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File: 1646237741032.jpg (219.48 KB, 720x891, 94db11942c071f0534d1a58c092fed…)

No. 186701

Discuss here your mangos while /m/ is still kill

No. 186705

That Mikasa nendo is so cute with her scarf like that

No. 186711

File: 1646240473339.jpeg (575.8 KB, 1105x1699, 60CA175B-5699-4048-AAB1-198D9A…)

Nonnies, which manga series would you recommend for someone who hasn’t read one in over 5 years? A manga that could reignite my interest!

I’m in my early 20s, I used to love (to an autistic level) black butler as a teen. Nana is my all time favorite. I also liked some fantasy-like mangas by CLAMP, Arina Tanemura etc. So specific genres aren’t that important, BL is fine too. It doesn’t have to be translated either, Japanese is fine.

No. 186714

When was the last time you read Black Butler? It's not over so if it's been a while I suggest you read what has been released until now at the very least. I love Nana too so I've been recommended Paradise Kiss very often, maybe try that one?

No. 186717

File: 1646242255363.jpg (245.93 KB, 1037x1460, main_tongari23.jpg)

That's a bit hard. Since you were not very specific, I can't narrow down the "vibe" that you want. Do you want something laid back to ease into manga reading again? Or do you want some crazy shit that will keep you reading and come back with a bang? Do you want something more grounded/mundane or a fantasy world? Do you want an adventure or something dark or dramatic? Something light hearted and funny or some action? Something that you can read casually or something that has a lot of overarching narratives?

No. 186730

File: 1646251105044.jpeg (514.85 KB, 1162x1659, 7D698815-F8BC-45F9-AA09-EE25C0…)

Oh it’s still a thing? Thanks anon then I’ll check out Black Butler again! Haven’t read it since 2016 I think. Ah I remember hearing about Paradise Kiss, I’ll check it out too, thank you kind nonnie!

Yes sorry for being so vague anon, I couldn’t really say that I wanted a specific genre because I used to like so many different mangas. But I guess as for the “vibe” I’d like something that isn’t too much slow slice of life and something that isn’t too sad and dramatic maybe? What’s the manga in the picture you posted, it looks like a comfy fantasy adventure

No. 186745

File: 1646254785062.jpg (265.05 KB, 735x1056, 24164b09b2a7bfe37831aac59389c1…)

>it looks like a comfy fantasy adventure
It's literally that! It's called Tongari Boushi no Atelier or Witch Hat Atelier. The art is gorgeous. It's written by a woman and there's no fanservice, as far as I read and probably not ever tbh.

I don't know if you'd consider Yotsuba too slow, but it's pretty cute and laid back, as well. Do you want completely mundane SOL or can it have more fantasy/adventure elements as well? I love Gokushufudou (the way of the house husband) and Kodoku no Gourmet (and Wakakozake) but it's pretty mundane. I will look into my stuff and see if I can find other recommendations!

No. 186746

where can i buy the manga in english?
what's picrel?

No. 186749

File: 1646256719544.jpeg (2.82 MB, 1340x1876, 1F250C41-F7DD-408C-A9E3-849CF0…)

Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP. One of my childhood favorites.

No. 186752

>It's written by a woman and there's no fanservice
That’s even better, thank you so much anon this seems right up my alley! The art really is gorgeous and I love the fantasy vibes!

I actually read Yotsuba when I was twelve kek! I loved it, it’s super cute but definitely a bit too laid back to my current preferences. I’m not that interested in slice of life anymore, and yes I definitely like fantasy elements! I’ve heard a lot about Gokushufudou actually so I might check it out! Thank you so so so much anon you’re putting so much effort in helping me

No. 186766

File: 1646266328987.jpg (50.22 KB, 351x499, 51PgaPPSQoL._SX349_BO1,204,203…)

I'm curious what farmers think about this manga. Personally I really enjoyed it. Caught myself tearing up certain times.

No. 186767

Tranny faggot bullshit

No. 186770

NTA but what's wrong with it

No. 186773

Its a manga about sexual and gender identity. I'm a terf but I riked it still, it was pretty good.

No. 186775

File: 1646268117916.png (583.92 KB, 500x713, tumblr_388f046444774d3b5bcc999…)

I am the most homophobic person in the world but I love seeing these topics in fiction so much, right now I am reading this manga, is quite bad, I do not recommend it, it is a slife of life about a nonbinary character kek

No. 186778

>that picture
please no, this alone gave me brain cancer.

No. 186783

lol I remember this one. IIRC it's a male crosdresser and all the staff in the cafe he works at are traps. He gets upset and cries when they think he's also a "boy who crosdresses" but in reality he's "neither boy nor girl".

Really? What's so good about it? I don't mind spoilers.

No. 186789

File: 1646273512562.png (175.26 KB, 1100x1588, 6ba28bda-afab-428c-8431-a61627…)

I like the way it explores the topic without feeling like weird pandering if that makes sense. Stories like this can easily turn into trauma porn, woe-is-me, repetitive and doubling down on stereotypes IME but MC learning about the cast and discovering himself is done quite tastefully. An experience you've heard before but still interesting. I'm not very good at explaining myself. I empathised with the homosexual characters in particular, their storylines touched me the most. The characters in general feel very human-like and real as if I'm listening to conversations and private stories someone IRL had.

The art being attractive and whimsical is a huge bonus too of course. Coastal town setting. Picrel made me kek

No. 186792

holy fuck no. Stop reading this shit, it's disgusting tranny propaganda.

No. 186796

The tranny is a background character who gets 1 chapter

No. 186797

File: 1646275844971.jpg (151.2 KB, 968x1600, 1145893_2018051714189.jpg)

The worst part is that the origin is from a hentai of the author, where the character has a suspiciously small penis

No. 186798

File: 1646277166251.jpg (157.16 KB, 540x769, tumblr_21ea587c99ef80a318b8043…)

Anyone else read Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai? It's romantic horror about a girl trying to continue to date her boyfriend after he dies and becomes a ghost. It's balances the fluffy romance and spooky shit really well and touches on a lot of subjects that I imagine would hit close to home for many anons.

No. 186799

She >>186789 is not talking about >>186775 you retard

>loli-looking trapshit author is also a shotafag
wow what a shock

No. 186800

File: 1646278153999.jpg (33.08 KB, 299x450, 1145893_2018051714189.jpg)

This is how the autor looks kek
I will definitely watch it, I love twisted things, if you have more suggestions like that I would love to see them

No. 186801

Jesus fucking christ, he needs to be put down

No. 186802

coomers really are one and the same. coomers be cooming i guess.

No. 186821

Ew spoiler this shit next time anon

No. 187013

That's just the average Japanese male

No. 187021

I give no fuck about recent series but I've been buying manga I used to read at the library as a teenager (mostly stuff from the 90s and 2000s) and I almost want to get Love Hina even though it's trash. It's fun trash at least. Forgive me father for I have sinned and have shit taste.

No. 187062

Beautifuly drawn, too bad the author is a themby, crossdresser character is an asshole. Also the god is obviously the mangaka's self insert.

No. 187207

Tell me more. I keep seeing it at my favorite bookshop and while the topic seems interesting I don't want to see tranny shit anymore.

No. 187214

As far as I recall it's just a slice of life harem manga. The stereotypical "a bunch of girls somehow end up living with bland MC and fall in love with him. Drama ensues". My memory could be wrong though. The art's fine.

I picked up the first volume of another of the author's series (Negima I think?) that was in Japanaese to try translating as Japanese practice but I didn't get far.

No. 187217

Wait are you talking about our dreams at dusk or love hina?

No. 187223

NAYRT but it’s basically an introductory manga for LGBTQ categories. Like each character is one type of “queer” identity and have a small story arc before moving onto the next one. Protag is gay, there’s a lesbian couple, MTF kid, FTM adult, old gay couple which of course has one guy living a double life and suffering from AIDS. Like the other anon said the character Anonymous is an asexual themby and basically is the author’s self-insert that guides all the queers with her OPness

The art is beautiful but yeah

No. 187235

Maybe I'll check the scans then but I'll avoid spendingbmy money on the books, thanks.

No. 187238

>MTF kid
Nah that's a crossdresser kid, he did have some pages about questionning but choose to stay male.

No. 187250

The questioning is cringe enough for me to think it's a bad manga. It's just not my thing. Feels like it was made for tumblr and twitter users exclusively.

No. 187262

The one spot of reality actually happens with that character because he gets groped by a creep while crossdressing at a festival, and it’s what convince him to stay male. Almost everything else (excluding the cis gay male couple ofc) is sugar coated in it.

No. 187285

hated the feminization of the gays, ovely dramatic in a way that no normal person would act

No. 187330

File: 1646556703765.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x2839, tumblr_f68748f60e56d24a35aff00…)

>Feels like it was made for tumblr and twitter users exclusively.
Actually you reminded me of this pannel when the "god" says that, so yes you are right.

Holy shit I forgot about the details but if that's true the fuck, no wonder the mangaka trooned out.

No. 187361

I checked the manga because of this thread yesterday and stopped at chapter 3 or 4 I think. Too much stupid, exaggerated melodrama. I can't relate to a teenager boy being gently bullied for watching hardcore gay porn on his phone at school when I've dealt with worse than that when I was younger for something I couldn't help. The stupid bitch then has the audacity of whining because now his classmates joke that he might be gay for watching a lot of gay porn. The long haired character is very obnoxious too. I thought it'd be a more subtle, realistic manga.

No. 187362

Boys run the riot was also popular lately

No. 187370

Japan already has low birth rates. rofl that country is doomed if this tranny shit spreads there

No. 187380

No way it'll spread as much as in the West, what's considered an official tranny is very specific legally speaking. There's no self ID bullshit.

No. 187382

File: 1646586687477.jpeg (47.75 KB, 474x336, dungeon_meshi.jpeg)

Another comfy fantasy adventure I'd recommend to someone who hasn't read manga in a few years is Dungeon Meshi! It's about a group of adventurers in a DnD style dungeon, but two of them are obsessed with cooking and eating monsters, so every chapter or two they make Japanese food out of the monster they killed. It's very funny and exciting.
It also has a really talented female mangaka.

No. 187383

No. 187384

On top of >>187383, that's how it started here too. Just fifteen years ago it was still "Ohh, we're just trying to live our life, but we won't deny we're actually men, sex and gender are different. We just wanna pee, and get our dick chopped off and silicone tits slapped on." until just a few years later it suddenly was "What do you mean males can't be lesbians? That males have a biological advantage in terms of strength, mass, weight and volume? That we don't belong in womens prisons? Suck my dick, bitch."

No. 187392

>really talented female mangaka
lol that explains why it's so good

No. 187606

I never read boy’s love anymore, but i read ganbare! Nakamura-kun because it has "80s inspired" art and its just so cute. Recommendations with that art style ?

No. 187673

File: 1646693504464.png (264.95 KB, 777x375, dourbest4tubachan.png)

Hate that I even have to ask this, but is Yotsuba& safe from random pedo moments?

No. 187685

Been a while since I read it but as far as I can remember Yotsuba is very cute and family friendly. There aren't any gross moments like that.

No. 187692

Anything by Rumiko Takahashi I guess? A lot of manga from the late 80s to the 90s have that same style.

No. 187729

100% pedo free. I've been reading it since I was like 8 and it's always been a really perfect family friendly manga. I got a few copies for my nephews recently!

No. 187732

Can moonspeaking nonas recommend me manga that's easy to read but also engaging? I'm probably around N5-N4 level

No. 187768

anything shounen jump! not only does it have furigana but the grammar structure is quite simple. tbh if you have jisho and weblio handy you can read most anything w furigana (shounen/shoujo), it just takes a while lol

No. 187843

Thanks you two

No. 187867

Chainsaw Man is moid trash. Fujimoto is nothing more than an ideas guy.

No. 187869

That look of sheer terror kek

No. 187897

SUPER excited for Zatch Bell 2 starting on the 14th.

No. 187901

Whaaaat? I was so into this anime as a kid.

No. 187904

File: 1646779103173.png (816.45 KB, 1382x2000, Konjiki no Gash!! c324.5 Kanze…)

The mangaka announced out of nowhere that he was making a sequel a week or two ago. At first, I was worried since the original ended so well, but I have faith in Raiku.I liked Animal Land, although I haven't read VECTOR BALL yet.

No. 188185

File: 1646845164455.jpg (242.63 KB, 667x1000, magi-the-labyrinth-of-magic-vo…)

Maybe Magi The Labyrinth of Magic? It's one of my favorites despite how it ended. Has a very fun and diverse cast, decent plot imo, and nice/cute art.

No. 188187

Thank you nonna! Not sure why I didn't realize this kek. Gonna go reread all of my favorites in Japanese now heh

No. 188832

File: 1647034680209.png (Spoiler Image, 362.55 KB, 500x828, 479-4793060.png)

Why are abominations allowed to be the norm in anime/manga? But give a yaowee/otome guy larger hands or body frame and it's a running joke for the next decade

No. 188871

Magi has gorgeous art, and some of the most consistently attractive male characters I've ever seen. It's not very good beyond the first few arcs though.

No. 189098

File: 1647199395947.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.16 KB, 914x1024, FNar9WRUUAAFuV6.jpeg)

Golden Kamuy spoilers
I can't wait for the next chapter cause I wanna see shit going down between these two

No. 189101

I bought witch hat atelier recently and I'm so excited to read it. It's the first manga that I ever buy it's just too pretty

>No way will it spread as much as in the West

Nonnie the world is connected together and nothing stops the flow of information. Anything that comes from America is highly influential.

No. 189114

Cultural differences as big as the ones between the USA and Japan makes it unlikely for Japanese AGPs to self-id like in the US. The USA and France are way more similar culturally speaking, and I can tell you that the idiots over here trying to copy American SJW shit are having a hard time with it and won't stop complaining that you need to see a psychiatrist you cannot choose on a regular basis for years and live as the opposite sex publicly before you can even think about chopping off your dick with taxpayers' money and changing your sex on your ID card. So yes, information is spreading almost instantly all over the planet, but that doesn't mean everyone will take all the information they see into account.

No. 189288

File: 1647281383592.jpg (75.52 KB, 501x741, 7a275f1416f72e8ea89af558ee5da1…)

Yeah, the end was a shitshow and I honestly still can't really wrap my head around it kek. It felt like L vs Light where it was like "you think I outsmarted you? Jokes on you, I knew all along!" and then "I knew you knew so it was I who outsmarted you" and so on kek. I really enjoyed a lot of it though. The art is soooo cute I'm about to reread it just to enjoy how dumb and stupid some of the little chibis are hehe. Peep my favorite boy.

No. 189295

File: 1647283685818.jpg (194.12 KB, 900x1281, 302861.jpg)

I can't believe Mia Ikumi passed away, my heart is breaking

No. 189299

im so sad crying like a little baby, she was like 47 years old only

No. 189341

File: 1647288600812.jpeg (81.58 KB, 1021x576, 7CA6C154-814A-4E98-A32A-0E786D…)

I heard Mia was overseeing the new anime too so I can’t wait to see her final project. She was so young RIP queen Mia Ikumi.

No. 189355

Fuck this is unfair. I loved her works so much as a child, and I'm still attached to it now. I still have the character dolls my country issued, I'll never throw them away. Rip.

No. 189357

That’s really sad, didn’t she make another series fairly recently?

No. 189375

File: 1647295202351.jpg (154.44 KB, 578x800, Ichigo Manga.jpg)

The news has me weeping like a child, especially knowing tomorrow is Mew Ichigo's birthday and now she won't even get to see her creation debut this Summer. Sailor Moon may have been my first love, but Mew Mew is my forever. Rest easy queen.
She was even younger, 42.

No. 189381

Are you kidding me?!!! It has been my childhood dream to write a letter to her. And now it’s too late. I can’t believe this, I hope she rests in peace.

No. 189420

Rest in piece, mew mew always has a place in my heart

No. 189445

Rest in peace, she created so much beauty. I'm forever glad that was my first manga.

No. 189524

File: 1647348702423.jpeg (720.98 KB, 850x1275, E2347AE5-FBF7-41A8-B694-D9AD7C…)

Holy shit i thought i hallucinated this whole thing, no i just read it on danbooru six years ago, its just not translated and searching for "imperial army dogs" turned up a lot of horrible chinese stories and not much manga

No. 189540

File: 1647354701808.jpg (633.82 KB, 2560x1681, EvrV_6ZUYAEPTtO-scaled.jpg)

I just finished reading Totsukuni no Shoujo but I think I'm too retarded to get the ending.

It felt so unsatisfying. I guess they both become trees at the end? Cool I guess, but humanity never receives salvation and the mother at the bottom of the lake is still just a big ass black blob so nothing really changed at all in the end. Is that the point? That this world will be locked forever in a fight against each other? Rest in peace to the king but what the fuck ever happens with the priest? Do the people kill him as a result too? The people in the wall are like 'lol ok so we have to kill the girl to save ourselves? cool lets kill her' but now there is no vessel for Father, nor is there a soul for Mother. They hint that insiders are coming out of the walls, so have they just accepted they must live with the outsiders? No one gave them the message that Albert speaks of in the end though (the "true" curse stuff, constantly being at odds with each other), so why would they suddenly decide this? They still run the risk of becoming cursed. Also nothing is explained about what will potentially happen if Father got his body back and Mother got her soul back.

The worldbuilding and the lore were really neat but the towards the end I felt like it got really convoluted. Maybe finishing it all off nice and neat wouldn't have done it any true justice, but I don't think the way it ended really did much either.

No. 189542

I've always wanted to read tokyo mew mew.. It was the first manga I wanted/tried to buy but my parent said no at the time. I only watched one episode I think tho. Very unfortunate considering the airing of the new anime.

No. 189572

>searching for "imperial army dogs"
Kek I can only imagine the mix of propaganda and real-world horror stories this turned up

No. 189604

Ok I'm back after reading some people's interpretation of the ending.

The best interpretation I read is the emphasis on sharing, such as Albert sharing some of his soul with Shiva, and Shiva (in her original form) sharing part of herself as a black child with him (even though it is a forced sharing at first- Albert and Shiva willingly pass the soul between each other later on). They are able to escape the curse because of his, such as that Shiva is not instantly cursed when touched by the black children and Albert is able to retain some of his humanity even after being cursed. The insiders and outsiders will remain cursed because they do not realize they are each a half of a whole (a vessel and a soul) and therefore will remain cursed in their own ways. I like this interpretation, although it doesn't really make me enjoy the ending very much since my questions about the priest and mother and father still remain kek. Also someone pointed out the cover, which I posted above, shows a bucket and a tree which furthers along the idea that they both died (Albert becoming a tree, Shiva is an empty bucket (no soul left)), along with Albert normally not needing to sleep as a black child, so nap = death. Well. It's fine. But I'm just not really a fan of stories where, despite all that we followed and the effort that was put into lore and worldbuilding, important/special characters die having zero impact on their world in the end. Maybe Nagabe's point was most of us die like that anyway? kek

No. 189787

Are there any josei manga that have zero romance or sex whatsoever? I want to read series about women getting shit done, realistic or fantasy, with no relationship of any kind with men (lesbian relationships are okay but I don't care for romantic content in general). I asked this question in a previous thread but got no answer so I'm not getting my hopes much high.

No. 189799

Maybe Hatarakiman? It's about a workaholic woman and some chapters focus on different characters. She has a bf but he's just there. He doesn't feel like he's her bf, his own chapter is focusing on his own career. Not something I'd recommend if you don't want to think about work though.

No. 189800

What about Your Throne? Its a webtoon though. 2 female protagonists but the main one is the one who gets shit done. There's some light implied romance but it's late in the story and it's not the focus of Medea's character development (she's mostly driven by revenge and competitiveness). Can't say it will satisfy you though, im not an avid reader so I don't know a lot of many stories..

No. 189807

Thank you for your suggestion, I'll check this one out, I don't think I mind the working environment, and since the relationship is already established and not the focus it should be alright.
I'm not super fond of webtoons, especially the format, but I'll check it too, it sounds nice.
I mostly read seinen mangas with a mixed protagonists group because romance is usually absent or a last chapter addition and I wanted to branch out by reading more things with adult female protagonists, but it's really hard to find stuff I like.

No. 189810

Ikoku Nikki

No. 191216

File: 1647907748566.jpg (246.68 KB, 729x1024, myalcoholicexp_samplepage3_wat…)

Read My Alcoholic Escape From Reality and A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad's An Alcoholic, and just looking for more recs for mangas that are realistic about alcoholism-overdrinking like those two, theyve helped me realize my own issues so Im a fan

No. 191244

I love her stuff so much—it really disturbs/pleases me how much I relate it to her. Did seven seas translate the last two books? I’ve only read the diary one.

No. 191248

File: 1647918550169.jpeg (312.65 KB, 1140x1600, 18C45F82-B335-4B77-BAEA-4F699D…)

My Alcholic Escape and My Warrior Life have been translated into English nonna! Idk about other languages tho sorry

No. 191419

File: 1647982634619.png (Spoiler Image, 664.25 KB, 756x1080, FE4F4198-B69A-4389-A0FD-1C9723…)

I was able to find them—thanks so much nonnie.
Upsetting spoiler but this coming out in Wandering Nagata Kabi explained a lot. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 191457

File: 1647989708195.jpg (10.9 KB, 236x215, ecface22228b13ebba4992f8a25634…)

i know everyone hates op but bear with me. what's up with those spoilers/reveals about luffy and his devil fruit not being the gomu gomu no mi? i heard wano arc finally concluded so i was excited to read the whole thing in one sitting now, but those spoilers i read today are insane.

No. 191458

File: 1647990397976.jpg (60.16 KB, 305x450, gourmet-de-go.jpg)

Oh no that just broke my heart and it would explain more about her upcoming memoir: Straying Warrior Kabi Nagata: Go Gourmet! (it hasn't come out in Jp even) which talks about her eating disorder/excessive eating

No. 191502

Hi nonnies, any josei (idk if that is actually the word, i'm a newfag) manga with adult-women-with-adult-women-issues? Like Nana, or Perfect Blue. The point is i dont want any schoolgirl loli shit. It can have moids or het relationships but is discouraged. Please help me #

No. 191539

anything by this author tbh

No. 191574

Ntayrt but this made me cry. I lost my only friend in January so this one hit me right in the gut. Thanks for the good rec!

No. 191744

Nta but I read this and it seemed to go nowhere and nothing got resolved? I kept waiting for the mc to grow up and have some character development but she basically "falls in love" with an emotionally detached chick she knows nothing about, we hypothetically hear about her writing a manga that only vaguely touches on the character she's creating (why a black woman? why jazz? why is her career only a minor plot point?), her mom feels she's incompetent and worries about her, and some people on the periphery have thoughts about it. The premise was interesting but ultimately felt very unsatisfying to me.

No. 191947

Just finished reading the two newest issues since they came in the mail, this made me honestly tear up.
I had trouble understanding a lot of the stuff in the book about her alcoholism due to only drinking like, twice before but her other books including this one hit me so hard.

No. 192799

X by CLAMP is now 30 years old and it's still on hiatus! Ending never ever!

No. 192802

Oh holy fuck that explains everything

No. 192809

CLAMP… where are you…

No. 192827

Hanging out with Yazawa.

No. 192828

No. 192835

Are they still working on some mangas like TRC or CCS spinoffs? I'll be honest I never managed to really get into their mangas (mostly because of the confusing narration and dialogues) and it feels like they really lost their popularity during the 00s.

No. 192842

Yes, and CCS really didn't need a sequel, I hate it here.

No. 192909

File: 1648494359635.png (598.34 KB, 597x827, 5.PNG)

I started catching-up with her latest manga but seems like to most likely to troon out (at least probably to gender-x), I'm dissapointed. I really liked her first two mangas, and I read about her alcoholism part too.

No. 192913

disappointed but not surprised.

No. 192916

I don't know if the english traduction it at cause but they used "any gender" and cis and whatnot. So yeah, weakest work so far because I can't relate to that shit.

No. 192918

File: 1648495922952.jpg (68.95 KB, 318x458, happy mania.jpg)

That's just sad, I can understand with her past though a bit but I also do blame twitter/American influences, a lot of people in the states don't realize it but their culture is very influential no matter how fucking stupid it is (hence why I'm seeing people whose languages don't even have pronouns like mine still putting shit like him/her/they like wtf.)

Anyway back to manga, does anyone have a rec for a place for me to read Happy Mania by Moyoko Anno? I can't find it anywhere

No. 192920

Wow, gender bullshit legit is spreading to nipland. Just what their autistic, pornsick culture needed.

This is kind of, I don't know, callous to say but after reading all her books about her horrible life, trooning out only to
>A. deeply regret it down the line and write another depressing book about it
>B. finally be pushed to sudoku by it
Seems like the natural course of action for her. God is that woman's biggest hater.

No. 192921

I looked for it too a few months ago and I didn't find anything either.

No. 192927

The fact that she described herself as a “serious social media addict” in the previous manga (where she can’t go without scrolling twitter even when in the hospital) and pages after this one talks about having been sexually assaulted as a child really make the whole thing too. Ticks all the boxes for trooning out in the near future. It’s a shame.

No. 192931

I found her twitter long ago, but I don't remember her @. I just remember that she was tall and slender in the few selfies I saw, not sure if that could contribute to her self-image and wanting to troon out?

No. 192947

She honestly has a very cute look (to me,) very casual but I really like her pixie cut, but I feel that as a not very feminine woman and her related life issues she's sadly pretty susceptible to sadly going on the x-gender route

No. 192948

File: 1648505516065.jpg (58.29 KB, 350x490, chika-chans-depression-1.jpg)

Also I would love to read her fictional mangas if anyone knows if they ever got published?

No. 192968

She's cute! This was a nice watch, the interviewer was quite warm and respectful. I was a little worried she was going to be too prying, but I think she properly communicated how much people love and connect with her work.

No. 193104

File: 1648560534333.jpeg (281.43 KB, 1280x925, C4F621AA-BC8F-4E14-8F94-53F7D2…)

They’ve got a great podcast called Manga splaining and blog also where they put down notes and links to what they mention and since they’re an older gen of weeb they’re much more varied and really do have better taste and background in manga and anime then a lot of newer/younger fans!

Btw has anyone read Taiyo Matsumoto work in French? I’m thinking of getting the Bambou Samurai series and I can read to a middle school level so hopefully it’ll turn out good if the translation isn’t total ass

No. 193118

You should probably check her pixiv

No. 193853

File: 1648814921153.jpg (152.26 KB, 700x992, C905C-N1368356N-1.jpg)

I feel bad for the poor souls who have to read about Nagatoro abusing the nerd kid, you can read Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, it's also a girl teasing a boy but it's not retarded coomer content and it's very cute. There is even a sequel where they are grown up and married and have a daughter. There is a part when the wife asks the husband what kind of hairstyle he likes best and he can't think of any hairstyle other than his wife's, that was so cute I wanted to post it but I can't find it.

No. 193873

File: 1648825254760.jpeg (58.52 KB, 351x500, 81477135-5FCA-4297-AB86-D87E2B…)

I read this manga obsessively as a kid and when I saw the sequel series I was stoked, but what the fuck?? It was shit.

Firstly the guy from the Ura Peach Girl / Sae’s story spinoff completely disappears from the narrative, he’s never even mentioned despite being a major player in that series but fine, maybe the writer wanted to explore something new?

Nah it’s just the same old rehashed love triangle drama with Momo, Toji and Kairi. It just meandered on and on with the same plots as the first manga. I was honestly really annoyed that after setting them up pretty nicely with Toji having a lot of patience for Sae and growing really close to her, the writer still couldn’t break out of the “love triangle must revolve around my shoujo mc, even if she gets married, the other guy still belongs to her and has to be in love with her”

Also momo just got weirdly blander and blander, it was more fun when she pushed back on Sae just as hard even after they become close friends, but her and Kairi are just so stale as adults. Sae really ends up being a way more interesting and fun character, even though she’s pretty awful.

No. 193874

just reread it and now im crying(but at least not as hard as i did the first time). the mangakas way of portraying shii-chans raw anguish and loss is amazing

No. 193875

I don’t think the English version was ever scanned. But I skimmed it a while ago and it’s about a woman who works at the beauty section of a department store, she’s engaged but wants to cheat on her moid with a bunch of other guys she falls for in each volume. It also focuses on her roommate/coworker meeting a guy and getting married to him

No. 193899

Thanks nonny! I found a place selling it and some of Anno's other works so I was going to buy them maybe this weekend!

