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File: 1647305143798.jpg (64.46 KB, 563x708, 8063080a9e7984ac5af0722313d7eb…)

No. 189407

Want to talk about characters you like but don't consider your husbandos/waifus? Post them here!

No. 189410

File: 1647306362939.jpg (27.78 KB, 400x400, a219ef7fa6e873f7e0139ec4d0eacc…)

Wally West is the best Flash.

No. 189412

Great the thread pic choice, I love Charlie

No. 189417

File: 1647307811133.jpg (23.03 KB, 400x282, Tumblr_meakx6ybLW1qmibeho1_500…)

He might be a good schizo husbando but I just like him cause he's a fun character

No. 189525

File: 1647348769824.jpg (97.97 KB, 660x624, 524565e323814affef41558bc8677e…)

Who are the best dolls and why is it them, desu?

No. 189710

File: 1647399862494.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1004, best boy (platonically).png)

I want Yang Wenli to be happy, I want to protect his smile, and I want to make sure he retires and gets that pension he wanted and lives happily ever after with his wife and friends and reading his history books, he did not deserve to suffer so much. I cried so much over his death and ended up relating a lot to Julian because of that.

At this point I might as well call him my husbando despite not being sexually or romatically attracted to him in the least (although he is super cute).

No. 189728

File: 1647402003679.jpg (11.56 KB, 240x240, 485c157265f952d707f08395c8f8d4…)

I wish him only good fortune and spaghetti

No. 189743

Great taste anon, a character truly beyond reproach

No. 189747

File: 1647412679172.png (4.1 KB, 781x1155, papyrus.png)

I wish him only good fortune and spaghetti

No. 189756

File: 1647414614596.jpeg (205.69 KB, 581x433, iu.jpeg)

He was the best character


No. 189829

I love how during the course of the whole story he loses his calm exactly only once, and for a very good reason (unlike crybaby Reinhard)

No. 189871

I think Reinhard was awesome and all but he irritated me sometimes when he acted like a spoiled brat (it was surprising to see several people husbando him). Yang, on the other hand, might be one of my favorite characters ever, partly due to how calm and relaxed he is/tries to be at all times, although I do think he was too passive and should've been more ambitious, but he did enough. He feels so human, I'm not sure how to describe it. Also his voice is so soothing, RIP Kei Tomiyama.

No. 189981

File: 1647496361826.png (104.94 KB, 333x250, Iroh_smiling.png)

I wish him only good fortune and tea

No. 189991

That's just blond Jerma

No. 190004

German Jerma, Jürgen

No. 190012

File: 1647520567167.png (1.42 MB, 1780x3000, zorak.png)

My favorite bully

No. 190024

hes useless and a sexist creep tho

No. 190095

?? Explain.

No. 190099

I think they were both designed to be the opposite archetypes of what history saw as "great military leaders"
Reinhard is the passionate, charismatic leader, who lives for politics since he was a child and strives towards seemingly impossible goals, which makes for grand actions and loyal friends but unavoidably faces military defeats or an unsustainably big empire (Napoleon, Alexander)
On the other hand Yang Wenli can be defined by the quote "Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the mental clarity and strength of nerve necessary for difficult decisions." He is absolutely terrible with politics, has little charisma and is a complete slob (Julian serves mostly as his maid) but manages to solve everything he's told to deal with due to his complete lack of passion and his knowledge of military tactics. He feels much more human than Reinhard because Reinhard's archetype is the sort of nearly deified leader who'll be celebrated thousands of years after his death, while Yang Wenli is the sort of nearly nameless but competent commander who'll only be remembered in history books

No. 190315

hes useless and a sexist creep tho

No. 191348

File: 1647965682355.jpg (63.56 KB, 607x1315, maylene.jpg)

she's just like one of my irl friends
and I hope all moids making foot fetish art of her die in a fire

No. 191361

Iroh commit war crimes and then as soon as his son died due to a war he supported he suddenly goes all peaceful guru. So fake. He also sexually harasses that one bounty hunter woman. Iroh also thinks Azula is irreparably evil and has never even made the effort to speak to her or understand her interests, he only hates her because he projects his own relationship with his brother onto her and Zuko's relationship.

No. 191385

File: 1647974926155.jpeg (570.95 KB, 1170x1072, C7DD8760-02BB-4F63-B296-74B98D…)

Why do jerma fans insist everyone looks / sounds like him?
Is he that bland and forgettable?

No. 191388

Yeah that's the joke.

