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File: 1648007717450.jpg (144.79 KB, 894x894, issei_hyoudou_by_tetsuyakyoko-…)

No. 191506

Want to rant about characters you hate? Post them here!

No. 191534

File: 1648021013526.jpg (37.22 KB, 400x400, alistair.jpg)

I guess I don't hate him, but alistair from dragon age kinda pissed me off

No. 191537

I don’t think these threads need to be called temporary anymore it’s been over a month

No. 191540

this, we clearly aren't getting old /m/ back

No. 191594

File: 1648049227612.jpg (15.57 KB, 580x330, armamando mendoza.jpg)

I fucking hate this asshole for treating Betty like garbage for so long
(Betty la Fea is a guilty pleasure of mine because despite hating "working class woman falls in love with her rich and powerful piece of shit boss and they get married at the end" plots, I still like the series)

No. 191600

File: 1648050804770.jpg (15.25 KB, 640x359, zaheer.jpg)

This flying tard

No. 191677

File: 1648068984222.jpeg (40.87 KB, 738x415, images - 2022-03-23T234826.742…)

Hate this dude. Such a wish fullfillment character for moids, ooga booga I'm so powerful and I fuck all the women. He is like the self-insert isekai protagonist of gaming. On top of being a charisma void he doesn't even have the looks to save himself. I hate him even when he is played by the barely legal fetishist Cavill.

No. 191750

File: 1648092524135.gif (1.87 MB, 640x358, F43D8690-814C-43B7-BD9E-F02293…)

this ugly, annoying fucker. I can’t like the series solely because of him. even at the point where he supposedly gets better, I still hate him. I’m sick of loud, “pervy” characters.

No. 191780

He ruined my enjoyment of the series too, also he is mostly useless and gets his moment of glory out of nowhere with zero buildup and reward (like most of the final arc). This kind of character feels so outdated and it's very surprising that a woman wrote him like that, and I genuinely don't get all the fangirls he has.

No. 191901

File: 1648148860975.jpg (28.32 KB, 674x540, FB_IMG_1648095335172.jpg)

Every single moid in this series sucks but every line is an iconic wigsnatcher, thanks for reminding me it's time for my annual rewatch.

No. 192348

File: 1648310655608.png (659.62 KB, 500x800, Hyakunosuke_Ogata.png)

Am I the only person here who hates this motherfucker?

No. 192350

It's him and Inosuke for me. They both made the series seriously less enjoyable but even then at least Inosuke has moments where he can be interesting, whereas blonde bitch only ever stfu's when he screams himself into fainting.
I especially hate them because they completelly fuck up the tone of the series, I watched the movie a couple months ago and it was so weird because Tanjiro and Rengoku's mindspace had the people that they liked and it was supposed to be this deep thing but then blond bitch and Inosuke's were just a gag? Also when Rengoku died, his corpse was literally still on screen and they were already running around and criying in a super loud way that came of as kinda comic relief attemp but it was just annoying because this was supposed to be a serious moment and they won't even give us 5 seconds to actually process a moment that is supposed to be serious.
I haven't watched the second season yet but those two alone make Demon Slayer feel like capeshit for weebs for me.

No. 192365

No. 194820

File: 1649121594688.jpeg (21.24 KB, 201x251, 155DFC73-4353-410F-83E0-9371F3…)

Why did they make the lesbian ugly and insufferable

No. 194868

Yeah you are

No. 194882

>his fans are what made me hate him lmfao
kek shit like this is why I disregard most fandom interactions, I just want to see nice content for the characters I like I don’t want fandom shit to taint my enjoyment of a series. But good that you two found each other lol maybe you can bond over this itt

No. 194922

File: 1649164841714.jpg (29.22 KB, 308x250, Wendy.jpg)

I LOATHE her so much. She's played so damn well though I gotta give kudos to that

No. 194935

idk what she's like but cute imo as a les

No. 196030

File: 1649470678128.png (1.9 MB, 1085x1355, Character_Hate_Chart.png)

Posted this on the previous thread but made some changes.

Characters from left to right:
>Slutty coomer mascot of high quality official-looking porn animations and coomers making gross memes out of them.
Felix Argyle
Hideri Kanzaki
>Hate all trap characters in general but these three the most. Annoying waifubait cookie cutter "draw a girl call it a boy" with the personality and voice of an anime moeblob girl that plagued and tarnished anime boys. Their coomer fans are obnoxious and shit out the same repetitive unfunny girl with penis memes and gross sissy porn even one's that look like child grooming. They will get super offended if you hate traps or call them dickgirls/futas/trannies and will shove their fetish in everyone's throat to feel validated.
>Literally trans Bowser but make him into a big titty anime waifu. The whole Super Crown fad is just an autistic fetish for turning things into slutty waifus with a Princess Peach base.
>Stupid slutty gijinka of a virus that's currently relevant today which killed thousands of people. Yeah totally sexy and edgy.
Hana Uzaki
>"Draw a shota and slap big titties on her." Super annoying and stupid shirt. Coomers defended her that's she's a petite woman with huge knockers but never admit that she looks like a child.
>Same case with Uzaki. "Draw a loli and slap big titties on her."
>Slutty big titty bimbo and a creepy predator towards a young boy. Fucking disgusting and disturbing. Not funny at all.
Female Terry Bogard
>Ruined Terry Bogard by genderswapping him in this one shitty fanservice game into a slut with skimpy clothes and zero muscles looking nothing like the original character. Such cowards.
>The most sexualized Animal Crossing villager along with Isabelle and is further sexualized because of the Zone animation porn. Disgusting unfunny meme. Ankha should be the one deserving hate, not Raymond.
Switch Dog
>"Haha video game console looks like derpy dog but let's make it sexy." Absolute cringe.
Himiko Toga
>Coomerbait weird yandere girl that's obsessed with Deku. Probably NTR fetish with Ochako. Gets naked when her transformation quirk wears off.
Minoru Mineta
>Annoying perverted useless crybaby. Also stupid diaper costume. I hope he dies.
Umaru Doma
>In her outdoor mode, people around her see her as the most beautiful and perfect girl but in her indoor mode, she's actually an annoying lazy bratty piece of shit that throws tantrums at her brother who in which deserves better since he works, takes care of her and keeps a roof over their heads.
Marin Kitagawa
>Manic pixie dream girl. Don't know much about her other than she wants to cosplay but I hate seeing this slut everywhere and her shitty scrote anime. Probably behaves like a dumb blonde. Pick mes love and relate to her.
Kirino Kousaka
>Similar to Umaru but is a total tsundere bitch that like eroge games and treats her brother like shit even when there's an incestuous thing going on between them. Like wtf.
Lady Dimitrescu
>"Big dommy mommy milkers!!" Hate seeing this bitch everywhere and her annoying horny fans. Also shit game.
>Total bitch even towards her sister and slutty outfit with exposed legs and thighs like she's wearing nothing at all under that dress.
Samsung Sam
>Virtual assistant that looks like a pick me and of course will have plethoras of porn of her. As a Samsung user I demand a male version.

No. 196035


No. 196037

I hate how coomers have absolutely ruined Ankha. In the old games she was just another villager with a cool theme and a unique character design but now she's this sex symbol for this generation's batch of degenerate scrotes, so frustrating. I wish coomers would keep their greasy hands off all AC characters, but since AC's really gone mainstream with New Horizons there's really no turning back.

No. 196039

This is the 'Opinion Discarded' profile pic bingo sheet I need.

No. 196042


No. 196043

Same nonnie. She was one of my original villagers when I first started new leaf and she was always my favorite. To see what moids have done to her shouldn't be such a surprise but I'm still constantly amazed by their autism.

No. 196044

File: 1649475622458.jpeg (52.02 KB, 880x660, 30A06E42-256E-4296-B671-BDADD2…)

star trek coomer, had an open relationship with the hottest women onboard the enterprise. deanna was too good for him and i hate his stupid fucking face. beta to picard

No. 196057

Terry Bogard already looked like that in that one Capcom vs SNK game iirc. There's that Darkstalkers vampire guy who has an attack that can genderbend male characters and make the already female characters just "cuter" I think, to weaken them and drink their blood. It's just that the spinoff you're talking about is another type of fanservice but they just reused an alreadye existing design for Terry.

No. 196061

lol I hate him too, he'd hump anything with a pulse. I think he was cute in the first season but after that he grew that ugly beard and got fatter every season.

No. 196066

any crybaby/weak/loser/pervy male protags ie isekai (especially if all the girls love him)
Subaru, Rimuru, Iruma, etc
any orbiters of the above
that green guy from Re:Zero, Rem, that pink guy from Iruma, etc.
any male that’s supposed to be as pretty/prettier than a girl
Felix, Alstofo?, Miyamura
any depraved homosexual/bisexual/sinisterly feminine type male character (fujoshi shit)

I hate any character the narrative pushes too hard for you to be impressed by

No. 196071

>any male that’s supposed to be as pretty/prettier than a girl
Based. It's so unrealistic that it takes me out of a story.

No. 196116

it’s such a weird fetishy thing that it never belongs, I’m tired of having this kink forced everywhere

No. 196136

File: 1649516224631.jpg (62.35 KB, 433x433, 81d2177471cc2780f222dc3a26ffa4…)

>Immature to a point that she has no control on her own life
>Obsessed with men, falls for any guy she sees
>Self-centered and spoiled
>A cheater
>Never learns
>Generally dumb
>Uses others
>A leech
>Constantly relies on others (giving nothing back)
>Delusional pickmesha

No. 196138

I don't remember any reason why she's the way she is. It's not like she has some backstory explaining why she would feel compelled to be constantly horny and suck everyone's dick 24/7. She doesn't even seem all that fun to hang out with as a friend either, when I think about it too, I've been rereading the manga recently and sometimes I wonder if Nana got attached to Hachi the same way some random people feel pity and love for severely mentally disabled but harmless people like down syndrome patients. The only good thing about her is that she's stylish.

No. 196139

>dumb bitch who didn't use protection when having sex with a rock star
She's the worst tbh

No. 196142

You also forgot that what makes her a cheater is that she started dating Nobu without breaking up with Takumi, and she was such a pussy that everytime she saw Takumi to tell him she wanted to break up with him not only she was shaking and crying like a bitch because she's retarded, but she was literally jumping on his dick instead. Why? Could this be a fear of abandonment? She's bad at saying no due to some bad experiences or even trauma before? No, it's just because she's obsessed with dick. And all of this happens right after she got cheated on and dumped.

No. 196143

She also moved out of Nana's apartment. That scene when she wouldn't let her into the bedroom was so heartbreaking. Nobody deserved much better. Hachi ruined a lot

No. 196144

She also dated married men.

No. 196146

And she pretended to be the victim in that case and every single time anything went wrong with any guy she ever dated.

No. 196154

No. 196166

She is why I've never managed to get into Nana, having her as a main character was so exhausting I dropped it at like 10 chapters.

No. 196217

She always annoyed me as well, I was waiting all the time for her to become cool lika nana at least a bit but nothing ever happened in that direction. in retrospect, if the story had focused more on her relationship with nana in terms of character development she would have become way more likeable but instead it was all about latching onto guy after guy without learning anything. someone correct me if I’m wrong, I never finished reading it because I got bored with this eventually

No. 196303

>I never finished reading it
Nobody did nonna.

No. 196981

File: 1649810896810.png (1006.81 KB, 1080x1632, no_more....png)

I fucking hate everything about traps/femboys and their annoying horny fans. This shit appeals to trannies and straight/bicurious scrotes that wanted extra spicy girls with a dick fetish. They're ruining cute 2D/fictional boys especially on /cm/ and /y/ when they already have /d/ and this /femgen/ I keep seeing on the ads. Truly spoiled and gluttonous of them to seek validation and invading male focus spaces for their flat chest dickgirls as boys and I refused to believe that bs since they're drawn as your generic anime moeblob but boobless with a dick slapped on or a Schrodinger's dick. Androgynous pretty boys that still held masculinity or are recognizable as boys like Narancia or Kurapika are ok and passable. Guys crossdressing are ok too but I hate it when characters like Link and Cloud are drawn off-model or as hyper feminine sissies as if their muscles have been reduced and sometimes with child-birthing hips. I just want to Thanos snapped all of them out from existence.

No. 196992

File: 1649817127320.png (217.56 KB, 1200x1532, SU Pink Diamond.png)

Just everything Pink Diamond done to everyone(well except the other diamonds, they're just as bad) is fucked up and did more harm than good. Characters who got screwed over by her can't even get rightfully upset at her without the show and her super fans pulling out the "well if it wasn't for her, there would be no Earth or Steven etc". Rebecca couldn't even do a good job calling PD out or show how she really is a "good gray moral" character. I know that the other Diamonds treated her like trash and that sucks but even after Greg talked to her about respect, it still showed that she was selfish aka so long you give PD whatever she wants then she'll "care" about you. Plus not a big fan of her design at all, her moon base mural looks better.

No. 197015

literally any "ara ara fu fu onee-san" trope character

No. 197034

t. someone who got cucked for a twink

No. 197044

honestly such an ugly design, doesn't look regal at all, she looks like a fucking clown. Maybe that is what they were aiming for kek

No. 197046

i agree, femboys are revolting and i hate how they've gained a sudden popularity boom in the past few years. a man can never, ever look like that.

No. 197052

File: 1649859222580.jpg (17.5 KB, 475x489, CE6bTSwUUAATcfD.jpg)

I'm rewatching Mad Men and I'm about to start season 5, the worst season because it focuses entirely too much on Matthew Weiner's boner for Megan. Literally feels like the characters stop what they're doing to pontificate about how perfect and wonderful this horse faced MPDG is kek

No. 197053

File: 1649859600472.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1614, F6B4FBD9-0D1B-42E7-B4C5-BA1D65…)

this piece of shit bitch i wish she had been tortured to death like some other characters that were less deserving of it but OF COURSE she got her happy ending when good-hearted characters either died or were left in the dark abt the characters who died in the climax. literal serial killer who murdered innocents acting like a poor uwu baby bc daddy was mean to her a few times and she’s a victim don’t u see!!! also dexter falling in love out of nowhere after seasons presenting him as a complicated psychopath incapable of romantic affection ruined his character and fucked up the final seasons completely, fuck hannah mckay a billion times over i hope her death prior to new blood was slow and torturous

any eDgY creator’s pet who does despicable shit but is treated like a preshus innocent victim and never has to pay for what they’ve done gets my blood boiling. she also reminded me a lot of karla homolka who sadly is real and out there happy and free, which i think is part of the reason why i hate this bitch so much.

No. 197054

File: 1649860294188.jpg (27.79 KB, 360x360, IronMan-EndgameProfile.jpg)

This shit head. I absolutely despise this tard and I will never be swayed by Starkfags. I was so happy when his bitch-ass died and it brought me genuine glee that his avenger teammates seemed like they didn't even care (especially Rhodey and Pepper kek they all hated him). I'm glad they took the time to establish that he had PTSD in his second movie and I wish they kept it in his other appearances because I would have loved if this attention-whore were to spaz out due to being triggered by flying aliens and some teammate has to talk him down from passing out due to hyperventilation kekkkk

No. 197060

Yeah I think that was what they were going for that she's the clown of the four diamonds(though it kinda fits her for who she always was) but even still. Messed up that she(and Pearl) stole that one Rose Quartz's looks and the show had the nerve to show that as Pink Diamond "changing herself for the better".

No. 197070

Hating a character simply because they’re sexualized by the fandom is pretty stupid, nonnie.

No. 197071

All these characters (aside from Ankha) suck ass anyway.

No. 197084

Even one's that are actually sexualized from their source material and some to the point of becoming """memes"""? Yeah no they're still shit.

No. 197089

I like him a lot in his own movies, but in the crossover ones he's just too much… there, I don't know how to say it. Sure, RDJ is an excellent actor and Tony Stark is a fun character but he hijacked the first two Spiderman MCU movies and Civil War was all about his daddy issues which are kind of interesting, especially when you take into account Howard's scenes in Agent Carter and how gay Howard was for Steve, which means that Tony finding his father and Steve annoying as fuck was 100% understandable, but it felt more like an Avengers movie than anything else. And your post reminded me of one fucked up tumblr post I found years ago that I found hilarious, I wish I had screenshots. It was about how Tony is basically the equivalent of a "strong female character" because he's a drama queen, has depression and has daddy issues, I hate MCU fangirls on tumblr so much kek

No. 197147

Holy shit nonna you just unlocked some buried rage within me. I hated this bitch so much. Don is absolutely a piece of shit, don't get me wrong, but I wish that he had left her at that diner in S5.

No. 197216

File: 1649919470771.png (172.44 KB, 792x1291, Heshikiri-1.png)

I don't hate him, more like I don't care about him at all, but I don't get why he's the ultimate yumejo husbando when his design and personality are so bland.

No. 197262

Fair enough. I was mostly talking about Ankha anyway.
Did you post about her in the previous threads or was that someone else?

No. 197264

File: 1649947004456.jpeg (200.28 KB, 982x552, E6649FC3-82A0-4ECE-8684-1250D4…)

I more recent hatred for this one since he’s from ER. He’s not even a character who is fun to hate, he’s just awful and annoying to boot. Glad I don’t have to deal with him for too long.

No. 197276

>I don't get why he's the ultimate yumejo husbando
Not really my husbando, but I guess extra subservience to the saniwa. Plus, him fussing over everything was super cute in the anime.

No. 197277

I don't think he is that hot either but it's probably his obsessive loyality that get other women going.

No. 197278

Kek posted at the same time
Yeah I enjoy all the femdom art that is made of him

No. 197286

File: 1649950686840.jpg (Spoiler Image,357.56 KB, 850x1305, __female_saniwa_and_heshikiri_…)

ha yeah, made me smile.
I do too KEK. The only interesting thing about his design is that it makes him look kinda like a butler

No. 197311

He gave me a potion last night but i dont even want to do his quest.

No. 197315

OP here, thanks for the replies, it definitely doesn't embody what I like so that's why I don't get it.

No. 199940

File: 1650760695025.png (164.47 KB, 285x343, 1579651340808.png)

she just like me fr

No. 200022

File: 1650794285440.png (1.93 KB, 156x140, ugly bitch.png)

This bitch. I hate her ugly design, I hate her "wehhh i'm just an anxious widdle weeb scientist" schtick, I hate that she gets away with traumatising so many people and keeping them away from their families because she's just "an anxious widdle wesbian uwu" god how did none of the other monsters beat the shit out of her ugly face when they found out what her stupidity did to their family members? She gets away with shit that would be classed as crimes against humanity irl while Asriel/Flowey, who while he did fucked up things became the way he did through no fault of his own, gets far more harshly punished. But no, this disgusting dino bitch gets to date a woman far out of her league (because any woman is for her) and get a happy ending with zero consequences. Insufferable.

No. 200028

this. i remember reading a thing where toby said alphys was originally meant to be a guy but changed it for whatever cop out reason, literally everyone would hate her more if she was a dude, literal incel retard tier "i just wanted to feel like the cool helpful friend side character uwu" she still just as cringe as a girl. ily anon, ive yet to find anyone who hates alphys as much as me so thank you

No. 200031

I had to quit playing for a while when she showed up because the design is so butt fucking ugly and the constant interruptions to the gameplay aren’t endearing, they’re annoying, her personality is shit tumblrite tier.

No. 200068

>gets far more harshly punished
I'm still not over how unfair and sad Asriel/Flowey's ending was. He was just a naive kid who liked shitra too much.

No. 200074

File: 1650818390993.jpg (84.23 KB, 952x1000, 6pK7Z3K.jpg)

Has no personality to speak of other than being op, wants to bone her genocidal maniac stepbro, has no ambitions or motives other than being with him and is a bland character overall

No. 200076

i hate all undertale/deltarune designs fr, the only ones i don't despise are the skeletons because they're pretty generic skeletons but everything else makes me instantly pissed off from how shit it all looks and the fact it has a massive fandom for some reason

No. 205214

File: 1652235856203.jpg (42.59 KB, 720x710, lcu742aa3bn61.jpg)

They're popular amongst moids who are afraid/have no luck with women or are into corruption with forced feminization. Trapfags are fucking insufferable pretending to be gay for liking "guys" who don't look, sound, or behave like guys.

No. 205245

I just can’t hate her though. She’s so imperfect but in the same way realistic. I feel like I know girls like this irl. No backbone, craving validation from men.

No. 205254

I can't stand women like that irl either actually. That's why she's so annoying. I sometimes wish I could be one of the characters in this manga just so I could slap some sense into her and leave.

No. 216014

File: 1655827639794.jpg (108.47 KB, 720x720, maxresdefault-1678.jpg)

Anyone who watched the breakfast club on cytube with us know why he's so insufferable

No. 216037

No. 216041

I want more loser girl characters like her.

No. 216045

File: 1655834576209.jpg (207.43 KB, 992x1403, e8ea6139482eb601eda52de4da2c53…)

>a whiney, immature and insufferable character
>exists just to bring boob fanservice on the table and create a retarded 'unrequited love' drama
>no personality outside of being wet of her own stepbrother and having nothing but revealing boob armor
>one of the pickmesha animu girls like Marin from Dress-Up Darling
I used to read SAO light novel after the first season of the anime came out back when I was a teen, I am glad that -eventually- the writer actually ended up writing something nice (alicization arc despite the most blantly retarded 'plot twist' excuse, but whatever') I dropped it many years ago, but she is still one of my most hated anime characters, just like Hachi from Nana.

No. 218505

File: 1656742941839.jpg (30.35 KB, 333x500, punchable .jpg)

I know this is low hanging fruit but I can't even express how much I despise this turbosperg

No. 218604

File: 1656778109439.jpg (64.16 KB, 1280x720, Silco-TFT.jpg)

I hate this ugly fucker so much. I wanted to see more development for sevika and the other interesting female side characters but instead had to sit through this edgy assholes shit.

No. 218613

>tfw browsing this thread, seeing if any nonas hate your favorite character

No. 218614

I'm not familiar with the games, isn't he not even a character that exist in them? Be happy he dies at the end kek

I don't know a lot of the other ones but please don't hate the Switch dog and Ankha for what the coomers did to them, they're innocent

No. 218616

I don't play LoL but a lot of characters in the show aren't in the game. I think that's actually for the better considering how bad riot is at developing characters.

No. 221068

>any depraved homosexual/bisexual/sinisterly feminine type male character (fujoshi shit)
literally Tsukiyama from TG. I find him creepy as fuck.

No. 221077

There's also that one clown character from Hunter Hunter.

No. 221109

File: 1657630847762.jpg (45.72 KB, 736x821, 528fd1c6c7e74f6746299db748b604…)

I hate her cringy one liners and I especially hate how the fandom babys/worships her. (Well, what do I expect from a bunch of impressionable teens watching this shit show.)

No. 221110

File: 1657631353916.jpg (59.38 KB, 780x438, intro-1641949036.jpg)

Samefag. I also hate this fucking pussy self insert faggot. I've never been so annoyed by an anime protag like this.

No. 221116

File: 1657632694806.png (134.85 KB, 270x367, Catra.png)

Nu-Catra, without a doubt.

She literally abused Adora from teenhood to adulthood, yet she gets a half-assed redemption arc that's basically just Noelle Stevenson's little sob story of how Molly cucked her for god knows what.

Oh, and they ripped a scene from Revolutionary Girl Utena's last episode for the series finale, and it went out like a poorly written shipfic out of spite.

No. 221118

she has such a classic bully mean girl face

No. 221119

ntayrt but she looks similar to my ex friend that was completely toxic to me kek

No. 221126

ew I hated the unnecessary scene were he and the blue haired girl are suddenly standing in water and had some shipbaity drama moment for some godforsaken reason so much. Just why.

No. 221217

File: 1657655490566.jpg (61.97 KB, 1400x700, 5juytx927oz71.jpg)

overrated piece of shit mediocre moids both. but especially iroh

No. 222570

File: 1658067196143.png (390.09 KB, 750x750, shitske.png)

He's got the most tragic backstory and he is right for wanting to destroy the government and change the system, but holy shit, this faggot is totally insufferable

No. 222572

File: 1658067315943.jpg (70.79 KB, 736x736, hinata.jpg)

I also hate Hinata for having no other personality trait besides wanting Naruto's cock, despite being privileged enough to try and change the slavery system in her clan. Pathetic and embarassing character. Her design is cute, though

No. 222822

full agree tbf most of kishimotos characters absolutely suck. Sasuke is a onedimensional edgelord who could have been an interesting edgy character if written by a better author but he isnt, Hinatas writing is just pure misogyny and I fucking hate Naruto as well he can go screech at sasuke for eternity or choke on some ramen for all I care.

No. 222992

File: 1658184375519.jpeg (169.32 KB, 1125x1549, C88A710E-2295-4A6A-B629-6FEC3B…)

Thanks Togashi, I hate it

No. 224173

File: 1658629922331.jpg (30.41 KB, 400x400, near.jpg)

L if he had zero charisma

No. 224189

File: 1658634553198.png (Spoiler Image,219.97 KB, 648x380, tumblr_inline_o4cw080UuU1rv87v…)

Incoming rant, I'll probably get shit for saying this but I feel it's either first-time readers, young girls, or pickmes that hate Hachi. Maturing is realizing how realistic/normal she was, while simultaneously being more critical of Nana O. I also feel that Reira and even Sachiko fit your description of Hachi better, at least Hachi does grow while it feels like Reira never learned from her mistakes and doesn't grow up past high school. Not to mention Sachiko has zero excuse for sleeping with a taken man (also I hate her uwu look), and even instigates it, while at least Hachi was underage and arguably groomed by a 30 something married man who likes high schoolers. I'm currently rereading it so details might be hazy
>Immature to a point that she has no control on her own life/Generally dumb/Obsessed with men
She had an idealistic view of life, probably from being a country girl raised like any straight girl to get married and have kids as ultimate goal. She goes from being immature with no control on her life thanks to this idealistic/superficial view of love, to ultimately sacrificing what she wants for what she truly believed to be best for the people she cared about. I feel most people forget that the reader is a third party and is omniscient, so we know that Hachi deciding to leave Nobu for Takumi so Nobu doesn't have to give up his dream of being a rockstar won't work out in the end. Hachi, and us in real life, only know what is tangible to us and even if we make decisions out of true selflessness, they might not work out or be seen to others in that way. Also by falling into Takumi's trap(nest) she gives up whatever control she would have going forward to ensure that happiness for others, Nana O even says you better be happy or all of this will be for nothing. Also Takumi was manipulative as fuck, aside from sleeping with a rockstar I don't think Hachi would have caught feelings for Takumi if not for him taking advantage of her kindness/insecurities
>Uses others
Maybe emotionally at the beginning with Shouji (who was a shit from the start iirc), but Nana O progressively gets worse with this instead, using Nobu and abusing his feelings to regain control over Hachi. Not to mention just Nana O to Yasu. Really everyone in NANA is worse than Hachi for this (Takumi?? Hello??)
>Constantly relies on others (giving nothing back)/A leech
Again, I feel she breaks away from relying on Jun after Shouji, and even Nana O a bit, she isolates herself after getting knocked up by Takumi. Also, Takumi got her pregnant, and >>196139 is a prime example of scrote logic applied to a normal real life situation, aside from the pill, how is it her fault for not using protection? It is constantly mentioned in the manga Takumi hates protection, and Takumi isn't the kind of guy to take no lightly, and like irl I'm pretty sure many straight/bi girls here can relate to the fact that if a man doesn't want to use protection, he'll find a way not to or just won't tell you. Reading that again as an adult made me feel bad for Hachi after experiencing that myself (I was on the pill however). Lost the plot a bit but Hachi gives back her positivity and hope to others when she has none for herself (she often feels empty like at the editing job), she does try her best, her best just is just realistically crap in the situations she's in (a normal boring girl friends with rockstars)
>Self-centred/spoiled/a cheater
Hachi's best friend supported her cheating boyfriend under the guise of being adults. Reira is a pedo and sleeps with Hachi's husband Takumi knowing that fact. She chose Takumi over Nobu for Nobu's sake, while Nobu didn't even jump to choose Hachi and her kid like Takumi did, he hesitated.
>Delusional pickmesha
You say this when Nana O embodies the meme "she's literallly me" and has an overall pickme/nlog attitude at times.

picrel is my least favourite, Reira, pedo cheating ass that only thinks about herself and is too dumb to consider the consequences of her actions even making Ren's death about her and quitting every time Takumi doesn't give her what she wants Sachiko is a close second but only in NANA, not in general

No. 224196

no. i hate hachi because she triggers me. i can't stand women like that who drag others into their self-destruction. growing up with those types of women fucked me up and i don't have any energy left to try to understand them

No. 224199

I haven’t watched this show but I know the basic plot line from reading wiki and all. Apparently it’s mentioned that she lost her virginity at 14 to A FORTY YEAR OLD and it’s treated as a cool thing? Also it mentions that she sleeps with a lot of older dudes despite being a minor. I know that sort of shit happens in real life but it’s still fucking gross and the fact that Sam Levinson is writing all this makes it worse. Mark my words, he’s going to get Me Too’d in about five years.