No. 194549

File: 1649026763625.png (1.26 MB, 798x1166, 0C52E3F1-768C-4FE8-86BD-07518C…)

Is anyone reading Akane Banashi? It’s about a young girl trying to become a master Rakugo to avenge her dad (whose not dead but got kicked out of the society basically) the art is really good and the MC is so cute!

No. 196571

Sorry guys but I don’t like yotsuba… i wish someone would finally give her some adderall

No. 196766

File: 1649723596966.jpeg (80.17 KB, 400x590, Orochi_ni_totsuida_musume-6190…)

>Orochi ni totsuida musume
>snake x woman manga
Scalie sisters, you won.

No. 196830

what the actual fuck

No. 196938

File: 1649799337499.jpg (320.26 KB, 1500x2138, 81Jzjp1vnRL.jpg)

any nonnies reading Skip and loafer? Its very cute and funny, and will be getting an anime apparently

No. 196945


No. 196970

Please recommend me good slice of life manga/anime, ideally ones that take place in the modern world!

No. 196977

Way of the Househusband is really fun! I also liked Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto and Maison Ikkoku (more romance and plot though but still nice)

No. 197601

File: 1650041262264.jpg (25.4 KB, 320x320, uwu spaz.jpg)

Does anyone have a sports manga but with all women in the vein of like Slam Dunk? Like good plot + art, I've read Chihayafuru, and it's nice despite the annoying ass love triangle but a lot of other more modern manga/anime with all women teams is just so so bad with the moe/cutesy shit (cinderella 9 like picrel was killing me trying to watch that) and ott fanservice (fucking keijo) For what else I've read, Asahinagu was a major let down btw the plot was poorly paced. I've already a lot of old school series such as Ginban Kaleidoscope, Ace o Nerae!Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl and Attack No. 1 but I'm personally not the biggest fan of that old school shoujo art style and I was thinking of checking out Bamboo Blade

No. 197614

Swan is really good but it has the old shoujo style. There is also Kenrantaru Grande Scène, oddly the woman who makes it is a hentai mangaka but it’s another good dance drama series.

No. 197652

I've read them both thank you nonny

>hentai mangaka

kek didn't know that! And it's my fault for not mentioning it but I was looking for more team sports manga, in like that Slam Dunk/Eye shield 21 vein that sadly a lot of girl focused series I've seen seem to lack.

No. 197871

Anons wtf. I read Gokinjo Monogatari in high school over a decade ago and finally bought a compilation book of Paradise Kiss because it was recently reprinted with an ugly cover, fuck Kana. I started reading Parakiss and it's literally just a sequel with a love triangle between the kids from the epilogue of Gokinjo Monogatari. I thought it would be more, idk, different? More like Miwako and the rest would be cameos and not main characters. Fuck I want to reread Gokinjo Monogatari now.

No. 197999

File: 1650165586600.gif (395.22 KB, 497x270, kon.gif)

I'm thinking of getting back in and finishing Bleach but I have to ask, for anyone who stuck till the finale, was it worth it? I don't want spoilers but just will I be on suicide watch like all the AOT fans?

No. 198910

File: 1650402682808.jpg (39.96 KB, 348x499, lil miss p.jpg)

Has one read the newest Little Miss P (volume 3 + 4 to be specific,) love the first two but a moid on the third cover has me worried for tranny pandering + I can't find a link anywhere online to read it so I don't really want to spend my money on it if it does end up erasing women by pretending men can somehow get periods kek

No. 198993

I haven't read it, but Teppu maybe? I have friends who love it, and what I've seen of it looked incredibly refreshingly anti-moe. Only reason I haven't read it yet is b/c I couldn't find good scanlations, but that might have changed

No. 198999

Depends on what would ruin it for you.

No. 199158

>xxxHolic Rei" by CLAMP will resume in Weekly Young Magazine in Spring 2023 with a new arc.
>This was revealed on the last page of the new guidebook out in Japan today.
>The last volume was released 7 years ago.
CLAMP nonnas

No. 199194

The final arc was such a slog for me to get through because so many things were happening and it kinda felt like everyone got power upgrades just for the drama of it and I didn't care for any of the antagonists of that arc (kubo kinda hit his peak with aizen and the espada imo) but I enjoyed the callbacks to the SS arc at least. I also hated most of the fights save for maybe 2 and the final showdown was a total asspull. I know a very vocal part of the fandom hates the ending because their otp wasn't endgame but since I wasn't too into the shipping I didn't mind it. YMMV, ofc.

No. 199200

God I need a full English translation of this

No. 199230

Call me back when X/1999 comes back…

No. 199293

great romances with the male lead having long hair? Idk why but I just have the urge to read one, preferably josei too.

No. 199326

Maybe you've already read it, but Mars

No. 199488

NHL, but this. I tried reading the original Legal Drug but it didn't seem special to me. Maybe I need to read more of it.
I wish newish Clamp manga hit me like the old one. They've peaked with Tokyo Babylon (I want my promised anime, except make it not shit!!!) and X. You will not change my mind.
I've also managed to struggle through Kobato (mediocre) and Tsubasa (a mess with all the clones and CCS worship). I wish I could read Xxxholic but I always stop within early pages. Something about it is uninteresting to me, IDK what and why…

No. 199510

Does the hot blue haired guy (Grimmjaw?) my middle school husbando die really thats it kek
byt damn that sounds annoying tho fr, I don't care much for shipping but I just want fun fights really, I'm going to spoil myself because I'm curious about that final showdown asspull, thank you nonnies!

No. 199528

File: 1650640134368.jpg (244.27 KB, 1074x1537, shoujofight-neri-v16-1.jpg)

I heard really good things abt Yoko Nihonbashi's "Shojo Fight". Haven't read it yet but I did read Nihonbashi's G Senjou Heavens Door. The artwork is pretty unique too. Maybe not for everyone but I love it.

No. 199655

Just checked it. The characters are cute. I want to have sex with Guriko.

No. 200047

File: 1650808621778.png (275.53 KB, 356x500, goodbye-eri.png)

Tatsuki Fujimoto released Sayonara Eri a few weeks ago. At first it really looks like another manic pixie dream girl story, but in the end it's a rather original story about movies (a subject the author's obsessed with), narration and unreliable narrators

No. 200129

nta but thanks for recommending this one, i really enjoyed it!
the characters ended up being a lot more fucked up than i anticipated

No. 200142

Any good gory/creepy/horror manga recs? Can be anything from sci-fi, to post-apocalyptic, to paranormal, to psychological as long as it's unsettling. I don't mind if they're a bit scrotey although if there exists any manga that are female-focussed in the above style that aren't just pandering bullshit then I'd love to hear of it.

No. 200147

File: 1650835226336.jpg (226 KB, 1000x1456, E_5XJhIVgAQwctg.jpg)

Have you read Franken Fran?

No. 200169

Terra Formars, unfortunately it's been on hiatus for a while, also don't watch the anime.

No. 200395

File: 1650897960831.jpg (48.4 KB, 225x320, 217375.jpg)

saw a youtube video of someone dubbing the first chapter, thought it was okay and i find the old guy hot so I ended up giving it a read. the romance is actually pretty sweet, the old guy is a flirt but not in a scrote-ish way. the story's okay and iirc the angel wasn't used as a blatant fanservice. i actually wanted to read it again and the other chapters i haven't read yet or were recently updated/published.

No. 200401

kasane and voynich hotel. imo murcielago is quite funny when you ignore the author’s moidy treatment of lesbians


No. 200405

Shiga Hime

No. 200441

File: 1650908750378.jpg (28.19 KB, 318x452, shigahime.jpg)


No. 200442

File: 1650909545274.jpg (197.9 KB, 829x829, sekai_wa_samui-0005.jpg)

I'm looking for ongoing shojo/josei that's not mainly about romance, if anyone has recommendations. I don't mind if it's untranslated.

No. 200530

The one manga with the guy with the crazy mom sucks. It sucks so muchi haven’t read anything after it. It sucks so much i dont even remember the name. I’m not even bothering with writing this properly because the author sure as hell didn’t

No. 200560

I think it's Trail of Blood or something? I started reading it because people were shilling it like "zomg so scary!1" and it was too ridiculous. It reminds me when we talked about Boy's Abyss, do people still read it?

No. 200561

File: 1650924437380.jpg (561.57 KB, 1877x2560, 912eXqgk84L.jpg)

Do you mean Blood on the Tracks? I haven't read it but I was considering checking it out since I've seen people hyping it up

No. 200564

Why do you hate it anon? I'm very interested to know why! I read it before it was finished (I think) but I found it okay.

No. 200581

Shit taste

No. 200591

Does it hit too close to home or something?

No. 200604

Yup, that's the one. I picked it up because of the hype but it was shit.

For me it was just a waste of time. What's the story trying to do? What's the author trying to say? The writing is subpar, the main character has Kaneki syndrome - the whole trauma wanking is juvenile, ill-written, and feels like it was written by a 14 year old for other edgy 14 year olds - and the only good thing I recall of it is that the art is really good. If you like looking at things pick it up. Try picking it up for yourself though, you might like something I don't. Or you might just find it lukewarm.

Kek, you're so cute.

No. 200607

For me, I only got pass the first super crazy event in the series-so not far at all-and even though I like taboo things this just scares me. Maybe it's because I know that this is possible? That some moms have probably been this sick irl. I feel like this series will end with the mc being ruined with no positive resolution so I just can't do it.

No. 200611

I haven't read that one, but I read Shuzo Oshimi's Flowers of Evil several years back. I like the artsyle a lot, but pretty much all the characters were terrible people. I feel like they're in the same league as PunPun. But that might be me misremembering slightly.

No. 200625

i got nothing, but uh, i looked up that manga in your filename and holy SHIT, i want to read that. no scanlations yet, it looks like?

No. 200889

Nope. I wish I had the time and skills to scanlate. I'd flood the internet with atypical josei muke.

No. 200924

His art has changed a lot since Flowers of Evil, it’s very minimalist and sketchy now because he works on too many series at the same time

No. 200951

>What's the story trying to do? What's the author trying to say?
It's not the author's fault that you have no reading comprehension

No. 200955

most of us don’t have the mindset of a wannabe troon venting his mommy issues

No. 201598

There's nothing about this subject is the story, obsessed retard

No. 201609

NTA but “there’s nothing about this subject is the story” isn’t really a story, let alone a good one. A guy having chronic diarrhea to the point where he has to apply vaseline to his asshole regularly isn’t a story. Too bad there’s nothing written about this subject either.
>obsessed retard
You’re an anon on an imageboard. Who the fuck are we obsessed with? Get it together missus schizo

No. 201621

god, same. fingers crossed someone picks this up.

No. 201658

I genuinely think it's you not liking the manga for whatever reason rather than it not having a story. Because it clearly has one: teenage boy deals with repercussions of having a psycho mother in the light of her murdering his colleague. It's a psychological comic and has a story written in the vein of the genre. It's fine to not like it, but it doesn't mean it's not there.
Anyway, has it finally finished, so I can binge it?

No. 201754

I dislike My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness and how the author writes herself, especially about her eating disorder. I fucking hate how self-absorbed she is. "Oh, I'm so broken because my hands are chapped, oh I'm so frail, oh I randomly BINGED (ate 2 protein bars) LIKE AN ANIMAL (probably just ate them normally) I LOOKED LIKE A FREAK TO MY COWORKERS (no you didn't). She pissed me off in that one she did about drinking, too. I struggle with binge drinking myself but the way she wrote it was so self-congratulatory, she admits multiple times she loves being in the hospital and she causes all her own shit but acts like it was an inevitability, but acts "self aware" as if that makes her deep. Nothing chaps my ass more than a victim that acts aw shucks about it. Retard

No. 201760

It always feels like it’s going to end but it keeps being dragged out, the current chapter is in a time skip.

No. 201776

tbh if you scan them and give me the translation I could just edit it for you

No. 201915

What in your opinion is a red flag manga/anime for someone to have as their favorite?

No. 201919

I kinda get what you're saying but I think those mangas was more like a vent or journal for her to express what she was feeling atm, not a scrubbed down sanitized version of her working through her issues. Of course when you're mentally deranged and depressed small things seem like bigger issues to you, and when you look at it in hindsight it was probably stupid you felt those things.

No. 201925

One Piece
It's not "red flag" as "this person might be dangerous" but "It's pointless to try to talk about manga/anime with this person"

The author is mentally ill and is talking about common thoughts mentally ill persons have, why are you calling her a retard?

No. 201979

Men being into animanga is already a red flag. With exception of the normies who onkly know generic crap like Naruto.

No. 201980

>A guy having chronic diarrhea to the point where he has to apply vaseline to his asshole regularly isn’t a story
Just like your stupid analogy isn't really an argument

No. 201986

High School DxD, I don't really mind shounen stuff but I put a limit at ecchi and DxD is among the worst ones because every single male who is into it thinks that the MC is FuNnY and QuIRkY so they try to act like him.

No. 201997

Oyasumi Punpun and One Piece for completely different reasons

No. 201999

Dragonmaid, Made in Abyss, Bakemonogatari and just about any series that's exclusively tiny girls with big tits and screechy voices (for men and women)

No. 202102

File: 1651229866814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.98 KB, 1080x1815, 4HYMv1f.jpeg)

Monogatari (especially if they also read the LN which consists pages of MC talking about boobs, but no, it's still 2deep4u), Eromanga sensei (The manga is more tame than its source, light novel which ends with picrelated and underage brother and sister having an intercourse.There are also a shit whole lot of coomer scenes where characters are quirky underage NLOGs that are happen to be into porn), My Dress Up Darling.

No. 202131

Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and similar popular shonen anime once shown on tv are always wife beater cheating pump and dump trash tier. Specially if they listen to rap music inspired by them. Both on YouTube, SoundCloud, or mainstream shit. Can't remember which mainstream musician uses Naruto samples in his beats.

No. 202132

If he likes punpun run. Bianca Devin's murderer was an incel simp who loved punpun and wrote a phrase out of the manga in the sidewalk where he dumped the body.
"May you always remember me" I think. The main girl in punpun writes that on a tanabata paper and then punpun hits her very hard.

No. 202133

If he watches any anime mindlessly then just don't talk to him. Do yourself a favor and simply don't. They always end up addicted to hentai.

No. 202134

Just don't date someone who watches anime is the best course of action.

No. 202190

Depends. I find normies who are obsessed with Shonen Jump manga very annoying, but at least they're just annoying. They'll try to argue with you over powerlevels but won't know good storytelling even if it punched them in the face. Pretentious otaku piss me the fuck off though. The ones who will like anime and manga that seem to have more interesting and varied story at first but they're actually just 2deep4u and full of sexual fanservice or humor that just consist of anime references. Not even clever anime references, just straight up "hey, that scene is like [insert popular anime] lolsorandum pls laugh xD" you know? And they make being an otaku their entire personality, unlike the normies I mentioned first, because at least with the normies you can just avoid mentioning One Piece and you'll be fine.

No. 202294

>wife beater cheating pump and dump trash tier
That's because they're men. Anime has nothing to do with it.

No. 202299

Pedo Tensei
Chainsaw Man/Fire Punch
Any Asanoshit
Spice & Wolf
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Welcome to the NHK

Note that I don't hate everything up there^ but I deem moids who enjoy it as subhuman for various reasons

No. 202364

>Spice & Wolf
Really! I see men and women alike talking this show up saying how it's not a typical romance, more mature, they talk a lot about economics (kek). What makes it a red flag?

No. 202407

Like >>202364 surprised to see Spice & Wolf in here. Admittedly, I barely watched the first two episodes because they were too much of a drag (my friend had the same experience, so I can't ask her either). Is it because Horo seems to have this Born Sexy Yesterday thing going on?

No. 202413

It does though. The most flashy and popular shonen always attracts this kind of people.

No. 202420

NTA but all dudes I met online into spice and wolf are usually /a/ type lolicons into wolfgirls. One of them I know is a legitimate pedo that wrote extremely suspicious stuff about his own niece. And they're all obsessed with the "awoo" shit, it's so cringe.

No. 202425

I'm actually less bothered by shounenfags cause that's the most mainstream way of enjoying anime and even though most of them are cringe as fuck, at least they're unironically more entertained by the fighting scenes and the plot itself rather than the fanservice. If they're into stuff like nagatoro, komi-san, shikimori, literally any waifu-centric anime then they're a lost cause

No. 202539

No, it doesn't. Most males are abusive cheaters, so of course most of the men watching Naruto are like that. Just like most men anywhere else.

No. 202968

BSD 101 spoilers
please please please let Chuuya die for Dazai's plan, the tears from soukoku fans would be plenty and delicious

No. 202970

File: 1651470412408.jpeg (366.06 KB, 1080x1440, BF4D0AE1-9BD3-4B9B-9E10-EAB4CA…)

Anybody remember this wild ass manga? The mangaka wrote a sequel and it started being published like two weeks ago.

No. 202984

I actually just started reading it recently because I wanted to read a batshit insane shojo with some fantasy elements. I'm on the third volume and well, I got what I wanted I guess. Had no idea a sequel came out, what a coincidence.

No. 203001

I remember reading like the first four books some 10+ years ago but stopped because I couldn't stand the main characters, I'm surprised it's getting a sequel so long after.

No. 203009

I'm too busy rn, but thanks for the offer anon. I guess I'll post here whenever I get around to translating stuff.

No. 203011

You just reminded me I bought the entire series like 2 years ago and only read the first volume because I'm a lazy bitch. It gave me SMT vibes so I should like it but I like slacking off even more.

No. 203017

Do I remember it correctly that the first volume was setting a completely different plot than what it evolved into later?
I actually have entire series at my parents house but I haven't read it in like 15 years

No. 203020

Was it popular back then? I know it's revered as a classic now but there's no noise about this sequel

No. 203026

Where’d you get them? eBay?

No. 203032

Vinted. In French. I think I spent either 50€ or 70€ on the series, not sure if I got scammed but other people were selling their own collections for way more.

No. 203033

NTA but yeah, kind of. I liked the early plot much more than the angel shenanigans. I need to read the whole thing someday.

No. 203126

File: 1651521256133.jpg (955.66 KB, 1497x2250, 91hxsvcgjVL.jpg)

Never read that, but I bought and read all 3 volumes of her Fairy Cube manga in high school because the cover was pretty. I cannot remember a single thing about the plot or characters though, so maybe it was just meh.

No. 203156

NTA but I had the same experience with Fairy Cube. I think I remember a character being a reverse trap for trauma reasons and that’s about it.

I still have the art books because the character designs were great, but sold off the manga a while ago. The plot is a total clusterfuck and definitely gives off SMT fanfic vibes

No. 203524

This is very weird but what’s a good slice of life to read (or watch) for someone that wants to learn how to make a comic. Im avoiding shonen because its too action heavy and im trying yo get away from that. I want more character focused stories and less “punch away my problems”.
I like the househusband manga, it’s funny and has great art.

No. 203525

Kek I just got this series at a secondhand shop because I'm on an old shoujo kick and I thought the art was gorgeous

No. 203562

File: 1651633780504.jpg (263.86 KB, 1000x625, bakuman.jpg)

For manga about artists I really recommend Blue Period by Tsubasa Yamaguchi and the autobio Blank Canvas: My So-Called Artist's Journey from Akiko Higashimura, I'm also a huge fan of Taiyo Matsumoto (Ping Pong or Sunny are some faves from him,) Inoue Takehiko (Real which is very, very character driven about sports/disability and slice of life) For newer manga I also recommend Akane Banashi. For manga about making manga you also can't go wrong with Bakuman from the creators of Death Note, so while the plot can be kinda retarded at times the art always delivers! The podcaste and blog mangasplaining also has very good manga to check out that's not your typical run of the mill 12 year old chosen one story


Holy fuck my sides lmaooo

No. 203568

holy crap talk about a bait and switch

No. 203569

NTA but doesn't Blue Period have tranny shit in it?

No. 203573

Oh no they got Chris Hart doing the art for this book. That's too bad a Labyrinth manga adaptation could look cool as fuck with all the goblin designs and intricate architecture

No. 203577

That made my night.

No. 203593

this is so cruel lmao, imagine the disappointment

No. 203613

File: 1651657514405.jpg (167.84 KB, 760x1000, 71OsT9lhRqL.jpg)

Kek, reminds me of the Courtney Love manga, much of the publicity was based on Ai Yazawa doing some character design for it, I've never read it but I don't think the art was as bad as Labyrinth.

I wouldn't recommend Bakuman, it's extremely scrotey.

No. 203614


Ah I used to see this in the bookstore all the time but I never actually read it

No. 203676

Not really a tranny actually just a cross dressing bi guy who likes cute things and feel that it’s easier for men to accept him if they think he’s a cute girl instead of a cute guy but I am also older and not a total super online pronoun obsessed dumbass zoomer who got really into this series after the anime trailer dropped so sadly don’t have the time to spread common sense kek
Oh for fucking real, I blocked out so much of the manga but I really liked the parts where they were creating and plotting and Toru entire dumbass arcs, like I could legit see some weeb influencer trying to do the same today but yeah the way women are treated when they do pop up, the sexism is so real whew

No. 203695

File: 1651679338913.jpeg (251.99 KB, 1600x990, 421B4C01-F0CA-4A29-A998-546F7A…)

I read princess Ai when it came out and it was just ok. The art wasn’t THAT bad tbh. They actually made dolls of her too it was a big deal to have Courtney Love and Ai Yazawa on board.

No. 203714

KEK what the fuck, catfished by a comic

No. 203744

I will never forgive Tokyo Pop for this. Never.

No. 203747

kek I read it in middle school because I found it at the library and I was so disappointed by the art because I legit thought Ai Yazawa actually did the art for the whole thing based on what was written on the cover.

No. 203757

oh my god I still own the volumes, the nostalgia. It wasn’t as bad as one might think as far as I remember but it wasn’t great either. The concept was a bit weird because it’s basically some courtney love fantasy marysue with her grunge boy love interest lol but idk don’t remember much
>I legit thought Ai Yazawa actually did the art for the whole thing
Kek same, I saw a promo artwork made by her in some magazine before

No. 203758

WTF the audacity!

No. 203767

Yeah. My friend was so excited to buy it when it was announced and she even kept buying it out of sunk cost fallacy for the movie. I’m surprised it was even finished

No. 203782

Lmao thank you nonas, you're vindicating something I've been mad about for years. I also totally believed Yazawa did all the art and was SO MAD when I actually got my hands on a copy. I was fascinated by the way Tokoypop pushed it – all the merch (I found a shirt with her on it in Hot Topic once), tons of ads in their books. The campaign seemed like it went on for years, but I don't think I ever knew a single person who was truly into it – and I knew a ton of other little girls really into shoujo. Tbh I'd love to read a book or a really long, well-researched article about Tokyopop's collapse, b/c all that "original english language manga" stuff really felt like the end, even at the time.

No. 203790

Meh I don’t need to watch a video, I lived through it

No. 203830

oh hell yes, ty anon

No. 203863

I bought all the volumes and read them. The covers are gorgeous, I can't remember the artist but she had a few other series she worked fully on.

I actually didn't mind the plot. There were some new characters that were hit or miss but I liked some of the quirky goblin bits. I went in fully knowing the art was not like the covers. And I feel like the art got slightly better towards the end. Not amazing, but better.

No. 203866

Kouyu Shurei! Her art is gorgeous.

No. 203879

Kek I scour local secondhand bookshops for old Tokyopop shoujo manga. They're like 2 bucks each and they're my little prizes

No. 203892

Apparently Alichino was her only manga (besides the covers for the Labyrinth comics and some other Japanese novels), and even that was put on infinite hiatus when she broke her hand 20 years ago. That's all I can find on her so far. What a shame, with such pretty art.

No. 203912

File: 1651727121642.jpg (32.63 KB, 368x540, 21608946._SY540_.jpg)

Kek I read it in high school for the pretty boy on the cover. I had no idea where the plot was going. I think the alichino were kinda like demons and the hottie was supposed to hunt them and he was super special (hot) so all the alichino wanted to hunt him. Idk it's been a while. Great art though.

No. 204100

Is anyone else a completionist and finishes mediocre manga for the hell of it? Not garbage manga but things that are just…meh.

No. 204110

Yeah, this is me with JJK rn, like it's alright but it's just so very meh at points (really only on this journey cause Geto, Nanami and Toji are fine and I like Nobara)

No. 204111

Sometimes, if the fandom is interesting to discuss it with. I did that when She Likes Homos, Not Me was being translated and it’s a pretty so-so manga.

No. 204450

Random recommendations for me nonnas?

No. 204477

File: 1651955836022.jpg (39.66 KB, 303x475, 29864050._SY475_.jpg)

So, I've read the first volume of Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi, and… does he stay like that? My theory, which would be his only saving grace, is, that he has all his ideas about women from reading shoujo manga, since he knew about some annoying tropes like the male LI always having to overcome some childhood trauma and we saw him reading some shoujo manga magazine, and thinks manga is made by women -> all women think like that. I don't care if it's a spoiler, please confirm if this is correct. If I'm wrong, he's really sounding like some proto-incel and I'll have to hate-read this from now on lmao.

No. 204483

nevermind they started talking about porn and stuff in the second volume, this is going to be the very first series i'm going to sell again

No. 205400

File: 1652317027235.jpg (129.75 KB, 1060x768, soul eater.jpg)

Does anyone have good series artbooks to check out? I have Moyocco Anno's art books alongside Slam Dunk, Junji Ito, Eureka 7, Studio Ghibli, Soul Eater, Toiletbound Hanako, Tokyo Ghoul, Dennou Coil, all of Amano's art books (not anime/manga but still weeb) like even if it's not for a series I haven't checked out, as long as the art is good (and especially zero panty shots) and unique I would still love to take a look!

No. 205433

I read a couple chapters and it's amazing how the moid has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Like, even for a shoujo love interest. Constantly demeans her, is sexist, disrespectful, not even particularly cute. I wonder if the author thought she was deconstructing shoujo stereotypes or something because I'm not sure why she would make such an incel-tier love interest. Actually curious to see how bad it gets

No. 205578

I'm on volume six (out of seven) now, and he doesn't change at all so far. The most we get is "Oh, but you're different though" when he goes on his rants. I think you're onto something with Robico trying to deconstruct shoujo tropes, because she did manage to do so in other instances. It's a shame, really, the cute moments really are cute, but then they get ruined by his incel-tier sperging (which always gets explained away with "But my auntssssss") in the next panel. The side characters are carrying the whole series (though I can't stand Keisuke and Tamaki, either), I'm much more invested in their stories than in that of Nozomi. All there is to say about her is that she likes Azuma. We barely know anything about her, except for her infatuation with Azuma. While we know that Hamarin has a thing for Azumas friend, her identity is more than that. She's the leader of the literature club, doesn't know how to talk to people, is protectice of Nozomi etc. Suzu likes gardening, has trauma from her father suddenly leaving her, feels alienated because of her looks and name. Azuma is… Azuma, writes his novel, has particular ideas about women, apparently has some unresolved childhood trauma he refuses to see… I feel like we know about as much about Nozomi as we know about her brother, and he appeared for a second in like three chapters, and his face was seen in maybe two panels. Nozomi though is just Azuma this, Azuma that. Also, at this point it's more like he is the protagonist rather than Nozomi, honestly, but I can admit that this might've been intentional. At his point I wouldn't even be mad if Nozomi and Azuma ended up together, because Nozomi is so bland and has no personality outside of him that there isn't much more use for her charater, anyways. We've had her stand up to him once so far, just to apologize some pages later for saying what she said, even though he says much worse things while, while realizing how much of an insufferable dipshit he's being, barely caring about it, if at all. The chapters focusing on the side characters are a breeze to read through, and then I have to put down the manga to take a breath because Azuma ruined a moment that could have been so nice ONCE again because he couldn't contain himself. can't agree on your "not particularly cute" though, he's of the kageyama phenotype especially in his off-mode, which, while plain-ish, is my absolute favorite, but this pisses me off even more, like why is my no1 choice of male character design wasted on a pile of shit

No. 205668

The art looks so cute. Very cozy like Moomin.

No. 206027

File: 1652553324131.jpg (1.24 MB, 1810x2560, igyo-sekai-junji-ito-jp.jpg)

From your collection I think you'd love the Junji Itou artbook, I don't care about his mangas because they are very similar but his art is great. I also recommend Ayami Kojima's Santa Lilio Sangre (the lady behind a lot of classical Castlevania character designs).

No. 206491

I actually already have Itos books! And love Ayami, I was actually browsing for a copy of her book that is not almost 50,000k yen, and in that vein also looking for a good copy of the Gekidan Inu Curry PMMM book, pray for me anon!

