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File: 1647228116682.jpg (139.34 KB, 1400x1050, EarwigEw.jpg)

No. 189168

Post the worst of the worst character designs you can find. From the uncannily realistic to terrible reboots to oversexualized. It doesn't matter if it's from movies, TV, video games, comics, just has to be awful.

Previous thread >>>/m/124171

No. 189172

File: 1647229433338.jpg (249.15 KB, 1000x600, NDR_PD104_Jun-Wu-Wei-Alexandra…)

Inspired to make this thread today because I saw this, words cannot explain how uninspired and lazy this looks. This is apparently a reboot(?) sequel/continuation of How to Train your Dragon. It takes place in the 'modern' age where dragons are coming back to live with humans, even though they established in the last movie why that was a bad idea.

Idk what it is but the main dragon looks awful, I think it's supposed to be a descendent of Toothless and the white dragon, but the coloring makes it look freakish for some reason. The other dragons look even more out of place, all the awesome sharpness of the og designs is lost here. Everyone else looks like they were ripped from stock 3D character asset packs. It's a shame, HTTYD was one of DreamWork's best franchises too, but I won't let this spoil the other movies for me.

/Autism rant over

No. 189190

File: 1647238005669.png (356.13 KB, 810x305, dragons.png)

These exist in the same franchise now

No. 189242

aw i think the main dragon is cute, it looks like a cat?

but ive never enjoyed the style of HTTYD and always found it unpleasant to look at in general

No. 189639

File: 1647377017916.jpeg (101.08 KB, 1280x720, NPGYWWOFIFDRNA7NDZB3UBIA4M.jpe…)

Maybe it's just me but I hate when new characters are added and they don't match the designs to fit in with the show.

The new Ice Age looks bad for movie quality and the new character looks like it's from a completely different franchise

No. 189640

File: 1647377332370.jpeg (48.77 KB, 1200x629, earwig-and-the-witch-2.jpeg)

I'm actually okay with the character designs for Earwig, it's just that the animators never bothered to change the lighting at all for any of the scenes or have any interesting shots

No. 189642

Yeah I feel that anon, I chose op pic mainly because the expressions kek. Would have been okay but the characters don't read Ghibli to me, more like Miraculous ladybug

No. 189644

This is really shitty looking, specially that ugly ass beetle dragon thing, if they will botch their franchise they should’ve cutefyied everyone.

No. 189649

File: 1647379228761.jpg (148.18 KB, 1095x617, Skullcrusher_the_Rumblehorn.jp…)

Ironically that's the one I have the least problem with, I could see it existing in the movies. HTTYD is always remembered for me for having more unique dragon designs, the new ones in this show just look too round and cutesy to be dragons from this franchise

No. 189652

File: 1647380281944.jpg (Spoiler Image,182.61 KB, 1920x1080, wtf is this.jpg)


No. 189785

Uhm so like the humans have the most skewed proportions ever. Like look at the black lady’s hands, they are like puppet hands and the kids have huge hands and like their heads are so small


No. 189786

Of course the female love interest has to have big eyelashes/mascara, small snout and big ass hips even if it's a fucking animal. I hate this trend so much.

No. 189794

File: 1647437718698.jpg (147.14 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BMTIwYmQyNjctNmJhYi00NDg0LW…)

Earwing could have been a lot better if only they bothered to work with the lights and toned down the expressions a bit. The faces are even more exaggerated than 2d Ghilbi movies, I don't get why they went for more cartoony ones. Some shots and promotional images even look good (I think picrel is pretty acceptable), maybe they had a low budget?

No. 189802

The fact that it’s made by Goro Miyazaki says a lot. His movies aren’t particularly terrible but a lot of people including his father consider him a failure. I’d say his best movie is “from up on poppy hill”

No. 189808

OT but I remember seeing From up on poppy hill on theaters and falling asleep in the middle of the movie, I can't remember anything about it.

No. 190773

i feel bad for goro because hayao very openly calls him shit at everything, but i feel extremely embarrassed everytime i see earwig stuff because it's so, so bad despite having ghibli's name attached to it and i can see where hayao is coming from… like this studio has extremely high standards and i don't think goro has it.

No. 191736

File: 1648088132174.jpg (33.5 KB, 720x720, f.jpg)

everything from this shit series is just unfiltered autism

No. 191738

What series? This looks like the weird dragons from the nostalgia critic's the wall.

No. 191746

File: 1648091070421.jpeg (37.58 KB, 845x1024, CFF4DC93-C4A5-4D64-B0CB-3555EC…)

that was a cameo by the creator fennah. the whole thing is called "satellite city"
as folding ideas put it, it's just overdesigned horny furry steampunk garbage

No. 191748

File: 1648091204489.jpg (101.07 KB, 518x842, Untitled.jpg)

bonus funny sperg

No. 191749

The characters are overdesigned as hell and move like jello (though I do like the blind dragon one)
Also the creator is a pretentious dick about them. Deadwing dork has a good video about him

No. 191783

I follow him just to hate him kek. His designs are all so ugly and fetishy but he thinks they're all carefully thought out and he's a genius. They're almost all female and lesbians, they also often have their baloon tits out so you know fennah jerks off to furry lesbian BDSM porn.

No. 192303

Ew, looks like a 3D Vivziepop abortion

No. 201607

File: 1651104323061.jpg (65.56 KB, 850x850, BRS.jpg)

What the fuck is that stupid scarf thing she is wearing? Even though the bikini top was dumb, Black Rock Shooter's old design is appealing because it has cool biker vibes. Now they just went full coomer. She looks younger and she's wearing even less clothes.

No. 201615

this just looks like a furry's wet nightmare

No. 201617

They removed the scars?? Why??

No. 201618

Looks like they gave her an extreme cropped sleeveless jacket. Her original jacket is cooler because it gives off the impression of a cowl if she puts the hood up. She looks more unsure instead of stoic because of the younger look. Terrible choice. I hate the lack of clothing too. It looks jarring.
Waifu bait goals possibly? Younger girls don't have scars push narrative? Most likely a retarded reason.

No. 201625


Christ on a stick, I sampled some of the videos and the ‘tism flows thick and heavy.

No. 201763

>til they are rebooting Black Rock Shooter

No. 202355

The sad thing about Earwig is that I think the designs were interesting and the planning sketches and all that were pretty cool, but they translated it horrible into 3D. Everyone looks like they're made of playdoh and the shading was weird throughout the movie.

Sucks to say, but I don't think Miyazaki's kid really has a talent for animated movies. Earwig was fine, but he's not a gifted animator, and by that I mean that his work doesn't feel inspired and passionate.

No. 202599

File: 1651367382068.jpg (94.77 KB, 561x430, maxresdefault.jpg)

why are people obsessed with this character? is he supposed to look like an incel tranny?

No. 202610

2-D with pigtails

No. 202627

I really liked the hand drawn style when I first played the game, it gave me a flashback to indie games I used to find on art sites as a kid. However I didn't realize until looking into it that there was such a huge community of absolute retards and tranny zoomers attached to it. Pretty sad, personally I like the game and art style, hate the community now.

No. 202668

This guy's genuinely fucked too. These creatures he made up (that just look like your regular dA sparkledog/furry abomination) have a society where the smartest is at the top and has the right to humiliate all the others by decapitating them, contorting the body and raping it. As you can see here >>191746 the body the purple boa girl is holding is posed like one of Dahmer's victims. He also makes the decapitated heads have an ahegao expression. He was a brony too.
It's funny because this guy used to go on and on about being better than Disney and shitting on the characters while having the audacity to say that his porny furries were better.

No. 202677

Do people really still give a fuck about this game? Wasn't it just the flavour of the month?

No. 202678

not any previous anons, but yeah on other websites I use it always seems to come up as a favorite game for some reason. never played it myself

No. 202680

they do

No. 202699

is hayao Miyazaki a literal gendo?

No. 202751

Nta but yeah basically. Apparently he was never a good father, his son was pressured to get into animation and he already had a huge pressure on him (being Miyazaki's son) and his father barely even helped him with his movies. He was made to direct Earthsea with little to no previous experience and then Hayao had the guts to go see it, walk out in the middle of it (rude fucker) and call it trash (no shit).
As for Earwig, if you know the context you'd know that it's impressive it even got made. It's based on an incomplete novel and in Japan is was actually meant to be some sort of TV special instead of a full movie (which explains why or ends so suddenly and the pace is a bit weird). It is also Ghibli's first try at a fully rendered CG movie so the weird textures and expressions can be excused (kinda) and the team was mostly made up of novices. You really can't expect the quality level of a regular Ghibli movie when you have a poorly experienced director with daddy issues, a brand new medium and not a lot of skilled animators. I did appreciate the soundtrack in Earwig though, I thought the rock-ish sound was a nice change from the usual Ghibli music.

No. 202767

Kek Anno is interested in another director remaking NGE in 20 years or so. I think we've just found a man for the task!

No. 204340

File: 1651902342535.jpg (95.22 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Found this awful furry game on Steam. The face is nightmare fuel.

No. 204341

File: 1651902388865.jpg (238.42 KB, 1920x1080, 20210106190718_1.jpg)

No. 204363

Is this a bootleg version of that Everyday Life with a Foxgirl eroge? Kek

No. 204762

File: 1652084716639.jpg (39.56 KB, 600x450, 485159761-m.jpg)

Bumping with some truly awful ones

No. 204763

File: 1652084741313.jpg (788.69 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-08-18-35-20…)

No. 204773

Ha I had one of these horses except it was standing normally, except it wouldn't stand and kept falling over because its head was too heavy. They must have started making them in that pose to be more stable… They could have just made the body bigger

No. 204972

what the fuck

No. 205083

It looks like it's wearing a mascot head on top of its own.

Meanwhile these look soulless as heck. All the color and life has been sucked out of them.

No. 205108

File: 1652206893850.png (754.36 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_7cae623ad5739e8b267bd67…)

Funko pops are so ugly and soulless I could fill the whole thread with them. If you're going to get figure of your favorite character why would you want one with a boring same face template and no personality of the character you like? Hideous

No. 205109

abominably evil image

No. 205157

That's suppose to be Kirby? Wtf, I want to burn it with fire.

No. 205204

File: 1652234185364.jpg (204.28 KB, 1780x1257, 91jjvnlhkt431.jpg)

Retarded coomer design. Why is her underboob out and her shorts loose and undone?

No. 205205

oh….uh…oh no.

No. 205215

Looks like designs from three different series

No. 205220

File: 1652239540011.jpg (158.87 KB, 824x1081, 1652234185364.jpg)

he is incapable of designing good outfits for his female characters. i like uravity and toga but the rest are so ugly.
and even this design could be cute or at least not offensively stupid-looking with minor changes.

No. 205232

Then it’s even worse that his designs are indistinguishable from a retarded coomer fan

No. 205250

File: 1652255018902.png (126.26 KB, 292x426, Ch_Simone_Rune_Factory_5.png)

Mayor/Doctor Simone from Rune Factory 5. She sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 205257

File: 1652258522267.png (253.25 KB, 540x528, tumblr_3ed817bd9dfd1a956c16269…)

No. 205258

Yeah her whole design just left me shaking my head. It looks like the artist really wanted to draw a sexy space pirate but then thought oh shit she’s supposed to be a doctor, eh I’ll just throw a lab coat on her. I don’t care about there being sexual characters in general, but the outfit has nothing to do with her role or personality. Even the literal succubus is dressed more modestly than her.

No. 205318

ew what the hell is that, bland and lifeless af

No. 205369

I don't know anything about this series, but what looks bad about this drawing to me is the lack of facial expressions and the bad gesture. It makes them look really boring. The designs per se are okay. I think the dark haired woman looks cute.
>he is incapable of designing good outfits for his female characters
Disagree. Some of my favorite Horikoshi designs are female characters. Uraraka, Toga, Jiro, Tsuyu and Mirko look amazing. But his bad designs really stand out because of how awful they are (Momo, Midnight, Tohru)
>she’s supposed to be a doctor, eh I’ll just throw a lab coat on her
Scientist characters in a nutshell. I've yet to see a female character who wears a lab coat that isn't wearing random shit under it

No. 205399

File: 1652316669185.gif (1.23 MB, 500x375, peak character design.gif)

Wtf are the eureka 7 verse that is not the original series, legit blocked out the sequel for how fucking awful it was and my friend told me the films are just as bad, like is anyone working on them that actually likes the series?

No. 208053

File: 1653134436337.jpg (102.44 KB, 557x880, 999-lotus-concept.jpg)

When I first saw her I thought "oh, just coomer waifu bait", but I was surprised to find out she's actually a very compelling character and her personality isn't coomer baity at all to me. She's in her 40s and is a single mother, of course some of the moid characters make fun of her for her age which I also dislike. I like her a lot, but her design is just…

No. 208057

I actually like her design so much she made me curious about the game. I played 999 way later and loved it. Thanks Lotus!

No. 208058

I don’t understand why they had to make it look like her shirt and pants might fall off any minute. Love her character though despite the awful outfit!

No. 208163

File: 1653165287971.png (176.06 KB, 646x714, kobayashisan.png)

Most of the characters in this series are ugly, thanks to the annoying hair colors and hideous hentai proportions, but these two take the cake. Lucoa looks like a bad deviantart OC. Her breasts are too big, her clothes are boring, don't fit her personality and clash with her hair color. And what the fuck even is Ilulu, that thing leaves me speechless because of how hideous it looks.

No. 208174

a woman in her 40s would never dress like this i hate men

No. 208175

File: 1653168085556.png (189.94 KB, 720x870, de405fd-f13071fc-3014-4ae8-b02…)

Everything about this design. Just awful

No. 208176

KEK how the fuck can anyone take these characters seriously? I thought Lucoa was bad, but seeing them compared side-to-side I realize that it could and did get worse. they both look like a porn addict's attempt at designing female characters by mixing random fetishes together. I'd post the Welcome to the NHK scene where they design an eroge character but I can't find the video

No. 208185

I know this show is retarded shit for moids, but it's weird to me how the creators are capable of making unique and appealing designs, Kanna is proof of that, but those two don't fit in with the show at all compared to her. Kanna dresses in a way that makes sense for the kind of dragon she is (covered up for cold weather), while still looking cute and modern to fit in with society. Lucoa and Ilulu are super lazy, and just exist as coomer bait. They could've been more creative with the opportunity, and gave them something more to their personalities too aside from being aloof perverts.

No. 208186

Got you, I love this scene.

No. 208189

This is actually fan made, not real. My boyfriend printed one for me as a surprise, the most beautiful gift I have ever received! Anyway, in his search for the model he found out the creator got cancelled for being racist or something, and how some danger hair commenting that hes and awful person on his every single reddit post lmao. Iirc it was some really minor "microaggression" tier shit but I could remember wrong.

No. 208190

first girl has toddler proportions with huge boobs? wtf. i hate moids so much.

No. 208192

She’s “16” and hangs out with toddlers.

No. 208194

I absolutely love Lotus but am concerned with her lack of nipples. I have no idea how she didn't pop out of her top during all those running scenes.

No. 208195

There are thousands of grown women who wear revealing clothing. What are you talking about

No. 208197

>I've yet to see a female character who wears a lab coat that isn't wearing random shit under it
Ritsuko Akagi, her mother and You Ikari

No. 208211

File: 1653184184629.jpg (181.8 KB, 984x984, 124-Horse-LPS-1.jpg)

Jesus Christ, the horses were so cute in generation one (picrel), what the hell happened? Cute things are supposed to be round and squat, not pointy and skinny. That's character design 101.

No. 208720

File: 1653365577254.png (81.99 KB, 300x746, 441-4416855_elarainbow-six-sie…)

she looks like a fucking idiot

No. 208721

you see 40 year olds wearing what that anon posted? where the fuck do you live?

No. 208723

Fucking agreed

No. 208724

File: 1653367580827.jpg (110.74 KB, 688x1024, b50fc11be233bba555997e7d7b7a08…)

Why is she not wearing BDU pants as well? Also wtf is that gun decal or whatever? Looks like paintball gear. Does it make sense in game?
I don't play rainbow six but sometimes I get curious about it because I like some dude's design's and also Caveira's design.

No. 208726

all the dudes are hot. most of the women look perfectly fine. it's just that ela looks particularly idiotic and was obviously designed by a moid who has no idea how adult women dress. she looks like some cringey idea of a manic pixie dream girl. or a mtf tranny's fantasy. it's even more annoying because she is probably the fan favorite (on the moid side) and they wont shut up about her

No. 208728

gonna go in an autistic rant
every time i see this anime i just get so depress. At its best it's a series that explores the concept of adopted families and the affects a parent can have in a child's self esteem. At worst it's a dumb pedobait hiding in the guise of yuri.
The girl in the left makes me the most depressed. She's a dragon that gets summoned by a little boy. Aside from the obvious disgusting pedo undertones, there was one scene in the manga I really enjoyed. He goes in this witch tournament test thing and he gets bullied by the other kids and due to him being quiet in nature just takes it all. He gets scared in the trials and mess up every now and then. He was clearly struggling and there was the green haired girl cheering him on which gives him a little hope and for the first time in years actually passed the test. It's later futher revealed that the kid's dad doesn't really acknowledge his existence and that's why he's always trying to do things to impress him (like summoning the green haired girl) but he gets no recognition or appreciation what so ever. He has a mom but due her not being a witch, she can't really help nor does she really try.
He tells her that he appreciates the time she took in watching over him and supporting him in an area that his parents couldn't.
and i love that.
i wish that was more of that.
i wish this manga continued exploring that. but it doesn't and made an entire dragon mating scene instead.

No. 208895

South America. Not uncommon to find unstable womanchildren wearing that shit at all

No. 209024

I know a lot of 40 year old women that dress similarly, especially in South Italy.

No. 209031

Even in the North kek

No. 209032

kek thank you

I just realized that these designs remind me of those shitty Kisekae dolls with their dumbass cow-like legs and tiny feet. The one on the left in particular looks like they set her boob size to max.

No. 209037

not enough people talk about how awful her outfit is. It looks like a patchwork abomination of hideous 2010s trends
>the weird ugg boot things
>paired with black tights
>paired with a denim skirt
>paired with a slogan long sleeve t-shirt
I don't have the image on me rn, but there's this compilation image of women wearing black leggings, denim skirts and sandals. This looks exactly like that.

No. 210261

File: 1653947877489.jpg (340.91 KB, 1200x675, 5.jpg)

i think this is genshin impact but im not specifically calling them out (genshit fans shut the fuck up, pre-emptively) but i hate when you see… anything like this. a male character looking cool while the females are generic and have a ton of skin showing. male characters get to look badass while female characters are just there to be gazed at by straight men. hate it

No. 210266

it's not genshit, it's a new game made by the same company but you should see the other guys kek they're furries

No. 210274

honestly, same. And it's jarring as fuck.

No. 210278

File: 1653953629266.jpg (403.27 KB, 990x1201, pareil-11.jpg)

this one?
and yeah this outfit is hideously dated, but this character was made with scrotes in mind so they only care about the boobs

No. 211843

File: 1654396293246.png (109.29 KB, 194x498, Character_Barbara_Game.png)

I actually think this character is really cute. Or it could have been, if they didn't ruin it with their stupid strapless dress and detached sleeves obsession. The cleavage looks cheap and it doesn't fit the cute and innocent vibe she's going for at all. They took what could've been a perfectly cute design and ruined it, it makes me mad. Overall I still like her, but these two defects really bother me.

No. 211957

File: 1654445183697.jpeg (391.5 KB, 1202x1162, EVXkfLTUYAA2-Y7.jpeg)

God, they're so ugly. The colors are an eyesore and the clothes look fetishistic. Pudding and Mint look better in this version than in the newer one, though.

No. 211977

File: 1654448751372.png (140.2 KB, 500x760, magireco.png)

If I posted every ugly Magia Record character, this thread would reach it's limit

No. 212004

This one would have been very cute with a better outfit imo

No. 212005

File: 1654454077284.png (677.05 KB, 658x978, TwinTurbo.png)

I like some of the designs from this series but this one hurts my eyes, she looks like the result of pressing 'randomize all' on a game's character creator

No. 212006

I thought it was cute until i zoomed in. What a waste of a cute witch outfit. All they had to do was not have her tits out.

No. 212012

No. 212013

Aren't magical girls in the Madoka universe supposed to get the outfit that they would like? What girl would like to dress like that? Ew

No. 212016

japan try not to lust after children challenge (impossible)

No. 212029

how dare you though you are right

No. 212048

kek yeah it really does look like that. Reminds me of a pixiv abomination.

No. 212060

File: 1654464804334.jpg (568.41 KB, 800x1190, marmaduke-poster-2022.jpg)

Looking through Netflix and glanced at this atrocious shit. Everybody look so stick thin like they could easily snap and what's up with that one lady with mommy thicc thighs but still looking sticc the waist up? Pretty sure they're trying to take the Addams Family approach but still looking pretty ugly.

No. 212062

No way. Looks like an awful 2012 film, wtf?

No. 212064

In what way does this look like Marmaduke? This is atrocious.
Bootleg 2012 film look.

No. 212086

This is truly hideous animation. Wasnt the live action enough? It was kinda fun and wholesome. What the fuck is this abomination?

No. 212087

This is an example of a CGI cartoon style that would look miles better in 2D

No. 212105

Jesus christ.

No. 212110

File: 1654479460108.png (85.46 KB, 1024x768, Card_30212_l.png)

Ew anon you weren't kidding.

No. 212111

It’s extra fucked up when you know that the first time she appears in her own manga is butt naked shoved in a suitcase. I love her as a character even if the manga and game are utterly retarded.

No. 212112

>jk simmons

No. 212159

File: 1654498314771.jpg (156.59 KB, 500x750, Kazumi5eng.jpg)

The artist was flat out a reformed lolicon, he said in the art notes he had a realization he was a creep halfway through the series and stopped drawing weird revealing outfits and even redesigned the main characters' outfits. Not defending this shit but at least a realization was made.
This is the most hilariously shitty art.

No. 212205

This design is why I love Kazumi, she looks so cute with this outfit, I still hope the author has a miserable life though.

No. 212211

my favorite thing about Kazumi Magica is the fact that one of the girls, who uses ice magic, has an attack called "cazzo freddo" which is literally just "cold dick" in italian kek

No. 212362

Holy shit when I saw the thumbnail I thought those were ridiculously massive saggy tits and not a skirt. My expectations for scrote art are already that low.
>a reformed lolicon, he said in the art notes he had a realization he was a creep halfway through the series
I find that hard to believe, tbh, but at least he redesigned the outfits.
"Fun" fact, the original Madoka character designer is a woman but she's also a lolicon.

