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File: 1648517565158.jpg (261.19 KB, 772x1145, Disney-Twisted-Wonderland-game…)

No. 192988

>Twisted Wonderland is an adventure rpg-style mobile game created by Disney Japan and published by Aniplex. Characters are inspired by Disney villains from various franchises (and they're hot).Concept, main story, and character designs are by Yana Toboso (Original creator of "Black Butler").

Has anyone played it yet? It came out in english pretty recently.

No. 192995

Is a thread just for this game OK? I don't play it but I know it's already discussed in the mobage thread

No. 192998

Anon, kingdom hearts is 100x cringier than anything and it's wildly successful

No. 193000

File: 1648522386011.gif (408.85 KB, 540x316, tumblr_f1c42dc15263eb3a0ed03da…)

the mobage thread is dead except for when people are infighting in it



No. 193001

>the mobage thread is dead except for when people are infighting in it
Well I sure hope this thread doesn't devolve into infighting between fujos and yumejos
I like the Ursula guy the most but the Scar and Hades ones are hot too

No. 193036

the mc is male, there's nothing to argue about

No. 193322

Cope, seethe, pump your fake dick kek
Can't wait for the tears when the anime comes out when Yana herself said the canon mc is neutral, the player itself

No. 193750

Are there really no fans of this in here? my friend loves this game

No. 193752

It's not available in my country yet, im not sure when it will be available for people in eu but i will definitely try it out when its available for me.

No. 193756

File: 1648767395784.png (Spoiler Image,609.83 KB, 800x1200, illust_94945087_20220331_03123…)

I love it too! nothing to add to that though kek. but I saw a lewd AceDeu doujin on pixiv yesterday, ha.

Take your own advice, dude… NRC is an all boys school. the "mc is really neutral uwu" is pure lip service to shut you spergs up. you need some major suspension of disbelief while playing the game to rationalize an f!mc as it is and the anime won't be able to handle it the same way it does. it's truly bizarre how adamant you are on the subject, and you're the only one too. do you play the game?

No. 193758

File: 1648767529320.png (1.97 MB, 1649x1649, 1648767514320.png)

And Malleus looks cute with a ponytail

No. 193879

Another April, another set of back to back Ruggies. I am so pleased.

No. 194107

File: 1648868685291.png (835.73 KB, 1920x1080, Card_Ruggie_SSR_Outdoor_Wear.p…)

No. 194112

You can't really call someone a sperg and then post weird random porn in the same breath, the MC is a piece of fucking cardboard who cares

No. 194131

File: 1648878278420.jpg (49.56 KB, 512x512, edbe5e2b6dada676deb9b1d2b69426…)

I hate this tranny looking faggot. I used to be neutral about him but he acts like he's so much better and mature than everyone despite being a massive fag. He also forces his faggotry on Epel who clearly doesn't want anything to do with his genderspecial shit, he's racist too for scolding him for speaking his harmless dialect, essentially changing what's charming about him. Just because Epel looks like a trap doesn't mean he has to be a fag like you too, Vil.

No. 194134

the underage twstfags on twitter, etc. aren't a fraction as obsessed with projecting gender shit onto characters, yume vs fujo drama, headcannoning character sexualities, and now canceling the bishie-fied villains for problematic behavior as anyone on lolcow. why is /m/ such a shithole? stfu and look at cute anime boys

No. 194138

>racist too for scolding him for speaking his harmless dialect
kek what

No. 194142

you're the one who is sperging now, as i said the mc is canonically male in the manga (designed by yana) and the light novel (created by the game scenario writer) and heavily implied to be one in the game (see their reaction to epel and deuce's fear of talking with women) so yeah he will be one in the anime too

No. 194173

File: 1648900160515.jpeg (47.47 KB, 500x663, 00B1EE51-4F2D-44C4-B7EA-750A18…)

He’s literally a villian and he just cares about his appearance obsessively, hey, it’s almost as if he was created based on a character that does that.

No. 194188

The queen is way more beautiful than snow white and her mirror is a lying bitch, there, I said it'

No. 194205

kek now that you say this, even in the game neige/boy snow white looks super bland

No. 194228

File: 1648927393819.jpg (34.16 KB, 371x279, 6ca2fa47fac7b06b5d6a80c3dabc17…)

he's very cute like a tween kpop idol but not beautiful like vil

No. 213573

I had to soft-necro this thread because of the twst-sperging in the husbando thread. Nona if you are still here I just wanna say you are the funniest bitch on the planet

No. 245611

Necro-ing this thread to say that you're hilarious and based. Especially in the current event, this asshole serves nothing and acts like he's better than everybody for it.

No. 245647

File: 1665221873269.jpg (183.32 KB, 1186x1186, 20221007_094829.jpg)

Vil is a terf ally and epel deserves the beatings, kys.

No. 245668

>kms after finding this thread thread when it's already dead

kek nonna i say the same shit as jokes but i also hate vil for being so stuck up and his momager attitude in the pomefiore chapter. But then he'll say/do something really nice and my conviction wavers.

No. 248880

In what world is Vil a terf ally? Dude would probably troon out as a GNC nonbinary he/they celeb if he existed IRL and all the genderspecials would fawn over him on Tumblr.

Anyways… what event do you nonnies think will be next? I'm expecting a while of filler, but hopefully the silk event will come soon so that I can pull for SSR Jamil.

No. 248885

Reread the pomfiore arc, idiot. Half of it was about his interests and being GNC not making him any less of a man. He also hates ugly people and people who make excuses for their loser behavior, both of which are inherently transphobic takes kek.

>what event do you nonnies think will be next?

For november, endless halloween and chapter 6, then new years in december and apple boa and en anniversary in january. After that we'll get like tsumtsum and gala ortho. Don't expect to see jamil until like july 2023, that's a summer event.

No. 248945

Agree to disagree, I personally don't really mind.

Thanks for the more realostic perspective on event timelines… Honestly, I'm really looking forward to book 6. I've been holding off on actually reading the book due to promising to experience it with friends, but what I've read of post-book 6 Ortho truly sounds so sweet. I can't wait to have my heart broken by the Shroud family drama.

More time to save for silk Jamil is beyter since Sebek's birthday might run my funds dry in March.

Who/Which events are you looking forward to in March, Nonna?

No. 248946

*In general, not March. Sleepy, sorry.

No. 249024

Damn I thought this was gonna be an anime series not a game. I am already playing one gacha shit (FGO), two would be too much, that stuff is too time consuming for me.
I don't want to openly disagree because I haven't played it but "unrepentant asshole" sounds exactly like the character I might enjoy. Maybe this will get an anime/cartoon one day.

No. 249035

File: 1666268666786.gif (1.81 MB, 371x539, 1666268598210.gif)

Yeah I'm hyped for book 6 (and the guest room!) too. I stopped playing jp shortly before it came out and once they announced twst en I decided I'd just wait for it there, so happy they picked up the pace with releases compared to how jp used to be.

Outside union riddle and some event freebies, I'm most looking forward to the cards I mentioned unfortunately: both tsum cards, apple boa epel, and gala ortho all of whom have a high chance be released close together. The hot topic lilia card is another one I really want, and another that could end up coming early 2023 if they start releasing the club cards as soon as we get the guest room… At least silver is the last SSR I have my heart set on this year so I can save a little after that.

Twst is chill if you're ok with missing a bunch of SSRs and flunking exams. SR cards are always either event freebies or drop like crazy in the gacha and there are some super cute ones like ghost marriage lilia, beans day vil, a million halloween cards, etc.

No. 249077

Honestly, it's barely a game. I just do logins and mostly treat it like a VN. An anime is in the works if you want to hold out for that, though.
Vil isn't really coded as an unrepentant asshole character, we're just haters, kek. There are multiple other characters who do fit that bill though.

Yesss, hot topic Lilia! I'm largely looking forward to birthday cards in the near future, I'm glad that those are much easier to get your hands on.
The room is going to be so much fun when it drops! Also looking forward to what anniversary will have in store.
Pacingwise, I'm a little confused as to why we're moving so fast (not that I'm complaining)? I wonder if we'll get simultaneous releases eventually because at this rate we might catch up.

No. 249115

Jade is too cute in the new Vargas Camp event! His enthusiasm is full throttle for the mountains, I don't think I've ever seen him like this before. I loved his excited little spiel about smoking the fish.

No. 249208

File: 1666307511066.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, tumblr_c95bf9e896bba8b500e7d98…)

Partially because they want to catch us up with jp, partially because jp was dry as hell in the first year+ due to covid and they want to skip the filler periods that chased a lot of players off. Jp adopted a more aggressive release schedule too this year with multiple new SSRs every month.

