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File: 1659331817124.jpeg (123.2 KB, 640x474, 3E9A59D7-6D95-4FC4-98E1-708E92…)

No. 225944

Air your grievances about common themes you dislike seeing in TV shows and films, may be from any. Can be widely shared opinions, can be unpopular. Feel free to share your reasons why. Didn't see a thread about this so created one, hopefully that's okay.

Ross meme selected for thread pic because Friends has a bunch of annoying things about it.

No. 225945

Was going to create an annoying characters thread but found there was already one so I'll link to that instead: >>191506

No. 225946

I hate will they won't theys and forced romance. Gay, straight, doesn't matter. Hate that everyone needs to be paired up in some way by the end of the series. Wish plots could progress without romance being involved every single damn time.
Runner up:
>I swear, I'm not going to sleep with him/her!
>Cuts to character in bed with them staring at the ceiling with regret, cue laugh track

No. 225947

I agree! Why does a romance plot almost always have to be shoved in, it gets real annoying at times. Or anything pertaining to a contrived "happily ever after". On the flip side trauma porn isn't all that great either.

No. 225948

I especially hate it because it implies platonic love does not exist and that everyone needs to fuck each other somehow. Or the people not interested in romance are seen in a negative light because marriage should be the end goal apparently.
If Hollywood wants representation so badly they should start by normalizing people who give no fucks about relationships or marrying a moid to be happy.

No. 225950


Also want to say that something I've noticed and get really irritated by is when there's a character that clearly doesn't want to/doesn't feel ready to have kids but is then in some way coerced into having one or other characters (usually friends who are parents themselves already) try to push them into it.

It's one thing for someone to be on the fence and then gradually change their mind or prepare, but if you have someone that makes it clear they're not ready yet or don't want kids it really rubs me up the wrong way when they're pressured into it instead of the characters having a rational conversation or not thinking about this aspect at all before committing to each other. I watched the Casecation episode of B99 and some other shows lately that demonstrate this in some form.

No. 225956

I hate needless sex scenes. Unless it is actually relevant to the work (which it almost never is) it's just a waste of time and only for sex-crazed scrotes.

No. 225958

Agree. Especially rape scenes, definitely not needed

No. 225959

Laugh tracks mainly suck ass. Even with the shows that say they have a live audience. I'll be honest, sometimes those sitcoms can be entertaining and have okay plot lines, but it gets grating when you hear canned laughter immediately after some dialogue that's not even that funny and happens every 2 or 3 lines. I've clicked off a bunch of shows because of this.

No. 225960

This is why I hate American Horror Story and I'm honestly shocked to see anons here who watch and enjoy it. Every other fucking episode is an unnecessary rape scene for shock value. Garbage show.

No. 225961

Tbh I was intrigued by AHS for a short time in my teens because everyone else was talking about it but that was about it. I only made it up to the beginning of season 2 and couldn't be bothered anymore. Now of the opinion that it's mainly gratuitous sex and fetish shit. Not to mention that the other Ryan Murphy shows don't even seem that great either.

No. 225964

I love the Nanny but I hate when the characters stop doing anything and just wait for the audience to stop laughing. It's so annoying. I've rewatched some episodes on tv recently and I didn't even notice it was happening half of the time. I'm still going to rewatch it in English someday though but I'm worried I'll end up being, idk, disappointed?

No. 225972

Oh, The Nanny! I forgot about that show. I enjoyed it when I was younger and if I watch it again it would be for nostalgia but the laugh track might also do me in. Maybe I'll pull through though, not sure. I've managed to do that for some sitcoms but not others.

No. 225974

Honestly I have too many that get on my nerves and will recognize after I start getting into a show. The incompetent laid back husband/nagging stressed wife dynamic is one of them.

No. 225977

Not really a trope complaint per se, but I really hate how standardized movie lengths are. Almost all movies are 90-120 minutes, regardless of their content or themes. A huge number of films would benefit from being shorter because then there's less filler. Nearly every movie I watch, regardless of time or genre, is just too long and it weakens the impact of the film. There are plenty of movies were it's appropriate to be 2 hours+ but there are many more movies where it's appropriate to be one hour max.

I think two genres are especially at risk of being excessively long: science fiction and horror. The reason for this is because both sci-fi and horror are heavily reliant on premises rather than execution. When you watch a horror movie, what you're actually interested in is what kind of monster or whatever is attacking, not the characters. And with sci-fi you're again more interested in what separates their world from ours than the actual plot.

For instance, I recently watched the third episode of Black Mirror, an anthology TV show. That episode is a simple sci-fi story about a technology that allows you to replay memories and how it affects relationships. It's 44 minutes long and has no fat. The length is entirely appropriate for the amount of characters and plot the story has. If this same story had been made into a movie at twice the length, it would have dragged its feet and been a lot worse. It asks a simple question, "What would life be like if you could replay your memories like a tape?" and answers it without padding.

