy that it ended up in a bros relationship but i was very disappointed lol. after all the sex scenes there would be no realistic way for them to end in good terms anyway
idk it all felt like meaningless sex to me

No. 169768

at the very least, them developing feelings for each other would make more sense than weird mindbreak

No. 169769

and i felt like they made way too much of a big deal over fucking, this paired with daichi being constantly in denial and mentioning girls at any chance was kinda annoying. also seiji felt very dull

No. 169770

This room room no 9 stuff really makes me wanna play it… but i kinda spoiled it for myself after googling it. Wish i went in blind

No. 169771

Same, I looked at all the screenshots on ehentai. Definitely expected more weird situations than what it has but it looks like something I’d play and I like that it solely focuses on two characters

No. 169772

overall i found it kinda tame. the sex scenes were actually average bdsm stuff. the only terrible part of the game was the scat scene but you can censor it thankfully. still very gross, but the game is nothing extreme and the gore is lowkey. the endings were kinda lackluster

No. 169776

wait you know what shocked me
the body hair, not something i usually see in a BL

No. 169778

Can you maybe… write all of your thughts in one single post?
But yeah the body hair was a shock but I really liked it, it's my type of thing you know.

No. 169779

sorry i got used to a chatting format lol

No. 169816

I wonder if there are other otome bl games like it? With messed up plots and psychological theme? Anyone played something like that?

No. 169824

togainu no chi and dmmd?

No. 169827

most yaoi games that have been localized are psychological and gory. there are the ones anon mentioned + sweet pool, hashihime, naked butlers, and no thank you (made by the people who made no9). they're all amazing

No. 169828

Thanks nonnas might spend the next weekend playing one of these kek

No. 169829

do you guys buy the games on steam or…

No. 169830

00s fics had a lot of cutting and ed themes because that was what was going on with the writers (and audience). so hot anime men starved and cut themselves. now writers are gaydens so hot anime men are taking hormones and binding. lol.

as a (worse) alternative, there is /blog/ on /jp/. but there was a nice anon posting matsus in /fujo/ i hope she's doing well.

No. 169831

if you're buying from steam, you probably have the buy the uncensored patch from another site. depends on which game. its probably best to buy the whole digital game from jast or mangagamer (or physical if you're into that). if you're asking about pirating, anime-sharing has most vn games including BL ones

No. 169840

youre not alone nonna. Even my trans friends are annoyed with the floods of these types of fics everywhere, most are straight up cuntboy porns without proper tagging. Hell, I can't even go to ao3 to look for a standard mlm fic like the 2000s anymore. I suspect zoomers and kinnies tbh.

No. 169894

File: 1636888285675.png (452.85 KB, 704x601, 1572995197230.png)

I'm so far removed from fandoms nowadays I just remember the trends that made me stop reading fanfics and paying attention to the most popular headcanons, but the last time I looked from fanfics was when Fire Emblem 3 Houses got released because of Sylvain/Felix and I remember that while the fics with the most kudos were mostly normal, once I checked the last updated fanfics it was fully of Felix untagged trans headcanons. Poor guy just happens to be shorter than the male characters he interacts with the most and he has long hair so it had to happen to him. Even though he 100% looks and acts like a guy and he has a deep voice in Japanese. So I guess this trend is still popular now, and for more and more pairings? Do you think this will ever stop? I miss the days when I read fanfics during my free time but I can't see myself going back to it anytime soon.

No. 169895

Like >>169830 said back in the 00s it was all about cutting and emo shit so it's just another trend that will roll over once a new one sets in. Troonism is just today's fashion subculture so once young people will find other ways to express themselves it will take over once more. Back in the day people knew how to tag their dumbass fetishes though, not tagging trans headcanons is absolutely retarded even from a genderspecial point of view since it could ~trigger the reader's dysphoria~ to have PIV in a gay fic.

No. 169900

i rped from fe3h when it was at its height and the amount of trans felix i saw was disturbing, but i could avoid them since i also rped felix. i did meet one sylvain rper who was an nb tif and who wanted to rope me into transboi felix but i declined. the one dimitri rper i wrote with the most was super terfy though so we had a lot of fun not only writing our ship but also making fun of trans headcanons.

No. 169921

Yeah but this whole trans shit is now mainstream and politicized, and it's not just something that only affects teenagers and very young adults. It feels way more invasive than other "trends" and if you say you don't like reading straight sex scenes in a BL fanfic you're accused of wanting to commit genocide against trannies and fakebois.

>i did meet one sylvain rper who was an nb tif and who wanted to rope me into transboi felix but i declined
I'm not surprised, the guys who have the most obnoxious fans are Sylvain (always badly written and woobified in fanfics), Felix (turned into a boring, unfunny tsundere, or into a depressed brocon and nothing more) or Ferdinand (he has long hair after the timeskip so he HAS to be a tranny!!1!). Thank god my husbando Dedue was spared from this mess. Actually I said I saw trans Felix fanfics all the time on AO3 because they weren't tagged but I also saw a bunch of NSFW fanarts like this on twitter, also untagged. I unfollowed so many people after that. It's a shame that this happens to the game that has a famous BL artist as the character designer.

No. 169929

Is there any fanart compilations for FE3H or any imageboards that won't have surprise vaginas? I'm a new fan and twitter is hell to sift through. I just want to see cute and hot Hubert/Ferdinand pics.

No. 169931

File: 1636914429825.png (697.96 KB, 1004x568, beni.png)

just started playing dmmd and koujaku's birb is such a baddie kek

No. 169951

hope you enjoy dmmd anon! i remember i went in blind and ended up w mink as my first route, i was annoyed to say the least. i still maintain that noiz is the best route

No. 169952

I hope you enjoy Aoba's sweet moans anon.

Also Clear best boy.

No. 169956

you have a long ways to go, i wish i could play it for the first time again. also these anons seem to be confused about the best route, it's the dog!

No. 169968

Love DMMD going to play it again in Japanese at some point. Noiz best boi

No. 169975

God, poor Felix. Half of the kinkmeme requests are about wanting to see him as a tranny getting raped and/or impregnanted by Sylvain or Dimitri, and a good chunk of ao3/fanart is of this shit as well. Manlets can't catch a break.

No. 169999

He isn't even really a manlet. He's just an average guy who's surrounded by guys who are at least 1m85 all the time. Poor Felix indeed kek.

No. 170001

File: 1636963323710.jpg (810.14 KB, 3903x2048, 1634132345979.jpg)

saw this exact scenario play out in the new vegas fandom, Vulpes Inculta is a commander in caesar's legion, he genocides an entire town after crucifying them and likely has slaves that he abuses but on tumblr they've turned into an uwu softboy who was raised to be like this cause he was taken into the legion when he was a child but mainly cause he has a slightly shorter character model

No. 170045

I finished noiz's route and where are his piercings and emo clothes????

No. 170050

That's why you should have done the robot anon.

No. 170055

This is a cute picture of Felix, thank you.

I'm still in the 3h fandom, my favorites are Dedue/Dimitri and Ferdinand/Hubert. I've thought about writing fanfics but sometimes it just seems to bleak, like… I wouldn't write about trans shit so I don't think they'd get any recognition.

Korean and Japanese artists are still regularly producing good fanart for them! There's a lot of them on twitter, you just have to dig around. Pixiv is also a good place but I wouldn't browse there without premium.

No. 170060

my eyes start to dilate the moment i saw "communist manifesto"
what the hell with this intense fetish towards communism, as someone who lives in a communist country that cosplays as socialist. this shit is making me bald.

No. 170070

it's the only thing they have against capitalism i guess, but they don't realize it's just as evil

No. 170072

Hey nonnie don't play his route in reconnect.
t. Someone whose favorite boy used to be Noiz

No. 170082

File: 1637030328603.jpg (112.34 KB, 600x600, 4333943.jpg)

for real, ntayrt but I told someone how rude it was to prop up communism as some utopic thing when I had my family members tortured to death under our countries commie regime, and you know what they told me this little yank? That it doesn't matter that millions of people died, like wow how heartless and they were 31 btw so not even some dipshit teen. Sorry for the derailing, to contribute I was looking at Slam Dunk and found this - anyone still in the fandom?

No. 170086

Closet fujoshi here but I have an ancestor who had to flee Communist Russia because his work went against the official "scientific" doctrines, and he refused to change his ways.

No. 170089

anon I misread this as your poor ancestor fleeing because they were a fujoshi, my bad

No. 170093

What I find most bizarre is when LGBT are the one's advocating for Communism and I'm like WTF, communists considered Homosexuality "bourgeois decadence" and considered it a plight to the working class, this was the position American Maoist faction on Homosexuality

>"Homosexuality is a response – consciously or not – to a male supremacist society. Because it is a response to oppressive institutions and oppressive relationships it is not necessarily a progressive response or one that challenges the power of the monopoly capitalist…. As our relationships become unstable, people – particularly the petty bourgeoisie, which has more leisure time – scramble about in a desperate attempt to find some meaning in their lives. Today people are grasping at all kinds of straws, at exotic religious sects, mysticism, drugs, pornography, promiscuity, sex orgies, trotskyism, etc….. In posing an individual solution to the contradictions of monopoly capitalism, homosexuality is an ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, and must be clearly distinguished from proletarian ideology…. While gay people can be anti-imperialists, we feel that they cannot be Communists. To be a Communist, we must accept and welcome struggle in all facets of our lives, personal as well as political…. We feel that the best way to struggle out contradictions in our personal lives is in stable monogamous relationships between men and women based on mutual lives and respect. Because homosexuals do not carry the struggle between men and women into their most personal relationships they are not prepared, in principle, for the arduous task of class transformation

>When homosexuality is raised to a principle, when the banner of 'gay is good' is raised as a strategy for defeaing imperialism, then it becomes a reactionary force retarding the struggle of the working class and of the people as a whole….The only real liberation, the only road to real happiness for homosexuals – like all people caught in the mire and muck of bourgeois decadence – is to eliminate the reactionary, rotting system that drives them to homosexuality; and to build a new society, under the rule of the working class, that promotes working class culture and ideology…in opposition to selfishness, self-indulgence and the decadence of individualism and exploitative relations."

and that was pretty much the standard view around the Communist world

No. 170097

I did too LOL

No. 170102

NTA but im so tempted to spoil OP of noiz route of reconnect
especially the CG of when hes sitting down to talk with grandma which ran as a meme in the fandom for weeks, it's so fucking hilarious to me even now

Man I was in dmmd fandom and got a few friends from it but for some reasons I never ran into the drama which seemed to happen constantly at the time. Any of the nonna can recall the instances?

No. 170116

File: 1637044299931.jpg (36.8 KB, 799x872, 1116041.jpg)

this would be a beautiful list if that crack self-insert gojo ship didn't exist

No. 170120

Reject communism, embrace BL

No. 170125

well I'm DemSoc so hope that counts, in my shitty 3rd world nation there's no real difference between the Communists, Arabists and Islamists, they are all violent fuckheads who beat up people they dislike

No. 170138

File: 1637060775139.jpg (316.69 KB, 987x567, clear.jpg)

So I finished dmmd! The first time I heard about this game was back in 2013? I was baby and I thought it's supposed to be some sort of "hardcore yaoi" game kek I knew some stuff about it so right now I can't say that I went in fully blind but it exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love the art direction, the emo scene(?) fashion style mixed with y2k is kinda nostalgic. I'm glad it had a solid plot instead of it just being pwp but if i had something to criticize, I wish the individual routes were longer. They felt kinda short and besides Clear's route which had a small gimmick, it was too easy to get the good ending. So yeah I wish that part was more developed… but overall it was really enjoyable and much to my surprise, it had a ton of wholesome moments?? Some of the sex scenes were heartwarming ngl.
My favorite is Clear but i liked Ren's route the most. But I wish I didn't knew his route existed beforehand. It's probably better if you start the game without being aware of any spoilers. Btw Noiz's bad ending was the most shocking part for me cause I didn't expect that amount of gore.Also that pierced dick lol.Koujaku's bad ending was kinda underwhelming.
You know after playing dmmd I wonder why couldn't nitro chiral continue releasing similar BL games. I didn't play slow damage but I don't think it has dmmd's charm…

No. 170149

When wokies talk about communism they mean an utopian dream where they can laze around in a queer communal mansion where all housework is done by someone else, their bourgeois hormone and surgery treatments are paid by the state and the only thing they're expected to "contribute" to society is posting hot takes on twitter and hawking shitty Aliexpress jewellery with trans flags. Not the kind where they would be assigned to a factory job and receive food rations kek. Capitalism deserves criticism but these people are just a different shade of selfish ultraconsoomerism.

sage because why the fuck are we talking about communism in the BL thread

No. 170156

I mean I kinda wanna make a Marx x Engels doujin tho, going to reread some Clamp for insp lmaoo

No. 170164

>You know after playing dmmd I wonder why couldn't nitro chiral continue releasing similar BL games. I didn't play slow damage but I don't think it has dmmd's charm…
I've seen some gameplay of Slow Damage and I agree, so far it doesn't have the same charm. Doesn't help that all the love interests seem kinda bland and the edgy aesthetic isn't for me.
But I'm glad you enjoyed DMMD anon! It will always have a place in my heart not only because of the degenerate memes but because it's just so unique and weirdly wholesome compared to other BL games.

No. 170182

File: 1637105157871.png (1.37 MB, 1016x1434, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8.15…)

Just in case you didn't know, there was a new volume of Oni to Tengoku called 鬼と天国 再 released in Japan today!
In the author's notes in the back it is mentioned there'll be at least one more after this one.
They're still super cute together, though since they're officially dating there's of course less power dynamic stuff going on. But they still both have issues so it's fine.

No. 170183

I have both volumes in French because I can't access MRM and it's badly translated scans anymore where I am, I hope the sequels will be officially release over here as well.

No. 170185

talking about badly scans manga. I remembered awhile back on MRM there would be a trend of scanslations where a page suddenly got repeated in a middle of a chapter because a fan contributor wanted to color that page. It was really disruptive to the pace. Not to mention other intrusive "T/N: X character is so hot 0///0" which just pissed me off.
This is why I stopped going to MRM for a couple of years now and just buy directly from mangaka, especially when magazine ebooks are more available now than before.

No. 170186

please do, that sounds hilarious!

No. 170188

I'm so jealous of the French BL market, you get all the good shit translated! The other day I checked what BL I like was translated into German (so I could recommend it to a friend) and it was like one series…

No. 170229

I wanted to play an otome game out of curiosity and it was so poorly written and trashy, it baffles me that people who enjoy that dare to shit on us BL fans lmao

No. 170230

It's because the manga market in France in general is huge since the 90s at the very least. Literally a country of weaboo, even Macron tried to attract young voters for 2022 by implying he like Attack on Titan or One Piece or some shit.

No. 170237

Ok but which one, there's a worlds difference between Bad Apple Wars and Hakuouki

No. 170243

The color pages are so cringe, they still do it sometimes too.

No. 170246

I mean dislike playing those types of games in general, If there was a matchmaking dating simulator game where you pair of different people, I'd happily play it
but activelt being one character, reading dialogue, its just tedious and not my cup of tea

No. 170247

Inb4 anon says she read some mobile game or something.

No. 170251

I don't like otoge too much because they feel too real and it hurts my fragile heart. Self inserting is not for me.

No. 170259

File: 1637170737343.jpg (339.54 KB, 1013x1023, 20211117-103801.jpg)

name a bigger cuck

No. 170260

File: 1637170744562.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, AEDE98E6-4266-4384-A681-A8D761…)

>If there was a matchmaking dating simulator game where you pair of different people, I'd happily play it
Kitty power’s matchmaker is the only thing I could think of, and it’s pretty much just a shitpost game.

No. 170270

This was such a fun game

No. 170357

I'm watching a playthrough of togainu no chi and keisuke is a total dumbass but i'm also frustrated at akira for not being able to communicate properly at all

No. 170368

They're both equally autistic, thatks why they're made for each other. Keisuke being voiced by Sugita will always make me laugh idk why. It kinda ruined the point of this character because I'm too used to Sugita voicing stupid characters in comedy anime and video games.

No. 170395

oh so that's why his voice sounded so familiar…

No. 170619

>not watching togainu no chi for shiki

No. 170681

I'm watching his route now

No. 170686

Shiki was annoying as fuck, literally the only good thing about him is Hikaru Midorikawa. He'd be cool and edgy if he were a standard antagonist in a more family friendly JRPG maybe, but the whole route being about rape got old very fast and the really shitty endings made me feel like I wasted my time, especially the one where he's brain dead because he finds killing people boring or some shit. Motomi and Keisuke have the best routes imo.

No. 170713

Akira has fight autism, he only wants to fight hard.

No. 170714

File: 1637441063022.jpeg (312.58 KB, 800x600, 344E3886-2DE5-4F93-A586-CE0F94…)

>not watching togainu no chi for Rin

No. 170758

File: 1637472947629.png (1.12 MB, 1024x576, FE5D73C6-8C62-491B-B54C-BEE9CC…)

New VN with the hashihime artist, praying this gets a translation because fang boi is a QT.

No. 170775

Finally someone with fine taste

No. 171113

What is this called? He looks super cute.

No. 171168

kek same. Everyone freaking out about the ugly bastard gangbang are a bunch of sissies. The only thing that got me was the ass gore, but he had that shit coming.

No. 171345

uuultra c

No. 171365

Jesus seeing this screenshot awakened my 2010s "don't like, don't read" high school senior inner fujo. It also makes me realize that Aoba in DMMD was completely a bottom in all of his routes, not that his performance wasn't great, but I miss romanceable uke characters like Rin.

No. 171450

Right? I think it's a lot more interesting to have the protagonist be a switch rather than just bottom in every relationship…

No. 171508

Dramatical Murder is supposed to be 20% off so maybe I'll buy it after work. Knowing that the woman who translated it said the Fire Emblem Fated localization was good worries a little but the Togainu no Chi and Sweet Pool official English translations didn't seem too weird to me so idk.

No. 171933

File: 1638166217058.png (1.23 MB, 1018x1414, Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 15.0…)

I have read over 200 BL manga this year. I'm going to hell.
You can find the whole list here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_26IlWIXomL3MPjww3kA9s9tp5PytSXOKwtF2wH-yNk/

The ones I liked are marked with ❤︎ in this post. Post picture is ❤︎ 素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! Shirouto yankii ♂ Kiki ippatsu!!

可愛いから君がわるい Kawaii kara kimi ga warui 稔ねんこ Nen Nenko
Twins (male and female) have a childhood friend. Male twin thinks childhood friend is into female twin, but childhood friend is actually into male twin. Hijinks. Boring hijinks. idk.

未熟なトローチ Mijuku na Troche 水城ゆたか Mizuki Yutaka
Medical intern is goaded into using a thinly veiled compensated dating app, believing it to be an app for young people to find a mentor. He meets with a high school student who is dreaming of studying medicine and they very slowly begin a relationship. This was actually pretty nice and very wholesome.

❤︎ かじつ Kajitsu 阿部はちた Abe Hachita
Two boys used to be step-brothers before their parents divorced. One visits the other over the summer and admits his feelings to him. The setting was quite nice, they're located in Okinawa, and I liked the pace of the story. The boys look pretty young, but that's just the art style.

❤︎ けものあそび Kemono Asobi もちの米 Mochino Kome
Boy from a god family is actually aroused by pain. Creeps his way into a delinquent's life. This was actually pretty cute, I like when mean guys are actually just hurt (uwu).

俺のおにくちゃん Ore no Oniku-chan もちの米 Mochino Kome
Popular uni student from a good family used to be fat and ugly, but isn't anymore. When he was fat, a kid from school used to spend time with him, but hasn't contacted him since his graduation. They meet again, with uni student now being hot, but turns out the school friend is actually into fat people. Kind of weird, but fun enough.

エッチなことおしえてください Ecchi na koto oshiete kudasai 晴屋うまこ Hareya Umako
Tale as old as time: Virgin goes to prostitute to learn about sex, actually falls in love with prostitute. No surprises, but good enough.

シュガーとマスタード Sugar to Mustard はなさわ浪雄 Hanasawa Namio
Dom/Sub Universe. Sub is matched with a Dom who was socialised as a sub (something about there not being enough subs to go around) and decides to make him into his perfect Dom. Cute.

Introduction Introduction 春田 Haruta
Collection of short stories. Model falls in love with his editor (which is the one I bought this for) / two high school boys confess their love / dry cleaner falls in love with a customer / University student falls in love with another student who is into photography / guy is cheated on by his girlfriend with his best friend, goes to a club, gets consoled by a guy's dick / Delivery man gets it on with another delivery man who has a delivery staff uniform fetish / Assistant is in love with the author he assists. These varied quite a bit in how much I liked them, but that's always the risk with anthologies like this.

かわいいは僕のキズ Kawaii wa boku no kizu 如月マナミ 無理薫 Kisaragi Manami / Muri Kaoru
Two guys with a problem many LC users share: They are just too pretty. So they hide their faces in uni, but a crowded train demasks them to each other and they start getting closer. Actually pretty cute, even though the premise is as believable as Santa.

Hate my MIA! Hate my MIA! 人鳥ぺんぎん Hitotori Pengin
Dude masturbates to the softcore porn pictures his co-worker uploads, actually loathes said co-worker though. They end up fucking and falling in love, but somehow it's a snooze fest.

新芽のふたり Shinme no Futari 本間ぴるぱ Honma Pirupa
Two idols can't stand each other. Because one of them is photographed leaving a hotel with a woman, he is put on house arrest, with the other supervising him. They start having sex to alleviate sexual desire but later start dating. The other story is about an assistant director who works with an actor he's a fan of. Pretty standard stories but cute enough.

