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File: 1646340578922.jpg (66.27 KB, 595x483, 1646340527125.jpg)

No. 186862

This is a thread to post all our favorite female content creators! All kinds of female talent welcome, from animators and artists to vloggers and video makers, and anything in between. Post your favorite youtube channels, blogs, instagrams, twitch streams, etc. A short description is always appreciated.

No. 186863

I love Royalty Soaps, she's always so fun and passionate about soap making. Watching her vids is like hanging out with a nice friend.

No. 186865

This might be a little niche but I love watching Okana Nako, she is super cute and her videos calm me down.

No. 186866

I love Art Prof, her videos are awesome if you're learning or practicing art, and she's just a nice looking butch woman!

No. 186871

File: 1646343736238.jpg (62.81 KB, 650x835, image-18-93.jpg)

I don't know many, I don't use social media
http://bagandaberet.blogspot.com/ Blog of Mel Kobayashi, a model and fashion blogger. Sadly her latest post is from 2 years ago. She's crazy, and crazy stylish. For every anon that thinks life is over after 30 because then you are an ~adult and have to give up fun and fashion~ you should look to her, she is over 60 years old.
https://www.youtube.com/c/OxanaCrafts This lady makes videos showing how to make jewelry from wire and stone. There's a lot of videos and all the designs are beautiful

No. 186872

>crazy stylish
>pairs a jean jacket with a leather jacket instead of one or the other

kek ok anon

No. 186874

>adhering to some made up rules
I see you are not crazy enough yet

No. 186879

File: 1646346377090.jpg (126.33 KB, 650x813, my quints2.jpg)

lmao her blog is wild, I aspire to be like her when I'm old as a fellow cf fashion enjoyer

No. 186880

Possum lady. Love her.

No. 186881

same! i love this video, it's my favorite from her channel.

No. 186883

This girl too. She has a degree in medieval lit and has some good videos on all things Arthurian.

No. 186884

Samefag but possum lady found a husband a while ago and now he’s joining in.

No. 186885

What a legend "Some of you have written in suggesting that I'm a whackjob" the way she said that, I almost choked

No. 186887

I KNOW people still 100% insist she has a personality disorder

No. 186891

Her name is MEPearl and her body is being possessed by the soul of a dead squirrel named Pearl she fostered. That is the lore

No. 186894

I just love unhinged old ladies

No. 186896

speaking of old crazy ladies, here's an old japanese lady that plays videogames

No. 186897

And another old lady that loves gaming

No. 186903

Kek I would follow this woman through a zombie-ridden apocalypse world, one hundred percent. The completely deadpan
>Corpse. Lotta dead bodies.
>A shotgun? Great.
>(monsters going crazy outside) Guess I'll close this door too.
>multiple headshots even when monsters are 2 inches from her face
>Wow. I'm scared. (Not scared at all)
She would survive it all, no problem

No. 186910

I know I've posted her here before, but Tibees has a really nice channel about science and math. I really enjoy her videos going over exams. This is a cute short movie she made

No. 187000

I like Rirang's solo camping content, it's very relaxing and pushes me to do more things on my own. I'm in a long-term relationship so I find myself waiting to do things until my partner can do it with me by default. I'm working really hard to move out of that mindset. I love his company and sharing experiences but I was also doing really cool things alone before I met him and I miss that!

No. 187009

File: 1646385557136.jpg (225.76 KB, 2048x1150, STRONG.jpg)

Gab Smolders is the only woman gaming channel I watch. She likes the same vidya as me, she's chill and has a general big sister vibe. Also her random stories about when she lived in Japan are 100% more interesting and informative than actual jvlogger content kek.
Really satisfying to see her evolve in her personal life as well and shifting from angsty to happy, taking care of herself and working out.

No. 187014

I used to watch morges when she used to make videos.Her most popular one was about onision and some other commentary stuff but I liked her non-commentary videos better.I loved her accent and her ~lul so randum~ humor which seemed genuine.It's obvious that she has some issues and in general didn't know how to make her channel work but tbh I'd watch anything from her.She has been gone for a while and deleted/unlisted most of her non-commentary videos which is a shame cause I really liked most of them.I'm linking a non-commentary video of hers but you can watch her commentary ones if it's more your thing

I know of this woman but I always found her insane to watch kek.I should give her another chance


No. 187017

I like her bushcraft related vids

No. 187031

I love her, the lore video you linked for how she got into gaming was sad but I loved the cursed game console that refused to be sold.

No. 187033

I love Oxanacrafts, been looking for a channel like that for a while now

No. 187034

Double posting because I forgot to contribute but I love imamu room channel, the recipes look yummy and I like the funny moments.
From more often mentioned on lolcow youtubers I also love alizee, micarah and withwendy. Also mila le blanc is funny if you're into perfumes and bitchy women kek

No. 187040

I have the biggest crush on her

No. 187043

Simone Giertz! It's honestly crazy how fucking amazing she is. I am consistenly in awe of her. I do have the biggest, gayest crush on her, but she is so smart, and talented, and beautiful, how could I not? Her videos are funny, and I'm always intrigued. This latest video? Sure her idea to begin with was a little outlandish, but so Simone. The end result? The bitch just fucking picked up making stained glass windows like it was nothing. Even if her original idea didn't work out, she still decided to do something new for the first time ever and it came out amazing.

Her pivot from useless funny robots to creating not useless things didn't make her lose her charm. She has come so far, and I eagerly await her next video to see where she'll go. I feel like she truly enjoys what she does for a living and I would do anything to meet her in person. She is hands down one of my top favorite content creators.

No. 187045

I looove watching her! I really like watching JSE so I checked her out because of him and I love her vibe. It's a shame that she plays a lot of first person POV games because they give me motion sickness so I can't really watch them.

Also love her so much! She's a joy to watch.

No. 187046

I know she doesn't post anymore, but Jenna Marbles. There will truly never be anyone that I adore as much as Jenna. Regardless of whether it is a front put on just for the camera, I'd like to believe that she was as great of a person off camera as she was on. I think her love for her animals, and especially with how Bunny has blossomed over time, is a testament to what a great person she is.

I felt like she grew with her audience. Her content became more and more representative of her, even if she always apologized and said "sorry if this isn't what you want to see." The best thing to do is not give people what they want, but to give them what they don't know they want. Did I ever think I wanted to watch her teaching Marbles to sit for 20 minutes? No, but I love this video so, so much. The video of her painting her face like her chair had be sobbing in laugher, I wish I could experience for the first time again. J&Js kitchen, the plant tour video, THE ONE WHERE SHE SHAVES OFF HER EYEBROWS, god she is hilarious and amazing.

I remember feeling disappointed when they first adopted their hamster, Ad. I thought, oh my god she's just doing the same shit every other youtuber does and is getting a new pet for fun. I was worried about what was going to happen to Ad. And what happened? She listened to commentors, got him a better set up, and she and Julien loved him until the end. I do not really believe she is like many other youtubers. I believe she's was rare breed of true ingenuity on the platform, and never sacrified any of it as she cemented her place as one of the OG and one of the most popular channels. The fact that she garnered so many views for so many absolutely stupid videos I think speaks volumes of the adoration people just had for her and her existence.

Sorry I'm being mushy but I miss her so much. She and Julien have been fostering dogs, and it makes my heart swell to think of her, with all the love and patience she has in her heart, doing everything she can for them. Even if she never comes back, and I think at this point it's pretty slim if she does, I'm glad to have discovered her and watched her over the years. I think even in her final moment of choosing to leave the platform, she had managed to outshine many creators in being able to leave with grace and of her own volition. Maybe it's not right to put her, a regular person, on a pedastal, but everyone does it with pretty much all content creators anyway, so I will too. The pure image of herself she left for the internet might be too big of a role for her to feel that she can come back to, but I still think it's an image that's worth looking up to. Being shamelessly indulgent in ways that don't harm anyone, having humility, having love and patience for others, etc.

Sorry for my retarded Jenna sperg, I just love her so much.

No. 187047

anon this made me so sad. Because I miss her so much, it is so weird you posting this because the past few days I have been binge-watching her old videos. I stopped rewatching for ages because it made me too sad knowing she has left. But one of her videos was recommended to me and I fell back into rewatching her. I miss her content so much. There will never be another like her.

No. 187049

I loved Jenna too, I looked forward to each video wondering what crazy or chill shit she came up with every time. To this day the video of her tranforming Julien into a Bratz doll sends me, as well as her Claire makeover. It felt so nice and cozy.
I was sad when she left, but it was for the best because she seemed unwell. But now she seems to have a happy life with Julien and fostering dogs. I like to think that she still does weird wholesome things on her own while being happy with herself, and I truly hope that's the case.

No. 187078

If you can get over the fact that she present herself as an nb and is friends with some breadtubers, I think StrucciMovies has some really great videos about all sort of subjects.

I really liked her videos on social questions like parasocial relashionship but also political correctness. She also has great reviews of films, series ( the Hannibal one is god tier imo ) as well as niche horror content.

No. 187097

It was so fun and relaxing I ended up watching the whole video, ty for the rec anon!

No. 187098

Oh my god she brings her two kitties. I love it

No. 187229

Her window shopping videos are so fun!

No. 187236

oh yeah, I like her too!

No. 187283

I found this youtube channel where this woman talks about otome games, she wants to promote otome games as a way to learn japanese. I don't really play otome games, anime guys don't interest me but I think her channel is interesting.
That drawing is so neat I love it

No. 187290

I love this lady so much. An anon recommended me her channel before and she reminds me so much of us /m/fags. Love her and her discussion about wanting to find escapisms after going through depression.

No. 187300

File: 1646527225127.jpg (108.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

For any other STEM fags, I like Dr. Tamitha Skov (physicist specializing in space weather & HAM radio) and the more normie-friendly Dr Becky (astrophysicist & popular science).

No. 187320

For any cottagecore/artist nonnas, I highly recommend Jeri Landers. She's an artist who lives in amazing old house and everything is super comfy, her videos are also super long and kinda ASMR-y if you're into that.

No. 187338

I have never come across a full on mukbang style video I've liked until her. The vlog videos are great too. Good recommendation, nona, thank you! I like that her cooking videos aren't made to look perfect and that her meals can be indulgent but not ridiculously so.

No. 187349

This channel is the husbando threads in youtube format, I almost feel embarassed.

No. 187391

File: 1646589925616.jpeg (66.44 KB, 331x302, 516E73EB-9433-4463-8464-3540BA…)

It’s been around for about a million years so you’ve probably all heard about it, but Unsounded by Ashley Cope is a beautiful and well-written 1000+ page fantasy webcomic. It has a good mix of adventure, drama, goofiness, and horror. Has some gore so don’t read if you can’t stomach that. Anyway I’ve been reading through the whole thing again this past week and am just remembering how great it is.

No. 187519

I was acutally thinking of posting this but thought it might have been too much.

I really like Duane, he would maybe be husbando material if he wasn't a lich and didn't still love his wife…

No. 187531

I was about to post her too! I love how calming her voice is. I love her perfume collection vids

No. 187538

The author also has good taste in husbandos

No. 187551

Duane is based on her zombie husbando from Vagrant Story kek

No. 187877

File: 1646770578828.png (Spoiler Image,133.72 KB, 328x216, 65409850342.png)

Started reading this yesterday and now I'm in ch 11. Thanks nonny, I'd never heard of it before. For other good comics by/about women I recommend Ava's Demon and Monstress.

Minor gripes because otherwise the writing and characters are great, but I hate the trope of "loyal woman redeems crazy/obsessive man." Mostly because it's always a woman dedicating her life and soul to being the conscience of an ambitious scrote. 99.9% of men would never do that in reverse and similarly we don't even see it in media. Talking about Iori and Rahm specifically. At least she stood up for herself but it's so annoying when female characters have no personality and relevance outside of being loyal, kind and supporting towards men. Duane's wife is also a non-character whose sole attribute was being nice, plus she was relegated to being poor forever because he couldn't keep his attitude in check. I like that Mathis' wife was the genius between them, but she was shy/humble around him regardless. I just want a woman who owns her strength confidently and has her own goals - which is why I'm so relieved Sette is the lead. I like Elka as well but it's too bad about the raging crush on Toma. She reminds me of Brienne from GoT. Good character made less impressive because she's such a simp.

No. 188534

Aw, I used to watch her too, didn't know she stopped doing youtube. I think she had a really genuine and sweet personalty and seemed fun to be around. I especially liked watching her videos when I needed to get comfy to let my melatonin kick in or something, easy watching to laugh and unwind to. I think my favorite were her videos with her dog, like when they camped out in that underground cave together or when she did the day in her dog's life while she pretends to be out of the house

No. 189130

I'm caught up now and all I have to say is fuck Lemuel. Never really liked his character but wow, he just went all-out shithead I guess

No. 189851

Sorta niche but I love Nakari Speardane's worldbuilding content. Worldbuilding Notes is also good but she hasn't uploaded in six months.

No. 189855

I swear this author could be a lolcow user kek
Also has both radfem and fujo tendencies.

No. 189866

she does commentary vidoes on all kinds of topics but I espeslliy like the ones about her own life experience.

No. 189876

What sort of radfem tendencies?
I really hope she is a farmer now and a radfem. I'm an oldfag and used to read her blog at Casualvillain a long time ago and she was pretty cool until she found 4chan and and lost her mind trying to be like an edgy moid. She went from anti-pedo to drawing adult men raping 12 year olds and saying that she understood why people are pedo in Japan because Asian kids are so sexy. She also showed an underage boy from her street 4chan and had him grope her boobs.
It made me lose interest in her works.

No. 189922

i know some people consider her a cow because of all the channel awesome drama but allison pregler / movie nights is one of the only youtubers who's videos consistently make me cry laughing

No. 190009

Ah shit, maybe I used the wrong term. I just recalled her saying that men were good for porn only. I do remember her saying she loved to shitpost on 4chan and yeah, she has that edgy moid thing going on. I had no idea she was that bad though.
At some point I thought she was an aiden because she mentioned wanting to lop off her tits. Honestly now that I think about it she seems less based and more like a cow.

No. 190120

I still remember her drawing porn of her snake man character raping that black haired wizard dude and the weird gore porn of her OC edgy vampire zombie villain character cutting his own head off so he can suck his own dick.
Kinda scrote-like to make hardcore porn of your own pg-13 comic

No. 190244

I like Bobdunga's amateur lost media documentaries. I liked the lost girl games one too.

No. 190246

samefag, her girl games docu. I usually hate video essays because they have boring editing but i like her style. it reminds me of another documentary i enjoyed watching which was feel good man.

No. 190247

File: 1647579488137.jpg (474.06 KB, 1587x2308, rxXFHUQ.jpg)

Also want to give Vera Brosgal some appreciation. I haven't read her other comics but Anya's ghost has a special place in my heart.

No. 190249

here are my recommendations

Lady Decade is a good and natural video game essayist who does mostly essays on consele history

There's also Erin Plays, she does retro gaming related videos

Pushing up roses, a fairly decent game/tv review channel

Cannot be Tamed, she does mostly horror and atmospheric game reviews

a fun geek related female channel is Rawrist who does fantasy and horror reviews as well as lore essays and comics/book vs show comparison, she's pretty cool

No. 190347

File: 1647619535606.jpg (Spoiler Image,487.92 KB, 1000x959, gross.jpg)

Yeah she is cowish.
It doesn't look like her pedo tendencies are gone because she proudly displays this pic in her sfw DA gallery under her real name.
>from her very lovely, very smutty story

No. 190350

File: 1647619714807.png (80.71 KB, 1343x618, goyou.png)

Also I came across her totally cool and edgy old LJ account. It's full of stuff like this if you want some "fun" reading.
She was in her late 20's then, not some teenager.

No. 190351

>her snake man character raping that black haired wizard dude

No. 190353

Damn she really wants everyone to know she likes it when people fuck underage kids doesn't she? It's kinda fucky that her most known comic has a young girl protagonist now.
She is a huge weeb and is literally obsessed with dicks. She will mention dicks in most conversations. She apparently likes bad dragon stuff.

No. 190356

Where does she write about bad dragon stuff? I want to keep up with the cringe.

No. 190358

You'll have to believe me nona because it's from some discord servers and I don't want to out myself kek but even from what's been posted you can tell she's degenerate.

No. 190364

Nah. Different person. Snapesnogger kinda left the internet didn't she?

No. 190369

File: 1647628243955.jpg (36.29 KB, 445x528, tumblr_164e4d6eb98e4033a70a5b3…)

This is really gross to find out that she's into pedo shit. Her comic literally has a villain child rapist character who gets a gruesome death. But now that I know she likes that stuff all his scenes being creepy with the main character are kinda sus. The main character is a literal little girl. Its one thing to draw weirdo snake porn but pedo shit just ain't right.

No. 190469

File: 1647644865091.jpg (296.42 KB, 900x1273, the_galactic_hub_by_owlygem_dd…)

She's still around, she changed her handle to Owlygem. This is what her art looks like now

No. 190497

Wow looks like she really got better. Good for her

No. 190930

She must be over 40 now and still acts like that. Surprised she hasn't trooned out.
You just know that she was rubbing her hands in glee at the thought of 4chan moids (her idols) would be drawing porn of her child mc.

No. 190953

File: 1647813914859.jpg (459.03 KB, 800x1200, 1603216074-00-00.jpg)

This is so fucked up. I love her comic but I can't read it anymore after learning all this. Pedos literally deserve the rope.
Anyway if you want a good web comic made by a woman who isn't a degen (afaik) I recommend ~Daughter of the Lilies~

No. 190969

Don’t know where to ask this question but anyone have any good vlogs of people that aren’t rich or clout chasers in LA. But also have like a fellowship of the rainbow vibe/ Edwin and Mina when they lived in london.
I know that they are terrible examples but it’s all I can think of at the moment.

No. 191548

I just found this girl on TikTok. She fascinates me so much she grew up in the same fundie Christian cult that the Duggars are a part of (19 Kids and Counting) and before that was bounced around in abusive foster homes. She escaped the cult after going to college and becoming more worldly. I’m kind of on the fence on if she’s a cow or not just because of how much she overshares about her relationships with past girlfriends. She can be kind of cringey at times because she can fall into the annoying genderwoke stuff but it’s easy to ignore. She’s also involved in a huge lawsuit against the government for funding her conservative Christian college that I guess tried to expel her after she wrote a fictional story that had lesbians in it.

No. 192068

Alright i saw your post and decided to give it a read and it was really annoying. The monstrous girl really looks nothing like a monster, the yellow elf almost looks more inhuman, and the personified demon angst is such uwuified anxiety and depression that it feels like a shen comic. The god thing was predictable, you can smell the atla influence, and of course the black ice mage they give 7 pages of solo action is diversity representation. Also is the mc really gonna end up with the half orc? Hes the blandest, stupidest dude i have ever seen, i just know theyre gonna have him have an artificial and forced character arc to make him more interesting which he just isnt at all, the troll is more interesting honestly. All in all i regret reading this

No. 192197

File: 1648242537154.jpg (260.19 KB, 993x759, 72469044.jpg)

I guess we just have different tastes nonna

No. 192593

File: 1648398430690.png (391.11 KB, 525x502, Screenshot from 2022-03-27 12-…)

I actually like watching SimplyNailogical/Cristine. I know she's autistic and can be really annoying, sometimes I can't stand her screeching in her videos, but annoying cringey parts aside, I actually do like her. She has a normal job outside of youtube that she is passionate about and has no intention of giving up, she advocates for viewers to finish school instead of solely pursuing content creation and even set up a scholarship at her alma mater, and I think her autism for nail polish leading her to create nail polishes that meet her exact specifications is both equal parts stupid but actually kind of great. They're really expensive so I haven't bought any, but she wears her own products and goes to stupid lengths to get exactly what she wants, but it results in a good product (or so I can only assume). I'm thinking of making her own one coat black, and also the expensive route of making custom bottles for her nail polish because she had autistic reasons for not liking the premade ones. Maybe it's stupid but it's nice to see so much care being put into a product, even if it's just nail polish. She's obviously really passionate about it. She also started weightlifting and enjoys it and I'm in awe when I see her weightlifting posts.

I prefer to listen to her podcast since she keeps the screeching to a minimum (and now starting to watch stream highlights for the same reason) and I do think it's fun to listen to her thoughts because she's obviously a smart person.

No. 192595

File: 1648398910576.png (1.16 MB, 764x1062, 1 XiNgY9XqqY0U0itZ7Ush1A.png)

i really like safiya, even though her over the top mannerisms can be a bit annoying sometimes when she seems to miss the moment when it's time to stop milking a joke. i wish she'd branch out a bit more because the "melting together every x" videos are kind of old at this point. her DIYs are super fun though, i think it would be cool if she picked up other DIY hobbies and tried them out, like knitting or sewing or something. i just really like that her videos always have high production quality and she puts effort into doing background research and explaining things.

No. 192614

Yes!! I love her, she's one of the only YouTubers I watch

No. 192749

super ot but last I saw she was dating avafaid and they were drawing porn with their ocs lovingly reenacting her “sexual assault” together. It’s so weird seeing her work elsewhere after all that went down.

No. 192872

I don't usually watch storytime channels because a lot of them feel fake or forced but I really like Yuunarii. Her videos are relaxing and funny, her drawings are very cute and I love how she talks about niche topics,you can truly see she's passionate about them. It's sad she has less and less views, she's really underrated imo.

No. 192881

I hate when she makes that face, she looks like she's staring at my soul.

No. 192971

File: 1648510527874.png (69.64 KB, 200x200, 67323.png)

I only started reading it because I saw this masked cutie reblogged somewhere on tumblr, and I really enjoy it so far! I also really love the crazy expressions she can draw

No. 192977

Not sure if anyone here cares about booktube, but I like Marian H a lot. She talks about classics in a pleasant lowkey sort of way. She likes a lot of maritime-themed books and iirc she writes poetry as well.

No. 193186

Mithrilda is one of my favourite art youtubers and I love her discord server. She's not an amazing artist but I believe she will be one day. Her videos and experience seem to be so honest and open plus she lowkey inspiring me to actually go out of my way and take art courses instead of just watching youtube videos.

