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File: 1654352900448.jpeg (53.3 KB, 384x500, 69DF764C-F67A-4ECE-B02C-34858F…)

No. 211556

I am bored so let’s play a game: Nonnies posts their waifus/husbandos and the next Nonnie assumes something on the Nonnie above.
I’ll start by posting one of my husbandos;

Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

No. 211565

File: 1654357268881.jpg (721.78 KB, 2048x1157, Tumblr_l_10372603257925.jpg)

Fun game nonita! I hope couple of assumptions is fine just to get the game more varied.

I assume you like video games, play almost everything except dating sims and sports games. I also assume you have a pet (possibly a dog?) I think you struggle to keep a consistent style of clothing because you like many things, but it doesn't matter because everything looks good on you.

Here is my husbando; Goro Majima (Yakuza Games)

No. 211598

File: 1654362935597.gif (1.97 MB, 498x364, 087805fdb55d81934a5697c41818.g…)

You've also played Metal Gear games, had a rabid fujo phase in middle school and used to write cringy angsty fanfiction, used to wear mostly black but now wear fun bright colors, have a pet cat and your favorite board is /g/ (but it would be /m/ if it were more active)

>Pixy from Ace Combat Zero

No. 211617

File: 1654366724011.gif (996.83 KB, 500x281, dxfcgvbhjn.gif)

What a fun thread!
You have an easy going attitude in life, you value your friends very much and you've probably known them for years, irl you stay out of drama, you were an overachiever in school but grew out of it and you dress very cozy

>Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita

No. 211625

File: 1654367262017.jpeg (294.75 KB, 2048x1365, 58A6208E-54A3-48A2-B67F-381FA6…)

Vincent Valentine (FFVII)

You’re a mid-level monster fucker (demon boys and the like but not outright tentacles or anything) and you’ve always been partial to silver haired guys. You probably also like Youko Kurama and if you’re an edge lord, Dante too. When you were younger you tended to like any given new anime before it was cool.

No. 211655

File: 1654370858952.jpg (36.97 KB, 435x600, a1ccae40ca3d35f7cb9c5cff3afd27…)

You like your 2D men dark, stoic and brooding but your taste in real-life men is almost the complete opposite. You had an emo phase in middle school and wanted to dye your hair black but your mom wouldn't let you. You used to be a big fan of Anne Rice and wanted Lestat to bite you. You have multiple Spotify playlists dedicated to video game OST

>Ludwig from Bloodborne

No. 211712

NTA but one of my husbandos is Majima too. Eerily accurate kek

No. 211939

I assume your gaydars are broken.

No. 211940

for years I thought the main character in the thread pic was a black guy but he’s just japanese kek

No. 211942

File: 1654440281669.jpg (39.65 KB, 540x962, not a simp (@lovereditss) TikT…)

Are we allowed to post irl husbandos?

you might have high-functioning autism

you used DeviantArt when it was still popular, but your monster-fucking tendencies came about when you started using tumblr. You might be attracted to venom

No. 211963

What's my chart make you think?

No. 211973

You listen to EBM and dressed like a goth ninja in 2014

No. 211989

File: 1654450893121.jpg (63.17 KB, 563x769, 1648599525548.jpg)

Both of them

No. 211991

File: 1654451083438.jpg (69.47 KB, 772x960, 1765522-p2_glados.jpg)

You are insanely attracted to Henry Cavill even though you like to pretend that you aren't and hate yourself for it


No. 212000

Again, broken gaydar.

No. 212018

They don't act like real gays all. I would fuck them both and then let them fuck each other

No. 212047

You’re a lesbian or bi woman who had some beef with your mom growing up and might be slightly touch-starved right now. You don’t mind when it rains and like to get creative things done when it does.

No. 212049

File: 1654464131763.jpg (42.2 KB, 468x655, images-2.jpg)


No. 212061

you are on the verge of describing every man you're attracted to as "rapeable"

No. 212076

Nope I like cleaner electronic music and techwear.
None of those guys are goth/punk/emo (excluding Crow's stupid hair.)

No. 212078

File: 1654468852113.jpg (172.33 KB, 500x654, 22bffc8458e924ceb51d87da847ad2…)

You like nature, and have an adventurer type personality. You probably are quite independent, and like when your partner also has some sense of it.

>Korekiyo Shinguji from Danganronpa

No. 212080

You wish he was your brother

No. 212082

File: 1654470729508.jpg (8.39 MB, 2508x3541, 3621544.jpg)

this is such a fun thread idea!

>trafalgar law (one piece)

No. 212084

You were exposed to porn at a very early age and developed questionable fetishes as a result. You've also been deemed problematic in your friend circles

No. 212117

You like shibari and had a kink tumblr blog at some point

No. 212168

File: 1654498908314.jpeg (84.76 KB, 720x1142, F58C89B5-95C3-4F48-9206-E76FD1…)


No. 212169

File: 1654499322604.jpeg (691.15 KB, 1084x885, 99D8CF42-D6A8-43C5-A504-96DBCB…)

You prefer the company of stoic men who almost seem asexual and your dad loved you.
You HAVE a boyfriend who works out crazy and is buff. Girls online who usually enjoy bara tiddies and huge arms usually have the bf to match
You’re bisexual.
You liked Jesse McCartney in the early 2000s.
You like the riddler and you’re a dano fag.

No. 212170

File: 1654499650109.jpeg (159.07 KB, 404x358, B8A2E1DE-EC58-4B02-8BEC-E54AC5…)

I’m gonna post a bunch of my husbandos

You (still) like dubstep and dress like you’re going to see Limo Bizkit in concert and wear cargo shorts. You wore those wire rim glasses in the early 2000s.

No. 212172

File: 1654500577952.jpeg (58.12 KB, 853x480, 8565569C-AC7F-47EE-A102-67A6E2…)

You would have loved this one dude I knew (physically anyways) He was a scrawny dude slightly toned and had this shaggy haircut. And he was honestly 10/10 qt otter. He was a stoner who had this slight urban style, he’d wear baggy dickies and a tank top, it was the hottest thing.

No. 212183

Dammit I wanted to say techwear but I didn't remember what it was called. If you google goth ninja it looks like techwear

No. 212207

File: 1654516802424.jpeg (299.04 KB, 1920x1317, babyboy.jpeg)

You like Kronk from Emperor's New Groove and men with cheetah print underwear, your first boyfriend was a bit nerdy and shy but his hair was soft anf fluffy, you're obsessed with pastries and your ideal man is a chef with a heart of gold
You're furry adjacent but only found out after watching Beastars, you're into wumpy men and their suffering, at school you were either emo or goth and into vampires and werewolves, your favorite color is purple
You love manlets.
You're one of the sub vs dub people and (rightfully) shit on modern shounen releases, you were/are into Peter Steele and you're also a DMC fan

>Connor Kenway, AC III

No. 212209

File: 1654518416868.jpeg (181.64 KB, 800x640, E732646C-0A46-46BD-AA93-B24B92…)

Parappa the Rapper! Because he’s the sun my Earth revolves around. And also his real wife, Sunny doesn’t exist,

No. 212210

Nah I'd argue that >>212170 is furry-lite while >>212169 is deep into full blown furry territory

No. 212215

File: 1654523497711.jpeg (241.85 KB, 750x1057, 34D9DB29-2A64-4545-8E33-6F020C…)

You like your guys as docile as possible, you want to feel like you’re in control of the situation all of the time, the idea of dating a real life moid frightens you to the core because they will never be soft, cute and loyal like a rapper dog.
My husbando is Rook Hunt from Twisted Wonderland!

No. 212217

you're an insufferable attention whore and avatarfag

No. 212221

File: 1654525902739.jpg (303.43 KB, 600x380, burgerland_hetalia.jpg)

You're rather shy and don't want to make the first move. You're high maintenance, want to be spoiled and treated like a goddess. You think HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA is a banger

I'm gonna get bullied but please don't think of the actual nation kek

No. 212222

You're an avatarfagging anti-semite who's probably doing this as a shitty ironic joke.

No. 212224

File: 1654526442162.png (216.23 KB, 651x730, green-man-gaming-black-friday-…)

if you liked hetalia when you were younger at some point you probably considered moving to a country solely based on how much you liked the character. also you envisioned hot yaois in history class.

No. 212235

File: 1654527727441.jpg (32.2 KB, 304x226, rookies-shinjou.jpg)

you've probably read doujin where he gets chubby from burgers i know i have

mine is a deep cut he's just a delinquent highschooler who looks 35 and almost killed his classmate. he terrorized his "friends" until he learned the true power of friendship and baseball

No. 212237

File: 1654529179340.png (425.36 KB, 463x614, Matias_Torres_AC7_Image.png)

You have a 100k+ slow burn Solaire/Carthus Sandworm vore fic planned out but you're stuck on the opening paragraph

>Matias Torres from Ace Combat 7

No. 212311

Both is I nonna I am deeply ashamed

No. 212324

File: 1654555656547.png (142.42 KB, 480x272, ULJM05976_00021.png)

You have an edgy sense of humor and/or like to pretend that you're a twisted fucking psychopath but in reality you're a pretty nice person who wouldn't hurt a fly. You find unhinged murderous characters funny and endearing.
(This is my guess based on his TVTropes description and a shitpost video)

>Tamao Konno from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story

No. 212329

File: 1654557410339.jpg (319.65 KB, 1400x933, thanatos.0.jpg)

you have excellent taste in husbandos, shit taste in video games. you were very involved with tumblr fandom spaces 2012-2015

No. 212331

File: 1654558024420.png (172.39 KB, 480x360, 52FC3FA4-96F4-44C7-BC59-0A6EB1…)

>You think HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA is a banger
Yes. To everything.

