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File: 1651303235072.png (2.72 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_husbandowaifu1…)

No. 259991

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/248755

No. 260005

File: 1651310687218.jpg (64.71 KB, 600x525, Russia.600.667004.jpg)


No. 260025

File: 1651321786739.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.96 KB, 850x985, sample_899f11207a0143450f033cb…)


No. 260026

File: 1651321831163.png (203.07 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_p7gki68Jjc1r4gsm…)

No. 260029

What the fuck is this shit?? Where's our posterboy??

No. 260036

File: 1651323973723.png (Spoiler Image,350.67 KB, 752x859, h true.png)

Post him yourself. No seriuosly, Dont who your talking about I mainly look at the pics.

This repost is for the anon that asked for it last thread.

No. 260038

It is a little surprising no one drew him but this was completely user created and that makes it special. I'll be sure to Arthurpost a lot to make up for his absence.

No. 260039

He's there he's just very far away so you can't really see him through the white fog, but in our hearts we feel he is present

No. 260040

NTA but I wonder if the second husbando board had any Arthurs. This one was fuller and more varied so I nominated it. Maybe I should've just edited them together. Sorry for suggesting it, I honestly would've preferred the other pic that was proposed but with Arthur Morgan edited in.

No. 260042

File: 1651327292401.jpg (17.69 KB, 260x360, 20220426_121501.jpg)

Posting my beloved ugly gorilla man once again

No. 260043

File: 1651328219142.jpg (382.47 KB, 900x1200, 20362385_p0_master1200.jpg)

Don't be sorry, we don't need to feature a specific character each time.
This would be my prefered posterboy anyway

No. 260044

I love your suggestion anon, don't be sorry! We know who our posterboy is even if he's not present in every thread pic.

No. 260047

File: 1651329185217.jpg (3.32 MB, 3508x2480, 1651071527246.jpg)

No. 260058

File: 1651333051422.jpeg (48.52 KB, 600x342, BDFD59F6-A1ED-47B8-8F15-F2B633…)

Reminder that 4/28 was Komaeda's birthday, I'm still celebrating him for a week.

No. 260059

File: 1651333758221.jpg (958.39 KB, 2100x1700, syrupmancer.jpg)

What does it mean when you feel a mix of both horny and satisfactory when you see a cute 2d boy eat?

No. 260062

File: 1651334417609.jpeg (400.27 KB, 2048x1632, 06FB1FDC-61F7-4C88-A51D-7376F9…)

Possible feeder fetish? Not necessarily, as I also like seeing them eat, but I don't want them to gain weight. Your pic is looking fat so I have to raise an eyebrow.

No. 260063

File: 1651334510961.jpg (65.69 KB, 480x720, 3a6071039900a5f81b361ea3df329f…)

I'd like to know the answer too
please don't tell me I've got feeder tendencies

No. 260064

File: 1651334522306.jpg (62.2 KB, 535x472, omfgggggggg.jpg)

i always headcannon big beefy dudes to be extremely gentle and soft with the women they love. blushing from handholding.. a hushed voice and warm eyes.. i love gentle giants so FUCKING MUCH

No. 260066

File: 1651334875667.jpg (466.64 KB, 1280x853, Colossus by Peter N.jpg)

Same anon, some of my husbandos are beefcakes and I imagine all of them would treat me like glass unless I ask otherwise. Posting one of my favorite gentle giants.

No. 260067

File: 1651334901450.jpg (253.36 KB, 739x842, Colossus Fav.jpg)

And he's anti-porn!! What a guy!

No. 260068

fantastic taste. piotr would be so gentle with you

No. 260071

File: 1651335303010.jpg (519.7 KB, 2860x2466, BTMR_2.jpg)

I was afraid it was that. I am still a little in denial. I do find obesity (irl and 2d) repulsive, but >>260059 is probably where I draw the line as it makes me feel warm just looking at him satisfy his hunger and knowing he'll be fueled up with energy for the rest of his day.
I think we do, nona.
I very much love that trope.

No. 260072

File: 1651335341242.jpg (29.03 KB, 1089x612, april 30.jpg)


No. 260073

samefag, yeah his eyes are closed so what, he didn't know he was getting his picture taken

No. 260076

>Dontcha like girls?
>Yes I do. That is why I don't like these magazines
Wtf I'm gonna cry why can't real men be like this

No. 260080

File: 1651336273516.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, why is she marrying her comfor…)

i couldn't find any sexy pics of him in a tuxedo, i hope nobody minds that he showed up to the wedding in this state of undress

No. 260083

This is. PERFECT.

No. 260084

too sexy for his shirt!

No. 260088

File: 1651337128247.png (Spoiler Image,196.16 KB, 706x496, transparent.png)

here's a transparent version if anynonny wants to make their own

No. 260092

Amazing anon, next thread pic!!

No. 260099

File: 1651338297631.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.17 KB, 1334x2048, FQ97r66aMAE18fH.jpg)

Same anon, big kind and blushing is moe and sexy.
Perfect, kek
Based 2D man.

No. 260108

i saw this picture and actually clutched my chest.. dear god

No. 260111

File: 1651339556864.jpeg (172.36 KB, 1280x720, s-g-1521831960248_1280w.jpeg)

The only thing holding back my autistic compulsion to post him is my fear of running out of different images
I think I only really started saving images in the last year because I was too ashamed. I'm sure this is child's play to seasoned husbandofags but I noticed my folder broke 100 images recently kek. I feel really guilty posting fan art though since I know many of the artists don't like it even if you link the source

No. 260122

File: 1651343726190.jpg (124.84 KB, 1200x675, DgPx1O7UEAEMCUl.jpg)


No. 260123

i would post all the bad dirty things i would do to this man but what if Kaitlyn Tiffany reads this thread and uses my posts as proof that "TEH FEM CELLS!!" are a real danger to men everywhere and should be locked up

No. 260136

What the hell is this? Hostess club simulator?

No. 260148

File: 1651348904627.jpg (267.48 KB, 864x1080, Tumblr_l_1154318509875981.jpg)

Nona this is so beutiful!!! This better be the next thread pic!!!!!

No. 260151

My "fetish" is seeing my husbandos touch cats, it's the ultimate proof of moe for me

This is so good, I love the way he's looking at us

No. 260152

I love seeing my husbando petting pussies too.

No. 260156

omg anon

No. 260173

It's fucking Yakuza, don't get your panties in a twist.

No. 260175

Anon this thread is about getting our panties in a twist of lust.

No. 260178

File: 1651357041850.jpg (64.14 KB, 736x754, seiya!.jpg)

i love my husbando. i can just look at him to make me smile and the day is better already

No. 260187

File: 1651362363562.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.72 KB, 600x853, 23309548_p0.jpg)

No. 260188

Sometimes I wish I had a dick so I could rail my husbando.

No. 260192

File: 1651363798445.png (408.33 KB, 540x550, RDR2, suit.png)

It doesn't work to edit for the pic but I have this one.

It's a cute idea, but marriage is never a part of my fantasies.

No. 260194

File: 1651364521892.gif (1.74 MB, 320x400, Tumblr_l_1390793123215841.gif)

I have a cleaner Arthur in the suit

No. 260203

The LP'r I watched had Arthur go full sasquatch long hair and beard, so a scruffier look is how I picture him.

No. 260205

Wow I think I like him better with shorter hair

No. 260222

File: 1651376759285.gif (1.93 MB, 500x268, 9D0862C8-7FA0-430C-BB1D-A03E17…)

I have the fantasy where Leon would find me hiding in a utility closet at the RPD shaking and crying and he carries me out whilst trying to evade any zombies until we get to the nearest safe room, and he just cuddles me into his chest peppering my head with kisses until I stop shaking and he tucks me into one of the beds promising he’ll come back for me once he finds a way out of this place.

No. 260227

File: 1651378480402.jpeg (32.85 KB, 360x357, B2DD2F19-DEE5-4F1C-A85A-E19B16…)

That's so cute. I love rescue fantasies.

No. 260228

Wow he's even more handsome like this.

No. 260229

File: 1651379283214.gif (136.65 KB, 220x220, horny-team-fortress.gif)

wanna recreate this in sfm so bad

No. 260237

File: 1651381280293.jpg (59.85 KB, 564x564, IMG_20220501_005929.jpg)

Hard agree.

No. 260256

I like the idea of being under a dick spell/curse and you'll have to cum in your husbando to wear it off while dominanting as the male role being foreign to you. But man I think it'll feel good to fuck, get blown, rubbed and cum in your husbando. We have strapons but I don't think you'll feel much from it.

No. 260303

File: 1651405887282.jpeg (60.97 KB, 1080x649, _ (10).jpeg)


No. 260308

File: 1651406598645.jpg (212.63 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_9c577a962309ae579accd53…)

helping him dye his hair and all is a major fantasy of mine

No. 260336

do it wanker
Anon's drawing really inspired me I always draw just ugly doodles and have nothing to share, but I put in effort this time, I'm going to show you when I'm done

No. 260364

File: 1651414157204.gif (2.16 MB, 320x400, Tumblr_l_1390775361026046.gif)

Males make Arthur look like a hobo. Idk why they are all obsessed with gigantic beards.

No. 260390

File: 1651418491039.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.7 KB, 800x552, 58084952_p10.jpg)

i love my insane husbando, i want to groom him into eating me out every day.

this is so cute, nonnie

i always like seeing your posts about okabe, i'd be happy if you posted more

No. 260413

How would you groom him into submission?

No. 260440

IDK if this horny thread is the right place to post this, but I seriously think this husbando stuff has helped me irl. At first it was just a funny thing. 2D guy hot unga bunga. But then I started to daydream about more romantic and mundane situations. Now that I have imagined how lovingly my husbando would act towards me in various situations, I find it easier to accept love and care irl. I also find it easy to see what is crap behaviour from others.
So I'm grateful for my husbandos and all the threads on LC.

No. 260489

Check out the 'How to devote yourself to your husbando' thread in g

No. 260507

File: 1651428335070.png (604.28 KB, 1200x762, 8c71a5d4dda06f6a12bde6bb3c93d4…)


No. 260513

Yeah it's a nice thread, but I'm just sharing that being horny about husbandos has somehow actually helped me irl kek

No. 260523

is anyone elses husbando toki wartooth? i love how buff he is and also how he is so nice and would totally be a caring boyfriend. i love that we share similar interests (plushies, toys, comics, music). i love that he likes hugging and kissing and really just wants intimacy. my favorite sexual fantasy about him isn't really that sexual, just that i would wash and condition his hair really lovingly (either after or before sex) the same way i wash and take care of my own long hair. maybe i would wash his whole body too like soap on all his muscles would drive me insane it just makes me really happy. i think he's just so attractive and funny and cute also. if anyone wants to drop fanart below it would be appreciated.

No. 260525

File: 1651431529872.gif (352.97 KB, 500x276, 06C6ED59-8FC7-49E8-B65A-14F290…)

no but this episode is one of my favorite in the series toki with his cat is so cute and i love the hamburger time song… want him to pet my pussy please

No. 260527

He's not my husbando and I'm not into Metalocalypse, but now that you mention it, I really like that fantasy about washing my husbandos' hair (and them washing and braiding mine in return). I'd also love to brush it, and run my fingers through it to feel its texture. I bet it smells really nice. With a long-haired husbando I bet it'd be even more fun. And YES, I absolutely want to wash their whole bodies too

I gotta watch this fucking cartoon already, the guys seem really cute and funny

No. 260530

File: 1651433395665.jpg (66.86 KB, 266x711, tumblr_87cd73f1b6ee4006d890b21…)

For you, dear nonna.

No. 260545

Thanks to this gif I can now imagine what my husbando would look like unbuttoning his jacket and shirt. And now I'm horny.

No. 260553

Nonnie, you are going to love slimecicle. He is literally the irl version of this drawing

No. 260560

File: 1651441546560.png (368.16 KB, 741x471, RDR2, ...fff Arthur.png)

I still fell in love with him looking like this…

No. 260562

i'm kinda drunk but i just googled him and that man is so ugly he literally looks like a lizard. he's pretty cool for reporting callmecarson to the police tho. seems like an alright man.

No. 260580

File: 1651449984605.jpg (63.02 KB, 540x729, 1639447103981.jpg)

Aww, I enjoy your Adachiposting too, anon. You've made me want to play Persona 4 That's the game, right?

Anyway, much of the art I've saved is shipping stuff, so it's good that I'm ok self inserting even though I find that possibly even more embarrassing than having a husbando in the first place.
I wonder how many of the artists are actually yumejos, if any. I'm kind of convinced that Okabe is the most underrated husbando of all time KEK

No. 260590

File: 1651453986466.jpeg (27.89 KB, 720x841, imasinner.jpeg)

I had a dream the other night that we were at Hogwarts and he was taking points from some fucking annoying ass Hufflepuffs and I appeared and curled up against him and God what a time to be alive.

I literally love him so much, if he looked at me I'd die. Touching him in my dreams is all I'll think about for the next week.

How can someone be so perfect?

No. 260593

File: 1651455073181.png (375.15 KB, 535x429, imagen_2022-05-01_203116758.pn…)

posting this thing anon made kek

No. 260597

based and comfy asf. How can I better manifest dreams?

No. 260598

Fuck nonny I'm happy for you.

No. 260600

File: 1651458360164.png (62.86 KB, 225x225, imagedds.png)

I draw too and doodled my own version of nona's drawing but couldn't get the faking dick right so I erased it.
I started posing it out in sfm, now just trying to animate it and make it look pretty and not cringe.
Please show if you do finish your drawing, nona.

No. 260607

File: 1651462223016.jpeg (54.63 KB, 306x450, F250AAA2-1645-4397-927C-2F4B1F…)

You WILL dream of your husbando.

No. 260608

Thanks nona, manifesting husbando dreams for all of you too

No. 260651

File: 1651486734675.jpg (104.79 KB, 900x675, favorite_character_meme_by_okh…)

Hello Toki sister wives! He is that perfect intersection of innocently adorable and batshit insane. Same reason why Russia is my /a/ husbando.

No. 260656

File: 1651487010181.png (1.22 MB, 780x1233, 1635634396892.png)

Man I finally dreamed about Jason for once, but he just stabbed me in the neck instead of stabbing me with his dick. I don't know what I expected.

No. 260661

File: 1651487961319.jpeg (Spoiler Image,120.48 KB, 898x507, 9E06B5E5-0C95-4E8D-9DCD-E93A75…)

I need him so badly

No. 260663

File: 1651488038958.gif (1.58 MB, 320x180, 20B77372-1B0D-4F5C-9BA7-6B2235…)

I dreamt about him last night but all he did was use threats as flirting and touch my throat a few times. Rematch time coward, all or nothing!!

No. 260705

he's so freaking adorable!!! i love that fanart! especially him making the model plane and with braids. now adding braiding his hair into my fantasy. idk who russia is but i keep seeing fanart in the threads and he's so hot like actually so hot is that from that hetalia shit i've never seen it but yum. i love big tall buff boys and i'm also into slightly chubby guys and that was the vibe i was picking up. i actually wish toki was a bit more heavy set but that's why im also into nathan explosion he can nathan my explosion any day. actually all of dethklok are my husbandos kinda even murderface because he's so funny

No. 260711

File: 1651507248978.jpg (272.04 KB, 610x750, 3991f51474d3f26618cced4230bb5e…)

Today is Gogeta day and I have plastered all his incarnations all over my social media. My friends and family weren't aware of my husbandoism until now. I regret nothing.
I'm throwing a husbando party later and you can all come if you want. There will be plenty of booze.

No. 260715

Great taste anon!! Love your 2d men proudly, there's no reason for us to be ashamed. Can't wait to party with you and the other husbando anons!

No. 260722

File: 1651512060173.gif (7.31 MB, 500x445, Tumblr_l_558224883552185.gif)

Of course you did! It's not just hair and beard that makes arthur so desirable it's the tiddies

No. 260728

File: 1651514614021.png (652.28 KB, 753x1537, Sniper_Catastrophic_Companions…)

I wanna climb all over him tooooooooooo

No. 260789

pretty sure it's based on the sculpture amore rapito by daniele accossato btw

No. 260807

File: 1651534720665.jpg (40.5 KB, 500x349, tumblr_b63e9ee143ce21bd2a5a595…)

Kek nona you have such great taste. All of the Dethklok boys are so charming and lovable. You should check out Hetalia if you are interested! It has that same theme as Metalocalypse in a way: cute funny goofy boys in a setting that's not typically cute. I've never commissioned art before, but now I really want a picture of Toki and Russia together showing off their sweet and scary sides. Maybe this is what will finally make me learn to draw.

No. 260819

tokis hair here i'm gonna cry. i wanna do some creative styles on him! i love braiding my own hair so much it would be so fun and sensual to do his too. i'm a little drunk right now. i'd love to get drunk with him.have to admit i'm a little attracted to dr rockso too for some reason i'd love to get drunk with him and toki i'm sick but it'd be so fun kuh kuh kuh yeaaa you have good taste too nona! glad other people share my husbandos love being sister wives

No. 260825

File: 1651540096827.jpeg (29.3 KB, 347x247, 240FA8CE-50D7-45D3-ADA8-35AE47…)

looking back at the movie it’s so corny but goddamn this character is so hot nonnies

No. 260829

Nonnie pls.

No. 260830

File: 1651542149109.jpg (707.91 KB, 800x1140, 1648530241341.jpg)

Here is Toki to give you a million drunken hugs! ilu nonatella ♥

No. 260850

File: 1651550345808.gif (5 MB, 540x300, ezgif-1-14a8e957b5.gif)

how do you cope with your husbando having no official merch cause he's not marketable enough

No. 260859

i cope by buying up all the fanmerch i possibly can and also make my own. i'd like to commission someday too.

No. 260865

I realize that can badges/clear files/keychains etc. are really just junk. And they usually just use official art that is available to look at other places. Nice scale figures are super expensive anyway so if he had a good one I still wouldn't be able to afford it.

No. 260894

Is that emmanuel macron

No. 260898

You're so right and you should scream it outside.
True. I would like a towel of mine and some non-lead cups and plates (looking at you, Garfield cup.) I think aprons based on a husbando would be cute, too.

No. 260957

>I realize that can badges/clear files/keychains etc. are really just junk. And they usually just use official art that is available to look at other places.
This, especially if your husbando isn't a main character, he'll never get any merch that feels truly special. You could just get the official art in high res and make it yourself.
Making your own merch in cases like these (especially if you're a poorfag) feels much better.

No. 260984

File: 1651597604603.jpeg (193.13 KB, 627x1080, F8438013-8590-45A2-B255-93D5D2…)

Do i replay the game for the sixth time and get my heart shattered once again

No. 260990

We need a support group for nonnas with husbandos that died in canon.

No. 261021

kek you're absolutely right

No. 261022

File: 1651604257263.jpeg (126.03 KB, 750x1368, FA369CFD-DBD3-4BD0-9F3B-7BE4BE…)

Alright what's wrong with me?

No. 261023

What did you like about him? Do you also happen to have weird fetishes?

No. 261025

File: 1651604840969.jpg (33.87 KB, 459x1024, gj0uq6brmm941.jpg)

Ily dino boy

No. 261026

File: 1651604886493.jpeg (53.33 KB, 563x800, 628B4646-C035-4D06-83A4-3054DE…)

He ticks off too many boxes I like in characters, but no I don't have any extreme fetish. Maybe it's just the way I am.

No. 261032

I saw this and was like 'Who's this green lady?' then I realized who it was and went oh shit

No. 261033

>He ticks off too many boxes I like in characters
Like what? Not trying to judge, just curious

No. 261036

File: 1651606808407.jpg (581.76 KB, 961x1200, 97444054_p1_master1200.jpg)

Oh to be comforting him after he has had a long day..

No. 261037

File: 1651607632007.png (314.61 KB, 287x439, diego.png)

He's so cute when he acts like a dino
And when he's wearing that uniform

No. 261038

File: 1651607669874.png (2.02 MB, 845x1153, dino.png)

This uniform

No. 261040

Do you think he has dino dick?

No. 261048

>mad doctor
>deep voice
>kind of revealing outfit
>lipstick (normal in jojo)
>evilly grins (his is especially creepy)
>unexpectedly affectionate
…probably more I forget. I like fucked up characters, they're fun I guess that's why.

No. 261050

A cloaca?

No. 261051

File: 1651612205468.jpeg (83.83 KB, 749x522, 81B0F7E0-B844-4B40-9061-6951B4…)

dropped my pic teehee

No. 261054

>read one of those fics of my husbando that I had opened a few weeks ago but hadn't read because I'm a coward
>they're scenarios and headcanons that I'd never thought about but make sense/are very in-character for the most part
>it's making me feel things
>I'm actually starting to fall more in love with him after more than a year of husbandoing him, when I thought I was starting to get bored of him
>I'm actually starting to feel emotional pain due to him not being real
>I'll never be able to cuddle him, or joke and laugh with him, or meet his family, or even just talk to him
>I'll never make him happy and he'll never want to make me happy
Ahahahaha fuck… I think It's time to stop, this isn't fun anymore. Pain

Honestly I like most of those things too, but I just couldn't like him in that way. Maybe he's too fucked up for me and his appearance isn't appealing to me enough to make up for it.
I do admit that he's fun and kinda hot, though.

No. 261058

File: 1651613794092.jpeg (137.73 KB, 1100x1415, 98E45384-B775-46CA-90E3-5E977E…)

I'm sorry about your pain nonna. Husbandofagging is better when it's on the casual side, in my opinion. It can hurt otherwise, take care of yourself if you need a rest. Hoping someday you find enjoyment again that isn't bittersweet.
>Honestly I like most of those things too, but I just couldn't like him in that way. Maybe he's too fucked up for me and his appearance isn't appealing to me enough to make up for it.
'S cool, he's on the extreme side of fucked up and probably too weird looking for most. I got brave enough to post him because of the 3d men threads, at least he's hotter than them and not real KEK

No. 261062

File: 1651614457170.jpg (127.89 KB, 847x1200, EOvbErUVAAAp6mw.jpg)

We love weird-looking and fucked up husbandos here, don't worry nonna.

No. 261106

File: 1651628105213.png (154.55 KB, 963x963, ilysm.png)

i'd devote every waking moment of my life to making sure he experienced every ounce of love and joy he deserves. i'd let him know he's special, so smart and so talented, so sweet and understanding and non-judgmental. i'd take him seriously and he would see me and hear me, i wouldn't just be a ghost.

i adore him. i adore him. i truly do. down to how he says the word 'hemp' and how he doesn't blush, but his ears get red. if he was real, i'd tell him so.

No. 261143

File: 1651650244335.jpg (688.63 KB, 4000x4000, E8ILmGSWEAAXZiI.jpg)

Recently dreamed I ordered a sex doll replica of him with his canon proportions with my dad's money. He arrived in a box but he was too big and heavy for me to carry up the stairs since I live on the third floor of a commie block apartment so I called some neighbours to help me. I got him out of the box and put him in a spare wheelchair that I had in my house for some reason. I took him out in the park for a walk in the wheelchair. Some old ladies in the park were curious and asked me about him so I told them he was my actual living human boyfriend but severely disabled so he couldn't walk or talk or even make facial expressions. By the time we came back home my parents had arrived too and my dad was so mad I blew several thousands euro from his account on sex doll Kiryu then I woke up.

No. 261146

File: 1651653276382.png (20.2 KB, 275x218, 10434921-765C-45B0-8ECC-7443AD…)

Yes nonnies pls help I’m going through stage 5 grief

No. 261163

Wtf he's so so so so cute here

No. 261220

File: 1651685351893.jpg (36.56 KB, 736x569, d8183c2d46258a050c0fb02468a279…)

If that's what it takes to spend time with him…

No. 261239

No. 261241

Mine kills me too kek I get too scared in my dreams and he’s in canon murder mode so I’ll just hide in a corner or run and he kills me then I wake up. Still hot tho

No. 261248

File: 1651692515219.jpg (56.41 KB, 1026x1486, a8659e5639433bfe.jpg)

I love lurking this thread but I don't dare to post since someone has already posted about my husbando, with same intensity of love as I have for him and I don't want to "step on her territory". Curse my shyness!