No. 193189

Sasha is so geeky I love her. Her videos are a delight to watch and she's probably the only person on earth that can approach controversial topics with grace and nuance. I feel like tumblr poisoned the way I enjoy media and she's just healing me by getting so geeky over the most niche of topics. I always love hearing what she has to say about comics.

No. 193213

Alizee is a general commentary etc channel, she's a snarky Bri'ish woman, ex drug addict, vegan and funny imo. She does media reviews too, and like multiple hour book reviews - you don't actually have to read the book to listen to those. Idk but I like her, for some fucking reason this video of her complaining about vegan products is one of my faves from her.

No. 193216

Pretty sure everyone knows Atrocity Guide but I love her ominous voice and the unsettling topics of her documentaries so much

No. 193219

can anyone recommend any good weebtubers? I wanna get back into anime and it would be cool to find someone who talks about new seasonal stuff

No. 193238

I remember from the Onion threads that a lot of farmers really dislike Alizee, but I like her too. Although her videos on Onision and Shane and that sort of thing are my least favorite of her content, I prefer her videos where she just goes off on tangents about reptilians and existentialism or finds stupid reviews and headlines.

No. 193265

I've been into bardcore lately and I love this woman's covers. Her voice is lovely and soothing.

No. 193275

Based I love that channel! I also like women living alone vlogs channels.

No. 193313

I love Etellan SO MUCH, she has such a soothing voice and style, and she always turns even mistakes and frustrations into good things. She has kind of Bob Ross vibes in a way kek. And she has a lil birdie that helps in the videos sometimes! She does doll repaints, but also figure repaints and stuff. Did I already say how much I love her?

Oh, that's a shame! I can uderstand disliking people riding off making commentary of Onion boy but she has diverted off from it now, of course she has the occasional algorithm friendly leddit videos too but I don't mind them. I like her commentary.

No. 193315

Another video essay / documentary channel I like is münecat - her videos are always well researched and go deep into stuff, like this one about fucked up online gambling schemes. She has some MLM contest too, that's how she became popular I think

No. 193316

oliSUNvia makes video essays on media, social issues and The Society(tm). I love her calm voice and ability to see things from different perspectives

No. 193318

Münecat's OK, but she's a gigantic handmaiden.

No. 193328

Oh for SURE, I was going to add that she has a whiff of male pandering to her but I like her nonetheless and try to ignore it. Besides, as a female content creator you really cannot be anything but a handmaiden publically, so I just ignore that part (unless they specifically make videos REEE'ing about JK Rowling and/terfs).

No. 193335

These videos are gonna be my new obsession

No. 193345

samefag, this channel is unironically changing everything for me. Her methods are really approachable and she's so open about her process and I'm actually going to get into repaints because of this channel. Plus I also have a crush on her now. Thank you nona!!

No. 193348

File: 1648643104475.gif (6.93 KB, 85x81, 1647033732402.gif)

Oh bless you nonna you are adorable, glad you liked her too! I can relate, I also started repaints because of these kinds of channels! And also I'm pretty sure I left etellan a comment that I will send her a marriage proposal in the mail since I love her videos so much, hopefully she didn't find me super creepy lmao

No. 193363

A parasocial relationship will develop from her, I can feel it.
Thank you nonnie

No. 193374

I like her too, I haven't watched her in a long time though because I don't follow interent drama that closely anymore and I don't like reddit videos. I think she reads/uses kf (she made a joke about onion being autistic once which was very farmer-y and strange for a normie + his thread on kf was the main source for most onion gossip back then) but not lolocow (she mentioned it on her podcast wrt some drama and described it as "like 4chan's /b/ for gossip" or something weird like that which makes me think she doesn't use imageboards)

No. 193407

Nicole Rudolph is fast becoming my favorite costuber. I really like that she includes a lot of her research in her videos so I feel like I'm learning something rather than just looking at pretty sewing

No. 193450

File: 1648682477211.png (85.7 KB, 255x255, Mori.png)

I really enjoy Calliope Mori,I like putting her on in the background while I work. When she streams with other HoloMyths its my favorite.

No. 193571

File: 1648717146400.jpg (49.97 KB, 500x389, 419.jpg)

Can anybody recommend some girl gaming channels that are entertaining?

I've tried to find some before, but either can't get into them or they are too boring.
The only girl gamers I used to watch were Kpopp, Geek Remix and Marz. And some simmers but they all play sims4 instead of sims2 the best one

No. 193572

i like gab smolders she seems really sweet

No. 193624

you just reminded me how much I used to love Kpopp, thank you

No. 193659

I love Gab! Plus she showcased some fairly obscure untranslated japanese games, putting her own subtitles and everything. Sweet Anita is fun too.

No. 193661

Lines in Motion.
She talks about manga and video games (so far mostly manga) her videos are really well edited. I'm hoping she's a normal well put together human being.

No. 193675

I follow apesmeister on Twitch. She's cool, and plays a lot of retro or semi-obscure games.

No. 193692

I love her and her cats.

No. 193706

Aw man I didn't know she stopped making videos. I loved that one where she walked a bee on a leash lmao
Same! I didn't think I'd be as entertained by the video you linked when I first watched it as I was. It was actually super interesting. She's clearly really smart and I'd love to get a coffee with her or something and just chat

I personally love Haley Blais. She makes music and vlog style content. I understand how a lot of people might find her stuff kind of boring, but I've been following her for years and her vids are so cozy to me. I also love her sense of humor and come back to vids like this to get a good chuckle

No. 193821

I just checked her patreon and she had a post from March saying she will be back "in a few days" and she said she had personal stuff happening to her but now she "is doing AMAZING". It has been a month tho and tbh I'm not surprised since she doesn't really keep up with what she says but it's ok since I suppose it's her real life in the way. I just hope she does come back soon.

No. 193961

I love every single video by Izzzyzzz man, all the weird deep dives into dead fandoms, nostalgia and toys like Neopets. I didn't like her makeup at first, but then I understood it's actually kinda based. Many of the topics I've never been into myself (like MLP, creepypasta or furryism) but her videos are still interesting to watch

No. 193970

she shows up in my recommendations a lot. she's ok but because I was a faggot in my early teens I rarely walk away from her videos feeling like I learned anything I didn't know about the topic beforehand. genderspecial adjacent but what zoomer girl isn't these days… pronouns are killing my people.

kumaQQ posts cute hamster videos ♥

No. 193985

I want to give all gender-adjacent people the benefit of the doubt that they do the virtue signaling just for the optics. Her audience especially would probably actually murder her irl if she said anything against that shit. Not that I know anything about her or her outside Youtube, but I like her nonetheless lol

No. 193991

Youtuber who's whole channel is about making friendship bracelets, super cute and comfy

No. 194026

I really like her videos! I'm a few years older than her and didn't spend much time on the websites and games she talks about, it's fun to hear recaps of the dramas that went on there.

No. 194141

Izzzys did a video recently about 'Tumblr girls' and had a big disclaimer about "Although I am using the term 'Tumblr girl', please know that this refers to Tumblr users of all different identities and genders and blah blah blah…" and I literally felt myself starting to die as she was saying it.

No. 194269

I really like her too! Unfortunately she posted a video about Crusty's passing. It's a pretty nice and lighthearted video about him but I didn't think I'd cry as hard as I did at the end. I hope she'll find another dumpster cat in her life.

No. 194618

I saw that as just a disclaimer to avoid whining, her audience would probably throw a fit how they identify with that experience but are not girls!!11 rreee! Anyway, if you can ignore that they are nice videos imo, but of course she's not everyone's cup of tea!

Another channel that might trigger the most hc terfs, Broey Deschanel makes lovely video essays about movies and media. I really like her analysis, but like with every single female video essay channel I feel there are some occasional libfem takes that could annoy you. But how I see it, you just have to ignore those things or you will have a very narrow selection of creators to enjoy. Also I try to remember female creators would face so much backlash for not including TWAW in everything. If I had a channel I would probably say shit like that too just to avoid cancellation. And if the creator truly believes what they say, it's ok too - we don't have to agree on everything for me to like them. Well anyway, this is probably a better discussion for 2X, sorry for sperging.

Aaaanyway this channel is very good imo, and she has a nice voice too. She has a variety of topics and video essays I like, hard to pick just one to link!

No. 194620

Another doll channel I L O V E is Moonlight Jewel, she's so talented oh my god. I love her style, she does a lot of cutesy cyberpunk/scifi themed dolls.

No. 194625

I cried

No. 196724

I love Cafe Maddy! Anyone who enjoys cooking should check her out, but I also appreciate her soothing voice and focus on mental health/sharing her life/calming effect. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed her videos are a nice "reset." She recently quit her full-time job as a dentist to totally focus on her channel, which had really been wearing her thin before, so I'm super excited for her and to see what she does from here.

No. 196778

i want to watch this but i havent been able to bring myself to do it because i know ill probably cry the whole way thru. im getting hot in the face from just looking at the thumbnail too long

No. 196990

On twitch but I like 39daph and ploo, sometimes girlfriendreviews when she’s playing alone without her bf

No. 197087

Leona’s Workshop, assembles anime model kits. I find her rather funny and enjoy the attention to detail she has, as well as how she trouble shoots issues. I like to have her stuff on in the background while I work on my own things.

No. 197281

I love Stephany Andrea's older video's, she's really funny and sincere. She kind of reminds me of Nisipisa except a bit more 'out there' I guess. Recently her content got kind of boring and she also got a BBL which made me sad, she didn't even need it and she's the only reason I actually gained enough confidence to wear low/mid-rise pants with crop tops even though skinnyfat.

No. 197332

Based, I absolutely love her videos. Her humor doesn't always hit for me, but her craftsmanship is astonishing. I wish there were more GK kit building channels like hers, every time she drops a new video it feels like a treat.

No. 197696

I love how she creates super beautiful dresses while roasting herself the entire time haha.
Everything about her videos is well shot and lovely.

No. 197709

Rirang OnAir! She's this really cool lady who goes on solo camping trips (in the video she also gets some kitties joining her,) wish I could do the same but I probably get almost eaten by a bear again kek

No. 197826

File: 1650113886657.png (524.99 KB, 806x392, actual feminism.png)

'Actual Feminism' pod - Discovered this podcast from another thread. Two smart, funny radfem ladies talking about feminism and gender. So many lols. I recommend listening from their first episode.

No. 197863

I love her cinema analysis, she has great opinions and original movie choices, I would highly recommend her channel

No. 198140

I love Chad Chad. If you like Danny Gonzales, Kurtis Conner, Eddy Burback, or Drew Gooden, then you're going to LOVE Chad Chad. I hope she goes on to make linger videos because I feel she would do great with video essays or movie reviews

No. 198143

I love love love ASMR Twix. Her videos are different than regular asmr creators, she goes to salons in Japan for spa treatments. I always get 'tingles' from these more than just asmr whispering videos. I think because I like unintentional arms too.

No. 198144

samefag, my favourite video of hers. the lady in this has such a soft voice I love this video so much

No. 198145

>danny gonzales, kurtis conner, eddy burback, drew gooden
Four awful youtubers
Also kurtis and eddy give sexual deviant/predator vibes.

No. 198148

Omg same!! My fave is the color analysis one, it put me in a coma

No. 198153

Nta but Eddy gives you predator vibes? Why?

No. 198156

Kurtis gives me more predator vibes just fyi, I added eddy because of his visual appearance, if I knew more about him I might feel more vindicated or feel differently altogether; Kurtis I honestly think is like, a weirdo.

No. 198160

She’s great, easy and chill to watch. I feel like she tries to be “emotionless and cool” a bit too much sometimes but eh idc

No. 198174

Why compare Chad chad to those men? Her stuff is usually calling out bullshit and anti women type shit. I like her.

No. 198208

File: 1650236520258.gif (3.3 MB, 480x480, 1599947265635.gif)

>actual feminism pod
>uses fat subhuman who did jackshit for womankind other then make up some takes with no basis and pretend its somehow activism as a mascot
I'll pass, getting real tired of white radfems who just rant about trannies and discuss pointless academia shit and not discuss any means to actually help women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198211

Take your lithium

No. 198214

If you want people to take you seriously, you need to stop referring to everyone you don't like or agree with as subhuman.

No. 198218

nta but didn't she (andrea) defended paedophiles?

No. 198221

Don't know. I know Greer did saying something along the lines of we should respect other peoples culture, so the whole they don't care about non-white woman thing gets us that kek.

No. 198222

Why does them being fat make them wrong? That's moid logic, the old 'feminists just hate men because they're ugly and no man wants them' kind of thinking.

No. 198224


That's Andrea Dworkin, anon

No. 198225

I know. I just mean why does anyones looks factor into whether their political opinion is right/good/etc when it's not about fucking someone. It only makes sense if anon meant fat as in bourgeoisie or something.

No. 198319

nta but being obese is a moral obscenity and shows one lack of will and natural inclination towards consumption, I hate fat men way more then fat women btw but both disgust me and I think they should be mocked and laughed at

No. 198349

I used to love ValkyrieAurora's videos. She makes analysis videos on a lot of japanese/weeb games. I don't play most of the games she makes videos on, but I just love listening to her voice and methodical breakdown of why she loves those games.

Too bad she stopped making YT content to jump on the vtuber bandwagon, but respect the hustle to get her bag from baiting weebs.

No. 198421

Stupid reasoning. People who say shit like this never care if people smoke or do other unhealthy things. And just because someone has one or two bad habits doesn't mean it should be a reflection of their morals or character as a whole.

No. 198661

yes, yes, you're the smartest kid in the tenth grade

No. 198705

>what is mental illness

No. 198951

File: 1650405858527.jpg (1.65 MB, 3444x3444, froggycrossing.jpg)

She makes AC videos and streams it, but I mainly watch her vlogs. They're super comfy to me even though it's kind of cringe seeing how much of a consoomer she is and sometimes she'll have her moments of saying retarded lines from TikTok audios. I like her personality though.

Thank you to this anon for introducing me to her: >>>/ot/1084826

No. 199002

Despite the controversy (even though I'm on her side) I enjoy Noralities. She has pretty good taste in anime/cartoons and her art is pretty lovely.

No. 199003

I like how her background is just a consoomer den. Imagine having so many of those stupid marshmallow toys from Walmart that you have a whole color-coordinated wall of them, save for one shelf with a pinup of Prince Sidon on it.

Jesus if you're going to waste money on collecting useless crap, why pick something so bland and mass-produced? It's almost as bad as people who collect Funkos.

No. 199205

Not defending her consoomerism but I also have a tendency to go crazy for plushies. Not any one type in particular but something about cute stuffed toys make me WANT THEM so bad even though I know realistically I will do nothing with them. At least with squishmallows, you can squish and hug them.

No. 199206

File: 1650508718331.jpg (169.6 KB, 1500x1500, show-cover.jpg)

I love the Sentimental Garbage podcast. It started out as a podcast about the kind of women's lit that gets dismissed a lot – some of it outright chick lit like Bridget Jones' Diary, but also more respected work like The Signature of All Things, The Joy Luck Club, etc. It's moved into other media now (big series on Sex and the City, Moulin Rouge, ANTM) and it's just really good. The usual frustrating gender politics, but it's pretty easy to ignore. She gets great guests who don't just say the same things over and over – I feel like I always find a new insight into something I love.

No. 199231

em iffy! Cosy, relaxing and has some genuinely decent recipes.

No. 199237

I cried but it was a good cry. It was nice to see a kitty be so loved and live to an old age. <3(<3)

No. 199240

She's almost TOO relatable lol We have all the same obsessions.

No. 199245

Jules Dapper is a little cringe, but she's out here saying what we are all thinking. And by we, I mean me and maybe a few others.

No. 199887

I found her because of the Daisy Brown ARG. Man we should have an ARG general

No. 200026

her channel makes me hungry

No. 200041

Do it nonnie

No. 200060

I would but I dunno how many nonnies even follow or know what ARGs are. It would be autistic to make a thread and be the only one really replying to it

No. 200070

Would it matter? If it doesn’t gain traction, who cares, it can just be left to die right?
In the meantime do you have any YouTuber ARGs to recommend?

No. 200241

I really enjoy Cheyenne Barton's videos! They're very cozy, calm and quiet and she does a wide range of artsy things. I like how sometimes she just includes long clips of her doing simple things, and her ramblings can be nice to hear. I always feel artistically motivated after watching! Her art style is also just very charming in general.

No. 200328

The Doll Circle. She's an absolute alt-Stacy who reviews dolls and does thrift hunts etc. I want to go thrift shopping with her and get drinks after and talk shit about men lmao, I love her

No. 200341

Kennie J.D.! She reviews movies and shows while doing her makeup. I love her voice and sense of humor

No. 200732

File: 1650983271665.png (311.64 KB, 524x971, 709AAA03-4EA8-4275-A3AD-FA3693…)

I really thought this was some kind of alternative Vergil cosplay before I clicked the thumbnail

No. 200733


No. 201225

I started watching nerdforge recently. Idk if they count really because the channel is her and her boyfriend, but she's the one who mainly stars in the videos. The videos are just really wholesome and fun.

Thanks anon! I'm really into things Arthurian and medieval so I'll definitely check her out.

No. 201276

She's really funny and chill, love her content

No. 201579

I found out about her because of her haircare video and started watching her other videos (more related to history and folklore) which sparked a whole new interest! She seems very sweet too, I wish we could be friends lol.

No. 201673

Are there any good female gaming channels? The only ones I know of are annoying pickmes or thots

No. 201786

I also would like to know, I only watch a few and definitely would love to have more female gamers on my youtube front page.

I watch materwelonz which I really like but she's been playing lots of games I don't care about, and there is also magikat which is a smaller channel and she plays mostly rpgs so lots of final fantasy old and new;
There is marz but she seems to cater to male fans and her vibe is weird, dunno how to explain but there is just so much I can bear; and gab smolders which I watch sometimes because she is the only woman I know playing the games I wanna see that is not completely insufferable but I don't really like her channel, she annoys me a little bit.

No. 201842

File: 1651162812573.png (1.42 MB, 1650x968, image_2022-04-29_021724185.png)

I fucking love Christine McConnell, she's what I imagine the successful & talented farmers on this website to be like. Her videos consist of creepy, morbid vintage vibes. She makes a lot of vids showcasing her incredible talents like drawing, sewing and even carpentry. I am actually in love with her, want to be her, and want her to be my mother all at once. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!

No. 201849

I really like Jessica Kobeissi, especially her advice on photography/posing, but her America's Top Model videos are fun too

No. 201850

I like her ANTM videos. She seems openly upset about how Tyra and the others treated the models. Rightfully so.

No. 201854

File: 1651163754361.png (781.97 KB, 1272x939, image_2022-04-29_023437624.png)

she's so beautiful too, she's like 40

No. 201855

Yes, her commentary on the photographers and the judges is so good!

No. 201857

Isn't Christine McConnell a TIM though

No. 201863

no idea, also don't know the context In which it would have been revealed, but if I was a content creator who has my whole online career at stake, I would probably go with the current trends too, especially if my content regarded niche shit not in my age group (she's like 41) so all my fans would be around 17 - 30, which is the prime age for being a terminally online themby. Seems pretty fucking stupid to shoot yourself in the foot, right?

No. 201864

I found this channel recently while trying to find summer goth looks, an older lady who has had breast cancer but still dresses goth and does a lot of DIY crafts too. I think it's cool that she still dresses and does makeup the way she wants to

No. 201865

Pretty sure he is a tranny

No. 201866

Clearly male, I'm sorry for you

No. 201887

nta but her voice sounds female, how is this person clearly male except a long face?

No. 201892

Found this new channel, antiheroines, that does retrospectives and analysis videos on cool female artists like Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, as well as general “girly” media. She doesn’t have a lot of vids up but seems to be into a lot of the same movies and music that I like so I’m looking forward to see what else she comes out with

No. 201898

They’ve got the voice down, but the face, body, and gait read very male. It’s hard to find any personal information about a Christine McConnell online. The only evidence I have is the grandfather’s obituary from 2003 which lists his/her mother as his daughter and only mentions 4 grandsons, no granddaughters - one of which is named Chris. So either he’s a TIM, or she’s just an unfortunately masculine looking woman who’s gone to great lengths to scrub the internet of any info about her pre-fame. I don’t care too much because they’re clearly very skilled regardless, but I don’t think this person belongs in this thread

No. 201900

Watching a bit more of them I can see that they might be a TIM, but at least they're busy making Victorian wallpaper instead of harassing terves afaik

No. 201912

File: 1651172198496.jpeg (224.8 KB, 750x966, 1B4CD5D7-14A3-41E8-91C4-735BE0…)

“Digger” is a finished late-aughts webcomic I like by a woman named Ursula Vernon. It’s about a very pragmatic wombat who gets thrown into a situation where she’s got to deal with way more dusty old gods and magic than wombats ever want to tolerate. It’s done in a scratchy sgraffito style and I’m not sure how long it is but probably close to a thousand pages. Good reading!

No. 201917

I found this years ago and forgot about it, by nonny for reminding me!

No. 201959

File: 1651181206528.jpeg (59.42 KB, 512x512, DDF0C37E-B870-4C20-AA93-E28142…)

Kurtis does give off really creepy vibes. Idk there’s just something wrong about him.
Why are you dissing Drew Gooden though? I think his videos are funny and he doesn’t strike me as particularly scrotesque.

Chad Chad is better than all of them though, I agree.

No. 201963

i guess i can understand why you don't like kurtis based off his appearance, but what's wrong with danny or drew ?

No. 201967

Nta but I can explain the Danny hate. His script writing sucks and his content is geared towards junior high and high school students. You can tell he's not really a comedian. His shitty movie videos are insufferable because he's just not naturally funny. That's all my opinion of course.

