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File: 1646925388174.jpg (316.81 KB, 1000x423, marauders era falling.jpg)

No. 188449

Since we were taking over the NOTP thread I made a quick new HP thread to contain us. Discuss the books, movies, favorite and least favorite characters and ships, which characters are gay and why it's picrel, fanfic and art, JKR twitter drama etc

No. 188454

File: 1646926787103.jpg (38.4 KB, 468x655, myrtle potter.jpg)

(ginny sucks)

No. 188457

At this point none of the new /m/ threads will be temporary… Anyway, seeing JKR politely telling everyone to seethe and dilate makes me want to reread all the HP books but this time in English. Maybe I should also read her murder mystery books, are they good?

No. 188458

no judgement here why does she suck to you? I'm pretty neutral on her, though I liked her a lot as a kid because of her relationship w/ the diary and Riddle which I found really interesting. still do, I suppose, but it's been a while. I guess I never really understood the hate. she's just boring. wasted potential to me but mostly inoffensive

No. 188460

The Riddle grooming was the only interesting thing about her (I recommended a nonnie here a great fic about it before /m/ got purged). by which I mean - Rowling fucked up older Ginny. No trauma, no depth, just a generic Mary Sue with no information how she grew into one despite having low self esteem as a child (facilitated by her parents not really giving a fuck about her) and going through horrific abuse. She just shows up to be a trophy gf for the protagonist

No. 188461

Kek rereading your post we agree, but I'm annoyed at the Ginny that we got. She's some libfem clapback Stacy who dates 3 dudes at a time because she's so desirable. She should be a neet posting here instead

No. 188462

The diary part was indeed interesting. After that I feel like she has no dept and is very mary sueish, very boring. What annoys me the most is her relationship with harry, why the hell would he be so over the moon for her when we saw all the other girls he met. Literally any of them would be better.

Anyway I just remembered that girlfriend ron had and how he treated her and also how he treated hermione during the goblet of fire and I guess I'm annoyed now with all the weasleys.

No. 188470

The Weasleys were a giant family of tards and the one who wanted a better life for himself was basically excommunicated. I never understood why people loved Fred & George so much, they were so fucking obnoxious and one of them dying didn't change much since they had the exact same personality.

No. 188472

File: 1646931875881.jpeg (707.96 KB, 1170x1789, F219EE41-1BB8-41D3-92DE-1D0623…)

For what it’s worth, JKR now wishes she would’ve written Harry/Hermione endgame instead.

No. 188477

she is right and she should say it. I hate her childhood friend kek

No. 188500

I wish we saw more about the other weasley brother (forgot his name, the dragon guy) and that flight teacher. I remember when I first read the books and watched the movies these two were the ones that interested me the most of all the adult characters.
This all makes me remember this embarrassing fic I wrote in my harry potter notebook when I was a kid. Thank God I had no internet/computer back then. It was about the dragon brother and newt scamander (who I assumed was a girl with a weird name).

No. 188547

I swear to god when I read the books as a kid I was certain Harry/Luna was endgame.

No. 188551

JKR would never do that, she loves the Weasleys too much (except for Ron I guess). When Deathly Hallows came out the fandom made fun of her endgame a bit by calling it OBHWF (one big happy Weasley family)

No. 188559

I think that was actually a fandom term in existence long before DH came out – I remember it as a blanket term for "I ship Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, meaning everyone eventually becoming connected to the Weasley family"

No. 188595

I know its weird but as a kid I wanted harry to hook up with luna

No. 188701

Lots of people saw it too, they had great chemistry and Luna was way more relatable to Harry than Ginny due to being both outcasts with dead parents.

No. 188772

Curious, was that the case for you only due to the books or the films? I don't remember wanting the ship on chemistry grounds while reading the books.

No. 188806

Its been so long since I read them tbh I think I liked that Luna was little weird compared to Harry and I thought she was more interesting than Ginny, or Cho, or the other love interest. I remember thinking it was kind of odd that harry married his best friend's little sister. Like jk Rowling wanted to make an huge extended weasley family.

No. 188959

File: 1647110362340.jpg (401.36 KB, 772x1200, 79901551_p0.jpg)

Let's keep our shipping sperg to this thread. Also snarry ftw

No. 188960

their interactions and luna's personality in the books got way more development than ginny did. i don't thnik it was unreeaasonable to aassume she was intended to be the love interest reading books 5-6


No. 188965

File: 1647112031139.jpeg (180.05 KB, 700x883, A7E7E05C-0A36-4888-B2EB-BA6CE7…)


No. 188968

File: 1647112769688.png (1.44 MB, 1600x1200, snapeluna.png)

How about snuna?

No. 188970

very cute art but wtf is that ship

No. 188973

Cute in a father-daughter sort of way

No. 188975

Tbh I was just posting that and snarry is a joke lol, the only ship I care for us Lunarry

No. 188981

Luna and harry is also very cute, way better than ginny. 100% approved.

No. 188993

I don't have a big black dog in this fight (I ship the marauders with each other and Sirius with his brother) but if Snape was ever going to fuck Harry there's just no way he'd be able to do it without thinking of James Potter the whole time. I don't really know how JKR managed it but the majority of her male characters just seem like they'd like men, and I'm not a biased fujo either

No. 188995

>and Sirius with his brother
A fellow woman of culture

No. 188996

File: 1647127397735.jpg (321.08 KB, 650x738, replace the 'ki' in 'kick' wit…)

Black family incest is already canon according to the family tree JKR put out, their parents are cousins or something. Maybe some people would rather Sirius had a happy domestic life with Remus but I think it's more fun if he's fucked up.

No. 188999

File: 1647127908306.jpeg (109.97 KB, 749x653, A1633B20-DE08-48D1-8EEA-ECDC0E…)

Exactly, I love the angst that comes with the ship. I always thought Remus and Sirius together were a boring ship but understood why people liked it (I don’t enjoy shipping the marauders with each other either just in general though). Not to mention the weird and very much fueled tension between Regulus and Sirius. kek at the file name anon

No. 189000

Do you have to make it sound so hot

No. 189001

File: 1647128389072.jpeg (95.4 KB, 750x522, A5E68660-1A90-4466-B6FE-AFACCF…)

No. 189135

Snarry is the best possible outcome.

No. 189136

omg this is so fucking funny

No. 189140

File: 1647214685282.jpg (148.38 KB, 700x700, they are looking at james pott…)

JKR has always been so weirdly insistent that Sirius is straight which is hilarious to me because he actually comes off as the gayest marauders era character imo. I used to read a lot of Blackcest fanfic and got teased for liking it instead of Remus/Sirius (lame) but I still stand by it and also enjoy Sirius/James because Sirius is just so creepily obsessed with James who he also supposedly views as a replacement brother except in a gay way where they take off Snape's pants together. thank you jkr very based I hope Regulus didn't die a virgin.

No. 189155

I can get behind sirius/remus being kind of boring. I feel like all wolfstar fics read the same.

If I had to ship two marauders together it'd be Sirius/James, since I agree, Sirius is obsessed with him.

Regulus Black deserves only nice things.

No. 189615

I ship Harry's son Albus with Draco's son Scorpius(?) if only because its hilarious to imagine both of them quietly seething about being in-laws and having to be civil to keep their sons happy

No. 189806

File: 1647446652441.png (249.87 KB, 600x800, della.png)

does anyone else like dron or is it just me
same actually, although I hate the new cursed child characterizations. they're way to soft

No. 189953

I never read or watched cursed child so idk what its about tbh. Something about time travel right? I just kinda ignore its existence. I haven't watched all the fantastic beasts Dumbledore spinoff movies either. I'm sure its all got new harry potter lore but meh

No. 189978

I'm just gonna say it
I think the moids that played Remus and Sirius in the movies were ugly as fuck. I don't care if they're famous or whatever. Hotter men should have been cast

No. 190112

and younger, they are in their early mid 30's and look on their way to fucking 60. i feel the same way about Snape, but Alan Rickman's interpretation is worlds above the book version, so there is no loss.

No. 190117

Now thats a weird ship, how that even works.. I know some people like draco and hermione and I still can't wrap my head around it either

No. 190119

I always kek at fact that Rupert Grint was so fucking ugly as a child and an adult that he had barely any ships despite being part of the main trio, I have seen literal side characters mentioned in passing discussed more in shipping then him

No. 190124

nonnitaaa i used to write dron fanfic and had a small following (really not many, like 2-4 commenters per chapter, which wasn't a lot on a website without the ao3 kudos system) but every time i updated, without fail, someone would click on the fic and comment "girl, why?" girl, idk! i just thought dron was cute.

No. 190129

I'll never understand this. I think he is kinda cute. He is not deformed nor anything.. I find tom felton way uglier, he looks like a naked mole rat dealing with severe sunburn, so idg whats everyones problem with rupert grint

No. 190132

You could excuse it with their circumstances though, with Sirius being in wizard Guantanamo and Remus being affected by the constant werewolf transformations. Overall I don't mind the adult characters being aged up, I've already mentioned it in another thread but I always thought Harry's parents having him and dying at 20 to be way too young and unrelatable, likewise Snape being in his late 40s was more believable for a stern teacher imo.

No. 190133

File: 1647543738683.jpg (97.63 KB, 800x600, 1623600014354.jpg)

I mean we discussed this in the previous thread, none of the male cast ended up being particularity attractive except maybe Neville and some side characters
but you couldn't even argue Rupert was even mediocre looking, he was always ugly and weird to look at

No. 190143

I've never understood the "Neville turned out hot" thing; he never stopped being ugly, he just ended up taller than the rest of the cast. I served him in my old retail job once and he really wasn't anything special

No. 190145

He was a cute little kid
I wouldn’t think of him as hot, but I thought he would be a pudding nose chinlet. Then compare him to Harry, who looks like a methhead pedo

No. 190147

File: 1647544952353.jpg (174.22 KB, 749x999, HP.jpg)

I posted this on the celbricows thread sometime back but it fits better here

I was looking up the careers of the main cast of Harry Potter, its kinda interesting how most of them chose to peruse their future when they had everything going for them

Emma Watson is the most successful out of all them, she's been in big budget Oscar bait films, done a lot of public activist work that has helped with her image
Daniel Radcliffe seems to do whatever interests him(probably wants to get away from the Harry Potter image) and so takes a lot of daring roles, such as a guy who fucks a horse, undercover white supremacist, gay poet, magical farting corpse e.t.c
Rupert Grint did a couple films after Harry Potter but stopped cause they weren't that successful and he understood he wasn't really leading man material, he seems happy with his money and royalties
Tom Felton does mostly independent films, the only real blockbuster film that he's done since Harry Potter was a small role in Planet of the apes

other then them all the actors who weren't already established like Robert Pattison or Helena Bonham Carter e.t.c, seemed to have been doomed for roles in mediocre British films, usually forgettable romcoms

No. 190149

File: 1647545002566.jpg (62.71 KB, 1000x562, 1642407257658.jpg)

one other thing I noticed about Tom Felton's filmography was that he surprisingly has done a lot of war drama films

Against the Sun
Megan Leavey
The Forgotten Battle

No. 190152

there's a demographic that loves ugly british men for some reason. im sure the ppl who find neville hot are also the ones who gush over massive uggos like matt smith and benadryl cumbersome

No. 190199

No, I think in his specific case it's because he was a fat kid and as he grew up he became fit, or at least thin. So because his body looks ok, people think his face also became ok.

No. 190201

I've seen the actor who plays Neville in All Creatures Great and Small, as some man who doesn't realize his lover doesnt love him

No. 190207

Rupert Grint is actually in an Apple TV show right now and I really enjoy him in it, personally.

No. 190214

Oh man, I have literally 0 interest in that ship but now you have me wishing there were fics entirely about Harry and Draco having to make Christmas dinner conversation. I find Harry/Draco completely boring too, but I genuinely really enjoy their canonical relationship and wish there were more gen fics about it

No. 190217

Even beyond the fact that I wish they were hotter just so I could be looking at hotter men, I genuinely think this fucked up their movie characterization. The fact that they're only in their early-mid 30s but so clearly ravaged by poverty and prison is such a big part of who they are – having Sirius be walking around in those bizarre like, velvet waistcoats looking like a boring middle-aged man was so dumb.

No. 190219

everyone in the movies except maybe cedric, young riddle, lucius, snape and the women were fucking hideous, which is why i don’t consider the movie portrayals canon and just use fan art to build my mental gallery of what they actually look like

No. 190220

samfag not to mention that a lot of the actors were way older than the roles they played (Sirius, Remus, Snape, etc.)

No. 190222

File: 1647565457423.jpg (55.3 KB, 554x623, mcgonagall.jpg)

they made McG a crochety grandma and i can never forgive them for that. book!minerva is 10000% more based

No. 190232

I'm still so fucking horny for Alan Rickman Snape goddamn

No. 190234

that fanart reminds me of bayonetta i love it >>190232
sexy sexy man

No. 190236

he honestly seemed to be the best actor of the main three, but in a way i think it kinda got overshadowed by ron's character like how goofy and sometimes downright annoying ron could be.

No. 190239

File: 1647574870897.jpg (93.3 KB, 861x522, severemus.jpg)

Snupin forever. Also, trying to find fanart on IJ/LJ was bittersweet, the old internet was so much cosier.

No. 190240

one of the actors who played a side character, Cormac McLaggen now plays Vigilante on HBO's peacemaker
I was honestly surprised to learn he was Britis, his american accent is really good and also he's fucking hilarious, I think a weaker actor would not have been able to pull off a character like vigilante, he aboustetly steals the show for me

No. 190241

I wish more people talked about this! I love Maggie Smith even, but McG in the books is so genuinely stern and severe and no-bs in a way Smith's McG just isn't. I love in the books that she's this incredibly tough person who doesn't give special treatment and is like "jfc harry STOP DOING STUPID SHIT" in ootp … but is also the person who sends him a broom and angrily forces him to take a cookie b/c she's proud of him for standing up to Umbridge even though she's pissed when she thinks Harry's dead in DH and cries out, sob

No. 190301

File: 1647602696172.png (1.04 MB, 1348x758, hogwartslegacy.png)

This is what they showed from Hogwarts Legacy. Western games just love ugly characters. HOW is even her eyes on different levels.

No. 190302

Here is the trailer

No. 190303

Do we know what timeline this is set in? After or before the main Harry Potter books?

No. 190304

Nevermind, it is set in the late 1800s, they said in this video

No. 190305

File: 1647604046985.png (801.39 KB, 977x641, Screenshot 2022-03-18 124717.p…)

some of the interioirs are so pretty

No. 190306

File: 1647604108880.png (1.17 MB, 1252x643, Screenshot 2022-03-18 124814.p…)

No. 190307

File: 1647604360493.png (525.41 KB, 1212x604, Screenshot 2022-03-18 125218.p…)

No. 190308

Recently rewatched some gameplay from the Harry Potter game I used to play as a kid on my PS1 and even though looking back it was pretty bad, I still think the atmosphere is great. Some parts were really creepy

No. 190314

File: 1647607308144.jpg (32.91 KB, 600x450, peeves.jpg)

Oh yeah, I loved it. Parts that stuck with me was that flying pig statue which I was a bit scared when I first played (though I replayed years ago and it was so easy to defeat it) then we have the lava forest which was weird but I actually liked, the dungeons with the eyes, oh and the dungeons where you have to rescue some kid's tiny cat. Gringots was my least favorite part because it was hard when I was a kid but when I replayed it was my favorite, super fun and I loved be out of Hogwarts, always wanted to explore these parts.
The second game my favorite part was the duels and the secret passages/chest/collectables.
Also I completely forgot about Peeves, annoying mofo grew on me, can't unhear his stupid laughter.

I hope I can make a better looking character in the new game and actually explore other parts of the wizard world (whatever they throw us), not expecting much besides that, the trailer showed more than I expected so I'm happy.

No. 190329

What am I supposed to find hideous here, they look fine

No. 190337

Anon must have spent too much time looking at faces in Korean mmos

No. 190348

'Cause they gotta be inclusive, and apparently women want to have ugly women representing them in games now

No. 190360

my eyes are like this……… excited for the game though!

No. 190362

The environments are so pretty, I want to just walk around exploring everything and not fight.

No. 190366

These are normal faces anon, look in a mirror.

No. 190370

Ngl they look fine to me. About on par w how Elden Ring chars are looking tbh

No. 190462

The girl kinda looks swollen but its not that bad

No. 190466

In a world of Remus/Sirius, what was the appeal of Snupin? It'd be funny if you just hated Sirius for being a bully (which is fair) and wanted Snape to steal his boyfriend. I'm a blackcester and Sirius/James shipper myself so I don't care except I enjoy angst and like seeing Sirius angry and upset. Vid pretty much unrelated, for some reason I remember it from old fandom

No. 190468

Why do people ship HP characters? It's a children's book series. It isn't sexy. I don't get it.

No. 190494

>It's a children's book series.
People ship characters from literally every type of media in existence and the majority of the audience for HP grew up as the characters did. The most popular pairings are typically between older or aged up characters.

No. 190496

File: 1647653145619.jpeg (112.46 KB, 680x633, FH-zGtyWQAIGf2b.jpeg)

This is such a weird gripe. Yeah they're kids books but by the final book literally every main character is an adult. Also the last 2-3 books are literal war and death filled dramas. Most harry potter fans who originally read the books are now in their 30s. Do you just stop enjoying shit when you get older? You only ship characters from mature "adult" media? Its cringe either way kek just deal with it

No. 190564

Hope this doesn't turn out to flop like cyberpunk 2077 did. Looks pretty promising if it actually lives up to the hype. Can't wait to kill classmates with death curses

No. 190565

This. Also most of us read the books as teens or kids and the ships just stuck with us.

No. 190571

I'm not into shipping at all but I can kinda get it when characters are hot adults and have flirty interaction.
So it's weird to me that HP fandom always end up doing ship discussions but I guess I don't like it because I feel left out.

No. 190583

I agree with you anon, I'm not a shipper in the first place and that's mostly something I associate with anime or video games, I loved Harry Potter for its world and the magic, not who the characters were going to end up with (but that's probably just me who is not interested in romance in general).
The previous thread was way better with discussions on the international book covers or favorite moments, this one is just shipping, I feel like I'm on a 2005 yaoi forum kek.

No. 190584

File: 1647690341821.jpg (174.84 KB, 790x1181, R.4591dcf8023a65a78cf8459c2977…)

Yeah same, the last thread was nice. I enjoyed seeing the book covers from different countries. The German and especially the Finnish one were…special.

No. 190585

File: 1647690492782.png (45.41 KB, 159x123, Screenshot 2022-03-19 124750.p…)

lmao very special indeed

No. 190588

i can't fucking believe they took Umbridge's description that literally

No. 190590

File: 1647691934039.jpg (189.72 KB, 785x1181, R.068d917bcc04b12be9177a60c579…)

Meanwhile Gilderoy's description wasn't taken literally enough, I thought he was meant to be handsome. Anyone know who the people in the back are supposed to be btw?

No. 190593

Lockhart looks more like Hermione kek. Must be Lucius and Draco even though it makes fucking zero sense (they were Nazi blondes lmfao). I know because of the diary.
I've asked the same fucking retarded question the previous time, but why are there two Harrys in >>190584?

No. 190594

it's james cursing snape.

No. 190596

File: 1647694941421.jpg (148.99 KB, 786x1181, 9789513117375_frontcover_final…)

i don't care what anyone says i love these covers

No. 190597

Yeah he is lifting his wand and Snape is hanging upside down.
The dog-eared person is young Sirius right?

No. 190601

Are we able to fully customize? If we can, that isnt too bad and i can make a himbo wizard.

No. 190602

I think my biggest question about these covers is why everyone is wearing the Ravenclaw/Swedish/Ukraine colours.

Himbo wizard? Like, buff with tiny shorts?

No. 190604

This honestly looks like a lot of fun and if some nonnies are getting it, let us know!!

No. 190609

I wish I could play it, I don't own any of the consoles but I look forward to farmer's reviews.

No. 190612

you can play it on pc iirc

No. 190616

Yeah but you would need a gaming pc for that.

No. 190625

Excited for the game! I wonder how well the combat will translate to controller and how well the graphics will look at release on ps (looks a bit choppy in the trailer).
Anons that can afford it and have stable internet I’d recommend a virtual gaming machine, you can get access to top of the line graphic cards and they’re built for gaming. Though be prepared for dropping connection mid-fight lol but if you can get your connection really stable it’s a worthwhile experience.

No. 190635

Same nonny. I also have lightly asymmetrical eyes and I think it's neat I can make myself as the character.

No. 190666

There is a dog-eared person there? Where…? I don't see any…?
Oh… So you mean what I've assumed (and been told?) is Cho Chang is actually Sirius? At least they got the androgyny right kek
The questions don't fucking end here. Why is Hermione a dark brunette with a giant honker?
As much as I enjoy the insanity (Harry as an pissed off uggo with acne galore), you know your book covers have failed when longtime fans have no fucking idea who are the portrayed characters and why are they looking like that

No. 190673

File: 1647716938135.jpg (319.84 KB, 790x1181, 4543646.jpg)

No. 190674

I see stubble, it must be Sirius. But I had no idea at first.

No. 190675

i understand the two harries and dark haired malfoys confusion but man some of you just seem dumb

No. 190676

Watch out, we got a real art connoisseur here.

No. 190687

To be fair the covers don't really make sense, why choose the book signing scene for the book with a giant snake as its climax, and why mash up two unrelated moments for the fifth book?

No. 190703

File: 1647728114071.jpg (608.29 KB, 1305x1939, 91OINeHnJGL.jpg)

Now that you've said it I feel like it's the only cover for this book that actually makes sense, all of these snake ones are just spoiling the book's finale, this one just straight up showing how it all ended even, who does that? Having the book signing scene, or like some other versions, Ron and Harry in the car, is so much better.

No. 190704

File: 1647728326910.png (134.93 KB, 540x367, walking in on lewd sirius.png)

>match with someone on a dating app
>after a short conversation they start sperging about jkr because you mentioned being a slytherin in your bio

What would you do? This has happened to me at least twice.

No. 190705

take your hogwarts hopuse out of your bio? it's cringeworthy

No. 190706

Are they anti-terf? Unmatch.

No. 190707

To be clear, I noticed it's Sirius after looking for a minute and trying to find the dog-eared person below Snape kek. I saw the stubble then, but after just a glance, I thought it's Cho for some reason…
Beyond that, the covers are a mess, joining three separate scenes together with no coherent perspective or theme. The character designs being off from descriptions doesn't help…

No. 190708

Nta but it could be a way to easily and swiftly avoid the gender cultists.

No. 190710

Lol I was thinking the same. I say that’s the way to find “the one”

No. 190713

date me instead, i'm a slytherin too.

No. 190722

I don't know how to write a proper bio but I don't think just mentioning your hogwarts house is that cringe anymore when so many people have very aggressive bios about how much they hate cops, terfs and swerfs

Nice, I've always wanted an anon gf I could talk HP with and slytherin is the best house (of course the person I matched with told me she was a hufflepuff before the JKR sperging began)

No. 190728

nta but ew people who say they’re hufflepuffs are always the “im so quirky” kind, unmatch.

No. 190733

Nta, why is it that hufflepuffs are always so weird and hyper? I wanted to be one so I’m kind of salty of not being one because I like the yellow stuff they got, but they really are weird.
Ravenclaw forever we will bath in the blood of our enemies

No. 190741

Potty Barn teen has the cutest house themed pjs and they come in adult sizes as well! They are unfortunately overpriced but I can confidently say worth the splurge as I'm cosily typing away while wearing them right now. ps Hufflepuff 4 life 

No. 190757

Is that a thing? I recently admitted to myself that I'm a hufflepuff, just because I lack a significant trait like the other houses. I always thought I was ravenclaw but I lost interest in studying the moment I left school and I can't lie to myself any longer kek.

No. 190763

File: 1647754293006.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.29 KB, 320x480, omg im so random.jpg)

What tests did you guys do anyway? I did lots of tests… lots of years ago and they always put me in hufflepuff and after a while I stopped hating it lol I guess cedric kinda helped but I wanted to be a slytherin

No. 190764

I just did that one in the official Harry Potter page. https://www.wizardingworld.com/news/discover-your-hogwarts-house-on-wizarding-world
I didn’t know they changed the name pottermore.

No. 190765

Ok I never did this before but I did it now and I was sorted to slytherin lmao dreams do come true.. almost 20 years later

No. 190766

And my patronus is a fucking tiny dog. I would rather have a cake.

No. 190769

File: 1647758834481.png (118.64 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_2022-03-20-01-42-38…)

Slytherin master race confirmed

No. 190778

I tend to get Gryffindor.
Which patronus have you all got?
It's funny because I love cats and I got one as patronus. Not sure how.

No. 190780

I got the stag quiz seems iffy kek

No. 190788

File: 1647770516760.png (103.81 KB, 1021x546, harrypotterf.png)

All the cool kids gets placed in Terffindor.

No. 190789

Holy shit my sides
Why does everyone hate hufflepuff

No. 190815

All the they/he girls are Hufflepuff from what I've seen.

No. 190831

My patronus is a calico cat, it’s cute.

No. 190853

>(of course the person I matched with told me she was a hufflepuff before the JKR sperging began)
kekkk do you always have bad experiences with hufflepuffs? i'm the slytherin ayrt and my bad experiences are always with ravenclaws. for some reason they are always gross, unwashed weebs who are also incredibly stupid and act obnoxious 24/7. i like most hufflepuffs even though they often slide into cringy/quirky territory. slytherins and gryffindors i get along with just fine.

can't take the quiz because i don't have an account and it won't let me register fsr? but last time i took a quiz i got a rabbit, which is fitting since i like rabbits.

No. 190863

i got a python. which is fitting i guess because im a slytherin but i dont really like snakes.
late reply but their hatred of each other always seemed much more real to me then draco and harry. plus i can actually imagine them fucking. harry is just seems way to straught for me to imagine him doing anything gay. plus i laugh at the idea of draco having to interact with the weasley family nicely

No. 190872

I don't follow twitter sperging, what's JKR done now? I saw someone in a discord server screeching that she wants to euthanize trannies?

