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No. 232320

Post fun websites, i am so tired of social media and the modern corporate internet!

here are some I like

power puff girl fanpage: http://www.rowdyruff.net/index1.shtml?i=2

abandonware games and programs: https://www.myabandonware.com/

Free RPG maker horror games(in Spanish): https://indiehorrorrpg.blogspot.com/2013/06/palette.html

Doujin Gravity, currently dead but most links still work, trying to archive as much stuff as I can:


I am trying to find a site that archived ukagakas but I can't find it anymore! it had a little ''wanted'' box I the bottom asking for currently lost media ukagakas.

No. 232346

File: 1661029322272.jpg (23.85 KB, 320x272, keepgenrou.jpg)

Cool thread idea, I love looking at old sites, especially ones for old fandom stuff

https://www.squidge.org/ is a collection of active fandom or personal homepages from the late 90s/early 00s

It's mostly western fandom but I found it because of this page https://www.squidge.org/~skippyscatt/

And then I found this page http://shotani.www2.50megs.com/dex.html

I found these because I didn't know what "Adopt a bishie" was so I googled it

I wish the web 1.0 was better preserved, I hate looking at an old fandom site through web archive and then all the images are broken anyway. Or I look through old forum threads and all the pictures were hosted by tinypic or photobucket so they're just gone now… Or when you find a tumblr, livejournal or blog link but turns out it was deleted…

No. 232362

What a cute idea for a thread anon. I don't know that much about cool websites because i'm zoomer so all the websites i used pre-social media are dead and unusable thanks to Adobe Flash closing. But i think picrew deserves a mention https://picrew.me/ because the only website i know that keeps the dress up/paper doll games alive aside from shitty apps. The death of browser games was a tragedy

No. 232373

Who remembers cartoon doll emporium?

No. 232377

I used to spend hours using the room makers, specifically One Click and Build a Home room makers. I never really checked out a lot of the doll makers, but I wish I could remember the ones I did use.

No. 232383

You can't tell me this thread wasn't made by an underage twitterfaggot

No. 232433

right, wasn't there a cow on her who kinned mayura or something. it's the only reason i even recognise that character

No. 233872

lol check the catalog before posting

No. 233886

Always like looking through really old sites myself! Here's one dedicated to Lotor I found years ago.

No. 233896

animecoretards to the rope unless they wanna buy my old rare miku figures for absurd prices

No. 233943

Not OP but what are you talking about

No. 284966

No. 284976

I am so sad that it shut down, the art was top tier on there

No. 285563

File: 1679780449440.jpg (211.54 KB, 1200x1068, PhotoFunia-1679780475.jpg)

For all your lazy edit needs

No. 326588

The password is cats:

No. 327007

did it expire already?

No. 327023

It seems so.

No. 327350

Any of you nonnies touhou fans? theres a fun website for you called http://www.mytouhoupage.net/home

it's just a bunch of gifs and stuff, reminds me of very old internet made fansites or a teenagers myspace profile. lots to click around through and the art featured is credited too. its very cute

No. 328141

No. 328199


I used to browse this website all the time as a kid. I was really obsessed with stories about ghosts and aliens for some reason. This site is somehow still up and still looks like it did 20+ years ago. If you like reading people tell stories about the time they saw a ghost, this is it.

No. 328264

No, it's back!

No. 328313

Kek nonita thanks for that website, it's wonderful.

Link tax - https://biancagames.com/disclaimer.htm
I have no idea if it counts as "fun", but the autism was an experience to read thru.

No. 328319

File: 1697707376973.jpeg (94.93 KB, 534x600, F727-r6XgAAvlpM.jpeg)

I'm a massive touhou fan and this reminds me of the simple times of the old days. really nostalgic, made my day, thank u nonnie

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