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File: 1556409419187.jpeg (25.46 KB, 263x263, 1555957848962.jpeg)

No. 28947

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>/m/14862 (girls)

previous thread: >>27045

No. 28948

bless you anon for using this image for

No. 28949

this was probably posted in an earlier thread, but omg they really can't sing. jisoo and rose are worse than all of twice.

No. 28950

Blackpink is seriously the worst group out of the popular three girls groups. Bad songs, bad styling, bad concepts, bad stage presence—just absolutely terrible. TWICE gets shit on a ton for their lack of talent and pedobait concepts, but I will give them credit for being better performers especially given that they’re working year round whereas BlackPink literally has less than a dozen songs out after over two years of existing. I also wouldn’t be this butter if Blackpink were just some unknown group, but the fact that they get paraded as the greatest thing since sliced bread is so unjustified and irksome.

No. 28951

yeah every time i've seen a blackpink performance the girls always look like they don't wanna be there. it's like they never wanted to be idols in the first place. in red velvet only seulgi & wendy seem to be enjoying themselves. with twice all of the girls seem alive on stage and happy to be performing. i guess jyp is just better at picking trainees (although he can't train his idols to sing for shit).

No. 28952

For real. Rosé sounds like a dying goat crossed with the welcome to my kitchen vine and Jisoo is basically completely tone deaf.

No. 28953

File: 1556417269722.jpeg (63.67 KB, 750x396, 5DB67615-360F-4D9C-BED1-BC5088…)

so we know about armies who are convinced that bh & bang shi hyuk are gods amoung men sent to rescue us all but what about armies who go the opposite way (like some of the ppl itt tbh.)

example: @btstarot on twitter
(don’t know what screen caps to post because there’s a lot of shit to shift through and don’t know if it’s particularly worthy)

personally i find it fascinating. this person is “predicting” a la tarot cards and “spiritual guides” a bts break up/bh lawsuit, bh causing an accident on purpose to hide the truth, etc.

lots of tinfoiling and annoying love for the ratman, iirc she believes that he’s adopted and his home is ~in America~ - screenshot sort of related

if you want to rot your brain and have nothing better to do, i recommend it

No. 28954

I like this kind of pic better than the last one, serves the purpose of the thread

No. 28955

File: 1556418000495.png (997.91 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-04-26-19-35-15…)

Not sure about Dahyun though, she always looks so dead inside.

No. 28956


I'd like an explanation for this image.

No. 28958

File: 1556419340021.jpeg (320.24 KB, 1241x2014, C56072CA-389F-4189-848C-3BF9B0…)

so would i, honestly

basically this is a “kpop predictions” account. this person is predicting the end of bts, basically. she also thinks rat was adopted and his real home is in ‘murrica but i’m having trouble finding that post since the last time i checked this account so maybe it was deleted. the context is difficult to explain so you kind of have to read it all to get the full delusion.

flood of her predictions incoming, will sage

No. 28959

File: 1556419378368.jpeg (308.33 KB, 1176x2048, 4242D040-1C3E-4435-85D9-B0785F…)

part 2

No. 28960

The post on her account about fansites working for kpop companies is kinda interesting.

No. 28961

File: 1556419562401.jpeg (296.99 KB, 1171x2048, A527B8A1-5BD6-4C2E-8327-733FDE…)

part 3

No. 28962

File: 1556419645095.jpeg (350.82 KB, 1172x2048, 82431437-2620-40E3-AB61-1BF2ED…)

No. 28963

File: 1556419734186.jpeg (293.54 KB, 1180x2048, B43D0380-502C-4187-B463-750279…)

part 5

No. 28964

File: 1556419854432.jpeg (335.77 KB, 1170x2048, 551DE941-CE78-4252-96C0-5F0D41…)

part 666

No. 28965

File: 1556420034893.jpeg (300.06 KB, 1241x2038, FB7A06EE-0553-49A6-A927-6E3BA1…)

part 7

No. 28966

File: 1556420114597.jpeg (317.76 KB, 1188x2047, C300CFB3-DDF7-42F1-A822-60C216…)

part infinity: the end

No. 28968

yeah, that twitter account is also interesting but slightly more grounded and probably more relevant
should have led with that oops


a bunch of her threads on bh and shitman bang

No. 28969

also has relevant posts on jang ja yeon and scandals

No. 28970

Idk how this version is "personalized for army" other than the army signage. "Army with Luv Version" sounds lame and cringey.

No. 28972

File: 1556421642507.gif (2.87 MB, 381x582, 29257dcbd388885c1c4e14390006c7…)

Im gonna need twice fans to stop posting this performance saying >dat ass and >dat jiggle in regards to dahyun

This comeback was a mistake. Making them go from pedo bait lolis to full on hooker attire and their fans are losing their minds(what little bit they had to lose in the first place).

No. 28973

this grown ass woman is a fucking FAG

No. 28974


I don't know if it is the same anon, but there is some anon here that has a big bias against Dahyun and I have no idea why. Keeps calling her a neanderthal and other stuff, when she's mostly harmless. She has no ass/jiggle, but not enough to keep bringing her up, imo.

Sage for slight rant/wk

No. 28977

Im the second anon you quoted. The first wasnt me and this is the first time Ive posted about her specifically at least in awhile. My post was perfectly fine…This is a place to nitpick idols and their fanbases, is it not?

No. 28978

Samefag but lolcow is spergy and not letting me reply correctly. By second anon I mean this post was me >>28972, not in the order you quoted.

No. 28979

Sorry for incoming sperg.
Jennie is the most insufferable idol in the industry. She has absolutely no talent and is constantly praised for being “pretty”. I have a friend who is obsessed with Blackpink and is constantly screeching about how perfect she is. Ngl she has the bitchiest attitude I’ve ever seen and is constantly begging for attention. I watched one of their American interviews (don’t remember which one) and the whole time she just whined and put on a baby voice for attention. Blackpink has the most talentless girls yet for some reason their fans refuse to think they are anything but perfect lmao. They do nothing for themselves and have no talent other than “modeling.” It’s sad how fans idolize these girls.

No. 28980

Some fans are turning on Jennie, slowly but surely. First the stage thing a couple days ago and then offending Indian people with her dance she did or whatever. And with the Texas concert being cancelled, the tide may already be turning.

No. 28981


Sorry to drag you into this, as I said, I didn't know if it was the same anon or not.
I sperged a bit because yeah, it's a thread to nitpick too, but it's kind of annoying to keep bringing the same thing up (not the case of the ass, just how "ugly" she is), especially when it's pretty irrelevant and basically no one shills her.

Anyway, speaking of TWICE, I noticed that the side tracks are actually pretty different from their usual stuff. It seems like the girls had a bit of saying in the songs as well (it was brought up in past threads too), and this just kinda proves me they do want to change their ~totes kawaii~ personas, at least a bit.

Corporate probably won't allow it as main tracks, though. Or at least, they'll test their waters first with those b-sides.

No. 28982


What even? Where do they get these clothes?

No. 28983

idk but it looks like they accidentally sent their dresses to a lundry mat instead of a dry cleaner and the dresses all shrunk

No. 28986

I honestly agree. I genuinely didn’t mind their recent b sides. Usually they all kinda sound the same, but these were a bit different so I enjoyed them more. Unpopular opinion (?) But I also didn’t mind their comeback song. Idk. I feel like they are the least annoying girl group for me so maybe I’m just biased lol. The only thing I hated was the styling.

No. 28987

shit you're right, specially Jisoo, she has no stage presence whatsoever, every time i look at a Blackpink performance itt i never notice her because damn she's so boring is hilarious, the others are awful on their own ways, like rose and lisa with their shitty singing/rapping and jennie being bad at literally everything else, but they at least fit Blackpink's concept, jisoo should've had stayed a model.

No. 28988

the only thing jisoo has is a somewhat personality. Watching their appearances on those comedy shows or whatever, she seems like the only one who doesn’t put up that weird loli act. Otherwise she’s completely useless to the group as a performer. Idk how she has made it this far tbh.

No. 28989

Personally I find twice's smiles to be forced and robotic, plus the sheer number of members saves them from individual scrutiny - Mina, Momo and Tzuyu look just as dead on stage as BP most of the time but they get away with it because they have 5-6 other members to hide behind.

Tldr they are all overrated kek

No. 28990

In the idol world the answer always boils down to looks. Jisoo and the rest of Blackpink have had everything handed to them by YG because they're prettier than 2ne1.

No. 28991

File: 1556427355988.png (260.99 KB, 632x395, netizenbuzz.png)


No. 28992

>because they're prettier than 2ne1.
Now that you mention it, I do think this is probably the case. YG sees them as the pretty 2ne1 he never had but always wanted. Reading about how he treated the girls in 2ne1 is horrid. Both Dara and Bom claim he put them down about their facial features and weight leading them to get more work done on their faces. He really marketed them as an non pretty anti-girlfriend/girl crush group. And now poor Bom is trying to come back instead of just gracefully bowing out and trying to live a normal life, probably because she sees Blackpink as the group she was supposed to have been and it gave her a renewed twinge of longing to experience idol life.

No. 28993

It's just me or twice's comeback felt like a Dalla Dalla reject with all those glitch effects and hideous, glittery, rainbow/black outfits and backgrounds? I mean, I know they both come from the same company but come on, I didn't survive Itzy's atrocious mv for this to happen again but with noisier vocals and even more pedobait

No. 28994


Mina literally looks like she hates her life when she's on stage.

No. 28996

If i was some talentless girl on some pedo group singing and dancing to childish songs while listening to the fanchants of thousand 40 years old creeps i would hate my life too tbh

No. 28997

I'm the anon that wrote >28955 and I didn't write the other one. Dunno why the other anon brought up Dahyun out of nowhere. As for me, I only mentioned her cause the anon I was replying to said that "ALL Twice girls seem to be energetic on stage" but then I remembered Dahyun's dead stare. That's all, calm down. No need to make it like some kind of a big deal. Less complaining, more contributing.

No. 28998

The first 4 BP songs are alright but the talentlessness and awful flatness doesn't back up the mystique. The previews seemed way more exciting than what was offered. ITZY can't sing either but at least they can dance

No. 29000

For all the millions that twice is making jyp you'd think the company would know how to up the budget for "girl-crush" style MVs but apparently not…. they've changed outfits (which aren't that much shorter or tighter than their previous pedobait clothing btw) but they still sing like children with "I want you oppa" submissive lyrics.

As shit as YG is, they're very good at making Blackpink MVs look expensive. Red Velvet MVs are very well-produced and conceptualised (Russian Roulette, Peek-a-boo). Twice videos always look the cheapest out of all Big 3 groups even though they're making the most money.

No. 29001

I think they use too much cg for their mvs. the video for what is love didn't look that bad but they overdid it on the mv for yes or yes

No. 29002

I think JYP is playing it safe as hell with TWICE because of the Miss A fiasco

No. 29003

What happened to miss a? I used to really like them

No. 29004

File: 1556432121856.png (464.71 KB, 374x531, 23.png)


No. 29005

File: 1556432187921.jpg (296.09 KB, 1080x1614, jgxutxut6.jpg)

The op and all the replies are armys, how surprising, and they keep saying "don't drag bts into this"


No. 29006

Suzy became too famous for her group and the members grew distant, plus half the group was Chinese so their promotions halted in 2016 anyway because of THAAD

No. 29007

cringe. do these people buy hundreds of albums to make idols wear baby stuff? he knows what he's doing too

No. 29008

The blatant infantalization in K-pop is so gross. Western boy bands/girl groups don’t typically go around wearing bonnets and carrying binkies and stuffed animals but that’s common at K-pop fansignings.

This all reads like some armchair psychologist stuff but your insight on Bom’s interesting and plausible. I remember watching some clips of Bom on Instagram live saying something like “Blackwho? Oh…I like BlackPink…they’re my sisters” very awkwardly when asked what she thought of BlackPink. She also made remarks where it seemed like she had issues with former 2NE1 fans who stop stanning her group after BlackPink debuted to leave.

No. 29009

I won't doubt that bharatanatyam is sacred for hindu indians, though i don't know much about it. I guess it's cultural appropriation when it's done by someone outside their own race/religion?

What bothers me is that bharatanatyam remix version of BTS does exist and no one bats an eye. Makes me think that OP (on twitter) only brought it up because it's jennie and we all know they've got some beef with blinks. I'd like to know OP's reaction to the video attached and see if they'd still rant about how sacred the dance is or shut up because it involves BTS.

No. 29010

i see where they are coming from if it's a sacred dance but didn't bts also use african and latin elements in their songs and choreos? armys are only offended when other groups do it.

No. 29011

I don't know how she actually feels about this but damn the awkwardness is real, it's obvious she might have some mixed feelings about blackpink imo, this is specially uncomfortable to see especially that "Blackjaks, rigth?, Blackjaks forever" bit, something's off

No. 29012

So this is easily one of the few, if not the only, BlackPink song that doesn't sound absolutely awful to me. It got me thinking to why that is and then I realized there isn't an awkward rap segment in this one like there are in many other K-pop tracks. Still nota single BlackPink member is a decent vocalist and that kills any chance of this song being replayable after a few listens.

No. 29013

LOL its literally all just armies trying to ruin Blackpink. Not a single one isn't a BTS stan account

No. 29014

why do they hate blackpink so much? afaik there is no beef between bp and bts themselves.

No. 29015

Two reasons come to mind: (1) BlackPink is a popular K-pop group gaining traction in the US like BTS so there might be a sense of competition and (2) BlackPink is a group of stylish girls so there might be a sense of envy.

No. 29016

Because even though Blackpink are also shit, they're taking severe attention away from BTS in some US metrics (ie playing at a major festival opposed to some boomer tv show) and that makes armys seethe. They spent so much time shitting on and burying EXO and Wanna One only for Blackpink to show up when BTS were 'breaking through to the West'
Also army love to use BTS wokeness, 'our poor discriminated asian bois' and all kinds of sjw shit as a cudgel to break them into the West, BLACKPINK doesn't have or need that as much, so BP (distinctly nonwoke) succeeding kind of exposes that as what it is (a scam)

No. 29017

kek someone posted a pic of jimin culturally appropriating a native headpiece but no one bats an eye

No. 29018

Because Blackpink's popularity is a huge threat to BTS' fame in the west.

BP songs are light catchy dancepop which is the perfect sound for huge festivals like Coachella and the members are better English speakers - so far a lot of Western celebrities have noticed and praised BP, they only compliment BTS when asked to.

No. 29019

i think some of them are salty because almost everyone in bp speaks english and actually shows some effort to appreciate their i-fans but bts oppars couldn't get better than "thank you love you army!!!" for years and treat their k-fans way better than i-fans.

No. 29020

It's somewhat comparable to singing praying the rosary for fun or doing bird dances. Sacred stuff is personal as hell.

No. 29022

Now that's one of the things i seriously despise from bts, that shitty group wouldn't have gone anywhere if it wasn't for their crazy i-fans, armies are shit, but bts has an obvious favoritism based on xenophobia, you can't get any shittier than that, these ratmies should pay more attention every time they see oppa jimin looking notoriously uncomfortable around Americans on the awards instead of going "see?? our mochi hates the evul westerners show em oppa slayyyy!!!!111!", now they're crying for bts's attention.

No. 29023

like when are i-ratmys gonna turn on bts ! i hope that moment comes

No. 29026

Seriously why support Korean groups and give your money to Korea when the fans literally call you roaches over there lol

No. 29028

There's a thread the size of a dissertation for this 5 second clip. I fucking hate twitter.

No. 29029

Never. Ratmys will cuck for a crumb from BTS forever and Blinks are totally satisfied with shoddy amounts of bad content. No one as music fans cucks themselves harder than kpop fans

No. 29030

That girl looks like she thinks all non whites and Koreans are disgusting

No. 29031

ntayrt but IMO your comment is baselesss, she doesn't look dead inside there. I know this is the thread for nitpicking but there's a difference between nitpicking and saying something that just isn't true.

It reminds me of when other anons call idols unattractive when they really aren't, and it's just baffling because you wonder if those people are from a city that's populated entirely by supermodels so they think the average person is GORGEOUS and call less-than-goreous people ugly.

Or when anons post a pic of an idol purposely making a weird faceand then call them fugly. Like yeah, they look weird there. That's the joke.

brb, making a kpop critical critical thread.

No. 29032

Anyone else feel like BTS had potential as a unit before or am I looking back with rose-tinted glasses? This clip of them performing from years ago was an enjoyable watch (aside from Jimin questionable lifting up his shirt). Maybe the video might have been sped up to make their transitions look faster but I feel like they used to be better dancers before. Feels like they’re heading toward Big Bang territory with more lackluster choreo and they seriously could get away with not dancing anymore given their popularity now.

No. 29033

that is cuz she does

No. 29034

if you know this is the critical thread then why are you unloading your cum for dahyun here sweets

idols without the makeup and styling look disgusting - 90% of them - just because we are not blind to this fact doesn't mean we live in a place full of supermodels

even average people look better than idols where i live because at least thy are natural and have their own vibes instead of fake idols

please do go to the general kpop thread cuz this aint it

No. 29035

of course they tried harder when they were nugus

No. 29036

someone should ask the mods to do something about the nitpicking itt in /meta/. this thread would benifit from the no contribution rules /pt/ and /snow/ have.

No. 29037

yeah, look at the basicness of boy with luv's choreo. i think becoming more focused on vocals, the mainstream pop sound and fake woke agenda made their stuff extremely generic and boring. most of the time they can't pull off vocal focused songs. their last listenable single was spring day.

No. 29043

Their figures look healthier lately. Ofc knetz call them fatasses

No. 29044

Nta but nice samefagging, autist. You aren't helping your case.

No. 29045

File: 1556448544812.gif (1014.96 KB, 284x284, IMG_0049.GIF)

I'll put an end to your guys' dahyun argument by reminding you who's actually notorious for looking dead inside when performing.

No. 29046

i already asked two threads ago, when seungri drama was peaking and anons chose to sperg over inane shit instead. the thread is full of mongs from twitter

No. 29048

You aren't helping either, retard but I'll undo it and make this quick.

Pretty sure my opinion was as simple as saying that (I personally think that…) not all Twice girls are that energetic on stage, which is a very subjective opinion and totally different than the crime that you were accusing me of lmao. I wasn't even forcing anyone to agree with me. Stop overreacting.

No. 29049

File: 1556448890628.jpg (267.75 KB, 1353x633, ugh.jpg)

How can anyone deny it at this point? Her mid body and head are near the same width

No. 29051

That anon would still attack you for saying Mina looks dead, when that is just one harmless opinion that no one gives a fuck of. But holy shit, you're right she must be the dead-est out of all twice kek.

No. 29052

because that’s the case for a lot of idols? when the standard is to be incredibly thin it’s less noticeable when one or two girls in every group is a bit skinnier. momoland are one of the only groups that come to mind right away for a group that doesn’t have at least have a borderline skelly. blackpink aren’t some crazy anomaly that are far skinnier compared to other groups, they’re just dressed to emphasise it more and have rosé whose weird shape in general makes her look even more uncanny

No. 29053

No way… BP's "progress" in the US market is built almost exclusively out of CL-esque pushing by interscope records. It'll end the same way as CL's career due to them not having any organic traction. Actual fans do not care about BP the way they care about BTS.

No. 29054

That is true. I think one cannot really imagine the amount of pressure on women's looks unless they live in a country like that.
Every freaking body part is sexualised, evaluated separately and needs to look a certain way for a female idol to be considered attractive.
Vid related is seolhyun measuring the fucking depth of her members' collarbones.
It's insane.
Eating disorders are guaranteed if you're not strong-minded, regardless of whether you're an idol or not.

No. 29055

>Actual fans do not care about BP the way they care about BTS.
it's because bts got most of their fans through social media, and is what they get clowned for in the us.

bp got most their fans through music. which is lucky because they'd be fucked if they had to build up based on their personalities.

No. 29058

i recall yg saying something similar about bts and bp's popularity. even bts themselves deny that their popularity is due to social media but it's the reality. it's a dead meme at this point but the any armys here xd thing did blow them up.

No. 29059

from what i remember, when blackpink debuted it was a change from what the other top girlgroups (twice, red velvet, gfriend etc) were doing at the time, so i think their music style immediately got attention for that (as well as being YG's new gg). But since so many other groups now fill their niche and they aren't releasing much or stepping up their content, i think people are caring less and less (apart from blinks obviously).

No. 29061

I don't know if I'd call it a change. Their 'concept' is basically red velvet but way way toned down (generic pop basically). It's nothing different from a lot of the 'popular' groups at the time - right now it probably would be because everything is so stupidly beat heavy.

Kpop fans love generic pop.

No. 29063

File: 1556458802252.png (728.48 KB, 792x536, aoajimin.png)

this video being AOA is even more horrifying given Jimin's recent state. She easily overtakes Hyuna, Sunmi, BlackPink, Wendy, with how worrying her appearance is right now. Part of that might just be that she doesn't get face fillers and hair extensions as often as they do though, K-pop styling can really help cover declining health. See how peak SNSD and Twice manage to look glowing and healthy when a regular girl would start to show some worries after years of being on the borderline of ill health

No. 29065

File: 1556460340282.jpg (85.75 KB, 520x697, jimin-aoa-0213085515354.jpg)

holy christ this is nightmare fuel

No. 29066

Is the BTS struggle story armies sperg about true or exaggerated? Armies always talk about how BTS came from a small,poor,janky company but on bh's Wikipedia page it says that bh had a joint management with Yg…so..

Also when BTS debuted they always sold at least 200,000 copies or just under that (up until like 2014 when they changed their concept.) Which is pretty good for a group from a small company. Everything else they went through (debt, starvation, intense training,living in a shitty cramped dorm room) is not unique to them. Most if not all kpop groups went through at least one of those things.

No. 29067

Same fag I'm a fucking retard I didn't mean to mention anybody in my post

No. 29068

The only difference I see is Halsey having more lines and onscreen time

No. 29069

Lmao nct's concerts are basically taeyong's concerts with his backup singers and dancers. Seriously, everything is centered around him. What a terrible group

No. 29070

i don't like her at all but halsey looks cuter than everyone in bts in the video

No. 29071

File: 1556463550262.jpeg (62.02 KB, 500x334, 9B7683B7-F3F6-4E68-BE6E-400AC6…)

Does anyone remember when that girl JinE (pic related) left Oh My Girl because of anorexia? I was surprised her company made an official statement about it. That's the only time I've seen an ED being candidly discussed in kpop. It's fucked up but IIRC she was one of the least popular members so maybe the company figured people wouldn't care too much? Meanwhile there are idols who look even more sickly than her (jimin, Wendy, Rose) but nobody says anything

No. 29072

>You aren't helping either
Of course I'm not, why would I? The other anon you replied to is right.