年下彼氏は宅配のお兄さんです。 Toshishita Kareshi wa Takuhaibin no Oniisan desu. 湯本みこ Yumoto Miko
Several short stories: A longhaired guy and his delivery company boyfriend, a gay guy who wakes up after having slept with his neighbour not remembering the events of the night, one guy in love with his childhood friend, a teacher with his former student. Sweet enough but didn't leave much of an impression.

見つけたボクのオメガ様 Mitsuketa boku no omega-sama 夏のティー Natsuno Tea
ABO. Omega used to be super cocky before being mercilessly bullied for being Omega, gets approached by former elementary school class mate Alpha. Alpha tries to make Omega fall for him and to make him cocky again. This was interesting as a thought experiment on what would happen in ABO realistically once the categorization is revealed, but other than that I didn't care for any of the characters.

❤︎ イキガミとドナー Ikigami to Donor 山中ヒコ Yamanaka Hiko
Sci-Fi in which countries fight wars with superpowered Ikigami, humans who can't be hurt by knives or explosions, are extremely strong and can fly. However, when they get hurt, normal medicine can't help them - they need a matching donor, who can heal them with bodily fluids (you know where this is going). A school teacher becomes the donor for an Ikigami. Surprisingly moving, I cried. Would recommend.

捨てないでマイヒーロー Sutenaide My Hero ひもだQ Himoda Q
ABO. Alpha is pursued by Omega he once protected in school, Omega promises to do everything for Alpha and later pressures the Alpha into biting him. Alpha is the uke and the relationship is actually kind of interesting/disfunctional.

先生、我慢できません Sensei, Gaman dekimasen Arinco Arinco
ABO. Alpha who is immune to pheromones teaches at a school for omegas and betas. All the kids in school fall in love with him, but as he doesn't smell the pheromones it doesn't cause him any trouble. Until of course he does smell one kid. Alpha teacher is the uke, but other than that it was kind of boring.

君はアルファ Kimi wa Alpha アサナエアラタ Asanae Arata
ABO. Two boys going to an elite school for Alphas, one turns into an omega by some medical shenanigans. Meh.

怒った顔もエロいです Okotta kao mo eroi desu ウノハナ Unohana
A TV producer who always gets angry at his assistant director at work, but actually they sleep together. The TV producer is afraid of the dark because of some trauma, information the AD first uses to ask him for sex. Nice angry uke. Not completed so far.

❤︎ 社長、おすわりの時間です Shachou, osuwari no jikan desu めがね Megane
Dom/sub. A sub company boss gets a new dom secretary. To stop the boss from having random hookups with doms, the secretary offers to take care of him. Nice dynamic. Incomplete.

❤︎ 素人ヤンキー♂危機一発!! Shirouto yankii ♂ Kiki ippatsu!! 八百 Yao
Yankii gets roped into doing porn with a popular porn actor. If you like seeing tough guys squirm and cry - 10/10.

エッチな彼氏は雄っぱいが好き Ecchi na kareshi wa oppai ga suki すーざん Suuzan
Personal trainer at a gym is interested in his latest client, turns out the client is interested in him too - especially his pecs. The drawing style isn't really my thing, but other than that it's quite inoffensive.

俺を見て。 Ore o mite. 百瀬あん Momose An
Friends since childhood, one in love with the other who he thinks is straight. One day he sees him kiss a man and decides to take action, and they make out but can't have sex because trauma or something. Two years later, they rekindle their relationship. IDK, the drama seemed quite fabricated and I couldn't really get invested in the characters. This is Momose An's first book, she got better ones.

年上彼氏のヤバイ性癖 Toshiue kareshi no yabai seiheki さばみそ Sabamiso
Young boy is lured into the home of a programmer with promises of video games (it's fine though, the programmer is hot and also the uke) and they start a relationship. The seme is in middle school, so maybe not quite shota? No idea honestly. Uke has a past of abuse. This was actually pretty good. Second story included is of a high schooler with a muscle fetish who gets a classmate to pose for pictures and measurements. Didn't like that one.

カラーにくちづけ Collar ni kuchizuke OOY OOY
Dom/sub universe. Sub was forcibly given a collar when he was in high school and he is unhappy with his relationship. During his job as a babysitter he meets a kind Dom who writes Dom/sub novels. The main couple was pretty cute together. I'll never understand why in BL involving children 5-year-olds are the same size as literal babies.

兄貴の一番おいしいところ Aniki no ichiban oishii tokoro 瑞原ザクロ Mizuhara Zakuro
Twins, one who is very talented with kyudo but useless in basically anything else, and one who has a serious brother-complex and does everything for his brother and is secretly in love with him. idk, I couldn't really get interested in the characters and twincest is maybe not my favourite trope either.

白峰くんはケモノに癒されたい Shiromine-kun wa kemono ni iyasaretai 桃季さえ Momoki Sae
Overworked office worker finds an invitation to a special relaxing space on his desk. Turns out it's a super immersive video game which also has an adult mode. This was so weird and bad, suddenly it turns out there are human/animal hybrids in the real world but also not and one of the office worker's co-workers is some kind of prince or whatever and… head scratch inducing.

今夜ベッドで待っていろ Kon'ya Bed de matteiru 斉川冬 Saikawa Fuyu
Two high schoolers who are dating - they should be so happy, but the seme evades all advances by the uke. Turns out, he's kind of afraid of breaking the small uke with his gigantic dick. As you are. Nice if you're into size differences, the uke was a bit too cute/female-coded for me.

黒猫は狼王子の夢を見るか Kuroneko wa Ookami Ouji no Yume o miru ka 野津ウドン Notsu Udon
Catboy always dreamt of one day finding his prince, finds him in a gay porn actor wolfboy. However when they meet and have sex by plot magic, wolfboy isn't as nice as expected. Catboy was pretty cute.

バイ・マイ・サイド By my Side ナツメカズキ Natsume Kazuki
Grown up childhood friends who live next door to each other, one day one of them sees the other masturbating and calling his name. A bit more realistic take on what would happen in a situation like this, even if both parties are interested. I like BL with grown-ups who react somewhat like actual people.

従順にワンと言って Juujun ni wan to itte 中川カネ子 Nakagawa Kaneko
A weird man comes into the police box of a young police officer at night and violates him (with a pen?!). Turns out the man is a detective of high rank, and he keeps coming to the young police officer. Tone-wise this was pretty weird, at some point they're suddenly in love. Also involves another short story about guys who monitor an experiment in which two guys are put in a room and told that they can only leave after a few days - unless they have sex, in which case they can leave immediately. Also involves another short story in which a couple isn't having sex yet and one of the guys finds onahos in the other's home. The sex parts in general are pretty good, the rest is meh.

教室を出たら俺のモノ Kyoushitsu o detara ore no mono しえろ Shiero
Super popular student is actually having sex with a non-popular classmate. Quite a lot of sex, I found the couple quite cute.

蜜果 Mitsuka akabeko akabeko
Host's boyfriend is the manager of a gay brothel. I don't even know what else to write about it, it's not bad though.

嫌いな上司は秘密のオナフレ Kirai na joushi wa himitsu no onafure KINACO KINACO
Two stories about masturbation in the workplace: Salaryman is found by a coworker after masturbating on the toilet and gets blackmailed into doing sexual things with him (and they of course fall in love because this is BL). Another salaryman wants someone to fuck him, goes to a gay bar, meets his boss, they fuck (and fall in love because this is BL). Kind of standard fare.

後藤さんは俺を買いたい Goto-san wa ore wo kaitai めがね Megane
Man goes into a gay bar and asks a high schooler there to let him buy him. The high schooler reminds the man of his first love. They start sleeping together for money, but of course feelings and whatever. Younger seme and glasses uke, not bad.

チャンネル登録よろしくね Channel touroku yoroshiku ne 三尾じゅん太 Mio Junta
Student has a YouTube account with his girlfriend, after she breaks up with him his friend offers to help out and they end up having a gay couple YouTube channel. This one felt like the writer expected there to be more than one volume, some loose threads and the friend character is implied to be of questionable morality which is never explored.

オオカミくんは俺しかいらない Ookami-kun wa ore shika iranai 美和 Miwa
Good-looking guy who had planned on being popular in high school has stopped growing, wants to learn to be manly to get female attention by copying a classmate. It does not go as expected.

スロー・ラブ・ライフ Slow Love Life 三木原針 Mikihara Shin
Man opens a restaurant in the boonies, gets helped out by a younger guy. They slowly develop a relationship. This was pretty cozy, I liked it.

アイドル君は暴かれたい Idol-kun wa abakaretai 縞ほっけ Shimahokke
Paparazzi is trying to land a scoop, turns out he used to go to the same school as a famous idol. When he meets said idol during his work, he gets invited into the idol's home, gets drunk and they fuck - which the paparazzi obviously tries to use for his big break. I like idol BL, this was pretty standard fare but cute enough.

No. 171949

Thank you for your work nonna may the yaoi god watch over you

No. 171976

I want to hurry and get better at Japanese so I can drown myself in yaoi just like you anon

No. 171980

where are you reading them?

No. 172013

I pay money for them.
Most I buy digitally on CMOA, some I buy physical copies from second hand stores and some I rent from Tsutaya. I live in Japan so access is not a problem at all. Which is a problem in itself.

No. 172044

How many BL manga do you have so far? Since most books are covered in plastic in Japanese bookstores I was worried about buying BL I wouldn't like just based on the cover back when I was in Japan. So I just bought things I already read online for free and that weren't released yet in my country. Which I kinda regret because these manga were released literally right after I went back to my country and they're uncensored, and the translations are good.

No. 172058

Digitally way over a hundred, physically it's 6 right now. I tend to read them and then sell them again. I read a lot of stuff that's not that great. Not actively bad, but also not something I'll remember. So yeah, I've spent way too much money on shit I didn't enjoy that much, but such is life.
In general I buy by author if I liked something by them before, or if someone recommends something (nonnas in this thread as well!) I'll give it a look. And then of course there are books I buy just by cover or the free samples, and sometimes that can be money down the drain. Chil Chil is also a pretty great resource if you're looking for something specific.

No. 172059

I should check Chil Chil again, I followed them on Twitter long ago but I'm too lazy to practice reading Japanese since I forgot so many kanji.

No. 172094

has anyone here made a compilation of BL vns reccs? I'm willing to play anything as long as it looks decent and has an eng translation
just no full blown barashit lol

No. 172095

I think there's one on /blog/, I'll check it out if you want.

No. 172096

Samefag, there's this rec for both otoge and BL games, I found it on /blog/: https://pastebin.com/dDnYWGem

It's more about manga but there's this one from the BL discussion thread on /y/: https://controlc.com/d35582dd And then there's that one anon who posts on a regular basis about manga as well: >>171933

No. 172097


No. 172692

I've started hashihime and
I really like the atmosphere of the game, also because I'm a sucker for taisho era aesthetic. I'm gonna be honest, the time travel concept is kinda overdone but I like that it's a fresh take on it. I've reached the part where they kidnap Minakami and put him in a basement and I have no idea where they're heading with the plot lol.

No. 172753

Glad to see others playing it! It’s one of my favorite VNs (at least for the first two routes) and I’m also very excited for their upcoming game!

No. 172754

File: 1638657926415.jpg (347.07 KB, 1699x1200, __dimitri_alexandre_blaiddyd_a…)

i know this is a old post but thank you for speaking about this, its driven me insane past few months. I really miss the time when fe3h was at its peak hype and the amount of amazing fanfics including felix were coming out in rapid speed. I still love ships including felix but like you said nowadays its all tranny stuff and its common in western side of fanart twitter too. Hes a amazing character and did not deserve this treatment. I hope you can return to fanfics one day again anon

No. 172851

I've finished minakami and kawase's routes and I wish kawase was a bit more brutal with tamamori during their sex scene kek. But on a more serious note so far it ended up having a ton of unexpected plot twists, it really is a good VN.

No. 172864

File: 1638728211447.jpeg (323.6 KB, 1200x1670, 393985C9-5CE2-4B1B-A089-9DCEC8…)

Minkami is the canon route but I’m more into Kawase honestly, probably because he doesn’t baby Tamamori honestly.

No. 172879

Kawase is my favorite too cause I love their bickering. Also I finished hanazawa's route just now and what the hell was that ending.

No. 172895

ntayrt what did you think of the true route?

No. 172901

I finished professor's route and tamamori is starting to get on my nerves. I really can't stand the obnoxious tsundere "i'm 100% straight" BL trope I know he's in love with minakami and supposed to be an asshole but the way he's written at times makes me want to smack him.

No. 172904

caught up with jjba, any anons have author recs for fic or smth? i’m new to jjba so idk how the fujoscene looks like for that yet.

No. 173175

No. 173205

File: 1638991704380.png (1010.63 KB, 1226x584, 9DF29560-8F00-4F2F-AC8D-6B3354…)

Shiki meme

No. 173261

File: 1639028932323.png (513.44 KB, 1010x569, minacuckmi.png)

Hi I'm also here to blogpost about my hashihime playthrough, I just finished the first route last night and the biggest thing I noticed was that one of the H CG has Tamamori's foot backwards… Did no one notice? kek In general the faces are fine but the art is really wonky at times. I'll take it though.

I'm looking forward to Kawase's route the most and then the Professor's even though I've heard The first two routes are the best ones. Unfortunately, while the story was quite compelling, Tamamori's voice and personality (at times) annoyed the shit out of me for no discernable reason and while I liked Minakami, I didn't really feel THAT much for him. I'm also generally not a fan of 'muh fated lover reincarnated over and over' shit so it didn't really land for me personally. Now I'm going to go through the rest of the game and think about how I'm basically cucking Minakami in any route that's not his. Also, the hottest guy in the game so far is future Tamamori. What the fuck? I also did not expect to literally make no choices in the game, I went in blind and thought it was a normal VN.

I'll come back with more long thoughts after I finish the next route. Does anyone know if the switch version cut out the sex scenes? The JP trailer states the rating is CERO-D but the English desc of said trailer states 12+. I want to get my fujo friend who doesn't play VNs to play this. Thanks nonnas.

No. 173263

if you think tamamori is annoying during minakami's route wait for the others because oh boy he gets worse

No. 173278

The only thing PH is good for is to upload sex scenes of gay vns and of course it has to delete them. I'm so fucking pissed off I can't find ONE complete playthrough of any bl vn.

No. 173302

>I'm basically cucking Minakami in any route that's not his
This is pretty much stated in most of the routes aside from Kawase since Tamamori only seems to actually have romantic feelings for Minakami and Kawase while everyone else he just fucks because he's bored or he gets raped by

No. 173303

File: 1639080992144.jpg (130.45 KB, 600x600, 718499.jpg)

I honestly never found Tamamori that annoying (aside from the 'I'm not gay but I fuck men' meme he has), I thought he was stupid yes but I genuinely felt bad for him a lot of the time and related to a lot of the stuff he was struggling with especially his whole 'I have no actual friends' stuff.

Anyway here's a cute but silly plushie of him.

No. 173309

thats not true. he has real feelings for
kaoru as well kek

No. 173311

sonhusband…… this paired with hanazawa's random rape scene and tamamori who reads like an early 2000s tsundere uke make me think that the creator is an old school fujo

No. 173340

No. 173343

it keeps redirecting me saying its suspended

No. 173348

It was working just a few mins ago, why is it a suspended website now?

No. 173360

It's still being coded and worked on

No. 173364

I've started sweet pool and i'm really digging the saya no uta vibes since it's one of my favorite horror series but god I wish the art looked different lmao

No. 173371

That was my first reaction to Sweetpool as well, ngl it took some hours in game until I got used to the style, I still think it's fitting the atmosphere of the story.

No. 173374

alright it's best friend turning yandere time

No. 173387

looks cute!

No. 173415

Horus finally arrived. I'm going to fucking explore

No. 173624

File: 1639337405193.jpg (96.76 KB, 850x728, ssalbulre2.jpg)

I don't have anything to contribute except I'm replaying Pokemon Sun and reminded of how much I love this type of pairing. "Bad boy" getting dominated by a more prim and proper boy.

No. 173646

File: 1639347993808.jpeg (207.66 KB, 588x325, 4FA71376-5992-41DE-8DA1-8DEE51…)

anorectal violence

No. 173651

This should be a banner nona kek

No. 173661

Prime taste, I also thought the skull grunts would look cute with the aether employees when I played Moon

No. 174221

Fujochan is officially up and running


No. 174237

not to nitpick but please choose darker font because i cant read anything on the front page at all.

No. 174310

I'm in awe. Radfems couldn't get their imageboard yet the 10 lolcow fujos could. Good for you all.

No. 174313

wow I can't belive someone actually made it, props. a /site/ board is the only thing missing.

No. 174333

Does it have spoiler functions?

No. 174341

File: 1639843168243.jpeg (597.34 KB, 1536x2048, EF466D2B-728B-45F9-B24D-A6128F…)

>click the link
>search around the site
>go to /ex/
>’how ‘extreme’ can it be? Probably Omega stuff lol’
>immediately greeted with shota shit
>immediately close tab

Is this stuff just going to be allowed on the site? I feel kinda grossed out by that tbh

No. 174342

Immediately same

No. 174345

Idk, as long as it doesn't get the site yeeted, I personally don't care as long as it's only in an "extreme" space with all the other degen shit

No. 174348

I saw the discussion about this in /ot/ and honestly the /ex/ kind of stuff attracts too many degenerate scrotes so imo it should be removed. Gore and actual toddler cp shotacon is almost exclusively moidshit. Also how do we know this isn't some shitty honeypot for user IPs? I'm tinfoiling hard here.

No. 174349

I like guro so I would like it to stay but I agree on the hoenypot front, the site looks like it was made in 5 minutes.

No. 174351

>Site is half broken
>Horrible no effort layout
>Literally the only thread in /misandry/ is about bitching about Aidens
>/ex/ board to host pedoshit
>Suddenly a bunch of spergy otomefags screeching about the pedostuff and how fujos approve of pedophilia unlike """them""" pure otome maidens
I'm growing suspicious, is this some retarded psyop by null or something?

No. 174353

I'm also suspicious, but it's weird for a troll to include boards like fantasy reproduction and yumejo, so maybe it's just an amateur, I hope it is.

No. 174354

>Suddenly a bunch of spergy otomefags screeching about the pedostuff and how fujos approve of pedophilia unlike """them""" pure otome maidens
Where? Are you talking about the anons on the fujo site? I don't see any sperging about it in this thread tbh, just people voicing their dislike of the pedoshit there

No. 174355

Check /ot/'s things we hate thread, I'm too lazy to figure out how to crosslink from another board

No. 174362

No. 174382

Your favorite bl artists have most likely drawn and read shota. You have to understand that to Japan it isn't the same as actual CP and it shouldn't be the same to you either. Normies get out reeee.

No. 174386

i don’t give a shit about what’s normal in japan. japan also has skyrocketing rates of irl pedophilia. shota/loli is weird

No. 174400

Not all japanese BL artists are into shota, and not all BL artists are japanese anyway. Afaik shota artists tend to be degenerate males while BL is drawn mainly by women so I doubt that literally every BL artist has drawn or is into shota.

No. 174403

will be fixed when I get in contact with someone good at CSS
yes, type in the spoiler code for text
the site is still small with little to no users so far so we kind of lumped things together until there was a need to separate, shota thread is removed and the shota anons will get their own board so they won't post that stuff in other boards, not sure if I should keep it hidden or not though.
>Also how do we know this isn't some shitty honeypot for user IPs?
I do not get anyone's IP, it shows up to me as a long line of text and symbols, even my own, so I cannot read it or use it to dox anyone, we just compare it to see who is samefagging in a malicious way or to keep track of trolls if they appear
>Site is half broken
still fixing many of the issues with the original code as much as I can, would you like to share specific issues you have so I can add them to the list? would appreciate that

No. 174424

>You have to understand that to Japan it isn't the same as actual CP

Uh no. Most normal Japanese people are embarrassed and made uncomfortable by it.

No. 174425

The point is fujos producing it aren't doing it with the intention of it being CP, regardless of how you feel about it. This is the same debate as the violent video games one.

Eh well let's keep it to japanese artists since they're the ones mostly producing bl. I didn't say all of them were into it, but you would be surprised. Women drawing shota or manga with young boys experienced a boom in 2015. All those big fujo and kid's anime also have big female shotacon fanbases. Like I said chances are some of your favorite jp authors are into it too. It's not a big deal.

No. 174426

I meant in the context of fujos and bl authors. Obviously not normal people.

No. 174428

Shota used to be popular and more accepted. Yana herself ships Sebaciel and Kuroshitsuji was hugely popular back in the day. Honestly I'm disgusted that you would even correlate it with real children because they look nothing alike.

No. 174432

Thank you, finally some common sense. You explain it better than I can.

No. 174433

I'm actually amazed that some of you guys when into scouting and reported the contents of the website when I can barely read their rules on the frontpage.

not another shota discourse we are entering 2022 so fucking fast rn

No. 174453

my biggest question is why someone would be into sexual drawings of child bodies. and i don’t like the excuse that it doesn’t look like real children because i’ve come across some that does. no it’s not the same as real cp but i would judge the fuck out of someone who openly admitted to being into it. it’s just weird and skeevy

No. 174455

Do you think all furries wanna fuck animals too?

No. 174464

if someone doesn’t want to fuck children why can’t they look at regular paintings/artwork etc which features children? if you’re looking at sexualised and eroticised artwork of children i’m going to assume you have a certain level of sexual attraction to children. and i think most sane people would think the same. extreme internet and coom brainrot has convinced you otherwise.

if you’re a furry who likes sexualised drawings of animals i’m going to assume you have some level of attraction to animals, if you like artwork that is not anthropomorphic. it’s the same deal. if you have a normal appreciation of animals you can enjoy numerous art of animals that isn’t sexualised.

also bestiality is not as bad as pedophilia in my opinion.