No. 212538

>original Madoka character designer is a woman but she's also a lolicon
fucking knew it, and people (including nonas here) claimed that Maroka art doesn't have lolicon look at all. Bullshit

No. 212552

AYRT Madoka the original series doesn't have any lolishit in it (as far as I remember). But the character designer is a lolicon.

No. 213049

Why do you say she's a lolicon? Because of that VN she illustrated?

No. 213063

File: 1654795411651.jpeg (354.75 KB, 289x1156, 15CBF7BE-B847-4BDC-B450-2FF1DB…)

Why do they design women like this all the time

No. 213091


No. 213094

I've seen it, i know. the character designs look like typical Moe uguu lolishit from that time

No. 213299

File: 1654891425044.png (167.14 KB, 396x912, Camille_Render.png)

Her walking animation is also so goofy, i cant take her design seriously at all. But then again league has a lot of shitty female character designs

No. 213341

She could have been such a good designed character but no they decided to go with the 1 inch waist + obese thighs coomer shit

No. 213351

every single league character falls under "awful design"

No. 213414

File: 1654944203749.jpg (113.13 KB, 1280x720, a12345.jpg)

Don't forget its a f-ing GRANDMA, riot games are the biggest cowards to exist when it comes to character design. They made a new void champion after years just to turn it into a coomer 'mommy dom voice' bs. They could have made a monster like Rek'sai, but they want to make sure people jerk off to their champions so they'd make more skins.

No. 213469

File: 1654967898084.png (386.58 KB, 860x959, leblanc.png)

The splash art makes her looks cool, too bad they decided to give rcdart proportions.
Anyway, here's a little compilation of awful designed female champions. This one have the ugliest clothes. Men truly have no idea of what makes a woman sexy.

No. 213470

File: 1654967987024.png (261.56 KB, 900x955, janna.png)

Janna's design got updated in Wild Rift, but she still is boring and has a stupid Trolls hairstyle

No. 213471

File: 1654968040847.jpeg (93.58 KB, 1920x1080, zyra.jpeg)

Poison Ivy 2.0, but even uglier

No. 213472

File: 1654968085450.png (241.07 KB, 860x969, elise.png)

No. 213474

File: 1654968183209.jpg (54.45 KB, 632x993, Katarina.jpg)

I don't think it's a good idea to let your long hair down and your stomach exposed while you're out there murdering people

No. 213476

File: 1654968403284.jpg (60.73 KB, 1280x720, evelynn.jpg)

A demon who enjoys people's agony? Of course cumbrained men would turn this concept into a BDSM fetish. And the ugly Trolls hair is here again.

No. 213477

File: 1654968443031.png (1.86 MB, 750x650, kaisa.png)

Never forget the Kai'sa shitshow. You'd expect her to look like Venom based on her character description.

No. 213491

league designs genuinely just make me think "warcraft, but make it EDGY!!!"

No. 213501

>weird strappy swimsuit
>pile of belts
>skirt, but just on one leg
>high-collar cape
>blue hair
Wow, these things all go so well together. You never would've guessed this was designed by a man!

No. 213518

I like this one tbh. Red and black together never go out of style.

No. 213551

Agreed, that one looks fine.

No. 213927

Lavender Towne posted a bad character design video and redesigned her, I love her version

No. 213928

File: 1655135207840.jpg (116.2 KB, 1269x660, tit anime reform.JPG)

This was her version

Redesigning uggo characters etc thread would be fun btw, have we had one?

No. 213959

File: 1655142114710.png (398.23 KB, 446x610, EC235655-9F71-4E0D-A59C-4D01F1…)

I would post every single Lore Olympus character on here if it were possible

No. 213960

What the actual fuck are those ears? My sides are in orbit. Holy kek

No. 213964

I have no idea what that is but I like it, also the other characters from googling rip

No. 214010

File: 1655154267134.jpg (103.21 KB, 1200x829, EsYcFCpW8AM1hrM.jpg)

Leblanc probably has the worst possible iteration of a millenia-old witch possible. She's supposed to be a master manipulator, an illusion witch who trained under an undead evil overlord who's been running Noxus in the shadows for centuries, then she looks like THAT in-game. It's sad.
Zyra at least has pretty skins, but yeah her base design is just Poison Ivy.

No. 214038

>Redesigning uggo characters etc thread would be fun btw, have we had one?
I briefly looked, I don't think so. If anyone has any chars they want to see redrawn than link a new thread, I'll gladly contribute.

No. 214100

File: 1655186643845.jpg (111.5 KB, 960x960, 3206569-img_5073 (1).jpg)

supremely dumb. supremely unsexy. scrotes have no idea how to design attractive female characters beyond "giant tits and ass"

No. 214125

File: 1655202237553.png (411.32 KB, 910x1032, aaaa.png)

posted Kaine in one of the old threads and I'm gonna post her again.

No. 214129

I like her as a character but you're 100% right

No. 214133

File: 1655205740508.png (658.81 KB, 512x724, S114_Stage2.png)

fgo raikou
no words

No. 214139

what bothered me a lot when seeing this trailer is that the art style reminds me a bit too much of waterkuma, who is a lolicon artist. it looks like they either ripped him off or he was the lead character designer for the girls.

No. 214166

I made one! >>214165

No. 214174

She looks like that bitch from Genshin Impact

No. 214178

File: 1655212587172.jpeg (181.44 KB, 1262x2048, E3E912F3-0BA5-417F-9055-A7F06C…)

I think it’s shisantian. Coomer design is a given considering the game industry but sometimes he makes pretty good outfit designs like pic rel

No. 214216

File: 1655220488531.jpg (801.36 KB, 1280x1024, ivy-sc4-spec.jpg)

Ivy's design from Soul Calibur 4. Yeah I'm SC fan and this design of Ivy's was always one of my most least favorites ever. I understand that she's the sex symbol of the series and always wore provocative outfits but this look here was one of her absolute lowest and overall one of the tackiest outfits I've ever seen. I wouldn't even call it an "outfit" kek
Again, I understand she was a coomer design from the start but out of all the designs she's had, this one is the one I loathe the most. Which sucks because she's an interesting character in terms of the story for the series.

No. 214217

File: 1655220564334.jpg (1.11 MB, 2880x5120, ivy-sc5render.jpg)

That said, I thought her Soul Calibur 5 look was easily her best. It's still coomer but it had a lot more nice intricate details going for it, I liked the incorporation of lace into it, makes it feel loosely sophisticated.

No. 214218

File: 1655220816088.png (736.46 KB, 923x1000, rachel-musou-orochi2-special-c…)

Rachel from Ninja Gaiden. Her design always annoyed tf outta me. Like Ivy, super coomer they weren't even trying to hide it. I guess the pattern is I hate overt stripper designs in action games because it's cheap and breaks the immersion for me and Rachel's is easily one of the biggest offenders of it. Even when I saw her design as a 14 year back when the first NG Xbox game came out, I thought it was gaudy.

No. 214219

File: 1655221078383.jpg (132.76 KB, 863x1280, kitana-mk9-2.jpg)

Kitana from MK9 specifically. Again, coomer design from the start (somewhat) but this one is easily my most least favorite look of hers while it's unsurprisingly the favorite of a lot of moids. The thing I hate the most about this design is that it just looks like it was thrown together in 5 2-3 minutes. There's no cohesion and just no style and her alternate costume in this game wasn't any better.

She got a major glow-up in MKX with an outfit that actually looked nice imo.

No. 214270

File: 1655230271139.jpg (87.16 KB, 536x727, Soul-Calibur-II-Game-Character…)

I love her alternate outfit from SoulCalibur 2

No. 214277

File: 1655232851689.jpg (203.8 KB, 512x512, ivyarts2.jpg)

(Anon you replied to) I love that one too, that's one of her best alts! But I also liked her alternate from SoulCalibur 3, I thought that look was very pretty and fitting for Ivy's character perfectly, at least more so than any of her dominatrix themed outfits anyway.
Like I know coomers are gonna coom but I wish that they just ditched the dominatrix thing and followed suit with the alternate from SC3 and build from that.

No. 214279

File: 1655233255872.jpg (149.82 KB, 1280x1080, ivy-soulcalibur1-sc6-render-co…)

I think I'll add Ivy's SC6 look to tacky designs as well. The outfit is supposed to be a recreation of her look from the original SoulCalibur 1 on the Dreamcast (on the left) and while that look was already on the provocative side, at least it looked like it fit on her. Granted this was back when her breasts looked more or less proportionate before they made them huge but yeah, it looked okay-ish. But they went ultra coomer with the redesign making the chest piece not fit her bust and expose more of her abdomen. It's just a tacky design and it doesn't help that we didn't get any alternates this time around in the game neither.

No. 214299

File: 1655236989756.jpg (98.28 KB, 1024x768, leblanc_ff.jpg)

It's that kind of design that tries to hard to be sexy it ends up doing the opposite

No. 214302

God these are so awful my eyes hurt

No. 214379

File: 1655251454888.jpg (20.09 KB, 250x288, Ffx2-ladyluck.jpg)

Posting designs from FFX2 is almost cheating

No. 214380

File: 1655251567027.png (526.72 KB, 556x1101, FFX-2_Artwork_Nooj.png)

No. 214392

File: 1655253170847.jpeg (50.03 KB, 441x696, AACD4A0C-4909-492C-8C15-5DC188…)

I hate this design, not sure if it’s because of the art style of short hair

No. 214393

File: 1655253202600.jpeg (131.41 KB, 642x537, 1C43ED20-2F50-40BB-9EDC-D4CC80…)

Lowest point for his character

No. 214434

scrotes design a sexy female outfit challenge without making it ugly (impossible)

No. 214468

>g-genshin-san can I copy your homework
>sure, just change some things so it's not obvious

No. 214506

What game is this?

No. 214558

I feel alot of the designs for women in MK9 were hideous due to how porny they were. Sonya had to be the only one who wasn't nearly nude but even then her areolas were almost popping out

No. 214564

File: 1655305553225.jpg (44.71 KB, 517x443, Ffx2-thief.jpg)

AHHH No Leblanc, I'm getting the flashbacks lol Very good choice anon, Leblanc had one of the worst outfits from all of Final Fantasy (that I can think of). Like how does that outfit even work? I don't think it's as awful as >>214216 but it's still pretty gaudy. Like the only cute thing on that design is her hair and hair sticks.


Eugh… Never seen this character before but yep, tacky.

Oh yeah, FFX2 as fun as the concept was with the Sailor Moon-esq transformation sequences, a lot of the outfit designs were godawful.

I used to think his design was cool back then. Stupid stupid 15 year old me LOL This design looks mismatched and all over the place.

What even is this? Kek.

No. 214568

Cia's design has always frustrated me. Like there really is some potential here, they were trying to make her look like a dark sorceress and those type of designs can always be fun to look at. I thik the black and gold the way is used here actually looks quite striking but it's just ruined with how they tried to make her so overtly sexualized. Like if they gave her some sheer stocks, changed the top to more of a bustier type of design and made her have matching long bell sleeves, it would look a lot better imo.

No. 214569

*Sheer Stockings

No. 214575

File: 1655306187734.png (209.32 KB, 403x690, sonya-mk9-white.png)

>I feel alot of the designs for women in MK9 were hideous due to how porny they were.

You're absolutely right anon. ALL the female characters were dressed like pornstar meets strippers and it's kinda insulting lol. Sonya's is the closest to wearing something of an actual outfit. Like honestly all she needed was a matching black tank top worn under the vest and she'd be good to go.
But I guess Kitana's got to me the worst because she's supposed to be seen as a princess type of character and like, how does a look like that convey "princess"? to anyone? I swear this is why I hate a lot of moid who design with their dicks and not with their brains.

No. 214577

It was absolutely hilarious when a bunch of these moids got all pissy with MK11's designs for the female characters because oh no, the women are wearing actual outfits that had some thought put into them that also matched their respective personalities just like the men do, how dare they!

No. 214581

File: 1655306770640.jpg (134.48 KB, 563x1000, FFX_Lulu_Art.jpg)

I've always had a like/dislike with Lulu's design. I like the whole gothic aesthetic when it comes to character design and there are elements of Lulu's design that I like ornate details on her dress and sleeves, the fur neckline, and the bodice but it's those fucking belts man, they really ruin what could've been a pretty cool look.

No. 214613

File: 1655309208868.jpeg (230.5 KB, 400x515, 73C82250-0E9C-48A0-8335-0315B2…)

Jason Todd/Red Hood from dc comics. It’s supposed to be homage to the joker’s own red hood costume but it looks fucking ugly.

No. 214616

It's always Nomura and his autistic obsession with belts

No. 214617

File: 1655309330956.png (555.05 KB, 455x677, 22CD808E-4CFD-4E8F-9396-E3500C…)

This is the inspiration.

No. 214618

Sally Face

No. 214621


Oh okay, thanks anon. I'm not much of a comic person but that really is a hideous design, I totally feel you there kek.

No. 214625

>Nomura's obsession with belts

Don't forget the zippers. Belts and Zippers to the max all over in the Kingdom Hearts games.

I think he's learned to tone it down in recent years though.

No. 214880

File: 1655400875496.png (80.61 KB, 136x427, 193356.png)

I like this one too! Yeah I wish she had more elegant outfits, it suits her so much better

I didn't play the first game but this alternative outfit looks interesting too

No. 214882

File: 1655401218171.jpg (49.09 KB, 288x452, Sc2-taki2.jpg)

I think I already posted her in one of the old threads but this one makes me laugh everytime because it's so ridiculous, poor Taki

No. 214907

Oh I can't believe I forgot about that look from the first game. I really liked that one a lot as well and back in the day, I felt like it was a blueprint for this >>214270 look.

Either way, both outfits rock and I agree, Ivy really did deserve more elegant outfits, it's why her SC6 look pisses me off so much because it was a step backwards into retarded coom territory which sucked because her SC5 look was a decent meshing of the two themes (Dominatrix meets Classy, by her "standards" anyway lol).

No. 214910

File: 1655408110397.jpg (40.41 KB, 240x452, taki-2p.jpg)

Taki is one of my favorite characters to play but I agree anon, most of her primary outfits are so fucking dumb. I'm just thankful that despite her stupid coomer suit, they didn't put her in dumb exploitative situations, at least that I remember anyway.

She at least did have some good alternates, her SC2 alternate was always my go-to. Still a bit coomer in design but I'd take it over the skin suit since it kinda looked cool when in motion.

No. 215057

File: 1655464213183.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.79 KB, 680x511, E9iU57ZVUAYkMKU.jpg small.jpg)

No. 215067

No. 215072

More like the reverse, Raikou was available in FGO before Genshin's own release, Genshin is kinda infamous at lifting designs from other mobages.

No. 215083

File: 1655472911526.jpeg (260.95 KB, 1000x1250, D21E09E2-4E83-4F4E-B016-AD3AFF…)

At least she has some armor and boots unlike the bitch from gayshit infact.

No. 215186

File: 1655498268923.jpeg (343.86 KB, 1208x1079, 8A609550-2063-445A-987F-8206E1…)

Never been a fan of skullgirls’ coomerbait designs but I’d admit they were fun. The new dlc character sucks though.

No. 215191

That is the most soulless looking one of them all (Skullgirls characters) so far, jesus.

No. 215193

File: 1655499454073.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.95 KB, 470x900, __suzuhara_misae_mahou_shoujo_…)

Raita's art is so hideous, I can't believe that he's a professional artist.

No. 215205

File: 1655501811137.png (Spoiler Image,572.97 KB, 512x724, fgo.png)

Most of the FGO designers are fetishists, I believe he drew this FGO servant too (the anatomy is the same). I don't know how anyone can take this game seriously.

No. 215266

This is so ugly. what the hell is this actual body type? Xenomorth?

No. 215301

File: 1655520343440.jpg (14.87 KB, 288x288, HckyWoaV_400x400.jpg)

Haruka Nanami's eyes from Uta no Prince-sama.

Jesus Christ, look at them!

No. 215306

I agree, her eyes have always creeped me out

No. 215333

I remember seeing an edit once with her eyes replaced by avocados and I didn't even notice what was going on at first. I wish I could find it again.

No. 215340

I really dislike chinatsu kurahana's style

No. 215899

File: 1655769860434.jpg (96.07 KB, 1100x1100, dZjl31r.jpg)

No. 215900

File: 1655769988196.jpg (110.12 KB, 860x853, c9AWSl3.jpg)

No. 215951

Harley's design peaked with the original, any attempt to change it is a failure imo.

No. 215962

File: 1655799354583.png (6.89 MB, 2250x2522, big band.png)

they fired alex ahad and hired a fangirl to imitate him (even to emulate his sketch lines left on final), and you can clearly see she's nowhere near as good, nor can digital imitate traditional pencil (ahad does pencil sketch, then ink brush lineart, then digital coloring)
picrel is Ahad's actual artwork for comparison
skullgirls is infested with the most insane drama than any other game ever did

No. 215972

File: 1655807172803.jpeg (275.66 KB, 600x911, C4494B89-5D8A-4B71-9D65-633284…)

I agree the original will always triumph every other variation it’s too iconic and imo looks good.

I never liked huntress’ weird stomach window and booty shorts combo it’s so stupid.

No. 215977

File: 1655810732134.jpg (42.29 KB, 478x743, rngtsrgn.JPG)

That fucking statue remind me of my least favourite Kotobukiya bishoujo statue: Liara T'Soni. Holy shit her face is awful. And these days that figure runs for 800 dollars..

I hate Liara's ME3 armor with burning passion too (the one the fugure has), I don't even know why. It's so UGLY

No. 216028

File: 1655831655325.jpg (31.6 KB, 600x450, Harley_Quinn.jpg)

I feel crappy for this because I adore Harley in Batman TAS, she's one of my favorites in that cartoon but when they remade her design making her more "sexy" (I guess?), I thought she looked so dumb. Her OG design was much more iconic and unique.

No. 217501

AYRT and tbh I don't even know where I got that impression from. I checked the Madoka wiki again (which is where I believe I found out) but couldn't find anything. Other than the VN, I remember reading something where Ume Aoki referred to Homura's design or alt outfit being "erotic", I think? Something like that. But again, I haven't found that comment (it might exist but it's a pain in the ass to look for it).

No. 217936

File: 1656528856501.jpeg (45.08 KB, 400x300, D3850F8A-DFD9-4DB3-81D3-61989B…)

So ugly.

No. 217942

This manga is so stupid I never realized how shitty this girl's design is.

No. 217944

Her design is very generic but I've always found it somewhat cute actually, I like the hair tufts and the low twintails.

No. 217964

Nah she's cute

No. 218235

File: 1656640792750.jpg (95.69 KB, 671x756, 69f5e7b19a6d198531493cf83075d7…)

I'm finally reading Erased and I just can't with the main character's mom's pornified lips

No. 218239

>having big lips = pornified

just say you’re jealous of non-white women and move on with your nonexistent top lip(bait)

No. 218244

Never seen this show but she looks like generic anime schoolgirl #131343

No. 218252

Yeah cause Japanese women are known to have those thick ass lips that muh white wimmen envy so much right? Lol nice bait.

No. 218259

>pornified lips
For just being big lips? fuck off

No. 218262

Her face is so ugly. It's like they didn't even model her after her game design. Kotobukiya figures are so massively hit and miss for me.

No. 218263

It's like every version of Harley Quinn got worse.

Classic and iconic.

No. 218264

File: 1656650970716.png (187.56 KB, 401x560, tumblr_p69ty3eGRH1w1z40jo1_500…)

Reminds me of Peach Girl. Maybe her lips look weird because most manga artists don't draw defined lips that often? I respect your opinion tho, maybe "porny" is not the word I would use, but her face looks a little off.

No. 218265

So far I've been accused of being white, being a bitter and jealous weeb, all because I thought a character's lips look inflated. Next you're gonna tell me I'm a jealous thin lipped white weeb because I think a cow has too much lip filler kek. Imagine being this angry
Peach girl looked fine to me and it was the style for every character so it didn't really stand out

No. 218272

kek. seethe

No. 218278

Did you miss

No. 218281

File: 1656660346580.jpg (15.75 KB, 236x441, d0956b5ba3b775be31ae56832b462b…)

They didn't, she is based on artwork by Shunya Yamashita (he has created redesigns for many characters, is Rei Ayanami, My Little Pony, the horror biishoujo series etc). Personally I think that the art is great (I really like his style), but the figure doesn't fully capture the face

No. 218287

File: 1656663795895.png (460.29 KB, 1276x385, 1656623422401.png)

Thoughts on the new Monkey Island? There's fan backlash over the art style, but tbf the games have changed quite often

No. 218288

I'm the one who posted the fig, and yeah the artwork is much better, idk wht they did to the face. I do own one of the other ME ones (Tali) and she's so much better bc she has a helmet

No. 218340

Bruh her Halloween grab is far from peak design but don't pretend is as nearly as worse as the titty monstruosity from fgo. At least this one doesn't make me want to gouge my edge off from looking at it, at best it gives me some second hand embarrassment.

No. 218341

*gouge my eyes out, sorry about my keyboard.

No. 218386

I've never played one of these games but I think the latest design is cute

No. 218621

File: 1656781557278.jpg (207.79 KB, 1920x1080, ekko.jpg)

God, the new Star Guardians look so fucking ugly. Random champions that don't fit the magical girl genre, don't have chemistry as a group, uncreative uniforms and awful color schemes. Why the fuck are we even getting more random SG characters instead of the First Star and the first team, anyway?

No. 218624

File: 1656782024298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,339.06 KB, 2560x1440, FWWt_3DWYAAHLVP-scaled.jpeg)

As a Senna main, I actually think her design looks aight. Otherwise, I pretty much hate the SG line.

No. 218626

File: 1656782038250.png (1.51 MB, 1598x816, trannyliyah.png)

Taliyah looks like a cringe otaku TIM. And she looks hideous in pink.

No. 218628

Oh, I like the Wild Rift designs, I was just referring to the the PC skins.

No. 218630

I saw someone mentioned that Taliyah is a Troon and it's confirmed via story/voice lines or something. (twas an anon here who said so)
Same, I wish they'd honestly port them to PC.

No. 218634

looks like that awful tumblrfied madoka that was the thread pic for one of the old bad art threads

No. 218635

They should have given them a new line.
Something like Goths.

No. 218800

File: 1656844515286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.36 KB, 2560x1440, CC509B83-1E14-4962-AE9A-BBE9DC…)

I heard a little homer simpson scream in my head when I saw this screenshot

No. 218868

The Ekko skin is awful and the blowback I've seen against it is huge. Ekko mains hate it, I hope it bombs.
Taliyah isn't allowed to have good skins besides her Esports one. They know this one's would have sold bad too, that's why they made her the year's charity skin to inflate the numbers.