No. 224203

File: 1658638640402.png (774.92 KB, 999x697, jim halpert.png)

A few days ago in /ot/ someone mentioned hating this piece of shit for many, many reasons and I couldn't agree more.

No. 224223

I started rereading Nana a few months and honestly, I found Hachi more annoying and stupid now than when I was reading the manga for the first time in middle and high school before it went on hiatus. She takes so many bad decisions that I will never relate to, I guess because most women in my family have had problems with men cheating on them, treating them like maids, being verbally and physically abusive, dumping them because the guy's parents wouldn't approve of a interracial relationship, so I have zero tolerance for bullshit after seeing that. When reading shojo manga now I go "I wouldn't have done that girl get your shit together" more often than I used to. But it's what makes rereading Nana so interesting. I 100% agree with you on Sachiko and Reira. I didn't think twice about her relationship with Shin when I was a teenager because I'm used to weird age gap relationships around me, and I remember a high school classmate who was living aloneat 15 years old with her 20 years old bf so I thought Reira and Shin's age gap wasn't that strange, but now with more hindsight she disgusts me. If Shin were my son I would have dragged Reira by the hair and beat her up in as soon as I saw her. I wish Nana actually punched Shouji and Sachiko like they deserve. I remember thinking Junko was a cool, mature friend to Hachi but I didn't remember her supporting Shouji being a cheating piece of shit so when I saw that recently I had no clue why Hachi decided to still stay in contact with her after that. This was blatantly disrespectful.

No. 224250

Why are you being so defensive over a fictional character? Is she your "waifu"?

No. 224252

nta but while I find Hachi infuriating at times I have to admit she's well written and I understand why people like her a lot.

No. 224299

I agree with everything you said, Nonna.

My hated character is, in fact, Reira.

No. 224301

you missed the point

No. 224518

File: 1658768340717.png (270.1 KB, 335x472, Yui_Komori.png)

Not hate exactly, but damn this bitch is retarded. Not even minding the stockholm syndrome, she's generally just fucking stupid.
>LI asks her a reasonable question that has a reasonable answer
>Yui instead chooses to be flustered and evasive, making them upset
>LI asks her to do something for her own safety
>Yui repeatedly ignores them, making them upset
>LI is having issues and could use some emotional support
>Yui either refuses to or gets her own bright ideas on how to make them feel better (it doesn't make them feel better)
It keeps happening
I'll excuse her in the routes where she's being bullied, but what excuse does she have in the sequel routes where the LI is merely concerned about her and she just keeps acting like a dumb fuckin flounder for no reason whatsoever?

No. 224529

File: 1658770752925.png (376.62 KB, 463x610, 2021032721355300-55d8a18c4a0e4…)

these fucking eyes.
also her.

No. 224552

File: 1658775067847.jpg (57.86 KB, 764x430, genshin-impact-traveler.jpg)

ugly overrated boring cardboards

No. 224644

what was the point?

No. 224910

So basically every character in Genshin?

No. 225969

File: 1659337982390.jpeg (398.75 KB, 597x882, B38E8683-2795-4CFD-A897-044670…)

This freaking man child. If you've watched Desperate Housewives you know exactly who he is. I rewatched it a while back and I absolutely cannot stand how he is as a husband.

No. 226008

Oh man, he was always a little annoying and making Lynette's life more difficult but after the episodes with his other kid and when they open that pizzeria which I don't remember much but I remember it making me so frustrated with this guy, it just went so much worse I couldn't sympathize with him anymore, he feels like he came straight out of some sad reddit post about a miserable marriage. I get why Lynette didn't divorce his ass when they have so many kids but at the same time I just get so angry, like, Lynette why didn't you divorce his sorry ass?

No. 226013

Ayrt, right?! There is a long list of reasons I hate him: whining like a child when things didn't go his way, making her have so many kids and manipulating her to give up her career while he tried to avoid doing the grunt work of raising the kids, dragging her and the family into fulfilling some midlife crisis of his, and it just goes on. Lynette should have left him when she had the chance. All he seemed to do was make her life that much harder and I truly believe her love was wasted on him. Really irks me whenever someone tries to defend him and tries to say something like he's the fun dad, she's just a nagging wife. And sadly, I feel like the show really managed to portray that image in its heyday but when I rewatched, it got to the point I couldn't stand him onscreen.

No. 226018

I started hating him after he started wanting to have botox and other PS because "his friend told him so" or whatever, i felt so horrible for Lynette. She really has to take care of everyone but herself. He seemed so damn selfish with all of his "ideas" that Lynette had to sacrifice her energy and time on.

No. 226023

Right? He was incredibly selfish. Lynette definitely wasn't a perfect person and had her moments, but she got saddled with so much unnecessary baggage as his wife and the mother of his kids I hated him for it. He could have become a competent husband and father and helped her out but it didn't seem like he ever wanted to improve.

No. 226026

File: 1659366510801.jpg (226.44 KB, 1194x1523, lori-grimes-the-walking-dead.j…)

I was so happy when this bitch died, what a horrible horrible character. A pick me full of internalized misogyny who uses and gaslights everyone, including her very own husband and kid

No. 226028

she was a shit person, but I don't think she counts as a pick-me

No. 226042

she felt she was above every other woman in the camp cause her husband and son were fighters. She slept with her man's best friend after 1 month (even if you think he's dead, what kind of love is that?). She told Andrea she was useless and "tanning" on the top of the RV cause she wanted to keep watch instead of doing laundry (didn't mind skipping chores when she was too busy getting fucked in the woods though) I can keep going

No. 226047

File: 1659374998496.png (420.77 KB, 1024x576, 1654899048081.png)

stomps humanity in the name of friendship

No. 226048

File: 1659375163345.jpeg (25.7 KB, 493x485, 1617002351612.jpeg)

queen of the pick me's who has the blood of billions on her hands but nobody cares because she's portrayed as a little girl

No. 226102

File: 1659392224004.jpeg (166.42 KB, 461x697, 4B16FE2D-A94D-4494-A804-B1C1B3…)

I know this is an easy target but I don't think this guy's been brought up. Annoying as hell, so is the show but he truly sucks.

No. 226135

>lost all appeal when he cut his hair.
I can't argue that. The game got objectively worse after that scene too.

No. 226178

I know this is a 3 month-old post, but another major problem was that the narrative never knew if she was a child, teenager, or adult. It led to an unappealing design and character. If she looked as old as Rose Quartz with tired eyes and less tutu, and the design seen here was only temporary, she would have more fans honestly. There's some interesting things she did that don't get talked about much because she just looks like a (wo?)manchild. None of the other gems had this problem of not looking like an adult other than Spinel.

No. 226204

File: 1659432487247.png (146.14 KB, 269x380, 18db3da7b74ac148a01d7d5e4af0b5…)

Gigabased and also fuck this tranny-looking self-insert. The manga was ruined because of the author's troon-like fantasies.

No. 226210

Please do nonna, I don't need convincing but I love hearing people rant about the characters they hate kek

No. 226215

Wasn't the point of Pink Diamond that she was pretty childish?

No. 226229

File: 1659446799142.png (389.87 KB, 703x771, 1613921733806.png)

'luv me marley
'ate the island devils
simple as.

No. 226235

This series always had garbage characters but it turned down to shit pretty quickly in the final arc.

The author is such a degenerate moid who wanted apocalypse porn and shitty MCU-tier interactions at the same time. Granted, nobody is that vocal about the ending save for a few Erencels, Mikasatards and Armintroons.

No. 226239

File: 1659450146357.png (781.88 KB, 797x697, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 10.2…)

my ex made me watch this anime with him and i hated every second of it. i genuinely dont understand how its supposed to be romantic when it reeks of fanservice and was made for men to enjoy.

No. 226253

The Rose Diamond thing was really jarring to me because Rose up until that point was portrayed entirely in an adult way. Not only is she Steven's mother and coded as a mother figure to everyone ("Your Mother And Mine" is an actual episode title and the whole episode is about Garnet's take on Rose's rebellion), but she's also desired by so many characters in the main cast that it's a whole plot between Greg and Pearl. Coding her "true" form as childlike three seasons after we saw her perform "What Can I Do For You" just felt wrong.

No. 226283

Floch should have been either Jean or Connie, to drive more dramatic storytelling. Before Floch became a professional Eeren dick rider, he was a literal who side character.
pieck is the most rational character imo, save for the little kids. I like how she was never on that cringy power of friendship shit
also she's soooo cute and doesn't look like a basic anime girl

No. 226303

as you wish: make people do errands for her, risking their lives for her own little groceries even though she can perfectly go by herself, hides her pregnancy to her husband then proceeds to yell at him in the following 10 min cause he "doesn't tell her everything", doesn't even have the decency to tell him after that, he has to discover it by himself when he sees abortion pills. Proceeds to throw them up cause she wants to keep the baby during a fuckin ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE while already having a child to take care of. She then dies and everyone else has to deal with a newborn while they're already struggling with tons of issues. Tells the guy she cheated on her husband with to get lost and leave her alone cause her husband came back even though this guy is his bestfriend and the reason why both her and her son are still alive. Ofc hides the fact she cheated until wayy later. Keeps making selfish and stupid decisions that puts a burden on her family and others

No. 226304

I was so excited by the title and the first few pages of the manga, thinking, hoping it was about the creation of actual hina dolls. But no. It's just another cheap low effort fan service rom com. The technical aspects to the cosplay could have been interesting too, but again it's all dashed by the same shitty fan service tropes we've seen again and again. How do people not get bored of it?

No. 226420

File: 1659517845441.jpg (252.23 KB, 1891x1891, 7e94adb40231639ce1da76a5d67879…)

not hate per se, he's very bland and incompetent but his shills are even worse.
plus he's no longer an emo

No. 226442

File: 1659524150010.jpg (67.31 KB, 640x360, w5ik2hcduz-tumb.jpg)

Total waste of time and energy. It was obvious from the get-go that they were only there as fanservice for retards that couldn't get enough trolls. The story would've been better without them, and I've skipped the Meenahbound flashes on every reread.

inb4 "REEE they're meant to be useless meme characters! If something is shit on purpose, you can't complain that it's shit!"

No. 226443

Their only redeemable purpose was to be cool new designs people could make fanart of. Everything else was shit and ruined the Ancestors' dark backstory.

No. 226465

you could remove 90% of the trolls from homestuck and it would be better. like, all the trolls. most of them were severely obnoxious and did nothing to push the story forward.

No. 226685

I was so interested in Mituna, there were some references to events involving him that got me super curious and were never explained.

No. 227660

File: 1659776810456.jpg (112.93 KB, 688x803, miranjo.jpg)

This bitch ruined the whole show for me.
I mean this show had some red flags, the healing mechanic being a deux ex machina. And Bouji being able to just have full conversations with people without using sign language. If he'd been able to just talk to Kage then it would be perfect.

This cunt ruined the lives of thousands of people yet gets to be the queen because some retarded kid with mommy issues falls in love with her. Get the fuck out of here.
I would even give it a pass if she resurrected and lived to atone her sins then lived as the king's advisor or some shit.

No. 227661

File: 1659778049651.jpg (17.22 KB, 680x383, 20220806_111700.jpg)

Continuing the AOTrash thread, this ugly retarded pickme cunt with daddy issues right here. Not only the author loves to show how much of a sociopath she is, but she still gets a happy end with 0 consequences from her actions and that's all because the tranny lookalike self-insert of the author likes her. Literally zero-appeal save for the autistic pickme self-inserters and coomers with a foot/ass/giantess fetish.

No. 227672

same, and Kurloz was involved somehow too? honestly I wish Hussie would just give us stories that would just close the plot holes in existing story instead of abandoning project and giving it to some trannies with their shitty fetish fanfics

No. 227793

How in the hell is she a pickme

No. 227892

File: 1659870562032.jpeg (226.95 KB, 466x708, B8E00FF3-C554-4BB0-AFE8-3DF7B5…)

I'm watching HIMYM for the first time ever, not sure how I feel about it but I disliked this guy almost immediately.

Also did not know this show had a laugh track so gradually getting more and more put off it

No. 228604

This. The whole thing with her and Pearl is twice as creepy now (from the show to the amount of fanart from both fans and Rebecca herself) with knowing that Rose was really a childlike diamond who was Pearl's owner who then pretends to love Pearl (with that the show tried to make Rose Diamond as a "Bi" icon when she was messing with nothing but human dudes with Pearl kept as her ever now and then side chick).

No. 229256

File: 1660185215047.png (711.89 KB, 1600x1262, Juice_yellow.png)

Juice from 17776. I don't hate him but whenever he starts going off on his lolsorandom popular tumblr post spergs I start to tune out. Thought maybe I would warm up to him over the course of the story; nope, still annoying as fuck. Started the sequel and ofc "LOLSORANDOMXD YOU MADE ME DROP MAH
'MAGINARY SKETTY!!" like ugh.

No. 229273

File: 1660188300139.png (120.28 KB, 350x285, Urumi_Kanazki.png)

Been watching GTO lately and I hate this insufferable bitch. A complicated troublemaker genius.

No. 229325

>Not Onizuka himself who would gladly sell your nudes and sex tapes for revenge when you're wronging him

No. 229490

File: 1660236764907.jpg (71.27 KB, 800x450, My-Hero-Academia.jpg)

I don't hate any of the characters themselves, I just hate that every single 1-A girl's personality can be boiled down to "cute/nice"

The only one with even a LITTLE bit of edge is Tsuyu with her brutal honesty. Even the "edgy" punk girl is nice, and MHA fans eat it up. It's sad.

No. 229557

I want to dislike Onizuka but he's just weirdly hot and kinda funny.

No. 229573

I couldn't enjoy GTO because of Onizuka, I know he was meant to be the "quirky pervert who really cares about his students deep down" trope but he just came across as a creep too often for me to ever like him. I liked him a little better in the prequel manga since that at least gets rid of the weird teacher/student shit

No. 230151

File: 1660346611225.jpg (37.61 KB, 931x523, Ousama-Ranking-01-25.jpg)

This guy too. The motherfucker was willing to sacrifice his family, not once but twice, just for strength. They both deserve to suffer

No. 230212

File: 1660365491712.jpg (37.38 KB, 350x490, f6f511f65ea0ed0c9a487e0b05ad3f…)

Even the way he speaks aggravates me.

No. 230225

File: 1660369910475.png (468.67 KB, 865x509, anai.png)

For me, it's him.

No. 230238

Nta but I hate every Genshin character. Their designs look like absolute ass. What look are they even going for with the costume design?

No. 230243

File: 1660371854140.jpeg (455.87 KB, 750x382, 1E4DE03E-E71C-4D24-AF64-2A6B6C…)

I’m sorry but I hate the way all the characters from Jojo look. The style is just so ugly to me, I don’t understand how people can look past it, let alone find it appealing.

No. 230263

That's what makes it charming.

No. 230267

it's okay to have bad taste nonita

No. 230282

There isn't just one style, given how long the series is. I love JJBA but couldn't continue part 8, the art looked a bit too bad for me at some point.

No. 230334

I dropped part 8 midway as it became too unbearable, the art was obnoxious and there was basically no plot, hated it so much.

No. 232264

File: 1661003490893.png (3.09 MB, 1497x2491, Frieza_DBZ_Episode_85.png)

I wish this fucking manlet would stay fucking dead and stop coming back because the writers are too lazy to create new characters.
apologies to the Friezafag from the monsterfucker thread

No. 232343

Yep I hated it too, as well as the entire final season. I wanted to like Killua as a character, but the last season was the nail in the coffin for me. I ended up kind of disliking Gon and HxH as a whole after that. I only really came away loving Meruem and Komugi.

No. 232566

File: 1661112804164.jpg (45.89 KB, 416x512, yu.jpg)

Naive, reckless and extremely stupid. Those words can describe many main characters, but this guy elevates them to a ridiculous degree. He's unbearable to read.

No. 232569

I deleted my post because I spoilered everything incorrectly because I was tired and mobileposting. I'll repost later maybe. Also Meruem is my fav too.

I wanted to like Killua too but he has a Mikasa-Eren thing with Gon. I also hate Gon for being typical "impulsive faggot beats stronger enemy because willpower/prodigy" and Kurapika only seething about muh eyes.

I know Meruem couldn't have died any other way because he was so OP but the way he went out was so fucking retarded. Chimera Ant arc was shit and they won due to Gon turning into a JJBA char and bomb. All of them could've gotten oneshotted. Also the thing where Illumi put a needle in Killua's head to make him forget shit/weaker. But I feel like this is more the author covering his own ass because he needed an excuse to cover up the fact that Killua should've at least known what Nen was considering his whole family can use it proficiently.

No. 232570

>>232566 One of the few manga I had to drop because I hated the MC so much. I actually can’t believe the manga is still ongoing.

No. 232572

His writing is shit. Actually most of the characters on Owari no Seraph are written like shit, but he's the worst and I've never hated a protagonist more. His autistic screeching about family and betrayal made me drop the manga because it's just too idiotic and juvenile.

No. 232580

To be fair, most of the students fit this description and almost no one has character depth in this series. The main character himself, despite experiencing discrimination, wants to be a hero simply because he wants to be like All Might and make people smile. Horikoshi can't write. It's true that he's sexist, though. The female characters are irrelevant and only exist to be cute. The few times they fight, they end up being killed.

No. 233267

File: 1661349503765.jpeg (5.04 KB, 225x224, images (4).jpeg)

Middle-aged pedoshit stuck in the body of a young boy who harasses young girls need I say more? The isekai genre is so deep in shit rn it's legit maddening. The scenes of his pervy antics literally made my heart drop here and there.

No. 233311

File: 1661359152371.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1920x2743, cheat_slayer_rebels_against_go…)

Lmao in the LN he is literally a pedophile, caught jerking it to cp. I don't know why the hell they tried to frame him as a protagonist in any light. There was a manga that called out the fact that if any of these neet degenerates were actually isekaied they'd turn into mass rapist/mass murderers. Sucks it got canceled, the isekai genre (minus Kumo Desu ga Nani ka) is complete trash and should be recognized as such.

No. 233377

Mushoku Tensei was one of the earliest modern isekai LNs, just so you know that the genre has been fucked from the start (of course I'm not talking about the old good ones from the early 2000s and earlier)

No. 233454

kek at the fact it got cancelled. really must've ticked off the NEETerinos.

No. 233456

Ngl, I just checked out this manga and and the concept is ironically good, like The Boys: The Manga. Sad it got cancelled for triggering the hikis.

No. 233496

Men will be like "oh I like it for the romance!" when we know damn well they wouldn't watch it if it were reversed genders (awkward nerdy girl has himbo do lewd cosplays for her)

No. 233512

Fuck nonnie now I want an anime with that exact plotline.

No. 233517

Iirc it mostly got cancelled because of copyright and potential plagiarism issues.

No. 233714

File: 1661477178404.png (282.95 KB, 357x640, Joshu_Higashikata.png)

You can hate this guy

No. 233725

So glad you broke up with your ex

No. 233838

I hate this guy

No. 234422

Make him to watch Ouran High School Host Club or Yuri on Ice.

>reversed genders (awkward nerdy girl has himbo do lewd cosplays for her)
I want this so bad.

No. 234522

Now I'm mad there isn't something like this.

>tfw not making the Gyaruo delinquent cosplay as a prim and proper butler

>tfw not making the wrestling club cosplay as roman gladiators
>tfw not making the class pretty boy cosplay as a yoshitaka amano inspired character

No. 234526

>shoujo where the girl isn't the object of affection and the most beautiful and the fanservice is entirely focused on the man
lmao this will never happen because the shoujo audience (normalfag japanese women) don't want to read stories about ugly girls (unless they have some sort of glow up). this is all a cultural thing, women simply aren't allowed to be unattractive

No. 234528

There is like one series, but untranslated. It fucking sucks that there are no female equivalents of harem manga with ugly losers

No. 234540

File: 1661778898797.jpg (218.59 KB, 1000x820, Paladin Danse.jpg)

I don't hate him but this toaster for brains is boring as fuck and highly overrated. He's only popular in the fandom because he's a romanceable companion and is considered conventionally attractive.

No. 234543

I hate Femshep from Mass Effect.

Its just annoying when its all trannies making the most horrid abomination version of her possible and then burying all the search results so you can't find a fucking suicide mission run in ME2 with normal maleshep.

No. 234854

Wallflower is sorta like this but idk if there's a glow up because I never finished it.

No. 234875

I feel like this guy was deliberate bethesda husbandobait and that's why I can't fucking stand him.

No. 234929

holy based, I couldn't stand Danse and never understood the hype over him. He's painfully boring.

No. 235986

File: 1662243759051.jpg (202.83 KB, 640x1385, d2b11e44e45ee3e9cd102ee8a189c0…)

I hate this bitch and her popularity baffles me. I guess it just boils down to "cute girl cries", but she's just annoying.

No. 236170

File: 1662315868513.png (3.85 MB, 2501x2139, main_sp.png)

Hate these two annoying weeby sluts always spamming the same goddamn moves. They should be replaced with a better character for Smash DLC.

No. 236175

I was going to insult you for this until I noticed you referenced Smash.

No. 236190

I don't know anything about these characters but they look like bland generic coomer anime girls you find in the isekai genre.

No. 236212

Funnily enough in Xenoblade 2 they have fanservicey clothes and some light comedic scenes you'd expect from idk, Love Hina but they're very well written and these very few scenes are here to contrast with the second half of the story being way more serious. The guys aren't really treated any better too, Zeke is the butt of most of the perverted jokes for example. The story is more like a 90s shonen anime than a modern day isekai imo.

No. 236230

Not anything specific but I think I hate (usually m + f) main characters of 90% of all novels ever written.

God, this. One-note characters are generally weak but these here are loud an annoying especially him. It's just the same "joke" over and over again and it never ends. Every one of his lines is just the same shit. If he was gone and maybe the boar guy too I might be able to watch the rest of this series but I have a hard time getting into it because of such characters.

No. 236232

Holy shit fucking this.
All these aggressively meme'd coomer characters that are nothing but waifu bait. And yeah, trap characters are almost always the worst. The only one that was fine was the dude from Gachaman Crowds I think, mainly because his cross-dressing was never commented and it was irrelevant to his goals and personality.
And how fucking much I hated this damn Hamster and Kirino and how much people were shilling them.

And I literally dropped OPM because of Tastumaki. She wasn't the only reason, but she and the permanent focus she got in the manga was the final push I needed to nope out.

No. 236236

>Ruined Terry Bogard by genderswapping him in this one shitty fanservice game into a slut with skimpy clothes and zero muscles looking nothing like the original character. Such cowards.
This is why I fucking hate genderbending. If people would do it right maybe, but no matter what kind of guy the male original is, the genderbent version is usually a slutty-provocative or brainless moe woman with giant tits and no muscles even if the original was a bodybuilder. They have nothing in common but the name and hair color because "female" must mean either slut or naive coomer bait without a brain.
>Lady Dimitrescu
What annoyed me about her the most is that people cannot fucking create a Romanian character that isn't vampire related to save their lives. I was neutral but the memes about her flooded half of the net and first I thought it was just a Romanian human villain. But no of course is she a vampire or vampire-like monster.

No. 236241

File: 1662334058684.jpg (927 KB, 1280x960, R.jpg)

annoying . boring. abandoned in whiterun where she will stay forever more

No. 236249

I hate that this wet paper towel is romanceable but not Deacon.

No. 236309

Agreed, plus she has a huge amount of scrote fanboys for no reason.

No. 236336

I really like her, she's relatable, sorry nonna.

No. 236357

File: 1662381036366.jpg (21.7 KB, 371x544, boo.jpg)

No. 236363

File: 1662382780086.jpg (7.03 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

This snake in the Princess Diaries

No. 236371

If you think she's relatable, you are probably annoying as well, sorry. But to be fair, most characters on CSM were either annoying or just kinda boring. I think the anime might be better solely because of its visuals, since the manga is mostly shallow visuals with rule of cool sprinkled.

No. 236428

Honestly this. Everyone talks about CSM "pushing boundaries" but it follows a pretty basic formula with pretty basic art and pretty basic characters. CSM is nothing special in terms of actual content and I guarantee that no one would care about it if it were serialized in anything other than Shounen Jump.

No. 236513

File: 1662427318264.png (248.27 KB, 564x759, patrick.png)

This lazy selfish retard. I know he has a terrible spin-off show now but even in the classic seasons he was an awful character. All of his conflicts are him antagonizing Spongebob with his mega retardation or just being straight up unhinged in a way that goes past funny and ends up plain creepy. He got his ass beat in almost every episode but it still didn't feel like enough.

No. 236516

File: 1662427772403.png (36.23 KB, 255x585, Hitoshi_Shinsou_Anime_Profile.…)

shinsou from mha, i didn't originally hate him but im sick of seeing art of aizawa with him. it's pedoy and weird and i don't like it
i also think he's super ugly and not particularly interesting

No. 236575

I just think she's one of the few characters who acts in a realistic way when facing the absolute insanity that happens in CSM. No way I'd be able to keep my cool if I were facing off against blip-in-and-out-of-existence demons and people who turn you into a zombie through touch.

No. 236591

>All of his conflicts are him antagonizing Spongebob with his mega retardation or just being straight up unhinged in a way that goes past funny and ends up plain creepy.
To be fair SpongeBob does the same thing to squidward all the time.
He's the only character in that series that I like tbh.

No. 236626

People say he became a bad character after flanderization, but I've always found him annoying

No. 236642

No, fuck you, she's great she's my wife fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you she isn't boring I bet you didn't even talk to her she's just lonely like me fuck you fuck you she isn't annoying she's just a bit grumpy and hates every weather shut up fuck ypu !

No. 236647


No. 236699

Who’s the character in OP pic?

No. 236702

Issei Hyoudou

No. 236783

Every character is this trashfire is boring but this cunt takes the cake.

No. 236784

File: 1662521524044.png (474.53 KB, 808x1080, Tatsumi_main.png)

Forgot to post said cunt

No. 236827

File: 1662540136209.png (155.07 KB, 250x454, Mary_Ib.png)

I hate this bitch so much.

No. 236869

If the game was longer she could've been fleshed out a bit more, and become more understandable buuuuut the extra endings are enough for me.

No. 236875

I couldn't finish this show kek. I tried like three times because my friend wanted me to watch it so bad and I just couldn't sit through it. It's horrible.

No. 236939

I hate her so much because she was what I used to be

No. 236961

File: 1662570249703.jpg (69.25 KB, 420x518, Screenshot_2022-08-28-15-59-13…)

Been rewatching for p6. This selfish hogman with the stupidest irrational fear and weakest backstory treats his comrades shittily and shoots himself 85% of his runtime but still doesn't die while all the other more interesting characters bite the dust. Actually ensures by fate that most of his gang dies. He's so boring, annoying, and spends half his time thinking about food like a My 600lb Life candidate.

No. 237129

File: 1662603314810.jpeg (92.23 KB, 640x640, Polar.jpeg)

>discount Miku
>cringe soulless Bratz-looking ethot
>zero effort for lip sync so give her a face mask
>millions of subscribers cleary not bots
>generic awful music
>totally the first virtual pop star singer ever
>metaverse virtual reality is the new thing

No. 237133

File: 1662603927097.png (403 KB, 400x700, 400px-Giorno_Giovanna_Infobox_…)

Personally, I could not stand this wet cardboard not-even-actually-Italian mary-sue cunt. "More right than God" my fucking ass. Part five was the only part where I found the villains more endearing and fun than the Jojo and jobros. God he was so boring.

No. 237142

File: 1662604375703.jpg (69.37 KB, 304x399, 1662604279296.jpg)

she looks like belle delphine merged with miku. soulless
lol aw i loved giorno. my personal hated jojo is jotaro. he's just an unrepentant dick who never actually gets his comeuppance or apologizes to anyone (not even his own mother??), while also stepping in and nullifying all dramatic tension because he effortlessly wins every fight. his only saving grace is he's kinda hot and i like seeing humiliation porn of him.
i guess he also gave us jolyne and that's pretty cool

No. 237147

Wtf is this?

No. 237150

some shitty new virtual musician named polar. by the same people who do the troom troom videos or something

No. 237153

Ayrt wrt Giorno. Kek I cannot I believe I forgot about part three Jotaro. I agree with you, he fucking sucked hard. In part four I think he's more fun because he seems autistic as hell lmao. In part six he was annoying again but thank goodness he disappears for most of it.

No. 237154

Nta but you can't convince me this isn't belle delphine fanart

No. 237162

File: 1662606201719.jpg (43.5 KB, 894x720, jan_monster.jpg)

I found this dude really annoying and I have no idea why

No. 237167

>my personal hated jojo is jotaro. he's just an unrepentant dick who never actually gets his comeuppance or apologizes to anyone (not even his own mother??), while also stepping in and nullifying all dramatic tension because he effortlessly wins every fight. his only saving grace is he's kinda hot and i like seeing humiliation porn of him.
KEK this feels as if I wrote it myself. Absolutely based nona

No. 237370

File: 1662672551689.jpeg (125.39 KB, 1280x720, B6547CB7-D7F4-41A6-BECF-8FE0BF…)

>being slutty is soooo progressive!
>but never do anything for a woman btw, they’ll just cheat on you
Fuck this male feminist scrote show, hate pretty every female character due to them only existing for coomershit aside from Joker’s wife I guess.