>I'm largely looking forward to birthday cards in the near future

I'm kinda indifferent to the union and birthday boy sets. There are a few I like and it's nice that they're easier to get but overall the styles don't appeal to me. The new ones are fucking adorable though!

No. 249399

how can I play this outside of the US?

No. 249405

File: 1666377225459.jpg (332.14 KB, 2048x1448, FcdfdwaagAE-i8n.jpg)

Probably have to download through QooApp or use an emulator. I have a friend in Europe playing this way.

Some of the union birthdays are hilarious, I think Azul's is one of the funniest cards in the game. In terms of beauty, though, I totally agree with you. Broomquet Birthday can't be beat.

Good to know that JP's schedule picked up, hadn't heard much since that dramatic dropoff of players during Book 5.

No. 249921

File: 1666537967436.jpg (81.4 KB, 654x837, 20221023_095128.jpg)

rapeable teenage anime frollo from hunchback of notre dame is a next level fever dream

No. 249945

That's a fan character, isn't it? And stop acting like a scrote, it's retarded.

No. 249947

File: 1666547756741.jpg (65.31 KB, 1015x568, 20221023_111014.jpg)

no, it isn't. and stop branding anything that triggers you as scrote behavior, its retarded.

No. 249949

File: 1666547935505.jpg (72.41 KB, 792x446, 20221023_112509.jpg)

malleus ssr that I was going to spoiler but not anymore

No. 249950

File: 1666547976491.jpg (43.83 KB, 617x342, 20221023_091626.jpg)

idia and azul are the other ssrs, book 7 announced

No. 249953

Okay rape-chan.

No. 249955

File: 1666549881005.jpg (167.02 KB, 855x1073, rape-kun.jpg)

that ok, best eel approves

No. 249958

Rape-chan I love you, I see you. I'm not into TWST but I agree this design is god tier!

No. 250059

Rape is scrote behavior, and so is not understanding that women would find it to be. Stay mad that you got clocked, though.

No. 250061

File: 1666578691288.jpg (877.8 KB, 1661x2048, 20221023_143735.jpg)

sorry anon but i have been a staunch advocate of the rape of anime frollo voiced by none other than saiki k for my entire life. my parents and grandparents did the same. its a part of me that will never change, one youre just going to have to accept.

No. 250062

File: 1666578781334.jpg (742.67 KB, 1964x2048, 20221023_111653.jpg)

afterwards i will allow him to kill malleus draconia as a treat

No. 250064

Yeah, at this point anon is just a baiting tranny or some moid, it's better to just ignore it.

No. 250065

File: 1666579031592.jpg (262.12 KB, 800x715, 20221023_160450.jpg)

thank you chuck e cheese
thank you yana toboso

I will not be silenced, this is the most excited ive been about something since 2014

No. 250070

I'm incredibly hyped for Book 7. I can't imagine the circumstances that would cause somebody with seemingly endless magical reserves to begin with to overblot.

Can overblot be purely emotional? That was the case for Leona, right?

I wonder how they'll manage to combat it, too… I haven't read any of Book 6 yet (waiting to enjoy it with friends when it drops on NA) so I'm definitely missing a lot of hints, but my mind is running wild with excitement.

That aside, I wonder if they're actually planning/able to catch up as some other anons in this thread have said. If they keep attempting to coincide seasonal events, they can't exactly go full steam ahead with even just the books, since the events definitely do take place in a chronology in relation to the events of the books. Ortho's writing in recent events can't exist without book 6 first.

No. 251628

So did anybody anticipate that Halloween 2 was next? This banner pace is horrible.

No. 251697

I dun see a lot of people surprised, it was kinda obvious from the moment they chose to end all the part one banners the night before halloween. part 2's story takes place right after part 1 at the same halloween party.

No. 252584

God I don't want to start another gacha but I always wanted a character and design like this.

How is the story for this game (for gacha standards)?

No. 253536

Very good. It's not incredibly deep or anything, but it's consistent and entertaining, and it has a lot of heart. You can feel the effort put into it

I wouldn't recommend starting just for Rollo. He's a nonplayable that was introduced as a character in the current event, and I doubt he's going to become something more than just another recurring nonplayable in the future.

No. 253830

am I imagining this or does the speech bubbles not align with caters spoken word

No. 253834

Thank you anon.
Might still give it a try though. There aren't many guy centered games, if I don't want to spend much time on it I can always just read the main story and see how it is.

No. 253835

File: 1667839675447.jpg (116.93 KB, 1310x1370, 20221026_004722.jpg)

time for a spot of rollo posting

No. 253836

File: 1667839705345.jpg (262.7 KB, 1244x1119, 20221030_225952.jpg)

No. 253837

File: 1667839745210.jpg (197.54 KB, 1280x1280, 20221030_231652.jpg)

No. 253839

File: 1667839808806.jpg (155.57 KB, 732x513, 20221028_180551.jpg)

No. 253841

File: 1667840097206.jpg (188.07 KB, 848x1167, 20221028_180752.jpg)


its great and easy to get into ♥ the gameplay is barebones which can be a good thing or a bad one depending on how you look at it. it takes an eternity for event cards to come back though…

No. 257705

File: 1669342136464.jpeg (240.95 KB, 1037x1678, 3B64E619-917D-4C74-B37B-E4C947…)

No. 259348

Nonas, who is your oshi and why? Do you have an OTP, or are you a yumejo? Who do you absolutely hate? Please, I would love to see what sort of a spread we have here on lolcow.

I’m a Jamil oshi. I love seeing a seething repressed (2D) boy. The Leona and Jamil scenes during book 5 had me howling. Pairings wise, dubcon Jamil and Kalim are just good. The set up is practically served to us on a silver platter. I also like Ruggie for his similar bitch boy position, but they’re definitely different flavors of character. I guess I don’t hate anyone, but Malleus is probably the most boring to me for whatever reason. I get that there’s supposed to be some sort of gap moe appeal but it’s just so… whatever.

No. 259443

I've just started book 4 and trying to get past the level cap so it's too early for me to form an opinion over most of the cast but I really love floyd, probably enough to consider him my oshi. I also love ruggie and Jack especially, some of Jack's scenes were so silly ngl but I'm a sucker for the tough guy tsundere archetype and this time is no different. I like all of them so far but if I had to pick a least favorite ; silver. He just didn't stand out to me, kinda bland imo.
No potential pairings caught my eye so far but I'd love to see Azul being pathetic and desperately clamoring for an uninterested party's attention because he somehow convinced himself he's unlovable and will die alone.

No. 259828

File: 1669916594616.png (844.97 KB, 1079x610, Screenshot_20221201_113308_Twi…)

rook bludgeoning leona with the yaoi paddle yet again uwu he invited himself to savanaclaw and made him watch movies with him for his birthday

No. 259902

File: 1669941838689.jpeg (50.21 KB, 416x332, F34D421E-8F81-4AE9-94D1-BF5EE3…)

My husbando is Rook Hunt, gosh I love him and his blunt bangs so much. I honestly can't hate anyone in the game, everyone is kind of cute in their own ways.
And when it comes to pairings, anything with Rook is great Except somehow Rook/Vil or Rook/Neige idk, it's weird, like he admires them because they're beautiful but I don't think he wants to fuck them Unlike Rook/Floyd, Rook/Ruggie and Rook/Leona because he seems to be more interested in them as people and not as objects of admiration (I know I'm a great mental gymnast).
Another ship I love is literally anyone from the heartslabyul dorm with Riddle, he's adorable and I want to see him being the ultimate short top. I know he probably spills his spaghetti at the first compliment or whatever but I think he would be a great unexpected top
And bringing out my old school fujo, yeah, I smoke crack everyday and I like my pairings being kind of unexpected, like Kalim/Jade/Floyd, Azul/Jamil, Vil/Cater, Jack/Vil and Sebek would look cute with Azul.
Posting one of my favorite fanarts of Rook, to sperg about it, I wish I could find more stuff of him wearing something like a plugsuit or just ridiculously tight clothes because I need this.

No. 259904

This is hot.

No. 259905

File: 1669943091261.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.3 KB, 1698x2048, 20221201_113820.jpg)

have another

No. 259906

File: 1669943186280.jpg (678.95 KB, 1448x2048, 20221201_113817.jpg)

love hole men…holy men…

No. 259936

Kalim/jade/floyd holy fuck anon same, after all their interactions in book 4 and not to mention Floyd's buddy bonus effect with kalim its impossible not to acknowledge it'd be an interesting pairing. I've seen kalim paired with the leeches individually but I'm a sucker for them both, sucks there isn't much content for them though

No. 259996

Vil/Cater has such a good appeal!! And I normally hate “nice” pairings but Jack/Vil is a really great set up.