No. 261249

At least tell us who it is anon! I know how you feel but we're all sister wives here.

No. 261250

I'm really curious who it is now nona! I'm sure everyone just gets excited when someone else loves their husbando, I do!

No. 261269

Personally, I feel more willing to share my husbando with nonas on here than with people anywhere else, for some reason

No. 261275

Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone else post about my husbando. I'm sure most will agree

No. 261284

File: 1651699146941.jpg (15.92 KB, 450x339, Snape-Severus-fan-art-Harry-Po…)

Snape, my eternal love. I have other husbandos as well, but he is dearest and has been there for the longest, 12 or 13 years already! To Snape nona, thank you for the fanart you have posted, I have saved a couple pictures. I love these threads, your attitude is so nice

No. 261288

File: 1651699805916.jpg (199.22 KB, 950x1003, babybabybabybabybaby.jpg)

oh my god I couldn't find the artist for this but they drew him so perfectly that I actually want to cry. (I know he's technically an irl husbando but since he was practically an anime character he's going here, sorry)

No. 261289

I can not believe the Buster Keaton fandom is still alive, I was surprised as hell to see it being a thing a decade ago and it just keeps chugging along.

No. 261291

File: 1651700450327.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.2 KB, 1283x1600, Annex - Keaton, Buster (Colleg…)

Buster is forever

No. 261292

File: 1651700603090.jpg (2.26 MB, 1368x959, 82014844_p1.jpg)

kiryu (and rikiya) for you!

No. 261302

I invented a husbando for myself and idk it feels kinda good going home from work and imagining him obssessing over me and cuddling together. I feel this is a little bit cringe but i've talked about it with my bff and he told me it was an ultra good idea (but he is also a husbandofag (quite literally))
Also i drew sketches of me and my husbando doing mundane things and he is my house husband.

No. 261312

>I invented a husbando for myself
boss bitch shit.
>lso i drew sketches of me and my husbando
God I love how self insert and yumejoshism are becoming less and less stigmatized. I want more of this. I want us to be happy and content with our 2D husubandos.

No. 261334

File: 1651712647175.jpg (422.83 KB, 1024x768, Onizuka.Eikichi.full.291242.jp…)

Man, I'm starting to watch this scrote anime because of him and the fact that he looks like and is the inspiration of my husbando Reigen but with more flaws since he's perverted and has the hots for pretty high school girls even though he's a teacher.

No. 261335

But fuck he's so hot especially in this opening and can't stop imagining him as Reigen too.

No. 261336

File: 1651713450833.jpg (48.72 KB, 563x680, 4dc2fcc520a1a6743591435bc443f6…)

I could be his queen and teach him how to smile.

No. 261339

Is that the fuckong ancient cookie? I mean, i can see where you're coming from

No. 261358

Based and same. I've been drawing the same homemade husbando for myself for 7 years. I gave him an in universe gf but she's basically a caricature of me with minor differences. I like to trick myself into believing that I'm actually trying to say something instead of just being self-indulgent. Tbh I tweaked her enough that I'd date her too kek.
I take breaks sometimes to draw other homemade waifus/husbandos as well, but he's my long-term recurring fantasy boy.

The traits I desire are just too specific ro find in other media. Is that also an issue for you?

No. 261359

It was me and my husbando's anniversary, so I tried baking a cake! It came out really ugly because I fucked up the whipped cream, but it was really tasty. I think he would've been happy both because the cake was really sweet just how he likes it, and for the gesture, since he is a very lonely person desperate for love. I made sure to show it to my plush of him, obviously.

No. 261362

Huh, I hadn't noticed it was two equally dedicated Snape husbandofags here. That's pretty cool, though. I'm sure the other one doesn't mind, nonna

No. 261364

Ahaha yes, kind of the same problem. Ig there's 2d men i started to simp for but i never found the exact personality traits that i really like and also got really attached to the design i gave him.
There's also other male characters i made then gave them a self insert gf but i planned to make a webcomic and didn't want people to realise i made a self insert oc or shit like that lmao

No. 261372

File: 1651726743965.jpg (506.93 KB, 2048x2048, Komaeda.Nagito.full.3318222.jp…)

It feels sort of late to respond now, but you're not alone!

No. 261378

This was my first time posting, so previous weren't mine!

No. 261379

I prefer his son because I'm basic but Dark Cacao made me understand why women like dads. The fact that he's lonesome and depressed makes me want to just …soothe him, y'know?

No. 261383

that’s really cute, nona. Now I wanna make a cake for me and my husbando’s anniversary. I always wanted to be the person who goes all out celebrates her husbando’s birthday but he doesn’t have a canon one so it’s the next best thing.

No. 261448

File: 1651772641343.jpg (82.78 KB, 1200x810, EnNimEsVkAAclLD.jpg)

Who is he nonna? I agree, it's still really hot kek.

No. 261496

File: 1651787307012.jpg (141.18 KB, 564x1029, 1519b27d080ad96107d94afa491637…)

perfect position for some clit licking

No. 261499

No. 261517

File: 1651790763376.png (63.45 KB, 1084x1084, Chart.png)

Chart posting anyone? We can rate each other as well. Doesn't have to be strictly this chart.

No. 261521

File: 1651791841534.jpg (619.48 KB, 1500x1071, 1316199065029.jpg)

Unlurking to say Snape is my husbando too. Twentyone years and counting. He's the reason I started watching the HP movies in the first place. I thought the books were kiddie trash and refused to read them because I was a contrarion teenager, but as soon as I saw him I was sold

No. 261525

The last time I posted my chart on 4chan people were mean and it made me sad.

No. 261531

File: 1651795036941.jpg (78.76 KB, 564x988, 547d1e540822153c6ac2b3b7dfe905…)

I dreamed of fucking him a few weeks ago. Manifesting it again every night. I wish I could live in that dream forever

No. 261535

File: 1651795871966.png (561.2 KB, 361x785, yamcha 2.png)

He's so fucking cute nonnies

No. 261537

Was it on /cm/? I'm sorry those moids shat on your taste, but please don't feel bad. They're losers and their taste is much worse anyway.

Snape husbandofags are so dedicated, they've been dedicated to him for so many years it's insane tbh (in a good way of course)

No. 261547

Sorry to hear about that nonny and fuck the scrotes on 4chan. I've been going to /cm/ and /y/ way less because of how dead it is, the trolling, shitposting and annoying trapfags. That's why I thought sharing our charts here is much better. Also we could add girls to them as well.

No. 261549

File: 1651800811420.png (618.27 KB, 1000x689, harem.png)

I posted it on /m/ back in the old rate thread, but I doubt it's coming back so whatever.
I always get ignored when I post on /cm/ and I've been waiting to post it again, but the current thread has gone on for really long this time.

Sorry I replaced Arthur, and I'll probably replace Take-san and Danse eventually. I use the same file and there's a few layers of replaced pictures that I just keep for posterity.

No. 261586

File: 1651808960558.jpeg (997.97 KB, 1109x1500, tumblr_c3f00a1d243755313ebd540…)


Wow, didn't know there were other Snape husbando fags out there. Welcome friends!

What do you love the most about him?

I love his razor sharp wit the most. I've posted about it before but my dream is literally just to sit at the head table next to him and we shit talk students together.

No. 261588

File: 1651809206816.jpeg (14.16 KB, 202x249, indir.jpeg)

Why Sanji gotta be so hot huh

No. 261621

I dreamed that I was a beautiful viera and my husbando was a lost traveller and we were in a huge beautiful forest with giant trees, full of light. Thank you brain for giving me a beautiful dream, I will be thinking about it. I would give him water and heal him and keep him safe while he rests and he would come back a month later with a gift of the most wonderful things the outside world has to offer, as thanks for saving his life

No. 261633

File: 1651827166646.jpg (111.85 KB, 1008x1200, fe2625b9a1e23ab0837a71bdde8b45…)

jopping on that korean hunk

No. 261640

File: 1651828526851.jpg (343.96 KB, 700x700, 67344130_p0_master1200.jpg)

Hehe thank you! I love his intelligence as well, also his loyalty, dry sense of humor, his authority and of course handsome looks and cool clothing style.
I remember your previous posts, your dream sounds fun. If you were at Hogwarts, what staff position would you like to have?

Thats awesome. I had similar experience, I saw three first movies from tv, but wasn't interested in the books. I finally read the books as late as end of sencondary school (if thats the correct word in english?) and was like "Oh i remember him", and when the first potion lesson chapter came in the book I fell in love immediately! I wonder if we have talked on /co/ husbando threads before?

He has that timeless charm!

No. 261643

he's so cute sulking with his hair down awwwww

No. 261653

File: 1651832050389.jpg (2.52 MB, 4800x5200, pleasdontlaughatme.jpg)

felt the need to share my latest sketch of my homemade husbando

No. 261658

Is that you coming home to your househusbando?

No. 261677

No. 261678

I'm retarded and hit the reply button too fast but yeah…

No. 261679

File: 1651835390643.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1708x1750, 84127138_p12.jpg)

don't die u r too sexy aha

No. 261727

>I wonder if we have talked on /co/ husbando threads before?
NTA and not a Snapefag but I've seen another one there recently. I wonder if she posts here…

No. 261736

File: 1651858879451.png (1.25 MB, 1084x1084, 20220505_Chart.png)

I love them all!

No. 261740

Snapefags, I’ve always wondered, how do you guys feel about Lily (and James)?

No. 261768

Well, I'm not a fan of Lily, but she is part of Snape's history and personality, and I admire his love and devotion for her, but overall I'm quite neutral about her. When I first read the books I liked James (and Lily), until I read the fifth book when we see his worst memory, after that I hated James. They still did not deserve to die though

No. 261781

File: 1651865588483.jpg (145.86 KB, 1024x1448, Severus-rip-severus-snape-2447…)

>>261740 here

>>261586 I think what I like most about him is how broken he is. I know that sounds terrible. But the whole 'hiding the hurt child behind an impenetrable wall of sarcasm and nihilism ' resonates with me on a personal level. I know I can't fix him, and he can't fix me, but I feel together we could make life a little more bearable.

>>261740 Towards Lily I have no particularly strong feelings. She was in no way obligated to reciprocate Snape's feelings. It's just sad that he became so hung up on her. But she is not to blame for that.
James on the other hand… him and Sirius are little shits and I'd gladly curse their asses.

No. 261788

nonnie he is SO cute. also your SI is too! i love the hairband

No. 261789

File: 1651868144898.jpg (67.18 KB, 653x700, 73459130_p3_master1200.jpg)

Oh yes, I love the idea of him slowly trusting me enough to show even little bit of his sorrow, like you said it cannot be completely fixed but it might be bit more comfortable. I'm glad he is loved so much, he needs it.

No. 261793

I like your chart's layout nona, it's exactly 9 rectangles. I'm working on my own chart design that has 9 spots too but I might do something similar to yours instead if you don't mind. I like playing with my husbando charts, it's so autistic kek
Also I don't know all of these characters but as far as I know you have very good taste! I like it when charts are varied honestly

No. 261794

File: 1651869162587.png (131.8 KB, 700x805, flushing.png)

another day another period thinking about how much i love mister yamashita

No. 261800

kek i love how you worded it

No. 261809

File: 1651872707940.jpg (105.86 KB, 564x848, bb280f32b79e0cdd1119f03dad20d0…)

My beloved

No. 261821

i want to have sweet and passionate sex after a cute date with my husbando!!! with lit candles and clean sheets that smell like snuggle fabric softener!!!! i want to tightly hug his strong muscly body during missionary!!!!!

No. 261823

File: 1651877955068.png (208.88 KB, 360x450, danger_mouse_quark.PNG)

i like husbando-ing the most goofy ass characters i can find in a semi-ironic way, it’s kind of a hobby that i have.

No. 261833

Our love for our husbandos isn't some ironic joke you ass.

No. 261840

File: 1651889144730.png (1000.23 KB, 1022x1026, smol.png)

Oh, yes I enjoy his authority, loyalty and humor! All good points!

If I taught at Hogwarts, an absolute dream tbh I love academics, I think I'd gravitate towards History of Magic. I like to think I'd make it much more interesting for students. In my absolute dreams, there would be a kind of etymology based magic that marries together Latin and history to create/study spells. I was always so curious that there seems to be little education revolving around Latin.

What about you anon?

I don't think it sounds terrible at all! It resonates with me too, but I'm quite the opposite of what I'd want to happen. In my dreams, we drown our childhood selves and help each other embrace our inner demons. We beat everything we want out of life, and are loyal only to each other.

I dislike both of them, though I hate James and the Marauders the most. To me Lily is such a fake friend, your best friend is being sexually assaulted and you laugh? No thanks. That coupled with the fact she marries such a massive POS is just a no for me. I don't respect people with shit taste. James is a fucking creep and I would $100 to push him, or any of the other Marauders down the stairs.

Picrel is how I imagine he'd look. I personally never really liked Alan Rickman's portrayal of him. Much respect to him, but I wanted Book!Snape.

No. 261848

Sugi my beloved
nonny plz post this to the GK thread in m,

No. 261851

File: 1651895603236.jpeg (120.64 KB, 1165x1654, SEX SEEEEEEX SEX I HAVE BECOME…)

he makes my brain work weird

No. 261857

File: 1651899039667.jpg (75 KB, 645x622, 17f04535fec3a159c756615182a4b6…)

But why, what difference does it make? Not being mean btw, legit asking. I always post fanart there as well for what it's worth, but sometimes I gotta hornypost it here

No. 261882

Thank you!

No. 261935

i wonder how he'd react if he knew how much you guys love him kek

No. 261938

File: 1651924701576.png (1.67 MB, 1075x1073, husbandos2dpics.png)

I have been posting my chart there, maybe there's another I'm not sure.

>kind of etymology based magic that marries together Latin and history to create/study spells
That's so neat idea!

About his appearance: I saw the first three movies before I read the books so they influenced how I imagine characters who appear earlier in the series. In my mind Snape has features from book and movie, maybe movie version is a bit more dominant.

I must confess, I always imagine myself as a student (in the later years of course, I don't want to make him a creep!)I met Snape during a critical time of my teenage years, he gave me an incurable teacher fetish. Therefore I could not be a teacher myself, then I would be on "same level" with him. When I type this it doesn't make any sense kek. This has also influenced me in real life, I chose the researcher line in my field instead of teacher line, even though the latter has better employment, but enough of real life stuff! If I lived in wizarding world I would like to be a magizoologist, it would be great to study magical creatures.

I bet he would be confused and suspicious, but secretly pleased!

No. 261940



No. 261941

File: 1651925152513.png (57.91 KB, 300x375, 1634516901914.png)

I support you.

No. 261942

File: 1651925569046.gif (876.81 KB, 250x223, 51618D87-9DA2-4937-AA9E-08BA80…)

i can fucking fix him

No. 261943

File: 1651925692642.gif (3.74 MB, 640x360, 1B9C4A25-6463-4EC1-8CE8-E51389…)

mando the husbando

No. 261944

File: 1651925713386.jpg (340.14 KB, 1064x797, 16519256733068.jpg)

Kek cute
It's also the same as Tatsu the Immortal and Lucius from Thermae Romae. Which is funny cause Lucius friend's Marcus is voiced acted by Sugimoto's Seiyuu (Chikahiro Kobayashi)

No. 261945

Oh my God, I talked to you on /co/! Hello there! So glad to know you post here haha
I thought your chart only had 6 husbandos though?

No. 261946

Hi nice to meet you again! These threads seemed so nice that I finally got the courage to post here as well. Yes there were 6, but I couldn't resist and Spock got promoted to an official husbando!

No. 261948

File: 1651926040081.jpg (57.29 KB, 730x411, kiwami2.jpg)

want to be his secretary-turned-lover with whom he has matching motorcycles so bad

No. 261951

File: 1651927757157.jpg (509.41 KB, 1151x1920, tumblr_d2db2ac41857e74c199b65c…)

I just know he eats mad pussy!!!

No. 261952

File: 1651928883311.png (2.27 MB, 1600x1300, lmao.png)

Glad you like it here, these threads were what encouraged me to post as well.
Nona, if you don't mind me suggesting another long series, you need to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. You will most likely fall in love with my husbando. I think I've been able to get over the jealousy, by the way.

No. 261969

Oo he's very handsome, thank you for the suggestion! So you're the one who had mystery husbando? If so, thank you for the advice you gave me, I have remembered it, it was one of the reasons I finally posted here. Also good to hear you have been able to get past jealousy, that's such a good feeling. Even if there are setbacks some days, you have made progress and are more stronger than before. I'm sure your husband is proud of you, I know I am!

No. 261994

I always remember him saying KISSU ME to pronounce his name kek

No. 262064

>So you're the one who had mystery husbando?
Yes, I would've never admitted it over there because the culture is different, there are many more users and most of them are male, etc. It was kind of scary.
But believe me, the way you described your type fits him perfectly.
>thank you for the advice you gave me, I have remembered it, it was one of the reasons I finally posted here.
I'm happy to hear that! You are welcome. I know it can be hard to get over those feelings. But as you can see, people here generally get along well. I hope that makes you feel more comfortable from now on.
This time, what really made me quit being so possessive was finding out that an old friend of mine also husbando's him. So that made me "open my eyes" because I couldn't be jealous of her, I was just surprised and amused. I wonder how she's doing now, I wish we could talk about him and draw fanart of him for each other.

No. 262206

i finally had a sex dream with my husbando, or at least, a very vivid half-awake daydream. how am i supposed to trick my brain into doing this again?

No. 262255

IIRC the circumcision rate in Japan is like less than 1% which can only mean that most likely the vast majority of the Ryu Ga Gotoku male characters are intact. To quote famous philosopher Paris Hiton, "that's hot".

No. 262259

I mean yeah, that's basically the rest of the world as well. Only americans and jewish people do that.

No. 262260

Now that you mention it, at least 3 of my husbandos are American so I gotta admit that at least one of them is cut. Fuck

No. 262261

File: 1651966986885.png (3.11 MB, 1500x1500, mental illness.png)

I'm too ashamed to explain any of them lol.
Best wishes to you nona, I have the same problem. Also my sexual dreams always end up derailing and involving the worst people. last time it was fucking Shayna of all people. Kill me.

No. 262262

And Muslims. And South Koreans. Not that the latter stops me from staunchly headcannoning Ryuji and all of the Joon-gis as foreskin kings.

No. 262270

Based chart

No. 262271

I had a dream where I was watching my self insert make out with her guy in third person like it was a game cutscene. I wonder if my brain doesn't know how to imagine pov kissing…

Not ashamed to admit that I have thought of it before, and all my guys have valid reasons for not being cut.

No. 262272

File: 1651968895564.png (134.12 KB, 540x290, ripspike.png)

I decided to slow a gif to analyze husbando's fighting style and I've never seen this frame on its own before. Mega salty that the only available copies of the movie are all horribly flawed in quality, I could tell from the crushed black levels right away and his outfit just had to be all black, he can't catch a break smh

I love looking at people's charts. The ones I recognize from yours are all at least a little theatrical or striking in some way? Even Medic lol.

No. 262293

File: 1651973985359.jpeg (93.05 KB, 1280x720, AEA7109B-7A82-476F-90B3-6E3F92…)

swag sephiroth

No. 262294

thank you anon if you're another jiroP/SEMP ily

No. 262296

File: 1651974862268.png (285.84 KB, 706x758, 72942075_p14.png)

helloooo from my jester to your trickster nona ♥

No. 262304

unfathomably based

No. 262445

File: 1652034818363.gif (1.68 MB, 480x270, HoND_23_Grape_Scene_1080_p_HD.…)

Yeah I understand, I've noted that people very easily make shitty comments on /co/. Luckily it's not like that everywhere!

I like your style, fellow Frollo-enjoyer!

No. 262450

damn I hate yanderes.

No. 262458

Always love for the yanderes but no love for the yangires sigh

No. 262461

NTA but same

No. 262466

me three

No. 262510

File: 1652080284242.jpg (128.28 KB, 600x600, Russia.600.1526008.jpg)


No. 262513

File: 1652080587861.gif (2.99 MB, 268x270, tumblr_p3ozad4PE81skp6koo3_r1_…)

you still saged noni so i will do the bumping for you

No. 262514

it was more about getting the scrotepost off the main page but i still love you

No. 262516

Bump don't scroll down

No. 262595

I almost dreamed about my husbando today, unfortunately what I saw was just a guy dressed up as him at an amusement park, although he looked the same as the character. But my sister and I went looking for the room where the costumes are, to find that one and possibly steal it.
I might be very close to having a real husbando dream, nonnies!

No. 262667

w-who is this?

No. 262676

File: 1652132940812.png (2.86 MB, 1940x1500, alonnebooba.png)

i wish all my lovely nonnies and friends pleasant husbando dreams

No. 262681

File: 1652134338964.png (2.68 MB, 1800x2048, 6ABDDA91-81AD-4ED5-A607-9F33A1…)

bump don’t scroll

No. 262682

File: 1652134363592.jpg (67.74 KB, 736x690, 917d1c5b763299707c238d47bd209c…)

Thanks anon, this is my wish everyday

No. 262685

Rogier is a sweetheart, I'm sad we couldn't save him (it would be my dream if Fromsoft let us have a chance to save all these doomed NPCs)
Why is Russia so based

No. 262696

The things I want him to do to me.

No. 262719

File: 1652154141469.jpg (63.24 KB, 521x739, Russia.full.650521.jpg)

because hes perfect

No. 262732

Toma from Amnesia. It's getting a switch port soon

No. 262766

File: 1652171077170.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.03 KB, 1023x578, 24.jpg)

Good night nonnies. I wish you all sweet dreams with your husbandos.
Have this POV CG

No. 262777

who is zhat

No. 262784

I wish I were a lint living in a sexy yakuza's belly button.

No. 262792

Oh my, a dream like that would be wonderful!

Kek that's true dedication

No. 262825

File: 1652195490246.jpg (88.65 KB, 1024x574, 91.jpg)

>this will never be me and my husbando
why live

From the otome game Ai wa, Nikushimi ni Yoku Niteiru Nikushimi wa, Ai ni Yoku Niteiru

No. 262912

File: 1652219952305.jpg (118.1 KB, 848x736, tumblr_mxohvnlCUq1ses1c5o2_128…)

Lord forgive me, for I have and will sin again

No. 262915

It's not fair, I want more lore of him.

No. 262917

File: 1652220435758.png (338.24 KB, 1499x626, tumblr_f94e63d71154c380a83767e…)

Nta, but same nonnie I want to hear more of his voice

No. 262932

File: 1652222717294.jpeg (69.25 KB, 500x807, c4cf17b9-5fbb-4972-99b1-5f0be5…)

Devs are so mean for putting the hottest character in the shortest dlc and no romance option

No. 262937

File: 1652223714987.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1240x1754, abbacchio.jpeg)

I can't stop thinking about Abbacchio

No. 263134

I need to fuck him
I need to fuck my husbando

No. 263143

File: 1652298671940.jpg (524.81 KB, 2048x1882, D4jJT8wXkAEyyVW.jpg)

YES I do love me some goth men. Also Risotto too.

No. 263357

File: 1652377418176.jpg (110.92 KB, 667x1000, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

so need a sexy yakuza my dad's age

No. 263361

File: 1652377937331.gif (1.44 MB, 400x400, tumblr_pux14g8zGW1wz7rc3o1_400…)


No. 263366

No. 263490

File: 1652431388846.jpeg (171.64 KB, 905x1280, John doe.jpeg)

Help me, I'm actually horny for an eldritch horror virus.