No. 174465

As a fujo idk why some of them try to justify the shota thing. I personally find them cute like looking at a rabbit or something. NSFW shota are when its truly degenerate male behavior though. Just enjoy your shota shit quietly and move on, dont justify it bc you really cant. Youre pedos nonnies

No. 174469

lmao yes

No. 174476

exactly this. i don’t even consider cutesy non nsfw drawings of children to be shota. when i refer to shota i mean the sexual shit which is disgusting and not justifiable

No. 174478

idk, i'd say it depends on how young they are. if you nonas are talking about actual children that's degenerate behavior but young teenagers are a pretty normal thing among japanese fujos.

No. 174482

I still stand by the claim that women can't be pedos. If they could, men wouldn't make up 99% of all child abuse cases. Just like women don't become serial killers strangling prostitutes or internet dates just because they have the urge to kill. If I see a moid who's into shota I assume that the FBI should check their hard drive, discord logs and basement immediately, but if I see a woman liking shota? It's repulsive, but ultimately I roll my eyes and leave. I assume she's probably dealing with some sexual distortion and only into shota because they can't hurt or threaten her or she's self-inserting into one and calling her out will probably make her even more messed up. It's a controversial opinion but I will never act as if men and women doing the same thing has the exact same reasoning behind them when women, according to all possible statistics, are not violent or degenerate as men.

As for the anons (mostly outside of this thread but I know they lurk) calling slender teenage boys "shotas", stop muddying the conversation. Some fujo liking a 18-year old twink is not pedophilia.

No. 174485

I think the problem is that you think they see them as real children. To me they simply don't, they look like anime boys. Anime boys don't act or look like real people. I think most fujos make a clear distinction between 2D and 3D.

I mean, I also do not like real gays or support them in the slightest despite loving BL. A lot of fujos are like that too. What I see in anime/manga is just not comparable to real life.

But I don't blame you. Not all people into shota think like that, (specially outside of Japan) and I would also be wary until finding out how they see it.

It depends. Furry is a western thing so they don't have this autistic perception of 3DPD. They also try to live their fantasies irl with furrsuits and always have weird child related fetishes like diapers and wetting. I would not trust them same as I wouldn't trust a fujo with a life size anime boy doll.

No. 174487

>I mean, I also do not like real gays or support them in the slightest despite loving BL. A lot of fujos are like that too.
Speak for yourself, despite the misogyny in gay circles I still support anyone's right to be homosexual and gay men aren't inherently bad because they're gay, their misogyny is based on being men and born into male entitlement. Catty HSTSs and IRL twinks who seethe over bio vaginas and call them fish smelling stinks because straight men won't fuck them are a subset despised even by other gay men because they're petty and bitter. That's why they lust after straight men specifically and experience jealousy over women.

I do agree that the male characters in BL are not at all comparable to real life moids and more akin to women in male bodies but going as far as to claiming that "no fujos support irl gay men" is some thinly veiled homophobia instead of valid manhate. Some anons on this site really tell on themselves when their main problem seems to be with t4t aidens and gay men.

No. 174489

>I mean, I also do not like real gays or support them in the slightest despite loving BL. A lot of fujos are like that too.
I hate moids and scrotes in general but homophobia is retarded, your blanket statement is not appreciated, reddit spacing anon.

No. 174490

>defends shota
>doesn’t support irl gay men

the state…

No. 174501

File: 1639919439894.jpeg (357.22 KB, 1125x812, 82EC82D5-1903-427E-81C6-657BBB…)

the moment anon comments on ugh ew shota on an external fujo imageboard and thread has escalated into another unhinged discussion that could've taken place on twitter. i am so tired.

unrelated topic, any anon here have any cringe BL webtoon to recommend. I recently ran into this one called Authentic Gay Education (which is, surprisingly written by YD - Blindplay author). There are only three chapters scanlated and it's absolutely garbage.

okay drama related but YD got her twitter suspended earlier this month because of antishippers and it's so fucking funny

No. 174540

So many bad takes in one post, Christ. While liking shota isn't a crime, it's gross and I'm going to judge you for it.

Hating gay people while jerking off to them is moid behavior. While gay men in real life obviously aren't much like the characters in BL, they're still human beings that deserve to be treated fairly, ffs. Also, not all of us are NEETs who are repulsed by real life men, don't project your femceldom on the rest of us. I like drawings of hot guys and photos of them, cope.

If I didn't know better, I'd assume anon was a moid, but she probably just lives in a third world country or something kek.

No. 174545

The point is I make a clear difference between 2D and 3D, like a lot of other fujos do. To me no anime boy of any age looks or acts anything like a real person, so that's why I don't equate shota to real CP.
Also I made sure I said not ALL fujos are like this so please read more carefully.

I don't hate men (I have a bf), or gays. I simply have no reason to like them just because I like anime boys. They are two different things.

No. 174577

Yes I fetishize gay men and no I don't support gay rights. Cry about it

No. 174578

You do understand that "I don't hate gays, I just don't like them" isn't a very convincing statement? Either you're ESL and aren't coming across clearly enough or you're just an idiot.

Shit bait, leave

No. 174580

It's not bait I don't give a shit about any IRL man including gay ones.

No. 174697

File: 1639970371546.jpg (42.82 KB, 860x1200, 5ae.jpg)

>Yes I fetishize gay men and no I don't support gay rights. Cry about it
>It's not bait I don't give a shit about any IRL man including gay ones.

No. 174715

File: 1639974797246.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

Gay shit is hot regardless of whether it's 2D or 3D. If you're seething at IRL gays when you could be happily watching them make out, I feel bad for you. Gay rights also means more media with men kissing in it, and I fail to see how that's a problem.

No. 174723

File: 1639980140901.png (2.35 MB, 1600x900, cover12.png)

No. 174728

nta but I know for a fact that IRL gay scrotes are disgusting and more likely degenerate, plus IRL gay sex seems unappealing asf
fecal matter and the disgusting terms they use(bussy, daddy, babyboy) and I just give up
I prefer 2d males or 2d depictions of 3d males

No. 174731

Really obvious samefagging, jfc.

No. 174732

gay men are no more degenerate than straight men.

No. 174733

I mean. Yeah men are gross. Sometimes that's part of the appeal, though. Sometimes you want some dirty boys being all sloppy with each other.

I really don't understand why people have so many hang-ups about anal. Just do prep and/or wear a condom. Plus there are plenty of other ways two men can have sex, and there are actually gay men out there who don't like anal themselves. Seems like kind of a dumb thing to judge people for.

No. 174734

Degeneracy is a problem with scrotes in general regardless of sexuality (I know, this is the fujoshi thread and I have no room to talk.) I think men have very addiction-prone personalities and that it typically manifests as an overindulgence in kink/porn. For instance, I doubt anyone here looks at explicit yaoi as much as the average scrote looks at porn.

No. 174736

>the homophobe-chan made it to samefag here
You're not even a fucking fujo and you're here just to sperg about how much you hate ~the homos~, you can go do this shit in literally any other thread than the fujo thread of all places. I'm sorry your bisexual Nigel cheated on you with a tranny or you're on one of your crack-induced drug highs again but I don't fucking care and I hate how you derail and ruin multiple threads with this retarded obsession of yours so take it outside and don't come back. And in the case you're just a scrote trying to stir shit, unironically contribute to the male suicide stats.

No. 174738

hate anything involving real human asses, just the thought it makes me wanna hurl

No. 174746

the thought of being an anal hating fujo is so funny to me

No. 174751

I'm not an autist, I understand that 2D is fiction and the males depicted are nothing close to actual human beings
Its not that hard to comprehend

No. 174766

it’s still funny omg

No. 174793

does the peepee in the poopoo makes you go weewoo

No. 174821

Why is /yumejo/ even a thing? It's an imageboard for fujos not husbando sperging.

No. 174827

Maybe it's for fujoshi who are also obsessed with their husbandos despite not shipping all of them with guys?

No. 174831

I'm the anon who posted >>174697, I just think she's based, just because I share her opinions doesn't mean I'm her, the fact you had to imply she's samefagging just so you could defend your 3DPD homos is just weird, just let her be and stop playing activist, moids wouldn't do this shit for anyone as far as I'm concerned. This is a thread for fujos not for members of the 3D gay defense squad, go back to Twitter.

No. 174841

Sorry anon but seeing how many fujos are lesbians the homophobia won't fly. This has been seen so many times before, it starts with the palatable "I just hate gay males because I hate all moids, it's only fair" plea and then advances to "actually fuck all IRL gay people" soon enough.
>inb4 "I'm a lesbian myself I just hate faggots!!!! uwu"
Yeah right. This "fags are all degenerate misogynists" rhetoric is some underage k-pop avatar polilez shit. Take this retardation to /ot/.

No. 174842

wtf is this shit? Where is my Marx x Engels doujin

No. 174845

>seeing how many fujos are lesbians the homophobia won't fly
Being homophobic towards males homos is not discrimination against female homos, lesbians are okay, gay males are degenerate, cope faghag.

No. 174846

cuntboys are most definitely not everyones cup of tea but ive got to ask any anons here who do like that sort of thing, how did the communities surrounding it change after the ayyden pandemic? i know the term itself got blacklisted from some websites tagging system for being "offensive".

No. 174853

>got her twitter suspended earlier this month because of antishippers

no, she got banned because she doxxed and contacted the parents of someone who was scanning/translating/uploading YD's manhwa online on instagram. Not to mention the threats of lawsuits and monterary compensation.

She was absolutely fucking wrong for that, but the scanlator should've stopped uploading after the first request, too.

No. 174857

I'm not fond of "cuntboys"(just the name makes me wanna throw up) but I somewhat get it with regards to BL
The "Yaoi Hole's" of BL characters function more like well cunts then assholes, It wouldn't be that big of a leap to go from that to actual functioning Vaginas

No. 174865

what's up with the fujo/yume divide?

No. 174866

NTA but in my experience the bad blood mainly originates from yumes who have a superiority complex over fujos, seeing them as degenerate coomers while regarding themselves as pure-hearted maidens despite a lot of otome being just as dubious as BL, often even more so due to the heterosexual dynamic. Sometimes they're unapologetically homophobic too, complaining about fujos ruining their husbando by headcanoning them as gay or being disgusted by lesbian fujos. Of course there's a lot of overlap between the communities (usually straight fujos are also yumejos etc) so #NotAllYumes but that's just the main reason for the division and what I've also experienced in real life.

No. 174870

the fujo/yume beef is incredibly dumb when we all should fight the real enemy: obnoxious het shippers

No. 174871

The real enemy should be scrotes and pedo shit.

No. 174872

Isn't that what yumes do though? Self-insert into a female character and become hellbent on shipping them with their husbando of choice.

No. 174873

Technically shippers and yumes aren't the same, yumes want the man themselves. Look at the retarded hornyposting and husbando devotion threads in /g/ to see yumejos in action.

No. 174883

shippers see the female character as a separate being and enjoy it more as a typical romance, sometimes they'll even says stuff like "i'm so gay for her, she's hotter than him etc

No. 174885

Nah there’s loads of us, maybe the yuri part isn’t as common though. It’s just people who are adamantly for/against a certain side are the most vocal and the most annoying

No. 174886

Is there anyone else like me? I'm a yumejo and a fujo and into some yuri. I'll pair them up multiple ways. Why do I feel unheard of? I think its more fun this way. I love the potential of conflict and threesomes from yaoi shit crashing into anything yumejo…..

No. 174887

Sorry I edited. Its honestly like even more fun this way. Because if she does dom stuff and a BL pairing is mixed in it can be priceless.

No. 174888

Ma'am, this is the fujo thread. Pretty sure you're not "one of a kind" but the majority of all shippers, if anything it's the fujos that get shunned for shipping exclusively m/m. f/f is for male coomers and overrun with AGP troons and m/f is just not interesting because I can't relate to a straight pairing but I still have to constantly explain myself for being only into m/m material.

No. 174889

God I'd love to see a hot bisexual FMM threesome in otome media. I've never seen it. It's a fantasy of mine.

No. 174890

But I love bl I'd never shun any of you I adore you all sniff

No. 174893

I think all of you should take over the world and make BL mainstream in the west already. You just have to come up with amazing content that can't be criticized aside from it's BL slant. Sure it could be really controversial and make people infuriated because it's so damn popular and good but all it takes is good writing and good art. I wish more bl fans took themselves seriously enough to make something huge.

No. 174894

It was done with Yuri on Ice already and people still refused to believe Yuuri and Victor were gay despite getting fucking engaged kek or tried to find whatever problematic crumbs they could to bitch about it

No. 174895

>>174894 could still be better than Yuri on ice.

No. 174896

chinese fujos are doing a pretty good job, lbr their stuff is already much better than original japanese BL

No. 174897

Okay? It was a worldwide success even hyped up by western ice skating professionals and beloved by even people who normally aren't interested in BL and opened up the gates for more animated gay content. And like >>174896 said Chinese fujos are printing money with Danmei and taking over the world with it, a lot of them have gotten worldwide English translated releases. What the fuck more should be done? People will hate fujos and fujo content no matter how popular it becomes and people will continue to find things wrong with it because homophobia and misogyny exists in the root of society. People hate the thought of women having something that can't be sexualized and appropriated by men and that's only meant for female enjoyment so they try to shame them into submission. That's why China banned pretty boys, men were seething over women being "brainwashed" by all these beautiful boys into raising their expectations for regular men and demanding more pandering for women only. The problem isn't fujos being lazy because fujos have one of the most active, productive small community even to the point Comiket was originally an event with a majority of fujo women organizing it but of course they had to be fucked over by pedo moids cooming to lolis just out of spite. It's absolutely not fair to accuse them of "not doing enough".

No. 174898

like can you imagine japanese fujos writing stuff like tgcf, mdzs, shapolang, white shizun etc? an entertaining plot with fun characters, action scenes, and the main couple becoming canon at the end? no, we only get short stories and fujobait like sk8

No. 174899

what the fuck are you talking about, is this a ccp shill or something? Who do you think inspired the Chinese fujos to write their stories? Whose drawing style are they imitating with the comic adaptations and illustrations? Why are you comparing danmei to fujobait bullshit like sk8 instead of actual BL?

No. 174900

I think the main issue is that they're not creating enough entertaining original content that is also explicitly gay. let's take the creator of black butler and the designer of twisted wonderland (forgot her name), we all know she's a real fujo but she never makes anything canon. that doesn't happen with danmei

No. 174901

because actual BL is boring! nothing happens, the stories are painfully short

No. 174902

>how to out yourself as a newfag without admitting it

No. 174903

even korean manhwa BL creators are more inspired…

No. 174904

jp is better at sex scenes, young romance, and fulfilling every niche.
danmeis are good at writing entertaining stories with a dash of bl(the sex scenes are kinda trash fuck you jinping)

No. 174905

I think that's my issue, original jp BL is usually just porn or slice-of-life romance

No. 174906

so why dont you just try other countries bl?

No. 174908

i did that's why i was saying cn/kr BL is better

No. 174910

late af, I was excited for this too but this is a no for me as well. Some shit needs to be banned on sight instead of tolerated, not even for ‘containment’ purposes.
Serious goals. It’s worth it for this >>174894 alone, there is nothing funnier than the nohomo audience trying to cope for enjoying something like that.

No. 174912

BL existing in japan as a genre is both good and bad
>the good
fujos have their safe space
>the bad
gay ships are very unlikely to happen in mainstream media. basically the writer won't make a gay ship canon because it doesn't fit the "genre

No. 174915

I prefer it that way, I know that in the west there'd be so much pointless politics involved it it and plus who wants fat scrotes drawn for the sake of body positivity

No. 174919

It is already the case in a way, when you look at fanworks. As for original stories in the West, I'm not up to date but Netflix loved shoving lgbTTTTQQQ+++ shit in their shows apparently but I don't watch anything on Netflix so correct me if I'm wrong. What about YA novels? How are they?

No. 174925

idc about the west i just like the surprise factor of a gay ship becoming canon. i watched mirai nikki expecting it to be just scrote pandering and the gay kiss came like a shock, not saying that it was a canon ship but the kiss itself i mean it's kinda cool if it's unexpected you know?

No. 174969

Late post but this, gay men are no better or worse than straight men. They just don't have a woman there to tard wrangle them most of the time like straight scrotes do
I enjoy a good het pairing now and then, but dear god so many het shippers are god awful. I've seen (adult, as in 30+)fanboys have total meltdowns over fujos shipping their favorite self-insert MC with another dude instead of their preferred female character so many times, it's insane

No. 174972

kek I forgot all about Mirai Nikki and its bargain bin Kaworu expy

No. 175006

YA novels are probably the closest Western equivalent to BL. you can find tons of novels of varying quality featuring gay relationships, especially as over the past few years there’s been a boom in popularity of this type of content. to name a few (not all of these are strictly YA but have gained popularity with teens) the raven cycle, six of crows, all for the game series, red white and royal blue, the song of achilles, carry on trilogy, heartstopper graphic novel series, dark rise, the mortal instruments, i’ll give you the sun, tim te maro and the subterranean heartsick blues, aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe.
the biggest issue at the moment is aidens writing self insert stories where one of the characters is FTM therefore making the gay relationship a straight one. probably most of the main demographic for these books don’t think of it that way but I do and I tend to avoid them.
netflix does tend to put gay couples in everything but not to the extent that you could call any of their shows the equivalent of say, a live action thai BL series.

No. 175029

File: 1640137403251.png (1.15 MB, 725x1024, TitansBride1_000_1024x1024.png)

hey nonas, i randomly found this series online, i never watch yaoi but i am super into this type of pairing! does anyone have more recs for something like this, with both characters being very contrasted to each other? i especially love a big muscular man with a twink.

No. 175036

I guess that's Japan own growth past its Homophobia

No. 175042

File: 1640149446418.jpg (Spoiler Image,333.76 KB, 1000x1412, eroelf_001.jpg)

read this a few days ago and i've never been one to read purely porny yaoi, but i'm really impressed. i'd loved to see other nona's opinion on this persons work

also link:https://myreadingmanga.info/inumiso-sexy-armor-elf-eng/

No. 175049

File: 1640151797524.jpg (59.94 KB, 480x696, E5qo2Q1XwAUUmdY.jpg)

I know you've probably already read this.. but in case to haven't already .. what do I know !


No. 175052

YA is trash no offense. I want to see young adults in BL but I don't want to see them in something as contrived as YA. And honestly for who ever said Yuri on ice was amazing… Yuri on ice is a heap of garbage. It's no where close to having high standards. If the writer was aiming for high standards it wouldn't look anything like that gaggggg. No offense but it's no wonder yaoi gets such bad PR. Only reason anyone really hates it is because it's always made to look like a dumpster fire

No. 175053

And yes I would say Yuri on ice looks like a dumpster fire lol

No. 175054

This doesn't though! Insert drool

No. 175055

This though.. this is too much, this is horrifying.

No. 175058

Kek of all things you were impressed by this huh… you'll enjoy this author's other works then. It really bothers me that she draws the head really long and slightly too big and the ahegaos look comical 9/10 times but I read all her stuff anyway kek.

No. 175061

Yeah this is just I don't know too, too feminine I guess
It feels like Yuri then Yaoi

No. 175062

File: 1640154535794.jpg (119.28 KB, 736x1309, 3f04685db4f6a3cf616b05b818d71f…)

This show is amazing, I don't know how more people haven't fallen in love with it a dozen times over.

No. 175071

Why do you keep comparing danmei to non-BL content? Kuroshitsuji and Sk8 aren't BL. And of course BL doesn't get made into a high-budget anime, no crusty boomer producer wants to show two men kissing. The only reason why the Chinese novels gets animated adaptations in the first place is that they censor all the gay away so that it fits censorship rules in China.

I swear current-wave fujos only into danmei and Korean webtoons have never even read Japanese content, novels or comics, and base their views on fanfics, hearsay and the smut doujins they read at 15, not legitimate BL series.

Fucking sage your shit and put it in the same post, this isn't twitter. Are you underage or just retarded?

No. 175072

This is /m/ its very slow and the general rule is to not sage and I only made one of these posts

No. 175073

just men. women should not fight. take all this fujo/yume autism and put it towards moids obsessed with moeshit

No. 175075

Fujoshi, yumejoshi and female het shippers should form an alliance to exterminate all male otaku from Earth.

No. 175079

I can ignore moids but i can't ignore annoying ships

No. 175081

File: 1640164817999.jpg (144.08 KB, 500x500, 1634879182650.jpg)

I strongly agree. Good lord I agree so hard. All the petty grumpyness just.. can we just leave it and have a good time my God.

"No!! You can not have a good time because I hate fag pairings"

Like chill and masterbate okay there's something for everyone. I don't know why it's hard to love both as long as they're done really well.. Either way screw moids, Look at things that will piss them off either way and enjoy it. It's priceless.

No. 175082

Het ships are shit, otome is shit, I have literally no interest in either. I really don't understand why these things are being discussed in the fujo thread and we are being demanded to express solidarity with yumes and hetshippers who always treat fujos like something they scraped off the bottom of their soles, and on the top of it all people are bitching about Japanese BL being "uninspired" and talking about "hot bisexual MMF threesomes". I miss Gangrape-chan and her contributions to the thread.

This, I can just stay away from degenerate pedo moids by not liking stuff directed towards pedo moids but I can't ignore the straight bitches who force their scrote pandering self insert het ship on me and repeatedly call me a misogynist for preferring a m/m ship to that despite being a lesbian. Fuck all this performative "let's just be friends uwu" crap when at the same time fujos are always the only ones being expected to bend a knee.

No. 175083

File: 1640165159101.jpg (70.27 KB, 566x600, Natsume.Yuujinchou.600.752254.…)

It's not real either way, so how could it possibly matter. This may be difficult to hear but you can't control what fujoshis/yumejos put online, you're just going to make yourself bitter.