I feel like Riddle could only manage to top someone with absolutely no hope of ever attaining top energy such as Azul, for example kek. I agree with you on the appeal of a short stack top though. I think this just has to do with my perception of current Riddle. He definitely has room to grow into it more.

No. 261126

File: 1670288213951.jpg (278.77 KB, 950x1389, Hatsujou-Octopus-001.jpg)

I thought this doujin was pretty cute. It was sort of interesting seeing something that actually involved Yuu.

No. 261452

I hope that you got Jamil's new card!

Rook is my oshi all the way! I'm a yumejoshi for him, but I won't go on about it as I've already indulged myself too much on that in the husbando threads this week.

I like Rook in hunter/prey relationship dynamics, with characters like Leona, Floyd, and Malleus. I don't think they're very sustainable in the long term, but he himself stated that he's currently unsuited for a committed romantic relationship in the ghost marriage event, as he's still fickle and easily swept up by each new beautiful thing that comes his way. So I can see the exhilaration of that chase working well for him.

I know that Rook/Vil is popular, but due to the aforementioned line, I don't see Rook's commitment to Vil as romantic? I swear, it's not yumejoshi cope! For Vil, I really like Jack/Vil. I think that at first glance, it wouldn't seem like they'd get along, but their interactions throughout the game show mutual respect and appreciation. (JP event spoilers) It was so cute when Vil was too pleased to nag Jack after getting called beautiful by him in the Fairy Gala event! And beyond his overblot flashbacks in book 5, Vil seems to have a lot of happy childhood memories surrounding the time when he was friends with Jack, such as the one about playing in the snow. Clearly, I have a lot of feelings about them…! I could go on!

No. 261457

I think that Silver would be bland in most other games, but he works out well in TWST due to the characters being "villainous" in a sense. That earnest perseverance in always believing the best of people makes for some entertaining interactions.

No. 261464

Jack/Vil is so cute. Love a ship with two characters on the same wavelength who just really like each other, and then Vil being a celebrity gives it all a bit of potential drama to work with.

Also, Jack's line about how wolf beastmen mate for life makes me wonder about wolf culture in general and what kinds of culture clashes you might get in a human/beastman relationship. One of these days I'm going to write a fic about Vil trying to get the local wolf community to take him seriously as Jack's partner.

No. 261667

Yes! I love how Jack doesn't butt heads with Vil because he a) naturally understands the implied importance of the things Vil is strict about and b) isn't influenced by popular opinion as somebody who is individually headstrong despite knowing when to defer to those he respects (very lone wolf and pack animal of him at the same time). Likewise, Vil consistently shows an affection for the Jack's unique qualities and never seems to get as harsh as he does with others because he knows Jack values balanced diligence and strength in the same way he does, despite manifesting it differently. It's such a nice harmony!

I do think that Vil tends to be higher maintenance when you're in his personal circle because he expects a lot out of those around him, and Jack saying that wolf beastmen stay dedicated to one partner for their entire lives really sealed the deal for me. I can see where their continued childhood friendship turns into a committed longterm romantic relationship from there. Isn't it sweet for a guy like Jack who believes in such lifelong commitment to end up with his childhood friend?

I'd love to read that fic one day, nonna! I always wonder how relationships between different races work in TWST, but I doubt we'll ever find out, haha.

No. 261790

File: 1670475126025.jpg (34.19 KB, 520x229, FjWGcGIVIAABl6A.jpg)

This is a Jamil loving post. I love Jamil. I love his long hair and mean eyes and I love watching him openly be a bitch to people. I love it best when he's ready to just let everybody else burn as long as it doesn't cause problems for him, and I love him when he's being an asshole after getting roped into other people's problems too. I love how he's athletic and smart and such a well rounded guy. I love Jamil!

No. 279834

File: 1677828720282.jpg (336.7 KB, 868x979, 20221221_114226.jpg)

I think yana must be a /bottomleona/fag bcuz why do 80% the vignettes that feature him involve him being forced to strip, stalked, harrassed, asked out, or called cute by the other boys. he said he was going to take vil on a private hotspring tour in the last event and then they wore rainbow croptops? those are batty bwoys. silver's fishnet-wearing dad included.

No. 284670

File: 1679499416606.jpg (124.9 KB, 1200x675, Kalim.Al-Asim.full.2953331.jpg)

i've only just recently started playing, but i used to play enstars which is a very comparable game imo and it strikes me how different the fanbase is. enstars arguably leans more into the otome aspect than twst does (for a start the producer is canonically female), and yet in the western fanbase there's way more shipping fan content between the boys themselves than self inserts with the producer. meanwhile, twst remains ambiguous with yuus gender (i struggle imagining a female mc in a all boys school though) and yet when i did a cursory check on ao3 its almost all self insert fics with female mcs. the western fanbase seems to be heavily skewed, its really strange considering how fujo adjacent i consider twst to be & how little emphasis they place on the otome aspects

anyway have a kalim

No. 284691

I see a mix of both, but the fujos for TWST in particular tend to be genderspecials.
Re: Yuu's gender, the Savanaclaw manga actually debuted a female Yuu (Heartslabyul's manga had a male one) and she's pretty cool. She's a jock and wears the boy's uniform.

No. 284698

>I know that Rook/Vil is popular, but due to the aforementioned line, I don't see Rook's commitment to Vil as romantic
i kinda get you, i like the idea of Rook/Vil, but it somehow just doesn't work in my head, like, the dynamic of a knight(Rook) and his "queen"(Vil), the whole subservience and loyalty thing i like to imagine for them, but i just can't really see them fucking i guess kek

No. 284702

which is this character? i thought this was Vil with his hair cut off as a part of a humiliation kink thing

No. 284703

in general disney fans/adults are more normie het girls used to shipping more m/f ships i believe. anime style and shit will attract the gender specials that way.

No. 284704

File: 1679505748958.jpg (172.92 KB, 1066x1353, 20230228_111331.jpg)

It's weird, the jp fandom is heavily dominated by fujos organizing pictsquare weddings for their ships every other week but the western fandom is 90% self inserters horribly mischaracterizing the whole cast and producing hideous art like smog. Maybe it being a disney thing is attracting a surplus of autists idk but I'm used to ignoring western fandoms in favor of silently browsing jp and korean art posts ever since tranny shit got popular so it doesn't bother me much.

Rollo Flamm, villain in the halloween masquerade event that Malleus had a very yaoipilled waltz scene with. He's super popular with jp players even though he's not playable, was voiced by Levi Ackerman's VA.

No. 284707

enstars is also full of genderspecials kek. the fans i saw tended to be underaged and constantly engaged in 'calling out' problematic shit/proshippers/whatever tf. i haven't seen enough of the twst fandom yet to see if its on the same level of brainrot

honestly i did figure that the disney thing played a big part of it. maybe this speaks more to the media i consume but i have never seen such aggressively hetero search results on ao3 for any japanese media whos sole purpose is 'cute boys'

yeah im hoping that when ive played a bit more of the story i can start seeking out japanese fan media. the lack of ship content in the western fandom is seriously throwing me for a loop. japanese fans must have seriously low opinions of the western fanbase

No. 284717

AYRT, yeah, it's something similar to me too. Vil and Rook have a unique relationship amongst the housewarden-vice housewarden pairs in that it seems less traditionally personal and more about Rook's admiration of Vil as both a fan and an appreciator of his beauty as art. Vil's specific complaints about Rook here and there seal the deal to me in making it seem that their relationship is more coincidental to Rook's general pursuit of beauty, even if he does go to great lengths for him.
Not bashing the ship though, I do totally see the flip side of how its popular through a romantic interpretation. Going based off of my view of their relationship as it stands now, too, I think that it could develop in that direction eventually. After all, Rook did say that it's him as he is currently that makes him unsuited to a committed relationship.
If I'm being honest, the majority of TWST's "flagship" romantic ships don't appeal to me for whatever reason. I'm mroe fond of them as something platonic to grow off of, i.e. Leona's subtle looking after of Ruggie's wellbeing while knowing his hardships or Jamil and Kalim developing into proper friends after years of so much not being expressed on Jamil's end. Idia/Azul is probably the only very popular one I have a strong interest in (Idia being so cringe that even Azul never fathomed his pedigree was so funny. Sycophant arc?)
The game also does do a very thorough job of charting out consistent interactions with fair consideration towards individual personalities/histories, so I'm drawn more to ships that lean on the side of crackshipping.