No. 212336

File: 1654559178103.jpg (59.95 KB, 640x261, tumblr_d2a98221e6682956c35c87d…)

My sides nonna, I lowkey expected that answer.
Pretty spot on is scary, only detail is that my Tumblr blog is still running, kek.
Not a Danofag, sadly. But I find Danofags quite sweet tbh.

No. 212339

File: 1654560228344.gif (490.89 KB, 270x387, C70C3056-2F5C-472F-9ADD-AFDCB2…)

>you love manlets

Hear me out Nona..

No. 212344

You're rather reserved, but love good natured wrangling among friends who are much more extroverted than you. You prefer cows who are harmless if you browse the gossip boards. You have a desire to do your younger years over again, but in reality, you're a decent person who just has trouble seeing that.
People would think you're the type to send gore to people you don't like, but you actually are the person being sent the gore. If you have a Twitter account, it's locked because you're tired of the fans of the media you like. You're pretty decent at cooking or baking but amazing at making it look presentable. May be into lolita.
You live in a city and long for farmer life. You own a semi-popular Twitter account dedicated to historical images. Narcoleptic.

No. 212357

You pass your time on 4chan and visit /a/ way too much.

No. 212358

How can you guess random things like whether an anon is good at baking or has narcolepsy? It's really fun to read though

No. 212359

radio waves

No. 212371

Presumably because link is a sleepy faggot

No. 212468

File: 1654615562118.jpg (477.28 KB, 1192x2048, malenia-elden-ring.jpg)

>Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Your ideal boyfriend is a sweet, sensitive, shy nerd who is submissive in bed/likes being dommed. You were a straight A student in school, even though you spent most of your classes daydreaming. You wear glasses and were teased about it in school

No. 212540

based taste nonnie, now here is my spiritual reading! You go the gym regularly or at least you want to, you have a strong moral compass, you don't take any shit from moids, you prefer to dress in comfy clothes ( like army surplus ) and also you are secretly a hopeless romantic. Please tell me how I did, I want to know if I can become a medium and scam people!

No. 212544

File: 1654639794756.jpg (72.51 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

Based, but
You had a soft spot for sasuke as a 13 year old but hated yourself for it. You also thought Geralt from the witcher was almost hot, but not quite bestest boy ever and you couldn't really put your finger on why he wasn't

> Makishima Shougo from Psycho Pass

No. 212546

File: 1654640312840.jpg (83.02 KB, 564x1002, e0d6c38060e2204e6040ceb03ce8bc…)

This absolute retard, Zen from Mystic Messanger.

You don't see red flags until it's way too late. You are probably attracted to charismatic assholes and/or men with a troubled past because you think you can fix them. Maybe you went through some hard shit yourself and that's why you want to help others but chances are you constantly get hurt.

No. 212548

File: 1654640800718.jpg (58.72 KB, 1280x720, russia.jpg)

I'm another hetalia nona, hello
You're a kpop fan or used to be and want a man who would spoil you. You prob also have really high standards in men which is a good thing and want someone who will spoil you.

You don't happen to still have a link to that doujin, do you…

No. 212550

look up hobby hobby hetalia on Tumblr. there's a few…

No. 212551

File: 1654641595538.jpeg (93.44 KB, 1122x1920, E6458CD3-9446-4902-9997-89B4C0…)

You were very active on Tumblr back in the day probably.

>Kashuu Kiyomitsu from TKRB

No. 212556

File: 1654643357919.jpeg (116.72 KB, 658x470, F0F05714-A7A0-48BA-ABF9-35F21B…)

He was your first sword which made you like him from the first time you started playing, then you watched the anime and that was the final shot that made you fall completely in love with him, you would die to go watch the live shows just to look at him move on a stage, you like pretty things that are versatile and DIYs.
Mine is Mikazuki Munechika from Touken Ranbu.

No. 212558

nonna go ahead and reveal my social security number too while you are at it holy fuck

No. 212562

File: 1654645503778.png (90.28 KB, 698x541, latest-1718687207.png)

No. 212572

File: 1654648853253.jpg (445.53 KB, 1920x1080, IuKnr8[1].jpg)

A zoomer who grew up with the original Club Penguin. You have an interest in toys like plushies and robots, probably on building toys too like Legos. Probably stopped being active on Club Penguin once the Secret agent rooms got removed and changed art style. Monsters Inc is one of your favorite animated movies. You are probably more the type to create OCs instead of Character x Reader stuff. You played a lot of Flash games while they were at their peak, and used to re-create your penguin on doll makers.

>Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

No. 212582

File: 1654654125309.jpg (37.71 KB, 512x309, rengoku.jpg)

You're sensitive but also try to play yourself off as tough and emotionless. You have a twitter account where you follow people you barely like and have a false sense of superiority over them. You want to be happy and settle into a comfortable life one day, but until then you're content exaggerating your own loneliness and wallowing in it. You wear all black or all white and jump onto whatever trend is popular at the moment OR you wear whatever same style you settled into in your late teens. You don't watch much anime anymore.

No. 212584

anons i wanna play but idk so many of these characters

No. 212585

File: 1654654531958.jpg (4.19 MB, 1400x1980, RDT_20211208_23111540022325972…)

Johnny from JJBA part 7 Steel Ball Run

No. 212589

You can still just guess simple things based on the visuals.

No. 212593

Just read their wiki article lol

No. 212610

File: 1654669162299.jpg (66.37 KB, 600x591, dc42139920878995c85d1624f78eeb…)

You're a mega-introvert but you have to talk to a lot of people for school or work. You were probably one of those wannabe horse girls when you were in elementary/middle school. Playing Bella Sara or Howrse probably kickstarted what would become a years-long video game addiction but you've recently kicked the habit in favor or something more creative.
>Kent from Amnesia Memories

No. 212617

You like books, cry often, probably had something closer to an ED

No. 212619

No. 212620

File: 1654672545437.gif (1.64 MB, 640x502, red-dead-redemption-rdr2.gif)

No. 212626

File: 1654673632221.gif (2.98 MB, 500x557, tumblr_0a29d3a1e9d769546b32a08…)

You like to come off as tough, cool and funny but horny. You might be interested in the Yakuza series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Team Fortress 2. You're knowledgeable about guns/weapons, fighting and hunting/survival to which you want to put them to good use and look badass. You enjoy hardcore feral sex especially with two or more men at once even when they're going at it with each other. You don't mind your men having pubes or body hair and sweat. Also watching hot men fight each other turns you on. It's super manly.

You're a reserved person that would like to help but don't come off as overbering. You like to join in with others and go to places together which is the more the merrier. Probably have the hots for Zoro and maybe Sanji. Possibly Levi from Attack on Titan. You don't bother to watch the entirety of One Piece but only after your husbando shows up. You might have looked up on puffball mushrooms.

You want to be in control sometimes but you are super sweet and very caring. You make treats for others and don't mind sharing your food. You have mixed feelings of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. You might find it pretty meh or you disliked it. You definitely love kemonomimi guys.

Same though my assumptions might be pretty off but you can try looking up the characters, watch videos or imagine what it's like to be that nonny loving this particular character. Judging them or having little knowledge can do. We're all assuming and making guesses here so no worries!

>Arataka Reigen from Mob Psycho 100

No. 212660

File: 1654694995083.jpg (185.95 KB, 736x981, 0o5tt915zs971.jpg)

Every morning first thing you do when you wake up is praise the sun and hope your husbando appreciates it. You also watch ThePruld religiously.

No. 212701

File: 1654705543364.jpg (103.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He gives early 2000s vibes

No. 212702

probably late 20s, loves scruffy dudes

No. 212711

File: 1654706473636.png (171.57 KB, 450x360, leon-s-kennedy.png)

You like action and energetic dudes who a soft spot. Did you feel relived when big eyebrows became popular?

No. 212718

File: 1654707443058.jpg (137.22 KB, 1280x720, FM7cRqzagAYBbWl.jpg)

You're an older farmer who really love gaming and is great at it. You own multiple consoles of different ages. You're a woman of taste and culture.

Your goal in life is to travel to Japan and drink green tea on a genuine historical veranda, while eating sweets and watching the cherry blossoms.

No. 212740

File: 1654709311560.png (93.12 KB, 600x381, cute flynn.png)

I have many husbando but let's go with him. I hesitated with other characters but I won't mention them to prevent biased replies.

No. 212762

File: 1654711749255.jpg (71.75 KB, 564x788, f499124d2a7cd4a84712a17928b222…)

My very first husbando Kurapika

You are into broody silent guys who are sweet on the inside. You like being protected. A huge weeb who is probably into characters that wear Japanese inspired clothing. You play Hakuoki.

No. 212764

File: 1654712188293.jpg (97.26 KB, 1280x1024, d1jje7y-8f378edf-7e15-47c9-a8a…)

you like tsundere pretty guys, I feel you nona (I also hate all the tranny shit that the fan art is now often for guys like that)

No. 212767

I don't play Hakuoki, but I plan on playing it once I have more free time. I downloaded both Edo Blossoms and Kyoto Winds long ago on Steam and got very busy. I was gonna post Serph from DDS too so I'd say your description is accurate. Also, Kurapika is great from what I remember from the first anime long ago, you have great taste.

