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File: 1655210111892.jpg (210.51 KB, 1512x660, editing skillz over 9000.jpg)

No. 214165

Inspired by awful character design thread >>189168

Either redesigns by other people you find neat or ones you made yourself! "Fixing" bad designs, making them more modern / fit certain AU or what have you.

No. 214258

Thanks for making the thread nonna, nice op pic also

No. 214262

File: 1655227911505.jpg (941.59 KB, 3000x3000, FFPW7WQVcAYMLSv.jpg)

I came across this Clawdeen Wolf design, maybe not technically the most epic masterpiece ever but I love the style of clothes and FURRY LEGS, she's a werewolf for christ's sake! I think it says on her doll box she shaves every day, awful message for kids.

Glad you like it nonna!

No. 214263

i really like it as well

No. 214282

File: 1655233869612.png (4.92 MB, 1900x2350, gloss char redo.png)

This painter I follow has some ocs that I've tried to improve.

No. 214283

I think she has hairy arms canonically. I remember having one of those diary books they used to sell and there was one where clawdeen says she always has to shave lmao

No. 214284

File: 1655234169787.gif (277.68 KB, 220x243, huh-ew.gif)

No. 214285

why didn't you fix the ridiculous looking tits

No. 214287

I don’t think they actually fixed anything except for changing the colors

No. 214288

File: 1655234960880.jpg (323.46 KB, 1440x1441, 277481573_3054975508098905_633…)

>Character redesign thread
>Character recolour thread
…What is this. Looks like a pedo hentai visnovel with the only adult being the least offenisve which is a stretch while the colours look has more harmony I still think it doesn't belog in this thread but more in the >>>/ot/1177704 or >>>/ot/243951

No. 214291

MH was made by a moid so that's probably why.

No. 214295

Your second link would've been a better place to put my edit prob
I changed smaller things like glasses.

No. 214297

File: 1655236768790.jpg (1.02 MB, 3000x3000, FFPXQVuaQAAHtUA.jpg)

A gay moid, it was also 2008 when they started making them so the social justice / feminism etc scene was not so mainstream yet. And I don't think Mattel has ever been very progressive. The creator said he wanted to make some characters LGB for example, and Mattel shut him down it every time.

Yeah that's what I was talking about too, it's weird they included that. I think it was so funny at the time, haha a hairy woman!!

No. 214298

File: 1655236955302.png (1.69 MB, 1820x1728, bnha momo coustume.png)

While I was intrigued by BNHA I have soft spot for similar manga all of which I dropped sadly as I physically become sick of it and feel like my eyeballs will detach and roll away from meI always hate her design and every other female design and costume.

No. 214300

Like ok, if you want to show skin, fucking whatever. But the costume is just so UGLY. Also lmao at leddit making it even skimpier

No. 214301

I honestly prefer her og design. Her outfit perfectly encapsulates the rockabilly and scene subcultures of the late 2000s to the early 2010s. The redesign just looks too casual and boring by comparison

No. 214303

I absolutely hate rockabilly shit so that's why probably hate the original too lmao, all the clothing pieces combined hurt my eyes! But fair enough point though

No. 214304

An impressive feat, you made them worse

No. 214310

i also hate rockabilly fashion so i like that the redesign is more modern even if a little shein-ified

No. 214322

anon… do you get your art advice from /ic/?

No. 214331

LMAO oh no kek. It's true. Damn, can't zombies live without being reduced to a stereotype! #livingdeadsmatter Inmean the artist is a ftm tranny, they love dem stereotypes kekk

No. 214332

Oh I love that one, better than the one I posted imo since it keeps more of her original character

No. 214335

Or actually I don't know, the one I posted has more of that mismatched quality to the clothes og Ghoulia also has but just more trendy. Maybe a mix between those two designs would be chef's kiss

No. 214358

File: 1655248957839.jpg (238.07 KB, 725x734, f9a.jpg)

I hate the whole Uzaki-chan fad and her cringey distasteful design but these redesigns are pretty cute and way better than the original. I couldn't find any other acceptable redesigns but those who oppose them are scrotes, coomers, pedos and pickmes.

No. 214359

File: 1655248983113.jpg (171.75 KB, 719x583, 610.jpg)

No. 214367

No. 214372

She's pretty cute. Better than draw a shota and slap giant knockers on it.

No. 214376

File: 1655250699599.png (1.39 MB, 894x1492, 11.png)

u can't make this thread and then not post the classics

No. 214377

ok coomer

No. 214382

I don't follow this shit franchise so I'm not sure which outfit best represents her personality.
The Tumblr one is perhaps too simple, but still a massive improvement both in terms of design and (a lack of) sexualization.
The one that says "Age 15" is awesome. It or the Twitter redesign might be my favorite.
The Korean one is still sexualized but I like how it looks like a superheroine costume you'd see in any American superhero franchise.
While the Reddit one is ridiculous for obvious reasons, I like those black lines on her body, it gives the whole design more cohesion than the original. I think the word I'm looking for is "sleek" (I'm ESL sorry). I feel like redesigning this one though because it's such a waste kek.
I like that all of them give her gloves or arm accessories, her original design was too naked on both the legs and arms.

At least it looks like a real woman with big boobs and not a shota-looking bug-eyed anime abomination with no fashion sense

No. 214387

File: 1655252612851.jpg (5.19 MB, 7343x5882, 8823423894e32.jpg)

Does this count as a redesign? The artist reimagined how the characters would look like if they were in medieval Russia and near territory along with Kagome from 90s Moscow

No. 214391

I don't remember anything about Inuyasha but ooh I love this shit so much
>Does this count as a redesign?
Read the OP, yes it counts.

No. 214397

she turned her into an american lol. both designs are objectively ugly idc

No. 214401

File: 1655253771727.jpg (423.55 KB, 2600x2140, Eo8UCL8WEAY-B__.jpg)

The last sentence never registered in my brain when I was reading the OP, thank you though.

No. 214402

File: 1655253824584.jpg (321.13 KB, 2048x1433, tumblr_0a58cc5fe2c34422b778cae…)

Rita and Jalibuha

No. 214404

File: 1655253904370.jpg (523.73 KB, 2430x2140, EaeJVFHWoAEwVVy.jpg)


No. 214405

According to wiki she's innocent yet sexyman's dream
>Momo's Quirk(power?) Create any non-living material/object from her exposed skin by transforming the molecular structure of her fat cells.
>Expressing little concern for losing most of her clothing in battle, as she knows how to construct another set, and would have made her costume even more revealing were it not for restrictions on exposed skin in a costume. However, this often makes others think of her as an exhibitionist. Ironically, she is rather innocent and sensitive to vulgarity and rude mannerisms, constantly frustrated by sexual advancements. This innocence shows that she has a somewhat casual, natural, and non-lewd view toward nudity, which explains her lack of modesty in her costume.
Turns out the girl is 15 years old and not a 20 something and I guess has to expose skin to use her powers which probably why reddit hero getup is like that.