AYRT, I don't spend much time in fandom spaces overall so enstars being like this is news to me… Guess I live under a rock, haha.

No. 284719

LOL, this is such an apt description of the community, yeah. Do you have Korean artist recs? I'll take whatever content as long as it's TWST, I mostly follow JP artists so it'll be interesting to diversify a bit.

No. 284725

Any nonnas into the more technical combat side of TWST? I'm currently gunning for my first SSS after finally acquiring the peak meta "Rook cannon" team with the Pom dorm trio + Dorm Leona + BB Lilia.
Definitely going to be pulling for Port Wear Jack when he drops, too. I've got my SM Rook maxxed out and ready to let Jack deal massive damage.
It makes me happy that my favorite boy is so useful!
With the new heal Rook's gotten on his dorm card through the M3 update, his power only grows from here out…

No. 284743

File: 1679514487211.png (385.15 KB, 2160x1215, pain.png)

my biggest flex fuck you cosmic and water basic

good luck on sss, anon! that team can get it for you in flora basic and omni basic ez, I'm really jealous I don't have it myself since pome and leona happen to be my favs but so far only bby epel came home… want jack too because puppy in sailor uniform but I've committed to gala leona water dps life

No. 284746

File: 1679515165563.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.11 KB, 900x553, 20230204_135144.jpg)

I will get all sss besides cosmic basic with neko-tan on every team, one day… need more parfum

No. 284762

For me it's the other way, Enstars looks overwhelmingly fujo while twts given the ambiguity of yuu leaves more room to ship him/her with the characters to me

No. 284764

Holy cow, nonna! You're beefed! I'll work hard to reach your level and do well by the boys, haha. Definitely something to be proud of.
I'm actually the reverse re: Gala Leona… His banner was running when I picked up the game and try as I did, I just couldn't pull him…! My grudge is eternal LOL
Working hard for the fave makes things so much more fun… Good luck!!! You're gonna destroy.

No. 284770

Has any player managed to get a cosmic SSS yet?

No. 284773

File: 1679524667730.jpg (146.92 KB, 1000x672, Diasomnia.full.2960415.jpg)

i can only speak from my experience playing but i think enstars tries to push the otome aspect a lot, while also catering to the fujos
only somewhat. the boys all have unique interactions with the producer, you'll get a lot of them that want to protect her or joke about dating her etc. there was an event i played called date plan a-z which felt otome-y as fuck.
but despite that the western fanbase definitely feels very fujo, they usually only ship the boys with eachother – so i agree with you there, that is pretty much the point i was making.
i think you're right that the ambiguity of yuu makes self inserters feel more at ease though: i remember when enstars got its english version there were people complaining that you couldn't choose the producers gender and shes explicitly a female lmao. enstars for whatever reason seems to have a lot of aidens playing it.
anyway apologies to twst anons for shitting up this thread with an unrelated game

No. 284775

TWST feels like a small and cozy game to me because the cast is smaller and I never see fan content around (an intentionally crafted experience) so it's sort of fun to hear about all this in a game I perceive as way more mainstream lol

No. 284778

File: 1679526098518.jpeg (341.37 KB, 1500x1320, FrC7oPgagAAedjX.jpeg)

cosmic basic is impossible on both servers even for whales, but cosmic def is doable with dorm trey teams

thank you!! gala leona should rerun soon, I hope he doesn't booli you again if you plan on giving his pickup another go. if it makes you feel any better I had to go straight to pity no ssrs in between for him, same thing for his tsum pickup… at least riddle love me

No. 284789

Cute pic! I have to admit that Vil/Leona has appeal to me… They both have such large egos in such different ways.
I'm going to be skipping the rerun, gotta save up for my son-tier kids (Gala Ortho and Port Jack). Good luck to you with whatever you may be saving for as well!

No. 284795

File: 1679541417961.jpg (903.72 KB, 2000x2667, FqnQLCfaYAI6WHo.jpg)

>i haven't seen enough of the twst fandom yet to see if it's on the same level of brain rot
Twst is on the same level, especially considering all of the implied shotas and incest shipping the Japanese fandom partakes in, it is constantly riling western fans up. Ironic consider Yana Toboso being an incest loving shotacon

No. 285005

File: 1679631774284.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, Card_Sebek_SSR_Broomquet_Birth…)

Sebek's Bloom Birthday presenter was Trey! The running joke of Trey being compared to his dad has always been so fun to me, I'm happy to finally see them interacting at length like this.

No. 285010

File: 1679637890198.jpg (226.52 KB, 1200x1500, 20230123_074631.jpg)

Belated hbd, #1 bedwetter

Oh the ones I follow stick to specific ships, you'll stumble upon some and good Chinese ones too if you lurk long enough

No. 285186

He's so pathetic…!
I'm surprised at the comparative lack of Octavinelle shilling here. They're usually overwhelmingly popular.

No. 285204

File: 1679689258236.jpeg (74.86 KB, 620x827, D0C0DCDD-ECB8-4BE3-84B2-55D9C0…)

>Idia was previously planned to be the younger brother
We could’ve had it all, nonnies…

No. 286064

File: 1679957091566.jpg (186.22 KB, 850x1416, __idia_shroud_and_ortho_shroud…)

Happy Book 6, nonnas!

No. 288391

File: 1680976762590.jpg (108.56 KB, 960x1200, AAaIx9T.jpg)

Happy Birthday Vil. I miss when I was obsessed with him and would actually feel motivated by him. Wish he got to be the main character again but I guess this is the life of a gacha player whose character had their arc already

No. 288399

Aw but he carried in book 6, he still gets a lot more screentime than most characters. I always felt like he was a favorite.

His bloom groovy is sooooo gorgeous, it reminds me of that old romeo and cinderella vocaloid pv

Not surprised disney had to put a shota embargo on Yana

No. 288400

File: 1680978420074.jpg (319.49 KB, 2048x962, 20230407_032143.jpg)

Dropped pic oops

No. 288423

Hapoy birthday to Vil! I actually used to dislike this guy, but he won me over over time by being a good character– book 6 really cemented that. I guess it's because he "earned" it, but I respect him more than a lot of the characters, lol.

No. 288519

File: 1681054482802.jpg (165.75 KB, 1334x750, 20230409_102125.jpg)

for anon who asked a while ago - a jp whale's 27k score on cosmic def with current #1 tank team

No. 288794

Wow! Bloom Sebek, so it couldn't have been too recent… Great to see omni basic finally conquered.

No. 288796

Isn't this defense? I thought that the Omni test that players were struggling to clear was basic because nobody could hit the damage req with no advantages?

No. 288826

File: 1681154278848.png (13.49 KB, 250x208, Double_Team_II.png)

bloom sebek has evasion on his m1 AND m3 kek now all the highest def scores are over or close to 30k because of double team sebek and his fat friends

ya i said its def, basic is still not possible. i think a team with dorm rook, masquerade epel, dorm scarabias, union lilia got the highest score but it wasn't sss. the damage req is there (level 110 rook's m2 can do >30k against void!!) but like the hidden duo use bonus there's a hidden bonus in the scoring you get for advantage hits.

No. 300713

File: 1686012787105.jpg (233.89 KB, 2048x877, FwOb61magAA9C5_.jpg)

The evil has been defeated! The first Cosmic basic SSS! (Old news but I just remembered we'd discussed it here before)

No. 300714

File: 1686012808554.jpg (281.35 KB, 2048x877, FwOb7EqacAA06Jd(1).jpg)

Here's the winning team!

No. 300846

Wow, crazy impressive! I can’t wait for the masquerade event to get to the NA servers, I’m going to go completely broke trying to get all those SSRs. They really knew what they were doing when they picked Malleus, Idia, and Azul

No. 302363

File: 1686803829591.png (627.41 KB, 1741x2822, Ghost_Bride_Eliza_render.png)

I'm playing through the ghost bride event and I fucking love this girl. I just wish it was easier to pull ssrs because as much as I love Idia's suit design I really don't want to shell out money to gamble on pictures of pretty boys

No. 302364

File: 1686803940447.jpeg (165.87 KB, 750x976, ACAC78F3-9998-437F-BA68-1ED910…)

I’m glad she never hurt my husband. He looks so handsome with his suitor suit!