No. 212768

You enjoy cheesy jokes, dancing and quoting your husbando.

No. 212772

nice, you're totally right nonna

No. 212773

File: 1654712743398.jpg (204.31 KB, 508x640, d7cyqeg-1ddb6a7d-f5b1-40b3-aec…)

You have no idea how much awful fetish art there is of her even in the first page of google images holy shit, why are men (I am not one even though my waifu is prime nerdbait #1)

Either a very practical no-nonsense butch, or a (spiritual) damsel in distress desperately wanting her own very practical no-nonsense butch lmao. Based either way

You would 100% be manipulated by a moid with a pretty face, be safe nonna

Mommy issues manifesting as attraction to a disembodied robot female voice (kinda relatable tbh)

No. 212776

File: 1654713029731.jpg (26.24 KB, 400x400, FDtZwVLXEAYfwr1.jpg)

Emet Selch FFXIV

Live for corny dad jokes and unironically will listen to pop/country fusion music
You like lofi on rainy days and will cook at midnight just because

No. 212777

File: 1654713258996.jpg (50.57 KB, 564x1033, 43c4e0ea9c09ac16aef1f8bab6ea32…)

You have impecable taste. You are independent, smart and a bit sarcastic, you like taking care of others and are into quirky, cute girls. You have low tolerance for alcohol.

No. 212780

Forgot to say it's Sengo Muramasa from Touken Ranbu.

No. 212781

File: 1654714145756.jpg (95.56 KB, 700x824, 2761106-xena_in_ulysses-e14122…)


No. 212782

You love his laugh, you probably saw him first in the anime and then googled all of the possible recipes to forge him, when you finally got him you felt like your life was complete and couldn’t wait to get him hurt just to hear his special attack lines, you downloaded all of the live shows where he appears and watch them whenever you can.
He’s your attendant and you keep on looking for those spicy doujinshi that get posted on Pinterest from time to time, you tried to get into horror stuff because of his backstory but if it doesn’t include him it isn’t that interesting.

No. 212789

>you're bisexual and have given up on dating men entirely because it's impossible to find the right balance between masculine and feminine in (straight) men irl
>you have a healthy social life
>you like orchestral music and/or metal
>you like dressing in classy clothes all the time
>you like fine art and have above average IQ
>you have monster fucker tendencies

No. 212800

>a very practical no-nonsense butch
you guessed right immediately

No. 212821

Your name starts with an N

No. 212829

File: 1654722802397.gif (1.56 MB, 320x218, GLGdTyh.gif)

me about to post his monster form in monster fuckers

No. 212858

Anon, 80% of this is bizarrely accurate. I guess the only thing is that I don't mind looking/being badass, but the rest is spot-on, including the media and the sex but in fantasy only, I'm engaged and wouldn't be able to have 3somes even if I wasn't lol I'm a fujo into manly dudes though

Probably won't be as good as yours, but I'd say you have a thing for sleazy men, the type that is endearingly cringe. They are hot, but effortlessly, and without the ego to make them insufferable. Like spontaneous adventures. Interested in paranormal/weird stuff, but not to the point of being schizo.

No. 212868

File: 1654732504454.jpg (29.04 KB, 736x414, 7569375f89e56547e2fdd411a8c9e0…)

You started reading cow boards and now you're almost exclusively an /ot/g/m/ anon, possibly because your og cow dried up. You hate YouTube essays and/or online debate in general, and barely tolerate the infighting here. Either a incredibly straight woman or the dykest dyke in the word, no middle ground. In fact, you don't have a lot of middle grounds, right? You maybe aren't a radical revolutionary but you have little patience to indecision. Despiste everything, you cherish the little things in life. You own an older dog.

>Mahiru Tsuyuzaki from Revue Starlight

No. 212916

Kek I wish I had a dog! Love the non-drama boards and my nonnies (don't infight please) but I'm bi like Xena herself.

No. 212917

I'm not really a hopeless romantic, if only you'd gone for something like 'also loves Lady Maria', you would've got a perfect score. But you still got 4 out of 5, that's good enough for a fortune teller certificate

No. 212918

Amazing how many things some of you come up with based on the character choice btw!

No. 212937

File: 1654774859370.jpg (127.97 KB, 800x1200, 7f499fff835471926c5204a488dcb7…)

Please don't give me "you're a driverfag" because that's a fact and not an assumption lol

No. 212938

File: 1654775942305.png (184.58 KB, 750x778, Lny1aMA.png)

you probably feel like this when you sperg about driver

No. 212942

File: 1654776693771.jpg (60.34 KB, 736x736, ce6289ff4db4f5a271e7d8fe631ff2…)

ok, now what?

No. 212985

Eh, the comic would be right tho… If I sperged at randoms. I will sperg at Boyega-chan any time tho, the audacity to insult AD when you stan a diaper dinosaur Really would love a non-driver shots in the dark, but I suck at figuring out nonnies' traits based on their husbandos, so I cannot complain.
Either you relate to his autism or you just have an autismo fetish

No. 213001

Wow anon this is an incredibly detailed reply.
>when you finally got him you felt like your life was complete and couldn’t wait to get him hurt just to hear his special attack lines
YES. Of course the crown of my beautiful japanese sword collection is Muramasa.
>you downloaded all of the live shows where he appears and watch them whenever you can.
>you keep on looking for those spicy doujinshi that get posted on Pinterest from time to time
No Never seen any there, are there yume doujins? If so I must check it out immediately.

No. 213025

File: 1654791292484.jpeg (185.77 KB, 519x1024, 589F1AD2-5172-41F7-9D5D-AD12F5…)

There’s a few but you have to lurk Pinterest a lot, they’re probably easier to find on Pixv if you know some Japanese, I’ve seen a few yume doujinshi and yume art of the sword boys and it’s really cute, sometimes hot, sometimes I wish I knew what they’re saying

No. 213035

>>212916 i was about to said you were a dog person but i decided to be specific kek

No. 213042

>>212937 seems bizarre now but at the start of everything Drive was a plus, you were frist and foremost attracted to the character trope. A yume even in places that yumes aren't welcome. You have innumerable internet fights with everyone. Either you truly liked anime/hp at some point or just were attracted to Sasuke/Draco but in practical terms it was the same. AO3 veteran. Werid sense of humor but not in a quirky zoomer way. Your internet footprint is massive because you're online since 6, but is mostly lost because the sites you used to visit are dead and the closest you went to a normie sns was Tumblr in the pre-4chan troll campaigns.

No. 213044

Muramasa zipping UP someone's clothes? Is this 1st of April? Anyway, I feel you yume sister, I need to study more japanese to understand my swords better.

No. 213103

File: 1654801430382.jpg (117.73 KB, 935x1192, DX_rcnaUMAA2Mi6.jpg)

Kai Satou, Your time to die

No. 213156

File: 1654817742614.jpeg (7.19 KB, 174x290, download (9).jpeg)

>Mitsunari Baba from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (Voltage)

No. 213175

File: 1654825508158.png (4.15 MB, 2160x3840, dd589jr-0789242b-dfbf-41db-bbc…)

Also him, among others.

No. 213189

You got into otome games playing mobage

who is he

No. 213217

File: 1654838233000.jpg (279.26 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_67feb09f2f2d476ab72b7d4…)

(not my collage, found it online) Osamu Kashiwagi from the Yakuza series. Not the most major character but I change top Yakuza husbandos like socks, most of the characters have had their turn at least once but right now it's him. I was also that one anon in the monsterfucker thread who said I found the Doom Slayer and Samuel Hayden and the Marauders all sexy as fuck. Plus some other guys from other series. My harem is huge and I do not do actual commitment to moids, not even animated ones.

No. 213239

ok I only asked about his name

No. 213240

Kek that is what happens when you ask anons about their husbandos.
You're a weeb with a high tolerance for silly hats. You own 30 otome games and wish you could go to Japan and date some handsome guys. You're into femdom but is very romantic at heart.

No. 213249

File: 1654872449914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.02 KB, 798x597, E77ECD6E-05ED-49EA-B0F1-A4A069…)

This seems really fun!

No. 213251

File: 1654872564755.jpeg (183.4 KB, 1080x1080, 58203C4C-7CDF-4E8F-B3DA-BB8509…)

Here’s my two.

No. 213254

You have emotional problems and tend to fall for cold and distant people.

No. 213255

File: 1654874850709.png (406.73 KB, 622x600, bros.png)

What a nice thread, it definitely beats the boredom of my slow day. Here's my two as I just really love them both (it is hard to choose between the two) and would want both of them.

No. 213256

I unfortunately have the opposite problem. I like cold and quiet people and find them soothing. I attract loud and emotional people because I’m quiet. Thank you though Noni! >>213255
I feel like you’re fun, but multifaceted so you can do a variety of activities and you like to do your thing.

No. 213334

Haha, you got half of it right.
>You were a straight A student in school
God I wish
>You wear glasses
Not at all (but admittedly, I might need them)

No. 216345

File: 1655951607120.png (171.6 KB, 247x500, Reigen_Classic.png)

I'm a fujo as well and part yumejo who also love manly men so I thought that these media with a bunch of manly husbandos and being super horny for them would be pretty spot on. And yeah the sex part is meant to be as a fantasy. No way irl lol.