No. 214409

No. 214411

I hate this redesign. What’s up with the pants? Top of them is tailored but the bottom looks like sweat pants.

No. 214412

This is way too overcluttered. That's one of my pet peeves with redesigns, a lot them end up looking like bad OCs.

No. 214413

The whole manga would’ve made more sense design-wise if the characters had been university students. I seriously hate the autistic fixation with highschool and how they don’t make the characters actually act like highschool students, like seriously, everyone was a teenager at some point talking with other teenagers, is that something that incredibly difficult to imitate?

No. 214421

>needs to be naked to use her abilities or survive
of course, it always has to be a woman """for some reason"""

No. 214432

File: 1655264375175.jpg (53.75 KB, 400x554, kill_la_kill___ryuko_matoi_rew…)

i dont give a fuck about "symbolism" of needing to show teen girls' bodies, every character design in this show is ugly and stupid and needs help

No. 214433

File: 1655264411035.jpg (108.9 KB, 1280x1232, 943.jpg)

even cooler

No. 214436

Angry because this looks way better.

No. 214442

man i hate the huge tittied goblin as much as everyone but that redesign is not fucking it LOL

No. 214452

Yes, I feel the same. Isn't Dragon Maid a slice of life? or at least it focuses the most on that aspect? The redesign gives a different mood than what the series is about. I kinda share that thought with many of the redesigns posted here, the originals may not be great but the redesigns annoy me on a diferent way

No. 214477

The right is objectively ugly.

No. 214482

File: 1655280955444.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

Me reading that description

Fucking coombrains

No. 214483

I have never watched the anime (an never will lmao), but in her video Lavender Towne apparently based the outfit on a one the character wears on the show. And apparently she's supposed to be an angry strong dragon so imo her's makes much more sense and shows her personality. Though again I have not watched the anime, but hearing what the titty goblin is supposed to be like made me lol, the original design shows none of that lmao.

God I fucking hate the slice of life genre too, every character is a braindead moeblob with two personality types: big tit and small tit.

No. 214487

File: 1655282861338.jpg (1.73 MB, 4000x1670, dragon_effect___progress_shot_…)

These are so fucking cool ahhhh

Of course they do! I love them, thanks for posting. I love that the inspo is also included, lovely.

I actually specifically thought about this image of Mass Effect characters in Dragon Age universe by AndrewRyanArt when I made the thread and mentioned crossovers/AUs. I added the original designs for those not familiar, they are not in order though, sorry! Also kek I noticed he did everyone else but Jacob, fucking rip bro. Idk how relevent the art style of Dragon Age is, but it's pretty generic fantasy stuff.

No. 214488

File: 1655284255020.jpg (375.63 KB, 1256x1038, 83675934659834659346583.jpg)

ily nona thanks for reminding me of these

No. 214491

File: 1655284433935.jpg (1.67 MB, 4089x4112, 1655241076261.jpg)

Yoiu know I'm all for non-sexualized redesigns but KEK

Since Monster High was talked previously, here is a new reboot/redesign. Not sure how I feel about it.

No. 214493

File: 1655284900239.png (70.26 KB, 445x280, 530-5303153_tumblr-chicassuper…)

why is the tall blonde one standing like this kek

No. 214521

File: 1655297439380.png (Spoiler Image,493.39 KB, 585x469, 428720a4716d53941917feb2e1fa5f…)

Imagine being so high on literal copium and redesigning a nonhuman character's true form by making them a literal black person out of spite where it gets up to the point that it looks unrecognizable.

No. 214524

File: 1655297690626.png (51.45 KB, 601x407, unknown (1).png)


Also, the comments praising their golden turd.

No. 214525

File: 1655297770920.png (204.55 KB, 529x422, unknown (2).png)

No. 214527

File: 1655297901760.png (65.06 KB, 595x503, unknown (3).png)

No. 214531

It's kinda cute tbh

No. 214535

They did a good job though nona, you have to admit

No. 214540

I don't hate it though, why couldn't a nonhuman character be black in human form? It already has dreadlocks (?). I understand black people making edits for wanting more representation idk

I posted this to anime moids they got SO ANGRY lmao, I like it more now

No. 214541

Also one of them is a schitzo and said that is propaganda from some sinister organization lmaoooooo

No. 214549

Why did they make her hair red? They should've just left it dark brown. Also, making all the white parts of her outfit grey makes it look like she's standing in the dark.

This redesign genuinely sucks. The pale green skin clashes horrifically with her hair. The design was already a little cluttered to begin with, and the redraw makes it even busier.


This redesign is perfect, except for the obnoxious bucket hat. I like that this artist actually gave her a pose instead of just mirroring half the drawing.

I like the dark blue hair on the left one, but I like the gold highlights in the right one's hair. I also think the one on the right has better shoes for the mummy theme. Also, the right one looks more gothic, which is the whole point of the toy line.

No. 214551

The left one literally has dark skin under his hat, though. The human version is really nicely done, and you're just an autist.

No. 214557

it's cute imo. good luck with the autism sweet nonnie

No. 214561

Did tumblr make this thread

No. 214562

>Lavender Towne
That explains a lot kek

No. 214566

I like her well enough, she has a soothing voice and nice style

Oh noooo are they taking the hecking titties away!!

No. 214567

I believe so

No. 214570

You are more than welcome to post your non-tumblrina approved redesigns for the thread!

No. 214573

Her "style" looks like something out of deviantart and she's kind of bad at drawing in general (not that the moeblob is better but still)

No. 214576

Fair enough, I still like her and I don't think she could have an audience that big if she was bad (of course choosing video subjects that are popular helps). Her doll repaint was absolutely awful though lmao.

No. 214578

Nta but I agree. She seems like a genuine nice person, and even if I don't like some of her art, it's nice to watch her videos.

No. 214580

File: 1655306707128.png (575.5 KB, 1020x1020, tumblr_pdj45s1cGf1wr0b6ho2_128…)

Not the hecking exposed vitals! Moids could get a boner from seeing a midriff!

No. 214582

Tbf having your stomach out or wearing a crop top is basically asking to be raped or "sexualized" according to anons here

No. 214584

the sock garters…issa no from me. but gumi's design was never great to begin with so

No. 214585

Wot? No. I'm actually one of the anons complaining about that shit and I made this thread lol

I-is this supposed to be a good or a bad example? Literally the same as every other design here AND it has a tumblr file name lul

No. 214590

this reminds me of this one subreddit (forgot the name atm) for redesigns and a lot of it was just throwing on random pieces of clothing/fabric on designs without even trying to make it coherent or flow with the design in general, and the users unironically acted like showing arms and legs was immodest lol. half the stuff they tried 'fixing' were just normal characters. anyway turned out most of the users were teenagers.

