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File: 1681530570001.jpg (111.28 KB, 736x736, cef29b2130462bf386d9ac0b0f0e76…)

No. 289577

Discuss manga here.
Previous thread: >>>/m/186701

No. 289579

What a cute pic, OP

No. 289637

The publishing companies that were translating and publishing some of my favorite shojo manga long ago are reprinting them! I'm going to buy these books instead of relying on badly translated scans or on libraries where it's hard to find them like before. I'm praying Hana Yori Dango gets reprinted someday even if it turned into the mosy repetitive shit ever when Tsukasa's mother showed up.

No. 289638

Was there something besides Tokyo Babylon that’s getting reprinted/licensed?

No. 289640

For context I'm talking about companies in France. Tokyo Babylon hasn't been reprinted here as far as I know but it really should, it's a masterpiece. I have the series in Japanese already so I'm saying this for others who don't know about it. They're reprinting stuff like Nana, Gokinjo Monogatari, Paradise Kiss (the new edition is ugly as fuck tho), Princess Jellyfish (I literally just bought the first three volumes today because I had no clue and got excited), Natsume Yujincho, Magic Knight Rayearth, etc. If they decide to reprint other series by Clamp they need to give me Legal Drug and Drug and Drop right fucking now. I need it. I need a sequel as well but knowing Clamp it's not going to happen unless they decide to shove Shaolan and Sakura in the main plot somehow.

No. 289646

Oops, sorry. My brain immediately went to English manga because a retranslation of TB was announced. I wish we could get some more rereleases or better series picked up, I’m kind of jealous of how quickly some manga are published in France.

No. 289649

Seems like anime is more popular than manga in English speaking countries, maybe that's why?

No. 289695

I started reading Oshi no Ko cause I saw someone raving about it with the anime out and was curious. I actually ended up really liking it and binge read it in 2 days. Despite that, the actual beginning of the manga was so stupid and gross I only got through it cause I was basically hate-reading those first 10 chapters. The reincarnation premise feels so gross and unnecessary, it barely comes up or effects the story and I hate the layers of wierd implications. The MCs really could have just been normal kids and the story would need minimal changes. The gimmick at the start feels like it was slapped on just to add another twist or pander to the kind of genres that are currently popular.
I still really enjoyed the actual content of that story when its 95% just about characters trying to make it the entertainment industry. It's just I hate whenever the story occasionally reminds you about the dumbass premise.

No. 289779

The cringeeeee

No. 289887

File: 1681645858646.jpg (235.04 KB, 1084x790, 352.jpg)

Thoughts on Choujin X?

No. 290046

I thought it was fine but honestly pretty forgettable. I liked in enough to read it all a few weeks ago but really can't remember much about it besides liking the art.

No. 290075

File: 1681678253122.png (412.31 KB, 1115x1600, gfdsjhsj.png)

anyone else read To Your Eternity? I binged the first part and loved it, but the time skip to present day was so jarring and bad. aside from some really comical moments where the main character is essentially experiencing culture shock (pic related) the present day era felt like a massive disconnected downgrade from what was otherwise a compelling series and I'm disappointed

No. 290097

>present day era
magi did this too. i kept reading until the end but it totally turned me off of the manga – a cool arabian nights theme became…whatever the hell it became, i barely remember outside of my dislike of it.

No. 290841

at first I didn't like the time skip either but in the end I got attached to the new characters as well as to the new lives the old chars lived. The atmosphere that first made me fall in love with the manga is gone tho, I still like it but yeah it's a downgrade

No. 290884

I like it still. I think there should have been an in-between arc in more recent history before it jumped to present day and that would have helped a lot. Jumping from vinelord fushi to schoolboy fushi was too much. I have faith the story will win us back over and I’m intrigued by the way the present-day arc concluded.

No. 290886

I literally had the opposite opinion to yours lol, I didn’t like it when it went into the details of the entertainment biz and started to toss all the weird stuff. Hopefully it finds a balance. Some of the entertainment stuff is starting to be a little interesting to me but it’s not why I’m reading it

No. 291136

File: 1682033261588.jpg (27.23 KB, 225x320, ase to sekken.jpg)

I haven't read manga in years, but recently I binge read Ase to Sekken. I liked that it didn't have any stupid melodrama and the characters actually resolved conflicts like adults. The romance was really sweet too. Can anyone recommend similar manga to me? I've read some of Yamada Kintetsu's other works; Telework Yotabanashi was good but over too soon and I read the first chapter of Kasane to Subaru but was put off by the crossdressing.

No. 291140

I wish. That series was popular because it was kinda normal and the characters were not insanely dramatic but had fairly normal misunderstandings that were quickly resolved. Plus it has an ecchi theme that wasn’t too extreme. Hopefully other series follow suit but I haven’t seen more like it in English translations

No. 291216

Real question here: shojo manga ised to be super popualr and influencial a few decades ago but I don't think I've ever heard of one that has been released after 2010 that has been as popular as, say, anything by Clamp, or Fruits Basket, or Nana. Is it because I'm an old fart who has a hard time keeping up with recent series or are shojo manga genuinely not as popular as before? Or is it because I always use English social media and many English speaking countries tend to prefer anime or manga by far and shojo manga tend to have live action adaptations instead of anime?

No. 291273

This manga makes me want to kill myself

No. 291292

AFAIK shoujo magazines have been in decline

No. 291295

I honestly feel like we’re trending towards just blending shoujo and shonen together entirely. I’m not sure why this is happening (probably an industry/marketing thing) but that’s what it feels like to me.

No. 291330

Publishers know women and girls read and will read shounen and seinen anyway no matter how misogynistic it gets lol. Though I have heard of men reading shoujo but I don't see a lot of shounen themes rubbing into shoujo.

No. 291449

Most weebs are anime only and the animation industry is totally catered to males nowadays.

No. 291450

What about josei and manga aimed at adult women? What is going on with them? (general themes mangas not porn)

No. 291454

That's unrelated to my question though. I asked about manga, not anime. And I didn't ask about foreign readers, but about influential series, as in series that are popular everywhere including in Japan, where the target demographic lives and buys manga and magazines.

No. 291478

File: 1682197103948.jpg (214.18 KB, 750x1200, __phosphophyllite_and_phosphop…)

hnk updates so goddamn slowly that it kills me; we get barely 20 pages per month. maybe per two months if the mangaka decides not to upload. i know i sound really whiny but kek i hate it.

it's also insane to me that i've been reading this since my middle school days. what will i do with myself when it's over…

No. 291595

How would you even judge a series popularity worldwide if only Japanese manga sales are easily available online?

No. 291894

File: 1682388997686.png (Spoiler Image, 242.7 KB, 1114x1600, IMG_7755.png)

The new chapter is out! I love this shit

No. 291896

Oh my god Phos no why

No. 291899

File: 1682391377718.png (Spoiler Image, 480.2 KB, 1114x1600, HELP.png)

yet another chapter that's left me miserable. i want to phos to find happiness that isn't in death. i wish he could become his own kongo-sensei and run a little school for the new rocks.
>there will be a break for the next two publications
fucking kill me

No. 291904

I thought Phos was happy! What the fuck. This bitch is eating muesli while writing this lmao

No. 292043

File: 1682433723486.jpeg (76.94 KB, 676x1000, 51BP6TXXFPL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

One series I'd love reprinted is Swan. It has the pretty 70s/80s shojo art I crave but the series was stopped halfway through English publishing.