No. 175084

File: 1640165509551.jpg (52.53 KB, 433x600, Natsume.Yuujinchou.600.842902(…)

Maybe leave room for vagueness enough to assume the best about say… Someone like me who might exist because I also love BL.

No. 175085

>tfw 95% of female oriented media panders directly to them and they still need to invade fujo places

No. 175087

Pretty much, imagine how it went down if a fujo went to /otogen/ only to talk about gay shit and how anons' number 1 husbando would actually prefer a fat cock up his ass. She would be called every name in the book and driven away and even I can admit that's a justified reaction seeing how it's contrary to the topic of the thread. But here in /fujo/ we always have to deal with this "p-please stop bullying hetshippers/yumes we're all friends here" crap because they can't stand the thought of having one place where people don't give a shit about how much they want to personally fuck a dude. If you're a yume/hetshipper then fine but at least have the common courtesy of posting only m/m here.

To start off with, why should I humour them when all we get in return is them accusing fujos of imaginary pedophilia and misogyny all the time? My patience has been worn out ages ago and the recent /ot/ infight of spergs placing the blame of /ex/'s pedoshit at every fujo's feet here didn't do anything to remedy it.

No. 175089

how can you call yuri on ice a heap of garbage when it's the first BL-oriented show that gained such popularity everywhere? and it beat popular scrote anime in terms of bluray sales? and it's animated by mappa, yeah it looks bad at times but the first episode had good animation, it had good seiyuus, good music and during its airing it made a lot of people happy

No. 175090

And for a TV animation the animation was fucking top notch, a lot of the more jumbled ones were fixed for the BluRay release seeing how they were under time constraints for the TV airing. It was phenomenal during its time and treated a gay couple like a regular romance with great writing not only with the relationship between Yuuri and Victor but also the pains of a competitive career and the artistry of ice skating. Anon going literally "ugghhh like, gaaagggg, why does it look like thaaaaat???" is so retarded it makes me wonder if someone is camping this thread just to bait people.

No. 175091

even the plot, it's not like typical shoujo or isekaishit is written better (everyone praises konosuba for its le comedy but i found it trashy so). at least it had a good amount of plot twists for what is a figure skating show and it's miles better than free/sk8. the writing might not be haikyuu tier but most anime series aren't either

No. 175092

I'm not a Fujo or Yume or whatever(I'm not into 2d fictional men as a whole) but this thread is hilarious
seriously you subhumans are acting your a persecuted minority for fictional gay shipping

everyone should go outside and touch some grass

No. 175093

NTA but holy shit newfag, put your retarded YOI shitposts to one fucking reply and stop shitting up the thread.

Then fuck off and stay in your lane instead of acting like you're any better than weebs, you're on a gossip website that only exists because weeby cosplayers wanted to talk shit about each other to the point they got kicked off 4chan, retard. Eat shit.

No. 175094

>causes infighting for days in the thread for being terminally retarded
>gets called out for it

How is that "shitposting"? It's people intelligibly talking about YOI which is debatably a BL anime, and a very iconic one at that. Sorry you were team Killing Stalking in 2016 and don't want to hear about the ice skater gays.

No. 175095

I was talking to another person don't be a retard

No. 175096

YOI was based af even by regular sports anime standards, focusing on adult pro athletes instead of low stakes highschool sports really sets it apart. Also the drunken banquet is unironically one of the best romcom plot twists I've seen, perfectly executed in that you never saw it coming but makes total sense in retrospect, and it was so absurdly hilarious and romantic at the same time.

Obviously it had it's flaws and limitations, the animation was inconsistent, they couldn't go all out on the romance, but you can just tell how much love for the sport and characters was poured into it by the creators. Watching as it aired was a seriously fun wild ride, I miss it.

No. 175100

That's more of your subjective opinion than an undisputable fact then. Calling it "too flamboyant" because you hate anime to begin with is a criticism based on personal preference and doesn't make the series "shit" just because you thought it was cringey. I hate plenty of western series personally but I can still congratulate them when they break new ground.

No. 175101

Just because something is popular doesn't mean it ought to be categorized as exceedingly great.

This whole conversation started because someone imagined BL could really becoem huge if the artists/ writers took themselves more seriously.

Yes lots of love and care was poured into it but the visuals wear me out they'd wear anyone normal down, who doesn't love Disney. Too flamboyant. Honestly the reason people hate on anime a ton to begin with. The reason I frequently hate quite a bit of it and prefer to browse BL with caution. Yes it can be considered great but not good enough to rise above what BL too frequently is. You know?? It makes it hard for normal people to get into it.

No. 175102

Pardon my retardation, the posts were posted so close to each other and worded in a vague enough way that it sounded like it could be the retard upthread who couldn't keep their autism in one post, sorry anons.

No. 175103

I don't feel like my thoughts were complete.

No. 175105

The point still stands. You hate "flamboyant" things and most anime so your dislike for YOI is still due to a personal preference and it's uncalled for to shit on other anons enjoying it and calling it an objectively bad show when it took the world by storm when it came out and made record sales despite being the first mainstream original BL animation.

No. 175110

File: 1640172050880.jpg (51.65 KB, 600x397, Natsume.Yuujinchou.600.2869481…)

I'm not responding to what you think I am. I couldnt care more or less about niche preferences. Earlier when I was here someone compared Yuri on ice to an anime that could change the genre.. for the better.. like from the ground up. As something that took itself seriously enough to do so, and I just disagreed. To me personally yes it is horrible. I would rather read BL most cases but I love some of the art out there do death.

Though I guess flamboyance exists on a spectrum, some of it is just a lot and some of it just isn't.

No. 175111

Kek, can someone direct me to the appropriate thread to get recs for "hot bisexual MMF threesomes" please.

No. 175112

Honest question, are you ESL or dyslexic? I'm not even sure anymore if it's you not understanding what you're reading or you just writing stream of consciousness and deleting and reposting your posts for 5 times in a row. Proofread your post before pressing the button.


No. 175115

did you guys watch sarazanmai?

No. 175116

No I just hate that there is no preview button. I'm really ocd about it.

The point I'm responding to hasn't changed, its exactly the same. I just don't think artists that made ..that crap.. really took it or themselves as seriously as you think.

No. 175118

I mean if Yuri on Ice is the pinnacle of media for you I've got bad news for you buddy…

No. 175119

Yes. I recommend it a lot. People say a lot of shit about Ikuhara and his coomerism which I agree about to a degree but I was pleasantly surprised by Sarazanmai. I also recommend the extra manga about how Reo and Mabu found Sara and raised her together.

No. 175125

File: 1640180376723.gif (1.89 MB, 500x281, 67a7e93474a1560e9bf83a6ba59aa1…)

nonas pls don't fight, we don't have to turn on each other. that's what the bitter moids would want

No. 175126

I think it's the last anime I watched. I found it fun and the fact that's inappropriate despite the cute character designs makes it even funnier. I think the yakuza big brother is voiced by Tsudaken? Because his voice was way too deep for this art style.

No. 175131

I'm doing a harry potter movie marathon because I never watched the full series (and yes I know j.k.rowling sucks) and thinking that if this series was airing in the 2010s instead of the 2000s drarry would be the most popular ship

No. 175132

Drarry has already been pretty damn popular for its time, but I have to say that if Harry Potter came out more recently Snarry would be a far more controversial ship and yes, Drarry would be even more popular. Also no ohe here gives a shit about Rowling "sucking", this isn't twitter kek

No. 175133

>and yes I know j.k.rowling sucks
Oh fuck off, she is our terven queen.

No. 175134

oops just got used to everyone dunking on her and i've never actually been part of the fandom

No. 175135

She gets death threats from troons so you decided to mindlessly join in and hate on her too?

No. 175136

File: 1640190705049.jpg (139.56 KB, 920x490, a4747580-a52e-4dd7-a208-98a140…)

Speaking of Harry Potter something I always found kind of funny was how little Ron would get shipped with anyone, there were certainly some ships of him but compared to the library's worth of content for just one paring in the Fandom, Ron wasn't even discussed that much despite being part of the main trio
I think it was likely due to the fact that Rupert Grint wasn't particularly good looking

No. 175139

No one in HP is good lucking, they're a bunch of ugly kids, teenagers and elderly people.

No. 175140

Well they are supposed to be British, ya know. Anyway post Drarry fanfic recs

No. 175144

File: 1640193066106.jpg (400.72 KB, 1400x934, Superbat_23.jpg)

Posting my favorite official BL /co/ moments

No. 175145

File: 1640193091688.jpg (406.92 KB, 1290x1977, golden_beatle.jpg)

No. 175147

File: 1640193262348.jpg (192.45 KB, 951x614, Earth-12025_Logan.jpg)

Wolverine from Earth-12025 who is canonically gay and is in a relationship with Hercules

No. 175148

File: 1640193313830.jpg (931.93 KB, 2775x2897, Honeymoon.jpg)


No. 175149

File: 1640193470253.jpg (693.51 KB, 1073x1650, Lucky.jpg)

This is earth-616 Hercules, he's bi-sexual

No. 175152

what ships were the most popular?

No. 175154

>I'm not an autist

No. 175155

NTA but why are you posting straight incest in the BL thread?

No. 175205

File: 1640213082960.jpg (99.24 KB, 828x490, 87326952651.jpg)

Why are homoerotic shounen friendships and bait shounen-ai ships so superior to canon pairings?

No. 175209

File: 1640213785595.jpg (190.24 KB, 1200x1435, bazinga.jpg)

>Went on tumblr for the first time in ages just for fun, thought I'd check in on what the young'ins are doing in my old/current fandoms
>Non-stop bitching about fujos from fakeboi gaydens calling themselves MLM achillean faggots who send death threats to other 15 year old girls for shipping two dudes together without changing their pronouns to he/it first
>"pro-shippers" support fujoshis, but only because they think anti-fujo rhetoric is TERFy(lmao) and openly talk about how anti-fujos are preventing future fakebois from finding their true gay male selves through explicit BakuDeku fanfiction
>Moids and obnoxious yumejos/hetshippers still relentlessly harass any and all fujos, but now under the guise of wokeness
Makes me glad that I'm in my late 20's, being a young fujo today seems way worse than it was back in the day. In the late aughts/early 2010s all we had to worry about was there being like one Japanese speaker available to translate doujins and the occasional moid meltdown, not other girls doxing you for being a fetishistic homophobe because you're a girl who thinks Male Character A and Male Character B are cute together, kek

No. 175211

File: 1640213992460.jpg (56.97 KB, 680x523, FHKejbiaIAArFUd.jpg)

Because they get to actually have a proper friendship, whereas het pairings are usually just a thing because "she was a girl, he was a boy" or sth.

No. 175214

File: 1640215714841.png (116.74 KB, 680x788, e61.png)

Because the things you create with your own imagination will always be more fulfilling to you personally than the same ideas executed by someone else. It's why a good mystery is often more enticing than a direct, concrete answer. A lot of slash shippers are like dogs chasing cars– we don't know what we'd do if the ship was actually made canon, because in many ways, the wanting it to be is the fun part. Imagining all the different ways the ship could play out is the fun part, and sometimes being given a concrete, canon depiction makes it a little less fun.

Also, the existing, assumed-to-be-straight main characters are often more fleshed out than the token gay side characters. It's more fulfilling to ship characters that are dimensional and fully realized, which is why the most popular slash ship in a fandom is typically the two characters with the most lines or screentime. This isn't to say there are no stories where two main characters end up in a gay relationship, but they're pretty rare.

No. 175215

File: 1640216043430.jpg (112.87 KB, 680x914, 92080328_p5.jpg)

Samefag, sorry.
Friendship between men and women is not as common in Japan as elsewhere. In contrast there's a sports club culture in the schools that puts basically boy-only and girl-only groups together for a prolonged time and forces them to forge strong bonds.
Writers only write what they know, most of the shonen series are written by men, and so they write scenes of friendship that can seem over the top loyal and inspire fujos everywhere.
See: "If you die, I'll kill you" and "Save me first" and tons of other lines in JJK.

Also, what >>175214 said. The amount of different scenarios these people come up with is amazing. "What if Itadori was a firefighter and Fushiguro was a veterinarian and they were both 25 and met and fell in love?!" is a whole genre of Yuji/Megumi shipping. Basically the characters are ripped out of the original work and plugged into all kinds of BL story devices.

No. 175216

I can't read "MLM" as anything other than "multi-level marketing."

Anyway, I honestly think gaydens are a bigger scourge to fujoshis than lolifags are, if only because it's obvious that they're self-hating fujoshis who want every other fujoshi to hate herself. Aidens basically cannibalize their own kind for the approval of gay scrotes who don't even care in the first place. To date, I've never heard an actual gay man complain about yaoi being homophobic– it's consistently a complaint made by FTMs. I honestly believe FTMs think enjoying yaoi is something they've "earned" by lopping their tits off. Like they've decided only men can objectify other men, and if you want to have the privilege of objectifying men, you have to mutilate yourself into a facsimile of one. It goes without saying that it's fucking demented and misogynistic as hell.

No. 175217

Actual doompill posting hours. As a fujo in my early 30's I miss the worryfree days we took for granted in 2010 when everyone shipped whatever problematic ship they wanted without consequences and only the most unhinged, legitimately misogynistic fujos actually took the troonpill while the overwhelming majority remained relatively normal or at most larped as an anime boy while remaining a woman in real life. Hetshippers were laughed out of the fandom space for bitching about fujos dismissing their Mary Sues, now they're joining the "you're fetishizing MLM" squad only to bully fujos into accepting their piece of shit hetship.

Those truly were the days and if I knew they would come to a close so soon I would've appreciated them more. Now I only have my girlfriend and the few fellow oldfag fujos to talk to, I'm too tired of overly sensitive zoomers to even post about my ships on social media. Bitch can't even call an ambiguously aged anime boy cute without being branded a pedophile for being over 25 by some lunatic twitterfag kinning him. Do these dumb kids think it's the teenagers writing all the characters they simp for or something?

No. 175220

>I can't read "MLM" as anything other than "multi-level marketing."
I keep reading MLM as "mooloomoo" and WLW as "wooloowoo",if that can make you feel better.

No. 175223

The biggest complaint I've heard from gay men w/r/t yaoi/BL is that it doesn't appeal to them, but none have actually seemed offended by it. Bi guys are way more likely to actually like it though, something I've always found funny

You're definitely right that Aidens think they've earned the right to like yaoi because they're troo and honest men and not icky girls anymore, as if the genre isn't made by and for women. It's so funny when the few who do recognize this cope by trying to say they hate yaoi for being rapey/made by women but support bara because it's more wholesome and made by gay men, since anyone who's ever actually read bara knows that it can get waaay worse than yaoi/BL when it comes to romanticizing rape.

No. 175224

I half-agree with you as I don't believe the unattainability of the ship plays as strong of a part as the fact that it's often just better fleshed out than the overused "main character with his obnoxious wife-2-be he shared one line with during the show's run and had zero chemistry with" setting. Most fujos both know that their OTP would never turn into reality, but also they would welcome it with glee if it ever happened. The most recent example being Promare, people walked into the movie for the two male main characters that already looked shippable and while they were never outright confirmed as lovers you sure couldn't deny the implications such as them kissing in a very drawn-out, intense moment both the movie and the post-movie promotional material gave to the fans.

I highly doubt they're even looking for the approval of gay males, most of them are definitely doing it for performative reasons to gain social media clout. But as for the people who actually take it to heart, once I read the theory that they're so appalled by "evil fujos fetishizing MLM" because in their minds they conflate fujos with the staceys who bullied them for being non-straight women while simultaneously squeeing over male homosexuals it made sense.

Absolutely. The bara they consume isn't nowhere near in style to the content legitimate gay men post. I follow plenty of fudanshi artists and see them RTing each other, shit is so much more ~pwoblematic~ than any of the wholesome hairy dadbod appreciator aidens love.

No. 175226

I think Aidens are more of a symptom than the problem itself, they troon out because they feel guilty about liking gay ships in the first place. The source of that guilt is just SJWs rhetoric in general I guess, there are occasionally gay men who talk shit about fujos and other women definitely do. I see it on lolcow all the time.

>also they would welcome it with glee if it ever happened.
Absolutely. I think the reason non canon ships are more popular than, say, canon BL manga that gets adapted, is because a) mainstream series are just better quality and b) half the fun of a romance subplot (whether it's het or not) is the 'will they won't they' factor. It's more fun to see a relationship develop over time and wait to see what happens rather than knowing in advance they get together.

No. 175236

>het pairings
I was referring to yaoi pairings tho

No. 175240

Shounen manga are usually about something different than love. They have to slay the monster/fight the rival school/whatever and thus they have many chances to develop a relationship and a bond apart from "I love you so much uwu you're so hot uwu".
Yaoi has degrees obviously, but many times it's just a shallow love story with sex and only 6 chapters. Of course something with 200 chapters is going to be deeper.

No. 175245

File: 1640230824803.gif (2.65 MB, 540x215, Tumblr_l_885744833738732.gif)

I'm >>175214 and I honestly should have thought about what you anons are saying. Fujoshis are female nerds after all, so we also love a good science fiction, fantasy, or action plot. As another anon mentioned, that's part of why Promare was so popular in our community– it's not just that it was a canon depiction of a gay romance, it's that Promare is ALS a really fun action/sci fi story with awesome music and visual design. I liked Yami no Matsuei for the same reasons– the BL is just a b-plot to an action/supernatural story.

No. 175248

Honestly Promare was perhaps the one series where I hoped that it was gonna be het pairing, the promotional material made Lio seem like he was a female and going to a princely female character adn honestly thought it would be interesting compared to the usual hetorsexual pairings

No. 175252

>Big budget mainstream movie with a pretty boy MC who eventually does turn out to be implied lovers with the other male MC for the first time ever
No het shit in the /fujo/ thread, anon.

No. 175253

No it wasn't like that, I assumed Lio was a masculine princely girl, something we don't see much in most media

No. 175254

they're fine as long as they don't get paired with girls. i'm an autist and i can't ship a pairing if they'te taken by someone else. het ships annoy me so i'd rather stop interacting with that media as much as i can

No. 175262

That's why I feel bad for fujos who primarily ship characters from shounen series. Like, was anyone actually surprised when Naruto ended up with Hinata or Sasuke with Sakura? Does anyone doubt that the BnHA boys are going to end up with a wife and 2.5 kids each? Most action/sports/etc series will end with the characters paired off with a member of the opposite sex they may or may not have chemistry with or have ever even spoken to, unless it's a full on fujobait series like Free! or something similar.

No. 175263

So honestly own being a Fujo. Own it massively. These people are just mad, because they want a traditional male, to get them babies so they can wait to die in a box. Fujoshis threaten all of that. Use it against them? Shove it in their faces until they won't stop bawling.

No. 175264

I agree so much. I remember back in 2010s all my weeb friends being into shipping and yaoi and the only drama was which Hetalia ship was the best one. Even the gaydens didn't usually care what got your rocks off.
Now I see teenagers online doxxing and sending death threats to people because someone dared to "identify" as a girl or a woman while shipping two male characters or thinking Giorno Giovanna is cute.
I miss the times when it was at least somewhat acceptable to reblog or post fanart thirst traps of two male anime characters without having a bunch of 15 year old Aydens in your notes calling you a dirty fetishist or talk about your favorite ships without someone lecturing about how much of a problematic piece of shit you apparently are.

No. 175265

But in my opinion they are the problematic pieces of shit. Men run all over us in porn. They don't give two shits. Just why are fujos supposed to give a damn about their histrionic double standards???

No. 175266

majority don't care, at least japanese fujoshi don't because they're usually het shippers too…. so it's just me haha

No. 175267

I think i tend to follow lesbian fujos on social media more than the rest because they usually dislike het ships

No. 175268

File: 1640247467443.jpg (158.43 KB, 500x386, Tumblr_l_11801775095172.jpg)

The only thing I agree with is that BL artists should take what they make WAY more seriously. Take it beyond anime AND fanfiction and the standards for anime in Japan. Throw really amazing stuff in their faces and drink up the hate. Responding to anything they say is what they desperately want. Deep down they know heteronormativity is tired ass bull. And that they really can't control what women do. That's their only goal. They're TERRIFIED to lose their snorefest to cultural elements in which the usual core idea of masculinity is challenged. Where men have to see themselves compared to women and consider how they treat women in porn, and as second class prey. They respond to fujos by pretending to see themselves as "victims of "sleazier" fandoms ("worse than porn") but it's a massive gross entitlement complex and that's it.
Pedophilia my ass. Really for something drawn??? It's gross entitlement from trads who aren't used to stepping outside their normal. That is really the bottom line. Nothing more nothing less.

The sooner you accept it, the sooner the double standards themselves makes you disgusted, the less you'll care what they think and the more you'll enjoy throwing it in their faces.

Personally I don't really get on "that" side of tumblr though, just the actual classical and modern art side.

No. 175269

So there isn't a massive split between yumejos and fujos in Japan?

No. 175270

I think they just don't interact much, but I could be wrong.

No. 175271

het shippers aren't yumes

No. 175272

you make this to be too much of a women vs men fight when in reality a lot of fujo haters are women

No. 175273

I know I just see them more as tradthots and pickmes. I always hear and see the internalized misogyny in fujo-haters but that's just my experience. I see it A LOT.

No. 175274

NTA but women shipping two fictional men isn't even problematic. Women aren't dominating sex crime statistics, women don't rape, women don't diddle kids. A pornsick fujo is not likely to abuse and groom other women or children or suffer or anything but loneliness and self hate while coomer scrotoids get constantly outed for all sorts of depraved deeds. Sure there are rare deranged fujos who are accused of taking advantage of other women but 90% of that is due to their autistic lack of personal boundaries ("I knew a fujo in high school who would glomp me") and not predatory tendencies caused by excessive cooming.