No. 237371

THANK YOU NONNY. This show is a male-gazey retarded shit for twitterfags. It's so bad. It doesn't even look pretty, it's like the team is not even trying to do anything. 'lets just make shit and throw woke glitter on it and everyone will eat it up' strat seemed to work.

No. 237382


No. 237425

I was not surprised when I would that the writers were 3 woke white men and 1 woke white woman

No. 237432

what would there race have to do with this in this instant? nottryingtoracebait

No. 237437

the show feels like something only white liberals could make, especially with the way non-white characters are handled

No. 237441

ah okay fair enough!

No. 237478

File: 1662700129552.jpg (377.74 KB, 1365x2048, MV5BMzRjNDRlYjItYmRmMy00ZmExLW…)

I hate this entire anime franchise. Never seen it outside of a few clips and never will. M*n will sit through hours of pedo content and defend it because "muh artistic(TM) anime with mininalist backgrounds and fast talking"

No. 237479

the entire show(and especially season 3) feels like a woke fan fic

No. 237485

When she took my candy, that was the last straw. I got that ending the first time I played and I was so mad.

No. 237491

File: 1662704230289.jpg (72.94 KB, 600x750, 1373128781191.jpg)

I'm ashamed of really loving it as a teen because I was a pickme loser, but I remember really liking kaiki

No. 237494

I dropped the anime after i started reading the light novel. Pages of a mc thinking about Hanekawa or other girls boobs the second he meets them…no thanks. I only ever liked Hanekawa because I could relate to her because of her sad relationships with her parents. Other than that the only good characters that were here had minimal fanservice, which is nice, but fuck this franchise.

No. 237503

File: 1662706298698.gif (3.08 MB, 500x213, 1483214609855.gif)

Ugh I really liked it, it's stylish and funny and arararagi is hot… but I had to seriously compartmentalize all the coomer pedo shit I loathed about it. I don't think I would enjoy it if I rewatched it, I'm too pinkpilled now. Imagine if men weren't cumbrained degenerates, they could use creativity and skills for good and not ruin otherwise entertaining shows with trash.

No. 237505

Something about this feels porny

No. 237508

File: 1662707094340.gif (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 500x281, c9c8785590185a99f47f7ffd1a6123…)

Same here. I don't get how this series is popular and highly ranked besides its characters, animation and fanservice. Moids would say, "it ackchyually has a deeper meaning and good writing" bs. It's boring, has bland characters and is obviously haremshit. Also it has pedoshit and incest. Coomer scrote anime don't deserve to be popular, highly ranked, praised, recognized and highly produced. Had to eye-roll everytime.

No. 237516

File: 1662708984720.gif (1.11 MB, 500x562, monogatari.gif)

Araragi is very well animated and he looks attractive in that movie. But… I just don't like him as a character. He's a weird perverted self-insert main character after all.

I've wanted to check out the Monogatari series because I really enjoy some of the female characters (NOT the weird lolishit ones, fucking cringe) but holy shit I hate everything else about this overvalued anime. I hate the coomerism, the pseudo-intellectualism, the waifu bait, the harem, the incest, the underaged-ness, the "omg save me araragi" crap. Some shit in this anime makes me deeply unconfortable as fuck, like the fucking toothbrush scene. What the fuck.

I guess I'll check this anime out at some point, but will skip certain character arcs for my own sanity. Anyone considering to watch this anime, only do it out of your own volition, don't fall into the "omg it's the best anime everrrr" shit men say, they say that about almost everything. Men don't even wash their asses, so don't take their opinion as fact.

No. 237526

It does, I'm sure it was 1000000% planted because now perverts (aka the majority of males) will want to use Meta and datamine it so they use her model for 3D porn. It's all fucking gross.

No. 237585

The one anime I'm ashamed to say I like, I love the style, look and background even the dialogue I hate hate hate the fan service.

It's like someone made me my favourite meal and just ruined it before serving.

No. 237587

Anytime men claim they like an anime because it's "intellectual", "deep" just ask yourself if they would watch it with the genders flipped. 90% of the time, the answer is no. Men wouldn't watch a show with a female lead and a huge harem of males even if it had amazing production value and expert storytelling. Imagine a MUH DEEP show with dick physics kek

No. 237588

I think they would it watch if they could lewd the female lead. If not, then yeah they wouldn't

No. 237600

forgive me for saying this, but if araragi was a girl i think i would have loved this series, fanservice and all.

No. 237636

I mean you’re basically describing Golden Kamuy.

No. 237695

Is there any actual romance/fanservice, or does it just happen to be a male cast with one female character? I've never seen it.

No. 237729

even with the scenes where he molests and leers at kids?

No. 237767

there is an absurd amount of male fanservice

a little bit of romance and a lot of …"bonds" between characters, some bonds being healthier than others.

No. 237891

The visual style is amazing and some of the dialogue is actually witty and entertaining. But it's dragged down sooooo much by the loli fanservice and wish-fulfillment bullshit. It's one of those series that would have been top-tier if it wasn't written by a coomer-brained middle-aged Japanese pedo.

No. 238443

File: 1663001896049.jpg (57.16 KB, 705x530, 6ce153a07ae28e19e4a193b42b2666…)

I hated every episode she was in it.

No. 238521

Least sexy romance ever. You would flirt with him and he'd be like "oh.."

No. 239570

File: 1663264430584.jpeg (30.11 KB, 600x338, DFC32B6D-57CE-4BF1-9874-E2B52C…)

bursts into tears

No. 239614

File: 1663271020833.gif (14.26 MB, 640x468, bjork-paparazzi.gif)

I want to slaughter her and Shoji. God she was so annoying.

No. 240393

I can't believe they went with the "abusive man is secretly wholesome" trope. Peak libfem. Peak wokebro.

No. 243283

File: 1664388947034.jpg (49.46 KB, 584x328, mizukikurumi.jpg)

>muh aloof pedobait child prodigy hacker
>muh adult woman whose only personality trait is being desperate for not being married yet

No. 243545

File: 1664482161783.png (4 MB, 1800x3000, Vergil_3.png)

I hate this pile of feces and his son so much. His design screams OC donut steel, his personality is garbage and then the whole mess he caused in DMC5. Nero and his LI Kyrie disgusts me. Kyrie can't even be allowed to grieve about Credo(her last blood related family member)'s death, she always has to be Nero's perfect waifu and a tool for his lame ass development. Oh and before she married Nero, she was uh…his adoptive sister. Thank you Japanese game company for incest festish I guess. Even fanfiction isn't any better. I found only one one shot fic which is about Kyrie and Credo's relationship. That one was good but still I suppose even fanfic writers can't do much for such a non-character like Kyrie

No. 243547

File: 1664483606163.jpg (198.92 KB, 800x527, 1553577444234.jpg)

>Thank you Japanese game company for incest festish I guess.
I have no idea what else you expected from DMC of all games. What's your opinion on V?

No. 243552

That "loli" has the most punchable face ever, ugh she looks retarded
lmao vergilanon is going to lose it if she sees this

No. 243652

File: 1664529564374.jpeg (136.2 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

This guy is fucking ugly and I'm tired of seeing him shilled everywhere. Then of course there's his shitty actions too but so many people are like "oh but at least he's hot" "oh I ignore it because he's hot" but he's not. He has nothing to make up for it. Even if he was Mother Theresa herself he has one of the most punchable faces I've seen in a while.

No. 243761

Yeah I often think about that too. It's not even just harem but almost everything. The huge majority of them doesn't give any series with male-only cast a chance, doesn't matter how good it is. Hell, despite there being no fanservice most of them would probably not even watch Lain, Kino no Tabi or Madoka if it was about boys I think, at least not nowadays.
I think most also have a problem with multiships. Even if the heroine was cute they wouldn't be interested if she had multiple love interests or, god beware, past relationships or change partners in the course of the show.

It's always funny how different this is between male and female fans. Most female fans seem to love their mansluts or pair them up with a bunch of other characters because they are interested in the different types of chemistries and reactions each ship would cause.

No. 243771

File: 1664570789073.jpg (129.2 KB, 735x867, 3349b178b59a6bc4864cf495161d28…)

He only looks hot in fanart, because the artists really beautify him. Then, I get the appeal. IRL he's just too crispy looking, Deep looks better.

No. 243773

I haven't watched this show but isn't he meant to look punchable? I've seen a few scenes and what makes him look so annoying to me is the facial expressions. His actor looks fairly normal in his everyday life too.

No. 243775

Dear god, I hate the Einstein-loli trope so fucking much. Maybe this concept was new and a big surprise or unexpected joke 30 years ago but it's so overused now that you already expect every not-yet-shown genius to be a loli and I can never take it seriously.
Some probably do it to make them seem more adult which pleases otakus that are into anime children.

No. 243791

Sounds more like you hate the actor's appearance than the character. Homelander is the type of character you love to hate. He's entertaining and infuriating.

No. 243805

File: 1664580335285.jpeg (886.06 KB, 1243x1920, 7a866180c019ddb88ac21638ba6216…)

I still hate every trap/femboy character and their insufferable coomers to this day now that Bridget is the big talk as of recently.

No. 243832

I hate them and all the scrotes who get off to them. Both the ones who still see these characters as crossdressing boys, and the trannies who project onto them and transwash them. It's impossible not to hate trapshit characters and anyone who likes them.

No. 244173

I love femboys. If it weren't for the coomer scrotes those would be the most female gaze-y type of male characters out there.

No. 244174

not really, the point is that they're drawn to look exactly like girls and as a straight woman i don't find that attractive

No. 244175

I'm a straight woman too and the more masculine a man looks the more repulsive he is, that's a fact. Tiny cute boys who obviously cannot hurt you are the superior choice.
>inb4 closet lesbian
No, I like penises, not vaginas.

No. 244178

i dont think people were going to accuse you of being a lesbian but something else entirely given your wording choice…

No. 244179

the characters posted above do not like "tiny cute boys" (you're giving me shotacon vibes) at all what are you talking about? it's basically "draw a girl, call it a boy", that's why straight moids like them. i like pretty boys, not girls with cock

No. 244180

Testoterone makes males ugly and hairy and smelly and brutish, it's a fact, nothing scrote-like about hating its effects.
And what's wrong with "draw a girl, call it a boy"? At least the end result is pretty and cute, not a hulking brute or an awkward lanklet.

No. 244185

you're a lesbian

No. 244186

I like penis.

No. 244189

sure but you don't like men lmao

No. 244190

actually scratch that, that nona is clearly a pedo

No. 244251

The personality is also putting me off. Usually traps are just the worst type of coomer type waifu with no backbone, brain or will that just moe ughuu~ her way throughout the series just this time with a penis. I guess Astolpho is slightly more tolerable in that regard but I don't like the moe genki girls either.
>Testoterone makes males ugly and hairy and smelly and brutish
We are talking about anime here not real life. Not even the manly muscular MCs are hairy unless it's bara porn or something. There are more male character types than outright hairy baras and traps. Like the huge majority of male characters.

No. 244274

tinfoil that it's a moid or tranny trying to get us to agree with him to prove that we are secretly pedos like them

I like feminine men and even straight up crossdressers but these "femboys" register as children to me. I really can't comprehend how anybody above the age of 13 could consider them attractive, it's extremely weird.

No. 244627

File: 1664836806911.jpg (176.07 KB, 699x766, 98356985632985.jpg)

I fucking hate this moid!

No. 244645

It might be a shitposter but I can imagine that some women are into it. There is always someone of every type of group who is into something weird shit no matter what. It's also weird as hell to me that a fujo I know is in her mid 30s but still into shy, blushing middle school anime boys. It's fiction so I am not saying it reflects her real life taste and the bfs she had were all grown up dudes, it's just weird to me. She liked the exact same stuff 15 years ago and it never changed even slightly.

That said I wish we would get a proper crossdresser character once every five years or so. But one who is 1. more than just a joke side character 2. not transanything and 3. not a trap. Just a male character (twink or not) with dress and lipstick like those Jojo characters on covers. I think it's possible to write them properly and I think high heels on guys, especially manly guys, can be pretty hot if done right.

No. 244648

bad taste

No. 244689

nta but you mean based excellent taste. i fucking hate his arrogant ass like shut the fuck up cunt. everytime he came on screen i wanted to lunge at him and maul him like a chimpanzee. zomg so smart intalijanz im GLAD he died.
i hate moids like him so much im alogging lines on a screen just like i did light from death note and that guy from yugioh. goddamnit i hate them all. nothing i hate more in this world than an arrogant mean knowitall SCROTE.

No. 244693

No. 244720

byakuya didn't die though?

No. 244721

>>218505 I hate all the characters from that show, but especially Sheldon. I want to bludgeon him to death. He's a piece of shit and deserves to be shown the true meaning of pain by a woman who knows how.

No. 244724

File: 1664874378906.png (121.1 KB, 398x447, Screenshot 2022-10-04 185628.p…)

Tali from Mass Effect is one of the worst characters in the trilogy.

> Joins your team because you rescue her dumb ass

> Expects you to sympathise with her species of idiots who created sapient AIs and then tried to genocide them
> Expects you to hand over sensitive intel regarding said AIs so that her space gypsy brethren can continue their war while pretending to be innocent victims
> Gets pissy with you if you refuse to hand over the intel
> In Mass Effect 2, turns out her father has been experimenting on live geth, endangering the entire Quarian race.
> Expects you to bail her out again, gets pissy at you because you're a human and can't possibly understand what she's going through
> In Mass Effect 3 once again needs to be bailed out, this time Shep has to save the entire fucking species because they are retarded
> Has the gall to say that she has backed you from day 1. Bullshit. Only ever in it for herself
> Has a fucking annoying accent
> Shitty and lazy character design from Bioware made worse by the use of a photoshopped stock photo for her unmasked face
> Fans are cringy coomer moids who joke about her load-bearing hips and anime thighs
> Flirts unceasingly with Garrus even if you are in a romance with him, back off, bitch
> Insults Miranda even though Miranda is based and 10x better than Tali in every respect

I hate Tali with a burning passion. She is never on my squad. I leave her in the engineering bay to rot every playthrough.

No. 244737

oh my bad then to be fair ive not played this since 2013 so my fault but well he should have.

No. 244738

File: 1664879806383.png (1.59 MB, 1816x1135, tali.PNG)

Fully agree and I'll just add as a cherry on top of it all, mass effect remaster gave her an official face reveal and she just looks like a basic human. I guess her coomer fans wouldn't be able to stand an actual alien looking alien lol

No. 244751

I liked Tali and wished she was a dateable option for femshep… until that shit they pulled with the face reveal lol
I liked her design and think her voice is cute but wtf is that shit
Also I don't even disagree with your points

No. 244755

>hates Tali but likes Miranda


I found Tali cute as a younger sister type character, would never romance her personally tho, she's too immature.

No. 244761

I liked Jack so I can't really have a valid opinion.

No. 244884

File: 1664932990961.png (231.56 KB, 344x624, redbitch.png)

God, I hate that character so fucking much. She is the ultimate coomer moid fantasy, because she loves to cook and act like a mommy and housewife tee hee

No. 244992

True, I found most designs in xb2 horrendous. Her counterpart is even more annoying to me

No. 244994

File: 1664981682124.png (56.03 KB, 197x330, Mayor.png)

this absolute piece of shit who never paid the girls a cent for all the saving they've done. blossom did nothing wrong in that one episode. fuck the mayor of townsville.

No. 244995

I played the game and expected to dislike her at first but I love her. She's the real protagonist, not Rex. Rex is just her boytoy. I like her more than Mythra or whatever the English names are.

No. 245029

File: 1664989015060.jpg (43.86 KB, 450x1080, etyaiajq14w21.jpg)

Reminder that picrelated was her concept art. But bioware valued its incel coomer fanbase way too much to make it real

No. 245043

File: 1664992845229.jpg (25.84 KB, 381x321, tonya.jpg)

No. 245045

I don't like when "onee-san" characters are in their 20s (or even younger than that) but talk as if they're 40 with 3 kids. I know it's just an anime trope but it's like they're unable to write an older female character without big boobs and who doesn't act like a sexy milf from a cheap JAV. It's like they're going from one extreme (moe and childish) to another (overly mature)

No. 245138

File: 1665011186588.jpg (30.65 KB, 350x490, dienaofumidie.jpg)

The whole anime is a huge pile of shit, but Naofumi is the worst. He is self insert for pathetic moids and incels and encourages them to think how slavery is "ToTaLlY KeWL" not to mention the moeblob and loli pandering.

No. 245162

I hate all isekai anime that panders to moids. They're all shit.

No. 245183

You talking shit about Tonya for real?

No. 245195

I wish there was more isakais without coomer shit that center around human characters. There are like two isakai mangas I like, but it's just "I got isekai'd into a fantasy rpg monster NPC, what I gonna do?". Although there is also 1/2 Prince.

No. 245210

off putting ears wtf

No. 245246

File: 1665055479487.jpg (88.5 KB, 1280x720, 6546846541684.jpg)

This bitch and every useless Doma character. Everyone shits on Lyse as if Hien didn't have the iq of a door who let his SINGULAR captive who was brainwashed into a idiot run away. Let alone the fact he just trusted the insane old man who forgave this woman. The same woman who tortured and killed the people they say to be fighting for. The plot armor they gave Gosetsu only rivals what they gave Zenos, and even he is dead now. I don't understand why have Fordola and Yotsuyu in the same story arc, they both have their similar tragic backstories with the only difference being that one ended up a narcissistic sadist, and for some reason the community loves the narc. I hate her stupid weeb yandere design and I hate her anime villain trope of a story. "Ooh look at the villain backstory, so sad! That is why they are killing people, it totally makes sense!" and "I lost my memories right at a critical point of the story". Besides having the most annoying and long cutscene in her trial making her mount farm extremely annoying.
I know a lot of people love Yotsuyu, but nothing will change my mind on this character.I am glad she is dead, that is the only redeeming part of her, if I had to see her massaging and pampering Gosetsu for the rest of her life then truly that would be the most tragic ending and even I would sympathize with her.

No. 245263

God yes, Stormblood was not that great story wise in general but she was easily the worst part of it. After so much of her cruelty is so clearly shown she gets the "uwu innocent girl with amnesia" arc? And I have to witness this? Unbearable.

No. 245418

File: 1665138240265.jpg (197.6 KB, 343x522, Kamina_001.jpg)

I haven't finished the anime yet, but yes I know what happens to him (with how old the anime is, everyone knows at this point) but this guy has to be the equivalent of an irl moid obsessed with alpha and sigma male shit. I AM A MAN, MANLY MAN, CALL ME ANIKI
I thought the worst thing about this anime will be yoko's ass and tits shots every time she's on the screen, but turns out her boyfriend takes the cake with how insufferable he is. No wonder moids like his character so much, he embodies the ideal hypermasculinity they crave so much
Oh, that random faggot tranny also annoyed me

No. 245422

I thought he was just high in copium all the time and trying to convince himself he's a bad bitch to protect Simon. But it's been so long since I watched it.

No. 245428

>high on copium
Just like real "sigma" moids

No. 245432

What I meant is that he seemed somewhat self-aware and seemed to do it on purpose.

No. 245435

What's wrong with Miranda? She's genetically engineered to be awesome, is always professional and courteous. In Lair of the Shadow broker we see her try and find a date by demanding moids give her their genetic material and academic/work/income transcripts before they are allowed to initiate a conversation with her. She's top shelf.

No. 245524

God this.
I cannot fucking stand Kamina and Kamina expies, only time I found one tolerable was Kaito in Danganronpa because he's a direct criticism of the trope.

No. 245695

File: 1665238504948.jpeg (356.6 KB, 1400x2395, B36CDA99-6CE3-49D5-B5C5-C1D260…)

I can’t stand Mari from the rebuild movies. She deadass goes beast mode and was only created to sell merchandise. I sold the dvds for super cheap the other day I just wanted them gone.

No. 245721

Kamina haters and Kamina lovers miss the entire point of his character.

No. 245767

I wouldn't know, I've never really interacted with people who love him or hate him specifically, I only remember people just saying it's a great anime when it was airing and I watched it only a few years ago to try to forget spoilers beforehand.

No. 245774

I have never watched the EVA movies but she gives huge unlikable Mary Sue vibes, maybe because of the art style?

No. 245782

File: 1665275384730.gif (2.11 MB, 498x208, 698FBA26-01C7-44AB-9E44-0CA456…)

Yeah she’s a Mary Sue who likes piloting the EVA, has fanservice and scrotes use her owo face as a profile pic. There was no need to add her as a character even Anno acknowledged it was probably for merchandise.

No. 245783

Why are her boobs flapping, the suits are meant to be hard wtf.

No. 245785

Rebuild is full of scrote shit, it literally just exists because Anno wanted more money whether he'll admit it or not.

No. 245786

File: 1665276367539.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.35 KB, 735x502, a174d5e5f8651b5934311f73a7615c…)

I get such an irrational rage when I see that character, I hate the design and it is worse because troon and femboys love him, it reeks of scrote

No. 245788

Samefag, didn't mean to spoiler it, I got so nervous I tapped wrong lol

No. 245790

This is why I hate most anime, there's just so much sexual scrote pandering I can't look past it. Flapping boobs, weird angles, suspiciously skimpy clothing. I fucking hate how moid sexuality has to insert itself everywhere and ruin everything nice.

No. 245791

>smug uwu face
>loved by moids despite being a completely useless character
>pink plugsuit
>jiggle physics in said plugsuit
Nonnie, you are totally justified in hating her, I don't blame you

No. 245792

>Mari Illustrious Makinami
Kek even her name is Mary Sue-ish, giving Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way vibes

No. 245795

File: 1665278364798.jpeg (183.49 KB, 951x1030, shantae1.jpeg)

I hate Shantae because not only she is wasted potential, she is also peak coomer-bait for the worst kind of degenerate males.

Her design is cute (especially in earlier games), she is a genie who can transform into animals and monsters to progress the game. That is enough for me to like her, there aren't many faux middle-eastern platform heroines with cute designs and cool powers.

However. Many of her animations are sexualized (some to the point of ridiculous), she constantly gets into coomer situations like changes into skimpier outfits or weird sex jokes, all her main allies are also hot anime girls except for a self-insert of one of the authors of the series, who's just an average ugly guy. Most of her monster transformations now have coomer designs, and the cherry on top is that these games have some fucking weird fetishes in them, but the world still praises them as these amazing indies because apparently no one can make platformers anymore.
Unsurprisingly the fanbase is full of weird ass coomers with insane fetishes, which honestly just makes me wonder even more how did these games escape the wave of poorly done feminist critique of videogames (I'm not just talking of Sarkeesian in case you are wondering, there just was a trend centered around this in the mid 2010s).

No. 245801

File: 1665280945688.jpg (32.76 KB, 500x375, v1.jpg)

For me, it's Mr. Omar. But I honestly found it hard to hate anybody in that show.

No. 245854

What's her role in the movies? I watched the anime on tv as a kid and understood that all the characters had their own roles in the story, all I know about her is that she and Shinji become salarymen and maybe she's actually as old as Shinji's mom yet she flirts with him, according to out of context spoilers.

No. 245860

Extremely cringy pickme take

Some of you itt reek of pickme very badly lmal

No. 245862

>Boohoo this (female) character of some media i never consumed is sexualized by her degenerate fans so i automatically hate her!!

Stop going to reddit and following moids in social media you fucking retard.

Some of you clearly love getting male attention elsewhere online and getting picked by the most retarded cumbrains and then come here to bitch about them, then reset and repeat.

No. 245864

is she actually popular? all scrotes sperg out about asuka and rei, i rarely hear anything about her

No. 245868

>What's her role in the movies?
Pretty much nothing meaningful tbh. There's a theory Mari symbolizes for Anno's wife, helping Shinji/Anno out of depression or some shit. Anno of course denied the fuck out of that theory. Which is pretty funny because in the movie many vague shits were there and he didn't bother to explain but only this he actually had a clear opinion
Scrotes don't love her that much. They only use her for some smug memes to shitpost

No. 245902

Don't go defending moids and their coomershit you pickme or perhaps butthurt moid. Sometimes whenever I watch meme compilations or go to my feed, I find this shit here and there and pretty much outside of it. They're like flies. Disgusting, unasked for and annoying. There's always a chance you will come across scroteshit whenever you're on the internet without trying to look for it. Be it "meme" waifu of the month or popular scrotey anime that's the big talk of. I avoid it as much as I can. That chart is just what I came across over the years.

No. 245904

I will never understand why a woman would take someone hating a sexualized coomer cartoon character (like literally every single one in anon's collab) so personally. This one projecting "a-actually it's you who love male attention for exposing yourself to their opinions!!!!!" to boot, what a desperate reach.

No. 245917

This is why I always liked Nidhogg. His rage was justified, but he wasn't treated with uwu gloves.

No. 245956

>defending scrotes
I hope he sees this, nona

No. 245959

Stop projecting your NLOG bullshit on her, if you are that desperate to defend the pathetic anime girl your moid loves, go do that on Reddit. If you are truly literate, you would see that the original nona even provided a short summary to why she hates them so much.
It reeks of pickme or troon here, go fuck yourself

No. 245977

why are you blaming women who complain about having to see that coomer shit everywhere they go, instead of blaming the scrotes who spread that cancer all over the internet? are you a moid?

No. 246066

>you're a pick me for a liking a fictional character
Now go back to the vent thread to whine about how your boyfriend cheated on you again

No. 246073

I don't glorify peverted characters like Onizuka to appease moids. I just think he's hot lol and deserves to be pegged. There are much more extremely cringy pickme takes out there worst than Onizuka like Marin Kitagawa for example.

No. 246077

I agree with you. Shantae is such wasted potential, what could have been a really fun kirby type game. Coomers ruin everything

No. 246078

Togami has too many hot and valid takes though. I liked him

No. 246079

I used to main bridget when GG first released, but now I can't bring myself to even play the game. Femboys are the worst because it's simply gay shit and sexism. They'd rather draw a girl and have it act like a woman, but call it XY instead?? that sounds gay af to me. the no homo type men that invade reddit love femboys. And it gives ugly men the delusional they can be pretty 'women' too if they act like this. fuck Japan

No. 246294

What is worse is that every single trap is made to be a pervert manwhore or very obviously straightTM lately, which makes them basically indistinguishable from tranny "lesbians". It adds an extra layer of creepiness to me because instead of trying to fool moids, they come across as predatory to girls

No. 246660

File: 1665561552006.jpg (199.42 KB, 1215x717, Vayne_0.jpg)

This bitch is one of the worst League of Legends characters, literally nothing redeemable about her. She lives in a world full of magic and because her parents got killed by a demon, she wants to kill every magical being in existence. Her design is an ugly Selene + Bayonetta fusion, her backstory is ripped from Batman but even edgier, and she's some gross Riot fuck's waifu because she's not allowed to face any consequences for her actions. She just cuts her hair and uwu she's a good guy now, no need to face any consequences or undergo any real character development even though she's a genocidal maniac who murdered her mentor in cold blood. Ugh. I was going to post Lux but at least Lux has some cute skins. There's nothing redeemable about Vayne.

No. 246760

At least talk about how much Vayne top is cancer, anon.

No. 247018

I don't play toplane haha. But I hear she's awful to face unless you're playing Teemo to stop her.

No. 247921

Hated how recently there's a shitposter definitely an incel Bridget/trapfag trolling on certain threads over at /cm/ (mostly on the 9S, Len/Vocaloid, buff men thread). Porn addicted moids should be put down and stay away from using the internet.

No. 248023

She even shows up when searching "bad character design" kek

No. 248044

That's because she's in the same game as Rex. Rex looks super weird at first and when his official artwork got posted online someone posted a version where he looked disproportionate because that was funny and people thought it was the real deal and Rex actually had the proportion of a KH character. In-gama Pyra looks normal, and I remember when some bara furfag posted an edit to hide her skin with "Hire me Nintendo~", he was mocked by a bunch of people so I doubt most well adjusted people really find Pyra that strange looking.

No. 251295

File: 1667017915709.gif (9.26 MB, 540x450, tumblr_e785af79eeda30c214d657f…)

I started off as feeling generally positive about Eddie since he reminded me a lot of some of my childhood friends, but Jesus Christ the fandom made me hate him. The puriteen SJW Twitter retards were on him like flies on shit, and I honestly began to dislike him just out of spite for them. I particularly dislike the way they lash out at people who like Billy or ship Billy with Steve, claiming that Eddie is a "better" replacement for Billy and that you should like/ship/draw Eddie instead.

Which, honestly? That observation made me realize that Eddie is just Diet Billy. The Duffers realized how popular Billy was after killing him off, so they threw together another tragic metalhead character, except this time he's a ~nice nerdy guy~ who likes TTRPGs. Thing is, part of why Billy worked so well as a character is because he was a genuinely bad person– that's why his noble sacrifice at the end of season three made for an interesting twist. Also, Billy being merged with the Mind Flayer meant that he had to die, and he was only able to muster the strength to do it when Eleven connected with him. Eddie's death on the other hand felt like a wet fart because he absolutely did not need to die (of bat-bites??) to resolve the conflict, and the big revelation that spurred him to sacrifice himself was just… deciding not to run from things. Kinda lame, especially when he'd been pretty damn courageous since the moment he entered the Upside-Down.