I'm trying to learn Japanese in earnest nowadays, so I might try my hand at scanlating some stuff myself. But I won't be very good at it.

I haven't seriously read shoujo manga in 5 years or so, so my perception might be wrong. But I get the impression a lot of it/was high school romance. With how many there are in that setting they sometimes blend together unless there's a good hook. Not to say ALL shojo is high school romance of course. I might try finding some youtubers that discuss shoujo (Colleen's Manga Recs seems chill) and find some recommendations. That's helped me with finding more seinen to read.

No. 292892

File: 1682750500832.png (149.67 KB, 1539x379, Screenshot_15.png)

front page of mangadex kek

No. 292893

Whoever wrote that summary has brain damage

No. 292946

kek there's three separate sentences in a row to tell you that the MC has the power of the demon king. Who wrote that?

No. 292951

I don't think I've been on any [read online manga] type websites without about 50 of these on the first search pages.
I find it kind of weird, when I was younger read-manga-online websites were plentiful with tonnes of variety available for you to search but now it's lazy isekai/ecchi/yaoi and nothing else unless you specifically search.

No. 293024

Hentai and ecchi shit have autistic as fuck summaries in Japanese. Add to that the fact that the coomer translator clearly tried to stick to the autism of the original instead of properly translating and you have three different sentences saying the same thing in a row, and three different sentences describing girls as simply "beautiful".

No. 293090

File: 1682799848619.jpg (141.69 KB, 1131x1600, aepkl6zjuf161.jpg)

been reading berserk, just finished the golden age arc. nonnies i am obsessed with this manga, it is so fucking good. even though its incredibly depressing, i've actually been finding it incredibly motivational with seeing how resilient guts is. the only thing i hate is the gratuitous rape scenes with casca. i've been listening to the guts theme on loop while i read it

No. 293708

File: 1683050569495.jpg (197.85 KB, 1015x832, news.jpg)

The good news for you is that it might get continued even with Miura dead.

No. 293716

Wait until you're at the Lost Children Arc

No. 293719

Another anon mentioned the youtuber Colleen's Manga Recs and I'd also recommend her videos, she talks a lot about this stuff and shoujo in general (as well as defending it). A big part of the problem is that companies are prioritizing releasing shounen/seinen manga in English over shoujo and josei, and a lot of the shoujosei being localized is also getting released digitally only (so alienating the people who are into buying physical manga). Sadly a lot of really good shoujo manga never get published in English. Aside from that I think another factor is that scrotes are the ones running shoujo magazines and dictating what gets published, so if a female mangaka writes something that doesn't fit the mold of what a scrote thinks will appeal to the shoujo demographic it won't get published in the shoujo magazine. It's pretty obvious that this is happening when you compare older shoujo to newer shoujo.

No. 293725

In my country we publish way more manga than in English speaking countries, and people are way more interested in physical copies here. Yet we have the same problem here. So that's why I find this change in trends so weird and sudden.

No. 293746

Extremely correct. I'm always baffled when I hear people say there's no shoujo manga out there, bc as someone who's constantly lurking manga sites, there's a lot more than people would think, but there's not nearly as much work behind getting them out for a wider audience. There are countless shoujo where the first couple chapters will be posted in English only to never get anything more. It feels so much rarer to get shoujo anime these days too, I hate that all these baby anime-only weebs like my sister are getting exposed almost entirely to scrote shit. Also absolutely the case that anything with more fun and fantastical elements in a shoujo seems to inevitably get published in a shounen magazine instead. Hanako-kun and Ancient Magus Bride are somehow "shounen", and even something as girly as Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, which was published in an online shoujo magazine, is getting physically published in a seinen one

No. 293750

It’s been ongoing and it’s not very good

No. 293772

>even something as girly as Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, which was published in an online shoujo magazine, is getting physically published in a seinen one
Simply ridiculous
I think this happens because they think moids won't read shoujo as opposed to the many women who will read seinen or shounen. I get the impression that if a story is deemed "too good for shoujo" it'll get published elsewhere. Like shoujo is treated these days as the dumpster for low quality girly stuff even though shounen has high amounts of low tier garbage too

No. 293823

Any manga similar to Brutal satsujin kansatsukan no kokuhaku? Not sure exactly what I'm looking for but I found the premise of a hot man killing scrotes that inflict pain upon women and children to be incredible. I'm surprised this is a manga.

No. 294364

This is so funny to me because in my country the majority of newly released translations have been shoujos for years, cause the majority of manga readers are girls and nostalgic women. Wish that would lead to more josei being releasef tho, but I've given up on that by now…

No. 294746

File: 1683484112290.jpg (129.57 KB, 520x650, one-piece-live-action-oda.jpg)

They are still working on that One Piece live action.
>Eiichiro Oda Shares Update on Live-Action One Piece Series, Confirms 8-Episode Count

I can't see it being not-terrible.

No. 294789

Im now imagining if David Cronenberg directed it and I’m sad it won’t happen. Imagine the body horror…whatever this is will probably be normal anime adaptation stuff, sadly.

No. 294855


I'm so depressed that this manga was so short, could honestly read about this concept for ages. I also like that it didn't do that dumbass lib thing that so many "bad people get punished!1!" manga do where women are totes just as bad as men. Leaving a comment here bc I would also love some more similar stories.

No. 294877

Tell me if I should post this somewhere else…but I want to know if you guys remember this manga/manhwa/manhua.

It takes place in a highschool. There's this blonde fujo girl who ships her 2 male classmates. The first boy has dark brown hair and has a crush on the blonde girl. There's another girl with shoulder-length hair who hates the 2nd boy.

It's kind of like Kusattetemo Kimi ga Suki in that the blonde girl thinks one of the guys is a male fujo.

There's this non-canon side story with god as a doll. Each of the main characters (the boys and the blonde) have their own interactions with it.

If you guys can remember the name, please tell me.

No. 295014

Damn I have no idea but if you find out please tell me. Do you think anons in the Fujo thread might know?

No. 295892

File: 1683893580807.png (227.49 KB, 597x594, BhDKxef_d.png)

I hate this guy now.

No. 295895

Its gotten more ridiculous. I truly wish the story would conclude already.

No. 296491

Haru Sakurana's Dark Grimoire/Garden of Grimoire, has anyone heard of it? i don't even remember where i'd found out about it, but it really interests me, im interested in the story and it has real pretty art, but i can't find an english transl. anywhere, i can only really find a French transl. on French websites.

No. 296794

who is this and what did he do

No. 297845

File: 1684700261438.jpg (216.58 KB, 728x1066, FUCK CLAMP.jpg)

I just noticed but it's been at least 20 years since X went on hiatus! Fuck CLAMP, fuck Sakura and fuck Shaolan.

No. 297887

same with xxxholic rei
i wish they focused more on xxxholic than Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle because TRC became such a complicated clusterfuck towards the end. Imo holic has better characters, easier to follow story, mythology, etc.

No. 297903

File: 1684732614762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 413.79 KB, 839x2819, Screenshot_20230522_121538_Chr…)

>>296794 Anthony from Shadows House. He manipulated the little girl in picrel and killed her.