No. 218870

Is this supposed to be Vash? Yikes, what a downgrade.

No. 218889

Modern redesigns of old anime characters are guaranteed to be shit

No. 218917

File: 1656877970332.jpg (300.94 KB, 1143x746, motoko.jpg)

I won't forgive them for this downgrade

No. 219048

File: 1656913727668.png (750.5 KB, 1000x938, Velvet.png)

messy, ugly, stupid-looking outfit.

No. 219049

File: 1656914122876.jpg (103.19 KB, 500x600, etoz013.jpg)

I like her as a character a lot so it's pretty annoying. I put her in her peasant costume immediately.

No. 219052

yeah nothing against the character i just hate the fashion choices of moids

No. 219060

When I see shit like this I wonder if the character designer just wanted to annoy the team that creates the 3d models for the games. Same with Lulu from FF10 because Nomura said he gave her a shit ton of belts just to show off how powerful the PS2 is compared to the PS1, but Lulu is a fashion icon.

No. 219063

File: 1656920529572.jpg (370.91 KB, 1400x1800, Motoko.jpg)

She looks so generic in the remake… Her 90s design and hell, even her look from the SAC & 2nd Gig design looked a lot more unique.
Don't get me wrong, her outfit in SAC was some straight coomer shit (the white leotard/thong look) but face and hair wise, she really stood out.

No. 219089

I never watched this show but I'm sorry they did this to her, what a travesty.

No. 219092

File: 1656932807991.jpg (226.69 KB, 841x475, Many-Looks-Major.jpg)

For me the 4th one here is prolly my least favorite. But I agree the downgrade sucks. Ilya's art is so bland and samey

No. 219170

I can't stand his boring art and seeing it pop up everywhere

No. 219183

I need to find out what Ilya’s deal is. He must be a trust found baby or something. Such mediocrity shouldn’t be rewarded.

No. 219326

File: 1657004269122.jpg (44.44 KB, 640x360, ETn-i75U0AAEKnB.jpg)

>4th one here is prolly my least favorite

Aw I like the 4th one if you're talking about the 2004 design on the bottom left corner. I'm bias though because technically Stand Alone Complex/2nd Gig was my first exposure to Ghost in the Shell, I was too young when the 1995 movie came out to have known about it in the 90s and I didn't get into manga reading until about 2005. I do think the '95 movie is a striking look and I'm glad they weren't trying to make her look like a generic sex barbie unlike what's going on with Ilya's design. She looks so generic and lifeless. I mean I get she's not human but come on kek.

No. 219490

File: 1657069335509.png (359.73 KB, 700x1700, Baxter_by_PJ.png)

all the hazbin hotel characters look bad but… a male anglerfish with a lure? only females have that, is vivziepop fucking stupid?

No. 219493


No. 219495

He's twans uwu

It's a joke, I don't even watch Hazbin Hotel

No. 219517

… I like it…

No. 219591

It’s not even attached to his body,it’s part of the hat.Is it on purpose or ?

No. 219593

So he's basically crossdressing?

No. 219597

I also can't help but roll my eyes whenever I see female peacock characters with colorful tails or lionesses with manes. Or even male calico cats, they do exist IRL but are disproportionately common in fiction.
On a vaguely related note boobs on non-mammal creatures are also quite jarring.

No. 219617

File: 1657107091751.jpg (149.39 KB, 1400x2100, 50891122.jpg)

Don't know anything about this anime but from the moment I saw this design I HATED it. Not because its coomer like or whatever I just hate it I can't pinpoint why.

No. 219618

Her face looks like it's melting but other than that it looks ok.

No. 219630

The dress kinda looks like something yumi king would've ordered off aliexpress

No. 219693

looks extremely basic but so does a lot of anime

No. 219752

I'm a fan and the dress still sucks. The whole series has a 1940's/WWII aesthetic and then there's Yor in thigh highs and an egirl tit cage. I'd give it a pass if it was just for her alter ego, but she wears it to a work party in one of the early episodes.

No. 219769

same anon. this is also severely autistic but if i see a cgi snake blinking im like "snakes dont blink you retards did not just spend millions of dollars to NOT WATCH REAL SNAKES FOR REFERENCE, YOU KNOW THEY DOINT BLINK, YOU ARE JUST DOING THIS TO SHOW OFF THE CGI"

No. 219771

her face looks retarded and the straps on the dress look dumb

No. 219907

File: 1657199669984.png (83.96 KB, 637x374, Untitled.png)

No. 222323

File: 1657963339863.png (789.49 KB, 752x1662, y6kfn18n4mp61.png)

Since a new episode of Dr. Stone came out recently

No. 222332

her face reminds me of michael jackson kek

No. 222348

File: 1657980952083.png (714.47 KB, 970x916, hunter.png)

This old but something that always bothered me was Hunter's design in Quake III. All the other female characters were fully clothed and then there's Hunter going around blowing up people with a rocket launcher while dressed in a thong. It just feels odd because for the time the game had good female characters. The hardest bot to beat in the game was Major, a female commander from Quake II.

No. 222388

Are those lumps on her chest supposed to mimic extra boobs?

No. 222415

File: 1657999995004.png (8.75 MB, 4726x3145, drstone charactors.png)

Made this collage and you can see the stark difference between the male and female characters. I only took the characters that had full body image.

No. 222416

File: 1658000245175.png (703.97 KB, 606x894, Charlotte_is_poisoned.png)

I had to see this and I'm making you suffer too. Her outfit from what I saw, is just a shiny unitard.

No. 222438

File: 1658006957915.jpg (101.57 KB, 1040x768, meet_the_characters_of_dead_en…)

While the webcomic and pilot are its humble origins, can we just agree that CalArts was a mistake?

No. 222446

I will never understand how a style so completely dedicated to creating characters mass appeal consistently churns out the worst character designs imaginable. Any trait can become appealing in the right hands, but CalArts style just kills any potential.

No. 222451

File: 1658011099586.jpg (12.81 KB, 334x343, Screenshot_20201031-082810_You…)


And now we know why people on social media, namely Twitter, Tumblr, etc. have been on a massive shillfest in order to get the show into having a second season.

No. 222454

I don't blame the school tbh, I blame the lazy students that don't use the tools that were given and the tips that they learnt from their professors to create something new and interesting.
Just because they learnt how to do a style doesn't mean they can't experiment, this isn't like during Da vinci's era in which if they didn't use the exact canons they wouldn't even get a glance from anyone.
It's clear that since Steven universe most people want something that doesn't have a bean mouth.

No. 222490

File: 1658021016560.jpg (309.53 KB, 1280x1707, 1280px-Efes_Müzesi,_2019_10.jp…)

It's said to resemble like the statue picrel but with the sheer dress it's just extra retarded especially given she's supposed to be an elite fighter not a priestess or something

No. 222510

this design is so atrocious. her workout lines

No. 222529

I can't believe they dropped Tuca and Bertie only to greenlight this garbage. Thank Christ for Adult Swim.

No. 222692

File: 1658100388139.png (365.1 KB, 354x500, s-l500.png)

generic + memed to death + femboys are revolting

No. 222901

File: 1658158812791.jpg (186.57 KB, 800x1535, fisting.jpg)

Worst design I've seen in a while (of course it's a V tuber)

No. 222902

I like the idea with the hands but the face is so plain

No. 222904

I follow a bunch of animators and cartoon creators on twitter and they all get so defensive when you mention the calarts style lol

No. 222915

It really drives me nuts when scrotes make female fighter characters wear high heels, especially fucking stilettos. How doesn't it break the fourth wall for them?

No. 222917

God i hate trigger shit so much honestly the biggest flag that something is pure garbage is depending how much it appeals to coomers

No. 222931

Showichi Furumi was wasted on this dude, he barely put any effort for this design.

No. 222956

File: 1658173363823.jpg (28.36 KB, 480x631, 2fa6ec246ea5c63fd7c5368d60cb0e…)

I saw this and immediately thought on this thread.

No. 222991

File: 1658183060381.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, EC4C0081-B698-44A4-BC21-B68EB1…)

He looks like a mix of Rook Hunt and Vil Schoenheit. I seriously hate his clothes

No. 222996

File: 1658186475511.jpg (211.36 KB, 920x1024, Lucario.full.357006.jpg)

bleghhh this is part of why i hate lucario so much too

No. 223012

well, tbf it is just a weird animal-shaped monster, not precisely an actual canid

No. 223019

File: 1658198765274.png (157.02 KB, 512x724, Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer)_2…)

I feel like posting gacha characters is cheating at this point but this one got to me

No. 223020

I came here to post this man, but I already knew in my soul someone had beat me to it.

No. 223050

What the fuck is this? I can't take Vtuber shit seriously when I see designs like this.

No. 223067

File: 1658229112843.png (154.31 KB, 475x475, 890.png)

I hate a lot of pokemon designs from Gen 8 onward, but this might be the worst one yet. I know the ultra beast in gen 7 got a lot of hate for not looking like pokemon but at least they looked like a living breathing creature instead of a mess of shapes like this abomination. There's also a ton of other ones I hate like the trash can dragon, fat squirrel, vore bird, useless Regis, thicc Stonehenge, literal cum, and some more I don't even want to look up. Overall not liking the direction the designs are going in, hope that new designer leaves

No. 223087

What's funny about him is that people unironically started to like him because they liked his personality based off of his tweets. Imagine being a fun person and you get into one of the biggest vtuber agencies that exist right now but they fucking kneecap you with this design

No. 223103

i most legendaries after XY and maaybe some S/M are passable but i can't even tell what the fuck i am looking at with this

No. 223112

It's an alien from outer space, it's OP and the boss fight against it shows you it's supposed to be huge. They couldn't give a shit about Wailord's size though. Even the beasts in SM looked more pokemon like and they were meant to look different because their from different universes so they're not even actual pokemon. By the way I like that almost nobody gives a shit that there are trainers that are literally not even human being in USUM, they're just blue skinned humanoids just chilling in not!Hawaii. I'm talking about the players, not the other characters.

No. 223118

File: 1658241147829.png (41.35 KB, 250x250, 890-e.png)

it looks even dumber in giga form

pokemon legendaries are pure garbage and have been for years. actually i didn't mind the wolf pair in swsh because their designs complemented each other way more than past "paired legendaries" for me. maybe because i could actually tell they were supposed to be a sword wolf and a shield wolf instead of some overdesigned confusing mess. beyond that, the power creep is insane. they have to keep making legendaries/pseudo-legendaries stronger and stronger to compete in the meta and it's absurd. soon we'll get a legendary with base 300 in every stat.

No. 223119

File: 1658241689906.jpg (91.11 KB, 1200x675, Featured-Pokemon-Scarlet-and-V…)

these are not as bad as that uggo but still… first weapons on dogs then tires on beasts? i personally think legendaries should feel separate from civilisation and mysterious this vibe just kills me

No. 223132

lol abstract red rayquaza
>vore bird
what fucking pokemon is that? I don't keep up with shitty gens
this is so fucking abstract I would actually kinda like it if it were a sci-fi/horror movie and not Pokemon

No. 223134

Rayquaza looked like an actual dragon at least, even if it looked out of place in gen 3.

No. 223142

File: 1658247295592.gif (904.06 KB, 400x422, tumblr_c51c289c1f290610c5c30d6…)

i think they were referring to cramorant? it picks up a fish, or sometimes a pikachu, to change its form. personally i found the pikachu eating animation pretty cute.

No. 223150

It’s weird to call this a “vore bird” when it’s based on a cormorant, which are birds that absolutely stuff themselves to the point they can’t fly if they get enough fish. It’s a cute and silly theme. Calling it “vore bird” makes me think they need to go outside and away from the computer for awhile.

I was ok with the red one until I saw the tire. Also someone said the purple one is shaped like a penis.

No. 223157

I think I meant Mega Rayquaza but tbh that red pokemon's overall shape is reminiscent of at least 5 other pokemon
I hate a lot of new Pokemon designs but Cramorant is one of the few I like. I never thought about vore when I looked at it but I can't blame anon for that being her first impression since the fandom is absolutely cancerous and pornsick, "vore" is no longer an obscure porn thing only few online circles know about and is now widely joked about, and GameFreak has a track record of pandering to furries, coomers and weirdos.

No. 223173

File: 1658252884266.jpg (87.47 KB, 376x470, Xiaolin_Showdown.jpg)

I fucking cannot stand this style, it's like the default for most cartoons on cartoon network these days and I miss the days of the late 90s and early 2000s where you saw so much more variety in cartoon styles. You'd have something like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy to Xiaolin Showdown and Ed, Edd, N Eddy and Courage the Cowardly Dog. It's depressing that 15 years later and we're stuck with this garbage. It's like mainstream character design in terms of art style got so much lazier and it makes me grateful I grew up in the late 90s to early 2000s for animation.

No. 223175

File: 1658253166490.png (1.48 MB, 1359x2722, Naruto_Haku.png)

Femboy designs can be VERY hit or miss and most aren't very good. In fact when it comes to anime, most have terrible designs and the only one I actually like that comes to mind is Haku from Naruto. I think "femboy" designs work when there is actual cohesion and not trying to creating a look that over the top and so in your face.

No. 223177

I may be in the minority here but I actually like these that you posted lol The color palette is gorgeous.

No. 223179

I don't think they're meant to be examples of ugly characters, anon was just pointing out the uggo in the pic she replied to's resemblance to them. No one from Twisted Wonderland belongs anywhere near this thread. Except that one fugly Malleus card, though I may only say that because Malleus makes me want to a-log.

No. 223212

My theory is that they all want the insane attention and success that Adventure time/Steven universe got and are too talentless to try anything new, they just want to churn out the Next Big Cartoon. Cartoons are also probably having a bit of a crisis since more and more kids are turning to YouTube channels and tiktok for entertainment. Neither of my nieces grew up with any interest in cartoons, only Disney teen shows and now tiktok.

No. 223233

>I think "femboy" designs work when there is actual cohesion and not trying to creating a look that over the top and so in your face.
Femboy designs work when they're not coomer garbage.

Beanmouth style is so overused now because it's easier to animate and some popular cartoons in the early 10s used a similar style so it's what gets pushed in American animator schools to churn out mediocre animators who only know the bare minimum (sometimes not even that) and can only work with the style that's currently the industry standard. From what I've read, if you try to attend an animator's school in the USA, especially CalArts you'll realize that their goal is to get rid of artists' own unique personal style, because they don't want innovators, they want people who can copy the most generic, soulless and (most importantly) cheap artstyles because that's what works and so they can pay animators less, plus now there's more demand for CGI/3D animators so we are stuck with beanmouth style in mainstream American cartoons. Disney may have higher standards than other studios because well, they're fucking Disney and have a reputation to uphold (and profits to make from that reputation), so their cartoons can look decent despite having the same style (e.g. Gravity Falls, Star vs) but if you look at Cartoon Network 2D shows, you'll quickly realize that they have absolutely no quality control (e.g. Steven Universe, Craig of the Creek). They give no fucks, as long as it's easy to produce and gets popular enough to generate a profit, even better if it happens to become wildly popular.

No. 223248

Childrens cartoons are more aimed towards adults than anyone anyway. I'd argue even starting with Adventure Time era. Now cartoons are just self inserts of the creators, long continuing plotlines most children don't give a shit about, and agenda-pushing morals of the story.
Remember how cartoons used to be 15 min snippets, designed for children's short attention spans? And there was always a resolution in the end? There's barely any of that anymore. These cartoons are just a way for creators to sniff their own farts. They don't care about a child audience and it really shows.

No. 223954

AYBRT, you guys made great points and I agree. It really does seem like these days western cartoons are more preoccupied by having self-inserts with "deeper" story narratives then just you know, telling a story and having fun. I can't help but feel like Avatar The Last Airbender was the starting point though don't get me wrong, I fucking love that show and it doesn't feel like something that is a creator's self insert but what I mean is the drive for cartoons to have continuing plot-driven narratives.

And what we're seeing with this UGLY and frankly lazy looking animation style that is the CalArts style, the creators don't care about the visual creativity of the show and are more about unleashing their ego and sometimes agenda into their cartoons that like you said, kids won't give a shit about anyway.

Again I'm glad I got to grow up with cartoons like Hey Arnold, Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Odd Parents, and so much more. Cartoons that didn't have deeper narratives and were just silly hijinks and episodic.

I don't hate narrative driven cartoons, like I said I loved ATLA but I just miss the variety in both the nature of the shows as well as art style and I can't wait for the CalArts style to die off and we see a return back to stylized cartoons in different art styles.

No. 224008

They want the reputation that ATLA has but aren't talented to write "the next Avatar"

No. 224162

File: 1658622378314.png (76.3 KB, 577x474, rip.png)

They belong into the shredder along with their coomer moid fans. Make a flat generic cutesy anime girl and call it a boy.

No. 224177

File: 1658630140163.jpg (66.25 KB, 896x504, rem.jpg)

I hate her stupid hairstyle so fucking much

No. 224187

This is why I love Big City Greens.

No. 226196

File: 1659429359904.jpg (282.03 KB, 1080x1920, FZDFp7iXEAI2QtX.jpg)

the more you look at it the worse it gets

No. 226202

The colors and design elements are so random, I hate it. It exemplifies everything that is wrong with modern anime designs nowadays.

No. 226205

File: 1659432497991.jpg (28.43 KB, 692x731, 77549954686cd66675393a5dfeea37…)

no offense to genshin husbando nonnies…
but most of them are mad ugly

No. 226222

The characters are either bland as fuck or ugly as shit.

No. 226224

File: 1659444714455.png (218.18 KB, 399x446, tumblr_2c1668b216900d3e0b68619…)

he looks like the concept of men who use vtubers as profile picture

No. 226225

File: 1659445072827.jpg (18.45 KB, 288x360, 1vekii5sq5q51.jpg)

No. 226242

File: 1659451875041.jpg (56.1 KB, 1200x675, evolvemilceryblogroll-15741256…)

>literal cum
Omg are you talking about Milcery? Kek nonnie, why did you put that in my brain, oh no. I fucking love Alcremie, don't taint her for me lmao she's perfect and I'm going to cry when she's inevitably not in S/V.

These motherfuckers are ugly, though, I worry about gen 9 designs. I already think the starters are all kind of ugly and generic, makes me sad.

No. 226404

>I already think the starters are all kind of ugly and generic, makes me sad.

Really? Even Sprigatito? lol

No. 226435

File: 1659522610967.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.45 KB, 850x1204, __isabelle_tom_nook_and_dom_an…)

I hate his face so fucking much. For some reason he always reminded me of the weeby nice guys who whine about women and being single everytime they get rejected. It's like what they think they look like

No. 226458

i have been binging design theory videos lately so with my new armchair expert knowledge i see so much more unnecessary shit on those two legendaries who greenlighted that

No. 227249

File: 1659686241643.jpg (232.84 KB, 1920x1080, Mother_Demon_Spider_Anime.jpg)

I finally got around to watching Demon Slayer after putting it off for years and I just finished the arc with the Spider Demon family and this character has stuck in my head for quite some time after. On the one hand I love her pale white color scheme but it's the big ass boobs that really bring her design down for me. I'm not saying that women being drawn with huge breasts is wrong or anything like that but there's just something lowkey coomer about the design that irks me. Especially with the added in context that she's supposed to be a child who took on the form of an older women to play the "mother" role which is kinda creepy. Like the concept is interesting but go for the coomer "milf" look?

At the very least I appreciate that they didn't really grossly objectify her by focusing on her breasts or having her get into ridiculous angles or positions just to perv on her.

No. 228250

File: 1659976349196.png (2.71 MB, 3268x3759, Testament_Guilty_Gear_Strive.p…)

Massacred and yassified to a Hot Topic tranny. Such a shitty downgraded design.

No. 228264

Don’t you fucking date lump Dom with those scrotes. Dom lacks the shitty mustache and ‘cant decide if he hates himself or is a shit-eating egomaniac so just LARPs as a softboy’ personality, albeit he has the colorful shirt many ‘quirky nice guys’ have. If anything, Raymond is closer to those scrotes in all honesty

No. 228290

File: 1659986573680.jpg (123.91 KB, 1280x720, Barold.jpg)

>Raymond is closer to those scrotes in all honesty
Wrong. Don't associate Raymond with those scrotes. I highly doubt they make themselves look prim and proper. In all Barold is the closest one.

No. 228292

This villager looks like these fat, unwashed guys in their 30s in anime cons who hold "free hugs" signs and only try to convince teenage girls to hug them way too hard. Or like a retro video game youtuber who spent too much time online playing shitty vidya to get a real career due to a lack of professional experience, so he's eternally doomed to promote nord VPN at the beginning of all his videos.

No. 228294

>Raymond is closer to those scrotes in all honesty

No. 228310

This is Nexpo

No. 228311

I love nexpo kek

No. 228335

Nta but for a while I considered nexpo a male skinwalker, I felt like he skinwalked nightmind to skinwalking mamamax, but I'm just a schizo.

No. 228340

Nta; holy shit… you're so right kek.

No. 228364

Sprigatito is cute but definitely generic and bland. Like it feels like a fakemon, it's just off to me. They all are "fake" looking tbh.

No. 228558

I posted this in the transwash thread but yeah his new design is a mess. The only thing about the design that I like is the skirt, skull belt, and boots but the waistcoat and top hat is so fucking dumb and really make the outfit as a whole look tacky and mismatched, especially when in motion.
And then of course the "nonbinary" bullshit, fuck off.

No. 235131

File: 1661934670332.jpg (88.49 KB, 900x500, WendallWild.jpg)

No. 235164

Are these characters all from the same series? It reminds me of early 2000s vinyl figures crossed with the elves from the old Rudolph stop motion movies.

No. 235168


No. 235186

i think barolds design is really good. he's an instantly recognizable archetype but is also unique looking among other AC characters who can sometimes all blend together. i also find him ugly-cute, like a hairless chihuahua

No. 235343

Soul vs Soulless. The new Draculaura looks like a regular human doing low budget cosplay and muh relatable teenager instead of a monster. The only thing that looks better is her mascot. Oh, and the drawing in the box is ugly as fuck.

No. 235349

This is massacre.

No. 235354

This should be considered gore.

No. 235367

File: 1662010505492.png (60.06 KB, 267x499, 7BB6A616-CDAC-49DE-9753-CF37BA…)

Cheap shot + apparently she’s already had a redesign but holy shit out of all the Bob’s designs hers always bothered me the most. All of them are so overdesigned but I felt like there was no effort put into Charlie at all. It always felt like she was missing key elements to her designs, like why is she wearing a formal bellhop outfit with a casual hairstyle? Why is half her hair curly and the other completely straight in the crazy low ponytail? I want to give her a hat so bad.