No. 207514

File: 1652942481643.jpg (25.68 KB, 400x354, pi76lbfrdj_l.jpg)

So I started reading Beastars and I've liked it thus far, but I'm surprised no one talks about how the story is clearly and even sometimes ham-fisted commentary on gender and sex more then anything else, think about it the carnivores are physically larger then herbivores and have a deep desire to "consume" them and carnivores are disproportionately far stronger then herbivores, so herbivores despite being in technically an equal society with carnivores still live in fear of being "consumed" and with the strength differences between the two its easy to see why

No. 207567

Can anyone recommend a manga that isn’t sexual or romance. I really enjoy most genres! I love cats forests fantasy ect funny feel good ones would be very appreciated

Thankyou !

No. 207575

I know exactly what you mean anon and it was the same thing with Zootopia too, but for some reason people just want to use a racism metaphor even though a sexism metaphor works MUCH better. I started talking about this to a friend once and she just started going off about how bioessentialism and transgenders means that my reading of it is transphobic which was so irritating. Like for once we get a piece of media that is blatantly about sexism and yet everyone at least from what I've seen is too woke-poisoned to even acknowledge it

No. 207582

i haven't read Beastars but i watched the adaption and yes it's a pretty big metaphor for sexism especially in the first season
where Haru and Legoshi are at the subway and she she monologues you’ll never understand how it is to feel as if you’re always close to dying
i could get devoured by a carnivore at any time
before experiencing what true love is
but since you don’t have that kind of fear you’ll never understand how i feel at all

I think a lot of women can relate to Haru and it makes sense since the series is made by a women

No. 208314

File: 1653219919562.jpeg (98.78 KB, 265x376, 97AD31D2-D94A-4639-B054-08F2A1…)

What are nonnies thoughts on Oshi no Ko? I enjoy and hate different parts of it.

No. 208328

Maybe try Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji? Yumi Tamura is good writer and it’s cats/fantasy

No. 208329

File: 1653229509444.jpg (556.03 KB, 1441x2048, 26079.jpg)

I wanted to recommend a manga I've been reading, the scanlation translates the title as Heterogeneous Linguistics, the official translation has it as Heterogenia Linguistico. It's about a linguistics student traveling a fantasy world and learning about the different ways different creatures communicate. It kind of reminded me of Dungeon Meshi in parts with the focus on something mundane in a high fantasy world, although it doesn't have much in the way of story. It has a cosy atmosphere, and the half-werewolf little girl sidekick is an adorable character. I like fantasy manga like this, I wish there were more because I'm not a fan of the more isekai-esque stories that seem popular lately.

No. 208386

I really really enjoyed the manga until it become just a stupid love triangle and the main plot stopped developing. But I am also an hardcore idolfag, so that's another thing…
I don't think I will continue reading it, honestly, I may just wait and skip all the chapters about the love story.

No. 208450

someday I will start reading this.

No. 208896

Nonnies I need your help finding a manga. I remember reading a historical one about the leader of a medieval mercenary band. In the first volume, which is as far as I read, he helps the lord who employs his company by (among other things) sending wine and prostitutes to the enemy camp so they'll be tired and hungover the day of the battle. It had an art style similar to vinland saga, and it definitely wasn't Berserk. I really wanted to finish reading it.

No. 208909

This sounds really unique and cozy nonny, thanks

No. 208961

This is the kind of shit I love, slice of life in a fantasy world with no isekai shenanigans, thanks for the rec.

No. 209025

I wish I could read or even enjoy Made in Abyss but, the pedo/torture fetish shit I've seen so far, it's such a heavy turn-off. I dont understand how anyone can separate it enough to praise the manga when the fucking manga filler art pages are just pedo coomer art… Such a cool concept ruined by a degen… Does anyone have any good recommendations that come close to MiA? I'm craving a good adventure manga

No. 209214

>Ao No Exorcist
>Witch Hat Atelier
Anyone else noticed that female authors tend to enter on hiatus a lot or have too slow paced stories? I wonder why is that

No. 209222

fewer assistants and catering to different audience, other mature women versus kids

No. 209225

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here but apparently Houseki no Kuni is finally getting serialized again starting in June.

No. 209239

File: 1653609757355.jpg (371.63 KB, 836x1200, daisuke igarashi.jpg)

HxH also! I'm so hyped for this summer, regressing back to middle school honestly
Thank you nonny! This looks so cozy and I love Dungeon Meshi so totally checking this out

I also have to ask but is anyone a fan of Daisuke Igarashi (picrel) and if so, do you sometimes get a hint of Taiyo Matsumoto in his work? I know they both got interviewed by Brutus like a decade ago (https://mangabrog.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/24/) but I would honestly love a team up for real, especially because both of their work is outside of the typical manga I see being hyped up (shonen or some sort of BL like Dick Fight Island or whatever)

No. 209272

File: 1653625957670.png (5.48 MB, 9232x5200, 1522692699079.png)

>HxH also
YESSS but god now I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of trying to understand the current arc all over again, I don't remember shit

No. 209400

Does anyone have any good websites for just manga, not the colored web toons? I was browsing a site for something to read and every other comic is a web toon, I just don't find them as visually pleasing as manga

No. 209447

File: 1653700317594.jpg (578.37 KB, 3465x3465, p2yh6xl6yz191.jpg)

>posts a scribbled tree on twitter
>becomes most followed mangaka on twitter in 3 days

How does Togashi do it?

No. 209597

What’s some cool josei stuff like nana? There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

No. 209646

File: 1653775349442.jpg (27.49 KB, 361x246, pink.jpg)

Kyoko Okazaki is pretty hardcore, her works are slowly gaining traction and attention in the West (shes popular in France and Rivers Edge is getting an english trans this winter.) I really like Pink (picrel) and some of her works have been made into films (helter skelter or rivers edge,) alongside Moyocco Anno another well known josei author was her assistant back in the day! Sadly like Ai-sensei she has had health problems after being hit by a car so she hasnt published much since then

No. 209693

Seconding >>209646
Paradise Kiss is also by Ai Yazawa if you haven't read it. Some other manga I liked were Cat Street, Mars, Tramps Like Us, and Jellyfish Princess. But it depends on what you liked about Nana obviously

No. 209713

File: 1653790077437.jpg (94.41 KB, 540x768, tumblr_7708fae618449af0b3ca38e…)

I recently discovered a super cozy josei called Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi. Or "The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife". The insanely long title is probably because it began as a light novel.

It's about a lord of a tiny kingdom in an alternate universe Finland that marries a retired lady soldier. She moves in with him in his snowy village and they just kind of do daily tasks like hunting, crafts, and helping out people in town while growing closer as a couple. The female lead starts with short hair but grows it longer as the series goes on which is a neat touch.

No. 209749

>The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife
I really wonder if they’re leaning into being as ridiculous as possible these days kek. Wild title aside, this sounds very relaxing and nice. Art is cute too.

No. 209750

Sperg incoming but I loved nana so much… Well drawn, cool fashion and aesthetics, unique characters, mature story lines, it really is peak manga and I don't understand why there isn't more manga like it (in terms of presenting more mature and complex stories as well as having attractive art). It ran in the 2000's, you would think some mangaka working today would have been inspired by it. I read it like 10 years ago and I don't think I've ever been as excited about another shojo/josei title, except maybe the Utena anime

Also Ai Yazawa should stop pretending she will finish it and just spoil the ending in a blog post or something

No. 209755

File: 1653812910324.jpg (1.06 MB, 1646x2175, 273156.jpg)

i read oniisama e yesterday while lying in bed sick with a cold. i really enjoyed it, even though it was sooo melodramatic and over the top.

lately i can't stand "new" stuff because i feel that it's all steeped in pornsickness and coomerism, so i end up reading older stuff and watching older series. it's weird because i can stand watching ranma 1/2, which has plenty of nudity and erotic scenes, but i think because there's no active fandom of it i can enjoy it just fine. i feel like when i watch something very recent, the thought that there's disgusting fanart and fanfic about it just ruins the experience for me.

No. 209780

File: 1653823946414.jpeg (75.48 KB, 440x696, FD2434C8-8015-4EB9-B52E-3C83AB…)

That looks great! I’ll read it anon.
Tramps Like Us looks good! I love the art style so much. Will read it.
>depends on what you like about nana
Well, there isn’t anything like it. I would like to join >>209750 in sperging (you’re absolutely right, anon): how the hell Nana didn’t inspire a shitton of josei manga with similar focus on mature female inner lives, friendships, and aesthetics? What happened? Why do we get the same uninteresting Appreciate Your Youth high school stories (the relationship East Asia has in general with youth can be a bit strange sometimes) and same Chosen One shonen shit when Nana has proven to be so successfully and culturally impactful?
I like the art, for one. It’s sharp and edgy in a way that isn’t very common. It just scratches an itch that makes it aesthetically click with me, yknow? Which is interesting because no manga has done that before. I find a lot of current art beautiful, but from a distance. It’s hard to bit.
I like the focus on aesthetics, which makes sense considering this is a female-centric story. I’ve been reading some stuff recently about clothes, and about how current sociocultural competencies and economic social factors are usually articulated through women’s bodies - through clothes. Through the wearing of the item, what it denotes, what it signals. The way the Fashion Capitalist Egregore changes the discourse and aesthetics with every socioeconomic shift. I like the intense detail with the clothes, and what they tell us about the characters. The girlish, juvenile ruffles; the girl-child pleats and frivolous skirts. And then the punk clothing: she’s in a band at a time where bands are at a decline, and she’s wearing Vivienne Westwood at a time where Westwood was not as relevant. I’m not a big fan of Westwood, but it’s so cool to see someone reward female readers with pleasing aesthetics—knowing how many women Are Big On That Shit. I liked looking at pretty pictures when I was a kid, and I even like it more now.
Most importantly, I like the focus on female relationships. It’s a weirdly unprobed subject in manga; where are the shitty, toxic, ultra close, almost gay female friendships? They’re such a common experience in many women’s lives that I can’t believe we’re all pretending it doesn’t exist as much as it does. The only media that did it some justice is My Brilliant Friend. I want a My Brilliant Friend manga. Like I’m sure women love prancing around in cute skirts being perpetually 17 and s-s-stutter in front of cute guys, but even these girls get home at the end of the day feeling empty and strange. I want monologues about them feeling empty and strange! No boys, only insanity and obsession!
It’s just so good. Makes me want to learn to see and play 10 instruments and draw and write a Python script for my electric guitar and travel to Italy and barge into Attilio Codognato‘s jewellery store and convince him to take me as an apprentice because listen old man I’ll hunt down your missing jewelry pieces in auctions and buy them back for you and I’ll learn your trade since your son didn’t but he’ll think I’m a schizo and call the police on me for elderly harassment.

No. 209781

I was reading it before mangadex temporarly shut down, the mc is goofy and really cute, I should catch up!

No. 209785

>And then the punk clothing: she’s in a band at a time where bands are at a decline, and she’s wearing Vivienne Westwood at a time where Westwood was not as relevant.
It's not completely true. It's correct if you think about the west, but in 90s in Japan Vivienne Westwood was very popular. It's basically a westboo brand there.

But yeah I agree with you, I wish there were more manga like that. But maybe it's because it's so unique and iconic that other mangaka didn't want to make anything too similar. On top of that I think if women and late teenage girls want to see similar storylines they're more likely to stick with J-drama, live-action shows, that kind of stuff. I say that based on how often successful shojo and josei manga get live-action adaptations instead of animated adaptations, and based on the many drama trailers I've seen in the train in Tokyo or on TV back when I was there.

I like Nana a lot and I'm still hoping to know how it will end someday, even if it's just a blog post from Ai Yazawa (hopefully she's recovering, I'm guessing she has a chronic illness though given how long it has been). I barely keep up with manga now because a lot of the ones I like are on hiatus or very slow. I started Paradise Kiss not long ago and it's really great. I recommend Gokinjo Monogatari too, Paradise Kiss is its sequel.

>I like the focus on female relationships

A lot of shojo manga have interesting and fun friendships between female main characters but they're usually not the focus, unfortunately. It's more of a background thing, like how in Fruits Basket you can see Tohru's friendship with Arisa and Saki as her safety net and comfy relationship white Tohru has to deal with the Soma family drama bullshit. Not sure if I explain it well but I also wish it were more of a main focus in some stories.

No. 209820

I use an app called mangacookie. The selection is all over the place but I like to browse for random "more obscure" stuff to get into. Too bad the manga I mentioned >>209713 isn't officially in English yet, just scanlations. But it's perfectly readable.

No. 211738

I don't know where else to vent and I'm absolutely disgusted rn and feel kind of dirty. I read Koroshiya Ichi yesterday and I don't know why I did that to myself. That was the most disgusting, violent, misogynistic and depraved manga I have ever read but it was also so captivating I couldn't stop reading. Elfenlied looks like a kids' show compared to the level of gore here. It was like a car accident, I wanted to stop, but I just couldn't.
Please save me from my nightmares anons

Nevertheless, is Homunculus by the same author worth a read? Want to look into it after a four-week manga break because that Ichi shit scarred me mentally (and I bet there are STILL more deranged manga out there and that's frightening)

No. 211990

File: 1654451077085.png (1.37 MB, 1265x898, Screenshot_3.png)

Look Back is so good though. It's a oneshot that talks about artistic pursuit and grief

No. 211992

I can't find Pink to read anywhere on the internet. So I'm waiting for it to lower the price in my country (they only sell the imported english version) so that I can scan it for everyone to read.

No. 213057

File: 1654795018303.jpg (138.1 KB, 827x1300, a5410c4e2f5710d774e2b63ab86d28…)

Should I keep reading Fire Punch? The troon shit makes me want to drop it, but idk. Mostly I don't want to get yelled at by people in the fandom for not calling this character "he".
I asked this in /ot/, but I think this thread might be more appropriate

No. 213064

I’d say stick with it. The troon shit is sudden and cringy but it’s not really a big part of the story.
Fire Punch is so weird, I can’t believe it’s by the same guy who did chainsaw man. It’s so different from his other works.

No. 213069

I’m not sure if this has been proven to be true or not, but some people said that the difference in quality between Fire Punch and his other stuff is because he had really good assistants for FP.

No. 213093

File: 1654799406632.jpg (551.35 KB, 1688x1875, mywife(female).jpg)

if you enjoyed it until that keep reading, it's a fun ride who cares about fandom?

tfw never will do movie marathons with her

No. 213104

you can continue because it sorta glides past this and gets boring after this arc, but its worth it regardless.

No. 213109

Anons where do you read manga online? Seems like a lot of sites closed down.

No. 213110

FP and CM are very similar
>both main characters start the story as completely invincible and extremely powerful
>they are friendless, asocial, stupid, and are used by their mentors to achieve a bigger goal. They very rarely show initiative, just follow orders most of the time
>all of the friends they make are killed off one by one, their minds break, by defeating the antagonists they made civilization regress and the world a little worse
>many references to movies and cinematography because Fujimoto is obsessed by movies
>nihilistic tone throughout

No. 213160

I like Mangasee because the scans are high quality, but I don't know if they have nice features because I'm a technological boomer who reads on my laptop and I tend to start series once they are done to read everything at once, if I try to follow an ongoing manga I don't check the new chapters and end up forgetting about it lol.

No. 213193

Is English fine for you nonny or any other language and I can help look

No. 213449


No. 213604

Does anyone know where I can get the Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume,ネト充のススメ) manga in japanese, not English?
Please? I've been looking for it online and I can only find sources that are in english. nyaa.si also does not seem to have the raw japanese version.

No. 213638

File: 1655031517331.jpeg (107.56 KB, 400x561, Nibiiro_no_Chameleon-cover.jpe…)

Anyone read Nibiiro no Chameleon? Is protagonist-kun just cross dressing or is he a legit tranny? I'd be fine if it's just the former, if it's the latter on the other hand…

No. 213643

Did you try the comico app? Apparently it's serialized there for free.

No. 213651

I read a couple of chapters and it seems like he’s just a cross dresser. he dresses and acts like a man when he’s not working, so i think you’re safe anon!

No. 213654

This is good to know, that you very much!

No. 213666

Thanks, I'll download it now! I was hoping there would be a non app way to read it but I guess comico app it is then.

No. 213678

just my luck but it seems that comico dropped the manga so you can't read it there anymore. I've even found the manga to read online in chinese but not in japanese, seriously wtf I can basically find it any other language but the original one that I want.

No. 214203

File: 1655217859997.jpg (89.47 KB, 714x713, chrome_2020_06_09_13_04_49.jpg)

I'm reading Spy x Family because I'm too much of a sperg to sit down and watch it and ugh it is SO. CUTE. It's been a long time since I've really gotten addicted to reading any manga, I've mostly been rereading my favorites. I'm mainly a SOL enjoyer but SxF hasn't veered too far into anxiety inducing action to put me off from it. It helps that it's just so damn funny too. Absolutely love, will probably find the willpower to sit down and watch the anime after I catch up on the manga.

No. 214208

File: 1655219599534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.03 KB, 784x1145, EtRjWHpXcAEBeug.jpg)

Who is your favorite character, nonna? I was really happy to discover that anime ver is pretty good after reading this manga for awhile. I love them all but lately, I've been interested in Frost.

No. 214858

File: 1655387914032.jpg (84.14 KB, 736x744, 03c7bb293bf32f6b85e22ddb1db1cd…)

Sorry for the late reply! I was only on chapter 10 when I posted so I wanted to catch up and meet everyone who's been introduced so far before making any judgements. So far I think it's Yor and Yuri who are my favs! But it is hard to choose, everyone is equally funny/great in their own way. I love how Yor is a bit ditzy but still extremely capable, I'm a sucker for that kind of contrast in a character. It doesn't undermine how threatening she can be either. Yuri being a siscon fanatic can be a little offputting but I like him for the same reason of being smiley and happy but truly scary under that mask of his. The "I forgot that I forgot to tell you!" "Oh ok!" scene was the best. They're such stupid siblings kek. I expected myself to be a little more annoyed at Anya's meddling but I surprisingly haven't been. She's so cute but very mindful of when she meddles. I like that she's stupid as hell in school too, I really relate to it kek.

I really appreciate the latest chapters that explored Loid's past. The heavy, serious tone didn't make light of the tragedies of war and really added another dimension to the manga to show that it's more than just 'haha wacky spy family comedy!!!' Really excited to see where it goes. I haven't laughed out loud at a series in such a long time.

I also really want to see more of Sylvia. The line where she mentions that she had a kid really piqued my interest.

No. 214960

It's not free, but if you're desparate, I rent manga on Japanese sites all of the time. They usually take foreign credit cards, as long as it's Visa or something. I use Renta a lot.

No. 215009

Why OP?

No. 215160

kek i love how so many anons mentioned one piece. i'm a woman and i love one piece because it's a silly action/adventure story that i can easily get immersed in. but if a man says he likes op, it's definitely a red flag. in my experience, women like op for the husbandos and the silly adventures, meanwhile men are only in for the tits and the "but is luffy stronger than gokuuu" discourse. also for some reason they're all obsessed with shanks, who plays such a tiny little role in the overall story.

in general, men watching anime is a red flag. society used to be scared of women reading but i think society should be scared of men consuming anime/manga. their puny little brains aren't made for content like that.

No. 215177

true why are they all obsessed with characters that haven't played a major role? Also thinking the plot is deeper and more complexed than it is.

No. 215189

NTA but:
To me, OP is the typical children's manga that was innovative a hundred volumes ago, then proceeded to serve the same formula over and over again. The nice heroes are going to beat the evil bad guys every single time and meet quirky characters along the way, and there's going to be no character development whatsoever, only powerups. The strategy Luffy will use to defeat the other crew's boss by himself is hitting him hard. It's neither challenging, nor complex nor realistic because it's for children, it's not particularly well drawn, well thought or surprising, you will learn nothing about life while reading it, and during the time it takes to read OP you could read 5 or 10 better series. If OP is someone's favorite manga, it usually means this person has read few mangas and just isn't curious about reading other mangas. Which is fine, just like it's fine to have Harry Potter as your favorite books and Star Wars as your favorite movies, but if your favorite media are intended for children it's likely that you're high on nostalgia or missing out on much better works

No. 215325

Looking for new series to get into. Opinions on…?

>Hunter x Hunter

>Tokyo Ghoul
>Golden Kamuy

No. 215327

I really liked the Gakkou Gurashi anime, and the manga was a decent continuation. Tokyo Ghoul manga was forgettable. Never read/watched the other two.
You might like Fumetsu no Anaya E

No. 215334

If you like battle manga (or you would like it if it was a little bit smarter/less predictable), absolutely read HxH. It's the best of the genre, though you're in for hiatus-induced suffering if you end up a fan.

No. 215337

Golden Kamuy is a one of its kind manga, I've never read anything like it, go for it, it's great.

No. 215338

HxH's later chapters have a lot of text with complex reasoning, so be prepared for that
The hiatus is gone, it will never ever come back!

No. 215351

pick me….

No. 215360

Thanks for reminding me there are some chapters I need to catch up on. Personally I prefer the manga to the show so you are better off, they dropped a lot of valuable dialogue (a lot of it internal) for the sake of the show's flow. Also Anya's reaction faces are funnier
Cringe detected

No. 216241

I finished watching the Arte anime, and enjoyed it. I can tell that the manga goes way further than that and I'm excited to read it. One thing that surprised me was that Arte was a seinen series. I actually find a lot of manga I like that come off as josei are really seinen, but include lots of interpersonal relationships besides just romance. And are cozy to boot.

Things like Arte, A Bride's Story, Dungeon Meshi >>187382, this one >>209713, etc. Would you anons know any reccomendations that fit this general style too?

No. 216242

File: 1655914289113.jpg (753.38 KB, 1535x2126, Arte_volume_10.jpg)

Dropped pic.

This series also seems to have the MC's hair grow throughout the series as they grow themselves. It's always a nice touch.

No. 216252

File: 1655918008907.jpg (274.97 KB, 751x446, susukihotarumywife.jpg)

Afaik whether a series is classified as shounen/seinen or shoujo/josei purely depends on the magazine it's released in, which is why picrel technically is a seinen manga, too.

No. 216276

NAYRT but why do female mangaka do this? I know of a few other examples

No. 216296

It's not the mangaka who decide that kind of stuff, it's the publishing companies. Most people who don't look it up think Nana is a josei manga but it's published in a shojo magazine. Lots of people thought Black Butler is a shojo manga but it's a shonen manga despite only girls and women reading it, because it's published in the same shonen magazine that published FMA. Some series are moved from one magazine to another, like JJBA and Bastard!! starting in the Shonen Jump no clue how Bastard even managed to get in that magazine given how inappropriate it is and being moved to seinen magazines at some point for various reasons.

No. 216341

I knew about the magazine=demographic label part. It makes it tricky to look up manga to read just going by categories.

Reminds me of bookstores and libraries I've gone too. The "young adult" and "adult(not necessarily meaning explicit content, just aimed at adults)" manga sections have a ton of overlap.

No. 216357

File: 1655960873853.jpg (1.61 MB, 2732x2000, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.4703…)

How about Hetalia? I have always like its art style and for how cute and charming it looks.

No. 216369

File: 1655963929208.jpg (113.57 KB, 1565x921, 5841bf52b1fa28a5e15541f55e66b8…)

Apologies for this but has there ever been a male ecchi series with a female lead? I know there's reverse harem but they're not as sexual compared to ecchi for scrotes. It's sounds distasteful but I kinda wished it exists.

No. 216370

I hate the proportions here

You might be able to find something like that on bato.to. Otherwise the only "reverse harem" setting with sexual situations that I know of is TL manga (and a handful of animated adaptations) and adult otome games.

No. 216682

File: 1656109655861.jpg (99.19 KB, 982x559, EQBnIWnUwAABAIm.jpg)

This is the classic case of "came for the husbando, stayed for everything else". I never thought I would get into One Piece, I didn't even mind the amount of chapters/episodes, I was just so repulsed by the art style that I couldn't take it seriously and at 13 I was like "I'm never reading this shit". Then I got interested in a certain character which had the husbando potential for me, read some smut with him but never the actual manga. Now as an adult I decided to give it a chance and I've been binge reading the manga for weeks. I love it. I love how the cartoonish style makes you let your guard down and then you're suddenly hit with some kino moment or adult theme done actually well for a shonen and you're like oh I didn't expect that. I'm not trying to say this is super ambitious literature kek, but I think it's the best written shonen from themes and character-writing perspective after Hunter x Hunter well, without taking the retarded ending and retarded time-travel shenanigans into account, I unironically think that Attack on Titan was overall the best and most original shonen, at least up to a certain point, but let's pretend like I didn't write that But it is also extremely silly and goofy. It became my go-to comfort thing. There's nothing more comfy than pre-time skip One Piece. Post-time skip is still good, but not as good. I also gained three husbandos instead of one, which I'm very content with. Now I'm kinda angry I wasted my teens reading Naruto and Bleach and totally ignoring OP. Especially Naruto, which now I see has a total bootlicker and pro-government philosophy, meanwhile OP is totally anti-government, which I think is pretty important when you think about the super young audience. Anyway, if any anons here can't decide whether they want to read/watch One Piece because of the art style - and I've seen some anons raising this argument - I think it's definitely worth a read.

No. 216694

File: 1656114531352.jpg (249.92 KB, 1000x1410, FDXNYXkaQAE7abp.jpg)

anon i love op too (i'm >>215160) and i totally agree with everything you say. it's just sooo easy to get immersed in it and suddenly it hits you in the gut with some heart wrenching scene.
tell me about your favorite character/the one you got interested in in the first place, and your husbando(s)!!! mine are law, zoro and sabo… as for the women i can't decide, i just love them all. robin is my #1, closely followed by vivi.

No. 216707

File: 1656120807397.png (1.55 MB, 772x3245, befed5a741ffc764723b6a6a28c2a7…)

damn nonnie Zoro was the one that made me read it in the first place kek. The other two are Doffy and Law. Doffy is also my favourite villain. I have a total Doffy brainrot right now

No. 216710

File: 1656121686332.png (688.71 KB, 736x731, tumblr_ot8wywvoso1qkm2g2o1_128…)

kek your picrel is killing me. and good taste nonnie!!! i love zoro so much. i haven't kept up with the wano arc because it's so difficult for me to read chapters on a weekly basis, so i usually wait for arcs to end while re-reading previous arcs… but i don't think they have dropped his 2nd backstory yet, right?? like every character got their 2nd back story (like how sanji got his baratie backstory and then later his family's backstory) and we're still waiting on zoro, ugh.

No. 216824

File: 1656157289354.jpeg (92.17 KB, 1000x800, FONwMP5acAQiq2R.jpeg)

I haven't got to Wano arc yet. I heard it drags too much though. I'm also not a big fan of the Nika reveal but well, I will judge it myself when I read the whole thing
btw I would grind this chair to death

No. 216835

File: 1656161965897.png (202.51 KB, 1280x1207, tumblr_nijove47tX1u3doz1o1_128…)

i remember reading the first 100 or so chapters and was like "i'm so curious how this is going to end!" - i couldn't believe it when it was still going on like a year later. but i heard about the nika reveal too, idk what to think about it… it makes sense that there's something speshul about luffy since, well, he's the protagonist… but oh well.

which arcs do you like best so far?? i'm always very fond of the arabasta arc, but i think story wise i find water-7 and enies lobby to be the best… robin's backstory and the "death" of the going merry always kill me. but i like the latter arcs too, especially fish-man island and dressrosa. i think there's no point at which i find op to become "bad" or "boring", which makes me like it even more.

No. 217057

File: 1656225130277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1131x1600, X.jpg)

Was looking for manga with chubby/fat unattractive female lead and found this. It's called Busu Musou and it looks fucking based. I wanna read it but couldn't find it anywhere and I don't think it has English translations.

No. 217467

according to mangaupdates it hasn't been translated into any language so if you don't know japanese you probably can't read it anywhere.
I found quite a lot of short manga with chubby/overweight female leads now but they're not actually unattractive or drawn like realistic chubby women, usually they're just… wider? But still having the same proportions as thin characters.

Don't know if there are any translated manga with really unattractive female main chars
If you know any that have been translated I want to know, I really want to see some more female chars that are 'ugly' but not a villain. (I onced looked it up but only found scrotey hentai shit)

No. 217566

Nonners, what's your guilty pleasure manga? The one that's bad/problematic/plotholes/anything bad basically but you like it and cannot stop reading and/or rereading it?

No. 217568

I'd say Made In Abyss because I like the monsters and the mysteries and I want to fuck Ozen and Bondrewd, I only read it online though, there's no way I'm supporting the pedo author.