No. 298370

File: 1684950790171.jpg (260.4 KB, 850x1230, troons btfo.jpg)

page made me kek

No. 298487

I’ve been reading this and I’ve been enjoying it so much! Their relationship is so sweet and it’s so refreshing reading a romance manga where the characters communicate and express affection openly. Funny that it sprung from a one-shot comic too, I love that so much.

No. 298638

>inb4 an anime reboot gets announced
I would rage.

No. 298645

Me too. I think I would physically harm someone if that happened. Imagine if on top of that it's by the same studio who tried to butcher Tokyo Babylon before they had to give up on the new anime adaptation?

No. 298656

File: 1685038959824.jpg (183.97 KB, 1000x1510, 595267.jpg)

I'm glad that Tokyo Babylon project is dead. The only time GoHands was good was when they made K. The rest of what they put out over the years is unwatchable. It's funny how they shot themselves in the foot by trying to be 'creative' though - they could have just copied the outfits from the manga instead of plagiarising real models.

No. 301495

File: 1686378270181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 429.2 KB, 1193x1672, 00042.jpg)

this is from sakuran, a manga about a girl who grows up in a whore house. spoilered for nudity. wish there was more manga that didn't romanticize this sort of thing.

No. 301822

File: 1686531646585.jpeg (531.45 KB, 1458x2048, IMG_1054.jpeg)

Would have been better if they were both women imo and I don’t trust anyone handling crossdressing characters (especially feminine men) in the current year.
But I like the art style
Manga is called Company and Private Life. Not much as been released

No. 301823

I read a bit of it a while ago and it just felt kinda bland, tho I like the character deisgns too.

No. 301824

hard to say because I think it’s a new manga?
I agree about the designs , especially Hanku’s clothes.

No. 301827

File: 1686539329165.png (727.21 KB, 1442x2048, 1.png)

Yeah, I guess I got frustrated because of the web comic formart of only a couple of pages per "chapter", maybe it'll get interesting once the characters actually start interacting. Have you checked The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All"? It's a romance between a gyaru and a girl she mistakes for a guy and she also has an edgy look, I didn't really care for the story tbh, so I dropped it, but the art is nice and the characters are cute.

No. 301878

File: 1686577842143.png (23.65 KB, 1662x446, Daija ni Totsuida Musume.png)

can't stop laughing at this mangadex review of Daija ni Totsuida Musume

No. 301948

The English translation is really wonky at times (like the translator isn't a native speaker), but it does seem interesting.

No. 302349

I have, I’m currently reading it. Unfortunately there’s a small LC nonnie in my head criticising the concept because “who could be blind enough to not tell the difference between a moid and a woman”
I love the designs for it as well and I love how the gyaru girl likes alt music like nirvana lmao.

No. 302937

File: 1687091259698.png (Spoiler Image, 867.62 KB, 1350x1920, boys abyss reiji's dad.png)

WHAAAAT?! No way. This fucking story lmao

No. 302976

Okay, what new edgy twist are we missing now? Necrophilia, bestiality and a suicide that ends up working for once?

No. 304727

File: 1687742869721.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Anyone wanna make 3x3's like they're doing in the anime thread?

No. 304740

File: 1687747168035.png (708.4 KB, 600x600, 3x3-manga.png)

based csm enjoyer

No. 304834

File: 1687787596242.png (2.39 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 manga.png)

I keep meaning to read Iguana Girl…
Sorry for my sometimes questionable taste.

No. 304845

>Snake husband manga
Based taste. Apologize for nothing nona. Also we’re you the one posting about the butterfly girl manga a while ago in these threads? That got me to read it lol

No. 304889

BL Metamorphosis was so heartwarming and cute. I love old women as main characters, it should be a thing more often.
I don't usually read shonen but make the exorcist fall in love has a cute artstyle. What makes you like it enough to be a favourite while it's still pretty new?
Also, did you read Hanshin in english and if so, where? I feel like a boomer retard nowadays because I see people finish and read a lot of more obscure manga in (I'm assuming) english and I can never find them

No. 304902

File: 1687809790489.png (1.75 MB, 800x1120, 4x4.png)

Just couldn't settle on a 3x3, had to do 4x4 lol

No. 304931

>Make the Exorcist Fall in Love
I debated putting it on since it’s so new but it clicked with me really intensely. I grew up really religious and sheltered and so I could relate to the protagonist a lot and seeing him slowly come to appreciate the world outside of religion just makes me really happy. I’m also really into Judeo-Christian mythology outside of religion and seeing a manga do more with religious themes than just throw up some crosses and nuns totally charmed me. I also love the gore aspects and “temptation”-based romance. It just feels like a manga made for me specifically lol.
I found it cause some friends recced it to me, no idea where they first found it lol. Hanshin and Iguana Girl both have English translations on Mangadex, not sure if her other one-shots are up there though. Here are links to both if you need them:

No. 304933

>I found it cause some friends recced it to me, no idea where they first found it
It was translated for an anthology book called Four Shoujo Stories and reprinted in the Comic Journal’s shoujo issue

No. 305102

File: 1687895159261.jpg (422.21 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

I'm going to get called a scrote lol.

No. 305109

idk do scrotes even like hnk?

No. 305111

My brother does but he likes pretty much everything, and I guess the hipsters in the manga review community do as well.

No. 305115

File: 1687901646598.jpeg (968.13 KB, 1374x2048, IMG_9721.jpeg)

I almost put all these in my 3x3
Devilman is life, Sirene is my wife. But I haven’t read it all (there’s so much). Have you read the Sirene-Chan short gag spin-off and the adaptation with the crazy-good art Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman? They’re good
I like the art in Brides Story and I will read it until the end and the romances are sweet but I have my gripes about it that I’ve probably posted here lol. HNK is amazing but I want to see how it ends

No. 305116

File: 1687901965123.jpg (1.12 MB, 2390x3514, PSX_20230627_143549.jpg)

I took a long break from reading manga and am now back, these are the current series that I'm caught up on. I'm looking for other recommendations of manga that have a similar vibe to dungeon Meshi or ancient magus bride, specifically nice gentleman guys like Elias, professor Layton etc.

I highly recommend all my current reads (although ranking of kings has a lot of ups and downs)

No. 305121

Lots of people like Arte although it didn’t grab me because I didn’t want to read a story about being passionate about work (lol) but it seems pretty good. Heterogenia Linguistico or Sousou no Frieren both might appeal to you.
Also, Daija (the snake in the snake husband manga) is a gentleman, he really strives to be a good husband

No. 305124

Siren is so freakin cute in this outfit. I've never seen this.

No. 305129

It’s funny it’s super short and it’s the usual Go Nagai degeneracy mixed with hyper cutesy Sirene so it’s really weird

No. 305131

Ayrt and I've never heard of this but I'm going to read it, Sirene is my wife as well and while I prefer her angry as fuck it looks fun. I read Amon a long time ago but I don't remember much of it because it was a mess and while the art was very good there was so much useless fanservice (and I don't mind fanservice too much in general). I wanted to watch the Amon OVA because the animation looked amazing (there were a few GIFs floating on tumblr) but back then it was impossible to find online.

No. 305240

File: 1687944184562.png (2.42 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Started reading hnk because of lc actually

No. 305241

Queen shit.
One of my favorites too and honestly I think it's better than Monster.

No. 305242

Same, I love Monster, but Pluto is a masterpiece.

No. 305254

File: 1687954318604.png (2.13 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3(1).png)

i feel like mine really shows my age…

love seeing others who enjoyed kasane!