In Japan yumejos tend to have a meltdown for being clumped in with fujos since Japan is traditionally homophobic as fuck and over there fujos are almost synonymous with being lesbian/bi/some sort of a stigma related to sexuality. I don't think there's a lot of overlap there between the communities as far as I know, it's more of a western community thing since true otome was first labeled as "BL" due to lack of understanding of the difference and the people bringing it over just looking at the pretty boys and associating them with fujo stuff.

No. 175275

Nope I'm actually a radfem and brain rotted coomer

No. 175278

Yumejos hate it when fujos ship their husbando with another man since they don't like seeing their precious fictional husband fuck another man(especially if he's the bottom), but from what I can tell they just don't interact with one another. Japanese fans in general are very good at staying away from things they don't like and tagging their art/doujins/etc, so there isn't a whole lot of drama between them as far as I know. Though I'm sure a lot of them have the same superiority complex western yumes do over their more "normal" interests.
Much like how male hetshippers project into bland male MCs to fantasize about getting with his waifu, yumes do the same thing with female MCs. You see this a lot in Fire Emblem or other games with customizable/build-your-own player characters. My favorite FE yume meltdown was when they seethed so hard over one of the Fire Emblem Fates prince brothers being in love with his half-sister that they actually spurred Intelligent Systems to retcon that particular piece of lore. Unironically, way to go yumes for getting rid of unnecessary incest shit

No. 175280

>Though I'm sure a lot of them have the same superiority complex western yumes do over their more "normal" interests.
It always pains me that hetship/yume material is actually categorized as "Normal Love" (NL) in Japan contrary to Boys' Love and Girls' Love. Like you said female hetshippers and yumes, especially Japanese ones, tend to have a ridiculous superiority complex over fujos because of this and they view fujos as degenerates for being into dirty homos getting it on. You even see it on Lolcow every now and then, people insisting that fujos are in the wrong because "99% of all people are heterosexual so stop headcanoning my husbando as a gay reeeee".

No. 175288

I'll never get over Leo having a crush on Camilla in FE Fates. I actually like it, it shows how deranged everyone is in this family because of their extreme daddy issues, except Elise who's the only one with a brain among the royals as a whole. I wouldn't be surprised if Takumi's fangirls were equally obsessed with him, since both characters are explicitely based on otome game characters, unlike Xander and Ryoma.

No. 175291

wait… that's based actually?? because i hate het incest kek when will genshin yumes grow a pair

No. 175294

cause it is normal love moron, like 96% of the human race
Like just cause you've ruined your brain due to excessive pornography doesn't mean the rest of humanity is like you
You are a pornsick coomer, that's what you are, at least scrotes accpet it why don't you

No. 175295

You just sound homophobic. What are you even doing in this thread?

No. 175296

If this can make you feel better about it, Leo, the guy who's into his half-sister, is very good at hiding it so it's very hard to notice unless you unlock some specific dialogs in the uncensored Japanese game (the English version removed a shit ton of dialogs and replaced some dialogs with outdated american memes), and Camilla, the half-sister, doesn't give a fuck and probably doesn't even know about it. His crush is just there to show that he's as much of a degenerate as the rest of the cast despite him acting like he's hot shit.

No. 175297

File: 1640258189514.jpg (350.14 KB, 1146x1600, 1-70.jpg)

I just want to know what this is from. I used to have it on my laptop until it died ! How do I ever even find it again ??

No. 175299

I had the entire doujin. But I wonder if I'm also confusing it with another one? My computer died before I could back it up.

No. 175300

I don't care about the specifics it's just a weird anime trope that I really dislike, the younger brother crushing on his ara ara onee-san

No. 175301

Totally totally. I think men's greatest fear is having to live like women do, with the espectations of femininity, etc. In their backwards little minds women could become like men with comparable coombrain evil. Which is hilarious to me. I mean that they're that terrified that all of womens emotional laborings are fake that love, calm…etc dont actually play a part in anything.

Or it could just as easily be agressive smearing to keep the control they feel entitled to…. Still that doesn't explain fujohating histrionics.

Anyway It's peak bizarre for me how tightly heteros and men keep a lid on their REAL secrets. All the effort to prance around in an even more questionable rage but never reveal the real reason you get this way over something as contrived as BL as a woman's interest.

Its telling. They know perfectly well how much we should really just hate them, and yet most women don't. Even I'm totally ignoring moids about 80% of the time.

No. 175325

I'm a redfems who mocks faggots and faghags

No. 175326


No. 175332

Cry more so I can drink your tears, Best flavor I've ever had

No. 175333

>a redfems
kek what is that.

No. 175370

>A radfem
Yet you belittle other women for their harmless hobby. That's feminism, right?

No. 175381

File: 1640285026100.jpeg (131.73 KB, 680x612, CEE0D9A9-9CD6-4C88-A4DC-E7D1E0…)

Anyone else like laughing at vintage ‘anti yaoi’ comics? 2000s DA edge always gives me a good laugh.

No. 175428

>That's why I feel bad for fujos who primarily ship characters from shounen series
I don't care about it, it's not like I was expecting it to happen in the first place. Now fujobait series like Free! are frustrating
>Yumejos hate it when fujos ship their husbando with another man
I've never seen a woman give a shit about her husbando's BL pairings. Waifufags are the ones who throw a bitch fit when their self-insert gets shipped with another dude.

No. 175494

>I've never seen a woman give a shit about her husbando's BL pairings.
NTA but you must be a very lucky person then kek, at least as a Genshinfag this is something that happens all the fucking time in the fandom. Female hetshippers bend over backwards forcing a male character into a canon relationship with a female character with no chemistry at all just so they can self insert and throw nuclear fits at fujos for ruining their fantasy.
>he spoke to this female character in one scene so they're canonly a couple so stop calling him gay!!!! stop … (reads off palm)… fetishizing gay men you ugly faghags!!!

No. 175499

this reminds me of all the kokorou femoids acting like gorou is cheating on kokomi if he is paired with itto when kokomi canonically only sees him as her general and gorou states he never had a crush on anyone kek they can't even read

No. 175507

I think this may be a hetalia doujin?
I don't know what other series has the character named "arthur

No. 175511

Currently they're trying really hard to push Zhongli x Ningguang as "canon" because Ningguang's new skin got leaked and people are taking that as "proof" that she's a reincarnation of a goddess Zhongli hung out with hundreds of years ago with no indication of them having been romantically involved, just because of some reachy theory kek. Childe and Zhongli are a ridiculously popular BL pairing and they seethe over it constantly. Diluc x Jean is another het cope, people hate how Kaeya x Diluc is so well established even the official Genshin account made a joke about it. At least waifufag moids want the waifus for themselves and don't want to be cucked by imaginary men, it's both female and male hetshippers who are triggered by gay ships.

No. 175523

searched up 'england x japan' on mrm and i found it
the artists pixiv id is 225387 but they scrubbed all of their hetalia stuff off their account

No. 175530

genshin has the worst hetshippers i've ever seen, you can draw itto x yae and get thousands of likes it's insane

No. 175547

I think lolcow yumes are a different breed of schizos that one twst yume having a meltdown over yana toboso being a fujo and wishing the anime will have a fem mc.she should go back to her enstars, oh too bad enstars is full of fujobait too kek

No. 175550

Which thread?

No. 175551

the mobage thread

No. 175553

File: 1640370787189.png (40.77 KB, 1631x270, bus full of neurodivergent min…)

It's because you being able to choose your MC's gender draws in the otome crowd who play as the female one and imagine themselves to be dating all the male characters in the game either as the MC or some other female character. The male MC on the other hand is too young and twinky to be shipped to any of the female characters so male hetshippers insert into the other male characters.

I had to go check this out and lost my sides at this post, based anon

No. 175556

No one is having a meltdown over yana toboso being a fujo in that thread, you sound underage and retarded.

No. 175558

File: 1640372747743.jpg (291.21 KB, 850x844, sample_fa06d2e95e9e38c65e538ce…)

>Being surprised TWST has a male MC
It literally takes place at an all boys school and the manga confirmed quite a while ago it was a male MC.

No. 175563

why are you stalking the fujo thread?

No. 175564

File: 1640374004969.png (1.09 MB, 643x862, aoba butt.PNG)

No. 175567

It's true though. Don't invent things, it looks bad.
Now this is true art.

No. 175568

Hopefully it won't be too expensive since I want to get it as my first R18 BL figure…

No. 175576

AAAAA it's gonna be the white aoba with the sexy red and white outfit i want it so bad!!!

No. 175639


No. 175718

I know the post is old, but stay based nonnie

No. 175862

File: 1640565038365.png (529.5 KB, 914x1300, a36bbaa01e63931892b43889f23428…)

>got invested in the side character again
from madk

No. 175864

kek I was just scrolling down /m/ today and saw this in action, imagine being so yoombrained you're seriously going off about having the last laugh when the anime will have a female MC while the characters are drawn by ultimate fujo Yana Toboso and the manga has a male protagonist. I don't even give a shit about twst or if it's fujo or otome but goddamn lmao

Late to this but a based analysis, I loved the angle of making the story about pro athletes instead of high school level rookies and how all the main characters were in their late 20s and settled in. And agreed completely about the drunken banquet being one of the best romcom twists ever, it wrapped the story up in such a nice little package. One of my favourite things were the small little details they hid in such as the rings, in Japanese ice skating culture skaters wear rings as sort of good luck charms/motivators but the store receipt shown for a split second when Yuuri buys them lists them as "wedding rings" and they wear them on their right hand ring fingers instead, something gay couples are known to do. You have to be discreet about this shit in order not to have your show dumped into the BL bin and shunned by everyone in the business.

No. 175910

File: 1640616762093.png (444.43 KB, 482x554, 1640309183956.png)

sorry if this is a bit ot but one of you posted this in another thread (sorry, can't remember where) and I though it was funny and would make a good potential pic for the next thread

On another note, I've never been to a con, is it comon for fujos to get together like that nowadays ? I amire their bravery to be so public about it

No. 175924

Datenshou is best boy

No. 175930

I blame all this on mystic messenger, there were barely any western otomefags before that boring game got popular

No. 175934

File: 1640629689997.png (605.29 KB, 700x1023, w7GkgJwY7mylEQlUR3jUUM4rcBB8rG…)

he really is and i want justice for him

No. 175944

Goddamn it, pick a struggle.

No. 175945

File: 1640636265655.jpg (81.02 KB, 372x774, tumblr_bc0738b31e228e280747789…)

I really like Fjord

No. 175955

He's canonically good with children and refuses to take mothers's souls because it would leave the children motherless. Also love his semi-ship with Shax.

I love him too. Honestly almost all of the characters in madk have something unique and likeable (I personally like K too, he's very sweet).

No. 175957

whoever made this site this is so impressive and i genuinely love you

No. 175959

You will never be a man fakeboi.

No. 175975

>Also love his semi-ship with Shax.
they interacted? did i miss some chapters? the scan sites i found only go up to 12 at the very most.

No. 175997

do you know where you are elliot?

No. 176019

Shax asks about him the first time we see him and they do interact more in volume 3 and it's very sad but cute. But also the author once drew a human AU with mainly J, Shax and Datenshou and they obviously ship them together but there's like a bit of a triangle going on.

No. 176028

File: 1640685652071.jpg (1.33 MB, 2480x3508, Eg04KZMU0AI26Pf.jpg)

Dropped pic, anyway it's a date

No. 176037

No. 176177

File: 1640764886009.jpeg (173.24 KB, 750x749, A419C356-99B2-4910-A6BD-AAEC87…)

Anyone else into doing 3x3s for BL ships?
R8 if you’d like.

No. 176288

Nice taste, anon.

No. 176323

Thanks! I'd love to see other anons as well.

No. 176331

>nice taste

the robots are hot tho 10/10

No. 176451

I hate how the hetalia series went from extremely gay and unhinged to awfully tame once they started the serialization

No. 176475

I go to a lot of cons and I've never intentionally sought out other fujos, but it's extremely easy to find each other and I always meet some, especially among artists. A lot of artists selling at artist alleys will have ship art (maybe like 1/3 or 1/5 depending on the con), and I know a few who fully specialize in drawing BL and have it as their whole brand. If you see someone walking around with merch or a cosplay from BL or a popular m/m ship, they usually tend to be quite nice, most of my friends are fujos and we all met through cons. The biggest downside is that there are also a lot of teens at cons, so it's a mixed bag of meeting another nice adult or meeting a 15 year old who hasn't learned how to behave socially yet.

No. 176486

File: 1640924692515.png (1.37 MB, 1000x1000, i'm cringe but i am free.png)

Fuck it, I'll do one too.

There's a lot of western shit in mine, sorry. I read a lot of actual BL, but I don't consider the pairings in those to be "ships" because most of those are too obscure to have fandoms. Ships in my mind are pairings from non-BL media that have a lot of fanart and fanfic.

You recognized the Danganropa characters though kek. Interesting how most of the people judging others for being in a certain fandom are former fans themselves.

No. 176497

File: 1640930511144.jpg (347 KB, 600x800, Homestuck.full.1511746.jpg)

Fuuuuck I'm so sad the TRAs took over the Homestuck fandom. This is one of my first real OTPs.

No. 176506

File: 1640934205754.png (206.31 KB, 495x700, 9e58fc8ba7066b6c19236c919b8387…)

Same, same. I loathe everything after the credits. I especially hate what they did to Dirk, undoing all the nice character development he had just so they could shoehorn him into the role of both Hussie AND Lord English. These days I'm mostly just nostalgic for the main comic itself and I try to avoid anything to do with recent content like the games and the "post-canon" crap.

Back in the day, Davekat and Dirkjake were my favorites (basic I know, but the popular ships often had the best fan content.) Not to be that guy, but I actually shipped Davekat long before there was any possibility of it being canon. Before act six, most people shipped it black (myself included) though there were definitely a subset of people who liked the idea of it going from black to red. Honestly, the people squawking about how it was "fanservice" and "came out of nowhere" really didn't seem to be paying attention. They establish pretty early on that Karkat has a hard time with troll relationships because he's monogamous like a human, setting up the idea that he'd end up with one. There were hints at Dave not being straight pretty much from the word go. So you take a bisexual kid discovering his sexuality and a troll that experiences human love and isolate them together for three years, what the hell do you think is going to happen? Even in the timeline where they fought over Terezi, they end up being pretty darn close at the end of the meteor trip.

Sorry about the Homestuck sperg. It's just hard to find other fans these days who aren't 12 year olds or TRAs.

No. 176541

Waiting for the day the tik tok kids leave so I can like dangan otps without being memed on.

No. 176543

nta, i honestly used to be into davekat a lot more before it actually became a thing. iirc, it becoming canon attracted SO many tumblrtards to the tags, i ended up kinda resenting it. i liked davejohn though

No. 176571

i'm not sure if there are any mxtx/tgcf fans here but i need to sperg out a bit… people who try to hetbend hualian "uwu hua cheng lusting after xie lian jiejie and her big boobs" are annoying as hell and should be kicked out of the fandom. he's already feminized with the crossdressing plot and starember's art style, at least keep him actually male

No. 176577

File: 1640974454396.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1280x1280, Three_by_Three_(3x3)_Square_Co…)

Oooh cute ships!
Ryou/akira and leo/kurapica is 10/10

No. 176578

File: 1640974966421.jpg (10.61 KB, 235x230, 46fec1ea04d0aa70c88ef74b42a5d0…)

Unfortunately, my favorite Homestuck ship involves two extremely minor characters. On one hand I am so starved for alpha troll stuff but on the other I'm kind of glad Homestuck hasn't continued to make things with the alpha trolls because I don't think I could handle the disappointment.

No. 176580

who are the black haired boys

No. 176582

File: 1640975607848.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1280x1280, 3x3.jpeg)

Very cute ships, anon. Here's my own.
>Hetalia in 2022
Yeah yeah I know kek, I'm ashamed of my own taste sometimes

No. 176583

I still like hetalia

No. 176591

File: 1640981566970.jpg (137.04 KB, 1500x1200, a26ee979976932884ee1f990e319ad…)

pls no bully, I know I'm rarted for this

No. 176595


Fuck I forgot about Patalliro, I should've put Jack and Maraich on mine.

No. 176609

I hate how the new manhua chapter has inspired a whole new wave of this shit too. It's only been out for a few hours and it's all over the place. It was already bad enough trying to avoid all the trans Xie Lian art/fics without Starember adding fuel to the fire. Why do these people get into danmei just to hetbend the canon ships?

No. 176617

Clearly troons want to self-insert and shoujofags who got into tgcf secretly wished hualian was another generic het couple. Xie lian is not even remotely effeminate in the novel, he is described as being handsome in a prince-like way and is obsessed with weapons and martial arts. But because he's the official bottom they ruined his character. Between the manhua and anime, I genuinely feel like the anime depicted him better
Starember has pretty art but everyone looks like they got heavy plastic surgery, gangnam unnie style

No. 176619

Nah man hetalia is great where else can i watch a series with nonthreatening cute boys doing cute shit, is the only moe show we have

They're Keith and shiroe from towards the terra

No. 176669

File: 1641020763825.jpg (95.87 KB, 1280x720, high-school-bosy_01-00.jpg)

>is the only moe show we have
>Implying daily life of highschool boys isn't moe

No. 176670

There are tons of anime series with cute boys doing cute things anon

No. 176697

File: 1641035837595.jpg (607.88 KB, 1057x1827, 20101-131.jpg)

hetalia was by far the gayest though. no one in this series is straight

No. 177118

Dear Door is fun and the sex scenes are comically exaggerated sometimes but reading through the fan translations of some chapters is fucking impossible

No. 177184

>Fire Emblem Ships
ilu anon, I'd add Ferdinand/Hubert and Matthew/Hector to that list too

No. 177192

Apologizing for my spergy retarded vent but does anyone else have to deal with annoying as hell hetfags in their spaces who act superior for "shipping both" despite having maybe one gay ship and the rest the worst of the worst kind of self-insert hetshit? The female-oriented discord server that I've joined has majority fujos but multiple yumes/hetshippers who can't read the room and make passive aggressive comments about how much better it is to "also enjoy straight ships because you have more options". Shut your smug ass up, you absolutely would be whining about the lack of variety if majority of canon couples were gay instead of straight, the only gay ships you have are based on you wanting to be cucked by your husband fucking a man because to you homosexual relationships only exist for your amusement and it doesn't count as real love. Literally the genderbent version of a man saying "I don't mind if you cheat on me with another woman, that's hot" to his girlfriend.

Dealing with these people makes me understand the stupid underage Aidens who bitch about straight girls fetishizing gay men. I would much rather pick the horniest, slimiest himejo over them. At least her waifufagging would be homosexual kek

No. 177194

i sometimes trust himejos more than fujos because most himejos (at least the hardcore twt ones) dislike hetships but with fujos it's like a gamble cause they'll sometimes even hetbend the gay ships….

No. 177204

File: 1641333032340.png (392.08 KB, 871x469, f.png)

Has anyone played pride and submission yet? it's a trashy game about a getting subdued by a gray elf guy. what do you think of it? the Engrish is pretty funny at times

No. 177216

>mfw I follow interesting fujos and they suddenly start shilling hetships and subtweet about other fujos only enjoying gay content like it was a crime
Always reminds me of the time I met a self-described fujo who turned out to be an otomefag hating most of BL content and spending her time bitching about it. I just hang around lesbian fujos and himejos now, I can't handle hetshipper bullshit.

No. 177250

what is a himejo? I guess yumejo are just straight women thirsting over 2D husbandos but himejo is new to me

No. 177255

Girl who likes yuri

No. 177578

hate when fujos are like "this BL story is more than the gay pairings uwu" like shut up, i wouldn't have picked it up in the first place if it had het pairings

No. 177580

Okay? What they mean by that is that the story is actually good by other virtues than just being BL. What's your point?

No. 177584

It’s surely the schizo-chan who baits in the fujo thread from time to time.

No. 177633

maybe anon hates that sort of virtue signaling feeling those comments give off? like "i-i'm not only reading these because it's bl!! i'm above fetishizing men!" sort of thing

No. 177642

yeah this is what i meant, i'm an esl sorry

No. 177656

The topic kind of reminds me of mangaka that started as BL artists and then went on to do work in non-BL magazines. Like I used to read all of Fumi Yoshinaha and Est Em’s BL manga but they’re starting to be more known for their non-BL stuff.

No. 177662

God tier taste.

No. 177664

It constantly shocks me that Harada is doing things besides BL now too. Every time I see her designs in Paradox Live I just think of all the most fucked up scenes she's written.

No. 177730

It's actually sad that so many Japanese BL artists leave it altogether and move on to making other things, quietly removing all traces of them ever being involved with the genre. I guess it's because of the stigma involved with BL but seriously so many scrotes have an open past working on drawing porn and coomershit yet it never harms their career. I'm praying Harada is so powerful and sought after that she never pulls the plug on her BL projects.

No. 177735

File: 1641543832570.png (469.76 KB, 665x500, meme.png)

Homemade meme

No. 177737

File: 1641544387602.png (362.86 KB, 666x500, lamento meme.png)

<One more>!!

No. 177739

Good le memes love you nonny

No. 177742

File: 1641545076754.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1800, 1641520177489.png)

Love you too

No. 177745

I hate trannies and men as much as any other sane anon but this is cringe, using mid 00's yaoi icons and intentionally edgy bottom text shit makes you look like an underage sperg or low grade scrote bait.

No. 177749

File: 1641545430896.jpg (1.72 MB, 2760x2000, 345123.jpg)

>using mid 00's yaoi icons
>Saying that like it's a bad thing
I will fully accept that my memes are cringe, but how dare you insult Laughter Land and Lamento CGs you fucker.