No. 214598

I'm saying the logic of most of these redesigns is retarded, saying stuff like "no more exposed vitals" is stupid when it's obvious they just don't like the characters wearing crop tops or showing their midriff because it's too "sexualized" with the same logic of any retarded muslim mother telling their daughter to put on hijab

No. 214600

>bad at art
pretty subjective considering lots of art outside of the european canon is considered “bad” because it’s simplistic and that anybody can replicate it (even though often than not that’s kind of the point tbh kek). plus she’s more focused on making her career as a youtuber than being some grandiose artstation artist on the internet), art on the internet isn’t even being solely dictated by “muh technical skill”, a lot of it goes in accordance to trends and pop culture. i’m so tired of this picky shit when i’m pretty sure 90% of you love art from artists who don’t make “perfect” masterpieces lol

No. 214607

Oh I see. I see your point, I don't mean to be like "if you dress like that you are going to get raped!!!", but some designs, especially in anime, reek like male creepiness. Like those huge tittied lolis lol

I mean yeah she's mostly focused on youtube shit and her specialty is character design which she does well imo. Isn't that the saying that you have to have a grasp at anatomy before you can simplify it? To me her anatomy and color schemes are very nice

No. 214623

I’m not even a huge watcher or fan of her but I agree anon because she doesn’t try to come off as anything unlike the male artist cringelords I’ve seen on YT. I also agreed with her video that anatomy is not always going to look perfect because sometimes perfect anatomy doesn’t make sense when it comes to stylization. I’m tired of being afraid to express that opinion to some people because there’s some kind of apprehensive viewpoint that if you want to break muh art rules, you don’t want to learn technical skills. It’s not the end of creating art, sometimes you just want to look at some cute shit that has flaws. Art isn’t restrictive, if it was you wouldn’t let your three year old scribble shit all over collage-rule paper, art should be for anyone at any skill set. Sorry for derailing the thread kek just had to be said

No. 214628

but we can all agree both those things in the thread pic are ugly right

No. 214629

I like the redesign, but you have every right to disagree!

No. 214630


No. 214635

Go back.

No. 214638

No. 214660

No, it looks infinitely better than the underaged anime girl with obscenely large tits and is actually covered. Go take your miserable ass vendetta hateboner and go to /snow/

No. 214662

No. 214666


No. 214678

No. 214680

>multiple people can't have the same opinion
The 4th post is mine and it's not scrotey to call an original character donut steel ugly. The monster high resigns give off the same vibe too.

No. 214682


No. 214697

File: 1655326533873.jpeg (98.3 KB, 1000x1024, a76.jpeg)

No. 214699

MH reboot sucks. They took out all personality of the characters. They look like they've had so much plastic surgery that they can't move their facial muscles anymore.
SJW artists are so self-centered that they are unable of coming up with a character design without inserting their own boring casual clothes in it. Gumi looks nothing like an idol here, and it doesn't fix the main problem with her original design, which is the ugly color scheme.

No. 214700

The part about Gumi reminds me of why I dislike many redesigns, because oftentimes artists will miss the whole point of the character so idols/superheroes/ninjas/whatever end up with boring forgettable normie clothes because "it's more realistic" or something, when it's not supposed to be.

No. 214709

File: 1655333020923.png (150.25 KB, 640x490, tumblr_2a57440072b5f7db00ba31c…)

yeah like, take OP for instance, the original design is gross and awful but the redesign is just… not good? it doesn't fit a cutesy slice of life anime, nor is it a very interesting design on its own. it might be also in part that i hate the style they drew it in. i think when redesigning a character its a good idea to try and emulate the style of whatever it's from to convey what you're trying to get across better. it works best if it at least still resembles the character's original outfit too.

for instance here's midnight, whose outfit is so ugly in canon its basically unsalvageable, but i think the redesign did a good job making it more practical and pretty but still cute

No. 214720

That redesign looks even racier wtf

No. 214721

I like it. The OG human design for Balan reminds me of when I first saw the Beast human form in Beauty in the Beast in how disappointed I was.

No. 214725

Getting biker chick vibes from the re-design, which I sort of like, but then again I really did not like Midnight design that anything would seem better than what we got.

No. 214747

yeah but it's not fuck-ugly anymore

i hate her design too tbh

No. 214748

imo these colors are nice together, maybe get rid of the pink to make it perfect but i like it otherwise. just the terrible garters and ugly top need to go

No. 214754

ngl he looks cuter. the og looked like a yugioh character from 20 years ago

No. 214755

>glasses > goggles

No. 214757

File: 1655347839566.jpg (51.13 KB, 479x709, Ga8EyFn.jpg)

i thought this was her design

No. 214758

File: 1655347930261.png (206.18 KB, 435x800, 9fJBta9.png)

rly ive never seen that other outfit b4

No. 214759

File: 1655348245227.jpg (40.92 KB, 499x498, oR3xnNA.jpg)

>gumi is now half filipina like her VA
also somehow 5 shades darker than megumi nakajima actually is… lol

No. 214760

The redesign is even uglier than the original lol

No. 214762

When a new Vocaloid engine is released, the characters get design updates. Idk if they're meant to replace the original ones, or it's just supposed to represent the current software, though.

No. 214764

There is a whiff of ball sweat in this thread

No. 214775

This thread sucks ass

No. 214887

I agree and it's because all the Tumblr accusations and calling all the redesigns ugly without even pointing out what's wrong with them kek
This thread was made from the bad design thread mainly to fix bad designs or show other artists' attempts at it, but now no one wants to post more redesigns.

No. 214888

>without even pointing out what's wrong with them
It's been explained and pointed out so many times idk how you could've missed it. As already stated many of them are either too cluttered with too much unnecessary shit added on, misses the point of the character, hardly resembles the character, or a combination of these.

No. 215058

File: 1655465036687.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x3620, moids sexified.jpg)

Since there was complaining about covering characters up, here's some moidies skimpified to same standard as the female characters in the game are lol

No. 215059

File: 1655465141502.jpg (179.65 KB, 1031x900, d8kr71z-4c02cd23-0f77-4823-9b3…)

And a design of a female character

No. 215061

I would play this, games should have an option to have normal or skimpy clothes for both genders.

No. 215062

Yeah. I honestly like some booba myself, but the double standard is ridiculous. Moids whine and whine when women complain about sexual female designs, but GOOD LORD the bitching and crying when you put a man in a thong. Oh so NOW skimpy is bad?

No. 215088

File: 1655473731648.jpg (99.31 KB, 1166x1580, 37016180_10155875651377858_920…)

Would have invested a lot more in the franchise if he dressed like this

No. 215095

I think those are not skimpy enough.
Needs less fabric

No. 215096

File: 1655474716912.jpeg (216.57 KB, 750x858, 25911BDB-C404-49A0-842C-E4A167…)

if they made snake a woman instead of a man

No. 215101

File: 1655475197507.jpg (53.85 KB, 680x733, 1693858193408_n.jpg)

I remember when the game came out and this pretty much sums up the argument about Quiets outfit when scrotes and handmaidens were involved

No. 215104

File: 1655475417676.png (994.48 KB, 756x625, 140036.png)

Would have much rather have Quiet wear this with her "skin condition"

No. 215107

File: 1655475951328.png (145.68 KB, 427x479, Odin_Room.png)

one of the few things fire emblem got right was allowing men to also have sheer boob outfits

No. 215114

KEKKK I forgot thay made a ""lore reason"" for her outfit good lord

No. 215116

>Skin condition
It's the same shit as Momo's outfit in MHA being justified with "h-her powers require that her skin be exposed!1!" Scrote writers have figured out that if you stick a contrived "explanation" for the fetishism, retards online will defend it as being "necessary."

