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File: 1648391384003.jpg (66.21 KB, 550x800, FIGURE-130853_03.jpg)

No. 192563

A thread to discuss anime figures/merch!

Post new releases and announcements, your current preorders, collection/display inspo, ita bags, things you want to see released, what you're on the hunt for, etc!

No. 192566

File: 1648391831267.jpg (51.63 KB, 828x748, s-l1600.jpg)

currently i'm most excited for these little babies! i just need tsukishima and koito but unless i can find them for a really good deal i'm ok with passing on them. i mainly wanted ogata and sugi anyway kek

No. 192582

I want them too do bad! I wish I had the money. SugiO is also my priority but I'd have any of them

No. 192636

Yeah, the aftermarket prices can go pretty high for the popular characters unfortunately. Sometimes you can find a good deal on a bundle but sugi/ogata usually go for minimum 25k yen each. If you're happy with shiraishi or asirpa alone they seem to go for 10k yen each which isn't bad!

No. 192664

File: 1648423528932.jpg (388.76 KB, 1000x999, 1648266226454.jpg)

this is gonna be so cute

No. 192680

Riiiight? I already have the OG but I’ll be sure to get the doll as well, I’m really hoping they’ll do Nene next though.

No. 192683

With some patience you can just harvest nene.

No. 192689

File: 1648431985252.jpg (354.96 KB, 1366x2048, 5xksej75dqd81.jpg)

I wish I gave a shit about vocaloid because all the beautiful Miku figures make my eyes water. Most of the series I care about never get good merch tbh

No. 192690

all I want is tsukasa </3

No. 192697

if they don't give us a nene i will riot. TWO hanako-kun's and no nene? jail.

miku gets the prettiest figures it's not fair. there are so many great characters and franchises with nothing but nooo let's shit out 5 more miku's

No. 192701

File: 1648433521527.jpeg (58.43 KB, 715x402, Three-more-Hatsune-Miku-Nendor…)

Same, she gets a ton of really pretty/adorable merch. I love the design of the new Snow Miku but I don't like her enough to justify actually getting it, or anything else of her…

No. 192785

File: 1648464739689.jpg (165.69 KB, 800x600, 43c209b0-da1c-4776-b511-47b060…)

I'm not a Miku fag either but she really is the gift that keeps on giving. I caved and ordered her recent snow fig just because of how pretty it was.
I like her because each artist has their own representation of her, so each fig is unique. I'd rather have a shelf full of her in different forms than multiple same styled anime characters

No. 192814

kek i see what you did there anon

No. 193112

File: 1648564737133.png (535.85 KB, 533x800, 8e7708c57328e89ae0913352638484…)

I'm not into Vocaloid, Miku or even anime at all, I have only a couple figs from western series but I did get this today! I saw her in a nerd shop and I just HAD to get her, she's so different

No. 193115

File: 1648566697124.png (821.21 KB, 796x594, qtpi.PNG)

Is this enough to justify buying her?

No. 193279

she's so cute anon congrats!! i love her expression so much and with her pose and outfit she's really unique!


No. 193365

File: 1648651648345.jpg (100.68 KB, 600x450, 1347680.jpg)

I am also not a miku fan or into vocaloid and have preordered this miku. I just love lucky cat shit she's too cute!

And I wanted to point out that if there are any figures or nendos you want to see you can request them here: https://www.goodsmile.support/en/productrequest_en/

Hopefully we will all get the merch we desire!

No. 193499

File: 1648698203883.png (786.82 KB, 517x791, miku.PNG)

It would be my dream to own this Miku fig even if I'm not into vocaloid music much. The base is a real music box you can wind up with a key and I love her pose. Mikufags are lucky to have so much content of her

No. 193502

As a Mikufag it's cool to see other nonas talking about her adorable figures. Might I recommend, if any of you are also into vidya, check out the Project Diva series of rhythm games! I stopped keeping up with the autistic vocaloid community a long time ago, but the games have almost all of the best songs anyway and it's just fun to play and dress her up in a bunch of the outfits you see figures of.

No. 193594

File: 1648720420857.jpg (99.55 KB, 720x540, b22b807c-94e9-4f52-8981-a5f3af…)

Aaaah I love that Maneki Miku, I would get her but the face is not to my tastes exactly so I can't justify spending so much money on her rip.

I love these weirder looking figs

No. 193595

File: 1648720451590.jpg (67.26 KB, 720x540, e857eb78-3226-4419-a890-a7c952…)

No. 193596

File: 1648720485160.jpg (37.39 KB, 532x750, 929410e0-ea18-4a4d-bf35-8bfc1d…)

More classic but still cute

No. 193597

File: 1648720537360.jpg (34.35 KB, 522x750, 9d208c06-24f5-4873-8e0a-5af8a6…)

This is the most traditional fig of her I like but shes so cute, BABY

No. 193598

I’m a mikufag, I love her and have been obsessed with her since I was 12 kek. But yeah the best thing about her is that she doesn’t have one personality, one look, one art style. It’s all up to the creators which makes her figurines so good with so much variety.

No. 193613

I’m also a huge mikufag kek. We are so blessed to get the amount of figs we get, esp. when theres like 0 new coomer figs. Keeping fingers crossed for a nun Miku, I need her to pray with me.

No. 193634

File: 1648729328730.png (545.23 KB, 652x512, doll miku.PNG)

Here's another weird one I just found you may like nonna

No. 193643

This is beautiful.

No. 193724

File: 1648756098026.jpg (155.68 KB, 1007x813, FPLMm1vWYAQSS5q.jpg)

Thank you for this thread anon!! I love all the Miku talk going on atm, I love Miku but I only just got my first figure of her last Christmas thanks to some friends and she is SO perfect and adorable.

Speaking of Miku, did you see the poll? Which one are you voting for? I really like number one, especially with the artist theme but the top hat looks like it would make the nendo too top heavy and not fun to pose. I really like three as well but there are merits to all of them. Ended up voting for six though.

No. 193725

4 looks absolutely beautiful and fluffy, I would buy her.

No. 193764

I personally like 3 a lot because it has this mystic and dreamy quality to it that I rarely see in Miku figs. 6 is super cute too but I think it would look a bit samey to pre-existing designs of her. 4 is fluffy and cute but I have the same concern as you do for 1 for top heaviness

https://event.goodsmile.info/snowmiku2023/en/ Link for anyone who wants to vote. Closes April 11th I assume JST

No. 193772

what brand is this? i love it

No. 193788

File: 1648780523751.jpg (3.1 MB, 800x6900, Pullip 'Sugar Sugar Rune - Cho…)

I was't sure where to post her (here, toy collecting or even manga) but I'm so excited and glad Moyocco Anno is getting love and merch still made of her works!

No. 193789

It looks like a toonize collab, they do a lot of really cute anime figurines in that style

No. 203030

File: 1651498734753.jpg (1008.02 KB, 2000x2112, mushroom_girl_figure.jpg)

I was browsing anime figures and found this. Thought I share it here because it looks so cute, beautiful and is not scroteshit. Been thinking about getting it too.

No. 203090

File: 1651517524627.jpg (114 KB, 822x1000, 61nI2UiyFES._AC_SL1000_3000x.j…)

I love fairytale figures like this, I think she'd look very lovely posed with the sleeping beauty figure coming out.

No. 203159

Where did you find this? It's so cute. Is she from anything or is she original art?

No. 203165

Is it ok to post things in here that I'll never buy but REALLY want to?

No. 203207

of course! share anything figure/merch related you want nonnie

No. 203252

File: 1651545277526.png (377.49 KB, 800x800, EY1OkzRUYAAZhTm.png)

Found her while browsing through Otakumode. She's from an original art.


Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! Now I'm not sure if I want to get this too.

No. 203253

Ohh I love the second one too. I hope they make a fig of her too

No. 204765

These are all so cute ahhh

No. 205841

File: 1652470440204.jpg (53.45 KB, 671x1000, d3b3f06a11bb42b78ce6e0469ca2f6…)

Should I buy him or not? I found a local seller who has him for like 70 euro, the original figure. TR figures are very rare to come by at that price here… They usually have insane markup. Does any nonnie already have him?

No. 205857

File: 1652473627415.png (549.05 KB, 611x488, tumblr_ee3a466a0707bc3ab92cb2b…)

I am really dumb but I just learned that you can send requests to GSC for figured you'd like to see made: https://partner.goodsmile.info/support/eng/productrequest/

I'm gonna ask my brother and my bf to send them requests for a Sugimoto Saichi nendo kek
I remember when we had the nendo thread before the /m/assacre, there were some nonnies telling which nendos they'd like to exist, let's request it!

No. 205902

He's one of my favorite swords. So cute! Definitely buy him if you found him for a deal.

No. 206044

File: 1652555725080.jpg (72.23 KB, 1080x935, gd4u394h5p481.jpg)

Thank you for sharing this nonny! There's a ton of characters and series I want to be made into figures (picrel) and re-releases of those that I have missed out or is being sold at higher prices. Hope I'm not spamming GSC.

No. 206241

File: 1652576340520.jpg (120.81 KB, 600x800, 4809ef0e2eee7149f733211967297b…)

Found another fairytale original figure and I think she's super cute and would go well together with those two. I don't know if this looks scroteshit but I checked the illustrator Shugao and I didn't see any lewd stuff. Wished she had a tail though.

No. 206457

>I don't know if this looks scroteshit
Girl how brain damaged from lolcow are you

No. 207052

File: 1652818767391.jpeg (38.94 KB, 500x500, main_original_0ef9e1fa-3651-49…)

Please stop me from buying this, it's gorgeous and it would go so well with a bunch of outfits but it's expensive (without the shipping fees and taxes at that) and I can't help but find wearing merch a bit tacky.

No. 207057

Sorry, i can't stop you, nonnie. Buy it

No. 207083

Sorry I just like some cute moe anime girls like K-On! or Little Witch Academia but not scroteshit like Maid Dragon.

No. 207087

If actual solid silver, go for it. If tacky costume jewelry, don't do it. Looks like the latter tho.

No. 207088

the cosmic eye badge!!! i need this too aaaaa

No. 207097

File: 1652829800775.jpeg (114.86 KB, 750x728, 514A4E27-FC6E-4928-8C88-1B7438…)

It looks very tacky. I would never consider buying/wearing something based on some IP unless it looked like passably normal jewelry to someone who wasn’t familiar with it.

No. 207120

I don't think it's tacky, depending on your personal style. It's not obviously from an ip either only other fans would recognize it. Another vote to get it!

No. 208534

>Thank you for using FROM JAPAN.
>This is a notification for the resumption of orders via Surugaya.
>Date of effect: May 23th, 2022 JST
Nice, I was a little worried that it would be permanent.

No. 208887

File: 1653433867150.jpeg (109.24 KB, 820x1093, 6118F380-F045-4F58-AA91-95CDFF…)

I wish I wasn’t poor

No. 208888

omg nona I want her too… she’s very beautiful I love the artistry that went into her design

No. 209238

it passes the "recognizable ip" test but not the "came from spencer's" test.
it looks like something you'd get from a spencer's.

No. 209790

File: 1653829340113.jpg (141.19 KB, 970x483, Screenshot_20220529-145732_Eco…)

More Genshin nendos. I really can't wait to see them in that style.

No. 209793

File: 1653830504977.jpg (147.83 KB, 600x600, 20220529_081429.jpg)


The other genshin nendoroids are surprisingly poor quality, I wonder if these suffer the same fate. Those two have worse designs than the preexisting characters who got nendos.

No. 209798

Still no Douman figures announced though sadface, are his designs too over the top to turn into 3D?

No. 210084

File: 1653902628625.jpeg (174.13 KB, 1000x800, 4589691195753_figure-hatsune-m…)

Once again my preorders are delayed, but I guess that means I can save up more money. Like other nonnas I am a huge Mikufag and also love the other Vocaloids. I preordered her as soon as she dropped because her promo art alone was so cute to me. I want her home with me already guys

No. 214719

File: 1655336214720.jpeg (3.55 MB, 3024x4032, D31A854C-D388-4480-8F00-ED4505…)

Clothes came for Kaworu, he’s lookin’ fancy I like to think.

No. 214722

He looks cute in a 1940’s starving paperboy way.

No. 214733

NTAYRT looks to be Starscream gazing downwards to Megatron while caressing his head. So yeah it's Transformer fanart

No. 214750

Good it’s on model for him, official Eva art draws him skinny as all hell.

No. 214766

Based transformers-loving nonna.

No. 214768

File: 1655355796556.jpeg (3.03 MB, 3024x4032, A45FB22E-0973-42FD-820F-7B529C…)

I don’t think Megs nendo can wear cool clothes like Kaworu kun though, especially since I haven’t taken him out of the box yet.

No. 214769

I love you nonnie, great taste.

No. 214770

File: 1655356644606.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2322x2551, 6DE872C6-DC55-49B5-B7D8-A18B84…)

Love you too, he doesn’t like the headpats though.

No. 214772

File: 1655356824527.jpeg (720.19 KB, 1915x1966, E710FD31-94E7-467B-8016-BF5206…)

Now I’m just having way too much fun posing these fucks, don’t speak to me or my son ever again.

No. 214852

These are amazing kek

No. 218043

I preordered her too! Great taste nonnie

No. 218068

i need to know where you got that megatron acrylic

No. 218078

File: 1656600262477.jpg (268.39 KB, 1024x741, 3b4dd678-66f1-4674-b5fb-04cd1c…)

It's out of stock right now though

No. 218250

She looks gorgeous! Where did you preorder her from?

No. 218251

NTA but I got mine from tokyootakumode, it was slightly cheaper than amiami. Sadly preorders closed back in January. She's due to drop next month but ofc will probably get delayed a shit ton as it goes

No. 219145

File: 1656941600198.jpg (84.76 KB, 600x800, 1585499.jpg)

Just saw mp100 nendos have been announced! Happy for the nonnie that said she wanted them in the old nendo thread rip. Hopefully gsc isn't too cheap and we get a little dimple to go along with mob.

No. 219146

File: 1656941663421.jpg (91.91 KB, 600x800, 1585501.jpg)

Happy for all the Reigen husbandofags too. I'm hoping we'll get a Ritsu eventually too.

No. 219150

I have all these three pre-ordered because I thought the same all will look so good together, i can't wait!

No. 219182

File: 1656957459144.jpg (323.13 KB, 607x1079, En7TSS-W4AEJtNh.jpg)

God I want these.
Wish there were more nendos for this series too. I have only ever seen Asirpa and Odaka (and Odaka was out of stock from what felt like the very start or you only get him for three+ times the price secondhand).
Your nekos are damn cute, I hope you enjoy them. I want that Tsukishima as well. Won't get my hopes up for Odaka but maybe I can at least find this guy somewhere.