No. 305310

File: 1687972682440.jpg (147.3 KB, 755x753, 37383934343024039434234.jpg)

I suppose I just realised that I have a favourite mangaka

No. 305312

samefag but I almost put Pluto on mine too but decided to go for 20th Century Boys instead
my two favourites of Urasawa are Billy Bat and Monster but Pluto is an absolute masterpiece as well, you're both based af

No. 305325

Urasawa is definitely my favorite mangaka, I picked pluto but honestly felt tempted to put monster, billy bat and 20th century boys too. I've been meaning to start reading asadora and master keaton.
Did you guys know that there is video of him singing and playing Bob Lennon from 20th century boys? He sings terribly and I love it kek

No. 305338

File: 1687984462378.jpg (333.54 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

>no Eroica in the search

No. 305340

File: 1687985038029.jpg (584.09 KB, 1600x1600, 4x4.jpg)

Never mind I’m just dumb and didn’t scroll.

No. 305355

Hello fellow Helter Skelter lover

No. 305370

give names please

No. 305371

If you have chrome browser right click and use google lens or whatever is shows up as now. It’s actually good for these because you can select a small square area and these are all main cover/title images (otherwise lens is atrocious and I hate it)

No. 305372

Left to right:
Sleeping Dead
Gente (read Ristorante Paradiso first)
Ikkoku Nikki
Helter Skelter
Tokyo Babylon
Dousei Mansion (Saturn Apartments)
Yowamushi Pedal
From Eroica With Love
Antique Bakery
Dragon Head

I want to swap out one or two though, I totally forgot about Coponicus no Kokyuu, Litchi Hikari Club, and I kinda like K’s Funeral Procession more than Dolis (but Dolis is in full color and very stylish)

No. 305376

(Nta) I almost added Coponicus no Kokyuu but I was trying not to make my 3x3 too much BL (even though that’s really a psychological drama but whatever — I kinda wanted to add J no Subete too).

No. 305378

I was, which is embarrassing because I couldn’t remember the title and it’s something I think about a lot, but I read it first many years ago. I think about it like at least once a month, lives in my mind rent free. Why does she do that, why does she love her captor, why is he so important to her even after she realizes what he is, she instinctively values him over everything else aaaaah —I read into it way too much lol

No. 306329

File: 1688371220866.jpg (2.28 MB, 2588x3684, I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Bad…)

huge thanks to the nona that mentioned this on the rec chart. it's so good. i forgot how much i loved ghost stories

in a perfect world things like this would get adapted instead of battle isekai harem ln #594590

No. 306649

That was me, and I'm really glad you liked it Nona! It's probably my favorite manga right now so I'm glad to see other people enjoying it. I really wish it would at least get simulreleases. It got a live action adaptation a while back but I never checked it out.

No. 306746

i was making one until i realized i've read so much manga that even choosing a top 10 is hard

No. 306912

File: 1688657739283.jpg (839.6 KB, 1094x1535, dc38a807-f6df-4643-83d3-429f6a…)

So this has recently been scanlated til the end, so I truly have no reason to not read it. Gonna start right now.

No. 306914

File: 1688658950922.png (145.21 KB, 565x571, 20230706_125658.png)

And I already love her.

No. 306915

River’s Edge is finally published in English! I’m downloading it rn to see how it is compared to the old scanlation

I didn’t know it was finished, I’ll have to keep reading. I had stopped around volume 4 I think.

No. 307032

File: 1688698000421.png (489.47 KB, 1110x1600, d423f872-ac69-4cc6-9347-2027d8…)

Samefagging to add the aunt is hot.

No. 307080

>I’m downloading it rn to see how it is compared to the old scanlation
Please report back, I enjoyed rivers edge and I'd like to reread it at some point if the new translation is great

No. 307094

File: 1688734558685.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1600, 0FDBD3FE-7581-4E44-AE26-1B37A8…)

I like it! I wasn’t sure what to expect since a few publishers make pretty wonky translations, but whoever worked on this added a lot of annotated notes with info on the time period and things that the characters talk about. The lettering is really good too, and a bunch of the background graffiti text was translated. The biggest difference I noticed from the scanlation is that they use more swear words. I think I’m going to buy a print copy because it’s nice to see it without the super old scans.

No. 307236

File: 1688780285494.png (1.55 MB, 1096x1999, IMG_1209.png)

I don’t want to ruin this thread but this screencap kind of surprised me. I’m aware that the mangaka for Witch Hat Atelier worked on some American comics (Marvel) but I didn’t expect the manga to get described as queer.
Should I even be overthinking it.

No. 307239

You’re kind of overthinking it. The manga is is just girls being witches and drama of growing and learning and adult conspiracies. The mangaka is a westaboo with a big Twitter fan base

No. 307246

It has a gay couple in it and the mangaka is supportive of lgbt rights, what’s the problem?

No. 307356

I’m reading Ōoku and to be honest I don’t have any trouble reading the old timey English, in fact I actually really like it, it gives the manga a unique flavour and it suits the setting. I’ve also seen people complain about the manga being ‘too wordy’ and it…isn’t. Although maybe it’s because they’re struggling to read in an unfamiliar dialect, and that makes it seem like there are more words then there actually are? I feel like most of the complaints are coming from either ESLs or people that just don’t read much. English is my first language though, so that’s probably why I don’t have any issues with reading it.

No. 307374

I’m not ESL and I just didn’t like the language they used for the translation. Even though I like Fumi Yoshinaga a lot I don’t feel like forcing myself to get through it, that’s all.

No. 308279

Yeah, I appreciate that. I hate how lazy translators make everything retard-friendly and translate everything into plain English: regional dialects, slang, outdated Japanese, polite speech, the whole lot. All companies are guilty of this and it exasperates me how little people care.

No. 308285

File: 1689248535408.png (3.77 MB, 1300x1920, cd2e801e-d648-4ed5-b1cb-645016…)

Shadows House, please, we don't need 5 new characters you only killed like 2 in the last 100 chapters I cannot take this

No. 308291

I think Edward will be suspicious towards Laurel/Lulu (Sawako lookalike) because of the stats and dislike Stella/Candy (little girl in red) so he might try to fail them. I can't wait seeing what Anthony will pull off this time (and hope we will see Finn's doll)

No. 308322

File: 1689266926205.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

this was way too hard to make, there's a lot more manga that i wouldve loved to put on this
so happy to see other kasane enjoyers
based naoki urasawa fan

No. 308528

File: 1689382698210.jpg (48.22 KB, 400x400, 2480cffc9fb2292d7834e759544951…)

Could someone please recommend any manga/manhwa/manhua about slice-of-life childcare, centering around one child and their (happy, no angst) life, such as Yotsuba&! or Papa Wolf and the Puppy? I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask but thank you so much in advance!

No. 308530

File: 1689383109991.png (614.96 KB, 468x490, Screenshot_20.png)

nona who's this?

No. 308533

Nta but it is the alter ego of Moka from Rosario + I think.