I don't like when Twitterfags tell me what to like, and I don't like when characters/plots are rehashes of ones in previous episodes. So that's two points against Eddie for me. It's probably an overstatement to say that I "hate" him, but I definitely hate his fans and I dislike his role in the story.

No. 251853

File: 1667241388783.png (246.84 KB, 350x819, Mercy-ow2-portrait.png)

worst overwatch character, an even worse coomer and tranny and pick-me bait than fucking widowmaker or d.va because she manages to be interpreted as both a BIG BOOBA MILKY DOMMY MOMMY and an uwu subby healslut depending on the fans. but it's not like she even has anything really interesting going for her in the actual lore anyway. all these bland tropey characters and she's still the absolute blandest of them all. the introduction of Ana and later Moira only emphasized to me how much mercy really sucks as a character. and because she's the perfect combination of zero personality, coombait design and also healer role she's also the ultimate fucking ship bait for all the retards in the fandom because of fucking course she is. Pharah deserves better than Mercy, Moira deserves better than Mercy, Widowmaker deserves better than Mercy, Reaper deserves better than Mercy, even fucking 76 and Genji deserve better. fuck mercy overwatch all my homies hate mercy overwatch

No. 251975

They absolutely don't have the same backstory. I won't argue with you hating her and honestly go for it but I just got a sick sense of pleasure watching her do what I never can to abusers

No. 252295

Denji from csm I liked him for only five minutes.

No. 252296

File: 1667359234450.png (46.88 KB, 300x250, RKqoWoOYGo.png)

ive always hated her too. i hate every aspect of her. the design is stupid, her "personality" is nonexistent, she is like 40 years old but "does surgery on herself to look young" could you pick a more moid-appealing character. i knew some pickme girl who was in love with her. stupid fucking character.

No. 252301

i was fed so much hype for this guy that i was expecting a lot. he's so corny. i don't hate him but i'm pretty disappointed given how much everyone talks him up and thirsts for him. and he's not attractive enough to make up for it like billy was

No. 252308

never noticed, but she's wearing "tactical" heels, kek

No. 252367

File: 1667381788918.jpeg (54.42 KB, 783x391, 0DD41F27-553C-4090-8D74-433C95…)

She had some interesting designs but rip

No. 252422

File: 1667402720303.jpeg (19.76 KB, 739x415, images (51).jpeg)

The personification of how shallow, pathetic and boring moids are. I hate that this coomer is the main character when literally everyone else is more interesting than him.

No. 252423

truly, worthless moid deserves all the shit he gets from the female characters kek

No. 252435

I hate how the very same people that hype this shit up seethe if they see anybody liking 2D men that look like men because gays are degenerates to them and women stupid or don't exists and it's trans pretending to be het women.

No. 252445

I had never read the manga but have been watching the anime. People always go on about how he is cute and endearing and only sixteen so his behavior is fine but it’s just so annoying how every sentence out of his mouth is about wanting to get laid or touch a boob. Such a stupid character.

No. 252529

I hate this piece of turd so much, his all over my TL lately ugh

No. 252656

File: 1667450461338.jpg (26.13 KB, 600x300, bald gringo and boring gay.jpg)

They're both overrated and I hate what they did to cutie Werner Ziegler and how Gus basically tortured Nacho and Mike still kept working for him after all that. BrBa moralfags act like they're so much better than Walt and they're not.

No. 252749

File: 1667476902668.jpg (36.93 KB, 768x479, Aoi-Todo-Personality.jpg)

Literally what was his point? I hate him and he almost made me stop watching JJK. Megumi's response to his shitty coomer question was based

No. 252762

cant believe mercy gentrified the medic role in overwatch

No. 252790

File: 1667494587307.jpg (428.42 KB, 3368x1895, EfyuaXfWkAQyB3G.jpeg.jpg)

He infuriates me so fucking much that i want to skip every cutscene he's in.

No. 252897

I like how Nacho's dad called Mike out on it later. He saw right through Mike's bullshit.

No. 252938

File: 1667528670788.jpg (46.28 KB, 515x630, 25.jpg)

The Mike family scenes were some of the most boring in the series for me too along with the stupid Gus wine flirting scene. Overall he just came off like Gus' dog with insomniac cop superpowers and it even vaguely annoyed me when he was shitty to Jimmy even if Jimmy partly deserved it.

No. 252956

Everyone in the series hated on the Salamancas for being degens, even if they were unhinged nobody was really that different from each other? You have a hr office for your drug distribution organisation, good for you Gus! Still a murderer though! He should've just focused on being the chicken man. I wish Nacho didn't have to resort to killing himself.
God the excessive focus on Mike in bcs really brought down the first couple of seasons, i literally don't give a fuck about watching him mess around with a stupid fuel cap, just show me Jimmy plotting and scheming or the Salamancas being insane.

No. 253005

I love the proto-designs where she's wearing actual medical shit.

No. 253081

Funny how they went from completely unconventional medic role (black man) to a basic becky who’s personality is…. Being a healer

No. 253230

(AYRT) I liked the Salamancas nonna, even Hector and Tuco were a lot of fun to watch. After Nacho killed himself and the stuff with Werner Mike could have tried to step away from Gus and find business somewhere else and I never really got why he didn't except maybe he felt like Gus might come after his family if he did? Except that isn't made clear and he continues to go the extra mile for Gus all throughout BB. It's completely Gus' fault Nacho killed himself and his ego is just as bad as Walt's.

No. 253335

well there is still Lucio but you can argue that he's somewhat more stereotypical as a freedom figthing DJ (I do like him though, in a better media he'd have potential as an interesting character) and it did take ages for Blizzard after so much begging from the fans to add a playable black woman because they wanted to "wait until the time was right" (what? why?) and iirc there was also concept art of Ashe as a black woman but they decided to scrap that for some reason. and before some anon wants to be a smart ass blame Blizzard first for shilling this game on ~diversity~ and ~representation~ basis while delivering the bare minimum tokenism.

No. 253381

File: 1667664122373.jpg (129.99 KB, 957x715, 3602362.JPG)

Almost the entire cast of pic related series including whoever it was that wrote the script for this shit.

I can't even begin to vent about the series itself so I stick just to the characters, but even those that were good at first like Zero Two turned to shit once they fell in love (and every protag did that).

I hate how she turned from an interesting main with a contradictory personality to a dependent cheerleader of the shitty MC whose whole role was reduced to crying "Daaaarling daaarling!!" for the rest of the show.
Same for that other guy who was gay for MC first, only to be healed from gayness and impregnate a 14 year old girl. And I hate said girl as well that was but a mouthpiece for some pro-creation nutcase that wrote this shit.

The only good characters were Zorome and Miku because they were together but still behaving like best friends with independent life and goals that aren't related to marriage. They were also the only couple without kids IIRC (which the show had to punish by making the Miku age faster, she was already greying with 25 at the end).
The lesbian is technically okay too but I am too salty about her entire arc to want to think about it. Fuck everybody else.

No. 253383

>Same for that other guy who was gay for MC first, only to be healed from gayness and impregnate a 14 year old girl.
All the pregnancy talk, the alluded sex scene and the "uwu look at me making a baby within like a week of truly knowing this guy this is peak femininity" were disturbing. Plus all the "lesbians can't pilot this sex allegory mecha" and "the women must sit in a submissive position for things to work" and fucking "these guys can do anything but they're unnatural and the bad guys, shitty gender roles are GOOD" were just absurd. Like what the fuck was the point of this anime? Was it to convey this "make babies it's good!!" message? Why put it in a shitty mecha/alien wannabe evangelion anime?
I also just remembered the loli monster and I want to gag.

No. 253385

This kind of shit is what makes me believe the conspiracy theory that they're putting breeder propaganda in anime to brainwash Japanese youth into having more kids

No. 253386

I can only assume that this was the idea behind it. I rarely tinfoil about these things, it's just two or three anime I have watched in my life where I cannot unsee it and this is one of them.
The fact that the series made it clear the antagonists were doomed to begin with for being asexual made this even clearer.
>Why put it in a shitty mecha/alien wannabe evangelion anime?
Probably just to attract a wider fanbase and come off as smart and deep. They saw people praising NGE for its message about mental issues and self-confidence and tried to do the same with shitty messages and cringe sexualisation.

No. 253388

That little girl from that anime series about a family or some shit. Not only is my fyp spamming a lot of shit about the series but specifically about that girl. Her existence and the scrotes behind it gross me out, i don't perceive her as an actual girl but a coomer creation for scrotes, a sad parody of female childhood with her retarded "kawaii" antics and loli design, an insult to life itself

No. 254815

File: 1668346529337.jpeg (110.86 KB, 1000x563, creepynecrojackhole.jpeg)

Started playing a newish game last night and met this creepy fucker on my latest round. I sincerely hope he gets better, because so far his introductions have consisted of waxing (creepy) poetic over a mute teenager and raving about beauty of the icy human body during investigation. I'm this close to waste voting him into cold sleep every time he shows up just because I hate him so much already. Why do the hot ones have to be so gross? Finally find a man closeish to my age in this game and he's the worst.

No. 254825

He's not hot to me at all… he's very easy to scapegoat though, almost shimegichi level. Even if he's fellow gnosia I like to freeze him.

No. 254868

File: 1668363524839.jpeg (47.72 KB, 506x768, A05A6F7A-76AD-4EDE-89D3-7AB6C8…)

>Edgy faggot that destroys his families lives over a city misunderstanding
>Rampages around the Galaxy killing countless innocents after having a relatively easy privileged life
>Rather than just recognizing that he’s a piece of shit the filmmakers actually expect you to sympathize with the motherfucker
>Literally born to parents who love and cherish him who also hold political power and trained by an uncle who mostly liked him but fucked up really bad that one time
>Has essentially no motivation leading his actions, at least his grandfather wanted to bring order and had nowhere else to go after destroying his own life, this motherfucker chooses to be an evil piece of shit even though his parents and Rey are straight up like “Just come back and be good, we’ll forgive you!”
>Whines that Snoke no understand me and Hux is an asshole despite throwing his lot in with these fuckers over people who actually loved him
>Gets the girl, helps save the day, and goes to Jedi heaven after committing one good act
What the actual fuck?

No. 254882

File: 1668367275119.jpg (45.5 KB, 480x502, Ihatehersomuch.jpg)

No. 254898

tbh he's not great looking, but he's one of the few characters in this cast within 5 years of my current age, it makes him seem more attractive than he is.

No. 254954

File: 1668387680316.jpg (81.74 KB, 1000x600, guillermo.jpg)

Had an interesting story, but by the end of s3-entire s4 he turned into a selfish and annoying prick.
Can't believe he is so dumb that at the end of the season he forgot about his family's genetics and shanenigans that he paid a guy to make him a vampire. Man, i hope they won't turn his personality into nothing but "guise i am gay!!!".

No. 255302

I don't know her but she gives me Astolfo vibes who I also hate. I thought she was some vtuber.

No. 255864

I said similar backstories in my post, but yes I understand. Her backstory is way more tragic, the abuse she went through her life, from her family, her husband, the brothel and being a pawn to zenos. The thing is, by the time she got to do something about her abusers I already hated her writing too much, her amnesia really made me loose any possible interest and empathy. If her revenge on her family happened before and the amnesia never happened then maybe I wouldn't complain about her. I would still hate Hien though, he pretty much asks us to help him manipulate the Xaela tribes into using them for his country. What a useless dipshit.

No. 256315

She was already listed once but Tatsumaki from One Punch Man and her increasingly important role for the sake of fanservice was one of the reasons to make me stop caring about that series.
It had other issues but skimming the chapter threads for it and always seeing more of her in every damn issue annoyed me, she was legit the least interesting character but shoved in everywhere because otaku get hard for her and she acts like an evil brat.

No. 256319

Gundam Witch of Mercury is new and still airing and maybe future episodes will change that but god so far I find Miorine simply insufferable and I hate how the fandom is obsessed with her. She's one of the main characters and yet is a flat carboard compared to the rest of the cast so far. The show tries so hard to make her seem important and mysterious tsundere hime type but in reality she just comes off as some lazy and whiny stuck up girl who can't do shit on her own and waits for Suletta to do things for her all while getting annoyingly jealous every single time Suletta tries to bond with other people. I really REALLY hope Miorine's character improves in the future episodes because right now she's the one I like the least out of the cast.

No. 256323

I dropped the series the moment I realised she will stay a central character and be MC's love interest (or at least yuri bait character) in episode 1.
Even her look is bland and I generally can't stand those obnoxious and arrogant rich characters and how they are hyped everytime because the fandom consists of guys that cum to that.

No. 256327

literally every single chainsaw man character

No. 256333

Please sperg about this nonnie I really want to know why they suck as someone who will never read/watch chainsaw man.

No. 256346

I feel like his character got a way too big role now. He used to be "the sane one" amongst a bunch of crazy vampires, the one character viewers could see themselves in. Now they’re pushing his love arc with Nandor so damn much that it feels cringey

No. 256372


I wanted to drop it but I decided to give it a chance because some other characters started appearing and they seemed more interesting (Elan, Guel also). So far the funny part is that Miorine's presence is almost none, she could pass as a side/background character because she almost does nothing and barely appears. It both pleases me because then I don't have to see her but it also infuriates me because then she gets 0 development for herself and is guaranteed to be useless the couple times she does appear.

Also, I hate her technique of 'tough love' ie just yelling at Suletta and pressuring her to do things when she gets overwhelmed and is lacking confidence. I hate it because Miorine never applies it to herself. She shouts at Suletta to stop crying and do something but then when she has to do something she just leans on Suletta or others to do it for her instead, she's so fucking useless. Plus she's said to be an expert tactician but hasn't showcased her skills not even ONCE and Suletta has gotten into 3-4 battles by now.

No. 256391

File: 1668913446351.jpeg (805.05 KB, 1920x1080, the-white-lotus-jennifer-cooli…)

I don't like Tanya in The White Lotus. She's annoying and her scenes are boring.

No. 256782

She has good chemistry with none of her LIs (though tbf that's not the point of the game). Lucky for her, the boys (even the glasses one) are retarded af so of course they fell for her stupid ass in their "good endings"

No. 256789

I genuinely hate every single relevant SNK character save for the dead lesbian and Reiner who were both way too good for the shit show they were forced into.

No. 256790

It works with the manly buff guys IMO.
I often hate it on the skinny guys though, that look like marionettes with this. Also sorry to say but Johnny looks a bit like a tranny to me lol, Gyro is great though. Johnny might look better in the anime if they ever get to that part.
Same I could never finish 8. I was a huge fan of the earlier parts though, not sure if I just lost interest in general or if part 8 just looked too ugly for me (and judging by the reactions of former Jojolion fans on /a/ it also kinda turned to shit storywise).

No. 257388

File: 1669233429306.png (73.97 KB, 1831x1910, Lapis-deko.png)

She does not deserve to be the fan favorite

No. 257402

ramona flowers + npc meme nose looking ass.

No. 257405

+ she was zoomie's first angsty character they could latch onto

No. 257408

Even if I had like her before I feel like I would have stopped caring once they turned her into comedy fuel. I hate what they did with Peridot because I actually adored her before they turned a tired adult woman with an (IMO) elegant design into an annoying little gremlin.
At least Jasper kept being herself till the end.

No. 257425

File: 1669246161709.png (1.89 MB, 1644x899, peridot.PNG)

God yes, I really liked Peridot when she first appeared, whatever happened with her overtime turned her into a COMPLETELY different, annoying and childlish character. A disgrace

No. 257461

I used to like her design before I stopped watching this show. Probably because I thought other character designs were ugly and her looked pretty enough

No. 257464

counterpoint: she cute

No. 257691

Wish they kept Peridot's limb enhancers as they could have been helpful to the CGs in many ways like building defense robot stuff against the Diamonds should they come to Earth (cough the wedding have Steven had common sense and not turn down Peridot's concerns about the diamonds coming to Earth during that shitty love song cough) etc. The crew downplay her smarts then gave her metal powers like that would do something for her character when it really didn't.

No. 257949

honestly, as a zoomer, you're completely right

No. 257954

I hate that the trope of the serious or threatening antagonist who is revealed to actually be a funny little kid is so common in anime/cartoons that you expect it to happen by now everytime see such a character, when the original purpose of twist was to subvert expectations.

I lose braincells everytime a yet unseen super scientist or villain turns out to be another loli when I watch anime.

I still kinda love SU despite all the letdowns but dear god the wasted potential. I will also forever be mad about how the IMO impressive double-length episode about Bismuth never got a follow-up. Bismuth raises legit points of concern, rebels against the crystal gems for a good reason and gets beaten and sealed for it and when she's released again none of this mattered anymore and she was just part of the team (just as the Diamonds later).

No. 257962

You sound like a nazi

No. 258009

She's boring, unlikeable and her design is uninspired, but to be fair Steven always forced her to interact with fucking everyone knowing damn well she was very angsty and just wanted to be left alone, she's a bitch but at least she owns it

No. 258017

File: 1669438393054.jpg (19.18 KB, 480x360, 14148ffade5cf7f5e94bf0b647db31…)

So glad someone else already posted her. Mari is the Jar Jar Binks of Evangelion.

I absolutely hate the manic pixie dream girl archetype, I just find it an offensively bad way to write female characters. It's doubly irritating in Evangelion because she doesn't jibe with the other characters whatsoever. It's so obvious they just wanted to shoehorn in a new character so they could sell more plastic garbage. Their only response to people disliking her in the early movies was to force her even harder, going so far as to literally edit her into Shinji's baby picture. Christ.

The character is just wasted potential. I like the idea of there being another female pilot or even just more female characters in general. I honestly thought Mari's chipper demeanor was a facade in the beginning and that she was going to have some kind of hidden depth, but nope. Mari is just anime Zooey Deschanel. She's the sexy lamp Shinji gets as a reward for enduring the plot, and I really thought Evangelion was smarter than that.

I also hate all the contrarians running around implying that only neckbeard scrotes hate her, or that people only dislike her for shipping reasons. No! I dislike her because she doesn't have the same depth as the other characters. Simple as.

No. 258021

File: 1669442087914.jpg (38.75 KB, 474x518, th.jpg)

can't stand him

No. 258023

File: 1669442210393.jpg (265.13 KB, 1238x3197, 553171.jpg)

nonas who hate femboys, what do you think of Luka? i feel like he's the only femboy safe from oversexualization and general degeneracy, at least in media because i can't remember his route well

No. 258025

She is such an unlikeable, horrid cunt. It sucks that she is one of the only pretty designs in the show.

No. 258094

File: 1669476509112.jpg (113.36 KB, 500x796, incel.jpg)

The moment your ships AI gets stuck in robo-body with robo-boobies he's like "Hey Shepard, can I fuck it?" NO, JOKER! YOU ARE NOT STICKING YOUR DICK IN THE KILLER ROBOT LADY!

No. 258096

he isvso fucking whiny. It's a shame because his background story is interesting but he is just so annoying

No. 258125

i hate every character in every bioware game

No. 258155

Understandable, tbh.

No. 258313

to be fair literally no one in this show is likable. i'd say steven's the worst imo

No. 258343

File: 1669540755884.jpeg (29.02 KB, 640x374, 66BAA9D6-A932-4FBE-BBDA-649FC4…)

I think people just like the subversion of someone who looks a certain way and you expect them to be a psychotic asshole because of it then it turns out they’re just a genuinely kind and friendly person

Kinda like Joyce’s boyfriend from Season 2, where he was so kind and compassionate and goofy funny you expected him to secretly be a fucked up monster but then it turned out he actually was a decent guy all along and wasn’t hiding anything

The real problem is that the show kills off a lot of genuinely good characters while flanderized to shit characters like Hopper get to remain

No. 258348

Most of the characters are unlikeable, I’ll give you that, but they aren’t all on the same level. Lapis is one of the worst, imo. Pearl is a mess, but I can enjoy when she’s on screen, even if she’s being an asshole. Lapis just makes me angry and she is a killjoy.

No. 258350

he ruined steins gate for me, i fucking despise the trap trope

No. 258507

>i'd say steven's the worst imo
This. My god just over time he got more and more annoying and unlikeable especially once it turns out he's mom was really Pink Diamond and so he now an overpowered, half diamond acting almost like his selfish mom.

Making decisions like he know how to go about said things about gems when A. he really doesn't and B. it make them worst but the show of course makes it like what he did will totally work against people like the Diamonds (ugh all those online "journalists" asskissing everything Rebecca wrote in the show as "good lessons" victims of abuse can "learn" from).

No. 259024

File: 1669700386231.jpg (34.67 KB, 250x450, Untitled.jpg)

seeing this character makes me instantly angry, especially with this stupid cosmetic, it's associated with trannies and coomers to me.

No. 259034

Steins Gate was shit from the start, just a glorified harem for men who want to pretend they're above it.

No. 259058

I remember back when SU originally ended and a shit ton of redditors were trying to argue that it’s wrong to hate on the show because trannies like it kek

No. 259059

God, this, it's such an overrated piece of trash. Kurisu is the only character who isn't insufferable.

No. 259084

File: 1669727705745.jpeg (35.31 KB, 480x360, 86C9C4F0-BE7F-4089-A605-D26494…)

Sorry for np, but I had to

No. 259389

File: 1669801205631.jpeg (Spoiler Image,61.05 KB, 354x609, B02084F7-AFAD-4437-A5DC-EBCE5D…)

She’s annoying because of the fans.
In the manga she’s okay and she’s pretty but I knew once she made her way onto the show the fans would be annoying and argue with you because of ship war.

No. 259990

File: 1669984894365.gif (2.92 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pelnjj7Wlz1se4jnao4_128…)

I don't watch Steins;Gate but this future Ruka is a massive improvement and I wish that were the case for every trap/femboy character. I still hate them since they are basically boobless annoying moeblobs with Schrodinger's dick fetishized by moids and trannies ruining 2D/fictional male content.

No. 260145

I watched this anime when characters like Ruka were still called traps and the legion of porn-rotten discord-groomed moids in skirts didn't exist yet. Or at least didn't breach containment. I did like his character in the anime, but I don't remember much else. I just hate the term femboy and modern trap characters because of degen males and my dislike of men crossdressing in general.

No. 260150

Hate him. If you want good femboys watch Gatchaman Crowds and Kurage Hime.
I always dislike femboys when they are obviously just a special flavor of waifu.

No. 260152

I love Saren and the background turians in ME but I admit that's it.
At first I was into Garrus as well but the more the plot progressed the more he annoyed me.

No. 260155

I liked a good bunch of gems but damn I never liked Steven either and the fact that the whole series was forced to show everything from his PoV alone destroyed the cartoon for me.

It's also so obvious that he was just meant to be the generic fat hungry and dumb comedy MC at first before they decided to make the series more story-heavy even though fans will pretend it was deliberate character development.
I hated how everybody wanted to ship fucking Steven with the gems, even women I know did this.

No. 260890

File: 1670223377106.png (675.24 KB, 1039x856, character05.png)

I don't hate her character persay but she feels like such obvious loli bait that it makes me feel a bit uneasy about the character.

No. 260891

Is shota bait a thing?

No. 260922

She didn't give me that impression. But I did think she felt very out of place compared to all the other characters. At least Franziska is a young adult when we meet her and while she's book smart she's acting like an annoying teenager, and Pearl acted like a weird kid but still like a kid, Iris is too perfect and yet so irrelevant until the very last case.

No. 260972

File: 1670259606910.png (815.23 KB, 2048x1024, EEFBAA09-422A-4731-9100-CDBE29…)

SMH You don’t even know what the character is. Her name is Hat Kid and she’s the playable character in a hat in time. It’s creepy that losers latched onto her but the game was really good.

No. 261025

He's supposed to be like that and it makes sense but I hate him anyways because idiot fans who can't fucking read take him at face value and im tired of him.

No. 261051

File: 1670273742827.jpg (344.07 KB, 900x1280, Hanako-kun.full.2816282.jpg)

Yes but it's not as degenerate as lolis

No. 261065

File: 1670276103142.gif (Spoiler Image,733.34 KB, 320x179, C3B8A9B8-7E58-4CFA-B893-FCBCC5…)


WARNING gross dragon maid shota slightly? nsfw gif
is it though. also i looked it up and his name is literally shouta

No. 261067

Does it really count if he's just a self insert for the scrotes that want to be the little boy?

No. 261076

File: 1670277540174.png (284.47 KB, 500x600, pokemon_trainer_cards_11.png)

This is straight shota for scrotes, the "big titty mommy gf" is part of the fetish and like the other anon said, the boy is a self-insert for males. I think the original question was more about underage male characters that appeal to pedo women. Think those characters in Otome and BL games that look and act innocent and childlike and are almost always younger than the MC, though they are rarely as young as loli charas tend to be (they're usually just in their teens and there isn't alot of male moe media for women where they're all or mostly younger boys as far as I'm aware. It's funny that half or even more of the shota "fandom" is moids who are either into straight shota or """femboys""".

Another one from a relatively innocent franchise that comes to mind is Allister from Pokemon. This is like the equivalent of >>260890 in that they don't seem to explicitly target pedos but if you're as familiar with degen weeb culture as you are, you might suspect they do.

No. 261079

I liked her before Zuke got her dirty claws into her. Then she became insufferable.

Also Pearl was the wooooorst but at least the show occasionally acknowledged her shittiness.

No. 261080

I think some of you forget that Pokemon is for kids (well, for everyone but especially kids) so that's why there are some characters who 1re little boys or little girls. At least use a better case like maybe Xenoblade 2 and its MC and some of the supporting characters like the emperor or prince or whatever, especially because the character designer draws hentai.

No. 261085

It's pretty common for shota love interests in otome games to have some magical shapeshifting gimmick where they also have an adult form, and they'll usually stay that way at the end of the route. So I don't think the girls who like such characters (and they're rare, shota characters tend to be unpopular which is probably why they've all but disappeared from recent otome games) are always sexually interested in them in the same way lolicons tend to be.

No. 261092

>I think some of you forget that Pokemon is for kids
But the main characters don't look like that, and there are other child characters that look goofy or cute in a normal way instead, besides why did they give Allister a beauty mark? Feels very deliberate. There's a lady in Pokemon X and Y that is obsessed with Clemont, it's even mentioned in Pokemon Masters. The character designers must be fully aware of the kind of fans their characters (both human and Pokemon) get

No. 261100

Sadly this shit the most degenerate coming from shotas and I hate it.

No. 261102

Twisted Wonderland has a few borderline characters, such as Ortho, Epel and Lilia and there's more than a few pedo pandering characters in idolmaster sidem

No. 261119

No. 261122

God same..

No. 261123

Ymir deserved the world

No. 261124

Touken Ranbu has its fair share of pedobait characters too.

No. 261127

lilia is more of a hag femboy

No. 261132

File: 1670289514153.jpeg (104.87 KB, 828x1138, 43BF1118-39EF-4F64-9335-2E9CD0…)

I hate Damon Salvatore and his fans who defend them with their lives, he was one of the shittiest characters in that show and overall a rapist. the only reason he got away with it all and received so much love in that fandom is because he’s “attractive” but I never seen it at all to begin with. I also cannot stand pickmeisha elena gilbert too but I hate him even more.

No. 261186

Persona 3 Portable had Ken (token kid teammate) as a romance option. Never played that route for obvious reasons, but I looked up the overworld dialogue once. It's uncomfortable.

No. 261197

File: 1670308180643.png (16.49 KB, 695x100, p.png)

Jesus. This kid is 10 btw

No. 261200

They're not the target demographic though. There's a difference here, they're adults who buy and play children games because they like these games since they were kidd themselves. Gamefreak wants to actively appeal to little zoomers if you check some interviews about how they dumb down recent games to compete against short mobile games that little Japanese kids play.

Having beauty marks isn't directly related to age or whatever you're talking about what the hell.

No. 261203

>Having beauty marks isn't directly related to age
That's not the point, don't be dense.

No. 261210

shotafags are so fucking disgusting

No. 261216

I legit don't get it so you'll have to explain it to me.

No. 261220

it doesn't mean anything, that anon is clearly a coomer shotafag. tired of hypocrites pretending liking shota isn't the same as loli, you're still as much of a pedo. also 90% of shota art includes rape too (but because it has hentai women it doesn't count)

No. 261233

OK I didn't want to say it but when anime character designers give a character a beauty mark it's usually because they want to make the character more attractive. It adds nothing to the design and it seemed a bit strange to me esp. when they're making all the characters more coomery overall, which is why I suspect they might have been trying to appeal to shotafags just like the OG anon who thinks the Ace Attorney girl was made for lolifags. I'm not even sure about it, it's just tinfoil
I hate shotafags and find it disgusting too idk why theorizing something like this makes me a shotafag too according to you

No. 261235

What the fuck. People actually have beauty marks in real life, that's more than enough justification. I guess my own beauty marks on my face add nothing to my own existence but they still exist. And I'm a huge Ace Attorney fans and I don't see how the children characters are made because muh lolibait. It's also meant to be a series of games for kids at first believe it or not. Which is why you have weird shit like Phoenix smoking cigarettes in concept art but never in the game or why Godot was supposed to drink alcohol in the third game but it got replaced with coffee (and yes believe it or not, it's the guy who came up with Bayonetta who asked the writer/director to not make him drink alcohol and smoke cigars because "what about the kids who will play and who will want to be like Godot")

No. 261249

Wow this got derailed my og point was the character looked like the type of design and personality to appeal to moids who would be gross about her and are into loli. I haven't felt that about any other AA characters, it was just an opinion… just something felt off that's all.