Nice to see another 'Formers fan. Megs and a bunch of others are my favorite characters besides the Golden Kamuy dudes. Some years ago I would have never expected to ever spend 400+ euros on a single figure or toy as I did with Flame Toys' Megatron and Tarn, but I don't regret anything.

No. 219229

Where'd you get the Overlord? His face looks fantastic.
I'm sort of considering the flametoys Tarn but he's kinda huge and expensive (he would look kinda funny next to my pink ass room full of dolls though)

No. 219240

File: 1656973381641.jpg (54.76 KB, 710x400, Castlevania-Alucard-Nendoroid-…)

I've never bought one before, but—

No. 219285

you can request more nendos on the gsc website! I've been spamming them with sugi and asirpa requests kek. Ogata seems to be the most expensive out of all the characters but i hope you can find him for a decent price! Good luck anon!

No. 219390

File: 1657036893815.jpeg (55.82 KB, 1029x808, EU1qBGPUEAEFj7A.jpeg)

Based, anon. Are you spamming with the same email or are you creating throwaways? Kek
I did it with mine and my family's, but maybe I should go a step further.

Anon, congrats for a successful manifestation! I'm happy for you

No. 219894

File: 1657192316262.jpeg (807.83 KB, 1772x1773, FWmbC7wWIAAkqVU.jpeg)

So many great boys coming to Nendoroids. This is awesome.

This looks really good. Sugimoto definitely deserves a Nendoroid for the longest time. No idea why they haven't done so since he's a main character.

No. 221184

File: 1657643694942.jpg (129.09 KB, 1080x1619, Minehoshi_chan.jpg)

I don't know anything about this vtuber but this looks so cute. Is it scroteshit?

No. 221222

Omg who cares, I want her whoever she is. Where is this?

No. 221243

File: 1657661733010.gif (8.25 MB, 640x640, d8355520e82e525867eaab7e2c0288…)

Her name is Minahoshi-chan and I think she's a dancing vtuber.

No. 221249

Ok I just read some YouTube comments saying that the person behind the avatar is a man in his 30s. I'm disappointed.

No. 221250

The uncanny valley…

No. 221288

File: 1657667949402.png (579.82 KB, 2048x2022, kirbymerch.png)

I've always wanted to post my collection so here it is.
Currently, as of now I have twenty nine merchandise items. Not pictured is the Twinkle Dolly Kirby Keychain: Dedede. I got that recently. On the way I have the Twinkle Dolly Kirby Keychain: Kirby and Star Rod, Star Kirby Muteki Suteki Closet Plushie: Dedede Costume Kirby, two pin from the Pupupu Friends Collection (Sleepy Kirby and Sleepy Dedede).

No. 221291

File: 1657669019592.png (432.74 KB, 560x493, 233658.png)

Who's your faveorite? a bit envious because of the shirts you have since there is literally ZERO merch of Kirby and co in my country but I can really see that you take good care of all of them! picrel is something I managed to snag however I'm waiting for it in the post

No. 221312

File: 1657672214486.jpg (326.21 KB, 1080x1350, FXbq91jaQAAr--3.jpg)

She looks so lovely, instantly pre ordered.

No. 221512

Favorite, as in favorite character? It's hard to say but I like Meta Knight, Kirby and King Dedede the most. Waddle Dees as a whole are an honorable mention.
If you mean favorite as in favorite merch, I would have to say I like figures more than plushes but my paper goods like my doujinshi and official artbooks are very dear to me too.
Finding Kirby merch in general, in the wild at stores is very rare so 98% of that stuff came from online purchases, Ebay and Zenmarket mostly.
Those shirts are something I managed to snag from GameStop but I seldom wear them because I have dogs and black fabric is like a magnetic to white fur. Though, to be honest, the shirts aren't really good quality the graphics began to chip just only after a few washes so keep them more as a decoration.
Thanks! Usually I wipe down my figurines with a anti-septic wipes and use a q-tip and and some antiseptic to clean more smaller crevices like Meta Knight's wings or the creases in the Danish figurine. As for plushes I clean them in the wash on delicate cycle with simple detergent and baking soda but absolutely no bleach. Let's just say, that is not my only Meta Knight plush kek. As for my paper goods, I'll wipe them down with an quick-drying antiseptic wipe if there's a smudge here and there but I've read them so much that they've began to wore down naturally and I accidentally ripped the informational sleeve that comes attached to the cover. As for my doujinshi, I keep them safe in their plastic covers, though admittedly I need to get new plastic sleeves for a few of them since they're starting to tear.
THAT'S ADORABLE NONA!!! It reminds me of the Light copy ability from Kirby's Adventure. It's a good catch, and looks really cute. How much was it?

No. 221891

File: 1657829816995.jpg (26.23 KB, 362x500, 9594f51031ac61b022f2a2c11b67f3…)

i really like all of the brs nendos and figmas. their designs are so cool, especially dead master and chariot's. i want to squish her little cheeks lmao

No. 222080

great taste in nintendo game nonette, kirby merch is superior to other merch

No. 222210

File: 1657917527680.jpg (136.14 KB, 570x800, d5dc4ffdd304425b9e2ae59f42eb23…)

Dimitrifag nonnie if you're reading this, pre-orders for Dimitri and Felix are here!

No. 222212

Praying they give us Dedue soon

No. 222213

I got the lamp for 2,948 yen, from here https://tkj.jp/book/?cd=TD024664&path=&s1= via proxy and I was very lucky that I bought when I did as it was shortly sold out afterwards. This will be my first Kirby merch, so I'm just waiting to see if my parcel is ready for pick upon Monday.
>shirts aren't really good quality the graphics began to chip
That's too bad as I own a couple of graphic t-shirts that are admittedly pretty old nearly 10 years old that have a bit of cracking on the graphics other then that it's still in good condition. Screen printed graphic t-shirts lasts a lot longer and I always try to purchase those if I can.
>I wipe down my figurines with a anti-septic wipes, wash on delicate cycle, not my only Meta Knight plush, paper goods
It must have been horrible when you took out bleached Meta knight since there is no way to recover from the bleach. I'm a bit lazy and just wipe my figures down with a damp rag and then a dry one. With the paper goods have you ever thought about scanning them so that you'll have a digital backup? I know that they won't have the same feel as the physical ones however since doujins are pretty hard to replace if they get badly damaged.
I really like your collection, I try to always find something I can use since I have limited space in my bedroom as I'm trying to save up for a house. However the housing market in my country is just not affordable unless I willing to give a limb or two as payment as result I'm starting to indulge a little bit with my purchases and bought five transformers mp figures, moomin stuff that I'm afraid of listing along with buying every 3ds/ds kirby game and I'm now looking for kirby superstar ultra and art book. my wallet is weeping at the cost and amount of items.

No. 222220

Sadly no Dedue. FE figs just do the top 2 popular characters. So for Black Eagles Edelgard and Bernadetta won, Blue Lions Dimitri and Felix won, and then I figure for Golden Deer it's gonna be Claude and Lysithea

No. 222349

File: 1657981037835.png (2.05 MB, 1500x1650, lappu.png)

I have to wait until September to place my orders, I hope she's still available along with OP until then. :(
I have this on the way at least, super excited about that.

No. 222484

>I got the lamp for 2,948 yen, from here
You are very lucky, it's such a nice lamp! It's a 30th Anniversary item so it's not a surprise that it sold out fast, it's common with those types of merchandise.
>Screen printed graphic t-shirts lasts a lot longer and I always try to purchase those if I can.
Will keep that in mind. I want to get wearable merchandise but I'm too anxious to wear them in case something happens.
>It must have been horrible when you took out bleached Meta knight
It was. It was if someone splashed him with white paint, and it technically is my fault for drinking coffee and accidentally spilling it on him. I've never thought to do that, I tend to use antiseptic because it removes germs and leaves a nice little shine on my figurines. As for scanning my books and doujins? Yes and no. I'd like to have a digital collection so I'm not on shaking-tier edge when reading them but the process of scanning doujins requires one to remove and take them apart which I could never do. I tried scanning one of them for a friend which involved me bending the spine for each page which caused these gross looking creases on the cover's spine area. If I could safely scan every of my doujins I'd do it. Thanks! I'd love to see yours! It's understandable, as long as you add to your collection sparingly and responsibly, my collection was made over the course of years! Sounds like pretty good fines, I've always like mecha-like media so I'm all for Transformers. Super Star Ultra is one of my favorites. Which Art Book are you planning to get, I want to find a listing for the 20th anniversary one but it's so expensive. I understand, I swear my wallet screams in abstract horror after I do my doujin hauls after Comiket.

No. 222554

File: 1658055356100.jpg (637.74 KB, 1200x1600, EkD4rNtWoAAEhCo.jpg)

Back then from ebay where some shop was thankfully selling him for an acceptable price. It's the Carnifex version from Mastermind Creations. I could have sworn they announced a reissue of him last year, so you should observe them if you are interested.
>I'm sort of considering the flametoys Tarn
I got him too, pic related. He is fucking awesome IMO. He is expensive but honestly I don't regret buying him at all, I am very happy with him and I would have wasted those 400 Euros on other shit at some point anyway, probably stuff that wouldn't bring me the lasting enjoyment he is giving me.
I managed to get an Ogata! Thank you for the wishes and the advice, anon. I wish there was a Tsurumi nendo or at least a Tsukushima to be honest. No hope they will ever be made but I should give it a try at least. Maybe the new anime season will give all of the characters a boost in popularity again.

No. 222569

File: 1658066643383.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, C61E04ED-BC13-493A-8112-70EA6D…)

Looks very cool! If I were to get him I’d have to put him in a separate place from Megs though haha (saving room to put bishoujo Megs there) so sucks for Tarn and Overlord if I get them, if the scale is similar maybe I could pose them arguing/fighting or something? That might be fun.

Also your animal skulls in the background super cool!

No. 223249

File: 1658275843353.jpg (95.95 KB, 1200x675, IMG-20220128-WA0015.jpg)

Yes! Good purchase anon, Ogata is so cute. I'm just like >>219285 I also spam GSC for a Sugimoto and rereleased Asirpa. They would look so cute together uugh
I have this exact re-sent set and now I want the nendoroid japanese playset as well. It has the Hokkaido Kibori Kuma as a set piece, it fits too well.

No. 223252

File: 1658276715158.jpg (261.89 KB, 1600x1200, IMG-20220228-WA0047.jpg)

Also samefag, but GSC is currently doing a survey for new figures (pop up parade)
Enter your favorites!

No. 224063

File: 1658585472852.jpg (99.33 KB, 543x966, IMG_20200416_000507.jpg)

Thank you, I participated as well. Maybe the upcoming GK season will give them a boost. Never bought a Pup Up figure yet but it would be cool and they are cheaper it seems, so less popular character might have a higher chance to show up.

No. 224313

Solaris usually seems to have figures up until they release, I pre ordered a Madoka a while back like a month before she came out their shipping is kind of overpriced though.
>I have this on the way at least
Very cute!

No. 225399

File: 1659101526278.jpg (159.41 KB, 1180x885, 2012-11-22-00-41-18.jpg)

>See the perfect nendoroid playset on Mercari, it even has some re-ment stuff included
>Can't buy it right away because I have to do a lot of shit to buy it internationally, am at work
>"Cool, I'll 'reserved' it with alipay, when I'm back from home I'll buy it"
>Sold out as soon as I finally finished everything and was ready to buy it
The pain of a thirdie buyfag. Better luck next time for me

No. 227492

File: 1659748511283.jpg (65.72 KB, 351x350, Screenshot_20220806-031258_Out…)

More Genshin! He was announced with Xiao.

No. 227709

File: 1659805869520.jpeg (18.91 KB, 554x554, images (9).jpeg)

GSC better have my husbando nendo tomorrow for Smile Fest

No. 227774

With the amount of announcements they've made if we don't get a sugimoto saichi nendo I'm going to lose my shit!!!

No. 227798

File: 1659838935454.jpeg (2.63 MB, 3022x2797, C9579BE1-1CE3-4C04-8698-E6C4C2…)

Starscream nendo came yesterday! He kinda sucks, literally only one set of hands and one alt face, no accessories (not even the crown) what the fuck? I bought him anyway despite that.

No. 229209

Did you end up buying it nonnie? The torch torch stuff are up for preorder again on amiami right now so I ordered the sword hunter badge for myself!

No. 230760

File: 1660494167546.jpg (309.38 KB, 995x1381, matt-cexwish-ciri-no-logos-003…)

I just saw this Ciri figure, it's so lovely! Not gonna buy it of course as it's almost 300€ but I can admire it digitally

No. 230844

It's gorgeous in real life too! I saw all the japanese-themed Witcher figures and this one is easily my favorite

No. 232077

File: 1660912767672.jpg (118.52 KB, 720x718, 3559826.jpg)

I can't believe I gave in and bought that cat Ogata. I never considered buying them before, but found him for 16 Euro and he doesn't weigh much so took him with me. Regarding golden kamuy I also bought pic related shikishi of Tsurumi. It's aesthetically pleasing and looks normal enough to hang up wherever I want without looking out of place.

No. 232314

File: 1661020310060.jpg (58.9 KB, 600x400, 1554967.jpg)

Congrats anon! The little neko's are so hard to resist. That shikishi is so gorgeous! I have the Ogata one, I was surprised it wasn't more expensive tbh. Did you see they're releasing a tsurumi kitty?

No. 232357

I am planning to get the Ogata shikishi next time too. It's mostly sold for around ~12 euro/dollar which is fine with me. Most other Ogata stuff is expensive as hell, I see people even buying acrylic stands of him for 60 and more.
>Did you see they're releasing a tsurumi kitty?
I have seen it! I totally plan on getting him. Maybe Usami too for how cute he is. I hope they will make a Tsurumi nendo or little figure one day like the little sega figs Ogata and Sugimoto are getting soon.

No. 240428

I don't know where else to ask this. Anyone have tips on organizing your shit, maximizing your space, and making shit look good? I'd really like to display my various hobby shit properly but then my shelf gets overflown with other shit in no time. And where do you store your hair/skin/makeup products? I can't leave mine in the bathroom because my family are the type to help themselves.

No. 240430

I don't want to double post but I got the Ogata cat!
>>235695 (hope you can cross-link here)
I don't use any skin- or make-up products so maybe I have a bit more space (and I have a few nendos in my microscopic bathroom) but still suffering from the same problem regardless, especially because I buy quite a lot of manga. I often don't buy some merch I like simply because I have no space to display it. And I don't want to hoard it in some package or something or have too much on my shelves since that looks bad too.
The only thing I can recommend is to re-arranging stuff you have attached to the walls to install some additional shelves wherever you can make some space for them. But I have a lot of animal skulls, paintings and weapons on my walls so I can only do so much.

