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File: 1669776845547.jpg (181.37 KB, 1050x480, maraunerds-makani.jpg)

No. 259302

First thread hit bump limit so welcome to HP thread 2, known either as the Chamber of Secrets or the Chamber of Sexy depending on which anons you ask. These threads discuss the books, movies/cast, video games, characters loved and hated, shipping and fujoism, fanfic/fanart, 00s nostalgia, JKR and anything related!

No. 259349

File: 1669787029683.jpg (883.19 KB, 1182x1724, vladislav-pantic-07.jpg)

Marauders looking like a bunch of little shits kek, love it. Really missed this thread.

No. 259633

omfg makani art…. that brings back memories

No. 259655

File: 1669862944975.png (1.53 MB, 900x828, Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 00-51…)

Thread #1: >>>/m/156424 Use the search function
Thread #2: >>>/m/188449

No. 259736

damn that threadpic is taking me back. makani's hp art was top tier

No. 261665

Who is Daphne Greengrass and why I keep seeing her everywhere? I thought she was an actual minor character but her name only appears once in the whole hp series, so how this character got in so many fics as a proper character? She is even shipped with Harry sometimes, which is so weird to me, with so many girls Harry could be with he gets shipped with a character that exists in name only. What gives?

No. 262641

I just know that she get shoved in the ice queen trope and is general just used for love interest from slytherin for fics centring insert character in slytherin

No. 262644

File: 1670710290315.jpg (289.61 KB, 2290x1284, p9miqwo3mbo81.jpg)

Hogwarts Legacy; Divination class
Post your predictions for the upcoming game regarding the game it self, audience or others

>An attempt of boycotting the game will arise. However, it will be disregarded by the masses in favour of entertainment and nostalgia.

>Boycotters of said game, will turn their noses up at the patrons who have it while waiting to buy the game second-hand or get it through piracy as not to support tyrannical author that did them wrong

No. 262660

i honestly believe the game is gonna be a buggy mess, with a bigger audience of gamers than fans of the series, and it will flop when people realise its no good. maybe im just biased bc from what i saw in the trailers it really looks like a soulless big budget game which is trying to shoehorn in as many features as its able to

No. 262701

Every normie my age and older still enjoys Harry Potter and got all their kids into it. They don't care about any drama over JK Rowling and probably never even heard about it. There will be a boycott from terminally online retards but it can't defeat the unyielding admiration normies still have for HP. Hell, I haven't been into HP in years and I'm 100% playing this game. I do agree with the other anon there will be plenty of day 1 bugs like any other AAA game and people might use that against it to say it's bad kek

No. 262710

Like other anons have said, most normies dont give a shit about trannies. There will only be backlash from twt or tiktok, but no one gives a shit. I'm definitely getting this game day 1. It might have bugs, but I'm just so excited to be a witch.

No. 262999

Here are my predictions:
Maybe I'm biased because I follow a bunch of woke game journalists, but I think initially there is going to be some boycotting by journalists. They're going to write "why we're not playing/covering hogwarts legacy" and then when they realize the traction it gets they'll switch to "we played it so you don't have to, JKR is a terf so this game is bad" articles. The lesser woke ones will pander by making proper game articles but still include a little "JKR is terf" section so wokies won't call them out (they will anyway).
I think it will do nothing but backfire on them and make more people get curious and interested in this "dark, edgy, forbidden game" kek Hopefully a few people will look up what JKR actually said and realize she has been very reasonable all along.

I also think some streamers will be scared of streaming it and ones that do will get called out for promoting transphobia since terminally online gamer autists are a large part of the trans community.

But still, the overwhelming majority of people will love and hype up the game and places like twitter and reddit will have an outcry of sad troons who are crying over their friends being terfs for playing the game, and how seeing the game triggers their dysphoria.

No. 263000

>They don't care about any drama over JK Rowling and probably never even heard about it.
For anyone who has friends like this, tell them about it. Otherwise they'll eventually just get the propaganda version from a troon. Tell them the truth of how all she said was "we still need to recognize that women and girls face sex based oppression while we can still support trans people" and that was it. That has made trans people hate her more than they hate hitler, and they send her death and rape threats on the daily. For standing up for women. It's a literal witch hunt.

No. 263126

Totally agree with all of this.
There is no way this boycotting will be successful, talking about it won't do them any good but give the game free advertisement, and most of it will be pretty much preaching to the coir; and not talking will have no effect either as hp is still very popular despite what the TRAs like to claim. No winning here, I guess they really shoot themselves in the foot when they made an enemy of jkr.

No. 263201

I think a lot of casual supporters of the trans ideology who parrot all the virtue signalling like "JKR is a terf" will eventually succumb and buy the game by justifying it with "well JKR wasn't actually involved with the game…"

I have a lot of TRA mutuals on my fandom/art accounts but I follow enough people on social media that so far I've been able to pretend not to see those posts by them without a problem. I plan to make some innocent HP related posts when the game comes out and to play dumb if anyone tries to call me out. I plan to use the same "JKR wasn't even involved" excuse and if they push it they will have to present me with evidence, which I know doesn't exist so good luck kek

No. 263202

Samefag, adding that I'm gonna recommend it to some of my TRA acquaintances/friends and see how they react for fun. I can't un-buy the game once I've bought it anyway so what are they gonna do kek

No. 264486

File: 1671370312703.jpg (174.86 KB, 790x1023, 3755248.jpg)

nonnies, can you recommend any good, long gen fics? i'm specifically NOT looking for "all the marauders and snape are gay" fics, and more like "what if" scenarios that someone took the time to explore. like "what if harry had grown up among wizards" or stuff like that. i remember back when i was a teenager people actually took years to rewrite the entire series to show how harry being a girl would change the entire story, or something like that.

basically fics that aren't horny fujo material.

No. 264508

Can't help you but I'd be interested in recs too. I actually stopped following these threads because they went from hp general to focusing on sexualizing the characters.
>people actually took years to rewrite the entire series to show how harry being a girl would change the entire story
That's really interesting - do you have any examples of such fics or what changes they made?

No. 264522

Harry being a girl would have made me like the story more tbh. I don't understand why JK didn't do that. if Harry, Ron and Hermione were all girls, it would be such a better story.

No. 264524

>if Harry, Ron and Hermione were all girls
Oh I would have loved that. Magical female friendship trio! Still with lots of drama of course.

No. 264528

Oh I'd love the trio being girls too but I bet there aren't many fics like this that don't end up with weird ships or trans stuff. I saw one fic the other day that turned Hermione into a tif and it was so insulting, and I vaguely remember a fic where Ron was a tim and that made me give up looking into it. Would Ginny even been born if Ron was a girl? I guess the writers could go with the unplanned pregnancy route if they really feel like having her there. I personally would just choose someone else to get the diary, f!Ron seems like an obvious choice.

No. 264532

>female Ron getting Tom Riddle's diary instead of Ginny.
Yesss. Also, it would be way less creepy than having Harry go for Ron's sister, who was way younger and obvious star struck. I always hated that ship so much.

No. 264538

File: 1671387705570.jpg (1.11 MB, 811x1200, 89278982_p0_master1200.jpg)

unfortunately not, since the fics were in my mother language and it seems most authors have deleted their fics when they dropped out of fandom activities… i'm really sad that i didn't save any of them - or at least appreciated them back in the day!

anyways, i did some digging on reddit (ugh) and found some fics that i'm going to give a shot! if any of you are curious:


"Revenge is the misguided attempt to transform shame and pain into pride. Being forsaken and neglected, ignored and forgotten, revenge seems a fairly competent obligation. Good thing he's going to make his brother pay. Dark!Harry! Slytherin!Harry! WrongBoyWhoLived."

>Applied Cultural Anthropology, or

"… How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cruciatus. Albus Dumbledore always worried about the parallels between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle. But let's be honest, Harry never really had the drive to be the next dark lord. Of course, things may have turned out quite differently if one of the other muggle-raised Gryffindors wound up in Slytherin instead."

>Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin

"Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. His brother Jim is believed to be the BWL. Think you know this story? Think again. Year Four starts on 9/1/20. NO romantic pairings prior to Fourth Year. Basically good Dumbledore and Weasleys. Limited bashing (mainly of James)."

>Hermione Granger, Demonologist

"Hermione was eight when she summoned her first demon. She was lonely. He asked what she wanted, and she said a friend to have tea parties with. It confused him a lot. But that wasn't going to stop him from striking a promising deal with the young witch. Dark!Hermione, Slytherin!Hermione, occult theme. Complete."

>i won't just survive (no you will see me thrive)

"In which James Potter isn't as dead as everyone thought and Harry has a strong mistrust of all adults.
Reconnecting with his son isn't going to be easy, not just because Harry's in Slytherin."

>The Art of Self-Fashioning

"In a world where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry still grows up with the Dursleys, but he learns to be more private about what matters to him. When McGonagall comes to give him his letter, she also unwittingly gives Harry both a new quest and a new passion: Transfiguration. But while Harry deliberately hides his growing skills, Minerva worries more and more about the mysterious, brilliant student writing to her who may be venturing into dangerous magical territory."

>The Heir of the House of Black

"It was the year 1998 and Wizarding Britain was finally starting to heal from the wounds of the Second Wizarding War. 18-year-old Auror trainee Harry Potter was leading his first field operation when he was struck by a Killing Curse that led to an encounter with Death, who then revealed to Harry that he could turn back time and remedy his deepest regrets…

Unbeknownst to Harry, Dark wizarding activities were erupting across Britain and threatening to destroy the fragile society once and for all. But who was the enemy? What were they trying to accomplish? Was it too late to stop them?

Perhaps all the answers lie where Harry was headed…

This is a journey of family, of friendship, of self-discovery, and, as always with Harry Potter, a healthy dose of world-saving."

>The Mystery Under the Trapdoor

"A prophecy named one-year-old Hermione as the Chosen One, and when Voldemort came knocking, Hermione's mother tried to hit him with a table lamp. He laughed at her, killed her, and then he tried to kill her daughter. But she didn't die.
Ten years later, Hermione Granger received a letter."

>The Best Revenge

"AU. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. I just had to write one. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. T for Mentor Snape's occasional naughty language. Supportive Minerva. Over three million hits!"

>The Changeling

"Ginny is sorted into Slytherin. It takes her seven years to figure out why."

>The odds were never in my favour

"Ten years of life at the Dursleys have healed Alexandra Potter of any good feelings she might have towards her aunt, uncle and cousin, leaving her friendless and sarcastic about life. On her eleventh birthday, a letter sent by a school of magic may give her a providential escape. Except, of course, things may not be that simple for a girl fan of the Lord of the Rings…"

>The Strange Disappearance of SallyAnne Perks

"Harry recalls that a pale little girl called Sally-Anne was sorted into Hufflepuff during his first year, but no one else remembers her. Was there really a Sally-Anne? Harry and Hermione set out to solve the chilling mystery of the lost Hogwarts student."

>Weasley Girl

"AU: The first friend Harry Potter made on the Hogwarts express wasn't Ronald "Ron" Weasley; it was Veronica "Ronnie" Weasley, first-born daughter of the Weasley clan. And all of a sudden, the future looked very different.
Join the newly-formed "Potter's Gang" (consisting of Harry, Ronnie, Hermione and Neville) in their first year at Hogwarts as they get into all kinds of misadventures, and maybe have to face a certain Dark Lord before they're ready for it.
First novel in the "Weasley Girl" trilogy. Fem!Ron, but not a romance, and not a canon rehash."
https://archiveofourown.org/works/3721921, sequel: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3793561

No. 264546

Holy shit that is a lot of fics. Thanks anon!

No. 264564

>it would be way less creepy than having Harry go for Ron's sister, who was way younger and obvious star struck.
Ginny is literally one single year younger than Harry???? I don't think she was that star struck anymore after knowing him for 5 years

No. 264625

I'm not that into hp but this mcgonagall art is so cute wtf. Can you link the artist?

No. 264870

File: 1671493322133.jpg (154.33 KB, 1401x790, Capture.JPG)

the new game looks amazing! ig it's too late for predictions considering i just watched a long gameplay video but i'm definitely going to play it (can't lie, i'll probably pirate it asap but i'll buy it later when money isn't so tight). i was already sold when they showed me the decoration mechanics but also you get to collect magical animals????? trying not to be over the top about it but it looks cool and i'm very excited.

No. 264877

>baby birds and other adventures

AU: Harry and Hermione are friends before Hogwarts


No. 264878

sorry nona I noticed you specifically asked for long fic, but this is still really good!! One of the best HP fics I've ever read.

No. 264966

File: 1671858433706.jpg (117.54 KB, 510x720, d4n78sn-25b1b7e4-0b86-40e2-8fe…)

Do you guys think rat Peter would be able to get into the girls dorms or would he just slide off?
Say, if he slides off, would he be able to circumvent this by having a girl carry him up there? Or would the girl slide off with him?

No. 265059

I'm not sure why Peter would want to get into the girl's dorms, he seems very gay to me. He was probably happy enough to stay in the boy's dorms and reminisce about the good old days he had in there circle jerking and comparing dick sizes with the other marauders

No. 265092

Are you aware that this is a children's book series?

No. 265095

Co bump

No. 265119

Kek I was thinking more in the lines of the trio being girls and ron still having that rat. Made me wonder if the stairs would detect an animagus as a male human and if you could bypass this with something as simple as carrying the guy upstairs.

No. 265120


No. 265121

Literal murder and torture happens multiple times in Harry Potter books but hey lets suddenly act like it's baby's first pure and gentle fairytalye

No. 265122

are you genuinely retarded?
the marauders map was able to detect rat!peter was a person right?

No. 265125

What kind of adult fantasizes about dicks and wanking in a children's book series of all things? There are also better threads to post such fantasies in. It's making other anons uncomfortable about posting itt. And if you want gay couples, Fantastic beasts ACTUALLY have one.

No. 265127

File: 1672159396181.jpg (50.43 KB, 365x341, 20221227_130729.jpg)

Yes, that was part of what got me thinking the stairs might eject peter as soon as he tries to go up, but then what if ron carries him up there? I think it would be funny if girl ron just slide off with him and she has no idea why, but then again, just carrying him up might work? I guess peter would be able to get into the girls dorms if the house elves apparate him there along with the rest of the students stuff but he probably wouldn't be able to go back if he goes down. Maybe it wouldn't be a problem before the third year? Ron did say in the books that scabbers pratically just eat and sleep.
Honestly I just wanted to know what you guys think about it but I guess my post would get more answers if it had fujo shit in it.

No. 265134

porn addicts

No. 265142

are you not familiar with the concept of fandom? And hp is not a book for little kids, there's plenty of murder and torture in the later books

No. 265143

mc gonagall is pribably a huge terf lol. I'm sure the stairs' enchantments are foolproof. no XYs in there
>>265129 some magic is able to distinguish transfigured people from regular animals. see also: crookshanks himself (being part magical creature) being able to detect animagi
>>264486 i think i posted this one before but it's very good gen longfic although incomplete:

No. 265152

These threads welcome fujos and non-fujos alike. If we're talking realism are you really going to argue that the marauders never fapped?

No. 265154

you do not belong here

No. 268737

File: 1673594126169.jpg (165.89 KB, 689x512, d147wte-31cfa58f-20fe-4097-8da…)

What is your favourite or most memorable crossover fanfic that you read? I only managed to find one of the fics that stood out which surprised me honestly. I think that authors from when the books were still being published have deleted their work or are on another site that is not fanfiction.net, I'll try to find them to make sure

>To The Wind

Reincarnated!Ron. Ron lives. He dies. And somehow, he lives again. Only it's not him this time, it's not the Wizarding World, it's not magic, and he wishes things weren't this complicated.
While abandoned I find it does give a somewhat satisfying regarding Ron displacement and I like how he had to figure things out like the naming convention, culture and a bit of himself. I remember waiting for it to be updated or for the rewrite, but I quite like how it is and it is one of my favourites. Will admit that at the time I never even heard about Naruto. However after reading the manga up to a certain point I went back and still liked it very much

The crossover with the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, mistaken for Barty Crouch Jr. and another fic that crossovers with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith and Ron go back in time to stop an Apocalypse from happening, not on fanfiction.net, I don't really remember what site it was on.
Ended up sadly with only one fanfic recommendation in the end. However these are what stood out to me through the years and I hope that the rest of them haven't deleted their works. Please share with me, your favourite even obscure ones are welcome.

No. 268809

I haven't read many crossovers so I don't have any recs, I read some hp/doctor who, because that's a crossover I'm really interested in, but they were confusing multi fandom stuff or the type of stuff that hardly explores doctor who setting and magic together (might be just ao3 though, ff.net is hard to navigate so I haven't done any big search), and I'd like to see these two stories actually mixing up and not just the Doctor making everyone's life magically better because time travel, come on, it's the Doctor, not Mary Poppings! That guy is expert in endangering his companions, not fixing their lives, that's the fun of it. I wish there were interesting long hp/doctor who fics. I wonder how come Doctor and the marauders stuff aren't more popular when marauders era seem to be a popular setting for time travel fics, and they seem perfect for long fics because characters like James and Lily just don't have enough characterization, and I'd love to see them and the other marauders explored without the heavy focus on shipping most stories go about. There is so much in these two stories that you could do anything with it, and I think the most interesting thing of doctor who are the villains, so I'd love to see a story that uses them. I'm honestly tired of the many ways time travelling hp characters could end Voldemort, would be nice to see them expelliarmusing some Cybermen or something.

No. 269184

while I love that Hogwarts Legacy is making troons and libfems seethe, I'm probably not gonna play it cause I have little interest in open world games, I'm more invested in when Magic Awakened gets a global release(it looks so fucking nice)

No. 269185

Oh I totally forgot about this one. I want to play both

No. 270556

File: 1674096243927.webm (2.92 MB, 854x320, HL.webm)

No. 270612

File: 1674127062132.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1165, 2CD9AF3B-7DA4-4899-8B85-D4E3E1…)

maybe we could create a farmers’ hp discord server where we can all discuss the game and share spells etc without getting bashed by wokies? and just talk abt everything hp, i think it could be fun

No. 270664

There’s a server for the game ran by a bunch of radfems/terfs. Look for a gaming discord server on ovarite you should find it linked.

No. 270682

I love the art style here. I hope we'll get a global release soon.

No. 270697

Oh im looking forward to this one so much! When will it arrive to global?

No. 270722

I looked it up and couldn't find anything but that it will release in 2023. I wonder if they're waiting for hogwarts legacy to release first?

No. 270764

File: 1674209245668.gif (102.31 KB, 220x220, HPgiggles.gif)

My TRA friends/mutuals are raging about the hogwarts legacy game so hard right now. I hope this will finally lead to mass peaking, troons could not have picked a worse enemy: a beloved children's book author who stands up for female rights (somehow without being labelled a man-hating femnazi), has fuck-you-money and puts her money were her mouth is, opens a rape crisis centre, is one of the few celebs with a spine and refuses to back down on her views, is quite attractive, intelligent and well-spoken and is all around just wholesome.

No. 270781

>without being labelled a man-hating femnazi
Being called a terf is the exact same thing nowadays.

No. 270892

what do you do when hp and jkr come up in conversation and they start reeeing?

No. 271293

File: 1674471307892.gif (839.44 KB, 498x286, harry-potter-dancing.gif)

Sort of, but not really. When troons use it it's to insult and discredit women the same way they used femnazi. But terfs aren't mainstream the way a regular "angry feminist" is/was. My older colleagues still don't know what a terf is and when I explain it they think it's silly and dismiss it, but they know exactly what someone means when they talk about an "angry feminist" and assume it's an unjustified screeching man-hating woman who wants all men to die. That's what I meant, I haven't seen any normies who think JKR is the stereotypical "angry feminist" who wants all men to die.

>what do you do when hp and jkr come up in conversation and they start reeeing?
I ignore everything they say and don't engage at all with anything jkr/HP related. I literally act as if I haven't seen any of it ever. If it comes up in more direct ways I play dumb and innocently change the subject. If they say "jkr is a terf" I'm just like "huh I don't really keep up with online drama and celebrities at all, oh by the way have you seen this Other Thing (some cherry picked mutual interest, so I know they'll take the bait) what do you think of it?? Isn't This Thing cool??".

If they're still reeeing I ignore it and go on about the topic I brought up. I try to give them 0 satisfaction for bringing it up, they only parrot these things for social points so if it doesn't go according to their subconscious plan (i say thing, you agree, now you say same thing, and i agree = social bonding, i did good) it doesn't give them "i did the socially right thing"-dopamine and they'll stop bringing it up.

If needed I plan to use the excuse: "negative topics like that are really triggering for me right now so can we pretty please talk about something else". If REALLY pressed on something like "twaw right? you agree RIGHT??" I again keep it as short as possible and then change the subject like "yeah of course, anyway Other Thing…" just so they drop it and lower their guard.

I can play these people all day, they're all brainwashed and use the same tactics and arguments without thinking for themselves when it comes to troon topics kek

No. 271410

File: 1674523498729.jpg (155.32 KB, 1280x720, commonrooms.jpg)

I haven't been into HP since I was a kid, but I've somehow gotten really excited about this game. It looks beautiful and comfy. Hope there's lots to explore in Hogwarts.

No. 271425

I used to be a ravenclaw4ever type of bitch, but their commons look the least comfy. How unfortunate. Why are there cacti in Hufflepuff’s?

No. 271447

>"It is round and earthy and low-ceilinged; it always feels sunny, and its circular windows have a view of rippling grass and dandelions. There is a lot of burnished copper about the place, and many plants, which either hang from the ceiling or sit on the windowsills."
Hufflepuff's just got a lot of plants. Placing cacti next to seating areas seems particularly stupid though.

No. 271448

All rooms have their own charm, but I'm most interested in slytherin. We've already seen so much of gryffindor, hufflepuff seems homely, ravenclaw too seems like a home with a library… slytherin seems more mysterious, like horrors or wonders could be lurking around the corner. And if anyone cursed a goblin to haunt inside the walls it would be a slytherin kek

No. 271540

ravenclaw looks elegant but like you'd get shouted at for not using a coaster.

agreed, slytherin is what I'll be playing and their aesthetic is the most interesting. I hope the game lets us discover some spooky mysteries and dark magic

No. 271718

gosh i really can't wait to play it, and then to start over in all the different houses. i think this game is going to be game of the year tier all over the world

No. 271720

File: 1674730401469.png (832.42 KB, 1380x844, books.png)

Have you guys noticed the attitude shifted a bit? TRAs used to say you're not allowed to play or promote the game, or to read or promote the books or movies at all because doing so is supporting terf queen JKR (which should be punishable with death!).

Now I see a lot of them instead trying to distance HP things from JKR, such as them saying the movies were made by other people and not her so it's ok to watch them, and covering/removing her name from the book covers while still keeping the books. It's like they noticed normal people have no interest in cancelling HP for some unspecified reason for trans people, so they pretend that people still care about trans rights by saying consuming HP is fine as long as you still agree JKR is evil.

No. 271752

File: 1674748948698.png (580.47 KB, 675x825, oh_boy__by_natello_dbx3gng-ful…)

Oh yeah. I see it in groups that have normies mixed with gendies and it's mostly the gendies and handmaidens doing this to justify their contributions to fandom or why they're still consuming HP stuff without feeling guilty. I think thats dumb. You either stop consuming something by the author you disagree with entirely or you aknowledge their work is theirs. To me this is very hypocritical to keep consuming something by an author you don't want give money to when even producing art or fanfiction is a way to keep their legacy alive, so it makes no sense to me these people keep creating stuff while claiming the author won't get anything out of it and their legacy is dead. Would be better if they had the spine to just stop consuming anything by JKR and stand by their choices and beliefs.
It's not even that hard, JKR is one of the most famous authors but there are lots of other childrens books. The TRAs could easily start promoting other childrens book authors with the large platform they have, but you only see them using it to try dragging JKR or silencing and persecuting other women for wrongthink or to promote harmful shit to kids. None of the books they try promoting come close to HP, because it is always trans shit with pedo messages.
It's funny they think they will be on the "right side of history" while acting like freaking Umbridge or Voldy. Can't wait for the day this all will come crashing down on them.

Also a bit ot but the group I'm in always have someone saying shit about JKR, sometimes they don't even refer to her by name, still they all love Lovecraft's work. I read some of it and was so uncomfortable by the amount of racist shit in his stories that I couldn't read anymore. I find extremely weird these people have the gall to talk about Harry Potter being racist while expressing no problem with Lovecraft's stories, which I always see people talking about but rarely goes into debate about the shitty stuff unlike Harry Potter. People also comment on another author (don't remember his name but I think his book got 1 movie and it's about war and some ant like aliens? I only watched the movie but can't recall the name or much of it) And these same people are always so respectful about this author and the way they talk about his work while still aknowledging he is problematic because of his views. It just makes me feel like I'm going insane, these different expectations for female authors, how people can easily ignore the shit like racism that is in stories of the types of Lovecraft but whoa, a woman dared call her asian character Cho Chang and defend women's rights. Makes me want to cry of frustration.

No. 271790

I'm so hyped for this game. Especially as a hufflepuff. I rewatched all the movies and am currently re-reading the books.

No. 271827

File: 1674778421117.png (450.73 KB, 797x594, 1724bd55529b417efaa3a23874b2f9…)

I just got Hogwarts Legacy. It is pricey as hell but I think it was worth my hard earned money. Back in the 2010's, I used to play Harry Potter RPGs like picrel on Habbo Hotel, sooo HL feels like a dream come true!

No. 271890

Don't know if anyone will care but I'm the nona from the last thread who complained about having lost/sold all my old unique HP merch and lamenting how most modern merch is just lame in comparison. Anyway it turns out that my mom had secretly kept some of my old HP stuff stored away and I just found out, so now I have some of my good old stuff back. Very pleased

No. 271952

>The TRAs could easily start promoting other childrens book authors with the large platform they have
I've seen some, mostly TIFs, bragging about how the Percy Jackson series is so much better than HP because the (male) author is sucking tranny dicks and balls on the internet, or how that series about warrior cats (I'm not sure about the title anymore) is so much better and more mature and not written by terfs.

No. 271954

Oh and I forgot to add, a very close friend of mine won't stop calling JKR an asshole and a transphobe while also being a huge Nicki Minaj fangirl. She had no clue what Jews were until very recently because of where she's from and was saying just a few years ago similar thing to what Whoppi Goldberg said not that long ago, and just a few months ago she told me in private that JKR is antisemitic because of the goblins. Another very close friend of ours is Jewish and in a very separate conversation she said that JKR is problematic but you'd have to be stupid or paranoid to call her an antisemite, also in private. I wonder how a conversation between these two would go kek. The first friend was also giving us side eyes when we planned a trip to go to that HP movie set place you can visit for a few hours but I don't give a fuck. I pretend I don't know and don't care.

No. 271963

Funny enough, one of the Warrior Cats authors was a TERF/GC, like supporting JKR and all. These women-hating idiots really are braindead and don’t know what they’re talking about.

No. 271998

It always comes down to women doing all the work, lmao. You never see a TIM promoting anything that isn't their own work, God forbid they think of other people.
I wonder what they mean by "more mature"? I keep seeing people saying the same stuff, but HP have themes that might go flying straight over the kids heads if they're too young to understand, because it simply isn't too on the nose the way TRAs like. You see that a lot in fanfics, they always write preachy shit and there is no nuance at all. It's like we regressed to that childish belief that if an author writes about a "problematic" society and these problems are not solved as soon as they're brought to light, then it means the author endorse these things. Drives me nuts!

Ramblings about fanfics and prechy authors:
The other day I read a fic where Lupin helps Lily bring awareness to the whole menstruation thing and honestly, I can't really remember how they did that because as I read that shit all I could think is "why the hell a boy in the 70s would care about something won't ever affect him" (and a spineless boy like Lupin, no less!) and kinda blocked most of it but I knew as soon menstruation was brought up that the author would be using THAT phrase.. yes we are talking about "people who menstruate". Just imagine hating women that much that you're proud of it. and don't get me started on the oc that appears in the first chapters, who is obviously a woman but calls herself something stupid and later when she gets out of Hogwarts she is able to live her truth… as a feminine, stupidly named, woman. Can't imagine having actual problems as a woman in the 70s
Another story which I already knew it was going to be a trainwreck but read it anyway because curiosity got the best of me was one where the author made Snape some sort of black haired Draco Malfoy and completely disregarded his backstory so they could justify James bullying him instead of giving James an actual personality to make us care for him despite him being a dumb bully. It is easier to just have James be a perfect person and Snape be the designated bad guy than addressing stuff, typical "this character is bad, so he deserves it, thus this is not a bad thing". It is all black and white. There is no grey, no flaws, and no chance for these characters to grow, and this, funnily enough, makes these stories come across as very immature, like a teen wanting to change the world but not really dealing with actual hardships, the consequences and results of change, and growing up and realizing people are more complicated than being just good or evil, which even Harry Potter himself came to realize.
I think the irony about that last story was that the author wanted to make a commentary on classism and poverty that she felt JKR was unable to do, all while ignoring the actual canon poor character and making him a Draco clone. (And fucking tagging it as canon compliant!)
Sorry about this wall of text about fics but I get so frustrated wih this fandom completely disregarding the characters backstories and stuff from canon and then claiming they are exploring "themes JKR was too much of a coward to explore"!!!! Like, dude have you read the fucking books. Why do they need more mature if they can't grasp half of the messages HP is trying to convey…

Lmao that is even better.
I also remember some people promoting Mortal Instruments as an alternative to HP, but the story was initially HP fanfic and that will never cease to be funny.

No. 271999

>still they all love Lovecraft's work
I've had the same experience. I literally heard a woman irl shit on JKR and in the same sentence say how she can't wait to finish her Lovecraft collection. Honestly it just shows how people jump on bandwagons and love to be performative, they don't actually care about this shit.

No. 272491

based terf mom, she was before her time kek

>she told me in private that JKR is antisemitic because of the goblins
Please if anyone says this tell them they are the antisemitic one for insisting classic goblin characters that have existed for literal centuries are in any way representing jews. Do they also think curious George is racist because it has a monkey in it?