No. 201973

>Find a female content creator randomly
>Her video is funny and engaging
>Try a related video ,also good
>Check channel and videos for more
>Last upload was in 2018

I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it

No. 201975

I think Kurtis really isn't a bad guy in any way, when he speaks out about misogyny and similar issues it feels like he actually means it and like it's somewhat important to him. His videos are funny enough and I like listening to his podcast, even though it sometimes really shows that he does certain things just for the money. Like when he complained about having to stream more hours per week to become a twitch partner, it felt like he obviously didn't care that much about streaming in the first place. Just seems like he's better off doing scripted stuff and his shows, the podcast is sometimes really boring and full of awkward breaks, especially when he has guests

Danny's comedy is oftentimes just taking a concept literally and going "but imagine if it was actually like that" and Drew is very similar, but for some reason I still like him more

No. 201978

File: 1651183412226.jpeg (29.82 KB, 640x302, 65FB44FA-ED93-4140-B2DD-A68E45…)

Drew Gooden is a racist who thinks he’s John Mulaney

No. 201982

File: 1651183905173.jpeg (127.42 KB, 900x1200, E4FF0105-7C8E-43D2-9D5C-695B7A…)

Re: female creators, I have yet to find one that’s as good as Jenny Nicholson. I barely ever care about the subject of what she’s talking about but she’s so fucking funny. She never talks about gender politics or tiktok or whatever else and it’s refreshing. She’s so cute and funny and I love her. Only downside is she doesn’t have a consistent upload schedule

No. 201988

for me i find kurtis and danny’s content to be too long winded. like i feel like kurtis drags the joke out too long and danny’s humor is too immature. i don’t mind drew gooden’s videos and the ones where he tests weird instagram ads are pretty entertaining. not sure if this guy is still making content but for a while i used to watch cody co (he did a podcast with some other guy but i can’t remember his name) i found some of his content funny but he gives off massive coomer energy and like he jacks it to lesbian porn so i couldn’t keep watching

No. 202035

>(he did a podcast with some other guy but i can’t remember his name)
Noel Miller kek

No. 202045

I love her stuff. I wish she'd peak, but I feel like she never will because her brother is a TIM. I still hope she secretly browses Lolcow though

No. 202052

Her brother is Contra?

No. 202057

nta but he's her big bro? yeesh, I didn't know that. I just thought they were friends. she's a typical tranny asslicking breadtuber though, she'll never ever peak. I find her boring.

No. 202061

thanks for linking her channel, nonna! i ended up subscribing because she seems like such a lovely person, plus i also like how she does her eyeshadow.

No. 202062

>She never talks about gender politics

She does though. In her video about the giant spider she made a big deal out of donating money to trans charities to make up for the fact that the spider she bought was a Harry Potter spider, even though she bought it secondhand.

I notice you cropped the date off that tweet. I bet it’s at least ten years old.

No. 202070

I love yedy101, in particular her Angry Homecafe videos.

No. 202086

She recently did a Harry Potter crafts video, the comments were infested with tranny crying immidiately lmao

No. 202089

I watch this lady from UAE (now living in Texas), Belinda Carr, who talks about construction industry, environmental issues etc. I've watched her videos comparing house insulation materials even though I have no personal connection to any of that lol, I just think she manages to present things very nicely! She has videos from comparing construction materials to talking about bigger issues, like carbon offset industry.

I'm going to be an engineer too so that's why I love women in STEM even more

No. 202099

I see the autism runs in the family then, at least she's obsessed with Disney and Harry Potter instead of transitioning to coom.

No. 202148

no, that tweet is from 2018. your fave sucks, and he also made a big deal about donating to anti-racist charities after being called out.

No. 202197

I like Chad chad. She cracks me up while making commentary about scrotes

No. 202199

lame. im not gonna support any female content creator who is pro tranny.

Hope she ignored them or laughed.

No. 202200

She did not respond to any afaik, QUEEN

No. 202276

What? Her brother is not Hontra, I don't know where you took that from. It's just a random TIM streamer.

No. 202278

sometimes I wish I knew how to set up videos or know how to stream so I can also join in this sort of content. as for a favourite, zoe is always one I can binge or play behind in the background.

No. 202325

No. 203052

I fucking love her videos! I think someone must have posted one of her videos here or something, but I found her a while back and her videos are so good. I think either the concrete home or shipping container video was the first one I watched by her, and I'm always hesitant when watching a new creator, but her video titles were so intriguing and the actual meat of the video kept me coming back for more. So extremely informative but still easy to digest the information, and well spoken, her content is great and keeps me hooked even though I had absolutely zero prior interest in the stuff about housing.

No. 203331

I literally just found her and she only has a couple videos, but god I am in LOVE. She makes these adorable porcelain cat dolls, the videos only have soft music and no narration. I am r e l a x e d

No. 203377

Just get a small tripod and use your phone to record video nonny, I believe in you! There is free video editing software and royalty free music

No. 203383

Oh I have one of her necklaces, it's beautifully made and reminds of of my late cat. If I ever get rich I'm definitely commissioning a doll from her.

No. 203558

omg I love this

No. 204453

Anyone have any beauty YouTuber recommendations that do basic makeup and skincare routines?

No. 204761


No. 205087

This cat

No. 205117

I love watching this cat, she is so smart and cute and her "mom" does a great job teaching her words!

No. 205178

Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for but Cassandra Bankson and olgatoja have a lot of informative skincare videos and skincare routines. Cassandra focuses more on acne treatment content while olga does more anti-ageing stuff.

No. 205184

I like watching Becca De La Plants for houseplant and gardening videos. Most of so called ‘planttube’ is full of elitist weirdos that pay $200 for a leaf because it’s rArE and clearly only collect plants for a dopamine rush and to fill a hole in their lives with but she actually seems to just enjoy nature and I like how smiley she is in all her videos and her fashion is cute. I always put her plant chore videos on in the background while I do my own.

No. 205279

I hope she uploads again soon. Her videos are calming.

No. 205741

Just two old ladies vibing to rock/metal music

No. 205744

I'm amazed by this woman who actually enjoys cleaning, the more disgusting homes the better! She cleans the homes of people who are struggling (with mental health issues etc) for free, and she has the cutest finnish accent.

No. 205771

Her style is so cool, I don't dress goth but this is making me want to experiment with some crazy makeup.

No. 205803

I'll have to watch some of Becca! I can't really get into any planttube because of the reasons you stated. A lot of them feel so boring and fake. But for me I love to watch Summer Rayne Oakes. She's a really cool woman, and knows a lot of the scientific plant shit. She does very informative videos as well as tours, and more relaxing ones (Succulent Tea Garden is my favourite, that video washes away all worries), and pre-pandemic she travelled a lot. She also has a second channel, Flock Finger Lakes, where she's been branching out into more outdoor plants/native plants/gardening. She's such an inspiration in general, it's just a bonus that she's into plants.

No. 206016

Mrs Eats, I like her videos about Japan that are both informative and funny.

No. 206581

Yeah I love her too, she has so many amazing videos ! Her whole channel is about unhinged women so I think a lot of farmers could like her video essays ! I hope she gets more famous

No. 206582

another one of hers

No. 206681

she's always in my recommended because i watch decluttering content regularly, maybe i will check her out now

No. 206748

File: 1652725939872.png (432.27 KB, 1200x630, nK4yiV1.png)

The podcast Busy Yet Pretty by Jadyn Hailey. It's the typical lifestyle it girl podcast but I find it motivating to listen to. She also recommends products

No. 206897

I hadn't watched her before even though she was recommended, I'm glad I did now, it's so satisfying!

No. 206909

julia cudney - she makes commentary videos usually about popular shows and media. imo this is her best video - kinda in the style of Jenny Nicholson video on the The Vampire Diaries although she was in the fandom herself and forces mostly on the show itself. So if you like those kind of video essays I would recommend.

No. 206958

I know ASMR is seen more negative than positive on here, but one of my favourite YouTubers is ASMRTwix. I think she is different as she doesn’t just stand in front of the camera and whisper into the microphone. She visits spas in Japan and gets scalp treatments and skin treatments etc. So it is more so sounds of water etc and she doesn’t talk much (but when she does it is more soft spoken). Her videos always make me relax when I feel stressed.

No. 206984

If you like bizarre/symbolic short films check out cecliacondits channel. She has been making short films in this style since the 80s all the way up to 2020. She is most known for Possibly in Michigan which blew up on Tiktok (the cannibal song) but imo that's not even her best work. I think Suburbs of Eden is my fave one of hers, though the tribute to her mom is also well done and made me cry.

No. 208123

I was looking around for gameplay footage of this new grand strategy game and I came across this smaller Youtube channel. I was surprised to hear a cute female voice since it is mainly only moids playing these types of games. Haven't watched any of her other videos but this one got a few good chuckles out of me.

No. 208704

Thank you nonnie, she seems funny and I love the type of videos she makes.

No. 208771

I got recommended this, I thought you might enjoy her too

No. 208790

A few have been mentioned in the thread but any anons have favorite female streamers, or reviews of favorite streamers? Streamers with large female audiences or who are cool despite their majority male audience? I don't watch many streamers and the only female one I've been watching is QTCinderella because I watched Wine About It and liked how open she and Maya were about some things but the chat is largely male and I hated seeing their stupid opinions and reactions to things which is a huge deterrent.

No. 208808

I'm looking for more female streamers to watch too. Currently, the only one I like to watch is Valkyrae. Sometimes she gets shrill and annoying but I think her vibe is pretty chill. I can pop into her stream and just enjoy it without feeling too invested or feeling too alienated. I've tried popping to Poki's stream before but right off the bat it just felt really offputting. I like watching Poki in OTV videos so I thought I'd like her stream but it… makes me uncomfortable.

No. 208811

Do you watch her imane channel on YT? I like her better there.

No. 208815

I only watched one YT video from her and it was the one where she reviews bans and I remember it was pretty damn funny lol. I should check out more of her videos! Her stream persona is too weird for me.

No. 208826

File: 1653418268256.png (39.24 KB, 300x300, fd17325a-7dc2-46c6-8617-e90ec2…)

Can't stand Valk after her millionth breakup with the same bf and twitter meltdowns about her wanting to have a boob job everytime that happened, also the "blue screen skincare" stuff. I prefer other Twitch women like LoserFruit or finding some nice gem in Art/Crafts twitch section is always fun, I really like catching some random ceramic streamers.

No. 208991

I've only very casually watched her and don't follow or check out any other of her socials so I've managed to avoid seeing the breakup drama kek, but the skincare stuff was definitely skeevy. Staying as detached as possible when it comes to bigger name streamers makes the viewing experience better.

I'll check out loserfruit though! My favorite artist started streaming on Twitch and I try to drop in whenever I can but I usually miss her streams. Her handle is zaquilae. I've also followed Awdeko for a long time but she's based in Australia so I never manage to catch her streams.

No. 209027

>but the chat is largely male and I hated seeing their stupid opinions and reactions to things which is a huge deterrent.
I wish Twitch had a way to tag your intended audience, like they do in Japan. For example, "for women", "for men" or "all audiences" or something like that.

>finding some nice gem in Art/Crafts twitch section is always fun
Speaking of which, I really like sandexperiment. Her streams are very relaxing and her sand art is cool

No. 209306

I like this channel. She mostly makes videos about her garden and growing stuff. Mostly I just find it comfy.

No. 209396

I love her videos, although I was spooked when one of the grimy houses she went to was full of anime idol figures. She was really nice about it though and said she could tell they must be important to the homeowner kek

No. 209479

Would anybody be able to recommend some female content creators similar to Nerdy Crafter, but without the terrible "that's what she said" jokes and terrible humor? I'm not into crafting at all, but I do enjoy watching people review craft kits and/or stupid little nick-nacks. I do know of Moriah Elizabeth as well, but I find her to be just as unfunny and Nerdy Crafter.

No. 209555

I fucking love this channel, all the "mentally ill" twitter zoomers should watch this

No. 209568

Idk who this person is and I know this was posted like a month ago, but I find it funny that she basically stated that millennials are simple-minded, whereas zoomers are oh so complex

No. 209575

i love peachsaliva. her tweets have been annoying in the past but i love her energy on stream. they're long and rambly and she often sucks at video games (she's just like me fr)
her RE7 playthrough is pretty funny (there's an edited version on YT) and she was surprisingly good at bloodborne for someone who can't see or think fast half of the time.

No. 209593

everyone's favorite mustard-eating skeleton fucker

No. 209611

I like some of hazels videos like vid rel, even though the thumbnail is coomer-y. She's an anituber that often talks about obscure anime/manga .Btw she was the youtuber that was mentioned in the dumbass shit thread because I was concerned about posting her

No. 209619

Hazel is a man, nona. You could have at least posted something less scrotey from him.

No. 209620

I swear I don't want to be mean if it's not the case, but isn't Hazel trans?

No. 209625

He is, he seems to be stealthing and purged a lot of info that gave away that he was trans like privating videoes about trans anime characters and deleting tweets about being trans. If you search his twitter handle + trans you can find a bunch of replies of people talking about him being trans when he was more open about it.

No. 209627

File: 1653773461078.jpg (162.42 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_2022-05-28-16-11-58…)

I don't see why he would hide it, his voice is kind of a dead give away. Some tweets also imply he privated anime videos about trans-related topic

No. 209629

fuck, I didn't know he was a man. I would delete my original post, but it says 'you can't delete after 30 min'. I'm sorry

No. 209633

Lolll I knew it. I came across one his videos and my first thought was tim or tif? because of the strained voice and weird cadence.

No. 209692

Out of everyone you had to post a scrote lmfao

No. 209698

His face in a thumbnail looked extremely small on my computer, so I didn’t get a proper look at his face. When I looked at one of his thumbnails on my phone, he was so clockable

Ariel Bissett’s home renovation is nice to watch

No. 209965

Does anyone know why he hid his identity? Imagine being trans and not wanting to have any association with your kind, lol

Nelco neco's a diy crafter who makes cool handmade stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IavjrgzqTUI(learn2embed)

No. 210008

It seems kinda pointless to try to hide his identity after he let everybody know and talked about it so casually in his first videos.
Here's one video that is really comfy to me, she seems pretty nice too.

No. 210067

Her channel is really new and only has 3 videos but it seems pretty promising. She has a podcast too but I haven't checked it out.

No. 210108

she seems very promising, loved this video!

No. 210401

this is so good !

No. 210405

really enjoyed the video

No. 210426

This should be common sense and yet in so many circles would be considered a controversial opinion.

No. 211657

I like film fatales, and this video specifically made me think to link her in this thread.

No. 212014

I love Jonna Jinton's videos

No. 214503

Started watching the Violating Community Guidelines podcast. Even though I'm not that into the burp jokes it seems pretty chill

No. 214509

i like them, thank you for reminding me of their podcast. i'll say that sarah schauer's alcoholic face makes me uncomfortable most of the time, she looked so bloated and fucked up

No. 214513

I know nothing about them, is she an alcoholic? I thought she was just a bit chubby (no shade I am too kek). Well she seems nice to me anyway!

No. 214542

I love Mina Le!

No. 214554

Me too! You are going to get your ass whooped though for saying it lmao

No. 214563

I like watching her videos when I'm bored but her eyebrows drive me fucking crazy

No. 214572

I love them both so much, I have rewatched the "zillow gone wild" series so many times kek!

No. 214612

Hate her.

No. 214691

I love this channel, it's so satisfying to look at how she cleans everything lol

No. 216040

I love her too!! Though her accent is insufferable as another Finnish person lmao. But I like her enough to overlook it, which should tell you how nice she is hah

My friend linked this woman today, I have watched her all day lol. I have never done nails will do either, but it's fun to watch her making all the different designs!

No. 216043

So good she was posted twice.

No. 216081

I’m glad anons posted her because I’m about to clean the shit out of my parents house.

No. 216207

Stupid question but is her husband a TiF or just a soy boy? His voice is so weird

No. 216212

Good luck nona, I just cleaned the nastiest part of my house but it felt like nothing after seeing those videos!

No. 216272

abitfrank/abitlate. I don't like the asmr videos she's been doing lately (I just don't like asmr) but I like listening to her read fairytales.

now where do I talk about creators I don't like? I think animation/storytime youtubers are the most annoying and I must sperg

No. 216279

I think you could talk about those in the YouTube Hate thread, Things You Hate thread, or even the art Salt thread if it's about the animation "community"

No. 217013

This made me realize a new thing in clocking trannies. It's like they're trying to mimick a valley girl voice to hide their male register, but it's so tryhard and forced, that it's definitely off when you compare it to an actual woman with valley girl voice. So yeah I'm suspecting Christine is a tranny because she has similar cadence to trannies.

No. 217245

I started following Princess Weekes ever since watching her video on the JD/AH trial.

On that note, I really like the raw style of these kind of videos that focus on social commentary, philosophy, and feminism while where they are simply talking to the camera. Another example is oliSUNvia. It's so much more interesting to watch and follow than the ones from popular breadtubers where they use dumb, flashy theatrics to get their point across. Any more female content creators like this?

No. 217496

I wish I could like her, but her mannerisms and makeup just screams "GUYS, I'M UNIQUE AND SO WOKE!" If she toned her snowflakeness down, she'd see more channel growth.

Not related, but that's why I also stopped keeping up with Chad Chad, her makeup is extremely cringe for a woman in her mid-20s.

No. 217537

I was looking for a channel like this one but couldn't find one. Thanks nonas.

No. 217572

Great video nonnie, thank you !


>thank you to anons for posting about them
I'm so happy to hear that! This video in particular feels exactly like talking during a sleepover when everyone starts to get giddy and dumb because they are too tired kek, it's great

No. 217596

I love these two dorks, it's exactly the kind of fun girl humor I've been searching for. Does anyone have any more similar recommendations of humor channels?

No. 217898

She made a gaming YouTube channel. I still prefer her main comic book channel.

No. 217943

She doesn't make exactly the same kind of content as Sarah and Brittany but I really love Sarah Baska. She has such a goofy and chill personality. Watching her vids feels like hanging out with a friend at a sleepover while you're both high lmao. I always go back to her old vids with Ashlynn when I'm feeling nostalgic

No. 217962

Who's Body Is It? is a great terf/radfem creator, her tone and videos are very serious with not a lot of joking but it's really interesting peaking material. She interviews radfems, transwidows and detransitioners as well as people who worked in Big Troon™ who kinda spread the propaganda when this all started and have since come to regret it.

Does anyone know of any female content creators that make videos on niche lolcows? For lack of better comparison, something like Josh's streams. Nothing cringe like OMG JAMES CHARLES DRAMA or THIS TIK TOKKER IS TRANSFOBIC?!?!

No. 218025

Cecil McFly https://youtube.com/c/CecilMcfly

She is 100% a farmer herself lol(learn2embed)

No. 218046

Wow im so glad you shared this video! For sure that in a decade or so people will suddenly side with amber and say how horrible the trial was just like many times we have seen before with cases like these

No. 218315

I love this channel, she does analysis of fashion in movies and a lot of videos on fashion in general. Her voice is really soothing, I like to watch her before I go to bed.

No. 218434

Thanks for sharing nona. I started watching her horror film videos and it's an interesting topic for sure.

Also a side and sorry for troon sperging but kinda annoying though how she had to preface this video by putting a disclaimer that she's totally not a transphobe and trans women with dicks and balls are totally valid wahmen. Not really annoyed at her since it's understandable with the current climate, just annoyed that you can't even discuss female body issues without being called transphobic by the TRA cult, sigh…

No. 218438

Watching her videos right now, glad you shared her, I'm happy there's women who are bold enough to be the face for these ideas when so many get threatened with harassment.

No. 218697

File: 1656797641235.jpg (313.44 KB, 907x1280, tumblr_afb66e86b90b653fc224b56…)

What a great thread! Really glad to find so many more talented women to watch and follow. I have a lot of creators to share, so longpost incoming.


Although she plays games sometimes, the best part of her streams is "Just Chatting". Anita is very kind, clever and wise, she discusses all kinds of social issues and shares a lot of helpful info and thoughts. Anita's positive influence on my life is huge, highly recommend her streams and youtube videos.

Gaming streamer. Daph's chill, laid back and dorky. I really like her pure passion and interest to try all kinds of games, so one way or another you will come across something you'd like to watch. She also does art streams from time to time.

Mostly cute art with non-standard vtuber design, but sometimes she does event-like streams where her avatar goes around fictional town she created and interacts with locals and viewers. Basically it looks like a cartoon shot in real time. Check out the "special events" collection to see what I'm talking about. The amount of creativity, skill and quality is unreal.


Ami Yamato
Woman goes around filming vlogs about her life, but she's a 3D-model. Just a professional animator doing professional animator stuff and also creating a soulful video experiences.

Ask a Mortician
Caitlin Doughty is a mortician and her channel is all about death acceptance, death industry, historical death-related events, famous corpses and other "deadly" topics. Her content really helps to form a healthy relationship with our own mortality. I also really recommend to check out her books.

Dingo Doodles
Creator of an animation series about her D&D sessions. Personally, I don't have much interest in D&D, but Dingo's way of storytelling about her RP-gamesessions with friends completely captured me. The story is really entertaining and fun to watch and has rather an interesting plot development. And it'll be ending soon, so hop in.

Two sisters doing dolls customization. I've seen some mentions of doll making youtubers in this thread, so adding up another recommendation. I like these two because they're eager to experiment and try new things. For example: big 3D-moddeling projects, growing crystals on doll's body, making electronic accessories, experimenting with materials and much more.

Entertaining, funny and quality videos about consoles, games and computers. She explores all kinds of questions that pop up in her head and makes the process of finding answers really interesting to observe.

How to ADHD
Even if you don't have an ADHD, this channel is still a big help for shared symptoms, such as procrastination and focus issues for example. Overall, the videos talk about overcoming a lot of mental, behavioral and social problems, so I consider this channel to be educational in general and recommend it to everyone. Also, Jessica is such a sunshine.

No. 218699

>Ask a Mortician
Incidentally, she also has a thread in /snow/.

No. 218702

Daph is kinda cringe, the rest looks cool and I'm definitely checking them out

No. 218707

Huh, the more you know. Thanks for sharing.

No. 218769

Daph is an immature dramafag.

No. 221188

I literally just found her but I am in LOVE with anime gamer grandma already. I don't even like anime!

No. 221197

she is so close to peaking but she has some slight libfem rot that’s expected of zoomers. I enjoy her videos she seems very real and it’s not obnoxious/tryhard like other female commentators

No. 221201

I really like her too!

No. 221695

Hah I came to link her too just now! Seems like I'm too late lol

God I love female video essayists

No. 221705

>ask mortician
Stop recommending this fraud hags silly books with no substance.