No. 261269

She feels off because all the characters have natural hair colors and hers is bright pink, and aside from another character in the second game whose name I forgot (the coroner), she's a kid genius who's perfect at everything she does while everyone else is a teenager or an adult with realistic far more flaws and strength. That's it. But that's very obvious when you see her next to the other characters.

No. 261270

honestly a ton of aa characters have bright coloured hair. but whatever it was just my opinion

No. 261275

I didn't like how she is only 10 years old, a total genius who write famous novels. I feel like she should be older. It's also disturbing how she is the one cooking food, Herlock can't even provide this basic parenting of providing her with cooked food. Poor thing. In the end I quite liked the character but I get what you mean. The knowledge of how moids sexualize child characters can make it hard to enjoy some stories. Like Spy x Family for me.

No. 261276

yeah exactly she definitely should have been an older character. It was honestly weird to me that some ten year old was living with some random adult man

No. 261281

I agree. He didn't even take care of her properly. She needed a mum.

No. 261288

What was weird to me is that while at first she seems to live with some random adult it's obvious he's just her adoptive father, their story is legit way too similar to Phoenix and Trucy's backstory to be a coincidence. When she starts calling her "daddy" at the end of the story I was like "yeah no shit, that's your (useless) dad, duh".

No. 261290

>a mum
>in an Ace Attorney game
lol no, parents are not allowed unless they're playable, dead or in jail.

No. 261291

Susato has a dad though. I guess fathers are allowed but no mothers.

No. 261293

Yeah but he's playable in the very last case, hence why I mentioned that.

No. 261397

That's just how general Capcom games are like when it comes to close relationships (child-parents, lovers, siblings…) of main characters. The best they got is friendship and that's it

No. 261434

Makes me cringe even harder then knowing they willingly buy the garbage games they put out.

No. 266106

I know this show is supposed to be "bizarre" and not to be taken seriously, but is this little shit and his horrid attitude towards women supposed to be just some "kinda lame" thing he does sometimes? i don't get it

No. 266130

He was supposed to be based on Clint Eastwood, so his autistic raging sexism (WOMEN TOO LOUD AND GIRLY JOJO GOING TO TARDRAGE REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!) is meant to be cool. Araki is autistic as fuck so he could not have made Jotaro any more likable because he sucks at writing characters.

No. 266142

He's more likable in the next parts where he either is way less autistic and way more mature (part4) or where his past autism bites him in the ass (part6).

No. 268358

File: 1673403421289.gif (942.03 KB, 500x213, americanbeauty.gif)

I hate all characters from this movie

No. 268360

Tbf that was kinda the point

No. 268366

File: 1673406854765.jpg (37.4 KB, 500x375, humptydumpty.jpg)

He dares to feel wronged for being left behind by Puss in Boots after betraying him

No. 268523

What movie?

No. 270900

File: 1674274488746.png (1.22 MB, 1200x1266, Super_Smash_Bros._Ultimate_-_C…)

This ugly bitch. She reeks of scroteshit mommy fetish and she's annoying to fight against in SSBU.

No. 270906

American Beauty

No. 271059

File: 1674338205938.jpg (433.74 KB, 2048x1152, Tammy.jpg)

I've done two playthroughs where Tammy dies and three playthroughs where she lives. It pains me how much I hate her and how I seriously consider letting her die in each playthrough because of how much of a nuisance she is. She argues with Auntie Seedent most times when you help out in the kitchens (and one time she makes you throw away edible food!), she pressures Cal about his pacifism, she opts to have a baby when she's 19 years old and only afterwards gives critical thought to how unsafe the colony is to raise a family.

I don't want to hate Tammy, disliking her feels like some NLOG or scrote bullshit because she's intended to be the Mom Friend and is written favorably, but she made me say "Please grow up" at my screen so many times that it stopped being fun. She's such a hothouse flower and I don't have the patience for it. Even Dys (emo loner explorer) doesn't need as much coddling by the MC, and the game goes out of its way to call him a crybaby.

No. 271110

File: 1674371926094.jpg (112.01 KB, 1500x750, Velma_HBO_Max.jpg)

Everything about this show and how it shat on the Scooby Doo franchise.

No. 271164

>I don't want to hate Tammy, disliking her feels like some NLOG or scrote bullshit because she's intended to be the Mom Friend
She feels more like a "tradwife" or "girly girl waifu" stereotype to me tbh? I don't know how hating those tropes makes you a nlog. Tammy in my opinion behaves like the type of girl who bawls about how opressed she is because the "feminists wont let her be a soft feminine forest fairy uwu".
I saw your post and tried the game because the art style is pleasant but… how do hell did you find this game anon? And why are you playing it? Do you have special snowflake friends that recommended it to you? I had never seen it before.

No. 271207

I browse indie games every few months and test out ones that look like fun, a repeating sci-fi life sim VN seemed super cool! So far I like the game despite the pronoun retardation and annoying number of TIMs in the main cast (two! I've found two of them, ugh); but you're right, totally learned it was on my snowflake buddy's to-play list after I picked up the game.
But I really like most of the cast, Flulu and Auntie Seedent will forever have my heart and they're both badass women. All the names are dumb (Halitosis and Basorexia are character names) but the retardation makes me laugh. Some parts of this game are silly but the writing is compelling and it's hard not to get a little invested. I've cried during several scenes, watched the cast grow into better/different people, and felt enough humiliation when I couldn't make a high enough combat check to throw down the resident bully that I vowed to hand his butt to him in my next life. Sorry for the super spergy blogpost, but I hope that answers why I'm playing. tldr it's mega retarded in places but I love it so much that it's quickly become a favorite game.

No. 271231

>Some parts of this game are silly but the writing is compelling and it's hard not to get a little invested.
Yeah makes sense, I played for a bit and I can see what you mean. Glad you are enjoying it so much.

No. 271847

Yosuke fans who assert that he was originally supposed to be gay as an excuse for his misogynistic writing are actual cancer. Firstly, Persona 4 doesn't have the ability to write such nuanced narratives in the first place. It proposes them, but always gets hamfisted and clumsy about them. I understand still deriving something useful from characters like Kanji and Naoto, but Yosuke? Fans who assert the aforementioned as something of value are usually the same wokeoids in denial about being fujoshis who also insist that Naoto is trans.
I genuinely hate the specific brand of misogyny present in Persona 4 so much and delusionally self-indulgent clowns who try to insist it provides meaningful commentary in some way are actual idiots.

No. 271874

Yosuke's fine as an annoying "bro" character (I thought he was less irritating than Junpei at least), but his fans are the worst. I don't understand why the TIFs project themselves so much on this misogynistic turd.

No. 271884

The ones who insist Naoto is trans and Kanji is gay absolutely do not see Yosuke as a bi teenager in denial but as an evil homophobic monster who's worse than Adacgi though. No that's not a hyperbole I've seen people actually make that comparison long ago. I think the writers can write complex characters but half assed some of them in P4 because they didn't have a lot of time to develop the game, P3 was released in 2006 and P4 was released in 2008 after all.

No. 271930

Yeah, it's his fans that really push him into intolerable territory for me.
Persona toes the line with interesting concepts under an aesthetic of subversiveness but never actually does anything bold enough to be useful. It's always just window dressing, but as with a lot of media of a similar bent, people project all over it and then have the delusional lack of self-awareness to insist that it's actually deep.

No. 271951

I think the reason why P4 (and P5 as well) aren't as complex as they could have been is because the devs and writers' self-imposed "rules". P3 introduced the calendar system and social links, so the story and both gameplay features are created for each other. It doesn't work as well for P4 because the start is super interesting, the part where Nanako gets kidnapped until the end is also super interesting, and between all of this there's nothing going on. It seems to be the case with P5 as well but I haven't finished it yet and I'm doing a new run with P5R. Just judging from the spoilers I've seen and what I've played it seems like P5 is super long for no good reason at all and there are too many playable characters, I see people saying Haru is underdeveloped because she barges in and becomes playable at the end of the game. The characters should have their backstories and developments happen in the actual story instead of social links imo. Catherine did that shit way better despite being way shorter and more minimalistic because shit was happening left and right, there were a bunch of hints, implications and red herrings throughout the story instead of being spoonfed everything (fuck Naoto for existing JUST so she can repeat what the other characters say over and over again), and the more endings you get the more you learn about some of the characters.

No. 272041

File: 1674890457203.jpeg (76.29 KB, 736x736, 09C12C40-E398-48CA-A65C-C4B5E4…)

>no one actually gives a fuck about her personality or lack there of
>fanbase of coomer moids and pick me girls
>all her figures look like shit and are almost at Rem tier on overexposed and over shilled (at least some Rem figures are cute)
>Naitou is the better mascot design wise and everything else wise, but he gets no figures at all

Sonico is a shit.

No. 272053

same and it sucks because she has a cool backstory she's a marine biologist while simultaneously being a rock star.shes been festishized to hell and beyond she even has a "loli" figure.dont get me started on the other two

No. 272055

File: 1674896197024.jpg (169.82 KB, 504x720, PxD_Cover (1).jpg)

People who scream that Naoto is a trnny are retards that have never played let alone cared about persona franchise. She has her own manga and ln afterstory spin-off where she is a badass woman solving crimes.

No. 272066

Why did I look up figures of her jesus christ. The loli one is fucking creepy as shit with the "ice cream"

No. 272068

That's cool, I want to read that!

No. 272073

Oh God I remember the loli figure discourse, when people were pointing out how in bad taste it was the weirdos were defending it like "its just an innocent figure, if you're seeing anything wrong YOU are the pervert".

No. 272082

Does she even count as a character? I always thought she was just a mascot like, I don't know, Hello Kitty or Diddl but for degenerate male otaku.

No. 272086

i was always under the impression people defend yosuke bc he was originally intended as a romance option but was scrapped last minute. im biased bc i like him, but yeah imo he has to be viewed as an immature character first and foremost. i guess the problem is that the story never gives him that chance to develop, bc persona games are more interested in making bad taste jokes about homosexuality instead of touching on it in any nuanced way

No. 272112

I've seen some lines from an interview for Catherine Fullbody about how he made the new character a gay guy and how he made Vincent bisexual because that's a topic he wanted to talk about before in the original Catherine and thought it wasn't the right time just yet or something like this. I need to find that again though, I'm not sure how he worded it anymore. And given that he directed and wrote P4 right before the original Catherine I wouldn't be surprised if all the homophobic jokes from Yosuke were legit just foreshadowing his gay romance social link and he removed it at the last second for a similar reason. Which would also be why Yosuke is even more obsessed with the MC in the spinoffs and why when the MC is voiced in spinoffs or in the anime he's equally obsessed and everyone around them notices it. However P4 is way less subtle than Catherine when it comes to foreshadowing or red herrings so I don't really know.

No. 272140

File: 1674956053642.png (322.19 KB, 750x755, Arcade_Champ.png)

I hate every man in this show

No. 272142

I hate this character and the only way I know her is that a creepy retarded moid asked me if I was into anime and then started some autistic rant about 'sonico' at work. I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about at the time. Coomer extreme

No. 272160

Wow, I'd never heard of this! I'll check it out, sounds up my alley.
I think this is the root of the issue with a lot of P4. There's a lot of focus on what could have been or should have been and overlooking of what's actually ended up being there. Those "what if"s would be more palatable if they were divergences from canon here and there… But what we actually got is remarkably consistent in its problematic aspects. And therefore, it becomes frustrating for me when potentialities are weighed more than actuality when considering the intent of P4's writing.
This is something that really bothers me, the fact that P4 constantly toes the line of interesting territory but always backtracks into much more regressive statements when push comes to shove. I'd like for things to be different. I'd like if Yosuke's development focused on acting out to mask disdain for his own sexuality. I'd like if Kanji wasn't a joke. I'd like if the positive development of female characters stuck, instead of them ultimately undermining their own narratives in order to cater to the male fantasy of a harem. But it's not what we got.
What we got is this: It's okay to explore, and stumble along the way… As long as you fall back into line at the end of the day.

No. 272163

TBH, even if Yosuke's homophobia is explained away with him ultimately being gay, it doesn't resolve that he's one of the more frequent voices of the game's misogynistic writing. In a vacuum where we're only talking about Yosuke, that could also be explained off with him actually being gay- you could say that he plays up being a straight guy to overcompensate. But the game as a whole approves of Yosuke's misogynistic behavior (the girls do push back against his lechery, sure, but it's written in a way that services the experience rather than actually being critical of the action).
A lot of Yosuke is like that. His issues are neatly explained away by this narrative where he's gay, and I'd be inclined to appreciate that if it weren't for the game as a whole's writing reinforcing his poor behavior as an acceptable norm.
Another possible rebuttal: But isn't that the point? That society is negative in that way and that's why he and others have to be like this? There wouldn't be a story to tell and they wouldn't have these conflicts in the first place if they were outright accepted.
Except tonally, that's not what we get. The tone in-game is that it's funny to be homophobic (you can play at being gay as long as you actually aren't), it's boys being boys when they invade women's privacy, and the issue with how you treat them isn't the way you view them but how desirable you are.
Lastly (and this is more in the realm of speculation), I think we would have seen more progress on the front of these issues in P5 if things are as you say.

No. 272192

He's meant to be an annoying retarded teenager, at least he has that reputation around the whole school because he's described several times as being a disappointment as soon as he opens his mouth. I like that he's flawed. I don't like it when characters seem too perfect and their flaws are barely flaws at all and I feel like that's going to be the case with Makoto in P5R once I'll get to her arc given why she's so popular with waifufags.

>Except tonally, that's not what we get.

I feel like it's on purpose. The writers want to tackle interesting topics and then they back out because the games would be way less marketable.

No. 272251

> I think we would have seen more progress on the front of these issues in P5 if things are as you say.
that is a good point. i've always wondered why it was that p3, 4 and even 5 consecutively make the same jokes about characters sexuality, when i feel like other japanese media is making at least attempts to leave that kind of thing in the past because they know it doesnt fly with a western audience (obviously you still see it, but to me at least in those instances it does feel dated.)
i never finished 5 but i was pretty surprised at the fact that they were constantly joking about yusuke's sexuality, it felt like deja-vu and directly calling back to kanji in p4.

i dont know if >>272160 and >>272163 are the anon but i appreciate how eloquent you guys are nonetheless. i agree with >>272192 that in i enjoy that yosuke is flawed and that he does seem to experience character growth and realises his own failings. yosuke seems to realise that in a lot of ways he kind of is a loser, and it makes it way easier to root for him than for someone like junpei in 3 who never really shows any self awareness. does that excuse his actions? idk, but i like him nonetheless

> The writers want to tackle interesting topics and then they back out because the games would be way less marketable.

thats exactly the case. given the massive success of persona 5, i have a hard time believing atlus would be willing to change their winning formula anytime soon, and unfortunately that means we're probably going to keep seeing the same tired jokes and cliches.

No. 272290

File: 1675040500371.jpeg (163.1 KB, 850x1135, 4BB6B72D-F213-4E0A-A029-C766BD…)

Words cannot possibly describe how much I hate this annoying, retarded lolifag moeblob. I know key is infamous for having retarded uguu~ fanservice aimed at scrotes but her very presence ruined what could’ve been an otherwise amazing visual novel. Even with the other characters that acted like they were speds (ie komari) had reasons to act the way they did and an at least decent route to compensate for it. This bug eyed fuck has nothing. Her route fucking sucks, it’s just “i get made fun of for being aryan wafuu” and then it cuts to her being a POW kek along with pedo fanservice for $$$. Honestly, all of the female characters besides rin and kurugaya could’ve been removed and it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing but she really takes the crown for how fucking useless and poorly developed she was.

No. 272300

All I remember from playing P4 10 years ago was hating Yousuke because every time he was on screen, he was doing or saying something completely unacceptable. Like when he first goes over to the MC's house and he immediately tries looking for your 'porn stash.' As well as the school trip when he made fun of Kanji and make a bunch of homophobic remarks. It doesn't matter that they took away the option to romance him, he's trash and he has the worst takes in the game. He just never got redeemed as a character for me personally.

No. 278743

>I'm so powerful and I fuck all the women
That's not what I remember from the books. He's faithful to Yennefer (they sort of 'adopt' Ciri together). Correct me if I'm wrong, it's been more than 15 years since I read them.

No. 278744

I do dislike him. The only good thing about him is his seiyuu. Otherwise the less time he's on screen, the happier I am.

Can't even hate on such a meme character. Her only role in the story was masturbating (i.e. fanservice for degenerates) to the table. The rest is window-dressing.

Her entire arc was a mistake. Such a dropdown in quality.

Insufferable cunt. I hate characters like her.

I agree.

He's good-looking, so I'm giving him a pass. Plus he makes a nice pairing with Mika.

She exists solely to drive up merch sales. She has close to no characterisation in the films. A character design Anno didn't bother write a story for. If this is supposed to be a reference to his wife, it's insulting for her.

I dislike pretty much all the cast of Jujutsu Kaisen. They do nothing for me as characters. What a waste of good character designs.

No. 278756

>If this is supposed to be a reference to his wife, it's insulting for her.
I've seen online that it's just a baseless rumor and she's a character created by some other guy from the staff, not even Anno himself. I only watched the very first movie so I can't say I know more about it, I'm only familiar with the TV show because I watched all the episodes as a kid.

No. 278761

No idea about that, to be honest.

No. 278768

File: 1677451022824.jpg (363.21 KB, 971x921, makoot.jpg)

speaking of key and speds, even though i actually liked the idea behind her backstory makoto from kanon is absolutely insufferable literally threw away a cat and then acted as if they were best buddies all along, i wish mc actually slapped her and the end of her arc gave me the vibe the writer had some sort of fetish for the mute and the disabled

No. 278778

File: 1677454777727.jpg (66.95 KB, 975x600, rexsplode-invincible-character…)

This dude was so fucking annoying. Not a single moment with him was funny. Hope he gets killed off in future seasons.

No. 278782

File: 1677456686045.jpg (112.08 KB, 300x470, inaho-kaizuka-1.jpg)

New heights of self-insertion. I loathed how he derailed the entire plot into power fantasy wank.

No. 279000

File: 1677535384999.jpg (246.83 KB, 960x1440, p186536_b_v8_ad.jpg)

I hate this annoying fuck and his best friend but Zack was the worse character in the show

No. 281620

File: 1678417992028.png (33.55 KB, 860x596, 2777.png)

Genuinely surprised that nobody has posted this shitter yet

No. 281650

100 persent nonnie, this one retard was annoing as fuck

No. 281824

10/10 fine quality trollposts.

No. 281826

that's not trolling anon. kek you actually like him?

No. 281845

Punpun won't fuck you

No. 281847

punpun sucks, what he did to the girl sucks, I don't even see it in some "tragically beautiful" way, he's just an average disgusting scrote.

No. 281921

imo punpun makes me think of bojack in the way that the worst type of men will go "HE'S LITERALLY ME. DON'T YOU SEE. THAT'S ME RIGHT THERE" and think it's anything but a mega red flag

No. 282177

It's probably the scrote going around and replying with his scrote takes while not saging. Or a very pickme newfag.

No. 282766

Ellie from that new movie "The Whale. It's a very complex movie with lots of dynamics, that's why I initially really, really, really tried to understand her as she's so young, I was a troubled youth myself and her circumstances were hard to begin with, but her acts are just so…abhorrent, so vile, those posts about her father really killed something inside me, I really had to stop watching, it was too infuriating. It doesn't help she has a legion of male simps if you're wondering why I didn't attach a pic, is because I don't want her mug on my gallery, sorry about that

No. 282767

File: 1678825841453.jpg (93.36 KB, 710x960, 1617680-falloutnewvegasarcade0…)

This guy. He is extremely popular amongst Fallout fans, but I honestly find him annoying. For starters, he is just transmits developer's opinions on Fallout universe. Secondly, he acts extremely smug about that, as if you don't agree with his idealistic and naive views you're a piece of shit apparently. He is very similar to Ulysses in a way, because they are both Author avatars in the game. But while Ulysses is hated, Arcade is beloved by all. Maybe it's because he is a cute gay guy with snarky attitude and quirky sense of humor? I actually dislike him for it more, cause that sort of characters feels very dated. You know, that "omg quirky nerd guy" type that was everywhere back in early 2010s. Only thing he lacks is British accent. I usually sell him into slavery lol, cause he is annoying as fuck. Otherwise, if I want to use APA, I keep him around.
Veronica falls into this too, especially her manic pixie dream girl attitude with dark past, but somehow she managed to be tolerable. Mostly because her story is more interesting.

No. 282769

I really dislike Mikasa from Attack on Titan.

No. 282778

>For starters, he is just transmits developer's opinions on Fallout universe
I haven't replayed New Vegas since it launched but even when I played it as a teenager things like Ceaser and House dumping their entire worldview on you seconds after you first meet them or how there were quite a few characters who would tell you that the legion would fall apart after Ceaser died like it's just an objective fact or they all read the same opinion piece or something gave the whole game this wierd almost edutainment vibe. I enjoyed it overall but it's always been a game I'm hesitant to play again

No. 282781

Don't ever say that about Veronica ever again. Anyway I hate Arcade too, he's ugly and annoying and was rude as fuck to me on my first playthrough. I should probably download New Vegas again just to sell this asshole into slavery. I hope they take away his glasses.

No. 282783

I love selling him to Ceasar, he gets so mad. He is such a little hypocrite too, he criticises his Legion but his family is literally Enclave, they're both very bad you dipshit.

No. 282827

The whole point of Arcade is that he is a hopeless idealist with unrealistic expectations of the world around him. This is reflected in his endings because he's miserable in every single one of them. The whole point of the character is to show that people like Arcade need a reality check.

No. 285475

File: 1679762936304.jpg (76.72 KB, 626x1016, iri.jpg)

She annoyed me so much, I was relieved when she finally kicked the bucket.

No. 286853

File: 1680290418866.jpg (32.84 KB, 441x611, Zoya_Nazyalensky_Netflix.jpg)

I fucking hate Zoya from the Grishaverse. She is an overpowered Mary Sue and somehow the author just gives her all of the magical powers she didn't deserve, gets the prince and becomes queen while having the personality of a goddamn Karen.

No. 286911

I really liked the two-parter that introduced her. It made us wonder if Steven's family really were doing the right thing and while Lapis wasn't very fleshed out she was mysterious and sympathetic. Shame her character got totally wasted after that.

No. 287016

File: 1680384155808.jpeg (70.49 KB, 1400x700, 422429A4-8366-4553-85E4-947879…)

Fuck this asshole honestly.

Guy basically whores out his 14 year old daughter for power and plants his paranoia into her head, permanently destroying the relationship with her only actual friend. But Alicent gets much more hate than he does just because she dares shows sign of trauma and emotional abuse.

No. 287089

File: 1680433048948.jpg (111.27 KB, 1200x675, EmgiFF1XUAAxmeH.jpg)

Character or internet persona but I hate genderswaps of moids as slutty scroteshit waifus. Daidus/Daidessa specifically and I wished he keeps his nasty coomshit degeneracy away from Emirichu since she's pretty sweet and wholesome. They should break up.

No. 287355

File: 1680588116963.png (198.95 KB, 960x544, Danganronpa_2_CG_-_Nagito_Koma…)

I want to stab him 50 million times in the face for causing Imposter's death and eventually leading to the deaths of Hiyoko, Ibuki, and Mikan I hate him so fucking much it's irrational.
I know a lot of people simp for him but I hope someone mods the game or something where Nagito dies instead in Chapter 1. Yes I know it'll change everything. But he deserves to die fuck him

No. 287423

File: 1680619395907.jpeg (55.39 KB, 828x739, 9BDC92C3-DFFB-47CE-AF98-1D426D…)

i really loathe all three. but especially tom

No. 287424

>hating the only good character in DR2

No. 288677

File: 1681112661099.jpg (83.34 KB, 700x1041, book jorah.jpg)

Jorah (the book version) doesn’t get enough hate. The man was an asshole who was exiled cause he sold people into slavery and then sold little boys & girls into sex slavery in Essos, obsessed over Daenerys, & acted like his wife was evil because she didn’t want to trapped with his old nasty ass, It pisses me off so badly that people unironically sympathize with him

No. 289215

Not to mention that he wants to fuck a 13-14 year old girl. Granted, he’s not the only one but still.

Some of the more likable GOT are fucking awful in the books. Look no further than Tyrion the gigaincel.

No. 289216

Greg sucks but I'd have a succ session with Kendall and Tom, sorry anon.

No. 289225

*GOT characters

No. 289234

Ayrt tbh i usually like super angsty tortured characters but i just cant get into kendall bc everytime i see him i just want to yell "where the fuck is your chin?"
tom is just incredibly aggravating and i hope shiv kills him

No. 289390

Part of the reason Kendall is so angsty and tortured is because he's a chincel. I think Tom has potential to become extra evil after the last episode tbh, looking forward to it.

No. 289552

File: 1681516467594.png (291.52 KB, 1200x1200, shitvain.png)

what a misogynistic piece of shit, i dont understand how the hell he is so popular with female fans. he never gets over his hatred of women, the only ones he can marry are those he deems 'one of the good ones' and the self insert. i don't understand why dorothea and mercedes coddled him in his pity party of a support chain with them, i think it's super ooc of them to let his bullshit excuse for thinking he's entitled to hurting commoner women slide.

No. 289554

I hate any male character like this. "Teehee he's so quirky because of his intense misogyny" I'd tell anyone who worships a character like that to seek help

No. 289603

He's voiced by Makoto Furukawa so I forgive him.

No. 289604

File: 1681548655097.jpeg (24.87 KB, 701x438, images (3).jpeg)

Carl from The Walking Dead. I hate him so fucking much. He's more than just cocky, he's arrogant and a know-it-all brat. He deserved to die and I was so happy when he did. He embodied the over-confident teenage male perfectly and aggravatingly. He thinks he's God's gift to the world. Fuck Carl from TWD.

No. 289647

I agree in terms of the character, but when I watched The Walking Dead as a kid, I had a huge crush on Carl. If I was given the choice, I would go to the post-apocalyptic world of TwD Us just to be with him."

No. 289753

I found Haruka to be much more annoying than her. Agree with you in that Kud's route is terrible, probably the worst one in the game. But most of the heroine routes are kind of bad, I only liked Kurugaya, Mio, and Saya's routes.

No. 289795

File: 1681610059112.jpg (71.89 KB, 800x600, 08458e14da84c42f9d0a1f64068abd…)

Really? I liked haruka's route, kurugaya's route was definitely the best though, it was disturbing in the weirdest way and i loved it for that, never got to the 2nd route though. Haruka was definitely annoying as shit but once you understood why she acted the way she did it made so much more sense and her backstory was honestly very saddening. Key has a weird, almost misogynistic obsession with making infantile "pure uwu innocent" anime girls but i feel like haruka's route broke the trend in a way because of the domestic abuse she endured and how it was described, incredibly heartbreaking. I'd even go as far as to you say that her, kyou, and kurugaya are the only key girls who don't act like like children to a disturbing amount. I'm mostly talking pre 2010's key though, idk how modern key fares.

No. 289816

the prosthetic they used for his missing eye is so hilariously bad

No. 290150

I understood her reasons for acting the way she did, but the way her situation was portrayed was just so out there I couldn't take it seriously or find it interesting. Komari's route I found had a similar issue, her personality change was so sudden and extreme I couldn't take the route seriously regardless of the reason. I really liked Little Busters because of Refrain but it's hard to recommend because you have to slog through so many mediocre heroine routes before getting to (what I found to be) the parts with a real emotional impact. I wouldn't really consider Haruka to be a trend breaker because she still falls under the "completely helpless without the MC's help" Key heroine stereotype.

No. 290257

File: 1681725965215.jpg (14.62 KB, 300x225, 300px-Orihime.jpg)

Shit tier sidecick with the personality of a potato, Orihime Inoue. She's literally only there to thirst after Ichigo (who's too much of a dumbass to even realize it).
It is true he never changes, while I do appreciate how aloof he is compared to the rest of his house, and how he doesn't buy the whole crest/nobility thing, even when he confessed to Byleth he was like "ur nlog". I will say though, it's a bit hilarious that when you're playing with female Byleth he's the most easily recruited, no matter the support level. A true simp.

No. 290266

>A true whore
Fixed it for you, in the ending when he stays single he fucks so much that he has a shit ton of illegitimate kids all over the continent and his name becomes an insult.