No. 272734

Can't wait! Sadly I'll only watch other people playing cus no ps5 or pc at the moment

No. 273107

How hard do you guys think this is going to be reviewbombed?

No. 273117

An unspeakable amount

No. 273868

I finally caved and pre-ordered the game. I'm just so hyped. Hopefully it won't suck

No. 273869

I'm in this discord of women my age (30s) and in the gaming chat, so many of them clearly want to play the game because they were all huge HP nerds back in the day, myself included. Every time it's brought up, they go in waves of telling each other not to support ebil transphobic jkr who wants to kill all trannies which she very clearly said but no one will link where she said it to not cause further harm. Then some people say they're still gonna play bc they love HP and they can separate the art from the artist, a bunch of people will "gently remind" them about the antisemitic goblins, supporting of slavery bc house elves, Cho Chang's racist name, etc all that old dog water discourse from 2012-era tumblr. It's both funny and sad kek

No. 273870

File: 1675716765286.png (716.74 KB, 1188x807, Dh9RL0g.png)

Will this have an effect on your preorder?

No. 273872

No cause I’m not weak. I’m pretty sure most people saw this coming cause almost every game has troons in it now. Troons are dumb for overreacting about the game like it’ll 40% them on sight when every game is scared to state sex in order not to offend them. “Body 1/2, Voice 1/2” my ass lol

No. 273878

>antisemitic goblins, supporting of slavery bc house elves, Cho Chang's racist name
Incredible dumb question but could someone spoonfeed me on why this is offensive like if I were to check any fantasy novel there is always something by someone's standard offensive, racist, sexist and more, like the book series after GRRM but people just gobble that up without any problem. Is it because of the setting of the Harry Potter books is in the 20 century "modern age" and not in the year of our bumfuck lord of the greatest invention the wheel.
I remember faintly of the Harry Potter discourse on tumblr but that I think was before everyone hated the problematic JK for not supporting trannies.
Mostly a PR move to appease the you know who crowd, I just hope we don't have to interact with her much and if not she just got an unfortunate cold.

No. 273905

Yes, you are correct. Fantasy races (goblins, dwarves, etc), discrimination, slavery, and sexism are known tropes of the fantasy genre that many authors, old and new, still implement in their stories today. Some definitely worse than others and some not. I'm reading a popular fantasy series now that features slavery of both humans and a made up race and no one is offended by it in discussions ever. In fact, no one says any of this stuff is offensive in other books (YA community aside). So why does JKR get shit for it? Even back before she was labeled trannyphobic and hated for wrong think? I always saw discourse pop up on my dashboard about those things and I didn't even use tumblr for HP fandom or social justice. I remember seeing some Asian girl's slam poetry about being offended over the name Cho Chang. The argument is that it's two last names from two different cultures. I remember posts of people saying it's bad that the dwarves didn't want to be freed. Also that Hermione was white savior-ing them. The goblins as Jewish caricatures take might be a more recent thing as white nationalists online started to hit major news and freak people out? Not sure, but the rest was all before idiots crowned her as the new Hitler so the discourse was never flat out attacks on her as a person like it is today. Just braindead takes. But also many people standing up against these braindead takes, which now gets you labeled as a terf, dogpiled, and excommunicated so no one wants to stand up anymore. I think all the nitpicking is because Harry Potter might be the only book series these people read that wasn't homework/required reading so that's their only point of reference. And because she's a female author and women are always over-criticized for any creative work they put out in the world.

No. 273908

I'm ngl, I'm asian and just can't figure out what's offensive about the name "Cho Chang"

No. 273914

The official server is being raided by kids spamming dumb stuff about troons. It’s a cult, I just wanted tech support on my silly wizard game and now all the channels are locked. I miss when the server was just jokingly malicious about Hufflepuffs.

No. 273919

Steam allows preload now. I'm loading it to have it ready tomorrow when I come from work. Sucks that PC deluxe players have to wait extra long.

I'm seeing the same thing, a lot of woke millenials who used to be huge HP fans are clearly trying to convince themselves and police each other to not play the game. I bet most of them cave in and end up secretly playing it. I hope the game gets a fandom and starts a HP renaissance so all those annoying people will have their heads explode.

No. 273929

Only makes me want to play the game more

No. 273932

File: 1675740180262.jpg (85.57 KB, 1000x600, big gay sirius.jpg)

I don't game at all so I was never planning on buying it but the insane amount of seething is actually managing to surprise me a bit. They really outdid themselves with the malding this time huh?

No. 273934

that fanart is so cute, but whose it supposed to be

No. 273940

This game reignited my love for HP and reading, I forgot how much I loved reading and how obsessed I was with the books. The seething is just a bonus.

No. 273941

Name of the Wind for example. Male fantasy writers just fucking write whatever and no one cares. It’s somewhat because retarded sjw children can’t read anything that’s above 6th grade reading level and they know they’d get shit on by scrotes in those other fandoms.
>most of them cave in and end up secretly playing it
Oh absolutely. They admit just as much. The sales are insane, it’s not right wing WASP boomers and shitty imageboard users making up the majority of the sales.

No. 273942

many wokies absolutely DESPISE women that don't contort themselves into self-sacrificing pretzels for the sake of appearing 'nice'. It's absolutely misogyny - the kind that the terminally online will never acknowledge they perpetrate because she has the 'wrong' opinions, being a woman in white middle/upper middle class circles. There absolutely IS an orthodoxy other 'enlightened' women in my class will hold their peers to. It's the reason women in my office feel peer-pressured to post their very obvious pronouns in their email signatures - where I have seen exactly zero of my male colleagues do the same. My white female peers seem to believe functionally in two groups: white cismen (the ideological bad guy) and everyone else.
This is all anecdata of course.

No. 273948

DA it makes me so relieved I peaked. I can't imagine being over 30 and still bending backwards to appease those people

No. 274059

File: 1675787441455.jpeg (5.31 MB, 2238x4160, 4987841D-E465-4C6A-934B-6A43D4…)

Let’s see some more for the hype train!
Show wnds and patrons

No. 274068

File: 1675788906605.png (107.71 KB, 504x238, hp.png)

Is the Wizarding World webpage breaking down because of the traffic? lmao
Hufflepuff here, reporting for duty!
(Wand is Sycamore wood with a unicorn core 12 ¼" and slightly springy flexibility)

No. 274069

Troons are just mad because Harry Potter was all about children being able to protect themselves and that would be trannies being Avada Kedavra'd the second they walked into the girl's bathroom

No. 274108

I can’t even log in to my account lol

No. 274114

File: 1675803372002.jpg (35.79 KB, 647x264, 20230207_173104.jpg)

A comment on a video of a youtuber playing Hogwarts Legacy, I'm laughing but it was the only negative comment I found, all the other comments were excited about the game. The video in question is by callmekevin, who is easily one of the most unproblematic people I've ever seen, I was wondering if he maybe wouldn't play it even tho he's such a fan of HP. I'm using him as a reference because he's not at all controversial or dramatic. I guess that now that it's released, the tra cries will be drown out by people enjoying the game.

No. 274118

I checked the comments, there's so many essays on "uwu Kevin did u not know this is bigoted and evil!!". If it was a female youtuber she would not be getting such nice treatment

No. 274119

Lol I guess they are starting to pile up now, but yeah they are being very friendly.

No. 274125

>could someone spoonfeed me on why this is offensive
It isn't actually offensive, but that tumblr era was OBSESSED with calling out people to cancel them, especially celebrities. Before this era of trans being the single topic sjw cares about it was a little bit more broad. There were entire blogs dedicated to listing every teeny tiny little wrongdoing every famous/semi-famous person had done. They wore makeup slightly too dark for their skin? Blackface. Wore fake fur? Supporting animal cruelty by making fur seem glam. Cosplaying anime characters who don't even have their race stated? Racist yellowface.
Not a single one of those are exaggerations, I saw all of that happen.

>I remember seeing some Asian girl's slam poetry about being offended over the name Cho Chang. The argument is that it's two last names from two different cultures.
I remember this too, she called JKR racist for not using proper Korean names and saying Cho is a last and not a first name etc… and then a Chinese girl commented on it correcting it that the name was a valid Chiense name. The name doesn't look Korean to begin with so idk what that poety girl was on about but the video of it got big.

Personally I see the Hermione-slave elf thing as a sort of commentary on the trope in fantasy content, because they ARE so common and no one usually bats an eyelid about it. It's a funny unusual take on it.

The goblin thing is… interesting. I honestly think some sort of 4chan level trolls started the rumor to make people associate jews with goblins under the guise of "social justice". But there is some kind of history to it as well. The traits European folklore give to evil creatures like goblins, trolls, imps, fairies etc are very similar, they're just the "evil" traits: ugly, too small or too big, greedy, evil, dirty, hairy, big noses and ears, evil pointy eyes, sharp teeth, they use dirty tricks. And so on.
And what do you call your enemies? Bad things! You insult them by making them out to be like these ungodly trolls and goblins. If you look up old steretypes about whatever group that culture considers an enemy you get the same traits as I listed before. So while the goblin stereotype has been used for jews on occasion to insult them, they've also been used for countless other groups of people and weren't a "jew" thing. It's like how the Brits used to portray the Irish as monekys and apes. Doesn't mean monekeys and apes are bad or that Curious George or Tarzan is meant to represent Irish people.

Sorry for sperging

No. 274126

I'm not asian, so what do I know, but the Cho Chang thing seems more like something people would react with "lmao they think Cho Chang is a name, westerners are so stupid" rather than being hurt by it. Either way, troons only care about themselves, so what difference does it make?

No. 274133

I just watched the vid and it's his usual goofy nerd humor and making funny references to the other hp games he played. No random gender politics in the video, really nice.. I'm always afraid of wasting my time on any HP related video only to get a "fuck JKR" message or something similar by the end. I hate when people do that, like, just don't fucking play the game, don't make content about it, stop being so stupid! Anyway I hope he plays more of it and ignore the dumbasses in the comments.
Hopefully a random celebrity will say something unforgivable soon and the troons will move to a different target so the female youtubers will be able to play this game without the drama too. I think all the ones I'm subscribed are too woke to play it or smart enough that they know they shouldn't play it right now.

No. 274134

File: 1675807320504.jpg (111.58 KB, 500x413, 1659400526275.jpg)

Same. Weird. Also, my pc doesn't have enough ram to play Hogwarts Legacy on steam. I'm so salty! I don't have a PS5. Only a PS4. I guess I'm waiting until April… Feels bad.

No. 274136

Adorable Sirius! My love.

Happy for you, anon! My PC doesnt have enough RAM, but I'm going to try to play it or watch a friend play it since they have PS5. I want to play so bad.

Did they add this last minute? Only makes me upset because it feels like a 'gotcha' at JKR when she never even said she hates trans people… She just acknowledges women's biology and how being a woman how shaped us differently from men.

No. 274146

3 hours into hogwarts legacy and I'm really enjoying it nonitas. The amount of troonies and woke asses are missing out completely lol. Sucks about pottermore though, I tried to get a house but it just won't go through because of the traffic kek

No. 274157

Can I bully this ugly man?

No. 274163

I'm sad my favorite streamers aren't going to play it, especially RT. PointCrow actually said they offered to sponsor him (and the money they were willing to pay was "enough to buy a car… not a good car, but a car"). Fuckin lame asses. I've heard the game is broken af so I'd love to see what they would've done with the game.

No. 274164

File: 1675817657964.jpeg (142.53 KB, 828x772, 7B964A60-46D5-4E0D-8F6C-9B56BC…)

KEK apparently there was even a website set up over this shit?? these retards have no life

No. 274166

File: 1675818585372.jpeg (406.98 KB, 839x1746, B8467C21-D27F-4294-BBDF-AB4227…)

They don’t even need this, there’s a function right on twitch to tell you kek

No. 274167

File: 1675818714749.jpeg (94.81 KB, 828x269, 315DE99F-B49B-4F04-ABEF-DCF0AD…)

Was luckily able to do mine this morning after multiple attempts, just played the game with the Nigel for about 4 hours. It’s pretty fun and I’m definitely making my own save to explore everywhere.

No. 274168

I wouldn't even be mad at some youtubers I like who are like Kevin, who has never seen the amount amount bullshit and caves. People saying he's actively killing people, calling jk racists kek, they are so mad and vicious. However anyone who makes a show out of it fuxk them. I hope he ignores it. This is so fucking retarded. You literal have to make a disclaimer about playing a game or get whined at and basically attacked. You know what? I take it back, everyone should ignore it. What can these people do but nag? If someone career or life is effected by this it's truly a fucked up world and so many will replace them.

No. 274172

File: 1675820599230.png (293.08 KB, 754x318, C02.42.22.png)

i don't like my patronus but w/e

No. 274176

RT's not gonna play it? Oh man, did he make a statement or something? I don't keep up with streamers outside of youtube.
The Spiffin Brit might play it judging by his comment in the trailer vid, but I dunno if he's gonna do some retarded disclaimer. Men are such cowards, it's funny cus most they get is a slap on the wrist "apologize and don't do it again." And at worst "diSaPOiNtEd!!! uNfOlloEd!!!1!".

No. 274182

Yes! I happened to catch him say it on a recent stream because someone asked in chat if he was going to play it. After he said he wasn't, he went into a short "I don't approve of JK Rowling or HP as a series anymore" speech.

Kind of retarded how their audience is though. Someone also asked Ludwig once and he said he wouldn't play it, and also said "yeah… when it comes out I'm going to tweet out "fuck HP/JKR" and farm those sweet sweet likes" and his chat ate it up. Like you retards don't even get that he's obviously gaming all of you for some twitter likes despite his obvious tone that he's doing it specifically because he knows how to cater to his braindead audience kek. Absolute retards.

No. 274213

Buying the game is too expensive for me rn but I really hope Hogwarts Legacy inspires a huge uptick in Harry Potter OCs, there's so much potential for cool new stories and characters in this universe.

No. 274234

Warning for anyone planning to play: people are now purposefully massposting spoilers all over social media. I read some and instantly forgot because I’m so new to the game but still, may want to avoid any public social media especially if you follow or see content from people that have a problem with Rowling.

No. 274264

Thanks nona! I think the angry handmaidens I follow would consider that giving the troon-murder game too much attention so I think I'm safe lol

A lot of studies show you enjoy things MORE if you know plot spoilers so maybe it will bite them in the ass and make more people buy it.

I hate that they're cowards, but I'm sure they see their massive troon following and are afraid to lose their streaming jobs that pays their bills so I'm not too judgemental tbh. They have to either be a nobody or fuck-you rich to be able to pull it off without getting financially harmed.

No. 274265

This is fucking hilarious and I'm sure troons made it happen by making people sick of them.

No. 274293

Kek that just makes the game release feel nostalgic as fuck. Remember when haters would try to do drive by spoilers at the midnight releases at bookstores? That shit was so funny

No. 274294

So playing the game is murder and violence but spoiling it isn't?
How do you spoil the game if not by playing it

No. 274326

I hope you guys post your ocs! I'd be interested in seeing them.

No. 274329

I will once I get home! I’ve been thinking about playing all day lol

No. 274331

Omg, when Half blood prince book came out and the infamous asshole who shouted [spoiled] SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDOR [/spoiled] Glad I was in NYC at the time, so everyone was too hyped for spoilers.

No. 274332

All the pussy streamers boycotting this game need to be called out. Where's that list? Shame them

No. 274335

kek it truly is like living through my middle school years again, people wear the same clothes, people spoiling harry potter, i have to hide that i am a lesbian. history truly is a cycle.

No. 274336

fuck, I didnt put the spoiler right. I am my own monster!! Spoiler for a 10+ year old book lmao

No. 274350

Nonnie, how could you! You monster! jk ily
Sage for blogposting but I remember re-reading Half Blood Prince on the bus to school a few years after its release and a scrote smugly telling me that Dumbledore dies at the end. It was so satisfying to see his face fall when I told him I obviously already knew that and that he was years late. But it’s still so annoying that a random moid I had never spoken to tried to embarrass me like that publicly.
Anyways, hearing how they’re reverting back to their grade school spoiler tactics made me laugh. Truly pathetic kek. JKR stays winning.
Can’t wait to play Hogwarts Legacy though, hope it makes the haters seethe!

No. 274362

I just got to that part…I can’t believe you’ve done this

No. 274407

I just saw the spoilers made by the trannies, and motherfucker, if I told you I already knew that… I saw it coming from miles away, the second I looked at that character I knew what was going to happen. Does that mean I spoilered myself way before the game released?

No. 274415

Maybe you're just well versed on common tropes. I think I know what you're talking about because I also saw that spoiler. The spoiler hardly fazed me but it made me angry that they want to ruin it for other people, so childish, typical male behaviour kekk

No. 274435

Yeah, it's childish as hell, kek. Spoilers don't usually bother me, in fact, they even make me more curious to know how and why THAT happened.
I'm very glad trannies are shooting themselves in the foot, I wish everyone collectively peaked from this, god.

No. 274436

I feel like I'm seeing more and more people come out against trannies because of their behavior over this game kek I love to see it

No. 274445

File: 1675901982642.png (848.59 KB, 779x752, Ominis_Gaunt_-_HL.png)

I want to be his guide dog

No. 274485

They are spamming spoilers everywhere. Several subreddits like r/gaming (36m users) have banned all discussion of the game (their pinned post is sitting at zero upvotes). r/HobbyDrama had a containment thread but deleted it and now bans all discussion. Official discord channel is flooded with mad trannies posting spoilers and spam and Twitch streamers are getting harassed etc. Tumblr tag is literally nothing but seething trannies.

And all this before the game has even been properly released! Trannies are absolute lunatics and I pray that more normies now realize that. I've never seen this level of insanity and harassment stemming from any entertainment.

No. 274488

File: 1675909678018.jpg (28.93 KB, 400x600, sorrybutifindhimcute.jpg)

Today I made myself smile a little imaginging terf ally Remus Lupin. He's friends (or more?) with gay people like Sirius and respects their "genital preferences" and thinks dressing boggart Snape up as a woman is funny. David Thewlis himself has been silent about JKR afaik which I take as a good sign.

I didn't know Lip Gallagher was a wizard

No. 274493

File: 1675910448135.png (475.44 KB, 900x913, Robessssssss.png)

Am I the only one a bit disappointed that we never got to see the actual robes like in the books in either the films or games? Picrel is what JK drew but I seen some cool renditions of the robes from the fans and I was a bit sad that they only wore basic brit school uniforms instead.
I remember a titbit where Snape got pushed over or something from the marauders which ended up with his pants being exposed which wouldn't have happen if he wore the film uniforms.

No. 274503

File: 1675913670533.jpg (143.15 KB, 720x765, Screenshot_20230208-223243_Chr…)

Tras are harassing people on twitch. I hope they face massive backlash. This is disgusting


No. 274504

Holyshit, it's so bad. Why cant the just fuck off and just not play the game? But harassing others openly for playing it is sick. Trannies and Tras better be peaking people. I've never seen anything like this.

No. 274508

File: 1675916972538.jpg (1.07 MB, 1878x1549, vladislav-pantic-dumb.jpg)

I guess the kids would find it too weird? I think 10 year old me would at first, and uniforms have this private school feel a lot more which is what I imagine they were going for? The first movie had the little pointy hats at some point but we don't see them anymore in the second I believe.
Speaking of that Snape scene, I noticed some people headcanon he started wearing pants under his robes after the event, so this doesn't happen again kekk, guess it's my headcanon too. I really like canon Snape but I also love what movie Snape wears so I like when people mix it.
I think my biggest disappointment when it comes to clothes in the movies was Dumbledore's clothes… dude looks so boring. Big missed opportunity, movie Dumbledore would be young me fav character if he dressed like he does in the books. I definitely like him a lot more in the books, and I don't have anything against the actor.. he looks… Dumbledorish, but man, were is his sense of style?
I love these ridiculous names..
Dumbledore would be too. Remember when he gave Snape a hat similar to what Neville gave the boggart? And then he wore it when Snape rejected! I guess the entire wizarding world wouldn't subscribe to this muggle madness.. except maybe Hermione because she tries to understand every side and is too empathetic and young, like many of us when we were sympahetic to trans bullshit. Hopefully a female teacher would throw her some sense. Women are women, muggle or witch, the struggles of our sex are the same.

No. 274522

File: 1675924365133.jpg (728.47 KB, 1200x2426, dumblydore.jpg)

Agreed on Dumbledore. In the books He was always in loud and flamboyant clothing and was often described what he was wearing in the parts he's in. FLim!dore is unstylish compared to the book!dore.

No. 274532

I'm still thinking about how the very first time he shows up and put baby Harry in front of his aunt's doorstep he's described as wearing flamboyant gold high heel boots. Dumbledore is a fashion queen.

No. 274536

File: 1675929362590.jpg (110.18 KB, 1080x949, tumblr_b8482631a57e9fbfd6dead7…)

The game is crashing hardcore for me. Won't even start at this point. Seriously just considering refunding it now I'm fucking pissed kek

No. 274537

Lmfao that pic

No. 274542

>wearing flamboyant gold high heel boots
And these people say Rowling only retconned Dumbledore to be gay later, or that she was "too subtle" about it kek

No. 274543

>Trannies and Tras better be peaking people
Happy to report that they are indeed peaking people from this. Harry Potter, more like Happy Peaker

No. 274551

File: 1675932962308.gif (455.68 KB, 400x218, f5941433-5add-4fa7-b96e-6f7ed7…)

Him and Sebastian

No. 274552

I hate it nonna. I just wanted to see the fangirling over the cute new boys but it's all just trannies throwing tantrums

No. 274553

File: 1675933470442.jpg (86.3 KB, 1170x766, thewlis_comment_jkr.jpg)

His refusal to comment weighs in our favor. TRA and handmaidens are purely performative and think barfing out their propaganda is the only correct and righteous thing to do. If he was in the cult he would be chanting "twaw", calling JKRs views problematic and controversial. Instead he memed and says HP will be in his life forever. Our wolfboy is a secret terf.

I think the characters actors we know who have either supported or "refused to comment" on Rowling (which make them probable terfs) are:
Remus Lupin
Lucius Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Bellatrix Lestrange

I honestly think many of the actors who haven't said a single word about it are pro-JKR. There is no excuse for a handmaiden to stay silent and we know rabid troons have been asking them for comments.

No. 274554

Yeah, even the minor few-scene actors that are TRA have been saying so, like the loser who played Percy who only featured in a couple of scenes in the whole franchise. Everyone a part of the bigger-roles cast is likely at least sympathetic to her reasonable views about the acknowledgment of reality over fiction being important rather than submitting to male delusions at the expense of womens safety.

No. 274575

Iirc Robbie (Hagrid) was the only one to directly say what Rowling said wasn't bad and people are just looking to be offended. That's why troons literally celebrated his death, because he agreed and stood up for women's rights. He died a legend.

There's something so sweet about Hagrid being the one to truly stand up for what is right, and then we have the marauder making a meme when mocking it, splendid casting. I wonder if the fact that actors who play evil characters are used to unfairly getting shit (because people can't separate the role from the actor) has a part in why a lot of them played villains. Or maybe it's because people who play villains are often quirky and used to being "outcasts", not afraid to not blindly follow the norm.

No. 274599

Bless Robbie. Gone too soon. He truly was the best Hagrid. I'm on my mobile, but I would love to see some HP fanart and characters from the game nonnies have made. I've been in bed with a cold but this thread is my favorite.

No. 274605

RIP Robbie. Also I think Ralph Fiennes supported her

No. 274614

I don't think he's a radfem ally or anything, I think he was just an old(likely conservative) man who was just standing by one of his employers

No. 274648

I personally don't need him to be a radfem ally, I see Robbie as a normal average guy who stood up for what should be normal beliefs like "women deserve single sex spaces away from males" and the rest doesn't matter in this context. It's not a right/left thing, it's just an obvious fact that everyone should support but the rest are too cowardly to even say.

Nonas who are playing the game, what house did you go with/plan to go with? Thinking ravenclaw or slytherin for myself

No. 274651

Same, Sebastian and Ominous are cuties I never expected them to grow on me like that. Nowhere to talk about it but here. Hate how troons now control fandom because without all this, there’d be a flood of art already. I’d draw it myself but all my fandom buddies are pronoun in bio gender specials with a hateboner for JK.

No. 274661

For anyone that doesn't know this, you can actually talk to the teachers and learn about them. They are always inside their classrooms, so if you happen to be near, you can always go inside and talk to them. I think you have to complete a certain number of their assignments before you are able to interact. I have only met and talked to Professor Hecat and Professor Ronen, still at the beginning of the game even tho I have played for 10 hours already. I just keep losing myself inside the castle, everything is so distracting, kek.
Also, am I the only one that likes to walk and doesn't use teleporting that much? I love walking through the corridors and seeing all the little details and scenes playing around me.

No. 274663

Kevin apologized and won't be playing the game anymore… So! Anyone have any recs? I wanna watch people playing the game, specifically people with enough knowledge of the books yo make some nice commentary and that won't make it political nor apologize like the people playing the game and donating money to trans charity (peak cowardice).

No. 274675

What a little bitch. I'm going to look for Japanese streamers because they don't care. I watch cherry wallis for HP stuff but I don't know if she's a gamer. I would watch her streaming if she did.

No. 274679

Didn't know that lady but I checked her channel, she has at least 3 vids where she plays ps2 first HP game. Her latest instagram post basically says she will play HL, so I'll definitely stick around. I really need more female youtubers in my life and especially if they're as excited about HP as I am. I had enough of weak and dumb men.

No. 274680

Ok, samefag but I watched a bit of the vid she just posted and she unfortunatelly did a disclaimer saying "JKR comments on the transgender community are both innacurate and harmful, her views are not in line with my own" sigh.. I guess it's too much to expect someone to stay quiet, they all have to do this.

No. 274681

File: 1675966139981.png (262.17 KB, 583x583, Capture1.PNG)

I wasn't on board with the "goblins antisemitic waah" thing but this seems kinda weird? Like surely they would avoid any references like this knowing chronically online people call them antisemitic?

No. 274682

>August 20 – Ten Pendle witches are hanged, having been found guilty of practising witchcraft in Lancashire in England.
You could say a lot of things about 1612.

No. 274683

Ironic how a lot of the "evil" characters' actors refuse to comment on troonery.

No. 274684

Lmao coward. Imagine letting trannies set the power dynamics for your own community. Have fun walking on egg shells for the rest of your career, you made your bed now.

No. 274685

If you're into seiyuus then Hanae Natsuki and Ono Kensho will be playing game live tomorrow

No. 274689

Or it’s just a horn what?

No. 274691

This is dumb.
Horns have been used in all sorts of cultures all over the world.

No. 274692

It’s pretty funny, I’m sure TRAs hold that against all of them too though.

No. 274701

You sound as retarded as the tweet.

No. 274703

A massive disappointment. Her and movieflame are the two big HP youtubers i watch. Just going to find Japanese streamers at this point. The west is done.

No. 274705

Why is everyone always out to get the jews in these people's eyes?

No. 274706

She's a massive liar. She owns hundreds if not thousands of HP merch and goes to HP evets every few weeks, subs to HP merch boxes, etc. You cannot tell me she really had the gull to post that shit when all she does is line JKR's pockets with money. Stupid british bitch. She's even friends with a bunch of gay men. I doubt they care either. She's just trying to save face. Cowardly women who dont speak up and support JK arent worth my time.

No. 274711

File: 1675973770986.jpeg (987.35 KB, 787x2113, hpterf2.jpeg)

She said it in the vid where she was unboxing HL collectors edition lmao. 26 seconds in, first thing she says. Quite sad when women do that but strangely funny when they do that all while there is a massive collection of HP merch right behind them.

Youtube is being a big disappointment, I knew it would come the day when I'd be unsubbing gaming channels but I have almost no one anymore saving for the ones that still haven't said anything yet. There is almost nowhere left the tras haven't conquered, so I'm glad LC is still here, don't need to pretend to be a male to speak my mind and don't have to watch my tone either and most I get is people saying I'm a retard or cringe. I'm good being a cringe retard, no one can bullshit me anymore.

No. 274712

I wasnt calling the anon a liar, so my apologies if I came off harsh. I'm very frustrated as I thought I finally found a HP youtuber who wasnt brain washed, or at least learned to keep their mouths shut about tranny politics. Very disappointed! and thank you for sharing the cap. I won't be watching her anymore.

No. 274713

No worries, that anon is me and I understood what you said. I was just saying which vid/time stamp she said that in case you wanted to check out. I am also frustrated about this.

No. 274716

Maybe I should become a streamer, I'm not good at a lot of things, but I'm cut out for being paid to disregard people's opinions.

No. 274717

Serieusly? He is such a cuck, where did he do that I checked his youtube and while he did disable comments I couldn't any other post of him claiming that he won't play the game. Also isn't this super weird he plays so many harry potter games so why are people suddenly crying about it?

No. 274719

File: 1675975724568.png (139.23 KB, 769x836, 1675963512284.png)

on his subreddit. I wished he just played the game without caring since his hp videos were always fun. But he was always a sensitive prick and I'm not really surprised about it.

No. 274732

Hopefully non-western fanartists will produce some content. Western (female centric) fandom is completely done. All it can produce is this worthless "discourse" that most people into the media don't give a fuck about. Even if they made art for this, they'd uglify every character and turn them into troons with gross scars so it doesn't even matter.

No. 274736

such a baby, he claims he doesn't bother to pay attention to social media so why suddenly care now? The comments to this post are so cringe, bunch of babies complaining that they actually got hurt because he played this video game that has nothing to do with troons. This is a clown world. It's funny tho that this drama has actually peaked a friend of mine kek

No. 274744

Worst part is, he wouldn't face any backlash if he did play it. He's a man. He's just being a pathetic coward and bending to the trannys will.

No. 274745

He should have just played dumb and continue with the game, I doubt he'd be much affected. The people within his viewers that were criticizing him were tame, the outsiders wouldn't make difference. Also he's male and everyone knows he'll still play it in private.