No. 217581

Bastard. I'm looking forward to the anime on Netflix. It's super trashy, I have no clue how the publishing company kept it for so long in the Shonen Jump magazine, but it's so absurd I just can't take this seriously at all. Not talking about BL because duh, it's not something I'm ashamed of but it's not something I'll mention in a casual conversation if a coworker mentions he missed One Piece's latest episode on TV.

No. 217583

I pretty much only read “problematic” very violent mangas because I have terminal edgeord brainrot, but I’d say the one that comes closest to being a true guilty pleasure is Ichi The Killer

No. 217597

File: 1656428502713.png (2.07 MB, 1316x1400, Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 08.0…)

I'm a sucker for magical realism so I really liked it.

the mom who was always being a capital-A Ally and an expert on the right way to behave – just a huge bitch, perfect character development, I loved it

No. 217601

File: 1656429233965.jpeg (849 KB, 2224x1668, margin notes.jpeg)

Houseki no Kuni 10,000 year hiatus ended a couple days ago.

if you read the speed translation release go read the other version released yesterday with all the margin notes included

No. 217661

File: 1656443645140.jpg (357.11 KB, 776x776, FWOGLNtaAAEUkCu.jpg)

I'd say it's not problematic per se but twitter folks are biting at it because the protags are a lesbian couple consisting of a 14 year old and a 4k y/o vampire (who is also a 14 year old in body, she got stunned once turned immortal) because "muh grooming due age difference" as if they're not reading twilight or some shit like that that's basically the same thing only a couple years older.
The author got bitched because he drew hentai in a high school setting and while that's wrong, I also take no shit from people who watch Euphoria and I don't get why it gets a free pass.
I'm not saying the author is a good person overall or vampeerz is good, in fact is flawed in many points, but it's a lot of comfort to me having lived something similar in my teenage years, I'm just amazed how real life series like euphoria or twilight (or many other movies and shows) get a free pass despite showing teenagers having sex but manga gets cancelled for that. I'm missing something? I'm too dumb to understand? Either way, I recommend, it's cute and funny.

No. 217664

>but manga gets cancelled for that
euphoria has gotten tons of heat for it, it's just drowned out by the waves of zoomer praise. the actors in the shows aren't underage themselves nor do they look or behave underage in the shows though, while depictions of underage characters in manga very much look and act underage which makes it more uncomfortable to see them do sexual things. and remember, pedoshit is japan's forte. if a mangaka is inserting loli yuri porn into his work, he's jacking it to loli yuri porn on pixiv in his free time. I wouldn't read any lesbian romance by a male in general, it ALWAYS has a weird, fetishy vibe but that's just me.

No. 217665

This artist is definitely Lily Hoshino right? It looks so much like the Penguindrum official art

No. 217673

File: 1656448338520.png (884.37 KB, 1280x1812, tumblr_9c6724ac86f3c95ace71e89…)

the thing is that vampeerz doesn't have explicit scenes (the only ones are in between adults but no sex is actually shown, only nipples afaik).
About the normal shows, the thing is that I don't get why writing porny real life shows about teenagers when you can do that about young adults in college, what's the point of the high school setting if the character don't act like high schoolers if not getting your dick hard about grooming high schoolers?
I very much know about the pedoshit happening in Japan but again, I can't really see the bad-bad in it, they just kiss and are funny together (plus as I said I'm biased since it recalls my memories of my first gf), his previous works aside from hetero doujinshi talk about college life of roomates who stretch together, its called "Stretch"

Sage for bitching about the difference about fictional characters vs rl shows

No. 217682

I really like Elfen Lied and I wish it had a proper anime adaptation since the manga goes deeper

No. 217684

>what's the point of the high school setting if the character don't act like high schoolers
to appeal to middle and high schoolers, a bigger and more lucrative demographic than college students. think of the zoomers who drown out the complaints of the show's depictions of underage sex I mentioned in my last post. it's a more familiar, marketable, and dramatic setting that's easier to get immersed in. high schools make for much cheaper filming locations to boot.

I still ain't touching a yuri manga written by a man with underage characters with a ten foot pole.

No. 217689

Yeah, that's her. Is penguindrum any good?

No. 217700

If you usually like Ikuhara's stuff and style, you'll love it. Personally it's one of my absolute favorites.

No. 217704

nah I get it, nona. euphoria made me feel like a straight up prude, even though the actors are in their 20s I couldn't stop thinking about how they were all canonically 17 but it's shot like a softcore porno. it doesn't even "go there" and portray it in a real way, it's just porny.

like, I think Call Me by Your Name could have been more problematic than euphoria but it "went there" with the obsession and underwear sniffing and cum-peach so somehow it just seemed like an honest teenage story. it's so embarrassing it comes off as a cautionary tale to me, but maybe I'm insane

can't weigh in on your yuri there, haven't read it. I'll believe you that it's a nostalgia thing.

No. 217793

What do you like about it, anon? The premise is great, but the actual writing is trash, and that's not even taking into account the constant coomer shit. I wanted to like the manga, but it's just a one big turd in my opinion. The art is also pretty bad.

No. 217797

Read the manga, the writing comes full circle.
I don't know what I like about it because it's not even for being edgy, since actual gore is shown around 2-3 times in 12 volumes, the anime is much more shock-ey I guess to attract people. Idk, the real Lucy is a great character and even Nyu grows as a person and doesn't remain a retarded uwu girl. Maybe that's what I like.

No. 217825

File: 1656503451836.jpg (167.34 KB, 400x567, Kimi_wa_Houkago_Insomnia-cover…)

>to appeal to middle and high schoolers, a bigger and more lucrative demographic than college students.
Making explicit content for minors I guess counts as grooming? I hope Sam Levinson rots in hell for that.
Anyway, read Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia, it's the story about two insomniacs teenagers and their shenanigans at school

No. 217897

File: 1656517221251.jpeg (163.59 KB, 756x1075, Smells Like Green Spirit.jpeg)

try out Smells Like Green Spirit if you want a different kind of BL. the art wasn't my fav but the characters made me binge it, the author is really doing something here

No. 217899

File: 1656517990782.png (1.46 MB, 1334x1022, Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 08.4…)

if you haven't read it and want a longer read (17 volumes) A Cruel God Reigns is like the best psychological drama manga there is. if you want something lighthearted this isn't it though lol

I do think anyone who likes manga should read it at some point, it's so good

No. 217900

THIS it's so good!

No. 217902

I loved this one, it's an interesting take on sexual orientation and identity. It's a pity that the author is doing a spin off on the pedo teacher and it SEEMS like she's trying to redeem him by putting the responsibility on a young looking barely legal (I hope, can't remember precisely) teenager who "seduces" him. It's not finished yet though so I don't know where she wants to go with the story.

No. 217934

same thoughts here, yeah. I was happy with sensei's most sympathetic qualities being that he was pathetic and insane, I had no desire to see him happy… (sorry!)

since she's exploring the psychological price of being completely closeted maybe the story will get ugly after this brief bright spot. it's definitely not as light hearted as Green Spirit so far.

No. 217937

I definitely read more “problematic” manga when I was a teenager, Litchi Hikari Club was the first to come to mind but I haven’t read it in like a decade. I tried reading some stuff like Freak Island and Deadtube but they’re just shitty

No. 217961

File: 1656538431614.jpeg (516.81 KB, 1806x2560, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo sur…)

that coomer manga My Dress Up Doll or whatever it's called (the alternate titles are crazy)
I was baited by people claiming it's not a coomer fanservice manga but it is a coomer fanservice manga with a little bit of character depth that got me

No. 217963

Easy, Made in Abyss.
Litchi Hikari Club is a masterpiece, Nona. No shame in it.

No. 217968

File: 1656540786546.png (323.86 KB, 272x775, 1656494160233.png)

Thoughts on his new design?

No. 217980

I tried reading it but the guy is too stupid and the girl is such a gigantic pickme I couldn't go past the first volume.

No. 217984

The coomershit scene with sexual abuse/gorey murder of the teacher stops it from being a masterpiece, and that's only the beginning

No. 217987

very true. I'm so mad it got me, I keep reading the new chapters and they don't even ever talk about the part I like anymore

I like the way he's worried about being a skilled dollmaker, guilty about ignoring practice, then surprised to find he got better because he went and lived his life a little/got other experience. (I think it's important to not pursue goals with tunnel-vision, you have to experience life.) it's like a couple pages worth of the total story though. kill meeee

No. 217988

File: 1656545912270.png (37.42 KB, 151x194, chrome_q75WZHSZGN.png)

what is going on in his crotch area ? why is it so yonic looking. that is straight up a vagina design

No. 217990

I think it might be a masterpiece of horror. I'm serious.

it's a nonstop anxiety ride as they go deeper and the fact the author 100% has kiddy snuff films on his hard drive only makes my stomach sink lower.

cover all that in a bouncy fantasy setting and it makes me feel like I'm having some kind of fucked up dream.


No. 217991

he looks like a Jojo stand.

No. 217993

This is some JoJo shit lmao

No. 218001

chastity belt kek

No. 218006

It's shaped like a keyhole because only Chrollo's cock an unlock it

No. 218012

File: 1656556307739.jpg (1.11 MB, 1125x1600, 2-o.jpg)

Shigahime probably. I find the art really beautiful but there's pedoshit in it, especially in the early chapters. Like full on sex scenes between adult woman vampires and teen boys (doesn't help that the artstyle makes all the teenage characters look extremely young). It's a horror manga so some of the scenes are clearly meant to be disturbing but most just feel like pure fetish-bait and it cheapens it a lot. Still re-read it sometimes because I'm into evil vampire women kek

No. 218109

File: 1656611305516.jpeg (696.84 KB, 1877x2560, Oshimi Shuzo.jpeg)

opinion on Oshimi Shuzo? (in general, not just this one)

in spite of him being a man I can't get enough of the way he writes women.

No. 218121

File: 1656613449464.jpg (235.54 KB, 864x1200, D6YuJNjX4AAaiY6.jpg)

What is your top 3 favourite mangas anons? This thread has helped me discover so many great mangas I'm now curious to see which ones are actually your favs. With that being said I owe whoever recommended Witch Hat Atelier the world because it's now my absolute number 1.

No. 218122

his works are undoubtedly scrotey but i still love them, blood on the tracks is my favorite and flowers of evil is a close second. and yeah he really knows how to write uniquely malicious women, god knows i was obsessed with nakamura

No. 218147

>knows how to write uniquely malicious women
Yes. They're not just like shallow bitches or something, they're horrible in a complicated way that's too real. and he doesn't try to write them like he knows what they're thinking, which would be annoying since he's a man (explored that in Inside Mari a little bit)

Drifting Net Cafe is wild, I was speechless when I read the the author note at the end. He has a truly loving/understanding wife if she supported him through writing that lol

No. 218183

Love him, Happiness is a great "realistic" take on vampires. Wish the ending wasn't botched.
Need to read drifting net cafe, skipped it.

No. 218190

I skipped it for a long time too because of the genre, but it wound up being the one I can't stop thinking about (not because it's the best, just because I was like WTFFFF)

No. 218589

File: 1656774792638.jpeg (509.51 KB, 1156x1740, 579DAAA4-9C46-4C70-AE4A-8DFFC3…)

Lol I love sport (not sport-sport) manga so it’s gotta be Akane Banashi (one of the best protags in a SJ series and such a fun series for me! It’s the picrel) Real and Chihayafuru as my top 3, with Slam Dunk, 3 Gatsu no Lion, Blue Period, Ping Pong and Act Age (rip that series) also in the top for me!

No. 218681

File: 1656791121466.jpg (124.77 KB, 800x1138, yankee_shota_to_otaku_onee_san…)

Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan. Haven't heard anything bad about this series but it might be seen as problematic since it's involves a young boy having a crush on an adult woman but I find it pretty cute and endearing. It's not coomerish unlike most shota x oneesan where the girls are predatory big titty sluts that pander to scrotes who self-insert as the shota. This one fits my taste and I like how the the female lead is an otaku girl.

No. 218684


No. 218689

>This one fits my taste

No. 218693

Oh I love this manga nona, it's really cute. Haven't read the last few chapters or so yet

No. 218709

It's cute in a puppy love way but the bits with the fat bastard are annoying and whenever she thinks she's a criminal is honestly gross. This wouldn't be so bad if it was more about a 20 something years old guy with a 30 years old woman.

No. 218755

File: 1656820342266.png (393.75 KB, 900x1280, dress up doll author.png)

wait, a woman writes this???

No. 218756

File: 1656820389365.png (286 KB, 900x1280, dud author.png)

No. 218770

Yes, anon. Didn't you know that the author is a pickme?

No. 218772

I had no idea. the guy's personality makes more sense now though.

No. 218778

Why 'man' specifically? There are dozens of female cosplayers that will help you out. Is the author single or something? It makes no sense to me kek

No. 218867

Her previous manga was imouto incestshit too. Imagine how rotten her brain is.

No. 218869

I feel sorry for her because she was surely brainwashed throughout her whole life to the point in which she now thinks that having a little sister fetish is okay.

No. 218874

Probably because she's not like the other girls who are all so vapid and boring while guy friends are the best because there's no drama with them, or something.

No. 218878

tbf it looks like she was doing it as research for her manga but idk

No. 218886

File: 1656864456927.jpg (51.49 KB, 800x420, Manga-Ruri-Dragon.jpg)

There's only 4 chapters out right now(on shonen jump, idk how many are really floating about), but ruridragon is really cute so far.

It's about a girl who suddenly wakes up with horns and finds out she's half dragon. Everybody's reaction to her having horns is pretty funny.

No. 218910

File: 1656874675550.jpg (82.11 KB, 288x412, bless-read-manga-12083.jpg)

sounds interesting but my first thought was "blue zero two" kek

picrel, bless only has 3 chapters so far but i really like the look of the main character. it's about a female aspiring model and a male aspiring makeup artist.

No. 219186

There’s a scene in the manga where the guy has to help out the girl at a con. The guy is basically her makeup artist & cosplay costume designer. author-san wanted to know from her irl friend if there were private mixed-gender areas at cons where he could help her with stuff like her eyelashes. The joke was that the friend did not even answer her question because the idea a cosplayer could not put on her own eyelashes was retarded.

No. 219196

File: 1656958995653.png (1.08 MB, 762x1079, C9440871-DDB5-4BD8-822E-96AB0B…)

Natsume Arata no Kekkon

No. 219198

tbf that does sound retarded, isn't the girl into fashion after all? How would the sewing scrote have more experience with putting on eyelashes than her? I would understand if it were a girl who's not into fashion and makeup and is a beginner cosplayer, but that's not the case here

No. 219205

I've been feeling bored with Shoujo and decided to start reading scifi and fantasy manga instead. So far, this is what I can recommend to my fellow farmers:


Short, sweet horror manga with very good art.

>Spectral Wizard

A lonely wizard seeks a new role in life after the destruction of her guild. Imitation Crystal(the author) is really good at character interactions and setting tone. This is also a quick read.

>The Hero, the Dragon, and the Courier

Follows a messenger girl in a RPG-ified medieval town. I usually hate JRPG nonsense but there's no recycling of stale tropes here. The author is a history buff and amateur medievalist and he clearly knows a lot about the period.

>The Witch and the Beast

Cool gothic battle manga. /fa/ as fuck.


Good, but definitely not for everyone. If you didn't like 2001: A Space Odyssey, don't read this, because the storytelling is very similar in style.

>Heterogenia Linguistico

>Witch Hat Atelier
These have already been mentioned and I want to second them!


Science fantasy that reminds me of Sekien no Inganock, a little. All color has been drained from the world and a scientist/detective has to protect a girl who might be the key to getting it back.

>Shadows House

A slow burning mystery & intrigue manga set in a castle peopled with silhoutte people and their humanlike doll servitors. Like TPN, but good

>Kanata no Astra

Sci fi/mystery series about teenagers stranded in space. I found it cheerful and uplifting but not in a way that insults your intelligence

>Touge Oni

This is one of the best fantasy manga I've read. It has a very interesting take on how humans would interact with the divine

>Magus of the Library

This is shaping up to be THE best fantasy manga I've ever read, and nobody's ever heard of it! The art and worldbuilding are great. I can't believe this came from the same woman who was responsible for 7th garden - her talents were clearly wasted on that coomershit and I'm glad she quit.

No. 219213

Thank you for the recs, nonnie! A bunch of these sound interesting as hell! I wonder why they aren't shoujo/josei.

No. 219218

The girl supposedly being a Stacy is the reason I couldn't suspend my disbelief for this stupid manga, everything happening make zero sense, even worse than the Nagatoro shit imo.

No. 219233

File: 1656970141584.jpg (3.12 MB, 2143x3056, BLAME! - c057 (v09) - p084 [Di…)

Based Blame! poster. Going to read NOiSE and Biomega soon.

No. 219234

Interested in opinions on this, too. I saw it several times at the book store already and was interested, but I'm wary of male mangaka at this point.

No. 219235

>male mangaka
that explains why the guy looks so weird.

No. 219238

File: 1656972659416.jpg (132.45 KB, 800x1139, henkyou_no_roukishi_bard_loen_…)

I like a lot of manga, but if I am forced to choose my favorites of the last five years it would be Golden Kamuy, Blue Giant (Supreme) and Shiori Experience.
It's fun how a lot of my favorite series are either about music or war.

I fucking love both of these. This is what I want when I search for the fantasy genre. I wish it wasn't so flooded by other types subgenres these days, would sacrifice a cow to get another series like Rayearth again.
Speaking of fantasy I also read and love Bard Loen a lot. If you don't have a problem with a bearded jiisan MCs you should give this a try.

No. 219245

File: 1656975567229.jpg (108.24 KB, 986x680, shirorivol13.jpg)

>Shiori Experience
Omg nonna! I sometimes think I'm like one of the few fans in general on the english web, so its so nice to see others, one of my fav mangas, too bad we'll never get an english translation or anime due to copyright but its a real hidden gem and one of my fav music mangas alongside Nana/Beck and Nodame Cantible

No. 219445

yeah she's a part-time fashion model and basically a gyaru (but not the tan delinquent type, the makeup/nails/blonde friendly bimbo type) so it's literally impossible she wouldn't be able to put on her own lashes

No. 219447

I posted it because it seems like it could go south or be really good depending on how things shake out. it's about a woman on death row for murder and a womanizing social worker who lies about wanting to marry her so he can find out where she hid the bodies (very stupid plot), but there's a bigger mystery going on and I think it might actually wind up being about severe child abuse or something much darker. the woman is definitely the smartest person in the story and an incredible liar and maybe actually crazy, but the author could literally take it in any direction at this point so idk

No. 219538

File: 1657088764976.jpeg (138.14 KB, 950x1346, 70df1876-020b-4075-b75a-8c1ab8…)

Watashi no Otto wa Reitouko ni Nemutte Iru

nice little 2 volume manga

woman kills her horrible husband and shoves him in a freezer. …or did she?

No. 219540

File: 1657088820475.png (771.68 KB, 1900x1346, cf8ed238-3fe5-4858-90c5-46a47a…)

posting the first few pages

No. 219541

File: 1657088893742.png (1.76 MB, 1900x1346, 128874f5-528b-417a-9f98-680595…)

No. 219542

File: 1657088954533.png (392.64 KB, 950x1346, d8eaff63-c1ca-4cc0-b834-bd8ecf…)

No. 219544

File: 1657089024543.png (350.11 KB, 950x1346, d22f48f4-2372-48f3-9591-870c3b…)

it's a good short read, a little weird

No. 219572

File: 1657090447515.jpeg (195.75 KB, 1280x1664, dewi.jpeg)

did the Witch hat Atelier fans itt read Eniale & Dewiela? same mangaka


kinda like Good Omens but make it fashion

No. 219612

you shotacon bitches should be hanged

No. 219623


This was so fucking good, thanks for the rec. I feel like I haven't gotten a good mindfuck from reading something in a while

No. 219628

File: 1657111115037.jpg (163.45 KB, 702x1000, 718BwNFjPXL.jpg)

instead of Evangelion i suggest reading Bokurano (and then listening to the anime op, it's sweet!)
imo it's the right amount of sadness without having a pitiful, sad wimp as a main character (then again, there's like 10+ "main" characters, so that's that)

No. 219659

File: 1657125495397.jpg (123.41 KB, 600x862, 1181267_9543997.jpg)

Mieruko chan, the author is a total scrote and the manga has so many coomer bait moments, but I think Miko is adorable and the monsters are cool

No. 219664

am I the only one who never noticed any coomer vibes from this until the anime came out? didn't seem remotely ecchi to me or if any sexiness came through it felt like just a gag because the art doesn't convey it at all.

when the anime was about watching girls go to the bathroom I was really thrown for a loop.

No. 219665

File: 1657126790769.jpeg (782.27 KB, 1280x1867, neko jiru jiru.jpeg)

nekojiru made the funniest manga I've seen in my life. it's a shame she killed herself.

No. 219673


damn, I loved Catsoup. I didn't know she killed herself

No. 219676

File: 1657128040087.png (Spoiler Image, 524.08 KB, 755x903, Untitled.png)

The anime is too much yes but then we had panels like these ones. I guess you did not notice because the author started to tone it down as the manga went on.

No. 219684

yeah, I see it now. those don't look "sexy" to me so I just looked right past them ha. panty lines under pajamas were the only thing that ever made me pause. I don't think the artist is doing it quite right? lack of skill maybe. I even thought the groping was supposed to be disturbing not titillating.
honestly I'm gonna keep reading the way I have been because it's better lol

No. 219692

what mangas make you feel super nostalgic? it could be an older manga or one that was made recently but still reminds you of the good ol days - just anything that you get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia from reading
for me personally it's death note because it's the first manga I read and also the first anime I watched, and it reminds me of a better time in my life

No. 219698

File: 1657130499715.jpeg (253.43 KB, 1200x719, D2CEF6D4-47F6-4DEE-B27A-D8CC1F…)

continuation never ;_;
I love the art, the fashion, all the details. Ai Yazawa’s art was incredible.
I wish the fandom was less hard on Hachiko though. She’s 20, her narrating is her having grown up and recognizing her mistakes and foolishness.
Plus it’s not like she’s not called out all the time for her flaws. I liked her when I was 20 and I still like her at 30.

No. 219700

File: 1657130911004.jpeg (820.4 KB, 1280x1863, woman.jpeg)

Yeah she hung herself.



her husband started working with her at some point and deserves credit for some art and composition but it was her stories and perspective I really liked… RIP.

No. 219702

I am genuinely surprised it isn't more popular. When I started it I felt like this would be one of the next big things (as big as seinen can be at least). It's fantastic IMO, the characters, the build ups and the emotional scenes about loss or success hit damn right.

No. 219708

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 219715

File: 1657133784495.jpg (1.34 MB, 1761x2500, Ashura.(RG.Veda).full.440717.j…)

RG Veda … maybe Inuyasha

No. 219717

Where did you find the whole translated manga, any of her manga for that matter? I remember searching both on tachiyomi and nyaa and I couldn't find shit.

No. 219722

File: 1657135742804.jpg (50.59 KB, 353x500, 51vlfLnX9uL.jpg)

Death Note for me too. Also Maid-sama, Inu x Boku SS and Watashi ni XX shinasai, as well as Kimi ni shika kikoenai and Tsumitsuki for one shots. I wanna name more, but at this point I'd just be listing all the series in the lowest row of my shelf lol. I read all of them so much that all the corners and edges are tattered… Tsumitsuki's a weird one though, I read it so often but I couldn't tell you what it's about if my life depended on it.

No. 219723

anything clamp, inuyasha, early naruto, bleach, reborn… not a manga but also code geass, k-on and durarara. basically anything that was iconed to death on Livejournal.

No. 219724

File: 1657136563102.jpeg (2.42 MB, 1359x2007, india_ch2_p2.jpeg)

This site is good
it organizes some scanlations from individual tumblrs etc and they translated a lot of the India travelogues (but I guess they never quite finished?)

otherwise it's kinda scattered

No. 219728

File: 1657139985227.jpeg (40.11 KB, 261x381, 892699DB-6EA4-480F-B36A-A4C993…)

It was some weird tranny, homo, body switching fantasy shit, but I love this author’s art style and bought these as they were coming out back in middle school.

No. 219736

Lolicon moids first

No. 219741

L-DK was my introduction to the animanga world

No. 219800

File: 1657161913312.jpeg (48.29 KB, 336x500, A6C725A7-A212-49A8-ABAC-321AB3…)

DNAngel and Pita 10 all the wayyy

No. 219801

File: 1657162056907.jpeg (501.54 KB, 904x1280, 3913BA1F-1A9C-4CAD-935F-EFE5E4…)

It’s probably cause plebs hit quality work and rather watch seasonal shonen shit which is their loss really

No. 219804

Di Gi Charat, Alice 19th (damn that was a good manga), High School Girls, Hana-Kimi, Sailor Moon.

No. 219807

Samefag but I just found out from Watase Yuu's (the mangaka who wrote Alice 19th) Wikipedia page that she's "X-gender". God fucking damn it.

No. 219822

File: 1657167849417.jpeg (144.23 KB, 728x1109, 874465C0-AF22-44B8-956E-E4FDD1…)

Man, I loved pita-ten soooo much. I though the clothes were so pretty.

No. 219828

so she's a little queer, that's nbd

No. 219832

I wish it didn't have pedo incest stuff in it, the manga is really fun otherwise. The .hack// franchise is hugely underrated and deserves so much better (loved GU games and manga). Fuck SAO.

No. 219833

Thanks so much for the spoonfeed nonnie. It didn't even cross my mind to look at Tumblr, after a long time of not reading manga I'm not really good at finding sources.

No. 219837

The gym comic alone made me think she was an undiagnosed sperg, but the first link all but confirmed it:
>Short hair, sporty clothes (comfort over looks)
>Cannot look people in the eye most of the time
>Picky about food
>No friends, shy (plus her husband says "they weren't close", but they married each other after years of working together - sounds to me like a communication issue)
>Cannot lie, honest to the point of rudeness
>"harsh about certain manner and appearance rules"
>DGAF about money, popularity, other's opinion of her. Only wants to make her comics
No wonder she killed herself eventually.

No. 219845

Thank you for recommending this! I found it hilarious and the art is, as expected from this mangaka, fantastic. I ship them

No. 219848

I don’t care if she was a sperg, just want her back

It’s too bad tumblr isn’t a great site for reading manga and it doesn’t seem like the tumblr scanlators posted any batch downloads. I didn’t really search exhaustively, probably more out there. Some of it is on mangadex too.

No. 219851

Damn I never connected to he dots but you are right. I always thought she was just crazy.

No. 219881

File: 1657185458008.jpeg (85.89 KB, 643x1024, DF7CE413-3AC2-4571-BD1F-F1A045…)

Koi no Kiseki has a ugly main character at the beginning. The antagonist is a hot sociopathic bitch who goes in to showbiz. MC has to change her appearance to get close and get revenge… she doesn’t remain fat & ugly but she never becomes a delicate flower either, she’s tall and a bit boyish and broad shouldered after a very arduous transformation. she makes it worK

No. 219900

Kazuki Takahashi (Yu-Gi-Oh's creator) was found dead today in what appears to be a snorkeling incident https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-07-07/yu-gi-oh-manga-creator-kazuki-takahashi-passes-away-at-60/.187468
RIP I guess but what a stupid way to die, especially since the guy was living comfortably off YGO's royalties, snorkeling is a dangerous activity to do alone, especially at his age.

No. 219915

Maybe it was not clear, but I did not mean it as a bad thing. Only meant to imply that autistic women are fucked since they get ignored even in countries aware of (male) autists (USA), not to mention in 90's Japan. Can roughly relate as a woman with adhd

No. 219934

File: 1657209091965.jpg (43.04 KB, 318x451, 6670783.jpg)

I was just thinking of posting that too! That was the first manga series I actually owned growing up, and I remember being twelve and wanting to cosplay the blonde girl so bad I begged my mom to buy fabric and patterns. And then realized I didn't know anything about sewing clothes.

My first series about being in a virtual reality video game was 1/2 Prince though. I really liked it and the characters, but the ending was…kinda dumb? It's been a decade since I read it.

No. 219945

File: 1657216417197.jpg (132.76 KB, 750x1125, EqGUYYNVoAUGvPV.jpg)

A bunch of old CLAMP manga like Wish, RG Veda, Rayearth, X and Clover, Bastard!!, Sailor Moon and NGE. Maybe Kaito Jeanne and Angel Sanctuary as well.
Sounds pretty much like me minus the husband part. At least I think I enjoy my hobbies enough to not kill myself any time soon though.