I'm not opposed to skimpy outfits inherently, but they should fit the tone of the story. If you're creating a raunchy comedy, sure, have those designs. But if you're creating an action story where a female character is supposed to be taken seriously, it's idiotic to have her running around in a bikini top. Men have no restraint, they put tits in literally everything regarding of the content or tone of the story.

No. 215119

I'd rather have skimpy clothes for moids only

No. 215122

I'm glad Midnight got killed off. What a retarded idea for a teacher character. If you hear the phrase "female superhero teacher" and your first thought for a design is S&M, you need to be thrown in an institution.

The male teachers all have relatively normal, kid-friendly powers, with the exception of maybe Vlad. She's the one female teacher and he made her a fucking dominatrix, unbelievable. Just another reminder that Japan has the worst systemic misogyny of any first world country.

No. 215166

The guys looked so slutty in FE Fates, it was insane. And you posted Odin but iirc once he gets his class change as a sorcerer he's the only guy who doesn't wear see through trousers, because in the default outfit you can see the other characters and enemies' underwear. Don't get me started on the male diviner class. I wish I could post pics of concept design but I can only find shit in webp format.

No. 215167

NTA but I know webp is a pain in the ass, however you can use a webp to jpg/png converter.

No. 215171

File: 1655492889880.jpg (166.16 KB, 1200x581, Dark_mage_sorcerer_concept.jpg)

Ok then here's one of the pics I wanted to post

No. 215172

File: 1655493285177.jpg (358.13 KB, 890x1616, DivinerMale.jpg)

And here's the default male diviner design.

No. 215176

Ngl I wish this was real cause this design is super cute, imo it's a really well stylized anime/cartoon black prettyboy

No. 215180

Read the replies, everyone agrees with you. The anon who posted that is just an autist.

No. 215183

Sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't allowed have a popular opinion

No. 215190

File: 1655498956216.jpeg (211.51 KB, 1280x948, tumblr_pwq1wbDEgY1qh8t5wo1_128…)

Yes I want more of this. It's equality. I hate it when the female version wears skimpy clothes and is somehow more sexualized than the male counterpart who is mostly covered up.

No. 215192

Legit the only issue I have with female Byleth is that she wears a sleeveless top but has those metal armor parts directly against her skin. Just give her long gloves underneath the metal accessories or long sleeves and small gloves or something like that and she's good to go. And her collar should have been black too instead of white. The stockings look like they're straight from Desigual or some shit but they grew on me so they can stay.

No. 215194

File: 1655500037417.png (745.83 KB, 1280x965, tumblr_pwq1wbDEgY1qh8t5wo2_128…)

I think just her design looks nothing like a professor and is not suited for battle.

No. 215196

tbh Byleth becomes a teacher without even wanting to be one kek.

No. 215211

I didn't mean it like that at all, it's just that people keep replying to that one and looks like they don't read the replies first, but whatever.

No. 215214

you know what I hate? when people think that just because a woman was the one who designed the female character like this, we have no right to complain about it. "it's not male gaze/sexist if it's drawn by a woman!"

No. 215220

and in the same vein my friend group didn't want me to criticize oversexualization of female characters because they're woolawoo and love big tit hentai. i wish i were being ironic.

No. 215299

what's the thing in the left meant to be? the only thing i find weird is that the right one doesn't look cartoony and simply looking at the one in the left it seems to be what's intended
Also is the guy that posted the edit the one with a fat fetish or is that someone else?

No. 215302

But didn't you hear nonna, all the COOL girls like humongous hentai tits, otherwise you are just a boring prude!

No. 215307

This Ivy redesign looks so good!

No. 215312

I hate how prevalent this is. I'm bi and mostly attracted to more masculine women anyways so male gaze shit absolutely does nothing for me to begin with on top of already finding it tasteless and objectifying but the wooloowoo performative big titty goth gf crowd acts like you're committing a crime if you say that

No. 215326

Honestly, foe FE3H, most of my complaints are for the art director, not Kurahana Chinatsu. His art is pure shit (check how ugly he made Rinka and summer!Noire in FEH) and he sometimes gives shitty instructions, just check the boring, ugly default class outfits for 3H and the toilet bowl armor in Awakening. He's the one who did all the in-game portraits and I think another artists did all the in-game illustrations that make all the characters look deformed or just ugly at best. I'm guessing Kurahana is too expensive for IS now that they're making HD games that need high quality illustrations and nobody can imitate her style well enough. In comparison Kuarahana just happened to draw some ugly stocking on fem!Byleth.

No. 215331

File: 1655534961543.jpg (73.43 KB, 868x943, Exbfi7QWgAIhclX.jpg)

It's hard to understand anything of Balan Wonderworld since anything resembling a coherent story or plot only exist in the tie-along novel and not in the actual game, but the left is his Monster form and the right is meant to be his more human one. This is what his unedited human form actually looks like.

No. 215335

Actually looks pretty cute, i like it. Too bad the game is trash

No. 215352

kurahana's art is shit stop defending her because she illustrated your favorite otome

No. 215353

they would never dare to dress up a fire emblem woman like this cause then the pick mes can't self-insert and the bihets can't scream mommy milkers

No. 215357

No. 215361

Calm down. Take a deep breath, you'll to be fine.

There's Robin though. Male and female Robin wear the same baggy clothes in their default class.

No. 215362

kurahana shitters everyone, go stare at her characters with ugly lifeless eyes

No. 215363

File: 1655560870551.jpg (240.04 KB, 806x452, Tumblr_l_104295066268859.jpg)

how can you defend this shit and blame it on the art director, it looks like he's sucking out my soul with those eyes

No. 215365

The one who drew this portrait and all the other portraits in 3H is the art director. You can pinpoint whatever flaw you want on Kurahana's art because she's not a perfect artist, the art director (whose name I keep forgetting) made these flaws way worse on purpose for 3H. Seriously, this game was on a budget or something because they couldn't afford her art for in-gape stuff on top of her character designs, compared to Awakening and Fates where Kozaki did the designs and the in-game portraits.