No. 190873

she voted against a Scottish bill that would allow trannies in women sensitive spaces

No. 190874

Lol I see, so they think they're literally being murdered if they can't rape actual humans in bathrooms. good for her

No. 190912

I got a heron. no idea what it means but I guess it’s also JKR’s so that’s cool

No. 190914

yeah being able to recognize what dog ears are

No. 190936

Its black on black/grey and it makes zero sense for Sirius to have them in the first place

No. 190952

it really is not that difficult concept you're just looking for reasons to be upset/nitpicky

No. 190954

I genuinely never noticed the dog ears before another anon mentioned them

No. 190955

yah and that's why i had my suspects about the intelligence level of some users here they're not very hidden honestly

No. 190956

I got a pine marten

No. 190958

Well fuck you too, if that's the hill you want to die on. Never had a problem with noticing detail on art, but the sheer amount of 'what the fuck' on those covers (mostly the composition, colors being wrong and drawings not fitting character description) makes it easy for things to go over one's head.

No. 190972

I guess I don't know that many hufflepuffs outside of the few I've talked to on apps or the internet. I know a few ravenclaws but seem to get on with other slytherins best kek. I thought being a slytherin was meant to be kind of problematic now anyway because it's the evil death eater house or I don't know if I'm just remembering that wrong? It gets hard to keep track of all the HP details people find to seethe about. I'm a brit bong too and JKR was on my twitter feed (I know…) for all of last week, all the same people who never stop posting about how over HP they are and how it's a bad series that isn't important

No. 190974

dw anon, i didn't find the dog ears either until someone circled them. and then i had to stare at them a bit longer because they reminded me of the fuzzy earmuffs they wear in the greenhouse scene in the 2nd movie.

>people who never stop posting about how over HP they are
kek this is hilarious. here in germany people who are somewhat online a lot and get their education from ig slides also talk about how shitty HP is, but then they have no problem sperging irl about how much they love HP. so i'm assuming everyone is just virtue signaling because it's fun to hate women in groups, similar to how people made fun of britney spears, lindsay lohan or paris hilton back in the day. also re: evil death eater house, ironically enough i saw a lot of fakebois with death eater tattoos. they are so obsessed with moral purity, but somehow fictional racism is ok and edgy kek. it makes no damn sense.

No. 190985

Ok, but which nonnie is getting the HP game coming out?

No. 190994

I'm interested but will wait for gameplay reviews first. I don't really care about the story, I just want to have a good time running around Hogwarts.

No. 191000

I don't get why Sirius/Lupin is so popular, when Sirius was much more closer to James. Sirius clearly loved James a lot.

No. 191001

God, no. They're a great ship in the movies, but Harry is such an insufferable dick in the books. Harry deserves to die alone or with Ron, who is as annoying as him.

No. 191002

Maybe it’s just because I think Remus is overrated as a character, but I have been a die hard James/Sirius shipper since I was a child. Kek I think they were the first gay ship I was crazy about. I’m sad there’s not more fic of them they’re just made for angsty fics. Just the fact alone that Sirius lived with James after his family disowned him…. I mean the fics write themselves.

No. 191005

remus always was a huge coward honestly not only when he let his friends bully snape but he was ready to endanger harry by not reveling about sirius's animagus abilities because he thought for some time that sirius was evil but still didn't say anything about it

No. 191007

I mean its fujos, they'll ship any two males together

No. 191012

James was such a bullying piece of shit why tf did lily marry him

No. 191013

Unpopular opinion: I don't dislike Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape, but I like the character better in the books. He's such a fun smug bastard.

No. 191014

Because she secretly hated Sirius and wanted to steal his boyfriend

No. 191016

Judging by Rowling's other books, she's really into masc alpha guys

No. 191017

File: 1647836798968.png (129.37 KB, 500x375, 1620229223501.png)

not even joking, her cormoran strike series is just about Rowling's self insert paired with her Idealized OC Husbando

>Cormoran Blue Strike is an ex-SIB investigator, and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan where he lost half his right leg in a bomb attack. He decides to muster out for fear of becoming brainwashed (yet misses the Army occasionally), choosing instead to become a private detective.

>His biological father, Jonny Rokeby, is a renowned rock star who had an affair with model and 'super groupie' Leda Strike, which led to Cormoran becoming his illegitimate son; Cormoran has almost no relationship to speak of with his father, apparently meeting just twice. The only one of his half-siblings to whom he is close is Lucy,
>At the start of the first novel, he meets Robin. Their relationship is complicated; he clearly finds her very attractive, but is extremely reluctant to admit this even to himself, trying to maintain a professional distance between them. This is a task that becomes progressively harder to fulfill as time passes, and is exacerbated by the fact that he has a number of unsatisfying relationships following his split from Charlotte. He values many of Robin's personal and professional qualities very highly.
>Strike is described as a physically imposing man, at least 6'3" in height, heavily build. He is hairy, and has dark wiry, curly hair, leading to some calling him 'pubehead'. His nose was twice broken during his military boxing career, then is broken again in the third novel. Although described as being 'not conventionally handsome', he seems to be attractive to a number of different women. He also appears to have prodigious appetites: for food—he is frequently described eating; for alcohol—he appears to be able to drink quite large amounts, and sexual—he describes himself as having an 'uninhibited libido'.

No. 191019

Did James only bully Snape or am I misremembering

No. 191022

Both James/Sirius and Sirius/Remus are extremely boring ships

No. 191024

As opposed to which other ships…?

No. 191030

This is funny as hell. Based jk making her ideal fictional husbando and writing stories about him. All women should do this, irl men are worthless

No. 191031

Lily/Remus maybe
That's a pretty rare one though

No. 191036

File: 1647844616764.jpg (625.21 KB, 1509x2000, 1626912277190.jpg)

would never have guessed her to be the type whose into bears, anyway's still based

No. 191045

Did you mean to post a random fitness pinup?

No. 191049

It was supposed to be the genderbent version of the Gigachad meme, Implying that Rowling is a giga stacy

No. 191051

i think i can blame jkr for my tendency to name my OCs with very obvious/in your face naming patterns kek

No. 191058

Why do you think that Harry was an asshole? Don't have an opinion, find your pov interesting
This. He and Remus the coward are two pieces of shit

No. 191059

guess lily is only book smart. she chose a man that bullied her best friend throughout their seven years of school, the same friend was also abused at home. But she gets blindsided because tee-hee he makes her blush sometimes.

I understand that she hated snape for calling her a slur but running to the arms of his bully was a mistake.

Does lily not have any friends at all? Or is her pool of male companions dwindles, or nonexistent, because james bullies them off screen as well.

No. 191061

Lily had massive “im only friends with guys because it’s less drama” energy, I never understood why she picked James and threw away a childhood friendship for his ugly ass. Harry’s parents were both shitty people which explains why he turned out so shitty too I guess.

No. 191062

i always have a huge feeling harry only settled with ginny because he wanted to project whatever greatness people were telling him about his parents.

No. 191065

I can see that to be honest. One thing that always annoyed me is how no one seems to stop and consider how James and Lily weren’t perfect and were actually kind of assholes, they’re treated as martyrs throughout the entire book and as being just the best people ever but Lily was an insufferable spineless pick me and James was a relentless bully. Like we are very obviously (and rightfully so) meant to dislike Draco because he’s a bully, but like James who I argue is way worse than Draco ever was, since Draco was basically groomed to become a death eater and worse he did was call a few people a slur while James was out there physically and sexually harassing Snape but somehow he’s the hero of the story? I don’t get it. I guess the justification is just “Snape deserved it because he was probably going to become evil” which is dumb. If I was Snape i’d have let Voldemort kill Harry.

No. 191067

Non-Potterfag scrolling by: why do people like this series if they hate most or all of the characters in it?

No. 191068

yeah, i was really waiting for harry to have an inner conflict about this idealistic view of his parents from everyone. but he was only given a little bit of exposition from snape, iirc. and snape was dying when it happened.

it'd be a nice lesson that people even in the "right" side of the conflict/war are assholes, maybe even worse than the person on the other side too.

nta but you can love things and still be critical about certain aspects of it. Same with people.

No. 191070

as much as I like JKR and loved the series when I was younger, there are some elements that are kinda "eh"
James being bully is one thing that I feel rowling never realized how fucked of a character it was, maybe she never saw how bad bullying can be

No. 191072

I don't hate the characters, but even the "good" characters engage in iffy behaviours. It's interesting really, a lot of them are grey zone not all pure and good.

No. 191073

>I feel rowling never realized how fucked of a character it was, maybe she never saw how bad bullying can be

She has hinted that her father was abusive and as an adult she was together with an abusive man. She wrote HP after escaping that relationship. It's possible that a lot of bad behaviour felt "normal" to her, or at least very common.

No. 191074

The movies didn't translate it, but the main trio in the books have a mean streak that goes beyond just being sarcastic. their sorta assholes

No. 191075

I like it for the villains and the world building, it’s also fun to be critical of things we like. I initially got into it when I was a child so I didn’t realize all of this until I reread it as a teenager.

No. 191076

samefag, not voldemort though he’s a retard

No. 191086

i have to admit that i like that. in books - especially children's books - you are very often presented with characters that are either purely good or purely bad. i feel like jkr did a very good job at showing that not every person that is on the morally good side is necessarily always a good person. lupin was a coward during his school days, he ignored whatever james and sirius did to snape even though he was prefect (or even head boy, i can't remember) and was supposed to keep them in line. jkr also wrote that james had infuriating habits like constantly playing with his hair iirc and sirius eventually snaps at him to stop doing that, which shows that james acts so full of himself that even his best friend is annoyed sometimes. i also guess that's just how a lot of popular people are sometimes. yeah, a lot of people like them, but a lot of them are also secretly glad that they are liked by the popular people and not being teased/bullied/assaulted by them. hell, even luna lovegood, whom everyone itt seems to like, is tactless and not always quirky in a non-offensive way that only benefits the good guys. i know it's infuriating sometimes, but i find it pretty cool that she put in the effort to make everyone even a little bit flawed.

No. 191087

i agree with you entirely i just wish she actually addressed this more, the characters are shown being assholes but they’re still treated as perfect and it’s never addressed how shitty they were

No. 191088

definitely. i think the only time it was ever addressed was when harry saw snape's memories and witnessed first hand how shitty james, sirius and lupin treated him. he had a really hard time processing that and actually felt bad for snape and realized that everything snape had said about james potter was actually true.

No. 191089

I don't wanna defend her, but she grew up in a rough environment in Scotland
In such an environment, being tough mentally and mean spirted would have been in a means of survival

No. 191090

Exactly. It can be annoying, but it's also refreshing. I think one of the messages of HP was that while nobody is perfect, we should try and do what is right (going against Voldemort)

No. 191098

I mean, James and Lily got murdered in their own home so they kinda got their comeuppance for being toxic kek. What more should have been written? Did you want Harry apologizes to Snape for something his parents did?

No. 191100

being murdered is not enough i want them to suffer more

No. 191102

>Why do you think that Harry was an asshole?
Because he is insensitive and is always taking out his anger issues on the people who love him.

No. 191105

File: 1647883326725.jpg (106.72 KB, 1200x630, e24915d3-60db-4558-a3fa-140def…)

know that I think about it, its kinda fucked up that Dudley ended up getting redeemed in the end, to the point where Harry and Dudley's families visit each other on Christmas
also in the books I remember he got hot in the end for no reason

No. 191110

Dudley was raised/groomed into being a bully by his shitty retard parents, same as Draco. If Draco can get redeemed, so can Dudley

No. 191112

When the Dementor attacked Dudley, he saw a vision of what he was like through other's eyes and started to feel shame. It changed him.

No. 191113

okay, but I just kind find it weird that he only got redeemed when he got hot, by deathly hollow's he was a tall, intimating, buff dude wearing a leather jacket, which as stated JK Rowling considers attractive for a male

No. 191115

?? He just got redeemed as an adult same as Draco, because fully developed brain and all that. How did the books describe him as hot I have no memory of that kek

No. 191116

File: 1647885244702.jpg (1.11 MB, 4160x1613, 0802211452~2.jpg)

What more do you want

No. 191117

>Harry strolled downstairs, his hands deep in his pants pockets. When he searched the living room he found all three Dursleys. They were dressed for packing; Uncle Vernon in an old ripped-up jacket and Dudley, Harry's, large, blond, muscular cousin, in his leather jacket.

No. 191119

Describing someone as large and muscular doesn't necessarily mean they're hot though

No. 191121

Rowling clearing those traits are hot, seeing her husbando is >>191017

No. 191125

I got a fox which I wasn't expecting but I'm so happy because that's so cute.

No. 191134

Hagrid is clearly her ultimate husband then.

No. 191136

>Hagrid as a husband
sounds confy

No. 191140

>he got hot in the end for no reason
The actor just grew up lol, there's no mystery behind this. Apparently he didn't want to play the fat bully for his entire life so he got into sports, he even had to wear a fat suit for the last movies.

No. 191143

the actor was still ugly back then(he's a little cuter now) but in the books he basically ends up looking Erwin Smith

No. 191149

File: 1647891289965.jpg (13.64 KB, 420x420, jkr husbando.jpg)

A+ taste, thats how every men should look

No. 191156

File: 1647893677941.jpg (350.49 KB, 1489x1080, ezgif-1-ea87538bf9.jpg)

forever losing my shit at german hp book covers

No. 191158

File: 1647894070250.jpg (854.27 KB, 1489x1080, 1647893677941.jpg)


No. 191162

what the fuck is this schizoposting lmfao

No. 191163

kek nonny my sides i'm german and i still have these copies somewhere in my old room

No. 191164

lele he looks like an annoying youtuber filming himself

No. 191165

ive seen a plebbitor comment that those covers look like freezframes in a movie with the protagonist sayin 'you're probably wondering how did i end up in this situation' and that was my exactly my thought. also i suddenly understand why the travesty known as 'harry potter and the methods of rationality' happened. he looks like an euphoric 13 years old atheist
what is the source of the eye? i beg someone to explain

No. 191167

File: 1647896432143.png (2.13 MB, 872x1280, Thai_2020_hardback_04_GOF.png)

i went through the cover art gallery on the wiki and my god, the thai covers are gorgeous. https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Cover_art#Thai

No. 191168

>its kinda fucked up that Dudley ended up getting redeemed in the end
His parents have no excuse for abusing a child, but Dudley was just a stupid and spoiled kid

No. 191170

It belongs to a brazilian singer/dancer. Her name is MC Mirella.

No. 191173

Jeez it’s beautiful, get me some IIASS WAMIMAS right this second.

No. 191174

File: 1647898142042.webm (256.17 KB, 706x530, final_6238ed527552ac070e7e0312…)

No. 191175

File: 1647898288681.png (1.38 MB, 994x661, chamber.PNG)

Holy shit, these are so beautiful. On the page for the artist you can find a full cover, with the backside, gorgeous stuff.

No. 191181

are you salty about the finnish covers not being embraced? The thai covers are busy (i agree that less would be more in that case), but the artistry is incomparable to >>190673. Though those are completely different styles, so maybe it's unfair to compare them

No. 191184

kekkk in the lithuanian version harry is called haris poteris.

damn, these are amazing! i especially love the luna on the back of the 5th novel's cover. also it's so cute that he was an hp fan as a kid and then got to design the covers for the anniversary edition as an adult.

slightly related, i remember reading an interview with the artist who drew the first british novel covers and he admitted that he doesn't own his copy of the 1st volume (anymore) because he just didn't care so much about the project back then and understandably didn't realize that hp would be so huge one day. i'd be sooo mad at myself if i was him.

No. 191187

it was a fucking joke and i deleted the post especially because of autistic cunts like you not having a sense of humor and taking it seriously

No. 191193

Chill out, you should just accept that you aren’t funny and let it go.

No. 191195

and you are autistic and schizo for holding a grudge for so long sorry i called people dumb for not not realizing what dog ears are

anyway i really don't understand the sperging over here about lily and james being so ToXiC people and this weird shit about lily being pick me or whatever.

where the hell do you even get that, she was basically a non character. we have absolutely no idea what she was like after school. and when we see her from the little scenes we get we see her insulting james, telling snape to fuck off for hurting her sister, so she seemed have enough sense to tell males to shove it when needed. her role in the story was basically to be admired by everyone, that's it, so calling her especially evil or pick me is just head canon. sure you could call her a bitch for marrying the guy who bullied her childhood best friend but she and snape were growing apart for a long time like we see when she tells snape that she always has to explain her behavior to her other friends. sure it could have been explored more what exactly did she fall in love with in james, but aside from that acting like she was some evil harlot is dumb because she is basically nobody.

james yeah was a pisshead bully, but he was also some old money kid so snobbery was maybe pretty much given, thinking about how the old families with wealth act in harry potter in general. again it could be explored more how he grew and changed.

honestly they never got time to mature and that's one of the weirdest things about this story, that you have all these old actual adult wizards and witches waxing poetics about what a great man james and great woman lily was when they never even grew up to be proper man or woman since they died at 21. wouldn't 100 year old wizards have met braver people during their lifetime, i don't know. though i guess them being so young and still brave enough to fight in a war is something you can respect, but james and lily etc being at least bit older at least would make more sense.

then it just comes to personal taste that i don't like too kiddy story type of writing where we have to spend time and make the readers learn when the characters are being naughty and readers are given some life lessons over how we should behave. it's fiction, we can have some assholes around without having disclaimers around every single time about it.

though james was called out, his friends were called out, it s in the narrative that his friends also were most likely very biased over their pal. it is there already. and it was basically snape's whole character to be the asshole guy who was on the good side after all, it was his job in the narrative basically so using that character arc too much with every other character would have taken away from him.

No. 191196

kek holy shit

No. 191197

and speaking of snape, his whole redemption is about him being able to put his bitterness aside just enough to spare harry's life and, though grudginly, help him. he is the good guy because he wasn't petty enough to let lily, james and harry die.

No. 191200

>everyone who disagrees with me must be the same person!!1
Now who's schizo here?
>taking it seriously
The projection kek. You were the one constantly sperging in defense of the Finnish covers. You genuinely sound like you have issues, please calm down.
Anyway I agree with your points on Lily and James, though at the same time I dislike them (as much as possible with how flat they are). The glorification of Potter's parents is exhausting, I'm glad that at least we got to see the shitty side of James (and Marauders in general).

No. 191201

fucking let it go already, i did and wrote my own thoughts on the characters there

No. 191203

and since i started my own sperging here goes more: saying harry is somehow especially selfish is kinda dumb too because he literally gave his life to finish dumbledore's plans and get rid of voldemort. he didn't die in the end obviously, but still, he intended to. he was ready to die for the greater good, though this makes him heroic it is kinda dark too that he let the old bastard manipulate him to become a human sacrifice. but hey, it worked well in the end lol 10 points to dumbledore.

and i think since most of his shitty behavior happens in the fifth book, it's kinda understandable since he was busy ptsding over cedric's death. him being a bitch was kinda natural for that. after that he grew more chill honestly, though still was a kid.

No. 191207

avpm is still top tier today and no one can convince me otherwise

No. 191208

i didn't really like the sequel that much. some parts were funny but it was kinda tedious and boring at points.

No. 191214

Holy shit this is so good. Need to cop this and then learn the language

No. 191227


No. 191234

which characters do you think would be the biggest terfs? i have a few thoughts about who would and wouldn't. yes this is autistic, i know

>hermione (obviously. argues with ron about it because he's a retard who doesn't understand the issue at first)

>mcgonagall (jkr seems to love her so i'm sure she's a big terf)
>luna lovegood (not sure about her except i can see her unintentionally saying baity shit to tras)
>sirius (gay and grossed out at the thought of touching a vagina)
>james potter (probably attracted to and wants to fuck tims)

No. 191236

>james potter (probably attracted to and wants to fuck tims)
bitch what the fuck

No. 191237

Molly Weasley would be one of those munchie moms who trans her sons because of how much she wants a daughter.

No. 191239

you mock me but in your heart you know i'm right. my mistake was not adding the same about remus lupin

No. 191242

you’re not right that’s just fucking weird, why would you want to imagine characters from something you like being into trannies? weird as fuck

No. 191246

>hermione and mcgonagall
Agree. Ginny would totally be a terf too, but unlike the other two, she wouldn't try to reason with the woke crowd and would bully them. They wouldn't do it because of political reason, but Snape, Ron, Draco and James obviously would despise trannys and mock the shit out of them.

No. 191247

Why do people think that characters doing something good make them any less insufferable, or that their suffering justify their assholeness

No. 191250

No. 191260

but i said it makes harry unselfish, not less insufferable.

No. 191263

James and Sirius is the only ship is like.

No. 191265

i only watched the sequel thru once, it was pretty forgettable except for that dude as umbridge. but the first i think is still a really impressive effort considering how bare bones it seemed

No. 191273

File: 1647925373305.jpg (20.64 KB, 500x462, T M.jpg)

Did anyone else find it disturbing that Voldemort’s mom roofied his dad and the books didn’t make her seem like the bad guy?
also seen some people weirdly romanticize their relationship and say Tom Sr was the bad guy for leaving poor merope and I don't understand that, cause she roofied him and kept him against his will

No. 191274

>men being assaulted
who cares?

No. 191276

But it was obvious it was fucked up and wrong? She wasn't depicted as some horrible villain because she was severely abused to the point that she wasn't right in the head, people are gonna pity her for that.

No. 191280

No. 191283

I felt the same about how Merope has been portrayed. Her relationship with Tom Gaunt was written as sad and wrong, I interpreted Voldemort being the rape baby half the reason why he doesn't know love and is fucked in the head. Rowling being capable of writing nuanced shit made Dumbledore show sympathy about Merope's life full of abuse and loneliness.
What is weirder is Wesley's selling date rape drinks and the comedic plot with Ron drinking one. Kinda doesn't match, the other shoe never dropped with "hey that's fucked for good characters to facilitate date rape". Rowling must have been kinda aware of the implications since she made a scrote go through it and not a female character.

No. 191285

I remember it being stated in one books, that people born from love potions are incapable of feeling love themselves, meaning there are canonical love potion date rape cases in the wizarding world

No. 191296

Realistically magic and consent are an impossible combo, imperius and polyjuice alone would 1000% be used to rape and violate if they were real. I think it's fair enough that in a kids book she just avoided the subject entirely.

No. 191298

She kind of hasn't though, with Merope and Ron. What I meant is that Weasleys' really shouldn't be selling love potions in their store with magical tricks.
Weird fact: there's been a Winx Club comic about date rape under the guise of a love potion.

No. 191300

OT but the Winx Club comics were more mature and had better art than the tv show, kind of a shame they were overlooked.

No. 191305

i mean ron did end up almost dead because of it, even though it wasn't the love potion itself but the drink he got from slughorn

No. 191310

I think it's because Sirius and James are so similar to each other, they're both rebellious and extroverted so they come across more like brothers or partners in crime. On the other hand Remus is more shy and gentle, and I think that makes his relationship with Sirius more dynamic and interesting, because they have these two very different personalities.

No. 191311

now that i think about it, harry could probably had died if he had taken the love potion instead of ron. because it was harry who thought to use the bezoar while slughorn was too panicked, if it had been harry instead of ron who got sick ron wouldn't have known to use it most likely.

anyway, while it was shitty how ron's love potioning was handled, narratively speaking it was that what put him in a situation where he almost lost his life so love potions are connected with bad consequences narratively speaking. and his brothers also were responsible for it in a way since they sold the love potion. of course it could have been a happy coincidence and jkr didn't think much of it but like the scene going from "haha look he is love potioned" to "jesus he's fucking dying" feels like intentional "you thought this was funny, what? see what happens if you fuck around with this stuff" moment but i could be reading too much into it

honestly one of the biggest problems i have with love potion stuff is the "rape babies are unable to love" allegory because that is honestly rather shitty thing to do, like imagine people born from rape reading that stuff

No. 191318

File: 1647958541108.gif (1.27 MB, 370x320, 910fcc010c23408454c31e40527344…)

Reminds me of how I always thought it was obvious that JKR found Rickman attractive. Younger Rickman fits her fantasy I guess + she really REALLY wanted him to play Snape from the start, I think he was the only character for which JKR requested a specific actor

No. 191320

Didn't she also asked for Hagrid's actor to play Hagrid specifically? I can only think about these two.

No. 191321

are you really judging her for this? a moid can cast a literal porn star for a role but she just casts two talented actors that she happens to find attractive

No. 191323

Why do you think I'm judging her for this kek, he was an attractive man

No. 191325

No? I was just asking if I was remembering things right with Hagrid's actor. I just barged in the thread because it's a slow day at my office.

No. 191330

Sage for stupidity but my brain is so poisoned by My Immortal that I can't help reading some of the character's names as the way they are written in the fanfic, like Hargrid instead of Hagrid or Slutborn instead of Slughorn.

No. 191334

i remember reading it back when it was still being published kek

No. 191339

kek I really didn't remember that one.

No. 191342

I def can't stop thinking about Cornelius Fuck instead of Fudge kek.
Slutborn was great too, as well as calling Sirius a dogfather.

No. 191345

Absolutely beautiful covers, thank you for sharing. You can tell that the artist is a big HP fan.

No. 191386

>exposing your tard looking son to the entire world.
Poor kid lol.

No. 191387

File: 1647974998376.png (1.87 MB, 1220x1038, 2312312312312.png)

The cover designer of the first book, the Icelandic translation. Modelled Harry Potter after his son as the series was just beginning and nobody knew it would be a big hit series. the books following after the first one has the cover after Mary GrandPré. Is there any other country that has a single different cover?

No. 191400

>honestly one of the biggest problems i have with love potion stuff is the "rape babies are unable to love" allegory because that is honestly rather shitty thing to do, like imagine people born from rape reading that stuff
I see your point but that's also such a wonderful counterpoint to the usual 'what if Jesus was aborted', "I was born from rape and my life is awesome', 'you should learn to love your rapist's innocent bby' narratives that I don't really give a fuck kek.
Though Rowling has been gunning for 'you reap what you sow' anyway, a result of evil (magical rape) cannot be anything but evil itself.

No. 191412

Wait she is published as Joanna instead of JK in Iceland?