No. 308534

Gakuen Babysitters, One Fine Day, Baby & Me, With the Light

Rosario Vampire, it’s moid haremshit

No. 308535

moka from rosario vampire, if youre ever interested in getting into the series do not watch the anime just read the manga
>moid haremshit
i wont disagree but im blinded by nostalgia goggles so its one of my favorites

No. 308536

>rosario vampire
rip i had hoped it was a dude

No. 308540

all of the title images in the 3x3s are very easy to reverse image search if you're just kinda curious about one

No. 308545

File: 1689389912693.jpeg (274.02 KB, 1080x1350, B0BC7736-0E6F-46BA-AF0E-63B1CF…)

It’s not getting translated but there is an ongoing homolust vampire comedy manga called ババンババンバンバンパイア

No. 308546

Can you guys think of any non-moidy manga featuring het romances with dominant/assertive women? I feel like I can only get this stuff from like shouen/seinen a lot of the time unfortunately. I'm preferably stuff thats sfw or doesn't make the concept of "femdom" the focus of the romance, like "is it wrong to get done by a girl." I wanna read stuff that has a girl who takes the lead in the romance or is some kind of position of power over him.

No. 308727

kasane seems so lolcow coded. that said i'll have to reread since it's been literal years, it's mostly on my chart because it made such a great impression on me

No. 308730

I read it last week because of how many people included it in their 3x3s. My only gripe is that absolutely no one was excited enough about the literal magic lipstick and no one ever considered using it for anything more fun than acting. Every single character was obsessed with their one thing (playing a role, getting revenge, having their ideal woman, directing their play, etc). Meanwhile they're in contact with literal magic every day! Shouldn't they become obsessed with how the lipstick works? But I'm being silly, it wasn't that kind of story, just an intrusive thought I had I guess.

No. 308742

Jyu-Oh-Sei, possibly.

No. 308767

File: 1689541786985.jpg (73.46 KB, 720x297, 20230716_181020.jpg)

She's just like me fr. If I was a hot Japanese writer.

No. 308768

From what I remember of that manga it starts out promising but then all the female characters get fucked over.

No. 308777

It's up to chapter 4 on my reading manga

No. 308796

this is kind of funny, I wasn't expecting a comedy.

No. 308801

Hmmm, might be one of those secret club groups

No. 309598

File: 1689867239466.jpg (158.46 KB, 680x1000, MV5BYTNiM2E2MjQtYTg2My00N2JjLT…)

Was Isshuukan Friends any good?

No. 309695

File: 1689897604731.jpeg (56.93 KB, 225x319, cairo danchou.jpeg)

Cairo Danchou. Has anyone read it? Got a physical release of it recently and planning to start reading soon. Light-hearted story about anthropomorphic hard-working tree frogs who got in trouble with a big spotty toad for drinking expensive whiskey.

No. 309709

frog fantasy story from 1997… it sounds fun but no I haven't read it. where did you find a copy? surely this isn't published in english.

No. 309712

File: 1689905579326.jpeg (898.52 KB, 1242x1707, EE438BB2-67FC-48DA-B873-39FD39…)

Yes, no english sadly, I got a russian one (published in 2021, russian nonas can buy it right now in various shops, it's in stock and doesn't seem to be popular). Honestly had no idea it was that obscure kek.
>There were once thirty tree frogs. They worked merrily and amicably. Their insect friends threw them jobs. They collected cups-bells of perilla and poppy boxes, planted flower glades.
>Thus begins the parable of one of the most famous Japanese writers of the first half of the XX century, Kenji Miyazawa. Many years later, when Miyazawa became a recognized classic, and his works were included in the school curriculum, the artist Masumura Hiroshi did a great job analyzing the work of the great writer and adapted his works in the form of manga.
>Kenji Miyazawa's life fell on a stormy and dramatic period in the history of Japan, and in the two stories that you will find in this book, frogs, insects and forest animals play out the social conflicts that tore apart Japanese society at that time. However, the answer that Miyazawa offers in his stories remains relevant even now — it is love and compassion.

No. 310402

File: 1690212862143.png (273.63 KB, 732x384, Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 11.35…)

Wait, is Spy x Family gonna be good again? new Fiona bodyhorror chapter gave me chills lol

No. 310446


No. 310654

anyone have any manga/manhwa recs with an actually socially awkward or ugly main female character?

there are tons that feature ugly looking men that get bullied (before their glow up or whatever), but very few with women. The thing that came closest was Watamote, and even with that, the MC is basically a normie and is being fought over by her female friends at this point in the manga.

No. 310657

lol ok but I liked it at the beginning when it was mostly from Anya's perspective / about her having powers and everyone else was a side character.

No. 310664

The main in Koi no Kiseki (Love's Miracle) is ugly at first but she goes through a (non-magical, I would say she still looks a little unusual) transformation and is not ugly anymore after a while, she still has problems with having low confidence etc.
Kasane – extremely ugly MC with magic lipstick, the whole thing is about ugliness/beauty and acting
Princess Jellyfish
haven't read these but I think they might fit the bill:
Bara no Tame ni i
A bouquet for an ugly girl
Skip to Loafer (not ugly just average/plain, I don't believe she gets bullied either if you want something lighter)
Kengai Princess by Natsumi Aida

No. 310678

does anyone have genuinely good romance manga recommendations? i just finished watching the netflix adaption of kimi ni todoke and it has made me feel nostalgic for when i used to read more

No. 310686


Ty will check these out!(do not use emojis/ emoticons)

No. 310872

File: 1690375829918.jpg (190.33 KB, 1129x1600, b2a7d54aaa7c615a4c568d17207b3a…)

samefag: I started reading bouquet for an ugly girl and it's also lighthearted - no bullying - and it's very cute so far. main character is chubby and shy, the cute perfect nice boy in class is taking an interest in her. comical-misunderstandings-with-cute-conclusions type plot, like picrel volume 1 extra.

No. 310883

Kasane was so beautiful, it’s an amazing story.

No. 310888

Hate to be that person but not a single one of this stories feature an actually ugly female MC. Most of them are plain, some a bit chubby but still with an average face, some are even pretty. Even the "extremely ugly" MC in Kasane seems pretty average (but she has a scar I guess? Still not actually ugly). Mangakas really are allergic to making a girl fucking ugly.

No. 310892

File: 1690387621308.png (37.33 KB, 728x600, A98C2A0B-7D4A-40F8-ACF1-0CFF26…)

What did you expect? No one wants to acknowledge being ugly, even ugly representation shouldn’t be too accurate because then what’s there to fantasize about? In the end it really makes you think that maybe you’re not as ugly as you think you are.
I think those manga are okay, not perfect because yeah, a truly ugly character that manages to find happiness would be amazing, but at least it’s something decent and not:
>hi! I’m main character and I’m ugly!
>pic related is my ugly ass mug!
>I get bullied everyday and everywhere I go!
>I’m getting makeup to cover my ugly ass freckles that look like someone sharted on my ugly face!
>nah nee?! I’m beautiful now!
>I will get plastic surgery because my face is disgusting anyways!
>and now everyone will love me!
>only if manage to lose 10 kilos, of course!
>because I disgustingly weight 40 kilos and I should weight 30 kilos
>but that’s not healthy so I will conform with weighting 35 kilos!
>I’m a tall freak btw! My height is 1.60 and everyone thinks I look like a monster!
>plus this hot dude only dates short skinny legends that somehow look taller than me!
>so I will do everything for him!

No. 310906

I think the Koi no Kiseki MC is very ugly but I just don't like the art lol (love the story though.) Kasane was ugly based on what they showed but they refused to reveal her full face which was annoying.
Anyway most of them fit the "socially awkward" part of her request.