No. 215366

File: 1655563940116.jpg (156.43 KB, 755x821, kurahanadimitri.jpg)

doesn't change the fact that
1.she is the designer, she chose this horrible spaghetti haircut. have you seen her utapri designs? just as bad, and there's not a single hot guy in 3 houses. don't get me started on byleth, how can that kozaki scrote come up with a better female mc like corrin? HAVE YOU SEEN SHEZ?
2.this is how she draws the face, and her style was used for both the portraits and the 3D models, making the characters look very unattractive. the art director is already a mediocre artist in the first place, copying kurahana's lifeless style made it even worse
I don't like kozaki cause he's a coomer but he had better designs overall. the best artist they used was hidari though

No. 215367

ntayrt i respect your opinion but i fucking love dimitri's stupid spaghetti haircut kek

No. 215369

>kurahana shitters everyone,
I've never played a single game that she worked on. You're just a sperg.

>have you seen her utapri designs? just as bad, and there's not a single hot guy in 3 houses
I have, however, seen the characters in those games, and they're ok.

No. 215375

I don't know what you guys are talking about buy yeah the Utapri guys are pretty ugly.

No. 215379

File: 1655572173190.jpg (21.58 KB, 522x389, Screenshot_20210322-060744_You…)


We can blame it on Square Enix for letting this game crash, burn and die and for kicking Yuji Naka out before he could refurbish the gameplay just six months before it was released.

No. 215380

File: 1655572375986.jpg (90.66 KB, 500x496, 551161.jpg)

> have you seen her utapri designs? just as bad, and there's not a single hot guy in 3 houses.

I guess you've never seen Haruka Nanami and her Hypnotoad lookin' ass eyes before.

No. 215381

>have you seen her utapri designs? just as bad
The designs in utapri are ok imo except for a few guys, like Ai and Ranmary look out of place compared to the other characters. I only watched the anime because I found it hilarious and I played the rhythm game on my phone long ago but the art isn't by her at all, I don't know if they characters look really weird in the actual games. I do agree that her style doesn't translate well to 3D, unlike Kozaki's. IS being cheap and retarded doesn't help because the cutscenes are animated by the retards who did the cutscenes with 3fps at most for Echoes, instead of the competent ones who did the cutscenes for Awakening, Fates and Heroes. And they were cheap as fuck when developing 3H in general, it's clear the story is just based on how Japanese fans reacted to Fates instead of trying to tell its own story, and again, they were too cheap to make Kurahana do in-game illustrations and portraits.

>there's not a single hot guy in 3 houses

It's not an otome game so whatever. Some of the guys are cute imo after the timeskip but that's subjective. Dedue is hot, he's 100% my type and if he were real I'd marry him whether he like it or not.

>how can that kozaki scrote come up with a better female mc like corrin? HAVE YOU SEEN SHEZ?

Kozaki is very talented, regardless of whether he's a scrote or not, and the only thing that I truly disliked with Shez is the haircolor. I haven't payed attention to that Muso game at all though so I need to check that again to refresh my memory.

>the best artist they used was hidari though

I don't care that much for Hidari for the mere fact that his designs were wasted on that fucking abomination called Echoes.

No. 215387

How can a person be so wrong

No. 215391

Tell me what makes me wrong then.

No. 215392

all games should do this

No. 215394

Well, quoting a wrong person for one!

No. 215397

the right argument doesnt make any sense. do men also wear heavy armor to hide their bodies from the rape-urges of gay/bi/just predatory rapist men?

No. 215398

File: 1655578987604.jpg (222.64 KB, 1188x948, 4.jpg)

i hate the random midriff cuts to focus the bellybutton and wonder why so many anime designs have it but then i remember japan is full of autistic males who fetishize bellybuttons

No. 215403

Seriously. She's just wearing a generic soldier's outfit. Are soldier moids also "profoundly oppressed" (fucking kek) for not being allowed to have their asses fully hanging out?
She looks sooo much better in m!Byleth's outfit. Why couldn't they have given us the option…

No. 215405

>there's not a single hot guy in 3 houses
Opinion immediately dismissed if you don't find time skip Dimitri hot I would do anything for that man

No. 215406

Of course it doesn't make any sense, it's a strawman argument.
I've never heard a single woman complain about female characters wearing a normal-ass soldier uniform like every soldier should.
And I think that's similar to what Quiet wears before she's turned into a weird invisible plant woman?

No. 215419

File: 1655590930219.jpg (13.14 KB, 288x288, Haruka Nanami, but I fixed her…)

I fixed Haruka's eyes. Ain't she better?

No. 215420

Tbh her eyes look scarier now. She needs bigger pupils

No. 215454

That actually already looks so much better with her navel covered. The annoying mid-riff showing and booty shorts are so annoying. Isnt she fighting in a war??

No. 215460

File: 1655612171933.jpg (46.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>no Astaroth
but to be fair they covered his ass in the newer games.

In the 2nd game, there was an alt for Ivy just like that. I never played beyond 2 so I'm not sure what they did later.

And I have a soft spot for Ivy because short haired women in general are my weakness. And her credit art is gorgeous. I know moids and coomers see her as 'le sexy bdsm big booby woman' (and its kind of enabled by the devs) but she I will always see Ivy more as pic related.

No. 215462

The one at the bottom is super hot and I'm not sure why

No. 215910

If anything she's known for drawing BL though

No. 216128

She looks like she's traumatized and that she's ready to kill.

No. 216142

File: 1655864143971.png (630.79 KB, 1280x1895, tumblr_p520lcuRmK1s25mzvo1_128…)

I want Astolfo handsome with a boy voice.

No. 216145

This looks less like an astolfo redesign and more like an awkward normal sized guy cosplaying him. Kinda ugly.

No. 216146

File: 1655866457710.jpg (98.78 KB, 906x915, __astolfo_fate_and_1_more_draw…)

Ok how about have him look less like a generic moe anime girl.

No. 216148

the only way to fix this atrocity is with fire

No. 216152

Still better than how moid coomers draw him like a boobless dickgirl.

No. 216153

I think you'd have to redesign him almost entirely (keep the color palette if you want).
I'd give remove the two hair bows and spiky hair, to keep only one bow and give him a more elegant look. Perhaps with a face like this >>216146

No. 216154

Actually, what are the bows even for? I only know astolfo because of the dumbass memes, would taking away all of the bows make him unrecognizable? Are bows in general important for his design?

No. 216157

That's much better. Astolfo's normal design isn't that bad but the way scrotes draw him definitely is.

They are relevant to him as a character. He's GNC, likes feminine things.

No. 216161

File: 1655872142896.png (230.71 KB, 670x800, EQf3_YFUEAERF4f.png)

Since they've ruined and yassified Testament, give us handsome Bridget!

No. 216164

this was the character that made me realize japan glorifies pedo-baiting

No. 216167

In that case, making the braid thinner, with a big bow would be nice, the thick braid mixed with the spiky hair makes him look awkward. Maybe giving him something like a circlet and a medium sized bow could work too.

No. 216172

File: 1655875850164.png (1.08 MB, 1102x1197, 91964833_p0.png)

No. 216174

File: 1655876705933.jpg (554.04 KB, 1600x1984, dark_souls__ornstein_and_smoug…)

Skinny Smough is blessed

No. 219393

File: 1657041096208.jpg (106.83 KB, 1080x1296, 6edaf4f449b36f342cdee47629e5ad…)

There's no need for redesigning Dabi but I think he's looks hot without those purple skin patches.