No. 191422

File: 1647983289374.jpg (29.88 KB, 564x688, 1.jpg)

Dump of my fav cringy Snape edits that make me kek

No. 191423

File: 1647983310531.jpg (23.22 KB, 563x715, 2.jpg)

No. 191424

File: 1647983345151.jpg (61.43 KB, 564x752, 3.jpg)

No. 191426

File: 1647983369615.jpg (65.73 KB, 564x752, 4.jpg)

No. 191427

File: 1647983394200.jpg (36.61 KB, 564x833, 5.jpg)

No. 191428

File: 1647983414774.jpg (86.2 KB, 564x853, 6.jpg)

No. 191429

File: 1647983454691.jpg (27.26 KB, 498x604, 7.jpg)

No. 191430

I love this thread so much

No. 191431

File: 1647983608564.jpg (65.13 KB, 1024x758, 1563317795878.jpg)

No. 191439

File: 1647986305952.jpg (330.5 KB, 1152x2048, 34543534645ert4e5.jpg)

No, there was a misunderstanding so it got reprinted and then later as more books came to be translated, the first book go reprinted again with the cover from Mary however she didn't get credited but the Icelandic designer did. So it got reprinted yet again for the fourth with the right person credited and they fixed the font and art a bit. How do I know this because of dumb hp fans that are collecting every translated book even though they can only read English

No. 191446

The differences in art style and quality between the international book covers is so funny to me.
>Thailand: intricate art nouveau design full of characters and objects from the book, artfully arranged across the cover
>Iceland: chubby Harry Potter with rosacea goes on a train!!

No. 191449

i actually kinda dig the german covers kek

No. 191453

File: 1647989526797.jpg (176.97 KB, 758x1181, deathly-hallows-french-cover.j…)

and honestly i like the french covers too, especially the deathly hallows cover it looks so melancholic

No. 191463

Kek thank you anon for your service and thank you for reminding me to post this old fandom fujo masterpiece

No. 191464

and you reminded me of this

No. 191467

File: 1647993393845.jpg (219.64 KB, 591x775, kvjvkds.jpg)

did anyone else read snape-a-day by the way? basically it was a mentally ill livejournal of couple of friends who wrote bunch of bizarre stories about snape, made art and posted chatlogs and other weird shit

No. 191468

File: 1647993606624.jpg (2.76 MB, 1149x7093, jshdhds.jpg)

like the stories would often be about snape being a pants shitting retard like this long chatlog that had me in hysterics

No. 191472

>date rape drinks
HP is for children. It's not that deep.

No. 191475

Does anyone else wish JKR would tone it down a bit? I appreciate her not having completely retarded views about gender but sometimes it feels like her trending every week makes things harder for gay and bi people who want to peacefully be proud of their SSA. Not that that's really possible for us these days, but it's a thought.

No. 191478

How does JKR trending makes it harder?

No. 191479

It feels like there's almost an expectation to publicly denounce her or whatever if you're gay or bi, and I don't like that the drama surrounding her has led to so many people saying she's "far right" and by extension thinking it's a right wing view to prefer the same sex.

No. 191480

Oh my god, thank you for slam dunking me back to sixth grade with this

No. 191488

Who cares just stay off twitter Kel

No. 191489

File: 1648001093190.jpg (278.53 KB, 1120x1606, 81FBvVDVkgL.jpg)

Y'all sleeping on the Chinese covers

No. 191491

File: 1648001280420.jpg (133.67 KB, 910x662, 25japanese.jpg)

the japanese covers are amazing

No. 191493

File: 1648002126426.jpeg (134.9 KB, 986x668, 6094lmay75a61.jpeg)

Those are absolutely gorgeous, but I'll always prefer the Swedish covers I grew up with

No. 191495

File: 1648002755401.jpg (679.81 KB, 1200x1709, prisoner-of-azkaban-chinese-co…)

No. 191496

These are fucking metal

No. 191497

This is so cute, I love it so much

No. 191500

File: 1648004679899.jpg (36.04 KB, 300x450, kek.jpg)

Does anyone else itt remember snapesnogger? She was a rather well known artcow on deviantart when HP books were still coming out.

No. 191513

Apparently she really improved her art over the years and stopped being quite as spergy

No. 191523

I loved following her way back. Do you have any pictures of her newer art? Did she make a new account?

No. 191524

File: 1648013352981.jpg (296.42 KB, 900x1273, 1647644865091.jpg)

Apparently her account is owlygem now. I think she's on tumblr?

No. 191536

Very cute, looks like the cover of a fairy tale book.
Amazing, it reminds of 80s heavy metal album covers.

No. 191543

To be fair the Icelandic one was made when hp was new and unknown, and the Thai covers were made by a big fan after the movies came out.

No. 191545

Have you missed that's how the love potions work, pretty much? Except they force infatuation rather than rape on the victim, which is an adequate way of talking about the problem in a book for young(ish) readers. Some children's media have Very Special Episodes on the topic. IDK how many, but the Winx comic is an example. The wiki sucks, so I need to go by the scanned comics one by one, but I can post the link to it if anyone cares.
And anyway, the later books were YA rather than children's books and tackled more serious issues (although in a way that wouldn't be inappropriate if a younger reader read them). It's very common in fiction to show real issues by representing them by magical/unrealistic plot devices (especially if it can soften the blow), and I honestly think it's one of those cases.
I'm curious. Would you also say that Riddle grooming Ginny like a predator on a chatroom is "not that deep", or do you agree with my assessment?

No. 191560

kekkk wtf, absolute humiliation fetish

No. 191582

I would love the link if you don't mind nonny!

Has anyone ever tried a chocolate frog, a place near me sells them and I'm thinking of getting a few and hopefully get diff cards

No. 191583

The best DH cover, imho, though I love the OotP one too.

No. 191585

File: 1648046053025.jpg (121.8 KB, 593x820, gyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.jpg)

they had more lighthearted stories too, sometimes

No. 191588

I was never really into HP, didn't read the books and didn't finish the movies but for some reason I'm still excited about the game. I'm worried it will flop for terf related reasons.

No. 191593

No way it will flop for that reason, whenever you hear about people shit talking terfs you need to keep in mind that they're a very vocal minority. HP is very popular all over the planet with nerds and normies, most people who will buy that game probably don't even know what trannies are and how much they try to ruin everything for everyone.

No. 191608

I have! The frog is nothing special really, it's like a piece of choc that is harder to bite off than usual.
I got a hologram Gilderoy card. Thanks but no thanks.

No. 191613

damn i'd love that gilderoy card for my friend kek.

No. 191627

Harry Potter has never been this big, you go to any kind of store and they'll have goodies, whether it's kitchen wares, makeup or clothing, I've seen kids who were born after the last mainline movie's release reading the books, it's now in the too big to fail category. Even if the game sucks it will still sell like hotcakes.

No. 191633

This is cynical of me, but its literally impossible for any Harry Potter product to flop for any reason. Its just too ingrained in pop culture at this point. Even if jk Rowling murdered someone this shit would still make money. Hell the newer Lego harry potter sets sold on in their first day

No. 191705

>sirius/james (good) and sirius/remus (boring but has canon content) are boring
>lily/remus (two random characters with no interaction paired together) is good

Even Sirius/Regulus (good) has more content than your made up ship.

No. 191706

damn a shame, i'll still probably get it for the novelty, thanks nonny!

Btw did anyone love the food descriptions in the book? I wonder if they were translated exactly or any changes were made for places that like wouldn't have the same food or be unfamiliar with a treacle tart (like me)

No. 191707

do we ever see sirius and regulus interacting

No. 191708

File: 1648078865034.jpg (87.79 KB, 900x832, thinking about pantsing snape.…)

In my dreams anon kek. I do think people can ship what they like though, fortunately we're on here and not tumblr where people think shipping incest makes you a criminal, it just seems really random to pair Remus with Lily. I guess it'd be funny if James got cucked though, he is an asshole. Maybe then he could run back to Sirius' arms for comfort.

No. 191709

i mean a good 75% of Marauders era ships have zero basis in canon, like one of the biggest ships to blow up on TikTok is Jegulus (James/Regulus). people just ship attractive characters together

Based. Speaking of James, do people even like him based on the source material, or do they just like their "uwu playful gentleman prankster" headcanons? there was almost nothing likeable about the actual James we saw in the books

No. 191710

we never see regulus, hes only spoken of by others

No. 191712

not gonna stop me from shipping him tho, since most of the characters that we do get to see behave unattractively imo

No. 191713

i think it makes you a degenerate fujo though tbh

No. 191714

File: 1648079709113.jpg (149.1 KB, 730x1095, qwewq.jpg)

ginny and luna seems one of the more interesting ships if ginny was more developed in general, like this popular sporty jock girl falls to the quirky school weirdo girl

No. 191716

I feel like if I bought or even just pirated the game I’m going to get highkey judged in my circles.

No. 191720

Then lose your circles and stop hanging with tranny lovers

No. 191722

Holyshit,these are so fucking cool. I wish i could book just the covers and use them for my inferior American versions.

No. 191723

i bet your circles are okay with disney and capeshit consooming though

No. 191724

I'm trying to get a movie night together for the Very Potter Musical. That shit still has me rolling after 12 years.

No. 191726

yeah i don't know why but it has all this random stuff that just makes me lose it even if it's not that funny, like here at 9:05 dumbledore running into quirrel/voldemort who goes "'scuse me" and dumbledore saying "excuse me it was my fault" i don't know what is it about that interaction that's so hilarious to me

No. 191727

The reason i love it so much is because it's so stupid and random. I love that you can tell it was just made by a buncha college students that love HP having a good time. I just wish the audio was better, but i'm glad there are subs now. The silly random shit with Draco and Voldemort are the best

No. 191730

I don't even ship it kek I was just trying to come up with ones that don't involve Sirius. Nearly every major ship involves him. He's the fandom whore I guess

No. 191732

File: 1648085718213.jpg (61.04 KB, 640x510, tumblr_33f992f4010817b1b2e29ab…)

We need some dark humor type hp content where a dark wizard tries to start shit but just gets gunned down by a muggle with a shotgun or hit by a bus or something.

No. 191734

i will be there with bells on
part of what makes me like it so much is how specific the reference humor is. you really had be alive at a certain time to enjoy everything avpm has to offer

No. 191737

File: 1648088664221.jpg (106.98 KB, 750x624, tumblr_inline_nqzn11UIkn1sdbk9…)

Bellatrix/Hagrid is the superior ship

No. 191739

i have several questions, firstly, why?

No. 191740

He can fix her with his big strong hands

No. 191741

File: 1648090180711.png (135.34 KB, 378x415, dxh.png)

Sorry anon but I don't think Hagrid should be in a toxic abusive relationship like that. He deserves someone who understands him and isn't manipulative like Dobby.

No. 191743

You reminded me of this cursed media you have brought this on yourself

No. 191745

she gets it!
dobby stretches sir

No. 191825

File: 1648125913722.jpg (73.99 KB, 992x1200, enoby.jpg)

Dobby is so motherfucking ugly I laughed when Harry buried him in the movie. And everyone acting like it is saddest thing ever, Dobby looks like malnourished sewage rat. Just dump him into the bin.

No. 191828

BASED. Dobby is a fucking spastic little bastard and I'm glad he's dead.

No. 191830

Wow people are still making fanart of Enoby, she is truly an icon.

No. 191845

There's literally nothing here (nor was ever before or since) about Harry/Hermione, only her regret regarding Ron/Hermione. This is Harmonian cope.

All Golden Trio pairings suck, get over it.

I wish fujos with their disgusting grooming fetishes would fuck off to their own thread.

Not shipping it, but I really like fics focusing on them as brothers and how they drifted apart.

Kek, same, I had to stifle a laugh during that scene. Especially since it was obvious Harry, I mean Daniel, was awkwardly holding some prop that was later digitally made into Dobby. Also Evanna Lynch's acting was so wooden in that scene, but again, when it wasn't?

No. 191851

I can't stop laughing at this art

>fashionista hagrid with bright yellow statement belt, gay white tank top, shaved armpits, random hat

>matching couples red lipstick
>remembering hagrid is about 8 foot tall meaning dobby is 5-6 foot in this pic
>dobby with boobs

No. 191852

Isn't the elf Winky though?

No. 191853

File: 1648135262194.jpeg (151.54 KB, 1170x353, 6E8018CB-8AD4-48C9-B0B7-1B0CE0…)

This is from the same interview. Maybe you should cope harder.

No. 191869

>my waifu
High quality My Immortal fanarts never stop being the best shit ever. Btw Ebony would totally be a terf because she says "kind of like an erection only I’m a girl so I didn’t get one you sicko".

No. 191882

Everyone was a terf in 2006. The troon madness hadn't escalated back then. Can we please remove these gender queer and trans trends and replace them with goths?

No. 191887

Reminder that HP 3-6 will be shown during the LC movie night tomorrow!

No. 192148

File: 1648229779238.jpeg (987.35 KB, 787x2113, hpterf2.jpeg)

More Harry Potterf

No. 192149

File: 1648229825509.png (139.6 KB, 868x409, hpterf3.png)

No. 192153

Good lord my sides. Thank you for this

No. 192159

does anyone have the harry potterf about theres a man in the girls bathroom. and the sorting hat going "MALE!"

No. 192171

I really want to read these!

No. 192175

File: 1648237895899.jpg (218.6 KB, 700x1048, potterf.jpg)

sorry, only have this one

No. 192179


No. 192180

File: 1648239039745.png (1020.88 KB, 1035x945, 1625867050513.png)

No. 192181

No way the intelligent Hermione was a troon, this one seems more in character >>192149

No. 192182

This is hilarious

No. 192184

You're right but Hagrid wanking to ladyboys made me laugh anyway

No. 192224

I'm actually not sure why James has a lot of fans but I guess most of them are James/Lily shippers (awful pairing) who got into it through fanfic and enjoy whatever personality he has in those fics. Do characters have to be likeable for people to be interested in them though? Sirius is a bully but I still like him because he's tragic (kek) and funny and I ship him and James together because he was obsessed with him. Also kek at James and Regulus being "attractive characters" but in a fandom where even Snape is seen as a hottie I guess anyone can be (except Wormtail but fuck him). I wish more people wrote Sirius and James as genuinely awful people because that's part of what makes it fun.

No. 192262

James/Lily fr is such an awful pairing. And I think the way that fics try to edit James's character to be palatable is actually counterproductive - you know those weirdo writers who try to reframe James's bullying as him being a well-intentioned ~gentleman~ who was only trying to fight bigotry and misogyny inside the walls of Hogwarts, lmao. James was literally an arrogant, trust-fund frat bro, it's cringe to pretend that he'd be concerned with modern notions of "allyship" or other bs

Honestly I like Sirius too and I'm way more willing to forgive him for being an occasional dick than I am with James. Sirius was an actual character we got to see interacting with the main cast and expressing his personality, whereas James was literally just a plot device to (1) give the protagonist a dead dad and (2) provide Snape's tragic backstory. James had next to no presence throughout the story and almost zero importance to the overarching plot, I just can't see why people find that interesting. It's also obvious that people who love James only like him because of his woobified "personality" in fanfictions instead of what he truly was

No. 192267

sonofabitch i had that one saved on my old phone. its probably back in the mtf archived threads but itd take forever to comb them

No. 192279

This one is the best imo
PLEASE someone find it, I'll try too. I remember a few of them being posted in the shitposting threads too.

No. 192280

File: 1648269680998.jpeg (194.49 KB, 690x899, 573F3EC9-59A7-4E15-A025-5D8932…)

one more to go

No. 192289

Looking back on the treatment of Lavender in the movies, I don’t think she deserved to end like that lol. Like not only did Rowling kill her, but she fell off a balcony and got mauled by the werewolf. What was even her crime, being cringe and way too much into Ron? He basically just used her to get off and make Hermione jealous and it was never shown that he regretted how he treated her.

No. 192290

I don't think it was exactly punishment, imo it was just a way to show how even the most random of people and people you'd never expect can be unfortunately killed in a brutal war. I mean there wasn't really a reason to kill off Lupin and Fred either, they just happened to be victims too (I am still soooo pissed that Lupin died, I will never forgive JRK for that lol)

No. 192291

I hate the trope of girl has a crush on guy and he uses her and treats her like shit but she’s the one you’re suppressed hate because she’s kind of annoying, it’s really infuriating to be honest.

No. 192301

I hated how she was portrayed in the movie, they made some kind of retard who deserves everything that's coming to her even though she was just a teenager.

No. 192310

File: 1648285095426.jpg (426.26 KB, 1500x2249, lavender-brown.jpg)

I didn’t see that much of a diff in-between her movie self and book self. I honestly didn’t mind Lavender’s portrayal, it was a bit one-dimensional and unnuanced but it’s deemed to happen considering JKR biggest writing flaw imo is her lack of subtility. She falls in the early 2000’s “school stacy” girly-girl character trope, they usually exist to be a dumb bully to the NLOG girl (Hermione). She started this way in the books but turned into her own thing and ended up just becoming the stereotypical cringy girly teen who loves new-age shit like Divination, gossips, cackles loudly and is generally annoying but has a good heart. In the muggle world, Lavender would be a military spouse and an MLM woman kek

No. 192311

File: 1648286996666.jpg (274.83 KB, 565x838, Screenshot_20220326-092542.jpg)

I'm still pissed that J.K. went out of her way to state that my bitch Pansy Parkinson died alone and miserable, seemingly only because she was in Slytherin house and made fun of her NLOG self-insert Hermione.

No. 192312

File: 1648287562274.jpg (119.91 KB, 736x1104, c94636a97b7b9fa1134be71fd029cb…)

I get that Pansy isn't supposed to be pretty but I would have loved it if they had kept Genevieve Gaunt for her role.

No. 192313

Pansy in the book is described as pug-faced, but that's only from the perspective of Hermione, a character who already dislikes her.

Also, couldn't it be considered a little 'problematique' that they cast a mixed race girl to play her in the later movies, because the white girl they originally got was too pretty? I'm sure the Twitter brigade would be all over that as proof that J.K. Rowling was a actually always a massive racist… You know, if they actually cared about any of this shit.

No. 192314

I hate this shit, why can't women never be happy spinsters? Did Luna even marry someone like all the other girls? I totally see her joining an all female separatist colony.

No. 192315

Evanna Lynch seems nice. A bit libfemmy, but I don't think she has openly denounced J.K. the way that Emma Watson and the other Potter kids have.

She does have a Michael Jackson tattoo and still insists man did nothing wrong, though.

No. 192317

She seems to be really connected with the HP fandom, same as Felton.
>She does have a Michael Jackson tattoo and still insists man did nothing wrong, though
That's disappointing kek

No. 192318

she did, but she had kids wayyy after the others, which is why you usually don't see her twins in any of the next gen fics.

No. 192353

>Genevieve Gaunt
Such a harry potter name

she became a magizoologist, went to south america for research and married newt scamander’s grandson. She married and had kids much later than the others.

No. 192356

>married newt scamander's grandson
That's kind of cool tbh good for her

No. 192462

>reframe James's bullying as him being a well-intentioned ~gentleman~

Is this a new thing? I'm lucky and haven't ever read J/L fic because I don't read Remus/Sirius either but in a series authored by an unwoke witch James seems like one of the most unwoke characters of all. The best thing people can do with him is make him gay/bi and develop him from there like back in the days of livejournal when there were hundreds of Remus/Sirius/James threesome fics. Because we know so little about him and Regulus people can basically make them canon OCs. Also the way JKR made James and Lily basically perfect soulmates (but also making Lily perfect in general) was extremely weird. A lot of the stuff she wrote seems so corny.

No. 192491

File: 1648352437086.jpg (268.37 KB, 1279x1434, south asian james.jpg)


yes unfortunately it's commonplace esp. in places like tiktok - people excuse James by saying things like "he wasn't a bully, he only went after Snape cuz Snape was a mean white supremacist nazi who deserved it!!!" A sizeable portion of the tumblr marauders fanbase also headcanons James Potter as being a brown-skinned South Asian guy, just to drill home the "progressive icon James" thing further. Like c'mon, the actual, canon James was a wealthy, straight English guy from the 70's, he definitely wouldn't have met 2022 standards of progressivism lol

>haven't ever read J/L fic because I don't read Remus/Sirius either

Oh, that probably explains it; literally the most popular Wolfstar fic on AO3 (All The Young Dudes) is a great example of how James woobifying gets amped up to 11 by fanfic writers. In ATYD, all of the students James bullies are portrayed as having been bigoted in some way so that readers will believe they ostensibly deserved it. Like the author unironically wrote Snape and all of the Slytherins to be homophobic/transphobic just to make them even less sympathetic than they already are (and ofc James is the perfect ally of BIPOC and trans rights in the story).

Somehow I doubt that the actual canon Snape, as horrible as he was, had any strong opinion on trans/gay ppl. Anyhow, most J/L and wolfstar fics written within the past ~3 years tend to follow along these lines where everything reads like it was written by terminally online preteens, it's vomit-inducing

No. 192494

>Like the author unironically wrote Snape and all of the Slytherins to be homophobic/transphobic just to make them even less sympathetic than they already are
This is so retarded I almost want to laugh. I remember hearing so much about that fic and from the fans I just knew it was absolute shit. Like sure James, the in universe version of a peaked in high school rich frat boy, is totally not a raging homophobe and transphobe, but rather a super mega woke sjw, ignore the fact it’s like the 70s or whatever

No. 192495

>headcanons James Potter as being a brown-skinned South Asian guy
I cannot fucking STAND this headcanon (for Harry more than James). I just have zero attraction to Indian men so as soon as a fic describes Harry as one I get turned off by both him and the story, because it's such a fucking annoying SJW thing to do that I want to drop it immediately.

If you wanna write about a specific race, read a fucking book about them and participate in that fandom instead. If you're not willing to do that, then clearly you're more interested in the brownie points a big fandom will give you than representation or diversity.

No. 192525

This shit is hilarious. Being a psychotic bully is okay if you're brown I guess

No. 192555

>the most popular Wolfstar fic on AO3 (All The Young Dudes)
i think i read an article about this fic once and it made me discover this entire subset of fans that claims that jkr didn't invent the marauders, that she portrays them OOCly and whatever addition she could make to the canon to expand on the marauders would be wrong and unacceptable, because jkr doesn't "get" the marauders like the fans do. this woman invented everything they love and they act like this, it's infuriating as hell.

No. 192572

changing someone's race is the most tumblr shit ever, but it's gotten worse with twttards and tiktok

No. 192656

File: 1648419803909.png (10.98 KB, 755x102, liven you up.png)


No. 192951

File: 1648506547697.jpg (159.71 KB, 900x1271, accidentally.jpg)


>snape james lily

>sirius remus regulus
>harry ron hermione
>ginny luna neville
>tom riddle bellatrix draco and lucius malfoy together
>hagrid dobby wormtail
>umbridge slughorn flitwick

No. 192989

Kill James, fuck Snape, marry Hagrid

No. 193007

File: 1648526104534.jpg (48.22 KB, 686x686, EjqLuDBWAAIZU1M.jpg)

hate you for making me do this
>fuck lily, marry snape, kill james
>fuck sirius(could be fun), kill remus, marry regulus
>fuck harry(I have a thing for buff manlets), kill hermione, marry ron(he seems nice)
>fuck luna, kill ginny, marry neville
>fuck tom riddle(duh), kill bellatrix, marry lucius
>fuck wormtail(at least he's human), kill hagrid(I think he would accidently kill me one way or the other, if we were together), marry dobby(he wouldn't be an actual husband though and I'd use him as a domestic servant)
<fuck flitwick(again would be interesting), kill umbridge, marry slughorn(he's old and would be dead with in a couple years)

No. 193010

i hate this but
>marry snape, kill james, fuck lily
>marry sirius, kill remus, fuck regulus
>kill harry, fuck ron, marry hermione
>fuck ginny, marry luna, kill neville
>fuck and marry bellatrix, tom and lucius idc if it’s against the rules
>fuck hagrid, kill dobby and wormtail or myself (DO NOT want to go there)
>marry umbridge (we are both evil women we’d be a power couple) fuck slughorn and kill flitwick

No. 193045

>fuck snape, marry lily, kill james
>fuck remus, marry sirius, kill regulus
>fuck harry, kill ron, marry hermione (ron is actually one of my favorite characters but he would be unbearable in a relationship kek)
>fuck neville, marry luna (the dream), kill ginny
>marry bellatrix, kill tom, fuck lucius / draco
>marry hagrid (also the dream), kill dobby, fuck wormtail
>i kind of want to marry all of them but for different reasons gdi but kill slughorn, marry flitwick, fuck umbridge
>we are both evil women we'd be a power couple

No. 193111

in the books Harry actually was disgusted by his father's behavior, it took him some while to get over what he saw in Snape's memories. I think that moment was meant to represent that he was beyond his parent's ideals and specifically his father

No. 193113

Yes, and it was also to show that his parents and especially his dad weren't saints, and he idealized them his entire life because of their death, this was a brutal reminder they too were human.

No. 193116

File: 1648567641471.png (126.95 KB, 598x988, Screenshot.png)

decided to look up James being a bully discourse and wow I did not expect these results, WTF is this shit

No. 193121

stan twitter and fanfiction has rotted these people's brains jfc

No. 193122

this is not too different from the "step on me mommy" meme or kpop stans defending female bullies

No. 193140

Who the fuck is a fan of James Potter??? He is such a non character, just a plot device for Harry. The actor isn't even hot, just a nerdy looking guy.

No. 193143

>Who the fuck is a fan of James Potter??? He is such a non character, just a plot device for Harry. The actor isn't even hot, just a nerdy looking guy.
that's what I was wondering as well, he appears for like all of what 5 pages and has little if any characterization other then being a jock bully

No. 193156

File: 1648576783354.png (289.99 KB, 448x336, Anj02.png)

>fuck snape, marry james (he's rich), kill lily
>fuck remus, marry sirius (he's rich), kill regulus
>fuck hermione, marry harry (he's rich), kill ron
>fuck ginny, marry luna, kill neville
>fuck tom riddle, marry lucius/draco (they're rich), kill bellatrix
>kill them all
>fuck flitwick, marry slughorn (he's rich), kill umbridge

it's just too bad that all my rich husbands (but not my wife luna) will die early and under very mysterious circumstances.