No. 191415

azula is a fuckinh psychopath, she can't be fixed

No. 191433

>t. iroh

No. 191578

File: 1648043106477.jpg (272.04 KB, 559x810, oldvampireguy.jpg)

Blessing this thread with Regis, like in the old days.

No. 191629

File: 1648058799015.png (588.78 KB, 512x724, S030_Stage4.png)

I love her so much, she's very cute but also funny and ridiculously strong.

No. 191643

Ah an anon of culture.
>I never violate the principles I set for myself.
>It is better to go forward without a goal, than to have a goal and stay in one place, and it is certainly better than to stay in one place without a goal.
>Ignorance is not an excuse for thoughtless actions. When one doesn’t know or is in doubt, it is good to seek advice.
I strive to be as classy and competent as Regis.

No. 191654

File: 1648063662536.png (126.01 KB, 512x728, SmartharulerAF.png)

Martha is the best FGO wife, I love her summer version especially. The one that just punches everything really hard.

No. 191692

File: 1648074749843.jpg (43.21 KB, 640x361, kuroha.jpg)

Can't find the "characters that would be farmers" thread but I also love her so

No. 191718

I’m gonna make a new one, I love that thread.

No. 191725

omg Eden of the east is such an underrated show.

No. 195777

File: 1649413125989.png (1.62 MB, 1280x887, Mina_concept_art.png)

>tired expression
>fairy type
>does art
Mina's my favorite Pokegirl of at time

I hope all moids making fetish and porn art of Pokegirls die in a fire

No. 195784

File: 1649415338025.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1800, Untitled.png)

I like to imagine Foo Fighters, Mista and Okuyasu are friends in an alternate alternate universe because can you imagine how much fun it would be to hang out with all of them.

No. 195792

File: 1649419542304.jpg (66.88 KB, 600x1085, 33a840c75ff6f6be60b73c5583b369…)

No. 195819

Her design is so cute! I love how she just carries around sushi. I love it

No. 195845

I want to be their friends so bad. Manifesting tuplas rn

No. 195965

A king and a babe

No. 206825

File: 1652750414390.jpg (117.62 KB, 1080x941, ESRStBoUYAATpWT.jpg)

My all time favorite girl.

No. 206833

File: 1652751639277.jpg (719.48 KB, 2172x3862, 20220517_093009.jpg)

ik she serves nothing to the story but exposition for the mc but il her sm

No. 206856

File: 1652757854344.jpg (220.66 KB, 1200x1923, The oblongs_1347a4_7399822.jpg)

All the characters in Oblongs are great but Pickles is my favorite. She strikes the balance between the alcoholic/unaware parent in adult shows but actually cares a lot about her family

No. 206863

File: 1652760220394.jpg (118.56 KB, 632x650, bestboi.jpg)

i want to knit with him

No. 227780

File: 1659831481528.jpg (126.06 KB, 1049x1080, IMG_20220807_021536.jpg)

I love Pom

No. 227783

File: 1659833131230.jpg (110.42 KB, 1200x600, Iori-Yagami-SNK-header.jpg)

Man's got drip.

No. 227829

This game was both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I love Pom too.

No. 227878

File: 1659864525800.jpeg (608.39 KB, 1240x1754, 901457A2-C5B7-4D21-B850-44333E…)

i’m not that far along in the book yet but i love fuschia groan, she’s literallyme

No. 227881

File: 1659866434877.jpg (144.23 KB, 850x597, __phoenix_wright_maya_fey_mile…)

All of them, but especially Maya, Edgeworth, Phoenix, and Gumshoe!!

No. 227888

File: 1659867775656.jpg (12.68 MB, 6082x8613, Ultimate.Madoka.full.1317357.j…)

My beloved daughter.

No. 227949

File: 1659895772833.jpg (135.08 KB, 1080x985, azula1.jpg)

Based queen and a role model for little girls everywhere. I admire her ambitiousness.

No. 227954

Why was it heartbreaking? Because they are dogs in heaven?
Loved that game so much

No. 227957

File: 1659900736605.jpeg (88.41 KB, 500x473, Integra-Wingate-Hellsing.jpeg)

I love her so much nonas

No. 227964

File: 1659907529070.jpg (105.69 KB, 660x677, Struth man gaige is best bl2 g…)

Gaige in BL3 is one of my favorite character designs, she was golden in bl2 but in the DLC she's so fun as an NPC. Her personality is so cute. If I weren't shit at cosplay I would cosplay her.