No. 29076

IU talked about being bulimic, and is since supposedly recovered despite often being much thinner than she was at the time she says she was struggling. I’d get it if her current lowest was still a healthy weight, but I don’t think you can believe she’s recovered and healthy now if she’s still often visibly underweight and likes to show it off

No. 29077

Idols visibly struggling with an ED and nobody caring about it, or even praising them for their weight is so disgusting. Sometimes I wonder if the idols themselves enjoy showing off their weight like Luna and Hyuna (the scale picture). It's horrible and the kids who follow kpop end up thinking that starving themselves is the way to look as pretty as their idols.

No. 29078

You'd be a fool to think most idols don't love being underweight.

No. 29079

It doesn’t look like she’s mocking the dance, it just looks like she’s having fun. I understand being upset if someone is truly mocking your religion/culture/etc., but this is a reach.

No. 29081

i mean white people also are ''just having fun'' when they pull their eyes sideways to mock asians

No. 29083

>white people
Stop being triggered and go back to tumblr

No. 29084

that's because he's the center of the group… and every single group has a center. you dumbass

No. 29085

File: 1556469588673.gif (1.5 MB, 540x253, IMG_0648.GIF)

They also got accused of appropriating Native American culture by doing that dance with the ululation in boombayah, I'm surprised not many(especially armys) didn't talk about this.

No. 29086

>but no one says anything
I agree Rose is pushed under the rug but knetz talk about Wendys weight every comeback. And they only time Jimin's name is in articles is about her weight. She was trending on Naver bc of her IG pics. Idk why blackpink gets a pass from fans for being ana but no one really seems to notice or care with them

No. 29087

there's a difference between being a centre and being the star of the show while half of your bandmates barely get a line to shout

No. 29088

is it really a native american specific thing? from my knowledge it is also a prominent thing in central asian and west asian folk dances. maybe it's a thing in east asia too idk

No. 29102

File: 1556473010305.gif (373.98 KB, 498x280, tumblr_ld9gjyXQWh1qd2tiuo1_500…)

never forget the gloriously offensive native appropriation that was T-aras YaYaYa

man times sure were different back then people could get away with anything, kek

No. 29104

I just watched the mv. They for sure would be eaten alive if they released something like that now.

No. 29105

its a catchy song but its hands down one of, if not the most blatantly offensive kpop videos and concepts ive ever seen

No. 29106

JYP, not YG.

Also Bang PD comes from a very rich family and has relatives in the Moon Jae-in administration….he has connections for sure

No. 29108

I feel a little bad that these people don't realize that no one in kpop cares about their issues.
How can they not see that kpop is the music industry of an isolated and fairly xenophobic country with minimal awareness of other cultures?
International kpop fandom is insane

No. 29113

With how obnoxious and down right awful Armies are, I don't feel too bad about them being played.

More than likely, they know what's going on but would rather turn the other cheek because then they would have to admit the thing they poured so much time, money, and energy into was actually everything they were supposedly against, which takes a certain amount of self-awareness and humility.

No. 29114

I see a lot of ~BTS/BigHit is xenophobic~ and hates i-fans around here but I don’t think I’ve seen specific instances?

Tried google but it’s just army taking up space.
Can anyone fill me in?

No. 29116

File: 1556474905705.gif (7.31 MB, 306x449, 691164b2ae03995a703c3d0b121205…)

god imagine how yanked and painful that ponytail must be when having to do this choreography

No. 29117

I don't necessarily agree with that stance but basically:
They refuse to learn English, bts members go back to kfans after international tour saying how much they missed them, apparently gifting kfans only,… at least that's what I got from reading this thread?

No. 29118

i dont understand why international fans would expect literally anything else lol
east asian groups typically dont GAF about western fans other than getting their money
its the same with japanese groups both pop and rock

No. 29119

>Implying this thread is a trustworthy sauce of info in any way

No. 29120

Same with all their fans

No. 29121

rose is such a try hard it's borderline embarrassing to see. especially when miss sea does nothing and is more popular

No. 29123

Vocals really went out of the window there.

Honestly I don't see them having a good and supporting relationship - someone always gets treated better. Even in the ad campaigns (I think they got some makeup thing for Autumn recently?) the only person who looked good in all the photos was Jennie. Lisa is loved by the majority of the fandom, and Jisoo and Rose are sort of thrown to the side. Their entire relationship as a group sometimes comes off as widely competitive (Coachella performances) and generally that they don't get on (Blackpink house)

No. 29124

Not wking but I saw the clip of her talking to the audience and if it weren't for her nobody would've talked to the audience and it would've been awkward af cause the rest of them were just standing there, waiting for her to speak, and Jennie only managed to force out some words.
There might have been many fans but the rest of them literally have no idea who they are so someone's gotta hype it up a bit, even though it's a rather forced and awkward attempt at that.

No. 29126

File: 1556476090486.gif (1.07 MB, 735x413, 5b2869386bbd6fc6dbb857b92a58ea…)

oof…idol cms are really something else nowadays

No. 29127

Yeah the refusal to learn English claim is weird to me. Because I know other members have tried speaking up before in previous interviews and they did fine. Learning English is hard and Korea doesn’t exactly have a good ESL model.
It seems that they’re quieter lately though? I’m wondering why?
Everyone knows by now that kpop is entirely controlled by their company so I wonder what they’re thinking. I don’t think BigHit is even hiring anyone or giving them time to learn…? So is that xenophobia or mismanagement? Or a little bit of both? Are the other members being told not to speak and leave everything up to RM? I don’t know what’s going on there.

Everything else can be chalked up to the usual Korean nationalist PR which all kpop groups suffer from.

No. 29128

Well in the grand scheme of things all blackpink members are massively popular. I don't think it's as much as an issue as most farmers believe

No. 29129

Anon don’t kill my hope that someone intelligent might come along one day

No. 29131

The blatant Jennie favoritism never ceases to amaze me. She's in a bright shimmering silver outfit while the other girls are in black. I imagine there's so much tension between them when they're always doing shit like that.

No. 29133

I thought so too but looking at the rest of the girls it seems that none of them have that sort of ambition to stand out individually as much as Jennie does. They don't seem passive aggressive either in interviews and stuff and always compliment her. But of course it's just what they give us to see…who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

No. 29134

Imo bts is terrible at English considering they have the largest international fanbase right now. RM is the only one who can speak it competently, and dominates every English interview.
I've noticed that many other groups have multiple fluent or semi-skilled English speakers when they have a much smaller international fandom. Ex- Momoland, Monsta X, NCT, g-idle, 2ne1…
I think they all have the choice to learn. And the free time to do so if they wanted, when they're not promoting.

No. 29135

i wouldn't be surprised if they could get in trouble for not treating her right

at 1:53 jennie seems to be rolling her eyes, lol i've always felt like there's some tension between her and rose

No. 29136

Lmfao anon you have eagle eyes. How tf did you notice that. I'm impressed.

No. 29137

i was buying the “english is so hard for oppa learning it is practically imposible and he is vv busy uwuwu” until i stumbled on a got7 youtube interview thing (the only thing i know about them is that they are with jyp) and was shocked that they actually speaked and participated ?? no perfect english but they formed basic and logical sentences ? what is stopping bts?

No. 29138

>what is stopping bts
not actually wanting to be in america and just wanting to fuck off back to korea to their korean fans who spend thousands of dollars on them monthly

No. 29139

Not to defend them but your post is quite ironical

No. 29140

Anon isn't refusing to type in English and relying on other anons to translate for them, unlike BTS. Imperfect as anon's English is, at least they're trying

No. 29141

To me it also seems like bighit and bts can't believe their own luck so they refrain from doing or saying anything even slightly off/controversial that's why the others rarely speak because they wanna avoid misunderstandings (but yes, they also don't care about improving their English).

No. 29142

Idk. Suga and Jin seem to understand basic things.

I think maybe you’re overestimating how much “free time” they have. I think learning English to promote overseas should be part of the time they spend preparing for comebacks instead of a free time thing and I don’t know if that’s the case.

No. 29143

Yeah, BTS was a bit more vocal just before and during DNA and then it fell off so idk.

No. 29144

they refuse to learn english despite owing their career to i-fans, always talk about how much they miss their korean fans just after leaving korea, buy their korean fans gifts and stuff. they are very nationalistic with the whole "we are proud korean artists!!" thing and jimin's hiroshima tshirt scandal. they also expect foreigners to behave the way korean society is, like how jimin wanted to beat up an american kid for telling him how to do something correctly. most of them look like they want to die in when they are in the presence of i-fans, they are so ungrateful.

No. 29145

They all know a bit of English, but even when I was a fan I was noticing how they could barely put sentences together, whereas other groups had multiple members speaking competently in American interviews.
I think BTS said specifically that they had more free time than fans think. But you may be right - English should be taught to them as part of their work schedule. I don't think that's how it is but that would be a smart move on their company's part.
Or maybe it's a management thing and RM has been told to dominate interviews. This clip kind of makes me think that

No. 29146

It's annoying but I guess it's kind of sensible. They'll always just be a short-lived novelty in the West, and any Western momentum they manage to buy or build will be destroyed the second they have to go to the army and the press moves on to a newer, fresher foreign group to write clickbait about.

They'll never amount to anything more than a funny curiosity in America, while Korea will pour money into them far longer.

No. 29147

i didn't realize just how sulky and sullen bts seem in western interviews until i watched monsta x and nct's interviews. most of monsta x don't speak very good english, but they're much more enthusiastic and willing to try, instead of just sitting there silently looking like they think they're better than non-koreans.

No. 29148

>”THEY REFUSE” like they’re stomping around and throwing tantrums about it
>expecting a teenage boy from an isolated hermit country to understand and react appropriately while in a foreign country he’s never set foot in before and probably experiencing some culture shock
>”looking like they want to die” and attributing it to the fact that they absolutely hate hate hate i-fans and Murica instead of an infinite amount of other reasons

Nta but you sound like a bitter rogue army

No. 29149

nta but I actually did used to be into BTS after they first debuted and I can confirm the way Jimin acted to that kid was gross.

The kid was about 12 and showing him how to properly clean airplane. Jimin did a bad job, so the kid said, "Oh, that's OK but it's better if you scrub harder, don't worry about damaging the plane."

In response to this Jimin said to the camera: "I want to beat that kid up for being so rude to me.

No. 29150

bts might have broken a record by being to america 50 times yet still not being able to handle a simple conversation in english for shit. they are either extremely dumb and lazy or just xenophobic and ungrateful.

No. 29151

even if it was supposed to be a joke that's fucked up to talk about a child like that…

No. 29152

Even if they have more free time than fans think it’s probably not a lot when compared to what some Western countries think when time off is talked about. Anyway yeah I think personally that it’s a company problem and they’re not bothering with proper training or teaching and if they do, it’s seriously bad.
Corporate seems more interested in merch and fan service….

No. 29153

And if he was in Korea and the kid had been Korean, he probably would have gotten violent with him with no repercussions. Because Koreans think if they are older than someone they can beat and hit them and its perfectly fine and normal. Especially if someone younger than them has an opinion or tells them how to do something.

No. 29154

really telling how they behave. if you compare bp's tv appearences, even jisoo squeezes some sentences out. i don't follow bts and normally don't care about them, but is only ratmon talking at their concerts abroad? most artists memorize at least a few sentences in english.

No. 29155

File: 1556481825244.jpg (83.14 KB, 1200x675, IMG_0052.JPG)

Lol is this where this meme comes from?

No. 29156

It sure is. And it was obvious by his face he wasn't joking.

No. 29157

Which part of isolated hermit country and teenage boy (from said isolated hermit country) did you not understand?
Wait, I forgot to add “teenage boy from isolated hermit country with an absurd age hierarchy deeply imbedded into the cultural consciousness.”

Jimin was dumb but so are you. Why are you expecting so much? Is it not the same as army thinking bts is aware of every cultural nuance?

No. 29158

I agree. I watched some Monsta X interviews and they're way nicer than BTS. They are more enthusiastic and can speak decent english.

No. 29159

Wow that's a super observant observation. From what I've heard from BlackPink fans, there's a clear divide between Jisoo + Jennie versus Lisa + Rose relationship-wise. I wouldn't be surprised since Jennie seems to make fun of Lisa a lot and I don't know if it's just light teasing.

No. 29160

Calm down Jimincel. Even Korean men can understand threatening to beat up a 12 year old for very gently correcting them is fucked up.

No. 29161

> Even Korean men can understand threatening to beat up a 12 year old for very gently correcting them is fucked up.
nta but disagree tbh
koreans are notorious for abusing younger people because ~muh seniority heirarchy~

No. 29163

It still doesn't make it okay? He probably still has the same mindset but is just keeping quiet. His Hiroshima bomb t-shirt controversy wasn't too long ago. I'm getting extreme nationalist vibes from him and V. iirc Suga talked some shit about international fans too. Rap Monster and Jungkook are ameriboos. Dunno about the others

No. 29164

File: 1556483595493.jpg (69.84 KB, 750x557, DcXUknIWAAEsF79.jpg)

You all remember that one time a member who was supposed to debut in BlackPink got kicked out after being getting caught dating? Fortunately she got to debut in another group but it's funny how G-Dragon gets to notoriously fuck around with various models/idols over the years and YG doesn't give a fuck.

No. 29165

took me a minute to figure out who anyone in this picture was other than jennie

No. 29166

When fans are putting more effort into their vocals than Jennie. Also that like to dislike ratio kek

No. 29167

Iirc fans said dating wasn't the reason for her leaving but I don't know much about that. All I know is that the actually talented ones (Kim euna for example)have already left. She and moon sua were actually talented rappers but none of them made it. Instead they chose lazy Jennie who admitted that she literally got recruited as a rapper cause she was the only one who spoke good English there, which is funny considering how her stans brag about how she made it into yg because of her rapping skills.
It's also funny cause it implies that Jennie thought she was good enough to be a singer when she auditioned. (It's from that radio interview they recently did, if anyone is interested.)

No. 29169

i thought she was kicked out due to yg not wanting to copy rv

No. 29170

If that's the reason, YG failed either way. The group still would have four Yeris even if they debuted with five members.

No. 29171

Wait, is that because of the vlive where i-fans were spamming “look behind you” in broken Korean?
I’m on his side with that one. That’s annoying as fuck.

No. 29173

he already copied the "they have two types of songs" shit that sm pulled with rv but never go through with

No. 29174


Seeing BP (kind of) pre-surgery and skin whitening makes me so…sad? They look like normal human beings in this pic. I don't get kpop's insistence on turning their idols into ghostly-looking bobbleheads.

No. 29175

They already had all the PS procedures already done in that picture. Lisa has her nose done, Rosé with the jaw shave… idols start getting PS early in their trainee days, you wouldn't catch them in a group photo with their real faces

No. 29176

They look the same but in different lighting to me

No. 29178

isn’t the fifth girl miyeon from gidle?

No. 29181

that prolapsed anus of a thread pic

No. 29182

Yeah that's Miyeon. Again it's fortunate that she got to debut in a group that's doing okay, but I'd understand if she's pissed at YG and BlackPink by extension. Working hard and training every day to debut only to get axed because of that. She very well could have been cast aside without debuting after what happened to her.

No. 29183

you can just tell they got coached by their handlers on how to deliver an american performance but they still look painfully out of their element. stage presence = 0, giving me walking around your room lip syncing with a hair brush. the lack of camera trickery really highlights how sloppy and rudimentary the choreography is. the only thing i appreciate about this is the live backing band. you wouldn't get that in korea and it makes a difference

No. 29185

They look more real in that American photo posted in the past thread >>28661. Especially Jennie and Lisa's true skintones

No. 29186

>you wouldn't get that in korea and it makes a difference
it isn't unheard of, bp do perform with the same yg band in all their korean concerts (just like bigbang and 2ne1 did).
lovelyz and highlight had a band for their concerts too.

No. 29188

I think Blackpink are a horrible act live and can't sing but I can see why they stand out compared to other girlgroups in terms of branding. Jennie has that guttural braying tone, Lisa sounds like a mosquito or CL on uppers, Jisoo sounds like Miss Hannigan and ROSE has the bannaney avocadoess voice. You can't confuse their voices, sometimes its possible to confuse Jisoo and Jennie because they're both mezzo-like but not really anything else?

Tons of girlgroups since 2014 have suffered samevoice syndrome and it's even worse when they're all crap singers. That new group EVERGLOW is horrific - better song so far than BP but the voices all merge into one whine. Boygroups are even worse they're all nayana.exe

No. 29191

their concerts are such a mess..

No. 29196

The only good thing about bp's vocals is that they sound distinct compared to most other ggs

No. 29197

Ok I swear I'm not a taeyong stan or anything like that but fans are always praising his "stage presence" and dancing like crazy so I just want some (un-biased) opinions on it and this might be one of the only places to get that

No. 29198

File: 1556500299652.jpg (106.87 KB, 1024x1308, unnamed-212.jpg)

>some netizens want to blame Joy instead and have been saying some pretty mean things, while one even went as far as to say she was a disgrace to the nation.

So idols dont have any freedom at all at refusing an outfit even though it's too short (like this one)?

No. 29199


there are a lot of biased people here as well, anon.

While he isn't the best dancer, he does the choreography rather well. Stage presence mostly depends on the viewer, though. He has some flashy moves, so that's a plus. He's also close to the front-centre area during much of the dance, which may help in that regard. Really, you'll find him if you're looking for him.

No. 29200

He's actually a really good dancer, but I wouldn't say his stage presence is anything too special. I've seen people claim they're actually afraid of him when he's on stage, which is ridiculous considering he's like 5'7 and probably weighs less than most of his fans.
But he can go hard when he wants to and is better than most idols in that regard.
Also I feel like intense boy group concepts are easier for idols to pull off since they just have to look angry onstage, which seems a lot simpler than constantly smiling and trying to not look dead inside.

No. 29201

File: 1556500961202.jpg (55.56 KB, 750x750, yves.jpg)

this is gdragon tier

No. 29202

Lol I know there's a lot of biased people here too, that's why I said "might." Btw what do you think of the other members compared to him during the performance?
He is really bad at anything besides "intense" concepts actually, like chill or cheery concepts
That sound their making is middle eastern (ululation) but the movement is native american. Lmao can't even appropriate cultures right

No. 29203

she looks like a geometric shape

No. 29204

he's the only one who stands out at all on stage to normies

No. 29205

He's a good dancer when he is dancing the choregraphy but his freestyle dances are really bad and meme worthy.

No. 29206

File: 1556504150675.jpg (50.83 KB, 680x656, bb3d0692-97a5-44f4-8248-e4cb0d…)

Wait, nctniggers pls go. Stans who sperg about all the members who are more popular than their biases are pathetic, not critical.

No. 29207

I don't know what your complaining about all those anons just said he is a good dancer that's really it. You act like their fangirling about him or something. Anons like you are annoying.

No. 29209

I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about like >>29202

No. 29210

If it isn’t hating kpop with a boner, it ain’t critical

No. 29212

joy does give me sulli vibes, but i doubt she picked that dress out herself. it's obvious these netizens are just jealous of her body. they can't take it when a woman isn't skelly.

No. 29223

File: 1556509035128.gif (5.85 MB, 350x618, c84cea8efa0abc7b81faee684d036b…)

ok but the dresses and skirts twice have been performing in recently are just as short if not shorter so…its ok for them but not her? not sure i understand…

No. 29224

File: 1556509386286.png (Spoiler Image,205.17 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_2019-04-29-02-12-50…)

I summon suga-chan

No. 29225

Yeah, ear rape really is distinct.

No. 29230

All the yoongifags were going on about how he was too spoopy and how his new jaw shave fucked him up back then kek do they like pudgy nuyoongi?

No. 29231

I cringed at her expression

No. 29232

I'm late but this video will never not be funny for me
I lose my shit everytime Rose sings the bridge. Good shit
Thanks blackpink for existing lmao

No. 29233

File: 1556514114958.jpg (148.83 KB, 802x1199, uhhh.jpg)

bitch i'm scared

No. 29234

File: 1556514512793.jpg (176.69 KB, 960x988, weta_gollum_life_size_statue_l…)

No. 29235

did his cheeks look like that because of the weird jaw surgery he got or weight loss?

No. 29236

Man feet

No. 29243

me too wtf, i liked Everglow's song but their bland, boring voices all sounded the same and it killed the song for me, kpop it's so cookie-cutter it cannot literally have any decent tracks without actively ruining them with some boring generic shit that sucks out the potential of said tracks smfh

No. 29244

He looks like a fakeboi, tragic.

No. 29245

is her body really worth being jealous over lmfao - she has a fridge waist and it is not a good look she is tall but her proportions aren't good enough to make her look as tall as she is

No. 29246

idk what went wrong but all of them look like fakebois nowadays

No. 29247

Probably both, but the ps is definitely major

No. 29248


>fridge waist

I know she doesn't have Tzuyu's level of tiny waist, but how is this a fridge? She's actually quite shapely.

The nitpicking ITT is reaching k-incel levels

No. 29252

File: 1556528680561.jpg (29.96 KB, 479x640, images.jpeg-11.jpg)

Nta but that dress didn't compliment her features, she looks best in jeans

No. 29253

We've been there for a while. It's anisa tier in here.

No. 29254

Samefag. And i didnt mean the dress on the video but the dress thats too short, probably why other anon said she had a fridge waist. I think just a matter of the outfit

No. 29255

a fridge waist is a fridge waist regardless of outfit - also this was her at her skinniest - neither her body nor her face looks like this anymore geez why are there so many rv fags in this thread the last one had a seulgi one eww

No. 29257

Okay can't help but think that there's a pattern here

*Saying something remotely good about an artist (just trying to rationalize things) = must be a stan, go back to twitter

*Saying something bad (whether it's personal opinion or not) = stop nitpicking, she looks fine

You don't even have to go to the extreme ends (obvious stanning and nitpicking) to get negative feedbacks from other anons, but eh it's lolcow. Enjoy it while it's still legal to shit on kpop.

No. 29258

Have to admit this is probably the best form of catfishing for males out there right now. Armys are desperate

No. 29259

she doesn't have a fridge waist tho?

not everyone can be rose the dancing skeleton, just saying

No. 29260

people here come to take care of their hate boner, not that surprising. low key miss talking about the burning sun shit, that thread was the most coherent one yet. since then everything went to shit. it's like opposite of twitter lmfao

No. 29261

Lol true, and you feel like you have to write a defense statement or a disclaimer on why you're not a fan before saying something that's not overtly hateful, or correcting something.
It's still the only place for ex-fans to discuss the toxicity of kpop without being harassed by little kids so I'll deal with that.

No. 29262

Me too but sadly the seungri case isn't getting much attention on here anymore though it's still ongoing.