Also you're pretty spot on too. I might have a thing for sleazy men but for hot men that can be goofy and funny as long as they're not annoying and insufferable. Ones that gave me a good chuckle, have a heart of gold or have gone through misery are a huge plus. I find them quite charming and endearing. For spontaneous adventures, I do like to go to places though I hardly go out but I like to tag along whenever I get the chance. Life can get a little boring. For the paranormal/weird stuff, you're right on that since I do find it intriguing by watching videos and icebergs of them.

No. 216353

File: 1655957731170.jpg (45.57 KB, 720x900, Jet_Head.jpg)

I'm tired af so these could be totally off the mark, but here we go:

You like intensity, but at a level where you can control it. Appearances aren't everything to you, and you put great value on a person's character. You're not afraid to have controversial or unpopular opinions, as long as they're what seems right to you. Nonetheless, you're a pretty agreeable person with principles who tries to treat people fairly.

You either loved or hated his role in that Gucci movie. Probably have some kind of authority issues. Likely an edgelord and proud.

Lesbian or female-leaning bisexual. You definitely had a sword phase as a kid, and were probably obsessed with Mulan at some point. My gut tells me you're a gym rat, or at least involved in some kind of sport. Big fan of animals, but probably more of a cat than a dog person.

No. 216381

File: 1655968097281.jpeg (575.91 KB, 650x913, 7f4a1398a426c0aeb1208e9597d961…)

late but you keep to yourself and don't like to get involved in other people's drama

>Risotto Nero and Vinegar Doppio from JJBA5

not at the same time though i'm no cheater and sure as hell no polyfag

No. 216645

File: 1656096367353.jpg (76.92 KB, 614x1080, 0c14d813cf0e307534761e0fd54250…)

This thread is linda dead but

No. 216815

File: 1656149172258.jpeg (201.9 KB, 2048x1152, FKqnwjpX0AYdRaE.jpeg)

you're definitely an old school anime fan too who is probably bi leaning towards women irl
either a monsterfucker or into bondage, from friends kek

No. 216822

File: 1656154769243.jpg (41.09 KB, 675x367, a043577c1bcbfafd2f019b83ce1fd5…)

This thread seems fun. Hope it keeps going

No. 216845

You're 35, used to have a deviantart page dedicated to Hetalia and and you think Damon Albarn is a hottie.

No. 216939

File: 1656187063631.jpeg (23.85 KB, 401x600, Starbuck.jpeg)

No. 216945

You're a lesbian, attracted to her and at the same time you really identify with this character. You're planning on getting the same haircut as her.

No. 216963

You have shit taste, France is better.

No. 216965

You don't get the point of this thread, it isn't about reviewing husbandos.

No. 216984

File: 1656197926488.jpeg (34.01 KB, 235x229, F9A6799D-C5F9-4031-95B7-521D69…)

You give off a vibe who’s into sadboys/softboys solely because bullying them is fun, idk, Hermes is a little bitch

No. 217017

Yeah I love him though, love to see cute boys in a fit of despair

No. 217021

File: 1656210792208.jpg (77.57 KB, 505x714, 882ac1b3557ab263ac6be1835cf4ea…)

You like party boys who are secretly deeply depressed, so likely you're a depressed hermit who wishes they could party maybe? opposites attract sort of thing.

No. 217027

You have the 'I will survive video' on as background music while reading brit lit.

No. 217031

You either think Jaime Lannister is the most perfect fictional moid who ever lived or a total piece of shit who deserved to be castrated

You enjoy good girl/bad boy ships

No. 217040

nonna can I ask who's that in your pic?

No. 217096

Remember to write the character's name so we who don't know who it is can google them.

No. 217125

File: 1656263145534.jpg (329.25 KB, 2048x1378, FQyVX-maUAE0gy6.jpg)

you like girls who seem perfect in every way but are seemingly cold & emotionally unavailable. you wish you could be the one special person she cherishes and shows her soft side to. i wouldnt be surprised if you are a hikki

you find garrus's personality and voice hot but are too scared to become a full on monsterfucker

>jason todd as red hood

No. 217207

yeah I don’t blame you at all, he definitely has an appeal
Fuck party boys, but I am indeed a borderline depressed hermit.I like them lil autistic though, kissing the ground I walk on and all
Paperbag-kun (is in love)

No. 217321

File: 1656301895660.png (43.09 KB, 200x200, kyle.png)

i don't know who most of these anime men are so it's hard to comment. picrel is mine.

No. 217329

you're a pedophile

No. 217331

You're autistic and almost trooned out or are a detransitioner. You have a lot of 2000s nostalgia.

No. 217524

File: 1656388809317.png (145.02 KB, 641x694, Cacaoalternate[1].png)

You got into South Park since the earlier seasons, perhaps around the time the movie came out. You probably love american animation but over time you took some distance from the cartoon comunity, or at least now you just watch their dramas from away. If you had a Tumblr, you probably were a Homestuck fan; if you had a DeviantArt, you were probably blamed for making "Mary Sue" characters. The soft pastel fanarts, or just overly cutesy aesthetics in general, aren't your favorites, but you have a thing for fluff fanfiction. You probably like the It movies more than the old series.

>Dark Cacao Cookie from Cookie run

No. 217724

You miss the times when "dark, trubled guy" was a female-gaze trope instead of the "Joker-incel-ryan-gosling" shit that is today. Waiting for the cookierun tiktok acc to post his thrist trap asap. Massive fanart folder, not only for him but for all your other husbandos (and dark cacao may be one of the most conventional ones kek), maybe you draw too. OG ovenbreak player.
Kek i was a 15-yrs-old lesbian on tumblr and that sure give me some brain damage but im not that "quirky", i guess.

No. 217730

File: 1656471586169.jpg (101.15 KB, 933x774, hurley.jpg)

posting herlock sholmes bcos husbando but mostly to bump CP off of front page

No. 218820

You’re into dilfs

No. 219008

File: 1656898573412.gif (523.15 KB, 400x311, tumblr_00d14fe6a4e1b6e12e5f39b…)

Paul von Oberstein from Legend of the Galactic Heroes

You prefer dubs over subs, have a wacky sense of humor, like adventure games and maybe also literature. Most likely a fun person to be around.

No. 219394

File: 1657041313388.png (206.17 KB, 561x770, 1806966749140.png)

No. 219396

File: 1657041927068.jpg (61.22 KB, 457x600, Nakahara.Chuuya.(Bungou.Stray.…)

basic bitch with shit taste

No. 219397

You only find men under 170 cm fuckable.

No. 219401

File: 1657044777944.jpg (611.41 KB, 1200x842, __mlynar_arknights_drawn_by_ry…)

I know nothing of Bungou Stray Dogs so purely by what I vaguely know of the show and character design I am going to guess you are a fujoshi who may or may not have gender identity issues, who really wants to be daddy dommed.

No. 219402

NTA but damn this thread is so rude lately.

No. 219403

tbf the premise was fun but in practice the ratio of pics to descriptions is way too high

No. 219404

I wasn't trying to be rude… ):( ):)

No. 219407

Yeah, I don't think people should post their husbandos without also replying to a different anon

No. 219408

File: 1657045767485.jpg (2.35 KB, 225x225, sorrynonniesiluvu.jpg)

i was just shitposting, didn't want to hurt nonas feelings
you may have shit taste in husbando, but i still luv u nonnie

No. 219417

File: 1657047693404.jpg (381.45 KB, 1164x1600, betty-jiang-lady-maria.jpg)

You love knight characters and the brooding cynical type, you may also have a mild armor kink. You have an entire folder dedicated to pictures of just your husbando, a poster of him on your bedroom wall and also as your desktop wallpaper. You think you can fix him. You hate the catboy meme and even hearing the word fills you with disgust. You used to be a fujo but are now strictly a yume. You also play Genshin Impact. I know nothing about this character, sorry if my assessment is not very accurate.

>Lady Maria, Bloodborne

No. 219418

You're melancholic, you love metal music and your other favourite game series is Castlevania. Lady Maria is just one of all the cool fictive women with swords that you're attracted too.
Gorgeous artwork btw.

No. 219424

Anon you were spot on with some of these. Amazing guesses really. The character is Mlynar from Arknights, which is a tower-defense dystopian sci-fi technobabble/tacticool gacha. I don't MIND the catboy meme, but I prefer cat MEN. I am still a fujoshi when it comes to reading manga, but my fantasies are yumejo. I play Arknights instead of Genshin. I applaud you.

No. 219470

It doesn't sound like that anon was rude. I made a similar guess about someone else earlier in the thread but I wasn't trying to make her feel bad, either.

No. 219606

OK perhaps, but to me implying someone was a fakeboi into DDLG based on liking an anime dude sounded rather rude.

No. 221142

Late reply but it's probably my favorite art piece of her. You got most of it right too, haven't played Castlevania though

That's cool to know, because all my guesses felt really random to me kek

No. 273234

File: 1675459843804.jpg (273.81 KB, 1100x738, 63y.jpg)

No. 273280

File: 1675475233157.png (879.75 KB, 1331x1278, Tohru_Adachi_(BlazBlue_Cross_T…)

I don't know who that is, but it makes me think you're a lesbian, don't know why.