No. 227969

omg I love Gaige too!!

No. 227972

File: 1659914435759.jpeg (3.15 MB, 1170x1650, DC1D48B0-281C-42E7-9482-9C1E9A…)

He’s my little cutie patootie

No. 227982

File: 1659920728323.png (256.32 KB, 814x543, 265.png)

I love the marshmallow squirrel and business cat

No. 231710

File: 1660777781118.jpg (133.21 KB, 736x1014, sandor.jpg)

Fuck Joffrey, fuck the queen

No. 231720

I love him so much and I thirst for him so much.

No. 231729

File: 1660781474995.gif (8.64 MB, 540x365, Tumblr_l_363042022336052.gif)

He's so fucking unhinged I love it

No. 231764

File: 1660790359163.jpg (72.2 KB, 559x745, effystonem_gum.jpg)

Effy is/was the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st century. Ramona Flowers who?

No. 231921

another black sails fan yessss
how'd you feel about the last season?

No. 232777

File: 1661194844124.gif (1003.14 KB, 245x270, dd1f2cc4581253e27fa39be89a6e45…)

No. 232780

File: 1661194888301.gif (674.93 KB, 500x281, jane.gif)

No. 232781

File: 1661194929247.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1080, 829799.png)

No. 232784

File: 1661195597543.jpg (877.5 KB, 1102x1295, alice.jpg)

No. 232796

File: 1661198277123.png (288.72 KB, 1280x720, beabea.png)

Can't choose, I love them both equally.

No. 232801


No. 232805


No. 232812

File: 1661202256092.png (214.88 KB, 894x894, 37272F80-CABA-4BDD-AC5B-CF089B…)

I could not get through that game. I cried way too hard at the beginning. I’m a huge softie when it comes to dogs.
Also here’s a wild card

No. 232835

Good taste.

No. 233019

File: 1661289293215.jpg (77.83 KB, 853x1200, masterscholar.jpg)

houseki no kuni is genuinely heartbreaking. no matter the ending it is going to be sad for me, because we are never going to get this precious smile again.

No. 233145

File: 1661325493593.png (182.64 KB, 398x497, fukawa.PNG)

she's just so awful, i can't help but love her

No. 233185

I love her too, but I hate how people reduce her character to being a "lesbian".

No. 233413

We don’t really know if he ever made the effort to connect to Azula because it was never shown on screen. He might’ve but realized it was pointless because as anon said, she’s a crazy psychopath.

I’ll give the other two points to you though.

No. 233765

File: 1661492999099.jpg (65.45 KB, 500x500, avatars-000736438537-zvc9fi-t5…)

It's not her fault the writing sucks

No. 233768

I am anime only and was spoiled by a few pics before I got to check out the manga. Idk what happened but my god.

No. 233953

File: 1661561515983.jpg (33.62 KB, 417x600, 0f5dbb7d131ce1e0d2eac9ce4ef1f5…)

who else likes koichi

No. 233956

File: 1661562722156.jpg (90.83 KB, 736x735, e9edd32235ff92119ce8671edd2844…)

No. 233965

File: 1661568487434.jpg (72.89 KB, 1040x780, a75fb30d1bc2b4cb80230a33d98317…)

Still a shit character kek

Inofag through and through

No. 233972

File: 1661570725932.gif (2.45 MB, 640x360, gintama-hate-naruto.gif)

All characters in naruto are shit, kishimoto was good at creating concepts and designs but terrible at writing.

No. 234169

File: 1661635463714.png (941.6 KB, 1200x897, Ino.png)

Cope sakurafag

No. 234178

File: 1661637242006.jpg (68.78 KB, 838x838, 70990dcb50c61f78a2bf5f16bd80c5…)

If anything I am a kagurafag, stay in your lane, narutard

No. 234193

File: 1661639827362.png (76.06 KB, 299x299, 27C3A6CC-A444-4467-971A-C94B73…)

She’s a wonderfully written character.

No. 234204

File: 1661642721731.jpg (52.85 KB, 1280x720, Yamanaka.Ino.full.436644.jpg)

Who asked you?
>Stay in your lane

No. 234216

File: 1661644301869.jpeg (23.35 KB, 645x475, images - 2022-08-27T205200.253…)

I wish irl stoners were that cute

No. 234233

File: 1661647273913.jpeg (11.57 KB, 320x240, images (3).jpeg)

No. 234263

File: 1661662662133.png (276.59 KB, 904x858, Ua6Ybe2OJ233dEUNorzb-Q75z3Nnwe…)

I'd love more introverted loser otaku girl characters like Tomoko. Weeb scrotes should keep their grimey hands off of her. She deserves a hot handsome bf who will shower her with love and support.