No. 219962

RIP. May his autism continue to inspire future generations

No. 219964

File: 1657221108922.jpg (862.2 KB, 1280x1890, jirujirudiary_trans.enjoynekoj…)

yeah I'm guessing she wasn't too happy. she asked for her workload to be lightened but sounds like no one listened to her. most of what I read says "overwork" was what got her.

she reminds me of someone specific in my life, weird in the exact same ways. always confused me how he lets himself get overworked at his job when he really has no interest in what other people want him to do… shit maybe i better keep an eye on him lol

No. 219966

Stop coddling moids. I feel bad for that woman.

No. 219969

??? yeah me too

No. 219970

>she asked for her workload to be lightened but sounds like no one listened to her. most of what I read says "overwork" was what got her
Jesus, that's fucked up. Another "that's just Japan for you" moment, though
he sounds cute, though I'm probably wrong about that kek

No. 220051

File: 1657266633601.jpg (142.24 KB, 700x350, Love-triangle-favorite-part.jp…)

There's this manhwa called favorite part that fits your criteria. It is frustrating but with a happy end though, if that's what you're looking for.

No. 220167

File: 1657294740455.png (Spoiler Image, 569.35 KB, 1754x2500, nudonp019.png)

Reading Nekojiru and damn, I forgot that I disliked the Cat Soup anime. I can't stand the main characters being casually cruel to weaker animals/creatures. If the creator's intent was to create disturbing as fuck comics, than she has succeeded. If that was supposed to be funny… it certainly isn't for me. The children/animal abuse theme is just awful.
I probably should stick to Nekojiru's diaries.

No. 220203

File: 1657300585796.png (1.66 MB, 1798x1276, Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 09.4…)

yeah, those poor snails. I like how surreal the non-comedy stories are but things like the insect torture trials and the pigs are really sad.

I tried to get insight by reading about nekojiru. some of it is based on dreams she had? which doesn't tell you much except she had some fucked up dreams.

I've never seen the anime. I thought it was only partially adapted from the manga with a lot of original stuff but I could be wrong there

No. 220215

File: 1657305522291.jpeg (323.42 KB, 864x1218, daija.jpeg)

anyone else reading Daija ni Totsuida Musume? village woman becomes bride of giant snake mountain god. it has a weird mix of humorous/wholesome/angst.


apparently it got really popular after the artist drew the couple consummating their marriage in chapter 10 so I guess that was good marketing on her part but I was surprised. the plot got way more serious after that

No. 220230

File: 1657313816854.jpeg (270.99 KB, 617x959, B85C90C6-3A9C-41D5-8DD6-2A5E52…)

I don’t know why I didn’t notice until the most recent chapters but Afro gives the yurucamp girls really big heads.

No. 220250

Yes, I'm so glad it got a translation! I was initally skeptical of it even though I really wanted snake-based romance stories, because I just didn't like the art style he was drawn in, but I got really endeared to him over time. His expressions and demeanor are really adorable. I'm not fond of the occasional vore stuff but I guess you're doomed to have that in stories focusing on snakes, so I just hope it gets kept to a minimum.
The recent arc about the black snake was honestly really bizzare, I feel like I would hate it if it was written by a moid, but I strangely ended up feeling neuteral about it.

No. 220251

I thoroughly hate it and hope the monk slays the snake but I know that won't happen

No. 220252

Please anons, are there any other manga like/or similar to Tonari no Seki no Hen na Senpai? I just read all of it any i NEED more

No. 220254

File: 1657325739760.jpeg (62.2 KB, 1224x1150, vore.jpeg)

I wish it had stayed a little goofy, I laughed a lot at the beginning

No. 220261

Honestly this may not be super PC but Japanese people are straight up sociopathic and when I was living there I was shocked at just the vile shit they justified they did to not just animals but also other human beings, like wow what would those weebs who treat them as so funny and quirky say when you see a bunch of kids throwing rocks and bottles at an old Korean woman just for her ancestry, freakshow of a country for real

No. 220272

Nah I saw a lot of cat torture when I was there, including a guy kidnapping this stray cat I fed to use it against me to date him
Does anyone have a good place to check out managa releases? I can't really get my hands on magazines anymore now that I don't live in the country and besides Shonen Jump, it's pretty hard to see what's new besides asking my friends to send me stuff but I don't want to do that so often, thanks

No. 220279

I liked Cesare by Fuyumi Souryou, if you enjoy historical manga I'd recommend it.

No. 220288

File: 1657340100627.jpeg (209.91 KB, 843x1200, blank space.jpeg)

Some obvious big name titles:
-Dungeon Meshi
-Fumetsu no Anata e
-Houseki no Kuni

Smaller titles:
-Blank Space by Kumakura Kon
-Usotsuki Satsuki Shi ga Mieru
-Saint Rosalind (retro spooky)
a lot of the oneshots and stuff at https://lsd.mangadex.com/ are worth checking out too.

No. 220300

Has this been finished yet? I read it a while ago and it was incomplete.

No. 220325

iirc its finished but not translated into english

No. 220370

Dorohedoro and Dai Dark

No. 220640

Is a kindle oasis a good reader for manga?

I keep seeing that tablets are the way to go but I’m really trying to cut down on blue light exposure and I don’t want to amass a fuck ton of physical copies due to minimalism.

Local library is small town with little to offer.

No. 220683

Made in Abyss, Ichi the Killer, Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary (kek) and Monster.
Third one could be Inuyasha for nostalgic reasons.

Death Note too! And as I mentioned above, Inuyasha, and definitely Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Maybe X/1999 because I accidentally looked into the first volume at the age of 5, as a result got scared of anything that looked like mangas until I was 12, read it at 14 and loved it lol

No. 220953

File: 1657566437856.jpg (27.45 KB, 567x437, cryingfatass.jpg)

i hate you for suggesting this… I'm reading it right now. Omg

No. 220958

Mostly manga (and anime) from the 90s and 2000s, I've watched so many anime on TV as a kid and then watched many online as a teenager and young adult, and I read a shit ton of manga in libraries too. I don't give a fuck about recent series at all, I only want to re-read some old manga I like a lot. The list would be too long but I'd say the bigger series would be many things by CLAMP except their weird ass Tsubasa Chronicles and XXXholic manga because I like self-contained stories more (maybe I should read them now that I'm caught up with most CLAMP series), Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex (I barely remember the big twists and plot points though kek), Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi (I only read the very beginning tough), Mirai no Utena, Angel Sanctuary, Ludwig Revolution, anything by Ai Yazawa, Fujoshi Rumi, etc. when it comes to shojo. As for shonen and seinen I'd say JJBA, Yu Yu Hakusho, Eyeshield 21 (its anime adaptation was a crime, it was so bad aside from the seiyuu), Saiyuki, Cats Eyes, Black Butler (less than the other series since it's still ongoing), Death Note, Hetalia, Bastard, etc. It's the manga thread so I won't make it longer by listing old anime.

I have a few manga I read but ended up disliking because of them becoming shit later so I don't feel nostalgia for everything, and some series may be kind of old now but I'm only nostalgic for their first halves, like for FMA. FMA's beginning was great, it gave some sort of weird, oppressive vibe with all its mysteries and plot twists, I felt it lost this vibe halfway through when we started getting more and more answers and when most characters started helping Ed and Al, I don't know, the puzzle pieces started fitting a bit too neatly I guess? I'm not sure how to explain it.

No. 220987

Angel Sanctuary is great. I wish I could say it without having to apologize afterwards lmao.
Kaori Yuki writes some weird shit sometimes but I love most of her works and her drawings are amazing.

Royal Doll Orchestra is a gem (pun intended) too bad no one read it and now it's completely forgotten.

No. 220988

File: 1657575488122.png (287.36 KB, 800x1115, Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru…)

Personally, I think it really hits the fan after Volume 10 or so.

No. 220995

God, that was so rough. It started getting too real for me ad I kinda had to stop. It made me so sad to see this seemingly normal boy at the beginning just have his life changed forever and in a way he can never truly turn back and live a normal life again. I went into this manga not expecting it to be like.. that. Thank you og nonna who suggested it

No. 221006

you're welcome / sorry haha


I remember feeling like it was going to end too (wiki says it was originally planned for a 4 year serialization but wound up being 9 years) and the beginning could definitely be a story all by itself, yeah. but part of why I liked it was how it went through so much of his life after all that shit went down, which you don't see much.

No. 221008

>it felt like it just got so ludicrous and repetitive
Honestly, if you know anyone with a drug addiction that’s exactly how it is.

No. 221015

I just finished this and was wondering if anyone else who read it could explain the stuff with Kamata being a murderer? Is it just meant to show that you never know what the people around you are like?

No. 221020

that kinda threw me for a loop too. I came to the same conclusion you did.

No. 221026

The way I read it, it seems like he was framed by the guy out of jealousy?

No. 221237

File: 1657660948805.jpg (1.11 MB, 1947x1438, 1657654797790.jpg)

The first chainsaw man chapter of the year just got released today

No. 221238

File: 1657660976604.jpeg (506.2 KB, 1242x1531, AA7B35BC-DF75-479A-9BB9-A9C3BB…)

Shoujo magazines need to get a fucking grip

No. 221242

I liked it a lot but I kinda zoned out anytime the autistic girl was the focus of the chapter, she was very obnoxious and I don't think she brought much to the plot.

No. 221244

And it was absolutely mediocre

No. 221247

File: 1657662476150.gif (397.35 KB, 498x398, triggered-cat.gif)

This is going to encourage underage girls how cool it having a older boyfriend along with taking your sisters man too. Groomers take advantage of teen girls because wouldn't be cool to be like the couple in the manga??
unless they pull a twist with the guy turning down the girl and the girl realising that this was wrong however I doubt that will happen

No. 221251

It was probably approved by moid editors and a moid editor in chief which is why crap like this is allowed past the pitch meetings

No. 221256

File: 1657664206308.jpg (46.71 KB, 557x680, FXe4uTuUsAAamKC.jpg)

i really like CSM, but fujimoto's burned out and out of ideas, so my expectations for part 2 are low
i liked Mitaka, and was disappointed that she became a fiend and not an hybrid. oh wow, ANOTHER powerful antagonistic non-human woman for denji's harem, how whedonesque of fujimoto. if she made a contract or became a hybrid at least she could be on the same level as Denji: outcast teenager with no family and with unknown powers that she would need to learn how to use. shit, there are so many paralels between this chapter and the 1st and between Denji and Mitaka, and bam, expectations subverted, because that's the hip thing to do nowadays. blah

No. 221296

I know middle school age in japan is like 2 years older than some other countries but it's still 12-15 ffs
yeah I need like a timetravel angle where the adult version jumps back in time and shakes herself / murders him whatever would be more useful lol

No. 221314

Yeah I fucking love how pedo grooming shit like this gets published on shoujo magazines but actually good manga by women that isn't solely about romance gets released on magazines for males because male audiences are more important and girls only like this shit, amirite?

No. 221333

File: 1657678461961.jpg (1.35 MB, 2250x1600, kng2.jpg)

I finally started the Zatch Bell sequel. Seems pretty cool. I teared up a few times. Cool monster, too. Interested to see where the plot is going to go exactly.

No. 221361

im 60% positive she isn't a fiend, actually. she's the real deal like makima

No. 221363

I liked it a lot

No. 221487

goddamn I remember reading it some years ago, this shit is heavy

No. 221489

>denji's harem
There is exactly one person who could have seen Denji that way and she ditched him by breaking his neck. All the other women of CSM saw Denji either as a target, a big brother, a colleague or a dog. This is simply not a harem manga

No. 221509

Delusional self-inserters think otherwise lmao

No. 221850

File: 1657824840130.jpg (80.82 KB, 454x640, 2e25b964ed7c447cd69d7875c58566…)

What I really don't like about her works is the incest stuff, but I think that's a minor flaw compared to the typical coomer shit most popular manga bombard you with. I have read every single story by Kaori Yuki that has been translated into my language or into English, and own almost all of them too.
While I prefer her art style in God Child and Angel Sanctuary, I still love her art and her stories are the perfect mixture of genres
I'm not going to apologize anymore for loving her manga

No. 222143

I read this after your suggestion Nonnie, I LOVED it. It is so honest and genuine and painful. It really made my heart flutter, it’s so well written. I am currently reading Narutaru aswell, but honestly it is not nearly as deep and mature as Bokurano was, but it was written nearly 10 years earlier by Kitoh so….

No. 223146

Glad you loved it! It's most likely my all-time favorite manga.
When it comes to Narutaru, though, it makes me cringe horribly. I did not read it fully, but I've seen quite a few pages/screenshots from the anime and to me it looks like it's needlessly vile, grotesque and many of the scenes leave me wondering if the mangaka is a pedophile.

No. 223788

File: 1658459645997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1114x1600, AAAHHH.jpeg)

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I LOVE PHOS glad the 10000 years are over

CH97 scans at https://imgur.com/a/ejlusYy

No. 223802

File: 1658463324125.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1176x622, bones.png)


No. 223811

File: 1658468003405.png (1.78 MB, 1674x1430, ichikawabingo.png)

can't waste any opportunity for body horror
what's the probability of phos being reincarnated doctor/professor?

No. 223829

Is Witch Hat Atelier good for young girls? I was thinking of getting it for my little sister.

No. 223889

there's nothing lewd in it whatsoever. some people get hurt occasionally but no guts & bones gore, just blood. usually injuries are magic. it's a pretty happy story overall but there are some plot lines with characters who are are scared/stressed/depressed for various reasons, and one flashback where molestation is heavily implied but I know some readers totally missed it so I guess it's subtle enough.

the whole part of it about the true nature/reality of magic being hidden from the world on a mass scale might mess with her head? lol
I think the main character discovering what adults hide from children in terms of how the world works will either connect with her or go totally over her head depending on how old she is.

uhhh… there's a minor gay couple like 10 volumes in. that bothered some people, ymmv. otherwise no romance unless you're really squinting your eyes, the characters aren't old enough.

No. 224136

File: 1658611499099.jpg (351.71 KB, 1200x1709, 4.jpg)

Does anyone know what is the name of this manga? Saw it on Venus' thread
I suggest you both read it together. So that she can talk about it with you and ask you questions about. Highly recommend the manga.

No. 224138

It's violent rape and guro porn.

No. 224140

>violent rape and guro
Yeah, interest lost. Thank you for warning me.

No. 224153

What even was the context in which this page got posted? The title alone gives away what it's about. It's disgusting

No. 224394

File: 1658697916894.png (247.64 KB, 844x1200, The Bones of an Invisible Pers…)

just finished The Bones of an Invisible Person. would recommend.

the author appears to be a male yuri genre mangaka (have not read anything else they did, only looked it up to confirm the art was giving a yuri vibe), but this one isn't yuri, it's a psychological drama and I thought it was very moving

No. 224403

wait nevermind there's a pornographic yuri epilogue lmao

whatever, the story was good.

No. 224493

I just finished Paradise Kiss. It's so good. I just wish we saw Yukari and Hiroyuki getting together and starting dating instead of that short flashback/epilogue ten years later, but then again the manga would have been way longer. I feel less frustrated that Nana is still on hiatus now. It gives me some sort of closure I suppose. I wish there were more shojo manga like that, I remember reading some really shitty series long ago like Marmalade Boy.

No. 224513

I read all of Harem Marriage in one day (aside from the epilogue, its not translated yet as far as I know) and Im so disappointed. I know it was basically ero-manga but the art was so good and a lot of the relationship drama the characters went through made me believe they were all going to actually grow/change. But no. Even when Koharu called out Ryu for being childish, it didn't matter in the end. No one learned a thing except that they were all willing to settle for less/whats easiest, rather than making it on their own.
Art carried. That's it. Nothing else about it was redeemable.

No. 224524

File: 1658769443468.jpeg (317.16 KB, 1125x1600, hare-kon.jpeg)

never heard of this. the covers look really nice. that's disappointing from what you describe, especially if it's 19 volumes long.

No. 224561

I suddenly remembered that Wotakoi exists, and I thought it was garbage. So unfunny that if I were watching the anime instead of just read the first two volumes of the manga I would have expected an American sitcom laugh track everytime a character said they were playing a mobage or Dragon Quest. It's inferior to Fujoshi Rumi in all aspects, and the worst part is that I thought it'd be just as relatable because now I have an office job, but meh. At least in Fujoshi Rumi the characters weren't just like "oh I didn't sleep enough tonight because I played a mobage all night long (please laugh now)", the characters actually say retarded, inappropriate shit at the worst moments possible and act like embarrassing teenagers in a funny way. I've noticed when going to my local bookshop that more and more shit like Wotakoi gets released but I've only checked a few pages each time and never remembered the titles. You know, shit where the story is all about the main characters being huge nerds just like (you) and it's funny but once you read, nothing ever happens besides the characters dropping titles of famous anime and games as if that could ever count as a punchline by itself, and being total normies.

No. 224598

I read maybe a dozen chapters of that. I dislike poly relationships/harem stuff but I was curious how they'd handle it. The male love interest was kind of cute but that's about it. Even with the chapters I read the characters weren't great imo.

The fact that the poly marriages were legalized in-universe (to combat declining birthrates) seems kind of shaky to me. Why not just encourage women themselves to have kids instead through way of benefits/childcare programs/etc. Not to mention manga plots that have the main female character coerced into marriage for money or other reasons is kinda skeevy.

No. 224603

I don't like meta manga genres. no otaku stories or mangaka stories, they're always bad.

No. 224607

File: 1658801595785.jpg (100.52 KB, 600x854, 50643_10126418.jpg)

The covers and the art are beautiful, it's what made me read it. I've seen multiple comments on the internet about how the art carried the series and it's very true. I wouldn't have even known about the series if it weren't for the art quality.

The in-universe poly marriage system did not make any sense at all despite how hard the author tried to justify it through the characters mouths. It actually ends up defeating itself in the end when a new mayor gets elected and it gets abolished, after all the divorces make the town look bad.
The benefits that they did provide for harem marriages were also trash, the mayor was just a horny weirdo. Which made him being okay with his daughter Yuzu being in a harem marriage weirder.
The plot point of Ryu selling the house out from under his wives feet to coerce Koharu into marrying him was just stupid and ill-executed.
And the weird plot with the farmer girl falling for her ugly teacher…ew.

No. 224619

Anyone still reading Boy's Abyss? Is it still trashy, gay and insane? I'm waiting for the whole thing to finish, because i keep forgetting what happened in the last few chapters when I try to catch up.
Also, is there any similar manga to You Loved Me So Much It Hurt?

No. 224628

Yeah, Fujoshi Rumi is an exception for me and will always have a special place in my heart, so I expected other manga with similar themes to give off the same vibes. Never again. I can't believe I'm saying this but Fujoshi Rumi was way more realistic with the main character being a cringe worthy borderline fakeboi, the third girl being jealous of her because of her love interest and spamming her doujinshi blog with hate comments and posting a link to the blog on a personal cow thread on 2chan, the girls being deranged fujoshi and being disgusted by male otaku instead of relating to them, their shitty husbandos, etc.

No. 224639

I don't but my brother keeps me updated on it, still trash, the 3 main characters moved to Tokyo, the fat girl lost weight and everybody is still neurotic for no reason.

No. 224677

they have run away to tokyo temporarily. it would actually be incredible progress if they moved there lol but no they're just acting out
yeah it's still gay and insane, more than ever before. thought it was wrapping up soon but I guess not. Nagi (the blue hair girl) has not been seen for a million chapters so author must have a plan for the plot because otherwise it's insane to leave out the most popular character.

No. 224679

Oh yeah we also got the writer dude telling his full story when he was young and for some reason it's the same Madonna/whore complex shit as the hero, where he had an overweight childhood friend who had a crush on him, a guy from his town harassing him and he was pining for the MC's mom, really Naruto tier writing where everybody follows the same life trajectory for some reason.
That reminds me, when my brother started reading it he said that he thought it was going to be some kind of horror story à la Uzumaki, that the town was genuinely cursed which would explain why everybody acted like retards, it would have made a much better story lol.

No. 224680

File: 1658850232406.jpg (131.16 KB, 600x682, 1182536_p0.jpg)

I honestly despise the whole nerdgrrrilll (or guuy) genre (as another image board would call it) that popped into existence five+ or so years ago to never leave anymore. It's painfully embarrassing, superficial, repeats the same two jokes forever and it attracts the worst types of fans.

I generally never got along with the people that identify as nerds, as if this was some elaborated ideology. And I am saying this as someone that spent most of my teen years reading medieval books besides playing games. What makes it even worse is that it's people that aren't even weird or doing anything uncommon. It's the mental equivalent of dudes that think they are special for getting a small tattoo of some Chinese sign they cannot even read.
So you are a sub 40 year old that played a game and this makes you not only special, it defines you entire personality? Wow bro you are such a weirdo!
> I've noticed when going to my local bookshop that more and more shit like Wotakoi gets released
Noticed that too. I see it everywhere now it's the newest shit. Basically what loser otaku MCs from isekai or romance series are for guys are nerdy office ladies for women.
And yeah, I (sadly) have an office job myself, but if anything this makes me relate to and laugh about the Tonegawa anime, not this stuff.

No. 224691

it was wayy better before the whole backstory part because I guarantee no one wants to hear about how reijis god awful parents got together the author needs to get back on to the of story as soon as possible

No. 224692

It was unsettling how Professor Ayumu dreamed of being Phos. She even had the same pearl eye, I wonder if the pearl eye Aechmea gave Phos was really hers somehow and that's part of why Sensei started identifying Phos as a human.

No. 224693

There are no age restrictions, every normal person downloaded hentai and enjoyed horror with 12.

No. 224702

I call myself a fujoshi in some contexts if I want someone online to know I like reading BL, but I never specifically identified as a nerd or otaku, even though when I think about it I guess it could apply to me. I noticed that a lot of young people, especially guys, think they're huge nerds for being into very mainstream, normal stuff and not even being involved in fandoms or anything similar. The type who'll say "oh I love Dragon Quest, you wouldn't know what it is though" even though it's THE most normie, generic JRPG in Japan, or "I love Naruto, you wouldn't understand how great it is because you're a woman" even though they only watched the crappy anime and started from Shippuden, aka they only know the one half of the series where it turns to complete fucking garbage because they want the characters to throw laser beams at each other without caring about the actual plot. I started reading Naruto when some of these people were still shitting in their diapers, I hate being lectured by this type of idiots. The characters and authors from the manga we're talking about give me the exact same vibe.

>popped into existence five+ or so years ago

Maybe that's why I found Fujoshi Rumi more genuine, somewhat? It's way older than that. Princess Jellyfish also felt genuine but gave off a completely different vibe but I haven't read the entire manga yet so no spoilers please. Some anons said Watamote is also relatable because the MC is a crazy, cringe worthy teenage girl who's NLOG or some shit but I haven't watched or read that one yet. I also remember reading the Densha Otoko manga a very long time ago at the library, it's an adaptation from a famous novel, and the main character actually felt like a huge nerd because he was spending like half of the manga asking other retards on 2chan how to go on dates with his love interest and it was an integral part of the plot. I don't know about older shit like Genshiken or Welcome to the NHK but after seeing that trend I don't really want to give these manga and anime a try anymore. I guess it's because I'm getting older and more jaded but the more time passes, the more I notice when authors just copypaste recent trends mindlessly. I wonder what will be next.

>if anything this makes me relate to and laugh about the Tonegawa anime, not this stuff.

I'll keep that title in mind. I remember watching the first season of Aggretsuko when it just got released and I also found it very relatable. I can't believe fury mascots from a series with very short episodes are more relatable that robotic human characters who won't shut the fuck up about playing gacha games.

No. 224725

What the fuck are you talking about

No. 224781

for real. I can't help thinking reiji is wasting his time listening to the old man's death rattle. I guess he's just sitting their waiting for chako though.

No. 224784

watamote is good. I'm not sure everyone would agree with me but I think at this point it's actually about how you can't make being a nerd your whole fucking personality and you need to start being a normal person at some point if you want to live in the real world (there's also a little "no one is actually normal" but not too much). MC has that weird paper-thin superiority complex nerds develop and it's slowly whittled away over course of the series lol

the beginning of the series and where it is now are very different, which some people hate but I have enjoyed it a lot.

No. 224823

Yandereshit Kedamonotachi no Jikan, and that one manga that Bakaudon is serializing right now. Absolute garbage, but just my kind of dramatic. I'd never monetarily support either mangaka though.

In Japan, a female mangaka making scrote shit isn't unusual. If they're not grifting their male audience for a profit or to keep serialization they're lolicon pickmes or fucked up in the head like the aforementioned Bakaudon.It's a sad reality but it is what it is.

No. 224890

Yeah we know there are countless female mangaka who make manga for scrotes, but what's surprising about this one is that it's shoujo, and not just any shoujo magazine, but Bessatsu Margaret. I had no idea this kind of shit was being promoted on magazines for girls, I wouldn't find it weird if its primary target audience were pedo males but that's not the case here.

No. 224971

Just because it's easier than ever nowadays to accidentally stumble across porn and r18 art online doesn't mean kids SHOULD. There's a reason libraries and book shops have different age sections.

No. 224979

File: 1658948847260.png (116.86 KB, 220x345, Do_not_say_mystery_1.png)

This is getting a physical English release by Seven Seas. I'm interested in it, but it's being released in omnibuses rather than singles. I would much rather buy the singles. I know that some popular series get both omnibus and single releases (like AOT or Berserk). I hope the same can happen for this series, even though it's unlikely.

No. 224994

>but what's surprising about this one is that it's shoujo
There's nothing new about problematic relationships in stories aimed at girls

No. 225059

Shoujo's always been weird. CLAMP loves their child/adult age gaps and whatever the fuck Chobits was. Godchild has a lolicon supporting character who ends up marrying the main character's little sister at the end of the series. Blackmail, coerced intimacy, toxic relationships, incest, and large age gaps were always staples of shoujo. Hot Gimmick and Black Bird were super popular a while ago as well and they're basically PG13 bodice-ripper stories illustrated.

No. 225068

I remember reading blogs about how problematic shojou is in like 2005. usually the complaint was about the tendency to glamorize abusive relationships. which… true.

I read Kare Kano around that time, which is one of the most popular shoujou series in the last 20 years, and it ticked a few of the usual boxes. age gap pairing, marrying your step sibling, teen that looks like a little girl, teen pregnancy = good, girls are bitches and guys are hunks, dark brooding mentally ill guy is irresistible, etc…. at one point the main guy character forces unwanted sex on the main female character (they are dating & have a romantic/sexual relationship but he meant this instance to be rape and did it explicitly to hurt her and drive her away) because he's on some dark-impulses type shit, and she doesn't even get mad at him she's worried about him.

anyway. that's shoujou lol

No. 225091

Chobits is seinen

No. 225101

Yeah but it's more popular with the shoujo demographic than it ever was with it's target audience.

No. 225142

my mum took away the first volume of Chobits I owned when I was 13 or smth because she thought it wasn't age appropriate and at the time I didn't understand, but now that I'm an adult I shudder when I think about the message it delivers to young girls who think Clamp = for girls. I agree that many Shoujo are problematic but stuff like Chobits is something else (at least for kids)

No. 225326

You nonas made me read Boy's Abyss because you were hating on it all the time and I wanted to know what the fuss was all about. I now hate it too and will continue to read it. Thank you.

No. 225333

Reminds me of being 12 and finding the Chobits anime online because the artwork and opening/ending themes were really cute. I recall watching the first episode and when he literally turns her on by touching her down there…I felt a bit uncomfortable and stopped there.

No. 225334

Oh man, Hot Gimmick. One of the main love interests literally sets the MC up for a gang rape later on. It doesn't happen because she just happens to be saved by the other love interest but that was one of the first series I vehemently hated reading.

No. 225338

File: 1659069516531.jpeg (82.04 KB, 419x630, Hana yori Dango 14.jpeg)

I was trying to remember that title! everyone talked about it back in the day lol I never read it because I got scared off by the reviews

I'm thinking of reading Hana yori Dango because I remember the anime being super entertaining even though it was a little fucked up. I want to read the source material.

No. 225356

No idea about the anime but the manga is really good. But I found it boring and really repetitive once Tsukasa's mother shows up and try to separate Tsukasa and the MC

No. 225378

>I am saying this as someone that spent most of my teen years reading medieval book
very ot but I wish I knew you nonnie kek, also very accurate rant

No. 225615

File: 1659166700092.jpg (120.07 KB, 416x600, 16784l.jpg)

IDK what it is about the way moids draw little girls but I was immediately able to tell this was drawn by one, I just didn't trust my gut at first and thought since it's shoujo the author must be a woman and I was wrong. Have you noticed this too?

No. 225623

Ew I wish I could unread that.

No. 225655

Oh no, I can't believe this completely innocent drawing was made by a man. This is awful. Who gives a fuck, it's just a generic old art style. You sound retarded. I'm so tired of the obsession you bitches have with men.