No. 221779

I literally just got recommended this channel and thought of your post. She seems nice and has a soft soothing voice

No. 222790

How did I forget to link Amii Ceramics! Another beautiful, chill art channel, she makes these adorable ceramics like a DUCK PLANTER omg

No. 222794

FakeGamerGirl is pretty nice, she mostly does Sims 4 videos but other games as well

No. 222796

I like Vixella too, her style is really similar for better or for worse

No. 222830

This lady is funny because the scary shit doesn't phase her at all. I've watched a bit of her and she seems really friendly and cool.

No. 222855

She’s just like me fr

No. 223117

File: 1658240858571.png (177.41 KB, 540x275, tumblr_pp2fe1LiEg1vjq2mdo4_540…)

i miss her so much

No. 223121

i always put her old vids in the background while studying, when i don't wanna isten to the same lofi beats for the 1000th time. there was something really calming about her.
sucks that she also quit the podcast, i wish she would at least put new episodes without her image like voice only.
not related but i feel like she also got prettier as she aged. she looked great without makeup on in her more recent videos. hope she's doing fine with her fiance.

No. 223151

i hope she’s relaxing playing eso, camping, hanging with her dogs and her wonderful husband. im glad she didn’t nuke her whole channel at least. i feel selfish for wanting her back, and she probably won’t be back but i just wish her happiness.

No. 223158


No. 223161

sometimes i hear another youtuber speak with her funny accent and i think for a minute i'm watching a new jenna video

No. 223378

me too nonita. i hope she’s living her best life away from youtube.

No. 223718

I absolutely love Dollightful. She's currently on hiatus bc she just had a baby but her creativity and talent is amazing.

Does anyone know any good women Star Wars creators?

No. 223750

I haven't watched her in awhile but wow I had no idea she had a baby, congrats to her! Just hope she'll keep the baby safe and away from the stuff she uses for doll making since that stuff can be nasty

No. 224124

Sorry if she's been posted already but I love Courtreezy, I love her energy and I think she'd be a fun friend. I especially love the videos she makes with her friends.

No. 224496

I saw a tiktok that was one of those "I can't believe it's been (x amount of time) since you've been gone" and I knew it was going to be something stupid but I didn't expect that it was going to be about Jenna and my heart ached.

One day I'll shave my eyebrows off, I'll do it for you Jenna.

No. 224514

It's so funny you linked that video, that was apparently a doll she (and others?) considers a failure? Well, less than the vendigo doll she got CaNcElLeD over, but still. I love her too though.

No. 224572

sillypoo! these girls made a weird claymation parody of venus angelic i like and some other weird nostalgic ms paint looking animations. one of the animations is over an hour long and is very nyan neko sugar girls energy

No. 225392

Does anyone have recommendations for channels focused on European folkloric fashion? I only know of PrettyShepherd but she doesn't upload much. I've searched and searched but it's a very niche topic, if anyone has recommendations please let me know! (I know of Karolina Zebrowsky but her content isn't really for me and Mina Le annoys me kek)

I love her too, I like her voice so her videos are really chill to put on in the background and the topics are good too I think.

No. 227143

Found out about rage darling she makes videos on mmos I think. She looks cool tbh

No. 227679

I like mila tequila's deep dives into 2000s tabloid drama. It feels like I'm a kid again, reading teen magazines about celebrities I used to see on TV rather than TikTok or socialmeadia sites going viral for looking cute or doing a little dance.

No. 228234

I love all the women on the fplus podcast, especially Portaxx. They're hilarious.

No. 230115

I am once again recommending this channel, they never fail to make me laugh. I love their weird cosplay and fanfiction readings too. It just remindes me of spending time with the weird girls in middle school and finding out that they are absolutely the funniest

No. 230138

can't help but like iGirl. her videos make good background noise and her rich egirl scamming is rather charming.

No. 230373

I just heard about this content creator from ot and I've been binging her videos. I like her thriftflip videos and it makes me want to get into sewing and fashion. She's so funny, cute, and stylish and I wish I can be like her. I've never been the type to get into parasocial relationships with youtube personalities but now I understand people who do kek

Sucks that she stopped posting because of an insane moid stalker. Can anyone recommend similar channels?

No. 230374

Sorry I can't help you but can you tell me which thread she was mentioned in?

No. 230378

In here I believe >>>/snow/1613886

No. 230380

Thank you!

No. 230390

Ayrt, it was here >>>/ot/1294658

No. 230394

Oh! Thank you, too, anon.

No. 232007

Her videos are all so relaxing, I love watching them when I go to sleep. Feels like ASMR for people who hate noises.

No. 232031

oh my gosh I'm so happy to see her channel mentioned here, I love her videos! Some of the health stuff she's into is a little woo woo for me but she has such a chill demeanor and isn't a zealot so it doesn't bother me. Watching her videos makes me want to live my best life kek

No. 232033

she misspelled pampering in the thumbnail lol

No. 232089

i am going to get hated for this but I love chibidoki, she's the funniest creator in my opinion, never fails to make me laugh, such an unhinged gremlin. She got a little too zoomery for my taste recently with all the ADHD stuff that goes on in her streams, but I still enjoy her.

No. 232097

The only thing I hate about her is that she constantly says she hates loli and how “she’s not a loli” while commissioning sexualized art of her model.

No. 232100

I used to think she was a hypocrite too until I realized she doesn't even like anime, I legit believe she went with a cutesy avatar just because she thought it looked cute and not because she wanted lolitroon viewers, she normally calls out the weird moid comments and is very open about being 22 yo. But maybe I am being biased because she's my favorite streamer.

No. 232137

twix ASMR, i think i found her through here actually? i like how her videos are mostly sounds.. the only talking parts are soft spoken when the spa ladies explain the treatments

No. 232239

Was Casey Aonso mentioned alredy? I like her, she's funny

No. 232301

If only she grew a spine and didn't kowtow so much for mundane lib shit like pronouns

No. 233958

I like her snark

No. 233960

I was thinking of posting her in this thread just the other day, she's so funny and charismatic. I've been watching a lot of interior design videos lately and she's a nice break from all the sassy gays.

No. 233966

I don't follow A whole lot of furniture flippers on youtube, but FFT stands out to me.

No. 234067

Amazing. Thank you nonnie

No. 234327

I just came across her channel and I love her already. Really informative videos without being boring. I haven't made any of her recipes yet but I hope to

No. 235377

I've always knew Cindy Guentert Baldo was a handmaiden since her daughter is an enby, but actually hearing her talk about family's new tradition of toasting to men and non-men is too fucking bleak for me (vidrel). I'm looking for a replacement, she talks about planning, productivity, and she has a direct and honest old lady who doesn't give a shit vibe, she swears a lot and she's pretty fun. The female planner community is way too saccharine, too immature and focuses too much on consooming (Cindy kinda is too, but she has enough other stuff going on to ignore it).

No. 235425

I love bentleyhouseminis, she's so sweet and her content is chill.

No. 235521

I like Ann Reardon, she's a very skilled cook and she's probably best known for debunking silly/harmful craft and hack videos, though she also bakes tiny desserts and tries very old recipes. Her husband is a good sport as well and will eat anything she makes him even if it's scary lol

No. 235524

I love her so much, such an amazing woman with a good channel.
Can't believe YouTube deleted her video about a lifehack which is extremely dangerous (but of course still popular) that she had to reupload it, but im glad its back up now.

No. 235540

nice i subbed

No. 235630

I'm glad you like her too anon, that video terrified me because hacks travel so fast now and it freaked me out how many people in the comments said they were planning to try fractal woodburning until they saw her video.

No. 235709

The algorithm recommended me with Mia Maples, I've been watching her try on and renovation videos. I love her mom so much, her laugh and the dynamic they have is so lovely. Perfect no thoughts head empty light hearted content. I guess she used to be a bigger channel before? idk

God I love her too, she's so smart and she has a lovely family as well.

No. 235980

File: 1662238721857.png (1.22 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot-659.png)

I'm not a big fan of art streams, but I recently discovered Karia and it's very nice to watch her. She's so calm and kind and intelligent and extremely talented. Reminds me a lot of a Novelty Dicemaker from Disco Elysium. Here's a replica she's currently working on.

No. 236654

good informed commentary videos on lolcow topics

No. 236722

Stop self posting Cecil no one gives a fuck

No. 238098

I recommend Ame Life for some nice chill background watching
she's a japanese creator, compared to most japanese youtubers, has a unique vintage hipster sense of interior style. I easily binged all the videos

No. 238146

Are there any content creators that are known terfs, but don't exclusively make it the focus of their content?

No. 238216

The closest one I know of would be Jill Bearup. Don't know how you're defining terf because I think she leans more conservative but Lindsay Ellis tried to cancel her over something trans related and Jill didn't give a fuck.

No. 238220

>Don't know how you're defining terf
>she leans more conservative
hint: what does the RF stand for?

No. 238229

Anon, are you new to the word terf? No one unironically identifies as that. 99% of the time "terf" just means "woman who doesn't buy into trans bullshit". JKR is a terf yet she is not a radical feminist either. Even Magdalene Berns didn't identify as a radical feminist. I just didn't know if anon was actually asking for radical feminists or just women who don't worship troons. I also don't even know if Jill Bearup is actually conservative, she just kind of has that vibe.

No. 238271

I think midnight x cross can give solid writing advice despite her lackluster artwork. I feel like her advice helped me when It came to writing my webcomic.

No. 238277

What's the deal with that new book of hers? TRAs are screeching about how it's supposedly all the -ists and -isms, but they obviously didn't read it. Does anyone have a more objective take on it?

No. 238280

NTA but I really wish GC was used more often here instead of TERF. It's confusing otherwise.

No. 238321

jkr’s new book? i haven’t read it but from the excerpts i’ve seen floating around online, it involves a content creator being found murdered and when the police investigate it turns out she had recently been cancelled and was receiving online abuse from both sjws and mra neo-nazi dudes online. the book has a lot of tweets included which are formatted like tweets and ppl have been taking the hateful tweets she included in the book (some that mock disabilities and others that are rape threats) to be jkr’s honest beliefs. because they lack reading comprehension

No. 238378

There's some discussion about it in the book thread.

No. 238441

nta I've seen some screenshot of a study showing that like only 1/3 of Americans have functional literacy so I don't trust anyone's opinion of anything, whether it's video games, novels, movies, etc. I'm looking forward to reading JKR's latest book, but I want a paperback copy instead of the huge book that's currently printed.

No. 241373

not very consistent in terms of posting but i love jusuf's content, her vids very relaxing to have in the background while studying and motivating as well, she's really into routine/productivity and eating healthy. it's a shame to see she's deleted a bunch of her old videos

No. 241951

File: 1664046909636.jpeg (113.09 KB, 395x640, 503FDC88-1310-4847-A44E-346741…)

Does anyone know any female YouTubers who play splatoon? I don’t even usually play video games or watch people play them but I think splatoon looks so fun and want to watch some without suffering through a moid talking

No. 241995

Vtubers maybe

No. 241996

A lot of japanese women make splatoon videos and streams.

No. 242009

I’m literally obsessed with her causal and stylish vibes. Does anyone have similar recommendations?

I’ll contribute to this thread with this very female gaze-y gaming channel! Kelly is how I used to imagine farmers kek, she’s like a funny older sister. And her fanbase is like 99% women! Such a fun community with lots of inside jokes and characters.

She always plays super shitty 2000s games. Her Desperate Housewives, America’s Next Top model and High school dreams let’s plays are hilarious!! It’s sad that so many male YouTubers kinda copied her with these let’s plays.

No. 242012

Should have specified non-vtubers lol
How do I find them? Idk Japanese gaming terminology

No. 242055

#splatoon3 #顔出し or try the splatoon tag on twitch

No. 242066

thanks for posting this I'm really enjoying this channel

No. 242124

Another Kelly fan? Fuck yes, I remember watching her America's Next Top Model lp as it was coming out and it's still one of the best ones I've seen on the Internet. I sometimes go back to it to cheer myself up.

No. 242129

YESSS. Good to see Kelly love here. Her humor really connects with me for some reason. The Sims 3 Hunger Games is how I discovered her.

No. 242130

Yay I’m glad you enjoyed her videos! She streams too as Poppkell on Twitch! Also I forgot to mention that her Nancy Drew and Sims Medieval let’s play series are hilarious too, definitely check those out too and the other three I mentioned.
Omg yeeees I knew there would be at least one farmer who also watched her! Same, I also watched that let’s play when it came out, gotta love the Tara Dikov song kek

No. 243782

File: 1664572871037.jpeg (18.4 KB, 100x100, E1EDC687-4193-40CD-A97B-FC92A3…)

I’d nominate Quinn Curio if it wasn’t for the fact she sucks DaftPinas dick. And of course she’s bought into the TRA agenda. She’d otherwise be alright.

No. 243790

Take your bitching to another thread.

No. 243842

Do nonnies like Faline San? I haven't watched much of her content but I remember finding her channel here last year (I think?) I find her funny and cool

No. 244370

She's like a parody of breadtube, she makes 5 minute videos with funny analyses of pseudo intellectual books

No. 244371

I would reccomend Lindsiann

No. 244418

went through her channel and actually unimpressed, she just dunks on well written(with the exception oF BAM) literature and probably never even bothering to read them, she seems like just like any other libfem

No. 244513

I would recommend this channel for anyone who is intersted in the day to day life of a magaka, I really enjoy her work

No. 244531

She's an enby that goes by any pronouns now. She also posted a pic of her feet on twitter. If know she's a terminally online zoomer that consumes a lot of western media, but I hoped it wouldn't happen to her.

No. 244546

File: 1664815911312.png (545.78 KB, 1365x332, historyteamtimeGOAT.PNG)

Please tell me anyone else here watches History Tea Time with Lindsay Holiday?

She's amazing, and her videos are so detailed and captivating. I'm an anti-monarchist who is obsessed with monarchial history kek.

No. 244551

thought i would post this here because i finally found a home/cooking/vlog type channel where she doesnt just cater to a man.

No. 244552

I love her stuff! I thought her inflection was really strange at first but I grew to find it very soothing kek

No. 244728

antiheroines - Analyzing "unhinged" women/media Analysis
Steph0sims - Sims, lots of editing, quite vulgar lol
Yhara zayd - Media Analysis
Julia Boateng - Talking about Hollywood and Media (also has a Sidechannel about her faith if youre into that)
Cheyenne Lin - Media Analysis
film fatales - Media Analysis
PushingUpRoses - Mostly Horror/Spooky Media, funny, also has an ongoing series about Murder, she wrote
Serena Skybourne - Media Analysis/Retrospective
a bit late - ASMR/Reading
abitfrank - Spooky Stuff
Twiins iink and The Judgmental Critter - Mostly RWBY stuff
Lisa Fevral - Winx Club and Fashion
Ladyknightthebrave - LONG Media Analysis
thegamingmuse - Mostly Silent Hill Analysis
MertKayKay - Gaming Analysis

I tried to pick mostly "unknown"/under 200k Channels. Sorry if some were already mentioned, hope this list brings some attention to these amazing ladies!

No. 244739

omg i used to love watching her sims 3 and nancy drew videos! I think i stopped watching because she started streaming on facebook and it was difficult to keep catching up with her contect.

>gotta love the Tara Dikov song ke
truely iconic tbh, she shaped my teenage years.

No. 244786

>calls steppenwolf furry
nonnie, how could you take this video as anything other than a joke? tbh i don't care about scrote philosphers getting made fun of, they do it to authors women celebrate all the time.

No. 244817

i recently noticed how many scrote channels i watch and i got really fed up with it. namely those two annoying ugly disgusting fucks from cold ones were the last straw. then i tried finding more female content creators on youtube and it was nearly impossible. my algorithm is so screwed. but i did discover naomi jon, i feel like i'm way too old for her content being around the same age as her and her makeup/personal style is kind of cringe, but she is so bubbly and fun and i feel like she'd be a good friend. expect consoomerist gen z content from her though. i just like her personality. another nice female youtuber is beryl shereshewsky, she tries dishes from many different countries that her followers explain to her. anyway i'm extremely thankful to have found this thread, lolcow once again saves the day. love you nonnas
came here to post her too, i enjoyed her britney video so much, i'm sad she doesn't have more videos.

No. 245163

kek same! it's very matter of fact but it grew on me

No. 245730

I think she's funny but the they/them nonbinary shit, and calling herself a "pretty cool guy" is so cringe to me. It's so weird to see someone in Asia getting influenced by Western gendie nonsense.

I've discovered her recently too and her videos are so comfy!

No. 245805

Oh I found her recently too! I like this new trend of chill vloggers

Annika's Leaf is kinda like her. She'll have cooking or "pack orders with me" vlogs I'll put on for background noise.

No. 245811

I like Nami also! I used to watch a similar channel called Usako style but stopped after she got engaged. I got annoyed by seeing her fiance all the time lol. Plan D is another chill channel. She cooks and sometimes sews/does crafts.

No. 245820

Yeah her Facebook streaming era was weird, she lost me there too. But now she’s back to twitch and YouTube which is nice!

I also have this channel that an anon recommend to me a couple of years ago. She has a cute studio where she works on her small Etsy business. Fun to watch for artfags even if her art isn’t your cup of tea!

No. 245871

No offense against nonnies themselves, I find these videos mesmerizing, but I also find them weird as hell. They're selling a weird fantasy to women where "even you, filthy youtube watcher" feel like you're some celestial being eating sticky candy with a tooth pick in an aesthetic corner in your tiny apartment in a childish dress while staring into your corner. These shots are bizarre as fuck if you think even a second about it, especially when they're in public, setting up their phone on a storage shelf filming themselves checking out fruits with the most exaggerated dainty movements.

No. 245872

I know someone who is obsessed with this type of video but I don't get it, thanks for articulating why.

No. 245875

My thoughts exactly. I get why people enjoy them because they serve up a dreamy fantasy, but they feel very weird and unnatural. Imagine how sad your life must be that you have to put on this cute, child-like persona in the comfort of your home.

No. 245878

> Imagine how sad your life must be that you have to put on this cute, child-like persona in the comfort of your home.
I mean I'm pretty sure these women just dig for treasure in their navels and scratch their asses lounging around, it's purely content.
I'm more scared about stuff like >>245820, especially when it goes from vlogging to ~business counsulting~ content from "small business owners" and it's just a woman dropshipping from her bedroom or selling stickers on Etsy, performing a childish persona teeheeing at doing adult stuff. Because it seems like they genuinely buy into this shit, I can't imagine what they must be like to hang out with on a regular basis.

No. 245960

I'm >>245811 and for me it's not that deep. I just like chill cooking vlogs with minimal to no voice over, and finding new recipes to try is always fun. I don't particularly care about the aesthetics or whatever.

Trickywagon is my favorite channel for studio vlogs. She's super chill and her vlogs are always pretty long, so they make for good background noise while I'm drawing. The only bad thing is that she posts rarely.

No. 245997

File: 1665373659078.png (178.73 KB, 377x350, 56ED8CDC-6125-4669-A434-FC09D4…)


No. 246012

I see your point nonny. I personally watch these vids to find good recipes

No. 246013

>I got annoyed by seeing her fiance all the time lol.
Tbh I get the same way kek. Same when I find a business that I thought was woman-owned, but then it turns out her bf/husband is the co-owner. I just get put off like please just lie to me about how you're the only one instead.

No. 246116

>All kinds of female talent welcome
>Thread filled with asian women making sandwiches and white women lifestyle videos.

No. 246129

omg a WOMAN making shitty noise music!

No. 246140

Oh no WOMAN passionate about something, how pretentious!

No. 246142

It's not even misogyny, just plain old american anti intellectualism.

No. 246184

Anon, this woman is white too

No. 246265

Omg yes you just reminded me of her, I used to really like trickywagon too!

No. 246266

Things that are stereotypically feminine are not automatically bad. What kind of scrote mindset is that

No. 246332

>not understanding the feminine desire for woman-made media that isn't all about PROVING yourself "surprisingly good for a girl", especially desire to reject the sentiment of (male-approved) """talent""" being a currency to exist in capitalist society
Bitch we're just endlessly consuming yt videos, it doesn't make you more feminist or enlightened when you need a stream of content showing women doing "typically masculine" shit in order to affirm to yourself that women are cool. When you are unable to discern the skills involved in producing aesthetic, marketable, trend conscious content bc HAHA WOMAN MAKE SANDWICH. Post bitches doing kick flips and theoretical physics if you want but then shut the fuck up babe.

No. 246346

>no you can't look at food videos!!!!! because i say so!!!
Just for you nonnie I'm adding another food/lifestyle content creator.

No. 246370

Ugly white woman food.(racebait)

No. 246381

These things are inherently boring. Everybody cooks, everybody has a lifestyle, everybody consumes useless products.
Nutrition obsessed gym bro content creators are just as boring as orthorexic white women.
I guess the main issue here is that americans convinced themselves that consuming is a valid hobby.

No. 246393

Not everyone has a good ideas for the food to make, I like food related channels for giving me some inspiration, and cooking absolutely can be a hobby.

No. 246397

hard disagree, not everyone cooks and especially not everybody can cook. cookbooks and recipes are centuries old and youtube cooking videos are just filmed recipes. lifestyles can be very unique and don't have to be consoom-based. sorry you can only enjoy the most special of content.

No. 246411

I watch mostly Japanese and Korean channels but I'll write down a few that don't have much talking and could be interesting to non-speakers:
cocco channel - a vlog channel of a Japanese singer Cocco (who has been on the industry since the 90s and who is great and you should check out her music). you can watch her for the cool editing and the overall vibe.
원지의 하루 wonji's day - i recommend her very much! a travel vlogger and tons of videos to binge through. I like her because she doesn't stay in luxurious hotels much and has had some fun destinations (India, Egypt, Namibia, etc.). currently she is in the us.
순디네 집짓기 Sundy's house building - a weekly vlog of a woman in her 30s who quit her job and is now building a house with her father. the father is annoying but she edits the videos nicely.
for those who like gameplays 햄튜브 hemtube - you might recognize the name from vine because she used to make videos with her cat. now she does all sorts of videos on her channel and streams gameplays on twitch at least twice per week

No. 246435

I’m sorry you don’t enjoy the same things as other anons nonnie. What do you like to watch? I bet it’s good with your superior taste, no sock sniffing videos though please.

No. 246441

I get where you're coming from but if you know interesting content creators then don't shy away from sharing them.