No. 234521

File: 1661770932720.jpg (142.74 KB, 736x981, 2301899c8d839288e30916ca95470f…)

Started watching for Reigen, stayed for Mob. He's just too adorable, even when he goes berserk. I also love his character growth. I do love Reigen and even Ekubo too, but Shigeo is definitely my favorite.

No. 234523

this is creepy, she looks like a child being groomed by a teenage fuckboy. Get better taste, anon.

No. 234529

File: 1661773417076.jpeg (27.93 KB, 554x554, images (78).jpeg)

>even during her most vulnerable moment (parents' death) she takes the time to check if elsa is okay
>tries her best to be optimistic about her future
>loveable dork doing dumb dork stuff
>literally isn't afraid of a snow giant
>continues to offer elsa unconditional love despite all she's been through

she's such a stupid pure of heart. I love her so much. Although unconditional love and optimism is nice, it can be easily taken advantage of. This is why i wished the second movie revolved around her. I wanna see more of her silly shenanigans.
or maybe im too autistic for a children's movie

No. 234538

No. 234544

File: 1661779945355.gif (1.99 MB, 640x640, francine-party.gif)

i love this bitch so much

No. 234552

This is just xqc in a beanie

No. 234554

File: 1661785587459.gif (208.82 KB, 500x282, gy6Pupv.gif)

I love unhinged Lola from the looney tunes show.

No. 234555

They really do.

No. 234638

People got so mad about this reboot but I thought it was hilarious kek. It was a good way to do the characters for a newer audience.

No. 234672

File: 1661809668125.gif (1.2 MB, 500x281, 5d4806ae8be1d7be67af82ea2960bf…)

She's a short scrawny teenager who lacks social and personal capabilities and is somewhat of a sociopath and kinda of a weirdo. That guy is just her imagination imagining herself being petted by one. Back when I was a teenager I've done some of the same things as her (lack social skills, no bf, otaku/fujoshi, etc.) and she is one of the few female characters I strongly relate to. She's flawed but I find her pretty cute and based.

No. 234724

she looks like cringey coomer bait

No. 234726

File: 1661824015272.jpg (125.69 KB, 1280x472, now that's what i call a chara…)

This world has war, famine, pestilence, troons and 3D moids. But it also has Double D, husbando to a whole generation of women like me, and for that alone there's good in the world.

No. 234730

File: 1661824889079.jpg (57.23 KB, 393x640, unpogirl_tomoko_kuroki_17_by_g…)

Different anon but she was made by a woman and was written based off being unpopular in her own school days. The show does have some shitty scrote fans but Tomoko as a character is just distilled relatable teenage cringe and the story is good.

No. 234735

File: 1661825416039.png (495.87 KB, 957x536, tumblr_mrca0enAqj1rcdokno1_128…)

She has done cringey things and is somewhat peverted but weeb scrotes love her.

No. 234742

That's like saying the goth elf/cat witch from that one cartoon pilot looks like coomerbait just because pornsick scrotes have made porn of that kind of character popular in recent years. Though I must admit that the anime made her more moe than in the manga because it was mostly moids who made the manga popular enough to get an adaptation (also >>234672 this guy should've had a face) although even in the anime she's nowhere near the same level as characters from actual coomerbait series. But she's not sexualized at all at any point in the series, iirc.

No. 234760

And she is based for actually being into otome, yandere audio dramas etc. and not only scroteshit like that Marin bitch

No. 234841

god does anyone else remember how /a/ scrotes were sending dick picks to the author upon learning that shes a woman?

No. 235183

jfc, legit? and then they have the audacity to be confused as to why women like those are 2dfags in the first place kek

No. 235205

The Watamote author is actually a male apparently. I think the artist is female though, so maybe that's where the confusion comes from.
Did the /a/ scrotes ever realise they were sending dick pics to a dude?

No. 235223

File: 1661968890103.gif (630.07 KB, 500x223, tumblr_ms48lpPjHb1qg2nrdo1_r1_…)

I love her purple obsession and her bluntness and shoplifting. She's so funny.

No. 235260

File: 1661981572306.jpg (416.77 KB, 1080x2883, nikaido.jpg)

Bless her

No. 235271

I fucking LOVE this Lola. I quote her so often just because everything that came out of her mouth was fucking gold. I love the episode where she accidentally gets attached to Daffy lmfao.