No. 240444

Made requests and prayed for Figmas of these two. The Nendoroids are cute though it be neat for more poses, faces, accessories, effects, etc. OPM got Figmas so why not MP100?

No. 243812

File: 1664581515271.jpg (1.16 MB, 3022x3575, IMG_7341.jpg)

My chronicle cover girl figure came in today! She's very cute but the pieces tend to fall off and the base is sadly just hollowed out cheap plastic, so she doesn't stand that well on it.
The attention to detail on the actual figure though is gorgeous, I would love to get the pink version too.

No. 243814

She's cute and your Kaworu looks adorable, is he having a tea party?

No. 243817

File: 1664582291574.jpeg (3.57 MB, 3024x4032, 7553BA61-7222-4478-9C0C-15E2C1…)

He can be!

No. 243824

File: 1664582947153.jpeg (112.89 KB, 1242x618, 7E2170DF-0F19-43A2-907E-515DA5…)

No. 243826

File: 1664583193525.jpeg (3.43 MB, 3024x4032, 7EE2BCD3-CE6B-4A61-B063-145BCE…)

Kaworu tea partying with his good friends rock and mami san!

No. 243827

They're having so much fun, I love this.

No. 243847

this is the cutest fucking thing ive seen all day…. where did you get the tea set?

No. 243885

Some of it is from a mini Alice in wonderland set I got years ago (spoons and stuff are from that)
The charmmy kitty ones are just from some kids set, I think you can find it on mercari for like 500 yen or so.

No. 243908

It's not a vtuber, it's just a 3D model which you can buy at booth pm, free to use as long as you pay for it. People can customize it too.

No. 245867

File: 1665324540860.jpg (69.82 KB, 800x550, FIGURE-146061_05.jpg)

The Death Note nendoroids are getting rereleased, this came out of nowhere but I'm so excited! Pretty chuffed they aren't super over priced either.

No. 245991

File: 1665370855881.jpg (743.78 KB, 977x1503, 1665370487880.jpg)

Golden Kamuy drives me to consoom, I just love it so much. I got all of those cats, all of the takara Tomy keychains (except for Sugimoto, unfortunately. Will look for him) and both of these plushies. I also want Asirpa, but I think I'll get her later. I couldn't preorder the Chokonose figures because there isn't any store that ship it to my country. Also the nemutan and the other Sega chibi ones when they are available.
I also ordered a bunch of the mangas. The only downside is that everything I ordered is being literally shipped, so God knows when it's arrive.
I feel kinda bad for consooming so much, but I love these series so much, it brings me joy and I wanna have my husbandos closer while supporting it.

No. 246104

The amount of good gk merch we are getting is a blessing and a curse, it's so hard to keep up. I'm disappointed in the quality of the plushies in your pic but I still ordered Ogata. I saw someone on twitter sew Sugi's hat lower which made him a lot cuter but unfortunately there's no fixing Ogata's hairline. It's weird cause their clothes seem well made but the proportions of the plush itself is clapped.

No. 246115

File: 1665437373586.jpg (81.37 KB, 720x577, m19033139107_1.jpg)

>I saw someone on twitter sew Sugi's hat lower which made him a lot cuter
Do you have the pic? I am a bit curious. You can post it to the GK thread
The hairline on Ogata doesn't bother me at all, but I can see how it can be bothersome to some. My only complaint for these is that I wish the hat was removable! It would be adorable.
I personally don't like the coro Ogata plushie, which is a shame cause I think everyone else is pretty cute.
My most anticipated ones are the Chokonose Sega ones though, I love my nendo and all, but damn, I want their real proportions! Hopefully there'll be more to come.

No. 246198

Can some veteran buyfags point me to some reputable websites and give me some buyer bewares for some bootleg resellers?
I'm only really familiar with and have used AmiAmi, BigBadToyStore, and TokyoOtakuMode. While looking for figs I've seen some other sites pop up but not sure if they're legit. SolarisJapan was one but it seemed a bit sketch to me.

No. 246201

File: 1665450245668.jpg (17.49 KB, 679x485, 51 sjEf0btL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

has anyone tried doing customs? my husbando doesnt have a figure so i was thinking about buying one of these blank figures intended for drawing to make him

No. 246300

File: 1665479170781.jpg (181.51 KB, 650x750, Tumblr_l_1791206578825266.jpg)

For 1st hand stuff, I have used these (along with amiami) and had no problems.
https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/  (despite its name, it also sells fugures and artbooks)

For 2nd hand, if you dont want to deal with proxies use these:
https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/?lang=en (super good deals, but sometimes the shipping can kill you. A bit tricky to order more than 1 thing too)
https://myfigurecollection.net/ (useful for anything related to figurea tbh You will need an account for this, but when you wishlist something it will notify you when someone is selling it thru their site)

And if you dont mid use proxies, these (remember you have to search using the japanese name of whatever you want)
https://jp.mercari.com/ (cool thing about this one is that sometimes people put more than 1 thing on their listing)
https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/ (if this site is blocked on your country, download opera + set its free vpn to asia)
https://www.suruga-ya.jp/ (less active that the previous 2, but is the cheapest one, i almost always buy from here)

And about which proxy to use, its better if you look into that yourself to check which is the cheapest for you.
I'm from EU and when buying in bulk Japan Rabbit is the cheapest for me (plus theyre amazing at fitting everything on small boxes).
When buying a single thing, Buyee may be cheaper if you get one of their discounts (they got TONS of dumb taxes, even an obligatory one for "we check if your items arrived on the warehouse :)" and for putting more than 1 item on a box, that's why I mention the discounts, keep an eye on them. Also their boxes are stupidity big kek)
There are other proxies like Zenmarket, but I havent personally used them.

Also never buy from amazon or ebay. In general never buy from western 2nd hand shops unless theyre like MFC where only collectors use them. GSC has a list of partnered shops and retailers, you can check it to see if you're lucky there's one near you.

No. 246302

idk how anyone likes nendroids, they're just japanese funkopops

No. 246308

I'm not a fan of them either, but at least they're hand-painted, have some effort put onto their designs and can move and have accesories. And we dont have nendoroids recreating a murdered girl naked.
I find it cute when people give nendos those tiny doll bodies so they don't look like littlest pet shops though. My current collection consist on 2 so far and I don't think it will grow more anytime soon.

No. 246309

At least you can tell what character they're supposed to be, which is not the case with funkos, and there's some more artistry going into creating these

No. 246329

except they're cute. autistic comparison.

No. 246333

I used to like them because some characters with unique designs were perfect for their size (like Jack Frost), but I agree that they’re pretty consoomy now. The prices for them in the last couple years are also insane

No. 246422

>why would anyone like cute chibis
Dumb take. Also, nendoroids aren't expressionless like funkos.

No. 246448

File: 1665519077420.png (781.12 KB, 1144x633, 161.png)

>resemble the character they're supposed to be
>have slightly different art styles that resemble the source material despite being all chibi
>have different expressions that can be swapped with other nendo's
>are poseable
>have accessories
>are cute

Funko Pops:
>all have the same creepy, uncanny mouthless face
>don't resemble source material
>are not poseable, some are bobbleheads at most
>do not have accessories, instead they have separate variants of the same character
>are shat out at a higher rate than nendos, making them obvious low-effort cash-grabs
>are ugly as sin 99% of the time

besides, nendos are like 30 dollars more expensive than funko pops, they're not even on the same tier

No. 246911

File: 1665603600866.jpg (167.25 KB, 1080x773, IMG_20221012_163901.jpg)

Just got the Sugimoto one as well, now it's complete. I am happy and can't wait for them to arrive. I stumbled upon this pic of it and it's actually bigger than I thought, I thought it would be like half of its size.

No. 246983

File: 1665620239792.jpg (154.48 KB, 683x1024, IMG_20221011_143840.jpg)

Here. It's big improvement and they said the hat is only attached by a thread in a couple places so it's easy enough to adjust.

No. 246986

File: 1665620304131.jpg (126.94 KB, 603x1024, IMG_20221011_143845.jpg)

Being able to make drunk sugi is another bonus too

No. 247017

File: 1665629007992.png (1.61 MB, 1329x781, sanrio memories.PNG)

Lol, the sugarbunny tiktok girls are definitely going to crash the site.
I don't have interest in these characters personally but I like seeing older/uncommon characters get new merch.

No. 247055

Where is this?
I was actually a sugarbunnies fan before egirls got ahold of them

No. 247115

this might be my first nendoroid pre-order. anon, i hope you're still here and that you'll get him. finally, a cute figure of alucard.

No. 247220

No. 247223

Usahana looks so cute! No way I'll ever have her but she's so sweet looking. I hope the people who buy her will take good care of her.

No. 251191

File: 1666989216887.jpg (99.85 KB, 600x750, 1666842595510052.jpg)

I hope Zé Carioca nonnie is still amogus

No. 251203

File: 1666993133873.jpg (1.95 MB, 4030x3022, FgALukcUcAI3tXC.jpg)

I feel you I don't know how it happened but I am getting way more stuff for this than anticipated and more than I usually got with other series including acrylics and shikishi and a lot of doujinshi (not actual merch but still). Didn't want to get the cats first but then I bought Ogata regardless because some feelings told me so. Almost forgot but I will try to get Tsurumi too. Pre-ordered the chokonose figs as well. I hope you will find a place that ships them to your country.
After seeing so many cute tweets I am now tempted to get the plushies as well.

Feel free to post about your nemutan pre-orders whenever they will be available anon. I want them too but always forget to look for them.
>I feel kinda bad for consooming so much, but I love these series so much, it brings me joy and I wanna have my husbandos closer while supporting it.
I think so too because I usually don't spend much besides fancy food, but if you enjoy it then it's right. Others spend tons of money with cars or clubs, concerts and other social events or buy 200 euro clothes they never wear, you shouldn't feel bad for getting figs and keychains of characters that make you happy that you can even enjoy everyday when you look at them or walk around with them.
Are there other Ogata plushies around? I remember seeing at least two (not including the corocot or catlike plushies) and a promo artwork with one for him, Tsukishima and Koito where I don't know if it's the Ogata above or yet another plushy.
As you said it's hard keeping track right now lol

No. 251507

>Are there other Ogata plushies around?
There's the one anon linked above which I think is still available on amiami, and the rest seem to be prize plushies so you'd have to look them up on mercari/yaj/mandarake.

https://myfigurecollection.net/entry/150577 should show you most of his merch that has been released.

No. 251515

They look like they been imprisoned so long that they are begging you for mercy.

No. 251551

Hey nonnies, what are your thoughts on figmas and nendroids? I can't decide which figures are better, despite already ordering a figma version of my favorite character.
Was also wondering if ordering in amazon.jp would be worth it… I saw that the nendroid is 25$ there without shipping right now, pretty big sale.

No. 251565

It depends on what you want the figure for and your preferred aesthetic, but for me it's 100% figma. They're WAY more posable, don't look as cookie-cutter as nendoroids and the material figmas are made of feel better to the touch (nendos feel like hard plastic while figmas are more soft). I used to think they were too small, but one day I bought one because it was dirt cheap and now I'm obsessed kek.
Sadly figmas are stupidly expensive now, specially if you're from europe (€65-100 base price and then an extra €40 for shiping and customs)….

Please be sure to check that amazon store & reviews, often bootlegs end up here even on the jp version. You know the saying; if something seems too good to be true….

No. 251607

I like nendoroids, but they’re a pain in the ass to pose and they constantly fall down on themselves
Not a fan of figmas at all, apparently they break super easily too.

No. 251611

I prefer nendos purely for aesthetics. I like cute things and hate the ugly joints on figmas and the like. If you want nendos to be more poseable you can always get a doll body for them. I agree with the anon above, $25 seems unrealistic and is most likely a bootleg. The good thing about amazong jp is that you can order multiple items with different release dates but you only pay shipping once so you can save a lot of money that way.

No. 251695

Yes! I'm going to make one of my female OCs first because it's easier finding similar female figures, the guy will have to be made from scratch which is daunting.

No. 251756

I have a Miku figma and I am obsessed, I often switch accessories and play with poses, expressions etc. The joints aren’t a problem for me since everything else is super high quality and very easy to pose.
As for nendos, I don’t see many possibilities for posing, not as much as figmas at least.

No. 252539

No. 252691

File: 1667461338567.gif (1.71 MB, 960x720, tumblr_d499609a6b7a5e880e87193…)

>tfw i am still waiting for my octopus hoodie for 1.5 yr now because there is no EMS from Japan
>went "fuck it" and ordered a cute figma, chose SAL just to check that its not available right now
I am from a tiny country in the Eu which not many people care about…guess ill get my goods in 5 years or something
Silly me for choosing the only tracked shipping other than DHL.

No. 252741

I think figmas are better because they're like dolls with joints and you can do many cool action poses with them. If you like cute aesthetic more then you will probably like nendos more.

No. 252742

Thanks nonnie for reminding me about this. I just preordered it.

No. 252758


No. 253238

File: 1667619337555.jpeg (469.19 KB, 1440x1440, 312189263_521644923311500_6078…)

the Witch Hat Atelier volume 11 limited edition postcard set + mini artbook bundle looks crazy nice. Her limited edition volume extras have so much detail.

No. 253262

File: 1667626664648.png (818.28 KB, 800x800, POP-MART-Warner-Bros-The-Conju…)

No. 253344

File: 1667645348876.jpg (1.45 MB, 1152x2048, nozomi cordobesa.jpg)

Long shot, but is any spanish nona who have bought a scale figure in the past year or so over here?
I haven't ordered any since the new customs change, but I was thinking that since they count the shipping price for IVA and customs (is that even legal) that means every scale we buy will surpass the 150€ limit, meaning we will have to pay for customs duties.
Yesterday I ended up on a forum and saw they charged this girl 90€ of customs for a 200€ figure on top of IVA, handling, and all the stupid fees Correos makes up for stealing us. So I would like to hear other experiences, I havent been able to find much.

That message made me a bit scared of buying new scales, I already found some EU-based shops for preorders, but unfortunately most of the figures I want are old-ish and almost no one in EU sells them for decent prices, if they sell at all…
I dont want to spent +100€ on top of an already expensive shipping and expensive figure, everything ends up x3 the price….

No. 253375

i am not from spain but eufag too, and can tell similar thing have happened to me. i paid 90$ for an item from japan including shipping, and somehow i got charged 80$ customs, but that also could be bcz of DHL stuff. i hope you will find a good eu-based store nonna, the ones i see kept selling the figma i wanted for 100$ that i went 'yolo' and have ordered it from japan with a lot lower price, hoping the customs won't bite my ass this time.
i recommend trying to ask at myfigurinecollection net, as the 'articles/forums' are still pretty active.