No. 246446

I love the few videos I watched a while ago. Like you said she's funny and cool but she became a themlet because of course why not. I always support being GNC but when it comes from gendies I just roll my eyes.
I don't know the book so whatever humor there is flew over my head

No. 246449

I can't think of a single thing more uncivilized than not watching cooking videos.

No. 246456

>MertKayKay - Gaming Analysis
I'm always excited to see any gaming analysis from women but never thought someone could have such wrong opinion about Yakuza 0 to that extent. I agree about the portrayal of women in Yakuza 0 it's horribly regressive and sexist and it's hypocritical
"oh boo hoo transwomen are portrayed horribly" holy fuck kill me
I'm surprised she didn't complain about how landlords are evil and surprised that she liked the "sexy women fighting" minigame because they were…dressed in a sexy way?

No. 246466

you ignored all the comedy, hobby, and essay videos but good job somehow finding a way to feel superior in a youtube thread.

No. 246481

Girl just share what you like then without being this sour, I’m dying for variety as well.

No. 246903

I dont know anything about yakuza so ill trust you on that one, but yea its annoying that many female creators interject with a cringy trans comment, it sours the video. Hope you could enjoy maybe someone else from the list hehe

No. 246981

>"oh boo hoo transwomen are portrayed horribly"
>she liked the "sexy women fighting" minigame because they were…dressed in a sexy way?
I haven't watched the video but this sounds like a typical case of liberal feminism

No. 246995

samefag, I'm watching the video now
>I get that it is their job, and they [the hostesses] choose to do it
yeah that sounds pretty libfemmy to me. It's a shame because her criticisms are otherwise fair and accurate and even based-
>an adult male buying a young boy a porn magazine and telling him he'll understand what the pictures mean when he grows up is "good", she just wishes the same was done for girl characters
>the worst representation in these games is for trans "people" (they're all male) despite the catfight minigame, the porn actresses' softcore porn videos, and all the sexism in every other aspect of the game
Yeah nevermind I take that back

No. 247091

Victoria Vincent/vewn is an animator whose work and art I enjoy.

No. 247106

i love vewn I can't wait for her new tv show

No. 247187

Man, this is easily the worst take of Yakuza 0 I've ever seen. Also, I don't feel that it actually even portrays women that badly, tbh. There aren't that many women involved in the main plot because it's a game about the Japanese criminal underworld which means it's obviously going to be a story focused around men.

For the most part when you do see women who are involved, you mostly see them working at cabaret clubs, in soaplands, as sex workers, etc, because fucking surprise, it takes place in a damn red-light district! Even so, these women are treated as human, with their own personal struggles, worries, and dreams, instead of disposable sex toys like you'd expect the narrative to treat them as. And in their substories, Kiryu/Majima help them, but in the end they save themselves and don't stay dependent on them.

Makoto herself is a damsel in distress, but you can't help but feel awful for her. And it makes sense because she's a poor innocent women caught up in a dispute between local gangs. It makes sense that she's helpless within the context of the story.

Lastly, I'm surprised she completely forgot about Miss Tatsu, who is a complete badass and trains Kiryu in one of the main fighting styles. Apparently she doesn't count.

No. 247496

>They're selling a weird fantasy to women where "even you, filthy youtube watcher" feel like you're some celestial being eating sticky candy with a tooth pick in an aesthetic corner in your tiny apartment in a childish dress while staring into your corner.
What the fuck are you talking about

No. 247706

I want to add a small channel I've stumbled across this morning and have been binging. She covers a wide variety of topics and is very reasonable and open-minded. Also, her voice is lovely to listen to lol. I'm really enjoying her content so far.

No. 247833

seejanedrill is great if you are interested in or need help with home improvement! She's going to be on a History Channel series soon about heirloom restorations.

No. 247880

I love me some long, well researched video essays and the one's she makes are absolutely amazing. She's also not afraid to take down sexist dudebros on their own pseudoscientific turf and I'm here for it.

No. 247969

Jaime French appeared in my recommendeds and I'm really enjoying her bad movie reviews.

No. 247999

It's childish but I laugh so much at all her dance movie videos where she removes the music and replaces it with fart sounds and squeaky floor noises.

No. 249277

Hoshikage, unfortunately I don't know enough Japanese to know wtf she's saying (probably something funny) but her YouTube channel is all about otome gameplay videos

No. 249543

Isn't she in a cult? I also remember her peddling some pseudoscience health healing bs.

No. 249681

i think she's a jehovah witness

No. 249962

Just found this youtuber. She's really entertaining so far, but I'm not 100% sure she's actually a woman or a pseudo woman. Any nonas have more info?

No. 249964

I think I found the YT channel of the Gogeta Nonnita from the Retarded hornyposting husbandoposting shitpost thread, 50% of her content is about DBZ Games.

No. 249996

I don't know anything about this youtuber but I'm kind of bad at clocking trannies on YouTube when they hide the fact that they're trans. What I like to do when I'm unsure if someone is actually a woman is watching a couple of their oldest videos, ideally from about 6 years ago, to see if the voice they're doing was more obviously weird, forced and fake, or if their appearance was more obviously male. If there are only recent videos (1 year max) and/or if they have a lot of videos with perverted scrotey themes, like >>209611 I would see that as a huge red flag, as well as if they display signs of AGP (like only using super sexualized female characters in games). Look for any pronouns on their social media, some troons don't want people to know that they're trans but IME they will still announce their pronouns without fail. If there are no pronouns and everything else seems fine it's most likely a woman.
I checked this youtuber for signs and it's pretty obvious to me that it's an actual woman. The voice alone is proof since she sounds so natural imo, and she sounds exactly the same in videos uploaded 6 years ago, but since it's a voiceover artist I'm not 100% sure (can voice acting trannies even sound this natural?)

No. 250209

can any anon elaborate more on her controversy?? She's one of my favorite anitubers and I never heard anything about this!

No. 250213

In case the mörges anons check this thread still, she gave an update about why she was on such a long hiatus. It's a relatively short video but if you don't want to watch it she pretty much talks briefly about being stalked for the past year and needs help financially. She also has plans to return back to YT

No. 250887

File: 1666852146209.jpg (139.72 KB, 1000x1000, TPWKY_Tile.jpg)

Dunno if I should put this in podcasts general or here, but I've been listening to This Podcast Will Kill You for a few years now and it's pretty much my favorite ever. The hosts talk pretty in depth about a different disease or ailment each episode and have great chemistry together, despite the subject matter it's a really chill and upbeat podcast. Also they have disease themed martinis recipes every episode which I love.

No. 250888

nta but a fyi: the hosts use the 'people with uteruses' language. i had to unsub because of how dumb it sounded

No. 250900

She makes videos about internet security and privacy

No. 250955

There are plenty of men capable of doing a believable female voice but it's usually at a higher register, she sounds like a natural low register.

No. 250966

was just recommended this video from tamakid on my homepage and she seems really cool! she has only three videos so maybe a newer creator but i thought she did a really good job on this reigen figure so i might keep up with her

No. 250988

That's also the podcast that had an episode about freaks with BID who want to cut off totally healthy body parts, which is totally different from trannies cutting off dicks uwu

No. 251051

Rebecca Richard, she makes videos about web development, web design and cybersecurity. Since I'm learning web development, her videos are very helpful, especially the cybersecurity ones.

No. 251068

such a vibe, lizard queen #1

No. 251105

I like her hamster content but for some reason I feel like she's a troon, am I blind or does anyone else see what I'm seeing

No. 251111

I see what you mean, her face does scream troon to me but I have known some women irl who are just very unfortunate to have a face like that so idk.

No. 251123

Do you guys not feel bad when you say this about real women

No. 251128

No she's not you retard

No. 251224

Laura Kampf! Her house restoration series is my favorite thing right now. She’s posting weekly updates on her rennovating a 120 year old house. The cinematography is really great, and overall the series is very laid back and funny. She’s also lesbian or bisexual (she has a gf and some pride stuff in her workshop). You also get to watch slo-mo of her wielding power tools and breaking down walls.

No. 251238

Tbh I feel as if social media has done a number on peoples' idea of real womens' faces. She has a strong face but still very feminine.

No. 251518

I recently discovered Arika and I'm in love. She covers anime songs up until the 2000s for the most part and sometimes vaguely, sometimes not so vaguely cosplays the main characters of the series, along with performing little dances during it lol. Idk if I'm just imagining things, but I feel like the current trend with cover channels seem to be singing in some flat wannabe sad voice like certain artists that got popular with that way of singing, so hearing her actually putting emotion behind her voice is refreshing lmao. I was conflicted whether to post vidrel, her cover of Ace wo nerae! or her Cutey Honey cover, but in the end I decided for this one because I just love how she absolutely got the 80s jpop idol look down lol. she also covered zankokuna tenshi no thesis which i saw after posting

No. 251522

Also, if you prefer a, let's say more mature for the lack of a better term lol, voice, I'd recommend checking out Ai Ninomiyas channel. Her voice is amazing, and she puts an R&B spin to the songs she covers. She also covers English songs and usually puts roomaji in her video titles too, which probably makes it easier to check out her channel if you can't read a lick of Japanese, something I didn't consider when recommending Arika lol. The majority of her songs seem to be kept at pre-2000s, be it the Japanese or English covers. Again, didn't know which song rather to put, deciding between her cover of Hikaru Utadas First love or Mayumi Itsuwas Koibito yo, but I chose vidrel simply because I like to more, sorry lmao.

No. 251540

Show me one troon that actually cares for animals and with a house that looks like a pinterest board, lmao.

No. 251546

Yeah not only is she clearly a woman in voice and appearance but troons aren't known for taking care of other living beings.

No. 254689

I really like her videos, she seems very sincere and honest about her life. She seems like a good mom too, I'm against putting your children online but honestly I like it when she puts clips of her kids playing, it's really sweet.

No. 254706

I take back all the bad stuff i said about daph. She is based, will probably not watch her art streams because its not my taste but maybe i will try and catch a few of her streams where she games.

No. 254713

I don't normally like dyed hair on anyone but I think this hair color looks really nice and suits her skin tone very well. I always thought that her black hair contrasted her ghostly pale-ness way too much but I'm digging the grey lavender a lot. She looks great.

No. 254720

Daph is still a drama-obsessed pickme that wishes Hasan was her bf. kek

No. 254741

Love how she corrects the seething moids loll

No. 254806

Her content seems interesting I think others might be interested. I’m not into josei or shojo, I prefer action anime, but I wanted to find more women talking about geeky things.I know she’s a she/they but I’ve come to accept that for some reason only gendie women are into what I’m into unless someone here wants to change that

No. 254807

She makes videos talking about the manga she’s currently reading

No. 254808

Insane the way you get summoned every time she is mentioned

No. 254832

All I know about this person is that a bunch of people into shoujo manga (as in ones that post about the history of womens magazines and translate stuff from vintage shoujo mangaka) really dislike her because some of her videos have inaccurate information about what shoujo and josei are - a lot of her stuff is based off of English translations of manga rather than the Japanese publishing industry. One person that translates also made the comment that they were repeating stuff in a video that they had posted on their own site. Sadly most people into shoujo manga or translate for female mangaka are not the types who make YouTube content.

No. 254854

I've come to accept that every youtuber posted here that I'm remotely interested in is imperfect af, it's disappointing.

No. 255537

She's a pick-me but I like some of her terfy videos

No. 255560

I really want to like elizabeth filips' channel, she's smart and insightful and her topics are interesting but I have a hard time watching them because of the whispery way she talks and kind of sounds like her voice is struggling or something. she also talks super fast and it kind of seems like her videos are sped up. I still watch her content from time to time but I'm not a regular watcher. posting her here incase someone else might like her videos

No. 255572

She looks like female Ben Shapiro

No. 255573

She does, works for the Daily Wire too lmao. I still find some of her videos enjoyable though.

No. 255574

nta but I feel like I always see "enthusiasts" like the ones mentioned in >>254832 pop up whenever someone gets popular just to act smug and gatekeepy. nothing wrong with correcting misinformation but some people take it to the extreme like no I don't think youtuber X or Y is actually a hack fraud just because they got a date wrong in their video or something.

No. 255604

I like her voice and video topics

No. 255644

I love them! I only wish they posted more often.

No. 256522

File: 1668967807433.jpeg (363.86 KB, 1463x828, 931EDC90-3A69-4243-818E-D0EBEC…)

i watched the entirety of that one hour long animation. it was really funny and good, had a few jokes in the background about TIMs too lol

No. 256553

I really like the both of them and their channel and can see that they mostly have fun and put effort into that which I admire from them. Loved the para para movie and I see that they have announced the second movie definitely shows they lurk boards in their videos, bit concerned that it seems to be mostly men commenting

No. 256562

Kek based. Honestly after watching a couple minutes of it I wonder if rather than just being inspired, it's a new project from a NNSG person. I suppose we'll never know

No. 257588

>very open about being 22 yo
>weeb 4 year old voice
you're definitely biased nona kek

No. 258367

I know this isn't the best thread to post this, but the youtuber thread is full and I can't make a decent summary on it. But it still is about a female creator posted already so it kinda fits.

seems to be going through a psychotic episode and it is really hard to watch as she is extremely upset and can barely be coherent to make vid rel which could easily be 1/3 of what it is if she was in good mental state which she surely isn't. I will try to summarise it as good as I can

>moves into a basement room since it was her cheapest option to be able to make youtube videos without bothering anyone

>the place is extremely dirty, smelly, humid, has bad light and lots of bugs
>for a short while she tries her best to clean it but no progress is being made and the bugs keeps appearing which freaks her out
>the place has a shared bathroom that is equally disgusting and infested with bugs
>she starts feeling extremely unwell and looses motivation to do anything and also feels like someone watches and hears what she does but tries to rationalise it by just thinking it's just the shitty room and the bugs
>she bought a gym membership to go there and take showers because it felt that bad in the apartment
>she leaves when she finds a note from the stalker(the only time she makes an actual mention of him, she says she will talk about it and show the note in the next video)
>she has no money and prefers to live in a tend outside for a couple of months where she felt better than the apartment
>winter is approaching so she can't live outside anymore and since her stalker is also in Iceland, she takes a loan to go in a foreign country and live in a motel to film a video talking about the situation
>she doesn't get around to do so and she is so afraid to go back to Iceland she prefers to stay around in the airport and does so for a couple of weeks while also trying to film the previous video she uploaded in the airport bathroom which was ofc difficult to do >>250213
>she is scared of being called a liar but gets overwhelming support from the fans both in comments and in money and managed to rent a hotel and stay there and chill
>she also finds an airbnb which looked good in pictures but proved to be similarly shitty to the apartment back in Iceland
>she couldn't get the money back and leave so she decided to clean this place and buys cleaning supplies and a vacuum to clean the shitty airbnb she will only be living for a month
>she starts feeling similarly bad as in the apartment because the living conditions were so similar and after three weeks realises she feels the same cause the apartment triggers the same bad memories she had as the one in Iceland
>she finds a way to cope by living in a tent WITHIN the apartment, wearing a hoodie so she doesn't feel like she is seeing things that aren't there and wears earplugs to block sounds which freak her out
>she says she will film the next video and post it asap to explain exactly what happened with the stalker

This is the gist of it. If I'm missing anything it's because the video is so long and she was repeating things over and over. The part that was specifically unnerving for me was how she described what she did in the airbnb EXACTLY the same way as what she did in the apartment in Iceland and there I went "oh god she didn't realise she was repeating what she did back there" but eventually she said she did. Even though she is rational enough to realise the airbnb was some fucked up bad coincidence to happen to her, her sanity seems to be hanging by a thread. Her actions are irrational and she seems to be completely alone in this as she didn't mention family, friends or the police. I'm waiting for the next video to see what she will say about the stalker, but, no matter what, she is in a too bad of a mental state to be going through this alone. Idk if this was her choice or she has no support network, but she is bordering on sounding like an insane person. Thankfully most of the comments she has are supportive and ask her to get help as she is probably going through PTSD(not armchairing but it's very likely) and idk how good it is for her to put herself out like this as some asshole could pick up the video and turn things around for the worse for her.

I just hope someone actually helps her and she takes a break from the internet until she feels better

No. 258503

I watched this yesterday. I was a bit worried when she said the airbnb had a "live, laugh, love" sign and it made her feel like her stalker was mocking her. She clarified that she knows that it's all a coincidence and it just freaked her out, but I still think she's very close to being a bit delusional. I feel really sorry for her being basically homeless in a foreign country and having no support. I was wondering the entire video if she doesn't have contact with her family, or if she literally has no one?
I don't doubt any of her story though, I've had similar mental issues in the past, it sucks that she feels like she has to put herself through all this to get away from a guy who probably had issues with boundaries. I'm worried about how she'll get back on her feet if she isn't in the state to do youtube full time again. Maybe she should try getting a work visa and get a job wherever she is and focus on finding a good clean place to live since that's clearly really important to her.

No. 258915

I just discovered her channel recently and it's very informative and useful if you want to improve singing/speaking

No. 259120

i used to always watch cutiepiemarzia when i was younger and before she left yt, me and my mum used to watch her vlogs kek

No. 259322

I love Kidology, I'm kind of surprised she hadn't already been posted in here. She does a nice job mixing her own personal experiences with broader social analysis. Here's the first first of hers that got me hooked.

No. 259734

Just found her channel, her videos are pretty funny even tho reacting channels are not really my taste

No. 259737

She's been posted on /ot/ before, and it usually gets a negative reaction because she has kind of a sympathic view on incels. I think she's alright, but it's a fact not all of her views really fit with "LC culture"

No. 259755

kek yeah, she's pretty funny, thank you for posting her

No. 260022

She makes very interesting and well researched videos

No. 260038

I love her videos but it's a shame she doesn't upload more frequently. Weird internet stories and dark/bizarre history is my favorite kind of content. I also find her monotone voice kinda soothing in a certain way, it matches the dark atmosphere of the topics she covers.

No. 261305

notsoErudite is a streamer whose neither a libfem, radfem or a tardthot pick-me, just a regular smart mentally stable woman debating mentally deranged morons online

No. 261315

if she's debating people online she is not mentally well please be serious

No. 261506

>neither a libfem, radfem or a tardthot pick-me

Let me guess, she's en enlightened centrist ? Anyone who does streaming for a living is a weirdo.

No. 261512

she identifies as a moderate and she's actually an academic who streams for fun

No. 261635

Recommending some of my favorite channel that are more on the obscure side

No. 261636

EvenBadWolves Gaming is a channel I just subscribed too a week ago, she does mostly game story recaps but also makes videos on her personal feelings about certain games and what they mean for her

No. 262438

been watching the readhead academic lately. I wish I could be an ivy league PHD student but alas it will probably never happen so I'm living vicariously through her. she's just generally sweet and down to earth and she also has videos about note taking and productivity and stuff like that as well

No. 262753

I love her videos on tiktok and I really wish she would upload more of those topics on youtube. I love her voice and I love women that ramble on about games.

No. 263208

I like her too

No. 263215

pro-BJJ Youtuber who's channel is about teaching grappling and exercise to women

No. 263459

Just found out about Maryjane, an American black woman who solo travels to different countries, including some of the most dangerous ones. Recently, she went to Afghanistan. I found this video beautiful and interesting. I'm amazed at her bravery, and she approaches things with such respect and compassion for the people.

No. 263822

nonnies are there any good radfem youtubers you like? or anyone specific on bitchute. i feel like most are exclusively gender critical/not radfem and end up being deranged cows. i want to watch more female creators who best pick apart more than just gc stuff. its so hard to find these women which is understandable because who wants to subject themselves to free harassment

No. 265112

I was shown Hungry Goriya and I like a lot of the games and subjects she touches on. I want to make sure she's not a troon. She has a pet chipmunk, so I believe I'm good.

No. 265175

>this entire channel
this is how I imagine the average farmer. like a less overtly weeby version of our queen.

No. 265756

I like Runawaysiren. Cute lesbian radfem, making anti-porn, TERFy videos, criticising the beauty industry etc. Sometimes interviews but mainly just speaking about feminist topics over footage and images. I like her voice.

No. 266726

Really like Heaven Sent Honey. She has videos about feminine power, sensuality, hobbies, and is anti-hookup culture. As a sensitive person I really like her vibe, calmness, and videos focusing on achieving a quiet sensual life full of detailed experiences.

No. 266806

I found Cindy through her Sims 2 channel and although she doesn't play it right now, I've been enjoying her vlogs a lot. I think she's nice and is good at speaking to the camera.

Tbh, I like little channels like this, where people are a litlle messy, not trying to be aesthetic and so.
Anyone have more suggestions?

No. 266816

Oh wow I didn't know she had a vlogging channel. I just watched her sims 2 videos. Looking at her channel it seems like she had a miscarriage, I feel so bad for her. She looks great and I hope she can recover nicely

No. 266846

im just looking at the thumbnail but is this person really advocating for the carnivore diet?

No. 266883

She isn't really advocating it, she has PCOS and the carnivore diet really helped her with her condition and weightloss and since this is a vlogging channel her diet is a part of her vlogs

No. 266934

I found this one girl called Mirta on youtube who plays video games while looking up shit for the game validate. She even has the woman's suffrage colors in her bio, I have a high suspicion she may be a terf watching her other vids. maybe im just tinfoiling idk.

No. 267180

She's weird, here's her tutorial on how to sell your soul kek

No. 267195

Very small channel, but great video content about women's figure skating and it's recent controversies. I'm going to rewatch them now.

No. 267220

nonna, i have a suggestion for you. she mostly talks about the controversy around tutberidze and her girls.

No. 267993

I'm pretty sure she isn't. I like her content and have been watching for quite a while.
If she is, she's never made mention of any troonery related subjects in the years I've been watching.

No. 268025

i’ve been into sustainable and hippie fashion lately, dropping some channels i found!

leah alexandra is pretty entertaining, she has lots of videos about thrifting on her channel

No. 268027

she focuses a lot on y2k and nostalgic fashion

No. 268031

really cute and colorful style

No. 268036

also farawa, this video isn’t about fashion but i love her whole channel and style so much. she does crafts, handmade stuff and cooking. i wish this was my life tbh

No. 268117

I love her autist spread sheets. Very helpful.

No. 268118

I love her autist spread sheets. Very helpful.