No. 274757

File: 1675982262760.jpg (18.48 KB, 377x377, tumblr_9c92d173769e93d38dc3bef…)

Steam says I've played 90 minutes but I haven't even got to Hogwarts yet kek
Game keeps crashing and freezing wtf do I do. I've tried different fixes but nothing works. At least other people on steam are having the same problem so I know it's not just me

No. 274765

I popped into their stream for the first time yesterday and chat was tame but I did see people say stuff like "surprised she's streaming this despite her apprehensions" and I thought they mean that the couple were tranny supporters and just conflicted about playing the game but no…. it's much worse. People need to fuck off. I found out it's on the switch and I want to buy it and play but the only place I'll be able to sperg out about it is here because one of my best friends is unfortunately one of those annoying tranny supporters equating playing this game to murdering trans people. At this point, I want to kek.

No. 274772

File: 1675993734585.jpg (143.7 KB, 718x965, 9.jpg)

based hottie lucius malfoy. different fandom but a few years ago nikolaj coster waldau (game of thrones incest man) had a few people crying at him for liking picrel tweet, he still follows jkr too. in the end tras who didn't want to stop liking him because they thought he was hot started claiming he liked the tweet by accident and wasn't aware of jkr drama even though there was no evidence of that. i bet there are a lot of actors/whatever who feel a similar way and not just limited to the hp franchise. being silent might not be ideal especially if it's men who can get away with more but i also can't really blame them, at least they're not writing long apologies or parroting twaw. this game came out just as tra debate is heating up in bongland too (scottish gender bill), it's the perfect storm to peak people in a way

No. 274782

File: 1675997114846.jpg (474.07 KB, 849x1200, 105235803_p0_master1200.jpg)

Slytherin turned out to be the ride or die house. More reason to play them kek. Gryffindor are totally the type of popular kids who go along with every trend and cut off any friends who get dogpiled because they are terrified of losing their own popularity.

No. 274787

File: 1675997630797.jpeg (938.94 KB, 818x1442, 2F0A7D5E-299B-4DE6-9F0A-76A010…)

i find it so funny how obsessed percy jackson fans are with constantly posting about harry potter and genuinely believe those books have overall better storytelling and writing when it’s just americanized garbage.

No. 274788

he had to turn off comments because of those fuckers. for real though kevin is the least problematic youtuber and his gmod harrypotter videos forever have me losing my shit

No. 274789

Oh yeah, a lot of the (wo)manchild woketard HP fans latched to this series and worship the author for pandering to them. It's a hilariously one-sided beef.

No. 274790

File: 1675998157886.jpg (163.43 KB, 800x500, one direction more like wand e…)




No. 274793

Never would have thought Rupert would end up better looking than Tom.

No. 274797

>Fuck Rupert(I feel he has a big dick)
>Marry Tom
>Kill Daniel

No. 274800

percy jackson fans are so sad to watch because even though both series were children's books harry potter is way better written and has themes that a lot of adults can enjoy and discuss for hours while PJO is for literal braindead readers who can't read anything deeper than a YA. even riordan's new books are just straight up garbage that are on the same level as debut novels and "booktok" books. it's insulting that people place these two series on the same level i couldn't read PJO even as a middle-schooler because it was too childish

No. 274801

Honestly I like both, let's be honest but are kids books but can be enjoyed by adults though I believe Riordan's first five books were more consistent then Hp though his later books are just pandering and by the numbers

No. 274812

Now that would be the piece de la resistance: troons sperging at actors for playing villains in a fucking KID'S MOVIE.

No. 274819

I didn't even know what Percy Jackson was until recently. It sounds pretty boring af. Let them seethe it will never have the legacy of Harry Potter.

No. 274820

Fuck Tom, Marry Rupert (he a cutie) and kill Daniel. He's like 5'5 irl. Manlets deserve death.

No. 274824

Idk, these dudes are all ugly as fuck, but I could see a younger me going home with Rupert at a bar just because I'd be amused by his name.

No. 274830

Fuck Tom, marry Rupert, kill Daniel

No. 274847


Really tho nonna? All my retarded woke friends are in Slytherin and one of them are seeing me (am Gryffindor) as the literal devil for not going with the boycott train kek

Tho I do like Sebastian. Pretty good friend to have in the game

No. 274849


and one of them is seeing me*

(Double post because I'm retarded and didn't spellcheck)

No. 274885

I used to watch his streams, his audience (at least on twitch) seems to have a lot of underage soft boy uWu type TiFs. One time someone subbed and their message was "I just came out as a trans man today" and he said something like "wow, I can't even imagine how hard that would be, congrats" or some sympathetic sentence, and the way he said that made it clear that he wasn't familiar with the topic.

I think he decided to appease troons because he knows which side his bread is buttered on AKA he's a cuck like other anons said.

No. 274908

Fuslie apparently played it. I hope she continues and convinces OTV and friends to play it kek. Their audience is peak “uwu im twans” retards but they’re also so into idolizing a lot of OTV and friends since they’re asians and whatever.

No. 274909

File: 1676040569871.jpeg (160.74 KB, 750x1096, E2A9BE74-FE9B-4FC5-88EC-0DE003…)

dropped pic. Leslie’s twitter didn’t say anything about it and I haven’t been able to check her past streams directly

No. 274981

Good for her, she obviously knows the possibility of shitfits and did it any way. Makes her more ballsy than several men already. Best thing is ignoring them and having a blast so they look hysterical and insane lol
speaking of which I am having fun about 6 hours in, I haven’t run into any bugs or crashes thus far

No. 274983

I was gonna get the switch version but was forced to go for PC because switch doesn't launch until July 25th this year… I much prefer a cozy handheld game though so I'm a bit bummed. Maybe I'll buy it again for switch in half a year when it's out.

No. 274984

Honestly if any of you nonas lurking are content creators in any way playing it while completely disregarding any backlash will weed out the troons in your audience and make it so much nicer for you and the not-insane parts of your audience

No. 274993

My engagement about to go crazy over these fanarts kek

No. 275024

someone qrted an article abt voldy’s actor speaking up against the hate against jkr with something along the lines of “LOOK GUYS VOLDEMORT IS SUPPORTING HER GUESS JKR IS THE REAL EVIL” so like

No. 275040

File: 1676081717024.jpg (55.67 KB, 660x340, gaydrama.jpg)

Fuck/marry/kill older man edition:

>Gary Oldman

>David Thewlis
>Alan Rickman (RIP)

No. 275053

Fuck Gary Oldman, Marry David Thewlis, Kill Alan Rickman

No. 275061

>fuck David Thewlis (like his face but he's going bald)
>marry Alan Rickman (not bald, RIP)
>kill Gary Oldman

No. 275064

File: 1676092669498.jpg (19.21 KB, 800x450, kkkkkkkkk.jpg)

why is him being blind makes him more attractive, im so

No. 275068

that alone really does just go to prove that they all have a maturity level of a 9 year old.

No. 275082

>fuck alan rick man (rip)
>marry david thewlis
>kill gary oldman
i find alan rickman hot as snape, david thewlis as lupin is my older man crush and i’d be happy to both marry and fuck him (if i marry him i’ll prob get to fuck him down the line), and idc abt gary oldman

No. 275141

The game is horrible. The devs were so lazy they have everyone in the game use they/them pronouns for the player character even though they let us choose between witch/wizard at the start. Was it so hard to record lines with both pronouns like every other game? I'm afraid that all games with character creator are all going to be like that now. The majority of games have male protagonists. Games with character creator are the only ones that let us play as a woman. Now they're going to get rid of most female protagonists in video games. Our only options will be males or they/them mentally ill retards. I hate americans and trannies so much. They want to erase women and girls from every aspect of existence.

No. 275144

That doesn't seem to be an issue with just that game, I like JRPGs a lot and Nintendo games in general and apparently localizers are told to remove mentions of genders as often as possible so apparently in FE Engage you have shit like dialogs with a guy saying he find women attractive changed to him being "interested in people watching" or whatever the fuck, and in ACNH the villagers will talk about your character with they/them if they're not directly talking to you (allegidly, I'm playing it in another language). Seems like the entire video game industry is concerned when it comes to English scripts (whether original or localized scripts) because in many other languages that just not grammatically possible to do this.

No. 275145

They did Sirius so dirty in the movies, I want the book older himbo rockstar version to be real.

No. 275146

it's been like this for years. Everything that is made in English or gets localized for English speakers will have dialogue optimized for "inclusivity" to not aggravate angry trans activists. If you expected anything less from a HP game, you've had a case of naivete, sorry.
just as >>275144 said, about localisations. Anything potentially problematic will be scrubbed.
If we recall, Animal Crossing for the switch famously had the "choose your style" option for girl/boy options.

No. 275148

I read Percy Jackson and honestly it really is for children. My parents were always able to enjoy HP because I’d say it’s more of a family book than a children’s literature but I can’t imagine anyone older than 17 actually enjoying PJ. Maybe in a nostalgic way. It’s not well written, like some anon said, really Americanised, and honestly kind of uninspired YA novel. It’s like Artemis Fowl. I loved them as a kid but I kinda cringe reading them now. However I can still enjoy HP.

No. 275156

Wasn't the girl white in the books?

No. 275161

Yeah blonde and green eyes if that’s the character I think it is

No. 275180

What did everyone name their Hogwarts Legacy character?

No. 275183

My government name. I’m not playing a character, I am literally a wizard.

No. 275186

lmao sirona has a very pleasant lady voice in the japanese version. they are completely spared. first time I prefer watching a jp dub over en original, I'm even a little interested in seeing if my reading level can handle the books in jp as well. I'm not even very nostalgic about the franchise, only read three books as a child and never saw all the movies, but watching people excited to play the game (and the pretty visuals) has greatly increased my interest in revisiting the books or seeing the movies.

No. 275188

Actress who played professor Sprout supported jkr as well. She is also a married lesbian

No. 275193

I name all of my game characters Liora.
It's super fun and well-made so far! Some scenes are really gorgeous. I laugh at everyone massively coping by saying it's a shit game.

No. 275194

So is the game good for exploring the wilderness? I just want to run around, collect sticks and rocks, and occasionally kill enemies.

No. 275203

Watching Leslie's stream because I don't really care for any of the few streamers playing it and I don't have the game (yet). I'm only 5 minutes in and I only caught one "don't play the game it supports transphobia!" message but everyone else is very excited. Leslie literally says "Obviously there's controversy surrounding this game… I decided I gotta play the game so I'm gonna play the game" KEK and says she doesn't agree with the message that playing the game and liking HP automatically transphobic. She doesn't support JKR though but says a lot of her friends are avoiding playing the game because of the controversy.

Link to her stream if anyone else wants to watch her play.

No. 275214

Another based Hufflepuff. That's awesome to hear!

No. 275215

They should have made, James, Lilly, Sirius and the rest of the cast their respectable age instead of aging them up so much. We all know moids look like shit after 25 anyway. James died in his peak prime at 21.

No. 275218

File: 1676155288920.jpg (769.31 KB, 1450x2124, hogwarts-legacy-full-world-map…)

I would say yes, it is! Picrel is the entire map and red circle is Hogwarts, so you can get an idea of how huge the rest of the world is. There's so much to explore out there, seems like aside from side quests there are also puzzles scatared around the map, though I haven't been able to complete them. I guess I need to learn more spells.

No. 275222

File: 1676157152171.jpg (409.25 KB, 2048x2048, they're all dreaming about jam…)

I just want to cuddle with them all

No. 275230

Is the game going to get updates?

No. 275232

>fuck Gary Oldman (sirius was my first husbandu)
>kick David Thewlis (lupin a shit tbqh desu; i know nothing about the actor)
>marry Alan Rickman (snape an even bigger shit, but Alan Rickman could get it; his wife was truly a blessed woman)

No. 275233

>fuck Gary Oldman
>marry David Thewlis (am a thewlisfag anyway)
>kill Alan Rickman (cos he's already dead and he won't feel it)

No. 275235

File: 1676163154781.jpg (111.23 KB, 900x600, muggle men trying to be sexy.j…)

I like Thewlis as Lupin, I think he was perfect for that part but yeah, they're all too old and it shows. Sirius, Snape, Lupin and Pettigrew were supposed to be in their 30s. I do hope they get that right if they do a remake one day, and no fuglies Chalamet-looking guys for Sirius, I'd vomit. I'm so tired of these young popular actors of nowadays, they all look the same and all the fancasts on the internet have everyone looking so fucking boring when the books have these really colorful descriptions..

No. 275240

File: 1676164009550.jpg (122.11 KB, 1010x926, 20230211165941_1.jpg)

The sound engineering in this game is weird at times. Sounds kinda static and echo-y at some times

Also r8 my qt

No. 275241

Probably an unpopular opinion but I didn't mind the age-up, I always thought the adults were way too young in the books and making them 10 years older was more credible (and I don't care about moid's attractiveness).

No. 275245

Ikr? There’s just something about him.

No. 275264

cute freckles/10

No. 275281

i kinda like them aged up, i honestly always found it fucking weird how 150 year old wizard sees these 20 year old fresh out of school kids like his peers. or the other older characters, like the way they talk about them is like they had much more history with them instead of being their teachers majority of the time and then what some 4 years outside of school.

No. 275289

Same, I always found it totally unfitting that James and Lily were barely out of school and had Harry, yet everyone talked about them like they accomplished so much.

No. 275310

I don’t mind the age up but I mind Gary Oldman (aside from being fugly) totally changing Sirius’ character. At least to me he’s totally different from the book, he was my favourite.

No. 275317

Are there any artists posting Hogwarts Legacy content? Really want to find fanart but don't want to wade into the tags with all the screeching and spoilers.

No. 275383

File: 1676228265304.png (328.09 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20230211-175906.png)


No. 275391

File: 1676229690269.jpeg (22.9 KB, 719x399, Fok13hsagAAumhu.jpeg)

What predictions has come true regarding the game and audience? I don't have the game yet and I haven't checked reviews of either.
>trannies and handmaidens cry abuse/whine about the game to normies, who don't give single shit about it
Although some normie youtubers and other has given the classic I don't support/or hate Jk, sowy speech
What I was surprised about the most is that people are peaking with the game due to the whiners and when I took a second look at Sirona, which at the time I thought every man and women looked kinda ugly at the game but nope it was just Sirona who looked haggard and ugly looking like most trannies

No. 275406

My s/o is playing it and I am watching because I am too busy working on my own stuff, and gosh, this game is amazing. I am seriously impressed, i have never thought that it would be that good. I know people keep asking for co-op or multiplayer but this game feels like a pure single-player RPG, i am deeply in love with the buildings.
Also, the 'tranny' character that the devs put in the game makes me laugh a lot. Even in the wizard world, trannies will always be the most obvious men in skirts, kek. The name too, ~Sir~ona Rayan. I am glad they kept some realism. It's a male character's face with a female hairstyle and chest, while still having a male voice, and doesn't seem annoying at all. An extremely self-aware one too. But this tranny is literally a small npc that you shouldn't care about, after all it's just a npc.

No. 275411

The architecture is beautiful. I bet coop mod is coming hopefully similar to Elden Ring. Everyone should def play thru the story by yourself but I want to roam the world with my friends and roleplay basically!

No. 275419

File: 1676235254982.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3024x2095, 19E3A2E2-D553-4970-A32F-F9CC93…)

Sorry for low quality phone pic of my tv but the art in this game is so sick. I can’t get anything done because in every corner there’s something interesting to look at. Truly beyond my expectations

No. 275427

Kek that painting
>me after posting YWNBAW

No. 275430

That doesn't even add up
>the goblins are jews according (only) to trans people
>the goblins used the horn in 1612, so they're saying jews used the horn in 1612
>the 1612 uprising mentioned was an anti-semitic uprising, meaning not-jews being against jews
>not-jews did NOT use a horn in 1612, the horn is thus fully irrelevant to the 1612 uprising

Let's be real, no one knew about that one specific uprising anyway (well unless you're a hardcore neo-nazi maybe… what's that about nazi-to-trans pipeline again, the memes transwomen make about themselves becaue it's so common? hmmm) a quick wikipedia check will tell you there was also notable jewish persecution in: 1600, 1603, 1608, 1614, 1615, 1616, 1618, 1619, 1622…

No. 275452

Agree. Jew-anon here. I found this horn in the game yesterday and literally didn’t think anything of it, bc I’m not constantly looking for stuff like that. People are reaching and honestly insisting that the goblins represent Jews is what’s antisemitic imo, not the concept of them even as bankers. Trannies roped the tumblr Jews with persecution fetishes into this but most of us are normal and don’t freak out over every little thing.

No. 275474

What I love is that this is Wendelin the Weird , the witch who loved getting burned at stakes so she kept doing it. They really paid attention to the lore. It's all over the game the little nods and details.

No. 275491

I love the paintings and the stories that go with them, I read every single one. Have you seen the tapestry with trolls in tutus?

No. 275496

Historyfag here, jew-anon, I gotta ask, did you even know about this uprising in 1616? 'Cause I'd NEVER fucking heard of it. And I'm obsessed with the 1600's.

No. 275497

*1612, whatever

No. 275502

Yes, it made me unreasonably happy! I’m an artfag so I’ve been sperging hard over all of it.

And no, I didn’t. I’m honestly not super knowledgeable about history, but I went to Hebrew school for years and they don’t teach things like that. My guess is some twitter user saw that text and googled “Jews 1612” and were so proud of themselves to find a Wikipedia article to support the antisemitism thing. Like another anon showed, we get persecuted somewhere in the world every few years so it’s just a lucky coincidence imo.

No. 275512

I’m the one who posted that screencap, I had no idea that’s not a well known thing. I assumed I just did not know history very well. Maybe it’s just an unfortunate coincidence then.

No. 275514

>the goblins are jews according (only) to trans people

Imagine a chronic online loser saying this out loud to some normie Jewish people, they'd sound completely antisemitic

Goblins, trolls, any ugly creature etc, is seen as nefarious. It's literally fantasy shorthand to separate good and bad creatures, that's why the bankers are goblins. You'd think that the screeching communists of twitter would praise JK for portraying the symbols of capitalism in her world as inherently bad creatures but male troon feelings trump all kek

No. 275516

Hope I'm not being too annoying but I'm copy-pasting this from 2X to give advice on what to do if you have friends who are mad at you for playing the game.

Just a tip for if/when your friends attack you over it, saying something along the lines of
>but it hurts trans people and JKR is transphobic
Ask how many games they've played that have sexist depictions of women. And violence towards women. Many games have literal acutal, brutal violence depicted. Plenty of women have been begging you to not play these sexist violent games, for years. If you didn't see it it's only because you give 0 shit about women and didn't listen, because it's not hard to find. Does that mean you hate women and want this violence to be real? Does it mean you support sexist violent treatment of women? And the age old question: did these violent games turn you and other people violent? Or was it… just a game?

This game doesn't actually depict or promote any anti-trans rhetoric. (If they say goblins are jews call them out on the fact that they're wrong and that's a retarded myth made by antisemitic people)

And taking away the fantasy aspect, how many shitty sexist and abusive game devs haven't been revealed? Why aren't you protesting against them like you've done for HL? Is this literal sexual abuse of real women (meaning they exist and it happens, not "cis") not as bad as trans people having their feelings hurt that a millionaire who wasn't involved in the game got richer? Does it mean everyone playing the game is in 100% support of that sexist game dev? Or did they perhaps just want to play an exciting game they've been waiting for for years?

To not be accused of being a terf add in something like:
You know I'm not against trans people, I don't think the staff is against trans people either, I just want to enjoy this game with my friends so I will do so.

If they STILL disagree and think you're a bad person take note and in the future every time they mention a game google to see if it has ANY sexist depictions of women, violence, controversies surrounding staff members etc and ask why the support that. Every time.

If you lose a friend over THIS, they weren't worth keeping around. Go make better friends.

No. 275517

kek nona

No. 275533

What I've seen so far on twitter is Japanese and Korean fujoshi drawing Grindeldore art ever since the last movie got released, especially art of them when they're young, pretty boys in the Victorian era because of the flashback scenes, I think Mads Mikkelsen fried everyone's brain. I haven't actively looked for HP art these past few months though.

No. 275538

Literally me after retweeting JKR’s “Merry terfmas” on main.
Wendelin is a /g/irlie obsessively posting about her tickle fetish.

No. 275548

File: 1676295627052.png (228.13 KB, 745x307, ppp.png)

Building on the earlier actor topic, do you have an actor/famous person you think would have been the perfect HP character?
Ignore their current age or acting skills if you want (like for example picking a dead singer in his young prime or something)

No. 275554

Kevin spacey would have made a good dumbledore

No. 275559

File: 1676297086971.jpg (427.99 KB, 850x850, sample_34f65bc48db7fe759a7b670…)

what are your thoughts concerning Ron?
imo, he was a bit neglected by jkr. while Hermione stood by herself his role (and little characterization) ended up overshadowed by his family (specially the twins).
he is a petty little bitch that at least once a book has a big fight with H&H over the dumbest shit. even if annoying, i kinda of understood why he was an envious asshole, and when he wasn't throwing a fit he was a pretty loyal friend.

No. 275564

I like to follow him around the castle and when he does retarded npc shit like walking into doors or tables I pretend it's cause he's blind. He also has cute voicelines when he sits next to other npcs. 10/10 would recommend stalking him

No. 275576

i hate ron lol. his portrayal as a teen with an inferiority complex is pretty realistic but as a character i think he's useless and annoying to read

No. 275577

He was my husbando when I was in primary school, fuck the movies for making him more retarded.

No. 275586

Kek im an idiot but i took the fact how the games hat gave me Slytherin personally. Don't like how its a 2question quizz and found out you can do that through wizard website by connecting the account only now. What about you nonnas? Are you happy with your results?

No. 275599

File: 1676309890998.png (515.77 KB, 734x581, db4myiq-ee057375-464b-4478-bdc…)

Ron was my favorite character when I was a kid and I related to him the most, the movies really didn't do him good. Guess neither Hermione, she is a lot more interesting in the books. I really like the Weasleys even though I find them all pretty retarded most times, but whats up with all the Molly bashing in fanfics?

No. 275604

People hate Molly? Is there a particular reason?

No. 275608

I just read parts of the stupid horn discussion and I felt like parts of my brain died.

No. 275609

she's a matronly adult woman instead of a milf. that's reason enough for a lot of people to hate her.
and hot take but some of the hatred towards the weasley family paired in conjunction with love and devotion towards the malfoys seemed like veiled/subconscious classism to me.

No. 275613

>subconscious classism
it is fully conscious on my part kek. i don't care about the malfoys, but as a poorfag myself i can't respect parents that make more kids than what they can afford. the weasley parents read as people that can never break the poverty circle because they can't manage the little money they earn.

No. 275622

kek I always found the siblings relatable and the parents retarded but never hated the parents. Maybe because the whole thing with parents having too many kids for their means was my daily life at the time so I never really saw it from an outside perspective.

No. 275629

I remember some breadtuber stating that Molly Weasley promoted "tradwife" behavior

No. 275632

File: 1676320243260.jpg (694.21 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20230213_212815.jpg)

please spread this shitty collage (or make your own better version) because im tired of the nonsense debate about a generic fantasy hunting horn

No. 275634

File: 1676320660475.jpeg (162.12 KB, 387x500, gemma_ward.jpeg)

Young Gemma Ward as Fleur

No. 275644

File: 1676322727844.jpg (123.21 KB, 1079x1172, 1612.jpg)

the only piece of evidence is that a horn and the year. Not only that, the Fettmilch REbellion was AGAINST jews, meanwhile the Goblins (who are supposed to be jews according to wokeoids) are the ones doing the rebellion
and let's say hypothetically all of this was intentional. What the fuck is the message? "lol when there was a jewish revoult in real life, jews in Harry Potter also did a revoult", and they referenced cheese? Even if we accept this is true, what does this say? It says literally nothing. It'll be like if the Shinra Inc. in Final Fantasy lead a revoult that was similar to some obscure anti-Chinese revoult: the races aren't even the same, the similaries of theming is not there, and at best you can say that they used an extremly weird basis.

No. 275646

Some fucking ugly troon spoiled it for me first. it was just a random fucking comment in a stupid twitter thread that wasn't even about anything related… and then I saw the same spoiler again as a pinned post on a subreddit. Also completely unrelated.
At least it's only one spoiler, but still. Fuck trannies. I've added a browser extension too hide any shit I want to.

This really is just alienating everyone who could be an ally, but just wants to play a fucking game.

No. 275647

I'm so glad they replaced the ugly alcoholic with Mads Mikkelsen for Grindelwald because Mads already gave me similar vibes. He should have been hired earlier. Now I want JKR to give me more old men yaoi.

No. 275666

Same, I had it partially spoiled on tumblr but I read one sentence and immediately unfollowed whoever posted it. Luckily I didn’t see too much but they’re so fucking petty it’s pathetic.

No. 275668

Im glad I dont really use social media so hopefully I won be spoiled. I have played 12 hours in the last four days and have had a some performance issues but it is not as bad as I had thought it would be since I only have 8gb of ram. the game is so much fun all howarts is so beautiful you can tell the devs love harry potter the game almost makes me want to watch the movies or read the books but I have no interest in the golden trio so that wont be happening. I think that any nonies who are on the fence about buying it should buy it .

No. 275678

File: 1676340199222.png (1.52 MB, 1280x1662, A5EDEB9C-87A7-422F-B7B0-B98120…)

Tbh one good thing about the hp books is that the adult characters are well developed too. i never cared about the golden trio but there's still plenty of interesting characters beside them imho

No. 275689

So has anyone recreated Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way in the character creation yet?

No. 275692

File: 1676343311894.jpg (34.75 KB, 500x749, 3.jpg)

River Phoenix as young/teenage Sirius imho. I remember back in 00s fandom when people would fancast Johnny Depp as Sirius. Ahh how times change

No. 275702

imagine being so utterly mindbroken by your gay porn addiction that you think 2 gross old men having sex is "hot" in any way

No. 275703

There's no way you're complaining about an anon being into yaoi on /m/ of all places.
I need to see her. Need a 24/7 good charlotte world tour at hogsmeade too

No. 275711

File: 1676354198769.jpeg (128.24 KB, 500x750, E3868B82-29A5-46A4-B007-87319B…)

this probably doesn’t even count since i wouldn’t consider her famous really but the model Imogen Watt as Luna Lovegood since i once came across her photos years ago and she has always looked so much of how i pictured what Luna looks like in the books.

No. 275724

File: 1676358168115.jpg (644.98 KB, 1356x2048, 20230214_080155.jpg)

I don't give a fuck about your opinion. Here's some Grindeldore kabedon, happy Valentine's day.

No. 275729

mindbroken by gay porn addiction

No. 275733

I’m not too sure since I’ve never really payed any attention to it but I do remember seeing some people complain about the way her and ginny always would talk bad about fleur and apparently she slut shamed hermione once in the book as well though i don’t even fully remember that part.

No. 275736

Lonely on valentines day fujosperg-chan? Back to your containment thread

No. 275737

>not as bad as I had thought it would be since I only have 8gb of ram
meanwhile my 16gb can't run it without freezing up the game every 30 seconds… I wish I could play it too

No. 275739

File: 1676363856176.png (186.15 KB, 1962x546, yogapants for stretching.png)

>apparently she slut shamed hermione
It's stretched WAY out of proportion and the women who wrote things like this have clear personal issues to work through

No. 275740

Anon they're fully covered, where's the porn in that picture?

I'm at my office, still seething because I can't buy the first volume of HP without the giant 25TH ANNIVERSARY logo on the cover.

No. 275741

oh if only you were this vocal for the actual sw in porn being abused, such a shame

No. 275760

hogwarts legacy has sparked my hp addiction and started reading old hp fanfics for nostalgia. does anyone know of a good slytherin harry fic? none that i found so far sparked my interest in any way

No. 275765

If I see it I will call it, but if your at a point where you unironically utter the words "old man yaoi" then you are mind broken by your cartoon gay porn addiction

No. 275766

You're replying to the wrong anon, she's not the one who joked about old men yaoi, I am. Calm down now.

No. 275780


Nonnies, don't reply to this schizo. The strange obsession with fujos and repetition of the same words and phrases makes it sound like it's just the schizo troon projecting his own porn addiction onto real women again. Even if it isn't, report and ignore his posts instead of allowing him to derail threads with his sperging.

No. 275781

for people who are looking for hogwarts legacy fan content, if you search specific characters names on tumblr you can find some stuff. the #hphl tag seems relatively untouched by trannies as well. if anyone wants to post their own art/writing, those might be good places to do it.

No. 275790

It might be your CPU and not RAM

No. 275794

I only have 12 gigs of ram so I was hesitant on buying it but I might now since I don't want to wait until April for ps4.

No. 275855

Seems performance is very inconsistent. I'm nervous because my laptop has only got 8GB, but I think I'm just going to go ahead and take the plunge. Worst case scenario it's unplayable, but the amount of butthurt this game cause trannies alone makes it worth the purchase

No. 275859

anyone manage to get the free merlin cloak drop? the channel that gives it away never streams

No. 275862

LOL Nonnie you're literally me, I've lost so much sleep rereading old fics. Unfortunately a lot of slytherin!harry fics are voldemort/harry which I used to tolerate as a teen, but as an adult I can't unsee the no nose thing. There is a drarry one but would that be your cup of tea?