No. 253379

>saw they charged this girl 90€ of customs for a 200€ figure
Germany here but same. It sucks ass but I cannot buy anything from EU shops, they never have the series I am interested in, same shit for the US btw. Ordered a 200 fig there and also paid 80 EUR for the fucking customs.

I fucking HATE costums because the whole point of them is to force people to buy the respective product from their own country, which I would do if they had it which is never the case. I think customs for products that do not exist in your country shouldn't exist on principle. Use that for cigarettes and all that shit that is cheaper elsewhere but available everywhere.

No. 253382

File: 1667664631051.jpg (103.91 KB, 707x1000, eb31f0c68b96781dd1f6fafc26ac8c…)

I want this Ebisu so bad

No. 253395

I was about to ask if OP couldn't shop in the US, sucks it got customs too. I have ordered stuff there recently that costed way more than the customs limit and they never got stopped, maybe it was because the content were inside a letter instead of a box?
I have heard global-freaks is good, but I have never used it. I try to buy on local stores because its cheaper (I'm lucky I live near a GSC affiliated shop), but sucks lots of online ones mostly sell figures of mainstream anime, anything more obscure than KNY is hard to find…

No. 253422

Eurofag too and I fucking hate this VAT shit too, it's just to prevent us from buying overseas, but what I import (mostly doujinshis) can only be found on japanese stores, I already pay so many proxy fees and this shit is piling up too. Although I've been using surface mail and I don't get taxed all the time so hopefully my upcoming parcels will hopefully keep on falling between the cracks, but I don't have much faith in this. Ffs I've already stopped buying enamel pins from the USA because taxes + retarded prices on Etsy, and European pin makers aren't as interesting. We live in a world where it's never been easier to communicate and exchange and ofc they have to ruin it.

No. 253570

File: 1667738429573.jpg (79.24 KB, 700x933, 9122a72f4ac9410f94a8f46cf3f8b8…)

Usually eva figures are super male gazy and cringe, but this rei is so cute, maybe somebody knows other figures similar to this one?

No. 253689

File: 1667782016435.jpg (283.21 KB, 1278x873, 28336cef-9028-497c-a9bb-ad6e4d…)

Similar as in, non-male gazy or specifically in street wear? And only eva figures?
You might already know but that one is from the Radio Eva line, picrel are too, so you might like these too

No. 254189

thanx nonnie, i mean non-male gazy, its so difficult to find those

No. 254219

Nona from the LC bunker thread in CC, thread closed just when I was about to reply yesterday but if you're searching for that artist's artbook definitely keep looking into a jp proxy, I wrote a bit about them + shops here >>246300. I'm a poorfag too and even with proxy taxes it often ends up being cheaper than buying from western sites (plus you can always add one or two acrylic charms or something for like $3 to make more of the package without adding more taxes), the 2nd hand shops I linked are pretty much the only way I have to buy merch because it's cheap.
I noticed these shops are emptier during nov-dec due to everyone looking for gifts, but start to fill up again on feb-march and july-aug.

Also you got so lucky finding that figma for $45, the retail/pre order price for figmas now is $80-110. Wishing you luck finding the youtuber merch too! Is she a vtuber? I don't know much about that, but I remember how the shark girl nendo got sold out minutes after orders opened…

No. 254360

File: 1668129124357.jpg (37.82 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

i just found all the 6 sailor moon pastel uniform qposket figures for 52 dollars (witout shipping) so less than half the original price ! i've been eyeing them for a while im so happy

No. 254659

File: 1668276642958.jpg (399.22 KB, 1081x1080, FhYcsmhXEAIguf8.jpg)

Nendoroid Select opened again!
Only US residents can participate on it, but any VPN should do the work, I used Opera's free one and I could bypass it.


No. 254664

File: 1668278076285.jpg (400.71 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-11-12-15-33-59…)

shall use a VPN later

No. 254676

These are beautiful, anon! Grats! For $52 it seems like a steal as well. Where are you going to put them?

No. 255090

File: 1668464091004.jpeg (4.32 MB, 3024x4032, 2289AA4C-426D-4291-B281-A0B080…)

Tarn is a heavy son of a bitch…I’ll take some fun photos of him later, bringing him home from the post office was exhausting aaa…

No. 255580

i just moved in my first appartement so i plan on displaying them all around my house, i have a sanji's figure in my kitchen !

No. 261631

File: 1670440035497.jpg (103.43 KB, 598x600, GenshinImpactVentiNengal_600x6…)

Now I am really scared nonnas. It was my first time buying a nendo from Japan because that smile-fest Miku was exclusive to the gsc-shop. 80-90€ for which I thought it could be a good deal. But with these customs you talk about I am about to cry.

I also have a face swap pre-ordered because the shop where I buy from hasn't had them in ages.
Now they got them again but I already canceled one order with gsc and they normally don't take orders back…
How fucked am I?

Good news, my Venti arrived today. But I have a fever and can't unpack him properly.

No. 261661

Don't worry about customs for nendos and other smaller stuff, it's just VAT (so no more than €20 usually) what you have to pay when it arrives because thy're cheap.
It depends on where you live, but look up the price limit for customs on your country. Where I live it's just €150 so buying scales is imposible since it counts the shipping price too, but for smaller stuff there's no problem. Is the miku you ordered the strawberry/15th anniversary one? I ordered her too

No. 261692

I am so glad. 20€ is nothing compared to what I read before. Thank you for easing my mind.
I am from Germany, so I'll look into the vat limits.

Yes, it's that Miku. I normally don't have much interest in Miku overall but that design and my love for strawberries really got me weak there. Also she comes with so many props that might be fun in future.

No. 262913

What shopping services allow you to declare the value on your items? I used to use ZM, but they changed their policy in October. I don't want to get fucked over by customs fees, pls help nonnies

No. 262957

From Japan forced me to do it because it was stuck in customs lol

No. 265397

File: 1672258342088.jpg (1.34 MB, 3024x4032, after sex cig.jpg)

Goofing around with my nendos again, Towa can't sit because of his coat.

I really should invest in a dollhouse or something for them.

No. 265431

File: 1672264835715.jpg (204.09 KB, 800x693, -1088258024-314543064.jpg)

Yes! Maybe you could start with simple paper/cardboard dioramas, see how you like it.
I am eyeing this one for my nendos. It's expensive in my country's currency, but if I land this knew job I'm going to spend my first salary on it, it's a promise.

Also I've seen your post on 4chins! That new pedo furry nendo is a disgrace.

No. 265463

How is the furry nendo a pedobait? It reminds me of a Littlest Pet Shop kek
I dont want to know what furries plam to do with it though.

No. 265473

File: 1672271927359.jpg (104.19 KB, 400x460, 1670469727362506.jpg)

The artist is very suspicious, also this sticker sheet of the character made by said artist. I really don't trust it

No. 265477

i think you need to chill, japanese artists arent shy from tying their professional activities to their degeneracy, if the artist drew gross stuff we would already know. Do you know the name of the artist?

No. 265484

File: 1672277494197.jpg (82.67 KB, 743x308, GOODS-04274275_01.jpg)

>I am eyeing this one for my nendos.
Very cute! I'm planning to get some rements for them and maybe put it in a calico critters dollhouse?
>That new pedo furry nendo is a disgrace.
Don't think I've posted about it but 100% agreed.

No. 265485

File: 1672277579409.png (5.05 MB, 1693x2048, 2875944.png)

Other set I wanna get

No. 265531

Eew, didn't see that sticker sheet. Dunno if he's a pedophile since that's how almost every japanese/korean draw animals, but he definetly sees it as sexual.

No. 266201

File: 1672625569946.jpg (219.21 KB, 1300x1402, 1672238553485.jpg)


No. 266223

I didn't know they already started making Aki figures, this looks so nice.

No. 266249

File: 1672629164999.jpg (93.94 KB, 736x431, 738929292626.jpg)

>mfw I literally forgot customs were a thing and ordered a lot of shit and consolidated the packages thinking about saving on shipping but I'll have to pay double in customs

No. 266691

File: 1672691624495.png (712.6 KB, 873x685, jonsmisu.PNG)

me too….afraid of my surugaya package being stuck at customs i paid a shit ton for the postage and i am poorchan so i dont know what the fuck im going to do if so…. i've been watching the tracker all day i hope you get your package without fees nona

No. 266712

File: 1672700196179.jpg (14.46 KB, 300x250, 8975fd806b62b142d224719f261d00…)

>i hope you get your package without fees nona
It's too late I already got the first one with a ton of fucking fees. I'll get paid on the fifth and so will do a payment plan for it if I'm able, it ended up being that expensive. The next one is even bigger, so I'm hopeless.

No. 267160

I just ordered him nonnies, I can't wait. He looks so fucking good I couldn't resist. Hopefully shipping doesn't fuck me over.

No. 267385

Where did you order him from? I was hoping to buy him off AmiAmi but he's still not up there

No. 267468

Straight from the myethos taobao
I'd recommend using a proxy for it, it looks like shipping within China is free.

No. 267625

No. 267870

tfw EU
Thanks though nonna! I'll wait a couple more days for AmiAmi then look into using a proxy and buy him directly

No. 267991

File: 1673283329479.jpg (101.42 KB, 748x1000, 61Iu8Lo1eWL.jpg)

My beloved best boy…

No. 268676

File: 1673564643189.jpg (56.56 KB, 800x550, 41c193de8e27306af97a82ddeceeca…)

No. 268685

He's so cute I had to preorder him!! regret not getting kuromi and my melody now fml

No. 268804

File: 1673631679822.jpg (2.06 MB, 2560x1440, 358_deco.jpg)

He's so cute, but since I live in EU his price will be around €77 thanks to customs and shipping…. Considering he is only 5cm tall, the simple design (they dont even have to shade anything, just slap the face stickers), and how few accessories he comes with, I can't justify spending that much honestly…
I did buy a keychain to drown my sorrows though kek. You can make other nendos hold it like a big plush when they got doll bodies on.

No. 269239

File: 1673907090961.jpg (237.54 KB, 1200x960, 507a4bc65548423b83634aaf3d6ec9…)

Managed to grab her for 18000 yen! I'm so happy. She's so pretty but the retail price is insane

No. 270654

File: 1674138458795.jpg (110.49 KB, 656x806, e962858806726b29bcb9bd0321944b…)

Just got her for the fucking steal of the century, £40! Some guy selling his sons collection kek. Her box is slightly damaged, she's missing a hand piece & Honekoneko but for the price I'm so unbelievably overjoyed. My Panty & Stocking shrine slowly grows

No. 271240

Oh my! I didn't expect GSC to make him despite being an underrated Disney character. I think his irises and pupils are looking kinda big but still cute! Hope they do Panchito too.

No. 271262

Keep one eye open when you're sleeping anon…

No. 271263

Nonna* rip being dyslexic

No. 271264

Do the speakers work? How cool would it be that they're actual blue tooth speakers

No. 271926

I wish! Sadly they're just decorative
Tbh now that she's arrived I feel like she's kinda underwhelming? The base is a very matte dark grey and not as glossy looking as the promo pics. The shading is pretty flat all over too
I feel like I'm in the minority though since it's a really popular figure kek

No. 272440

File: 1675138169217.png (547.91 KB, 667x1000, FnxBaFTaMAEpPPa.png)


No. 272441

File: 1675138241596.png (707.65 KB, 800x1000, FnxBff2akAAcZKU.png)

Only detail I'm not crazy about is the shoes, both Bee and Optimus got some stupid ass shoes.

No. 275262

File: 1676178082394.png (1.74 MB, 1434x1106, good smile WTB.png)

Already putting together my WTB list from wonfes…my god they announced a shit ton.

No. 275263

File: 1676178125203.jpg (93.37 KB, 900x1109, 1676176262682743.jpg)

Also getting Towa

No. 275272

Holy shit I never thought there would be figures for tono/rt0no. I love their art!

Yeesss it's great to see more R18 male figures being made. Keep them coming.

No. 275280

So where is the uncensored version of this…

No. 275337

File: 1676217215560.jpg (79.1 KB, 887x1185, vkgizvr90pha1.jpg)

they really are coming for our wallets this year huh. so much to look forward to. I was hyped for the guts nendo but why is his nose like this?? maybe it will look better in the final version. I was really not expecting the mugen nendo either. I'm 50/50 if I want him his stubble looks kind of retarded as a nendo but if they release jin and fuu I cant NOT get him kek

No. 275341

File: 1676217540633.png (392.33 KB, 600x800, sugimowoto.png)

sugigirlies stay winning. his smile looks so kind.. i cant wait to buy two

No. 275483

File: 1676254992938.png (474.12 KB, 533x800, DSC_0236_A9-LqHBRShqyv9w4xZ99g…)

As one last dig at my poor wallet, the unpainted version of this absolutely gorgeous Madoka got revealed.
>Holy shit I never thought there would be figures for tono/rt0no. I love their art!
It's super exciting! I'm hoping Yogisya will get a non garage kit figure at some point since she's another one of my favorite artists.
>Yeesss it's great to see more R18 male figures being made. Keep them coming.
Agreed! Towa's also getting one of his bloody pose (that also got a garage kit) but the official version will be a different scale so it's also very exciting!

No. 275558

4th madoka movie never

Fuck Magica retard

No. 275560

What suiginto figure is that?

No. 275569

File: 1676299034103.jpg (108.64 KB, 585x188, meguca suffer.jpg)

we know

No. 275618

File: 1676315965203.jpg (31.9 KB, 356x500, s-l500.jpg)

It's not Suigintou, it's an original character figure by Suzuhira Hiro (artist who did that goth blonde anime girl everyone made blingees of in the 2000s) the figure actually has two alts the purpley one which I have and the pink one which I'd love to also own at some point.
Sad but aware sir.

No. 275620

File: 1676316233998.jpeg (597.38 KB, 1440x2048, 3130491.jpeg)

her gothic anime angel also got a figure, but it's rare and obviously sought after as fuck

No. 275621

File: 1676316892472.jpg (68.05 KB, 600x800, 1781643.jpg)

I would have killed for an Alucard nendo 12 years ago but now I don't really care about Hellsing anymore, I can't wait to see the final result though.