No. 235403

File: 1662029323505.jpg (26.57 KB, 400x400, FFPSiq9C_400x400.jpg)

The When They Cry franchise is dead and Ryukishi killed it (and ofc Umineko fans are creaming themselves on Twitter over this shit).

No. 235407

File: 1662031991376.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2000x2200, FMOZ4H4UUAIvayX.jpeg)

I very much preferred her pilot design tbh. She has a more friendly, cheerful and easy-going look that fits her personality and character way better than her redesign. Don't really like her eyes red all the time instead of those dark puppy dog ones. Her eyes are better off red when she's going in demon mode. For her pants, the black one contrasts well with her top rather than having it completely red. For her hair, it looks better with a single tie at the end making it look loose and flowy than having it tied twice which looked pretty stiff. Not really a fan of the redesigns except for Vaggie. They all just looked watered down and unnecessary.

No. 235433

What is this? This character looks like it was made in a random dress-up app…

No. 235439

A fucking Vtuber of all things.

No. 235440

File: 1662041319591.jpg (200.2 KB, 2048x1152, wendell-and-wild-3.jpg)

The asian girl is cute and I like the nun but man the rest look so unappealing.. I'm so bummed about the designs because I love Henry Sellick so much and I was excited to see him collaborate with Jordan Peele…

I hope the movie's good, maybe the designs will grow on me then

No. 235441

Ah, of course it looked like a vtuber. I can only hope it will be as bad as Kotonoha lmao.

No. 235489

I think the designs are ugly-cute done right for once. They look like characters from a 2012 Kid Robot blind bag lol.

No. 235539

I know so many people (including women) that love the shit out of this series and praise it as the next coming of christ and I never understood why because to me it's nothing but a generic harem pandering anime, just with female MC, but this doesn't change the concept of the series or makes it any better or more interesting.

Think I dropped it when they introduced the loli since I was already fed up with the other characters before and couldn't stomach seeing them checking the next otaku harem fetish option. I haven't even seen (or don't remember) the first girl in your pic, I hate that design the most I think.

No. 235542

God, as an eternal .hack fan I enjoyed GU but I was so disappointed about the characters after being used to the style of the old games, .hack//SIGN and all of the novels that had a good bunch of adult characters and explore the protags properly without relying on memes and cliches. Gameplay and everything is much better in GU, but they tried too hard to be cool and mainstream, ditching the classic .hack character writing and settling for stereotypes and -dere characters. And yeah, designs as that of Pi don't make it better.
I especially dislike erotic fashion when I get the impression that the look doesn't match the personality. This is of course very subjective, but Pi came off as the seemingly cold and distanced type who rather analyses than acts and I can rather see her choosing a traditional Japanese design or something professional and decent looking for her PC. Her clothes come off as exaggerated, like something I would expect from a female player killer or a male player playing a female character.

No. 235548

I agree it feels very intentional. I actually think they're quite interesting

No. 235549

"it's comfy uwu" is all i hear about it, i watched a few episodes and not only was i bored to death, but i absolutely couldn't stand the lolis and the pedo with massive tits and her dumb shota

No. 235573

I feel you about Pi's awful design. It really didn't fit her… Unless all she cares is putting some ass in Yata's face kek.
Which .hack novels would you recommend? I need to play the old games. Tried long ago but could not get over combat feeling poor and floaty I guess.
If the character writing was more realistic in the first game series, I'm probably gonna love it. I have enjoyed GU so much, but wish that the plot didn't feel like cliche shonen at times.

No. 235589

File: 1662082833333.jpg (112.59 KB, 875x915, Genshin-Impact-Character-Tighn…)

I know genshit is low hanging feuit but they really hit a new low each update

No. 235590

Borderline VTuber-tier. He has so many unnecesary details and clashing colors.

No. 235611

all the good genshin designers are now working on the new honkai game, their new designs suck ass and they weren't even that good to begin with

No. 235618

the designs were never good to begin with, they're boring unmemorable and uninspired

No. 235654

This is the worst design in the game, which is saying a lot.

No. 238818

File: 1663105131318.png (867.44 KB, 609x687, D50F3762-18B2-416E-8F45-4D0F81…)

Dead thread but whatever.
Yes, these are the protagonists of the upcoming mainline FE title.

No. 238821

File: 1663105524200.gif (1.87 MB, 498x348, spongebob-my-eyes.gif)

No. 238828

lmao I was just about to post them myself

No. 238840

I need to know what was the process of approving this design. There's no way they developed a whole ass game without realizing this is an eyesore.

No. 238852

I can't believe they managed to top the shit designs of three houses.

No. 238853

They look like toothpaste tubes.

No. 238862


not gonna lie, some of those designs look like racist caricatures. I saw this video on TikTok about this movie saying it's gonna prove time burton wrong on POC not working in his style but this shit looks fugly.

No. 238908

These look like bad OCs with some edgy backstory like 'they r desendints of marth BUT ALSO half demon do not steel"
In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they went with that explanation.

No. 238982

The guy who approved these designs is the art director, aka the guy who came up with the toilet bowl armor in FE Awakening, who did all the bland as fuck in-game portraits in FE3H instead of paying Kurahana Chinatsu to do it, and who came up with Noire, Rinkah and Rhajat in FE Heroes if you want to see hisbown shit taste and terrible art. For some reason they decided to hire a literal who twitter artist who only did ugly designs for irrelevant mobage and kawaii uwu anime girl portraits, as opposed to the last 3 character designers being actually competent and designing characters for a variety of games and anime before working on FE.

No. 238983

I'm not a huge FE person and the last one i played was Path of Radiance of the Game Cube but holy fuck how awful the character designs have gotten in recent years. I agree, the look like edgy OCs abd bit like actual warriors who have an interesting story to tell. WTF were they thinking approving this…?

No. 238986

The colors are so bad, they're way too saturated. They look like fucking jesters or something, or the american flag kek. The half red half blue hair could look nice but it's just too much like this.

No. 239010

Now why would they do that to the Indian girl (if she even is), lol. This really does feel offensive kek

No. 239306

File: 1663197489654.jpeg (Spoiler Image,526.15 KB, 1170x896, E34BBEB6-3FBA-4AAD-91D0-1FF522…)

Soul Caliber was discussed last thread iirc but I haven’t seen anyone mention the atrocity that is Queen’s Blade. For anyone not familiar it’s basically the closest thing you can get to porn without actually being porn. No hardcore NSFW but spoilered since it’s disgusting nonetheless.

No. 239318

Why tf is her head and pubic area so God damn tiny? Giant woman, mini vagina, and her ass cheeks showing like she's angled on her back but she's actually standing perfect upright. The sheer autism of moids is unmatched

No. 239321

File: 1663199904967.jpg (490.09 KB, 2894x4093, IMG_20220907_143537.jpg)

We could honestly fill a whole seperate thread with how stupid all the more modern pokemon designs are. Look at this retard in her retard boots. Why? Why are the new legendaries also a motorcycle? What actually happened to pokemon?

No. 239322

She looks like she stinks and whoever drew, commissioned, and passed this should be executed by firing squad.

No. 239323

File: 1663200854378.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 6E0F21B6-5A62-45DD-87EF-953614…)

This might be a hot take and I don’t think it’s awful by any means but I just don’t think it fits in with the rest of the character designs in the manga…sorry yoru

No. 239332

>the folds on the thigh

No. 239344

im too lazy to find pics, but nana has really goofy character designs. i'm used to it now but at first i couldn't take it seriously

No. 239348

File: 1663203949249.png (383.33 KB, 540x714, tumblr_343384ef9961207162b3a83…)


The 3D model isn't any better. How does she walk in those boots? How does her shirt stay up? Are those tattoos or some weird sleeves? The world may never know. Her face is cute though, if you just look at that.

No. 239349

I liked her boots at first because the massive shape looked like it could draw fire away from her body if you squint and applied anime logic. Then I saw the same design on ceruledge and instantly hated it on both of them. Pokemon's design team is so uninspired now I don't get it.

No. 239350

I hate her dumb latex suit so much.

No. 239352

File: 1663204279444.jpg (534.08 KB, 2481x3508, Pokemon_SV_Grusha_Key_Art.jpg)

The ice type gym leader looks better. At least the outfit seems practical for the environment and comfy. It's a dude, but I can guarantee there will be a lot of people calling him trans/nonbinary/etc.

No. 239353

She's so pale in the official art that I thought her pale ass arms were sleeves.

No. 239371

See I really do like this design. Cohesive, nice colors, I really like the hair. He looks bitchy but he probably is bitchy and that's okay.

No. 239395

Her head is so fucking smaaaaalll kek

No. 239403

he looks like shit tbh

No. 239416

One thing I notice with the released gym leader designs is the hair. Grusha (ice dude) has it pretty good. But it's like they're trying to out do themselves with every hair do. Fire boot lady looks like a chicken. The grass gym leader literally has hair "thorns".

No. 239417

this new trend of hiring vtuber character designers should end now

No. 239418

File: 1663217695141.jpeg (59.63 KB, 480x307, E05E846C-9EBF-4B52-AB08-9B782E…)

Remember when Pokémon characters didn’t look like they belonged in Yugioh?

No. 239419

Nah I agree it's the 50s-60s and shes out there killing in a random anime or 80s-90s high fashion outfit. She could at least be wearing full gloves to not leave finger prints and a non restricting outfit like a stretchy romper.

No. 239420

Her hair looks like a chilli pepper, which was probably intentional. So tacky and in-your-face.

No. 239430

I've heard of Queen's Blade but I never looked into it because I had a big feeling that it was gonna be some coom-fueled shit and after seeing this character, YEP. WTF… Are all the designs like this or is this the worst of them?

No. 239431

You've peaked my curiosity anon because I actually thought a lot of the looks in the series were quite cool but I'm bias because I like a lot of alternative and kitsch fashion. Any that come to mind that you didn't particularly like?

No. 239433

File: 1663221896880.jpg (144.72 KB, 960x540, Yugioh Zexal.jpg)

It feels like they're trying to go the Yu-Gi-Oh! approach with it and that's not a good thing at all…

No. 239434

Man the old designs of gym leaders were so good. It showed that you didn't need to have an over the top look to be seen as cool.

No. 239441

File: 1663223408078.jpg (2.23 MB, 3200x5000, alisa-t6-wings.jpg)

Not sure if there are any Tekken fans here but Alisa's design was one that I never really liked. It's just so mismatched and randomly thrown together in such an eyesore way. It doesn't help that I don't like characters like her, the whole anime waifu robot.

No. 239442

File: 1663223490530.png (849.84 KB, 600x1067, Tekken7-alisa-new-costume-alis…)

Her new outfit introduced in Tekken 7 was a lot better. A lot more pleasing to the eye even though I still don't personally care for her as a character as a whole.

No. 239445

Remember when Pokemon was a normal urban fantasy story/game with fantasy species cohabiting with normal people in our world? Even the regions feel more like theme parks than just France or Hawaii or Spain. I get that gen1 to 4 were based on Japanese regions and the devs are Japanese so there was going to be some sort of disconnect in regions based on other countries but still. It's not just the character design that became over the top. Gen 6 has ok character design where the MCs, professor and gym leaders looks mostly normal, gen 7 was a little more over the top while still being reasonable and looking like a Pokemon game, but it gets progressively worse, I don't get it. iirc the original character designer doesn't design humans at all nowadays, maybe that's why. Or they think that now that they can create HD 3D models they can do whatever they want without any hardware limitation, who knows.

No. 239470

It's just so random. y2k fast fashion meets old visual novel waifu meets kyabajo.

No. 239489

The most disgusting thing here is the presence of the child. You just know he's there so moids can draw porn between them, because big mommy + shota is one of their most blatant fetishes.

No. 239490

He's already attracted by coomer trap/femboyfags. If only he looks more handsome.

No. 239495

They look like Vtubers (or is it Vtubers who look like Yu-Gi-Oh characters?).

No. 239496

I've love pokemon since gen 1, but I think the older gym leader /trainer designs are way uglier and boring. I honestly only think a few of the new ones are too over the top (like big boots mcgee over there), overall they're way better now.

I've never liked legendaries so I don't care about their designs, but the regular pokemon have gotten better. Every pink pokemon in gen 1 is a round blob and most of them look the same with minimal differences: jigglypuff, wigglytuff, chansey, clefairy, clefable and exeggcute. And the rock pokemon were literal rocks like geodude and onix.

No. 239503

File: 1663246215701.jpg (302.29 KB, 1022x1070, Untitled.jpg)

the professors look dumb af too. i am shocked by all the comments of "omg mommy/daddy!!!" the guy looks beyond boring and the woman is wearing a flintstones outfit under the lab coat. good lord they look terrible

No. 239530

these look like fucking bitmojis

No. 239535

Are they going for a "primitive past vs technological future" theme? That could make sense and be interesting, but I agree professor Bam Bam and Tron still look dumb.

No. 239536

Yeah that seems to be the main theme of the game in general. The legendaries are literally named "future dinosaur" and "past dinosaur" because they didn't give a shit about making clever puns or believable names kek.

No. 239582

File: 1663266425019.jpeg (492.61 KB, 1420x2000, F56A8AAA-0035-4291-8D87-4C74EB…)

All of them are coomerbait (some being lolicon which is disgusting) but not as grotesque as the one posted here. I personally like Sigui (the nun on the left) and wish she were part of a better franchise.

No. 239770

>iirc the original character designer doesn't design humans at all nowadays
Yeah I think that's partly why. Sugimori stopped being the sole human character designer in Gen 5 I think. Then of course the wider Japanese character design trends were popularized (as can be seen in anime, gacha games, and Vtubers in the last few years) and now Pokemon and FE also inevitably suffer from overdesigned pieces of shit.

No. 239916

File: 1663347058125.jpeg (929.71 KB, 1170x1458, BCEEB5A1-5E89-46E2-9463-173723…)

posting overwatch feels like cheating but wtf is this

No. 239918

File: 1663347509693.png (35.99 KB, 546x562, images.png)

Fanart of this in human form?

No. 240626

Ive been having a rant about this one… she looks like a mix between a delivery guy and a ramen seller. What is that stupud headgear? Why not give her a whole kitsune mask? Oh because we need to see her ~kawaii~ face… Worst of all (for me) is that her voice has no accent. How come genji and hanzo have an accent but she doesnt? Paladins already did a Kitsune Support (its not an original idea but Io from Paladins, despite their faults, looks cute). Sry for the Sperg i really like OW so this is a disappointment

No. 241004

File: 1663783650060.jpeg (73.06 KB, 746x963, 845586AE-B00D-409D-A4EC-A00F6D…)

No. 241138

LOL its a new fucking hero, I thought it was just a Tracer skin

No. 241315

I saw the reveal and instantly thought that’s the ugliest design in the entire franchise.

No. 241355

File: 1663874172773.jpg (277.7 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMTQ0MGI4NTgtZTlkNy00YTU5LT…)

The desgins look like if you put in "anime cyberpunk epic" Dalle AI, its so generic

No. 241407

weeb bait

No. 241984

oh thank god I'm not the only one. they're so over designed they look bad

No. 242658

File: 1664226950246.png (923.43 KB, 750x581, AEC264FD-47B4-486C-87EB-AA08AE…)

wut is this

No. 242662

Wow. They completely took away the charm of MH dolls. This seriously is the epitome of the quirky girl tumblr trend.

No. 242663

I actually like that they have multiple body types now, gives more variety. Short chubby Draculaura is cute imo

No. 242671

Genuinely didn't even know this game was still getting content.

No. 242678

Tbh I actually really like this design. It reminds me of over the top scene/emo shit people drew on deviantart

She's sluttier but her color palette and overall theme is way better than any Poison Ivy I've seen.

I feel you nona. Her design is really cool from the waist up.

Every time I see the new Draculara design I hang my head in shame. She looks like the fat queer girls who dress colorful like this and then complain when people stare, kek

No. 242691

actually I'm really confused about this. I usually hate re-designs and reboots - Galaxy Girls still makes my soul ache - but the original MH designs seemed very soulless to me in a very bratz doll way. Here, the characters actually seem fun and more like they have some sort of inner life to them rather than just being copy-pastes of one another in different outfits and coloring.
They DO look more like Sims 4 characters though which is cringey.

No. 242693

yeah i dont hate it but there is something off. maybe the colors? some of the general style? it looks a little too "corporate-y"

No. 242704

File: 1664237333588.jpg (74.72 KB, 720x480, Monster-High-Frights-Camera-Ac…)

Yeah, like I said, Sims vibes, kek, it's almost uncanny and the more I look at it, the worse it gets.
Picrel is an example of an old doll I really love way more than any of those redesigns, but the general art, etc., never appealed to me so I'm torn.

No. 242713

yeah. i also really dont need dolls to have diverse body types? there is nothing wrong with that of course but like… these are monster girl dolls, they arent even supposed to be based off humans really. i mean hell they could have made a bigger monster but kept the old style

No. 242785

File: 1664257318773.jpg (99.96 KB, 640x591, 4uiit4p6q9q91.jpg)

Nta but here's another pic

No. 242786

File: 1664257432906.jpg (34.53 KB, 320x638, 0xvdoygqb9q91.jpg)

Also bonus Ghoulia

No. 242839

I don't go here (was already too old for the original series) but isn't Clawdeen supposed to be more of a cool and bold type ? Why does she look like an early 2010s Tumblr nerd ?

Draculaura looks like a teenage tiktok zoomer girls but these girls are openly skinwalking her OG self so fair enough I guess.

I think Cleo is a bit like Jade from Bratz in the sense that if you remove her bangs it removes a lot of her charm and style. IIRC there was a doll with a long bob hairstyle, maybe they should have given her this if they didn't want her hair looking too much like Draculaura's. Lagoona's curls were cute too, not sure why they decided to olaplex her

No. 242934

File: 1664296104202.png (122.89 KB, 272x628, daxso2m-413eb051-fab1-4112-81b…)

yeah clawdeen looks fucking horrible and she was one of my faves.

the legs are weird. her hair is so lame. the point of dolls is to dress them up in cool clothes and brush their hair, right???? god this reboot is dumb

No. 242963

File: 1664303382511.jpeg (754.77 KB, 2191x2358, ECF31896-E44F-441C-AB03-A2C19F…)

what the fuck…

No. 242967

So, it is actually more profitable to pander to terminally online 20+ yos than young girls who just want cute dolls to play with?

No. 242972

Don't know what that is but I hate those eyes and expressions so much and I swear every single western CGI series looks exactly like that.

No. 242976

I just feel that taking away the fur strips her theme.

No. 242980

the new abbey is boring and doesn't read yeti at all

No. 242984

File: 1664306611374.jpeg (59.22 KB, 766x400, images (7).jpeg)

You mean these? They look pretty similar to me. I wonder how the people who repaint and customize dolls are feeling about the changes.

No. 242990

People used to whine about how they're conventionally attractive, but now they look even less monstrous and all of them have the same cutesy face
This looks so much better. Mattel needs to fire whoever is responsible for the dolls' clothes.

No. 243050

clawdeen looks like a special needs kid

No. 243052

As a tard myself I looked like Clawdeen in high school with the overalls, bad hair and glasses kek.

No. 243222

Monster High outfits have always been tacky tbh, it's a doll line. Now it's just contemporary tacky instead of nostalgic tacky

No. 243756

cbr er fags dickride so hard if you say you don't like how alot of these designs look. alot of them are cluttered and weird and ugly. i think kiwi is OK- and lucy is cute… but her outfit from the torso downwards is stupid.

No. 244032

File: 1664650799234.jpeg (181.51 KB, 1260x605, A319053C-B197-47C5-BC4B-0B07B6…)

Mccree husbandofags I am sorry for your loss

No. 244033

It's like somebody scribbled the hair on MSPaint what the fuck. I knew Overwatch 2 is basically a sinking ship at this point but it looks the devs themselves are trying to torpedo the franchise.

No. 244046

He looks like he's about to sell me some fried chicken.

No. 244051

File: 1664656789609.png (4.95 MB, 2151x2151, S355_Sprite_Stage3_webp.png)

I know posting gacha shit is like cheating, but this is unironically one of the worst color schemes and over-designed official characters I have ever seen. There is another servant type for her which is just as bad but slightly different.

No. 244061

It’s crazy to me because as much as I hate a lot of the aspects of online fashion we’re living in a golden age in terms of variety and aesthetics. They literally have so many different styles to pick and choose from but they all look like a mish mash of shitty Kohl’s clothing. There’s some vague identifying factors but overall it’s just so fucking lame.

No. 244107

Don't lie, that's just a Gaia Online avatar.

No. 244286

File: 1664735174761.jpeg (323.65 KB, 820x660, 3198A885-1328-4DD7-8B92-A3E091…)

How do you give the most minimal redesigns yet still end up looking worse

No. 244288

Hanzo and Sombra look fine at least

No. 244291

Moira my love what have they done to you?

No. 244293

Holy shit the first 3 have been completely stripped of any personality.

No. 244294

I think Junkrat has to be the worst one. Even the hamster looked better before.

No. 244295

Even the hamster became uglier, how do you fuck that up.

No. 244299

I want a comparison of every 3D model. No wonder their main designer left few days ago.

No. 244311

File: 1664740749281.png (781.87 KB, 860x1308, 587-5874831_new-genji-overwatc…)

This art is shit and most of the redesigns are too. Genji looks like hes just in winter.

No. 244314

Holy shit they tumblr sexyman-fied junkrat

No. 244328

not like mercy ever had any to begin with kek

No. 244377

These are just drawings though I think a comparison to the final models would be better

No. 244379

What is the context here? Did they randomly decide to change the art style of the game? Most of them seem to have lost all expressiveness and the hamster looks like he came from a toddler cartoon now. Sombra I think it was looks good, maybe the samurai(?) and cowboy dude too albeit quite different, the rest is rather bad.

No. 244384

Top row is Overwatch, second row is Overwatch 2. And yes, they seem to have just changed the entire artstyle for no reason.

No. 244419

It's just a different concept artist nonny that doesn't mean the final 3d renders will be in a completely different style

No. 244427

She looks like a Valorant character. Even worse is her attack animation, or the lack of it actually. She just extends her hand in this slow weird motion.

No. 244766

File: 1664895266532.jpg (38.8 KB, 334x679, 20221004_164836.jpg)

Fuck blizzard and this shitty game jfc

No. 244767

That new haircut makes no sense at all.

No. 244771

>cannot strong fighter woman
>must be man then
kek, this is awful.

No. 244772

>butch woman


>masculine guy that tries to look feminine

No. 244775

Yeah wtf?? She legit looks mannish now.