No. 310925

Immortal Rain

No. 311941

File: 1690808570752.png (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1363x1935, dd6226bc-c3a7-4669-8a7f-979b45…)

Speedstar Scanlation dropped the snake husband manga? I'm devastated. It was just getting so good. I bought the first volume of the official english release but it'll take so long to catch up!
unless they secretly aren't dropping it… they did release a new chapter

No. 311944

I remember reading that the watamote artist wanted to make the heroine much meaner-looking, but it got shot down by the editors

In fairness, it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous, at most they're just a bit dorky looking. Men on the other hand…

No. 312015

File: 1690844837954.jpg (51.26 KB, 400x627, 9782369741299_1_75.jpg)

The only one I can think you that features that description other than Kasane (as in the protag is ugly and not just awkward/black hair with glasses) is Sora o Kakeru Yodaka but the ugly girl is an asshole despite the story trying to sell you on the "beauty is on the inside" crap lol

No. 312076

>it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous
Kek according to who? There are plenty of genuinely ugly women, it's just that people tend to pretend they don't exist.

No. 312260

Does anyone know if Manshuu Ahen Squad has been translated past chapter 41 somewhere? Don't know if the scan group dropped it or if I'm just too dumb to find the rest of it

No. 312261

>it's very, very rare in the real world for young women and girls to be genuinely hideous
clearly you haven't seen me.

No. 312267

im in the mood for arrange marriage or marriage related stories. im planning to read a happy marriage later this week as im reading a few on the topic like hotaru no yomeiri, sesame salt and pudding, etc. also i'd appreciate if it has an age gap (although this one doesn't to have the marriage-relation storyline).

No. 312268

File: 1690986582242.png (290.31 KB, 800x1142, Otoyomegatari.png)

High chance you've heard of this one but just in case you haven't: A Bride's Story / Otoyomegatari

No. 312321

File: 1690991508339.png (459.89 KB, 1480x674, lsd givaway.png)

Kalendel (of Lovely Strange Dark) is giving away a bunch of her manga. if you live in the US you can get it for the cost of media mail shipping, otherwise sounds like she's tossing them (tragic) because of a move. I can't read japanese so it's of little value to me unless I wanna make a collage out of the pages lol but I know some of you can read them

No. 312773

File: 1691162043284.png (898.65 KB, 1360x1920, 1691092417596948.png)

The first chapter of Satoro Noda's new manga DogsRed was translated, for those interested. Pretty much Golden Kamuy on ice so far.

No. 312784

I'm really confused by the name. I feel like it should be Dogsled or Red Dogs. Dogs Red / Dogsred is weird.

No. 312790

File: 1691165875097.png (Spoiler Image, 2.56 MB, 1268x1254, Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 12.19…)

lmao Noda

No. 312792

Is this guys obsessed with the cold? Between Golden Kamui, that anf the manga about hockey from before he made Golden Kamui I'm seeing a pattern.

No. 312794

File: 1691166285232.jpeg (260.89 KB, 1636x928, F2nwbxaaAAEcZcK.jpeg)

Same, especially with the title being "doggusureddo" which might as well actually mean sled (or thread), dogs red doesn't make much sense.
I love the sister. As someone on /a/ has pointed out she's doing the Tsukishima-faces when snow monkey is fanboying or whining.

No. 312819

he's obsessed with bears!

No. 312841

He's born in Hokkaido so it makes sense i guess.

No. 312844

Is he? I never really thought about where he's from but now I feel silly for not knowing, of course he's from Hokkaido.

No. 312854

That makes perfect sense then. This is like whenever Hiromu Arakawa would talk about coming from Hokkaido before she moved to Tokyo to work as a mangaka in FMA and about the bear attacks. Hokkaido seems traumatizing.

No. 312926

File: 1691218287381.png (983.91 KB, 1732x1400, JJL_v12_ch047_020_021.png)

Finally read Jojolion. Starts off really strong but everything after Vitamin C is a huge drop in quality. It also has the worst Stands and fights and Rock humans were a mistake. Worst final fight. Way too long.

No. 312928

I stopped in the middle of the fight between the beetles, when Josuke says if he wins he'll take the other guy's expensive car because there weren't any new chapter yet at the time. It seems like me forgetting to read the next chapters was for the best.

No. 312933

File: 1691223790736.png (298 KB, 900x1400, JJL_v09_ch037_128.png)

There were a lot of good things about the part too, don't get me wrong. Even after the halfway point. It's just such a massive disparity in the quality of writing between the two halves that when you summarize the part, that's what you mostly focus on. The initial mystery of Jousuke's identity is one of the best things Araki has ever written. The problem is that the part just kept going without direction.

In particular, I really loved the Higashikata family. Joubin especially is one of the most well-thought out antagonists Araki has ever written. I'll admit, a lot of that is because Araki can't write past comic book level villains, but Joubin was good!

No. 312934

I enjoyed the family drama and the race for the rokakakka fruit and each party trying to prove they're the ones worthy of it the most. And Holy's illness mystery was also great. The ending was bittersweet and I loved it. I personally like the second half of the manga over the first half. Also, yeah Joubin is great, husbando material.

No. 313018

File: 1691265408653.png (1.14 MB, 1360x1920, 2415235.png)

Jojolion is the only part I never bothered finishing. Want to do it since I eagerly read most other parts, but I guess I will have to force myself. Had kind of a Jojo related burnout around the middle of part 7 though so maybe that's related. Currently reading the new part and I am fine with it, although I read it irregularly.
Second chapter is already translated now too. I am so happy to finally have another weekly series to follow. The other stuff I read is monthly at best and yearly at worst.

No. 313259

yeah, i did! i havent read it though but it looks pretty. i finished reading my happy marriage, or the available chapters translated and uploaded in some site, but it hasn't been updated for almost two years now. i dont want to watch the anime though and idk where to read the light novel too.

No. 313271

File: 1691383046773.jpeg (533.14 KB, 1650x1200, IMG_0228.jpeg)

I finally decided to read xxxholic this weekend and depressed Watanuki is such a mood.

Just finished reading the final chapter of the original series (so up until xxxholic Rei) and now I’m going to re-read Tsubasa (which I didn’t know had a sequel, I was kinda confused by the original back when I read it. Hopefully things will make more sense this time now that I’ve read xxxholic!)

No. 313291

the black and white art for xxxholic is so pretty even though they're extra noodley, the setting and the outfits make up for it

No. 313392

I just finished Chainsaw man (P1) Ik it's old news but I feel like the Makima stuff is much less impactful if you're not a massive simp Like it's not a huge betrayal how she is because like duh? The true nature is clear incredibly early on?

No. 313395

File: 1691450561565.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1536, 8339611181c6b2622eec0551fbd4d2…)

This is the worst manga I've read in a while, why are they pandering to twittertards when the covers had BL and yuri? It's like they think mental illness is somehow better than just having a character be gay.

Granted the characters are fucking atrocious, they're literally just clones of their parents with less personality.

No. 313400

What is it? Is it worth hatereading?

No. 313402

File: 1691452216411.png (820.86 KB, 1204x851, moids were saying this isn't f…)

Higurashi reiwa, it's dogshit just read the original since it's actually good.