No. 273294

File: 1675486859280.jpeg (64.24 KB, 653x701, 6DB6A2AA-7EFA-4CBE-A977-ADA585…)

You’re the horny nona who wanted to get fucked by her husbando while he was on PCP…you’re a little psycho but I like your spice.

No. 273306

I hate this 'culture' of 'everything is lesbian' Projection at its finest.

No. 273313

Damn for real. You like an anime man with long-ish hair? You're actually a lesbian!

No. 273445

It reeks of grooming and/or desperate projection and I wish it stayed out of /m/.

No. 273459

File: 1675558612206.jpg (330.14 KB, 598x1200, tumblr_d35490ba8348ab2469c529b…)

No, I'm not a troon.

No. 273463

you have bpd

No. 273464

You're a quiet person, that wants to dress in loud alternative clothing and be more outgoing along with having friends that will put up with your obnoxious screeching. However you like to dress in warm comfortable clothing and like to be on your own.

No. 273468

File: 1675560669267.jpeg (190.03 KB, 749x962, 42BE27D7-6DE0-496A-AAAC-3DF8FF…)

You wish you could be more extroverted, but you feel like whenever you try to act extroverted, you just look like a sped, so you're actually quiet and reserved, which makes you crave that extroversion a lot.
You don't know if you want a best friend or a girlfriend or both.
Posting my husbando.

No. 273495

Not at all. I could never imagine being a mentally ill person dating another mentally ill person, yikes.
I feel like these couldn't be more wrong, but I understand where you both come from. I'm already pretty talkative and extroverted, and I do have a girlfriend, but it's true that I like to dress in warm comfy clothing. Thanks nonnas!

I don't know anything about that character, but my assumption is that you're an "I can fix him" type.

No. 273502

You probably play MMOs or take some kind of video game too seriously. You used to keep up with seasonal anime but stopped. Also, you probably like some kind of weird snack or flavor that other people don't like

No. 273534

File: 1675592303627.png (296.43 KB, 465x1048, Akihiko_Sanada_render.png)

Still debating if I should spend the money on a port when the emu does a great job and has improvement mods.
>Akihiko Sanada

No. 273542

File: 1675595466068.jpg (117.57 KB, 700x1073, 99517bf3d75d1c20601599e1e3ea9e…)

You have high standards for men. Well-groomed, compassionate and ambitious or they can gtfo. Yet I get the vibe that you'll probably be happy enough on your own too. Keep at it anon, whatever it is you're doing (as long as it's not meth cooking or something similar kek). You also probably don't give a fuck for the newer persona titles.

Here's my husbando for you all.

No. 273562

She just posted a pretty anime guy, fuck off with that attitude.

No. 273570

File: 1675602568626.jpeg (143.64 KB, 1000x1335, 6B2B0BC8-2C7A-4678-A6DC-0D6493…)

you are dignified, polite and graceful and may seem like you hold others to a high standard when in reality the highest standard you hold is for yourself. you give off a classy vibe.

>jason dean from heathers

No. 273574

you never got over shit from high school

No. 273575

Longer, thoughtful replies like these make the thread fun.
Short rude ones are pointless.

No. 273585

File: 1675610262281.jpg (99.1 KB, 702x1139, solid suneku.jpg)

solid snake from metal gear

No. 273597

File: 1675615987423.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

No. 273598

You're an oldfag farmer who fell in love with Snake while playing MGS1 on your new Playstation. You're a tough sporty lady who look a bit like Olga in MGS2.

No. 273719

File: 1675660099635.gif (8.9 MB, 500x264, F967B052-E99B-4F1C-9E57-F9CC66…)

You like guys with a heart of gold deep down and you’re not above checking out a man with nice vacuum sealed buns. You’re not afraid of grit or getting down and dirty, and you’re very patient (hm I wonder why), at least when you want to be.

You have an appreciation for aesthetics and love the dark allure of people with a sinister side. You can be picky with what you let into your life and you like spoiling yourself. It doesn’t bother you that your husbando has very little content.

You enjoy her because she’s fun and fun to look at, pure and simple, without a need to psychoanalyze everything. You’re a caring person that tries to make others feel better when they are down but you’ve also seen and experienced the ugly side of people.

You like laid back types. You used to like guys a couple grades older when a schoolkid because they seemed cooler but now you’re looking for more of an equal in terms of maturity (who isn’t any less cool), someone as mellow as you may be, who won’t go chasing after drama or explode on you.

You’ve tried to copy at least one outfit of hers and/or her hairstyle.

Oh hey, no one gave you replies? Gentle giants is your jam, you stay out of conflicts, maybe you’re even shy. A cozy domestic life is high on your wishlist even though you might not look or act conventionally feminine. You read a lot.

I like this thread when the game is working how it’s supposed to, I sound like I’m writing bullshit fortunes when replying tho. I only replied to people with characters I at least vaguely knew so sorry for skipping some.

>Vincent Volaju from Cowboy Bebop

No. 273724

you like guys that can grow beards but don't keep beards

No. 273739

File: 1675675473745.png (351.34 KB, 605x699, BossI1 (1).png)

You favor villainous or morally grey characters for their complexity. Goth or alternative in some way. Chill af

>The boss mgs

No. 273806

you're a very mentally strong person with an iron will and you aren't afraid of facing hardships. Also you're a lesbian

No. 273902

kek at anons replying to waifu posts "you're a lesbian (or bi)" it's like replying "you're straight (or bi)" to husbando posts, thank you for your contribution captain obvious!

No. 273906

Been a while since Ive seen this show but he was probably your awakening for villains and you like gap moe

No. 273918

File: 1675737249691.png (526.1 KB, 700x699, Tighten.png)

No. 273968

File: 1675750354139.jpg (875.13 KB, 1448x2048, 38393793839363.jpg)

You have a savoir complex for the worst people. You have some issues yourself you can't solve so you try helping other people's issues to be better.

>Noi, Dorohedoro

No. 274058

File: 1675786695950.jpg (21.39 KB, 564x564, 777c06573f56f113dbbdd8b22ef6a0…)

you have great taste, a complicated relationship with your mother and you're the oldest child. You most likely wear black and don't try to please everyone.

No. 274082

File: 1675791190833.jpg (202.05 KB, 1920x777, wallpaper05_shiraishi-e1501979…)

Kageyuki Shiraishi from CollarxMalice

No. 274175

woah that's scarily accurate except maybe the mother part, I think I am too similar to my mom

No. 274347

I'm probably way off but I'll try my best :
You are one of those people who are slightly unhinged inside but everybody always assume that you and your life are super put together. You relate to your husbando because you have in comon to always solve problems in a chaotic way but you always end up making it work at the end. You are a strong minded and you don't want to ever depend on a men. Also because you like slightly pathetic men with a kind heart, I'm gonna take a very wild guess and say that you might maybe be one of the femdom anon kek

No. 274357

You have excellent taste.

No. 274377

File: 1675888052988.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, 3676597880.png)

>Balalaika, Black Lagoon

No. 274497

File: 1675911622414.jpg (78.03 KB, 982x726, newFile-5.jpg)

no bully

No. 274500

File: 1675912643743.bmp (615.04 KB, 470x446, ryou bakura.bmp)

Complicated. You'd like to live care free and be adventerous. It would be nice to exist without dissapointment or harsh judements. These things could come from others or yourself. You want to live up to high standards and sometimes feel like you let yourself down. It's hard to tell yourself it's ok.

No. 274523

File: 1675925227845.jpg (35.49 KB, 554x319, d47ab816f5dda60f221d7bb097b80a…)

you were drawn in by his kind and sweet appearance (and british accent if you watched the dub kek) but his yami self is what really drew you in. i think you're tormented by wanting a more eventful life and yearning for stability. you probably also like komaeda and kaworu!

No. 274526

You are very self assured in who you are and the things you want in life. A high achiever with lofty goals. You admire decisiveness and action and tend to be pragmatic. You are drawn to women in power.

No. 274527

You are asexual

No. 274544

File: 1675931257822.png (859.33 KB, 1500x1208, export1675930918878.png)

youre a barafag

No. 274794

File: 1675998683552.jpg (66.26 KB, 426x620, kasumi tendo.jpg)

I definetly am a stability seeker. Honestly would help yami no Bakura but i geniunely like his landlord. Can't lie, I like eva but didn't know who the guy from Danganronpa was. You were pretty close! Wish I knew about your husbando. Bonus waifu, I got a type.

No. 278195

>he was probably your awakening for villains
Nah. That would have been 10 years earlier.

>you like gap moe

Who doesn't.

No. 278206

File: 1677280856301.png (432.82 KB, 640x853, oneconcerncoffee.png)

(Hayley) You aren't deterred by a confidence queen. You stick with people until they let their walls down and show you their good side.

No. 278220

File: 1677283359973.png (921.78 KB, 1052x652, iswearthisisacoincidencelmao.p…)

You're a big sister

No. 278635

File: 1677431596563.png (529.69 KB, 528x529, rance.png)

Tomboy enthusiast, also a pedo because the one to the right looks like she's 12.

No. 278636

You’ve gotta be a moid, wtf. I just looked this series up and there ain’t no fucking way. Unless you’re just underage and like to be objectified by men. The “cool girl” who is a willing sub and has watched far too much straight porn.