No. 275631

File: 1676320178960.png (347.82 KB, 1410x792, enstars amagi nendos.png)

I'm not normally a buyfag but I fell in love with these two boys in the last 2 years and now I really want their nendos… maybe I'm a cheapskate but the price is crazy though and I'm not sure how shipping will turn out.
A part of me wants to take the plunge but the other part of me is like "nooo don't consoooom" kek

No. 275717

File: 1676356395981.png (1.15 MB, 672x883, ortho.png)

I really wanted to preorder him for my friend, but turned out all of these Twisted Wonderland nendos are Japan only. This sucks! She's going to order it from some reseller, but meh. At least her Idia will get his bro back soon, yay

No. 275721

Pic is really cute but she looks like a Madoka ripoff lol

No. 275750

Try buying them thru CDjapan, I haven't looked up if theyre here yet, but their prices are cheaper most of the time. Shipping wont be big since they're small items.

No. 275787

File: 1676383290885.jpg (448.06 KB, 2204x876, migu.jpg)

Anons, which miku?? They're both equally cute to me. I had the lucky cat pre ordered and cancelled it and can't stop thinking about her now kek but the anniversary one is so cute and I love the plate and fork she comes with…

No. 275788

just get both

No. 275822

Definetly the anniversary one, she looks amazing irl and is one of the cutest Nendoroids I got. Plus she is already skyrocketing in the aftermarket, get her as soon as you can.

No. 275840

It was released a bit before Madoka (the artbook came out in 2008 and the figure released in 2010)

No. 275925

twist my rubber arm anon. The paymentfor the anniversary miku isn't until april so that eases the pain a little.

I only buy merch that I plan to keep but knowing she's so limited and I will almost definitely be able to resell her for a lot makes the decision that much easier. It's an investment really.

No. 275989

Anniversary. I don't care for Miku but that nendoroid is really good and has so much accessoires. I bought her, and I never thought I'll buy anything vocaloid related in my life.

No. 276006

These will be my first miku nendoroids too anon. I never thought I'd buy even one but both of these designs have my heart.

No. 277248

File: 1676983262751.jpg (292.07 KB, 800x600, -289479221851381335.jpg)

GSC shipping is really fast, wow. My anniversary Miku was sent on her way on the 15th and today she was almost delivered!
Almost, because customs got her and the delivery guy only accepts cash. Yeah mate, you have to come back tomorrow. Why the hell can't I pay customs with my card?!

And it is 23€ customs for her (11k¥). It's okay but I will never order from GSC directly if I can avoid it.

No. 277250

Maaan you got lucky! I pre ordered some stuff and they said it’s gonna take 2-3 weeks for me to get my tracking number when I contacted them asking when I’d get it.

No. 277318

I defenitely consider myself lucky then!

No. 277382

Customs only accepting cash AND never bringing charge with them is the complete bane of my existence. I buy groceries daily for 2 families, so I never got small bills at hand. With luck I can find a 20€ bill, but of course the guy doesn't even carry 3€ with him.

Congrats for getting her so early! Sucks always having to pay an extra 40-5₩€ between customs & shipping though, I swear EU makes everything on their hands to make us not buy anything ever from outside countries.

No. 277386

>I will never order from GSC directly if I can avoid it
Felt. It really activates my almonds when they have exclusives and I can't use amiami. Congrats though anon I'm so excited for you!

No. 279105

File: 1677590674891.jpeg (254.15 KB, 1050x1342, 1677533989468.jpeg)

I want to order this handmade on demand Ludwig figure but he is 900$, I'm not ready to drop that amount of money on merch.

No. 279109

File: 1677593972551.jpg (469.68 KB, 1400x1804, mAdVDv6.jpg)

Has anyone ever purchased a Prime 1 Studio figure/statue? I want to know if they are worth it considering the high price.

No. 279388

File: 1677680999102.jpg (1.01 MB, 1389x1152, Michuchan.jpg)

Joined the Miku farmers this morning, I hope you got better luck than me. While she's beautiful and her hair makes her Huge, she's full of QC issues, I even had to clean some gray dirt myself.
Customs alone where €26 (Spain) so I dont want to risk paying a cent more if I ask for a replacement. I will have to live with it, but it sucks

No. 279392

I did notice how nowadays its so common for people to get figurines with defects.
I got my figma last autumn, it looked great but there was a small coloring error on a dress and a dot on one of the sleeves. What happened over the years? Is buying figurines really nothing but a luck game now?

No. 279407

I think it's the speed and amount of figures being produced, especially since 2020 (tons of people jumped onto the hobby/anime during the pandemic). They either don't have the time to quality check correctly, decide to sell ones with minor paint flaws to save money or both. Another nendo I bought recently also had miss-placed paint, and looks like I was one of the lucky ones because lots of people received him without one of his small accessories.

I’m honestly scared of buying figmas made after 2016 considering their current price is almost the same as a scale along with the horror tales of them breaking after doing as much as breathing near them. I don’t know what goes over Max Factory’s mind now, the old ones had no flaws and are so resistant

No. 280397

File: 1678087332040.png (652.61 KB, 600x790, mugen nendo.PNG)

Nonnas I'm in tears. I didn't think Samurai Champloo would get merch again. When the suggestions opened months ago I envisioned SamCham nendos but didn't bother voting because I thought it'd be impossible. But now!

Sadly Mugen is not my husbando and it sucks every merch seems to be of him, but I don't hate him either and I might swipe this fig anyway because this is just such a rare treat.

No. 280413

Do they have Jin and Fuu as well?

No. 280419

No just Mugen. Jin and Fuu usually get left out since Mugen was the top character and SC gets like no attention so I can't say if we'll be seeing them, probably not.

No. 280482

File: 1678107342432.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.67 KB, 533x800, FIGURE-053529_09.jpg)

sorry for nsfw, but this is too cute. the cup, the pose, especially the cats on the base

thats a very impressive and amazing collection nonny! i love the frame for your OTP.

No. 280706

File: 1678154551976.jpg (124.29 KB, 988x980, MP100_Furyu_Plush.jpg)

Sad that these go for hundreds of dollars since they're prize plushies. They're so cute I love them. Also MP100 figmas when?

No. 284419

File: 1679360500838.jpeg (192.46 KB, 1277x1815, 4E3ED909-7598-4212-B5F3-5B2C6E…)

Robots should be friends I think

No. 284421

When will we have sexy cat/dog boy figures or cute maid boys figures? I know we got bunny boys but they're not in same bunny suits that anime girls wear.

No. 287467

File: 1680641889074.png (432.62 KB, 824x820, 1680281486269511.png)

Which one is getting your vote, nonnies?

No. 287470

Entry 5 for sure

No. 287472

Not a fan of this year's entires to be honest.
5 is the one that appeals to me the most, but it doesn't look like a snow Miku (they just slapped subtle snowflake decals on her hair and called it a day)
1 and 2 are pretty cute (and the cheese themw on 2 surprised me, most people go for pastries when they have to create food-themed design) but I'm unsure how well they will perform as articulated figures.
3 and 4 got the same problem, their long skirt will make the nendo ans figma hard to pose.
7 is cute but nothing special. It and 4 look like every other snow miku.

No. 287482

none of them speak to me but number 5 is so cute esp for the cottagecore girlies. 3 would be my second choice cause it's pretty unique. the others all look like they've been done before tbh.

No. 287500

Hokkaido's known for it's dairy products, hence the cheese. I like her little cheese hat, it does help her stand out a bit against all the other dairy themed Miku designs.

3's my favorite of the bunch. She's a rice Miku searching for Hokkaido delicacies to pair with rice. She has a little granule of rice near her mouth too. Very cute! I also really like the design of her bunny. #5's art and color scheme is very nice but it doesn't feel too much like a snow Miku or like the soup curry it's inspired from…?

No. 290874

File: 1681948106249.jpg (479.33 KB, 2048x1536, merch.jpg)

I bought a bunch of merch! I got
>3ct Chokkori-san Kirby plushes. Meta Knight, Kirby and Dedede
>6ct Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert badges. Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo ver.
>2ct Planet Robobot badges. Kirby and Meta Knight ver.
>Kirby Toki-Meki Crane Fever badge.
>3ct Kirby Triple Deluxe acrylic key chains. Dedede, Bandanna Waddle Dee and Meta Knight ver.
>2ct Kirby's Adventure Acrylic Chain. Kirby and Meta Knight ver.
>2ct 2016 Kirby Cafe badges and 2ct 2016 Kirby Cafe mini acrylic keychains. Meta Knight and Dedede ver. badges, and two duplicates of Dedede ver. mini acrylic keychains.
>4ct Kirby Cotton Candy trading badges. Meta Knight, Kirby, Dedede, and Kirby (cook ver.)
I'm so happy I was able to get a lot of my most sought after merch, and for a decent price too. On ebay, a lot of merch is scalped to hell and back and would be exorbitantly priced but I managed to get all of this for a low low $70, though shipping boost that price up to $95. I want to get some Dreamy Gear merchandise next. I'm planning to start building an itabag soon! I think what I love most out of my little haul were the chokkori-san plushes and the 25th Anniversary badges. I love the chokkori-san plushes, they're small and super adorable. They sort of remind me of those K-pop baby doll plushes. The stitching is okay, the choices of fabric are nice, and I love the use of embroidery for the faces and details such as Meta Knight's spikes on his mask. Admittedly I do not like how they did Dedede's crown. The little egg like thingy is just a peice of fabric with two stiches connecting it to the crown and it's a completely different fabric than the rim. Actually, there's a lot of loose stitching and thread on the plushes which I found odd. I kind of wish they just made that part an actual sewn on item than just a flat peice. I also do not like that his hat isn't filled with something so it kind of droops and folds into itself, luckily I was able to fix this by stuffing some gauze into his hat. I also love that their rears are filled with some sort of bead or beanbag stuff so they have heavy rumps that allow them to sit up. I definitely plan to take lots of photo shoots of them.

No. 290917

These plushes look so polite kek
The dreamy gear merch is one of my favourite (finally they gave daroach some merch!) I hope you get your hands into it. I own one of its pocket watches and the quality is amazing for an ufo prize tbh It's cute and I use it daily.

No. 291070

Thank you, I love them so much. Agreed! Have you read the novel? It's surprisingly good and the way each character is written and interacts with each other is quite in character, the plot is fun too and I like the subtle theme of classism and how the rich will do anything to become richer at the expense of those weaker than them. The Victorian-esque steampunk setting was really really cool.
>I own one of its pocket watches
LUCKY! I want to get a 3ct Kirby, Meta Knight and Dedede set of either the hat keychains or those little jewel badges. Is Daroach your favorite?

No. 291099

I haven't read any of the novels yet, have they even been released outside japan? I heard they were getting translated into frech, but I dont speak it…
That summary looks so interesting though! I'm starved for character interactions and story that isn't hidden on pause menus and miiverse post, so the novels seem to fill that a bit.
Are you looking for the rubber or the metallic keychains? The metalic ones are so nice, but sadly they didn't made them for all the characters afik… The key-shapped keychains look so cool too.
(Drawcia is my favourite kirby character, but rodents are my favorite animals so the squaks got a special place in my heart. Plus they're thieves, another trope I love haha)

No. 291120

No, they're not being released outside of Japan, France and Korea but so far, 20 of the light novels have been translated and more are being translated as I type this. Here's a link to a master post of translation. https://nyaagolor.tumblr.com/post/653089595149434880/kirby-novel-translations-masterpost
It's unfortunate but you can only read them on tumblr. The novels are amazing for character interaction, and a lot of them are very interesting and have a variety of themes and plots. If you read them, tell me what you think. Though, to keep in mind the Light Novels' lore and canon aren't a 1:1 to the game's canon and lore but the light novels do take place in the game universe which I like! I don't mind either, personally, I'd like the rubber keychains since they have the characters on them but I love the metal key-shaped and keychains too. Oh, the metal keychains have variants of all the main characters I'm sure.
(I see! Drawcia is really nice, I like her whole witch theme going for her. She's both creepy and cute. Daroach is a fan-favorite, I definitely like the appeal of his 'suave thief')

No. 291262

File: 1682095695692.png (128.41 KB, 818x364, p.png)

20!? Wow people really are more generous on smaller fandoms, I’m in a huge one that has lots of plot-relevant information inside light novels + interviews and no one has decided to translate any yet, even though some of them date as far as 2007… (I should pick up japanese again, I got a bunch of books, anthologies and doujin gathering dust kek)
Thanks a lots for the link, I will start reading when I have time! Different adaptations having their own lore/spin to the story makes them greater imo. I used to read one of the mangas over tumblr too (the one where Marx got hands) and it was fun.

I only saw these 3 keychains at MFC, I guess they’re missing some merch over here then (the pocket watch is missing there too).

No. 291427

File: 1682183116477.jpeg (38.22 KB, 400x400, 80D884D0-1AA9-4EFA-BDAA-45387D…)

is this the first radfem nendo?

No. 291444

Imagine if someone buys her to make a biochan mod kek.

No. 292822

File: 1682719827243.jpeg (Spoiler Image,218.4 KB, 1365x2048, FqxfU5fX0AEIp4K.jpeg)

Found something yummy

No. 294031

File: 1683147882602.jpeg (295.08 KB, 1772x1772, 557512E1-B5A6-4B74-A889-361C2A…)

>more furfag shit
For what reason

No. 294033

the logo looks like a bad porn furry game on steam

No. 294041

I literally thought it was one until I looked at the page and found out it’s an original character (do not steal)

No. 294042

I literally thought it was one until I looked at the page and found out it’s an original character (do not steal)

No. 294043

I literally thought it was one until I looked at the page and found out it’s an original character (do not steal)

No. 294044

I literally thought it was until I looked at the page and found out it’s an original character (do not steal)

No. 294060

File: 1683159222284.png (177.59 KB, 1163x648, Screenshot (42).png)

I've never had a nendoroid before or gotten anything from Good Smile Company but if it says pre order closed will you ever be able to order it later on or is the pre order the only time? I really wanted picrel but didn't pre order because I'm a broke ass bitch. Is there still hope or am I shit out of luck?

No. 294063

wait nevermind I was able to order one on a different website that still had like 3 left. Unfortunately it costed more than the original price on the good smile website but whatever. I would delete this post but too much time passed.

No. 294086

It's ok nonny, he's pretty cute, I'm glad you got him. May I know from what series/game/franchise is he from?

No. 294102

I know people probably coom to them, but I honestly find the characters in that OC series pretty cute, I preordered the fox and will probably get the rest if GSC don't rise their price top much. But maybe it's just because I used to collect Littlest Pet Shop, the first time I saw the fox I thought he was one lmao.