No. 193157

File: 1648576905543.png (2.06 MB, 1280x1572, Screenshot.png)

for those unaware these posts have less to do with James depiction in the series and are coming from the marauders fandom, the whole fandom is honestly fascinating cause in the books the marauders barely appear and more of a literary plot convenience more then anything, but still a fandom grew around them specifically cause we get so little information about them
They basically are a sub-fandom of HP, who have their own mostly established headcanons while also falling into archetypical tropes that are always gonna be popular
>James - rich kid jock
>Sirius- troubled aggressive bad boy who has family issues
>Lupin - reserved emo who has a secret dark side
>Peter - buttmonkey comic relief

also the "aesthetic", the infamous dark academia features super prominently in marauders fanfic and fanart

I guess you all should see for yourself what their like

No. 193214

>I guess you should all see for yourself what the marauders fandom is like

so, fucking cancer. got it.

No. 193225

File: 1648594172421.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.69 KB, 500x346, m-mister black.jpg)

Don't forget that the marauder's era is like a fujo's paradise. The only one who doesn't get shipped is Peter. Remus/Sirius was always the most popular pairing but there's every combination you can think of out there including threesomes and foursomes (Remus/Sirius/James/Regulus).

No. 193276

the fujoism is a big aspect but there are plenty of f/f and even some m/f ships present, not as popular as the m/m ships but still a influence in the fandom

No. 193301

Re-reading the books for the first time since childhood. I hate the parts with the Dursleys, it takes me a while to slog through it. I can only get into the book once he leaves.

No. 193306

I like that they bully Harry.

No. 193308

don't forget the physical archetypes they fall into
>James: buff jock
>Sirius: pale dark haired boy
>Lupis: shy, meek and skinny
>Peter: chubby(has the same appeal as cartman-fags) usually only ever used for disgusting fetishes

No. 193324

Be honest with me anons, which character were you reading self insert fanfiction about as a child & which would you read now if you had less shame?
As a teen I wanted Fred & George to be my boyfriends (two for the price of one) and as an adult I would be writing Sybill Trelawney smut if I thought I could still live with myself after.

No. 193325

don't make fun of me but Ron I found him cute alright and loved the funny faces he'd make

No. 193326

File: 1648635382893.jpg (77.43 KB, 634x420, 55963523-10664863-image-a-13_1…)


No. 193331

As a kid, Draco of course. Tom Felton probably had a lot to do with that. It’s a shame he hit the wall so fucking hard. As an adult, Lucius.

No. 193421

I’ve seen some older tumblr posts about how HP has a lot of extremely classist themes. Some pointing to the Weasleys fitting the “happy but poor with a lot of children” trope. Some pointing out that it was selfish that Harry never helped his poor friend Ron financially when Harry himself has a huge amount of wealth and never cared about it. I also vaguely remember a lot of mention of how the wizarding world reflected a lot of class rhetoric in the UK but in a negative and unprogressive way. What do you guys make of this? Do you think the HP series has a class rhetoric problem? It’s hard for me to agree seeing as JKR herself was a poorfag but what are your takes?

No. 193440

They might have a point, but I wouldn't be surprised if most of those posts were written by Americans mostly pissed off about the gender thing. The books aren't perfect but the first one came out 25 years ago now and it doesn't make much sense to me to hold them to the same standards as books for adults or current day media?

No. 193443

i never read self insert bc i was a snob even as a kid but i projected hard onto mcgonagall. roleplayed as her and all
as an adult i'm a lesbian with a thing for older women so y'know, still McG

also write your smut anon. believe in yourself

No. 193444

Didn't Harry always offer to help the Weasleys but they always rejected it when it couldn't be thought of as not really charity because they didn't want him to feel taken advantage of or take charity from a young kid. In the second book Harry is given free textbooks by Lockhart for taking a photo and he gives them to the Weasleys since he can afford them easy himself but they can't.

No. 193451

Harry was like a son to the Weasleys, he was never a cash cow for them. Also, who would take money from a 12 y/o orphan? I do remember when Harry won the triwizard cup he wanted to give his prize money to Molly and she refused.

No. 193457

It always seemed to me that Molly was always trying to demonstrate how a family treats each other, how caring for someone really works, in the hopes that 1) Harry would recognize what was happening with the dursleys wasn’t normal and that the fault was with them, not him 2) that caring about someone isn’t transactional and their value in your life isn’t linked to the money they make or money they give you 3) in order to set up his understanding of future relationships, that if someone appears in his life and gets close to him then suddenly starts asking for money that, that is not normal.

No. 193469

>i like bisexual men so fuck james (sorry nonas), marry hot pickme lily, kill snape to complete his tragic arc
>fuck remus, marry regulus (rich and definitely a virgin), kill sirius to complete his tragic arc and force james to watch
>fuck ron because i was into rupert grint as a small child, marry hermione, kill harry for the drama
>fuck neville, marry luna and kill ginny
>fuck bellatrix, marry the malfoys, kill tom riddle
>kill myself but also kill wormtail
>fuck slughorn(y), marry flitwick, kill umbridge

No. 193484

Imo, Molly denied help from Harry multiple times because she didnt wanted Harry to feel like a cashcow and that everyone always would have second interests with him (You know, like what retarded HP fanfiction writers paint Molly like on their fics anyways, but at least is not canon) You cannot win with those people. They just hate the Weasleys.

No. 193486

> kill snape, fuck james (hate him but at least he probably showers), marry lily
>kill remus, fuck sirius, marry regulus
>kill ron, fuck harry, marry hermione
>kill neville, fuck ginny, marry luna
>kill tom, fuck bella, marry the malfoys (preferably lucius)
>kill kill kill
>kill umbridge, fuck flitwick, marry slughorn for his $ then kill him

i think snape is a more interesting character than james but he's also fucking gross

No. 193489

Snape was secretly kind of sexy even in canon. Even James and Sirius seemed to want to bang him.

No. 193512

TBH i never really understood what Rowling intended with Snape's whole persona. There's this massive contrast between how his appearance and his dialogue are presented.

In every book, Snape is described as being physically hideous - he has crooked teeth, greasy hair, and a bony physique. The narration constantly reinforces how "ugly" he is! At the same time though, Rowling always describes his voice as being "silky", "smooth", "velvety"… which are usually ways people describe the voices of attractive male characters.

Like, do you think Rowling intended readers to find Snape attractive??? Does SHE find Snape attractive? Why'd she keep emphasizing how gross he looks if she gave him this whole romantic backstory and writes his dialogue in a vaguely seductive way?

No. 193513

simple, she's into ugly looking dudes, see >>191017

No. 193514

File: 1648702683525.gif (334.3 KB, 500x500, xc.gif)

I want to know what idiot started the SJW-headcanon that Harry (and subsequently James's side) is Indian. I don't really care about skintone, Harry's skin can be blue but I hate how those pandering fanfics authors are so smug with how much they shove it in their fics. "Ooooh, Harry's THICK, nothing-less-than-mahogany chicken-tikka-masala-scented skin glistened in the sun" FUCK OFF.

It's like they take ethnicities and put them on characters like socks because they think it'll make their basic-ass jeans and t-shirt combo quirky and special. I actually respect authors that give fewer physical descriptions of their characters because it's easier for a reader to immerse and imagine their own version. The hoops these people jump through to try to be the most 'progressive inclusive race godmother,' I s2G.

These hot takes on Harry bother me much more than stuff about Hermione per se because how is the Potter family supposed to be an ancient wizarding family if apparently they're pretty ethnically Indian? And have remained so over hundreds of years in lily-white British Isles? Bye.

No. 193522

i think the descriptions are so unflattering because they're filtered through harry's perspective.
harry's PoV really focuses on physical defects of people he doesn't like (malfoy's pointed chin etc) but it's biased
so maybe to other people, snape isn't as gross as harry sees him

No. 193540

we also have to remember that it's a children's book and in children's books evilness often equals ugliness. see umbridge's unflattering descriptions or Rita's man hands. of course other characters are ascribed with unflattering traits as well (hagrid isn't exactly the next bachelor, i think even Dumbledore's nose is described as uneven/broken, Ron is described as tall, skinny and with a long nose …) but these traits are balanced out by the actions of the characters. it's always like "Malfoy, who is ugly btw, kicked a puppy" vs "hagrid, who is MASSIVE, offered harry a cookie" vs "snape aka greasy mcbutterhairs made fun of the kicked puppy."

No. 193548

Kek, so they bascially just turn Harry Potter into The Secret History?

No. 193554

File: 1648713899062.jpg (80.32 KB, 1200x782, 70a7d564451a13f03fc0d7adaa5e00…)

more or less, magic and battles are so little of a thing in these interpretations sometimes you forget its supposed to set in HP Universe, like they turned this magical world into some generic dark academia setting

No. 193558

to be fair, it's not impossible that someone could look ugly, especially if that person doesn't really take care of himself/herself, but have a really nice sounding voice.

No. 193566

File: 1648715669791.jpg (92.76 KB, 1920x1219, Mads-Mikkelsen-Fantastic-beast…)

Absolutely forgot that Mads was playing Dumbledore in the new Fantastic Beasts movie until youtube forced me to watch a trailer. I might go see it just for him. The first two movies were a huge disappointment; the cgi looked dated and Eddie Redmayne's performance was worthy of a tiktok kid faking autism. I only rewatch them for the pretty costumes

No. 193568

It looks like one of those fanfiction-turned-book that yaoi Aidens vanity publish like the South Park one from last year.

No. 193574

File: 1648717447456.png (527.96 KB, 1000x1527, 7a8b7fd3a2bda153b9efc0e730664a…)

for some reason i always get raven boys vibes from the fanon marauders. maybe the author of the raven cycle got inspired by one too many marauders pinterest boards kek.

No. 193579

Nah he's playing the bad guy because Depp got dropped

No. 193584

Yes my bad, I meant Grindelwald*

No. 193586

File: 1648718876853.jpg (328.89 KB, 1333x2000, depp-2000.jpg)

he looks better than what they made depp look like in the first and second film.

No. 193600

Yeah he looks great, more role appropriate than Depp and I'm glad they are not trying to pretend it's the same actor with weird makeup. Why do you think they toned down his looks, was Depp the one who got the original idea? I give zero fucks about the Fantastic Beasts movies but I kinda want to watch it just for Mads playing the bad guy.

No. 193604

lmao he looks like jake from the altcow thread

No. 193607

iirc, grindelwald suffered a lot when he and dumbledore fought, the reason i really don't know for sure but i guess dumbledore's sister suffered from his action combined with his ideals in exterminating muggles entirely.

I don't know if his physical appearances have changed after that but he was known to be handsome and charismatic which depp's interpretation wasn't.

No. 193618

last night i had a sex dream involving jk rowling. honestly it wasn’t that bad

No. 193619

>he was known to be handsome and charismatic which depp's interpretation wasn't
Depp played his usual whimsical Tim Burton character shtick, I feel they are doing a 180° with Mads, which is unusual when recasting actors afaik. I know his attractiveness is highly debated but you can't deny he is naturally charismatic and has an air of mystic that's perfect to play an evil wizard, also he is aging much better than Depp.

No. 193623

the quality of the second movie dip so depp's acting wasn't the worst in there. But he was comical.

yes, i was glad mads replaced him.

No. 193626

File: 1648726430127.png (283.56 KB, 631x635, Marua.png)

okay I have no desire to be part of this, but I'm curious how does this fandom portray Peter, I mean he's gonna betray them in the end and has always been portrayed as fugly looking, how does he fit into their little fantasy

No. 193632

they completely ignore his existence and/or use him as comic relief, sometimes they make him “hot” to fit in with the other three but rarely

No. 193633

I think young Johnny Depp would have made a great Newt Scamander. I honestly didn’t like his burton take, it looked really of place imo. The edgy hair would have been fine on its own but combined with the marilyn manson contact lenses, it’s an overkill. They kept the contacts for Mads but it’s more subtle. Also, I’ve always imagined Grindelwald as this Johann Liebert looking guy, Jamie Campbell looked the part and so does Mikkelsen.

No. 193644

agreed on every point nonnie

also you nonas are so funny “every male was obv gay and I’m totally unbiased”

no you’re not you’re a fujo

Also Harry/Luna for life. Book only.(newfag)

No. 193646

No. 193723

I actually think if people had any honesty they'd be celebrating the series for being really specifically anti-classist. The Weasleys aren't some jolly little poor but happy clan, their poverty weighs on them in really overt ways throughout the whole series. There's a moment that really stayed w/ me in particular, think it was in GoF, where Ron just suddenly explodes about how much he hates being poor and having hand-me-down crap and feeling embarrassed when he can't afford things his friends can. It was the most honest expression of that anger I'd ever encountered when I first read it as a kid, and it's STILL one of the most open portrayals of that I've ever seen in anything aimed at kids. Tbh I think the Weasleys are some of the only not-bullshitty poor characters in YA fiction, and you can absolutely tell it's b/c JKR has been poor. The constant grind of it is so present – like in OotP, when Ron dares to ask for a broom for getting prefect, and he hedges it with "but it doesn't have to be a really nice one!!!" and there's a description of Molly's face falling and then her hauling it back up…they love each other, and yeah, that means they can be happy, but the anxiety is always there.

There are a million other ways I think the series really specifically addresses class that, if JKR were fandom's darling, everyone would be celebrating as genuinely huge: The fact that Snape and Lily are so specifically from a shit industrial town and end up being two of the biggest heroes, the ways the Dursleys are portrayed as being awful through denigrating striking workers and people who don't drive the right cars and shit and being like "obviously James was a worthless unemployed drunk," etc. But above all, the entire goddamn series can be boiled down to "our hero has to defeat the bigot-y assholes who have lots and lots of money and power." Like she did not accidentally make the bad guys the upper class twits who have mansions, box seats with the minister, gobs of treasure, and a big fat hand in the way the wizarding world is run. The books could literally not be more clear that the Malfoys/Lestranges/etc's power is tied to their ideals and wealth and the centuries they've had all these ideals and wealth, and that it all basically allows them to run the government and press. It takes a huge, huge commitment to hating JKR to ignore this. It's not subtle.

No. 193728

fuck i remember that gof scene, i think it was because they got fools gold at the quidditch cup and Harry buys them those omnioculars which are very expensive and which ron pays him back for with the fools gold. he later learns that the gold disappears and gets mad because harry never said anything about the money being gone, to which harry replied that he just completely forgot about the money. which made ron even angrier because he, as a poor person, can't just "forget" about money. it's a really great scene and it really made me feel for ron.

No. 193737

It's not even subtle, the bad guys are rich aristocrats and assholes from very old and important families, and whether a character was rich or poor or mistreated while growing up is usually well-written, so the people saying that HP as a franchise is classist are stupid. It's like saying that since Sherlock Holmes stories are mostly about murder mysteries then that means Arthur Conan Doyle thinks murder is good and fun.

No. 193741

What a massive improvement over Depp, I didn't even know until I saw the trailer the other day.

I have to admit… I'm sad both Jude Law and Mads are past their prime lookswise. They would've been a genuinely hot pair a few decades ago and I would have shipped it.

No. 193749

here's the thing though; faux-progressivism and tumblr brain rot have become so widespread that all of the messages about class inequality fly over people's heads. There are people who even insist that JKR wasn't progressive ENOUGH because she writes about poor people who also happened to be white.

>The fact that Snape and Lily are so specifically from a shit industrial town and end up being two of the biggest heroes

regarding this part - some parts of the fandom turned on Snape so fast that the tiktok fanbase doesn't even consider him to be a "hero" at all. Like "oh well he was a bigoted wizard Nahtzee so he deserved to be poor and shit!!!" And JKR specifically wanted to address things such as child neglect and abusive parents in his narrative, but of course idiotic tiktok fans will handwave those themes away by saying rubbish like "well, Harry was abused too and he didn't end up being a dick like Snape"

In other words, people just ignore how the books covered many progressive themes just because they applied to characters they didn't like. It's easier for them to pretend that JKR was an "incel sympathizer" or some shit rather than acknowledge how she explored social problems in her work

No. 193751

Yes, that was it! Ugh, it's a really good scene. I remember really loving that it doesn't have the kind of endpoint I'd come to expect – like, the gold doesn't come back, and Ron doesn't immediately learn a lesson about how he has love, which is What Really Matters. It's just shitty and uncomfortable, which is very real.

No. 193755

Yeah. What drives me nuts about the Snape discussion especially is like…..people are constantly criticizing JKR for stuff THEY brought into the conversation. She/the books never say that being poor cancels out the shitty things he does, or that the shitty things he does cancel out the heroism, or that he's Actually Hot or Actually Ugly or that what he did to Lily is justified or unjustified. Harry comes to feel he's a hero, but I've always felt that this is very much his character's choice. I just looked up an interview she had on the Today show years ago, and she's actually more forthright about it than I remembered: "Is he a hero? You see, I don't see him really as a hero. He's spiteful, he's a bully – all of these things are still true of Snape, even at the end of this book."

She literally just presents a very believable character arc that's pretty representative of what war and hardship does to some people. I absolutely buy that he'd latch onto the Death Eaters, and that the fact that this is understandable doesn't mean it's okay. And then I completely buy that he'd dedicate his life to undoing what he did, but that he'd still be petty and awful to a fucking kid. The truth is that she created a really complex character, and people can't deal with it, and also everyone always needs to assume female creators either unthinkingly stumble onto whatever successes they have, or their work MUST be dumber than people think it is. Even before the terf thing, this was always present in the fandom.

The way people are scraping to shit on the series for anything is ridiculous. What gets me especially is like….there are plenty of examples of ACTUAL children's literature that ACTUALLY, actively, promotes shitty stuff. Not like, "this book was written by a clearly left-wing white woman in the '90s" stuff, which is mostly just "eh, there could've been some more brown kids around." ACTIVELY BAD stuff. Roald Dahl literally verbatim declared himself an anti-semite and wrote an entire short story collection about rape by deception, and The Witches is about big-nosed foreigners with no homeland who eat blue-eyed children who also happen to be unmarried women who LIEEEEE to men with makeup and wigs. When shit is bad, it's not subtle. But my local independent bookstore is only considering adding "FYI THIS PERSON IS A BIGOT" shelf talkers to one of those authors' books, and it isn't Dahl. It's the woman who made one of her most prominent characters gay at a time when NO ONE was doing that.

No. 193757

File: 1648767478291.png (929.99 KB, 1171x663, 6.png)

rank picrel from gayest to least gay

No. 193765

File: 1648770009898.jpeg (243.23 KB, 1242x702, 770D3E97-A18B-4480-84DD-777F24…)

No. 193773

i hate how people think that harry not offering his wealth to the weasleys at like 12 years old is a shitty character choice and indicative of rowling’s bad politics or whatever. no adult in their right mind would accept charity from a random kid and furthermore i don’t think any kid would have the idea to give their wealth to adults because kids don’t really understand money like that. it just wouldn’t have made sense for harry to do that and would have infringed upon the weasley’s pride if they did accept money from him.

personally i do think that harry having that massive inheritance from his parents wasn’t a good storytelling decision. i think rowling wanted harry to have his cinderella moment in the first book but didn’t fully think through how it would affect the rest of the narrative. it would have been much more interesting for example, if harry had the inheritance but due to some law he couldn’t access it until he was 18. then it would be like at the end of the war and the battle with voldemort he suddenly has access to his inheritance but it’s kind of bittersweet because of all he lost along the way. but these are just my thoughts

No. 193775

File: 1648772459423.png (270.31 KB, 602x717, tumblr_61efe5cb2419fd1fedc07c0…)

I know I'm beating a dead horse here but I wish they would get more handsome or sexy moids to play in the movies

No. 193778

Little Snape looks so cute

No. 193781

I let Regulus and Lucius tag team me ngl, btw does anyone know a way to see and play around on Jo's old website? I loved it so much and how interactive it was, when it got updated I was so bummed at not being able to click around and see all these cool tidbits

No. 193783

>sirius (definitely allergic to vagina and might hate women. obsessed with james, wants to hatefuck snape)
>peter (obsessed with james)
>james (obsessed with sirius, wants to hatefuck snape and also sexually assaulted him)
>severus (arguably a sex symbol, also getting pantsed by two other boys is gay)
>lucius (there's just no way this man is straight)
>regulus (might be homophobic? i think sirius got all the gay genes. blackcest is based though)
>remus (doesn't seem that gay compared to his friends)
>lily (no1curr)

No. 193791

>sex symbol

lul what??? isn't he a greasy, emo old man

No. 193792

File: 1648783879186.jpg (27.02 KB, 451x680, straight outta closet.jpg)


No. 193794

he’s a sex symbol because he’s an emo greasy old man

No. 193860

File: 1648821990739.jpg (64.49 KB, 800x1131, Snape-sexy-severus-snape-26333…)

you have answered yourself dumbass

No. 193872

Snape def hooked up with Quirrel in the first book to get information out of him and he is in a casual relationship with his rich blonde male-wife Lucius. Anyways, marauders era Snape is a bottom but golden trio era Snape is a top

No. 193876

God I hate when people draw HP characters like they're in an anime.

No. 193878

snape is def a greasy emo but he's in his 30s in the books. plus he attracts the "uwu he's a sombre byronic sadboi but i can fix him" demographic

No. 193886

Same, especially that mid aughts style, it looks very dated. I hate the thread pic do much for this reason and because I give zero fucks about the Marauders.

No. 193904

Reading this felt like I transported to twitter for a moment.

No. 193910

unironically made me horny, wtf. Fuck you nonna

No. 193922

i like some gay stuff too every now and then but the fujos itt are really starting to get annoying.

No. 193930

as a kid from a poor family that stuff really resonated with me especially since i had never read or seen anything like it before. it felt real and familiar compared to other poor people in fiction

No. 193938

I don't get reading a children's book and then starting to fantasize about the straight male characters fucking each other. Weird.

No. 193940

i loved the old site too and how you got to know the name of the newest book by playing some little game or something

No. 194016

literally nobody on this website is making healthy, normal choices though

No. 194023

Its similar to how mcu tards will read shitty comics made for little boys and ship the male characters (who are all straight) together. Also cope seethe cry harder

No. 194038

If you were choosing the thread pic what would it be?

No. 194052

you’re welcome to post straight stuff. no one is stopping you

No. 194057

File: 1648854820743.jpg (81.3 KB, 500x452, tumblr_msq5nzJ0Hd1qf4l9ao1_500…)

or how about just post the most superior stuff

No. 194058

File: 1648855081394.png (760.71 KB, 1050x761, kuhghghg.png)

No. 194060

Why did the artist put their eyes on their foreheads?

No. 194061

Is this Luna and… Pansy? I can't tell.
Also the Luna looks like young Sybil Trelawny

No. 194063

File: 1648857348240.jpg (93.08 KB, 432x432, amazing.jpg)

Do any other oldfags miss the insanity that was noughties HP fandom?

No. 194083

it's young minerva ánd trelawny

No. 194087

i don't care about straight ships in hp, but i do wish the coombrainery was toned down a little and we could focus on the source material and less on sirius and james rubbing their fat hot throbbing cocks together or something.

No. 194089

This picture alone makes me glad I never experienced it.

No. 194090

Damn remus you couldn't have read that book a little earlier? You gotta be looking in that now Also I never thought about it but mpreg could probably work in the hp universe, they could magic the baby out or sumthin…

No. 194093

i do. the drama was fucking insane, absolute top quality milk

No. 194102

off yourself

No. 194103

File: 1648866162391.jpg (106.18 KB, 567x717, d3fl08-a91d72db-4e86-4fab-b2c1…)

it was some snape mpreg art in deviantart through which i learned what mpreg was

No. 194108

>I give zero fucks about the Marauders.
Based. 2022 marauders fandom = retarded teenage girls and "enbies" who only like james & co. because they fit the "dark academia" aesthetic

No. 194111

What are your favorite memories from old fandom?

No. 194119

the snapewives. absolutely unhinged and extremely wack
also the cassie claire plagiarism dramu

true. i like the older gen but only the hogwarts teachers tbh

No. 194122

Oh shit anon, I remember this fanart (the one you posted, not the mpreg one) from yeaaaaars ago.

No. 194125

File: 1648874348713.gif (345.23 KB, 220x325, chris-evans-laugh.gif)

I just spent 5 straight minutes laughing my ass off. God bless 2000s Internet.

No. 194152

File: 1648890904101.jpg (132.83 KB, 640x799, af0deb6804c10a43272ba7a2e2330e…)

I love hp because of the nostalgic, magic, wholesome factor. And then there is a vocal part of the fandom who wants the opposite of that, they want to sexualize everything. It has always felt so wrong to me. Maybe we need a hp general and a hp shipping thread for those people to go nuts in.

No. 194154

I hate how some people criticize the books by saying it's too sanitized, that at their age (starting in the 4th year) they would be too busy thinking about sex to defeat Voldemort or whatever, who cares, the main premise of the story were adventures in a magic school, not dumb relationship drama.

No. 194157

seconded. the worst parts of the whole series were when jk tried to show harry feeling romantic.

No. 194159

nta, i thought it was natural for him to develop a crush, but the parts of him actually having romantic feelings for someone (like the entire cho saga) was so embarrassing to read, i just wanted those parts to be over as fast as possible.

No. 194163

>late 1800 england
>""diverse"" cast
>modern english accents
Hmm right

No. 194165

I remember finding a few funny sexual inuendos. I specifically remember that GoF "wand measuring" scene, even my 13 yo self saw right through it kek

No. 194166

It seems a bit weird that hogwarts has so many foreign students in the game, after all there are magic schools in other countries as well.

No. 194177

That's a lovely fanart, really captures the whimsy magical feel of TPS
>Maybe we need a hp general and a hp shipping thread for those people to go nuts in.
You know lolcow is too small to do that.
What? I totally forgot it kek. Makes me think of that one Rowling comment stating that maybe HP would be even more popular if Harry had been more creative with using his wand. Definitely confirms what you are saying kek

No. 194189

File: 1648910445839.jpg (275.25 KB, 812x1118, d1bp2t6-562374a6-4661-4ee2-84a…)

yeah i used to follow lot of hp artists at deviantart back in the day, that art is from chicxulub

No. 194191

File: 1648910742903.png (55.13 KB, 938x404, gof.png)

Picrel is the passage I was thinking of. I remember GOF having quite of few of them, like with the students making out in the bushes during the Yule ball. I liked it (both book and movie), it’s a fun book on top of being the series’ pivotal point; Harry becomes a full-fledged teen, Voldemort comes back, Harry discovers mortality and grief. I don’t know, I liked it and I think I prefer GOF to OOTP

No. 194199

OotP is a borefest and HBP focuses way too much on relationship drama, I remember not liking GoF as a kid (because Cedric died lol) but I think I'd appreciate it more now.