No. 29265

I was still talking about Taeyong there, I just wanted to know if she thought he was significantly better than the others or not so much. I'm not an nctfag and the only I know are Taeyong and Mark anyway so calm down

No. 29268

she doesn't need to be rose (eww)- joy's bone structure is bad that is all

No. 29269

Look at the amount of infighting


I shouldn't have posted this shit in the first place >>29245

No. 29270

Imagine going to a concert and not seeing the actual dance. I know it's a small thing but damn. Same with singing tbh.

No. 29271

I really can't fathom how people pay money to see them live. Their performances are too subpar to be charging all that money for tickets anyway.

No. 29272

File: 1556540552434.jpg (35.05 KB, 480x442, download (2).jpg)

Speaking of the Burning Sun stuff, what the fuck were these masks seized during the 윤중천 scandal preceding it? These were supposedly worn by high level officials. I used to think youtube conspiracy weirdos were crazy but now I'm not so sure

No. 29273


This is both hilarious and terrifying as fuck. The masks are funny; the rampant corruption isn't.

No. 29274

Not sure how legit it is, but in the west those kind of masks are used for sexual abuse, it's like some sick bondage torture fetish thing. Or if tinfoiling is allowed here, those kind of masks are used to induce trauma to the victims (beta kitten sex programming) or for role-play purpose (bestiality, etc). Someone would probably ask me to "go back to vigilantcitizenforums" or something, but that's just my two cents.

No. 29276

I don't understand why people can't be fans of idols (I guess I'm mostly speaking about female ones since this it's mostly a problem with them) and talk about their obvious eating disorders and body weight problems. Why must they fool themselves into believing their beautiful and healthy? You're not being a bad fan or whatever so why don't you admit it?

Also offtopic but isn't it funny how idol concerts is mostly lip-syncing and relying on the (very loud) backtrack the whole time? Like you see people praising their idols like there's no tomorrow and I'm just like: that's lipsyncing tho…..
Your on to something, I'm pretty sure it's related to things like that

No. 29277

this is so fucking disturbing. i think they might have used these in snuff films to not get identified.

No. 29278

in actual real important news - yoochun accepted some drug allegations

No. 29279

Kpop is built upon a belief that both the idols and the idol system are perfect. If people start talking about the flaws, it will ruin the illusion. Kpop fans are delusional enough to believe everything presented in front of them as they are.

Kpop fans are mostly made up of easily impressed teenagers (though there are many young adult and adult fans too). It gives them comfort to feel as if they "own" the idols. Simply put, they need someone to look up to, thus they expect the idols to be perfect and be everything that's different from their daily life. Of course you can't bring up normal people's problems into their "already-perfect" imagination.

On the lip syncing thing, I legit miss the 1st gen era stages (the no lipsync ones) where voices were permitted to shake on stage as long as the idols didn't fuck up the whole performance, and fans didn't complain about the bad performance because they knew that's bound to happen with no pre-recorded vocals/lipsync. It was more human.

No. 29280


I'm cringing so hard, this is so wrong. Is this a korean thing or do ifans do this as well?

No. 29281


So nctzens are sperging right now, apparently nct were being filmed by a hispanic channel and the host made a fan kiss taeyong on the cheek. Of course now fans are crying about how "poor oppas they looked so uncomfortable!" and "asian culture is different from your culture how could you do that to him! Your so disrespectful!" "educate yourselves!" "ReSPeCt aSiAn cUlTuRe reeeee!

No. 29282

how does it have anything to do with korean culture?

No. 29283

File: 1556544773843.jpg (237.85 KB, 1080x1289, IMG_20190429_093226.jpg)


No. 29284


"When in Rome, do as the Romans do… Except when you're a K-Pop star. Then do as you please.

No. 29285

honestly I think getting a fan to kiss him on the cheek is very awkward, but nctzens need to calm down. I doubt he's gonna be deeply traumatised from that, this grown man doesn't need an internet protection squad to save him from the cooties or whatever.

No. 29286

File: 1556545505798.jpg (129.35 KB, 1080x837, IMG_20190429_094438.jpg)

Bitch calm down

No. 29287

>shitty culture
Polite kisses on either cheek are “shitty culture” now? Btw not only are they common in many Hispanic countries but also other places in the world like South Africa IIRC. It can be a little surprising the first time someone does it to you when you’re not from one of those cultures but who cares?

No. 29289

>bringing down other cultures to praise asian culture
and they get offended when you call them koreaboos. they always think it's the most respectful and polite culture ever and all the other cultures, specifically western cultures are terrible.

No. 29290

I wonder sometimes how much kpop (especially the boy group fandom) is just used as a psychological escape valve for these people. One of them defended BTS by saying "OUR BOYS ARE PROUD OF US CRITICIZING THEM SO WE OBEY THEM 24/7" which sounds like stockholm syndrome

No. 29291

i-armys certainly suffer from stockholm syndrome lmao

No. 29292

What a bad performance. They weren't dancing, they barely did it because there were backup dancers behind them… and they didn't sing either, because you could clearly hear the recorded track. I could only hear Jennie's occasional yelling.
So if they didn't sing live and didn't dance either, what did they do? Just some jumps on the stage while looking pretty.

No. 29295


I love how they screech at everyone to stop being racist to Koreans if they don't like their shitty kpop bands but then turn around and say stuff like this. It reminds me of the time they were calling that black news guy the n-word because he made fun of BTS. Ratmies are gross

No. 29297

Isn't he a meth addict or something ? I wonder how his group mates feel about him or if they knew.

No. 29298

Koreaboos are slowly about to overthrow weaboos.

No. 29299

Is he going to jail? Gosh I wished they took rape, abuse and harassment as seriously as they do with drugs.

No. 29300

By "nobody says anything" I meant the companies and the idols themselves never acknowledge it even when a lot of fans show concern

No. 29306

File: 1556551248316.jpg (90.17 KB, 595x424, seungri.jpg)

i am not getting my hopes up too much but … https://twitter.com/pannatic/status/1122882240797532160?s=20

No. 29307

Ugh it's probably too late for all of this. All evidence is gone.

No. 29309

the police is taking too much time to get this fucker locked up. burning sun filmed snuff and cp for fuck's sake. why is he still wandering freely?

No. 29310

Suga-chan here.

I don’t know what you want us to say at this point. Something more happened to his face than just weight loss or gain. Whatever happened to his jaw, I think he’s still cute. He’ll be cuter when he’s actually healthy.

Suga-chan out.

No. 29312

Why can’t they just bring him in asap?
What the fuck is this “we’ll arrest him in a week or so…” bullshit? Do they give criminals a chance to turn themselves in to save face or what?

No. 29313

Also, why is the news reporting his arrest warrant? When you’re investigating someone, you don’t tip them off that you’re going to arrest them, do you?

No. 29314

File: 1556554105897.jpeg (173.6 KB, 730x1024, 8CB471EB-DB48-482F-BA65-128F60…)

Meanwhile male idols take their shirts off on the reg and get nothing but praise for it lol
Also idk if this is just a bad pic but this guy looks like geodude

No. 29315

File: 1556554215531.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x2560, fridgefany.jpg)

OG fridge waist Queen Fridgefany reporting for duty

No. 29316

are all exo, bts and got7 going to billboard? afaik fans can get in, so maybe it might be milky. if they all go to the award show i bet they will try to have no interactions with each other.

No. 29317

because that's how the legal process works

No. 29318

Billboard sure is smart to pander to kpop fans by giving kpop so much attention, good marketing strategy since no one gives a fuck about their awards anyway.

No. 29320

File: 1556556317394.jpg (202.81 KB, 960x960, wyhlg1iul5v21.jpg)

No. 29321

My main problem with the whole 'they're perfect' thing is the fact that saying they're too skinny is instantly branded as skinny-shaming and just because you don't like the idol or have said something about them before - you're an anti and you're just looking for flaws.

Honestly I don't particularly mind BTS shit singing when they dance because it's hard to dance and sing but at least they try. It's when they're doing nothing or avoid singing that it's an issue for me.

With Blackpink the whole issue is the fact that they're almost never live and when they are you will usually notice that Jennie is a mess. Rose can be horrible (no doubt) but at least she sounds similar.

No. 29322

you sperg about joy being a ~fridge body~ anytimes shes posted literally anywhere on this site not even just in this thread

its getting old tbh

No. 29323

File: 1556557399665.gif (3.58 MB, 370x364, 51b8951f5e94a8c28a7445d1581eb9…)

oof is that wendy?

No. 29324

Just wanted to add to what others said already: whenever they're filming in America they usually go to korean restaurants and/or talk about how much they miss korean food (which is something that other groups are also guilty of doing) - meaning while they're in the US, while the're making money off of american fans, they're still trying to please korean fans back home by sperging about muh superior korean food (and culture).

Now imagine some american artist only eating burgers when in Korea and whining about how much he misses mac'n cheese, how would his korean fans react?

No. 29327

For a main vocal rose seems very insecure in her singing and she almost always avoids higher notes or the more "difficult" parts although their songs are simple in terms of technicality and can be easily sung by other, better main vocalists.
Jennie on the other hand is too damn confident when she sings and it's time that her vocal coaches or whatever tell her that shouting doesn't mean you're singing high. And Jisoo's voice oftentimes sounds quite grating and maybe too mature…it just doesn't fit the songs they're singing.
Lisa's the only one left and she really isn't stated as a singer nor can she sing.
I don't get how they don't the same amount of criticism for their singing as twice tbh.

No. 29329

Cool, good answer, 10/10, top notch and top kek

No. 29330

I think a lot of the criticism for Twice comes from the fact that they do those stupid 'baby voices' so their singing sounds shit. Fancy really underlined imo, there was no 'strong' female singer there.

No. 29331

yep, SM are really doing her dirty. Who approved this??

No. 29333

I'm asking out of pure ignorance: is Christianity that common in South Korea or why is almost every idol super Christian? I'm surprised to see all those idols with crosses and all since I thought Buddhism and atheism were dominant there?

No. 29334

Her face, hair, and headscarf look like the photos of my great-grandmother I found in my mom's closet

No. 29335

Samefag but no, not the face. That would be an insult to my great-grandmother

No. 29336

File: 1556559207260.png (14.92 KB, 379x323, Untitled.png)

christianity is surprisingly popular in south korea, especially compared to other east asian countries

No. 29338

whose babushka is this?

No. 29341

Christian missionaries were some of the first people from the West to hang out in Korea so yeah.

No. 29342

That explains it, thanks!

No. 29344

File: 1556562909951.gif (4.21 MB, 512x288, 4214772dcc6a6970391524f0b242c4…)

She looks older than her parents

No. 29345

potential milk: twice momo's father apparently is a hugeeeee fan of jihyo and apparently went to a lot of hitouches for her - which doesn't sound all that wholesome as onces made it out to be

also momo once said that she is envious of jihyo's big "eyes" once in yhy sketchbook - i mean momo is the serial bra stuffer in twice so

No. 29347

her parents are cute

she looks nothing like them honestly
i think shes ok looking too but i cant tell if its plastic or if she just doesnt share any traits

No. 29351

just found that in my recommandations. sk beauty standards really are brutal.

No. 29352

I can see a bit of resemblance with her mother, but yeah she doesn't look like one parent specifically. Could be surgery doing its job.

No. 29354

God that's even worse than Yeri's. Her entire body looks like a fridge held up by toothpicks

No. 29355

wendy wants to be white so bad lmao

No. 29356

her mom is actually pretty, what happened

No. 29357

File: 1556566473337.png (448.13 KB, 478x387, Screenshot_5.png)

rosé's torso looks like worm lmao

No. 29358

she was celebrated as queen ant waist bc of her figure

No. 29360

jisoo is probably underweight too but looks relatively normal just because she stands next to them

No. 29361

File: 1556567134076.jpg (94.21 KB, 623x521, IMG_0054.JPG)

I'm really impressed (is that the right word though?) by how many cup sizes idols can go up through various tricks.
why bother to wear push up and hip pads…just embrace your natural shape. It's not like the pressure to fit in is that big; their country isnt filled with girls who have insta-bodies with double d's.

No. 29363

I abhor how this part of the show is being used as some sort of "health" exam to see if these women are "fit" to be a cadet and yet the ones with normal BMIs are treated like absolute gluttonous traitors. How is someone like Lisa who has a BMI of 16 with no muscle tone at all any better than a woman who eats well and has a normal BMI?

Their standards are fucking sick and all of you ana-chans who are criticizing fridge waists on underweight women are contributing to them as well. The only people who need to be nitpicked about weight imo are the ones who are seriously disordered and need help.

Random thought but if YG didn't intervene with Bom's plastic surgery addiction and her mental health following her "scandal" then he isn't going to intervene with Rose's obvious eating disorder either.

No. 29364

good god….

No. 29365

fridge waists depend on bone structure jeez you can starve yourself to death but unless you have good bone structure you will be ugly - unless you get ribs taken out lol

so idols should just embrace however you are and not mediaplay

No. 29366

her plastic surgeon did a phenomenal job ngl

No. 29368

And it's even worse when you see the terrified faces of the women waiting to be weighed, even though they have normal or even skinny bodies. They need to leave that part out, it's not relevant to the show.

No. 29369

ot but choa was the only decent member of aoa

No. 29371

Yeah I don't even know the name of the rest except for seolhyun and jimin. She stated that she had mental health issues and that's why she left but then she was caught with some rich guy and people accused her of dipping out of aoa because of that. As if you can't be depressed and have a bf at the same time.

No. 29373

This, even when Tiffany lost a lot of weight and even had pretty defined abs she was still built like an iPhone.

No. 29374

I have a body like that myself but you guys are killing me with the creative comparisons…fridge, iPhone lol what's next

No. 29378

I went to the NCT127 concert in Atlanta, let me tell you my opinions and observations.

Ok, first, I'm in my early 30s,I took my little daughter, my husband was there also. I was in the front row, reserved seats on the right side of the stage so I was able to get a really good look at all of them.
It was completely packed and crazy hot in there, girls were dropping like flies. The employees had their work cut out for them.
So, the show was 3 hours. they had really high energy the whole way through, even though it was so hot. They all seemed to have a really good time performing that night and they ALL talked in English the whole time until the very very end when they said their feelings on the show, city, etc.
Most charismatic that night was Taeyong for sure. He was having a good time and it showed. I think they might actually like being in America, unlike some others.
Second one that stood out was Yuta, he had a really good show that night. Like I said, they all did good to me. I'm no expert on kpop shows but it was fun. It was obvious they were lip syncing some parts but overall it was live.
Jungwoo and Taeil were probably the ones that stood out the least, but they still did fine. Doyoung was the city ambassador member? He seemed to have had a genuine good time in Atlanta. Said he ate fried chicken and fried green tomatoes, lol.
Yuta saw my daughter waving to him and threw her a little ball with his signature on it, well he threw it to my husband.
Overall it was pretty good, and I was looking for things to criticize.

No. 29379

that and the amount they lie about weight on their profiles is also sick. Visually they fit beauty standards at 52kg anyway, yet they still have a need to write 42kg on their profiles to encourage a more unhealthy mindset to their fans.
It's also kind of sad how the guy tells Lisa she's very underweight and needs to gain weight, but we all know YG will never let that happen.

No. 29380

I couldn't legit tell if that was wendy, irene or yeri

No. 29383

File: 1556575133478.png (426.52 KB, 495x489, gloria-devine.png)

No. 29384

For what it's worth, I don't think it actually looks that bad. Not everyone can have a wasp waist and that's fine. I just like the banter lmao

No. 29393

>there are unironic kpop mom's in this thread
Can we get any lower than that?

No. 29395

Go save for your daughter's tuition instead lmao

No. 29396

How was everybody's vocals? Shitty? Good? In-between?

No. 29397

File: 1556578232547.jpg (4.42 KB, 272x199, 892739847239847.jpg)

>blogposting this hard about a bunch of twinks

No. 29399

File: 1556578761714.jpg (75.64 KB, 680x680, .jpg)

>>29378 this just finalizes the fact that you ppl really are fans of group a and just want to come here stroke your hate boner for group b kek

No. 29400

Why are so many kpop idols coming from already rich families? Do companies only take trainees that come from rich families or is it just a coincidence that they debut idols that come from rich families. It doesn't make sense to me since a company's interest should be to debut the prettiest and most talented trainees and I can't imagine bribing because it would be pointless since the big 3 companies make a lot of money. Literally so many of them are coming from rich families. All of black pink is coming from rich parents and the vast majority of Twice is too and Wendy from RV is also coming from a rich family.

No. 29404

>liking a shit tier k boy group full of (((barely legal))) teens in your 30s
embarrassing. I hope you're at least asian yourself so your kid doesn't grow up to be a yellow fever fag.

No. 29405

samefag but why the fuck did kmom post this here instead of the general thread? smh

No. 29406

Nepotism & corruption, same as most countries entertainment industries. Even the UK's music industry (once known for its social mobility) is 8 out of 10 rich spawn or Sylvia Young graduates now.

While this works for other countries and people blow smoke up rich kids asses, it doesn't work well for such a visual industry like k-pop - people think Umji and Chaeyeon are hideous

No. 29412

It’s nice that you enjoyed yourself, but please let kpop be just an interest or hobby, not some obsession. Seeing people pass 21 having an obsession with kpop is disturbing when the bulk of them are socially stunned. You got a family and everything so it’ll be even worst

No. 29415

I imagine it's also rich kids who feel they can give up getting a stable job in order to be a celebrity. If you think about the amount of unknown groups not making money out there, becoming an idol is really a risk unless you get into the big 3. Plus having to afford to live away from family while (often) not being allowed to have a job during your trainee period probably means poorer kids can't hack it.

No. 29418

File: 1556583353747.gif (2.35 MB, 330x270, giphy.gif)

Go back to the general thread

No. 29419

File: 1556583699844.jpeg (53 KB, 499x579, D9D8C13C-22DE-4D78-91D7-E185DF…)

Would these be forehead implants? Never seen anybody natural have a lump like that when you see them from a profile view

No. 29420

Neanderthal genes.

No. 29423

Nah, lot's of people have them

No. 29424

The part where Rosé drives towards herself in a car is kinda funny in this parody kek

No. 29425


This is actually fairly normal for some ethnic groups, in one degree or another. Though most EA groups tend to have smoother brow ridges and higher cheekbones. It mostly depends on the slant of the forehead.

No. 29427

File: 1556589400479.gif (2.08 MB, 250x143, 1.gif)

sorry for beating a dead horse but i actually lol'd when the camera panned over from a healthy-looking high-energy jisoo to rose who's struggling to prance around on those meat sticks she calls legs like some kind of wounded animal

No. 29429

omg so this thread IS full of NCT fags…..

No. 29430

Compared to the average korean, yes her body is unique.

No. 29431


I'm actually a little bit surprised because almost all of the past threads have been partially dedicated to roasting NCT. I really shouldn't be since so many people here are obvious K-Pop fans in disguise and are using this thread to beat on the groups they dislike.

No. 29432


No. 29433

The pope literally went to south korea a few years back. Would make sense how repressed they are sexually and with this cult shit going on.

Korean christian cults are common. Very common.

No. 29434

I feel like it's been established that this thread is full of ex-K-pop fans and current K-pop fans who aren't complete SEAcucks and can bash without getting butthurt. Still there are three other threads dedicated to non-critical discussion and I don't understand why not just go there.

Jesus Christ, anon. Not only did you pay to go to a K-pop concert as an older mom but you also brought your kid with you? Double whammy.

No. 29436

File: 1556593408276.jpg (337.94 KB, 900x1350, TsX826y.jpg)

sana used to be pretty. what did she do to her face? she looks so bad now.

No. 29437

it's literally just different styling and she got a tan. fucking retarded

No. 29441

>30 years old with husband and kids
>Go to NCTfaggot concert

These jokes write themselves

No. 29442

This showed up in my YouTube recommendations and what the fuck.

No. 29443

lmao what an iconic gif
It really looks kinda alarming… can't believe I wanted to look like an ana-chan when I was a teen

No. 29444

this is so fucking stupid i can't even explain how bemused i am in words

No. 29445

We went to Atlanta for my husbands bday this weekend and my daughter wanted to go to the show. I've never been to a kpop show so I thought it would be fun, it was(shock! You can actually have fun, it's allowed) even so, just because I'm slightly over 30 it makes me a creep or stupid to enjoy myself at a concert? I didn't realize you were not allowed to enjoy something. I was just wanting to let you all know what I thought of my first experience. I had minor criticism and also just the experience. I don't know what I was thinking Sharing it here, thinking anons would either want to ask questions or something. Instead of completely tear me down for taking my child to a concert, and my age! Geez once you hit 30 you don't die btw. But apparently you should

No. 29446

please go to the general or spammer threads

No. 29447

I also forgot that you can't mention NCT on this thread without everyone reeeeeeeing. You guys lo e to hate them, or criticize them, which I do, but I talk about one ok experience and I'm an embarrassing joke

No. 29448

we have another kpop thread, fag

No. 29449

Ok, fag.

No. 29450

there was barely any criticism in your post and it read more like >i spent money to see these guys and they arent THAT bad you guys

which is your opinion and thats fine but you clearly dont understand the tone of this thread if you thought this was the place to post that without any criticism thrown your way…there are other threads where you can praise NCT its not that big of a deal, but anyone praising an idol in these threads gets called out pretty much, especially when the idols you are saying arent that bad, are the ones that it seems there are fans of who lurk in the threads just to say >see, they're not that bad their voice isnt that bad and their faces arent that bad
which has happened quite a bit recently

No. 29451

Your right, I didn't criticize them much, there. I guess I just thought maybe there would be some interest bc of how they compare to BTS or whatever. And other things.
But it turned into an ageist bash towards me somehow. Smh

No. 29452

how many people in nct have been raised in an english speaking country or learned english from a young age? props to them for showing the effort to speak english unlike the nationalist proud poc kingz lmao

No. 29453

I know one of them was raised in N. America, Johnny I think is his name

No. 29454

File: 1556597446972.jpg (23.04 KB, 419x416, 1525861095703.jpg)

>using the term ageist unironically
KEK gtfo, embarrassing joke-chan. You are too fucken old to be spending money on boy groups who rely on their looks to make money at the very least and you deserve to be cyberboolied for it. I honestly don't know how you expected us to react.

No. 29455

File: 1556597656011.gif (4.77 MB, 409x360, 54edebbfee67140a591786ef082d9d…)

wow such energy and excitement

No. 29456

I am 37, a mother of 3 and I am a proud army. I like how they use their platform to spread the woke message of self love and speaking yourself. They work so hard. My daughter goes to sleep to Boy With Luv. I am new to the memeology thing. I like the constructive and supportive environment of stan twitter. So many armys are actually over 18. Have you seen fansites? They're all over 30.