No. 302452

File: 1686852122370.jpg (65.59 KB, 970x957, 1677105346226.jpg)

There are too many twst bl doujins and fan projects dropping all at once… My horniness is causing me great financial suffering, sisters

No. 302464

File: 1686856282802.png (636.8 KB, 2400x1080, chilll.png)

Does SSR Floyd and Jade come as a package deal? If so that's adorable. Also, I feel like they were trying to bait Sebastian fans with Jade.

No. 302493

I’ve seen a lot of people compare Sebastian to Malleus and I always felt like he was more like Jade too, I’m glad you got the same vibe

No. 302511

File: 1686871487007.png (2.28 MB, 3239x3264, glove.png)

really?! wow, I didn't even notice any resemblance there. I guess it might be because Jade isn't at all an edgy character, but Malleus sort of is.

No. 306099

File: 1688253482255.jpg (667.93 KB, 2160x3840, 20230701_181638.jpg)

KAWAII. I'm curious to see the story behind how he ended up agreeing to wear this. vil is somewhere experiencing spontaneous orgasm.

No. 306100

File: 1688253542749.jpg (374.4 KB, 1051x1500, tumblr_c00a5e803cf2f521e82c903…)

and now I want to see fanart of them together!

No. 306101

File: 1688253642760.jpg (570 KB, 1364x2048, 20230701_043551.jpg)

No. 306102

File: 1688253879871.jpg (500.62 KB, 2048x2048, 20230701_045241.jpg)

No. 306103

File: 1688254039621.jpg (460.02 KB, 1187x1635, 20230701_043057.jpg)

the new ssr spam is vile on jp but this group is so adorable I can't be mad…

No. 306115

Someone was holding his meemaw at gunpoint

No. 306121

File: 1688261521260.jpg (47.97 KB, 759x696, 20230701_043007.jpg)

right, vil: the margo to his venus

No. 306481

File: 1688430202420.png (537.1 KB, 1140x743, my-image.png)

hi nonnies, I was wondering something. how often do events repeat themselves, if at all? I was looking at "camp vargas 2" and I never played 1, so I'm not really sure if I should just play it.
I was also wondering if there will ever be able more dorms/chapters added.
also in the tenfold summon I did after I got floyd and jade, I got SSR azul (and Ace). the game really wants me to simp for evil fish.

No. 306487

File: 1688433735170.jpg (153.54 KB, 1080x592, 20230703_150839.jpg)

garbage taste. sorry to sound like a condescending bitch but i'm going to brush it off as you being a noob and that your actual ranking will be very different in the future, this looks like a first impression tier list.

events rerun once every 1.5-2~ years, 2nd parts can always be read independently. sometimes first parts don't rerun at all like for beans day and potentially halloween part 1. no new dorms, yes new chapters, many other new features are coming with our half ani.

No. 306491

Is Vil/Ortho/Cater peak taste? What is your favorite? Sorry, I wasn't aware. I might warm up to Vil, but I didn't like Cater the second I met him months ago, I and I don't know if future events will change my mind. I'm sorry if you really like him…he was ok, but him being a social media goblin wasn't my thing. Also, do you hate Floyd and Jamil? I'm very curious about why because I find them hilarious. I liked all the characters besides from the "go back" tier and played through almost all of the main game and I'm on the last chapter.

Anyway, thanks for the information, nonny, google kept on misdirecting me.

No. 306494

File: 1688437150884.jpeg (100.9 KB, 680x675, 5EC39F01-9B4A-4E1C-AED9-734951…)

The reruns of the phantom bride and now the starsending events actually didn’t rerun at all in japan, a lot of people suspect the reason they’ve returned is because the english server is attempting to catch up with the japanese server and properly time the upcoming big events (masquerade into book 7). Other events like vargas/beans/fairy gala had second parts that were spaced around a year apart like the other nona said. The short answer is some return and some don’t, kek.
Now is a good time to start though, you’ll be here for the first portfest coming likely in august, and then the masquerade event in the fall.

Idia and Ortho being so low on your tierlist is a tragedy, btw

No. 306500

File: 1688438941955.jpg (1.25 MB, 1020x780, 86522105_p2_master1200.jpg)

Idia is someone I might actually rebound with, like Vil. A slow burn type. Actually, he was the person I chose at the very beginning of the game based off his design because I resonated with him, but I have a personal vendetta because I don't like the whole technology theme of his dorm and I didn't realize how extensive it was until later on. For Ortho a miracle would have to happen to make me love him because I don't usually like shota/robot characters. He is very cute tho. I fucked up in putting him so low because I still like him…I actually want to beat up Cater.
Also, that confirms I was an idiot for not playing phantom bride. I was even telling myself I'd regret not playing. There is truly no rest for the retards among us.
Oh also, my tastes were actually extremely different when I first started playing - I had Jamil and Floyd near the bottom - so that makes me curious…how does peoples' tastes change with time? What makes mine scream twist-newfag?

No. 306506

File: 1688439590039.jpg (154.56 KB, 1334x750, 20230703_213903.jpg)

yeah, i see the miraheze is down. it's the main english hub for this kind of info but it's rarely up these days. you could look for an archive of it or try navigating the jp twst site twstsoku with google translate. the latter has a butt ugly UI par for the course of jp sites to add an extra layer of pain to that route so good luck

>Also, Kalim is so wholesome compared to most of the others I didn't realize a lot of people find him to be garbage

he deserves. if you're a real jamil luver you'll get filtered by chapter 4 like everybody else.

>Is Vil/Ortho/Cater peak taste?

…unironically yes. vil is the one good man at NRC that isn't good due to mental retardation or slaughtering humans for hundreds of years then having a martin luther king epiphany after finding one cute baby. caycay has to grow on you…

starsending did rerun last year! phantom bride's rerun is a little complicated. jp's first phantom bride didn't have the idia ssr, only ace. but the second one was almost exactly the same just with idia's ssr and lilia's event sr, and it did serve as their rerun of the event. in twsten, they didn't bother releasing the earlier version of the event, so we got the 1.1 version twice. it's true that some events don't rerun though, like beans day part one, new years, and halloween part. their cards will be available again but the events themselves i dunno.

No. 306508

File: 1688440149766.jpeg (507.43 KB, 1616x2048, 15CC5BE0-AFB9-4DE8-8367-D241A2…)

Poor Cater, I actually think he’s a pretty interesting character but the english translation does make him seem super shallow. He’s ironically one of the most formal characters in twst, so his playboy extrovert charade is supposed to come off like a front, but the translation kind of fails to have that come across.
Have you played book 6 yet? I feel like that book made a lot of my choices flip around

>phantom bride's rerun is a little complicated
Ooh that’s right, I totally forgot! Same with starsending, I thought it only released once since there’s only that one banner, I had no idea it ran twice in japan.

No. 306509

the hype from gala what if drowned it out i think, pretty sure it ran right after either that or tsum

it looks like you picked your favorites at face value vs how the characters interact with eachother, why they act the way they do, how they change after certain story events, etc. basically not every character has equal writing quality. of course everyone is somebody's fav but newbies tend to get bored of the flatter ones as they become oldbies reading more of the story and events, and start to appreciate the solid ones.

No. 306512

WHAT?! Chapter 4 was what made me into a deranged Jamil simp and a Kalim stan. It was so dumb and petty, I loved it. Anyway, yeah, I just like the edge. Vil just tries too hard to be pretty (which reminds me of a MtF) which is a turn off to me. Trey seems as nice as a guy as Vil and I don't really think he's actually an idiot.
Yeah, sorry nonny, kek. He looks appealing so no shame there, but his role in the early American chapter is…not good. He exists as a clout creature. I did see the translation drop a clearly American meme so I wouldn't be surprised if it is botched. I'm learning how to read Japanese so maybe someday I'll understand how to be Catered to.
I'll report back in a few months. Just keep in mind I've never been a shipper so maybe that's the main thing I'm missing. Maybe you can post a patrician-taste list or something.

No. 306525

File: 1688443303807.jpg (159.54 KB, 1334x750, 20230703_213550.jpg)

please. vil would hate trannies, delusional people invoke his ire. he risked his life to be the one to tell idia and his dead baby brother they need to just kill themselves instead of trying to change the hand they've been dealt at the rest of the world's expense.

trey's sweet but in a motherly normie pushover way, and he is a little stupid as seen in jade's robe vignette. by good i don't just mean sweet, i mean grounded.

No. 306656

File: 1688510845456.jpg (4.52 MB, 1718x3206, 103303957_p0.jpg)

Point taken, I have judged him poorly. But, even considering that Vil is simply too fabulous for me to handle and that my tier list isn't about writing quality? I never liked the evil queen either and it translates over to his arc (while my bias wants Idia to be a tiny bit more like Hades, though then again being a slight shut-in is a fun contrast to everyone else).