No. 177751

Who's insulting anything? Laughter Land and Lamento are based but scrotes who try to bait fujos here always base their knowledge of BL on mid-00s outdated properties they get by typing "yaoi images" on google image search and try to play its dark themes as a mastermind gotcha to put fujos in their place, i.e.
>"Well I happen to know that yaoi is based on rape porn so what business do you have insulting male coomers, hmmmm??"
And the "we sure hate trannies here, right fellow vagina having girls?" thing is something that happens all the time just so that they can bait any thread into infighting and/or to try the waters on how far they can take it and push actual homophobia. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you just don't know any better but you have to understand the light that you're put into here. I really don't want the "lesbian fujos are all just pornsick straight girls who need to be cured by dick and I hate IRL gay people but I love reading BL porn doujins" spergs to hear the dog whistle.

No. 177752

How is it scrote bait. Relax we’re not in a delectable meme competition.

No. 177754

You’re literally reaching so hard wtf who’s the sperg

No. 177759

Chill the fuck out. Scrotes automatically assume all BL ships are still like Narusasu anyway, Lamento and Laughter Land are pretty obscure.

No. 177761

Check out the homophobic Nigel tender upthread to see what's being referred to here. >>174545 and /ot/'s fujo cringe thread that somehow screenshots any controversial post in less than a minute to cry about fujoomers being nasty bitches again.

No. 177765

>/ot/'s fujo cringe thread that somehow screenshots any controversial post in less than a minute to cry about fujoomers being nasty bitches again.
Lol who cares? They're just a bunch of homophobes who are pissed that their husbandos are homos. If you're taking memes and yumejos this seriously I think you need to start taking your meds.

No. 177768

If they didn't constantly shit up the thread with retarded infighting I wouldn't care. Every time someone starts with the "you know what, actual gays are disgusting" it continues for literal days and you can't act like shit like that isn't annoying. That's not crazy talk I pull out of my ass when there's a reoccurring homophobic yumefag or baiting scrote who comes here to samefag all the time and it's tiring as fuck.

No. 177772

No yumejo or scrote is gonna know what Lamento and definitely not Laughter Land is, I'd get your point more if the meme was using like a hetalia ship or something but they're shit that scrotes and yumes have literally never heard of.

No. 177773

i'm a fujo and never heard of laughter land and now i want to play it… if only i knew japanese ugh. it has a cool premise
btw when are they releasing the eng trans of luckydog1? isn't it super popular in japan, what's taking mangagamer so much

No. 177774

Stop being so hung up on this "how would they know Laughter Land and Lamento" point, see
> properties they get by typing "yaoi images" on google image search
Generic mid 00's yaoi game CGs are just something on par with Gravitation artwork that people think of when they need to slap a generic image on something.

No. 177776

File: 1641548411929.png (3.16 MB, 1876x918, bl vn google.PNG)

By that logic the OP's pic is a scrote because it's always one of the first results when you google 'fujoshi'
By the way, even when you type in 'yaoi images visual novel' neither VN pops up.

No. 177777

>what's taking mangagamer so much
They always put scrote shit first.

No. 177778

>Missing the point entirely for the 5th time in a row
Oh my god I give up

No. 177779

they should at least release uuuultra c if they said they finished the translation and editing. and i'm still waiting for slow damage

No. 177780

Anon if you really think yumejos and scrotes are gonna spend hours looking for yaoi pics from 2000s VNs then I think they're probably just fujos/gay guys in denial.

No. 177784

i unironically read the fujo cringe thread bc i think its funny how mad the posters there get over fujoids

No. 177790

They're all scrotes or handmaidens. Or idiots mad about the minority of absolute trash work thinking that it's the norm.

No. 177791

One would expect that the fujo cringe thread would be screenshots of pornsick not like other fujos Aidens being retarded or something but it's just unhinged anons having meltdowns over fujos enjoying things they don't or shipping their husbando with another male. Yumes really being so paranoid they think fujos are demanding them to stop drawing het art because one twitterfag subtweeted about their hetship being shit kek, we truly live in their heads rent free.

No. 177813

>One would expect that the fujo cringe thread would be screenshots of pornsick not like other fujos Aidens being retarded
Funny that you say this, I’m pretty sure that most of those anons are Ayyydens themselves trying to defend their pwecious “mlm” because they’re totally gay men and not just girls larping.

No. 177817

It's so common, too. The funniest example I know of is the artist who was infamous for making all those R18 Kawoshin doujins with rapey yandere Kaworu going on to make sugary sweet shoujo manga after leaving the scene behind, kek

No. 177818

Why do they even go to shoujo? It makes no sense to me to start out making BL and suddenly you're creating this disgustingly sweet love story about a girl and her senpai. I'd understand if they transferred over to josei or drama but it's always some generic teenager shoujo with none of the charm they had with their BL work.

No. 177823

perhaps they don't have enough writing skill for josei? i mean if i had to compare the two genres, shoujo is generally shittier. i get the vibe they're sellouts anyway if they want a wider audience they can go the joseimuke route, just write something with a bunch of guys being "close friends" and no female love interests in sight

No. 177862

I miss Tetsu Sabi…

No. 177872

Her art is beautiful but her stories… really didn't fit Kawoshin, of all pairings. But I can't stand yanderes so I don't think I was ever going to like her work

No. 177873

Shojo manga probably pay more than josei manga.

No. 177949

its honestly because although there are more companies publishing BL, it's no way to make a living. its a sad compromise, they get to draw, but they have to give up BL.

Don't be completely sad though, professionals tend to make twitters for fandom related stuff without announcing it. Like koge donbo does shoujo shit but she has a hardcore dedue/dimitri stan account where she draws lewds of them.

No. 177956

Post a link, I have no idea who she is but I love Dedue/Dimitri

No. 177971

Link to this? I've not seen it yet.

No. 177972

I do not understand how or why any fan would ever take any of this shit seriously. It's not real and it never will be. Everything I will ever make will me a joke/ bait for anyone histrionic enough to take it seriously. The whole Y Thread needs to lighten up entirely actually. You guys practically bring it on yourselves.

No. 178016

File: 1641665910658.jpg (35.79 KB, 681x445, 14608107_1180665285312703_1558…)

>me trying to understand what this post is trying to convey

No. 178021

That you fujos bring the hate on yourselves by taking yaoi and reactions to it so seriously.

No. 178024

>Accuses fujos of taking "yaoi" too seriously
>Hatelurks the thread only so she could bitch about fujos in another thread
Projecting like a cinema kek

No. 178025

The fujo cringe thread is full of anons hysterically seething over how fujos ruin fandoms just by shipping male characters together or having gay headcanons about them, kek

No. 178034

You’ve probably seen her stuff somewhere, she’s an OG in the anime industry(digi chara, pitaten, kamichama Karin etc)

But yeah reiterating my point, your fav JP artist is probably still a hardcore BL fan, you just have to randomly come across their hidden fan accounts on Twitter

No. 178036

i haven't seen it on here unless its a rare newfag, twitter though

No. 178038

Thanks. I know a few of her stuff actually despite never reading them back when I heard about her series in middle school, it's just that I didn't know her name. I know that many of the mainstream artists I like are either into BL or don't care about it. The only one I can think of who isn't into BL is Natsuki Takaya, iirc she implied it in one of her author's notes in one of the first volumes of Fruits Basket.

No. 178056

Holy shit Koge Donbo is a fujo? I'm only familiar with her through Di Gi Charat and own some of her Chocola artbooks. Blessed day.

No. 178061

Are there any confirmed lesbian BL mangakas or artists? I know a ton of them are extremely secretive about their private life and relationships with most using aliases and never showing their faces, but are there any that are out? I know Gengoroh Tagame said in an interview that a ton of BL artists are lesbian but too afraid to come out for obvious reasons as the Japanese society is immensely homophobic. Just wondering if someone knows any.

No. 178064

The BL artists I follow are usually constantly creating content so I don’t think they even have time for a relationship. There are a handful of older artists though that are married/tweet about their baby.

No. 178065

File: 1641678834481.png (122.11 KB, 500x401, 845213571.png)

How is this pairing so slept on by fujos?

No. 178066

I was asking for those that are confirmed lesbian, not straight or single. I already know that some are married to a man and have children and that some just don't care for relationships but I guess we'll never know any due to the homophobia in Japan. I'm forever disappointed if Yana Toboso isn't gay though.

No. 178074

Just a suggestion honestly. Taking your hobbies too seriously makes other people take you too seriously. It's a vicious cycle. It ruins your work, your interactions , your expectations, it all becomes so brittle and fragile and it's not even neccessary. So why??

No in all seriousness. I wish fujos, yumejos, shippers, whoever the hell, ALL of them would stop taking themselves and this shit so seriously. It's the only reason fujos for example, have a hard time. The whole community look like easy targets.(shitposting)

No. 178075

ok nobody cares

No. 178076

because griffith is a rapist and this manga is fucking garbage. i kek at the thought of kentaro miura's last drawing being lolishota dick before he deceased like a true retard

No. 178077

>Natsuki Takaya
I will never forget her anti-fujo meltdown when she made Akito into a female because of all the gay shipping. That woman is a cow.

No. 178078

Exactly so why come across as giving a damn about anything? All of this could be so funny and priceless, and you could easily throw a big one back in their faces. You could react in a way that makes them look obsessive and hysterical, but you keep taking it so personally and so seriously so histrionics never end on either side.

No. 178080

File: 1641681717842.gif (131.48 KB, 300x232, popcorn.gif)

Please tell me more. As I said, I remember one of her vague comment at the beginning of the manga, probably in response to fans after she introduced Ayame and made him and Shigure flirt as a joke every two pages, but I didn't know she addressed it later as well.

No. 178081

You obviously do I never hear the end of it

No. 178082

Holy shit I remember when Akito was revealed as a woman and it was so weird, but I had no idea it was because she was triggered by fujos. Are there any details to this?

ma'am you were already told that nobody cares

No. 178083

>You could react in a way that makes them look obsessive and hysterical
Why would I or anyone else care? I think you're the one taking things too personally, anon

No. 178084

Not her but iirc she planned this plot twist about Akito from the beginning. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why the first anime was cut short, Akito's voice actor was a guy in that one and Takaya complained that she couldn't help the studio pick the voice actors.

No. 178085

I honestly wish I had the foresight to save the documentation. Akito was turned into a girl a long time ago, but the infighting was glorious in all corners of the anime community. I forget where, but it's pretty much accepted that Takaya did it because Akito kept getting paired with men. I wasn't into Fruits Basket but I remember my friends and other people in BBS talking about it nonstop and how Takaya hates yaoi and the fujoshi.

No. 178086

I would enjoy not being exhausted by this kinda community, or having to be a Fujo, for once. the people from all sides are lunatics.

No. 178087

I thought Takaya was backtracking hardcore, but that's just me

No. 178088

I'll look for sources because that seems hilarious. If you ever remember where you saw that please tell me. I read the manga when it wasn't finished yet and I bought the volumes one by one in middle school so I never witnessed anyone's meltdown online or anything.

No. 178089

shut the fuck up, some people are still grieving his death. it's a tragedy that berserk was never finished, and don't act like miura was a pedo because HE WAS NOT he was a genius

No. 178090

Based oldfag fujo, I was around a long time ago but as a young ESL I only had a limited understanding of all the things that were going on back then. I'm not that much into Fruits Basket so I don't have a horse in this race but I know at least some mangakas pitch a fit when their Mary Sue husbandos are made gay while others admit to reading doujinshis of them kek.

No. 178091

NAYRT, This is unironically one of the funniest things I've ever read.

No. 178092

>don't act like miura was a pedo because HE WAS NOT he was a genius
I can't even tell if you're being sarcastic or not

No. 178093

I think she mentioned that in one of the guidebooks, I'll look it up if you want.

No. 178094

It's been such a long time. Looking at the dates of the manga, the reveal was done back in 2007. Any website that I recall is now defunct or buried in Gaiaonline kek. But I'll try to remember

I'd appreciate that.

No. 178095

Hey, that is kind of not cool.

No. 178099

Ok I found it. It's in the first guidebook, I will translate it from French to English (the book is numbered 24, since the actual manga is 23 volumes long). It's in the very first interview, where fans ask her how she came up with the series and the characters in general:
>Question number 13: Did you already decide from the beginning that Akito will be a woman? (question from Eriko)
>Answer: Yes. I always liked androgynous looking characters, they make me swoon (laugh)

>Question 15: Ever since the surprising revelation about Akito's sex, the story became more "adult/mature". Was this change always planned since the beginning of the series?

>Answer: Yes, indeed. It's the story's mature side by itself that interests me, but its outcome. I have a brain fart, not sure how to translate that shit properly. The message I try to convey in my manga is that you always reap the fruits of your labor, even if you do it in a shameful way as in, as if you're kind of an asshole. That's why Fruits Basket and my other series lead to a moment with a specific goal.

So yeah, she says she always planned Akito as a crossdressing woman, and while she could be lying, I have no idea how I could know for sure. I'll look for her anti-fujo meltdown though.

No. 178100

Yeah my first instinct is to think she's lying, but that's just me being an ass and assuming. She could have planned it from the beginning and people think otherwise. I just know she does not like BL or anything like it.

No. 178101

fruits basket is kinda shit

No. 178112

File: 1641691721595.jpeg (114.84 KB, 525x779, 5E8CBE4B-8120-4074-9398-D37179…)

Lol ok

No. 178113

Begging you guys to stop infighting and just enjoy gays. You can argue in the mtf/ftm threads or something

No. 178115

File: 1641692049208.jpeg (86.87 KB, 700x894, C6158BB8-1EF6-44E3-AC13-05E86A…)

Anyways anons, guts and griffith canon. Berserk best manga.

No. 178116

>lolishota dick
if that's all you think of when you see a depiction of nudity you are the pervert. not all nudity is sexual you freak.

No. 178117

File: 1641692335080.png (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1114x1600, df202b78e57be23b7e29f329c458ad…)

such innocent and harmless nudity. who just doesn't want to see a child's genitals in full view? don't get me started on the horse rape. is that also nonsexual nudity? 5head

No. 178118

holy fucking shit i never read berzerk but I'd seen some of the weird rape scenes so I assumed it was bad, but not THIS bad. This looks like the intro to a pedo hentai doujin

No. 178120

No need for the mellow drama, we can still enjoy our gays in peace. Guts x Griffth for life.

No. 178121

Ok anon we get it you hate berserk and everything it stands for and are the savior of 2d children, now post boys kissing or get the fuck out.

No. 178122

Kinda interesting that within five minutes of that anon posting you're ready with the exact page, were you waiting for this moment or do you just always have 'lolishota' pics saved to your hard drive at all times?

No. 178123

NTA but this is a weak argument I see all the time on here. Stop it.

>"Bad Thing didn't happen like that, you're delusional"

>someone posts the proof
>"uhhhhh why do you have pictures of Bad Thing on your computer anyway, huh? Maybe you're just as bad. Checkmate!"

No. 178125

File: 1641693551589.png (1.41 MB, 900x1333, 012B25282325292Bcopy-5.png)

nta, but do you think that the shitting scenes in Made In Abyss are also non sexual? get real anon
naked little kids don't have non-sexual intent behind them when they are drawn by dirty old men.

anyway, sorry for derail. here is a random BL i read today, it's called kimi to no dogfight. it's like a typical BL you find everywhere, but i enjoyed it so i wanted to share it in case someone is interested in it

No. 178126

File: 1641694091824.jpg (444.39 KB, 1774x1774, z1sjitqrrr841 (1).jpg)

since i am here in the yaoi thread here i am posting ship art of my favorite yaoi ship. they fuck hard

>um ackschually it's interesting that-
kekw it's not like i had to download the tor browser and fight my way through the dark web wiki to get access to berserk manga panels. might blow your mind away, i know, but there is this thing called google and it immediately shows up when you search for it

at first glance it's so obvious who's the uke and who's the seme

No. 178127

NTA but the panel you posted isn’t from berserk nonna. Not saying I agree or disagree just make sure you’re actually posting shit from the manga to make your point.

No. 178128

>Duranki is a Japanese manga series written and produced by Kentaro Miura and illustrated by his personal manga studio, Studio Gaga.
oh well, written and produced by him then. sorry my bad

No. 178129

File: 1641694530260.png (707.1 KB, 1280x1450, tumblr_7d61c33a201315a3f6ca0f7…)

Anyone here a fan of Chreon?

No. 178131

i don't mind the ship, but chris definitely belongs to piers

No. 178132

File: 1641694927219.jpg (188.19 KB, 800x1132, 31530280_big_p3.jpg)

BASED ANON I was so obsessed with with chris/piers I still have my folder kek

No. 178133

File: 1641695042331.jpg (108.51 KB, 709x797, Dn8B5LHU4AYICWq.jpg)

krauser x leon is good too! the homoerotic knife fight leon has with him in resident evil 4 is forever godly + there are a lot of good doujins with these two as well



some good ones

No. 178135

File: 1641695288028.jpg (36.95 KB, 564x579, a16579378f3b19c37bcd367146893f…)

feel free to post more nonny!

No. 178141

File: 1641697514248.jpg (111.96 KB, 900x706, Chris-and-Piers-chris-redfield…)

I like Chris x Piers the best too! I just posted Chreon because I was under the impression it was more popular.

No. 178143

File: 1641697965136.jpg (84.77 KB, 551x1000, 31746734_big_p6.jpg)

Sure anon! I'll post my favorites kek chris-stan piers is always my favorite

No. 178144

File: 1641698059749.png (62.36 KB, 880x600, 33680293_big_p10.png)

No. 178146

File: 1641698404882.png (307.82 KB, 800x600, 35238098_big_p6.png)

>folder full of 178 pictures of chris/piers from my days of lurking pixiv

No. 178155

Griffith is too hot to be seen with anyone else. He needs masturbation fanart where he's just taking some time off and treating himself to some prostate massage.

No. 178156

you were the one who brought up the page in berserk- which the page you shared is not even from, so that is what i was responding to. but nice that you have this saved and ready to go, kinda proves my point tbh. Also the horse is literally a demon, what is context. i'm not saying berserk is without flaws, but are you gonna start protesting the opening of dbz where goku's penis is shown while he's a literal baby too? do you consider that lolishota dick too you weirdo. very black and white thinking you got there.

No. 178159

nta but you're bring willfully obtuse. Anyone can see that page (idk or care if its from berzerk or not) is not the same as the typical way child nudity is drawn, which usually is done with like 2 lines for a penis and certainly not with glowy steam and sweat effects all over like in the posted page. Quit repeating your dumb "but you had to save it to your device to post it, that makes YOU a pedo too!" gotcha, it's literally sooo dumb.

No. 178160

sorry another anon having the same point as me made you seethe nonnie, but there are in fact multiple people who use lolcow. and how is it being willfully obtuse when i was saying a completely different page that i had seen was more innocent than a page i had never seen before? bringing up a drawing to make a point and then using something different as a 'gotcha' when an anon disagrees is retarded.

No. 178161

File: 1641702455818.jpeg (84.13 KB, 749x882, 162A6B0B-1FC2-4C1C-A659-1DFD29…)

Why does every fucking thread have to always devolve into the shota argument jesus christ. It’s autistic to come into a thread totally unprompted to shit on a series you don’t like because an anon asked a question and it’s also retarded to keep replying to this anons obvious bait. Just move on and ignore the retardation.
Thank you so much for sharing these nonnie I thoroughly enjoyed them.

No. 178163

File: 1641702758676.jpg (89.97 KB, 999x799, Chris-and-Piers-chris-redfield…)

i'm sorry nonnie please forgive me i'll drop it now <3

No. 178164

this shit is why oldfujos are insufferable now. i hate cringing through rape so i moved on to modern bl, and you bitches are getting worse with your 'its just fiction' crap. you know you're defending loli when you defend shota too, right? and using the same argument pedos use irl 'if you see it like that, you're the pervert!!'

No. 178165

File: 1641703596901.jpg (124.13 KB, 1024x1022, 8k70vkastsb41.jpg)

No. 178167

You’re right and you should say it. I think some Fujos are so used to being shat on for no reason that they go too far into the opposite direction and start defending the depraved shit scrotes draw as if it’s the same as a woman drawing two anime dudes getting it on

No. 178170

File: 1641705036003.jpg (147.54 KB, 600x728, 34916137_p10_master1200.jpg)

Posting a few of my favorites from my bookmarks.

No. 178172

File: 1641705078720.jpg (310.34 KB, 750x852, 34916137_p7_master1200.jpg)

No. 178173

File: 1641705197143.jpg (252.78 KB, 550x784, 39712683_p10_master1200.jpg)

No. 178177

karasuma piyohiko has talked about going on dates with women and liked terfy posts about how the lgbt community revolves around men (gay men and transwomen) on her fandom account lel
the author of my lesbian experience with loneliness is (was?) a fujo but idk if she ever published anything

No. 178187

>its not real

No. 178188

File: 1641710738658.jpeg (Spoiler Image,49.84 KB, 530x511, B00CD57F-FB26-4845-B234-433E3F…)

No. 178190

File: 1641713014862.jpeg (143.92 KB, 750x526, A6DA8C4E-9BF9-4490-867E-83AB95…)

I don’t think it’s necessarily slept on as much as it’s just basically nonexistent in the western berserk fandom due to a big portion of the readers being moids. I also feel like in today’s culture it just wouldn’t be accepted by the woke crowd because waaah abusive Griffith evil.

No. 178191

Samefag, bless you anon.

No. 178193

So she introduced a "male" character flirting and sleeping around with another one (idk if her sex was revealed when they showed the pannel of her with shigure in bed) and went ape when fujo ate that shit?

No. 178201

There are mangaka who have been caught with actual cp and charged with abusing children, but you want to nitpick over a dead man’s drawing.

Genuinely kill yourself you are sjw cancer and just as bad as scrotes

No. 178203

Is there any japanese ebook website that does what Futekiya does? You pay a small monthly fee and get access to their entire bl library. I need that but in japanese.