No. 194217

gof is like the last lighthearted book in the series. ootp just starts incredibly depressing and the shift is immediately noticeable. shit just gets real all of a sudden because voldemort is no longer this abstract evil concept, he's an actual being out to get harry.

No. 194268

I wonder which house has the most people saying they’re in it?

No. 194277

Wow, the game looks amazing! The environment/locations seem so vast and varied, it’s going to be so fun, I can’t wait.

No. 194286

File: 1648940899424.jpg (191.25 KB, 758x398, he needs a hug.jpg)

The HP stuff on deviantart was great. Call me an oldfag but the newer fanart to come out of Tumblr with Indian Harry etc will never be that good. If anyone's interested I might post a bit? I have some stuff still saved, mostly marauders era (sorry) and Snape.

No. 194289

please post more nona this one is hilarious kek

No. 194296

Prob slytherin cause it’s edgy

No. 194336

Hufflepuff hands down. Every boring millennial, NLOG, and "sjw" ppl say they're in Hufflepuff. Slytherin is close second. At this point its rare af to see someone claim Gryffindor

No. 194342

File: 1648961929736.jpg (124.17 KB, 500x670, 9vU9iS1s5b5tzo1.jpg)

i'd say a lot older normies (esp the sle-righteous reddit types) are gryffindor, youngetr wokies go for hufflepuff.
slytherin was the common choice for teen rebels, contrarians and edgelords but idk how common those are anymore.
ravenclaw used to be the prefferred choice of NLOGs but has been supplanted by hufflepuff

No. 194344

>had a friend from middle school/high school who was NLOG and then became a sjw enbie
>She always identified as a Hufflepuff

You might be onto something

No. 194347

you're completely correct. Cringey millennial women will often list "Hufflepuff" on their dating app profiles, sometimes accompanied by "fuck jkr"

These idiots are typically a bunch of brainless drones wo haven't read any books other than Harry Potter, so HP becomes their entire personality. However, because of JK's recent anti-trans tendencies, they also have to disavow her - the very creator of the series they can't move on from - since it's the trendy woke thing to do.

also anecdotal but it's common for mentally ill tumblrcels to claim Hufflepuff as well since it's the "uwu WHOLESOME" house which fits their "smol bean" aesthetic or whatever. Like Gryffindor/Slytherin are too aggressive for these weirdos who are desperate to project an image of cuteness and innocence

No. 194354

File: 1648964692265.jpeg (48.53 KB, 554x554, E3176314-D897-4D35-B6D1-B105C0…)

gore down below, careful scrolling

No. 194380

Do you have a fav harry potter content creator?
Even though Hufflepuff became popular, I still think slytherin wins the cake

No. 194390

File: 1648980552493.png (1.72 MB, 800x1106, d28eajf-79e104d5-ccfe-479f-900…)

Tara Gilesbie ofc.

No. 194400

I'm reading it out loud for myself this is my favorite part, it's like she learned you can put other words instead of "he said" and went all out:

"I'm so sorry." he said in a shy voice.
"That's all right. What's your name?" I questioned.
"My name's Harry Potter, although most people call me Vampire these days." he grumbled.
"Why?" I exclaimed.
"Because I love the taste of human blood." he giggled.
"Well, I am a vampire." I confessed.
"Really?" he whimpered.
"Yeah." I roared.

What's your favorite part? Oh my other favorite part is "I hath telekinesis"

No. 194408

When loopin was flying on broomstick and masticating

No. 194416

damn well id still say i am a ravenclaw because i have no personality outside of knowing too much about autistic subjects

No. 194417

I love every moment (although the beginning is kinda boring) so it's hard for me to say which part is my favorite, but I think the time travel bits are some of the most hysterical moments, with Tom Bombodil, Dumbledore being an 80s prep, the concert where Ebony jumps sexily in front of the bullet, Hedwig being Voldemort's bisexual ex, the random switch to second person narration…

No. 194421

File: 1648995972941.jpg (153.36 KB, 834x708, kjk097877.jpg)

OH MY GOD YES SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS KOENTA do you have the hilarious seizure hp meme I can't find it anymore from her deviantart??

No. 194422

File: 1648996405344.jpg (1.67 MB, 720x4700, d18ih84-e8892f05-bc14-4ee6-958…)

wait no it's still there you just need an account to see it

No. 194428

Been a marauders fan since 2006 and i could give two shits about new gen HP fans in general, as no one should.

No. 194429

Based. Ginny really is the worst character right after Harry himself.

No. 194431

Sounds like they were made for each other kek.

No. 194440

File: 1649005673330.png (25.94 KB, 730x234, mamaslinkers.png)

i used to read slinkers' comics on deviantart, they always made me piss myself laughing. she hasn't posted in decades, but seems to be doing fine.

No. 194441

File: 1649005933896.jpg (184.6 KB, 696x2490, rodentrage.jpg)

making a microdump 'cause of the gore

No. 194443

File: 1649006062044.jpg (329.82 KB, 900x4268, softly.jpg)

No. 194445

File: 1649006121723.jpg (535.95 KB, 1024x5592, brightfuture.jpg)

No. 194448

Severus Snape could get it but also bump 4 the gore

No. 194450

File: 1649006340746.jpg (557.74 KB, 1024x3476, tivination.jpg)

No. 194451

File: 1649006449809.jpg (556.69 KB, 1024x5314, wanted.jpg)

No. 194452

File: 1649006489248.jpg (225.1 KB, 1024x2201, goodbye_privet_drive.jpg)

No. 194454

File: 1649006711149.jpg (482.97 KB, 1024x2979, score__by_slinkers_d12i85y-ful…)

No. 194455

File: 1649006812708.jpg (516.5 KB, 1280x4184, wands__by_slinkers_d19hiva-ful…)

No. 194456

File: 1649006856367.jpg (296.84 KB, 1024x2771, the_boy_who_lived___dhspoiler_…)

No. 194457

File: 1649006953858.jpg (508.09 KB, 1280x2948, bella_tricks__by_slinkers_d18l…)

No. 194460

File: 1649007266704.jpg (201.83 KB, 900x1772, oh_dumbledore____by_slinkers_d…)

No. 194501

Aside from My Immortal obviously, Wizard People, Dear Reader is hilarious too.

No. 194505

>harry's wand has finger marks all over it
what a slut

No. 194553

File: 1649027167913.jpg (379.84 KB, 1024x768, mmm.jpg)

KEK somehow I instantly remembered this and >>194421 from 2007 deviantart, I'm glad they're still there.

No. 194644

You really didn’t need to

No. 194683

I have actually never watched this before.
Snape is a she?

No. 194685

Snape is trans.

No. 194776

File: 1649110435588.png (1.45 MB, 696x2844, timothee fan james potter.png)

>no fun allowed!

Kek you're right. I searched for it and what even is picrel?

No. 194840

This shit is just embarrassing. Marauders simps are the weakest link in the fandom

No. 194977

fr that shitty dialogue really goes to show how delusional Marauder stans are. Canon James wouldn't talk like a quirky tumblr user as shown in the image above, he was legitimately a frat bro type.

i swear, James Potter stans don't even like his actual character - they like the idealized fanfic version of him that exists only in their imaginations

No. 194979

reading this made me infertile

No. 194982

These people never heard guys talking to each other lmao

No. 194984

File: 1649180593309.png (83 KB, 749x694, 55.png)

okay, so this explains something that's been bugging me for sometime now, I was looking up one of the actors from Enola Holmes who was super cute and I saw so many comments going "he looks exactly like young sirius" or "he'd be perfect for a marauders prequel" and I didn't understand it, cause I always thought sirius was supposed to be a dirty homeless looking dude and that young sirius would be scruffy looking dude as well

No. 194985

File: 1649180940682.png (428.36 KB, 603x643, Tewksbury.png)

and this was the actor I was looking up, a tall, good looking, teen(he was only 15 during film) heartthrob, not what I'd imagine siruis black to look like

No. 194989

What I dot get is all the Regulus stans, he is even less of a character than James, he was just a plot device and yet people include him in the fics? He didn't even get along with Sirius iirc

No. 194990

Lmao Regulus's popularity is almost entirely derived from thirstposting; teenage girls like Regulus because people often fancast Timothee Chalamet in his role. In other words, they like the idea of hot guys fucking each other in the ass.

>he is even less of a character than James

Yeah but I'd argue that's considered a plus for them - the fujos and fanfiction writers get a blank slate to project all of their desires onto.

The Regulus love is also ironic since the Marauders fandom is one of the worst places for purity culture and cringe social policing. People constantly hate on Snape because "uhm, he voluntarily hung around Magic Nazis at school" but suddenly they love Regulus? Who actually JOINED the Death Eaters during his school years? Sure, he worked against Voldemort in the end, but there's no proof that he actually stopped believing in pure blood supremacy or any of that stuff. Sorry but I just love the idea of picrew avatar enbies and tumblr troids thirstposting over someone they'd ordinarily consider a racist lmao

No. 195002

File: 1649185730955.jpg (280.57 KB, 566x631, Wolfstargrid.jpg)

Regulus used to be very popular on Pixiv and on livejournal and got written into a lot of hawt Remus/Sirius threesome fanfics.

No. 195004

>i swear, James Potter stans don't even like his actual character - they like the idealized fanfic version of him that exists only in their imaginations
this is 90% of draco stans too ngl.

No. 195007

Lol the draco fandom is just NLOG's self-inserting as Hermione and living out their good girl/bad boy fantasies, it's lowkey kind of like the zutara shippers from the early 2000's.

I think Drarry was more popular in the past but Dramione seems to be getting more attention on tiktok as of late?

No. 195013

I'm a newer fan but I assumed dramione was always the most popular ship in the fandom?

No. 195014

File: 1649187700587.gif (674.25 KB, 245x192, cos.gif)

wow we have to ban virgins who will never have sex because they're ugly from ever going online, legit are responsible for so many social problems now but what's everyones fav HP game? Mines COS for the ps2!

No. 195020

No it's just new generation z fans and they're all cancer. These are aidens

No. 195022

File: 1649191135123.jpg (83.28 KB, 800x600, cos pc.jpg)

Mine is Chamber of Secrets for PC! The family computer was in the living room so my parents would always complain about Harry shouting the spells when they were trying to watch TV lmao

No. 195025

Sirius was fucking handsome in a disheveled rockstar way, I think. Definitely wasn't meant to look like Gary Oldman.

No. 195029

File: 1649192382758.png (891.41 KB, 1434x514, Screenshot (966).png)

so would picrel have been an appropriate depiction for young Sirius, also the actor is pretty tall, like he's only 15 but he towers over every other male in any scene he's with

No. 195040

lmao my parents have the spells memorized in harry’s intonation to this day. my brother and i played that game a lot. we sometimes occasionally do a speed run for fun but our old laptop with an old version of windows and a disk drive finally broke.

i’m sad that only the first three ea games follow this format.. the rest are weird

No. 195044

File: 1649196880188.jpg (29.63 KB, 562x419, 09r97r.jpg)

does anyone remember this video where they talked about owl intelligence and if owls would be smart enough to deliver mail like in harry potter and some fat guy holding a snowy owl said that no they're dumb as fuck and then he proceeds to shake his fist/fake punch at the disgruntled owl like pic related

No. 195096

Dramione is wildly popular but at the same time it's also very controversial within the fandom. It's popular with millennial women and there are fanfics (e.g. Manacled) which have over 2 million hits, making them some of the most viewed fanfics of all time on AO3.

However, Dramione also receives a lot of backlash from zoomers and the tiktok fanbase, usually for reasons related to modern politics. A lot of the hate for it is based on reasoning like "omg how can you ship an oppressed person with their oppressor" and people project modern day racial politics onto the ship. So anti-Dramione ppl view it as a "toxic" relationship involving what basically amounts to a white supremacist kkk member dating a black woman (lmao).

I personally find Dramione a little bit cringey because it leans so hard into wish fulfillment tropes - like a plain, nerdy good girl dating a suave, tortured bad boy? An ordinary heroine who ends up with a billionaire heir from a prestigious family? It kind of evokes rubbish like 50 shades of gray, et cetera. At the same time though, I find the people who are vehemently against the ship even worse since it's annoying when people scream and whine about FICTIONAL things that are "bigoted" and "problematic"

No. 195103

hermione isn't even black though…

No. 195105

lol she definitely isn't black, but people project racial politics onto the blood-purity politics of harry potter.

so Draco Malfoy (a Death Eater, which people view as the in-universe metaphor for racist Nazis) showing romantic/sexual interest in Hermione (oppressed muggle-born) is viewed as a problematic, fetishizing, and racist ship by TikTok zoomers. Because Draco and the DE's are perceived as the oppressors of muggleborns like Hermione, its weird

No. 195117


No. 195128

File: 1649224378742.jpg (117.11 KB, 1228x646, hp-cos-ps1.jpg)

>what's everyones fav HP game
The first two games for the PS1. Those were some of the first games I ever got and I still replay them sometimes. Even though movie games often suck and are just bad commercials for whatever they're advertising these two still have a special place in my heart. It feels like there's a decent amount of side content, so many hidden rooms to explore, the music is great and these knights genuinely spooked me out for life like in pic related kek. I remember having my mom help me during those sneaking missions, especially sneaking away from the trolls, and the creepy sound effects that would activate at certain areas like that raven around some spooky tree were just such a nice touch.

No. 195135

I wonder much does this have to with Tom Felton(the actor playing draco) being a genuinely nice and sweet guy IRL, the character of draco is a little one dimensional but
In the fandsom she's more or less headcanonned as black by most wokies

No. 195151

Draco as he gets written by dramione fans (and hetshippers in general) is usually a suave uwu bad boi that has little to do with his canon counterpart

No. 195155

I never got the whole "Hermione is oppressed" thing though, she's muggle born, yes, but muggles are the majority in the world and she comes from an affluent family, she can always choose to just be a regular woman after Hogwarts. The mudblood scene in the movie was extremely retarded, she got all depressed for a slur (that doesn't even sound like a slur tbh) that she shouldn't care about since she's been in the wizarding world for only a year, it's like being insulted by some locals during a holiday trip. It was better in the book, where Ron gets offended on her behalf while she's like "I don't know what that means, that probably wasn't very nice but whatever".

No. 195314

>It was better in the book, where Ron gets offended on her behalf while she's like "I don't know what that means, that probably wasn't very nice but whatever".
Another example of the movies murdering itself by giving Hermione all of Ron's good qualities, lines, etc… All it achieves is making 2 characters insufferable, Ron the pathetic dumbass and Hermione being both Little Miss Perfect and a… honestly I don't know how to describe her brand of a Strong Female Character/Girl Power.

No. 195317

book hermione holds fondness for me as a gifted-fag who was the teachers pet due to a lack of quality attention at home kek. i liked her having useful hobbies and side quests (getting paralyzed by the snake in the library while researching basilisks) but still she turns into the grossest ron handmaiden in half-blood.

No. 195346

Omg, I used to love her too! It's so nice to see she's doing well

No. 195348

tbh who cares if it's wish fulfillment? why are we all weirdly obsessed on this thread with not being Cringe Fangirls like we're not all weird maladjusted girls on an imageboard ffs

No. 195349

Not true. Some of us are weird maladjusted woman on an imagboard ok

No. 195422

kek yeah, I used to hate dramione with a passion when I was 15 myself and now I'm 30 and think "oh, this is kinda sweet." i like those fics where they meet again after the war and are going through their own messy divorces/marriage problems and start connecting.

No. 195519

i’m seeing the secrets of dumbledore tomorrow. don’t really care for this franchise but i do care about mads mikkelson. hopefully it’s entertaining

No. 195520

i'm doubtful about that but please tell us if is or isn't.

also, i barely saw ezra miller in the pv, trailers and teasers but the second movie ruined what little interest i already have for the fantastic beast franchise. he got prob got dropped like depp due to his controversies in strangling a woman in iceland or somewhere. maybe i didn't watch all of the fantastic beast 3 clips or smth, idk.

No. 195521

wanted to go for mads too, waiting for your review MLA style thesis

No. 195527

Please post a review after, nona!

No. 195550

I'm also curious for the same reason as you, I haven't watched the previous movies though. Tell me if it's a self contained story or if the previous movies are too important to skip.

No. 195566

I was gonna see it this weekend for mads as well. Hope you like it!

No. 195628

dang I'll have to wait for the 15th burger. I mirror other anons here that I don't really like these movies, but I'll probably continue to watch them. Hopefully this next one is better, cause 2 was better than 1 so it would be nice if each movie gets better than the last but that probably won't happen

No. 195776

OMG, did anyone else read the versions of My Immortal that were basically commentary fics? I remember reading one where the minor misspellings were corrected and 13 year-old me found it so hilarious. I wish I could find it now but I think the original author took it down. Deep down, I know that whoever wrote it was a troll, but GODDAMN if it's not one of the best batshit fandom creations to exist. I wanna believe someone was insane enough to organically produce it, but most likely not.

No. 195832

hey guys so i made the original post about seeing the secrets of dumbledore and here are my thoughts (i haven’t seen the previous two movies)
- production value, sets, costumes, hair and make up were impeccable. very aesthetically pleasing and consistent
- i really liked mads as grindewald but i love him so i’m biased
- the story and overall acting was a solid 3.75/5. not a complete waste of time but i didn’t find the chemistry compelling between some of the actors and there were scenes where it felt like the actors were reading from a script with pauses between lines, instead of them having good and believable relationships and interactions with each other

and most importantly
dumbledore says he fell in love with grindewald in the first 5 minutes of the movie. no dancing around the topic. and it was brought up at other points throughout the movie. my friend and i gasped because we were not expecting it to be so unsubtle. now i hope people accusing jk rowling of queer baiting can shut up. also i genuinely felt kind of bad for dumbledore at the end of the movie because the last scene is of him seeing the other characters reunite with family and friends, get married or meet up again with lovers and he just watches on with a kind of resignation and sadness and walks away on his own. genuinely i found that touching and i feel like there’s a lot do with dumbledore and grindewald that could have been explored in a better story not made for a blockbuster franchise but what was included was done well i believe
- generally a pretty underwhelming plot but something that’s fun to watch but not something to rewatch
- ezra miller was in it a little bit but i could not stop thinking of him rampaging through the streets of hawaii kek. definitely made the movie more entertaining to think of that
- at the end of the film when jk rowling’s name appeared on screen in the credits in my theatre people started clapping at that moment. maybe it was just a coincidence but it shows to me that normies do not care that she’s supposedly “transphobic”

anyway those are my thoughts. hopefully they are helpful

No. 195840

They're pretty important, as the plot directly continues from those movies. Frankly I was never a big fan of them because they're so.. Hollywoodish and I hate how all the wizards are wearing fancy suits in the 1920s.
The second movie had 5 plots at once and I had no idea what's going on, I should rewatch them before the 3rd one.

No. 195846

Sounds like it was pretty good? I thought the first one was boring, but since this one focuses on Dumbledore, it could make things more interesting.

No. 195852

yes it was surprisingly good. my expectations were very low but it was a solid film. nothing amazing or jaw dropping though

No. 195863

about to see it but my jaw already dropped at the spoiler, based Rowling i wonder how China has censored it, 'we were like brothers uwu'?

No. 195893

Thanks for your review! I'm pretty excited to see it now. Good to see people clapping for JKR. Erza's Hawaii rants will definitely get a chuckle out of me.

No. 195894

who cares. There are tons of fujos in China and they all have their own way around gay shit. I hope the HP fans in china will enjoy

No. 195929

ty nonna

No. 195949

People accusing her of queerbaiting didn't pay attention to the last HP book, I thought it was obvious subtext that Dumbledore didn't just have a platonic relationship with hil back then and that was before that interview where JKR confirms he's gay. If a girl in middle school with memory loss issues due to some physical health issues like I was back then can notice this there's no excuse for others.

No. 195959

IDK if you are reading some ill will into my words, I'm celebrating the brave choice (seen the movie and loved it even more) while being curious of the bullshit censorship will pull (or maybe it will not?) just because it's such a big thing for the plot, not some gay couple kissing in the split frame. Though I guess since it's all in the words, a creative translation can be applied.

No. 195968

I apologise if i misread your post, nonnie. I read a lot of fujo stuff in Chinese, so i was thinking, we love our gay shit. I am looking forward to this movie.

No. 195989

honestly i was wondering the same thing about how it could be censored. even if they change the lines about falling in love with each other - major spoilers ahead one of the major parts of the movie is that there’s this magical bond necklace they made when they first fell in love that won’t let them move against each other and when they destroy it grindewald tells dumbledore “who will love you know?”. also the very climax of the movie involves them dueling and ending up with their hands on each other’s chests feeling each other’s heart beats. also mads has a few moments where he kind of cradles other men’s heads in his hands kek. not sure if this is something grindewald does or if it’s supposed to be intimidating?? all i’m saying is it’s going to be difficult to completely censor the gay elements since the subtext will always be there in the character’s actions

No. 196022

I remember a lot of Sirius/Remus shippers accusing JKR of queerbaiting because she made Dumbledore gay instead of their ship

No. 196031

A similar controversy erupted when Cursed Child was released, people accused the writers of queerbaiting with the friendship between Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. They really latched onto the way that Albus and Scorpius had a really long hug at the end of the play or something, and accused the writers of queerbaiting and "fakeouts" instead of being "courageous" enough to show a kiss or something more explicit (even though they were just FRIENDS)

The sheer damage and autism Wolfstar shippers have wreaked onto this fandom is incredible. They constantly shit on Tonks, write furry (dog x wolf) smut, and - worst of all - became the basis of the modern-day Marauder stan base which consequently led to brainrot like South Asian James, Black Dorcas Meadowes, Snape incel discourse, and All the Young Dudes

No. 196036

Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but was there literally any canon back-up for this pair? Any interactions between the two that could credibly be interpreted as romantic? Or is it just shipping them because they are Those Two Guys In The Friend Group Who Are Neither Ugly Nor Harry's Father?

No. 196048

Well, one piece of commonly cited evidence was that in Order of the Phoenix, Sirius and Remus don't each give Harry a Christmas present - they give him a "joint gift" from the BOTH of them. So some people interpret this as meaning that they're together romantically… lmao

No. 196062

More like they are both jobless and undercover so they joined finances to give Harry a decent gift lmao, everybody does that at some point in their life.

No. 196085

This. And I liked the way it was obvious but not outrightly told

No. 196095

Thank you for reminding me how gay this movie is. I know that I sound like a twitterfag retard, but I mean it. As the Secrets of the Dumbledore should be, as they deal with 3 characters with homosexual entanglements. Beyond the obvious pair, there is also Credence whose relationship with Grindelwald in the first movie had been framed like a teenager groomed by a degenerate pedophile which really makes me think of Credence as a bootleg Kylo Ren, even though that part of his story hasnt been properly explored in the trilogy. There is a lot of hurt feelings and tension between them, and Credence is one of the characters possessively touched by Grindelwald. I was sure that Queenie meant that she hasn't been telling Grindelwald that Credence both loves and hates him or something like that, but it may have been about the Dumbledores too
There is A LOT of Ezra Miller in that movie, looking unkempt due to his characters' illness which I would buy had Ezra wasn't looking like that IRL too. Try not to think about Rwanda when you see his face or you will make it hard for yourself to feel bad for Credence (and I like his character a lot, too bad that Ezra is an ass). When there was the fight scene with Albus, my first thought was "wow, imagine how much he would terrorise Hawaii if he had those powers irl' kek

No. 196100

So, can I watch that new movie without having seen the previous movies? I'm really interested but I don't want to be confused while watching it. Maybe a friend of mine will also try to watch it later at the cinema but she watched the first two movies, but she didn't really answer my question because she wants me to avoid spoilers. Another friend of mine doesn't want to hear about HP at all because muh transphobia, but that's her loss lol

No. 196106

Have you told your other friend that she is an idiot?

No. 196108

I think it would be better to at least watch the first one, which I highly recommend.

No. 196109

No, I just told her I dgaf what's going on on the internet so I'm not aware of JKR's supposed transphobia and that's it. It's a lie obviously, I know about JKR's opinion on trannies, but I don't want to debate with my friend on this because I know she only saw the accusations but none of JKR's tweets and definitely not the personal blog post about her abusive ex-husband to begin with, she doesn't have twitter.

Thanks, I've been told by the friend who's interested in the new movie that the second one isn't all that good, is that true?

No. 196115

Yeah, watch the first and skip the second. I think you'll like the new movie. Your friend is a moron blindly defending men on the internet.

No. 196119

i saw it with my friend yesterday who is kind of a normie but tries to keep up with internet discourse and she generally thinks jk rowling is super homophobic and transphobic and when we were discussing the film after she was like “yeah i wonder what jk rowling thought of the film being so openly gay” and i was like “well she wrote the damn screenplay and came up with dumbledore/grindelwald backstory like twenty years ago so i’d say she’s fine with it”

No. 196120

i hadn’t seen the others and the main thing i was missing was creedence’s backstory

No. 196125

Homophobic? Where did she get that from? I hope your friend changed her view after that.
I think I managed to peak a friend of mine by sending her Rowlings essay and screen caps of the murderous troon reactions.

No. 196129

probably because it’s the lgbt community so if she expresses criticism of the trannies it means she hates the lgb too. honestly my friend is pretty chill though. her younger sister came out as non binary but my friend still refers to her as a sister and uses she/her pronouns and has told me she thinks she’ll grow out of it kek

No. 196131

I'm planning to rewatch them both before watching it and I think you should do the same even tho the second one is meh.