No. 225657

No. 225664

I don’t think I understand where you’re coming from. to me the thing that looks weird about that is the character in the dress looks like a boy

No. 225666

No. It looks normal to me so I don't know what you even mean. Even if I don't give a shit, most manga and all books I love are made by men.

No. 225669

it's such a lighthearted series most of the time. I think that's why those parts stick in my mind because I was just like …"why? was this necessary??"

No. 225673

Yeah, over years of reading manga I've honed the ability to tell if something was drawn by a man or a woman (I used to read a lot of yuri manga in my teens so it was crucial to know that since the yuri moids write is dogshit). There's just something that gives it away 99% of the time in the way they draw girls even when it's innocuous, I can't place exactly what it is but whenever I check I'm right. I think it has more to do with how the female characters are framed than the actual art style. Though I do like Izumi Takemoto's art, it's pretty cute even if the only manga I read by him were pretty mediocre

No. 225675

File: 1659205825908.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1128x1600, ENDOU Okito sailor moon.jpeg)

do you think Endou Okito is actually a woman? I don't believe her lol

spoiler for ecchi. also most of their stuff is nsfw so don't look it up if you don't care for that, I'm not trying to trick you.

No. 225681

Nta but I've seen truly degen shit drawn by real women, I would not be surprised.

No. 225683

Yeah, you get what I mean. And I agree, it might not be the way they draw female characters but the framing.
And I just discovered that mangaka but I like his art as well because like you said, it's pretty cute (and it seems to have inspired ZUN a lot). It's just that I thought it was funny how I was able to tell right away that it was a male artist but had no idea why.

No. 226642

ok I made it to volume 24 and I'm on the 3rd or 4th mom getting in the way plot and I see what you mean about it getting repetitive but they plots themselves are soap-opera level funny so I'm still enjoying it

No. 227352

Can i get some comedy manga recs? Just finished Hinamatsuri

No. 227366

File: 1659712709837.png (2.08 MB, 1266x1800, da069ed2-f839-48b0-b91e-436aa1…)

I really like Shinozaki kun no Mente Jijou that is currently being scanlated.

No. 227371

NTA, I have read some of her work mostly because I like her ink work and details. I think it is a woman personally, she has terrible anatomy and is a cumbrain

No. 227377

I have decided to read Witch Hat Atelier, it has a really good rating and no hyper sexualized children. Anyone up to date can confirm this?

No. 227399

It's true nonnie. Highly recommended.

No. 227401

I can't find it but there's an interview where she describes spending an insane amount of time on one page. like going on a day trip to take reference photographs, then painstakingly copying every detail from the sidewalk to the power lines and spending ten hours inking it.
good for her enjoying her hobbies I guess.

No. 227417

I decided to check this out and I really like it so far, but it's annoying how the scanlater group uses they/them pronouns for obviously female characters like Konpeito and Mushiro-san. I don't know how they're referred to in Japanese but it doesn't seem like the mangaka intentionally obscures their genders like with Crona in Soul Eater, so I just don't see why it's necessary.

No. 227449

In japanese third person pronouns are gender neutral, but yeah the author isn't hiding anything and it's pretty obvious they are female, feels kinda random.

No. 227455

File: 1659741047767.jpeg (277.74 KB, 1096x1559, eddd67cc-f5de-4596-87d6-eda684…)

The Fable for sure. group just finished scanlating all 22 volumes recently

No. 227584

File: 1659756213085.png (458.46 KB, 800x738, 20220806_001613.png)

I've been rereading a manga called Seigi no Mikata about a mean spirited woman whose selfish actions, by a twist of fate, always help people. But the manga is old-ish, from early 00's I think, so the scan quality isn't great sadly.

No. 227588

File: 1659756491121.jpg (225.69 KB, 760x1200, fea05a81-8173-4158-9bcb-e95b99…)

Samefag, Toriaezu Chikyuu Ga Horobiru Mae Ni by the author of pen to chocolate and 3am dangerous zone, it's funny but also pretty mellow and cute

No. 227607

cute art, I like the way they draw hair in this

No. 227649

>Angel Densetsu
>Arakawa Under the Bridge
>Cromartie High
>Detroit Metal City
>Kyou Kara Ore Wa
>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
>Sumire 16 Sai

Also didn't read the manga since I watched the anime instead, but still presumably funny in manga format
>Saiki Kusuo

No. 227764

File: 1659825105624.jpg (36.97 KB, 570x515, 1644228328923.jpg)

Do you think the ending of shitgeki will be different in the anime?

No. 227808

File: 1659841741159.jpg (13.51 KB, 263x192, fwevil.jpg)

>Flowers of Evil
it's technically a manhwa but it's old and in page format instead of scroll. I absolutely love her art style. The story is okay, really fucked up incest shit but what manga isn't.
I'd also recommend savage garden by the same author. Her stories are kinda plain and depressing but the art style is so beautiful it's worth it

No. 227809

samefag, realised I didn't put author. Its Lee Hyeon-sook

No. 228353

Many years ago I read about a manga that dealt with a death cell inmate, it was recommended for adults and belonged to the psychological horror genre. That's all I know, I wanted to read it like 10 years ago but forgot its name.
does anyone have suggestion which manga this might be ? vague af I know but that's all I remember except that it sounded interesteing

No. 229300

No. 229636

File: 1660249708393.jpg (2.31 MB, 2386x4307, sardinesinascarf.jpg)

I'm so obsessed with freiren at the funeral she is my idol

No. 229670

File: 1660255561244.png (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 1114x2410, image.png)

me too!

spoiler chapter 48, not a plot spoiler but it's my favorite gag

No. 229712

File: 1660262783873.jpg (139.6 KB, 736x1043, ahjdhaj.jpg)

I liked Wotakoi good enough, but in the end I just kept reading because of Kou and Nao. Any recs with similar couples? It's fine if they're side characters like they were here.

No. 229781

File: 1660277895488.png (314.15 KB, 1342x786, 20220812_011645.png)

Just remembered this manga about a girl and a wolf becoming friends because they are both fans of an obscure manga. Called Yamako and Wolf.

No. 230090

File: 1660332455888.png (1.59 MB, 900x2571, dungeon meshi news.png)

New Dungeon Meshi was good

didn't know it was getting an anime

No. 230119

Is anyone here reading Kowloon Generic Romance? I'm considering starting it and I want opinions from anons here first. I'd like to read romance between adult characters in semi-realistic situations without it being needlessly melodramatic or in an unfunny comedy (like when I ranted about Wotakoi earlier), I feel like I'm a bit too picky these days.

No. 230142

I started reading it some time ago, ended up dropping it for whatever reason and haven't yet picked it up again. I really liked it as far as I had read and I find the art very beautiful, from what I recall it felt a bit slow paced but in a good way, almost in a dream like manner, the pace really fit the setting. The female lead was portrayed sensually but no over the top sexualization. Back when I was reading it I felt like suggesting it to everyone but now I have forgotten most of the plot to be honest, where I dropped it seemed to be getting almost like magical realism? But otherwise it was pretty realistic because the characters were down to earth, although some were quirky.

No. 230143

I don't mind magical realism. I'm just not in the mood for an over the top action story with characters going on adventures somewhere and solving big mysteries or defeating bad guys. I'm already playing a shit ton of JRPGs for that, I want something cute and relaxing. I think I'll read the first volume and see from there if I'll buy the volumes available.

No. 230148

Oh god I finished this recently. It was so fucked up and I was thinking about it for a few days after finishing it. I hate psychological(?) manga in the first place since it always gets my mood down lmao so I probably sound like a big baby to anons who regularly read this stuff but yeah, it was still engaging though.

No. 230357

File: 1660383910204.png (605.49 KB, 752x548, OSHIMI SHUZO.png)

just caught a new oshimi afterword from okaeri alice…autobiographical, as usual. I know he self inserts but I can't believe even Sweet Poolside was about him? this man is insane ahaha

No. 230415

Update, I just bought and read the first two volumes and I already like it a lot. It's exactly the type of story I'm looking for these days. I think there are like 5 or 6 volumes available where I live so I'll get the next volumes next week. If anyone knows other manga and novels with similar vibes and themes I'm interested. I already said it a few months ago but I'm also in the mood for older stuff I read long ago just because of nostalgia. I'm considering getting Love Hina and Death Note just for that. It's been so long.

No clue who this guy is but that's not how you shave, unless you want to miss a bunch of hairs…

No. 230450

I'm confused, how do you shave then? Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time…

No. 230502

Shave your legs in the opposite direction of how your hairs grow. I'm ESL so I'm not even sure I used the right words but you get the idea.

No. 230574

File: 1660429089622.png (Spoiler Image, 528.42 KB, 850x1200, e471be57-35f3-4a8e-97f1-3f81d3…)

new adventures in mommy issues from Blood on the Tracks

No. 230575

File: 1660429214675.png (Spoiler Image, 395.22 KB, 850x1200, 07265c6c-e96d-4f63-86ae-5fac15…)

painful how his child abuse issues are his fault in his mind, I'm really not sure where the author is going with this

No. 230620

File: 1660443662048.jpg (11.15 KB, 240x341, noodontbegendieshiturtoosexyha…)

I've come across Genderless Danshi ni Aisareteimasu a few times before. I like the art from what I've seen and the description isn't actually all too bad – still gotta ask, anyone read it and can tell me if it's actual gendieshit or just some unfortunate title? GNC behaviour and even crossdressing for all I care is fine, actually even expected with that kinda title, I just don't want to read some bs about prota-kun exploring his genderflavor with his loving gf uwu by his side or something like that.

No. 230624

It's been forever since I read it, I don't know if I lost track of it or if the scan group never updated again. There's no gender id stuff, the closest is a couple of moments when characters get confused or mistake the female lead for a lesbian, from what I recall. All the gender nonconformity is more about fashion and the male lead just being cute. It's a fluffy romcom without any pretentiousness.

No. 230631

That's nice to know, thanks.

No. 230653

christ that thing is still going? i got to the point where he was adult after the trial and thought "well this should be wrapping up any minute now"
>I'm really not sure where the author is going with this
I don't think the author is sure where he's going with this either.

No. 230887

Considering he works through his hang ups by drawing manga you’re probably right. This one might be a hot mess by the end

No. 230934

Fucking hate this artist/writer and everyone who praises him. His previous work was fucking garbage too, inside mari scrote ass wank material. Unless someone can explain why it was integral to the story for this character to jizz in his pants multiple times, this author is shit

No. 231067

late to the party, but "genderless" is a fashion subculture. It's not gendie shit

No. 231191

understandable. not me though, I eat that garbage up. repressed emotional issues from his mind to my eyes.

No. 231337

I'm trying to reread Bleach to refresh my memory for the final arc season coming soon but my attention is kill. I don't know what happened, when I was younger I used to run through shounen manga like it was nothing and I can still read the current ones fine like JJK/CSM. Maybe Bleach is just shit? I remember it being super hype though

No. 231354

Enjoying it is fine nonnie, I’m more shaming people who treat his stuff like literary works of art and “clever critiques on culture”.

No. 231375

The art looks worse than I remember it being.

No. 231410

File: 1660697862160.png (625.78 KB, 1337x1920, waltz.png)

I've heard of this guy's more popular works, but only read two one shots by him, in both there were male characters being hit and humiliated by female characters and in picrel there was crossdressing too. Having only read those two, I just thought he was into femdom, but I guess it is self hate due to mommy issues AND femdom, should have expected I guess. I bet he'd be a mtf by now if he were western.

No. 231432

Those are from recent chapters and his art has degraded quite a bit. He really should have ended this series a year or two ago

No. 231532

I thought the change in art was on purpose, like a reflection of the main characters mental state, but now that you mention it and I look at it closer maybe it is just worse. I might drop it until volume releases come out and art gets cleaned up (if he even does that)

No. 231535

File: 1660743024595.png (1.33 MB, 1440x2048, 135261BD-B0A1-48B9-B1C6-3AED32…)

>I don’t think this is true at all

No. 231605

Aku no Hana's change in art style was so beautiful. The story was a bit meh to me but I did enjoy how the art changed with the story.

No. 231919

File: 1660844383694.png (1.87 MB, 1124x1600, krghm2.png)

After watching the anime, I'm trying to read Kuragehime now but this translation is bothering me.
>I became a fujoshi
Tsukimi isn't a fujo, as far as I remember. This is the official translation. In a fan translation they also said fujoshi but added a note that said "female otaku" which is even more stupid as not all female otaku are fujoshi, and "otaku" in japan can apply to any other type of hobbyist as well and not just anime fans. It seems to me that both translators misinterpreted the original phrase.
I can't find the raw manga right now but in the anime she says "腐った女の子" or "kusatta onna no ko" which I guess literally means "rotten girl" but does she really mean it in the sense of "yaoi fan" or just "rotten" as in a loser? "Loser girl" makes much more sense to me, but I don't know if the original line actually referred to being a fujo or not.

No. 231922

File: 1660844715306.png (626.7 KB, 1035x727, krghm3.png)

And yes, they also used fujoshi to refer to the rest of the Sisterhood. Which only makes it more obvious to me that the translators fucked up, since none of the girls were ever shown to like BL, but I'm no expert in Japanese.

No. 231927

I don't like how they made all her friends look like otaku caricatures while the protagonist is a normal girl who just needs a makeover, but I guess that's a common trope for these kind of stories

No. 231928

well tbf the other girls also get a makeover

No. 231929

File: 1660846161417.jpg (178.37 KB, 850x1416, sample_467ae8bffd3b0e04e432fbf…)

i like her design, it's basically just an unkept girl with low self-esteem, at least they tried to make her ugly by giving her small details instead of just making her a generic anime character and adding glasses

No. 231930

>According to a 2005 issue of "Eureka", in recent times fujoshi can refer to female otaku in general, although it cautions that not all yaoi fans are otaku, as there are some more casual readers. As fujoshi is the best-known term, it is often used by the Japanese media and by people outside of the otaku subculture to refer to female otaku as a group, regardless of whether they are fans of BL. This usage may be considered offensive by female otaku who are not fans of BL.
>Eureka (ユリイカ, "Yuriika") is a Japanese literary magazine specialising in poetry and criticism, established in 1956. Several issues in the 2000s had articles discussing fan-related topics such as "The dazzling world of 'seme x uke'", "BL Studies", etc.

I think it's the author using this as a reference since Kuragehime released in 2008.

No. 231931

Oh wait nevermind, the old man lover is literally reading BL in this screencap which I think is kinda odd since she's not known for that. OK but other than her, the others don't seem to be BL fans.

I see, this is really helpful, now I get it. Thank you very much!

No. 231983

God I hate this manga/anime so much.
I wonder what you nonnies like, I really find every character annoying and degrading. I jumped in expecting some women making friends with a common hobby but I had to drop it not even because of the troon shit.

No. 231985

Now I just finished reading the 5th volume of Kowloon Generic Romance and it's not going into a direction I expected but I love that kind of twists. I wonder how long the manga will be. I'm looking forward to the 6th volume's release in my country, I already noted it on my phone so I'll get a notification once the date will come. If anyone has similar recommendations to make I'm listening. By the way, I'm still not sure when the 32th volume of Black Butler will be released in my country. I want to reread the whole series someday out of nostalgia but I'm seriously sick of how slow the whole thing is now. And it just had to happen when things got really interesting, too.

Is there actual troon shit in the manga or are you just talking about the crossdressing guy? nta but I also watched the anime after reading the very beginning of the manga before the series wqs completed in my country so I don't know how the whole story is. Please no spoilers tho.

No. 231997

Nah it's just Kuranosuke crossdressing. I don't know what that sperg is talking about

No. 232024

File: 1660884162877.png (637.5 KB, 540x536, fujoshi.png)

OK, I got the raws. She does say kusatta onna no ko AND fujoshi.
Knowing this and this >>231930 my autism is satisfied and I can finally read the translation in peace.

>I really find every character annoying and degrading. I jumped in expecting some women making friends with a common hobby
I also expected that but I still liked the way they're portrayed because you rarely see that kind of female character depicted in that way in anime/manga. From the moment I saw this >>231922 panel posted somewhere I knew I had to read it.

No. 232025

Yeah it doesn’t quite have that vibe. Not that I hate it but I see what you’re saying. I literally read/watched it because I like jellyfish and I still couldn’t connect with the characters lmao

No. 232161

crossdressing is still troon behaviour and i'm tired of pretending it's not because old school female mangakas like that trope

No. 232582

nonnies please dont shave against where your hair grows, it'll promote ingrowns and thats no fun

No. 232890

omg thank you so much, I don't even know if it's worth reading but I was looking for the title for YEARS. Thank you nona!

No. 233236

File: 1661341420260.png (Spoiler Image, 292.33 KB, 1114x1600, HOUSEKI NO KUNI.png)

blurb at the end of most recent houseki no kuni chapter makes it sound like the series is ending soon. (pic related) "there's just a bit left to go". also it's going to be a while until the next chapter lol

wow I got it right. you're welcome

No. 234130

File: 1661624878685.jpg (49.04 KB, 308x500, 51YF7J7JGHL.jpg)

Please recommend me mangas that are as chaotic and over the top as Utsotsuki Lily and Aa Itoshi no Banchou-sama are. I don't care if they're older, these two are from over an decade ago, too.

No. 234257

File: 1661659703369.gif (2.07 MB, 244x180, 3938631893485.gif)

I'm reading it and I just found that the aunt is a TIM, I'm devastated. Why ruin such a cute character?

No. 234634

File: 1661803056065.jpg (34.27 KB, 474x338, th-4116751316.jpg)

What are your thoughts on Helter Skelter?

No. 234636

very good concept but not a favorite. what did you think of the movie?

No. 234644

I just finished the manga and plan on watching the movie. The manga itself for me was good but kind of weird at some points and the ending felt empty/ not finished? (from what I read the author was injured and could not work on it?)

No. 234666

I basically have the same opinion as you about the manga, it's not a masterpiece but it's nice to see a female character that is crazy and beautiful but in a way that doesn't try to appeal to men.

No. 234674

oh my god I just got mentally transported back in time to 16 year old me in the manga isle of a Borders Books lmao

No. 234676

it has its issues but I loved it. I bought a physical copy and gave it to a friend (I don't think she read it but that's fine, she doesn't really read manga it was more of a gesture in case she ever gets the urge to read something weird).

No. 234725

It was weird seeing so many Twin Peaks references all of a sudden, kek. It was a good manga, I love josei’s artstyles.

No. 234727

I remember liking it but i don't remember anything else about it kek. I guess that tells you something?

No. 234739

Haven’t seen the movie but I loved the manga. River’s Edge is also good but I liked the surrealism and cattiness of all the characters in Helter Skelter the most

Soil by Atsushi Kaneko is also a really good manga inspired by Twin Peaks

No. 234816

Nonnie it’s literally revealed in the first chapter in like the first 10 pages, did you just speed read everything…?

No. 234932

File: 1661881259758.jpeg (496.7 KB, 1829x1216, 3939FFBA-BC8F-4108-A03C-7CE376…)

Lol how fitting

No. 235195

File: 1661960794230.jpeg (257.02 KB, 906x1280, Haha to Ane - mother and siste…)

Kimi no Kureru Mazui Ame is a good book of one shots. I especially like the ones called Survival of the Fittest, and Spring Pupa. Mother & Sister has its own full volume spinoff if you like tense sibling dynamics. I like the artist, her stories are usually a little surreal.

No. 235196

File: 1661961355137.png (306.15 KB, 1125x1600, much as i love you 1.png)


No. 235197

File: 1661961385048.png (328.42 KB, 1125x1600, much as i love you 2.png)


what did she mean by this?

No. 235199

File: 1661961788530.png (439.52 KB, 1125x1600, leaving home 1.png)


this one is so mean but it made me laugh because it's an absurd idea

No. 235200

File: 1661961845667.png (358.07 KB, 1125x1600, leaving home 2.png)


anyway, just a sample. the other oneshots in the collection are longer.

No. 235206

Comes across like a manga written by an edgy 13-year-old.

No. 235220

lol yeah. the two-pagers are the only ones like that, the others are more serious

No. 235244

No. 235298

oh this was on my next bulk order, thanks for reminding me about it. It's been on the highly recommended charts, but it is very chuunibyou core lol

No. 236219

File: 1662330489750.png (798.96 KB, 658x1024, tonarino.png)

What's your favorite romance manga? In the mood to invest myself in idealized, fictional relationships so that I can ignore the state of the real world and how men are.

No. 236265

Sekine’s Love but it’s super autismo, not sure if you’d like that

No. 236275

Sweat & Soap. Pure romance slop lol

minor gripe: there was one chapter where she goes on a mild diet and runs a short distance for like a week and loses 5lbs or something not crazy but far too much to be realistic and it was so fucking annoying to me but it was very short and not meant to be super serious (slice of life side quest type thing I guess), it just got on my nerves.

No. 236361

File: 1662382620465.jpg (1.06 MB, 2067x1378, 3184060.jpg)

Anyone else here reads Sakura, Saku? The male lead is plain, but their relationship is cute. I like how quick the MC realized her own feelings. It would be annoying if she spent half the story developing a relationship with another guy, only for her to find she's in love with another person instead. Also, it's cute how her best friend is in love with her. Unfortunately, I don't think the author will explore this subject any futher, though.

No. 236379

File: 1662389647564.png (438.35 KB, 809x509, otadoru.PNG)

Don't know what exactly you like, so I'll just list a bunch of stuff. Titles are bolded, favorites are cursive. Currently reading Momochi-sanchi no ayakashi ouji and think it's cute. An orphaned girl inherits her family's house in the woods but it's taken over by ghosts already. Anything by Sakano Keiko, too. Her stories, apart from one, all follow pretty much the same pattern with a girl somehow ending up having to marry a god and ermagush its a hooman in a g-ds wurldddd hijinx ensueing, but it's not so same-sy that I'm getting bored by it by the fourth series yet (the fact that the male LI always already start out adoring her helps, I guess). Ouji-sama ga watashi wo akiramenai is cute, too. Koume is poor but due to the luck of her grandpa manages to go to one of the best private academies of the country, and the schools prince, which is a literal Gary Stu, which the manga makes plenty of fun of, falls for her and wants to make her his bride. Again, he adores her right from the start, this isn't some Hanadango dynamic lol. Otome Youkai Zakuro is still really shoujo but less romance focussed and more about the action, but I love it still. It's Meiji era Japan and humans and demons have to learn to live along in a society, so the Ministry of Spirits is formed. Currently on hiatus. Your picrel is Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, so maybe you'll like Robicos Boku to Kimi no Taisetsu na Hanashi, too, though I personally didn't, see my rant here >>205578. Girl has a crush on boy, she tells him and he says it's stupid because they don't even know each other, so they just start talking everyday while waiting for the train home. Boku to kimi to de niji ni narus Rui is pretty similar to TnK's Shizuko, very serious, doesn't care for friends etc until Shou comes into her life and shows her how nice having friends is. Starts out great, gets weak towards the end with the usual nooo not my dark past of beating up punks in dark alleyways coming to bite me in the ass and also football, nooooo. Hiyokoi, 140cm tall Hiyori changes schools and ends up falling for 190cm tall Yuushin and learns to get out of her shell thanks to him. Very cute, but also very shoujo manga lol. Horimiya was one of my favorites when I was younger, but it got too long. It went from both, Hori and Miyamura, leading some kind of double life, which the other one finds out and becoming friends like that, to Horimiya and friends. The first probably 10? volumes are great, but pretty much all romance content fizzles out after that. Definitely don't watch the anime, it's utter shit with terrible pacing, the only good thing about it was the casting choices for the voice actors, and even then only about half of them were fitting. Inu x Boku SS, tsunshun Ririchiyo is a demon and moves into an exclusive apartment complex for other demons and gets a bodyguard, a secret service agent named Miketsukami, who seems to have more than simple contract bound devotion to her. Read this series a dozen of times, I don't think there'll be a time where I won't cry at the last volume. Kaichou wa maid-sama, Misaki hates men but is the school president of a former boys school with a share of about 70% boys. She also works in a maid café, which Usui, pretty much the only guy from her school not scared of her, finds out. I don't think I've read a series as often as I did with this one. Watashi ni xx shinasai, Yukina is secretly a successful phone novelist who bases all her characters on people she knows in real life, but her fans are complaining about the lack of romance in her novels, so naturally she blackmails the most popular, but two-faced guy, of school into being her complice and makes him do so-called missions of love with her, where he's supposed to get her heart go dokidoki so she can use it as a reference for her novel. Wouldn't recommend reading the… whatever the manga equivalent of an otome games fandisk is lmao, the story was kinda lacking and the art style for some reason deteriorated a great deal to the point I couldn't really focus on the story at times. Koiwazurai no Ellie, Eriko has a vivid imagination and posts the delusions she has about her crush Oumi on her secret twitter. He, this being a shoujo manga, of course finds out, just as she finds out about his two-facedness, and chaos ensues. I started reading this when I was about fourteen or fifteen, and I never felt so seen by a shoujo manga protagonist lmfao. Oumi's a tsundere, but a well written one. Jigoku no Enra, Komachi is the personification of justice and finds out that Enra, son of the king of hell named Enma, is enrolled in her school and tries to stop him doing whatever princes of hell are going to do. Last Game, Yanagi was always the best, until Kujou changes to his school. They end up spending their entire school life together, even up to university, and he always saw her as his ultimate rival while she didn't even realize it. He ends up falling for her, of course. Mikami-sensei no aishikata, Natsume's sixteen and has never had a boyfriend because of her overprotective neighbor slash childhoodfriend slash teacher Mikami. Might be not everyone's cup of tea because it's a student x teacher romance, but with her being surrounded by pretty guys who all had a thing for her (and Mikami being so grossly in love with her) it was a guilty pleasure of mine lol. Mizutama Honey Boy, Onee-type guy Fuji is in love with very cool Sengoku and has no shame admitting it. He tries his best to make him fall for her, too. Otadoru, unhinged fangirl Azusa swaps bodies with her oshi Chika due to some unforeseen accident both were actually supposed to die in. Risouteki Boyfriend, Yusa has a thing for do-S guys and has a crush on that one guy from the sports club. Her best friend does, too, so Yusa acts like she's actually over him already so her best friend can have him for himself, and say she's already in a relationship with Kaede from their class. She isn't, but she gets him to act like it, anyways. Adorable, Kaede is a kuudere and not do-S at all. I think actually think I'm gonna re-read this, once I've finished typing this up lol. The drawing style is incredibly cute, too. Taisho Otome Otogibanashi, set in taisho era Japan, Tamahiko loses the function of his right arm due to some accident and is banished from his family, which is a major cause for his depression. His father sends him to live quitely in the mountains and to not meddle with family affairs anymore, and sends him a girl named Yuzu to be his wife and to look after him. Has an anime, which was done well but left out some plot points, so I'd really rather rec the manga. This was published in a shounen magazine btw, and at some parts you do notice, but it's cute nonetheless. Also has a sequel, which isn't as good. Age gap warning, she's 14, he's 17. Taisho Renai Katsudou, Rinkos family used to be aristocrats but lost all their money. Her father, meaning well, calls for an arranged marriage, which Rinko isn't a fan of, at all. Ouga, another aristocrat, loves her straight to the point attitude and authenticity and is determined to marry her. Only two volumes, and I wished so bad for it to be longer. Aa Itoshi no Banchou-sama, Souka changes from a fancy private school to a technical school, which turns out to be an 99.9% boys school with her being the only girl there. She ends up being their gang leader, all by accident. Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii, Nike, princess of the rain dukedom, has to marry the king of the sun kingdom, Livi, because she can call the rain with her singing voice. Age gap warning, she's 16 and he's 12 iirc, which is a major plotpoint in the series. I think the anime was an anime-only ending. Neko to Kiss, Erina adores cats, but the cat she cuddled in the street turns out to be her classmate Nekoyama. He now has to live with her because he can't risk her telling anyone about his secret. My favorite will forever be Usotsuki Lily though. En confesses his love to Hinata, who gladly accepts because he's really pretty and she's easily swayed by that. What she doesn't know yet though, is that he's a crossdresser who crossdresses because he hates anything male and starts hitting mirrors if he just sees as much as his own reflection. It… sounds terrible like that, I know, but I promise it's no agp bullshit lmao. Towards the end there was some gender shit, but those were only the I think last or so two volumes.
Tried to not name the most famous ones like Dengeki Daisy, L-DK, Sukitte iina yo, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Special A or Ouran High School Host Club, and also left out the shorter, pretty similar ones like Koisuru Harinezumi (girl falls for school rowdy with heart of gold), Seishun Note (girl wants to make friends and falls for cool boy in her class), Hatsukoi Hajimemashita (riajuu kouhai falls for asocial senpai who has no interest in love, tries to make her fall for him), Switch Girl (beautiful girl has her secret of being an actual and complete slob found out by classmate, I heard the live action was better), Namikizakari (coolest guy of school falls for his club manager senpai; follows them into their adult life), Yumemiru Taiyou (girl moves in with three guys with problems of their own after she runs away from home because she can't stand her home life anymore), Tonari wa nani wo kuu hito zo (adult protagonist woman falls for cooking adult love interest male neighbor), Toshishita no Otoko no ko (male kouhai falls for female senpai, very cute) or Harumatsu Bokura (girl changes schools and can't find friends, coolest basketball team of her school finds the café she works at, they become friends yadayada. Aya-chan is so much better than Towa, what in the world is wrong with you Mizuki).