No. 263502

tumblr sexyman

No. 263561

Post him in the yandere thread

No. 263582

File: 1652454967367.jpg (2.26 MB, 1080x1920, Tumblr_l_2721494078318202.jpg)

It's so hot today I wanna join him

No. 263626

File: 1652459494501.jpg (218.79 KB, 900x1350, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

it's already past midnight May 14th in Japan so………….. happy birthday smexy!!!!!!!!!! 58 is quite an age if only 3D moids aged liked that

No. 263650

File: 1652464325612.png (255.52 KB, 538x538, ily.png)

forever thirty

No. 263664

and flirty and thriving. RIP Sweet Prince

No. 263738

sharing a bath would actually be so romantic… man.

No. 263750

My husbando hugging me and giving me head pats and telling me that everything will be alright and that I will try again tomorrow. I will do it just for him

No. 263776

File: 1652518638935.jpeg (105.06 KB, 1280x720, internet_sex_symbol_is_back.jp…)

AAAAA I'm so happy to see him again!!

No. 263853

Nonas, I'm so tired of being excited to see a new smut reader insert fic only for it to be basically sexual assault. Why would anyone find this sexy? I don't want my husbando to call me a whore or try to kill me. My birthday is soon and all I want is a loving smut fic to pop up.

No. 263954

File: 1652562871731.jpg (46.51 KB, 120x120, 1646927201855.jpg)

No. 263956

File: 1652563036244.png (17.88 KB, 40x40, eyes-facebook.png)

No. 263991

he's watching over us with his caring gaze

No. 263995

File: 1652582016820.png (150.79 KB, 873x1200, 1.PNG)

I love varre so much….

No. 263996

File: 1652582069536.png (908.2 KB, 652x892, 1.PNG)

No. 263997

File: 1652582104349.png (651.8 KB, 630x630, 1.PNG)

Nonnas… please send me all your Varres

No. 264011

File: 1652592356742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.32 KB, 506x259, 941138C5-949F-4602-A8C4-90CB61…)

i need him to hold my neck like this while we are making the beast with two backs

No. 264024

Went to a wedding today and realized there is a reason none of my husbandos have families and I don't imagine them in the real world.
Though the thought of bringing any of my weirdos to a family gathering is both hilarious and horrifying.

No. 264041

File: 1652604351426.jpg (92.25 KB, 480x640, nitro_r03.jpg)

For Okabe anon, not sure if you've seen it already but sauceNAO doesn't give me any search results so

No. 264044

File: 1652606665370.jpg (158.14 KB, 764x1200, FSjYvTvaQAEcZxe.jpg)

for you, nonna. hes for the ladies only.

No. 264075

File: 1652625722224.jpeg (56.27 KB, 654x850, 435ec24d7053eb73bdf7242c1a0e6e…)

That's a nice chart! I think Frollo is pretty neat myself! Snape is my only husbando though.

I like your picture of him, he looks very nice there! All of his interactions with Trevor are so good.

I've imagined myself as his student as well on occasion, teacher fetishes can be super hot, so don't feel bad anon! I've always been fond of us getting together at Hogwarts so I can lord my relationship with him over the students.

I think he'd definitely be super suspicious and it would take him a while until he learned we're genuine. Even if he was certain we all loved him I still think he'd be confused and in disbelief. However, once it sinks in that we're genuine, I think he'd be incredibly pleased.

Is that your favorite picture of him? What do you imagine your first 'date' would be like?

No. 264089

what accent does your main husbando have? or which one do you imagine him having?

No. 264131

I think a wedding with my husbando(s) would be so cute, but realistically, it would probably be a pain in the ass.

He would probably have a German accent… I've thought about it many times

No. 264135

File: 1652641706767.jpeg (512.51 KB, 2048x1024, D4500A76-4F38-4C01-AC10-51DBB7…)

I'm horny

No. 264136

n..nonna who is this

No. 264144

File: 1652644848795.jpg (4.37 MB, 1536x2048, Memory_Tides_-_Nidhogg.jpg)

Nidhogg from Love Nikki. I need him inside me ASAP

No. 264159

File: 1652647449554.jpg (190.05 KB, 700x700, 65730369_p1_master1200.jpg)

Thank you! I wanted to use only "official" pictures in my charts, this one is from the illustrated version of Philosophers stone. I have other version of this chart, where I used pictures from movies. It's so difficult to choose a favorite pic, he is too handsome in all of them! By the way, I like many of the pics you have posted, they are now in my Snape-folder.

Your relationship with him sounds lovely, I bet you two would be the talk of the whole school!

I have written a story about the night we became a couple, it's overly sweet and bit silly but it was so fun to write. I put it in spoilers because it's embarrassing.In summary, it's about the Yule ball, there is some formal part where the teachers of the schools also have to dance, but Snape doesn't have anyone to dance with. With encouragement from wing-Dumbledore and a bit of firewhisky, he asks my character (just me but with magic and a different name because I felt weird about writing my name in a story) to dance, and of course she says yes because she has been in love with him for years. After the formal dance Snape asks if my character would like to spend some more time with him. They meet at remote hallway, where the still ongoing party can only faintly be heard. They talk for hours and the atmosphere is really relaxed and warm. Suddenly it's super late and Yule ball has already ended hours ago. Snape sends my character back to the common room, but before she leaves he stops her and they kiss! After that they are together, in secret of course hehe.
Some time before the Yule ball Snape accidentally finds out that my character is in love with him, he first appears angry but he keeps thinking about it and then develops feelings for her, that's why he chose my character to dance. I tried to keep Snape as in-character as possible in the story, this summary doesn't do it justice.

No. 264160

File: 1652648356021.png (1.69 MB, 1084x1084, chart.png)

i updated a chart i posted few threads ago.
to be honest the only current husbandos are red, oikawa, gojo and loid.

No. 264200

Thanks, anon
kek I feel flattered and embarrassed you thought to post it for me. Was not expecting to see him when I was checking out the newest posts

No. 264202

File: 1652656428158.png (128.97 KB, 256x256, Loid.png)

Which one of those 5 guys I don't know is Loid. He's sure no gentlemanly skull that's for sure.

No. 264204

File: 1652657319751.jpeg (665.07 KB, 950x1436, tumblr_11a1458abc4d9803d196c76…)

Oh anon, what a lovely picture you've chosen for this post! I confess, I've never seen this one before, it's going into my folder lol! You have great taste in fanart of him. It's so nice to meet someone else who likes him for who he is, not some idealized version of him.

That's so cute! A Yule Ball fantasy of him is the best, I must admit I have one as well. What do you guys talk about in the hallway? When you kiss, is it him kissing you or are you both lured into it?

I always imagine that I've accidentally ended up at Hogwarts in the mid to late 80's just as I am today. I imagine that I'd hold my knowledge of what happens over Dumbledore's heard, using it as leverage to get what I want (a magical education, a wand, some money, and time with Snape) I like to think in my bargaining with Dumbledore, I'd tell him information for little "dates" with Snape. He'd think I'm scheming, and I am, as the dates would allow us privacy for me to tell him everything that happens in secret. On one of the dates, I'd get him to go to Hogsmeade with me, just the two of us as I'd want to try butterbeer. We'd gossip, discuss current politics, and make fun of any particular weirdos, and just have a bit of fun. I think he'd begin to loosen up, and as we walk back to the castle I'd h-hold his hand.

No. 264214

You're welcome! I was looking for the source of some unrelated fanart, and ended up at the artist's old site. When I see fanart of the husbandos that get posted in these threads, I think that the respective nonas would like to see it, though it would be in vain if they've already found it before, as is probably the case when someone has an obscure husbando and has tried to save every single pic of him. So I was hoping that you hadn't seen that one yet, it was hidden in some old blog.

No. 264257

File: 1652687690060.jpg (10.55 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg-17.jpg)

pic rel is loid. he is a spy, who was forced by his mission to become a dad and a husband.
this is the first time im seeing your loid kek

No. 264263

If you're comfy with us reading it, would you mind posting the story? It sounds lovely and i'm not even a Snapewife.

No. 264365

I've un-addicted myself from lolcow so I can't stay long so I don't fall back but I wanted to say hi to my favorite anons in my favorite thread. Have a nice day. I've been imagining my husbando carving wooden animals for me and leaving them on my desk when I'm away because he is too nervous to talk to me.

No. 264380

That’s so cute.. Your husbando seems very sweet! He definitely loves you a lot.

No. 264386

File: 1652722055641.jpg (221.44 KB, 600x900, 67344130_p2_master1200.jpg)

Thank you, so do you! It's sometimes difficult to find proper pictures of him, he's often drawn "too pretty" like you said. He's not a pretty boy, but still (extremely might I add!) handsome in his own way. I love pictures that capture his personality.

>I think he'd begin to loosen up, and as we walk back to the castle I'd h-hold his hand.

My heart that's too cute! I like your story as well, it has creative spin I have not seen before. I bet that Snape would admire your plan when he finds out. By the way, what materials your wand is? Mine would be juniper and dragon heart string. And what do you think Snape's is, I'm sad that we never got canon information on that?

To add to the previous summary, it's a really beautiful hallway, ending in a large stained glass window. There are torches/lanterns in the walls, providing warm light, and from the window only a faint glow of the Yule ball rose garden thing can be seen through the stained glass. There is sort of window sill /bench where we first sit at a respectful distance, but as the conversation continues we end up right next to each other. We talk about all kinds of stuff, from the ongoing triwizard tournament (which Snape is not too happy about since it has caused so much trouble), to things we like and he even tells something about his school days. He also compliments my character of her success in schoolwork kek. My character almost confesses her love but doesn't want to ruin the evening, but after the kiss situation changes of course! Snape initiates the kiss, but once my character can comprehend that she is not dreaming, she answers it. There is a second kiss as well, which is initiated by both.

The relationship has to be a secret, and I have thought of all kinds of cute stuff, such as secret messages on exam papers hehe. And he makes me a prefect so I could leave dormitory without questions at any time!

Why not, but I can post it during next month if that's okay, because I have to finish all my uni work and then translate the story. I'm honored someone would like to read it!

That sounds so adorable, I can imagine a row of small wooden animals on your desk, they must always bring a smile!

No. 264392

I fucking know, I hate it. I hope you find a good fic soon for your birthday, nona.

No. 264408

File: 1652727489148.jpeg (133.52 KB, 894x1196, FS4fK3saMAAfJZf.jpeg)

This is so cute ahhhh
I hope I can find lots of Varre merchandise at more conventions this year

No. 264415

That's adorable! Mine would bring me fresh tea and little pastries while I'm working.
I hope to be where you are someday. Nonnies please pray I can stop being addicted to this site too

No. 264430

File: 1652732666828.png (7.42 MB, 3000x3000, unknown.png)

why does this happen

No. 264436

Reading these made me blush nonas this is so sweet. I love reading everyone's husbando scenarios.

I also hate when this happens

No. 264448

File: 1652736776632.jpg (374.38 KB, 1807x2933, 2cjdgf6mmso01.jpg)

Do you have any nice dragony guys pictures please

No. 264463

File: 1652753016934.jpeg (638.29 KB, 1200x858, 63306106_p2_master1200.jpeg)

Yes, I find I like art that shows a bit of his personality. I especially like pictures of him scowling or looking particularly ill tempered. I think it’s easy to soften his sharp edges, but I confess I want to fling myself on them.

My wand/patronus is super odd, I always worry he’d think I’m a bit of an oddball, but I suppose those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, kek. My wand is Elder wood with a Dragon heartstring. My patronus is a Thestral. When I was younger and first took the test I had a Holly wand, but when I retook it in college I ended up with the Elder/Thestral combo. I think he would have a Hawthorn wand with a Dragon Heartstring core. What do you think? What’s your patronus? Juniper is a lovely wandwood!

Are you a Slytherin too? Nice! What’s your secondary house? Back when Pottermore was first created I was a hatstall between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. It was a tough choice, but I chose Slytherin as I view ambition and cunning as more important. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but it’ll get you nowhere without any drive. That’s my own personal view at least.

That’s so cute, how he kisses you and then you kiss him back. To be honest, I blush too much just thinking about holding hands, I’ve never come up with a scenario for a first kiss. My favorite daydream is just spending the night in his sitting room in winter. There’s a fire crackling in the hearth and shadows dance around on the stone walls. He’s curled up with essays in his sitting chair and I’ve got a book on the couch. Occasionally, he bites off a remake about a student being exceptionally thick headed and I nod off warm under a blanket listening to his biting remarks.

I came across this fanart recently and thought of you, since you like the thought of being his student.

No. 264477

File: 1652757458397.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.07 KB, 850x472, sample_4831b5746c0462d2714f257…)

i literally wish i was lumine, its not fair

No. 264485

Does anyone else just think about their husbando fapping to you? It's the new lewd scenario that I've been thinking about lately. Basically after I fuck him for the first time and take his virginity, he gets too horny thinking about it, until he starts to masturbate to the memory

No. 264494

Good art omg

No. 264512

File: 1652772898317.jpg (241.76 KB, 973x1300, zariel.jpg)

Haven't read through her campaign yet, but god I love Zariel so much. She's so cute and such a tragic hardass, I just wanna hug her and press her face into my tits until she relaxes enough to enjoy the moment. Picrel makes me melt every time between her badass arrogant posture and her complicated smile.

No. 264516

Also a nidhogg simp. I always devote myself to his faction every battle event.

No. 264517

yes. and him sniffing my panties while doing it

No. 264520

how do I make myself have dreams of my husbando? do I just think of him nonstop before falling asleep or should I try and learn to lucid dream?

No. 264522

Ahh imagine him being all nervous hiding his girlfriend's underwear from other people so cute

If you can't get your husbando to appear in your dreams in the normal way, yes, I think lucid dreaming would be the better option, as long as you're serious about it and don't give up in the first few days like I do, kek

No. 264545

I love a good bald, goth winged lady. Your wife looks rad as fuck nonna.

No. 264548

File: 1652798068077.gif (342.26 KB, 500x289, nhcA1RA.gif)

I'm genuinely attracted to characters like these. I had a huge crush on Phil as a kid.

No. 264578

Kenjiro Tsuda dubs Kylo Ren and I am very confused (in a good way) right now

No. 264585

finally someone gets it. i might pretend it's all for le ironic memes but my feelings are more real than i'd like to admit.

No. 264587

File: 1652809346418.png (688.85 KB, 1170x1270, IMG_5676.png)

I NEED to SEW a sealskin coat for HIM

No. 264591

Is this Ellen page

No. 264592

No. 264603

File: 1652811900848.jpg (134.24 KB, 1200x1125, sillyzariel.jpg)

Thank you, I'm sure she'd love you too!
Oh my gosh nonna thank you for introducing me to this cute little satyr. I love his sass!

No. 264617

File: 1652813320901.jpg (51.84 KB, 735x673, cd19a48d78765127c766083201eb3a…)

rail me geo grandpa

No. 264636

YES!!! yknow what? i like you nona… you really get me…

No. 264639

File: 1652815916595.jpg (1.06 MB, 833x1050, 89585811_p7_master1200.jpg)

>I especially like pictures of him scowling or looking particularly ill tempered. I think it’s easy to soften his sharp edges, but I confess I want to fling myself on them.
Kek exactly my thoughts!

Your wand sounds awesome! I also took the wand test years ago but can't remember what I got, it might have been holly as well? I chose juniper myself because it's my favourite tree. Also thestral as a patronus is super cool, I think Snape would be impressed. Again I didn't do a test for patronus, but I imagine it would be a bear, since they are symbol of my hometown. On that subject I'm bit conflicted, because I'd really like to be an animagus (which Snape isn't too happy about at first, due to previous bad experiences with certain animagi), and I would like to be a garden dormouse (I recommend looking them up, they are adorable). I hope patronus and animagus form can be different animals, since a little rodent would be silly against dementors.

About Snape's wand: I always thought the core would be unicorn hair, I thought it would suit his personality, mostly his loyalty. Unicorn wands are difficult to use in dark magic, but Snape is a skilled wizard. Dragon heartstring would be my second choice. For the wood I also thought hawthorn, if not that then cedar or elm. The wand would be unyielding.

I have same houses as you, Slytherin and Ravenclaw as secondary. I was a Ravenclaw for a long time, mostly because my friend put me in there kek, but later I just "felt" more like a Slytherin, also I wanted to be in a same house as Snape!

>My favorite daydream is just spending the night in his sitting room in winter. There’s a fire crackling in the hearth and shadows dance around on the stone walls. He’s curled up with essays in his sitting chair and I’ve got a book on the couch. Occasionally, he bites off a remake about a student being exceptionally thick headed and I nod off warm under a blanket listening to his biting remarks.

So lovely, that would be absolute dream! I love your descriptions of him, I can believe he would really do that. Have you ever thought visiting him at his home on Spinner's End? I imagine I would visit during summer, there would be lots of romance hehe.

Also thank you for the beautiful picture, it's now safely in my folder. It made me smile that you thought of me!

No. 264707

File: 1652829336606.jpeg (64.32 KB, 500x376, tumblr_of181wYGsa1r22sk1o1_500…)

I love this image of him, the art style here feels so familiar, I know I’ve seen this artist’s work before. I’m glad the art made you smile! I was really in-between Unicorn and Dragon heartstring, it was a tough call!

A bear is a lovely patronus, they’re such cool animals.

It makes a lot of sense you’d like to be an animagus since you’re interested in magizoology! That’s a super cute, and useful, form to take. I imagine the inconspicuous nature of a dormouse would be dead useful, just think of all the secrets you could overhear! I definitely think they can be different. A patronus is your protector, and your animgus is you.

I like to think that my patronus is a thestral because it’s very representative of who I am, my appearance doesn’t match my personality. Although in my case it’s the opposite of a thestral in that I look friendly (I dress in hyperfeminne fashion) but I can be a massive bitch and am a huge pessimist and a loner. Like a thestral, I’m wrongly judged my appearance and like them I can be incredibly kind, loyal, and loving to the right people. I value kind hearted people, and those are my closets friends. Secretly, I think like him, my patronus takes the form of my best friend actually as she’s my ‘protector’. (She keeps me from being a complete recluse/turning to the ‘darker’ side of life).

Personally, I’ve never given much thought to be an animagus honestly. I don’t think I’d like to be turned into an animal, even if it’s a very useful skill.If I did, I’d probably be a red fox. I don’t really like change, and I think Transfiguration and I would always be at odds. I’ve always imagined my best subjects to be Defense Against the Dark Arts or History of Magic. I couldn’t care less about taking care of plants, though I do find them interesting in terms of what they can be used for. Back in the day I studied and wrote a lot of papers about the history of Medieval herbal medicine and just nerded out about that kind of stuff. I would like potions, but if it’s anything like chemistry or baking I’d be terrible at it since math is very difficult for me. I’d excel at Defense because a lot of my childhood was spent being taught how to hunt/fight/survive by my Dad. (It sounds odd, but I live in the middle of nowhere and he’s a practical man). History of Magic would probably be my favorite as history/literature were always my strongest subjects. I think instead of being an animagus I’d much prefer to learn Legelimency/Occulmency. I like to think I’d be rather good at it since I have a lot of self control and it’s something I work at daily. What about you? What kinds of magic would you excel in?

Ah, Spinner’s end. I don’t usually think too much about it to be honest. I’m a bit obsessed with Hogwarts as it’s a remote castle near the woods and those are my preferred habitats. I would love to see his book collection though, and I’d very much enjoy reading together. I like to think we’d go antiquing together. I’d love to hear some of your scenarios!

I always dream we’d go potion ingredient hunting in the forbidden forrest together. For some reason I’m unnaturally good at spotting/finding animals so we’d be wondering around when we happen upon a herd of unicorns. Animals just come up to me a lot, so I imagine he’d be gobsmacked as they approach me and let me pet them. It would be a very tender moment, as I soften up around animals. The sunlight would be shining through the dense forrest canopy, illuminating the scene in the soft rays of the setting sun. It’s then he’d realize we’re two sidews of the same coin. WE’re both ruthless, cool, and cutting because underneath we both share the same, tender, bleeding hearts. I like to imagine after that he begins to really trust me, and open up more to me.

Sometimes I feel the need to make my scenarios with my husbando ‘realistic’, do you ever feel the same?

Anyways, I love this artist (@Gawaincomics on tumblr) and her style. She draws him SO well, he looks so good! I thought you’d enjoy seeing her work.

No. 264721

i hope the snape anons know how cute they are.. the way you guys love your husbando is so sweet it makes my heart ache!!!!

No. 264724

File: 1652835443705.gif (1.08 MB, 220x376, 1647615436672.gif)

This dragon is from Dragalia Lost. That's all I know.
kek that's exactly what I think but don't wanna say it over and over again

No. 264726

File: 1652836252788.png (653.07 KB, 1024x1024, 1647882581246.png)

here's another pic

No. 264728

File: 1652836970598.png (55.04 KB, 474x790, th-3034276684.png)

No. 264737


No. 264738

both gross

No. 264739

File: 1652844055491.jpg (1 MB, 3375x2475, IMG_20220517_181808.jpg)

i love him so much, it feels so unfair sometimes. i genuinely believe we were made for each other

No. 264742

you were, nona! and he feels the same ♥

No. 264744

Skyrim genuinely awakened something in me with all the cutie Argonians and dragons.

No. 264745

File: 1652850959270.png (631.9 KB, 409x666, Madesi.png)

Specifically Madesi, the sweet jeweler. So sad when I realized I couldn't marry him.

No. 264753

File: 1652855051835.bmp (Spoiler Image,4.45 MB, 1440x810, enb 2020_09_25 16_53_13_87.bmp)

Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooood thanks thanks thank you YUM look at that fancy foot look at THOSE LEGS wow I love how he coils his tail around himself
He's so nice, I wish we could marry argonians and khajiit, I always have the one argonian follower follow me around (Derkeethus)

No. 264758

File: 1652857499239.png (87.9 KB, 460x388, hoot hooooooot.png)

It's my birthday and I wish I had a finished drawing to share with you but I don't, because I have a dozen unfinished ones and they all end up in purgatory where I don't like something about it but I don't know how to fix it so they remain unfinished, but I have this little part which is almost finished and I thought it was cute so I hope you like it, and if you do please could you link some sniper reader insert fanfics in return kek

No. 264779

This is awesome!!!! I love his smug/fond/conniving(?) expressing. Happy birthday!

No. 264781

File: 1652872951452.png (41.29 KB, 416x373, sniperbday.png)

your art style is so pretty… i love the dithering! and happy birthday!! sniper got you a very big gift

No. 264782

File: 1652873360983.jpg (142.32 KB, 513x510, 66987968_p7_master1200.jpg)

The art is by Tinni, found from pixiv. Thanks for sharing the artist in your pic, she indeed draws Snape very well, reminds me of Rowling's original sketches of him, and the trading card illustrations (I have the Snape's Question card, love his smug smile). Time to collect some new fanart hehe!

I love how you have put so much thought on your patronus, especially the part about your friend. Bear could definitely represent my family and friends, also I can be brave when necessary, mostly for others, usually I'm sadly quite timid so a dormouse is suitable animagus form. It would definitely be useful, also they look so comfy in their nests, I want to be comfy too kek. Change in real life is something I dread as well, but good thing about being animagus is that I can always change back.

Ooh medieval herbal medicine sounds super interesting, what a wonderful subject to study! I think I would be best at care of magical creatures and herbology, since my field is in natural sciences in real life. I think I would be good at potions, even though I suck at math and lab work in real life kek, because I would try so hard for Snape. As he said, potion making is both art and science, I hope the artistic part can compensate! Spells and DADA would be interesting as well.