No. 196308

File: 1649587649625.jpg (426.02 KB, 1077x1800, IMG_20220410_110955.jpg)

I'm glad there almost was no Tina in the Secrets of Dumbledore. Always found her presence unpleasant (maybe that's how it's supposed to be if she's meant to be a stiff female autist to Newt's quirky male one? IDK) and finding out about her bAsEd FeMiNiSTt takes only made it more so.
TBH I never found the Goldstein sisters working as characters. Queenie should have either been less of a Marilyn Monroe skinwalker or not a miscast. Tina… I don't even know, maybe a different actress could make her seem sympathetic? She has a vibe of that one bitch in an office who thinks she can be rude to everyone cause she has an 'important' position.

No. 196310

Kek good riddance to Sam Waterston's ugly nepo child. She's such a stilted boring presence in every movie I've seen her in

No. 196315

I swear to god people just make shit up about JRK instead of owning up that they're sexist faggots. I have not seen or heard her to do anything that is homophobic in any way.

No. 196317

Imagine thinking feminism includes men.

No. 196318

>trans women pose no threat to real women but real women pose a thread if we outcast trans women

This is the biggest crock of shit I've heard in a while. I need to start carrying a folder of screen caps to peak idiots.

No. 196962

Call me a deluded fujo but they made this scene gay as fuck

No. 196979

File: 1649810734510.jpg (308.03 KB, 1078x1336, Screenshot_20220413-084031_Ins…)

No. 196983

Looks like I'll have to go see this movie every day it's played in the cinema.

No. 197005

kek! I truly hope this movie makes bank with terfs, HP fans and just curious normies in general. These wokies are gonna die mad.

No. 197006

Nah i'm a fujo bitch myself. I love Oldman's acting in this scene though. I still ship Sirius and James. It's the only ship i like.

No. 197085

File: 1649870057059.png (318.8 KB, 640x566, vfvz809.png)


I think the franchise might be over tho

No. 197102

I’m surprised it got as far as it did, tbh. The first movie was a hot mess and the second was so forgettable that I can’t actually remember anything about it, even though I know I saw it.

No. 197106

I’m honestly so excited for the Hogwarts game coming out. But I’m really not looking forward to the retards on twitter decrying anyone who purchases it as supporting an eViL TERF!!

No. 197110

Eh, they can throw their tantrums all they want, JKs still gonna make bank and any company that would throw away such a golden opportunity for a group of people who are going to die early are fucking idiots.

No. 197112

People are blaming terf JKR instead of they/them willy winks and Johnny Depp’s toxic reputation

No. 197156

>they/them willy winks


>two rich bullies discovering they like men because they love each other, one ran away to live with the other, love showing off for each other and love bullying Snape together

I love it, anon

No. 197160

they need to make a fujo dream movie about young dumbledore and grindelwald. like a magical call me by your name. this will fix their problems

No. 197162

Might even get them an oscar.

No. 197168

I sort of agree except I think a marauders era movie would be better at making the fandom, fujos and people who pretend to hate HP because of the terf thing explode. The drama and milk would just be too good. But I get the impression JKR doesn't care very much about the marauders.

No. 197188

File: 1649910885302.jpeg (78.46 KB, 490x554, C063A331-69FB-4427-B61F-7DDBEE…)

Harry Potter just prints money

No. 197192

Me too but I hope people who make playthroughs don't put that retarded disclaimer "hi guys i'm playing hogwarts legacy today btw jkr is a terf twaw", like, if you really believe that then don't give her any money at all or fucking stand your ground and don't put dumb disclaimers, cus people watching it don't give a single fuck

No. 197203

What a clickbait, I thought it's official there will be no 4th one and it's not.
>The first movie was a hot mess and the second was so forgettable that I can’t actually remember anything about it
Damn, I feel like I was the only person who loved the first movie. I liked it much more than most of the regular HP films (not books), because they have struggled to adapt the plots to screenplays. CoG was forgettable and messy though, too many crazy plot points.
>JKR doesn't care very much about the marauders

No. 197204

kek I love this picture, it's so true aside from how she has to think about them when they kick up a big fuss or harm women

No. 197205

>But I get the impression JKR doesn't care very much about the marauders.
Good, seconding that anon. Their fans kinda annoy me and I hate when they try to excuse that they were bullies as if somehow their cruelty was justified, no just own up to it. it's nerf or nothing

No. 197223

I think Fantastic Beasts would have done better if it was a tv show

No. 197227

Honestly I want her to write a series about the marauders, their school lives and the first war could be fleshed out into a great story. If they're bullies or whatever that just makes for more (potentially) complex characters ala Snape. But obviously it would only be worthwhile if JKR got passionate about writing it, it doesn't seem like she wants to and half assing it would be worse than nothing at all.

Other than that my great HP desires have always been a tv series of HBO quality, an anime, and an MMO. I'm very happy about the latter being reality but I still think more could be done with the franchise.

No. 197229

File: 1649927456061.png (582.58 KB, 881x775, Capture.PNG)

ppl on twitter lack basic media literacy. the film is going to be gay regardless of those lines being removed but it speaks volumes that they think jkr and this film is problematic for not being extremely explicitly gay. like did they want them to make out on screen? china would have wanted that edited out too

No. 197231

Based on the discourse about Yuri on Ice when it was airing, if two male characters are very heavilt implied to be in love with each others and it's confirmed in later episodes or movies, it doesn't count as long as they're not french kissing on screen with their tongues visibly touching for at least one minute. Dumbledore and Grindewald were very obviously implied to have a deep, non-platonic relationship in the last volume of HP because of people talking about them and their personal lives at the beginning and the end of the novel? Doesn't count because they're dead by then and thus can't make out in front of Harry. JKR confirms that Dumbledore is gay soon after the novel is released? Doesn't count, it's too random and not in the actual book and she's a retarded SJW !!1! A prequel movie later confirms everything, yet again? Doesn't count, the characters look handsome subjective and explicitely say they were dating BUT China censored it so it might as well not be true! Then these people say that AO3 is good gay rep because it's full of porn.

No. 197238

They really are looking for any excuse to dunk on Jo, while I'm sure they consoom the 5th "first Disney film to have a gay couple!!!' with a split second shot of 2 lesbians maybe kissing in the background.
Fuck them, they don't deserve the homoromantic masterpiece that is Secrets of Dumbledore

No. 197243

They're losers who think big corporations won't subtly censor their movies or tv shows for Chi'a, Russia, the middle east, etc., as if these countries don't represent potential markets and as if companies like to lose money and opportunities. Then they finally realize the gay rep they've heard about in the latest big movies isn't OTT, lose faith in big corporations for 5 seconds, then a new movie is announced, rinse and repeat, etc. Honestly I've checked on social media what people think of the movie because I want to watch it and most comments are about JKR being transphobic (good) and about being homophobic (because they think she alone can convince entire homophobic government to not remove lines in a movie), and then they'll say that JKR saying that Dumbledore is gay in 2007 or 2009 was some fake SJW shit, and then if you scroll down enough they'll admit they never, ever read the books.

No. 197249

i think it's hilarious how they're shitting on jkr instead of the commies banning any mention of gay relationships in their country

No. 197255

idk why this is even news. china censors everything. and yes, i know because i lived there and saw many ridiculously-edited movies.

No. 197258

>Alternate universe in which the marauders era gets a Euphoria style HBO show where James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are in a gay polycule, Snape is an MRA and Lily has OF

Good thing JKR is a terf

No. 197259

Because it's trendy news. Shitting on JKR or HP is trendy online (and only online), shitting on Hollywood is trendy, shitting on the movie indistry's attempts at creating the first LGBTQ rep is trendy. So it generates clicks and ad revenus. That's it. And honestly as a European who likes Japanese video games these normies have no idea how far companies will go to "censor" and "localize" content if they think it's not family friendly enough for another market, I'm talking about rewriting half of a script and making all the characters ooc while pretending that Japan, religion and death don't exist (thinking about 90s games). So I'm sure that new movie wasn't as butchered in China as these cases.

No. 197267

it just frustrates me because those disney movies with a 3 second gay kiss are done that way because it can be edited out and won’t affect the storyline at all. with the secrets of dumbledore the more explicit references to them being in love can be changed but it doesn’t change the fact that the very storyline itself hinges on dumbledore and grindelwald’s history. it basically sounds like the chinese audience is going to get a danmei version of the movie where they’re ex sworn brothers or whatever kek

No. 197283

>it just frustrates me because those disney movies with a 3 second gay kiss are done that way because it can be edited out and won’t affect the storyline at all.
Exactly lol. And yet people get high on the next SW/Pixar/Disney movie with retarded, meaningless pandering. JKR was incredibly ballsy to pull off what she did with SoD. Fuck twitterfags, go cry about China's homophobia instead.

No. 197285

Everyone is complaining about the removed scenes but I'm sure they "localized" the dialogs instead of translating them by straight up changing lines. Like it's very often the case with video games as a whole.

No. 197314

I thought this was the last movie in the series anyway? Either way, JKR can find another movie company and do other shit. She's rich and a woman and people hate her for just that.

No. 197319

There were 5 planned

No. 197351

Oh damn, warner bros is a piece of shit then. They really giving into tranny bullshit when JKR didnt say anything wrong??

No. 197581

Well, fuck the haters I just booked tickets to see Fantastic Beasts tommorrow! I'm excited!

No. 197598

Watched the movie & loved it. There were lots of normies in the movie theater way more people than when the batman movie was on. WB are stupid for boycotting the series because it will make a lot of money. Thinking about going a second time to spite the twitterfags, the dumb Johnny Depp apologists and to support our terf qween

No. 197651

>IF they're bullies or whatever
Wolfstar fujo spotted, they literally were???

this is precisely why i DON'T want a marauders series, i just know that the writers will completely whitewash james's character so that marauders stans (aka autistic preteen enbies) won't have to confront the fact that their faves were dogshit people. I mean it makes sense for the writers, as pandering to the marauders stanbase on TikTok would be the safest and most profitable thing to do, but it's still cringe

No. 197743

File: 1650082665429.jpg (46.13 KB, 622x576, 8246246249622.jpg)

>i just know that the writers will
Bitch really created a whole parallel world in her head and got angry over it. Imagine having a mental breakdown because of a " if ".

No. 197846

File: 1650121050073.png (85.79 KB, 1084x586, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 8.58…)

Saw this in the previous MTF thread and had to repost as I don't want to argue there…
I'm the most casual HP fan and yet, I remember from the books that Harry definitely didn't want to own Kreacher, who was mindfucked enough to obsess over the nazi wizard family that owned him. Harry couldn't free him because he would blab everything to the Lestranges and Malfoys, which is what happened anyway.
>Sirius told him to get out of the kitchen. Kreacher took this to mean that he was allowed to leave the house and went to the Malfoy family, who were close relatives of the Blacks, and told Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange about Harry and Sirius' close relationship.
>Later, when Harry Potter used the Floo Network to ask if Sirius was there, Kreacher lied. This convinced Harry that his vision of Sirius being tortured in the Department of Mysteries was real, and led him and his friends to attempt to rescue him. This resulted in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in which Sirius was murdered by Bellatrix.
Sirius Black was the cunt who was purposefully an ass to the deranged humanoid that was his slave. Fittingly, this is a quote used on his wiki page:
>Kreacher is what he has been made by wizards, Harry. Yes, he is to be pitied. His existence has been as miserable as your friend Dobby's. He was forced to do Sirius's bidding, because Sirius was the last of the family to which he was enslaved, but he felt no true loyalty to him. And whatever Kreacher's faults, it must be admitted that Sirius did nothing to make Kreacher's lot easier.
Based Hermione:
>Harry, Kreacher doesn't think like that. He's a slave; house-elves are used to bad, even brutal treatment; what Voldemort did to Kreacher wasn't that far out of the common way. What do wizard wars mean to an elf like Kreacher? He's loyal to people who are kind to him… I've said all along that wizards would pay for how they treat house-elves. Well, Voldemort did… and so did Sirius.
Sorry to spam with quotes, but my memory isn't so good. I KNEW that the tranny is warping the narrative to make Jo look bad. It's true that Harry could have freed Kreacher after the Battle of Hogwarts, but to be honest we don't know if he did or did not as it wasn't important to the plot at the point. I suspect Kreacher was one of those elves that would be offended at the mere thought of being free (like Winky).

No. 197856

Imagine unironically trying to cast doubt over the fact that the marauders were dogshit people. Cope and seethe harder, the only people who like your faves are retarded piccrew avatars and self-identified neurodivergents

No. 197874

You literally could not sound more like a brain-rotted twittertard if you tried

No. 197881

says the person using sassy black woman reaction images, you're the one who should go back to twitter.

malding over the fact that james potter was a dogshit person and nobody likes him btw

No. 197885

File: 1650134376783.png (67.25 KB, 654x532, IMG_0982347.PNG)

Well yah it's pretty obvious that nobody had any issues with the House-Elves/SPEW or anything related to HP until rowling exposed herself as a terf - suddenly it became trendy to hate on her and act like the entire series was bad all along. Like, people didn't start complaining about "Cho Chang" and "Kingsley Shacklebolt" being lazy, stereotypical names until 2019 or so. It's all trannies warping the narrative

not to mention that half of the fandom is literally retarded, especially anything to do with atyd/remus/sirius (since you brought up Sirius Black in your post). pic attached of the average 2022-era hp fan, imagine having to shamefully clarify that you're WHITE in your twitter bio lmao!

No. 197886

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of seeing people saying the latest Fantastic Beasts movie isn't gay enough. I haven't watched it yet but I have a feeling these people don't actually care about respectful representation at this point, they just want to watch Mads Mikklesen fucking Jude Law in the asshole for 2 hours straight because they have an old men fetish.

No. 197887

File: 1650134452682.png (22 KB, 478x270, IMG_1908348712.PNG)

pic related

No. 197888

kek that girl only learned how to read in her first language after the last volume got released, I can't do this anymore.

No. 197895

>Imagine unironically trying to cast doubt over the fact that the marauders were dogshit people
No one denied that, retard. Go solve your middle school traumas with a therapist instead of using the Marauders as an scapegoat.

No. 197896

I used to see people accusing JK of being racist way before the tranny drama. HP fandom has always been filled with whiny self-righteous justice warriors. This is why I distanced myself from this story as soon as I finished reading it.

No. 197897

You literally like the marauders. The chances of you being overweight, brown, or nonbinary are absolutely insane, opinion disregarded

No. 197898

I just watched Fantastic beasts 3 and it must be one of the most "diverse" movies that I have seen. Gay villain and wizard hero ex boyfriends, aspie Newt and his aspie assistant, people of all types of colours and nationalities. Main theme being standing against fascism. Sjws are mad to boycott it. There is nothing tacked on about the gay relationship either, it makes perfect sense.
Anyway, they did a great decision to cast Mads in this movie. He really sold the role. Although now I'm traumatised after he killed the little qillin baby and made it into a zombie. Ugh

No. 197899

marauder stans like you should go play armchair psychologist elsewhere, or even better, drive to your nearest bridge asap.

No. 197901

I just came out of the theater and i think they did a good job. 10 mins in, Dumbledore and Grindelwald are sitting in a cafe remembering how they used to be in love with each other. he mentions it several times. they did it and made it important without it taking over the movie. as a lesbian myself, it was nice to see that. subtle and normal gay people. i fucking hate wokies. i bet all the ones complaining are straight women

No. 197902

They may have removed or edited two lines, but they couldnt remove the longing stares. it was gay, even without that dialogue.

No. 197903

Agree. Out of all the HP universe movies, this was pretty diverse. I really liked the black woman who played the defense arts professor. She was my favorite. Her entire outfits were so pretty too!

No. 197904

Exactly. The scene were they were fighting and ended up holding their hands over each others hearts was so obviously romantic. I really liked it.

No. 197905

American white gays (don't confuse white gays with normal gay guys who happen to be gay) are complaining about WB removing a few seconds of the movie to make it legal in China and are blaming JKR for it because they have no idea about international laws and business because they're jobless and spending all their free time on grindr and detailing their personal lives online. They legit think one (1) person can change the laws of a homophobic foreign country or some shit. The straight women are parroting them while also complaining about how the representation isn't enough because the actors aren't sexily making out on screen.

No. 197908

SJW are autistic, they don't like obvious subtext and subtle romance and representation, if a character is gay or disabled or poc it HAS to be visible and tacked on or it doesn't count.

No. 197909

Why are american gays and straight american women so fucking annoying? And yes, almost like china and other countries have laws. china has been doing this forever, but gay people there still get around just fine and have their own ways to get through censorship. fucking americans

No. 197910

>don't confuse white gays with normal gay guys who happen to be white
There, I fixed my typo, sorry.

No. 197912

Americans are so used to consuming American pop culture they don't realize that other countries have different laws, different social issues and different trends. I understand finding it shitty that China censors gay stuff because of the government but it's nothing new and it's not a British woman who will convince the government of allowing fictional gay couples to hold hands on screen in movies. Actually they're so used to their own pop culture that until very recently they found it super weird that manga and anime was liked by teenagers and young adults while in Europe and South America we were watching Captain Tsubasa and other 80s and 90s anime everyday for years on TV like it's nothing.

No. 197916

>aspie Newt and his aspie assistant
I love aspie Newt. Apparently Eddie Redmayne is like this in other movies? What should I watch then if I want more cute autists
Also I thought that Tina aka Newt's future wife (kek) is a female aspire but maybe she's just unpleasant.
Don't think that Bunty is a Sperg, just a shy and awkward woman. IDk if I feel bad for or dislike her for being a pickme for Newt.
I think it's not even 5 minutes in when the confession happens kek

No. 197918

Americans are ignorant af and it really shows when they go off about this movie not being 'gay enough' like– what do they want them to do? make out? fuck? wtf

Newt is a cute aspie. I dont care for Tina thought and glad she wasnt in the film for more than 2 mins. Queenie's new actress seems fine too. Jacob continues to be one of my favorites.

No. 197920

That's what I'm saying, they're so weird about this, 15 years ago they said Dumbledore being gay doesn't count because it wasn't obvious enough despite the implications in the last book definitely being there (although I suspect most people saying this at the time only cared about the movies), now it's still not enough despite being explicit. I wish these people would say the truth and just complain about the actors not fucking in front of the cameras instead of making up excuses.

No. 197921

File: 1650140083549.png (67.52 KB, 849x470, porpentina.PNG)

>I dont care for Tina thought and glad she wasnt in the film for more than 2 mins

hoo boy, just reminded me of this viral tweet implying that Tina being written out of the movie was due to ANTI-SEMITISM… like maybe she was given less screentime because she's a boring character? lmao there's literally no pleasing these "people"

No. 197924

Queenie had a new actress??? WTF, I didn't notice at all if so. Jacob is super sweet, finally some good Polish representation kek
I think that a disagreement with JK was likely, based if true and good thing if Rowling almost kicked her smug ass out of the film for talking shit. Tina is so unlikable.

No. 197925

It's easier for you to do it first, considering how fictional bullies is enough for you to have PTSD flashbacks lmao

No. 197928

File: 1650142468831.jpeg (44.69 KB, 564x541, 8CC4CB8C-97A0-4A48-8B81-41E811…)

I don’t hate the ship wolfstar really but some of their shippers are so fucking annoying

No. 197929

>the only reason why ANYONE would dislike my wholesome smol bean marauders is because they were losers bullied in skewl and they're projecting!!!!!

mental retardation in a comment. perhaps it has something to do with how marauders fans are overwhelmingly 2SLGBTQIA++ fatties obsessed with seething abt rowling and being ungrateful for her work? i didn't care about the marauders at all until interacting with the stans online, who deserve to be put in their place.

But since you're so personally obsessed with defending James Potter, most normie fans see him as raging asshole and no amount of your coping will ever change that. go back to masturbating over edits of aaron taylor johnson, who will never fuck you btw

No. 197931

I think they just want to complain for the sake of it. Doubt they actually care about these things.
Jacob really grew on me in this movie. He provided much needed comedy relief. Also Hicks the charms teacher was cool.
Did anyone else fangirl at the Minerva cameo? It was way too short!

No. 197939

Rereading Goblet of Fire right now and I hate the line 'Harry wouldn't have let his worst enemy face those monsters unprepared — well, perhaps Malfoy or Snape'. It's bothered me ever since I first read it as a child tbh. 'Harry wouldn't have let his worst enemy face those monsters unprepared - well except for those two worst enemies he had.' What an absolute nothing of a sentence.

No. 197943

No, you utter psychopath, the 'doubt' I cast was on how JKR may choose to portray them in a new series, there's no guarantee she would lean into writing them as undeniable bullies (as opposed to just enemies justifiably getting back at the bad Slytherins like Harry/Draco).

Now I hope she totally sanitizes and uwufies them so there's no trace of bullying other than that one incident just to make you seethe.

No. 197948

wolfstar is for woke sjw. sirius/james (as in bullyxbully not uwu), blackcest and jeverus/snirius master race

No. 197951

File: 1650151179010.png (166.16 KB, 464x475, sZuVSi8.png)

right, like holy shit wolfstar shippers are mentally ill. a lot of them have a throbbing hateboner for the Remus/Tonks pairing because it's "gay erasure" but ALSO because they believe that Tonks was supposed to be "nonbinary", so shoving her into a straight M/F relationship was erasing her queer identity.

It's so dumb but the Tonks nonbinary headcanon came from the fact that she's a Metamorphmagus, so some lgbt readers interpreted that to mean "oh, so she can change her appearance, her sex, her gender presentation at will! uwu". These idiots were then double mad at how Tonks became a wife and went through a pregnancy arc in book 7, crying abt how JKR supposedly forced femininity onto their NB icon

No. 197955

They need to cry more. Tonks was always a straight woman in the books. No idea how they even came up with this shit just because she loved to play with her hair and appearance for fun.

No. 197956

Who cares if Tina is a jew. she was the worst character in the first movie and her boring ass ruined most of Newt and Jacob's screen time. I like the first movie the most so far out of the three and i hope Tina stays her boring ass off screen. Sometimes it isnt about being a 'minority'

Jacob and Queenie are so cute in the new movie. I hope we see more of them.

No. 197957

File: 1650152619479.jpeg (101.2 KB, 812x459, BCD68B45-AB01-41CF-B4B1-C3932D…)

exactly, I don’t ship sirius with anybody at all tbh but the fact that they also love to cry that’s it’s “homophobic” to pair him with a woman is just pathetic kek

No. 197959

It's so odd. When i was in middle and high school, i used to love reading fics and discussing ships with friends on and offline. Now people are telling you that shipping two characters is 'literally homophobic.' as if it makes any difference to real issues irl. jfc

No. 197961

Out of morbid curiosity I went to the HP tvtropes page to see what were the recent controversies around the series, since we're talking about the retarded recent fans, the movie-only fags and the people who just hate JKR and never read one book or watched one movie. Apparently some people think Rita Skeeter is supposed to be a transwoman because she's described as having "mannish hands" and because she spies on characters to spill the tea. This is so retarded, I wonder if I can find even more stupid bullshit.

No. 197967

I think the marauders should have bullied even more unwashed autists

No. 197968

James Potter will never have sex with you.

No. 197970

I'm glad i went to the movie and it was full of fun normie fag HP fans who cheered and laughed as it played. You're 100 right. I had someone post on a friend's timeline about seeing this movie literally kills trans people and when i ask these fags why they dont like JKR, they can't answer. It's simple sexism.

No. 197972

and honestly, i think the subtext was there earlier too even though because of the british laws at the time jkr coulnd't explicitly say that dumbo's gay. the books make a point to point out dumbledore's flamboyant sense of fashion and he likes to read knitting pattern magazines, like those are pretty stereotypical "dude's a homo" hints from those times. kids these days just don't understand that having a gay character in very mainstream children's book/ya books just really couldn't be a thing back then.

No. 197973

Brb. Going to see the movie to make non-deranged friends who're normies or based.

No. 197974

I have a deep hatred for draco malfoy and all of his fans

No. 197975

Yes, because he's a fictional character. I am not confused on that point because I don't have autism

No. 197977

File: 1650155805957.gif (2.81 MB, 498x280, 1600795598135.gif)

I've already said this but I also noticed the subtext long before the interview where JKR confirms that Dumbledore is gay and that's despite me having memory issues due to some medical issues at the time I'm doing way better now but that's another topic and while I wasn't a turbo retard let's just say I wasn't even able to remember and recognize my teachers and classmates' faces and voices for years despite me seeing them everyday and it ruined my grades at some point so if I could notice the very obvious subtext, other people have no excuse. But it's been so long and I read the last book in two days only as soon as it got released so I wouldn't be able to give you concrete examples or quotes. I do remember some characters shit talking him during the wedding at the beginning of the book and trying to explain he was very, veryyyy close to Grindelwald despite Grindelwald being a psycho, to the point where he wasn't making rational decisions anymore, before fighting him. I can't imagine something like that with a deep friendship. Maybe with family members or lovers but not "mere" best friends. And then there's his brother/the bartender explaining some family drama right before the Hogwart battle. I think to new movie is all about that, right? I have a feeling that reading manga by CLAMP all my childhood and teenage years helped me spot subtext easily kek I really want to watch the new movie but I haven't see the first two Fantastic Beasts movies and can't find it online, in my country it seems it's only on Amazon Prime and then after getting the subscription I'll have to pay both movies. No fucking way, fuck Amazon.

Funny how back then the people complaining about Dumbledore being gay were homophobes who thought it made him look disgusting or just way less cool, now it's the reverse.

No. 197982

It's not homophobic but it doesn't really make sense to pair Sirius with a woman because he doesn't really have any meaningful interactions with women in the books unless you count Bellatrix I suppose. Remus/Sirius is okay, the fans are shitty but the pairing itself is a bit lame considering we know from the books Sirius and James we closest in the group. But people can't resist the good boy/bad boy dynamic which I guess is why Harry/Draco and James/Regulus (kek?) are also popular.

No. 197983

>seeing this movie literally kills trans people
Huh, I wonder what's my kill count since I saw it twice. Hope playing the new HP game helps me increase it even more.

No. 197988

funnily enough, the biggest "autists" in this fandom are the pudgy, acne-ridden girls who cream themselves to ATYD every night and fantasize about being the fifth member of the Marauders.

No. 197990

>Sirius and James were closer so that ship might make more sense than Sirius/Remus

Yeah but to a lot of the fandom, Jily is seen as the "true love perfect relationship" so James is like, reserved for Lily.