No. 219398

Bakuho with black hair.

No. 219399

Whoops, I meant Bakugou, buuuuut…

No. 219422

Wait I know no nothing about this show but the fans be autistic on another level but why does he have extra skin stapled on him? To show how crazy he is? ew

No. 219454

This makes me laugh every time I see it.

No. 219485

I guess it's supposed to be a " what if ", but why did the person who edited it also decided to get rid of his piercings? Dabi's style is the only interesting thing about him
Those are burn scars

No. 219605

meh, he looks generic without it

No. 220376

Came to link this just to make nonnas who hate her angy

I like the first design of the boob anime woman, god those "b-but she NEEDS to have her ass and tits hanging out for muh lore!". But she kept it "lore-accurate" with the zippers, there's 0 excuse for the original awful outfit

No. 220386

File: 1657388670213.png (637.93 KB, 1366x768, lavender.png)

i really liked these designs, you should have posted pics instead of the whole vid tho, didn't like the raya one so much because i wish the whole thing was blue/gold but that's personal preference

No. 220389

File: 1657388818536.png (985.58 KB, 1344x744, towne.png)

the momo redesign
i like the zippers

No. 220390

File: 1657388917897.png (1.09 MB, 1328x736, redesign.png)

and redesigned raya

No. 220391

Oh I was lazy, thank you for the good work nona! I don't like the dragon very much either, the leaf nose looks like a clown nose lmaooo. The original looks too much like Elsa too though

No. 220392

atrocious shape language

No. 220415

File: 1657401578381.jpeg (929.12 KB, 2080x2690, 6750DCF2-2198-4C57-B819-6E7D7B…)

>getting upset because southeast-Asian-inspired art doesn’t agree with the friendly round beanmouth characters Calarts tells you to draw.

No. 220419

File: 1657402501552.png (1.4 MB, 972x1500, 1.png)

The shape design looks like shit, are you trying to imply shape design/language is something they only teach at Calarts lol. The earlier concept sketches from Disney are much stronger takes on a dragon closer to the inspirations.

No. 220420

I don't get it. These are all terribly drawn, which in return make the designs bad since the idea isn't executed well.

No. 220440

they are CONCEPT designs, it doesn’t have to look fucking gorgeous because it’s not applied to anything yet and it’s always subject to constant change

No. 220455

I mean, she's redesigning them, they should be an improvement since she's familiar with the characters and such.

No. 220466

File: 1657425020966.png (360.73 KB, 353x639, Untitled.png)

ok this is hot, i wish smough actually had sexy armor

No. 220468

File: 1657425374823.jpg (101.86 KB, 2048x693, Esxfxy0XIAQvG-7.jpg)

small changes to the existing design could go a long way. im still really disturbed by how much this dragon looks like elsa

No. 220563

I hate his og armor, I can’t believe Miyazaki said it was his favorite but whatever. I will say that twink Smough in >>216174 is freaking me out a little though lmao.

No. 220585

>she's familiar with the characters
It isn't what it looks like, considering how out of character Momo looks

No. 220589

That's her style, she's a cartoonist. Sure they are simple and that will make some nonnas seethe, but I don't think they are TERRIBLY drawn (well, maybe the clow nose dragon is a bit unfortunate).

The edit is so much better, and with such little changes!

Does she? I have not watched the anime (and never will), the zipper dress seems to be in line with the original style and the fluffy dress version she mentioned is out of character but just an experiment on the "has to have access to skin at all times" concept.

No. 220593

>That's her style
i can't believe people still use this excuse in 2022 instead of just improving

No. 220603

I don't know, nonna, if her style isn't fit for redesigns, then maybe she shouldn't be doing them and marketing them as an improvement.

No. 220605

Holy shit, this is such an improvement, I love how not-obviously feminine she looks. I don't even need to ask why they design a goddamn dragon like the one on the right just because she's female, we all know why.

No. 220629

How would you improve her art? What is objectively wrong with it?

No. 220652

Nta, but you sound mad.

No. 221171

can we post our own redesigns here that are drawn, not edited too? just a quick question

No. 221173

As long as it is not like >>214282 as anon just changed colours and outfit a bit Artist clearly draws pornographic drawings and obliviously a coomerartist and keep your signature out of it

No. 221177

I think we should just make it a general redesign thread and post examples of bad/shitty redesigns too, so the thread wouldn't be quite so dead. Plus a lot of anons already find the redesigns posted here ugly kek

No. 221182

Just don’t get mad at anons if they say it isn’t good.

No. 221189

I always expect that, I have different tastes then most anons here tbh so it might look ugly kek

No. 221225

File: 1657657906181.jpeg (603.77 KB, 2480x3508, 5F20E544-E7D0-4BEA-935D-200FD3…)

I decided to not really redesign her but change her outfit a bit, this one’s more of my version of an older clawdeen and I just looked at that design right now and I really like that they made her look like a wolf kek

No. 221929

File: 1657835453251.jpg (204.67 KB, 1920x2004, yana-anadenko-finished-color.j…)

Haruno Sakura redesign

No. 221930

File: 1657835478733.jpg (756.4 KB, 1920x2879, yana-anadenko-sakura-redis-rei…)

More variables

No. 221938

Not bad, but I wish the artist did something a little more varied with the outfit palette, Kishi was not creative with finding colors that matched with her hair. Pink on pink? No.

No. 221973

NTA but I like this idea too! He doesn't have to be obnoxiously "girly" to dress GNC. There's already a lot of characters in media for women that are GNC with long hair, androgynous features, feminine clothes, etc. but they're not coomer bishoujo traps either, so that kind of look might work really well. It depends on who the target audience is though
idk nonnie, personally I like it, but don't have much to add

No. 224066

This pose is a bit awkard but I think the designs here >>221930 look nice. My favorite is the one in the very bottom, right corner.

No. 224078

File: 1658596229562.jpeg (57.74 KB, 721x721, images (4).jpeg)

This should be her outfit

No. 224110

What is that? It looks like it’s something I need cause I have horrible posture. Sorry for being completely off topic

No. 224120

Yeah, I believe it's called a back brace supposed to help with posture and back pain, not sure how well scientifically proven that is.

No. 224163

iirc they're not really recommended because it makes your muscles start to deteriorate, since the braces do all the work, and when you stop using them you end up worse (bc ur back relies on the braces and now ur muscles are all fucked up)

No. 224281

File: 1658655522789.png (3.19 MB, 2358x1920, frellea brave nine.png)

No. 224306

File: 1658676776340.png (910.56 KB, 652x990, akarimai.png)


No. 224307

File: 1658676804138.jpg (263.46 KB, 1400x1600, akarimai2.jpg)


No. 224336

That's pretty cute, I like it a lot.