No. 235315

File: 1661989590506.gif (1.75 MB, 498x280, shigeo-kageyama.gif)

Baby boy baby I want to protect him. He's so damn cute and precious.

No. 235326

I have a plushie of him and a keychain. He’s so cute and adorable. Perfect round head

No. 235352

File: 1662003960765.png (1.25 MB, 1280x1280, hit_it.png)

Very obscure but I still like him a lot.
The weepster from the short indie game "ears of the killer".

No. 235357

you have to be over 18 to post here. also learn2reply

No. 235531

File: 1662065916712.png (295.93 KB, 472x680, tumblr_nwsgq2tn251udjnfso1_500…)

i just love her so much

No. 235682

alright so it’s been a long ass time ago and I dont think I saved any screencaps of it due to ugly dicks, sorry you only have my word but I recall dick pics with timestamps and messages directed at the author and scrotes getting excited about it and so on and I was like ew wtf. Watamote got hyped a lot on there back then. I dont even remember if it initially were 2chan or 4chan scrotes or both who did it, but it got posted on /a/ back during the ongoing serialization. They even got a reaction from what they believed to be the authors account iirc. Absolute gigakek if they were sending those to a dude omg I never knew that its made by two different people, only that the pseudonym sounded female.

No. 236150

File: 1662311750267.gif (1.52 MB, 498x337, moral-orel-orel-puppington.gif)

Baby. He activates the protective/motherly instincts that I try my best to bury kek.
Though the ending felt rushed, because of the show getting canned, Orel managing to break the cycle of his families abuse and having a happy life in the future made me cry.
Also fuck Clay. He doesn't deserve to be his dad, Orel should be my son instead.
YES!! I adore her, she's such a good character.

No. 236192

File: 1662322195746.jpg (1.59 MB, 1500x1500, 98652924_p0.jpg)

Same anon again. I want to say that I love Lolly and Poppy as well. They look like they could be best friends.

No. 236210

It might've been both but 4chan definitely did it, for sure. I remember a screencap where /a/'s and /v/'s (I think?) reactions to a creator's commentary from the manga where she said that she had gotten dick pics from moids overseas, and that she had never seen a real penis before. /a/'s reactions were like "we did a terrible thing, you guys are horrible people, I feel so bad about this", etc. while /v/'s reactions were more excited and I recall a scrote saying ">my dick might've been the first one she ever saw".
So yeah I'm pretty sure at least the artist is a woman, and 4chan scrotoids sent dick pics to her.

No. 236301

This moid obsession with dick pics is so fucking gay. Did those 4channies genuinely believe that the author/artist was gonna fuck them the moment they saw a nanosecond of their worthless digital peen? I don't fucking get it nonnies. I just don't.

No. 238335

File: 1662953788164.jpg (55.62 KB, 640x640, 7bc2fndjles61[1].jpg)

My daughter, one of the cutest cookies in the game. I love her voice lines in the kingdom, she is just a little gamer kid ♥

No. 238350

Nta but I always liked to think Lolly would be good friends with Rosie

No. 239741

File: 1663299672426.jpeg (43.88 KB, 390x560, 7FD99EF0-DB5E-46C8-B111-B1A842…)

I love this little sad clown so much after playing through the game. I can’t wait for the new supposed good route to come out soon

No. 243557

File: 1664488605319.png (195.76 KB, 769x711, Dusa.png)

She really is just a floating head but she's so adorkable. I almost cried when she gets fired

No. 243561

He was such a cutie

No. 243736

He's super cute. Where's he from?

No. 255907

File: 1668740276614.jpg (78.54 KB, 640x978, bb11866308975f36aee4727e318d17…)

Fuck everything i love kobeni. She's a miserable AND i love her. My sweaty ♥ (pun fully intended)

No. 271133

File: 1674386830883.png (41.48 KB, 1081x1080, EXWKkcHUYAArPNW.png)

I have a huge soft spot for cute mascot characters

No. 284963

File: 1679610253541.jpg (43.01 KB, 742x602, key14.jpg)


No. 285040

File: 1679647319980.png (318.49 KB, 620x500, Don't Toy With Me.png)

nta but he's from a horror visual novel game called "Don't Toy With Me" - link: https://karmic-punishment.itch.io/dont-toy-with-me

No. 285473

I think Jojo characters are in general likable.