No. 29457

what the literal fuck…this has got to be a joke or copypasta…

No. 29458

If you wanted a casual AMA about your experience you should have gone to reddit or twitter

No. 29459

nice pasta Karen

No. 29460

just stick to kylie minogue

No. 29461

>What a terrible group
Nice cover, nctfag. The only reason why you'd care to look into the NCT concerts is if you were a stan, you just want to hate on the group members that aren't your "bias." Are you mad because that dude gets more attention than your oppa?

No. 29462

File: 1556598631357.gif (713.93 KB, 550x314, source.gif)

No. 29463

it's a pasta on some mass streaming army mom on twitter

No. 29464

thats a relief

No. 29466

IDK why people here act as if kpop never possessed womanly R&B groups like BananaLemon. We HAD Rania and Spica but they flopped. The Velvet side of RV underperformed too except for Bad Boy. Pedos brickwalled the 1990s R&B style stuff out the industry. That's the Korean public's fault

No. 29467

That's because they want them womanly but plausibly rape-able. pedos and perverts disgust me, but they're always touted as "dedicated fans".

No. 29468

Rania was hardly R&B. They were stylized electro dance pop. I guess you can argue that when they drug Alex into the group they attempted to appear more "urban". But Id hardly consider their music R&B.



Their music was similar to some other groups at the time, 9muses, After School, Tiny G, Dal Shabet etc. Even The Boys from SNSD was a similar sound and Im pretty sure Teddy whatshisface was responsible for that too.

No. 29469

No, you shouldn't take what this thread says as gospel. My friends have seen BTS before, and though I'm uninterested in them, they've shown me concert footage. Many of the other members have learned some sentences in English to shout to the audience, even if it's not really perfect. Particularly V, J-Hope, and Jungkook other than Ratmon, but Jimin can be vocal too.

No. 29470

So is this copypasta now or…

No. 29471

have you seen any bts interview thing in america anon? it's just rap monster trying to be deep and the others nodding. they show no effort to speak english.

No. 29472

I particularly really like his mannerisms/movements? Like compared to the other dancers, he always seems very into it from how expressive his dancing is. Also the facial expressions he makes. Ateez also has this quality, but it's all the members instead of just one. I really like that more than having the most talented or technically skilled dancers, because it shows high energy, a desire to entertain/be present (unlike, say, the girls of BlackPink), and adds a layer to the song/choreo.

No. 29473

thanks whoever linked us to twitter or tumblr

No. 29474

File: 1556600523905.png (151.35 KB, 1080x1122, IMG_20190430_070154.png)

No. 29475

bitch i hope he does since he better be in prison

No. 29476

File: 1556600670984.jpg (58.51 KB, 1440x708, 56c515feb9f10aa1a9618768379567…)

wont someone please think of the poor privileged rapists, sexual abusers, and woman beaters

No. 29477

how do they have any right to call latin cultures shitty when asian cultures aren't the greatest, "best ever" as kpop fans DELUSIONALLY believe? seriously this is disgusting and kpop fans are horrid.

No. 29478

Not to mention that these are the types of fans to defend Jimin when he beat the shit out of that kid for telling him what to do because that's "just Korean culture." But a harmless kiss on the cheek is "shitty" and "barbaric" and "impolite.

No. 29479

it's racist when someone criticizes oppar but talking shit about other cultures is somehow totally okay

No. 29480

Her dad looks like Japanese Johnny Depp…

No. 29481

LOL no wonder idols are shit in Korea

>manager kicks out talented trainee because they didn't want to be a retarded skelly

>manager states "Being thin is a skill"

Also bitch in the thumbnail looks like her wrist is falling off. Probably from being an ana-chan as well.

And this "ideal" height-weight is fucked up. 167cm should be 47kg???

No. 29482

Oh, no, I haven't seen those videos. I only watched the concert clips my friends send to me on snapchat.

No. 29483

Hermit country…? Jimin doesn't fucking come from the DPRK. The republic is one of the wealthiest countries on Earth with a completely internationally integrated economy and media. If Jimin doesn't know, his agency constantly whoring for foreign attention should.

There were Confucian works from the 1400s written from an anti-abuse perspective by yangban. People just ignore this stuff

No. 29484

If this isn't copypasta…..go feed your children

No. 29485

Mark and Jaehyun, I think
Mark is Canadian
Jaehyun lived in the US for several years

Ten I think speaks English pretty well but he's Thai

No. 29486

Too bad Ateez suffers from the same thing as NCT: terrible noisy songs. I’ve seen Ateez shoved down everybody’s throat when they have bland singers and average rappers. Dancing seems to be their specialty but they should be a busking group then.

No. 29487

Oh yeah Nine Muses also flopped. Sad timeline we live in where BEG is virtually the only 2nd gen group left with a mature concept who didn't flop, SNSD doesn't count since they're all but confirmed disbanded.

No. 29488

>>>/m/11970 go here instead hag

No. 29490

yeah the only people delusional enough to think snsd still exists are mentally ill soshified forum posters
which is kind of funny because you'd think it would be the opposite
what happened to power of 9? how can you say snsd is still a collective group when they literally kicked out a member lol

No. 29491

It's not a stan thread but I'll just simply say I enjoy Ateez, but not because I think they're a pillar of the most amazing, talented group or anything like that. They're enjoyable for what they are, you know? I don't expect harrowing vocals or pulverizing raps from any Kpop artist. NCT, however, can be enjoyable in their dancing too, but you're very right in that I've always found their songs (save for one or two songs, I think are from U and not the 127 unit) too noisy or cringey to really look into them.

No. 29493

dude…he didn’t actually beat the kid lmao

No. 29494

Kpop companies want to control trainees above all else. I'm sure a lot of talented trainees get cut all the time because they refuse to become submissive skellies.

No. 29495

I don't know about BEG too, Gain is basically a mess

No. 29496

Obviously, I used a hyperbole. Any other obvious things you want to point out, fag?

No. 29497

You're welcome ;)

No. 29498

Your faves are untalented plastic monsters I hope you know that anon

No. 29499

even if it is a hermit country it's up to him to be a decent human you know. there are so many people who grow up in age hierarchy cultures but don't see themselves as superior for simply being older.

No. 29500

not the og respondent, but it frustrates me to no end when people defend Jimin's horrid attitude. it isn't normal to threaten violence when given advice. he's literally S1 Bakugou with neither the looks nor the skills.

No. 29501

Well, I do know that already anon!1! & I'll keep linking this thread on social sites like Twitter.

No. 29502

Well it doesn't take more than a couple of Hello Counselor episodes to see how much hierarchical violence is condoned in Korea.

No. 29503

hello counselor makes me feel bad for them. domestic violence is taken so lightly.

No. 29504

I just found out about the duo bolbbalgan4. One of them sounds like Rosé, only much better and neat. If she insists on using the edgy indie girl voice then she'd better go solo and find the right genre cause most blackpink tracks don't suit her voice.

No. 29507

who remembers the pedo father or the young lady with an eating disorder? sk, for how advanced they are, has many issues, and this is one of them. their lack of acknowledgement of mental illnesses or trauma is pathetic.

No. 29510

No retard, you losers think everyone is like you. I don't have a bias in nct or anything like that but it doesn't look good to have one person be in the center the entire time. I've seen a lot of people say that they hate that about nct and seeing concert clips it really seems true that one or two people get way too much time. It gets boring, and it makes them look bad as a group

No. 29512

The sexually abusive father episode made me feel physically sick reading about it. Then I saw the actual episode and felt a thousand times worse. People trying to justify it as a cultural thing when the guy was touching the kid's privates for ten minutes at a time? Not to mention all the other heinous things he did to his family, and how he was rude to his wife. I don't know how anyone can justify that guests behavior in particular.

The rest of the episodes aren't much better.

No. 29513

Nta/ You're not very convincing, nctchan. Is your bias Johnny, Utah, or Winwin?

No. 29516

Nta but aren't you a nctchan too? How would you know all their names? You guys are a bunch of hypocrites on here lmao

No. 29517

From reading these threads. I've been here since the first one.


You sure about that? You're projecting/defending pretty hard.

No. 29518

File: 1556624032444.gif (695.32 KB, 245x160, IMG_0056.GIF)

What's happening ITT

No. 29519


It's like Hydra. Stop discussing one group and two worse ones come back into the thread.

No. 29520

no one cares about your NCT sperging and hate boners, can all of you fuck off already?

i knew they were obsessed with weighting under 50kg but every time i hear that again it's just…creepy as fuck, damn.

No. 29521

they can't run when they can barely stand :(

No. 29522

Agreed. And i feel like they only accept rnb songs that are super sexual and come from groups who have a certain sexy image.
Mamamoo's mature concepts in suits were only popular among women and still to this day they heavily rely on female fans.
I wish red velvet would start only doing the "velvet" thing now cause I actually really like seulgi's voice for that genre, especially in automatic. But it's just not as popular as bubblegum pop.

No. 29523

same shit as always. wym?

No. 29524

defensive fans ruin everything

No. 29525

Why do people on this thread get so defensive when someone mentions Taeyong? I've been here since the first thread too and it's always like that. Whenever he's mentioned there's bound to be a couple of immature anons acting out

No. 29526

File: 1556625334479.jpg (607.25 KB, 1080x1850, 20190430_185350.jpg)

Apparently this is what could happen if a jaw surgery went wrong

No. 29527

What kind of jaw surgery? I might have to do corrective surgery on my jaw and now I'm terrified.

No. 29528

Hoping all goes well for you, anon.

No. 29529

File: 1556626948335.gif (2.31 MB, 311x500, 7613dee4ca692a36bc4daeaf6b1.gi…)

If it was an issue wouldn't they just not publish the photo? They usually do that stuff over there don't they?

No. 29530

File: 1556627005283.png (91.08 KB, 782x894, burning mess.png)

same thoughts, anon. kubrick didn't die for nothing

too bad girls here are too busy CaNcEliNg armys tweets and blogposting about ntc or entertaining obvious jokesters

No. 29531

you have been sperging over this non-incident for multiple threads. you are an absolute mong if you perceive this as "threatening violence

No. 29532

why are you whiteknighting this reptile?

No. 29533

>he's literally S1 Bakugou
Jfc this is such a cringe comparison

No. 29534

there are some people who get defensive over certain idols everytime they get mentioned. usually some members of nct, twice, bts and red velvet

No. 29536

File: 1556627598775.gif (38.76 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif)


No. 29537

This baby bonnet shit is another level of retardation and gross implications

No. 29538

it's not that, it is okay to diss reptil-san. i'm just sick of people shitting up the thread with twitter tier screeching about cultural appropriation, someone not being woke enough, misogyny where there's none, repetitive comments about things like jimin and the kid, prolapsed anus anon, armys in disguise lamenting over bts not giving them attention in english … why don't they discuss burning milk instead?

No. 29539

Jesus Christ…theres no end to this…

No. 29540

JFC. This reminds me of the stuff about Warwick Spinks and the boy raping clubs in Amsterdam 30 years ago. And what Karen Mulder said about the modelling industry (before all the footage of her talking about it got wiped and she got sent to 'rehab')

No. 29541

I just find it funny that all of the stuff people in this thread complain about, literally happen every countries entertainment industry, it's just that these people seem to have never actually bothered to read up on it so they think it must only exist in SK and everyone else is perfect. So I suppose the whole thread is just filled with hardcore kpop stanners.

No. 29542

Thank you ♥

No. 29543

Exactly my thoughts. I don't know why anons get so suprised

No. 29544

my country is too poor to do all the heinous shit that happens in SK. we just let our poor people breed prostitutes that foreigners can rape.

No. 29546

Lol at this point I don't know whats worse, the nct fans that complain about Taeyong having most of the spotlight, or the fans that attack anyone for daring to question his place and ability

No. 29547

Curb your autism, anon

No. 29548

Well, at least she smiled at the end.

No. 29549

Not to be mean, but why this comparison?

No. 29550

Please god don't encourage them to shit up the thread with anime sperging

No. 29551

>prolapsed anus anon

No. 29552

This is obviously slowmo.

I've never seen my hero but I think it's a reference to how that guy is surly and constantly wants to prove himself for the sake of his own inferiority complex or something like that.

The general thread is too boring. This one hogs all the milk and you can't talk about anything interesting in the general. There should be a midway thread where you can hate and fangirl at the same time.

No. 29553

it is a coincidence that all ~~center of the group~~ types tend to be egotistical and annoying? taeyong, jennie, nayeon, jungkook, they're all npd as fuck.

No. 29554

JK isn't the center. What did he ever do that seemed "npd"?
>inb4 go away ratmy wk

No. 29556

Oh boy, this thread truly has everything.

No. 29557

Not that anon but he's listed as center here along with other legitimate centers of other groups

No. 29558

now that I think about it, what do these roles mean? what's the difference between a main vocalist and a center vocalist, for example?

No. 29559

it's meant to call them narcissistic, we know that they aren't literally mentally ill.

No. 29560

File: 1556631691668.png (98.21 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_2019-04-30-20-40-25…)

Couldn't find a "center vocalist" but i'm sure it's the equivalent of "lead vocalist

No. 29561

File: 1556631772453.png (421.17 KB, 837x543, istg anus anon stop.png)

No. 29562

he admitted to being conceited himself lol i don't remember where it was from but it was posted threads ago

No. 29563

There's no center vocalist. The center is usually a popular member and they literally get to be at the center during performances, photo shoots etc.

No. 29564

the center is that one member who sings 90% of the songs/always gets the most screentime in every group. they have the most annoying stans.

No. 29565

Lmao not that anon but this is funny. It's not like they mention the prolapsed anus every freaking day.

No. 29566

there has to be more, but i felt stupid going through all those threads ctrl fing "prolapsed anus" kek

No. 29567

>There should be a midway thread where you can hate and fangirl at the same time.
people still criticized their favorite groups in the general thread, idk why nobody posts there anymore

No. 29568


I remember finding the link to the video on twitter and the poster was like "okay but reminder this is not normal in SK it never happens!!" like lol bitch don't be so ignorant. Family abuse is rampant across that country and everyone turns a blind eye to it or just turns it into a joke.

No. 29569

old but they look so miserable compared to previous practice vids. they knew they were going to flop after choa departed
and you can see the start of jimin turning into a skelly

No. 29570

They probably knew they were going to flop because the song is shit.

No. 29571

Wtf were they thinking to release that song? Sounds and looks like it could be from a vintage soft drink commercial or something.

No. 29572

This is the first time I've seen this video and he is so rude and for what? They were just trying to help him clean the airplane better cuz he was doing a fuckshit job. I bet he's still asshole. Probably only worse.

No. 29573

They're all so botoxed they dont look like themselves anymore…..you could tell me FNC replaced the whole AOA lineup with new girls and I'd believe you

No. 29574

File: 1556637426024.jpg (572.79 KB, 1080x1593, IMG_20190430_111454.jpg)

Here's a screencap of that

No. 29575

he looks fine to me

No. 29576

I only knew choa when the news about her leaving the group broke out. Honestly she seemed to be the only member with a character. Not that i know anything about AOA though.

No. 29577

She didn't even kiss him. Her lips or face never even touched him. All those losers crying for nothing

No. 29578

it sounds exactly like this, but extremely shit and with all the catchy parts/punchy production removed

No. 29579

File: 1556638460014.jpg (286.38 KB, 1080x1661, IMG_20190430_112600.jpg)

Lmao. They really did take the video down just to crop out a sigh that had the word "lesbians" on it

No. 29580

That's what happens when there's only one who gets pushed or gets attention. When they leave there's no one else to carry the group.
A good example would be Astro where the public really only knows cha eunwoo.
That's why I think groups should all be equal in terms of talent, looks etc. if they wanna be there for the long run.

No. 29581

why must momo be SUCH an attention whore is it not enough that she is one of the ugliest horse looking girl in twice! she always has to seek attention in some way - like she tried to set some kinda record of 7 hour vlives and she always seeks the spots in variety shows where she will get the most camera time

and now she pretends to have a~wardrobe malfunction and wants to show that she is so pRoFfEsSiOnal by completing a fucking reheasal with whole kowledge that people will compare her to jennie who recently walked off stage due to a malfunc like ughhh

fancy is a whole ass bop tho and even momo's voice is somehow suiting in the new song kek

No. 29582

No. 29583


so wendy apparently prefers it when boys are good to her but bad to other girls OOOOOOOF the insecurity fucking jumped out

No. 29584

j-pop is disgusting in it's own special way, but to their credit, the "graduation" system that's been in place since the 70s and 80s at least allows some form of escape from creepy fan ideations. there's this vow to stay chaste/unsullied/unhuman until then, but once they've graduated (in cringy white wedding dresses lol), they're given permission to be messy adults like everyone else without tarnishing their idol images; as if they've completed some sort of military service or religious mission. && because j-pop girl acts have always tended toward underage to begin with (with part of their charm being their lack of polish as an indicator of their youth), these graduations happen when they're still in their early 20's and still have some life ahead of them. the late-capitalist k-pop system prioritizes squeezing every $$ from their starlets over creating some sort of sustainable system in which they can ~do their best~ while they're still fresh and gtfo before the public moves on. it's partially trying to recoup all the money invested in their training/ps/debuts/comebacks, which makes sense until they expect their acts to behave like japanese idols instead of western pop stars sustaining long careers. i feel so bad for "washed up" mid-20s k-pop girls… they seem so stuck.

No. 29585

Another unabashed twitter nct stan posting boring shit straight from their timeline. Truly epic.

No. 29586

waddaya mean you feel "so bad" it is super funny to see people blinded with the fake blitz of the kpop industry realizing that their whole life has been a sham and they are disposable as fuck - and they earn lots of money so really there is no need to feel bad for them

No. 29587

>idk why nobody posts there anymore
Because it's not as popular as this thread. Do you notice how kpopfags love spamming their shit under popular unrelated videos and tweets? They hijack discussions and can't stay in their containment area. They want low effort maximum exposure and (You)s even if it's not relevant. This thread is no exception.
>any armys here XD
>random kpop gifs
>hijacking a popular article or tweet with "OT: STREAM ____!!"

No. 29588

I mean all of twice except for like Mina and Tzuyu are obvious attention whores soo

No. 29589


none of them are as thirsty for attention than momo who literally ha to fuck jyp and staff to get into twice (tzuyu doesn't count cuz at least the public liked her visuals)

No. 29590

lol, DOCTORS earn a lot of money. if you're 5th or 6th tier in some group like AOA or After School idek how you're supposed to make money in your 30s… i feel bad for anyone permanently stuck with decisions they made when they were 12, foreverrrrr… if someone 1st tier like taeyeon could have made money in SK as a real artist, she would've by now… instead she pumps out bland SM music with botched plastic surgery while acting 10 yrs younger than she is to maintain her idol image… if there is some alternative means to a successful singing career in SK besides being a manufactured idol product, please lmk!! but i think an impressionable preteen thinking "i want to be famous/i want to sing/i want to dance" leads them all to the same corporate idol machine… bc of SK's history of literally banning popular music, they literally have nothing else, and no cut-and-dry method of transitioning obsessive fans to their idols being grown ass women.

No. 29592

I mean IU transitioned from pedobait idol to an actual artist who writes her own music and chooses her concepts. If she can do it I don’t see why Taeyeon can’t considering her popularity.

No. 29593

File: 1556643434505.jpg (116.45 KB, 700x1000, 7lbRZZO.jpg)

did she really?

No. 29594

am i missing something, how is taeyeon pedo bait? her solo stuff is really mature sounding. her most recent song/video sounds appropriate for her age too.

No. 29595

this. iu still does cutesy ~indie~ idol shit. i dont think it's a problem though, she can't really help that she doesnt look her age

No. 29596

i think anon was trying to say taeyeon could be an artist that writes her own music and chooses what she wants to do rather than be just an idol ALA iu, i dont think anon meant taeyeon is pedo bait

No. 29597

With all her "controversies" she would've been history long time ago if people weren't obsessed with her sweet-girl looks and image.

No. 29598

oooh okay that makes sense then. in that case it's because she's still under sm lol. sm don't manage artists, they manufacture idols and promote them as ~artists~. taemin is basically all solos at this point but i doubt he has any control over his image or songs. that's just how sm is and everyone knows it. if taeyeon wanted to be uwu independant and write her own songs and manage her own image she would leave, but she hasn't left, so.

No. 29599

honestly, could she leave and have a real career? that possibility exists in other countries–it definitely exists in japan, which the original op compared everything to–but not South Korea. with few exceptions, independent artists flop, and non-idols barely chart, period. plus, Taeyeon always give me the vibes that she's not totally happy at SM, but barely anyone's managed the combo of leaving SM on good terms + having a successful independent music career. like, i can't think of anyone besides shinhwa…

No. 29600

I believe she has stated many times that she basically hated and still hates all the snsd songs except for run devil run lmao

No. 29601

same thing with APINK i dont recognize ANY of the members now with their latest comeback or whatever

No. 29602

she's not wrong LOL

No. 29603

this happens anytime a group or idol does something that goes ~viral~ or gets attention, a member of another group will start doing the same thing

from the things they wear at fanmeets, to the "idol came up with a new way to make a heart shape with their hand and now all the idols are doing it", to falling on stage etc

No. 29604

she liked Bad Girl too and apparently thats considered one of their worst songs by the fandom lol

No. 29605

Lol the heart thing is so cringe. Looks like they're throwing gang signs.

No. 29606

indie groups do exist in korea - just check the noms list of Kma's - they prolly don't earn money but at least their music is good and genuine - people getting into kpop industry just want the fame and the ass - but when they discover they have to give up a lot more for it even their own dignity - that's a sweet moment for observers like me right there

No. 29608

I check out their "indie" music sometimes but it's all so bland and repetitive to me. Everyone is all the same. No diversity
Like the heavy breathing "ending scene

No. 29609

if you actually bothered to diversify your search then you would find plenty of indie bands with lots of genres but no i guess you just think fucking dean is indie

"everyone is all the same" you say as if you have checked more than 5 indie groups - just say your brain can't take anything more than bland kpop and go

No. 29610

File: 1556650232359.gif (1.5 MB, 498x427, IMG_0057.GIF)

I don't think I'll ever understand how that dude from pd101 went viral for this
He lucked out so fucking hard

No. 29611

one of the top comments;

>I don't think it's weird to buy Somi's old uniform. Everyone saying it's gross or weird or calling the men perverted, you guys are the perverts for thinking in such a way. There's fans of sports who pay ungodly amounts for jersey's, Kpop fans pay different amounts for signed albums and merch, and many other things. ToppDogg had a giveaway this year where they gave away their jackets, shirts, hats, glasses, etc to their fans. The man who got the uniform is probably just going to display it in his house and brag to other fans that he has her uniform. You guys are the gross people for thinking that these men HAVE to be perverts to want her uniform.

she was 15/16 here. at least the money went to charity

No. 29612

>you guys are the perverts for thinking in such a way
this is such a pedo/future pedo dogwhistle for me
anytime ANYONE says that I know they're a pedo or at least super complacent with pedophilia

No. 29613

Calm down crazed anon I don't even listen to kpop music. Also I have listened to tons of k-indie music but it still feels a bit cookie cutter even when they try to be "unique" it's like everyone is uniquely the same. Most of their music sounds like a copy of other stuff so I'd rather go listen to the original music instead

No. 29614

You could see the hosts looking disgusted with the creeps bidding on her used clothes. Somi's parents have failed her.