No. 268165

this woman who is a soviet historian and has a huge collection of early soviet books, magazines and pamphlets that have been out of print for almost a century now, and she talks about various aspects of soviet history, as well the relationship of ethnic and religious minorities with in the soviet union

No. 268580

Michelle C. Smith, she's a Hollywood stuntwoman and fight coordinator(specifically staff fight scenes), most of her video's are regarding gymnastics and how to do learn basic fight scene moves on your own

No. 268587

Shes kind of a China Russian fangirl tho.its kind of creepy

No. 268590

she's actually American Yugoslavian and does have a degree of Eastern European history, as well as doing her own research

No. 268610

NAYRT but both things can be true at once. You get that, right. Both things can be true at once. She can be an American (first red flag, excuse the pun) Yugoslav, have her degree in Eastern European history, have ~one her own research uwu~ (totally unbiased I'm sure) AND cape hard for/romanticize repressive/genocidal regimes. You find shovefuls of people like her online. Many (now ex-)Soviets were and sometimes still are content to ignore their own (now ex-)regime's repressions of ethnic minorities, political opponents, creation of manmade famines to starve out the ethnically undesirable because that same regime gave them work, a house, and a reason to wake up in the morning.

No. 268613

Samefag, done* her own research. Also that last part wouldn't apply to her regardless because she can't have been born before the USSR fell anyways. It would surprise no-one she's a "China Russian fangirl" because you find them by clusters online.

Anyways Since I don't want to shit up the thread with nothing else to add, I'm putting Diana Vingert's channel for any nonnies who would want to start embroidery. I only started this month to bedazzle medieval LARP costumes and watching her embroider really showed me how actually simple it can be if you're just a little focused. I recommend finding just one other video to learn the stitches (I've found a video by Let's Explore, another female creator as far as I can see), but even if you don't embroider yourself, just watching her do it is very relaxing to me.

No. 268657

youtubes algorithm finally recommended someone interesting. it’s her first video, i'm looking forward to more

No. 268661

>American Yugoslavian
First of all kek, second of all how does that excuse being a russia/chinaboo? Don't tell me you think Yugoslavia was a part of the Soviet Union or something.

No. 268664

For some reason I'm watching videos about hotels and first class flight and now I'm watching stuff by Miss Mina. I like the few videos from her I've seen so far.

No. 268682

I stumbled upon them due to the algorithm but I clicked on to it since I dropped LO and was curious about their take. It's fairly long and is more along the lines of a podcast but they do show screenshots of scenes they're referencing from time to time. It's really funny to see in their later videos that it takes like 3 hours just to talk about 10 chapters bc LO is such a fucking mess, but they also suggest great edits and ways to make the plot work. They're starting to branch out and cover other webcomics too, like Let's Play and one called Lightlark.

No. 268700

my apologies if she's already been posted, but i like cecil mcfly's videos a lot. i know people usually shit on youtubers who make videos about cows and she's obviously a kiwifag and metokur simp but i think her videos are pretty good for learning about cows when you don't wanna read an entire thread about them, especially if they were mostly discussed on KF (therefore their threads are full of scrotes trying to be funny and failing kek). her narcissa wright video is one of my favs, i wasn't really into this whole thing when it happened so i found it very informative.

No. 268738

What's more insulting that if (considering she's muslim) what the Chinese communists party has done to the uyhur Muslims. How can she be fan after that? Its like liking the nazi party despite being Jewish

No. 268739

I wish she posted more. Her lolcow videos are well edited and researched

No. 268812

At least sage your shit when replying to your own self-post, Cecil

No. 268906

I'm watching videos from this woman right now, I wish I were her and I could just go to fancy hotels often like that.

No. 268909

Nonnie….really? …

No. 268945

Kek bitch is always so obvious. It’s self post every time 100% of the time.

No. 269171

I stumbled across Savannah Alexandra Art because of her vintage redraws, she apparently was popular on other places like facebook and instagram before her youtube. She also made needle felt dolls and I just love her vintage art aesthetic. I enjoyed her take on the Ai art problem because she's an actual professional in the field and she compared it to how artists back in the day were seething over having to switch to digital.

No. 269281

I just discovered her channel and I already learned about some new games

No. 270759

Michelle Khare is probably the most badass ex-buzzfeed employee, She's done firefighting training, SWAT team training, Marine bootcamp, figure skating, life guard training etc

No. 270761

I enjoy Ana Psychology's stuff, she handles topics mostly from a woman's point of view

No. 270798

No. 270808

No. 270858

Got recommended her vids a little while ago and was pleasantly surprised. She talks about creepy/paranormal subjects. Seems very sweet and grounded, very much a normie. I am a little annoyed by how she constantly tries to be as politically correct as possible, but that's just female youtubers for you

No. 270868

Strangely I have a huge crush on this woman.

No. 270871

Haven't watched a lot from her channel yet but I enjoy the subjects of her videos and cute style

No. 270988

Found this nice little Harry Potter Channel

No. 271016

i really liked safiya's latest video(s) about las vegas. maybe she'll finally stop with the melting videos?

No. 271083

my husband randomly put this on from my recommended vids, it wasnt bad but its still exactly like all her other videos in the sense that it's just "spending" content.
also i work at a hotel, so the few times she had complaints like "there was a sandwich in the mini fridge" it annoyed me b/c as long as you give the staff an opportunity to remedy the situation it shouldnt be a big deal.

No. 271085

I enjoyed this video, she's definitely appealing in a normie sense, but I was losing it at the last video with the malfunctioning dentist robot, it's from fucking OneyPlays, I can't believe people in tiktok think it's real.

No. 271160

I really like the YT channel Learn Japanese with Tanaka san, she’s Japanese and makes content for learners of her language. Really cute animations, I found her channel very helpful even though I’m still a beginner. She has varied materials, videos about kanji, grammar, listening practices. Sometimes she also does Q&A.

About the creator (Q&A):

No. 271185

I've been rewatching this video (and part 2) like crazy. It's my new "comfort" video kek. It's just good background noise, like all of her videos. I like this video in particular because I actually do like seeing all the base rooms of these hotels from the perspective of someone actually staying in them, it's like a good reference video for if I ever want to stay in one of these hotels in Vegas without having to go through all 33 hotel websites and looking at perfectly curated stock photos of their rooms/watching 33+ separate videos of people's reviews of each hotel. You get a good sense of size and layout in the videos too. There's a little more use out of this video as opposed to the rest of her "everything" videos.

I did fear that one of the hotel rooms they stayed in potentially had bedbugs (I think it was the Excalibur hotel? The one with the room with the dirty marks on the sheets and pillow cases).

No. 271197

I still watch her but I can't get over her going on a disclaimer about "Kink shaming" when talking about a woman abusing women and doing BDSM shit. Like shut the fuck up, it's more important to talk about the REAL story, not try to make sure BDSM-fags aren't being offended

No. 271494

I've been watching her videos from time to time ever since I saw her posted here, and I just wanna thank you, I just watched her most recent vid and she's so based, I love her lmao

No. 271882

Her channel seems really chill. I don't usually watch vlogs of any kind but this was cute

No. 271885

File: 1674815657429.jpg (7.7 KB, 289x106, avatar.jpg)

NTA but I wish I knew what this lady was saying because her avatar is based kek

No. 271932

she's a bit autistic but I find her endearing

No. 272198

They can be a little pick-me a times, but based on most issues

No. 272223

Found a cute crafting channel while searching for instructions on how to work with shrink plastic!

No. 272379

Fun Archaeologist channel I found

No. 273058

anyone know female gamers who play real games? i want to see a girlie rage quit at elden ring or be generally kind of crass and … "gamer-y" (like cory or dunkey or someone)

No. 273063

>Real games
>Girlie rage quit
>Scrotish gamer behaviour
>Literal whos?
What's the point of this thread if you don't check it out.

No. 273110

>The Pasta Queen
need I say more

No. 273295

i did check it out i saw a few kinda boring women

No. 273569

junelikethemonth. She was recentlyish fired from the channel I discovered her on (Delish) but they have a lot of her content still on their channel that is worth watching. I think she's thoughtful, weird, and the right amount of an oversharer so her videos are always a good time. A lot of the videos are long, like 90min, and mostly food centered (lots of frugal reciples!) so she's not for everyone but I hope someone else ends up liking her too.

No. 274413

I really like Eli from Russia, her content is well put together and is probably the only vlog channel I like. She travels to different places in Russia and shows their culture and traditions. She has videos on her channel were she goes to places like Vietnam, italy, and bali. I mostly enjoy her content about Russia though. Such an interesting place.

No. 274432

yeah sucks to admit it but I didn’t like most of the gaming youtubers redommended. I really wish some nonnies would consider becoming youtubers they seem pretty entertaining through text alone

No. 274632

Possibly the only female Lego maker channel I've found

No. 274633

Why would a real gamer rage quit at Elden ring, it’s not even a hard souls game. 39daph is crass and play a variety of games.

No. 275009

Thank you nonna, I realy like her channel!

No. 275399

I subscribed the moment I saw her softening straw in water to handmake a tiny straw hat for the German bisque doll she was restoring. What a fucking queen.

No. 275405

She does videos about vintage makeup and its very interesting! She mostly has shorts on her channel but there is few videos too. Hope she hasnt been posted here yet.

No. 275481

Very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what she does because she actually seems like a professional, but… GIRL. In this video she put WAY too much blush on for a Victorian look! There is no way a Victorian/Edwardian lady wouldn't have been clocked with this much blush! If she had tempered her hand, it would be much better. Otherwise, very cool and informative video, it's great to see how much vintage makeup she owns and how she draws on it to inform her videos.

No. 275988

File: 1676458479830.png (422.27 KB, 973x267, lego pick me.PNG)

It's great that there are women making Lego videos too but I am howling at her making Lego re-enactments of the Heard vs Depp trials kekkk

No. 276003

Thank you for posting her, I love both of her videos regarding the restoration considering how I thought the dolls could never be in good condition again. A lot of dedication and passion for her craft! Canðt wait to see more.

No. 276021

Nona are you Icelandic

No. 276041

I didn't realise that I had put that letter instead of an apostrophe, my mistake. However, to answer your question, I am from Iceland.

No. 276085

Hi Iceland-nonnie, if you see a puffin sometime can you tell it "I love you" from me?

No. 276136

Hehee I knew it, that's so cool!

No. 276597

Micarah Tewers is a talented and creative sewist and DIY artist, she's a bit "eccentric" cause she was homeschool and lives in a van but she seems nice

No. 276610

kek so that's the Icelandic version of Finns and Swedes accidentally typing "canät"

No. 276619

At this point im gonna start taking a shot everytime nonnies post Michara.

No. 276727

she seems a bit Cowish. When she was with Aaron she was asexual and let him have sex with other women, constantly livestreams sharing about her life then gets upset when people ask questions. Also gets mad at the dumbest shit. She could just not.. livestream? I used to like her but she's aggravating and let Aaron get away with way too much.

No. 276770

>she was asexual and let him have sex with other women
Is Aaron was that bf she had in Delish videos? That's just depressing. I always thought she was way out of his league, he's so rat like.

No. 276783

Any other female YouTubers who are into retro games or retro hardware, similar to Hungry Goriya?

No. 276851

yeah, he's fucking ugly and was a big attention whore when I just wanted to see June

No. 276930

I love watching these two women rip apart Lore Olympus, Let's Play, Lightlark, and a few other media properties. Their genuine rapport, fun outfits, and giggles/laughter at dissecting media is really refreshing with a YouTube full of stern 2+ hour video essays.

No. 276931

Oh shoot that channel was already posted. Ok this is my next offering

No. 277085

I am in love with her…

No. 277086

Kek, I don't even care about crabs but this is really funny

No. 277159

I was gonna rec her too!

No. 277301

I always seek out female cartoon reviewers because cartoons has always been a constant in my life and its always awesome to hear a reviewer that has that passion for animation as well.

No. 277302

another channel

No. 277987

I was looking for historical fashion channels that weren't pretentious and stumbled on this one! So far I really liked this video and how the youtuber gently guided the invited historian with good questions. Her videos so far don't seem too clickbait-y or snobby (like Bernadette Banner's feel like).

No. 278059

This video makes me want to wear medieval clothing. I'm currently losing weight and it seems so handy to have clothes which you can simply adjust the size of. I wish modern clothing designers would think of this.

No. 278353

It pisses me off that she has swallowed the gender bullshit despite being interested in women's history. But at least people are calling her out in the comments.

No. 278401

There's a French blog I really like, written by a woman. I've been reading her posts from time to time since I was in middle school because she's a weeb who's very into video games and especially into otome games, when she used to post on Gamekult before moving to Wordpress. Here's the link for anyone interested, but nowadays she only posts like 2 or 3 times a year to talk about the games she played in one given year, her own thought on them, and which ones she's looking forward to for the next year: https://www.fangirl.eu/

No. 278584

File: 1677409380617.gif (410.41 KB, 500x450, 1592925319467.gif)

Not related to videos because I like reading more and because it's very easy to find youtube channels about that, but does anyone has blogs or twitter accounts related to traveling they would recommend? It can either be from women talking about traveling in general , solo traveling as a woman, moving to a different country, etc. because I'm interested in the topic as a whole. I'm not interested in these luxury obsessed girls who brag about going shopping in Dubai and shoving sponsorships down everyone's throats though.

No. 278630

File: 1677429085938.png (1.34 MB, 970x614, vintage vixon.PNG)

I really love the, TikToker, @VintageVixen80s, I really love the, 1980's Aesthetic, 80's Music, and everything about it, I also love, @t0y.Baby on TikTok as well

I love the, Crocodilian, Wildlife Conservationist, Savannah Boan, She's the head of the, GatorLand Vlog's, YouTube Channel, A channel mainly dedicated to, Alligators / Crocodilians

Other YouTuber's I really love are, Azusa Barbie, Performing Healing (Raw Vegan Channe), Tammy Mai, Tara BabCock, ETC

No. 279667

File: 1677774039334.jpg (743.09 KB, 1079x2099, Screenshot_20230302_111957_Fir…)

samefagging but also seems to be into or accepting of poly. I think when she was with Aaron she allowed him to be poly since she's asexual. Her Instagram also has all her day to day and dating woes. she's kind of milky tbh https://www.instagram.com/thank9stars/

No. 279756

Late post, but from what I remembered, scrotes criticized her isekai video saying that she doesn't fully understand the mc of Re:Zero or the anime at all in which she claims it as a male power fantasy. Scrotes also called her a hypocrite on her character coded design video for her old MHA bl art and liking TbHk despite being against the sexualization of lolis/underage characters and pedos. You can find more details on the Wikitubia page but I strongly stand by her side since moids don't deserve validation on defending their degeneracy and the sheer amount of shit that appeals to them while women get overshadowed and bread crumbs. It's infuriating and unfair when moids get to bash on women's opinions and get butthurt when they dislike something that gets their dicks hard and make women uncomfortable.


No. 280408

Thumin's art is really pretty and aesthetic. Fuck all the racists and moids who harrassed and trolled on her.

No. 280455

self posting is not allowed here retard.

No. 280463

Glad to see her mention here, she's great !

nta but the video has 1 milion views, why would you even comment that ?

No. 280667

I wish I could draw as good as her but bitch calm down, I'm not even her. Also why is she getting so much hate and drama? Am I missing something or is she doing this intentionally for views and attention because I don't believe that since she has proof harrassment and people being racist towards her. I feel pretty sorry since she just makes neat art and commentary.

No. 280790

Your jealous of her kindergarten teer drawing skills that are overridden with filters?? She's a drama channel ofcourse she'll make up drama I can not say if she did get harassment but saying "uwu she's so wholesome tho!" While she's literally a leech some could say a bootleg creepshow art with some medium art skills. Sorry that not everyone is WKing for her kek

No. 280906

Who said I was jealous unless it's you? And no it's not kindergarten tier lol. I just think her art and aesthetic is pretty and enjoyed listening to her art commentary. Ironically you're being super dramatic and hateful without a doubt especially on a moid hating space here. Made up drama or actual harrassment. I rather much "WK" a girl from racists and moids even when she's not hurting anyone. Sorry nonna but you disappoint me.

No. 281130

just discovered a zoologist youtuber and binging her videos

No. 282561

This channel got recommended to me, they seem to have just started but they say the same stuff in 6,5 minutes as some video essayists say in an hour.

No. 282634

You might like Bapsago. She talks about dating sims she played while growing up. Even though I’ll properly never play any of the games she talks about, hearing explaining about them scratches my brain nicely.

Anon, do you want to be friends? You’re the only person I’ve seen who likes hazel’s videos as well.

No. 282671

Hazel is a troon, read the replies

No. 282683

Why are you replying to super old posts like anons are still discussing them

No. 282726

File: 1678805971206.jpg (29.28 KB, 563x549, 5ae5895d526570bec0abaaceb050a4…)

>be me
>look for videos and thoughtful pieces on how augmented reality and filters are damaging body image of women at an unprecedented rate
>want to understand how to cut past the bullshit but still be able to engage with my peers from time to time
>see nonnie's recommendation
>thread has nice suggestions usually, why not
>me when video chooses to denounce tiktok because it's "fAtPhObiC" and "rAcIsT" and not because it intentionally produces body-dismorphic filters and algorithmically suggests damaging content to keep users miserable but staying for the dopamine shots

No. 282727

It’s completely normal

No. 282729

No fucking way… really? I though she was a lesbian with a deep voice

No. 282736

Sorry you had to learn it this way, but when you see a "lesbian" online who's into retro gaming and coomery media, they're probably just a tranny.

No. 282749

same if they work anywhere in the tech or vidya industry. they're not lesbian, they're tranny.

No. 282764

For anyone interested in pc building and blender modeling. She is really fun to watch, I like how unpretentious and chill she is.

No. 282765

another one of hers that I like

No. 282879

File: 1678896079178.png (114.44 KB, 639x458, image_2023-03-16_020135262.png)

nonnas i really thought they were gay

No. 282880

File: 1678896145866.png (114.44 KB, 639x458, image_2023-03-16_020135262.png)

nonnas i really thought they were gay

No. 282881

File: 1678896018056.png (114.44 KB, 639x458, image_2023-03-16_015954773.png)

nonnas i really thought they were gay

No. 282882

I really like Swell Entertainment. She covers a lot of various internet things but goes to a lot of conventions. My favourites are when she does a deep dive into a random community/fad on TikTok since I don’t use the app at all. This one was interesting, I wonder how many young people fall for these kinds of scams.

No. 282888

sorry about the samefagging, my posting messed up, but it really shows how much i was confused

No. 282892

hmm…im still not sure nonna…are..they..hmm post more

No. 282899

I'm just…. so confused….

No. 282904

post their male partners ?

No. 282913

Let me guess, you just learned they were sisters?

No. 282919

Kek, love the chaos of your posts nonna. Laura is, but I don't think Simones is. Too bad they would have been a true power couple

No. 282944


No. 283202

i just found out she died from cancer. i'm so fucking gutted, this is the first time i've ever been so affected by somebody's death i only knew on the internet. i was just thinking of how it's been a while since she last uploaded. rest in peace Amanda Hallay Heath. her content was absolutely priceless and the most informative i've ever seen, i recommend her to anyone even a little bit interested in fashion. i wouldn't have this big of an interest in it and i certainly wouldn't know nearly as much if it wasn't for her channel.

No. 283212

Didn’t watch her but I’m sorry anon. It really sucks to find out suddenly. I used to watch Claire Wineland, who was chill and nice and was into reading feminist theory. She was surviving CF into adulthood against all odds and then she finally decided to get lung transplant in hope to extend her life and died from complications. I still go back to her channel along with Magdalene Bern, Christina Grimmie, RIP queens.

No. 283250

No fucking way anon I'm devastated! I loved her channel so much.

No. 283732

I have so so many thoughts but mostly I'm proud of her. I've spoken to her on twitch?! I'm baffled but like….impressed. very impressed.

No. 284291

Only listenning to women talk about manga/anime is so nice, I never want to hear a scrote take on anything ever again

No. 284292

(second part of my recommendation)

No. 284294

god I miss her so much when will she return

No. 284546

I found this Youtuber who mostly reviews books. She seems entertaining, posting her here also as a reminder for myself to check her videos later.

No. 284653

Do any of you know some fun female league of legends players? They don't need to be pro's in the game, I can enjoy watching low elo games as well. Most female league players seem to speak korean and I can't understand that. Alot league streamers seem to be male.

No. 284662

she's funny and I like her accent

No. 284714

Same, I think I've been spoiled, I can't stand the same scrotes I used to watch years ago.

No. 284753

a minor media review channel I found with some based TERF views

No. 285450

No. 285546

No. 286106

Growwithjo got recommended at the fitness thread on /g/, I have fell in love with her. She even gets a fatass like me moving and having fun doing the workouts!

No. 286109

CP bump

No. 286544

I love the recipes in her channel, even though there aren't any updates currently. Her agar agar recipes are so interesting and I like artistic short yt recipe video like these

No. 287070

Interesting video, the youtube algorithm has actually been giving me some good recommendations lately

No. 287602

I always had an insecurity with my wide nose

No. 287870

New channel recommendation popped up on my feed, really like this conversation and will watch more of her stuff on poly/Tumblr/autogynephilia etc.
Been really liking more podcast conversations on YouTube.

No. 287876

victoria smith is very based and funny, check out her book hags

No. 287895

Didn't Louise Perry do an interview with Jordan Peterson

No. 287947

no offense but she seems like a complete libfem, like I would not doubt she supports troons and sex-work

No. 288841

This popped up in my recommendations and I loved every second of it, her analysis is on point and she doesn't talk about gendershit or any other libfem talking points which was such a pleasant surprise, plus her editing style is very unique and interesting. This is her first YT video and I can't wait for more, apparently she started as a tiktok creator but I don't use that app so I can't tell you anything about her content there.

No. 288847

I absolutely loved this video, thank you for the recommendation nonna!

No. 288852

>editing style is very unique and interesting
the video subject is interesting but every nostalgic media youtuber uses a vhs filter and lofi music and general vaporwave aesthetic

No. 288856

I meant stuff like the way she switches between facecam and voiceover, the angles she films herself from, the way she mixes fonts etc, that kinda stuff really stood out to me. But then again I don't really watch nostalgia content so those stylistic choices seemed really creative to me idk

No. 288863

i immediately get what you mean with the editing, very cool. a very hard watch but puts into words my own concerns. actually makes a lot of sense why geeky types of women into cartoons and fandom can develop such internalized misogyny, because no matter how woque western shit is supposed to be now the history of animation is men's wet dreams. anime obviously still very much caters to male sexual interests.