No. 224351

japs try to design a child character without sexualizing her like someone who doesn't even work for you can manage challenge (impossible)

No. 228244

I think Bridget got trooned to she/her pronouns.

No. 228266

Magia Record sucks so much, it was so cute at first and now they're just throwing whatever coomer shit they can in the Madoka franchise bin.

No. 229280

Lavendertowne's isekai mc redesigns

No. 229282

File: 1660192417970.png (818.97 KB, 923x1038, Isekai_redesign.png)

They honestly look way better than the generic bland self-insert designs

No. 229283

middle and left do look better but the right one is atrocious

No. 229297

I think right one is supposed to be a guy in his 30s?

No. 229318

It's not about the age but also his hair.

No. 229454

I think all six of them are awful really. The top is completely samefaced and soulless and the bottom is just tumblr trash. The one in the left looks like a tumblr sexyman gijinka in the vein of Bill Cipher.

No. 229467

I'd pick tumblr trash over cookie cutter moid self-inserts anytime. They got more character and personality.

No. 229518

i like the bottom middle, cute.

No. 243539

Does this count? It's Naoki Saito drawing Genshit characters from memory and using hints. Cool designs imo

No. 243749

File: 1664567603884.png (496.51 KB, 1802x1120, magiredesign.png)

home you don't mind I gave it a shot, Nonnie.
I kept the swimsuit look in one version because it reminded me a lot of the one Sakura wore.

No. 243752

Even when I ignore the removal of the annoying coomer pandering this looks still much better. It has way more style IMO. I even prefer the guy with proper armor, the naked parts look just weird to me.

No. 243833

nta but your art is so cute! I really love both these designs.

No. 243844

Your art is really cute nonny! I think I like the one on the right more because of the poofy shorts, but the leotard sort of thing she's wearing in the other one kinda makes her look like a mix between a superhero and a ballerina

No. 245698

This anon gets it lmao

No. 264880

File: 1671495984193.png (367.66 KB, 625x800, 74176997_p0.png)

Fantasy AU

No. 264881

File: 1671496076029.jpg (621.35 KB, 1920x1080, 75575334_p0.jpg)

Sci-Fi AU

No. 264882

File: 1671496097319.jpg (557.05 KB, 1920x1080, 75575334_p1.jpg)

No. 264883

reigen is so hot no matter the univers

No. 264884

File: 1671496453270.jpg (559.03 KB, 1920x2559, syrena-li-copy(1).jpg)


No. 264885

File: 1671496485404.jpg (522.93 KB, 1920x2562, syrena-li-copy.jpg)

No. 264886

File: 1671496550909.jpg (530.5 KB, 1352x2154, cristina-morillas-garcia-princ…)


I found some sexy pics of him, will post him soon for you

No. 264887

File: 1671496626695.jpg (155.07 KB, 1920x1080, cristina-morillas-garcia-gusan…)

No. 264911

Why is inuyasha sexier with that mask on?

No. 264913

>sexier with the mask on
Your a maskfucker anon. Embrace it.

No. 264996

either that or anon is a furry kek

No. 265155

I like Momo and her abilities enough that I can look past the "she conveniently needs exposed skin use her powers" thing but even with that in mind her original outfit is just poorly designed for her powers and how she uses them.
When she has to create something big she always uses her back skin. I don't recall her ever creating something out of her boobs. So why a boob window instead of a back window? Her winter outfit actually has a cape that covers some skin for warmth - so why not a cape with the summer one too to help hide what she's making until it's too late for the enemy to counter it?

No. 265186

File: 1672209393629.jpeg (21.54 KB, 748x410, images (10).jpeg)

No. 285692

File: 1679789432967.jpg (127.73 KB, 800x1000, d7zd2lf-d19dc2cb-3df9-40bc-9d8…)


No. 285693

File: 1679789459985.jpg (114.21 KB, 776x1200, d8ptnha-7e9b5e77-c9d4-4018-adf…)

No. 285694

File: 1679789497070.jpg (236.47 KB, 1024x1326, twisted_fairies__tinker_bell_b…)

No. 285695

File: 1679789563840.jpg (272.05 KB, 1600x1214, adventure_time_redesigns_i_by_…)

Ignoring the ginijikas it's a medieval fantasy au

No. 285696

File: 1679789616181.jpg (193.04 KB, 1600x745, sailor_moon__art_nouveau_costu…)

Art nouveau redesign dump

No. 285697

File: 1679789639985.jpg (262.53 KB, 1600x1203, art_nouveau_costume_designs_i_…)

No. 285698

File: 1679789674606.jpg (284.48 KB, 1599x1164, art_nouveau_costume_designs_ii…)

No. 285699

File: 1679789703231.jpg (266.21 KB, 1600x1131, art_nouveau_costume_designs_ii…)

No. 285700

File: 1679789740320.jpg (266.78 KB, 1600x1124, art_nouveau_costume_designs_v_…)

No. 285701

File: 1679789766303.jpg (269.42 KB, 1600x1206, art_nouveau_costume_designs_iv…)

No. 285702

File: 1679789851901.jpg (251 KB, 1599x1131, art_nouveau_costume_designs_vi…)

Fun fact someone made cross stitch patterns from the images of the art nouveau disney princesses

No. 285703

File: 1679789882741.jpg (225.02 KB, 1600x1274, quickdesigns__korra__asami_and…)

No. 285704

File: 1679789959765.jpg (181.88 KB, 1600x732, updated__avatar_art_nouveau_co…)

I dislike the boob window on Toph outfit other then that i like it

No. 301882

File: 1686579818046.jpg (126.83 KB, 886x2048, Squidward.jpg)

No. 351681

Yeah,that makes no sense for Toph's character. Should have at least been a sheer fabric, which can at least be added if someone wanted to make this irl

No. 351683

This is hot. I wish we got older Bridget who grew up and is wearing a hot priest outfit. Is that too much to ask?

No. 351686

but he looks way too hot

No. 351737

he looks like an old bitchy gay man kek

No. 351762

idk the art is super stylized but he looks kinda ripped and i think squidward would be lanky

also i doubt he'd willingly shave his head, he just bald

No. 367613

File: 1712181630402.png (3.63 MB, 1520x2048, Untitled283_20240403145750.png)

I tried editing this for fun. I'm not good at art so sorry for sloppy lines.

No. 367614

File: 1712181662955.png (2.73 MB, 1520x2048, 1712138355902.png)


No. 367782

Not bad. It's impossible to fix from the material you started with without a total redraw but it's less retarded now. I think her mask-mode outfit should just have pants. It's some kind of bimbofication fetish porn though so of course they didn't give her pants.

No. 367790

why isn't she wearing pants? whoever drew this is a retard. the mask doesn't turn you into a slut it just lowers your inhibitions and makes you act the way you wish you were, and i doubt any woman's true dream is to run around pantsless.