I also recently watched a movie called The Midnight Meat Train. It was a silly gore movie that's 98 minutes long, over twice the Black Mirror episode I mentioned. All I cared about was the killer and weird stuff. I didn't care about the protagonists' lazily written relationship. I didn't need a lot of plot to have the character end up going into the subway at night to take pictures. It suffered greatly from having too little plot for the amount of time the film took up. Had it been half the length, like an episode of Masters of Horrors or something, the story would have been much more compact and vital.

No. 225982

Yes, some movies are so long they should just be divided into shorter episodes at some point. Kind of like how Sherlock BBC episodes are long but each season only has 3 episodes. There should be more shows/movies like this instead of having 3h long movies where you stop caring because you're too focused on not peeing until it's over.

No. 225989

I see what you mean and definitely agree with you on that while some movies suit a longer length, not all of them should be like that. There was one or two I watched a while back that I thought ran a bit longer than needed. I can't even remember what they were.

Honestly I also think this can apply to some TV show plots too that get dragged out. More interesting miniseries would be great, depends on what happens in them. I'm guilty of sometimes watching Marvel shows for example, I dove into Falcon and the Winter Soldier not long ago and thought there was just too much unnecessary crap while all the stuff that could have made it interesting was cut down on. I wouldn't have it as a movie (or maybe?) but probably as a shorter miniseries that cut down all the cringy/unappealing parts in it or replaced them with what should have actually mattered. It only had 6 1hr long episodes but felt much more sluggish than WandaVision which had 9 but were about half an hour long.

Also I forgot that BBC Sherlock existed, I used to enjoy it a bit. There's no further plans for it now is there?

No. 225994

I have no clue if anything is planned for BBC Sherlock, I enjoyed the first two seasons a lot but saw so much spoilers for season 3 before it started airing my country I stopped caring. I think I'll rewatch it someday though, because I forgot said spoilers. As for Marvel shows, I never watched any of them. I stopped caring about the MCU because the last Avengers movie felt like a proper conclusion despite the sequel hooks at the very end. Maybe I'll watch WandaVision if it's self contained and not just a big Doctor Strange 2 prequel someday but idaf about the rest.

No. 226007

Nta i remember that Moffat said he wanted to continue it but right after the season ended both John and Sherlock actors got busy, especially Sherlock now since he turned intk a full-time marvel slave. At this point if we will see the new season, we will probably get it in 5 years.

No. 226016

Has anyone watched “Keep Breathing” on Netflix, would you recommend it?

No. 226019

I also kind of feel like the MCU is going too far now to the point why I see people feel it's cringe, but I still watch their content casually if I'm in the mood to. I did enjoy WandaVision and think it should be fine for casual watching but it does involve her getting emotional about (not a major spoiler but spoilered just in case) her losses and family. Also it's filmed in a kind of interesting way and the way it changes in format is done for a reason, don't want to give too much away. Does lead up to Doctor Strange 2, which I personally feel kind of sucks, you don't even need to bother watching it unless one really wants to keep up with the whole multiverse stuff which is getting too convoluted anyway.

No. 226022

Not gonna lie I feel like if Sherlock's last season was its ending, I'm okay with that. I think even most of the Tumblr fangirls of its heyday have forgotten about it. The actors definitely seem busy now like you've mentioned, and with the length of time that used to go on for fans to wait between seasons I think it may be safe to guess it's been scrapped after over 5 years and with no word about it.

I only remember the last season also wasn't as well received as earlier ones were and there doesn't seem to be any vocal demand for it to make a return, unfortunately

No. 226025

I checked the news and the only "news" are is that Moffat and his brother don't mind writing the nww season, they actually would love to but "thats up to Benedict and Martin". I feel bad only for Louise and Andrew because they were and still are up to play their roles again. But I also don't know if anyone would want to have a new season now that Una Stubbs died.

No. 226027

I was into MCU at the height of its popularity and was lightly into some comics prior to it, but I feel like it’s just become an overwhelming mess at this point. I don’t have the time or mental energy to watch all of the shows that come out and so much has become interwoven between films and shows that I start getting confused tbh. It makes me sad how Marvel has turned into this, there were certain characters and comics that brought me a lot of joy as a kid. After hearing about how people are treated behind the scenes at MCU it makes me sad too.

No. 226029

Una is gone? Wow, it's sad I didn't hear about it at all. I hope she's resting in peace.

I'd say I was in a similar boat, I also was a bigger fan at its peak although couldn't get into the comics, was overwhelmed with how many there were. Definitely makes sense you feel that way, the overall MCU no longer has the same feeling as it did back in like Phase 2 or 3 around a decade ago. I like some of the shows and think some could be fine as standalones. The Marvel shows that were previously on Netflix are fine on their own, though I'm a little concerned what they're going to do to them now that they're shifting over to Disney+ as people have the feeling they're going to tone way down on the content they had. Loki leads up to I assume a future film but I liked the cinematography and pacing. FATWS just wasn't good in my eyes and I don't think they did the main characters justice. Still getting into Moon Knight.

Curious to know how the people were treated, as I've only heard of mainly Brie Larson getting backlash and having a lack of support while Chris Pratt was being an idiot but still got support anyway, as well as Mickey Rourke criticizing Marvel for cutting down his performance.