No. 288898

Based, I agree with all the other replies. also this is probably antithetical to the entire video but she's hot.

No. 288901

About to watch this vid, only watched the intro so far. As a kid, that kind of scenes with characters like Miss Bellum made me feel so fucking weird and uncomfortable, and I didn't know why. One I almost couldn't bear to watch was when Miss Bellum fought Sedusa (I hope that scene is mentioned in this video). Even when I grew up and tried to understand it, I didn't until now. I used to think it was just because it's a sexual situation inappropriate for children, but now I know it was also because of the grossly oversexualized way those women are being portrayed by the male creators, unlike the male characters who get to be normal silly cartoons with zero sex appeal.

No. 289150

To be honest, many elements in old cartoons always made me feel uneasy and creeped out, and not just because of the misogyny. There was often something unsettling and suggestive, as if the animators were pandering to pedophiles and perverts. I find it hard to believe that an average person would consider this content 'funny' - it seems more like content designed to desensitize or manipulate a larger audience
Although I still enjoy watching cartoons, tough almost all the ones I enjoy are from the 2000s and later

No. 289202

Her content is pretty biased but I think it's interesting the way she focuses on the good parts of the Soviet Union. She also cites a ton of sources, seems very passionate and focuses on women quite a bit in her videos. I think her channel is not for everyone but if you like Eastern Euro/Soviet history it's interesting to see the positive sides of it.

No. 289208

you must be VERY new to following her, lol. she's one of my personal lolcows. She's constantly acting like the victim whenever anyone slightly disagrees with her, going on long rants on her IG story constantly. You cannot criticize ANYTHING she says or point out inaccuracies or she'll act like you attacked her for being a MUSLIM COMMUNIST WOMAN. She acts like she's more oppressed than brown muslims in the USA for being a white revert who's a communist. She's constantly begging for money and donations despite not having a job and living in a huge apartment in Seattle and constantly buying expensive antiques and pricey vintage clothing, presumably funded by her rich husband who she refuses to state what he does for a living. Defends known rapist and sex pest Bald and Bankrupt despite knowing what he did. Not to mention her constant war crime denial.
Also her husband is a racefaker lel

No. 289210

Deets on her husband

No. 289212

I haven't seen anyone post Galatea aka The Authentic Observer yet! I found her through her critiques of the shadowhunter series ages ago. In the past few years she's turned from doing book reviews and trope analysis (LOVE her video The Desecration of Femininity) to more cultural commentary, she has a 3 hour video where she pretty much predicted andrew tate's sex trafficking charges, as well as a bunch of videos critiquing redpill content and ideology. She got into some drama a while back with vaush too because she's an evil terf, but that's pretty old news.

No. 289217

I don't want to powerlevel too much because she's not a super popular content creator and her husband is literally just some guy, but I can message you the details oat milk#8520

No. 289218

Ayrt, I only 'follow' her on youtube. I had no idea she defended B&B though, that's messed up. Honestly she's a bit of a cow with her defending of the Soviet Union but I still like her content, it's well researched although biased. I don't really care about her personal life, I just watch for the information and antique finds. I will say her worship of Lenin is pretty fucking weird and borderline obsessive. I think if you don't take her words for granted and think with your own brain it's an interesting channel even if her politics are questionable.

No. 289228

Don't have a discord, just wanna see what her husband looks like and what race he pretends to be.

No. 289244

Old animated shorts before TV were made specifically for adults who went to the movies (plus, some of the values of that era were fucked up), so that explains the unsettling adult jokes. They weren't made for children, but once TV was invented they suddenly became "children's cartoons".

No. 289247

Super weird coincidence, I just started watching her a couple days ago and it was for her Cassandra Clare videos. I've never read Clare but I like watching videos about dissecting books and I was surprised at the awful shit that was in those books like incest considering how popular they were/are. I started watching some of her other videos and was actually about to post her here kek but you beat me to it. I actually did see one of her videos several years ago though, and though she made some good points it also annoyed me. It was her video complaining about how people write physically strong female characters or something.

>she's an evil terf, but that's pretty old news.

Wow I didn't know that, she immediately gets 10 based points for that. In some of her old videos she seemed more validating of trans people, but maybe she peaked after that. Not that it takes very much to get labelled as a terf. I also appreciate her calling out Andrew Tate and those cringey redpill women who were defending him.

>LOVE her video The Desecration of Femininity

Yeah she seems to have a fixation femininity. Haven't watched that particular video yet, I've been meaning to watch her videos on femininity (she has several of them, at least). I haven't gotten around to it because of how long they are (she has some videos that are 3+ hours long, I have a hard time investing that much time in something if I don't know it will be worthwhile). It's an interesting topic but also one I tend to avoid, as a woman with pretty "masculine" personality traits I get frustrated when people bitch and moan about masculine female characters, or lose their shit when there's a female character who wears armor or is good with a weapon. Especially considering GNC women are pretty underrepresented, then when we finally get some representation people hate it I guess. People like Abby Cox have gone off the rails screeching at everything that isn't traditionally feminine as "nlog" which makes me want to rip my hair out. I really have the feeling that if Ripley or Sarah Connor were new characters today they'd get labelled as that. And don't get me wrong, writing a male character then changing the name to "Sue" isn't empowering, but imo that more comes from lazy character writing usually by men rather than disdain for femininity or whatever.

It's especially annoying considering they act like it's feminism or progressivism doing this, and yeah it is to some extent, but it's not like feminine traits were praised before those things existed. Like any book I've read written before 1950 by a man (or a woman half the time) talks about women like we're inferior idiots, and feminine traits are seen as bad, weak, stupid etc. For example in Dracula they kept saying how smart Mina was and how she had "the brain of a man in the body of a woman" or something. I quit reading My Cousin Rachel because it was so sexist. Since I haven't watched the video you mentioned, maybe she addresses those things, or has a nuanced take on them. She is clearly a very smart person but I know I'll disagree with her on some things.

No. 289266

>Defends known rapist and sex pest Bald and Bankrupt despite knowing what he did.
what the fuck, for real? got any examples? that's inexcusable, I thought she was a feminist too

No. 289285

Anyone got any recommendations for female creators producing content on philosophy? Youtube only gives me vods by scrotes

No. 289358

She was asked about it on a livestream and said that he was her friend and that you shouldn't believe everything you hear (despite there being MANY women from multiple countries who came forward about his gross behavior, as well as it being evident in his videos). It was somewhere in one of her several hour-long livestreams on youtube so I'd have to go back and find it.

No. 289882

I have a similar point of view as you do and I didn't find her understanding of femininity to be very nuanced or insightful. She seems to be reacting to modern day male feminist and Marvel movie producers as if this was the end all be all of culture and thus sorely lacks historical and cultural perspective (like most of the "pop" cultural critics on Youtube). Young women like her need to read the fucking Second Sex right now.

No. 289960

I took a chance on her videos and I think she's pretty mid. She has a nice mode of presentation, but when the performance veneer is taken off her analysis is not as strong as it first seems. Plus, I was put off by her description of some male feminists (which, first of all, is like saying "wet fire") as being hostile towards feminine women. Being bitchy, even. So, girl… do you not hear yourself!? How can they be "male feminists" if they are hateful towards women? She didn't seem to acknowledge that she was demonstrating a paradox. Imagine how equally ridiculous it would sound to have an Caucasian anti-racist activist denigrate dark-skinned women. The label does not fit the can.

I hope that in her later videos she improves, but I don't think I'll be tuning in for nuanced takes. I'll give her points for providing analyses that are gateways into more thoughtful discussion.

No. 290530

I'm really into the Ok Doomer substack latelly.
jessicawildfire.substack is so good, her latest piece against toxic positivism, "It Feels Good to Feel Bad, and Your Friends Need to Understand Why", is a cathartic read, I think anons would enjoy it too.

No. 290535

Thank you for letting me read this.

No. 290581

So people are finally coming to realize that porn being the leading cause of troonism

No. 290584

>forced birther religious nutjob conservathot
this thread is for good female-created content, no?

No. 290589

gtfo tradthot

No. 290593

No. 290608

That's basically what I expected her videos to be like. Thanks for saving me the time anon.

I haven't watched the video in question but it sounds like she's talking about men who call themselves feminists and is referring to them as "male feminists" but doesn't think they genuinely are?

No. 290934

Dramatic Italian lady who teaches you to make pasta.

No. 291410

I found this woman called Eurothug4000 who analyzes video games, usually from a more artistic perspective. Her latest video is on Lollipop Chainsaw, but she's also done videos on a bunch of other games like American Mcgee's Alice, Animal Crossing, and Haunting Ground.

No. 291751

ayrt, her cassandra clare videos are so good! I really prefer her older content, I think her attempts to fit into a more mainstream video-essayist and modern cultural analysis isn't really a great format for her. Like >>289960 mentions, she's adopted a snarky attitude in her recent videos. When I saw she had gotten into drama with vaush I was excited, I really liked her approach to things in her older videos on books, only to be so disappointed with her snarky attitude in the first few minutes that I couldn't finish her vaush response.

Also dumbass moment, I got my favorite video from her mixed up. "The desecration of Femininity" is what I named, it's the worse remake of her actually good, and much older, video "The Attack on Femininity in Fiction," I got the titles confused. In the more recent video she derails about JKR and that sort of thing, I feel like she has so many thoughts on her mind and wants to cover everything, when she'd be better off making content without the tangents. The latter video, which is the correct one that I like, critiques Sarah J Mass' attempt at making a groundbreaking feminine character. Most women in bookish-adjacent youtube are complete handmaidens so there's not really many creators who aren't overtly political (as in whose channels aren't literally political commentary and news) who talk about what she does.

I just saw she has a video on Supernatural and I'll be damned if I'm not 5 seasons into my first rewatch since I was 12. I was complete YA fantasy tumblr trash in middle school so I think I just have a soft spot for her. I really appreciate her content, even if I refuse to watch the stuff from the past year or two lmao. I hope she doesn't get too entrenched in twitter snark videos

No. 292093

I appreciate Kidology for at least being different, her opinions don't feel like they're Twitter Approved if that makes sense

No. 292542

This year I've gotten more into perfume and fragrances, and I really enjoy watching reviews on this channel. She presents butch (has a gf who she's made videos with) is very straightforward but light/relaxed in her reviews.

No. 292610

Another handmaiden, just with better vocabulary. I don't care she's right in certain topics, a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 292706

You're going to have pretty slim pickings if you only watch open radfems or women you agree with 100%.

No. 293991

Some Witchcraft/Pagan channels for you nonnies

No. 293993

No. 293995

No. 293996

No. 293997

No. 293999

No. 294001

No. 294130

No. 294132

No. 294350

A cute channel for crotchet DIY projects

No. 294351

A Nice Easy Food Cooking Channel.

No. 294352

Art Channel

No. 294354

Manga/Art Essay Channel

No. 295013

Tokaku is a woman from Singapore that mostly makes videos about rhythm games.

I really, really love this video, despite not really being into Osu. In it, she talks about the process of learning how to design a printed circuit board that she could use for a custom Osu keypad after some small company kept fucking up when trying to deliver it themselves. The second half gets a little technical, but I still found it really fascinating as a layman.

No. 295115

She can be a bit libfemish at times but cherry bepsi has some interesting takes.

No. 295116

Kyaami/cillia, a vocaloid producer. Seeing how amazing and realistic her tuning is, how much praise she receives, all the while being a girl makes me so fucking happy. For some reason there aren't as many female vocaloid producers but i'm glad one of the few known ones is super fucking good.

No. 296431

File: 1684106992642.gif (271.05 KB, 245x135, Marzia.gif)

I really miss her. I know there's reuploads around, but I wish she kept all of her videos up. I can understand why she left though. I think that's why I cling to Pokimane's vlog channel. Hers and Mar's videos aren't even close in similarity, but they make me feel what I felt when I used to watch Marzia's channel when I was way younger. Does anyone know any YTubers/bloggers that has (or somewhat has) Marzia's style when she started on YouTube? I'm guessing not since it's 2023, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

No. 296453

I love Mayowa's commentary videos

No. 296742

Don't know how to post shorts on here but I really love her videos. No drama, just good food.

No. 296750

me too nonna. but i recognize her editing on the pewdipie vlogs so in way im watching marzia again lol. she was so cozy to watch im really sad she deleted everything..

No. 297387

MechanicalFiend is a chill and sweet miniatures maker, like Studson Studios on a smaller scale. Her following's still pretty small so if you comment, she might reply.

No. 297388

Mongsweets makes really convincing fake food out of clay, resin, paint, toy kits, etc. Her level of detail is insaaaaane, definitely check her out.

No. 297390

Share My Recipes 셰마레 makes really intricate soap designs. None of them are for sale, but I love guessing what the final results will look like as she pipes. All her videos have no talking and English captions (and some other languages too).
Omg I love Royalty Soaps! Her Animal Crossing ones were so cute

No. 297401

I love her style

No. 297458

Jayden on Twitch is a Grandmaster ADC main! I think she has a great energy and doesn't go e-girl

No. 297668

I like her videos, she's one of the few chill minimalists out there. I don't feel like she sugarcoats it too much and her family is adorable.

No. 298629

Lab Muffin Beauty Science, she has a PhD in chemistry and does videos on beauty products and cosmetic science

No. 299620

Pasta Grannies is so wholesome. They feature little old Italian nonnas who demonstrate how they make their signature pastas and talk about their lives. Such a comfort watch for me.

No. 299624

I liked her video about AIW.

No. 299958

Does anyone have some good book related channels? I've been trying to get back into reading more, but I'm not looking into creators either only or mostly talking about romance/YA books. I do read those kind of books, but they're simple fun to me and I just don't care about people criticizing books that aren't meant to be deep anyway.

No. 299969

I wanna know too. It seems booktubers are mostly motivated to make content about YA or throwaway thrillers bc they get more engagement.

No. 300172

I like Roisin’s Readings a lot. She is doing a book club, too!

No. 300414

Her channel is great. Also I want to see more older women playing video games!

No. 300419

Sorry I didn't notice someone already posted her itt and now I can't delte the post kek

No. 300420

This is going to be some of us in a few decades.

No. 300528

I like her approach to thifting and making life whimsical

No. 300895

She's just so funny to me I can't explain it

No. 301020

im annoyed by how much she makes thrifting her whole personality it feels, and it doesnt make any sense to be thrifting for sustainability (which i believe falls amongst her reasons) and making new purchases every week for videos. i appreciate the "thrifting but i only buy 1 thing" vids for the approach, but overall she's still over-consuming like crazy.
i did have her vids on in the bg all day sunday tho while i organized and uploaded my closet to an app

No. 301085

Kidology made a video defending JK Rowling and criticizing Oxfam

No. 302917

I know some of you might think this is childish, but i still really like Minecraft and enjoy watching comfy gameplay. She also streams on twitch. I used to watch LDShadowLady as a child but she barely uploads anymore. Do any of you know any female minecraft content creaters or maybe creators that you used to follow as a child?

No. 302951

That sounds really sweet nonna.

No. 302965

I love her vlogs and food videos soooo much. I used to think she was a little too buzzfeedcore for me to get into but after the neet era I started to find her really charming.

No. 302979

just found tangomushi. a rare female game horror content creator. just a few videos but very high quality stuff

No. 302980

i should have said "horror game" but i don't feel like deleting and reposting

No. 303082

Oh, hey, I remember her from Vine.

No. 304132

'Inhaler girl' kek

No. 304294

one of my favourite YouTubers right now is uncarley she is funny and does book related videos and kinda reaction-ish videos? like tv shows and celeb book tours and reads the books that celebs recommend etc. vid linked one of my favourites.

No. 304337

I'm obsessed with VoachViva videos
>We're Richa & Lucy (PN1 Nutritionist, Psychology degree), ex-engineers turned weight loss coaches, now on a mission to teach people how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
I will not be purchasing their coaching services but I have found their videos very informative and they're weirdly addictive because they're not too long and one leads to another. I think it's funny that they have those overly annoying clickbait titles and then the information is extremely level-headed and borderline nerdy

No. 307833

Just found this channel.

No. 307908

I like having Minecraft videos on in the background when I’m working on my own stuff but most of the minecrafters that seem to get elevated are all guys, does anyone have any female minecrafter recommendations?

No. 308130

i love playing her vids in the background. i know nothing about editing but it's really interesting listening to her talk about graphs and layers.

No. 308169

She covered some girlboss tech cows that were discussed in other threads, nice breakdown of drama and good editing without breadtube-y skits and asides.

No. 308280

I feel this. And unfortunately most female minecraft youtubers are too softspoken uwu girl types. Though I do like zombiecleo's tone even if she's a gendie. There's also pearlescentmoon who is very good at build designs.

No. 308629

I love Queen City Minis' tutorials, she explains things clearly and her techniques aren't overcomplicated. She has some videos of diorama builds, dollhouse restoration, and furniture makeovers too. I really like the dollhouse she built inside an actual goose egg and the abandoned lab diorama

No. 308658

piyo_kaeru the frog queen
owns a lot of different frogs (and some reptiles), got into frog keeping after her daughter brought a frog home one day.

No. 308669

I love her videos. My favorite of her frogs is Amber (the biggest toad with a bad eye). Her expression is so goofy.

No. 308718

Sharing because why the hell not, what stood out to me is how she mostly used tutorials and courses from women.

No. 308719

Her tutorials seem very beginner friendly for anyone that's interested.

No. 308741

Thank you for sharing her videos anon, I'm so stoked for part 4.

No. 308745

She makes videos about science, physics, and academia.

No. 308754

File: 1689532974610.png (226.81 KB, 491x252, amber the miyako toad.png)

Amber is so silly, I really love her toads too! My favorite frogs are Arale, Ruri (White's tree frogs) and the milk frogs (which have recently spawned).

No. 310889

Thanks for this, I'm about to watch the video but she is the first person I've ever seen say that AI isn't real in the way most people think of it.

No. 311987

Like these videos, but sadly her streams are just full of scrotes making gross innuendos and/or mocking her for "not being a good enough gamer" etc. Kinda depressing because she seems nice enough.

No. 312018

Livophil makes videos on philosophy and books

No. 313534

piyo_kaeru's frog terrarium room tour

No. 313872

No. 313923

Bratz and Barbie nostalgia. Great comedic reviews and this Barbie movie in particular is my top 5 favorite

No. 313983

Fun hyperactive commentary on music and other topics while nostalgic games play in screen. I like her unapologetic style

No. 313990

She's very fun! Talks amusingly about animals & evolution. Can't recommend enough, i watched the majority of her videos in one seat.

No. 314722

Granted it's a cat channel but I still like her. She's so sweet to her cats lol.

No. 315104

She serves again. I loved Micarah's analysis of the pitfalls of the Barbie movie. She even critiqued the whole vagina thing! And in a very democratic way that would make normies agree with her! I wish she wouldn't talk/edit so quickly, but this was a great analysis regardless.

No. 316933

No. 317031

Nice old lady detailing her live, living in France.

No. 317316

No. 317481

No. 317532

No. 317533

No. 317545

No. 317546

No. 318586

No. 318707

No. 318708

No. 322316

No. 322318

No. 322325

No. 322327

No. 322328

No. 322769

No. 322770

No. 323077

Drama account, but specifically for fiber arts drama- this one is about a yarn seller 'lolcow'(?) from like 15 years ago. i love seeing drama in small hobby communities.

No. 323079

Love female survivalists, to be so bold and fearless is awe-inspiring. I wish I had that kind of tenacity.

No. 323108

kek when i clicked this and saw it was an hour and a half I knew I was in for a good time. Thanks for sharing anon, if you find any other good ones pass em along

No. 323148

Seems like the youtube algorithm really picked up this person and started hardcore recommending her everywhere. I know nothing about knitting and all the shit she's talking about but she's always in my recs. Really lucky.

No. 323171

No. 323172

No. 323176

No. 323177

No. 323178

No. 323181

No. 323406

No. 323407

No. 323408

No. 323409

No. 323613

Dream jelly! She makes videos on anything straight out of 90’s babies childhoods.
This video was so good, I can’t wait to watch her vid on TayBeepBop

No. 323614

No. 323652

I love DreamJelly, she's genuinely funny and most of her work is fairly well researched. I like how "girly" her topics are, she seems to be following her heart and making the content she most wants to see. She doesn't have any pronouns either, God bless her.

No. 323744

Jelly is so good, she filled the void left by nakeyjackey when he did the stupidest thing of moving to NY to become a singer or whatever and now barely posts

No. 323759

late but I just wanted to say I hate you cecil. you're shit tier even within the niche of channels that regurgitate old kf and lolcow threads.

No. 323768

Shark Scientist who reacts to shark films.

No. 323772

I love her so much

I've recently been watching this woman who does puzzles. She radiates autism but she's kind of endearing.

No. 324145

thank you much nona. she's great

No. 324217

other than her other videos and the common recs (jenny nicholson) i'm not thinking of anyone, but i'm very happy to hear you liked it!

No. 324236

No. 324303

No. 324304

Physics review channel

No. 324305

philosophy channel by a professor of philosophy and her guests

No. 324455

She makes analytical videos about popular art pieces. Idk a lot about art, but I think her videos are interesting.

No. 324728

Would like to recommend Hildegard von Blingin' channel as I love her covers and appreciate the amount of works she does to make quality bardcore music videos Know that she's been posted before, don't care. Some have been posted repeatedly here
Thank you for posting her here, have been looking for her for quite awhile as I loved her explanation on the A Huguenot painting.

No. 324730

Used to watch her too before my interest in gaming waned. You might like Tootsie who have done numerous build of zoos. However each zoo video has been rather unique and different along with some infographics of the game or animal which rather cute. She's also done some hardcore or modded playthroughs that's been motivating me to start playing again

No. 324751

Holy shit is that why he never posts?

Posting Mila Tequila here. Commentary on 2000s celebrity lore with a casual friend-like vibe. Feels like talking gossiping at a sleepover kek. Love her new commentary series on Jersey Shore too.