No. 275869

Idk but I haven’t gotten any of my twitch drops…I connected my WB account but I’m not sure when or where the items get deposited

No. 275873

I think this was discussed on an earlier thread, the reasons why people hate the Weasley parents:
>Having a bunch of children while aware that they can't afford it.
>Ron mentions that his father could have had a higher paying job but that he didn't because he loved muggle shit, thus prioritizing his retarded hobbies over the wellbeing of his children. Though Arthur seems to eventually change his mind and accepts a promotion later in the series, it seems he did so reluctantly, as there's this quote in the book when he's promoted:
""So you see, it’s a very im­por­tant job, and I tell him it’s just sil­ly to miss deal­ing with spark plugs and toast­ers and all the rest of that Mug­gle rub­bish.” Mrs. Weasley end­ed her speech with a stern look, as if it had been Har­ry sug­gest­ing that it was nat­ural to miss spark plugs."
>The whole reason why they have so many children is because they wanted a daughter, but once Ginny is born they ignore her and allow her siblings to mistreat her. So what was even the point? For example Quidditch was one of Ginny's biggest passions but her siblings didn't even let her play to the point she had to secretly steal their brooms and play by herself.

No. 275874

Doublepost but I wanted to add, I recently reread the entire series and god I dislike book Ron so much, he's so much drama. I counted 6 big conflicts between the trio in which Ron was either the literal cause or made things much worse. I know they're children and all but he was so fucking immature about everything compared to the other kids, every time he ostracized Hermione or abandoned Harry it was over some dumb shit. People go on about how Ron was so "loyal" but it's actually Hermione who was always loyal, Ron's loyalty was fickle as hell.
Also Ron's comments about other girls are so off-putting throughout the series, not only the way he talks about unattractive girls ("We don’t want to end up with a pair of trolls.” referring to Eloise Midgen) but also about attractive ones ("They don’t make them like that at Hogwarts!” referring to Fleur). Nothing extreme but it's off-putting and uncalled for especially when nobody else talks like that.
Also the way he kept dating Lavender despite not liking her anymore, badmouthing her behind her back and admitting he only liked her to snog. He was absolutely awful to her while she was just at a loss of what was wrong, constantly asking Harry about it because every time she wanted to communicate with Ron he would hide or pretend to be asleep. And in the end Lavender was the one who ended things because Ron would never man up.
And I'm not even gonna mention how awful he was to Hermione through the years. But the fact that he won her over by using a manual on how to pick up girls just gives creepy con artist vibes. It's tragic that Hermione ended up with him, she deserved so much better.

No. 275880

Agreed. He probably picks up that kind of stuff from equally immature George and Fred. Hermione always seemed like a fixer though, she probably enjoys the fact that Ron is helpless and needs her, but that in turn is a source of emasculation for him.

No. 275884

nta but at least fred and george have personalities. and are intelligent enough to invent useful and entertaining products. i'm rewatching the movies and i kind of liked it when ron got bitchy because before that he had no personality whatsoever except "friend" i guess. but then there was never any positive development to balance out the negative, he never learned from his jealousy or developed his own skills or whatever. at some points its like, why are harry and hermione friends with him. in the goblet of fire he's downright mean to everyone then never apologizes or grows. average male ginger.

No. 275887

Oh yeah, the way he treats girls, especially Lavender and Hermione, I think I said it somewhere in the old threads this is pretty much what I hate about him even though I like Ron.
This whole discussion plus someone mentioning slytherin Harry reminds me of a fic I read once where Ron is sorted into slytherin… the fic is not even about him but I liked the idea and I wish there were more fics about it that actually focus on him and his family without going "dark Ron" or whatever and that also changes a bit his dynamic with Harry and Hermione. I also wish there were more fics about the siblings dynamics outside Hogwarts. Ginny is my least favorite Weasley but she was interesting during the chamber of secrets with the diary (lmao that valentine she sent Harry), so I'd really like to see more about that but it always comes down to romance in these fics and I just want to read the siblings interacting!!!! I guess people just hate the Weasleys too much to write a long fic about them kek

No. 275898

adding onto this, the family mistreated percy and made fun of his job/reasoned he only got the job because the ministry wanted to spy on them(which had some truth to it but they didn't know at the time). honestly if you americanized it, they're trailer trash

No. 275907

File: 1676427733142.jpg (66.5 KB, 600x375, open wide snivellus.jpg)

DA but what if I told you I want to see three different old men having sex instead, ideally while the bespectacled ghost of a fourth "old" man watches?

No. 275909

>marry gary because he was my crush all throughout my teen years, even though IRL he was an alcoholic and probably a terrible husband (he is on his 5th marriage)
>fuck david thewlis because I had a crush on him too (although I'd be fine marrying him too)
>kill alan rickman (sorry alan, RIP)

No. 275934

It's weird to me they couldn't use wizard magic to predict the baby's sex like IVF, but I guess that's thinking too hard? Having six children being all boys seems like hell.

No. 275943

I found your whole description to be really realistic of how some boys act so he's well written even though all those things suck

No. 275977

File: 1676454870779.png (797.91 KB, 562x1130, hagrilda.png)

how do we feel about memes in this thread?

No. 275999

honestly as long as it is not snarry or any other weird age-cap ship i'm fine. drarry used to be my OTP lol but i don't care for shipping that much anymore

No. 276011

not really related to your comment but i also used to be pretty into drarry, and it struck me recently as i was looking for hp fics that i just… dont care for it too much anymore. my problem with hp shipping i think is that while there's loads of characters, none of them seem overly compatible. harrys not a bad character at all but it's hard to imagine him having much chemistry with anyone kek, except maybe tom riddle/voldemort in theory but then all the fics for that ship tend to be wattpad tier garbage.

No. 276100

File: 1676517726268.jpg (172.09 KB, 1516x1049, FozCCjjWAAMpq0P.jpg)

channels energy into the HL fandom

No. 276101

This is hot af

No. 276116

File: 1676527833863.jpg (69.38 KB, 800x566, tumblr_ohsoj7EYo21viwkuxo1_128…)

You have my approval. Snily will be forever my otp, but my fujo side awakes for Sirius/Snape (because drama), and Snupin is always good too. I just hate that fanon makes Lupin way too nice. He's a freaking marauder and a spineless prick, guy definitely thought Snape in a dress was hilarious and might've find it funny when Snape tried to open the map and it insulted him kek, besides lying to his face about it. People make him way too soft but overdo Sirius' aggressiveness and jest.

No. 276142

I can fix him

No. 276156

Is this the blind slytherin from the game

No. 276160

i love him. i need people to wake up and start churning out beautifully rendered fanart asap

No. 276164

Hope he gets a loyal fandom

No. 276169

Why is it so hot that he's blind?? I can't wait to play.

No. 276173

Do I have to be a Slytherin to have interactions with the blind boy? How do the houses work in the games when it comes to side characters? Watching XQC's playthrough currently (lol) and he chose Slytherin but I am wondering if you interact with different characters based on your house. I like the Slytherin characters except for the rival, he's kind of annoying, but I'm sure he has a decent backstory. All the characters seem interesting in this game, actually; I might purchase it. Is it going to be on the Switch? I kind of want it on the Switch.

No. 276191

It's coming out for the Switch in July.

No. 276264

God I want to draw fanart so badly but the troons are so vitriolic, I’m afraid they’ll try to get me fired from my job. Maybe I’ll pretend to be a non English speaker or something lmao

No. 276268

im sure it's been said already but now that i think of it, tonks and lupins relationship is so gross and unnecessary. lupin should've gotten some kind of pushback at least for accepting tonks advances. joanne what were you thinking

No. 276270

nuff said

No. 276326

lupin in hbp
>I am too old, too poor, and too dangerous
lupin in dh
>jkjk rainbow werewolf baby when
like ???

No. 276328

AYRT mte fanon Remus feels like he's been uwu pure soft boy forever. I used to read Sirius/Regulus fic and in it Sirius and Remus would usually be a couple, Sirius would be the most insane abusive brother of all time and Remus would be the smol gay bean at home doing chores for his bf. They often seemed to make Sirius worse than James even though they're both vile gays in the books. If I ever get into fic again I want to explore Snape ships more, the gayrauders were so obsessed with him it's comical in a way. Also Snack is a great ship name kek

>filename from tumblr

I haven't posted on tumblr in a few years, basically since the brainrot got really unbearable on there, but I wish there was some kind of based rad leaning fandom section I could join in with sometimes. I miss being even semi active in my old fandoms

No. 276340

File: 1676608929333.jpg (18.87 KB, 300x300, my immortal.jpg)

Tumblr really sucks now, I only go there to get some nice HP fanart but now with the HL ordeal might not be a good idea… plus all the good artists that are still there are some flavor of gender special because fujos are LiTerAllY oppressing the gays uwu~ aka self hating straight women, so you have to be a non-woman to be openly fujo, pretty pathetic and sad.
I saw so much weird discourse last time I went there, bizarre shit like how Snape is a tots queer icon and JKR totally did him dirty and that is proof she is homophobic. Backwards explanation to why (something about looks, bad at sports, something something about brewing potions being like cooking = woman role = queer?) crazy ass shit and that was enough to make me drop any hopes of ever going back to tumblr. I miss so much when people would share their headcanons and they had nothing to do with politics and retarded gender roles and thats all they'd be, headcanons, not a rule you can't deviate from. Lets hope HL makes this fandom less annoying.
Kek. Perfect. I'll be using that from now on. Wish this ship was more popular.

No. 276341

File: 1676610494610.jpg (71.99 KB, 1159x780, FpE7xfhaMAEY6So.jpg)

I'm seeing less tranny seethe and more real
fandom on Twitter and even Tumblr, but that may be because I've blocked so many of the retards. Twitter is your best bet for fanart since it's where the nonwestern fans are.

No. 276344

I've read the books all the way back in middle school, and I think I want to get back into reading fantasy books and stuff that's not challenging and will just cheer me up. I literally remember nothing of the main story besides the huge stuff like the obvious ones, since it was so long ago. Would Harry Potter be a comforting book to read during my breaks? I keep seeing so many memes about JK Rowling's writing and it just occurred to me that it's been years since I actually read something she wrote and published, and maybe it would be nice to just read it for the sake of fun and relaxation. Maybe I just like the fantasy aesthetic I saw in Hogwarts legacy ads and I've been thinking about Harry Potter a lot since the massive HP video game blowout, and from a friend saying the game was really fun.

No. 276366

Yes, I think HP is a good comforting book series to read.

>I keep seeing so many memes about JK Rowling's writing

It amazes me that adults who read a book series aimed at kids(/young adults) as kids and loved it, are now as grown ass adults saying the writing was "actually bad all along". No they were just written on a not-too-complex level because they were for kids, and as a kid you proved that it hit the target. You as an adult now thinking it's not adult enough is not a flaw of the books. What's next, super mario isn't an accurate enough representation of a plumber for you?

Oh she used harmless, fun, silly, "stereotypical" names in a fantasy book? Boohoo what bad writing.
Oh as a child you didn't notice that the old man who preaches love, dresses in flamboyant clothes, has a calm sweet disposition, and had a close "complex" relationship with another young man - was gay all along? Must be Rowling retconning him to be gay to seem woke.
Oh she used an "evil" folklore creature as it's been described in fairy tales for centuries? No, she must have invented it herself to represent an oppressed minority group that she hates.

No. 276371

eugh legit. what really made me think about it was when reading something about how tonks would've graduated from hogwarts the year harry started. meanwhile lupin had been at hogwarts with harrys PARENTS. but no in lupins mind that's not a problem i guess. ik its a war and that can explain the horrible pairings at the end of the books, and im still overall sympathetic for lupin (i mean its hard not to be, that's the whole point of his character), but idk it really put a sour taste in my mouth

No. 276391

File: 1676640006262.jpg (344.14 KB, 1080x1470, Lupintonks.jpg)

That's a 13 year old difference. Sure it's a big gap, but not super unreasonable. They would have been 23 and 36.

No. 276409

No, my roommate played a Ravenclaw and still interacted with him.

No. 276417

Omg I love the threadpic OP, I’m super nostalgic for the old Harry Potter art by Makani.

I’ve been playing hogwarts legacy and it’s a lot of fun!

No. 276419

for those of you that have played hogwarts legacy… can you pick your own house? or is it a quiz like on pottermore? i always get slytherin when i do quizzes (which is good because i am a slytherin) but i'm worried i might get stuck playing as a hufflepuff or something if they don't let you choose. i don't want to have to be anything other than a slytherin, lol.

No. 276423

If you have an account linked to your Wizarding World thing it'll default to whatever your house is there but then give you the option to pick your own house.

No. 276586

wasn't it stated in the books that disabilities can be cured with magic? why would a blind character exist

No. 276603




No. 276609

the jane eyre effect. only when the male is crippled and reliant on the woman (e.g. has to submit to her), the powers are somewhat balanced and the woman can no longer be abused by the male.

No. 276613

>theory that Merope named Tom after his mother so she could continue her fucked up family incest tradition

No. 276647

Stated where? Mad Eye Moody had a false eye, Harry's eyesight was never cured with magic. It's established that some powerful curses can't be healed literally in the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone.

No. 276739

what >>276647 said. just because there are easier fixes for certain things (like regrowing broken bones) doesn't mean that there are absolutely no illnesses and disabilities in the magic world. additionally, sebastian says in a convo that ominis was born blind and no spell could reverse it, so yes, they did try to cure him. professor sharp walks with a limp btw.

No. 276781

Offtopic I know, but that book enraged me, and that ugly old man being crippled and suddenly crying in Jane's arms just made me even madder. He's just going to be a horrible person who tortured his wife in an attic for years and then falls in love with a 16 year old as a 50+ year old man, telling her a weird story that I think was about him fucking prostitutes in France; and then he's going to start sobbing and boo-hoo I love you Jane please don't leave me I can't see anymore. She should've just fucked her cousin, Sinjin.
No, I think it's more like the Jayfeather effect; he's blind but capable, and also mean. If you know you know.

No. 276820

Are there any areas of fandom or ships in particular that seem to attract gendies or is it more of a general HP fandom thing atm? When I last used dumblr I remember some people (iirc mostly Remus/Sirius shippers) trying to push FTM!Remus but they'd make up all sorts of shit like James is south asian, Sirius is hypersexual (more like hypergay), all the recent kueer discourse stuff comes off like people are trying very hard to compensate for liking a series written by an evil terf who literally murders trans folx. One of the funniest things though is when people act like they never enjoyed JKR's writing and that HP is really mediocre when it's so clear they spent their whole childhood/adolescence/maybe early adulthood completely obsessed with it.

No. 276924

Never seen troon Remus thankfully but I had the displeasure of seeing ftm Snape in fanart, makes me so mad! Just draw/write him as a girl! Also mtf!Harry, ftm!Hermione and the worst imo ftm!Ginny in fics.
I noticed the fandom nowadays seems really young, and some people seem to have only read HP and fanfiction, so the wokeness comes from there I suppose, they're stuck in a bubble where everyone has the exact same opinions.
In my experience, Remus specifically and wolfstar are gendie magnets. I'd rather read Remadora than wolfstar because I know there won't be any bullshit unless they make Tonks kweer [insert 500 labels]. I think this might be due to Remus being The ultimate softboi.. these people might've not really read the books because Remus doesn't resemble canon one bit. I don't wanna go "it's probably tiktok's fault" but it's probably tiktok's fault kek, I have no idea where this stuff is coming from but I heard HP is pretty popular on tiktok. Besides, I keep seeing characters that appear in the books in name only becoming these huge characters in fics, like Dorcas/Marlene ship, I had no idea who these two were.. imagine my susprise when reading the books again to find out they're just names. Dorcas/Marlene fics where they're not the main pairing are performative as hell, you just can tell they're there so the writer doesn't get accused of fetishizing The Poor Gay Men.
Also Regulus seems to attract weirdos too, I just found that "jegulus" is a thing and I hate it. Sirius would never allow this.
I have a really hard time liking Regulus because people always write him as some soft misunderstood little boy who never really believed any shit his family taught him… I don't understand how people can write Snape as a honest to God psychopath serial killer and in the same story make Regulus a poor boy that had no idea what he was getting into lol.
I noticed f/m content have less woke crap but it's bleeding into it recently too with nonbinarism, cus wearing pants and cutting your hair short actually makes you less of a woman lmao. Snape and Lily are almost a queer couple if you ask me, she only needs a pixie cut, since he is already pretty femme with his cooking skills, long hair and testerics.

No. 276929

File: 1676838695453.jpg (169.53 KB, 1200x675, 1676781175643751.jpg)

The next cancellation target of trannies: Taiwan.

No. 276933

Kekkk that shooping

No. 276934

No. 276939

>Thunderbolt Fantasy
Holy based

No. 276997

File: 1676870370634.jpg (720.03 KB, 3440x1418, download.jpg)

I'm really impressed with the quality of this game. Just when I thought Hogwarts and Hogsmeade was all there is in the game, I just unlocked the whole ass world map that you can explore??? The amount of details put into the environment is really fucking amazing. You can tell the devs poured A LOT of love into it. It's only the start of the year but it's already becoming GOTY.

No. 277000

SA but I just found out there's an option to transmog your gear and HOLY SHIT! This game just keeps getting better and better. I no longer have to prioritize stats and appearance without looking like a fashion disaster!

No. 277002

All the talk about this game is making me want to play it so bad even though I'm not a big HP fan. It sounds amazing.

No. 277003

Kek I was hoarding clothes until I noticed transmog option. Drippus maximus!

No. 277046

Just like with the goblin “controversy”, absolutely no one thought like this until JKR did a terfy thoughtcrime, now everything about Harry Potter is suddenly racist.

The white characters are named ridiculous made up shit like Draco and Snape and Dumbledore, but apparently “Cho Chang” not being a technically accurate enough name IRL according to terminally online retards is where we must draw the line.

No. 277076

It's going to blow over and everyone will remember those people as idiots, they'll be laughed at and meme'd. Just like how people are now laughing at how people were initially calling things like HP and pokemon "satanic" and immoral, and that lady with the 666 monster energy drink became a massive meme.

No. 277144

File: 1676927994425.png (7.82 MB, 2560x1600, 02.png)

the seasons changed in my game! so pretty.

No. 277178

File: 1676945190362.jpg (805.23 KB, 3000x2538, FpaqjcGWcAQ7s1x.jpg)

I've been wasting all my free time on this game. It's very addictive, even if there's shitload of boring collectibles like every other openworld. And I don't know what difficulty level to stick to because easy is boring but I get wrecked on normal, especially by bosses. I'm impressed by how many random details there are, especially in Hogwarts there's always students doing something. Even if you can't interact with them, it's fun to watch.

No. 277204

It deserves GOTY and April can't come fast enough so ps4 users can play.

No. 277205

File: 1676952633239.jpg (30.7 KB, 388x498, tumblr_2ad28f725dc8cf86f85ec84…)

I need more Sebastian fanart. Maybe it's the cockiness and being introduced as your "rival" but I really want him to fuck me.

No. 277209

I’m surprised woketards aren’t reeeeing about fetishization of blind people kek

No. 277213

File: 1676960347346.jpg (246.56 KB, 2048x1164, FbloHGCXgAYf18H.jpg)

Same! I'm about 10 hours in (going at a very leisurely pace) and I'm having so much fun just exploring and looking at all the details. Everything is gorgeous, I picked Hufflepuff just because I figured their common room would be the coziest and it exceeded my expectations, pic related. I haven't fast travelled once outside of the times the game forces you to, just because walking around the castle is so nice. I also don't mind the boring collectibles since it gives you more incentive to explore, and if you were going to spend a ton of time exploring anyway you just kinda naturally come across them without having to search. Difficulty wise I play on normal but I'm definitely not great at the combat yet, I barely get by while chugging health potions and panic-mashing the dodge button. I think that's just because it's been a while since I last played a game with real time combat as opposed to turn based, and I'm prone to panicking when reaction speed is important. It'll get better with some practice.
It's a great game overall but if I had to give one point of critique I do feel a bit disappointed with the lack of interaction with npcs. The students in the castle are fun to watch, but the fact that they don't react to your character at all regardless of what you do makes it feel a bit hollow sometimes, like you're a ghost unless there's specific quest-related dialogue. I understand that giving every random npc voice lines and dialogue options would be unrealistically ambitious, but I wish I could at least talk to professors without having to wait for them to talk to me. It also would be cool to have a bunch of random students and hogsmeade npcs that you could have short interactions with, even just simple dialogue options that aren't relevant to the plot but offer some immersion.

No. 277219

Of course they don't, they only reee about things that give them social credit so they can feel good about themselves, they don't actually care about disabled people unless they're upheld as the current disabled token

No. 277221

>I get wrecked on normal, especially by bosses
this is so validating, I'm not that big of a gamer and felt so pathetic for losing to bosses on normal, had to set it to easy just to progress without having to start over and over every battle lmao

No. 277312

Does anyone know any female content creators who are playing HL without any pandering to troons? No "jkr is a terf but i still wanna play it" literally just playing it without saying anything, or being openly against troons. If so I'd like to watch them.

No. 277315

I’d consider myself experienced, I was smug af playing on hard and then the last Crossed Wands battle was kicking my teeth in before I swallowed my pride and used a teammate kek but honestly the targeting system isn’t the best and there’s a lag on protego which sucks when you get blasted consecutively from all sides

No. 277336

>Does anyone know any female content creators who are playing HL without any pandering to troons?
Ircha Gaming did a full in depth review of Hogwarts Legacy from the perspective of a non-harry potter fan and she gave zero mention of any “controversy”, but 100% focus on what’s relevant when judging a video game.

No. 277347

The annoying thing about the bosses is that most spells don't even work on them. They have weaknesses you can read from the menus, but mostly the boss fights for me are just endless rolling and basic attacks that do almost nothing. Oh and dozens potions.

No. 277395

I feel so dumb. I just bought the game without checking the requirements. Turns out I don't have enough space on my harddrive to even install the game, let alone run it. I'd hoped getting rid of the Sims 4 would be sufficient, but alas

No. 277397

Are you able to get a refund if the game wont run? I think steam gives refunds for games that arent played for under 2 hours.

No. 277436

I've seen jily where it's FTM!James and MTF!Lily fucking kek, J/L has always been a terrible ship (JKR has terrible taste in pairings most of the time) so I guess some people cope extra hard. Also wolfstar has always been boring with a lot of entitled fans. When HP fandom was mostly based on livejournal i might be an oldfag Regulus was written as a soft twink then, too. Shipping him with Gaymes Poppers didn't used to be popular but there was a lot of him with Sirius or Remus, usually a uwu bottom with a dark side so maybe he's even more of an OC now? People think he's cute and looks like Timmy Chalamet or something. Pretty sure JKR specified he was uglier than Sirius and definitely died a virgin. I like the idea of him but it's more fun when he's a loser.

No. 277541

File: 1677077432692.jpg (185.4 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_20230222-094102_Chr…)

Tranny games done quick has banned Hogwarts legacy from being entered as a game. Trannys are so pathetic.


No. 277550

and this is why I'm glad I'm not a fujocoomer

No. 277560

Such delicate feelings.

No. 277561

i remember once encountering a fic with not only a rareish snape/lupin pairing but with lupin being the top.

No. 277562

I'm even dumber than I thought. Appearantly I've had a second hard drive in my lap top all along but never realised for 5 fucking years. Currently ownloading the game as I type

No. 277597

File: 1677093636956.jpg (49.97 KB, 387x465, 20230219_193632.jpg)

Good for you. Now give it a break already.

No. 277616

Do people even watch games done quick? People will still play this game regardless of that autistic event ran by trannies and tras. I thought it was all for charity? why feel the need to ban a game?

No. 277648

I just want to vent about this fic I read.

Harry gets the opportunity to go to an AU where Voldemort never happened. Apparently that universe’s Harry is an alcoholic asshole and hates his family. James and lily divorced and lily is an absent mother. Literally everyone is gay and he’s not besties with Ron or Hermoine anymore. When given the chance to go back to his old universe he chooses not to?? Even if it’s not HP why would an MC choose to be in the shittier timeline?? What the fuck!!

No. 277675

File: 1677118151507.png (667.21 KB, 737x954, ajaromano.png)

I don't game but I was listening to the Blocked and Reported podcast episode about HL and some of the video games "journalism" coverage they were talking about was so funny. Pic related but also (I forgot who said it sorry) there was an article mentioned that said something like "32 hours into playing and it's pretty good but I'm haunted by the reminder of JK Rowling" top kek like she's some ghost who writes YWNBAW on the bathroom mirror. Picrel is even funnier when you learn that the they/them who wrote it used to be a big name HP fan (https://fanlore.org/wiki/Aja) involved in ancient milk

No. 277704

It makes me so angry that they keep calling JKR a transphobe when she is not. They keep mocking Harry Potter but the fan base is more popular than ever. Every time I visit Orlando Universal, I run into many gay couples and large families decked out in hogwarts robes, so why is the minority so loud and making shit up about JKR when normies don't care? Her legacy will continue for generations.

No. 277708

File: 1677133205194.png (114.92 KB, 744x793, 1673989018777.png)

Jesus, it's like someone is putting a gun to his head.
>Yes… trans women are women, trans men are men…

Unironically it made me respect her more. Caring more about standing up for the rights of women in the present than some materialist legacy that won't matter to her when she's gone. Even listening to her podcast, she seems to be a very humble and wise woman too.

No. 277732

if they were smart they would host an exclusively harry potter speedrun event and pick some dumb tranny charity to donate to

No. 277762

Don't give them ideas lmao but you're right

No. 277804

kek, of course. it's not a proper hp wank unless that clout-chasing autist writes an article about it.

No. 277808

>there is no LGB without the T
Actually, our world would be a better place if the T fucked right off since no one in the gay community wants them around.

No. 277813

Sage for blogpost. I just have nowhere else to speak so freely.

I'm just so over of the level of cope fucking everywhere. "HP isn't even good! It's mid! I never REALLY liked it" Shut the fuck up, you loved it. You know you did. Everyone did. I saw you at the fucking midnight premier party for book Deathly Hallows at Barnes and Noble.
I don't care that others claim they don't like it, but it's so silly to see so many people I personally know just blatantly lying and expecting everyone else to just jump on the bandwagon. I'm not saying shit. Radio silence from me on all fronts.
They know their boycott has failed miserably and they're just grasping at fucking anything at this point.
I'll get shit on here for admitting it, but I consider myself an ally, to a very specific & small degree.. I want the people who are truly suffering to be able to do what they need to in order to stay alive and be safe, but they need to leave others the fuck alone & not be fucking pedos. I guess I'm only an ally to a smaller percentage… but now even that is dwindling. My patience is wearing so thin. There's so few "good ones". I have trans friends playing the game too, staying just as silent as I am. TiF's only, of course lol.
I dunno. My eyes are just sore from rolling so many times every fucking day. It's taking a small degree of effort to not just reply "COPE." On every stupid post. Today it was the joke, "HP fans used to have one lightning bolt on their heads, now they have two!"
Like okay. Fucker. Push your more normal allies further and further away. See if I'll show up for the fight when shit that actually matters goes down. Why don't they use the energy to fight where it actually makes a difference?? Legislature in the US is being pushed every fucking day, but you ask any of these screechy dipshit troons and handmaids about it and they have no idea what you're talking about because they're too preoccupied harassing internet strangers about the video games they play in private. It's pathetic.

Anyway. I'm having a blast with Legacy and I hope we get DLC. Quidditch is obvious and the groundwork for Triwizard Tournament is already laid out so perfectly.

No. 277816

Funny to think about how JK can write a book for kids with a great story but when these troons try its god awful and filled with sexual tones. Yikes, troons need to know their place

No. 277830

Very cringe of me, but I was left leaning and now I’m also pretty red pilled centrist with all the reactionary twitter politics happening. Obviously I can’t be open about this because all my coworkers won’t shut the fuck up about how awful JKR is and “just blindly support trans and be an ally!!” Bs everywhere

No. 277839

Makes me laugh that trannies think their little tweets are being read by anyone else in the world. I keep seeing americans act confused about HP popularity outside of their backyard. “HP popular in China? In Thailand? Fuckin Kenya?”. Harry Potter is literally one of the most culturally significant, beloved, profitable media franchise worldwide, up there with Disney shit. It’s not just a silly little tumblr girl phenomenon.
>standing up for the rights of women in the present than some materialist legacy
Exactly! Even if she was the worlds shittiest writer, it doesn’t invalidates her humanitarian efforts and values. As we clearly see, literally-who retard junior columnists are the quickest to join a lynch mob for one single modicum of clout.

No. 277857

File: 1677179456818.png (1.58 MB, 3384x1653, seethe.png)

No. 277879

I'd find it funnier if their tweets weren't actually read and popularized by politicos in the west who then implement policies endangering women's safety.

No. 277881

god i would dump so much on dlcs for just the current game. the world is so huge and pretty, if they padded with more stories/extra quests i'd gladly lap it up.

No. 277884

Troons are legit brain dead to think people would totally ignore a game that is everything fans dreamed of. They're so used of getting their own opinions repeated back to them that they forget the rest of the world don't think the same and won't bend to their wishes without some good reason.
And WB being WB, it was kinda obvious they would milk this game as much as they possibly can. Can't wait to see what they have in store.
>there is no LGB without the T
Pathetic. The T would be nowhere without the LGB and any other group they desperately latch themselves onto. The LGB is the only reason they're still standing.

No. 277913

File: 1677191233151.png (1.18 MB, 1347x1582, 15E58F3C-68F7-45CC-9899-5B12FC…)

Nonnies any specific builds you are running? I’m unsure if I should be a nerd and follow a guide or just freestyle it. Is there an option to respec?

No. 277919

File: 1677194066908.jpg (313.31 KB, 1920x1080, 20230223233314_1.jpg)

My laptop can just about run the game on the lowest settings, but even so I'm in love. Fast-paced spell casting is probably never going to work with how laggy everything is, but I'm having a blast just running around the castle and getting lost
10/10 would consider buying a new pc for

No. 277922

I've been getting more Harry Potter reels on Instagram for cookware and legos and it's great. It's mostly filled with positive comments, but every now and again you get people shouting rubbish about how JKR is anti trans and anti abortion. Where the hell did the anti abortion rhetoric come from? They are just making shit up about her now, hoping it sticks to people stupid enough not to do their research and feel sorry for the 'poor trannies.' I hate it! I am becoming even more of a TERF because now it feels so personal. They compared the death eaters to nazis when George Lucas did the exact same thing with Sith and Republic in Star Wars. Why doesn't anyone talk about that?
They're only attacking her because she's a woman speaking out. I will defend JKR. So many idiots who obviously loved Harry Potter growing up are saying she's a shit writer and Harry Potter is childish, etc. Then why is it such a generational series??