No. 236380

I might be sorry.

No. 236397

File: 1662393466833.jpeg (18.92 KB, 741x414, images (1) (6).jpeg)

So Nagata Kabi did an interview for a Canada comics festival and she's exactly as/nothing like I imagined. Pic related

No. 236423

I had never imagined her real-life face but this seems exactly right

No. 236486

Link please? Google failed me.
I expected something else from the manga, idk what but she looks different than what I've thought she would look like. Less girly/cutesy.

No. 236491

Yeah here you go baby

No. 236538

File: 1662434661765.jpg (279.73 KB, 640x490, original (1).jpg)

Don't be sorry, anon! I really appreciate this super extensive list. I'm so happy I have so many recommendations (along with the ones that other nonas have provided). I have so much to read it makes me happy! Also you did a great job with your list. I think I've only read two or three of the manga you recommended so that means I have tons more to go through. Super grateful you were willing to type out such a nice list for me. Thank you for enabling my escapism…

No. 236543

Too bad she identifies as genderspecial now though.

No. 236593

WHY, just… Why? Because she is mental and doesn't come off as very feminine?
Fuck this shit

No. 236622

It’s always been hard for me to parse what that really means to a Japanese person though. It doesn’t seem to always mean the same thing it would in English speaking culture. Don’t want to derail the thread by asking for too many details but what exactly did she say about it?

No. 236652

Not all that different from western gendies, the female ones at least. She hates that she's a woman first, and "herself" only second to that. She says she's not wishing to be a man, but hates things like having periods, wearing bras, having breasts etc.

No. 236657

That's good to hear, I was scared this would be too overwhelming lmao. Just read through the post again, and realized though you probably won't find Otadoru by just googling for Otadoru, I'm only finding Toradora that way, the full title is Oshi ga Watashi de Watashi ga Oshi de, and I also made a typo with Namaikizakari lol.

No. 236745

Oh so she’s just like all of us lol.

No. 237301

File: 1662646877801.jpg (5.77 MB, 3181x4082, Kuragehime.full.675732.jpg)

i started reading kuragehime and i enjoy it so far, but i really dislike the fact that kuranosuke is a moid. at least his excuse (so far) seems to be that he wants to piss off his family and appear like an idiot so nobody will expect him to go into politics. but it still bothers me that he doesn't respect female only spaces and just waltzes into the women's bathroom when he excuses himself, apparently because he's used to going into the women's bathroom. i would have found it way cooler if the story was about a fashionable woman crashing into the world of otaku women. but this way it seems like it's saying that moids are better at being women - aka something that a lot of troons claim.

actually they do seem to like BL? i remember a scene far in the beginning where they talk about some guys or characters and one says "the person with glasses (i think) has to be the uke." so even if they're not hardcore fujoshi, they seem to have at least a liking for BL.

No. 237466

>but it still bothers me that he doesn't respect female only spaces
kek this is exactly what I thought when I watched the anime.
>i would have found it way cooler if the story was about a fashionable woman crashing into the world of otaku women.
Couldn't agree more. What a disappointment when he was revealed to be male.
I still loved it regardless, but
I'm still in the process of reading the manga, I hope it gets better like some nonnies have claimed, also Kuranosuke's brother is hot

No. 237534

She talked about it in her manga, I forgot the detail but she briefly talked about gender and labels.

No. 237709

im not surprised but also…sauce? i searched it on google and twitter and nothing came up

No. 237759

I miss CLAMP I wonder when they'll resume their xxxholic manga.

No. 237901

It's in her not-so-new manga, the one when she becomes an alcoholic and gets diagonsed with fatty liver disease. In one page she discusses about gender idenities and how she doesn't like being labelled as a woman. Knowing she is a terminial twitter user, it honestly doesn't surprises me.

No. 237990

They already announced it for 2023

No. 238029

Has anyone here read anything by Hiroaki Samura? I read Blade of the Immortal over a year ago, thanks to the film adaptation Takashi Miike made, and I loved it even more than the movie. It has great art, and even though I expected it to be more… scrotey, I was shocked to see that it wasn't as bad as I expected from a mangaka who is known for his eroguro art. My favorite thing about it is that my favorite character remains a character even after she gets raped. I've never read Berserk, but I know that the main female character gets raped and becomes mindbroken, and even though this is probably explained in the manga, its something that doesn't sit righ with me at all.
There's a lot of violence against women in BotI, but there's much more violence inflicted upon male characters (especially Manji, he's literally immortal so he gets cut and injured a lot, which I personally enjoy). Despite all the violence it has, it also has very sweet moments between Manji and Rin, the teenage girl he's helping, and I love how nothing disgusting ever happens between them, despite Rin's obvious crush on him. The manga also has a lot of delightful, strong side characters, and some fanservice-y moments (but these feel more aimed towards women, because they usually involve the handsome male leads doing things I personally found enjoyable, and I'm a woman)
Samura also has this series about a mid 20s girl who likes to drink and who ends up getting her own radio show called Wave Listen to Me, which I started reading after finishing Blade of the Immortal, and it feels very refreshing and its genuinely funny. At least I found it genuinely funny.
His art is very cool too, which is always a plus.

No. 238109

What is happening in the new berserk chapter? I really don’t want to read too much into it but I’m curious

No. 238267

Wtf I didn't know they made the new chapters already
What is happening is that the new writer is wiping the state clean and providing a reason to guts to stop dicking around on the island

No. 238453

Dang so what happened to casca? I saw that Griffith was holding her

No. 238463

For some reason Griffith did some kind of astral projection and kidnapped her. He's probably keeping her in his castle or some shit, possibly to bait Guts into coming after him

No. 238464

what the fuck

No. 238466

Well the main writer died so…

No. 238507

Nta — are they really!? I thought they died I gave up even checking on them way back

No. 238514

It's so weird how they were pumping out so many mangas in the 90s-00s and then they kinda faded away from public consciousness, nobody cared about their new series and they got tired of the sequels they were writing. They are getting old I guess but it looks like their legacy is going to be Sakura consoomer shit.

No. 238527

Well they did a lot for a long time so I wasn’t mad, I thought they were going to retire from serialized work and do character designs etc

No. 239025

They were very successful with Code Geass and they did that Blood spinoff that was widely panned, maybe that's what stopped them in their tracks? I was never a fan of them so I don't really care but seeing them be less relevant when they were this big is so weird.

No. 239355

File: 1663205153130.png (Spoiler Image, 1015.11 KB, 1186x882, fuckingseriously.png)

Sorry guys, I've been keeping this inside for too long. I have to say it. I think Q hayashida, author of dorohedoro, is a troon. Here's why:
>"her" debut manga is literally deviantart-tier object transformation fetish porn of a woman turning into a couch and voring a guy. you're telling me a woman wrote picrel?


No. 239365

Where's the rest anon? And I love Dorohedoro but I have always had my suspicions about Q Hayashida. There's also the weird moments where Ebisu, a young girl, is randomly topless with her breasts exposed. Also that one male character that transformed into a woman, Turkey. However, I've always been on the fence on whether or not she/he really is a tranny considering that there definitely are female mangakas with major fucking porn brain-rot.

No. 239368

File: 1663206237414.png (Spoiler Image, 631.51 KB, 950x492, coomeresque.png)

In dorohedoro:
>contsant unending shots of the characters' bare titties, including ebisu who is 13 and whose defining character trait is wishing she had bigger boobs (not scrotey at all)
>nikaido's coomer-ass devil design that's literally a naked apron with a devil tail
>random troonout of turkey at the end


No. 239372

File: 1663206585901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.64 KB, 736x1056, kun.jpg)

In Dai Dark:
>Shimada death is revealed to be (shocker!) another nearly naked big titty blonde under the cloak who ~might be a man~
>idk any more than that, I stopped reading

More than that, it's that everything that seems "off" about Q's stories as a woman suddenly clicks when you just imagine a man wrote it. I know this is a stereotype, but it's also a very odd and rare style for a female mangaka, which i was readily excited to accept before taking into consideration everything else mentioned. For me, discovering the couch transformation vore debut was the straw that broke my suspension of disbelief that Q could be a woman. I'm sure there's more I can't recall though.

No. 239376

I don't know, female mangakas are also weird with that sort of stuff.

No. 239377

Q also makes manga for men’s magazines, so of course those are gonna have coomer content for moids. When I read Dorohedoro I was surprised by how homoerotic some of the scenes with Kai and Risu were

No. 239379

I agree that any one of these points taken in isolation could very well be explained away (i did that subconsciously for a time), but taken together they paint a pretty clear picture of a Y chromosome, imo. My scrote artist detector has always been very accurate and it's pinging like crazy for Q. All this to say, I'm really disappointed. I even bought some volumes of dorohedoro back when i was still blissfully naive, I was so stoked a woman wrote such a cool series that I was blind to all the obvious signs until It suddenly dawned on me. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions though, just wanted to share my many observations.

No. 239380

I'm not familiar with dorohedoro, or anything else by this author, but it's true that there are a lot of female mangaka out there who make sexual, positively degenerate and weird manga, however, even then, the way the things are portrayed and the art style most of the time give away the author's gender and this art gives male vibes to me, of course it can just be an outlier.

No. 239381

File: 1663208235993.png (29.08 KB, 335x500, th-4115374914.png)

women can be porn sick weirdo's too. it's funny, my "tranny concern-trolling, trying to take things away from women" radar is, like, pinging super hard rn

No. 239383

That is not the Q Hayashida that wrote Dorohedoro fucking kek but good try.

No. 239384

File: 1663208634693.jpeg (96.52 KB, 1125x632, 4BE6CEAE-81D0-4DC8-9853-FA3290…)

That’s not Hayashida Q
This is Hayashida Q from a livestream when the anime aired

No. 239385

Also, even though you posted something that’s been debunked for years and you probably spent two seconds googling I agree that anon is being weird by claiming a woman that managed to be highly successful in a male industry is a troon

No. 239387

File: 1663208870322.png (397.78 KB, 1079x563, image (4).png)

That isn't her, retard. picrel. I wish it fucking was though, because I love dorohedoro and don't want to be right. Did you see the couch vore pics from Q's debut oneshot? >>239355 It would odd choice to draw something like as your first work just to win a competition.
It's fine if you don't buy it, but at least admit it's not far-fetched enough to make anyone questioning it a troll.

No. 239388

looks like a scrawny nerd moid to me. Do you have any other caps?

No. 239389

>It would odd choice to draw something like as your first work just to win a competition.
Why? Something weird as fuck will always stand out way more to an alternative magazine publisher than anything safe or popular to draw.

No. 239390

I’m not posting anything else because this argument is stupid and I don’t agree with you

No. 239392

>anon is being weird by claiming a woman that managed to be highly successful in a male industry is a troon
That's not why I suspected it at all, but okay. My fav manga is by an actual woman who managed to be highly successful in the male dominated battle-shonen genre, it has the word metal in the name.

I feel like if you were honest with yourself you would realize you are coping:
>transformation fetish big boobie vore porn is actually a normal thing for a woman to submit as her first work

I was sort of expecting that reaction though, that's why I sat on this without saying anything for so long. If we ever get anything that confirms they're not a scrote, I will eat my hat and also throw a party to celebrate Occam's razor being defeated.

No. 239393

>My fav manga is by an actual woman who managed to be highly successful in the male dominated battle-shonen genre, it has the word metal in the name
Okay so you’re some casual reader that’s upset because a woman draws weird shit and boobs for weird adults instead of cookie cutter shounen for teenagers.

No. 239394

Okay but why transformation vore fetish specifically
>anon is being weird by claiming a woman that managed to be highly successful in a male industry is a troon
There have been many several successful female mangaka (CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi, etc), there's nothing suspicious about that. It's the contents of the manga that are suspicious. Though in my opinion, a troon who's trying to pass would more likely show up wearing a skirt rather than a plain t-shirt.

No. 239396

>cookie cutter shounen for teenagers.
How to spot someone who doesn't know what they're talking about

No. 239397


No. 239398

no, kek, I'm just a nostalgia fan. Kek at you continuing to make accusations about me in order to fight your own cognitive dissonance. Very odd. My second fav manga is Reiri and my third fav is bakkuon rettou, which everyone knows are normie classics. Excited to see what the next thing you make up about me will be.

No. 239399

Alright so you're a newfag from 4chan. Got it.

No. 239400

based fma fan ally ilu

No. 239507

This whole talk about Hayashida is really retarded. Story is good and for once female characters are strong and smart and have a personality. I really doubt a scrote would be able to write female characters like that. The art/story is so good if you have problems on the showing of tits you’re beyond autistic, all scenes with naked characters are not sexualized but shown as a natural state of being.
Fucking use your brain instead of go screeching on what an author has between their legs or go cry for any nipple shown on media.

No. 239508

Samefag as above but this is especially retarded to me:
>CLAMP, Rumiko Takahashi
CLAMP write groomer pedophilic shoujo, I wouldn’t use them as an example kek.
Rumiko Takahashi several times has shown naked women and men in her works, but when it is an author you don’t have a bias on it’s suddenly ~ totally a not a coomer/troon ~.
Women can have weird fetishes and write weird stuff. Get over yourself.

No. 239511

File: 1663250663911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 324.87 KB, 1600x1000, 876773F0-A8D2-49C1-B6CC-86E69A…)

It’s not the only pedo grooming bullshit they have written, have we forgotten Chobits and picrel?

No. 239512

Are you seriously comparing a weird couch transformation manga to just Tom&Jerry-tier comedic scenes that take place in a public bathhouse like in Ranma 1/2? Anon…

No. 239513

>Women can have weird fetishes and write weird stuff. Get over yourself.

No. 239514

There’s a picture of her on Twitter from an American convention she went to in the 2010s. I think it makes far more sense that Q is a middle aged woman who grew up with an interest in male media than falling for a recent, western trend of zoomer influencers being troons. Anon is full of shit.

No. 239516

You people are so aggressive lol

No. 239517

I'm not disagreeing with that, Inm saying one scene/scenario is way weirder than the other.

No. 239543

If the picture of her exists and you’re not just pulling shit out if your ass, can you please post it? Also I don’t know why you find the idea of that a man is *calling himself a woman
and drawing coomer fetish art so surprising and far-fetched. That’s like 90% of twitter MTFs

No. 239544

you’re right, constantly showing the tits of a 13 year old who is obsessed with her own boobs is super based and very woman like.
>screeching on what an author has between their legs or go cry for any nipple shown on media.
I smell ball sweat tbh.

No. 239593

File: 1663267915618.jpg (469.77 KB, 1480x1936, 20220915_155326.jpg)

I thought nagabe was a woman.

No. 239605

>use your brain instead of go screeching on what an author has between their legs
You sound like a troon or troon defender.
You can immediately tell that the weird sexual shit in their manga was drawn by a woman though, just based on art style alone, as well as how it's presented, plus CLAMP are massive fujos, so a pedo age gap romantic pairing in one of their manga is far from making anyone suspect they're not women. On top of that, we have countless pictures of them that confirm their sex. I don't think it's too far-fetched to suspect Q Hayashida is a man due to not having either the style or real pictures (and if there are, post them), and instead having made a transformation vore manga. AFAIK neither CLAMP nor Takahashi have made anything of a sexual nature that even comes close to that, but the only other mangaka I know that had a thing for that was Osamu Tezuka.

No. 239608

They won't even finish X1999, you think they'll make a statement?

No. 239610

Both of those are seinen, that's why they have so much male-pandering shit in them. And you can still tell they were drawn by women.
It's possible that Dorohedoro was also made by a woman and the boob thing is just because it's shounen, and the art style is a rare exception, and the author happens to be a rare woman with a weird deviantart tier fetish, yes. But I don't see anything wrong in having this theory that it could just be a man, the original anon doesn't think so out of malice or wanting to attack successful female mangaka yet you take it as a personal insult.

No. 239613

I wish I wasn't a massive slob and could keep my shelf clean like that.

No. 239621

Why's that?

No. 239625

File: 1663273814892.jpg (480.05 KB, 1374x1502, 20220915_172556.jpg)

Cause he writes cute romantic manga, with artsytle and motifs that I see almost always done by female artists, the way it is "sketchy" in a polished way and fairy tale elements, I found most of his work tagged as josei and he writes BL. Sure he's a furry degenerate but I thought he was a female furry/monsterfucker degenerate.

No. 239628

Exactly, it’s the fact that all of those things individually would be odd for a woman, and all of them together would be extremely, almost inconceivably rare. The simpler explanation is that it’s just a man.

No. 239629

> Sure he's a furry degenerate but I thought he was a female furry/monsterfucker degenerate.
there is no difference. furries kys.

No. 239631

NTA but I agree. It was kinda shocking to learn that he's a gay furry lmao. One of the rare male mangaka that create femgaze-y stuff. This manga >>239593 was also an inspiration for The Ancient Magus' Bride iirc.

No. 239636

Yeah I was kinda thinking good for them hope they got a fat royalty check from code gayass and they’re taking it easy but I don’t know how the money works for that so I also thought they might just be retiring or slowing down because they’ve been doing this shit since the late 1980s or early 90s

No. 239637

Yeah but Siúil, a Rún is about CSA so…make of that what you will. I don’t think nagabe is a pedo, probably molested though (tin foil).

No. 239684

>One of the rare male mangaka that create femgaze-y stuff.
Most of his manga are about adult male figures raising girls and having romantic relationships with them

No. 239696

You're retarded if you think someone's a degenerate just for being interested in drawing animals. There's a difference between his illustrations and the fetishistic crap you see on Deviantart.
>most of
Literally only one story is about an adult raising a girl and it's not romantic. Most of his works are BL, schizo.

No. 239697

Huh, you're right. Sorry, I didn't research that one. I was talking about the BL, the way he draws make characters and lack of sexualization of female characters.

No. 239698

NTA but look up "Love on the Other Side", it's an anthology where most of the stories are about adult male monsters having romantic relationships with girls.

No. 239699

File: 1663293206803.jpeg (406.61 KB, 985x1400, A5A546F7-3AA7-4D8D-A52E-0224E8…)

No. 239700

File: 1663293325675.jpeg (166.69 KB, 985x1400, D49AD208-E496-44AC-BB40-772F4B…)

>guy writes about old guys dating cute girls
>wow how female gaze-y
>woman draws manga in a men’s magazine that has women with large boobs
>they must be a man
This thread is a disaster


No. 239701

File: 1663293362852.jpeg (85.64 KB, 985x1400, F2BB5F78-C76E-40BA-9A5C-DE55F0…)

No. 239702

Nice strawman retard

No. 239703

i agree with you about the nagabe thing, he seems like a creep. But you must be being blatantly obtuse about the drhd thing pretending that it's only that the author "draws women with big boobs". I guess maybe you're a fan who doesn't want to acknowledge the evidence, which I can understand.

No. 239704

File: 1663294060070.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.29 KB, 768x1024, 2A2D8B3F-E497-4C29-849E-C1DB23…)

Just so troonanon doesn’t get too confused…Q is the one without glasses.

No. 239705

those posts are by at least 2 different anons because I'm one of them, schizo.

No. 239706

can you tell us where you found this and how you know this is her and not another case of mistaken identity like >>239381

No. 239707

No. 239709

>>239700 Claims that the "female-gazey" comment was about the pedo shit in Nagabe's work, I linked to my own post >>239697 to show that it was just a case of me not being aware of it, and clarifying that I was referring to other aspects of his work. I'm definitely not the only one with these opinions who didn't know about the child grooming manga, this was probably the case for the other anon >>239696
Then the same poster claims that the earlier discussion about Q Hayashida was based only on the fact that she draws big breasted women, which is a huge and blatant strawman because the original anon repeatedly said that it wasn't just that, and she wasn't even being aggressive about it until others started accusing her of hating female mangaka, she even said that she hoped to be wrong about it.

No. 239710

If this is real then I wonder why all reports state she has never revealed her face and doesn't plan to and that she did the live stream wearing a bag on her head? I want to believe this and if it is real then at the very least she looks believably female from what I can tell from one still image, but the fact that the only evidence is one 89 like tweet from 2014 doesn't inspire confidence. I wonder if there's any other people who claimed to have seen her at the con, seeing as she was a guest I presume? If there was another corroborating tweet I'd say it's case closed.

Although, I guess one of the easiest ways to tell would be to see if anyone recorded the live stream and listen to the voice. Anyone have leads on that?

No. 239713

Oh, my bad! I misunderstood because I am a retard. I agree with you about the strawman, I don't understand the aggression towards the theory. makes me wonder if it's one anon samefagging.

…hang on not to tinfoil but wouldn't the schizo troon have an interest in stoking the flame on this subject? Like, to convince people that there is no discernable difference in the content male/troon coomers vs female artists create? This whole weird and unexpectedly controversial fight reminds me of the hamster thing on /ot/ and all the other infights he stokes.

No. 239715

Are you just trolling at this point?

No. 239716

I would not be surprised because I could swear they made posts about Dorohedoro and posted fanart for the series. I don’t get the point of this argument if anon claiming Q is a troon is also the same one that also claims FMA is their favorite manga. The mangaka of that series is also notorious for not showing her face to the public, and anyone into Japanese media knows that mangaka, especially women, prefer to keep their identities obscured for privacy reasons. At western conventions it’s normal to take photos, but in Asia it’s not.

No. 239718

>I don’t get the point of this argument if anon claiming Q is a troon is also the same one that also claims FMA is their favorite manga
I'm TA, i don't think I understand what you mean? Why would those two things be mutually exclusive? And also I'm not claiming for sure that he's a troon/man, just saying that there are a lot of distinctly male coomer elements (transformation porn, vore porn, little girl's titties, troon characters) stacked together that make me suspicious. I honestly am shocked that merely pointing this out has generated so much fighting and finger pointing.

No. 239719

File: 1663296111510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.09 KB, 400x400, nagabe_19741art_114472.jpg)

It's ok, I love him even if he's both a degenerate furry and a moid.

No. 239720

>I wonder why all reports state she has never revealed her face and doesn't plan to and that she did the live stream wearing a bag on her head
>the only evidence is one 89 like tweet from 2014
That does seem strange, there's someone else in that Twitter thread asking the same question, but it could just be that she didn't try as hard to hide her face in 2014 as she does now. Anyway, I don't think there's any doubt now that she's a woman. Now you can enjoy her cool works in peace.

Yes, the troon has avatarfagged as Dorohedoro characters as well.

No. 239721

God just fuck off already you massive autist

No. 239722

>That does seem strange, there's someone else in that Twitter thread asking the same question
>Anyway, I don't think there's any doubt now that she's a woman

No. 239723

idk what your problem is tbh, chill out

No. 239724

She has always been surrounded by misinformation, like the photo on google constantly mistaken for her and people claiming she was an assistant for Tsutomu Nihei.

No. 239726

wait, she wasn't an assistant for tsutomu nehei either????? I thought that part was real, wtf

No. 239804

Huh at least some interesting information came out of this nonsensical discussion

No. 240023

File: 1663561638510.jpg (185.17 KB, 1062x1500, MV5BNTYyYjAxMDUtNTEyMS00ZDkzLW…)

my broken mariko got a movie and I'm so uncomfortable about it, not because it looks bad (it looks super accurate in casting, framing, execution, etc) but because i connected so deeply with the manga when it first came out that it feels like my personal diary, or the inside of my heart is being screened in public to ungrateful normie audiences. I can't watch it even though it looks good bc it feels like some sort of weird invasion of privacy to me… it was supposed to stay forever as my little underground book that i tuck away lovingly on my bedside table. I probably don't make any sense kek but im having a moment rn

No. 240034

no i get you, whenever a manga i like gets a live action adaption i get afraid. on one hand, i love their work gets the attention/exposure they deserve, but on the other - japanese cinematography is so dogshit and awful, they won't do the manga justice.

No. 240046

I love that manga too, when does the movie come out?

No. 240050

File: 1663568536111.jpg (376.25 KB, 419x600, azone2.jpg)

Aaa yay lolcows back! Anyway i had a question about doujin and fan comics. I want to find more SFW doujinshi (I was able to find a bunch for Sailor moon) but i want to find more lighthearted doujin with nice art for series like k-on and Lucky star! I was looking for a lucky star one but everything i found was kinda gross and obviously meant to titillate.

No. 240080

I would like to see a manga like chainsaw man with a pathetic female protag who is surrounded by hot guys but still can't get a bf no matter what she does kek

No. 240457

The Wallflower is kinda like the that. The guys look creepy as fuck though.

No. 240460

How come josei works always get the live-action treatment while its male counterparts usually get the anime treatment?? I heard Sweat and Soap is getting a dorama and I was pissed because I wanted an anime of it instead. Whhhhhhyyy

No. 240467

Probably bc josei is typically set in real life scenarios while seinen gets crazy fucking bonkers and would cost a billion dollars to CGI into a live action

No. 240468

I guess because live actions are seen as less "infantile" than animation. Many seinens are just shonnens with gore tbh.

No. 240600

I read this because of your comment and I feel like my heart got ripped out.

No. 240774

File: 1663718324516.jpg (68.99 KB, 508x650, tv-bros-regular.jpg)

i'm really happy that I was able to share it with you through my unhinged comment (kek). It's my favorite piece of media of all time and it's very special to me and hopefully to you as well now. All those filmbros at the film festival didn't deserve to lay their scummy eyes on what they couldn't possibly understand

No. 240778

Anime is more expensive so of course they’ll give resources to moidshit, they also wanna lure in normie OLs to watch stuff which wont happen if its an anime

No. 240784

what manga is your pic from?

No. 240788


No. 240846

Sugar Sugar Rune

No. 242189

What device do you read manga on? I feel like I can't focus properly on my phone and my laptop

No. 242191

No. 242193

God I generally miss CLAMP, old CLAMP in particular. They made like five of my top 20 all time manga and then they started milking the same cow forever and besides Kurogana and Fey TRC was rather terrible imo. I just want them to do a new series already, no sequel or spin-off or other crossover but I gave up hope it will ever happen again.
I agree that xxxholic would at least be an improvement though, I couldn't follow the new CCS for long.

No. 242196

Honestly I didn't Cascar's arc for a long time now. The traumatic events and her losing her mind were fine in my book, but I wanted to see her slowly healing over time, thanks to her new friends and her own strength and eventually see her trying to fight on Guts's side again. Instead, she had to stay stupid and be babysitted for like two real-time decades by now until they healed her with magic. And now she got kidnapped again.

No. 242203

God, this so much. Sometimes this place is worse than 4chan with the trans panic.
Why must people always try to take away everything women make away and assume that women cannot be diverse? Like if anybody acts differently or likes anything that isn't a stereotypical female hobby it must be trans. You don't see the same with male mangaka or authors that make something that's popular among women or make series that have some shoujo traits or man that draw male fanservice. Women were always more likely than men to not show their faces too, the Beastars mangaka doesn't do it either for example. Doesn't mean they have to be guys.
Besides all of that there are bisexual female mangaka. So just showing tits doesn't mean someone has to be a man, that's stupid.

No. 242206

I wish this would get a full anime adaption. And yeah, I thought it was a woman too lol.
What the other anons have said. Plus sadly I have the feeling that josei are rarely successful as anime. I wish so much there were more, seinen without superpowers and josei are my favorite types of manga.

No. 242208

Same. This is why I prefer to buy them.
Or I read them on my kindle fire. Has no internet, nothing to click or distract me and it's small and handy so I can sit on my couch or in the subway when I read it, same as with physical manga.

No. 242209

I wish there were josei with superpowers, do scifi/fantasy mangas with adult women as protagonists even exist?

No. 242212

Also since Farnese is learning magic there's simply not any swordswoman left in the manga… We just aren't getting shit!!!