No. 178207

man I find it so hard to care after being desensitized by all the twitterfags crying wolf over muh fictional CP, I just can't bring myself to give a shit about cartoons being naked even if it's weird stuff this isn't even like a sexy toddler in a bikini spreading her legs like 90% of moid content is

women don't rape IRL kids anon, your "if the genders were switched" argument doesn't work

No. 178208

>Karasuma Piyohiko is a based and pinkpilled lesbian terf queen
Holy shit you just made my day nonny, I have a new favourite BL artist now

No. 178210

File: 1641723143316.jpg (176.08 KB, 800x1119, FGvIPBtUYAQtzuH.jpg)

Ever since I beat the Dai Gyakuten Saiban compilation I can't stop thinking about Sherlock and Mikotoba, I was about to delete my twitter account but I decided to start following artists who like this pairing. I remember that not only Kumiko Suekane made Edgeworth and Phoenix total fujobait, and she made the devs read BL manga after the very first Ace Attorney game sold well, but Shu Takumi decided to put as much fanservice as possible in AA4 despite Suekane telling him afterward that it was excessive. For the ones who don't mind spoilers do you think Sherlock and Mikotoba's relationship is meant to just be 100% platonic or do you think Takumi wanted to add a little subtext on purpose?

iirc Shigure and Akito's relationship is revealed right after that. But we see Akito and Kureno making out just a few pages before the revelation.

No. 178268

File: 1641733072075.jpeg (524.35 KB, 1032x1089, EBD88A59-BE0E-4C29-A200-81AC90…)

I found this comment about Asada Nemui on Amazon JP and now I’m dying to know what her side account is

No. 178271

based if true

No. 178272

Asada Nemui is a guy?

No. 178274

Holy shit, i love her just by her works alone but i'd love for this to be true. I hope it is

No. 178293

Nah, it’s MTL being wonky

No. 178330

Twittertards are so weird. They'll throw a fit over stuff like underage anime girls being aged up for erotic art and you'll see zoomers trying to cancel each other for DMing a 17 year-old when they were 18, but are perfectly content to excuse actual child molestation done by troons. Weird place.
I wonder what her "terrible tansphobic remarks" are.

No. 178331

>I wonder what her "terrible tansphobic remarks" are.
I wouldn't be surprised if it were a completely normal opinion or fact that she stated in a neutral way, you know how these people are, they love exaggerating everything.

No. 178340

I wonder if this is a western troon. I have no idea what are the "transphobic remarks" but wouldn't be surprised if it was shit like "she called menstruators women" or something along those lines. Tried looking into it but couldn't find anything. Agree with >>178271 though, based if true.

No. 178342

File: 1641746997954.jpeg (495.52 KB, 1125x1250, 5A3C440A-2676-4930-89EB-A96F15…)

I’m pretty sure that the review was for Call but it looks like Amazon deleted it. Another reviewer left a comment about it, saying that it’s rude to expose the author’s thoughts when their manga don’t have any transphobic content.

No. 178345

The price of being told what to think and raised on mentally ill side of tumblr. I truly believe if people collectively ignored troon and genderinas complaints, the world would be a better more chill place

No. 178359

??? bitch

No. 178386

I meant samefag because I made the post right above explaining why the ship isn’t popular not because I was pretending to be you, calm down.

No. 178411

>because griffith is a rapist and this manga is fucking garbage
As opposed to BL stories, that are known by their healthy and well developed depiction of romance. Right, retard-chan?

No. 178421

>They'll throw a fit over stuff like underage anime girls being aged up for erotic art
And then five minutes later they masturbate to underage KiriBaku fanart kek

No. 178441

File: 1641774672228.png (938.82 KB, 1152x851, thriving.png)

No. 178446

Look anon I'm sorry someone criticizing your fav manga has you so upset but you really sound hilariously retarded throwing out nonsense whataboutisms. People not liking sexualized rape scenes doesn't make them retarded and it certainly doesn't mean they like it in other media either, like you imply.

lol cope

No. 178461

File: 1641782731381.jpg (650.49 KB, 1280x1027, Tumblr_l_46828621511719.jpg)

Speaking of Twitterfags and troons, looking for slashfic in a fandom with a lot of Aidens fucking sucks. No matter how many Ao3 tags related to trannies I put in the "exclude" category, I still have to sift through a bunch of tranny wank fantasies about top scars and PIV. I wish they'd just cut the crap and write a fic where they ship themselves with one of the characters, since it's obvious Aidens are self-inserting as the character they "headcanon" as trans.

No. 178557

To any anons here who read raw bl where do you go to find out what's popular among Japanese fujos?

No. 178569

File: 1641843562122.jpg (329.85 KB, 675x675, d20hw8e-4371691c-89a5-494c-84e…)

These idiots only mess with people who can't defend themselves (in this case a dead man) that the worst thing he did was draw a rape scene in a DARK FANTASY manga, i want to see those twitterfag bastards try to cancel successfully the author of samurai X who got caught with real CP

(pic related with the best ship on bleach,to return to the topic )

No. 178571

Oof, sorry to hear that. My main fandom is thankfully light on Aidens and the ones who are there are at least decent enough to tag their conversion therapy self-insert fapfics, but the other fandom I'm a part of(FE) is absolutely bursting at the seams with them. Probably something like 20% of dirty fanfics about Felix involve him being a TIF getting raped and impregnated by Sylvain or Dimitri, it's insane. I do love how pissy they get when readers un-bookmark their fics when a male character is TIF-ified though, kek

No. 178572

File: 1641843948837.jpg (14.54 KB, 264x264, 1625512619074.jpg)


No. 178574

File: 1641844361876.jpg (75.34 KB, 676x600, download (3245678).jpg)

Defend that Bleach ship please, because clearly the best Bleach ship is Gin x Izuru

No. 178577

File: 1641844667913.jpg (18.52 KB, 649x366, 9e348a98f940aafeeff4937966a4c1…)

Being a semi-popular fujo artist and trying to avoid these tards presence is purgatorial as well. They actually try to entrap you into taking their titmangle commissions and randomly nonconsensually erp about it in my comments/DMs. I can't even state that I don't draw trannyshit so I just have to vaguely be "Oh I don't want to do this," "Why? You can have my fakeboi be penetrated by another guy what's wrong lol?" "my fridge isn't running gtg" "Ok when you come back we can discuss his t-dicks size :3," and the cycle restarts forever until I shoot myself I guess.

No. 178582

>"Ok when you come back we can discuss his t-dicks size :3"
Jfc i'm so sorry anon

No. 178583

I wonder how many of those Aidens are genuinely just too autismal to realize your discomfort and how many are actively trying to get you to slip up so they can try and cancel you for twansphobia. I hope by some miracle they leave you alone and let you do what you want, dealing with them sounds nightmarish

No. 178587

>entrap you into taking their titmangle commissions
Kek. I'm sorry anon. What would happen if you wrote in your profile that you only draw "cis" guys?

No. 178590

>Probably something like 20% of dirty fanfics about Felix involve him being a TIF getting raped and impregnated by Sylvain or Dimitri, it's insane.
Holy fuck kek. I would accept omegaverse and magic mpreg or some ridiculous fantasy shit even if it is cringe over making characters into actual troons. It sounds borderline homophobic when you want to make it straight PIV sex even though I know they want to self-insert and create more ~representation~ and whatever. But seeing how so many fujos, me included, are lesbians and feel uncomfortable with the setting including a male dick in a female vagina it should be without saying that even by their woke-aligned logic they should tag appropriately. Some of them apparently refuse to do so because "trans men are real men and should be included under m/m" and fuck lesbians anyway I guess.

She would be branded a MLM fetishist and a transphobe, of course.

No. 178591

For real, what is it about FE that attracts so many Aidens? It was a fucking nightmare trying to find decent fic sorting through all the trans stuff, I just gave up kek if any of you have some good fic with the blue lions boys please share

No. 178593

I'm pretty sure they're just too autistic and occupied with their trans headcanons to realize how uncomfortable it is for their readers, I doubt most Aiden kinnies are as malicious and narcissistic as a lot of AGP transbians who send rape threats to people if they don't comply to their insane demands.

>Nintendo brand
>Lots of different characters you can romance
>Can be experienced through Youtube let's plays instead of playing it yourself
That's all you need.

No. 178594

>She would be branded a MLM fetishist and a transphobe, of course.

Would that be bad though? It would mean that aydens stay away.

No. 178595

The topic of Felix being constantly trannified came up earlier in this thread, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed because at first I thought I was imagining things.

No. 178598

File: 1641846902898.jpg (429.93 KB, 1186x1167, 1587529060406.jpg)

I understand your pain anon, this kind of thing made me put a great RIP to the fandom of Hannibal, Overwatch and soon The Witcher. It is very tiring to try to avoid this content and you simply do not enjoy anything (and I will not talk about the fandoms that I see little but it still has that which makes me not even want to try it)

No. 178599

I'm a FE oldfag, most of the Aidens came into the fandom after Awakening blew up. It's probably mostly just because of the timing since 2013 was when troonacy really started to take off, but the marriage+children mechanic combined with the very popular Chrom/M!Robin pairing probably "cracked a few eggs", to use their vernacular.

For those who don't know/don't play the game: minus their support conversations, the main male protagonist's relationship with the male PC in-story is identical to his relationship with the female PC, who he can marry and have children with

No. 178605

File: 1641848424670.png (365.61 KB, 500x605, 887294bd4ea87699df2d4a4b895c2b…)

just beautiful in everything haha

No. 178606

File: 1641848533624.png (92.01 KB, 1086x738, yesIdothecookingyesIdotheclean…)

they seem to lean to the retarded side, honestly. don't know why they target me in particular
I don't really want to get ostracized/never get employment again I am surrounded by them in artland, here's all the dodges I could come up with and my best advice to any other fujo is to go "ZAMM I GOTTA GO PICK UP A PACKAGE RN BRUH" and never speak to them again

No. 178611

>Why would it be bad to be labeled a transphobe in a time when it means complete, absolute ostracization from your social circles with everyone abandoning you because they don't want to associate with you in public, people will harass you endlessly, contact your employer and ruin your livelihood while the only people willing to defend you are homophobic right-wing nuts?
Yeah I wonder. If they just stayed away it would be great of course but they never leave it that, they have to burn your whole persona down.

No. 178618

They have too much power, I wish everyone sane would put their foot down and tell them to fuck off.

No. 178626

File: 1641853057597.png (26.6 KB, 480x320, 26-11_Take_3_An_Incredible_Tea…)

Based FE oldfag, I'm one too and I thought we didn't exist anymore kek. I hope in future games they tone down the self-insert, 3h was going in a better direction, even if Byleth was retarded at least I didn't have to suffer through a sea of screenshots of people's self insert Corrin avatarxRyoma images.
I wish I could give BL fic recs, but I'm unfortunately a BE fag (love Dimidue and some rarepairs in the blue lions though). Instead of reading about them transing Felix I get to read about them doing it to Ferdinand though, fucking hate that. I'm really close to just going back to old ass fandoms like FE4 or FE7 kek.

No. 178631

Nice to see another one of us on lolcow! God I hate the self insert MCs so much, but given how popular they I doubt they're going away any time soon. I actually disliked Byleth more than the other two; at least Robin and Corrin had canon personalities and most people would use their default designs in fanart, but Byleth is just a blank-faced ball of nothing that the world revolves around to make the player feel special. 3H would've been so much better without her.

Unfortunately, Heroes is giving exposure to the older games and they've started to infect those fandoms as well. I've seen a recent uptick in Ike x FtM Soren that doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. And I haven't seen anyone trying to make Hector or Eliwood fakebois yet(thank god) have seen a startling amount of MtF Lyn X Florina. Can't have shit kek

No. 178632

There are other options. You can ghost people who bring up tranny shit in your DMs or comments section. You can also alienate them from your work by drawing fanart of ships SJWs consider "problematic" (i.e., big age gaps, hateships.) Unfortunately being branded as being a "problematic" shipper is less damaging to your reputation that objecting to the tranny craze. Aidens also generally aren't fond of bears and bara– they typically prefer androgynous bishonen. Drawing more of that might potentially steer them away.

Never, ever, agree to do a commission before you know what the person wants. That's just common sense. Don't even respond to DMs from people with tranny shit in their Twitter/Tumblr bios.

No. 178634

f!byleth ships are all over my timeline and frankly i dislike her more than f!corrin

No. 178635

>Aidens also generally aren't fond of bears and bara– they typically prefer androgynous bishonen.
This isn't really true nowadays, androgynous bishounens really went out of vogue a couple of years ago and I've seen a rocketing increase in Aidens simping for hairy bodybuilders, "dadbods" and older male characters because they're "real men" and liking these "real men" makes them true and honest gay males who totally aren't a walking gay minstrel show and respect the gay male culture unlike all those fetishizing fujo bitches with their fetishized bishounens.

No. 178636

Speaking of the troonification of BL, have you noticed it's started to creep into japanese fandoms too? I see so much cuntboy art on Pixiv while trying to browse BL, often thrown together with normal dickboy art. Other troonish weirdness like huge blatantly female tits on males is becoming unavoidable as well.

It doesn't bother me as much in japanese art because at least it's less ugly and less likely to be obvious aiden self-insert in a cringe way. There are never any clitdicks or breast scars so it's more clearly fantasy like futa.

This is true, if anything old school bishonens are more safe from this type of fan.

No. 178638

File: 1641855571860.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.24 KB, 622x900, 1570395565386.jpg)

>I hope in future games they tone down the self-insert
>3h was going in a better direction
I refuse to believe you put these two contradictory concepts in the same sentence. I simply refuse to. Byleth is an abomination, and Edelgard being a mindless shitty, badly written waifu is the best proof of the self-insert thing going out of control. At least Robin and Corrin had their own personalities so if you don't want to self-insert in their games you can just see them as their own characters. I forgive you because you like Dimidue though.

>I get to read about them doing it to Ferdinand though

Isn't the reason why he's a prime target just because he's too busy to cut his hair? That's somehow even more retarded than with Felix.

No. 178640

Sage for samefagging but Japanese artists always tag their "cuntboy" art on twitter so it's easy to avoid. I don't use any other platforms to look for art though. Japanese fujoshi truly don't give a fuck, at least in their case I'm sure they draw that because they like pussy and not because they want to look unproblematic.

That reminds me of how, just a few days ago, I saw an article about an American FTM getting pregnant and giving birth that was trending in Japan and some of the most liked replies to these tweets were Japanese fujoshi saying that it was cool because it was just like in their favorite omegaverse BL manga/fics. Imagine seeing this among western fakebois and fujoshi.

No. 178648

I don't really mind cuntboys that much, I don't like them but I'm willing to tolerate because the Japanese treat it as a oneshot fetish quirk instead of a whole character arc. It's the actual troonification complete with top surgery scars and "t-dicks" and moping and brooding over muh gender dysphoria shit that turns me off.

No. 178651

Self inserting for all the games (Awakening, Fates, 3h) is extremely annoying, I agree with you. I was much more able to ignore Byleth or write them out of the story entirely though, as opposed to Corrin or Robin. Not touching the Edelgard stuff, the endless reeing about her character is stupid. I don't pair any of the lords with Byleth and I ignore their weird simping moments.

Ferdinand is a very pretty guy in general, and has some lines in the game about grooming (trimming his eyebrows etc.) plus the hair thing. He's got some GNC moments so they use it to troon him out basically. I like his character and interactions a lot but I only ever see japanese fanwork from him portrayed well.

Oh fuck, I completely forgot about Heroes. You're so right though. I was just replaying PoR too, I hate that troonshit has infested everything.

No. 178652

I mainly use pixiv and yes, I can say that there was an increase in cuntboy fetish, and the worst thing is that they always tag it together with the yaoi / BL which is very annoying. being treated like a fetish doesn't take away from how tiring it is to watch.
They try to turn the bara into "not like other fujo gaydens" and then this shit of drawing bara like women, instead of big pecs they literally put breasts, and sometimes they put the character with a ridiculously feminine attitude and seeing scars on the chest is very disgusting. bara is ruining

No. 178662

Chilchil has a ranking, I also sub to BLUE BL digitally and occasionally they have new artists

No. 178704

Popularity isn't the best way to pick your manga. A lot of the most popular things end up sucking or being generic rape bl.
I would just follow bl publishers and check out anything that seemed nice.

No. 178708

Popularity is not the main deciding factor when it comes to BL for me, but there are the BL awards each year: https://ebookjapan.yahoo.co.jp/content/bl/award/chillchill/2021/index.html (this is last year's)
Mostly I find new stuff by following an author, recommendations or from reading free samples. Chil Chil is a great resource if there's something particular your interested in.

No. 178713

File: 1641888828417.png (43.02 KB, 270x360, 05129911.png)

another day, another fanfic that springs surprise pussy and top surgery scars on me. being fujo is suffering.

No. 178719

Which pairing was it this time? Did it have a lot of kudos or reviews? I feel like the more kudos a fanfic has the less likely it's going to have trannies.

No. 178720

they didnt tag it? rude af tbh and then these aidens get mad when people complain in the comments

No. 178721

File: 1641892038029.jpg (17.71 KB, 369x369, d98vtww-83673e5e-6822-4aec-932…)

akira/akechi. it did have a few hundred kudos, i think? i just noped out so quickly kek.
>I feel like the more kudos a fanfic has the less likely it's going to have trannies
it's almost like most people hate tranny stuff in their BL, huh?

nope. it has happened a few times already, and it really bothers me. i'm here to read about dick on dick and then i have to read about some dude's pussy and clit and how he's totally a manly man.

No. 178745

Let me guess. The tif was Akechi?

No. 178750

I honestly didn't know there is so much aiden fanfic but to be fair most slash that i read is kpop

No. 178751

While we're talking about fics, what are the fics or tropes you dislike and why? I can't stand Ace Attorney fanfics that make the characters ooc because they're always ooc in the exact same way, it feels like I played a different game from the writers. For example people love to make Apollo either super angry at Klavier all the time or shy and kawawii uwuwu around Klavier, or Klavier is always praising Apollo for literally just existing instead of occasionally making fun of him and teasing and flirting with him like in the games. I don't even want to imagine how the Dai Gyakuten Saiban fics must be, now that the oldfags have been replaced by gender obsessed teenage girls. I'm especially worried about homumiko because teenagers writing about gay single fathers above the age of 30 years old already sounds awful enough.

I also hated it in Persona 4 fanfics whenever writers tried and failed to write Yosuke's gay panic for the MC in a serious way.

No. 178756

I hate found family/(adopted or assbaby) kid plot points I don't especially want to read about what the author desired in a parental figure or how they personally mind their children because it's creepy. And I don't want to be introduced to their donut steel oc

No. 178758

Same, I hate when the pairing suddenly has kids, unless that's literally the case in canon. And I thought OCs were more in het fics, maybe I'm good at avoiding them?

No. 178759

omegaverse, mpreg, soulmates, arranged marriage, fake dating. and as for general bl tropes i hate the "straight turned gay by force" and "gay only for you" trope. i also hate the trope when another character gets in between them just for cheap drama

No. 178762

File: 1641914013403.jpg (185.39 KB, 950x1351, 14-Given-40.jpg)

i read fanfic mostly as a means to compliment canon, not replace it so i hate AUs especially fantasy ones, ooc writing etc… canon divergence can be good if well plotted
song fics, chat fics, all the usual boring tropes (fake dating, only one bed bla bla), mpreg, tentacles, trannies, kidfics are on the shitlist too. theres more but thats all i can be arsed to think of

random kinoven page to keep this thread visually interesting

No. 178764

This is less common than ABOshit or outright troonfying one of the characters, but I hate it when they make the bottom have an intersex condition he didn't know about until he suddenly gets knocked up. I know it's all fantasy, but that's not how intersex conditions work! No intersex men have fully functioning female reproductive systems tucked behind their balls or something. If you must make your OTP have assbabies, at least stick to the tried and true "lol magic" route or something Honestly though, what's wrong with adoption? Wish more writers took that route if they want them to have a family.

I also really hate it when they make the bottom much smaller/weaker/smaller dicked(lol) than the top, especially when in-canon there isn't much physical difference between them.

No. 178767

Based anon, I can't fucking stand AUs or the fake dating/only one bed bullshit and they're the most popular themes at the moment. They're always lazy, predictable and boring no matter how masterfully they're written.

I honestly don't even mind ABOshit even though I hate it because I'd rather have that than any troonified gay made straight penis in vagina fic ever.

No. 178769

i think the problem with fanfiction now is that its keeps increasing in quantity and declining in quality aka every fucking 14 year old is writing and posting shit now, aka children who have never read anything outside of fanfiction and bad young adult novels themselves and just replicate what they grew up on. its very first world problems to be annoyed by this and 'dont like dont read' i know but it gets fucking frustrating wading through pages of garbage trying to find something competent and i dont remember it being quite this bad even ten years ago. or maybe i just have higher standards now idk

No. 178770

off topic sorry, but i haven't read given in months– is there finally some progress with hiiragi and shizusumi???

No. 178771

File: 1641915701996.jpg (227.63 KB, 950x1351, 20-Given-40.jpg)

they fucked (off screen but confirmed) and it was very problematic and kinda rapey (based)

No. 178772

Idk, my standards have also increased with age but I don't really mind it. Sure their fics are usually not the best, but they're still just kids in the process of learning how to write an engaging story. Most people aren't born prodigies and need to practice to actually get good at something, and as long as they're open to fair criticism I think it's a good thing. Really do wish teenagers wouldn't write smut though, even if I did so myself when I was one kek

No. 178779

I hate any type of modern AUs because suddenly the characters all work at an american starbucks or whatever. Why would characters from an Asian or European setting become American all of a sudden? Even my immortal at least tried despite putting Hot Topic stores in Great Britain.