No. 278637

File: 1677432134702.jpg (52.45 KB, 500x365, 954c78e0185b626148906ff67c5a28…)

>also a pedo
Thats the art style, you dolt. Not every art style can be like animu shit

No. 278647

If you mean the poster above you then be aware it's a serial baiter.

No. 278649

File: 1677436858730.png (658.72 KB, 585x745, Screenshot_4984.png)

I don't know why some of the people on here accuse everyone who has degenerate kinks (which probably arise from certain traumatic experiences) a male/pickme/etc. Also i don't even talk to men irl unless it's necessary (because i hate them) so idk wtf you're even trying to accuse me of kek. No, not everyone who isn't into femdom missionary shit is a male.
Are you the triggered purist schizoid from the husbando thread? Kek.

No. 278671

File: 1677439806527.png (1.46 MB, 845x840, Screenshot_4919.png)

it's because you're always posting shit like this
>but it makes me think you're a lesbian, don't know why.
>also a pedo because the one to the right looks like she's 12.
INB4 I know who you are because you posted picrel and always write so abrasively and have the tendency to do certain things that makes you stand out from other anons

No. 278715

File: 1677443833276.jpg (309.86 KB, 2000x1200, aaa.jpg)

yes my husbando is a war criminal but at least hes not a incel like eren….

No. 278747

While loving men with ruggish features, you have the tendency to apologise over the smallest things. Despite your gentle demeanour you judge other people harshly for their interests and behaviour and give out backhanded compliments to the people you dislike. However, that's okay as the people you insult are often too dimwitted to know it. You like to finish what you start even if the situation has worsen and see things through.
You have good sense of humour, seeing something fun in things that other would have hard time to so. You're independent, not afraid to try new things and try to convince others to join in. While humorous, outgoing and friendly, you have a hard time fitting in with others and relating to what others are going through in life. You grin and bear it while not showing others your weak moments
You need to drink coffee every morning to properly start the day off. You give others a chance when you get to know them and don't judge others based on their appearance, you tend to get along best with people who come off rude and a bit cheeky. You may be a little unkempt in appearance but you do that purposely as that's were you look the best and feel at most comfortable.

I'm to tired to do more sorry

No. 278777

She’s an asshole, too bad she can’t be told to fuck off. Giving people garbage answers sucks the fun out of the thread for starters and being that abrasive for no reason earns her the title of asshole.

No. 278788

>go out of your way to choose inflammatory words to either insult anons, put them down or make them angry
>waaaah why does everyone think I’m a pickme or a guy??!!

No. 278888

I have a hunch that it's the same autist with a superiority complex who had been shitting up the anime, manga and VN threads recently. So at best it's a female 4channer with terminal scrote brain that just found this site a couple weeks ago.

No. 278907

Probably, that anon is hellbent on shitting up the husbando thread and then whines about not feeling welcome there kek.

No. 278910

File: 1677502218107.png (85.96 KB, 196x232, 210A4D9E-A539-40E9-AD8C-1CFFAA…)

Wtf are you talking about kek. I’ve posted on those respective threads maybe like, once. If you’re calling me the lolifag then that isn’t me and i hate loli/shota/whatevercons.

Because some of you faggots get irate at hornyposting even though it’s the intent of the thread or take things to heart when it was never a big deal to begin with.(infighting avatarfag)

No. 279009

Nonnie…you really know me. ♥ Kakashi-anon

No. 282604

>(infighting avatarfag)
Not a reason for a ban.

No. 282666

both of those things are against the rules

No. 284819

File: 1679557323507.jpg (71.54 KB, 564x799, 0e7599d408acd1071a517ab7df6df3…)

You are into fashion, mostly on the cuter style, and have a rather relaxing "enjoy the little moments of life" personality. Probably also an Animal Crossing player. You have/had an aesthetic Tumblr blog or Pinterest account

The analytical one who enjoys looking deep into movie themes, but not interested on recent releases. You enjoy villians and morally dubious characters but aren't the savior type. You probably read a lot of books.

>Hibari Kyoya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

No. 284851

You're a pedophile

No. 284861

File: 1679586724442.jpg (200.09 KB, 1318x1440, E_H_1A-XEAI-alO.jpg_large.jpg)

No, I've never been on Tumblr

No. 284870

Joe mama

No. 284906

File: 1679603842840.jpg (68.95 KB, 640x282, 1648085067958.jpg)

>at least hes not a incel like eren

No. 284935

File: 1679606972482.jpg (248.72 KB, 1120x1135, Fqs_qa1aIAET5xY.jpg)

You often find yourself bored by your superiors and elders' lack of ambition and actual leadership qualities. You are a whimsical type who changes her mind often when it comes to "superficial" things, and at first glance you may appear as a dreamer with little concerns. But when someone attempts to mansplain or start a debate on a topic you have better knowledge about, you instantly switch to confrontation mode and crush them with a whole unbreakable concrete block of informed arguments. You keep your true obsessions secret (your husbando being one of them).

You're good at math and logical problem solving, but to others, you don't look like it. You have friends amongst your coworkers/classmates, but you don't seek a truly intimate friendship, not because you couldn't, but you have a secret garden people should stay out of.

You are in your late 20s/around 30. You are considered reliable, mature and collected, like an older sister or senpai figure. You know how to keep the peace and make others feel welcome, but you have a terrible secret : You became like this because your younger self wanted to be like the cool mods/older members of weaboo forums you used to be active on. And obviously… You still have your husbando from back in the day.

No. 285016

File: 1679644214088.png (545.72 KB, 1280x954, inceren.png)

not as unhinged as this incel shit

No. 285017

File: 1679644662588.jpg (127.63 KB, 736x1104, 537506954fcc3081151edc61563a19…)

Oh what a fun thread idea! Mine is Levi Ackerman, I've loved him for a long time. Started watching AOT because of him actually, and it took me a long time to actually give a fuck about the story and other characters.

No. 285200

File: 1679688110257.jpg (42.61 KB, 540x769, cedric the sorcerer.jpg)

you spent a lot of time on ao3 while being severely underage reading smut written by girls who were probably also underage. you’re grounded and pragmatic with an insane side. a switch, probably.

you feel that you personality is much more complex than people give you credit for, because you appear bubbly on the outside.

you are an extravert with a sense for drama. you are unapologetic about your differences and unpopular opinions. you have neurotic tendencies and are very protective.

you liked disney channel. you hated your school years because you felt out of sync with everyone and only beginning to shine now.

No. 286037

File: 1679943064049.jpg (101.96 KB, 526x738, mood.JPG)

i do not know this character but i can safely say that you spent your teen years on tumblr. you probably also like the onceler, bill cypher, and benedict cucumberpatch.

anyway mine is bjorn from vinland saga hehe

No. 286043

File: 1679944579247.gif (859.75 KB, 500x236, 053dfa7e4a72e94d9d468e2a386526…)

You listen to metal or at least used to when you were younger. You have long dark hair. You play vidya and own a lot of black hoodies. You're also a cat person.
If you started watching the anime pre 2017 then you listened to those early 2010s AoT parody songs and probably had a Quotev account. You used to unironically say heichou. You have high standards.
Just from this picture I can tell he's British and those are exactly the kind of men you're into. You either own a rat or wish you could own one. You have autism. You're also into Harry Potter (or at least were at one point).

My husbando is Vaas. I didn't care about Far Cry 3 when it came out but 13 year old me was obsessed with him just from seeing the trailers. The Far Cry experience cemented it for me lol

No. 286045

File: 1679944661085.jpg (105.92 KB, 736x649, be591066bb381e7eb448719897891e…)

Oldfag at fighting games with vast knowledge about the genre. You most likely don't interact much with fandoms, either for not getting along with them or because you are very reserved and preffer to have your own space or select group of friends. Not the type to get into conflicts and would rather to be at peace. You probably like coffee and listen to Buck-Tick.

A doll or toy collector, or at least someone who enjoys vinyl figures and other collectables. People assume you are the shy type but once you get on the vibe of things you tend to be very outgoing. Probably a little of a control freak but you know how to handle your stuff well enough to get things done. You also had a vampire phase and were invested in european cultures.

>Alice Angel/Susie Campbell

No. 286048

File: 1679947872178.jpeg (52.76 KB, 640x474, 22951BEE-615C-40FD-AC2A-7BF9BC…)

My husbando is Divayth Fyr from Morrowind

No. 286065

damn. spot on, minus the dark hair.

No. 286330

File: 1680038709643.png (676.19 KB, 1592x1628, Shoei_Baro_(anime).png)

Posting my newest husbando, come at me

No. 286727

You were grown in a lab from his flesh

No. 292463

You're depressed and a bit of an edgelord, and you like to have power fantasies when you self-insert with your husbando. You probably also have a creative side and are ironically nurturing compared to your husbando's warped affection for his family.
You have a pretty strong personality yourself, but like to fantasize about a husbando who is a bit tyrannical with a dash of sweet just for you. Maybe you like the achievement of it all. And maybe you also have a smell fetish.

No. 292485

File: 1682588556649.jpg (292.29 KB, 1012x1278, Kenneth.McCormick.full.3508152…)

aaw this thread is so cute! When I was a child in the 90's i had the biggest crush on kenny from south park. His face reveal in the movie took my breath away kek.