They did so many stupid changes like making a lesbian character straight for no reason and marrying the entire cast off to people who literally don't have faces. Then they baited fujos for a while before going 'LOL ACTUALLY HE'S NOT GAY'

No. 313419

Ah damn that's the new Higurashi manga isn't it? I wanted to read it for the new content. I hate when that happens. I think that characters without any sexual urges can have a point of existing or it might even match some personalities, but it's suspicious how often it happens with the gays or gay coded characters.
Reminds me of that current G-Witch debacle. I don't even like the series and dropped it, but what they are doing right now to retroactively erase lesbians after the huge success the series had partly because of it is embarrassing.

Also, the second panel you posted makes no sense if the character is aroace. He's blushing and fawning over a guy here. This literally cannot happen if he isn't sexually attracted, especially since he seems to react that way by just remembering it here.
>marrying the entire cast off to people who literally don't have faces
I hate this so much it happens in shounen and so many other series. It's like they felt forced to do this, even if the partners are literal nobodies or characters they have never shown interest in before.

No. 313422

>Ah damn that's the new Higurashi manga isn't it? I wanted to read it for the new content.
Yep, it's honestly not good mystery wise either so there's not much reason to read it unless you're familiar with the source material and into hatereading (so pretty small demographic haha).
>but it's suspicious how often it happens with the gays or gay coded characters
Exactly, it's pretty much a cop out that you would never see for a heterosexual character, and then moids and twitter trannies get to be overly smug about it.
>He's blushing and fawning over a guy here. This literally cannot happen if he isn't sexually attracted
Their reasoning for this is literally 'he sees him like a cute small animal' which to me is way more weird than 'he's just gay and thinks that he's cute' especially since unlike Rena he only does it with Keiichi's son instead of everyone.
>I hate this so much it happens in shounen and so many other series.
It's a trope that's literally only liked by people who think they're 'above' shipping for whatever reason even though it's objectively terrible writing. It's even worse here since most of the people they married don't even have faces or aren't even shown in the manga at all. I avoid reading shounen so I luckily don't run into it that often, but it pops up in stuff I'm reading sometimes despite that.

No. 313542

File: 1691505168710.jpeg (165.16 KB, 1080x675, Fw3CNFHaEAAk6FX.jpeg)

is anyone scanlating Yoi With Mottled Skin / Madara Moyou no Yoi / まだら模様のヨイ ?

No. 313544

No, I don’t think so.

No. 314399

File: 1691888709418.jpeg (85.48 KB, 540x405, CC9CF5AB-AD75-429F-B27C-292A47…)

Does anyone have any recommendations for manga about girlfailure office women in their 20s?
Along the lines of tramps like us, watashi no shounen, 3am dangerous zone etc.

No. 314404

Hataraki Man, maybe. I didn’t read a lot of it

No. 314440

File: 1691924457422.jpg (115.47 KB, 840x630, chiyochichi.jpg)

Is Nichijou really that much unfunnier than Azumanga Daiou, or is it because it has no 4koma format? I remember finding the few chapters of AO that were panelled normally not as funny as the rest of the series, too.

No. 314485

Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou are made by two different people

No. 314501

Iirc nichijou's humor is even more referential and language based than azumanga so it might come across as less funny to us gaijin. I remember enjoying the anime though, and I liked Arawi's manga City so idk.

No. 315578

File: 1692288161483.jpg (99.72 KB, 1280x720, 1692189435917721.jpg)

I assume that by now everybody already knows about this but Nami Sano, the creator of Sakamoto desu ga and Migi & Dali has unfortunately passed away on August 5, 2023 due to cancer disease.
She was only 35, which makes this even sadder.
Migi & Dali will get an anime adaption that starts in autumn, you should give it a chance. Haven't read that one yet but I greatly enjoyed Sakamoto. Those news make the ending of Sakamoto hit differently for sure.

No. 315582

It's the other way around for me. Didn't know what to do with AD and gave up on it early but Nichijou is one of the funniest anime I know. Think if found the characters relatable, unlike the girls from AD. For me personally comedy only works if it's relatable and there were tons of scenes in Nichijou where I thought stuff like "holy shit this literally happened to me too". I never understood why it's so disliked nowadays. Or maybe back then as well and I just didn't notice it.

No. 315584

This is so sad nonna, I loved Sakamoto desu ga. 35 is so young… RIP Nami Sano. We lost a great female mangaka.

No. 315602

>3am dangerous zone
memory unlocked
not a manga but have you watched aggressive retsuko?

No. 315679

Fuck, no, this is so sad. Damn…

No. 316024

File: 1692448373491.jpeg (500.38 KB, 1000x1547, -XMa9KYGSDevrTBy6DdIUg.jpeg)

different times…

No. 316034

That looks like an individual chapter.

No. 316036

oh is it like when they used to sell manga chapters in a thin comic book format? because that would make me feel a lot better about the price

No. 316059

Yeah. It's like 10 pages long. Like a regular western comic book that came out weekly.

No. 316068

slightly related but actual manga volumes (like the jpn tankobon ones) used to cost the same everywhere in germany. it was always 5 euros, except for tokyopop volumes which would cost 6,50. that has drastically changed now. the old volumes that used to be 5 euros but that are still sold nowadays cost 6,50 euros by now, and new(er) manga consistently cost between 6,50 and 8,50 euros. some even go for 10 euros. of course special editions like double volumes (ranma 1/2 or inuyasha, for example) cost even more and the price usually ranges from 12 to 25 euros.

i don't buy manga anymore but it makes me sad how i used to be able to buy so many of them with my tiny allowance and saving up birthday/christmas money.

No. 316080

Same thing in France. When I was in middle school/high school one volume would be between 5€ and 5€50 except the ones from the publishing company Kurokawa which were 6€50 which annoyed me when I was reading FMA. Now it's between 6€95 and 8€75 depending on the publishing companies… except I had to buy the first volume of FMA again a few months ago after my cat destroyed it long ago and I wanted to read the series again and it was still 6€50 for some reason. Now there are more and more special editions that cost an arm and a leg and that are huge and uncomfortable to read so if you want to read old 80s/early 90s manga with physical copies good luck.

No. 316089

In America they also keep doing the omnibus/hardcover/premium editions and I’d prefer if they were just normal size A6 or whatever Japan uses. The hardcovers are always like a weird cardboard that damages easily and have worse cover designs

No. 316110

Me too, I'd love more normal sizes. I like putting a volume to read during breaks at my job or while commuting. A coworker of mine likes these big editions for some reason, because it's "cooler", whatever that means and he only reads shonen shit with passable art so I can only see downsides. The series he likes with good art have normal editions or re-editions though.

No. 316129

The prices of paper have gone up drastically in recent years.

No. 317027

File: 1692806660072.jpg (212.13 KB, 1000x1422, 5e38d0c8-c0fe-48bf-8d89-c5605b…)

I was just checking the new manga releases in my country and came across this wonderful yuri manga I want to recommend. Haru Tsuzuru, Sakura Saku Kono Heya de.

It's a two volume long series about loss and healing, the insecurity that comes with the grief after the death of a dear one and the unwillingness of moving on in fear of closing a chapter and forgetting them, even five years later. It's a coincidence that I read it now, since it was exactly five years ago that I have lost two people who were very close to me, so it hit right home.

If you want a bittersweet yuri manga about the slow healing of a 32 year old woman that's far removed from all otaku pandering you should absolutely give this a chance.