Also this next bit might veer into schizoposting but I always suspected that people are more heavily inclined to ship Sirius/Remus because they both transform into canine creatures of some sort, and they subconsciously want to read about them having Dog x Wolf furry sex or some shit. Also the imagery of their names: Sirius is a constellation whereas Moony is, well the moon. Idiot 13 year-olds read this and think, "omg Lupin x Sirius is the STARS and the MOON!!! SO DEEP!!!"

No. 197991

File: 1650161280605.png (46.89 KB, 648x422, 1GTTPNi.png)

There were even articles in the mainstream media about how Tonks was supposedly a great "missed opportunity" for genderfluid representation. This one's from Vox:


It's apparently because she chose to go by a gender-neutral name, had bright pink hair, and could choose to grow a dick/pussy whenever she wanted… or whatever

No. 197996

No. 197997

girl we're all retards obsessed with a kids book series, let's not act like we're hot shit because we're invested in slightly less cringy members of those book series

No. 197998

That is pretty schizo anon. I think people latched on to wolfstar because Sirius and Remus actually interact in the current story, not just in a single flashback or via anecdote from another character.

No. 198039

listen faggot worshippers, there's this thing called friendship that you autists maybe can't comprehend, just cause I like hanging out with my female friends over my husband at times, does not mean I am more romantically interested,
the vast majority of human beings are straight and wanting to see teenage boys have unnatural sex with each other means you suffer from a porn addiction, that you should likely try to solve

Here are some tips to get you on the right track of reducing your addictions

No. 198041

File: 1650187579721.jpeg (290.99 KB, 975x915, 7EA92792-4400-42F2-9C9E-9FFECD…)

wow so cool thanks, i’ll share a helpful tip too if you off yourself you won’t have to share the earth with “disgusting porn sick coomers”!

No. 198047

No. 198048

friendship doesn’t exist. only homo sex

No. 198055

I don't know shit about Harry Potter but I'm continually surprised at the autistic level of rage some anons have for fujoshis on this site. Why are you guys spending so much energy seething at other women's harmless fun when there are a million other more important things to get worked up over?

No. 198056

File: 1650192128625.jpg (96.77 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>Linking to Reddit on an imageboard

No. 198057

imagine during a fandom conversation, a couple of degenerates bring up feet and how hot they think feet are, obviously this would be considered disgusting and inappropriate and ask them to leave, that principles applies to fujos, you like seeing two men together cause you have some abnormal porn addiction

No. 198058

It’s the same retard who does this shit constantly, “her” typing style is very obvious, I think it was outed as a moid when it posted an uncropped screenshot the fujo hate thread, the typing style and words the creature uses are rather easy to point out combined with the retarded aggression and coming into off topic threads to reee about fujos

No. 198059

anyway… i love gay ships

No. 198061

File: 1650193707622.jpeg (109.13 KB, 720x720, 25981E94-9EAC-458B-9F1F-5FE56D…)

you’re right anon friends to lovers is too boring which is why I much prefer enemies to lovers

No. 198062

>she cares about male """"friendship""""""""

No. 198064

I mean idk, being friends with a man, as a man? Spending time together and caring for each other? Just even talking to another man? That’s pretty fucking gay if you ask me.

No. 198076

I want to know why McGonagall was in FB3 when she wasn't born yet.

No. 198080

Your perception of slash shipping as solely fetishistic is very scrote-y, anon. If it was just about sex, absurdly long "slow burn" fics wouldn't be as popular and common as they are.

Slash shipping is partially the product of media in patriarchal cultures often failing to sufficiently flesh out female characters. Why ship your favorite character with a blandly written one when his male best friend is more fully realized? There's also the simple fact that some shippers just find both characters hot/cute and like them together for that reason.

It's honestly sad that you consider heterosexual women looking at cute guys kissing to be on par with scrotes who have foot fetishes. Like one is just people being attracted to the opposite sex, and the other is getting boners over toes because your brain is broken.

No. 198086

counterpoint, why not create healthy heterosexual depictions of love and sex, cause the gay depictions your making are essential OC and also the fact that fujo culture comes from a pedophilic obsessed nation like Japan doesn't help matters either and often flourishes for self hating misogynistic women who spend too much time online, there's a reason why men obsessed with hentai troon out more then regular men and why fujos troon out compared to regular women, also the fact you will always remain a minority of self hating women with porn addictions that need to be worked on


No. 198088

>why not create healthy heterosexual depictions of love and sex
Because that's boring, end of the discussion. Stop with the anti fujo sperg, no one cares.

No. 198089

On top of that I think most of us (the straight anons I mean) can get into a heterosexual relationship irl ourselves if we wanted to so no need to read badly written fanfics for that.

No. 198090

there it is, spoken like a true coomer and I think that this is the most honest answer you could give so I am proud of you, while I still find you disgusting if more fujos admitted that ship m/m cause they suffer form porn addictions rather then making excuses I'd hate them a lot less

hope this helps

No. 198092

I'm not even a fujo, I give zero fuck about shipping, I just think that of all the possibilities canon het shipping is boring as fuck, I totally see why fans want to explore other possibilities. Most fujos don't yell homophobia at authors who don't make the gay pairings canon, calm down.

No. 198094

No. 198096

Your post is so simultaneously condescending and retarded that I'm convinced you must be a scrote.

I don't watch porn, and I usually only read sfw fanfic. I understand that as a male you can't comprehend the idea that women aren't a hivemind, but each of us have different reasons for shipping what we ship. Sure, some people are TIF coomers, but others of us just like the damn characters together.

Maybe instead of assuming we're the problem, you should look into why you have such a visceral, angry response to seeing same-sex couples and/or unchaste women. Seems like you have some issues of your own.

No. 198098

File: 1650205077433.jpg (86.62 KB, 735x524, 578c0f9fd0a37825f0f576cd9307c3…)

Stop humoring that anon, nonnies. It's probably bait. And even if it isn't, it's just tired and repetitive. Ignore it and let them talk to a wall

No. 198101

I read all the books but didn't watch all the movies because of how the 4th movie left off a bunch of shit from the book. Now I kind of want to binge watch all the movies for my own entertainment and also to see what movie only fake fans know and misunderstand about the story and JKR. I'm ESL so I'm also kind of considering rereading the books in English someday, my French books were so damaged I had to throw them away years ago.

No. 198109

File: 1650208425227.jpg (1.81 MB, 1654x2339, FQc6Df9VgAAmywl.jpg)

Just saw Mads call the niffler "muffler" and I think it should be their new name.

>what movie only fake fans know
What do you mean by this nona?

But please do watch them, they're not bad just very compressed compared to the books.

No. 198110

We did a movie off night with HP movies and that was pretty fun. We can always try to schedule it again. I think reading the books first, then seeing the movies is the best way to do it.

kek Mads. I love that

No. 198111

I mean that I've seen too many people bragging that they're HP experts online, then they'll start talking about plot points and characters and you'll see that they have no idea what they're talking about. I've seen too many people calling Ron a retard for my own sanity.

No. 198112

she's simply that powerful

No. 198113

I never pay attention to movie nights because of different time zones. If that ever happens again when I have free time I'll definitely participate though.

No. 198116

Yes let's do it! I think only part 1-3 were streamed? So let's watch the rest too!

No. 198120

Why not eat a dick, schizo fuck. You're a neet loser who sits on his ass all day projecting mental illnesses onto randoms.

No. 198122

It may be the same poster who got caught in /ot/ accidentally showing his scrotey bookmarks, he is obsessed with fujos. I'm sure it is a man but we should ignore his spergs regardless

No. 198149

Where can I watch the second Fantastic Beasts movie online illegally? No Netflix or Amazon prime bullshit, it's not on streaming platforms where I live, I'd have to actually buy the movie and I heard it's really not that good.

No. 198152

seconding this, I want to stan Snape on cytube

No. 198155

Torrenting is still the most simple way to watch a film illegally.

No. 198162

For some reason I'd be more likely to find movies with french dubs that way though.

No. 198179

Nevermind I found it, it looks blurry as fuck though but it's free.

No. 198186

I think this pairing makes no sense

No. 198197

File: 1650233690127.gif (1.25 MB, 220x393, 1647830066832.gif)

Oh shit Dumbledore and Grindelwald are hlding hands onscreen soon after Dumbledore says they were much more than brothers, that's the gayest shit I've ever since in a big budget movie.

No. 198204

Why does it not make sense to you?

No. 198235

File: 1650244033892.png (553.86 KB, 600x900, tumblr_pca40faM9k1qjcn4eo1_640…)

Ok so now that I've seen the first two Fantastic Beasts movies: the first one is fun but I watched it with horrible quality and while doing housework so I'll definitely rewatch it later. The second one is weird, not bad but it feels incomplete, there's so much going on at the same time it feels like it should have been longer for everything to seem more coherent. I also have no idea if I was supposed to give a fuck about Leta and Yusuf or not, it feels like their backstories would have made more sense if this were a TV show and they had their own dedicated episodes, no idea if I'm making sense here. I didn't know Ezra Miller before that, so everytime he was on screen with his ugly haircuts I couldn't help but picture him assaulting Hawaiians in bars and yelling about Rwanda. I'm planning on watching the next one with friends. No idea if that's spoilers but why am I seeing several big twitter accounts saying that there's a cut scene where Mads kisses Jude on the neck? Is it real or is it just bullshit invented by Mads' and Jude's crazy fangirls? Please no spoilers!

No. 198258

House elves are so fucking ugly. Like I get it was intentional but I can't barely stand looking at any scene in the movies with the house elves. Gross little freaks

No. 198309

File: 1650269507868.jpg (62.25 KB, 323x500, 51iA0FByaLL.jpg)

Has anyone read the Fantastic Beasts book that was released for charity with all the annotations by Harry & Ron? There was the Quidditch Through The Ages book too! I'm not interested in the movies, but I would KILL for Rowling to release more in-universe textbooks!

No. 198311

I was honestly terrified of them when I was younger, I would literally shit my eyes if they appeared in the film, everything about them unsettled me from their appearance to the way they speakwhen I found out that people actually shipped dobby with harry, made me lost faith in humanity for a little bit

No. 198339

I wish I didn't read your post anon, now I'll have nightmares about that every night.

No. 198350

Late but I hate the French covers, they're ugly and look half-assed. Even worse when you actually buy the book from the pic you just posted, see the other side of the cover and notice you've been lowkey spoiled because the other side shows Ron and Hermione next to Dobby's tombstone before even leaving the bookshop.

No. 198361

The thing is that most people calling themselves Harry Potter fans are way more familiar with the movies than with the books and don't know shit about additional info from outside of the height movies. And that's including the person who made that tumblr post. Maybe at best they read the books long ago and don't remember all the details because they didn't reread them later, which is normal, but in that case you can't just say that something happens in the story when that's a lie not a huge exaggeration. It's the same thing as when people treat Ron like a turbo retard and say that without Hermione everyone would have died in the first volume when it only applied to the movies.

Speaking of fans who only watched some of the movies long ago and don't know much besides that, I just started seeing tweets about how shocked some people are that Dumbledore was made gay in the latest movie and how it's ruined their childhood, as if it weren't revealed like over a decade ago and as if it weren't obvious enough in the last novel kek. I've also seen zoomers still shitting in their diapers in the mid-2000s saying that Dumbledore was revealed to be gay by JKR at a poor attempts to appeal to SJWs very soon after she said people could headcanon Hermione as black if they wanted, I have no idea how these are so bad at math and try to talk about things they never witnessed themselves and don't understand but ok.

No. 198395

>I didn't know Ezra Miller before that, so everytime he was on screen with his ugly haircuts I couldn't help but picture him assaulting Hawaiians in bars and yelling about Rwanda.
Kek same, it's uncomfortable seeing him play a villain with dead eyes because you know he is like that irl too.
As for your spoiler, we probably won't know for sure until an extended version is released.

No. 198412

Yeah I have 2 versions of it, one in english and one in portuguese. I loved it, reread many times as a kid.
I don't remember the name of the creatures but I was especially scared of the mat thingy that eats people in their sleep or something like that and the I think three (or maybe five?) legged creatures that were actually witches that got some type of curse but they killed the witches that do that to them so there was no one alive to undo the spell.

I wish there was more stuff on magical creatures or weird witch stories.

No. 198450

Credence is such a sad character though, it's even hard for me to see him as an villain. He was an abused orphan pedo groomed into Grindelwald's cause. No wonder he got a redemption arc. I enjoy Ezra's portrayal of him (and I think he looked good in SoD, though nowhere his prime) - I wish the actor wasn't a giant psycho douche irl since I had to ignore the Rwanda monologue playing in my head every time I saw him.
I've liked Credence since the first movie premiered, Miller's irl business will not take that away from me.

No. 198461

I completely agree, he is a tragic character. Can't look at his actor's face without thinking "villain" though.

No. 198467

He looked so good in the last film, but every time he came on screen, i wanted to burst out laughing from thinking of his Hawaii rap. I like him as Credence though and liked the character as well. I wanted more from him tbh

No. 198522

File: 1650308960188.jpg (46.85 KB, 458x700, 35.jpg)

What are your thoughts on young Johnny Depp as Sirius?

No. 198543

My only opinion of Johnny Depp is that he's the best example of why you should never smoke and do drugs.

No. 198554

I'm so glad he was replaced by Mikkelsen in FB. Should've been from the start.

No. 198563

>every time he came on screen, i wanted to burst out laughing from thinking of his Hawaii rap
Glad to hear I'm not alone. In the beginning I was quietly snorting and my friend thought I was going full retard even though I've shown her the video earlier
Could be interesting, though I've always imagined Sirius as someone more… IDK, maybe more like how Hiddleston looked in Only Lovers Left Alive? Fuck, I had someone else in my mind but I forgot who it was

No. 198588

Sirius is supposed to be good looking. Depp looked like a washed out junkie even in his youth. No thanks.

No. 198599

Just came here to say james potter did nothing wrong I would have gladly punched that greasy wizard nazi too

No. 198601

He wasn't ugly just yet though, it happened slowly but surely.

If Mikkelsen actually got Grindelwald's role to begin with I would have paid attention to the Fantastic Beasts movies since the first one and watched them in theater. Grindelwald was supposed to be a charming, charismatic man according to the books iirc and Depp just made him look like a Tim Burton quirky character because of how he looks so I had a hard time taking him seriously when watching the movies yesterday.

No. 198626

>t. Sirius

No. 198629

Has anybody rewatched the movies once becoming a parent and been horrified at how super fucking dark everything gets?

I loved HP growing up. But now I’m like damn- that’s a lot of murder and breaking the laws of nature.

No. 198633

Mads should have been casted first. IMO Depp ruined that role and i couldn't stand looking at his washed out albino face. At least Mads is attractive. How could young Dumbledore fall for someone as ugly as G played by Depp?

No. 198638

File: 1650331412082.jpg (84.81 KB, 915x1220, 827uGhF.jpg)

>always p-p-punch nahtzees!!! b-be gay, do crimes!!!

you can't even go outside and order food without suffering an anxiety attack. you are not beating anyone up lol

No. 198639

imagine being this wrong

No. 198640

go back to twitter

No. 198644

>reeeeee Snape was a homophobic transphobic ableist bigot who joined a hate group and used the wizarding equivalent of the N-slur

Based, makes me like him even more.

No. 198653

I would help Snape commit a hate-crime against you

No. 198666

he bullied a kid who lives in poverty and was abused at home and isolated him from his only friend, even before snape turned into a wizard nazi. james doesn't have much redeeming qualities other than being in the good side of the war and is the bio dad of harry.

No. 198671

File: 1650342014842.png (1.52 MB, 1250x1400, zzeIHrF.png)

nonono you don't get it - these absolute autists justify that by screeching about how Snape was a privileged WHITE male incel and James was just trying to defend marginalized peoples inside of Hogwarts. "Nyoooo, James was just trying to de-Nazify his school and stand up for wimmen and minorities~"

oh and these retards have the headcanon that despite being a wealthy princeling, James was actually oppressed because he was brown-skinned and Indian. They see James as a poor little poc fighting back against his white Nazi slavemaster (Snape), lmao!

No. 198672

i don't get the indian headcanon as well because james is literally a pureblood, you know the group of people that is so into the purity of wizard blood and breed. he might have different ideology but he'll always will be a privilege white boy.

No. 198704

Shit bait, but since a lot of people say that about Snape… God, imagine having no reading comprehension whatsoever and having trouble understanding a series of books for children/teenagers. I understand now why so many games, films, TV series etc. have no subtlety or nuance whatsoever and just bash the audience on the head with plot points.
Weeb autism like Kingdom Hearts may be more your speed kek

No. 198706

Not a parent but I found it hard to watch the scenes were adults harm and even try to kill children. The movies and books really do get dark!

No. 198733

Those kids had it coming, especially Harry

No. 198738

t. Voldemort

No. 198740

No. 198741

i remember by the 3rd movie it got really dark, like even the visuals and stuff got so much darker. i remember my mum has only watched the first two because of this

No. 198742

i only watched a bit of the first FB movie, it just doesn't have the same feel as the HP movies, obviously. i hate how americanised it has got. HP was charming as it was just british with brit actors. not with these dumb american houses either. lame

No. 198744

I think the book/movie that made the series way darker was Goblet of Fire but Prisoner of Azkaban started showing some more fucked up shit like the prison where you get your soul literally sucked out of your body and the stressful time limit to save Bucky and Sirius. I actually had a hard time reading Goblet of Fire back in middle school because the atmosphere was so different from the previous books.

No. 198745

Worst part for me has to be the snake that possessed a dead old woman in the Deathly Hallows. Just disturbing as hell to me as an adult.
>not with these dumb american houses
Kek. I agree though. HP has that feeling of magic and cozyness partly thanks to the architecture.

No. 198751

>Worst part for me has to be the snake that possessed a dead old woman in the Deathly Hallows.
That scene in the movie disturbed me so much because it was so unexpected. I wasnt even that young when the last movie came out but it's engrained in my memory.

No. 198768

File: 1650372429776.jpg (145.67 KB, 1200x564, Fantastic Beasts and Where to …)

i really enjoy colin farrell's acting as grindelwald in the first movie. when depp was announced to be dropped in the film, i was hoping that they'd do smth with colin either as grindelwald or as percival. idk, anything really.

i also can't help but ship percival and credence together. it's like full-on angst, an abused teen trying his best to trust a man whose face was used to lure him into becoming an obscurus.

No. 198787

Yeah, Colin didn't do a bad job either. I still like Mads more (partially because he's better to look at, but also a great actor.) I dont know why they ever went with Depp. Having three different people play the same character was definitely a bad choice.
Does anyone know why Colin didn't reprise the role?

No. 198805

aww ezra

No. 198953

yeah and the whole thing about a grown fucking man pretending to be children's pet rat for 12 years and sleeping in little kid's bed

No. 198992

super bigoted slytherin-y pureblood society doesn't conform to real world racism, though. blaise zabini is black and sneers at ginny for being a "blood traitor" in hbp, iirc

No. 199140

I finally watched the movie, it's better than the second one. This is the gayest mainstream movie I've seen so far. I still have a crush on Jude Law even if he looks old now, lord forgive me for my sins. And turbo kek at Dumbledore comparing his relationship with Grindelwald to his brother getting a gf and impregnating her in the middle of the movie, this might be even gayer than gay porn at this point. Jacob is based, Newt is still a cute autist, Queenie is still stupid and annoying, Yusuf is the only wizard with a normal, basic bitch name for some reason, etc.

No. 199178

Grindelwald turns into Depp at the end of the first movie. Farrell was always just a disguise

No. 199183

File: 1650501388312.jpg (27.58 KB, 392x472, 67.jpg)

What about Ezra Miller as Sirius? Sirius would never be a themby of course, but he might cause some chaos in Hawaii with James

No. 199185

I wanted to have sex with Remus before I even knew what sex was. I still like older sensitive teachers because of him

No. 199188

I feel like Remus could be the only marauder okay with going down on a woman, although perhaps James also does

No. 199195

James uses teeth

No. 199220

File: 1650512926646.jpg (683.96 KB, 2160x2572, devgbu8-57653772-f4d8-4b0d-a4e…)

Honestly think Adam Driver would be the best option.

No. 199222

My bad I meant as Snape.

No. 199246

I forgot to mention but the new movie reminded me of the 12 Kingdoms. Now I want to reread all the HP and 12 Kingdom books because of the qilin, if anyone has other recommendations for novels that give similar vibes and that are easy/quick to read I'm listening. I only care about series that are over though.

No. 199328

Agree but he's been long too old to play young Snape unless they de-age him. I would love him as Snape

No. 199350

File: 1650566945345.png (286.67 KB, 500x592, tumblr_ofzyagLVCQ1vrbwrao1_500…)

Bump, don't scroll

No. 199369

No idea why anons are bumping threads but I'll do it while staying on-topic: I just saw theories that Dumbledore is an archaic word for "bumblebee" and Grindelwald wears a tie with a subtle lavender print and apparently bumblebees are a huge preference for pollen from lavender literally the worst flower on earth after the rafflesia do not argue with me on this it smells awful and now I'm wondering why Dumbledore was even named that to begin with. I'm sure I'm missing something because I'm ESL.

No. 199371

There was cp

No. 199414

File: 1650582935532.jpg (1018.61 KB, 2048x1536, what if we were both bullies a…)

James would never use teeth on Sirius! He's a good friend/adoptive brother.

No. 200013

File: 1650791343661.jpg (156.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Watched the last movie yesterday and it was so uselessly long imo. Could have easily cut 45 minutes, here's a few things that I didn't like/understand
>The wizards (supposedly the superior race) choose their president with Bambi
>Why do wizards think a muggle did a terrorist attack with a wand?
>Grindelwald just had to mention WW1 to prove that the muggles were murderous savages but instead pointed fingers at a fat boulanger
>Hogwarts student unphased over seeing seeked terrorist eating in the Great Hall
>Newt's crab dance
>Ezra is there, waving in the background and writing on mirrors
>Scenario struggles to link the different arcs together, probably because they have no idea where the story is going to go (no script for next movie)
I'm sure the only thing they have planned is for the last movie to show baby Harry

No. 200018

File: 1650792553272.png (820.34 KB, 1080x484, matagot.png)

samefagging, but since the first movie I've been weirded out by the creatures' CGI. They look like they don't belong in the franchise they look so cartoonish and comical. Even HP3, which came out in 2004, did a better job

No. 200019

Look up what a qilin is, it's exactly how that works in Chinese myths. Read or watch the 12 kingdoms to see how that works in more details, it's not a creature invented by JKR and she pictured it accurately. At least Dumbledore didn't get fucking kidnapped by a qilin disguised as a sexy blond man at the end of the movie like Yoko is at the beginning of the 12 kingdoms. Grindelwald is a retarded liar who just hates muggles because he sees them aw inferior but that's the whole point of his character. Ezra has daddy issues and communicates with his bio dad with a magic mirror somehow supposedly there's a cut scene in the castle when he talks to Dumbledore so maybe that's what would have explained how he can do this. Hogwarts is so fucked up that a muggle terrorist is the least of their issues kek, the whole school is some demonic place where you can die just from taking the wrong stairs.

>I'm sure the only thing they have planned is for the last movie to show baby Harry

God I hope not.

No. 200073

ty nonna, I didn't know qilins were an actual thing

No. 200135

I guess it's not obvious for a western audience and there's the fact that the entire franchise has creatures from actual mythologies from all over the world and creatures invented by the writer so it's hard to guess which is which with no prior context. If I didn't know what a qilin was before watching the movie I would have been as confused as you were.

No. 200172

During the movie I chuckled because
>Grindelwald "passes" a test that shows he's pure of heart and good enough to lead
>Immediately uses the Cruciatus Curse on muggle

No. 200189

Yes, he's funny. I loved his reaction when the qilin that was actually alive ignored him, he looked so bitchy. And he looked so amused when Jacob pretended he was going to kill him at the diner. Grindelwald really is a dumb bitch.

No. 200347

I can't stop thinking about Grindeldore these days. What is wrong with me.

No. 200348

You like old men? I won't judge. They're pretty cool.

No. 200354

I really liked their scenes together and I like stupid melodrama, the scene in the restaurant was cute. I felt so bad for Dumbledore at the end of the movie but I guess that's what he gets for sticking his dick in crazy. I don't think I'm into old men but both actors were hot when they were younger and I can't unsee that, especially when Jude Law's hairline didn't get obliterated yet as divine punishment for being a slag.

No. 202408

File: 1651317816572.jpg (37.03 KB, 450x604, bbb.jpg)

YOOOOO, join the party, nonnie! They're SO DELICIOUSLY ANGSTY, IT OVERFLOWS

No. 202409

File: 1651317878999.jpg (58.58 KB, 699x756, dfsaf.jpg)

Bonus AU where they're old wizard husbands and fashion hijinks ensue

No. 202745

File: 1651426861759.gif (936.37 KB, 277x200, mlugbn.gif)

WB please release the cut scene where Mads kisses Jude on the neck in the restaurant right fucking now, I'm begging you.

Dumbledore is a fashion icon and a terf who knits all of his and his bf's scarves. Canon and real.

No. 203312

Now this is the kind of Dumbledore fashion I like to see, no boring grey suit!

No. 203358

I'm doing a HP movies marathon by myself, currently rewatching goblet of fire. It made me remember about the book scene where Harry is waiting to get called for the dragon battle task, the sheer anxiety of the waiting description gave me butterflies in my tum when I read it

No. 204935

Here's hoping

No. 205441

File: 1652330775395.png (853.94 KB, 1000x707, 27cf6bc52acf72dc70cdfa1fcabf07…)

Some fanart as a bandaid

No. 205442

File: 1652330805739.jpg (258.51 KB, 1124x2048, FROHJtLUYAEPtee.jpg)

No. 205560

File: 1652378020845.jpg (185.12 KB, 639x1200, FSkaOsBXEAA2UeS.jpg)

Thanks! Here, have more Grindeldore.

No. 205562

File: 1652378376275.jpg (41.35 KB, 661x900, FSVBVT1aIAEabDV.jpg)

No. 205565

File: 1652378887914.jpg (130.27 KB, 900x900, FQnkE1JVkAQzLD8.jpg)

And last one before I get banned for "spamming" or whatever. Can't believe Hideo Kojima retweeted this kek. But at the same time, he made Big Boss/Ocelot kind of canon in MGS3 so maybe he ships Grindeldore just because they're hot, gay middle aged men.