No. 290271

Tbh if Ingrid wasn't too busy grieving her fiance and actually wanted to be a girl's girl, she would need to at least warn the girls that he approached not just scold him and then being like "oh well you're my bro after all", he literally hit on her grandma lol

No. 290421

tbh I don't get the hate or love for his character, I just found him extremely boring kek. He has a super tragic abusive backstory if you dig a little bit, which is why I think most girls enjoy him. I thought his brother Miklan was more of a badass.

No. 290459

File: 1681778556055.jpg (131.99 KB, 848x1200, Eb3iEk2XYAgKx3b.jpg)

Been seeing this trap/femboy icon here lately. Annoying how scroteshit and trannies have seep their way in here and expect us to tolerate their fetish of these so-called boys.

No. 290462

i hate this character too. but more than that i hate how much she's discoursed. why do people need to write essays on how bland orihime is

No. 290486

I wasn't the one posting him but I don't think he's so bad as long as he's not in porn or ecchi or wearing tranny couture like that pink sailor outfit. he was a fine character in the anime, he just got popular with creeps. I view him similarly to characters ftms adore that I still enjoy despite the gross tit chop fanart spam.

No. 290487

I admit I like some trap/crossdressing characters, but that one is just so ugly, look what a horrible character desing, nothing matches at all.

No. 290488

he has utena colors

No. 290489

NTA, the difference between TIFs' favorite characters and traps like Astolfo is that the latter was actually made as coombait. He may have his decent moments in canon but many people just find him insufferable for several reasons.

No. 290495

Utena would castrate and kill Astolfo in a one on one.

No. 290496

They are both so bland that they belong together.

No. 290498

most characters are made to have some form of sexual appeal as that's what sells. do you get mad whenever a genshin girl is posted?

No. 290516

Nta and never played Genshin Impact but I do get annoyed seeing sexualized female characters and moeblob traps/femboys being everywhere that are obviously intended to appeal to moids when they have already been served plethoras of that shit on a silver platter for years. Sexualizing hot handsome men is ok since they're not on the same level as to whatever scrotes jack off to and are usually given out as bread crumbs.

No. 290522

>characters ftms adore
Those are usually just regular male characters that are popular with everyone in the fandom for various reasons.

No. 290523

AYRT, why should we be expected not to shit on moid taste when that coomer crap is everywhere outside of the few female-exclusive places there are online?
>do you get mad whenever a genshin girl is posted?
I don't even like Genshit, but since the thread is about that game, it's natural that the female characters would also be discussed. The designs I've seen aren't too blatantly sexualized but I can imagine why Genshinfags would be annoyed at how the game panders so much to scrotes.
>most characters are made to have some form of sexual appeal
Right, so you're saying we shouldn't say mean things about characters that are meant to give scrotes boners, got it. Also >>290522

No. 290526

Especially when it's not even a hot character, it's fetish bait.

No. 296352

File: 1684086109796.png (196.34 KB, 1139x1412, Rance_01_(1).png)

No. 296364

Fuck you too

No. 296369

i wish you could filter the word rance with all the pre/suffixes so every mention of him including file names would be erased before i can even think about seeing them

No. 296377

posting GOT characters should count as cheating

No. 296422

Every single GOT character is shit because the arthur is a fat fuck obsessed with sex slavery and can't write women characters.

No. 296439

I hate GOT too but if you can't even spell author right you can't criticize someone's writing

No. 296447

ASOF series has tons of spelling errors, not including the intentional ones. But up to you if anon making a typo is the same level as a famous author with editors, paid beta readers, etc

No. 296455

Kek I love ASOIAF but GRRM is 100% secretly (or not so secretly) into some weird shit. Super awkward whenever wolk folks are obsessed with the series and fandom and project all their own beliefs onto GRRM

No. 296466

File: 1684120127456.png (14.96 KB, 240x378, 240.png)

Single handedly ruins the show for me.

No. 296617

God. I thought I was the only one. I hate how just being loud and obnoxious is his only punchline

No. 297443

File: 1684547661596.jpeg (41.58 KB, 432x434, 4B6D9458-573F-45CF-B49E-197975…)

I hate this asshat, he better fucking die.

No. 297531

File: 1684585806459.jpg (47.54 KB, 500x402, tumblr_07a04e135355ca93099f3df…)

Why? Is it because of the Rancefag? How immature are you to hate a character just because you find the fanbase unbearable?

No. 297539

He already died in that plane crash in 1959!

No. 297558

I dunno, I liked the writing of Arya, then again I read his books in middle school. Cersei is also interesting, and Sansa gets better. I liked Caitlyn too. It could be worse. The writing is mediocre though, and essentially everything that happens in the books are just historical events rewritten into the GOT universe. He is a historian after all.
He's literally a self-insert serial rapist

No. 297559

He's literally a rapist

No. 297645

Well if rancefag is any gauge on the character himself he is shitty and should be hated. She openly celebrated him being a pedophilic rapist.

No. 297651

I literally only watched a couple episodes of this show and it was the ones with her in them, sending her son to go get abortion pills at a pharmacy was her worst moment imo.

No. 297994

File: 1684774468305.png (263.16 KB, 965x1115, Ryan_Butcher.png)

This noncharacter piece of shit plot device. I really dislike this kid and I feel a little bad for saying this but the child actor playing him is annoying as fuck too. His character is just "naive, easily swayed, retarded child". He reeks a bit too much of "child fetishism" (every child is the exact same carbon copy of each other and they react in the same exact way, their number one character trait is being naive and retarded) (Mother Milk's daughter also falls into this, but she had little screen time so she gets a pass for her poor characterization) like whoever is writing for The Boys just cannot write realistic children. I can overlook it when the children characters have as little screentime as possible, but Ryan had quite a lot of scenes and it was almost unbearable to me.
Perhaps if his dialogue was written more believably I would have let his annoying character slide, because then I would have understood where he was coming from (you know, being a retarded kid) but his character is just "naive superpowered child". I am really anxious about the fourth season of The Boys vecause I know we are going to have to spend more time with him.

No. 297998

Can’t wait for him to become evil then change his mind and fight against Homelander and be tragically killed, boo hoo. Or maybe Butcher will accidentally kill him thus solidifying his own journey into Homelanderesque evil. Yawn.

No. 298001

The guy behind Astolfo's existence, Hazuki Minase, is a massive coomer otaku who was responsible for writing Agartha and all of the freak shit that accompanied it + notably has a massive fetish for pink-haired characters to the point that his work can be identified based on it. Astolfo may have his good moments but his existence is at base coomer moid sexual pandering. I'm not going to criticize what you as an individual appreciate about him, but know that denial of the basic intent behind his design and concept largely comes from troons who think that making a fetish a lifestyle is normal behavior.
Anyways, the fact that Agartha was so bad that Hazuki Minase was apparently banned from writing for Fate without close supervision ever again is still hilarious. Nasu is well-known for not saying no to his writers (usually goes for a more gentle "are you sure" approach to advising on scripts) so you know it's bad.

No. 298003

I hate this loser so much for constantly being so self-pitying and malicious towards women about his crest in a world where women canonically get trapped in marriaged where they're used like breeding animals to pump out crest babies. And I hate him even more for his handmaiden fanbase that thinks his minimal trauma excuses this. Even worse is the TiF fujos who try to superimpose a narrative of internalized homophobia over his behavior to excuse his shitty treatment of women. I respect acting poorly because of trauma and internalized homophobia but the way Sylvain acts is a result of deeply selfish close-mindedness in which he cannot fathom the suffering of others.

No. 298009

Either way it'll be the kid's lifeless cardboard performance in juxtaposition with Karl Urban and Antony Starr's technique of acting as if their lives depend on it which will be, at best, pretty funny, at worst, painful to sit through.

No. 298010

File: 1684779356531.gif (1.43 MB, 274x136, tumblr_a83abdd5d59cb27b18cebd2…)

I decided to drop once I saw the way the writer dealt with Maeve leaving AND his explanation of why. (Poor excuse to avoid using the 'let's kill all the gays' trope, even Maeve herself was miserable as she was leaving for her made-up cottagecore aesthetic farm. I know the actress wanted to be gone a long time ago too, but the way it was poorly written..meh) This man cannot write anything other than sex, piss, and cum jokes with violence.

No. 298012

why did the actresses want to leave again?

No. 298014

Oh fuck, I didn't even know that was an actual character send off. I just thought that they were going to do the thing they do where a character gets something good that turns out to be some shit that works against them. Weird! I'll miss her, she was a good character (although they did kind of fumble her character in season three, it seemed to me that they didn't know what to do with her).

No. 298019

File: 1684782710903.jpg (22.87 KB, 400x400, Sp5zwAvd_400x400.jpg)

On the topic of The Boys, I found myself getting more and more frustrated with this insecure piece of shit. Instead of developing he's just going backwards with his impotent nice guy routine, which makes me think the writers are fucking losers too. Of all the things I would do if my SO was a fucking superhero, constantly whining and being a little bitch is not one of them.

No. 298042

Jack Quaid has the incredible talent of acting like the most lame, pathetic person you've ever seen; unfortunately that does not translate well AT ALL to serious, emotional moments. Like what the fuck is the audience gonna care for some pathetic weakling retard so threatened by his girlfriend's super abilities that he is willing to shoot up some fucked up drug that makes him even more pissy and whiny and bitchy? And then they apparently couldn't afford to drive home how the drugs made him act even worse, they kind of gloss over that shit except for like two mentions in the whole season (I am going to blame the virtually useless screentime that Frenchie and Kimiko got. What the FUCK was Kimiko's whole side plot? Ohhh I'm a monster I don't want powers lol JK I need them lolll, like… okay…? What??)

No. 298046

Imo I feel this was about Louise. She’s such a brat.

No. 298055

An eroge without [CONSENT ACCIDENTS] is like a con without furries.

No. 298058

File: 1684790025310.jpg (7.55 KB, 190x266, images.jpg)

i'm re watching evangelion years after my first time and i forgot how much i hate her. She's a woman child who let a 14 years old do chores all around the house, she's an alcoholic, she falls for the dumbest man the earth has ever seen, she puts kids in danger all the time but acts like she's better than ritsuko, she can't do shit, never takes the good decision on time, blames shinji for his father's abandonment and demands him to do the first step to reconcile, walk around naked with a teenage boy roomate, always shout at shinji to be more confident while she never congratulates him for anything he's done (he does her job basically and she thanks him ONE FUCKING TIME IN THE ENTIRE SHOW) and when he's finally confident she scolds him ???? I hate the entire eva's fandom for making her this sweet lady

No. 298094

You could have just said you dislike everyone in that show or the show itself. She's flawed and complex, with the ability to be nice sometimes. It's a trait everyone in that show has, like it's creator. If you didn't notice the whole show focuses on parentification and how it can stifle proper emotional development.

No. 298100

Don't worry, I agree. I hate how everyone ignores her flaws in favor of dissing other characters too.

No. 298104

I like Misato writing wise and even as a person I feel a lot of sympathy for her (a lot of the time she’s rough on Shinji because she’s projecting onto him due to her dad dying while protecting her, kinda in the same way that Asuka projects onto Shinji because they both have parental issues and trouble connecting with others) but I don’t get why the fandom treats her as somehow the default best girl? The only sane girl in Eva is Maya and maybe Hikari (though imagine having a crush on Toji).
Honestly though I like most of Eva’s cast on some level despite how fucked up they are. never liked Rei though, she’s kind of just there to simp over Gendo and be a bitch to Shinji for most of the anime and be uninteresting waifubait in the manga.

No. 298261

I agree. She is also creepy and predatory (towards Shinji)

No. 298499

Based post.
What you say is somewhat true, but I always thought it was because of limited screen time for Misato. There are definitely some things that don't quite make sense, like how she's so aggressive with Shinji sometimes, which I think is because we don't see most of the pleasantness of their home life.
However, Anno made her even more shitty in Rebuild so maybe you are right, it's just her character.

No. 298504

She's allowed to dislike this character specifically, the fact that a character is complex doesn't absolve them of criticism, you don't have to go "well ackhually if didn't notice-" on anon

No. 298517

File: 1684980185333.png (54.4 KB, 533x505, img.png)

While we're at it, her.

No. 298518

How dare you insult my queen
Shit on Shikinami all you want but the OG Asuka Langley Soryuu is best

No. 298522

How dare you insult my queen
Shit on Shikinami all you want but the OG Asuka Langley Soryuu is best

No. 298528

Nah she's insufferable. I get that's the point, yeah I get her backstory, still hate her.

No. 298537

lmao literally, i never understood why she was so popular I'm sick of seeing this retarded loser and her stupid fucking face

No. 298544

Yeah if I knew someone like that in real life I'd hate them and they'd probably be a cow, but as a fictional character I think Asuka is really interesting. I'd even go so far as to say that she's one of the best-written characters in the original anime. She's overcompensating for her insecurities and acting aggressive to keep people away because of her abandonment issues. Even though it's exaggerated (it's anime, after all) it's still a something that happens a lot in real life.

Idk. I can definitely see why people prefer more sympathetic characters they could imagine being friends with in real life. But I also enjoy watching characters be fucked up and unhinged, because it's interesting.

No. 298545

File: 1684991678638.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, Senhime_-_Rance_IX.png)

To me, the most egregiously awful part of the Rance series (as someone with passing knowledge from people I shared online spaces with and wikia) is not only that the MC is a celebrated rapist, but that one of the characters he rapes is a fictionalized version of a real woman who lived a very tragic life, Senhime. The real Senhime is a historical figure I have a particular fondness for; she was betrothed from childhood (her and her husband Toyotomi Hideyori were both elementary school aged when arranged and lived together until adulthood) and her husband was killed by her own grandfather and she was then forcefully married to another man for political purposes and then he died as well so she became a nun. She lived a life of watching other people die for politics as she was made to be a political tool herself and made the choice to remove herself from that world when she had the chance.

In Rance they made her a warlord who gets turned on from losing battles? And then gets raped and married to Rance in a harm sisterwives situation and give birth to his child? Man, as someone with a high tolerance for anime bullshit and is supportive of problematic media, this particular choice to have a real woman anime-fied and raped for porn makes my skin fucking crawl.

No. 298546

File: 1684991977072.jpeg (49.52 KB, 715x429, images (3) (2).jpeg)

I don't really know who is this or follow her series. Her stupid ass face and expression and weird ass eyes make me want to clobber her and whoever design her. I know, it's stupid to hate a character by design alone but I can't stand her face and she's everywhere.

No. 298551

File: 1684996344077.jpg (347.04 KB, 1920x1920, 10070.jpg)

The main idols in Idolish7 are retarded as fuck and I'm tired of fujos shilling them as the ultimate idol anime for some fucking reason

It's literally just a worse version of the Utapri cast with even less braincells

Wish Trigger was the main focus of the show instead

No. 298568

Nta but I find it very weird people celebrating her children I think they're forgetting she was canonically 16 when she gave birth and the weird forcefullness that ai really loves the idol culture which killed her in the end it's gross to see also the children acting so perverted was off-putting as well

No. 298571

>just a worse version of the Utapri cast with even less braincells

Kek. Now that you mention I can actually see the resemblance. The art style is mad ugly too.

No. 298586

File: 1685010934648.png (548.39 KB, 773x1002, 1532423048401.png)

Thank you for saying the truth nona. I hate Sylvain, he's literally only tolerable with Ingrid's leash on him, otherwise his mysoginy and egocentrism are way too incel-y for me to read. The fandom's excuses for him are grating or seeing simps go OHH HE IS MY PROBLEMATIC SON/BOY all because he looks pretty is unbearable. "Wahh women want my dick because of my crest" stfu bitch Mercedes is in your class.

No. 298591

I disagree, he makes Ingrid one dimensional and boring when they're interacting, she's better in scenes with other characters.

No. 298592

kek holy shit the Rance games sound awful. I remember my friends telling me to give it a try years ago because "oh it's not that bad, it was (supposedly) written by a woman!" but the more I read shit about the games, the less I want to try them. Good fucking lord. Now I'm sure a man wrote them kek

No. 298594

I wish i didn't learned about this, that's just downright insulting to the historical person and women in general.

No. 298600

>oh it's not that bad, it was (supposedly) written by a woman!
Checking the credits, it was most definitely written by a scrote. I don't know what your friends were smoking.
Yeah they look like they got botched jawbone shaving surgeries, especially the one on the left kek

No. 298610

File: 1685027121781.png (286 KB, 1640x1548, 09.png)

I also don't really know anything about Rance, but the worst I've seen is how he has a slave and rapes her because he supposedly loves her. And this is supposed to be romantic.
I also don't tend to care about problematic media, but imagine writing this with a straight face. People who eat this up have to be unbelievably stupid.

No. 298637

Sounds like you're underage.

It's not even a franchise for fujo. Do you even know what fujo means?

Most VNs (that are not some indie stuff) are written by a team of writers under one pseudonym.

No. 298647

File: 1685037143562.jpg (17.92 KB, 225x350, mafuyu.jpg)

I haven't kept reading the manga since I finished the anime, but I could not stand him, and every time I think of the anime it makes me mad because he was so fucking stupid. Maybe it was the framing of the narrative, but the way it was presented made him look like he was not ready for a relationship at all. And learning about what happens in future chapters and how he still goes through the same conflict of comparing his old lover to his new lover is frustrating.

This is the characters you hate thread anon, stop getting angry or calling people underage just because you saw a character you like.

I liked her in the original, but here in the rebuilds was insufferable. And knowing that she was doing this all the while being mentally like 26 was even more angering.

No. 298654

I cannot hate him. He was just so bland.

No. 298664

Well obviously, anyone is better without Sylvain around.

No. 298671

>Sounds like you're underage
Asuka fans always have the weirdest copes

No. 298672

I hate Rance too but that wall of text about his mean tsundere love for his slave screams woman to me.
A man wouldn't make him love her despite all the trash he does. A (delusional, weird) woman would.
Women are not a monolith. Many fucked up men are written by women and Rance is not even half as bad as some assholes from otome games.

Also from what I heard about the og Rance writer, she is against trannies and their pro tranny laws too which is hilarious.

No. 298673

So Rance is just Dark Schneider if he were ugly, boring and even worse? Ar least DS dresses like a hoe and and does stupid sexy poses while naked for the female audience sometimes.

No. 298677

>screams woman to me
The scenario director for the franchise is a male, you don't need to guess

No. 298786

>Also from what I heard about the og Rance writer, she is against trannies and their pro tranny laws too which is hilarious.

No. 298825

File: 1685127066130.png (52.08 KB, 481x872, Stolas.png)

This faggot that the show wants you to feel bad for and decided last minute that his wife was "abusive" to paint him as the misunderstood sad boy of the series.

No. 298826

Jesus I fucking hate this "bu-but it was written by a woman[citation needed] hurr durr so it can't be THAT bad" excuse. Shield Hero fans used it that healing isekai fans used it. Do these fucking idiots not realize that Japanese creators often use a gender-neutral pen names and aren't necessarily an indication of their actual sex? And even if shit like these were actually written by a woman (hint, hint–most likely: not) how does that make it any better? Stories like those are still garbage.

I find it funny that moids go ewwww at freaky shit actually written by women like Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight (which, to be fair is actually problematic) but suddenly when you have their "woman"-authored stuff like Rance it's suddenly BaSEd.

No. 298864

Exactly, I'm sick of seeing that excuse. It doesn't matter if a woman wrote the story of a disgusting rape porn game for males, it's still a rape porn game for males. Like, yeah, now we know the author isn't a typical degenerate male but a woman with issues, but having been written by a woman doesn't suddenly make it good. Or are we supposed to feel bad for her pickmeism or something? I don't get the point of bringing up that the author is female. Maybe someone feels guilty about liking scrotey things and this is her way of justifying her own taste.

No. 298919

Also, has anyone ever noticed that the female characters tend to be only defined by their relations to the (more explored) male characters? Millie (especially) is Moxxie's wife, Loona is Blitzo's daughter, Octavia is Stolas' daughter and Stella his wife.

I stopped watching at around Episode 5-ish so can anyone who has gone far in the show tell me if this issue has improved?

No. 298921

It hasn't improved, it's only gotten worse. They keep doing episodes focusing on the gay boys' relationships (even shoehorned Moxxie's ex boyfriend so they could talk about more gay boys and make dick jokes) and never the girls who are supposed to be main characters (Stella, main antagonist for now, and Millie).

No. 299217

File: 1685251567507.jpg (111.8 KB, 1078x601, Screenshot_20230528_012102_You…)

Even one of the characters ex who's a popstar is just defined as being his ex.
In the newest episode they completely changed Stella's character and made her an idiot.
All their female characters are either angry, abusive or stupid while the men are able to show more emotions other than rage and the creators want you to feel bad for them and see them all as poor little babies. We know more about Millie's troon sibling than we know more about her and she's a main character.

Here's what the Yaoi fetish writers think of women. I hate this cunt too.

No. 299282

File: 1685300649662.jpeg (32.37 KB, 610x342, IMG_0499.jpeg)

I refuse to play modern Pokémon but why is he so repulsive looking? The mix of the UGUUUU eyes with the black beard and purple hair is so god awful.
I hate him for being hideous and using a cringemon like charizard, you can tell fujos and yumes are starved when this ugly fucker gets popular.

No. 299284

Legit one of my most hated characters in a while, not only is that plotline retarded but he’s just obnoxious as fuck, literally just angel dust but an owl.

No. 299291

>Here's what the Yaoi fetish writers think of women. I hate this cunt too.
I assure you actual yaoi authors (women) are capable of writing characters and stories that are way better than whatever Helluva is supposed to be. Most of the jokes are Brandon Roger's humor, he's a gay man so of course he's a raging misogynist and Vivzie goes along with it or just doesn't give a shit as long as she gets to ship her two darlings together.

No. 299293

File: 1685302918587.jpg (80.46 KB, 1280x720, dumbass.jpg)

He looks better once you see him in the battle tower, his outfit looks way less ridiculous and I wish it were the only one he was wearing the whole time. His beard reminds me of Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny but I wish he didn't have purple hair. I like Leon because he's a cute retard tbh.

No. 299294

glad to see it wasnt only me who saw kotetsu whenever i saw him my husbando hes a dumb goofball although his personality can be annoying

No. 299308

You're so based for this, nonna. I still play/enjoy the modern games, but I thought I was insane, seeing how beloved his character and design is, when he's the ugliest thing Pokemon has come up with in a while. I hate his design overall, but his outfit is what makes me cringe the most. >>299293 this helps a little though, but I still think he's horribly boring.

No. 299312

I hate his (and Hop's) eyes so fucking much, I cannot take Leon fanart seriously. I can't believe so many people simp for this steaming pile of shit design

No. 299313

File: 1685315263537.png (21.48 KB, 771x290, rokarikka.png)

It's on her twitter. She retweets a lot of political articles and among them there's
This is just one of many and deepl translates it to this:
"Adolescence is a time when the conflicts and worries of "who I am" and "I want to be special, and I think I should be" are jumbled together, so I think it is dangerous to throw a strange LGBTQ education into that period. There have been cases in the U.S. of people having sex reassignment surgery at a young age and later regretting it…."
Note how it puts emphasis on tranny surgeries.

This is another machine translation of a tweet she retweeted:
"Recently, people in full body tights have been appearing in Ikebukuro. He says he is in the women's restroom and asks women who come into the restroom to take his picture, but inside his tights is a man, not a woman!
He did the same thing 2 years ago and admitted he did it to satisfy his sexual desires and promised not to do it again, but he is doing it again, so if you find him, report him!"
This seems to be related to an awful tranny incident at a cosplay changing room for women:

In case you want to check her page for yourself (it's very far back though):

No. 299315

I hate him so much, but I would be willing to forgive vivz if she suddenly wrote him out of the show and never let him see the light of day again. His death will not satisfy me because I know that if he somehow manages to be killed off it's going to be played as some idiotic pityfest.
>Stolas can get hurt?
This was a line said in the show, played fully straight and said by a fully grown adult character (Blitzo). Did nobody proofread or try to check vivz on this? Isn't Blitzo supposed to be a very jaded hitman type character? Of course Stolas can get fucking hurt, there was a whole plotline of his attempted assassination where they literally established the very fact that Stolas can get hurt. God dammit, I want this retarded owl to get lost in a cornfield and never come out ever again, but even that would still turn into some stupid plot about how poor the poor pity prince Stolas is.
>M-m-m-muh S-stolas can get lost in a cornfield???
That's how I imagine it would play out. Then Blitzo would start crying and pissing himself and we wouldn't see a single female character that isn't the butt of a joke for another ten episodes just to top it off. Sorry for the shitpost, I don't actually care that much about HB I just can't believe this shit got crowdfunded.

No. 299319

File: 1685316686238.jpg (70.62 KB, 800x747, physiology_skeleton.jpg)

This is autistic but I absolutely hate the way Stolas' legs are drawn. Like why even go to the effort of trying to make his legs look more bird-like when they just fuck it up anyway? Proportionally, his legs should be shorter and his feet should be larger. As it is, he just looks like he's going to fall over.
That said, I hate Luna's design most. It's clearly just a recolor of Viv's hideous sparkledog OC from high school, and she doesn't gel stylistically with the other characters whatsoever. Also, she's poorly acted, but that's a given.

God, Stella is such a wasted opportunity. I love her design, but I hate that they made her cartoonishly evil for no good reason. Either have it be an arranged marriage where the characters aren't attracted to each other, or have Stella go full wifezilla after Stolas betrays her, but you can't have it both ways and still have Stella's character make sense. Her whole character is a great example of the show's tone problem; in a pure comedy, having Stella be unhinged (like Joan Cusack in Addams Family two) might have worked as a running gag, or as a character foil to Stolas. The bit where she's on the phone with an assassin while she's literally eating dinner with Stolas and Octavia was actually funny! But the show refuses to commit to being a comedy; it has aspirations of being more like Steven Universe or Bojack horseman tonally, i.e., a show that starts off campy and light-hearted before slowly getting more serious. But neither Viv nor Brandon have the patience for that, so they just spring the whole owl marriage melodrama on us out of nowhere. If they want a more straightforward, plot-driven show, then have Stella be a sympathetic character who was originally nice to Stolas before she cheated on her.
The show needs to pick a damn tone. As annoying as Brandon's sense of humor is, I think the show works much better when it's just being an edgy comedy. The cherub episode was probably my favorite (despite the plot being lifted from an episode of Smiling Friends) because it felt like what the show should be; an episodic workplace comedy set in hell.

No. 299321

Now, I'm not excusing liking Rance by saying a woman wrote it, I don't even like Rance. I just think it's hilarious that her terf-adjacent retweets made Rance fans cry as if they have any moral high ground in their messed up purity scale.

sage for OT sperging (forgot to put it on my previous post)

No. 299327

I don't think anyone expected HB to get this bad when the first couple episodes were out kek
Note how she only did writing work for a few Rance games in the whole series and she definitely wasn't the original writer for at least the first three games
Yeah well I admit that's kinda funny

No. 299333

File: 1685318436759.png (29.7 KB, 360x238, Carmine_blessed_rifle.png)

It doesnt make sense at all because the first episode that Striker was introduced in we were made known about a weapon that could "kill royals" or some stupid shit like that and the episode focused on protecting stolas from being killed by that weapon. The next episode he appears in stolas doesn't know who he is and Blitzo doesn't take him serious although he considered teaming up with striker and killing him in the previous episode but now stolas can get hurt by normal weapons.

No. 299343

Millie could be replaced by a cardboard box that has ‘moxie’s wife’ written on it that explodes sometimes and not that much would change.
It’s crazy how every episode we could go even the slightest bit into her personality and backstory it just immediately focuses on Moxie and she becomes ‘his wife’ character again, one of the newer episodes revealed they had the same ex and we get this huge scene dedicated to how Moxie and the guy met and how they broke up for Millie? Literally nothing, I don’t even know why they had him also be her ex.

No. 299352

File: 1685326217298.gif (4.39 MB, 500x281, tumblr_eef125651a60a0c4bb067f8…)

>Killing demons
How the fuck does that work? Where do demons go when they die? Super Hell? I thought the whole point of hell is that you suffer endlessly and there's no escape.

No. 299374

not defending the show, but it was established in the pilot that souls who died in Hell basically cease to exist.

No. 299414

>Stolas can get hurt?
I cringed so hard when he said that line KEK. For some reason I can't stand when a juvenile edgy show also tries to be deep and takes itself so seriously. Also I think Brandon Rogers can't really act so the sad moments are even cringier.

No. 299485

It's natural to cringe at it, it's terrible 14 y/o-tier writing.

No. 299689

File: 1685537331207.jpg (251.61 KB, 1600x900, watch_dogs_2_review_main2.0.0.…)

All of them. I'm so glad I bought this game on sale because they're all so fucking annoying. Aiden from the first game might've been an edgelord, but at least it fit the dystopian vibe the first game had. Marcus is just a bunch of Millennial stereotypes duct taped together with no story arc at all.

No. 322954

File: 1695469022827.jpg (9.26 KB, 200x200, fuck you.jpg)

no explanation needed

No. 322959

Haven't ever played the game, but I know its some trans character who was forced to dress as a girl, and somehow we are expected to accept him as trans.