No. 244776

Wait what? Did they actually turn her into a guy?

No. 244788

Her eyes are now heavily lined, she’s wearing lipstick, her hair is longer and has gone from shaved sides to what looks like a two toned dye job. Her expression and features have been softened despite the sharpening of her jaw. She looks like someone’s idea of what a woman looks like after consuming too much twaw content.

No. 244789

And I mean that to say that she looks more feminine but in that stereotypical “women wear makeup” kind of way. Her previous design had more character and came across as plenty feminine so I don’t get why they “dolled” her up as if she wasn’t.

No. 244796

Wait are you saying in general? Or the new hairstyle? I actually quite liked this character existing because she went against the usual hyper feminine type women we get in video games so to see a woman character go against the stereotypes was so cool to see in my opinion.

Ah okay so it's the redesign. Yeah fuck that crap. Her old design is far superior because we got to see some bad ass bodybuilder woman who couldn't care less about looking feminine. So to see them do this to her is just awful.

No. 245003

File: 1664985647097.jpeg (127.06 KB, 892x965, E7EB05E6-04FC-4576-A9A5-1685E9…)

This is a character from the upcoming street fighter wtf

No. 245004

i bet he'll be a regular okama but transwashed by a huge chunk of the western fandom

No. 245007

looks about nonbinary

No. 245209

STAHP kek (but yes, it seems likely…)

All that aside, WTF kinda design is this? I know Street Fighter characters do look a bit out there but most of them still looked cohesive and conveying a theme. I can't tell what they're trying to say with a design like this…

No. 245323

File: 1665097417168.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1017x1937, 662F6554-1E16-4FD9-A373-AE7BCF…)

I don’t play this game but why does this character look like Vaush in 10 years

No. 245427

File: 1665143620801.png (486.29 KB, 652x503, 474236247436.png)

The new designers must really like shaved side/similar designs. I'm pretty sure Ashe also has an undercut, it's hard to see in a screenshot though.

No. 245559

I hate Junker queen so much. She looks like a bug and her shorts are up her ass. It looks painful.

No. 245588

File: 1665197772244.jpg (72.46 KB, 563x603, FegtfM2WQAIVNI2.jpg)

Teal braid girl looks okay but the rest…eeeesshhh….

No. 245591

source? looks like a danganronpa fangame or something.
also i feel like several danganronpa characters could be posted itt

No. 245605

No. 245610

Fucking cat ears on the hat and not the head??? wtf

No. 245614

>these are official designs
from the thumbnail it legit looked like an ms paint edit over danganronpa characters. jesus.

No. 245616

danganronpa style is so fucking ugly

No. 245620

Why does it looks like their heads are attached to the bodies of characters from a different series? There's something off about this drawing.

No. 245622

Easier to animate ponytails than hair that’s down.

No. 245625

Zaryas pony tail looks so dumb they should have just kept her hair short

No. 245648

That's the guy who pressured the femboy to troon out, people were making Redditor groomer jokes when the DlC got released lol.
I legit thought it was a bunch of Danganronpa donut steels using the canon characters as a base and gone through MSPaint, I could never take these games seriously because of the art direction.

No. 245650

part of the charm of the danganronpa style is that they're all a bit wonky and tacky lol

No. 245651

She's got a bad case of tiny head syndrome, it looks really odd with the muscular body

No. 245670

No. 245720

File: 1665250387691.jpg (100.76 KB, 842x897, hell is real.jpg)

No. 245752

Looks like something from Bratz or some equally ghetto franchise.

No. 245898

This reminds me of when I used to take furry commissions. I am not a furry artist.

No. 245963

(c)rap-chan is that you?

No. 247365

File: 1665763786941.jpeg (103.47 KB, 887x939, C5E7C626-D86A-412E-9AB3-C54E1A…)

No this is not a v-tuber. This is an actual character from the new Pokémon game.

No. 247367

I think she's cute in 2D, but her in-game model looks like dogshit.

No. 247370

The jacket is so stupid. Her colour palette sucks. Who approved this?

No. 247371

This applies to all thd characters, I'd rather have something like SwSh, at least it looked half assed in a consistent way compared to all the other previous 3d games.

No. 247376

File: 1665767345432.png (4.07 MB, 3000x3000, ACD0AB47-6199-44B4-9331-735A02…)

Pokémon is giving funny hair and outfits based on elements. How original. I’m tired of these new age Pokémon gym leaders. Pokémon sun and Moon had some of the best modern designs and yes I’ll die on that hill.

No. 247377

Agreed pokemon has really dropped the ball since Sun and Moon and even then it was getting questionable…but shit at least it felt like a pokemon game still.

No. 247396

>pink and blue
She's gonna get claimed by the trannies so hard

No. 247421

File: 1665775638092.jpeg (181.96 KB, 1200x2230, A29D1B1E-B32D-4CF7-88EC-16C07A…)

Please don’t remind me of this abomination

No. 247429

already happened, ppl also argued she was nonbinary because she referred to herself as boku

No. 247463

His design is ugly but at least his 3d model is an accurate depiction of the character and preserves the art style from the concept art we see in 2d. And the characters in gen 9 aren't any better than that imo for the most part.

No. 247470

Why does this give such strong tranny vibes

No. 247479

her teeth particularly look so gross to me on the 3d model, they look like actual shark fangs (in a way that makes her look like a goblin triying to pretend to be human). On the 2d model they look cute, but that stupid jacket is just unsalvageable.

No. 247507

i hate his design so much but his personality was prime bullying target.

No. 247529

Leave my husbando alone it’s not his fault he can’t dress for shit.

No. 247736

Because you spend too much time on the internet

No. 247741

File: 1665868625729.jpg (147.57 KB, 900x506, 9-shield_61_a6.jpg)

hes cute tbh. i dont usually like designs like this at all but i enjoyed him in game

No. 248942

File: 1666249367250.jpeg (126.67 KB, 1365x768, Sordward_and_Shielbert.jpeg)

Excuse me

No. 248947

File: 1666249676494.jpg (149.77 KB, 520x624, koko-tsuritama-31157908-520-62…)

I know she's some alien fish thing like Haru but when I first saw her, I thought she looked ridiculous compared to the other characters.

No. 248949

Uuh excuse you
These designs are perfections

No. 248951

She looks like a modern Pokemon character

No. 248957

same when I saw it I thought it was pokemon related

No. 248958

Weak bait. Atrocious hair.

Minus the bikini top. Should get that covered up.

No. 248976

I personally love her design but yeah it really doesn't match the rest of the show's characters at all.

No. 249003

Aren't they supposed to look silly though?

No. 249053

File: 1666272335994.png (91.56 KB, 250x382, Ryuki_Masters.png)

blocks your path

No. 249064

No. 249124

Avery from Pokemon

No. 249182

Is the left one supposed to look like a penis. I thought Pokémon was a children’s game.

No. 249207

kek it's supposed to be a sword

No. 250169

File: 1666626276517.jpeg (170.69 KB, 1169x1749, 6FACE8E2-BA55-4CEE-A232-68B25F…)

Not awful per say but if you know you know

No. 250170

Victor Hugo is rolling in his grave at the speed of light as we speak, this will help Parisians save money on their electricity bill this winter.

No. 250190

Is this Frollo?

No. 250196

yes nonnie.

No. 250216

"Rapeable teenage anime Frollo," as they say. Very kawaii, I wonder if Disney will let Twisted Wonderland get away with making a male Esmerelda for him to do the yaoi shuffle with.

No. 250219

kek screw you, this is awesome. would totally let him hold me captive

No. 250311

Very moid-ey word. Just say uke like a regular person.

No. 250327

It's cute when used to describe a guy, relax.

Perfectly fitting for a Christian cleric boy

No. 250451

Men can’t get raped. Sorry.

No. 250483

File: 1666725223984.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x2477, 7FEBD8E9-EDF5-42A4-B2EB-69C854…)

I’m excited for Bayo3’s gameplay but ugh

No. 250484

It's not a word non-fujos use though.

No. 250494

I don't know anything about Bayonetta but I can't hate this too much. It looks like what 13 year old me would design if she was asked to make a cool punk character. Not that this character is cool looking but there is something endearing about the try hard edge

No. 250496

File: 1666727102011.jpg (143.13 KB, 1061x1500, FeSxtzyUYAEJJY0.jpg)

Based on how she acts in the trailers, since the game isn't available yet, she's a teenage girl who tries way too hard to look cool but has scenes where she's awkward and doing stupid shit so yeah, the design suits her for the reasons you stated. I disagree with the anon who posted her, the only thing I dislike is her lipstick color. Here's some official concept art.

No. 250497

tbh the concept art is pretty cute, the character model, not so much.

No. 250504

File: 1666729020374.png (1.52 MB, 1680x2048, kfmpmswubdb91.png)

No. 250506

File: 1666729393578.jpg (782.04 KB, 3000x1687, Han-Joon-Gi-Yakuza-7.jpg)

does that make Yakuza's Joon-gi Han Vergil post race reassignment surgery?

No. 250507

No, she's Nero's long lost twin sister.

No. 250508

File: 1666729719124.jpg (180 KB, 515x1350, Ochiai-san-My-Divorced-Crybaby…)

No. 250512

ot but i bet trannies claim his body double because they're equally delusional

No. 250513

All the Joon-gis are but the Sparda clan after successfully fully transitioning to Korean humans. There might be hope for Oli London after all.

No. 250516

File: 1666731947383.jpeg (52.46 KB, 542x655, C372CCAD-740C-4367-A600-CC1ED4…)

not sure if it’s awful or i just hate it. looks like an outfit a tranny would put together. or one of those e-thots like belle delphine.

No. 250517

love the mech, hate her outfit. was the garter really necessary?

No. 250522

it was necessary for coomer reasons

No. 250524

I absolutely love this design and I'm not sorry. I love edgelords and girls with short hair

No. 250528

imagine not being fujo

No. 250530

File: 1666733823120.jpg (801.38 KB, 1920x2362, InShot_20220908_121901860.jpg)

No. 250532

File: 1666733997026.jpg (190.49 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_16.jpg)

I see the shitty overwatch designs and I raise you another hero shooter ripe with shitty design: Paladins. Look at this deranged fucking landwhale, who decided on these colors? Also what are these proportions, this looks like some shit straight from one of those twitter artists that draws everything brown and fat to get woke points. and yes, i know she's been in the game for a while now but nobody talks about this irrelevant game I am unapologetically autistic for and this has been bothering me for a while, dammit.

No. 250533

>still has thigh gap
moids can't even try to look woke without inserting their dick into it.

No. 250537

What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 250549

I like this. 10/10 would make him cry and eat saltines off the floor as a form of revenge because I fucking hate non-bishie frollo.

No. 250555

File: 1666737974631.jpg (177.78 KB, 1081x1080, sniffsniff.jpg)

racist waifu ♥ he even does the thing in game

No. 250557

aliexpress fashion leaking into game art. sigh.

No. 250563

KEK. So sad that this game won't have a well deserved CG of him getting beat up.

No. 250565

I thought this was an original female character. I’m disappointed.

No. 250572


fellow Izzyzzz enjoyer?

No. 250573

File: 1666744103750.png (144.41 KB, 860x1083, 510-5105811_hinata-transparent…)


Hajime comes to mind first. What the fuck is his hair?


I wouldn't necessarily agree the style is ugly but it is kinda shitty, all their faces look the same tbh. i thought all the guys were girls at first too

No. 250575

first ayrt and oh my god i completely agree. i vented on lc before about how hajimes hair literally looks like a fucking hedgehog, hes so ugly and scrawny looking idk how anyone can say he's the best protagonist. looking at his sprite actually pisses me off

No. 250588

File: 1666749603013.jpg (Spoiler Image,350.76 KB, 906x1280, 813eVqzEkTL._SL1280_.jpg)

Retarded ass boob pockets. Coomer moids can't draw clothed breasts for shit.

No. 250594

is this the anime that had the boobs dodging a bullet in slow motion? Because that part was so stupid that even anime coomers said it was too much

No. 250847

I'm personally mixed on the design to be honest. With the context provided with how she's supposed to be a teenage edgelord, the design makes sense but the thing I don't like is the T-Shirt and I feel like a cami tank top would look better but I admit to being bias with that because I personally don't like wearing t-shirts kek.
Overall I suppose she looks fine and they succeeded in making a character who doesn't ooze high fashion couture like Bayonetta and Jeanne which makes her stand out.

No. 250850

Like WTF is going on here with the proportions…?

No. 250851

Yep, that scene was from this anime.

This is really the true lithmus test to see if a character with a bust is designed for coom bait or not.

No. 250909

It honestly looks like how self-proclaimed body positive thicc girls draw themselves to look hot when in reality they're just obese

No. 251135

File: 1666971520492.png (623.39 KB, 860x1580, 34-349718_moira-overwatch-funk…)

Moira's design from the original overwatch has always bothered me. How do you manage to simultaneously create the most overcomplicated yet most boring design of the whole cast? Seriously why is it almost all black? Sombra is also overdesigned as fuck but at least she has purple blue and pink accents to break up the monotony (albeit ugly af color choices and I don't get why people like her design.

Her OW2 design is one of the few better designs compared to the first game imo, gives off much more mad scientist vibes that reflect her lore better (even though overwatch lore is shallow af)

No. 251227

>why is it almost all black?
I bet it was so they could just recolor without much effort and put as different skins.

No. 251402

Why do you hate goth gnc women in stem smh…

No. 251454


kek nonnie

No. 252025

File: 1667303815239.png (549.51 KB, 963x1003, ugly.png)

a lot of the cast is ugly but hes the main and such an eye sore.

No. 252031

How do they even manage to animate all that shit? Those tiny details seem so unnecessary

No. 252044

Wtf if that handerkerchief exists then will the Esme equivalent in the game be genderbent too??? I kinda want to see that ngl kek. Holy shit imagine the doujins Japanese fujos would create KEK.

No. 252046

Imagine what would happen if she was not turned into a male

No. 252047

I think the entire cast is genderbend, snow white and ariel were turned male too

No. 252090

File: 1667328257628.jpg (10.73 KB, 612x514, Irken_Empire_logo_by_FreeAd.jp…)

The fucking irken armada ripoff logo on his forehead like some kind of 2008 deviantart invader zim oc, I can't

No. 252125

isn't he the one voiced by the same guy who voiced zim?

No. 252162

No, I believe he is voiced by Brandon Sanderson. You may be thinking of the other character Moxie. Didn't know he still voiced characters tbh, so it was a surprise.

No. 252170

In the cartoon they make it sound like he's attractive but he looks hideous. Brandon Rogers is obnoxious when voicing him, his colors are ugly and his head shape is just so fucking weird.

No. 252320

Ntayrt, wow did not know ViVi got Horvitz to voice a character. What I get for not paying attention. At least he's not shouting a lot like he did for Zim, his poor vocal folds. Kek. Yeah he is still voice acting (I think he's only 55?), interesting what work he's done. Check out his IMDb.

No. 253060

File: 1667576841234.jpeg (760.39 KB, 1170x1668, 515D31E9-84F6-4801-972A-6F2534…)

Looks like a blatant ripoff of this kek

No. 253861

File: 1667843550309.jpeg (40.52 KB, 400x600, 453D76AF-18A1-42B5-9124-91E714…)

Studio trigger is a goldmine of bad character design but this one takes the cake.

No. 253957

I don’t understand why is everyone sucking on Yoh Yoshinari designs. He’s becoming more and more uninspired.

No. 253974

She's obsessed with shipping him with that gay prince guy (Stolas?). I don't get it at all.

I always thought this design was super ugly but in an unappealing way. Boring Kamina rip-off

No. 253977

his neck is wider than his waist wtf I know it's stylisation still kinda fucked

No. 253986

his BF way too pretty for him. and anon above beat me to it but fuck the thick chodey neck.

No. 254081

Is it bad that I don't hate the design? kek Like the only thing I would do is maybe give his a jacket or vest to match the pants instead of the weird white sleeve that ruins the color palette. Obviously the pretty boy characters has the better design all around but I don't hate this one tbh

No. 254082

Agree, it's cool that he still voices and has the voice that made him known because his voice just works for cartoon characters. He's like the male Kath Soucie, great voices for cartoon characters.

No. 254278

File: 1668107546445.jpeg (831.04 KB, 1090x815, 54C0FD2E-76AC-43C6-AF07-28D7C7…)

I’ve got a bad feeling about this

No. 254287

Whys it got da diaper on?

No. 254339

File: 1668124385521.png (249.89 KB, 1000x1000, Meowscarada.png)

Why he got ass? So disappointed of these two as their final evolution. Meh designs but this is hitting real low compared to Cinderace and Inteleon.

A lot of the gen 9 Pokemon look uninspiring and nothing like Pokemon at all. I've seen some Fakemons and fanart that look way better than what's leaked.

No. 254383

File: 1668137338658.png (787.17 KB, 1200x675, gimmighoul.png)

I hope this isn't going too ham on the Pokemon designs, but just what is this? Gen 9 designs blow chunks and I hate them.

No. 254401

File: 1668144730831.jpg (444.56 KB, 1600x900, gimmighoul-pokemon-go.jpg)

I actually like this thing more in 2D oddly, it seems to have more personality and cuteness as a drawing than a 3D model. The model just has an odd flatness and textureless look to it. The worst part to me is the stupid sideways mouth, just removing the mouth all together would add some intrigue and mischievousness like an actual ghost type should have. I also hate that intentionally or unintentionally resembles the reddit mascot

No. 254405

File: 1668145687203.jpg (209.94 KB, 1500x844, Bromojumbo-ScVi-Starter-Evos-2…)

This one is lowkey cute. I agree with >>254401 , They look so boring translated to 3d
These designs are such a disappointment. The fan artists did it better

No. 254407

File: 1668145977988.jpg (205.38 KB, 1913x1437, waaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

if they want to make it furry bait, at least make it look cool

No. 254420

I love this. In fact I wish this was the evolution line for Sprigatito. It's like Puss in Boots.

No. 254426

File: 1668152507499.png (84.84 KB, 157x321, sage.png)

Sega robbed us of a canon Eggette and gave us this dull, uninspired edgy trash. Rei expies went out of style a decade ago, Sega.

No. 254430

Would buy the game in a heartbeat if these were the final evo of the new gen. However it is not. the game is simply a cash grab now

No. 254536

File: 1668206412245.jpeg (470.24 KB, 1080x1350, D03D71D9-ADCC-422D-B686-9531C0…)

All of them are awful, but especially the human characters
Legit 2000s barbie movie tier in terms of terrible cgi designs

No. 254558

Please understand, they need to give it child-birthing hips to appeal to the coomoids

No. 255554

File: 1668631565110.jpeg (788.49 KB, 3100x1350, 6775EED8-9FA6-4B97-88D6-BC46FD…)

Image editor fucked up sorry.
I know some anons on here who would eat this shit (no pun intended) up

No. 255556

Nah, I like the way it is. Pokemon needs more husbandomons. Besides, starters have a higher percentage of being male than female.

No. 255559

Go back furfag

No. 255562

Two bombs really had a lasting effect on those people huh

No. 255566

I love a lot of the designs from TTGL and KlK but didn't like anything from Promare. Even Leo looks like the generic white-hair bishi I already got tired of when I turned 18. Wouldn't call them outright bad too personally, not with that competition anime bring to the table every season.
Dammit this looks really good. Can't they do competitions and choose the artists with the most votes as the designers? Feel like PKMN designs look bad and uninspired for ages now save for a few exceptions per game.

No. 255567

tbh I really like Soundwave, Bumble Bee and Megatron. And Trash and Wheeljack are fine at least. Don't like the rest either and I hate the huge as hell heads the girls have.
Besides that I have to admit that I was actually positively surprised about that series, despite not being into that whole funny family stuff. But it was less annoying than TFP at least. I hated every single design in that show lol.
What the hell

No. 255591

He seriously is just a bank's mascot that tries to teach 5 year olds how to open an account.

No. 255597

you are a degenerate. neck yourself

No. 255598

I couldn't find a reaction pic that fully expressed my horror.

No. 255681

God, that thick neck combined with that tiny waist really fucking bothers me.

No. 256075

I think it's based. Moids are far worst.

No. 256115

File: 1668812651107.jpg (135.23 KB, 1120x630, cpthmpzclg.jpg)

Not sure if you can even call these things designs but I hate all chibi stuff that looks like funkopops in CGI. This includes mii or whatever those things are called, Animal Crossing or most handheld final fantasy games for example.

No. 256129

What you mentioned aren't awful designs but simple. They're meant to be cute, charming and has aesthetic unlike Funko Pops which are soulless garbage.

No. 256261

I thought I was the only one. I like cute and kawaii aesthetics but I have never gotten into chibis even at my peak weeb

No. 256262

Shit taste

No. 256289

Agreed with the other anon, shit taste

No. 256376

Why do coomers insist everyone has to be as gross as them

No. 256515

File: 1668966691206.jpeg (30.53 KB, 265x289, 24002A6E-8D4B-4FDD-B638-C7C623…)

I haven’t played a Pokémon game since I was in elementary school but wtf is this

No. 256524

a defective sex toy that is coloured with gold so that it would be luxurious

No. 256525

It reminds me of something specific but I don't even know what. Out of context I'd guess it's a highway gas station mascot. No idea why and it's bothering me a lot.

No. 256529

I am now going to judge to fuck out of anyone over 30 and still into pokemon. I wont blame kids and young teens, but what it this?? We peaked so long ago with good pokemon games.

No. 256531

do you also judge adults who are into disney or mlp or whatever

go back to twitter

No. 256532

It looks like one of those shitty mascots for the Olympics

No. 256549

File: 1668974294118.png (1.51 MB, 1534x1600, 24C3CE29-9C6A-4C29-964A-92D879…)

No. 256552

File: 1668974817257.jpg (13.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i always see people shitting on new pokemon designs but this one has to be the absolute worst. Is it suppossed to be one of these things?

No. 256561

File: 1668976817568.jpeg (37.93 KB, 400x400, E15F4D2A-2555-45C0-80B3-F77C1B…)

Ryukishi is at it again

No. 256563

Fuck me this is legit the worst thing I’ve ever seen

No. 256583

cool meme you took from another thread on /m/
"adults over 30 must cease having hobbies" is the most retarded zoomer mindset in existence

No. 256602

It's just boring, safe, and overused anons. It's practically corporate art at this point.

No. 256703

File: 1669022216101.jpg (29.55 KB, 393x309, 1644431400980.jpg)


Are you fucking lost? Yes, disney and mlp adults are also cringe as fuck. Now you can leave.
Imagine coming to shit character design thread to whiteknight your painfully reddit intrests. Come on, ask if I find funko poppers cringy as well.