No. 277924

File: 1677197086248.png (139.97 KB, 640x2400, basedqueen.png)

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but the game has been cracked. However, the cracker, EMPRESS, has posted a JKR-supporting message alongside it calling out troons as the sissies and faggots they are.

No. 277926

An icon and I love her.

No. 277930

File: 1677198062868.jpg (34.67 KB, 524x165, unbased.JPG)

Not really that based, you can tell this person is on some trad shit and WRITES like a BOOMER. "ewww men in dress acting feminine gross! that's why tranny bad" fucking yawn. These are the people that will set us back even further once trans shit ends.

No. 277932

She's from some Slavic shithole, she can't really be blamed for having some trad beliefs.

No. 277946

Why ignore me huuu

No. 277965

i recently got into hp again since i bought the game but does anybody else here hate the new marauders fandom? i feel like annoying zoomers took over it and made it more shit than it was before. or maybe i’m just too old

No. 277968

I would just ignore them. Anything post 2015 is not just not worth it. I still keep in touch with all the HP friends i grew up with in their 30s now, so it makes for fun get togethers. I treat tik tok as the new tumblr from 2013 era. It's a worse cesspool than twitter.

No. 277971

>They compared the death eaters to nazis…
Yeah I don't get how troons are spinning JKR is an antisemite/fascist for this. Like she's clearly making parallels to ww2 and clearly marks DE as bad/evil. they're really grasping at straws

No. 277984

agreed, and tiktok helping it gain more attention really fucked it up. i once saw popular headcanons of regulus and sirius both becoming troons and never bothered to look back anywhere.

No. 278001

Sirius is actually one of the hardest characters for me to imagine being pro troon. Maybe that's just because he's one of my favorites though. Not sure about Remus, James or Lily. And obviously death eater Regulus would be transphobic as fuck

No. 278005

File: 1677210042161.png (2.18 MB, 1080x4065, Screenshots_2023-02-23-19-37-1…)

I legit thought this was satire at first because the amount of reaching is hilarious.

No. 278006

File: 1677210090679.png (4.82 MB, 1080x8382, Screenshots_2023-02-23-19-38-1…)

Thank god there was someone with critical thinking skills in the comment section

No. 278011

jesus christ these people need to find a hobby

No. 278013

a lot of these very easy to disprove, every character in the series has a "whimsical" name that wouldn't exist IRL
>Dean Thomas but so are Cedric Diggory, Victor Krum and Cormac McLaggen
>A beautiful French woman is a racist stereotype? niw??
>If you see Goblins as Jews and Werewolves as gay child rapists, that says more about you then Harry Potter

No. 278023

File: 1677215342105.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1799x2375, fffsfs.jpg)

slight in game spoiler but obligatory ominis is so cute!!!

No. 278030

No. 278055

Fuck yeah

No. 278072

Ominis is such a wonderful character. Really all the companions and major NPCs are great but I love Ominis as a person so much. Initially I loved seeing him warm up and show he has a heart of absolute gold, but on my second run I played Slytherin and I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the Slytherin common room introduction dialogue, he shows his slightly mischievous, thoughtful, and generous personality right off the bat. Really precious.

No. 278090

Post a screen cap as well, since this is an imageboard, but I also heard these rumors. I hope trannies seethe and 41%.

No. 278128

Dean Thomas' father FUCKING DIED protecting his family from death eaters. These people are so fucking rotten.

No. 278144

Not to mention Neville's parents were both tortured into insanity by them, so they couldn't even recognize or interact with him. Death eaters are evil and no one is saying otherwise.

No. 278165

I'm more bothered by them pushing the harmful stereotype of black kids having no present fathers. They completely disregard what actually happened to push their narrative, but what else can you expect from a pack of drooling rabid troons from Reddit?

No. 278180

>goblins have their own language
>this is similar to the Jewish cultural tradition known as speaking Hebrew.
Holy fucking shit lmfao. Densest person ever, truly. I think the person who wrote this post is one of the most bigoted people I’ve seen tbh because the shit they’re coming up with is such heinous crap that would never cross any sane person’s mind. Eric Cartman level writing

No. 278183


Awesome I can't wait for the troon genocide!!

No. 278191

File: 1677274900165.png (20.47 KB, 250x250, omnis_gaunt_npcs_hogwarts_lega…)

Ominis is cute indeed. But browsing the HL wiki and spotting this pic made me kek. Why does he look so derpy here??

No. 278214

the 3d models looked fucked up sometimes but handsome in others, it's very funny.

Also to whoever rec'd the hooker AU fic in the last thread, I thought the concept was stupid as fuck but after reading it I cried. thanks nonnie

No. 278217

File: 1677282502645.jpg (269.26 KB, 1300x1300, option-1-gallery-01-hpib03-130…)

i just finished the natty quest where you rescue highwing and i cried at the end when they return to hogwarts. the music, the scenery, it was all just so beautiful and reminded me so much of the magic of seeing a new hp movie at the theater for the first time. i feel like movies 3 and 4 really were peak hp hype, but also the end of innocence in hp what with how dark book 5 was and how the series ended. jkr very expertly progressed from a detective/mystery story with magic elements to a war time story.

picrel, minalima is releasing poa later this year! i already preordered my copy.

(sorry this post is all over the place kek i'm so emotional)

No. 278218

It’s his bad yearbook photo

No. 278228

Yeah, this is an example of an extreme form of autism. Some of the stuff mentioned I've seen before on tumblr/twitter (of course it'd be those hellsites) like the Kingsley Shacklebolt stuff which has always been dumb but I feel like this person took it a step further kek, how dare Dean and Seamus be friends?! Cho was probably made a seeker because of her role as Harry's love interest, not because all Asian women are small wtf. I can't unsee the Cartman thing now kek, also unsurprisingly the original post still has hundreds of upvotes

No. 278332

Fuck the Merlin trials fr. Stupid, inane, time wasting, content padding bullshit. Just like the riddler puzzles in the Arkham games. Instead of filling the game with 100 shit puzzles they could have added unique quests

No. 278333

Agree. Literally just told my Nigel that they are insulting wastes of time earlier today. Unfortunately I’m a completionist so I gotta do them all.

No. 278384

I love the riddler trophies though lmao

No. 278402

i wish they were more like the korok puzzles in botw. i'd prefer a merlin voice going "hohoho, you found me!" when you bombarda a barrel instead of whatever the fuck is in the game.

No. 278433

File: 1677366094257.png (534.8 KB, 723x679, Capture.PNG)

I want to buy these so bad for my nendoroids

No. 278559

File: 1677392872527.png (853.94 KB, 1000x707, 1652330775395.png)

The mental image of that is hilarious and now I wish that was in the game.
I just know when this game gets a sequel it's gonna to have like double the fucking puzzles but like some caveat where you only need to complete 60 out of 200 or something. The puzzles themselves aren't hard at all they're just distracting and low-key an eyesore both in-game and on the minimap. Like I wanna walk ten feet without seeing Merlin's fucked up little artifacts everywhere.

No. 278608

I think this is my favorite game ever.

No. 278740

Lord the SIRona voicemods are a lifesaver!

No. 278754

File: 1677448229532.png (224.24 KB, 2536x622, evanna_terf_era.png)

Luna Lovegood is terfing out now

No. 278759

File: 1677448964730.png (852.91 KB, 672x215, 1677378520198.png)

I was searching for the mod and saw this picrel and saw that many normies were talking about how they disliked sirona and wanted her to have a normal voice and how pandering the us/uk was to the woke crowd. There was a few twans wahights commenters but they got dismissed or ignored. I hope this continues.

No. 278760

Wasn't she also a big fan of the books? I think I remember reading an article about her years ago when she was younger she got to meet JK when she was sick and JK motivated her to get better and when she did JK asked to her to auditon for the role of Luna?

No. 278771

File: 1677452722978.png (14.16 KB, 551x211, lmao retard.png)

Luna is too much herself to submit to your bullshit

No. 278772

>eccentric woman = gender fluid
The absolute fucking disrespect and brainrot

No. 278775

Whats "gender fluid" about a very feminine quirky girl lmao

No. 278869

File: 1677483683197.png (701.52 KB, 1160x956, sirona-ryan-3-brooms-around-19…)

Thank god, I just cannot take Sirona seriously without thinking of picrel and bursting out laughing

No. 278881

I know they think "gender" means "fashion style", but I still don't get how they came to that conclusion? Luna Lovegood is probably the second most girly character in the series, second only to Fleur Delacour. She has practically no male traits at all, especially compared to tomboyish Ginny and Hermione being a bookish nerd.

No. 278898

even though im not that big of a hp fan, i downloaded the game for the hype but it seems like it doesn't have a pause option. how can a game not have a pause option in this day and age? it makes it so inconvenient to play and and it's a shame cause it looks cool

No. 278899

being a bookish nerd is masculine now?>>278754
very glad to see one fo teb younger actor taking a stand. the others are so spineless eve though they owe jkr their entire career

No. 278900

Wdym nonna, ESC on pc (or whatever console equivalent button to bring up any menu) pauses the game automatically since it's a single player game. I just paused the game to type this comment.

No. 278913

>being a bookish nerd is masculine now?
The nerd stereotype is very much male, Hermione was unusual at the time because she was a female nerd

No. 278914

I meant it doesn't pause cutscenes. I tried the esc button but the video kept playing.

No. 278919

Fairly large Gamerbro channel covering the HL controversy and covering it from a natural perspective

No. 278924

That’s so ridiculous because there has always been more overachieving bookish know-it-all highly competitive girls in school even in elementary grades. Male nerds boil down to having soy boy autism like cartoon and video games more than being smart and well read.

No. 278925

I just don’t enjoy hearing a moid talk about video game hot takes, ever

No. 278927

They are NLOGs who think quirkiness makes them unique and speshul, being a gendershit voidperson plant prince is extreme manifestation of that

No. 278929

File: 1677508681963.png (98.14 KB, 799x1644, 629128121105412096_cropped-min…)

And just like that, the troons are now saying Luna was never a good character to begin with. (Even though a lot of them based the idea of being a girl on her, some even named themselves after her.)

No. 278930

>if she'd wrote the books today, she'd have made Luna a school shooter
kek no, because school shooters are all male

No. 278934

This school shooter argument makes no sense, it's a school of magic in europe.. not muggle bullshit in america.
Right? I'm yet to see a female school shooter, doesn't happen even in fiction kek

No. 278938

KEK as a kid I related to Luna and her character actually inspired me to be myself as cringe as that may sound. these trannies and twitterfags are just finding random things to cry about at this point. i hope evanna just ignores them and moves on

No. 278951

File: 1677520429745.jpeg (103.32 KB, 750x921, 92583A87-8421-4576-9A51-AC018B…)


No. 278954

I've heard about two cases in the US and these girls were TIFs so… lol. I don't have links though because I'm on my phone.

No. 278981

Oh yeah, you're probably right, I think I remember at least one case now, posted in a thread somewhere either in ot or snow. Still, 2 cases of females being unhinged in the middle of a sea of males doing it. And I'm sure they all have misogyny in common as the reason for these attacks.
Luna would never, she is a sweet girl and I don't understand how these people read HP and think JKR would have written anything like this. They completely missed the messages the book tried to convey and vengeance was definitely not one of them, this is JKR, not Stephen King (who actually has a book about a school shooter and is a doormat)

No. 278982

> And I'm sure they all have misogyny in common as the reason for these attacks.
Yeah, that's why I mentioned they're both TIFs, because it's actually relevant and a good way to show that they're exceptions and why they're exceptions.

>I don't understand how these people read HP and think JKR would have written anything like this.

At first I thought these people were just stupid and had no reading comprehension but it's been so long since they started twisting her words that I think it's done on purpose to make her seem like a bigot and a retarded, incompetent writer. They're just seething that hard. They're the same people who started the whole "Harry Potter is a rich white guy with famous parents who marries his high school sweetheart and becomes a cop!!1!" like yeah but that's a very surafce level interpretation and his story is more similar to, idk Cinderella because of all the crazy hardships he has to overcome to not have a shit life anymore with his abusive family and his crazy stalker who murdered his parents and ruined his life. They know all that but don't care. Same thing with "JKR said Hermione was always meant to be black but she's just deflecting to hie her transphobia" when all she said was that Hermione can be interpreted as a black british girl if you want and that you should stop being racist towards her actress in the Cursed Child (or whatever it's called).

No. 278991

File: 1677529221251.jpg (746.18 KB, 2048x1536, Fp9iTXuaAAA8w-h.jpg)

Why are slytherin boys so superior to every other house?

HP are the only books they've ever read and it shows.

No. 279004

File: 1677536449987.gif (7.93 MB, 640x360, AFEC2E0C-ECB8-4E9B-AF17-D387CB…)

Anons which house did you choose? I can’t decide because I love both Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s common rooms

No. 279006

Go Slytherin nonna. The entrance alone is worth it.

No. 279021

Post ur Room of Requirement so I can copy u

No. 279023

I went Ravenclaw!

No. 279037

People are peaking! Yesss


No. 279038

File: 1677555068163.jpeg (44.06 KB, 500x610, 54A0CE63-5DC3-46D0-BD12-7F2BA2…)

No. 279093

>And just like that, the troons are now saying Luna was never a good character to begin with.
Serving that rejected male energy: "W-whatever bitch! I didn't w-want you anyway, you're fat! And ugly!! No one wants you!!!"

No. 279094

Remember that show big bang theory had a scene where the joke was that a female was in a comic book shop. That was the whole joke, because women aren't into nerdy things!! Haha how silly!!!! Women only like dresses and makeup and shallow vapid things!!!!!

No. 279125

I need to find more Japanese fanart. This looks great.

No. 279140

File: 1677601013927.webm (7.67 MB, 1920x1080, 4652083-c8ee5f78616a65e522fccb…)

Someone modded replacing Sirona's voice with AI generated J.K. Rowling's.

No. 279141

Petition to have JKR voice this character.

No. 279142

They really missed a great opportunity there. I wish she had a cameo in the game.

No. 279236

Question: Why is Ravenclaw the only common room with bathroom? I'm pretty sure I've explored all 4 common rooms throughroughly.

OMG. Her speech about not tolerating bullies really fits here.

No. 279248

Artist source please

No. 279343

It's from when they did common rooms tour for Hogwarts Legacy.

No. 279415

The gif is from this tumblr account: https://www.tumblr.com/floo-network

No. 279558

I kinda went silly with my (first) HL character, Maple Crispy-Bacon. She’s a Ravenclaw and a raging klepto from how many times i’ve alohomora’d into different people’s houses in the dead of night and eaten their snacks. Been playing for about 30+ hours and i really love this game…. it reinvigorated my love for HP and RPG games and it’s brought my best friends and i closer together talking about the story and our characters. i’m playing on an XBox series X and haven’t really come across too many bugs, sometimes some bullshit happens or the game renders a bit slow, but i’m so pleasantly surprised at how good it is. i really like (almost) all of the characters i’ve come across so far too! sorry for sperging lol this game just makes me so happy

No. 279577

Didn’t you watch Quinn Curios essay on how Slytherins existence is illogical?

No. 279607

this subset of hp fans who are obsessed with the marauders and shipping them is so annoying. that weird bnf fanfiction (all the young dudes or something?) only adds to it. it's annoying when you look at a piece of toast and someone comments "omg! moony toast!" just because lupin eats his toast in a weird way in that fic. in general i just hate when fanworks influence fan media so much that the representation of the original characters becomes so skewed that when fans see their favorite character behave as they do in canon, fans lose their shit because it doesn't fit their imagined perception of said character.

No. 279618

File: 1677750928162.jpeg (48.34 KB, 546x432, Marauders1997.jpeg)

I don't understand it myself, the marauders were just a group of teenage boys who hung out and played pranks. so I don't get where Wolfstar, Jegulus, and making them woke POC LGBTQ right activists comes from, it's essentially all OC content with only having similar names

No. 279619

Oh my god, I saw this on the front page and thought James' shirt was some long titties

No. 279622

No. 279655

People back when i read fics (early 2000s and 2010 era) used to have head canons and basically wrote the characters how they wanted, but no one took it seriously. Now twt and tiktok fags are obsesed with making their version the canon version, which makes no sense. I just dont talk to anyone who didn't grow up with Harry potter and outside my age range because I know they're going to be retarded on their takes. I don't think there is anything wrong with head canons, but some people take it too far.

No. 279659

Fanon Lupin boggles my mind. He is often the character chosen to be The LGBTQRSTXYZ Protector. I just will never understand how the hell a guy that is so afraid of disappointing the headmaster as an adult would be so outspoken about being gay (and trans sometimes) as a teen in the 70s. He couldn't even stop his friends from bullying another kid when it was his responsibility as a prefect lol

No. 279664

This obsession with having something be canon seemed like it used to be limited only to shipping. I thought eventually we'd all agree shipwars are cringe, finally shut up about it, and let people draw/write what they want in their own corners. Instead it somehow devolved now to arguing about the canonicity of every other trait as well. Ugh.

No. 279686

Sebastian did nothing wrong tbh. his uncle seems unhinged like he really wants Sebastian's sister to die kek

No. 279688

Sorry for blogging but I don't have anyone to rave to about the game!
I'm 53 hours in and only have the final boss battle left in the main quest line (already failed it a bunch of times so I'm going to work on 100%ing everything else to level up more before I try again). I love this game so much. I'm not much of a gamer and really only play stuff like Sims but HL goes so slowly in teaching you how to play that I was able to actually learn all of it and I can use all my abilities in fights! (Normally I just pick a handful of abilities and stick to those which makes most games super hard.) If you're really good at this kind of game I can see how it would be frustrating, but many of the basic game mechanics were new to me - if anyone is hesitating to play just for lack of game skill I highly recommend it!
The game crashes every few hours but I usually don't lose much progress and I have only encountered three bugs that weren't fixed by saving and reloading the game and all three were extremely minor (an invisible questgiver npc but I was able to do the quest just fine, a cutscene where the dialog was too quiet, an instance where I couldn't talk to side quest npcs until advancing the main quest but the quest descriptions didn't say so). For context I have reasonably good specs with only 16gb RAM and I'm playing with everything on ultra (except foliage on high) and no ray tracing.
The main quest and main side quests have a feeling of urgency to them that makes it really satisfying and also hard to put the game down. I regret not doing more of the puzzles in between quest events because being so near the end has taken the wind out of my sails a bit. Some other nonnies were complaining about the Merlin trials but I did at least 10 of them before I found a repeated puzzle, and even the repeats have just enough variation to keep me from getting annoyed. In fact I love the puzzles in general. Most are extremely easy and obvious and puzzle elements are reused everywhere, but again, with just enough variation. There's one type of Merlin trial that I haven't been able to figure out (it's the one with rectangular blocks that have a diamond hole in each side where you can see some kind of crystal in the middle) but I've gone this far without looking anything up so I'm not going to start now.
There is just one small thing that I wish they had included… When it's winter time none of the students are wearing gloves or scarves. That would have been such an amazing little touch. Even better if the student npcs wore casual clothes when you meet them in Hogwarts or go on a mission with them.
Ok I'm done, thank you for coming to my keynote!

No. 279689

agreed, i also have constantly seen wolfstar shippers harassing random blackinnon shippers now even more than back then, trying to “cancel” it and calling it homophobic and it makes me laugh as if either of them are even canon in the first place. people in that fandom really can’t have fun anymore. also i don’t even remember how that jegulus ship even became a thing and grew so popular? was it from that fanfic? but there is also a misogyny problem i heard that some of those jegulus shippers have against lily unsurprisingly.

No. 279690

I should have mentioned at the beginning of that post but my review above contains NO spoilers whatever.

No. 279692

for that Merlin trial with glowing crystals you need to find glowing butterflies and lead them to crystals with lumos

No. 279697

New fans are retarded and I just ignore them.

I'm so hyped to play, anon! And thank you for not having spoilers. I'm still waiting for April's release.

No. 279738

File: 1677802339222.jpeg (226.35 KB, 828x720, 41DD0EB1-90D3-41C8-A5A9-EA165A…)

Kind of a late tweet, but at this point why am I even surprised this shit take was able to get over 35k likes on twitter.

No. 279739

fuck my dumbass meant 34k but my point still stands.

No. 279747

Wow wonder why girls dorm needs protection from scrotes. I hate trannies so much it’s unreal.

No. 279749

>The terven foundations
The fact females need protection from males even so early in life.
Ah yes, JKR, you terrible, terrible woman.
Lmao you will never be a witch

No. 279837

So you admit transwomen would be kept out too, because they're not girls on any level? Interesting

No. 279841

I don't understand why they think it's so weird. I went to a co-ed boarding school and we had a rule that boys couldn't go to girls dormitories, but girls could go to boys dormitories until curfew(as in, they had to be back to the girls dorm by eight). From what I understand, it's a pretty normal practice in boarding schools so Hogwarts wouldn't be an outlier. Personally the few times some girls secretly brought boys to our dorm it was uncomfortable as hell since those scrotes were unruly, loud and rude.

No. 279843

File: 1677840599883.jpg (730.45 KB, 1080x3083, WdpgcQ1hKn.jpg)

No. 279861

i always find the "why didn't harry give weasleys his money" stuff hilarious and absurd like they're really saying that weasley family should be taking some unrelated orphan child's money. you get arrested for that stuff. and what would it teach harry? of course the weasley parents had to decline every time harry offered them money, what would it teach harry that the adults he trusts and sees as his parental figures use him for his fortune.

No. 279866

besides he did give them money… the prize money he got from the tournament in book 4 he gave to fred and george to help fund their business, and it was a big sum

No. 279911

It’s like fucking South Park

No. 279992

Alternative list of HP things trans ideology has taught me that I didn't know before trans people said it:
>"jews are goblins" is a given that everyone must agree with, becuase jews are in fact literal greedy ugly goblins and this was totally not made up by literal trans nazis
>a character can't be gay unless they're explicitly performing gay steretypes every scene they're in because being gay is a key personality trait
>it's racist to make up funny, cute or interesting names for all races, you must make exceptions for all non-white characters and treat them differently by giving them the boring names they deserve
>Having the unquestionably bad and evil villain be partly based on hitler somehow means everyone fighting against him is pro-nazi rather than anti-nazi
>Slaves of any kind existing in a fantasy setting means you are pro-slavery in real life
>Magical stairs that only exclude boys would also definitely exclude transwomen according to themselves
>Luna was the most perfect enby character to ever exist, until the actress sided with JKR and now she's one of the worst written characters in the books
>fantasy books can not portray anything problematic or unrealistic or they are badly written and support those bad things in real life
>celebrating Robbie Coltranes death publicly is normal and endorsed, because he showed support for JKR once
>Sending rape and death threats to women who are abuse victims is promoted as something good and brave to do if you're trans

You know what's funny is in the future when this has all passed there are going to be fantasy books written where the bad guys are literally based on the trans movement. There will be stories where the bad guys are an evil cult that says they cure children by mutilating them. Where the evil oppressors pretend to be the oppressed. Where the bad guys erase and ban all language to describe an oppressed minority group so they no longer have words to describe themselves. And just like how we look at Voldemort and see clear parallels to Hitler, we'll all see clear parallels to all the things the trans ideology did. That will be their only legacy.

No. 280031

God the thread makes me want to a log. Men in dresses whining about "misandry"
Even when you present the statistics and real lived experiences of women to them, they refuse to believe it or pretend it doesn't matter because "I was a guy and I got raped in high school!!!"

No. 280131

File: 1677987422553.png (33.21 KB, 653x361, 425.png)

Its genuinely bizarre(and kinda frightening) that they've twisted HP a magical light hearted series about overcoming adversity into some right wing borderline fascist text on par with Starship troopers

No. 280134

Didn't even need to start this with "I didn't even finish the first book", everything after that make it obvious, kek, whoever this is, it definitely is not Harry Potter

No. 280137

One of these days, saying a book is "white" is not gonna be an insult and I cant wait for this ridiculous weapon to be taken away from these people. There is nothing wrong with having mostly white fairytales. Non of that bullshit helps "poc" in any way.

No. 280156

are libs really giving the Right Harry Potter? Seriously, over one game lol

No. 280177

I think she didn't even finish the first chapter because how do you get something so basic so wrong?

No. 280179

Cope. This is the time for the kids who were always behind in reading to shine because Harry Potter was too advanced for them. Now they get to act like they’re morally superior for it.

No. 280212

i just found the book of admittance in the game and i'm fascinated by it, especially since the wiki states:
>the Book's sternness had a purpose: its track record in keeping Squibs out of Hogwarts was perfect. Non-magic children born to witches and wizards occasionally had some small, residual aura of magic about them due to their parents, but once their parents' magic had worn off them, it became clear that they would never have the ability to perform spells. The Quill's sensitivity, coupled with the Book's implacability, never made a mistake.
i'm so curious about what it's like to be a squib in a magical family. i think it would make a good story for a next game, like some acceptance movement for non-magical children. i always wonder which school they attend, since, even if they are non-magical, they should still be able to know about history of magic, muggle studies, herbology, care for magical creatures… there are many subjects they can study at hogwarts, even without the ability to use magic. they could also work as special messengers (the people who hand over the hogwarts letters and explain the wizarding world to muggleborn witches and wizards) or specifically work in muggle institutions that need to know about the existence of magic.

No. 280293

File: 1678051986342.png (1.41 MB, 1178x902, B234DCF3-B341-4049-BE5F-0476B0…)

keep seeing this video on my timeline
is it any good?

No. 280333

They do realize that the first few books are meant for kids/teenagers and you grow up with them, right? That's why so many adults are into Harry Potter and passed it onto their kids. 7 books in 7 years does grow with you. I started reading at 16. It's wild how these blue check marks are coming out of the wood work to talk shit for no reason.

No. 280334

>white fairytale
Why do they say that like an insult? JKR is white and ofc she would write a majority white based cast. Who the fuck cares. These kind of people are the most annoying. You do not speak for non whites.

No. 280335

Thank you!! Harry did a lot that wasnt mentioned in the movies. Also, it goes into in the books how Harry didnt want to flaunt his money and Ron was a bit jealous of that.

No. 280342

Twitter shit has done irreparable damage to the developing brains. Growing up reading Harry Potter in a third world country, literally not a single child has felt alienated by the books’ whiteness. We didn’t even think about what was ~yt pipo~ shit and what wasn’t, or who was white and who was not. Probably the strangest thing to a young reader is how boarding schools work because we didn’t have those. It was interesting to think about going to school away from your family most of the year. Even the quidditch hooliganism is relatable for most of the world.

No. 280343

This has to be a joke

No. 280364

As a third worlder growing up with zero access to the internet, my biggest wonder was the wonderful descriptions of food like treacle pudding and what it would have tasted like

No. 280381

File: 1678080845807.png (50.04 KB, 648x509, 39.png)

fucking end me

No. 280386

lol it's that girl who's developping that hideous dating sim with unlikable characters, I think the title is Validate. Like she should be allowed to tell us what good storytelling is or isn't kek. And everytime people say that and recommend other novels they only have witchcraft or even fantasy in general in common with HP but are way too different to be comparable. And sometimes they even recommend things that aren't even novels. It's obvious they're not actually recommending things they like out of passion for other stories.

No. 280389

Yes the name of the dating sim is validate and the first part is already out, she blasted trough the 50k kickstarter money, opened a patreon to help finish the game, the game was going to be a oneshot but now it is in 4 parts, switched teams during development, Dani is a whole ass fun cow on her own, wish there was more discussion on her because she is truly horrible, but the best we have is the validate kiwifarms thread

No. 280393

I have to check that thread then.

No. 280425

Dev cow thread material

No. 280429

>Growing up reading Harry Potter in a third world country, literally not a single child has felt alienated by the books’ whiteness
I can't help but wonder if these people read a book set in China if they'd freak out over the lack of diversity when every character is Chinese.

No. 280431

I haven't seen it but on a surface level it seems like a dumb question. Sorting children into groups of bravery, ambition, intelligence and empathy isn't bad in of itself. In the books we only get the perspective of Harry and his friends who see slytherin as "the bad house" but they're just normal kids for the most part.

No. 280503

Her whole crowd used to be discussed in the SJW e-artist thread but that hasn't been updated in months, I'd love to see that thread revived or have a new one made because I love following their drama lol.

No. 280505

Ok, which ones? Cuz none of them sold millions and has two giant theme parks dedicate to them, along with generation fans and families. Stay mad.

No. 280515

They've been quiet ever since a bunch of them turned on each other and got outed as bullies. Dani's the only one still "active".

No. 280621

File: 1678136176463.jpeg (72.94 KB, 615x488, 04A6E290-C97A-4A91-BC65-D91C41…)

JK also basically helped save Evanna’s life when she was dying in the hospital from an eating disorder when she was just a child by sending letters encouraging her to get better. trannies and their supporters are all so retarded to think she’d ever turn on her for them.

No. 280629

someone should make a validate thread, or a thread of those ugly genderspecial dating sims, the kf thread sucks

No. 280642

It really does lmao, can’t stand the race sperging they do

No. 280648

In your opinion, which HP book was the best? (I was going to post a poll but apparently the old strawpoll dot me site has been taken offline and linking to strawpoll dot com would look suspect / virus-y kek)

No. 280649

File: 1678139028609.jpg (371.18 KB, 1920x1080, 20230224212811_1.jpg)

I still haven't progressed much along the storyline because I keep getting distracted by the world around me. At this point the game is more a like a walking simulator for me, and I'm fully enjoying that experience

Bloody amazing. Now somebody just needs to use the power of deepfakes for good and replace the character with the face of JK herself

No. 280652

that looks so nice, guess my old ass has to get into Harry Potter now, reading the books, watching the movies, buy a new computer to play the game. I enjoy walking simulators and games that have a world that makes you feel "inside" of it instead just having to do quest after quest to finish the game. Thank you nonna, that picture gave me a reason to lose myself in another fictional world.