No. 323162

A lot of his interactions also just feel really fetishy given the context and stuff. He was basically made as a character troons can self insert as to jerk off to. He even has a female stalker who's obsessed with him and practically every male character hits on him. It felt so fucking weird and out of place in a horror game. Why are gamer scrotes so damn creepy and perverted?

No. 324199

File: 1695950524591.jpg (187.79 KB, 1200x675, Untitled.jpg)

why does everyone want to have sex with this old trans-identifying female lesbian?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 324206

File: 1695953718439.jpeg (71.29 KB, 600x686, 59f3e2c369919af807506b13801eeb…)

I hate this fucker so fucking much. Alois deserved so much better. Hannah should have just been his demon. Claude, more like clod.

No. 324208

he looks as if all the ugly british actors girls on tumblr love fused together

No. 324212

File: 1695955461695.jpeg (39.61 KB, 602x301, main-qimg-3bdf00cdbd952a6a86ce…)

Whoever thought it was going to be meaningful to give to Lucifer (someone who have said over and over he wasn't going to be a good father role since he would repeat what God made to him) a daughter to "prove himself he loved Chloe" and end returning to Hell???, I wish nothing but they step into a lego.

No. 324213

My husbando isn't on here thank god.

No. 324216

File: 1695957819249.jpg (124.88 KB, 905x1280, yaoihands.jpg)

Thank God other people hate him too. It's so funny when people can't draw wrinkles though so they just draw him like a generic anime boy lol
Posting him next just for you

No. 324218

you will never guess who he is. good luck nona

No. 324225

File: 1695962147652.jpg (37.57 KB, 380x335, Untitled.jpg)

more like they don't WANT to draw wrinkles, i'm sure. god he's an ugly faggot

No. 324226

Oh my god I felt the exact same way, seeing him everywhere takes me back to the superwholock tumblr days. He looks like that Jack Frost boy crossed with any quirky male main character in a popular show.

No. 324227

File: 1695963280842.jpg (174.79 KB, 1920x1080, 20230928_230638.jpg)

hate to be a weeb but I find everyone from that game ugly as sin

he in particular does look very british actor hag she/they icon, and his fanbase reflects it too

No. 324240

Yeah. All his dialogues are very cringe and he talks like a cutesy feisty anime girl. Also kek at how Nas'hrah has the most offensive out of pocket shit about everyone including jokes about pedophilia (in both games) but the moment it's revealed to the player that Marina's a guy he still refers to him like he's girl because 'misgendering' would be too far I guess. Not to mention the annoying fanbase who screeches that MARINA IS A TRANSGIRL!!!!! under every Termina related video.

No. 324246

File: 1695979772443.jpeg (102.82 KB, 736x736, E3E15B9F-4F58-4DE3-92B4-CDF4A6…)

i think he's ugly and i don't like seeing him everywhere

No. 324259

Now you've crossed the line

No. 324260

>grabs popcorn
This gone be good.

No. 324275

File: 1695991421845.png (237.76 KB, 720x662, 5bnh8z-678060523.png)

Too each their own, but I'm afraid you just have to deal with seeing him on LC.

No. 324276

File: 1695991692698.jpg (151.28 KB, 1460x821, re4r.jpg)

i used to agree, though the remake version grew on me. he looks much better in RE4R imo, less round face and buttchin.

No. 324277

I think he looks much worse in the remakes

No. 324280

He is so ugly and his voice sounds so flamingly gay, I was not surprised that tifs and thembies latched onto him immediately. I am sick of seeing his ugly faggy ass all over my feeds

No. 324281

I kind of agree but mainly because of his hairstyle. Some anon once called it the John and Kate Plus 8 haircut and that perfectly describes it kek

No. 324282

File: 1695992691510.gif (8.04 MB, 498x280, leon.gif)

No. 324283

File: 1695992848207.webm (503.57 KB, 640x360, leon brain rot.webm)

No. 324286

File: 1695993861575.jpg (181.69 KB, 600x725, 1445772572760.jpg)


No. 324301

Aww you picked such a cute pic of him too.

No. 324307

Oh god yes! I could not like any character from that game. Which is sad because that game would be exactly my alley.

I am not very far into that game so I have not seen all characters.
Also this is of course now very much just my view point but non of the male characters are very attractive for me as a straight woman.
Gale looks gay and I find him so boring.
Wyll is just an self-absorbed idiot and also not very attractive looking.
Astarion is so overacting and so over gay that he is more like a characterisation of a faggot that anything else.

Would be not as bad when the other charakter would not be as intolerable, so I could have them as friends.
Shadowheart is just "Not a phase mom."
Lae'zel is just eh. I do not know I can not get to like her….
Have yet to meet the tiefling lady.

So yes I agree with you and sorry for the rant.
Maybe I am too picky or getting too old but in all of the newer rpgs the companions all are just so weird and not likeable.

No. 324312

File: 1696002263766.jpg (2.72 MB, 2048x1222, Tumblr_l_88509368546461.jpg)

Hard agree. His character is growing on me…like a wart, but not attractive at all. I dont think any of the options are good, theyre all to whiny tbh apart from halsin, but he is also ugly.

No. 324315

File: 1696002614782.png (208.65 KB, 326x877, Mikan_Tsumiki_Fullbody_Sprite_…)

I'm so fucking sick and tired of this whore. The entire Danganronpa fandom worships this fake-ass, lying-ass bitch. Gets shilled as a deep character despite just being fanservice (she isn't even thicc/curvy or busty despite fans trying to claim she is and her unmatching-ass bikini sprite in DRS) and gets excused from doing the nastiest shit just because she has trauma.
She fucks over the entire squad in the anime, is canonically known as the school slut with a body count BIGGER THAN MIU'S, tried to literally rape a man and her fucking fans excuse this because she herself was a rape and bullying victim as if that's an excuse. Said fans shit on my girl Hiyoko for bullying her even though Mikan literally gets off on being humiliated. You cannot fucking tell me this cluster-B(itch) doesn't fall in compromising positions on purpose - note how it always happens when she's starting to lack attention. She even got the goddamn "mental breakdown" bangs. Did I mention she tried to take Hajime away from Chiaki in chapter 3? Because she fucking did that, the skank.
I swear, she was made for horny moids and for teen girls who dye half their hair and listen to Melanie Shartinez (probably because she's as predatory as Mikan kek). Every fucking Mikan stan I've interacted with is some kind of manipulative psycho, with of course a large portion of troons among them. This is poetically reflected in this dogshit character, who pretends to be this sweet caring nurse until you find out she just wants to make someone bedridden so they depend on her forever.
Aside from setting feminism back a few centuries and making trauma victims look like squealing retards, this dumbfuck does nothing of value for the series. Oh, and you know how Danganronpa characters have likes and dislikes in their bios? Her likes are "bathroom smells". This bitch is so full of shit that the writers gave her a scat fetish.

No. 324320

you let my man Preminger out of that.
But lol that picture is gold.

No. 324323

The chapter where she kills two girls and justifies her actions "I love muh Junko uwu" made me drop the entire franchise. She's annoying and boring, I'll forever pretend that the first game is the only one that exists.

No. 324341

I hate this whore but I also hate Hiyoko

No. 324343

I agree with everything you said. I'm thinking it's because all the cringe 2010s tumblr faggots with the worst takes on characters & entertainment media finally landed critical roles in creative fields, such as game writing

No. 324356

>tried to literally rape a man and her fucking fans excuse this because she herself was a rape and bullying victim
Honestly based, every man should pay for every women who gets raped

No. 324379

Even you will be mad then, because she failed her rape attempt. She can't do anything right

No. 324382

how does a woman rape a man? that's literally impossible(bait)

No. 324384

File: 1696024630289.jpg (45.39 KB, 355x500, ben-paul-1296127-normal.jpg)

I genuinely don't understand why people think AoT is a coomer thing since it's one of the few animes where girls and women aren't oversexualized 24/7. Someone said Armin was a tranny and I don't get that either, he's just babyfaced and soft-spoken.
She isn't, that anon is just mad she's flat
He's an autistic child, of course he doesn't have "charisma"…

We need more actually hate-able characters. Picrel is a prime example

No. 324400

kek I enjoyed so much seeing him get impaled

No. 324406

No. 324435

lmao omg

No. 325923

File: 1696744304109.png (412.28 KB, 749x1070, Zenitsu_anime_design_webp.png)

i just started demon slayer and every time this ugly motherfucker comes on screen and starts screeching i see red. he looks like an anthropomorphized dorito.

No. 325943

>She isn't, that anon is just mad she's flat
Huh, what does this even mean?

No. 325960

File: 1696766260238.jpg (196.94 KB, 800x630, Screenshot_20231008_135553_Gal…)

This ugly piece of shit ruined the franchise that made my childhood. Fucking Activision devs repeating over and over that the new Crash games got that "90s nostalgia" and then they add a fucking Deviantart OC tranny furfag. Shameful.
They made a tif voice this thing and gave it the cringiest backstory ever. Also it's the only mutant aside from Dingodile that doesn't have shoes, so you have to look at it's nasty fucking grippers. Thanks i hate it.

No. 326357

File: 1697026415220.jpg (92.16 KB, 1280x720, Della Duck.jpg)

This is a bit difficult to explain. cause I don't necessarily hate this character or even find her annoying. It's just that every time she's on screen, she feels like a fan-fiction OC brought to life rather than an actual character.

No. 326362

It doesn’t get any better, I’m sorry. He’s the reason I dropped the show myself. I couldn’t handle the screeching, and I don’t care if he’s “beast mode when asleep.” When I found out it doesn’t ever stop, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

No. 329775

I fucking despise characters like Rick Sanchez and Trevor from GTA 5.

No. 329780

File: 1698145020971.jpg (73.31 KB, 939x704, Sheldoncomingafterjenny.jpg)

Did anybody mention THIS little bitch here? I get that he saved Jenny from certain death at multiple points in the series and that's great, but most of the time he's a creepy, stalking, possessive, and even controlling little twat who thinks he deserves Jenny's attention and love just because he has a robofetish. In one episode, this dude snuck into Jenny's house and stole her blueprints to gawk and drool at them for hours (based on his fetishy reaction, blueprints are like the robotic version of nudes). And that's not even the worst part, because Sheldon stealing Jenny's blueprints led them to get stolen again by a major villain, which gave Jenny some trouble. This character did not age well KEK

No. 329781

rebecca sugar drew porn of this character

No. 329783

File: 1698145444540.jpg (99.44 KB, 1435x1080, FkdB64FWAAEv4i8.jpg_large.jpg)

oh of course she fucking did kek

No. 329791

Do you have it by any chance?

No. 329795

I hated this fucking asshole and how he was always painted as this poor and misunderstood faggot, even as a kid I knew that he was a creep.

No. 329797

File: 1698151092086.png (333.33 KB, 533x695, sugar sheldon.png)

No. 329820

Fucking gross, sugar needs to get tested for Covid because she has no taste.

No. 329958

File: 1698193941620.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x3000, Collage Maker-24-Oct-2023-08-2…)

All of these characters. Every one of them. Why do late 90s, early 2000s shows love to make the shittiest best friends for the protagonists? They're more hateable than actual villains of the shows because these characters are supposed to be friends but regularly fuck over the main character anyway. At least with characters like Miranda, LaCienega, Mr. Bighead, Terrance, and that shark dude, you know what you're gonna get. The "friends" in this collage all made their shows harder to watch when I was little.

No. 329961

Autistic but I hate that he has wings and arms. A bat's wings are its arms. This guy just has six limbs like some kind of insect.

No. 329973

File: 1698196439687.gif (431.26 KB, 636x355, b3954206381f715d9201a7b51449df…)

He has become so obnoxious and worse in the timeskip, he's barely even useful anymore.also I hate his stupid Megamind fivehead he has now.he honestly should be killed off that way One Piece would be interesting to watch again.I just want to see Kaku,Ai and Hina once more.

No. 330019

Please don't post my husbando here, he never did anything wrong.

No. 330020

I dont hate double d, I just used him as a reaction image to make a reference about Rebecca making porn of him too

No. 330041

isnt he a kid? i sound like a twitterfag but i'm just concerned kek.

No. 330276

He was a kid when the show first aired in the late 90s. By now he should be at least 30, a hot older 2d man.

No. 336020

File: 1700140173198.png (224.78 KB, 762x1088, Toji_Fushiguro_Saison_2.png)

It's his fault everything turned to shit.

No. 337010

File: 1700442106536.png (787.24 KB, 800x600, 3263673_orig.png)

Every character in Swan Song is pretty trash


Zero personality, if they had continued his arc and had him become a sociopath (since he was already showing huge traits of that and was being actively egged on by Sasaki) as opposed to just staying exactly the exact same character the entire game I guess he'd be a bit more interesting? But his literal only trait is 'muh grip strength bad so I can't play piano anymore'
The tsundere. She has no other personality traits other than 'the tsundere one' if you want world's most generic tsundere character here ya go. Only other trait she kinda has is being a dumbass.
I think he's probably the most interesting in the sense that his writing is all over the place? He starts out as a typical nerd who wants to improve as a person post apocalypse and help people, but within about 5 minutes of getting a bit of authority he goes straight into raping people and their corpses and setting children on fire
Uh…she's the girlfriend of the protagonist who sometimes says creepy stuff I guess? Probably the best female character but that's not saying much.
Gary Stu character for guys to self insert as. He's not really offensive or anything and I like how he mentions a bit about the people who he's working with to show that he values the people around him but other than that he's pretty much just 'katanabro for dudes to self insert as'
The game itself forgets she exists half the time, at the start the writing makes you think the game is going to play into how her autism is a huge hinderance to those around her but it only really gets them into a bad situation like once, other than that she's just there to be a prop when the writer remembers she exists.

No. 337016

File: 1700443022262.jpg (145.63 KB, 456x560, Screenshot_20231119_201624_Chr…)

It's been some years since I was interested in Danganronpa's plot, but you have PERFECTLY described everything there is to dislike about Mikan. When I watched the game plot of Danganronpa 2, I couldn't quite put my finger on why Mikan annoyed me, but you described every aggravating thing about that girl and flawlessly.
>is canonically known as the school slut with a body count BIGGER THAN MIU'S
I did NOT know that. I thought the agony of her execution in the game was that she hated being sexually aroused because of the abuse she went through. If she hated being sexually aroused because of abuse, why did she keep spreading her legs and sleeping with the school then??? KEK

No. 337019

File: 1700443253155.jpg (73.7 KB, 426x600, die.jpg)

Danganronpa 2 as a whole has the issue of Komaeda being the only character with a lot of time and effort put into his writing and him being one of the only three characters that actually matters to the plot (along with Hajime and Chiaki, but they're pretty fucking boring)
Everyone else is just there for gags and one liners so a lot of them come off as pretty obnoxious.

Shit man is by far the worst though, I'm happy he's almost always forgotten about since he sucks so hard. Makes me wonder why 2 is by far the most popular of the 3 mainline games honestly.

No. 337022

File: 1700444116398.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1225).png)

p4's full of bad characters (i like dojima, his daughter, and adachi from the memes – i got really bored after the inn girl got kidnapped and couldn't continue) but she takes the cake. or took it. i just hate this sporty archetype of girlie that seems like she's hardcore but breaks down at the slightest provocation. it was also annoying to see her try and match up the protag and inn girl

No. 337030

Holy shit, this is so fucking accurate.

No. 337120

File: 1700482402499.jpg (416.54 KB, 1340x1597, 5c87c12008b03d35488bc6f2714c0e…)

What was even the point of his character? Most characters in JJK are interesting even if they're hateable like Jogo, Sukuna and Mahito

No. 337125

File: 1700490426911.png (Spoiler Image,452.22 KB, 592x676, 275-2754556_image-result-for-l…)

AYRT she has that thing certain rape victims have where they become super promiscuous. many porn stars were raped as kids for example. Or maybe it's her BPD. One time I saw one her fans a tif, of course defend her trying to rape people by saying "but she's trapped in a cycle of sexual predation!" Not an excuse.
Mikan and Teruteru are worse imo but you're right, danganronpa 2 is to its franchise what Pahkitew Island is to Total Drama Island. The first game has some normie students, some idiots and some wild cards, but the second game is a bunch of retards running around with like 4 people who have common sense. I mean fuck, maybe it's the special ed class of Hope's Peak given how every student in it is mentally challenged in some unique way.

The assholes in picrel drive me insane. The chefs are bugged as fuck 2 times out of 5 (which is a is problem since you sometimes need them to run ahead to activate shit for you, which they of course can't do if they're stuck). I can't fucking stand their fatass breathing noises and they look like complete shit. I know it's technically their masks but still.
Fuck the granny too. I love a challenge but holy shit, you better not lose a split second when trying to run from her. It was thrilling and scary the first time around but when I replayed the stage to get all the bottles she got on my nerves. She also makes 0 sense within the lore, at least the other assholes all have a role in the Maw. Her artwork pic thingy looks scary and cool but her in-game design looks like the bloated corpse of an ana-chan on meth.

No. 337181

File: 1700509164703.jpg (16.36 KB, 240x237, allen-moya-image2.jpg)

Thank fucking God there's somebody else on here that hates those goddamn chefs. I loathe the part where we have to escape the kitchen by grabbing onto the hook, dropping onto the plates, and running away from the chefs to escape with the hooks again. That part is somehow harder than I initially thought, because both of the chefs are running towards you and if the hooks aren't timed well, you can miss one to grab and end up getting killed by the chefs. I died over ten times because of a hook at the end of the kitchen not being there in the second I needed it. Istg the kitchen is harder than the final boss fight.
And the granny is definitely annoying too because she moves so fucking fast and god forbid you accidentally fall off the tiny excuses of drift wood you get KEK

No. 337225

Would've been at least 40% better or more tolerable as a woman

No. 338343

File: 1701042912553.jpg (23.27 KB, 500x375, 6d7e39964e965b41879d32ba55171a…)

Stupid ugly fleabag made the movie even more unbearable to watch.The hummingbird should have been the only animal sidekick.I don't know why is was a good idea to include two annoying animal sidekicks I know this is extremely retarded to rant about kek.

No. 338409

Aw I liked the raccoon

No. 338916

if you guys had trouble with the chefs you're gonna hate LN2

No. 339352

Lol for real Vergil is such a special snowflake in devil may cry
>made up motivation by writer "he wanted to protect mother like Dante" despite Vergil never once mentioned his mother directly in game
>randomly fucked a woman, made her pregnant then fucked off. nobody in universe gave a shit about to know who is that woman
>his son conveniently didn't ask Vergil about his biological mother either
>reaped the benefit from shit he pulled in dmc5 after he merged back and got to have fun with his manchild brother in hell
>got a spinoff manga about his self-pity ass that made both 4chan and reddit clap like retards

No. 339528

File: 1701593490299.png (6.13 KB, 173x292, 49265DD1-078C-4045-8659-8027BE…)

Hated how he treated CJ, and he was so obsessed with Margaret (didn’t care much for her either) he’s so whiny and retarded

No. 339569

When the show went full on with his relationship drama, I was ready to skip them full stop.

No. 339770

File: 1701687589261.jpeg (53 KB, 800x420, faggot.jpeg)

recently started playing ES and i cant stand this faggot. He's literally an stereotypical faggot and insufferable, he feels like a gag character and not a character from an idol game targetted at women. He also wants to be called ''she''. Thankfully he's not related to any of the characters i like so i can easily skip his shit. I recently got one of his cards and i wish i could delete it.

No. 341193

File: 1702264084895.png (304.55 KB, 1280x459, 1000012534.png)

These motherfuckers are probably the only thing I hate more than the chefs.

No. 341582

File: 1702396082662.jpg (46.11 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

The ugliest, most annoying character in the game. This diet coke edition of Sorbet Shark is such a forced meme, it actually angers me how she is being pushed so much by Redditors into the popularity poll despite being one of the most hated and forgettable characters in the franchise.

No. 341649

i used to find him so cute when enstars first came out but then fandom spaces became increasingly insane. even worse that apparently the game creators themselves are now leaning into the troon thing, apparently?

No. 341660

File: 1702413595511.jpg (33.22 KB, 650x376, _240640.jpg)

I think I prefer the pretty boy version from 2004

No. 341662

I remember when dijonay made penny watch her siblings while she went off to a concert.

Also I dislike Dijonay because she's such an obvious anti-black stereotype, you had this show that made big claims about having good lessons and some blatant ghetto stereotypes. Very lame looking back on it

No. 341663

all this guy ever did was talk about his shit

No. 341691

Same and based.

No. 341692

File: 1702421455665.gif (987.65 KB, 480x250, kek.gif)

fuck, I'm crying.

No. 341740

is this one of those subliminal videos

No. 342669

File: 1702716479145.jpg (638.55 KB, 898x874, Screenshot_20231216_094055_Gal…)

He needs to fucking die, the Comic Con incident made me chimp out, why is he such a tumor?

No. 342674

he's pure sex

No. 342676

File: 1702718146224.jpg (398.09 KB, 1005x522, Screenshot_20231216_101112_Sam…)

Eh, i can sorta see it in panels where he's covered in blood. Hot in an unhinged kind of way. His scrote brain mentality is a turn off tho

No. 342699

It would look good with color. Black and white makes it a sore to look at.

No. 342740

Maybe it's the lighting, but I think the colour contrast between skin and hair plays a factor in this

No. 342741

tumblr chicks see a sharp jawline and crazy eyes and just go crazy

No. 342794

ew not ugly post wall bill, only cute bill is teen bill

No. 342826

>It's just that every time she's on screen, she feels like a fan-fiction OC brought to life rather than an actual character.
I feel you on this. The idea was a good one: "Let's flesh out Della, since no one has before." But the execution was flawed a bit, imo, because Donald, Scrooge and the nephews all have flaws that are designed to get them into comedic trouble which they have to overcome to get out of trouble, but Della doesn't. Her flaw of being too willing to take risks, got her stranded on the moon and lost her a leg and years with her sons. That's not comedy like whatever trouble Donald gets into when he loses his temper. But I think she was great for any girls watching the show, they need female characters who excel and what not. And while I'm not fond of the character, I heartily despise the dead/missing mom trope, so I do like that they had a generic missing mother type character come back, be awesome, and had her relationships with her sons and male relatives be really important to the story. I only watched some episodes of the show, though, so my thoughts are just based on the episodes I watched.

No. 342833

Young Bill is what hybristophiliacs see when they look at Dahmer

No. 343003

File: 1702830487709.jpg (84.72 KB, 600x679, astarion_preminger.jpg)

I'm so tired of seeing this ugly fucker everywhere. Preminger-looking ass. Sounds like fucking Stewie Griffin too. Looks like an old gay hag. Annoying.

No. 343122

File: 1702876928315.jpg (371.1 KB, 3840x2160, tifa-lockhart-final-fantasy-7-…)

Complete Mary Sue. Bland, boring, revolves around the main male character, has no flaws. No idea why she has so many female fans beyond them self-inserting as her because they want to fuck Cloud and she's so badass and apparently feminist. Lmao.

No. 343130

tell me about it, I just want to beat his silly ass

No. 343131

maybe they think she’s hot. I think she’s hot.

No. 343137

some pissbaby mod banned me for saying he looked like a haggard old lesbian. he's so fucking ugly i hate him too.

No. 343139

I've never played FF7 (soon though) so I don't like or dislike Tifa but someone I know irl loves her so much and would always say shit about being gay for her and how Tifa is her waifu but once she showed her twitter account and it turns out she legit just self inserted as her to ship her with Cloud. It was supee embarrassing and at some point she was spending so much money on merchs while having a minimum wage part time job she kept living with a friend for free instead of looking for her own place like she promised. So when I see Tifa I can't unsee that person.

No. 343149

I don't like or hate Tifa either except the all nasty coomshit but I think Aerith is better and more self-insertable with Cloud.

No. 343151

When I was young and had no idea who the characters were or what the story in this game was about I used to have a good impression on Tifa. She is presented as a girlboss that kicks ass, while aerith looked like the fragile girl with flowers and just sits there praying when Sephiroth impales her. My outside perspective was that Tifa was cool and aerith was the bland soft girl who only served as a plot device for mc. When I actually got to play the game I was surprised by Aerith and I actually really liked her. Tifa on the other hand was my biggest disappointment. She is such a doormat for Cloud during most of the game, everything I expected from her just wasn't there.

No. 343156

Post her twitter I want to laugh

No. 343343

No we know each other irl and she posts a lot about her real life because she treats the internet as her personal diary, call me paranoid but I don't want issues.

No. 343724

File: 1703053047571.jpeg (56.96 KB, 225x350, IMG_4985.jpeg)

The way the female characters were handled in Gantz was already bad enough but Kishimoto was the worst case. Oversexualized despite being 15 and whose only purpose was to get molested whenever she wasn’t within Kato’s vicinity while not even doing the bare minimum. Literally just a coomer rapebait character for incels.

No. 346248

File: 1704244104904.png (1.11 MB, 1454x1492, WallyDarling.png)

I hate seeing this ugly cheese puff everywhere no matter how much I filter the tags on Tumblr he always appears.I don't understand the extremely autistic attraction towards him.

No. 346256

i tinfoil that the attraction towards characters like these is purely performative

No. 346260

Its not the design that I find strange, there has been stranger tumblr sexymen (looking at you, clock from dhmis), but something about this guy just seems artificial. Its the same with that bunny from that digital circus youtube show

No. 346261

What is the appeal in being performative for a character that looks like that?

No. 346308

Horrifyingly enough, it isn't. The creator basically came up with Wally as her personal husbando, which is also why (iirc) she got upset that people were drawing porn of him or w/e. Never underestimate autists' ability to become infatuated with bizarre characters. I saw an anon here admit to having a childhood crush on Earthworm Jim.

No. 346440

attention and being able to say your not like those other cishet girls who like handsome men

No. 346483

No it's just autistic girls having weird taste because they are weird themselves, stop with this stupid theory.

No. 346539

shes right tho

No. 346762

File: 1704489823521.jpg (41.95 KB, 402x405, winry.jpg)

You guys are gonna hate me for this but I don't care. I think winry from fma is basically as mary sue as it gets and her flaws are in fact very shallow and usually used for comedy. So she's basically a prodigy with genius level intellect, the best mechanic/engineer at only 16, with an amazing work ethic, physically very attractive, could also become a surgeon if she wanted, extremely compassionate and caring, tsundere only with ed, loved by literally almost every single character because of her sweet disposition. So the idea of a female character with an autistic hyperfixation on mechanics is great in itself, except the fact that she somehow also has amazing social skills and is highly sensitive to the feelings of others, so nothing about her is remotely autistic. And her stubborness and fiery temperament really only shows in certain contexts and it doesn't make her any less likeable, if anything it's a quality not a flaw. And obviously she's also a very very good person, with a strong sense of morals. And to not forget, she's also a pure wife with no general interest in romance other than her feelings towards ed.
I feel like they're doing way too much. Had she been written as a weird autistic girl would make more sense, but for some reason she's blessed with everything from looks (and boobs), intelligence, personality, work ethic, loyalty etc. It's no surprise that misogynistic people and NLOGs tend to love her so much, because they can't criticize her for being dumb, useless, ugly, unlikeable, weak, too girly like other female characters. As I said, even by the characters in universe she's generally beloved! You just can't hate her and they all fall in love with her! Look at ed, he's also a genius and a prodigy, but he has a worse personality and multiple characters dislike him. And winry's automail is doing half the job for him anyway. To me she is just unrealistically TOO PERFECT. I guess people think she's a great feminist representation because she's strong, but actually it just showcases that for a female character to be generally liked, she needs to be basically goddess tier. A beautiful strong and compassionate and intelligent maiden who would eventually also make a perfect wife and mother

No. 346780

>except the fact that she somehow also has amazing social skills and is highly sensitive to the feelings of others, so nothing about her is remotely autistic
>Had she been written as a weird autistic girl would make more sense
She was never, ever meant to be autistic so that's actually good thing. Her entire point is to be the exact opposite of an autismo, even. I think she's too unimportant to be a mary sue. She's just there to occasionally be the main characters' cheerleader and emotional support, then the main characters fuck off to do plot related stuff and she goes back home. If she showed up more often and directly helped save the world with Ed, Al and the military guys I would have agreed that she's a mary sue. I don't dislike Winry but if someone told me she's their favorite character in the manga I'd be shocked.

No. 346784

File: 1704496923496.gif (592.57 KB, 250x187, tumblr_pn3pdk8F941ssk6i4_250.g…)

I liked that she was friends with Sheska in 2003 because Sheska was genuinely turbo autistic. It was a cute friendship.

No. 346786

before watching these series, i thought he was a cute nerdy but serious office guy, but he's actually pretty unstable, verbally abusive and rude, an actual fucking moid like all the moids. Very disappointing

No. 346788

I don't think she's a Mary Sue but she's so boring to the point I constantly forget she's in the manga.

No. 346789

I think it's because her intense obsession with mechanical stuff tends to be a very spergy activity and it contradicts with some of her other traits. Obviously it's anime so it doesn't really matter, but it's kind of an annoying quirk.