Ten years ago the shitty fics were in ff.net and the good ones were in ao3. I don't even think 14yo fakebois even know ff.net exists.

No. 178783

ah too bad, i don't like rapey shit. good for them tho!

No. 178801

It never fucking fails for that ship to have the tranny shit. NEVER. The fanfic thread here had recommended an extension for AO3 and it blacklists tags. It fucking saved my life and experience in AO3. No more tranny or gender bullshit unless they don't tag it. But you can put the author's name to block their works with that extension

AO3rdr is the extension. Self fucking care at its finest

No. 178808

Kinoven? I haven't read this one, nice choice of page though nonna. Can I ask for the link to the manga this looks just So good

No. 178810

anon its fucking given lol

No. 178814

Is Given worth it? I mean I read the manga years ago but it was mostly boring tbh. Watched some of the anime but also boring. Not enough bl for me, too much about music and other things I don't remember. Does it suddenly get a lot better or what.

No. 178817

It was boring for me too kek the breathy “la la la” part always makes me laugh whenever it crosses my mind.

No. 178824

Honestly every fandom I've ever been in has this problem, but it's one of my pet peeves too. I glaze over fics now if they start doing this.
Otherwise I hate most smut (it's hard to find good and well written stuff), fake dating plots, OCxCanon Character, 'x character has his soulmate's name tattooed on his ankle but hasn't met him yet oOOooOOh'
Thanks for the extension rec, love it

No. 178867

I just want to read Apollo and Kris going at it but the new standards of morals and ethics makes it “ too problematic” despite them both being grown ass adults

No. 178884

Same, all the older fics were all about Kristoph being horribly abusive and Apollo being traumatized despite this not making any sense when they take place before the story of the game. This applies to Phoenix/Apollo as well. Somehow people think Apollo's potential daddy issues isn't exactly what makes it spicy. They even try to manage to sanitize Klavier/Apollo because they also can't stand Klavier lightly teasing Apollo and having some funny banter whenever he says stupid in the game so Klavier is all over Apollo instead. Big spoiler for TGAA I've even seen some people on twitter saying that the age gap between Sherlock and Mikotoba and the fact that they first met 16 years before the game started is problematic. I don't think fans are like this with the characters from the trilogy.

No. 178885

i thought it was cute and impactful but im not big into BL. it seems to have gained a very woke fanbase on tiktok so im wondering how they’re reacting to the sexual assault elements lol

No. 178887

File: 1641977998144.jpg (40.54 KB, 258x257, IMG_20211227_232610.jpg)

that depends on what youre into. do you like mostly introspective monologue driven narratives? are you a fan of melancholic pretentious melodrama? is art style a prominent factor for your enjoyment of any given (heh) series? do you like sports manga? do you like gusaris haikyuu doujins?
if so, yes given is kino
if you expect sex or much fluff, no dont read given

No. 178926

OT but I'm just happy to see fujos who can't stand troon bullshit. It's hell trying to navigate as a fujo who enjoys problematic fiction and recognizes the misogyny and homophobia integrated in the trans movement because the polilez "radfem" side shames you for being a degenerate coomer and the kweer libfem side demands you to suck girldick and either transition or drop being a "fetishist". Things are though but you are all queens and never forget it.

The tradthot homophobes who only hate trannies by their association with homosexuality can go fuck themselves though

No. 178937

In my experience, the shaming comes more from FTMs than it does from anyone else. It's like FTMs think that they've "earned" the right to like yaoi by trooning out, so they screech at normal fujoshis about how we're "fetishizing gay men." At least the gay guys we "fetishize" are fictional and we're not slicing off our tits to chase after real ones.

No. 178962

File: 1642012920498.png (169.57 KB, 828x408, FIrpoZlVkAAPNd1.png)

I saw this image in another thread and felt it's very relevant to fanfics and published works.
Fuck the "queers" and their terrible writing.

No. 178983

Inherent cringe aside, I love how gaydens think they're doing an important form of activism by writing their shitty, overwrought, after school special-esque fanfics. Way to go to all the Noahs, Braydyns and Calebs of aO3, I'm sure your explicit 250k wordcount MHA rape fanfics where Bakugo has a surprise pussy and mastectomy scars really changed a lot of minds for the better on transgenderism. kek

No. 179009

File: 1642023049865.jpg (346.2 KB, 1024x1024, Usagi-and-Misaki-funkyrach01-1…)

Oh I do ignore them and draw the worst taste stuff possible which only seems to imply that i'm fine with new-half fetish and attracts even more aggressive requests to draw it. Also I only follow 27 people and 100% of them have turned out to be troons and I've muted every single involved person but it's like a super autistic hydra. Living in this comedy sketch is more stressful than anything else

I love every fujofarmer here too anon, happy late yaoimas to everyone

No. 179013

File: 1642024659209.jpeg (671.96 KB, 800x1132, E3xIhisVEAoHCif.jpeg)

I dunno if I would consider myself a fujoshi since I rarely care about romance in general, but I quickly became attached to this incest pairing recently. I must see them fuck.

No. 179015

File: 1642024912795.jpg (150.54 KB, 848x1200, FIfZjBFaMAcGERD.jpg)

Are you watching it?

No. 179018

File: 1642025626190.png (16.05 KB, 452x419, 1479056223106.png)

I'm sick of younger fujoshi and fakebois as well, I feel like this thread is the only place where I can talk about BL, and lolcow.farm as a whole is the only place where I can talk about entertainment as a whole freely. The new fujoshi imageboard is a bit slow unfortunately but its existence is a pretty good sign imo. I remember participating a lot in fandoms years ago and now all I do is just follow a few Asian and European artists on twitter who like the specific video games I like and I never post anything to avoid weirdos. I love you all so much.

No. 179020

who are they?

No. 179022

I'm with you anon. I love me all the problematic content. If it makes me a "fetishist" or whatever so be it

No. 179031

amagi rinne & amagi hiiro from ensemble stars

No. 179042

this kind of relates to the topic, but also probably doesn't relate so feel free to shut me down if that's the case.

anyways, all over social media, I've been seeing people talk about women writing gay men (m/m) stories mainly and talking about women fetishizing gay men, i wonder how this coincides with the internets love to hate women who enjoy things, in this case, fujoshis, and stuff like that.

sorry, i'm not the most eloquent, but it's something i'm interested in.

No. 179052

File: 1642038560073.png (1.21 MB, 1150x1480, E1_wyGAVUAg2vc2.png)

Based as fuck, anon. They've got a lot of chemistry. I'm more of a Reiritsu liker myself though.

No. 179078

It's cute but feels very outdated to me. The fujospeak at the very beginning was cringe, I hope they don't make any more jokes like that.

No. 179096

idk why you guys care about the opinions of normies/gays/woke westerners. I have never had this problem because I simply don't hang around them. They are not the target audience so you should just ignore them. You'll have to stop hanging around Twitter and reddit I guess.

No. 179098

It's not that simple, sometimes depending on who you hang out with online or what you like you will end up seeing these people whether you like it or not. And these crazy assholes did change fandoms as a whole for the worse. Normies in general using the internet on a daily basis made it infinitely worse regardless of fandoms as well. For example a decade ago I used to be on livejournal, pixiv and a little bit on tumblr to look for fics and art of the series, manga and video games I liked, or even just to talk about it with likeminded people and now livejournal is a zombie, pixiv is kind of dying, and tumblr… let's not even talk about tumblr, there's too much to say. Now if I want to look for pretty art of some of the specific video game characters I like it's either on twitter or mayyybe on instagram if it's not too niche. I using twitter just for that and I keep blocking anyone who might expose me to al this queerios discourse bullshit so I'm only following non Americans and I follow like 50 people at the very most. Yet I still sometimes see tweets about how terfs are anti-fujoshi or whatever nonsense.

tldr; depending on fandoms and pairings you will see retarded normies or "achillean MLM uwu" opinions on your TL even if you block people and mute specific keywords, unless you stop using the internet completely unless you're surrounded by nerds irl like I am, then there's no escape, rip.

No. 179111

What's the name of it???

No. 179113

File: 1642084303455.jpeg (272 KB, 699x618, 2EDE75E1-BC35-4F25-99EE-D2AFB2…)

Didn’t realize Kabukicho Bad Trip had a second volume. Also I just finished reading the story about the piano boys- cute and I’m happy it was a happy ending

No. 179115

File: 1642085918285.jpg (79.81 KB, 456x630, 20220113_155033.jpg)

It's so good, I love the artstyle and story and the characters appeal to all my tastes. But I felt like after the first chapters it kind of fell off. The build-up is always really good but then the explicit scenes just end up fizzling out somehow. I can't put my finger on it, it just feels too mature and serious in my opinion. Like the chapter where they went on a date together and Tooru wore the choker and ropes and then they went to a hotel and it was just over in an anticlimactic way. It's cute that the couple cares about each other so much, but the way they keep talking around stuff and how weird they are about bdsm is so strange and almost cringeworthy. Still really good though, I wish there was more like it

No. 179116

I think there’s always been some disconnect with women in the industry, like BL magazines have predominantly female artists and editors - but you won’t find any female editors for magazines like Shonen Jump. So I feel like BL is kind of credited with opening more doors for women in the industry but even back in the 70s/80s it made men annoyed that women were participating in events like comiket. I wish I had a source to confirm this but apparently men intentionally tried to keep women away by producing more lolicon manga during the eighties

No. 179117

>not recognizing given
>not recognizing sasaki to miyano
do your reps

No. 179126

None of my friends are into this bullshit but it requires a very thoroughly curated friend group full of people you can trust not to leak DM messages of you saying "problematic" things in private and it also limits you from ever straying to the open fandom waters. You can't control who sees your content for example, so the moment you post your fanart/fanfics into the social media to share it around you're in inherent danger of some underage MLM themlet calling you a pedo for shipping Boku no Hero Academia characters or demanding you to add vaginas on men or else you're a fetishist. If you piss off the wrong person they will obsessively go through your entire internet history to find that one dodgy thing you said in 2010 and turn it against you. Nobody is safe from this shit unless you go fully offline which is pretty much out of the question in this day and age.

Here are your sources nonny:

No. 179133


No. 179144

> it made men annoyed that women were participating in events like comiket
Women are the reason why Gundam still exists. They saved the fucking series. Figurefag scrotes could never

No. 179148

Isn't that the case for most good anime and vidya? Shonenshit like Naruto or Dragon Ball were popular because of teenage boys with no taste while Gintama, anything by Rumiko Takahashi, FMA, etc. were popular with women. Don't get me started with Japanese video games that are more popular with women despite targetting a male audience or being misunderstood by their male audience.

No. 179156

I'll never understand this compulsion men feel to try and ruin things for others, especially women. If you don't like yaoi or BL, just… don't consume it. It's that simple. I don't like the gross "10 year-old-looking girl in fetish gear" stuff that comprises the majority of coomer anime art intended for moids, so I just avoid it as best I can, as do most other women from what I can see.

No. 179163

They want us to deal with a male dominated media. Stuff made for women or by women is a threat, don’t they always scream about feminization and things being bad because of women in every fucking field? Honestly it used to hurt my feelings but now my attitude is just let them seethe

No. 179222

>Yet I still sometimes see tweets about how terfs are anti-fujoshi or whatever nonsense.
It's bizarre to see the "antiship" side of the discourse claiming it's the terfs who are "heterosexual cis women fetishizing gay people" and the other side claiming it's these antiships who are terfs because "a lot of fujos are trans men and BL helped them realize that". "Terf" doesn't even mean anything anymore, it's a catch-all term for someone they project their fictional conservative Karen stereotype into.

I don't think any of us can understand it as we don't represent the privileged gender that has oppressed the other one for hundreds of years and only in the past decades has been held marginally accountable for it. Men live in a different world from us, they're used to getting their way, never having to tolerate things they don't like and above all having women worship them, not a bunch of fictional boys real life scrotes find unappealing. It's just a level of entitlement completely foreign to women who are raised to be self-sacrificing. The more women that realize this and stop giving a shit about male feelings the better.

No. 179257

> It's bizarre to see the "antiship" side of the discourse claiming it's the terfs who are "heterosexual cis women fetishizing gay people" and the other side claiming it's these antiships who are terfs because "a lot of fujos are trans men and BL helped them realize that".

Amen to this, when I joined a seemingly well-known proshipper group and asked for information about anti-shippers and how to counter with their harassment. What I got were graphs and really graphic details of "proofs that antis drove a minor to suicide" and "antis & puritans are the product of radfem grooming them from tumblr". I ended up getting nowhere with those kinds of conversation and speculation. I have no doubt that these proshipper had thought that I was some anti psypop for asking these information and got really defensive when they started harassing a couple of youtubers that think Hannibal's writer was cringe.
I don't know, man, I just want to gush about anime boys being affectionate towards each other without being immediately assigned to a certain Extreme political ideology that I have zero knowledge about. I can't believe we cant have that kind of minimum of enjoyment in this day and age.

No. 179297

Both sides blame terfs for antis/proshippers, and both sides have shitty arguments for it. It's so weird. I almost want to put that I'm a terf on my bio but I don't want to be banned.

No. 179298

I think the "antis are being groomed by radfems" claim came from some tumblr post that made fun of all the aidens larping as gay men written by a polilez antishipper and the proship side took that and ran with it, even though almost all of the "antis" I've seen have been troons themselves. The whole divide is beyond retarded though and while the antishipper side is the worst by far because most of them are retarded and mentally ill minors the proship side has its cows too, such as the people who unironically defend moid-pandering lolicon porn because they think they're obligated to do so in order to justify themselves liking a short or high school aged male character. That's what you get when you accuse women of being "just as bad as men" because they like some dodgy things when they could never sink to a scrote's level of degeneracy.

No. 179301

The cows on the pro side tend to be cows because they take that shit way too seriously. Like they have so much free time they write super long essays about things that don't matter that much.

No. 179303

sage bc offtopic but yeah they really do, cant remember how often ive seen some random tirade about how being a cryptoswerf by disliking lolicon leads to the murder of 3 gorillion transwimmin or whatever from that zombiejerusalem person cross my timeline and then you look these people up and it turns out theyre in their thirties unemployed and get into beef with 13 year old tiktok zoomers for kohi donations kek

do we have a dedicated thread for the anti vs proshipper wars? bc theres a lot of milk there

No. 179304

I'd love a thread about that but I wouldn't know where to start. If someone wants to start a thread I'm definitely going to read it though.

No. 179305

the fujo fandom space has changed so much, pairings like sebaciel, usuk and wincest which were considered normie entry-level 10 yrs ago are now deemed as controversial and offensive
i think the klance vs sheith wars ruined an entire generation

No. 179307

fruk is better than usuk so I don't mind it that much.

No. 179310

kek if hetalia was more accurate fruk should have been america's divorced parents

No. 179311

Yeah and it's really annoying to be labelled a weirdo because you're a woman who enjoys fictionnal gay porn when lesbian porn is extremely popular among men and no one cares. But the worst are male weebs who complains if they see one yaoi pic but will jerk off to some fucked up hentai one hour later.

No. 179317

Quick question for anons who still use LJ/Dreamwidth: are kink memes still a thing? I remember there being one for every fandom under the sun in the early 2010's, but don't see much talk about them anymore. aO3 is great but doesn't really fill the same role.

No. 179326

every time this happens i go in the comments as a guest and make up some sob story about "boohooo please tag trans characters next time, it made me so dysphoric…" would recommend

No. 179356

>i think the klance vs sheith wars ruined an entire generation
I'm an oldfag Voltron fan, and VLD did so much damage to the series. I hate it so much. And those pairings were trash. For once I went the het route, but everyone was so insufferable in the fandom that I just couldn't gay ship. Besides the pairings were crap to begin with. I will never forgive what the writers did to Keith. Fuck Klance, fuck Sheith.

No. 179360

File: 1642188957889.jpeg (214.56 KB, 1236x1525, B9C65C40-907E-4FF3-8AD5-BE98F0…)


This has been brought up around art thread #28, and some anons already blogging their experience in sjw-artist thread in /cow/

Those are what I managed to find some good read of the topic. I don't recommend making a topic post about it, I'm 100% convinced that a lot of us Really want to move on from this conversation, however I think it's fine to bring it up here and then for nonnas to vent their thoughts.

As for anons replying to the topic, these have been insightful to me since I've always been in a more (supposed) woke side of the conversation and often so many times got shut out for "not believing the victims" when they didn't give me any concrete (or even, common sense) information to understand.

In a sense of a queer creator myself, and pretty much just sick of having to tip toe any kind of things, then somehow it's my fault for not keeping up with the latest topic, bitch I work full-time and I have bills to pay.

Another frustrating thing is those spaces used to be another facet for me to expression myself, in an unconventional way in which I wouldn't allow to show in public. I mean, who would bring up some genshin incest ship in a middle of family table.
So I understand where proship coming from and their bitching essay does sound valid to me in some degree, but the discourse has now evolved to "thou art villain!" and a lot if cow-like behavior when it's dealing with - literally teenagers online.
I think fujo spectrum of fandom spaces have always had their own problems and typical cows that ruined the fun for everyone, only lately I feel like these spaces are getting worse and worse for the old guards had left, and which remains are those are so Insanely obsessed with one ship to the point it means life and death to them.

pic unrelated but nonnas talk about hetalia so heres my fav

No. 179372

>who would bring up some genshin incest ship
I seriously hope you're not referring to Kaeluc as incest, unless you mean the travelers and their boring everything.

No. 179374

i'm normie and idk whether kaeluc is incest or not nor i really care, i used the ship as an pseudonym of "i don't want to talk about my weird fandom ship at family table

No. 179389

Kek I bought a BL manga in pixiv comic and complained about not having been able to use a coupon I had so they refunded me everything.
So you know in case you want to buy bl there. But the quality is shit and the reader is even worse so I don't recommend it tbh.

No. 179390

literally all the characters were poorly written and i despise lance in particular. however i don't understand how you could like any het vld ships nona
i don't know why they pulled that lotura stuff in the middle of the series only to reveal that lotor is still evil and then proceed to make lance allura's rebound. and then allura dies. and i'm not gonna start with that weird implied keith/acxa shit that made absolutely no sense. and kallura was just… weird

No. 179402

File: 1642209819582.jpeg (250.89 KB, 665x914, F5E2C4C2-9CAE-4C12-B471-61CD37…)

I love Sleeping Dead, Mamiya’s spergy antics make me crack up every time I read it. He’s great lolcow material

No. 179410

File: 1642214639725.png (Spoiler Image,2.41 MB, 1440x1721, slut.png)

made to suffer

No. 179413

I was a Voltron DOTU oldfag so I had this bias for KeithxAllura. The retardation hit me hard, I'll admit. But yeah Lance was the worst character in the show and I will never understand why fangirls clung so hard onto him. Shiro was the worst decision because of his forced faggotry and keeping the bitch alive. And yeah Keith was done dirty and he sucks ass for it. Fucking hate everything about that show in retrospect.

No. 179414

This. Both sides are retarded.
>pro shippers
Easily offended people who can’t accept that kids think they’re weird, unlike board type fujos (who don’t give a fuck as long as you stay in your own lane) just the thought of some kid on tumblr boolying them drives them to tears
Also tends to make cringy merch.
>anti shippers
Kids in places they usually shouldn’t be (ie: danganronpa) and then proceed to expect everyone to do exactly what they want them to due to being raised on a dose of tumblr/twitter groomers who tell them that they’re perfect and could do no wrong. Usually some form of ftm.

Both sides for some reason accuse the other of being terfs, even though the only place you really see terf fujos is on board sites.

No. 179415

>I'm an oldfag Voltron fan
Presuming that you’re a Lotorfag, I thought those only existed for Lotor?

No. 179416

File: 1642218223498.png (840.94 KB, 1000x2500, 3D9C2A72-1210-41AB-BF84-46C49F…)

Also I got reminded of my favorite meme.

No. 179419

I was shameless and liked Keith and Lotor as a kid. Both had their allure.

No. 179423

you mean the original voltron or the dreamworks one because this was aired when I was 26, how old are you????

No. 179425

Original Voltron. I saw it back when it was syndicated in Cartoon Network's toonami when I was 9ish. I'm currently 35

No. 179427

terfs are the new boogeyman

No. 179431

The thing is that as discussed above, the proships are doing important work in telling kids not to harass and dox people over ship wars and that not all fiction reflects your real life tastes because it's a sandboxed universe where you're in charge. I mean at the end of the day I can't really blame them because there's a real threat of some 16-year old constructing an autistic google doc with out of context screenshots laying down claims of you being a pedo because they raked through your twitter likes and found you liking an underage ship fanart. And because people on social media love drama they will spread that shit like wildfire with no factchecking like, as brought up by >>179372 , the people who think Kaeluc is a pedo incest ship despite the two being ex-childhood friends both clearly in their late 20s or so with no blood relations whatsoever.

However I agree with >>179360 , some of them definitely take it too far and give too big of a platform for some teenager to yell about how every female BL artist over 25 drawing ship art should be giving birth to kids and paying taxes instead. To a degree they're right, I assume that in order to have a twitter slapfight with a literal kid you have to be taking this thing too seriously. Just tell them to shut the fuck up or better yet ignore and block them completely, they're children and should have no business in following you anyway. This situation got so badly out of hand because people started giving these stupid teenagers their time of the day instead of gatekeeping them like one should. Oh and fuck the women who defend lolicon just because they feel obligated to, a woman liking teenage male characters is absolutely not comparable to a moid fapping to a female child.

No. 179441

i feel like a lot of people in the proshipper community are afraid of coming across as hypocrites so even if they dislike stuff like lolicon (at least most of proshippers that i know don't like at all), they'd rather ignore it. and many of them are into shota/underage stuff so they think they have no right to call them out