No. 292501

You're probably introverted and sensitive, but in a way that makes you sweet. You can however come off as odd to some

No. 292502

File: 1682596309679.png (134.22 KB, 997x720, Imposteur_vrai_visage.png)

Ultimate imposter from Danganronpa is my favorite character ever, but it's because i relate to his psychological issues instead of some weird fat fetish like most of his fans. And yes i acknowledge him as a man despite tumblr trying to trans him. Done sperging, fire your shots nonas

No. 292560

File: 1682621804067.jpg (50.25 KB, 350x622, shuu-tsukiyama-tokyo-ghoul.jpg)

Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul

No. 292648

File: 1682653688479.jpg (97.42 KB, 965x900, ea014a4748adedd407a4c1b7c0c852…)

Jin from Samurai Champloo.

You've been daydreaming about having a demon or vampire boyfriend to rawdog you since at least 2011. Probably into some heavy kinky stuff and would fuck a hot clown. Reads ___xReader fanfics in public places with no shame. Gets bored easily with real men and would rather be whisked away to an extravagant, dark gothic castle by your 2D lover.

No. 292677

you are quiet, thoughtful, enjoy spending time in nature, and sometimes meditate. you're introverted and find it difficult making new friends but treasure the few you manage to make

No. 292688

I was the anon who posted
Gonna bump because my post got ignored for some reason… Consider this like a repost ig

No. 292689

File: 1682670163239.png (63.71 KB, 747x795, KirbyKSSUwalk.png)

No. 292690

I know this is probably a troll since you didn't even respect the thread rules but…
Kirby is a BABY

No. 292696

File: 1682674112167.jpg (184.04 KB, 1109x1600, tumblr_97b501234dae184b642529c…)

You dont think leagues really exist in dating and you like dinner dates where someone cooks. You thought about braiding his hair a couple times and you want to shatter him a little and watch him pick up the pieces. You don't smoke but you vape. You jog a bit but mostly you stretch. You like brunch and dislike breakfast-for-dinner.

>Miss Fortune from League of Legends

No. 292698

You like thinking about a cartoon penguin laying eggs and eating them, sperging about a pink balls asshole and telling your therapist about it (with pictures included).

No. 292719

Does it have a slit?

No. 292735

"It" is an infant. Cease it, lest ye be a moid.

No. 292739

>basic render you could find on google images
>not even an image that highlights Kirby's unnaturally high charm and moe that he possess, but also highlights the 'active cute' style he has
>not even a comment on why you like Kirby whether it be his unrelenting, indomitable spirt or his cute androgynous charm that can be both masculine and feminine just from a switch of a hat.
At least try harder at pretending to be a Kirby husbandofag. Though, if you're being honest, and just wanted a "sterile" picture, I take back my previous statements. You're someone who adores cuteness and cute things unashamedly. You like to dress up nicely for the smallest of occasions. You're very strong and capable of taking care of things but also want to be protected by someone strong who will always be there to support you and do everything to make you smile. You like to take things day by day but have moments of laziness here and there too. Probably has more of a preference to salty things than sweet things.
sage for messing up my post so many times, sorry about that.
That is a game render, not an anime one.

No. 292742

>she hasn't seen the post that started it all

No. 292743

Care to explain, nona?

No. 292745

kek I love you anon

No. 292754

File: 1682696811298.jpg (40.35 KB, 500x642, Syndrome-The-Incredibles-Buddy…)

No. 292773

No. 292785

fake the real ones know that kirbyanon has previously stated that she didn't consider kirby her husbando


No. 292981


No. 293162

TLDR on KirbyAnon?
Not saging because i wanna bump

No. 293166

She first talked about her weird sexual obsession with Kirby in one of the bunker /g/ threads. That's where she went into detail about Kirby's anatomy the slit. Later she talked about Dedede being her husbando and Kirby/Dedede being her OTP, though she also likes Meta Knight and Meta Knight x Kirby.
She has also gone on rants about how the interpretation of Kirby as a baby is wrong (I agree with her on this tbh).
She has had an argument with Komaeda-chan. Outside of the art rate thread (where she frequently posts her Kirby art), she has been banned from posting her husbando Dedede for avatarfagging too much and being spergy. She was bullied by some anons in the husbandoposting thread until her avatar ban.
Recently she made a vent post about showing her therapist her Kirby porn, there's caps in the caps thread. She seems to appear every time someone talks about Kirby or mentions her, and will gladly and honestly answer any questions you have about her Kirby obsession. She's looking for more Kirby fans that are into the franchise in the same way she is, instead of just liking the games or the aesthetic (I read this on her blog).

No. 293180

her blog? a real one or do you mean that as in her treating random threads as one?

No. 293181

She has a blog, I don't know if she has a Twitter

No. 293187

No. 293312

>caring this much about avatarfagging anons who actively seek attention on an anonymous imageboard

No. 293360

Ok but can we stop derailing now

No. 293402

File: 1682903553571.png (513.42 KB, 538x701, 3bf91d4ec5e992872c584304bfe11c…)

You are an edgy 14 year old that avoid washing your hair.

No. 293404

A bland ass analysis by someone with a bland ass husbando

No. 293405

I just wanted to read schizo ramblings about wanting to fuck kirby, I'm bored. 80% of the site is dedicated to the antics of online attention seekers. you /m/only or what?

No. 293419

File: 1682907829462.gif (4.14 MB, 600x327, tumblr_0f1f7071bd2fe636db3dba7…)

You have a rather eccentric personal style, you like wearing statement clothes and things that make you stand out. You tend to make friends with people that are considered hella strange, and you're also very good at either drawing or maths.

You almost turn into a disney adult, but somehow avoided such destiny by obsessing specifically over Syndrome rather than Disney as a whole, you also like collecting early 00s Disney concept art

Here's my husbando, Jack Frost from Santa clause 3

No. 293424

Your life has been garbage ever since your childhood ended and one of your most important relatives died, forever throwing off the family dynamic that once was. You don't think you have it in you to start a family of your own because you're a black sheep. Iconic tumblr sexymen have been on your radar in the past.

No. 293439

File: 1682926384794.jpg (705.71 KB, 2056x2732, SOTN_Alucard_Main_Portrait.jpg)

Really basic taste, I know.

No. 293440

Late, but I lost my shit when I saw this. God bless you, anon.

No. 293443

Whatever happened to her, I wonder

No. 293455

he is one of the most elegant bishounen out there nona, don't put yourself and him down

No. 293463

Spill that url

No. 293515

I wanted to disagree, but you know what you are right.
I guess I'm a plain rice and white bread kind of person. Bland is comfy too.

No. 293540

File: 1682964165455.jpg (28.99 KB, 400x500, img.jpg)

anons trying to guess what’s wrong with me sounds pretty horrifying. anyway, i’m really weird about grima.

sorry if late but you're a devout ocfag and you prefer to hang out with people who are much older than you. you like dystopian futuristic videogames. you probably don’t care that much about the bendy game but cool female characters that are your type are so rare that you quickly fell for her. you also relate to her issues with fractured identity.

you only recently began having 3d crushes and couldn’t really relate to others about it before. you like characters that are high energy and even devious because they contrast your quieter lowkey personality because are drawn to adventure and even danger. fav subject was likely literature.

you mostly liked playing with boys’ toys, and are still very enthusiastic about certain action franchises and retro comics. modern animation rarely appeals to you but it’s a big interest of yours anyway. you brag about your iq sometimes. probably have very weird political beliefs.

No. 293542

bumping this coz i got skipped over for fake kirbynon

No. 293545

You don't consciously acknowledge it but you are a chronic lover of redhead characters and will gravitate towards a new series if there is a redhead in it. You put a lot of time and effort into your job/education, and are thinking of going into academia or a literary field. While you have one or two trusted friends, you can easily turn into a hermit especially when stressed or pressured and prefer to relax at home on the computer. Despite being an avid gamer since childhood you prefer PC games and own an Xbox only for rereleases of your favourite titles. When people first meet you they think you're too serious but if you have things in common it is easy for you to open up and talk passionately about your interests.
Did my psychic powers work?

No. 293550

I’m struck by the urge to get a “Kirby is a BABY” tattoo

No. 293761

Half right, half wrong, but if I squint you got it all right except for the Xbox thing, and the redhead one coz idk if I'm unconsciously drawn to redheads. My instinct is no, but the answer's up to unconscious-me. Thanks nona!

No. 294040

File: 1683150209311.jpg (14.39 KB, 345x345, fujinami_ryuunosuke_5638-15770…)

kind of a silly choice but w/e

No. 294045

Bump cos i'm medicated now and just got out of the psych ward

No. 294057

You're actually very sweet and caring, but this character specifically triggers a sadistic streak withing you. You like vintage horror movies, and you also have a sick silver jewelry collection
Kek i will do this one for the hell of it.

You used to love normal heroic protags, until something happened to you, then you started to find sadistic male protags attractive. You have a perfectly chaotic balance between craziness and horniness, yet most of your post are literally just for attention/ exaggerated anyway. You probably were the class clown too. I don't know why but i picture you wearing a green tshirt or dressing kind of goofily.

I'm at someone else's house so i don't have pics of my husbando atm

No. 294070

Laughing at randoms online looking for positive attention is funny. Laughing at people you actively share an anonymous site with who are looking for ANY attention again, anonymously is cringe. You new or what?