Hogwarts is my favourite location as well, but sometimes it's fun to change scenery. On Spinner's end I think we would talk a lot about everything, he would make me food and I would cook for him as well. He'd also make sure that I wouldn't slack on my summer homework! I imagine that behind the rows and rows of houses there would be an empty field, where we could just look at the sky and talk deep stuff hehe. Even though it's light the moon would be slightly visible, looking almost transparent. Also there may or may not be sex scene(s)!

Oh I also have a potion ingredient story! I have not written it yet, since it happens in winter, and now it would be silly to write winter stories when summer is almost here. But here's a summary: it's winter solstice, and during holidays Snape would give me an early christmas present: a potion makers calendar, which would be a pocket calendar style book where information about different potion ingredients and when they can be collected during the year can be written. He has already written something there, but mostly it would be blank, because I'd have to fill it myself. We would go to the forbidden forest, and it's cold and sunny day (but not too cold, around -10 to -15 celsius, optimal outdoor weather with proper clothing) and the snow is sparkling and fluffy. He has a map of the forest, where he and potion masters before him have made notes where different ingredients can be found. We would also have tons of jars and baskets and such where things can be collected. He would tell me about the different things we find, and I would write down everything I can before my hands freeze! Deep in the forest there would be a flock of augureys, and Snape would tell me that he likes them. Both are sad so I can see why kek. Later we return to the castle, and there are still some people at late lunch, which we would join, and after that we would go to the potions classroom to preserve the ingredients we found.

>It’s then he’d realize we’re two sidews of the same coin. WE’re both ruthless, cool, and cutting because underneath we both share the same, tender, bleeding hearts. I like to imagine after that he begins to really trust me, and open up more to me.

Perfect perfect, love the idea! Unicorns can truly tell the real nature of a person.

>Sometimes I feel the need to make my scenarios with my husbando ‘realistic’, do you ever feel the same?

Definitely, I always try to follow the logic of the original story and even real world as closely as I can. Sometimes creative liberties must be taken though. One example, I have a story with Frollo as well, and I was wondering how my character can see without glasses, since she most likely wouldn't even know glasses exists, but then I realised that it's just a story, maybe she doesn't need them kek. I also find that I repeat certain things a lot, for example bears appear in several of my stories, and whenever the time period and original story allows, I add motorcycles because I really like them.

Such a good drawing, I love his smile, and the little hoothoot. Happy birthday to you nona, have a fun day with your husbando!

No. 264804

Not a Sniperwife but this is so good! It looks like pixel art? Anyway I love husbando + Pokemon crossovers and this is super cute! I know what you mean about not finishing your drawings and having dozens of unfinished pieces, I hope you finish this one at least because it's really good and even if it has some mistakes you shouldn't focus too much on them if it's just for fun.
Sorry I don't have anything to offer in return though. Also, happy birthday!

No. 264811

Snape nonnies, i just wanted to say you are amazing and so creative. I (almost) feel bad for not being as thought out with my husband. But you give me courage.

No. 264820

File: 1652894486041.png (897 KB, 245x245, 169e0e2fe88618a8a6bb5daf57b93a…)

That's so cute hahaha thank you so much it made me smile sooo big! You're so lovely I love you
Yes, I used krita, it has three pixel brushes but you can make your own custom brushes too, krita is really great for being a free program. I will try to finish my drawing because I really want to show you the rest too kek
Thank you anony, it's his aiming face, he has a weird smirk when aiming like in this picture, it's so funny
That story of potion ingredients sounds so lovely, oh I completely agree with >>264811 snape anons you are the best, you make the best posts (I am a bit jealous of your imagination) and it makes me so happy to see more of you talking about him because it's the best when you can talk about something you love so much with other people who love it just as much, it makes me happy just seeing it

No. 264830

>png file

No. 264834

yeah I always give up after a few days of not being able to lucid dream kek but this time I'll stick with it, worth it for my husbando

No. 264841

It's called APNG, I think not all browsers can play it

No. 264845

File: 1652901594099.jpeg (57.28 KB, 748x421, AECF1C05-85A1-4AF1-88F8-9EB628…)

I like to imagine I’d convince him to move out of the castle and we’d find some magical way to secure it. We’d build our own place together, he’d make the sketches and both of us would fuss over the fine details. When it’s fully built and decorated, you wouldn’t be able to look anywhere without recognizing everything was made with love.

No. 264847

File: 1652903966164.jpg (118.25 KB, 850x813, sample_9fd4b0371fc5218e23b810a…)

No. 264856

File: 1652908997379.jpeg (79.21 KB, 370x500, tumblr_od03vb3FO31r22sk1o3_400…)

Pixiv is such a gem! I used to get all my art from Tumblr until last year. There is some very good art of him on Pixiv, if you catch my drift. Have you seen the art of the OFC!Student character and him? If you’re really into that kind of thing and you haven’t seen it yet I can link you to it.

Yes, that’s part of why I adore her art so much, it reminds me of her original drawings and particularly of Nettleship. He’s so good looking and very much my type. I look at his pictures a lot. I think the fact she gives him sideburns is just absolutely perfect and based. She has drawings of him with longer hair and a neatly trimmed beard that just make me weak. What’s your stance on him having facial hair? I doubt he’d have it, but I think he’d look so handsome and masculine with it. I love fanart where he has either a good goatee or a neatly trimmed beard, it just makes me feel a little feral inside, kek. Yes, his smug smile is SO good!

It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed Medieval literature, and studying Medieval medicine was quite a bit of fun. It was during a particularly rough patch in my life, so I used to sit in the library all day reading scans of Medieval herbals wondering if maybe the he’d have seen the same herbals in his studies. Studying the science behind different plants and their usage really makes me feel connected and close to him. I’m most interested in aconite at the moment, specifically learning the different toxicity levels of the different parts of the plant. It makes me so happy since we know that he brewed Wolfsbane for certain, and Wolfsbane is another name for aconite. One of my favorite subplots of my favorite fanfic which focuses on him explores the times he brewed Wolfsbane for Lupin, and the way that aconite works as a poison. It theorizes that while he most likely wasn’t intentionally poisoning Lupin, he theoretically could have (manipulating the different levels of aconite in relation to the other properties of the potion). I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I hope he poisoned Lupin, personally. (And if he didn’t I would have kek)

The more I think about it, I feel like I’d either be quite good at potions, or no amount of effort could save me. I would, of course, give it my all but I’d be so worried I’d be bad at it. I just was God awful at chemistry. I’m usually just fine with abstract concepts but it was very difficult for me. Even now I find it so interesting but I am just not very good at it. I’m a very artistic person as well, I suppose we’ll have to hope that saves my brewing ability. I’d hope to be at least decent, and I’d want to impress him but realistically I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes to be good at brewing. I just want a Hogwarts class on Etymology and all about the linguistic aspects of spells/spell-crafting.

Oh that’s so cute! That’s such a cute idea with the empty field behind his house! I suppose I’d like to go to the pub with him, we could sit in the back and debate/discuss things. I like to think we’d stay out late into the evening and loose track of time. When we go to return home for the evening it’d be raining and he’d pull me close and tuck me inside fo his cloak so I can stay warm and dry. This brings up an interesting question, how tall do you think he is?

I see a lot of debate on this, I’m pretty firmly in the a little above average camp. Like 5’8 maybe? Even if he was super short he’d still be tall to me as I’m only 5’1.

Also, per an earlier conversation about hair, how long do you like his hair? I have to admit, when I see art with him tying it back in a low ponytail it really sets me on fire.

Hehe, there is certainly some good potential for NC-17 rated scenes at Spinner’s end (although I still personally prefer Hogwarts). I’m going to guess you like him as a top? I like to think he’s a switch hehe. On the topic of Spinner’s End, with my current ‘story’ arc this is where he teaches me Occlumency/Legilimency as well as more about ‘Dark Magic’ which is what I’m really about hehe. I like to think we’d spend hours just doing various drills and talking about magic theory. I like to think these sessions would be very raw, very personal, as he’d probably see into my memories and come upon some of my more traumatic memories. We wouldn't talk about it, not at first anyways. But one day, something would trigger it, it’d be late and I’d be overly tired and more vulnerable than usual and I’d tell him more about my past, and confess why I’m so utterly devoted to him. I don’t think he’d really know what to do so I think he’d just sit and try and gather his thoughts. Later on when I’m asleep he’d look into my room, and just watch me sleep for a bit.

I was wondering about your other husbandos, is Snape your favorite? Do you have favorites? How does that work? He’s my one and only husando, always has been and always will be. Sometimes I feel self-conscious about only having one husbando. Compared to everyone else I feel like I’m incapable of that kind of deep, devoted love for more than one character. I just never really cared for anyone other than him though.

No. 264857

File: 1652909165906.jpeg (647.7 KB, 1200x900, 81226959_p0_master1200.jpeg)

Happy birthday! I hope you have a really nice day! You have a very cute husbando!

thank you ;__; I'm glad people are enjoying my endless sperging I was worried people would find it weird

No. 264871

this is so cute anon i love it

No. 264880

HOLY SHIT nonnies, I found an old photo I submitted for a waifu valentine's collage in the 4chan archives
I can't believe it's still there in full res kek I had been looking for it in my camera's SD card but it wasn't there, in a way I'm relieved but on the other hand I'm cringing so hard at my old husbandoposts

No. 264881

File: 1652917509888.jpg (1.88 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-05-18_16-43-36-890.…)

Tartaglia is def the top dog here but gojo is a close second. this is more a list of husbandos from throughout the years, really.

No. 264883

Aki ♥ You have great taste Nonita

No. 264892

File: 1652920720645.png (4.89 MB, 2480x3508, nndcompass13.png)

hrggg…. thick thighs… big titties… sweet lord jesus have mercy on me

No. 264895

File: 1652921915905.png (2.38 MB, 1280x1280, final_628594eea0b1e0006831b455…)

It's kind of dishonest of me to put Armin here, but they made him look sooo good last season. Couldn't resist.

No. 264917

File: 1652936430413.jpg (355.52 KB, 2604x1580, Joker.(Persona.5).full.2239849…)

Based Akira liker.

No. 264920

File: 1652938936808.png (Spoiler Image,311 KB, 522x661, SniperWIP.png)

I love your art so so so much nona, he looks so handsome and cute. And happy belated birthday.
I'm still pushing through my own artblock to finish that sfm animation of him I promised I'd do earlier in this thread

No. 264921

File: 1652939026486.jpg (53.11 KB, 564x661, f2299e1e60c30c1f48f6747a6d6280…)

My boy Alois… You are a goddess nonna.

No. 264927

Shotacons go home

No. 264930

nta but nona you deserve everything that's good in this world

No. 264931

File: 1652944919061.jpeg (15.41 KB, 474x316, bdcd337da1edc535122ebf341240d3…)

I like him

No. 264932

taste nona, he's cute as hell

No. 264948

File: 1652953398270.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.06 KB, 712x755, IMG_20220519_111734_587.jpg)

Thank you, and god bless you my hands went numb when I opened the image, don't push yourself when you don't feel like it, work only when you want, then it will be a true work of love, right? (but I think like this and therefore I never finish anything) God bless you
I have one more unfinished drawing, I thought he would look so cute doing it but how am I supposed to know what a man and a woman doing this would look like? So everything looks awkward but what's bugging me most is where to put the woman's hand. If it was your hand, where would you put it because I changed it 3 times so it's just a crappy hand now because I don't know I can't decide. Please help I really didn't want to look at pornography for reference. Dammit

No. 264972

This is so so so so cute. Maybe put her hand on his shoulder? For balance?

No. 265005

drive by lurker, but I love this position a lot. perspective is really off tho, is she floating, kneeling or 12(she looks so small lol)? usually you have to brace yourself on the back of the couch/wall unless ur like 25 lbs and he can just hold you like that. don't artists with no sexual experience use porn stills as reference?

No. 265018

Based as fuck
Whoawhoawhoa hold on. I did not expect this when I opened the spoiler. This is soooo fuckin hot, I love love love nipple sucking so much
>what's bugging me most is where to put the woman's hand
On the back of his head? Either that or on his shoulder like >>264972 said
>Please help I really didn't want to look at pornography for reference
Someone in /ot/ thread suggested erotic photo collections and couple's boudoir.

No. 265024

Unless the woman is a dwarf, she is ridiculously tiny. You need to imagine the entire pose and their sizes compared ot each other. Looking at sfw pics of couples could help.

No. 265025

>Have you seen the art of the OFC!Student character and him?
No this is new to me, if it's not too much trouble I would like to check it out. Is it similar to Y/N stuff but in art form?

Personally I prefer him without beard, but I must admit that well kept beards are super hot! And sideburns are rad, love them! About his hair, I like when it's shoulder length or bit longer. I adore his hair in the movies, in 4th, 6th and last movies it's the best. It's always too clean though hehe. About his hair tied I have only one word: perfection!
I'm terrible at estimating peoples height, but I think your estimate is quite accurate. He is also taller than me yay! In book it's mentioned that he is shorter than Sirius. By the way, I think Lupin is best of Marauders, BUT he still looked away when his friends tormented Snape, he was even a prefect!

>When we go to return home for the evening it’d be raining and he’d pull me close and tuck me inside his cloak so I can stay warm and dry.

What a dream! That would be so so cute!

Oh I wanted to write about Legilimency in my previous post but it was so long already!
>I don’t think he’d really know what to do so I think he’d just sit and try and gather his thoughts. Later on when I’m asleep he’d look into my room, and just watch me sleep for a bit.
I think you captured his personality perfectly in this part. I liked your story about Occlumency/Legilimency, even though it must have been difficult for you, and for Snape as well.

Hogwarts is also my favourite place, there is lot of… action hehe, since that's where we spend most of the year. I confess that all locations starting from potions classroom have been tried and tested kek! Oh yes he is definitely top, all my other husbandos are too. I take my role as the teacher's pet quite seriously hehe. I have a NSFW-story about Legilimency, readers beware!In this story Legilimency is like a hybrid between book and movie description of it. I was inspired by that scene in the movie where Snape literally appears in Harry's memories. I like to think that Snape would teach me Occlumency in order to protect myself, but in the process he would accidentally see a moment where my character would be thinking about him and doing certain things at the same time kek oh no. He would probably make some remark about it. But later, during sex he would suggest that he could penetrate (his words not mine!) my mind simultaneously. So he would appear in those memories, while physical stuff is happening at the same time. I think that mind is the final barrier between two people, when that is "broken" I could be completely his. What I don't know is what happens to those memories, would they be altered forever? I don't know. But what I do know is that Snape would never harm my mind, since he has direct access he would instantly see if he has gone too far. Tell me, do you think Snape is a virgin, before he met you of course? For me, I like to think he is, there is just something about that thought I love. Oh god this sounds so weird when summarised like this, I promise it's really much better!

Imagine my surprise when I started watching Star Trek earlier this year, and learned about Spock's Vulcan mind meld! It really made me feel things kek. I also love Vulcan's ritualistic approach to intimate things, it's beautiful and hot in it's own way.
I try to link few scenes, first is the first time we see the mind meld, the second is from the last movie. Usually Spock is not forceful, but in this case there was an emergency. (I wouldn't mind some force though…)

Aw, thank you for your kind words! I have a trick for creating scenarios and interactions with my husbandos: I rewatch/reread their scenes many times, paying attention to their mannerisms and way they speak. I even act along sometimes. With enough repetition I can "extrapolate" how they would behave and what they would say in different situations, and in the end their responses become "automatic". I don't really have think what they would say, for example. I have difficulties imagining voices, so I have few "model sentences" for everyone, which I can easily remember, and I think of them and remember their voices again.

No. 265028

I have so much to say I have to write a second post kek! I love all my husbandos, but Snape is definitely my favourite. If a portal opened now, and I could choose one of them to live with in his world/story for the rest of eternity, I would choose Snape without hesitation. Maybe I'm just so lovesick that I easily fall for characters. Once a character becomes husbando, I never "demote" them, they are husbandos for good.

Many of them have similar characteristics, and I note that many of them are similar with Snape, unsurprisingly. Many of them are also teachers/scholars/ generally intelligent, so there's that aspect as well! I tend to fall for villains, most likely because they are so passionate, and often extremely handsome and cool hehe.

I want to point out Bruno from Encanto: he's quite different from other, personality-wise. He is like a male version of me, when I watched the movie for the first time, there was instant connection! I hope we could become braver together, I like to think he would gain confidence if he had a girlfriend (me). I even love his magical gift, even though it has caused so much sadness for him.

>Sometimes I feel self-conscious about only having one husbando.

Oh don't be, many people have only one! I have a opposite fear, that I'm not serious enough. But I know in my heart that my love is real. I think that's the great thing about husbandos, we can experience love and things where only the imagination is the limit. It's different for everyone, and one can choose the way which brings them most happiness, I think everyone feels it in their heart what is the best. Sorry my inspirational speech is limited by language barrier, but something like that.

Also! I love the way you talk about your Medieval studies, I think that's great knowledge and a way to get close to him.

No. 265029

File: 1652976680683.jpg (1.19 MB, 1060x1500, 1652909875205.jpg)

Oh my god don't chase me Lord Dimitrescu, what should I do, what if you smother me with your bara tiddies oh nooo

No. 265030

He could look older but this genderbend gives me Hachishaku-sama vibes and I love it

No. 265033


No. 265034

File: 1652978788314.png (Spoiler Image,451.01 KB, 949x503, snipersucc.png)

nona pls I've only ever done this a couple times like 10 years ago and I was always in Sniper's position when getting my titty sucked, so I can't help you with personal experience
BUT I agree with the other nonas, she'd either brace herself with her hand on his shoulder or be leaning in closer and have her arms wrapped around the back of his neck/head.
Maybe draw her left arm doing the supporting so that her left hand can still be cupping his face?
Sorry for shiddy draw-over. You draw him perfectly and your colours and shading are amazing

No. 265037

File: 1652978996305.jpg (4.83 KB, 144x157, 673829184.jpg)

self-reply but I was brain dead and said left hand instead of right hand, sorry

No. 265081

File: 1652998023294.jpg (31.72 KB, 225x350, 94244.jpg)

Trancywives, party of three.

No. 265082

File: 1652998487836.jpeg (120.92 KB, 640x505, 3D61DE82-67CA-45D0-8ADE-FB804F…)

I want rook hunt to dress like pic related, I want to let him pretend he’s oh so dominant and cool just to take off his hat and make him feel ashamed when I uncover his forehead his cheeks will get red with embarrassment and that embarrassment will go through his whole body, he will then whimper and tell me that I’m terribly mean and that he just wanted to prank me.
I want to tell him that he failed and that now he has to do everything that I say, he will just nod and say that he will follow any order.
Never let your unhinged husbandos do what they want, that will be my motto.

No. 265084

I had a big crush on him as a kid. Also, I love that the artist who draws the best r34 art of him is now dating the creator, David Firth. Her dreams came true. I wonder if he uses the voice during sex

No. 265089

File: 1652999155154.jpg (525.67 KB, 1500x1620, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

I would walk the Mad Dog on a leash.

No. 265094

File: 1653000424571.jpg (46.57 KB, 520x655, DBC09E2E-934E-4C96-A814-6929B4…)

bark bark woof snarl

No. 265118

drawfags, when was the last time you drew you and your husbando banging? i'm starting something rn because the artists here in this thread have awakened something in me

No. 265123

File: 1653010762632.jpg (3.83 KB, 243x207, 3458234812984.jpg)

how do I draw self insert stuff without cringing at the thought that these cartoon men would reject me nona

No. 265126

File: 1653011501436.gif (12.11 MB, 410x499, 332323ds.gif)

>when was the last time you drew you and your husbando banging?
May 3rd, I've been pretty busy so I haven't had time to finish it (or draw more), but I tried writing the plot outline for some x Reader smut today and got too horny, so I masturbated to it.

No. 265127

just draw him getting beat up by other people or figures with the faces cropped out. or sexual stuff if the former isn't your vibe

No. 265129

stop thinking like that. your husbandos love you
why would someone want to see their man getting beaten up?

No. 265131

File: 1653012071485.jpg (600.35 KB, 1200x1880, 1200px-François_Gérard_-_Napol…)

My boyfriend, I just want to snuggle with him…

No. 265139

Haven't done it yet because I don't feel I'm good enough. Tried sketching some lewd faces from hentai reference a few days ago though that came out ok.

Fix your self-esteem issues. Real life is one thing, but at least be confident in your fantasies.

No. 265140

Who is this?

No. 265143

I've drawn a lot of fluff with my husbando but I only just drew us having sex for the first time a few days ago. In both drawings you can only see the back of his head, I don't think I have the courage to draw his facial expressions just yet. Drawing him normally already flusters me.

No. 265144

is it weird to do things my husbando canonically likes/does? I was reading his character profile and it had his favorite foods and wine listed so I made a note to get them when I next visit the store, and had his favorite music/movie listed too so I was listening to the music he likes and planning on watching his favorite movie soon
I feel like such an autismo doing all this for a 2D man kek but at the same time it reminds me of him and makes me happy

No. 265145

i don't think it's weird, nona! i actually think it's really sweet to involve your husbando in your day to day activities

No. 265148

File: 1653018934963.png (470.29 KB, 1034x1080, 78630081_p0.png)

he's thirteen from the game compass, enjoy

No. 265149

Who’s your husbando? I wish I knew my husbando’s favorite things.

No. 265150

File: 1653020674167.png (Spoiler Image,199.45 KB, 559x453, wip.png)

you know what you right. you nonas pushed me to actually sketch something and it was actually a lot of fun to do

No. 265152

i'm happy for you, nonita!! sniper loves you very much and don't think otherwise ever again

No. 265162

File: 1653031031666.jpg (91.7 KB, 500x777, Lobo skull.jpg)

Hey that's pretty coloring

Here is favorite picture of my husbando Lobo

No. 265175

File: 1653034798146.png (Spoiler Image,290.49 KB, 1360x944, Draggos.png)

These two dragon dudes from Cloud Meadow.

No. 265180

god these were hot AF

No. 265185

File: 1653043370908.jpeg (143.28 KB, 736x1136, abbacchio profile.jpeg)

thank you for the kind words nonnie, I am glad you find it sweet
abbacchio, pic related only lists a few of his favorites but I'll take any info on him I can get
who is your husbando nonna?

No. 265198

File: 1653049021965.jpg (393.27 KB, 1600x1944, sigh.jpg)

>tfw when he will never hold you like that

No. 265201

File: 1653050967293.jpeg (141.04 KB, 896x946, 6DBAD785-E0F0-458F-A151-B130F1…)

Alucard from Castlevania

No. 265219

Nonnie, I love you, you’re amazing.

No. 265234

File: 1653060760266.jpg (136.09 KB, 1569x938, EjllJ8LVoAAxLy5.jpg)

I am in withdrawal and I need more of him asap.

No. 265247

File: 1653065130400.png (204.14 KB, 844x432, music2.png)

Hehe what a predicament!

>Drawing him normally already flusters me.
Can definitely relate, also I'm afraid when I draw my husbandos they would look wrong. Seeing all this wonderful art in this thread makes me want to draw as well though, let's see what happens!

Music is a wonderful way of feeling close to your husbando! I like dancing with my husbando(s), it's so much fun even though it most likely looks silly.
(In the picture is Gunnar Maelstrom, listening to The Flying Dutchman Overture.)

Love the expressions, good work! I see here are many Sniper fans, I'm not familiar with the character, what would you say are his best features?

Husbando withdrawal truly is a serious condition!

No. 265248

>In the picture is Gunnar Maelstrom, listening to The Flying Dutchman Overture
NAYRT but thanks nona, I wanted to know his name.

No. 265249

nonnie do u have the artist for this masterpiece

No. 265250

File: 1653068043923.jpg (83.17 KB, 626x454, bait1.jpg)

You're most welcome, he's truly wonderful

No. 265257

this is SO CUTE anon, i love both of your expressions!! flustered sniper is very endearing.