No. 294301

It's Himuro-kun from The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

No. 296029

File: 1683988037465.jpg (276.63 KB, 1920x1080, Image_20230508210102.jpg)

I have pretty much ghosted this website and only come back to lurk and bitch when I have dumb questions. Thank you to the gracious anon who sent me to this thread after I used the consoomer one. But to get to the point I want this figure and I want this figure bad. There are 4/5 sites that offer it, and eventually, after not being sure which to choose I settled on FavorGK being the most reliable one. Can anons here give their opinions and advice here? Do you have any experience with any of the sites offering him? Is he even worth it considering he's gonna be fragile as hell apparently, and do you guys have experience with these kinds of resin figures? I don't know anons. I only bought bootleg nendos from aliexpress so far so I'm not exactly an expert here and I'm willing to spend a lot of money on him but first I want to be sure I'm making the right choices

No. 299412

i only have two resin figures, both of which are smaller, but so far they've been alright. one time i even accidentally dropped the head of one of them but it didn't shatter (like people sometimes mention online) and i was able to just pick it up again. i would just be very careful with very thin parts such as clothing straps or his belt thing as those are more likely to snap if you apply pressure at a weird angle. i don't have experience with other stores so i can't comment on that but i also ordered one of my resin figures from favorGK and everything worked out alright. for me they were also the cheapest.

also regarding the price, if i had the chance to get a 1/6 resin figure of (one of) my favourite characters, i would definitely order it for that amount. at this point that's less than two 1/8 scales kek

No. 299604

It depends on how popular a nendo is. The popular ones get re-releases. Otherwise, you can buy it second-hand from Japanese sites (the quality of 'second hand' is very good in Japan).
I used Surugaya before:

BiJ proxy/forwarding:

Other second-hand sites:

No. 301282

File: 1686280212902.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_1481.jpeg)

>she was supposed to come to me in like February but Amiami kept delaying the shipping
I was thinking about cancelling, but they had already shipped her out now I’m happy though because she’s so pretty

No. 301289

It's always traps or lollis or big tiddy bitches. Where are the jacked men with painstakingly painted pubes peaking from their tiny shorts and huge glistening biceps

No. 302171

Does anyone know if good smile us immediately takes money out of your debit card after you've ordered pre-orders? I feel like I've fucked up what I ordered or maybe good smile is just like this and waits until the figures are released then the money is deducted?

No. 302173

They take the money around 1 week before sending the figure

No. 302179

File: 1686720246990.jpg (60.3 KB, 700x800, 31723.jpg)

so excited for her to arrive. I managed to snag her for under $40. Though through Buyee, so the shipping is $30 somehow even though its 1 item. Anyway , its a mini-grail for me so I'm glad I didn't have to spend $100+ on it.

No. 302226

Unless you are getting something like a letter or sticker packet $30 is pretty much their shipping minimum, Japan jacked up all of its international mail prices during the pandemic.

No. 302317

I think if you use paypal they take the money at the time of order, but not for cc. Or vice versa I don't really remember. You can find the info on their site.

No. 302439

File: 1686849234269.jpeg (46.6 KB, 600x600, IMG_5998.jpeg)

What is this thing and why is it 68k jpy?!

No. 302492

i follow some art doll makers and collectors on social media and this doll sometimes pops up on my feed. I don't know if it's made out of vinyl but it looks like it personally I think it's a bit too much for a vinyl doll but it's not unheard of. Dolls made for a collectors market are usually priced like this because the clothes and hair is a higher quality than playline dolls. The price also takes the designer into consideration and of course some of the price is also due to the brand you are buying.
I don't know anything about this doll in particular but I have seen some similar collectors vinyl doll that are released in a limited run. THe creator only sells them at cons or has short ordering periods on a webstore that sometimes doesn't allow international shipping

No. 303480

File: 1687267180250.jpg (81.93 KB, 700x800, 1686884910189726.jpg)


No. 304119

ahh okay, thanks for explaining nonna

No. 306007

File: 1688231278471.jpg (100.58 KB, 600x600, 1911912-d0345.jpg)

I refuse to believe this bitch got a nendo before actual good anime/game characters

No. 306012

File: 1688232178909.jpeg (374.86 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_1998.jpeg)

Unironically the best thing they had at the AX announcements was painted snoopy
I guess they just put all their shitty announcements at AX kek

No. 306014

Kek I thought this thing was a cheap chinese mass produced toy, kinda like the dancing cactus toy. I can't believe this is from a real series. The design is so bad.

No. 306028

Yeah I think it's from one of these $1 dollar budget horror games that's is just "you're next" written with blood on a kid playground (the way there are so many of theese that is already its own genre lmao…)

No. 306802

File: 1688593228230.jpg (361.65 KB, 612x700, I DONT NEED IT.jpg)

killing myself killing myself kill

No. 306805

Is this ffr. How the fuck? Can any shitty indie game get deals now with enough hype?

No. 306899

I love it. If I see it IRL I will probably have to fight against myself not to buy it.

No. 306901

What figure is this about + buy it. You need it.

No. 306920

What I did is to make and decorate a separate corner just to display my 1/4. It doesn't fit with the rest of my room, but that corner sure looks nice despite it

No. 307210

File: 1688768226500.jpeg (140.14 KB, 547x800, IMG_6454.jpeg)

I love this figure especially christmas/holiday themed ones, even though I know nothing about her (just know it’s from some videogame series). Amiami is selling a damaged one for like 60 and I’m so tempted but I already have preorders coming up soon.

No. 307313

There's one on Mandarake, not damaged, for 10k JPY/$70 USD.

No. 307529


Nona your wholesome posts made my Sunday so very happy, I love them! Rock looks so cuddled up too

No. 308842

Eurononnas, I just found out there is a EU GSC store now!

Will we be saved from vats and customs?
I am confused about them writing vat might apply. I hope they're not shipping from the UK like some other EU-stores.

No. 308846

File: 1689586646032.png (38.5 KB, 942x497, Frequently Asked Questions.png)

I see both variants pop up relatively often for cheap, so don't let FOMO get the better of you. I'm surprised the figures of that series are so cheap, it's probably because not many people have heard of it but the designs are very pretty and I could see those aesthetic tiktokers fighting for them. Hope it stays that way.

Customs no, VAT yes; right now GSC EU is kind of a scam. The shipping fluctuates between figures as well so you will end up paying the same (or in most cases, more) as GSC Global. The figure pricing is the same as if you put your currency on Global so there isn't any discount. The only times it could be used for is for scale figures since you won't have to pay customs, but I haven't checked (I don't know how much the shipping would be either) and I wouldn't be surprised if sites that undervalue like Solaris or Hobby Genki end up cheaper.

It's a shame honestly, if we still have to pay VAT why even bother? We have to pay 1/4 of the package value over here and it was my (and many others') main gripe when importing stuff. At least I hope they do disccounts and special packages like they do in the US Store.

No. 311652

File: 1690701906074.jpg (92.8 KB, 600x900, 1942151-ad202.jpg)

>my favorite figure by my favorite artist of all time is getting a pre painted release
holy shit

No. 311653

It’s pretty! Who is the artist?

No. 311654

File: 1690702181332.png (467.46 KB, 533x800, 6d0fe3e21c5940c894e1b0a1c2e92c…)

Yogisya! She got a couple of figures announced today but I'm not sure which are pre painted and which are garage kits yet.

No. 311655

File: 1690702268458.jpg (234.9 KB, 1440x1788, Art_of_Yogisya_33.jpg)

And the art piece this figure is based on

No. 311782

File: 1690744981333.jpg (530.49 KB, 3464x3464, wonfes wl.jpg)

Current wonfes wishlist…

No. 311807

did you really need to post on 4chan too

No. 311821

Yes everyone needs to see that I have based taste.

No. 311844

Shouldv’e posted here first but, if anyone is interested, suruga-ya is offering free DHL shipping on all orders, it’s recommended you use paypal though. Til August 10
it’s a little dead here so I understand

No. 311867

File: 1690767603774.jpg (89.65 KB, 600x600, 1941974-ee3c7.jpg)

the only must get announced today

No. 311871

>free DHL shipping
I wonder how much money they’ll lose for doing this versus how much they’re going to earn from all the gaijin frothing at the mouth
I just spent 17,000 yen

No. 312464

File: 1691055970178.jpeg (134.5 KB, 800x550, F2QEBNQWEAAyr3k.jpeg)

Finally after all these years!

No. 312465

AH NEED. This is one of the animes that gives me so much nostalgia of the 2010s.

No. 312467

and i am still waiting for the other hidamari girls… i am glad they are making more figures of older anime

No. 314051

File: 1691737306552.jpg (864.5 KB, 3248x3664, F3NnE9eXUAEFyPP.jpg)

Winner goes to design #5!

No. 314063

based and deserved

No. 315785

File: 1692371346331.jpeg (64.91 KB, 960x720, 5e421a2d12f97.jpeg)

Anyone knows where i can get JP CAPCOM merch? They have nothing in their EU stores. Also picrel costs 50€/minimum per one tiny tsum on Ebay, which is insane. And yet, i still want to get one… why doesnt capcom make cute plushies of my husbandos… is going through ebay really the only way? They overprice everything.

No. 315790

Does Capcom even license to Europe anymore? I wanted some of the Ace Attorney merch they released with GSC and none of them (minus the nendoroids) could be shipped to EU.
You can try looking them up on places like Mandarake and AmiAmi since they have global shipping. Mercari and Suruga are second-hand shops and they have good deals as well, it's where I usually shop at. You will need a proxy for the last 2 though, I usually use ZenMarket because it has the cheapest fees (unless you buy +11 items, then Neokyo is cheaper) and are IOSS so you can pay VAT/import taxes with them and skip the extra fees carriers tend to ask.

No. 318170

File: 1693198593192.png (703.96 KB, 501x758, jin.PNG)

I am crying, GSC actually is releasing good quality figs of Jin and Mugen. This is the best SamCham merch to come out in…ever. I can't believe it. No Fuu sadly but happy Jin is getting some spotlight for once

No. 318216

These are beautiful. I desperately need Jin and Mugen. It's a crime Fuu isnt released. Maybe she will at a later time?

No. 318217

Based Megatron enjoyer. She's so cute.

No. 318218

File: 1693226866619.png (2.35 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3.png)

Hi buyfriends! I figured we could do something fun.

Using MFC and https://gqgs.github.io/3x3-generator/, let's make a 3x3 of our all time favourite figures that you currently own!

Here are mine!

No. 318289

File: 1693259524694.jpg (2.63 MB, 3264x3264, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

Fun idea anon! A lot of the figures I'm really into aren't out yet, but it was still fun to do!

I'm going to one of my favorite figures (that I don't own) next!

No. 318295

File: 1693261814858.jpg (2.67 MB, 3264x3264, lotta gorgeous figures.jpg)

Favorite figures I do not own/haven't preordered (exception for a few figures that have been painted but aren't out yet, since I'm going to pre order them so I didn't include them)

No. 318303

File: 1693267812172.jpg (318.03 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

Cute idea anon! I'll be doing the same as >>318289 and posting my most anticipated preorders too.

These aren't my nicest/most expensive figures but they never fail to make me smile when I see them. It was difficult to narrow them down, honestly.

No. 318304

File: 1693268020886.jpg (282.78 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3 (1).jpg)

Fuck, one of those ogata's was meant to be the sitting sugimoto figure kek. Anyway even though some of these have been released they're stuck in surface shipping hell. Figure collecting is suffering.

No. 318345

I have that Madoka with the Kimono as well! It's such a gorgeous figure, I was really surprised by it.
I want that Princess Tutu figure as well, but the only way to get it is through garage kit, but I've considered getting it through E20 instead because it's never going to get a release… You have such exquisite taste in grails by the way! I especially love the fallen angel figure mid right, what a blast to the past.

I'll do my grails too when I get home! It's so cool to see the different things others like.
I LOVE the sitting Aki figure by Myethos. 100% a yume or a fujo designed that. It's just too good.

No. 318346

File: 1693299725615.png (534.72 KB, 1684x576, damn.png)

>I have that Madoka with the Kimono as well! It's such a gorgeous figure, I was really surprised by it.
She's lovely isn't she? I got her near the release date on solaris but I'm really happy I did since she's one of my absolute favorites, even her stand is super cute.
>I want that Princess Tutu figure as well, but the only way to get it is through garage kit
I haven't bought any garage kits yet, but if I do in the future I'm going to attempt to get one of the real first and if I'm unable to I'll only get ones that are over a decade old through E20, getting recent garage kits through E20 just feels scummy to me tho…
>You have such exquisite taste in grails by the way!
Thanks! The only ones I think I'll have a relative chance at getting is the Rozen maiden GK (I see it go up a fair amount), The Suzalulu figure and the edgy Aoba. I probably want the Suzalulu one most of all right now though since a lot of the others are in pipe dream territory haha.
>I especially love the fallen angel figure mid right
She's gorgeous isn't she? She got sold on yahoo auctions for like over a grand though it's crazy.

No. 318348

File: 1693300752409.jpg (2.29 MB, 3264x3264, unreleased_unfinished figures.…)

Aaaaand most anticipated not yet released/not yet finished figures because why the hell not these are fun to make.

No. 318426

File: 1693340321418.png (2.46 MB, 1200x1200, 3x3 (1).png)

Decided to make one for "things I don't have yet, but I want the most." Out of these I have only 1 on pre-order, the others are pipe dreams or unreleased… That Princess Tutu GK is my ultimate grail at the moment though. The MadoHomu one has a prepainted release but I didn't like it as much, so I want the GK specifically.

>I haven't bought any garage kits yet, but if I do in the future I'm going to attempt to get one of the real first and if I'm unable to I'll only get ones that are over a decade old through E20, getting recent garage kits through E20 just feels scummy to me tho…
I know how you feel… I'm on the fence getting the PT one as well, but last time I checked her garage kit sold for 87k yen.

>She's gorgeous isn't she? She got sold on yahoo auctions for like over a grand though it's crazy.

HOLY HELL and she's not a garage kit even?? That's prepainted??

I love making 3x3s! They're so neat to look at. I haven't played that Nitro+Chiral game (don't remember the name), but guys being hurt is sex. The toilet guy… well, he is really hot. So I get it.
I have that Madoka and those two classic cats on my own wishlist. Depends how expensive they are whether I'll get them or not…

No. 318429

Good taste! I'm also planning to get bishoujo starscream to go with my megs chan because I ship them hahaha.
>I know how you feel… I'm on the fence getting the PT one as well, but last time I checked her garage kit sold for 87k yen.
Yeeeaasshhhh…not surprised though. There was a garage kit I thought was mildly cute that also goes for a ridiculous amount, it's definitely a rich people hobby haha.
>HOLY HELL and she's not a garage kit even?? That's prepainted??
Yeah she got a prepainted release, I think it was a really small amount though so she's really rare as both a garage kit and prepainted figure.
>I haven't played that Nitro+Chiral game (don't remember the name), but guys being hurt is sex. The toilet guy… well, he is really hot. So I get it.
Haha it's actually the same character (bloody and toilet guy), Towa san from slow damage! Definitely my favorite visual novel so I'm excited to get the figures for it.
>I have that Madoka and those two classic cats on my own wishlist.
The Madoka is kind of in the 'depends on if I have room' zone, since I'm assuming she's gonna be pretty big…

No. 318430

File: 1693342231433.jpeg (124.64 KB, 640x427, melona.jpeg)

Dropped pic

No. 318435

>It's so cool to see the different things others like
It really is!! I love the variety between the different anons it's so interesting.