No. 29615

and this is why having foreign idols in kpop is an absolutely stupid idea
this is what killed tiffanys career and shes not even fucking japanese

even if you are japanese, do NOT mention japan ever if you are in kpop, or you'll be fucked

No. 29617


I've always wondered tho, do the jline of twice ever mention japan or anything?

No. 29618

this better go to tzuyu level craziness i am so ready for this

No. 29619

File: 1556652009436.jpg (20.01 KB, 650x365, IMG_0058.JPG)

>have Japanese members
>sing Japanese songs
>promote in Japan

No. 29620

They also shouldn't take japanese money or ideas if they're gonna be like this

No. 29621

you would think
but korean xenophobia is no joke idk why people keep trying to gloss it over or derail when its brought up
>b..but ALLLLLL countries are like this all countries do the same things korea does!!111!!! why is it being discussed in a thread specifically related to korean music!!!11???

No. 29622

File: 1556653350507.png (371.73 KB, 448x444, SANA.png)

I used to think Sana was the prettiest in Twice but now she looks plastic

No. 29623

the blonde hair ages her i think thats part of the problem

No. 29624

Korea is unique in their xenephobia yet people like to act like it's not a big deal or doesn't have an actual affect on people

No. 29625

File: 1556654504411.jpg (97.62 KB, 768x1152, de1f0ca323a75a75b28962050f7cac…)

I don't think that's it. She was blonde during the Cheer Up promotions, and that's when her popularity shot up. She still looks soft and youthful and not so TIGHT in the face.>>29623

No. 29626

wow, that's a name I haven't heard in years. I wonder if their company regrets rebranding them after half the group left.

No. 29627

j-pop honestly sounds worse than k-pop. isn't it just some unspoken thing in k-pop that idols aren't allowed to be public about dating? last time i checked there weren't creepy rituals involved in keeping them chaste. it's an open secret that it still goes on behind closed doors. idk why weeb and koreeb idiots are always slamming western pop and western culture.

No. 29628

Sometimes the companies do take that rule seriously, especially if they're trainees. But most of the times I feel like it's because of the fans. If they hate the idea of you dating that much they'll manage to kick you out of that group lol

No. 29629

More like "Somi's parents' parents have failed them". It's not her fault she was born from two awful stage parents.

No. 29630

she looks even more plastic and fake looking here anon. and this picture is heavily filtered and edited to hell. you probably shouldn't use fansite photography as a standard for what idols should look like, because they whitewash the fuck out of the photos

No. 29631

Do darker foundations not exist in Korea? I can clearly see that it's not matching her skin tone.

No. 29632

what confuses me about fansites is that, in theory, they should absolutely worship the idol that they are stalking to every concert and music event. Yet they still want to edit the idol's pictures and change their features? Even they seem to have some gripes about these people's appearances.

No. 29633

afaik they have to run their content through the agency first, so they probably have some "guidelines" regarding editing

No. 29634

They sort of don't. The darker color options are still pretty fair, and even then people just ignore them and buy the lightest one available. They also use sunscreen religiously and those can have a white cast so you end up with foundation that is too light combined with a white cast.

No. 29635

File: 1556660384287.jpg (59.55 KB, 635x943, a7a08ca1dc81ad98c0871978cfe25a…)

No. 29638

is this supposed to be ugly? i think it's nice to see an idol who doesn't look like a plastic monstrosity

No. 29639

i've never thought she was ugly i don't get the sperg about her face

No. 29640

Has anyone seen this collaboration mv of that sik-k guy with a jpn rapper?(off-topic)

No. 29641

Yep, that's what happens when you cut a cranial nerve. Jaw surgery is barbaric but idiots will keep falling for it every time.

There are many horror stories of forigeners going to korea for plastic surgery and they find out the doctor operating on them was not the one in their consultation and they come out butchered. There was a forum where they talked about it, I can't find it anymore.

No. 29642

File: 1556662017690.jpg (106.23 KB, 635x943, 1556660384287.jpg)

is that just the lighting or a forehead implant lmao

No. 29643

why go there when you're not asian? i doubt many doctors there have much experience working with other kinds of faces other than korean

No. 29645

I don't know about other Asian countries but maybe it's cheaper in Korea? Thanks to kpop many people also think Korea is the best place for plastic surgery and it doesn't help that vloggers in Korea who have a large koreaboo audience promote certain clinics.

No. 29646

Jaw shave for aesthetic purposes exists only in South Korea

No. 29647

No it doesnt, retard

No. 29648

Did Momo kill your parents or are you just a jealous weaboo turned koreaboo? Your sperg levels are off the charts

No. 29655

File: 1556668551558.jpg (90.47 KB, 1024x959, Dsj_jPnWoAQ41ju.jpg)

I agree with you anon she looks really weird this comeback

I wonder if fansite photographers feel any cognitive dissonance when they spend hours photoshopping their supposedly flawless idols.

That pic isn't even that bad tbh

No. 29656

Nice contribution, sperglord

I'd actually like to see a video of how they edit these pictures. Like them picking the most ghastly pale shade they can find on the wheel

No. 29657

>someone makes a saged four word post telling you you're wrong
>"r-reported for no contribution, sperg."
the newfags itt are absolutely pathetic. are you the kpop mom who made this post >>29449 too?

No. 29658

it looks like they have lead powder all over their face.

No. 29659

imo heejin's v-line is just as horrific as yves'

No. 29660

stop infighting and go complain to meta or something
i want to believe this is just flash photography gone wrong but probably not. looona is a joke

No. 29662

File: 1556673988544.jpg (126.73 KB, 1024x959, 1556668551558__.jpg)

higher exposure, colder color balance

No. 29663

Netizen Comments
1.You should be prepared to bring Japanese fans back and return to Japan.

2. No but why is she mentioning this on their group’s official Instagram

3. She is a Japanese but she is also a singer in Korea and works in Korea.

4. Why did she post like this? Is she crazy?

5. I know that this is a big deal over Japan, but she’s promoting in Korea, She doesn’t need to post about it

6. Japanese people write in Japanese to speak to Japanese fans …

7. Is this something worth swearing over? I’m confused. This is her country, so she is talking about it. It’s not like Twice only have Korean fans, they also have a lot of Japanese fans.

8. If you are making money in Korea, don’t post such things

9. Honestly, people in Korea do not respect Japanese royalty because of colonial war.

10. She is Japanese and She will return to the country.

1.[+4734, -511] If you are going to make money in Korea, look at it, Japanese.

2. [+3580, -280] Why is it that Idol who is active in Korea tells us about the abdication of the Japanese emperor who declared the defeat of World War II? Just go to Japan.

3. [+2605, -218] Go to Japan.

4. [+2159, -201] Bye~ I’ll skip you from now on.

5. [+1646, -99] It’s not your Japanese account, but you wrote it in your official account in Korea?

No. 29665

Koreans are so fucking retarded.

No. 29666

how closed minded wow k-fans are harsh

No. 29668

File: 1556675792633.jpg (59.7 KB, 680x674, iu.jpg)

In 2017 she did a festival, you can hear the crowd exclaim in shock as they think shes not wearing anything underneath her shirt.


No. 29669

Remember to link the netibuzz article you got these cherry picked comments from next time

No. 29670

oh boy the >not ALL koweans are like those 10 netizensSS!!!!!!11
anon is back

No. 29671

File: 1556676274747.gif (1.22 MB, 480x270, hyuna.gif)

yeah Hyunas friends loved making fun of her over it.

No. 29672

Listen mouth breathing Koreaboo retard. You can easily go to Pann-choa or Naver or literally any other Korean forum and most of the comments are the same as what was posted. Not that Im expecting a Koreaboo to have any sense whatsoever, but I also dont have to spoonfeed your dumbass. Koreans are xenophobic nationalists, and they hate Japan and Japanese people yet have absolutely no problem trapsing over to Japan and taking their money, and copying their entertainment, and now are even gaining profits from literally importing foreigners from the countries they hate, all so they can sit and boo fucking hoo when one of those foreign idols mentions their own damn homeland. Is that easy enough for you to understand?

No. 29673

It does show some insight into the intense antagonism going on between both SK and Japan post-WWII. Not to excuse these idiots at all, but Japan has been very…intent on keeping their actions during WWII rather hush-hush to the point of teaching propaganda in schools or outright saying that they weren't that bad.

No. 29674

probably not the best idea to ship idols back and forth between both countries then

No. 29675

Your autistic hate boner against Koreans is humiliating, anon.

No. 29676

is it just me or does that girl on the left look like she's seen some sort of unspeakable eldtrich lovecraftian horror and is desperately trying to maintain composure lmao

No. 29677

someone held up a mirror

No. 29679

File: 1556679040225.jpeg (184.93 KB, 675x1200, D4BAEC86-7982-4F3E-BD4A-F96F8A…)

is that Dahyun? imo shes probably one of the more natural looking girls in twice.

No. 29682

File: 1556681772527.gif (1.31 MB, 410x472, tenor.gif)


>fancy is a whole ass bop tho

No. 29687


That >>29581 whole post reads as a 13 y/o twitter stan that hates Momo because she had dating rumours with one of their oppas lmao

No. 29688

go do your schoolwork anon kek

No. 29689

>fancy is a whole ass bop tho
>the insecurity fucking jumped out
unintegration 101 jej

No. 29691

anon it's literally against the board rules to be talking the way you are talking right now

No. 29693

Koreans will for eternity compare themselves to the Japanese no matter what

No. 29694

>it's displeasing how Sana, a member of a K-pop group, expressed her personal feelings regarding Japan and written in Japanese on TWICE's official group account.

boo fucking hoo. kpop groups milk money off of japan all the time yet japanese members aren't allowed to speak japanese or talk about japan? props to sana for making the racist knets upset lol

No. 29695

File: 1556693449300.jpg (85.69 KB, 720x1080, b81d999da8001b5659dd46fe8602a9…)

Filler in her cheeks is really aging her. I'm not a plastic surgery expert but I tried looking for a picture with the same angle with a smile and her cheeks are really puffy now. Her smile also looks very forced even when it's genuine which might be due to some stuff in her forehead, and I've seen other people speculate that she's had her eyes enlarged even more around last year or so.

Overall, it's not uncommon that the 'visuals' of the group get a bunch of unneeded plastic surgery (see: Yoona of SNSD, Naeun of Apink, Hara of KARA). They need to understand that when they're already regarded as the pretty idol of the group that they should just leave their faces alone and not risk it. Fillers look so bad on these people, maybe it's because they're young but I have rarely if ever seen a case where fillers look good. The only exception is Hyeri of Girls Day who legitimately looks so much better after surgery and fillers in my opinion–and no, the infamous forehead implant pic is not included in that statement.

No. 29696

Why do so many of you feel a need to pick a "side" in the Korea vs Japan feud? Can you just admit that both sides have done fucked up shit and leave it at that? It's so tiring seeing a Japan vs Korea ongoing sperg pertaining to political and historical events, which aside from a mention and a controversy here and there, do not belong in this thread as this is about Kpop criticism. If you want to criticize the origins of the kpop industry, be my guest but WWII and the history of relations between Japan and Korea is very complex with neither side being completely innocent. Make a new thread or go find another board where this discussion is actually relevant.

No. 29697

It's not picking a side on Korea and Japan's historical feud to point out the hypocrisy of the knetizen outrage to the Sana situation. She is Japanese and has every right to talk about her own country in her language. If they have such a problem with anything Japanese they can boycott companies for constantly jerking off Japanese fans for money.

No. 29711

I'm not making excuses for idols but its usually the agency that schedules whatever surgeries. It's in the contract to obey and the specific surgeries are often based on marketing concerns or critical comments (i.e. Umji's new face)

No. 29713

I know this girl has been mentioned here a few times but this video is somewhat relevant to the ps discussion.
She basically says that the amount of pressure to get ps depends on the company really.
So I don't think every idol is necessarily being forced to undergo surgery.
Many of them are gladly doing it, especially if it's for free.

No. 29714

File: 1556714319633.jpg (118.99 KB, 969x526, Kim-Nan-Joo-aka-Namjoo-Plastic…)

Nam-joo is like a body horror. Every face is worse than the last

No. 29715

File: 1556715997830.jpeg (37.25 KB, 463x663, images (41).jpeg)

And she's only 24? I thought she was 29 or something

No. 29716

NO WAY she's 24 geez apink are really young

No. 29717

I'd sue that surgeon

No. 29719

God her whole head looks shopped into that photo

No. 29720

File: 1556722706055.png (589.57 KB, 637x360, rs087qW.png)

Not a gen 1 sperg, I agree with the fat australian creep that kpop kinda sucked before 2007, but I'm always shocked at the amount of (relatively) natural beauties of that generation. Even the second rate groups like O-24 had nice looking members. The hell happened? Did the rich demand their fuggo kids get to the front?

No. 29721

>gets called out on their autism, resorts to calling the other part "n-newfag" and "kpop mom" (?)
Cute. If you believe someone is wrong and you want to correct them, you should write down the correct info instead of just going "Wrong, retard xdxdxd". Otherwise it's just a no-contribution sperg.

Are their surgeries really for free though? I thought they were part of their debt, along with the years of training. (I'm talking about pre-debut trainees, not established idols)

No. 29722

File: 1556723901462.jpeg (27.09 KB, 640x206, images (48).jpeg)

Perhaps it's the styling and no-ps factor that made them appear naturally beautiful. I liked S.E.S in particular. Nowadays even if an idol has good genes to start with, the excessive styling and surgery just ruin everything and make them appear very artificial looking. It's not helping that fans keep shaming an idol for not looking like the "ideal type", or shaming an old picture of them. An easy example would be wendy. She's naturally beautiful but she always feels the need to alter her face and body to keep up with (probably her own) and society's standards.

No. 29723

Are these contracts enforceable if the idols were minors when they signed them? Companies insist that parents have to be there so they can presumably get their prior consent, but idk it still seems sketchy.

The ex-SM trainee said in her AMA that surgeries are recommended but not enforced. I'll bet the idols themselves cave into the pressure and get procedures done

No. 29724

Wendy is strange. She gives off nerd who wanna do good in school vibes… i doon't understand why she became an idol

No. 29725

how can you call wendy naturally beautiful when she predebut looked like a 40yr old asian mom kek

debut era wendy was pretty but that was the result of surgery - it should've stopped there

No. 29726

>Are their surgeries really for free though?
If you're a Big 3 company trainee then yes, since Big 3 don't enforce trainee debts unless the contract is broken early. Any other company and that gets added to their trainee debt

No. 29728

File: 1556724578485.jpeg (21.55 KB, 380x499, images (51).jpeg)

Not sure how to respond to this cause if i say that predebut her looked naturally beautiful to me i'd be called a wendy-chan, but if i side with you some other anon would call me out for nitpicking and says that she looks fine. I guess I'll just say that even if her styling made her look kinda old back then, she looked fine to me, definitely not 40 yo asian mom-tier and I'd gladly choose it over the anachan half-jaw wendy.

No. 29729

File: 1556724867082.jpg (24.5 KB, 365x356, 1552452706756.jpg)

She does look mom-like in some of her pre-debut photos and videos but she lost weight preparing to become an idol and probably had some botox jaw sculpting shit done to her face and looked better
Then she got her jaw lopped off and some shit done to her nose and this abomination happened

No. 29730

you picked a pic where she barely looks like herself thanks to neck bending and stuff - so yea you are a wendy-chan

No. 29732

>I'll bet the idols themselves cave into the pressure and get procedures done

You guys are really in deep with the whole Hate the player, not the game rhetoric, huh

No. 29733

>It's not helping that fans keep shaming an idol for not looking like the "ideal type", or shaming an old picture of them
Exactly what many people even in this thread do. Shaming them for their pre-surgery face but also making fun of their current face.
It is critical to discuss the pressures idols face that make them undergo plastic surgery, or that they develop eating disorders and mental health issues because of public pressure but what's critical about judging people's appearances? It's the exact opposite.

No. 29734

It’s much easier to make fun of someone than it is to actually have an intelligent thought.
These threads started out fine but quickly became overrun with idiots who think being critical means being cruel.
Almost everyone who had something to say about the industry itself beyond plastic surgery/I hate [insert group/idol] because [insert shallow reason] has been pushed out.
Majority of cows itt are just fans/anti-fans that are too cowardly to be mean on Twitter because they know they can’t take what they dish out.

No. 29737

Nice samefagging idiot. If you are 2 different anons then it just makes it worse to know there are a bunch of idiots around. Anyway you are a real example of what anon >>29733 said
>Exactly what many people even in this thread do. Shaming them for their pre-surgery face but also making fun of their current face.

I'm tired of having to explain myself everytime i want to say my opinion on something cause some idiots will keep attacking me whichever side i choose

No. 29738

File: 1556727777537.jpeg (144.17 KB, 750x953, 79F81606-4754-4AD4-B7E2-348257…)

So kyla (pristin) recently made a Twitter account and has been very active on there. It seems like she's lonely and wants validation. Or I could just be overthinking it and she's just happy to be done with idol life and ready to live like a normal teenage girl idk

No. 29739

"i deserve to exist" topkek

No. 29740

I thought she's still part of the group? She shouldn't be too sad about all of this, even with the "visual" members the group flopped.

No. 29742

I feel bad for her tbh. Imagine her classmates googling her name and finding out she was a whole ass (minor) celeb that was exiled for being fat.

No. 29746

why do they want a cat to turn into a dog

why are these english lyrics existing

what kind of audience are they hoping to capture from these songs

No. 29749

I help but think this sounds like some kind of Travis Scott reject song ,esp when they go "Brrr Brrr brrrr

No. 29751

Is it just me or do the first three look almost identical in the thumbnail?

No. 29753

This sadly.
These threads are lately nothing but a garbage fire of "x idol looks fat/ugly/old" or "my oppa actually…". It's just a dumb gossip thread now.

No. 29755

For the most part, I've stopped posting about shit on the industry because I would get nothing but 1 liners of "no1curr" and such because I didn't talk about retarded boy and girl groups. I've been here since day 1 seen how everything has gone downhill. Now that this shit has grown and these threads are dying I feel nothing but spite.

You all deserve it (especially NCTfags and Ratmies).

No. 29756

huening kai keeps reminding me of Charles gross, that NYC youtuber.

No. 29757

I've stopped posting here hoping that over time the NCTfags will get tired of shitting up this place and abandon it like they did to the general thread

I tried posting some stuff about Burning Sun etc but now literally nobody cares

No. 29759

Holy fuciing shit, cannot unsee this

No. 29774

Yeah…tbh the case just feels like it’s going so slowly so I don’t know what to say about it anymore except it’s disgusting and obviously goes far beyond idols.
And I don’t really trust much out of Korean reporting these days. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places for in depth info.

So I guess Seungri is going to get a trial…?
Also, that woman who came forward saying she was assaulted by 5 members of the chatroom, does anyone have an update on that?

No. 29777

I would say the kpop subreddit is the easy to follow for information. They have a timeline thread and live updates


No. 29790

Thanks anon.

No. 29801

Dk if anyone has posted this in the previous thread but I thought the ones who follow the seungri case might find this interesting.
It's the rest of Big Bang subtly( or not so subtly) exposing seungri way before this whole scandal.
The members have done questionable things over the years but even they seemed to be disgusted by his lifestyle.

No. 29802


Seungri looked real terrified around the 2min mark when they were discussing his porn video collection those boys found in bb's old dorm room.

No. 29804

File: 1556744353069.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 1496450636007.webm)

anyone itt eat ass

No. 29805

when I saw that clip… holy shit I don't want to think about the fucked up stuff that might have been on there.
Also that picture from the christmas party…ew

No. 29807

Shitting up the thread with a video of some dude with an ass flatter than cardboard. I can't.

No. 29808

What the hell am I looking at? Some randos flat ass?

No. 29809

No. 29810

his members completely erasing him from big bang's future like that is iconic

No. 29812

they called him out so many times it's actually unbelievable.
i really wonder how much YG and other companies were involded into the scandal. i don't believe seungri is somewhat the big player behind all of it.
correct me if i'm wrong, but don't these kpop companies actually have some tax benefits or something of that sort? at least some good amount of korea's gdp depends on kpop and the entertainment industry.
it really sound like a bad conspiracy theory but reality is stranger than fiction.


don't post that shit here. just fuck off to twitter again

No. 29815

holy shit everything about this is the worst thing k-pop has done in a LONG time. what are they trying to prove with this english version?
don't insult travis like that, he doesn't write shapeshifter bestiality fic

No. 29817

File: 1556749333558.jpg (164.78 KB, 1080x1049, IMG_20190502_042013.jpg)

How is this even the same person

No. 29823

Obv some fillers but it's mostly just ugly makeup imo, the actual facial structure hasn't changed too much. He definitely looked better before, though.

No. 29824

I got recommended these cringe masters.


How do their kpop videos get so many views, they look so stupid and aren't even funny.

No. 29825

i think she wanted to be a singer, but knew she'd only get famous through debuting as an idol. she probably regrets her decision now that she fucked up her face, developed an eating disorder and is the least popular member in her group.

No. 29826

That can be said for a lot of K-pop YouTubers kek. I can't believe they almost have a million views. Those dudes gave me stage 4 brain cancer.

No. 29828

This cringefest has 6.5 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3X5AczXx60 Gag.

No. 29830

File: 1556759539879.jpg (59.39 KB, 510x777, lololol.jpg)

LMAO Somi will never debut an if she does it would be too late.


>3. [+595, -24] Fact: YG's too busy dealing with all the senior scandals that her debut is being postponed…

>4. [+60, -1] Isn't her debut… too late now? Feels like we've already seen all there is of her..

>5. [+48, -0] Things just aren't working out for her

>6. [+41, -1] She would've been perfect in ITZY. Going solo is so dependent on whether your song is good or not. I wonder if she can land a good one like Chungha or Whasa.

>7. [+32, -4] There's obviously a reason JYP threw her out ㅋㅋ

No. 29832

True. She already technically debuted, and seeing her again won't be as special anymore.

No. 29833

File: 1556763695376.jpeg (450.24 KB, 750x1022, 62FCF3CA-4D19-4A98-918E-EE12EB…)

aaand she is trying to pedal her debut on Instagram even though it got delayed again….