No. 265269

No. 265270

Dangerously based anons

No. 265272

File: 1653072079482.jpg (175.36 KB, 556x636, FJU7ICyUYAoJS3N.jpg)

dunno why this panel does things to me

No. 265295

File: 1653078524738.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.52 KB, 733x1024, jpg.jpg)


No. 265303

Fuck he's hot

No. 265326

Because he is SEXY. He is one of the most hottest husbandos ever. A classic hansdome husbando

No. 265390

he's so freaking hot

No. 265398

File: 1653114867795.jpg (78.3 KB, 564x402, 75f5b3ffea5e86146848b020777ad2…)

I'm here once again to thirst over anime men with little to no content.

Okay but seriously, Usagi is so cute and strong, I love how the author choose a muscular man for the warrior of the rabbit. He is both intimidating but I also want to take care of him, like, I'd actually accept being his "friend" without him killing me. I'd cuddle with him and kiss his big thick thighs, I'd let him lift me with his powerful arms and let him grab me like a small pushie because he is so tall compare to me

No. 265405

File: 1653124567175.jpeg (99.1 KB, 900x506, yakuza-kiwami-majima.900x.jpeg)

I want to tongue punch his eyehole. I want to kick him. I want to give him the ol' shimano treatment part 2 electric boogaloo. I am in love with this man. I want to get in a physical altercation with him in a dark alleyway. I want to hit him with a cattle prod.

I hate how husbandos usually have a lack of good dakimakura art, if any at all. But I kind of feel like dakis are just a sad stand. It wouldn't satisfy me.

Also RGG did Ryuji and Nishitani dirty, they are both so hot. Rest in pieces kings

No. 265442

My husbando is a scientist so I like to imagine him secretly observing me and taking notes on my mannerisms. At first he tries to pretend it's just his usual fascination with strange things, but when he reads back through his notes he gets super flustered because it's obvious he thinks I'm cute and wants to get closer to me. I would love the chance to see myself through his eyes tbh. I wonder what he would notice about me, especially the things I do without even realising.

No. 265444

Anon this is way too cute!

No. 265452

File: 1653157889194.jpg (195.68 KB, 1280x720, beach.jpg)

I had a rough day but just had the most relaxing daydream about my husbando. We were on a tropical beach and he was telling me about the importance of relaxing (he is a very chill character) and would teach me about relaxing by slowly kissing me and tell me sweet nothings in his calm sexy voice. Then kissing every part of my body, taking his time. He would suck on my toes and of course finally, savouring my pussy. Afterwards he would hold me and we would take a nap. I fell asleep and I feel so refreshed now.

No. 265456

File: 1653158338509.jpg (133.25 KB, 533x771, tumblr_383812599f68b8a5ca71006…)

My favorite moid. I want him to use me as his sex slave for all of eternity and have 5 children with him.

No. 265459

iirc i read somewhere that Nagoshi said once that there was a small chance that Ryuji might have survived? but then Yokoyama said that Ryuji definitely did not survive. They did bring back Kashiwagi somehow so why not Ryuji too? Not that I mind, Kashiwagi too is sexy as hell, even more so in Like a Dragon but I still want Ryuji back too somehow, even if they have to make literal resurrection an achievable thing in the games canon.

No. 265461

File: 1653159960813.png (1.46 MB, 1084x1084, 16517907633764585445.png)

i love these fools so much

No. 265467

I wanna take a bite out of his muscular thighs. I love how he shows off his sexy, built body. Too bad he's from a lackluster death game anime.

No. 265500

Great taste anon

No. 265503

File: 1653179446929.jpeg (78.34 KB, 500x841, Imágenes de Juuni Taisen.jpeg)

I know, he is so hot… and I wish there could be more content of him and my other favorite boy (Pic related), but there's barely any even on the anime and novel. Well, I guess I'll have to do it myself, eventually, with a little more time and confidence

No. 265534

File: 1653198073686.jpg (268.17 KB, 1944x2320, EWDQYyqU0AYLOoP.jpg)

Today I got carried around the map by a friendly Joey. I just can't play against Legion, I can't, how am I not supposed to follow them around like a horny little shit?

No. 265536


No. 265540

I read a doujinshi in which Feng Min got stuck in a window and Joey fucked her. God I wish that was me.

No. 265668

File: 1653267789313.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.48 KB, 385x216, 91-1646153107-447179257.jpeg)

getting so goddamn desperate for content involving my husbando I'm thinking of making a sim out of him.

No. 265669

There are a couple of good ryujixreader fanfic on AO3

No. 265861

File: 1653341825956.jpg (76.81 KB, 620x560, tumblr_nkrdsgTXU51ttth9ro1_128…)

You get to choose any girl to be genderswapped into a guy/husbando. Who would it be?

For me it's Super Sonico. He'd be a cute idol and a hot model dress up in sexy clothing. Probably a twunk too with pecs, thicc thighs, thicc ass and a sizable dick. I'd buy his figures too.

No. 265866

File: 1653342261148.jpg (117.02 KB, 450x640, FDaQsYiakAAeQ0e.jpg orig.jpg)

Nitro+CHiRAL already has a male mascot, though. His name is Naitou-kun.

No. 265872

File: 1653343086873.jpg (459.97 KB, 1280x1810, dahlia.jpg)

Dunno how much I'd like her as a guy, but she's my only husbando I'd want to turn into a dude. Obviously he'd be every bit as clever and scheming under a delicate facade, but with a little more of a yandere protective streak than before.
Would totally hug close under his parasol and braid his hair.

No. 265901

File: 1653348765301.png (214.79 KB, 547x832, 97-979392_.png)

aigis and naoto
enough said.

No. 265907

Oh yes I'm familiar with him. He's handsome yet so obscure and has little to no content. I wish they would do more for him other than an existing male mascot.

No. 265909

File: 1653350231775.jpg (46.98 KB, 446x600, 99b1a9348842f9b33ff2802161eddd…)

Sad orange nurse, another BPD guy to add to my harem.

No. 265936

File: 1653370642656.jpeg (372.88 KB, 923x660, B5190131-F640-497D-BE40-2C6AD7…)

Omg I just found this and
I don’t really know what to say…..


No. 265952

i did this and got a bunch of wicked whims mods and we just fucked all day long

No. 265974

File: 1653385747847.webm (1.43 MB, 1438x1080, shirtless_onizuka.webm)

I'm like 10 episodes in and I wanna peg his ugly ass.

No. 265990

File: 1653396860947.png (1.98 MB, 782x1200, GTO-volume_3_cover.png)

I'm in hornyjail with you on this one. I bet he fucks like a piston.

No. 266015

>I bet he fucks like a piston.
Nonny I'm not even that anon but you're convincing me of watching this shit too

No. 266021

File: 1653410698865.jpg (2.51 MB, 3814x4096, media_Em-rbVYW4AEn6bk.jpg name…)

Thinking about him today…

No. 266023

File: 1653410931348.png (450.57 KB, 1280x960, Travis by Frooting.png)

I would like him to bring me a bouquet for my birthday!

No. 266071

File: 1653423720198.gif (663.85 KB, 500x344, Art of the Dead Artist.gif)

Sometimes I crouch next to him and just watch him inspect the guns

No. 266115

is that anime Johnny Knoxville?

No. 266127

spot-on anon, this character was modeled after him iirc

No. 266131

this is really cute to me, nona. i bet he enjoys your company

No. 266136

I can't get over how he probably looks horrifying under the bandages, and Boone has that dead wife baggage so I don't have a New Vegas husbando, but that gif is so cute. That's the kind of stupid shit my self inserts would be doing all the time in games.

No. 266150

iirc Suda sent Kozaki (the character designer) a picture of Johnny Knoxville being bitten by a baby alligator in the nipple to explain what kind of vibes he wanted for Travis.

No. 266225

File: 1653495834707.jpg (386.6 KB, 750x1140, Tumblr_l_112556304818832.jpg)

God, I love him.
>I don't have a New Vegas husbando
My NV husbando is unironically Yes man, he's an adorable robot and I love his voice acting.

No. 266237

File: 1653503689886.jpg (90.83 KB, 2000x1125, maxresdefault.jpg)

if the devs are gonna be scrotes and make her second phase look like THAT, id almost rather she were a man. he would look hot

No. 266251

File: 1653513187717.jpeg (592.46 KB, 1300x770, BB1211F6-40EE-4682-B679-0BBCF4…)

I had a dream that I was sad and majima was walking around sotenbori with me while holding my hand and trying to cheer me up, it was amazing

No. 266253

File: 1653515269352.png (2.03 MB, 918x1274, 93526795_p0.png)

Holy shit that's such a magnificent dream, I dreamed about a guy who looked like Y0 Majima once but dreaming about the actual Majima would be so awesome.
I almost dreamed about my husbando today, this time I knew he was real and not just a character, but I didn't get to interact with him.

No. 266264

File: 1653521985437.jpg (105.51 KB, 600x1282, f27ad358ef5e908cc84ef75bda8887…)

Hell yeah he does. Dude's strong and horny af. He even tries to woo on girls yet still a virgin.

Honestly I thought I was gonna dislike and drop this anime because it's praised by moids and saw some scrotey fanservice, but after watching a couple episodes, it's actually pretty enjoyable, funny and entertaining especially Onizuka himself. First episode can be a drag because of fanservice from an annoying and insufferable girl but the anime gets better and the fanservice gets subtle and not a constant force it up in your face thing like in most anime nowadays.

No. 266265

I was sad because I thought she would be a hot long haired man from the first trailer last year lmao.

No. 266267

File: 1653522793859.jpg (159.01 KB, 1000x869, V5.jpg)

why am I turned on

No. 266272

Better question is why wouldn't you be turned on? Whatever he is, he's stunning!

No. 266289

File: 1653539137872.jpg (270.55 KB, 1448x2048, FS-Ncg3VIAIAo2s.jpg)

Finally got around to playing legends arceus, and I instantly fell in love. I'm so embarrassed, its unreal. I hope we get closure for him, though.

No. 266290

Are the grey things sideburns or hair? I can't unsee them as sideburns…

No. 266291

File: 1653540570539.png (1.12 MB, 1280x1607, tumblr_d9a677c38e882937e353e49…)

My guess is hair, but honestly I have no clue. Somehow, it doesn't kill it for me either way.

No. 266293

I've always loved Joshua Graham and the idealized version of Ulysses I came up with based on his concept art and stuff left on the cutting room floor of New Vegas. Top tier Fallout husbandos.

Does anyone else have any other Fallout/Elder Scrolls husbandos? I was super into Lucien Lachance when I was a teenager. I also remember Mr. Burke having fangirls after FO3 came out.

No. 266299

File: 1653544853713.jpeg (102.49 KB, 800x600, majima.jpeg)

it really was, this is the first time I had a husbando dream too and now I'm wanting more
I hope you get to have a nice husbando dream where you get to interact with him nonna, it sounds like you've come pretty close at least!

No. 266310

File: 1653551190465.png (456.62 KB, 540x720, tumblr_oibiyrGWhO1tqo45mo1_540…)

Give us a male firekeeper Fromsoft, you fucking cowards

No. 266318

File: 1653556385360.jpeg (24.5 KB, 228x235, AC9FFE99-4A2B-4CB9-A28D-119815…)

>try to write a love letter to husbando in the notes app
>start getting heart palpitations
>stomach gets upset
>get sick and almost throw up
>close the app

No. 266320

what a cute idea.. i want to do this, too… try again, nona!!

No. 266337

File: 1653573021568.jpg (81.14 KB, 752x1063, 3a4b3ac1e6c1598639cefabf0a932a…)

miraak! i can fix him. whether he wants it or not.

No. 266342

You're so fucking real for this. I'm tired of the women leveling you up trope in their games.

No. 266356

File: 1653578503690.jpg (2.06 MB, 1053x1400, 80679171453544.jpg)

I like his nails.

No. 266369

I love men with sharp or claw-tipped fingers and imagining how gentle and careful they'd have to be to finger you.

No. 266387

File: 1653592703861.jpg (249.5 KB, 1280x720, 2022052420221900-290CB9DE3182D…)

Touken ranbu warriors came out in english! I immediately got it and upskirted my gorgeous slutbando. Worth every penny.

No. 266389

File: 1653592897514.jpg (259.73 KB, 1280x720, 2022052420054200-290CB9DE3182D…)

I want to chill on the veranda with them so badly.

No. 266413

I think since Majima is realistic it's easier for him to appear in our dreams, kek.
>I hope you get to have a nice husbando dream where you get to interact with him nonna, it sounds like you've come pretty close at least!
In the same dream with the Majima lookalike, another husbando saw me flirt with him, so I looked at my husbando and licked his ear and made him moan and told him that I'd suck his dick later
That was my first and only husbando sex dream so far, or at least it came pretty close.

OT but I'm wondering if anyone here has bought both versions.

Nona, I have never written a message for mine, but, try to remember that your husbando can't really judge you since he's not real.
If I knew how to write love letters I would definitely do it. Maybe for Valentine's Day or his birthday.

No. 266415

File: 1653603477859.jpg (80.28 KB, 1000x563, cavaliere angelo.jpg)


No. 266421

Wait, your husbando is Trish?

No. 266432

women beating moids to their own game kekw

No. 266437

mmmm coochie cutters

No. 266450

File: 1653625417265.png (641.9 KB, 718x732, 5747282893.png)

I'm with you Nona.
My joints start aching, my heart starts hiccuping, my mouth gets dry, my stomach gets tied up in knots, a deep sense of dread fills me.
Literally fantasizing about my husbando's hand brushing against mine is enough to give me symptoms akin to having a panic attack.
We can overcome and conquer. I believe in you.

No. 266570

File: 1653694902484.png (433.66 KB, 447x516, AAAAA.png)

i want to beat him up. then kiss him good night and tuck him in bed. damned old man u stole my heart

No. 266571

File: 1653695647414.jpeg (53.9 KB, 563x669, 0eddb177455f6b4.jpeg)

the fed watching my online activity knows how in love i am with this alien hedgehog. he's so cute and it's my dream to take him to a bakery shop and spoil him with as many croissants as he wants

No. 266577

I legit love my husbando any time he shows any emotion. I love seeing him happy, angry, serious, sad, etc. I love everything about him. I can't and don't want to stop staring at him

No. 266585

im actually going insane i wanna fuck elias bouchard so bad. i can't even find art of him to put as the pic because he's an audiodrama character and all the art the fanbase makes of him sucks. oh my god

No. 266589

File: 1653705867997.jpg (90.59 KB, 1600x800, GEE GOLLY.jpg)

been rewatching his cutscenes and I can feel the blood rushing on my cheeks
it's still a little uncomfortable to remember vergil is modeled after a real-life moid….
>implying that he could ever compete to HIM
yeah I doubt he would like me much tbh

No. 266593

File: 1653708380736.jpg (423.47 KB, 2048x1750, Es2HFrbXIAM5tkh.jpg orig.jpg)

Thank fuck the Tumblr Sexyman wiki has an article about him, he sounds hot.
What's so bad about the way they draw him? You could draw him the way you imagine him, too

No. 266594

I don't know anything about this character or game but he looks hot and insane. Is he a demon

No. 266599

File: 1653713094827.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.74 KB, 540x960, tumblr_13fc42402030138e77f173c…)

glad to see so many vergil appreciators out here lately. his irl model is hot too though.
yes! he's half demon.

No. 266602

File: 1653713365685.jpg (120.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1640643313754.jpg)

he is not really unhinged but more of the vengeful type
also fucked canonically in contrast to his brother

No. 266620

He is such a beautiful old man.

No. 266668

File: 1653747911830.jpg (227.52 KB, 1280x720, 2022052717561000-290CB9DE3182D…)

Is there a difference between the versions?
Anyway, damn the new guy, Omokage is so fine too. Sexy back, sexy legs, sexy cloth damage, and sad autistic face. Hot.

No. 266669

File: 1653748033978.jpg (263.46 KB, 1280x720, 2022052718315200-290CB9DE3182D…)

I want to grope them…dat bulge

No. 266675

File: 1653750674850.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 20220525_135644.jpg)

I haven't even started work yet and I'm already in a foul mood. Going to think of him to get me through the day.

No. 266679

Think of punching boulders

No. 266689

i wish i could give my husbando children… i want him to have the family he never had. he would be such a loving father and would do anything to protect his children. nonas i am in pain

No. 266690

>Is there a difference between the versions?
I don't know I was just kinda asking if the Japanese version gets a free English update or if you have to buy the English version separately, I guess

No. 266691

Draw/commission/write or do a picrew of your family together nona!

No. 266694

File: 1653755854699.jpg (190.76 KB, 1080x1920, 20220526_202228.jpg)

BASED VERGILFAG. Heres a vergil mod that made demonically horny

No. 266695

He looks like he's ready for a date with you!

No. 266718

File: 1653763021072.png (Spoiler Image,518.29 KB, 931x640, Lin.png)

I'm the nonnie who keeps denying I have mommy issues bc I like older women BUT what if one of my waifus is older than me and has her own mommy issues?

No. 266721

it cancels out like pemdas or somethin

No. 266722

I approve of your waifu nona, she is cool. Love the LoK ladies.

No. 266726

Thank you anon I will!

No. 266739

File: 1653770750453.jpg (30.62 KB, 564x752, 805d6a19016d3e963806b6d7927241…)

I just want to violate an awkward, flustered, stilted robot boy. I want him to politely question why I'm grabbing his junk and pinching his chest, because he doesn't fully understand human sexuality. I love the idea that he could be programmed to be solely devoted to me and my needs hehhee

No. 266757

A fellow androidfucker of culture I see

No. 266770

kek true, I've been trying to dream about all my other (not very realistic) husbandos but majima is the only one to appear so far
woah nice nonna! that's a pretty good dream for your first

No. 266773

Detroit Become Human was amazing for female android aficionados. Cute robot characters tend to be designed to look like girls/women more often than not, cute roboys are rarer.

Connor in particular is such a fun character (and easy on the eyes). I would have loved if the game was just about him and Hank solving crimes.

No. 266792

Agent Cooper made-in-China knockoff

No. 266794

File: 1653795379851.jpeg (66.74 KB, 639x594, 8a2175c.jpeg)

the overpowering virginity makes him hotter

No. 266798

Connor and Hank should have been the whole game. The rest felt half-baked. It was a really good story besides the side characters.

No. 266803

This picture is so hot

No. 266805

File: 1653801190210.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.65 KB, 995x1200, media_DlYYoquU0AEHEqv.jpg)

I am so fucking horny that I am heavily thirsting after the stupid, disgusting zombie child murderer stuck in an animatronic fursuit. I feel like an autistic 12-year-old all over again. I am going insane.

No. 266807

I've noticed a lot of people thirsting over him. It's clearly not his looks. Is it just the sexy voice and thrill of him being "dangerous"?

No. 266809

For me it's definitely his looks too. I don't know why, but the decayed robot-corpse thing does it for me. He's so monstrous and creepy and his expression and eyes are captivating. I love this cosplay of him.

No. 266832

nta but i would do all three

No. 266837

File: 1653821102009.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20220529020820.png)

It's only the first quest of the season and he's already being even more of a total woobie.
It's almost making up for the fact that I'll probably never be able to see my Warlock's face in a cutscene ever again.
And he's not wearing the hood anymore, too bad that Cabal is ruining the mood…
I wish this was a proper RPG so I could canonically tell him everything. Please just cry into my chest and let me comfort you.

No. 266848

have any of you commissioned porn of you and your husbando? written, drawn, etc. the idea just popped in my head rn and….

No. 266849

I would if there was a way to do it anonymously.

No. 266850

I don't have the money for it, but even if I did, I'd rather get good enough to make it myself. It's more personal that way.

No. 266861

I don't self-insert, my autism prevents me from enjoying art and fiction that bends canon, instead I own an ungodly amount of R18 yumejoshi doujinshis of my husbando and the female MC of the game he's from.

No. 266868

Our husband is so fucking beautiful.

No. 266882

No because I can draw and would prefer to draw them myself (it's also hard to find artists who are familiar enough with them). There's only one artist that I would ever commission to draw one of my husbandos. But I gotta find out if she's still doing commissions because she went MIA on her social media.

Some artists do Ko-Fi commissions, isn't that anonymous?

No. 266889

No, I think it would be too awkward to commission porn… I'm even too embarrassed to commission normal self-insert. I drew myself fucking my husbando not too long ago so I think I will try to make my own food. I would love to commission fanfic though, I don't get much in his AO3 tag as it is.
Not anonymous unfortunately, Ko-Fi is just a proxy for PayPal so the artist will get your full legal name when the transaction happens. I mean I never care about my client's names when I get commissioned but I wouldn't want mine revealed.

No. 266890

alright, i finally understand the feud between yumejos and fujos now LMAO! they are something else!

No. 266902

I agree that yumejoshis are fucking deranged but we probably shouldn't be talking about this in a yumejo-leaning thread.

No. 266903

Ma'am are you lost, this is yume station. Anyway I want to fuck my husbando.

No. 266905

He wouldn't fuck you.

No. 266911

File: 1653857890474.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.71 KB, 320x320, Corpse_Husband.jpg)

Do you also happen to like him too?

No. 266912

NTA but if he were real he definitely would fuck her because scrotes would fuck any woman.
But he's not real, so she can simply imagine that he has sex with her, so it doesn't matter anyway.
Now the question is, why are you even here? Are you one of those salty fujos from /m/?

No. 266920

What exactly is deranged about finding a character attractive or fantasizing about one?

No. 266923

NTA but femcel behavior. You're literally just as pathetic as the male waifufags I'm sure you always laugh at.

No. 266924

I think the screencap from this thread that someone posted in the caps thread attracted some /ot/ retards.

No. 266925

>femcel behavior
NTA but femcels aren't real kek. A lot of posters itt have had or are in relationships with real men. I don't understand what's so weird about being more attracted to the idea of a perfect man than the horrible real version of males? I'm sure you've had sexual fantasies before, too.

No. 266928

By this logic incels aren't real either because there's someone out there for everyone. Having unreasonable standards and hating the entire opposite sex because of that makes you an incel or femcel.

No. 266929

yeah it's soo unreasonable to want a man who isn't harmful or mean, puts in the bare minimum effort into his looks and washes his ass

No. 266931

>yeah it's soo unreasonable to want a woman who is not a bitchy gold digger, will never hit the wall or dump me for Chad
Hey I can reduce half of the population to a sexist caricature too!(derailing )

No. 266932

>By this logic incels aren't real either because there's someone out there for everyone
No, incels are real because most women wouldn't fuck just any man, since we aren't as sex-obsessed as males are. On the other hand, men would fuck anything. Male attention is easy to get, which is why actual femcels are extremely rare compared to male incels.
>Having unreasonable standard
Wanting a scrote to act like a decent human being and to put the bare minimum of effort into his looks is not an unreasonable standard, but somehow most of them fail at that. Men do have unreasonable standards for us, though. Even though they would fuck any woman, they also want the absolute "best" which is why they think normal-looking women are deformed just because we don't have the body of a porn star. The want women to be pure virgins but at the same time they want us to participate in all their fetishes. They do not listen to our opinions, but they force us to accept theirs.

No. 266936

Please, please go outside and talk to actual real human beings.

No. 266937

It seems like we are getting a wave of baiters right now. Report and don't reply.

No. 266938

File: 1653863749217.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.63 KB, 1040x1300, 86073682_p2.jpg)

Thank you nona. Here's a hot anime guy.

No. 266942

File: 1653864243380.jpg (54.08 KB, 452x591, 20220410_121535.jpg)

Anyway, I fucked my husbando and he loves me and I have the sketchbook to prove it.