No. 205670

Based Chinese artists dont disappoint.

No. 206080

File: 1652557770389.jpg (282.52 KB, 978x1378, FNnqfAkUcAEH5bS.jpg)

I'm about to lose my fucking mind, why is this official art of Newt so much cuter than the actual Newt? Why does Japan have anime art for their official merchandises while here all I can have is some pajamas from Primark and Undiz with some half assed Hogwarts logos?

No. 206081

Because he is anime in that pic?

No. 206082

Why does he have a platypus?

No. 206084

I asked myself that exact same question when I saw that thing in the first movie. I guess platypus are so fucked up that they easily pass for magical creatures/pokemon without major cosmetic changes.

No. 206086

It's a niffler nona, educate yourself on the important matters

No. 206212

Cutest autist.

No. 206222

File: 1652572622586.jpg (72.22 KB, 749x1042, 698.jpg)

Why is so much fanart of Sirius and Regulus so unintentionally gay?

No. 206230


No. 206260

The people who draw it hate incest, so yes.

No. 209213

Damn now I want to see the actual scene too

No. 210205

File: 1653932745347.jpg (71.15 KB, 666x680, FTnMjfXUUAEC3fn.jpg)

So, was the scene added in the bluray and DVD of the movie? Because I want to see it too.

No. 210516

File: 1654020818896.png (1.18 MB, 660x988, hp5.png)

No. 210619

Look pretty good tbh

No. 210801

These are all really nice. I love the colors on the Prison of Azskaban. I wish they included Sirius on the cover though

No. 210890

File: 1654137233102.jpg (357.82 KB, 1024x768, gay sexual harassment.jpg)

Anons, do you think JKR thinks the marauders (mainly James and Sirius) were good people? She seems to like James/Lily as a pairing despite his bullying.

No. 210917

It's been years since I read the books but I'm pretty sure that Harry was shocked and disgusted once he learned about his dad being a shithead bully. Seems like JK wanted to write them as flawed shithead teens who grew into mostly good adults. Although it's possible that they were based on bullies she had as a kid and that's why they all get killed keke

No. 210940

Sirius was ok imo, you could blame his questionable teenage behaviour on his shit family life.
James is insufferable, I remember him being so cocky in this scene, constantly ruffling his hair to look like he just rode a broom and playing with a golden snitch that he stole. I know that JKR probably was trying to showcase how no one is truly good/evil through his character but it just fell flat

No. 210975

does it really matter what she thinks about the marauders? i think it's very clear that they're a good example for how group mentality and being very young can lead you to do bad stuff, but you can still redeem yourself. not saying that we really see how james became a better person, but sirius ended up in prison for years, and remus basically lost his entire support system and had to deal with the hatred against werewolves all by himself, without the support of his friends. still, they did their best to fight back against voldemort and to do the right thing by supporting harry, joining the order, etc.

but i also feel that snape is a good example for how bullying can affect someone for the rest of your life and just because you're an adult you can still harbor grudges and feel the pain of being tormented as a kid.

not saying that james/lily is such a perfect couple or that snape's crush on lily is sooo cute and admirable. but i like how jkr hardly ever writes perfectly morally good or bad characters, except for voldemort maybe.

No. 211136

I just want to know why Snape didn't have clothes on under his robes

No. 211229

File: 1654248917419.jpg (382.27 KB, 914x1371, 3809328.jpg)

these are nice and all but why did they give harry a boobs and ass pose

No. 211231

Edwige looks like she's about to bitch slap everyone.

No. 211232

I actually really like these, the colours are nice.

No. 211242

He is looking behind him to see if the scary black dog is still there, duh. And Hedwig does indeed look like she will slap someone.

No. 211257

I waited until just now to attempt to watch the Fantastic Beasts movies and just finished the second one. Got to say I should've trusted my instincts, they suck and blow very hard. I am really let down. I can't believe they let something so messy be associated with Harry Potter

No. 211269

What did you dislike? I waited as well until the third movie got released because I had no clue JKR wrote the scripts so I thought they were just there for the money, and Johnny Depp as Grindelwald seemes very OOC compared to what we knew from the books so I only disliked the second movie.

No. 212282


Nta but the pacing was so fucking slow and overall I found the first film boring. I got an hour in and nothing had fucking happened so I stopped watching. Plus none of the acting was charismatic enough to keep me interested… Boring character portrayal I think. Not written to be engaging.

Plus the franchising of Harry potter leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Fucking capitalism

And I knew the dumble/grindle would be 99% queerbaiting and not given the attention it deserves. I mean, an exciting new attachment turned toxic power imbalance?! With sibling death trauma and irreparable betrayal? Fascinating!

But as far as I know, it's barely touched upon except for a wink nudge to book readers

No. 212293

It's not queerbaiting it's explicit enough to be impossible to fully censor. As for Dumbass and Grindrwald's past, it's in the books, though it's not in the form of flashbacks. JKR probably didn't want the last movie to be too repetitive compared to the 6th and 7th books

No. 212440

File: 1654597789811.png (423.87 KB, 1160x1621, p5pi0ugWm51vfhl4ho1_1280.png)

I also didn't enjoy the first movie, I found it really boring and useless. It didn't feel like it takes place in the wizarding world, it was like an HP inspired separate universe to me. Second movie was odd and the main plot twist made me laugh out loud, but I think I'm one of the rare person who prefered it over the first one.
Third one is my fav (still mediocre) but it felt so long and dragging, the constant lore inconsistencies/revision that were already present in the first two movies are next level in this one. However, you can tell it would have actually been good as a book, which frustrates me even more. JKR should have wrote FBs books and then let someone adapt them as movies

No. 212461

>james became a better person
JKR wrote snippets about him post marrying Lily and he stills acts like an insufferable manchild. He does shit like pranking muggles with magic with Sirius and ruins the last dinner Lily had with her sister and her husband by acting like a complete retard. Remus even admits he still acted like a retard behind Lily's back, jinxing and pranking people after their relationship started. The "he grew up" is a preteen fanfic POC james meme, anon.

I don't know why JKR made it so hard to like them honestly when it does seems she really wants you to like them. She also maybe accidentally, maybe not, wrote Lily to be a shuwu tier pickme, she doesn't seem to have female friends (or any friends of her own, at all), her sister who is her only family hates her, and she seems to put up with her boyfriend's cringy bros bullshit to be the cool girl.

No. 212464

"gay sexual harassment" filename my sides anon

Objectively they are shit, the marauders+Lily seemed the kind of people who are self righteous and hypocrite about their beliefs and who think not being a literal nazi automatically makes them good people and justifies whatever nasty shit they do, kinda like wokies and leftiecows behave nowadays ironically kek. (watching Sirius and Remus try to justify the shitty things they did to Snape to Harry in OotP makes my skin crawl, they are adults in there and won't just admit they fucked up many years ago in front of the 15 year old, why do people even like them? I remember reading OotP as a kid and finding really hard to like Sirius in particular, he was a toxic asshole. Didn't he also beat his elf up while preaching that only cowards abuse those under them? lmao).

But from the quotes from JK i've read talking about them, she does seem to think they were good people and that you are supposed to like them?? Personally I think that she has a bad case of cognitive dissonance going on, she probably is big into bad boys like someone pointed out earlier in the thread and tbh? Despite her terfy views she oozes a bit of pickme energy tbh, it was way worse back when she wrote the books (her female characters are mostly written like shit). She seems the kind of girl who finds shitty behavior from "her" boys cute and quirky while condemns it when it comes from strangers. Idk Jily is a redflag shitfest only naïve teen girls seem to be into and JK seemed to think they are super cute and uwu together, with stellar quotes on places the wiki like "they are true love and meant for each other". I truly don't get it, it may be just because they are the protag's parents and she is not allowed to talk shit about them for marketing reasons or something.

No. 212478

Where can I find these short stories? I don't think JKR wanted James to seem likable after the 5th volume, because of the flashback where he sexually harrasses Snape in public and Harry being disgusted and disappointed after learning this.

No. 212496

How exactly is it queerbaiting?

No. 212507

Mads and Jude weren't 69ing on screen for 30min and moaning like sluts, so it's queerbaiting.

No. 212509

More importantly when did "gaybaiting" become "queerbaiting"? Gays = normal homos, queers = insane heteros.

No. 212513

ngl every time you nonnas in here specifically use the term sexual harrassment for james pantsing snape it seems to me that you're really getting off on the term and that you're hardcore james/snape shippers and are grasping at straws for any implication of anything vaguely sexual (even harassment) happening between them in canon.

No. 212521

Kek thank you, I was racking my brain trying to think of what sort of sexual harassment could have happened between the two of them in the books. It really is a Twitter invasion of lolcow, isn’t it.

No. 212524

Kek. That's what I thought. Anon who made the first post should go back to twt. Their entire plot revolved around them being in love and dating. Just because they didnt have a sex scene, it wasnt 'queerbaiting' (fuck I hate that word.)

No. 212525

summerfags are bad. but we really got an invasion of newfags from twt and tiktok

No. 212534

idk, I've had male classmates in primary school "pantsing" girls, me included, and it involved trying to grope us and touch us inappropriately so to me it's the same shit. It took me until 20 years later to start wearing dresses again because they'd also tried to remove your underwear instead of your trousers if you were wearing skirts or dresses. Teachers thought it was funny and cute kids playing together. Don't get me started on middle school where boys would often try to grope the girls' butts and breasts so often the dean had to make an announcement in each class against that kind of behavior to make sure these guys knew groping and undressing people without their consent to humiliate them is illegal.

No. 212579

File: 1654652567190.jpg (130.69 KB, 600x600, i don't know what's going on h…)

>jkr writes canon james/snape sexual harassment
>still seems to think james is straight and james/lily is uwu tru love

Is she really the best LGB ally when she does this?

No. 212613

nice trauma dump but teenage boys pantsing each other don't do it to get off they're just being retard ape men who think "lol nekkid funny hehehe"

No. 212668

God too much twitter on here lately, we need hellweek.

No. 212670

AYRT I’ve been on here since 2016. Liking slash doesn’t make you a twitterfag

No. 212673

Complaining about JK Rowling not being an "lgb ally" because of retarded takes like that certainly does make you a twitter fag.

No. 212806

I mean no matter how much jkr "liked" James and the marauders, she still killed all those fuckers off kek

No. 212874

Seething James/Lily shipper detected. I'm sorry that your OTP is bad

No. 212887

File: 1654744343121.jpg (354.44 KB, 2367x920, IMG_20220511_072021221~2.jpg)

I hate james/lily but not because of either character specifically but rather because the idea of getting married to your highschool sweetheart and having kids literally days after graduation is cringe to me. I know it happens in real life a lot but it's still stupid. You don't want to enjoy your twenties even a little? Just marry the first guy you dated and have kids? If James and Lily had lived I guarantee they would have eventually had a messy divorce

No. 213280

I'm pretty sure >>210890's pic filename was meant to be a joke, chill you fucking autists

No. 213361

The main reason people are upset is because anon is saying James likes dick, not because it may or may not be sexual assault. Why the anons ITT care whether a minor character like James Potter likes penises is beyond me.

No. 213367

Who the fuck enjoys their twenties? I've been broke this whole time and done nothing but work. "Twenties are for traveling and girls trips and having sex with hot guys!!" is for privileged rich white girls.

No. 213372

Lily was from a working class muggle family iirc, she grew up in the same poor area as Snape. If JKR had made it so she married James for his money that might have been interesting

No. 213383

Yeah you're broke but did you also shack up with the school bully and have a kid? Your twenties are great compared to what Lily would have been going through. You think James would have been a good dad? Nah Harry dodged a bullet when his folks got iced

No. 213421

File: 1654947149140.jpeg (87.52 KB, 970x597, 595074da1700001f00102b4e.jpeg)

Do you think a book series will ever have the same enormous impact as Harry Potter did? I'm talking about tens of thousands of people queuing up for midnight releases outside bookstores, millions of copies sold in 24 hours, a massive worldwide phenomena? This is the kind of thing which is usually associated with movies, maybe even music, imo it's still pretty unheard of to see the entire world go absolutely crazy for a book series, not just book lovers and fantasy readers and kids. It truly was something anyone from anywhere could enjoy. I really doubt its success will be repeated. It makes me wish I was a tad bit older to fully enjoy and witness Pottermania when it really started blowing up

No. 213429

I mean, it's not like she was going to make James come back to life just because.

No. 213435

Based takes kek. I hate James and Lily as a ship so fucking much and I can't read any marauder fics anymore because how much people uwufy them, its a fucking cringefest. I can't imagine James as any other than an ugly Indian man of
the kind that harasses the shit out of the women he sees because of these people

No. 213438

There was an anon up there who was getting autistically mad over the definition of sexual assault tho. Idk what kind of kangaroo school they assisted to but in mine only girls got "pansed", boys would just beat the fuck out of each other, not strip each other down. Also NGL its a bit weird James was gonna go as far as strip him butt naked if no one stopped him lmao, I can't think of any heterosexual teen boy who would go as far just to torment another boy, it does feel creepy tbh

No. 213444

File: 1654957711218.jpg (260.34 KB, 1080x2251, Screenshot_20220611-155700_1.j…)

Vernon and Petunia are obviously shit, but apparently James was so much of an entitled autist he couldnt be bothered to learn the very basics about muggle life and social interaction so he didn't ashame his muggleborn wife in the family dinners serves lily right though kek, what the hell was she expecting to happen

No. 213460

I’m sure it will eventually, though I don’t know if it’ll be within our lifetimes, anon.

No. 213486

stop being retarded

No. 213527

This is do hilarious. Poor Lily. Her mean sister got the more normal husband kek

No. 213703

I don't trust anyone who'd rather fuck Vernon than James, sorry anon. If you were forced to pick and you'd still pick Vernon there's something a little wrong with you

No. 213769

What the fuck are you on about. Who said anything about fucking him? I said he was more normal. But if I had to pick between an autistic manchild or fat asshole I'll just kill myself. Unlike Lily I have some standards

No. 213840

the retardation itt…

anyways, my friend and I decided to fly to england next year to go to the universal studio tour! we have to save up for a bit because my friend is still in college and only has a retail job on the side, but I'm excited!! have any nonnies been there?? how was it???

No. 213845

I may or may not go on september with friends, I'm looking forward to this.

No. 213853

The wizard society is basically an Amish community, they dress like a few centuries ago and refuse to use technology because "it's less convenient", them marrying after graduating is coherent with their lifestyle, I guess muggle borns get hardcore brainwashed into it.
That got me thinking, what if a muggle born child doesn't want to integrate wizard society, what happens, do they get zapped à la Men in Black?

No. 213854

do share what it was like afterwards! we're probably gonna go in a year or so because it's quite expensive for my friend even if her family pitches in. and we also wanna buy some merch and visit London itself too.

No. 213855

I doubt it. But I wonder if they can be forced to go to hogwards even if the muggle parents refuse and want their kids to have a normal muggle life. And how about now that technology is catching up with magic? I remember now that an old tumblr post said that gifs are basically like these magic moving paintings and photos in HP

No. 213856

I will, I just hope I'll be able to convince my manager to let me take a break at the dates when my friends will also be available soon enough for me to buy tickets. My sister went there once but I don't remember what she did there, she just told me she found it fun.

No. 213884

probably not because you wonder if that would cause an Obscurus by hiding their powers, but then maybe if they are zapped to forget, would magical things happen but they don't realize it's real magic and think it's coincidence…

No. 214117

I'm sure it will, it just hasn't been recreated yet. It will have to be a non-sexualized but not childish YA series of 4+ books to build hype over several years I think. Basically a book a parents don't feel embarrassed reading to their small kids, and a long enough series that kids grow up reading it their entire childhood. We're in such a consumer age that if a book blew up on social media like tiktok a billion kids suddenly want it too.

No. 214122

File: 1655200911535.jpg (173.84 KB, 962x673, 36BC266D00000578-3716750-image…)

>Imagine people queuing up for days in front of libraries to buy your new book
It was insane. I don't think it will ever happen again, especially on that scale. The way we consume has changed so much since the early-mid 2000s, everything is now quick consumption; really passionate obsession that doesn't last very long (like with Squid Game). The YA book market has become so saturated since HP, to the point there's nothing unique about it anymore. This applies to fantasy in general tbh. Twilight was the closest thing to HP craze and even it wasn't nearly as big. I thought the Grisha Trilogy would have a similar worldwide craze but it didn't happen, it seems like fantasy bildungsromans have been milked way too much these the past decades

No. 214134

The way you describe it reminds me of why basic shonen manga and anime are so popular nowadays (although some of them do have fanservice but normies don't like it, even straight guys). I think a urban fantasy with teenage protagonists would be treated as some kind of Harry Potter plagiarism by many people who don't read a lot, the same way high fantasy stories are sometimes treated as LotR's bad copies, and I'm not sure zoomers read as much as previous generations because of easy access to the internet, so I can only see that sort of things happening in like a decade at the earliest. When was the last time a YA book had very successful movie adptations? I remember Hunger Games being very popular at the time with the same audience.

No. 214184

I actually think that the Hunger Games and maybe the Percy Jackon/Heroes of Olympus series were probably the last big craze, everything else comes and goes really quickly that a long standing community just won't happen. There's something different about fandoms today compared to fandoms from the 2000-2010s and that's probably due to the platforms we have nowadays.
>I think a urban fantasy with teenage protagonists would be treated as some kind of Harry Potter plagiarism
I think a story has to do a bit more in order ot get slapped with the HP ripoff label, the story has to take place in a boarding magic/wizard/witch school eg: Little Witch Academia. Other stories did urban fantasy before HP.
Does a YA need a movie adaptation in order to have the same influence HP had? I remember a lot of people would actually read the books (or at least the first 2) and took pride in doing so. The movies were a cherry on top for the most part.

No. 214195

Most popular books get adaptations, or at least studios buy the rights to make tv or movie adaptations. But you're right, I remember being one of these book readers who hated when people called themselves HP fans if they only watched the inaccurate movies. I didn't even watch the 5th, the 6th and the 7th movies because of how much they butchered Goblet of Fire. But it's also true that a lot of dedicated fans will read the original materials if they discover and love a popular adaptation so who knows.

No. 214196

It's like but like other anons said, this kind of thing might not happen again because of how social media works. I remember when the 7th movie (part 1) of Deathly hallows came out, everyone dressed up. I was in NYC at the time and my gf and I dressed up and every 3rd person on the train was wearing a robe and tie of their house of choice. It was honestly really cool. It was ageless and people really had fun at the final movie. I honestly cant think of anything that came close to HP in that regard. Even Hunger games wasnt as big.

No. 215204

I kinda regret giving away my old Harry Potter merch from my childhood. some of that stuff was really unique and literally doesn't get made anymore. Now everything is just t-shirt and bags or plastic wands and shit

No. 215436

File: 1655603457416.jpg (446.21 KB, 2048x1894, srs.jpg)

What do you think it is about Sirius that makes so many fans see him as gay? Perhaps I'm biased but he definitely reads like the gayest marauder to me.

No. 215446

His literal obsession with James. His entire character is all about finding and getting revenge for James. Aside from the background we get in Order of the Phoenix, all he talks about is James.

No. 215448

I hope you can track some memorable stuff down again, anon. I dont have any nice merch from my childhood, but I still want to get Sirius' wand.

No. 215675

File: 1655689018650.png (452.8 KB, 1200x780, hmm....png)

I remember in noughties HP fandom Remus/Sirius shippers used to claim James would be homophobic and write fanfic about it. James isn't my favorite but no way was he homophobic when Sirius was his BFF. Way more likely that they were fucking that summer Sirius ran away from home and moved in with him (jokes for the autistic nonas ITT)

No. 216507

Would it be cringe to get a Harry Potter tattoo? The dark mark honestly looks pretty cool

No. 232637

File: 1661128889143.jpg (471.74 KB, 978x1900, simplypotterific.jpg)

It makes me a bit sad to think we'll never get to experience the fun that was 00s-early 10s HP fandom again

No. 232645

me too and nooo emmy cicierega has deactivated her deviantart profile, i bet no one has that animation anymore where dobby apparates to harry while he's on the toilet taking a dump

No. 232666

File: 1661137257808.jpg (876.49 KB, 853x3061, hip youth hangouts.jpg)

If I had the time I'd like to run some kind of HP nostalgia account or at least collect stuff and store it somewhere. You never know if an account will one day just disappear forever especially since JKR became a vocal terf, Fictionalley Park was one of the biggest forums around the time DH was released and now afaik it's gone

No. 233888

So hogwarts legacy is on pre order on steam and I just watched this. What do you guys think? I honestly don't get the comments going "sad it's a slytherin teaching dark arts bla bla bla stereotypes" I mean, these stereotypes exist for a reason.. what do they expect?
Anyway I really hope this won't suck. I played almost all of the hp games.. pc, ps1, ps2.. the ps1 and pc versions of the first two games have a special place in my heart. Ps1 philosophers stone had that creepy vibe/mysteriousness to it, dunno, maybe it's cus I was young but I loved it, wish I could feel that again.

No. 234017

Little bit less exited than I was before
>pushed back to february
>preorders wide open
>cosmetics to buy

Went from "buying on day one" to "wait a week after release for more info"

No. 236378

Are all pure-blood wizard kids homeschooled for their pre-Hogwarts years? Idk if it would be mentioned somewhere if there were wizard first schools (but I don't keep up with Pottermore) and probably most wizard communities outside of Hogsmeade are too small to even have one formal classroom of young witches and wizards, but does this put pure-bloods at a disadvantage to muggle-borns / half-bloods for maths? Would the ministry release a curriculum? It's fertile ground for speculative fanfics imo.

No. 236386

I assume so, we don't hear about their version of primary school. I assume the rich kids like Draco have their own tutors on top of that.

No. 236388

Everyone please refresh my memory. What does Harry do after the end of HP? Aside from producing children?

No. 236389

He becomes the equivalent of a cop or agent in the wizard world iirc.

No. 236391

The HP world is kinda depressing come to think of it, you don't have much to do as a career, you either work at the school, for the ministry or as a shopkeeper on diagon alley.

No. 236392

Well you can also be a quidditch star, journalist, author, dragon tamer, bar keep, wizard supplies creator (wands and brooms etc) and I'm sure many other things.

No. 236400

I wouldn't be surprised if you could also be some kind of magic researcher too.

No. 236947

I hate how well groomed Sirius is in the movies, even when he's supposed to be just out of Azkaban. They try to rough up Gary Oldman a little, but in the books he's emaciated, with elbow length matted hair and yellow teeth. Harry literally thinks he looks like a corpse - the movie version is just so bland in comparison. I would have loved to see him introduced at his lowest point and slowly improve his grooming habits the closer he gets to Harry, and then we see him neglecting himself again when he's depressed & stuck in Grimmauld Place. My headcanon Sirius resembles Blanche Monnier more than he does Gary Oldman.

No. 236964

>Ps1 philosophers stone had that creepy vibe/mysteriousness to it
You're right nonnie, it's not just because you were young. I replayed both the first and second game for the ps1 recently and they both excel in that mysterious/slightly spooky vibe. The wistful music, the secret areas, good sound design in general. Those games had a great vibe to them.

I really hope hogwarts legacy turns out to be great too.

No. 237430

File: 1662691457644.jpg (255.22 KB, 1080x1080, 304865547_2636193843178097_731…)

Is it okay to discuss merch here? If it is, did anyone get anything from the Colourpop collection?

No. 239362

File: 1663205824629.png (511.48 KB, 640x473, snupin.png)

which professor do you think would hate troons the most? i'm sure many anons will say severus, however i think remus lupin might be secretly more based than he lets on.

No. 239370

omfg YES snupin. Saw this on the front page and it made my night, thanks nonna. (I've never come in this thread before) I'm taking this as a sign to go indulge in fic after many years.

anyway ilu, snupin5ever, all wizards would hate troons and see it as an unfortunate muggle thing imo, xoxo

No. 239373

Simply Potterific and makani's fanart were the best, wouldn't trade those laughs for anything

No. 239493

you know McGonagall is the biggest TERF

No. 239509

I just ordered all of the lipsets and the gold liquid eyeliner, I'm so excited for it to arrive but it sucks that you can't even say that you're buying it without being cancelled. In my store the demand was so high that it sold out immediately.

No. 239518

Yes, she's too based to be a TRA.

No. 239756

I got the Luna gloss and Slytherin chapstick. Honestly, no one I know irl cares about trannies too much, so it's not too big of a deal.

No. 243669

File: 1664540810956.jpeg (128.83 KB, 1032x632, 6F39C893-1AE2-4D37-9A19-77647F…)

what house are you in and what’s your patronus? i’m a gryffindor (been sorted twice) and my patronus is a ragdoll cat.

do you think your sorting and patronus are accurate to your personality? why or why not?

No. 243670

File: 1664541137662.jpg (163.37 KB, 1080x718, d34597755fad2d2357b045e6b50124…)

Almost the same as you nona - Gryffindor with a calico cat!
I think it suits me because I like Gryffindor the most (always wanted to visit that common room) and I love cats.

No. 243684

Slytherin, which I objected to at first - thought I'd be Ravenclaw - but now I realise it suits me perfectly kek. My Patronus is a dolphin which I totally don't connect with or understand though.

No. 243685

Ravenclaw & my 'official' patronus is a hippogriff but more realistically I think it would be like… a star nosed mole or something. I doubt a star nosed mole would make a particularly aggressive charge at a dementor tho so maybe I should stick to hippogriff kek

No. 243688

File: 1664547910795.jpg (35.43 KB, 678x452, doggy.jpg)

I thought I was hufflepuff for the longest time but got sorted into slytherin and my patronus is a west highland terrier kek
I kinda like it but wish it was something bigger, no idea what it has to do with my personality though

No. 243692

Where can I find out my patronus? Is Pottermore the only way? I haven't had an account since 2012

No. 243708

File: 1664556141992.jpeg (266.72 KB, 1170x792, C8376523-9190-4E50-A5FC-213139…)

on wizarding world (formerly pottermore)! you’ll need to make an acc.

idk how accurate this is but i found this list pretty fun regarding what your patronus means: https://www.mugglenet.com/2017/08/patronus-say-personality/