> 100% a yume or a fujo designed that. It's just too good.

That figure is definitely made for the girls kek I can't wait to get it and just stare at him every day

No. 318462

File: 1693360660993.jpeg (122.26 KB, 682x2048, IMG_7891.jpeg)

i want these bags rereleased badly. they go for like 100$ on mercari now and im contemplating buying one because i’m dumb and really want it

No. 318491

I've also been waiting for another release of these. Bought the one in your pic during the first round, wish I ordered Shu in the second.

No. 318637


No. 318855

File: 1693533266944.jpeg (793.62 KB, 3108x4096, 7E3EABFB-7919-466F-9C38-3A0C45…)

Cute but not as cute as the art imo

No. 319057

yeah, it's a bit disappointing. the colors and proportions are different i think

No. 319158

File: 1693679997031.jpg (310.66 KB, 920x920, faves.jpg)


She's so cute but the hair is a bit disappointing. Wish it was more matte and green like the art.

No. 319689

File: 1693864480048.jpg (5.42 MB, 4096x4096, figure_chart.jpg)

Had some tough choices here since I do like my Nendoroids and a few other figures but this was fun to make!

No. 319900

File: 1693965065505.jpg (54.98 KB, 432x624, x_mafc06883_b.jpg)

>insert essay about how Six did nothing wrong
I recommend all Little Nightmares games!

No. 319902

File: 1693965433231.jpg (57.09 KB, 800x600, Figurine-Nendoroid-Six-Little-…)

Samefag, I hope non-anime Nendos are ok

No. 320225

File: 1694148759148.jpg (2 MB, 3264x3264, nendo wishlist.jpg)

After looking at that fucking hideous godawful ET nendoroid I decided to do a (mostly pipe dreams) nendoroid wishlist haha

No. 320249

I want a Madotsuki nendo so bad… every derivative/inspired RPG maker game is getting one but Yume Nikki

No. 320250

the code geass and the gothic manga girl T T. You're def god's favorite
The cordelia is gorgeous, be grateful you have her !

No. 320270

Patrician taste.

No. 320274

Maybe it’s hard to contact the creator? I know Toby fox did but he was the first guy to do so in like over a decade.

No. 320311

File: 1694205469764.jpeg (410.52 KB, 2048x1536, 2765608.jpeg)

I wanted Madotsuki Nendoroid so bad too. I even submitted a request to GSC some time ago. She may not be expressive but I would really like if she has her knife, flute, umbrella and bike. It be fun to take pictures of her like she's in a dream.

No. 320328

Adorable pic anon! I feel like they could maybe have an alt face of her pinching her cheek? Even if they just keep it as one face though she has a lot of potential for accessories.

No. 320518

I've seen official Yume Nikki merch on Fangamer so I think it's possible to contact the creator to give permission in making a Madotsuki Nendoroid.

A pinching face would be perfect! As long as she has an additional face to switch out it should be passable for a Nendoroid. The accessories are the most important parts.

No. 320611

File: 1694357069383.jpg (128.5 KB, 600x600, 549488-65240.jpg)

trick or miku is on sale and just in time for halloween. nice.

No. 321039

File: 1694583286717.jpg (1.47 MB, 3024x4032, hina nendo.jpg)

She is an ARTIST!

No. 321040

I guess so but there have been licensed CD, manga and that weird 3D steam game, so specially after that last one I thought it would be more likely to get something like this
That is super cute, a diorama of her room is perfect for her

No. 321247

File: 1694640740022.jpeg (833.41 KB, 2048x2048, 29EA37FB-336F-4222-B04D-BFD80D…)

I’m losing it anons. I’m a recovered weeb. All my nendos are stored away and hidden in a box. My manga is in the basement out of my sight. I’m supposed to be a normie now. But fuck why is Nana so popular again?? I can’t take it, I’m losing self control. Saw this beautiful mohair sweater by Angel Type Organics and the girlies on TikTok are styling it so good. The vinyls!! I want both so bad on my vinyl stand. Don’t get me started on the figures. Omg it’s everything I could have dreamt of, especially Nana Osaki. She looks stunning! I’m weeb-relapsing

No. 321371

File: 1694713087827.jpg (50.57 KB, 503x750, omg its fuu.jpg)

Fuu is happening nonnie, let's fucking go!

No. 321394

File: 1694720595605.jpeg (513.5 KB, 1600x1600, 3463392.jpeg)

They just cancelled the scales I was most excited about, I'm so sad…. The art is so cute and thanks to their mono color scheme they're easy to produce, I wonder why did they decide to drop them…

No. 321400

Whaaat? That sucks I was 100% going to buy them.
Hopefully in the future her art will get another chance at a scale figure.

No. 321418

The coomer figures got the pass but not this???

No. 321421

File: 1694727809982.png (429.52 KB, 1331x602, IMG_4126.png)

It was a really weird company choice to begin with and looking at their other stuff it doesn’t really surprise me that they got cancelled (since all their other stuff is coom)

No. 321424

All conpanies hace coom mixed with normal figures, I don't think it's that weird. The only difference is that some go for full nudity and the others don't.

No. 321442

I checked the Twitter and the cat post has way more likes and retweets than the coom posts. I don't know why they didn't recognize that

No. 321451

It's pretty hilarious comparing the MFC 'wishes' as well, the other stuff has like, at best 100ish (but most of it is more around 30) while the rtono cat figure had over 500.

No. 321452

File: 1694753664959.png (742.97 KB, 655x823, mimarin.png)


No. 321563

I know these companies don’t normally care but I hope that they see the interest and maybe bring it back, I was looking forward to these

No. 321997

File: 1694980147430.jpg (39.34 KB, 600x491, yotsuba.jpg)

Kinda obsessed with character mascot charms/straps so I'm gonna dump some

No. 321999

File: 1694980190751.png (482.02 KB, 506x512, rozen maiden.png)

No. 322000

File: 1694980340970.png (616.47 KB, 620x620, amnesia.png)

No. 322003

File: 1694980444045.png (312.58 KB, 980x980, sanrio angels.png)

No. 322004

File: 1694980546283.jpg (96.22 KB, 500x707, hetalia.jpg)

No. 322005

File: 1694980635532.jpeg (1.56 MB, 2048x1536, hetalia movic.jpeg)

I love how these ones have backgrounds of their country's landmarks

No. 322006

File: 1694980934747.jpg (66.21 KB, 632x587, code geass.jpg)

No. 322007

File: 1694981059261.jpg (92.36 KB, 900x900, toro inoue.jpg)

No. 322012

File: 1694982591505.jpg (279.76 KB, 1200x1200, 3x3.jpg)

This was fun!

I want those little Russias so bad

No. 322014

File: 1694984131353.jpg (38.97 KB, 331x711, 649735-2ea7a.jpg)

Russia gets the cutest merch in general

No. 322040

really want the cinnamoroll one, wish they'd make one for keroppi too

No. 322416

File: 1695211087697.jpeg (209.42 KB, 1042x1250, 3759277.jpeg)

How do you budget a ~3k dollar (with luck and not including EU taxes + shipping) life-sized figure, I don't even have anywhere to display her (my house is very sunny, I can hardly display the few small figures I own).
I guess she will release in around 2025, so I got around 2 years to save up, but still… I'm thankful my hobbies are cheap so I save up for dumb things kek I was sad to see they cancelled her 1/2.5 scale, so I will try to grab this one. Can't wait to sew her silly clothes.

No. 322423

autistic answer incoming but
Double-down on the scrimping and saving for those 2 years as well, and save enough to get a bigger place (for all your figures' sakes) and/or get her into a dark and temperature-controlled storage unit in the next two years's time, and then take more years after that to save for a different place to live all together?

Maybe your other hobbies are cheap but what about your daily consumables expenses? Food, utilities, even stuff like shampoo and dish soap? etc. Would you be in an okay position if their price inflated by x y or z percent? Think in 2025 terms rather than 2023 terms.

Good luck but do consider the taxes and shipping. They'll be crazy without a doubt.

No. 322429

You're supposed to assume you'll have to pay taxes, since it's so expensive.

No. 322430

Autistic answer apreciated.
Yeah the cheap hobby part was mostly a "I'm glad I don't have any expense outside rent/daily utilities". About space, I live on rent since I'm single so I can't own a house yet, depending on my luck I may or may not live on a bigger place in the next 2 years hahah…
I technically have the money already thanks to savings, but I prefer to not touch that. I easily can see her being +5k euro after shipping and taxes, I will try to convince my local shop to order her for me so I can pay a fixed amount with today's rate (or at least paying in installments).

No. 322435

>my house is very sunny, I can hardly display the few small figures I own
buy uv blocking curtains and get a tester you should be fine

No. 323947

File: 1695874760846.jpg (73.26 KB, 600x700, snoopy!.jpg)

I just found out there will be a Snoopy nendo! It's got me down a rabbithole now, there are so many cute recent and upcoming releases

No. 323948

File: 1695875353235.jpg (195.75 KB, 700x700, alexander nendo.jpg)

whoops I got so excited I didn't see it had been posted already kek >>306012
This one is much more recent, there is also an Iron Fist Alexander nendo upcoming!

No. 324878

File: 1696242528647.jpg (178.35 KB, 1626x1080, F7Z9DzfWYAAHeq5.jpg)

We lost the black/white cat figures, but at least we got something similar coming. I wish they had actual cat faces, but the Tea Time Cats series is turning out cute (the ones that actually come with tea pottery), so I got hopes for this.

No. 324881

File: 1696244672184.png (2.5 MB, 1600x1600, FLmHL_GaIAACrSK.png)

Oh, those are so pretty but for a second I got excited thinking tono was doing figures now

No. 324886

Yeah, your picrel were gonna be figures actually, but the company cancelled them.

No. 324892

No way, that's so disappointing…

No. 325328

File: 1696460778734.png (359.33 KB, 600x600, image_2023-10-05_010621856.png)

No. 325423

this is one of my favorite pieces of art, what the hell man…..

No. 325434

Usakumya and South park nendo would go hard.

No. 325705

File: 1696630775865.jpg (575.74 KB, 1752x2480, hanakobun.jpg)

Hanako-bun… The ultimate fujo shotacon crossover…

I've been wanting to buy one of these stupid BB bunnies for years, I guess it's finally time.

No. 326094

File: 1696861996968.jpg (46.57 KB, 800x700, FIGURE-160893_04.jpg)


No. 326095

File: 1696862040897.jpg (39.97 KB, 800x650, FIGURE-160893_06.jpg)

and yes, he got to keep his butthole

No. 326099

I never got why people draw buttholes in animals, it's supposed to be funny/cute? It has always grossed me out.

No. 326104

It’s just funny.

No. 326107

I've always noticed this with Japanese artists, why do they always draw buttholes? I don't think it's cute or funny either.

No. 326153

Any other lonely nonas with fairly big collections feel anxious about the idea of bringing someone home to your room? I've been collecting since childhood and as I've gotten older and gotten better jobs my collection has only grown. And while I am proud of it, and wouldn't want to hang out with anyone who finds it repulsive anyway, I can't help but feel embarrassed at the thought of someone new seeing it all.

No. 326172

I'd feel more anxious and embarrassed of having someone come over while my room is messy. I don't know how big your collection is or what you collect but if it's not coomer shit like sexy anime girl figures or ecchi/loli posters then you're good. If it's something like plushies or dolls then it's understandable since most girls do enjoy cute stuff and that's ok. It be more cringey if it was coming from a guy.

No. 326178

File: 1696940184014.jpg (105.01 KB, 800x450, 202304010030204.jpg)

No. 326184

I still don't get how dog assholes are supposed to be funny. But at least it can be removed easily from the figure.

No. 326201

Can you imagine trying to resell a figure after removing the asshole from it kek I'd be side-eyeing the seller so hard

No. 326229

well generally things that are living have buttholes, except you i guess cause its clenched shut kek

No. 326236

I just find it weird to draw it on cutesy cartoon animals, it's like giving them a full ass of pussy imo

No. 326279

I think it's a trope, like baby Goku got his weenie out in the open

No. 326490

File: 1697079332665.png (134.68 KB, 350x350, -preorder-black-butler-hanakok…)

Look who I just ordered~

No. 326573

Sorry anon but I don't want to think of Pompompurin's asshole

No. 326644

it's not like you're getting goatse'd it's a silly little asterisk. you sound weirdly upset about it

No. 326713

this is simultaneously completely expected and still surprising. Hanako bun is a nice name.

genuinely cute plush

No. 326730

I'm the person who originally complained about it and I only replied twice. It seems it's 2-3 other people talking about it.

No. 326756

I got mine too at the very last minute! can't wait for this cutie, hope I get hanako or ciel's pob card

No. 326761

File: 1697200956037.jpg (121.29 KB, 500x565, NEODAI-66892_104.jpg)

considering the other collab bunnies yeah, totally saw this coming (never change, queen) but still so hype

I wish I had the 9s one…

No. 327455

File: 1697444562662.png (520.15 KB, 534x800, hopeman.png)

oh wow he looks gorgeous

No. 327456

File: 1697444585193.png (584.07 KB, 533x800, F8i9Z8gbcAAl1Ju.png)

No. 327830

pompom has always had a butthole kek

No. 328617

File: 1697788866268.jpg (200.86 KB, 600x800, amnesia_shin.jpg)

Yumefags have won once again

No. 333997

File: 1699425383377.jpg (1017.58 KB, 3023x3125, IMG_5078.jpg)

My two little boys

No. 334506

File: 1699605861305.png (188.43 KB, 1021x607, Ib preorder.png)

I hope I get the pumpkin…

No. 334525

File: 1699615723324.png (655.82 KB, 600x800, F-kYIWsbUAApsfI.png)


No. 334526

File: 1699615775955.png (777.19 KB, 600x800, F-kYkBIbkAAM4tg.png)

Also prototype of my boy, took them a while to post the pics hahaha.

No. 334527

File: 1699615847152.png (757.65 KB, 600x800, F-kaRnHW0AAKbNI.png)

Izaya and Shizuo are also getting nendoroids which is in a very 'better late than never' zone.

No. 334529

File: 1699616019441.png (700.49 KB, 650x800, F-kYVVnWkAAlKUl.png)

Also cute Misato+penpen
Papa Gendo is also getting one but facial hair nendoroids always look really bad to me, it's funny in concept alone though.