No. 266943

File: 1653864331844.jpg (409.19 KB, 1167x1200, aa.jpg)

using all of the energy in my body to both summon june groom art + obtain the will to draw him more. love

No. 266945

File: 1653864628458.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.66 KB, 768x1018, 60065800_p34.jpg)

based, and same

No. 266947

File: 1653864992009.png (629.65 KB, 572x1162, dangersmile.png)

Any nonas have husbandos that spark complicated feelings? I feel like I could fill a room of husbandos I love to hate and can't be the only one, right?

No. 266948

File: 1653865028060.jpeg (73.39 KB, 480x640, 905C1E81-D378-4C43-8FB5-B9D78F…)

I want to sit naked in his lap and fuck him while he's still fully clothed. He wouldn't actually care if I mess up his suit but he would definitely tease me for being so wet I ruin his pants. Actually I think I want him to put his stupid sexy hat on me and THATS the only thing I'll wear

No. 266950

Yes. I want to punch him so bad, but that only turns me on more. He really does deserve that and more though.

No. 266951

Based anon and an inspiration to us all

No. 266954

I love my husbando wholeheartedly but he's sort of an INTJ high IQ autismo type which irl never works out for me, the things I find endearing about him in theory come off as straight up annoying in reality and there's really nothing worse than a midwit who thinks he's super hot intellectual shit, kek. Maybe one day I'll find a qt3.14 sperg that can take a bit of gentle teasing but until then I'm content with my own fantasies and writing original fiction to create the perfect dork.

No. 266955

>I love my husbando wholeheartedly but he's sort of an INTJ high IQ autismo type which irl never works out for me, the things I find endearing about him in theory come off as straight up annoying in reality and there's really nothing worse than a midwit who thinks he's super hot intellectual shit, kek.
Fucking same, nona. In real life I would find a lot of my husbandos' traits annoying and it just wouldn't be satisfying to spend time with them.
>writing original fiction to create the perfect dork.
based, I'd love to read it.

No. 266958

File: 1653867444029.jpg (15.63 KB, 400x269, d59cd8e1803b12a822745c310649d4…)

(anon wants to know if she's enough of a sperg for her villain™ husbando)

No. 266959

kek nonny please, who is it?

No. 266962

File: 1653868852105.jpeg (1.88 MB, 3465x3465, 3005C82A-F9C4-49C0-9225-CF9F60…)

I think I’m becoming more and more autistic as time goes by. I want Rook Hunt to sweep me off my feet and to take me to a beautiful cottage where we will have lots of romantic and passionate sex because he’s obsessively in love with me.

No. 266964

File: 1653869879733.jpg (166.62 KB, 1000x1667, DMC3.jpg)

it all checks out ♥

No. 266975

the initial reaction i had to my husbando was “what a repulsive creature”

No. 266981

My type is gap moe guys who look tough but are actually really nice, so nope. I don't really fall for straight up villains anymore.

also, I keep getting distracted by the current pic for the relationship advice thread… Dammit I just want to cuddle and comfort my boys.

No. 266982

File: 1653877998683.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.8 KB, 1280x720, Blight.jpg)

I am utterly disgusted by him and don't even play the game he's from but at the same time, I can't help it and want him to be mine.

No. 266984

i feel like he'd be really happy to know that you love him though. the thought him getting a little flustered over something like that is so cute to me

No. 266994

No lol he is not for me. Is there an overlap between fangirls or is it just the creepy bunny aesthetic that the two share?

No. 267004

File: 1653884234478.jpg (2.36 MB, 1496x1993, 97509348_p0.jpg)

I often think about Jade and Floyd from twst taking turns with me and sharing me

No. 267007

Same, nonnie, same.

No. 267014

File: 1653891350616.jpg (581.58 KB, 1500x2000, Tumblr_l_6065018001332.jpg)

Nonas …he's… kind of hot….

No. 267024

I only like villains, I'm extremely turned off by good guys and they need to be a bit problematic, ofc I would not date an asshole irl.

No. 267050

Villains/bad boys are only good if they're completely submissive and subservient towards the MC, and cruel towards everyone else.

No. 267052

Very based. I love me some problematic, evil boys.

No. 267059

Have any of you made an itabag?

No. 267068

Yep, it's my daily bag. My bag doesn't match the aesthetic of the characters at all and that's how I like it. I want to see more yumes wear their bags without shame in public.

No. 267071

i'm planning on making one soon! my husbando doesn't have a ton of merch so i'll be drawing my charms, getting custom plushies, etc. i'm excited to pour all my love into this

No. 267087

lmao me too. I'll like a good guy occasionally, but all of my g husbandos except for like, three, are morally gray at best and straight up evil at worst. That doesn't mean that good guys can't be hot, but for me to like them beyond their looks they gotta be some sort of villain or at least anti-hero. Although this role usually affects their design too.

No. 267088

I only love mine, the complicated feeling is about them not being real.
I like complex good guys.

No. 267128

File: 1653943192782.jpg (368.35 KB, 1920x1080, 20201204012750_1.jpg)

Majima's waist is so fucking hot. Like holy shit look at this… When I played this game I kept getting distracted because he is so damn hot

No. 267129

File: 1653943321292.jpg (134.69 KB, 1920x1080, 20201204015329_1.jpg)


No. 267149

I really want to make an itabag, but I can't decide which husbando to dedicate it to. I'm thinking maybe Gilgamesh from Fate

No. 267150

File: 1653950205979.gif (2.98 MB, 600x338, source.gif)

Oh, definitely. Much like >>267087
said, I mostly fall for villains or antiheroes. Lately I have fallen for not one but two good guys! I think the main thing I'm looking for is intelligence and authority. Villains also seem to be quite passionate about their causes! They all have similarities and differences, love them all none the less.

I think worst of all my villains is Smoothie. He is evil to the core, but he's so hot (and hilarious) while being evil. He's also the only one of my husbandos who I would never under any circumstances want to meet in real life, I would most likely be traumatised or dead under an hour. I like the tv version of him the most, in the original comic he has rather small role.

I have already gotten some materials, such as fabrics for inserts and some pins/keychains/cards etc. I still haven't bought a bag. I have many husbandos so I probably will buy one bag, simple and black coloured, so it should suit them all, then I can just change the insert.

No. 267154

Nona, I forgot to tell you. There's a priestfag thread on /m/ if you want to talk about Frollo, too.

>intelligence and authority
Same, but maybe more intelligence than authority.
Sometimes I find myself relating more to the motivations and personality of villains (particularly ones that aren't truly "evil") and anti-heroes, as edgy as that sounds. Heroes are rarely like that, they tend to be more idealistic than pragmatic. It doesn't mean that I hate heroes, I just don't feel attracted to them often beyond physical attraction.
Other times when I like villains it's just because I don't take them or their crimes seriously and find them really entertaining in a pathetic, villainous way, to the point that it's endearing. I'm thankful for the fact that they're not real, though, because those are usually real assholes. It's kinda weird because it's the opposite of what I said before.
>I have many husbandos so I probably will buy one bag, simple and black coloured, so it should suit them all
lol that's cool. NTA but thanks for the idea, black is one of my favorite colors and so elegant, it suits my husbandos too.

No. 267157

Based Gilgamesh enjoyer. I think he would actually be really flattered if someone made an itabag for him and act super entitled and cute about it…

No. 267166

File: 1653958716352.jpeg (77.87 KB, 717x726, 904F4D82-23CA-4D5E-94F3-42EAAA…)

I thought my heart was going to burst when I caressed Higekiri’s face by moving my cursor over his cheek and I want to die. I just love his voice so much, and he’s super cute too, maybe I will just add him to my harem.

No. 267174

File: 1653959987846.jpeg (306.59 KB, 551x893, D02F3E35-7ADF-430B-87B3-B1837B…)

The only acceptable male body type. This and twinks

No. 267186

Nonnie you just made me really, really want to make it now. Guess my wallet will be crying but it'll be worth it

No. 267188

File: 1653966852868.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1200x2800, 92F461BC-9F29-4208-9A01-52AE53…)

No idea who this char is but I was reading the thread backwards and thought you were talking about making an actual Gilgamesh itabag. Kind of disappointed you’re not because the idea was super endearing to me.

No. 267189

File: 1653967010095.jpg (289.88 KB, 1000x1200, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)

He's as hot as he is awful. I have a thing for monsters.

No. 267192

I’ve seen so many posts about him on here and I fully agree I love him even though he’s awful

No. 267194

File: 1653967784028.png (521.31 KB, 750x847, d8b097af3735d26e7ebf5acbe5b1a4…)

Based nonna

No. 267197

File: 1653969095296.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x1946, 1441615189496.jpg)

Fate Gil is just your usual pretty blond anime guy, he's just more of a dick.

No. 267198

This made me laugh so hard. Maybe I'll make both lol. Would probably have to make custom pins for actual Gilgamesh though

No. 267206

Enkidu would be my stupid nature himbo husbando (and I'd totally let Gilgamesh cuck me with him)

No. 267207

Fuck yes, but for me it was Moses (I like beards with mustaches). The scene where the old ladies were washing his naked body, hhhh

No. 267215

File: 1653977366715.jpeg (50.73 KB, 499x750, Everything Assassin's Creed!.j…)

Im late, but he cute
Bet he would climb up to my window at night just to see me

No. 267218

File: 1653978131677.jpeg (297.89 KB, 1342x1365, 1CB667C3-A89E-4B2A-8285-C526E9…)

My love, my light, my soul

No. 267223

File: 1653980321953.png (527.07 KB, 655x401, 7490328409328.png)

Still the best of the ass creed assassins. Followed by this hottie

No. 267229

fantastic taste nona. i bet his dick is craaaazy

No. 267233

File: 1653986408990.jpeg (90 KB, 445x690, b391c14e-8aa3-48b6-b0b0-da2281…)

Is unreal how much I need him.

No. 267238

File: 1653987854220.jpg (105.29 KB, 1024x576, Mushishi-Zoku-Shou-10-Large-04…)

I need to forever forest venture with Ginko. He is so calm and kind. I don't even mind that he smokes. We could fall asleep cuddling on nice soft grass and wake up to beautiful sunsets.

No. 267239

File: 1653988430309.png (100.26 KB, 250x250, 0682BBC4-D60A-4E76-9A15-81B1E8…)

where my mumrik bitches at?

No. 267243

No thank you, submissive men are my biggest turnoff, sorry lol.

No. 267253

Same. To each their own but I want my villainous sociopath husbando to keep me like a pet.

No. 267254

Meanwhile me and my loving vanilla husbando will simply pet each other hehe
getting excited about thinking about petting him

No. 267258

Men who abuse women are pathetic and weak, that's an even bigger turn-off.

No. 267260

Yeah, it's the biggest turn off there is.

No. 267270

File: 1654007057490.png (359.69 KB, 500x700, Tumblr.png)

Connor ain't that bad either

No. 267283

NTA but they don't have to be submissive, even just treating you like an equal and respecting you as a person is good enough. That's actually a turn-on for me.

No. 267338

If by "submissive" anon means he's at your beck and call all the time while still being a normal man then that's seriously hot. If she means sissy faggot who gets pegged then yeah, that's disgusting.

No. 267340

No one likes sissies, that's a male fetish.
Also my husbando is constantly waiting for my command, hell yeah (he is a videogame character kek)

No. 267357

>If by "submissive" anon means he's at your beck and call all the time while still being a normal man then that's seriously hot.
That's what I meant. Masculine submissive men are the sexiest. Also, I hope all sissies neck themselves.

No. 267363

File: 1654028775940.png (118.08 KB, 768x768, tumblr_inline_o5lnny3Q941tppqi…)

I wish that artist you posted would draw more biker. Being a fan in '22 is suffering, all the best artists fucked off.

No. 267366

File: 1654029430883.jpg (988.99 KB, 700x1153, 90354398_p0_master1200.jpg)

My condolences anon. I have a small collection of Biker art myself but I'm sure you've seen it all already.

No. 267369

File: 1654030267998.jpeg (62.15 KB, 469x640, 706F37E7-C81A-4FCF-A5CE-869BE8…)

i wouldn’t consider him to be my husbando since he has a canonical love interest, but i just know that his dick goes crazy

No. 267373

File: 1654033381574.jpg (216.24 KB, 576x585, 44325039_p0_master1200.jpg)

>go to worst boi shelter
>ask for the most deranged clown they have, I like a challenge
>"this is Albedo, he's very aggressive towards children and has a tendency to dismember himself for show"
>seems retarded enough
>I'll take this one please
>go home with my new husbando
>he laughs hysterically during the whole car ride
>at some point attempts to guillotine himself by putting his head through the car window and pushing the button to make it go up
>i love him already
>arrive home, let him look around, become familiar with the place
>few minutes later
>find him giving some speech about the weakness of man while torturing one of my dolls
>No !!! Bad !!
>he tries to rip his head off again so I put him in a cone of shame

adopt don't shop

No. 267387

Anon I love you so much, this seriously brightened my day

No. 267404

lol, I loved him when I was 13 and the game was first out. My first 'I can fix him' kind of crush. He's still the character I associate with Crispan Freemans voice.
Nowadays Ziggy would be more my type.

No. 267406

I only watched this series for a few episodes but man his suit was hot, and he was one of the few protagonists who cried easily. He was cool as shit. SHINING FINGERRRRRRR

No. 267407

File: 1654049940911.jpg (21.12 KB, 500x375, samuraijack.jpg)

I will never watch the new series. Old series pulled silly shit like this and it just made me more attracted to him

No. 267408

i love yumejoshis. you're all so sweet and i love how dedicated you guys are. it's always nice seeing someone speak on something they love. i hope all of you and your husbandos had a lovely day today!

No. 267410

File: 1654050395718.jpg (86.54 KB, 1024x768, waiticantread.jpg)

I know I'm 25 days late but who is top right? I ask 'cause he's dressed exactly like one of my 3D husbandos (picrel).

No. 267414

File: 1654051373490.jpg (147.34 KB, 983x732, 1310221061404.jpg)

I should reinstall this game.

No. 267421

thank you, nonna

No. 267423

File: 1654056118916.png (291.39 KB, 303x871, A.png)

I love and am obsessed with my husband Cedric. Looking at him always makes me smile.

Thank you kind nona, I hope you have/had a lovely day, too.

NTA but she already named him here >>265247
I do hope she's still around though.

No. 267425

File: 1654057288381.png (647.44 KB, 478x662, busterkeaton_realkindof.png)

Found this in one of my old art reference folders, for you, nona

No. 267431

File: 1654066971376.jpg (53.76 KB, 500x693, 62fb0eba8c6e8e73f1ccc79738284f…)

thank you nonita! mwah

No. 267445

What series is he from?

No. 267450

File: 1654074234666.jpg (193.38 KB, 2596x1524, E47KMd8XMAIqTyp.jpg)

Gunnar Maelstrom from the 2019 Netflix version of Carmen Sandiego. He is in the faculty of V.I.L.E academy, school for professional thieves. Here is the full picture I used in the chart.

They indeed have similar taste in fashion hehe! Who is your husbando, I'm not familiar with the character?

I'm still around, this has become my favourite thread, you nonas are all so lovely and kind.

Your Cedric posts are always fun to see, your love for him can really be felt in them!

No. 267454

Ayrt and I still don't like this, I only like genuinely evil characters lmao. I think I have a lot of self-esteem issues and I use villain husbandos as a way to cope, I would definitely not pursue this kind of guy irl ofc.

No. 267491

File: 1654092418671.jpeg (616.19 KB, 1125x1744, 9E8042A6-EBC1-47EC-A1F3-87534D…)

I want Morpheus to fuck me in my dreams

No. 267510

File: 1654097609559.jpg (360.18 KB, 1200x1190, 98413372_p1_master1200.jpg)

Anon you're cute, kek
Me and my husbando wish you a lovely day too nona!

No. 267517

Thank you anon, I hope you have a wonderful day too!!

No. 267523

File: 1654102496210.png (250.16 KB, 540x405, FreeForAll6-540x405.png)

Oh Im fuckin stupit, I should learn to read better. Thanks anon kek

"Number Six" from "The Prisoner"! Played by one of my favorite actors, Patrick McGoohan. He's an MI5 agent forced to live in "The Village", a mysterious village where people who know too much are sent. They're all given numbers based on how important their secrets are. It was a cool and sometimes silly show. It featured karate on trampolines (and I wish I was kidding about that).

No. 267600

File: 1654127491072.png (1.73 MB, 1084x1084, husbando chart.png)

I saw some nonnas posting husbando charts earlier and loved seeing the variety of husbandos so I wanted to post mine too! used the big chart version even though 13 husbandos is a bit much kek

No. 267602

Laid-back/depressed older-brotherly gothy/punky men with black (sometimes white) hair.

No. 267614

I don't even watch Gintama but Harada doujinshis have given me Gintoki brainrot.

No. 267628

Goddamn I haven't seen anyone mention Hakuoki in a dog's age

No. 267635

File: 1654137766733.jpg (195.19 KB, 2048x1475, 7zo2vrdy8t971.jpg)

Fluffy tiddies

No. 267654

File: 1654145656792.png (244.51 KB, 382x385, nick3939.png)

the thought of Nick getting flustered and horny and having to find some shitty abandoned apartment bathroom to jerk off in during a zombie apocalypse makes me froth around the mouth

No. 267657


No. 267681

I know it's that ovulating time of the month when the tiniest thing in a game can set off a whole scene of a sexual fantasy…

No. 267682

arghhh i've been going nuts too. what was it that got you, nona?

No. 267685

File: 1654175224947.jpg (169.68 KB, 532x510, 43959318_p23_master1200.jpg)

this made me smile non-chan, I'm glad you enjoyed my shitpost

I'm a native french speaker and I found his frenglish so endearing despite the creepy context, I awaited every "ma pêche" eagerly haha (what kind of weird pet name would Albedo give me, I wonder…)

"loner who is actually nice" was my type until recently (ironically, poor treatment of children and siblings warranted automatic disqualification). It's my first time giving crazy a try but now there's no coming back. He is the funniest joke to have ever been written. Dieu merci I can't fix him

No. 267694

i can’t stop daydreaming about my husbando jacking off while like.. smelling a sweater i left over his place or something. he’d probably be so embarrassed with himself after.

No. 267696

I know I'm ovulating when I start drawing myself fucking my husbando. Or when I keep kissing him on the screen every 10 minutes

>he’d probably be so embarrassed with himself after.
Same, it's so cute

No. 267716

I see you, too, are a woman of extremely good taste. I enjoyed reading livejournal NickxEllis fanfic back in the day.

No. 267719

I don’t even know anything about L4D, but this is so hot.

No. 267725

File: 1654195826134.jpg (417.85 KB, 750x1000, the_hunchback_of_notre_dame_ar…)

>There's a priestfag thread on /m/ if you want to talk about Frollo, too.
Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out! Also I can relate to your thoughts about villains and anti-heroes, they are fascinating and hot characters, but it's a good thing they are fictional!

Thanks for the info, when I looked your previous picture his number rosette seemed familiar, then I remembered the Simpsons version of all things kek. The series sounds really fun.


No. 267726

File: 1654198038660.jpeg (61.42 KB, 600x825, nekoma.jpeg)

I can't get enough of him. Ashamed to say I started watching Haikyuu just b/c I found him hot… Tall + black hair + teasing personality will be the death of me

No. 267762

oh fuck i was obsessed with tomoe back in middle school.. this brings me back

No. 267769

File: 1654211164569.jpeg (85.02 KB, 1920x1080, DE22304D-E8B7-4683-A43D-84C063…)

Guys your bitch is back in 2023

No. 267776

>then I remembered the Simpsons version of all things kek.
LOL that was also where I saw it first.

No. 267777

Anon if you like Frollo you might like this. It's a gallery of production art for THoND, including concept art for the characters. Frollo's different iterations are pretty striking: https://characterdesignreferences.com/art-of-animation-6/art-of-the-hunchback-of-notre-dame

No. 267781

File: 1654215862951.jpg (355.49 KB, 800x951, 56547427_p3.jpg)

I want to take a nap with him so badly nonnies… lay my head on his big chest and let his heartbeat lull me to sleep while he rubs my back until he knocks out too.

No. 267782

File: 1654216116265.png (1.95 MB, 1084x1084, husbando chart old flames edit…)

my husbando chart is ELITE.

No. 267784

I can't wait for people to make a nude mod with dick physics for RE4 reboot Leon.

No. 267786

i hear you, nona. if you're an artfag, drawing it helps a lil bit for these feels.

No. 267799

>sakimichan drawings
>kids as "husbandos"

No. 267814

ignore that freak like the rest of us are, kek

No. 267823

File: 1654234647682.jpg (50.66 KB, 480x348, spongecry.jpg)

my husbando didn't make it to the new series and was also replaced with a girl who has all of his traits… i am so very sad. it's been six years since he was last seen and i was really hoping he'd be back… i'm really about to cry wtf

No. 267825

What series, nonna?

No. 267827

he's from a video game. i'd say which one but there's several people i know that browse lc and they could probably piece together that it's me crying about a 2d man lol

No. 267831

File: 1654236622685.png (671.63 KB, 745x1004, Destiny 2_20220601182148.png)

Just redoing my 'outfits' for Iron Banner and damn, were these pants always so tight?
Also thinking of fucking Crow while Nightmare Uldren watches and makes snarky comments… and remembering that Glint has canonically looked at porno mags.

No. 267832

IKR so many shotacons squeezing into this thread.

No. 267834

File: 1654238644131.jpeg (43.71 KB, 897x593, AFBC3732-08DA-46FC-87BB-CBE388…)

Imho Sakimi can do some things right and ffs I’m not a shotacon. I was younger when I liked the younger characters hence why I named the file “old flames edition.”

No. 267845

File: 1654246764327.jpg (149.91 KB, 548x352, the_hunchback_of_notre-dame_ch…)

Thank you so much for the link nona, what a treasure! Some pictures I had seen but many were new to me. Such great atmosphere in the concept art, it's always interesting to see the "behind the scenes" of movies.

No. 267934

NTA but do you have horny thoughts about Frollo? I never fantasize about fucking priests, but for some reason I just did

No. 267939

How the hell am I supposed to cope with a canon love interest getting introduced to my husbando kek

No. 267940

Is he from an ongoing series? I'm so sorry anon.
One of the things you could do is self-insert as the love interest, something I find a bit hard to do myself, but if you start doing it now it might not be as difficult to you
Or imagine an AU where they don't end up together

No. 267967

File: 1654302453365.jpg (148.81 KB, 1920x1080, hunchback-of-the-notre-dame-di…)

Oh definitely yes! I love the idea of "formal" and authoritative men. This sounds mean, but when Frollo is struggling with his hornyness and religiosity, I find it really hot hehe. I think he must have years worth of repressed lust, and I bet it would be quite intense if he could release it (and I'd like to be there when it happens!). Like with my other husbandos, I have a story with him, and it's not devoid of hot stuff kek!

Damn, I'm sorry to hear that as well. I support the AU idea >>267940
suggested. Perhaps if the new character is or becomes part of crucial plot points, you can change you/your character in her place, and alter the events accordingly, or keep her there but not as the love interested.

No. 267975

>I love the idea of "formal" and authoritative men.
kek me too, it's so hot to imagine what such a serious man would be like when he's completely consumed by lust… I think that's the only way I find priestfucking appealing

No. 267996

I didn't expect anyone to respond to my chart but this is a nice surprise, thank you nonnies this thread always cheers me up!
I never realized until now I had a type kek but you described it perfectly
if you like comedy animes you should definitely give it a try
are those the gintoki x hijikata doujinshis?
yeah I can't believe the game is over 10 years old now, still one of my favorite otome games all these years later
he is indeed very beautiful!
same, looking for a photo of him made me nostalgic, but now I also feel old kek I was in middle school too when the anime came out

No. 268033

File: 1654339979200.jpg (86.62 KB, 1280x720, curious.jpg)

Yes, all three of them. Yes, I'm serious.