No. 324754

the only hour+ long video maker that isn't completely insufferable

No. 324758

Very few anons have posted fashion or lifestyle vloggers but I really enjoy Koleen Diaz and her video diaries. Unique outfits, super soft and kind personality. Very chatty but visually interesting vlogs so I rarely feel bored.

No. 324767

wanted to chime along with all the nonas suggesting dream jelly! I've started watching her stuff and I like her a lot

No. 325629

Music history and theory channel.

No. 325882

I found this lady after searching for a topic she covered on a different video, and i'm suprised she isn't more popular! Her stuff is pretty well polished imo. Here's one i'm watching right now about fuel efficiency scams

No. 326173

No. 326888

are there more gaming channels that mostly features women? ones that do not only play the sims, animal crossing and stuff like that. i love those as well but they're mostly singleplayer and i wanted to watch girls playing coop action games (like shooting games, horror games, minecraft, etc) to satisfy my lack of female friendships.

No. 329717

new dreamjelly!
i suppose you could check out vtubers? They're always playing all kinds of coop games together, all different kinds of genre

No. 329718

also i'm samefagging and this isn't quite what you asked for but since i've bumped the thread anyways I may as well share this channel I saw the other day. She makes retrospectives/reviews/essays on classic horror games, and while horror isn't my thing, video essays definitely are and I don't see enough women making 'em

No. 330449

>i suppose you could check out vtubers? They're always playing all kinds of coop games together, all different kinds of genre
lmao i forgot to add but i was gonna say at the end ”just no vtubers please”. i cant stand this deranged stuff.

oh, nice. i'm not an avid video essay watcher but a lot of small channels appear on my recommendations and they're usually by women. the topics vary a LOT tho, from commenting classic movies to analyzing social phenomena in niche internet subgroups

No. 331152

liz barclay is my favorite. her best video has to be the one about snapewives (i encourage you to google the term if you're not familiar). her videos are pretty long but fun, way better than your usual monotone voice video essay guy style

No. 331204

Adored her video on violin plots, those are the fucking bane of my existence when I see them in presentations. Thanks anon for the rec!

No. 331307

I like her because she is chill and overall comfy, no over reacting. She speaks three languages and one is Japanese. Sometimes she is able to give more cultural context or translate things, for example she played some project zero and pointed out the differences from fatal frame.(learn2embed)

No. 332347

Kyla Scanlon is one of a few women on YouTube talking about economic news. I like having her on in the background at .75 speed.

No. 332350

I discovered her through Trillionaire Mindset/Pay Pigs, I love her videos. She has a nice voice which is a plus.

No. 332356

I liked her videos she doesn't post much on youtube anymore apparently she does twitch more but I'm not into streaming. She has some really in-depth and well editing gaming videos https://www.youtube.com/@SuperButterBuns/videos

<Retro Girl
I just found this woman speed runner, I'm not into speed running (found her due to Harvest Moon) good for her. Guess I'm just linking her cause I don't see many women speed runners https://www.youtube.com/@retrogirl_2/videos

>Fjotra the Godless

I haven't watched her in awhile but she has humorous(to me) modded Skyrim videos specifically her modded followers videos


I see she was recommended above and I'll also recommend her. I've only seen the Rule of Rose and Haunting Ground videos but thought there were very good. Very comprehensive videos. I can't play horror games but a lot of them have very interesting stories

I went between linking a tangomushi video or Fjotra one and decided on the Haunting Ground video

No. 332383

she is soooo close to getting it (to her credit she only mentions but what about trans people like once)

No. 333467

There's a handful of female gamedev youtubers out there. Embedded is one called Pastel Cherry Games who seems pretty new.


This one above is by Anni, I think her channel is done but you can see that she actually finished her video game!


PSJulie does videos on virtual pets. I've found a lot of new virtual pet sites through her.

No. 334514

geoscience channel.

No. 334547

Extremely specific, but for any portuguese speaking tech girls or programmers, I really like this woman's content. She speaks a bit slow but goes straight to the point and explains things really well.
The video field didn't like the url so I'm putting it here:

No. 334921

No. 335322

Nice practical farming channel.

No. 335350

Does anyone else here watch Michelle McDaniel? I find her personality really fun, her videos can be a bit hit or miss at times though.

No. 335380

I like her videos even though I don't always agree with her opinions. It's nice to see an opinionated woman that doesn't bow down to idpol/wokeism or moids

No. 335381

I love Michelle. She can be a bit pick me-ish sometimes, but overall she’s great.

No. 336629

I've only seen several of her videos but I found them to be really funny

No. 336632

File: 1700309417520.jpg (77.87 KB, 782x609, photo_2023-11-18_17-10-12.jpg)


No. 336641

She doesn't really post anymore but she fed my doll autism during covid, also she seems really sincere.

No. 336659

Her ASMRs are entertaining

No. 336773

I enjoyed her content for the most part. I don't always agree with her opinions and like >>335381 mentioned, she can sometimes come off as a pick-me but overall I think she presents her opinions in a respectable way. Her biggest fail to me though is whenever she talks about feminism, I'm probably bias because I don't think libfeminism is actual feminism and her video she did awhile back dressing up as a radical feminist, it was clear to me that she has no idea what actual radical feminism is and I feel like if she really learned what it was, she wouldn't be able to handle it.

Bur again besides that, she's fine when she's talking about things she knows.

No. 336777

Recently came across this channel and I'm always happy to find legit women gamers who review or do deep dives on video games. Because TIMs are a tad common within the YouTube online game scene, I admit I can be cautious but pleasant surprises give me joy lol

No. 336787

i just came across this video and it made me so happy. i want to see a cute day in my life vlog from girls of every country!!

No. 338243

She makes great videos on physics!

No. 338269

I love Katnipp's studio vlogs. She seems like such a sweet and hardworking person and her videos are so cozy.

No. 339219

I really enjoy Madison Bush's videos. Feels like old youtube in a way.

No. 339390

I like her and it feels very realistic but somehow those videos by japanese/korean girlies just always hit differently…
I planned to also make a "living alone" channel as soon as I moved out but now I hate living alone, I feel lonely, have to work super long hours and my apartment is ugly af, so I have no motivation to keep it not messy. I also feel like east asian countries have a lot of places for people to go to alone or as a young couple, while in my country everything is for families with kids and the elderly.

I'm super picky about not watching anybody with a bf/husband. I'm surrounded by male-centered women, so I don't want that in my content. I always watched Usako style and thought she's very lonely but then suddenly she announced her marriage. Around half a year ago Nami's life also posted a video in which she clearly went on a trip with a man but after that, silence, no mention about him. It definitely feels like many of then are hiding that they have a man, just always posting "I'm living alone!!!" or even "doing x as a single woman". Kinda makes me feel betrayed lol
A couple of my favourites are:
>kiryeong (korean office worker in Tokyo, likes trying out cafes)
>yuireu (same as above, but her recent videos are getting too long)
>moonnight (korean, only discovered ger recently, has the cutest apartment)
>miuna fuji (japanese, works for an anime company)
>sueddu (korean minimalist, freelancer)
A bit different:
>misstada (cute korean neet who does nostalgic weeb looks)
>yuyusai (works in the fashion industry, well-off, extroverted, travels a lot, but I love the old Hongkong look)
>summer kitchen (very likely chinese propaganda but so pleasing to watch lol)

No. 339419

I stumbled upon her videos and it’s such a cozy vibe but also so educational. Like yeah she’s not middle/upper class. Water access comes and goes. But still she’s so similar to a lot of us from the west. Our lives look so different but we still have similarities in personality, daily goals and hobbies

No. 339450

I absolutely love the Misstada channel you recommended. Do you have any similar suggestions? That Japanese y2k aesthetic is so nostalgic, the 12 year old weeb in me couldn't be happier seeing it

No. 339541

long shot but does anyone know if lindsay ellis' nebula exclusive content was reuploaded anywhere? im not getting a subscription just for like 4 videos

No. 339957

Music teaching channel.

No. 339987

Fairy Tale channel.

No. 339988

No. 339989

No. 340192

Any female philosophy YouTubers anyone could recommend me? Mostly interested in women discussing stoicism, YouTube just keeps offering male discussion on the topic and I’d like to hear a women discuss her take and what she’s gotten from it.

No. 340425

No. 340467

Does anyone know good, respectful female true crime YouTubers? They don’t have to be serious 100% of the time, but I’d rather not get one of those overly quirky girls that seem to make up a lot of true crime content creators

No. 340488

I really like Unpredictable!

No. 340506

There's also Real Horror!
Highly recommend both of these channels, they both put out such high quality short documentaries.

No. 341665

YouTube suggestions from today that I enjoyed watching, magic system for a project she's working on

No. 342013

Her videos feel so much like they're made in 2012 I love it

No. 342021

File: 1702513069231.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1970, A03F3B80-12BE-4AD3-A63E-B205D2…)

She made a mobile game called Voidpet
Unfortunately competing with chatgpt for app of the year.

No. 342590

Sorry for the late reply but sadly no. She kind of blow up in korea after gyaru becoming a thing in kpop for a hot second, so she got into my recommended but I didn't find anybody really similar to that.

Recently I watch this japanese girl who's really into 80s/90s city pop style (and Jojo). She often draws her own nostalgic characters and then cosplays them. Most of her videos are just silly little shorts tho.

No. 342847

Found this small channel, who does essay videos on fashion and media through an actual rational feminist lense, explaining the history and it's appeal without even glorifying any of it.

No. 342851

she also does video's on individual people who went through and suffered in the Hollywood system.

No. 342980

Nowadays there are many such critical channels on beauty, movies, female stars but most of them are just too depressing for me. This video is really good but so sad
>For women, only one standard of female beauty is sanctioned: the girl.
>The great advantage men have is that our culture allows two standards of male beauty: the boy and the man. The beauty of a boy resembles the beauty of a girl. In both sexes it is a fragile kind of beauty and flourishes naturally only in the early part of the life-cycle. Happily, men are able to accept themselves under another standard of good looks — heavier, rougher, more thickly built. A man does not grieve when he loses the smooth, unlined, hairless skin of a boy. For he has only exchanged one form of attractiveness for another: the darker skin of a man’s face, roughened by daily shaving, showing the marks of emotion and the normal lines of age.
>There is no equivalent of this second standard for women. The single standard of beauty for women dictates that they must go on having clear skin. Every wrinkle, every line, every gray hair, is a defeat. No wonder that no boy minds becoming a man, while even the passage from girlhood to early womanhood is experienced by many women as their downfall, for all women are trained to continue wanting to look like girls.

No. 343116

Wish more women would rant at video games

No. 343511

I watched this last year and I really liked her video, but she disappeared and never did anything else, it makes me upset because most of what she said I strongly agree with and nobody really talks about it. There are other women who talk about video games and they've been posted itt, like tangomushi, but warytherook goes into this detailed rant that most don't.

No. 343529

Wow wasn't expecting laura here, I was watching all of the disco elysium playthroughs i could find just 3 months ago and hers was my favourite along with woolie and Reggie's.
People should save scum that game more tbh and i will always use both those playthroughs as examples.
So yeah I double recommend her disco elysium playthrough!

No. 343533

File: 1703001820256.jpg (731.98 KB, 1020x2205, SmartSelect_20231220_024104_Ki…)

>>343529 sorry for double posting, i waited too long.
Im also adding this one girl who is prominent because of her videos critisizing lily orchard.
I only knew her because she commented once on r/bookscirclejerk and she linked her channel.
I'm getting into critical theory and literature and hearing someone not talk about a book being "fun" or "about 100 books in a month challenge" and instead seeing literature as finding out that everyone suffers and thats where humanity comes from, finding out about yourself and finding one's place in the universe is really refreshing.

She also likes to make random topics that she likes without regard for anything else which I really like.
Very authentic and rare nowadays, I miss seeing these types of channels around and in turn her format grew on me, i don't want her to get a mic or a better camera y'know?
She also has some videos in Portuguese and lives in Brazil

No. 343702

what's her channel name? the video was removed

No. 343827

nta but I am so sad she removed it, like I am genuinely upset, it was the best RE2 review on yt. That was the only video she had up, so it's just an empty channel now.

No. 344221

I'm curious about why she never did another video(despite the re2 remake one getting a decent amount of views) and then randomly deleted her video after so much time had passed. Was she too shy for youtubing or something? Did she get harrassed over the first video? I guess we'll never know.

No. 344235

Do any anons have female camping/bushcraft youtube channels? I really like outdoor boys and age of the north but would love to see a woman bushcraft/camper

No. 344556

I'm the op, wtf she deleted it? Why?
The comments weren't bed, most people were agreeing eith her and also wanting more.
The only annoying thing was people comparing her to sphere hunter.

Channel name was warytherook I think.

No. 344557

Found a reupload. Pinned comment says a Twitch streamer reacted to it and his chat chimped out even though the streamer agreed with her.
So lame

No. 344564

I remember looking for more videos from her or even a social media account but not finding anything. It's weird that the RE2R review seems to be her only public contribution to the internet.

It's like she uploaded her review, said "My work here is done" and left the internet.

No. 344822

I think I found a hidden gem

No. 344973

And now it's private.

No. 344986

The creator asked for it to be taken down. I wonder what changed in these years, because she had ot up for at least 3 years I think. It's a shame.

No. 346210

someone reacted to it exposing it to re fanboys and they got butthurt
what a shame tho, i like the video

No. 348229

No. 348233

>Do any anons have female camping/bushcraft youtube channels?
if you are still around, I saw some shorts once from like a female lumberjack or something? Idk. She lived in Canada and the shorts I saw were her outside cutting wood. I assume she does other outdoorsy stuff. Her name is Nicole Coenen. She had a video that went viral because she cut wood with a huge ass sword.

No. 348402

I'm late but I really liked her videos!

No. 350145

Nonnies what do you think about this video? I understand where she’s coming from but I also feel like she’ll benefit from picking up another genre. I agree that every “cozy” game can’t always be animal crossing or stardew valley.

No. 350263

I really hate cozy games, and i hate how they are always targetted at women.

No. 350269

Lots of personal opinions. Jumping on trends to cash in is common. Don’t like, don’t play.
Personally I like my cozy games to have low or no stakes, if I wanna play something that requires skill and persistence (really how is something like souls different when it’s literally try and try again - the same as farming sims imo) I’ll play something that requires skill and persistence. People are already starting to experiment with the cozy game genre, that’s the typical evolution of these things and they’ll keep pushing what counts as cozy, so we’ll probably start seeing more and more variations (and cash grabs).

No. 350700

I was surprised by her idea of cozy games, almost everyone plays it to relax, the aimlessness for many is the main appeal.
Was a bit confused when she lumped cult of the lamb into the same category.

No. 351676

I've been bingeing Manifestelle's videos. Despite the zoomer language ("delulu") she has great advice on getting the life you want, seeing your inherent value in dating, friendships, money etc. She dislikes pick-mes, shitty men and tradwives.

No. 351687

This sounds silly to say but when I play games I do it to socialize and/or for a thrill, and it helps me destress anyway, and when I want to quietly relax I just lay down instead of doing anything

No. 351713

We should talk about how all co-op games are shitty shovelwares survival crafts or FPS, my god do something different. Stinky devs can’t handle that people have friends and relationships.

No. 351727

ive been obsessed with this lady who moved to rural japan to live/restore one of the abandoned countryside homes
it does feature her husband(?) as well, but shes the one who makes the videos. the aesthetics/editing style is so peaceful and i love her narration as well. its really calming and relaxes me. i want this life

No. 352510

Discovered this pretty decent(feminist but not troon pandering) book review channel from booktok/booktwt community thread on snow

No. 352514

File: 1706743590496.png (919.76 KB, 936x5549, Qy5lHqS.png)

this was her written review

No. 352601

Anyone heard of Pikat before? I really loved how she was able to do a non-art job and still have enough time to do art. I think she got laid off recently and hasn’t looked to find another job.
Haven’t watched her streams but might watch (what I’m guessing is) her stream highlights on youtube

No. 352622

isnt pika a tranny?

No. 352635

Ooo nona thank you! I’ve been watching a moid who lives in the Alaskan bush and I’ve been obsessed but I’ve been hoping to find a woman instead.

No. 352636

She has been mentioned before but her videos are great especially because she tackles issues as the beauty industry and the sexualization of teens.

No. 353991

No. 354335

The way girls are so horny for JJK boys makes me more and more convinced Gege is a woman.

No. 354383

He’s very obviously a gay man

No. 354389

idk but that is his real life appearance

No. 354390

File: 1707345071125.jpg (497.88 KB, 2048x1536, d4blvv1cjdd61.jpg)

damn i forgot my picture again

No. 354395

kek nonna the one on the left was the host of the interview and the thing on the right is a puppet. I remember when it released, he was off-screen answering questions

No. 354400

damnnn ok my bad for being absolutely retarded kek

No. 354466

really? they way they are so safe horny makes me convinced its a male. Also i am tired of ironic weebs calling JJK female gaze.

No. 354513

Is there any female streamer similar to Joel vinesauce/ vargskeletor? He is the only streamer I watch but it's a shame he is a guy, I like his internet oldschool humor without being rightwing cringe.

No. 354587

wondering that too, he's the only streamer I watch as well.

No. 354636

ntayrt but huh? Since when? I liked Pikat’s art studies account

No. 356350

I found her channel recently and I like her husband tierlist videos

No. 356627

File: 1708112060959.jpeg (52.36 KB, 500x386, 39B85410-AA4A-4527-87CD-C0BFA3…)

If I was to make a YouTube channel, what topics would you guys like to see?‘s what interests/hobbies do you think women are underrepresented in?

No. 356874

I feel like I'm unlikely to get a recommendation given the userbase but, does anyone know a good youtube channel for business? Think Wendover Production or Modern MBA. Just something that doesn't come off as gimmicky or shallow.

No. 356875

What are you interested in? Because I think outside of fashion, cooking, and beauty women are under-represented in everything.

No. 356900

No. 356933

No. 356940

I like watching women talk about games. I think the best thing to make a channel about is something you’re genuinely interested in though, basically making videos you would watch if you werent yourself

No. 357487

not a topic but
i really like to see people (especially women) who are very unapologetic and almost shameless when it comes to what they like/dislike and why and stand their ground in their tastes.
i don't see a lot of women do that in comparison to men.
Seeing a woman not bend to public opinion is very cool, it's always something that urked me, like every woman has to be on the same page.
Whatever topic i'm watching whether niche or not, I try to find true appreciation and it's very obvious when people take other people's opinion as theirs.
(I think i see it a lot because Twitch women back bend like no other for their bottom line and it's very offputting, there's subtler forms on YT as well)

So, whatever hobbies/interests you have rn work just fine, don't buy into the idea that you can't be original with the same things everyone else is doing because you might have something to actually say unlike the 1000 clones on YT

Just look for passions however niche that really make you want to sperg about why people don't enough of a shit about it, people like that a lot
in theory that might make you gain a loyal fanbase

E.g A review (doesn't have to be seething) like this is like a breath of fresh air to me

I'm glad you liked her!

No. 357640

I love Micarah Tewers so much she made a dungeon themed gym here it's so funny.

No. 358344

I'm surprised the og female LPer lucahjin isn't here. I liked her growing up, and I'm glad that her ace attorney series blew her up.
I think she's the funniest when she has someone to be the straight man to her innuendos but she's funny nonetheless

No. 358346

I used to love lucahjin. Haven’t really kept up with her now that she’s sort of a vtuber, but I have so many great memories of watching her vids.

No. 358366

one of my favourite youtubers/comfort youtubers right now is megan rhiannon. she makes vlogs (calmer than most vlogs on youtube though) and chatty videos where she talks about journalling/stationary etc

No. 358414

Shame that all she does it read out tumblr posts but I could sleep to her voice I guess

No. 359020

Video feels authentic which I’m not used to given how those type of career videos come off as very fake

No. 359027

Really? I can't stand her somehow. I think it's because she seems like such a stereotypical SJW/handmaiden. I really wanted to like her too because her and her gf are cute together and there are very few lesbian content creators.

No. 359116

Same. I don't understand why she's such a rabid tranny supporter.

No. 359420

Because she’s a tumblrina lol. Did you expect her to be a savvy crypto terf? Do you see LCF nonnies making youtube videos about tumblr? No but i wish

No. 359474

She talks about getting a neuroscience PhD and language learning content. I like when super smart and highly motivated women talk.

No. 359709

I've been bingeing her videos ever since I saw her linked here. I don't even date men but I really like just listening to her speak and going "sooo true, friend", I liked her videos on female friendships.

No. 360085

thank you for sharing this! her videos on language learning are great

No. 360119

Glad you enjoyed the channel nona, I also think her videos about female friendships are especially good.

No. 360127

File: 1709573969257.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1170x2087, IMG_2537.jpeg)

I really like the videos and content she posts even though I’m no where near working in animation, the career shift would be unrealistic anyway as much as I’d love to do it, I think some nonnies here might appreciate her content .
I’m not sure how accurate her advice or content is or if she’s just uploading stuff for the sake of it but at least it makes me want to get up and do stuff

No. 360182

I don’t speak moonrunes very well but I like this girl

No. 360198

I support and like Palworld but it fills me with joy how much some people would waste their life defending & hating products.
This video and this girl'a whole existance is one of those examples of "not watching that shit but super funny that it's real"
Anyway, hoping Jenny Nicholson post a new video this year.

No. 360230

File: 1709603593171.gif (133.98 KB, 640x376, theres-a-name-ive-not-heard-in…)

>Jenny Nicholson

No. 360231

I’ve caught izzyizz using kiwifarms with a different theme. I don’t think you can change themes without having an account. She’s basically our retarded cousin who knows how the internet works but is rooting for the wrong team.

No. 360235

izzy gets a lot of hate for being a gendie but i love her videos. they're fun and calming to me.
of course, queen jenny still reigns supreme

No. 360241

I'm glad she gets shit, she deserves it for being such a fucking retard and do absolutely nothing about it.

No. 360279

recently discovered this woman's channel where she talks to (mostly other women) ex members of high-control communities/cults such as fundamentalist Mormons, Amish, etc. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the conversations, which are incredibly candid and heartbreaking a lot of the time. the guest and story in vidrel was quite compelling

No. 360427