No. 334833

File: 1699699316140.jpeg (117.58 KB, 1170x933, 3660003.jpeg)

I want to get these two fuckers for my brother but I missed the pre-order period, do you think they'll be available again at their release date?

No. 334835

80% of figures end up binding nowadays, so there's a hight change you will find them + probabl yfor a bit cheaper than the pre-order price

No. 334838

Good to know, I used to buy figures 15 years ago when you had to pre-order on the first day or else you'd miss your chance, and since Gojo's nendo is very expensive on the aftermarket I'm apprehensive it could be the case here as well, at least this type of figures doesn't seem to be rare.

No. 334848

The figure market has changed lots in the past few years. There was a boom in collectors during 2020 thanks to the pandemic and tiktok, which increassed the demand to an absurd level (you can still feel their impact on the aftermarket of some "animecore" figures). But now most of the new collectors are leaving the hobby, old ones don't preorder much and sell big parts of their stuff due to the economy and figure prices being x2-3 more expensive compared to just 2019 (it kind of gets cancelled thanks to the current exchange rate though), 17k being a normal price for a simple 1/7. Just the other week I paid 33k for a 1/6, that used to be the price of 1/4s…..

Combine all of this and you get companies producing on "boom" levels while the demand isn't that much anymore. Even sought-after figures end up gathering dust on shops' shelves for months. Now people often simply wait to the figure to bin and buy it at a cheaper price, preordering is pretty much seen as a luxury price you're willing to pay to secure the figure and have it on your hands as soon as posible.
There's even a conspiracy theory about companies inflating the release price as much as they can & then lowering it to what would be the normal price when it bins, that way they max their profit on preorders but still make gains on the "discounted" bin price kek

No. 334850

I feel like such a boomer when reading all this shit, it was such a niche hobby even in the anime/manga communities.
>17k being a normal price for a simple 1/7
Goddammit I remember when 5k was the standard and people would go WTF at the elusive 7k.

No. 334853

>it was such a niche hobby even in the anime/manga communities
I don’t think figure collecting is niche in Japan versus the time it took for international shipping to set off (even with that sites like HLJ and Hobby Search have been around for a loooong time), but stuff like Figma and nedoroids are hardly niche anymore. There’s literally thousands of them now.

No. 334854

File: 1699703847527.jpeg (695.2 KB, 1125x969, IMG_3988.jpeg)

Also it seems like GSC is reaching their funkopop stage with getting as many IPs as possible to make figures of

No. 334859

To be fair the quality in figures has made a gigantic leap honestly, if they were a big heavier there are prize figures that rival scales sans the shading (and they've started to shade some, I feel the gap will be less and less each year) and the exchange rate smoothes things out, the usual exchange was 100 yen = 1 dollar, so a 12k yen figures costed you $110, but since last year the same $110 pays you a 18k yen pricetag because the yen is so low, so in a way it makes sense, the price hasn't changed that much.

Still, the shipping has increased tons, for us eurofags we have to pay an absurd amount of VAT and companies are getting more greedy, raising the prices for way above the exchange rate compensation + the costy materials. Just looked up the price of my favorite 1/6, bought her from Alter in 2012 for around €90 (9,800k yen retail price). Nowadays, those €90 would have bought me a 14k yen pricetag, wich is the price of…. a figma with shipping.
It's sad, but at least I'm not into 90% of the gatcha games & western shit they keep releasing nowadays so my wallet doesn't cry too much; nowadays I mostly just lurk to buy old figures I missed.

No. 339077

File: 1701395313100.png (1009.4 KB, 800x600, GAJt9XkbUAARMhz.png)

>Just a picture of a cage

No. 342178

File: 1702554964188.jpg (372.97 KB, 2048x1462, FmpSSKTaUAIaLWH.jpg)

Does anyone know how to look up for nui ponchos? The closest I got is おきがえポンチョ but it doesn't give me too many results.
I know there are some at Aliexpress, but I prefer buying official ones so the quality isn't a gamble.

No. 342180

File: 1702556482700.png (296.12 KB, 507x504, Screenshot .png)

Nvm, just found it, the more complete search is ぬいぐるみポンチョ. Looks like these 2 are different brands, the one I mentioned before is a newer one so they got less things.
Crying at how most of these are more exepensive than the nui themselves, I'm thinking of just sewing it myself even though I suck at it kek I don't think a poncho has much going on, they might be ok for begginers.

No. 342593

Go for it! Look up some patterns and scale them down. Ponchos aren't difficult to sew. The amount of curves in the pattern might throw you off at first though.

No. 350868

File: 1706062222797.jpg (793.04 KB, 2354x2583, NEEDY GIRL.jpg)


No. 350935

File: 1706101420713.jpg (107.68 KB, 991x1148, GEL1hOcXUAAuS0m.jpg)


GoodSmile Company is doing a survey to find out what future Pop Up Parade figures people want! Feel free to vote here!

I am not sure what else I will vote for yet, but I definitely want a Princess Tutu figure.

No. 350967

About to make everyone I know fill this out so my husbando can get a scale figure KEK

No. 351023

Survey is for the ugly PuP figures though, not a scale

No. 352016

File: 1706550116812.jpg (1.13 MB, 1898x3299, 20240129_183735.jpg)

I won the pre-order gacha! Got a beer and coffee, exactly what I wanted!

No. 354072

>tfw the characters you like are less likely or never gonna get figures because they are unpopular, side/secondary characters, male or have licensing issues.
Also bump if anyone is interested in participating.

No. 354144

File: 1707259152244.jpg (299.86 KB, 3024x2664, yaoi jesus.jpg)

Aoba was a huge nightmare to get onto his stand and even then he's not fully in…I might have to heat it up a bit with a hairdryer later.
Luckily no big issues with sticky plastic only a bit at the arms.

Don't they look cute together?

No. 354991

File: 1707610969209.png (693.9 KB, 600x800, 2163945-7a704.png)

No one wants this shit what's with their recent boomer movie obsession?

No. 355021

File: 1707623949340.jpeg (70.35 KB, 730x540, 3896743.jpeg)

GSC trying to make extra bucks off of western media and those who consoom it. That Jaws looks like shit. Nobody asked for it or that ugly ET Nendoroid. They should be making husbandos and shoujo/josei/otome characters instead.

No. 355022

I genuinely think they just keep making shitty nendoroids like this to put in their 'blind boxes' so stupid people will buy them to try and resell.

No. 355066

File: 1707643804246.png (584.02 KB, 571x800, 2164125-8e444.png)

I am in pain. I need her.

No. 355076

Third WF in a row where no figure of my husbando has been announced despite his popularity, wtf is going on?

No. 355079

who is your husbando? Also figure companies are retards that don't realise there's a huge yumefujo market out there.

No. 355088

She's gorgeous, is she from the same line as the 1k dollar handmade kimono ones or is a normal figure with cloth?

No. 355094

Unfortunately this is from the 1k dollar line…

No. 355112

Link to the won hobby gallery for anyone interested in perusing. There's a lot of interesting releases I didn't expect at all but still only like 2 I'll actually buy. I'm interested in what anons are likely to get?

The fact this will probably be MINIMUM 4500 yen? Trash.

No. 355143

File: 1707675367799.png (747.37 KB, 1198x800, Skip and Loafer PUP.png)

I might consider the Skip and Loafer Pop Up Parades though I expected them to hold hands. Still cute though.

No. 355144

File: 1707675950105.png (580.11 KB, 512x724, 898.png)

Douman from FGO, is it because of his convoluted design? Their track record at making husbando figs is quite bad but the more popular guys at least got nendos, he on the other hand hasn't got even a fucking gachapon figure while they keep releasing (shitty) waifus, like they announced Ranmaru, who the fuck cares about her?

No. 355159

File: 1707678124429.jpg (76.59 KB, 533x800, IMG_6705.jpg)

Wow this wonfes was pretty trash, at least Madoka finally got painted.

No. 355160

File: 1707678233497.jpg (72.8 KB, 533x800, IMG_6706.jpg)

And this 2006 rozen maiden garage kit getting a pre painted release was genuinely very cool.
But for the most part it was just waifushit gacha women with big tits.

No. 355161

File: 1707679265349.jpg (113.31 KB, 1200x1200, cute.jpg)

I've had her page open since she was announced. Finally preordered her this morning. I love Snow Mikus that aren't all blue last one I got is the crabby miku of 2022.

No. 355167

Holy shit this one takes me back, I remember when I would obsessively save every Rozen Maiden picture I came across and would fantasize about owning every figure in existence (and having no idea what a GK was).

No. 355223

his hand looks like it was made specifically for hand holding too, what a missed opportunity

No. 355317

File: 1707723210032.jpg (98.75 KB, 571x800, 1000008261.jpg)

Homura-chan's version is gorgeous too.

No. 355347

I wish they were sold closer in price to actual yoshitoku dolls…

No. 355350

File: 1707734208772.jpg (123.53 KB, 600x800, 1000029894.jpg)

I think I'm going to make this my first nendoroid

No. 355359

File: 1707741866067.jpeg (98 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_0223.jpeg)

>finally a Homura figure I love
>I’ll never own it
Might get my first migu scale though

No. 355361

NTA but woah, thanks for the vid. I'm busy right now so I just skimed it, but the price difference is insame. Furyu is no stranger to absurd price inflation (they pretty much were the kickstarters of it) and I know licenses cost money, but there's no excuse for the 100k yen raise specially when the anime one seem inferior.
Seeing the figures next to the actual thing really puts it into perspective. They have the license of a character I really want a kimono figure of since she wears one in the game and I'm sure if they had made one, I would've taken the plunge before watching the video…

No. 356288

File: 1708002336747.jpg (101 KB, 800x570, GGXG-DTWIAAUR1h.jpg)

Looks like they can hold hands. Maybe they included extra arms?

No. 356387

Amiami sells them separately and as a set, maybe the set version has the extra arm to hold hands? I can't check rn since I'm getting the high traffic error.

No. 356401

oh my god i want both of them so badly

No. 357107

File: 1708350862180.png (261.03 KB, 817x816, GGCatmoaMAAm32f.png)

Do any nonas know where I can buy this from online? It seems to originally be limited to crane games in japan

No. 357108

Just try any site like mercari jp, ami ami etc etc Crane/prize figures are easy and cheap to find

No. 357955

File: 1708680584714.png (204.4 KB, 1561x613, nendo nendo.png)

I like the amount of pre order bonuses GSC has being doing lately, legit the last four new nendos I pre ordered all had bonuses.

No. 357956

File: 1708680707545.png (1.07 MB, 730x900, URAAAAAAA.png)

Also unsubtle husbandofagging but holy shit this face looks so funny I love it.
I don't think I have any other nendos with crazy faces.

No. 357963

I wish I could still order from GSC, but they're one of the few shops that writte down how much the shipping costed regarless of what you paid (6k yen instead of their 2k flat rate for explample) in the invoice and that makes customs/VAT skyrocket. Ordering stuff elsewhere always saves me 10-30 bucks minimun.

No. 358016

File: 1708702665085.jpeg (229.46 KB, 600x800, IMG_0260.jpeg)

I usually don’t even really consider anime figurine but this one is so damn charming. I’m tempted.

No. 358087

based choice nonnie

No. 360277

File: 1709626508410.png (1.66 MB, 800x1119, GHzyO2FakAAZdT_.png)

Thinking bout getting my first migu…
But then I would also want to get the nendo version to go with.

No. 360567

File: 1709760465543.jpeg (2.41 MB, 3021x3129, IMG_7017.jpeg)

Cute boy

No. 360581

File: 1709771229534.jpg (105.1 KB, 600x800, f50abe0e6b26feee429c481c8966b2…)

Oh nona, this is so damn cute! I want this one too, along with the America one

No. 360585

Check xianyu if you know how! I got him there for a really nice price, just be sure to buy a listing with photos so you don't acidentally buy a bootleg!
I'm already tempted to also get America and some other characters, maybe Britian?

No. 360661

File: 1709819227509.jpeg (72.24 KB, 700x528, russia and america nendoroid.j…)

Thanks, I'll try that! I want him so badly. And yeah!! You should definitely get America and Britain. Russia needs his friends

No. 365778

File: 1711488440028.jpg (106.05 KB, 1200x1200, ukyo nendo.jpg)

Based Ukyofag, I literally just ordered the Ukyo nendo and came here to post about it lol. I've only ever ordered one nendo prior to this and couldn't miss the opportunity, there are barely any otome nendos released in general and it's my first otome husbando nonetheless

No. 365780

File: 1711489934725.png (1006.25 KB, 1345x568, I need moar nendos.png)

Always nice to see a fellow Ukyo husbandofag!
How are you planning to display yours? I'm leaning towards the ura face with the knife since it's funny.
>I've only ever ordered one nendo prior to this
Haha, I'm a bit of a nendoroid fiend if I'm being honest (current collection not including pre orders).

No. 365806

The megaman is so cute, what else did you pre order?

No. 365808

File: 1711497312939.png (1.14 MB, 984x819, nen nen .png)

The ones I have pre ordered (and regular ordered, I want to complete the set of Rozen Maiden dolls)

No. 365810

The rozen maiden ones are adorable. They'll look great all together.

No. 365811

File: 1711498851422.jpeg (261.7 KB, 1063x550, 3904480r1707968939.jpeg)

for real!

No. 368847

File: 1712545868566.jpg (257.01 KB, 1200x900, kanato chips from some yahoo a…)

They look like purple chips don't they?

No. 369372

File: 1712694195182.jpeg (344.48 KB, 1920x1375, 3930081.jpeg)

Dumping some cute nendoroid diorama pictures.

No. 369375

File: 1712694539585.jpeg (529.95 KB, 2048x1365, 3529339.jpeg)

No. 369378

File: 1712694993200.jpeg (371.68 KB, 2048x1330, 2204256.jpeg)

No. 369382

File: 1712695359766.jpeg (130.23 KB, 820x550, 3446350.jpeg)

No. 369384

File: 1712695819260.jpeg (415.85 KB, 2048x1366, 3786504.jpeg)

No. 369389

File: 1712696288651.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x1431, 2269331.jpeg)

No. 369395

File: 1712696595391.png (3.94 MB, 2000x1333, 2496187.png)

No. 369396

File: 1712696996322.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2000x1335, 1682890.jpeg)

No. 369397

File: 1712697365363.jpeg (653.06 KB, 1000x667, 1316251.jpeg)

No. 369400

File: 1712697708068.jpeg (418.63 KB, 2048x1279, 3329236.jpeg)

No. 369401

File: 1712698023555.jpeg (679.46 KB, 2048x1526, 2708491.jpeg)

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