No. 268039

I really like the manga, yes it is perverted and there is a lot of fanservice, but I think it has some really good stuff in there. Actually touches some intresting topics. He is a little bit too childish for me, but good he is a good bean. nonnies have a good taste.

No. 268041

File: 1654348195228.png (1.92 MB, 1084x1084, 9E1F779E-5827-4910-9E3E-AD87F2…)

I have three moods and that’s it

No. 268048

GREAT taste

No. 268063

File: 1654357293865.jpeg (46.1 KB, 600x518, 6F664BB2-4CF6-44E5-BDD2-837969…)

>Never played Red Dead Redemption (been wanting to just never got around to it)
>lurk these threads on occasion
>Someone posted the “Arthur Morgan talking to his female horse” vid in one of the earlier threads
>Watch it and get turned on
>Comments on YT said that the original recordings were cut because they were too sexual
>Excuse me.jpeg
>Then I get recommended this video in which his VA actually delivers the lines how he originally did them
>completely erect.jpeg
>Start looking up Arthur Morgan/You fics on Ao3 with the tag “praise kink” (also found out what that means through this adventure)
>While going through fics and reading them in public, I get inappropriately wet

Look what you did to me, nonnative. I don’t know if I should be thankful or angry

No. 268064

>not having Mortimer Goth as your Sims husbando

No. 268065

you wrote all of this and didn't post a single link with it… unforgiveable!!!

No. 268071

Who's the second from top blonde on the left?

No. 268085

Mortimer Goth is a fucking asshole, I'm sure he's the one who caused Bella's disappearance in the first place.

No. 268100

Links please….

No. 268106

File: 1654372846568.gif (3.91 MB, 500x750, c2b.gif)

Ahh finally, I've spent so many hours in the past few days learning to make gifs, and this is one of the results. Worth it

It's nice to know you're still posting here. I've been waiting for a new waifu thread on /co/ to shitpost in but it's been so long since the last one was made. This one is better anyway (there's no pedo males around, for example), although it seems to be slower lately.
Haha yeah, I really like your posts too. It is indeed fun to read about what characters everyone loves/is horny for, kek
Super late and not sure whose husbando you were asking about, but just in case, Cedric is from Sofia the First

No. 268108

Yeah nona, link the vid

No. 268109

I can't tell exactly what those three moods are (because I don't know all these characters), but this looks like a based chart.
Who are these?
>third at the top
>second at the right

No. 268151

File: 1654394576854.jpg (Spoiler Image,330.71 KB, 1552x2048, E0n0IfiVoAAxC5b.jpg)

I found this, enjoy.
His character is too extreme for my taste, but I do happen to like 2D men being molested by tentacles
reposted bc I forgot to spoiler the pic lmao

No. 268164

File: 1654403632124.png (1.97 MB, 1084x1084, husbandochart.png)

a lot of these are reaches/ancient but I thought it'd be too sad to only have like 3 characters listed

No. 268165

nta but I think I found the vid! It’s the first two minutes of the video where Roger Clark talks about redoing the horse lines

No. 268169

File: 1654405533674.png (122.83 KB, 463x577, tumblr_747830a79c016a4f13d5782…)

>Which tumblr sexyman are you?

No. 268170

omg, he was one of my first husbandos

No. 268175

This is one of the few shitty quizzes that has actually made me laugh with its questions
(brb I'll be listening to those songs to know which one to pick)

No. 268178

Super based


Wow someone besides me remembers HINABN?

No. 268181

File: 1654410521225.jpg (135.72 KB, 600x600, d27flkj-562dc006-e7f4-4fbf-bbc…)

I read it sometime in late 2011 with the delusional belief that it'd get updated soon

No. 268182

File: 1654410694626.jpg (24.5 KB, 409x291, 473171.jpg)

No. 268184

Got Sans 1st, Reigen 2nd, Raymond 3rd, Benry 4th, Megamind 5th. What does this mean

12/13 based chart as far as I can tell, I don't know anything about the Matsus
Germany is top tier
Who's the cat? I was about to ask who the one in the bottom right is but I already got the answer. He looks sexy so I'm gonna read that webcomic

No. 268185

Was there ever a clear reason as to why it was abandoned? I heard three different stories over the years.

No. 268192

File: 1654414173931.png (1.2 MB, 1084x1084, husbandos.png)

making this made me feel a certain type of way

No. 268193

File: 1654414584787.png (340.95 KB, 332x578, mordecai_human.png)

the cat is Mordecai from Lackadaisy, picrel is his human design. If you like anal, dangerous but easy to make fun of types, you might like him.
I enjoyed HINABN a lot and thought Conrad was pathetically hot, but I was like 14 at the time and haven't reread it in years so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I don't think so. Back then I thought it was something to do with the author's publishing company making them quit but apparently those were just rumours. I'm pretty sure the author just got burnt out/abandoned it.
The author started a new comic a few years ago that I was keeping up with for a bit but IMO their art's weirdly gotten worse over the years instead of better, plus they stopped updating it 2 years ago so it might get dropped too.

No. 268196

I played Mystic Messenger for a bit cuz one of my friends was obsessed with the redhead and I had to delete it cuz the cartoon men kept getting mad that I wasn't answering their calls at 3am

No. 268197

Got Reigen I assume the most normal one, haven't even watched his show.
I've only played Portal and watched some Marvel movies, Loki is so not my type and Wheatly is cute but too stupid to husbando.

No. 268215

Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, I know he’s technically underage but I can’t help loving that smart bastard
Sick bastard, depressed bastard and caring bastard
Third at top is Silco from Arcane and third on the right is Doomslayer from DOOM

No. 268218

File: 1654423541199.jpg (86.88 KB, 685x902, IMG_20220605_111105_636.jpg)

I've got no idea what this is so I watched the video and it was hilarious, you have to see it. But I can't believe people actually have this guy as a husbando

No. 268223

kek anon me too. these scrotes thing theyre entitled to my time. SMH

No. 268226

File: 1654428850140.png (391.18 KB, 1112x634, megamind.png)

based or what

No. 268227

File: 1654428873731.png (1.84 MB, 1084x1084, wahehe.png)

these are my husbandos from age 13 to now…I feel like you can tell

No. 268254

File: 1654436158867.png (167.22 KB, 1048x668, 63535.png)

i have seen some random fanart but other than that i have no idea who this guy is.

No. 268255

File: 1654436379811.jpg (329.92 KB, 1140x1599, 51152156_p0.jpg)

I see you're into asian men with Masks.

No. 268259

the uchihas, jhin and zed, jumin… god. dont know the others but i feel like i would like them too

No. 268290

>itachi, jhin, and zed

No. 268292

Kek same. Honestly I think he isn't too bad since he's pretty relatable. Reigen comes in second that I wish I have as my result.

No. 268294

File: 1654448364402.jpg (106.28 KB, 836x600, rei.jpg)

No. 268296

File: 1654448504694.jpg (87.12 KB, 638x832, breakdown.jpg)

yeah, I'm based

No. 268307

File: 1654451753715.jpg (193.27 KB, 694x522, y6rRZL4.jpg)

I don't even know anything about this character. I tied with Megamind too tho, both were 9 points. Wish it showed him instead kek
anons have reminded me that I had a crush on Zed because of his voice actor, and the mask. Whew…pic you posted is making me feel some type of way.

No. 268322

Good chart, I think it's cute.
Who's the bottom left one?
>If you like anal, dangerous but easy to make fun of types, you might like him.
>I enjoyed HINABN a lot and thought Conrad was pathetically hot
Fuck yeah sounds hot
Damn, the Doomslayer looks like THAT?

No. 268334

Finally dreamed about my husbando last night (probably because I spent so much time looking at pictures and screenshots of him and watching his show), and this time he wasn't just a fictional character, I think, but I still only followed him like a camera as he did the usual.
Woke up pretty horny for him though.

No. 268398

File: 1654472333636.jpeg (255.71 KB, 960x957, D22EE996-4F43-4502-9C33-429648…)

I’m reaching with some of these but I think I have shit taste

No. 268399

Your taste is peculiar but I don't think it's shit. One of the types I can detect here is stinky-looking guys kek I don't know what else to call them.
I liked the guy from Onward too, he's cute

No. 268404

Nail on the head

No. 268423

It's Hiroshi Kano from Freesia! he's actually my most recent husbando on the list

We have similar but diverging taste i think LOL you like billy i like stu, you like william i like michael, you like murdoc i like 2D

No. 268424

File: 1654482542753.jpg (84.95 KB, 600x424, Ginko.(Mushishi).600.1721168-3…)

Based sisterwaifu. Ginko would know the best hiking routes and be guaranteed to roll a fat one. I would become an herbalist on his side.

No. 268427

File: 1654486912445.jpg (413.51 KB, 1084x1084, asdf(1).jpg)

Making this made me happy

No. 268430

File: 1654489760376.png (1.85 MB, 1084x1084, da_chart.png)

why yes i am a weeaboo how could you tell

No. 268436

holy based anon

No. 268438

I was very tempted to put Michael on here but he’s a dead meme now

No. 268442

Are you joking, nonna?

No. 268452

i ran out of people for my chart so i just stuck her in because shes my favorite

No. 268455

File: 1654498850751.png (1.06 MB, 756x755, 061984.png)

Long haired twinks, three of whom loved their mommies SO much that they decided to redeem themselves by fighting demons.

No. 268458

one of those is not like the others

No. 268459

Yeah, Shatty isn't a momma's boy. He's just a bisexual gladiator clone from an alternate dimension.

No. 268471

File: 1654513032633.jpg (51.62 KB, 589x436, IMG_20220606_064913.jpg)

I'm sick and tired of pretending I don't want to fuck him

No. 268474

File: 1654513159215.jpg (29.03 KB, 908x288, IMG_20220606_064829.jpg)

Lord forgive me

No. 268476

Hoooooooly fucking shit

No. 268483

File: 1654517830931.jpg (92.47 KB, 798x900, IMG_20220606_080321.jpg)

I could have saved Metro city

No. 268505

File: 1654528117171.png (1.45 MB, 1084x1084, TBA.png)

I am retarded so there may be some more

No. 268516

I recognize you anon, based.

No. 268518

What do you think is worse anons, having a husbando who is dead or a husbando who has a canon love interest? I can't speak for having a dead husbando (although I have one undead one kek) but having a husbando with a canon love interest really sucks. His wife is terrible, but very hot and he's absolutely smitten by her the entire series. I never feel like I'll be attractive enough for him in comparison and I also have to basically make an entire au where the events of his series didn't happen since she is such a core part of the story. Shit sucks so hard nonas.

No. 268526

A dead husbando who had a canon love interest

No. 268539

beowulf and mugen.. basado

No. 268540

I'm not bothered by either. I am a master at cope.

No. 268555

epic win

No. 268558

File: 1654541285151.jpeg (81.27 KB, 664x575, 9F9DF150-950A-46B5-8207-E65753…)

anons i am so obsessed with vaas, this close to making a shrine

No. 268559

blease do and then show it to us!

No. 268565

i'd love to see it too!! and if any of you other nona's have shrines i'd love if you posted em too! i need inspiration kek

No. 268572

File: 1654544123211.jpg (102.79 KB, 735x798, e2ec94f4157573c4ea33d35ec49407…)

playing stardew valley again and somehow didn't romance my usual (sebastian) but i got really obsessed with elliott (i'm using a cute portrait mod & dialogue expansion) and i can't get this hunky longhaired poet out of my head??

i just need him to ravish me in an abandoned greenhouse in like, a romantic way
FUCK why can't he be real i think he ruined men for me

No. 268582

Same here nona hgghh also Elliott looks like he could eat pussy like crazy…

No. 268585


No. 268601

File: 1654553466241.jpg (75.78 KB, 735x913, 57c7f355903dd54753a55b95e913e4…)

Tell me about it…

No. 268608

Charismatic and/or blondes
You really like short fluffy white hair a lot
And edgy characters
You like stubble/sideburns (based) and cool masculine men

No. 268611

Husbando statuses from worst to best:

>Canonically homosexual/asexual and has little interest in or an aversion to women in canon (example: Light Yagami)

>Canonically taken, totally into his partner and has a family (example: Maes Hughes, Vegeta)
>Canonically taken, no family but still totally into his partner (ex: Guts)
>Canonically taken, but fandom generally hates the pairing (ex: Sasuke Uchiha)
>Canonically single but so often paired with another character they may as well be taken aka fanonically taken (ex: Medic/Heavy from TF2)
>Fanonically homosexual, but probably just bi (most guys from BL games)
>Canonically single, no common ships
>From media where self-inserting is encouraged (ex: love interests from RPGs with romantic elements, otome games, etc)

No. 268613

So proud of you for finally admitting it openly KEK
But why tho

>>Canonically asexual and has little interest in women in canon
I have one husbando who is technically not explicitly confirmed to be asexual, but it's practically canon. It's not a big deal, though. At least he's not a misogynist or confirmed gay.
You forgot:
>Canonically single, but still has a canon love interest (may or may not be one-sided)
>Canonically taken, but doesn't really care about his partner

No. 268619

>Canonically taken, but doesn't really care about his partner
nta but i feel like sasuke fits this description. i don't recall him ever showing interest in sakura despite technically being paired with her in the end, he even tried to kill her a few times. also it feels like he would fit the asexual description too.

No. 268627

>Canonically single but so often paired with another character they may as well be taken aka fanonically taken
>From media where self-inserting is encouraged
this is a common mix for joseimuke games and their fans, and despite the really stupid infighting, it's pretty fun to have a wide variety of people making art

No. 268631

I just came across this video and I don’t play a lot of video games but the white l-haired animu guy fighting the fatass american really put me in major heat

No. 268632

Raiden is literally African-American. Liberian even.

No. 268634

File: 1654561864806.png (1.76 MB, 1084x1084, 1651790763376.png)

i don't think i have a type but i love my beautiful husbandos and waifus

No. 268635

i refuse to post my chart because half of them are permutations of each other and it's embarrassing

No. 268636


No. 268637

characters that are made up of the same elements but slightly different looking/acting. i guess saying that they look like expies of each other would make more sense, kek. my brain picked one type of man and ran with it.

No. 268640

File: 1654562761522.jpg (200.36 KB, 1136x866, beddbba920132588920d15e1812303…)

like this?

No. 268643

like that but with characters from different series, yea. i could never have the power, class, or beauty that sanswives have though.

No. 268646

Not the anon you're replying to but at least they're different characters. I'd post a chart but I'd be stretching it to even say I have 2 husbandos, let alone 9 or whatever.

No. 268647

I know that's right!!!!

No. 268648

At least I can tell you have a type in women. Strong fighters. Based tbh

>i guess saying that they look like expies of each other would make more sense
That's intriguing, now I wanna see your chart.

Nah she means like Rei Ayanami and all her white/light-blue-haired kuudere clones from other anime series.

No. 268649

anon HES so sexy but the voice acting.. wtf? lmaooo

No. 268651

No. 268653

kekkkkk thank you for this

No. 268656

Me writing out my self insert fanfic be like
>aww this will be so wholesome
>romantic and sweet
> I get horny

No. 268657

I don't like this. He isn't like that. He's more brooding than that and he internalizes his pain.

No. 268658

File: 1654568110307.gif (994.32 KB, 245x280, download (9).gif)

Samefag, also his voice in that game sounds bad because he's trying to be edgy, he sounds different when he's normal Raiden in MGS2. Or maybe getting his jaw removed then replaced fucked with his voice and pronunciation. Stop making fun of how he copes with his pain!

No. 268660

lmao true

No. 268664

Arthur wives, I know nothing about him or RDR, but I heard there are like different versions of him (ex. high honor). Which one do you love? Or is it all of them?

No. 268686

File: 1654584533310.png (1.21 MB, 1200x675, 35.png)

The smexors 0_0 droolz

No. 268706

File: 1654589348851.jpg (116.02 KB, 1022x868, @hokawazu EjHTqwPU0AA-w3l.jpg)

same but I don't wanna get banned kek

No. 268708

File: 1654594059699.png (1.27 MB, 1080x800, dumb.png)

am i accepted here nonitas

No. 268710

based but idk any of the other characters

No. 268711

File: 1654598227306.jpeg (300.46 KB, 750x691, B4ABB405-300E-4551-B0AD-B701EE…)

embarrassing confession but i grew up watching dbz kai on nicktoons and i developed huge crushes on some of the characters that persist to this day but it’s super cringe when i try to show pics of the guys from the show bc ppl think the animation is ugly (pic semi related but I didn’t like Vegeta bc he was a manlet with a bad attitude).

No. 268715

>But why tho
Those snotty glow up meme edits made him look hot as fuck, I like redheads and big dudes, also he's dumb as a rock and sometimes I imagine an AU were he's not evil, just a goofy ass hero with a heart of gold tho I'll admit his more "fire-y" side is sexy too

No. 268721

off topic but do you prefer the old Jinx or Arcance Jinx design?

No. 268726

Martin? Wow that's a throwback.
Love him though. Might not be a husbando but he was a great character as far as Elder Scrolls is concerned. I'm still more partial to Lucien though.

No. 268744

Martin Septim? Kek

No. 268752

File: 1654614114811.jpg (Spoiler Image,986.56 KB, 1000x1185, 62587622_p0.jpg)

Rinnosuke is so hot, there should be more hot art of him. If I read his manga he would probably become my husbando.
Surprisingly enough I've found a couple of Japanese Rinnosuke yumejos. I wish them the best, I can't imagine how hard it is being a yume in the Touhou fandom.

No. 268760

quick question to husbandofags: when you find out your fictional 2D crush has a canonical relationship or marriage does it ruin it for you or not?

No. 268768

well I think this has been talked about a million times already including in this thread, but in short, it depends on the person. Apparently most of us do mind (personally I never have to worry about it), but some cope with it either self-inserting as the love interest or imagining an AU where they're not together.
If the question was more along the lines of "do you stop loving your husbando if he has a canon girlfriend", the answer seems to be no in most cases but I can't speak for everyone.

No. 268785

if my husbando got a canon love interest it would absolutely break me tbh. i think i'd force myself to stop loving him. to know that another woman is in his house… playing with his puppy… OUR PUPPY… oh god i'm gonna puke

No. 268805

File: 1654628308907.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3464x3464, 8344C8E3-064D-429E-8770-DFC86F…)

No. 268809

og jinx, including her lack of arcane angst. while they're both good and I liked arcane I'm disappointed most (good) fanart and content revolves around arcane jinx but its for obvious reasons

he was a hyperfixation of mine as a child but I still think he's hot. especially when you remember he was in a sex cult before becoming a priest. lucien good too

No. 268833

good taste, I'm currently rewatching golden wind just because I miss him and the other part 5 boys so much

No. 268837

i like your style, nona

No. 268845

File: 1654639401503.png (2.59 MB, 1050x1480, alon.PNG)

endearing therefore based

No. 268851

yata? ur so fuckign based nonna. Also I should start my annual K project rewatch kek it’s a tradition for me at this point

No. 268860

I'm late but you two anons have impeccable taste. Marry me.

No. 268865

File: 1654645786677.jpg (2.31 MB, 1920x2560, Harem.jpg)

I think I already posted in a previous thread but whatevs.

Idk if I have a type, but they all have rough lives

No. 268897

I'm feeling the bandaged guy.

No. 268900

File: 1654658107365.jpeg (118.49 KB, 500x546, tumblr_of17rka2ZI1r22sk1o1_500…)

I'm sorry other Snape-anon that I abandoned you ;_; I was on vacation and forgot to post that I would be! I'm sorry I didn't want you to think I forgot about you!

But I am once again posting about my undying love for my dungeon bat. He is so cute and full of anger!(;_;)

No. 268903

Nonner you gonna get banned for emoji crimes

No. 268940

based gamer anon, love seeing a video game husbando harem since i don't watch anime and can relate. great taste

No. 268975

>Steph Gingrich
Based in Before the Storm but they ruined her in the True Colors DLC by revealing she dated an MTF. Fuck Deck Nine for ruining the one confirmed lesbian character in the series.

No. 268990

File: 1654696240288.jpg (172.31 KB, 600x820, 7b964e25a45899e3f479b60eac89e5…)

Yay you are back! No worries nona, I thought you must have some real life stuff. Hope you had a fun holiday! I once again left a novel-length reply for your previous post kek.

Here is a fun summery picture, I'm not normally fan of chibi-style, but this is too cute!

No. 269017

File: 1654705869627.jpg (447.52 KB, 1058x1200, 98782364_p4_master1200.jpg)

Post a picture that represents your feelings towards your husbando/waifu.

No. 269019

>Those snotty glow up meme edits
Which ones? please post one I wanna see them

No. 269025

File: 1654709802098.jpg (47.17 KB, 1074x553, E-Cx8-jWQAIABHr.jpg)

i love my sweet gentle giant and i'm happy he doesn't have to be alone anymore

No. 269031

File: 1654710967626.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.76 KB, 800x1130, 94118984_p21.jpg)

I was actually going to post this >>265126

No. 269033

Kek same nona, same.

No. 269054

oh god nona, yes!!! I love it!
That picture is very nice. Love me size difference!

No. 269060

kek nonna I'm so sorry. At least he seens to be packing (in the manga), such a waste.

No. 269087


you're completely right, but in my headcannon that experience eventually peaked her lol (he sounded like a classic whiny agp from what we know)

No. 269178

File: 1654774790708.webm (4.3 MB, 576x992, 4fb527b6e58ddfff8c537b03909dcf…)

No. 269192

>he sounded like a classic whiny agp from what we know
Right? Like… how is this meant to make us like him? I thought they were trying to be endearing with that pride segment but all we got was "wahhhh I can't be the only troon in town" I thought you were a real woman, what's the fucking problem? I didn't think it was possible to hate a character you never physically meet this much, yet here I am a-logging in the husbando thread, kek. I'm also manifesting terven Steph. Fuck Deck Nine, I'm the captain now.

No. 269205

File: 1654785795355.png (2.81 MB, 1554x1554, haremsmall.png)

If you squint hard enough, you can see some common threads.

Based. I wanted to include them, but then I would have also included Ghostface, Bubba, Harry Warden, Pyramid Head, etc. and it would have just turned into a slasher fest lol.

No. 269303

File: 1654805937286.gif (6.22 MB, 640x486, kazuma-kiryu-kiryu.gif)

No. 269304

File: 1654806040738.gif (4.65 MB, 640x486, voice-chat.gif)

No. 269313

he looks like an annoying fuckboy/eboy in this though. But I still respect your confidence to be honest and authentic nonnie

No. 269316

I get you nonnie, don't worry.

No. 269318

File: 1654807734100.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.22 MB, 2717x2414, FUlNXDLWAAIUSG0.jpg)

for you and any other varre nonnas

No. 269384

I feel like I’d be into him if it weren’t for the fact that he’s a raging incel

No. 269389

File: 1654828868149.jpg (Spoiler Image,349.02 KB, 1280x1148, 1632999276547.jpg)

Tbh I always thought this guy was super mega hot

No. 269390

..girl get this shit out of this thread

No. 269392

wrong thread, go to Unconventional Male Attractions

lmao same

No. 269393

File: 1654830423457.jpg (52.8 KB, 720x720, a7627b89b3ac5b4efe79c1ded34ead…)

he is very cute

No. 269407

Holy fucking jeez, soft skinny boys with a little of belly are so damned hot omg kek

No. 269409

File: 1654834281727.png (1.23 MB, 869x1141, 78524885_p16.png)

No. 269420

File: 1654839029809.png (526.48 KB, 700x564, 829a5060d98d20763e0daecd82a32f…)

I feel like our relationship might have a similar vibe as pic related. I'm not as cute as Junko tho, kek

No. 269433

File: 1654842822179.jpeg (56.7 KB, 564x982, 6f18c06590ab29e1e083c1d3550809…)

impeccable taste nonna, for real he was a cutie. The fact that he was super sweet was top notch. the suit was the cherry on top, but his look here was also quite nice. personally i'm a fan of the pink apron look

No. 269435

File: 1654843273714.png (20.2 KB, 275x218, 1651068867421.png)

thank you nonna i am appreciating this image

No. 269482

Definitely having a dead husbando is worse. With canon love interest, you can simply pretend they're in the past or can self-insert, plus you know how your husbando acts when he's in love/has deep feelings for someone. Meanwhile watching your husbando die is pure agony and there is no remotely satisfying cope for knowing how he died in canon, there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 269518

File: 1654877687246.jpg (69.1 KB, 378x512, 1622680339044.jpg)

Today is our anniversary! I want to draw today, maybe I will finally draw us taking a nap together.
Thank you for the encouragement!