No. 242213

File: 1664120003529.png (852.31 KB, 938x707, q2Bz2hy.png)

There is Gunnm, but it's a seinen and since Alita/Gally is a cyborg with amnesia she does act more like a teenager than an adult

No. 242850

I read Gunnm 10 years or so ago, I liked it but it's not really what I'm looking for. Are josei mangas really just adult romances?

No. 242946

File: 1664299822681.png (1.58 MB, 2432x1074, Browse - Bato.To 2022-09-27 19…)

Are there any online (free) manga reader sites that aren't filled to brim with webtoon or porn crap? I miss being able to browse manga categories that weren't buried with low effort isekai traced webtoon crap or just porn that is somehow meant for female readers but is very scrotey.

Pic related current state of josei category on batoto with "japanese" and "manga" filters applied to filter out korean webtoons

No. 242949

mangasee123. I've really come to hate josei smut, nip women are too used to being sexualized in their media and it shows hard in stuff that's even meant for women.

No. 242950

Yeah pretty much. Fantasy and SF stories are generally neither considered serious stories or "for women", so they aren't going to be any in a category intended for "serious" (ie adult) women

No. 242953

File: 1664302459497.png (80 KB, 1145x605, mangadex.png)

I only use mangadex and their new advanced search tool is pretty decent in my opinion, there are a bunch of tags to filter in or out of the search, including formats so you can, for example, exclude web comics and long strip, you can choose the original language of the manga and language it has been translated to. But it's annoying that there are so many titles that have no uploaded chapters at all and you can't filter that out.

No. 242955

What a shame, fantasy shoujo mangas are a thing after all, I can't be the only adult woman with zero interest in romantic stories, right?

No. 243006

>do fantasy mangas with adult women as protagonists even exist?

No. 243047

have you tried frieren at the funeral or dungeon meshi? you probably have since they're both pretty popular but just in case you haven't… they're good. some people don't like frieren's pacing but I think it's funny that the battles are over in one panel (until recently that is) and dungeon meshi rules, it's great, you're gonna hate it when you catch up because it's monthly but I think it's nearing its end

No. 243054

Are you looking forward to trigger's dungeon meshi

No. 243064

I forgot trigger was doing the anime… I guess I'm still excited but it makes me worry. maybe it will be ok since their designs and animation are good (it's their writing that sucks)

No. 243070

I really miss magical girl manga. Or magical knights, like Rayearth. Why is the world doing this to me, it was always one of my favorite genres.
Magical girl series were pretty and usually just the right mix between adventure with fights, chill scenes and serious shit that gets revealed later (but nothing that's outright edgy, rather sad or dramatic stuff).

No. 243078


I sometimes go to this thread to reread troonanon's schizo rantings of q hayashida living rent free in her head.


by the time this post shows up.


troonanon is asking for a voice recording now.

I get dorohedoro and q hayashida's works is weird and offensive to certain viewers cuz she's kinda of an edgelord.

But troonanon, you're hilarious if you're trolling but if you're serious, yikes lmfao.

No. 243089

>q hayashida living rent free in her head
and yet you are here responding to anon's 12 day old post about it after discussion long since stopped. Projection mayhaps? kek

No. 243166

Thanks anon, this is great

No. 243275

Your best bet would be fantasy/SF seinen written by women, like Dungeon Meshi or… Dorohedoro sort of?

No. 243328

I already love these two but they feel more for a general target, I was looking for something that's clearly made for adult women with relatable protagonists. Don't get me wrong I read a lot of various mangas no matter the target, I'm just looking for something different.

No. 243458

lol if you find some anon pls post I think we have similar tastes

No. 243819

Try some rumiko takahashi. Never really struck me as appropriate for teens.

Maybe CLAMP too

No. 244230

File: 1664720218077.png (60 KB, 738x489, syNRFgm.png)

What the hell

No. 244236

japanese artists have absolutely no clue how nasty NFTs are to be fair. believe it or not, now they're shilling AI art too even though it could directly affect their career

No. 244275

any manga artist who has an officially licensed tshirt at Hot Topic now has an NFT. it's been happening.

>japanese artists have absolutely no clue how nasty NFTs are

? I'm sure they have access to the same information everyone else does.

No. 244337

Are they at least cursed?

No. 245773

I prefer manga4life.com (with adblock, there are gross ads if you go without), it doesn't jump to add every shitty webtoon under the sun and they somehow find rips of official scans so they'll have some series that mangadex doesn't.

Anyone have a recommendation for an action manga where the conflict includes social rejection/discrimination? Not for IRL reasons like being gay or a foreigner, but when there's at least a slightly good reason. e.g. character is half-X where X is dangerous, like Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, Blue Exorcist, those "learn to control my dark power" arcs. Or even if people are just thinking that the character is bad, like Angel Densetsu.

No. 245789

they're not some uwu harmless asian who can do no wrong they know exactly what they're doing

No. 245794

Mob Psycho. He's a bit of a social reject, just for normal awkwardness reasons, and he has to learn how to not go psycho mode at times.

Usotsuki Satsuki Shi ga Mieru (Liar Satsuki). She's a social outcast because everyone thinks she's a liar and there's a lot of action as she tries to save people (mainly her feats of strength & athleticism lol)

Kiichi!! literal wild child is gonna change this sick world, many people don't like his methods.

The snake in Daija ni Totsuida Musume…? Maybe? this is more of a joke suggestion lol

No. 245796

samefag >>245794 thought of some more and some of my suggestions are veering away from "action", hope you don't mind.

Furyou Taimashi Reina (Bad Girl Exorcist Reina): people think she's a delinquent with a potty mouth but she's actually an exorcist and it's part of her method. (comedy/action)

Innocent: he's rejected by his executioner father for being too soft and rejected by society for being an executioner also he's just a weird guy. (historical drama)

*Shi ni Aruki: the main character literally can't think like a normal human being and it causes all kinds of interpersonal tension (mystery/suspense)

No. 245926

ayrt, thanks for the recommendations!

Mob- read this one already, really liked it, though mostly for other reasons since the threat of/being discovered as psychic/??? is barely a part of the story.

Liar Satsuki- started and got caught up last night, definitely a fun murder mystery x school dynamics kind of story.

Reina- also read this one already, I like it for being super funny/unexpected, but there's nothing really wrong with Reina for her to feel bad about.

Shi ni Aruki- started reading, not quite what I was looking for because the main character doesn't really feel bad.

I'll check the rest out soon.

What I'm looking for is probably best phrased as when people would or do say "monster!" and the character feels bad but has to keep going. Action/angst but not whump.
e.g. Demon Slayer and Chainsaw Man don't count because the sister/MC don't feel bad about it.
Attack on Titan, Ajin, the examples in >>245773, Iron Knight, Retired Heroes, Shinigami to Gin no Kishi, Dawn - Tsumetai Te, Satsui no Senki, etc count because the MC does feels bad about it.

No. 245935

Shi ni Aruki is the debut work of the Liar Satsuki author. It was something I read in between LS releases because the translator was sort of passionate about exploring clues and comparisons between the two as a fan of the author so I kind of enjoyed it more because of that. You can tell the author really polished up her storytelling a lot when you compare the two, Shi ni Aruki lacks a little in the character department I never really understand the MC right up to the end.

If I think of anything more like what you're looking for I'll post it. Nothing else comes to mind immediately…
>when people would or do say "monster!" and the character feels bad but has to keep going
Naruto? (lol kidding)

No. 245945

File: 1665352298068.jpeg (459 KB, 832x1200, b9625164-a8e8-4a7c-bdf6-bf58b2…)

just looked through the "Unique Infected Protagonist" tag on mangaupdates since tokyo ghoul and parasyte share it and I think you might like Variante (just looked at the first couple chapters and it seemed to fit the bill)


No. 245955


No. 245993

No wonder the art style looked similar.
Unironically yes

Yep, read that one, fit the bill and I definitely liked it. I've checked out most of unique infected protagonist, half human, half demon, demon, hunted protagonist, secret identity, probably a few more I'm forgetting, and now I have run dry. Maybe it's time to branch out into other formats.

No. 245994

samefag, I said most but not all because some of the descriptions didn't sound appealing at face value.

No. 246106

File: 1665434607281.jpeg (186.69 KB, 900x1100, 24E47C77-FF51-4067-BA49-E1E2B9…)

I check in on the Witch Hat Atelier author’s twitter regularly to see extra illustrations which I’m happy she posts but it’s so funny for some reason that she’s does all the normal western twitter stuff like ukraine flag in bio etc. Comics/manga are global thanks to the internet and all that but she’s such a westaboo

No. 246107

She worked for Marvel iirc, or am I confusing her and someone else?

No. 246108

And she’s friendly with the Magus Bride author who is a huge UK obsessive. They have a funny little thing going and both post their dogs a lot it’s cute, like they have a little club lol (I hope magus bride gets better after this fucking school arc though, so tired of it)

No. 246109

Yeah she does western comic covers and stuff

No. 246114

That's kinda cute NGL.

No. 247355

File: 1665757435080.png (4.89 KB, 323x151, horny b gone.png)

On bato you can just filter shit out by clicking the option twice

No. 249553

File: 1666426908508.jpeg (302.15 KB, 1517x1200, Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru M…)

I can't remember why I picked this up but so far it's cute and funny. Scan group just finished it, I'm about halfway through.

No. 249914

I suddenly remembered that Saiyuki exists, what's up with the manga? IIRC the mangaka has a lot of health issues but I don't remember if the manga was over or if she started her other manga before finished Saiyuki. I just remember watching the first season on TV, 12 years old me had a crush on the chain smoking blond priest but I don't remember how that season ended.

No. 250591

File: 1666750495713.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1268x3699, chainsaw man.jpg)

ughhh for real? fuck this kill la kill shit

No. 250603

with sorrow i revoke any previous praise i had for this series. moids just cannot help themselves, they are like broken records

No. 250608

for real. my eyes rolled backwards all the way into my spinal column when I saw these pages

No. 250626

I can already smell the self-proclaimed anime feminists on twitter writing mental gymnastics essays on why this is a deconstruction and feminist ackshually.

No. 250630

why do otome/self-insertfags love that retarded look the femc always does. you know which one, the braindead slack-jawed open-mouthed one either surprised at fucking nothing, or vaguely sad.

No. 250638

welp, time to stop reading CSM so the memory of a pretty decent story and amazing characters can continue to exist solely in my head. Also, I know Denji is supposed to be a teen and all but he's so fucking 1-dimensional again. I get his life is boring now that he can't be CSM but what happened to his previous aspirations of making friends, eating good food, and actually living life? The sex hungry shit is so boring.
also came back to say I finished this and WHEW, what an emotional trip. I didn't like a certain characters motivation/actions after she had changed and it kind of came out of no where, but theres an argument to be had that there was never really any deeper look into her psyche so maybe she was unhinged in way we never knew. It could have definitely gone on longer but I didn't mind how short is was

No. 250645

Who says we like it retard
In fact most of us fucking loathe that shit, 95% of those manga aren't even good and focus on the woman more than the man

No. 250764

>braindead slack-jawed open-mouthed one either surprised at fucking nothing, or vaguely sad.
They relate to that.

No. 250766

And yet they're super popular. Ok.

No. 250885

Anyone else reading Hunter x Hunter? The hiatus is over!

No. 250892

File: 1666855189656.png (208.79 KB, 1080x1536, watamote.png)

does anyone know what happened with watamote to make it change into a girl friends slice of life? I love the change but I have so many questions about it.

I heard a husband & wife team makes it. did the wife start writing it as well as drawing it? lol

No. 250893

Chainsaw man is garbage and everything Written by the mangaka is overhyped as shit

No. 250918

Maybe among normies and Japanese women who have no standards but all yumes I've seen online despise it.

No. 250932

When will I ever get a series where men are doing this

No. 250956

I know nothing about CSM, is this not meant to be a joke?

No. 250980

it is but it's also a full page underwear spread of the teen girl. so.

kill la kill was the same.

No. 250985

this is literally just hentai with generic ikemen wtf

No. 250989

The 3 non-japanese yumes fresh off their horse girl eras making how to draw manga tier art of their OCs you hang out with do not represent the greater yume community

No. 250993

Having ikemen automatically makes it better than basically all hentai

No. 251000

NTA but you're weird to dunk this hard on an anon who just said she'd prefer more focus on the man in her hetero smut. That's a pretty popular opinion to find in the comment sections of these manga on english sites too

No. 251006

File: 1666903263505.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1371x1944, 11f32e50-bddf-4f0d-af23-7cd575…)

spoilers for Daija ni Totsuida Musume. this scene was so good!

I love snake husband

No. 251007

File: 1666903298253.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 811.51 KB, 1371x1944, 040de5b2-34bb-4368-b556-d62664…)

get recked, moid!! lmao

No. 251044

Yeah like the other anon said. Even for those who read it, it's the best thing they've seen and it does the bare minimum of having a hot anime guy and that's the only reason so many women read it, because for the most part they really have nothing else that's straight and has ikemen. It's not like they're perfectly happy with it. Why do you have to turn it into a fight

No. 251278

File: 1667012768284.jpg (215.76 KB, 878x1300, trash.jpg)

Glad that I dropped this manga along time ago.

No. 251288

Same, that was so unnecessary. I'm glad I dropped it during the cat girl training team with the cat man.

No. 251289

Glad I never got into it lmfao

No. 251291

I'm gonna hold off for a while, wait to see if chapters come out consistently. This arc is too complex for me, I'm gonna have to reread it from the start to catch up. I'm not even worried about spoiling myself cause I can't even keep track of the stuff I've already read kek.

No. 251345

If anyone is still keeping up with Kaguya-sama manga, what do you guys think of it overall now that it's over?

No. 251427

Isn't this the same fandom that had a colossal meltdown over seeing a non-sexualized girl casually in a bikini? How are they reacting to this?

No. 251503

The ones who kicked up a fuss were the female anime-onlies so there's no fuss because they haven't gotten there yet.

No. 251506

Pretty good as far as romcoms go. No gross fan service but the author just had to toss in yuribait by the end. It was very good that the female characters had their own motivations and they avoided the madonna/whore complex with the pregnancy arc and other developments, you really don't see that every day in a shonen manga. Personally not a fan that Kaguya lowered herself in order to open up and is planning to throw her education away to become a shitty photographer bankrolled by family money but that's rich people I guess. Overall funny and enjoyable.

No. 251510

The new racism plotline is dogshit, muh intolerant rednecks vs progressive city slicker + mutants following a drooling nobody is such a braindead setup even if you give the author a pass for forgetting to set the arc up properly. Such a westaboo that he's been poisoned by ameritard Twitter takes when he's got the Ainu in his own backyard and plenty of "enlightened" Japanese anti-foreigner sentiment to pick from. He can't even commit to his own plotline properly and make the mutant characters properly scary looking.

No. 251529

I've run into Japs like that, they'll literally have zero self-awareness or think it's justified when they do it. They'll RT shit going on in America like "wow this is horrible!" while simultaneously RTing Japanese right wing politicians and talking points against zainichi and other social issues.

No. 253167

File: 1667600377881.jpg (391.13 KB, 1080x1834, amongus.jpg)

I hate this

No. 253180

Honestly most memes are so short-lived nowadays I cannot even get into anything before it's already outdated so I didn't even try with among us lol.

No. 253229

File: 1667616414722.png (209.13 KB, 1210x1058, 404.png)

I am annoyed by the links to mangaplus on mangadex. They don't stay free forever so after a month every link is 404'd (not just a paywall, which seems like a weird choice on MP's part) but mangadex keeps them up anyway.

I bet a lot of people click through so I'm guessing it's mutually beneficial (mangadex gets to keep users and mangaplus gets traffic directed their way) but it feels wrong that they're doing it this way, they should stop.

No. 253984

File: 1667861985629.jpg (139.52 KB, 632x900, FQDFge8aQAIS28z.jpg)

Guilty pleasure but does anybody else genuinely like the old Kaori Yuki and Tanemura series?
I love them so much, primarily God Child and Angel Sanctuary, respectively Kaitou Jeanne and Fullmoon. But I couldn't get into any of their later works and gave up at some point. Only 31 I dream might be something but Shinshi Doumei Cross was so stupid I dropped it at one point and I dunno but none of Kaori's fairy tail series work for me at all and it seems like they don't know whether they want to be seen as a joke or something serious anymore.

Anyway, Kaori wanted to draw a new chapter or series for Angel Sanctuary a while back, which is why I remembered it now. I haven't heard anything about this anymore though, when I looked it up a while ago there weren't even any raws because nobody cares or even knows these mangaka anymore. I feel old.

No. 253997

Oh Hori is getting desperate after seeing everything else in WSJ overshadow him kek

No. 254083

File: 1668030452950.jpg (571.82 KB, 1456x991, 326166.jpg)

Does anybody else enjoy Otoyomegatari?
I would have never thought that Emma was for me until I finally gave it a chance ages ago, so I got into the next series this mangaka started right away. To me it seems like the only thing Kaoru Mori is incapable of doing is writing unlikable characters because she always manages to make everybody different and give them a soul even if they only appear for seconds.
Besides that I am always in for well-researched history series and this manga tells the stories of various people of the 19th century of old Turkestan (now Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkmenistan) so it's something new. I think manga fans that enjoy the Ainu part of Golden Kamuy should give this a chance, it has a huge diverse cast as well so there should be characters for everybody.

I am not up to date yet so I don't know how it ends, the Russian conquests worry me a bit because I am not sure how a dark factor might ruin it, but I don't think the mangaka will make characters she obviously loves suffer, so I am interested to see how the Great Game will be relevant for this series.
IIRC Mori announced that the series will end soon so maybe it's a good time to pick it up if someone was maybe already considering this.

No. 254112

File: 1668036731775.png (440.1 KB, 985x1400, samsa with ms turkmen.png)

The loli maid series she wrote after Emma ruined Emma for me, not gonna lie.
The shota husband and young brides in Otome-gatari are also stomach-turning even though parts of it are genuinely heartwarming and the art is beautiful; she's never made them do anything explicitly gross in the story but it's implied. It's annoying the way she portrays things through a rose-colored lens, just picking the things that are cute and pretty to focus on and glossing-over the horrible parts that are present in every culture where women are traded like commodities. But that's the kind of story it is and the characters are charming, the illustrations are striking and detailed, it's almost like a fantasy.

I'm curious what lesbian nonas thought of the yuri bride arc. It seemed pretty fucked up to me.

I cooked some of the dishes from her government-sponsored Central Asian Cooking minicomic. The samsas are good.

No. 254146

are there any female tsundere characters that aren't just moid bait i am kind of one irl and want to follow a female character who's not completely cringe

No. 254218

I haven't read it in awhile since I got caught up. But I'd be happy to wait till it's finished to read the rest.

I agree, it kind of is like a fantasy. But at the same time I enjoy reading about the more everyday parts of culture, like the food and clothing and crafts. I doubt it's any replacement for reading a history book at all but it's beautiful, and it has a lot of work put into it. At least with the art.

The best friend "yuri" arc seemed very fluffy and idealized. I'm sure a few relationships worked out okay with a fellow wife but…it just seems unrealistic to my mind.

No. 254221

File: 1668094385346.jpeg (337.76 KB, 1120x800, 31144774672.jpeg)

I saw another anon mention Dead Dead Demon's Dedededestruction either in this thread or the last one. The name is dumb but…it's not bad but I have mixed feelings.

I really enjoyed the characters. They even made a fat NEET internet troll likeable and endearing with how much he cares for his sister. And there's a trap/crossdressing guy but he's not obnoxious and blends into the main friend group pretty easily. The main characters look so young though I forget they're on the edge of graduating high school.

I read it over he course of a week and…well without spoilers I'm just left immensely unsatisfied by the ending. I feel like I got nowhere and received no answers. It makes me want to read a similar concept/genre story, 20th Century Boys. I haven't read it in a decade but I remember it being amazing. So maybe that will be a cleanser to my irritation about D4.

No. 254242

I'm in the same boat as you. I loved the whole journey, it was quite the fun manga and I started reading it back when I was still into Inio but the ending left me really disappointed.

No. 254262

It's been on my backlog for a while now, I love the aesthetic but was bit unsure on the premise.

No. 254265

Yeah it's too perfect at times. Healthy relationships surely existed but maybe one of them disliking the concept of marriages even if their future husbando isn't a bad person would be a good topic that wouldn't delve into dark territory but still thematize issues that always existed everywhere.
I assume it's a bit of fear to criticize the historical minorities the author decided to explore for this series (half-nomadic people are still minorities in their own countries), similar to how the Golden Kamuy mangaka has never once created any flawed Ainu character.
It still works for me if I simply consider it somewhat of a fairy tale or a story that focuses on the lucky people, similar to how school related SoL don't thematize bullying at schools even though it's everywhere. I wonder what kind of series she will do next.

No. 254266

I love the series and Ontan reminds me so much of a female friend I had when I was a teen. I wonder if she is still as crazy nowadays.

>well without spoilers I'm just left immensely unsatisfied by the ending.

I fully agree it felt axed. Which surprised me even more that it's getting an anime adaption. I hope that the anime will change the ending. Honestly people always shit on anime original content soo much but I think it wasn't always bad and some series got legit better because of this. Just look at Tutu manga VS anime.

No. 254486

I had the ability to read the whole series since it ended this year, but I heard there were several hiatus's while it was being published. I wonder if Inio scrambled to think up how to wrap it all up in the end. It got a Shogakukan manga award in 2020 or so, so I can't imagine it was rushed to finish due to poor sales or popularity…

I didn't know there was a manga in planning. I'll watch it, why not?

No. 254487

Same anon, meant anime. But I'd be down for a sequel manga kek.

No. 254495

Yeah it's strange. Not sure if he is working on a new series already, if not it could either mean that he had some troubles that forced him to end the series early or that he is working with the anime staff now which would be a good sign. Or both.

No. 254542

I am curious how they will animate a certain scene at the end of the manga when Tokyo gets blown up. To be honest, that was actually a pretty cool chapter and even kind of emotional. It's all a long way off though.

No. 254549

god damn people still suck inio asano's dick this hard even on lc? grim

No. 254566

>They even made a fat NEET internet troll likeable and endearing with how much he cares for his sister.
>Inio Asano
that explains it

No. 254569

To be fair I haven't read any other Inio Asano work. I read the discussion of Oyasumi PunPun on here and it doesn't seem like something I'd care to read.

No. 254570

File: 1668224218131.jpeg (27.78 KB, 265x377, Dragon_Goes_House-Hunting_volu…)

As a palette cleanser from that Asano talk, I stumbled across this manga I'd never heard of before at a bookshop. Dragon Goes House Hunting.

It's…basically what it sounds like. A cute cowardly dragon gets kicked out of his home and teams up with an elf architect to find the perfect house one after another. Hijinks ensue. It's relaxing to read, and while it does rely on the "everyone has roleplaying stats" it's not annoying. Adventuring parties in this universe are basically murderhobos.

No. 254572

KEK literally. So transparent

No. 254707

File: 1668292103325.jpg (42.59 KB, 564x564, 58c26ff2a5912e62af59ad6f97a829…)

what's a series you used to dislike as a kid/teenager, but ended up liking later?

i used to be so annoyed with inuyasha but i'm reading the manga now because good quality scans were finally uploaded and i'm really enjoying it. i still feel like rumiko takahashi can only write one sort of story that always feels the same (kyoukai no rinne looks like a ranma 1/2 clone and reads like an inuyasha clone) but i like her art. maybe there's also a lot of nostalgia involved here kek.

No. 255722

I wonder if there's any josei manga that has similar plots to most seinen manga. Just with more female characters. Do you know any?

No. 255727

I keep asking this question for the past few months and I've never gotten a satisfying answer, some anons suggested stuff like Houseki no Kuni or Dungeon Meshi, and while I love those series it's not what I'm looking for. Is it that hard to find a fantasy/scifi story for adult women with no (het) romance?

No. 255733

Red Garden is one series like that I watched. All female main cast and was even serialised in a seinen manga but is also considered josei and I found it searching for josei in manga search engines.

No. 255752

File: 1668684644530.jpg (235.36 KB, 1137x1600, wp-content.jpg)

I didn't dislike Azumanga Daioh but the on running pedophilia joke made me very uncomfortable when I was younger which made me avoid the manga. I still hate pedo teacher character but I feel like I can actually interact with the story now and appreciate the other gags now

No. 255808

Thanks anons

Also I've found this manga called Liar Game with a female MC, the genre is drama

No. 256597

Do any nonnas have recs for a romance shoujo with a sexy/lewd (I hate to use that word sorry) male lead? I havent read shoujo since I was a teen but I’ve looked up some lately and usually the MLs have look soft/feminine traits and the ones that dont are just handsy entitled moids

No. 256603

I read this and thought for sure I could think of one but when I went to look at the guys…they're not that hot unless you're into the story. male love interests are just a blank slate with sparkles most of the time.
this is why I read yaoi I guess. they actually get sexualized.

No. 256884

I will never again read anything by ichikawa. Houseki no kino broke my heart.

No. 256885

Can you spoiler?

No. 256907

Omg please make sure to put it in spoiler tags I'm still a couple chapters behind!

No. 257012

I'm betting that moid rev is going to react to this and say"b-but its fiction!".

No. 257016

That disgusting politician from Tokyo getting all shiny from sweat after looking through that pedophilic manga and saying "this is nothing out of ordinary, it should be protected", ugh

No. 257046

>be flat chested woman
>want to see female oriented smut with flat chested women
>it doesn't fucking exist outside of lolicrap hentai because in every josei the woman has large tits
why the fuck do i even bother

No. 257051

File: 1669132974829.jpg (11.11 KB, 158x250, i286195.jpg)

I'm forever sad that this manga called …Seishunchuu! (Literally, "in the midst of youth") only had one of its two volumes scanlated. I remember the main love interest pictured on the cover to be a bit pervy but also not a dick. Wish I had better recs right now.

No. 257052

> comments turned off.
of fucking course kek.

No. 257053

Same, anon. I also agree with a lot of anons that I'm trying to find just the right shoujo/josei to read but it's tricky. I use BakaMangaUpdates to look up manga series and you can search by demographic/subject but I haven't figured out if I can combine multiple tags when searching. It would make things much easier.

No. 257054

File: 1669133385694.jpg (562.23 KB, 999x1411, Witch-Hat-Atelier-Volume8.jpg)

Can anyone rec me some mangas that makes good use of hatching? I'm personally a fan of them as they make the illustrations "pop up" to me.

The only manga that I know of that has appealing hatching is Witch Hat Atelier (picrel) and I really want to know more titles!

No. 257055

I was fascinated by Punpun at the start when it was basically a tragicomedy. Then it delved into the grim dark self-pitying territory and the series turned to shit imo. The MC became unlikeable and irredeemable.
Red Garden is great. But I second the other anon I wish there was more like this. Josei is already pretty damn rare compared to all other demography-manga I feel but if you get it it's basically always romance or present time/real life drama with some romance. I would kill for more fantasy. I don't like shoujo fantasy sadly or rarely.

No. 257056

Same here, I hate it. I don't understand why so many female creators need selfinserts that are an amalgamation of the most common beauty standards instead of creating more personal characters.

No. 257060

> that moid rev
God I fucking hate him and yet the pest keeps showing up on my yt homepage from time to time. Sometimes I hate being an anime fan 'cause it means having to be lumped in the same group with grifting weirdos like him (and his buddies nox and that RWBY fan whatever his name was).

No. 257062

Unironically, Berserk

No. 257064

File: 1669136015811.jpg (461.63 KB, 1280x935, tumblr_c166775189ab0e89cb362f0…)

Ever heard of Dandadan? It's scrote shit battle shounen and I wouldn't exactly reccomend it for the story, especially on LC of all places, but I think the mangaka is very talented. Aki Irie's work too.

No. 257070

Especially when most jap women are probably flat/small chested themselves

No. 257078

I think it's a generational thing. I've heard a lot of young japanese women prefer large breasts (even though most aren't that big themselves) so you see less and less of the classic shoujo heroine with a smaller build nowadays. And I certainly don't remember series like >>242946 being a thing in the 2000s when we had the shoujo/josei boom

No. 257082

Is the hatching used during the voyeouristic rape scenes?

No. 257084

File: 1669141854892.png (924.69 KB, 696x1012, f5b1da39be73d1ba2ec15e81fca51a…)


No. 257124

File: 1669151971166.png (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 1125x1600, Kinyoubi no Baby Violet.png)

Picrel comes to mind, tho the mc is still very petite, she is at least obviously an adult. Spoiler for character in lingerie.

No. 257129

No. 257135

>she is at least obviously an adult.
Uhh.. from your pic I'd guess she's a 14 or 15 y/o being forced to pose for that pedo, actually. Not a very good example.