No. 226038

File: 1659371738442.gif (2.43 MB, 640x484, andtheresmoreofthattoo.gif)

"When she put on make up, she felt like a woman for the very first time uwu" The first time I got make up put on I felt like a clown, thanks.

No. 226043

female character that only does menial tasks and has no personality.

male lead that is a "loveable idiot" that gets what he wants anyways with little consequence.

woman that gets fucked over by male lead(s) and ends up forgiving them/ running back to them for whatever reason. (linked to the second one)

No. 226050

45 minutes horror movies usually become popular and highly rated shows like The Twilight Zone, X Files and other monster of the week series. Most of the run-of-the-mill slashers are 90 minutes long because producers don't expect someone to go to the theater and pay 10 bucks to watch something as long as a show episode. Movies used to go way above 120 minutes when there was such a thing as intermissions, but for many reasons, including the growing desire of movie theater managers to program as many movies as they could in a single day, they progressively faded out, at least in the US (intermissions are apparently still alive and well in Italy and India for instance)
This could of course change with movies made for streaming, as the service is subscription-based and not on-demand, but it seems like Netflix understood that making one-hour SF movies doesn't hook the audience as much as doing a series of 1 hour SF movies and calling it a show (Black Mirror)
So it's never going to change for theater movies, but that's more of a bad director problem than a greedy producer problem as good two-hour horror movies are still getting released (eg Ari Aster movies). In the case of Midnight Meat Train it was actually both problems as once, as it could have easily got its adaptation as a show with the rest of the Book of Blood short stories but apparently they thought doing a series of movies with mediocre directors would make bank (it didn't!). In their defense it was released in 2008, when people were still hesitating about doing really gory horror series. If it was done today it would probably be released as a horror show, unless they decided to be greedy again and use mediocre writers to create a 2020 Books of Blood anthology movie that SUCKED!

No. 226081

This. I hate the trope where a (supposedly) plain girl gets a glow up and "realizes she was beautiful all along" by looking like a completely different person.

>male lead that is a "loveable idiot" that gets what he wants anyways with little consequence.
This one infuriates me to no end. Especially if he's a pervert too.

No. 226082

The worst ones are where the girl needs glasses to see but they just take off her glasses and suddenly she's beautiful, no mention of how she can see or whether or not she can see.

No. 226086

Yeah, that was a ridiculous one. Too many movies are guilty of that stupidity.

Right, like why did so many people buy into this shit back in the day? At least more people would have an issue with that now. And it was usually to impress a guy too. Ick.

No. 226095

There's too many of this. Hard agree.

Yeah fuck I hate this one too. For fuck's sake just give us a woman who doesn't need makeup to feel pretty.

No. 226171

Kek let's not forget already conventionally attractive girl gets makeover by not dressing like a geek for once and is a 10/10. Not Another Teen Movie parodies this perfectly

No. 226188

samefag woman getting sneak attacked whilst showering.

No. 227125

The drunk hedonistic idiot protagonist aka every show ever.
Also the foul mouthed creature sidekick that smokes weed or does whatever edgy unexpected vice. Literally the only decent one is Roger from American Dad

No. 227428

File: 1659735805466.jpg (27.18 KB, 500x281, kate beckett.jpg)

I feel like this trope is so overused, you guys can tell me if you agree or not

>very attractive no nonsense female character, usually a detective or something

>seemingly unaware or totally indifferent to how hot she is
>every time she goes to question witnesses or whatever the men are always commenting on how beautiful/hot she is, but she totally doesn't care because she is ice cold
>usually contrasted by a snarky annoying male who doesn't take anything seriously

it's mostly the fact that everyone on the show has to find her so attractive, it always feels so forced. despite the annoying trope I actually really like the character of kate beckett and have a love/hate relationship with the show castle (although I never finished it, lol). another example of this trope is used in psych which is basically just a much worse version of castle, imo.

No. 227454

File: 1659740256925.jpg (30.16 KB, 500x375, NEVER AGAIN.jpg)

Love triangles.

No. 227485

This is so common and I find it annoying too. Another example is Tereasa Lisbon from The Mentalist.

No. 227865

Been a while since I watched but I think that main character from Lucifer (forgot her name) could fall under this too. Never really liked that show either I just watched because an ex put it on, hope I'm not alone in that opinion here because every time I see it being talked about it's just fans thirsting over Tom Ellis.

No. 227867

Love triangles are so dumb, tired of the idea of two girls fighting over some idiot when they're both clearly better off without him or two guys with same face fighting over someone with no personality. Why does this happen so often

No. 227887

File: 1659867033652.jpg (41.89 KB, 500x375, MV5BOWQ0NjBmZTktNmIyYi00YzhkLW…)

yes! picrel is one of those imo

No. 227889

File: 1659868372146.jpg (5.63 KB, 285x177, FXLf9nEWAAMErBu.jpg)

Bones is different though, there is some aspect of Temperance being naively oblivious to how beautiful she is, but I think what set's her apart is that she's an autistic recluse who cannot interact with other human beings, its booth who is the no nonsense cop and she's the quirky one, its the only police produce I actually like cause the main guy actually acts like a cop and doesn't quip every 5 minutes

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