I would warm up to Vil, however, if he does have fun and interesting development in the events consistently even if I don't at all like his looks nor his arc. It's a bit of a bummer that apparently some characters are completely flat in events compared to how they are in the story anyway. Also, picrel unrelated, I just like trash.

No. 308018

I've been wondering something–which characters differ wildly in their English translation than the original? I was surprised to learn that a few characters are considered garbage, like Jamil, to the English fandom and it makes me wonder if certain ones are just vastly superior in the original translation.

No. 308020

I’ve never heard the english fandom trash Jamil, I love him and a lot of fans do. If anything the western fandom probably only has a problem with him because he’s basically a slave servant, kek.
Translation wise I think they all have small problems but it’s rare they’re aggressively mischaracterized, and when they are it’s usually inconsistent and random in certain events. YuuRei20 on twitter talkes about the translation differences a lot.

No. 308021

File: 1689123613778.jpg (266.29 KB, 862x2048, 20230711_195940.jpg)

The EN fandom also loves Malleus who is not popular in JP outside like… Malleo fujos so make of that what you will. They have different tastes, the only constants are Octa because incest fish mafia and Leona because smug catboy. Twst has a good localization overall, few hiccups here and there but it's much truer to the source material than the fanmade translations available. You can tell the twsten team are trying harder than the average gacha localization team, it's extremely refreshing.

It's news to me that Jamil is hated by the EN fandom though. Is it because he had the least sexy overblot? The only glaring translation error he had was in his birthday boy vignette but people who don't like him aren't going to be seeing that.

No. 308023

File: 1689123800369.jpg (120.71 KB, 1338x1223, 20230711_195420.jpg)

Posting some weird fanartists I like, this one draws leona as a fat baby and malleus as his caretaker who wears a black night gown 24/7

No. 308025

File: 1689123899535.jpg (239.97 KB, 2048x2048, 20230702_102159.jpg)

This one only draws the boys as bunnies in costumes

No. 308026

File: 1689124172340.jpg (237.62 KB, 2048x1435, 20230711_201135.jpg)

No. 308027

File: 1689124223159.jpeg (540.04 KB, 1576x1230, 422093D8-EFED-47A1-8E31-C5C316…)

Not sure I would say Malleus isn’t popular in japan, he usually ranks pretty high in polls. Although I guess in the western fandom he’d probably consistently be in the top 3

No. 308031

File: 1689124617571.jpg (208.79 KB, 1104x2048, 20230704_201929.jpg)

And this one has a cool medival looking style, I love her poms and Jamils

IIRC in the biggest recent poll with over 300k votes he didn't even rank in top 15, lowest of the dorm leaders but I forgot which platform it was held on. He was more popular in the first year.

No. 308033

File: 1689124748945.jpg (467.65 KB, 1849x1600, 20230704_202121.jpg)

No. 308078

There is one glaring translation issue with the EN version of Jamil, which is that they scrubbed all mentions of slavery from Jamil's dialogue.
People who don't like him usually dislike him because they consider him overly bitchy in general, and too mean to Kalim in particular, over what they perceive to be issues that are long settled. When you realize that Jamil and his family are literal slaves, his persisting salt even past the "resolution" of Book 4 makes more sense.
I've even seen people cheering for Leona's "epic own" of Jamil in the most recent Ignihyde book, which is just sad. The perception seems to be that Leona and Jamil have similarly sour lots in life, with Leona coping with things in a more "acceptable" way (sorry for all of the scare quotes). But Leona being a second prince is genuinely not comparable to Jamil apparently coming from generations of slavery.
This scrubbing of unsavory notes from the original text isn't specific to Jamil, by the way. Pomefiore's book may have sucked ass, but Vil's treatment of Epel makes a little more sense when you realize that he's teaching Epel that femininity isn't a liability, pushing back against mildly misogynistic dialogue from Epel. It's not even like Epel was THAT misogynist, so I'm not sure why they scrubbed it.
I'm less knowledgeable about this one, but I've heard that parts of Leona's backstory in his chapter were sanitized as well. As a result, the mental break that caused him to overblot seems a lot more sudden than it actually is with context.

No. 308080

Source? I want to see her Jamils… Rook and Jamil are my favorites!

No. 308089

File: 1689141127445.jpg (188 KB, 1138x2120, 20230704_201909.jpg)

I've heard this criticism before but with the word slavery having such a strong connotation in english, I think servant was a better choice. Modern day slave owners would prefer to dance around words like slave, slavery, etc. unless they're speaking about slavery in a historical context or they're speaking ill of other slave owners or something. In twst's context, a filthy rich Arab boy and his unenthused "servant," that word carries a similar weight to the term "the help." Imo it would have been perfect if Jamil had stuck with servant up until he OB'd, and then started referring to it as slavery. It's too strong a word to be throwing around a lot. "I'm Kalim and this is my literal slave Jamil! Is there something wrong with slavery?" would make Kalim come across as too retarded for readers to understand where he's coming from kek.

@Shuimooo on twitter!

No. 308090

File: 1689141180871.jpg (413.43 KB, 1288x1484, 20230712_005248.jpg)

No. 308098

That's the thing, though? Jamil isn't just unenthused, he's been building up malice towards a position he's been born into and expected to make himself less than for his entire life.
Slavery is a strong word, but it is what it is and it is what makes the most sense for what happened. If he's just a servant, it's a role that he can technically leave freely and it's then largely on him and his own mental limitations that he feels the way he does about it. But the reality of the situation is that Kalim's family literally owns Jamil's family and Jamil is expected to be satisfied with this no matter who he is as an individual. Everything he has is for the service of Kalim, and it's inescapable.
It's not that Kalim doesn't understand that there could be something wrong with the situation, but it's in line with his character to see the best of things and believe the best of things. So of course he buys this image his family and Jamil's family have built of willing servitude to the Al-Asim's when in actuality they're in possession of other human beings. It's more nuanced than just "servant" lends.

No. 308111

File: 1689145179653.jpg (129.84 KB, 1200x865, UKFZqxd.jpg)

It gets the real issue across for sure but the writers don't want to get into that. The real solution for slavery would be to abolish it, there's no way to get around it. That's why Jamil's problem was always shown as him having to not achieve what he can and cleaning up after Kalim instead of being a possession of him. If the writers said Jamil's problem is that he wants to be a human being instead of a gadget to help a rich kid, they'd have to solve that instead of Kalim being oblivious to Jamil's struggles with having to change his grades and clean up after Kalim's mistakes. Not only would they need to write how Jamil's family would take the fall, it would also tip off Scarabia's dynamic fully if Jamil ended up succeeding and not giving a shit about Kalim from now on (given he's alive and still goes to school). None of the actual issues with slavery were addressed, it was closer to teenager struggles with pressure from parents' expectations than it was to what a slave actually thinks about their owners. So using the word slave with the story being the same, while accurate to real world, would give their story a dynamic that never gets addressed and would make the writers seem like they don't think of slavery as a big deal.

No. 308112

That's why slave owners prefer to use servant even when in reality their "servants" are indeed slaves that will face harsh repercussions if they attempt to leave; it sugarcoats the severity of the situation. And it's the same thing happening in twst, so it would be more ooc for Kalim to just straight up call Jamil such a negative word instead of the sugarcoated one. I don't believe the person who originally started the slave vs servant discourse was a native English speaker. I always felt like it was a good localisation choice that would unfortunately filter some ESLs, but given that many of them need a VPN to access Twst EN, it being a bit more tailored to the western perception than a word for word translation should come as no surprise.

Tbh my opinion is that the biggest reason why the English fandom has so many issues with mischaracterization is because thats what English fandoms do. They're full of underage tards who lack reading comprehension which leads to them getting filtered alongside ESLs when faced with anything that requires reading between the lines, they insert politics where they don't belong, and they treat their headcanons as gospel. Loud 14 year old he/they/possums spitting the worst takes you've ever seen about colorful anime boys on social media are inescapable. I just run them over.

No. 308191

File: 1689193026116.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, violiin.png)

I don't think that nonny's point was that Kalim should call Kamil a slave. Anyway, I think it's important to note stuff like this: instead of Jamil saying something like his family will suffer, or that if something goes wrong they'll starve and be homeless originally…in English it's complaining that his parents will lecture him or similar lower stakes stuff. Yeah, it's fine if you think the latter is more compelling writing and that only ESL people would find the former to encapsulate his trauma and motivations better, but to me it just seems like the translators did intend to obscure the reality of his situation. Other words like "master" (which has no special historical connotation in the US) were cut out as well. In my opinion the issue is less about "servant/slave" being used or not and more that his reasoning for overblotting seems pettier, and his situation seems less urgent than it actually is.