No. 367855

File: 1712259655535.png (283.06 KB, 907x1312, 2786528ffcde0e56.png)

I don't know how I feel about the nose and teeth on this one, but I yearn for a more period appropriate, less Deviantart OC Alastor

No. 367874

this is just boring, the charm of HH is the retarded sparkledog designs

No. 367940

> a more period appropriate
Nona your picrel isn't period appropriate either.
This thread allows redesigns from anons so I might take a crack at it with my American 20's to Great Depression autism.

No. 367957

File: 1712291961770.png (337.55 KB, 810x823, GGzXtiaXcAAP7fm.png)

Not sure about the Jax one but these would look awesome in 3d such a shame these aren't the actual designs especially Pomnis,her canon outfit is so ugly I like that her eyes aren't overly designed and giving her heterochromia is actually cool.

No. 367959

Every salaryman on earth now is period appropriate

No. 367961

File: 1712292485586.webp (59.88 KB, 828x820, 1_tCFHlD1t4XJUIwEK4dmu8Q.webp)

Does anyone remember that old infamous bad Merida redesign?

No. 367989

File: 1712315472671.jpg (2.3 MB, 2048x1328, Tumblr_l_13490951712003.jpg)

Thoughts? I think alastor look way too kid-friendly.

No. 367993

drawn by one of those welcome home (?) tifs undoubtably. alastor looks like tumblr sexyman rudolph kek
though goat charlie is cute

No. 367994

Oh my god, this colorscheme is horrible. Vivzie may overuse the red, but introducing so many random colors ruins the look. Why turn Vaggie green and Nifty blue kek

No. 368008

The art is nice, but this is like the Teen Tians Go version of hazbin. All the edges where sanded off, and every character gets their own color, you wouldn't want the kids to get confused.

No. 368014

File: 1712327899847.jpg (383.01 KB, 2050x2100, GItzf_kXoAEC2_d.jpg)

I wanna know if this is an unpopular opinion, but all mlp redesigns I've seen tend to be kinda bad. They always overdesign the characters and it doesn't understand the simplicity of the originals. Pic related, even if the art style is simple the designs feel too much, but idk if you agree.

No. 368015

yeah, like why give them those tails? it takes away so much form. why give twilight such a specific bun and then give her sharp, angled sidebangs?? and the ears are all also shaped goofy for no reason. genuinely the only good choices are their leg and chest designs but i still wish they atleast made the poofs of the hind legs bigger or something to show weight. im sperging but god these designs are always autistically designed as if the person only chose their choices with the thought of "have i not made it quirkier than the original enough..?"

No. 368022

I think people draw these "fancy" ponies just for fun, not necessarily because they're trying to "fix" the designs. If these were designs for a professional purpose, they'd be way too cluttered. But if it's just for fun, it's fine.

No. 368046

Unicorns in medieval art were depicted with lion like tails sort of like that. I've seen plenty of mlp redesigns with those tails this is just one of the less pretty ones, imo.

No. 368056

File: 1712340680707.jpg (580.43 KB, 1535x2048, Tumblr_l_15522482834088.jpg)

Another hazbin hotel redesign. I think this one looks cute.

No. 368084

They don't look that bad, the issue is that almost every artist does the same things with their redesigns. You could make a whole bingo chart.
>weird jerboa tails
>overweight Pinkie
>Fluttershy is a different species (bat or deer)
>Twilight's horn is shaped weirdly
>Rarity is covered in gems
>Rainbow Dash has that one choppy short haircut
>Applejack is a Shire horse
>Twilight has glasses
Nothing wrong with most of those but seeing it done and done again is tiring

No. 368195

wow… the artist really did the impossible. angel dust looks faggier than ever

No. 368440

really trying to make charlie and vaggie into harley and ivy lol

No. 368445

File: 1712432658162.png (213.32 KB, 500x700, tumblr_1a1d6dce41de280f49281e3…)

Both are shit

No. 368448

File: 1712433219560.png (368.19 KB, 2888x1688, j7fq5uarq5851.png)

I don't like Pokemon but I have to admit the redesign is wayyy better than what we actually got,is there a reason why Hatterene's original form is shaped like a woman's curvy body?it looks so damn goofy and not in a good way either.

No. 368453

No. 368454

but she's more curvy and womanly/humanoid in the redesign so why do you like it if you think that's goofy?

No. 368470

I said her original form is goofy looking not the redesign.because of the weird resemblance to a woman's body.she looks more humanoid in the redesign yes I know but the shape language makes more sense in the redesign than in her original form.

No. 368477

Honestly I wish Hatterne looked more like Hatenna and Hattrem. The humanoid figure inside Hatterne only vaguely resembles Hatenna and Hattrem imo.

No. 369102

File: 1712608867096.jpeg (117.78 KB, 900x593, GCpbVx9WoAIqCtY.jpeg)

Got this from Twitter the artist even said that they're not a fan of the original designs.This has a charm to it and successfully captures the retro aesthetic better then what TADC was going for. I definitely like Pomni, Jax & Ragatha in this version more.

No. 369107

File: 1712610296554.jpg (303.97 KB, 595x1000, Tumblr_l_257414056503735.jpg)

They made her look worse

No. 369110

tdac is supposed to be retro aesthetic? nothing about it says that

No. 369113

NTA but it's supposed to emulate computer games from the 90s and very early 2000's, Goosetroon was thinking about his dick the whole time so it didn't end up looking even close to that.

No. 369224

>is there a reason why Hatterene's original form is shaped like a woman's curvy body?
Yes actually, it's partly based on how female-only creatures from european folklore lure in men by looking like beautiful women, only to then kill them kek

No. 369225

I never saw the issue with it tbh, they were making sparkly glam versions of ALL of them it would have been retarded to go "no sparkles for Merida tho!". Her hair is still wild and bushy, they emphasized the eyes with black lines but they didn't give her makeup or long eyelashes or anything like that, her dress is still the least flashy/girly out of the bunch. It still perfectly fits her within the context of what they were doing.

No. 369562

File: 1712757960013.jpg (962.47 KB, 4096x4034, EkdbwH2XYAE-OH2.jpg)

The cartoon is shit and irrelevant but I always wanted to seethe at how this gendie lesbian artist somehow designed the lesbian character to look more boring and coomery

No. 369563

This artist doesn't understand how knees or calves work. It's actually really bothering me the more I look at it. The lines don't even make sense.

No. 369859

File: 1712897443678.jpeg (200.26 KB, 1900x1700, FLXLfbGX0AA0z9t.jpeg)

He made her design wayyy worse and possibly even difficult to animate.the hair bow placement on the redesign doesn't even make sense also why the thigh highs?

No. 369868

Lol at the strap of the beyond cliche FF7 one-shoulder armor thing conforming to her underboob

No. 369906

the actually look worse

No. 369944

Super ot but I still kind of seethe over High Guardian Spice for its wasted potential. It should've never been on Crunchyroll, I honestly think it would've worked at as Disney/Cartoon Network/or even Netflix original.

The premise was genuinely cute—lackluster animation and gendie shit aside, it could've been such a great addition to the Western magical girl canon. Ugghhh.

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