No. 256704

Are you thinking of the ficello mascot?

No. 256706

Yes, it's exactly that and the thing from >>256552, it's like they fused and became obese.

No. 256709

People who still claim he's some kind of genius are lying to themselves, this is so embarrassing.

No. 256716

you're posting dumb frog memes and talking about autism while chimping out over how you're totally not into any nerdy hobby. the insecurity and projection reeks

No. 256724

and you are STILL going on! Don't you have disney slop to slurp?

>the insecurity and projection reeks

That would be you. But alright, I won't make fun of your silly didney~ obsession anymore nonnie,

No. 256728

nta but kys. you're probably the only person on this board with this opinion.

No. 256747

Go back to your cow threads

No. 256748

File: 1669052703081.png (50.92 KB, 250x250, 939.png)

Generic mobile game monster

No. 256750

I love it. Grass/fire because it's a pepper monster… hehe

No. 256763

You’re right and you should say it

No. 256766

It’s a cute idea executed horribly. It’s so fucking ugly

No. 256785

you're kind of right but kill yourself anyway

No. 256904

File: 1669082150425.png (170.74 KB, 600x341, Capsichum.png)

I like the idea of it; it reminds me of picrel but that design is so ugly.

No. 256915

she's not
t. another disney hater

No. 257137

File: 1669155454235.jpeg (293.26 KB, 1455x1305, CFA037A2-11FF-4962-8B11-B07376…)

How is this not a vtuber

No. 257140

Is this yet another genki uwu girl drawn by Mika Pikazo?

No. 257141

I like this one

No. 257142

I can't believe there are people out there saying the character design in that ugly game is better than in 3H, Awakening and Fates. There's being a contrarian and there's being mentally ill, like come on now.

No. 257143

Yes, she's working on the game Fire Emblem Engage and this is the result.

No. 257152

I knew she was working on the new FE and its toothpaste MCs but I didn't know this was a new character, she really can only draw one type of design, why do companies still hire her?

No. 257153

Most based poster itt.

No. 257160

You know, I think if it were on four legs it'd be cooler. Tail can be a vine.

No. 257168

2011 reddit personified

No. 257217

My God it's been years and he's still doing the "hands should look like cat paws" thing.

No. 257239

The fact that it's him with a voice changer pretending to be a loli only makes it more pathetic.
I don't know why he just doesn't let the colorist he pays do the sprites linework, he clearly has never been good at drawing.

No. 257241

Pokemon games came out ca. 25 years ago, 30something pokemon fans are the OGs. fuck off zoomer

No. 257244

I don't see what's weird about adults being into JPRGs and wanting to play JRPGs that don't look ugly or that don't have tons of glitches but you do you.

No. 257276

I guess it was charming when the first Higurashi games came out and 07th Expansion was an upcoming doujinshi circle, but it's just unprofessional now, dude is writing for a Silent Hill game ffs.

No. 257287

What does his drawing skill have to do with the fact he writes for silent hill?

No. 257348

Go back to mauling your chew toy, autist.

No. 257370

File: 1669231230135.jpg (151.32 KB, 1200x675, FPhvLEZX0AM8i9C.jpg)

No. 257380

What's Pokemon if it's not a JRPG then?

No. 257417

I really like how the original Higurashi sprites look but none of his other drawings. The Higurashi sprites had nice shading, I love the dumb hands and if there's one thing he's great at it's character expressions.

No. 257431

File: 1669249048244.jpg (64.76 KB, 414x730, Ramona.jpg)

Prolly low hanging fruit but

No. 257432

Literally ruined women’s lives

No. 257444

To this day, I have no idea why this shit got greenlit, nor do I know anyone who liked or even cared about it.

No. 257479

File: 1669270024546.png (306.06 KB, 500x1109, 195-1956762_ramona-flowers-sco…)

as someone who really likes scott pilgrim (the comic) i agree ramona is horribly written. but i dont think she looks bad

No. 257481

File: 1669270766723.jpg (675.47 KB, 1337x1009, IMG_20221124_141708.jpg)

samefag but i guess it's just nostalgia but i always thought she looked cool

No. 257482

NTA but he's pretending to be a loli vtuber with huge hands while writing for a silent hill game, you'd think he'd grow out of the shit he's been doing since 2002.

No. 257487

her outfits are atrocious (seriously? a wedding dress?) and her hair is always the most obnoxious unflattering color but to each their own i guess

No. 257505

God I hate this comic's art style so fucking much, chipmunk looking ass.

No. 257506

File: 1669277490807.jpg (360.83 KB, 624x392, envy (1).jpg)

it truly is awful. like what is this.

No. 257533

File: 1669291871688.jpg (177.69 KB, 533x878, tirSC4art2.jpg)

I like Tira but i hate the design she had here.
I get that it wasn't meant to make her look cute or nice, but i really can't look at it.

No. 257540

The outfit is way scrote levels of bad coomer design and unflattering

No. 257541

She looks like a sock-wearing tranny designed her

No. 257557

this doesn't even make her look sexy, like the other anon said, it's so unflattering. she'd honestly look hotter in a casual outfit. who is this even for?

No. 257558

she looks like a stripper clown

No. 257562

Walmart Harley Quinn

No. 257596

File: 1669312672245.jpg (948.22 KB, 2400x3300, Untitled.jpg)

men dont understand how to make a woman look sexy i swear. the outfit redesigns of quiet are a great example of this. she looks like a fucking idiot with her ripped pantyhose and underwear and tied shirt, becoming hot when you put her in a form-fitting bodysuit or something.

No. 257618

Big problem with modern pokemon designs is that they have cool concepts that look like the artists never bothered refining past the first draft.

No. 257657

File: 1669329407052.jpg (135.48 KB, 601x628, Tira2 (2).jpg)

I don't hate the concept art tbh I can see where they're were going with it, but the 3d models after Soulcalibur 3 look so bad

No. 257659

File: 1669329773692.png (1.05 MB, 894x884, Xianghua_3D_Model_Costume_2_SC…)

Like look at this shit. Why are her clothes so shiny and what happened to the colors?

No. 258007

unrelated but I've heard that the artist/author is a dick irl through some indie comics friends

No. 258028

Please elaborate, I never liked him.

No. 258736

File: 1669631868075.png (645.13 KB, 500x1092, Cainwatercolor.png)

rock that trash bag, boy

No. 258739

this is peak y2k, pure nonsense but it looks cool if you are 14yo. I love it

No. 258740

File: 1669632731463.jpg (21.51 KB, 265x259, 1653040705881.jpg)

>the crotch zipper

No. 258763

File: 1669641104001.png (184.91 KB, 212x744, darkdelusion.png)

just remembered that i saw this when i was looking at some old magazines online once
i have no idea of what is the setting of this game is, the whole costume doesn't make a lot of sense to me and just looks off but it's still pretty rare to see a female character wearing pants without any odd skin peeking cutouts

it would look fantasy proper if her stomach was covered, but i'm not sure how a cheerleader napoleon look is supposed work out

No. 258832

Late reply but I'm a pokefag. I think they are first draft sketches that was immediately approved since gamefreak is notoriously known for game dev crunch. Like whatever passion they had previously, died like over a decade ago. Now it's get game in time for Black Friday/Christmas.

No. 258839

Omg I haven't thought about Galerians in years. When i was 15 playing this game, I thought Cain was the coolest edgelord.

No. 259360

File: 1669790173568.png (1.4 MB, 1505x1292, soullessvssoul.png)

They took Kris' cute, functional design and made it disgusting coomer trash. I fucking hate Lyra so much, HGSS is the only Pokemon game I flat out refuse to play the girl character. I was a young teenager when HGSS came out and I felt this intense revulsion even then. I just knew they deleted Kris to appeal to coomers and it was the worst feeling.

No. 259362

What about her is coomerish?idgi

No. 259364

It doesnt really look too bad. Kinda reminds me of castlevania

No. 259365

Less adventure like and thigh highs. I actually notice the female designs became less about fitness and cool active/adventure wear.

No. 259366

To be fair quiet does have an actual tactical fit. But the plot point about her breathing through her skin could've made for some cool tech wear if they tried to be less coomer, possibly still showing skin but less sexual.

No. 259370

She's wearing clothes meant for a 5 year old and thigh highs. How isn't that coomerish compared to the original?

No. 259371

Samefag but also the legs. Girly on the right actually looks like a poke trainer look at those legs! She is definantly ready to travel across the region.
The girl on the right is so waif and her clothes dont seem to show her preparedness for a tough journey just more like eye candy.

No. 259373

Nta, I'm sorry, but I feel like you are kinda nitpicking a little. I dislike most Pokemon designs but things like slightly different legs and socks doesn't seem "coomerish" to me, both girls look almost the same in different artstyles.

No. 259375

Fuck off Lyra is cute as fuck.

No. 259380

We will be here still when you decide to stop huffing the copium nonnas

No. 259385

I was obsessed with Crystal and seeing my girl Kris replaced by some girl doing a closet cosplay of Mario the plumber felt like being spat on kek. I also played Gold right after playing Crystal back then so when I got Soul Silver when it got released I simply chose to play as the guy, it didn't bother me to pick him but still.

No. 259386

File: 1669800664722.jpg (148.97 KB, 850x997, __lyra_and_kris_pokemon_and_3_…)

>Everything I dislike is coomerish
Neither of the designs are even remotely coomer unless you think shorts are coomer for some reason.

I honestly think both designs are very good in their own ways though, one reflecting 2000s tomboyish y2k fashion while the other reflecting 2010s girly Japanese fashion.

No. 259387

They should have made them separate characters and make Lyra just an NPC and Kris playable. The only thing they have in common is their haircut, and not even the hair color.

No. 259399

Lyra's not really coomer but I understand what you mean, you are right that it is a shame we didn't get a more tomboy playable female mc that we originally got because older gamefreak designs were sharper, and since things became cleaner they wanted to make the female mc more girl because girl = girly. Chris was a cool design.

No. 259400

File: 1669803832864.png (2.11 MB, 3822x988, maincharacters.png)

Huge sperg incoming:
I love Kris so fucking much, probably my favorite female protagonist in Pokémon. However, even her design was distinctly "feminine" compared to Gold's: her body (how old were they in Gen 2? like 12? could blame it on Sugimori's style though), the fact that she's wearing shorter, skin-tight pants (why do girls have to wear that and boys get to wear wide, comfortable ones that don't show as much skin?), her pink Pokégear despite wearing red/yellow/white and having turquoise hair (basically pink is nowhere on her otherwise, plus the Pokégear was originally gray/black so they had to make a pink one because she's a girl), etc. But these are just massive nitpicks, I still love Kris despite being kind of disappointed by these little things since I first played Crystal. It's a shame that, instead of making the subsequent female protagonists look like this, like a cool female counterpart that's not much different from the boy protagonist, they have only been making them girlier and girlier and more distinct from the boys who always get to wear cool clothes and look cool (you know, like adventurers) in their official artwork. Not that I hate girly girls (I actually like Serena's default look a lot) but it's a problem when all of them are like that, and when half of their designs are so weak on top of that. But I guess you could also say that the boy protagonists are all samey and that's one redeeming quality of the girl protagonists.
I also love Hilda, even though she's clearly older and has a coomerish design but it's also rad, has a somewhat "American" feel to it and somehow manages to be more tomboyish than most of the other girls' so I'm kinda conflicted but w/e, maybe if she had longer shorts she'd be my fav. She's also one of the few female protags that get to wear a baseball cap, and one of the few protagonists overall with boots. May is one of my favorites too, and while her ORAS redesign is cute, it's still a downgrade from the original, and the art style doesn't help kek.
The one I hate the most so far has got to be Rosa, though. BW2 had some particularly atrocious designs for some reason. There seem to be some improvements in recent female protag designs in recent years (LGPE, Masters, SV), though still nothing like Kris, or even May, but at least they're not as blatantly coomerish as some past designs.
Needless to say, I've hated Lyra's design since HGSS's new protagonist designs were revealed. I will never accept her as the Johto protagonist. """Ethan's""" design is also kinda shitty and inferior to the original Gold design but he at least resembles his original appearance. Lyra appears to have been designed from scratch.

You might find this article interesting: http://www.rigelatin.net/staircase/pokemon-playercharacters.php (there's some enbie bullshit towards the end but otherwise it's a very fun article)

They really had no reason to replace her. I honestly think no one, not even waifufag scrotes, liked her design at first, save for a small percentage of fans. But also, most of the hate obviously comes from the fact that she's not Kris. For me, it's both that and that I hate her fashion sense.

No. 259403

>from the boys who always get to wear cool clothes and look cool (you know, like adventurers)
Hard disagree, the girls get well designed distinctive (though usually pretty girly yes) outfits while the guys basically copy each others styles legit three red hats with blue outfits in a row, only really unique looking outfits are brendan with his weird hat and platinum Lucas with most of the others you can tell the female protagonist got all the effort put in design wise.

No. 259404

File: 1669804757065.jpg (1.03 MB, 960x1272, vr3i7g8g9u191.jpg)

Honestly I think it just comes down to that they assumed kids would find Kris's design outdated, doesn't matter now though since both of them are used nowadays.

No. 259405

I forgot to mention how much I hate the zettai ryouiki shit seen in some of the girl protagonists. Leaf was already questionable with the miniskirt that rubbed me the wrong way even when I was a kid, because it doesn't look like something you'd wear going on an adventure, but I still loved Leaf because she had long brown hair like me.
But then Dawn happened. And it seems that's where the designes started to focus less on what's practical and more on displaying their girliness.

Yes, I mentioned that in my post, that the boys are more samey than the girls. But that's basically the only thing I like more about the girls' designs. And tbh the "boy = blue and girl = pink" standard affects both girl and boy designs negatively. Funnily enough I just noticed, that you can see that it was also in Gen 4 that this started to happen, from that point on the only boys that don't wear blue are redesigns of the older ones (Ethan and Brendan) and Victor (unless you count his jeans). Likewise, the only girls after Gen 4 that don't wear pink are Lyra, Gen 6 May and Selene.

No. 259407

>I think it just comes down to that they assumed kids would find Kris's design outdated
That's such a weak reason to replace her, because they could've just redesigned her, just like they did with Red, Leaf, Ethan, May and Brendan. Red has appeared in several generations and has gotten more redesigns than any other protagonist, but it's always clear that it's the same guy from the very first games and he even has the same name.

No. 259408

File: 1669805450587.jpg (33.65 KB, 400x400, stop staring at me with them b…)

>That's such a weak reason to replace her, because they could've just redesigned her
Fair point, either way I like both designs and how neither of them get ignored nowadays.
>just like they did with Red, Leaf, Ethan, May and Brendan.
Leaf never really got a redesign, she just got sort of mashed with the concept art of the gen 1 protag and made into Green. Honestly Leaf probably gets treated the worst of all the female protags considering that she doesn't even show up if you pick the female protagonist in games where Red shows up like HGSS and SM.
Nate probably gets it the second worst though since Rosa is the shill character, but that's probably for the best since his design is hot garbage and probably the worst protag design not counting scarlet and violet.

No. 259413

File: 1669806561929.jpg (13.35 KB, 220x330, ZHP_Polish_Scouting_Associatio…)

>her body (how old were they in Gen 2? like 12?
I'm an underdeveloped womanlet and I looked like this at 12, and a bunch of female classmates lookes way curvier than that, no idea what you're trying to say here.

>the boys who always get to wear cool clothes and look cool

Only Red, Gold and the guy from BW1 gave me that impression, the rest look less cool and fashionable than their female counterpart. I actually like that they're distinct, you don't have to play as the girl just because you're a girl so being able to pick between two distinct choices in better imo. That's why I find the MC in SV bland as fuck. And if they wanted to make the school uniform in SV look like a scout uniform at least make it look more, idk, colorful or whatever. Anyway, in gen 6, 7 and 8 the issue you're talking about is solved thanks to the customization, even though the clothes in gen 7 are kinda shit compared to gen 6 and gen 8.

No. 259414

>Honestly Leaf probably gets treated the worst of all the female protags considering that she doesn't even show up if you pick the female protagonist in games where Red shows up like HGSS and SM.
Yes, this is a crime, it hurt so much when I was younger because I thought she was so cool yet neither she or Kris were so much as officially acknowledged. Not including her in the story could be excused in Gen 3 since those were the very first Pokémon remakes and it's understandable that they'd avoid adding too much that wasn't there before, but then in other games, they treat Red as the posterboy of the franchise and Leaf as if she never existed. However, Green/Leaf does appear in LGPE, and in Masters (just like Kris) she gets to be in the spotlight, and is even included in the Kanto trio along with Red and Blue, which is awesome.
This is getting off-topic though so we better move this discussion to the Pokémon thread lol

No. 259417

File: 1669807072590.png (411.17 KB, 576x1257, Black_2_White_2_Nate.png)

Actually what's up with Rosa and Nate looking like they're wearing swimwear under their clothes and yet it never comes up and is never used in any way in the actual game? Nate looks like he's wearing some surfer outfit underneath and Rosa looks like she has a bikini top.

No. 259421

Yes, I hate that too. Thankfully they dropped that detail in Gen 6, kek.

No. 259436

nonna…shorts arent inherently coomer.

No. 259754

They aren't, but practically all the girls wear hot pants or miniskirts. Why? Because they're girls, somehow that means that they must show as much leg as possible, while the boys don't ever wear something as short as that.
Also, Gen 5 was when they started to make the human characters more appealing to the coomers so it wouldn't surprise me that Hilda was at least partially designed with that intention (plus the BW protagonists are older teens).

No. 259768

File: 1669901292802.jpg (106.01 KB, 501x497, 2aa93be73c.jpg)

not necessarily awful or even bad character design, just the mangaka has this tendency to depict asians as large muscualr blonde caucasians always and deriving contrived reasons to explain it, picrel is supposed to be Chinese

No. 259769

File: 1669901357040.jpg (231.11 KB, 694x1080, a3d2373773.jpg)

picrel is supposed to be Filipino

No. 259773

why do none of the male protags wear shorts

No. 259775

File: 1669902786360.jpg (160.16 KB, 938x1206, color code.jpg)

this article is upsetting. it's funny yes, but as a lifelong pokemon fan i am just sad.
thing is, i love most of the female protag designs. it just… sucks to see them next to the male protag and have it pointed out how much skin they're showing, how they don't get to have a backpack, how they must now wear "girly" colored clothing. bleh.

No. 259860

this is dumb, the female protags are always 10x more popular in pokemon so people obviously prefer the girly designs

No. 259966

Say whatever you want about scarlet and violet, it doesn't have this problem.

No. 260199

Their designs are innocent at a glance, but you have no idea how many times I've seen men in the Pokemon community say how much they wanna fuck May/Misty/Hilda because of her tight little shorts. So maybe shorts aren't inherently coomer-y, but they definitely appeal to that specific crowd. There's a world of difference between a real life woman wearing shorts because it's hot outside, and a male designing a female character with them because it gets him and other men off. So with that knowledge in mind, whenever I see a man design a female character this way, I always give him some serious side-eye.

No. 260256

I get you anon. Shorts are fine but it's pretty obvious why they usually put the female protag in shorts. The only time we saw a male protag wearing shorts was B&W but he was also wearing leggings undeneath them, meanwhile the girls are always barelegged. Dawn's winter wear is especially dumb and should at least be wearing leggings (if they really didn't want to give her pants).

>>259966 is right that Scarlet & Violet did fix this which is nice even if the game is not exciting at all imo.

No. 260456

File: 1670122269214.jpeg (648.67 KB, 1862x2048, 99563983-A190-44B1-9257-C26754…)

I kinda feel bad for zoomers having to pretend to like these shit husbandos

No. 260457

Vivziepop's designs are starting to get really repetitive. This just reminds me of Black Hat from Villainous.

No. 260462

>starting to

No. 260516

I think both are ugly tbh

No. 260518

Even as a zoomer, I could never get into this show because it was way too horny for having such ugly characters.

No. 260537

File: 1670154652750.png (995.96 KB, 1376x828, CE382213-D368-442A-AED9-4DDC4D…)

The concept looks cute af what a shame

No. 260552

This is like the 3D equivalent of the beanmouth art style

No. 260577

I hate the eyes so fucking much, they're so empty. He also looks like he's wearing red lipstick for some reason?

No. 260599

Both are ugly. The only difference is that the right one is fat.

No. 260603

first time i saw him i thought he was a middle aged lady

No. 260606

NGL the concept art screams 'shotacon' to me.

No. 260654

File: 1670184678458.jpg (78.94 KB, 1024x566, 1670049915777444m.jpg)

Mixed feelings about this. I guess I am getting kind of tired of people drawing a man and slapping titties on them? Muscular women usually look like leanbeefpatty or Monica granda, not like the one on the right, but I guess buff women rep is cool.

No. 260656

this screams of "i'm a moid and find the left one attractive therefore it's better"

No. 260662

what is the difference in model body types, one is covered in a worksuit the other is dressed in workout gear. right does come off as soulless though.

No. 260664

File: 1670186510117.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.05 KB, 736x919, 353ac1ff7059becaa94acebcfd9663…)

leanbeefpatty is unrealistic though? Most women wouldn't have that body type even if they got muscular. I lift and I look completely like the one on the right and Monica…ironically, they look similar so I don't know why you say otherwise.

No. 260676

I mentioned her because she still looks distinctly female thanks to her legs and feminine face. I don't get that vibe from s&v's npcs. I find their looks more unrealistic than Patty's since she's no where as bulked as them, so I'm not sure how she's apparently unattainable if you really look like these npcs.

No. 260681

I just think it has more to with her unappealing graphics of the game

No. 260682

Ah, you're right. My point was that most fit/muscular women look nothing like Patty–or even Monica, who I look very similar to. Usually it takes a very targeted body building regimen, very low body fat, or even steroids to get there. Most muscular women look more lowkey. So yeah the NPCs are also unrealistic, but I also looked exactly like that one even before I started lifting. Cursed reverse triangle body type.

No. 260687

Yeah my point is mainly that there's many, many differences between male and female anatomy that make it so that you can always tell, which is why troons never pass irl, and even tho a lot of female body builders are roided to hell and back, you can still tell they're women, and anyone calling them a "man" or "manly" is only doing so to insult them or to make a tasteless joke, not because that's what they actually believe. So what I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of artists just making a male body and slapping tits on it when everyone's always able to tell that's what they did, and it comes across as lazy and kind of insulting. >>260681 is also right and I agree with >>260656 that this was probably made by a salty moid.