No. 29834

>if there is some alternative means to a successful singing career in SK besides being a manufactured idol product, please lmk!! but i think an impressionable preteen thinking "i want to be famous/i want to sing/i want to dance" leads them all to the same corporate idol machine… bc of SK's history of literally banning popular music, they literally have nothing else, and no cut-and-dry method of transitioning obsessive fans to their idols being grown ass women.
aren't there plenty of indie, ballad and trot singers? and bands like hyukoh, nell and tons of smaller ones too
ofc few of them have the mainstream popularity of idols so that's the best shot at getting rich/famous, but there seems to be a place for musicians outside of the idol industry in korea. i'd guess for most people who end up as group members the dream is more in the glamor of idolhood than being a musician in a creative capacity, and musically inclinded people end up in bands and the like

No. 29835

She probably moved to YG because she got tired of the cutesy crap and selling her underwear. Will he market her as a mini Jennie?

No. 29836

No. 29839

Why kpoppers don't fucking understand that the only way to their favs even grasping some real occidental fame it's them learning english?, hell, they don't even need to do that, just making all-english songs would be a step forward to make people actually take them seriously and give them a chance. They can make all the collaborations they want, but nobody's going to hear a song they don't even understand (unless they manage to pull a Gangnam style, which is almost impossible since it depends too much on luck and virality)

No. 29840

>Fancy: 37,401,964 (1st Week)
>Kill This Love: 34,517,891 (4th Week)

oof. TWICE got fucked

No. 29841

what does this mean

No. 29842

No one has made k-pop songs in English that are vaguely comprehensible and went more viral as an English ver since Rania. Blackpink in particular have no excuse most of their 'Japanese' stuff is actually in English anyway

No. 29844

Kind of like how if you can’t speak Korean, your ass is going nowhere in Korea.

(Excluding the hate-all-foreigners bit.)

No. 29845

Are these views? Sales? Without context, those are just numbers.

No. 29846

It's got nothing to do with the kpop stars. You think the company is going to sign over Blackpink to Universal Music or Sony or something? That's basically shooting themselves in the foot, and the US music industry isn't going to just let some foreigners walk in the door and kick their own pet projects out.

Everyones got their own market to protect. It's why Loona isn't viewed favorably in SK, they are too Western market oriented, they open the door for losing trainees to a possible bunch of international companies. Blockberry already gets substantial overseas investment now. Probably why you got a kpop music vid that was nothing but a public service woke announcement.

No. 29847

Seconded, Blackpink are just UMG's diversity hire. Despite them getting Coachella and collabs, they're still going to be second priority to their top American acts who make them literal hundreds of millions.

No. 29848

I noticed that most anons shitting up the thread are those who don't know how to sage

No. 29855

She looks older than my mum. Whoever worked on her face did her dirty.

No. 29856

wow who would've thought the anons acting like obnoxious newfags would turn out to be obnoxious newfags. amazing discovery, anon.

No. 29857

did v really frown at halsey for doing gay stuff on stage lmao

No. 29858


No. 29859

This place is like reddit ffs you can shit on the boygroups ancestors for all they are but talk shit about girl group members and people will start accusing you of having personal beef with them

all you people secretly fap to kpop anas don't you

No. 29860

Some people even comment that they quit kpop/no longer want to travel to korea

No. 29861

it's because kpop reddit is filled with weeb incels who see female idols as their uwu waifus

No. 29862

Fucking hell, that entire video was disgusting to watch.

No. 29863

I liked this very much. Some triggered ones in the comments are pointing out how he's Chinese and that he should rather talk about things that are going on in china, but that still doesn't mean he's wrong.
He's absolutely right and he doesn't need to sugarcoat anything or note that the kpop industry is overall great and that he loves South Korea before he goes on.

No. 29864

I think it's more about feeling uncomfortable with body shamming women that everyone knows live in a sexist shit hole and already have a bunch of eating disorders and body issues fueled by the industry.
Also, it's just not very interesting to converse about who has or hasn't a "refrigerator waist".

No. 29865

File: 1556788817744.gif (1.98 MB, 350x196, IMG_0060.GIF)

Precisely. Lol why should this thread specifically wk sexist dudes… Female idols get hate from jealous boy group stans, as well as from misogynist males on daily basis.
And the guys get shielded pretty much everywhere else for almost anything.
And contrary to that anon's claim, male idols get defended here all the time when their looks are mocked, just go back to the previous threads.

No. 29866

I do not think you guys understand how this works. Do you understand WHY they are pushing k-pop so hard? It's because Western fans buy shedloads of physical copies and tons of merchandise. No one buys shit from Ariana Grande, Drake or 360 deal mumblerappers FFS. They don't make hundreds of millions anymore

No. 29867

because ariana and drake don't release the exact same album with 4 different designed versions or don't make fansigns where you need to buy hundreds of albums to get in. it makes no sense for foreign fans to buy multiple copies since they can't even go to fansigns

No. 29870

It's the same either way, you'll be accused of reeee stanning just to call out other anons for nitpicking

No. 29872

They don't because it would be utterly pointless. No one buys anything from Western urban acts, tickets are cheap, streaming is the only important metric. That's why the Western industry is jumping on this BTS shit. Especially because in their native country BTS revived the physical album format which is unheard of
Probably because the fans of the female groups aren't as annoying or psychotic nor do the female groups get bestowed with a woke pedigree except for and with loonatic freaks and mamamoo deathfats

No. 29873

You can't just say shit like that and not post any kind of video anon lmao. Anybody know anything about this sounds kinda milky.

No. 29876

I'm sorry but I have to say this, I scroll past this image every day.
I really don't understand why anyone would make an unflattering picture of themselves like this, her mouth looks like an anus.

No. 29878

it's a bloke

No. 29880

LMAOOOOOO That's (BTS) Jimin not a girl

No. 29881

Lmfaoo return of the prolapsed anus anon?
I don't know why his fans thought that was a good angle but ok.
Does anyone have the full picture or is this it?

No. 29884

File: 1556806315542.jpeg (330.57 KB, 1364x2048, 988EB77F-7C51-4B1B-85F5-2F1AFB…)

it was posted in the previous thread but here you go

No. 29886

File: 1556806848309.jpg (158.75 KB, 601x498, btsbbma.jpg)

woke kings

No. 29887

Wasn't it Yeri the least popular member?

Low effort shit seems to rake a lot of views nowadays.

No. 29888

why are they fanboying over this pedo creep

No. 29889

File: 1556807676542.jpg (201.6 KB, 600x673, bbma2.jpg)

beats me. they're really fanboying over him lmao.
why do half of male idols say Chris Brown is their idol/inspiration? disgusting.

No. 29890

BTS is already taken seriously… it's all the english focused artists that are failures, the one that broke through was the one that was the most korean.

No. 29891

They are clueless about shit that goes on with us celebs or how they're perceived. That's why they collab with literally anyone. I don't think they really care enough to know about their controversies but maybe they should since they rely on woke american fans now
but seeing how armys don't care much about these things either just confirms that it's just performative bs.

No. 29892

lol do you think you can find photos of rihanna bleeding and punched in the face on naver?? doubtful in a country with a nationwide firewall that blocks pornography in 2019.

No. 29893

sure, i'm just pointing out since they're trying to break into the US market and are being marketed as woke or whatever, they could at least do the bare minimum of the research. maybe when they're in the US or some shit, i dunno. i just find it ironic, especially in their case.

No. 29894

File: 1556808819313.jpg (370.19 KB, 920x1167, 1.jpg)

idk why they are so happy over stuff like this as if gay women need straight males bts' approval and v looks awkward

No. 29895

Lol since j-hope is his biggest fan why didn't they let him stand next to him…is it cause they wanted the "visual" members to be at the center?

No. 29896

Tinfoil but I'm sure at least Rap Monster keeps up with most of the things that go on in the American music industry and stan twitter. Especially since he seems to jerk off Drake often he probably knows.

No. 29897

Ofc not but in the day and age of social media I really doubt that these idols are completely clueless about what a piece of garbage Chris Brown/Drake is. Especially in Bts' case since they frequent Twitter a lot. You act like s.k is completely cut off from the world or something. They most likely just don't care.


No. 29899

V looks a little disguted kek.

No. 29900

File: 1556810556454.jpg (147.95 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0061.JPG)

Ot but does it really stop them from accessing prom from somewhere else? I've seen too many (male)idols joke about watching porn and all.
There's a reason why Eastern European women are so fetishized there.

No. 29901

Lol *porn

No. 29902

i've seen many male idols openly talking about it too so it's probably not that hard in sk

No. 29903

idk–looking for porn with an IP blocker sounds like something a middle schooler could do. one of the bonus takeaways from the burning sun scandal has been that south koreans think weed and METH are equally dangerous, and maybe more punishable than videotaped rape, which means nobody is getting on an unadulterated form of twitter or google on their own. if they can't get that weed won't lead to murder, the complexities of chris brown still having an international career but being shunned in his native industry at large are probably just as lost.

No. 29904

"more korean"

sincerely tho bro - fuck off ! ratmys infesting every fucking corner of the internet

No. 29906

who outside of korea takes them seriously anon? even in korea they are known for being popular with middle schoolers.

No. 29907

lol isn't the charm of idols that their trainee years shelters and emotionally stunts them while they chase after ~*~*~the dream~*~*~ with barely any unsupervised time until debut? you think rat monster is woke just because he liked hotline bling?? haha the audacity to post this comment below the ignorant af comments about that japanese chick from twice; clearly if this was a country that allowed out of the box thinking, there would be a single upvoted comment that wasn't so blindly butthurt. idt being knowledgeable about non-korean POVs is at all encouraged, especially among idols who are supposed to be as boring and homogenous as possible with only superficial characteristics to differentiate each other.

No. 29909

you can have a balanced & nuanced perspective on international cultural differences AND understand that due to postwar trauma, late capitalism, and nativist racism, sk deliberately shuns international social norms and keeps their population wayyy isolated and ignorant. other countries do it too… but this is the critical thread afterall! it's valid criticism!!

No. 29910

obviously they're not drake level but they're taken seriously by the music industry, real support not fake support like blackpink. they have made it to near the top on a historical level. I don't even like bts but disputing this just makes you sound jelly.

No. 29911

eh bts is more like a western artist than a kpop group in a lot of ways musically and conceptually which probably helped them, idk how they're particularly korean

No. 29912

All of kpop are very western influenced, bts is not any more or less than the rest. This is only in the context of not speaking a lot of english. bp and nct and cl are all very big on speaking english to the western audience which hasn't worked out nearly as well. the fans don't really care about that, much to the consternation of that anon earlier.

No. 29914

Isn’t this part of why Nazi/fascist symbolism comes into play with some Korean artists try to criticize society?
Individual thought, creativity, etc is (sometimes literally) beaten out of people.

Also lol @ “they know about our problems, they juuuust doooon’t caaaare”

No. 29915

^^^ This.

No. 29916

people just see them as a boy group with a crazy fanbase lol, they will never be taken seriously as musicians with that rep.

No. 29917

No red velvet popularity goes 1. Irene 2. Joy 3. Seulgi 4. Yeri 5. Wendy

No. 29918

if you look at dua lipa's pictures she looks skinny but compared to bp she's at least 2x bigger than them

No. 29919

…and your point is…?

No. 29920

nta but their point is bp are unhealthily skelly ana-chans as fuck

No. 29921

Hearing "Jennie and the crew" right after Dua Lipa makes me laugh

Also I wonder how Jennie feels being seen as the backupup dancer.

No. 29922

I think you should get rid of your "require male approval" mindset anon. That is taken seriously by businesses and sponsors. Just like justin bieber or whatever, being huge in that demo will ensure a level of financial success that most top names will never have.

No. 29923

Jesus christ, they suck! And Rose's legs look like they are about to give in. She looks tired more and more everytime i see her

No. 29925

Lmao V look so pissed off. I bet he's thinking that the women should stop being degenerated, go to church and marry already.

No. 29926

File: 1556819377415.jpg (59.02 KB, 1024x575, IMG_0701.JPG)

Time to bring this pic back. (And before anyone says a screencap like that doesn't mean he's homophobic, I know.)
But just cause rm more or less voices his support of homosexuals doesn't mean that that's the consensus in the group.

No. 29927

woke ftm gay king. they just didn't know better guys!!

No. 29928

i'm pretty sure bts kiss all the time for fanservice…

No. 29931

>"Jennie and the crew"

B-but YG doesn't have favoritism anon, you're just jealous!

No. 29933

Samefag but i don't understand how the other members put up with this, i would be pissed. Maybe they're actually divided but they hide it.

No. 29934

Accurate depiction of pornsick leftist males vs right-wing males

No. 29935

From seconhand knowledge I’ve gotten from BlackPink fans, there’s a clear divide with Jennie + Jisoo actually versus Rose + Lisa (even though Jennie by far received the most favoritism). I feel that it could be because Jennie and Jisoo come from similar places (both pretty girls coasting my mainly on looks and have wealthy families to support them).

No. 29936

I unironically appreciate taehyung's disapproval tbh

No. 29937

Yeah, not because of homofobia but the pandering its obvious.

No. 29938

Dua would only be considered skinny in the US, even in her shooped pics

No. 29942

Japanese porn is the answer. That's also one of the reasons why so many korean dudes are into jap girls.

No. 29944

They're all rich af and have attended private schools and shit. Jennie and Jisoo were friends pre-debut that's why they stick together. Seems like they don't really make an effort to get closer to each other as a group.

No. 29950

I would agree but it’s hypocritical for V to disapprove of pandering when he does a lot of gay fan service himself

No. 29951

he must be used to gay pandering since he always does it himself

No. 29957

File: 1556836473931.gif (1.17 MB, 500x281, CC4966F4-CC04-4ABC-9F53-D10D32…)

He did the exact same thing so he should be the last person disapproving

No. 29958

They fit right in with Dua Lipa and her lack of stage presence

No. 29962

not a jungkookfag but be looks exactly the same minus some weight loss and maybe some of that weird undereye filler koreans are obsessed with

No. 29965

Korea don't be a shithole challenge

No. 29968

File: 1556850244758.jpeg (138.35 KB, 828x340, 7450A259-0075-4A87-9B8B-8E767D…)

I haven’t seen anons discuss this yet. Any thoughts?

I’m legitimately shocked that SM’s records with SES/SNSD were broken, I really didn’t think it would be possible to beat their sales and I remember back when SNSD had their first concerts it was considered a big deal because girl groups didn’t sell enough to headline their own shows for the longest time. The expansion of the market for girl groups is really surprising.

When Twice debuted, it seemed blatant to me that JYP was stealing SM’s blockbuster girl group format, even though Kpop fans were claiming the member count was just a coincidence and continue to deny the very obvious parallels with SNSD. I was skeptical that it would pay off for JYP at first but damn I couldn’t of been more wrong.

>inb4 stans argue about which group is better, I’m not a fan of either of them and they literally seem like the exact same to me

No. 29970

File: 1556851097045.png (375.63 KB, 2356x2425, sales.png)

wonder how much of it is due to the overall kpop i-fandom growing, in which case it wouldn't really be fair to compare across generations. bts also sells several times what 2nd gen boygroups used to when the audience was just korea/japan and afaik overall korean album sales have kept growing every year from the low point where the previous gen debuted

No. 29971

File: 1556853443934.jpeg (334.91 KB, 2048x2048, 914F1C81-4816-4B2D-986E-C3BDB0…)

I could be wrong since I’m obviously no expert but from what I understand the bulk of twice’s 3 mil+ sales are actually physical albums

And apparently if you factor in their international sales it’s closer to 6 million, although not even Forbes seems to have exact figures, still that must mean they’re the best selling girl group to ever come out of Asia. Makes me feel really sad for Wonder Girls and Miss A who were previously pushed by JYP to “conquer” the international scene and represent Asia but were thrown to the wayside to be overshadowed by Twice.


No. 29973

this actually confirms you guys don't know anything about idols other than what you read itt.

No. 29974

>Fancy You best selling of all time?

How in the fuck would Fancy You of ALL Twice comebacks be this popular?

No. 29975

File: 1556855480952.jpg (103.62 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pqsyx9pDIA1vz2c9uo1_128…)

LMAO Her arm is literally a toothpic

No. 29979

yea the green in that graph represents physicals also

>And apparently if you factor in their international sales it’s closer to 6 million

afaik the twice sales record is for korean language albums worldwide (which comes out to the 3,7m), not strictly albums sold in korea like some sites reported it. it's more if you consider their japanese language albums. anyway for whatever reason everyone's album sales seem hella high these days compared to last gen.

No. 29980

I think you should get rid of your "require capitalistic/materialistic approval", anon. There's no artistic integrity in creating (in Kpop idols cases - performing) music only to get you to the 1% of financial wealth and status. Just because they have sponsorships doesn't mean the American GP or even other artists in the industry have respect for BTS. They don't care about them.

No. 29981

enlighten us on how taeyong is actually the most humble angel then anon

No. 29983

Please no
No more NCT
I beg of you, don't egg them on

No. 29984

They have like 200 album versions per member plus horny pedos who will buy that many versions, I'm not surprised their sales are that high. Iz*one is essentially bootleg Twice and is selling very well because of their innocent pedobait image as well.

It's just sad that mature groups like BEG, Miss A and Sistar got sacrificed to the wolves for this because 90% of Twice's music sucks ass

No. 29985

Yeri is popular among Japanese RV fans and she has quite a few creepy male fans because of her age and cutesy act. Wendy is dead last everywhere kek

Rose and Lisa are also from upper-middle class families - but they might not have received the same favouritism

No. 29986

the fancy youUououOuuouu~ part is extremely catchy.

No. 29987

ooooh man I didn't notice that hahaha

it looks a bit less weird in full but still…..nah it still looks weird sorry…

No. 29988

There are hundreds of "Dua Lipa can't dance" videos, yet BP who supposedly trained for a decade move just the same lol

No. 29989

That's kind of unexpected

>1. [+2,030, -206] This is an example that shows what's wrong with Japan's history education
What's got announcing a new era in 2019 to do with WWII? Many japanese people see this as kind of a motivation for a change in their lifes, a new start, can't they let her be happy over this?

No. 29990

Why don't Blackpink fans ever mention this? She's very obviously an ana chan.

No. 29992

because according to them that's "skinny shaming"
rosé is obviously sick

No. 29993

you listed more than just taeyong, but please condescend more.

No. 29994

I'm also curious about her weird af dancing. When she does the moves, it's like her back is constantly curved too far. It makes her body look even more retarded. Is there something wrong with her spine or what

No. 29995

i mean not a twicefag but i dont find nayeon as annoying as taeyong, jennie and jungkook and its not shocking that they come off as too full of themselves. especially jennie is too arrogant for such an incompetent performer.

No. 29996

is there a more current graph? i feel like the music industry has changed in 7 years w/ the advent of spotify etc lol

No. 29997

There are so many K-Pop idols who are sick that I'm surprised people still continue to support the industry. Reforms should have been passed years ago.

No. 30001

Because people ignore it. They basically support the industry starving idols and butchering idols faces by saying shit like "oppar didn't get surgery!!!!! he is a natural beautiful cinnamon bun" or "YG/SM doesn't do surgery or starvation!!!" or whining about body shaming like the idiots here which doesn't do anything.

Very soon an idol is going to end up with serious neurological damage like the girl above or dying of anorexia or malnutrition. Nam-joo's face is already butchered. If i-fans attacked these diets and plastic surgery more the agencies would listen. Instead people make videos emulating these diets

No. 30002

No. 30003

Good lord the nasty noona bait is really emphasized here

The lyrics were bad to begin with, why did they have to make an even worse English version

No. 30004

big shit didn't even make a new music video

No. 30005

I'm really surprised tbh I thought exid would stay together till they all decide to disband. Poor solji, she only recently came back and now their group is basically dead.
Why would hani and junghwa leave though? Neither of them can really sing…

No. 30006

isn't hani already settled in showbiz?

No. 30007

Well Hyeri can't act but still she gets acting gigs and also has the audacity to call the people who rightfully criticize her as haters. So really does singing ability matters? no, it all depends on which executive you sleep with.

No. 30008

Onces have more sympathy for sana's fakeass crocodile tears than they do for the people dying out here in war istg

No. 30009

File: 1556879663664.jpg (55.43 KB, 1000x562, 1556877756172.jpg)

never stop being in awe of nayeon's confidence of appearing like her ugly self in actual live broadcast shows

No. 30010

>"woof woof Impala"
wow, I really felt that

No. 30011

the whole situation is dumb as fuck too

No. 30012

Hyeri imo is the worst fucking "singer" in kpop i just can't understand why anyone thought she was worth becoming a trainee and then even debuting. Anyone who has seen that mama performance will ailee probably agrees with me.

No. 30013

the comments are complaining that sana is "shamelessly" still smiling at all their stages, but you know for sure that if she showed any hint of worry or sadness everyone would jump on her for being "unprofessional

No. 30014

>[+2,161, -302] To the people asking why Sana's getting hate for celebrating an era, let me ask you why BTS was kicked off Japanese TV for wearing a liberation day t-shirt in Korea?

oh boy, this whole thing is such a mess.

No. 30015

If they hate each other to guts like that then Japan should implement a hallyu ban like in China and Korea should refrain from promoting there lol shit like that just causes more tension.

No. 30016

I saw that suggested so often already, even non-nationalist japanese commenters write stuff like "don't come here if you can't let go of the past?" but Korean groups would simply lose way too much profit. From the outside companies like to act as if their korean fans are their priority meanwhile they secretely still try to kiss Japan's ass in hopes of making it there.

No. 30018

The petty race war isn't as big of a deal as what's going on between China and Korea right now. Plus if Japan did it, it would look terrible on their part. Korea has no reason to since there's so much fucking money to be made in Japan off album sales and tours.

No. 30022

sana didn't post a picture glamorizing something that caused the death of thousands of koreans. what she did is not in any way comparable to jimincel's bullshit.

No. 30023

it's not even apples and oranges at this point. it's apples and adolf hitler.

No. 30024

why are there so many twicefags around here? they're untalented and plastic like all other kpop groups

No. 30025

Don't they earn much more in Japan than they do in Korea? There must be a reason why some groups solely promote there…jaejoong should get an honorary citizenship at this point.

No. 30026

kpop wouldnt be able to take a hit that hard. almost all top groups lean on their japanese album and tour sells. some groups even have make longer japan tours than sk tours lmao

No. 30027

The Kara girls haven't moved a finger in years, yet all own huge apartments, because as soon as they had a hit in Japan (despite being completely talentless) they were able sell out domes.

Defending Sana from raging korean nationalists is not stanning twice… We've always hated on her for pandering to uncle fans, but in this case she happens to be the innocent one.

No. 30029

The Japanese music industry is huge. Its half the size of the US industry, ten times the size of Korea's and still dominated by money-spinning physical formats. K-poppies would be idiots not to want in

No. 30030

A japan hallyu ban could end kpop's whole career

No. 30031

Lowkey wishing for that… But god knows how the korean government would react, that could be dangerous.