No. 280676

I like Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and Order of the Phoenix. My least liked is Half-Blood Prince, I think it's got a lot of pacing problems and the romance drama is super boring.

No. 280688

my personal fave is half blood prince but in terms of writing quality i'd say ootp

No. 280718

File: 1678159849955.png (368.03 KB, 540x399, snooping.png)

>why does slytherin still exist?

Because Severus Snape is sexy, that's why. Next question.

No. 280733

Chamber of Secrets, Rowling is at her best when writing mysteries

No. 280759

is that quinn curios video? if it is then yeah. all her hp videos are worth watching, bc she actually goes in depth into the issue without so much as touching on why jk is a bad person or hates trannies or w/e. she just analyses stuff from the books and draws her conclusions for there.

No. 280809

File: 1678183057676.png (283.5 KB, 655x552, Screenshot 51.png)

Now edgy twitter racists use harry potter terms as dog whistles and it's all the cause of TRA and libfems because I know these guys were the same ones who made fun of HP a full decade before
It's not even tongue-in-cheek, it's just antisemitism but instead of saying Jews they say Goblins

No. 280856

Do wizards have opticians? In the books, eyesight seems like one of the things magic can't fix - Arthur, Percy, and Dumbledore wear specs and they presumably would have had access to magic right when their sight started failing. And obviously someone would have to make Moody's eye. I can't decide which idea I like better, an opticians in Hogsmeade with hundreds of rolling glass eyes and floating glasses looking down on customers, or Dumbledore rocking up in a muggle Specsavers looking to get his eyes retested. (Even if there is a wizard equivalent, obviously Arthur would be going to specsavers kek).

No. 280930

File: 1678211586634.jpg (81.41 KB, 539x750, FqFWtxMWAA.jpg)

No. 280962

I had no idea! I'm so glad she was able to overcome her ED.

Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix are my top 3. Half blood prince is easily the worst.

No. 280963

who cares. Glasses are hot.

No. 280978

Sorry for trying to talk about the universe instead of gushing about greasy Snape cock.

No. 281009

The glasses topic has been brought up before. And Snape is my least favorite, even when they attempted to redeem his shit character in the movies.

No. 281110

>gushing about greasy Snape cock

Calm down there James Potter and/or Sirius Black

No. 281123

i admittedly think its a little weaker than her other videos. which is a shame because her ron vid is actually pretty great.her whole argument is pretty much that it’s illogical to have a wholly evil house and that there werent enough good slytherins to justify it, and that its an echo chamber because kids inherit their parents beliefs. but obviously theres some stuff I’d argue like don’t people grow out of their beliefs from highschool?

No. 281163

i feel like there would be wizard opticians definitely. there probably wouldnt be much choice for frames though, itd just be like basic old man glasses and i reckon people would charm their frames to be more interesting looking or colour changing or w/e

No. 281242

>there werent enough good slytherins to justify it
This doesn't make sense to me. We only meet a handful of students and it's all from Harry's Gryffindor perspective, it's his rival house and his best friend hated Slytherin from the get-go. It's natural that we don't meet that many kids from other houses than Harry's. It's a fantasy series aimed at kids. Isn't it like saying Hufflepuff isn't needed either since we barely meet any puffs, and the most prominent one we meet, Cedric Diggory, has his key trait being bravery which is the most typical gryffindor trait anyway?

No. 281245

>Do wizards have opticians?
Dumbledore famously wore destinct half-moon shaped glasses, Luna had her wacky spectrespecs… there are magic opticians for sure.

No. 281251

It bothered me that Harrys and Voldemorts wands weren't identical like I had imagined from reading their wands were "brothers"

No. 281262

I think they can fix bad eyes easily but some people just prefer glasses. Like, Dumbledore and McGonagall are straight up wearing empty frames as a look.

No. 281306

she actually tries to argue that it would have been better for cedric to be a slytherin but idk she spent the first chunk of the video saying how all the good slytherins weren’t actually good so would cedric actually have made a difference. plus the first 3 ravenclaws we meet were evil Quirrel, lockhart and crouch Jr. obvs this is all moot because it’s a kids book but I just think a lot of hp criticism like this is silly.

No. 281375

i bet there are ways to heal it with wizard surgery, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's on the same level as wearing glasses vs. getting lasik eye surgery.

No. 281503

That's what I was going to say. It's possible for wizards to teleport themselves where they want but it's difficult enough that some of them fail and only half of their bodies are teleported and the other half is still there iirc so if curing someone's eyesight is possible but similarly difficult I doubt people would take that risk.

No. 281514

Kek I love this headcanon

No. 281544

I thought his trait was being selfless, which IS a hufflepuff trait. They are loyal and selfless characters.
I think JKR should have separated more characters into different houses, because it does feel lazy all the 'good guys' were in Gryffindor and all the 'bad ones' were in Slytherin.

No. 281654

i think that was slightly the fault of movie influences. the actor for voldemort wanted to go the extra mile while acting and requested the wand have a hook so he could loosely grip the wand during scenes to appear more aloof/menacing.

No. 281715

kek, why did this appear in my recommendations

No. 281803

Damn Neville what happened kek

No. 281840

File: 1678479855235.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 1644435606815.gif)

>Luna Liftgood

No. 281866

File: 1678493580035.png (226.5 KB, 298x431, harry squatter.PNG)

This is fucking great

No. 281873

me after being transphobic online

No. 281898

File: 1678513551437.png (93.24 KB, 643x622, Screenshot 5.png)

This is extra enjoyable cause Luna and Tonks were the most frequently troon hc'd characters, so It must hurt troons extra knowing their idealized waifus see them as disgusting men

No. 282020

File: 1678533646929.jpeg (491.29 KB, 1200x1731, cqEehIK.jpeg)


No. 282137

File: 1678575611495.jpg (400.48 KB, 1920x1080, 20230311235555_1.jpg)

Nonnas I'm in love

No. 282138

File: 1678575676773.jpg (400.48 KB, 1920x1080, 20230311235555_1.jpg)

Nonnas I'm in love

No. 282572

Has anyone else just completely given up on all canon characters and focuses only on their stupid OC stories? I have 3 notebooks dedicated to the witches and wizards who live in Puddlemere and how they interact with the muggle parts of the village and avoid suspicion. I notes on every change made to their shitty Quiddich team for ~20 years. Autism truly is my superpower.

No. 283606

I know I’m a big baby but I can’t read some of the books any more because they scare me too much. The chamber of secrets especially, tho tbh I find the Voldemort being on the back of quirrels head terrifying too.

No. 284301

Starting a second playthrough of legacy and it's honestly a slog lmao I forgot how hand-holding the game feels until you get your broom. It's like an hour long tutorial. I hope the inevitable sequel will have a new game+

No. 284313

I love that creativity nona

i won't be able to play HL until i'm free after summer this year, sad to have missed the big troon rage period but i hope i can upset at least one TRA by playing it

No. 284611

File: 1679469683692.jpg (120.21 KB, 1200x675, Where-to-Find-a-Graphorn-in-Ho…)

I wish graphorns were real. I bet they purr like cats.

No. 286315

File: 1680034495379.jpg (194.96 KB, 900x1180, FsOKEwxakAAZZFl.jpg)

help me nonnies i thought all the HL characters were fucking ugly but now im balls deep into sebastian. how is everyone else holding up 1month post release?

No. 286340

Sebastian and Ominis has the best writing/arc but I got so fucking tired of those samey ugly dungeons during their quest line. Poppy has the most fun variety quests. Natty is good but weirdly written, I expected the cop lady to be corrupt/working with the poachers but it didn't happen. Main quest was annoying as hell except for the third and fourth trials.
Hopefully the sequel will have better writing overall.

No. 286343

Sebastian is the only character who has any sort of development (so far; I haven’t finished yet). So he’s automatically superior without even taking his attractiveness into account. Things are going well but I get so caught up in completionism with field guide pages etc that I am lagging a bit on the main quest.

No. 286345

do you have the socials of this artist? great art

No. 286346

Is this for HL!? Omg nonnie, I fully plan to keep a journal of my goings on in HL and about the characters once I can afford the game. I’m super excited, I’m torn between making a notebook or purchasing one specifically for it (maybe to cut cost I’ll just repurpose a lightly used one).

No. 286357

course nonnie @Krabat__

same though, my autism has made me so distracted. it's kind of nice actually I haven't had a game that could take 100% of my attention in a long time

No. 286388

I love reading all the pearl-clutching on reddit about the MC actually killing criminals. Like why wouldn't you kill someone who attacked you first? I want my fifteen year old character to slaughter the wicked

No. 286451

I'm waiting to get it in summer when I have time to play it but I'm already making OCs for it

No. 286463

No, I just go by the books! I should watch a playthrough of HL at some point (I also can't afford it kek) and incorporate it into my sprawling OC stories. I hope your HL playthrough is everything you dreamed of and more!!! I think you should make the notebook, it'd be so much more personal

No. 286670

what kind of notes are you taking nona?

No. 286715

Once I play I’ll have a better idea but probably just things about NPCs and classes, the castle layout and scenic places to visit.

No. 286720

did anyone else find the message of HL strange? Or maybe i'm just an idiot and i didn't get it. It seemed the message is "just because you can improve things doesn't mean you should" which uh… they definitely failed to show any negative consequences of what Isidora did. How is pointless suffering supposed to be a good thing?

No. 286762

File: 1680246978453.jpg (44.69 KB, 564x964, 64f7eda61f44f44d83c781fe92c358…)

They did show, everyone she "helped" became emotionless husk.

No. 286766

Did you even pay attention to the cutscenes with her dad? We literally get shown the negative consequences of her actions

No. 286955

i thought the message was "pain is a part of life" and it's reflected in your relationships as well. you could take away sebastian's emotional pain over his sister's curse. you could take away natty's pain over losing her father. you could take away poppy's pain over all the beasts that get hurt because of her family. but you don't, because pain is part of being human. it's what makes us human.

No. 287320

File: 1680567108604.jpeg (86.46 KB, 828x1073, 02B58C6F-BAD8-47A3-824A-A2BC0F…)


No. 287332

I always knew that they would remake the movies. The og movies where made before all the books where written so it was hard to judge what information they should put in them. But I do love the two first HP movies so much they are so comfy. They have a very intriguing ams inviting atmosphere and I always yearn to step into the movies whenever I watch them. The stellar soundtrack and set design and color choice helps. I don't think a remake will be able to feel so magical.
Tbh I'm sureprised that they are not attempting to make it into an cartoon or anime. Harry Potter is popular in Asia and anime has become mainstream in the west so they could easily collab with some big anime studio. And if they don't want to do that I'm still sureprised that they haven't attempted to make a 3d Harey Potter cartoon

No. 287340

File: 1680576880811.jpg (68.91 KB, 1200x800, paapap.jpg)

i think this is an april fool's joke but just out of curiosity, who would you nonas like to see cast as which characters if there was a reboot? i'm already picturing paul dano as remus lupin

No. 287344

Why nonna. I know David Thewlis is balding but his face is quite handsome and he has a nice smile. Paul Dano looks like Peter Pettigrew and he always does pathetic man so I think he is perfect for Peter.

No. 287353

Can anyone recommend some really well written HP fanfics? It can be with OCs or canon characters, just something that's really well written with good prose.

No. 287356

File: 1680588448927.jpeg (227.17 KB, 1170x1917, 669A38F0-94FC-4092-BD9E-D1D492…)

No. 287357

Here's a fic focusing on Petunia's perspective on her sister getting to become a witch and not her. It also a AU where she meets a monster in the woods which I won't spoiler and focuses on magical beasts, being the less loved daughter and older sister to a more talented sister which is more relatable regarding siblings then the both of them making up and being bffs because their sisters as some fix-it fics do and a magical OC love interest instead of Vernon. I feel like this is the most believable Petunia fic where her personality doesn't get a complete overhaul into a super nice, done nothing wrong and everyone likes me fics. My explaination does not give the story justice, so please read the first chapter before dropping it.

No. 287365

File: 1680591064267.jpg (7.97 KB, 160x160, FroBc5PakAIFxzN.jpg)

if this actually happens I wouldn't be surprised if they haphazardly shove in random fucking transgender/nb characters including retconning existing characters in order to overcompensate for JKR's ~twansphobia~ but seeing that she's actively participating as a producer I have hope

No. 287399

File: 1680604457833.jpg (76.51 KB, 796x960, 2ff3e2a44deb5a29ecb9b3f5ea9760…)

Prediction, they will cast a biracial actor for Harry or Hermione. I don't think I would mind if Hermione was played by a black or mixed girl. I know there is a lot of discourse around it but I don't mind much. I just hope they keep her big curly hair and don't give up at like the third movie with Emma Watson.

I think it would be funny if Ben Barnes would be played by sirius since the fandom always casted him as young sirius. Maybe he is to old now tho, but i think he's still handsome.

I really hope they wont pander to the troons

No. 287409

JKR supervises almost all projects done with her IP so that it doesn't contradicts what she established about the lore and characters. I doubt she'd let HBO create OCs or transwash already established characters without agreeing to it first.

No. 287411

I highly suspect they are going to pander to trans people but tbh it would be so stupid if they do. TRA have already decided that Harry Potter is a modern Mein Kampf so they are not going to watch it anyway. Besides Harry Potter is big on an international scale so people from all over the world are going to watch this and there are countries where people aren't so familiar with trans politics so they are going to get confused by a trans or enby character. If they add one the character will probably be showed in the back and have a minor role, but that wont satisfy the few trans potterheads that are left because it's not proper ~representation~. It would be better to not add a trans character at all because there is no way they can win if they do
>they will cast a biracial actor for Harry or Hermione
tbh I'm open to this
>Ben Barnes would be played by sirius
ok Im really obsessed with this now. I hope this is the case

No. 287463

I wish I could be excited for this since the movies gloss over so much of the books but my expectations are on the floor tbh. I agree with >>287332 that they won't be able to top the atmosphere of the og movies, the new cast won't compare to the originals either. I think the series will probably be pandering in stupid ways too. It would be more interesting to see a show of either Harry's parents or Voldemort's time at Hogwarts, rather than rebooting the main series when the movies concluded just over 10 years ago. Just let it rest kek

No. 287468

Oh my god nonnie, thank you so much. This fic was an amazing and wholesome yet weirdly somber read! I really love the concept of it all and giving minor characters a backstory that explains "why" without changing how they are. I could really sympathize with both Petunia and Lily's perspectives after reading this and something about their relationship as sisters is so sweet to read. Again, thank you!!! Spent my whole day binging and still have a bit to go.

No. 287474

I'd prefer an anime too but I can't complain about this either. Maybe it won't match the atmosphere of the movies (and since I won't be watching it for the first time/as a child it obviously won't be as magical), but it won't have to cut out so much of the books. Everyone complained about that and hoped for a lengthy TV adaption so every detail would fit in. In fact everyone was hoping for a HBO series specifically, so I will tentatively get my hopes up.

No. 287478

I dont want this. Unless it's a different time period, there's no reason to reboot the movies when it's only been 11 years. No one can compare to the old cast, especially for Hagrid's role.


Arent they known for violence and soft core porn like GOT??

No. 287559

Already not looking good kek

No. 287577

My absolute nightmare scenario for this is if they make it "edgier" by doing the typical shit like amping up sexual relations. I also don't want them to only hire the typical hot super model actors for constant eye candy for average characters, that's a massive pet peeve of mine. It makes sense for characters who are meant to be hot/beautiful like Fleur (although the movies really failed on that casting in particular) or maybe even Sirius who is supposed to look a bit like a rock star. I really do not want a foxy Molly Weasley played by a 28 year old, or for a roided up Voldemort to suddenly be built like he injects steroids directly into his blood steam on the daily.

But on the other hand I also really don't want them to go the winx remake route where the cast completely missed the mark on every level just so they could look "inclusive" by having "ugly" and chubby girls in the main cast.

No. 287590

I hope they don’t racebend any of the main characters.

No. 287607

File: 1680699486240.jpg (200.98 KB, 960x1440, p11725153_b1t_v8_aa.jpg)

i fear that it's gonna look like shadowhunters aka incredibly cheap and vaguely like a porn dupe of the original.

ironically, shadowhunters is a hp knockoff and picrel shows slutty hermione, draco in leatherpants, mary sue self insert ginny and bitchy gay harry

No. 287678

God its so dated.

No. 287683

nonnie unrelated but ao3 prompted me for age and i was like… am i gonna read about petunia getting smashed?? and had a good laugh. very good rec thank you for taking your time to share this great one

No. 287689

tfw u realize that photo is from 2016.

No. 287698

>bitchy gay harry
this does not differ from canon harry

No. 287707

God I kind of want the remakes just to see sassy Harry moments. That’s one thing I wished they got to put in from the books.

No. 287710

File: 1680743721611.jpg (129.61 KB, 1280x721, lielowatlupins.jpg)

10-15 years ago if you asked most HP fans on dumblr they'd have probably sacrificed their unborn firstborn children for an HBO remake that was kinda edgy and adult like Skins AKA prehistoric Coomphoria. I honestly don't hate the idea if it was for my area of fandom (marauders era kek) but JKR doesn't seem to care about those characters much. You have to admit the milk/drama/troon crying likely to come from it would be pretty funny

I disagree. Imagine Paul Dano and James Norton reuniting on screen as Remus and Sirius and having to act out whatever gay bait was in the script

No. 287731

i love you danofags so much LMAO wish this gets casted for you all

No. 287962

Kek I asked ChatGPT to recommend some HP fanfics and I landed upon Eliezer Yudkowsky's Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I could instantly tell this shit was written by a man.

>Fanfic written by women: What if Hermione and Draco reconciled their differences and became lovers, Relationship Deep Dive on the intricacies of sisterhood between Lily and Petunia

>Fanfic written by men: Harry Potter but he's an edgy atheist now

No. 287964

I ain't saying no for gay baiting but all I can see with that pic of yours is Peter planting the seeds of doubt into Sirius when they talk about Remus. Then this >>287340 is the face of all according to keikaku once Remus and Sirius start pointing fingers at each other. Dano was made to bring Voldemort back.

No. 287968

As much as I honestly wouldn't mind some of them being a different race if they change the race you just know it wouldn't be genuine and would just be pandering, and not what JKR envisioned writing the books either. Would be cool af to have an entirely black cast remake, but if you want it to be accurate to the books then that just won't happen.

No. 288192

>the general idea is for each season of the potential TV series is to focus on one book
I really hope they let every season have a different number of episodes because trying to stretch the early books out to ten hours sounds like a recipe for disaster

No. 288194

yessss you have perfect taste anon. i need you to do the casting

No. 288198

File: 1680913970254.jpg (82.28 KB, 955x1094, remusjamesmiddleagedmpregbaby.…)

"Sexy Peter Pettigrew" isn't something I'd have ever dreamed up on my own but hey, I'll take it if we get Dano. James Norton was in a Tragic Bad Boy role in Happy Valley (bong police drama) recently as well so he's perfect. Now all we need is a Remus and James to make our fantastic foursome complete. As long as gay bait is happening I wanna suggest Matthew Macfadyen as someone even if he's a bit older than the other two. Any Succession actor would be fun though

No. 289162


No. 289166

File: 1681326575804.png (25.75 KB, 1016x702, FtiJ0mYXsAQ0GJG.png)

JK's comment sounds promising.

No. 289172

i'm getting animation vibes

No. 289174

The last part of that quote makes me feel like we're going to see more basic daily life scenes in Hogwarts, sounds comfy to me.

No. 289179

Yeah, we very likely will and I look forward to it! As much as I like the movies, some like the goblet of fire are a mess because of the time constraint in a movie. I also hope they get actors that closer matches the book descriptions.

No. 289198

JKR being directly involved makes me sigh a bit of relief. I truly want this to be good! and not woke.

No. 289199

Yes! I want a blonde Cedric, damnit. A lot of the characters casted for a movie were a choice, like Peter being fat instead of really skinny, also he was blonde.

No. 289203

>using the original soundtrack
I know it's just an ad, but do you think they'll reuse the movie music and sets? It would be a fucking waste not to, they were so perfect and iconic. All a TV series needs to do is improve on the casting and include every detail from the book that the movie couldn't fit in. Keeping everything else the same would be a based choice but somehow I'd be surprised if they did.

No. 289204

I also think it would be a waste not to reuse some sets. They're also iconic and hogwarts legacy has similar environments as well

No. 289205

All I want is Snape to be as unhinged as he is in the books and for all the funny scenes that involve his mad temper to be there.

No. 289240

Im hoping for maximum book fidelity but i especially would kill for cool badass book!minerva not the granny from the films

No. 289243

Same, nona. A lot ofthe actors, while good, we're too old for their characters.

No. 289252

I adore the original soundtrack and can't imagine anything Harry Potter without it but I don't want them to reuse it. I want this to feel like it's own thing and only take their material from the books without taking influence from other Harry Potter properties

No. 289260

I'd be fine with them making their own music and having a different hogwarts set. It would just elevate the series to a fantasy staple in my eyes rather than the series being a remake it's just another portrayal completely.

No. 289269

True. I just hope they have the budget for it. The environments better look nice now that we'll see even more of them for a longer period of time.

No. 289475

Found this neat Harry Potter Short Film

No. 289479

The most important thing to me is that they take the time to explore the intricate worldbuilding and fun little details, because that aspect of the series was what attracted me to the books as a kid and it's woefully missing in the movies imo.
Other than that, I'm hoping for:
>a more fiery outgoing Ginny
>a less Mary Sue-ish Hermione
>more Hogwarts daily life and classes
>characters actually wearing robes and wizard hats all the time and many being clueless about muggle fashion
>Ron playing a bigger role and having best friend chemistry with Harry
>actual colors instead of dreary blue and green light filters on everything

No. 289534

He is an incel in the books and I'm mad they made it 'oh so romantic. he truly loved Lily' in the movies when he was a creeper and couldnt let her go.

No. 290070

File: 1681676609037.gif (895.84 KB, 800x751, snily 4evah.gif)

I like him but it's better when they keep him true to his character. Even if they go through the route of woobiefying him a bit, I do hope to see all that bitterness. It also makes Harry's character and his decision to forgive Snape (and give that awful name to his kid) stand a lot more. Like, they both have a lot of similarities and I think even Harry and another character say it at some point but the huge difference between them is how Harry in the end was able to forgive and move on, while Snape isn't, and that, to me, is actually very realistic portrayal of a person who was bullied and is very messed up, I think the way he treats the kids is very consistent to this portrayal, he is stuck in the past but now he is in a position of power he didn't have before.. and you know what happens when you put the loser up there while giving him free rein. It also contrasts with the other teachers just how immature and young he is. I just didn't feel any of this in the movies, movie Snape looks more like a stern teacher, someone who will give you a bad grade because you are lazy and wasting his time, very different from the guy who broke Harry's potion on purpose after the occlumency lessons fiasco and insulted Hermione for no reason some time before that. I think changing Snape this much changed the other characters for the worse too, not even the marauders vs Snape felt as good and compelling as in the books. Also Draco & Snape too, didn't feel like Draco trusted Snape that much as he did in the books.

Also I just remembered the duelling club with Lockhart and I wish the movies made him as ridiculous as he was in the books, dropping his wand and all while trying to teach Harry a spell.
"Just do what I did, Harry."
"What? Drop my wand?" Kek.

No. 290160

Since it's on topic and I'm curious I want to ask: anons ITT do you think Lily was wrong to get together with one of the men who basically tortured her childhood BFF? Or was it irrelevant at that point because Snape and Lily's friendship had dissolved?

No. 290166

We don't get to see anything good that James did so it is weird that Lily ended up marrying him basically right out of high school. Him and Sirius seemed like asshole bullies vs Remus being the calm friend and Peter being the sycophant who hung out with them. Presumably James was somehow endearing but who knows given we never got to really see it.

No. 290176

I mean I don’t blame her for falling for him considering James is a chad jock. It is a little fucked she dropped contact with Snape altogether but I also don’t know the impact of the wizard n-word would have on me. ESH

No. 290177

File: 1681703102763.jpg (64.47 KB, 640x782, tumblr_bf149dab71090893d9ca203…)

It always seemed weird of her to do that tbh. If someone was torture-bullying my homie I wouldn't want to be anywhere near them much less marry them. I think Rowling made it this way on purpose though. Harry has to deal with the revelations that his parents were, well, just not that great lmao

No. 290203

File: 1681712196891.jpg (80.8 KB, 732x1092, lily_and_severus_by_abigaillar…)

I don't think she was wrong. I think their friendship might've already been dissolving but he put the last nail on the coffin.
In the books she says she has been making excuses for him for years, and doesn't believe he is actually sorry because he calls every muggleborn 'mudblood', she is aware of the people he is associating with, of the things his friends have been doing.
There is a scene where he tells her he wants her to see the marauders are not "wonderful as everyone seems to think". I guess James is supposed to be a very charismatic and charming kind of guy + bullying not being taken seriously, maybe Lily didn't see how bad that was, maybe sometimes she thought it could be justified since Snape also put up a fight? And to be fair, I think he would attack them if he thought he might have the upper hand and as biased as Sirius sounds, maybe Snape was indeed really good with dark magic so young and that simply doesn't paint him as a victim.
Snape seems completely unable to tell her exactly what is his problem with the marauders. From his frustration with her saving him during that scene Harry sees, I guess he just doesn't want to be seen as weak. Can't really blame Lily when this guy is so difficult.

No. 290204

I applaud you nonnas, you remember so much of the books. I read the books only once and i don't remember much. I remember i really liked Winky though and i was dissapointed that i didn't get to see her in a movie. I hope she'll be in the series…. I should really get audiobooks to refresh everything.

No. 290274

I agree with this. It's sort of the equivalent of your childhood best friend growing into a nazi, when you're part Jewish yourself. I think people ostracizing and bullying a person with death eater/nazi views probably wasn't seen as THAT bad by the onlookers. On the contrary James and co. who stood up against it became seen as heroic and brave for being against the dark arts.

I've personally had male classmates who were truly rude, bully-ish assholes, who did a 180 in maturity in the spam of the 3 years I knew them and they grew up to be genuinely nice at the end of it. It's honestly realistic growth for them to turn out decent once they've grown and matured a bit.

No. 290276

>"very online conversation"
Yup. The real world needs to stop fearing and pandering to a few angry chronically online people (largely minors and/or mentally ill people at that) screeching online and recognize that that's all it is. The HP fandom has already proven with Hogwarts Legacy that they don't give a fuck and still care and give their money to HP so it's a safe project to start on kek

No. 290278

I like how they phrased that. All the hate is whipped up by some deranged, chronically online twitter users. Ordinary people don't care.

No. 290290

As a book fan who never particularly liked the movies (I don't think I ever even finished watching one) I'm really excited for the new series. I hope they cast Snape better, he was my fav in the books and I didn't like Rickman as Snape, he played him so far removed from the book version. I want a more accurate portrayal of him as an ugly seething incel loser on a power trip it would be so much more entertaining. Also hope they cast a Northerner, I always imagined him with a Yorkshire accent

No. 290326

Suddenly so nostalgic for Ministry of Magic music I cry.

No. 290382

i also want snape to be as insane as in the books and one scene i really missed was the one where the gang meets neville's parents. overall i don't think the movies made justice to how important neville kinda was and how harry was a chosen one by a change, that it could very well had been neville.

No. 290467

File: 1681780530393.jpg (79.96 KB, 449x625, hnuio.jpg)

If the HBO show was going to be released exactly how you wanted it but on the one condition an additional well known character (or more than one character) other than Dumbledore would be shown as gay or bi, who would you pick and why?

No. 290469

Probably Remus or Sirius like your pic. It wouldn't change much and the Marauder shippers would be happy.
Alternatively Albus Severus or Scorpio if the show goes into Cursed Child.

No. 290471

I like these ideas. Tbh I'd like to make James canonically bi and then sit back and watch any ridiculous drama that ensued over the sexuality of some bespectacled dead loser. The Sirius/James subtext is strong with the right fujo goggles.

No. 290473

narcissa malfoy who couldn't act on it because of her blood and social status and is now trapped in the lifestyle. she has a crush on molly weasley. that's also why she is so willing to betray voldemort, not only for her son but because she also has had to hide a side of herself. she likes molly because of how devoted she is for her children and that inspires narcissa to look at herself and how she has raised her son and what danger she has put her child in with her political actions (she still hates muggles etc)

No. 290478

Speaking of cursed child, i rewatched it recently and the new version takes out Draco’s son asking a girl out on a date. It’s giving gay

No. 290491

i love this

No. 290642

Now thats a fic I wish I could read.

No. 291282

File: 1682103852536.png (7.88 KB, 601x157, champagne.png)

They see her Rowlin…they hatin…

No. 291364

She should have been like that from the start instead of being nice and saying she made a "middle aged mistake" when she started liking tweets about trannies not being women years ago. I'm glad she stopped caring about their feelings and just says the objective truth about them.

No. 291780

File: 1682319853300.jpg (222.97 KB, 2048x2633, tumblr_2da7bb677a6b3e78fe3dfc4…)

oh nonas I made it late to the Howarts Legacy convo but I am living my childhood dream and I am beyond ecstatic, the game is amazing. I was always sorted in Slytherin which I used to hate but this game made me have a deep appreciation for them. With that said I just wish we could have made deeper connections with the companions, I would kill for Poppy and Sebastian and Ominis are my boys. I wish we could have been another golden trio.

No. 291785

File: 1682321546456.webm (350.3 KB, 576x1024, sebastianominismc.webm)

I love these

No. 291786

File: 1682321914419.webm (530.28 KB, 576x1024, sebastianominismc2.webm)

A dialogue wheel would have been great

No. 291787

>She should have been like that from the start instead of being nice and saying she made a "middle aged mistake"
I honestly think it was a middle aged mistake at that point though. She peaked the way most of us do, got curious about the illogical things they say and do while still genuinely wanting these seemingly vulnerable mentally ill people to get better and not be harmed. Not until after they showed their true colors did she realize the vast majority aren't even "trutrans" or dysphoric the way they pretend to be.