No. 346791

Oh lord, are you one of these people who think anyone with a hobby or passionate about their job or field of expertise has to be an actual diagnosed retard and well adjusted people just do nothing all day and think about nothing at all besides eating and sleeping?

No. 346803

Sheska is 100% the author's mary sue.

No. 347646

File: 1704883529393.png (5.08 MB, 3220x3135, 1000013253.png)

I think he looks retarded and the fact that he communicates only by grunting and yelling doesn't help his case.

No. 347740

His true appeal is that he's a retard. Anyone who tries to make him out to be a cool or deep character is an ignorant fool who hasn't seen the light.

No. 347765

I didn't care much about her when i read the manga back in middle school so i was a bit confused when i found out all my friends adored her. I was even more confused when i found out how beloved she is by the general anime community. I never minded her popularity but i never understood it either. I have only read the manga though
its weird that anon is diagnosing her with autism. "having interests and passions = being autistic" seems to be a common mentality on the not-cow boards
>I think she's too unimportant to be a mary sue.
Even though I thought she was too perfect to be interesting, she never stayed long enough in a scene for me to get annoyed by her.
>She's just there to occasionally be the main characters' cheerleader and emotional support
fma is written for 12 year old boys and Winry fits into what a 12 year old considers an ideal girlfriend. She isn't sappy or clingy, but she isn't emotionally distant either. She can stand up for herself but she isn't overbearing or nagging. While she does help out it's clear that her main purpose is to be a love interest for Ed. As far as love interests in boys media goes she is one of the better ones, but i never understood why female fans fawns over her so much

No. 347769

He may be a retard but he's my hot bite sized retard.

No. 347777

I support you and your retarded husbando.

No. 347812

File: 1704938508305.jpg (Spoiler Image,541.82 KB, 1672x2400, 24a.jpg)

I'm more annoyed seeing fanart of Gerudo Link where he looks off-model and sissified as retarded femboy for moids and trannies to jack off to. I miss the older versions of adult Links in his green outfit and hat. He was more attractive and handsome back then.

No. 347817

FMA was written by a nerdy woman who self inserts in the form of the Sheska character.

Winry is some idealized form of Stacy who is also really smart and strong and she wished she could be friends with.

No. 347885

File: 1704976163224.jpg (51.6 KB, 419x566, uE0ejuu.jpg)

Suzaku is a POS and I hate to say it coz it's an alt right moid term bootlicker. I get he's trying to change Britannia from the inside but he has plenty of chances to sabotage them but he never acts on them unless he's has no other option. He basically enabling the empire.

No. 347899

If there was no fujobait in cg I don’t think anyone would like him.

No. 347972

File: 1705007310869.jpeg (46.89 KB, 535x600, IMG_5892.jpeg)

I used to write entire rants about why I hated this guy when I was into anime. He has to be one of the most annoying poorly developed edgelord main characters in all weebshit, he has no justification being popular as he is nor a main villain, he's boring and his design is fucking ugly

No. 348026

File: 1705040693061.png (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu - 0800001.p…)

The whole point of Izaya is that he’s supposed to be a pathetic loser who will never attain the one thing he wants despite constantly huffing his own farts. Its kinda amusing to watch him when you see him under that lens instead of a “main villain” which he never really is tbh, just a lame shitstirrer desperate for attention

No. 348138

yeah but hes the self insert for every annoying edgelord and not very compelling or interesting either

to be fair and balanced shizuo also fucking sucks and their dumb fujoship is perfectly matched because I couldn't care less about either of them and wanted them to kill one another

No. 348159

i could sperg out about all the reasons why i love him, if you really want to understand nona

No. 348162

As someone who loved obscure characters from the same animu back when it was my hyperfixation of the season I think I was mostly ranting about how they took a backseat to his entire existence

It didn't help that narita put so much focus on him either

I usually like edgelord villains but his design was fucking so generic ugly to me and his personality bored me. He was really just some lame guy

No. 348182

tbf absoulutely everyone's design in the anime/manga were bland or ugly, aside from, like, celty's. that's just the art style kek
and the thing about the anime - and manga - adaptations is that they miss alot of the character motives due to limits in artsyle plus the overall message of the original novels or at least, i feel like a majority of anime watchers missed it. drrrr is just straight up about connections and how coincidences are fake lol and izaya is lowkey the main connection to everybody and why alot of the characters do shit, which is why he gradually gets more and more screentime. izaya's the reason on how shinra get's patients and stays under the radar from police, he's the reason why celty can even make money and the reason she cant find her head, he's the reason why this character tried to kill herself, why this character is in the hospital, why these characters drop out of high school and why those characters tortue people for money. i dont even really consider him an antagonist tbh i dont feel like drrrr has a true protag

No. 348193

Fair enough. I read the novels as well up to vol 13 and didn't like him there either

No. 348195

I didn't like him much either, though a lot of that was probably because I found his fanbase really annoying - he was the favorite of edgelord moids, fujos, and yumes, so it was basically impossible to escape. Without the fanbase influence I probably would've just been ambivalent to him, there were a lot of other characters I found more interesting.

No. 348198

That was part of it. I was roleplaying obscure characters from the series or OCs in a DRRR fandom writing community. I found a lot of the Izaya (and in turn, Shizuo or Shizaya shippers) roleplayers and fans to be intolerable. I had a much greater time writing about and interacting with fans of obscure characters who weren't spread like chlamydia by the fandom.

Because Izaya / Shizuo / Shizaya had so much exposure and I already loathed them as characters, I grew to downright hate them. I'd purposely write fanfic about my faves and exclude Izaya, or he'd end up in harms way. Shizuo I was more ambivalent to and his relationship with the Yakuza princess arc was kinda cute and redeeming, but he was still overrated and overexposed, and didn't deserve to be shipped with Izaya

No. 348236

File: 1705116464316.png (1.97 MB, 1294x2049, POMNII.png)

Ugly as hell design with an ear grating voice, extremely annoying also extremely overrated.hate seeing this little shit everywhere no thanks to that horse faced tranny.

No. 348246

How much you wanna bet Pomni is actually a tranny in the real world but can now be what "she" wants to be in the digital circus world?

No. 348249

File: 1705120070903.png (1.24 MB, 1294x2049, 1705116464316 copy.png)

the design could be cute if it were simplified a little, but to me, the most obnoxious thing is her arm and leg anatomy? like what the fuck is happening here? i'm an amateur artist and i don't get paid money for my shit yet i see the problem here, why doesn't goosetranny?

No. 348257

You are really posting a lot of pomni stuff all over /m/ rn, you sure you hate her? Kek

No. 348271

Why does it matter?

No. 348286

Shoulders wider than hips and chicken legs. This theory >>348246 is def real but the digital world didn’t change his body much more than his real world “titty skittles” did

No. 348290

i don't know from where that character is from , i just keep seeing it pasted all over and i refuse to look.

No. 348293

File: 1705140338874.jpg (62.21 KB, 1024x554, Cb09.jpg)

All of the donut steel characters from eva (characters who don't appear in the original series)
I'd say Mari's probably the worst, but I don't care much for Mana either (who might as well be the OG Mari).

No. 348295

File: 1705140707718.jpeg (194.64 KB, 1091x1137, F95KH4ebcAADKk0.jpeg)

I also hate how Goosetranny draws Pomni retarded looking

No. 348296

i hated everyone in the rebuilds including the original cast.

No. 348297

I guess Kaworu was fine in rebuild, not as good as his manga and anime vers but he was fine.
Everyone else sucked pretty hard though yeah, I don't even like Rei but her being boiled down to kind moe waifu as opposed to creepy doll person was so fucking cringe. Asuka got it the worst though, going from the best character to one of the worst.

No. 348328

still funny to me how lanky and elongated and skinny ikemen and bishies got in the mid to late 2000s. a lot of the femgaze anime art of male characters was like that too, just boys built like a toothpick. i think free really changed the scene by making them more fit instead, still lanky but less shapeless kek

No. 348330

i never liked asuka, she's textbook example of insufferable loud teen girl with anger issues. i met girls like that when i was in school and they always try to start shit and hog all the attention to themselves. most of the time they're pickmes too obviously

No. 348337

File: 1705151800054.jpeg (73.1 KB, 461x500, IMG_6111.jpeg)

You have a very surface level view on Asuka honestly.
I won’t deny that she’s a bit of a pick me though, granted so is Rei just for Gendo instead of Kaji (and I guess arguably Shinji during EOE? That could have just been Yui stuff though).

No. 348614

File: 1705255428762.jpg (87.45 KB, 800x1000, iroha-samurai-shodown-6-tenka-…)

God I hate this character so much. Samurai Shodown used to be one of the few fighting games that had literally no coomerbait designs, until they hired some random moid as an artist and he introduced this character in the 6th game. She got stupidly fucking popular because COOM (one of her super moves is her stripping in front of the opponent's character) and in the newest game, most of the female characters in it are just shitty coomerbait. I wouldn't be surprised if it was because of this character, they changed their current character design direction to appeal to moids.
Her personality fucking sucks too, she's basically head-over-heels over the player (being the only character to talk in second person, so she calls you her master and shit). Just boring maid fetish shit.

No. 348622

File: 1705258785384.jpg (33.48 KB, 450x600, chamcham-ss2fix.jpg)

I hate how SamSho V went full coombait and sexualized the ainu girls while bringing new coomer designs.
Mina is only slightly less worse than Iroha. VI also turned Cham Cham into a loli because you couldnt have a fighting game without one in the early 2000s. It really sucks. If you look at the majority of the art of her made during the 90s, everyone drew her like a teenager and she was even less sexualized (picrel).

It really was impressive how the series was almost completely devoid of the typical fightan coom prior to V. Now in 2019 every female character bar the "pure waifus" ainu girls has been sexualized hard in a way or another.
Really disappointing.

No. 348642

One look at this as my first assumption is that they wanted something to compete with the Mai Shiranui appeal character

No. 348647

wtf is this image

No. 348648

Evangelion summed up

No. 348694

File: 1705281450503.jpg (109.08 KB, 600x850, Uzaki-Chan-Visual.jpg)

This is not my favorite series in the first place but at least these two had some funny interactions in the beginning. Once the series settled into being a romance it became clear that these are two of the worst romantic leads ever conceived and I can't believe the lame attempt to continue the series is that the lead is shit scared of fucking his girlfriend while she waits on him hand and foot being his perfect little fucktoy in waiting.

No. 349168

File: 1705454426106.jpg (999.07 KB, 1800x2546, 1602760137106.jpg)

Boring as shit. Especially compared to all the other characters in the series, except Felicia

No. 349316

File: 1705527375969.png (1.24 MB, 1200x2241, 1200px-Daisy.png)

Obnoxious and overrated,she's not even a real tomboy.i hate her retarded autistic fans too.

No. 349317

In her defense, its hard to be an interesting character when she's from a an old arcade game that didn't have much story or dialogue to begin with. Maybe she'd be more interesting if she actually had a new game in the last 20 years.

No. 349322

NTA I guess they mean in terms of moveset. I feel like non coombait characters generally get to be more creative with their move sets and animations (just look at Bulleta from the same series).

No. 349334

File: 1705532358056.jpg (60.91 KB, 564x766, 44b0d516f2e22c8568fadcb098b3c1…)

It's not her fault she waws made to be coomer bait. I love her especially with this look

No. 349340

File: 1705534521299.jpg (41.34 KB, 241x424, 5687-c8e14.jpg)

Agreed. Morrigan has some pretty sick looks here and there and I even like her OG design.

Can't say the same for Felicia, she's just fucking ugly and stupid.

No. 349372

She's no more annoying than any other Nintendo """"character"""" (they have no character).

No. 349385

bowser has character

No. 349493

File: 1705580690236.jpg (167.01 KB, 285x400, 9781645054849.jpg)

This bitch's ugly and nasty af

No. 349520

File: 1705589916251.jpg (145.68 KB, 1200x1017, DEGOUqHU0AAOoZ7.jpg)

Thinking about Felicia reminded me of picrel. Talbain from the same game gets to be a full-ass werewolf, but Felicia is a fucking naked girl with some cat features. ffs she would've looked much better if she was monstrous.

No. 349623

No he doesn't. He's generic overlord villain. That's not a character that's a trope.

No. 349878

File: 1705699799115.jpeg (60.55 KB, 355x500, IMG_0140.jpeg)

He was never funny or interesting, I wish he had killed himself instead KEK.

No. 349880

there was some girl who had him as an husbando i wish i could remember her name

No. 349884

File: 1705700114218.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1853, IMG_0141.jpeg)

Mewnikitty! Her art is good too, she needs better taste lol.

No. 349886

File: 1705700165973.jpg (28.83 KB, 569x315, 9cbe071c4135c934606744b53b37f8…)

gonna sperg here but Bowser is another Nintendo character I really hate.Shitty forgettable generic bad guy and has an ugly cluttered design too.I don't know why so many furries become horny for him.I have never liked Bowser maybe because I don't really like Mario games at all .

No. 349887

He really was such an awful character. Maybe for a gag, he would have been fine, but the fact that they made him such a prominent part of later seasons, along with his pedophilia joke, made me so fucking uncomfortable, even they ditched it in the last season, he was still just unfunny.

No. 349890

He should’ve stayed a villain and never joined the Ventures. Yes, I know the joke is that Rusty is such a piece of human shit that he doesn’t care that the person protecting him and his sons is a pedophile that is stated to have molested his sons at one point but it’s not that funny of a joke to have actually made him a major player in the story. There are 5000 other ways to show Rusty is a crap father that are probably more creative and funny.

VB is a well-written show but between Hatred and the way the boys talked about Triana in early commentaries I wouldn’t be surprised if they were exactly like the Rick and Morty guys except they aren’t as straight up coomer retarded as them to make so much of the show obviously their fetishes without writing them in to make sense with the stories.

No. 349891

Plus he couldn't stop obsessing over Peach even when she clearly doesn't love him back and always kidnapping her.

No. 349895

I think mario characters are suitable for their respective games and roles. they serve more as stock figures rather than developed characters. That's, why I can't understand is why some people want to make them more deep then actually are or just sexualize them.

No. 349898

I like VB, but I've known for a while that doc hammer and jackson publick are porn addicts. They are just porn addicts who are Gen-Xers and have had better lived experiences. They watch more interesting content and read more books,compared to some like rick and morty writers, who are also porn addicts that don't have interesting experiences and just consume low-quality media.

No. 349899

i know art is subjective and all but that looks like something butch hartman would draw

No. 349904

I probably would’ve picked up on it if I had watched venture bros as an adult and not a retarded teen lol, it’s easy to assess they are coomers given those dr. girlfriend and monarch kinky sex scenes KEK. But you’re SPOT on about the Rick and Morty writers and them vs Doc and Jackson. The cooming becomes an actual obvious handicap on their writing where even normies noticed it.

No. 349906

every second episode has to mention one of the writer's fetishes, piss, incest and anal violation, threesomes, incest e.t.c and sometimes these become main aspects of the plot, like it's so fucking obvious the writers are porn addicts that aren't even ashamed of it.

No. 351487

File: 1706306283823.jpeg (25.36 KB, 250x354, Jeanne.jpeg)

I'll never forgive the Nipponese for coomerizing Joan of Arc. (Even if her design is cute).

No. 354621

File: 1707433339776.jpg (17.78 KB, 315x283, 3081523-alphys.jpg)

I feel like this is kind of too obvious because everybody hates her.

No. 354622

I've playing Undertale Yellow and there a couple comments about how Alphys is a piece of shit. She does a tonne of messed up stuff but we're supposed to like her because she's geeky. No fuck her.

Undertale Yellow is also amazing btw. Everyone should play it. It's a fan game but Undertale dev even helped them out and endorsed it.

No. 354623

>Undertale Yellow is also amazing btw. Everyone should play it.
I found out about it yesterday and already wanna play it, genuinely looks fantastic.

No. 354624

It's honestly really good. It doesn't do the typical spergy thing of leaning too much on the original or making it edgelord. Outside of Toriel and Flowey none of the original cast show up. Fight animations are gorgeous as well.
It is pretty hard in the last quarter of a route but they have an easy mode that's toggleable.
Sorry if I sound like I'm gushing.

No. 354641

I fucking hate Alphys , Undyne is my favourite character and I hate that she’s canonically shacked up with this loser, she deserves so much better

No. 354745

If Alphys were a guy I'd absolutely hate him but since she's a girl, I'd give her pass. I just wished there are more loser girl characters.

No. 354814

File: 1707541168924.png (132.29 KB, 216x498, RockyRickaby.png)

Unbearable also his human form is ugly tbh I wish Ivy had more screen time than him

No. 354832

File: 1707553771560.png (561.52 KB, 520x558, Wesley.png)

He’s a cunt irl too

No. 354838

that's the most egregious case of gayface I've ever seen

No. 354844

he looks like twink elvis

No. 356202

File: 1707972656487.jpg (51.88 KB, 648x648, vaggiehazbin.jpg)

>boring character
>annoying voice actor

i don't really like charlie either. the strong points of the show for me are angel, val, vox and alastor

No. 356290

Angel Dust is the most annoying one by far

No. 356373

File: 1708027411474.jpg (53.39 KB, 512x512, 8a54fbb91e01_512.jpg)

yoda fucking sucks

No. 356690

he has an annoying voice (sort of like bugs bunny) but what makes him the most annoying besides that?

No. 356989

Have you always disliked him? Or did they ruin the character for you as time went on?

No. 357032

File: 1708298322975.jpg (26.17 KB, 399x399, 1590576a6873bd0225148f5c31cfa1…)

I hate how people frame him to be a "good guy just with a bad upbringing that got involved with bad stuff". He was as much of a piece of shit as any of the other main villains. He was already a drug dealer before starting cooking with walt but also was willing to go to a rehab center and make "customers" out of the recovering addicts there. He was an insufferable retard that acted holier than thou bc "he cared about kids" but still willingly committed crimes to make money. People act like he was manipulated into doing the wrong things he did as if he was a child. He was a greedy awful retard loser character to caused more grief for anyone he was involved with bc he was a selfish immature dickhead.

No. 357036

Agreed, I also hate Jane and their relationship. Both are toxic and stupid, they mostly just fucked and shot up together so idk why they tried to make it seem like he actually loved her in a wholesome way?

No. 357052

File: 1708306077546.jpg (235.99 KB, 1280x1810, illust_113073039_20240218_2027…)

Whenever I remember this series and get annoyed I search up ryona of him. Picrel. Wish it was easier to find. Kaito from the same game is also annoying as fuck.

No. 357181

Agree so much. The only decent character in that show was Skyler. Even though I did like the owner of Los pollos hermanos because he made me laugh and was in Far cry 6.

No. 358264

File: 1708813141802.png (356.35 KB, 488x768, Barley.png)

I liked the movie but geez he was fucking obnoxious.stupid,fat,blue manchild with cankles.

No. 358267

File: 1708815207688.png (587.1 KB, 406x614, Valentine_Normal.png)

I hate how the fandom thinks he is the best villain in the whole franchise, and that he was a genuinely good person because "muh country". He was a retarded patriot objectively in the wrong trying to deflect any disaster happening in his country on other people, which would kill innocent people just because he doesn't want a hurricane in America so he thinks he can just send it somewhere else?? That's just an example of what he was trying to do. I assume the corpse power can also send civil wars or criminals to other places and that can fuck over other people just because Vivi here doesn't want to be a proper politician and manage his country's issues normally and responsibly. He also raped a 14 year old girl.

No. 358288

File: 1708824367972.png (195.51 KB, 296x352, akechi goro.png)

he's an annoying whiny selfish faggot. instead of reflecting on his embarrassing behaviour right before he died he just keeps acting like a 15 year old edgelord. the fujobait sucks and he looks like a chihuahua.

No. 358294

I honestly think if Araki kept him as a squat fugly fatty then a good majority of the "Valentine did nothing wrong crowd" wouldn't be, like, a thing lol.

No. 358295

Actually good point lol.

No. 358297

always disliked him since i first saw the empire strikes back. the prequels made it worse but even back in the ot he was an ahhoying manipulative little shit.

No. 358300

I hate him too, they don’t even actually have any ho yay it’s just more male power fantasy of being the ‘smartest’ but also ‘crazy’ and all the girls love him. Even more annoying that fantards buy into it.

No. 358305

File: 1708836297294.jpg (157.81 KB, 707x1000, Konosuba.jpg)

I hate everything about this anime and its characters though I hate that blonde slut the most. Her whole character is just being a horny masochist and I don't know why her name is "Darkness". Like what's so dark about her other than being a shameless masochist let alone the design which doesn't come off as "Darkness". It's somehow even more retarded than having the same name on edgy OC made by 12 year-old which makes a lot more sense. Megumin and Aqua are both annoying as hell. One being a loli chuuni with the repetitive HAHA EXPLOSIONS "jokes" and the other being a pathetic "goddess" who's constantly screeching in distress with intentional ass shots since this anime has scrote fanservice. Kazuma is also unlikable as people claimed him to be "different" and "not like the other male isekai protagonists" but is still your typical male self-insert with a blunt personality. Anyways, shit anime and shit characters that don't deserve it's praise, popularity and recognition. The best thing they could've done for an isekai parody is have a reverse harem with a female self-insert and the males being the only ones sexualized and objectified which would've been a hundred times more entertaining and interesting. All scrote isekai are fucking trash.

No. 358314

File: 1708840622550.jpg (22.03 KB, 378x423, Ashley_Graves.jpg)

I know that bringing up this shitty edgy incest game is tiresome and annoying af but I would a-log this psycho coombait bitch. Her design is definitely inspired from that doomer girl wojak and Shadman porn which is just ew. There's no way this character/game is made by a woman. Must be a porn rotted pickme or troon. Ugh, first Marin from My Dress-Up Darling then this? Please cancel all moid coomshit and not have women being brainwashed into it and making these kinds of garbage. Also I would take her brother away from her. He deserved better.

No. 358318

it was made by a pickme who got bullied off the internet once it was revealed she was a woman with gross kinks. which is deserved, but also, trannies like gooseworx are allowed to have TDAC flourish while he gloats about his retarded fetishes on main and talks about exposing children to degeneracy.

No. 358320

I might have believed they were male, if it wasn't for the BL games they made and the design of the brother just feels like too different from standard male self-inserts.

No. 358352

Her brother is also gross and is definitely more attracted to her than she is to him, so they both deserve the rope. Also yeah, hate the fact that I can only think of wojaks when I see them

No. 358365

The blue one's shirt is vacuumed pressed but only round her breast and it looks like there is metal wires in her skirt. The way the skirt moves doesn't look natural. coomers gonna coom so it's crucial that her skirt expose as much skin as possible but couldn't they had drawn it better? From a coomer perspective this is too ugly drawn to be sexy

No. 358392

Ngl, if what I heard is true (big if) I do give it half a point for "I thought you were hot when we met but we now both find that disgusting so let's just stay friends."
I need more things to have that and not "I spent half a minute with you but now I can't be friends with you now because you said you didn't find me attractive."

No. 358891

File: 1709070957241.png (779.65 KB, 1000x1250, ezgif-5-d60a206683.png)

I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for this, but I really fucking hate Kim Wexler. She's a fine character, I like her as a character, but as a person, she's an evil bitch and I don't get why everyone fawns over her. She's vindictive against Howard for sticking her in the mail sorting room, when he paid for her law degree, she has this holier-than-thou attitude despite only being upset at Jimmy for his cons because he could've been caught and her and Jimmy's relationship.. Bitch wouldn't have batted a fucking eye at him, had they not done the bar con together, and any time they weren't being shitty together, she seemed to have no real interest in him. People who say they are "couple goals" make me wanna a-log so bad.
She got off too easy. Her simps are also so obnoxious, saying things like "she was groomed into conning", "mommy issues", etc etc. At least Saulfags admit that he's a shitty person, Kim's fans are relentlessly trying to make her out like she's this "strong woman" character when she's just an evil, selfish, vindictive cunt. WITH THAT SAID, I am madly crushing on Rhea Seehorn, she's an amazing actress.

No. 358892

Ok first off, thank you! I really didn't like Kim either, and I fucking hated how she and Jimmy led Howard to his demise, all the while he was completely correct about their shitty schemes to undermine him. I also didn't really get her marriage to Jimmy, either, that seemed odd to me. And I agree, it's weird seeing people praise Kim as being this badass girl boss to look up to when she's just as slimy as Saul. Rhea Seehorn is a fantastic actress though and played the character perfectly, and I really admire her as a performer

No. 358894

Ayrt, I love you nonnie. They only got married to exploit a legal loophole. I honestly don't think Kim saw anything in Jimmy outside of the slipping and Jimmy liked her because she was the only one who showed any kind of support in his eyes. Their relationship seemed very boring and stale even before everything that went down. Again, people saying they're "goals" make my blood boil.

No. 358907

old post, but i liked him better as a shitty royalty that cheats on his wife to mingle with imps. But they had to give him a retarded sad lore for no reason. Watch mammon getting a sobstory tragic background next

No. 358918

File: 1709080187630.jpg (259.42 KB, 726x1294, rz.jpg)

If I didn't watch Cold Mountain, I'd think I just hate Renee Zellweger because of the type of characters she played in Chicago and Bridget Jones. I'd also add her character from White Oleander but it was in overall different although it shared one thing with the other two. I feel like it just doesn't suit her to be naive, helpless/infantile, whiny and pathetic. It makes her so unlikeable in those roles. She probably wasn't meant to be likeable in Chicago though, but she still doesn't look natural and believable there. Her Chicago character and Bridget Jones are super annoying to me. She's not annoying/unlikeable in White Oleander but she makes me mad when I imagine her in real life so to say, if you watched it you understand why. Her character in CM is wonderful, for comparison, and it suits her way more.

No. 362505

File: 1710415299656.jpg (76.65 KB, 640x480, myron.jpg)

I hate this rapist piece of shit so much. The only good thing about him is that he was written to be unlikeable, so I guess the writers did a good job.

No. 362506

He looks like Zuckerberg.

No. 363439

File: 1710721209433.png (385.56 KB, 604x1085, Senshi_Full_Body_(Anime).png)

He's ugly and I also hate his voice,if he were a real person he would stink really badly a lot of gay men are literally lusting over him which is laughable.

No. 363506

He's definitely husband material for gay men who fall for the ugly, hulking, fat, smelly, hairy types. Saw these dumb voting polls of him with other attractive anime guys like Gojo and of course Senshi wins by a landslide like some sort of ugly man propaganda. He's not even that attractive just because he can cook.

No. 363510

The fandom is completely retarded and is full of people who can't actually read. Obviously this piece of shit is evil and Araki isn't even subtle about it. Has to be because 4chan right wingers latched onto him for being le based and then tarded redditors just copied their opinion of him because they're incapable of their own thought.

No. 363561

IIRC the mangaka did fanservice of him as a joke, since none of the girls get the requisite panty shots Senshi got them instead. It feels so weird to see women and genderspecial women drooling over him like this.

No. 363562

Women making lusting for objectively ugly men their personality trait sadly isnt new and its depressing

No. 363564

Why the fuck do they even do that? Clout? They're uggos themselves so they do this as sort of cope? Unironically liking objectively ugly character has to be a form of self-harm.

No. 363567

This 100% tinfoil and retardation but sometimes I theorize they're trying to indirectly prevent another incel going berserk kek. I think genderspecials attach on to these literal ogres because of the men positivity tag on Tumblr. That's probably stupid as fuck, I know.
It's glaringly obvious that their attraction to these subhumans is performative though. So I agree that it's for clout. No way they actually are attracted to these uggos, it's just common sense. So even if my conclusions about these women are retarded, can you really blame me for trying kek

No. 363571

>choosing this man over Gojo
New gen anime fans are actual trash

No. 363835

I really wouldn't take those polls seriously. Didn't Gojo became a huge bulliable target with what happens in the manga?

No. 364199

I love Senshi so much

No. 365372

File: 1711325361145.gif (20.1 KB, 439x500, Mickeymouse.gif)

I unironically hate Mickey Mouse

No. 365379

Me too, I’ve always thought he was ugly and annoying. It’s the flesh-colored face and the fact he’s a mouse for me (I hate mice, way too many childhood books and characters featured mice I got tired of it.)

No. 365381

hes a cunt with main character syndrome

No. 365454

File: 1711351740988.png (597.43 KB, 1170x1126, IMG_6393.png)

No. 365479

i always bought the donald duck comics because these were very fun. they had some side stories with other characters too, like goofy and mickey. i like how they made mickey a detective and goofy his friend and they both solved crimes together. i liked his comic personality

No. 365480

File: 1711366022199.jpg (46.63 KB, 258x386, Mickey_Mouse_MM0.jpg)

italians had the right idea

No. 365481

File: 1711366104439.jpg (1.12 MB, 2057x2881, 58848595.jpg)

No. 365482

File: 1711366140552.jpg (121.66 KB, 628x960, EWpOpz2VAAInXTI.jpg)

No. 365483

File: 1711366233960.jpg (290.46 KB, 1026x1425, ef0ad1a82ce3a8bbe48e404b33b73f…)

This one was my favorite, but I never saw the movie it was based on. I think they also made a Star Wars comic with Mickey.