No. 30032

the illusion that twice is a group full of visuals is hilarious. nayeon's nose job is sinb tier.

No. 30033

The Sanafags are just the resident weebs who try to make Japanese idols look like victims at every given opportunity because they hate Koreans

No. 30034

yeah this stuff happens from the japanese end as well


something has got to give with Korea and Japan, their tension is insane and groups working in both countries are constantly walking on eggshells

No. 30035

Pretty sure the Japanese monarchy, basically the main driving force behind Japanese fascism and WW2, is not something 'completely unrelated' to the deaths of millions of Koreans in the past 140 years.

Would you think Irish net commentators would have to respect if someone promoting in their country saluted the British monarchy?

No. 30036

it's funny how similar the two countries are when you look beneath the surface. both are very corrupt, tend to hide conspiracies and other government crimes, hate to admit that they made mistakes, and depend on their entertainment to earn money.

No. 30038

why did bighit make literal kids sing this furry shit

No. 30040

I literally don't care about artistic respect though. From the the perspective of bighit owners money is what matters. I think most people making kpop or listening to kpop don't care about artistic respect regardless of the lip service paid to "true art". They know it's idol music that's all about selling oppa's fake relationship with the viewer.

No. 30041

If that person was British, I don't think they'd have much say over that.

No. 30042

Lmao anon

No. 30043

this is disgusting the whole lot of them should've been aborted when their mothers still had a chance

No. 30044

well, at least they're somewhat coordinated

No. 30045

Imagine one of them is your son or husband…

No. 30046

lmao there were some fat girls in the audience too

No. 30047

This is nothing compared to when they go entertain thirsty dudes in the army…how can thesw girls not feel vulnerable and exploited when they dance suggestively in short outfits in front of hundreds of men, knowing exactly what they're thinking at that moment..

No. 30048

oh, they do

No. 30050

there must be some reason so much donation news about IU is coming - every twitch of IU's muscles are carefully planned by her she is frankly scary

No. 30051

File: 1556896228105.jpg (22.32 KB, 960x540, DWCYPE6.jpg)

> be koreans
> put wrong shade of foundation on model even in a fucckccciingggg commercial about 25 new foundation colous ffs

No. 30054

This thread is about kpop, not random models or korean society, newfag.

No. 30055

that’s sana, retard

No. 30056

that is a kpop idol you blind cunt

No. 30059

Kpop would literally die if that happened.
And I'm all for it

No. 30061

How can female idols NOT be terrified of men.
The existence of a woman's body is enough to do this, and no matter the race or nationality it's always an extreme response.

No. 30063

PRODUCE101 is disgusting. They're all anemic bowlcut clones

No. 30067

this is disgusting. i can't imagine this response if ariana grande or somebody was forced to perform for the troops. korean men are a special kind of depraved, is it because they're so repressed as a society?

No. 30069

And then there's this weird trend where 30-something male celebrities are released from the army and they go on tv and say how certain girl groups or idols (often teens or barely legal) ~gave them strength ~ lol you mean you fapped to their posters dude.

No. 30070

File: 1556902115794.jpeg (126.69 KB, 1280x720, 091BA297-1B47-4E69-A547-B9DAFE…)

I have never seen an idol up close in person but I always imagined their makeup would look like Edward Avila's. He's popular on YouTube for his kpop makeup tutorials and they look ok in the (heavily edited) thumbnails but if you watch his videos you can tell just how heavy the makeup is. It looks insanely oily and crusty at the same time, and his foundation is perpetually 15 shades lighter than his neck.

No. 30071

File: 1556902652768.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.32 KB, 720x1114, IMG_0708.JPG)

Well yeah the makeup is probably cakey af, because of the lighting and all they have to put on more than normal, especially if they have bad skin.

No. 30072

This is truly horrific.

No. 30076

lmao this guy - he hates his tan skintone so much

No. 30088

isn't this the guy that called the fat one from pristin fat and had all the angry kpop stans after him

No. 30090

Yeah he got initial backlash but that didn't stop his channel from blowing up for some reason.

No. 30093

This guy is a self hating SEA

No. 30094

All of the comments are saying that isn't actually EXID? Still discomfiting nonetheless

No. 30095

Isn't the oiliness a part of the "dewy look"? I never understood why that was popular.

No. 30097

File: 1556914875911.png (363.59 KB, 566x341, Screenshot_9.png)

people at the bbmas were annoyed by this crazy fansite and her big ass camera I don't blame them

No. 30098

They still performed in the army. This was for a tv show.

No. 30099

That man in red would be my reaction

No. 30100

I just love how everyone else who doesn't give a fuck about BTS and Kpop look with disgust.

Kpop will never be big in America. BTS is only "big" because of their mentally ill fans spam them on social media while everyone else sees them as crazy.

No. 30102

File: 1556915625145.png (6.32 KB, 43x77, redmandisappoint.png)

No. 30103

And look at her serious expression. She's totally not there to just see them and enjoy their performance; she's only there to take pictures.
There are a few others in the background btw. These people are scary.

No. 30106

lmao armys in the replies talking about how annoying she is and how she's not a 'real fan' as if they don't save every fansite photo they see on their timeline

No. 30107

File: 1556916883782.png (44.9 KB, 147x230, fuckinghell.png)

No. 30109

The level of dedication fansites have is insane. It's basically a career for some people because they usually end up selling merch/photo books to support their stalker lifestyles.
Kind of interesting and sad that there are so many young, talented photographers out there who've been brainwashed into their obsessions.

No. 30110

she's creepy. i would be uncomfortable if i was in a concert crowd and one of these bitches with their enormous ass cameras was blocking my sight. if companies did a better job taking pictures and videos of idols fansites wouldn't have as much of a huge market.

No. 30111

Why do fans need HQ pictures of their every move anyway? What do they want with all those pics…

No. 30114

they make money off them

No. 30116

nta but i think they meant why do fans who uh…ask for photos and make the fansites have a job…why do THEY do with them.. ya know? still makes no sense tho, they take pics of the weirdest shit and fans lose their shit over it.

No. 30122

people always say that but it feels kind of overstated. yeah fansites sell merch but I doubt they're making much money unless they're one of the top fansites.

No. 30124

Yeah, they actually get lots of money from owning a big fansite iirc. It's basically a site with a fuckton of traffic and it even sells stuff. Those levels of dedication pay off it seems.

No. 30125

I've never actually visited a fansite, but I guess they'd put ads and probably also some kind of patreon/donation button on top of the merch sales… I think that even smaller site do generate some kind of income

No. 30128

I don't think you know what a fansite is…

No. 30130

Nta but I never visited one either. Could you post some links as example?

No. 30133

Just google idol name + fansite or search the same on twitter

No. 30134

So they are just pic posting twitter accounts? That's what I found.

No. 30136

Yes. Here's a popular taehyung one for example https://twitter.com/_nuna_V?s=09

They follow their idol around, take pics of them, and post them on twitter. It's an expensive hobby that usually doesn't pay off unless you follow a popular idol and get a ton of followers and support like the one I linked. Though selling HQs, slogan sets, photobooks, etc. helps them make some money back.

No. 30137

>asking this question on a malaysian imageboard fansite erected to preserve and pay tribute to our Eternal Queen.

No. 30138

Wew, I thought they were actual… you know, websites. This explains a lot.
If other fellow sasaengs buy pictures, they probably make bank. HD pictures can be sold even for $500 each, maybe more.

No. 30140

not all fansites have their own websites but some do. and some of those require registration and a korean social security number, afaik the better quality/more highly regarded sites are private so you need an account to view the pictures

No. 30141

There are actual websites too. I've never heard of sasaengs trading pics Idk where you pulled that from. They print books and slogans and stuff and sell those, that's where most of the money comes from.

No. 30142

If that anon is so new to kpoop they didn't know what a fansite was until like 10 minutes ago I'm sure they pulled both the trading thing and the price out of their ass.

No. 30144

I've heard some fansites will buy unedited pictures from other fansites if they couldn't make it to an event or something. I doubt many fansites are making bank though.

No. 30145

Really popular idols' fansites make enough money to buy ads in Times Square and NY Times…

No. 30146

Sasaengs do trade pics, belongings if they manage to steal any, info, and phone numbers/kakaotalk/whatever. This is old news.

No. 30148

Imagine making such a waste of your life that you are constantly obsessing over a celebrity so much that you're keeping track of their everyday schedule and watching each interview and so on, that your day literally revolves around them. When I used to read OneHallyu, it'd freak me out to see the same users constantly updating Artist/Group threads with fansite pics, tweets, video clips, and performances. There were so many of them too and I can't fathom what their day-to-day lives look like if they're constantly obsessing over even the slightest, tiniest update on a Korean singer's existence.

No. 30151

I never understood this. Nobody in New York will give a fuck because they're all busy. The one's that look will be like "who the fuck is this asian"

I don't get it.

No. 30153

it's a flex

No. 30154

Having a hobby is nice and all but if all my child did was obsess over some kpop group online I'd shut that shit down. Most kids grow out of that stuff quickly anyway, I'm sure these people are going to feel like they missed out on stuff by spending so much time being basically a glorified online stalker.

No. 30155

I feel like once you get into Asian entertainment (anima/ kpop), from my experience seeing my friends go through it, they never escape

No. 30156

So essentially any form of entertainment with a large community behind it?

No. 30157

there is a difference between obsession and enjoyment

No. 30158

I lived like this for a while. It actually ruined my work ethic in school and killed my ability to focus.
Twitter stan culture is terrible. People who get wrapped up in that end up on their phone for the majority of the day. And for some reason people don't seem to be able to quit once they get into this lifestyle. The worst part is the "sassy" attitude people develop from twitter tbh

No. 30160

No. 30162

yeah there are much worse hobbies a teenage girl could be intrested in. take a trip down the woman child rabbit hole and you'll find some horrifically cursed hobbies. I'd take a kboo over a weeb who makes bnha race swap fan art or a girl who's into a money drain hobby like anime figures/plushies, hoarding art supplies despite being perpetually talentless, etc.

No. 30163

Kpop is a money drain hobby tho. Multiple albums, photo cards, and lightsticks are the anime figures, plushies, and art supplies of kboos. Also bts has their stupid ass plushie line and i've seen people with rooms decked out in that shit.

No. 30164

it is for some like the creepy onces who buy 80 albums to get photo cards but most kboos stream, buy a light stick or a chimmy keychain, and call it a day.

No. 30174

It is. That's why the music industry loves it

No. 30175

File: 1556947459470.jpg (50.66 KB, 540x540, 49686695_239888476904451_45335…)

No. 30176


I dunno how to insert videos so apologies, but this made me cringe for him. These two girls running alongside him pointing their camera, I would hate my life if this happened almost every day.

No. 30182

who is this?

No. 30183

Nta but the pic says ChickenLalisa so its probably Lisa

No. 30193

File: 1556977447784.png (610.56 KB, 477x556, D2222127-E568-42DF-8D06-59CFD6…)

I think she might be natural. If not, she either lucked out with a Korean surgeon who knows how to do subtle nosejobs, or she got work done in Thailand where they know how to properly handle her features. Either way she’s one of the more fortunate ones. Can’t imagine what she’d look like with those voldemort nostrils Koreans love so much.

No. 30194

Lmao that's not natural. It's subtle yes, but you can clearly see some telltale nosejob signs if you've seen some post-ops before.
Hopefully she won't mess with her nose again.

No. 30195

Her nose is definitely different now though

No. 30196

they might've bleached her skin

No. 30197

She also had her eyelids done, they're much deeper and more round shaped. She's clearly not natural, but looks it compared to botched idols.

No. 30198

all that the other anons said + she got her teeth fixed and she definitely got herself whiter skin

No. 30200

She also has a thicker upper lip, so injections too?

Can you point them out? I'm curious cuz I can't see it.

No. 30201

File: 1556981111972.jpg (102.92 KB, 850x1054, 1.jpg)

Lmao jennie just cant stop being an attention whore. The looks on her bandmates are priceless though.
>Find Out Why BLACKPINK’s JiSoo, Lisa, & Rose Looked Shocked At Jennie During Recent Performance

No. 30202

File: 1556982002689.jpg (274.91 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190504_170000.jpg)

What The fuck

No. 30203

saged for ot but dear lord do koreaboos come in every shape and form this white pus didn't even recommend anything out of the box - just so i-love-korea starter kit

why are white people even celebrating asian heritage month i don't get it leave the asian celebrating month to us asians

No. 30208

File: 1556984154726.png (1.05 MB, 915x598, screenshot-images.f2fcdn.net-2…)

Look at the tip of her nose and the nostrils. The tip has been reshaped and when you look at it from below it looks like a triangle, when her natural one used to be more round and bulbous. And on the front you can draw two parallel lines from her bridge to the tip, while before it started narrower and got bigger on the tip.

No. 30210

Their reaction looks kinda fake. They might have planned to do this but then why would they make such a boring choreography change…

No. 30217

no offense but the fact you took the time to watch a video of a random harmless white girl with 11 views and post it on lolcow says more about you than her. no one cares about your ''asian heritage'' btw. go back to tumblr

No. 30237

Wouldn't it be funny if this anon is actually the white girl in the video and posted it on lolcow to bump the views up lmao

But seriously what's wrong with the video? I watched a small snippet so maybe I'm missing something but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong? The girl doesn't even seem like a Koreaboo. Bad post anon.

No. 30238

100% the poster is the person in the video. I have a lot of asian friends and I have never seen an asian person say asian heritage month is only for asians.

No. 30239

File: 1556990122496.gif (2.37 MB, 268x400, eyes.gif)

What kind of surgery makes your under eyes so puffy like this? I see a lot of idols that have this and it looks so weird and gross to me.

No. 30240

It´s aegyo sal. Just google it, you get tons of results about surgery and also tape. But note, some have it naturally.

No. 30241

File: 1556990844092.jpg (30.62 KB, 680x453, f2f0a5d3d4413bc35f8b551db93481…)

is she natural?

No. 30242

as natural as home-grown mobile phones

No. 30243

File: 1556992239981.jpg (51.52 KB, 750x426, seohyun.jpg)

no she's not natural. i don't know anything about plastic surgery but she's 27 and looks way older.

No. 30244

at 1:25 sakura chan gives us a glimpse of how she got her place in pd48 and in her japanese group
in all seriousness though i cannot decide whether the man is more disgusting or sakura

No. 30245

Wow the heck. I could understand if a grouo member she was close to did that but a grown man that she probably doesn’t know that well? Very weird especially since he easily could have just used a utensil.

No. 30246

File: 1556992868792.gif (206.7 KB, 550x690, E092FED1-F7E6-48D8-A63D-36F0C5…)

Might have been discussed before already but aegyo sal really does alter the appearance of more Asian face a good deal. I can understand why it’s a thing especially since having big doe-like eyes is considered a beauty standard in Korea. The issue is that not eveyone looks better with huge bulging eyes and there’s nothing wrong a smaller eye shape if it fits with your other facial features.

No. 30247

he said it is tastier when eaten through hands and also he made kwanghee taste it then rubbed his hand in something and then made sakura suck it

koreans are disgusting: a proof

No. 30250

Hmm yeah, I didn't realize how much it rounds the eyes. Interesting. I still think they should embrace their natural beauty, though.

No. 30252

How come they invited her out of all the other members? lol I feel like secretly she's super popular there

No. 30255

File: 1557000964021.jpg (415.29 KB, 1000x1634, u2.jpg)

holy shit

No. 30256

both her and lizzy are just ~naturally skinny~

No. 30258

File: 1557001714263.jpg (109 KB, 550x827, IMG_0065.JPG)

That's so sad…how did she go from this to that

No. 30261

I think this is wrong. Your first thought upon seeing her eating disorder shouldn't be ''oh too bad she lost her looks'' but the fact she's slowly dying

No. 30264

That's definitely not was implying. I wanted to show how healthy she was before.
That's the way you read into it.

No. 30273

Shut up, moralfag. Try stepping outside the fucking kpop thread for once.

No. 30274


Who is she?

No. 30277

Uee from after school

No. 30278

didn't she recently dress up as that underage natalie portman character from that one movie? she's definitely milking the pedo shtick

No. 30279

I assume you're talking about Leon. That was sort of creepy but it's pretty old news. It was 4 years ago.

No. 30280

So around the same time as her Zeze scandal then

No. 30282

Yeah. Although the Zeze scandal was about her supposedly sexualizing a little boy in the song rather than her acting like a child.

No. 30283

File: 1557012569387.jpeg (65.34 KB, 657x769, C082206D-197F-4CB0-9997-2F76F5…)

Does anyone else wonder how female kpop idols deal with menstruation?

I can’t imagine keeping up with those schedules and having a period. We can probably assume a sizable portion are underweight and have amenorrhea, but as for the rest of them: are they on birth control to take away their period?

No. 30284

One of the idol youtubers (Soobeanie I think) said that they either take birth control to stop it or just use tampons and avoid white clothing. Though I'm sure you're right about a lot of idols not even getting their period due to malnutrition

No. 30286

I’m just surprised there haven’t been any incidents with bleeding through during a performance. Periods + skimpy stage outfits + dancing + schedules that demand performances for weeks on end seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 30289

out of 9 members, there's bound to always be one or several girls on their period so im very curious about the stylist's choice

No. 30290

I mean tampons work just fine, you're not going to have accidents with a fresh tampon in. I'm more curious about how girls with really bad cramps deal with having to perform in pain.

No. 30292


I don't know if that's popular in Korea, but they could also use a cup. Swimmers use cups because it's pretty low on accidents and won't let anything escape unless you've been using it for 12+ hours

No. 30293

they're masochistic that way

No. 30294

Very few Koreans use tampons. I think 90% of idols just don’t get their periods, be it from eating disorders or birth control. But I do recall a few ex-idols/ex-trainees in Reddit AMAs saying they sometimes had to practice or perform in heels while on their periods…idk how they do it.

No. 30302

What the hell is happening with Jennie in this video around 2:05-2:30

As soon as they hit the stage it’s just pure mediocrity and then she pulls her shit in the very first verse

No. 30312

She's fucking terrible, she always only sings half the lines. It looks even worse in comparison to Rose trying too hard and yelling her lungs out.

She definitely slept with someone to get the treatment she gets but she looks done with life and completely out of it. I think she's being forced.

No. 30319

File: 1557043849288.png (606.61 KB, 917x335, lisa.png)

IMO its ugly on a sharp face. Almond eyes are striking and shouldnt be sacrificed
She is super popular she's ranked fourth most popular idol. netizens =/= general fanbase
That's not surgery though. Momo had 'aegyo sal' before debuting because she had forward projecting eyes, but they are probably altered with fillers to puff them up more. It's a common Japanese trait
She has had something done to her nose (to reduce width and bulk) and eyelids (rounder, possibly due to relaxing the muscle with botox?). I do not think she had an eyebrow lift though, because her eyebrows are in the same place (unlike Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner whose eyebrows moved 1 inch up their face)

No. 30321

There's one interview Heechul did with a newer group (I absolutely can't remember who it was, sorry) and they talked about how difficult it is when they're on their period. So, either these girls were healthy/heavy enough to still get it and/or not on birth control.
Anyhow, I absolutely can't imagine how horrible it must be to smile and perform if you're someone who suffers from really bad cramps…

No. 30330

She looks like she wants to throw up but I can't tell what's going on.

No. 30332

So according to comments from another video rose's mic fell her foot or something. Are the mics that heavy lol

No. 30335

She's always been touted as a natural beauty despite her, albeit subtle, nose job. But it's getting so obvious that she has been pumping her face full of fillers to try and maintain the face she had when she was a young teen. She's going to end up with that typical bloated "gangnam unnie" face at this rate.
Most people get it when they smile, but it's a pretty common feature in East Asians to have it even when not smiling, especially if they're younger. It's just that as we age our faces thin out, so seeing an adult with a resting face that still has such a prominent bump there can look pretty jarring and in this case, probably fake.

No. 30340

girl fans don't fap to posters? news to me.

No. 30341

you mean there are people who fap to posters!! posters that are heavily photoshopped! i feel sorry for these people

No. 30344

File: 1557065170062.jpg (68.57 KB, 640x800, IMG_20190505_005738.jpg)

Is it just me or something is wrong

No. 30345

what did you mean by this, 12 year old sea/eslfag? all pr0n is heavily shooped and there is a massive community of people who fap to crudely drawn sonic OCs eating eachother alive; this should come as no surprise.

No. 30352

how dare you call me seafag i am HURT i am not from SEA ew - and also i shouldn't be surprised sure because people will even fap to cartoons i am just disappointed

No. 30353

you’re still 12, go away

No. 30354

the fact that she was praised for healthy body and still developed an eating disorder is sad…

No. 30355

I'm not trying to be mean, but the way you phrase things really leans toward the younger end of the age spectrum.

No. 30356

"wrong" is how he always looks so yes and no

No. 30357

nigga that's a lizard

No. 30377

That picture does look really freaky, but to be fair he is making a weird face and the lighting isn't the best. But I think what disturbs me the most is how extremely skinny this he is. Like, I hardly ever see male idols this thin so what's up with this guy?

Plus anon I'm just curious as to how you got this picture, he isn't popular at all so I doubt his picture get shared around. Unless you're actually a stan…lmao

No. 30378

this is creepypasta fuel. is this one of the nct guys or jimin?

No. 30382

i think it's her ankle

No. 30388

what i don’t understand is, why is it always jennie who has fuck ups on stage? there was the whole lazy dancing thing, her forgetting her lines multiple times and just stopping mid performance, and walking off stage recently… it’s excusable the first few times but this shit just keeps happening again & again, and afaik none of the other bp girls have had any real problems on stage

No. 30389

i can't stand jennie even if she hurt her ankle. after her lazy dancing i don't see how anyone can respect her. she obviously doesn't give a fuck about her job. i wonder if her parents forced her into it or something.

No. 30392

The professionalism is outstanding. She doesn't give a shit. She's clearly had everything in her life handed to her on a silver platter, why should she care about putting any effort in when she's worshipped for merely existing? To think of all the other idol hopefuls who train day and night hoping they'll get half the chance she's had makes me sick tbh. She's an entitled, spoiled cunt.

No. 30400

I saw this pop up and it's just an uncoordinated mess. None of them look like they really enjoy themselves either.
Almost all of them seem like they don't have the energy to go on tour or hold a concert that's longer than 30 min.

No. 30402

Took me a long time to find it but here she's saying that her mum basically had planned out everything for her and that it was her own decision to become an idol https://mobile.twitter.com/jnkloops/status/1118351021707812866

No. 30407

it's utah

No. 30420

File: 1557100087590.jpg (103.85 KB, 628x1200, D5zyT_dWwAAf2dF.jpg)

what the fuck is going on with ratmon's face, they look like an old lesbian couple.