Also, there's apparently been other instances of other dark elements being removed or watered down. Which is fine with me, but it's weird of you to act like some fans are deranged for finding the original script more to their tastes and ideas of the characters. This game doesn't really give us that much to begin with and >>308111 is right anyway.
And by "run them over" do you mean you go on other sites just to get into fights with 14 year olds? I don't get it, kek.

No. 308192

"run them over" is a old terry a. davis meme

No. 308235

AYRT, I agree with your ultimate conclusion. I do think that the TL could have maneuvered around the OG text's unwillingness to engage with the full implications of Jamil being a slave without neutering his grievances to the extent that they did, though.
I'd leave it if it were a one-time thing with Jamil, but the localization's repeated interference with proper characterization through sanitization of issues is just annoying. Especially when you can tell that they've done it to diminish wokeoid infighting over which characters have the moral highground… Maybe they didn't want TWST discourse to reach Enstars levels of stupidity but I don't spend time in the fandom so I'd rather just get the the text as originally intended.

No. 308798

File: 1689559421200.jpg (199.42 KB, 850x1213, __rook_hunt_twisted_wonderland…)

If I have 200 pulls as a strict f2p right now and want Port Jack/Masquerade Idia/Dorm Leona, should I pull for Dorm Leona at 1.5 anni or wait til 2nd anni?
Port Jack is just because I like him.
Masquerade Idia is an effort to gather the SSS team for Omni Basic (I'd still need Dorm Kalim and Pom Epel so I'm in the for the long haul here).
Dorm Leona is to complete the Rook meta team, of which I already have all the other units ready and 10/10.
I'm worried about screwing myself over by pulling now just in case I get really bad luck on Jack and Idia's limited banners, but I also haven't rolled in ages and am itching to have a decent Flora card, which would also benefit me in my abysmal Water Basic scores.
What would you do? Pull the trigger? Wait?

No. 308805

mask idia is super good but the whole void sss team needs to be high lb to pull off sss and he'll get a rerun before pom epel comes back. it's scary to get seduced by leona when guaranteed jack is so close though!! what other ssrs do you have?

No. 308812

Oh, Mask Idia getting a rerun before Pom Epel comes back is a really good point! I'm less worried about him, in that case…
For Port Jack, notably I do also have Halloween Rook 10/10 to make him into a powerhouse, as well as BB Lilia to buddy for HP UP, no other Idias of note, though. I also have Ruggie, who can duo with him (I currently use Dorm Jack for this purpose).

No. 308813

Samefag, but also thank you for the help!

No. 308820

File: 1689569115210.jpg (179.49 KB, 2048x932, 14233184_527878554073972_13693…)

dorm jack, ruggie, vil, and leo will get you sss water basic, the water basic meta is that but broom vil and bb riddle. only you can decide if you're confident enough in your luck to go for both. lab idia is fine in a port jack team if you miss mask, hopefully his bro's dorm ssr will come home to boost your damage and duos.


No. 308823

File: 1689571913176.jpg (84.7 KB, 850x949, __vil_schoenheit_twisted_wonde…)

Love you, nonna! The Water Basic suggestion is really helpful… Came away from this with more help than I expected! If I end up going for Dorm Leona and snag both him and the puppy, I'll send gratitude your way.

No. 309222

File: 1689754645862.png (1.69 MB, 1000x1327, Idia.Shroud.full.3077147.png)

i picked up twst again after not playing for a few months and i swear to god if i have to read the word 'frosh' one more time im gonna ragequit the app and go touch some grass or something. the translation drives me insane. 'hornton' makes me want to kill myself as well, yes i can hear them saying tsunomaru & it's not a bad translation of the literal meaning but jesus christ they couldve chosen something that doesn't make me want to off myself….. the eng translation is a travesty honestly

No. 309423

File: 1689804425504.jpg (414.9 KB, 2011x2048, F0xAsh4aEAAHdln.jpg)

I'd might mind the localization more in other games, but in TWST it's fine by me because they're teen boys that sound like teen boys.

No. 309429

have you tried reading it in a british accent? its fun to count all the instances of britbong lingo

No. 309519

I don't speak Japanese myself but my Japanese friend said most of the translation gets the meaning and the characters' way of speaking across well kek like >>309423 said they sound like teenage boys. Said friend especially pointed out Idia and how right the translators' interpretations of his lingo were

No. 309589

What's considered the meta for omni defense?
I haven't tried working on my score in it yet, but I do have Dorm Azul (10/10), SM Silver (10/10), Dorm Epel (10/10), and Dorm Trey (6/5 recent acquisition) as healers, amongst various defense cards. I'm sure I should be able to hobble something together?

No. 309759

hi anon, the pre mask malleus def meta is dorm trey, cater, and azul, beans jade, and dorm idia. I'm trying beans jade, sm silver, gm idia, dorm trey, and dorm azul for this one. leona fucked my closest sss run on the last turn, I hope my luck gets better after a few more days of attempts.

No. 309772

File: 1689931702968.png (1.34 MB, 1917x942, Screenshot_20230721_042308_Dis…)

samefagging to update: I did it using bean floyd instead of silver! right after his dorm ssr came home in the 10 key I did for the chef cards, ah love you incest fish

No. 309912

File: 1689987507223.jpg (125.33 KB, 1024x527, 1681594434410.jpg)

No. 309918

File: 1689990394415.jpeg (282.85 KB, 900x700, IMG_0090.jpeg)

Ahh, I think I'll work towards obtaining Beans Floyd whenever there's another shot at him. Seems like he'd add a lot of flexibility to my comps. Thanks!
Amazing, congrats! I really love how the commitment it takes to build up cards in this game makes hitting exam milestones feel… You worked hard!

No. 311984

he’s so beautiful

No. 314235

File: 1691821011782.jpg (276.6 KB, 1079x1547, 20230811_205209.jpg)

Wish I saw the schizo meltdown when this happened

No. 314238

File: 1691821924414.jpg (280.7 KB, 800x1110, 20230810_013419.jpg)

could she have made riddle look any fucking gayer in the lilo and stitch card? pls gib the floriddle duo sensei, the sissy boomer and basketball club ace can both go fuck themselves

No. 314241

I love the Book of Savanaclaw Yuu so much… It's cute and sensible that she wears the same uniform as the boys, I can't see Crowley going out of his way to get a female uniform made for her, kek. Also adorable that both she and the Heartslabyul Yuu are jocks.
I was actually surprised to see Riddle's new outfit!? Boy seems like he'd struggle to show any skin somehow. It's really a very cute and fun outfit, though.

No. 314242

This is cute and I love Idia, but he's also so bullyable that I want to drive that truck off of a cliff even if it means sacrificing all of the Calico Critters along with him.

No. 314244

File: 1691825354567.jpg (189.26 KB, 1000x1323, 20230807_154827.jpg)

he's cast his prudeness aside, his tummy is free and he's ready to get pushed in a pool by floyd and pretend he hates it

No. 314248

File: 1691826015937.gif (6.31 MB, 540x540, 20230812073353.gif)

very fucked up that they're doing another double ssr event though, jp players have been complaining about the pace. this is the first game i've played where the global version is managed better than the original. jp server is messy.

No. 315478

File: 1692237897945.jpg (324.6 KB, 1125x1402, over.jpg)

ok, finished up with the available content + read a few Japanese vignettes and…I'm confused. what is it that Vil and Cater does that is very compelling? They're interesting guys, but I've grown much more fond of Idia and Rook in comparison.

No. 315479

I wonder what it'll be like once we catch up, since they definitely seem to be gunning for that.
Dunno about Cater, but you can still dislike Vil as a character after everything. He's not the modt universally likeable character. I personally used to be his hater because I though book 5 sucked ass and made his motivations sound stupid, but book 6 was an obvious retcon of their messy writing at the time of book 5 (and to be honest, TWST was in a very bad place in general when book 5 released so I don't resent the effort) and I cam out of it liking him. But that doesn't mean everybody will.
Also welcomed to the club of loving Rook!