No. 269520

Yess do it and share it!

No. 269521

File: 1654878018545.jpg (30.24 KB, 275x275, 1651845648784.jpg)

My husbando is already a manlet. But today I also learned that his actor is 162 cm tall. Fucking moe, I'm dying. The problem is that I'm as tall germanic woman, how do I avoid breaking his pelvis?

No. 269522

nona…that jason picture…may i…

No. 269525

you're welcome and happy anniversary!! i hope you and him have a lovely day today!

No. 269526

Happy anniversary nonita!!! Have a nice nap with your sweetie!

No. 269537

File: 1654882218806.png (Spoiler Image,7.17 MB, 2391x2732, 4553303 - Friday_the_13th Jaso…)

Spoilered because feet, but I just love the pose so much. I hope you aren't disappointed lol.

No. 269538

Break it anyway, then nurse him back to health.

No. 269555

Oh yes, i like the way you think nona.

No. 269559

File: 1654884734558.jpeg (317.84 KB, 1084x1084, husbando square.jpeg)

Late af but this is my square. My taste is all over the place but seems like ex-manwh0re, silver/blonde hair & having a hidden side (yandere/kuudere/tsundere) is the main recurring theme

No. 269600

Now I'm thinking about nursing my bed-ridden, heavily injured husbando to better health (so we can fuck again) and putting bandages on him, hot

No. 269605

excellent taste

No. 269609

File: 1654895370301.png (1.83 MB, 805x1124, d3y1pda-3a4c6dd4-a70a-4117-899…)

Help nonnies I feel like I'm going through my teenage bad boy phase and falling for guys like Rodrick (Devon Bostick) and Marshall Lee again even though I'm in my 20s. I've been listening to rock music and at a constant replay of listening to Dirty Little Secret and to some ASMRs by YSF. Tfw no bad boy to tease you while he secretly has a crush on you. Urging you to skip class with him, teaches you to play the guitar/drums, sings for you and so on. Sorry if I came off as cringe.

No. 269610

idk if my period is on the way but i thought about how i want to be a better wife for my husbando and it actually made me tear up kek. why the fuck don't i feel worthy of a 2d male?? is this weird nonas

No. 269611

Who is the first boy? I also love long hair, especially white or black

No. 269616

Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss. I was debating between him Miketsukami from Inu Boku ss but I had to pick Tomoe over the fact that Miketsukami is essentially a l*licon. He's still very pretty, but that didn't sit too well with me

No. 269623

I had a horny dream where I wanted to use a dildo and imagined one shaped like my husbando's hand KEK

I'd say it depends, if his death happened at the end of the story or accidentally you can still imagine it didn't happen, easily. You can rarely do that with a love interest.

No. 269626

Kek thank you, it's hilarious (no offense to you though)
He just reminds me too much of Jonah Hill

No. 269635

i love you anonita never be ashamed

No. 269636

File: 1654911358311.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.73 KB, 1000x1001, 7f04a5dd2036b35b18e009a5133e3e…)

I wouldn't call him skinny in that pic but yeah

No. 269751

I'm wet. Most boyfriend ASMRs don't really do it for me but this guy does.

No. 269752

No. 269755

No. 269763

I agree and this is cringe.

No. 269777

This is the retarded hornyposting thread after all. Honestly this is less cringey than other ASMRs I've heard.

No. 269854

File: 1654988700832.jpg (16.34 KB, 357x480, 141582bc17c7b14e774f56116820d2…)

>Tfw being bullied by a qt goth guy
Bless you anon for posting this ♥

No. 269872

File: 1654998431770.png (265.25 KB, 500x578, jin.png)

>Your husbando will never talk you out of suicide by bridge jump and try to fix your shitty life
Why even live. Time to jump off a bridge

No. 269901

Don't, you can't rewatch samurai champloo when you're dead.

No. 269959

File: 1655049832771.jpeg (125 KB, 750x1049, 506677EF-1B0E-43F9-AA27-023A89…)

>tfw my husbando will never carry me in the air, holding me affectionately and telling me all the important things that he cares about me as we walk on the air
Kill me already, I don’t care anymore.

No. 270011

File: 1655067190471.jpg (519.84 KB, 1983x1356, Tumblr_l_62400250160097.jpg)

zatanna, kori, babs step the fuck away. it's MY turn to suck his dick

No. 270043

File: 1655078980251.png (9.71 KB, 500x500, Fiolee.png)

You're welcome! I wish there's more content of this sort of dynamic.

No. 270046

nightwing is such a slut, i love him.

No. 270088

File: 1655105202891.jpg (83.7 KB, 736x1309, 86d4d12105a669ffdaba32f8b889a8…)

he really is, i love my men being slutty but also somehoe having a good personality when will he finally break up with his current boo aaaaaaaa

No. 270201

File: 1655162825125.gif (4.52 MB, 275x248, 1655162288060.gif)

I can't take it anymore anons, I need to buy a dildo so I can actually feel like I'm fucking my hudbando. I've never bought a toy for penetration though so I feel nervous about it and not sure what site I should buy from yet.

No. 270217

File: 1655172716567.jpg (52.27 KB, 680x676, 1623350121227.jpg)

>check my husbando's tag on Pixiv for the first time in years (because his game isn't popular anymore and he was never popular to begin with)
>there's a new log solely dedicated to him that was uploaded last year
>holy shit!!! I'm ecstatic
>open the page previews
>more than half of it is genderbend shit where he has gigatic tits and is being fucked while pregnant

No. 270219

I use this site called edenfantasys. They always seem to be having sales. Just make sure to pay close attention to the measurements and materials.

No. 270222

Holy shit anon, my condolences. A similar thing happened to me where I saw a bunch of trans porn of my husbando from a very niche series after some new fans discovered it. Do you mind sharing the husbando? Maybe I can draw something for you.

No. 270223

this and check out what type of packaging they use for shipment. i bought a lengthy rabbit from a site that advertises as discrete but the fucking envelope was white and see-through

No. 270226

>A similar thing happened to me where I saw a bunch of trans porn of my husbando from a very niche series after some new fans discovered it.
Honestly I don't know which is worse kek when your husbando is turned into a coomer bait genderbend and suddenly more than half of the porn is him being fucked as a pregnant woman (literally why?? what's the appeal?? what moid even likes him??) or when he's appropriated by genderspecials and fanonically turned into a troon with boob scars. It makes me miss the kinnie he had on Tumblr many years ago, at least she drew him as a bio man and made lots of cool fanart
>Do you mind sharing the husbando? Maybe I can draw something for you.
Sorry nona, I prefer to keep it a secret for now, but I appreciate your offer

No. 270234

Finding wierd stuff is the reason why I haven't gone that deep into tumblr/twitter etc to look for fanart. I can ignore BL as long as it's not too crack shippy, but I really don't want to find tranny/fetish content of my guys.

No. 270276

File: 1655204553908.png (678.26 KB, 1288x770, leonnnn helpp.png)


No. 270277

File: 1655204602437.png (1.19 MB, 1364x803, LEONN.png)

he's going to be even hotter in this game

No. 270293

Mmm juicy lips.
He looks like a model like he should.

No. 270300

File: 1655228167801.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1075x807, 1634912901164.png)

Go for it nonna. I was pretty nervous and a little embarrassed when purchasing my first dildo but later feel fulfilled imagining my husbando or a hot guy fucking me. Mine's the 7 inch Doc Johnson Bust It Dildo I got from Amazon and it's better to get lube too.

No. 270305

NAYRT but what if I don't imagine my husbando having such a big dick? I want a squirting dildo too and think of him and no one else while I use it kek
Also if you don't live alone how do you hide it? I wonder if I can make a box that has some sort of hidden "seal" that breaks when the box is opened so I can tell when someone has found my dildo
I suppose these questions are better suited for the sex toy thread

No. 270306

Is your bed raised. Just Velcro attach a bag to the bottom of the frame. Viola

No. 270359

>his mouth opening/closing was clearly caught by the mic
>get unreasonably horny
I also love it when he's about to speak so you can hear him opening his mouth/breathing in

No. 270379

it doesn't need to be big, anon. i have both big and small and use whatever depending on the mood. but honestly a rotating rabbit is better than any basic dildo. i have a case with a lock on it for toys and put it under my bed

No. 270380

File: 1655276420681.jpg (45.25 KB, 540x810, 34zcsy7k0m801.jpg)

How I'd love to have dakis of all my husbandos, it would be so comfy to relax between fluffy pillows and look at handsome men! I would have custom designs, and I would add something "extra" in them, meaning a small object or detail that only appears in my stories with them, and not in canon, so it would be 100% unique. Both sides would be SFW, but the other would be a bit suggestive hehe.

(Pic is not my husbando kek)

No. 270382

Mine does this intake of breath in the middle of his lines, he isn't supposed to to sound seductive but the result is hot.

No. 270383

File: 1655279972144.jpg (54.52 KB, 500x707, cd916c65657f9fd0ce5a3d2e130c68…)

Thinking of him again

No. 270430

File: 1655309306742.jpg (119.01 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_dd168c1d2e6229c3d7f42a0…)

never not thinking about him

No. 270443

File: 1655313278683.jpg (73.79 KB, 735x1159, 4b49bce2710ac70e89298fc790e0cb…)

I cycle between him and Sugi, but my current phone wallpaper is the kitty, picrel

No. 270498

File: 1655349608549.png (1.05 MB, 849x544, takingcareofbusiness.png)

Manifesting my beloved Archduchess to ascend into reality, do picrel to a few choice moids, and then fly us off into the sunset. Who's coming with?

No. 270499

File: 1655350257985.png (1.97 MB, 1000x1500, laughitoff.png)

Samefag, but I also really want to greet her with an abrazo. Except she'd have no concept of her own strength so the handshake would be near crushing and she'd use her flail chain to wrap around both of us instead of doing the back-pat.

No. 270500

My husband is so cute
(Which husband? any of them, they're all cute in their own way)

Anon your wife is so fucking cool. How do I get into her source material?

No. 270501

File: 1655351206953.png (297.61 KB, 400x527, ironwarden.png)

Oh, she's Zariel from Dungeons and Dragons! I'm not exactly sure how people get into D&D nowadays but I read a bunch of 3rd edition sourcebooks back in high school because my friend got me into playing (and the archdevils are pretty hot, here's a cute paranoid shut-in who rules the realm underneath Zariel's.)

It's a game you can play with a group, but lots of people watch streams of campaigns these days instead of playing themselves, I think? There's nothing wrong with just enjoying the characters by yourself though. I often do because the fanbase used to be gatekeepery and misogynistic and that's only improved in the last decade at most. Have fun getting into the game!

No. 270507

File: 1655355190247.jpg (403.01 KB, 800x811, IMG_20220422_142453.jpg)

I can't blame you, sugi is a snack and they look amazing together too….

No. 270508

File: 1655355309694.jpg (133.12 KB, 917x1386, IMG_20220419_205152.jpg)

And a gift for you sugi anon I've been meaning to share it here! I used to have the art you posted as my wallpaper too he looks so sexy there!

No. 270512

File: 1655357670849.jpg (31.88 KB, 736x306, a374dc002eedd603c83b21ee9c167a…)

Holy fuuuck anon, thank you so much! What a blessing, they both are so hot. A ship hasn't made me this horny in years.
also I just noticed that this meme kinda looks like Ogata with his fake eye lol

No. 270602

File: 1655407180359.jpg (224.36 KB, 714x664, 1655407081682.jpg)

I would wear this

No. 270614

File: 1655414951443.jpg (121.1 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_c30fbf1303d7a74b21ef8d9…)

ff nonnies you should have told me about the sexy bald man earlier…

No. 270618

File: 1655421175425.png (684.09 KB, 1000x833, FNZXyQZagAAmAEy.png)

Warning for big 'tismo ahead:

>Would this Golden Kamuy character eat pussy?

Sugimoto: Yes he's a good boy
Ogata: Most likely not sadly
Shiraishi: Yes badly
Tanigaki: Yes devotedly
Kiroranke: Yes
Ushiyama: Yes but for himself, not for you
Tsurumi: Yes His wife's only. Everyone else is a no
Koito: No gay
Tsukishima: Yes he's obedient and loyal
Nikaido: No
Usami: Yes but only to get a reaction or with other ulterior motive, he doesn't care about you or anyone else aside from Tsurumi
Yuusaku: Yes but he would be very embarrassed cause he's a virgin and you gotta guide him through it. Eager to learn
Kikuta: Yes and he's very good at it
Hijikata: Yes when younger ffs
Kirawus: Yes
Boutarou: Yes he can go for a while, no need to breath
Kentarou: Most likely yes
Wilk: Maybe, most likely yes
Vasily: Maybe, most likely not

I'd love to see everyone's headcanons like that for other series lmao I can't be this stupid alone

No. 270622

File: 1655427876692.jpg (11.62 KB, 194x260, 484383292.jpg)

no one wanted this but you'll have to read it anyway
Scout: Claims he can and will but never has
Soldier: Would do it eagerly but is oddly naïve so the results vary
Pyro: Uh
Demoman: Is piss drunk most of the time so probably can't. If (at all) sober, yes
Heavy: No, only no-nonsense missionary
Engineer: Seems like a classic romantic but might try if you ask
Medic: Scary. Can't tell if he'd be a freak or try and give you a pap smear instead
Sniper: No. Shits himself socially around women so no chance
Spy: Definitely. Eats out Scout's mom every Saturday
this is assuming they're all into woman or whatever

No. 270623

>Heavy: only no-nonsense missionary
GOD i don't know why this is doing things to me

No. 270625

Ahh thank you! Nonna please, I beg you, teach me how to get into tabletop roleplaying. Even if it's just the lore, I don't care. I have no friends to play this stuff with but I've always been into fantasy stuff and wanna get into D&D.
Do you think you could make a thread for tabletop gaming on /m/?

No. 270627

File: 1655431986536.png (527.94 KB, 876x414, 1611200395476.png)

>Medic: Scary. Can't tell if he'd be a freak or try and give you a pap smear instead
welp now I'm horny

No. 270629

File: 1655432335469.jpg (190.92 KB, 903x1200, damnthoseeyes.jpg)

Sure! It might take a few hours to get the thread up totally not because I haven't done it before not at all, but I can make a thread to sperg about TTRPGs.
Getting into a tabletop game's lore is as easy as reading wiki pages or game sourcebooks. There's usually way too much info so there's no pressure to learn all of it. D&D itself has been around for over 50 years and has countless people adding to its lore, most of it is a mess. Okay any more sperging is going in the thread, back to hornyposting.

Graz'zt would eat pussy for literal hours, but the risks are not worth it.

No. 270631

File: 1655434461355.jpg (157.8 KB, 1019x792, j6zcdq6nwj061.jpg)

I hate this image and the things it makes me feel.

No. 270632

File: 1655434719934.jpg (418.71 KB, 945x2048, 1648220190591.jpg)

My 2D brainrot is so strong I can't date 3D men. I tried but I can't, fantasies about the "real" guy who likes me don't make me half as wet as fantasies about Reiner Braun. I think I will remain a perma virgin, I will devote my virginity and my mind to Reiner Braun. I crave physical affection and being hugged by a 3D man feels nice, but when I think about kissing his 3D face or touching his 3D dick, I shiver with disgust, because it's not REINER'S face and REINER'S dick. This is a part of me that no one in the "real" world knows, I wouldn't even tell about it to my therapist, I know she wouldn't understand and she wouldn't know how to help me. At this point I don't even believe I should be helped. I'm right in my judgment of how shitty and unappealing and borig 3D pigs are, and how gorgeous and compelling someone like Reiner is. I know that physically we're irreversibly separated and my loneliness is eternal. But my love is true. What even is this reality though? There's so many scientific proofs we live in a fucking simulation, the things in my head can be just as "real" as this simulation. We're all embeded in a dream-like state. If Reiner is real in my mind and my feelings for him feel real, he is real, and I don't need anyone else.

No. 270635

File: 1655435765012.jpeg (84.4 KB, 581x603, 6526408_shootprewedding_jpeg01…)

No. 270637

No. 270638

File: 1655437511745.jpg (27.81 KB, 600x646, 4202416fb7475d20a6aaa93368825c…)

>no one wanted this
Wrong, this is exactly what I wanted

No. 270639

Nona, are we the same person…? At this point I don't even care about losing my virginity. I'm completely happy with my husbando.

No. 270640

File: 1655439424461.jpg (136.86 KB, 1200x1200, B6cPZpcIUAAjzjE.jpg)

I've completely given up on real men. I'd rather grow old as a husbandofag virgin than get with a moid who will only disappoint me. Dating was a total waste of my 20s and I should've done this sooner. Maybe in an alternate plane of existence my husbando is holding out for me too.

No. 270641

They told me that to get in the husbandoposting server you have to be completely devoted to your husbando, is that true?

No. 270642

Yes, you have to make a human sacrifice for him

No. 270646

File: 1655446454546.jpg (103.42 KB, 848x1182, 6bf46ae4d768821a4532ad52c8cecd…)

Happy birthday to best GILF! I'd even be wiling to make him a biological DILF and raise a bunch of our cablasian autist spawn (because he's so old his baby batter is probably seriously spoiled but I do not even care)

No. 270647

File: 1655448234334.gif (1.14 MB, 540x405, tumblr_22fca69a80ed5ded59877fd…)

watching cowboy bebop after taking edibles on an empty stomach was a mistake because instead of wanting to fuck spike like a normal person i am now lusting after a bald cyborg beefcake who makes dubious stirfries. i bet he eats pussy like an absolute champ too

No. 270650

The edibles just made you realize The Truth. Jet is hotter in just about every way compared to that mophead

No. 270658

I actually wrote out a couple paragraphs when I was at peak horny time of giving Crow (>>266837
) a blowjob in a storage room, but then he tries to be cool and give me some back but he's just staring for a minute because he realizes he actually has no idea what to do, so I have to point out where the clit is…

No. 270676

I think my husbando could do a great job at being my real life tard wrangler

No. 270681

File: 1655473311043.jpg (188.78 KB, 1920x1080, なぽ@FF15MOD制作所(ゲーム垢) on Twitter…)

this game is full of hotties don't even know where to begin

No. 270682

He reminds me of Yasu from Nana but with facial hair, maybe even Adam Jensen but bald.

No. 270716

File: 1655491223949.png (2.15 MB, 1413x2000, __gouda_ryuuji_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

if i (148cm) met him (195cm according to the official wiki) it would probably not be easy for me to look at his face. i would be staring at his dobonhonkeros and he would be like "oi, my eyes are up here" and i would be like "that's as high as i can look up, sorry"

No. 270718

>went to con
>got photos with my husbandos
>all are masked so no ugly moid can spoil their hotness
brb going to frame those pictures for my shrine and keep my delusions at top level

No. 270719

File: 1655493098470.png (283.04 KB, 236x640, impossiblereach.png)

>tfw i will never feel her crushing metal embrace

No. 270720

File: 1655493176204.png (137.59 KB, 475x631, jiii.png)

samefag nonas i just love her so much

No. 270722

Kek nonnie that's perfect


No. 270723

This is gibberish to me but yet I get exactly what you mean.

No. 270741

someone help me identify the hot himbo with the cowboy hat in this video PLEASE

No. 270748

thanks for making the thread!

this is exactly how I think about my husbando's smell sniiiiiiff

No. 270750

File: 1655502384435.png (255.88 KB, 330x599, 1396111-ellisprofile.png)

Ellis fromm Left4Dead

No. 270767

Dead husbando by far

Canon love interest doesn’t bother me really as long as I like the pairing and the character. I want my husbando to be happy.

No. 270772

File: 1655516977073.jpg (105.46 KB, 485x375, 1516417308298.jpg)

Honestly same nonna. Sure there are some 3D moids I might find attractive but there is no way I'll be with one despite me being unsocial, insecured, unattractive and boring. There's barely to no guys out there with the same or similar qualities as 2D/fictional men by looks, personality, empathy, etc. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. But hey I at least I don't have to deal with being cheated on, abused, gaslighted or all the other drama bs that some people in relationships have gone through.

No. 270774

my mutuals keep tagging me in this fujoshi's art of my husbando when i'm almost positive she hates my guts because of all my self-insert art with him kek

No. 270790

"Like a normal person"? Nocchan please. Spike is nice but Jet is a catch himself. Hot, rugged and beefy, sexy voice. He even cooks. Get him some gainful, consistent employment and he'll be a golden catch.

No. 270797

Scout: One pump chump but has stamina for days and virtually no refractory period. Sucks at eating pussy and has the stroke game of a broken shopping trolley.
Soldier: Eager to eat pussy . Only has one thrusting speed, hard and fast. Won't shut up through the whole act and falls asleep after one round.
Pyro: The most you'll get is Pyro using toys on you. And by toys I mean the handle of an axe or some other fucked up object Pyro -thinks- is a sex toy.
Demoman: A solid lay if you can catch him sober. Whiskey dick otherwise, but he has a hurricane tongue that eats tits, pussy and ass like a ravenous sea monster. Will probably rest is scrumpy on your back if he's hitting it from behind.
Heavy: Cunt-stretching, cervix-pounding no-nonsense missionary at a literally painfully slow pace. So vanilla he'd probably consider anything other than missionary deviant.
Engineer: Sweet and gentle, if not formulaic sex. One or two rounds because he's not a young man anymore. Might spice things up with a new invention or two if he's feeling adventurous.
Medic: Weird and vaguely fetishy. Tries to kill two birds with one stone by blending experiments with sex. I can't see him lying down. Either you fuck him in a chair or he has you bent over an operating table.
Sniper: Probably doesn't have a nudity taboo but for some reason is somewhat bashful when it comes to fucking. Opens up once he gets comfortable, and maybe gets a little primal too. Too polite to ask for freaky stuff outright, but wouldn't object if you spring it on him. He'd let you lead.
Spy: Below-average endowment but you won't even notice after he's done with you. He'll leave you sweating and in love, all without being vulgar or brutal. Reigning Pussy Eating Champion 30 years running.

No. 270801

you nonas are making me get feelings for heavy that i've never had before…

No. 270818

File: 1655547857813.png (353.18 KB, 750x621, screen.png)

I'm down bad for medic…

No. 270820


No. 270825

kek me and my husbandos

NTA but… Maybe I need to rewatch that movie

No. 270829

File: 1655554868221.jpg (113.31 KB, 800x1131, D5sjHGHUcAAtwMa.jpg)


No. 270830

File: 1655555204958.jpg (112.79 KB, 931x931, 20210822-Z62_0942_0004-1400x93…)

any old men appreciators out there?

No. 270831

you seem lost, there are no 3DPD appreciators in this one thread.

No. 270832

i clicked this from the frontpage knowing which thread it'd bring me to kek i should've known there were hirasawafags on here. u're all deranged i love u all t. a simple hirasawa music enjoyer

No. 270834

This thread is for fictional characters.

No. 270835

kek nonny
yes, but this is the 2D thread. even though