No. 291802

Such many cases. All the non-religious normalfag women I’ve seen peaked after having been naive TRAs but thankfully had the brain cells to realize troon persecution fetish at women’s expense.

No. 291812

honestly they really are the golden trio, idk if you've dug deep yet anon but there a lot of unused voice clips that they have if you wanted more into their lore

No. 291908

She is an actual Queen. I love it

No. 292072

Poppy, Ominis and Sebastian are the best characters. I really love their development and want more if them. Hopefully a DLC

No. 292073

Neville was shafted in the movies and it still pisses me off to this day.

No. 292627

after how successful hogwarts legacy was it really should have clicked for them that you can't control what other people enjoy. narcissism is a disease

No. 294253

I want to start a new Hufflepuff legacy playthrough because my current Hufflepuff is ugly as shit lmao. She looked good in character creation screen but in motion she's just odd.
Also Hufflepuffs have the best unique quest of the four houses imo

No. 294314

I really hope the possible sequel focuses on the same characters again. Maybe when they're adults. Though I doubt that will happen. Part of the appeal of the game is the school setting, so adult characters wouldn't sell as well probably.

No. 294373

i think a sequel might go down the route of a new student at hogwarts who then connects with grown up poppy, ominis, etc over the course of the story. and the player character is mentioned as some super important, mysterious figure.

No. 294377

File: 1683301661019.jpg (169.95 KB, 1080x1350, j6eiJKV.jpg)

Hogwarts Legacy got a big patch today with a tonne of bugfixes, but no new content. They've also started a twitch drops campaign, in case anyone is interested.

No. 294388

I’m a slut for twitch drops thanks for letting me know anon

No. 294471

I would love that tbh. Like you never meet the previous main character in person but they leave you notes or something to guide you. If the devs really wanted to be edgy they could pull a Dragon's Dogma and have the previous main character be the final boss, now corrupted by the ancient magic. I hope they don't do that though lmao

No. 295951

File: 1683922747645.png (275.9 KB, 1000x664, HP-1-1-1000x664.png)

i didn't know these were a thing! i wonder if they'll be released in europe as well?

No. 296473

I've been revisiting the first Fantastic Beasts movie and I forgot how much I loved it. I didn't think the sequels lived up to the first one, but I really enjoyed that one. I love Tina's borderline unhinged energy, I love the story idea that a wizard child being subjected to enough repression and abuse could have their magic turn into something dangerous and wild, I love how awkward and not suave Newt was. And Colin Farrell was such a good villain.

No. 299867

Now that all the controversy has died down I gotta say that Hogwarts Legacy had a lot of missed potential. You can tell they either ran out of money or time and there's stuff that should have been in the game but isn't. Like the companion system, crime system, etc. Hopefully the sequel lets the devs realize everything they want

No. 300378

They can easily do a BOTW TOTK with a whole new story and reuse the location and I’ll pay immediately, the environment is that good

No. 300952

File: 1686122456368.jpg (144.29 KB, 811x843, 1686121113539.jpg)

Does Rowling-sperging belong here?

No. 300958

>You can tell they either ran out of money or time
This is sadly true for 99.9% of all games these days. I can't wait to have time off later this summer so I can play the game. I know the hype has died but I'll just enjoy it by myself.

No. 300962

File: 1686129577700.png (5.75 KB, 573x110, karmaisaterf.png)

Yes. That was posted in the Pride thread but JKR sperging belongs here too.
She is wonderful and the people trying to smear her are retarded.

No. 300963

Btw what about a general Rowling thread? We could discuss her other fiction works there, and news and memes of our terven queen.

No. 300967

Speaking of which I want to know if I can read her detective novel series out of order because I really want to read the one about the author being murdered by a crazy fangirl or fanboy and about the whole fanbase sperging on social media and calling each other landwhales. That shit looks hilarious.

No. 300969

You can, and I recommend that book, but for character context and development I would recommend reading them in order. There is also a tv-series if you want a quicker summary of the other stories, but the books are better.

No. 300973

I see, then I'll order the first book so I have something to read in the plane when I'll go on holidays soon. I'll see if I like it enough to read the rest or if I'll skip to the one about the crazy fandom.

No. 300974

The first one is good but actually seems like a more typical scrote novel. What I personally really enjoy about the books is the character development of the female character Robin, she starts off as an assistant and in a shitty relationship but is now an equal to Strike, the male MC.

No. 300977

>My heart is a fist of barbed wire
"Her door clicks open and nearly clips her in the face. It could be a sudden draft, but Amy is doubtful. Her fist clenches shut around the marble. It is pretty. She could look at it for hours, the way it catches the light. It’s almost like a sweet. Want curls up in her chest like a cat. She thinks she’ll keep it. A gift from the big grey orphanage, just to her.

“That’s mine,” comes a thin, cold voice, and she sees the boy across the hall for the first time. His room is directly across from hers. He is pretty, she thinks, like a drawing from a book. The lines of his face are smooth and pale. His hair is dark and neatly parted. He holds himself very rigidly, like a miniature soldier or a wind-up toy. “That’s mine,” he repeats, sharply.

(In which Tom Riddle is not the only strange child to come out of Wool's.)"

>In the language of flowers

"(I am the one who says 'fuck you') - Benjamin Garcia, 'Ode to the Corpse Flower'.

Petunia drips magic the way she drips anger. Sparingly. Subtly. Nothing overt or obnoxious. Nothing that attracts the stares of other children or the suspicion of adults. Just things that help her. Her dolls line back up after the football Lily was kicking about ruins their perfect symmetry. Her bed makes itself while she brushes her teeth meticulously. Tea that is slightly too hot or too cold settles to the perfect temperature. Magic maintains the realm of order she has built around herself.

(A witch!Petunia and muggle!Lily AU, covering the Marauders' years at Hogwarts and the First Wizarding War)."

No. 300982

90% of my online circles are ultra woke and have a massive hate boner for her and it's so painful to watch. She's genuinely one of the bravest most amazing women alive and I'm so happy she's keeping at it and won't get bullied out of it. She's a beacon of light.

No. 300984

She is!
I had to explain to two of my friends IRL that she isn't some hateful bigot. I showed them her gender essay and they got really confused because there was literally nothing hateful in there. They had believed the lies TRAs spread.

No. 300985

They keep lying and saying she's anti-gay when she's been a really big supporter of gay rights all along as well. I've been meaning to show woke people her essay without saying that's what it is beforehand (we know none of them have actually read it) and only revealing it's hers afterwards, and that it's literally THE text trans people call her Hitler over. And if they agreed with anything in her text, or even acknowledge that same-sex rights are important then they're literally equally as terf as JKR because that's all she's been saying.

No. 301018

luckily most people who aren't already caught up in online TRA bullshit hear about JKR being a bigot/terf/conservative/etc and they actually go and read her essays or tweets because they don't want to believe the accusations. feminists couldn't have created a better normie-peaking machine than the JKR hate brigade if we tried.

No. 301137

The story made it to BBC:

Keep on shitting on your donorbase, Oxfam.

No. 301204

i think it's okay to keep JKR discussion here too, the hp thread is slow otherwise

No. 301368

File: 1686314707865.jpg (140.85 KB, 1280x1280, transgender-wizards-harry-pott…)

No. 301369

This guy recycles the same joke over and over

No. 301371

males just aren't funny. idk why they even try.

No. 302221

idk i found that one pretty funny

No. 302753

Bit of a 'tarded question, but what are some good terf sounding witch/wizard names? Me and my fellow terf friends are making up terf HP characters just for fun

No. 302754

No. 302755


No. 305359

Anyone here played the mobile games? Hogwarts Mystery or Magic Awakened? Are they actually any good?

No. 306156

I started playing Magic Awakening and so far I like it! The art style is super cute, the in-game lore is post-canon compliant and it feels true to the spirit of the books. (I love going to Weasley's Whizzes and seeing George there.) There's a lot of canon scene cameos in the cards we duel with. The storyline is pretty basic and I rolled my eyes quite a bit, but it's whatever and skippable at worst, the characters are all kids after all.

The gameplay is easy to understand, and the PvP introduces the "hard to master" type thing, if you want to grind through the ranks. The gacha feels pretty generous for a gacha, and altho there's quite some microtransactions already, it feels very F2P - many purchases are cosmetics related. There's so many cute ways you can dress up your character with the free items. There's even a small rhythm game portion (Dancing Club) and it's pretty alright!

Some complaints are:
- basic, kiddie storyline
- very wifi dependent - Hogwarts feels pretty lived in bc you see other players running around the castle, can take classes together, duel together, etc
- the files are big and my phone heats up quite a lot, though its kinda old-ish (samsung s9) so ymmv
- i want more song variety in the rhythm game - rn its all waltzes and tangos
- you cant actually brew potions, it's less like Cooking Mama and more like 'press X to doubt'. I was so so sad to find this out
- you cant do a ton of exploring yet - part of the gradual feature rollout, I hope. e.g cant buy stuff from George's shop, there's no Knockturn Alley, etc

They're introducing more features over time so the players can get used to them all instead of getting 50 things dumped at once, I'm really excited!! Gooooo Ravenclaw!

No. 306173

I started playing it on the pc client and its very cute. For some reason i can't chose to play on the eu server.

No. 306188

there are 2 versions of the game, one is by netease and the other is by wb. pc client is only available for netease ver which has no american/european servers

No. 306226

I'm playing Magic Awakened since it came out and I've been enjoying it. Although I'm having issues getting past forbidden forest solo stage 11. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to kill the spider or just survive for an amount of time.

No. 306263

didn't know about it until you nonas mentioned it, thanks i'm gonna try it out

No. 306323

Thanks for the knowledge nona. I'm going to try both games on my tablet since I know for a fact that my old phone won't be able to handle them.

No. 306852

File: 1688619530715.jpg (110.91 KB, 435x680, fff.jpg)

i cant believe this game has been out in china for years and i cant find spoilers for shit! like there's promo art of older draco but what is going on with his life??

No. 308397

File: 1689314941428.jpeg (788.74 KB, 968x1289, EB08C92B-E858-41C1-9BB7-C9E667…)

What the fuck does this mean, Chinese reading nonnies please

No. 311058

are the fantastic beasts/grindelwad movies good? ive been on an HP kick lately bc of the new phone game

No. 311061

The first one's pretty good, then it gets ridiculous. If you like the magical vibes, settings, creature designs etc enough it's worth watching imo but if you want a plot that makes sense don't bother.

No. 311067

The first one is ok, the second one has way too much stuff going on and Grindelwald looks ridiculous so he ruins it all by himself. I think JKR was writing for this movie as if it were a gigantic novel instead of a movie. The third one is more focused on one plot so it's easier to follow and care about what's going on and it has old men yaoi divorce.

No. 311087

>old men yaoi divorce
Kek. Most importantly, Grindelwald has a massively superior actor in 3. I recommend it.

No. 311096

Yeah it's crazy that they didn't hire Mads Mikkelsen earlier because he can pull off the charismatic evil German guru way better than Johnny Depp, who looked like a clown. And can you actually imagine Depp and Law flirting on screen and looking like a believable couple? Fuck no. Law had actual chemistry with Mikkelsen as soon as the third movie started.

No. 311588

how are we liking the Magic Awakens phone game so far?
My fav NPCs are Daniel bc he's useful and Cassandra bc she's right about most things. The Frey twins are fun but they're just a total gimmick right now.
My fav activities in the game are co-ops in the Forbidden Forest and the social club. I wish we could dance with all the npcs - dancing's just for fun so it wouldn't even interfere with the Robin/Kevin ship the devs are locked on. Also I really hope we get more music soon.
I wish the clothes weren't gender locked so I could buy my character some nice pants that actually cover her legs. The dresses are cute though!
One thing I learned that I wish they didn't hide - you can buy red keys for 150 orange gems each, but that option only pops up when you try to gacha roll without having a sufficient number of red keys. I could've gotten the Ron card skin by now if I knew that from the start…

No. 311635

Love playing it, though I’m worried that they might shut it down due to lack of players. I’m top 1% and that’s a bad sign, cus I know for sure I’m not a “good gamer”.

I love, love Cassandra but the best support cards now are Ron/Mcgon/Hermione.

Be careful about pulling though, since the new update they sneakily changed the gold key pulling system. Even if you have 0 in your inventory the button makes it seem like you have some - but it’ll pull from your orange gems automatically. Not a good gem->key conversion

No. 311665

File: 1690707806556.jpeg (262.07 KB, 1638x2048, I was curious what would happe…)

One of the few cases when replacing the actor improved the final product.

No. 311668

File: 1690707935204.gif (1.54 MB, 250x250, wanted.gif)

No. 316567

File: 1692646194318.jpg (96.5 KB, 800x800, harry-potter-blanket1_800x.jpg)

I came a cross this cute blanket that I'd really like to buy, but the only seller appears to be a chinese company shipping to the US. Does anyone know if there is an European shop that sells it?

No. 321420

File: 1694726831695.jpg (232.5 KB, 1000x667, fffs.jpg)

can any sisters explain the cult following for the marauders? they were such a small part of the series so it shocks me that current fandom is largely about them.

Also whats with the Regulus obsession and pairing him with James? I can't recall them ever interacting, is this a fairly new thing? i don't hate it but i just want to know where it's coming from.

No. 321448

File: 1694749650937.jpeg (243.23 KB, 1242x702, helpfulchart.jpeg)

Regardless of JKR's intention, many fans think the marauders era is the gayest part of the HP universe and they're right. Marauders fandom has been fujo paradise since livejournal was big and even way back around the time OOTP was released. Regulus/James is pretty new though, doesn't really come from anywhere people just like two "hot" (they're not hot) men (posh boys). In livejournal days the most popular Regulus pairing was Sirius/Regulus kek and I can also remember there being Remus/Regulus and the inevitable threesome fics.

No. 321449

as far as i can tell it's for shipping reasons mostly, also they're supoosed to be these briliant rich handsome people who nonetheless all died young and had tragic stories rife with betrayal and drama.
tbh i like the adult characters over the kids but i'm more interested in the baddies

No. 321450

File: 1694752047903.jpg (101.84 KB, 720x699, 77d87b40bc0398f903d8570eb62d92…)

Me too nonna. I do think regulus sound like an interesting character, but these people write him like a total softie that never wanted to be a death eater and solely did it because of his family pressuring him. They can't with some balance, it's always black or white, and that makes for a very boring story.
Anyway, I see regulus/james I instant nope out of the story.

No. 321459

I figured its the combo of a relatively unknown cast/generation of characters + the hogwarts lifestyle template they neatly fit into + characters that don't have much "faceclaims" and so fans can mentally photoshop their features into literally whatever
and/or, the war started earlier for that generation which inherently heightens any stakes and adds more opportunities for drama and characterization than peacetime - bonus points for many families getting weakened or wiped out in the first round of the war. more pickings to choose from

No. 321464

fellow lucius enjoyer??
agreed. a lot of the marauders fics are very back/white. i like older gen stuff but i'd rather read about the slytherin crew or the hogwarts professors. the characterisations in marauders stuff tend to be very simplistc because it's focused on the ship.
i don't get regulus/james. they enver even interact in canon. and tbh i don't get the james appeal. sirius is more interesting imo but most fics ignore his canon characterisation anyway
i find older gen stuff fascinating because there's shades of this ww1-style doomed generation you know? but it's hard to find good character studies.

No. 321485

File: 1694778746419.jpg (181.54 KB, 1500x1500, harry-potter-butterbeer-chocol…)

I just ordered some official butter beer chocolate and I'm excited to try it! Jellies too. Has anyone else tried them?

No. 321517

Haven't tried them, please let us know in detail how they are! I'm curious

No. 321519

4 young boys being friends just makes fujos want them to fuck all the time and that's their whole appeal, so they keep making fanfics and fanart and that lures in more fujos to the fandom that do the same

No. 321678

That looks gross as fuck, give us a detailed review nonnie

No. 322137

It's very good! It's tasty milk chocolate with a filling that has a warm taste kind of like toffee, almost a trace of alcohol, but there is none in it.
The jelly beans are well, just jelly beans. I didn't want to waste money on the ones with gross flavours. I wouldn't buy those again but I can recommend the butterbeer choc!

No. 322392

thanks for the review nona, I might try them some day

No. 323351

The marauders fandom is so annoying, I get the obsession with the main 4, but people actually going nuts for Dorcas? BITCH WHO?? This is just self inserting wtf

No. 323365

I love HP but I have no interest in shipping so all marauders content is boring af to me

No. 324538

File: 1696096207409.jpg (20.8 KB, 585x158, dm.jpg)


No. 324868

I think he was a terrible fit for the character and Richard Harris did a much better job with the role, but still sad to see him go.

No. 326548

File: 1697110236232.jpg (174.45 KB, 1080x1080, hpbookday.jpg)

Happy Harry Potter bookday! I'm rereading Order of the Phoenix.

No. 326577

Bookday huh? I recently got some nice tax money back, so maybe I should go and spend it on a full set of hardcover books. Anyone got any recommendations for some pretty ones? Preferably illustrated without being too childish

No. 326773

File: 1697204819424.jpg (114.25 KB, 960x720, 566a41a31a785aaa86b5406c19dd88…)

Just realized to my horror that I think Umbridge's taste is pretty nice. I like her office, it's cute. I mean, aside from the child torture that occurs in there.

No. 326776

I love pink and I love cats lmao so I agree
But I was a total tomboy as a child and I hated pink, so it was really nice to see a villain who had pink as her main color

No. 326777

She even has a cat as her patronus! Very good taste.
Her liking cutesy pink stuff just makes her more effective as a villain, especially in the movies where she looks nice and normal and not like a toad. It shows kids how evil can hide behind sweetness.

No. 326807

File: 1697216167053.jpg (87.29 KB, 1024x768, umbridge.jpg)

I loved Imelda Staunton as Umbridge, which sounds so rude because she's supposed to ugly and toad-like but she just had the perfect aura

No. 326838

She was amazing. I can't read the books anymore without imagining her as Umbridge.
I wonder what actress they'd get to be Umbridge if they make a remake?
Totally agree. She makes a more scary villain too, she could be anyone's grandma.

No. 326914

i hated her character but god she's an amazing actress. I wish we could've seen the older cast interact more, i appreciate it so much more now as an adult

No. 326988

Speaking of how we see the characters while reading the books, I always imagine Mc Gonagall as younger because she has black hair, but I always hear her voice as the iconic Maggie Smith. Like,
>Have a biscuit, Potter. kek
Also movie Hagrid is just perfect to me. As someone wrote earlier, Dumbledore's actor sadly didn't really fit him in later movies and hopefully we will get a more calm and fabulous Dumledore in the new adaption.
It's so exciting that there will be a TV-series, can't wait for cast announcements and the opportunity for all the scenes that couldn't fit into the movie to be included! Mc G didn't tolerate Umbridge's shit one bit, we gotta see that in all the full glory.

No. 326991

Look at this amazing cat cardigan. Forget Barbiecore, where is Umbridgecore? kek

No. 327015

As students were allowed cats and we hear about Crookshanks just free-roaming the grounds, how often do you think students are late to class because they stopped to pet random cats wandering about the castle? I know if I went to Hogwarts that would be 99% of the reasons I'd get detention kek.

No. 327016

Often, have you played Hogwarts legacy? It got cats walking around freely and you can pet them. They have a really dorky meow, I thought they were kneazels at first.

No. 327028

Imagine you stop to pet a cat and then it transforms and it was McGonagall all along

No. 327029

Oh man, you've just convinced me to play this game

No. 327035

Just make sure to avoid stern tabby cats that looks like they're wearing glasses.

No. 327038

File: 1697301625363.png (616.72 KB, 849x624, fleur_book_movie.png)

>I can't read the books anymore without imagining her as Umbridge.
I love movie Umbridge, but I see book Umbridge as uglier, fatter and more like a toad. Almost like a cartoon version.
>Also movie Hagrid is just perfect to me.
Me too! Perfect casting!

I'm one of the movie Fleur Delacour haters lol
I just think she was the least pretty actress on set and having boys swoon over her looked… like a parody at best. Fleur was supposed to literally be otherwordly levels of pretty because she's half-veela. I feel a bit mean saying it but it's truly not coming from hate, the actress just happens to have the most unfeminine face of the cast so the casting in this one role didn't suit her at all. It's not an attack on her as a person or her acting skills.
I genuinely think they just casted Clémence Poésy because she's French and had done model work and people just think "model = most pretty" when in reality most models have "odd" features that make them stand out because that's more interesting in photos.

No. 327040

eh, her casting isn't perfect but at least she got to wear a really cool uniform. i love how goofy their hats look

No. 327042

the only thing that makes it "realistic" is that a veela has magic powers to charm men so it makes sense that an "ugly" veela could make men act as if she was hot, because of the magic illusion. But I highly doubt that was their goal and they set out to hire an ugly actress just to make some kind of magic point lol

No. 327043

I hate how they made the other schools all female and all male, where do all the french wizards go to school then? And all the bulgarian witches? It was such an unnecessary and stupid change the movies did

No. 327047

I think the unifrom kinda did her dirty, at least having the hair down would have added some much needed femininity to her angular face

No. 327048

That and the stupid dance the Beauxbatons did when entering Hogwarts, wtf was that. I skipped this movie last time I re-watched them, it's my least favorite and it also cuts too many things from the plot.

No. 327049

File: 1697303013722.jpg (1009.25 KB, 3543x3650, LunaLovegood_WB_F6_LunaLovegoo…)

>Fleur was supposed to literally be otherwordly levels of pretty because she's half-veela
I think Evanna Lynch and Clémence Poésy could possibly have switched roles. Evanna has a mysterious prettiness to her that I could see as "otherworldy beauty", and Luna was supposed to be/look a bit strange I think(?) so Clémence could have played Luna.
(But I love Evanna as Luna so I would never actually allow it kek)

No. 327056

bulgarian witches go to a way better school not ran by an ex-death eater who works his students half to death. french wizards stay at home where they belong, maxime would never allow them in her school.

No. 327060

I want this to be my meetcute with McGonagall I want her to be my wife so bad anons

No. 327065

Nooo I really don't think their roles should have been swapped.
Evanna's Luna is so precious. I just want to protect her from all evil.
Kek I just knew someone would say that.

No. 327067

File: 1697307514569.jpg (240.87 KB, 1280x1821, evanna-lynch-sunday-brunchtv-s…)

Well speaking of women we fancy…I wouldn't kick adult Luna out of bed.

No. 327180

Wish I could read fanfic for HP on AO3 without being barraged with "JK bad!! protect trans kids!!" and similar garbage. I would be very interested in reading a TERF crackfic but I know for a fact that it'd be taken down in minutes by AO3 jannies… terf hp fanfic collective when nonnas?

No. 327183

File: 1697323436337.jpg (27.03 KB, 612x490, gettyimages-1338108459-612x612…)

i think movie fleur looks alright, although underwhelming/boring compared to her description in the books. her actress does look spooky nowadays though.

No. 327189

look the same

No. 327191

>taken down in minutes by AO3
Would they even care? I mean there is plenty of debauchery and degeneracy already there.

No. 327192

No one could replace Harris. He was the perfect Dumbledor imo, but Gambon gave us such iconic lines in Goblet of Fire. RIP to Dumbledore!

I feel bad because I also thought she was not ethereal or other worldly looking enough for Fleur. She wasnt ugly, just extremely plain looking for me.

No. 327193

What's worse is in the books, both schools are co-ed. No idea why they made the decision to make the fairy like school that rode in on Pegasus all female and the super manly viking school as male, when it wasnt so in the books.

No. 327206

iirc there was a terfy ATLA fic involving Azula that some gendies lost their shit about in the comments. it was up for at least a few weeks but i forgot the name

No. 327257

Maybe if you pretended you were trans and it was like a degradation kink to write about terfs you could get away with it? Or if you promise in the end the fic will turn around and punish the terfs and they'll learn and become good little allies - but it never actually happens and they just stay terfs kek

I'm not into fics or fic writing but if I could support terfs I'd read it kek

No. 327262

Maybe I should take it to /g/ but I seriously have such a crush on Evanna Lynch, she seems lovely inside out. She also stood up for Rowling when the other ex-child actors didn't.
Is terfery really banned on fanfic sites? Lame.

No. 327266

>a TERF crackfic but I know for a fact that it'd be taken down in minutes by AO3 jannies…
Would it? So much for their 'no censorship stance'!

Some changes in the films are grating, like what you mentioned and students ditching robes in the third one.

No. 327279

File: 1697367454701.jpg (20.4 KB, 364x480, properwitchhat.jpg)

>students ditching robes in the third one
Yeah, we need more silly hats and full wizard and witch glam robes in the TV-series. Hermione should wear a pretty witch robe at the yule ball too and not an ugly muggle dress.

No. 327284

The movies lost some of the magic after they ditched the robes. I know the movies were still massively successful but I really feel like it damaged their legacy a bit. Ain't no one cosplaying hogwarts students by wearing casual muggle clothes, it's always the robes.

I think overall the movies went the wrong direction of trying to make them appeal to more people by making it all LESS magic and more "relatable", instead of taking us further in and giving us more silly magic stuff. But in reality the silly and iconic magic stuff is what people love and remember. I would have loved if they kept the magic worlds fashion as its own cultural thing.

I actually think that's one thing people get wrong with JKR's work. She wrote the books like kid's books. I've seen the meme trends saying she gave people dumb stereotypical names, and I'm just here like… well duh, of course she did it's a whimsical kids book series??? People grew up and then expect them to be sophisticated adult books all of a sudden just because they're adutls now.
People should try to look at the world through a "kids eyes" and visualize it as a cartoon. The wizards have silly robes and pointy hats, the bully cousin is a round spoiled fat kid, the villain looks like a snake etc.

No. 327286

>She also stood up for Rowling when the other ex-child actors didn't.
I'm still longing for the day Daniel and Emma realize their mistakes and start walking it back. I think it won't happen until the troon tides have mostly turned already but especially Daniel who has supported transitioning of kids openly will have a lot of explaining to do once it's public knowledge that it was all just a massive medical scandal that ruined kids lives.

I think because JKR was made villain no.1 by trans people and they're both tied to her they'll have no choice but to eventually make statements about it.
Side note, I fucking love JKR so much. She's a shining beacon of light.

No. 327313

I admire JKR so fucking much. Apparantly she just held a speech at a massive women's rights conference, Filia, that troons and their moid allies have been protesting. I hope her speech was filmed!

No. 327314

File: 1697381510852.jpg (128.03 KB, 750x1302, my-nif-hedwig-is-just-furby-on…)

I don't want this.

No. 327315

One of the Patil sisters actually wore a butterfly clip in the book.

No. 327316

this is beautiful

No. 327323

File: 1697386774339.jpg (161.11 KB, 723x806, uploads.jpg)

I would like if the new series takes place in the books original time, however i don't want it to be a 90s nostalgia bait. The main appeal of Harry Potter is the wizarding world so I don't want to see the characters fawn over muggle devices, just so the 90s kids watching it can feel nostalgic.

I just want the characters to wear casual clothes that people wore back in the 90s when they are in the muggle world, and not wear the "ideal" stereotypical 90s fashion like picrel. I also dont want to see the characters use smartphones and make references to social media when they are in the muggle world lol. When they have to use electronics it has to be electronics from the 90s, but they should not empathise on the branding or try to make it nostalgic by highlighting stuff like VHS players, CDs etc. and implying that that stuff was much better than the modern stuff. The muggleworld should look as average as possible, just with 90s stuff instead of modern stuff. Hogwarts is suppose to be the whimsical place in Harry Potter and if they try to make some whimsical 90s nostalgiabait in the Dursleys home then it defeats the whole purpose of Harry Potter.

I also do not want any pop culture references whatsoever. I don't want Harry or Hermione to mention Spice Girls. I don't want to see some random background muggleborn Hogwarts student walk around with a gameboy.
The books didn't make pop culture references because that's not what Harry Potter is about.

But nostalgiabait and stupid pop culture references is unfortunately the trend right now so the hacks at Hollywood are going to lean into it when making the HBO series

No. 327325

>the bully cousin is a round spoiled fat kid
Fatphobia! Can you imagine if the first book came out in 2020?

>I'm still longing for the day Daniel and Emma realize their mistakes and start walking it back.
Won't happen. They won't endanger their precious careers. They are both thankless cunts.

No. 327337

Hopefully there's going to be some visual distinction between the muggle and wizarding worlds, I don't mind if all the muggles wear boring beige everything if it emphasizes the flamboyance of multicolored embroidered wizard robes. As long as the muggle actors all have 90s hair and makeup, I don't care. I think it'd be nice to have a scene where someone tries to use their gameboy or set up their massive brick computer in Hogwarts and fails miserably, since that's something that readers have asked about pretty much since the books came out. But I agree with you about the pop culture references, because studios are so retarded they'll try to increase zoomer engagement by having a dance-off to Backstreet Boys between Voldemort and Harry instead of a final battle.

No. 327352

>that's one thing people get wrong with JKR's work. She wrote the books like kid's books. I've seen the meme trends saying she gave people dumb stereotypical names, and I'm just here like… well duh, of course she did it's a whimsical kids book series
This is a big reason why I have never been in the Harry Potter fandom or befriended hardcore potterheads despite being a fan myself. Many fans gets really defensive/angry when you call it a children's book. I love Harry Potter because it's whimsical and I want to enjoy it for what it is. I love the quirky alliteration names. Its charming.
There is also those type of fans who constantly complain about the lore and that the books are badly written because the lore isnt presented like a game manual. I think many insecurepeople are ashamed of being fans of children's books so they either try to deny it or they nitpick and overanalyse everything so they can prove that their image of Harry Potter is better. People just needs to get over themselves and admit that they like something where they arent the targeted demographic lol its fine to acknowledge the faults but also dont look too deep into it and expect it to be like a book written for adults.