No. 315966

File: 1692424469746.jpg (1.12 MB, 2756x3508, 005548.jpg)

>the octavinelle manga MC is a fatty-kun

No. 315981

They know octa has fans with the most unhinged fetishes kek

No. 316371

File: 1692561438399.jpg (92.05 KB, 800x450, vil.jpg)

you may not like this but actually I like Vil a lot more than Cater, I still feel guilty over getting his halloween SSR on my first roll of the event too kek. Vil can be very enchanting and I love seeing his smile, it's so cathartic. I mostly wish the story took another direction with him. Had no issues with him trying to murder Neige and I also found what Rook tried to do hilarious so clearly I have no moral compass.

also if you don't mind expounding, how was TWST in a bad place in general around book 5? It'd be nice to know it has picked up recently because I'm used to things gradually worsening over time.

No. 316756

I wasn't around at the time, but a lot of JP-side fans dropped the game because there was a massive content drought during book 5 due to Disney America suddenly deciding that they need to get involved with TWST and requiring all content to be vetted through them (or so I've heard). Because of the low content output, and then the shit story Pomefiore got as a result of the revisions (and I may be wrong, but I think it was the only main story content they got that year?) people were understandably mad. A lot of Pom fans in particular left at that time as their corner of the fandom got really toxic because of it.
Maybe a differnt nonna who was around at that time can elaborate.

No. 316789

As a certified yume who's been playing JP since launch, I can tell you by sheer fanart creation the game has dropped a lot. I'm still sad my favorite yume artists don't seem to draw for the fandom anymore, but I also understand it as the waits for JP were insane during book 5 and 6. Currently it's actually better since we get more then 1 event a year and some main story content. Also in terms of merchandise I see being released, there's almost nothing compared to the sheer amount of merchandise that was sold the first 2 or so years.
What makes it worse is that it's not really anyone's fault from the developer's side, but that and covid really fucked the game over. Not that it still doesn't print money, but it would have kept a lot more of that traction if there hadn't been such a massive drought for so long. It makes me sad, I genuinely love the game and story.

No. 318938

File: 1693573892699.jpg (72.29 KB, 1018x1495, roro.jpg)

>rollofags on suicide watch following confirmation of of no glomasq part 2
>new pinnochio event with a fox boy for halloween this year
>insane wageslave rollo fujo allegedly tried to kill herself for real by chugging a whole bottle of sleeping pills with vodka
>final tweets include "I don't care about life without rollo," "I hope I wake up to a different world where rollo becomes a playable ssr," and "play the glomasq music at my funeral"
>rollo officially announced as an ssr 10 days later
>queen not dead but late to announcement due to being hospitalized with severe dehydration and a broken wrist, didn't have wi-fi access at that time
>says she started crying when she found out
>currently trying to work and draw celebratory rollo porn with the broken wrist
Will never understand why anime frollo brings out the worst in people, but I'm so happy for his stans

Huh, I felt like the game only got more popular with fujos since the start of the guest room era. Some popular ships now were barely a thing before book 6.

No. 318944

>>insane wageslave rollo fujo allegedly tried to kill herself for real by chugging a whole bottle of sleeping pills with vodka

No. 318952

File: 1693576151932.png (283.8 KB, 949x1247, 105115236_p20.png)

Yes, a depressed japanese wagie whose sole purpose for living was rollo attempted suicide because of the halloween announcement. https://twitter.com/sadokiri?t=1HdFILzthwpjhuPr8-KcOQ&s=09

She's okay now though. This had to've been a life-changing event for her.

No. 318953

it says male fujo, is it a tranny or an actual man? I don't know how many he/him fujos there are in jp fandoms but I'll judge based on whether she's a fujo or a faggot kek

No. 318955

File: 1693578431867.jpg (42.81 KB, 554x554, 20230805_014741.jpg)

It could very well be a real guy but with the amount of girls I've seen post the same stuff I'm suspicious every time. For a guy, sdkr sure sucks at drawing dicks.

Rollofujos are extra weird so I really cannot tell. There's even another artist I constantly confuse this one with who I know is a girl.

No. 318969

Rollo was a mistake.

No. 320692

File: 1694392358808.jpg (127.96 KB, 564x796, 1fa045a23de17c234f47be8faba1e4…)

Is it me or most new SSRs won't have vignettes anymore? Getting really suspicious because of some of the clubwear ones lacking them and hope it doesn't become the default.
an explanation might be that a lot of the more casual players fell off while the thirstier and more unhinged ones increased (not always a bad thing kek except for stories like Rollocide).
ngl as much as I adore some of the characters isn't it a bit stressful being extremely passionate for one, especially for years? It isn't even like much content comes out. I'd probably go mad if I was that dedicated.

No. 320695

At this point, playing twisted wonderland is basically enjoying the little drops of lore they translate for those who don’t speak a word of Japanese and then living vicariously through fanart and fantasies.
It’s just how I feel about Rook Hunt, like, he has lots of content and cards, but when you only really like 1 single boy, it’s basically always waiting and hoping to get at least a new card that makes you want to keep playing (specially if you’re like me, who never spends money on gacha).
And I don’t hate anyone in the game, I think everyone has their cute moments, but the only reason why I actually try to play is Rook Hunt and his beautiful voice god I love him so fucking much.

No. 320716

File: 1694414727697.jpg (1.19 MB, 3089x2597, CITp0bF.jpg)

>isn't it a bit stressful being extremely passionate for one, especially for years?
I question this too. I used to be a Vilfag for years since the start of the game until his story came out (and Ignihyde's). I had to take a break between Pome's story because there just wasn't anything once I was done theorising about the story and exhausting all the headcanons I could think of about him. Afterwards I stopped being so involved naturally because we get what, one or two event cards per boy in a year? And they're not as impactful as their main stories. There just isn't anything to think about, to create or consume content about after a while. It's like holding onto a relationship after not going out on a date for years and having small talk twice a year lol I think of myself as an unhinged self shipper but even I couldn't hold onto the bits and pieces of crumbs, and new content like events aren't enough to keep me as invested. I don't know if it's just me though. There was a music project I witnessed since its creation and people were making room shrines for characters they barely knew anything about, there wasn't even voice dramas out yet and characters had some people in such a chokehold they bought the one piece of merch there was enough to fill the entire room. I would love to see what their daily life is like when they focus on a single character enough to have breakdowns over them.
>most new SSRs won't have vignettes anymore
I never cared for the club cards, what are they sold for if not the story? Gacha games' audacity to milk their players for literally nothing amazes me

No. 320721

File: 1694418153875.gif (1.71 MB, 414x540, 20230911_022700.gif)

>what are they sold for if not the story?
they have guest room furniture with unique interactions including voice lines in place of vignettes. they still have the unique home screen voicelines and art too.

the club ones not having them never bothered me. same for silk vil as he wasn't in the event and it wasn't edited to include him, he just got a sexy outfit from trey. i would've skipped him if it weren't for his little dance stage furniture, and cuz he looks like gala leona's groom in that outfit. i dunno, in a way the furniture cards bait me to pull harder than normal ones since you can't get those special items any other way, but you can just look up vignettes anytime online and it'll be the same. the vignettes are cute or whatever but i don't feel like i'm missing out when they're releasing 5 new ssr cards a month and only one of them is a furniture card.

No. 332856

File: 1699146895672.png (3.69 MB, 1792x828, IMG_7022.png)

happy jade & floyd day nonas!

No. 339479

File: 1701567989766.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_0400.png)

Happy birthday to my beloved! Your passion is truly a light in my life.

No. 339481

That card's story was so gay. Leona getting sexually harrassed is my favorite running gag.

No. 339486

AYRT, same, I laughed so hard when I saw the pair-up for this card. The stories clearly intended to torture one character in particular for our amusement are always my favorite. This is also why I love the Ghost Bride event re: Idia misery.

No. 339495

He's so cute, I love him.

No. 345745

has anyone actually beaten chapter 67? I’ve cleared the others but I’m stuck on vil/rook/epel. i don’t have any SSR’s for any of them though so I might have to pull the next time either of them has a good card.

No. 346637

A lot of people get stuck there, you can query twstgameplay on tumblr for actual tailored advice, just make sure you follow the proper guidelines when asking them for help.

No. 346644

File: 1704434116211.jpg (21.78 KB, 255x300, 20231227_055039.jpg)

I love you, Semitic homo fish

No. 346654

File: 1704441063229.jpeg (169.77 KB, 921x579, IMG_0508.jpeg)

HNY! My new years resolution is to save for my mans latest card

No. 346672

Rook always looks so handsome, I love him.

No. 346995

I want to lick the exposed part on the ack of his hand.

No. 347115

thank you!

No. 350034

one more transfem vil headcanon and i will end my own life

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