No. 294094

you are very studious and enjoy learning. you're a bit competitive and dislike losing. you come across as a bit snippy and hard-headed but have a fun/goofy side that you let show around people you're close with.

No. 294095

you are very studious and enjoy learning. you're a bit competitive and dislike losing. you come across as a bit snippy and hard-headed but have a fun/goofy side that you let show around people you're close with.

No. 294096

you are very studious and enjoy learning. you're a bit competitive and dislike losing. you come across as a bit snippy and hard-headed but have a fun/goofy side that you let show around people you're close with.

No. 294097

you are very studious and enjoy learning. you're a bit competitive and dislike losing. you come across as a bit snippy and hard-headed but have a fun/goofy side that you let show around people you're close with.

No. 294098

whoops sorry, lc glitched after I hit post and now I can't delete any of these!

No. 294275

File: 1683234979493.png (362.14 KB, 1600x1200, 57460140_p0.png)

OK nonas, psychoanalyze me
>Mitsuhide, Sengoku Basara

No. 296691

You’re a closeted furry who relies on anonymous forums online as an outlet for your interests.

No. 296695

attention starved embarrassment

No. 296776

File: 1684274114445.png (172.34 KB, 640x815, IMG_0033.png)

You like pretty boys with bitchy attitudes

No. 296777

This is Ansem from Kingdom Hearts btw

No. 297283

You like to use white haired boys as Darkness vessels for KEEEENGDOOOM HAAAAARTS

No. 301527

File: 1686396106162.jpg (89.18 KB, 638x774, RanceTshirt_product_xl.jpg)

No. 301533

File: 1686398394259.png (50.47 KB, 563x557, Therese_Belivet.png)

You love early 3-d computer animation and only watch early 2000's media as an escape from life.

No. 301609

File: 1686420051247.png (1.41 KB, 128x128, Penny.png)

Penny from Stardew Valley.

No. 301652

File: 1686434245233.png (35.7 KB, 360x360, Haley-Portrait_192px.png)

Your own parents suck. Picrel is my SV waifu

No. 301687

File: 1686443910069.jpg (107.51 KB, 736x952, 579f9dab1e44e09dabdac0ab05d22f…)

You prefer the Danganronpa anime over the games. You don't like to stand out too much but you are still pretty blunt with people, either because you have very strong opinions you like to defend or because you really care for others and don't like to sugar coat things for them.

The romantic type who reads a lot of classic novels and/or who is always looking for the perfect fanfiction. You'd love to travel across the world and get in touch with other cultures, mainly european ones. You mostly wear red and black clothes, and you are probably an inspiring writer.

You are somewhat sarcastic and give off a rather intimidating aura to people, you probably like that because it gives you the feeling of respect, but once you are with family or friends of trust you can be pretty laid back and chill. You don't watch much anime anymore, but you are probably more of a manga reader now. Probably a vaporwave listener.

>Grusha from Pokemon

No. 301741

>Your own parents suck.
… you got me there, kek.

You had an unrequited crush on the popular girl at school.

No. 309470

You are pretty aloof, not unapproachable but you'd rather avoid loud overcrowded situations. You like to romanticize your life and your loneliness, and that may inspire an interest in poetry. You don't like to smoke, but are most likely a tea drinker. Maybe into small animals like fishes and with an interest in classical dolls. You probably didn't get along with most people your age, so a few of your friends are slightly older than you

No. 325813

File: 1696697316662.mp4 (2.9 MB, 1280x720, twittervid.com_Poreyneel_2c382…)

No. 328707

File: 1697816198986.jpg (92.09 KB, 736x1030, b12cfd715424eaf329a0ea52611ba3…)

I want to play! (I also want to post more Nines)
BG3 is as far as you'll go in table tops. You've always wanted to write fanfiction but you've yet to muster the courage to do so. You like your men snarky and edgy, with the guy liner to match. You wish renaisance clothing was more popular in the current day.

No. 328712

File: 1697817951777.jpg (68.12 KB, 736x736, 883374123f0d84793590c2f8c37aed…)

You're the kind of person who knows what she wants. Your tolerance for mistakes is low. You have an assertive and/or competitive edge, but you also have high empathy, and can find love in places where it seems impossible.

No. 328714

you like tall buff edgelords?

No. 328894

File: 1697855790550.jpg (102.32 KB, 736x873, 8ff7c16d7bd57a2fc1f28379059f0b…)

William Afton.

No. 335473

You’re someone who likes to share a cozy indoors with your love without necessarily having to talk to each other, doing something such as knitting or reading.

No. 335479

You don’t have to justify him, he’s based.
You believe in redemption, you like rooting for the underdog. Maybe you always felt outshined by someone else in your life, and like being yourself wasn’t enough. You want to be there for people you care about and tell them that they’re perfect as they are, but you need that lesson more than anyone else. You like someone who is dependable but not arrogant.

No. 335481

You NEVER ask for help from others to the point of your detriment, even though others would love to help you since you’re always helping them. You have a tough exterior. You grew up parenting your parent. People would describe you as empathetic and sweet but you’re shocked because “I’m just doing the bare minimum.” People appreciate you a lot but you don’t get it.

No. 335491

File: 1699950371020.png (536.34 KB, 521x789, Phoenix_Riding_A_Bike.png)

You’re motto is “I can fix him”, but you also need a spouse to be on the same level as yourself in some regards because you have little patience for boredom. Your ideal type is perfectly flawed. Relationships tend to be intense but chaotic.

No. 335492

Ayrt, thank you nona I love you, you get him and I so well and you give me more credit than I deserve lol

You tend to look very deep into your interests (which tend to be uncommon but cool) and enjoy informing yourself as much as possible. You love urban legends, and are the kind who roots for the monster. You're drawn to loyalty and wouldn't mind a little obsessiveness. And sometimes, when life gets too draining, you fantasize about someone strong and determined to take over for you also fuck dem kids

No. 335493

File: 1699950986750.jpg (18.98 KB, 620x481, presto-conjuration-frisbee_cke…)

i doubt anyone else has seen the show but he's a clumsy nerd wizard

No. 335494

File: 1699951981870.png (98.06 KB, 244x520, Tropy_Warped (1).png)

You have a great sense of humor, but are scary when you get mad. Ypu most likely are the dominant one in a relationship and you take no shit. You're honest but cunning

No. 335497

File: 1699954193970.jpg (903.54 KB, 1131x1600, 85499410_p0.jpg)

My husbando, Natsuki Subaru from Re:Zero. Ngl I'd be pretty interested in what people might say, even if its a little harsh.

No. 335498

you like to see men suffer

No. 335533

File: 1699972499737.jpeg (160.1 KB, 2048x1255, IMG_6659.jpeg)

When you were a kid, you played video games instead of hanging out with friends. I can't tell if you want to humiliate N. Tropy for being a pathetic Saturday morning cartoon villain, or genuinely contribute to his evil scientist plans, but either way you admire his ambition because you struggle to self-actualise in real life. Your interests are deep and long lasting. You're a picky eater and… just realised I've been diagnosing you with autism. Sorry.
You don't usually care for isekai, but watched Re:Zero on a recommendation and felt totally surprised to like it as much as you did. You are drawn to stories of both suffering and indomitable will, perhaps kickstarted by a childhood interest in WWII. You do (or want to do) some kind of trendy or unconventional exercise like rollerblading. A treadmill would be too boring.
You fell for him because you relate to him: you're also a clumsy nerd and, if it was an option, your ideal career would be wizardry. When you were young you read a lot of books, whatever was available to you at school in the 80s. Nowadays you don't read as much as you'd like but you will always love the fantasy genre. Surprisingly you don't actually play DND.

No. 335565

File: 1699985000563.jpg (45.14 KB, 547x547, e2c8ec6a5130b053f8ec8d14cc4306…)

dice, hypnosis mic

No. 365151

File: 1711278190349.jpg (310.44 KB, 2048x1152, F7NiStzX0AAOIIf.jpg)

Sorry for the minor necro, but I would like to hear you guys' thoughts on this one.

Astarion from Baldur's Gate 3 is my current husbando, but he wasn't my favourite during my first playthrough where I even romanced him. Initially, my biggest crush was Halsin, which fell off around Act 3. Then I started hardcore crushing on Gortash, then Zevlor, then Dammon, then Rolan. I read a shitton of fanfiction, read comics and looked at fanart, until I had exhausted everything. Then I read one particular fanfic that piqued my interest in Astarion again, and I am now head over heels with him.

No. 365194

I get it. A lot people find his simping of Emilia annoying but I personally think it's cute, it's not that creepy either which is a bonus.

No. 365339

weird how no fanart depicts astarion the way he looks in canon

No. 373071

File: 1713857151251.png (1.43 MB, 1000x1100, Diaf5K4U8AEuaOP.png)

It's time to revive the game.

You're kind, generous, empathetic person who would cook warm meals and kiss in the forehead for good sleep. You also want secured relationship there you will be listened and be supported, making what you asked them to do. There isn't lack of mischievous teasing too and silly antics. Best friends married couple like.

No. 373148

File: 1713880976547.jpeg (805.62 KB, 3890x5577, 8B43488A-F815-482F-BD55-0099C0…)

Knows that men belong in the kitchen and women on the frontlines, based. Probably the more dominant one in a relationship

No. 373162

Dice fan here. That is such a sweet analysis ♥

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