No. 300966

File: 1686133144619.gif (2.55 MB, 498x374, bianca-pokemon.gif)

I just love her so much.

No. 347753

File: 1704916471792.jpeg (220.35 KB, 2048x1152, GDao3TWWUAAAt4y.jpeg)

I need to gush more about her, she is so precious to me, my heart…

No. 350938

File: 1706104462298.jpg (20.84 KB, 493x370, high_priestess_bishum.jpg)

Best villain in Kamen Rider Black, I love everything about ther so much.

No. 350943

File: 1706108329405.jpeg (1.17 MB, 828x1268, IMG_2204.jpeg)

he's just so cool

No. 351083


No. 351120

File: 1706176305879.gif (197.9 KB, 463x498, madotsuki-spin.gif)

I find Madotsuki and the game quite comforting and relatable in a way.

No. 351149

Man I really need to replay this game. I remember I loved Yume 2kki too but I could never finish it by myself.

No. 351221

This version with the Jedi tunic is so good.

No. 351690

File: 1706377353099.jpg (1.62 MB, 2365x3824, __phosphophyllite_houseki_no_k…)

i'm completely obsessed with him and this manga. it encapsulates a lot of what i love in fiction and phos especially is the best kind of tragic hero. i hope he gets a happy ending (and i also hope the author gets off of her ass and finishes her manga).

No. 356004

File: 1707930356288.png (1.43 MB, 1012x1080, vlcsnap-2024-02-14-16h10m03s02…)

Nora from Marriage Story was awesome and served justice. She listened to Nicole, defended her side of the story, and helped her get the life she deserved. I don't get why people call her manipulative, if anything she manipulated Nicole into having more self-esteem and not sacrificing herself for Charlie anymore

No. 356235

File: 1707979654817.jpg (12.43 KB, 222x255, e3e1aa5b93c16872ffc7619a84ff1f…)

i love everything about her

No. 356236


No. 356237

File: 1707980103053.png (441.31 KB, 482x486, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

Always related to her because I have self diagnosed aspergers and can say whatever I want as well

No. 356357

Only the ginger version though

No. 356359

File: 1708023690931.png (540.88 KB, 593x551, Barcs .png)

No. 357136

File: 1708370416728.jpg (234.21 KB, 1920x1080, [Erai-raws] Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd…)

Don't care, I love her. Wish she wasn't in a show that barely lets the women do anything relevant

No. 357167

Aspie king

No. 357255

File: 1708406594331.jpg (228.47 KB, 1394x1209, GGmKdUGakAAUby6 @_n_a_m_o.jpg)

She's so cool, she's so cute, I love her so much. I usually don't care about "badass girlboss leader" characters but I love all the development she gets. I just want her to be happy again after all she's suffered.

No. 357257

I love her design what is she from

No. 357258

File: 1708407381521.jpg (56.82 KB, 651x958, GGfOCHoaEAA5OhM.jpg)

She's Juiz from Undead Unluck.

No. 357277

An absolute queen.

Also loving the double standard of people being weirded out of her relationship with UiUi yet giving none of that same canceling energy to Ralphtalia, Nekopara, and the blue-haired eternal loli from Mushoku Tensei.

No. 357296

You just know if she was a man she’d have a long line of fangirls loving her despite how shrewd and selfish she is

No. 361058

File: 1709978968326.png (151.45 KB, 356x493, Mayura.png)

I just learned about her last month and I already love her. She's super cute and cool.

No. 367652

File: 1712191321439.jpg (368.91 KB, 1280x1045, tumblr_8156ff1c187a2d71397bc97…)

I need more art of them

No. 367777

File: 1712241698848.jpg (69.93 KB, 996x900, SnakeEyes.JPG)

Snake Eyes from G. I. Joe dressed in a Boy George style is my favorite variant and I'd sculpt an action figure of it if I could

No. 367779

File: 1712243182543.gif (2.73 MB, 500x282, 36460312c199130563c726e0c33099…)

Love him, even when he acts like a little shit

No. 368310

File: 1712389808102.png (181.66 KB, 750x750, Cirno.png)

omg she is literally me

No. 368338

File: 1712396396528.jpg (601.65 KB, 2000x2000, scout Cirno.jpg)

I love this goof as well.

No. 368353

I love this picture thank you nonita

No. 368359

I love cirno

No. 368361

File: 1712403234295.png (5.58 MB, 3840x2160, 91758CB6-B85B-4D0A-A65A-9A30E6…)

i am her she is me i love her dearly

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