No. 30421

posts photo of utah only seen by nct stans in the depths of hell by maybe 3 people
wooow guys, doesn't he look sooo hot?? oops i mean.. FREAKY?
i swear nct fags are the fucking worst at hiding themselves. just please drink bleach.

No. 30422

i'm starting to think blackpink exists solely because of jennie's parents bribing yg to make their daughter famous. they knew jennie couldn't make it as a soloist so they got a wannabe actress, SEA koreaboo and a bad welcome to my kitchen vocalist to be her background noise.

No. 30423

To all the NCT fans in here. I read you guys broke into NCT’s bus like Korean fans and left some letters.

No. 30425

File: 1557103905992.jpg (125.54 KB, 1124x1513, 20190505194740.jpg)

Armys never cease to amaze me

No. 30426

Lmao someone was just telling me about that. So what's the full story?

No. 30427

>you guys

Nta but from what I read, someone broke into their tour bus, took vids and rearranged their beds, and NCT called the cops (top fucking kek).

No. 30430

I know, but when people pointed out the pedophilic undertones of that song, iu fans screamed about how the song was about how poor iu was sexualized when she was underage and therefore it's ok for her to sexualize a little boy. if she herself has a problem with the pedophilia geared towards her (she should) then it's strange that she continues to loli bait her fans

No. 30431

File: 1557106778568.jpg (225.08 KB, 1080x1858, IMG_20190505_213700.jpg)

I tried searching for something related to the nct bus thing and this is what I found. Honestly I can't stop laughing at this pic

No. 30432

Typical nerd behaviour

No. 30433

File: 1557107245390.jpg (342.52 KB, 2160x3840, Yeonwoo.jpg)

Yeonwoo really can't catch a break with these shorts.

No. 30436

Reminds me of the tweet about an army who shit in a bucket while inline waiting to see BTS at a concert kek

No. 30438

Where the fuck is the tweet. It must have been deleted. This is why we yell at newfags to post screencaps.

No. 30439

holy fuck
Next thread pic

No. 30440

Whats with everyone in these threads and NCT. I can't see whats so special about these fucks? They have like 2 catchy songs. The only member I'm familiar with is Lucas and he looks like he got lip fillers?

No. 30443

>I tried searching for something related to the nct bus thing
Literally no one but nctfags would know about this

No. 30447

No. 30448

they might be the most boring thing that came out of sm ever

No. 30449

Nothing is special about them, we're just making fun of NCT since their fans are absolutely retarded.

No. 30450

It exists as a pretty Bratz replacement for 2NE1, but the stuff you listed is probably the reason why the original Neo-2NE1 got axed and even Miyeon got thrown out

No. 30453

I like to tinfoil the 5th girl got thrown out bc Jennie didn't like her.

No. 30457

It was a short clip what's the point of a screencap… I wonder why it got removed all of the sudden.

No. 30459

kek im running with this theory, i don't care if its true or not

No. 30460

ratmonnie is such a funnyboi - says he learnt english through friends in a white people talk-show but his accent says he spent his formative years aping black people also despite his 2000iq has yet to contruct a proper comprehensive sentence english

No. 30461

Well he sure as hell can't speak in AAVE so I believe him

No. 30462

his english is like weebs' japanese. he talks like the 16 year old sjws on stan twitter who talk with aave and drag queen lingo.

No. 30465

File: 1557131161367.jpg (122.38 KB, 750x1334, 45dcf7eb-bfc8-4d4c-a15c-d81c92…)

Tumblr never forgets.
I also saw posts saying things like "let's not hurt the girls who went in there, let's not be as crazy as the bts fandom" kek

No. 30466

File: 1557131190119.png (1.15 MB, 1055x1871, 276fd055-9879-440a-ac2e-56e8ef…)

No. 30467

File: 1557131297082.jpg (43.95 KB, 325x680, 77b1edf7-ef60-4dd7-bb5c-8aa269…)

No. 30468

File: 1557131460877.png (271.53 KB, 719x1280, 310fe542-3764-4f6d-bbc8-6f83bf…)

No. 30469

um wait WHAT this is top kek wtf i hope that potbellied driver made some good bucks out of that

No. 30471

File: 1557131985117.png (316.25 KB, 719x1280, 2e051ef9-a9b0-4e36-94e7-6400ab…)

Supposedly an interviewer in the US was also "racist" towards them

No. 30472

can't make fun of a man making a living, even if it's selling used tissue wipes kek

No. 30473

They probably hope that their oppas used them to jerk off

No. 30474

hey supply creates its own demand - if it were me i would auction those tissues off to the largest paying idiot

No. 30475

The direction Jiyoon from 4minute has taken is unexpected… it's obviously going to flop hard and the video is incredibly weird but it's interesting for the k-world and the song is decent. I didn't recognize her voice singing so high. But then again she actually studies music

No. 30476

Imagine your parents raising you from a baby to an adult just to become like this lol

No. 30477

It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. The song's up my musical alley.

No. 30478

Huh, I quite like the song. Could do without the drag but at least the guy is hot.

No. 30479

Song sounds like those typical k-indie songs but nothing wrong with that. Its sad how the actually decent members of 4minute were completely invisible due to hyuna.
I only know her from unpretty rapstar.
Their main vocalist was good too but no one really knows them.

No. 30480

their parents are probably weird abusive fucks themselves

No. 30481

this is a fucking bland song and no amount of edgy video graphics is going to salvage it

No. 30482

does anyone know why hyuna blew up so much? When I see her with 4minute (and when she was in wonder girls) I don't feel like she particularly stood out (or am i just being biased?)

No. 30483

It's a little generic in my opinion, but it's not bad. The music video gives me a headache since parts of it were filmed vertically, almost as if they used a phone.

No. 30484

this asswipe apparently bullied his way through school and now is doing aegyo on broadcast for the pedonoonas

No. 30485

Because JYP created the crude sexy image for her when she was in wondergirls and when she joined cube and re-debuted in 4minute everyone knew her and cube ran with that sexy prostitute image for her

No. 30487

now that you mention that, she was 15 in this MV. JYP got away with some dodgy stuff here considering how young the Wonder Girls were; they were all between 15 and 18…

No. 30488

File: 1557141930305.jpg (158.99 KB, 425x347, IMG_0071.JPG)

She was 15 at that time I think…jyp as as much as a disgusting creep as all the other CEO's in the industry. I wish someone exposed him already.

No. 30489

around 2:00 is hyuna's rap and dance break, somehow her voice at 15 was deeper than it is now

No. 30490

Charisma and her frame. Admittedly she's a significantly better dancer than most k-types
Because that's her real voice. The Minnie Mouse rapping only became obligatory in k-pop starting in 2008

No. 30494

Hyuna was already being aggressively pushed as the center of the Wonder Girls by the second single. I think JYP was pissed at losing her so early

No. 30496

Admitted newfag here. I thought hyuna was with psy's company now after leaving cube. She worked with jyp too? Why so many changes?

No. 30497

File: 1557143946972.jpg (118.38 KB, 750x937, IMG_20190506_135839.jpg)

The wonders of make up

No. 30498

damn xiumin is enlisting? time goes by fast. exo has been dead for years but the first enlistment is like the absolute end of top boy groups. rip

No. 30499

She transferred to cube and 4minute, I think cube was a JYP subsidiary at the time… but took a hiatus from WG for "health concerns".

The age old rumor has been that she got pregnant and had an abortion and that's why she went on "hiatus" from JYP

No. 30500

it's a shame he's leaving. he's the only decent one out of the lot

No. 30505

File: 1557146908036.jpeg (787.13 KB, 722x1073, 80FDF81F-E7C1-4972-B265-D689F5…)

Sohee was actually fucking 14 years old during the first few months after debut

Whenever anons rag on Hyuna and Sunmi in this thread for having blatant eating disorders or whatever, I always think about how these girls were locked away in the JYP dungeon as preteens being groomed and moulded into his sexist creepy vision of womanhood

No. 30509

What kind of pedonoonas? Homeboy looks like he's in his late 20s at least lol

He looks so damn weird, neither his head itself nor his features are shaped normally…

No. 30510

yet so many kpop fans online just treat him as a harmless meme. SM and YG get dragged, but JYP is a 'father figure' even though he is just as predatory

No. 30511

they put that shit upon themselves + they have loads of money selling their souls that we mere mortals can't make so really they shouldn't get any sympathy

No. 30513

The nasal rapping voice she has now is fake, if you listen to Lip&Hip you can hear her real voice during some parts

No. 30516

They were also 13/14 when they debuted, at a time where the complete degeneracy of Kpop wasn't known. If anything it's their parents who failed them.

No. 30518

if they didn't leave the industry when they are full-brained fucking adults and if they are being part of the industry they are partaking in its evils and selling the "kpop dream" to other korean youngsters when they should be warning them - so they should be blamed

No. 30520

>>>/the vigilant citizen forums/

No. 30526

LOL. ~No sympathy~ anon is back with a venge.

No. 30530

>they put that shit upon themselves
>talking about preteen girls
>hyuna’s parents literally had to pull her from the group for health reasons
>sunmi had a confirmed mental health crisis at the age of 17 causing her to leave the group and yet she was still contractually obligated to stay in the company

This is the same company that scouted Jihyo as an 8 year old, in the third grade. She now reportedly works out 4 hours a day on top of her gruelling schedule, presumably because JYP literally fat shamed her on Sixteen and threatened to disqualify her if she didn’t lose weight. You think it’s normal/healthy for children or teen girls to grow up in that cult-like work culture?

No. 30535

I wonder how her parents feel that she had to literally shake her goods on camera in order to gain fans lmao

As for Sunmi she is annoying and shallow as fuck - she panders way too much to the stan crowd and wants to make herself look like she is ~intellectual
Idols like Sunmi and freaking cockroaches BTS will go to great lengths to show they are intellectual instead of actually gaining knowledge through reading or shit.

No. 30536

sunmi and rapmonster are the ultimate tumblr pandering pseudo intellectuals

No. 30542

File: 1557157815679.png (794.05 KB, 621x739, BFRzWih.png)

Her mom planned it all for her jennie probably didn't even want to be an idol I bet she misses her new Zealand life

No. 30543

File: 1557158002004.jpg (53.68 KB, 400x600, tumblr_pr1agvKdXS1xooftyo2_400…)

they ruined him

No. 30544

is that her mother? she looks pretty korean. this kind of disproves other anons' speculation that jennie is half SEA

No. 30545

Random but jyp,park bogum and tom cruise give me the same vibes. They both are all smiles and innocent on tv and want to have an image as clean as possible but god knows how they really are when they go meet up with their cults…

No. 30546

is this the midget from stray kids or is this from nct

No. 30547

might be taemin but im not sure

No. 30548

stray kids felix

No. 30552

File: 1557160488408.jpg (150.64 KB, 765x555, 4.jpg)

yeah sure

No. 30553

jyp should kiss and thank his plastic pants everyday it gave him such a "funny uncle" image that has somehow convinced the i-rats that he can do no wrong

idc about her being SEA ( i mean she looks sea but she probably beats herself up over it everyday)but what about her dad

No. 30554

Krystal and Sulli were the same age during their debut. I always forget. It's hard to believe now because I see them as twenty somethings. And to me they seemed so mature back then, never would've guessed that they were '94 liners who were close to my younger teen age range when I myself discovered kpop. Back then the sexualization of minors was rampant, but it seemed a lot less "blatant" because they were styled more wacky or "conservatively" (schoolgirl uniforms like the JYP costumes are fetishy but they aren't that showy compared to what girlgroups wear now), and now you have 13 year old wonyoung or then 15 year old somi back in 2016 clad in straight up fetish gear.

No. 30555

The facial standards for kpop were less neotenized facially then. Sulli was called 'baby' and was one of the pioneers of the child-like trend but still was 5'7'' and quite modelesque.
Wonyoung looks straight up like a little girl and k-netz are flat out saying they pray her face never 'matures' or 'lengthens'

No. 30556

Yeah I was quite surprised that instead of choosing to go the US to some prestigious private school and eventually uni, she just decided to go back to Korea to become pursue something with a very high failure chance.
Might be tinfoil but I just doubt that her seemingly ambitious mom would just let her become a trainee unless she was sure she'd debut/become famous

No. 30557

for her sake i hope her face doesn't lengthen it is already so big

No. 30558

File: 1557163062422.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2000x3000, E03BFA06-D99C-49A3-BBC2-06C186…)

I think there was an episode of her groups reality show where wonyoung mentioned feeling uncomfortable around her roommates because she was self conscious, implying it was her period or puberty. poor girl really is a baby.

yujin looks more mature than she does but she still looks pretty young, it was so awkward seeing yujin be center in I AM on produce 48, the song was supposed to be a sexier concept and she completely flubbed it.

for some reason the staff on the show decided to take a whack at kaeun (94 liner) and say it was a "cutesy sexy" song. it was clear people favored yujin, she didn't deliver. no idea why they made her center at all in that performance, she's probably the reason why the song placed dead last. it was actually one of my favorite concept songs from the show, second to rumor, but damn I won't deny how bad she flubbed the performance, the mcountdown one was better but she's not center material at all

No. 30560

wait that was jyp?
i remember they did some sort of photoshoot and the photographer was calling her fat the whole time and that she shouldn't win just because of her weight. jyp was defending jihyo afaik, unless something happened behind the scenes

No. 30562

i only watched clips on ytube but i think later jyp told her in a """""compassionate"""""" way (to save his image) that she is low-energy and thus needs to shed some >>30556

as if she had enough patience to study kek - she just partied and had sex

No. 30564

File: 1557164784741.png (29.53 KB, 816x381, jypjihyo.PNG)

No. 30566

kek what the heck? Not a fan of Jihyo but it's knda fucked up for some middle-aged guy to basically imply to a teen girl that much of her worth came from how much she weighs. Welcome to K-pop, I guess.

Even with weight loss, Jihyo's short and top heavy so she still looks kinda "big.

No. 30569

Wow she looks just like her mom…

No. 30571

anons said dad is korean as her last name is Kim

No. 30572

File: 1557170402831.jpg (423.57 KB, 1080x1597, IMG_20190506_151758.jpg)

I'm fucking wheezing at this, Tom Holland has a fansite, complete with the heavy editing and whitewash

No. 30584

tom holland… has nothing to do with kpop… why are you posting about him here?

No. 30586

tom holland is my favourite kpop idol

No. 30590

because it's a joke cause he has a fansite that whitewashes and edits him like kpop fansites?? i swear yall here are disabled holy shit. go outside once in a while.(stan speak)

No. 30591

this is fucking hilarious

No. 30592

File: 1557177202661.png (271.45 KB, 694x620, tomholland.PNG)

it's even more obvious in this picture

No. 30594

They came up with a new "X" rank in the new male season of Produce for bad trainees. This guy is one of them. I haven't even watched it yet but judging by this clip it's going to be a disaster.

No. 30595

Is this so people later don't complain about absolutely talentless trainees debuting? They can use the excuse that they've ~improved~ and went from being shit to less shit.

No. 30597

File: 1557179760154.jpg (47.47 KB, 597x550, 1234.jpg)

From the next thread onwards could we add a new bullet-point to the OP going something in the likes of

>Don't sperg if someone criticizes or makes fun of someone you like, nobody is interested in your shitpost defense of your bias group

or whatever

No. 30599

Thats what the no fangirling rule and the no sperging rule are for.
And the other thread rules were added because they happened way too often or because a farmhand yelled at us. The whiteknight posts are rare and amusing so I dont think they warrant an explicit mention.

No. 30600

I watched the first few eps of Sixteen and I remember stopping after one of the episodes focused almost exclusively on Jihyo and her weight, it was ridiculous. She was one of the most well rounded trainees on the show and all they did was drag her for her figure, and then pick her apart for her lack of confidence after it started getting to her. It was painful to watch.

No. 30602


the weeboo way above that triggered no sympathy anon the first time kind of had a point.

j-idols are even more underaged and even more sexualized, but their fucked up teeth/chubbiness/weird eyebrows/bad voices/whatever are treated as their "charm points" and even encouraged.

rarely is the hottest member of akb/ske/i don't keep up the center; it's the one with the most ~unique flavor~. generally, mainstream japanese singers and actors are way better looking than their idols are.

it feels like a much more positive atmosphere for attention-seeking girls going through puberty for the pleasure of older dudes than k-pop…

especiallyyyy since they can graduate once they become adults who realize how weird this shit is.

taeyeon and hyuna are the ghosts of christmas future for nugu ggs, and they didn't even really go IN on the plastic surgery until their 20s. v curious in a david cronenberg way to see what twice and bp look like in their late 20s.

No. 30604


omg, i remember seeing this shit for the 1st time on vice or smt, bc it became an international media story for a hot minute, and thinking… she's so UGLY for an idol?? and wiki says she only got more popular after she made this video and got demoted…
it's still super disturbing… but i guess there's this implicit agreement that if you're a talentless idol with average looks instead of a "real artist," these are the breaks until you leave. k-idols train forever and mutilate their bodies to at least look like they're talented and still have to act the same way…

No. 30608

Funnily enough she's still a member, floating along not too popular or anything. Just kind of there.

No. 30610

Anons itt what's the reason you stopped liking K-pop?

No. 30611

I don't necessarily dislike it, but I don't like it either. I'm completely apathetic at this point and have lost all feelings, good and bad, for K-Pop in general. The music is alright, I suppose. I couldn't care less about any idol.

No. 30612

The fandoms. I still like some of the music and think some idols are cute and whatever, but kpop fandoms are the fucking worst in every single way. A bunch of screeching children/bored housewives fighting over shit that doesn't matter whatsoever. It's manufactured pop music, it's so void of any deeper meaning or value it's absolutely mind boggling how seriously these people take it. Absolutely ruined the fun for me, and yes I know other people's opinions shouldn't matter, but the fact is you can't get away from the retards and it's too draining to be around.

No. 30613

The insane fandom atmosphere/learned more about how horrible the industry is/music started to become worse in a way but I don’t know if that’s just me growing up some.
I really only followed 2ne1 consistently until they fell apart.
I was never really involved with fans too much because even back then I thought it was weird but it feels more…intense now? Maybe because social media blew up.
There are some idols that I like and I’m kind of waiting for them to go solo, I guess.
There’s a lot to dislike and

No. 30614

Cut myself off accidentally, whoops.
But that’s basically it.

No. 30615

I didn't

No. 30616

No inherit issue with the music, just the toxicity of the fandoms. Its important to be critical of the things you enjoy, but in the kpop community you're not allowed to express negative opinions so we're here

No. 30618

i still like… some. just like i occasionally enjoy western top 40.

but tbh, my original bias was shinee… which means

1) the corruption and cruelty of the industry is super obvious and unignorable to me at this point {like,
obviously i knew on some level, but now it's truly unignorable}

2) now that everyone but taemin is in the army, i'm not blindly watching every music stage during the summer and entrenched in the culture

3) most importantly, the LACK of talent and ability and group cohesion in every other group is PAINFUL by comparison. not fangirling, but shinee is like a super balanced rpg battle team, in which all 5 of the members were vital to the group for unique purposes and balanced/compensated for each other's weaknesses. watching the groups get bigger and bigger, with little distinctions between members, limited distribution of attention and actual skill between members, and more and more frequent comebacks is both boring and ridiculous to try to follow.

the fandom has entirely shifted from stanning groups to stanning individual members… lol, anon poster up top is right; it's getting more and more like j-pop in the worst ways.

i think what used to set k-pop apart was, despite being basic regurgitations of other pop music, it appeared carefully curated and impeccably executed. there's such a glut of it now that without special characteristics like performance ability, it isn't any different from any other 21st c pop act.

now that autotune and backing tracks dominate live performances entirely, live vocal ability means nothing. as an old school fan, i remember when practice videos really meant something and felt genuine; now they're so pre-produced that it's obvious that they're not prerecordings being checked for approval that get "dropped" online as a treat; they're an expectation.

also the plastic surgery and anorexia has gotten out of hand.

thank you for listening to my ted talk

No. 30619

lol i don't think anyone here hates it, or else we wouldn't know so embarrassingly much about it. but the fandoms are so ott that one iota of criticism launches a thousand ships of of sycophants who are literally, religiously worshiping false idols. jesus would hate this shit. i

No. 30620

This dude looks like he has a frog in his mouth at all times. Get braces or something.

No. 30621

they started to go all social justice

No. 30623

Never ending circlejerking, hypocrisy of industry and idols (none of these niggas are innocent), non-scandal "scandals" (until burning sun), outrage culture, twitter cancer, retards who can't drop their oppars/unnies no matter what

Followed for a good almost 10 years. So yea, only stick around for the actual drama, which is there but very hidden.

No. 30624

I used to be into BTS because I just really needed a distraction at the time, and now that I have better distractions I have no interest in BTS anymore and can more easily see how cringey they are. I still listen to some kpop but mostly girl groups, and I just listen to songs I find catchy and don't worry about member names or biases or whatever.

No. 30625

RM looks disgusting with his new face , ew.

No. 30626

Samefag, but everything I just mentioned has replayed over and over so many times that I don't register it as news. The exception is when these koreans leave and try to perform abroad, as it is a recent thing. It's laughable how they go from a circlejerk space of "korean superiority" to a space where no one gives a fuck and thinks you're rich chinese tourist #1,542,747,648.

Then they get upset when they're mocked on national television in Latin America and disregarded (at worse) / fetishized (at best) in North America.

No. 30627

I can't tell if he got tons of fillers or this is his actual face and they usually slim it down with Botox/filters/photoshop. You know what, it's probably both.

No. 30628

This quality is like when the one family with some disposable income would sneak a camcorder into theatres to record and then invite all the poor neighbor kids over to watch it on tape after school the next day.
They always sat in the first few rows and it always looked like this.

You’re already an undercover army in the 9th circle of hell, find something better quality to nitpick.

No. 30629

I only ever liked it because all my friends did. Soon as i grew up and got out of highschool, i basically stopped listening to it lmao

The fandoms and basically anyone who admits to liking kpop are so cringy. I was embarrassed to tell anyone outside my immediate friend group about kpop. The industry is also awful. Can't support that shit.

Now I'm only around for the drama lol. Idk shit about any of the newer groups, but ik ppl who worked in the industry so I'm always down for hearing gossip

No. 30631

Arguably the ugliest and kind of useless exo member, is anything really lost?

No. 30636

i still like some of the music but i despise the industry and the fandoms and i won't support or buy into it for that reason. i was an earlier fan who started liking it in the 2010s and while i still listen to songs i can't stand fandom culture and the toxic industry and the behavior it breeds, and i'm totally willing to criticize it, won't pay for it, won't support it.

No. 30645

File: 1557215796849.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.47 KB, 450x586, 00.jpg)

i once saw this article and needless to say i was disgusted https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/01/netizens-discover-pre-debut-photos-of-bts-rm-with-cornrows

when are they going to reveal what assholes they are through a controversy damnit

No. 30647