No. 260689

File: 1670190226021.png (501.03 KB, 1920x1080, 9281F413-3536-44CA-9764-BC75F4…)

All modern Disney/Pixar movies have fucking ugly looking characters. It looks like the people on the Kroger grocery store ads. People shit on dreamworks for the characters all having the same smirk face but I’d take their designs over the same ball of clay and sphere nose human

No. 260695

You can't even tell that the first woman is supposed to be muscular. It just looks like a thick waifu. The problem with the right one is her ugly face.

No. 260701

The way they keep making the eyes so close together pisses me off, and the thick jaws/lower face only makes it worse. Way to ruin a nice design

No. 260702

File: 1670191852432.png (280.89 KB, 480x613, Screenshot_20221204-170900~2.p…)

To be fair it makes sense for her to be in uniform, you rarely see female characters this covered. Fanart deffo does her more justice in the muscle department. Idk if this is a good example, but at least you can actually see her muscles now.

No. 260705

File: 1670192178838.jpg (50.12 KB, 333x532, 1669140739274.jpg)

Someone made a joke in the pokemon thread that it looks like those pics where a big hulking troon is next to a feminine black woman

No. 260707

There's also a shit ton of enby looking character in the game, they really nailed it because they're mostly fat blob like women with short hair in no way meant to be appealing

No. 260708

hoping the obvious troonery in scarlet and violet will peak more handmaiden gamers. i know i was grinding my teeth when the horny ‘big lady!’ comments came from the stripey sock crowd

No. 260713

>big boobs

No. 260714

tbh I think that's just because they're drawing inspiration from current real life fashion trends. So a lot of zoomers happen to dress like that.

No. 260716

Your waifu sucks, get the fuck outta here you shameless, retarded, pornsick scrote

No. 260718

File: 1670193888640.jpg (688.18 KB, 2000x1865, 20221204_233931.jpg)

More examples of women from Paldea. Why does woke pandering always result in the most shit designs ever… pokemon used to have cute designs, what happened?

No. 260719

Lol wut. At least sage if you're gonna infight.

No. 260721

Only the hiker and the blue tanktop girl look like troons to me, but the rest still looks off because all the characters look like they're rejectd from an unreleased pixar movie or from Sonic Unleashed. I wonder why the designers decided to go with that kind of aesthetic given that Pokemon has always been super Japanese in terms of character design even down to the pixelated human characters' sprites in the very first game and it's one of the reason why the whole franchise got so big all over the world in the 90s. It's not like Gamefreak has to prove itself to the Western audience anymore.

No. 260724

The body types and ages are fine in concept but the graphics and designs are Metaverse tier soulless garbage with essentially zero art direction or vision. Pokemon exists only to promote new merchandise of the new pokemon that their loyal old cash cows and clueless little kids will buy so they get away with releasing an unfinished game that looks like it was put out by a Chinese knockoff mobile game studio, on purpose.
The 90s art was so sharp and edgy with interesting blocky shapes, colors, and recognizable style trends in the trainers’ fashions. Now it’s generic increasingly boring, roundified, thinktanked and consumer tested specifically to sell merch, like the Disney 3D round sameface style.

No. 260725

How tf is the last one “wokepondering”? Are you one of those schizo scrotes who think women with thick eyebrows are secretly trannies? And what’s wrong with having older women?

No. 260727

Infight? You posted some big titted waifu with no spoiler to "prove a point", where the hell do you think you are? Gtfo

No. 260728

Those aren't all troon examples, they're trying to look "gender neutral" and being inclusive but it all just looks like shit in the end. While playing i noticed they put visible eyelashes on a lot of male designs, while choosing to not have eyelashes on a lot of the females… it's a conscious choice for sure.

No. 260729

Meant to spoiler it but I guess I missed the box. This was the only good fanart without giant tiddies. If it's really that bad mods can delete my post.

No. 260732

Ayrt, I took most of them from japanese players using it as examples of bad woke designs. I'm assuming you haven't played pokemon much, the old women aren't bad because they're old, but they're ugly while in previous games old women looked classy or cute. They use the same model of body type and face for young women and it looks equally bad.

No. 260734

>chimping over bishounen
go back scrote

No. 260739

Are you really listening to japanese moids? The same moids whose standards of beauty are based on prepubescent girls? Take it to 4chan if you want to complain.

No. 260744

Back to 4chin retard, you ain't fooling no one

No. 260748

to be fair in real life men are much more likely to have luscious lashes–and yes, it's a thing, look it up. lashes defining "women" in animation has always been a conscious choice.
is this retarded? yes. am I right? yes.

No. 260749

What is the explanation for this phenomenon? Why are long thick lashes considered "feminine" when males are more likely to have them in real life?

No. 260750

File: 1670196448222.jpg (37.39 KB, 640x360, story-spoilers-poison-type-tea…)

Lmao I've literally never been on 4chan. I just think the designs are bad and happened to find an article of Japanese players talking about disliking the designs. Didn’t think nonas would defend the designs this much, I guess they really did hit the right designs for the target audience then. You can keep them, I'll go play games I find cuter.

No. 260751

File: 1670196630371.jpg (125.87 KB, 804x1200, Fh5KAHjWYAMwV1b.jpg)

Whatever man.

Glad someone brought up this dude, his resemblance to Charlie is so uncanny it makes me suspicious. Sometimes I wonder if game companies pander to YouTubers on purpose because they know that it'll create memes like picrel. You might ask how Asian game devs would know about him, but there was that incident where an anime moblie game from China used footage of him to promote their game. Sage for tinfoiling.

No. 260752

so glad I dont play pokemon anymore. Looks like it really has gone downhill since gen 4.

No. 260757

it's a no-win situation. The designs are all around shoddy, but on the other hand it's almost impossible to find remotely any variety of women in games so sometimes people feel the need to defend it when it happens. With the amount of men that go psycho over the slightest hint of a flaw on female characters, it's an annoying subject.

No. 260761

That's how it id irl though. Men are hairy compared to women so they tend to have longer and fuller eyelashes as long as nobody is using mascara. But I get what you mean about gender neutral stuff. Is that why you can only wear 4 hideous school uniforms in SV? They should have done something like ACNH where you have a lot of options but they're not locked based on if you play as the guy or the girl. And XY and SWSH had nice clothes to pick (SM had boring clothes so not counting that one)

No. 260762

I suppose it's because pretty eyelashes are not a beauty standard for men, while women use things to enhance them like eyelash curlers, mascara, and extensions.

No. 260764


No. 260768

>woke pandering
You can't even say for sure they're making tranny chracters, they're just badly designed and the art style sucks so everybody looks even more shit. I agree with other anons that you sound like a scrote with your obsession with blaming "woke pandering" because the female characters aren't "cute" anymore, there's not a single canon tranny or even gay character in this game as far as I know. And if you think a couple of GNC female characters (the champion and that gym leader or whatever) are "woke" pandering, at least I welcome that kind of pandering because they didn't make them troons, just women with a masculine aesthetic (it's a shame that the champion's design is so horrible though).
Also I don't see what's wrong with the one on the lower right corner, it looks perfectly like a generic trainer from previous generations.

No. 260769

I think it's because women are the only ones expected to decorate themselves for other peoples' consumption/gaze and tbh I think eyelashes are an attractive trait in general? So overtime women started emphasizing them and it became a stereotype of femininity even though it isn't actually a feminine trait. It snowballed over time because of how the beauty standard for women today is almost completely artificial or extremely temporary. I once saw a group of incels post what they thought the average woman is and it was hysterically delusional.

No. 260771

>it's a shame that the champion's design is so horrible though
She looks ok in 2D, and like shit in 3D. And I bet that's also the case for the NPCs and many of the gym leaders and other important characters.

No. 260772

>I took most of them from japanese players using it as examples of bad woke designs.
This has already been said but Japanese scrotes are just as retarded and whiny as western scrotes. Pokémon has always had female character designs that aren't just coombait. Just because they've been deliberately making more sexualized designs in the last 4 or so generations it doesn't mean that they're trying to appeal to western trannies when they go back to making tame female designs or when their art style is shit.

No. 260774

Ummm…the old lady and the slim girl look very cute, hell, the muscly one looks decent, kinda awkward but eh. Are you a moid?

No. 260776

Wasn't there another NPC trainer in these games or SwSh that looked like other youtubers? But idk twitter also said that one hot backpacker in Gen 6 looked like Egoraptor so

No. 260777

Not even talking about sexualized designs or whatever… how the hell do the designs in SV look even remotely similar to the ones on the first gens? You're blind? They look like they don't belong in the same franchise both for the pokemon and the humans. If you showed me the new designs out of context and told me they're taken from Yokai Watch or a Sonic Unleashed remaster I wouldn't even doubt it.

No. 260779

>reeee they look like trannies unlike my perfect big titted waifu

No. 260782

Can you guys stop with this, they just look bad. There's a right way to design non-conventionally attractive women, and this ain't it. The graphics are bad, the art style is bad, they look bad. I'm not scared enough of being called a coomer to deny that, sorry.

No. 260785

Where in my post did I say that? I'm saying that the designs in the very first games and the designs in SV don't feel like they belong in the same series. The main character designer for the games until gen 6 barely designs humans for pokemon games nowadays so that makes sense.

No. 260787

File: 1670200198001.png (227.42 KB, 314x768, Geeta.png)

That's funny because I think the champion looks weird as fuck in her 2D artwork, if she didn't have that wild-ass hair and the art didn't look like a tumblr artist with no concept of depth had drawn it, it would be perfect. This looks amateurish to me

>how the hell do the designs in SV look even remotely similar to the ones on the first gens?
I said they're not as deliberately sexualized as in recent gens (which seems to be the main reason moids everywhere are complaining as they also criticize the few perfectly decent designs there are), not that the designs are similar or even as good as in the earlier gens.

No. 260792

The only issue I have here is that her shoes are way too long. The rest is fine. She needs a haircut but that's it.

No. 260795

Prolly an unpopular opinion but she really gives me knockoff Cynthia vibes.

No. 260801

Her eyes hands and hair all look freakishly too large for her frame. I swear pokemon's new design philosophy is about exaggerating features to be bigger and failing

No. 260803

The only ones here that look somewhat off to me are the top right and bottom left, and that's mostly because of the weird proportions with the shoulders. I honestly really like the old woman designs, old women are so rarely depicted in media and when they do exist they're always very feminine so these butch-looking ones are kind of cool to me kek. And bottom right is just a regular attractive woman, don't know what the complaint is there.

No. 260806

No. 260807

Well now idk whether to be more or less suspicious, tbh.

No. 260810

File: 1670203492683.png (349.65 KB, 640x1280, Sword_Shield_Piers (1).png)

True, and I feel like that's why some characters like Piers look way better in fanart than in the actual game. Hey maybe the same artist designed both these characters, it would explain why they're both so skinny, the dumb hair and humongous eyes. I was so close to liking him but this guy looks malnourished in a cartoony way.

No. 260816

The legs an anachan would starve for…

No. 260818

the stupid nonsensical hair is what usually ruins the design

No. 260821

File: 1670204815690.jpg (484.52 KB, 1714x945, Untitled.jpg)

No. 260823

I like bea's design. Simple but tough. And I take whatever dark skinned characters I can get from Japanese media that aren't, like, mr popo. Nessa's back is seriously fucked though.

No. 260827

Aren't the Paldea ones in this pic fan redesigns?
Also who are all those in the second row to the left of Raihan? This looks like a /vp/ pic kek

Yeah I like a couple of designs from SwSh, thtey're not all bad but sadly most of them are weird, stupid or ugly in some way. Like beforer the humans look boring and plain most of the time but now they're going the opposite extreme

No. 260831

The old man in the rugby looking outfit was cool

No. 260859

What they did wrong for the human characters for me in Gen 8/9 is they tried to put too much uniqueness into each character's design. Pokemon is known for having character designs with crazy hair and outfits but I feel like it wad always kept to a minimum of a couple defining features per character until Gen 8.

Kabu, Bea, and Milo look the best to me from these because they kept relatively simple I like Opal's design as well but she's the exception to the too-cluttered look for me simply because older people tend to dress like this kek with a concise color pallet in their outfits. If they do have an exaggerated feature it's limited to
to one thing eg.) Milo's hat or Bea's hair & bow thing.
All the other characters are too visually busy with over exaggerated features (big hair, coats, shoes, belts, etc.) all in one. While these elements aren't a bad way to make a character stand out I think having too many at once can ruin the design, like with Piers for instance. I've also noticed the clothing the gym leaders wear in these games have so much patterning and colors going on that it clashes and distracts from the character alone (though in character design the character's outfit is just as much who the character is as their physical features)

Sorry to pokemon sperg again I just can't seem to jive with the newest gens looks at all, they either look like they are too simple (in the case of some of the pokemon) or have too much of a cluttered design (in the important npcs and legendaries)

No. 260865

>If they do have an exaggerated feature it's limited to
to one thing eg.) Milo's hat
It had always surprised me how much people like Milo, I hate his cartoony face and short legs, he doesn't look like a Pokemon character at all because of it

No. 260879

Really emphasizes how fugly most of the new designs are

No. 260880

Yeah true, I feel like his face lacks definition because he doesn't have a clear nose in the artwork (a lot of pokemon characters now just have a line for a nose) makes I'm look very childish or like an emoji. Though his outfit is one of least offensive looking gym outfits so that's why I picked him

No. 260883

but most of the girls in the pic except the old ladies have eyelashes?

No. 260925

File: 1670242829156.png (639.91 KB, 1024x574, ea752cb3359c2de07390d4f21b7126…)

Maybe an easy target, but I despise the Equestria Girls designs.

> Same body for all of the girls which just happen to be stick limbs, of course

> Large inflated heads
> Clashing colors
> Bland and ugly clothing that just barely conveys their personalities
> Pretty much every girl has to have a skirt making them all look the exact same, again

As much as I despise a lot of parts of the MLP fandom, there were loads of better human designs made by the fans both before AND after the movie came out.

No. 260927

File: 1670244683308.jpg (523.37 KB, 952x1449, image-1.jpg)

you can tell that Hasbro designed them as dolls first before giving them cartoon designs. I guess giving them all skirts was to give them some sort of coherence? Doll lines, specially the ones that has a movie tie-in, likes to have somewhat the same silhouette when it comes to clothing. Guess it makes it easier for the animators and doll manufactors.I don't think picrel are bad designs I only added it to show an example of another dolline that does this

No. 260928

I've always had an issue with their skin tones. Half of them look like zombies. I guess they did this to avoid racial discussion?

No. 260931

Nothing too deep. They are colorful ponies, and it would be better for kids to recognize them like that. Its a common tacitcs around kid shows, even if it sounds dumb. Mlp own their characters color schemes so they want to make sure people will recognise them instantly.

No. 260935

Makes sense, but it's still kind of jarring to look at, especially when they kept playing the "the girls, but in OUR world" schtick. Like… Nobody irl looks like that unless they're like, a corpse.

No. 260949

File: 1670255028518.jpg (392 KB, 1600x975, EQ_Girls_Core_Allweb.jpg)

I hate EG designs too but the concept art looks better.

No. 261041

why did you include OCs and fan designs?

No. 261055

At least they look more full of life here. They look terrible once you put them on Flash or Toonboom or whatever program they use to animate

No. 261056

I honestly like this. People seem to forget that Pokemon is a kids franchise and the designs are made to appeal kids. Crazy hair designs are the norm in children anime/manga so of course Pokemon will do the same. The first gens were simpler but I think that's because they were the first ones and they didn't have to make complex designs to be recognizable. Now they're already used up a lot of ideas and archetypes so they're ramping up the "uniqueness" of the designs by adding colors and weird details. Some designs are still pretty nice and simple though, the issue is mainly the shit quality of the game and 3d models.

No. 261206

No. 261208

pinkie's outfit sucks i hate it. she would NOT wear those shoes.

No. 262369

File: 1670630604871.jpeg (170.72 KB, 1080x1776, ADEFC638-502C-4E11-A988-E1C556…)

I hate all the femboyfag characters in FE but this has to be the worst contender

No. 262370

FE has gone downhill so bad. Last game I played was FE Awakening. It's pandering so hard to Japanese incels and neets. The faggots in america will claims character is trans now.

No. 262384

The difference between 3DS/Switch Fire Emblems and the GBA/GC era is insane, they look like two completely different franchises

No. 262391

What kinda of shoes do you think she would wear, anon? Not being snarky or rude just nosey!

No. 262402

That's a boy?

No. 262408

I wish they'd make more cute bishies like Henry and not whatever this shit is

No. 262413

Sometimes I wonder how characters like these are gonna age when the whole trans thing goes out of style and it becomes more popularized to call out coomers.

No. 262426

japan has always and will always be obsessed with low-test boys who look like girl children

No. 262501

I mainly mean overseas. There's always a chance every other country will get sick of it.

No. 262502

File: 1670677940327.png (80.67 KB, 200x465, Izuku_Midoriya_First_Hero_Cost…)

I HATE dekus hero costume so much

No. 262504

Couldn't they just hire Kozaki, Kurahana or Wada instead? You know, someone who knows how to fucking draw?

No. 262505

As long as it’s associated with the ‘correct’ rebellious youth culture it straight up won’t matter if people get tired of it or not. You’ll just be viewed as uneducated and bigoted

No. 262506

I dunno, I mean look at how we got here. America's always been better about this kinda stuff, even if not by much. People are being more open about how trans people disgust them, and being a terf is way more popular in the UK. Ironically the more damage troons do the more people get pushed towards us, so I'm not saying it won't take a while, but it's deffo possible.

No. 262514

I'm sorry FEfags, but it's too late to save this franchise. It's all gachashit and waifu/coomerbait for the sake of profit now.

No. 262517

Everything in this show looks like shit, Japan seriously needs to stop trying to copy Western culture. All their fantasy and comic shit looks like ass. >>262514 no need to apologize, anyone who didn't have the good sense to pull out after awakening deserves to be disappointed.

No. 262521

I don’t mind feminine/androgynous male characters but this one is just silly, especially the hair, it looks so awkward on a man.

No. 262535

Boyish girls and girlish boyd AKA gender bending characters has been popular in anime and manga for a long time and it has nothing to do with trans people. Some do it to create homoerotic elements and make social commentary like Lady Oscars, some are just meant to be a joke and some do it just to appeal to coomers. There where never meant to be trans representation

No. 262543

Yes, but through the normalization of gender-non conformity, it becomes less synonymous with cooming, and characters like that are not only interpreted as trans today, but even canonically given the trans label despite being written the same way. The more people are put off by the trans community and coomers, the less likely they are to be written as anything else but gender-non conforming characters that are there just because that's slowly becoming the standard.

No. 262555

either way people should learn to separate 2d drawings from reality and realize that real people don't function like that

No. 262757

This alien thing in the Bratz super babies movie haunts me. Also the toddler super heroes outfits are creepy tubetop leotards and knee high boots? The fuck was wrong with 2000's kids movies man.

No. 263036

every single genshin impact character. their designs are somehow simultaneously banal and baroque

No. 263038

Moe girl head on adult male body

No. 263159

My sister played sc3 growing up and ivy was always my favorite, I especially loved her hair and whip sword. The only character I truly loved the design of was voldo, I thought his sun and moon costumes were good.

No. 263160

They have fucking cankles

No. 263195

Pretty much everything relating to bratz babies makes me deeply uncomfortable.

No. 263429

File: 1671008327023.jpg (33.73 KB, 220x549, sp thin.jpg)

There's a random anorexic alt girl in Godzilla: SP and I don't know why. She's a pretty minor character and doesn't really even get enough time to be coombait. Really stood out to me because she's so insanely thin.

No. 263451

File: 1671015759441.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, Begone.png)

I'm so fucking tired of seeing these drawn girls labeled as boys everywhere. They all have the same personality of outgoing/cheery or fragile/embarrassed moeblobs. There's nothing male about them but just anime girls with no boobs and a Schrodinger's dick. They know that coomers and moids would eat this shit up and make bank out of it because it's a special flavor waifu and 4 da memez. This trend needs to stop since it's plaguing over to bishie, twink and young boy characters.

No. 263453

File: 1671017663100.gif (1.12 MB, 480x270, media.gif)

my friends where really into Bratz Babies when we where children but it always made me uncomfortable. Just seeing babies in make up, fashionable outfits and long hair felt wrong. Watching this as an adult it still makes me uncomfortable. It's just weird that a toy is trying to appeal to some manternal instict while also appealing to the girls who wants to be fashionistas. It's not even a power fantasy since the targeted audience isn't toddlers. I'm just sureprised that someone suggested "then we make a song where they sing "gotta look hotter than hot" and then the babies start swaying their hips to hit while putting on make up" and that got greenlit. idk this is weird babies don't look like this babies don't behave like this

No. 263462

This isn't really a difference in designs but a difference in real fashion that it is drawing from. Because they're really not sexualised here. Men show much less skin in real life than women.

No. 263463

File: 1671023371301.jpg (77.38 KB, 680x366, 90f346b6a026012e2d9745dedfe9b6…)

You've never seen boys wearing shorts and tank tops?

No. 263464

Don't be fucking retarded, it's not about the sorts per se. but the fact that boys' shorts depicted in media are way looser, have more fabric, and are more practical than the girls'.

No. 263465

File: 1671024155839.png (403.58 KB, 642x383, Screenshot_20221214_081948.png)

I prefer when moids animate "pretty ladies" in videogames like this horrifying urchin haired woman instead of pornified boob goddesses.

No. 263466

Exactly anon, you get it!

No. 263470

men walk around shirtless and i have never in my life seen a man wear pants underneath shorts like the emerald protag

No. 263481

I have. maybe u live trashy place?

No. 263514

I unironically love these types of ugly or rough looking 3d models.

No. 263568

Why is her ribcage so boney while her thighs look normal?

No. 263736

File: 1671118862276.jpeg (32.53 KB, 601x733, 3D2D9D26-8234-4E81-953A-8A1C75…)

Why is this in FF14

No. 263751

File: 1671122531296.jpg (176.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

These fuckers all look like they have Down's

No. 263753

i hate their eyebrows.
i know that animators often rely on eyebrows for expression but im never not annoyed everytime i see them slapped on an animated anthropomorphic character that otherwise shouldnt have them, it looks terrible

No. 263755

It's still weird to see their faces straight-on. In G% they were mostly in profile view weren't they?

No. 263756

Meant G5, dangit. The snouts also get smaller and smaller each time.

No. 263757

G5 is so fucking ugly and I hate every single moid horse. The moid horses are really only in g5 because of muh genderism or whatever.

No. 263761

Lol it genuinely annoys me that they've shoved male characters into the main group this generation. Literally every male character in g4 was already annoying and shoved down your throat to pander to the scrote fans whining about how Spike was treated in the first season. Sorry for being autistic about ponies but I love g1-3 and wish they'd go back to that kind of aesthetic/tone instead of whatever the fuck g5 is trying to do.