No. 327356

>Won't happen. They won't endanger their precious careers. They are both thankless cunts.
If there's one thing we know it's that the "social justice warriors" will live on. Remember how the tolerant people used to be the ones to say "I don't see color" to mean "I'm not a racist, I treat people like people" but the SJW decided that actually the phrase now means "I intentionally ignore your black/minory background because I'm a raging racist who erases people's identities". They'll switch on people to fit their narrative.
I think once trans ideology becomes synonymous with "supporting unscientific mutilation of children, mostly for an adult fetish reasons" people will label some central celebrity troon supporters as the New Evil Bigots. People will @ them on social media and make call out posts and videos etc
They'll either how to live with the title of child mutilation supporter, or they'll have to come around and speak against it. The internet doesn't forget.

I fully think Emma is a "true believer" who would change her mind if she was presented with all the evience. When a troon said he just waned to pee, she thought he meant it.She's like a tumblrina handmaiden who thinks she's got the full picture already but gets a rude awakening once reality hits her. Daniel on the other hand seems more like he's just performative and does what the bigger mass thinks is good, because he doesn't think much himself.

No. 327357

File: 1697399412372.jpg (1.71 MB, 2550x3600, f882f85bcccad95880268eb5c7f1b4…)

>Many fans gets really defensive/angry when you call it a children's book.
Ahahaha why? What about HP makes them think it's a book series for adults? Maybe it's covers like this one? Kek
I too avoid HP fandom because it seems to mostly retarded shippers and whiners, so I have never seen that attitude. Love you my fellow Hp terve nonas, though.

No. 327358

Btw does anyone else think that Barty Crouch sounds like a really rude name it makes me think of farty crouch like I'm 12

No. 327359

>I also do not want any pop culture references whatsoever. I don't want Harry or Hermione to mention Spice Girls. I don't want to see some random background muggleborn Hogwarts student walk around with a gameboy.
Same! I really hope they don't do it but like you said it's trendy right now so I doubt they won't sneak some stuff in.

>Many fans gets really defensive/angry when you call it a children's book.
>I think many insecurepeople are ashamed of being fans of children's books so they either try to deny it or they nitpick and overanalyse everything so they can prove that their image of Harry Potter is better. People just needs to get over themselves and admit that they like something where they arent the targeted demographic lol its fine to acknowledge the faults but also dont look too deep into it and expect it to be like a book written for adults.
I know I'm a minority, but even as an older teen and adult I've always HATED that books targeted to me would force in sex and relationships at every opportunity. I have zero interest in other people's sex lives, I even find it gross and off-putting. Light romance is fine if it's not the focus, but I swear every adult book tries too hard to be adult by putting in as much sex, violence, drugs, abuse and shit as possible to not come off as "childish". I fucking cherish that Harry Potter is a kids book without his uncle being a raging alcoholic who's sexually abusing his aunt or some shit because that's "realistic". Why can't I as an adult just enjoy books about friendships, overcoming struggles and maturing?

No. 327360

File: 1697399916752.jpg (94.72 KB, 553x407, harry potter covers.jpg)

I'm so sorry, I love HP, but the original covers are hideous to me. I'm a swedefag so my childhood HP books looked like picrel

No. 327364

File: 1697400208855.jpg (89.17 KB, 656x551, germanharry.jpg)

I'm actually also a Swede, high five! Our covers are amazing.
And I laugh every time I see the German ones.

No. 327365

Rowling literally wrote Harry Potter, as a bedtime story for her kids, it's not meant to be some dark academia series.

No. 327367

File: 1697401696325.png (1.88 MB, 1000x1433, artbyRowlingherself.png)

Gotta love all the serious dark academia characters in HP like…Peeves the Poltergeist.

No. 327385

they censored peeves from the films because he was simply too hardcore & goth

No. 327414

File: 1697424387334.jpg (144.57 KB, 800x844, Fu1Q4b-aYAAvbL2.jpg)

you know japan is already on that shit lol

in magicawakened you come across her as a cat often lol, canon for sure

No. 327437

File: 1697440735698.gif (855.97 KB, 498x202, mcgonagall-harry-potter.gif)

POV we're looking down on you because you're not the superior swedish HP book covers

No. 327438

kek genuinely cute! I wonder if Umbridge has more of a following in Japan since they love pink so much without shame

No. 327443

I love seeing the different covers in every country! In general Scandinavia seems to take fairytales more seriously and treat kids books with more respect in terms of cover art on books, and I respect that.

The german ones are… tragic lol I think they probably assumed it would be a one off cover that didn't matter for a silly kids book, and once it turned out to be a massive hit they were already locked into a shitty artist because they didn't want to change style midway through. Sorry to the artist for calling them shitty, but the glasses do fuck all to his eyesight when they're at his freaking cheekbones and the single raised eyebrow on EVERY cover is sending me KEK

No. 327449

Holy shit this is amazing and slightly disturbing kek. Please tell me they have HP cafes and you can go have superpink afternoon tea there? God it would be the dream. Maybe the UK has things like that? Any UK anons among us who knows?
>In general Scandinavia seems to take fairytales more seriously and treat kids books with more respect in terms of cover art on books
I think it's because we have a history of beloved children's book authors like Astrid Lindgren who did take her young audience seriously. And so does Rowling, she doesn't shy away from difficult feelings and happenings in life.
>the single raised eyebrow on EVERY cover is sending me KEK
They are so bad that they are good, he looks like he is taking selfies on each cover pretending to be cool and edgy and above it all.

No. 327452

File: 1697443541894.jpg (88.15 KB, 1094x387, 22121231321321.jpg)

I unironically like the Finnish covers, but I may be biased bc of childhood nostalgia. But what I absolutely adore about publishers here taking children's literature more seriously is the quality of the translation. They always hire actual translators and not just some rando who happens to know the language. The Finnish translator of HP made up so much terminology for the books and put real effort into it, they're perfect. The names she used are still "the true ones" to me. I know some peope whine about Finnish sounding "dumb" but then again, it's a children's book, do you expect Finnish children to understand English names based on a pun or rare word most ESL adults don't even know?

No. 327460

I'd love to hear some of the Finnish names nona! I'm one of the swedeanons, our names were 90% English, but a few names had some tweaks. For example:
>Fenrir Greyback is Fenrir Grårygg = literally "grey back".
>Tom Riddle is Tom Dolder = dolder roughly meaning "hidden one"
Making the full name anagram of Tom Marvolo Riddle ("I am lord voldemort") not work anymore, so they made his full name Tom Gus Mervolo Dolder and changed it to latin ("ego sum lord voldemort"). So his middle name is Gus here lmao
>Buckbeak the hippogriff is Vingfåle = vingfåle is roughly "winged horse" but using an uncommon word so it's not as literal.
>Kreacher the house elf is Krake = krake literally means "creature", usually in a pitiful sense.
(fun fact kraken, as in the giant mythical octopus, is literally just called "the creature" but other languages just assume it's a proper name. Makes it really funny to hear people say "THE kraken" because it literally means "the the creature" lol)

No. 327470

What I don't understand in the Swedish translation is why the titles mr and mrs aren't translated. Why aren't the Weasleys called herr och fru?
Otherwise yes it's random if names got translated or not. I like how blast-ended skrewts were translated to sprängstjärtskrabba. (Explode butt crab kek)
Also some puns didn't occur to me until I read the english version. Like Rita Skeeter = Writer Skeeter with english accent…
Are there some puns you nonas didn't get until later too?

No. 327474

>What I don't understand in the Swedish translation is why the titles mr and mrs aren't translated. Why aren't the Weasleys called herr och fru?
This is my personal opinion of course, but we know the books are set in England, and we are culturally aware of using mr/mrs and it's commonly done this way in other works as well (and so is using madam/monsieur for a french setting, or writing out -san in a japanese setting). But when it comes to herr/fru we haven't actually used them here since… shit I don't know? 60s? Neither me nor my parents grew up with it at least.
Basically mr/mrs just adds regional flavour, while herr/fru would date the book at least 60 years back in time. Using no title at all would make the book lack a lot of nuance and charm. So keeping the original titles was the best option in this case I think.

No. 327477

True, that makes a lot of sense anon. It would be too old-fashioned for the time period.
They're charmingly unpretty, but everyone is wearing scarves in the Swedish/Ukrainian colours instead of the Gryffindor colours, weird.

No. 327484

File: 1697453748355.jpg (1.05 MB, 1578x2394, HP_finland.jpg)

>but everyone is wearing scarves in the Swedish/Ukrainian colours instead of the Gryffindor colours, weird
Personally I'm more focused on the massive tits on the trans chess piece queen
Finn-nona pls come back and explain your country lol

No. 327488

File: 1697456431603.jpg (174.84 KB, 790x1181, wtffinland.jpg)

I remember someone posting this cover in the previous thread and everyone being confused as to who all the characters were. But apparantly the dog-eared person is Sirius kek.

No. 327489

jesus i thought it was hermione midway turning into a cat

No. 327491

Kek Harry and Ron kinda have the zoomer haircut (the one used in those "shit be bussin no cap" memes)

No. 327505

File: 1697465221570.png (615.53 KB, 722x722, jk.png)

No. 327511

Is the frog nb person Peter kek? I'd say this is like those Czech posters of western movies, but I'd feel like I'm offending Czech posters

No. 327514

It's Umbridge. The artist really took the "looks like a toad" literally.

No. 327521

Love her, she actually goes to events because she cares about women but isn't stupid enough to announce it so troons attack.

No. 327524

>she actually goes to events because she cares about women
ntayrt but i feel like many public figures likes to call themselves feminist but then they never do anything to help women beyond stating that girls can do anything in interviews. It's like they actually dont care about women's rights and only use it for publicity.
Rowling actually attends feminist conferences and uses her money amd influence to help domestic violence victims and women escaping Afghanistan. I don't doubt she genuinely wants to help women and she sees feminism as a human rights movement rather than a quirky identity that makes you popular on twitter

No. 327525

She is very devoted to helping women and children with her charities, probably because she has been in need herself. She grew up with abuse and escaped a violent husband.

No. 327533

i love the bucktooth hermione and her bat pin

No. 327535

File: 1697476463185.jpg (38.28 KB, 563x438, witchesteaparty.jpg)

Love how active this thread is right now, nonnies.

No. 327537

File: 1697477717584.png (300.53 KB, 700x887, tumblr_inline_p9cleuhKaf1rxuka…)

I want robes in the remake.

No. 327538

File: 1697477757622.jpg (31.22 KB, 953x634, M9mDsLm.jpeg.jpg)

No. 327539

File: 1697477790220.jpg (258.17 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_orpkivglKk1r2h1vvo2_128…)

No. 327540

File: 1697477826465.jpg (141.58 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_orpkivglKk1r2h1vvo5_128…)

No. 327541

File: 1697477982097.jpg (36 KB, 600x468, mcgonagall_s_robes__by_kit466_…)

As much as I love Maggie and I truely do I wish we'll get a McGonagall that's a bit more like in the books.

No. 327559

me too! is it the halloween spirit that makes people remember the magic wizarding world?

I really hope the remakes take the opportunity to redesign the outfits to match the books while also having some more fun flares like >>327541

No. 327593

This may be an unpopular opinion but I liked the more traditional school uniform direction with the open robes overtop that the films conveyed just because I could relate to it more growing up in a British school with a uniform policy. I'd personally love to see more magical touches in the adults' clothing though!

No. 327681

File: 1697516281919.jpg (167.4 KB, 500x689, old.jpg)

Which marauders era moid is the most terven and why is it Remus Lupin?

No. 327696

All of the Hp characters would be considered terves today because TRA ideology wasn't a thing in the 90's.

No. 327698

moids can't be terfs
honestly i could never get behinf maggie slith as McG, she played the character completely dofferent from what i'd'pictured from her book descriptions. she's way less badass and i hate how every fanwork portrays her like in the films.
maybe that's bc i read the first 4 books before i saw the films but i really don't care for them. the only good thing the movies gave us was long haired lucius.
based based based

No. 327700

Even Hogwarts itself wouldn't let troons into the female dorms, the whole wizarding world is terfy.
I really love how troons stupidly made one of the most loved, wholesome and popular franchises in the entire world their biggest enemy because it makes it so easy to interact with anti-troon/terf content… but it's really just a fun innocent time reading a book or playing a game. And when it came to it, people preferred Hogwarts Legacy over troons feelings kek
>moids can't be terfs
nona terf isn't "real", troons literally call Trump a terf it's just a word they use to describe anyone they hate because they see feminists as the lowest of the low (because they're real women) there's no reason to gatekeep it from fictional characters

No. 327703

Marauders fanart is always like
>handsome boy x3
>ugly gremlin

No. 327712

>long haired lucius
At first, movie Lucius was going to look like a boring muggle in a suit and short hair, but his actor protested and said his character was all about rich wizard pride and hating muggles so he should look more wizardlike and fancy. So we can thank him for the final design.
Yeah this is the season for HP, I like to reread the books in autumn not just because of Halloween but also because the Hogwarts school year starts in september.

No. 327730

I love that he implies blonde hair is somehow "more wizard" and brown hair is "muggle" lmao
He was absolutely right though, why would a muggle hating wizard have a modern muggle haircut and wear muggle fashion?

No. 327751

File: 1697536593288.jpg (140.85 KB, 1080x963, Ron is flustered.jpg)

So, I didn't read the whole thread but am I the only one who really ship ron and Harry? Their relationship grow very naturally in the first book, and since then, they're clearly each other's favorite person. Harry canonically prefer to hang out with Ron rather than Hermione and the way ron adore Harry but also feel insecure towards him create some interesting tension imo. Not like I don't like their relationship with Hermione but I think they make a better potential couple.
Also, I love this bit from the second book. It's adorable in a "puppy love" sort of way.

No. 327752

I agree!!! Harry chose the wrong Weasley, the answer was right there the whole time.

No. 327753

Imagine if we had staircases to female-only spaces that turn into slides when males try to enter, like Hogwarts has. It would be so satisfying to see troons slide down while screeching angrily.

No. 327756

>The 11 year old boy likes to hang out with the other boy
>that must mean their totally in love

No. 327763

What are some things that bother you about the HP universe? For me, it really confuses me that Hogwarts acknowledges Easter and has dedicated Easter holidays, and also all the adults are completely incompetent at dressing in muggle garb but the Weasley kids are described as wearing jeans and jumpers during the holidays at the Burrow.
My headcanon is that celebrating Easter started as a muggleborn acceptance thing, but hit the wizarding mainstream and Easter egg recipes are published seasonally in Witch Weekly (hence Molly sending the golden trio some). In the UK Easter is celebrated in a very secular way, I guess wizards do the same thing and just ignore the whole Jesus part. Or maybe Jesus was just a wizard, who knows. As for the clothes thing, maybe it's just meant to symbolize that the kids are hipper than the adults? Idk.

No. 327764

I'd usually agree, but I hated Ginny x Harry so much that I'd be fine with contrived fujo route.
By the way, Ron is underrated

No. 327766

more convincing than any other romance rowling wrote

No. 327782

>Weasley kids are described as wearing jeans and jumpers during the holidays at the Burrow.
They lived near that muggle village which I don't really remember the name of and their father was a muggaboo. I just assumed that mr. And mrs. saw the local thrift shop and bought cheap clothes for their sprogs which was rather practical since children won't stop growing until they reach maturity. Still poor though.

No. 327784

I don't agree since both Harry and Ron are straight and friendships exist but you do you kek

No. 327786

kek. I kind of want a sequel with new students taking place in our era because of how technology advanced since the 90s, can you imagine the cultural gap between a normal wizard and a muggle born one? On the other hand seeing moving pictures wouldn't surprise a muggle born zoomer anymore because now it's just equivalent of seeing a gif online.

No. 327790

>What are some things that bother you about the HP universe?
Harry shouldn't have named his son after Snape, he was a fucking creep who wanted to bang his mom and held a grudge againt her innocent son because she turned him down over a decade ago for being a wizard-nazi who hated muggles. Snape is a well written interesting character, but no one can convince me he was actually a good person on any level.

>I kind of want a sequel with new students taking place in our era because of how technology advanced since the 90s
I don't think they even have electricity at hogwarts, so unless they can charge stuff with magic they still wouldn't be able to use phones or playstations etc. Even if they could charge them, I doubt hogwarts has wifi or cellular networks set up

No. 327791

I like your headcanon much better! I bet Arthur snuck out to visit the muggle village all the time without Molly knowing, kek. He'd potter around the shops and comment knowingly to confused shop assistants about plugs and 'eceltricity' and wildly overpay for lager in the pub because he panics and hands over a £20 instead of a £10. Remember when one of the twins said they go to visit the village because the muggle girls are impressed by their card tricks that are 'almost like real magic'? Imo if the war didn't happen the twins would have both married muggle girls.

No. 327792

Hermoine says several times that anything electric wouldn't work at Hogwarts because there's too much magic in the air, but I think >>327786 meant the culture students were raised in? It would be funny to see a first year clutching a broken Nintendo Switch with absolutely no idea why it wasn't working tho

No. 327793

can't play pokemon and zelda at hogwarts, i'm out, i'm returning to the muggle world bye

No. 327797

File: 1697542442207.png (1.99 MB, 1000x1500, 451.png)

no offence, but this is as retarded as troons and TRA's who hc'd harry as a "trans-girl"

No. 327799

At least it's shipping people who actually interact and have a dynamic. Marauders fandom is making shit up wholesale

No. 327800

He probably has a reputation for being eccentric in town because of his comments and questions. I like to think few of the townspeople end up giving him an encyclopedia to stop him. I think the Weasley are the one most likely to blend in with the muggle when needed compared to other magical families, wish we got more wizards trying to go incognito only to show up in a frilly nightgown and cap.
>both married muggle girls
Would have been a dream come true for Arthur, so he can ask about the 'muggle world' and Molly would just be happy that there is someone else to rein them in.

No. 327802

No it's not, but more importantly, wow he makes an ugly girl

No. 327805

>wish we got more wizards trying to go incognito only to show up in a frilly nightgown and cap.
Same!! When I was younger all my HP OCs would be students, but now I'm an adult I'm fixated on making OCs who work in the Muggle Liaison Office, specifically ones who coach muggleborn students + their parents into adjusting to the wizarding world, and helping squibs in pureblood families find a place in muggle society or (less commonly) adjusting to wizarding society as a non-magical person. Arthur probably would have gone that route if he weren't so over-enthusiastic.

No. 327831

I really like Ron and Harry's dynamic, the movie does not do them justice. It's a cute ship anon.

It's really not, Harry is canonically in love with Ginny but I still ship him with Luna anyway. Is that the same as having troon hc? Shipping and hc are in a total different category imo

No. 327846

It's probably just the resident anti-fujo. You can go saying you ship snape and tonks or something weirder and that nonna will never come out to say you're retarded but as soon it's m/m she goes nuts kek

No. 327850

Nta but I find it disturbing when people talk about shipping the kids in a children's book. If you ship adults like Snape and Dumbledore, that's different. although shippers are really annoying in general

No. 327851

I thought headcanon is for things that aren't explicitly contradicted by canon.

No. 327856

File: 1697570332281.png (280.51 KB, 601x402, no.png)

JKR's twitter always delivers.

No. 327866

my personal deranged headcanon is he's dated every single weasley sibling and it hasn't worked out but they're all on good terms

No. 327875

you do realise that epole can also write about aged up characters right?
yeah yhat's right, headcanon is basically para-canon, things that aren't mentioned in canon but don't contradict it. for example if you believe tonks is bisexual that's headcanon. otoh writing a fic where sirius is a slytherin is not headcanon as it directly contradicts canon.
i think the clothing thing was meant to show that the weasleys are a tolerant family who live close to muggles. and the kids are allowed to wear practical clothing while on holidays, otoh all working adult wizards are seen with robes. so maybe it's seen as a professional/casual clothign type of deal
we also don't know much about how purbloods live but it's likely they wear more traditional wizard clothing all the time. it's pretry clear from the books that the weasley are seen as way pro-muggle by most of wizarding society, it's even what stalled arthur's career. they don't necessarily reflect the average wizard.

No. 327880

>It's probably just the resident anti-fujo
Oh nona there are plenty of us here who are made uncomfortable with other anons openly displaying their gay male fetish. Still wouldn't tell you to stop doing what you want and I normally just ignore it, but pushing sexual stuff is off-putting to many people, especially to women and you're on a female only site. Like >>327850 many people don't like shipping in general even if it's straight or even canon.
This thread should keep up with JKR more, every time I see something she's posted my spirits are lifted. She is the perfect gryffindor (gryffindorian? gryffindorer?)

And on that note, in what ways do you nonas match your assigned house?
Are you brave, creative, cunning, loyal etc? Do you think you were sorted into the right house or would another have matched you better?

I got slytherin, I'm pretty ambitious, and being a terf I'm sure most TRA would agree being in the "evil" house is perfect for me kek I also think snakes are little cuties so I'm happy with my house even though realistically ravenclaw traits generally match me better

No. 327892

I've always wondered how wizarding fashion changed throughout the years. The Yule Ball and Ron's hand-me-down situation was cool to think about, but Rowling didn't spend much time describing garment cuts or popular colors. I'm sure wizarding fashion isn't as static as the books may have made it out to be! It's just that for one, Harry is a guy and for another, he spends most of his time in a boarding school with required uniforms. Do anynonnies have headcanons or fanart about wizarding fashion? >>327540 and >>327539 were cool, but they're specific to a character and perhaps not indicative of general trends.

No. 327896

File: 1697578005611.jpg (273.76 KB, 960x1280, ' Harry Potter Dumbledore Vold…)

samefag. Rowling, for all her talents is not a fashion girlie. I can't believe she described wizarding robes in the Wizarding World website as "frozen in time, harking back to the seventeenth century." Ahem. My love. My queen. This is 13th century at the very latest. Bless her, but she needs to hire a costume designer to flesh out wizarding fashion influences.

No. 327898

Please forgive her she just doesn't know how to count.

No. 327900

oh my god quit sperging abour fujos. one offhand mention of a m/m ship is set you people off. no one here is pushing sexual stuff.
i'm not much of a shipper personally but it's a fact that most fandoms focus on shipping and they always have.
it isn't a fujo exclusive thing either, historically the hp fandom has had major drama over hetero ships.
and i'd still rather hear about ships than about yourself and your assigned house. i guarantee your personality isn't that interesting.

i really wish we'd got more details yeah. we don't know much besides tidbits about whether wizards liked to wear trousers under robes or whatever.
my hc is that their fashion is fairly modest and conservative with very little skin showing for both sexes. and pureblood wizards are especially careful wrt grooming because they hold onto old fashioned aristocratic values about presenting according to your rank.
I'd imagine wizarding fashion moves slowly because wizards live much longer. And there's both a tendency to hold onto the grand old times and a will to differentiate themsleces from muggle. so i suppose their vlothing would mostly be reminiscent of victorian/edwardian fashions but with magical elements. colour changing fabric, magical jewellery, patterns and decorations with magucal motifs like stars and animals and shit. maybe incantations embroidered or written inside for protection.
i yhink themeatically it would maje sense for wozarding fashions to have veen stuck in the 17th century since taht is precisely when they split apart from muggles. iirc rhe statute of secrecy is from the mid 1600s. but nothing in the films or books matches 1600s fashions so i guess they dressed differently even before the muggle and magical worlds separated.

No. 327904

Fashion is a special sperg interest of mine so I would happily do any costume work for free just for a slight chance of meeting our based terven queen. My headcanons about fashion in the wizarding world are similar to some anons ITT, particularly >>327897 with the prevailing silhouettes leaning more victorian/edwardian a la Hogwarts Legacy with a more magical flair. AFAIK the last large loan from muggle to wizarding worlds was rail travel and to a smaller extent enchanted radios so it would make sense for it to plateau around the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This also sort of lines up with the art style of the Daily Prophet, with its charming Victorian typesetting. A hogwarts uniform in the style of Hogwarts Legacy is definitely on my to make list!

No. 327914

>pushing sexual stuff
This is the wrong website for you

No. 327916

Snape got flashed everyone his pants while he was a student at Hogwarts, which is in the Scottish Highlands and the lowest tempeture it's reached was  −27.2 °C (−17.0 °F). Making it so that school robes is supposedly enough to ward of cold weather without any trousers on.
>wizarding fashion moves slowly because wizards live much longer
I also like to think that fast fashion like we have or any department store for clothing does not exist in the wizarding world as they all have to go to a tailor for any robes with intricate embroidery, durable fabric and etc… As any stains can just be magicked away. This also could explain why Ron wore hand-me-downs school robes along with the fact I doubt parents would buy exact fitting robes for children and would much rather buy one that's a bit bigger and the hems can be lowered as they grow.

No. 327917

Yesssss I love to think about how wizarding fashion works. It seems that most robes that aren't second hand are tailored (iirc Ron is also shopping at Madame Malkins during the Draco/Harry confrontation so it can be inferred that it's not terribly expensive to get that done) which is interesting. I bet a lot of people who buy their robes second hand alter them magically so they're fitted better, too. What do you think makes robes womens' dress robes vs mens' dress robes? The cuts? That same scene has Madame Malkin accidentally try to sell Hermione men's dress robes and like… Is it not all just vague flowy fabric?
I also find it funny that Luna & Xenophilius are framed as weird for wearing a yellow dress to a wedding, but the literal Minister for Magic wears a lime green bowler hat 24/7 and no one says shit about that being odd. But tbf the Lovegoods are weird in many other ways too.

No. 327942

>but the original covers
Those aren’t the original covers, they are the American covers.

No. 327944

but lupin was the coward conforming guy who was too scared to tell his friends to stop bullying people

No. 327948

>On the other hand seeing moving pictures wouldn't surprise a muggle born zoomer anymore because now it's just equivalent of seeing a gif online.
True but that’s on a screen, seeing moving pictures on printed paper would be pretty shocking.

No. 327962

my hypothesis is that they don't use elasticised fabrics. in the days before these you had to get shuff tailored or altered by a seamstress mich more frequently.
it also seems their society isn't industrialsed so there are probably too few wizards in britain to mass produce clothing. there seem to be about two or three tailor shops total.
their clothing is probably very durable since it's somewhat of an expense and they'd probably use spells to make the fabric extra string, better thermoregulation etc.
as for the cuts, even vague flowy fabric usually has different cuts for men and women. if you shop in the moid section even a plain ol t shirt might be too tight in the chest and hips and too big in the sleeves. truly unisex fashion is very rare because almsot all cuts account for differences in build between the sexes. it's also possible women's stuff come indifferent colours or maybe it's designed to accentuate the waist etc.

i bet their robes are magicked to help control temperature so you can just wear a pair of ribes over your bare legs at all times. that also means they wear a lot of long-sleeved floor lengjt stuff at all times. We've seen them wear capes in the summer.
they pribbly also have more elaborate stuff with a lot of buttons etc that muggles would find hard to get in/out of. since they have spells for that.

lamo i know right? i doubt any of the marauders are terf adjacent at all, they'd porbbably just make lad jokes about "blokes in a dress". but if any if them is terfy is sure as hell isn't lupin, the spineless follower

No. 327963

Maybe it's Sirius since he seems to be the gayest one. I doubt he'd react too kindly if some fujo started sperging about his genital preference

No. 327969

File: 1697612614380.jpg (63.83 KB, 768x794, rowling-sketch-quidditch.jpg)

You don't need Zelda and Pokemon anymore when you got a real magic forest to explore and real magical creatures to take care of!
>She is the perfect gryffindor
Yes, she truly embodies the Gryffindor spirit. It also incredibly heartening just how many likes her tweets are getting.
>pushing sexual stuff is off-putting to many people
Agree, I wish shippers got their own thread because what appeals to many of us is the magical childhood aspect of HP, so it's an uneasy mix.
>in what ways do you nonas match your assigned house?
I got Ravenclaw when I last did the sorting test and it fits, I love learning and reading. For superficial reason, being in Gryffindor would be nice, because their common room is so damn cozy. Hufflepuff also seems cozy. No thanks to Slytherin, don't want to live without a sunlight view.
This is how she draws their robes. Not a fashion girlie kek. But that's fine, leave that to illustrators and costume designers. Has everyone seen her own illustrations? It's cool that she does have some drawing talent as well.

No. 327972

File: 1697614380715.jpg (230.7 KB, 1330x1353, rowling-sketch-snape-potions.j…)

Kek at how truly ugly she imagined Snape vs the movie version.

No. 327973

File: 1697614713234.png (324.38 KB, 1888x1004, wizardwear.png)

For all of you nonas talking about wizard clothes, link to JKRs words about it
>Day to day, however, even those who detest Muggles wear a version of Muggle clothing, which is undeniably practical compared with robes. Anti-Muggles will often attempt to demonstrate their superiority by adopting a deliberately flamboyant, out-of-date or dandyish style in public.
There are some fun details in there. I don't like that they seem to ditch wizard clothes for muggle clothes, unless they're aggressively anti-muggle "racists" that just makes me sad because I love old fashion clothes and don't it to be the evil option.

No. 327974

I cannot stress enough how much I love their dumbass hats

No. 327978

File: 1697615539615.png (17.62 KB, 596x153, umbridgereaction.png)

Her "no" tweet has over 300000 likes now. This TRA reaction was pretty funny. Love and understanding!
>A fringe movement calling itself Fresh Air Refreshes Totally (F.A.R.T.)* insists that Muggle trousers ‘stem the magical flow at source’ and insist on wearing robes in public, in spite of repeated warnings and fines
This is great, thanks for the link
It's lucky that Hogwarts has such high ceilings.

No. 327979

>in what ways do you nonas match your assigned house?
Also slytherin, I don't think I fit it too well but I'm the kind of person who's always been drawn to weird dark stuff and horror movies so it does make sense.

No. 327980

File: 1697616134377.jpg (868.67 KB, 2448x3264, hogwartsportraits.jpg)

Speaking of houses and wizard fashion, do you think HP as influenced your own aesthetics in some way? As in clothes and home decoration? I love big cluttered gallery walls and I think all the portraits in Hogwarts influenced that.

No. 327981

alan r