Other German here, wanted to say the same. I still remember the 10DM/5 EUR age. Most manga I buy now cost ~7,50 EUR. Many cost 10-12 EUR, though they are bigger formats to be fair. They have upsides since some stories look better that way, but it makes it harder to keep up with many series unless you have a lot of spare money AND space.
I would have bought Fist of the North Star, Jojo and other nice newer releases, but it's simply too expensive for longer series and I have barely any free shelves at this point. Tbh I would take the small formats for many if I had the chance and rather pay less. I especially do not need fancy hardcovers and all that.

No. 317043

Is there anything like Nausicaa in terms of art/worlbuilding? I don't really read manga but recently I found out that the movie is actually based on a manga. I absolutely adored that sort of cool and unique worldbuilding and great art that reminds me of Moebius somewhat. Also idk how to put it but this manga has a very comfy and fuzzy feel that reminds me of old jrpgs that I played as a kid. I don't know how to put it but it's so whimsical and cozy and yet touches some serious themes. Please I'm a super pleb when it comes to animanga and when I try to look for fantasy mangas I can't find anything similar, it's all some weird isekai harem shit.

No. 318316

File: 1693278873293.png (1.82 MB, 1068x1598, 1627074107888.png)

I always got such a creep factor from Oshimi's works and now I know why. I tried reading a few of his different works without reading they were both by him (Chi no Wadachi and Inside Mari) and felt grossed out by how moidy they were. I liked Aku no Hana the first time I read it as a teen but literally everything he writes is absolutely dripping with his issues with women, its so annoying to see his shit peddled as kino.

No. 318402

File: 1693326930433.png (247.08 KB, 611x1071, yuck.png)

I ended up reading Aku no Hana after seeing it getting shilled as a psychological masterpiece. Sawa was a fun character however the entire manga is too porny for me to enjoy.
I saw that image circulating on Twitter - I will never understand why actual women put pornsick mangaka on a pedestal just because they happen to have gender dysphoria.
Also funny how deeply disturbed, degenerate male mangaka such as Oshimi and Fujimoto get labelled as LGBT allies kek.

No. 318424

Kek that’s the exact post that reminded me about him. Aku no Hana felt like a thinly veiled femdom fetish work more often than not, which I wouldn’t have minded if the characters weren’t middle schoolers. I get his work is supposed to be like this psychosexual horror/discomfort but I can rarely believe moids to be depicting “scary” sexual situations without some element of fetishism in it.

No. 318449

File: 1693352330137.jpg (56.14 KB, 800x450, 3273859751280.jpg)

Can you retards stop talking about moids for one second?

No. 318451

File: 1693353592512.jpg (453.47 KB, 835x1200, fa869998-98e0-407a-bebe-3b63df…)

Sorry for talking about a popular mangaka in the manga thread. I'll post about a series I like by a woman to make it up to you.
I really like Sanda, it's by the same author as Beastars. It has a human cast but has the exact same craziness that I enjoyed about Beastars. I hope it gets more popular in the future but I feel without the furry boost people might be turned off by its art style, which is a shame cause it has a lot of fun and insteresting ideas about growing up and growing old and how society values youth.

No. 318463

i want an manga where a failmale with AGP tendencies dies and gets reborn as a girl….but an ugly morbidly obese one

No. 318484

Fuck no ew. The only recarnation agps deserve is being a cockroach to be crushed

No. 319036

Why do anons hate that manga so damn much? I loved it

No. 319042

>So it's my wish to venture into that half of the world that I can't reach
Jesus, that Diana Shaw was right when she said "womanhood is the final frontier that men can’t explore firsthand"

No. 320285

is tomie good or is it "sex is power/attractive women are oppressing me" libfem/scrote nonsense. i want some misandry but i don't want any glossed up femme fatale nonsense

No. 320287

I personally didn't like it because the stories were too repetitive for me but there's no femme fatale tropes or anything, just straight-up horror iirc.

No. 320289

Like >>320287 said, it's a monster horror, not libfem/femme fatale and not misandrist either (women also suffer and are shown as shallow and motivated by jealousy). Many stories are focusing on her disgusting regeneration power.

No. 320342

maybe i'll give it a try. thanks nonas

No. 321518

Wish the mangaka of ousama ranking wasn't an out-of-touch sperg and would continue his series already because I got actually interested in the whole ranking mystery and god business this story has, but the main character is the manga's weak point IMO so my patience isn't endless and I might forget about it if the plot doesn't change the PoV and shed some light onto other guys by the end of the year, which will probably not happen if he keeps avoiding drawing. All because of some a twitter comment he got angry about six months ago. Way to ruin your career.

I wish proper fantasy, history and sci-fi without pandering wasn't so damn rare nowadays.

No. 321547

Magus of the Library
Witch Hat Atelier
The Ancient Magus' Bride
Hakumei and Mikochi
Land of the Lustrous
Music of Marie

No. 322217

File: 1695096830858.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1372, shoujo checklist.png)

No. 322218

File: 1695096895510.jpg (288.48 KB, 1080x1372, IMG_9125.jpg)

Not really a fan of shoujo honestly (I read some of Princess Jellyfish but dropped it because I hated the love interest, he was a shithead)
I like gakuen babysitters though!

No. 322220

Princess Jellyfish was fun ten years ago, before anybody knew about AGP or what troons are really like.

No. 322221

I'm not even talking about the troon stuff, I just thought his 'HOW COULD I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS PRETTY BUT MILDLY NERDY GIRL WHEN I'M SO PERFECT, RICH AND BEAUTIFUL' meme was beyond obnoxious and made me want to strangle him.

No. 322259

File: 1695122528355.jpeg (33.46 KB, 912x740, sad.jpeg)

No Ouran?

No. 322492

File: 1695249491951.jpg (132.06 KB, 750x949, 39362626.JPG)

Not much into shoujo so I dropped most of these, but I really liked Basara, Sailor Moon and Rakugo and I think that Kids on the Slope is painfully underrated.

I was mostly into classic mahou shoujo since it is the perfect form of shoujo IMO. It mixes adventure and drama with the shoujo style, but since it's about magical girls romance is at best a subplot and there are no male characters so it doesn't resort to otome tropes since they aren't my thing and top of all of this it was a bit of wish fulfillment since everybody would like to be given some special power to be a hero one day.
Sadly the that genre is gone for some reason.

But speaking about that list I should get my ass up and start the new manga from the Basara/7 Seeds author already.
I would also add some iconic CLAMP series to that list, especially Rayearth was great. I cannot explain why, but Rayearth worked perfectly for me whereas I couldn't stand Yona, Fushihi Yuugi and the likes. Maybe because of the reasons above, since Rayearth is basically a mahou shouji with other genres thrown in.

No. 322614

File: 1695315388325.jpg (289.36 KB, 1080x1372, checku.jpg)

For some it has been so long ago since I watched them, the only thing I remember IS watching them.

No. 322634

You must watch Revolutionary Girl Utena, it's the best one

No. 322712

File: 1695353747377.jpg (288.72 KB, 1080x1372, 1695096830858.jpg)

wtf where is ouran? Needs rose of versailles and more clamp too imo. I'm mildly ashamed I haven't seen utena, I watched 2 episodes as a kid and it went way over my head kek. I've been meaning to give it another try. Lovely Complex is probably my favorite on the list (maybe just for nostalgia)

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