No. 263767

I heard this character was actually some sort of fan design that won a contest

No. 263768

The top left one's eyes aren't even looking in the same direction…

As always little girls have to make space for the little moids because they're going to get offended if this colorful pony cartoon doesn't have a moid horse they can relate to. Why can't moids relate to female characters like girls have been doing with male characters for ages?

No. 263779

Agree, I loved the softer colors and more whimsical "tea-party"-esque nature of MLP g1-3. I get that each generation of children will be into different things and nothing can stay the same but that is precisely the reason why I can't understand why they're back to doing the bright ugly saturated colors like they were doing in g3.5 and the later half of g3. At least g4 had a nice color balance between softer colored ponies and more vibrant ponies. Not to mention, the ponies were much cuter in comparison to what they're doing with g5. The g5 gang blends together in my mind. And, like I said, they're butt ugly kek.
Because moids "relate" to female characters by unnecessarily sexualizing them (the entire shitshow that was the g4 fandom). I think the solution is to go back to what they did with g3 and make it as female-pony-only and as "female" as possible. So many failmale bronies I've met irl have said that g3 was the worst. I never even had to ask them why they thought that, it's pretty obvious it's because it only had female ponies and because it was for young girls and young girls only.

No. 263819

this is giving me T.M Revolution

No. 263824

You literally saved her design by just adding a little extra fabric. the og is so hideous >>205204

No. 263827

Based hot limit fan.

No. 263828

they getting that korean nose job.

No. 263895

I genuinely thought it was mod when I saw the screenshot. They could at least give her doll's clothes that made sense, not this coomer mod looking outfit.

No. 263963

File: 1671179413178.jpeg (32.43 KB, 348x388, Dreamfaces_1028.jpeg)

Oh my god I hate this. They all have the dreamworks eyebrows

No. 263972

File: 1671184999820.png (275.06 KB, 1136x1102, 606d1acd4f02ddba5dcd8dd2563835…)

I'm spergy as fuck but complaining is my hobby kek, I think everything about them is bad. The human faces give me uncanny valley and they're just not-horse enough that it makes them loose the appeal. Getting rid of the eyebrows would help combat it a tiny bit, but they should just redesign the entire head/face.
The color choices don't work together as a group in my opinion, the goal is to have them all be different enough that every kid can have their distinct favorite. But they picked similarish orange and yellow, and then similar pink and purple. And obviously it's subjective but in my eyes most of the shades they chose just clash and look bad, I especially don't like the magenta-pink on orange.
And sperging on, I hate the names too because they're again too similar. Pipp, Zipp and Hitch all have one syllable i- names that sound the same, and the other 2 have 2-syllable names ending in -y. That's bad naming, you want a mix of sounds and length to make them all distinct and easy to remember.
But still the worst crime is adding a male horse to the main crew. It's a girly show made for girls, let girls have their girl-focused shows without forcing in males. If boys like watching a girly show, they can most likely relate to the girl characters anyway which is something they usually don't have to learn to do because 99% of media panders to males.

No. 263975

The colors don’t bother me as much as the totally lame ass names. How did we go from very recognizable MLP sounding names like Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash to fucking Pipp, Zipp, and Izzy? I know that’s not their “whole” names, but it’s generic.

No. 263976

It feels like they want to distance the series from MLP as much as possible while also clinging to g4 to keep the brony fanbase. Like, they could be normal humans or any other animal and it wouldn't change the show much.

No. 263977

I haven’t watched it to be able to comment on that, but how are bronies liking it? I haven’t heard those degenerates being mentioned in a while

No. 263979

I mostly stick around the female dominated parts of the fandom which mostly focuses on older gens so haven't seen much, but from what I can tell bronies have been completely self sustaining since g4 ended so they just make their own new content based on FiM. I think most only watch the newer stuff if they want to fuck one of the characters but most seem to ignore it or only pay attention to the lore connected to FiM.

No. 263981

kek even the npcs and side characters in FiM had more charm

No. 263989

Tbh why not. We have obese characters, I’m not against skellies, it’s just another unhealthy body type.

No. 263996

File: 1671197737996.png (293.71 KB, 348x365, dreamworks_face_4.png)

No. 264008

What does this facial expression even mean??? Never seen anyone do it irl naturally, only as a gag

No. 264015

it's a cheap way to avoid symmetrical faces

No. 264066

Isn't that intentional? Even All Might laughs a bit when he sees it

No. 264135

"we're sassy/smug and up to no good" proceeded by a lame one-liner

No. 264354

this expression is the worse. even as a kid i found it extremely off putting idk why film companies insist on using it

No. 264386

File: 1671317841085.png (1.08 MB, 572x887, more wings.PNG)

Overdesigned as fuck.

No. 264388

File: 1671318389544.jpg (29.34 KB, 600x449, Revelations3_Blackarachnia_clo…)

Also about 90% of the female designs could be in this thread

No. 264389

File: 1671318485934.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.05 KB, 217x219, nipples.jpg)

No. 264391

File: 1671319430998.jpg (79.92 KB, 640x640, 1wqynx2glh6a1.jpg)

Racing Miku 2023 design, what even is this outfit

No. 264394

Why the fuck did they change her body type all of a sudden???

No. 264395

She is just thicker to serve coomers otherwise it had been the same just less meat on her robotic foundations.

No. 264397

evil. evil.

No. 264398


tbh if i could i'd post almost every single new character from fire emblem engage in this thread because so far 99% of them look like dogshit and the people praising their designs are either blind or genwunners more hyped by the fact the game is bringing back marth for the nth time

No. 264400

File: 1671320975939.png (2.95 MB, 1500x2000, zdfnbd.png)

She's apparently meant to be both a skillful archer and a bodybuilder, and yet looks like girl no. 3947394 from one of those idol gacha games. I usually like Mika Pikazo's work but everything in Engage looks like a fucking Vtuber and I hate it.

No. 264401

racing miku design is usually shit, I can't even think of one I've liked

No. 264402

File: 1671321425135.jpg (375.05 KB, 730x842, Racing-Miku-2021-Version_by-ne…)

I genuinely cannot see the "racing" concept in that design, it looks far more "marching band" to me. At least 2022 was very clear with the concept

No. 264403

She's meant to be one of those "Racing Queens" who pose with the cars for promo photos and stuff but her designs are basically idol with somewhat of a sports theme and almost never manage to capture the Racing Queen aesthetic mostly because Racing Queen outfits tend to be pretty simple since…you know, they're supposed to just stand there and look like a pretty prop since the car is the star of the photo.

No. 264443

the opening theme feels even weirder. their 'diapers' look like underwear

No. 264470

literally a Ryza reskin

No. 264474

File: 1671361427834.jpg (31.98 KB, 459x668, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

At first the designs were clearly sport related. But now it's more coomerish now . I think they're forgetting miku is 16

No. 264475

File: 1671361471214.jpg (29.75 KB, 491x624, images.jpeg-11.jpg)

Just look at this redesign

No. 264485

You'd think so, and yet people still don't raise (too) many eyebrows at moids like this infamous guy. Greatly dislike the idea of "oh she/he's a fictional character so it's ok for me to coom all over them despite them being underage". This faggot is over two times Miku's age, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with him already.

No. 264506

Youre right about the coomer shit but age sperging over an android singer is retarded

No. 264510

Men have no shame. He needs to rope himself.

No. 264513

I'm spergy because I think there shouldnt be male ponies in general. The combination of the names and horrible animated faces make me glad I was born in the era of G2 and G3 ponies.

No. 264569

Everyone involved in this game's development is blind or on drugs I don't get how they picked such an incompetent artist for the designs, just because she has a lot of followers on twitter.

No. 264580

males simping over women, especially fictional ones, is the most pathetic beta-ass shit in the universe

No. 264584

File: 1671400715995.png (2.31 MB, 1885x847, mikapikazo.PNG)

i just googled this artist and i do like her art but just quickly looking at her art she really don't look like someone who is qualified to be a character designer. Her art is quite stylish but the characters aren't memorable. every engage design just confirms that the artist have no idea what she is doing when it comes to character design. It looks like she was overcompensating the designs to justify her title as a character designer
Making a good character design is an artform in itself and you aren't automatically good at it just because you can draw well

No. 264586

File: 1671400938999.png (2.84 MB, 1596x885, mikapikazo2.PNG)

same anon but this looks like an artist you would hire to do promotional work or posters. not one you would hire to do character designs. I wonder how the engage game devs felt like when they had to model the 3d models for the game

No. 264588

weebs will hype it anyway even if they're garbage at character design

No. 264589

second image sort of looks like biochan and biokun

No. 264590

File: 1671401934255.png (739.58 KB, 1280x585, tumblr_oq5rniam7g1tb2c9jo7_r1_…)

That's a good question, now I wonder too. Awakening and Fates had Kozaki as a character designer and his designs look great in 3D (pic related), which was already proven by No More Heroes before Awakening. He was tasked to make the characters give off a different vibe compared to the previous games despite being already familiar with the GBA games and he succeeded. Hidari also redesigned the characters from Gaiden for FE Echoes and made them all more distinct and they look good in 3D in actual gameplay, and the cutscenes look like shit for separate reasons. 3H's character designer is Chinatsu Kurahana who is already famous for doing character designs AND in-game art for BL games, and her designs for Utapri look good in 3D in more recent music videos. The issue in 3H is that none of the in-game art is done by her, her designs were botched by the art director (the same incompetent guy who managed to make Rinkah hideous in the mobile game and gave us the toilet bowl armor in Awakening). They all have experience in video game character design. IS now has the money and reputation to hire other experienced and competent character designers and they went with a twitter influencer artist. I instantly recognized the artists for Awakening/Fates and for 3H just based on 3D cutscenes and not even on their actual art, yet the characters in Engage are random moeblobs. I don't get it. Engage seems to have more detailed models and better animations than 3H, but it doesn't matter if all the characters look like hot garbage in the first place.

No. 264605

File: 1671407492306.jpg (279.28 KB, 1570x2048, FV2EtLLacAAFuPc.jpg)

I love FE3H designs and i think the game deserved better in terms of character models and in game portrait art. I mean the entire game is pretty much unfinished in a lot of ways. Kurahana designed such a colour cast of characters and im still obsessed with all of them, 3 hopes designs also delivered. Its so disappointing to see engage throw all of that away for a vtuber artist when they could have made something even better than fe3h now that they have much more time and larger budget to work on the game.

No. 264620

Why is she blushing
Why does every female character have to be blushing by default

Seriously she looks like she can only design one or two types of characters. One girl with a plain hair color and another with two highly contrasting, highly saturated hair colors

No. 264624


mika pikazo is great for one thing: designing vtubers. and that's it. for anything else her art simply doesn't fit in even more for a title like fire emblem. the main defense i've been seeing is that 'fire emblem is a fantasy game it doesn't have to be realistic' but it's one thing to make designs that can fit within a setting in a way that feels natural and it's another to just say 'fuck it' and make everyone a moeblob genshin-derivate hololive reject. i do like mika pikazo's art, but her work in engage is abhorrent and just shows how the game seems to have close to no art direction. it's like they literally just created the setting and then told mika pikazo to do whatever the fuck she wanted with the character designs.

No. 264626

I'm not very familiar with her, but even her original art looks better than those abominations in the new FE. She's just not fit for designing characters in a European-inspired medieval fantasy setting, much less one that has historically had a serious vibe like Fire Emblem.
Also the 3D models look worse than her art, what's with the chipmunk cheeks?

No. 264629

NTA but she's not good for designing anything that isn't overdesigned super modern harajuku/lolita/cutesy street/gyaru fashion with multicolored hair anime girls. it's why everyone says she's better off with vtubers, it's all she can design really. it became clear when she designed a character for fate grand order a couple years back and the end result looked like an abomination when compared to the rest of fgo's designs which is truly something else considering fgo's character design direction.

mika pikazo is just not a flexible artist. she can design one thing and one thing only. particularly what i hate the most is when in engage's cutscenes you look at the setting and the background and it all looks like normal medieval fantasy that could easily fit into any other FE game, but then one of those ugly ass characters step in and they look like they belong to an entirely different game. the characters literally don't match with the very background they step on to.

No. 264644

I hate the engage designs so fucking much, 90% of the girls look similar to your picrel with some cutesy idol-y design while there is very little of any kind of appeal in the male designs, they're either ugly or bland

No. 264653

That’s her initial age. Miku’s age fluctuates based on the producer.
Coomerism aside I actually like this one.

No. 264666

let's all agree that vtubers killed the character design anime industry. even genshit has cleaner and better well put designs than what i've seen lately from some japanese games, that's how bad it got

No. 264812

otakus in japan and weebs in the west have 0 standards. as long as they get to coom they dont care how good it looks

No. 264824

God agreed, I've never liked those extremely busy anime character designs with multicolored hair and eyes and a billion details but they used to be pretty uncommon. Now with the vtuber trend that type of design is everywhere and it looks hideous.

No. 264844

Remember anon, its for kids. Little girls and little boys watch that shit

No. 264914

File: 1671499987856.gif (1.9 MB, 498x371, my-little-pony-mlp.gif)

ugh, the face shape…. it's not like they ever looked like actual ponies but the more upturned the nose gets the less horse-like they become. their noses are round like a reptile's, that's not even a mammal note anymore. their smile is creepy, probably more due to the eyes than the mouth though.

No. 265163

File: 1672184082360.png (878.42 KB, 1500x1800, 0CF667DA-0B85-4F78-A675-4FA5F3…)

Isekai series have plenty of bad designs

No. 265301

>and little boys
yeah all 3 of them kek. the main demographic is girls anon.

No. 265648

Hate his character and design both. You can bet I was happy when they killed him off. Talk about an absolute abomination in design and characterization both.

No. 265649


SA, forgot to add image.

No. 265650

File: 1672383365329.png (1.45 MB, 1332x1903, Kyojuro_anime.png)



No. 265653

the things id say if not for the laws of this land

No. 265684

I'll never get how this dude was the ultimate husbando for like two years, his design is a mess (like most KnY characters) and for what we saw on him he seemed like a giant autist.

No. 265686

That's what I was going to say, I don't know or care about this manga but I hated how I kept seeing this character everywhere online, he's ugly as fuck.

No. 265694


He was the biggest autist.

No. 265701

Although I disagree with his design being bad it's one of the unique one in the shows but his personality really is autistic. If he had been a steadfast and stern character or even a kind hearted swordsman(but tough when needed ) but instead he's a power junkie high on DA FWEINDSHIP . I laughed when I read the page of him getting killed kek

No. 265704

I think he is mostly known for getting killed (so tragic uwu), we don't even spoiler his death when we talk about him. Remember that random dude in Naruto who got killed during the chunin exam arc and who ended in the then top 10 most popular characters poll? It's the same effect, this is the most memorable moment for these characters.

No. 265716

Not only that lol that whole ass exposition that the characters do after his death is hilarious too . The author really wanted her favourite characte be a pivotal character but instead made him a dumbass

No. 265717

File: 1672416941541.jpg (24.61 KB, 463x662, images.jpeg-12.jpg)

But the most awful design in ds is michuru . Why the hell does she has a boob window?

No. 265718

Maybe if she had developed him before killing him off he would have been less annoying. This was my main grip with KnY, everything went too fucking fast and there was no time to cool down or build character, I guess it was to show the world was horrible with all the deadly demons, but did every arc have to lead to a life or death fight with barely introduced characters on both sides? Even early Bleach and Naruto had better pacing imo.

No. 265722


I hated him the moment I saw him, but the bento scene on the train made me hate him more.

No. 265750

File: 1672428889591.jpg (19.27 MB, 3700x3878, RDT_20221230_11161547252390251…)

I know I'm beating a dead horse here with Fire Emblem Engage, but the 3D models are such poorly done interpretations of the 2D art. Their eyes and face shapes look so damn bizarre. The boring renders don't help because the lighting and costuming is bland and the posing looks so lifeless. They do look a lil better in motion at least from a review I saw. I'm not super impressed with the 2D art either. Maybe it's just not my taste. Is that their actual concept art or is it just promotional illustrations?

No. 265751

I didn't even notice the boob window I was too distracted by her weird hair

No. 265753

No, keep complaining about that shit game, it makes me feel less lonely. I hate how the whole game looks, it's an insult to good taste and fashion.

No. 265762

Absolutely horrid. Her hair looks disgusting and diseased, she could honestly compete with Lil Wayne. This show in general has some of the most ugly, eyesore designs I've ever seen in the anime industry that I honestly refuse to give it a chance.

No. 265766

It's almost like anime itself is a shitty art genre that can't and doesn't make sense in terms of physics, proportions, or dimension. No wonder it translate poorly into 3D.

No. 265767

File: 1672439713940.png (119.66 KB, 475x475, 257.png)

What is it with Japan and fire chickens

No. 265788

>Why the hell does she has a boob window
It’s a joke in the series that the tailor intentionally added it to her uniform

No. 265809

finally someone who understands.
anime only looks good in 2d because it's in an uncanny level between realism and cartoony. putting them in a 3d space only exacerbates that problem

No. 265818

I'm so glad someone else pointed her out. I watched DS a few months ago and I found the show pretty "meh". Good animation but story wasn't that interesting to me but Michuru's design was easily of the worst designs in the show imo. The boob window was explained like >>265788 mentioned but it doesn't make the design any less ridiculous.

No. 265820

File: 1672454088068.png (1.19 MB, 1336x1909, Tengen_anime.png)

Honestly the show was full of spastic behavior that was godawful. This guy was bad and so was the character Tengen (picrel). His constant use of saying "flashy", I groaned the whole time which sucks because I actually did like his design but his dialogue for the most part was awful.

No. 265901

How did this anime gain so much popularity in japan? This ugly shit was fucking everywhere

No. 266853

File: 1672777718629.jpg (181.89 KB, 828x814, 1654246468121.jpg)

The leaked designs for the new street fighter roster, Ruy and Ken look good but everyone else looks like they belong to a completely different game series

No. 266854

The bottom row looks particularly bad imo, especially the French and Chinese women.

No. 266858

I hesitated to give this manga a try because I saw how popular it was when I was in Japan and some friends told me it was good. But this specific character made me not want to because on twitter I saw a few girls saying that he has three girlfriends and how he loves them equally uwu and they're sisterwives and sperging about how polyamory is good or whatever. I don't think I'll ever be able to unsee after that.

No. 266860

I was going to say the same thing. The bottom row looks like it belongs in a Tekken or Soul calibur game.

No. 266862

She has the worst character design I've seen. I dont give a shit that this was made by a woman. it has some of the worst garbage designs, but this is my least favorite besides Nezuko turning into a literal child.

No. 266863

He looks like a failed concept design for an old hokage in Naruto. I literally hate this design so much.

No. 266872

I hate all demon slayer designs because of how ugly and cluttered they look but this is the worst. The color combination is gross (and it's not that I hate green and pink together, it's those specific shades that look like shit) I hate the big socks, the teehee ironic boob window and the braids. The original style is so fucking bad too, I especially hate the big ass bug eyes everyone has and the way the hair is usually drawn, it looks greasy and flat. I'm glad the hype died down a bit because I couldn't stand the shit characters being spammed everywhere.

No. 266874

I think the worst part of this design is the fact that the only reason why mangaka (who is in fact a woman) could excuse it with 'uh, there are not enough clothing materials for her uniform, so she has this huge boob window in every outfit she wears!'. Picrelated looks tame in comparison on how she usually looks.

No. 266929

I can see it now, KnY and Naruto are actually very similar except for their art which goes in opposite directions, Naruto is super bland while KnY is too cluttered.

No. 266947

File: 1672849728118.png (1.01 MB, 1200x897, D8DF4380-222B-40C2-AE2A-80883B…)

Naruto character designs are very iconic and are immediately recognizable. I’ve never read or seen the anime or manga but despite that I’m able to name and recognize most of the characters. If Naruto dressed like a classic ninja so in all black with face covered it wouldn’t be as well remembered.

No. 266963

That wasn't what I meant, sure the characters are recognizable but holy shit are they badly dressed, and come to Shippuden the art became really drab and the aged characters didn't look as good as their younger counterparts.

No. 267008

What a waste of a potential cute character

No. 267019

File: 1672877235018.jpeg (39.53 KB, 710x400, 0x0.jpeg)

I hate the design of Rebecca, the green girl with red eyes (that the scrotes online were referring to as a 'loli')

No. 267020

this looks like a nightmare to animate. Slightly off topic but so many animes looks like crap because the animators are underpaid and overworked. A good character design should be able to work within a cartoon's/anime's budget. Anime studios needs to stop adapting light novels and mangas that has complicated character designs because the are enabling bad animation and eye sores

No. 267027

Curious, she's an adult which you could say kinda exonerates any moid who likes her, yet they still call her "loli" for the hell of it

No. 267028

File: 1672882777085.png (271.35 KB, 588x700, skulls.png)

late reply but thank god you could at least equip the XOF outfit for her

on the topic of bad mgs designs, the female skull unit soldiers in V looked so fucking stupid

No. 267031

nta but they definitely knew what they where doing with her. She has pigtails and an oversized hoodie which does make her look more childlike but she also walks around in a bikini so she is suppose to be sexy. Studio Trigger where also insisting on having a loli on the show. There is a clip where on of the crew members in the American department says that Studio Trigger told them "the loli must stay"

No. 267033

File: 1672886604344.jpg (122.92 KB, 1082x1353, FdB4VgHWIAIXRvS.jpg)

I liked this series, but the character designs did suck. I can't think of a single one that stood out to me. Lucy's was particularly annoying because the crotch area looks like it would be so uncomfortable and tight in real life. Rebecca's colors were nice but that was about it, and I feel like Dorio deserved a way nicer design. Kiwi's was just ugly despite being the only fully covered one.

I genuinely don't mind skimpy character designs (to an extent) but you can't tell me that in a world like Cyberpunk's, the characters would have such boring styles. The edgiest thing the female characters could think of is to have their titties out? I don't get it. 'least Falco was hot.

No. 267034

Samefag, Lucy's forehead is fucking humungous and that's the worst part.

No. 267052

I unironically think her artstyle would be great if Nintendo and Atlus ever greenlit a sequel to Tokyo Mirage Sessions.
We finally get Cammy to wear pants in her default design, but at what cost…?

No. 267059

The FROG soldiers were way cooler. I loved their clawed feet.

No. 267060

>this was made by a woman
Yeesh, she must've been gaslit into thinking this was acceptable for a female character.

No. 267083

>toothpaste hair kek

No. 267085

I thought cammy was Russian but Id say this … much better than coomish designs but I don't really know what their character backstory is . Old sf was very nicely designed clearly telling us what the